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Name: 20170428_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 28, 2017
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Friday, April 28th, 2017.
I'm Leanne McAdoo and here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, with the turmoil and tension being reported happening at Fox News, rumors of a new news network said to replace it have begun to swirl.
And then, when they lose in the battle of intellect, they play identity politics, as the Berkeley mayor is now blaming racism for his criticisms.
President Trump wants the veterans to have the best health care.
He has now signed an executive order to hold the Veterans Affairs employees accountable.
And then... Alex Jones has a public press conference to address his recent court case and to red pill the fake media there to smear him.
I saw headlines like, Jones is obsessed with Trump having sex with goblins.
It's like that'll... Man, y'all better quit throwing them back to my man.
All that and more tonight on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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Well, some major shakeups happening there at Fox News.
Now, amid some fears that the network is moving too far left, some sources are telling Mediaite that talks are underway for a brand new conservative network to rise out of the ashes of what was formerly known as Fox News.
And they say that they would like to create an alternative conservative cable network on the belief that the Fox News network is moving too far to the left.
The source who is engaged in these talks says a meeting is planned for this week with two prominent high-powered television execs, some underperforming conservative networks, and people who have an interest and the ability to fund a new network.
And they're kind of throwing some names out there saying there's plenty of unemployed conservatives that people would love to hear from, like Bill O'Reilly and Tommy Loren.
But it's very interesting that one of the only conservative news outlets that are out there to represent conservative voices or people who sort of lean to the right is Fox News.
And it's now being accused of going too far to the left.
There really is no place where people can go to hear their viewpoints.
And we are seeing this across the board, not only in the media, but again, in schools as well.
And it does appear that people there at Fox News have drank the Kool-Aid and they're now moving to the left as well.
But talking about turning off viewers, in addition to Fox News and things like that, even ESPN, places where people go to get their sports, their bread and circuses, they want to get away from politics, they want to, you know, watch a game of football and not have to think about the stresses of the world.
Well, ESPN has really heavily started to talk about politics and social justice issues, and it's really starting to turn away its right-leaning audiences.
Just one day before the network laid off many of its employees, it published five poems about feminism and political resistance on its website.
These were all geared toward women, and one of the first poems in the series was called Revolution and dedicated to Assata Shakur,
Who is, you know, one of the first women who was ever placed on the FBI's most wanted list.
And, you know, so this is something that's really turning off a lot of viewers.
They're just saying, just get back to sports, man.
We don't want to be bombarded with the Colin Kaepernick tales.
Um, but this is the type of thing that people are fighting for.
So why is that type of information being shoved in our faces, yet the information that people want to have access to, the alternative news or the fake news, which is of course anything that the left doesn't want to hear, is being shut out.
And Google, uh, Google's Eric Schmidt actually tries to make the argument that they are not going for censorship.
They just want to take it off the page.
So how he is able to conclude that taking it off the page where you can't find it isn't the same thing as censorship is absolutely crazy.
But this is from a video from March 23rd.
It's just now going viral.
Google is not going to censor their search results.
They're just going to take search results off the page to essentially have you not see it.
This was former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.
So basically it's kind of like the Twitter shadow ban or Facebook tweaking their algorithms so that certain news doesn't appear on certain users' pages.
So this is Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business was actually asking Eric Schmidt, how do they plan to deal with extremist content?
So then Eric Schmidt responded by mixing in fake news with extremist things and then so went on to suggest that they're going to teach their computer algorithms to know
We're good to go.
Is that it's essentially a ranking problem.
We're very good at detecting what's the most relevant and what's the least relevant.
It should be possible for computers to detect malicious, misleading, and incorrect information and essentially have you not see it.
We're not arguing for censorship.
We're arguing just to take it off the page.
Put it somewhere else.
So, I mean, what's the difference?
It's like, yeah, we're not burning the books.
You could still read the books, but we've just put them in the ground floor, in the basement of the library, under lock and key.
They're hidden in an off-limits area.
You know, but the books are still there.
You know, we're not sensing, we're not...
We're not censoring these books or outright burning them.
We're just completely making it incapable for you to access the information.
So it's totally ridiculous.
Again, here, this is alternative facts.
This is their sophisticated reinterpretation of the First Amendment.
These are other things that we're starting to hear because these people truly believe that they have the moral high ground and that they're smarter than the rest of us and that they can cut off our access to information.
The wild, wild west of the Internet, those days might be long
We're good to go!
All you're going to see that pops up is the New York Times, the Washington Post.
They're basically God Mode status now.
And these are the same outlets that push the fake news of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which led to, you know, untold deaths and war.
And also these are the same outlets that didn't fact check Trump's claim that Assad was behind the recent gas attack in Syria.
They didn't even bother to fact check that or even question.
They just said, you know what, that's great.
Okay, that's not fake news.
Sure, we'll take that because they are for the war in Syria, just like they were very behind it when former President Obama wanted to go to war.
Now, interestingly, what we're seeing in Berkeley, we pointed out a couple days ago,
Okay, that's a pretty big scandal there.
So what do you do?
Well, you gotta go pull that race card.
So as soon as people started hitting back against this Berkeley mayor saying, what the heck?
He says, it's not lost on me that I'm Berkeley's first Latino mayor.
I've been outspoken against the Trump administration.
I have to wonder if the mayor was white, would we see such hate?
Dude, there is plenty of people out there that have trashed Trump and they got dumped.
People just didn't want to hear it.
I think what your constituents are really concerned about is the fact that you belong to this anti-fascist Facebook group and you also ordered a stand down of the police there and allowed these anti-fascists to burn it all down.
And to get violent and to shut down free speech.
I think that's the problem people have.
It's not that you are the city's first Latino mayor.
Obviously, they elected you.
That's just like when President Obama would make that claim.
And it's like, you got elected twice!
What is the deal here?
So a lot of people kind of coming after him, asking for answers.
But then we've got taxpayer-funded University, CUNY.
One of their professors has taken to social media expressing outrage because he is being told by the CUNY Teachers Union they've instructed members to teach anti-Trump and anti-Trump supporter propaganda.
So this is
It's coming straight from the teachers' union.
They're pushing this Soros-backed anti-Trump propaganda that Trump is more dangerous than Hitler.
And this comes from Refuse Fascism, which is a Soros-backed group.
The Alliance for Global Justice, which is founded by the George Soros-backed Tides Foundation, reportedly donated $50,000 to fund Refuse Fascism, openly brags about using violence to shut down conservative and libertarian speech.
And on these pages that they're telling these professors to hand out to their students talks about the fascist Trump-Pence regime, more dangerous to the world than even Hitler.
And they refer to Trump supporters as armed racists.
And the teachers union even attacked Christianity, claiming the Trump-Pence regime is pushing white supremacy and Christian fascism while defending Muslims.
And the next page calls the Trump-Pence regime illegitimate, encouraging people to drive out the regime.
And of course, this is CUNY, where they are inviting the Sharia-loving Linda Sarsour to give their commencement speech.
So this is the kind of stuff that is being pumped out of these colleges.
It's ridiculous.
Of course, Antifa is now tied to Refuse Fascism via Bill Ayers, the infamous Weather Underground domestic terror organization.
I don't know.
Plunging there, they've actually had to shut down three more dorms for the upcoming semester.
Of course, this is the school that brought us that infamous viral video with Melissa Click, where she asked for some muscle to shut down any reporters who dared try to report on the Social Justice Warrior event at Mizzou.
So this is the consequences.
You can only blame your leadership who didn't do anything about the rise of the Social Justice Warriors.
Stick around, we'll be right back.
Today Donald Trump addressed the NRA's annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.
And this is an unusual occurrence because it's only the second time since 1983 that a sitting president has done so.
Of course that was Ronald Reagan who did so back in 1983.
What he did was he came out fighting against the Democrats.
He said the eight-year assault on gun rights is over.
He said it has come to a crashing end.
You now have a true friend and a champion in the White House.
I will never ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
And of course it's very important for him to do this as we get to the end of his first 100 days as people are going to start looking at his approval.
We'll talk about that in just a moment.
But to underscore the fact that the Democrats are still an assault weapon aimed at banning the Second Amendment, we have this story from WND.
The Democrats have adopted a new tactic for gun confiscation.
Just one misdemeanor.
And six states can result in you losing the Second Amendment.
New York is about to become the seventh state to do this.
They've come up with a creative way of selectively confiscating guns, reports WND.
They say a state legislator from Manhattan has introduced a bill that would nullify rights from those convicted of hate crimes, even those convicted of non-violent misdemeanor offenses.
If successful, New York would be the seventh state to implement this.
Gun America News and Reviews reminds New Yorkers that coming after people because they say that they have been convicted of a hate crime, even if it is a misdemeanor, they report that the FBI makes it clear that hate in and of itself is not a crime.
But once they tie
We're good to go.
Again, coming after people saying that you have committed hate speech on social media or whatever, then trying to use that to escalate that into an attack on your Second Amendment rights.
And as we look at the Internet and free speech on the Internet, one of the other reasons to be happy that we have a President Trump rather than a President Hillary Clinton is the FCC Chairman, Pai.
He says, today we need an open and free Internet for the 21st century.
He said he had a speech on Wednesday where he said he plans to roll back net neutrality regulations that were put in place by the Obama administration.
And we need to understand that there is a bureaucratic play in Washington to see if the FTC or the FEC can get control of certain aspects of the internet.
Away from the FCC.
So basically what he's trying to do is put a light touch on this.
And we have to understand that the light touch was put there by President Clinton, a Democrat.
So we do not want to see a heavy-handed regulation that is coming from the FCC.
We want to go back to something that is, where they're not looking at content, where they're not regulating it, where they're not adjusting it for one political lobby versus another.
And I think it's very interesting as we look at this, even though we may not agree with some of the things that have happened in the first 100 days, and certainly we disagree with the fact that Obamacare did not get repealed, that was really more of a failure of Paul Ryan, a failure to really even try to repeal Obamacare.
But of course, also with tax reform, we saw that Trump wisely got out in front of that.
And the tax reform plan that was released this last week looked very much like what he had campaigned on.
So that looks good if we can get it through Paul Ryan.
Of course, Paul Ryan is going to be one of the biggest obstacles to get tax reform through.
It's in the areas of foreign intervention, in the areas of the attacks against WikiLeaks, the attacks against the Freedom Caucus for trying to fight for repeal.
Those are the things that concern us.
And of course the overtures that President Trump made to the United Nations earlier this week and today.
Saying that he is both a globalist and a nationalist.
Those are the things that concern us.
But when we look at things like, for example, the First and Second Amendment, at least 20% of the Bill of Rights is being supported by President Trump.
We would have gotten 0% support for the Bill of Rights from a President Hillary Clinton.
And so we see a poll that came out today from the University Center of Politics saying that 93% of Trump voters still support him.
And so again, there's not 100% agreement there of people who are looking at him, and there might be signs of trouble there because of his reversal on foreign policy interventionism, because of his embrace apparently of some aspects of globalism, turning back away from that.
To lose 7% of your voters in just 100 days, I see that as not a sign of strength.
This should be a honeymoon period.
And so that, I think, should be a warning to President Trump to stay on course.
And hopefully he will.
And also, when they break down the 93% approval, they say 51% of the people say they somewhat approve of him, and only 42% say they strongly approve.
As one voter said, I'm just going to wait and see what he's going to be able to accomplish.
So there is some sense from some people that they would like to see him stay the course.
Stay a nationalist, move away from foreign interventionism, do not embrace the UN, or he's going to see those numbers fall even further.
For InfoWars, I'm David Knight.
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I know it looks like we're in a billion-dollar studio, but Alex has never taken one cent of
I borrowed money at all whatsoever.
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So you've literally built this place, you know, built this place with your compassion and built this place with the support that you've sent us.
So from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate it because I know we wouldn't be able to do this.
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So once again, we got to thank the listeners for their steadfastness in supporting us and
Even when we make mistakes, and even when we're not right, and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us, and I appreciate that.
There's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea.
The clock is about to run out on North Korea.
For all of the bluster of Kim Jong-un and the North Korean display of live and fake missiles, thuggish bully Kim Jong-un has finally rallied the international community to action, urging peace.
One last attempt at sanctions was the theme of the day at the United Nations.
According to UN Security Council Resolution 2321,
A stated objective of this Council is North Korea's abandonment of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.
For the past 20 years, well-intentioned diplomatic efforts to halt these programs have failed.
It is only by first dismantling them that there can be peace, stability, and economic prosperity for all of Northeast Asia.
With each successive detonation and missile test, North Korea pushes Northeast Asia and the world closer to instability and broader conflict.
The threat of a North Korean nuclear attack on Seoul or Tokyo is real.
And it is likely only a matter of time before North Korea develops the capability to strike the U.S.
Indeed, the DPRK has repeatedly claimed it plans to conduct such a strike.
Given that rhetoric, the United States cannot idly stand by.
Nor can other members of this Council who are within striking distance of North Korean missiles.
In a nation whose entire GDP is about 25 billion dollars, and where its people have over recent decades been exposed to terrible suffering, reduced to eating leaves and the bark of trees,
The Pyongyang regime has devoted its energies to developing nuclear weapons and the missiles to convey them.
Last year alone North Korea tested two nuclear devices and more than 24 ballistic missiles.
This year we've witnessed more missile tests and
I remind the council that every one of those tests breaks seven UN resolutions stretching back to resolution 1695 passed unanimously in 2006.
However, Russia and China continue to attempt to bring North Korea to the table.
The two agreed to continue to seek the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula while refusing to accept North Korea's nuclear and missile strategy.
While the statement expressed the hope that North Korea will prosper and become an active and constructive participant in the global arena, including the peaceful use of nuclear energy, President Xi and Putin showed their strong commitment to leading their traditional ally to abide by the rules of the international community.
Peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula through dialogue and negotiations represent the only right choice
That is practical and viable.
Meanwhile, the United States is readying for what appears to be the inevitable.
An absolutely extraordinary scene here at the White House this afternoon is busloads of senators arrived in the West Executive Drive here at the White House and made their way into a briefing room at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for what was a very long briefing on North Korea.
I believe the best way to solve this problem
is to eradicate the leadership.
And I don't mean, you know, I'm talking about those who are closest in making the decisions that North Korea is following now.
Now, I don't think this is something, I don't want to say any more than that, okay?
There's no reason to say any more than that.
That's what I believe we need to do.
The clock is ticking, and under these conditions, at any moment, North Korea will have finally gotten exactly what they have been asking for.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com.
Here's my basic statement that I wrote on this whole situation.
I want to respond to the grossly inaccurate media reports that I lost custody of my children.
My ex-wife and I agreed two years ago, at the time of our divorce, to be in a joint managing conservative for our three wonderful children.
My ex-wife went to trial asking for her to become the sole managing conservator of our kids and limit me to supervised access and gave no reasons.
What she said the trial I wanted to take kids away is what she put in her filing.
Pretty interesting.
The jury resoundingly rejected
Her request for sole custody and left us at the same place where we began this horrible journey over three years ago.
This year we agree we should remain as joint managing conservators while the only change being who can designate the primary residence, effectively a change of 10 miles.
As only the judge in the trial can decide what amount of time each parent will have with their children, I am confident
That the judge will carefully consider the various schedules that have been put in place in the last two years and will give each of us the time that is appropriate.
I have throughout this ordeal deferred to the experts in the court to determine my children's schedule with due regard to their own wishes.
Something that was ignored, their own wishes to reside with me.
I have and will continue to place my trust in the court to continue to do so, what is the best interest of my children.
All I want
Is the truth to come out on all of this.
Because I didn't file for divorce.
I didn't trigger this.
The courts, three separate judges and an arbitrator, took my children away from my ex-wife and gave them exclusively to me.
I never asked for that.
I want to be with them.
I love them.
But the incredible lies that were put out during this trial with never any evidence
Was absolutely amazing and mind-boggling.
So understand that, ladies and gentlemen.
This is one of the first modern trials where you have corporate establishment mercenary media perched in the
courtroom literally cherry-picking twisting and distorting everything and that's why it's accelerated the demise of the corporate media you guys wonder why you have dwindling audiences why you don't have support it's because you deceive people you lie to people and I know you've got corporate masters who order you to do that I know you've got editors that add disinformation to your stories but again that's the bottom line nothing the media got about this was right except one thing
The media was sitting there watching the case saying it's going absolutely terribly bad for his ex-wife.
But that's because you were actually not using emotion.
You were looking at the facts.
And all the experts who were triggered and called in via the state by my ex-wife.
All of it.
I and my children were the victims of alienation.
We were the victims of a certified program to absolutely pull them away from me forever, where I would never see them again, or only see them on supervised visits for no reason.
And that's why the liberal counties of Hays and Austin and Travis County said, that's why the super liberal counties of Hays County and Travis County said, Alex Jones, we might not agree with your politics, but you're a great dad.
Here's your kids.
And then the media got involved and perched in there and put out their propaganda and splashed on the front page of the papers as if you had some victory against me.
My audience and my listeners see through all of this garbage and are fully aware of what's happened.
So again, much of the court record's public now.
If any of you even want to claim your mainstream media, you will actually discover the fact that it was the court-appointed
that said, I engage in no alienation.
It was The Guardian that lied to him.
Ph.D., highly respected, that said that there was alienation going on against me and my children, and took them away to stop it.
So you have now bought into the inverse of reality, and it all turns into a big comedy spectacle, and then you guys spin it and say, well, that's what you do sometimes.
And then, so it's supposedly okay for you to do it, when in truth, I didn't do it.
What you covered was something out of context and another deception.
That's why InfoWars is exploding.
That's why our support is exploding.
That's why we have more visitors and more listeners and more financial support than I had even on election night with 80 plus million viewers and listeners in one week.
So thank you all.
The last two weeks, your mainstream media deception has only intensified the power of InfoWars.
As people across the world see,
That I'm under attack with attempts to take my children from me, lawsuits, attempts to put me in jail, attempts to destroy me.
Google admits they were basically setting up systems to ban us off the internet.
All of it's coming out because I'm not a coward and I'm not bought and paid for by multinational corporations.
I'm standing up for this country and I'm telling the truth.
And serious men and women of every race, color and creed know the truth.
And nationalism and freedom and renaissance and true liberalism is awakening again.
And all the old corporate whore media systems are going to be swept away like a big rain coming in and flooding into the gutters.
So that's the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen.
A lot more coming in the near future as we move forward in defense of this republic and in defense of freedom and in defense of the truth.
Thanks for coming out tonight.
Have fun with however you guys distort this.
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But we have Robert Parry on the line.
He is an award-winning journalist known for covering Iran-Contra for the Associated Press and Newsweek.
The website is ConsortiumNews.com and his book is America's Stolen Narrative.
Robert, welcome to the show.
Well thanks for having me.
Now, this chemical weapons attack in Syria, of course you wrote this major article on it which we picked up.
You know, you had the backstory to this.
Assad was winning.
Tillerson came out and said that Assad was part of Syria's future.
You know, there was no seeming motive for Assad to be behind this attack.
There hasn't, according to my knowledge, so far been an impartial investigation
Concluded, into the actual source of this chemical weapons attack, what did your sources tell you was the most likely scenario behind the chemical weapons incident?
Well, initially, there was a good deal of confusion within the US intelligence community, which is understandable, since
There are a lot of different players in the Syrian conflict.
It's not just the Syrian government and the Russians.
We know that, of course, the U.S.
and its Western allies have been active in the air over Syria.
We know that Turkey's been involved.
Israel has been engaging in strikes inside Syria.
So, the idea that it was automatically something that was done by the Syrian government was always implausible.
And then, so the US intelligence analysts were sort of trying to piece it together.
However, things got moved awfully fast.
And President Trump decided he would pick up what he was seeing on television, which was that the Syrian government must have done it.
So there was kind of a rushed effort to give him something to back that up with.
But what I was being told was that the intelligence community was not on board.
In the United States for the retaliatory strike on April 6th.
They since have sort of pretended that they were because otherwise you undercut the president.
But this is this has not been investigated in any serious way.
And many of the arguments that you're seeing in the New York Times and elsewhere just don't make a lot of sense.
You know, they've been arguing that Assad did this because he was announcing his impunity.
Well, if he was announcing his impunity, why didn't he just say he did it?
You know?
Given that Trump ran on this America First non-interventionist platform, why have we seen this apparent 180 degree turn in the context of foreign policy?
Do you think Trump made a deal with the deep state, with the neocons, or do you think he was just basically surrounded by them, isolated, and that the more, you know, non-interventionist type people, Steve Bannon for example, were kind of
Made to go to the background of his administration.
What do you think is the explanation behind this apparent twist?
Given, as I said earlier, that Tillerson said Assad was part of Syria's future, then we have the huge change.
What are your thoughts on that?
Well, it's been no surprise or secret that Trump has been under heavy attack regarding the so-called Russiagate business.
It's all been rather hazy.
There have been a lot of dots that people keep putting up without really connecting them that they say Trump was somehow colluding with Russia to get the election.
It seems in many ways like an excuse that's been thrown up by some of the Democrats for why they lost.
But it's been going on for several months, every day.
The New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, all of them have been pounding at him.
And you also have to remember that in official Washington, the neoconservatives and the liberal interventionists are kind of a junior partner.
They control the foreign policy establishment now.
They used to be the realists and others who had a big say in things, but they've been aged out and pushed out.
So when Trump came in trying to do something different, there wasn't much of a bench to draw from in terms of people who could have enough credentials to get through Senate confirmation and do something different from what's been happening for the last 20, 30 years.
So, he was pounded, and it appears, if you look at just what's happened, once he did the Tomahawk missile strike, once he went after Syria, which has been a major target of the neoconservatives going back to the 1990s,
A lot of that pressure from so-called Russiagate evaporator, at least, was put on the back burner.
He was suddenly being praised by the neocons, and he was being told that maybe he was now the president and so forth.
So there was a lot of incentive.
Plus, he has been surrounded more by people like Mattis, like McMaster.
These are generals, but they were part of this
Sort of neoconservative element of the military, sort of there with Petraeus and others who had become really part of the neoconservative apparatus in Washington.
So sure, I think there were several factors here that were going.
Trump was under a lot of pressure.
This was a way to get out from it by suddenly making these other folks happy and giving in a bit.
And he had people, his advisors, after Flynn was pushed out and Bannon was shoved aside,
He was really in the hands of the neoconservatives again.
You have Kushner, his son-in-law, who's probably a little bit more hesitant in that regard.
But in terms of what happened on April 4th to 6th, the neocons in the Trump administration were basically in charge.
I mean, it's amazing.
I looked at the roster of National Security Council advisors back in March, probably a month before the Syria strike, and was shocked to learn that the majority of them were CFR members.
We know the CFR's line on Syria.
In fact, some of its members years ago openly called
For arming the Al-Qaeda rebels when they knew they were not moderate rebels, they were jihadists.
So to see the swamp not being drained in that sense, even a month before the Syria attack, it was kind of inevitable what was eventually going to happen.
Also on the subject of Saudi Arabia, which you talk about on your website, you know, Trump ran on the platform of halting, crushing Islamic terrorism.
Why is he moving to appease a country and now we're seeing another arms deal in the works in Saudi Arabia?
That is the biggest, if not one of the biggest, exporters of terrorism in the world, given that he ran on a platform of crushing Islamic terrorism.
There were people at the very beginning of the Trump presidency who were encouraging him to basically declare Saudi Arabia a sponsor of terrorism, which they are.
And they have been, really going back to the 1980s, if you want to count the Mujahideen that evolved into the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
So this history, and it's been recognized, we have documents from the State Department, even some of Hillary Clinton's emails that came out revealed that she knew that the Saudis were arming Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, and so did Vice President Biden in a speech at Harvard University.
So this has been well known, but again, the neoconservatives have allied themselves, of course, obviously with Israel, and Israel has, really since sometime in the 90s, developed a relationship with Saudi Arabia.
It's now become probably public.
For a long time it was pretty secret.
So that's the tandem, Israel and Saudi Arabia, that has been calling the shots in the Middle East, and essentially calling the shots with the neoconservatives in the United States.
And therefore calling the shots with U.S.
foreign policy.
This is really not a secret anymore, but it's still not talked about much.
But Trump was sort of a threat to that initially, but he didn't act in any kind of expeditious way.
He let himself sit back and be played.
He busied himself with rather silly things like whose inaugural crowd was bigger.
And then he got pounded on the Russiagate issue, and he eventually appears to have just caved in.
And decided that in this case, giving in, it makes more sense than trying to fight and maybe be impeached.
So that's what seems to have happened here.
And as far as the Syria issue, in terms of, there's also what Ted Postol, who was the MIT expert on this, and he has looked at some of the claims both in the White House report and others.
And says that these are fraudulent intelligence claims.
So again, we have the same sort of problem we had in 2002-2003 with Iraq.
It's being replayed again with just a different president.
And we saw much of it also under Obama.
Obama also was pushed around in some of these ways by these forces and gave in often.
Some people call it a deep state.
I'm not sure I'd use that word exactly or that phrase.
But there are many aspects to it that have the resemblance of a deep state.
That no matter who you put in office, it doesn't seem to change much.
Okay, we're going to leave it there, Robert.
We've got about 20 seconds left.
We really appreciate you joining us on the show today.
The website is consortiumnews.com.
Robert, thanks for joining us today.
Thank you.
No one will go to the New York Times or care that it's even admitted that the government's hatching most of the terror plots.
Or people will say, what are you doing?
Endorsing radical Islam?
Saying it doesn't exist?
I didn't say that!
I said our criminal government is arming them, aiding and abetting them, protecting them to attack and kill us so they can take our freedoms!
That's what I said!
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Well, today we're learning even more about these militant leftist organizations that are waging a war against conservatives and Trump supporters at college campuses and other events across the country.
Now, of course, right now we're speaking about the left-wing activists that are behind these anti-conservative riots at Berkeley with Antifa and others.
They have ties to one of the nation's most prominent pedophilia organizations.
This is according to some
Investigative journalism done by Peter Hassan there at the Daily Caller.
Now, Millie Weaver joins me, and you brought this to my attention, and we were just going to kind of speak a little bit about what happened at Berkeley and everything, and you just said, whoa, this goes really deep.
So let's get into it.
Yeah, it really does, Leanne, and that's kind of why I wanted to spend some time delving into these documents and what's all said here because it's very interesting.
You know, this is something that the Daily Caller had received from the Internet Sleuths who, you know, they wanted to remain anonymous as to not receive any type of retaliation.
But what's interesting here is that they're alleging that
These documents tie Berkeley riot organizers to the pro-pedophile group NAMBLA.
Now that's pretty concerning.
I mean, apparently BAM's parent organization worked directly with the North American Man-Boy Love Association in the years just before it founded BAM, according to NAMBLA documents reviewed by the Daily Caller.
So that's pretty interesting right there.
I mean, they even say that a member of that parent organization is said to have founded BAM and is an admitted member of NAMBLA.
And so that's pretty concerning there.
Yeah, in 2001.
Luke Massey, who's one of BAM's founders, told the Michigan Daily,
Yeah, it's pretty disturbing, you know.
Now, these are all documents that apparently have come out of a NAMBLA publication.
These were NAMBLA bulletins from the 90s that The Daily Caller was able to get a hold of.
And these publications are pretty crazy.
I mean, it talks about here the contents of the publications.
So it's just really bizarre.
So you've got this NAMBLA conference, okay, which again, this is the North American Man-Boy Love Association.
Okay, so this is this group that's like advocating pro-pedophilia.
They want to be able to eroticize being with young boys and they have this conference and there at the conference, the Revolutionary Workers League is
What, do they have a booth set up there at this NAMBLA concert?
I mean, that's just really shocking to me.
So talk a little bit about this bulletin reviewed by the Daily Caller, some of the things that they were discussing.
These were bulletins that NAMBLA members were receiving
Where these bulletins were giving updates on their conferences and their activities that were being conducted, things that they would vote on and such.
But it also contained erotic stories about naked young boys.
So, I mean, that was what pedophiles apparently like to read.
We have to note here, I mean, NAMBLA, like you were saying Leanne, this is an organization that is advocating for pedophilia.
They're advocating for society to accept the idea of a child being able to consent to engage in sexual relations with an adult.
That's essentially what they're advocating for.
So the Revolutionary Workers League, they put forward a number of proposals
I think?
Children and youth must be provided non-moralistic, explicit, sex-positive, including lesbian, gay, positive sex education.
Condoms, contraceptives must be distributed in all schools.
And of course, NAMBLA membership is open to all who identify with the end goals of sexual freedom and youth liberation.
So look, they just go hand-in-hand there like a glove, don't they?
Appropriately degenerate.
And apparently in a 1992 edition of their bulletin, it's noted the participation of the Revolutionary Workers League, and they were described as an ally to NAMBLA.
Now, the Revolutionary Workers League is a Trotsky
I think so.
So that's where we're starting to see this coming together here in this article.
It's very interesting.
Now, it also talks about a woman named Eileen Sheff, who has apparently represented BAM, the By Any Means Necessary group that was associated with going to these Berkeley protests.
I mean, they were present at
I'm pretty sure all of these different Berkeley protests that we've seen, including the Milo Yiannopoulos one where they burned things out in the street and were smashing windows.
And apparently Eileen Sheff has represented BAM on multiple occasions as a loss legal advisor or a lawyer and has been a self-described member of NAMBLA.
So there's where you're tying in.
And it's going back to that message that they're putting out to these kids.
It's all about youth liberation and you're free.
You have your own agency.
Your parents can't tell you what to do.
Society can't tell.
Science can't tell you what is real.
If you want to be in love with an old man, everyone should be free to love whoever they want.
So this is the
They're targeting these children and you point out that they take advantage of young people, these middle schoolers, especially like we see with Yvette Falarca, who's the middle school teacher and, you know, active organizer there with BAM.
I don't know.
Was a legal advisor for BAM and was a member of NAMBLA.
She has been identified as a founder of the By Any Means Necessary group.
Okay so she helped found this group that
I mean you're seeing at these rallies bashing people over the head and apparently she denounced the witch hunt against pedophiles in 1991 at a NAMBLA press conference.
She also said that denying youth their sexuality and driving sexual exploitation
And this is just incredible because it's these type of really militant leftist groups and people who are just really pushing for
The progressive left to go even further to the left, just as shocking as you can possibly be, redefining what science actually is.
This is the type of stuff that they're trying to normalize with pedophilia.
That's right.
We're seeing these progressive leftists trying to actually say, look, pedophiles,
Our people, too.
We need to start having a discussion and perhaps acknowledging that this is another type of sexual orientation.
So this is absolutely frightening, the fact that we know that these people have infiltrated the schools and they are going for middle schoolers, potentially even younger, but middle school, you're very, very susceptible to that kind of indoctrination.
Thank you for bringing that to my attention, Millie.
It is very disturbing, Leigh-Anne, and it's just great to see all of this being brought to light and being exposed.
Yeah, and we are able to bring you this type of information.
We still have our First Amendment intact, and so we want to fight to preserve that while we can.
And Alex Jones has announced that we are going to be doing a 30-hour broadcast because we're letting everyone out there know we're sick and tired of you trying to shut us down.
That happens Wednesday at 11 a.m.
We'll see you here again though Monday with the Nightly News, 7 p.m.
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