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Name: 20170502_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 2, 2017
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Alex Jones from InfoWars discusses how the media is portraying President Trump and how the deep state tries to manipulate people. He mentions an incident where Colbert made a homophobic slur at Trump and believes it's promoting his message. The show talks about Antifa protests, communism, globalism, Satanic practices among the elite, and promotes products from Infowarslife.com. Topics also include child abuse by the global elite, Hollywood occult rituals, environmentalism, climate change, white guilt, and historical context of slavery. Jones criticizes left-wing media for promoting anti-white racism and urges unity against these forces.

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Is the U.S.
involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?
To Turkey?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
How is it that this organization is so well-funded, so organized?
Islamic State-linked militants have gained a stronger foothold in Libya, seizing new economically vital areas of the country.
The leader of ISIS in Libya is none other than Abdel Hakim al-Hajj, and of course he was armed to the teeth by NATO.
A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.
The Russians say they're negotiating with North Korea to hold joint military exercises.
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin teaming up, creating an ominous alliance against the United States.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is aggressively opposing the nuclear deal that the U.S.
government is negotiating with Iran.
Saudi Arabia is apparently prepared to allow Israeli jets into its airspace to conduct attacks on Iran.
We have an unprecedented opportunity to build a new world order.
I set up a foundation in Ukraine and played an important part in events now.
Ukraine is set to receive the first tranche of an international monetary fund aid package.
We had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin is on the move.
Only when this transformation is complete will we be able to take full measure of the opportunities presented by this new and involving world order.
It's known as the Milderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
May 2nd 2017
I'm 1776.
You're a white male!
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag...
It's the American flag!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
That's right, Alex Jones, public enemy number one.
He had outlaw country back in the 70s and 80s.
He had punk rock singing they were outlaw.
He had rock and roll stars singing they were outlaw because they beat their guitars up on stage.
But I gotta tell you, I'm not trying to be outlaw, but you don't get more rebel
You don't get more outlaw against the globalists.
You don't get more outlander to the whole world government system than Infowars.
Because I won't be a slave.
I won't roll over to the globalists.
It's outrageous how criminal, how authoritarian, how dictatorial, how unelected, how illegitimate, how evil, and anti-human, and greedy, and hateful, and out of control these arrogant globalists are.
They're bravado,
Their hubris, their chutzpah, their false aplomb is staggering.
And all we gotta do is call them on it.
And they're saying, how dare you and your listeners, how dare you Americans and others around the world call us out?
How dare you try to resist us?
We will destroy you!
History doesn't show that.
Those that are destroyed are those that roll over.
And those that are also destroyed are those that take on people who have right on their side.
As the founder of the Texas Rangers said...
A man in the wrong can't stand up against a man who's in the right who keeps on a-comin'.
And I'm gonna keep on a-comin'.
And whether I personally make it through all this in the weeks and years to come, doesn't really matter.
As long as we persevere and are a good example to others, we will be victorious.
Incredible transmission straight ahead.
Tell everybody, tune in now!
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Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
Fidel Castro took the guns.
Hugo Chavez took the guns.
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
The Republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns.
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, the horrid communist occultic mayday has come and gone.
Very eventful.
It's now the second day of May 2017 on this Tuesday.
Global transmission.
Another month or so, we'll be halfway into 2017 as we accelerate into the future via the space-time continuum at light speed.
We're gonna have wide open phones today, and we have Owen Shroyer popping in in studio, and also Millie Weaver, who valiantly, with the camera crew, as well as Rob Dew, went downtown yesterday while there was a mass stabbing during the anti-fascist communist celebration.
That's right, the media's asking, oh, why did it happen?
We don't know a motive.
I don't know a motive of white people and Asians being stabbed by a black man at the Antifa event.
Wonder what that was all about.
I have stacks of news with communism being celebrated around the world yesterday.
Then I have stacks of news about people starving to death in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and it just makes you ask, why do people celebrate communism?
Well, why is there a huge cult in Mexico worshipping the Grim Reaper?
I don't know.
I need to understand that.
So many huge events, so many important things happening.
Coming up, North Korea threatens the final doom of the United States, and here's the problem.
They don't have long-range missiles, they've got submarines that are off our coast and that could nuke U.S.
cities, and that's why Trump is being forced to move and take action.
The President is doing what he has to do, and I support him with the situation on the Korean Peninsula.
That said, we've got his new budget, twice the length of Obama's, quite large, has a lot of good things in it, has some bad things in it.
I spent about an hour early this morning trying to go over it.
The Democrats are celebrating it, saying, oh look, you're more Democrat than us.
That's all their backhanded attacks with Trump working with them to get a budget through so there wouldn't be a government shutdown.
But I know this.
Trump is bringing back American pride.
Trump is bringing back
A sense of value and exceptionalism in our jobs and our industry and is promoting nationalism and sovereignty and local control and the local worker and the family.
The globalists have been demoralizing the nation-state for decades.
And Trump is an American president.
He's calling the shots.
He's in charge.
Not the bureaucracies, not the IMF, not the World Bank, not the World Trade Organization, not the Import-Export Bank, not the TPP.
And that's why, despite the fact that he's done deals with them to get stuff done, he's only the president.
As Ron Paul said hundreds of times when he was running for president three times, in the 1990s, and then again in the 2000s twice, he kept saying on this show and others,
He's coming on, I think, tomorrow.
Look, under the Constitution, I can do a lot, but not as much as you think.
We're not going to reverse all this overnight, and I'll tell you.
The word is, Kennedy, a member of the Supreme Court, is about to step down.
Trump was told it is imminent, and that could be in the next month, but that's from Roger Stone, directly from the President, that they've received the letter that he is doing up.
That is an exclusive.
You notice after we put that out, some of the mainstream news said, oh, the word is he may be.
No, the word is he is.
And in politics, a month is imminent, but we're talking the next month or so.
And so I was just really reflecting on the bad things Trump's doing, saying they want to go after Assange, you helped get him elected, knew he said, release more of the intel, Assange, please.
That's just betrayal.
I don't like that.
It's a big black eye for the president.
And for my confidence.
But I look at some of the other stuff.
The Syria thing was clearly a false flag.
I don't know who did it.
Probably the jihadis.
I know Trump had to kind of go along with that or he'd get blamed for going along with the chemical attack and being a Russian minion.
So he did kind of kill that false agenda by doing that.
But now Russian relations are falling apart.
So you do one move like that and then, you know, things start unraveling.
Even though it handled a bunch of other problems, it's like whack-a-mole.
It starts a bunch of others.
And then I see some of the other things, but I mean, when it comes to the border and the wall and the security and crushing ISIS and standing up against radical Islam and three trillion plus in the stock market and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of new jobs and hundreds of major companies coming back, even foreign countries coming in.
It's amazing.
Killing DPP, getting a good Supreme Court justice in, set to get another one in.
Thank God we've got this respite and people that expect everything to be perfect are instant gratification folks.
In fact, I was thinking about two weeks ago about instant gratification myself and so many others I know.
I'm certainly not perfect here.
I'm not, again, lecturing everybody.
I'm just saying what I'd like to be better at.
What I think you should try to be better at.
Then we had a military guy calling who was so eloquent about the North Korea situation.
It was on a Friday.
And he said, you know, it's an instant gratification society.
You're not going to get instant gratification and you're not going to get exactly what you want right when you want it, but you will get what you need.
You can't always get what you want.
No, you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need.
And the spirit of Trump has them in a total complete hissy fit.
So there's the big debate going on as Trump goes, he's bad.
Everybody's weakness is their family.
Mine is too.
And I get that Ivanka can run around and do her own peacemaking and kind of maybe charm the left and not hating Trump so much if they can have a relationship with her or Kushner.
And if that's all Trump was doing, I'd be for it.
But the swamp isn't getting drained as fast as we need.
I'm seeing the swamp get drained some, but it's kind of like a video game.
Picture two different graphs.
The swamp's getting drained at, you know, say 10% every few months.
And Trump's already drained at maybe 20-30%.
But he's getting drained.
As fast as he's having victories, he's starting to have defeats.
So I look at the calculus, I look at the arithmetic, I look at the mathematics, I just dead reckon it, and it doesn't look good a year from now on the current trajectory he's on.
He's already done devastating good to the globalists.
He's done devastating harm to their operations.
But, I can look at the track this is on, and first 70 days, almost perfect, I couldn't believe it.
It was like... God sent.
Just, just, like he was un...
Stoppable, infallible.
And then by day 71 or 2, we're now like 105 days in, 104 days in, the track started going off to the side.
He's not going sideways yet, but he was going straight.
Now the track's starting to go like that.
And you know, you launch a rocket, it's going straight up.
If it starts turning a few degrees, goes up, turns, and crashes.
So, hoping he can get his gyros back and
I hope he can get the avionics back in line, because the missile's kind of going like this, the rocket's going like this, and if it keeps going like that, it's gonna crash land.
As we all know, missiles don't crash land, so that's the big issue we're going to be discussing here today, is the spending bill.
More on Facebook.
I only mentioned this briefly yesterday.
It really hit me last night how big this is, that Facebook got caught in its internal high-level memos running giant computer programs to prey on young people, and to make them insecure, and to make them controlled, and to put them into control groups to dominate and manipulate their lives.
Because I was reading the documents that news.co.au got, and the media missed it as usual.
They're saying leaked documents reveal Facebook conducted research to target emotionally vulnerable and insecure youth, but it's also trendies and other insecure groups.
And the key is, it's to keep them insecure and keep them under a controlled paradigm.
I shot a 30-minute video on it last night with Zimmerman.
Facebook targeted insecure children and vulnerable trendies.
Very powerful, I think.
But I'm gonna get more into that today because I was thinking more about it this morning and it's the whole system, the whole worldview, the whole false paradigm cosmology of the globalist to create addled, stunted, cowardly, fearful, groupthink followers.
And that's why they hate me so much.
And listen, I don't want to sit here and say, oh, I'm so big.
Oh, look, they attack me every night on the nightly news.
Oh, every night on the late night shows.
To me, this is about survival for myself and you and my family.
I mean, I'm so committed to this.
Things are so bad now that I've got just unlimited energy.
I've never had so much energy.
Because things have never been so good.
Best of times, worst of times.
The Tale of Two Cities, one of my favorite quotes.
The opening pages of that book, Tale of Two Cities.
Can you guys print me that opening page?
Thank you.
And that's where we are.
We're in that moment.
The Chinese proverb, the Chinese character, the Chinese symbol for opportunity is also uncertainty.
May you live in interesting times.
Don't we live in interesting times where they've got human animal clones all over the place?
MIT admits it, but the media says I'm crazy.
Or it's in Fox Business, lab-grown meat coming to supermarket shelves.
China's already got lab-grown meat on its shelves.
And for 20 years they've been selling human baby milk produced by cows.
Now the cows have human cells in their breasts to produce human milk.
I mean, people are saying, OK, yeah, tell us something we don't know.
They admitted and declassified two days ago that in the 1960s they had cyborg cats with hidden microphones and stuff on them.
And I mean, folks, imagine where we're at in 2017.
That's all I'm saying.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
We're not in 1950 anymore.
We'll be back.
This is Thomas Friedman, New York Times.
He writes that Trump should not fight ISIS.
Quote, the same way we encouraged the Mujahideen fighters to bleed Russia in Afghanistan.
So you have a major New York Times writer openly calling for Trump to leave ISIS alone.
I mean, Lionel, why is the establishment, which after all, you know, embraced this attack on Assad last week,
They loved it!
They immediately forgave Trump for many of his sins in the immediate aftermath of this Tomahawk missile attack.
Why are they now openly encouraging him to allow the spread of a jihadist army that has terrorized an entire continent?
Well, let me see if I can give you an adult and a cogent answer, because they're stupid!
Because Americans are, no, no, stupid!
Don't read, don't care, don't wonder.
They're incurious.
They know more about sports.
They knew more about Tom Brady's under-inflated footballs than they do what's going on.
In this article, he basically admits and explains that ISIS is a tool, a tool.
He writes in there,
That basically is an inside job.
It's basically like professional wrestling.
And nobody says anything!
This was a test.
This was to say, my God, do they read us?
Do they care about us?
Is anybody paying attention to us?
Or do they just not know?
I mean, Paul, I'm still reeling from that.
I can't believe he was allowed to say that, frame that.
That is the blueprint of what's going on.
This is amazing.
And also,
I was doing a radio show this morning, to give an example.
And I'm sure you've done this too, because people think I'm nuts!
Could be for different reasons, but I say, well, you do realize that there are a lot of people, myself included.
Who believed that the whole gas act was basically a false flag.
That it was contrived, it was staged, it was orchestrated, as it was in 2013.
CYHR said this.
We have evidence of this.
We know it.
It's part of their MO.
And you could hear the crickets.
It was like somebody said, cue the crickets.
And I said, did you hear what I said?
Where the hell have you been?
Paul, am I living in a parallel universe?
Have you and Alex and others deluded me into thinking that somehow everybody knows what we know?
Am I walking around in some kind of a cosmic psychotic fugue where... am I the only one?
I'm not talking to a guy in a corner.
I'm talking to a newspaper, a radio host who says, well, did you see the pictures of the dead babies?
And the dead say, yes!
I mean, that's the thing, Lionel, over and over again.
It's this appeal to sentimentality and emotion.
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Well, I'm not the kind to kiss and tell, but I've been seen with Farrah.
I've never been with anything less than a nine, so fine.
It's a death-defying life I lead.
I take my chances.
I die for a living defeating the globalists.
Yep, get Trump into office.
And then watch all the globalists take it over and turn against us.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
Got the fall guy bringing us in.
Some old 80s flashbacks.
Let's get serious right now.
Coming up North Korea, coming up the mass stabbing in Austin, Texas that our crew happened to be down there covering right when it happened.
Incredible, really dangerous for Millie Weaver and others.
We've got a whole bunch of news dealing with the spending bill, a lot of news dealing with Facebook, surveilling.
The youth and trying to keep them depressed and controlling them.
All that is coming up.
But first, I want to toot our horn and Mike Cernovich's horn again.
The media is calling for his weekly pass he was given.
We've gotten those as well.
We're pending getting our regular passes, which are very hard to get at the White House with Jerome Corsi.
The national media said that it was white power when he made the Trump symbol of A-OK.
We're going to handle it.
Everything's being taken care of.
With finesse.
Doesn't matter if that means it's handled, we've got it done, everything's okay.
They say he's an evil white supremacist because he's pointed out that Antifa is attacking people all over the United States and he was able to get that out in the briefing yesterday at the White House.
Of course, they're also attacking people and killing people all over the world, but three folks, four folks got stabbed yesterday.
And one of them died just miles from where I sit at one of the loving Antifa events.
But hey!
That's more evil white people that are out of the way.
Hip hip hooray!
Another liberal celebration of their non-violent activity.
And of course the person's mentally ill, but things like these mentally ill liberal demonstrations draw these folks like you-know-what to you-know-what flies to something.
Because it's true, modern liberalism is a mental disorder, as Michael Savage and many others have properly said.
But something else Cernovich and Paul Watson were right about last week was that McMaster, the guy that has boots on the ground in Syria and does want a ground war, that was now on the news yesterday, that sure enough McMaster does want a ground war in Syria, even though Trump has said that isn't going to happen.
Our sources in the White House say that is the plan and that Trump's trying to block it.
Making Afghanistan Great Again from Bloomberg.
So last week we report on what's happening and that he does want more boots on the ground in Afghanistan.
And then now, yesterday on May 1st, it comes out President Donald Trump will soon have to decide what to do about Afghanistan.
After weeks of wrangling inside his national security cabinet, top officials on Friday agreed on the broad outlines of a strategy to prosecute America's longest war.
And to continue it.
And McMaster wants to expand it.
So exactly what we told you internally at the White House last week that broke three days later in Bloomberg.
Here is Mike Cernovich giving you the exclusive.
So it really is mind-blowing.
So McMaster presented a $35 billion plan for Afghanistan at a principals meeting, which was with the whole National Security Council minus the president was there.
McMaster wants to spend $35 billion in Afghanistan, and he faced a lot of resistance and pushback from various officials there.
McMaster said, I quote, we will create
An inclusive government.
The strategy has not been presented to the President because even the people at the principals meeting think McMaster is out of his mind.
They're saying, what are you talking about?
You want to do $35 billion in Afghanistan?
What is that going to look like?
Are we talking troop surges, another surge?
Now remember McMaster was a protege of David Petraeus and Petraeus is indeed
That's last Friday when Mike Cernovich was on and they say a bare minimum of 23 billion in this principals meeting that broke in the big Bloomberg exclusive
And it goes on to say perhaps even more.
So you get exactly what was in the meeting and that there was pushback against McMaster.
General H.R.
McMaster prevailed though, we're now learning, and that that is the plan to actually expand the Afghan war.
Trump, even Alexander the Great, had to pull out of Afghanistan.
The British pulled out.
The Russians pulled out.
Everybody pulls out because they're like cavemen and they never submit and they're always killing each other too.
It's all tribal warfare.
So any victory will be Pyrrhic.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.
Independence isn't a day.
It's a mindset.
An attitude that says, I will not be your dependent.
I will not be your slave.
Dependence and slavery is a chain that is forged link by link with gradual infringements.
When you trade your liberty for safety, to that extent, you become their slave.
Slaves are never safe.
You won't get rich by being a slave.
Guard your liberty.
Regard with suspicion anyone who tries to take it.
For Infowars.com, I'm David Knight.
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This is our land.
These are our people.
The workers, the strivers, the builders.
These are our people.
Who are they?
They are the dark armies.
The dark murdering armies whose only honor is atrocity.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You're watching us on television.
You can see the Earth from space from the International Space Station.
Yes, we live in a magical universe.
Consciousness is the ultimate gift, is it not?
All right, let me start running through the news here, and then I'm going to open the phones up.
Owen Schroer's got big news joining us at the bottom of the hour.
Let's see if I can get Millie Weaver in here, who worked real late last night at the Antifa events, but we think we can get her, one of our great reporters in studio, to play some of the incredible stuff.
We have to bleep it out, though, of the Antifa.
They're all, like, runts.
And I'm not against runts, but they're all runts, and they're all really hateful, and they're all really devilish, and they're all really stupid.
Running around promoting and celebrating communism?
Well then why don't you hightail it to Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea, Dumbo?
Oh, I get it.
Once we fall, then you'll build the utopia.
I understand.
Now before I go any further, I decided last week that we'll do a 30-hour broadcast that kicks off at 11 a.m.
tomorrow and runs right through my regular show and right up into the evening.
And we're going to have a whole bunch of amazing guests, breaking news, special reports we're going to premiere, and so much more.
But it's really an exercise in resistance where we're going to have the feed at Infowars.com forward slash show.
We're going to have the feeds on YouTube, Facebook, you name it.
And just share those links.
Say, this is the forbidden information.
This is why the globalists are so afraid.
This is the information that the New World Order is scared of.
This is the video link.
This is the audio link.
They don't want you to see or hear.
And instead of just a few million extra people tuning in or watching, we could have tens of millions.
And that happens quite often when you get involved and you take action.
So tomorrow, I'm calling and I put out two different names to the curriculum with both.
We can kind of maybe show folks the graphics.
I know we tweeted them out.
And that's
Defense of the West, special 30-hour broadcast, and Defense of Free Speech, 30-hour broadcast.
But the West is about free speech, and the West is being absolutely taken down by the globalists.
30-hour broadcast in defense of free speech.
That's on my Twitter.
I tweeted it out today.
Please retweet that from Real Alex Jones to everybody you know.
This is an information war.
Google is spending tens of millions of dollars, admittedly, to shut us down and block us.
Facebook doesn't let us hardly share our information.
You have to do it individually, by hand sharing, through your email, by posting on your Facebook wall, by sending it out on YouTube.
And believe me, if they can take down InfoWars, as they're trying to do, every week with new operations against us, a lot of which I can't talk about on air at this time,
But I've got people on it, and we've got amazing intel.
So, a lot coming in the next few weeks and months that is going to be absolutely incredible to let folks know exactly what happened.
We already have the Democrats caught doing it, the Justice Department caught doing it, the Pentagon through the CIA caught doing it, congressional hearings.
We've got even more from the leaks we've got.
But some of these leaks are
Very high level, and we don't know how to present the information without burning who we got the information from.
And we want to continue to have those sources.
I mean... I've had a source on occasion, the President.
But they've done their best to try to shut that down.
Stone still is in regular communication.
Me every once in a while.
But Cernovich has a conduit, not the President, but right by the President.
And that's why it's such dead on information he gets.
But then we have a lot of other conduits in the White House.
And they're being run out right now.
So, I'm not releasing sources here.
The enemy knows.
And people have been called on the carpet and they go, oh, I'm bad because
I'm exposing that George Soros is trying to infiltrate the White House?
Oh, I'm bad?
Because I'm exposing the Democrats are trying to get Trump to be pro-gun control?
I mean, the people are like, we're the ones defending the Republic.
It's the White House getting overrun with globalists right now.
And so they're really going after people, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm not complaining about that.
You have to understand the epic point we're at in history.
That separates the men from the boys.
And if you will just give people links to stories you think are important, and links to videos you think are important, and point out this is the forbidden info.
Historically, it's a major miscalculation to try to censor somebody who's got pertinent info unless you completely shut them down and are successful.
That's why they're going for broke.
They've really taken a risk doing this.
Patriotism, sovereignty, nationalism is the new counterculture.
Not the fake globalist, leftist system.
Not the fake right-wing, blue-blood, rhino, neocon system.
So everybody has to decide whose side they're on right now and hang together or hang separate, but it's a war.
And if you will just commit to spread the links, if you will just commit to spread the articles, if you'll commit to call C-SPAN and plug InfoWars.com,
Or instead of saying Bill Clinton's a rapist, that's still happening every day at rallies all over the country.
It's having a great effect.
I get sent links every day at these Democrat, you know, events or these town halls where the Democrats go, bused in by Soros, paid to go in and scream anti-America garbage.
People are going to those and saying Bill Clinton's a rapist, Bill Clinton's a rapist, and they can't stand it.
How about people start saying InfoWars.com is the tip of the spear.
InfoWars.com is what they don't want you to look at.
They hate Alex Jones because he's not afraid to fight the NWO.
They hate InfoWars because it supports the people.
Visit InfoWars.com.
It's the forbidden information.
If you'll do that on C-SPAN, if you'll go to City Council and do that, if you'll do that on national TV, when they're out there doing a live event or local TV, it will change the world!
You are InfoWars.
If you're a patriot, if you're pro-gun, if you're pro-sovereignty, if you're pro-free market, if you're a Christian, a real Christian, not an establishment, country club Christian, Christianoid, as my late uncle called them, if you really want to fight the globalists, if you really want to win, we're starting to win.
That's why they're coming after us.
And they've picked InfoWars as target number one.
The lead elephant.
I spent a quarter million dollars on Rush Limbaugh's show and barely got my money back when they were about to kick him off the air.
Five years ago.
Six years ago.
Six, seven years ago.
Didn't get a thank you note.
That's fine.
Because I have instincts.
I have honor.
And I knew, even though I disagreed with a lot of what Limbaugh said, he was better than New World Order.
He wasn't out to get this country.
At least he was a patriot.
I've done the same thing for everybody else when they're under attack.
When Drudge is under attack by the Federal Elections Commission, trying to shut him down, I come out and speak out against it.
Or World Net Daily gets targeted.
Or Bill O'Reilly, as bad as he was, he was targeted because he was seen as a patriot, even though he really wasn't.
He wouldn't fully sell out during the election and follow orders, so he was destroyed.
And if they can destroy Infowars, ladies and gentlemen, which they're openly saying they want to do, with the member of the New York Federal Reserve Board suing me, with George Soros' law firm prosecuting it, and all the other dirty tricks, and the media clearly manipulating and influencing what happened in my custody case, and all of it, that's only the surface.
You only see the tip
of the proverbial iceberg.
Believe me, below the surface, it's Piranhaville.
But you know what?
As fast as they eat my flesh, that's how Providence works.
It's just replaced.
And you know what?
It's incredible.
I am so much stronger than I was even a month ago that I can't even believe it.
It's amazing.
And so as fast as they're tearing me down, God's building me back up.
And that's because of your prayers.
And that's the number one thing I need is your prayers and your support in the public.
Because if they can destroy me and make an example out of Infowars, they can intimidate everybody else.
I'm seen as the tiger they got by the tail.
And they think that if they can
Not even destroy me, but make people think I've been destroyed.
It can be an example of cowardice for everybody else.
That's all they're doing.
If you let one ant stand up, we actually have that video, we ought to come in with that.
I haven't played that in a while.
If you let one ant stand up, they might all stand up.
Those little puny ants outnumber us 100 to 1.
And if they ever figure that out, it's over for us, says the old grasshopper.
So that's where we stand.
I want to take first-time callers on any of the issues I've raised.
What you think of the Trump budget?
What you think of where Trump's going?
Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree.
He's an American president.
He's returning our sovereignty.
He's returning our wealth.
He's returning our honor.
But he's starting to slide.
He's for real.
But the swamp's draining him.
What do we do?
We don't desert him.
We're loyal opposition.
We know he's better than the Democrats.
We know he's going to give us good Supreme Court justices.
That alone right there is good.
And we stay there as loyal opposition so that we're there at those rallies and we're there on Twitter and we're there in the media with such a hue and cry through talk radio and C-SPAN and every system that where our voices can be heard in the White House switchboard so that he knows to stay the course and we're behind him.
They think Trump's an idiot because he actually cares about America.
He's not a sociopath.
He actually wants wealth and prosperity.
His businesses are based on a service economy.
Trump feels pathetic when he sees people poor.
He sees the economy slowing down.
He wants prosperity and he knows he's tied to you.
And he knows his destiny is tied to delivering the return of the Republic.
And the New American Century, not of the neocons of war and death, but the New American Century of prosperity and Americana and soft power.
800-259-9231 is the toll-free number.
I'm gonna hit North Korea.
Some of the Antifa stuff and then your phone calls.
But let me just briefly again talk about the financial support.
Support our local affiliates.
Support their sponsors.
That's critical.
Spread the word.
Don't take it for granted you're hearing us in Los Angeles or Chicago right now.
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Alright, more Teleprompter Free News straight ahead.
Lee Stranahan.
Lee Stranahan was formerly with Breitbart.
He knew Andrew Breitbart.
He also knows Steve Bannon.
He is now the editor of ThePopulist.us.
He's a co-host on Fault Lines, on Sputnik, and he has a citizen journalism school.
You'll find that at citizenjournalismschool.com.
But let's talk about the outsourcing of censorship first and the demonizing of individual sources, Lee.
I don't like the term fake news, okay?
There is such a thing as fake news, but the bigger problem, I think, is what I call narrative-driven news, which is this.
Let's take a simple issue.
I'm going to give just an example.
Let's say immigration, okay?
Now, let's say you've got two stories, and they're both completely true.
One story is about a woman who came here illegally, and she's got three kids.
She, you know, has worked for 20 years, but she's here illegally, and she's getting deported.
The second story is about a woman whose child was killed by an illegal alien who'd been deported three times.
Now, assume both of those stories are completely true, because those things both happened.
Does that make sense?
Which story is CNN gonna cover?
The deportation story of the victim.
And which stories is Breitbart going to cover?
You see what I'm saying?
So, my point here is that what they don't like about sites like InfoWars is that you guys cover stories that are outside their narrative.
You're outside their normal lane.
To me, the issue is, are people going to be honest with you about what their bias is?
Everybody's got a bias.
And always in the past we would see the same stories put out by ABC, CBS, NBC.
They would all choose to report the same stories and they would have the same angle.
Now we have people who are coming out with a different narrative.
We report the facts and we analyze the facts.
CNN reports the facts, they analyze the facts, but they tell you that their facts are the only facts.
People can make up their own minds.
And people can figure it out.
You can, I can, David.
All of the audience can.
I can look at a New York Times story.
And I know what their bias is, and I can filter that in.
I can look at an Infowars story, and I know where it comes from, and I can filter that out, and I can make up my own damn mind.
That's what's scary to them.
They're frightened to death that we can make up our own minds.
And the wake-up call for them was Donald Trump being elected, because whatever you thought about Donald Trump, he wasn't supposed to win, right?
He was supposed to lose.
And that's when they realized the genie's out of the bottle.
And they can no longer control us.
It's almost like there's an info war going on.
Alright, I'm going to your phone calls and then interspersed I've got more clips of Trump speeches he's been giving talking about turning the economy back on.
We've got breakdowns on his budget bill that would have a spending freeze for the first time in decades on the IRS.
So there is some good news there.
Bad news that McMaster is getting Trump to escalate.
The Afghan war.
It is a mixed bag.
But we are getting better Supreme Court justices and the economy is being turned back on and NAFTA and GATT are getting renegotiated and TPP is dead.
So how do you throw the baby out with the bathwater?
You can't.
You put pressure on Trump and his administration where he's wrong or where you think he's wrong and then you support
The things he's doing that are good, but the word is the new Obamacare bill is better than the last one, but still the Freedom Caucus is not going for it, and I back them on that.
We need to gut that monster and not give the Republican establishment some of the screw jobs they wanted that they wrote into Obamacare.
That's what makes me so mad at liberals.
The Republican establishment, the horrible globalist bluebloods,
helped write Obamacare 20 years ago in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney.
And it was written by the insurance companies to make you go into the market, make you buy it.
And then Obama added a bunch of socialist stuff on top of it, made it even worse, so it bankrupted healthcare that Ezekiel Emanuel and Jonathan Gruber admitted on C-SPAN and Fox News was the plan to fully destroy it and have socialist single-payer
With fascism on top, where the big banks run it, and the insurance companies run it, and shut down all the small insurers, and then really gouge you, make you buy a product with no competition.
That's why the mega banks support centralization.
They want monopolies.
They want a monopoly of the media.
They want to call all media they don't control fake, because we're not fake.
They want to say we're Russian agents with no proof.
In Congress!
Because they're the globalist agents!
They're the enemies!
They're the people selling out America!
They're the traitors!
They're the plague!
You guys print me, Tale of Two Cities.
Best of times, worst of times.
The first opening page of that book, please.
I wanna read The Traitor is the Plague.
I gotta do that every few months on air.
It was the best of times.
It was the worst of times.
It was the age of wisdom.
It was the age of foolishness.
It was the epoch of belief.
It was the epoch of incredulity.
It was the season of light.
It was the season of darkness.
It was the spring of hope.
It was the winter of despair.
The period.
We had everything before us.
We had nothing before us.
We were all going direct to heaven.
We were all going direct the other way.
In short,
The period was so far like the present period that some of the noisiest authorities insisted on it being received for good or for evil in the superlative degree of comparison only.
Print me that so I'm not reading it 20 yards away, thank you.
We're gonna come back and I promise, I promise on a stack of King James Version Bibles with a little, little red bookmark,
Felt, hanging between it, that we will go to Mark, Ben, Ken, Beth, Levi, and others, and the toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
You know, I don't tend to harp on the fact that we're under attack, but now that we're under such sustained, continual attack, I just want to say again, you are the resistance.
That's not me patting you on the head so you feel powerful or you feel included.
You are what they're scared of.
And they're scared of any focal point where you're able to be heard.
I suggest you be heard now more than ever.
And I suggest you use our videos, our articles, our intel, our films that are all free online as weapons of truth against the enemy and lies.
Have you told somebody to tune in to InfoWars today?
It's time to get aggressive or roll over in the ditch and die.
And we're starting to win, so let's go full power.
That's why the enemy's fighting so hard.
Hour 2 and T-minus 70.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Joe Biggs here with InfoWars.com, and this is an email from Family Gino.
I took down my Rebel flag, which you can't buy on eBay anymore, and peeled the NRA sticker off my rear car window.
I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the candy-ass neighborhood watch.
I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard.
Then I purchased the black flag of ISIS, which you can buy on eBay, and ran it up the flagpole.
Now the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, and other agencies are all watching my house 24-7.
I've never felt safer, and I'm saving $69.95 a month that ADT used to charge me.
Plus, I bought burkas for my wife and I to wear when we shop or travel.
Everyone moves out of the way and security can't pat us down.
If they say I'm a male wearing a burka, I just say, I'm feeling like a woman today.
Hot damn!
Safe at last!
Ain't America great?
You can find more reports like this at InfoWars.com.
This is Joe Biggs.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Our revenge is that we survive.
Our revenge is that we make it to the future.
The ultimate act of domination is to exterminate a culture, to exterminate an idea, to exterminate the genetics of a people.
Why are they banning Sico de Mayo celebrations if you're not Hispanic?
Why are they saying it's cultural appropriation if you like Jimi Hendrix music and you're not black?
Why are they banning at colleges everywhere Mexican-themed parties and saying they're racist?
Because they're killing real multiculturalism.
I go eat sushi.
It's not appropriating Japanese cuisine.
I like some sushi.
Some of it I don't like.
A lot of it I love.
I don't appropriate Chinese food.
Because I hate Chinese, it's delicious.
I don't appropriate Mexican food because I hate Mexicans, it's delicious.
Quite frankly, I probably eat more Mexican food than anything else.
I cook Mexican food at my house.
I eat more peppers than most Mexicans I know.
Is that a hatred of Mexicans?
No, that's called going local.
Cowboy hats!
Came from Spain, from the cowboys, the lariats, the ropes, that all was in Mexico, all the way down to Chile.
Is the average person in Texas who sees Mexicans walking around with cowboy hats and they go, look at those Mexicans dressed like cowboys!
I've actually heard that from ignorant people that weren't real cowboys.
Why are those Mexicans dressed like cowboys?
Because they invented it.
That's what multiculturalism is.
America is multiculturalism.
And they're using our strength against us with their false multiculturalism.
That's coming up with Owen Schroer.
But right now, I'm going to Ben next segment because he was talking about Netflix and Bill Nye, population control.
Yeah, I saw articles about that two days ago.
I didn't watch the video.
I can't.
His stand is condescension, his fake professor face, little white lab coats.
You know, he says arrest people that disagree with climate change.
I'm going to go to you next time because we're going to get that clip, Ben.
But yeah, it's sick.
Tell us what you saw coming up.
But right now, let's talk to Mark in the great state of Pennsylvania, where El Presidente gave an amazing speech this Wednesday.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex, pleasure to speak with you.
Thank you.
Pleasure to speak with you, sir.
Trump and his White House with the budget that they're going to put through today, or try to put through and have him signed, do you think he has them playing into his hand?
I mean, literally with the money, he's given them $1 trillion for a few months' time, and I just wonder if he has the Democrats actually playing into his hand.
What's your thoughts on that?
Well, he wants prosperity.
He knows the global economy's stalling.
It was set in every major financial periodical to really start going downhill this year.
And so he's trying globally to get the European stock market up, which finally started going up, to get ours up.
It's been meteoric.
To get jobs going, to get multinational investment going both ways, two-way streets.
And so he's done an amazing global economic turnaround in just 104 days in office.
That's unprecedented.
But we're not out of the proverbial forest yet.
We're not out of the tall trees yet.
So, we've got to really get behind Trump's economic agenda that Ron Paul said a month ago on the show is quote, amazing.
Say what you want about Trump and some of his issues that I disagree with greatly.
He's doing great things for our economy.
And so yes, I think given the Democrats some of what they want on spending, freezing the IRS, getting border security money basically doubled, it's overall a big spending bill.
But if the economy gets going again, we'll be able to pay off that debt.
If we don't,
It's going to stall out, and we're never going to pay these debts.
So, overall, I am giving Trump cautious, cautious support at this point.
What do you think?
Well, I agree with you, and also earlier you had stated to stay on Trump with things that we disagree with, and I want all the info warriors out there, do not let the Susan Rice scandal and everything go down, because that's going to lead to pedo-gate, that's going to
You know, I agree with you.
Trump needs to be on the offense more.
They heard us say he was this Russian spy and he leaked, and then they're the ones that are on the payroll of foreign governments that leaked.
Great points, Mark.
Thank you for calling.
I'm gonna move quick today.
I'm gonna be a good boy and go to your calls quickly.
Ben's up next, then Ken, Beth, Levi, and many others.
I'm Alex Jones.
The enemy hates us for a reason.
Because we know how to take them down.
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Use headphones.
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The ingredients in vitamin mineral fusion are either plant-derived or of the highest quality lab standard.
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women.
And attack them viciously, four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
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And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life.
It's not about food.
It's about keeping those ants in line.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
All right, I'm going right back to your calls.
Ben and Erica and Ken and Beth and Levi, we're going to get all of you here in just a few minutes.
First off,
CNN calls Trump a liar, a racist.
CNN gives the questions to Hillary Clinton in all three debates and gets caught doing it.
CNN got caught in the WikiLeaks trying to rig the polls, sometimes giving her 30 plus points ahead of what she really had.
So CNN, openly run by the Democratic Party and George Soros and other financial interests, banned over the weekend this ad from running that Donald Trump's
Presidential campaign paid for it.
CNN said they didn't run it because of fake news graphic.
So they're allowed to call everybody fake.
Trump fake, Alex Jones fake, Infowars fake.
Everything's fake.
And then when the president talks about fake news, they're not going to carry an ad even though he pays for it.
Why would Trump even want them to run his ad?
They have almost no viewers.
But here's the bottom line.
This ad is about buoying national sovereignty.
It's about believing in America.
It's about confidence.
We have the industry.
We have the infrastructure.
We have the know-how.
We have the people.
We can rebuild America.
We can make it better, faster, stronger.
Yes, that's a rip-off of the 1970s bionic man.
We can rebuild her.
Barely alive.
We can rebuild her.
We're going to do it.
But we have to be realistic, we have to be pragmatic, and we have to move against the enemy and realize we have the light in the dark of the night.
Then I'm going to your phone calls and Bill Nye, whose show is called Bill Nye Saves the World.
I'm going to talk about that in a moment.
Because here's the deal.
I'm shooting a video and already shot part of it yesterday to debunk the new movie coming out with Al Gore, His Inconvenient Truth Part 2.
And I was going to call it, Al Gore Saves the World.
That was the name of the special report.
I didn't know Bill Nye had a failed show on what, Netflix?
I didn't know Bill Nye had three stars out of ten.
I didn't know that he even said that, but that's, they've scripted it where they're saviors of the earth, you let them have full control of your life and they'll save you.
But, I told Duke, the name's gonna be, Al Gore Saves the World.
I had no idea that was the name of Bill Nye's, but that's, I mean I saw the ad when I went and saw The Promise, excellent movie, historical movie, about the Armenian Genocides Friday night.
I went and saw it with my wife and son, and I'm sitting there watching it.
It was an amazing film, and then I thought about the ad for Inconvenient Lie.
I mean, Inconvenient Fraud, Inconvenient Eugenics, Extermination Operation, I'm sorry.
Inconvenient Way to Get You to Try to Kill Yourself, basically.
So Al Gore can have all the resources for his pig-like self.
I'm sorry.
I said I'd get to the breakdown of that when we go to the next caller.
Benton, Florida.
First, let's get to the banned ad that you're not supposed to see talking about the first hundred days of Donald John Trump.
Here it is.
The first hundred days of Donald John Trump.
Of Donald Trump, sworn in as president 100 days ago, America has rarely seen such success.
A respected Supreme Court justice?
Companies investing in American jobs again.
America becoming more energy independent.
Regulations that kill American jobs?
The biggest tax cut plan in history.
You wouldn't know it from watching the news.
America is winning and President Trump is making America great again.
I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message.
Now let's go through that ad one more time and I'm gonna stop and start it.
It's only 30 seconds long.
Totally true.
Totally accurate.
And he shows mainstream news that's all attacked the president.
Over and over again, and who are rooting for the country to fail, and are in major financial publications admitting that they're globally trying to kill our stock market, show that the Trump revolution stops, because they can't deal with the American system of prosperity and free market.
Nobody can compete with it, so they want to kill it.
So let's go to the ad one more time.
Donald Trump, sworn in as president 100 days ago.
It paused.
Back it up.
Sworn in 100 days ago.
Back it up five seconds.
Absolutely true.
That's documented.
Sworn in a hundred days ago.
Where are we now?
Three plus trillion in the stock market.
Three hundred plus billion, and that's an old number.
New jobs coming in.
Absolute better than we've seen in a decade.
Numbers at restaurants.
Retail's still doing bad, but that's because people are moving towards almost only shopping online.
Delivery business is way up.
So that's kind of like horses getting replaced with cars.
That's why the retail's falling apart.
Let's continue.
Donald Trump, sworn in as president 100 days ago.
America has rarely seen such success.
A respected Supreme...
Never seen such success.
Shows him signing all these orders, turning our jobs back on, killing one-sided trade deals, getting us out of TPP, getting Neil Gorsuch in the Supreme Court.
Let's continue.
Court justice confirmed.
Companies investing in American jobs again.
Back it up 10 seconds.
500,000 plus jobs created?
It's way, way more than that.
Because you've got 300 trillion, 300 billion already in new investment announced.
By SoftBank, and the list goes on and on.
By Fiat, by Chrysler, by Ford, by Hasbro, by Mattel, by all these other... Mitsubishi... Samsung... I mean, I can't even list them all.
It's incredible.
The power plant's turned back on.
Let's continue.
America has rarely seen such success.
A respected Supreme Court justice confirmed.
Companies investing in American jobs again.
America becoming more energy independent.
Keystone Pipeline in.
They don't even have time to mention the coal.
Worth trillions to us just in the next decade.
Absolutely clean.
Cheaper energy.
On and on and on.
Giving all those miners their jobs back.
Let's continue.
It is one of the biggest tax cuts in modern history.
I guess because technically the numbers are bigger than ever because of inflation, but it's not as big as the Kennedy tax cut that was 50% for the main tax brackets, 30% for the rich.
It's just not the biggest in history.
But it is the biggest, I guess, number-wise, technically, but not in the real numbers adjusted for inflation.
Let's continue.
You know it from watching the news.
America is winning and President Trump is making America great again.
I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message.
But they didn't like the little bit of criticism of CBS, ABC, CNN saying fake news.
No, you're not going to say that.
They bring out the term, Hillary creates it, they brand Alex Jones with it, the dark heart.
They swear to get into office and shut us down in 2017.
They fail and they're still there though at the State Department with the new office trying to shut us down.
Now, Ben, let's shift gears.
Ben in Florida
He wants to talk about the Netflix show Bill Nye, and the show's called Bill Nye Saves the World.
Now that's what all this environmentalism's about, how Al Gore saves the world, Lord Rothschild saves the world, Bill Nye saves the world, so you're not allowed to question them, you're not allowed to say they're wrong, you're not allowed to say the sun drives climate.
When they said it was going to be global freezing in the 70s and 80s, it was global warming in the 90s and 2000s, and now the earth's starting to cool off again because of the sun, different cycles.
So now they want to arrest you.
15 state attorney generals led by Cuomo, that governor, want you arrested if you question.
And Bill Nye,
has come out and said he wants to look at having people arrested because we're involved in fraud.
We have to pay carbon taxes to Al Gore's carbon trading company.
We've got to pay it to George Soros' carbon trading company.
We've got to let them pick which jobs and businesses can operate or we're killing the planet.
So I'm going to go to this call and when I come back I'm going to play a few clips from his failing show and where he said arrest people that don't agree with him.
So he's an authoritarian, know-it-all, arrogant,
Pseudo-intellectual twit with a non-threatening bowtie.
Yeah, people that drive creeper vans wear those, folks.
He is a creeper.
If I was gonna have some money in casting for the last season of True Detective, which is an excellent series, takes a lot to make me watch TV and it was excellent, then I'd cast him as the bad guy, wouldn't you?
Just a little opinion, side piece.
Total creep.
Let's go ahead and go to Ben in Florida.
Ben, what do you think of Bill Nye?
You say you've been watching the show.
Yes, sir.
And, you know, I want to say this.
Bill Nye, obviously, this is a guy with a God complex, okay?
He calls himself the science guy, but in reality, he's the globalist guy.
He's the Marxist guy.
And on the 427 edition of his show, the Netflix show you had just referenced, he actually asked with a straight face, Alex,
Whether or not children in, quote, developed countries should be penalized for having, quote, too many children, okay?
And I should say families, rather.
Families in developed countries, should they be penalized for having too many children?
And his guest, a doctor, responded by saying,
It's something we should consider.
These people believe they're God, they want to control the world, and now they want to control how many children you have based on discredited, fake scientific facts and propaganda like climate change.
It makes me sick to my stomach, and it should make every one of you listeners out there sick to your stomachs as well.
Well, let me tell you why I want to hire four or five more great investigative journalists and video editors, so that they're investigative journalists that also have the skill to go in and put a piece together, so we can monitor movies, TV shows, so-called news shows, and have commentary and critique and analysis to show the lies.
I knew he'd call for arresting people he disagrees with.
Here it is, Bill Nye, the science guy, is open to criminal charges and jail time for climate change dissenters.
No, we believe climate change.
In fact, it's always changing.
You've got global freezing and global warming.
So, that's what he wants to do.
And I haven't seen the show, but I need to have the crew that can go into Netflix and watch the 427 show, I guess, that aired last week, where he calls for population control.
I know he's called for that in his writings, but again, Bill Gates,
People like Warren Buffett, people like Ted Turner who has five kids, they're all going to have kids.
The communist Chinese elite, they have four or five kids.
It's just the general public that can only have one child.
And this is total and complete elitism.
And remember how long I warned people?
Twenty years ago about the one-child policy coming here and now you see it being promoted everywhere.
They want taxes on people that have more than one child.
I've been confronted many times for my three children, now four children, when I'm at Whole Foods.
Why do you have so many kids?
These are uptight, upset, angry people that don't have children and who've been taught to hate people that do.
They're monitored and controlled and socially engineered by Facebook to keep them desperate, to keep them alone, and to keep them hateful.
And so that's all they've got is hate for those of us that have a life force.
And as I've said, Al Gore scripts himself as the savior of the world.
I didn't know Bill Nye, and I guess the crew's seen it, has a show called Savior of the World.
How sickening.
Absolutely, and you said it earlier.
He cloaked himself with this non-threatening sort of, you know, personality.
No, exactly.
And then he sits there, and he goes, oh, what do you think about maybe we should control how many people children have in the developed world?
You don't get to tell us how many kids we can have, you piece of trash!
Oh, let me have one-child policy!
We'll drop by like China and kill your newborn baby in a bucket of water, or maybe melt it down and sell its fat for women for collagen injections.
But see, it's okay if Apple has mobile execution centers, or Apple has
Or supports China's mobile execution centers, never criticizes that, and has suicide nets around the Foxconn factories, and drugging and forced abortion, because it's liberal!
Because the Apple board has Al Gore on it, or at least it at the time, and then it's trendy, because Al Gore talks in this real slow, kind of Southern NPR voice, so why don't you just give in?
Oh, and I love how Al Gore in the new trailer for his new fiction movie, An Inconvenient BS Part 2, says, Humanity will survive!
We will come together!
The whole fake environmental movement's about anti-human eugenics and population reduction and ignoring genetic engineering, chimeras, toxic waste dumping, geoengineering, all the things that are killing our Earth.
So it ignores all the real stuff and focuses on the garbage.
It's a fundamental hatred for human life.
And what they do is they use this big environmentalist movement as an excuse, as a pretext to push population control, to push this idea that, hey, we've got to control how many children we have, as if we live in a communist nation.
But he's wearing a bow tie!
It's okay.
God bless you, Ben.
Thanks for monitoring this.
Sure enough, it's confirmed Christian news.
Bill Nye, the science guy.
Let me talk like him.
Bill Nye, hi.
I'm not threatening.
I'm real tall with a bow tie.
Don't mind, I look kind of creepy.
I like to meet with David Rockefeller.
Bill Nye, the science guy.
Science is real.
And it says you die.
Carbon credits, calorie rationing.
We decide where you live and what you do.
It's liberal.
We're the saviors.
Bill Nye the Science Guy suggests parents should be penalized for having extra kids.
And the West is bad in his Netflix show.
Called Bill Nye saves the world on April 21st.
I guess you saw it on April 27th.
Let's go ahead now and play Bill Nye talking about, well, maybe we should lock people up.
I mean, that's liberal.
Here it is.
We interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the environmentalist, here at the People's Climate March in 2014, September.
He said that the climate deniers, his word, energy CEOs belong at the Hague with three square meals and a cot with all the other war criminals.
What is your thought on that?
Do you think some of the rhetoric on your side, as I'm sure both sides, but some of the rhetoric on your side gets too carried away?
I mean, what's your thought on jailing skeptics as war criminals?
We'll see what happens.
Was it appropriate to jail the guys from Enron?
Okay, right, so we'll see what happens.
Was it appropriate to jail people from the cigarette industry who insisted that this addictive product was not addictive and so on?
And you think about
In these cases, for me as a taxpayer and voter, the doubting, the introduction of this extreme doubt, we go with extreme doubt, climate change, is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen.
So I can see where people are very concerned about this and are pursuing criminal investigations as well as engaging in discussions like this.
Very, very arrogant.
Meant to sound reasonable, pausing, talking real slowly.
Let me do a Bill Nye act for you real quick.
Bill Nye thinks you're a boobie.
Do you know where the idea for the carbon credit trading plan came from?
The same place Bill Nye just used as an example of why they should be able to criminally indict people that don't believe in man-made global warming or anthropogenic warming.
Let me just act real smart, okay?
I got a big bow tie, okay?
You gotta be really smart to wear one of these, alright?
Now listen, I'm Bill Nye, okay?
Did you know, Bill Nye, that Enron and Ken Lay, that you just used as an example, are the ones that came up in 1987 with the carbon tax plan that they met with Al Gore, then Senator, about before he was Vice President?
Did you know the whole plan got launched by Ken Lay, who had fake...
Trading desk and fake computer programs, and they would charge Californians up to two billion dollars extra a day for electricity and would have fake rolling blackouts to create the view of artificial scarcity.
Did you know that you could search that and find that in congressional hearings, Bill Nye?
Well, you probably know that, don't you?
That's right, you're so smart.
You're so cool, Bill Nye.
And so, thank God you're here.
Oh, and the cigarette companies, like the Liberals, and Edward Bernays getting liberal women
To smoke cigarettes so millions and millions died.
Millions of others were maimed, making it trendy to smoke cigarettes.
Kind of the whole same PR campaign, which we're not involved in.
Totally separate deals.
Just scientists and citizens and astrophysicists and others saying the sun's the main driver of climate on Earth.
The only other heat source is tectonic magma flows and limited amounts of volcanic gassing into the atmosphere and fissures in the
Crust in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans that do add some heat to the planet, but it's less than one one-billionth, if you look up the statistics, of the actual heat of the Earth that's translated to the surface.
It's the Sun, Bill.
The Sun.
Science is real, Bill.
Bill, listen to me, Bill.
Listen to me.
You know it's a eugenics program to tax the carbon cycle.
Sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and air.
Everyone knows oxygen, water, and sunlight are good.
But carbon dioxide sounds like monoxide.
We can get most people, 90% even at UT, we've done this, so have Penn and Teller, so has Mark Geiss, to sign, oh let me get back in character, to sign petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide.
And dihydrogen monoxide, Bill Nye, is the name for water, H2O.
Did you know that, Bill Nye?
Without sunlight and water and carbon dioxide and water, we're all dead, sweetheart.
And I know you want to tax water, too.
You want to tax everything.
You want to be God.
And you want to be able to monitor and track all use and have us on carbon credits and ration calories so all the poor people who've been taught to be poor can be taught to hate wealth and think it's cool that everybody else is poor because misery loves company.
But then the elites get off their jumbo jets with 10 planes backing them up and over 500 men in the jail in South Africa in Durban
And Obama can say two years ago, Ha!
If you have air conditioners or cars, I can't do a good Obama imitation.
You know?
If you got air conditioning and cars, the Earth's gonna heat up and boil over.
I'm sorry, you can't have it.
Oh, that's Bill Nye destroyed.
Bill Nye is the destroyer of humanity.
Bill Nye's not the savior of the world, Bill.
He signed on to the globalists and said the future doesn't need us.
Their white papers are all public.
That they all meet in Silicon Valley 20 years ago and decided to launch a world government program that was already in pace?
Everybody drugged up, dumbed down, and slowly poisoned to the fact that we're pretty much unconscious when you finally kill us.
And you plan to recycle our bodies as fertilizer for yourselves to grow your crops?
Yeah, those are white papers, Bill.
Bill, I know all about you and eco-science, boy.
Bill Nye is an enemy of humanity if there ever was one.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Let's face it, most of us are totally addicted to our cell phones.
But recent studies link cell phone use to major health issues, including brain cancer.
Experts say parents and expecting mothers need to be extra careful.
Doctors say the infant brain, even while in the womb, is especially vulnerable.
So keep the phone away from your abdomen, especially toward the end of pregnancy.
And for men, using a cell phone for as little as an hour a day is literally cooking your sperm.
Lowering sperm count levels so much that conceiving a child could be difficult.
This is one of those times you want to keep it out of your pants.
And for those of us who use our cell phones before bed, know that the screen light is actually disrupting your sleep rhythms.
This causes insomnia and slows the metabolism.
Hello, weight gain!
Generally speaking, when cell phones are on, they're constantly emitting radio frequency radiation.
So keep your phone in airplane mode when you can.
Keep the phone at least two feet away from your body.
Use headphones.
And when you're not on your phone, keep it as far away from you as possible.
Leigh Ann McAdoo with your InfoWars Tip of the Week.
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
I was a total fitness nut 20 years ago.
About 15 years ago, I just stopped working out.
I gained close to 100 pounds.
I have lost 50, 60 pounds of fat or more.
I've gained 20 pounds of muscle.
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It's actually scary.
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We've produced these products with top scientists and researchers like Dr. Group to help you counteract the globalist onslaught and at the same time support InfoWars in our fight to promote human liberty and freedom.
Hi, I'm Bill Nye.
Why don't you kill yourself?
I'm a good guy.
I'm wearing a bowtie.
Patriots Worldwide, in defense of human liberty.
Slip those wrists.
Alex Jones.
The elite need more living space.
Can't you subhumans just kill yourselves?
We're the liberals!
More abortion!
More tech engineering!
No carbon dioxide that plants breathe that then produce oxygen, even though the Earth's in one of the lowest levels of carbon dioxide in its whole history.
No, not the carbon dioxide!
We need to be like Mars and lose our atmosphere!
Please, Bill Nye, save us!
In the Passion Play, Crumbling Away.
You'll get what you want, Alex.
You'll get what you want.
Stephen Hawking said we have to leave planet Earth today, so... Oh, but Val Gorce is in his new movie, An Inconvenient Load of B.S.
Part 2.
We ain't getting on no rocket ship to Mars!
We're not going to get on airplanes either.
We're not going to have calculators.
We're not going to have genetic engineering.
We're not going to... Oh no!
Because space is like... We're at the top of the mountain and we have like a hundred yards.
We've already gone 18,000 feet.
We've got a hundred yards to life extension.
A hundred yards to giant space colonies with gravity.
A hundred yards to get past the globalists.
That's the little problem.
There's a 14-foot vampire standing right in the archway.
I'm trying to block our way to the next level.
We gotta roll up our sleeves and say it's clobberin' time.
Cause we may think we're not big and strong, but that vampire, we look like Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four to that vampire.
And it's time to...
Get him upside the head, in the knowing.
Well, and Trump is talking about the best way for us to do it now, at least I think.
I don't know what your thoughts on this, Alex, are, but 2018, electing the right people to your local government, to Congress, getting out some of these swamp creatures, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer.
Let's call it Operation Total Victory!
Because we need a complete Freedom Caucus.
I mean, Paul Ryan?
Okay, get him out!
Vote him out!
And here's my big problem.
Bye-bye, blue eyes!
Here's my problem, Alex.
Where are the people right now challenging these people?
There's only one person whose boots are on the ground, who's campaigning right now, who's going to destroy Maxine Waters for the first time in 35 years, this woman.
This crazy dingbat who spends three hours a day on a frickin' wig, doesn't even live in her own district.
Is it true that Pelosi didn't know that it was President Trump again?
No, I can perfectly believe that.
These are mentally deranged people.
They ought to be drug tested.
And I don't even care.
Do as many drugs as you want.
Just let the American people know if you're on Prozac all day long.
Let the people know whatever is making Nancy Pelosi a... I mean, she's demented, Alex.
This isn't just rhetoric.
Your hate has made you powerful.
Hey, tell us what you've got coming up, because I want to go to these calls, then to North Korea, then into the stabbing, then into Antifa.
We're going to have Millie Weaver in here at the bottom of the next hour, who was down in the middle of it, Rob Dew was as well.
Total insanity with just their behavior.
This guy, mentally ill guy, got kind of caught up in all this hysteria, went out and stabbed some people.
The answer is obviously man knives.
So that's all coming up.
We're going to be talking about that all here in a moment after we take calls, but tell us the big stories you've got coming up.
Here they are.
Well, you covered the CNN 100-day ad that we played a second ago.
None of that was false.
The whole thing was true.
Did you know, though, that
CNN banned that?
From being played?
I couldn't believe when I read that story.
So we know about the mainstream media censoring.
We know about Google trying to censor us.
YouTube trying to censor us.
We know that all this is going on.
That's one part of the censorship equation.
That's not the full equation.
There's another equation here, and this story tells it all.
Baylor students protest Mexican-themed frat fiesta.
Demand mandatory diversity training.
You've been talking about this, Alex.
The globalists believe that the people will eventually embrace their slavery as in they'll like it, they'll want it.
This is the mental slavery being embraced.
The Baylor students!
This isn't coming from the staff, which we see all the time.
This isn't coming from the administration, which we see all the time.
We've already seen that, we know about that.
This is the students!
This is self-censorship!
This is self-proclaiming yourself a racist!
By the way, I had a Hawaiian-themed party at my house because I love the food and love the tiki torches at night, and I'm actually going to have gas tiki torches put into my backyard because I like it!
I like Hawaiian food!
I love the Hawaiian culture!
I have a St.
Louis lapel pin on.
Does that mean I hate everyone else that isn't from St.
Is that what it means?
That's probably what it means, right?
It's over.
I hate everybody unless you're from St.
Well, Daria said it right.
They're killing true multiculturalism.
They don't want us having fun celebrating each other's cultures.
I mean, it's like you go to the Broken Spoke, one of the oldest young dance halls here in Austin, where people like George Strait got discovered.
You go and there's people from China, Japan, they love country music.
George Strait sells more in, you know, Japan than he almost does here.
There's folks from Eastern Europe, people from Africa, and they're wearing cowboy hats and boots.
And people don't go, what the hell are you doing wearing our Texas garb?
You want to put down Texas?
No, it's enjoying a culture.
It's like you go to Japan and you sit there, you know, at the dinner and drink sake.
You're not... How dare you wear a cowboy hat?
That's offensive!
I hate rabbits!
I'm the roughest tootin' lombre west of the Pecos, and I'm gonna kill you!
I went to, well, I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia for the first two years.
I hate rabbits.
Alex, they made you go to stupid little things.
You had to learn about this training, that training, this sensitivity, that, that, that.
We hated it!
I didn't want to go to that crap and waste my time!
But it's trolling for the people.
It's trolling for the politically correct people so that it wrecks every business, every office, and then those people get ostracized because they're so mentally ill that literally they think any jokes, any comments, anything is sexist, anything is racist, you must be trying to screw them over because you don't like them, and then it actually handicaps people, whether they're white, black, Hispanic, Asian, that buy into this.
Notice though,
You never see, almost ever, Asians at these political correctments.
They're busy getting the straight A's to go be the number one richest group in America.
Learning five different languages.
Yeah, because they're busy.
They want success.
They come from countries that are super populated, where people starve to death on the street.
So they're here because Mama paid $10,000 and worked like a slave to get them here.
And they're here to get straight A's, 4.0's, to end up making $2 million a year.
Asians in every category, the first five, six levels of the wealthiest people in America, are different Asian groups.
Yeah, I think.
Why is that?
Oh, there was no glass ceiling for them.
Yeah, Gavin McGinnis actually wrote that.
Because they are about business.
Sorry, go ahead.
Gavin McGinnis actually wrote that down, how if you want to talk about the privileged class, it's actually Asians, but the privilege is you just work hard and you have a good life.
But Alex, think about this.
So these are the students, okay?
These kids are students right now.
This is unheard of even from my generation.
I'm 27.
Even people of my age, this is absurd.
We wouldn't ever ask to be put into some sort of diversity training.
This is madness.
Okay, but in 20, 30 years, Alex, okay?
You're going to be having that Hawaiian-themed party.
I'm going to be at your party, hopefully.
I'm going to be enjoying a mai, and I'm going to have my lei on and everything.
Mai tai.
We're going to be having mai tai.
We're going to be having a good time.
There'll be a tiki torch going.
But that neighbor, that neighbor that went to Baylor, oh, see, he's going to have to call the government.
You're going to need diversity training, Alex.
You're going to need some clear diversity training.
We had the little plastic flowers around our necks.
How dare you!
It was a pool party.
I'm calling the police because I went to Baylor in the year 2017 and I had diversity training, you see?
And I know it when I see a party that's racist.
And you, sir, are having an Hawaiian-themed party that is racist.
By the way, costume parties are fun.
Toga parties are not to put down the Greeks.
It's because you get the girls in the shorter little outfits.
I mean, that's what those are really about.
The Mexican-themed parties, I've been to a bunch of those.
They have nothing to do, but it's meant to make everybody that's at them feel weird.
Hey, we're having a Mexican-style party, and it means fajitas, it means tequila, it means having fun.
And I guess you could say, culturally, the Mexicans have fun.
I like to go down to Cancun and have fun.
Is that bad that the Mexicans know how to have a party?
Well, I've had piñatas at many of my kids' birthday parties.
I had piñatas when I was a kid.
Not because I hated Mexicans.
It's fun to have kids over and beat, you know, an effigy of something and have candy and toys fall out.
There was a thing just down the street from me yesterday.
I went to get groceries.
There was a little party going on.
They were banging a little piñata.
Kids were all having a good time.
I didn't drive by and think, oh my gosh, how offensive to Mexicans!
You know, we've got to have a, because we have office style, and I know I've gotten Hawaiian food catered in here too, it's so good.
It's Polynesian food that you guys get catered to.
Well, let's just have Mexican food catered in here with one of the food trucks, and we'll all have a party on Facebook Live, some dinner up here, and everybody will get rides home, we'll get rideshare or whatever, but whoever wants to drink, we'll buy the tequila, and we'll show people how you have a Mexican party.
So, but here's what I'm, here's what I'm, here's what I'm worried about, Alex.
I'm actually worried about this.
Growing roots and affecting us down the road.
Where you literally, okay this is in the universities now, but I'm afraid it's going to infiltrate our daily lives.
This false narrative that you're ranting.
Well take that strange, exactly take that strange, strange foods guy.
I forget his name, I like his show.
I don't watch Latino, but I watch that.
He goes all over the world, all over the place.
Anthony Bourdain?
Cultural, that's another guy.
Cultural food.
And he goes and looks at different cultures and it's all about the culture.
And you're not expropriating when you get the recipe.
And people enjoy that.
That's multiculturalism.
That's learning about people's culture.
We cook Mexican food at least two nights a week.
It has nothing... This is so mentally ill.
That I have to say, we're not racist because I like to make tacos.
I mean, should I be driving around Austin, Texas, seeing all these Mexican places, telling if it's not a Mexican owner, if there's a white worker there, that they need to go to diversity training?
Listen, I told you, I was at, about two years ago, with my son, at Barton Springs, and there were two Hispanic guys, and a white guy, they were obviously baked in a smoking pot, you could tell they were stoned.
And they're hopping around the water right in front of me, about ten feet away, I'm sitting on the grass, and they're like, dude, man, I'm hungry, I want some Chinese food.
And he goes, oh dude, you're not supposed to say Chinese, you're supposed to say Asian.
And they were like real scared.
Barton's was totally full of people.
It was the middle of the summer.
There was probably a thousand people there.
And I'm sitting there going, do I say something to these guys?
It's the same thing.
Oh, it's the...
You know, Oriental New Year.
Or the Chinese New Year.
Oh no, don't say the Asian New Year.
Now you can't even say the Chinese New Year as if saying Chinese is racist.
They're making words evil.
So that's the story.
It's an attack on reality, Alex.
And here's what I'm worried about.
Okay, so this is what I'm seeing on social media from
I don't
Joking, they were serious, but they knew it was bull, but it was about making their liberal readers get more brainwashed.
It's about preying on their cult.
These are like gang members that prey on their mind control victims.
The writers know it's bull, but they want to see how screwed up they can get you, just like the Facebook documents show.
They want to make you insecure, make you pathetic, make you feel small, and then feed on you.
I want to make you feel strong because you are.
But this false narrative infiltrates into our realities and gets spun.
Like this, Alex.
This is what I'm noticing people want to say.
They want to spin it and they say that we hate immigrants.
Anytime they make some sort of political point, they make it and spin it so that it appears that the opponents hate immigrants.
That was never the story.
Now there's the Washington Times.
Milk, the new symbol of racism in Donald Trump's America.
But that's what I'm saying.
The Trump movement was never anti-immigrant.
The Trump movement wanted the immigration law followed.
It was about sovereignty and we're not under globalism where you can't go.
I'm Chinese or I'm Mexican or I'm German and I'm gonna come here and you're gonna pay for my baby day one and if you don't you're a racist.
It's like I can't come to your country and do that.
If anything, the Trump movement was... Who bought them TVs?
Tell me that!
We want immigration.
We want legal immigration.
We want people to go through the process so we can keep this country strong and not have it be infiltrated by people that hate this country because those people exist.
But that's not it.
Here's the other one.
You're well aware of this, Alex.
You deny climate change.
No, I don't.
But that's what they say!
See, that's how they spin it!
It's your man-made global warming and the carbon taxes you want when China and India and others have no carbon controls.
It'll make carbon actually go up, which you claim is so bad.
And this is how they cut off... And they go, no, no, no!
They go, science, science, science, science, science!
I'm saving the Earth!
And I go, no, you're scripting yourself and casting yourself as the savior.
You're in a cult!
And they go, science, science, science, science!
So this is how they frame... Bill Nye says slit your wrist for mommy.
Bill Nye.
Mommy Earth.
Bill Nye, the Creepazoid.
I'm ranting.
Go ahead.
No, I'm sorry.
It's just Bill Nye is unbelievable.
But this is how they infiltrate false narratives into people's realities.
And they just kind of give it just a little twist.
Just a little twist.
And when you don't do the research, you buy it to say, oh, Alex Jones, he doesn't believe in climate change.
But everybody knows the climate change is known.
It was first Ice Age.
Then it was global warming.
Then it was blah, blah, blah.
We're saying you're full of bull.
The only constant is change.
And they take our line and go,
You don't believe in change.
We go, we always believe in change.
Shut up, racist!
You need to be arrested!
You're racist against the earth!
Al Gore will save us!
Bill Nye will save us!
There's no need to fear!
Bill Nye and Al Gore are here!
Bill Nye and Al Gore.
Mighty Mouse!
Mighty Mouse!
Mighty Mouse!
I said that actually they should go back and start playing An Inconvenient Truth in the schools again just to show how wrong these people are.
Because he said by 2013 Florida will be flooded and so will California.
Oh and they're also showing the new ad for the inconvenient load of BS part 2.
Yeah, we had to change our lives this time.
He goes, I predicted in my film that areas of lower Manhattan would flood.
Every decade, on average, a hurricane hits it, and that area floods.
They hadn't put the drains in yet on the construction site.
And hurricanes are actually down.
So of course it flooded.
It's always hit.
He says, and hurricanes are up.
Hurricanes are at a global low for 67 years, weather channel.
It's a fact!
There's always been big blows!
There's always been typhoons!
There's always been hurricanes!
Are you anti-climate change right now?
I am anti-B.S.
is what I am.
I gotta go to these calls.
Stay there.
I want you to ride shotgun.
Maybe they can tell us.
I don't know what we do.
How do we beat these lies that infiltrate people's realities?
It's a lie.
I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down.
Imagine this, George Soros' law firm is suing me for a member of the Federal Reserve Board who's suing me saying refugees never bring in disease and refugees never write.
I see stories every day.
Tuberculosis is up what, like 10 times in Minnesota?
But it shows they're not that powerful that they're having to do this to us and we're only getting bigger.
And then all these timid people go, are you going down?
Are you collapsing?
No, our audience that's hardcore is only making us stronger in the face of this.
And no matter what happens, it's the animating contest of liberty.
I'm going to go to break.
And if you know what's the Admiral of the Water Don't Rise Over Bear Creek, we're going to go to Ken, Beth, Levi, then we're going to go to Eric, and we're going to go to Michelle, and many others.
But before I go any further,
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You notice I'm under attack?
And I've broken through next level!
I've got so much energy, I can hardly stand it!
We'll be back with Owen Schroyer!
Your phone calls and more!
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
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It's a win-win.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, with Owen Sawyer.
Owen's riding a shotgun.
I'm going right to Ken, Beth, Levi, and others right now, and I've kind of invited him in here to cover these stories and ran over him, but he'll have more time to talk next hour.
But I'm pretty wound up.
Owen, you were just running down Austin, which I actually agree with.
I, my mom grew up here.
I spent a lot of time here in the summers when it was like 100,000 people.
Now it's 2 million.
It's a, it's a beautiful city, a nice city in some ways, but in the central areas, it's horrible.
And you just encapsulated it there in the last minute before we went live.
Do that again.
It took me a while to understand this, but I had some friends that came in town this weekend, and we met out at a bar, and they were sitting there, and they were like, man, Owen, you know, we sat down here for two minutes, and it wasn't, you know, long before both bartenders were looking at us funny, everybody at the side of the bar was looking at us funny, because they're conservatives.
They don't mind speaking their mind.
They're people that like talking their mind.
So, here in Austin, beyond just the liberal people that you can't have a conversation with because you're going to end up offending them,
There's nobody is from here, okay?
Nobody in Austin is from Austin, so there's no real culture.
And everybody that moves here is some form of a socialite.
They're posers.
Yeah, so they don't actually have anything to do.
They don't make their own meals.
They don't cook meals.
They don't have a garden.
Most of them are here on debt trying to be trendy.
They all fled, fell Hollywood.
So they run around all day doing the little...
A little trendy activity, whatever the latest trendy thing is to do, go to a little coffee shop, mall this up, and they run around, drive around, they cause all the traffic, and they have no culture, and they... They walk up to me and laugh at me.
It's true though!
I had two gay guys yesterday walking up to me in Target.
I was buying my daughter some Baby Alive toys.
She likes them.
And these two gay guys, they were like...
Who are the guys from the Fred Flintstone?
Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble?
Barney Rubble.
And I'm not bashing because they were gay.
They look like, my son goes, they look like Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone.
After they pointed at us and started laughing, and I walked right by them, they kept laughing, and I went, yeah, I'm Alex Jones.
I don't dislike you, and they just couldn't even talk.
But that's the thing.
Liberals will point and laugh like it hurts me.
Like it does something.
They're like carpetbaggers from some failed place running here and then they laugh at me.
Because that's what the media does.
The media points and laughs at you, so then they see that and they think that that's how they empower themselves.
But like I said, they don't have... Alex, look, I'm from St.
It's not the most conservative area.
Some areas of St.
Louis are very liberal.
I just didn't know Fred Flintstone was gay.
I thought you were Fred Flintstone.
And St.
Louis continues to, they elect a lot of Democrats, but let me tell you, here's the biggest difference.
If I go out in St.
Louis and me and you were sitting down having a conversation, we could be in the most liberal area of town surrounded by Democrats.
But nobody would care!
Nobody would be offended by what we're saying.
Nobody would stare at us in jeer and say, what's wrong with those people?
That's what they do to me, man!
Listen, they walk up since the Trump thing and literally get in my face like I'm not human.
I can't deal with it, man.
I can't go out and I can't have a conversation.
Owen, Owen, Owen, listen.
You know why it is.
You're a good-looking guy, bro.
And most of these people, I don't care if they're black, white, Hispanic, are ugly.
They're ugly.
They're stupid.
They have no future.
They've all got all these giant loans, two, three fake degrees.
They're miserable.
Wait until you get a good-looking wife and a bunch of good-looking kids.
They will come over and get in your face, bro!
They don't like success!
What if I went out and talked like this and told everybody that I thought Trump was bad?
Yes, they just walk around going, oh my God.
You know, I look, oh look at... You have to judge people.
They're cult members.
Their grandparents... That's what it is!
That's what it is!
They are judgmental and they are entitled people.
They'll walk right across the road.
There'll be a car going down the road 40 miles an hour heading right to them.
They'll have a... Oh, and their grandparents... They'll walk right across the road because they're entitled.
Their grandparents were super right-wing Pharisees.
That would like, get really mad at their parents.
You know, saying if you play with yourself you're gonna go blind.
Or telling them going to the bathroom is dirty and bad.
Like Sigmund Freud thought.
These are all really uptight, freaked out people.
Saying they're liberal.
Saying they're cutting edge.
Saying they're trendy.
And really they're neurotic basket cases.
Looking at real liberals like us.
And they don't know what to do.
But it doesn't matter.
Just watch.
We'll change the world.
Like we always do.
You'll sit there and try to stop us.
And you'll fail.
I promise!
In 70 seconds!
And Levi!
Yes, it is.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
Alright, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense, Infowarslife.com.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast, Infowarslife.com.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
I used to be such a sweet, sweet boy, so they got a hold of me.
Ha ha ha!
Got no friends.
On the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing, so they got a hold of me.
You know what feels so good?
I have more friends, real people, not fake people, than I've ever had.
It is so good that all the trash hates me.
I got no friends because they read the papers.
No, I got so many friends because they read the papers and they hate the papers.
It's good to see MSM lose its power, isn't it?
And they don't get it.
The more they've hit us, we have record traffic and record revenue coming in right now to fund the operation.
I'm not sure when it'll sink in.
I'm really not sure when the death of the mainstream media will sink in.
They've been operating as walking dead for years now.
So it still hasn't sunk in, but it will.
It will.
It didn't with Hillary, but next time.
Oh, misogynism.
That's what... I mean, at least during the campaign, Joe Biden... Stop denying climate change.
At least Joe Biden was honest and said, I know we don't really like her, and we kind of forced her on you, but you've got to go ahead and vote for her.
Now it's, oh, we didn't vote for her because she's a woman.
I'd vote for a woman in one second like Le Pen.
We didn't vote for Hillary because she's a creepy master criminal.
Thanks for taking my call.
As much as I'd like to make my point it's a pleasure to listen to you when you're on fire and in the zone.
I was calling about the wall and the Democrats were celebrating that Trump didn't get funding for it.
And I had written an article years ago about the wall and immigration.
I never sent it to any politicians because none of them would do anything about it, I could tell.
You know, but everybody knows what a coyote is on the border.
And a coyote is a mafia that transports people and drugs across the border and they pay for it.
A simple solution to this would be if the American government become a coyote, and people that are in America that are working paying taxes illegally, but paying taxes, if they simply paid a fee to the American government, say $1,500 a year, instead of paying a coyote $8,000 to get them across the border, they pay a flat tax, they pay $1,500 a year.
That funds the wall, and we know who's here.
That's a good idea.
We can just put fines.
We can put fines on illegals if they've committed a crime and then pay for it.
There's so many ways you can have a entry fee that you build the wall for.
And so again, the fact he hasn't killed Obamacare, it took Obama two plus years to pass it.
We're a hundred days in and he hadn't gotten it repealed.
They're calling him a loser.
It's all spin.
Well, I'm not the biggest wall guy, to be honest with you.
I don't care if it gets built or not.
I think just enforcing the wall.
Sure, but it's a symbol.
It's a symbol.
And it does have effectiveness.
I'm not saying it won't be effective.
But keep in mind, everybody keeps saying, oh, there's no funding for the wall, no funding for the wall.
What did Trump say his entire campaign?
Mexico will pay for the wall!
Mexico will pay for the wall!
This wasn't Mexico's proposed budget.
This was the United States, so maybe he's just following through with that word.
He's not going to make us pay for it.
There's an article on Infowars.com where Senator Paul's teaching a class on dystopia, and it's making the liberals mad.
And there's a bunch of new articles on Infowars.com that are constantly getting posted.
So will the crew print me all the latest?
The left is the only political entity that gets to tell you about dystopia.
Don't you see, Alex?
The right can't do that.
Only the left, because it's the right that's the dystopic.
Ken, anything else?
Yeah, this way Mexico doesn't affect pay for the wall.
Repeat your idea again for folks that may have missed it.
Okay, it's very simple.
If the American government, say Texas, Arizona, they get $500 for the state for letting them come through their state, $1,000 goes to the government.
We process the people, they pay a flat tax, now they're paying a tax.
We know who's here.
If they commit a crime, they're never allowed.
We're good to go.
No, I agree.
We should make it easy for hard-working good people to legally be here, and then kick all the criminals out no matter where they come from.
And that's the type of reform we need.
The problem is the Democrats and Republicans always add a bunch of garbage to it.
That's why it hadn't happened yet.
But that is what Trump's planning.
We'll be right back.
Thank you, Ken.
Great points.
France, specifically Paris, has been hit with six jihadist terror attacks in the last three years, yet just 5% of people in Paris voted for Marine Le Pen.
38% voted for Macron.
Are they happy just continuing to live with terrorism, you know, as Macron said before the vote?
Are they just happy to continue with business as usual?
It's insanity, and the worrying thing is, I hope the pen can do it this time, and I keep gauging that when it will happen is in four years' time, when we have the elections of Holland at the same time as Germany, now because of Theresa May, there'll be elections across Europe in four years' time.
But the worrying thing is that the new generations, or the younger generations, think this is normal.
Because as they're growing up in it, terrorism will become part of everyday life.
Because that's all they've known and all they've seen.
Because for the last four or five years, across Europe, it's just terror, terror, terror.
For the next four years, I think when you look at the arrest rate, they go up 60% a year across Europe.
The attacks are intensifying, they're getting worse, they're getting bigger, they're getting badder.
So it's worrying for the next... I think that the changing point will be the election in four years' time.
But yeah, it's insanity and the Paris
New mindset seems to be similar to London.
The feminists in France yesterday, they're not upset about this.
They're not... Well, the women are in France, the ones who don't go out and expose themselves, the actual women voters.
Majority voted for Marine Le Pen in France because of the threats they face, because they don't feel safe.
They've done polls where they tell pollsters that they don't feel safe.
She got the most votes from women, yet we have feminists out trying to block people from voting from Marine Le Pen, who would be the first female president of France.
Anti-Le Pen protesters have come here to protest against the fact that the National Front is due to hold a rally in the venue just behind me.
They were saying that they're unhappy with the National Front holding this rally here in Paris.
They call them fascists and they say that they don't want them here and they're calling on people to rise up on the streets.
I think?
What is the fundamental disconnect?
I mean, I guess it's just Islamism, feminism, the far left, they all have the general same goal of destabilizing society, overturning everything.
So they've formed this toxic alliance, even though on the surface it's completely contradictory to the ideals of original feminism to protect women and women's rights.
It's like they use each other because they see it as an ally in getting their way.
Coming up, it's on Infowars.com.
Ex-banker claims he was invited to take part in child satanic sacrifices, rituals.
It's a powerful video.
We're going to be playing that.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Yeah, you see hit shows with big actors.
Like Woody Harrelson, and others, like Crew Detective, where there's elites in Louisiana, Mississippi, running child kidnapping rings where they torture them to death.
And there's a giant cover-up going on.
And no, that's the big hit show.
And you've got all these different elites caught involved in satanic rituals in Europe.
You've got Trump involved in this giant round-up of these people, but almost no attention of it ending up in mainstream news.
And then here's the article.
I saw this a few weeks ago, but I wanted time to vet it, research it, check into it.
Paul Watson's done it.
It's got a lot of credibility.
Ex-banker claims he was invited to take part in child sacrifice rituals.
These people were Luciferians.
Powerful video.
That's coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Then I'm going to get Millie Weaver in here on the Antifa rioters yesterday in Austin.
A former Dutch banker.
Oh yeah.
The Dutch area, they've caught people with the kids in cages, the slaves, it's really come out there.
The police have done investigations, they've found people with the kids, but then the investigations get shut down.
A former Dutch banker has given a sit-down interview during which he claims that he was invited by members of the financial elite to participate in child sacrifice rituals.
Ronald Bernard was a successful entrepreneur who ran a number of businesses before entering the world of finance.
Upon doing so, he was told by his peers to put his conscience in the freezer.
I was training to become a psychopath and I failed.
That's exactly right.
He breaks down in this interview and starts crying.
Bernard's background checks out.
He's profiled by the Dole, the DeVoltskrat article from 2017.
He goes on to describe how Elitist saw the people as useless parasites and were completely content to
Crash economies, destroy companies, and enrich themselves.
Bernard then relates how he was invited to participate in occult satanic rituals with other elites.
I've been invited to go be part of the Hellfire Club at Oxford.
He describes scenes from the movie with Tom Cruise.
I can't think of it right now.
Eyes wide shut.
You know, I'm the only person interviewing in the last 15 years, Vivian Kubrick.
And when I interviewed her and she was getting ready to come to Austin and spill the guts, all hell broke loose.
Sleeper cells inside the operation.
Government stuff.
I mean, I can't get into it all at this time.
And then she just disappeared.
Haven't heard from her?
I'm not at liberty to get into it all, but she kind of co-directed his last four or five movies at the score for Full Metal Jacket.
He was her main, he was her favorite in the family of the other daughter and the mom and Vivian Kubrick.
And that's, I mean, I almost, I've never broken confidence with people and I almost want to tell people the stuff she told me, but I just can't do it.
And I almost, just for safety's sake, need to, but it was,
The Shining was real in that those were experiences he had basically.
I'm not going to get into all of it.
She didn't tell me I couldn't talk about that.
The Shining was real, but also Dr. Strangelove was basically real.
Eyes wide shut, it was basically real.
And I'm not allowed to say why I know that.
Well, I think that, and this is just my opinion.
I mean, all the stuff she told me.
And I could check it out with some other Hollywood folks and some other top level musicians that actually knew about it, but it's unbelievable.
If it makes it to Hollywood, if it makes it to the movies, if it makes it to our minds, if we can conceive it in our heads,
I'm to the point now where I believe it's probably physically manifested itself at this point.
Well, here's the deal.
Her dad brushed up against it in the 50s.
Back when he was putting Paths to Glory out and all those famous films.
And Spartacus and all that.
And he was like, whoa!
And that's why he went and basically hid in the British countryside and was like a recluse after that.
And then they came after him.
And the way they came after him is the same stuff they're doing to me, man.
It is hardcore.
Just kind of on the same topic, which is a bit off topic, but you know Ridley Scott, the director of the new Prometheus movie, Alien Covenant.
I was a fan of the Prometheus movie.
I know you like to talk about it.
He says that aliens are real and they're coming.
Well yeah, I said that when the first film came out four years ago.
People didn't believe me.
That's what the elites believe.
And I said, this is what the elites believe.
I forgot the name of the video.
It's something like Secrets of Prometheus Revealed.
And I said this is this whole program and they believe this is what happens.
They believe we were actually, we are aliens.
I'm not saying all this for the media picks it up.
This is what they believe.
And they believe they're in contact with them inter-dimensionally.
And it's not that they're even in another dimension.
They're communicating trans-dimensionally over the space-time continuum through fold space.
Which they've now mathematically proven is there.
So they're in the third dimension but they're transmitting
Through a higher dimension that our brain's able to basically periscope up into, and then they're giving humanoids on this planet the dark technology to actually build and the construct, so the whole system's set up when they get here.
And it might make sense how people end up looking the way they look like a George Soros or a John Kerry, or a Hillary Clinton, just looking absolutely sick.
I mean, they look like they've been through the Crypt Keeper's dungeon.
Oh, and by the way, before I go to more calls, guys, pull up, because that's the Daily Mail right there, and also a bunch of other articles.
Aliens are real and will probably destroy us all, Director Ridley Scott said.
Now, he's saying that in 2017, May 2nd.
That's today, I didn't even know that it came out.
Print that for me.
I put out three, four years ago, this was four years ago, when Prometheus, which is, you know, Genesis came out.
And that's the genesis of it.
I'm explaining this is the real genesis.
This is what they believe.
Let's pull up my YouTube video that's titled Secrets of Prometheus Revealed or Leaked.
Pull it up, you watch that, and I say exactly what Ridley Scott said in that film.
Now let's scroll down.
Secrets of Prometheus Leaked.
Let's click on that.
And let's click on the viewfinder.
Let's click on the actual where it says YouTube there on the lower right hand side for TV viewers.
Thank you.
Only has 887,000 views.
This is literally what the elite actually believe, what I've been told by the highest levels.
And then I was told a month before the letter came that you're going to be invited to Oxford.
And if you're invited, speaking to the Oxford faculties is something that presidents do, it's a big honor, big deal.
But I said, really, this offer is for you to then go into the caves underneath and be in the first level satanic sex orgy ritual.
And, you know, we think you got what it takes, we think you're hardcore enough, you're gonna find out what's really going on, but you gotta be willing to do this.
And I told this high-level Hollywood person, household name, not Charlie Sheen, folks, it's a director, I said, not gonna do it, thanks a lot.
And he said, it's a big honor.
You do this, you don't have to do the other rituals, and I said, I know where this leads.
So then Oxford invited me, and I said, no, I'm not going.
Cambridge then sends a letter a month later and says, oh, if you want to go to the other side of this, we're actually the good guys and are trying to get out of this.
And I just said, I'm not coming.
So I've had the literal high-level Illuminati invite me to their meetings.
And I've told everybody that.
People are starting to finally listen.
But I had them when I was in high school, they were trying to get me.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, I mean it's... And that's because they're getting, they believe, and I believe it now because they're getting higher order information.
I think that the key here is for people to understand that this is how... Dude, they had people back in time trying to stop me.
I don't know how all this works, but I'm telling you.
But that's what I'm saying.
And whether this is going on or not... But see, there's good in the universe, there's free will, so they couldn't stop me.
But this is what they believe.
That's the key here.
It's not about whether you're saying you believe this or, you know.
This is how they think.
This is what they're thinking.
This is how they're operating.
This is how these elite social groups are operating.
That's the key.
That's what people need to have sink in.
That's what people cannot come to grips with.
They cannot come to the terms with that reality that secret societies actually exist.
And they're chapped into something they don't want you to know about.
They're tapped into anything, and they have these crazy beliefs that most of the average humans would just laugh.
I told people four years ago, Ridley Scott believes in aliens, and has been given high-level stuff, basically from Oxford, and that's where he was hooked up, and this is a revelation, and when the next movie comes out, he's going to tell you it's all real.
I said that four years ago, he just did it today.
People are going to want you to start talking about aliens more now, now that you're talking about it.
You know that's how it goes.
I apologize.
We're going to send you, Beth, because I think it's good for women.
Women are mainly buying it.
The conservatism is the new counterculture.
Paul Joseph Watson shirt for you holding an hour.
When you hold an hour now, you get a free shirt.
If you'll give us your address and want that, Beth, you can have a nutraceutical if you'd like.
Beth, thank you for holding like a true trooper.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
You know, speaking of shirts, I just want to say that I actually just ordered about $100 worth of shirts because I have family who's coming in from California.
And my sister and I have decided that our desire is to trigger them.
Every single day that they're here, we will be wearing an InfoWars shirt.
By the way, I didn't know you were going to say that.
We didn't screen your call.
So we're going to send you, because you did that.
Harmon, make sure we get it.
Make sure we do it, guys.
Send it to Nico.
We're going to send you five shirts.
You tell us the five you want.
Go ahead.
Holy cow.
Thanks, man.
That's awesome.
You bet.
So, you know, I'm not exactly sure why I called.
I just really feel like I need to get my voice out there.
But, you know, I've been thinking long and hard about this, and Trump is fighting with us.
People seem to think he's going against us.
You know, he's handing us everything that we need, that he needs us to help him with.
So, for example, look at the taxes.
Look at what he's doing.
He's giving us a $24,000 tax credit as a married couple.
Now, if you really think about it, with a tax credit,
That high as a married couple, and people are making such low amounts of money, it's almost impossible to feed the beast when it comes to taxes.
So here you are, you're making, you know, the minimum amount, $32,000 a year for the lower tax bracket.
You're getting $24,000 tax credit.
Very minimal amount of money is going to the beast.
Which is exactly what Trump has always done with his taxes.
He goes out and he does such good for people.
He gives people a place to live.
He takes money from all these elites with his hotels and he writes all these books so that we know the way he thinks and all these amazing things.
I'm going to hold you over because you're such a good caller and I wanted to pop in on this.
He needs us to feel confident, empowered.
He's promoting Americana, giving his confidence, moving to get the taxes cut, getting the small businesses going, saying we're a country again.
That fundamentally is high noon to the globalist vampires.
So stay there, Beth.
Then Levi, next segment you'll get in, and we'll get to Michael, Eric, Victor, everybody straight ahead.
And we've got so much more coming up today.
There is so much, so much to get to.
We've got that article about the elite banker, mainstream news about the satanic sacrifices of children.
This is where you get breaking news.
McMaster has a plan to send in ground troops to Syria.
That story actually broke here on InfoWars four or five days ago.
Bloomberg is covering it.
So essentially whatever you're reading in the news today or tomorrow, this is all going to be on InfoWars five, ten, fifteen days before it ever reaches the mainstream.
That is how good the sourcing is here.
This is for real news.
That is why not only are they trying to divide the base against Trump, they are now slandering Alex and me and other patriots, calling us Russian agents.
They realize that this is the only place for real news and now they're trying to attack and lie about us and claiming that we're Russian agents and all that.
We don't want to sit here and brag and say we're right, we're right, we're right.
They keep saying we're lying, we're lying, we're lying, because weeks ago, and then last week, we said, no, McMaster wants the troops.
That's my source from the White House.
Then you have your source.
He wants 150,000 on the ground.
Now Bloomberg comes out today and says Trump has told Bloomberg, I don't want a war, but it turns out the aides were doing exactly what we said, trying to jockey and get them in place and move artillery in that wasn't for ISIS, but was for Assad.
So Bloomberg is now reporting what we covered a week ago.
And one thing that frustrates me a little bit is the idea that we need Bloomberg to validate our reporting.
Because this is real news.
We don't make stuff up like ABC does, like Bloomberg does.
They fabricate things.
I put a transcript out of what the president said on Monday.
It's what the president said, and I'm not going to say where it came from.
Everybody knows we have contact with the President.
The media is attacking that, saying, oh look, Alex is making this up.
I said it?
It came out three days later, out of his mouth, the exact same words.
And they are so desperate for war now that they're trying to claim that us, by trying to oppose a ground war in Syria, trying to save American lives.
I mean, Alex, when I did that live stream, 11 hours, so many mothers called in and said, my son has PTSD, this is so sad.
You know, it was heartbreaking.
I could hardly even stay on the line.
It was so sad.
Moms do not want to do another war.
They do not want the McMaster plan to go through.
And again, we love our military.
We criticize the wars.
It's because it's not for our national sovereignty.
It's not for our interests.
This is one of the most elite publications published by the Rothschilds.
I mean, you can't make that up.
And they literally say, we're dupe idiots, and Assad tells us what to say.
So now it's not just we're dupes of Putin, now it's Assad.
No, no, no.
We said first on Wednesday, false flag.
We have the articles, the history, all of it.
You did as well.
Then, over the next week and a half,
Everybody else from Putin to Ron Paul, everybody else came out and said it was a false flag.
Again, we're the progenitors.
We're not here grabbing it, you know, from Assad how a pair of self-publicists wound up as apologists for Assad.
We're not apologizing for Assad.
He didn't start the Civil War six years ago.
He's never done anything to us.
I mean, this is so crazy.
Everything we say has just docked because we're going off what's already there and the sources we have.
There is a crisis in America today.
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Go to InfoWarsStore.com today and make sure to secure your very own blocking pocket.
So, we got big news!
Colbert, it's on DrudgeReport.com, red-linked, has made a homophobic slur at President Trump.
I don't think it's homophobic, but people have the right to be critical of whoever they want, to sit there and call somebody a you-know-what sucker.
I mean, that's just a point of saying there's somebody that's subservient.
It doesn't mean male or female.
But he called Trump, Vladimir Putin's bleep holster.
His Johnson holster.
His Johnson holster.
So, that's not anti-gay.
He's saying he's serving him.
Just like when I called Congressman Peter Schiff the same thing.
It had nothing to do with gay people or heterosexual.
It meant he
Was worshipping the New World Order.
It means he's a, he's a, it's like saying you're a brown noser.
I don't want to use these gross terms on air, it's mainly a...
Family show.
It's just that I'm not defending Colbert.
He's lied about me.
He's attacked me.
He's done terrible things.
But I love how they eat their own to have, like you were saying earlier, this super extreme political correctness.
That's funny to call the president on a comedy show Vladimir Putin's weenie holster.
I mean, I don't agree with it.
It's not true.
It's a load of bull.
But he's got a right to say it.
And it's not meant to be offensive on anybody except the president.
And the president's a public figure.
So grow up, everybody, about us and about Schiff and about Colbert.
I mean, I was attacked all over the national news for that by homophobic rant.
Go ahead.
Well, don't forget about the Jimmy Kimmel skit, too, which I actually I thought it was kind of funny, even though it was totally bogus and ludicrous.
Here's here's my thought process on this now, Alex, because it is gotten to a point where it's so ridiculous.
I just I just say, wow, thank you, guys.
You guys are promoting us.
Thank you so much.
And I'll pretend to believe this even though it's not true.
They're actually fans of yours, Alex.
They're actually fans of yours.
They want people to know about you.
They just can't.
They just can't let people know that.
So instead, they attack you to draw attention.
Instead of saying, wow, I really like Alex Jones, he's right, they attack you to draw attention to you.
I know for a fact that's the case with Kimmel.
But I don't want to get him in trouble.
I don't know about Colbert.
I think Colbert has got to believe the stuff he's spewing, man.
But that's what I'm saying.
At the end of the day now, it's come to a point where
Your audience is only going to continue to grow because they're putting you into, they're injecting you into the stream where you didn't exist before.
That's right, I'm getting to people in the Matrix.
They're trying to inoculate people in the Matrix when they first hear about us, not listen to us, but instead it's sending more of them to us.
So I wonder, what are they going to do if everything they do fails?
Let's go back to Beth who was making great points about Trump needs us to get behind his agenda.
Not turn on him because he's not delivering everything perfectly.
This is not instant gratification.
The globalists hate him more than ever.
They won't run his ads.
They're trying to impeach him.
They're saying kill him.
They hate him for a reason because they know he wants America to be great.
Does it mean he's not a big strong man?
Does it mean he doesn't have problems?
I hate what he's doing with Russia and stuff.
Go ahead, Beth.
Yeah, Alex, I agree.
You know, whatever's going on internationally, I do believe that there is an agenda behind it.
You know, he did tell us when he, after the election and he went on air with you, he did tell us to give him a year.
You know, there's a lot of doubt going on out there.
The man has
You know, I...
I'm glad that you bring that up, the Civil War thing, because as Antifa continues to ramp up, now they're putting out videos of them, apparently they've gotten their hands on some firearms and they're learning how to shoot guns.
They're going to bring in the police state.
This is something that InfoWars covered ad nauseam for years and years, how the police state, they want to bring this in.
Now you've got the mayor of Baltimore calling for the federalization of the police there.
They bring in police, they bring in a police state, then they federalize the police, put in their own people, and now the police state they helped build is used against us.
And then they get us to get behind it because they use the radical communists, the radical leftists out in the streets to actually promote violence.
But here's the thing about Trump in the first year in his four years of presidency.
We're in the first quarter right now.
We've got a pretty good team.
If you've got a good team... He's already put three touchdowns on the board.
Even if you're behind in the first quarter, you can still come back to win.
But he's already ahead!
I think that the problem right now is that...
We the people are looking for something else.
We invested so much into the election.
He's not a god.
And we got Trump in.
And now we're sitting here just expecting Trump to do everything.
And he can't.
He's got his hands tied on certain things.
He's got other people involved.
A total government rebellion.
But the key is he's doing a lot of great things.
And we need to be critical when he's doing bad things.
But we also need to be very, very supportive when he's doing good things.
Thank you, Beth.
You're awesome.
Give us your info.
We're going to send you five shirts of your choice.
So give us your email and number.
I'm going to give that to Tim Pruge and to Weldon Henson today to make sure that happens.
We have to drain the swamp in 2018.
That is the biggest thing we can do for Trump.
Omar Navarro is paving the way right now in Maxine Waters' district.
Anybody who wants to win against Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, look at Omar Navarro.
He's paving the path.
We need to take down these big globalists.
Thank you, Beth.
Alright, we've got big news on the satanic rituals and whistleblowers.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Straight ahead.
Straight ahead.
And then we've got Millie Weaver coming in on what she witnessed yesterday with the Antifa scum.
This is Alex Jones.
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I'm David Knight.
You found it.
The front lines of the human awakening.
It's the Infowar.
And now, Alex Jones.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say the joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
The great Jimi Hendrix, bringing us in all along the Watchtower.
Millie Weaver is here in studio.
She did a great job yesterday, along with Rob Dew and others out there in the streets.
Gavin as well, in Austin, Texas, with huge throngs of
Smurf-like communists running around engaging in their normal dirty behavior.
These are some of the same communists that go and try to shut down cat rescue cafes.
I have articles here where they say gentrification is death.
High-end cars, properties targeted by vandals in Philly.
I notice it's mainly liberals that are out
Promoting anti-free market while they're rich and then being attacked by their own minions.
Why don't these Antifa people end up moving to North Korea, Venezuela and other places that are admittedly collapsing?
We're going to go over some of these articles here in a moment.
We had a man stabbed to death, three others stabbed during all this hysteria right around the same time in the same area.
Millie was there while that happened.
We've got some excerpts of all this.
Coming up, but Millie, I saw your live feeds.
Actually, while it was happening, I was riveted.
While I was going to pick my kids up at school, I was listening to it, listening to the video over my speakers in my car.
But at red lights, I was watching.
What is it like being in the middle of something like that?
Well, you get a little bit of an adrenaline rush, definitely.
I get energized in those type situations, and I get really excited, and I just kind of want to go out and get these anti-fa, these commies, these, because, you know, most of them are millennials.
I want to red pill them, and I really do believe that it is possible to red pill these guys.
A lot of them just have a lot of misunderstandings about the way our government is.
And how it works, and I really have just been trying to have sincere dialogue with them, which it is pretty hard to do.
It seems like their organizers try to get in the middle any time you actually start engaging in dialogue with any of their commies.
They'll go, Comrade, no, come back here.
They'll yank them and boss them around.
So their organizers don't want open dialogue.
Dealing with communists for 22 years, they always threaten me physically, they always are super stupid, and they always have weird old professors and people handling them, and they'll never talk to you.
And it's because they're such addled, controlled, weird youth, controlled by Facebook and other things that are literally designed to keep them in a box, keep them insecure, that they intellectually cannot talk to you and are cult members, and have to be kept on a reservation.
We're going to get to that excerpt of what you witnessed yesterday first.
Then, because I know you guys just got back from California covering this, it's broken in major newspapers in the Netherlands.
A high-level banker claims he was invited to take part in child sacrifice rituals.
And he said it was sex rituals at first with women, but then it got into children.
I noticed a comment on Infowars.com with folks saying, oh, he liked the women, he liked the party, but once it got more serious, he wimped out.
What I noticed is on liberal websites like Salon and others, but also their commenters on our site, we can go look at Discus and see their history on other sites.
It's public.
They're really into this pedophilia, murder, death.
This is the trendy, cool thing that they're so selfish.
It's about them, but then they're also anti-Trump.
And it's very honest of them that they really are just about Satanism and evil and do as thou wilt and Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn.
So we'll talk about that in a few minutes.
But let's get into your views on what happened yesterday and to see them with the Nike tennis shoes and the fancy sports jerseys and the cell phones and all the accoutrements of the wealthy Western world wanting communism, wanting North Korea, wanting hereditary dictatorship.
Wanting Venezuela and the starvation.
And while you're talking, for TV viewers, I'm going to show folks some of the headlines about the mass starvation, the death in every communist country.
Still ongoing, Millie.
Well, you could obviously see that these were college students.
It was actually kind of funny because I actually, I shouted out, who of you all go to UT?
How many of you guys are college kids?
And somebody actually raised their hand, you know, in the crowd.
I'm like, oh, okay.
And some of them were like, why are we going to tell you where we're at?
Then we can be identified.
But it's obvious that these are college kids.
They don't really know the true history.
There have been studies out there where millennials were polled and a lot of them thought favorably about communism and socialism.
And what it boils down to is they don't realize the massive deaths that have resulted from communism.
They don't realize that once these communists
People come into power, they start killing off their enemies or those who they feel could actually lead an uprising against them.
They kill off their own.
They silence their own.
People who live in a communist country are not happy.
They always are trying to escape from communist countries, like we've seen people... But their argument is because we exist, then the utopia can't spring forward.
We have to lay down and die first, then the new utopia.
Like the transhumanists.
A lot of transhumanists just want to live longer and have advanced technology.
I'm totally for that.
But the thing driving it was the Eugenics Society, Julian Huxley's brother.
Well, it was Aldous Huxley, but he ran the UN program.
And they wanted to get rid of the majority of us.
Only then can they transcend.
Yeah, they feel like they need to get rid of the people who are in power and get rid of anyone who's standing in the way of communism so that they can have their communist utopia.
And they really do believe that in their communist utopia, all of the resources will be shared equally.
And that usually doesn't ever happen in communist countries.
I notice the Muslims are also out there with the commies.
Again, just an absolutely sickening smorgasbord.
Yeah, you had people wearing things that looked like burkas, definitely.
I know why they wear masks, too, because...
Whether they're white, black, hispanic, asian, they all look like they had their souls sucked.
They all look like, ehhhhhh.
I mean this is... They looked scared.
That's what I could actually see in their eyes.
It's really interesting because they're covering the rest of their face and all you see are their eyes.
You really focus on their eyes and they looked scared.
They didn't realize that you were actually going to have people who wanted to protect the city of Austin, the constitution, the first amendment, make sure the police were okay and could handle it.
There were a lot of people that just came out there on their own accord that were liberty-loving people out there.
I mean, and they were carrying, definitely carrying rifles.
They were carrying, and they wanted to make sure that these Antifa weren't going to start burning, looting.
And exactly.
And the police aren't perfect, but they're our police.
It's our country.
The communists want to destabilize things, overthrow things, and then bring in a real police state.
Well, you know, the police actually did great.
That's why we're supporting the police.
Yes, the Austin Police Department did an amazing job.
They were really fair.
They were protecting the communists.
And I kept shouting out, like, you guys need to thank the police.
You guys hate the police.
You yell that the police are pigs.
Well, they say kill them.
Yeah, they call them pigs.
Bang, bang, pigs.
And at the same time, the police were there the whole time around them, protecting them, making sure that they were safe and that they could express themselves.
I love how these communists think they're so tough.
We're going to roll this video, a lot of amazing stills and things you have.
We're going to roll some of this video, then we've got breaking news.
We also have this big story on Infowars.com that Paul Watson's researched.
It's out of the Netherlands.
Ex-banker claims he was invited to take part in child sacrifice rituals.
We knew about this two weeks ago, and it being in major newspapers.
We wanted to vet it, do some research first, because the media distorts what we cover here.
But this is something that really goes on.
It keeps coming out over and over again.
They're gonna take inside somewhere.
Notice how they all work collectively, too.
It's like, none of them can talk.
These are all people that were not breastfed.
I don't say that.
We're not held next to their parents.
They don't have love.
They just need the state.
They're looking for mommy.
A couple of them were willing to talk, but, like I said, they're... What is this guy saying?
I shouldn't have interrupted.
Back it up 10 seconds.
I apologize.
Back it up 20 seconds.
I apologize, man.
I'm talking over it and I'm sitting here.
Go ahead.
Here he is.
I'm doing good.
What are you protesting today?
We're protesting capitalism.
The evils, evils of capitalism.
He's got a smartphone.
It's terrible.
And what are you going to replace it with?
How many people are you going to kill to replace it with communism?
By any means necessary.
That's the other group.
That's the other group.
We're the Red Guard.
We're also replacing the First Amendment.
No more hate speech.
No First Amendment.
No more hate speech.
Do you want to get rid of the First Amendment?
They're trying to shut us down right now?
They don't realize that the reason they're even allowed to be out there marching is because they have a First Amendment.
The blue cap, you might want to check that out.
Like I was telling you, these are fascist Nazis.
The term snowflake comes from Nazi Germany.
When they would burn the Jews, the ashes that would fall, they were called snowflakes.
Look at this guy.
We're racist now.
The social justice warriors crying about everything and telling people how to talk?
No, no, no.
That's where it comes from.
Look how helpless this guy is.
Do you see how a lot of this is out of ignorance and naivety?
Not when it's used by the same group, no.
Do you think these guys are Nazis?
I don't see anybody wearing swastikas or anything.
The Daily Stormer, man.
One guy in a t-shirt.
I see a bunch of people covering their faces saying they want a communist revolution.
And to ban free speech.
It's about equality.
Why are you more concerned with that than Nazis?
We went to war.
We went to World War II.
And tons of Americans, thousands of Americans died to defeat the Nazis.
And then you're just... And so, obviously the communist regime of Russia did have a part in taking down the Nazi regime.
But why do you think there's Nazis in America right now?
And these people aren't really the Nazis that you're walking with?
Those are the Nazis.
Yeah, the ones that are covering their faces and beating people up, yes.
Yeah, them around here.
Them around here.
Nobody's covering their faces except these people.
That poor guy.
You know that guy was a crib baby.
I'm not being mean.
I mean, I've learned.
They have shriveled brains.
They weren't given love.
I've talked to them.
They were all like, yeah, you know, my mom was in the orphanage.
I'm not putting orphanage people down.
It's just, that's what they, I'm telling you, these are unformed people.
I was like, no.
That means everyone should have the exact same standard of living after... Like North Korea?
Who's gonna work then?
Who's gonna do anything?
Redistribution, big government.
Big government can solve everything.
You get big enough...
Except for the people in the big government.
They always end up getting more perks, more money.
Every communist country like Cuba and North Korea have hereditary dictators.
In Venezuela, they worship the state and everything is collapsing.
Let me show people the articles.
Gentrification is death.
No food, no medicine, no respite.
A starving boy's death in Venezuela.
New York Times.
Doesn't criticize communism.
Starving Venezuelans dying for eating poisonous yucca sold in black market.
Yes, the people of Venezuela are literally starving to death.
We're living in the end times.
Starving Venezuelans, giving away children to survive.
Our poorest people get to have all the food they want.
Cuba May Day Mob Attacks Protester Waving American Flag.
Yeah, they want to ban free speech.
We could probably roll some of that.
Look at this.
Flipping off the small memorial for victims of communism in D.C.
Total scum.
Images of North Korea, Kim Jong Un doesn't want you to see.
Haunting pictures inside North Korea, taken by the photographer who has now been banned from the rogue state for life.
You gotta go look at those photos for yourself if you want to see what it's like to be a starving slave, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, and it just goes on.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un is starving his people to pay for nuclear weapons.
On and on and on.
That's right.
They have such bad famines in North Korea and people want to leave so bad that they that literally they had to put a minefield all around the borders so that when people would try to escape they have to risk running through a minefield.
And they can't get to China because the Yalu River.
Just like in East Germany, they had to build a wall to keep the people in.
But again, everybody knows that, except a bunch of spoiled rotten kids with government programs, paying for their worthless educations, walking around wearing stuff capitalism built for them, where they can have thousands of different types of iPhone cases, or glasses, or prosthesis, or cars, or food.
And literally in communist countries, there's nothing, idiot!
Let's go to a phone call here.
Levi, you've been holding like a trooper.
That's why you get any t-shirt you wish from InfoWarsTore.com.
Get your name and address if you'd like, and we will send you that free shirt from InfoWarsTore.com for holding more than an hour.
Levi, you're a trooper.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thank you.
I just wanted to start off by saying the product, Caveman, super blue, super male vitality.
Amazing product.
Thank you.
Works like a charm.
My question would be, a couple weeks ago you had Daniel Estlin on, and he had mentioned that some of his Bilderberg sources had said that the Rothschilds were backing Trump.
And at first I kind of thought like, well, that's kind of cool, the elites are backing him, but then I started to think, but are they backing him to fuel both sides of the war?
Well, I wouldn't say they're totally backing him.
The Rothschilds are a big group.
Clearly Jared Kusher and others are connected into all that.
That's admitted.
He's connected into...
I mean, really, a mafia group that they're constantly getting indicted and going to prison for stuff.
So I just think that's a small part of the overall Trump operation.
Trump is trying to bring prosperity.
The globalists want austerity.
He wants our country to be powerful.
He wants our country to grab control of globalism and use it for Americana.
Is that perfect?
But it's better than globalism, and I'm supporting it because he wants prosperity for the general public and wants to be the king of that, not the king of slavery.
But go ahead.
Oh yeah, and so I mean I was just wondering if they were maybe funding, you know, both sides of the war essentially to come out on top or... Sure, I mean the Rothschilds have always done that and been involved in a lot of stuff, but I mean you talk about the Rothschilds, Rothschilds own The Economist magazine.
And they attack Trump and myself mercilessly.
So I'm not saying I totally agree with what... I mean, Esselstyn is a smart guy, but I just don't take it, you know, I don't take everything he says like it's, you know, from the word of God or anything.
I think it's a more complex issue.
There are a lot of elites that are actually getting behind Trump now.
He's having success, saying maybe prosperity is the way to go.
Because the world population is not going to buy globalism and forced austerity and human extermination that Bill Nye, the science guy, and Al Gore are pushing.
What's really happening is globalism is failing, so a lot of the elites are rethinking it and maybe saying, maybe we should go with Americana in 1776, but let's destroy Alex Jones, one of the flashpoints of it, because we don't want him part of, you know, any system to keep us honest into the future.
They want to co-op things.
I am a zealot for renaissance and human empowerment.
I believe in humanity.
I don't believe we're
Pathetic and always going to be falling.
I believe we're rising.
Thank you so much.
Great points at Levi.
Get his address and info.
Send him a free shirt of his choice.
Speaking of that, I'm going to come back and get to this clip of the banker.
Claims he was involved and take part in child sacrifice.
We'll do a few segments on that ahead of Watson coming.
And we'll finish a few calls as well with Watson because this is his article on InfoWars.com.
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All right, we are back live fourth hour with Paul Watson.
We're going to host a little bit into that hour with him to finish your calls and cover his story.
It's up on Infowars.com right now.
Ex-banker involved in global currency exchanges says he was invited to take part in child sacrifice rituals.
He's very credible.
He is who he says he is.
It's in major newspapers in the Netherlands.
It's now been translated into English.
The full interview is up on InfoWars.com.
He breaks down crying during it, but it starts with a lot of hot women, drugs, then it's, hey, pedophilia, then it's kill kids.
These are animals.
You've got to train yourself that they're animals.
You've got to basically lose your soul to be part of this.
You're a psychopath in training.
This is everything we've told you.
It's what's in eyes wide shut.
It's what we've exposed.
Millie Weaver.
Yeah, it's pretty disturbing, Alex, and it actually fits a lot of what we did this investigative report called The Dark Side of the Occult and how we kind of really broke down into why they do these child sacrifices and how there are these ancient alchemical manuscripts that talk about drinking children's blood and that being basically the elixir of life, the philosopher's stone, in the sense that
They thought that they could achieve immortality and that they could maintain their youth and vigor.
And if you actually look at it today, what do you see?
We've actually seen that there are studies now where the elite can partake as the test subject and pay $8,000 to receive
Blood transfusions from babies.
Yes, this is going on right now.
That's mainstream news.
I mean, that's the big field that Peter Thiel is talking about promoting and pushing.
But, you know, doing it not from kids, but from other sources of younger folks that volunteer for it.
But it is vampirism.
Let's go ahead and roll a few minutes of this report up on InfoWars.com.
This is Dutch Vanker.
You can find out his name and more information on InfoWars.com.
But here's Bernard.
To put it carefully, most of these people followed not very mainstream religion.
So, you have Catholics, Protestants, all sorts of religions.
These people, most of them, were Luciferians.
And then you can say, religion is a fairy tale.
God doesn't exist.
None of that is real.
Well, for these people, it is truth and reality.
And they served something immaterial, what they called Lucifer.
And I also was in contact with those circles, only I laughed at it because to me they were just clients.
So, I went to places called Churches of Satan.
So now we are talking about Satanism?