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Name: 20170503_Wed-4_Alex
Air Date: May 3, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including Hillary Clinton's recent statements, financial news, ongoing wars in the Middle East, non-profits, universities, media outlets and their promotion of misinformation. He advocates for upholding the Constitution, involving people in decision-making processes related to war, closing overseas military bases and focusing on pressing issues such as war and economic hardship.

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Globalism is an anti-human system.
It's a breakaway civilization.
The elites believe humanity's finished and are basically stealing our wealth, our intellectual property, and our very essence to construct their new world order system.
Now, I never started Infowars 22 years ago believing I would save the world.
I just wanted to be a watchman on the wall
A modern Paul Revere who could warn people about the threats, and I believe that humanity, when faced with a threat, would take action against it.
So many times globalists would tell me that, oh Alex, they're a bunch of cowards, you're just scaring them for us.
And I would always say, no, humanity, at least a large part of it, when faced with the truth, will do what it takes to defeat your unelected planetary dictatorship.
Wednesday, May 3rd and Thursday, May 4th.
We're doing a 30-hour transmission that kicked off at 11 a.m.
on Wednesday.
And we've got Congressman Ron Paul and so many other amazing patriots joining us.
I hope that you'll do several things during this important transmission to defend free speech and defend what's left of the West.
I hope you'll spread the link at Infowars.com forward slash show to new people who've never heard of the show or who have heard of us being demonized in the national news but have not actually heard the message.
Tell people, this is the forbidden message.
This is the show they don't want you to hear.
This is the show the globalists are afraid of.
That's why they're trying to assassinate my character, my crew's character, and the rest of our host's character.
Because they understand we're promoting freedom, open society, goodwill.
The globalists are selling division and evil.
So please spread the word about the live transmission so we can reach new people.
That's the goal.
Will this 30-hour broadcast save the world?
But it is the spirit of defiance and the incremental march against tyranny that overall will save the world.
My friends, we can come together as one human race that bleeds red blood.
Thank you.
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The globalists are doing everything they can to silence us and to demonize me and to destroy my family, quite frankly.
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Look how far we've already come.
So let's tell the globalists we're not trash.
Let's tell Bill Guy, the science guy, that we're going to have more than one child.
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Now back to the live transmission with the amazing host and guest and special reports during the 30-hour broadcast that we're now partway into.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
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Let's go to Deben in Florida.
Deben in Florida, you're on the air.
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Welcome back to this 30-hour broadcast, the Defense of Free Speech special.
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Oh, and Troyer, I think this is our third all-nighter together.
Let's see, let's try to recall.
We did two in a row last time.
Was it really two in a row?
I think that's what it was.
Man, I think you're right, actually.
But I think one of the times we went till 9am and then one of the times we went till 6am or something like that.
It was something weird.
Yeah, the last time you wouldn't stop.
Because there was a difference.
All night.
Yeah, I forget.
All night long.
That's Marcos who keeps me going, guys.
Alright, so here's what we're going to do.
We've got some callers that have been holding for a while.
So we're going to take these calls, then I'm going to hit some news before the news is too stale, and then the next series of news starts breaking.
And then I'm going to take your calls for the remainder of my time here, which will be 7 a.m., of course, unless something big broadcasts, or unless something big breaks.
And the call-in number is... Actually, that's not the number, is it, guys?
Are we using a different number?
It's the 1-800 number.
Is it the 1-888 number?
Okay, so 1-877-789-ALEX.
And we will get to your calls the rest of the night.
As long as you guys keep calling in, we will stay on air.
Let's go to Theodore in Arizona, who's been holding the longest.
Let's talk about some new technology and our products.
Go ahead, Theodore.
Go ahead.
Hey, you guys need to look into glutathione.
A lot of wealthy people take that intravenously and it goes into the system and cleans out virtually everything that doesn't belong, including heavy metals.
You know, I feel like I hear about Gucci already talking about that all the time.
Yeah, it's a big deal, but I buy it other places.
I'd rather buy it from you.
I mean, you guys could totally make this stuff.
Yeah, well, I'll be honest with you.
I mean, if it is something that Gucciardi does, which I feel like I've heard him mention that, I don't want to put anything on Anthony Gucciardi.
I can't remember if that's true or not.
I know that he's into health stuff like that, but if that's something that he's taken and aware of, he's probably getting ready to think about introducing that.
Again, I don't have any scoop on that or anything, but that seems to be the way it goes.
Yeah, Bulletproof makes one that will really knock your socks off, but I'm sure you guys can make one equal or better.
Go ahead, mention that product again, that supplement.
Glutathione, you say?
It's called glutathione.
All of your spells actually make it, but it's the most powerful detoxifying compound that exists.
But you can take it like a 50,000 mile, you know, oil change externally.
Gotcha, yeah.
That's something that when people take it, they feel it.
And so, like, if you want to make believers out of people, that's another very powerful way to do that.
Okay, glutathione.
Alright, now what's this new, is that the new technology too, or what's the new technology you wanted to talk about?
Oh no, that's actually old school.
It's just, you know, one of these profound things that, you know, the public still hasn't heard about.
Yeah, yeah, one of those secrets that's right in front of your face.
Yeah, yeah, I mean, they give it to people, like, intravenously if you get poisoning in the hospital.
Like, a lot of medical workers know about this, and they'll, like, stick a needle in their arm with glutathione to cure a hangover and stuff like that.
But anyways, the new technology... Pure?
A hangover?
It knocks out hangovers, like you can take it before you drink or after you drink or whatever.
Yeah, that's just a myth to me.
It's a joke, go ahead.
This stuff scavenges every toxic thing.
It sounds too good to be true.
You gotta try it and see it.
I'll do it while I'm in the sauna.
Yeah, yeah, it pairs well with the sauna because you sweat out tons of toxins when you're in the sauna.
But anyway, the technology I wanted to share with you guys before it gets, you know, like squashed by monopolies or whatever is Dr. Polizenski-Oligard at the University of Arizona.
I spoke with him a year ago and their team made a nanorod
Hey, what's the name of this battery?
What is the name of this battery?
I'll have the crew see if they can find some information about it.
Well, they call it the Nuke, like, for nano-ultracapacitor, but it's easier to find through a search engine with, if you put in nano-rod ultracapacitor, and then University of Arizona, and one of the results that'll come up will have Polizenski oligard in it, and they're still crossing the T's and dotting the I's on the patents and stuff, but
This thing is a total game changer.
It means that you can have an electric car and not have to worry about replacing the batteries every three to five years.
Or a smartphone or whatever that is not limited by short battery life.
Okay, so keep an eye on that in the stock market as well.
Alright, thank you for the call so much, Theodore.
Thank you.
Yeah, well, hopefully it does.
I mean, obviously he's, I guess Theodore is alluding to the fact that they love to suppress technologies that might ruin the oil monopoly on getting cars around and all the trillions of dollars they make from that.
Let's go to Harold in Ontario.
Go ahead, Harold.
Howdy, I'm here.
How you doing?
Doing alright.
What's on your mind?
We talked before.
I gather you got my letter from the Environment Canada folks about the chemtrails, but that's not why I'm calling today.
I did get your letter.
They followed up, by the way.
They referred me to the Ministry of Defense.
Okay, so here's the thing.
You got the government to admit that chemtrails exist, though.
Yeah, absolutely.
They didn't tell the whole story, but they at least told enough that we now know it's not a conspiracy theory.
Well, you know, I mean, it's okay.
Hey, look.
Man-made global warming exists, and it's because humans exist, but the actual humans that are actually geoengineering and the governments that admit it, that are telling us anthropogenic climate change is the problem, are ignoring the actual anthropogenic climate change that is going on by government program right in front of our face!
This is the most backward, twisted reality, and it's true!
Yeah, I know.
They say it's about keeping the Earth cool or whatever their reasons, but I'm looking up in the sky in the middle of the night and I see that they're
Well, I gotta say, Alex has been saying that he has not been noticing the chemtrails.
I have not been noticing the chemtrails as much either.
Now, I've been living in St.
Louis my whole life, so I don't really know the patterns in Austin.
I've only lived here for, I think, maybe eight months or so.
So, but Alex is saying that he's not seeing as many chemtrails.
I couldn't even tell you the last time I feel like I saw a chemtrail.
Hardly anyone comes to mind.
So they're still going on in Canada?
Oh, they're amping it up in a big way here, yeah.
So Antifa, you say you're sick of those guys.
So am I, and given Ben Garrison having been on a little earlier, I was hoping to catch him when he was still on.
I haven't seen any
Any of his drawings didn't have anything to do with Antifa.
Those guys, they need to be ridiculed.
That's what it is.
He's never addressed Antifa in a comic?
I looked and I couldn't find even one.
I am shocked by that.
Well, Ben Garrison was on earlier, so maybe he'll hear this.
Yeah, hopefully.
Yeah, there's one right there.
Actually, this might be the first one he's done, because this is a new one.
I'm pretty sure that this one is relatively new.
But yeah, there's the Antifa man.
Behind the whole communist thing, when I was a kid going to school, they had a thing called, you know, French immersion.
You, as a student, go to France, a French student comes to Canada, and you're placed, you get immersed in the culture, you learn it all.
These guys need a communist immersion.
I love it!
Yeah, they really do.
I have a friend.
I have a friend.
This is so ridiculous.
So she had the same idea as you.
She starts a GoFundMe.
Okay, and she ran this idea by me, and I said it was absurd, and then she went and ran with it anyway, so she starts a GoFundMe account, $50,000, $50,000, and the plan was to give
I think it was, I forget how it went, but basically, she was going to do what you're talking about.
She was going to give a one-way flight to any communist country of your choice, and then $2,000 of cash to take care of yourself once you get there, and then the government will take care of everything else, right?
So that's what we were going to say.
So any Antifa member, she was going to raise the funds, and she was going to give them a one-way ticket to any communist country they wanted to, and then X amount of cash for when they got there to take care of themselves, and that was going to be the plan.
And that's kind of what you're talking about.
But get this, get this.
GoFundMe removed her account and stopped the campaign.
Yeah, nobody wants to air that, do they?
Well, you know, and I'm German.
I have family in what used to be East Germany.
And even as a kid, you know, visiting as a kid, I could see things that were messed up about communism.
I mean, everywhere you go, there are people with weaponry hanging off of them.
Everybody was living impoverished, you know.
Everybody got just enough, but just enough to get by.
There wasn't any
Any getting ahead over there.
I mean, I went into my aunt's house when I was a kid, and I'm from Canada, so, you know, I'm used to having everything, basically.
And I remember going into her dining room, flipping on the light switch, and she came running to flip it off.
And then later on, my parents tell me, well, it's because the electricity is too expensive, and they don't want to waste the life of the light bulb.
That's the kind of austerity they have to live under.
Yeah, and you know, I don't know if it's the exact...
Same thing as far as the reasons why, but in China and other countries in Asia, you can't leave food on your plate.
If you leave food on your plate, it's considered the most rude thing you can do at a dinner table, pretty much.
And here in America, we just, you know, we go to the buffet, fill the buffet plate, and then just throw away half of it.
Thank you for the call, Harold.
Yeah, that's just how it goes.
And you know, I'm glad that he said that about communism.
Because this is a brilliant idea.
First of all, not just the idea he talked about, about sending these people to communist countries so they can learn a thing or two.
They'll be lucky if they can come back.
But, I'm not sure when she declared this.
I don't have Facebook, so I miss out on a bunch of stuff, unfortunately.
But I mostly don't miss out on it at all.
I don't miss it, to be perfectly honest with you.
And I'm not even sure if it was Brittany Pettibone that actually originated this, but I saw somebody showed me her Facebook post.
She wants to make May Communism Awareness Month.
I think this is the greatest idea.
Communism Awareness Month.
Because more people on planet Earth have died because of communism
I don't know, I'd have to pull up the numbers.
We're talking hundreds of millions to communism?
The people that have died?
By the hundreds of millions?
So why wouldn't we have a Communism Awareness Month?
You know why?
Because our government has a bunch of communists that have infiltrated it.
And you know what?
I'm going to get this off my chest right now, because I always forget to mention this.
The other day, Trump said he's a globalist and a nationalist.
So it's just like with climate change, how they want to say anthropogenic climate change is this huge issue, we have to address it, give Al Gore money, when in reality,
They're already doing anthropogenic climate change.
They're actually manipulating the Earth's atmosphere.
Man-made climate change is actually going on.
They don't tell you about that, and they lie to you and say it's about something else.
Meanwhile, the entire thing is actually controlled by the sun.
So you got that whole thing going on, but back to the globalism thing.
I don't know if this is what Trump is saying, but this is kind of how I feel about it.
Globalism is inevitable.
The Earth will continue to shrink as humans continue to make new technology.
I have a problem with anthropogenic globalism.
That is the issue that we're addressing.
It's just like with immigration.
They want to say that we're anti-immigrant.
No, we're pro-immigrant.
We want people to follow immigration law, not walk across the border lawlessly, not have a lawless border.
Big difference.
Oh, you're just scared of globalism, anti-globalism.
No, it's anthropogenic globalism.
I'm for organic globalism.
It's the people that are forcing the globalism.
See, they're getting ahead of it so they can already have their system in place for when the rest of humanity actually catches up.
They're setting the foundations for their globalist empire, manipulating the entire planet into it, so that they'll catch you as a slave when humanity goes to the next level.
Instead of organically, all of humanity, all of the people on planet Earth reaching the same level.
It's just, it's so deep.
I mean, the lies about history, you know, it's just, it's really unbelievable.
That people just have no idea what's going on.
I was part of it.
I was involved in the sports media.
I followed sports my whole life growing up.
Oh boy.
The red pill, folks.
Do you want to take the red pill or do you want to take the blue pill?
Alright, let's go back to some of these callers.
Anti-anthropogenic globalism.
Anti-anthropogenic globalism.
That's the problem.
That's the new term to insert into the mainstream.
Anthropogenic globalism.
They want to tell you that anthropogenic
Climate change is the problem.
It's anthropogenic globalism that is the problem.
Okay, what were you saying, Marcos, before we go to these calls?
Mike, in Chicago, what's on your mind?
Going alright, what's up?
Yep, we got you loud and clear.
Hey, cool.
Yeah, as far as the chemtrails, dude, I live in Chicago and it's just filthy right now.
With chemtrails?
I haven't seen any chemtrails.
Until Barack Obama made his speech downtown, dude.
It was ridiculous.
There was chemtrails all over.
Hold on a second.
Wait a second.
Did he give a speech downtown?
You're talking about for the new thing he opened up in South Chicago?
Yeah, and it was by invite only.
Only college students can go, and it was very, very segregated and very racist, but there hasn't been any chemtrails until the day he came, and I know he was a part of it.
No doubt.
It was crazy.
Right before the election, dude.
There would be chemtrails every single day.
I literally had to stay inside my house.
It was so bad.
Yeah, and now they're having all of these things come up where they're finding aluminum in the soil.
Nobody knows what's going on.
It was Kristen Megan who exposed that, a whistleblower from the government who exposed that a while ago.
But you're saying Obama comes to Chicago, they announce his new plan in South Chicago at some
Educational outreach program that he's starting in South Chicago.
So the gangster is back in Chicago.
The gangster Obama is back in Chicago.
And you're saying he comes and he gives a speech and then there's chemtrails back too.
And now it's been raining ever since.
It's just been raining.
I don't know if you heard about the flooding and all that.
Hey listen, that's because you drive a car.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand that, Mike?
Yep, absolutely.
The one thing I wanted to touch
Not to change the subject, but I think this is very important, Matt.
I think Ivanka Trump is drinking from the cup of abominations.
I'm sorry, repeat that.
What's this?
I think Ivanka Trump is drinking from the cup of abominations, dude.
She's going with the wrong people.
And as Trump said before, he cannot be bought or sold, right?
What's the most precious thing to Trump?
His family.
They got her, dude.
She needs to get out.
She needs to get out of there.
She's going to turn on him.
You know what her interest is right now, dude?
Her interest is populism, but in a different way.
She wants to be like Clinton, but better.
She wants to change her dad and bring her ideas.
Yeah, she does seem to be trending in that direction.
And this whole Eleanor thing, dude, I did tons of research on it, and it's like evil, and I studied occult, and I'm a diehard Christian, but
You gotta study both sides, and I can clearly see just by looking at her that something's taking a hold of her.
Just by looking into her eyes, dude, I can see she's driven by the power.
She wants that power, her and her husband.
And just the fact that she's rolling with that, dude.
It's just mind-blowing.
What does Donald think about that?
Well, it's interesting.
If that's the case, I would say that she showed her hand way too fast because everybody's going to see through it when she goes to that power grab now.
But as far as we're concerned in the moment, I think the concern is what type of influence does she have over President Trump's final say in policy?
I think that that's our real issue here.
And the problem is, I think he doesn't see it.
Even if he knew she was dabbling in that stuff, I think he would disregard it.
And I hope he isn't, because that stuff is powerful.
I mean, people have been doing this for thousands upon thousands of years.
And I know Alex said that he doesn't believe it.
But you know what, dude?
I believe it.
I've studied it long enough.
And you had a guy that was on a long time ago called Russ Bizarre.
Remember him?
The Christian guy.
I think Leanne interviewed him, but I started getting involved with, you know, the sex trafficking and all that stuff, and I got some of his books, and I really dived into it hardcore.
And the whole thing with Luciferianism, they know your move before you know it.
And I started diving into it, and I kid you not, I went outside my car, and as soon as the spirit-cooking thing came, my whole car was spirit-cooked.
All on the passenger side, dude.
I kid you not.
It was covered with blood.
That's what it looked like to me.
It was a very thick red surface, man.
This stuff is real and we gotta be aware of it.
If we underestimate the dark side, it's just gonna consume us, man.
We gotta be strong in God and remember that His power reigns supreme.
And if our belief isn't as strong as theirs, they're gonna eat us up, man.
I'm telling you.
I hear you.
I hear you, Mike.
Thanks for the call.
Sorry to hear that your car got spirit cooked there in Chicago.
It doesn't bother me.
Well, it would certainly bother me.
That sounds like an absolutely horrific experience, and I think it would bother me too that your car would probably now be undriveable.
It's just, look, people don't, they can't understand
The general population, they're so far removed from reality, they're so far removed from history, that not only is it impossible to actually understand what's been going on in the world for hundreds of years and, you know, secret knowledge and secret societies and all this, I mean,
You can't even get him up to date on basic common sense in politics.
That's how far removed they are from society.
So they're never going to understand.
They're never going to understand how serious some people take Luciferianism.
Because they've never looked into the history.
They don't understand their own history.
And so these people are free to operate in the shadow of the night.
And if you try to tell the general population that these people are operating in the shadow of the night, or that just in general, Luciferianism exists, then they're just going to call you crazy.
And they don't even know how it's literally taken over their life.
Their everyday life.
Let's go to Mercedes in Oregon.
How are you doing, Mercedes?
Good, Owen.
It's really good to be able to talk with you on your special
I think free speech should be about speaking about how free people should be and why we should be free.
That's what the speech should be about.
Um, and I think we've lost that a little bit, and we just now yell at everybody.
So, that doesn't really help, um, when we're trying to move to the higher levels, right?
Well, on a very basic principle level, the bigger the government gets, the less freedoms we will have.
And I couldn't tell you the last time the U.S.
government got any smaller.
I agree.
You know, I used to play... I used to be a gamer chick, and I played COD and Modern Warfare.
And when you play that game, they play this whole speech on the military telling you exactly what they're doing.
So it's not hiding.
What is happening is that we're not seeing.
So that has to change, and I think we can do that by the freedom of speech.
Returning it to speaking about freedom.
And why we should be free.
And so I have a testimony for you about your products because... You know, I was going to ask you, do you take nascent iodine?
I do!
And you, that literally saved me.
I'm not going to candy coat it here because this is a special event.
I can just feel it.
Everybody is rising up, lifting up, taking a chance to become a human again.
So here we go.
I take the iodine because I had hair loss.
Um, I didn't get regular menstruation.
I had hormone imbalances.
Imagine what that does to a person.
I took the lung cleanse because the air is toxic.
Ken Charles, okay?
I can breathe again.
I took the colon cleanse.
I had weight loss.
You know, I experienced my health restored, and you all played a part of that.
I owe you so much.
So, I want to give you this testimony that it's not only that, it's your information, your heart, and your spirit for freedom to stand up and say,
We're going to live again.
We are not going to listen to crazy anymore because that makes no sense anyway.
To fight crazy.
You know how crazy you look fighting crazy?
You look pretty crazy, right?
Yeah, I've seen some of my videos.
You have a great sense of humor, Owen.
And I wanted to come up with some great names for you.
Like Owen Shredder.
You're wonderful, and we have to sustain this battle with Trump as our, you know, our, the ship's figurehead, and we just gotta punch through, and we gotta hang in there, because you know what?
We are doing this.
We are doing it.
This is what's happening.
You gotta live in the reality by creating it with love, and, you know, you wanna talk about aliens and, you know, other forces being involved,
Well, there's another YouTube channel that... There's, you know... Well, you know, and I just gotta say, I hate to interrupt, but you bring up love.
You know, even, look, even myself...
Before I paid any attention to politics, and you're very sweet Mercedes, that was an amazing testimony.
And the reason why I knew that you took nasonidine is because I never cried my entire life until I started taking nasonidine.
And I say it's because it literally made me feel my soul again.
Now there's some science behind that with the pineal gland.
But it's just strange because
You really do.
We really do lose touch with love, which is what bonds us all together at the end of the day.
We really do lose touch with that because of the evil that exists and because of the hate that it stirs up inside of us.
Not to make a Star Wars reference, but that's really how it goes.
And believe me, I see it.
I see it in myself.
I see it in what we do here at InfoWars.
But that's the struggle.
And that's the burden, I think, that we place on ourselves when we try to awake the people.
We know that the truth hurts.
We know that they're not going to take the truth kindly.
We know that they're going to, you know, they were trained to reject the red pill.
So this is the battle that we have chosen.
This is the information war, and this will determine the future.
Anything else you want to say before we take the next call, Mercedes?
Oh, yes.
I wanted to mention Marlon DeFango.
And his channel on YouTube, I just ran across it because I'm interested in learning and, you know, correcting the mistakes that we're making.
And, you know, they have, they work on puzzles and, but what it's doing is it's causing people to research and expand and grow and they have, you know,
I don't know.
Well, it's just amazing.
There's so many different people on YouTube.
There's so many different people making documentaries and doing research and breaking news and just so many different angles.
Thank you for the call, Mercedes.
What an unbelievable testimony that was, too.
And I'm telling you, I knew the nascent iodine, folks, because I'm telling you, I couldn't cry.
I never cried.
I could never get emotional enough to cry until I started taking it.
But it's just amazing the stuff that you can find on YouTube.
I mean, here we are at InfoWars.
We're going to be broadcasting for 30 hours.
It may even go longer.
That's typically how it goes.
I'm trying to twist the guy's arm to let me do the nightly news live when they're scheduled to do the best of so this crew that's been working so hard can get a break.
But the products are the real deal, folks.
I mean, you don't have a caller like that give a testimony like that if the products aren't the real deal.
And that woman held for almost three hours just to give that testimony, folks.
So, that's what the products do.
And that's why I take the products.
Hey guys, so here's the deal.
We got the phone lines all lit up again.
I'm going to take all these calls.
Can somebody go get the computer charger at my desk?
Because my computer is about to die.
Thank you.
Thank you, Travis.
Is Travis even supposed to still be here?
What is he even doing here still?
Travis is volunteering his time reluctantly, but gladly.
And now he's running and doing me a favor.
That's just the excellent staff we have here at InfoWars.
Thank you, the audience out there, for making it possible.
Alright, let's do a news blitz here before the new day starts, which it actually already has.
So this is a thing that's been trending on Twitter and it all cycles back around to the story about Saudi Arabia being put on the Human Rights Council.
Campaign launched to save Saudi woman Dina Ali Lasloom.
So this woman tries to flee her family.
And she gets stuck up at a country and doesn't successfully make the fleet to where she wanted to get, has all of her papers taken, her ID, and now she's gone back to Saudi Arabia.
Now, she puts out a video as soon as this happens because she knew what was about to happen.
And she's she I'm trying to remember but I'm pretty sure I think she said she thought they would kill her in the video now of course the news that is covering it is saying that she's probably going to have to endure violence but here's the point folks again this is just another example just another story of how women
I think?
It's so great for women in Saudi Arabia that they're fleeing and as soon as they're told they have to go back they're so scared to death that they put out a video begging anybody that can see the video for help.
This is like
This is like in an old pirate movie where someone gets stranded on an island, they're fearing of certain death, so they put a message in a bottle and throw it out at sea.
That's basically what Dina Ali Lasloom does because she was so scared to go back to Saudi Arabia.
But thanks, UN.
See, we really do have to be patient, folks.
Because I talk about this stuff, and then I get so ticked off, and I'm like, why isn't President Trump getting us out of the UN?
Why isn't President Trump pointing this out?
And I'll tell you what, if he doesn't do it for four years, then that would be a black eye on his presidency to me.
But we do have to be patient.
We have to give him a chance, folks.
I know that he's going to do stuff that's just going to tick us off, and we're going to sit here and scratch our heads.
Why aren't you doing this?
Why aren't you doing that?
And believe me, I'm doing that.
But I do think he at least deserves our patience to give him a chance past just one budget proposal and past just one quarter of one year in office.
But again, you hear this and you say, President Trump, please get us out of the UN.
Please call the UN out for being absurd.
The UN
Listen to this.
This is an actual timeline.
One week, the UN appoints Saudi Arabia to the UN Council on Women's Rights.
The next week, the UN condemns Saudi Arabia for bombings and violence and terrorism in Yemen.
What kind of terrorism?
How about innocent women and children dying?
That's the UN, folks.
That's a joke!
But you know what?
It's not funny.
Because it's real.
It's not funny for Dina Ali Lasloom.
And you hear the stories of the women that actually make it out of Saudi Arabia.
Folks, it's just ridiculous.
You just wish people would pick up a book, don't you?
You just wish some people in this country would pick up a book and read.
Do a little history.
Let's get to some more international news.
Actually, I don't know if anything is broken on this.
Maybe you guys, in fact, I'll just plug this into Google real quick.
Queen calls her entire household to highly unusual emergency meeting.
I'm going to see if anything has developed on this.
Because right before I went on air, there was a development.
So this was the original story.
So it's still the same story.
It doesn't look like anything new has developed.
They're obviously going to try to say that nothing is wrong here.
So first it comes out that the Queen calls this emergency meeting highly unusual, very concerning, right?
Then the next twist is, well, because of a protocol that they have in the media to deal with the death of royalties, in this case, I think they're thinking it would be Prince Philip.
They're thinking they have to go through all of this process, and that's why they have to call a meeting.
This is just what's being rumored.
But there was a secret meeting, or not a secret meeting, but an emergency meeting.
Queen Elizabeth calls an emergency meeting.
Highly unusual, and a lot of people, a lot of staff, a lot of people had to attend that meeting, which was a highly unusual event.
Of course,
It does seem to be that everything in politics these days is highly unusual, so I guess maybe, perhaps, this is just par for the course.
Let's talk about the new par for the course as far as presidential debates are concerned.
Marine Le Pen debate kill shot.
France will be led by a woman.
Me or Mrs. Merkel?
Now I have to say, I'll explain this comment in a second.
But I caught the first like maybe 40 minutes or half hour of this debate and It was fiery now.
It wasn't as Gut-wrenching I would say as it was with Hillary and and Donald but it was very kind of
It was an all-out assault, folks.
It was attack the other's policies the entire time.
I guess that's how I say it.
It wasn't as personal in this case.
I would say that this was probably the most personal shot.
There was a little more personal, but it wasn't as personal as Trump versus Clinton.
It was more policy-based, but it was very strong.
It was an all-out attack the entire time.
Now, to this comment, though, France will be led by a woman, me or Mrs. Merkel.
Why is she saying Mrs. Merkel?
Well, because Macron's policies will mirror that of Merkel's.
That's what she's saying.
She's saying, if you want France to continue down the path that Germany is going down, and that France is going down, then go for Macron.
And that's the truth.
So we'll see if that tactic works for her.
Of course, we already know that the Russians are meddling in this election, so how can we even trust the results?
It's the Russians!
But you know what?
It might be that a different woman would actually be running Macron's presidency.
Now Macron is 39 and would be the youngest French president, but his wife is 64?
Now look, I'm not judging Emmanuel Macron.
I'm not judging his wife.
Love sees no age.
However, there is a psychology behind this.
And typically, you know, a man that dates an older woman is more likely to kind of be a cuck.
To just put it in layman's terms.
So maybe it's his wife that would be running his presidency.
This is just a very unprofessional psychological breakdown of this.
But again, here you can see it.
This was the headline.
Le Pen-Macron clash in fiery final French debate.
So we await the election of the French president and it should be interesting.
Will France go down the way of globalism or nationalism?
I think that most of the people in America
At least that supported Trump are supporting Marine Le Pen.
Let's see.
Where are countries that terror attacks don't happen?
Well, close to countries in Europe where it happens all the time.
Poland doesn't allow immigrants.
Another one.
Not welcome.
Japan tough to crack for refugees.
Well, why is nobody calling Japan racist?
Are people in Japan?
This illustrates how ridiculous the anti-Trump protesters are.
How many people do you think are in Japan marching because they won't take refugees?
How about none?
Japan, tough to crack for refugees.
Japan, zero refugees.
Japan, zero terrorists.
Japan, zero protests.
It's funny how that works.
That just shows you the current mental state of some of the people in the United States of America.
How brainwashed they are.
They don't even live in reality.
Why aren't people in Japan marching and protesting and calling their leaders racist because they don't let refugees in?
Oh, because people in Japan are smart and they like living in a safe, prosperous country and not being invaded by third world nations.
Or religious jihadis.
How dare Japan?
I hereby criticize Japan as racist.
No, Japan is smart, folks.
And Japan has suffered, their people have suffered enough that they don't want to take any risks by letting other people in to do harm to them.
But I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting for the liberals all over the world, honestly, to condemn Japan for not taking enough refugees.
Meanwhile, here's the funny thing, here's the twist though.
While Japan won't take refugees, America is taking, I believe, more refugees than perhaps maybe the rest of the world.
I don't know that that is a fact.
But we're definitely up there.
So meanwhile, the United States is taking refugees hand over fist.
Japan won't take any refugees, and who gets all the blame for being racist?
Who gets the fingers pointed at them to take more refugees?
Who has to take more refugees because of the virtue signaling?
We do.
Even though we already take hundreds of thousands a year, and Japan takes none, everybody points at us.
Now, of course, Japan isn't trying to set up military bases all across the planet, but
Doesn't seem to be a beef in the UN with that either.
Here's good news.
Cord cutting spikes five-fold in cable TV's worst quarter ever.
So just chalk this one up there.
With all the other news stories you're seeing about all the mainstream media failing.
All of it's failing, folks.
They're unplugging the cable.
They're turning off the mainstream news.
They're turning off ESPN.
And they're... Maybe they're picking up a book.
Or they're seeking out intellectual information.
They're seeking out alternative information.
They're seeking out cutting-edge information.
And the television just ain't cutting it anymore, is it?
And it just continues to get it wrong.
I mean, look.
Weathermen and weatherwomen, weathersis, have been getting the weather wrong for their entire profession.
I mean, have weathermen ever been right?
Has the profession of being a weatherman ever actually been right?
Has that profession ever actually been right about things?
And people still watch him.
Somehow they still have a job.
So I guess maybe the mainstream media really can live forever.
Maybe they really do have the weatherman magic.
Speaking of magic, Obama, you know, he's been working on his memoirs.
And The Making of Barack Obama by Pulitzer Prize winner David J. Garrow is going to be published on May 9th.
Should be interesting to see how this thing sells, but!
There you can see some of the early rumors.
How he considered a gay fling, had passionate sex and cocaine with one white girl, proposed twice to another, and cheated on Michelle before they were married.
And apparently, he divulges all of this in his upcoming autobiography.
He was pretty desperate to get married.
Maybe he needed a green card?
I don't know.
Is that what you're theorizing?
Just something I read on the internet, you know.
Pure speculation.
Well, since we're speculating, I'm going to speculate that this book
Probably has a lot of truths in it.
I bet that a lot of these stories that are, I mean, passionate sex, cocaine, getting engaged, all this stuff, cheating with Michelle.
I mean, unless he just made that up for the book's purpose to sell, which that could possibly be too.
I'm not discounting that.
But I wouldn't be shocked if that stuff went down.
I mean, come on, man.
I'm a cool liberal.
But however, I would speculate, look,
I don't know, man.
People really think Michelle Obama is a man.
What they're doing is they're using science.
They're measuring jaw size, shoulder size, fingertip length, toe length.
Between men and women, the different differences.
And all of them, Michelle magically just happens to have in common with a man.
That's just what people are speculating on the internet.
But I wish!
I mean, what if that was in the book?
How awesome would that be if Barack Obama's memoir talked about how he married a tranny named Michael?
Now that book would sell!
That book would be the number one seller.
I mean, that might be up there with Fifty Shades of Grey.
Fifty Shades of Gay, How I Married a Tranny.
The Making of Barack Obama.
We're just speculating here, folks.
Okay, things are coming off the rails.
Let's move to, oh, here we go.
You gotta love this.
You gotta love this.
If this isn't, this is so rich.
Susan Rice declines to testify before Senate subcommittee.
Don't you remember Susan Rice?
Oh, the tale of Susan Rice.
We're gonna get into the tale of Susan Rice, too.
But don't you remember Susan Rice?
It all started with Susan Rice.
Susan Rice had no idea!
She had no idea!
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
You know, investigating?
Susan Rice, she knows nothing.
Russia probe, investigating Russian banksters, investigating Flynn, investigating these phone numbers.
She knows nothing.
She's the National Security Advisor, but she knows nothing.
She doesn't know who could have given that security clearance.
She has no idea.
Oh, but then what happened?
The next time she went on TV, she seemed to know a whole awful lot, didn't she?
She seemed to know it all!
Oh, it was commonplace!
We always signed up on stuff like this!
This stuff always comes across my desk!
There was nothing wrongdoing here!
There was nothing illegal!
No wrongdoing!
This is all just part of the business!
This is just regular, everyday activities!
Oh, wow, quite a turn you took on that.
Well, since all of a sudden, hey, you did nothing wrong, you seem to have an idea what's going on, let's get you to testify before a subcommittee.
Oh, you're not interested in that, are you?
Mm, Susan Rice not going to make it to testify before the Senate subcommittee.
I don't think she'd like to testify before a Senate subcommittee, do you?
I don't think she'd like to talk about Benghazi, do you?
I think Susan Rice, like a little rat, wants to go crawl into a hole and hope she doesn't get squashed.
Now, speaking of Susan Rice, this is not your average politician, as the Washington Post covered in 2012.
It goes on to talk about her personality.
It even says, in a story by the Washington Post, which they have now deleted, she was the presumptive frontrunner to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
That's what they were grooming Susan Rice for.
No wonder she lied about Benghazi.
No wonder she was spying on Trump's cabinet and his administration or his campaign team.
She thought she was going to replace Hillary Clinton.
That failed.
All of that failed.
But the Washington Post goes on.
It talks about her net worth.
Well, see, she's not your average politician, although she actually is less than average.
She's only worth, according to this article in 2012, $20 million!
How could this
Young 40-year-old politician who barely makes $70,000 a year be worth more than $20 million.
Well, the Washington Post, the Washington Compost headlines it here.
She's married to a successful TV producer, but couldn't be that successful.
Oh, but she has a series of investments.
What kind of investments?
How about this investment?
Also from the Washington Compost in 2012.
Susan Rice connected to Key Keystone Pipeline Company.
Not just connected, folks, but invested.
And how?
Isn't that an interesting twist to the story?
And then you can actually see the documents for yourself!
Susan Rice's 2011-2012 financial disclosure.
You can see the documents.
You can see the brackets in which she entered some of these claims.
And you can see that she had at least $300,000 to at most I think it was $600,000 with this oil company.
Boy, I wonder if Susan Rice likes Maxine Waters going around all day talking about these oil deals.
Susan Rice might want Maxine Waters to shut up.
The big lib bass.
So that's Susan Rice.
She doesn't want to testify before a Senate subcommittee.
Nobody saw that coming.
Speaking of the House, the House is going to vote on a GOP Obamacare replacement bill on Thursday.
So they're going to try again.
They're setting themselves up for another loss here, folks.
They really are.
Here's an idea.
Since when did they?
You know, I thought Trump understood this.
See, they got it all wrong.
It shouldn't say House will vote on GOP Obamacare replacement bill on Thursday.
What it should say is House will repeal Obamacare Thursday.
That's what it should say.
Or I'll even do you this.
House will vote to repeal Obamacare on Thursday.
Why are we replacing it?
Was healthcare in this country so bad before Obamacare?
No, actually it was one of the best.
That's why people came here to get healthcare.
Hey, I'll tell you what.
I've seen more stories like this in 2017 than I ever have before.
Fourth man accuses Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of paying him for sex.
Now, this is a man who in the 1980s had allegations against him sexually abusing and taking advantage of a homeless teenager.
I repeat.
This is the Seattle mayor who has now had another man claim that he paid him for sex.
Now look, these claims that this mayor is getting a prostitute are one thing.
But when you talk about him sexually abusing and taking advantage of a homeless drug-addicted teen in the 1980s, which will, which is, excuse me, which is being used as evidence in this lawsuit, now you got a whole different bag of worms.
The mayor of liberal Seattle,
Allegedly sexually abused a homeless, drug-addicted teen in the 1980s.
Can you say blackmail?
Can you say pedogate?
They can in Seattle.
Seattle, New Hampshire, they're just, it's popping up all over, folks.
It's unbelievable.
I can't even keep track of it.
Speaking of keeping track of, this is gonna be fun, folks.
Here we go.
You ready to open Pandora's box?
California may add a third gender option, intersex, to state documents.
Now this is a debate I can't wait to be had.
Because let's recall.
Despite the liberal government, despite the social justice warrior government, despite all the social justice warrior crybabies who cry about all these different sexes, meanwhile they cry about a pay gap between genders when genders are fluid and genders don't exist, so they're gonna have to figure out that mind trap eventually too.
But, if you fill out a job application, a college application, if you have a birth certificate,
It's either male or female.
So this still exists in the real world.
We let him play fantasy on Facebook.
We let him play fantasy with all their little stuff.
We even almost let him play fantasy in the bathroom.
We almost gave that one to them.
But now it's California.
It's gotta be California.
May add a third gender option intersex to state documents.
You know where this leads, folks?
37 frickin' genders
On any state document.
I'm done.
I'm done.
That's the day I'm done.
That's the day I'm done.
See, I still like modern life.
I still like the city life.
I know it comes with all the evils and all the stuff and the annoyances and the hustle and the bustle.
I still like it.
I still enjoy it.
I still like living in America.
I still don't want to go off to some remote beach.
I enjoy the culture.
I enjoy the nightlife.
I enjoy sporting events, okay?
I enjoy it.
I want to be in this country.
But let me tell ya, the day where they start adding genders to state documents, I'm out.
I'm done.
I would have stuck to it for Hillary Clinton.
For sure, I was going to stick it out for Hillary Clinton.
But this?
As soon as they start adding more genders to state documents?
I'm done.
I'm out.
That's my line in the sand.
That's unbelievable.
Hey, where are the good liberals on this developing story?
Bernie Sanders!
Oh, Sandersistas!
Oh, Bernie Sanders voters!
Hello, hello, hello!
Are you listening?
Please tune in to me from Austin, Texas, and listen!
Feds in Florida, Burlington College probe goes the distance.
Burlington College.
That's where Bernie Sanders' wife is now being investigated for bank fraud.
This is a developing story right now.
Of course, it was Bernie Sanders' wife.
The former president that went in there and basically destroyed the school, sent it into all kinds of debt, and then bounced, and now the FBI is investigating the school, including her regime, for bank fraud.
But she's a good communist, so of course she ripped off the bank.
I'm surprised they're not using that as her legal defense.
Uh, you know, uh, what is this?
Uh, bank fraud?
Well, of course I'm gonna, you know... You cannot fraud fraudsters!
The banksters are the biggest fraudsters of them all!
Therefore, my wife cannot be guilty of fraud against fraudsters.
That is fraud, that is a fraudful charge.
I'm a total fraud, my wife's a total fraud, we're guilty of bank fraud, but it's a fraudulent charge since the banksters are big frauds.
There's the Sanders family for ya.
Hey, you know what?
I'm sure Bernie is ignoring all this.
He's out at his lake house mansion, probably cruising around on a Sea-Doo.
Final story, and then, uh... Well, let's just finish the story first, and then I'll do a little traffic copying here.
Cops and Courts.
Students occupy UC Santa Cruz building.
150 students occupied Kerr Hall for a demonstration Tuesday afternoon to demand changes at UC Santa Cruz.
What changes?
They want exclusive residency for African American and Caribbean students at the Rosa Parks African American themed house.
So, it's an anti-white, essentially, occupation at UC Santa Cruz.
You know, luckily, most white people are so dumbed down and so
Arrested in their development, that they really are tolerant of this, that they really don't care, and they will just ignore it.
In fact, they have Stockholm Syndrome, so they'll just say you're right, and that all white people are bad, and they will white guilt themselves.
But, as we had the caller calling earlier, that time is soon coming to an end.
And let me tell you something.
It's not going to be a bunch of white people that are in there beating you up when you have these anti-white protests for exclusivity while you complain that white people are the exclusive group.
It's going to be people of all races, all colors, all creeds.
Everyone is going to want to kick your ass because you're the ones that are dividing this country.
You're the liberal morons that are keeping this country from going and advancing to the next level culturally.
You're holding us back.
I just want to pop in and say to be a rainbow of ass-kicking.
They're so fond of the rainbow, it's going to come back and get them.
A rainbow of ass-kicking?
You said people of all colors, a rainbow of ass-kicking.
Okay, now I see.
Okay, okay.
I wasn't sure if you were making, if that was like a gay reference or something.
Now it makes sense to me.
Because it was a California deal and they always do the protests out there.
I'll cut you a little bit of slack.
It's late.
It's late.
Oh, what are you talking about?
It's only 4.12.
I should say it's early.
Hey, you know what though?
Do you guys want to just roll up till 5 or do you want to take a quick break?
Night Owen Troyer.
We're rolling till 5.
We're rolling till 5.
So here's the deal though.
We got callers.
Yeah, we got all callers.
We're going to go to these callers.
Here's the deal though folks.
It's like, imagine driving a car where you haven't changed the oil for 20,000, 30,000 miles or something, and it's desperate for an oil change, there's all this sludge buildup, and you can't get your car to go fast, the RPMs are up, but your acceleration is down, you don't know what's going on.
You need an oil change!
You need to get your engine clean.
That's what InfoWars products do for your body, folks.
That's why that woman that called in was brought to tears.
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We're under attack, folks!
We're under attack, and Alex Jones wants to take this entire operation to the next level, and it's at your behest.
You fuel us and take us to the next level.
And Alex really does mean it, folks.
He doesn't drive around fancy cars, he doesn't wear fancy clothes all the time, and he puts that money back into this operation.
You've seen the fruits.
Alright, let's begin with these callers.
We've got a whole slew of callers, guys.
Let's start with John in L.A.
Alright, John, go ahead.
Hi, Owen.
Can you hear me?
I hear you loud and clear.
Okay, so I want to talk to you guys about a couple things.
Ronald Bernard, that Millie Weaver covered, the Dutch banker.
That's a fascinating story, and it goes back to something David Icke covered, an interview which I think really kind of made him.
He sat down with a woman named Arizona Wilder for a few hours, and that interview is still online.
It's pretty mind-blowing.
Okay, what do they talk about?
Well, so you guys are a conspiracy.
I mean, this is conspiracy speculation.
Everything we've talked about tonight, everything I've been listening to, is things that are happening.
Things that we know about.
Things that can be proven.
Terrorism's all around us.
There's another aspect to this that people don't... I personally am kind of terrified of.
These people who are into child sacrifice are probably into a lot more than that.
I have a suspicion this is the craziest idea that, uh, it's influenced by a lot of history that I've read.
I don't know if you're familiar with a guy named Michael Starion.
He's done a lot of great research.
He's online on YouTube.
He's easy to find.
The interview with Arizona Wilder, though, man,
It's terrifying.
I don't want to steal too much of it, and I don't want to take up too much of your guys' time, but basically, the crux of it is that we are cattle.
We are harvested.
Especially in these big cities.
You don't know what happens to your body when you die.
Especially the internal organs.
They're taken right out and zipped up and they go away.
And you don't know where they go.
Well, especially if you're an organ donor.
A child is capable of consuming those, what's left.
These people don't waste anything.
And I think the cities are a giant, a giant slaughterhouse.
I live in Los Angeles and I, you know, I see it all around me.
I grew up, I grew up an hour outside of Chicago on the border of Wisconsin.
So it's an entirely different life out there.
I just got back for a little bit and,
Man, night and day.
Night and day.
Well, and here's the thing, too.
Here's the thing.
There's two important aspects of what you're talking about.
One is secret knowledge.
Now, the secret knowledge that these secret societies have is what has led them to their Luciferian beliefs and their Luciferian practices.
That's one.
In order to carry out these Luciferian practices on a mass scale, they must dehumanize us.
They cannot murder us unless they dehumanize us.
So what do they tell us?
We're not special, we evolved from monkeys, um, you know, you're bad, you're this.
They bad us up just like cows.
So that's, that's the two angles of this that are going on.
And, man, look,
Here's one last thing that freaks me out.
I grew up Catholic.
Yeah, I did too.
In 7th or 8th grade, I got into a lot of trouble on a test.
They asked me, what does the transubstantiation remind you of?
I wrote down cannibalism and I got that fucking question wrong.
So the transubstantiation is the magic that happens during mass when they convert the bread.
Yeah, the bread becomes the body and the wine becomes the blood.
So he gave his body instead of having it taken.
Instead of having it taken, he ended sacrifice.
Now, the same way you could argue in the Old Testament the angel stopped Abraham.
But that's what I'm talking about.
That's what I'm talking about.
Satanism has taken over the Vatican.
That's so crazy that you brought that up.
That's so crazy that you brought that up.
I was watching a documentary on the Vatican, and I was raised Catholic too.
When you learn about the history of the Vatican, folks, it's not what you think it is.
And again, it's all, see, it's all the same thing.
I don't even, it's like...
You're looking at a puzzle, and you're trying to put a puzzle together, and you've got some pieces in place, but you don't understand the overall picture.
You've just got some pieces in place here, you've got some pieces in place here, and you're kind of like, oh, this kind of makes sense, I think I see where it's going.
And then you hit one piece, and then it's like the whole thing starts to make sense, folks.
And people don't know the history.
They do not understand the history.
And it's so funny you said that cannibalism thing.
I'm doing the research on the Vatican.
I'm looking into this.
I found out how it gets occupied by Satanism.
I go back.
I think about my experience in the Catholic Church.
That was the first thing that came to my head.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
First of all,
Most people would say that you're crazy if you think that this bread turns into the body.
You could run a DNA test, it wouldn't show any DNA.
And the blood.
Okay, but beyond that, now you're talking about a ritualistic church sacrament that involves cannibalism.
That you are an immortal being if you don't attend every week.
That's right.
Or take in.
That's right.
And it's because they're doing sacrifices to the fallen angels, folks.
They're waiting for them to call back.
It's all a cult!
It all goes back throughout history!
They are thinking these people are coming back, folks!
They think they're coming back!
They're trying to do everything to please them!
They're scared to death, okay?
They're scared to death of these entities!
That's why they sacrifice kids!
That's why they pray to the devil!
Because they're scared!
They know they're coming back!
There's not one piece of science that doesn't come from channeling.
John Dee, who built the English language with help from angels, David's sister Frances Bacon, who wrote the Bible, and William Shakespeare, who updated a ton of our words.
That's what I'm saying!
Even the Bible!
Even the Bible!
Even the Bible!
You've got people that are fundamentalists in the Bible, that understand it's a historical document, but they ignore the books that were removed from the Bible.
They will not even listen to those books that change and alter the entire story of time.
Alright, I gotta take another call.
Great call from John in L.A.
I loved it.
Let's go to Brian in Virginia.
Go ahead, Brian.
Yeah, how you doing, Owen?
I just want to talk mostly about the medicine.
I love what you guys are doing with all these stuff that you're selling.
It's a really good alternative.
You know about industries and just the medicine industry in general with the pharmaceuticals.
They just try to push, like, oh, if you have this, they just pretty much give you this synthetic crap that can kill you.
For example, like painkillers.
It's so sick because this stuff kills people every day when there's alternatives to natural medicine.
I don't know.
Yeah, I've never heard Rachel Maddow complain about formaldehyde or other additives like mercury in vaccines, but she's got a problem with our health products that I get people lined up on the phone telling me about how it's changed their life!
Yeah, exactly.
It's crazy.
Anything else?
Yeah, and just like, I'm so glad you guys, like I said, I'm so glad you guys aren't going to use alternatives.
You know, like nowadays, when you're sick,
It's like, oh yeah, just take like, things like this Tylenol, take this, like take this cough syrup.
When in reality, there's natural ways of just treating that, and not just crap that just treats your symptoms.
That's all they try to push for.
That's the other thing too, natural remedies, actual natural supplements.
See, when you take pharmaceuticals or whatever to try to cure whatever ailment you have, you usually go through a period of actually feeling like crap.
There's a side effect of whatever that drug is you're taking.
When you use natural remedies, you don't have those same side effects.
You don't have the long-term negative side effects.
It's so much the way to go.
And there's so many times where people finally learn about this, and they never go back.
That's just the case.
Once you get that new engine clean, once you got your body operating like it's supposed to, and not with all the poisons they put in our environment, it really does make all the difference.
Thank you for the call, Brian.
Let's go to Liam in Germany.
Well, Liam, you're dealing with Angela Merkel out there.
I'm sorry about that, buddy.
No problem.
I don't like her either.
I don't think much people do.
Not around here, anyway.
And this is where she's from.
This is where I live.
It's where most of her constituents live.
And she lost this place by a landslide.
But, wow, what a great show you guys got going on.
I was going to call in about the immigration and refugees, but you guys started talking about Anifa, and those of us who live in Europe know about Anifa for a long time.
It's good to see America's finally wakened up to the Red Beast.
Well, they've crawled out of their mother's basements, they've gotten some stipends from George Soros, they got a KFC lunch, and they hate Donald Trump.
They're ready to go.
And they can't get arrested.
You know, it doesn't matter how many buildings they burn, or cars they light on fire, or windows they break, or police they assault, or innocent civilians they assault.
They just get to continue to operate.
Well, I'll say this.
There's a big difference between ANIFA in Europe and ANIFA in America.
The ANIFA that you have in America, it's
It's like comparing the minor leagues and AAA baseball, right?
Let's not give anybody enough credit from Antifa to call them big league.
They are a bunch of minor league hacks, losers.
Well, that may be true, but here in Europe they will actually kill you.
I've fought them on trains going from Poland back to Berlin.
Are you sure you're not talking about some sort of violent refugee or migrant?
You're talking about Antifa?
Yeah, I'm talking about full-fledged communist Antifa.
Yep, absolutely.
They fly the same flags here in Europe.
Will you guys do a search on that?
You're telling me that Antifa in Germany has killed people?
They will try to kill you.
They will come after you with bicycle chains, baseball bats.
Well, I mean, yeah, they do that here, but are you telling me that they've... No.
Have they killed anyone here?
Oh, I'm sure they have.
They've raped people.
They've raped girls.
I know quite a few people down in the south part of Germany that have raped a girl.
No charges ever came.
I know that for a fact because she was a colleague of mine.
I mean, they get a free pass in the media just like in America.
I mean, they can sit there and go out throughout Berlin and the big cities and blow cars up and catch them on fire.
Now, are these the same?
I mean, I'm assuming.
I haven't looked into these people in Europe, but I'm assuming they're funded by George Soros.
They're funded by somebody.
I mean, they're not the most richest people in the world.
They're not like living in mom and dad's basement.
A lot of them are, you know, drug addicts.
So they're actual, so you're talking about actual miscreants out on the streets that are really just kind of street thugs and for most of the Antifa in America, they're usually just kind of like spoiled rotten brats who just never grew up.
Like I said, there's a difference.
There's a difference.
Because here, they're street savvy.
Yeah, that's a good point.
They have no street savvy in the United States, that's for sure.
They don't have a clue.
Thank you for the call, Liam, a supporter in Germany.
Gotta love getting calls from Germany.
And what do you know, he doesn't like Merkel's policies.
A German citizen, telling the truth.
What was that you were saying, Harrison?
Oh, I was just going to say, unless I'm incorrect, I think Antifa actually started with communists in East Germany.
I know they started in Germany and they're the real deal over there and what we have over here is really just a bunch of sort of play actors trying to do what the people in Germany started.
That is funny.
Who was it?
Was that Alex that was saying that today on the show?
Or was that Rob Dew?
Somebody was saying this, that it's basically
These people are basically just out here play-acting.
They're just playing a part in a role.
They don't actually believe in anything.
They're just fulfilling their role.
They're having their little fun.
It's like those people that actually act out Dungeons and Dragons.
The LARPers.
That's what they are.
They're real-life LARPers, is it?
Yeah, LARPing.
LARPing is fun, though.
But I'm saying that's what they're doing.
That's why they're doing it!
They're out there LARPing.
They're not actually anti-fascists.
They don't know the first thing about fascism.
They're out here going, you know, Hitler this, Hitler that.
Hitler was a socialist, you jackass!
Look at the history of the Nazi Party!
I mean, if you just watch it, you can see their tactics.
The whole point of Antifa is that they're all in a big group.
I mean, it's like sheep that group together so they feel safe.
They don't want to actually go out and fight and stand up for what they believe in.
They want to just sort of be a faceless
Uh, sheep in a crowd that's surrounded by the herd and is protected and everyone's all, they'll run out and smash a window and turn around and run back into the crowd.
Yeah, you can see it.
They literally do.
They literally run out and then throw something or hit something and then run back into the crowd.
That's, that's... It's actually hilarious.
I, I, it's great entertainment, personally.
Well, you know, as long as you're not the one, it's not your car or your business, you know.
It's getting smashed up.
Very true.
That's just how it goes, though, when you're a member of Antifa.
Really cool guys, you know.
It's real fun to be in Antifa.
Until guess what?
They start getting arrested.
That's why they need to start getting arrested.
It won't be all fun and games once they start getting arrested.
Alright, let's take another call.
Let's go to Joseph in Utah.
Who apparently uses the super blue.
The great toothpaste.
Oh my god!
Owen Shoyer, man.
In the Info Wars, man.
I freaking love you guys.
Thank you so much for taking my call.
Let me take you off speaker.
Anyways, yeah.
So I just want to give a shout out to Survival Shield X2.
They freaking... It's helped me out a lot.
Supermail Vitality.
It's been great.
Brain Force.
Awesome products.
Super Glue.
You guys, I honestly didn't even think anything about Super Blue.
And the only reason why I bought Super Blue was the fact that it was bubblegum flavor.
And I bought it and it was in my truck for about two weeks and I decided to use it.
And I tried it one time and it brightened my teeth.
First application in less than 10 seconds.
So it's freaking amazing product.
And then also, yeah, so I just wanted to call in and give a shout out to Super Blue and all of that stuff, guys.
And Orange Troyer, man, and Alex Jones, guys.
I freaking love you guys.
I love you.
Also, Rob Dew, man, I freaking love you guys.
I love you, Rob Dew, man.
You rock, buddy.
I know you're listening right now, buddy.
But, yeah, man.
What about Marcos?
Yeah, give Marcos some love.
What about Marcos?
Do you love Marcos?
Give Marcos some love.
Wait, Marcos?
Yeah, Marcos deserves some love.
Oh, yeah, yeah, the guy that screened my call?
No, that was Harrison.
Give Harrison some love.
Oh, dude, dude, I freaking love Harrison.
Hold on a second.
Let's give them all some love.
We got Harrison, we got Marcos, we got Travis, and then I think we got Wes taking a nap on the couch.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry guys.
I've been drinking a little bit.
It's like 3.30 in the morning and I have to be to work tomorrow in like 3 hours probably and I'm still a little bit tipsy.
No worries man, we're just trying to get some love.
No worries.
It's all love here.
Is that Rob Due, man, that I'm talking to you right now?
Yeah, bro.
Oh my god, dude, dude.
This is Mr. Infowars on Twitter, man.
I'm freaking... Thanks so much for retweeting my tweet, man.
I appreciate it, my friend.
Thank you so much, my friend.
And you guys, I'm telling you guys, if you guys haven't... I'm telling you guys, if you guys haven't tried the product, guys, I... Seriously, like, I thought, like, toothpaste... Who the heck wants to get toothpaste?
The only reason why I bought toothpaste was the fact that it was bubblegum flavored.
Bubble gum.
All right.
So I tried it one time, guys.
I am telling you, I use that toothpaste every single freaking day.
I'm dead serious, guys.
And when I was brushing my teeth, I was like, oh, my my my gums bleed.
And I'm like, oh, crap.
Like, like, oh, I'm just bleeding.
And what I didn't realize is it was the
The coffee that I had drank the day before, it was this stain coming off of my teeth.
It was a matter of seconds, guys.
Definitely check it out, guys.
Well, I'll tell ya.
Thank you so much for the call, Joseph.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
You know, I can relate, you know, I think our buddy Joseph is at a very pivotal time right now where he has to make the very important decision to either grab another Bud Light or to try to take the two and a half hour power nap before work.
It's a tough decision.
We've all been there at one point.
But I will say, as far as the toothpaste plug is concerned, I said this the other day on the show and I've actually heard a couple people mention this since.
Gum disease runs in my family.
My gums are usually swollen.
Because of this, I have to floss constantly.
Sometimes my gums will bleed.
And ever since I started using Super Blue, my gum inflammation has gone down severely.
And I hardly ever bleed anymore when I floss.
It really is an unbelievable product.
I'm telling you, it's the mixture of the silver and the iodine
With the toothpaste, that really, I think, makes the huge, huge, huge difference.
Hey, did you guys get enough love back there?
We're feeling some love.
You guys feeling loved?
Alright, that's good.
We all got some love.
Wes is taking a nap right now.
He's getting plenty of love.
We'll give his love later.
Let's go to Dave in Montana.
What's up, Dave?
Hey, I'm here, Owen.
Are you there?
I'm here.
All right, man.
Hey, uh, when I called in, I had to talk about, I had to specifically say something about what I really wanted to talk about.
And that is?
And I'm going to start with that, but then I want to give Mercedes, the girl that called in a couple hours ago, I want to give her a shout out, but I want to talk about what I called in about.
And it's the peace sign.
I'm old enough.
I'm, uh, David Knight, vintage.
Uh, you know, Darren McBreen.
I think he's got more gray in my... Hey, whoa, don't call... Hey, whoa, I don't want to be associated with calling them old.
I just want to be on the record.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
That's cool.
That's cool.
I... I... Vintage.
Oh, why isn't that old?
I didn't say old, I said vintage.
But anyway, no, we're talking about the peace sign.
And back in World War II, when Winston Churchill was
Flash in the two fingers, that was a V. That was for victory.
And then in the 60s, you know, it became the peace sign.
And you were talking earlier tonight, I had never seen it before.
And Stephen Molyneux had a good deal, and I missed it.
But now, the two fingers up, the peace sign, the victory sign, it means two genders.
No, that's... I mean, yes, yes.
The news that you're talking about, it is being covered.
It is the new thing of the left that they're making up right now.
They can't... They can't... Look, I couldn't even imagine living in this state of mind.
And I talked to these people.
I've talked to them before.
They actually enjoy living in this state of mind.
They really think that they're some sort of a hero.
They really think they're a social justice warrior hero.
But I couldn't imagine living in this state of mind where literally everything offends you.
Yeah, I totally agree.
You know, it's like Schrodinger's cat, okay?
It's kind of like living in Austin, Texas.
Well, hey, I'm in the middle of nowhere, Montana.
But I have been to Austin, Texas.
It's a very beautiful city.
Watch out for Missoula.
They're liberalizing Missoula.
Oh, tell me about it.
I ride motorcycles, and I get over there quite frequently.
It's a beautiful town, but you know what's going on.
Totally, totally.
Uh, but we're talking about, you know, the two fingers and the gender thing and Schrodinger's cat.
And if you're not familiar, it's, you know, a cat's in a box and he's got a 50% chance of living or 50% chance of dying.
Well, Schrodinger says, well, he's alive and dead at the same time.
I disagree.
Hey, he's either A or 50-50.
You open the box, he's alive, he's dead.
He can't be both at the same time.
And I know there's... So wait, life and death isn't a fluid notion?
Well, no, that's not what I'm saying.
It's... Are you familiar with Schrodinger's cat?
Do you understand what I'm talking about there?
It's... Schrodinger put a cat in a box, and then he closed the box.
And either the cat, there was a trigger inside there, and the cat had a 50% chance of living or a 50% chance of dying.
But you, as the individual, if you open the box, you know, before you open the box, he could be alive or dead at the same time.
It's like a tree falling in the forest.
Doesn't make a sound.
Yes, it does.
Believe me, even if you're not there to hear it, the tree makes a sound when it falls in the forest.
Same thing with Schrodinger's cat.
It's not alive and dead at the same time.
It's either or.
He's a cat.
You know, lost out on the coin toss?
Or he won on the coin toss.
But what Schrodinger says is,
Until you open the box, you do not know if it's alive or dead.
So what's the box?
Bring it home.
Well, the box is a box.
There's a mechanism inside the box that the cat triggers.
So wait a second.
I'm sorry.
I'm very confused.
Are you talking about a literal thing with a cat in a box dying?
Yeah, it's a famous experiment.
It's a thought experiment.
Well, here's my thought experiment.
Thank you for the call, Dave.
We'll try to wrap our minds around that.
Here's my thought experiment, and this is where I thought you were going with it.
You're either a man or a woman!
You're either dead or alive.
You're either a man or a woman.
Pretty simple.
Now, are there exceptions where people have literally died, had their heart stop, and then come back to life?
Are there actual examples where humans are born with both genitalia or some form of, you know, dysmorphia genitalia?
But biologically, you are either a man or a woman.
And if you listened to Bill Nye in the 90s, you would know that!
But if you listened to Bill Nye in 2017,
Well, you would feel differently.
But you know what I love about it?
What's science?
See, normally when you have a huge change in science or a huge change in the way you're gonna teach science or understand biology, there's usually some sort of huge scientific breakthrough.
There's some sort of study that changes the game.
There's usually a big breakthrough.
There's this huge thing.
We never had that.
We just had people started chopping their things off and putting boobs on themselves, putting on a wig and makeup, and we just said, yep, 36 genders.
No science, no breakthrough, no study, nothing.
You got a wig?
You got a plastic surgeon?
You're a chick.
Oh, you lopped off your penis?
Sure, you're a chick.
In fact, better yet, you still have a penis, but you inserted some boobs, put on a wig, and put on makeup.
You're still a chick, even though you still have a... You know what?
I'm getting off base here, but, uh...
Nineties, men and women, 2017, 597,000 genders, zero science that actually made that breakthrough possible.
Just social justice warriors.
Let's go to Adam, wants to talk about Susan Rice.
Fried rice, boiled rice, we're all out of rice!
She gone!
Thank goodness she's gone.
How you doing, Owen?
I'm doing alright.
Let's see, we've got 2 hours and 15 minutes left.
This is going to be a breeze.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, you kind of already touched on that.
I kind of was going to use it as a lead-in to what's going on.
I guess it was Nancy Pelosi today kind of refuted what Hillary Clinton said as far as blaming Comey for her loss.
And I think it all kind of ties in together.
You know, because Susan Rice with her deal with looking at the NSA stuff and everything and denying Benghazi and all that.
It's just all one spoiled pot of soup.
This is what happened.
Susan Rice got set up.
Susan Rice was told, or she was under the impression, that if she played ball with the establishment, if she helped them and played whatever political games they wanted her to play with whatever power she had as the National Security Advisor, that she would get an upgrade with the next round.
She would replace Hillary Clinton.
She would get a role in Hillary's staff.
She would be the next this.
And it all failed, it all fell apart, and now everyone's looking at her, because she's the cat that ate the canary, and she's just hung out to dry.
I think that Kofi kind of had the same thing happen to him, and not necessarily, you know, but he saw the light right at the end and said, okay, well, let's see if I can save my skin, just in case she doesn't get in.
Well, he didn't know it.
Well, and the other thing that Comey does, too, is he is really keen at engaging in lawyer talk.
In other words, he'll say things that he knows he can get away with.
Like, for example, somebody asked today during, like, he said numerous times throughout the hearing, cannot confirm Russia this, cannot confirm Russia this, cannot confirm Russia this.
Well, we're confident Russia this.
Couldn't confirm anything.
But every time he was asked,
Did Russia, was Russia involved in the 2017 election?
He said yes.
Is Russia still involved in the United States politics?
He says yes.
See, because people like Patrick Leahy phrase that question and then the dumbed down population think, oh that means that Russia is still influencing our election.
See, James Comey's smart.
He knows that he can still seem important, seem like something's going down here, answer yes to that question, but how it actually goes is he says, well...
Of course Russia is still involved with our politics.
We're here talking about it, aren't we?
That's their involvement.
That's how he gets away with this thing.
They keep spinning this web.
There's no actual involvement.
There's no actual meddling.
It's very frustrating.
I'll tell you.
I didn't talk about this.
But that, every time, man, every freaking time I have to watch these hearings, I hate politics so much.
I seriously, I hate politics.
The last thing I would ever want to do is be a politician.
It's like the last thing I would ever want to do.
And every time I watch these damn hearings, or any time these politicians get together for whatever they're talking about,
I can't help but feel like I have to go sit down and talk because nobody, these people are either so old, so demented, so clueless, or nobody is calling them out on their BS.
It's like, where are the real people in government anymore?
It's unbelievable.
I saw like three people.
Chuck Grassley, who's like one of the nicest men on earth, he's so nice, he's such a polite gentleman, and yet he is the most hardcore politician we had out there today.
I'm sorry, Adam.
Final comments from Adam.
The other thing I wanted to talk about real quick was the use of thorium.
I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with it, but back in the 50s, just after we had our little incident with Japan at the end of World War II,
There were two different kinds of reactors being developed.
One of them, of course, we all know and love, the uranium reactor.
We all see the results of Chernobyl with Fukushima.
The other one was being developed in Tennessee at the Oak Ridge Lab, and it uses thorium.
And it's a lot more clean, a lot more efficient.
Unless you do a lot of processing afterwards, you can't use the
The waste to make any kind of nuclear weapons or anything.
We're talking, as far as efficiency, uranium itself.
I mean, first of all, uranium is fairly scarce compared to thorium.
There's like four times as much thorium in the crust as there is uranium.
Number two, uranium, you have to basically put it into a pressure cooker for all intent and purposes because it's a big pressure vessel.
That's why they blow up.
When they go critical.
Thorium reactor, it may operate at a much higher temperature, but it has all kinds of built-in safety, you know, passive safety measures.
You know, I've heard about thorium before.
Has it been used in the past?
Well, there's actually, like I said, it was being developed up until, I think it was about, I think it was Nixon that actually signed off on
On the paper to kill the thorium reactor research that was being funded by the Department of Energy and to put it out towards the uranium reactors so that they could proliferate more nuclear weapons, you know, Cold War and all that.
But they were actually initially developing the thorium reactor, which is actually the one that's in particular is the
The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, LFR, and it was actually initially being developed to be used in long-term flight aircraft.
And there was going to be an engine that was developed with it that was going to essentially just use a heat exchanger, because these things get so hot.
That just the pure heat off of these things could drive a jet engine without any fuel.
You know, I know I've heard of thorium before.
I can't recall where, but I know I've heard of it in the past.
Not necessarily like in a historical reference, but I mean, perhaps actually talking to someone who is trying to develop different types of energy.
So thorium, that's an interesting one.
Thank you for the call.
We've had a couple of callers tonight talking about alternative energy and trying to get that out there.
Thorium and thorium reactors, the most recent.
Let's try to press through a couple more of these calls.
So I just want to clarify, guys, we're done at five.
I'm out of five.
Yeah, we have the automated playback.
If you want to go past 5.
No, I'm not going to make you guys stay.
I'm not going to do that to you.
No, I mean, we just have to go to the machine that's automated.
I know we have to do a reset.
We'll give you guys a break.
You guys have been here for way too long.
Let's crunch these callers and we'll roll that.
Let's go to Angelo in California.
Guys, make these calls quick, because we've got to get out at 5.
Go ahead, Angelo.
Hey, how you doing, Owen?
Doing good.
Hey, just want to talk real quick about fascism.
I want to say real quick, love InfoWars, that you guys stand up for liberty and good values, things like that.
I am tired of people calling Donald Trump and his administration fascist.
It's annoying.
My family fled fascism.
In the 70s, they actually fled a fascist nation and came here.
And to have people talk about fascism like that, it's just very annoying.
And I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about it as well.
Yeah, it's so offensive to history, but these people don't understand history.
So, you know, we shouldn't be surprised.
Yeah, and then, I mean, the first giveaway that they knew that they had to leave was when the guns were confiscated.
When they came for the family's guns.
Oh yeah.
No, I mean, and that's the thing, again, how many nations that actually dealt with real fascism and real communism or actual religious oppression, they fled here.
That's what made America.
Not a bunch of refugees that, okay, maybe you can make the case that we created the situation, but it was going to be bad anyway.
It's just, it's a total nightmare.
And what's bothering you, and I hear what you're saying, is just the fact that these people
Don't know anything about fascism, they don't know anything about communism, and they're out on the streets every night trying to act like they do.
Yeah, it's complete nonsense.
The only encounter I ever had with fascism in this country is when I was beaten by Antifa at UC Berkeley.
That's when I was like, okay, fascism is real and it's them.
No, that's absolutely correct.
They're the ones that behave like fascists.
They're the ones that are, you know, funded by George Soros, and they have no idea what they're even talking about.
Thank you for the call, Angelo in California, who had to get beat up by the fascists at Berkeley, who hate free speech.
Let's go to Joseph in California.
Go ahead, Joseph.
Brother, and I've been a listener five years now.
Love you guys.
And I was at the historic day with Alex on the ground on Inauguration Day at 120.
Unbelievable sight.
But I want to bless you guys in Jesus' name and tell the listeners, the war is on!
The war is going with these pedophiles and their satanic master who will be thrown in the fire.
He's a joke.
The Lord of the Flies.
And we call him out now with millions of us.
Father, we call on out Soros, Brzezinski, Hillary Clinton, your days are numbered!
Follow Jesus!
Forget this worthless liar, this Satan who you follow!
Your days are numbered!
Millions of us are rising with you, Holy Spirit!
Father, you're rising us, awakening humanity!
And we will defeat this evil on this land!
Strength is with us!
Strength is with Alex and the boys here!
Your Holy Spirit is with us!
Your blood is covering us!
These demons can't touch us from your sorrows!
We're in your faith now!
We're dominating you!
And we're praying every day for Alex!
A lot of us!
Millions of us!
And you're with us, Father!
And if you guys need a fresh touch from our Lord, a healing touch, come to the ministry page that we have.
River Ministries is on Facebook.
S-H-E-K-I-N-A-H River Ministries.
He will bless you.
He's real.
Jesus is moving today.
He's with us in spirit and we will defeat these people.
They cannot touch us.
The banker from Holland who came out and admitted these pedophile rituals, we know it.
David Icke, he's broken the news with these demonic fallen angels.
They are worthless.
Tom Horne and Timothy Alboreno and Quayle.
Unbelievable work with these giants that supposedly are here and they're doing good work.
The whole generation, the whole company of us is rising with Jesus.
He's opening the eyes and this entity Satan cannot touch us.
With Trump, unbelievable what's going on in our nation.
I'm 30 years old.
Never seen this incredible breakthrough.
The whole country, just a massive breath of prosperity is here.
It's unbelievable.
I'm so happy for you guys.
I'm praying for you guys.
Thank you so much.
You're doing so good, brother.
That was an amazing call.
What a great call from Joseph.
Harrison, you had something to say.
Yeah, this is going back to the caller just before that, real quick.
He was talking about Antifa and the fact that the fascists take the guns first.
And this is a quote I heard recently.
You can actually go to that computer.
And I just thought I'd share because I just thought it was such a great quote.
This is Stalin.
Ideas are more powerful than guns.
We would not let our enemies have guns.
Why should we let them have ideas?
I thought that was pretty good.
It tells you what fascism really is.
You know, I have a feeling that Stalin would probably not want Ann Coulter or Milo to speak in his country either.
I think they would be in a gulag in the tundra somewhere, laying railroads.
That was just a great last caller.
And he's so right about the work that's put in by all those people.
And, you know, it's wild on the surface.
You see some of the stuff that, you know, Steve Quayle puts out or that David Icke puts out, and it really gets taken way out of context and way out of proportion.
If you actually go watch their documentaries, it's... I mean, folks, they document the stuff they talk about.
I'm not saying that I believe in all the stuff that they talk about, but, I mean, they document facts.
They document history.
They have stuff that's irrefutable.
That's also very powerful.
And I was actually...
Really looking forward.
I was hoping to be able to talk to Steve Quayle tonight.
Unfortunately, he was unable to join me.
But I watched his documentary stuff and just really awesome stuff.
Really awesome work that he's doing.
Really intriguing and awesome stuff.
Do you guys have anything to say before we do the final push out?
Just a little preview of what's coming up.
We have the
Flat Earth with Eddie Bravo that has disappeared off the internet.
Oh, we're playing the Flat Earth?
We're playing the Flat Earth with Eddie Bravo.
Dude, I'm telling you this, man.
I'm telling you this.
Alright, we don't have enough time.
That's enough of the plug.
They can find out what they want to watch.
We won't give them too much of it.
But I'm telling you this, Marcos.
It used to be, you know this, when I first started here, it was, you're a white male, you're a white male, right?
I was the guy, right?
I was the you're a white male guy.
Now I'm the Flat Earth guy.
I am now the Infowars Flat Earth guy because of that interview.
And I don't even believe in the Flat Earth.
I just talked about it.
I'm just an open-minded person that was having an open-minded conversation with Eddie Bravo about it, listening to what he has to say about Flat Earth.
I don't think he believes it either.
No, he does.
No, he does.
No, he does.
No, he's just saying every time.
I'm just saying.
No, dude, I talked to Eddie.
I'm telling you, he believes it.
We've had, he doesn't believe in dinosaurs, he thinks NASA's totally fake.
Which NASA puts out a bunch of BS, don't get me wrong on that.
That's a huge red pill that a lot of people are yet to swallow.
How much BS comes out of NASA.
And you know what?
We might find out secrets about this planet and this existence that aren't exactly as we prove it.
But it is crazy to see how there's all these sects, you know, flat earth and all these different sects of people that are kind of becoming red pill online.
Hey, we gotta sign off.
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I mean, how many other
I can't, I love talk radio because I get to talk to people and I get callers like the callers we had here tonight.
And they thank us, they thank us for the products.
Just, just awesome.
Just awesome.
And thank you guys out there for supporting us by going to infowarstore.com.
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We sign off.
The best of the 30-hour special on the other side.
Rob Dew returns live, 7 a.m.
Okay, welcome back.
My guest today, Eddie Bravo, here in studio with us.
In this segment, it's going to be Eddie Bravo unplugged.
We're bringing Owen Schroer in to help just come full circle with the chaos here.
They didn't get enough last night.
During the break we were kind of talking a little bit about some 9-11 conspiracy theories and stuff and one of the things there's so many out there so why do we have certain people saying it was a hologram for instance and we this is kind of where you say some people just take it to the point where
It's like then you're debunking the conspiracy theorists by making other people with legit theories look like insane.
It wasn't a freaking hologram.
You're also talking about, you know, like with the forest and stuff.
What do you think about that when they're, do you think this is like controlled opposition?
People coming in to just make the whole movement look insane by putting out these insane theories or?
No, because when it comes to 9-11, it's just a bunch of theories.
It's like a crime happened, and then you got all, everyone's a detective, and they all, you know, detectives try to piece it together.
Yeah, but you have like pictures, but you have like pictures of the Pentagon, and you have, your eyes can see the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7, and you can see the molten lava.
I thought you were talking about holograms.
Well, people were saying that the World Trade Center 7... There were no planes.
There were no planes.
It was a hologram.
People legit, if you start trying to make this argument, they say it was a hologram.
Which I understand where some people say, because this holographic theory in the future, I can definitely see it being used with like aliens and stuff to kind of trick people into thinking that there's been some type of an invasion.
To say that something like 9-11 wasn't real, it just makes the entire... That's how MSNBC or CNN and everyone can say, oh, they're a 9-11 truther, ugh!
I don't know, I mean, the whole plane... The planes are a hologram, right?
Is that the one you're talking about, the hologram theory?
Yeah, the planes never hit.
It was just bombs that went off, and there was a hologram, and people were... It could be anything.
I mean, I don't believe that, but if it comes out, if the truth all came out and someone just said, this is how we did it, maybe...
There's a hologram.
George Sr.
on his deathbed said this is how 9-11 was pulled off.
He said yes, they were holograms.
Do we have the technology to put a hologram in the air and make it look like a plane?
Do we have the technology?
I think so, right?
Definitely in the future.
They could time travel back.
I'm to the point now, especially, I've always felt this way, but after the Vault 7 releases, it was kind of vindication.
I've always felt like whatever that we can conceive, it's what we were talking about last night, whatever we can think, whatever we can conceive, whatever we can imagine, whatever's been in the movies, someone's already doing it.
If I can think it, if I can figure it out, I may not have the scientific means or the engineering capabilities to make that, but somebody does.
So you're saying someone from the future came back and did 9-11 with their hologram?
I don't know how you got that from what I just said, but okay.
Alright then, there we are.
Okay, so with that, let's go with like, I know one of your theories, or you kind of toy with this, is dinosaurs not existing.
Now you talked a little bit on the Alex Jones Show about the bones in the museums, dinosaur bones aren't
Most of them.
Yeah, they're not typically bones, which is true.
All I knew about dinosaurs is they lived millions and millions of years ago and then bones were discovered and then they're in museums and they're in kids books.
Jurassic Park, that's it.
That's all, you know, that's all I've ever really known about dinosaurs.
I was fascinated with dinosaurs as a kid.
I don't, I don't really, never really even think about dinosaurs, but being a conspiracy theorist, uh, my, I look at conspiracy theories like, um, or science, let's just say like science.
I believe in, of course, it'd be stupid to say you don't believe in science.
I believe in science, but it's gotta be unbiased science and it can't be government science, so.
Well, yeah, and science itself is only a few hundred years old.
Anytime science
Like, if I gotta take, like there's all these conspiracy theories, like dinosaurs don't exist, nuclear bombs don't exist, forests don't exist, all this shit, it doesn't exist.
It never happened.
Then nothing exists.
But, and people think, man, there's so many conspiracy theories.
There's actually not that many, because, like, there's not a conspiracy theory that aircraft carriers don't exist, right?
Because you don't need to take someone's word for it that they exist.
You've seen it.
There's enough video footage.
There's no way they could have faked, you know, people.
They exist.
Tanks exist.
There's no conspiracy theory that tanks don't exist.
But there are people, legitimately brilliant people, I know, that believe that humans have only been around like 7,000 years and that they were alive at the same time as the dinosaurs and there's no way the dinosaur bones are millions of years old.
That's what I'm talking about.
Something out there, like for me, this is just my personal thing, is if I have to take someone's word for it, some unknown government scientist with some unknown experiments and I just say, yeah, they figured it out, they figured it out.
To me, when we're talking about the government, government is like a criminal on trial.
And I explained this yet last night, but I'll make it brief.
Like dinosaurs, for instance.
I've never seen dinosaurs.
So I gotta take whose word for it, and then when you actually look at the timeline, you start getting into it, on like when they were first discovered, who discovered what, all the fraud and the scams that were going on with the bones, all of a sudden...
You know, it's proven that these monsters lived millions of years ago.
And then all these guys are scamming bones and they're finding whale bones and telling people they're dinosaur bones.
All these scams and frauds and that's where our dinosaur knowledge comes from.
So that's something right there for me.
When I found out, I didn't even know there was a conspiracy theory that dinosaurs didn't exist.
But once that came up, I thought about it for a second.
I'm like, well, I've never seen a dinosaur.
What about the bones, right?
Yeah, or their footprints.
You know, for me, dinosaurs may exist.
I didn't give a shit.
I don't have a stock in dinosaurs.
I don't care.
I know the government's full of shit, and they lie all the time.
I apologize for that.
So I'm going to look into it, open the case up.
What are people saying?
And I look into it, and then when you look into it, man.
There was a lot of tomfoolery going around with dinosaurs.
And then when you find out that none of the bones you see in museums are real dinosaur bones.
They're too sensitive.
They have to lock them up.
No one can see them.
And the ones we see are replicas.
The only time, the only reason it's cool to see a skeleton of a dinosaur is when it's actually a skeleton of a dinosaur.
If it's a replica, that's not cool.
Just put replica skin on it, too.
Just put the skin and the tongue and all that.
If it's fake, it's fake.
Well, they've also come out saying, yeah, well, they've also kind of said, well, we're only guessing that this is the kind of skin they had because they don't find any intact skin.
So maybe they could be covered in feathers or whatever.
Who knows?
Timmy, you know they're finding giant shark teeth in Wyoming and Montana?
You know what I mean?
They're all megalodons, so that proves that North America was underwater because we're finding old shark teeth there.
So, to me...
They were faking dinosaurs and they were getting caught in the 1800s.
They were finding whale bones.
So yeah, if they find shark bones and... Can't they do DNA tests on that though?
Because I'm not... Honestly.
I need a scientist.
We go back to who did the DNA test.
So for me, unless I've seen it myself, I'm going to be open to the idea that
Was it a hoax?
Was it a scam?
Let me look at the evidence, but the guy who puts it together the best is a guy named Eric Dubé.
You can go to our YouTube, and he's got a video called Dinosaurs Don't Exist.
Eric Dubé breaks it down.
He goes through the timeline, the history of dinosaurs, and it's pretty crazy.
Well, I am going to... It'll crack your head open.
I'm going to put the call out right now to anyone that works at a museum or any of you dinosaur scientists, anthropologists.
Let us come.
Eddie Bravo and I would like to come and see the T-Rex skull.
The real one, not the plaster cast that's in the museum.
If you want to just debunk this conspiracy theory.
How do you know it's a real dinosaur bone though?
I want you to touch it.
I was in the Chicago Museum of Natural History and Science and they had
I mean, they had real bones.
They said it's rare.
It's a traveling exhibit.
Most of them are fake.
But when they have the real bones, they say, oh, these are real.
We're having this enclosed, you know, we travel, whatever.
But OK, I understand what you're saying.
I'm not going to argue because I didn't do the DNA test.
That, you know, Tyrannosaurus Rex femur bone could be a whale tail bone.
I don't know.
So I understand what you're saying.
It would come down to, OK, you're doing the DNA test.
I guess, again, you have to choose whether that even exists now.
And maybe your conspiracy theories don't think the DNA test even exists.
Maybe DNA doesn't even exist.
It's like, where do you stop?
That's a good point.
But for real, I mean, where do you stop?
DNA does not exist.
Where do you stop when you go down?
So at some point, I feel like you have to trust science down the road, but you don't, perhaps like what you're saying, trust, we don't have to trust the people that are telling you the results.
Okay, well then, on that then, because here's the other thing is that my brother-in-law works for NASA and so he's gonna let me go and go through the whole facility and everything.
I don't get to go into the alien room or whatever.
So that we can once and for all debunk this flat earth theory, but maybe we won't debunk it.
I don't know, because this flat earth thing became super popular here in the last two years, right?
Where people are extremely smart.
People are like extremely smart putting out all of this information to explain this flat earth.
So where do you stand on it?
Well, when I first heard about flat Earth, it was probably like a year and a half ago on Joe Rogan's podcast.
We were talking about something and then Joe was trying to explain how dumb people are and goes, dude, there's people that still believe the Earth is flat and the sun is 3,000 miles away.
And I remember, this is like a year and a half ago.
I'm a grown ass.
I was in my 40s.
Balls deep in conspiracies, my whole life.
And when I heard that, I thought, oh, like, what are they, like, just super religious people?
I mean, people actually still believe the Earth is flat.
This is just me, like, a year and a half ago.
And then a few months later, I do the podcast again, and then Joe brings it up again.
He goes, flat Earth theory.
And I thought, and I said, he asked me, I think.
What do you think of the flat Earth?
And I thought, and I know I said this on this podcast, I go, it's got to be some CIA psyop, kind of like Scientology.
It's got to be like Scientology, where they're just checking to see how stupid people are.
The Earth is flat?
It's ridiculous.
I'm like, had an iPhone 4, I saw the picture of the Earth.
That blue marble on my goddamn iPhone, my smartphone, every day.
That was the default.
I go, there's no way you're going to convince me.
I mean, like it had to be CISI.
And then that's it.
And then a few months later, like maybe less than a year ago, talking about I'm going off on conspiracy theories in my class, my jujitsu class going off.
I'm getting mad at people that don't believe this or that.
I'm like getting freaking crazy.
And then some guy goes, yeah, I agree with everything you said.
Have you looked into Flat Earth?
I said, dude, please.
Please, Flat Earth.
That's got to be the most retarded thing I've ever heard.
You're like, no, no, that's too crazy for me.
It's got to be the most retarded thing.
Dinosaurs aren't real, but Flat Earth.
I'm like, please, you're distracting from the real issues here that we have to deal with, the real issues.
And he said, OK, OK.
And I told him, just please.
Zip it!
And then, a couple months later, another one of my students said, hey man, you ever look into flat earth?
And I said, I looked over him, and I was like angry, and all of a sudden, I just wanted to debunk him.
I go, that's the dumbest thing ever.
And he said, listen man, I got a master's in engineering, look into it.
You do the math, you do the science.
I'm like, dude, I'm no scientist.
But I could prove that the world is round in one minute.
So, we're texting each other back and forth.
I'm like, dude, come on, man.
Well, what was it about the theory?
What was it about the theory that just got you?
Where you're like, whoa.
It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
The Earth is flat.
And the sun is 3,000 miles away.
But did you debunk him, or did he get you?
No, I went home.
I went home.
I went home, and I go, I'm just going to find a picture.
It's really simple.
You don't, you know, all these people that are... It's not really simple, okay?
It's not really...
No, it's simple.
There's got to be tens of thousands of pictures of Earth from space.
I don't need any science.
I don't need an engineering degree.
I don't need to put numbers together and all this stuff.
I'm going to show you pictures, many pictures, and I'm going to text them to you, show you pictures of Earth from space.
So you go to Google and you're pictures of Earth from space.
And you look at them, and obviously, like right away, I thought,
This is all, these are all CGI cartoon.
There should be tens of thousands of real, actual pictures.
So then I started looking into it, and then I thought, and these pictures are coming from the NASA website, nasa.gov.
I'm like, NASA is in charge of space information?
Doesn't have pictures?
And I already thought, okay, NASA faked multiple moon missions.
Let's get these photos pulled up, guys.
Oh, he does too.
Do you believe we didn't?
Absolutely not.
He thinks if you fly up over Earth, you're going to see ice walls surrounding a little petri dish that's growing on us.
It's a grow-up.
So this is what happened.
So then I look into it.
I dig more and more.
And then again, there's Eric Dubé again.
I looked at, look, just watch his video.
There's a video called,
This best one is called The History of Flat Earth and it takes you the timeline of how we decided the earth was a ball and what, you know, why we did a couple, a few hundred years ago.
It's, Eric Dubé breaks it down better than anybody.
You listen to him talk about flat earth.
Just for three minutes.
But so why don't we fall off the earth at some point?
Well, you've got to understand the flat earth.
I don't know.
Or why if you're on the flat water and the ship disappears from view because it's going down.
I'm gonna explain that right now.
But let me make it clear.
There's no proof that the world is flat.
We're good to go.
It's weird that we're not watching any actual footage of space.
It's all CGI.
Oh, but that's okay.
Then we just keep watching and we keep... And then I think about that.
It is kind of weird that... How the hell do they know what this looks... How the hell do they know that star and that galaxy are 500,000 light years apart?
And then I just watch it and then I'm trying to remember everything, trying to be really smart.
So when people start talking about space, I go, did you know the Sun is 93 million miles away?
I'm just taking this information.
So now, as soon as I find out that these fake pictures of Earth from space, like I don't know why there should be any, they're coming from NASA, and then you look into it and they admit it.
They go, yes, these are all composites.
So NASA's not even saying they're real pictures.
And then, don't we have Hubble?
Why don't you point it at the Earth and get some awesome shots of where we live?
How come Hubble's not taking any pictures?
Well, if you follow the astronauts on Twitter that are up there in space, they're constantly tweeting out photos.
But you interviewed from the ISS.
This is... I mean, he thinks it's fake.
That's all.
That's all.
The ISS?
Okay, so the ISS isn't real.
Actually, are you able to pull up any of those NASA photographs he's talking about?
Tax scams.
Here's my issue.
It's all tax scams.
They're just stealing money.
Here's my issue.
Well, there is a secret space program.
So anyway, with the flattered thing real quick, let me just end it now.
Look, I'm not saying the Earth is flat, okay?
You gotta understand that the flat... Oh, oh, I gotta answer a couple questions for you.
First, why do ships seem to go over the horizon, right?
It's the law of perception.
Everything coming from your eyes converges into a vanishing point.
Yeah, but could that be the law of perception because we're on a globe?
No, no.
And if we were on a flat Earth, the laws would be different?
That's what I've, that's what I've... But your perception... No, no, no, let me finish.
Your perception doesn't matter if it's being recorded through a telescope.
No, no, no.
You could go on YouTube right now.
You could pull up on YouTube and look.
You could see it.
You take a camera without the zoom on and you videotape a ship going over there and it looks like it's sinking.
It's sinking.
It looks like it must be going over the horizon.
All you do is turn on the zoom and the ship's right there again.
Well, eventually, though, it gets so far away.
Well, eventually, when you can't zoom in, the zoom doesn't work anymore.
Explain that.
I could prove that right now.
Okay, here's the... It looks like the ship... You can explain that with math, though.
It looks like the... Well, no, no, no.
But if you're saying the ship is... You're losing it because it's going over the curve, it doesn't matter what kind of zoom you have.
You wouldn't be able to see it.
That's science.
So if you could zoom in and the whole ship appears again with the zoom, it didn't go over a curve.
That's science.
I'm not even a scientist!
But you wouldn't be able to do that all the way to South America or something.
No, but who knows?
You only know until the zoom runs out.
If you have like infinite zoom... Okay, we have telescopes that can see into space.
I'm going to need someone to point that telescope at a ship going over the horizon.
All I'm saying is again...
And this is why people thought the Earth was round.
That's like an old physicist from like 300 years ago.
They were going, the ships, look, the ship, it must be round.
We must be on a ball.
So look.
Why didn't they ever fall off the Earth then?
Nobody believed that until people circumnavigated the planet.
That's when they started to say, okay, wait, now we have to consider the size.
Why didn't you fall off or hit the ice?
A model.
Which is impossible.
It's like we're in a crater filled with water.
Here's the issue with this.
But then why did we ever hit the edge?
You go to South Pole.
That's South Pole.
But there is no South Pole.
The South Pole is the edge.
The outer edge.
So there is no South Pole.
So the middle is the North Pole.
The middle is the North Pole, and the sun and the moon go around like that.
The middle is the North Pole, so anywhere you go south, you hit the South Pole.
But that's not the South Pole, it's just Antarctica, which is a sheet of ice that surrounds us.
Here's the issue with this, okay?
That's it right there.
Just because that's how you go around the world.
You ask about circumnavigation.
Except that doesn't work because you would have to have your wheel turning right the whole time.
That's science.
No, because you would just go in straight lines.
There's no math.
You'd have to have your wheel turn right the whole time.
You would have to have your wheel turned right the whole time.
You would have to have your wheel turned right the whole time if the earth was flat to circumnavigate.
But that's not the South Pole.
There is no South Pole.
Here's the thing, man.
I am... So anyways, listen.
Your boy, your boy Dubé.
Eric Dubé.
Go watch his history of flattery.
Dubé is debunked.
Your Dubé cover in your room is a nice guy.
And you know what?
Honestly, I don't know the guy's stuff.
I'm sure it's great.
I've looked into this myself.
I don't know if it's real.
I know NASA faked the moon landings, every one of them, and that's where all our information is coming from.
All that shit should be under a microscope.
There's some truth to that.
Nah, nah, it's real.
But just because your boy has done math to disprove what he thinks is the current belief of the globe or the measurements and everything.
Okay, so maybe we've got the measurements wrong.
So maybe, like you said, maybe the Earth is bigger than we think.
Maybe it's smaller.
So just because he disproves something in the common understanding of the globe and the math doesn't mean that it's not round.
There's different ways to calculate the same equation.
Think about it like this.
Now, and I'm interested to see the flight patterns things that you're telling about.
I'd be interested to see that.
But still, even, even, let's say that all these flight patterns show how they all avoid the North Pole, they all avoid the South Pole magically, they're all just going around the world around the equator instead of going north and south.
Oh, so you looked into it a little bit.
Dude, I told you I looked into all this stuff, man.
Eric Dubezo, he breaks it down.
But also, there's an electromagnetic field going from the North and South that would mess with the flight patterns.
If the Earth was flat, all of the navigation systems that are used, all of the geolocation and all of that would not work.
It would fail.
Because all of those measurements are based on a sphere.
So all the measurements and all this stuff, they plug into the plane and all that stuff.
Apparently it's all based on a flat plane.
It's like a flat dome that goes like this.
Every pilot ever is behind it too then.
So you've got to get every pilot that's ever flown a plane.
No, they don't have to be behind it.
They just follow.
They're just following like they're... Okay, well the only time I could ever just... I don't know.
Have you guys... They're looking at the wheel.
Have you guys... I've talked to pilots personally.
Have you guys seen the show?
Some of them don't think chemtrails exist.
There's no way it exists.
Have you guys seen Westworld?
Have you seen Westworld?
Okay, so in Westworld where they go to the...
We're in Westworld.
You know, it's like this, don't.
Do you recall the scene I'm talking about?
Yeah, yeah.
This is the crazy thing is, everybody will entertain the possibilities of, man, what if we're scientists are saying that we're in a computer simulation.
Everybody's like, happy to look into that and the information like, that'll be cool.
We're a computer simulation.
But when you bring up that maybe we've been lied to about what we're on.
That's fucking... You're wasting my time!
You're wasting my time!
Oh, what, are you gonna go watch Game of Thrones now?
You're gonna watch some fiction?
And you're gonna... Have an open mind and look into it!
Everything that we... All the pictures and images from space are CGI!
None of them are real!
Isn't that... A shitty detective would go, Wait a minute!
None of the pictures from space... Okay, but you gotta explain... We do have them, boss!
Okay, but now hold on, though!
We do have some pretty amazing telescopes and photographic capabilities to be able to not have CGI Earth.
I'll give you that.
Did we find any real pictures?
NASA admits that their photos are pretty much all fake and everything, but at the same time they do live feeds from the ISS that they never admit are fake, so there's semantics there.
But, again, man, you're talking about
I mean, this is beyond just, okay, a government that's run based on blackmail and pedophiles and all that.
You're talking about now you've got people that raise families like pilots, people and engineers that are designing these telescopes.
What about all these satellites they're claiming that are going up to space?
Where are the waves going from your cell phone?
When someone brought up Flattered Theory to me, like I told you, I wouldn't even ask those questions.
I was just like, dude, you're retarded.
So the fact that you got some legit questions that need answers, that's why you need to watch History of Flattered Theory.
Okay, so you think that everything... Okay, so everything that comes... How about this?
How about this?
All I know is I don't trust... Wait, so wait, here... I don't know if it's ground or flat.
You don't know?
I don't know what we're on, but I'm looking into it.
So wait, why don't you offer to be one of Tesla's first people that he says he wants to fly civilians into space?
Why don't you go?
I'll go with you.
Who was the guy that owns Virgin America?
Richard Branson.
That guy, he was talking about it 20 years ago, that he was going to spaceflight.
And then, and now Elon Musk is talking about it.
Let me tell you this right now, I'm going to make a prediction.
That is never going to happen.
That is never going to happen.
No one's going to... Elon Musk, dude from Virgin America couldn't take nobody.
He owns... What happened to that?
That just faded away.
Yeah, Lady Gaga offered to be the first one.
He looked into it, trying to... Where do I apply for this?
And they said, you better sit your ass down, because you ain't going into space.
Nobody can go into space.
Nobody's going into space.
So you don't think the astronauts have ever been in space?
All of the images coming from space are not real.
You think no astronauts have been in space?
So what are we looking at then?
In my telescope, what am I looking at?
When I look at stars and cosmos and stuff?
When you even look at planets, they look like a light.
It's a light.
Okay, again, my brother-in-law works for NASA.
He works in, like, the jet fuel area.
I don't know what it is, man.
Whatever the sun is, I don't... Flatters.
That's fake.
That's all fake.
This is live, isn't it?
This is a live feed, isn't it?
It's a live feed.
That's what they tell you.
That's what they tell you.
It's moving.
I don't believe shit coming from them.
They fake moon landings.
So what are those satellites?
Are you going to believe that?
What are the satellites up in the sky then?
Are they fake too, all of them?
There's no pictures of any satellites in the sky.
But you can see it with your eyes!
You can see a satellite!
You can see it with your own eyes!
Okay, show me a video of a satellite in the sky.
Have you ever been to Portland or like Montana?
No, no.
Have you ever been, okay, even Northern California where there aren't, there's not a lot of light noise, somewhere like Portland, Montana, somewhere where there's
You can actually see the stars.
West Texas, you can see the satellites with your naked eye.
They're not UFOs.
Satellites are supposed to be the size of a bus.
You can see them!
Okay, look.
Satellites are supposed to be the size of a bus.
A 747 is the size of five buses.
And when they're 30,000 feet in the air, you can barely see them as a speck.
You think you're going to see a bus that's 100,000 feet or a couple miles in the air?
Wait a minute, you're gonna see?
They have a lamp on them?
So you think they're UFOs?
Listen, listen, listen, listen, real quick, let me repeat myself, okay?
A satellite is the size of a bus.
Not all satellites have a universal size.
No, but that's the average size.
They're like a bus.
The International Space Station is huge.
Let's say that satellites are the size of a 747.
747s fly at an average altitude of 30,000 feet.
They're like a speck at 30,000 feet.
How high do you think satellites are supposed to be?
And you're telling me you see them with the naked eye?
That's no science!
So then what is it?
So you're telling me that the satellites have like this beaming light?
They're not a beaming light!
Satellites have a beaming light that you can see from the ground?
They don't even have a light!
You can see them!
What's light?
What am I seeing?
So what are we seeing?
So what is it?
I see it!
What is it?
Okay, again.
A plane is at 30,000 feet.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
They're going to have all that energy and they're going to have a beam of light coming out of a satellite.
Eddie Bravo, millions of people out there who have seen satellites with their naked eye want to know then, what is it?
How can you see a bus?
200,000 feet in the air.
Hold on, hold on.
They're not that far out of the Earth's atmosphere.
We're not going anywhere.
This is a dead end.
I can't believe you've never seen a satellite.
I have seen this with my bare eyes.
Listen to this.
You have to go where there isn't light noise.
Listen to this.
There's a satellite.
You have to go where there's... You have to go where there's no... You can see they're all lined up.
They're in a perfect line.
They go in a straight line.
That's how these cell phone satellites work.
How is that a satellite?
Because it just moves like this.
Slow and steady and straight.
And you can see how they're all lined up perfectly in a spear.
But we're not going anywhere.
You may be right.
Let me say this.
I may be wrong.
But who knows, that could just be them in a circle around the flat Earth.
I challenge you to look at the sky next time you're somewhere where there's no light noise.
I'm just curious if there's any explanation in the flat Earth theory for, you know, space debris coming into our atmosphere.
That is something... I've seen asteroid fields with my bare eyes.
I've seen asteroids enter our atmosphere.
The rock, you can see it break up and basically explode in the atmosphere.
I've seen this with my bare eyes multiple times.
What is that?
That's Zeus throwing a rock into the flat Earth.
I'm not saying the Earth is flat, I'm just asking questions.
And NASA is not to be trusted, so anything coming from them, I'm going to investigate.
You and I, you and I, you and I.
We're going to circumnavigate the world starting from the South Pole and we're going to go all the way around the North Pole and we're going to end up back on the South Pole.
Let's go together.
And then we're going to blast off and look for the ice wall.
We're going to circumnavigate the earth and debunk this or prove it once and for all.
I think that's an excellent idea, but here's the thing.
You know what you could do?
This is what you could do.
This is how you prove the world is round.
Get on a plane, find some billionaire guy, and fly over the Antarctica.
Fly over it, and go around, go around and fly over it.
When you can do that, then I'll believe it.
But I need proof.
It's been done.
There are people out there right now who have the capability to take us.
So then all the satellite images are fake?
Of what?
Of Antarctica.
Is it CGI?
No, I'm asking you!
If it's CGI, is CGI real or not real?
CGI is fake.
So you're saying they're all fake.
What's the question?
All the images of Antarctica and the theories now that the center of it is melting, they actually think there's like a spaceship under it now.
They're not even sure if it's a piece of land.
I thought we were questioning everything here, Eddie.
I don't know.
All I'm saying is that information... I was showing you!
Remember the other day?
I was showing you!
I was looking at Antarctica.
I found what looked like a spaceship buried in the ice!
That's fake pictures of Antarctica.
That could be anything.
No, but Antarctica could be anything.
What does that even mean?
Anything could be anything.
Just because you go on the outer edges of Antarctica... Okay.
No, I understand.
I understand.
That doesn't disprove your flat earth theory.
But if there was an ice wall, wouldn't we see it?
I think even if we had eight more hours, we would not... Bring up ice.
Antarctica ice wall.
Bring that up, please, and we won't... Non-CGI.
Do you want this non-CGI?
Just like Game of Thrones.
You're gonna love it.
Make sure it's the non-CGI.
I don't watch Game of Thrones.
You can pull up Icewall.
I feel like we could talk about this for eight more hours and still be going around and around the flat earth.
Just like the sun goes around and around.
Somehow you don't see it from the other side.
We're going to go ahead and wrap this up and I just want to put out, you know, one last call to anyone who wants to take us on a trip to circumnavigate the earth and debunk and find this ice wall.
Fly over Antarctica.
Or if someone would like to take us on a flight.
I'll go with you.
To fly over Antarctica.
And if you go with me on a rocket ship.
Straight up.
No, no, no, on a plane.
Look, there's the ice wall.
It's a glacier!
It's the ice wall!
Oh my god!
So you're telling me on the other side of that looks like maybe what 60 stories of ice that I'm gonna see another petri dish of a human growth organization going on?
God that'd be amazing, wouldn't it?
There it is, flat earth.
Eddie Bravo's right.
Now look, honestly.
What is that?
What is that?
Wait, what is that?
It's a bunch of ice floating on the ocean!
When I say pictures are fake,
It's not fake!
Find another one.
A long shot, though.
That's just one.
Can you find one?
There's a long angle where you can see that.
Find the one of that being 10 million feet long, please.
That's the angle that we need.
I would say that whoever does take us on a flight or a ship to circumnavigate, this is what you're going to have to be listening to for the entirety of it, but please.
Look at that ice wall!
Look at that ice wall!
That's not an ice wall!
Let's make this happen.
This would be the biggest video ever.
What is that?
Well, you can see the edge of it, bro.
What are you talking about?
You can see the edge of that.
The edge of what?
The edge of the glacier.
The frozen piece of ice.
Maybe it's going that way.
Oh my gosh.
It is going that way.
It looks like it's a right angle.
You said, where's the ice wall?
We show you three pictures of the ice wall.
It's not an ice wall!
That's like I'm showing you Tower 7.
That is an ice plateau!
I'm showing you videos, different angles of Tower 7 collapsing and you're going, no, it's fires!
It's fires!
NIST said it!
Office fires!
NIST said it's fires!
I believe it's fires!
NIST said it's fires!
Okay, so then, are those photos of the ice wall are real then?
They're CGI.
Are they real or not?
What do you think?
If they're real then, why didn't they just pop their head over that and look on the other side?
Why haven't you taken a trip to Antarctica or Alaska or anywhere yet?
So now you're talking about an infinite plane?
It could be anything, I don't know.
Okay, this is science.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I want to see the Petri dish that is growing the other human growth.
I want to see more fake pictures of space.
I can draw you one.
I just don't even know.
I guess we should end it there.
We didn't really come to any conclusions, but I think we can conclude that it is very important for everyone out there to ask questions and be able to debate their friends about things that frankly none of us... You can believe whatever you want.
I'm just really curious.
Just don't believe the government, right?
Can we agree on that?
That's all I'm saying.
That's all I'm saying.
Any information coming from the government, you gotta be suspicious of it, and you gotta break it down and reinvestigate, reopen the files.
That's a smart thing to do when you deal with criminals.
Saying, oh no, they wouldn't do that.
A criminal?
No detective would go, ah, he wouldn't do that.
You should absolutely.
Nah, he wouldn't do that.
Why would he do that?
Nah, he wouldn't do that.
The worst detective in the world wouldn't even think like that.
We should definitely tolerate conspiracy theories.
And on that note, I think we can all agree to disagree.
Thanks for watching.
Hey, you know what?
I have a feeling when I come back, you guys are going to be flat earthers.
I bet.
We'll see.
When are you coming back?
He's gonna wait until he sees me tweet on Twitter, okay, maybe the Earth is flat.
No, we're going on the ship.
We're going on an expedition!
It is my dream.
I would shut people up.
It is my dream to be Magellan and circumnavigate the Earth.
My mission over here.
But here's the thing with me, is I've been there, I've been there before, so I am open-minded.
And every, you know, you know why, you know why Flat Earth is so big?
Because everyone has the same story.
No one ever goes, yeah, the Earth is flat, oh cool, I believe that.
Everyone says, shut the fuck up!
There's a new conspiracy theory host.
They have the same story that I just told.
Everyone has the same story.
When I first heard about Flat Earth, I thought it was a dumbass shit.
I thought it was a CIA psyop.
It must be some kind of distraction.
Clearly it is a psyop.
Everybody has the exact same story.
No one just believes it right away.
I was way worse than you guys.
Well it gets people fighting about stuff that no one can really prove rather than focusing in on what's actually going on on our planet.
With the actual chemtrails and the frequency control.
This is one of the biggest secrets out there.
The missing link of why our ancestors, whether you were in Africa or ancient Albion, which is England today, why our ancestors were so much stronger.
I mean, there are huge archaeological reports, all sorts of anthropology studies, you can look them up for yourself, that show
That humans, just an average farmer of 10,000 years ago in England, was stronger than Olympic athletes today.
In the final equation, everyone knows our modern society has lost its vitality.
The sperm counts are down like 90%.
People are falling apart.
They're totally depressed.
They're not happy.
What is going on?
Every ancient culture was obsessed
With what I'm about to reveal to you.
Today, we call it bone broth.
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You know, Trump did it right.
He went face to face and went to every little tiny town, every little state fair, every little group where nobody goes.
You know, they had this whole agenda.
Oh, you got to go here.
And he actually brings random people up on stage.
Face to face and met people and like, look, man, thank you.
Thank you for your support.
When I first met him, I thought I probably had a predetermined notion that he's probably a dickhead like Richie Rich or something like that.
And that flipped around and it wasn't so much
The way he treated me and the way he talked to me, it was the way he talked to the people that worked for him.
Like the guy that's sweeping the floor, or the elevator guy, or the receptionist, or anything.
He treated everybody on the same level.
And you can tell a lot about an employer or a person is how they treat the little guy.
Can anybody look at Hillary and think she really, really cares about women?
I think my opinion's valid because, yeah, I've made enough money to not work anymore, but I'm supposed to be working, and I'm supposed to... I don't... Employing people!
Yeah, and I pay all of them and pay all their taxes, and I don't...
I don't ever want to step outside of that.
I tried to for a little while.
I tried to be this big Hollywood guy and I was miserable.
And those fake people burned you.
And it blew up in my face and now I'm right back where I belong, working at my shop.
I kind of know the bad side of all that more than anybody else because I lived through a pretty horrible media shitstorm.
And I think... And you never talk about that, but you've told me about it and I've talked to people that don't... Man, it doesn't mean anything.
You know, Soros and all these protesters and the women marchers and all that, all that stuff is just media.
You know, all it is, it's really just business.
It's about money.
Whether Soros is paying for it, or people, or tabloids, or the left media, or any of those things, they're all doing it for money, and they're all doing it for, you know, for selfish reasons, you know.
If you think back to like, you know, 15 or 20 years ago when Trump had like epic fights with like Roseanne Barr and all this stuff.
Roseanne Barr and a lot of those people attacked Trump and picked fights with him purely to get media.
Exactly, and they always started the fight.
It was always totally self-serving.
Now, MSNBC, CNN, you know, Meryl Streep, all these people, if they can like say, oh Trump, you know, Trump raped a baby.
If they can come out and say that, and then they get this little spike in media, it like puffs them up.
Oh yeah, I did a thing.
No, but that stuff doesn't make any difference to the average Joe, the average dude that's got to work 10 hours a day and like punch a clock and do a good job.
It's irrelevant.
And all those people got caught up in those little self-serving media spikes and got behind Hillary thinking, oh my God, we can really do this.
Look, we're all, we're all famous and we're so much more famous than Trump and all he is is a reality star.
They don't realize that the lion's share of this country.
It is bread and butter, people that go and work and try to take care of their kids and try to send them to good schools and try to maybe get them into college or get them a good job.
That's what the majority of this country does and you can't turn your back on those people.
And that's what the media and all these celebrities and Beyonce and Jay-Z and Hillary and all, that's what they all did.
The media in the current stage of the internet is a false sense of reality.
So it's beyond fake news.
It's a false reality.
MSM is a false reality.
20 years ago, if I hated Alex Jones, I had to take a piece of paper, I had to break out a pen or pencil, write it down, I had to fold it up, lick a stamp, put it in an envelope, send it to Alex Jones' office, wait two weeks, maybe I would get a response.
Maybe not.
If he didn't respond and I was still super pissed, I had to write it down, fold it, lick it again, and send it, and do that all over again.
Now, with Twitter, if I hate Alex Jones, I can pick up my phone and go...
That motherfucker.
And all my 38 followers will look at that and go, yeah, you did a thing to him.
And then they'll retweet it and then maybe 2,000 people will see it.
And I get this little burst of fame.
Yeah, I told Alex Jones to kiss my ass.
Yeah, you sure did.
And it's a fault.
It's meaningless.
It's like trunk full of ping pong balls, man.
None of that stuff goes in my shop and flips my welder on and starts welding for me ever.
So it's meaningless.
It's a vapor.
The positive news doesn't sell.
But talking about all this other stuff that's not true, that gets paid shits on websites, that gets viewership.
Yeah, exactly.
I put a video out about $25 billion to black colleges.
No one cares.
It doesn't sell.
This is a business.
The mainstream media is a business.
It's there to make money.
Oh man, look, that's really messed up.
So they just keep creating car accidents?
So the more sensational thing they say, it doesn't mean it's true, it doesn't mean it holds any water, it's just a business.
Well let's expand on that.
A couple years of people saying I'm a Nazi and saying I'm the devil and saying I'm this whole horrible person.
I had to look at it forever.
You know, I had to like walk by in the supermarket aisle and see every single tabloid have a picture of me on the cover saying the most horrible stuff and I had to walk by with my kids and kind of put my head down and like
I think it takes, you have to find some kind of inner strength to like be a dad and be a good parent and walk past all that stuff with your kids and keep their eyes looking forward and not take it personal.
We're seeing a new age and a new generation of communication by him being able to tweet
And put stuff out on Facebook?
The information is from, you know, his mouth to our ears and eyes.
There's no filter.
There's no twisting words.
He doesn't have to have a press conference and hope all those people are his friends and don't twist his words into something else.
He could put it right and bypass them and they're having a hard time with it.
And the only way that they can get people to watch their crappy shows
Is by slamming him or making up some satan station.
No, I agree.
They need Trump.
Why would Russia hack our election?
For what?
It's saying you didn't have the initiative to go vote for him, Jesse James.
You're a Russian robot.
I'm a Russian robot.
They're just in denial.
You know what?
And I get it all the time.
And this is why I don't have anything really to come on here to talk to you about that's really that special, I think.
But I like to come on here just as a voice of the blue-collar Americans.
You know, the people that think that, you know, because I'm filthy dirty every day, and because I work, I weld, and I make stuff, and I'm a mechanic, they think I'm an idiot.
People are complainers.
Let's just complain.
I'm going to complain that Trump won, and I'm going to complain that I think Russia did it because there's no possible way that he could be successful enough to win on his own.
It had to be some kind of scam or trick.
Well, let's raise that since... No, but I'm going to complain about it.
So I think instead of complaining,
Go do something about it, you know?
Like, that circle around you of people that you can help, like homeless people, or go to, you know, help disadvantaged kids.
Don't blame Trump for why you claim the world has all these problems.
That's my biggest question.
Instead of complaining that Trump doesn't support women, or Trump does this, or everybody did that, and you know?
What do you do?
You know, what do you do?
And like, someone kind of
I made a comment and got a bunch of crap about it about the women's march that I said, hey, wouldn't it be great if all these women marching, if they channeled their energy and put that kind of energy and manpower to helping the homeless and vets in this country.
And someone said, like, you know, well, what have you done for the homeless?
Like a bunch of people said.
They didn't know what was happening.
I'm like, well, you know, I founded the biggest homeless shelter in the city of Long Beach in like 2002 and put over 3,000 people in permanent housing.
And when I left Long Beach, I gave my 50,000 square foot building and it became, it's the Long Beach Rescue Mission now.
You go back and all the people that asked what I did, they all deleted their tweets.
I compared Trump to Margaret Thatcher because Margaret Thatcher in England, there's a lot of people think she was a witch.
But you know what?
That lady got shit done.
And she turned their economy around.
And didn't take crap from anybody.
That's what I want.
If I'm going to hire a manager for a country, I don't want some clown that's going to play saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show.
I want someone that's going to work.
And someone that has the skills to get something done.
I hate Obama.
All I'm saying is, you know...
That our friend became President of the United States?
Did you know?
And then we helped do that?
Yes, I feel good about it.
Good job.
No, I agree, Jesse, but what I'm saying is, these enemies are so evil, we have to expose them.
You want to go beat them up?
Hey, listen.
You're ready to go kick their ass, what are you talking about?
Listen, like I said before, when we did on the eve of the election,
If they had anything on Trump, if there was any kind of dirt that would drop, any kind of media bomb, that would have been done last summer.
No, I agree.
Maxine Waters doesn't even know that North Korea wasn't attacked by Putin, and she literally thinks that PPGate's real.
But what I'm getting at is this.
Don't you agree we've got to be vigilant and keep promoting liberty?
Maybe you're right.
Wait, wait, you're saying you really think Trump's got eight years, we've already won?
Oh, geez, come on.
The proof's in the pudding.
I agree.
That's why they're so pissed.
And I notice, even in the last couple weeks, it's starting to go down a little bit.
You notice the intensity's ratcheting down.
Remember... Skip the break.
What was it?
Last Friday?
When everything was going crazy about Jeff Sessions recusing himself and all that?
And come Monday, no one even mentioned that?
Why is that?
Because it's all pure baloney.
No, what did Trump do on Sunday?
I forget what he did.
Tweeted about Obama wiretapping him.
Oh yeah, he countered it, yeah.
And then everybody all of a sudden forgot about it.
That's what I just raised.
They admitted they did it and they say he's a liar.
No, but Friday, this didn't even exist on Friday.
Friday was all about Sessions and Russia and all.
But it shows his power.