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Name: 20170518_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: May 18, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Thursday, May 18th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
Tonight, Democrats take another stab at impeachment with trumped up charges from the Comey memo.
Was Comey lying to Congress in May when he testified there was no attempt to shut down the Russian conspiracy hunt?
Or did he falsify the purported February memo saying there was an attempt?
And, the latest news on the identity and possible motives of a car attack in New York City as a car drives through Times Square at speed, injuring 22 and killing 1.
Then, Attorney General Sessions wants to revive mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenses.
Dr. Randy Short breaks down the insanity, the injustice, and the cost to taxpayers, as well as the political cost to Trump's support in the black community if this failed policy returns.
All that and more on tonight's InfoWars Nightly News.
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The news industry lost a giant today with the death of Roger Ailes.
Now obviously when you're the head of a conservative news outlet, thanks to liberal media, you're going to be a controversial figure.
But nonetheless, Roger Ailes was a big player, a big impact player in the news media, the founder of Fox News.
And obviously he was under a lot of scrutiny, a lot of things were said about him.
What's amazing to me about the response of the left with Roger Ailes is how despicable these people really are.
You know, just because you don't like somebody or you may disagree with somebody's politics, you don't celebrate their death.
That is just low.
I mean, whose death gets celebrated around the world?
Uh, dictators and violent leaders like Saddam Hussein, the list goes on.
But Roger Ailes?
Yes, the left is treating Roger Ailes like a violent dictator today.
I could not believe some of the responses that I saw from the left in regards to Roger Ailes' death.
Let's look at some of these responses, folks.
This just goes to show you the state of the mental capacity of the left.
Let's start with Chunk Yogurt, excuse me, Cenk Uygur.
From Young Turds, excuse me, Young Turds, he says, glad Roger Ailes lived long enough to get caught and die lonely and humiliated.
That extra year of life cost him dearly.
Wow, wow, Chunk.
You really are a class act, aren't ya?
Chunk Yogurt, folks, they're a class act, heading up the Young Turks Network, celebrating the death of an American.
And you know what, Chunk?
You're living, right now, a sad, lonely, and humiliated life.
So, how does that feel to be alive and be sad and lonely?
How about the Slate editor, Sam Adams, rejoicing over Roger Ailes' death?
He says, Roger Ailes was an evil man who made the world a dramatically worse place.
On the bright side, he's dead now.
Roger Ailes, folks.
Again, you don't have to agree with Roger Ailes, you don't have to like Roger Ailes, you don't have to like his news network, but you're celebrating his death as if Roger Ailes was some sort of enemy of humanity.
Again, you don't have to like Fox News, you don't have to like Roger Ailes, but you would think if you were an editor or a host of a news show, you would have a little more class than that.
Nope, nope, the left really has no class.
It goes on.
Mark Lamont Hill.
You've heard of him before.
He goes on CNN and race baits all day long.
Roger Ailes has died.
Sending deep and heartfelt condolences to everyone who was abused, harassed, exploited, and unjustly fired by him.
And then provides how much evidence?
How many cases?
How many examples?
If you're going to make such an outlandish statement about the deceased, Mark Lamont Schill, you might want to provide a few examples to maybe have your point carry some water.
No, you just look like a classless fool.
It goes on.
How about Rolling Stone?
Unbelievable that they would publish this.
Roger Ailes was one of the worst Americans ever.
Fox News founder made this the hate-filled moronic country it is today.
How are you going to call somebody a moron when you're engaging in moronic behavior?
Insulting the deceased, the body's not even cold yet, and you're already publishing articles on the man being one of the worst Americans ever.
Give me a break!
Again, you don't have to like Roger Ailes, but to say he's one of the worst Americans ever is so ridiculous, and then it's even more crude to be celebrating his death the day he died.
I think that makes you one of the worst people ever, to be perfectly honest with you.
I'm sorry to report that Roger Ailes ever lived!
You know what?
Deadspin is kind of a joke to begin with, so we won't take them too seriously.
But the Daily Caller had a whole story!
Liberal journalists celebrate the death of Fox News founder Roger Ailes.
Let's look at some of these tweets.
How about Huffington Post Senior Politics Editor?
Yes, Roger Ailes was a TV genius.
He also had an apparently monstrous personal life and nasty, dangerous editorial instincts.
You just couldn't wait, could you, Sam Stein from Huffington Post?
You just couldn't wait to insult the dead.
You have no class.
You have no patience.
How about this one?
I love how the left is... Let me just read this.
Roger Ailes, this is from Jenny Jardine.
Roger Ailes ruined the lives of many women during his brief time on Earth.
May he be appropriately rewarded in the afterlife.
You're seeing this from the left, talking about how Roger Ailes abused women, Roger Ailes was bad towards women, mistreated women, celebrating his death because of it.
Bill Clinton?
Nothing for Bill Clinton?
You're not gonna wish Bill Clinton died for the multiple rapes he settled?
But Roger Ailes, who has stories fabricated up about him that don't carry water,
You're going to insult the dead over that, but ignore the corruption.
How about Anthony Weiner?
Again, this is the left.
Roger Ailes is so bad, all this stuff, after he's dead, but Anthony Weiner, who's still alive, commits crimes, nothing.
Bill Clinton, who settled rapes, and his wife wanted to get in the White House, with Huma Abedin as one of her advisors.
Both Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner would have been huge roles in the White House if Hillary got elected.
But Roger Ailes is the bad guy, even though they would have propped up two people that are known womanizers.
Truly sick, folks.
Truly sick, the state of the left, and they keep exposing themselves.
Hey, here's an interesting development.
We've all heard about the Russia ties, the Russia investigation.
And now we've got FBI, former FBI Director Mueller, Robert Mueller, who's going to be doing a special probe, special counsel into this.
But look at what I found in Wikileaks today.
Guys, if you could pull up this Wikileaks, if you actually go down to number 6, actually Mueller is pointed out here a couple times, but if you go specifically down to number 6, it specifically talks about FBI Director Robert Mueller delivering the uranium samples to Moscow while he was an FBI Director.
Remember the enhanced uranium that Hillary made a deal with the Russians that she ended up getting cash back for and Clinton got hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech in Russia?
Now you've got the email right here!
Now the special counsel that is supposedly investigating Donald Trump's ties to Russia, or whatever Russia collusion may have impacted the election, here he is colluding with Russians, delivering enhanced uranium to Moscow.
This Russia narrative couldn't get more ridiculous if you had a three ring circus leader dictating the whole thing.
I mean, it is that unbelievable that now the special counsel actually has Russian ties or Russian collusion delivering enhanced uranium samples to Russia.
Again, I'm not saying he's a bad guy or did anything illegal.
I'm just saying, if we're so worried about the Russians and Russian ties, why does Hillary get to have them?
Why does John Podesta get to have them?
Why do you put a special counsel as the head of the Russian probe that has ties and past relations with Russia, including uranium deals?
Doesn't make sense.
But how do you like this story?
Oh my gosh, I almost jumped out of my seat when I read this from the AP.
Trump loyalists pay little heed to revelations rocking DC.
What revelations?
Folks, this is just unbelievable.
This is what the story says.
President Donald Trump's loyal backers say they don't know, don't believe, or don't care about the explosive revelations that forced the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate possible collusion between Russia and the Republican campaign.
And it goes on and has the exact same narratives and talking points that you've heard.
But folks, this is the rhetoric they use.
Explosive revelations.
What revelations?
I'm quoting the AP that are shocked that Trump backers aren't shocked by the explosive revelations that are coming out when there are absolutely none!
Explosive revelations that Hillary Clinton was actually under the influence of Martians during the election.
Explosive revelations!
How will Hillary Clinton backers respond?
It's the same difference.
There's no revelations, but they say explosive revelations, so they put that into people's mind with no evidence.
Now, let's go right to this video.
This is Maxine Waters spouting the same Russia nonsense, but let's listen to what she says at the end.
Go ahead and roll this video, guys.
I want to define what you mean by collusion, because what you're talking about... And this is MSNBC that is now actually giving Maxine Waters blowback, if you can believe that or not.
MSNBC blowing back on Maxine Waters because she's totally out of her mind.
Collusion to me is very specific.
It means that the Russian government, or actors within, were trying to elect Donald Trump.
But I want to know what collusion means to you, because that seems to be the standard.
She doesn't know what it means in general.
Yes, absolutely.
I am talking about strategies that were developed working with the Trump campaign.
I really do believe that much of what you saw coming out of Trump's mouth was a play from Putin's playbook.
Oh, this is great.
I think that when you saw him absolutely calling Hillary crooked... Yeah, crooked Hillary.
Came from the Russians.
Lock her up!
I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin, with Putin.
Yeah, you didn't have hundreds of thousands of Americans chanting, lock her up, at Donald Trump rallies across America.
That didn't happen, Maxine.
Yeah, it was Russia that influenced us.
What a joke.
So you think the Russian government developed the talking points for the Trump campaign?
Even MSNBC is like, wait, are you really that insane?
Now she wants to talk about Trump and Russia and oil deals.
And we've got more on that.
Trump is actually making deals that are hurting Russia in the oil market.
Hurting Russia!
It's absurd!
This woman is absolutely out of her mind.
She got those green beads at Mardi Gras.
Nice Mardi Gras beads, Maxine.
Look at the MSNBC.
He can't even believe this!
He's like, is this woman really here talking to me?
I know we need to go soon, but just to be clear, there has been no actual evidence yet.
No, it has not been.
No, it has not.
How do you like that?
And he's like, wait a second, okay, you just got done babbling for like 30 seconds, but there's no actual evidence, right?
And then what does Maxine Waters say?
No, there is no actual evidence, but she's up here talking about impeachment still, even though she admits there's no evidence.
The AP produces a story saying shocking revelations, still no evidence.
Way to go.
Now, here's some evidence for you.
They tell you
There's all this evidence to impeach Trump.
Let's go down the list of reasons why Obama should have been impeached and it was completely ignored by liberal media.
How about Obama's Iran nuke deal?
Obama's deal with straight cash to Iran.
How about the fact that Obama knew about Hillary Clinton's private email server and did nothing?
How about the Obama administration targeting conservatives with the IRS?
That's impeachable, that's unbelievable!
How about Obama's Department of Justice spying on reporters?
Everyone in the media should be upset about that.
That is ridiculous!
How about all the lies about Obamacare?
Premium skyrocketing, you can't keep your doctor?
He lied about both of those things.
All the executive orders he signed that put illegal aliens into this country, that should have been impeachable.
How about the stand-down at Benghazi that cost U.S.
ambassadors and diplomats their lives?
The Benghazi stand-down.
That should have been impeachable.
The Fast and Furious Arms Trading.
The Bo Bergdahl Deal.
The list goes on and on.
Extortion 17.
30 military members dead.
Folks, these are impeachable offenses.
These are things that actually carry weight.
How about the war in Libya?
How about the NSA?
How about the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization in Egypt?
How about the death of Miriam Carey?
How about his fake birth certificate?
How do you like that?
A fake birth certificate and you can't even get an investigation.
Now folks, we had an attack in Times Square, or I guess maybe we can't call it an attack yet.
We are still doing investigations on this.
I don't want to call it an attack per se, but it does appear that, appear news is now breaking that perhaps there was a motive behind this.
They're saying maybe suicide by cop, but let's roll this video guys.
This is an interesting video that came out now that we can see that the driver
Certainly was intending to get up onto the curb and hurt people.
You can see right there the car clearly intentionally leaves the road and mauls these people down.
Now apparently this driver had DUIs in his past but apparently it was also reported that he was not drunk at the time.
Again these are the developments that we're gonna have to wait and see and again I
Maybe it's an attack.
Maybe it's not.
Maybe the driver was out of control.
Maybe there was a different motive.
I don't really know, but when you see this video, it certainly makes it look like this driver had a clear and present motive to get off of the road, slam on his gas, and run people down.
Very sad that that happened in New York.
We are very
We're good to go.
The last time that Syria was struck by the United States in the Trump regime was about the same time that they were pushing the Russia narrative really hard, and it almost served as a bit of a distraction for President Trump, and the attack turned out to be more superficial than anything else.
But it is interesting the developments.
Again, U.S.
Special Forces, it's still being reported.
We're good to go.
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This is the woman who's the prominent voice for wanting to impeach Trump, and her evidence is completely Louise Mensch-level crazy conspiracies.
Let's go to Maxine Waters on, I think it was MSNBC it was,
She's claiming... She's asked what's the evidence for Russia-Trump collusion.
She literally says Putin invented the phrase, lock her up and crooked Hillary.
Here's the clip.
I want to define what you mean by collusion because what you're talking about seems more circumstantial to me.
Bank records, perhaps contacts that were of a nebulous nature.
Who knows why Flynn was talking to the Russian ambassador.
It could have been, it seems to have been about sanctions.
Collusion to me is very specific.
It means that the Russian government or actors within were trying to elect Donald Trump.
But I want to know what collusion means to you because that seems to be the standard by which you're saying he should be impeached.
Yes, absolutely.
I am talking about strategies that were developed working with the Trump campaign.
I really do believe that much of what you saw coming out of Trump's mouth was a play from Putin's playbook.
I think that when you saw him absolutely calling Hillary crooked, the lock her up.
It was my playbook, you dummy.
I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin, with Putin, and I think you can see all their bank records.
I think that you can see that visit to Moscow.
By the way, she said this before, Paul.
That's what they really want to happen.
That's pretty much the end of it, Alex.
Then they ask her if there's any actual evidence of real collusion.
She admits there's no evidence.
She claims that Putin came up with crooked Hillary and lock her up.
He doesn't even speak English.
This is absolutely insane, Alex.
And this is on MSNBC.
Let's tell them you came up with a lot of this and so did I, Paul.
I mean, we came up with the truth.
Oh, exactly!
I mean, you printed the t-shirts.
I mean, we came up with that.
There's another clip where she's talking about impeachment.
We'll probably get to that after the break.
But again, this is the woman who's the prominent voice for wanting to impeach Trump.
And her evidence is completely Louise Mensch level crazy conspiracies about Putin inventing things.
Let's be clear, she's the enemy of America, not Putin.
Not that we love Putin, it's just a fact.
This is the woman who wants our guns.
This is the woman who wants to bring in the Muslims.
This is the woman lying constantly.
This is the idiot that thinks Putin invaded Korea.
She doesn't even know if there's a North or South.
This woman's a clear and present danger, as Kucinich already said.
Jonathan Turley's come out.
All the real liberals are horrified.
Glenn Greenwald, Paul, you're taking over.
Let's get back into Maxine Waters now, who claims that proof
Of collusion between Russia and Trump is the claim that Putin invented the phrase lock her up and crooked Hillary.
Yes, she actually said that.
Even though Vladimir Putin doesn't even speak English.
But that's the bombshell evidence of collusion between Putin and Trump.
No evidence for it whatsoever, but you know, that's kind of the standard by now, isn't it?
So, should we really be that surprised?
Now, there's also another video which has re-emerged today from 1998, where she talks about impeachment of Bill Clinton.
In the context of impeachment representing a coup d'etat, let's go to that video now.
Mr. Speaker and members,
How must our American soldiers feel to have their Commander-in-Chief under attack while they are engaged in battle?
They have the right to feel betrayed and undermined.
Today, we are here in the People's House debating the partisan impeachment of the President of the United States of America, while the Commander-in-Chief is managing a crisis and asking world leaders for support.
This is indeed a Republican coup d'etat.
Mr. Speaker and members of Americans All, the Republicans will couch this extremist, radical anarchy in pious language, which distorts the Constitution and the rule of law.
Bill and Hillary Clinton are the real targets, and the Republicans are the vehicles being used by the right-wing Christian coalition extremists to direct and control our culture.
The rule of law has been violated in denying the president notice of charges.
Okay, let's leave it there.
That's Maxine Waters in 1998.
Not such a big fan of impeachment then, was she?
Calling it a coup d'etat.
You'll notice she used the term pious language.
She accused Republicans of using pious language to justify the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
That's exactly what they're doing right now.
I mean, have you watched Keith Olbermann?
It's this big thing like, oh he's preventing the subversion of the country.
It's that exact kind of pious language when in fact the only person subverting the country is him and his ideologues with all this hysteria backed up by absolutely nothing.
Reuters admitted that today.
Again, this is another story like the Comey video that nobody's really picked up on.
It's on Infowars.com, headline Reuters admits no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.
Of course it was presented as this big scoop that Trump campaign advisers have spoke with Russian officials in the last seven months of the campaign was actually to try and, you know, prevent war with Russia and have peace and cooperation.
God forbid, we can't have that, can we?
Hillary Clinton actually wanted war with Russia based on cyber security.
If they merely suspected Russia of attacking the US in the context of cyber security, she wanted war.
That's good, that's progressive.
We can't have the two major nuclear superpowers talking to each other and striving towards peace, can we?
No, Deep State doesn't like that.
So it was introduced as this big scoop.
The actual meat of it is buried in paragraph 6, where it says, quote, this is quoting anonymous intel sources again, the people who described the contacts between Russia and the Trump administration to Reuters said that they had seen no evidence of wrongdoing or collusion between the campaign and Russia.
So there you have it.
They admit no collusion between Russia and Putin.
Between Russia and the Trump administration.
Another big fat nothing burger.
They've got absolutely no evidence apart from Maxine Waters' insane rambling conspiracy theories about Vladimir Putin inventing phrases for the Trump campaign that Alex Jones literally invented in one case.
Putin doesn't even speak English.
She's pulled that out of absolutely nowhere.
She continues to make gaffes on television day after day after day, and they still put her up there as the credible voice of impeachment.
Absolutely incredible.
The relentless, hysterical, six-month-long media campaign to delegitimize Trump was firmly based around setting the narrative that he's an illegitimate dictator.
They're radicalizing the violent alt-left.
We've seen the attacks on Trump supporters.
We've seen the crazies trying to scale the White House fence over and over again.
This summer, the situation could explode.
The drive to impeach Donald Trump
We'll lead to either war abroad or war on the streets of America.
Sources close to the White House indicate to us that sleeper cells within the administration, turncoats, will be the leading voices in the push to impeach Donald Trump.
The same traitors responsible for the leaks, in alliance with never-Trump Republicans, are feverishly working with the Democratic Party establishment to sabotage Trump.
And thanks to the media.
Bought and paid for by the deep state, the propaganda is working.
But clearly we're on the trail there to an impeachment.
Are we getting closer and closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process?
I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to call
For the impeachment of the President of the United States of America.
We are well on our way to impeachment.
Odds of Trump being impeached by the end of 2017 have shot up past 30%.
48% of Americans want to see it happen.
And that's because the media has engaged in blitzkrieg-like onslaughts of deception.
We're told this Comey memo is, quote, deeply troubling.
So troubling that Comey sat on it for three months.
So troubling that he kept it quiet for all that time and only released it days after he was fired.
What a coincidence!
So Trump tells Comey that he hopes he'll be fair to Flynn because he thinks he's a good man.
And the media calls this obstruction of justice.
Even CNN admits that this is part of the deep state's revenge against Trump.
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Wow, thank you.
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Which nutraceutical does he like best?
I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
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And I love you guys.
I love the InfoWars crew.
And I just want to, yeah, I want to take this opportunity to tell anybody out there who's on the fence, just buy it.
You will love it.
I'm telling you, I've never bought a bad product.
What you find in our news is the same thing you find in our products at Infowarslife.com.
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Guess what this liberal will be all about?
This liberal will be all about socializing.
Basically, taking over.
And the government running all of your companies.
I heard that!
If you want to know how to identify the enemy of the state, all you have to do is watch and listen to the establishment progressive democratic liberals in their own words.
You just heard California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters say that she wants to socialize America.
She wants the federal government to take total control of American companies and businesses.
Maxine Waters wants wide open borders.
And she wants amnesty for everyone who is here illegally, and most of all, above all else.
She wants the impeachment and overthrow of President Donald Trump.
And I realize that most of our audience is completely aware that Maxine Waters is not only a traitor to our nation, but she's not right in the head.
In fact, I think the only people who are crazier than Maxine Waters are the people who support her.
Go back to Europe!
Go back to Europe!
This guy right here, he used to go back to Europe, back to England.
You can tell an Irish too, that's where you gotta go back.
I'm not from England.
Do you think you have your ancestry's from?
You can tell you're a little British, a little Eastern European.
That's where you should go back.
Go back to where you're from.
I'm glad there's a lot of people.
I'm sure they got a lot of questions they have for the Congresswoman.
Like... Hey, do you support Black Lives Matter?
I support black lives.
I support white lives.
I support Hispanic lives.
I support indigenous lives.
Do you support Black Lives Matter?
Do you support the movement?
Why can't you answer the question?
I already did.
Do you support Black Lives Matter?
Yes or no?
Or do you support All Lives Matter?
Or Blue Lives Matter?
You don't think Blue Lives Matter?
Because I think they do.
I just shook the hand of every police officer.
Yes or no?
I don't know what Blue Lives Matter is.
You don't know what blue is?
Blue is a color.
Yeah, it is.
It's the color of your hat.
You mean the Smurfs?
You support the Smurfs or the... The Smurfs are fictional characters.
Well, you say you support Blue Lives Matter?
I support the Black Lives Matter movement.
Okay, so... Yes or no?
When you say the Black... So we're talking about the people who...
So, are you talking about people who harass police and burn down black businesses in the name of social protest?
Because I don't support that.
Yes, you are.
Black lives matter.
They don't care about black lives.
So you're saying black lives matter?
They are a violent group?
Yes, they are.
Make sure the camera gets that.
Yes, they are.
They don't care about black lives.
Where were they in Inglewood?
Maxine Waters has been here for 24 years.
Or is it 28 now?
I'm losing count.
She's been in office too long.
I don't have to lower my voice.
These guys are wasting me.
Black Lives Matter movement is violent.
This guy just said that.
I sure did.
You got it, right?
You're a sellout.
Listen to the racism.
Listen to the racism right here.
It's not like it's you, homeboy.
You're selling out America.
You're selling out to your people.
You keep talking about your people.
You prefer to be, sir... And don't you believe that God loves all people, right?
Regardless of their color?
These guys don't share your view.
Build that wall!
Build that wall.
That's why you're a sellout.
And 20 feet tall.
That's why I'm a sellout.
Are you saying that Mexicans are sellouts?
Because they built a wall along their southern border.
I want security for this land.
Just like everybody else.
He's a human being.
This is the face of hatred right here.
I want you to see that.
You okay there, darling?
Because I have nothing to hide about.
All you have to do is let these guys talk and they expose their hate.
Just keep talking!
Tell me to go back to Europe again, please.
Go back to Europe!
Okay, you got it.
Go back to Europe, racists!
Racists, go back to Europe!
Open up the law, we gotta keep it going.
You bet we do.
See, you don't even know your f***ing history, homie!
I'mma be watching you.
How about you watch everybody?
No, I'mma be watching you especially.
Don't disrespect.
Okay, you don't disrespect me, sir.
Don't discriminate against me.
Don't disrespect.
You're discriminating.
Who are you?
I don't have to respect your disrespect.
We're gonna watch you too, sir.
That's right.
We're watching this guy, everybody.
Keep an eye on him.
Right there.
That's right.
You don't intimidate me, sir.
Dr. Martin Luther King fought for my rights.
I can point my finger any way I want to.
Oh, I'm not afraid of you, sir.
I'm not afraid of anybody.
Political activist and writer Arthur Christopher Shopper joins us now and he was the man behind the camera there in Inglewood at the town hall meeting where Maxine Waters gave a speech and her supporters gave him hell for being there.
I guess Arthur that's what you could expect when you show up at an event like that wearing a Make America Great Again ball cap.
Tell us about what happened and first of all thanks for being here.
Well, it's great to be here.
Thank you so much, Darren.
I have a lot of cheerleaders that I like to call.
For example, I've been to Cudahy, which is a sanctuary city, and now there are Laurel racists who try to follow me around to throw me off.
And there are some left-wing activists there, but I've actually made some headway with them.
And then on top of that, I've got, there's this front group called West Cal Academy, which is actually training illegal aliens and pushing them into this disruptive activism.
Latinos for Trump exposed that.
So there I am in Inglewood at a Maxine Waters Town Hall at Inglewood High School.
And so there's the Cudahy people, there's the La Raza racists, and then there's the West Cal guy in the back somewhere, and then there's these
There's this vocal, crazy black lady.
I didn't know what her name was.
She claimed to be 50,000 years old.
She claimed to be Eve.
She was completely insane.
And she just barraged me with a bunch of hate and racist remarks.
And instead of getting offended or just pretending, I just threw it right back at her.
And it was very entertaining.
A lot of people were really proud that I took her down a notch.
Also, there was a very large black man next to me.
He sat down to try to push me out.
I ended up moving my seat once.
But everybody also got him as well.
The police, I intended that the police were going to help me.
There was the Inglewood Police and then there's the Inglewood Unified Police and the Unified Police Officer told me to leave after one of the LaRosa racists stood up and started shouting at me, shut up.
Now, reminder, when Maxine Waters finally showed up, it was an hour late by the way, when she stopped speaking, I started booing.
I called out many of her lies, claiming that Obamacare was the greatest thing that was ever pushed to Congress and that 24 million
But people would be kicked off their health insurance if it was fully repealed.
Lies, lies, nothing but lies.
I said, fire Maxine, wasn't afraid to shout, wasn't afraid to be heard.
And of course, the people behind me screaming and yelling, they were the ones creating a lot of ruckus, making noise.
There were people telling them to be quiet.
Then this La Raza racist shows up and starts yelling at me, shut up, shut up.
I didn't do anything disruptive.
The police showed up to pull him out, to haul him off.
But then, along with him, then Officer Martinez, badge number 232, told me that I had to leave as well.
I questioned him repeatedly, why am I being told to leave?
Why am I being escorted out?
He said, you were being disruptive and you were egging him on.
No, I was not.
This was unfounded.
This was unconscionable.
I doubled down on this.
I put him off a blast.
I'm following the lead of a lot of other conservative activists like myself.
We're going to start naming police officers and giving up their badges.
That's right.
And that's what you should do.
I mean, that's absolutely.
And you have a lot of videos on your YouTube page.
Very entertaining.
And it's easy to make fun of, you know, like Maxine Waters, her supporters.
They're easy to make fun of, but in reality they are very dangerous.
And I notice you keep running into the La Raza movement as well.
Those guys are extremely dangerous.
They want a civil war in America and they basically want Mexifornia.
They want Mexico to invade the United States.
Isn't that what they're calling for?
Yes, I attended the UCR Summit, which featured Sanctuary State Senate President Kevin de Leon.
One of the organizers was a gentleman named Armando Navarro.
He's a racist, radical professor who wants to take California and the rest of the South, the West, and turn it into Oslo.
It's an absolute joke.
I'm a part of a group called We the People Rising, and we showed up there and called out every single lie.
Real quick, what's more dangerous to the United States, ISIS or the Democratic Party?
Still ISIS, but the Democratic Party, if it goes full radical Islam, you're going to see them basically coexisting as the same evil.
So really quick, just want to remind everybody, I'm a columnist for townhall.com, so keep a lookout.
My YouTube channel is Arthur Christopher Shopper.
Check it out.
What I couldn't tell you in five minutes, you can enjoy for five hours or more on my YouTube channel.
Please like and share.
Hey, we're going to give you more time next week.
I'm going to have you back on.
Thanks for being here.
We'll talk to you again soon.
All right.
Thank you.
All right.
Thanks, buddy.
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We can answer your questions.
About a week ago, Attorney General Sessions said that he was going to revive the failed policy of mandatory minimums as part of the War on Drugs.
This is something that has been tried and failed about 30 years or so ago.
We tried this with a, actually there's a much longer history of this that I'm going to break down, but I wanted to get Dr. Randy Scott on.
He is somebody who has followed this.
He's been a Trump supporter in the black community.
We want to talk about not only the insanity of this policy, continuing to do the same thing that hasn't worked for 46 years, but we also want to talk about the injustice of this and the political cost
To the Trump administration, if they pursue this, the political cost in at least the black community.
We're going to see this directed largely at them.
But we're going to tell you why this affects everybody, black and white.
And we should all be concerned about this, as well as other aspects of the drug war.
But this is one of the most egregious aspects of it.
Dr. Randy Short is a minister in the Washington, D.C.
He's a native there, scholar, historian, human rights advocate, defender, social commentator.
Freelance journalist.
He has produced a couple of documentaries, The Facade of the American Dream in 2013, The Dred Scott Nation in 2015.
He contributed to Roger Stone's The Making of the American Present.
He's a regular news analyst for Russia Today and Press TV, other alternative media.
He's been on with us several times.
And finally, he is a member of the African-American clergy and laity that supported Donald Trump, and that still support, I presume, Donald Trump, even though we all disagree with his policy.
And that's the kind of thing that we need to have, Dr. Short, is we need to have a discussion when we're not ever going to agree with anybody 100% on anything.
We need to have this discussion, and if we have this discussion, perhaps as supporters, we can have an effective change.
We know that some people aren't going to listen, but perhaps these people will.
Let's talk a little bit about your take on this and how this is going to affect the black community.
First thing I want to say, before we get to that, I have a cousin listening to me.
I didn't always say, hey, I want Trump.
I, at a certain point, was very, very critical.
I prayed about it and it became clear to me.
It was, as a Christian, I needed to support Trump.
And so I've gone against all kinds of people when I made this decision, and I don't plan to turn around.
I'm for Trump.
Okay, no matter, I'm for Trump and I don't want Ryan, I don't want Tillerson, I don't want Pence, I don't want Nancy Pelosi to be president.
I want Donald J. Trump to be president and able and empowered and unencumbered by fake news or anyone else to keep him from doing the things for the infrastructure, the inner cities, and the flyover America that's been ignored by the Democrats and others for the last 40 years.
I want that clear.
Yes, I agree.
In terms of Sessions, Sessions has stabbed people in the back.
I have friends, people like Dr. Alveda King.
We have been working.
What happened in November 2016 was there were a lot of people like me who are known as militants who went against the Democratic Party, which we hate.
H-A-T-E, in capital letters, we hate the Democratic Party for what it has done to us and America, and we wanted to support Trump.
We felt that he was a maverick and it would be a change from what we had had.
We have lost friends, associations.
We get called names behind our defense of our president, and he is our president.
Yeah, absolutely.
And to make it clear, too, when we look at this particular policy, as Rand Paul pointed out on Monday when he wrote an op-ed piece following Attorney General Sessions' statement how he was going to bring back mandatory minimums, that we're starting to be phased out because people realize that they didn't work.
And what Rand Paul pointed out, he says, if I told you one out of three African-American males is forbidden by law from voting, you might think I was talking about Jim Crow laws.
But he said, yet today, a third of African-American males are still prevented from voting, primarily because of the war on drugs.
And he talks about the difference in conviction rates for drug convictions and the fact that there isn't a difference in drug use rates between blacks and whites.
But there is a very big disparity there.
And then he talks about some additional
Individual stories here.
One person mentions Edward Clay, an 18-year-old who was a first-time offender when he was caught with less than two ounces of cocaine.
He received 10 years in jail from a mandatory minimum sentence.
So he's 18, he gets cocaine for the first time, two ounces, and he gets 10 years.
Another one, Weldon Angelos, 24-year-old who was sentenced to 55 years in prison for selling marijuana three times.
So I look at this, and I don't know if these people are black or white.
Angelos may be Hispanic, okay?
I don't want to see this happen to anybody.
Black, white, Hispanic, whatever.
This is wrong.
I don't want to have to pay for this.
I don't want to have to pay for the filled up prisons.
Yeah, and I don't think it's right for us, our tax money, to go into sodomy factories and drug factories because they're still using drugs, fighting and killing in jail.
He is.
I don't want to sit up and defend drug usage, okay?
I'm sick and tired.
The black community is sick and tired of gun crime.
We're tired of predators, rapists, killers, monsters in our community that are on these drugs.
I want to make that clear.
However, my mother has two sons, my brother who's deceased, and myself.
Both of us nearly got killed by police due to the tension
Drug war has put both of us had life-threatening situations.
My mother could have lost two sons just because we happen to be black and male in an environment in a society where we're presumed to be criminals or drug users or drug dealers.
In my case, I'm in a study room at the University of Virginia and someone comes and kicks the door in with the gun pointed at me.
And let's understand, I just had this conversation yesterday with
Lee Stranahan.
And we're talking about how Soros is getting involved in local elections, overthrowing certain sheriff operations, elections and attorney generals, creating a war on the police.
And yet, where does all this come from?
This really originally comes from not even George Soros.
He's exploiting the tensions that were created with the war on drugs, as you just pointed out.
This black versus blue that has been part of the war on drugs.
And as you pointed out, in prison, people are dying of overdoses.
I just had this come out
March 10th, this is a story from California.
Feds override California to aid inmates with federal drug overdoses.
They're saying that they were prevented from giving them remedies when they have an overdose.
And so they said a federal judge had to come in and say, no, when they overdose on drugs, you can do that because they're having more than 17 people a year die in federal prisons from overdose.
You know there's rampant drug use in the prisons, and we're seeing hundreds of people die across the country in prison from drug use because the guards are bringing in.
That's a microcosm, isn't it, of the reality of the fact that the law enforcement is bringing in the drugs, just like we saw with Gary Webb's Dark Alliance.
In fact, the CIA created crack cocaine and brought it in.
That's what's happening in the prisons.
Gary Webb was a friend of mine.
I introduced Gary Webb to Dick Gregory, if you remember that, in 1996.
That was, okay, I helped initiate that, but what I want to say, we have as many as 4,000 or more prisoners that die every year.
They stopped counting in 2012.
What Sessions has done, I call him the bigot in chief.
He comes from Monroe County, Alabama, which was literally the capital of lynching in Alabama.
He's named for General Beauregard, who fired on Fort Sumter, and Jefferson Davis.
I guess he's a wannabe Confederate.
I need to let you know, I'm a descendant of John C. Breckenridge, the Secretary of War for the Confederacy.
I'm the real deal, and I think he's on the wrong way.
I want to be absolutely clear that
The prison system here, if we African Americans are less than 1% of the world's 7.5 billion people, how do we comprise 12% of the world's prison population unless there's something grossly wrong with this society?
You can't explain, there's no way around it.
Decision, in spite of the social research, all the things that point to this is horrible, is a structural, systemic, racist if there ever was one.
There's no way around it.
I have a friend, Reverend Dean Nelson, went and pleaded with him, please don't do this.
Do you understand?
I can't stand George Soros.
We have been fighting against those thugs called Black Lives Matter trying to keep our people from getting into this.
We don't want Trump as president.
We've put our reputations and our names on the line for our president and Sessions is a deal breaker.
I'm talking to people in the SCLC.
I'm talking to black nationalists.
is ruining the honeymoon that Trump has with black people.
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