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Name: 20170515_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 15, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses various topics on The Alex Jones Show. He critiques the media's portrayal of hijabs as a symbol of feminism, highlighting it as a symbol of violent misogyny. He talks about potential White House staff changes and criticizes leftist ideologies. The video covers incidents at universities where safe spaces are provided for students with Crayolas and knitting materials, arguing that this behavior is a manifestation of arrested development and brainwashing. A march in Austin against SB4 is criticized, and the show promotes the sale of Trump-themed shirts on Infowars.com to create a sense of community among like-minded people. The health care bill and Putin's comments on North Korea are discussed, and Alex Jones introduces InfoWars Biome Defense Probiotic for listeners. The show highlights the importance of good oral hygiene and criticizes globalist agendas while emphasizing the need for a proactive communication strategy for President Trump.

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Things are more bizarre and sinister than the regressive left and the establishment media's attempt to rebrand the Islamic veil as an emblem of feminism.
It's literally a symbol of the most violent anti-woman patriarchal belief system on the planet.
And now this.
A hip-hop song to teach the kids how cool and empowering it is to wear the hijab.
So liberated!
She's Syrian!
You know the only parts of Syria where it's mandatory to wear a veil?
Oh yeah, that'll be the ones controlled by ISIS.
They literally stone women to death for not wearing a hijab.
So liberated!
Yeah, I'm sure all those Syrian women living under ISIS occupation, who used to be able to wear whatever they want, really feel so liberated now.
In fact, they're so liberated wearing the veil that the first thing they do when ISIS is kicked out of the area is to burn the f***ing veil!
That's real liberation.
Yeah, wearing the hijab is so feminist that the very first Muslim Arab feminist group, the Egyptian Feminist Union, nearly a hundred years ago encouraged Muslim women to discard their veils.
Removing the veil symbolized the entire objective of their campaign that gave women access to university education for the first time.
That's real feminism.
That's standing up for real women's rights.
They are the Sharia police, and it's not vandals or thieves they're after.
Women exposing their hair is only one of the controversial crimes considered to be against local Sharia law.
Real feminists in countries like Iran face police, persecution and prison for protesting against Iran's mandatory headscarf law by taking photos of themselves without avail.
That's real feminism.
That's standing up for real women's rights.
That's true resistance to actual misogyny.
Whereas this represents total submission to it.
Yeah, I'm so jealous of not being subject to an arcane 7th century belief system under which women are herded around like farmyard animals.
So jealous!
I'm so jealous of something that according to Asra Nirmani, founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, covers, segregates, subordinates, silences, jails, and kills women and girls around the world.
According to Bustle, the rap song,
Oppressed hijab wearers don't get to make rap videos about it.
They don't get record deals.
They don't get to take advantage of huge media platforms.
They get acid attacked, beaten, and killed.
In India, a father killed his four-year-old daughter, smashing her head against the floor when her hijab slipped from her head during dinner.
In Ontario, a man strangled his 16-year-old sister when she defied their father by refusing to wear a hijab.
In Iran, vigilantes roam the streets throwing acid in the faces of women whose veils are deemed to be too loose.
Last year, a former University of Missouri instructor dragged a female relative aged 14 out of school by the hair when he discovered she hadn't worn a veil.
Muslim women in London are threatened with death if they're caught not wearing a hijab.
None of that is hip or cool.
No amount of virtue signaling or stupid rap songs will change the reality that the hijab has caused untold misery and suffering for countless young women and girls across the world for centuries.
Another dumb rap video with the exact same message was released in the same month.
It also got over a million views.
Now CNN's promoting hijabi, helping the veiled Barbie to become an Instagram star.
It's so cool, so trendy!
But hey, at least it won't be necessary to produce a line of female genital mutilation Barbies, given that they have no genitals to begin with.
Three moms in Pittsburgh are creating Hello Hijab Barbie-compatible Islamic headscarves to encourage inclusivity and fight racism.
Maybe the moms can repackage Barbie dolls to include miniature stones so the children can practice executing female rape victims.
You know, to get that authentic feel.
Because Islam is so progressive.
I need that paper, paper, paper if you want education.
Yeah, the only person who needs educating is you.
Educating on why you're normalizing and popularizing the very embodiment of violence and oppression against women and young girls across the Islamic world.
Good job, Paul.
Over the weekend, President Donald Trump has called on God to bless and empower our country and our people and reaffirmed our faith.
In America, we don't worship government.
We worship God.
And it's why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation under God every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.
But which God exactly has he invoked?
Was it the God of Hillary Clinton?
Rich people, God bless us.
Or was it the God of Barack Hussein Obama?
God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.
No, President Trump has called on the one true God of the universe whose name is above every name.
Champions for Christ.
He testified to the greatest pieces of literature in the history of mankind because of the power contained within the words of this book.
You are living witness of the gospel message of faith, hope, and love.
Even the most remote areas of India, and especially Africa, have heard of him.
Jesus Christ has been preached in and is believed on in all nations of the world.
Our God is not like their God.
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Alex Jones.
Jones is the wildly popular conspiracy theorist.
Radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Deeply I think racist.
I just got called racist by MSNBC.
I don't want that man to have a gun.
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
The Alex Jones Show.
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We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ladies and gentlemen, Roger Stone is going to be in studio with us in the second and third hour today.
Mike Cernovich with huge breaking news.
He'll be with us co-hosting in the third hour.
David Knight's coming up in the fourth hour.
Millie Weaver was out at the Illegal Alien March this weekend in Austin.
And the Communist Party
slash Red Brigade slash Democratic Party was officially running it.
They were all wearing red and was officially getting in our reporters' faces saying we were racist and we're fake news and all the rest of it.
So Millie Weaver is going to be in here at the bottom of the hour with some of that footage that will be premiering here.
This all happened I guess yesterday, I guess Sunday.
Sunday in the afternoon.
This is happening all over the country and there are stories everywhere.
Attacking myself, you name it, every day, saying Jones is fake news, Muslims never raped anybody, or Muslims never killed anybody, or Muslims never stabbed anybody, or bombed, or shot anybody.
So I've told all our great editors and crew, video editors, to go through, really news producers, and just get
The lowlights, the dozen or so truck attacks killing people in the last few years in Europe, and then showing ISIS saying get bigger trucks, kill more people, the stabbings, the rapes, the murders, the fences being torn down, the TB levels exploding, Journal of Medicine, CDC, European Union Commission, all of them.
We're just going to show the documents and the videos.
Because every day, I see 20, 30, 40 articles about Muslims beating people up in subways, raping people, just totally entitled, doing whatever they want.
So much footage that I can't even watch it or keep track of it, and then I hear, there's the myth that Muslims are aggressive.
There's the myth of Muslim extremism, where Obama, six years ago, said, Muslim extremism doesn't exist, don't use the term,
And the media is so dutiful, so controlled, so absolutely mindless, that they go along with it.
In fact, I never even got to the Vice President's speech yesterday that I meant to play parts of, when he spoke there with Billy Graham Jr., there with Franklin Graham, and they both said, we are under absolute Islamic attack.
There is a genocide of Christians, hundreds of thousands a year being killed.
The UN admits for every person persecuted in the world, there's more than one and a half Christians being persecuted.
Let me explain that.
More than half the persecution and killing on earth is of peaceful, productive Christians.
Whether it's in Latin America, or Asia, or Eastern Europe, or the Middle East particularly, or Asia, it's a fact, a search engine, Christians most persecuted group, UN.
And it's doubled in the last decade.
It's open season.
And you see the demonization of Christians everywhere.
Look at the stories I have, just a few of them.
I mean, I've got more than that in the stack here.
Germany confiscating homes to use for migrants.
And ladies and gentlemen, they're taking hotels.
They're taking people's houses.
They're taking houses people live in.
They're taking houses people are renovating.
They're forcing people in Italy out of their hotels and putting the illegals in it.
Germany confiscating homes to use for migrants with no consideration in many cases.
In Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, have begun confiscating private dwellings to ease a housing shortage.
The government wanted to keep the program secret the last three years and is trying to order people under threat of arrest if they talk about it.
We're linked to mainstream news.
in this detailed report from the Gatestone Institute.
This is very scholarly.
Every paragraph has links to the government's own admissions and videos.
That's not fake news.
That's real news.
And that's why they call us fake news, because they can't stand they don't control the information.
They want to sit there and tell you, oh, the Fornage shooting wasn't Muslims.
Oh, the gay bar attack in Florida wasn't Muslim.
Oh, this wasn't Muslim.
That wasn't Muslim.
Nothing's ever Muslim.
They're perfectly innocent.
And I'm not going to sit here and hear this anymore.
70-year-old woman prosecuted for complaining about migrants defecating in the streets.
That's up on Infowars.com with DT.se.
That's mainstream, biggest publication right there in Sweden.
DT.se reporting it.
A 70-year-old woman
In Dollar On, prosecuted for hate speech after writing on Facebook that immigrants are defecating on the streets.
According to the prosecution, the woman via Facebook wrote disparagingly of people with a foreign background.
And they're trying to, unofficially in America now, with lawsuits and intimidation and all the stuff that's going on, tell us you're not allowed to criticize illegal aliens of any stripe.
But especially Muslims.
You sit there and you keep your mouth shut.
Remember three years ago?
They hired former high-level Stasi from East Germany for Facebook to help run a program to report to police and arrest people that criticize Muslims.
70-year-old woman prosecuted for complaining about migrants defecating in the streets.
And mainstream news reports it like it's good.
In Germany, they're starting to prosecute folks.
You complain a migrant tries to rape your daughter in the pool or craps in the pool?
That's their culture.
In fact, I've got reports every day out of England where women are being raped, children are being raped, and when they tell them their name's Muhammad, it's over.
They say, oh, you're racist.
The police actually do that.
There's a directive, there's an order.
And now, there are cases in Europe where they're saying migrants are allowed to rape.
It's their culture!
There was just one case I saw last week where they raped a seven-year-old boy, sodomized him, and they said, well, he didn't understand the language, so he's allowed to.
Here it is.
Rather damn child rape victim.
Authorities did nothing.
Was told not to mention ethnicity of attackers.
In the U.S.
it's just different.
If there's any connection to migrants or illegals or refugees, they'll just say, oh, the allegations of rape are made up in a hoax.
Then the people later plead guilty.
And what's the media's answer?
We just need to shut Alex Jones down.
Good luck.
Swedish government administering religious tests to Christian asylum seekers and not letting them in.
That's right.
Don't let those Christians in.
And it goes on, and on, and on, and on.
The bullying, the intimidation.
I have a whole stack of news of professors saying, kill Trump.
Professors saying, impeach Trump.
Professors saying, he's a clear and present danger.
Teachers saying, kill Trump.
Teachers on video saying, kill me.
It's government crazies!
And then they say, oh, he's a clear and present danger to America and our sovereignty.
You're the ones killing America's sovereignty!
Here's one of the professors, Clever Cuttingham, Infowars.com reported, Far-left Harvard professor impeach Trump, urges Republicans to put national interest over party loyalty.
National interest.
And it goes on when he's on George Stephanopoulos calling for all this.
Meanwhile, ISIS commanders say join moderate rebels.
There are no moderate rebels.
So that's just some of what we've got here.
They're saying Trump has committed high crimes.
It's not a crime to fire the FBI Director.
The Democrats called for the FBI Director's firing hundreds and hundreds of times.
Sometimes dozens of times apiece.
We've got more than 14 videos of Maxine Waters saying fire Comey and that Comey's horrible and that she has classified info that he's a liar and he's been working for the Russians.
Then he gets up there and says Trump's crazy that Obama was spying on him.
And Trump goes, I'm crazy!
He's the president!
Trump has all the files on exactly how they did it.
He has total access to everything!
He just can't release it because it's classified, and he said that.
The House Intelligence Committee has released limited information.
And he says, Comey's calling me crazy!
Hey buddy, you're crazy, you're fired.
It's board nation.
And they go, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Trump said it was also about Russia.
He was honest.
Of course it was about that made-up witch-hunt.
Not to stop the witch-hunt.
The witch-hunt's ongoing.
But when Congress comes out and admits, the Democrats admit, we found no evidence of Russian collusion.
But we want to expand the probe.
It's a load of manure.
When all Trump said through Sessions was, they better investigate Hillary, or heads are going to roll.
Hillary actually got money from the Russians.
That's why he's angry.
And I was told, screaming at television when he sees it, because he's not a Ruski agent.
He's trying to make America great again.
It's all coming up.
We told you last week where his heads are going to roll.
Trump's going to start chopping heads.
I think it'll be when he gets back from his foreign trip.
Watson has intel that it might be as early as tomorrow or today.
But you notice, everybody's saying exactly what we said this weekend now, four days after we broke it.
White House sources, Trump looks to replace Spicer as party establishment advisors begins.
And now, the New York Times say their sources have confirmed that.
Oh, because we're fake news?
Oh, no, no, no.
We're the opposite.
Because we've got the contacts, we've got the intelligence agency contacts, we've got you, the giant audience that gives us intel, and we've got a crew that's willing to tell the truth and take action, and that's why they're scared.
Trump's eyeing Spicer replacement as part of broader White House staff shakeup.
Oh, it's in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the New York Daily News.
Four or five days after we break it, we're going to have more of the Roger Stone breaking news.
Stop the drudge.
Trump, the clean house.
President seething over leaks.
Everything I told you last Tuesday and Wednesday, I said he's seething over links, he's super angry, he's screaming at the television, he won't talk to hardly anybody but patriots and hardcore libertarians.
And he told him, I tried to compromise with all you morons, just trying to save the country, and now you're trying to destroy me?
Gloves are off, let's skip this break.
Because I might not even have a show in the future, you know, if we don't just occasionally do this, because they're trying to completely shut me down.
Now, but that's the only one I'm going to stop now.
I know the network hates it, and I shouldn't do it.
I just, I just, I just, I just get so upset.
Listen to me very, very carefully, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, look, scoop!
Trump irked at cabinet and staff, mole-sweeping shake-up.
And what I love is, no one is giving us credit, even though we broke all this on May, I shed it on May 10th, but it broke on Infowars May 11th, and no one gave us credit, except Mike Cernovich.
And the reason we're here pointing out the credit we should get every day, a week later, a month later, a year later, when what we've said is confirmed exactly as we said it.
I told you hidden tones over cable and broadcast TV a decade ago are activating and communicating with smart systems in your house.
And all of it's been made public one week ago.
I told you 18 years ago that Google, right when they were first founded, had a plan
Some of their first press releases to shareholders, wasn't public press releases, but internal to shareholders and prospectus, that they were going to have computers listening to you inside your house for the ultimate data mining sources for algorithms and profiles.
All of it's come out in the last year.
We told you all of it over and over and over and over.
And because we would break things nobody else would break, we have intelligence agencies and foreign governments and the president listening.
And now it's become a feedback loop of good info.
Because we were reporting stuff nobody else would report, so people in government and things wanted to hear somebody that was doing a full wide-spectrum analysis, and they knew a lot of inside baseball themselves, so the areas that they knew about, they knew we were accurate, which only sent our credibility up even more.
And now, the creme de la creme, now the explosive mixture in the chemistry,
Now we get accelerated leaks because patriots know we'll tell it like it is and aren't afraid to stick our necks out.
And don't answer to corporate boards above us.
Why do you think the New York Times mirrors what we say now a week after we break it?
We're forcing them to break it later.
They already knew this stuff.
They got a lot more moles and people than we ever thought about.
But they're doing that for influence and control and so they can manipulate the process.
Influence peddling, in my view.
By us being there and being able to put it out, or Drudge being able to put it out, it forces them to respond.
And look, I know most of you know this better than I. I'm talking to new listeners so they understand this paradigm.
For the low-information voter out there,
For the low information voter out there, they hear all this, they see all this, they watch it all unfold, and they don't know what to believe.
The low-information voter out there is in their own world.
They're on their smartphone.
Most of them don't even have jobs.
They just shuffle around getting deeper and deeper debt.
Their own government welfare.
And they just see some guy
On TV or clips on the news, and they just want to feel like they're powerful.
And that some famous guy's being put down or thrown under the bus or, you know, is being sued.
Doesn't matter if the lawsuit gets dropped or I win lawsuits.
None of that matters.
They just, in the moment... They're in my ear.
I'm gonna go to break for a while.
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We've got it.
Let's say the Democrats
...are going this direction.
They're going north, saying, get rid of Comey.
And then as soon as Trump agrees with them, they do a perfect 180 and go the other direction.
180 degrees.
They don't do a U-turn, take them a while to get back to it.
They didn't start changing their story and say, well, before we thought this, but now we think that.
They just did a perfect bat turn.
They won 80.
Let's just start thinking about these people and how they're out to get us, how they think they're better than us.
And I just think about what trash they are, what scummy families they come from, how dishonest they are, how...
How twisted they are, how they want to hurt good people.
And they make me absolutely enraged and sick to my stomach because they're a pack of scum.
And they bully a lot of well-meaning people into following their ideology of modern leftist garbage.
I'm Keith Olbermann and this is the Resistance.
Let's stop there.
That is the problem.
He's not controlled by the globalists.
So now you're more honest.
You want the foreign powers who did meddle in our election.
The EU got involved.
The globalists got involved.
The UN got involved.
The Saudis got involved.
The Pope got involved.
The Chinese dictator got involved.
Cuba got involved.
Mexico got involved.
Canada got involved, but you couldn't stop the American people!
You got your asses handed to you, and now you want the whole world to gang up on us more, you dirtbag traitor!
And Stephen Colbert, so in the last month, he's really been attacking me.
I mean, we're talking almost every day, so I'm sending private messages to the character he created, he admits, is based on me, Tuck Buckford, and to, uh...
His, uh, official CBS show, and then to his official Stephen at Home site.
And no responses.
Obviously, because he's such a God creature.
To be saying, have me on!
I mean, normally when he's attacking Trump, Trump's been on the show, or he's attacking Bill O'Reilly, Bill O'Reilly's been on a bunch.
I'm this major part of the show, he has a character based on me, and I'm not on.
So thank you all.
The last two weeks, your mainstream media deception has only intensified the power of InfoWars, as people across the world see.
That I'm under attack with attempts to take my children from me, lawsuits, attempts to put me in jail, attempts to destroy me.
Google admits they were basically setting up systems to ban us off the internet.
All of it's coming out because I'm not a coward, and I'm not bought and paid for by multinational corporations.
I'm standing up for this country, and I'm telling the truth.
And serious men and women of every race, color, and creed know the truth.
And true liberalism is awakening again, and all the old corporate whore media systems are gonna be swept away like a big rain coming in and flooding into the gutters.
Bill Maher!
This is the problem with the gun debate, is that it's a constant center-right debate.
There's no left in this debate.
Everyone on the left is so afraid to say what should be said, which is the Second Amendment is bulls**t.
And those guys are preying on their viewers and everything's scripted.
And they know full well what they're doing.
And I just think my lucky stars, I'm not one of them.
Where we're at right now.
It's interesting Lester, there's a shot of you when you first walk in and it seems the president hands you a piece of paper and of course the eagle-eyed viewer wants to know what was that paper?
This is the paper.
It was five pages of quotes of Democrats who have been critical of Comey.
A few calling for his resignation, calling for his firing, being critical.
There were about 20 quotes on here but the president wanted me to have that.
And it makes it makes a fair point that a lot of Democrats were not happy with Comey either.
Many believing that he torpedoed Hillary Clinton's chances.
Unhappy with him at first and then unhappy with his firing later.
But part of the reason why the White House thought this might not be so controversial.
Yeah, I think I got the sense a lot of people got the sense that it didn't quite see this blowback coming.
That this would be something that would be more universally applauded.
Lester, thank you.
And by the way, you're gonna be back in our next...
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
The One Belt, One Road International Forum in Beijing started on Sunday, and right now is in its second day.
Regarding the latest North Korean missile test launch that happened on Sunday, Putin said that it didn't pose a direct threat to Russia, but that missile tests are unacceptable, and that these problems need to be solved peacefully, and not through intimidating North Korea, but through returning to dialogue.
Putin also commented on the so-called WannaCry, the ransomware virus attack that hit computers across the world last week.
He said that malware created by intelligence services can backfire on its creators.
Quote, Microsoft's management has made it clear that the virus originated from U.S.
intelligence services.
End of quote.
Putin said that last year Washington refused Russia's proposal on cybersecurity threats with the aim of drafting a bilateral agreement.
Our fellow Infowarriors...
Across the United States and across the planet.
Really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption.
And a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme.
They made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros.
As a goblin.
On the back, and it says, with a cross through him, you know, an X, like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
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A total 360 win.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Millie Weaver is in studio with us a little bit in the next hour.
Roger Stone's gonna be here and host at least two hours with us.
Mike Cernovich, they have big breaking news, obviously, from their White House contacts.
I have my Pentagon contacts and others.
Huge developments.
Trump hasn't decided what he's gonna do yet.
But he is really looking at a major purge.
We first reported on the fact that this purge was coming last Tuesday, and since then the basic breakdowns of what we've put out have all been confirmed.
Now, Milley went out over the weekend here in Austin to the illegal alien march.
It's called the migrant march, but under the UN there are no borders.
Everyone can migrate, do whatever they want.
The UN and the state departments
Then administer the new migrant populations inside your country.
So it's global government colonization.
It is modern feudalism integrated with the older forms of colonialism, but now they're using the third world to colonize what's left of the West.
So this is full spectrum dominance.
We're going to go to that in a minute.
Millie Weaver is here.
But first, I wanted to play a clip that I saw last week because it ties into all this.
Uh, of a lady at Western Washington University, at a major art school university, where a man has a Jesus is Lord sign in the commons area, where we supposedly have free speech, and, uh, reportedly, the name Donald Trump is seen somewhere on there, though I have trouble seeing it.
And she begins, like the exorcist, to howl and scream.
Now, I want the crew to put this together later.
We have, every few days, some crazy thing where people go, and just go nuts and scream and yell and throw food and panic and roll around the ground like toddlers.
And then weirdo professors come over and calm them, and then they go to these areas that are given Play-Doh, crayons, and crafts, like they're five years old.
So this is the true Arrested Development Psychological Warfare Center.
In fact, it's in my stack from yesterday, and I'll talk to you about this, Millie, where they banned
Mother's Day in the United States and Canada at public schools and they're now saying men have uteruses too.
And of course Bill Nye said that chromosomes don't affect the sexes.
The sexes don't exist.
Only the ones that Facebook mentions.
It's now up to over 100.
It was 50 just two years ago.
So, ladies and gentlemen, this is a full-on attack to turn the public into gibbering mental patients.
And Millie Weaver was in the middle of it, being stalked, being told she's a racist.
A lot of this has cuss words, so we can't play a lot of it.
It'll be posted on Infowars.com, unedited a little bit later today.
This is some of the raw footage shot yesterday at the illegal alien march being run by Communists and the Democratic Party.
But before we do that, let's play this clip because it ties into something important.
The headline is autistic screeching.
We're not making fun of people that have autism.
It's like a form of programmed autism.
SJW loses her mind on university campus.
I called it basically Linda Blair-like possession.
But this is happening everywhere.
And so it's tempered tantrums that are thrown.
This is the Arrested Development.
So let's play this clip.
Here it is.
And the professors are telling her, it's okay what she's doing, just go to your particular... ...mental facility.
Now having said all this, why aren't I 50 points ahead, I might ask?
Well, this is an art major.
She's an art major.
You wicked, wicked devil!
Let me show them how to actually do it.
Let me see your war face!
That's not very scary!
That doesn't scare me.
Better get better at that.
And it goes on and on.
Millie, I want to do a plug here, but then I'll eat your take on all this.
But just overall, we should put a compilation together showing, and we should find patient zero, the last few years where there's just throwing convulsion fits rolling around on the ground of your radio list and you couldn't see it.
What is this?
I mean, I know you've got a toddler yourself, but they're not, you know, badly behaved like that.
They're being triggered.
I mean, I think there's a level of arrested development that has to be going on here.
But at the same time, I think that it's brainwashing.
I think that there's brainwashing and they really get so hyped up over these simple things that could be triggering them to where they actually have an emotional, mental breakdown.
And that's why I feel like a lot of people are going out there and Trump supporters are going out there.
Purposefully trying to trigger them.
They'll be decked out in their Trump attire just to see the reaction and they just continue to get triggered and have the meltdowns and it's entertainment for all and it just shows the lunacy that's on the left.
And by the way, for anybody who thinks we're cherry-picking this, we have hours and hours ourselves of people going, F you, F you, die, Marna, kill you, or bleh, bleh!
And of course, they'll edit me out of context, put it on the national news, and say that I was just doing that.
No, I'm imitating them.
So, so Colbert will take clips of me screaming, imitating them, and then say, oh look, he's totally having a mental breakdown.
No, I'm imitating what your viewers have turned into.
We should search engine this, if you're a new listener.
I'm not making it up.
Colleges all over the United States and Europe, they give them safe places.
That's right.
With Crayolas, knitting, arts and crafts, coloring books.
And you know what, they're actually transferring the libraries from physical copies into digital versions.
And a lot of these universities are actually thinking of changing and transforming their libraries into nap pods, like nap rooms, where people can
College students can go and have a nap time.
I mean, what is this?
Nap time was something in kindergarten.
And now we're seeing universities wanting to turn libraries into nap time rooms so that they can burn and... There it is, napping pods that students doze off between classes.
And by the way, I'm not joking.
They're getting rid of whiteboards because someone might write something offensive, but it gets worse.
You can actually pull up where they hand them Crayolas and stuff.
In fact, there's videos that Project Veritas and others did where they would have pocket constitutions.
People would get so triggered, they run, then the people have a hidden camera of it, and they're saying, it's okay, you can file a complaint, I know it's very frightening, here, here's your Play-Doh.
And they go, oh, thank you, Plato!
It's unbelievable!
And even just yesterday, when we went to this anti-SB4 march, just being out there and having the InfoWars mic massively triggered people.
I mean, they all were freaking out, InfoWars, don't talk to them!
They were calling us racist, they were saying fake news, they just couldn't handle it.
Now there it is, it's called toddler therapy!
Fox News!
Toddler therapy!
Yeah, it's... And I guess a lot of them didn't get breastfed, a lot of them didn't get held by a mommy, so they literally are babies looking for their mommy, and then the state's their mommy, and then the state teaches them, there's no boys and girls, there's only binary pods, and we're not going to have children anymore because humans are bad, we're going to die for the earth, now get in a corner and suck your thumb.
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom,
They're amazing, they're such a blessing, and they actually make, they force you to grow up.
And it's fun making them!
I mean, God gave us this incredible, incredible fun!
Yeah, so, you know... Thank you, Jesus!
Now it seems like all these SJWs are replacing pets, like dogs, for children.
I mean, they would rather have a pet or a dog.
Oh, absolutely.
You see some woman with a little dog, but then they get pregnant, and I go, I know where that dog's going when you have that baby backseat!
Yeah, right?
Which is fine.
Personally, my dogs are still spoiled and cats are spoiled.
It's all ridiculous.
Millie, let's start actually getting to your report, because I don't want to run out of time here.
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Have a hidden camera.
And see who gets triggered, right?
Yeah, exactly.
You can do so much with these shirts because this is America.
Just like open carry, they want to demonize guns and say they're all banned.
People start open carrying where it's illegal.
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888-253-3139 and have a piece of history.
InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLife.com or 888-253-3139.
Okay, Millie, I'm ranting.
You kind of narrate what we're about to see and then narrate over this video we're about to play what happened in Austin.
Well, I started out and I was able to actually interview a couple people at this SB4 Migrant Mothers March.
It was on Mother's Day and at first some of the people were, you know, they were talking to me and everything like that and then halfway through a conversation with a woman she realized I was with InfoWars.
She's like, what?
You're with InfoWars?
You know, I didn't fit the racist, xenophobic stereotype that they have tried to push on people like InfoWars or like Donald Trump supporters.
And the next thing you know, this march starts going and we have been swarmed and we've been being stalked by these
These people who want to make sure that they can go around and tell all the other protesters there, don't talk to them, they're with Infowars, they're fake news.
And this guy right here, he actually is wearing a little badge that says that he is a Democratic Party chairman for Travis County.
So he's actually a member of the Democratic Party, and in fact,
There are pictures of him on the internet with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, and so he's kind of making sure, like a handler in essence, that we don't get to talk to anybody.
We don't get to red pill anyone there.
And they're protesting because
They want to make it basically unlimited where illegals can just do whatever they want.
We're not against anybody.
Mexico doesn't just let you in.
Germany, unless you're an Islamist, doesn't let you in.
Russia doesn't just let you in.
Japan doesn't let you in.
We're going bankrupt.
We're falling apart.
And then when the immigrants get here, the left tries to turn them into a bunch of race-conscious, race-bait systems.
That's what the Democrats abandoned in the 60s because the Republicans said we're not going to let you be racist anymore.
They've just flipped to making minorities, who are the majority in most areas, a bunch of race-based cult members.
It's absolutely untenable.
Let's start rolling some of this footage of the illegal alien support march yesterday in Austin.
What brings you out here today?
Well, it's a Mother's Day, first of all, and SB4 needs to end.
Mexico is our neighbor.
Okay, so Mexico's our neighbor, and we've been totally inclusive and wide open, and if you tried to march in Mexico City saying, let Americans come in and run things, you'd get beat up, okay?
And I'm not saying do that, but at least the Mexicans have nationalism.
I mean, they would beat the living hell out of you.
That is a fact!
Guatemalans do try to come into Mexico and call the shots, and they get killed!
They kill them!
So, I mean, it's crazy!
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Where in Mexico do they have sanctuary cities for Americans or people from other countries to come and stay in?
They don't have those there.
And by the way, Mexico's on the high end of third world countries.
It's on the high end.
There are a lot of nice areas in Mexico.
They don't like the fact that this SB4 bill, what it does is it gives police officers the tools, the ability to actually, when somebody's illegal, when they're arrested, they can actually then go and hand them over to ICE.
What do you think Mexican police do when they pull you over?
It just makes it so that the police can actually follow the law and enforce immigration.
That's right.
You have the states and the cities in total rebellion and it's gotten out of hand.
I don't want to persecute people that are here and don't have criminal records.
I want to make it easier for people to become citizens.
The Democrats and Republicans have kept it hard because they want this huge underbelly.
They control a permanent underclass.
I don't want that.
I don't want a permanent underclass of sterilized people that took Gardasil shots that are all pissed because they're poor thinking, I caused it.
I want Mexico to be wealthy.
I want us to be wealthy.
If Mexico was better than America, I'd go move there.
I'm looking at Costa Rica.
I mean, I'm not saying I'm going to move, but you know, it ain't that I'm trying to keep away from brown people.
I'm trying to keep away from communists.
I'm not moving to Venezuela.
I kept trying to tell these people, you know, it'd make more sense if you were out here trying to protest the fact that our immigration system is flawed, it's inefficient, there needs to be a change or reform in it, and to make it easier so that people can go through the proper process to immigrate faster.
And they just didn't want to hear it.
They're like, nope, you're fake news, InfoWars.
And by the way, we're playing the lighter stuff because everybody else is cussing, but here it is.
I feel it's unconstitutional, illegal, immoral roundup of human beings.
I think that it's unethical and it's fake safety.
But Democrats love it when old ladies get their houses taken because they're in the rears and can't pay their income tax because their husband had a heart attack and died.
I mean, that's like my grandmother who died this year.
I mean, it's just ongoing.
Oh, but then it's okay to take people's houses and sell them on the courthouse steps, isn't it, Millie?
Yeah, it's pretty crazy.
I mean... Everything she says is bull!
Yes, and it's coming from this false... They're being fed misinformation.
It's this false, we're the loving... Oh, we're the saviors.
Everybody else is bad, Millie.
Yeah, they're definitely being fed disinformation, but watch this clip because this lady then comes up and makes sure to tell the woman, they're fake news, you know, don't talk to them.
And by the way, we're going to go to break and I'm going to come back and be a good boy in the next segment.
We're going to have limited comments.
It's hard to not comment every five seconds.
I'm horrible about that.
But understand something.
We're there showing what they're saying.
So if you want to defend your ideas, if you talk to us, but instead they always come and yell and scream and cuss during the few normal people that actually talk to us.
It's crazy.
No, we're real news dummies.
Oh, you've got your little label that the corporate media gave you now to put on us so you feel all powerful because you're a bunch of sheep-like followers.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
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Right now with all the refugees,
Spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
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Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
The One Belt, One Road International Forum in Beijing started on Sunday, and right now is in its second day.
Regarding the latest North Korean missile test launch that happened on Sunday, Putin said that it didn't pose a direct threat to Russia, but that missile tests are unacceptable, and that these problems need to be solved peacefully, and not through intimidating North Korea, but through returning to dialogue.
Putin also commented on the so-called WannaCry, the ransomware virus attack that hit computers across the world last week.
He said that malware created by intelligence services can backfire on its creators.
Quote, Microsoft's management has made it clear that the virus originated from U.S.
intelligence services.
End of quote.
Putin said that last year Washington refused Russia's proposal on cybersecurity threats with the aim of drafting a bilateral agreement.
Now regarding the forum's main intent, Putin said that
The plan is for the greater Eurasia not to just be an abstract geopolitical arrangement but a truly civilization-wide project looking toward the future which can be achieved through the spirit of cooperation.
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Well, you know, Alex, I'll start interviewing and trying to talk to these people, having reasonable dialogue with them, and then, partway through the conversation, they'll look down and see the InfoWars moniker, and they'll realize, oh my gosh, I'm talking to InfoWars!
And then all their little misconceptions and preconceived notions fly through their head, the programming flies through their head, and then they, it's like they become, like, possessed or something, and they're just all like, oh my gosh!
You're with InfoWars!
Remove my footage!
And they freak out, like, thinking they're talking to, like, the... I used to believe leftist propaganda about the cops.
So I actually looked at the statistics and the cops aren't perfect.
It's just most of it was literally a globalist made-up false reality that I was believing so I could be the hero and then strut around and hate all the cops like I was Superman.
So part of this is just realizing you've been conned.
And it's their part of their little SJW thing is to like hate on InfoWars bash InfoWars because they're being the most superhero SJW possible so there it's a virtue signal to go out and hate on InfoWars and yell at us and curse us out and It's really bizarre and then they try to say you edit the clips to make us look bad.
It's like no we don't
It's not even edited.
You guys make yourselves look bad when you're screaming and cursing us out.
How hard is that to understand?
They're the ones making themselves look bad.
We don't need... Well, you and Gavin have a lot of courage being out there all the time.
When are you guys going to upload this big group of clips we haven't even played yet?
It's going to be uploaded very shortly, probably within the hour.
Well, basically the headline is this.
Communist Party slash Democrats organize illegal alien march.
Yes, and we didn't even get to that.
I recognize some of the local communist leaders out there in this march.
And, you know, so you had the commies out there, not to mention the fact that on May Day, the communists had also had an immigrant workers march that marched to the Capitol and aligned with them.
And again, let's explain.
A lot of these immigrants are just hardworking people from bad situations.
They're being managed by pure evil, the Democratic Party and the communists.
They're being used.
I mean, communists have killed like 10 times what the Nazis did.
I mean, you don't get worse than commies!
It doesn't, and they're being used and exploited because they don't know better.
And that is why it's so important that people go through the proper immigration process, learn about the Constitution, their rights, so that they don't come in here and get used and exploited by groups that have political agendas like the Democratic Party operatives that were literally herding them around like cattle and clipping us off from having any type of dialogue with them.
And that's a cult!
A cult is marked by they won't let you talk to members of it.
The media is calling me a cult leader.
There's no, oh Alex, you've got the answers, or a big group, or some church I'm at, or people.
I mean, I'm the most uncult-like boss there is.
Most people in media are running some narcissistic kiss-my-rear-end cult.
It's just total bull.
It's the Democrats and the NSM that are the cult of dumbasses.
Another interesting thing is that these people were out there chanting, Si Se Puede, that was their chant, which means yes we can, so it's like the Obama thing.
It's a communist chant out of Latin America that Obama picked up.
Yes, it's trademarked by the United Farm Workers, and they have been linked by the FBI to communist groups.
So the whole Black Eagle, and again, they did some good things.
But just because they were getting people to not be around deadly pesticides, we're fighting that too, glyphosates, doesn't mean that communists are good.
Again, they seize on issues to become the leaders of movements.
That's right.
And a lot of the people out there, you could tell the ones that were just kind of going along being used and exploited for political agendas, they were all wearing red.
And when I went and tried to talk to them, like, why are you guys wearing red?
You know, they're just like, oh, we don't really know.
Just in solidarity.
We don't really know.
It's in Latin America.
Red means communist.
Yeah, so they're all dressed in red and they've got communist, local communist leaders out there handling them and democratic... And the thing is, they don't know that all these Latin American countries were rich, some of them as rich as the U.S.
are richer, until communism took over.
You're like beautiful mountains and fields and soil and culture, and then communism comes in and then they wonder why it's a hellhole.
It's gonna be a hellhole here too, ladies and gentlemen.
Because with communism comes violence, everything.
It's just, it's crazy!
God, if Latin America was right-wing and libertarian, it would just be unbelievable.
But instead, it is, it is just, it is... I want to play some of these clips and then Roger Stone's coming in.
Roger Stone's got exclusives in the second hour.
Let's go to Devin in Florida.
Devin in Florida, you're on the air.
Great, hey, thank you so much.
Listen, I have bought your product and I gotta say they're amazing.
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Because I've got Caveman, Superman Vitality, Secret Swell, Vitamin Mineral Fusion, I've got the Body Armor.
Wow, thank you.
You're the top of the list that makes it all possible.
Which nutraceutical do you like best?
I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
That's amazing.
That's really incredible.
I drank it in the morning and I swear to you, I felt incredible.
Like, I haven't felt this week.
My morning was fantastic.
And I love you guys.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The answer to 1984.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show with Millie Weaver.
All right, I got Roger Stone coming here in the next segment, and I've been going so long, and you have.
We haven't gotten a lot of this clip, but it'll be up on Infowars.com, so you can choose to hear the communists and others for yourself.
But let's roll some more of this footage that Millie and Gavin got.
Protecting us.
All they need to get a warrant.
Fake news.
Yes, it's fake news.
There are a lot of police out here today during this SB4 march on Sunday.
If you notice, I don't care if they're white, black, or Hispanic, you look at these liberals, they just kind of like walk like they're toddlers and don't know where they're going.
This is totally weak.
I'm sorry, it is.
There's always some good-looking women, though.
I think they're being nice.
I learned the word racist!
This little group here is part of the group that was following us around.
They're all talking, oh my gosh, it's InfoWars.
Do you think you should be out here protesting for more efficient ways to legally immigrate?
And don't they see?
We have InfoWars flagged.
We could be like, you know, their media and go out and not say who we are.
It's easier for people to legally immigrate, go through the classes, and follow the proper system so they don't get taken advantage of by big corporations and get paid lower wages.
Remember, the entire elite is for this.
They claim they're anti-establishment.
That's his Democratic badge right there.
And there he is with Hillary Clinton.
Tim Kaine.
I mean, Kaine looks like a vampire.
You want to talk to us because you keep, like, standing right by us.
Did Tim Kaine suck your blood?
Maybe he can't talk because he's like an undead.
He's just standing by us making sure that we don't get to interview or talk to anybody else because he tells everyone, don't talk to them, as soon as we go to him.
Are you with Alex Jones?
Okay, you can eliminate me.
You can eliminate me.
She's too cool.
Which just makes him look like moron.
Yeah, look.
Don't talk to them, send her on coach.
They're freaking out.
I was joking.
I don't believe Tim Kaine actually drinks his blood.
These people are aware that we're with InfoWars and they're kind of just sticking around us.
So what they're doing is interfering with your free speech.
Which they admit they want us banned.
They want a shutdown.
They want, you know, all this... Liberals want Trump dead.
We have a bunch of people telling everyone to not talk to us.
Take away my film that you did of me.
Take it away.
For the very same reason you're here, I can't.
Then he's back in your face.
They put their signs in front of our cameras.
When people do protests, they go out to talk about issues, talk about their cause, raise awareness.
This is faking volumes right now.
We don't edit it.
Right now we're faking volumes.
That's right, we only edit for the spaces on the footer.
We show it all.
We edit it to say anything that you don't say.
The problem is they just cuss too much.
We got to delay that out.
We try to keep running away from them.
We try to get away and look this guy wants to stick right by us.
Well at least he wasn't bumping into you.
A lot of them go after you.
Did you interview that guy with the long hair?
Looks like these events always have a group of handlers.
They're like event organizers.
See, they're following us around.
And they make sure that you don't have any dialogue or discussion with any... Watch out!
With the victims.
Okay, so the cameraman Gavin was walking backwards so he could videotape me, and they kept having people go and stand right behind him so that he would- Look, Abbott is a racist.
Fear racial hatred.
They show a KKK.
There's this new thing, the lefties are getting sued.
I've been thinking about it.
But if they do it in court, I think they can get away with it because you're supposed to protect it, where they go, this man is KKK.
There's no proof.
I've gone out and protested the KKK, but they just don't care.
All right, Millie, good job.
If you want to go shoot some voiceovers for your big piece with Gavin coming out, I know we can't really show a lot of it because there's so much profanity on the radio and TV, but online, NymphoWars.com will be able to, but good job as usual.
Yes, thank you.
Hey, you're doing good.
We're busy watching the camera.
We're doing this.
We can chew gum and kick ass here.
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Over the weekend, President Donald Trump has called on God to bless and empower our country and our people, and reaffirmed our faith.
Because in America we don't worship government, we worship God.
And it's why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation under God every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Which God exactly has he invoked?
Was it the God of Hillary Clinton?
Rich people, God bless us.
Or was it the God of Barack Hussein Obama?
God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.
No, President Trump has called on the one true God of the universe, whose name is above every name.
Champions for Christ.
He testified to the greatest pieces of literature in the history of mankind because of the power contained within the words of this book.
You are living witness of the gospel message of faith, hope, and love.
Even the most remote areas of India, and especially Africa, have heard of him.
Jesus Christ has been preached in and is believed on in all nations of the world.
Our God is not like their God.
This has been Daria for Infowars.com.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Well, the man they call the supervillain in hundreds of major newspaper, magazine, and TV reviews for the already hit Netflix documentary, Get Me Roger Stone, that has the president interviewed in it.
My shelf, obviously Roger Stone's the main focus.
Incredibly historical.
I watched it and thought he was a hero.
They had the whole mainstream media in the 70s and 80s lying about patriots, libertarians, conservatives, Pat Buchanan, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan.
This guy had them go by ads to finally viciously attack back with the truth.
So they call him the greatest villain ever.
A load of manure.
Film Review, Get Me Roger Stone, Time Magazine, New York Times, all of them give it four and a half or five stars.
Roger, good to have you here.
Great to be here.
You're going to be co-hosting with us for the next few hours.
I'm looking forward to it.
We have Mike Cernovich is going to be here as well with all his breaking news.
New York Times, Washington Post, none of them gave us credit, but last week we said that Trump's looking at a big purge, looking at Spicer, looking at a lot of other stuff, and now it's mainstream news today.
Roger is almost a reluctant source.
I have my other sources.
He's a public source.
He doesn't like his sources to dry up, so I just try to bounce stuff off of him.
But now he can obviously talk about more of his intel.
What is currently happening?
Because the word is the president is very angry and is about to make some major shifts in the way he's been governing so far.
I know he's tried to be inclusive.
He's tried to work with people, even very conciliatory.
And it didn't look like that was taken as a sign of strength.
Is that accurate, Roger?
And just tell us where we are right now.
Let me say this, Donald Trump is not a man that you push into the corner.
He is a fighter and he will come back to you with everything he has.
I think he is, he said that the communications operation can't keep up with him.
He is ahead of his own people and that's a problem.
He is not being well served by Sean Spicer and the entire communications shop which needs to be more proactive.
Right now they're dealing with incoming every day, but they're not out there selling the president's line and the president's point of view and the president's program.
They're not servicing local media, going around the networks to local affiliates, which would be amazingly popular and successful.
You could go to Miami or Chicago, reach millions, isn't being done.
So I think that the search is on for a new communications head.
I think, generally speaking, people are pleased with Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
She's done a credible job and she's ideal for the number two position.
I think she's proven that under fire, Alex, but the wholesale...
Communication shop I think is going to get a makeover.
Meanwhile, the fight over Anthony Scaramucci continues.
Scaramucci, a Trump loyalist who the transition announced would be an assistant to the president.
Still remains in abeyance, his appointment frozen by Reince Priebus, his access to the Oval Office frozen by Reince Priebus on the pretext that the sale of Scaramucci's very successful company to a Chinese entity is somehow blocking his appointment.
At the same time, I checked, Alex.
The President's Chief Economic Advisor, Gary Cohn, Liberal Democrat from Goldman Sachs, still has Bank of China stock in his portfolio.
Stock that he said he sold weeks ago.
So Scaramucci, a true believer, a real conservative, widely liked in the Trump movement, being blocked by Republican National Committee hacks like Reince Priebus.
So what we have is,
Unjust weights and measures.
We have selective enforcement.
We have Scaramucci playing by the rules and then you've got Goldman Sachs boys in there who are allowed to do whatever they want just like the globalists always are.
You were on yesterday and you were on fire and if you could just repeat that because you got interrupted by a break and I was actually watching it last night
And was frustrated by the fact that we had to go to break.
You were getting into the fact that your quote was, they made a mistake dealing with Trump.
If you can get back into that.
Well, I just think that across the board, the whole Comey thing has created a situation in which the president is unhappy with the beating he's taking from the mainstream media.
He is unhappy with the
With the response by his communications team, he very skillfully, as Mike Cernovich told us yesterday, was able to keep the Comey thing from leaking, which is a first in the Trump White House, because the staff put together by Reince Priebus leaks like a sieve.
I think he's angry, and I think he knows that he needs better people to get the mission done, and I know that he is privately placing calls and talking to people.
I have to wonder whether this is going to spill over into the FBI selection, Alex, because as I looked at that list this morning, I think it was up on Fox,
There's not a Trump person there.
These are all Washington insiders.
There's nobody there who's loyal to Donald J. Trump and his mission, and that concerns me very greatly.
Yesterday you made the point they made a mistake.
They pushed Trump too hard.
Can you get back into... I may have to go back and look at my exact quote because I was exhausted, but I need a little more frame of reference.
Well, you were just saying
That he tried to work with people, they attacked him, they lied?
Now I understand, yeah.
Larger context.
I think the president came into office, Alex, thinking that he would get the same honeymoon as other presidents.
That the election was over, it was time to unite the country.
First six months.
Yeah, Hillary Clinton said something mildly conciliatory.
So, he met with Al Gore.
He met with Al Sharpton.
He indicated that he didn't favor the prosecution of Hillary Clinton.
He thought that the country would come together as they have after other raucous political contests.
There wasn't a honeymoon, there was a warmoon.
They moved on him immediately and on every quarter.
I think he's particularly angry that they have promulgated this Russian collusion nonsense
But they refuse to look into the crimes of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and Chelsea Clinton.
And he's sick of it.
I think he is sick of it and it's his government.
I don't understand why the Republicans and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees are not more proactive into examining what we know to be the surveillance at Trump Tower.
The Justice Department, not active enough in looking into the surveillance at Trump Tower.
So, from the President's point of view, we're obsessed with Russia, but we're not looking at the surveillance of the Republican candidate for President of the United States.
Yes, I think it really pisses him off, and it should.
And, you know, in a wider area, you just, you made the point is they made a mistake, they pushed him too far, now he's on the warpath.
Yeah, I think all holds are barred now.
In other words, he tried to play pat-a-cake with the establishment.
He tried to bring them in and have national unity, and he's been spurned.
Now he's got to scorch the earth.
He's got to do what they did in the 70s.
He controls the Justice Department.
They are criminals.
I think that a Donald Trump in fighting mood is big, big problems for the political establishment and for the globalists.
That's right.
And they use his honesty as if it's a weakness.
He has the deputy head of the Justice Department and others come out and say, you know, we recommend you fire Comey.
The Democrats have all called for it as well.
And he goes, yeah, I got that too, but I was already getting in the mode to do it because of just how weird he acts and all the things he does.
He won't investigate the leaks of this made up Russia thing.
And they go, oh my gosh, you just admitted to obstruction of justice.
No, he's so honest.
There is no Russia deal.
He won't go after Hillary for all of her Russia stuff when it's all cut and dried.
That's what Trump's saying.
And then, of course, the last straw was from my sources.
It wasn't in the news until this weekend.
We reported last week.
Well, Trump was really upset over the fact that Comey sat there and said that he was crazy, that Obama was surveilling him when it's admitted, and he talked to the House Intelligence head, and Trump's the president, he already knows all that information, just can't release it because it's classified, and knows that they were surveilled, there's just nothing there, so they keep using that wall of, oh, it's classified, but oh, we also didn't surveil him when they admitted they surveilled him.
This is a scandal!
The president has them caught!
With their pants down, and the media wants to pretend like this never happened, this never went on, this never unfolded, and so you've got the FBI Director saying the President's crazy, and he's nauseated, mildly, like half pregnant.
I'm mildly pregnant, I'm mildly nauseous, though that I might have helped Trump.
This isn't just being neutral, this is being a cheerleader against the President, some little drama queen that wants to be popular with the corporate whore, dying dinosaur media.
Well, and in all honesty, there's a lot of troubling things here, but one of them is this notion of inconsistency.
There's no inconsistency between what the president said.
He was troubled about Comey.
I think he made his decision... Trouble means there's a lot of problems!
And now he gets a legal memo that gives him, as most people use their loyals, the legal justification for getting rid of him.
There's no inconsistency there.
This is a shark fest.
A day after his surrogates say it all, he goes and says what he really wants, which is because he's truthful!
And you know him well, people that know him well, he doesn't like teleprompters, he feels like it's lying, he doesn't have notes, he just goes, he's so truthful!
And he has not yet even got into the HSBC issue with this guy.
Comey gives these guys a pass, essentially, on multi-billion dollar fraud, and then he joins the board and he gets paid for it by them.
I mean, this is... Well, that's why Trump knows, what is it, 87% of the FBI absolutely hate Comey.
The claim they're crying is a lie.
We're gonna go to break, come back and break all this down on the other side, but...
The FBI is ready to expose Comey.
The word is, Comey was compromised big time.
All that old lordy lordy, I'm just your little preacher boy here, 19 feet tall, I love little birdies that are in the trees.
No, remember, Obama wanted Comey.
What's that tell you about Comey?
So Comey wants to play around?
The FBI's gonna burn him!
We'll be right back.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
Now, this is our 20th product.
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Alright, coming up we're going to play some clips of different law professors on national television saying Trump is Nixonian, Trump thinks he's above the law, Trump's committed all these crimes and misdemeanors.
They all wanted Comey fired and I know you, the audience, gets this.
But we've got to understand the mindset of the left and the Soros folks.
They had their world government.
They had everything.
They were flooding our borders with Islamicists.
They believe we would put up with anything.
They're telling us get rid of the genders.
Ban Mother's Day.
This is a cult of control.
They want to see what they can get you to do.
They want to make you as weak as possible.
These are social engineers.
So this is a short segment, Roger.
Long segment coming up.
Big picture, from your sources, how is the President doing?
I know he's angry, I know he's upset.
That's good, because we are in a total war.
They're never going to compromise.
They want to kill the idea of nationalism.
But big picture, I think people need to understand just how serious this death battle is.
Some people bitch and complain that Trump can't deliver everything right away.
What do you expect?
We're in a total war!
We know he's good by his enemies.
I don't know how anybody could have expected that the President was going to undo 30 years of bad decisions in global government in a week, or in a hundred days.
The hundred days thing is a phony measurement anyway.
He has an entrenched bureaucracy.
It is him alone fighting the world in Washington.
He's surrounded by a hostile press corps.
He is surrounded by a hostile Congress, because if you take the Liberal Democrats,
And then he has made the mistake, I think, of opening the door to infiltrators in an attempt to get people of quality.
He's overlooked some of their anti-Trump credentials.
Why, for example?
Would we appoint Kay Bailey Hutchison, the former senator from Texas, a never-Trumper who made vicious attacks on Donald Trump, to be the NATO ambassador?
This makes no sense to me, but that's who Rex Tillerson and his puppet master, Condoleezza Rice, are pushing for that job.
Unbelievable, Alex.
Just unbelievable.
And they lie to him about the health care bill he famously delegates.
They lie about him.
Notice now he met with Rand Paul, said we'll have a better version.
Rand Paul helped.
Now a much better version's passed the House.
It's showing, like you always say, you obsess on this point.
And now, knowing you all over these years, it's true.
When Trump gets all the info, he invariably makes the right decision.
The problem is, they know to keep him away from all the info, cloistered up in his little tower like Rapunzel.
Well, and only giving him partial information.
For example, this issue of terrorism and Abbas, who came to see him last week.
The president put the wood to him on his continuing subsidization of terrorism.
He cannot have a good relationship with this country.
But I know for a fact that a memo outlining Abbas's support for Hamas and Hezbollah and so on was kept from the president until he learned about it and demanded it.
So he is not being served well by his staff.
Donald Trump is essentially an army of one surrounded by mostly hostiles.
The only people that I can see in the White House staff who are loyal to the president are
Keith Schiller, who is his longtime bodyguard and now in White House operations, and Hope Hicks, who was the press secretary during the campaign.
Those are the only two Trump loyalists I can find.
Alex, I have known Donald Trump for 40 years.
I look at the White House staff list and I don't recognize any names.
Virtually none.
And that's because the plan was keep all the Obama people in, first tier put in Republican establishment, who then bring people so bad Trump refuses them, but they don't care because that keeps all the Obama people in.
It's exactly right.
So you have this stalemate because Reince Priebus, the President's Chief of Staff, will not tell the cabinet members, half of whom are not Trump supporters anyway,
Uh, that these are the people you're going to hire.
Here's the list.
This is who you're hiring.
These are the people that we have vetted.
These are the people we've determined are loyal to the president.
So the cabinet officers think their job is to go fill these jobs.
They go find people, most of them establishment types, not for Trump.
They send them to the White House personnel office.
They get stopped there.
Meanwhile, the Obama appointees sit there and they continue to leak.
And beaver away.
And beaver away at undoing everything we want to do.
We can't get control of the government this way.
And at the meantime, we have probably the greatest danger, which is the slow strangulation of the Trump message by Google, Facebook and Twitter.
Let's talk about that when we come back, but I want to be honest, I'm really concerned because
This is all great for radio, but not great for my kids.
Trump, clearly you can see it.
You can also get it from the intel.
He's getting more and more pissed.
He means well.
He can't believe there's so many traitors.
He can't believe no one will do what he says.
He can't believe that people are so out to get America.
And then even his base is just wanting instant gratification.
So I could see some scenarios where the enemy wins.
Let's roll through those when we come back.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Lee Stranahan.
Lee Stranahan was formerly with Breitbart.
He knew Andrew Breitbart.
He also knows Steve Bannon.
He is now the editor of ThePopulous.us.
He's a co-host on Fault Lines on Sputnik.
And he has a citizen journalism school.
You'll find that at citizenjournalismschool.com.
But let's talk about the outsourcing of censorship first and the demonizing of individual sources, Lee.
I don't like the term fake news, okay?
There is such a thing as fake news, but the bigger problem, I think, is what I call narrative-driven news, which is this.
Let's take a simple issue.
I'm going to give just an example.
Let's say immigration, okay?
Now, let's say you've got two stories, and they're both completely true.
One story is about a woman who came here illegally, and she's got three kids.
She, you know, has worked for 20 years, but she's here illegally, and she's getting deported.
The second story is about a woman whose child was killed by an illegal alien who'd been deported three times.
Now, assume both of those stories are completely true, because those things both happened.
Does that make sense?
Which story is CNN gonna cover?
The deportation story of the victim, yeah.
And which stories is Breitbart going to cover?
Do you see what I'm saying?
So, my point here is that what they don't like about sites like InfoWars is that you guys cover stories that are outside their narrative.
You're outside their normal lane.
To me, the issue is, are people going to be honest with you about what their bias is?
Everybody's got a bias.
And always in the past we would see the same stories put out by ABC, CBS, NBC.
They would all choose to report the same stories and they would have the same angle.
Now we have people who are coming out with a different narrative.
We report the facts and we analyze the facts.
CNN reports the facts, they analyze the facts, but they tell you that their facts are the only facts.
People can make up their own minds.
And people can figure it out.
I can, you can, I can, David, and all of the audience can.
I can look at a New York Times story,
And I know what their bias is, and I can filter that in.
I can look at an InfoWars story and I know where it comes from, and I can filter that out, and I can make up my own damn mind.
That's what's scary to them.
They're frightened to death that we can make up our own minds.
And the wake-up call for them was Donald Trump being elected.
Because whatever you thought about Donald Trump, he wasn't supposed to win, right?
He was supposed to lose.
And that's when they realized the genie's out of the bottle.
And they can no longer control us.
It's almost like there's an info war going on.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Pleased to meet you!
Can you guess my name?
Hell, I don't want to follow Lucifer.
That's the loser.
I'm gonna follow Christ.
Problem is...
A lot of people act like they're trying to fight for the people.
They're not.
You can tell.
The whole world system is coming against them for wars because they know we're exposing the truth.
And Donald Trump is under attack because he wants prosperity and empowerment and Americana worldwide.
Not through force, but through our greater ideas and our Judeo-Christian background.
My guest is Roger Stone in studio co-hosting.
I intend to open the phones up at the end of the hour right to the next hour with Mike Cernovich for your questions of Roger Stone, Mike Cernovich, and of course myself.
I don't normally say, hey, we have a rule today, but I think it'll be interesting if we say we're taking questions.
I do that maybe three or four times a year, but we're going to take questions for Roger Stone, just like Washington Journal does, questions for Mike Cernovich, and questions for myself.
In fact, here's the number.
800-259-9231 is the toll-free number.
Oh, we can go to a lot of calls once we go to them.
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Alex, these t-shirts are gonna end up in the Smithsonian.
I gotta tell you, the President's commented on this to me twice.
When he sees Patriots, like the big rally in Harrisburg a couple weeks ago,
People wearing the Hillary for prison 2016 and 2017 t-shirts, the Trump is my president shirts, the red ones.
It energizes him.
You're a one-man walking billboard with these on, standing up for freedom and helping the fight.
So I gave them, I bought a bunch of them, gave them away to family and friends.
It's a great gift and frankly it helps push the revolution.
So I recommend it.
Well, thank you for the support.
And you know we're trying to expand here to go to like 18 hours a day live, TV, radio.
It's really going to be the new Fox News, but the libertarian, true Americana Fox News.
And it's kind of metaphysical, as Fox News really begins to die, to be taken over, to be put out to pasture by the globalists.
I know you have the inside baseball and I don't know if you can get into it.
You know, new libertarianism is rising to replace that vacuum.
So, folks, support now is more important than ever.
Well, you're exactly right.
Fox is imploding and it is only a matter of time for your favorites, whether it's Sean Hannity or Judge Jeanine Pirro or Judge Andrew Napolitano, the real patriots,
It's only a matter of time before they are squeezed out, and Fox goes the way of the Sky Channel.
This is what the Murdoch sons have in mind, and now, for the first time, they're prepared to sacrifice profitability for political expedience.
We're talking a billion dollars a year, and you have the inside baseball.
I mean, look, Roger Ailes, who is a great man, and who is innocent of these bogus charges of sexual harassment against him, which I think are completely propped up to get him out of there before the election because they knew that he opposed... It was an admitted coup.
I mean, that's been in the liberal news.
I don't like Bill O'Reilly, but he settled all that stuff.
This was all just go-out responses, an organized deal.
If they can take him out, they can take us all out.
Well, and what bothers me in this particular case is that Megyn Kelly testified in this matter, and her testimony was benign when it comes to Roger Ailes.
And then after the Murdochs gave her an $11 million book deal, well then her testimony changed.
And this is bogus.
The point is, Ailes built a billion dollar money machine that was a conservative powerhouse, and now the Murdochs are deconstructing it.
Talks to us about a billion and a half a year.
It's a tragedy, really, because what Ailes built was very great, but...
Those listeners, those viewers, they're moving to Infowars.
Well, I mean, look, here's the bottom line.
They have to kill anything, even if it's libertarian-oid or Christian-oid, even if it's kind of a facsimile and a system Murdoch had to try to control the conservative movement.
The Republican establishment doesn't control it.
The Tea Party, the libertarian insurrection.
The Ron Paul insurrection, the Roger Stone insurrection, the Matt Drudge insurrection, the Alex Jones insurrection.
It's taken over the Republican Party to a great extent.
The Freedom Caucus is taking over.
And so now, there's no point.
When News Corp is making $50 billion a year on its other properties, so what if the conservative thing is making them a billion plus?
They have to kill it to try to bring something out of vogue.
Well, good luck!
You're only chopping your nose off to spite your face.
I don't sit there and celebrate the fall of Fox News as if I'm going to get bigger by its fall.
I was there the entire time as a true purist wanting to hit the barbed wire, wanting to be demonized, wanting to be attacked to make it safer for other people to pick up my truth-based talking points to restore the Republic.
And so I've done my job.
I've had bigger success than I ever thought I would have, but I've studied history and what other bomb throwers like
Patrick Henry and Sam Adams have gone through, and so they're not trying to openly kill me every day like they were those guys.
They're just killing my name and trying to destroy my family, and that's bad enough, but in the final equation, we're having devastating victories, and if the audience just realizes you're part of this, and I don't just say that as a pat on the head, you are the heart of it, that yeah, we're destroying the globalists, we're wrecking them, they're in total collapse.
They're starting to strike back though, so we don't want to have a period of victory where we defeat them, but where our greatest leaders are then destroyed in the process.
If you breathe life into us like God took dust up from the earth and blasted it out of his nostrils, we are invincible when you pray for us, when you spread our articles and videos, and when you financially buy products and we make it easy because we bring you the very best.
So it's a win-win.
This is true Texas hospitality taken globally right now.
You know, talking to Fox, one of the most interesting things here, Alex, is the way Tucker Carlson has emerged as a star.
Tucker Carlson, a libertarian.
We had dinner with him.
We had dinner with him in Cleveland.
He is a big fan of Infowars.
So what happens to that show, which is knocking him dead on ratings, remains to be seen because he's a clear thinker.
He has been very pro-Trump.
I don't think there's anybody as slick on their feet as he is live.
No, and he dissembles the left when he has them as guests.
It's really extraordinary.
He butchers them like the movie Spartacus, when he just cuts up the four guys in like five seconds?
Yes, he's very much like that.
And by the way, he's great in the Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone.
He's very, very good.
We're going to talk about that some in the next hour, and we're also going to take calls.
Let me raise this for you, Roger, since you bring up Megyn Kelly.
I don't
40 minute discussion total.
And again, it's Megyn Kelly.
I've watched her on TV, you know, girl next door, lawyer next door, real smart.
And on the phone, she's really impressive.
But she said twice, this is off record, right?
So I'm not going to get into the on record, but just let me tell you, I'm not stupid, okay?
So when a good looking girl sitting there telling you, you know, that's like, I mean, I'm kind of scared of her now, because let me tell you, she's a really smart lady, a good looking lady.
And she's sitting there going, you're number one on my list.
Alex, I'm kind of obsessed with you.
Oh, I'm sorry, this is off record.
You know, Alex, I've got to have this interview, Alex.
And, you know, we're going to do this interview, Alex.
And it's going to happen.
And it's going to be good.
And you're going to like it.
And, you know, I pledge to you, it's going to be real.
And I'm going to let you talk.
It was hitting the hit piece, Alex.
And I'm going to stop right there, because the rest is off record.
But I was just like, even though I knew I was being sold by the greatest used car salesman on earth, I thought P.T.
Barnum had been reincarnated right in front of me.
I wanted just the experience of her coming to Austin.
And the rest of the stuff she said to me!
I mean, the Twilight Zone I've entered, man, is the next level.
What the hell is she like behind the scenes?
This was crazy!
Look, she was very, very nice to me.
Even when she was at war with Donald Trump, she did afford me an opportunity to go on her program numerous times to defend Donald Trump.
So there was some balance.
And then suddenly, I was frozen, and she then is out repeating the talking points about the DNA test of Danny Williams, Bill's abandoned illegitimate son, proving that that was untrue in 1988.
Which, by the way, the bots show probably won the election.
That's a lie.
And she's been incommunicado since then.
So you may be on her list today, Alex, but
Who knows if you'll be on her list tomorrow.
Yeah, well it's not that big a deal because we get invited to all these big shows.
My big thing is, it's just so Twilight Zone.
She's very charming.
Oh yes, she's very charming.
She's very intelligent.
She's very beautiful.
Yeah, I mean, on the phone with her... She's very good on TV?
I couldn't say no to her the whole point, even though I knew that it's like I'm not an idiot.
You know?
Well, it does smell like a setup to me, let me just say that, and I'm not the paranoid type, but ABC doing a favorable piece on Alex Jones.
Why do I... I think it's NBC.
Pardon me, NBC, that's what I meant.
Why do I doubt that?
I don't know why do I doubt that.
Nightline did a halfway favorable piece.
I mean it was negative, but it wasn't like really nasty spirited.
Then the host of Nightline, whatever his name is, he's an ABC Nightly News guy.
He's a pretty good guy.
He should be on the 700 Club before that.
What's his name?
He actually, we went to dinner and stuff and it wasn't even off record.
He was like, pretty, he goes, don't worry, you know, they want me to tear you the living hell out of you, but I know a lot of this stuff's true and I'm a patriot, I'm a Christian Alex and I got a family and
We went to, like, some steakhouse.
Yeah, I'd be careful you get the guy fired.
Yeah, I don't want to get him fired, actually.
He didn't say it was off the record!
By the way, I didn't tell anybody the real off-the-record stuff, Mike.
Because I said, well, I mean, I gotta tell folks you called me up and you want me to do this.
Oh, obviously they've told her, mount his head on the wall.
But, but she also knows, she also knows, you attack Alex Jones, it'll be everywhere.
I mean, you know, if she gets the Alex Jones interview, and that's not a power trip, but how have we gotten to where they've been ignoring me forever, and now they want to, it's like, it's the coveted interview, because I won't do the interviews anymore.
Because I can't be in a room alone with these journalists, they will make stuff up!
Ironically, her attacks on Donald Trump, while they may have made her and gave her great financial opportunity to jump to one of the national... It hurt her.
It destroyed her.
It destroyed Fox.
No, it destroyed Fox.
That's right.
Fox was shocked when they found out that their listeners were outraged at her treatment.
Their key demographics went down by 40 plus percent.
And I can tell you this right now, their overall listenership, their overall viewership is down 30 percent.
30 percent, that's almost a third.
And certain people that created Fox
Can't believe they're control-demoing it.
They're destroying what was one of their... Can't we just... Why doesn't... We can't tell people.
But look, they're destroying their brand.
And it's a tragedy.
They're committing Harry Carey seppuku.
Yes, because it is one of the great success stories in modern communications, what Roger Ailes built, and they're deconstructing it because it's politically incorrect, and because, let's face it, the Murdoch boys want to be well-liked and well-treated when they go to the Upper West Side New York cocktail party.
By the way, it was Dan Harris from Nightline.
That's right.
And Dan Harris was like... Good guy.
He was a good guy.
He is a good guy.
Oh, you know him?
I know of him, and he has an excellent reputation for fairness.
He was, yeah.
There's a few people in the national media.
So let me ask you, yeah I don't want to get him in trouble like you said behind the scenes, but a lot of these guys know what's going on.
They're not stupid.
What about Lester Holt?
I wouldn't do an interview with Lester Holt.
Why would you give an interview to Lester Holt?
There have to be interviewers with a greater reputation for fairness.
What about Charlie Rose?
I would do Charlie Rose.
I've done Charlie Rose.
I did him recently and I did him at the convention.
The View?
I did The View and frankly, I have to say, I don't like Joyce Behar's politics, but I like her.
She's wonderful.
We just don't agree on anything, but I like her.
Joy Behar, I did her CNN show.
Not just The View.
I've done her CNN show.
I like her a lot.
We just disagree.
She comes off as one of those really saucy ladies.
She tried to tell me that Al Franken was both brilliant and funny.
Sorry, sorry you lost me on that one.
Alright, we're getting into serious issues and phone calls on the other side.
Stay with us.
Over the weekend, President Donald Trump has called on God to bless and empower our country and our people and reaffirmed our faith.
In America, we don't worship government.
We worship God.
And it's why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation under God every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.
But which God exactly has he invoked?
Was it the God of Hillary Clinton?
Rich people, God bless us.
Or was it the God of Barack Hussein Obama?
God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.
No, President Trump has called on the one true God of the universe, whose name is above every name.
Champions for Christ.
He testified to the greatest pieces of literature in the history of mankind because of the power contained within the words of this book.
You are living witness of the gospel message of faith, hope, and love.
Even the most remote areas of India, and especially Africa, have heard of him.
Jesus Christ has been preached in and is believed on in all nations of the world.
Our God is not like their God.
This has been Daria for Infowars.com.
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Stewart, Donna, Mike, Matt, Lee, everybody, I'm going to your phone calls right now with Roger Stone as he co-hosts with us today.
We've kind of had some fun here and I'm not bragging when I talk about Megyn Kelly.
Really putting it on heavy to get me to... She thinks I'm a Texas hillbilly and you know that a hot woman telling me how much, you know, she wants to interview me and how she's obsessed with me.
I'll get me to talk to her.
And even though I know it was BS, it still works.
I'm going to be doing the interview.
See, there's a little bit of a difference here.
All right, I'm being sarcastic.
None of that happened.
Megyn Kelly didn't call me.
It's all fake news, ladies and gentlemen.
But seriously, we're going to go to Lee and Matt and Stuart and everybody else.
But I asked you, Roger, should I wimp out and not do the Megyn Kelly interview?
Because she's going to come to me.
I actually think you should do it because you can handle her and because you understand the game.
And you're very good on it.
Should I put her over my knee?
I don't think she'll let you do that.
But I do think you should do the show because anything allows you to break through to the mainstream.
But if I put her over my knee, would you?
I'm not going there.
I'm not going there.
No, no, no.
Put her over my... I already got... Put her over my knee politically, I mean.
I once, unfortunately, when... Will you put Betty Page on screen, please?
Putting a girl over her knee?
Oh, they're saying stick to the news.
I'm sorry, I'm having some fun here.
Alright, let's go to the news.
That's my boss in there!
No, I've told him.
I don't have a producer.
I'm the producer.
Which is kind of out of control.
Because sometimes I get off the chain, Roger.
I've never seen that.
You know, you know I'm trolling.
Can you imagine the headline?
Alex Jones asked Roger Stone if he'd put Megyn Kelly on.
Oh look, David Brock is typing that up right now.
You little weirdo.
You little weirdo.
I can't help it.
I can say anything I want and it's all over the news the next day.
It is fun.
It would be colorful, I'll say that.
We're going to calls in a minute, but since I said that, we're going to go to Matt when we come back in the next hour.
But being serious.
You understand.
It's what you said.
You're not really a villain, but they call you that so you play into it.
Why not?
They just don't get it.
They don't know we're kicking their ass.
I don't really see any way we can lose if Trump stays the course and they don't kill him.
What do you think?
Well, I thought long and hard about why
Netflix would make a documentary on me that would be fair.
I mean, and then I figured it out.
You see, they think President Trump will fail, and they make a case, not accurate, but that I elected Trump, therefore I'm the man to blame.
They want me to be as hated as Karl Rove.
What they don't understand is Donald Trump is going to succeed.
He's going to be a transformational president.
He can go down with Washington and Lincoln with the greats.
That's right!
They don't get it.
They're betting against the spirit of America, which no one's defeated.
That's exactly right.
So, you have another Ronald Reagan.
Perhaps even, potentially, greater in Donald Trump.
Oh, I think already.
Because he's independent.
Because he's gutsy.
Because he's bold.
You can't bully him.
You can't buy him.
He doesn't owe anybody.
And his gut instincts are almost always right.
And that's not Hyde!
That's really happening!
That's why they're so terrified!
That's exactly right.
You know a man by his enemies, I promise.
Matt, Gary, Stewart, Donna, Mike, and others.
Straight ahead, 800-259-9231.
Roger Stone in studio as InfoWars goes through the storm.
We will go all the way through to quote the black hole.
In, through, and beyond.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
The One Belt, One Road International Forum in Beijing started on Sunday, and right now is in its second day.
Regarding the latest North Korean missile test launch that happened on Sunday, Putin said that it didn't pose a direct threat to Russia, but that missile tests are unacceptable, and that these problems need to be solved peacefully, and not through intimidating North Korea, but through returning to dialogue.
Putin also commented on a so-called wanna-cry, the ransomware virus attack that hit computers across the world last week.
He said that malware created by intelligence services can backfire on its creators.
Quote, Microsoft's management has made it clear that the virus originated from U.S.
intelligence services.
End of quote.
Putin said that last year Washington refused Russia's proposal on cyber security threats with the aim of drafting a bilateral agreement.
Now regarding the forum's main intent, Putin said that the plan is for the greater Eurasia not to just be an abstract geopolitical arrangement, but a truly civilization-wide project looking toward the future, which can be achieved through the spirit of cooperation.
This has been Daria for Infowars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I'm glad that my crew is restraining me.
We can have some fun here.
Roger Stone.
Roger, they made a documentary about you because you're funny, you're interesting.
I mean, I don't even care that you've got all these contacts and stuff.
That's like a side issue.
I like you.
Well, I appreciate that.
Look, the best thing to come out of this is that the mainstream media ban at MSNBC and CNN has been broken.
How do you like that, David Brock?
Oh yeah, you're all over TV now.
So, uh, you know, and I do think it is important to get out there in the mainstream when you have the opportunity, uh, because of the way they're, you know, censoring and trying to choke off alternatives.
Isn't that a Stone rule that never turned on television?
Well, let's be specific.
Never pass up the opportunity to have sex or be on television.
Stone's rules, which I borrowed from Gore Vidal, but it's still true.
That is a Gore Vidal.
It is.
You know, Gore Vidal liked the show.
He has a great quote where he said, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm a conspiracy realist.
He knew the federal government doesn't tell us the truth.
He knew you had to be skeptical of anything coming out of mainstream.
You know, I think Gore Vidal would have been a Trump supporter.
Seriously, the anti-establishment, all of it, he liked to wreck things?
Well, the social parts of that may have been problematic, but it's possible.
Certainly possible.
But he was that much of a rebel?
He was a rebel, also a great writer.
No, but I mean, Gore Vidal could do any show he wanted.
He would seek out coming on my show.
And then once there was this theater, I was going to interview him at it, and they wouldn't let him do it because there was a union there, and he said, screw you, I'll cancel the show.
Then he went out back and did the interview out in the alley.
Yeah, he was a very interesting guy.
Very interesting.
How did Al Gore also fall far from the tree, though?
Well, and the Kennedys, you know, cut him loose because he was a cousin of Jackie Kennedy by marriage, and he'd run for Congress in the mid-Hudson Valley in New York as a John Kennedy supporter.
But Bobby hated him, and Bobby cut him out, and then he became a fierce critic of the Kennedys after that.
All right.
Let's take the first phone call.
I apologize to Matt for having to hold.
Matt, you're on the air from Ohio.
Yes, can you hear me clearly?
Yes, go ahead.
First of all, I want to say I'm honored to be on air with men of your such caliber.
Well, your caliber.
I'm honored to be here with you, my friend.
Go ahead.
Yes, I got a two-part question.
Do you think this country has already been taken over and they're still using our institutions and bureaucracies?
To make it look like we haven't been taken over.
And now there's a beachhead to retake it.
Oh, totally!
Hell, I read stuff from the 60s where the CIA thought they'd already captured the country.
Roger, that's a great question.
Yeah, here's the proof.
Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama.
That's not what they told you in the election, of course, but their policies have been a dental.
It doesn't matter where the deck chairs are.
It's the people behind the scenes are the same people calling the shots.
And now, suddenly, we have a president who's not a puppet, who won't take orders, who won't do as he's told, because he loves the country, because he's a patriot, because he wants to return us to the greatness that we've experienced.
That's why they're so frantic to discredit him.
Yeah, I mean, folks, they want to destroy Trump.
They wouldn't be doing all this.
This is discrediting them.
If they don't defeat him, this is destroying them forever.
Sorry, Matt, go ahead.
Oh, no, I want to listen to you guys, because I want to hear your opinion also.
Well, I mean, look, Hillary was supposed to be the next puppet in this Kabuki show.
It was all cut and dried.
It was done.
And by the way, just in case there was a problem,
The Puppet Masters had this all figured out.
They had Jeb Bush as the Republican nominee.
You'd have Hillary as the Democratic nominee.
And the American people would be the loser no matter who won.
And then along came a guy to upset this apple cart.
Donald J. Trump.
And they're frantic about the fact that he is uncontrollable.
He doesn't take orders from anybody.
He believes that he is only answerable to the American people.
And that's why they're crapping their drawers.
Thank you, Matt, for the great question.
All right, Donna, Mike, Stuart, Gary, your calls are straight up.
On the other side, I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWars.
They're doing everything they can to block us on Google, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.
So it's an act of rebellion to spread the links to our stories and articles and videos at InfoWars.com.
We'll be back.
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The One Belt, One Road International Forum in Beijing started on Sunday, and right now is in its second day.
Regarding the latest North Korean missile test launch that happened on Sunday, Putin said that it didn't pose a direct threat to Russia, but that missile tests are unacceptable, and that these problems need to be solved peacefully, and not through intimidating North Korea, but through returning to dialogue.
Putin also commented on the so-called WannaCry, the ransomware virus attack that hit computers across the world last week.
He said that malware created by intelligence services can backfire on its creators.
Quote, Microsoft's management has made it clear that the virus originated from U.S.
intelligence services.
End of quote.
Putin said that last year Washington refused Russia's proposal on cyber security threats with the aim of drafting a bilateral agreement.
Now regarding the forum's main intent.
Putin said that the plan is for the greater Eurasia not to just be an abstract geopolitical arrangement but a truly civilization-wide project looking toward the future which can be achieved through the spirit of cooperation.
This has been Daria for Infowars.com
You are receiving this transmission.
You are the resistance.
Why do the globalists, and the Democratic Party particularly, continue to give North Korea nuclear reactors and now nerve gas agent?
Here's an article right here today on Fox News.
UN agency helps North Korea with patent application for banned nerve gas chemical.
That's a whole other subject.
Now, Mike Cernovich, the evil guy that just has big scoops every couple days,
That's an amazing track record for all those different sources.
And InfoWars has a lot of great sources too.
We broke last week what's going on with Trump being ready for big purge and that's all the news today.
And of course Stone has a lot of great sources with a lot of great research as well.
But mainstream media attacks us constantly saying, shut us down, or they use satire or jokes, you know, we talk about as some way to try to bring us down.
It's not working.
So where do they go?
What do they do now?
And what's the next shoe to drop?
And then we're going to take phone calls from Gary, Dean, Stewart, Donna, Mike, and others here in a minute who have questions for Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, and myself as we broadcast worldwide.
We may go a little bit in the next hour and make this a roundtable discussion with David Knight, but we'll see.
Mike Cernovich, thank you so much for coming on with us again.
Always a pleasure, Alex.
Yeah, Trump is still playing mind games with Prince Priebus, and of course, Sean Spicer, which Paul Joseph Watson, you reported, I reported, we had that story last week where we said Trump is pushing Spicer on the way out because he's not aggressive enough, he's not ferocious enough, and then sure enough, that is now all over, you know, the mainstream media.
The exact headline.
Right, exactly.
So he's looking to do a big shakeup because Trump is telling people, multiple sources have confirmed with me, he goes, why aren't you guys fighting harder?
He used that exact word is, why isn't anybody fighting hard?
And he's realizing that his own team, they're leaking news to the media.
There was an article today in Politico, I think, I don't know, I'll text Nico the link, but everybody blabbed their mouth to Trump about his news diet and they called it fake news diet.
And then they tried to frame KT McFarlane and claim that she gave Trump a fake news magazine cover from Time Magazine.
That actually never happened.
KT McFarlane is a brilliant woman, amazing strategist.
So what is happening now is McMaster planted that little detail into the fake news media to try to let KT McFarlane look bad.
Because as you know, which I reported quicker than everybody else, Ricky Waddell, who's a warmonger with oil ties in Venezuela, and he actually wants to bring soldiers into Venezuela to protect his oil investments, his oil friends, Ricky Waddell is replacing KT McFarlane.
So all these leaks are coming out and Trump is really frustrated because he wants to know why his team isn't fighting as hard as Roger Stone is, as hard as Alex Jones is.
And I think that's a great question.
Maybe I would like to ask Roger is why is it that the only people fighting for Trump are people on social media and people like you and Alex?
Well, it's the nature of these establishment Republicans.
I mean, once they're inside the four, um, you know, that danger was always there.
If you wouldn't fight for Trump when he was the nominee,
Why would you fight for him when he's the president?
Not only that, but in all honesty, moderate Republicans never fight.
They like cocktail parties.
They don't like, you know, they don't like combat.
I was about to say, you bring in a bunch of conformists and your own enemies that just want to have feathered nests and feel like they're part of the establishment.
Instead of trailblazing, we want trailblazers!
We want revolutionaries!
But you see, instead of
...fighting, they want to moderate the president.
Instead of selling the product, they want to change the product.
Trump is who he is.
That's not... And by the way, I gotta give credit to Cerna, but she was the first to say that...
Trump couldn't stand McMaster out of the gates, that you confirm that later by other sources, and he was the first to say McMaster just hired a new general to be his aide-de-camp without even consulting Congress or the President.
It's just all this rogue arrogance with a yes man to the President's face, and then do whatever they want.
So here's the key, I meant to ask this question.
Oh, and I have a good story too.
Yeah, yeah.
Go ahead, go ahead.
But I did have something I wanted to talk about McMaster.
No, you break that, and then I'm going to bring up this thing about, because Trump listens, and others do, what he should do in the shakeup dealing with the press.
Because I wanted to raise that last hour, but now that we're all here, we'll do it and then go to call.
So go ahead and hit McMaster, the National Security Advisor.
So I talked to Roger Stone on his great podcast, The Stone Cold Truth, that Trump's plan was to get McMaster his fourth star.
The Pentagon is actually dragging its feet on that.
This is breaking news.
They can't stand him in the army.
They don't want him back.
Doing more active duty army type stuff and they're stalling the plan to give him his four star because I quote multiple Pentagon sources said McMaster is unfit to lead.
That is a direct quote.
So the question is if he's unfit to lead in the army, why is he head of the National Security Council?
So that is breaking news.
He was supposed to get that four star, but the Pentagon, multiple sources in the Pentagon have confirmed to me, said we don't want him there.
Is it because he's compromised or he always claims that he should be in command for his dereliction of duty?
Right, so they said, and this is a direct quote, McMaster is unfit to lead, he's unfit to serve.
And that really says it all.
But do they give a hint of why he's unfit?
Well, he's a warmonger.
All he knows is, let's drop in tanks and bomb people and blow people up and destroy things.
And he doesn't understand fourth generation warfare.
He doesn't understand- Is that why he's always claiming he's an expert in fourth generation warfare and HUMET and capturing hearts and minds?
Yeah, he is not.
That's the thing.
And he dismisses it.
He's actually said, we don't have time for that fourth-generation warfare nonsense.
Even though, as you know, the information war is about, hey, there's 1.5 billion Muslims in the world.
That is the reality.
We have to find a way to make them more like Christians, to make them more civilized.
Yeah, they've got to reform.
They've got to have a Martin Luther instead of us reforming and putting hijabs on.
We're not changing.
So either stay in your desert hell hole or stop killing us.
Go ahead.
Right, and the flip side of that is we need to quit blowing up their homes too because that is only going to ferment more violence.
Well, that's the Globalist's plan is to stir them up.
That's exactly right.
Yeah, that's what McMaster is doing is he wants to go in, blow people up, destroy their lives, then you create a refugee crisis, then you say we have to let them in.
Which the UN uses, which is a UN plan.
Right, exactly.
Then we have to let them in and they say, oh, how can we not let them in?
These people are suffering.
Well, if we had never blown up their countries, like McMaster wants to do, so we need to focus more on propaganda, psyops,
Telling these people to moderate, making them more moderate.
Psyops promoting real free market and good stuff.
Soft power.
Psyops that are truthful.
The ones that work.
Yeah, let's just go in there and give them Coca-Cola.
I mean, the point is that they need to understand that we have a better mousetrap.
That their lives would be better if they opened the door to a relationship.
For the first time we have an enemy, unlike any we've ever faced, who prepared to kill themselves.
But more importantly, we'll kill us if we don't see things their way.
That's outrageous.
How does a Council on Foreign Relations member like McMaster get this job to begin with?
There's the real question.
Well, let's explain it.
It's worse than that.
It's worse than that.
We should bring them Coca-Cola.
Instead of bombing them, we should drop the best of American capitalism to them.
I pass.
Give them refrigerators.
That's going to do way more than drop bombs on them.
Drop refrigerators on there.
Then they realize, oh, hey, this is actually pretty good.
Why don't we build our homes up?
Let's go further.
Let's go further.
Let me stop.
Because the globalists in their own writings admit they want to put the most radical Muslims in to destabilize things and use them as a force to bring down the West and bring in a police state in a response to them.
So it's an anti-civilization killing system.
That's what globalism is.
It's not like the elites are dumb bringing in incompatible radical Muslims.
The Arab Spring by Google and Facebook and Twitter and the elites and the liberals was their Arab Spring that Al Gore said he wanted here.
They're going to use the Muslims as their shock force.
That's the issue.
But really the question is, does McMaster understand that Donald Trump was elected president as a non-interventionist?
Does anybody around him understand what he ran on?
They were, McMaster and Mattis are in there advocating 150,000 troops to be put in right after the surgical strike.
That would have been the functional end of Trumpism as we know it.
I don't think these people know what he ran on.
I totally agree.
I want to take calls.
I don't want to lose the forest to the trees.
But at the bottom of the hour, we're going to get into what should Trump do in a shakeup with the press.
Instead of saying get rid of press conferences, just have your own press announcements and don't even have press there.
Instead of having a written statement, have it a person talks, you have a presentation, you have videos, like InfoWars would do.
Imagine the President did this, the President does fireside chats twice a week, so he doesn't get overwhelmed.
They do press conferences every two weeks, but then they have informationals, not just with, you could still keep
People like Spicer on.
But you'd also then bring in Huckabee, or you bring in Guilfoyle, and then you'd have people whenever they're ready with a key point on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, on whatever, and with briefings, to hit them where we're hitting them, they've got to tune in to us, we totally take it away.
You don't just ignore them, or say, oh you're so fake, you're so adversarial, we're not going to have these meetings now with you.
You just have meetings 24 hours a day and annihilate them!
I guarantee you, within seven days, if I had that pulpit, it would be devastation for the enemy.
I would lay out all their lies.
I would annihilate their frauds.
I'd say who owned them.
I would go over all the facts.
I would list what the president did and how they're trying to stop that message.
It would be victory!
Well, because it needs to be proactive.
That's the whole problem with their communications shop.
They're so hung up taking in the incoming attacks on Trump and trying to parry.
They've got to get on the offense instead of the defense.
Exactly right.
Cernovich, can we do this network just one more?
I'm not going to do any more for the whole week, I promise.
We'll skip this break.
We'll have more time to take calls, but Cernovich, we're trying to jump in there.
We'll do it at the bottom of the hour, I promise.
It's all organized.
I want to take some calls right now, but I'm telling you, it's not like we're just saying this.
Little ragtag operations, we're devastating them.
The president already sees half his supporters at rallies are Infowars.
He already knows what you're doing and what Roger's doing.
If he simply gets out of defense and goes on offense, it's over!
Well, I actually told my wife's parents, they watched Get Me Roger Stone because they always go, what is it that Cernovich does?
Why do I see him on my Facebook feed all the time?
Why does everybody who knows me at the bank say, hey, how's Michael doing?
What's Michael doing?
So they actually watched Get Me Roger Stone because we were all there together, but we were like in a parallel world at the time we had united and joined forces where
We were at the RNC covering, of course the protestors were fake.
You know, you were there at the megaphone, Black Lives Matter was attacking you.
Think about what we do, three men, and of course with all the people listening and helping.
We don't have a billion dollar, could you imagine if we had a billion dollar budget?
Even a hundred million dollar budget, the kind of devastation that we would have.
Yeah, no, we're living off the land and Google has got billions of dollars with which to cry.
And the audience needs to know the Empire is striking back.
We blew up the Death Star.
We're now under attack.
If you simply support us now more than ever and take action yourself, we're going to win!
It's the best reason to go to theinfowarsstore.com that I can think of.
And spread stonecoldtruth.com and the websites of Cernovich and the Twitter.
It's just, it's a war.
It's fun.
I don't want to lose.
We're promoting freedom Americana.
It's not like we're promoting North Korea.
The Democrats are promoting North Korea.
The Republican establishment, they're a bunch of yes-men and cowards that want to socially climb an organization.
We want to overturn the fake globalist paradigm that's a face sucker on America.
We don't want to ascend into the face sucker's belly.
And be some turd floating around in its belly.
We want to kill the face sucker.
We want to remove it.
We want to restore the Republic.
We want to put up Washington monuments 20 times bigger that are space elevators, hailing our victory over the globalists.
We want victory!
Yeah, they're circling the wagons, telling Trump, we'll compromise, we'll let you make America great again, we'll let you cut taxes, when all they're doing is preparing his destruction like a bunch of senators stabbing Caesar to death in the Senate.
Right now, let's go to phone calls to Donna, in the great state of Pennsylvania, one of the deciding states in the restoration of the republic.
You're on the air, Donna, go ahead.
Oh, thank you, Alex, for taking my call and Mike Cernovich and Roger Stone, thank you so much.
Thank you.
I met people from a group person, Grassroots in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
And I actually have been sick.
I was in the hospital last week with shingles because I'm so upset about what they're doing to our president right now.
I met you, Alex, on Inauguration Day.
And I'm so upset about some of the things that are on Facebook, like this March for America dude, his name is Scott Binzack.
He's saying all this horrible stuff, like there's indictments ready to go out.
Well, there's a lot of fake news out there, so don't lose heart.
Oh yeah, the Democrats are the kings of all their fake news crap, and it's never been done.
No one's fired an FBI director.
It's all pure bull.
So, Donna, don't get upset about that.
Just keep moving forward.
Don't let this get you upset and put you in the hospital, because this is the animating contest of liberty.
We've come so far from 20 years ago, when nobody knew the Federal Reserve was private, but almost everybody knows it.
So, Donna, thank you so much.
Did you have a question for Roger Cernovich?
Um, I just, I'm, all I'm saying is, uh, just everybody, I know, I just want to say, uh, everybody out there listening, uh, get your vitamin mineral fusion.
I'm telling you, my fiance and I love it.
And just please support Alex Jones and, and this fight.
Well, God bless you, ma'am.
Thank you.
And anybody who don't buy the products, the fun is spread the links.
That's most important.
Let's go ahead and talk to, we got Gary wants to talk.
Dean Stewart isn't on the lawn.
Saddlewell, so can I say something?
This is, when I heard her voice, it moved my heart.
This is spiritual warfare that we're waging against people.
And you can't let them get you down, sweetheart.
Even though they're evil and horrible, we're starting to win, so be positive.
That's what they want to do.
What a lot of people don't understand is with the occult magic that they believe in, it isn't enough that they win and they get more money and they get more slaves and they can buy more children from Haiti.
That isn't enough.
They want to destroy your spirit because they're death eaters.
They are a death cult.
So that is why you have to take care of yourself, keep your spirit high, pray.
They're like sin eaters, but they just live off of it.
Right, so they want you.
So if they get you down and that's why they're trying to drive Infowars into bankruptcy and trying to ruin Alex's, it isn't enough that they have everything.
They want to see people grovel in despise.
That's why they want North Korea or Venezuela.
They want you poor.
That's their religion.
While they claim they love you all day and you grovel to them, they gravitate to the most poorest populations they can get to control.
Great points.
This is the outrageousness of the story of the Bushes and the Clintons.
While their policies made America weaker and made the people poorer, they and their cronies have made hundreds of millions of dollars.
These are crony capitalists.
These are thieves, is what they are.
They are.
We're going to take a ton of calls.
There's a caller I was about to go to who just hung up.
We're going to go to Stuart.
We're going to go to Mike.
We're going to go to everybody right now.
Stuart in Canada, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hello, I do hope I'm coming through clearly because it's such an honor to be on this show.
It's an honor to talk to you, brother.
Go ahead.
Well, great.
I just gotta say how much I love the whole InfoWars team.
Humanity has hope because of you.
And also every InfoWarrior out there listening.
And to Donald Trump, now's the time to double down.
The enemy is doubling down.
We gotta double down.
And that goes to every InfoWarrior out there.
You have to double down.
And we're gonna absolutely crush the globalists.
I'm on Twitter.
I'm not on Facebook, but I can see it.
The bellwether, the atmosphere, we're winning.
And that lady that was calling in, yeah, don't be discouraged at all.
You've got so many people backing you up all over this planet.
I'm in Canada here, and we're not going to let... Exactly!
Look at the elites everywhere, panicking.
They can feel the spirit of awakening rising.
I wanted to mention, your first caller, he called in and he said,
Do you think the globalists are trying to make it look like they're not actually taking us over?
And it kind of dovetails with what I originally called in.
And I might be, I hope I'm not semantical in saying this, but I've always, I've never liked to use the term the New World Order, just because Bush Senior used that.
And I always wondered, why would he go on national television and say the New World Order?
When it's like, um, when I'm thinking, doesn't this go back to the Roman Empire?
And what did happen to the Roman Empire anyways?
And so I look at this as, it's not the new world order, it's the old world order.
And this is the old games that they've always played.
And yes, they did hijack America to another colony.
The true renaissance is the real new world order of human empowerment.
So they create a false new world order.
But the reason that George Bush, George H.W.
Bush, popped out and said that is he's always had this propensity to read the stage directions.
He's not Ronald Reagan.
He was never very talented.
So you might remember when he went to New Hampshire in a sour economy, one of his handlers said, well, the main reason we're going up there, Mr. President, is to tell people that you care.
He gets on stage and he says, message, I care.
And he sits down.
The guy had no talent.
He had a tin ear.
Still does.
And he blurted it right out.
The New World Order.
There it is.
Well, Stewart's an exciting caller.
Come back with a comment on that, Stewart.
But, Mike, this is what you were just hitting on.
We're not just cheerleading here.
The globalists are panicking.
The paradigm is shifting.
Incredibly positive things are happening.
They're hitting us with everything they've got to tell us we're losing because it's the opposite.
It's the PSYOP.
They're running on the people.
That's why they closed comments.
That's why they want to ban Infobores from YouTube and Google and Facebook and everyone else because people want to feel connected and they want you to feel isolated and alone.
So you got to realize it was all the PSYOP.
I mean, I was with Alex in Austin.
Everywhere we went, people were like, Oh, hey, Alex.
Hey, Cernovich.
You know, at the RNC, everybody's like, hey, Roger, we're recognized.
And again, that isn't to brag.
I don't care about fame.
None of us care.
It's to let folks know it's a bellwether of the success that we're not alone.
I go to the bank actually, and one of the bank managers, Kamisarovich, man, how are you?
I read your stuff all the time.
One of my, I was at a Mother's Day thing, and one of the wives of a cousin, I can't remember who she was, but she was a relative, an in-law, and she goes, oh yeah, my clients are big fan of yours, and they're the sheriffs, right?
So the police are on her side.
So don't be dismayed, don't let them... Sure, the police aren't perfect, they're just like people everywhere, and they get given globalist orders that are wrong.
But on average, I'm just saying this is true, the cops know what's going on, they research stuff, they know how the media lies, and they're aware there's an attempt to absolutely shut this country down.
Well, why shouldn't they be awake?
They know George Soros that hates us is literally funding groups that say kill the cops randomly.
So, I mean, you know, that's a no-brainer.
And cops better be awake.
They better be awake.
They listen to this while they're patrolling.
They listen to this live streams and periscope and everything while they're doing their patrol.
Sure, but let's just be honest.
We better be awake.
The cops better be awake.
What does that say about the public that isn't?
That's scary.
I mean, you better be awake now, right, Mike?
Oh, yeah.
We're going to finish up with you.
Then Mike.
Then Dean.
Then Gary.
Then Zach.
We're going bam, bam, bam.
Your questions, your comments.
Straight ahead with Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones.
We're going to hit more on the media, too.
What does Trump need to do?
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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In America, we don't worship government.
We worship God.
And it's why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation under God every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.
But which God exactly has he invoked?
Was it the God of Hillary Clinton?
Rich people, God bless us.
Or was it the God of Barack Hussein Obama?
God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.
No, President Trump has called on the one true God of the universe whose name is above every name.
Champions for Christ.
He testified to the greatest pieces of literature in the history of mankind because of the power contained within the words of this book.
You are living witness of the gospel message of faith, hope, and love.
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Because in America, we don't worship government, we worship God.
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It is why our currency proudly declares, in God we trust.
And it's why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation under God every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.
All right, Mike Cernovich is our guest.
I want to get to a lot of calls now.
We're going to go to Stuart and have him finish up on this whole board of calls.
Then we're going to spend some time on what does Trump need to do?
I know with the power that he has, his star qualities, and if he just had a crew of six, seven people that could be on call in different four, five-hour quadrants throughout the day to independently go out and just expose lies, do press conferences, do live feeds, it would all have millions of viewers per transmission.
It would put the enemy back on their heels.
We'll talk about that and what Roger Stone thinks, what Mike Cernovich thinks, what you think should be done here in a few minutes.
But Stuart, in Canada, callers come and say, oh thank you, you're so great.
Listen, you're great.
There wouldn't be a movement if it wasn't for you.
We wouldn't see nationalism rising all over the world if it wasn't for you.
We wouldn't see hope if it wasn't for you.
So we're all, we're all peers here in the great animating contest for liberty.
But go ahead and finish your point on the whole New World Order.
Yeah, but Alex, I wouldn't be psychologically so healthy.
There was so much stress before I stumbled upon your media platform on my shoulders because I thought I was the only one that understood what was going on.
I couldn't talk about it.
You just hit the key.
They make us all feel alone, and then once you learn that there's other people that believe this, it takes a lot of the stress off.
That is absolutely critical.
The whole world came off my shoulders.
Suddenly, I wasn't the only one.
I wasn't alone in the dark.
And I had to do more and more and more research to realize that you're the real deal.
And I got my fridges full of your products.
And I take them daily.
And I'm so grateful.
One day, I'm going to give you an awesome testimonial.
But it's just not the right time.
Well, brother, you're the reason we're on air.
And God bless you.
I appreciate you.
But the most important thing is just spread the articles and videos.
Start your own YouTube, your own Facebook.
Really, I mean, it's critical that we absolutely take the culture over.
We're already intellectually the majority.
We just all have to get more active.
Call C-SPAN.
Retweet a link.
I mean, Roger Cernovich, this gets into how do we take things back in the media.
That kind of opens the door to discuss this.
What do you think everybody can do just as a basic example of how we up our game as the globalists up theirs?
You know, Alex, I think, in a way... Well, I just went downstairs and took brain force.
So, I'll let you guys talk.
Thank you, but seriously, I mean, what do we all do?
Look, I think that history has repeated itself here.
Until Richard Vickery came along and invented, essentially, direct mail advertising in a political form in the 70s, conservatives and liberty-minded folks couldn't contact each other.
We didn't have media outlets.
The New York Times, CBS, they were all against us.
Now the Internet has really
Fueled the revolution.
So they had air superiority.
They're in trouble.
And now that's why they're trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.
That's why they want to censor us.
They realize there's a revolution afoot and good God, the people have found out what's happening and that's a real problem.
So you think about the 60s and 70s when direct mail even started and everything was liberal communist garbage because the big corporations wanted that as a failed system for America to control us.
Now they're so far behind the eight ball we should be way more positive if you look at the scheme of time but now they get how much trouble they're in.
They want total authoritarianism now.
They want to put it all back in the tube now.
They can't.
Well the idea of liberals
Classic liberals pushing censorship is nonsense.
There's nothing liberal about being for censorship, but they can't argue with our ideas.
They can't argue the facts of the merits, so they have to silence us.
It's all they can do.
That's right.
Mike, you're chomping at the bit.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, that is why I offered to donate $100,000 to an A-rated charity of Keith Olbermann, who talks a big game, to debate Alex Jones, neutral moderator.
We could fill a stadium, sell tickets, raise money for charity.
By the way, I didn't know you did that.
We could raise millions.
I will debate anybody.
I will debate Charlie Rose.
I will debate Keith Olbermann.
Any of them without teleprompters.
That's a great idea.
I didn't know you'd done that.
Although, Olbermann would have to take off his tinfoil hat, because these conspiracy theorists like him, they really bother me.
Left-wing conspiracy theorist.
Well that's why they're afraid to debate us.
Louise Minch actually challenged me to a debate and I accepted.
She backed down.
Sam Harris challenged me to a debate.
Yeah, why do they always back out?
Why can't they actually debate live?
Because they know that if they, they'll lose.
I mean, you can't shut us up!
We don't care.
We want live.
Why are they all so scared?
Who are they?
Yeah, it's absolutely true.
Sorry, go ahead.
I apologize.
Why is the average liberal scared to death of live, or not controlling things, or not having a teleprompter?
Where is my invitation to testify for the House and Senate Intelligence Committees?
I want to go.
I want to.
Yes, please.
We'll go together.
No subpoena needed.
They've accused you of being a Russian spy.
That's what he said.
I'm under Russian control.
So, it's the American way.
You should have a chance to respond.
Alex, did I email you?
A friend of mine in the CIA actually showed me a flyer where, remember the Economist wrote that article claiming that you and I were inadvertent Russian stooges?
That article is being used in training materials now.
So we're actually, it isn't a, this isn't like, it's literally true.
This isn't hyperbole.
No, no, you said you were, I may have missed it.
You sent us an info, we'll put it on screen.
Well, I don't have it on my phone, but I'll get it to Nico.
Yeah, I thought I texted you it, but so that article in The Economist calling us an adverse rush of doodges is being used by the CIA in their training materials now.
So we're literally being targeted by the CIA in the training materials, and this can be confirmed by any of your sources in the CIA if you ask them.
Well, they had the congressional hearing where the CIA said, and the Armed Services Committee, they said, we are
Investigating Alex Jones, who is being directed by the GRU and the KGB.
The biggest load of horse manure, but no proof!
Just, oh, he just is a Russian agent.
The article he's talking about was in The Economist, which was put out by the Rothschilds.
Cernovich, Alex Jones, yeah, in The Economist, yeah.
So I interrupted you, though.
Go back, before we go to these calls.
You were getting into, Mike, just how big this is awakening is.
It's crazy.
Well, yeah, that's what a lot of people, yeah, there's the article, so we're being targeted now by the CIA.
They know now, they won't debate us live, because they know that we speak the truth, right?
Because I'll go live with anybody, one-on-one, come on, bring it.
Louise Mensch tried to debate me, I said I'll accept it, she now is hiding.
Sam Harris challenged me to a debate.
I accepted it.
He ran away and then he went on the Joe Rogan podcast and went on a tirade about me for an hour.
And said, I saw it.
He said, I can't believe people listen to him.
And he's so fake.
I mean, what a what?
Right, so he won't debate.
I said Sam Harris debate.
If I'm such a fake, put it in a stadium.
And by the way, he didn't list, I watched it, he didn't list anything you said that was fake.
Every day we're breaking big national news.
What more do they, that's the joke though.
We're trusted by the patriots and agencies and the White House.
We're just going to get more and more.
So what are they going to do, Roger, as we just get validated?
Look, I've had to deal with this preening, whining, phony Adam Schiff, the congressman from California.
This guy's a pussy.
He's the kind of guy who likes to punch and run.
I mean, let's have it out.
You've called me a traitor.
You've called me a Russian agent.
You did it on national TV.
Even though you were well known for rounding up Russian agents in Washington.
I mean, look, it's outrageous.
But this guy thinks he's going to the U.S.
Guess again, pal.
I just can't believe that
That they literally think... The Democrats are famous for being in bed with the Russians.
They're the ones who are soft on communism, not us.
Well, now we're not big enemies with Russia because they get more free markets.
Sorry, Mike, go ahead.
McCarthy was a hero, actually.
Hollywood was infiltrated by communists and communist spies, and McCarthy has been lied about in history.
Oh, isn't it funny that Democrats' religion is hating Christianity and whining about the Red List.
And all the rest of it.
And then meanwhile they're doing stuff a thousand times worse now.
Yeah, their blacklist is much larger than the blacklist of the 30s or the 50s.
Censorship is a tactic of scoundrels.
Stalin, Hitler.
Those are the only people who want to silence them.
Let's have a debate.
See, I'm against it.
I think every left-winger
How do they think with America's tradition that they're going to kill free speech?
They may have brainwashed zombies at colleges that howl and scream if they see a Trump sign, but those people are basket cases that will end up being institutionalized, literally.
They're only sabotaging themselves.
Their new intelligentsia, because they want such a brainwashed bot, is literally someone that can't wipe their own rear end.
We're inheriting the world because the globalists gave their own people lobotomies.
Actually, Cernovich, it's almost like it's a conspiracy.
By elites that are patriots to sabotage this, because sometimes I sit back and look, I mean, we're going to win.
Well, I joke that Louise Mench is actually on my payroll because she has done way more to discredit the left and make them look so kooky.
All these bizarro conspiracy people on Twitter, their conspiracy theories.
And sometimes I wonder,
Is Russia actually, because here's what I would do if I were Russia.
I would pay these morons to be kooky and to humiliate everybody, to discredit the whole story about Russia.
That's far more effective than anything anyone else could do.
So I'm very grateful.
Yeah, attack Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Ron Paul.
Donald Trump, Mr. America, call us Russian agents than any criticism of Russia is seen as clownish.
Yeah, look, this is the conspiracy theory of all time.
This is the left-wing mainstream media conspiracy theory.
Trump had to collude with the Russians to win.
No, he didn't.
And there is no evidence.
No, you ran a corpse, Hillary Clinton!
I mean, there's just no evidence to this.
And they continued... Alright, I've got to take phone calls.
This is all riveting.
And I know, and I love... Student 11 is on the show three hours a day, but I think it's all prepared for his hour, then I run over it.
But we're going to bring in from the other studios, he can pop in.
Also, we're going to have a break too, but a few minutes to the next hour with David Nye to take calls as well.
But look, we're going to go to Mike, Zach, Jane, Dean, and Gary.
But first, let's go ahead and go to Dean in Wisconsin.
He has a question for Roger Stone.
Go ahead, Dean.
Hey Alex, I just want to say about purging the government, Trump should just go to each department and just fire everyone and bring every low-level patriot up into all the
No, I totally agree, but they scare him with train wrecks or government shutdowns.
He wants to be judicious.
He wants to be smart about it.
But that's a great question.
How do we accelerate the purge?
Thanks, go ahead.
Look, I actually think the caller is exactly right.
First of all, he needs a hatchet man.
He needs somebody who will go into each department and determine who those who are disloyal are and terminate them.
He also needs a political operation in the White House that finds and vets Trump supporters.
People with experience, people with government experience, people with proven capability who come out of the campaign.
Which is everybody mid-level in government seems to be for Trump because they love the country.
Liberal or conservative, they all support him.
He's got a giant base of people.
I mean, it seems to me that if you work for George W. Bush or the Republican National Committee, that should exempt you from a job in the Trump White House, not accelerate you.
What do you think about Mike Rogers?
That's who the FBI is saying they want.
I mean, he's got to be better than... Disaster!
A disaster!
I mean, Donald Trump needs an FBI director who is loyal to Trump's vision for the country.
First of all, Mike Rogers said that Donald Trump was not surveilled at Trump Tower.
Sure, what about, what about Trey Gowdy?
Trey Gowdy would be spectacular.
I noticed on Fox this morning he was not on the list.
Ray Kelly, the former New York Police Commissioner, someone Donald Trump knows well, not on the list.
Judge Jeanine Pirro, former judge, former prosecutor, not on the list.
These are the Trump loyalists.
Look at that list!
By the way, as we know, those are really on Trump's list, though.
Fox and others are putting out fake lists to create this perception.
I hope that is the case, because in this case, I looked at that list, and every single one of them is an establishment
Hey, uh, um,
Hey Alex, I just want to know that I'm praying for you, and your family, and on all your team too, but people on the news media have no business getting your privacy, and I don't need to know your privacy of your family business, but when you come to public, I think it's very disgraceful when you hear about your story.
And question for Roger Stone, and I do have a question for you, Alex, is that I am hard of hearing.
I watched InfoWars on Roku and watched it maybe three times to watch it to understand without the closed caption.
But I understand it costs a lot of money to run that, but you think it's causing a problem with the news people trying to take away?
Yeah, we've got all sorts of sabotage.
And I thank you for your call, sir.
It costs $110,000 a year to have closed captioning.
And we're doing it.
And then even when we do it, we have problems.
And it's not sent out over the cable or the internet for you.
So for the listeners that don't know what we deal with money-wise, trying to really do this and get to everybody, $110,000 is a lot for closed captioning.
It's a real person.
We have to pay for a digital fee that's thousands of years.
So a real person is doing it.
And I'm glad you called in.
God bless you, Mike.
Thank you.
That's what I deal with every day, trying to get money in here.
Is that people don't know what it's like with satellites and stuff and legal and licensing and all the stuff we deal with.
It's a lot of money.
And so yes, we want to closed caption all the shows, and I'm sorry, some of the shows aren't closed captioned.
That's not done to put you down or anything like that.
It's that we literally are under attack and lawsuits and George Soros and everything else, and I want to be able to do that.
So I know only three hours of the show every day is closed captioned.
People complain the other stuff isn't closed captioned.
I don't have the money.
It's hundreds of thousands more, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
I'm glad the caller called, though, because we don't screen these calls.
You get the sausage-making behind the scenes that makes me just throw my hands up.
The listeners don't know how much money it costs to run this.
People say, oh, just start a network.
You know, people want a new network.
Well, we're trying to do it.
It takes money.
That's what I tell people is we don't have billion-dollar budgets.
We're not driving Ferraris and flying private jets.
We can make so much more money selling people on real estate, commercial real estate.
People like us could do so much.
If we wanted to make money, we're in the worst business in the world to make money on.
And that's what people don't realize.
A lot of my family are way, way more money than I ever made.
They're all successful.
I'm doing this because I really, really care.
This is an uphill battle, but what we're going to get on the end is so big.
But I'm glad the guy called in about, hey, some of your shows aren't closed captioning.
And the stuff Google's got that's supposedly free, it just doesn't work very well.
It's money.
It's money.
In fact, we're about to launch more satellite time.
And I gotta do all that, too, as well.
Roger, you're looking at that pizza.
I'm hungry.
More calls straight ahead.
Thank you, Mike.
We're gonna go to Gary and Carlos and Jeanette and Zach.
This is where you get breaking news.
McMaster has a plan to send in ground troops to Syria.
That story actually broke here on InfoWars four or five days ago.
Bloomberg is covering it.
So essentially whatever you're reading in the news today or tomorrow, this is all going to be on InfoWars five, ten, fifteen days before it ever reaches the mainstream.
That is how good the sourcing is here.
This is for real news.
That is why not only are they trying to divide the base against Trump,
They are now slandering Alex and me and other patriots, calling us Russian agents.
They realize that this is the only place for real news and now they're trying to attack and lie about us and claiming that we're Russian agents and all that.
We don't want to sit here and brag and say we're right, we're right, we're right.
They keep saying we're lying, we're lying, we're lying because...
Weeks ago, and then last week, we said, no, McMaster wants the troops.
That's my source from the White House.
Then you have your source.
He wants 150,000 on the ground.
Now Bloomberg comes out today and says Trump has told Bloomberg, I don't want a war, but it turns out the aides were doing exactly what we said, trying to jockey and get them in place and move artillery in that wasn't for ISIS, but was for Assad.
So Bloomberg is now reporting what we covered a week ago.
And one thing that frustrates me a little bit is the idea that we need Bloomberg to validate our reporting.
Because this is real news.
We don't make stuff up like ABC does, like Bloomberg does.
They fabricate things.
I put a transcript out of what the president said on Monday.
It's what the president said, and I'm not going to say where it came from.
Everybody knows we have contact with the president.
The media is attacking that, saying, oh look, Alex is making this up.
I said it?
It came out three days later, out of his mouth, the exact same words.
And they are so desperate for war now that they're trying to claim that us, by trying to oppose a ground war in Syria, trying to save American lives.
I mean, Alex, when I did that live stream, 11 hours, so many mothers called in and said, my son has PTSD.
This is so sad.
You know, it was heartbreaking.
I could hardly even stay on the line.
It was so sad.
Moms do not want to do another war.
They do not want the McMaster Plan to go through.
And again, we love our military.
We criticize the wars.
It's because it's not for our national sovereignty.
It's not for our interests.
This is one of the most elite publications published by the Rothschilds.
I mean, you can't make that up.
And they literally say, we're dupe idiots, and Assad tells us what to say.
So now it's not just we're dupes of Putin, now it's Assad.
No, no, no.
We said first on Wednesday, false flag.
We had the articles, the history, all of it.
You did as well.
Then, over the next week and a half,
Everybody else from Putin to Ron Paul, everybody else came out and said it was a false flag.
Again, we're the progenitors.
We're not here grabbing it, you know, from Assad how a pair of self-publicists wound up as apologists for Assad.
We're not apologizing for Assad.
He didn't start the Civil War six years ago.
He's never done anything to us.
I mean, this is so crazy.
Everything we say has just docked because we're going off what's already there and the sources we have.
This is such a big topic.
We'll do a little bit of radio in the next hour and take more of your calls and hand the baton to David Knight.
We'll go to Gary and everybody that's holding her in a moment.
But we talked about it earlier and kind of gave our advice, but Trump's shaking things up.
He's sick of his media people not responding in real time.
He's sick of them always worried about what he's doing and
His agenda and, you know, kind of criticizing it instead of criticizing the MSM.
So Mike Cernovich asking you and then Roger Stone, what do you think of this big shakeup that they now admit Trump's about to engage in?
What would you advise the president to do?
I would advise them to bring in Roger Stone or somebody Roger Stone recommends and say, it's time to clean house.
It is time to get rid of people who are actively sabotaging you.
Who cares if they want to sue you?
Who cares?
Let them call the union.
Who cares?
It is time to get rid of them all at once.
Let them cry.
Let them file their dumb lawsuits.
We don't care.
This is about saving America.
This is about getting active saboteurs and the criminals out.
So he needs to bring in somebody willing to do whatever it takes.
That has to be Trump's motto right now.
No, I agree.
And he starts, let me ask you about this, he starts a couple days a week or more, the fireside chat with graphics showing you his, people love it, it'd be top rated.
He goes on the offense with his agenda.
He has people that are 24 hours a day doing press announcements.
Sure, have the press a few days a week in the room with you, but it's about your agenda.
You're putting your ideas out, not just written like the president said,
But you've got people out there, out front, we'll dominate the whole cycle, we'll win, it's a no-brainer, he must do it!
What's holding that back, Roger?
Look, based on his history of getting phenomenal television ratings, I think you've hit on the solution here.
A weekly report to the American people that is unfiltered by the mainstream media would be enormously successful.
So Donald Trump's report to America?
The two things I would do additionally to a total White House staff shake-up is I would direct the Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust to begin immediately reviewing the activities of Google and Facebook and Yahoo and Twitter.
That's the true offense move because they're openly doing it.
We've caught them.
Cernovich got the documents.
So I mean that and then frankly I would ask, I would direct
Attorney General Jeff Sessions to convene a grand jury and to bring Bill and Hillary Clinton and Kelsey and everybody else involved in the criminal enterprise of the Clinton Foundation in front of the grand jury.
That would energize the base.
So, indict the criminals.
Weekly Fireside Chat.
Don't worry about the production, just get it done.
He needs to do what brought him to power!
Which is, if you go to chargehillaryclinton.com, we're trying to amass a million signatures to send to the President on a petition saying, indict Hillary Clinton.
Direct your Attorney General to convene a grand jury.
No person is above the law.
Well, that's the good news.
What's your inside baseball on that, now that he's getting rid of this puppet that was in bed with the Clintons and HSBC and, you know, everything else?
What's the word, Senator, what's the word then, Stone, on lock her up?
Well I just read an article in Niko and Politico which is about, it's called How Trump Gets His Fake News Diet.
But the real insight to there is, Rens Prebys has outed himself as the leaker now, because the whole point of the article is, oh my god, all these people in the White House are giving Trump fake news, in other words, our news, and I'm the great guy Rens Prebys.
So Trump now knows he has confirmation Rens Prebys is the leaker.
Now let's stop right here.
This is why I'm horrible but I'm good at the same time.
I'll have the biggest news, I'll just throw it out like it's nothing or I'll never get to it.
I talked to you today and I said, are you ready to release the leaker?
You said screw it, let's do it.
Then he separately just releases it.
And it's like this huge big media announcement, and we just let it out like a you-know-what in church.
So let's come back, take calls a little bit, build this up, and then we're gonna release the details of Rince Priebus, who is the spy, who is the operative.
Was against Trump in the campaign.
Never Trump.
Destroy Trump.
Try to take the delegates away.
Wow, I'm so surprised.
I just can't believe it.
Over the weekend, President Donald Trump has called on God to bless and empower our country and our people and reaffirmed our faith.
In America, we don't worship government.
We worship God.
And it's why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation under God every time we say the Pledge of Allegiance.
But which God exactly has he invoked?
Was it the God of Hillary Clinton?
Rich people, God bless us.
Or was it the God of Barack Hussein Obama?
God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.
No, President Trump has called on the one true God of the universe, whose name is above every name.
Champions for Christ.
He testified to the greatest pieces of literature in the history of mankind because of the power contained within the words of this book.
You are living witness of the gospel message of faith, hope, and love.
Even the most remote areas of India, and especially Africa, have heard of him.
Jesus Christ has been preached in and is believed on in all nations of the world.
Our God is not like their God.
This has been Daria for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, David Knight and the other studios coming up.
We're taking your phone calls.
At the start of the next segment, we're going to get into Rich Priebus, the leaker, and the details.
We've known this for a long time.
We have to sit on top of this.
We don't burn.
Sources, and Stone was ready to do it today, and I just had him on for two hours and we did it.
That's how I operate.
Then turned to it separately, just went ahead and dropped it, so.
Burned it out.
Just burned it out.
Well, that's good.
We hadn't even talked to him.
He has great sources.
It shows that we're all hearing accurate information.
We're all synced up here, like, absolutely.
So, we're taking phone calls right now.
Gary in the great state of Arizona.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex and Roger.
I just want you to know your products are absolutely fantastic.
I've been using them now for quite a long time and I couldn't recommend any higher.
But anyway, I changed my political affiliation from Independent to Republican just in order to vote for Donald Trump.
So I have been a very strong supporter of his.
But I have a two-part question for you Alex or Mike.
The last time I asked
That's what I do.
I wanna respond to that.
They're ignoring him in all the agencies.
There's all sorts of secret programs going on.
There is geoengineering going on.
The CFR admits it.
I've seen less of it.
Maybe it's worse in Arizona.
But specifically, what would you like to see Trump do?
I mean, you're probably educating him now.
Go ahead.
Well, here's my question.
How can Donald Trump, and again, I'm a supporter.
I'm not a critic of his, but I'm a supporter.
But how can Donald Trump have any hope of making America great again when he is jeopardizing the health and welfare of his fellow Americans?
Why do you assume that he knows about it?
It's Deep State, man!
Why do you assume that he knows about it?
Do you think maybe someone on the White House staff has told him about this?
I've got a building next to me full of crew members that I only go to like once a week.
I don't know what they're doing 100 yards from me.
Go ahead, sorry.
Look, the president, any president, every president lives in a cocoon.
And Reince Priebus has sought to control the flow of information.
The president told Anthony Scaramucci he wanted to see him this week.
Yet Reince Priebus keeps knocking him off the president's schedule.
So, let's expand the question.
The listener is really asking then, how do we get Trump out of his cocoon?
Well, he needs a staff change.
I mean, if he is not getting in his daily news briefing, Breitbart, Infoware, Daily Caller, Cernovich, then something's wrong.
Those who are complaining that he is getting those things, what they're complaining about is they haven't been able to keep them out.
Well, like you said, he didn't understand that they're blocking for months all his positive Twitter comments.
He's noticed that.
He's like, where's all my people?
Because he didn't even understand, they're only giving him the negative stuff.
That's exactly right.
Trump doesn't even think his support's there anymore.
That's why he goes out to rallies, he goes, I'm glad you're still here!
And his wife leads the Lord's Prayer because they're so freaked out.
Yeah, that is why there's a great article in Politico which revealed that Rex Priebus is now the leaker.
We might as well talk about that, Roger can talk about it.
Yeah, why did we let them have that?
We already had this weeks ago, but there it is.
How true is this fake news?
So they didn't actually reveal Reince Priebus as the leaker there, but if you read it, the entire article is trying to make Reince Priebus look like this great smart guy around a bunch of fools.
By the way, I did this six months ago.
Bad idea.
Reince Priebus and others run into the president with the printouts they want to
Look, I'm going to be honest with you about this.
I really am.
I've had it up to here with Reince Priebus.
This guy is, he is a malevolent midget, is what he is.
He did not want Donald Trump to become president.
He shifted campaign funds in Pennsylvania from Trump, $750,000, to Pat Toomey.
He did the same thing in Virginia in an attempt to undermine us at the last minute.
He cannot be trusted.
Let's come back and talk more about that.
Stay with us.
This is key.
This is one of the biggest secrets out there.
The missing link of why our ancestors, whether you were in Africa or ancient Albion, which is England today, why our ancestors were so much stronger.