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Name: 20170519_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: May 19, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Friday, May 19th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
Donald Trump escapes Washington!
Well, for a little while anyway.
The President and the First Lady have departed for a nine-day foreign tour, beginning in Saudi Arabia.
Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats in the establishment right prepare for impeachment proceedings, as the Russian Trump conspiracy continues to be shoved down our throats by the global elite.
What's really going on in Syria?
Is the U.S.
military there to fight ISIS?
Or is the endgame a regime change?
All that plus Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting a teenage girl.
That's up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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So, President Trump takes off for his first foreign trip and it is set to be a doozy.
He will be traveling to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican City, Belgium, and Italy.
The first, of course, which will be Saudi Arabia.
Now, this stop, obviously, will be honoring the religion of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
We'll see if they still want to say he's a homophobe or a religophobe or anything like that, even though he's
Paying homage to all religions, as you can see with this trip.
And he's going to be joined by the First Lady, Melania Trump, but then a little extended family as Ivanka and Jared Kushner will be joining him.
I did not elect Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner to be a part of the foreign policy negotiations.
And there they can be seen.
That's actually from today.
Ah, the happy couple in this Game of Thrones getting ready to aboard Air Force One with the President.
That's my daddy, says Melania.
So Trump will be meeting with Pope Francis and he will also be meeting with the Saudi King.
And he's actually going to Saudi Arabia first.
That's where they are first planning to go.
And this is interesting because right now Trump has on the table a huge weapons deal to the Saudis.
This is a weapons deal that I think is a bad deal.
I don't know why we would be arming the Saudis.
I don't know why we would be trusting them with these weapons in the region.
Trust that they won't continue to destroy Yemen or any other countries in that region.
Nonetheless, I guess Trump looks at this as a business deal and he thinks that this is going to make business strong and return money into the United States, maybe continue to help that stock market.
Maybe he has some, or his family has some Lockheed Martin and Raytheon stock.
I know they have Raytheon, I'm not positive about Lockheed Martin.
But nonetheless, isn't that just great that Ivanka and Jared Kushner are joining the President on that trip?
I did not.
I was a bit soured by that.
But this is what's really souring.
Right after the President takes off, and I mean
Just moments perfectly timed or perhaps a coincidence right after Air Force One takes off the New York Times publishes this.
Trump told Russians that firing nutjob Comey eased pressure from investigation folks and it didn't take
What, a minute?
Maybe two minutes?
Before Nutjob was all over television, all over Twitter.
Now, this is the interesting thing that you have to take from this story.
Now again, this is what I've been noticing them doing more and more of.
It used to be you would get this every once in a while, but now it's just non-stop.
The New York Times constantly cites, according to a document.
Now, this is a quote, according to a document.
I just fired the head of the FBI.
He was crazy.
A real nut job.
Again, according to a document.
It goes on, I'm not under any investigation.
Now, this is interesting for two points.
Well, three, four, maybe even five.
One, somebody obviously leaked this.
Two, the Democrats were calling Comey a nutjob and saying he cost Hillary the election before any of this madness happened.
Now they're on the opposite side.
You've also got Trump having to defend himself because of this.
And this is the key.
They've backed Trump into a defensive position where he's constantly having to defend himself about some Russian collusion narrative that is obviously made up.
So, for them to continue to press this, whoever leaked this story, is just putting Trump into a defensive position again, saying, oh, here he is again, he has to defend himself from this Russian collusion narrative, when all that is, is a psychological operation against Trump to
Provide credence to the false narrative that is he is colluding with Russia.
So he really just needs to, I guess, try to bury it all together.
But I guess that's what he was trying to do when firing Comey.
But what do you think, folks?
A coincidence that the New York Times publishes this story, obviously from a leak, right after President Trump takes off.
If you think that that is a coincidence, I got a bridge to sell you underwater.
But let's be perfectly honest.
You want to talk about nut jobs?
There was a nut job that happened in the Oval Office.
It was actually Bill Clinton.
Remember that?
Let's go to this glorious tweet right here.
The original nut job.
Ha ha!
We're just gonna leave that one right there.
Back to the news.
Again, we already hit the New York Times, which is totally anti-Trump, but the Washington Post is on it as well.
Russia probe breaches current White House official, people familiar with the case say.
Again, this comes right after Air Force One launches.
Right after the wheels are up, folks.
This is not a coincidence.
So again, trying to put Trump into a defensive position, having to defend himself against these Russia narratives.
Now, here's the interesting thing.
As I mentioned that I'm getting more worried about these leaks, not used to bother me as much, now really starting to worry me.
Top Republicans worried Evan McMullin secretly taped conversations.
Okay, so
Everybody's taping everything, everybody's spying, everybody's concerned about this.
Why are people worried about Evan McMullin?
Well, let's go back in time a little bit here.
The Washington Post publishes a transcript of a conversation among GOP leaders, including Paul Ryan, that apparently alleges that a joke was made about Trump being paid by Putin.
But you have to ask, okay, where are they getting this?
Where are they getting this?
Well, I guess leaks from
Evan McMullin.
But who knows the legitimacy of this transcript?
I can't confirm it.
Can you?
We're supposed to trust the Washington Post.
And then right after they publish that, they publish this.
House Majority Leader to College in 2016.
I think Putin pays Trump.
So you see how they feed their own narratives?
You see how they feed their own talking points?
This is a classic technique of the left, a classic technique of the Democrats.
And we'll see what happens when Trump gets back and identifies and perhaps even fires some of these leakers that are leaking these stories out while he is in the air.
They're complaining about Trump having a back channel with Putin.
Oh, leakers say that Trump was trying to make a back channel with Putin.
No kidding!
You don't think Trump wants to have a back channel with Putin so that all the people spying on him, like the Obama administration and all these other leakers, can't get those details out to the deep state and the press?
Yeah, shocking Trump wanted a back channel, but...
Let's go more on the Russia narrative.
Apparently there was a secret meeting today.
There were some members of our government that were there, including one Elijah Cummings.
You know, Elijah Cummings, I think he's done some good things in his past.
He's done some strange things in his past.
I think more than anything, though, he is just really confused right now and just being tugged around by all this fake news.
This is Elijah Cummings after a meeting today regarding the Russia narrative and collusion with Trump.
Of the briefing, I am still convinced that, and again, this is not about the briefing, but my feelings.
These are the three parts to this very significant moment in American's history.
Did you hear what he just said?
Going off of his feelings.
His feelings.
Well, I don't have any evidence, I don't have any proof, but I have feelings.
So this is Democrat leadership going off feelings.
And then what do you have in the street?
People protesting Trump with no evidence, but feelings.
Elijah Cummings has feelings, folks.
So he's going to try to impeach a president over it.
Let's roll to the next one.
We have an election that was interfered with by the Russians.
That's got to be looked at.
A election that was interfered with by the Russians, even though it was proven there was no actual hacking, there were no votes actually changed, they can't prove any of that happened.
In fact, they said the exact opposite.
And what we actually have proof of is superdelegates rigging the election for Hillary Clinton, and in the WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton colluding with media to try to cheat during debates.
Silent on that, though, is Elijah Cummings in these great trying times in United States history, according to Elijah.
Let's roll to the next one.
We have a situation where there's question as to whether there was some type of collusion.
Oh, there's a question, alright.
You keep asking, but you're not finding the answer you want.
See, that's the key here.
They're going to keep asking the question until they get the answer they want.
It doesn't matter that they've already been given the answer.
There is no collusion.
We don't have any evidence.
It's time to move on.
They're just going to keep asking the question, aren't they?
Because it paints Trump as an illegitimate president, and it continues the false narrative without their desired answer, which would force impeachment.
So, again, you have nothing to stand on, Mr. Cummings.
Let's roll to the next one.
The government's role, the Congress's role, really is to look forward.
To make sure this does not ever happen again.
The threat that somebody in Russia or some foreign land could dictate
This is amazing to me.
First of all, he says we have to make sure that this doesn't happen again.
What happened?
What happened?
What are we trying to avoid from happening again?
Oh yeah, you still don't know that.
But then he says, foreign interests, foreign lands, foreign leaders influencing our election.
Hey Elijah!
Look at the Clinton Foundation!
Look at where Clinton takes money from!
There's your foreign donors!
Look at John Podesta's stock deals with the Russians!
This is unbelievable he's up here complaining about foreign influence as the foreign influence is actually on the Democrat Party.
Let's roll to the next one.
We should never forget what started all of this.
That is 17 intelligence entities of the United States of America unanimously concluding that the Russians tried and to some degree interfered with our elections.
So you have 17 intelligence entities that all said that there was influence, yet somehow we don't have any evidence, no proof, nothing.
We're still sitting here spinning our wheels, even though 17 entities all decided that this happened with no evidence.
That's amazing how that would work, isn't it?
Something doesn't seem right about that.
Roll to the next one.
Keep in mind, the Russians are looking forward to interfering in more elections.
They just did it apparently in France.
Okay, so the Russians are now interfering in every election and if an undesired globalist result doesn't, or if the desired globalist result doesn't happen, then it's Russia's fault.
That's nice.
They've painted that narrative for the future.
Roll to the next one.
Hopefully now we can move forward.
The American people wants us to do things for them.
And it's their turn.
It's their turn to have us do some things for them.
That's right.
So quit wasting our time, our money, and our resources on this witch hunt of a Russia collusion with Trump narrative.
You want to do something for the people?
Do something for the veterans.
Do something for the American people that are homeless in the streets.
That's what you can do for the American people, but Elijah Cummings doesn't understand that.
He wants to spin his wheels about Russia.
Roll to the next one.
Oh, these times are so important.
This Russia thing is so important.
It's so important.
Oh yeah, but then he's just gonna crack a joke about it and everybody's gonna have a laugh.
It must be real dire straits that we're really concerned about Russia as you're cracking jokes about Russia.
Give me a break.
Roll to the next one.
If there is any moment that the press, in our country's history, has a major role, it is this moment.
This is your moment.
You have got to put it out there.
So people can understand what is going on.
I have said it before, and I'll say it again.
This is about the fight for the soul of our democracy.
We cannot afford to lose this one.
Amazing, Elijah Cummings says that.
Again, this is how out of touch with reality he is.
We couldn't have afforded to lose this election to Hillary Clinton, Elijah, and we didn't.
Thank God.
But now he talks about the media and how important it is for them to get this out there.
Get what out there?
Again, we've been at this for over half a year and there's still nothing!
You've hired, there have been multiple people who have looked into this and have found nothing.
But this is a very important time.
He says it's up to the media to put this out there, even though the people that they would look to be putting out the evidence have provided nothing for them to put out there.
This shows you the state of the Democrats and of this Russia narrative.
It has nothing.
They have nothing.
They are empty vassals.
They have no free thought.
They have no discernment.
They just have false narratives and talking points that spin their wheels all day long, and then people like Elijah Cummings apparently are satisfied with that being his day as a member of our government, but then wants to do something for the people.
Now look, here's why we can't have people like Hillary Clinton and Elijah Cummings.
Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting teen girl, okay?
Now, the whole thing, I have a sickness, not an excuse, that's a whole thing that we'll see mainstream media run with.
But look, let's just go through a line of events here, or a line of people.
Anthony Weiner sends sex to a 15-year-old girl that we know of, that's it, okay?
He's guilty of that.
He's married to Huma Abedin.
Huma Abedin, an assistant to who?
Hillary Clinton.
Boy, it just goes on.
Hillary Clinton married to Bill Clinton, who's had multiple rape settlements, who's married to Jeffrey Epstein.
Hmm, pedophile island.
Also, Hillary Clinton has an affiliation with the Awan brothers and Laura Silsby, who's been caught trafficking children.
Wow, wow, wow!
Elijah Cummings says that it's up to America to make sure we get this one right, when we already got it right by not electing Hillary Clinton!
It's ridiculous that Hillary Clinton can associate with these people and get away with it.
But she's not getting away with it anymore, folks, because Hillary Clinton is being protested by Haitians outside of a speech at New York City College, okay?
You know why Haitians are protesting Hillary Clinton?
Because the Clinton Foundation robbed the country of Haiti blind.
And they would have robbed this republic blind, too, and shut us down in the process if we didn't get the election right in 2016.
So thank God we did, Elijah Cummings!
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Even when we make mistakes and even when we're not right and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us and I appreciate that.
We are now joined by Jack Posobiec, the White House correspondent with Rebel Media.
Jack, all kinds of stuff to talk about right now.
Let's talk about what is now a day old news, which feels like old news even though it's very relevant still, and some developments in the Seth Rich murder investigation, or lack thereof.
I remember us reporting on a lot of cameras in the area, especially in D.C.
Cameras everywhere.
You'd think there'd be camera evidence.
Now you're looking at some of these cameras.
Kim Dotcom is looking into some of these cameras.
What have you found so far?
Yeah, I've actually been communicating with Kim, talking about this stuff we're going through, and I'm actually going to be taking a few days next week and traveling to these businesses, going and talking to these owners in person.
We're going to do it on footage for Rebel Media.
And we're going to find out if they specifically had information on these cameras or if that information was turned over to the DC police.
I actually spoke to the lead detective earlier this morning and turned over the entire list of cameras to him.
And it was interesting because some of them sounded like they hadn't been on their list whatsoever.
He basically said to me that, okay, I can't comment on, you know, investigations, but I wanted to make sure that they had that evidence.
And if there was any evidence out there,
Of what happened that we could at least get some kind of sense of it because even if even if it was a grainy footage, you know, we could tell so much from that and I don't want to speculate but you could tell so much number of people size appearance whether they had a vehicle or not.
There's so much you could tell from just a basic CCTV footage and believe me living in DC.
There are cameras literally everywhere.
So the idea that even with so many businesses around that nobody has any footage of this whatsoever very surprising to me.
Yeah, it is surprising that they would not be aware of those cameras or not have looked into that.
It sounds like you're going to have some exclusive access there potentially.
But yes, you look at the video and let's remember it was called a robbery.
I think we can tell real soon if this was an attempted robbery or somebody just murdering somebody in the streets.
I think that that'll be very present too.
And just in your early investigation or early looking into this, have you noticed any blowback, any cooperation, people not wanting to cooperate?
What's that been like?
Very much so.
You know, you go to a lot of these places and they say, I don't want to talk.
I don't want to get involved with this.
You get a lot of shut doors in your face.
And it's interesting from that.
Very specifically, we want to talk to Lou's bar, the bar that Seth Rich was in the night before he died.
We want to find out, OK, was he drinking?
How much was he drinking?
Why did he attempt to walk home when he lives over an hour from there and Uber is all over D.C.? ?
Um, the bartender there did give a few statements originally to the media, but right now he's not talking, he's not getting involved with anybody.
We also did find out, though, that the same guy, the owner of the bar, uh, did visit the White House a few days before this whole thing happened.
So the murder took place on the night of July 9th.
This guy was in the White House on July 6th.
Got pictures on his, uh, his Facebook about that that we had found.
And so it was very interesting.
Would love to ask him why.
Was it just a tour?
What was going on there?
Very, very interesting indeed.
Yeah, no doubt.
I think that that was one of the biggest developments as far as any things that you can look at and just kind of scratch your head and maybe want to go deeper beneath the surface was the fact that he was at the bar.
The owner of that bar was at the White House just days before.
Certainly interesting things there.
That's somehow old news, even though it's 24 hours old.
Now we are into the new news, and that is the fake news.
Well, Jack, let's see.
It hasn't been but, I don't know, five minutes since Trump has taken off on his extravaganza overseas before New York Times and Washington Post start spreading fake news.
NUTJOB, the New York Times, is saying that Trump called Comey, and it's all over TV, it's all over social media.
Can you believe this?
You actually have a little insight on how that NUTJOB story started.
I do, so actually, you know, it's funny you mentioned, I was standing next to the President and the First Lady as they aborted Marine One today.
I was in the Rose Garden to see them off.
They took off from Marine One on this first foreign trip, and then immediately after that we see this story.
Again, another story that's leaked from the meeting, the private meeting that was closed to press from Trump and the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador Kislyak.
There were only three people in that meeting.
Two of them were Rex Tillerson.
And I think it was Gary Cohn, and then the third, of course, or excuse me, Rex Tillerson, HR McMaster, the National Security Advisor, and then Dina Powell.
Dina Powell, of course, has been accused of leaking classified information before to one of her close friends, who actually is Maggie Haberman.
Maggie Haberman, the journalist for the New York Times, that's written some very, very high-level attack pieces on Trump in the past.
And we also know that Dina Powell in the past has been very close friends with Valerie Jarrett, one of the senior advisors to Barack Obama.
So suddenly, another leak comes from the same meeting that Dina Powell was in.
Dina herself
I saw her at the White House on Tuesday, but she's actually been absent from the White House for the past several days, leading to a lot of people wondering if there's some connection between this Russian leak, again another Russian leak, regarding this quote-unquote nut job, and of course knowing Trump's verbosity, you know, and the fact that the press communications department for the White House isn't really disputing the fact that Trump called Comey a nut job.
Certainly sounds like something he would say, but the fact that that information made its way to the New York Times, when the meeting itself was closed to Trump's senior staff, is very, very interesting, and I think that's the real story here.
Well, it's amazing.
I myself didn't take these leaks too seriously, even when Drudge started pushing it, the leaks becoming a serious issue, I was still kind of like, well, he's going to have leaks, he's going to have people that go to the press, this kind of always happens.
But then it just happens more and more and more, and you start to realize,
He doesn't even have an inner circle that he can trust now.
Everything is leaking.
He's just on a totally sinking ship.
And apparently this is going to lead to some shake-ups coming.
And I'm curious, I wonder, and I don't know if you know anything about this, I don't think anybody except Donald Trump could know anything about this, what sort of leaks or intelligence he might be putting out intentionally to find the holes.
But these holes might be leading to shake-ups.
What do you know about that?
Uh, definitely.
So I know for a fact that Dina Powell is one of the people who's been accused of leaking.
One of the people in the past who was accused of leaking was Katie Walsh.
Katie Walsh was the Chief of Staff to Reince Priebus.
She was since fired from the White House.
She's now moved over sort of to the campaign side.
There's also a big shakeup in the works, and that being Sean Spicer.
Sean Spicer, the press secretary for the president, reportedly unhappy with his performance, doesn't like how Sean really kind of takes a more defensive tone, and they've been interviewing for replacements.
They interviewed Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox 5, and I actually got the scoop on this, like an exclusive report that Laura Ingraham, the talk show host, was at the White House today for an interview with Reince Priebus.
Yeah, and you've been documenting on Twitter how Sean Spicer has kind of looked pretty down in the dumps.
I think it was even you that described him as ghostly looking one day after a meeting with Trump.
His body language has been very different.
Yeah, absolutely.
And he actually, I think he only gave one press conference this whole week, one or two at that.
So the fact that he's been very down, he gave one press conference, but actually refused to allow it to be on camera.
So I wasn't really sure what the deal with that was.
And just has not been looking, uh, himself has not been looking, um, you know, his normal.
He usually comes out.
He's got a pretty good attitude.
He's got a smirk on his face.
He gets great ratings when he does that sort of back and forth with the press.
But for whatever reason this week, he lost that pep in his step when he came out, was looking ashen, was definitely looking like he had, uh, either just had a bad meeting, got bad news.
And we actually heard on Monday, you could hear from the press folks who were, I sit in
The White House, the West Wing, is so incredibly small.
It's so incredibly small.
The building, it's the size of a large restaurant, to put it that way.
So we can hear stuff that goes on in Spicer's office, and there was a huge argument going on between him, Steve Bannon, and it sounded like Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday.
That's interesting.
And Sarah Huckabee Sanders was somebody that I thought did a knockout job when she took over.
Nothing against Spicer there.
But I'm just curious.
With Trump taking off, you're in there with all the media hawks.
Have the media hawks been swarming and swirling with Trump taking off?
Are they itching for more leaks?
Itching for more fake news to be brought out?
They want to go after him.
They think that since he's gone, Pence, Kellyanne Conway, and Steve Bannon are really the ones sort of managing the shop with Trump in there.
Now, of course, he does, you know, the Air Force One is basically the flying mobile.
Yeah, I think Maxine Waters said something similar.
Yeah, exactly.
And then we saw with Harvard University, all people put out the study today that 93% of mainstream media footage coverage of Trump has been negative.
So the bias is clear.
They're doing everything they can to make it look like his accomplishments aren't happening and highlight these really basic sort of nothing issues as if it's a big deal.
That's Jack Posobiec, the White House correspondent from Rebel Media, covering everything from Seth Rich to White House leaks to fake news.
And it all happens in 24 hours.
Thanks, Jack.
Thanks so much.
We're good to go.
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What about the obesity epidemic?
I know they test people that are really obese.
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Yeast overgrowth.
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Yeast overgrowth is linked to an average weight gain of 32 and a half pounds.
What doctor?
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I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
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Well, if there's anybody that can feel vindicated by Anthony Weiner pleading guilty to sexting an underaged girl, that would have to be Andrew Breitbart.
Now, Andrew Breitbart said some other pretty astounding things about John Podesta, which one may or may not conclude from his emails, certainly some weird stuff in the WikiLeaks, but let's remember what John Podesta has, or excuse me, what Andrew Breitbart has also said in the past about John Podesta, but incredibly,
Listen to this video montage of Andrew Breitbart and Anthony Weiner years ago before Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting an underage girl.
Go ahead and roll that video, guys.
CNN puts this Breitbart guy on and says the most outlandish thing about complete innocent people.
He's been monitoring relationships that Congressman Weiner has been having with women.
I'm not saying what type of relationships.
Girls that are quite young.
Girls that are quite young.
What Andrew Breitbart was insinuating about him with young girls and stuff is outrageous, and frankly it's too bad that he got to say that stuff on CNN.
This person who's been so discredited so many times as such a serial manipulator of the media is allowed to just come on and spell it out like that.
Do you want to do the briefing?
Do you want to do the briefing, sir?
Answer the question.
Was it from you or not?
I'm going to have to ask that we follow some rules here.
And one of them is going to be you ask questions, I do the answers.
Does that seem reasonable?
I'd love to get an answer.
That would be reasonable, right?
That would be reasonable.
You do the questions, I do the answers, and this jackass interrupts me?
How about that as the new rule of the game?
And I knew it.
And I knew it.
And I knew it.
And I knew it at that moment.
I was like, okay, we're home free.
And I called people up.
I go, we're good.
We're good.
We're good.
Because once the mainstream media got it, and once I was like, okay, that's all I ever ask.
Clearly, Wiener looked like a jerk in that interview, and, you know, anybody who was watching could see that.
But it's also important to remember that the person who has been pushing this story the most is Andrew Breitbart, who has been consistently inaccurate in portraying Democrats, members of the Obama administration, as doing things on video that they have not done.
It certainly doesn't look familiar to me.
He ought to know whether those are his underpants.
How do you like that, Andrew Breitbart?
Again, a great American journalist, may he rest in peace.
Proven right.
As Anthony Weiner now faces justice for sexting a 15-year-old girl.
And that's just what we know of.
Now interestingly enough,
A Secret Service member gets 20 years for the similar crime of sexting an underage minor.
Anthony Weiner, it looks like he's going to get two years.
Does that mean he's receiving some special treatment?
Or perhaps maybe he's willing to make a deal?
So that'll be something interesting that we pay attention to at InfoWars.com.
But you know what?
I just want to take this moment to not just call out the entire CNN broadcasting crap news network.
As a whole organization for being wrong entirely and trying to make fun of Breitbart for that.
But I'd like to specifically mention Chris Hayes.
How does it feel, Chris Hayes?
I'd like for Chris Hayes to go have to watch that video and I'd like him to crack an egg on his own face.
Because that's what he did.
He's got a lot of egg on his face, doesn't he?
Trying to smear and discredit Andrew Breitbart for his brave and truly breaking journalism.
How do you like that, Chris Hayes?
Chris Hayes, a total cuck member of the media.
A total wuss.
A total wuss who would be kicked out of the sandbox by a two-year-old.
So how does it feel, Chris Hayes?
Andrew Breitbart is vindicated, and you tried to discredit and smear his character, but guess what?
He was right.
Now you have egg on your face, Chris Hayes.
You are the fake news.
You are the coward.
Thanks to Fake News and Democrats, you have a bunch of people out there, the groupthink, the herdthink, the hivethink, thinking that it's time for Donald Trump to be impeached.
Oh, with all of this evidence we have of none.
So Millie Weaver took to the streets to find out exactly what people are thinking about the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
Have you heard some of the talk of impeaching Trump and what do you think about it?
I have heard some of the talks.
He should be impeached because he's trash.
He's terrible.
He does not represent a diverse America.
He doesn't have our best interests at heart.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
And he looks like orange and blue.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com and we are here at UT Austin.
Recently the mainstream media and Democrats have been calling for the impeachment of President Trump.
So we are going to be asking students whether or not they believe that Donald Trump should be impeached and why.
Let's go see what they have to say.
What do you guys think of all this talk about Trump being impeached or that he could be impeached?
Do you think he should be impeached?
Well, I mean, if that's the way things are gonna go, then, I mean, if that's what this country wants, then, you know, I'm for it.
I don't know if he necessarily needs to be impeached.
No, he hasn't done anything, like, illegal yet to get impeached.
That they've found out, so no, not yet.
It's based on, like, the assumption that something did happen with Russia, but we haven't had proof, so I can't, like, I wouldn't say, like, at the moment.
I think it's too early to call for impeachment at this point, though.
I mean, if he did something wrong, then yeah, why not, right?
If there was something criminal?
If there was, yeah.
I mean, I hate Trump, so I'm okay with that, yeah.
Definitely okay with that, yeah.
I think if the evidence is there, if there were allegations made that there was some Russian involvement that he denied that ended up being true, then I think those are grounds of impeachment.
So, I mean, if the evidence is there, it makes sense.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
He's a horrible role model for our country.
I mean, he's been
Basically proven guilty of sexual assault.
He's degrading to women.
I think even without the treason and his complete incompetence.
Twitter says it all.
I mean, his whole history of Twitter.
You don't even need to look at his... Like, people are like, what's his political background?
It's like, look at his Twitter!
It's right there for the whole world to see.
I don't understand how he got elected.
He is a disgrace to the Constitution in terms of his ideals, his policies, and they just go backwards on everything that we stand for as a country.
What do you think the grounds are for his impeachment regarding the law and stuff?
Pretty much his connections with Russia.
Ability to pretty much dismiss all types of media.
Him firing the FBI director, that even showed that he is somewhat probably worried or he's probably doing something illegal.
What laws has he broken that justify impeachment?
Laws has he broken?
I'm not one to say, but the investigators are the ones who are going to do that.
His letter to Comey before his firing to ask him to cease and desist his investigations on him.
Do you think that maybe we should have some evidence or solid evidence of actual Russian interference prior to impeachment?
Yeah, absolutely.
I think they're looking for something to impeach him for, but they haven't found anything yet.
He'll only be impeached if he's also bringing the Republican Party down in the Senate and the House.
Otherwise, I think he'll be free to do whatever he wants as long as the Republicans will be able to pass whatever the bill they can.
You know, you gotta present evidence.
Even though I don't think he's the right person for the job, and I think he's a POS, I think it needs to be done correctly.
Bill Clinton did less to deserve impeachment than he did, although he did deserve impeachment, although, you know, Trump has done so much more in terms of that.
Why hasn't it happened yet?
You think that people are wanting to impeach him because they didn't want him there in the first place?
I think some of that, yeah, some people.
Some people, that's part of it, yeah.
Do you think that they're kind of like looking for an excuse to impeach him?
Sure, yeah.
I believe so.
Anything that runs for grounds for impeachment, yeah.
So overall, do you think that based on what you know, do you think Trump should be impeached?
Um, I couldn't say yes or no, I haven't seen the evidence, but from my point of view, I'd say, I guess it's innocent until proven guilty, so no at this point.
No, I guess he is trying to do a good thing and, you know, to help the country, because, I mean, what president would want to?
I think that I'm really happy that we're having a really healthy dialogue about our opinions.
Well at least the people that we spoke to that wanted impeachment proceedings put on Trump acknowledged the importance of due process and that you have to be proven guilty of a crime prior to being punished for it.
So just remember liberals, you impeach Trump, you get Mike Pence.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com
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We can answer your questions.
Remember that Trump travel ban to Muslim countries that we're at war with?
Maybe we could get a travel ban on countries that are getting us involved in war.
Maybe we could ban Trump's travel to those countries.
You know, he's leaving behind his unwanted political baggage, but it's going to cost us a lot.
It's going to cost us a lot more than just this beat-up domestic agenda that's not going anywhere.
I'm all for him going other places and meeting with leaders, that's fine.
But maybe we could at least get a cabinet that could start to work on the agenda that he ran on and won on.
And how much is it going to cost us?
I'm not talking about the millions of dollars in travel charges for the entourage.
I'm talking about the billions of dollars in deals that are going to be coming down here.
The pledges, the weapons, the borrowed money from the Chinese, from the Federal Reserve, that we're then going to give to our Middle Eastern allies in Saudi Arabia.
Okay, but then of course the Saudis are giving us a nice little tip for all of this effort.
They say that they're going to give us $40 billion towards our $1 trillion wish list on the infrastructure.
That's about 4%.
And isn't that nice that they're going to help us a little bit with that?
You know, it's kind of a bit of a while they're buying their million dollar hyper cars.
That's the way the Arabs are working there in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates.
Of course, the UAE hasn't offered any money towards our crumbling infrastructure that is crumbling because we spend so much money blowing up other people's infrastructure and blowing up other people's countries.
You know, this trip really has Henry Kissinger's Machiavellian real politics fingerprints all over it.
It's exactly the type of thing that he would have suggested to Donald Trump when he visited him in the White House not too long ago.
He's the one, of course, who created the petrodollar.
You know, he and Nixon took us off of the gold standard, and then they said, well, we'll have a fiat currency that will operate with the Federal Reserve, and the Saudis will buy all of that paper from the Federal Reserve as we go into debt for all of these wars that they get us involved in.
You know, we could have a trillion dollars for infrastructure.
We could easily have that.
We spent two and a half times that amount in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
And that's just to date.
And it's all ramping up again.
We spent a trillion dollars on the war itself.
We spent more than that and are going to spend way more than that on medical expenses, on disability expenses for the veterans.
And that's not even counting the cost in lives or the 20 veterans who are committing suicide because they're on PTSD on a daily basis according to a VA study.
And of course, this is all being done with borrowed money.
So, as projections from the Congressional Budget Office and elsewhere point out, we're going to wind up spending another $5 billion in interest.
So, there's your total right there, about seven, I'm sorry, not billion, trillion.
The numbers are so large, you just can't imagine them.
So we spent two trillion dollars, two and a half trillion dollars, which is two and a half times what we would like to spend on our decaying infrastructure.
That's already been spent on the war.
But then another five trillion in interest charges, so about seven trillion dollars.
And that's why we're in the situation that we're in.
You know, they offer us this little bit of Trump change, this $40 billion after we spend $7 billion just on those wars, and we're ramping things up again.
We're going to talk about what's happening in Syria in just a moment.
You know, we created the machines that use the oil.
We discovered the oil.
We pumped the oil.
We refined the oil.
They made the money.
And now we're coming to them begging for change.
Of course, we never get any change in our foreign policy.
All we get is just war and debt.
Death and taxes.
That's what we get out of this exchange.
Now as they head to the Middle East, we've already had Jared Kushner go there once, and we'll talk about that in a moment, but he's been working on a deal with the Saudis.
New York Times points out the $110 billion weapons sale to the Saudis has Jared Kushner's personal touch.
They say that on the afternoon of May 1st, not too long ago, Jared Kushner welcomed a high-level delegation of Saudis to a gilded reception room next door to the White House.
He delivered a brisk pep talk telling them, let's get this done today.
He was referring to a $100 billion plus arms deal that the administration hopes to seal with Saudi Arabia in time to announce it during Trump's visit this weekend to Saudi Arabia.
And the New York Times points out, since seeing that the cost might be a problem, several administration officials said Mr. Kushner picked up the phone and called Marilyn Hewson, the chief executive of Lockheed Martin, which makes the radar system, and asked her whether she could cut the price.
As the guests watch, slack-jawed, she told him she would look into it, said officials.
So there you go.
I wonder how much he got them to cut the price for.
Maybe $40 billion.
And they can turn that around and hand it back to us.
That's the way these things work, isn't it?
Great deal for us, isn't it?
That's exactly what we voted for.
No, no, not so much.
So it was about six weeks ago that we had Jared Kushner go to the Middle East, and of course we had some funny pictures at the time.
We had the Kushner at war memes based on the photographs that came back.
A lot of people were putting this all over Twitter.
Coming up with saving private equity, the band of Brooks Brothers, we're in the Armani now.
And as I pointed out on Twitter, I said, wait for it, we're going to have Twitskrieg Part Deux.
It's too bad that we can't have a Trump travel ban to these countries.
Actually, I was able to find this at the Goodwill.
It looks like he doesn't like to wear his accessories more than once.
It kind of gets stale.
Maybe it was the Army-Navy store.
I can't really remember.
But I'm ready for my close encounters of the Thurston Howell III kind.
Maybe I should go to the Middle East and cover this.
Meanwhile, Ivanka is going to hold a roundtable with women in Saudi Arabia.
Yes, many important things are going to be learned on this trip.
It's going to be very educational.
I don't know why she would feel that this is necessary.
The elephant in the room is going to be Sharia law, but maybe she wants to set up a new line of burka clothing that she could sell with her name.
We've talked about this before.
We talked about it with the feminists in America going crazy about the Handmaid's Tale, saying, look at this male Christian patriarchy and where this is going to go because
This is our future.
That's the way they've told us.
That's the way the filmmakers envision this.
And yet, the reality is going on in Saudi Arabia now.
We've talked about this before.
For example, seven things that women in Saudi Arabia cannot do.
And of course, one of the things is do anything without a male guardian.
Whether that's your brother, or your father, or your husband, they will determine everything that you do.
But of course, you can't drive a car.
You can't wear clothes or makeup that show off your beauty.
You'll get the religious police beating you with that.
You can't interact with men!
So maybe that's why she's doing a roundtable with Saudi Arabian women, because she's not going to be allowed to interact with men.
They can't go for a swim.
They can't compete freely in sports.
They can't even try on clothes when shopping.
Hey, that could be an opportunity.
Ivanka could sell them clothes online.
But then, of course, the globalists love Sharia law in Saudi Arabia.
They love Saudi Arabia.
They just appointed them, not only to a Human Rights Commission, yes they got into a Human Rights Commission, but they got into a UN Women's Rights Commission recently, and we talked about this as well when we were talking about the Handmaid's Tale.
Absolute absurdity.
But let's get serious about what this is really about, because this is far worse than NATO not paying its share.
There are multiple quagmires that are happening throughout the Middle East.
Yemen is one of these, and of course that is something that the Saudis have been very instrumental in getting started, something that they're trying to get the United States involved in, but of course Syria is also a part of that.
And today we had developments in Syria.
As we had ISIS killing 53, many civilians, in an attack on a Syrian village.
They said 53 people were killed, at least 25 civilians.
Many of them were children.
Some of them were beheaded by ISIS.
And this is reported from both sides.
This is not propaganda.
This is being bragged about by ISIS.
ISIS claims the death toll was even higher.
They said they killed 100 people.
And then in the north, we see Syrian troops advancing on ISIS in northern Aleppo, 49 killed and fighting.
And again, that is 49 with 17 Syrian soldiers, 32 ISIS fighters slain.
And this is different from the village where there were 53 people killed.
So what is our response?
Our response is to attack the people who are fighting ISIS.
That's what we did last night.
Acting as Al Qaeda and ISIS's air force.
And we're going to be the surrogates helping Saudi Arabia go into Yemen as well.
warplanes conducted airstrikes on forces believed to be loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad in southern Syria Thursday as a protection measure for U.S.
forces based in the region.
So, as McMaster's increases the number of American troops in Syria,
Then we find it necessary to attack Syrian forces.
We're not fighting ISIS.
We're fighting for regime change.
We have a different agenda.
They keep telling you they're fighting ISIS.
No, we're fighting the people who are fighting ISIS.
That's what we need to think about.
We need to think about how we are being used in the Middle East, being entered into this quagmire.
Join us on Monday, 7 central, 8 p.m.
Eastern, for the InfoWars Nightly News.
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