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Name: 20170505_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: May 5, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Friday, May 5th, 2017.
I am Leigh-Anne McAdoo filling in for the whole entire crew.
We are just getting off a 30-hour broadcast.
Epic broadcast.
You know what?
I think we even surpassed the 30-hour mark.
We do that from time to time.
We're good to go.
Best of the last 30 hours broadcast and kind of give you a little taste of what we all experienced here in our delirium for the last 30 plus hours and taking it on back a little bit.
Maybe we'll start the broadcast with a little message from Alex Jones.
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We have a story up by Clifford Cunningham at Infowars.com talking about the secret conversations that are being held to impeach Donald Trump.
As I was driving, like I said, I'm not sure which day it was, but I heard NPR talking about it.
Of course, this individual, his name is
Osnos is making the rounds.
He's going, wrote an article on the New Yorker, he's going on MSNBC, he's going on NPR, Fresh Air, Terry Gross, all this stuff.
All talking about how he's got all these experts who say that we're going to get Donald Trump impeached.
He says he claims to have interviewed several dozen people about the prospects of cutting short Trump's presidency.
He's talked to Trump's friends, advisors, to lawmakers, attorneys who have conducted impeachment.
He's talked to physicians and historians because they're going to try to say he's crazy.
Not this lady who was drunk.
No, she's not crazy.
Donald Trump is crazy.
And they point out in this article, and this is something that's very important to remember, when we start just, I mean they're not saying, you know, we look at politicians and say that person is crazy.
I mean they're really trying to convince you that he has mental illness.
And they point out in this article, after Fact Magazine asked psychiatrists during the campaign of Barry Goldwater if he was psychologically fit to be president, they had a thousand of them say that he was warped, that he was impulsive, that he was paranoid and schizophrenic.
You know how they smeared Barry Goldwater with that Daisy ad, the nuclear ad and everything, and so he successfully sued for libel.
And we're going to go to Alex Jones in just a couple minutes.
There's breaking news and we got Alex Jones coming in.
Let me just finish this paragraph here.
What happened with Goldwater?
Was he sued then successfully for libel?
And then in 1973, and we've had Dr. Pchenik talk about this because he's a psychiatrist, the American Psychiatric Association created the so-called Goldwater Rule, which forbade making a diagnosis without an in-person examination.
And without permission to discuss their findings in public.
So you have to actually do an examination.
You know, not some kind of telepathic feeling that you get watching somebody on television.
And you have to get your patient's permission to go public.
So when we look at all this stuff, I think the key thing here, folks, is that they're
There is a danger when we look at what's going on with his son-in-law, Kushner.
And this loan, the failure to disclose loans that he got from George Soros, is not just a bad idea for his political base.
It's not just an ethics issue.
When you do something like that and you don't sign the paperwork, that is a very, very dangerous thing.
And if Trump doesn't cut the ties to that, that could be used to impeach him.
I think that's a very dangerous thing.
Let's go to Alex.
He's got breaking news.
Absolutely, David.
You're doing a fabulous job.
I want to thank the crew that's been working with everybody for support the last 48 hours.
In the face of George Soros and his counter law firm suing us.
Remember the New York Tribal Reserves suing us.
They're openly in the news, admittedly trying to take us down right now, but we're all expanding in the face of it.
But it's incredible.
We're so zanked that this just broke on InfoWars.com ten minutes ago.
And so I wanted to call in and I asked him, I said, what's David covering?
I know he's covering the Lawrence Fishburne thing.
But by the time, which I'm glad you did, that's Gordon Ward's sister's daughter, totally delusional and not taking responsibility for herself, peeing on the side of the road or whatever she was saying, with her butt hanging out.
I mean, obviously, if you're drunk, a woman's doing whatever.
As soon as I go to you and I'm on hold for a couple minutes, you're talking about what I called out about this, so ultramassive, that we should have it as the top Facebook story, the top YouTube.
We should really make a huge deal out of this because it's such a big deal.
I'm going to actually be calm and not let myself get upset.
I've studied how governments are taken down.
I've studied how the global stock rate.
I've studied what they've done in more than 60 other countries that they've always found, sometimes repeatedly.
Operation Ajax and Picky Trick in Iran, right through what happened with Kennedy in 1963.
It just goes on and on.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have sources, but also more importantly than sources, I have history.
And what David Knight was just covering from Infowars.com, the Clifford Cunningham article,
The New Yorker Magazine, one of the most elite publications where they communicate with each other.
It's like the Atlantic Monthly or the Financial Times in London.
In that publication, they're saying, oh, how we could fire again, not the people, but the globalists, the Republican establishment, the Democratic establishment, people that don't like the fact you killed TPP and it was supposed to swallow our sovereignty, people that don't like
He's getting the Federal Reserve to actually make banks, make loans to small businesses.
The fact that they don't want him to actually turn the economy on.
He is a real president.
He is trying to bring power back to America.
He's doing some things that aren't perfect and compromises, but they will still try to destroy him because he is good.
He is real.
He's irrevocably hurting political correctness.
He's making us feel good about ourselves again.
He's getting our morale up, the stock market, all of it.
We were supposed to already be in a controlled global depression by now.
They were going to bring in social unrest, you name it.
We're good to go.
I think so.
His own closest associates owe the families he threatened and everything.
And Ken Kushner's out of the control of Soros.
And all the rest of it.
And so they're saying, look, you destroy your father-in-law, or we're going to bring you down, basically.
And so Trump is totally surrounded.
In 106 days, they've already partially repealed Obamacare.
They're devastating the globalist operation.
Even though, let's say he's a battleship with 12 guns, maybe eight of them are firing right now.
And as every month goes by, more of his guns get knocked out.
But still, still, we're taking them down at the same time.
It's like a video game.
At the end of a level, we're fighting the boss.
And your energy's going down, but his energy's going down.
We are bleeding the globalists out.
LePen's set to win.
Unless we're hanky-panky.
Nationalism's turbo-surging.
So they're attacking LePen, the Infowars, Trump.
Nigel Farage, they tried to kill him three times.
That's, you know, was off the record in the news.
Came out, I can report it, but he definitely knows they're trying to kill him.
He's been told, retire your dad.
Well, he retired.
They would actually follow their promise to make England sovereign again, but they didn't.
They backed off.
So he's getting ready to run for prime minister, even though they've said you're a dead man.
So he has incredible courage.
I've obviously been told the same things by very serious people.
So folks, if there's a game, Trump is in an arena death battle.
I've used that term, death struggle, death battle.
A lot of Democrats use it because that is what this is.
This is no quarter.
We're not giving them quarter.
We're not giving them quarter.
We just want to restore the Republican prosperity.
They want a North Korea meets THX 1138 model and everybody other than claims they're liberal or conservative should realize these fake fights between Democrats and Republicans
Our total and complete theater.
They're not real.
When you see real attacks, though, on Trump, and all these attempts to promote killing him and stuff, that's because he is real.
He is real.
I've got a crew of 65 people.
They're all great people, but still, we have problems.
Directors get messed up.
A lot of it's my fault.
Imagine having 4,000 people under you, and then you're interfaced with over 2 million federal employees.
And then millions and millions of contractors and major corporations, they're doing whatever they want.
They're running rampant.
They're arrogant.
They're sabotaging.
And now that they are openly in, now that they are openly in the New Yorker magazine saying behind the scenes they're looking at his overthrow, not just his impeachment, and they're talking about using COG, even though they don't have the votes, they are trying to get people ready and lined up to normalize this in the bureaucracy for an assassination
Uh, or for an overthrow, or you name it, and believe me, the Democrats and Republican leadership aside, they're gonna call everyone Russians who got elected from the, uh, Freedom Caucus.
And the Republican Freedom Caucus are a great people, by the way.
Some of them are war mongers, but other than that, when it comes to sovereignty, Second Amendment, they're good people.
They're misguided in some cases, but they're good people.
They're Americans.
They're not perfect, but they're, you know, they want prosperity, they're not eating, okay?
They are the key to this.
They've got to understand they're going to be next if this happens.
And I'm just telling you, it could be so strong.
I've known this in my gut for months.
And stuff Trump does makes me mad.
But it's his adjuncts just speaking out of turn, McMaster and the rest of them doing whatever they want.
You know, saying arrest the sons and stuff to destroy Trump's base and his support.
I know from insiders very high up that he is disgusted.
He is sick of it.
They've demoralized him.
They get us conditioned to just accept incredible tyranny in our faces.
Like, it's no big deal.
This is done.
This is done over and over and over and over again.
So we even have ultra-massive crime taking place by the globalists.
And then myself and everybody else, we just kind of halfway accept it.
The reason we've been so successful against them is I do raise the alarm.
David raised the alarm.
And we really get upset about what's going on.
You know, just go quietly into the night.
But here's the headline of the whole show today and the whole theme.
I hope the listeners will really get the word out about Clifford Cunningham's article, which is excellent.
But it's very dry.
It's kind of like reporting, you know, that Hitler invaded France or something in 1941.
And we all just kind of sit here and, you know, go to sleep.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not criticizing Cunningham.
I'm just saying he dryly reported it as he should.
The New Yorker magazine, the elites, admit they're in Congress.
They're everywhere.
This is the shadow government coming out.
And announcing plans to overthrow the president, the elected president, and they're saying it like it's no big deal.
Like I tell you, you're going in and getting your tooth drilled on for a root canal or something.
It's all very routine.
It's all no big deal.
Nothing to see here.
Go away.
Because they are pissed he's returning the sovereignty.
They are so upset that this is really happening, that the power is being taken away from them.
You can say he's doing some things that aren't perfect.
That doesn't even really matter.
The power is being taken away from the globalists.
It is being transferred back to the executive and legislative and the judicial.
It's being transferred back to the states.
We drain the swamp, one city, one county.
One family, one company, one church at a time.
And so, uh, Dave is doing an awesome job here today, breaking this down, but I would just ask all our guests and everything else we have coming up, just be front and center.
And then all of my writers, write more articles about this because I've got probably 20 special reports that are on Infowars.com.
We're going to repost in Cunningham's article where I said, COG's coming.
They're organizing a coup behind the scenes at Congress.
They're organizing at the Pentagon from my sources.
Didn't we have the former deputy head of the treasury?
I don't think so.
By another name that they're now selling publicly.
This isn't Alex three months ago saying it, or David saying it three months ago.
It's happening now.
We need everybody to get this article out everywhere.
The President is in danger and all of us are in danger.
Let me just say this.
We're so busy.
We have a plug once this hour.
We did some visa fundraising yesterday, but I need to get more reporters, more crew, fast.
We've got all our new pharmaceuticals on sale, 30-20% off.
Water filter's off 30% with the ProPure team.
A lot of that stuff's gonna sell out.
That sale has to end this weekend.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have the Federal Reserve Board of New York, so that's okay.
We have a board member.
We are underglobalists.
It's the same George Soros attack.
And it's okay.
We're winning.
We're the American resistance.
You're the American resistance.
We're fighting.
People have to realize how real this is.
That's why the enemy is out there saying in the news, I voted for Obama with no proof.
Total crap.
They're saying I'm not real.
Of course I'm real.
This is all real.
We're changing the world.
It's because we are so real.
We are so 100% real.
But the globalists can't stand that.
So we need your prayers.
More than anything, I'm praying for you and us together.
I need your financial support.
I need you to get around the box.
It's Fred Colford Cunningham's powerful article in my videos and David's analysis.
It's this live feed to everyone you know.
Get everyone to go to InfoWorksStore.com and get the amazing,
We're good to go.
Just overthrow our country, overthrow our president.
No, we're overthrowing their new world order.
We're pulling the face sucker off our face.
We're getting the parasite off of us.
Back to David Knight and the incredible crew.
I salute you all and I love you all.
History's happening.
Don't be like these zombies that don't even notice what's happening and don't know what's going on around them.
We are awake.
The sleeper has awakened.
We'll be back with a second hour with David Knight.
Stay with us.
What's going on with Trump?
With him going after Assange, or his minions, you know, the CIA director saying, you know, it's a foreign intelligence op, we want to arrest him, when Trump's like, give me more Assange, good job.
I don't want to, I mean, I like some of the stuff Trump's doing, I know he's a good guy, but the spending bill's too big, the Obamacare bill wasn't good enough, a lot of good stuff he's doing too, but at the same time, I understand he's having to compromise some, but, you know, my goodness, what's going on with the big guy?
Well, I mean, I think we have to be very candid.
The fight continues.
When the two-party duopoly, when the political establishment could not defeat Donald Trump, now they seek to co-opt him.
First, they tried to discredit him and to destabilize him.
You remember that?
There was the Electoral College argument, the recount argument, the Russian collusion argument.
All of those, of course, have fallen away.
So now they seek to co-opt him.
I can confirm, as I said the other day, and I broke this news right here, I now believe the resignation of the Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will come in the first week of June, as predicted first here on InfoWars.
I can tell you that Senator Charles Grassley really got the hammerlock on the President to appoint Judge Stephen Colleton from the 8th Circuit as the Supreme Court Justice.
Alex, just say he is not who you and I would select.
We know that Judge Neil Hartigan of Western Pennsylvania, of the Pennsylvania, I should say the Pittsburgh District, remains a strong candidate.
But I'm telling you,
The dark horse, the president's real personal choice, in my opinion, remains Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Mark my words, this will all unfold exactly as I have laid it out.
I also learned today, working very closely with a very experienced New York City real estate attorney, that there is no doubt whatsoever
That the refinancing of 666 Fifth Avenue, a building owned by the Kushner family, was partially refinanced by George Soros and his interests.
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I hear you're okay in jujitsu.
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But the bone broth and the joint formula, like you just said, you combine those two, I felt the difference immediately.
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Yeah, and it actually tastes good.
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Well, that's a big primary part about, you know, fighting the globalists is making sure that we stay healthy and stay clear-eyed and stay honest and stay humble.
I hope that we do that here at InfoWars.
We got a lot going on and we're in the middle of the fight, so we really appreciate it when anybody supports us, either by purchasing our products or you can even go on to our store and donate.
We're doing this by the skin of our teeth.
I know it looks like we're in a billion-dollar studio, but Alex has never taken one cent of
I borrowed money at all whatsoever.
This is all money that's come from you listeners.
So you've literally built this place, you know, built this place with your compassion and built this place with the support that you've sent us.
So from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate it because I know we wouldn't be able to do this.
We wouldn't have a voice if it wasn't for you.
So once again, we've got to thank the listeners for their steadfastness in supporting us and
Even when we make mistakes, and even when we're not right, and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us, and I appreciate that.
Alright, and now we have some breaking news from the man himself, Alex Jones, is going to join us.
Alex, welcome back to your own program.
Roger, absolutely.
Thanks for filling in today.
You're doing a great job.
We're going to have a lot of sports shows.
You'll have your own show in the next few months.
We're hiring all the board operators.
We're getting the satellite time.
We'll get that all ready.
I want you to go to your desk here in a minute.
I just wanted to call in on this Friday broadcast because I'm taking care of some family stuff and some business stuff today.
You and David and I are doing a fabulous job.
But there's an article by Clifford Cuttingham on Inforged.com that links directly, and I want to get your take on this briefly, to the New Yorker magazine that you know is one of the main mouthpieces of the elites.
And they say, we're meeting in Congress secretly, bipartisanly, and with members of Trump's administration.
Deciding to say, mentally ill, like these 200 psychologists and psychiatrists have said.
Violating the Goldwater Rule.
Well they said we are going to basically either overthrow him, or have an impeachment, or just declare he's insane under the 25th Amendment.
Now that's- and they're talking about he's a concubine of government, C.O.T.
Again, claiming the Russians control you, and me, and everybody else.
While Barack Obama and everybody else were involved in the election for Hillary, when the media got caught doing it, they got caught trying to defeat Le Pen for macaron.
All the rest of it's coming out.
Paul Watson has a powerful video, The Proof About Macaron, up on Infowars.com.
It just went live.
Everybody, after you're off in 20 minutes, should go to it.
But I want you to go to your guests.
You can skip this network break coming up.
We don't skip many of these days, but you can skip this one at 50 so you have more time.
Go to your guests.
It's just the point is, I'm 100% back in front because you've got $3 trillion in the stock market.
Exuberance again, a belief in American confidence.
300 million in new jobs already in place.
6 days in.
A much better bill than Obamacare now passed the House.
Doing unthinkably successful things.
And they're in the news saying, we've decided he's a failure.
So we're going to remove him.
A quote, how Donald Trump could be fired is the headline.
When we put that article up on screen.
So everybody's got to get serious for the stand.
He's having to compromise.
They wanted to stall the government and say it was his fault.
He's having to compromise.
He's completely surrounded.
He only has a few friends, even in his administration.
And you notice in this article, it says they're talking to people high level in his administration that have decided themselves he needs to go.
Well, he's in the mall.
They're in, you know, debt, basically.
They're useful idiots to George Soros, people.
I'm sorry, it's a fact.
They're the ones that have cleaned house and all his real supporters.
The government's over-delivered.
In 106 days, he's over-delivered.
Reagan didn't get this done in three years.
We've got a Republican who knows what it was in 1964.
It took Reagan three and a half years to get there.
You know, in 100-something days, we're trying to stall the economy.
But even the EU's stock market's gone back up on the exuberance of the Trump effect.
So, again, Trump's not perfect, folks, but he's in the eye of the storm.
He has the globalists attacking him because he's the president now.
He's bringing power back to the executive, back to the legislative, back to the judicial, and then back to the state.
We have to bring a swamp on our own lives on every level.
Down in city, state, federal, international.
He's cut the UN funding by half.
Illegals coming in is down 43% in just the first 100 days.
That's all control.
And that's why they're panicking.
If he was selling out,
They wouldn't be openly trying to sell the idea of conservative government, martial law, and floating it down the mainstream news as if it's no big deal.
So I told people this three months ago when I stalled the movements.
Now they're getting muted.
Now they're on CNN saying they hope ISIS blows up and can already live.
Nobody gets arrested.
They're saying, go after me, kill me, kill Stone, kill the Hitler colonial.
They're trying to destroy my family, openly.
They are coming at anybody they think is a coward who will rally the American people against this global tyranny.
We have a great chance of winning, but all of you guys spread the word and get past the Twitter.
You've got a hand to spread our acts on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google.
Start your own website.
Notify what we're doing.
Start your own site.
Call C-SPAN.
Call Tone Radio.
Infowars.com is the forbidden site because it's the clearinghouse for all these great minds.
So they're openly in the news.
I want to get off here, Roger, but...
Ladies and gentlemen, they are moving everyone.
They're kicking their ass.
Our ideology is pure success, pure Americana.
They can't deal with it.
And Trump is like a lion with a hundred hyenas at him right now.
Some of us are bitching, saying, should have done this better.
I can't believe we're alive right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Trump is for real.
Don't embarrass him.
Praise him.
Praise Iraq.
We're going to get through this.
We're going back to rock and roll.
You know, Alex, this is such incredibly important breaking news.
I'm going to ask our guest, Dr. Franklin Brothers, to come back and join us next week and we can continue the discussion of the censorship campaign because what you've just put on the table must be addressed.
I first sensed that there would be a future move to remove Trump when I was watching the cabinet selections.
As you know, under the 25th Amendment, if a majority of the cabinet and the vice president decide that the president is incapacitated, cannot fulfill the duties of his office, that he is removed.
Now, he can challenge that decision, but it would go to a vote of the U.S.
House, controlled by Paul Ryan.
Despite Paul Ryan's success in repealing Obamacare, I don't think anyone on the anti-globalist right considers him anything but a quizling, a spy in our midst.
After all, he was Mitt Romney's running mate for Vice President, and Mitt Romney did a superb job of offering the American people the exact same thing that Barack Obama offered them.
An election of no choice.
My conscience is clear.
I voted for Governor Gary Johnson.
This was four years ago.
So I think cabinet members in some cases have been carefully picked because they have an establishment background and when the signal came that Donald Trump's
Anti, I would say, Donald Trump's iconoclastic personal leadership style and the idiosyncrasies of his personality came to the forefront.
And they weren't the homogenized bullshit that we've gotten from your typical mainstream career politicians.
Well, we'll just declare him crazy and try to move him on.
Make no mistake about it, if this should fail, the Democrats and some established Republicans have an impeachment fallback position.
This is how much Donald Trump threatens the New World Order.
This is how much of a crimp he puts in the plans of George Soros and others for a one world globalist government in which we give up all of our American sovereignty and any claim to the constitutional rights that are guaranteed to us by that great document.
Make no mistake about it, the entrenched two-party duopoly in Washington that has run this country into the ground will never come to terms with President Donald Trump.
First, they tried to deny him the presidency.
When that failed, they tried to destabilize his presidency and to delegitimize it.
And now that that has failed, and particularly because he's making real progress on issues such as our economy and our economic well-being, such as Obamacare, well they have to get him out of there, and in their view, the sooner the better.
Who's behind this effort?
The elites, the power elites in New York and Washington and London and Paris and elsewhere, those who would profit mightily from future wars, war in Syria for example, and they will give no quarter, there is no limit to what they will attempt to do.
Did you know that only six corporations control 90% of what millions of Americans see, hear, and read every single day?
It's the illusion of choice.
Think about it.
The mainstream media is owned by only a handful of megacorporations with vested interests.
But on the other hand, the Internet is an interconnected network of billions of sources.
So you can research information for yourself from multiple sources, or you can blindly accept what you hear or read in the mainstream media, never questioning what you are being told.
This gives you a false sense of reality.
I mean, do you actually know what you think you know?
Or have you been programmed to accept someone else's version of events?
Why is the fungus?
Why is the mold?
Why is the yeast taking over?
What is going on?
What has changed?
Dr. Group, the new product will sell out definitely in days.
You've been testing it for almost a decade.
You've got rave reviews from your patients who've been taking it privately, your clinics.
We're good to go.
You know, there can be some responses to this as you're flushing it, but why is this product so powerful?
What does it do?
So, we've been doing research just like you have on what's currently going on.
Obviously, we stay ahead of the game because our job is to protect and address the root cause of the problem, which is why I've been... And we want stuff for our own kids.
Well, we've been... This is why we've addressed...
The President, you know, let's address the root cause of America's health problems, but getting back to fungus, it's becoming an increasing epidemic that's only getting worse.
It's killing bats everywhere, other animals, squirrels are dying.
Funguses were used as bioweapons to wipe out rice fields.
So why is it suddenly killing so many mammals?
Yeah, fungus is a growing epidemic and I've been testing this formula and making changes to this formula for over 10 years.
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Yeast overgrowth.
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Yeast overgrowth is linked to an average weight gain of 32 and a half pounds.
What doctor?
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Wow, thank you.
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I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
That's amazing.
That's really incredible.
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Like, I haven't felt asleep.
My morning was fantastic.
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It's 11 p.m.
Central America, and we're one day and one hour closer to victory against the globalist forces.
And now, Darren McBreen and Rob Doo, who'll interview Ben Garrison, Leanne McAdoo, and of course, take your phone calls.
Our next guest is on the line.
It is Ben Garrison and he's going to tell us how you can get his amazing book, which we'll be thumbing through as we go through this interview.
The 2016 Presidential Election Collection by Ben Garrison.
I'm not sure if he'll be smoking a cigar now, but Ben are you there?
I don't smoke cigar in the house.
Yeah, I'm here and am I speaking to Rob?
Yes, this is Rob Dew and you got Darren McBreen as well.
Okay, good to be on your show.
Hey Ben, good to have you.
So where do we start, Ben?
I mean, we've got Trump in the White House.
It looks like... I think you were one of the main purveyors of that, at least image-wise, to be putting these out and people were spreading these.
They were little memes on their own.
They didn't even need, you know, an extra meme text on the top or bottom.
But now we've got him in and now we've seen, you know, we've got a hundred days and we're looking and we see, you know, some things we don't like, some things we like.
What's your overall impression?
Overall, I'm happy.
Progress has been made.
I still support Trump.
I was disappointed with the Syrian bombings that really disturbed me because he said, we're not going to be in the business of nation building.
We're going to rebuild our own nation.
And so that was the very first quasi-negative cartoon I drew of Trump.
That's not in the book, but I had Rand Paul on one side, the angel telling him not to do it, and I had
I had McCain as the devil telling him, yeah Warren, let's go for it.
Money could be made.
Well, when I drew that cartoon, and I think it was based on a false flag too, so I drew that cartoon and I instantly lost a lot of Patreon supporters and Twitter followers.
I gotta call it as I see it, and that one, you know, it had to be drawn.
But overall, I've still been drawing fairly positive Trump cartoons, although the swamp has gotten bigger.
In my book, I have him pulling the plug on the swamp, and it looks like, you know, Trump is this looming figure, and he's, like, reaching into the swamp and pulling the plug, and they're all going swirling down the drain.
Well, I drew another variation of that, and the swamp appears much more vast.
And now the swamp monster is coming after him, saying, what the hell do you think you're doing?
And I have much smaller Trump.
So the task is a lot more monumental than many people might have thought.
Well, and I think our overall opinion in this society we live in now, which is instant gratification, that
I'm guilty of that myself, I have to admit, but I'm not giving up on it.
Some people out there, I've seen some YouTube videos, I'm going to give them until May and then I'm going to really turn against them and I'm not going to do that.
I'm going to just see if, you know,
He did NTPP and he's making progress on the jobs and, you know, he wants to get rid of Obamacare.
I mean, it's only been a hundred days.
Let's give the guy a shot.
And, you know, I was disappointed.
I drew another one where I showed him as in a tug of war.
Steve Bannon was on one side of Trump and Trump was the rope and the other people are the Kushner and Ivanka who are
A little bit more Democrats, I guess.
They lean more toward the Democrats.
I think Kushner even has a Soros connection, which disturbed me.
So I showed him kind of trying to drag them toward the globalist side with the swamp, and I had Bannon trying to drag him back over to his campaign promises and the people who all believe he should continue to try to make America great again.
Yeah and Bannon's outnumbered.
I mean he's got Kushner and Ivanka who both have the ear of Trump and they seem to be a lot more ideologically influenced than I thought and less common sense influenced for being that successful.
They seem to be duped by
The propaganda that we've debunked over and over again.
You know, anytime it's clear pictures of dead children, you know there's something wrong.
Because anytime it's dead children anywhere else in the world, we either don't see them or they are blurred out.
But here it was in your face over and over again.
You in pictures.
It was babies in incubators 2.0.
That's the point.
That's exactly the way I feel about it.
And, you know, overall, I'm not too happy with a lot of his cabinet choices, a lot of the Goldman Sachs men and Tillerson.
I mean, I'm not too crazy about that, but maybe he needs these people in there because they know where their bodies are buried.
I don't know.
Now, when I drew that cartoon, you know, Roger Stone follows me on Twitter and he commented he didn't agree with it at all and that we should, you know, Trump knows what he's doing and is his own man and making his own decisions.
And that's reassuring.
And I hope, and I have a lot of respect for Roger Stone, I've read many of his books, so I hope he's right.
Maybe Trump really is indeed playing like 4D, 5D chess, and I'm just not, I just don't know what's going on on the inside, naturally.
But I have still, I have to draw it as I see it.
That's why I'm just going to try to keep the faith and hope that he can come through on things such as the wall and rebuilding infrastructure and try to stay out of all these globalist wars and all the intrigue that comes from the multinational globalist central bankers who are really
I don't know.
A bunch of saps, they'll believe any kind of empty platitudes I shovel at them.
But I'm really on your side now.
They'll pay me some more millions.
I've got a public and private position.
I mean, that was just, you know, hey, that's confirmation.
And the one really good thing that resulted in this entire election campaign was that the deep state, the shadow state,
They tipped their hand.
It's no longer a conspiracy theory.
It's a conspiracy.
And so the shadow government is real and he's fighting, he's up against this immense swamp that includes the NSA and the CIA and, you know, the Soros's and everybody who's got the grapple hooks on Congress.
So Trump may be our last best hope because if this doesn't work and he's unable to
But if this doesn't get turned around soon, then I'm thinking this Trump administration might be our last chance.
Otherwise, what else do we have?
Well, probably revolution.
Yeah, a cartridge box, because the ballot box will have failed.
And we're either criminals or we're Russian agents.
What a night!
Hey, we got you on for an hour and 45 minutes.
That was good.
Guys, you can check out Ben Garrison, his book, the 2016 Presidential Election Collection.
You can also follow him at grr-graphics.com.
He's also got the same Twitter handle, at g-triple-r-graphics.
That's it.
And then his book is, you can find that on Amazon.com.
And we'll definitely have you back soon.
Real quick, I just want to say this.
One of his cartoons, just one of his pictures, would take me like an hour to discuss, to tell somebody the whole story there.
He could do it all in one image.
It's really amazing.
A picture's worth at least five beers.
You've got to drink five beers to talk about it.
Hey, that's a challenge.
We'll go through the whole book.
Alright, we've got some callers there.
We'll leave you guys on the line.
Maybe when Owen comes in he can take over.
We're going to play a short break as we switch out because we're staying in this studio for the rest of the night.
Ben Garrison, thank you for joining us.
Appreciate you having you on once again.
Yeah, definitely, man.
Love it.
Love your work, and best of luck to you, and don't worry about the haters, man.
Haters gonna hate.
That's right.
And you can't do nothing about them, so just love them.
Hey, keep planting those seeds, man.
That's what we do.
Plant those seeds.
Hopefully they give you good inspiration.
Yeah, exactly.
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We have the Bill Nye the Science Guy, a 1990s program cutting out where they break down the X and Y chromosomes and what makes us human, men and women.
Men and women now existing and science is hurtful to someone else.
This is the globalists using our well-meaning openness and our tolerance to get us to hate our species and give up on our life force.
I think?
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