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Name: 20170524_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: May 24, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
Today is Wednesday, May 24th, 2017.
I'm Millie Weaver and here's what's coming up tonight.
Millie Weaver talks to liberals rethinking their opposition to Trump's travel ban after the most recent concert bombing.
If they could just filter out ISIS, that would be amazing because there's so many people over there that are trying to get away.
I feel like there's so many Americans and Europeans that want to help those people without having the hassle and issues of feeling like they're going to be attacked by those people.
And, as part of President Trump's visit to the Vatican,
Pope Francis gave the President his encyclical on climate change.
Trump politely said, I'll read it.
David Knight will break down the radicals who wrote it and their radical agenda behind it.
And John Bowne on the Luciferian celebrities who say they're praying for America after the Ariana Grande concert bombing.
All that and more on tonight's InfoWars Nightly News.
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We're good.
I'm Millie Weaver and I'm going to be taking you guys through the news tonight.
Well, the latest liberal trend right now are men's rompers.
Well, when I first heard somebody say to me, have you heard about the new men's rompers?
I thought to myself, where have I heard this word before, rompers?
Oh, that's right.
When I was shopping for my toddler, my child.
So now liberals are having men, grown men, wear rompers.
Clothes that typically children wore.
Now in defense of that, women have worn rompers before.
It has been a little bit of a fashion trend.
But this started on Kickstarter and it got overwhelming support.
I mean, people gave $364,000 to these people so that men could dress in rompers.
That's right.
Now it does seem like it would be pretty difficult to take off your romper to go to the bathroom.
And Huffington Post came out, now this is pretty, where it gets pretty interesting, the liberal lunacy.
SJWs were complaining and saying that you can't say that they're rompers for men.
That's not gender neutral.
They're saying that by saying that it's for men, it's a sign of male fragility.
So apparently these men's rompers
Have offended SJWs.
So, the liberal lunacy just continues, guys.
It continues and spirals out of control.
And Huffington Post is trying to say that, well, they should be gender neutral.
All these rompers should be gender neutral.
Well, there's a problem with that.
See, these men's rompers have a zipper fly.
And that's for men.
Whereas the women's don't tend to have a zipper fly.
And that's for a reason.
We are anatomically different.
Very different.
You know, I wanted to talk a little bit about some of these trends.
Now, a recent survey has talked about a vast majority of people all over the world want global government to save them.
That is a very alarming trend that we're seeing now where people want globalism.
They want a global government to tyrannically rule over people.
And what are they saying?
What's the reasons that they want this, this government?
They wanted to help end climate change.
They say that they want to see a global government tackle such issues as climate change, disease, pandemics, artificial intelligence, and, you know, to tackle artificial intelligence turning against humanity, weapons of mass destruction, natural disasters, and asteroids.
Well, can you believe they actually think that a global government could prevent an
Well, I mean, I guess the dinosaurs, they needed to have a global government to prevent a big asteroid from coming and wiping them all out.
But yeah, apparently three quarters of the people surveyed said they overwhelmingly wanted globalism.
So that's an alarming trend that we're seeing right there.
However, a positive trend that we're seeing is free market activism amongst people living in Cuba.
So libertarianism is on the rise in Cuba.
Cuban libertarians have been defiantly meeting in secret, having libertarian libraries and meetings named after the founding fathers.
And these people have been being abducted by the secret police of Cuba and they've been going missing.
A man named Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand, a libertarian attorney, is likely the latest victim of a nationwide purge of anyone critical of the socialist state as it teeters away from the Fidel Castro era.
So we're seeing this free market activism come to life in Cuba now and people are starting to meet in secret and they're realizing that they want freedom.
They want capitalism and that communism has failed them.
But those are the things that you won't hear from the mainstream media.
They're the things that you won't hear coming out of these anti-FAS mouths.
They don't want to talk about how
Everywhere else communism has failed.
It's always failing these people and they always end up having famines.
They starve in North Korea.
We have seen people have massive famines that wiped out millions of people.
The deaths that can be attributed to communism are in the millions people.
It's pretty gruesome.
Here's one that's really interesting.
So Texas has now moved to ban Sharia law and they're trying to block child marriages which is part of Sharia law.
High five to the Lone Star State, which passed a version of the much debated American Law for American Courts.
They say that, you know, Sharia law goes against American law, and therefore, although
People say that religious practices and religious speech and things like that should be protected, which to an extent they should.
When religious practices violate other people's human rights, that's when there's a problem.
I mean, you can't have a religion out there that says that, hey, it's our religious belief to, let's say, conduct child sacrifices.
Well, that goes against human rights, that violates somebody else's rights, and that goes against, even for libertarians, against the non-aggression principle.
So, InfoWars, we got a hold of this woman who has been behind this whole movement here.
Her name is Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative for her thoughts on these new developments in Texas.
She said the intention is to stop the aspects of Sharia that contradict American law from being applied here.
This law should accomplish that.
Well, for many of you guys that don't know much about Sharia law, they have mandates for death for all homosexuals, death for all adulterers, death for anybody who speaks out against Allah, or anybody who even would try to depict the face of Allah.
Crucifixion for highway robbers and amputation for petty theft.
So they're pretty extreme.
So our way of life in America, our principles that we're founded on, it doesn't go.
And so I'm glad to see Texas moving ahead of the liberal trend and banning Sharia law from taking precedence in the United States.
It just sounds so crazy to even say.
Open border activists are using, they used a vigil after the Ariana Grande concert bombing.
A vigil was set up in Birmingham and these leftist activists crashed this vigil to push their political agenda.
They were seen outside of this event standing there holding signs that says refugees welcome
And this group is said to have been part of
And a Socialist Workers Party front group, they're called Stand Up to Racism, and they tend to disrupt events that they disagree with politically.
Sounds a lot like our SJWs, doesn't it?
Well, another one here.
Let's kind of talk about this Manchester suicide bomber and some of the relevations that have come out regarding this man.
You know, he was apparently trained abroad and his family had even reported him as being dangerous to the authorities.
Apparently the authorities were even watching him and he was on their radar.
So how did this guy slip through the cracks?
And how did authorities not step in the picture and try to prevent this?
You know, it's a common misconception, you know, all this security, all this spying, how much has it actually even stopped any of these attacks from occurring?
So apparently the killer had traveled to Libya just about 12 months prior to this attack having taken place.
You know, ISIS claimed responsibility for this attack and even claimed that this guy was a soldier to the caliphate and his parents were Libyan refugees.
Now, the UK has now raised their terror threat warning to its highest category.
They're at the highest threat level right now for another terrorist attack.
And security is being tightened at concerts and sports venues worldwide after this Manchester attack.
Governments are saying, let's leave our borders open but expand our internal police force.
I mean, this is crazy.
Is what we're seeing are these globalists wanting all of these refugees to come in, a lot of them known soldiers of the caliphate, ISIS members, Islamic militants, so that they can come in and attack us, bomb us, terrify people in order to justify ushering in a police state and to usher in spying.
People will be demanding that our government spy on us, that Big Brother watch us.
So it's pretty interesting to see France and Italy and the US are now putting in additional security measures at their concerts and sports venues to try and mitigate this.
But what's actually interesting here is that Italy is also at its highest terror threat level.
And President Donald Trump is scheduled to go there as well as with other world leaders and they're going to arrive in Sicily for the G20 summit on May 26th through 27th.
So that's in a couple of days and that's while Italy is at its highest terror threat.
Even it says, Minniti urged the highest possible village, but villages, but added that the level of threat in the country remains unchanged.
So even with their highest villages, even with all of their spying and police states and their new checkpoints that they're going to be having, they themselves even admit
That it doesn't actually keep you safer and that it's a it's a pretty big threat and I'm actually a little bit concerned for President Trump in his travels to Italy.
Now New York police have been saying now that civilians should expect explosive detection dogs, counter-terrorism officers and bag checkpoints in the city.
So we've seen these TSA checkpoints at
You know, airports, at places where you would travel, but they're saying now, at least in New York, that they're going to be just in the city, on the streets.
So we're going to see TSA checkpoints on the streets everywhere.
I mean, it's pretty alarming that this is what is going to happen.
Either we can try and go and get this travel ban put back in so we can start vetting people from coming in from these areas where ISIS is in control, or
We're going to have to crack down on, you know, our security and make sure that these terrorists aren't committing the attacks.
And that's exactly what they want.
Problem, reaction, solution.
It is exactly what these globalists want.
And that's exactly why they're doing it.
Well, another interesting story here is this new video game called Far Cry 5.
It depicts these extremist white Christians as villains.
Now, it's depicting white Christians as villains in their new video game.
And it's just pretty crazy to see that they're actually trying to use these propaganda techniques to villainize white Christians in America rather than, let's just completely disregard the people like ISIS who are outwardly speaking out that they want to attack, they want to kill us, they believe Americans and people in the UK and people in Europe are the infidels, they're the crusaders, we deserve it, we must submit, bow down to Allah, but now they're going to be demonizing these
Christians, with this video game, where they're the villains, they're the bad guys.
I mean, they have them all sitting there at this table, like the picture with Jesus at the Last Supper, with an American flag draped over it, and they have a man tied up in the front, and he's, you know, bent over, and he has sinner carved in his back.
Like they're such scary bad guys.
I mean, they're really trying to demonize your American citizens.
I mean, it's pretty crazy.
Americans are cast as the enemy.
Well, here's another interesting story here.
So Facebook punished Paul Joseph Watson
I think
I don't know.
This does not violate Facebook's community standards.
So apparently you can give somebody death threats, you can curse them out, you can harass them on Facebook, and it doesn't violate their community standards.
However, so Paul went ahead and posted about this threat on his Facebook timeline, and then Facebook came back and said,
This violates our content rules and that it must be removed and that they gave him a warning saying that his account could actually be shut down or terminated because he shared about this threat that somebody had given him.
I mean, how bizarre is that?
I mean, it really just goes to show that Facebook is getting pretty corrupt and they're really cracking down on censorship.
And I, you know, another one here says Hawaii updating their nuclear contingency plan over North Korea fears.
So apparently experts are saying that Hawaii could very well be attacked because they're in the missile range of North Korea's missiles that they were testing recently.
So that's pretty scary right there that we have a really crazy communist dictator
Out there that wants to bomb us, wants to attack us, and that his missiles actually could reach Hawaii.
So Hawaii has now been taking steps to prepare for the unlikely event of a nuclear attack.
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Even when we make mistakes and even when we're not right and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us and I appreciate that.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
Well, there has been another terrorist attack at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, UK, which 22 people are now reported dead.
Now, ISIS has claimed responsibility for this suicide bombing, so I'm going to be going and asking people whether or not this changes their opinion on Trump's travel ban.
Let's go see what they have to say.
Did you hear about Ariana Grande's concert?
We did!
Did that scare you?
What'd you think about it?
That is scary for the fact that you should just go to a concert and have fun.
I mean, don't even worry about that.
More so than anything, I just am sad that it's children.
And that it was targeted at children.
It was really scary.
That was terrible.
It was all little girls.
It's awful.
Who would target someone like that?
I don't know.
Do you guys go to Ariana Grande's concerts?
I haven't been to a concert, but I mean, we're in Austin.
We go to concerts all the time, so it's like scary that it could happen, like, literally anything and anywhere.
It is really scary because it's like I would go to an Ariana Grande concert so it could be somewhere where I easily could be and like you don't go to a concert expecting like there to be an explosion or like an attack or anything like that.
The world is crazy now.
Unfortunately no matter where you go you're gonna face something.
I work for the airlines so unfortunately it's a crazy world.
There's nothing you're gonna be able to stop about it.
I don't think it's scary.
I'm not gonna let it stop me from going out.
Do you ever think about it when you're at like a public place or movie theater or festival?
All the time.
I walk in the places I want to see where all the exits are at.
After like hearing about like yesterday or like when one like happens really recently I think I think about it more than like just normal day.
Does it change your opinion at all on Trump's travel ban?
No, I kind of supported his travel ban from the beginning.
I think there's certain things, not all of it, but there's other things that should be added into it.
I think it adds to the discrimination of, I guess, Muslims, and that's not necessarily Muslims' fault, but that person who decided to do that kind of messed up.
Um, yeah, I think there's always a vetting process from these foreign countries, but I don't think that there's a... I don't know, anything... We shouldn't go overboard with that by any means.
I believe that there should be a screening process no matter who the people are.
Across the board.
I believe that there should be a screening process and there needs to be some accountability no matter who the person is and where they're coming from.
If they could just filter out ISIS that would be amazing because there's so many people over there that are trying to get away that like I feel like there's so many Americans and Europeans that want to help those people without having the hassle and like issues of feeling like they're gonna be attacked by those people and like
Again, with racism, you don't want someone being attacked or attacking someone else just because they think they're ISIS if they're not.
There should definitely be more screening because, like, the ratio of people, like, in radical groups versus people who are actually refugees is a, like, hundred million to, like, thousand to one ratio, so the lives that are being affected by people during a travel ban that are just seeking refuge, like, refuge is very, like, you know what I'm saying, imbalanced, so I think a screening process would definitely help.
Do you think that people should reconsider Trump's travel ban given these recent events?
For the simple fact is part of the travel ban, we don't benefit from it.
Half the people there don't want to come here.
That's just the way it is.
I think that the travel ban is
I think he should stay right where he is for now.
What do you think about the fact that this person who bombed it, his parents were refugees.
Does that change your opinion on the whole refugee situation?
I haven't really given it thought.
It's so soon and more so than anything I just am sad that it's children.
What do you think about the fact that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack?
Um, I mean, I don't really know what to think about that.
I mean, obviously it's a negative force in our world and we should definitely do our best to combat it, but I don't think that saying anything negative about refugees is the answer.
They're going to take whatever they can get if they do it or don't do it.
It just gives them their own publicity that they want.
Unfortunately, do I think they really did something about it?
Who knows?
Nowadays, someone's going to claim it just for the notoriety of it.
I don't really know what to say about that, like ISIS is just like... It's a terrible thing and it's like really like scary to think about and it's just like because I don't really know what exactly like we can do about it as like a society and just as like people in general like we can't really like fight back or anything and it's kind of like more large-scale.
That is also very scary.
Do you think that this hasn't changed your mind at all on the Trump travel ban for Muslim nations that was temporary?
No, it has not.
I still do not think that there should be any sort of ban whatsoever.
What do you think is wrong about the travel ban?
Well, I just, I think that the places that he is trying to impose the travel ban are not actually the places where the people who are committing the terrorist acts are coming from.
There was a handful of places like Syria, Libya, where ISIS is running around, and that's where they're doing those attacks in the Middle East.
So, do you think that if we're gonna even have refugees coming in, we should vet people coming from those ISIS-controlled areas?
Sure, and I think we already are.
I think we already are.
So do you think that the judges that overturned Trump's travel ban, that they should undo that now?
I think they should take into consideration the travel ban again, just to see.
It should be revisited, but maybe just different terms and just maybe stricter rules, but maybe not a full ban.
Do you think that it's partially Trump's fault for this attack by making the terrorists mad?
No, I think this is going on before he got in office, obviously, but I just think as a country we probably need to be better informed and have better leaders and create a safer place for everybody.
I don't believe we should let ISIS agents into the United States, but at the same time a lot of people are domestic and inspired by something over there rather than getting in, you know, through a border.
So a lot of like the
I guess ideas move much more freely than people do.
Do you think it's just too much of a culture clash?
They don't like us doing things.
We don't like certain things.
There's just a lot of hatred going on.
What do you think is more important, political correctness or people's safety?
Absolutely people's safety.
But I do...
I don't necessarily believe that that should be at the cost of... I believe we have a responsibility to help people as well.
And I don't know in what context to do that.
Do you think that people are afraid of coming off as xenophobic or racist or anything like that and that's why they are afraid to speak out against Muslim extremists?
I think so for sure.
I definitely think that's a factor in it.
Because that is a piece of it, you don't want to just stereotype everybody into that one bucket, but I think that there's a middle ground and it's really hard to find in this society and with social media and everything, where everything's just so out there and everybody's opinions are very black and white and it's a gray area.
Well, just about everybody that I spoke to was very shaken up over this recent suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert.
Some were reconsidering Trump's travel ban, but those who weren't didn't seem to come up with an alternative solution.
This is Millie Weaver signing off for InfoWars.com.
The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel.
The Fed is a sometimes very independent organization.
What should be the proper relationship between a chairman of the Fed and a president of the United States?
The Federal Reserve is an independent agency.
There is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.
They print our money and then loan it to us at interest.
The IRS is their collection agency.
So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else
...is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't frankly matter.
Jeff Duncan says he saw IRS special agents using semi-automatic rifles at a gun range.
Now he wants answers to why the agency needs that type of firepower.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world?
The central bank was in charge.
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Wow, thank you.
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Today it was President Trump at the Vatican meeting the Pope, and there was an exchange of gifts back and forth.
You've seen the pictures.
Some of them show a Pope who's happy to be talking to President Trump.
Some of them show a Pope who doesn't look like he wants to be there.
So it just kind of depends as to whether you're pro-Trump or anti-Trump, as which pictures you're passing around on social media.
But of course, there's a history here.
Last year, February 2016, the Pope said, a person who only thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.
That was a direct reference to candidate Trump.
And Trump replied at the time, disgraceful.
Now today, the President meets the Pope, and the Pope handed him, as a gift,
His encyclical on climate change.
This is a document, understand, that was produced by radical globalists who are anti-freedom, anti-capitalism, anti-energy use.
Now, the President, if he had responded in kind, he would have handed the Pope back the 95 Theses of Martin Luther, which started the Protestant Reformation.
But he was a little bit more polite.
He gave him five volumes of Martin Luther King.
I don't
prerogative, or it's not his authority, his responsibility to lecture the Pope on religion.
And it's not the Pope's responsibility to lecture the President on politics, on economics, on science.
When he puts out the encyclical, you understand that what this literally means is a letter that is circulated around the church.
It doesn't have the authority of a papal pronouncement from the chair, which they call ex-cathedra.
It is simply his opinion.
But there is a connection, really, back to the Protestant Reformation.
If you remember what was the cause of it, some of the political and economic reasons behind the Reformation, was that the Catholic Church was putting out indulgences which required people to pay the church to get permission to sin.
And a lot of that involves staying open on holidays, on holy days, which were multiplying beyond belief.
And so the rising merchant class, the people who had small businesses, had to essentially pay a tax to them to stay open.
Today, the indulgence is a carbon tax that is being sold by the globalists.
People like Al Gore, the UN that you'll pay the carbon tax to, or the bankers, or perhaps the Pope will get a kickback on this.
This is the indulgence that is behind this
Radical agenda.
But let's take a look first at some of the people behind this.
There's a report from Climate Depot last year talking about the unholy alliance of the people who were advising the Pope back in 2015 when he put out this encyclical.
And this is the way Mark Moreno described it.
He said, the Vatican advisors can only be described as a brew of anti-capitalist, pro-population control advocates who allow no dissent and are way out of the mainstream, even of the global warming establishment.
As he goes through these people, he talks about how even the people who are pushing man-made climate change believe that these advisors that the Pope has picked
I think?
Just like Paul Ehrlich and others.
At a 2009 conference of European socialists he said that the socialists were the heirs and leaders of the most successful economic and political system in the world.
He said that they would be the ones who would provide environmental sustainability and fiscal redistribution, and those were the successful elements in managing a just society.
In marked contrast, he said to the U.S.
where taxes are too low.
He's advocated, of course, a carbon tax.
He's a good socialist.
He likes taxes, especially the ones that redistribute wealth from the poor and from the middle class to the rich.
Understand that when they're saying they're doing this for the poor,
The people who are going to be hardest hit by this are going to be the people at the bottom rung of the economic ladder.
People like the ones in Africa, where Barack Obama went and said, you're not going to have any air conditioning?
You could have air conditioning here.
If we did, the planet would blow up.
See, people like Obama get their large entourages, their private jets, but not for the poor.
You have to understand that it's not only our quality of life that derives from energy, cheap, affordable energy, but it's also
Our life expectancy is tied to that.
But I want to focus here.
We're going to skip a lot of these advisors because I want to get to the agenda.
And there's one advisor, Hans Schellenhuber, a German.
He's been an advisory board of Deutsche Bank as well as the German government.
But he also has a lot of connections to the British government, to Prince Charles especially, Queen Elizabeth.
He's been given the commander of the Order of the British Empire, CBE.
He was part of the Climate Gate.
Debacle at East Anglia Climate Research.
And when all of that broke, the way that he defended that was to appeal to his authority, to his awards.
He organized a bunch of Nobel Prize holders to shut down this controversy.
And this is what he said, because he's speaking
pontificating from this position of authority, because he is a Nobel Prize winner, just like these other people at the time.
He said, when one has become a Nobel Prize winner, one is permitted to speak about moral standards.
For then, when one has been knighted, so to speak, one is raised above any doubt.
That is the basis of man-made climate change, that they tell us.
They're not basing it on science.
There's nothing here that they can measure.
Even if they had produced some near-term results, every time they make a prediction, it gets proven wrong.
But if they had something that could be, they had a model, they couldn't test it because they're talking about things that are happening decades or centuries in advance.
Nevertheless, he's come up with a mantra that if we have two degrees change, the entire world will melt down.
If we don't get down to one billion people, John, Sheldon Huber tells us, then we are going to
We're good to go.
The Paris Climate Conference, which just happened this last December.
He also was part of the Club of Rome and the Vatican Academy of Science.
But I want to go back to this Earth League and their Earth Constitution that they put out there, because this shows their world government and where they want to go.
As I point out, he's known for his advocacy of world government.
He has proposed a global democratic society that he would organize within the framework of the United Nations.
We're good
We're good to go.
National institutions, the borders of our nation states, have become irrelevant, he said.
They're trampling on our human rights and our natural rights and that can only be overcome by giving up a good deal of national sovereignty and establishing a true regime of global governance.
No question about where this guy is.
This is the guy, one of the four who created this encyclical, and one of the key advisors to the Pope.
This is what's behind this.
This is why Donald Trump doesn't need to read it.
You don't need to read it.
This is what's behind it.
And of course, when we look at publications like The Guardian, as this came out, they said they criticized the Pope because he didn't talk about population control.
Well, he didn't talk about that because that is diametrically opposed to everything that the Catholic Church is about.
But you have to understand that this isn't just junk science.
This isn't just feudalism to a global governance that is disguised as socialism and world democracy.
This is also a pagan religion, Gaia, or pantheism.
When they talk about this, they talk about Gaia as being this organism that is alive and actually responding to humans.
They see you as a virus.
See, it all ties together.
The overpopulation, you're the virus that is killing the earth.
And they quite literally believe that it is responding and cognizant, that's the words that Schellenhuber used, that the earth is cognizant of us and it is doing things to get rid of us.
But of course, they're going to help along with their global governance.
That's what's behind this encyclical.
That's why Trump, and you don't need to pay any attention to it except to understand what it is and to speak against it.
And understand that it is in opposition to everything the Roman Catholic Church has ever supported.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
But it goes beyond being prepared.
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The bombing in Manchester saw the usual predictable outpouring of thoughts and prayers from celebrities.
Notably, Ariana Grande herself, well known for her I Hate America faux pas a couple of years ago.
Regardless, our culture dictates that her thoughts and prayers and those of the elite celebrity class are paramount to us little people.
But it was the thoughts and prayers of Katy Perry that grabbed my attention.
No, but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other and like no barriers, no borders, like we all need to just coexist.
As you say in your grandbabies, which one of them could you look in their eyes today and tell them that they're expendable?
For another foreign person to have a nicer life, which one would you like to say, you, my child, are expendable for someone else to come over here and not follow the law?
Perry tweeted out that she was praying for everyone in Manchester.
The question is, who is Perry praying to?
And if you didn't know, Katy Perry used to be a Christian gospel singer until she says that she sold her soul to the devil
To become a pop star in mainstream music.
You're doing really well now, but didn't you release a CD like almost 10 years ago?
Yeah, I mean, I released a gospel record when I was 15 because I grew up in, you know, a household where all I ever did was listen to gospel music and my parents are both traveling ministers and so I kind of sang about, you know, what was going on in my life at 15 and that's how I got introduced to the music industry.
I swear I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music.
It didn't work out and so I sold my soul to the devil.
Sold my soul to the devil.
Harry has displayed a full-blown penchant for Illuminati symbolism for years now.
It went from being a very secretive society to hardly anybody knowing about it.
All right.
I think so.
But this is also serving to help externalize the hierarchy because as we know the one world coming religion is going to be that of Luciferianism or Satanism and they're all building up this big New World Order Orwellian police state unified currency.
And most recently she appeared on Saturday Night Live mimicking the sick elitist rituals brought to the fore by John Podesta's hacked emails.
It reads, Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the spirit cooking dinner at my place.
Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?
That dinner Abramovich spoke of was nothing less than a thelemic occult ritual.
In spirit cooking, Marina uses pig's blood, which most resembles human blood, as a medium to connect the spirit world with the material world.
Perhaps Perry was praying to the deity future presidential candidate The Rock mentioned during one of his skits.
Hail Satan!
This statement made even more stomach churning as The Rock and the Saturday Night Live crew poked fun at a child molesting robot.
And for the most evil invention in the world contest, I invented a child molesting robot.
Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.
As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.
Katy Perry is a complete idiot.
She responded to the Manchester attack carried out by a terrorist who was able to exploit open borders by calling for more open borders.
The greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other and, like, no barriers, no borders.
Like, we all need to just coexist.
Yeah, it's easy to call for no borders when you live inside the secluded border of an 18 million dollar mansion, isn't it Katie?
The rest of us, down here in the real world, actually have to live with the consequences of open borders.
The very kind of open borders that let the Manchester bomber go to Libya and Syria for ISIS terror training and then slip back into the UK.
No barriers, no borders.
We're not worth $280 million.
We can't travel around in chauffeured luxury vehicles and private jets.
We're not so friggin' arrogant, elitist, and out of touch that we have staff who aren't even allowed to talk to us.
I love you today.
I love you, Katie.
I love you too, so much.
After the US election, Perry restyled herself as an icon of the anti-Trump resistance.
Embracing her role as an ambassador of woke pop.
Yes, really.
This is the same clown who called for a revolution after Hillary lost.
Hey Katie!
You're not Che Guevara!
You're a dumb bimbo who dresses up like a slut and sings about popsicles.
Don't you just yearn for the days when celebrities occasionally told the truth about the world, rather than this sterile, virtue-signalling malaise, where they all just say exactly the same thing.
The only celebrity with the balls to tell the truth is Manchester's own Morrissey.
When you're northern, you're northern forever, and, uh...
You're instilled with a certain, um, feel for life.
Who blamed mass immigration and political correctness for what happened this week.
And for that, he was smeared as a far-right racist.
Everybody's absolutely mad.
But he's been proven completely correct.
The bomber was acting suspiciously for months, loudly chanting Arabic prayers in the street, showing sympathies for ISIS at his local mosque.
But the neighbours did nothing.
They didn't report it, no doubt, because they feared they'd be labelled far-right racists.
Listen, leftist idiots like Katy Perry have no argument when it comes to open borders and Islamic immigration.
That's why they have to use Muslims as rhetorical human shields.
So when you attack their argument, they can claim you're attacking Muslims.
That's why they deify Islam and Islamism.
Because if you remove that human shield from the equation, their argument
I think, like, the greatest thing that we can do now is just unite as people.
Viewing empty platitudes about uniting and loving each other doesn't accomplish anything.
It's just a coping mechanism so people can hide from the fact that they're completely powerless in the face of evil.
And you know, I wouldn't even care.
It would be pretty harmless.
I love you Katy.
I love you too, so what?
What could be more triggering to Libtards than my face and this slogan?
Get your new premium quality Conservatism is the new counterculture t-shirt right now at InfoWarsStore.com and let the butthurt commence!
Thanks for tuning in.
We'll see you guys tomorrow at 7 p.m.
Thanks for watching the InfoWars Nightly News.
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This gives you a false sense of reality.
I mean, do you actually know what you think you know?
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