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Name: 20170427_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 27, 2017
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It's Alex Jones!
Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Thursday, April 27th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
The left pushes dystopian fiction about the oppression of women like The Handmaid's Tale.
But the real threat is coming from an alliance between the left and Islam.
Austria's far-left president says that one day, all women must wear headscarves because of Islamophobia.
And, once upon a time, about 50 years ago, the left started a free speech movement at University of California, Berkeley to lift the ban on campus political activities and to defend free speech and academic freedom.
But then the left and Janet Napolitano took control of the university, and they shut down free speech, academic freedom, and political activities they didn't like.
We talked to Stephanie Hamel and Jack Pasoviuk about the political censorship of the left.
All that and more on tonight's InfoWars Nightly News.
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Welcome to the Infowars Nightly News, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
We've got a ton to cover, as you already know, so let's get right into it.
Well, we all know that North Korea right now is saber-rattling, and the United States has finally decided to do something about it.
Now North Korea turns to Southeast Asian nations for support in battle with U.S.
to stop nuclear holocaust.
This is another sign to me that Kim Jong-un is freaking out right now.
He doesn't really know what to do, so he's lining up tanks all along the Sea of Japan and having them live fire.
And now he's reaching out to other nations, most of which are probably actually working with the United States and not North Korea, for help.
As he says, the Korean Peninsula is on the brink of war.
This is actually in a letter from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Security General, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho is warning that people in the Korean Peninsula need to know that they are on a brink of war right now.
So they're trying to reach out.
Oh, and they're blaming Washington's actions.
So they're blaming the United States, saying that the Korean Peninsula is at the brink of war.
And the reason they're doing that is they highlight, at least in this story, all the U.S.
presence that's in the area.
You've got over 39,000 personnel in Japan, over 23,000 in South Korea.
Drills happening in both of those countries.
They're saying that we're on the brink of war, you need to be aware of this, you need to come and back us up to try to stop Washington from starting a war.
Now folks, this is very serious stuff, but this is actually serious.
This sounds like a joke, but if you ask what is Kim Jong-un working with, you can say, no dong.
North Korea is currently working with Nodong.
That is not a joke.
That is the name of North Korea's missiles.
Nodong-1 and Nodong-2.
I'm not making this up.
When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke.
And I'm beginning to think,
That there's somebody inside the North Korean, I guess, missile defense team or whoever is naming these things is perhaps sabotaging North Korea, naming it Nodong.
So Kim Jong-un can proudly brag that he is working with Nodong.
I don't know if you've heard, folks, but there's big, big news out of North Korea.
The news is that Kim Jong-un has Nodong.
No dong, that's the news we've got right now.
Kim Jong-un, no dong.
Okay, but for real, while Kim Jong-un has no dong, he must have some dong because now he's putting out videos showing the White House in crosshairs and then exploding.
Of course, this is on the heels of previous videos they put out in demonstrations of missiles hitting the United States.
Now they're just going to blow up the White House.
North Korea has no dong.
And then they put out this video.
I mean, look at this video, guys.
I've got graphics guys that are back here right now.
Go ahead, pull this video back up.
Look at this.
This is the best that North Korea can put out.
Not that one.
Although that one, I mean, it's basically the same thing.
Wow, what an amazing graphic.
They're so good.
Look at how advanced they are.
At graphics and creating movies and CGI.
Guys, pull up the Washington Post one.
Yeah, look at it.
Is that the one where they blow up the White House?
The point is, I just don't know how seriously we should be taking North Korea, I suppose.
I don't know what kind of missiles they really have.
I know they have no DONG, but...
I mean, come on, they're doing these war displays with probably fake missiles, the point is not even pointed straight, it's pointed up, okay, that would never pass an inspection, you would never put that missile past inspection, yet somehow it's out on their big military display, and then they just have cardboard-like painted cutouts with flecked graphics on it that they use during their displays.
This nation is nowhere near us as far as their technology is concerned, folks, okay?
However, they do have a very oppressive leader in Kim Jong-un.
It is strange that all of a sudden there seems to be this build-up of war between our two nations, but that is what we're dealing with right now, and Kim Jong-un has no dong.
That is just a fact.
And Maxine Waters might not have a brain.
Now, this is a woman who apparently is going to run for office again!
And if she really wanted to win in 2018, you'd think that she would just shut up.
Because she's been made to look like such a fool.
But, here's Maxine Waters again.
Guys, she's trying to let you know what's up in North Korea.
Let's go to Maxine Waters to update us on the situation.
Yeah, they're in a war now, a trade war.
She doesn't know where she is.
She could have been in North Korea.
She could have been in North Crimea.
She could have been in Northern California.
She really doesn't know.
It must be tough to be Maxine Waters, 78 years old, wearing the same James Brown wig that she's been wearing since O'Reilly called her out on it.
Well, you think someone, a member of her staff, would at least put a different wig on her?
You think a member of her staff would say, Maxine,
Time's getting short.
Maybe just right off into the sunset.
She's gonna keep going on TV, she's gonna keep opening her mouth, and she's gonna keep exposing herself as, quite frankly, a demented old woman.
I don't mean that in disrespect.
I'm just calling it as I is.
Kim Jong-un has no dong.
Maxine Waters, unfortunately, is a demented old woman.
Now, we've got a report from John Bowne that also gets into the madness that is the Democratic nightmare, the Democrat Party nightmare.
And here's that report from John Bowne.
I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
That would be the height of stupidity.
With stiff competition, mind you.
But nonetheless, the height of stupidity to date.
Emboldened by the Mockingbird mainstream media's anti-Trump narrative, the Democrats are on a rampage of disinformation, clawing at the undeniable success of President Trump's first hundred days, regardless of the Democrats' best efforts to undermine it.
If the first hundred days is any indication, we're just headed to failure because the working people of America who thought Trump was going to help them have seen promise after promise broken or unfulfilled.
Some people have asked me what grade would I give him.
We could take it subject by subject.
Broken promises on jobs and infrastructure.
We haven't seen a jobs bill.
We haven't seen an infrastructure bill for all the talk.
F. Broken promises on America's healthcare.
F minus.
So, drain the swamp, F2, yeah.
Senator McConnell wanted me to negotiate the wall with President Trump.
I said to him two things.
First, it's not a negotiation.
No wall.
Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi that the border wall is immoral, expensive, and unwise?
Absolutely not.
You know, she talks about splitting the community up.
All the communities that I know about, all of the cities along the border, already have high fences.
Where the wall is necessary,
...is in a lot of the outlying areas that still only have a four-wire barbed wire fence between Mexico and us.
Sure, and you... John, how much of a reduction have you seen since Donald Trump has been President of the United States?
Well, it's 90%, 95%.
The minute they cast that vote, they put doo-doo on their shoe.
Tattoo on their forehead.
And they have to explain it to their children.
And then, say they pass it.
Even worse.
They really have to be accountable.
Largely unpassable in the Senate.
Walk the plank for nothing.
Thank you, Mr. President.
President Trump has successfully sat at the bargaining table with a slew of American companies to bring the jobs back to the United States.
The stock market is at record highs.
Trump decreased the national debt in his first month by $12 billion, over 0.1%.
And ironically, even the weather appears to be cooperating.
When not filled with seething vitriol, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can't manage to string a sentence together.
...and Hassan Shourey for your well-deserved recognitions tonight.
Today, the strong moral voice of Refugees International, we degrade our values and our security when we slam the door in the face of children fleeing atrocities.
With the specter of famine looming over northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen, almost slashing the State Department budget.
And DNC Chair Tom Perez is pushing the Democrats' message by relating to his apparent base of 15-year-olds.
He's a damn liar!
That's what I say, pal!
You're damn right he's a liar!
No one will lose coverage.
That's bullsh**, my friends.
Well, guess what happened?
That turned out to be... Let me be more polite because I just saw a young child in the audience.
That turned out to be a lie!
That turned out to be faulty stuff!
And the budget is another example of broken promises.
The budget is bankrupt.
They call it a skinny budget.
I call it a shitty budget.
Give it up, Pelosi and company.
Donald Trump is your president.
And the American people see right through the Democrats' deep state mouthpiece rhetoric.
John Bowne for Infowars.com
Wow, that was a lot to take in from the Democrats in one John Bowne report.
Okay, let's start with Nancy Pelosi.
I'm no doctor, but you have early onset signs of Alzheimer's.
Maybe dementia.
Perhaps you're a serious alcoholic.
I don't know what you serve at the Three Goats Hill Pizza Shop that you own down there.
I believe there's an offshore account associated with that as well.
But let's get back to Nancy Pelosi's politics.
Okay, so she wants to give Trump an F on draining the swamp.
You know what?
Trump could probably do better with draining the swamp.
But you know what?
It's up to the American people to drain the swamp.
And to get people like Nancy Pelosi out of office.
Now, I interviewed Omar Navarro last Friday, and he's running against Maxine Waters.
He's gonna wipe the floor with her nice and easy.
But with Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, I haven't really found anybody that's really pushing the rubber right now like Omar Navarro.
Let's go, people!
This is your chance.
This is a lightweight.
Nancy Pelosi, in fact, featherweight?
No weight!
Look at the woman you will be going up against.
Nancy Pelosi.
She can't even put two words together.
And she's reading off of notes!
Somebody, please, take her down!
How can you not defeat this woman?
She doesn't even live in the district.
She spends all of her time in Washington.
She's demented.
Then you have Tom Perez.
How about this guy?
The Democrats are so upset with Trump's rhetoric.
Nice, guys.
There's Nancy Pelosi.
Like, I guess like small face Nancy Pelosi.
So the Democrats are all upset because apparently Trump's rhetoric, Trump has such a potty mouth.
Then Tom Perez comes out here and curses God, dropping curse bombs left and right while they got children in the audience.
Way to go, Tom Perez!
Nice work!
Real classy, those Democrats.
And to think, these people, they wanted to put Hillary Clinton in office.
It's truly, it's truly unbelievable.
Let's get into some of the media wars going on right now.
This is a story from the New York Post.
Lawyer sued Times, CNN, Fox News for racial discrimination.
Now, I'll be perfectly honest with you, these lawyers are out of control.
They'll sue you for anything.
The ACLU is an absurd group of lawyers.
These lawyers need to be disbarred.
However, when you have CNN involved in a lawsuit claiming they're racist, you really just have to let the irony of that sink in.
Taste it.
Taste that, Van Jones, with your white lash.
CNN sued for racial discrimination, Van Jones.
Now Sean Hannity is saying that the end of Fox is coming.
The end of Fox, as we know it, is coming.
Of course, Hannity is under the microscope.
There is a changing of the guard in the media right now.
But ESPN, they want to fail.
Like it or not, ESPN isn't sticking to sports.
This is the same ESPN that just had to fire a hundred people, including some of their most popular on-air personalities.
They're fired.
Because they're not even covering sports anymore.
But you know what?
ESPN says, like good liberals, we're losing.
We like losing.
We're just going to keep losing.
So ESPN will keep losing money, they're going to keep losing employees, and they will continue to keep losing the political battles that they engage in.
We'll be right back with our guest Stephanie Hamill to talk about what is going on in Berkeley.
Are they riding yet?
Do they plan on riding?
What is Antifa doing?
What does Antifa really stand for?
We've got that on the other side.
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We're doing this by the skin of our teeth.
I know it looks like we're in a billion-dollar studio, but Alex has never taken one cent of
I borrowed money at all whatsoever.
This is all money that's come from you, the listeners.
So you've literally built this place, you know, built this place with your compassion and built this place with the support that you've sent us.
So from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate it because I know we wouldn't be able to do this.
We wouldn't have a voice if it wasn't for you.
So once again, we got to thank the listeners for their steadfastness in supporting us.
Even when we make mistakes, and even when we're not right, and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us, and I appreciate that.
Well, I am monitoring the situation in Berkeley right now, and it does appear that we've had our first arrest!
How about that?
It does not appear to be a member of Berkeley, but it is a black man, so CNN is already getting the
Big news!
Ready to go for that.
With that, I bring in my guest Stephanie Hamill.
She's going to be talking with us about the Berkeley situation out there.
She is with the One American News Network.
Stephanie, thank you so much for joining us tonight.
Hi there, Owen.
Thanks for having me.
Well, obviously you know what's going on out there in California.
I know that you're stationed out there, but the big story here to me is, and it's not getting covered like it should, is this is an attack on free speech, point blank.
Yeah, huge attack on our First Amendment rights in general.
And this is not just a Berkeley issue, this is an issue happening on campuses across the country.
This is liberal lunacy.
And as for Berkeley, we know that there's an attorney that's leading the charge for the Berkeley Republicans and for the Young America Foundation, and they have a pretty strong case against the university.
Well, I mean, I think that we all have a case against the university.
When you're not allowing people to speak there, when you are allowing violence to happen instead, I think there's a major issue there.
And when you have a professor, Robert Reich, encouraging it, yeah, that is a major issue to me.
And again, this is supposed to be the bastion of free speech.
Doesn't look like the case.
I know you've talked to the attorney.
What insight can you provide to our audience about the developments with that case?
Yeah, I spoke with Hermit Dillon.
She, again, is the lead attorney for this case.
And she said this is all about discrimination.
This campus is discriminating against conservatives.
So they came up with this, you know, new rule starting in March that they were going to handle high-profile guests differently than they would any other guests.
Now, this high-profile guest, you know, thing that they came up with only seems to affect conservatives.
So, you know, this Democrats can come in with ease, no problem.
And so they never gave any description on what would be considered a high profile guest.
So in the case of Ann Coulter, they called her a high profile guest.
Therefore, you know, there is this ring around and she could come to campus and then she couldn't come to campus.
And then, you know, they didn't want to give her a room, and then they were going to give her a room, and then they wanted her to come in on dead day when there were no students on campus.
You know, they came up with some pretty ridiculous things.
They also wanted to charge the Berkeley Republicans thousands and thousands of dollars for security, which they never did for any liberal guest.
And I'm curious, what is the attorney seeking?
What are they seeking?
What are they looking to get out of this?
Are they looking for Berkeley to get hit with some sort of fine?
Are they looking for the Berkeley Police Department?
What is the goal of this lawsuit?
Yeah, that's a great question, and that's something that I did ask.
So first of all, the lawsuit isn't directly at Berkeley.
It's like, they have specific people that they're going after at Berkeley, and as well, the Berkeley Police Department.
So what they're looking for is policy change.
They want conservatives to be able to come into campus and speak.
And then, you know, the other part is that, you know, if Berkeley loses, then they would pay the legal fees.
That's all.
Now, what is the first response that the attorney has gotten?
Obviously, I'm sure he's been in contact with some people from Berkeley.
They're very aware of the litigation that's about to be coming their way.
What's been their first response?
Are they standing tall?
Do they think they have a case here?
Do they think they're going to win?
Or are they like, yeah, we're acting pretty much illegally.
We hate free speech.
We're going to give in.
So, UC Berkeley pretends that they did nothing wrong.
They pretend, you know, that they tried to accommodate Ann Coulter, when clearly they didn't.
They, you know, try to make it seem like the Berkeley Republicans just threw this event on them at the last minute, and so that's why there was chaos.
But that's simply not true.
The attorney, you know, has the emails from these officials at Berkeley that basically showed, you know, the change in rules that they had at the university.
And so, again, this attorney says that they have a pretty strong case, and she compares this to other cases, like the one in Auburn College, where the conservative students won that case.
A judge ruled in favor
So what do you think is going to happen here?
Obviously it's still early but just based on what you know and obviously the history of similar cases, how do you think this is going to go down?
So this is going to take a while.
This isn't going to happen overnight.
She said that this could last for 12 months, maybe 18 months.
So this is a long time.
But I think that there's a lot of pressure on Berkeley right now.
That's why we saw them cave and say Ann Coulter could come to campus.
But then again, that changed.
So I think that even liberals, some liberals, are calling Berkeley out for what happened.
So I think that, I think Berkeley will change probably on their own at some point because there's so much backlash and anger and people are watching.
But yeah, this is going to take maybe 18 months, but I would say that the, you know, the judge would rule in their favor.
Well, I think here's the problem that they're facing in Berkeley.
Either they have to admit they're not for free speech, which obviously they're never going to admit that.
Or they have to admit that they have domestic terrorists that roam around their campus and that try to stop free speech.
They don't want to admit that either because the domestic terrorists are their friends, because all of them hate Trump in that same boat of deplorables.
So they're kind of, I think, stuck in this weird rock in a hard place where they don't know really where to go with themselves.
And I think they face the same thing with Milo Yiannopoulos.
Who wants to go there as, I believe it was part of his Dangerous Faggot tour, so you could say, okay, you know what, that's offensive, we're at a college, we don't want to endorse the Dangerous Faggot.
Oh, of course then they can't say that because then they would be against, you know, they would be homophobes.
But Ann Coulter?
Ann Coulter?
What has Ann Coulter ever done?
This is just a conservative woman who has never preached anything but just political ideas.
She doesn't have like some crazy tour called Dangerous Faggot.
They can't even deal with Ann Coulter!
Well, so Milo Yiannopoulos, he's a provocateur.
We all know that.
You know, he has some great ideas.
There's a lot of things I don't agree with him.
But he still had the right to speak there, and obviously that was shut down.
When it comes to Ann Coulter, same thing.
She says some things that I agree with, some things I disagree with.
But she definitely was in the right to come and speak.
I will give you an A on your final if you bash the fash.
Yeah, it's pretty bad, and the fact that this is somewhat acceptable and the mainstream media ignores this, this is something I cover a lot on my show.
Well, actually, I'm glad that you went there, because I think that this is really bothering me.
I said this on the Alex Jones Show today.
From CNN to InfoWars, from Huffington Post to Breitbart, everybody should be protesting this.
Every media outlet should be saying, this is an attack on free speech.
If they can come after Ann Coulter, they can come after me.
And if these anti... Okay, and I will say this.
Antifa, we've all been tricked.
It doesn't stand for anti-fascism.
That was a lie.
It stands for anti-First Amendment.
And that's been proven.
Yeah, well, Antifa is actually a fascist organization.
If you look at what they do, they try to use violence to instill fear in Americans that are just out there supporting their candidate or supporting conservatives.
Did you just say, hold on, am I hearing that?
Using violence to promote a political agenda?
That's terrorism!
It is terrorism and that's why there was a group of people that were, you know, trying to get them, you know, called, like declared a terrorist organization.
I mean, look at what these people... Is the attorney hearing these pleas?
Has the attorney mentioned this at all?
Is he going to bring this up in the lawsuit?
So, Hermit Dillon has not mentioned the Antifa stuff.
What was mentioned in the lawsuit was the stand-down order from Berkeley officials to the Berkeley Police Department that was even, that same message was relayed to the Berkeley Police.
So there is a stand down order there.
So we saw it in the videos with Milo Yiannopoulos, you know, all the chaos, the riot that broke out there.
Police were kind of just sitting around twiddling their thumbs, you know, letting these thugs break windows, pepper spray people in the face.
And so we were all suspicious of this.
It's like, why didn't they come in and why didn't they stop this?
Why was only one person arrested?
Yeah, these people are clearly terrorists and they're stopping free speech.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
We've got 40 seconds left with you, Stephanie.
Real quick, InfoWars is under an attack right now from liberals right now.
They want to shut us down.
They want to call us fake news.
What are you guys experiencing over at One American News Network?
I know that you guys are obviously conservative.
Are you guys experiencing the same thing?
30 seconds.
I haven't really heard a ton from the left of people trying to shut us down, but I know that conservatives are under attack, liberals want to shut us up, the mainstream media is working with the Democrat Party on pushing the agenda, and you know, all those talking heads are sheep, I'm sorry, wolves in sheep's clothes, and people need to turn that off.
Wait a second, no, I don't, no, guys, I don't like what Stephanie's saying, so I'm gonna grab a baseball bat, I'm gonna beat her over the head with it, and then I'm gonna say that I won the argument.
Stephanie Hamel from the One American News Network, thank you for joining us.
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Welcome back to the InfoWars Nightly News.
Owen Schroer with you and we are about to be joined by Jack Posobiec.
And I gotta say, Jack, as we bring him on, you have been absolutely kicking butt on Twitter lately.
You have been just the king of the Twitter trolls.
You've been dominating.
Whenever a liberal tweets something and then regrets it and deletes it, you're on top of it.
You're pointing out all the liberal nonsense at the universities.
You're finding stories, I don't know where you find these stories that are clearly attacking Kekistan and Pepe the Frog, but you're all over it, Jack.
And actually, I haven't spoken to you since your new job with The Rebel TV, and you just reached 100,000 followers, so congratulations on both those things.
And now, let's get into Berkeley today.
I know that you were thinking about going out there, you didn't.
Did you not want to get beat up by the fascists that would come out there with, you know, bats probably and everything?
You know, actually, it ended up being something that there was something that came up in D.C., sort of a special project kind of thing that I can't announce yet, but I absolutely had to be there for today in D.C.
I was all set, man.
I had my plane tickets ready to go.
I was going to hop on a flight at 7 a.m.
to go out there.
With Rebel, we already had Gavin McInnes and Faith Goldie out there, and when this thing popped up in D.C., I was like, you know what, I can't get out of town.
So it was just one of those things, but we made sure the Rebel was there, and I made sure to do everything I could to get the message out about what was going on on the ground.
Interestingly enough, we're now seeing some misinformation come from the Berkeley Police Department.
They've been responding to my tweets of what's going on, and so I'm literally sitting here at home watching
Uh, watching the Periscope or watching different live streams like Tim Pool, who's, you know, a great independent journalist, and writing tweets about what I see, you know, when I have a minute to get in, and the Berkeley Police Department starts responding to me and says, that's not true, that's not true.
And I'm like, uh, I've got video footage of it, so why are you putting out information that's already refuted?
Why are you trying to gaslight people?
Well, now hold on a second, though.
This is actually an interesting thing that you would point that out, because
The tactic that you just mentioned by the Berkeley Police, who does the same tactic?
Liberal trolls.
I'm thinking that this might be another connection here between Berkeley Police and Antifa.
We already know about the mayor.
Wasn't it the mayor that had the connection with Antifa?
Yeah, so the mayor was a member of this group called By All Means Necessary, BAMN.
And they're essentially a front group of Antifa.
See, nobody goes around saying that they're members of Antifa, right?
They say, oh no, we're part of, you know, climate change or anti-racism, this and that.
But when they organize, they'll put themselves in groups.
And one of them for the Berkeley area was By All Means Necessary, BAMN.
And it turned out that the Berkeley mayor, somebody was searching through their
We're good to go.
Yeah, and you know it's funny, you actually pointed this out on your Twitter account, how now social media platforms like 4chan are doing a more effective job at identifying these people and finding them than the actual FBI.
Yeah, so it's interesting and you know we just launched StopAntifa.com where we're trying to get a petition going to have Antifa declared a domestic terrorist organization.
Yeah, what is taking so long with that?
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, no, and I went and looked up the definition of that, which is actually laid out in, believe it or not, the Patriot Act, and it's like, using violence to achieve political ends, demanding your opponents do what you say, you know, with the force of violence, organizing in the United States, it's like,
Yeah, every single thing you've mentioned here is ticked off.
You're perpetuating violence.
They're organizing online.
They're doing huge, massive protests nationwide, especially in New York and D.C.
on May 1st.
It's sort of the communist holiday.
So I'm like, what exactly?
Where is the FBI on this?
Where's James Comey?
Where's the billions of dollars that's given to that budget?
Why aren't they infiltrating this group?
Why aren't they outing them?
Why aren't they stopping any of this violence?
No, it's shocking, and you have, as you just pointed out, the mayor associated with BAM, we've had weird incidents with police, weird behavior by police, you've had Antifa using police-level smoke grenades and flash grenades, and then you have even professors at UC Berkeley like Robert Reisch, I wish he would shut up,
Promoting this stuff!
And then as you just laid out, you know, you just read the definition of terrorism according to the Patriot Act, domestic terrorism.
I actually thought you were reading the definition of Antifa.
I don't know what's taking so long, Jack.
I don't know why every media outlet in the United States is not just absolutely in arms about this attack on free speech.
This should not be about partisan politics.
This should be about free speech.
Just as a kind of, you know, a check to look at what the mainstream media was putting out, I went to CNN.com, I went to that little search bar they have up in the top, and I just typed in the word Antifa.
No results found.
CNN hasn't done a single report on even what Antifa is.
Reporting nothing.
Not even a feedback.
But you know, but you know why they can't do that because
What is Antifa?
Antifa is a product of CNN.
Antifa is a product of George Soros.
So why would CNN want to shed light on that?
That is the key right there.
That is the key.
Right, because they don't want to show the connections.
And, you know, some of the research I was doing with Rebel Media on this, we dug down into the history of Antifa.
And they're actually founded by Leon Trotsky.
They're actually, yeah, there you go.
They're actually founded by Leon Trotsky of the Soviet Union to go out back in, this is back in the 20s and 30s, to destabilize countries across Europe.
They focused on Italy, they focused on Germany, Poland.
And they wanted, see, they wanted people to
I think that Antifa creating violence in the streets meant that because your government couldn't stop the violence, oh well then your government was illegitimate and if you want a legitimate government then you must listen to this Communist Party and look how, you know, how well we've done things in Russia.
So they were the willful idiots back in the days of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and now it looks like they're becoming the same thing, it's the same exact playbook that's been going on for, it's nearly been a hundred years at this point, man.
You know, it's interesting, Jack, because so far today, it looks like Antifa has stepped out.
Of course, the sun hasn't set, and there's police all over the streets in Berkeley, so yes, Antifa only likes to come out when they can get in a cheap shot and not have their faces identified, especially now that people on social media are identifying it.
But I'd like to hear your thoughts.
My opinion on this is, if there's one more development in this situation,
If Antifa keeps one more person from having a free speech event, they just had to cancel an event in Portland, Oregon again because of Antifa.
If Antifa has one more event where violence breaks out, I don't see any reason why they are not labeled a terrorist organization, a domestic terrorist organization, and I don't see any reason why Donald Trump himself, the President of the United States, doesn't come out and make a serious, stern statement against these people.
Absolutely, and Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General, this should be part and parcel of it.
I mean, why do we have the FBI talking about, you know, these fake Russian accounts, the BuzzFeed dossier, which is just actually... Don't forget about Tom Brady's jersey now!
Yeah, we're worried about Tom Brady's jersey.
We gotta get that jersey.
Actual domestic terrorists that are attacking people, attacking civil rights in the streets.
So where is the government?
Where's the administration?
Where are the people that we've handed over our security and our safety to and our tax dollars to?
And where are them protecting it?
I mean, I'm not saying, you know, don't let people on the left have a platform, right?
You know, it's fine.
If you guys want to have a rally, go ahead and do that.
I went to an Antifa rally last week and I didn't attack people, I actually got punched myself.
But I was there.
Yeah, I know that you've been at many rallies and somehow you've never been violent.
I've seen you out at rallies and I've never seen you be violent.
It's strange how that works.
It's funny how that works, yeah.
It's kind of like, it's, you know, it's like when they were little and they say, you know, when you're learning karate or something and they say, well you learn it so you don't have to use it, right?
And it's, you know, I've been in the Navy, I've done counterterrorism training, you know, I can handle myself if something does break out, but at the same time it's like,
I know that I don't need to use this at this point.
I don't need to use this training because that's going to make it worse.
In that situation, the guy, you know, he got one sucker punch at me, pushed him off, stepped to the side.
Yeah, it's always the same thing.
I'm the same way when they try to do that.
You just laugh it off and you're like, whoa, dude, and you put the camera on their face.
60 seconds, Jack.
I want to talk about two things.
I want to get your opinion.
One, to me, another story developing here is the standing of the new guard.
The old guard backed down.
They backed down in Berkeley, Ann Coulter, and they stepped away.
So the new guard stepped up.
You know, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, Bay Stickman, they were there.
So the changing of the guard, and also, you mentioned how the money is not being spent in the right ways to get security for these events.
Talk about those two things real quick.
Yes, the first one, and it's really connected when it comes down to it.
The old guard, the money that was out there, that you've got organizations like YAF that people have been giving money to for years and years and years on end, and what do they do?
They have millions of dollars, hire some people from special forces, hire some people, InfoWars does this, Rebel Media does this.
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You know, before I get into a news blitz here, I've got a little hanging chat I want to address.
You know, Nancy Pelosi said that Trump was doing nothing about creating jobs.
Boy, that is just a shocking statement for her to make.
Has she been reading any of the news, all the jobs that have come back here, all the companies that are investing in America instead of overseas?
I guess Nancy missed that when she was doing her hair.
And then she also made an outlandish statement that Trump wasn't doing anything about cutting spending.
I almost fell to the floor.
$100 billion cut out of the debt, Nancy.
So you're a total incompetent politician.
Thank you for exposing yourself.
Let's get into a news blitz here before we close the InfoWars Nightly News.
This is from the Washington Compost.
A Saudi Arabian man has been sentenced to death after insulting the Prophet Muhammad on Twitter.
I just love how tolerant the religion of Islam is in Saudi Arabia.
I just love how tolerant Saudi Arabia is of women.
You know?
And I'm just so glad that Saudi Arabia is on the Human Rights Commission of the UN and on the Women's Rights Commission of the UN.
I think these are good things.
I think it's good.
In fact, why doesn't the entire world embrace Saudi Arabian principles?
The left would love that.
You insult Mohammed on Twitter, you're dead.
If you're a woman and you walk around outside without your scarf and your man, we'll put you in a hole and stone you to death!
Let's... How tolerant!
Let's bring him here.
You know, and it's not good in Egypt right now either, as...
If you're in Egypt, I actually just closed my story.
Yeah, thank you for pulling that up, guys.
Egyptian Christians living in fear for the future.
So if you're a Christian in Egypt now, because the Muslims are so tolerant that run that government now, well, you're in fear for your life, aren't you?
The Muslims in that region are bombing Christian churches.
And then when there's a secular leader like Assad in that region who wants to protect Christians, well, we gotta get him out.
I mean, we got to get him out!
That's just our foreign policy.
I'll tell you who is just as bad as Nancy Pelosi.
I don't know.
I don't have to deal with this woman in my everyday routine.
She needs to get a new hairstylist.
I don't know, whatever, bowl cut.
She's got like a bowl cut mullet look on.
But anyway, Merkel attacks opponents as campaign starts in two state polls.
This one just had me rolling, though.
Stop it right there, folks.
Merkel claims that her opponents have failed in fighting crime.
Angela Merkel, who's been the Chancellor in Germany while all this violence is breaking out, all these terror attacks, Merkel has the nerve to blame her opponents, who haven't been in power, mind you, that they're the reason why crime is up in Germany.
Angela Merkel.
The bowl cut, half bowl cut, half mullet, zero wit politician from Germany.
You can put her right in that same basket with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.
Wait, is that Merkel?
Wow, the crew is showing me some old pictures of... Is that really Merkel?
For real?
Okay, we can't confirm if that was Frank and Merkel or regular Merkel.
But here's a story, today, out of Berlin.
Police on lockdown, er, police lockdown area around Berlin Hospital after shots are fired.
And now, because there's so much violence in Germany, everybody in Germany is already on high alert because of all the terror attacks under whose regime?
So that's fine.
Angela Merkel has the goal
On the day of a shooting at a hospital, in the string of terror attacks in her country, Angela Merkel has the unmitigated nerve to blame her opponents for the rush of crime in Germany.
Man, these politicians have some nerve to just outright lie to your face!
Or how about this?
Maybe you're the president of Austria,
And you say, all women must wear headscarves to fight Islamophobia out of solidarity towards those who do it for religious reasons.
And now the Austrian president, Alexander Van der Bellen, yeah he's a bellend alright, says that the day will come when all women will be asked to wear a headscarf.
Yeah, look at that bellend!
He's not Van Der Bellen, he's Van Der Bell-end!
So that's just a nice, another... That's just a nice... It's a European joke.
It's funny in England.
I'm sorry, the crew doesn't understand that.
But... This is just a nice, another loving liberal, and just showing the tolerance of the religion of Islam.
We're gonna make you wear a hijab!
There was some video that surfaced today, it was on a subway in Europe.
There's the bell end.
It was a subway somewhere in Europe, and these two Muslim women were cackling at a European girl, she was white, because she wasn't dressed properly.
She didn't have her headscarf on, so the Muslim women were giving her a hard time being very rude.
That's nice, isn't it?
Very, very tolerant.
Yeah, thank you.
How dare you not wear a trash bag in public?
How dare you?
In fact, I mean, Maxine Waters has promoted Sharia law in the United States before.
You know, Maxine, I don't know.
Do they let women wear wigs under Sharia law?
We might need to look into that.
This is where you can get someone like Maxine Waters.
You tell her, Maxine, Sharia law does not allow women to wear a wig.
All of a sudden, Maxine Waters and her James Brown wig change their stance, folks.
That James Brown wig is going to be on, it's going to be running away from Sharia law.
It's actually a hairy burka!
It's not a wig!
It's Maxine Waters' burka!
No, I mean, let's not be ridiculous.
It's totally her wig.
Let's move into some different news.
This is from Climate Depot.
It's not just droughts, but nearly all extreme weather is declining or at near record lows.
Now, let's recall.
In fact,
When I was in, let's see, what year was it guys?
Look this up.
I think it was 2005 when An Inconvenient Truth came out.
Can you guys pull up An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore?
I want to say maybe 2005 it came out.
So, 2006.
May 24th, 2006, we're coming up on the anniversary here of Inconvenient Truth, and they wanted to show this documentary based on science by Al Gore, ManBearPig,
And so they started showing this movie to all the children in schools because they wanted the children to know about man-made global warming.
They wanted the children to know about the threats of man-made global warming.
They'll call us fear porn while Al Gore is out there telling you you're going to be drowned and polar bears are going to be extinct if you don't pay a carbon tax.
So here's my idea.
Just like we did in 2006 and 2007 and 2008 showing an inconvenient truth in the classroom to the children, let's do it again.
Let's show inconvenient truth in the classroom again.
Let's show it in 2017.
Let's show it in 2018.
Let's show it in 2019.
Heck, let's show it right on down the road to show how dumb people like Al Gore are and how phony their science really is.
Because after all, what will an inconvenient truth actually be?
Al Gore is a lying fool.
That is the inconvenient truth.
But look at this from the Daily Caller.
Former Obama official, bureaucrats manipulate climate stats to influence policy.
Drop the mic and leave the room.
It's over!
Man-made climate change!
It's over!
Your carbon taxes!
It's over!
All of your regulations to stop business and prosperity!
It's over!
You're done!
And they just admit it.
We already knew that they were doing this.
And they won't even admit to you!
They won't even admit to you that they're spraying chemicals into the atmosphere.
Cloud seeding, geoengineering, they just ignore that and then they lie to you about man-made climate change and lie to you and tell you that extreme weather is actually increasing when it's actually decreasing.
Thanks to everybody who tuned in tonight to the InfoWars Nightly News.
Please support us at InfoWarsStore.com.
Alex Jones Show returns tomorrow 11 a.m.
You stay classy, InfoWars.
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