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Name: 20170503_Wed-3_Alex
Air Date: May 3, 2017
3713 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics including Hillary Clinton's recent statements, financial news, ongoing wars in the Middle East, non-profits, universities, media outlets and their promotion of misinformation. He advocates for upholding the Constitution, involving people in decision-making processes related to war, closing overseas military bases and focusing on pressing issues such as war and economic hardship.

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It's 11 p.m.
Central America, and we're one day and one hour closer to victory against the globalist forces.
And now, Darren McBreen and Rob Doo will interview Ben Garrison, Leanne McAdoo, and of course, take your phone calls.
Well, it's 11 o'clock.
Thank you.
And we are 12 hours into our 30-hour broadcast.
Not quite halfway there, but close.
We've got a whole other day tomorrow going into about 8 o'clock, maybe 9 o'clock, maybe 10 o'clock.
Who knows?
We'll see how we feel.
Hello, I'm your host Rob Dood.
Riding shotgun with me is Darren McBreen.
We're going to have Ben Garrison joining us to talk about his book.
His book of amazing graphics.
I wish it was bigger because his stuff is so great.
You can find out more about him at grrgraphics.com.
He's going to join us in about 15 minutes.
We're going to ask him about this latest issue with Colbert.
Basically saying that Trump's mouth is a cock holster.
For Putin.
What if somebody said that about Obama?
Oh, I wonder.
Back in the day.
You know, because, well, it came out in a new book that we do have reason to think Obama could be gay.
Obama's sex secrets lay bare.
How he considered a gay fling, had passionate sex and cocaine with one white girl, ooh, proposed twice to another, and cheated on Michelle before they were married.
Was that before Michelle's operation?
We don't know.
It's fake news.
You might want to give me a little headroom on that.
There you go.
We got Marcos Morales in there and Wes.
Hey, and Leanne McAdoo.
Leanne McAdoo is going to join us.
Wonder Woman.
She'll be here in about an hour.
I can't see who else is in there.
But we're going to have a great show for you.
I want to talk.
Oh, Harrison's in there.
All right.
Harrison's one of our newest editors slash production people, which we're going to be hiring a few more.
And we're going to take some calls too.
We'll have Ben on for about 20 minutes and start taking calls so you guys can ask Ben some questions because I'm sure people who like his artwork are really going to be interested in talking to this man.
He lives up in Montana.
Well, you know, there's a lot of truth in comedy and satire.
Ben Garrison brings out a lot of truth or he definitely sheds a lot of light on the corruption in Washington and around the world.
And that's a good thing.
He's using his talents to wake up people or at least generate debate.
But political satire can be used for good or it can be used for evil.
That is true.
We do know that the establishment, they love using satire to push their agenda.
And unfortunately, right now, in modern day America,
Millions of people across the country, they rely on their news.
They say that their most credible news source comes from late night television.
So they're watching late night comedy, they're watching Saturday Night Live, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, The Daily Show, Jimmy Kimmel.
That's where they're getting their news, right?
So it's going to be interesting to talk to
I'd like to play a clip today about
Sore loser Hillary Clinton who can't just face the fact that she was a horrible, corrupt candidate who had no personality.
She emitted beings from her mouth several times.
She had uncontrollable coughing.
She lied.
She cheated.
Yet, it's somehow Donald Trump and the FBI's fault.
She's now joined the resistance.
Hillary, you're lucky the FBI did not arrest you and Huma Abedin.
And Anthony Weiner.
Give it time.
You should be praying on your knees, thanking God that you're not in jail right now.
Lock her up.
Because they should have arrested you.
And guys, I don't know.
I was looking at Darren's shot.
We might need to brighten that camera up just a little bit.
We don't use this studio that often.
This is the radio room that gets used on the Sunday show.
This was Alex's first studio when we moved to this location.
In fact, I started just after they moved in here.
They moved in here January of 2009.
I started early February of 2009.
This was a very small building at the time.
I've seen it grow.
Since then, which is one reason why we need your support.
And if you guys will bring in the specials folder that was walking around, I'm sure we can find it somewhere and walk that in.
It's probably in the other studio.
We should have one in this studio, though.
I don't know why it's not here.
Well, you're talking about Hillary Clinton.
She says she's now part of the resistance.
And she blamed pretty much everyone but herself.
For the failed campaign and losing out to Donald Trump.
She said it was because of WikiLeaks and because of Russian propaganda.
Russian hacking!
Yeah, because of Russian hacking.
And even some of the mainstream media is just like, give me a break.
We've had it hard enough of this.
If we were so concerned about Russian hacking, Hillary, why didn't you turn your servers over?
Why didn't the DNC turn their servers over to be examined by the FBI?
Because that was a BS story.
That's why.
It's all BS.
Everything that comes out of your mouth is BS.
And this mouth here.
Wait, go to this shot.
Or let's see this on dot cam.
This kind of looks like a BS admitter.
Right here.
Right there.
She's got them lips puckered.
That's not a, uh, what do you call it, bolster?
Let's go to that clip of Hillary Clinton being a sore loser.
WikiLeaks and Putin and the Russians for her loss.
That was an incredible interview for so many reasons.
I think the most telling line was her saying, I can't be anything other than what I am.
And for Hillary Clinton, to the frustration of a lot of her supporters,
That includes being somebody who has some difficulty taking responsibility for what happens.
Now she did, she had a pretty remarkable moment where she said that she definitely has regrets, she definitely takes responsibility in some ways, that she is also spending time looking for...
We're good to go.
Quoting Nate Silver, the statistician, that if the election were held on October 27th, the day before James Comey sent his letter saying that they are reopening the investigation into her emails, that she would have been your president.
She said it like that.
And then of course, blaming Russia as well.
But you know what?
Having said that...
She did win 3 million more votes in the general election than Donald Trump.
And it's got to be painful.
It's got to be hard.
It's got to be almost impossible to come to terms with.
Brianna, you covered that campaign.
You were with her very often.
She describes herself now as an activist citizen, part of the resistance, but she also had a little bit of blunt criticism of the president.
Downright trolling him, I think we might say at some point, where she says, I did win 3 million more votes, and she talks about Donald Trump tweeting about foreign affairs versus her, and she indicated that she's fine with him tweeting about her because, quote, I'm happy to be the diversion.
So that was where she's...
I mean in a way you can almost see or think of Donald Trump, if he's watching this, having a visceral reaction as he does to these kinds of things.
But there was, it did strike me that she seemed to say, I've taken some responsibility.
You'll see it in the book.
She made some mistakes.
That's right.
And we haven't seen that as much.
She certainly is always first to go to external factors, be it James Comey or WikiLeaks.
We didn't hear any mention of the original sin of her campaign, which was her email process.
I know that Democrats are so sick of hearing about it.
It certainly affected her trust.
I'm going to be really interested to see what she has been writing.
She says, when I'm not walking in the woods, I'm writing.
Because the last books that she's written, Hard Choices in Living History, these were the books written by someone who had a political future in front of them.
And the expectation now, I think, is that that is behind Hillary Clinton.
Is she going to be less cautious?
Is she going to be a little more forthcoming?
Well there you go.
That wasn't actually Clinton taking no responsibility.
Do we have that clip?
All the other people.
That was the rest of the talking heads just blaming.
That's typical Hillary, though.
She's blaming everyone else but herself.
And it's the old, tired, same old story.
Russian propaganda.
You know what's funny about that is so Russian propaganda was so powerful that it influenced the entire country except for states like California.
Yeah, California and New York were immune to it.
Were somehow immune to the Russian propaganda.
They were too smart for that.
They didn't fall for it.
No, and I think also is maybe all the illegals that were voting.
We'll never even have an investigation on that.
Sounds like a conspiracy theory.
So, but here's an interesting story.
This is on InfoWars.com.
Kellyanne Conway throws Hillary Clinton's woman card back in her face.
Signed the tweet from a woman in the White House.
Kellyanne Conway fired back at Hillary Clinton in defense of President Trump's electoral victory late Tuesday night.
Conway wasn't having it.
She opened up, let's read her tweet.
It says, you ignored Wisconsin, which Trump didn't.
I went all over Wisconsin.
He was there.
You called us deplorable, irredeemable, had oodles of money and no message.
Yeah, she spent way more money, like five times as much.
I don't even know.
I think she spent almost a billion, maybe even more than a billion dollars, and he spent like a couple hundred million.
So the Russian propaganda also kept people from going to her rallies.
Yeah, exactly.
It made her co-opt
That's right.
Oh, yeah.
By speaking engagements that's getting paid, you know, pretty close to what a half million dollars by Wall Street.
Well, you know, that's payback for all the good stuff he did back when he was president.
They couldn't really pay him off at that time.
When you get out, come on in.
We'll pay you.
What was that?
All right.
Well, our next guest is on the line.
And hey, guys, at some point, can y'all come in and try to get this working, this computer?
At some point.
Our next guest is on the line.
It is Ben Garrison.
He's going to tell us how you can get his amazing book, which we'll be thumbing through as we go through this interview.
The 2016 Presidential Election Collection by Ben Garrison.
I'm not sure if he'll be smoking a cigar now, but Ben, are you there?
I don't smoke cigar in the house.
Yeah, I'm here and am I speaking to Rob?
Yes, this is Rob Dew and you got Darren McBreen as well.
Okay, good to be on your show.
Hey Ben, good to have you.
So where do we start, Ben?
I mean, we've got Trump in the White House.
It looks like... I think you were one of the main purveyors of that, at least image-wise, to be putting these out and people were spreading these.
They were little memes on their own.
They didn't even need, you know, an extra meme text on the top or bottom.
But now we've got him in and now we've seen, you know, we've got a hundred days and we're looking and we see, you know, some things we don't like, some things we like.
What's your overall impression?
Overall, I'm happy.
Progress has been made.
I still support Trump.
I was disappointed with the Syrian bombings.
That really disturbed me because he said we're not going to be in the business of nation building.
We're going to rebuild our own nation.
And so that was the very first quasi-negative cartoon I drew of Trump.
That's not in the book, but I had Rand Paul on one side, the angel telling him not to do it, and I had
I had McCain as the devil telling him, yeah Warren, let's go for it.
Money could be made.
Well, when I drew that cartoon, and I think it was based on a false flag too, so I drew that cartoon and instantly lost a lot of Patreon supporters and Twitter followers.
I gotta call it as I see it, and that one, you know, it had to be drawn.
But overall, I've still been drawing fairly positive Trump cartoons, although the swamp has gotten bigger.
In my book, I have him pulling the plug on the swamp, and it looks like Trump is this looming figure, and he's reaching into the swamp and pulling the plug, and they're all going swirling down the drain.
Well, I drew another variation of that, and the swamp appears much more vast.
And now the swamp monster is coming after him, saying, what the hell do you think you're doing?
And I have much smaller Trump.
So the task is a lot more monumental than many people might have thought.
Well, and I think our overall opinion in this society we live in now, which is instant gratification, that
Oh, Trump's gonna come in and in two weeks, 100 days, everything's gonna be different and Hillary will be in prison and everything, you know, we'll have nothing to worry about.
I'm guilty of that myself, I have to admit, but I'm not giving up on it.
Some people out there, I've seen some YouTube videos, I'm gonna give them until May and then I'm gonna really turn against them and I'm not gonna do that.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna just see if, you know,
He did NTPP, and he's making progress on the jobs, and he wants to get rid of Obamacare.
I mean, it's only been 100 days.
Let's give the guy a shot.
I was disappointed.
I drew another one where I showed him as in a tug-of-war.
Steve Bannon was on one side of Trump, and Trump was the rope, and the other people are the Kushner and Ivanka, who are
A little bit more Democrats, I guess.
They lean more toward the Democrats.
I think Kushner even has a Soros connection, which disturbed me.
So I showed him kind of trying to drag them toward the globalist side with the swamp, and I had Bannon trying to drag him back over to his campaign promises and the people who all believe he should continue to try to make America great again.
Yeah and Bannon's outnumbered.
I mean he's got Kushner and Ivanka who both have the ear of Trump and they seem to be a lot more ideologically influenced than I thought and less common sense influenced for being that successful.
They seem to be duped by
The propaganda that we've debunked over and over again.
You know, anytime it's clear pictures of dead children, you know there's something wrong.
Because anytime it's dead children anywhere else in the world, we either don't see them or they are blurred out.
But here it was in your face over and over again.
You in pictures.
It was babies in incubators 2.0.
That's the point.
That's exactly the way I feel about it.
And, you know, overall, I'm not too happy with a lot of his cabinet choices, a lot of the Goldman Sachs men and Tillerson.
I mean, I'm not too crazy about that, but maybe he needs these people in there because they know where their bodies are buried.
I don't know.
Now, when I drew that cartoon, Roger Stone follows me on Twitter, and he commented he didn't agree with it at all, and that we should, you know, Trump knows what he's doing and is his own man and making his own decisions, and that's reassuring.
And I have a lot of respect for Roger Stone.
I've read many of his books.
So I hope he's right.
Maybe Trump really is indeed playing like 4D, 5D chess.
And I just don't know what's going on on the inside, naturally.
But still, I have to draw it as I see it.
You know, that's why I'm just going to try to keep the faith and hope that he can come through on things such as, you know, the wall and rebuilding infrastructure and try to stay out of all these globalist wars and all the intrigue that comes from the multinational globalist central bankers who are really
Have been in charge for too long.
I mean, there really are sovereigns now.
They're above the law.
They can't be prosecuted.
And Hillary, unfortunately, is part of that system.
And WikiLeaks confirmed that.
I mean, she all but told the bankers, hey, I'm on your side.
I'm going to fork over a bunch of guff to the voters because they're a bunch of
Very much a sap, so believe any kind of empty platitudes I shovel at them.
But I'm really on your side now.
They'll pay me some more millions.
Yeah, I've got a public and private position.
No doubt about it.
I mean, that was just, you know, hey, that's confirmation.
And the one really good thing that resulted in this entire election campaign was that the deep state, the shadow state,
They tipped their hand.
It's no longer a conspiracy theory.
It's a conspiracy.
And so the shadow government is real and he's fighting.
He's up against this immense swamp that includes the NSA and the CIA and, you know, the Soros's and everybody who's got the grapple hooks on Congress.
So Trump may be our last best hope because if this doesn't work and he's unable to
You know rest control out of these the shadow government and back into the we the people and we the people unfortunately are now we the criminals that's how we're treated and we're you know routinely spied on and treated with contempt
But if this doesn't get turned around soon, then I'm thinking this Trump administration might be our last chance.
Otherwise, what else do we have?
Well, probably revolution.
Yeah, a cartridge box, because the ballot box will have failed.
And we're either criminals or we're Russian agents.
You know and you know before you you came on the show we were talking about how unfortunate I want to talk about the difference between late-night comedy and the kind of comedy cartoons that that you draw and unfortunately we're talking about how there's millions of Americans across the country who they get their news source from late-night comedy they get their news from they trust
Like Saturday Night Live, Stephen Colbert, Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel.
They trust those guys more than they do the mainstream news media.
What's that?
Don't forget Bill Maher.
Oh yeah, and Bill Maher, of course.
And so that's their go-to news source nowadays.
In fact, guys, if you could play that clip, we're going to play a short compilation of late-night television going after the Alex Jones and, of course, President Trump.
Let's check it out.
I'm a throwback!
I'm here!
I've got the fire of human liberty!
I'm setting fires everywhere!
Uh, welcome back to Brain Fight, sovereign citizens of the Brain Nation.
Old Tuck's riled up today.
Okay, my ex-wife thinks she can conspire with the government to divorce me and take my children, but I'm fighting back with my brain fist, okay?
Because my mind is a weapon, and my skull's a cage.
For your protection, alright?
For everyone's protection, because I've got power, okay?
I'm a father!
That man is Alex Jones, and that is actually him at his most presentable.
That is Alex Jones at a job interview.
That's Alex Jones meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time.
Now, in his more outspoken moments, Jones has argued that the government has the ability to control tornadoes, that the Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag attack, and that tap water is a gay bomb, and that they are putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay.
One of those people is a guy named Alex Jones, who I happen to find very entertaining.
He's one of those guys who believes Bigfoot was responsible for 9-11.
He believes everything.
Sir, where are you getting this information?
From a very reputable source.
The FBI?
The CIA?
Info Wars.
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
You know he's legit.
Mr. Trump, your presidency, I love your presidency.
I call it disgrace the nation.
You're not the POTUS, you're the BLOTUS.
You're the glutton with a button.
You're a regular gorge Washington.
You're the president's, but you're turning into a real prick-tater.
Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine.
You have more people marching against you than cancer.
You talk like a sign language gorilla who got hit in the head.
In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's **** holster.
The better sense of humor than Alex.
And usually when he's being made fun of, like he loves to do the Facebook memes, the Alex Jones Facebook memes.
That's one of his favorite things.
He laughs harder than anybody.
But this late night comedy seems more like character assassination.
And I'll tell you, we've seen it first hand for ourselves.
There's a gentleman that works here.
He's one of our editors.
He got kicked out of his apartment.
Because of what they saw, the people that own the apartment, what they saw from John Oliver and Jimmy Kimmel, they actually showed him the video on their cell phone and said, you work and support the racist Alex Jones.
You can't live here anymore.
And they kicked him out.
So that's having an effect.
This late night television is having an effect on the average everyday person.
And we've seen a result for ourself.
What do you think?
Well, I've certainly seen it as far as the torrent of hatred aimed at me trying to shut down my free speech because I was trolled for many years.
So I know that firsthand.
The thing about it is now, they're breaking rice bowls.
That's what I call it.
They want to make sure that you're homeless and broken out on the street.
And I've actually had some hate mail with that.
That's exactly what they say.
I won't rest until you're broke, homeless, and out on the street.
They want to shut you down.
Shut me down, and if I had an employer, I'm self-employed, but if I had an employer, they would go after them and make sure and harass them until I've shut them down.
And in fact, that happened to me in a way because I was in an art gallery here in Montana, a local art gallery, and the trolls started a campaign of harassing the owner.
And she really believed that I was some kind of a wacky Nazi white supremacist type, and she wanted me out of that gallery that same day.
And I had to explain to her, no, this is just trolls, and it's all a lie, and I'm not this character that they were trying to portray me as, etc., etc.
And the photos that they showed you were all doctored.
And she understood, but she was so rattled, I had to leave anyway.
She didn't want the bad publicity.
So, you know, that's what happens.
They go after your means of making a living.
And so, that happened in 2015, and that happened at a time where I really hit bottom, and I was almost ready to stop drawing the cartoons.
But after having a meeting with my wife, Tina, we decided, well, okay, we're going to draw more cartoons.
We're going to get on social media.
We're going to spread them around.
More than the Trolls could.
And then in 2016, I started getting help and support from a lot of great people.
Mike Cernovich helped me out a lot.
Jeff Giese and so many others.
Stefan Molyneux helped me out.
It was a terrific year.
Really, it was a turnaround year for the cartoons.
So we ended up defeating the Trolls, sort of.
I mean, they're still there.
The internet hate machine can't touch me like it did.
But yeah, that's what they're doing.
It all boils down to me.
It boils down to money.
It all goes to money.
And we lost control over our money in 1913.
And a hundred years later, these people at the top, the Federal Reserve central bankers, privately owned, of course, and the multinational globalist oligarchs, they have all the money in the world.
And they control the media, they control their mainstream media.
You know, the mainstream media is owned by a handful of corporations.
And so, what do they go after next?
Well, they go after the language.
They're trying to limit what you can say and can't say, and they've been doing it with political correctness.
But they've ramped it up on college campuses now, where you can't even say things like, oh, I just read a guy who
In a paper he wrote, he used the word mankind.
He got knocked down a whole grade for that because he dared to use the word mankind.
So what this is, it's really directly out of 1984.
Because I know if they got the money, you know, and they can impoverish, we got this Leviathan state bent on impoverishing us and taking our wealth.
Now they want to take our language and make sure
That we can't even use language to fight back because it's not, you know, it'll be called racist.
I mean, it's kind of a form of insanity almost.
These Antifa people, I see them kind of as mentally ill and a form of brainwashed cognitive dissonance and they don't even realize it.
That's right.
The divide is starting to widen, and I call it a cold civil war.
And this is exactly what people like Soros want.
They don't want a United States of America.
They don't want nationalism.
Look what happened.
Nationalism and patriotism used to be a good thing.
Populism, and Trump is like a populist president, let's face it.
He's like an Andrew Jackson.
Radio Cohen there, and sweep out those central bankers.
That's what I hope he does.
Somehow, the word nationalism, which I equated sort of with patriotism, they changed it.
They changed it into nativism, and it's made it into a racist thing.
So if you're a nationalist, and you happen to be white, oh, you're a white nationalist, you're a Nazi, you're Hitler, you know.
I ran into some of these Nazis the other day at a May Day rally, and one of them actually said to me, guys, roll some of this footage that I'm playing right now.
One of these people said to me, he goes, we don't want free speech, we have to end hate speech.
So that's the most important thing to them is ending hate speech.
But them dressing up, them attacking women and children is okay.
They're totally okay with that.
Well that's what I mean by this disconnect, this cognitive dissonance.
They don't seem to realize that we're all for gay rights.
I have nothing against gays myself.
People can do what they want.
I'm a libertarian.
I don't care.
But, at the same time, they embrace Islam.
They want all these Islamic immigrants.
And guess what?
They do not tolerate gays.
They throw gays off of buildings.
Don't they see that there's something not right there?
They believe in Sharia law and women covering up.
What about women's rights in Saudi Arabia?
They don't exist.
But they don't see that.
They go, yeah, we've got to welcome the, you know, we don't want to be Islamophobic, so we've got to have as many Muslims in the country as we want.
At the same time, they don't see that, like in Europe, the rape statistics have skyrocketed and women getting abused, but somehow that's okay with these Antifa types.
But you try to explain this to them and it's like, you know, they'd rather hit you with a bike lock than try to engage in debate.
So much for free speech on college campuses, huh?
Yeah, exactly.
They don't want to promote free speech.
They want to promote groupthink.
That is what the college campuses are about.
We had a stabbing at UT on the same day of this May Day parade, and it appears that it was, they just allowed campus carry on there so people could protect themselves, and lo and behold, a good guy with a gun stopped this guy from stabbing people.
And there you have it.
But that's not in the news.
That had to come out from the student body president.
And it's slowly making its way through social media.
But the news won't report on it.
And the police won't report on it.
That's why they're losing.
They've been exposed.
And I have a feeling this has been going on for many decades.
The mainstream media working with the CIA and Operation Mockingbird and that whole thing never went away.
They've been bamboozling us and, you know, they've been like laying on some pretty big whoppers on Americans for years.
I mean, it starts, it goes way back to the Kennedy assassination.
You know, oh, we have to believe authority and authority is the Warren Commission.
Even though, you know, you have people like Alan Dulles on the Warren Commission whom Kennedy despised and wanted to get rid of.
And Arlen Specter came with the magic bullet theory.
Well, yeah, but the mainstream media didn't do their job and investigate it.
Well, case closed, war commission, that's it.
It was a lone nut gunner.
And then you've got the Vietnam War based on a gigantic lie.
And it's been going on there for years.
As long as, you know, you've got this respectable authoritarian like Walter Cronkite telling you that's the way it is.
Yeah, that's the way it is, all right.
But guess what?
Nobody's watching the news anymore.
Well, very few people are.
I read somewhere where it's like,
The average age of the TV news viewer for like ABC, NBC, and you know, CNN, the whole crowd, is 50 years old.
Young people are not watching news.
Young people are especially, and I know this for a fact, that young people are not reading newspapers.
The average age of a newspaper reader is even older.
Newspapers have one foot in an inky grave, and the other foot is on a banana peel.
And even online, young people aren't reading newspapers, the online versions of newspapers.
So here, they're in a fix.
The mainstream media, and you know, it's the newspaper's own fault, because I worked in newspapers for many years, and I saw what was happening at the end.
They were all bought out by, you know,
a small amount of new big conglomerate newspaper chains and so they force political correctness on everybody they didn't want to do too much local especially local investigative journalism they don't want to they don't want to peeve the advertisers or make anybody mad and so we ended up getting this kind of a trawled down bland
Yeah, absolutely.
They're drawing down big salaries.
I think the average cartoonist is making like $95,000 a year.
Many are making more than that.
And they don't want to lose that.
So what did they do?
Guess what they draw?
Almost all of them are liberal, and they almost always draw pro-status, big government cartoons.
We need more taxes.
We need more government programs.
Oh, and these gun nuts, they're vet-necks.
Most of the cartoons are based on straw men and lies.
They literally draw the line.
They draw the line that they're supposed to stay within.
They go, we're going to come up to here and we're not going to say anything else.
And here's the difference between them and you, Ben, because really you're supported by your fans.
You're supported by people who go, hey, I like what this guy does.
I'm going to spread it.
I'm going to buy some of his stuff.
I'm going to support him on Patreon.
And you can't be fired by an editor.
If an editor can't come in and says, I don't like this Trump cartoon that you've been doing the last couple weeks, Ben, you're fired.
And that's sort of the same boat we're in, too, here at InfoWars.
So it's really important to support people who are independent because we can't be censored as easily as, we could be censored by the big boys like Facebook can censor us and YouTube can censor us, but we can't be censored by
You know, bosses on top of us going, no, no, no, you can't say that.
Like, Alex Jones isn't going to censor you from saying anything.
Hey, we talk about whatever we want.
And I was going to say, I worked for the mainstream media.
I worked for Scripps Howard for five years.
And you're right.
I wasn't allowed to have an opinion.
Man, every time I came up with my own ideas, they would shut it down.
We were cookie-cutter news.
It was basically national news.
So that was it.
Hold up, we got an idea here.
Hold on, hold on.
That's a good idea, Darren.
Yeah, we'll get back to you on that.
And if you're conservative, if you have conservative leanings, you better be especially quiescent.
The vocabulary of George Will.
Hey Ben, we're going to take a quick break.
Stay on with us.
We want to actually open up the phone lines.
You guys ready to do that?
Out there?
Alright, let's give out the phone number 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539 if you want to get on and ask Ben Garrison a question, or myself, or David Knight.
We're going to take your calls.
We also have Leanne McAdoo joining us in about 20 minutes or so.
And we're going to take you all the way into 1 a.m.
And then after that, it's Owen Schroer coming in.
Owen Schroer, the Cuck Destroyer, as we like to call him.
You call me David Knight, by the way.
Did I call you David Knight?
That's twice this week.
I was recognized.
I was recognized.
Hey man, you're David Knight!
Well, you guys are the elder statesmen here, so I gotta pay my respects.
But anyway, we're gonna take a short break.
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It is.
Now, Ben, as we go to break, how can people get your book?
Well, they go to Amazon.com, type in election collection and my name, Ben Garrison.
The formal title is the 2016 Presidential Election Collection.
And I'm happy with the sales.
I mean, I didn't know.
My first book I wrote a couple years ago was a complete flop.
But that's because it's based on a faulty premise.
I was trying to tell the world, I'm not anti-Semitic.
I'm not a racist.
See, here it is.
Here's my book.
And nobody wanted to buy it.
So this one, I tend to learn from my mistakes.
And I learned pretty good from my previous efforts.
So the second book that I have is mostly about cartooning and my cartoons.
I have like 113 or so color plates in it.
And even though it's not a very big book, it's high res, so anybody who wants to see all the cartoons I drew in 2016 and a little bit before that, they're all there.
And it tells a story.
It's really a history document.
It's a historical visual document of what went on in 2016 because this is probably
The most narrative driven race that we've had just with all the stories coming up with the social media was like at full bore.
We'd never seen this.
It's like everything was coming together and you were there in the zeitgeist going Trump baby get on the Trump train and a lot of people responded to it.
Terrified millions of people all over social media.
I would go out to some of these rallies.
People had Ben Garrison cartoons on their picket signs.
It was great.
It was great to see your work getting out there, seeing people sharing it on social media.
And I think it really did change the balance and going from Hillary to... That's what cartoons are supposed to do.
You mentioned telling a story.
Cartoons are supposed to tell a story.
Like, at a glance.
They could tell a complex story in a few seconds, whereas words would have to read it for several minutes to understand what's going on.
And it gets people to talk to each other, you know?
It generates debate.
I love it.
During the golden age of newspapers, well over a hundred years ago, that's what the cartoonists were the superstars of their day.
They ran cartoons on front pages.
I mean, they were big shots.
A lot of names that are forgotten today.
But they actually changed minds and influence.
I can think of one, his name is Frank Beard, and he was kind of more of a religious cartoonist, and he did beautiful lithographs that were in slick magazines.
Now, his cartoons were designed to try to convince people not to go in saloons and drink themselves to dissolution, but instead work hard and go to your family and go to church.
And I tell you, I was looking through a book of his cartoons.
Somebody who likes my cartoons sent me this whole book of Frank Beard cartoons, and I'm looking through it.
And I started getting convinced.
I said, yeah, those cartoons, those saloons, I want to stay out of those.
He's right.
You know, he's right.
But then I started thinking, this guy had such influence on rural America, this cartoonist, that he helped get prohibition passed.
He got people so motivated that they ended up passing prohibition, which was, of course, a complete and
Unmitigated disaster.
And what it shows is you cannot legislate people away from vices.
If you try to stop a vice through a law, you're just going to make that vice worse, and it's going to be like the Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Then you've got a million brooms, and you've got everybody drinking and speakeasies, and you've got crime and corruption, and it was a complete disaster.
But I don't fault Frank Beard because his motivation was driven from some laudable instincts that I admire, and I admire his craft and the detail.
I'd like to sort of like be able to draw cartoons like that instead of with the cartoonists today who just draw cheap gags.
They're mostly politically correct comedians who try to draw something, and they're not memorable.
I want to draw cartoons that are memorable.
And if that means crossing the line, and often it does, you have to cross the line because all of a sudden you're getting people's attention.
He can't draw that!
So you're either going to make somebody very happy with the cartoon, or you're going to make somebody very angry.
Or you're going to melt a snowflake.
And you're not afraid to hold Donald Trump's feet to the fire.
I think that's... Yeah, exactly.
I make him very angry, and that's a sign of a successful cartoon, in my opinion.
I can't always do that, but that's my goal, is to make him memorable.
Well, Ben, we're going to take a short break.
As we go to break, we were talking about how Muslims treat women.
Here's a guy hurting women like a goat with a stick.
Guys, go to this.
This is how he treats them.
Come on, ladies.
There you go.
Get back inside.
That's how they treat their women.
That is feminism for you.
Okay, go put on your burka, Third Wave Feminist.
We're going to go to break.
We'll be right back with Ben Garrison and we'll be taking your phone calls.
This is Rob Due, Derek McBreen, Ben Garrison joining us, and we're deep into the 30-hour broadcast in defense of free speech.
Thank you for joining us.
Infowars.com forward slash show is the free link.
Spread that far and wide.
Thanks for watching.
I joke around a lot on the air.
I try to have a good time.
I'm a happy person overall.
But I have intellectually studied the globalist program and I understand it is a major threat to myself and my family and your family as well.
Now we do have some gallows humor around here, but when you get down to the bedrock of our message, it's dire.
Globalism is an anti-human system.
It's a breakaway civilization.
The elites believe humanity's finished and are basically stealing our wealth, our intellectual property, and our very essence to construct their new world order system.
Now, I never started in full wars 22 years ago believing I would save the world.
I just wanted to be a watchman on the wall.
A modern Paul Revere who could warn people about the threats, and I believe that humanity, when faced with a threat, would take action against it.
So many times globalists would tell me that, oh Alex, they're a bunch of cowards, you're just scaring them for us.
And I would always say, no, humanity, at least a large part of it, when faced with the truth, will do what it takes to defeat your unelected planetary dictatorship.
Wednesday, May 3rd and Thursday, May 4th, we're doing a 30-hour transmission that kicked off at 11 a.m.
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The globalists are selling division and evil.
So please spread the word about the live transmission so we can reach new people.
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Let's tell David Rockefeller that, you know, we're not subhumans.
Let's tell Ted Turner that he can have five kids, but tells us we're subhuman, he can go to hell.
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Central America, and we're one day and one hour closer to victory against the globalist forces.
And now, Darren McBreen and Rob Doo will interview Ben Garrison, Leigh-Anne McAdoo, and of course, take your phone calls.
And we are back live.
It is almost midnight, which means we're about to start 13 hours into our 30-hour-plus marathon.
We still have Ben Garrison with us, and we got a host of calls over here.
We're going to go to those calls in one second.
Ben, you still with us, right?
I'm here.
Excellent, excellent.
What do you make of, just one quick question before we go to these calls, what do you make of, oh I got two stories, one I'll get to in a bit.
We got contacted by a civil defense expert who said there's a white genocide imminent in South Africa.
Um, which is interesting because usually you don't hear about white genocide anymore.
You usually hear about, you know, black genocide or ethnic cleansing of Christian minority, you know, Middle Easterners.
You don't really hear about a white genocide, but apparently there could be up to 800,000 to a million whites being killed in South Africa just for being white and living in South Africa.
I mean, that's pretty insane.
It's going to be a repeat of what happened in Rhodesia.
That's what I'm afraid.
I mean, it's like the whites are outnumbered.
I forgot what the ratio is, but it's a huge disparity.
So, yeah, it doesn't bode well for the white people living in South Africa.
And, you know, some black leaders are trying to prevent that because they know the white people there provide a lot of
Expertise and jobs, just like they did in Zimbabwe.
I remember reading something about, you know, after all the white farmers left Rhodesia, Zimbabwe collapsed, and then of course you've got rampant inflation, and they wanted to get the white farmers back, or at least some of them did, because they didn't know how to run the farms properly.
I don't know if that's going to be exactly repeated in South Africa, but it's, yeah, I heard about this.
It's pretty sad.
Yeah, it is.
It just makes you wonder, you know, people always want to talk about, you know, whites being racist, whites being racist, but it looks like, here's an article from the Washington Post, Zimbabwe seized white farmers' land, now some are being invited back.
Yeah, they get there and they go, what do we do?
You know, we don't know how to...
Farming is a science.
It's not a given.
I've tried even growing stuff in my backyard, and it's hard.
And you have to maintain it, and you have to do it every day.
It's not something you can take a few days off on.
It's pretty hard work, but it's worth it if you can make it work.
Let's go to Kevin in Dallas.
He wants to talk about the Antifa commies.
It's kind of my favorite comic relief right now, especially in Austin.
These people are so
They're so pathetic and pitiful.
Hi, can you hear me?
Yeah, go ahead, Kevin.
Hi, Rob.
Thank you for taking my call, and thank you for everything that y'all do.
Yeah, I just wanted to make a quick point about socialism and communism.
I have a few peers that seem to hold that ideology, and I was actually debating with them today, kind of waking them up to the realization of what communism and socialism comes out to be.
Just really about globalism and everything that's going on with all the protests and all the violence and stuff like that.
So I was kind of changing some minds today.
And that's really why I called, because I wanted people to realize that this is it.
If there's any time that anybody's going to get politically involved or become any kind of activist, this is the time to do it.
Because InfoWars is under attack.
And really, it's not just InfoWars.
It's everybody.
It's all over.
I mean, you see everything's becoming politicized, and it's so important that we all stand up and quit being afraid to speak out and to be singled out, because that's the way it seemed today, that I was kind of singled out, you know, with my peers and stuff.
You know, I'm not afraid to stand up, and I do change minds, and I do get people to realize, you know, like, hey, this guy is right, you know, we do need our borders, we do need our First Amendment and our Second Amendment, and maybe we should be armed with the whole shooting today, you know, that went on, you know, and, you know, we were talking about that and how we need to be armed, and, you know, and I was getting opposing views.
They cleared to them that, you know, we do need to have a balance of all these thugs,
Well, you made me want to go grab my gun right now and hold it up.
I got a judge here in the office and keep it
Right next to my desk.
Because you never know when that stuff is going to happen.
That's something we do.
I sell guns.
I try to get that view across all the time.
It's so important that grandma should be carrying a gun.
As soon as you're able to get a gun, you need to get one.
Not only that, but just another thing, all your reporters are great.
I love Leanne and Owen and Millie.
We're good to go.
I heard Owen plug in this earlier today, but yeah, it's true.
My gums don't bleed anymore, and they seem to be just getting a whole lot healthier.
I try the Caveman and the Vitamin B12, and they really do give you a boost of energy.
Just great products.
I've tried a few other ones too, like the Supermail Vitality was great.
But, you know, I've even done some of the cleanses from Dr. Group, so they're absolutely off the chart.
They're the best quality you're going to get, and you're funding the ample war.
Well, we appreciate that.
You know, Stephen Colbert and Rachel Maddow, they make a habit of making fun of our products.
And promoting them at the same time.
And promoting them at the same time.
But what's funny is they work for the networks that sell pharmaceutical drugs.
That sell fast food, GMO products, beer commercials, you know, and we're just trying to, we just want to make you healthy, man.
We've got survival gear, and we've got, you know, like right here, Silver Bullet.
I got a sunburn, hurt my eyes, I use this stuff, my eyes feel great right now.
Everybody in this office has one of our products on their desk that they use on a daily basis, so we're not ashamed, or several, right.
So these things are actually good for you, and we get great reviews online.
And the callers that call in, thank you very much.
Hey Ben, what's your favorite handgun?
Well, I don't want to tell everybody what I have, but my favorite one, I'll tell you one.
I've got a Smith & Wesson .357.
That'll work.
So I've got a cannon, but I've got a bunch of other ones that I'm not going to tell people.
People ask me, what kind of guns you got?
Well, you know, I've got a shotgun, and I've got rifles, and I've got handguns.
But, you know, I don't have to worry about the antifa around here.
I've got my share of death threats, but, you know... That's too far for them to hit.
There's no buses that run up there.
There's no public transportation where you live.
Yeah, it'll be hard.
It'll be expensive and hard for them to find me.
I kind of live in a mountain valley that's off the beaten path.
Yeah, there's no Billings Antifa.
I'm sure there's like one guy.
Didn't Alex tell you to get the judge?
Yeah, Alex told me.
He came in one day, he goes, dude, why don't you get a judge?
He pulled his out.
I said, alright, I'll go get one.
This one's unloaded right now, but I think Zimmerman brought it to me unloaded, which is probably smart.
You don't want an accident to happen on the air.
But it is loaded when it sits in my desk, ready to go at any time.
And, you know, I keep it with a variety of different bullets.
It shoots .410 shotgun shells and Colt .45 slugs.
So, I like it.
And it doesn't have a... You would think something that shot shotgun shells in a handgun form would have a lot of kick.
It really doesn't.
Yeah, I've heard good things about it.
And that's the thing, is you need to get trained and learn how to use your firearm.
And, you know, we've got good people out here.
Texas, Central Texas Gun Works.
Yeah, we go out and shoot with those guys.
Hey, Kevin, thanks for protecting the Second Amendment and propagating the Second Amendment.
Because if you're not out there exercising the Second Amendment, it's going to atrophy and they're going to take it from you.
Thank you guys for putting me on the line and doing what y'all do.
Alright brother, have a good one.
Let's go to Thomas in Texas.
I guess you met me somewhere?
Where'd we meet?
In Cleveland?
Thomas, are you there?
Yeah, go ahead.
Yeah, we met at the RNC.
I was a delegate for Texas over there and we met at Charles in a meet and greet.
I was in the cowboy hat.
Oh, that's right.
That's right.
Good to talk to you again.
The guy from Texas.
I didn't play in ping pong though.
You didn't play me in ping pong that night, did you?
No, I didn't get to play.
I was undefeated that night.
We had a good time.
But kind of straight away from that last caller, I was never political before this round.
And to be honest, you guys helped me a lot to want to get involved.
I was always kind of worried about it and intimidated.
But I started at the precinct, went to the county.
Went to state, and I decided to give a speech, and I won that speech, so.
Yeah, see?
All you do is get up and get involved.
That's, hey, that's about, I'd say, 70 to 80% of success in life is getting up and showing up.
Because if you don't show up, you can't do anything.
That's the, nothing else matters.
You can have all the talent in the world, it doesn't matter unless you show up.
I don't have to file above any credit, but that video of him saying, just do it.
Just do it!
It really rings true to everything in life.
Just put your hands and feet to the floor and do it.
What I wanted to talk to you guys about was that Dutch Banker.
I know you guys barely aired it, and I've seen it floating around social media, and you guys just aired it, I think, after a couple of weeks of it floating around.
Sorry, I've been outside walking and stuff, so I'm out of breath.
But what I wanted to ask you about was
He mentioned the Protocols of Zion, and I'd never heard of them before that, so I just wanted to know what you guys thought of those.
I researched them, and it's pretty creepy stuff, but I wanted to know what you guys thought.
Um, not really my field of expertise, but I think the protocols of Zion has to do with... Oh, I'm going to take my best stab at it.
I think it has to do with the... You know what?
I don't even know.
I'm not going to lie.
What did you find out about it?
Maybe I can corroborate.
I've probably lost more than I've gained since working here.
And I've learned a lot.
I've never heard of them prior to that.
So it was just that Beth Banker mentioned it.
I started researching it.
Basically, it was published somewhere, I think, in 1905.
Some high-level people, Henry Ford mentioned it, saying that, you know, as of now, everybody says that it's a false document.
It was made up.
But as far as what's in it, it kind of goes in line with what's happening all around the world and basically how financial bankers are controlling
Yeah, it does go to most of the Jewish financiers, but I don't know.
I had never heard of it until that Doug Banker interview.
Henry Ford funded the printing of 500,000 copies that were distributed through the U.S.
in the 1920s.
The Nazis sometimes used the protocols as propaganda against the Jews.
This is coming from Wikipedia, so take that for what it is.
Sometimes they're a little off.
The Times of London in 1921.
Let's see.
Apparently, German teachers, they said it's factual, it was written to German schoolchildren after the Nazis came to power, despite having been exposed as fraudulent by the Times of London in 1921.
So they were saying that it's fraudulent.
Doesn't say who wrote it, though.
I don't know.
Ben, do you have anything to add to this?
I read that it was fraudulent.
You know, when I...
Here's the thing.
I mean, I have several friends who are Jewish and they're libertarians and I've never detected that they wanted to take over the world.
I mean, the Jewish people I've met in my life have all been very smart, kind, funny.
And, you know, the thing is, we have to go after people's deeds, not their religion.
So yeah, there are a lot of Jewish people in the banking industry in Hollywood.
Let's go after what they're doing instead of going after their Jewishness, because that's not fair to all the good Jews that are out there who aren't engaged in nefarious activities.
That's just a slur on a great many people who are good people.
Yeah, I've never met a Jew that told me he wanted to take over the world.
Most of them I've met are honest, good people, so yeah.
I'm not saying that they're not.
Yeah, it's interesting.
I've never read it, so I don't know.
Well yeah, check that out.
Dude, one more thing I wanted to mention to you was the day after we met, we went back to our Texas delegation the next day where Ted Cruz was there doing damage control.
Because if you remember the Wednesday that we met, he came out opposing Trump basically and saying, vote your conscience.
Yeah, he said he was going to back out.
It sounded like he was going to back out, but then of course we saw him campaigning for Trump at the end.
Yeah, he did come around, but I think it was because of what happened at that Texas delegation.
Sean, my buddy you also met, made a sign that said, Clinton Cruz 2020.
And then I went outside, it seemed so rehearsed.
When I went outside of the delegation, I actually walked out on Ted Cruz because all he was saying was, Trump maligned my wife and I'm upset.
So I went outside the delegation meeting.
And there was hundreds of cameras on this woman that was comparing what Trump was saying about Cruz's wife to a man cheating on his wife before marriage.
So I shut her down and they didn't get to air that in the media.
But yeah, it was really interesting.
Well, you know, I tell you what, I was not a Ted Cruz fan during the election, but when he came out with the El Chapo Act,
I'm like, alright, that's some ingenuity thinking right there to take the assets.
What's interesting, this is a double lesson for people out there who want to get into drug dealing and working with the government.
Okay, so the Justice Department and DEA were doing deals with the Sinaloa Cartel run by El Chapo from 2002 to 2010, I believe.
Might even be... I don't know if my dates are exact.
This is coming off the top of my head.
And their deal was, hey man, you can bring as many drugs into the country as you want, as long as you turn in your competition.
And we'll go after your competition.
We'll leave you alone.
Those are the cowboys.
Okay, now this wasn't the 80s.
This was no Iran-Contra.
This was 2002, after 9-11, to 2010.
Okay, and so now they get him in jail, they extradite him, and now they want to take all that money he made and use it to build the wall.
I like that idea.
And I don't feel bad for the guy at one bit.
I mean, you want to get in bed with the federal government, you get what you deserve.
There it is, here from San Francisco Gate, confirmed the DEA struck a deal with Mexico's most notorious drug cartel.
Ben, do you have anything to add to that?
They should go after the biggest money launderers, drug money launderers of them all.
That's the central banks.
I mean, look, HSBC was caught red-handed and the Obama DOJ did nothing.
Because, oh, we don't want to threaten the financial system.
No, they'll collapse the economy.
I mean, Wachovia was a big offender and then JP Morgan bought them out after they paid a little slap on the wrist.
So let's go after the banks.
Let's get all the money from them, find them for money laundering, and take that and build a wall.
Make the Federal Reserve pay us all back for the over 100 years of the tax theft.
Pay back everybody who put in, and then end it.
That's what I would do.
Here it is from The Guardian, how big U.S.
bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs.
There it is, and that's Wachovia that did that, and then I think they were bought out by Wells Fargo, which I think is part of JPMorgan Chase, and then I think... Wells Fargo.
Yeah, Wells Fargo ended up paying the fine at some point.
I was talking to a bank manager.
I never even heard that story.
I said, well, you don't know that your bank just bought out Wycopia and you were caught red-handed with the money laundering?
No, I never heard that.
Yeah, and Wells Fargo also got $25 billion in taxpayers' money from the bailout.
So they got that, then they got the profits from all this money laundering, and they had to pay a smidgen.
It was like a couple hundred thousand.
I thought it was a slap on the wrist.
Like a $100 million fine for billions, and this is $8.1 billion in remittances that they were getting.
And if they catch Americans using their product, they get railroaded into prison.
And so the prison industry, the private prisons get to thrive.
What a racket that is.
It's totally a racket.
But you know, you get in bed with the federal government, you can expect to get turned over, you can expect to get thrown out and left in the cold.
You know, they're kind of doing, well, we haven't seen it yet happen to Anthony Weiner.
I was expecting he would get thrown out at some point and they'd say, oh, you have 6,000 classified emails on your laptop.
How does that happen, bro?
And it's like, eh, no big deal.
I felt nauseous that I was messing with the election, you know, that that puss boy Comey.
I'm so disappointed in our federal justice system.
I mean, every time something comes up, they just want to, oh, my emotions got the best of me.
Like, just wuss talk, man.
Total, total beta male.
Oh, and they're not being held accountable.
Comey is a beta male.
Totally beta male.
That guy couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
I mean, just to go, just sit there and whine to all these senators, like, who are total criminals themselves.
You got Lindsey Graham.
You got Dianne Feinstein.
These are criminals.
And he's just like, oh, I felt bad.
Oh, I felt my stomach hurt.
I mean, it's disgusting.
Senator John McCain.
Disgusting that this guy's in charge of the FBI.
Oh, it makes me sick.
All right, thanks for calling, Thomas.
You pissed me off.
Great, good job.
I don't think it's going to last much longer.
Have a good one.
Let's go to John in Wisconsin.
He's got a question for Ben Garrison.
Go ahead, John.
Yeah, Ben, how are you doing tonight?
Pretty good.
It's been entertaining, at least to me it has.
And you've been pretty quiet.
Anyhow, how radical do you want to get with cartoons?
Can you repeat that?
I said, how radical do you want to get with Kurt Cooper?
I've got a couple of ideas for you.
How radical?
He's going to give you some ideas.
Well, I'm already kind of like pushing that Overton window wide open.
I have no restraints.
I can do anything, so.
I thought as far as Antutu is concerned, you have a journalist up on a stool with a
A basket of money thrown out over the crowd of Antiva guys.
And the caption from the Antiva people is, this is great.
What are we supposed to do again?
Well, that's about sums it up, doesn't it?
And you know what?
It just struck me when you were talking about Hillary saying that she's back and she's part of the resistance.
She put her in a parade with a Hillary flag.
And, um,
Ah, let's say a dynamite explosion thing, you know, the old key handle jobs.
And then having the drummer and the pipe player and the guy carrying the American flag come over the bridge.
You gotta put her, you gotta call it Hillary Guevara.
Because she is a part of the resistance.
She is resisting nationalism.
The Resist-Ohms.
I had a terrible thought.
This afternoon, I was thinking, Hillary is the empress with no clothes, and I said, make it go away!
Alright, I'm done.
That's it.
I lost my lunch.
Oh my god.
Hey, that was good.
Good job, John.
Thank you very much.
John, let me ask you something.
Where do you live in Wisconsin?
I've been all over your state.
Following Trump.
John, you still there?
Did we cut him off?
Oh, the rust belt got to him.
Oh, sorry.
Sorry, John.
Hey, I love... Oh, no, you're still there.
Hey, where are you from in Wisconsin?
Uh, southeastern Wisconsin, around Burlington.
Hey, listen, I got a question for you, Rob.
Uh, if you're going to cover Vildenburg this year, are you going to challenge, uh, Petraeus to a wide bay?
You know, I probably can't out-jog Petraeus because I'm a fat-ass, but... You did pretty good, though.
How far did you go?
It wasn't that far.
It was probably a good half block that I chased.
It looked a lot longer when we looped it, I guess.
Oh yeah, yeah.
When you loop it with the chariots of fire.
But, you know, I did have my full camera bag on that was filled, and I had a jacket, like my sport coat, because Jones likes us to look nice out there.
I looked like a freaking derelict, you know.
But it was amazing.
I'm sitting there interviewing this other guy who kind of reminded me of the helicopter pilot from Mad Max Beyond, or the Road Warrior.
I'm interviewing him and he was getting busted by the cops for drawing on chalk on the sidewalk.
So I'm like, I'll just interview this.
And suddenly, Petraeus comes jogging in and he does this look where he's trying to figure out where he's at.
And I'm like, that's him!
And I just say, gotta go, and I run after him, and he sees me.
He's not, I go, Hey Rob?
You hear me?
Did we lose him?
Anyway, I'm going to finish my story.
And I run after him, and I, you know, just one quick question, General Petraeus.
I learned that from my buddy Tillman, who's in Germany.
He likes to say, one quick question, please.
One quick question.
And he's got this very heavy German accent.
So I always, just one quick question.
That's all I got.
What the hell are you talking about, Bilderberg?
And, you know, I didn't want to, like,
Jump on him, you know, like be right there with him.
I probably, my legs are longer than his.
He's a short guy.
But, you know, I was also worried that that deadly CIA training he had, he would have done something to me, like give me a throat punch or something.
He probably had somebody close by too.
You know, these guys weren't, didn't, which I'm surprised.
I'm like, how does this guy go out?
You know, it was Dresden though, which is a very safe city.
We're good to go.
But yeah, I think this year they're going to be going to the United States.
They haven't put anything.
I checked their website today.
They did not have where they're going to be this year.
But I did hear they got hacked.
I saw that, that somebody had hacked the Bilderberg website and they said you have one year to straighten up, which they're not going to do.
They don't care about humanity.
And one of the guys at the end, I forget his name, who's this old fellow who's a Democratic operative, we tried to go talk to him and he just cussed us out and walked into the building.
This was after the whole thing was over.
Just like, hey man, you want to tell us what was going on?
F you!
Get out of my face!
And walked inside.
You notice the mainstream media is covering it now, finally.
I mean, kind of.
I mean, at least they admit that it goes on.
Yeah, from the outside.
It's a very rudimentary coverage.
Ben, what's your take on the Bilderberg Group?
Well, I was just going to say what you said.
I mean, before it was conspiracy theory, wasn't it?
Now, people are starting to be aware.
Wait a minute, here's this cabal, these private, powerful men and women, meeting in secret, and we can't know what they're doing.
Oh, they're just having a cup of coffee and, you know.
Having a nice chat.
They're not doing anything nefarious or anything like that.
And neither is the CFR or the meetings with the BIS or the trilateral.
All that stuff that Rockefeller helped create, you know.
They're just doing stuff to help benefit mankind.
They're not up to anything.
I mean, they're in the shadows, you know.
Good things happen in the shadows, don't they?
Well, they don't.
That's why they're in the shadows because they're up to darkness.
If they were doing something above board and doing something good, they'll do it in the light.
Well, it's definitely a money-making scheme because we got the governor of Saxony, which is where Saxony is where Dresden's located.
We got him in two different interviews.
One, not wanting to talk to us as we were waiting for him outside of this little meeting he was having at a church.
But inside, one of the guys who was with us got a really good interview with him and asked him, hey, you know, people say the Bilderberg's kind of hidden in the shadows.
What do you have to say?
He goes, well, you know,
I don't know.
Going around, so this guy was just looking for crumbs.
He was literally there just like holding his hat out, looking for some feed.
And I think he definitely got roasted for talking to people on camera about it.
Well, these billionaires, they don't have enough, do they?
They always want more.
I mean, I'm trying to figure out how much the Ross Trails are worth.
And I've been reading things from everywhere from, you know, $300 billion to $500 trillion.
And the mainstream media, they don't have a clue.
These people have all the money in the world, but it transcends it after a while.
What they want is power.
They want what Rockefeller wants, which is population reduction.
I've told this to liberals and they just laugh in my face.
They think I've gone off the deep end.
You know, once upon a time I would have done that too, but I started listening to Alex around 2009 or 10, and I thought he was crazy, but I started looking into what he was saying, and I thought, my gosh, it's true!
And the more you look into it, the more disturbing it gets.
That's why my tunes are often disturbed.
No, because you're reflecting real life.
That's what happens.
You're trying to tell the truth here.
I mean, the mainstream media cartoonists, they're not going to draw anything like what I draw.
I mean, my cartoons would never be printed in mainstream media.
Well, actually, a couple of them have.
Politico actually published one of my cartoons last week on the Trump's 100 Days, so maybe I'm making progress.
Oh, there you go.
Hey, but hey, don't go too far.
If the New York Times starts promoting your stuff, we may have a problem.
Let's go to Daniel in Florida.
He says he has info on Build-A-Bug.
He's a couple up from Jesse in Missouri who we'll go to very soon.
Daniel in Florida, how you doing, sir?
How's it going, guys?
Doing great.
What's your information on Zabilda Burgers?
Yeah, so apparently it's going to be in that hotel in Virginia that it was last time it was in America.
Yeah, Chantilly.
I heard rumors about it, and if you actually go to the website of that specific hotel from June 1st to 4th, you're not allowed to book a room.
It just says the hotel's closed and stuff.
Oh wow, and that's my anniversary.
Maybe I can get out of going to Bilderberg this year.
Because it's not to an exotic location.
Good luck.
I also just wanted to plug the products.
I got Brain Force, Supermail, Iodine, Caveman.
They're great.
Honestly, Brain Force is like one of the greatest supplements ever invented.
You really notice it, don't you, when it works?
Like, it's something you know when it kicks in.
There's not a caffeine high.
You don't get a caffeine high.
You just have more energy.
And I've always told people that, like, if you're a, let's say you're a young single guy and you're shy, for example, you bring your A game.
You have wit.
You're funny.
Does that make sense to you?
You take it.
I mean, it just seems like you're just, everything comes to you quicker and you're just more alert.
That's, I don't know, what do you think, dude?
I know when it works immediately, it's like, it's,
Because you don't get shaky.
It's like a valve is turned in your head and it goes... Just like that.
You're sitting there and all of a sudden... I'm alive!
I am a real human.
I can think.
I can work all night.
Has it helped you with an all-nighter yet, Daniel?
Uh, not really.
I'm not that kind of... Well, actually, I did take it before filming a video one time when I was working all night and stuff, but the best case scenario I used it for was I took it before calling Bill Clinton a rapist back in November.
So, did it give you courage?
Oh, yeah, definitely.
Overall, though, I'm a bartender and I take it before work.
It helps me focus so I can keep track when I got a lot of customers and stuff.
Really great product and just really appreciate all you guys do and yeah.
Well, man, we totally appreciate the support.
It's what keeps us going here.
When I started here, we weren't selling supplements.
We were selling DVDs and water filters.
And some T-shirts.
And we've really grown in that time.
And I remember when we started with X2, Alex was like, we're going to try this and see.
I think this is the best iodine that we can find.
He had met Dr. Group.
And we started selling this stuff and from there, just, hey, this is the future.
Providing products at a price that people can afford it, that are actually good for them.
And I love it when the mainstream media attacks us.
There is an attack article right now on Dr. Group and Alex Jones.
And talking about how Dr. Group is, he's kind of worried about working with Alex Jones.
It's like, whatever.
You know, he's making some great products.
Dr. Group's a genius.
He's coming up with some awesome things.
His Oxy Powder is amazing.
People have been using that for years.
And he's got a ton of other things that we use.
And I think we, he produces six or seven products for us.
And then we get some others from other locations.
But we really are changing the supplement industry.
People are looking at us, the supplement people are looking at us going, God, what are you guys doing?
How are you offering it so cheap?
One way is we're cutting out the middleman.
We're selling directly to you.
You know, there's no, you don't have to go to a store and pay that markup or go through a distributor and pay that markup.
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So we're able to pass that savings on to you.
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Give it a try.
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It supports what we do.
Caveman is also a really good product.
Hey Daniel, do you drink your Caveman with milk or with water?
How do you prefer it?
I do it with milk.
I gotta be honest, at first I would just stir it a little and it was kind of nasty, but then I started putting it in the blender and ever since then it does taste kind of like Ovaltine and it's real smooth.
I mix it with some Supermail and just some other whey powder too and after the gym it's just like, you feel amazing.
Yeah, that's when we've noticed it the best.
Owen talks about drinking it after playing basketball because his joints are hurting.
And I put it in about two or three times a week.
I try to make a Ultra Mega Yoda juice shake and I've been adding Caveman into mine lately.
And it definitely changes the taste of what it used to taste like because I also put inner food in there, which is very green tasting.
Last thing I just wanted to make a real quick point on is I just really think you guys should try to have some more of the European politicians on.
I just think people like Marion Le Pen and
Kurt Wilders.
I think if you guys invited him or got in touch with him, you could probably get him to come on.
It is 1776 worldwide, so I agree.
It is, yeah.
Now, we'll take that into consideration.
We've had Nigel Farage on a couple times.
We've had some other guys in England.
Lord Mocton.
Lord Mocton.
Well, I guess he is.
He's part of the House of Lords.
He's a lord.
How's that global warming doing?
Thank you so much, Scott.
Hey, thank you, thank you.
Hey, Ben, how's the global warming up in your area?
How's it going?
We had the third most severe winter here in Montana.
And it's been a cold, cold, windy, rainy spring so far.
I think I've got almost up to 60 today, though, so it's starting to warm up a tad.
Oh, that's not bad.
That's not bad.
We've had a really good, a really mild spring.
Usually it's in the 90s right now, and it's been great.
So I've been enjoying the climate change we've been having, and we released a video earlier today of Alex Jones.
He got a leaked version of
What is it?
Al Gore's new movie.
It's called An Inconvenient Sequel.
I can't believe he made that.
But you know, I saw the trailer and I was like, well, they did a good job.
The polar bears are, they went from, in 2005 there was like, they say between 21,000 and 28,000.
Now they're saying there's like 27,000 to 32,000 polar bears in the Arctic.
So it's growing.
And his polar bears are gonna be gone.
Back when Al Gore was born, in the 50s, there was 8,000 polar bears.
They're not declining.
They are thriving.
He's an obvious huckster.
I mean, I can't believe that he's still getting traction.
And what does he want?
I forgot how many trillions.
It was some ridiculous number.
Pay me.
Oh yeah.
And this whole game was thought up by Ken Lay, who back in 1996 sent a letter.
This is probably when Gore got the idea for it.
Was that the Enron?
Yeah, yeah.
Kenneth Leigh from Enron sent Bill Clinton a letter that says you need to go after the scientists that aren't for global warming.
You need to go after them and punish them.
I told him to go after these people and hurt their reputations.
He was so pissed off about this because he knew the way their scam was set up, it was all about trading.
So he was already set up to do this carbon trading stuff because they were just trading energy.
That's all they were doing.
It goes beyond this climate change farce, too.
It's deep into medicine.
If some doctor stands up and says, hey, we shouldn't be giving these babies 40 doses of these vaccinations, and we don't know how these vaccinations work when they're all combined together, and too many kids are getting autism, we should study this.
And all of a sudden, he gets harassed and he gets fired.
Because he's not going along with the mainstream, you know, the medical establishment and big pharma.
Yeah, if you're vaccinating your newborn, you need your head examined.
You need your freaking head examined because... And none of that's talked about on the mainstream news media as well, because none of those doctors are allowed to go on there and talk about that.
I mean, the most they'll do is talk about Kennedy and Robert De Niro talking about mercury and vaccines.
But there's a lot more vaccines than that.
And only Tucker Carlson.
Kennedy was on with Tuck... What is that?
Were you talking to me?
We have a replay of the producer of the Vax documentary with De Niro and Kennedy.
It's going to be on.
Dale Bigtree.
Dale Bigtree.
When's he coming on?
We got a video.
We did a long interview with him.
He was actually really interesting to talk to.
He used to produce these doctor shows for TV Anyone Emmys for them.
And then anytime they approached a vaccination issue,
These suits coming in going, you know, Dale, we can't talk about these vaccines.
These guys pay our bills here.
You can't talk about them.
And he's like, OK.
And then I think they said it one too many times to him.
He said, I'm out of here.
And then he made Vaxxed the movie.
So it's really interesting.
That's one of the things that would be coming up next.
I mean, first they get Obamacare, and then they say, well, we have to have forced vaccinations now.
And so we get the control of our bodies.
And this is something that one of the founding fathers warned us about, a guy named Benjamin Rush.
He was a doctor, Dr. Benjamin Rush.
And he actually wanted it in the Constitution.
We have to have in the Constitution where people should have medical freedom.
And not have the state start deciding what medicine you're forced to take or getting shots.
I mean, that's just a prelude to getting chipped.
And that's what they want.
That's what Rockefeller wanted.
That's David Rockefeller.
And it's all going to be tied to your health care.
Oh, would you like to still get health care?
They're tied to money.
They're tied into money.
And that's why they want a cashless society, too, because it's easier to turn off people's credits that way if they're not cooperating.
Total control.
They won't let you travel.
You can't get a job.
And that's all part of getting that whole body modification thing into becoming a cyborg and ascending into the race that they're going to try to start instituting pretty soon.
That's a very good point.
We're not going to be going to a very comfortable place unless we start pushing back and saying no.
Say no to authority.
That's one thing that cartoonists like to do.
I mean, I don't have the healthy respect for authority.
Of course, schools these days are nothing but prison camps that drum into students' heads.
They brainwash them to genuflect to authority at every instance.
You know, I'm a little bit older, so I remember when this country was more free.
And, you know, you don't have to, like, automatically, when the police officer pulls you over for no reason, you don't automatically consent to a search.
I try to tell my son this, you don't have to, you got a Fourth Amendment right, they don't have any right to pull you out for no reason and start going through your car looking for
Drugs or whatever and so and he never even knew this and I said didn't they teach you in the school?
No, they just taught us about how you know, Andrew Jackson killed Indians and how bad the founding fathers were because they had slaves that they teach And put your hands on the steering wheel when the policeman approaches and say yes, sir And get your driver's license out and be ready for a ticket and if he wants to search your car Well, you know, he's a policeman.
He knows best
Hey, you know they got schools now where kids wear RFID bracelets.
Oh, yeah.
Where they go in and out of the doors of school, they wear RFID tags.
And, you know, how much of a transition is that going to be when they say, take off the RFID tag and put the chip in?
It's not going to be much for a kid who's used to it that's been doing it for years.
Yeah, it's just like, oh, it's easier.
I'll tell you what though, go ahead, go ahead Ben.
They're wearing bracelets, women wearing bracelets saying that, you know, you can't rape me because I got an anti-rape bracelet.
But it's written in a language you can't read, Muslim guy.
This says stop.
Are you kidding?
This is total insanity!
What world are these people from?
That they think a bracelet is going to stop a rapist from another country, a migrant rapist.
Oh, don't use the word migrant rapist in Idaho.
They might go after you.
Let them in.
Alright, let's go to Jesse in Missouri.
I don't know if he's a National Guard guy or talk to a National Guard guy who's talking about InfoWars.
Go ahead, Jesse.
Hello, Jesse.
Come on back.
Jesse, are you there?
Can you hear me?
Yes, go ahead.
Rob, Jordan, Ben, it's a pleasure talking to you gentlemen this evening.
Pleasure talking to you.
I am in the National Guard.
I'm an intel analyst, and oddly enough, you're talking about going an all-nighter.
I've been on Brain Force since about 11 a.m., hour one, and I plan on making it to hour 30.
So, I got two bottles, so we'll see what happens.
Some positive thinking.
Well, I just wanted to say,
Regrettably, coming from the start, I was a big Bernie supporter in the primaries around June when he lost, and he was obviously cheated.
I have lots of questions.
I came online to look up for answers and came upon InfoWars, and you guys really, really awakened me to the truth.
I just want to thank you guys for that because
Off the bat, I knew that Hillary was a criminal being an intelligence analyst.
I deal with classified information.
I know for one, if I were to mislabel a classification on an email, I would be giving Chelsea Manning, I'd be like cleaning her, you know, washing her back for her.
So, I didn't see that happen to Hillary.
No, and then it came out that Huma Abedin was sending emails to Anthony Weiner on his computer.
And that was okay.
It was like 6,000 classified emails.
That's okay.
Because their intentions were good.
Have you ever heard anything so weird?
Oh, how do you even know their intentions?
Why isn't he up on Congress answering questions?
Like, what were your intentions, Anthony Weiner?
To get more tail.
I think it would have been his answer.
It's totally not true.
Like, you'd be in Fort Leavenworth.
You or I would.
They don't because they're Democratic elites.
And they get a pass.
Now I will tell you this, going back to Bernie, I kind of wish Bernie would have won.
I really think the country needed to have the Socialist vs. Democrat open debate.
I think it would have been a better debate than what we saw with Hillary Clinton.
Socialism vs. Capitalism.
It would have been a really good debate.
In hindsight, I am glad Hillary got it because knowing what I know now, Bernie would have
Been able to push through, I think.
I don't think Trump.
It'd have been close, but just watching InfoWars, I know the first time where my mind changed from, you know, to censor myself, forget Hillary vote, I'm going to vote for Trump, to where I was actually a passionate voter, I can back this person.
When Alex Jones put up the video to where Trump is saying, nationalism, not globalism, that'll be my credo, and they're talking about how
China's cities are going up, and the world is growing, but our cities are deteriorating.
Our quality of life is deteriorating.
The fantasy of Bernie was nice.
The fact that, like, everybody can be happy together.
But then, like, I never wanted that.
Like, I always wanted to make my own destiny and fortune.
I never wanted it given to me, but it's what we were talking about earlier.
It's like, you kind of get beaten down to where that's where you expect it.
You know, it's like, what else do I have except for
Who else is going to take care of me?
I can't take care of myself.
I haven't been given an opportunity.
But now I feel like we're in a place to where Trump wants that for us.
That we can grow ourselves.
That we can take charge of our future.
And I think that's amazing.
Yeah, I agree, and I have hope that he still can salvage it.
I mean, I don't think he's beaten at all.
I think this is like the first round of a 12-round fight, the first 100 days.
I don't think he lost by any means, but I don't think it was a knockout blow in the first round, and I don't think we're going to see a knockout blow.
It's going to take years to change this system, and I hope he has the stamina to continue fighting and standing up.
And I just love the way he attacks the media.
I love it.
There's things we like, and there's things that we don't like.
And I think the things that we like and don't like, we both agree with.
No one likes the fact that he's going after Julian Assange.
No one likes the fact that I'm a globalist and a nationalist.
But in the same sense, he is doing good things.
He is growing our economy.
He is trying to make pushes.
Of course, a good tax plan.
Obamacare getting repealed, we would have liked that, but we kind of known that that was going to be probably a little bit more of a battle than what we initially expected.
I think we just kind of had well wishes.
Well, and I think this just shows that maybe the government shouldn't be in the healthcare business.
No, no.
Nobody can really handle this.
And it's not even, it's not necessarily the government's fault.
It's kind of a combination between the drug companies and the insurance companies who have pushed up costs so high because they keep scratching each other's backs.
We're the ones paying for it.
And that's what it has to go back to.
It has to go back to people being responsible for their own health.
And maybe not eating all those Twinkies and Ding Dongs and Donuts and exercising and taking care of yourself and eating right and maybe even doing a little bit of homeopathy at your house instead of going to the doctor every time you get a sniffle.
Ben Garrison, what do you say about our ridiculously crappy healthcare system?
Well, if they would follow somebody like Milton Friedman and just let capitalism take care of it, medical care would go like electronics.
You know how cheap electronics have gotten?
The same thing would happen with medical care.
Instead, the government and the corporate interest rig things into their benefit.
And now it's gotten so you have to accept a form of socialism?
I don't think so.
I mean, we've got to reverse this course because
Our republic was based on liberty, not socialism, and that's why I could never support anything like Bernie.
Now, ironically, my older brother did, and actually gave Bernie some money, and of course I'm at loggerheads with my older brother.
I did apologize.
You even put your brother in one of your cartoons.
I did.
I did put my older brother in one of my cartoons where I had Bernie torching all his fans because he supported Hillary Clinton.
Because he was telling everybody, you know, Hillary Clinton is a puppet of Wall Street, the Wall Street bankers, and now he's supporting Hillary Clinton.
That's equivalent to torching his own people.
But I think he might have been coerced into doing it too.
And maybe there was some kind of threat that we don't know about.
And it's unfortunate that he had to cave into that.
But you know what we saw in the primary, the Democratic primary, sort of echoed in an amplified way what we saw
When Ron Paul was running, everybody loved Ron Paul, you know.
He was getting momentum and all of a sudden he would lose a primary because the neocons would rig things with... The lights would go out in the room and then they'd turn them back on like, oh the vote changed!
Ron Paul lost!
They had the fake polls and they had all the fake polls on all the news channels as well.
Well, they used to show 1st, 2nd, and 4th.
Our 1st, 3rd, and 4th.
They would never show Ron Paul!
It was like, we can't show Ron Paul on TV!
Here's another thing they did.
They used to say, who do you think won the debate?
And it was unanimously, almost just like by far, Ron Paul would win the debate.
Yeah, yeah.
But then they'd say, okay, we gotta even stop asking that question.
You know, we can't even ask that because we know what the result's gonna be.
No, that was a shame.
We really lost out.
I think our country would be in way better shape if Paul had won in 8 or 12.
But we saw both parties engage in the same activities.
Yes, both parties.
We saw the guy who was leaking it, he got whacked.
Obviously he was whacked for releasing the Democratic info to WikiLeaks.
Oh yeah.
It's 99% Seth Rich was the leaker.
And I don't think he was Russian.
But I agree with your caller.
I mean, there are some things... I mean, I would pardon Assange.
I'd pardon Snowden.
You know, if I were President, the first thing I'd do is I'd shut down the NSA.
Because that's not really an official government institution.
That operates at the pleasure of the President.
So shut that thing down.
A presidential order to shut down the NSA.
And of course, you know, I'd be ending the Fed.
I'd be doing... I was going to say, what are you going to do about the Fed?
That's why I was a big supporter of Ron Paul, you know, and I, that's, it's just a shame that they rigged it against him in those primaries.
Yeah, and it's always, it's the same, they see who's the populist, who's out there, who's got people's attention, and the establishment just goes, man, we gotta stop this.
But they couldn't stop Trump.
They couldn't stop Trump, because Trump had his own jet.
I swear, if Trump did not have his jet, he wouldn't have won, because that man was able to pick his own destiny.
He was not- I think they underestimated the power of the internet, the power of social media too, because Hillary Clinton was the establishment candidate who relied on the establishment media, who was obviously by far on her side, and they did everything for her.
But I think they underestimated the power of this new internet, and the social media, and independent news media outlets.
Because it was Hillary and the establishment media versus Donald Trump and social media.
And independent media like InfoWars, Breitbart, all that.
It was fake media versus citizen muckrakers.
That's it.
That's it.
I'm trying to see what... let's see...
The Blaze is reporting that Hillary spent more than any other presidential candidate in history and still lost.
I think it was $1.2 billion.
$1.2 billion.
Okay, I was wrong.
I thought he spent a few hundred million.
It was $600 million.
$600 million to $1.2 billion.
She spent twice as much.
Twice as much.
That's amazing.
She outspent Trump 2-1, but Trump out-campaigned her 2-1.
He made twice as many campaign appearances.
And everywhere he went, he was a rock star.
And those rallies were the difference.
He really did his homework, knew what the people want, and all we could hope for.
Look, bottom line is it's way better that he's in than Hillary Clinton because the whole system was set up for Hillary Clinton to come in and just turn the gears on us.
You know, just totally destroy what we have left of this country.
And now we get like some breath.
It's like we got a little bit of oxygen under that choke, that jujitsu choke that's going on right now.
I was going to say the Antifa, the anti-Trumpers, they helped.
Get him in there as well.
Oh, sure.
Because when they showed up at those rallies, those anti-Trump rallies, or the pro-Trump rallies, and they would go there to do their anti-Trump demonstrations, they showed the world what we're up against, you know?
I mean, their true colors was, when they would throw eggs at women,
And yell obscenities at anybody.
And there's not one American flag on the anti-Trump side.
I think that made a big difference as well, because people thought, wow, we don't want to be like that.
We don't want to support that.
Hey, man, we kind of like our country.
That's right.
We don't want to be Venezuela.
Jesse, thanks for calling.
Really appreciate it.
Keep up the good work and keep taking that brain force.
You got something else you want to add?
Yeah, so being an intel analyst, I would love to use my powers for good.
I know the InfoWars team is looking for researchers.
Part of what my job details in the National Guard is being able to research, analyze data, and be able to cross-reference the facts with multiple sources.
Are you guys looking for opportunities to fill those kinds of slots?
Well, Alex wants to expand.
We're looking for TV and radio production people and editors and people to be on set.
So, you know, one place I think we could find a researcher is to have you on via Skype every once in a while as like an intelligence analyst or as a writer because we are hiring writers.
So I would say get your samples together.
That's something I could do too.
And you can send it to me and I'll give you two email addresses.
Kit at Infowars.com.
That's just Kit Daniels.
He's our head writer over here.
And Rob D. R-O-B-D at Infowars.com.
And, you know, we're always looking for people who want to make a difference and, you know, it's not a bad gig.
I've been here for a long time and I'm still happy.
Let me tell you, it's work though.
We work our butts.
You're seeing the work.
15 hour day!
I've been here since 10am.
I took an hour and a half off to go home and kiss the babies goodnight.
And I'm back up here.
I'll be here at 7am actually.
I'm taking over from Owen Schroer when he goes.
Owen might go from 1 to 7.
He did it last time.
Ben, you got anything you want to add?
We should go to the next caller.
No, I'm just having a good time.
You're 47 minutes past what we thought we'd have you for, but it's great having you here.
Thanks for joining us.
I haven't had any brain force, but I did try some tangy tangerine many years ago.
It was really good.
Oh yeah, yeah.
That was part of the longevity family, in fact.
I've been dumping my, because I used to get a lot of tangy tangerine and stuff like that, and now that we have the vitamin and mineral fusion, I've been dumping my excess tangy tangerine on eBay, and it's actually making some good money.
Can't complain.
We're bringing over theirs and doing the same thing.
That's right.
All right, let's go to Roy in California.
It says Garrison Inspiration.
So go ahead, Roy in California.
How you doing today?
Roy, daddy.
Oh yeah, Roy, daddy.
Oh, Roy, daddy.
All right, is that it, Roy?
Is that all you got?
It could be a song, man.
Roy, daddy.
Bye, Roy, daddy.
That was it.
All right, let's go to Jody in Minnesota.
Wants to thank Ben for the great art.
Go ahead, Jody.
I want to thank all of you.
I'll start out by thanking you, Mr. Garrison, because your work is literally therapeutic in insane times.
So not only does your work serve as therapy for those of us that are informed and need that humor outlet, because like Milo says all the time, the first thing that they want to do to stop 1A is stop the laughter and not have that humor there.
But something, I don't know if anybody's ever
Admitted to you, maybe, that your work has gotten through to them in a way that they couldn't.
Because let's face it, we do have different abled people and some people literally cannot maybe read the amount of stuff that the rest of us do.
And by being able to look at your illustrations and have a
Report or have the information or the data put it in that format.
It really actually does make a huge difference.
So I salute you and thank you tremendously for your work on that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're too kind.
No, it's the truth.
And to this person, I cannot.
Put this in.
I'm trying to, brevity, you know, there's a lot to be said for it, and I'm trying to put this in edit, it turns out, out of respect for your time, but I cannot emphasize enough how critical... We're losing you, did you go in a tunnel?
Nope, I'm here, can you hear me?
Yeah, yeah, go ahead, you were right at the point.
So I just wanted to let you guys know on a two-front how critical InfoWars has been, not just for my life, but for my country.
Literally, in March of 2012, I was given six weeks because I had stage four cancers that had metastasized into so many different areas.
And at that point, I had set out to prove that breaking from the herd, firing my entire
Tumor Board of Oncology Specialists and going the different path was the right way.
Not only turned out saving my life and when I got to that point I then set out on a mission to cure my country's stage 4 cancer and lo and behold you are my number one partner in that as well.
So literally some people make health decisions and choose nutraceuticals and natural medicine to
Improve their health.
I do it because my life depends on it and your entire product line of which I pretty much have everything and me literally being pretty much left on my own to deal with my own cancer because I left mainstream, you know, I left mainstream medicine is as dangerous as mainstream media.
I totally agree.
And so whereas a lot of companies and you
even are not able to say a lot of the things that can be said.
I can absolutely say, no doubt, it still kills and you don't restore an immune system by killing it.
And the number one side effect of chemo is secondary cancers.
And the number two side effect of chemo is death.
Most people can't say that, but like I said, you know, I've got 20 years of my medical records
Proving my situation and how initially, when you're in my position and you're looking at only having a few weeks left to live, I simply set out to die a healthier death at that point.
Knowing what I knew about chemo and having buried so many people, I spent three decades in dentistry, so we lost a lot of people.
Nobody died of cancer.
They died from mainstream medicine.
They died from chemo and radiation.
Literally, like I said, the decisions that I make, my life depends on it.
It's not just an option that I have to take some great nutraceuticals and feel better.
My life literally depends on it to the degree that I not only have the entire line of things that my health is dependent on and it's all InfoWars stuff.
That I could answer any questions about if anybody wanted to know, but I also have a backup system of that in my Prepper supplies and I would encourage people that have health issues that have things that they depend on to keep a backup system of the Info Wars line of the products that you use that your health depends on and keep that as part of your Prepper supplies.
Yeah, totally.
I have the iodine and the silver bullet in my bug out bag, along with filters and stuff like that.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
And the caveman is critical, the mineral infusion is critical, because when you, you know, it took me two years of
You know, your typical oncology medicine for me to kind of wake up and grow a pair and break from the herd and realize that you can't run for the cure, you need to run from the cure.
So Big Pharma, needless to say, is not a fan of mine and anything that I usually do, whether it be on Twitter or any type of social media, are the first to come after me and try to shut me down continually because
I don't like the evidence that I have.
Well, it's tough.
I tell you, I had a friend die in 2009 of cancer, and she got diagnosed in May, and she died in September.
And at first, she said, I'm not going to do chemo.
I'm not going to do chemo.
I'm going to do hemp oil.
And she did hemp oil for a while, but I don't know how she was doing it.
But at some point, she switched to chemo.
And when she switched, which was I think that summer, like July,
And she was gone like that.
Just lost a bunch of weight and then was in hospice in late September.
And it was sad.
It was very, very sad.
And you know, the only winner there was the cancer industry because they just rake in that money.
They don't care.
Oh, it's absolute truth.
And you know, they don't... Because I started out in 2010 at Stage 2 and then I became Stage 4 in 2012.
And the only reason that I survived the Stage 4 was because
I refused the chemo and radiation the first time around.
On that same note, I would let Leanne and Millie and all of your wives and everybody else out there who's listening, there is no such thing as prophylactic mastectomies.
I've had bilateral radical mastectomies twice prior to me becoming Stage 4.
So how does Stage 4 develop in a Stage 2 patient that had radical mastectomies twice?
I'm fortunate.
I did immediate reconstruction and I did what's referred to as a skin-sparing, nipple-sparing mastectomy.
So from a restorative standpoint, you said that.
But at one point back in 2012, the tumors that had grown in, now at that point they're not going to say, they didn't want to admit that all of the metabolic activity that I had going on was new tumor growth because that would have meant, uh-oh, you have to admit that your mastectomy failed.
And that crap that you're shoving down everybody's throat, like Angelina Jolie, what a fool to have gone down that road, because like I said, there's no such thing as prophylactic mastectomy.
Breast tissue still resides in there and it grows back.
I've got my pathology reports that can prove it all.
This is why the big pharma is constantly wanting to shut me up.
Well, and that's why Angelina Jolie is in favor of the globalists, because she pushes that global agenda.
Jodi, love to hear more, but we've got to run.
We're about to head out, and I want to get one more call in.
Thank you all for your work.
Thank you.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your support, and I'm glad you're living healthy, man.
Share your story with others, please.
All right, let's go to Luke in Vietnam.
Geez, if I'd have seen that... Is that Vietnam?
Like the country?
Or is there a Vietnam like Iowa or something?
Oh, you're in Hanoi.
Well, go ahead.
I would have gone to you earlier if I'd have seen that.
Sorry about that.
Go ahead, sir.
That's alright.
You guys put out an amazing video on your Alex Jones channel about two weeks ago.
It's entitled, uh, Exclusive Images of Child Murder Rituals from Thousands of Years Ago.
Do you remember that video that, uh, Alex and Millie did?
Yes, I believe, let's see, I believe that was mainly Millie, I guess she was, was it part of an interview with Alex that she, or was that her report?
It was her report on going to the Getty Library to stalk the followers of Aleister Crowley, the OCO, into child sex sacrifice for trying to obtain
In Australia, Australians are being jailed without trial for religious vilification of OTO Australia that follow the teachings of Aleister Crowley.
He wrote poems about sodomising children in his book called White Stain.
And a poem is called Ballad to Passive Pederasty and the government is still in this year, 2017, trying to jail yet more people for religious vilification.
And the Australian Christian Lobby has announced the defence of John Sunil.
The proof isn't a conspiracy theory, it's actually case law.
Can I mention how to look up the case law for a Christian couple being kidnapped in New South Wales and sent to jail for contempt of court for refusing to comply with religious vilification orders in Melbourne?
Coming from the Victorian Civil and Minister of Appeals Tribunal.
If you can pull up on the screen, you go to the Australian Case Law Database, which is AustLEI, Australian Legal Information Institute, dot edu dot au, and you type in LEG, with an extra G, L-E-G-G, and DEVINE, D-E-V-I-N-E, you will see them being sentenced to nine months jail for refusing to comply with judge's orders made from Magistrate Harbison, who has the Fantasy Extension 666
At the VCAT Tribunal.
And here's what's happened in 2017.
There was a victory in the highest court of New South Wales, Supreme Court of Appeals.
Bernard Gaynor, a Christian soldier, he's got a blog exposing all of this too.
He's going to the High Court now to defend this decision.
And Tess Corbett vs Gary Verne, in that judgement, they said that interstate tribunals don't have the power to arrest New South Wales citizens for laws that don't exist in our state, which is where Sydney is in Australia.
And so therefore the government is responsible for unconstitutional, unlawful kidnapping for those people who disrespected Aleister Crowley's satanic pedophile cult.
And if you know anything about spirit cooking and Marina Abramovich, you know this is the religion of the Pizzagate pedophile.
So the latest victim is John Christopher Sunhole and the Australian Christian Lobby who had their last Christmas
That is insane!
So if you don't agree with Alistair Crowley's calling for pedophilia, then they're going to put you in jail?
They have already done that to Vivian Legge, Dyson Devine, for contempt of the BCAT Tribunal, and they were writing letters.
And I've had to move over to Vidme because Google Blogger has censored six times, without censor notification, all the government letterheads and all the case law.
But I put it all in Archive.is to back it up for John Stonehall's blog.
I put stuff on his blog because he was sued for linking to me previously.
He linked to the most popular video on my channel.
I won't plug it, don't worry.
And it was about Australian gay marriage activists Mark Newton and Peter Tron.
Getting a passport for a Russian infant they had no biological relation to, because the Australian government is letting people... This is state-sponsored human trafficking.
And if you dissent against state-sponsored human trafficking, you'll be prosecuted.
And in that decision, if you go to the www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au website, and you type in ABC plugged pedos as one word, you'll bring up the John Sunahal versus Gary Burns June 25th decision.
And in the case law, you will see that the judge ruled Robert Oscar Lopez, PhD, a hate criminal, because it's referenced in the case law to see the link to his thiefless same-sex marriage is child abuse.
And he gave the main evidence in the US Supreme Court gay marriage case that made Obama light up the White House or rainbow.
And his statement is on the US Supreme Court website.
Just do a search for Robert Oscar Lopez, amicus curiae, and it's on the Supreme Court website.
He was sexually abused in 1984 before being studied as a poster boy for gay parenting in 1985.
And it was his testimony against gay marriage which was ignored by the old panel of Supreme Court judges.
He was ruled a hate criminal for dissenting against the child abuse that he suffered as a child.
I was ruled a hate criminal because I linked to his writing on my YouTube channel.
And then my friend in Australia, by two degrees of separation, who linked to my YouTube channel and nothing else, was found guilty.
You've got Australian gay judges.
Now Luke, is this why you're in Vietnam?
Are you fleeing Australian justice at this point?
I've been fleeing Australian justice for 10 years.
If you Google Australia's rarest crime, and first domestic terrorist outlaw motorcycle gang law, 60C of the New South Wales Crimes Act, only I and the government pages about it come up.
If the crime is that rare, it's the crime of obtaining personal information about police.
And that's why I've been engaging the
This particular lobby as a political dissident abroad.
And now they've also found my own, they've come after my father.
If you type McKee Burns back into that same case law website, my father was in Vietnam.
He commented on a causes petition, which was backed up by the Internet Archives Org, the eighth biggest site on the internet.
He gave his plane tickets to the judge and my dad too was also sued.
For linking to a Truth News Radio Australia video on my YouTube channel, which included audio of Mark Newton and Peter Trong, the human traffickers protected by the Australian government, who are now in US jails for 40 years because the FBI got them and the Australian police didn't do their job.
And my dad was found guilty of the same crime as John Sunhill, twice in case law with the same judge.
You must respect those who have sex with children.
And what happens to the journalists who investigate it?
I mean, what happens to the journalists?
Because my challenge to the mainstream media, if you're a mainstream media journalist, for example, and you believe in freedom of the press,
Go after child sex trafficking and investigate that.
See what happens.
See how far you get.
Before you get threatened.
Hey Luke, my email, robd and infowars.com.
Send me an email with all the stuff.
I want to do a story on it.
I got to run though.
We're five minutes over.
Go do it right now.
Yeah, definitely do that.
I'll go check it and we'll stay in touch because I would definitely like to tell your story to more people and maybe we could have you on for an interview or something.
That's right.
Ben Garrison, you still there buddy?
I'm still here.
Alright, what a night.
Hey, we got you on for an hour and 45 minutes.
That was good.
Guys, you can check out Ben Garrison, his book, the 2016 Presidential Election Collection.
You can also follow him at GrrGraphics.com.
He's also got the same Twitter handle at GRRR Graphics.
That's it.
And then his book is, you can find that on Amazon.com.
And we'll definitely have you back soon.
Real quick, I just want to say this.
One of his cartoons, just one of his pictures, would take me like an hour to discuss, to tell somebody the whole story there.
He could do it all in one image.
It's really amazing.
A picture's worth at least five beers.
You've got to drink five beers to talk about it.
Hey, that's a challenge.
We'll go through the whole book.
All right, we've got some callers there.
We'll leave you guys on the line.
Maybe when Owen comes in, he can take over.
We're going to play a short break as we switch out because we're staying in this studio for the rest of the night.
Ben Garrison, thank you for joining us.
Appreciate you having you on once again.
Yeah, definitely, man.
Love it.
Love your work, and best of luck to you, and don't worry about the haters, man.
Haters gonna hate.
That's right.
And you can't do nothing about them, so just love them.
Hey, keep planting those seeds, man.
That's what we do.
Plant those seeds.
Hopefully they give you good inspiration.
Yeah, exactly.
Hey, before we go, I'm going to tell you about the specials real quick at InfoWareStore.com.
30% off Brain Force, 20% off Secret 12, 20% off Knockout, 20% off Winter Sun, 20% off Prostagard, BioPCA, Biodefense, Living Defense, all 20% off, and also DNA Force is back in stock.
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It's going to make us grow.
And when we grow, you're going to grow.
We're going to get more reports out there.
More special reports.
More live video.
More focused.
It's where it's all going.
More praised.
So we appreciate y'all and this ride that you're taking with us in this 30-hour broadcast.
We now start our
14 with Owen Schroyer, the Cuck Destroyer.
Thanks for watching.
Hey, thank you so much.
Listen, I have bought your products and I gotta say they're amazing.
Anyone who's on the fence, buy it.
Because I've got Caveman, Superman Vitality, Secret Swell, 5mm Fusion, I've got the Body Armor.
Wow, thank you.
You're the type of listener that makes it all possible.
Which nutraceuticals do you like best?
I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
That's really incredible.
I drank it in the morning and I swear to you, I felt incredible.
Like, I haven't felt this week.
My morning was fantastic.
And I love you guys.
I love the Info Wars crew.
And I just want to, yeah, I want to take this opportunity to tell anybody out there who's on the fence.
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You will love it.
I'm telling you.
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A total 360 win.
You provided, Alex, with the caveman.
Well, so we've been formulating this stuff for a while.
We've been getting these different flavors and, you know, I don't know about this one.
You know, and so I've been taking that stuff and I'm an old man.
I'm 42.
I work out five times a week, if not more.
I hear you're okay in jujitsu.
No, no, I'm not.
I'm terrible.
I'm terrible.
But, the point is, is that I have a lot of aches and shoulders and, you know, this weird joint stuff that I've had issues with for years.
And this bone broth, the Caveman Bone Broth, along with our joint formula, has just worked magic for me.
And that's just, you know, that's just from my personal experience.
I think they're great products, and I think if anybody else has those issues, that you should definitely, you owe it to yourself to check it out.
If I'm wrong, then hey man, write me a mean letter.
But let me tell you, they work for me.
Yeah, they work for me too.
Actually, we were talking about this earlier.
Dude and I play basketball, and I'm just now, for the first time in my life, I'm 27 now, after I play basketball, my knees are barking.
But the bone broth and the joint formula, like you just said, you combine those two, I felt the difference immediately.
I felt it immediately.
Yeah, and it actually tastes good.
Like, I'm really picky, and I will drink it.
It tastes good to me.
I love chocolate, so I really like the flavor of the Caveman.
So, I mean, if the bone broth
Bone broth.
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No fear, nothing, so.
Well, that's a big primary part about, you know, fighting the globalists is making sure that we stay healthy and stay clear eyed and stay honest and stay humble.
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We're doing this by the skin of our teeth.
I know it looks like we're in a billion dollar studio, but Alex has never taken one cent of
I don't think so.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
This is the Defense of Liberty 30-hour special, and we are up here with the Graveyard staff.
I'll be hosting with you.
We're gonna try to press through till 7 a.m.
Just like Rob Dew tagged me into the ring, he'll come back and tag me out.
If we can make it that long, if the calls sustain, that's our plan.
We've got Marcos up here, Harrison and Wes, everybody taking care of business.
Well, this is the... And Dan.
Gotta say Dan's name.
Dan's up here as well, too.
The newest member.
This is Dan's... Is this Harrison's first rodeo, too?
With the late night special?
First all-nighter.
First all-nighter.
Marcos, are you live with us?
I am.
I'm live on the air with you.
Keep your mic open all night long.
All night, Owen Schroyer.
So here's the deal.
It's the Defense of Liberty special.
You know what's up.
We're under serious attack.
We want to expand in the face of the globalists.
And you know, when I first started listening to Alex Jones, every day he came on with the
Empire March.
I believe there's the March of the Empire.
I forget I forget the name of that song from Star Wars.
I think it's time to come back because we have struck fear into the face of the mainstream media and that is Alex's ultimate goal is to just be able to just beat them at every turn at every corner until their voices are silent.
But for my portion of the 30 hours
Defense of Liberty broadcast special.
I wanted to start with this story that's not seeming to get too much hype.
A brother-in-arms in the fight for free speech and fight for liberty, Michael Savage.
This is a story from World Net Daily.
Eight years later, number one author, radio host, still banned in Britain.
And now Michael Savage has launched a petition urging Trump to act.
Again folks, this is the 30-hour broadcast in the defense for free speech.
And if you can't even travel to a foreign country because of your conservative viewpoints, like Michael Savage, if they can ban Michael Savage from traveling for his conservative point of view, they can do it to all of us.
And you know, it's funny.
Michael Savage, a conservative, gets banned from traveling because of his free speech.
They say he's violent.
Not true at all.
Now imagine though, look at all the uproar that we had over the fake Muslim ban that wasn't a Muslim ban, it was a travel ban from countries that we bombed for eight years.
Look at all the uproar we had nationwide!
Because of a proposed travel ban
Really for the safety of our country.
For the safety of travelers to this country and citizens in this country.
Considering these are countries that we've bombed for eight years.
You think somebody might be inclined to sneak into some refugees, come over here and inflict a little damage?
I don't know.
Just a thought.
But the left was all outraged over this travel ban.
This travel ban they couldn't stand for.
But when it's a conservative, when it's Michael Savage, silence.
Nobody in the streets, nobody on CNN, nobody on the mainstream news at all talking about this.
He's not even allowed to do an interview!
So he's banned from traveling to Europe, he's banned from going on television, all for his free speech.
I'm gonna stand with you, Michael Savage.
In fact, cut this out.
Because Michael,
I know that sometimes you feel like a voice in the dark and that not enough people in the media are paying attention to the scrutiny and to the censorship that you're under.
Well, we know, brother, and I know, alright?
And I'm telling you right now, I want everybody listening to go and sign this petition right now.
I can't believe that this doesn't even have 10,000 signatures.
There's no way!
How is that possible?
Michael Savage has the most popular radio show in New York City on its biggest affiliate, an ABC affiliate.
Based out of San Francisco, syndicated out of Arizona, I believe, a number one selling author, Michael Savage, can't travel to Europe, can't travel to Britain, excuse me,
Sells books, becomes a number one seller.
Besides Alex Jones, I don't know if anybody had him on the radio show.
He comes on and has great segments with Alex Jones.
Does anybody else have Michael Savage on?
Not to my knowledge.
Still has a number one selling book.
He just mentioned this.
Yesterday he brought it up.
Today he actually announced it.
And I'm encouraging everybody, go sign this petition.
I signed it today.
Even liberals should be signing this.
Everybody should be signing this.
Because this is an attack on conservative speech.
Political speech.
Not violence.
Not encouraging violence.
Not a group or an affiliation of people that can be associated with violence or terrorism in this day and age.
Just one man.
Just a popular radio host.
Who's not allowed to travel because of his free speech.
So on the Defense of Free Speech 30-hour special, I wanted to encourage our audience and give a shout out to Michael Savage that InfoWars is with you and that we support your right to free speech, Dr. Savage.
There's the petition right there, folks.
Go ahead and sign this.
Go ahead and sign that, guys.
A list of 22 people.
We got the staff in here working hard and signing petitions.
22 people, which included
Go back up.
I don't remember if they mentioned what it includes.
Are you guys signing it live on air?
I think the list included like terrorists and arsonists.
I'd have to go back here.
Let me pull this up on mine actually.
We're going to go ahead and sign my name.
So we have Marcos signing this live on air right now.
Marcos at Infowars.com.
I'm going to show you my zip code.
There you go, now you guys can email Marco stuff when it feels like nobody else here can get it.
Yeah, so this is a list of 22 people that includes terrorists, neo-Nazi murderers, and of course, Michael Savage, a conservative talk show host.
So we stand with Michael Savage, and we know that
Even with Bill O'Reilly and Stephen Colbert, folks, we support free speech.
As long as you're not threatening people or violent, we stand up for free speech.
So we're going to stand with you, Michael Savage, and I please encourage everybody that gets this message to go sign the petition.
Urging President Trump and the U.S.
State Department to demand Britain remove Michael Savage from its travel ban list.
If you can't stand up for Michael Savage's right to free speech, you can't stand up for Alex Jones' right to free speech, no one's going to stand up for your right to free speech.
And that's just how that goes.
So, what should we do here, guys?
We got a guest coming up here in about 10 minutes.
We got some news that I want to cover.
We're gonna be here all night.
We've got some callers that have been holding for a long time, so why don't we relieve these guys.
Let's go to, you guys said to go to Tim first, in Seattle, who wants to talk about Antifa, a domestic terrorist group that for some reason still hasn't been labeled as such, despite the mass amounts of video evidence.
I mean, copious amounts!
And they're still not a terrorist group.
Go ahead, Tim in Seattle.
I'm sure you have to deal with these people on a regular basis.
Hey, thanks a lot.
I appreciate it.
I just want to also thank you guys for all of your excellent work.
I don't think anybody else would have an idea or would have a limited scope if it wasn't for you guys standing up the way you do.
With that, I just wanted to warn you guys if we see antifa in the streets and there's confrontation, they are talking about provoking and then firing firearms at us.
Yeah, and I've seen videos of quote-unquote Antifa members training with guns, and they really show that they have no clue what they're doing.
Well, this communist rhetoric, you know, once they lose the argument, they result in violence, and I don't see them stopping.
I don't see them, and I don't see anybody, unless it's the sheriffs.
If the sheriffs actually stand up... Well, no, here's the thing.
Have you ever had to deal with these people face-to-face?
Yes, I have.
I don't want the Occupy protest.
So here's at least what I've learned.
I mean, OK, we've had a couple instances.
Obviously, these people are out of control.
They're throwing things.
I mean, honestly, a lot of these people could be charged with manslaughter, to be honest with you.
A good lawyer could have these people taken down for manslaughter, attempt, you know, with a deadly weapon.
I've seen all sorts of stuff like that.
But overall, I think that they only have strength in numbers.
They're losing their strength in numbers, more people are chickening out, and as long as there's a camera rolling in their face, they normally won't take things to violent means.
Because they do have an IQ of at least one.
Yeah, that was a result that Jack Posobico, yeah.
Yeah, that's crazy.
That just goes to show you the Soviet mainstream media, they're just communists, and they're just trying to demonize us and dehumanize us until they...until what?
You know, it's kind of crazy.
Thanks a lot for your guys' help.
I really appreciate it.
I know everything that you do.
Thank you.
Well, thank you.
You're in this with us.
And don't thank us by calling in here.
We appreciate that.
We really do.
But thank us by supporting us at InfoWarsStore.com.
And then we thank you for your support by giving you a great product.
Products that I use every day.
In fact, I've got a thing of Vitamin Mineral Fusion that I'm drinking out of and I got my Brain Force that I just took before I went on air.
So I am a user of the products as well.
Let's go to JJ in Alaska.
Go ahead, JJ.
He's coming right up.
Go ahead, JJ.
Hey, how you doing down there in tiny Texas?
Doing alright?
Hey, while we were talking about Antifa, I was wanting to point out that this is going to be coming up October, the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution.
And these dirtbags keep talking about, you know, we're going to bring on the revolution.
Bring on the revolution.
Yeah, bring it on, you little punks.
Anyway, you know, that's something to worry about.
They might try something in October.
You're kind of like the last caller.
What do you think they're going to try?
I mean, you keep referring to they.
I'm assuming you're talking about Antifa.
What do you think they're going to try?
I mean, look, I don't think Antifa is that big of a threat, to be honest with you.
These are a bunch of punks.
These are a bunch of nothings.
Most of them live with their parents.
Most of them won't amount to anything as long as they keep putting on masks on and protesting.
This is nothing more than a domestic terrorist group that's just trying to rabble-rouse in the United States.
George Soros funded to try to start a civil war.
If anything is going to come of this, if I have any worry, if I truly have any worry about what is going to come on the other end of Antifa, it's a police state.
It's martial law.
That is my worry.
No, you're exactly right.
You have perfect instincts here.
They're the brown shirts.
They're the sacrificial lambs.
They're out there to get dirty, to be mean, to be hated.
And then somebody's going to come in, sweep aside the brown shirt, look like the good guy, and then the next wave is going to be even worse.
And then they can justify that lifestyle.
They can justify that lifestyle.
They can groom the public into getting used to that lifestyle.
Now you're a good slave because we came in and removed the terrorists.
That's what they want.
That's what Infowars has been talking about for decades.
Yeah, it's incrementalism.
You know, what is it, the Hungarian dialectic.
Two steps forward, one step back.
This time, they're raging in the streets.
The next wave, they're going to be probably burning the streets down.
And then people will demand martial law.
You know what, though, JJ?
You're calling in from Alaska.
I have a feeling that there's not much antifa up there.
Oh, we have well-fed bears, sir.
Well-fed bears.
We don't tolerate that crap.
In fact, I kind of feel like I'm missing out up here.
I'd love to get down there and get dirty with you guys.
Oh my gosh, you know, I missed an Antifa protest down here in Austin the other day and everyone was like, oh, oh, and you missed it, you should have been there.
I'm so sick of these people, okay?
I'm so done with these people.
I can't, you know, I'm so, it's just like, I forget who was saying this.
It was actually Michael Savage I was listening to.
It's just like, at what point do we as Americans just sit here and do we just say, you know what, we're just above you.
We are above you.
I'm done addressing you.
We're done with you, CNN.
We're done with you, MSNBC.
We're done with the fake news.
We're done with Antifa.
We are done with these people.
We are above you.
But they continue to mingle in our lives and try to influence policy, so we have to just completely bury them.
Thank you for the call, JJ in Alaska.
We're going to take a quick break.
On the other side, we're going to be joined by Samantha Scarlett.
She's about to launch a new podcast, and we're going to get into a bit of paranormal stuff.
Talk about the difference between talking about paranormal activity or talking about politics.
Before I do, again though, gotta remind you about how to support the broadcast.
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It's a free speech 30-hour special brought to you by InfoWars.
Owen Schroyer hosting until probably 7 a.m.
because that's what the listeners demand.
Now I'm about to be joined by Sammy Scarlett to get into a range of issues but I want to address something real quick before I get to her.
I received an email while I was in the break regarding the topic of Michael Savage being banned from traveling to Britain and he says that this has nothing to do with anything
And that the U.K.
has the right to prohibit his entry to the U.K., just like the U.S.
has the right to ban entry of immigrants or whomever into this country.
Mark, you're misunderstanding what I'm saying, and I think you maybe are misinterpreting the travel ban as well, which is typical.
I'm not surprised.
I have to deal with these type of arguments all the time.
First of all, it has everything to do with everything.
If you try to demonize one form of speech,
This sets a precedent and it's a snowball effect.
That's why it has everything to do with everything.
That's why I think it's important to address this during the Defense of Free Speech Special.
If they can call conservative speech violence-provoking, Infowars won't even exist anymore.
So it has everything to do with everything and the U.S.
isn't banning any immigrants.
Please don't fall for that false narrative.
The proposed travel ban struck down the most recently by Judge William Oreck III, unelected, liberal bureaucrat, lawyer nonsense.
Immigrants aren't banned.
Seven countries that we bombed, we have strict travel policies on.
Probably makes sense.
And it has everything to do with everything because if they can come after Michael Savage's right to free speech and demonize that, then they can demonize mine.
And you'll notice, you don't hear people on the right, well actually I will be honest, I actually am hearing people on the right call for the firing of Stephen Colbert.
But I never call for the firing of these people.
I never call for the government to go in and raid CNN or MSNBC.
I take their free speech and then I confront it in real time and show you how it's absurd and it's wrong and the policies don't work historically.
So, that's my two cents responding to that email.
Man, it's probably too easy to trigger me, isn't it guys?
Maybe that's just the brain force.
Hey, let's bring on Samantha Scarlett.
Now Samantha, you're actually about to launch a new podcast that's coming up soon, and before, I know I'm gonna get this, as soon as people go and they look into you, they're gonna say, oh look at all the symbolism she's into with the occult and the Illuminati and everything, and I think that your main symbol is actually an alien logo too, but no, hey, everyone has the right to free speech, and just because she uses that symbolism doesn't mean that she's a devil worshiper or anything, I don't think that's the case.
But Samantha, you cover some pretty out there topics, I would say.
The paranormal and a lot of stuff that a lot of people would probably raise their eyebrow at you at.
But I have a feeling that you could go around and you could talk about that stuff and aliens and different occult things and...
It would probably not be such a violent reaction you get, but if you bring up InfoWars, which I know you're a fan of InfoWars, I don't know if you're a fan of Trump, I don't want to put that on you, but if you bring up Trump and how you love Trump, all of a sudden people want to get violent with you!
Have you experienced this?
Definitely, um, yeah, like, I mean, I have, I use the unicursal hexagram, I actually have it here, and I have a tattoo of it, which was the Aleister Crawley symbol.
Am I a Crawley follower?
No, but people take it wrong, like, I actually am kind of like, I guess I'm agnostic, because I'm not a total atheist, but I don't prescribe to any particular religious beliefs, so I definitely don't believe in devil worship or any of that.
But, um, people will, you know, with the paranormal, it's become pretty accepted.
Like, I mean, there's so many clothing lines and just pop culture these days pretty much accepts, like, Satanism and occult aspects for the most part.
But if somebody says they like Donald Trump or something, I just see such a horrible reaction.
I see people lash out.
I mean, I've stayed really neutral.
Like, I don't really give my particular beliefs as far as, um, sorry if anything, I'm like,
It's 2am here in New York, or 2.30am.
I'm very tired.
But I don't really pick a side when it comes to politics, at least not publicly, because it's become such a heated topic.
I'm definitely like a libertarian, and I never voted for Obama.
I will put that out there.
I voted for McCain and Romney in the other elections that have happened since I was
Well, and you're in New York.
I mean, that's like a rat's nest of Hillary Clintonites.
And I would imagine, I understand, you know, most people don't like to speak in public about their politics.
That's just something that's kind of a thing that most people have practiced, and that's perfectly fine.
But as you just talked about, especially in New York, people don't want to talk about it now because they're afraid of a violent backlash just for bringing it up.
And that's why I wanted to talk to you about this because, like you said, you've got crazy symbolism, you've got, you know, symbols here, you talk about paranormal stuff, you do some stuff that people might kind of raise their eyebrow at or think is taboo.
But hey, for the most part, nobody's going to get mad at you, nobody's going to try to shut down your free speech.
But oh my gosh, Donald Trump!
Or are you experiencing something different?
Well, I mean, like, some people with the religious stuff, like, I do occasionally get people that are like, oh my god, you're a devil worshipper, or whatever, because they take it the wrong way.
They think that I'm, like, actually into the occult.
I mean, like, I have an interest in it, but I'm not practicing anything.
But people just assume that I'm a satanist, and I do sometimes get a backlash.
But it's not to a degree where I feel, like, worried or uncomfortable, usually.
But with the Donald Trump stuff, what I've seen of supporters, and, like, here's the thing.
If you like Hillary, great.
If you like Donald Trump, great.
I think everybody should be entitled to their free speech and their decision on what- who they want to support and what they're into.
But the- the-
The anger people have over this is scary, and even the protests were really scary.
The night of the election, I wasn't in the city thankfully, but one of my friends, her husband works in a restaurant, he's a chef, on the Upper East Side near Trump Tower, and the restaurant had to close at I think like 8.30 at night because all the protesters had just stormed the area.
It usually takes him an hour to get home.
He didn't get home, you know, I said 8.30 at night.
He didn't get home till like 1 or 2 in the morning.
My friend was frantic because, and worried for him, because it was just like all these people protesting and rioting in the streets in New York up by Trump Tower.
So it's very scary how people have reacted to this.
Yeah, and we've seen the violence in some of these videos too.
Now, I don't know if you're, obviously you talk about how you kind of like the symbolism, you use it for an art thing, but you're not really into any of that, you're not into the occult, you're not into Aleister Crowley.
But I'm curious, I'm sure that you've actually ran into people or have had people approach you that are into that.
Have you ever experienced anything with that, with actual people who are into that?
Um, well, you know, like, there's people that say that they've tried- I have a lot of friends that have said that they've done, like, witchcraft or something.
I think everybody kind of goes through a phase where they might, like, try.
I mean, I never really did, but, like, I have a lot of friends that have tried spells.
Actually, I did once.
I had a friend who was gay, and he wanted me to do, like, a love spell on his boyfriend with him.
This was, like, when I was, like, 21.
And that wasn't a big, it's not anything like dark or scary and it didn't work.
But as far as a real like Satanist or anything, I really personally don't think I've encountered that.
I think it's more rare than people actually think because even if you look into the Church of Satan, like Levan, Satanism, they're not really worshipping any deity.
I mean, they don't actually believe in a higher power or a lower power of Satan or anything like that.
It's more about worshipping yourself.
So I really believe that the actual like Satanists and occultists
Or, you know, the stuff that's purported with the Illuminati and whatever is a lot more rare.
Or maybe these people just hide it.
I don't know.
But I've personally never encountered anything like that.
Well, I would say it's definitely well hidden.
And in order to reach those points of that occult, you have to go through a long process.
They slowly get you in before they bring you into the big things that they end up blackmailing you with.
I was just curious if you had anybody ever approach you with anything like that, but again, for you it seems more like kind of a... No, I have not.
It seems like just kind of a more fun pastime, you use it for art and your music videos and stuff.
Yeah, no, I mean, with my music videos and, like, my album cover for Violent Delights, Violent Ends, I've got the all-seeing eye, that stuff was kind of a joke.
I have a friend, I think she's actually listening, Caitlin, and we used to always read Vigilant Citizen and IlluminatiWatcher.com, and so we just thought it would be funny to, like, if I threw that stuff in there, hoping that I would wind up on, like, one of these, like, occult watch things.
But, yeah, no, it's more like when I do the Illuminati stuff, I do it as a joke.
I know there's people that don't, it's not a joke, but my stuff is more just to, like, mess with people.
Well, and I know that you're my age, you don't need to tell people how old you are, but we're kind of, they call us millennials.
Yes, snowflakes.
People, I know, it's kind of a negative connotation to take on.
But that kind of thing has always existed in our culture.
People always talk about the Illuminati.
We came up with those symbols in, you know, when we were kids in music videos on MTV and all that stuff.
So it's something that we were kind of brought up with.
And I think, I'm not sure if that's something that they want to try to make mainstream before they expose themselves or if they think they can harness some sort of energy from people that actually think they're in the occult that actually aren't.
It's just, it's weird to me because
And I'd like to hear what you think about this whenever you started getting interested in this kind of occult and this kind of artwork and stuff.
When I first did it, like I said, it was just kind of like, oh whatever, I was never really into it.
But then you start to see it in more places, you start to see it in interesting places, you start to see the historical references where it's been, you start to see it in places where it doesn't make sense, but then you look at conspiracies and then maybe it does make sense.
What got you started into, like, Illuminati occultic symbolism?
Well, I mean, the whole thing is, I guess it started on my, when I was like 10 or so, I got interested in the paranormal, and it started watching, like, there's a TV show on the Disney Channel called So Weird, and that got me kind of, it was like my gateway thing, and then there's all those, like, Ghost Hunter, or back then it was Scariest Places on Earth shows, and then I started listening to Art Bell's radio show, Coast to Coast AM, and that got me super hooked.
On all the paranormal stuff.
And, you know, ghosts, aliens, whatever.
But then you get to, like, the late 2000s and the Illuminati conspiracy becomes the more popular trend of the occult and paranormal field.
So that's about the late 2000s, early 2010s is about when I started getting into watching YouTube videos on the Illuminati and all this stuff.
And my mom actually watched a lot of this stuff too in her spare time and listened to Alex Jones.
That's how I found out about this from her.
And so I started looking into this stuff and reading about it, and you know, like, I take it all with a grain of salt.
Even, like, any aspects of the paranormal or cultism, conspiracies, I always take it with a grain of salt and skepticism.
But the thing with the Illuminati is I, in later years, I tend to believe it more.
I have had experiences with stuff where
I don't want to necessarily get into it particularly, because it kind of, it scares me.
But about a year ago, there was something that happened to someone that I wasn't friends with them at the time, but I used to be friends with, who was someone famous.
And then, like, approximately a week later, there was a celebrity that died that was in the media.
And what happened to the celebrity that died and the other person the week prior kind of mirrored each other.
It was very similar stuff.
I don't know.
I went on my Twitter and at the exact same time I got the same message on my Twitter that was posted in this blank thread on the message board.
And my message board screen name had nothing to do with my name or who I am.
I was totally anonymous on there.
I don't know.
Respect and fear of touching on certain topics that are too deep.
Like, with my radio show, I like to go there, but I don't want to go, like, super far with stuff, because I do believe that there probably are, I don't know, people that, I don't know, threaten, and I don't know, I get, yeah.
Well, as long as you're not really trying to stop them from putting vaccines in everyone's arm or trying to become president, I think they pretty much leave you alone for the most part.
I try not to delve too deep into things.
I'm interested and curious about things, but I'm like, no, I'm not going to go there anymore on certain topics.
It's funny though, because you talk about that moment.
And I'm sitting here thinking about different moments.
Everybody, as soon as you, going into the rabbit hole, first you kind of see the rabbit hole and you kind of look at it and you're like, do I want to go into that rabbit hole?
Maybe I'll kind of look down the rabbit hole.
And then you go down the rabbit hole and it's like constant free fall.
But then every once in a while, there's like a branch hanging out that you can grab onto and it just kind of makes everything clear for a second.
And I can remember thinking, I'm a big fan of the Beatles music.
I'm also very aware of Illuminati, occultism, symbolism everywhere, but here's one that I never picked up on until recent stuff with WikiLeaks and, you know, the Pizzagate stuff and all that.
Now I go back and I'm looking at stuff.
The Beatles had an album cover with
Pizza slices and skulls.
They were literally covered in skulls and pizza slices.
And you see that, and you're like, that doesn't make sense.
It must just be some weird thing.
Then you go look at the Sgt.
Pepper's Hearts Club Band album cover, and there's Aleister Crowley right there with the rest of them.
So it's like, this stuff really goes deep.
This symbolism really is tied together.
There really is something to this stuff.
Well, you know, I actually told Illuminati Watcher this one.
I had noticed
If you like want to go into one of these things like, oh, were they predicting stuff in music?
If you take like the 90s rock bands, you have, you start with like 1988, Jane's Addiction came out with Nothing Shocking, and they have the two twin females on the cover with their heads on fire.
This guy in the top left, guys.
A couple years later, you get the Smashing Pumpkins, and they have, you know, Billy Corgan actually, I think, has been on Alex Jones.
You have them with Siamese Dream, and they have the twin girls with the wings on on the cover.
Then, a couple years later, the Red Hot Chili Peppers come out with a song called Aeroplane, and then you have, Smashing Pumpkins have a CD called Aeroplane Fly as High, or it was a B-side, and then you have the Foo Fighters with Learn to Fly, and I've kind of wondered, is that, was that all like, kind of like, pre-Cognizant 9-11?
You have the album covers with the twins on fire?
And then you have all these song titles with airplanes in the 90s.
I don't know.
I had actually told Illuminati Watcher about that.
Well, there's all kinds of stuff.
There were a bunch of cartoons.
There were a bunch of cartoons that predicted 9-11 too.
Maybe it's just a coincidence and maybe you can just see patterns and stuff.
With that stuff, I don't know.
Is it actually conspiracy or is it just that I'm seeing a pattern in CD covers?
Who knows?
Well, I think there is no doubt messages in music.
I'm not sure how deep the messages go.
What self-respecting artist doesn't put a message in a music?
Doesn't put a message in their song?
I mean, if you listen to Jay-Z's album, Holy Grail, that he wrote years ago, that is the most cryptic album.
If you actually listen to the lyrics and read the lyrics, that is the most cryptic album.
It's unbelievable.
He's like, guess what?
War is coming.
You better get ready.
Like, the whole album, he's warning everybody, and now here we are, like, four years later.
Yeah, exactly.
And of course, Jay-Z meets with Marina Abramovic as well.
Everyone says that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are the, like, Illuminati heads or whatever.
No, they're not the Illuminati heads.
If anything, they're just pawns of the Illuminati, I would say.
If you go on Katy Perry's Instagram, she has the all-seeing eye and pizza slices.
Oh yeah, all of her music videos are symbols.
Oh yeah.
No, since the Pizzagate thing, whenever I see pizza in a music video or somewhere, I'm like, whoa.
I step back and I'm like, maybe it's just part of this.
I know on Tumblr it's been trendy for a long time for people to have pizza everywhere, but I just look at it and I'm like, I wouldn't put that on my thing.
Yeah, and I mean, again, the media wanted to make it focused on one place.
Obviously, they tried to pin that back on us when all we were doing was covering news and then looking at all the real stories that actually had pizza.
I mean, I can't even believe how many stories that I covered that actually where you had people that were arrested that were working at or owned a pizza joint.
It happened in my hometown of St.
Louis, so there is something to that.
Hey, we got to bounce you here.
We got another guest coming up, but just real quick.
Alex Jones basically said, oh, you're going to be talking about aliens tonight.
So that gives me a little green light here.
Just tell me, what do you think about aliens before we let you go?
You have any theories there you want to part on my audience?
I personally am not sure what I think on it.
I've seen UFOs.
I don't think that they're... The ones that I've seen definitely were military craft.
Could there be aliens from outer space?
I don't know.
I'm actually going to be pre-taping an interview for my new radio show on Adobe Radio called Blackout with Samantha Scarlett, which is going to be airing Friday nights at 11 p.m.
But I'm going to be...
Taping a Thing Today with somebody from MUFON, which will air at the end of the month.
So I'll be curious to hear what the MUFON guy says, because maybe it'll make me change my mind.
But I'm very skeptical when it comes to alien abductions.
I think a lot of that could be, like, people that have been abducted by the military, or it could be something else, if they just have psychological problems, or they're just liars.
But I don't know.
I'm very skeptic on the subjects of, like, things like aliens, and I don't really believe in Bigfoot, which is, I know, a popular subject for a lot of people.
Well hey, there are a lot of people that are members of the military, members of the Air Force, that when they started to speak out about aliens and stuff that went down in Antarctica, stuff that went down in the mountains of Afghanistan, they got shut up and their right to free speech was stopped.
So if you ever encounter that, don't be scared.
Get out in front of it.
At the next month, who is one of the people that talks about the stuff with like Admiral Byrd and like the supposed Nazi stuff with the aliens at the South Pole.
I mean that stuff is very interesting.
Definitely, I very much wonder if it's true.
So there you go.
Tune into her podcast to find out more.
She's launching that May 5th.
Samantha Scarlett.
Hey, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you so much.
Say hi to Alex.
I will say hi to Alex.
I think he may be listening right now.
He might be on the Brain Force up late.
I just adore Alex Jones.
There you go.
Thank you so much, Samantha.
Hey, we got another guest coming up.
It's Fleckas Talks.
Look, this is, I gotta tell ya.
I, you know what?
I will pat myself on the back.
I'm gonna pat myself on the back.
Can I do this?
Can I have the right to pat myself on the back for the Age Skrillex video, guys?
Very nice job, Mr. Schroeder.
Okay, thank you.
I'm going to pat myself on the back from that video because I'm telling you, that video inspired... Are you kidding me?
So many people.
Well, not just possibly the meme of the year, but that video inspired so many people to take to the streets and confront these people to their face about their political beliefs.
And I think Fleckus is one of those people.
Fleckus talks at his show.
There's the aides.
The aides, Skrillex.
The political aides of communism.
You're in for the white mail!
You're a punk!
You're a baby boomer punk!
You white male!
So we're gonna we're gonna try to get connected with Fleckas Talks on the other side of this break.
It was a last-minute thing to try to get connected with him but I'm hoping to have him on the other side of this break.
Don't go anywhere.
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Welcome back!
We are live, the InfoWars Defense of Liberty 30-hour special.
We're about to be joined by Fleckus Talks.
In the meantime, though, we're joined by a couple of InfoWars staff members.
Rob Dew has unsuited, and he is now in his Dr. Trump t-shirt, and Michael Zimmerman joins us.
He was supposed to join me at 1, he chickened out, but then wanted to come on after being so excited by the last segment.
So what's up, guys?
I was definitely excited with the last segment, and your guest was very interesting.
But we wanted to come and talk about, in less than five hours, Michael and I go on in this spot, too, from 7 to 9.
So, you're seeing us now.
We're going to do a brain force exercise tomorrow.
So join us at 7 A.M.
when we take, actually, 6.56.
We're going to put it out on Twitter.
Wait, what is this?
We're going to take some brain force and go on the air.
We're going to be on the air for two hours, four hours from now.
We've already been here for 14 hours.
Wait, so you're not going to sleep tonight?
No, we will.
Oh, I'll probably get a nap.
So what's the challenge then?
Well we'll see how you do.
Look, you're supposed to get... That's a lack of sleep.
8 hours.
Medical professionals think you should get at least 8 hours of sleep.
I go for 8.
We'll do 2 hours of sleep.
We gotta get up here and prep.
It's not like I'm gonna magically jump out of bed and hop out of bed and land in the seat.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
I took 2 brain force at 12.55.
And I'm feeling pretty good right now.
Did you actually feel the valve turn?
Actually, I took one about an hour ago.
Yeah, actually, sometimes you can feel it more than other times, and it was one of those times after today where it really, really ramped it up.
A little too much even, maybe.
I took one an hour ago, and now I'm good all night.
That's a good idea.
So you guys are going to come in here.
I'll maybe still be here at 6.56am.
You're going to come in and sit right there.
You're going to pop your brain force and get ready to go.
We're going to do an InfoWars version of like a morning zoo show.