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Name: 20170508_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: May 8, 2017
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Welcome to Neverwhere's Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Monday, May 8th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
A world without Donald Trump.
Barbara Streisand ponders what might have been with Hillary Clinton as president.
Meanwhile, Bill Clinton teams up with a best-selling novelist to collaborate on a new action thriller.
The President is missing.
Then, what's the difference between Obamacare and Trumpcare?
And which plan will pass the Jimmy Kimmel test?
Thank you for coming.
I'm Officer Jimmy.
This is the Truth Ferry.
All that plus the state of Texas says no to sanctuary cities.
And hell no to sanctuary criminal sheriffs.
All that plus much more up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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This weekend, Barbra Streisand did something very important for us.
Of course, we've all heard of the Barbra Streisand effect, or just the Streisand effect.
Trying to hide something actually has the unintended consequences of making it more available to the public.
That's what she did with pictures of her home.
She had a concert on Saturday, and she reminded us of what might have been
If Hillary had become president.
And I say that this is also a Streisand effect.
Trying to criticize Donald Trump had the unintended consequences of making us all count our blessings.
She's at this concert, she says it makes us yearn for what could have been, what should have been, because her guests were Bill and Hillary at that concert.
I'm going to tell you why.
We're going to take a look at the absurd
legacy of Obama that is so absurd that the only way they can promote it is now with late-night comics who've essentially become the court jesters promoting this Democrat agenda.
But let's first take a look at some other Bill Clinton news.
It turns out that he and James Patterson are going to be co-writing a thriller, interestingly enough, called The President is Missing.
Now would that be Hillary that's missing?
Because, you know, she's the president of the left even though she lost the election.
I guess we should get his black book and start calling all the women in there to see if he's at one of their houses or see if there are any missing women who have been abducted or children who have been abducted.
They say it will be a unique amalgam of intrigue, suspense, and behind-the-scenes global drama from the highest corridors of power.
It will be informed by details that only the President can know.
You know, like how'd that stain get there?
That type of stuff.
Meanwhile, we see the Business Coalition, and this is another reminder of why we're glad that Hillary hasn't won, saying the Trump tax plan will spark an economic boom.
This is an organization called Reforming America's Taxes Equitably, the Rate Coalition.
They argue that the current corporate tax rate is not competitive and has given its members a disadvantage over its competitors from other countries.
Of course it has.
If you have the highest corporate tax rates in your country, and they travel with your goods as they go abroad,
Then of course you're going to be at a competitive disadvantage.
As a matter of fact, even though our rates are higher than most other countries, the other countries take those rates off of their products when they come into our markets.
You see how disadvantaged we are?
They understand that.
And of course, meanwhile, you've got people like Barbra Streisand saying, I still want to see Donald Trump's tax returns.
I want to see his tax reforms.
I want to see all the reforms that he promised as his candidate.
But certainly, even though we don't see a repeal of Obamacare, and we'll talk about this, many people understand that what we are getting from Donald Trump is way better than what we would have gotten from a President Hillary.
That's the Streisand effect that we see.
And as they point out, we believe that your proposal will spark an economic boom.
Make all American companies more competitive in the global marketplace.
I think it will as well.
There's much more that can be done, but at least it's a move in the right direction.
Meanwhile, Barack Obama is very concerned.
He's concerned that his legacy of socialism and crony capitalism called Obamacare.
Obama voices fervent hope that Congress will tread carefully on health care.
I don't want to see him tread carefully.
I want to see them stomp it to death.
I want to say it's been treading on our lives and treading on our freedoms.
60% of small business owners want Obamacare repealed.
It's not going to make health insurance more affordable.
You know, whenever you tax something, what happens to the cost of it?
It goes up.
And they tax medical devices and insurance.
What happens when you subsidize something, like college tuition?
Well, the cost goes up with that as well.
Obamacare is a mixture of taxes and subsidies.
Subsidies funded by outright theft.
And of course when you tax it and subsidize it, the cost is obviously going to go up, and we have seen it explode from the very beginning.
Healthcare has become an ongoing source of pain, writes NBC, for many small business owners, you bet.
It was the top issue that business owners wanted Trump to address in a survey of 700 owners and prospective buyers in late February by BizBuySell, a marketplace for small businesses.
60% of them favored a repeal, a repeal, which we're not getting, but at least we're getting
Things that are moving in that direction.
And here's an example.
Humana notified a couple, Ross Coulter and his wife, who run a two-person public relations business in Dallas, Texas.
They were notified by their insurance company, Humana, that they were discontinuing their current policy.
Their current policy is $900 a month for the couple and their three children.
So that's $12,000 a year.
And even with that, Humana cannot make a profit in the individual market, so they're getting out.
And they're saying the only plans that are comparable would be a $400-$500 a month increase, an increase of another $6,000 a year.
So this is a couple that would have to pay $18,000 a year just for health insurance?
And of course they'll still have deductibles.
And so they say they're looking at getting out of health insurance altogether, getting into something like MediShare.
And of course there's three Christian ministries that get you out of Obamacare, even if Donald Trump won't.
And that's MediShare, Samaritan Ministries, and Christian Healthcare Ministries.
Take a look at those if you're struggling with that kind of situation.
It's a great alternative.
Meanwhile, we have a press gaggle that was run by the Deputy Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders.
And as she was being asked about the current plan, she had this to say.
She said, right now, Obamacare is collapsing under itself.
It is simply not sustainable.
I think everybody in the country, including Senator Graham, is well aware of that fact.
We have to take drastic change to reform the healthcare system.
And she's saying this in response to questions asking, well, what is the Senate going to do now?
Senator Graham and others have said, well, I haven't really listened to this.
We had Senator Bob Corker who, as we pointed out before at Infowars.com, he has profited immensely by blocking any reform of Obamacare, let alone repeal.
And Lindsey Graham says, well, I don't really know.
I really haven't looked at this thing very carefully.
We're going to do our own thing.
And so she says, Senator Graham knows.
That this thing is unsustainable, it's collapsing under its own weight.
She said, this is the first step in a process that the House is making today.
And Senator Graham and his colleagues will have, I think, ample time to do what needs to be done when it comes to the Senate.
They said, well, can you give us some kind of idea of the types of changes that he would like to see in the Senate?
Again, talking about Senator Graham or the President.
And she said, well, I think the biggest point on the health care bill is both the House and the Senate and the administration believe in these principles.
Lower cost, create competition, state flexibility.
Those principles we do not want to change.
And see, that's moving in the right direction.
Even though we're not getting repeal, creating competition, which will lower cost, and letting states have some of their Tenth Amendment rights.
Remember, we're talking about only restoring a small portion of the Tenth Amendment.
And that's a big problem for a lot of so-called moderate Republicans, centrist Republicans.
And they're not.
They are hardcore statist socialists if they're going to fight that type of movement.
Meanwhile, President Obama, former President Obama, is now discussing climate change in Italy.
He's talking about climate change and he's also talking about food security.
He's going to do a keynote address to the Seeds and Chips Global Food Innovation Summit.
Well, maybe he should take a look at his socialist policies in Venezuela and see the fact that children there
are actually starving, as we saw over the weekend.
The Wall Street Journal and others were pointing out the massive starvation going on.
They can't get medical care for children, let alone food.
Can't even get food.
They have to go somewhere else to get their food, cross the border, hunt down dogs and cats.
They're actually hunting down police for their firearms, I guess so they can hunt down their food in the city.
That is what happens with socialism.
Eventually, you run out of other people's money.
Eventually, Obamacare is going to run out of the money that they're using to fund these subsidies, which is money that they stole from Fannie and Freddie.
And eventually, when they run out of that, then it's going to collapse under its own weight.
It could be stopped right now by President Trump or by Congress, simply by stopping the theft that runs it.
But socialism always runs on theft.
And it's running on theft in Venezuela.
There, they have not only run out of other people's money, they're now at the next step, running out of food.
And meanwhile, the president, because of the socialist policies that he put in place here, specifically Obamacare, he's winning awards from the Kennedys and profiles encouraged.
They say theirs is a profile encouraged to stand up and steal money from investors so they could fund subsidies into a rapidly escalating cost structure.
Again, adding taxes, adding subsidies, driving up the cost.
But that's a profile encouraged from the Democrat perspective.
But as I said, in Venezuela we see these types of headlines over the weekend.
Venezuela's chaos.
The elites play a high-stakes game for survival.
Venezuela is starving.
Wall Street Journal talking about people there who are suffering from hunger, malnutrition, on average losing 19 pounds.
That's the socialist diet.
That's what we should call it.
And it's kind of interesting because they're saying that the elites there are not pushing back against this.
Do you think they really care?
About the people who are starving in the streets?
They're just like Marie Antoinette.
You know, maybe instead of saying, let them eat cake, maybe they're saying, let them eat Greek yogurt, that they can get subsized in my school lunch program.
That's the attitude of the Obamas, of the elite.
Meanwhile, we see that these late night comedians, as I mentioned at the beginning,
are the go-to guys, the court jesters, who are pushing for Obamacare.
Jimmy Kimmel was the one who came up with what is now being famously called the Jimmy Kimmel Test.
It was promoted by Barack Obama.
He turned the story that Jimmy Kimmel gave everybody as he cried on television talking about his son who needed open-heart surgery.
He wasn't crying because he needed open-heart surgery, but he was crying because some other people weren't going to get coverage.
He was telling everybody that
There's a good chance, he said before 2014, if you were born with congenital heart disease, there's a good chance you'd never be able to get health insurance because you had a pre-existing condition.
No, not really.
That's not the case for his son.
He said, if your parents didn't have medical insurance, you might not live long enough to get denied because of a pre-existing condition.
Now the reality is, is that his son was covered because Jimmy Kimmel had health insurance.
And he was covered at a private, charitable hospital.
The truth is, where his son got surgery was
At the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.
It is a non-profit institution.
They began in 1901 in a small house.
Now they have a budget of $233 million.
That is a charitable budget.
It is not something that the government robs investors for.
It's something that people contribute to voluntarily.
And they point out that they give charitable care 528,000 times each year.
They help patients.
And of course, Ben Shapiro pointed out, he said, my daughter had open heart surgery at the same hospital, with the same doctor, and it is not a case for Obamacare.
Yet, Barack Obama jumped on it, and he said, Jimmy, that's exactly why we fought so hard for ACA, why we need to protect it for kids like Billy.
And now we have a Republican senator who will be going on Jimmy Kimmel tonight,
to promote this court jester version of health care.
Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican from Louisiana, said that any health care reform plan the Senate puts together should pass the Jimmy Kimmel test.
Okay, he'll appear as a guest tonight.
He'll be rewarded for that by being on Jimmy Kimmel's show and they can all cry over the demise of Obamacare, which is going to die of natural causes anyway.
We're just going to pull the plug on it because it's killing the rest of us at the same time.
Meanwhile, we've got John Oliver doing his best to push another Democrat agenda.
He promoted the idea that people should protest the FCC.
He set up a GoFCCYourself.com site where people can file comments to the FCC saying they want net neutrality.
And I have to ask people, how did we get to the point where we are today with the Internet?
It is not being censored except by places like Facebook and Google and those sorts of people.
It isn't necessarily the people who are your internet service providers.
And I think that the pattern that we want to see, and this is what they're pushing for at the FCC, is a light regulatory touch.
That's the words of the FCC chairman.
But we have other organizations that are trying to take over the Internet and the Democrats are pushing that.
I have to ask you, do you really believe, in light of what the Democrats are doing, do you really believe that their desire to control the Internet is because they want neutrality?
I think that's the very last thing that we're going to get from those people is neutrality.
And so we should be very, very concerned about that.
We should be concerned not only about the regulatory competition,
But we should also that the FCC under previous leadership was trying to take this away from the FTC which it had a very light hand in regulation.
But we need to be very suspicious of the very label of net neutrality.
Meanwhile here in Texas we had Governor Abbott today sign a bill saying that sanctuary cities would be subject to the stiffest penalties in America.
And this is aimed directly at sheriffs like our own sheriff here in Travis County.
Who took a very hard line against turning over any criminals to immigration services.
Because if you're a foreign criminal, she believes that you should be given special protection against immigration.
Governor Abbott explained that he believes the law will make Texas safer.
And he pointed to the case of Kate Steinle that became very famous in this last election.
She was killed in San Francisco by an illegal alien who was released from a Texas jail.
And so that's the case of our policies having an effect broadly across the country.
Just as we see MS-13 gang members have spread from California now to Long Island, to Maryland and other places.
Over 140 gang members are also facing federal charges in San Diego County.
The Justice Department charged over 140 gang members and associates in San Diego
After authorities led what was described as a crackdown on violent street gangs in just the last 75 days.
Over 60 firearms charges, 30 pounds of meth amphetamine, along with cash and other narcotics.
Charges included crimes like racketeering, money laundering, and sex trafficking.
Because if we don't control our borders, these drug cartels will control our borders.
And that's precisely what is happening now.
Stay with us when we come back.
We have Sally Yates and James Clapper on Capitol Hill pushing the Democrats' favorite conspiracy theory.
The Russians hacked our election.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
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Today, Sally Yates and James Clapper were testifying about their favorite conspiracy theory, the idea that the Russians hacked our election.
We'll talk more about that and revelations of actually political surveillance that exceeds anything that we have seen or have seen exposed publicly is beginning to come to light.
But first, we see that Obama warned President Trump against hiring General Flynn as National Security Advisor.
I can imagine he did.
As they point out here, and this is the words of Sean Spicer, he said, it's true that President Obama made it known that he wasn't exactly a fan of General Flynn's, which frankly shouldn't come as a surprise, given that General Flynn worked for President Obama as an outspoken critic.
Well, what did he say, as an outspoken critic?
What got him fired from the Obama administration?
Well, he pointed out that ISIS was being armed by the U.S.
government, not by accident or circumstance, but as deliberate policy.
And, you know, he also used that phrase that they don't like to hear, Islamic terror.
It's almost like there were, I can imagine that Obama called up Trump and said, you know, there's certain words in his vocabulary that we don't want to hear, you know, words like swell and soldier, old man.
And of course he used that dreaded term, Islamic terror.
Which McMaster, as soon as he became National Security Advisor, said, we're not going to use that phrase.
The phrase that Obama could never use.
So yeah, there was a lot of reasons why he didn't want to see Flynn in there.
A lot of reasons why the deep state did not want to see him there.
But today we had Sally Yates and James Clapper.
If you look at this picture, there the two of them stand with their hands raised.
Taking an oath to tell the truth.
This is James Clapper, the guy that we've all seen over and over again.
The clip where Ron Wyden asked him if there was any surveillance of American citizens going on and he well knows, you know, the world's worst poker player and the world's most obvious liar is James Clapper and yet the mainstream media is hanging on every word that is coming out of them on this testimony.
As UPI is pointing out, Flynn's discussions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak last year is what's on the table here.
And if that is what they're talking about with the election being hacked, maybe somebody should point out to them those phone conversations, those particular ones happened post-election.
They say, these were the efforts by a foreign adversary to interfere with and undermine our Democrat process, said Yates at the hearing.
Well, again, it was post-election.
And we saw that Lindsey Graham said, well, would you tell me if you have any evidence of this?
And she said, my answer to that question would require me to reveal classified information.
So she can't produce any evidence here nearly a year after they've been investigating this, quote unquote.
No evidence, simply allegations, an innuendo.
That's what we're saying with the Democrats' favorite conspiracy theory.
She said, I would like to make it clear that just because I can't answer it, you should not draw from that assumption that that means that the answer is yes.
There we go.
So, she says, just because I can't say that I have evidence or don't have any evidence, you shouldn't draw a conclusion from that, that there was evidence of collusion.
Do you understand that?
So they're still going to imply that there was collusion, even though she's kind of pouring water on that idea.
But if we look at the headline from ABC News, they say that this is nothing at all political from Sally Yates.
This is simply her effort to make sure that the vice president
...knew that Flynn's information was false, even though she won't tell us what that information was or any evidence that he was colluding with the Russians after the election.
And we look at James Clapper and what he's having to say.
He says, Russia is now emboldened to interfere in elections in the U.S.
and around the world.
He said, Russia's meddling in last year's U.S.
presidential election amounted to a high-water mark in its decades-long effort to interfere in political contests.
See, this is their narrative.
They don't offer any proof.
As a matter of fact, they've been busted by Vault 7.
Vault 7 exposed their so-called proof that this was something that was done by the Russians.
They said, we saw that it was done on a Cyrillic keyboard.
We saw that this came from Russia and so forth.
We know they can route things anywhere they want based on the documents we saw from Vault 7.
We saw they had tools to not only hack into our private lives, but tools to make it look like these documents came from any of their usual suspects, whether it was Iran, or Russia, or North Korea, you name it.
They're going to make it look like it came from somebody else.
We have a situation here where James Clapper, who has absolutely no credibility,
Is the one that is being talked about by the mainstream media and they're ignoring everything that WikiLeaks told us about what was going on with this.
They start with the assumption that this was the Russians doing this and this is the assumption if you listen to Yates and you listen to Clapper everything there is based on the assumption that the Russians did it, that they are unbiased
People who are standing in the gap to tell us the truth.
And yet if we go back and we look at an article going back to February 15th, I think Robert Barnes at Law News made some very interesting points about Sally Yates at that point in time.
He said, Sally Yates should be investigated for her possible role in Watergate-style surveillance.
He says, as an attorney with prior professional experience dealing with Sally Yates, I can imagine no one better who needs to be put under investigation than herself.
Sally Yates knew about surveillance being conducted against potential members of the Trump administration and disclosed that information to others.
Even Richard Nixon didn't use government agencies themselves to do his black bag surveillance operations.
According to published reports, someone was eavesdropping and recording the conversations of Michael Flynn while Sally Yates was at the Department of Justice.
She knew about this eavesdropping.
She listened in herself, Pelicano style, reported what she heard to others.
And that's precisely what
Donald Trump was saying today.
He says, if you're going to have hearings and you're going to have Sally Yates testify, he tweeted out this morning, ask Sally Yates under oath if she knows how classified information got into newspapers soon after she explained it to the White House counsel.
That is the question that needs to be asked.
And going back to February,
The questions that were being asked by Barr said, did she obtain a warrant for this activity?
Did she disclose to the White House that she was working as a temporary holdover?
That she was using her office to intercept calls whenever she could?
Did she leak the intercepted calls to the press, as apparently she is leaking them now?
So that's the question.
She's promoting herself.
As being someone who is standing in the gap and yet they continue to push this conspiracy theory.
Meanwhile we see that Rand Paul had asked a month ago that President Trump would look into the fact that he was being surveilled upon.
Where he had Donald Trump saying they were spying on us, they were spying on the White House, they were spying on my people.
And remember he was eviscerated in the press and yet
Rand Paul, going back to April the 10th, wrote a letter to President Trump.
He said that he had received allegations that the Obama administration had sought intercepted intelligence from the NSA on him and on other members of Congress, and he asked President Trump at the time to conduct a formal investigation.
This is according to Circa.
They quietly asked for the probe nearly a month ago.
See, we just got this information last week, but the letter dates back to April the 10th.
So we have President Trump who knows this is going on.
He knows that they've been spied on by the Obama administration using the surveillance state
Using their surveillance state is now turned into political surveillance.
And in this letter, Rand Paul said, an anonymous source recently alleged to me that my name as well as the names of other members of Congress were unmasked, queried, or both in intelligence reports of intercepts during the prior administration.
He said, I asked your administration to promptly investigate whether my name or other names of other members of Congress or individuals of our staffs or our campaigns were included in queries
Or searches of databases of the intelligence community.
Or if their identities were unmasked.
If they were unmasked.
Because this is nothing other than using the massive surveillance state as a tool of political intrigue.
This is far beyond anything that was ever done in Watergate.
Meanwhile, we have FBI Director Comey debunking the idea that Huma Abedin's excuse for the Clinton emails appearing on Anthony Weiner's laptop.
Remember back in November, she said she was absolutely surprised.
This is what Huma Abedin's lawyer said.
She said she only learned the first time on Friday from press reports of the possibility that a laptop belonging to Mr. Wiener could contain emails of hers.
Actually, they weren't emails of hers.
They were above-top-secret emails.
Politico further quoted a source familiar with her account saying Abedin told colleagues she was taken aback.
When she learned that emails had been found on her husband's laptop.
And now we learn that Comey is saying, well, she did it so she could print them out.
I guess she didn't know she was doing that at the time.
Don't worry.
He won't charge you.
He'll give you a pass.
I know you didn't mean to do anything bad.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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It's killing bats everywhere, other animals, squirrels are dying.
Funguses were used as bioweapons to wipe out rice fields.
So why is it suddenly killing so many mammals?
Yeah, fungus is a growing epidemic and I've been testing this formula and making changes to this formula for over 10 years.
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Everything from brain fog, lack of energy, insomnia, headaches, bowel problems.
Joint pain.
It's joint pain.
It's linked to Crohn's disease.
What about the obesity epidemic?
I know they test people that are really obese.
They're just colonized by fungus.
Yeast overgrowth.
I have a study right here by Jacob Titobaum at the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Dallas.
Yeast overgrowth is linked to an average weight gain of 32 and a half pounds.
What doctor?
By the way, folks, look, I'm not bragging.
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Let's go to Debit in Florida.
Debit in Florida, you're on the air.
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Wow, thank you.
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Which nutraceutical does he like best?
I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
That's really incredible.
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The Trump administration plan to overhaul the Obamacare nightmare is headed to a Senate that is drafting its own version of the bill.
And thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump, welcome to the beginning of the end of Obamacare.
As we suffered with Obamacare, I went through two years of campaigning.
And I'm telling you, no matter where I went, people were suffering so badly with the ravages of Obamacare.
And I will say this, that as far as I'm concerned, your premiums are going to start to come down.
We're going to get this passed through the Senate, I feel so confident.
Your deductibles, when it comes to deductibles, they were so ridiculous that nobody got to use their current plan.
This non-existent plan that I heard so many wonderful things about over the last three or four days.
After that, I mean it's, I don't think you're going to hear so much right now.
The insurance companies are fleeing.
It's been a catastrophe and this is a great plan.
I actually think it will get even better and this is, make no mistake, this is a repeal and a replace
Today we're passing a bill out of fairness and transparency to ensure that Congress operates under the same laws as private citizens.
A principle that both Republicans and Democrats should support.
Do not buy into this hoax.
There's no money left.
They want to go back to the old system, and the old system stunk.
It's not.
It was, what we did was correct the problems of the old system.
So don't believe this cruel hoax.
And John Kerry said, no, no, no, we're going to tax your health insurance.
We're going to tax those evil insurance companies.
We're going to impose a tax that if they sell health insurance, it's too expensive.
We're going to tax them.
And conveniently, the tax rate will happen to be the marginal tax rate under the income tax code.
So basically it's the same thing.
We just tax the insurance companies.
They pass it on at higher prices.
That offsets the tax break we get.
It ends up being the same thing.
It's a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.
Any moderate in the crowd who voted for this bill turned radical today.
In order to avoid a Democratic filibuster, special budget rules under the guise of reconciliation are in effect requiring only 51 votes rather than the standard 60 votes.
Republican senators are already approaching the bill with kid gloves.
Among their concerns include the proposal to allow states to define the regulations requiring insurers to cover certain services.
We're good to go.
I think so.
We want everybody to have insurance.
We are so magnanimous.
But as long as the taxpayer pays for it, and premiums will come down as long as you subsidize the people that get sick, which is what's supposed to be what the insurance is about.
When you get sick, that's when the insurance company is supposed to pay.
They don't want to pay when you get sick.
They just want to reap the profit and then stick the taxpayer with the rest of the bill.
So there's about three or four hundred billion dollars in this bill for insurance company profit.
And it boggles my mind how that became a Republican idea.
Is putting a band-aid on Obamacare really the best way forward?
Or should we just go back to the way it was before?
The Unaffordable Health Care Act.
John Baum for InfoWars.com
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
President Trump has been in office for over a hundred days now.
So we're going to be asking people what they think about his accomplishments and some things that they may be concerned about.
Bottom line, we're going to be finding out whether if they had the opportunity to do it all over again, if they would still cast their vote for President Trump.
Did you guys vote for Trump or Hillary?
Who'd you vote for?
I voted for the Trump.
Did you vote for Trump?
Yes, I did.
And so what do you think about Trump's first 100 days?
Are you happy?
I think he's doing a fantastic job.
He's doing exactly what I want him to do.
Not entirely, but he had opposition to keep some of his appointments from getting in.
I think he's doing a great job.
What's your favorite thing that he's done so far?
Uh, he's being consistent with trying to do something about the tax issues and the healthcare issues.
That's what I like about him.
I did not vote for Trump and I'm not happy with his first 100 days.
Don't make any difference.
He ain't gonna change nothing.
I don't feel like he's been the best role model or even keel personality as a representative for the United States.
Do you think that Hillary would have been a better personality for representing the United States?
Quite possibly.
Definitely not impressed.
Definitely not impressed.
I think it's absolutely ludicrous what he's been trying to pull.
The rich keep getting richer.
He's just not looking after the common folk at all.
Do you think that he's fulfilled some of his campaign promises?
As much as the Democrats would let him.
And I think they're out of their mind.
I have a lot of cons with these liberals.
They keep putting crap in the news.
Give the man a chance.
He's going to do a fine job if we give him a chance.
I believe that he's going to be making change and bringing businesses back to our country where things will be made in America.
And I think that's a good thing.
I'm probably more interested in the results of the military being a little more effective, a little less, more control at the command level rather than having it kicked upstairs.
And I'm waiting to get some of the judges changed at the federal level.
The rest we'll have to wait and see.
I think I'm very happy with his focus on the security of the country in building the wall or the border down around Mexico.
I think it's definitely necessary for Texas.
His whole idea of reducing the taxes for the public, I think that's going to be great.
I think redoing the health care bill is going to be great for the country.
So generally speaking, everything he's doing is an A+.
No, not with this guy in there.
You can't change nothing now.
It's too late.
Do you have any concerns?
About Trump?
That the Democrats won't let him do what we need done?
I'm really not happy right now with anything he's done so far.
I don't know.
I don't know what would make me happy.
If Trump brings back more manufacturing jobs to where you could essentially get a better paying job, would you consider voting for him in 2020?
Time will tell.
Time will tell.
If I see a little bit more from him in the next couple of years, then he has the opportunity to change my mind.
As of right now, kind of set where I'm standing at the moment, but everything can change, right?
I think the health insurance companies are making a lot of money.
And I know that there's not a big fan of regulation, but if someone would regulate them properly, I think we'd actually have more decent coverage for a more reasonable price.
I'm actually a health care provider, and I know there are certain health care companies that haven't given me a raise in 17 years.
Have you looked into some of the changes that were made when he repealed and replaced affordable health care?
I have not read it.
Just the general information that they've given out.
Give him a chance.
He can't do everything overnight.
But I think in due time, the economy's coming around, the market is at record highs.
You know, everybody's savings are 401ks.
Everything is doing fine now that Trump's in there.
So if they give him a chance, I think we'll be fine.
If you could do it all over again today, would you still cast your vote for President Trump?
I sure would.
And would you do it for 2020 with what you've seen so far?
Yes, ma'am.
Because I don't want to ally an idiot in there.
In a heartbeat.
In a heartbeat.
Oh, absolutely.
Anybody over Hillary.
That illegal person.
So would you vote for him in 2020?
Probably so, depending on how he does his first four years.
I won't grade him until I see how he's done.
Assuming that the Republicans don't run somebody else in the primary, yes.
Unless something changes between now and then.
Well, I couldn't find a single person that voted for Trump that regretted having voted for President Trump.
And most said that they were going to be supporting him in 2020 if things continued at the pace that they were going.
So overall, most Trump supporters
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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But consult your physician first before you get powerful survival shield nascent iodine X2 at Infowarslife.com or call toll free.
We can answer your questions.
Well, the left is in a complete meltdown and it's continuing to reach unproportioned levels.
I'm not sure where to even begin.
I'll just throw the craziest one out there.
Well, maybe the craziest.
You guys can be the judge.
But how about this one?
The Huffington Post, Leanne, what do you think about this, is promoting a website that will mail ashes to members of the GOP that voted for Trumpcare because Trumpcare kills you!
Is this not the most insane political move you've ever heard in your life?
It's so dramatic.
I feel like there's just so much over-dramatization now that Trump has won the presidency.
The left has gone completely crazy.
You see all of your
Celebrities out there tweeting against the vote there with Trumpcare and they're all acting like they are literally going to die.
Meanwhile, we've been pointing out for years how Obamacare was actually setting people up to die because you're essentially creating death panels where the government can decide whether or not they want to give you the extended care that you might need in order to save your life.
Yeah, the actuaries.
Because there's only a certain amount of money that they're going to pay in these, you know, government-type programs.
Whereas if you have your private insurer, they'll continue paying for your care if they approve it.
Well, you had an interesting response to this.
One of the people that's pushing the propaganda is Kurt Eichenwald, who's gone to Twitter talking about how he's literally gonna die now.
Kurt Eichenwald, still alive, mind you.
He thinks he's gonna die because of Trumpcare now, and he's... I mean, this is the craziest thing about it, Leigh-Anne.
First of all, Kurt Eichenwald says that he's gonna literally die, even though it hasn't even passed yet.
Let's keep that in mind.
It also literally is being used incorrectly.
He's going on Twitter dropping F-bombs, all these different slurs.
He's so mad because, well, everyone is going to die.
You know, you can mail your ashes to the GOP because everyone's going to die now because of Trumpcare.
I mean, they really have reached
Levels of... I don't even know.
It's beyond low.
It's beyond garbage politics.
I'm sure as a senior writer for Newsweek, he is totally non-biased.
But what was your response, though, when you heard that Kurt Eichenwald thinks he's gonna die now?
Good riddance.
Kurt Eichenwald.
Seriously though, like, I mean if he's a senior writer for Newsweek, are you going to get non-biased information from this outlet?
I hope in the last couple of years with how politically divided this country is, what people can really see without a doubt is how biased their supposedly non-biased news media is.
Well it just, it amazes me too.
I mean, you've got all of the smut.
I mean, Bill Maher talking about incestuous relationships.
Stephen Colbert talking about, you know, whatever holsters.
And here's the thing.
And the FCC may.
They might fine him.
They're thinking about it.
They're thinking about fine him.
And here's my thing about that.
I don't even care.
Like, you can say whatever you want on whatever comedy show.
Like, whatever.
That's fine.
But it's not funny.
They go so low now.
It's the lowness.
It's like they've run out of everything.
They can't be creative.
They can't be funny.
It just turns into smut.
How about this?
I mean, again, I can't decide.
What is the crazier story?
Here's one from Campus Reform.
A professor, Professor John Griffin, this is a professor, says on Facebook, talking about the GOP that voted for Trumpcare, they should be lined up and shot.
That's not hyperbole.
Blood is on their hands.
So again, another raving leftist lunatic, a professor now, so we've got him in the media and in the higher education institutions, saying that members of the GOP need to be lined up and shot, like old Soviet Russia, and that blood is on their hands, even though it's not been passed and no one is dying from it.
Well, he's a leftist professor saying that about the right.
I'm John Griffith.
I read the Washington Post.
I know you got a couple more leftist lunatics though you wanted to cover.
School choice has been a huge topic here for months and on the left they've really been calling a lot of
Conservative families racist for wanting school choice.
Oh, you don't want your children to go to a more integrated school.
You're racist.
You're xenophobic.
Blah, blah, blah.
Especially one of these people who considers herself the major resistor of Trump is Samantha Bee.
Well, it turns out that for about the last year or so, the school where she and her husband send their children has been fighting to keep their school on the wealthy Upper West Side in New York.
They've been fighting to keep their school from integrating because what's going to happen is they're wanting to move the main school to like a block over.
So it's going to be next to a public housing project, which means
Those kids get to come to school with the wealthy elite kids at the Upper West Side.
It's a public school, but because of these zoning districts, these kids that are just a block or so away in the public housing project, they couldn't come.
But now all of a sudden they can.
So Samantha Bee's husband is really opposed to this move.
And he has the audacity to say, to portray any opposition as classist or racist is as bad as it can get.
You know, it's just basically saying, we're not racist or xenophobic for not wanting our schools to be integrated.
You are!
I mean, that's the hypocrisy of it, and this is the kind of stuff that you can't let these people get away with.
It's like, you're sitting here, she's been making fun of Alex Jones for a while, and they're all, you know, calling him racist, xenophobic, all of that, when, again, it's that hypocrisy reveals itself.
It's just like when they're saying, bring in all the refugees, bring them all in.
They don't care.
It's because they're living in their gated communities.
They don't live in the communities that are having to deal with this refugee influx.
Well, not only that, they don't even live in the communities that they represent.
I mean, here Maxine Waters is.
She's going to the MTV Music Awards.
Stay woke.
Hey, they had to get James Brown.
They had to get a piece of James Brown to the MTV Awards.
I mean, you got to.
That's a classic.
It's James Brown, baby.
So they bring Maxine Waters as a representation of James Brown.
She doesn't really even know what's going on.
But she's not in California in her district.
Meanwhile, Omar Navarro is in his district every day campaigning.
Maxine, that's how clueless Maxine Waters is.
She doesn't even realize she's about to lose her seat.
So they're celebrating Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
They're not.
Well, OK, yeah, they're celebrating her.
They give her the standing ovation when she just walks out to present this award.
Oh, yes.
Oh, another award.
She's 78 years old, okay, and now she's this icon.
Ah, millennials!
MTV generation.
Most of the kids watching the show, she's been in Congress for like at least a decade, quarter century longer than most of them have been alive.
So she was there to present the brand new award that MTV just introduced this year, the Best Fight Against the System Award.
I'm just curious, what success she had?
No, she didn't win the award, she was just there to present it.
No, but I'm saying... Oh, who won the award?
I had that in my other article, but it's... Oh, she didn't win it?
Oh, it was Taraji P. Henson, so it was an actress, but she was there to... Yeah, get out.
So she was there to present for... But it's like, they are trying to latch on to the millennials by saying, look, we're the leftists, we're the cool ones, we...
Don't vote for those Republicans.
They're just a bunch of old racist white guys.
Stay woke, my millennials.
When Maxine Waters has been in Congress for decades... Her district is impoverished now.
I think 11 times she's been... But yeah, she's there where the LA riots were.
And she called it at the time a justified rebellion.
Homelessness and poverty are both high in her district.
She doesn't even live there.
What has she done for the people?
She's never there.
She has not done just a lot for them.
I actually thought that she won the award.
I wasn't even aware that she was just handing it out, but because I was thinking here's the left giving themselves even more rewards.
You've got Chelsea Clinton who just, she's just winning award after award.
She can't stop.
She's got a whole closet full.
Obama got an award on Sunday from MSNBC.
They gave him a nice award, so there's that.
I won an award.
Can you go make me a trophy?
I want one.
Well maybe join the left and wake up in the morning and they might give you a pat on the back.
I wasn't part of the generation that just got trophies for showing up.
You know what, actually it's funny.
I was kind of on the tail end of when they started doing that, and I remember my parents always complained about it.
But you know what's funny?
They always complain about Trump, right?
And I just noticed this the other day.
I've kind of noticed it, but I haven't really said it.
Think about this.
All these people that hate Trump, specifically the Democrats and the mainstream media, they are literally stealing everything from Trump.
If you'll notice, when they talk, they do the Trump hand signs now.
Everybody does the Trump hand signs, left or right.
They do the whole white power thing.
But how about this?
The Wall!
This just shows you how things really operate.
The Wall, right?
The most popular thing about Trump, build the wall, build the wall.
So what does mainstream media do?
They immediately release a movie called The Wall, and they immediately make a new TV show called The Wall!
What do you think that's about?
Hey, the wall's popular.
Let's just throw the wall title on anything and it'll sell.
So, pretty good for them.
What do you got, Miley Cyrus too?
The good news is, Miley Cyrus, after she was done wrecking a generation with her debauchery, she's decided that, you know what, maybe trying to reach out to the kids with these nipple pasties wasn't the best move to go door-to-door to get Hillary Clinton elected.
So, Miley Cyrus is going to go back to her good girl ways.
At least there's that.
Hey, don't forget about Senator Harris, another Democrat from California who dropped an F-bomb at a public speaking event.
There's the classy Democrat.
Thanks for tuning in to the InfoWars Nightly News.
Be sure to tune into the Alex Jones Show tomorrow, 11 a.m.
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