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Name: 20170503_Wed-1_Alex
Air Date: May 3, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including Hillary Clinton's recent statements, financial news, ongoing wars in the Middle East, non-profits, universities, media outlets and their promotion of misinformation. He advocates for upholding the Constitution, involving people in decision-making processes related to war, closing overseas military bases and focusing on pressing issues such as war and economic hardship.

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In the next two hours, Leigh-Anne McAdoo and Robb Dew will host with Mike Cernovich and others.
Welcome everyone.
It is the fifth hour now of our 30 plus marathon broadcast here at InfoWars.com.
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Very easy to find.
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This is what we're doing in response to the attacks of free speech that are happening to us on a continual basis.
We're going to have Mike Cernovich coming up in one second.
He just finished the fourth hour hosting with Alex Jones.
We've got a host of questions.
I just saw the clip of him confronting the mainstream media and I thought that was dynamite.
It really takes
A cojones for a guy or a girl to stand up to people like that who were trained assassins in media.
These are literally trained media assassins.
So to just stand up there in their little nest, where they nest and try to worry about what they're going to do to push their communist agenda across the nation, I really got to hand it to them for doing that.
Did you see that clip just now?
He played it on the Alex Jones Show.
Who are you talking to?
I'm talking to you, Leanne McAdoo.
I did not see it actually, but they are so jealous of Mike Cernovich.
When we get him on the line, we're going to read this article that just got released at 3.03pm.
They've resorted to name calling.
They're so jealous.
We're going to call him names, make fun of his voice, and that's the headline of the article.
It's ridiculous.
Now before we go any further, I want to run down the schedule of what's going to be going on for the rest of this time here.
So right now, and you can find the schedule at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Just scroll up and you can see who's coming up.
Right now we're going to have Mike Cernovich coming on.
Ah, he's busting through the wall.
Go to camera four.
Go to camera four.
Why did we do that?
You look slick.
Hey, I'm just going to tell everybody.
Doing a great job.
Zimmerman's doing a great job.
Nobody's bad.
Nobody's bad.
The listeners are awesome, but I know I didn't plug it myself during the main show.
We've got my Prometheus breakdown where he says the elite believe aliens are real and are about to be here.
20 species are about to attack.
I'm not the one saying that.
That's Ridley Scott.
Blade Runner, everything else, and I predicted it all, remember?
So when is that coming up?
Back in 2012.
We're going to play that at 4 o'clock, coming out of our 4 o'clock break.
All right, 4 o'clock, and then tonight I'm back 7 o'clock.
I'm going to air the big Al Gore reviews of an inconvenient load of horse manure, too.
So there's so much coming up.
I want to thank everybody for their support.
You guys look awesome.
I wish I looked as good as you guys.
I mean, look at the color coordination.
Look at Wonder Woman.
You know, Wonder Woman, all the world's waiting for you.
Don't we have a Wonder Woman intro about you?
Yes, we do.
And we'll probably play it tonight.
A fan made it and it is so good.
I'm going to get out of here.
Listen, I've been hogging Mike Cernovich, who's a bombshell journalist.
So let's get to Cernovich, because you guys have two hours left, right?
Yeah, we have two hours.
Let's do Cernovich right now, then you guys take over.
Let's get Cernovich in here.
Oh, he's gone.
He's coming back through.
Let's punch out this deal.
That's him right there.
That's his empty seat.
Where's Mike Cernovich?
Where is Mike Cernovich?
He's got a picture of you in the background.
We're on camera four now.
There it is.
Right there.
Alex, when we were going over, I was going over all the articles for this.
There's an article from 2002 from the Cato Institute that says why Enron wants global warming.
And there's a letter in here where he's asking President Clinton to literally go after scientists who say global warming is not happening, global warming isn't real.
Like, attack them.
It's insane.
So it's worse than I said.
Big time, yeah.
Not only does the DM come from them, it comes from Ken Lay, and then Bill Nye says, we're like Enron, arrest us if we disagree.
And only have one kid, exactly, yeah.
Totally, that's a big report coming up, and we're going to have Alex's Prometheus report.
Ladies and gentlemen, the great Mike Cernovich, the amazing Wonder Woman, Lydia McAdoo, and Rob
That's right.
I hope y'all picked that up on the mics.
That was pretty awesome.
That was a very ring-worthy introduction.
No, Mike Cernovich is not always going to get that type of an introduction.
That's right, Mike.
Don't expect that every time.
Mike, can you hear me now?
Yeah, I know.
I know Alex.
He's a wild man, so he's enthusiastic.
I don't need, though,
I don't need a lot of people hyping me up.
I'm pretty low-key, naturally.
You're pretty low-key.
Tell me, when did that happen?
When did you confront the mainstream media just the other day?
When did that happen?
I think it was the day before yesterday, Monday.
Yeah, so Monday there was a press briefing.
Spicer did his thing.
That was your Mayday revolution right there.
Yeah, exactly.
So on Mayday I went into the White House and Spicer did his thing and I was very, you know, it's like high school in there.
There's assigned seating actually.
So you don't, there's, you know, like eight rows.
It's kind of a dump actually.
The press room is actually kind of a dump.
So it's kind of funny to me how dilapidated the facilities are because the media is trash and they deserve to have a dump.
And they sit in these small little assigned seats, and they're very particular.
If you're in their seat, how dare you?
I'm, you know, I'm whatever.
Yeah, so that video... I'm John Roberts.
I get the front row.
So I stood up and during the briefing, you know, people raised their hand and spiced their answers and I go, okay, well, I'm not going to make a scene.
You know, I'll go to a rally in Austin and go, Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton is, you know, but a lot of people think that is my only speed, but I can put on a suit and be respectful and everything.
So I didn't want to do anything that would allow them to claim I did something wrong.
It was like, I'm going to follow the rules, but I'm going to do it in a way that antagonizes them.
Because, hey, that's life.
So once they began interrupting Spicer, then they're like, Sean, Sean!
So I go, fine, then I'm gonna interrupt Spicer too, like everybody else.
And I would go, Antifa violence, Berkeley fascism.
And people were actually hearing that on the audio of the TV thing.
So that really started to make people mad.
Even though, again, I wasn't doing anything wrong.
I was only yelling out my question the same as everybody else was.
They just didn't like the question that I was asking.
So then finally, Spicer leaves and as he's leaving I go, Antifa violence, Berkeley fascism, and then everybody gives me a dirty look and I go, alright, well if you all want to give me a dirty look, then I'm going to ask you a question.
Initially, I wasn't going to ask him a question, but I go, if you want to give me a dirty look for following the rules and trying to ask an important question that's journalistically interesting, that's relevant, Jeff Sessions, who cares about marijuana?
There's Antifa, there's terrorism in the streets, and Jeff Sessions is talking about medical marijuana.
Come on, that's nonsense.
That's a BS question.
Priorities have to be in order.
So I thought, well, hey, I'm going to just ask the media.
I'm going to turn on them and just say, hey, I have a question for all of you.
And as you can see in that video, I was respectful and polite, but they just gave me the look of death.
I thought it was funny and as I walked out there was a big commotion.
They were following me around, taking my picture.
There was gaggles of people.
They were triggered.
Well, let me tell you.
It does take something.
These are trained assassins.
They're haters of anything that's not Hillary Clinton and the left.
And we know this.
So for you to just kind of turn the tables on them and ask them why they're not covering this, because anytime they do cover Antifa, it is in this positive light, well, they're just anti-Trump.
And, you know, they don't talk about the violence that they do, they don't talk about them hitting women, they don't talk about them spraying pepper spray in their face.
They're just passionate activists.
Yeah, exactly, passionate.
Part of the resistance that Hillary Clinton is now a member of.
We ran into some of these cretins over on May Day.
We went up there, Millie Weaver and her husband were covering it for a while.
Well, when I got up there, I couldn't help but making fun of these people, because they literally are, it's like being at a Comic-Con convention up against these people, where they're just, we're play-acting that we be communists!
They're like, I am 70 pounds!
We're gonna destroy you!
Total degeneracy going on, and they can't have a conversation, they can't answer any questions about what they really believe in.
It's just F-U, F-U, F-U.
I want to talk about your story, Mike, that came out in InfoWars today.
McMaster's hires General Ricky Waddell as Deputy NSA without Trump's approval.
How does this happen?
How does McMaster just go around Trump and do an end-around on him like that?
Well, McMaster is, you know, what happens when you have too many bulls in one pasture, right?
That's what happens when you bring in a lot of generals.
In theory, you think, oh, I'm going to bring in a bunch of generals, but now you have
Trump, alpha males like Trump, Mattis, you bring in McMaster.
McMaster thinks well I'm just going to do whatever I want to do and I'm going to bring in whoever I want.
He didn't clear with Reince Priebus, he didn't clear with Bannon, he just brought in Wydell and said hey set up an office, whatever.
But I found out what was really going on which is McMaster he wants to go back and because he's still technically on active duty so it's a bit of a
It's not technically correct to say go back to the army, but he wants to go back to doing army kind of stuff rather than national security kind of stuff.
So he's deliberately antagonizing Trump however he can and Trump is tired of him.
So Trump's going to give him that four star and then he can go be Vice Chief of Staff and then we can get somebody else in there.
Alex Jones is heading back in here.
I want him to continue.
I was just going to give you a note.
Me and Cernovich never got to the whole
I think with Colbert, so in about 10 minutes get back into that and ask him about that because I want to get his take with the hour in it, we never got to it, where he's getting in trouble for what he always tries to get us in trouble for, so.
Right, for when he's, the Putin comment?
Made the homophobic slur.
Back to what you guys were doing.
Finally the left gets called out.
Yeah, exactly.
He had to apologize.
We will get to that in one second.
But, you know, you talk about Petraeus a lot in this and these people are Petraeus loyalists.
How much power does Petraeus still have?
Because we know he's a Bilderberg member.
I chased him in the streets jogging.
Yeah, I can hear you.
I can hear you in my ear when you're talking there, Joe.
And I think you went out over the air.
But anyway, this is a guy.
Why do people still have loyalty to Petraeus?
What is the fascination with him?
He just has a massive amount of power and he is the only reason, this is a lot of trivia so a lot of people don't know, McMaster was passed over for being a general twice.
Well, then Petraeus went in and joined the promotion board and personally ensured that McMaster got his general star.
So McMaster owes him a lifetime of loyalty.
McMaster wouldn't be a general if it hadn't been for Petraeus stepping in.
Petraeus, remember before Petraeus leaked classified information to his mistress.
He was a titan, the man responsible for the surge, the man responsible for turning the war, although it's a disaster again.
But at the time, the narrative was he turned the war around, CIA director, American hero, the greatest of the great, and then he got caught up with the mistress thing.
And the reason he still has a lot of power is because that's the kind of mistake that people can empathize with.
Like, okay, he... I'm not going to defend what he did, but he's an older man.
A younger woman is being flirtatious with him.
One thing leads to another.
It's still immoral or whatever you want to call it.
But that's the kind of thing that a lot of people can be forgiving of, and especially people like McMaster, who, Petraeus, again, is the only reason McMaster is where he is, is because of Petraeus.
There's a lot of loyalty.
Waddell is a loyalist.
Derek Harvey is a loyalist.
The NSC and the DIA.
are stacked with Petraeus people that came up with them through all the years and they're Petraeus for sure.
So a good article I wrote on Medium that they can pull up is about this is one of those stories that's boring but it's important and it is how Petraeus was manipulating the hiring processes and the security clearances.
So one of the biggest stories that didn't get enough attention which is that Robin Townley had his security clearance denied
And the reason is because Robin was not a Petraeus guy.
So they can't have anybody who's not a Petraeus guy in there.
So they're holding up security clearances of people.
And I'm trying to find that article right now.
You know, I write so much it's hard to keep track of all of that.
McMaster was also the one leaking all the news about Bannon.
So McMaster is a major source of leaking that.
So Petraeus has that Saudi Arabian money.
And because of that, so here I found the article out.
I think it's called Petraeus and McMasters have taken over the NSC.
Is that the one?
Yeah, scroll up a little bit.
Yeah, so if you scroll up, down now, you can see that black quote from the book on Surge.
So if they scroll down to the image with the highlights in it, there's a book called Surge, My Journey with Petraeus.
McMaster, NSC, Derek Harvey, Ricky Weidel, those people who were with Petraeus during the Surge,
Are now all at the NSC, right?
That's literally his posse.
That's Petraeus' posse is now in charge.
So even though he's not in power, they're basically holding the door open for him to come in at some point.
And even if he's not in there directly, he's still in there because he has all those people there.
And he and H.R.
McMaster have nightly calls where Petraeus more or less tells... Petraeus is basically the national security advisor.
He's the shadow advisor.
So McMaster does whatever Petraeus wants.
Because he owes him.
So here we've got this whole situation where you have to keep scratching backs to stay in power in D.C.
And here's the thing about generals, and I've said this before, generals like to do general things.
They're not into peacefully negotiating.
They're into blowing stuff up.
And if you have too many of these guys, of course there are solutions, you know, with the Syria thing.
They're like, well, A, we're going to shoot some missiles, B, full-on scale invasion, C, nuclear option.
Here's all your options, sir.
But none of them is make a phone call or find out if it really was Syria that did the chemical weapons attack.
Right, and McMaster, too, is a legitimate war hero.
There's a famous battle where McMaster led, I think, 10 or 12 tanks against 120 Iraqi tanks, and it's actually used as a case study in armored warfare.
So that's the weird thing.
Now, I'm criticizing McMaster, but he's a legitimate war hero from, you know, the early, the first Iraq War.
He's a legitimate tactician, but his world is the world of armored cavalry.
Let's bring in a bunch of M1 Abrams tanks.
Let's bring in a huge surge.
Let's go in and smash the army.
He doesn't understand the information war game.
He doesn't understand fourth generation warfare.
He doesn't understand counterinsurgency and
Making relationships with the natives and doing more of the... That's why, you know, General Flynn stuff.
That's why they hated Flynn because Flynn was some JSOC.
Flynn wanted to do more of a special operations by, with, and through.
Hey, why don't we send a few special forces guys down there?
We'll work with the local troops.
We'll live among the community.
We'll develop rapport with them.
We'll work with the locals that way.
To McMaster, that doesn't make any sense.
He just wants to go in with the tanks and blow everything up.
We saw that pretty incredible immediate response, which was a huge flip-flop there.
We were all surprised with Trump's, uh, the day before he was saying he didn't want to, he didn't want to... The week before was no regime change, now it's regime change.
No regime change, yes.
And then it was like, yeah, by the way, we just annihilated one of your cities.
You had a question on another article.
Well, actually, no, this, I was just gonna, this is another, we're speaking about another article, another story, a scoop that Cernovich has brought to the table, and this broke at about 3.03 p.m.
Oliver Darcy wrote it.
CNN and a bunch of other outlets picked it up.
Right-wing troll Mike Cernovich goes professional with new hosting gig at InfoWars, and this entire article is just
Trying to speak about you without giving you an ounce of credit.
And so it's just so funny how it sort of dances around.
But I mean, it's like seething with jealousy.
They just can't understand how you've amassed such a large and highly engaged online following.
And you've even appeared to cultivate White House sources, which have seemingly produced scoops.
And so they're just kind of saying, wow.
Yeah, this is the thing.
It's always low-key shade.
Usually they say that I hate women.
They have like a rotating sort of line of attack.
He hates women.
He's pro-rape.
He's a white supremacist.
Oh, well, that didn't work because his baby's half Persian.
Okay, well, you know, you've met me.
You know, I talk to women very respectful, so that doesn't work.
Okay, well, now let's say he's a troll or the pizza thing or whatever.
They just keep rotating.
You know, we're used to it.
We're freedom fighters.
We're the resistance.
The day that we read an article that they praise any of us is the day that we know who the spy is and we need to be careful of that person.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, they basically just gave us a bunch of promotions for everyone to tune in to your hosting of the 4th Hour because they break it down, they say how much reach we get and how this is like a huge... Hey, they're doing our job for us!
That's great.
Yeah, it's a good promotion.
And by the way, Leanne, by the way, let me just bring this up since Cernovich was just mentioning it.
What do you guys, now that I heard you talking about it, I forgot the point I was going to make, but Cernovich was making a really good point.
So I'm in here in the control room.
I think my hair is sticking up.
Don't put me on TV.
Oh, there I am.
I'm already on, wandering around like a goon.
Here's Marley.
Marley, say hi to everybody.
What was it I was going to pop on about?
Because something Cernovich was saying got me thinking and then I forgot to do it.
So I think I'll just shut up now.
Let's see.
I'm truly teleprompter free, folks, in here in the control room.
But just look at this great group of people here.
Back to Leigh Ann McAdoo and Rob Dues.
There's too many toys is what happened.
There's so many toys you don't know what to play with first in this media juggernaut that we're building.
Look, people, let me just, before we go any further, I just got a bid in today for a new studio that we're building, and it's going to cost a lot of money.
This bid is ridiculous, and that's why we need your support more than ever right now so we can keep expanding, we can get more Mike Cernovich on.
I mean, there's going to be 12 hours of slots here.
Right now, it looks like he's going to be doing, I think, Fridays, right?
Is that the final schedule you're going to be doing?
Fridays of the fourth hour, which we've kind of had rotating out with people.
David Knight does Monday.
Then we have John Rappaport every once in a while.
Roger Stone.
Anthony Comey.
Let me be clear, dude, since you bring this up.
We're only beta testing and people train in the fourth hour.
We're going to go.
Like 16, 17 hours a day live starting in about a month and a half.
We're going to add six, seven hours a day.
We're going to hire more board ops, more crew.
We're training right now.
That's what you've been doing all in the last month, that three to five slot live.
It's only on YouTube and Facebook as a beta test training or other TV crew for live stuff.
And we're hiring five or six more people in phase one.
Then we're going to hire four or five more in phase two, then more after that.
News and gathering info, but because they're trying to destroy us, we're going to launch everything we've got right now in the face of the globalists, tripling down.
So that's why obviously you're getting into this.
We are running specials right now of 30 to 25% off all the nutraceuticals, t-shirts.
We've got auto-ship 10% off.
We need people to go get X2.
You need that.
It's the good halogen.
To get Knockout, the great sleep aid.
Or to get our nootropic brain booster that everybody loves so much, BrainForce.
We need people to do that.
Also, we have special reports like the great one, come on over here Zimmerman, that Michael Zimmerman edited since I shot it last night, of where I told you
Five years ago, the Ridley Scott was into the occult, and the Ridley Scott was part of a basically space cult, that the globalists are part of a Luciferian space cult, and the media's made fun of me for that.
Now he comes out and says, there are 20 alien species, they're coming to get us.
Oh, sorry, 200.
Only world government will save us, and that we're actually the Anunnaki in all this.
I don't believe that.
The elite believe that.
That's going to premiere at 4 o'clock.
Cernovich is here with us.
And then coming up tonight when I host 7 to 10 or so, with Leanne and others, who's doing a great job,
We are going to be premiering my breakdown of Al Gore's Inconvenient Load of Manure, which these are many films, and Rob Dew has put that together.
So, so much more coming up today.
I want to get back to Mike and cycle through some stories, but when we go to break here in a few minutes, we're going to come back and play a sneak peek of what's coming up at the start of the next hour, this Prometheus alien covenant.
A new movie, Sneak Peek, and what it's really all about, the religion of the Illuminati in your face.
We'll show you five years ago, where I word for word predicted that Ridley Scott was conditioning you and preparing you.
Aliens are already among us.
All of these genetically engineered species, part animal, part insect, part human, now merging with silicone, is the new species they believe they're creating.
The chimeras are real.
It's already here.
They're not coming from space.
They're not coming interdimensionally.
The globalists believe that they are unlocking the secrets of the universe to do all of this, that they are gods who are about to ascend.
But really, their god is programming them to destroy the planet, if you believe the deeper esoteric information.
So you're getting what they don't want you to know, and that's why they're trying to shut us down.
Let me ask Cernovich about his research.
Mike, what is your research on the globalists and their programs and what they really believe, and what do you make of this Ridley Scott situation?
You don't normally get into aliens and stuff.
I don't either.
I don't believe in it all.
This is what the elite believe in, Mike.
Yeah, that's where people get confused is because I don't believe spirit cooking is true, but we've seen the emails.
They do believe that they can drink blood.
They do believe that they are destined to rule people.
They do worship power.
That's why the hardest thing to explain to people is that they go, well, isn't it enough?
Every time people ask me, they go,
Why does Soros want more?
And I go, you don't understand.
They're actually death worshippers.
That's why so many elites are into pedophilia and other acts.
They worship death and they worship power.
It's a nihilistic occult practice, occult religion.
And we're not saying that's true.
We don't believe in that.
We believe in the light and goodness in the world.
But that's what they do is they worship death.
They want to destroy innocent people.
That's why they like to destroy communities.
They like to destroy families.
So their religion is nihilism.
Their religion is occultism.
It is a form of Satanism.
Right, well that's exactly what the ex-banker said in the video that we aired a portion of yesterday where he was saying, you know, I didn't really believe in that stuff, but they truly believe they're Luciferians and that they want to do child sacrifices and that they gain this power.
And they were making me go in and do it.
They said, you have to do this stuff if you want to be one of us.
And he, at some point, flipped out and said, no, he's not going to do it.
Hillary Clinton was at the White House to get in touch with Eleanor Roosevelt and others.
I mean, that is not to interrupt you, but
This video I thought was fake.
It was so appalling.
Do you guys have the video where they made human bodies into cakes and then the people at the party at Maria, the Spirit Cookies party?
We've shown pictures of that where they're dipping blood, there's blood on the body, they're dipping things on it and eating it.
Yeah, no, that's real.
There was Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovich.
And you know, that's what they believe in.
They believe that, you know, you eat food off of people and flesh.
And we've seen pictures, I think,
Even Podesta has pictures of cake.
Not what they do in public, Bob.
This is the public stuff.
It's lower level black magic.
Raise your psychopath seeking after power.
It's psychopath training to train yourself to be evil and horrible and only care about yourself.
Just like Millie Weaver did the report and she was there in the library and was looking at those books, thousands of years old, where this is the information that they have documented and kept in these books.
Um, and that only elite people are allowed to access this information.
It's kept under, you know, lock and key.
This is real to them, and this has been going on for thousands of years.
That's, you know, that's what that ex-banker confirmed, said, you know, I know this seems so shocking, but this has been, this has always been going on.
Yeah, it's ridiculous.
And these are the elites.
These are the people who want to be in charge of us.
We've seen it in Britain.
The British Prime Minister was killing kids on the floor of his office.
I mean, it's all disgusting.
It's all coming out now.
There's the article we had just a couple days ago.
Ex-banker claims he was invited to take part in child sacrifice rituals.
Oh, you think this is only going on in the Netherlands?
Yeah, you think that's it?
Yeah, you think that's- Please.
And Natalie talks about that this goes on worldwide because this is how they're able to blackmail politicians and blackmail other people.
And it's also a way to kind of get every- you know, join the crew here.
It's not just naked ladies, but now we can take it a step further and you can, you know,
And if you're watching now, we just put up some of the human-looking cakes that they eat.
There's a picture of Podesta and I think his brother, and behind him there's a picture of a guy eating cake, but it's a human.
They're just cutting the human up.
That's the thing is, the one I'm looking at I can't even show because the women are actually naked.
Here, I think we can show this one.
The rest of it's not safe for work.
But they were showing men eating the vagina areas and everything.
It was a naked, naked picture.
Or naked, full naked bodies that look completely real.
Actually, I sent that just now to one of the producers.
And a lot of it you can't even show because it's so not safe for work.
Yeah, so this is what they do in public.
In public they engage, and that's where the religion aspect comes in.
To them that is the cause.
And then when the party ends, right, the party ends, everybody, the people that are there just to kind of participate, low-level minions, they all go away, and that's when the real stuff comes out.
Right, that's when you've got to get flown to the private islands out there, with Epstein's private pedophiles.
Sure, but I think what Cernovich was trying to get to, and you're right, then there's next level, is that the publicly doing it is the lesser magic.
They have to throw it in our face to condition us and to basically involve us in the blasphemy, which is anti-life, anti-human.
Then they advertise as if the devil's going to empower you and be the hot cheerleader with devil horns.
It's really the opposite.
God gives you, you know, the life, and the wife, and the husband, and the sex, and the children, and the food, and all the good things.
The devil acts like he's giving you that.
All he gives you is destruction.
And whether you believe in God or the devil or not, these archetypes are certainly real, and the elites are focusing and channeling a satanic system.
Right, and the reason they do that is they want to rub it in your face.
That is also part of the ritualistic practices.
They're going to say, not only are we going to engage in symbolic cannibalism in public and rub it in your face, but if people like you, the freedom fighters like Leanne, Rob, Jones, anybody talks about it, they're going to pretend that we made it up, even though these are actual videos.
And that is, again, how they run a sigh upon the American people is they put it in your face and they taunt you with their evil.
And again, this is why Haitian children go missing and why the Clintons were in Haiti.
If this is what they're going to do in public,
That's why there's so many Haitian children missing.
And that is why if you ever go to Haiti or you talk to Haitians, they'll tell you what they think about the Clintons.
That's where the children for the real stuff.
This is just a symbolic in your face kind of stuff.
And then when the lights are out, that's where the Haitian children end up.
Yeah, exactly.
It's really disturbing.
Let's go to this one-minute teaser clip.
We're going to play the full thing during the four o'clock hour.
This is Alex Jones talking about the Revelation of the Method, what the elites really believe, how this earth was seeded.
You guys all have it ready yet?
Yeah, I remember that intro for Prometheus and I just was like, wow, incredible.
That's that version of it.
Giant Italian Anunnaki.
All the Italians drinking DNA and turning with one to the universe.
Alright, here's that clip and we're going to play the full video coming up next hour, so stay tuned.
Ridley Scott, the director of the upcoming film Alien Covenant, has now giving interviews where he admits that he believes aliens are real and are coming to destroy us and that his new film is actually a warning.
Five years ago, in March of 2012, months before the film came out, I released an analysis of the upcoming film by Ridley Scott, Prometheus.
In the analysis, I broke down the fact that from my sources and my own research, Ridley Scott was engaging in a revelation of the method to the population of this planet.
Of the fact that the ruling elite of this globe believe that humans were seeded here by advanced extraterrestrials of our own species.
Now to be clear, this is not what I believe.
But wearing my social...
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All right, we're back live here on the fifth hour of our InfoWars marathon broadcast in response to all the attacks on free speech that are happening.
We are being attacked.
Mike Cernovich is being attacked.
I saw, Mike's with us now, he's our guest.
Mike, I saw an article where in the headline they called you whiny dork voice.
That was Jezebel.
It's just like...
Crude name-calling at this point, which has no effect on us at all.
But I want to get into this Colbert thing.
This is on the top of Drudge right now.
Colbert faces growing backlash.
CBS, shock.
He said the word cock.
And FCC steps in.
So there's a lot of people pissed off about this.
I mean, this guy's, I guess, completely coming unhinged at this point.
He thought he was invincible.
Thank you.
Yeah, exactly.
Trump was the first president who was pro-gay marriage before office.
Remember Obama in 2008 had said that he opposed gay marriage.
That's just a fact.
Trump is the first.
So did Hillary Clinton.
Right, exactly.
So the Colbert thing is kind of funny for me because I'm playing it a little bit
I'm being honest, but my personal view is, hey, you know, people crack jokes, and I don't think that one off-color joke like Alex made says anything about your character.
We're just, we talk a lot.
If you talk a lot, you're going to say a few things that you go, eh, I need to walk that back a little bit.
But God help us.
Any of us here, if we say one thing, they'll take that sentence and it'll be nightly news and it'll be a big deal.
So Colbert, when he goes on these rants, we have to call it out too and apply the same standards to him that we'd apply to us.
Plus, I don't even think it's funny.
Oh, Trump and Putin, if they were lovers, that's what I'll bring back and ask you.
If Trump and Putin had had a gay marriage, I would not have a problem with two men being married.
Does anybody here have a problem with gay marriage, unlike Colbert?
Apparently he does.
Well, and that's, yeah, I mean that's the thing that, back in the day, at the exact same time that Obama and Hillary Clinton were both against gay marriage, Trump was actually congratulating Elton John on his marriage, saying that that's a marriage that's gonna last.
Congratulations to them.
So it's just so interesting, but that's the kind of stuff that was never highlighted during the election.
It was all just, oh my gosh, gay people, he's gonna, he's gonna burn you all and kill it.
I mean, that's truly what they think, that they're, you know, up for the death camp.
And what it is, is they put themselves above everybody else.
They have to hold everybody to a standard where they can't make jokes, they can't do things, but they're allowed to make those jokes, they're allowed to say those things, they're allowed to act a different way because they're more enlightened than us.
So they have this extra liberal cover that they can run.
And do you guys have the clip ready?
I mean, let's just play.
We're not on terrestrial radio at this point.
We can actually play that clip.
And let's just hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
The guy who's admittedly an actor, playing a character, playing a character.
So, here's Colbert.
I think, actually, I've been very consistent.
You know, it's very funny when the fake media goes out, you know, which we call the mainstream media, which sometimes, I must say, is you.
But when the fake... Me, personally, or...?
Your show.
I love your show.
I call it Deface the Nation.
Donald Trump, John Dickerson is a fair-minded journalist and one of the most competent people who will ever walk into your office and you treat him like that?
Now, John Dickerson has way too much dignity to trade insults with the President of the United States to his face.
But I, sir, am no John Dickerson.
And when you, okay,
Let me introduce you, let me introduce you to something we call the Tiffany Way.
When you insult one member of the CBS family, you insult us all.
Here we go.
Mr. Trump, your presidency, I love your presidency.
I call it disgrace the nation.
You're not the POTUS, you're the BLOTUS.
You're the glutton with a button.
You're a regular gorge Washington.
You're the president's, but you're turning into a real prick-tator.
Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine.
You have more people marching against you than cancer.
You talk like a sign language gorilla who got hit in the head.
In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's **** holster.
Your presidential library is going to be a kids menu on a couple of Jugs magazines.
The only thing smaller than your hands is your tax returns.
And you can take that any way you want.
We've got a great show for you tonight.
He's so funny.
Well, now he's getting it.
After they got rid of Roger Ailes, they got rid of Sean Hannity.
He's next, I think.
They're trying to get him out.
Bill O'Reilly.
Now the tables have turned.
Now people are calling and the big hashtag out there is hashtag Fire Colbert.
It's everywhere.
Well this is something that we see again and again.
The left, they turn against themselves.
They start to eat their own.
Katie Perry, she didn't even make a joke or say anything derogatory about
Barack Obama.
Her old black hair.
And then this is, you know, Katy Perry, who is like leading the resistance, you know.
So it's like they always turn against their own eventually.
So, and that's what we're always pointing out, is why it's so important to fight for the First Amendment, even for these ridiculous Antifa people.
Because eventually that power is going to turn and they're going to feel that heavy hand as well.
They just don't understand it.
I got one on camera, one of these little Antifa goons saying, we don't want free speech anymore.
We don't, because that's hate speech.
We want no hate speech.
They don't speak with emotion.
They're kind of like very reserved.
They talk very monotone.
They're afraid to be outlandish.
Acting, I think, is going to be foreign to them.
I think you're going to see in the next few years, you're going to see these pathetic acting performances from these new millennial actors.
They're just going to be more deadpan.
And now you've got that going on.
Merlin is going down.
We've got Merlin under the desk eating a bone right now.
It gets a little louder every once in a while.
But that's the only way to keep them quiet.
But Mike, what do you make about this that, you know, that's the speech they want to take away.
They want to take away what they consider hate speech, and that's the bottom line.
Anything that's offensive to them is suddenly hate speech.
Yeah, that's what they want to do, and we fight it on two prongs.
We definitely defend people's right to free speech, but when a high pro- and this is something I do that even a lot of my own people don't really agree with, is
When one of them makes a mistake, I definitely pounce on it.
So on principle, I should say, oh, Colbert, he didn't do anything wrong.
It's just a joke.
But you know what?
We're in an information war.
That is how you get your own head chopped off.
So I fight for free speech and the abstract.
But if a really high profile person like Colbert or these Antifa people, when I catch them slipping, as I put it, then I get it.
Another example is I actually
Led a campaign to get the New York Times public editor to apologize for a tweet by Sopan Deb, who had made a joke about Melania Trump being raped and sold into prostitution and everything.
Behold Merlin.
Bring back Merlin Leanne.
Sorry Mike, just the dog, go ahead.
Yeah, so they can find that article where we made the New York Times issue an apology to the first lady, Melania Trump.
Because one of their so-called journalists had joked about her being human trafficked and raped and everything.
And it's important we do that.
We have to hold them accountable and apply the same rules to them that they apply to us.
Well, and I think what you have with these journalists, like what you're saying, you've got all these journalists going out after people and trying to find information on people.
We've got journalists trying to get into here.
I say give them all kinds of great juicy information that is totally fake and then they print it and they look like idiots because that's the only way to market stuff.
Marlin looks like a little wolf.
He does, the little baby.
He was gnawing on that bone like a wolf.
I mean, we had BuzzFeed reporters all the time trying to hit us up and say, hey, we're just trying to do a little piece on what it's like to work for InfoWars.
You feel like giving us a statement and, you know, it's just like, go away.
Well, first we have to take a ride in your spaceship, you know?
Yeah, exactly.
Let's go this way.
It's so horrible.
Like we just had this great barbecue spread.
That's one of the good things about doing these marathons is we do eat very well while they're happening and maybe we should maybe we should send out little snapshots of thanking people.
Tomorrow actually Cabo Bob's is going to be providing lunch for us which is great.
Because it's a freedom-loving organization.
They support us almost every time we have one of these.
They provide us a lunch for the whole crew.
And I totally appreciate Cabo Bob's.
They're a great organization and they serve soda drinks without high fructose corn syrup.
By the way, Leanne, that is not a chihuahua.
Your dog's very cool, but it's more wolf-like now, so I've got a terrier.
Let me just throw this out.
Notice they've not come out and admitted diet sodas are eating your brain.
They've admitted that SSRIs are causing cranial bleeding and killing you.
We had doctors on 20 years ago saying that.
Right again, right again, right again.
So, Cernovich,
What are they going to do as the mainstream media continues to lose ratings?
A few of them have higher ratings again, not compared to what they were 10 years ago, but because of the Trump era bashing him.
People only tune in to see, you know, the fight that's going on, the train wreck, but overall they're declining, they're falling apart.
What are they going to do as more, you know, Mike Cernovich's and Matt Drudge's and Leanne McAdoo's come along?
Because I don't think Leanne's planning to do her own separate
Oh no, I was going to actually say I'd love to hear about your podcast.
I didn't know you were going to do that.
Well, in due time, we're not talking about that yet.
I will tell you all about that.
It's gonna be in 360, I know that.
Yeah, you gotta let it know.
But the truth, the future of media is just moving away from fake news brands like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune.
It's moving around to new media personalities.
So people are going to notice who you are as a journalist.
What is your reputation?
Because now with social media, especially with Millennials, they'll just go on your social media.
If you try to lie to people, they'll go through everything that you ever wrote.
They'll Google Talk.
Destroy Trump.
Destroy Jones.
Destroy Cernovich.
Destroy Merlin.
The future of media are strong personalities.
And what you're going to see, you're going to see more people
Rise up.
In fact, there's some people doing journalism who are actually, to the left of me, liberal.
There's a guy, you know, Tim Poole, he's doing great street journalism.
He just calls it like he sees it.
Here's what I've always told him.
And he corrects himself when he's wrong, too.
When he's pointed out that he's wrong, he does correct himself.
Now a message from The Claw.
Whatever you do, do not support InfoWars.com.
Don't do that.
Whatever you do.
Do not drink filtered water.
Do not get high quality non-GMO seeds.
And certainly don't purchase X2 at InfoWarsStore.com.
Do what George Soros wants.
Roll over and shut up.
InfoWarsStore.com is an enemy of all globalists.
The only time you're allowed to fight is when we send you out on a mission.
Alex Jones armed with a wireless mic.
It's gone wild.
Yeah, live streaming also is the future, like... I agree.
Here's the way I put it is... Give the children the vaccines.
Watch their eyes dull and give Satan his servings of pain.
Disease and cancer spreading.
We're liberal.
We love you.
Please let us control your lives with cashless society and world government.
Prepare to corrupt the children further.
The world government in Hollywood loves you.
Don't listen to all these liars.
Don't go to Infowarsstore.com.
You know Alex, you guys should have went to the tight shot of Merlin on the mic.
You're going to keep purveying that Bill Hicks myth when you do that because that sounds like the devil Bill Hicks voice when you do that.
We should just get a tight shot of Merlin at the microphone.
And then Rush Limbaugh's there and the devil mounts him.
Here's the truth, I'm a lot funnier than Bill Hicks.
I'm a lot more successful than him.
And it just shows the total mental illness.
And that's why you had to stop that character and just totally, fully admit that.
But I mean, the guy was from Texas, so yeah, I worked with a guy that did production for him.
But it's total, and they go get my high school annals, and they say that's fake.
Yeah, it's fake news.
It's fake yearbooks.
Let's just move forward.
I'm Bill Hicks, okay?
I'm also the Claw.
What do I do, my master?
Corrupt the golden child.
Give him the vaccines and the Pepsi with the baby flavoring.
Do what you need to do.
I'll do the rest.
Corrupt them all!
Well, you know, Alex, you were talking about the diet sodas.
This is out of control.
Mike Cernovich hits the floor in the next two minutes, then Leanne hits the floor in the next hour.
I'm leaving to go do work.
Hey, we're in a serious war, folks.
We screw around and have some fun.
They hate it when we win.
They hate it.
This is the truth.
That's why they're attacking it.
Spread the links.
The YouTubes, the Facebook videos, everything you're looking at.
We're about to put it up on satellite for all the radio and TV stations in the next month or two.
We need your support.
They hate us.
We're in their face.
And I'm expanding even more because they're trying to shut us down.
Stick your finger in the eye of George Soros and the globalists and all these pathetic scumbags and the Hollywood trash and all the so-called celebrities and all these pieces of filth.
They know we have 5 billion views on YouTube.
They know we dwarf all their operations.
They can't stand it!
PewDiePie has like 15 billion.
They're trying to shut him down because they're scared and jealous of one guy in his apartment having more viewers than all the TV all night long in the entire United States.
They're a joke!
They can't pay you to watch them!
So all they want to do is shut us down!
We need the Energon cubes!
We need the funding!
You need the products!
Get them right now!
Alex Jones on a wireless mic, he gets to pace around.
I know, I think he likes the pace he can walk in.
See, and a lot of people don't know that that is from Heavy Metal, yeah.
That was one of the greatest animated films of all time, Heavy Metal.
My evil extends across all time, all galaxies, all dimensions.
A green jewel.
Mike, before you start working here, you gotta watch Heavy Metal, all the Star Wars trilogy, and Lord of the Rings.
And you gotta know by heart.
And the Dark Crystal.
And the Dark Crystal.
Oh, gee.
Why is this guy so cool?
Oh, I see why they put him in charge.
They're like, shoot him, he doesn't die.
Hey, Sernovich, take over!
Sernovich, what's on your mind right now?
You broke this story about McMasters this morning.
I love how CNN says, he's going pro now.
This is pro, what is it?
How does it feel to go pro, Mike?
The way I look at it is the future is live streaming.
The future of media is 24-7 coverage.
Look at that MSN reporter bugging you guys out of Sernovich.
And then talk about that lady bugging her eyes out on your Twitter.
Go ahead, sorry.
Oh, go back to the Twitter.
The future is livestreaming 24-hour content.
I even foresee, I foresee an InfoWars house where you're going to get a place in Austin.
There's going to be like five people.
People are going to be running around, breaking stories.
It'll be Big Brother.
I call it reality news.
Big Brother meets the news.
That kind of stuff is going to be the future news.
This is the true story of five individuals who decided to take on the New World Order.
We would have to...
Hey, people would watch it.
I tell you what, we shoot anytime we go live with anything in here, at least 50,000 watch it.
Some, most of the time, even more.
Uh, the stuff we shot out at the, uh, just, just of these, uh, LARPers, these, uh, live action role player kids playing, pretending like they're communists with their, uh, with all the goods they bought from Amazon.
I actually had one of the guys who was making fun of my sandals with socks, which I proudly wear all the time.
Did I just unplug myself?
I got unplugged myself.
I was going to show my sandals with socks right there.
Oh, see?
Right there.
That's what we get to deal with in this reality television.
And one of these guys made fun of me.
He goes, I've got Marine Corps boots.
I said, were you in the Marines?
And he didn't answer me.
Bought them at a thrift shop.
Total poser.
Total poser.
I'm going to get my card back.
Keep talking, Leigh Ann.
Oh, I don't hear the mic.
I don't think, Alex, your mic is...
You've been silenced, Alex!
And I lost my earpiece, I can't hear a thing.
Things have totally degenerated.
And we can see just, you know, based on this article by Oliver Darcy about the right-wing troll Mike Cernovich, they're really worried about the future.
They're concerned about Cernovich joining forces with InfoWars.
It may foreshadow further coalescing in a far-right universe that had thus far largely been composed of loosely affiliated allies.
That's Cernovich taking over my spot because people think I cut him off to stop him from talking about something.
I don't know what it was, I apologize.
No, you were asking him about what he foresees the future of news, so he wasn't about to break anything diabolical.
The next big thing is, I can see a reality show called the Globalist Killers.
I see a reality show called the Globalist Killers, and you follow around like Millie, Owen... It's the Globalist Killers!
The Globalist Killers.
And follow these people around, their real lives, their personal lives.
A big reality style show.
I think it would be part news, part People Magazine, part... We've got helicopters and like surveillance.
Do we have the video of Dude chasing down, who was that, Petraeus, that you were... Yeah, we can roll that.
I'm sorry, sir, we're just jogging.
Yeah, it'll be just like that.
You and Wonder Woman take over, sir, don't you?
I thought you had a golden lasso, not a white dog, though.
Put Wonder Woman back on, there it is.
Turn to us.
I apologize.
Go ahead.
No, this is reality.
This is the reality show.
Yeah, this would be great footage, right?
Who is this guy chasing for trays?
What is his life like?
What does he like to do for a hobby?
Does he play golf?
And if you combine that... He's such a man.
He breastfeeds his children himself.
Well, my kids are all breastfed, but not by me.
That was funny.
Oh, that was by me.
Hey, who said I can't decide to change my gender and to say that, you know, I'm going to breastfeed my kids, damn it!
I won't breastfeed my kids.
Well, that's the... Hey, the Romans were suckled by a dog, a she-wolf.
Hey, true, Romulus and Romim.
Romulus and Remus.
Sarnavich, you have the floor for five minutes.
We apologize.
Please give us your great knowledge.
I think I've said enough.
I want to hear from Leanne.
Well, so Steve Watson's got this article up about how the fake media is now turning on pathetic failure Hillary.
Why will she not go away?
She just continues to make herself look more and more pathetic.
That's one of the things that this article says that you
Some of the stories you put out there didn't really pan out, like wild conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton's health, things like that.
And so obviously we know those were not wild conspiracy theories.
But now even it looks like the media is finally saying, look, go away.
You're looking pathetic here.
Total sore loser.
And in fact, I think we have, well it's interesting today with the FBI coming out and talking about how 6,000, I thought it was 600, but it's 6,000 emails were transferred from Huma Abedin to Anthony Weiner's laptop.
And in coming, and we'll play these clips a little bit later.
But Comey goes, well, you know, their intent wasn't bad, so... How do you know their intent wasn't bad?
Yeah, we couldn't prove that they wanted to do something unlawful.
It's like, no, they were doing something unlawful, and if you're basically making the excuse that they didn't know that passing classified information on an unclassified computer was not bad, you shouldn't do it, then why do you want to put them to be the leader of the free world?
Put that article back up.
The whole narrative is though, oh, I might have messed up with the election and that made me feel nauseous.
No dude, the headline should be, Puma Aberdeen gave 6,000 classified emails to pervert Anthony Weiner.
That's what the headline should be.
And they didn't turn that laptop over.
And Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones were proven right.
Once again.
Seriously, some of the commenters on YouTube think that Mike's actually mad and is being run over.
Mike likes people talking.
We all like having fun here.
We're joking around.
But Mike, give us three or four minutes of closing comments about the other big stories you got coming up.
Alex, don't listen to the people in the comments.
I know.
I'm the one always telling you that.
I'm joking around today.
They'll always go, Alex interrupts people, and I go, nah, he's an aggressive conversationalist, but so I am.
But what Alex does is funny.
We were having, we had brunch one day, and then I talked to him, and I told him something.
It wasn't like a big secret or anything, but I just kind of told him something.
And then we're at dinner with someone else, and he tells the person, sir, I just said that about you.
And it wasn't like a really bad thing, but I was like, come on, Alex, don't put me on the spot like that.
No, he's really good at saying, you know, this is off the record, but uh, they told me this off the record.
I probably shouldn't say this, but uh, but it's never anything.
Now we're saying I blabber about secrets.
That was a little backhanded thing by Cernovich.
Trying to build up Cernovich.
You can't win, Mike.
You can't win.
It was about Paul the Great.
It was about helping Paul Joseph Watson find the greatness within himself.
I actually, I said, I told Alex, I go, I go, I think Paul is actually bigger than anybody else that other people mentioned.
I think Paul's the biggest guy out there and I don't think he believes in himself enough.
And then Alex... No, but that was nice of me to say.
Cernovich really thinks you have more potential and don't know how big you are.
So that was a nice thing I was saying about you.
Exactly, yeah, so it wasn't like a bad, you know, it wasn't a secret or anything, but yeah, I just said that I go, you know, it was a brunch, I go, Alex, I think Paul is actually huge, way bigger than he believes, and he doesn't, we don't want him to believe his own hype and become insufferable and just be another... No, but we want, like, Emperor Palpatine lovingly taught Darth Vader to be more hateful.
Right, exactly.
Just like that.
A little bit more, Paul the Great, embrace it, now he's got the t-shirts out, so it was a good conversation.
No, it was, but we can't just secretly say Paul needs to get more aggressive and realize how big he is.
He has too little ego, and we have to use our egos to help other people.
It's all a balance, but just Paul is doing a great job.
But I think it was good that we just openly called it out and said, Paul, you have to go to the Jedi Center with your lightsaber and chop everybody up.
I didn't say it was a bad thing, I just thought it was interesting.
Who's the force?
We're writing to dinner and he goes, Paul, Cernovich told me today that... and I was like, okay, we're going to have this conversation right now at dinner.
We're going to have it now.
We're going to get it all out on the table.
And those were over some gigantic steaks.
Oh, it was a great dinner.
I was actually... all the dessert was good.
I actually have been kind of starving myself because we ate really well in Austin.
And another thing Alex does which I thought was funny is he goes,
Cream spinach, everybody here is going to have it.
Getting it for the table.
Pinot Grigio, we're getting the Pinot Grigio.
Whole tables, you're drinking, we're like, alright, cool.
He picked up the tab, so I don't care, you can order for me anytime if you're picking up the tab.
I did not order for you, you got what you wanted.
He ordered the Pinot Grigio, but the point is, what a lot of people don't get about you is that...
People don't understand how generous you are as a person.
Very generous.
They see the bombasticity and everything, but they don't understand how good your heart is, and how good you are with kids, and how sweet you are.
They don't really see that softer side of you, and I wish more people did.
Well, we don't have the dog here to be a cool prop.
Everybody bring their dogs.
I like dogs.
You know, little dogs, especially the big dogs, are okay, too.
But, uh, no, but you're very nice, but that's why the dog's here, wasn't it?
Hey, people think we have some angle, or we, like, thought up a shtick.
No, we're just being real.
And, you know, that's what's happening.
All right, sir, it was a great job.
Give people your websites, your Facebook, your Twitter.
They've all got to follow you.
And then we're going to end this hour.
You guys are coming back with an hour with Merlin.
Leanne McAdoo and of course we've got Rob Dewey.
We've got my Alien Covenant deal coming out.
We're going to be breaking all that.
I don't know if we've titled it yet, too.
We probably need to title it.
Yeah, we're about to premiere it here right now.
In the next 30 minutes it will be up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We're about to do that right here.
So I am going to punch out.
Got to go shoot some videos and stuff that I'm going to be doing for the live show tonight when I'm on 7 to 9.
But back to you guys.
And Mike, thanks for giving us all your time.
I really appreciate it.
It's great to have all these exclusives as well.
Thank you.
See you next week.
Yeah, go ahead, Mike, with all your contact information.
How can people find you and follow you on Twitter and all that good stuff on social media?
Right now, Twitter's the easiest.
Twitter.com forward slash Cernovich.
And then Medium.com forward slash at Cernovich's, too.
And then my books and movies are on Amazon.
So I have a book on Mindset.
I have a book on Trump.
I have a documentary on free speech.
That's all on Amazon.
Maybe we'll be in the open war store one day.
But for now, my books and videos and all that stuff are on Amazon, too.
And that's how you fund yourself, really, is through the residuals from your book sales.
You're not getting bribes from people to break certain stories and have a bias like other outlets that will not be named.
I don't see a Merc tattoo on your forehead.
If you want this message and resonate with human liberty and true liberalism and true empowerment, then you need to buy our books, buy our products, spread the word, and support us.
We're being censored.
We're being attacked.
Cernovich got the documents.
Google admitted they were real.
Three weeks ago, they're openly spending millions to shut down InfoWars and try to block you.
But despite that, we're kicking their ass.
So I joke around about this, but this is a war!
InfoWarStore.com, get Cernovich's book, Guerrilla Mindset, get his Trump book.
Spread the links because we're fighting for you against the globalists.
We believe in humanity.
We don't join the sociopaths and psychopaths and think you're finished and think it's all over.
I've been offered incredible amounts of money by them.
But you know what?
I've made even more money now to put it back into the operation.
I don't care about a private jet or a McMansion.
I have gotten the money that top talk show hosts get.
I'm like the third highest paid talk show host, about to be number two or number one in the country.
And we reach more people than Limbaugh now worldwide.
wise, he's bigger than I am with terrestrial radio.
I'm not in competition.
Limbaugh's starting to sound like me, not the other way around.
We want to change the game.
We want the money to get the crew to battle the globalists, to kick their ass and win, win, win.
I want to win against George Soros and the New World Order.
Massive sales.
I salute you all and I thank you.
Hey, Mike, thanks for joining us.
Well, I'm looking forward to seeing you on Fridays during the fourth hour of Overdrive.
That's always great to have all these different perspectives.
So it'll be great to have you in there.
And then as we grow, I'm sure we're going to find a place for you in the Info Wars Network.
And with that, we're going to go to break.
And we'll be right back with the premiere of Alex's Prometheus video.
This is the new one where Ridley Scott said, there's 200 species of aliens coming to kill us now.
We better form a new world order to stop it.
So stay tuned for that.
Thanks for joining us, Mike Cernovich.
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Ridley Scott, the director of the upcoming film Alien Covenant, has now giving interviews where he admits that he believes aliens are real and are coming to destroy us and that his new film is actually a warning.
Five years ago, in March of 2012, months before the film came out, I released an analysis of the upcoming film by Ridley Scott, Prometheus.
In the analysis, I broke down the fact that from my sources and my own research, Ridley Scott was engaging in a revelation of the method to the population of this planet.
of the fact that the ruling elite of this globe believe that humans were seeded here by advanced extraterrestrials of our own species.
Now to be clear, this is not what I believe.
But wearing my sociologist-anthropologist hat, I am simply breaking down from my research what the elite believe.
I also postulated that in future films, he would break down a Genesis-type cosmology, further fleshing out what the social engineers actually believe.
They are pushing to re-engineer the advanced civilizations that they believe we were seeded by.
Now again, I want to be clear before Stephen Colbert attacks me or the New York Times does a piece, that is not what I'm saying here today.
I am only telling you what the elite believe.
So I laid out to you, from my research, what these films were about and what Ridley Scott was really trying to do.
And now, five years later, aliens are real and will probably destroy us, says director Ridley Scott.
And he admits these films are actually his attempt to lay out our creation, cosmology, exactly as I predicted.
Scott goes on to say there are 200 species of aliens out there that we know of and that they could wipe us out at an instant anytime they want.
This is Ridley Scott of Blade Runner and all these incredible other futurist films.
And he's being used just like H.G.
Wells was over a hundred years ago for revelation of a method to predictively program us and to prepare us for what is coming or what they believe with genetic engineering that they are about to be able to manifest themselves.
And I want to be clear.
Now, how was I able to break this down when nobody else could?
Because I've studied the Illuminati, I've studied the globalists, I've studied the different futurist societies and the advanced technology they believe they're receiving basically inter-dimensionally from these advanced life forms.
And I want to be clear, I'm not saying I believe that.
That's what the elites believe.
And so, let's go deeper here.
Scott and others in the elite
Believe that they're not just awaiting aliens that are going to arrive here, but that they are reverse engineering what our species has developed and done before.
And what's scary about this is, when you then research what currently is happening in genetic engineering, it's already surpassing many of the things you see in the alien franchise.
The globalists believe they are the planetary controllers.
They are the engineers.
They are the Anunnaki.
They are the enlightened ones.
And they're here to cull the earth of all the excess humans so the new super race, biomechanical, human merged with machine, can rise from the ashes.
And Ridley Scott first talked about that in the late 1970s when the first alien film came out.
Now, 40 years later, let's look at the reality.
Not of his films, but of what's currently happening.
Look at this headline.
Firestorm brewing as scientists work to create synthetic human DNA.
Lab-grown meat coming to supermarket shelves soon.
This is in the news today.
The birth of half-human, half-animal chimeras.
That's been going on 30 years, they admit.
Here's MIT Tech Review.
Human animal chimeras are gestating, just like an alien, on U.S.
research farms.
CIA implanted microphones into cats in an attempt to spy on Russia.
They had implanted antennas in their tails.
That was in the early 1960s.
50 plus years ago.
Imagine where we are today.
And then you look, not at the biological engineering, but the supercomputers, and the Super Hadron Collider.
As we unlock the mysteries of the universe, understand many of these mysteries have already been theoretically unlocked hundreds of years ago, and now have been actually unlocked
Think about what they haven't told us about.
Ladies and gentlemen, in 1900, Max Planck envisioned the atomic bomb.
By 1906, H.G.
Wells had written books about it.
And by 1945, we were dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
That's 1945.
Long before the pocket calculator was developed by Texas Instruments.
Think about that.
I don't know.
laughed at me and they wrote stories all over the news making fun of me basically saying this doesn't exist.
Think about that.
Thirty years after human animal clones have been admitted to have been created in the embryonic level and obviously secretly brought to term, it's still a joke to the press corps that I was talking to.
It's like I parachuted into some forbidden island in the Pacific Ocean and natives were firing arrows at me with their bows.
They see it as that threatening that I'm there giving them admitted science.
The future is here, ladies and gentlemen.
It just hasn't been equally distributed.
And if we don't demand that these technologies be revealed and that the positive attributes of them be deployed to us, we are locking ourselves into a new dark age while the globalists break away with a breakaway civilization.
I'm Alex Jones.
And you have been warned.
This is an emergency transmission emanating from Texas in occupied North America.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Coming up live in the next two hours, Leigh-Anne McAdoo and Rob Dew will host with Mike Cernovich and others.
Well Mike Cernovich joined us in the 5th hour of our 30 plus hour broadcast and we are now in the 6th hour and you just watched Alex Jones' breakdown of what Prometheus and all these other alien type films that Ridley Scott has been making, what they really are about, what they're trying to tell us in their coded language.
And he says 200 species of aliens are sitting out there waiting to blow us up.
See, I think, well, first of all, I think that that is crap.
Based on the research I've done into the alien dynamic, they're not all out there waiting to blow us up.
And that's something that Ronald Reagan, other people, that's kind of one of those things that they say, well, if only we were...
You know, facing some sort of an outside threat that maybe all the governments could work together, we'd finally achieve our one world government.
So they're setting us up to think, oh, they all want to destroy us.
Now, could there be some alien races out there that do?
Or who maybe already are in our atmosphere, manipulating us and working with our governments?
Yes, I think so.
I know you might not, and Jones might not, but I do.
But I mean, I just think that that's a really bad setup to tell people that 200 and they all want to annihilate us.
If they did, they would have done it already.
Our military can't even stop a meteor from crashing.
Maybe they want our rare earth elements.
Now, I want to go to a couple aliens I found on Twitter right here.
These are real aliens.
They come from the Middle East, I believe.
You guys can get a document cam shot of this.
But those are the super tall guys?
Uh, well, you know, here's the tweet from Jada Franson.
Let me get this straight.
Smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary is fine, but don't you dare draw a picture of Mohammed.
Let's see what these guys do.
Blah, blah, blah.
Blah, blah, blah.
Mohammed Jihad.
Muhammad Jihad.
Oh, we're going to smash a statue of Mary.
And that's okay.
That's okay.
You know why?
Because Christians aren't going to go out and commit a terror attack.
They aren't going to go mow down your cartoon company because you drew cartoons of the Prophet.
But that's fine for them to do that.
It's a total double standard, and if you want to come to our country, you're going to have to say, hey, we're not going to act like that.
We're not going to put our women in beekeeper suits.
We're not going to whip them.
We're not going to stone them.
We're not going to have genital female mutilation, like we've had two doctors already arrested.
You think there's only two doctors doing female genital mutilation in the United States?
Yeah, and it's just localized to Detroit, where you have these huge populations of these refugees and other groups coming in, so I'm sure it's going on in
Or is that Minnesota as well?
Other places where it's the huge refugee population.
Oh, but we have to bow down to the refugees and all the Muslims.
Oh, welcome.
We'll do whatever you want.
That's how they want us to act.
That's the excuse.
That's their defense that they're giving to the judge.
That's their religion.
They did nothing wrong.
We didn't know better.
It might be against the law to mutilate babies, genitals, you know, here in the United States, but in our country, our religion.
I'm sorry, Your Honor, we come from a land where we throw gays off roofs.
We didn't think that was a big deal.
Yeah, that's what we did.
Well, and here's another hypocrite, Comey, nauseous to think FBI impacted presidential election.
Oh, he feels so nauseous about it.
And we got some clips about him complaining and whining to Maxine Waters and Lindsey Graham and all these other turds that are out there trying to run your life.
But again, it's like, it all goes back to Hillary.
Well, the headline's not even real.
This is a fake headline.
The headline should be, Huma Frick and Aberdeen gave 6,000 classified emails to her perverted husband.
That should be the headline.
And it's not because, oh, we want to turn it and make it about how he feels bad.
It's all about his feelings, not about what he did.
Oh, and it's because they didn't feel bad about, oh, their intentions.
We didn't know their intentions weren't bad to give away classified emails.
When she set up that private server.
They had good intentions.
We reported, yeah, exactly how that was when she first learned about the server was when she was having her former political campaign aides go in and find out who was the rat, who was against her when she lost the first election in 2008.
That was when she first learned, oh wow, as long as I can control this server, I can go in and see everything.
So then she wanted to set up her own private server so that no one could do that to her.
And so she knew exactly what she, she wasn't some innocent little grandma that thought it would be easier to set up her own private server.
That's what it all goes back to.
So when she comes out being totally pathetic, blaming it, I was on my way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey's letter and
The Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of the undecided voters.
It's like, no!
It's your fault!
There would never have been any of that damaging stuff in the WikiLeaks, first of all, if the DNC wasn't totally corrupt.
And secondly, if you hadn't set up your own private server...
You wouldn't have had to be investigated by the FBI.
We would have won if they hadn't caught us cheating.
That's literally what she's saying.
Hillary Clinton, we would have won if they hadn't caught us cheating.
I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids.
Alright, let's go to this clip.
This is Lindsey Graham talking about Wiener not having appropriate clearance to get these 6,000 classified emails.
But, you know, their intentions were okay.
So, hey, can I get classified email now if their intentions are good?
Yeah, my intentions were good.
You know how retarded you sound, James Comey?
We can't get a friggin' FOIA request.
Let's go to the clip.
Agree with me that Anthony Wiener of 2016 should not have access to classified information.
Uh, yes, that's a fair statement.
Would you agree with me that that's not illegal?
We've got really bad laws.
Well, if he hadn't... Well, he got it somehow.
It would be illegal if he didn't have appropriate clearance.
Well, do you agree with me he didn't have appropriate clearance?
If he did have appropriate clearance, that'd even be worse.
I don't believe at the time we found that on his laptop that he had any kind of... Yeah, I agree.
So, for him to get it should be a crime.
Somebody should be prosecuted for letting Anthony Weiner have access to classified information.
Does that make general sense?
It could be a crime.
It would depend upon what the people... Well, do you agree with me it should be?
That anybody that left Anthony Weiner had classified information... I mean, I thought it was bad enough that I had to alert everyone.
If our laws don't cover that, they probably should.
There's no Anthony Weiner statue, but it is... No, no Anthony Weiner statue.
We'll take a joke.
Alright, good.
That's how you deflect with the humor.
I can't get classified information and it not be a crime by somebody.
Well, hey, she needed him to print it out for her, okay?
So that, you know, it was innocent there.
So if someone wants to forward me their classified docs, I will print them out for you.
So that's fine.
I think.
If only he said that's not illegal.
I think there's a guy got one classified report sent to him, and he was in the Army.
And he got, they took his pension away, they took everything away.
And there was no talk of
Of what you're going to do with it, your intention was with these emails.
Let's go to the next clip.
This is how he got the emails.
Clinton didn't give them to him.
Our intentions are pure.
Was there classified information on former Congressman Weiner's computer?
Who sent it to him?
His then spouse, Huma Abedin, appears to have had a regular practice of forwarding emails to him, for him, I think, to print out for her, so she could then deliver them to the Secretary of State.
Did former Congressman Weiner read the classified material?
I don't think so.
I don't think we've been able to interview him because he has pending criminal problems of other sorts, but my understanding is that his role would be to print them out as a matter of convenience.
If he did read them, would he have committed a crime?
Would his spouse have committed a crime?
Again, potentially.
It would depend upon a number of things.
Is there an investigation with respect to the two of them?
There was, it is, we completed it.
Why did you conclude neither of them committed a crime?
Because with respect to Ms.
Abbott in particular, we didn't have any indication that she had a sense that what she was doing was in violation of the law.
She didn't have much sense about it.
But we need to make them the leaders, put them in the most powerful positions, and then they can just keep on.
Why is it always like this?
These elite people get to break the law, do whatever they want, and oh, they didn't know.
Nobody knows anything!
But you know, if I do something, they say ignorance is not a defense.
Ignorance is not a defense.
And that's what you hear judges say whenever you go into a courtroom.
You say, well, I didn't know the speed limit was 35 miles an hour.
And they go, ignorance isn't an excuse, sir.
You're going to have to pay a fine.
But that's because I'm a lowly citizen, and she's whom she probably has her genitals cut off.
Her mom was for that.
So she probably got her little things hacked away as well.
And I'm sure the feminists are going to love that one.
It's really disgusting when you hear it described, what they do to these poor little ladies in the Sudan as they come of age.
But, you know, they're Muslims, so we have to let them do whatever they want.
No, they don't even come of age.
These are like young girls, three to seven years old, that this is happening to.
And so people want to make the argument about, well, what about circumcision with little boys and stuff?
But it's, which, you know, there's a little bit to that argument as well, but this is like mutilating these genitals, cutting it off, and then sewing it up.
Sometimes they sew it up so tight they get infections, they can't urinate.
Like, this is, it's not like a circumcision of a little boy.
It's completely different, and it's,
And hey, we can argue the fact, I don't think we gave out the number yet.
We're about 426, so we're going to end this about 5.
We're going to take 6 calls.
We'll take a few calls here coming up as we finish out with these clips.
Now here's where we get the big kahuna.
This is the
This is him talking about being nauseous and oh, he feels so bad.
This is kind of a long clip.
Maybe we'll pop out of it.
And then we got one, which I thought was his coup d'etat, basically saying we need an army of trolls.
That's a good army of trolls, but we'll get to that in a second.
This is Comey talking about, I think he's talking with Dianne Feinstein, and I think she interrupts him and he interrupts her.
It's kind of funny watching them go back and forth.
Clip of Comey talking about the 6,000 emails.
Let's roll it.
Why didn't you just do the investigation as you would normally, with no public announcement?
Great question, Senator.
Thank you.
October 27th, the investigative team that had finished the investigation in July, focused on Secretary Clinton's emails, asked to meet with me.
So I met with them that morning, late morning in my conference room, and they laid out for me what they could see from the metadata on this fella Anthony Weiner's laptop that had been seized in an unrelated case.
What they could see from the metadata was that there were thousands of Secretary Clinton's emails on that device, including what they thought might be the missing emails from her first three months as Secretary of State.
We never found any emails from her first three months.
She was using a Verizon BlackBerry then, and that's obviously very important, because if there was evidence that she was acting with bad intent, that's where it would be in the first three months.
But they weren't there.
Look, can I just finish my answer, Senator?
And so they came in and said, we can see thousands of emails from the Clinton email domain, including many, many, many from the Verizon Clinton domain, BlackBerry domain.
They said, we think we've got to get a search warrant.
But wait, I thought she said she only used one device the entire time.
She said, again, she just had the one device.
And then I faced a choice.
And I lived my entire career by the tradition
That if you can possibly avoid it, you avoid any action in the run-up to an election that might have an impact.
Whether it's a dog catcher election or President of the United States.
But I sat there that morning and I could not see a door labeled no action here.
I could see two doors and they were both actions.
One was labeled speak, the other was labeled conceal.
Because here's how I thought about it.
I'm not trying to talk you into this, but I want you to know my thinking.
Having repeatedly told this Congress, we are done and there's nothing there, there's no case there, there's no case there.
To restart in a hugely significant way, potentially finding the emails that would reflect on her intent from the beginning, and not speak about it would require an act of concealment, in my view.
And so I stared at speak and conceal.
Speak would be really bad.
There's an election in 11 days.
Lordy, that would be really bad.
Concealing in my view would be catastrophic.
This guy is such a wimp.
He got 6,000 emails and he left his people walking.
He should have put her in jail.
He should have put her in jail and then people wouldn't have been like, well, why'd you do it if there was nothing there?
There was something there, but you let her get off free.
Oh, they're working so hard.
Of new emails they found classified information on Anthony Weiner.
Somehow her emails are being forwarded to Anthony Weiner.
Somehow we don't know.
We're such good investigators we can't figure that out.
She just needed him to print it.
On his mom's classified printer.
Thanks to the wizardry of our technology, we've only had to personally read 6,000.
Didn't her cleaning lady print emails?
That's what you're referring to.
We found a lot of new stuff.
We did not find anything that changes our view of her intent.
So we're in the same place we were in July.
It hasn't changed our view, and I asked them lots of questions, and I said, okay, if that's where you are, then I also have to tell Congress that we're done.
Look, this is terrible.
It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election.
Yeah, not the fact that you found 6,000 classified emails and that she didn't turn everything over to the FBI.
That didn't make you nauseous.
And stare at this and tell me what you would do.
Would you speak?
Lock her up.
Lock her up.
Lock her up.
Seriously, that's what we would do.
I know what more than half the country wants.
I would make the same decision.
Yeah, except for that maybe you... On October 28th from the Congress.
Wouldn't the letter get off the street?
By the way, people forget this.
I didn't make a public announcement.
I sent a private letter to the chairs and the rankings of the oversight committees.
I know it's a distinction without a difference in the world of things.
Look at Feinstein.
He lost it for him.
Did you really think they weren't going to leak it to the press?
You know how this goes.
That's the reason I made that choice.
And it was a hard choice.
I still believe, in retrospect, the right choice.
As painful as this has been.
And I'm sorry for the long answer.
Yeah, we're not sorry for the long answer.
It makes me nauseous.
It would have made me nauseous if she would have been our president.
If this doesn't scare you, just hearing that.
That someone in our government could take 6,000 classified emails, that's just part of it, and give it to somebody else who is pulled out of office, under investigation for child pornography, and they could be on his computer, and they don't get in trouble.
Okay, what makes you think they're not going to attack our free speech, which they're doing right now?
What makes you think they're not going to try to shut us down?
What makes you think they're not going to make stuff up to try and get us to shut up?
Because that's what they're concerned about.
They're concerned about people like us talking about people like that, who get away with crime after crime, nothing happens to them.
You know, at least Petraeus, he resigned.
They, you know, they said get out.
At least he had the sense to do that.
She didn't even have to resign from anything.
She just gets to walk away scot-free and gets to get on TV and run around.
But that's why we need your support more than ever right now.
And right now we've got some amazing specials going on.
I haven't even gone over these yet, but let's go over these.
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Okay, we are not establishment media.
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I got sent this list and it was the ad breaks for a CBS show.
90% of them were drug companies.
And then there was some ad thing.
People, you know, go buy ad stuff online, go travel online, kayak and stuff like that.
But it was 90%.
So I'm sure we're going to get the safe and effective blah, blah, blah from the mainstream media because they know what side their bread is buttered on.
We can talk a little bit.
You were talking about hiring the army of trolls.
We've got... Hold on, hold on.
You can go to InfoWars...
We have also a donate button if you just want to donate.
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And you've got a couple reviews.
Yeah, I wanted to read this five-star review from Dean.
This is of The Secret 12.
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Well, I struggle with PTSD from the Iraq War, so relaxing is very hard for me.
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So I can
I hear you, Dean.
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Gave us a five-star rating.
Two in the morning and I'm set for the entire day.
This product is terrific.
I've noticed an increase in sustained focus throughout the day.
It is amazing.
You've heard my testimonial, Brain Force, on the air many times.
Just being able to edit all night, and then go home for a couple hours of sleep, and then wake up, take more Brain Force, and go into the office again.
I wouldn't recommend doing that every day.
But when you have to get work done,
A lot of the stuff here, this production work that we do, is time-sensitive.
We've got to get things out.
In fact, when I get done here, I'm going to go back and finish editing another piece that we're going to air tonight with Alex Jones.
It got a sneak peek and some information, some insider information on what's in The Inconvenient Truth Part 2, or Inconvenient Sequel.
Whatever Al Gore's calling it.
He's running around with this hot air balloon.
Inconvenient that nothing in your first movie happened.
The polar bears are dying.
Those are inconvenient.
They're not dying.
Inconvenient alternative.
In fact, here's an article.
Polar bear numbers still on the rise despite global warming.
Despite global warming, they're on the rise.
In the lie, there's still the truth.
And where's the other one?
Oh, here's another one that I found.
It's from 2002 from the Cato Institute.
Why Enron wants global warming.
And here's the part that's really interesting, about four paragraphs down.
In a 1998 letter signed by Enron's then CEO, Ken Lay, and a few other bigwigs, asking President Clinton, in essence, to harm the reputations and credibility of scientists who argued that global warming was an overblown issue.
Harm the reputations and credibility of scientists.
They were standing in Enron's way because Enron wanted to do the carbon taxes.
They wanted that back in the day.
That's how they were going to steal more money from you.
By claiming breathing is a toxic gas.
There it is right there.
Harm the reputations and credibility.
Right there.
Harmed the reputations and credibility of scientists who argued that global warming was an overblown issue.
And we have seen that again.
1998, 1998.
And has that not played out in that exact way?
Have these scientists not been silenced?
Signed by Ken Lay.
Oh, but he's an energy guy.
Yeah, you know what?
It's all... Well, that's what's coming out about... They were trading energy credits.
They weren't even really an energy company.
Alex Tillerson and Exxon were leading the charge in geoengineering because they too, that's good for them.
If they can, you know, say that this is something that they can control.
I mean, so yeah, this is a perfect thing to put.
They're all in it together.
It's very bizarre.
We can't trust anything because they hire an army of trolls to silence your online dissent and to also discredit any scientists who might have some alternative facts.
The letter asked the president to shut off public scientific debate on global warming, and that's when you start hearing, 97% disagree, 97% of scientists agree, global warming's happening, climate change's happening.
And those other 3%, they're just crazy.
They're losers.
They're kooks.
In particular, it requested Clinton to moderate the political aspects of the discussion by appointing a bipartisan blue ribbon commission.
Oh, I wonder how much money these bipartisan blue ribbon commission members were getting paid.
Or then threatened to be not paid if they dissented.
Totally ridiculous.
So that's what's going on behind the scenes.
So, I would consider keeping this in your back pocket when the global warming people start getting in your face and say, why was Kim Leigh for global warming?
Why was he for climate change?
Why is Al Gore so for it?
Well, because he's going to be the first carbon billionaire.
And we'll get all into that tonight.
We're going to premiere it.
Alex is back on the air live 7 to 9, so we're going to premiere it at that time.
But don't forget to visit Infowarsstore.com to check out some of our great deals.
And I think we've got time to go to some calls.
You ready?
Alright, let's go to Michael in Colorado who wants to talk about the Trump agenda.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hey, so, um, I've been thinking, you know, like, the media, like the mainstream media, what's their point?
When you see that Trump is, like, you know, doing all of his campaign promises, you know, helping the veterans, securing the border,
I don't know.
I don't know, biases?
The opinion section, basically?
In the news, like, it just amuses me, you know, if you would go out there and, like, I mean, for me, I'm a very political guy.
Like, if I'm at work and someone says something I disagree with, I definitely voice my opinion.
And, you know, some people might not believe it, but when you actually go home and look up what I say, you know, it turns out, you know, I'm usually right.
Like, it just amuses me that, you know, people, like, kind of, like, want to just cut them
And then just kind of expect people to continue watching their TV show.
Well, a lot of people are now turning off their TV set and going to alternative means of getting their information, but the mainstream media isn't going to let people know that.
The very few people who do tune into the nightly news or any of these other daytime shows
They want to keep them there, and they want to keep them entrained on their message.
And for the last six, seven months, all we've been hearing about is how Trump is a Russian agent, and he's a terrible guy, and the world's going to end, and we have to resist, resist, resist.
Until he bombed Syria.
Then it was kind of okay for a while, but now they're jumping back on him again.
You know, people who are still believing in the mainstream media, they're lost.
And there's plenty of people out there.
There's half the country that's lost.
They believe in this other dimension that exists, that Hillary Clinton should be president, and they can't accept reality.
And that it's not her fault that she lost.
Right, it was other people.
It's Jim Comey and the Russians.
They caught me cheating.
It's funny you brought that up, because, I mean, you know, I was totally against when I heard about, like, the Syrian airstrike.
You know, I think we should have stayed more isolated, you know, America first.
Yo, we don't have what it takes to take care of the world.
We gotta stay focused here.
But then, you know, like, I definitely checked on the news and I saw that, like...
They were like all for it, especially on Fox News.
They were like, oh, this is so good.
He's presidential now.
He's really shown that he can make a decision.
That was that Farid Zakaria.
And now let's go to our sponsor.
That creepy Farid.
Missile Maker USA.
He became presidential when he dropped those beautiful bombs.
That was Brian Williams.
Well, Brian Williams called him beautiful.
There was no evidence.
They just showed that all these people got attacked.
Well, an MIT professor came out and said that it was blown up from underneath.
So the chemical weapon was placed on top of some sort of device that blew it up.
That's what happened.
That's what he's saying, what happened.
But nobody's talked to him.
We haven't seen him being paraded around mainstream media.
And we won't have an independent investigation into it because the case has closed.
Paul Watson interviewed a writer who covered Iran-Contra who said it was an airstrike out of Jordan that was a Saudi-Israeli base and it was a Saudi jet who did it.
So we don't know what's going on.
So how can you go bomb people because of that?
Thanks for calling, Michael.
Let's go to Glenn in Chicago.
Go ahead, Glenn, let's talk about the presidency.
Oh, hi.
Thanks for taking my call.
It's been a long time listening to you guys.
Thanks, Glenn.
What I wanted to talk about is I know a lot of people are upset after the missile crisis and all this stuff.
The one thing is we need to help Trump drain the swamp and to take action.
You can't do it alone.
That's one thing I wanted just to tell everybody.
I know everyone's getting grumpy about, oh, the Trump chain.
Let's get on or get off.
I think what we need to do
Yeah, people think that Trump's going to have a magic wand and things are going to change overnight.
Nothing's going to change overnight.
And it might not even change with the Trump presidency.
But what was good about him getting in... Sure, exactly.
I mean, it took us 50 years to get into this position.
So it's going to take a while to get us out.
Right, like Paul Ryan, you know, he's got his agenda in there and he knows, thinking, well I've been here before you came, Trump, and I might be here after.
If he gets re-elected, and that's where we all come in with helping Trump drain the swamp, is stop re-electing these people.
And if these are our representatives who are going uncontested, and they have the safe seat so they don't even worry about placating their constituents, well, you need to run and be there
You need to be their competition.
We need to start giving people some options to help drain the swamp.
Thank you.
Absolutely agree.
I've had a little bit of experience with it in the area I live in.
Over in Hagwood where I'm living at, we went through a rough spot here actually.
And a lot of people just got basically sick and tired of the neighborhood deteriorating.
So what we did, and I think this might
This experience might help other people to get organized.
What we did is we just went straight to the ballot box.
You know, when it came up to re-electing our new alderman, we said, you know, we don't like this guy, let's go with someone else.
And then practically every other couple person on every other block started running for, you know, positions for the alderman race.
And then we, you know, slowly we wound up beating the old alderman, got him out of there, and now actually things are gradually turning around.
And I think if more people
Take a similar route and just beat these guys at the ballot box, or shoot, if you can't, you know, get the day off from work to vote, start petitioning these guys.
I mean, I know Alex beforehand was saying about the White House petition website.
You know, everyone's got like, you know, Twitter, Facebook, Mines.com, and what have you guys.
You know, if we can just kind of beat them on these two fronts to get signal dominance, to get people just to beat them at the ballot box, we can effectively do this, because it's going to be a long game.
Yeah, it's not going to be an NBA game style.
This is a long drawn out series that we're going through and it's going to be many years.
Here's the good thing.
By Trump getting in, we stopped the gears of government.
Because the problem is government.
Big government.
And we stopped the gears of government for working for about six months.
They're not going to be up and running as a full-blown machine.
Because there's going to be a lot of things that the government's going to do while Trump's president that are going to suck.
But all that is getting slowed down now and stuck because they're changing people out.
That's a good thing.
That gives us some breathing room.
That lets us go... Not really.
People who are at home... Well, yeah, but at the same time we know the Democrats and these really activated Bernie Sanders supporters who want this socialist America.
They want to push America more towards socialism.
They see the system's rigged.
They're pissed.
But they're very politically active and they have all these resources.
These people are going to be running.
None of these people vote.
That's the great thing.
But what I'm saying is, it's not time to get comfortable.
It's not.
Because 2018 is going to be here like that.
And these young people are going to be... Completely right around the corner.
We're all waiting for 2019 because a lot of people, ironically, on the left-hand side are really upset with Rahm Emanuel.
They're hoping to vote him out and get someone else in.
Let's hope they can do it.
Hey, Glenn, gotta let you go.
We've got three more callers to get to before we end our two-hour segment here of the 30-plus hours in defense of free speech broadcast.
Let's go to Dave in Alaska and let's talk about future energies, zero point.
In fact, one of the reports I'm working on talks about Al Gore is trying to basically subvert that with this, oh, we have to go all green, renewable, and forget about anything like zero point energy.
Go ahead, Dave.
Yeah, I use the term zero-point energy because that's what most people know it as, but the older term for it, the more ancient term for it, is the dominant energy field.
It's the field that Tesla spoke of.
But anyway, you had a reporter from the Builder Brothers that was on your show.
His name was Estevan or something like that?
Daniel Estelin.
He spoke of a split in the world elite between, he said it was between the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.
And even he knows that that's just kind of a metaphor of the two groups.
And I think he may have even said that.
But it's the Rockefellers who are, I should say, excuse me, the Rothschilds,
That are leaning more in favor of pushing the dominant energy into the public field.
The stuff we already have.
I have, let me back up a minute, I have a friend who helped develop some of these energies and was invited into the organization.
That really know all of these technologies, worked in the Black Project and stuff.
I knew him before he was doing all that stuff, so that's our history.
Before the internet was really very publicly available at all to anyone except for maybe university students.
And so, the information that I learned about the World Elite was how they came against him at the time.
And I didn't know who it was or what it was, but you know, it was only through later on with gathering more information that I figured out where this attack was from.
But he was contacted several years ago and was told that there is a dispute amongst the world elite, but that he's going to be allowed to bring this stuff forward.
And so the fact that Esteban has said that he was
Well, he did bring that up in a couple of speeches.
No, that's David Knight, who's actually coming up next at 5 o'clock, starting in our little original radio studio.
David Knight will be gone for two hours.
He's going to be interviewing Craig Sawyer, who is the former Navy SEAL who's going out fighting these pedophiles.
But go ahead, sorry to get off track.
I thought that you were too, so I'm mistaken there.
He just looks like a mad scientist.
I thought there were two of them.
Two of you there that were electrical engineers, but I knew that Dave was.
My dad was a chemical engineer.
Okay, and my sister's a chemical engineer.
Anyway, um... Dave, you've got 30 seconds, and I've got to go to two more callers.
Go ahead.
Give us the juice!
If I could use some of the technology for you guys to actually examine, what would be the best way to get it to you physically?
Oh, jeez.
Uh, hey, you know what?
Can you make a video of it?
Or is it that secret?
There's videos all over the net of it.
Alright, send me an email.
You can tweet me, or send me an email.
I'll take a look at it.
Hey, while I'm on tonight at 11, I'll probably play your video if it looks cool.
Yeah, if it looks cool.
Because I know there's technology out there.
Back in the 50s or 40s, they had a carburetor that would go 100 miles on 2 gallons of gas.
Or maybe it was 100 miles on a gallon of gas.
It was ridiculous.
All that stuff's being suppressed because... We can run cars on water right now.
Oh yeah, I know, I know.
There's all this stuff, and you're turning it into hydrogen.
See, they get murdered.
They get murdered, their technology gets taken.
David, maybe we'll have you on as a guest.
We have that technology too.
I hear you, man.
It's all out there and it's all being suppressed.
Thanks for calling.
The organization has that technology.
I'm going to check out your stuff and maybe we'll have you on as a guest to talk about it more because you sound very interesting.
Let's go to Paul in New Mexico.
Paul, make it quick, buddy.
What's on your mind?
Oh, hey, I just want to say, I think that Donald Trump, you know, he's starting to figure things out.
You know how Roger Stone would say he has confidence that
Trump's going to figure things out.
I agree with that 100%.
One proof of that is today, you know, Cernovich said how the main fight is McMaster versus Bannon, and now McMaster might be on his way out.
And even Paul Watson mentioned something about that last week, I think, on his show, that Bannon might be on the way taking more of an important role again.
All those people out there who want to get on Trump and stuff, I mean, just give him a break, man.
I mean, he's still dodging 2% to the left.
Give him a break.
As long as he dodges 2% back to the right, he's not going to end up...
I totally agree.
You've got to give the guy a chance.
We haven't even seen midterms yet.
Who knows?
Maybe that was kind of part of the play was to make it seem like he was in fighting with Bannon so that the other side would think, oh we've got him now.
We can get him to do what we want.
So who knows?
And then gain their trust in order to see who you're
Real enemies are.
Keep the enemies closer, right?
They have been attacking.
Hey, Paul, thanks for calling.
Appreciate it.
Thanks for the support.
Let's go to Wild in Wisconsin.
You're our tail gunner.
Go ahead, sir.
Leanne, Rob.
First of all, I was thinking that InfoWare stores should sell alkaline water machines for $1,500, $2,000 a pop.
I think that would help the operation a lot, get some more revenue in with bigger cost items.
Uh, maybe also osmosis machine vetted by Mr. Jones.
Uh, but I called in, uh, wondering about what your guys' opinion about Trump's uncle.
Uh, who's Trump's uncle?
Uh, well, Trump's father, uh, Frederick Price Trump, uh, his brother was, similar to two callers ago, the scientist at MIT who opened up all of Tesla's
Yeah, I read about that.
I have never even read about that.
That's interesting.
You know what?
I'll look into that.
See, Merritt, that can give more fodder for tonight when things get wild.
I'm back on from 11 to 1.
Leanne's going to join us for an hour.
It's going to be Darren McBrain coming up next.
We have David Knight.
I want to play this last clip as we go.
And, you know, Comey's got a call out for everybody.
He wants everybody to get involved.
And let's play this last clip of him answering a question here in his... Troll Army?
Yeah, Troll Army.
Let's play it.
Well, in response to questions from Senator Sasse and Senator Graham earlier, you stated that you fully expect Russia to continue to be engaged in efforts to influence our elections, and you expect them to be back in 2018 and in 2020.
What more should we be doing, both to defend our election infrastructure and our future elections, against continuing Russian interference?
And what more are you doing, or is the agency doing?
Thank you Senator.
I think two things we can do and that we are doing, both in the United States and with our allies, is telling the people responsible for protecting the election infrastructure in the United States everything we know about how the Russians and others try to attack those systems.
How they might come at it, what IP addresses they might use, what phishing techniques they might use.
And then we shared the same thing with our allies.
To acquit the American people and our allies to understand that this is going on.
Because a big part of what the Russians did was pushing out false information, echoing it with these troll farms that they use.
And I think one of the most important things we can do is tell the American voter this is going on.
We know!
You should be skeptical, you should ask questions, you should understand.
The U.S.
government has tons of sock puppet accounts.
Keep the audio up.
Keep the audio up.
And an interesting thing is happening.
The marketplace of ideas is responding to this.
Because it's not a role for government.
People are out there using the power of social media to push back against this kind of thing.
In France, in the Netherlands, in Germany, and I hope it'll happen here in the United States.
Where ordinary citizens will see this bogus stuff going on and push back.
Gonna have good troll armies pushing back the other way.
So the marketplace of information
We gotta have good troll armies, people.
Like the ones Hillary Clinton that support Hillary.
Go ahead, kill it.
Kill the clip.
Right here.
There it is.
Monsanto paid a troll army.
Hillary's army of paid trolls.
So, oh, are those the good trolls you're talking about, Comey?
Are those the good trolls?
What's this?
Monsanto accused of hiding army of trolls to silence online dissent corporate.
Oh, are those the trolls that we need, Comey?
That keep your narrative going of BS and lies to the people.
All right, guys, we're about to sign off here for this two-hour broadcast.
Don't forget to go to InfoWarsTore.com.
That is how you support us.
We got some amazing specials.
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InfoWars.com forward slash show.
And I believe we're just going to bring up David Knight in.
He's over in the radio room.
David Knight, can you hear me?
Can you hear me, David Knight?
David Knight, are you there?
Oh, we're not transitioning.
It says throw to David, we are transitioning.
But we can't talk to him?
Well, we still got like a minute and a half.
David's prepping.
He is very serious.
So they're going to run the commercial break, so we're going to go out right at 5 o'clock.
I'm very excited about that.
That would be information you should put on there.
I'm going to be back at 11 o'clock with Darren McBreen.
You're going to be joining us for an hour at least.
Well I'm going to look up some Zero Point Energy.
We're going to have Ben Garrison on as well.
Owen Troyer is going to be taking you all through the night.
And then I'm back in the morning with Michael Zimmerman.
And then David Knight picks us up from 9 to 11.
Then Alex Jones.
Then John Rappaport.
Then you and David Knight.
Liam McInerney and David Knight from 3 to 5 doing this show here.
Then we're going to have a big roundtable.
Kit Daniels, Owen Troyer, Darren McBreen, and Millie Weaver going into the nightly news.
And then that will wrap everything up.
It'll be 30 plus hours.
A broadcast.
Jones originally sent me the text and said, we're going to do 24 hours.
There's never 24 hours.
There's always more.
It might become 48 hours.
So go to inforestore.com forward slash show.
We are under attack.
We do make some jokes here from time to time, but we are serious about what's going on here.
And we're serious about free speech for everybody, whether you like it or not.
So go to inforestore.com, support what we're doing.
We need your support.
And with that,
We will throw to the great David Knight, who's in Studio A on the other side of the Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines.
Thanks for watching.
You provided, Alex, with the caveman?
Well, so we've been formulating this stuff for a while.
We've been getting these different flavors, and you know, I don't know about this one.
You know, and so I've been taking that stuff, and I'm an old man.
I'm 42.
I work out five times a week, if not more.
I hear you're okay in jujitsu.
No, I'm not.
I'm terrible.
I'm terrible.
But, the point is, is that I have a lot of aches and shoulders and, you know, this weird joint stuff that I've had issues with for years.
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And that's just, you know, that's just from my personal experience.
I think they're great products and I think if anybody else has those issues that you should definitely, you owe it to yourself to check it out.
If I'm wrong, then hey man, write me a mean letter.
But let me tell you, they work for me.
Yeah, they work for me too.
Actually, we were talking about this earlier.
Dude and I play basketball and I'm just now, like for the first time in my life, I'm 27 now, after I play basketball my knees are barking.
But the bone broth and the joint formula, like you just said, you combine those two, I felt the difference immediately.
I felt it immediately.
Yeah, and it actually tastes good.
Like, I'm really picky, and I will drink it.
It tastes good to me.
I love chocolate, so I really like the flavor of the Caveman.
So, I mean, if the bone broth...
Bone broth.
If the bone broth is really that gross, I mean, I would never have known because it tastes really good.
And my favorite is the Super Female Vitality.
So ladies, get yourself some Super Female Vitality if you haven't already because it seriously, it just gets me going.
I mean, I'll take a whole bunch of that stuff before I go out and do my... Maybe get it for your wife then, too, or girlfriend.
I go and take a bunch of it before I go do Man on the Street and I just start running, zipping around, running right into the action.
No fear, nothing, so.
Well, that's a big primary part about, you know, fighting the globalists is making sure that we stay healthy and stay clear-eyed and stay honest and stay humble.
I hope that we do that here at InfoWars.
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And now your host, David Knight.
All right, welcome to our continuing 30-hour broadcast.
I'm David Knight.
We're going to have as my guests here, coming from the bottom of the hour, will be Lee Stranahan.
In the next hour, we're going to have Craig Sawyer.
Of course, he is the former Navy SEAL who has been very actively putting together a project to try to stop child sex trafficking.
And we have a report of something that happened in Haiti, as well as we want to get an update on how his project is going.
If you remember, when Alex had him on to talk about it,
And he had a crowdfunding source that they were starting up.
That's what they're talking about.
And within an hour or so of going on InfoWars, they slammed that shut.
And so we're going to get an update from him as to what's going on with that.
But I want to give you an update as to what's going on with the budget talks, because we have this continuing
We're going to talk about how deep this is and how our problems really haven't changed.
You know, there was a back and forth.
We have it on Infowars.com today, a part of the interview that Rush Limbaugh had with Vice President Pence.
And Rush Limbaugh was saying, why are we voting Republican?
Because the Democrats get whatever they want.
And Pence tried to make a case for why
We were getting something out of this.
I want to talk about the wall, because the wall is a key part of a lot of people's frustration.
That was something that Donald Trump talked about incessantly, and it's a key part of what he wants to do.
They say now they're going to still get it done, but it's going to be another six months down the road.
And of course, whether or not we can get Mexico to pay for it, the question is whether we'll ever be able to get Paul Ryan and the Republicans in Washington to pay for anything that has to do with the border.
I think there's an interesting story that came out on CNS News.
They talk about how the bill actually does fund border security, just not for the United States.
It funds border security for Libya, for Ethiopia, for Pakistan, for Egypt, for Afghanistan.
This is absolutely amazing.
People are now starting to dig down into this 1,600-page spending bill that Paul Ryan and his Congress have put together.
And they say it's got multiple measures that seemingly demonstrate a commitment to securing the border, but in these other countries, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
It does not include the $1.4 billion that President Trump wanted to start building the wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, but it makes clear that Jordan's border must be secured.
See, we send our troops abroad to secure other countries, but not our own.
And what it says, it has a global war on terrorism.
It says, these funds may be used to support the government of Jordan.
And such amounts, as the Secretary of Defense may determine, to enhance the ability of the armed forces of Jordan to increase or sustain security along its borders.
Not along America's borders.
Along Jordan's borders.
And the writer Terrence Jeffrey at CNS News says, imagine the reaction from the Democrats, or maybe even from Paul Ryan.
If part of this bill were to say, we're going to enhance the ability of the Border Patrol to increase security along the southwestern border of the United States by building walls along that border.
No, couldn't have that.
Couldn't have that, could we?
He says Schumer would have to explain to Americans why he is happy to spend tax dollars to aid Jordan's military in securing Jordan's border while refusing to give the U.S.
Border Patrol the resources that it needs, including walls, to secure borders in the United States.
You know, folks, as we've talked about,
With the unrest that's building with North Korea, what did we see happen?
We saw China and we saw Russia move massive amounts of troops to their borders to secure their borders.
Because they're concerned that either an economic collapse from sanctions or if war were to break out in North Korea, if the United States were to attack it, then they would have a massive migration of millions of people pouring across the border.
They couldn't handle that.
Now, China is not racist for saying that they can't handle millions of people pouring into the border.
And yet, we have a situation here which is exactly what the Democrats and the globalists want to have happen to our country, to Western Europe.
And that is bringing anybody who wants to come, for whatever reason, whether it is economic or whether it is war, because that's what they're talking about in North Korea.
They said, well, we could have massive migration that would basically bring our country down because we wouldn't be able to handle it.
And it could be economic, or it could be because of war.
And so we have economic refugees that they say should be able to come into our country, and not only come into our country, can you imagine if the North Koreans fleeing economic adversity or a war in North Korea?
Can you imagine if they were to go in in unlimited numbers into China or into Russia and the Chinese or Russians had a political party that said, well, we're going to bring all those people in and we're going to give them free college tuition and we're going to give them free K through 12 education.
No limitations on that.
And we will give them preferential treatment in college to our own citizens whose parents have lived here and paid taxes all their lives and have built this system.
Well, the people who just want to come here for economic reasons and haven't paid taxes in the system, they will get preferential treatment when it comes to college education over our children.
Because they'll get advanced placement, they will be treated as if they are in-state college tuition, even at any state they want to go into.
Because, you know, they're
And so we put them at the front of the line in our country.
This is insanity.
No other country does that.
Mexico doesn't do it.
No country in Central or South America does it.
No one can do this and still have a country.
But they go on in this article.
They say, Republican leadership would not appropriate $1.4 billion for the US-Mexico border, but it is appropriating $1.3 billion for aid to Egypt.
And it gives a special status as part of that to secure the border.
So out of this
Amount of money that they're giving to Egypt, which is about equivalent to what they would need to build a wall on the US-Mexico border, or get started with it.
What they're saying is, we're going to tie 50% of this aid to measures to see if the Secretary of State here in the United States is going to have to certify that Egypt is taking steps to advance democracy and human rights in Egypt.
So, if Egypt doesn't advance
Human rights and democracy and the judgment of our Secretary of State.
Then they will withhold 15%, but they make it clear that when it comes to protecting their borders, they're not going to have any such tests.
They say even if the Secretary of State does not certify that Egypt is advancing democracy and human rights, it will not impact that part of the USA to Egypt that is aimed at improving Egyptian border security.
The bill says the certification requirement of this paragraph shall not apply.
And so they point out in this CNS story, they say, what if Nancy Pelosi, who says it is immoral, expensive, and unwise to have a wall to protect the American border, does she at the same time think that it is wise, moral, and worth the money to take that same amount of money and give it to the government of Egypt to protect Egypt's border when we will not protect our own borders?
Likewise, we have taxpayer money going to Ethiopia, quote, for border security and counter-terrorism programs.
It will also go to the Lebanese Armed Forces to, quote, professionalize the LAF and to strengthen border security and combat terrorism.
It will go to Libya to improve border security.
It will go to Pakistan and Afghanistan to support programs to train border and customs officials in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
But don't worry, said Trump.
We'll have a wall.
We're going to have a wall.
Don't worry about it.
We'll build a wall, folks.
Well, you're going to have to build it without any cooperation from the Democrats or the Republicans.
Paul Ryan is not going to support that.
Paul Ryan has spent his entire career as an open borders globalist.
He will do anything to subvert this.
And there are so many different tricks that he can pull as Speaker of the House.
It's just not going to happen.
Just not going to happen.
Maybe we can get Mexico to pay for it.
Maybe we can get Egypt or Pakistan or Jordan or Ethiopia or Afghanistan or some of these countries that we're protecting their border security.
Maybe next year they will give us the money to protect our border.
You think so?
I don't think so.
I don't think so.
I don't think the Republicans are going to do it either.
Now, look at Europe.
This is also interesting, because it is a globalist situation.
Open borders and the mass migrations of populations in order to bring down countries, which is exactly what China and Russia were trying to prevent by moving their military to their borders.
The mass migration of populations to bring down the West is exactly what's going on now in the EU.
We have this article here from Mishtalk.
Came out today, the EU orders Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, stop your border patrol!
See, we can't build a border.
Between the U.S.
and Mexico.
They can't have border patrols in Western Europe.
But in order to control border crossings and protect them from terrorism in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and so forth, we will pay for them to patrol their borders.
To train agents to do border patrol and customs patrol and to guard against terrorism.
But not in Europe and not in the United States, okay?
So what they've said is this is the, out of Brussels, they're saying you're going to have to scrap internal checks within six months.
And this is from this article from Mishtalk.
They say, in an announcement today, tonight, bureaucrats said there was no justification for keeping police checkpoints at frontiers within the bloc, the European bloc.
Said they must be removed by the end of the year.
The dictate means that Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway will all have to swiftly find alternative ways to police irregular movements of people across their border.
France is getting a pass for the moment.
Because France is still in a state of emergency.
So they do have checkpoints at their borders, but none of these other European countries are going to be allowed to do that.
They are going to return to the normal functioning of the Schengen area.
That's the borderless migration that they've created within the EU.
And that's coming from, that's a statement from the EU's migration chief.
And this article says, or what?
Or what?
What if they don't do this?
What if they don't pay any attention to what the European Union's Migration Chief says?
What if they don't listen to him?
What's the EU going to do about it?
That's what people need to start asking.
It's kind of like Andrew Jackson.
He said the Supreme Court has made their ruling.
Let's see them enforce it.
The EU has made their ruling.
What are they going to do to enforce it if these countries don't want to kowtow to it?
And they point out that the beneficiary of this insanity, and this is bordering on insanity quite literally, folks, our border situation and the globalist migration of people is bordering on insanity.
They say the EU's ridiculous announcement has one beneficiary, Marine Le Pen, 100% guaranteed to capitalize on the silly edict coming out of Brussels.
And at the same time we see from Lifeset, one in four federal inmates is foreign born in the United States.
One of the reasons why, and I had somebody send this to me in an email, said you need to stop calling them illegal aliens, and I agreed, I think we need a better name, and he had a great name for it, and I've been using that ever since.
Foreign citizens criminally trespassing.
Foreign citizens criminally trespassing.
So, yeah, they want to say nobody's illegal.
Well, there are people who commit illegal acts, and one of those is criminally trespassing when you're a foreign citizen, here, without permission and defiance of our laws.
And usually, besides the criminal trespassing of these foreign citizens, in order for them to stay here, they usually engage in some kind of identity fraud.
Either creating fraudulent paper identities for jobs or for getting an IRS refund.
We've seen that happen a lot.
Or they steal identities from people.
So that's just the beginning.
We have one quarter of the federal inmates are foreign citizens.
As of March 25th, 24% of all federal inmates.
And they say, these are illegal aliens who commit additional crimes.
Additional crimes.
Because criminally trespassing into our country as a foreign citizen...
Staying beyond the time that we have all agreed, because we do have a country here, and we do have some say as to whether or not we can, how many people we can allow in.
We all like to see the melting pot that has made America great.
That's not the issue.
The issue is, if people come here in unlimited numbers, without our permission, that quite frankly is an invasion.
We cannot do that.
And so, as I point out here, you see that quote there.
Illegal aliens who commit additional crimes in the U.S.
are a threat to public safety, a burden on our criminal justice system.
They say the cost of incarcerating non-citizens in federal prisons exceeds $1.2 billion.
There's that $1.2, $1.4, $1.5 billion.
It just seems to keep coming back, that figure.
So let's talk a little bit about money.
Let's talk a little bit about a trillion dollars.
Because what we have here is this continuing deficit resolution.
You know, we had the White House transcript I was looking at yesterday talking about.
This is Mick Mulvaney, who is with the Office of Management and Budget.
He's the director of that.
And I have to say that I think we need to come up with a new name.
Because this has been going on through multiple administrations.
It's been going on for decades.
There is no management of a budget going on here, folks.
This is the Office of Mismanagement of our budget.
It's not even a budget.
I mean, if you were to call a financial advisor on the phone and say, you know, I've got some financial problems, I need to hire you, get some advisor, you call Dave Ramsey on the radio or something, he says, what's your budget?
You know, how much are you paying off each month?
Well, that's the problem.
I'm not really paying off anything.
I'm going deeper in debt each month at an accelerating rate, actually.
Well, what's your income situation?
Well, I'm getting record revenue coming in.
I'm getting all kinds of raises because we do have record revenue coming in to the government from taxes.
It's just that we just keep spending more than we get coming in.
And so we don't have a budget.
We have a deficit.
A deficit that continues to increase.
But when Mick Mulvaney
Director of the OMB, so-called OMB, goes in and talks to the press.
He says, well, I saw the Democrats thought they did a great job.
They thought we won and we didn't.
Well, I'm telling you that we won.
We got more money for defense.
We got more money for border security.
We got more money for school choice.
I'm quoting him here.
To give an example of how they won, he talks about how much more money they got than the Democrats got.
See, you can't have a budget that way.
You can't get into the spending contest.
It isn't a situation of outspending the other guy, or getting all the money that you want for your pet projects.
And so when Pence goes on, Vice President Pence goes on Rush Limbaugh,
Limbaugh says, if this happens, Mr. Vice President, why vote Republican at all?
What's the point of voting Republican if the Democrats are going to continue to win practically 95% of their objectives, such as we see in this last budget deal?
And Pence says, well, I think it was actually a clear win for the American people because we got a $21 billion increase in defense spending.
It was also a piece for years that Democrats in Washington insisted that any increase in defense spending would be matched with an increase in domestic spending.
So you've got to grow government at home if you're going to, you know, invest in national defense.
Or, to put it another way, if you're going to grow your empire abroad,
For the Republicans, then you have to grow the spending at home on the welfare entitlement state.
It's the welfare warfare state that is bankrupting us.
The Democrats want a welfare state.
The Republicans want a warfare state.
This is what we saw.
It's been going on since Ronald Reagan.
And it looks like the Trump administration is going to try to revive that whole pattern again.
And say, yeah, well, you know, let's not talk about all the funding for all these social programs and Planned Parenthood and everything.
Lookit, we got massive increases for defense spending, okay?
So we're great.
It's the welfare-warfare pact that they have done that is bankrupting us.
That is why we are $20 trillion in debt.
Right now we're $19,846,847,305.
I mean, it's crazy.
It's just a hair under $20 trillion.
We've got a story here on InfoWars from Michael Snyder.
Debt insanity.
Does anyone in Washington even care that we are $20 trillion in debt?
See, the way they're spending this, they're going back and forth, and you can see this with Vice President Pence.
Well, we got this, we got that, we got spending for this program and that program, and then the Democrats come on.
We won because we got spending for this and this.
Who loses?
The American people lose.
The people who are winning are the Democrats, the Republicans, and the central bankers, who are turning us into their debt slaves.
It's what the IMF fund did to all these developing countries throughout Central and South America.
Eventually people said, when they kept encouraging them to borrow money, not so they could rebuild their country like Germany did after World War II, but just so they could create this ever-expanding welfare state, they said, you're getting into rent-seeking.
Because we'll never be able to pay off this debt.
We're just going to be paying you rent payments on the amount of money that we owe to you.
And so, as Michael Snyder says, most of the focus has been on who won and who lost politically.
But if you've been keeping up with the articles that he writes, he says, you know that nobody's really talking about that the deal actually increases spending at a time when our debt is exploding.
We added more than a trillion dollars a year to the U.S.
national debt during Obama's eight years in the White House.
At the moment, the U.S.
national debt is just under 20 trillion dollars because the debt ceiling has not been raised.
The federal government is using accounting tricks
To keep that number from moving, but the moment they approve that debt ceiling being raised, you're going to see it jump by hundreds of billions of dollars.
Then he's got an illustration.
And this is, you know, I know we always do these illustrations.
This is kind of like the illustration where you say, you know, your intestines are so long that if you were to stretch them end-to-end, you could eat a sandwich in New York and you could take a dump in Philly or whatever, okay?
But it is true, when you look at a trillion dollars, you can't quite get your head around it.
We had Senator Dirksen years ago.
He said, well, a billion here, a billion there.
Pretty soon we're talking about real money.
And that's what we've been talking about here.
Well, you know, $1.5 billion to Egypt, $1.6 billion to Afghanistan for their borders, and another billion dollars to Pakistan or whatever.
And after a while, it really does add up.
And it means that we don't have any money left for our security here at home.
We spend
Billions, hundreds of billions of dollars on security and we don't have a secure border.
We have an empire abroad that is now on the verge of trying to get us involved in two more wars.
We've been in Afghanistan since George W. Bush, since right after the September 11th terror attacks that were an inside job.
Because this is, we all understand that if you're an InfoWars listener, you know that.
That was what they did to create Homeland Security, to create the Patriot Act, to keep us in a permanent state of war.
We never got finished with Afghanistan.
Do we ever have a discussion about what we're going to do with Afghanistan?
They ever say what victory looked like?
You know, we had George W. Bush say, mission accomplished.
What was the mission?
To get us embedded in these countries so we could control their lithium supplies, so we could grow heroin, so we could get oil resources, so we could control gas pipelines.
Was that their mission?
So we would be there permanently?
Did he tell us that we were going to stay in Afghanistan for 20, 30, 40, 50 years?
It's looking like that, isn't it?
Nothing is slowing down.
They're talking about now we've got to accelerate it again.
That's what McMaster wants to do.
And of course he's telling Trump what to do when it comes to this stuff.
Did we have a discussion?
That's why it's important for us to have a process that they defined in the Constitution where our elected representatives debate this.
There's a public debate.
We all agree what the strategy is.
Not the tactics.
They can, if we agree that we're going to have to have a war, then they can keep the tactics secret.
We don't tell people when we're going to invade on D-Day or whether we're going to land in Calais or Normandy, but we decide that we are going to defeat the Germans.
We have a goal, a definite endpoint.
They didn't define what victory meant.
So they didn't define what mission accomplished meant either.
And so we're still there.
And not only that, but we had Barack Obama be the first president.
It was nearly the entire term of George W. Bush that he was at war, but Barack Obama was at war the entire eight years that he was president.
First time this ever happened.
Nearly happened with George W. Bush.
If they could have moved September 11th up a little bit earlier, then they could have been at war the entire term.
But he missed those first eight months.
So we had Barack Obama at war for all eight years, and then he added more countries to be at war with.
So he increased it to seven countries that he was at war with.
Now we've got the Trump administration coming along.
There's no talk about ending any of these seven wars that we've been fighting.
Now they want to go into Syria.
They want to get involved with North Korea.
Maybe we can get involved with Crimea.
I don't know.
But, you know, that's maybe another month or two down the road, depending on how the economic situation looks here and whether or not they need to distract your attention from domestic failures.
But let's talk about how much a trillion dollars is.
So Michael Snyder says, let me share a little illustration with you to give you an idea how much money a trillion dollars is.
If you started spending a million dollars every single day, and you started on the day that Jesus Christ was born, about 2017 years ago, approximately, whatever, we'll just call it that, and you kept on spending a million dollars every day since Jesus Christ was born, you would still not have spent a trillion dollars by now.
But we have a government in Washington that is spending a trillion dollars a year.
And they have to raise the debt ceiling because even though they have record revenue, they can't or won't control their spending.
It's absolute insanity.
So we have a continuing deficit resolution.
We have an office of mismanagement and no budget.
And they're telling us that they won because they spent more money on, they got to spend money on defense, but not defending our border.
This is insanity.
And we're going to take a break and when we come back we're going to talk to Lee Stranahan, an excellent reporter who's formerly been with Breitbart and he is now on his own, independent, has a citizen journalist school, but we're going to talk to him about the
Inside situation in Washington.
Before we do, and of course we're having this 30-hour telethon because we need your support.
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The Federal Reserve being controlled by foreigners?
I guess we should call it the Foreign Reserve now.
That'd be a good way to do it.
Because after all, we've got the Saudis in there with the petrodollars.
That's what helped to create that at the same time.
But we do need your help.
We appreciate your support.
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And now your host, David Knight.
Eleanor Roosevelt.
The undying love of Hillary Clinton and now we mock a Trump.
There we go.
Eleanor, you're my pride, my joy, etc.
We've had both Hillary Clinton and now we have...
Ivanka Trump declaring her love for Eleanor Roosevelt, part of her West Wing agenda, or her Socialist-Globalist agenda.
And of course, we had Hillary Clinton admitting that she had sessions with the departed Eleanor Roosevelt, where she talked to her.
So, you know, Eleanor, can I take the time to ask you to speak your mind?
And yesterday on Live 3 to 5, we played this clip from Bill Clinton.
When he was dedicating an FDR park in New York saying, uh, Hillary called me from Peru and wanted me to remind you all that she spoke to Eleanor and he was dead serious about this.
And she just wanted me to tell you some things Eleanor told her and he was dead serious about it.
Nobody was laughing.
He wasn't smiling or cracking a joke.
He was dead serious about it.
Really pretty creepy, but also strange, but also she is the icon of the liberal, feminist, socialist left.
And so it should concern us when we see this article from the New York Times where Ivanka says, yeah, I'm reading biographies about
About Eleanor Roosevelt.
So I wanted to talk to Lee Stranahan because he knows the situation there.
He's been talking about the influence of Ivanka and Jared on the Trump White House for quite some time.
Want to get his lay of the land.
Of course, he's been a contributing writer and reporter for two of the top news sites in the world, the liberal Huffington Post as well as the conservative Breitbart News.
He's a pioneer in digital media, and I didn't know this, Lee, when I was looking at your bio here.
I saw the production work that you've done.
Visual effects artist, supervised for TV shows, produced and directed corporate video productions.
That's very interesting.
I didn't know that you did that.
I just know you as a writer, as somebody who is really tuned in to the political scene.
Let's talk about what's going on in the White House in light of this declaration that we see from Ivanka that she loves this icon of the feminist left, Eleanor Roosevelt.
Yeah, it's pretty disturbing, David.
As you know, you and I talked about this a few weeks ago.
And I'll tell you, one of the things that was interesting about reporting, here's the thing about this story that's interesting, okay?
Getting the facts isn't tricky, but people wanting to speak the truth is trickier.
Does that make sense?
In other words, it's not hard to figure out who Ivanka is, who her friends are,
Poor influences are.
It really isn't.
It just takes a few searches.
And by the way, all the evidence goes one way and none of the evidence goes the other way.
In other words, there's no point where you read Ivanka Trump saying she's a big fan of the Fountainhead or you know what I mean?
Like there's no counter evidence, right?
And so the whole trick was, I very quickly realized when I started to see what was happening with the White House,
That all the problems with the people who are in place there, her husband, Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, Dina Powell, they all came through Ivanka.
And I talked to people who were like, hey, don't go after Ivanka.
You're going to get Trump mad.
I don't care.
You know what I mean?
Well, I think it's very interesting because it's not just that they agree with what Eleanor Roosevelt said, but I think that both Hillary and Ivanka saw Eleanor Roosevelt as the power behind the throne, the person who could manipulate the president the way that nobody else could.
And that's one of the things that we fear the most, that Ivanka is going to use her close relationship to her father
...of the opposition to the conservative policies that we thought we were going to get from Donald Trump.
They don't want to pull back from the Paris Climate Treaty.
They don't want to do these other things.
They are opposing these.
She's pushing him to shoot the cruise missiles into Syria and so forth and so on.
So it's very disturbing to see her being set up with her liberal agenda, socialist and globalist agenda, to being set up as a power behind the throne.
Well, and it's not often that I recommend an article from the New York Times, David, but this one I would recommend, the one talking about Ivanka's power behind the scenes and how she sounds exactly like Hillary.
That's what they say in the article.
She sounds like Hillary.
Yes, exactly.
And it's, look, here's the thing.
The bottom line is, Ivanka Trump is, and I'm going to say something nice about her.
I believe she's a well-meaning, clueless progressive.
In other words, I don't believe that she's, I believe she means well and all her New York progressive friends
Have convinced her that they mean well.
I'm not so sure they mean well.
In other words, Hillary Clinton, I don't know how well, you know, this is a woman who corresponded with Saul Alinsky on a pretty regular basis and worked for a communist law firm in Berkeley, Truhaf Bernstein.
That's who Hillary Clinton interned for.
But Ivanka Trump is a child of, you know, here's the thing, David, how often have we seen these big
And as you're talking about the fact that she's a well-meaning person who maybe has not been that involved in politics, but when she starts saying that one of the role models that she's very interested in researching
is one of the moving forces of socialism and globalism in the 20th century, and that's Eleanor Roosevelt.
That's going to push her long down the direction, once she starts to get her education, if she's getting it from Eleanor Roosevelt, that is even more worrying than what we've seen before.
I mean, you can look at some of this stuff and say, well, they're pushing back on this Paris Climate Treaty because maybe they don't want to offend Justin Trudeau, their friend or something, and they don't really understand the issues.
But if she becomes a hardcore feminist leftist, that's really concerning.
It is, but the whole thing, you know, what I've been saying to people for a few weeks, it was very clear to me where this is going.
Where this is going is, the more you find out about Ivanka Trump, if you were a Trump supporter, the more disturbed you're going to be.
Now, here's the other thing about this politically, okay?
None of this is going to make the liberals like Donald Trump.
He has been so poisoned, right?
There's nothing Trump could do to regain those people.
So the ultimate upshot of this, if Trump does not wise up and get his daughter out of the White House in an advisory position, she can come over for brunch or whatever, but she needs to be out of an advisory position.
He is destined to be a one-term president because
Once more and more Trump supporters wake up to what's going on, they're not going to like this.
They're not going to like the nepotism.
They're not going to like the content of her ideas.
And again, any amount of research you do into Ivanka, there's nothing whatsoever about her politically.
You know, I'm sure she loves her father, right?
She loves him so much, she's going to save him from himself and evil people like Steve Bannon.
And because all the advice she's getting from the people around her, Chelsea Clinton, Huma Abedin, right, these are the people who she's friends with, is going to be, oh no, no, he needs, you know, your dad, we're trying to help, you know, he needs to be not so harsh on immigration or whatever.
It's crazy, but yeah, it's really very frightening and the sooner people realize, here's the thing, I don't want people to be dejected.
I want them to be active.
I want people to call the White House and I want them to not be afraid and to speak up and go,
I supported you, President Trump.
I still support you, but I did not support your daughter being in a policy position.
That's right.
So she needs to go back to New York and not be in a policy position.
We don't like to see nepotism.
You know, we don't necessarily want to see
Chelsea Clinton put in a position.
People really didn't like the fact that Hillary Clinton, as First Lady, decided that she was going to take over health care.
And that's one of the reasons why the Clintons had such a massive defeat in 1994.
That's where all this, you know, seances with Eleanor Roosevelt came from.
They're having these Camp David meetings.
Like, what happened?
It was very simple what happened.
You know, people didn't like Hillary Clinton, and they didn't like the fact that somebody they didn't vote for was going to do something that was never a part of the agenda, taking over health care like that.
And so that's not going to work for Donald Trump either.
And it's very concerning when we see that she's talking about things like creating federal paid leave programs, more affordable child care, a global fund for women who are entrepreneurs.
None of this is responsibility of the federal government.
All of Donald Trump's base would agree upon that.
And so she's pushing policies that these people who are using her, like Dina Powell,
And others with Goldman Sachs, they're pushing these policies on Donald Trump through Ivanka.
And I hope that he wakes up with this.
And I hope, and it looks like, I think, let me get your thoughts on this, Lee, because when we had the first round of Obamacare, it seems like he kind of depended on and leaned on Paul Ryan.
And he absolutely got stabbed in the back by Paul Ryan.
When he came out with tax reform, he came out first.
Instead of waiting for the House to come up with a spending plan, the President released a spending plan that was very similar to what he had campaigned on to put that out there.
So he beat them to the punch.
So it looks like he was taking the initiative on taxes because maybe he learned his lesson from Obamacare.
Would you say that's the case?
I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but let me tell you what I'm worried about with the tax plan, okay?
The guys who introduced the tax plan, you remember, are Gary Cohn, former Goldman Sachs registered Democrat, and Steven Mnuchin.
Now, one of the things that's come out is Steven Mnuchin.
Steven Mnuchin is another former Goldman Sachs guy who also was literally in business with George Soros.
Okay, let's go over that.
Anybody can look up Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, George Soros.
You'll find that they started a business together, I think about 15 years ago, okay?
Like Jared Kushner, about $250 million with George Soros as well, yeah.
But even more so, just literally in business with them, okay?
Ivanka is meeting with Steven Mnuchin every week.
This has come out recently.
So, here's what I'm saying.
When there's a tax plan and it's introduced by Mnuchin and Cohn, forgive me if I go all Ronald Reagan and say trust but verify.
Yeah, exactly.
I agree.
I agree.
I want to know what the details are.
What they're doing is, and look at what just happened this weekend, okay?
We had a budget deal that happened where the Republicans got rolled.
Even Lindsey Graham admits the Republicans got rolled.
But what did Trump do?
Trump did a great speech in Pennsylvania and a great speech at the NRA.
Okay, so again, forgive me if I'm a little cynical here, but what I'm worried is that they're throwing crumbs to us.
In terms of great speeches, which is pure Trump, right?
That's right.
In the meantime, they're slipping some other stuff through.
It's looking very much like the Reagan administration when they agree to vote for the other side's projects and then you vote for their increase in defense spending and so forth.
The deficit soars.
They want to come in with a tax cut, but we have this massive increase in the deficit.
And look, let's talk about Jamie Garlick for a second.
Jamie Garlick is the lawyer, she's the attorney for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.
She was involved in two decisions on different, very disparate issues.
She wrote the memo that basically allowed 9-11 to happen because it's the memo, it's called the Wall Memo, that you wouldn't allow law enforcement agencies to talk to each other.
She also ran Fannie Mae.
Now, I'm just going to make a guess here.
You probably weren't a big fan of the bank bailout, right?
That's right.
That's right.
So, and we all know who benefited from the bank bailouts, right?
It was people like, uh, Goldman Sachs.
That's exactly right.
And, and, and my concern here is that when you have Jamie Garlick, who was literally, and we know how the bank bailouts happened, which is loans were given to people by well-meaning liberals, right?
Through Fannie Mae, like everybody should have a house.
That was what we're told.
And so people,
I've had bad credit in my life.
They shouldn't have given me a mortgage, right?
They didn't.
I never got one, right?
But there have been points in my life where I shouldn't have gotten a mortgage, okay?
And I didn't get a mortgage.
But there have been other people who got the mortgage, right?
That's what Fannie Mae was about.
It was taking people who weren't qualified for a mortgage and giving them one, especially with balloon payments and everything else, right?
That's right.
Gorelick was behind that.
So what I'm saying is the way globalists work is they make money on both ends.
You see what I'm saying?
They make money doing well by doing good when they give the loans through something like Fannie Mae, and then you know what?
Then when the economy goes in the crapper, they end up making money there as well.
They do the same thing by starting wars, like Iraq or like this thing in Syria.
They make money on the munitions, then when it creates a refugee crisis, guess what?
The refugees come to this country and are cheap labor for factories.
You see what I'm saying?
Or they rebuild the countries that they bomb.
You know, whether it's an economic thing, they make money as they create the bubble, and then they sell short just before the bubble bursts by them.
And you know, it's interesting, Lee, because we have these, you're talking about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and we've been running a series of stories since
Last, since it's February, Jerome Corsi's been talking about what's been happening to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac investors.
They're people who got ripped off big time, and they're getting ripped off to fund Obamacare.
They're doing the net asset sweep because they never
Congress never passed any funding to pay for Obamacare subsidies.
They just stole it from the investors and they continue to do that.
That's the most amazing thing.
It's just like it's Venezuelacare.
We ought to stop calling it Obamacare.
This is what they do in Venezuela when they rob a General Motors factory or they take a oil drilling company and then distribute the assets to themselves.
That's what they're doing.
They're robbing Fannie and Freddie to fund Hillary and Barry.
That's what they do.
And you know, here's the thing.
Let's ask it a real simple human way, right?
I know Steve Bannon.
Steve Bannon hired me at Breitbart.
I work closely with him.
I know why Steve Bannon's in the White House.
Steve Bannon is a patriot.
He served this country in the Navy.
He built himself up as a businessman.
He was at Goldman, but it was a different era of Goldman, okay?
Ask yourself this.
Why did Gary Cohn, who's not a Trump supporter,
He was not.
Gary Cohn's a Democrat.
Why did Gary Cohn decide to give up the top position?
You know, he was basically the number two guy in Goldman, okay?
Yeah, and they gave him this golden parachute that, I don't think you'd even call it a parachute.
It's more like a golden zeppelin.
I mean, it was like the biggest payoff for anybody ever leaving.
It was like this, what was it, 260 million dollars or something?
They accelerated his payoffs and his stock options.
I mean, it was amazing.
They wanted him in the White House.
Goldman did.
That's right.
So all I'm asking is, and this is what I'd ask Mr. Cohen if I were to meet him, which is, can you explain to me
Why you're in the White House.
Now, again, call me a little cynical.
I think it's because he sees some long-term profit.
I think it's because he and his friends, the globalists at Goldman Sachs, the people who run these big multinational corporations, and by the way, when I say his friends, I include, you know, one of Jared Kushner's
Mentors is Rupert Murdoch.
So I'm not just talking about Democrats here.
That's right.
You know, guys like Dick Cheney, the thing about the Bush and Cheney's is they figured out, you know, people wonder because they learned that I, I wrote for the Huffington Post and I used to be on the left.
I recently had a realization.
I lived in Austin when the Iraq war was happening.
I was at the Austin Capitol.
When there was a protest against the Iraq War.
And you know what?
I don't regret it.
I don't regret it to this day.
I'm a guy who was anti-globalist, but there was no word for it, right?
I didn't like what I saw with Bush, so I went to the left.
Then I didn't like what I saw with the left, so I went with the right.
Now I realize the problem is both ends.
The problem is both sides.
And it's globalism.
So in a weird way, my beliefs haven't changed that much.
I was against the Iraq War because I thought it was on faulty terms and I thought people like Bush and Cheney had figured out how to make money with government.
And then I see, you know, I never liked the Clintons and still don't, right?
So, you know, my political journey in a sense has been when I look at it now,
I don't regret, like I say, opposing the Iraq War.
I don't regret opposing those things about Bush.
Never had to do it.
And I know Bannon feels the same way about he was never in favor of the Iraq War.
And that's why I like Trump because Trump was opposed to the Iraq War too.
Well, you know.
This is what we're seeing.
The globalists, like I say, they come in all stripes, all colors, and they wear red and they wear blue.
And so let me ask you about this comment that Trump made this last week, because this has been one of the things that, you know, you look at the players, you understand what their backgrounds are, you have questions about their motivations and their backgrounds, and when these people are brought in, you're concerned about.
I was concerned as well when I saw so many of these people coming in from Goldman.
I kind of held my fire.
I said, all right, you know, privately here in the office, I talk to people and
And say, this is not looking good.
Too many generals, too many goldmans in here.
And this is going to create, you're running a three-legged race with people who are going in the opposite direction.
And now we hear that Donald Trump says, well, I'm a nationalist and I'm a globalist.
I'm both.
I make the decisions.
You know, so it's like, what is that about?
How can you say that you're something that is diametrically opposed?
We had him saying this is a choice between nationalism and globalism.
These are two opposites.
You can't be nationalist and globalist.
You can't.
Let me just proceed this by saying this.
I'm still glad I supported Donald Trump and he was a lot better than Hillary Clinton.
The status quo continue on as we often see with conservatives.
They just continue on where the Democrats left us until the next four or eight years and the Democrats move the agenda further.
But even if we don't go anywhere in the next four to eight years, that's an improvement over what would have happened with Hillary Clinton.
That's right.
And while this is a debatable what-if scenario, I don't think anybody else could have.
I don't think Ted Cruz would have beat Hillary.
That's the other thing.
That's a conjecture.
But I don't think Ted Cruz, let's say, would have beat her.
I don't think Rubio would have beat her, okay?
Yeah, I agree.
If those are the choices, right, it is still valid.
I can say all of that and say anybody who was in favor of Trump because they thought he was some deep thinker with a heavy ideology,
I'm not saying he's dumb.
I'm saying he's a smart business guy who had clearly never thought about politics very much, and didn't have a 20-year consistent ideological framework, right?
That's right.
That being said, he was the guy who won, and just when I look at Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, I thank God, okay?
Now, that being said, we're seeing
The worst aspects, and I was not a Never Trumper, I was a Trump supporter, but the Never Trumpers, some of them had, I think, perfectly, and I never argued it with them.
You could never argue for Trump by saying, no, no, no, this guy has clearly, you know,
Inhaled Thomas Sowell and Liberty Von Mises, right?
Just nothing about it.
But the Never Trumpers who are neocons and opposed him because of that, like Elliot Abrams, they are all for it now.
Or Lindsey Graham, you know, they love what is happening now.
I think that when we look at this, and I said this about, you know, you talk about the liberty side of it, I said we're gonna have to fight for liberty.
He didn't really say anything that would give me inspiration as a libertarian.
I wanted to block the globalists.
But he didn't give me any inspiration for libertarianism, so I said we're going to have to fight for liberty at the local level.
But I think that's a good thing, because we need to take responsibility for our lives and for our freedoms and take ownership of that and resist it at the local level, which we can do.
And now we're going to have to do even more of it at the local level if it's going to happen.
He's created a movement, I think that's the takeaway we can take from this, is that Donald Trump created a movement.
And if he turns away from it and abandons it and doesn't lead the movement down that direction, then we need to start doing that as a grassroots level or we find somebody else to lead that along the way.
Don't you agree?
I completely agree, and again, it's not often that I get to recommend a New York Times article and say we should listen to Barack Obama.
But listen to Barack Obama.
Remember in the Obama administration, this is one thing I'll give him credit for.
He would constantly say to the base, you have to push me.
Remember that?
That's right.
Obama would say in speeches, you have to push me.
And this is what I'll say.
If you're a Donald Trump supporter and you don't like the direction he's going,
I agree with you on the local level, but even on the federal level now, you have to push Trump.
You have to pick up your phone and call the White House.
You have to write letters.
You have to speak out.
And say something, and you can say it respectfully, and you can say it without the skies falling, right?
That's right.
And I think that has a big effect.
I have seen this happen with homeschooling, for example.
You take a small number of people who are very energetic to protect their rights, and they're very vocal at the local and the state level, and they can protect their rights.
So people will listen.
They're not used to getting a massive number of calls.
So if people pick up t