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Name: 20170421_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 21, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Friday, April 21st, 2017.
I'm Liane McAdoo and here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, how will the Islamic terror attack in Paris yesterday affect this weekend's election, where the EU's open border policy was already an issue?
And will the American government take action to stop the globalist colonization here?
Or will we buy into Europe's Stockholm Syndrome?
Then, it's the attack of the algorithm, as Facebook steps up its filters and the government outsources its censorship.
And, will WikiLeaks be prosecuted for doing what the establishment press has done for decades?
People have got to know whether or not their presidents are corrupt.
The Pentagon Papers and other stories?
Speaking truth to power with leaks from whistleblowers?
We fight for the rights of sources to be protected.
And we fight for media accuracy.
All that and more on tonight's InfoWars Nightly News.
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Well the latest updates on the Paris terrorist attack where a police officer was shot dead by an ISIS jihadist, well it turns out once again this guy was known to the authorities.
The ID that they found on this extremist Kareem Shafi
Indicated that he was an extremist known to authorities.
They had placed him on a watch list, actually.
So he was an own extremist.
He was arrested just two months ago for threatening to kill police officers.
And he also served 15 years in prison of a 20 year sentence for trying to murder two police officers in the past.
He was let go early.
And they believe that that's where he was radicalized while he was serving this prison sentence.
So once again, we have this reoccurring theme where he's known to authorities.
This is, of course, 39-year-old Kareem Shafi.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack, but they are investigating a note that was found
On the Shams-E-Lisay that's being investigated by police because it's a note that declared allegiance to ISIS.
So they're going to do some forensic testing and see if it ties back to this guy.
But once again, this is someone who was placed on a watch list.
He was described as an extremist.
He made threats.
He was trying to purchase weapons and say he was going to kill police officers, but they didn't have enough evidence, so they had to let him go.
And this is someone who had already been imprisoned.
For trying to murder two police officers, so all the all the red flags there, all the warning signs.
And why is this constantly where?
What's the point of the surveillance in the intelligence agencies if they've got them on the watch list, but they are still?
Going out and following through with these attacks.
This is actually the sixth attack there on Francis Capitol in the last three years.
So they have really caused a lot of damage there.
And just earlier this week we reported how there were photos released by Fox News of Anwar al-Awlaki
Um, who of course was that cleric that radicalized a lot of jihadists here in the United States.
They released these photos that showed that he was under surveillance by the FBI in the weeks leading up to 9-11, yet he was still invited to go speak at the Pentagon, he was still allowed to go walk around freely in the United States, travel freely in and out of the United States.
So again, completely useless surveillance, yet you and I have to be molested and harassed every time we just want to take a flight somewhere.
Completely ridiculous.
But this is why the French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is actually taking a very hawkish stance on that, and she is calling for the expulsion of all terrorist suspects from France.
She says, look, if they're suspected of terrorism, let's get them out of here.
If they're put on a watch list, if they're labeled an extremist, if they've already committed crimes or they've tried to kill police officers and they're in prison, get them out of here.
They've got to go, because that's what you see again and again with these
I think so.
And she lambasted the monstrous totalitarian ideology behind this latest attack.
And she called for France to immediately take back control of its immigration and border security from the European Union.
So, kind of saying, let's not be Sweden.
Let's do the exact opposite of Sweden, who basically has all the signs of Stockholm Syndrome.
When we have stories again and again and again of these rape fugitives, they are given just a slap on the wrist because they didn't know any better, or it's their culture, or they didn't understand the language.
Kit Daniels has a story.
Muslim avoids jail for anally raping a teen because he couldn't understand no.
So this, I mean, I don't know what kind of attorneys they've got in Sweden, but this is a 14 year old victim here of this crime.
She was repeatedly saying no.
It was filmed and there was evidence that he actually used this film to blackmail this girl who was repeatedly on camera saying no.
Well, he's not going to be, this Muslim migrant is not going to be facing rape charges because the court claimed that he had difficulties in interpreting the word no and interpreting someone fighting them off.
So this Royal Court of Western Sweden said this Iraqi who had had former convictions, surprise surprise, had suspected ADHD.
So because he has ADHD, according to the court, it gave him difficulties in interpreting and interacting with other people as well as recognizing the standards he is expected to live up to.
Are you freaking kidding me?
ADHD is now, you're allowed to go rape people if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
I mean, half the kids in the United States would be raping people if that was what was going on.
But the court also sided with the migrant even further by suggesting that the girl's repeated cries of no, no, no only pertained to the forced anal sex.
So the other raping that, you know, she was only saying no to the anal sex with the court.
The judges somehow did not consider that to be rape.
Absolutely insane here what's going on in Sweden.
This is also after those five Afghan
Afghani refugees, they raped a teenage boy.
The judge decided not to deport them because their country was too dangerous.
So this happened last year.
But these criminals, they were teenagers.
Five of them dragged a boy into the woods in eastern Sweden at knife point.
He was then beaten and held captive for over an hour as this group savagely raped him.
So the judge decides, you know, we just can't deport them back to their country, though, because it's just too dangerous where they come from.
So this is that's what's going on in Sweden.
So Marine Le Pen is absolutely right to say we cannot become Sweden.
We do not need Stockholm, Sweden.
We need syndrome.
We need to take back our immigration policies from the EU.
Um, now the feds are kind of doing the right thing here in the United States.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is praising the decision of lawmakers there, a federal judge.
Revoked the citizenship of a Silicon Valley man who provided logistical support and recruited for Al-Qaeda.
So this was the Egyptian-born Khalid Abu Dhabi.
He confessed to being a member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which is an Al-Qaeda affiliate.
He said he had personal ties to Osama bin Laden.
He told investigators that he ran a communications hub for the terrorist network from his apartment in Santa Clara, California.
He also recruited Americans to join Al Qaeda.
And apparently he did such a great job recruiting Americans to join Al Qaeda that he received congratulations from Bin Laden himself.
This is according to authorities.
So they took away his naturalized US citizenship.
And they enjoined him from claiming any rights of citizenship.
So Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised this decision and said the DOJ would seek to aggressively pursue denaturalization of known or suspected terrorists in the future.
And I guarantee once their citizenship has been stripped, they will be promptly deported.
Because we are not idiots like whatever the heck is going on there in Sweden.
And then we reported how there were calls to rebuild the city of Detroit with refugees rather than, you know, the people who have been begging for money and help from the federal government that are actually from Detroit.
They've been begging for decades for a little help.
We're not worried about you.
We're going to rebuild the city with refugees.
Well, here's what's going on now.
Husband and wife arrested for performing female genital mutilation at Detroit Area Clinic.
So this is a Detroit area physician and his wife.
They've been arrested and charged with conspiring to perform female genital mutilation procedures on girls as young as six.
They conspired with doctors to perform this illegal procedure at Atar's Clinic in Livonia.
According to the complaint, some of the minor victims traveled interstate to have the procedure performed.
It alleges that the female genital mutilation procedure was performed on girls who were approximately 6 to 8 years old.
So this is kind of what happens when you bring a lot of people in who want to go by their own customs and their own laws and they want Sharia law to be upheld and a forego the Constitution.
They don't want to assimilate here and we
Can't save these girls from female genital mutilation.
Instead, what do they do?
We've got the feminists propping up Linda Sarsour, who is a huge Sharia law advocate and female genital mutilation.
She's okay with it too.
And this is someone who's being propped up by the feminists.
So this is what's absolutely insane.
And this is the reality of making these types of decisions to build huge cities with massive influx of refugees and just let them kind of take over and not assimilate.
But let's talk about some of the terrorist organizations and terrorist activity that we've got going on at our own border.
Now these are very graphic images what you're about to see.
This is coming out of the Cartel Chronicles that Breitbart Texas, they're reporting that they do.
But this is a woman who came close to dying after cartel gunmen kidnapped, tortured her, set her on fire, and then dumped her along a dirt road thinking that she would die, but she did not.
I don't know.
I mean, just horrendous pictures here with this woman.
She was left for dead.
And this is just the latest string of attacks.
I mean, we have people actually inside of our own country, but the cartels are and their gangs are leaving tortured and bloodied and mutilated by the side of the road.
For us to want to build a wall, well, that's just racist.
And it's a symbol of hate.
That is according to a former illegal immigrant turned Goldman Sachs executive.
She clashed with Tucker Carlson over Trump's proposed border wall, calling it a symbol of hate towards immigrants.
Tucker Carlson, of course, wasn't having any of that.
And he shot back at her saying, it suggests that you don't think America has a right to protect its borders.
That's racist!
It's racist of us to want to protect ourselves and stop this inflow of guns and drugs and human trafficking and sex trafficking and this violence that is just right there on the border.
Actually they were able to get it up to 60 miles into the interior of the United States because it's unpatrolled and unprotected where they dumped this woman's body.
And Tucker kind of just shut her down and said, you know what?
I can't even listen to your argument because it's not a real argument.
It's just not real to say that we want a wall because we're all xenophobic against immigrants.
It's completely crazy.
But here's some more lunacy that we have descended into in this country.
Sanctuary City advocates are now advising local officials across the country to ignore evidence in government databases linking illegal immigrants to vicious criminal gangs or terrorist groups.
We're good to go.
So this is a 72-page step-by-step manual on thwarting federal immigration laws and regulations.
It was published by the New York-based Center for Popular Democracy, which is a left-wing tax-exempt political advocacy group.
And so their model legislation they're proposing seeks to protect illegal immigrants who are linked to gang activity or ties to terrorism, saying the proposed ordinance should not exclude people with criminal convictions or people who appear in law enforcement databases that attempt to track gang activity and terrorism.
So they're basically saying our sanctuary city is a sanctuary city policies for all.
And here is how you can thwart the federal authorities there and
Get away with it.
This is what's going on in Maryland when you had the body of a teenager found mutilated on the side of the road.
They were very quiet about who actually did the mutilating of this teenager because they are working to make that a sanctuary city.
So they don't want anyone to put two and two together.
It's absolutely insane.
These criminals and these violent, vicious gang members are the ones that Trump is specifically targeting.
So if we can't get them out of the country, then who?
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has his way.
Everybody's gonna get deported that is here illegally.
And so, I mean, this thing just goes on and on, basically telling people how they can help.
These people who are tied to gangs and cartels, help them in their sanctuary cities.
Give them a second chance, guys.
Just like this Paris terrorist, this latest one, was giving a second chance, guys.
I'm sure he's changed his way by now.
But this is exactly what's going on in Mexico, why Mexico has such a problem with corruption there, because you have these officials who are acting as surrogates with the cartels, willing to look away, willing to give them free reign of these communities as long as they give them cash bribes.
And as we see in
In some of these sanctuary cities, they're Democrat-run, and it's all about getting in those new class of voters that are going to cater to those new constituents who want the big welfare state.
Speaking of welfare state, they're really trying to scare everyone about this government shutdown, saying Trump is holding Obamacare hostage.
He's going to shut the government down if he doesn't get his money for his border wall.
How dare he?
This is what they always do.
They always hold things as leverage.
They actually shut down the government in 2013 to pass Obamacare.
They really wanted to get Obamacare passed and they shut the government down.
And guess what?
Nothing terrible happened other than President Obama being a big jerk and shutting down all the national parks, making sure the veterans couldn't get in to see their memorial.
But, you know, these are these extraneous, wasteful agencies that are going to have the day off, essentially.
So Trump is supposed to be introducing some executive orders on tax, changing some of the tax laws next week.
So we'll see how that goes.
But he's really holding out.
He wants the funding for this border wall.
Now, we only got about 40 seconds left here and I just wanted to remind everyone that we will be going to Berkeley to cover Ann Coulter's speech there.
We don't know where it's going to be, what's going to happen, but she is saying she is not going to stand down from these beta males who are engaging in Rodney King riots over her speech.
She's not going to allow these SJW Antifa freaks to stop her and make her in breach of her contract.
And that she says that the two measures she actually said that could allow the free speech to come was, hey, expel anyone who's caught engaging in violence, mayhem or disrupting her speech.
You know, do your job.
Well, we will have more coming up right after this.
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We wouldn't have a voice if it wasn't for you.
So once again, we've got to thank the listeners for their steadfastness in supporting us and
Even when we make mistakes, and even when we're not right, and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us and I appreciate that.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight.
I want to switch gears here to attacks on what I see as the First Amendment.
Attacks on WikiLeaks.
And I think this headline from Andy War says it all, Attorney General Sessions seeks to jail publishers of leaks.
This is the essence of what we're looking at here.
And when you look at the most recent anger that we've seen from Pompeo about CIA Director Pompeo saying, hey, these people are our enemies.
We need to do something about it.
I think it has a lot to do with Vault 7 coming out.
And when I look at Vault 7, I have to wonder, because I had some people point this out, I don't know if these hacks that they had funded and curated, I don't know if those were classified.
Many people said, well, you know, they're not going to be classified because if they were classified,
Then the CIA that is pushing these things out onto your computers, sprinkling them out in the public domain, they would be distributing classified information and they could go to jail.
Wouldn't that be interesting?
So they don't classify these hacks, this code that they're putting onto your computer.
They don't copyright it either because they want to keep it secret.
And they don't control it either because it leaked out and it was out there.
One of the things that WikiLeaks was doing
was warning people about this so that the different internet providers and software companies could fix the holes that the CIA had exploited.
To give you, the citizens of America, the citizens of all over the country, all over the world, to give all of us who aren't part of this deep, dark, secret state, to give us the ability to protect ourselves, not just from them,
But from any criminals who might get this information, use it to steal our identity, or steal our bank account, or do any number of things.
Because we are all at risk when the CIA creates these burglar tools, and puts them out for everybody to use, and then tells different companies that have relationships with them, don't fix those holes.
So WikiLeaks put that information out there.
A lot of the companies did not want to have any more information about that, did not correspond to them, did not fix the holes.
They've left these things vulnerable.
So you have a lot of very powerful multinational corporations, part of the military-industrial complex, the military-industrial surveillance complex that is now working with the CIA.
They're also going to be exposed and shamed and humiliated by WikiLeaks because they're going to talk about who is not fixing the vulnerabilities in their software.
They've already mentioned that Google didn't seem to be very responsive.
I don't know if that's changed since then.
But they said they're going to put out a list talking about those who wanted to fix it and those who didn't.
They said, for example, Cisco was very interested in fixing their stuff and others.
They mentioned saying, hey, they got in contact with us.
We've been working with them to fix the vulnerabilities in their software.
But others who have relationships with the government don't want to do it.
But I want to talk about the legal aspects of this.
They have this story on the Washington Post.
Saying that the Justice Department is debating charges against WikiLeaks members because of CIA materials and so forth and so on.
And of course it's interesting that the Washington Post for many years, and so has the New York Times, they publish people who are whistleblowers.
You know, I mean, when people expose criminal actions by our government, should we the people not know that?
I think that New York Times and CNN and Washington Post and WikiLeaks and InfoWars, anybody who publishes that, I think we ought to be grateful that that kind of information is published, instead of throwing the whistleblowers in jail, throwing the journalists in jail, which is what Obama
I hope not.
And the attorney for Julian Assange, his name is Barry J. Pollack, said that the Justice Department officials had not discussed with him or Assange the status of any investigation, despite his request that they do so.
He said there was, quote, no legitimate basis for the Department of Justice to treat WikiLeaks differently than it treats other journalists.
He said the fact of the matter is, of course they've tried to jail journalists,
When you expose their criminal actions, they don't do anything to the people who are violating the law, violating the Constitution, violating the trust that has been put in them, the blind trust that we put in these people, because we're not allowed to see anything that they do.
They operate in the dark.
Trust me, it's a matter of national security.
I can't tell you anything about it.
They redact and black out everything.
That's what you ought to be ashamed of and angry about.
But they're not ashamed of it.
And the American people aren't angry enough about it.
And so what they do is they jail the whistleblowers, they jail the people who expose the crimes, but the criminals in the government stay there.
He said, the fact of the matter is, this is Julian Assange, lawyer, Pollack, however frustrating it might be to whoever looks bad when the information is published, WikiLeaks is a publisher.
And they are publishing truthful, truthful information, folks.
And it is in the public's interest.
Truthful information in the public's interest.
Democracy, he said, thrives because there are independent journalists reporting on what the government is doing.
I mean, even the Washington Post, they've changed their moniker, and it's a pretty stupid moniker, especially when you look at the way the Washington Post is slanting the information.
But, of course, their subtitle, their new motto is, Democracy Dies in Darkness.
Well, it does die in darkness.
If you're allowed to hide all this information, and if you're allowed to, are they going to then, if WikiLeaks or Whistleblower exposes this,
I mean, is it okay for the Washington Post to publish something that a whistleblower puts out, but if WikiLeaks does it, WikiLeaks is going to go to jail?
What if WikiLeaks publishes it first, and then the Washington Post quotes what WikiLeaks puts out, or they link to what WikiLeaks puts out?
Is then the Washington Post going to go to jail?
Do you understand there is no end when we get on this slippery slope of censorship?
To say that we can't know what's going on with our government, even when it's violating the laws?
WikiLeaks lawyer Pollack noted the course of the Obama administration has been no shrinking violet when it came to pursuing reporters and journalists.
Like I said, they've rested more in the last 100 years than all the previous presidents combined.
And remember, we had the CIA director, the new CIA director, called WikiLeaks a non-state hostile intelligence service.
And I would say that what we are continually seeing is that the CIA is a secret state that is hostile to our Constitution, hostile to the values that we want in this country.
They don't make us safer, they make us less safe.
Vault 7 is a good example of it.
They collect and create these burglar tools and leave them out there for anybody and everybody to use.
They tell these companies don't fix the vulnerabilities that they've worked with to create these vulnerabilities.
And then they also point out in a recent Washington Post op-ed piece Julian Assange said that his group's motive was quote identical to the motive claimed by the New York Times and the Washington Post to publish newsworthy content.
He said the media has a long history of speaking truth to power with prolonged or leaked material.
And he gives some examples.
Jack Anderson's reporting on the CIA's enlistment of the Mafia to kill Fidel Castro.
Maybe the public should consider whether they want the CIA doing that type of thing.
Should the CIA be assassinating people?
Well, I guess we've had that discussion and the public is just fine with that.
As long as we do it with drones and that sort of thing.
I'm not fine with it, but the public seems to be fine with it.
Nevertheless, the Providence Journal Bulletin's release of President Nixon's stolen tax returns, the New York Times publication of the stolen Pentagon Papers, remember that?
The Post's tenacious reporting of Watergate leaks.
And of course, that was being leaked to them by the number two guy at the FBI.
And of course, the FBI has never been political.
Go back and look at the history of J. Edgar Hoover, and this was his number two guy, okay?
Nevertheless, Sondra wrote, he says, I hope historians place WikiLeaks publications in this pantheon.
Yet there's widespread calls to prosecute me.
And this is something he wrote before they started talking about that.
He says he believes that the Justice Department rules barred a prosecution of him.
He said if they follow their rules, if they follow the First Amendment, they shouldn't be pursuing a prosecution.
Because we have a long history, going back decades, we want to know when our government is involved in criminal action.
And that's what they've done for us.
But nevertheless, Howard Dean says, in talking about that, hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.
And then of course, who declares what is hate?
Who declares what is truth?
Who declares what is controversial, and of course we've seen all of this being brought up by Google, by Facebook, by the Democrats, saying, even the FCC, the FEC, saying we're going to shut down anything that we think is hateful, and we will be the judges of whether it's hateful.
We're going to shut down anything that we think is not truthful, and we will be the judges of whether or not it's truthful, and then even to the point that YouTube is saying, if we think your videos are controversial, we'll kill the monetization of it.
Doesn't even have to be something that's hateful or false in their estimate.
They don't even have to defend that.
They just have to say, well, we think it's a little bit controversial.
Maybe it's talking about religion, so we'll shut that down.
And so, this is where it goes, folks.
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Debit in Florida, you're on the air.
Hey, thank you so much.
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Anyone who's on the fence, buy it.
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Wow, thank you.
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Which Nutra-Certical does you like best?
I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
That's really incredible.
I drank it in the morning and I swear to you, I felt incredible.
I haven't felt sleep.
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I'm joined now by Andrew Torba.
He is the creator of Gab AI, and this is a social media that embraces free speech and doesn't like to censor you because, well, you have a different political belief than he does.
Thank you for joining me, Andrew.
I wanted to talk to you about the future of Gab.
To me, based on your vision for the future, Gab really hasn't even grown legs yet.
It's still kind of in the pre-mortal phase.
What do you see as the final phase for Gab?
Where do you want it to go?
Right, so Gab is eight months old.
We're still in private beta testing.
We have about 160,000 users, 250,000 waiting to get in.
We're about to open that up and that's where things are really going to start taking off.
Our vision for Gab is to create an experience that connects content creators directly with their fans and cuts out the middleman of advertising.
And cuts out the middleman of advertising in general on social media.
So as opposed to us selling out to advertisers and collecting data and using that data to sell back to advertisers, we want to create an experience that empowers the people directly and empowers our users directly.
So it sounds to me like where if I'm on Twitter and I'm going through Twitter, a lot of what I see is actually kind of guided by Twitter.
Twitter influences their own Twittersphere, where you want to have a different experience for all Gab users based on their own likes, their own shares, their own content.
Sure, so here's the difference between us.
We believe in individual liberty, right?
We believe in the user having control over their experience versus us playing big brother or mom and dad and choosing what users should and should not see.
So on our end, you can shape your experience by choosing to follow certain people, muting certain words, phrases, hashtags, topics that you don't want to see in your experience, and you can end up creating and molding your own experience.
Now, the waiting list is something I think that's highly scrutinized.
I myself even scrutinized it, to be honest with you.
But having thought about it and actually hearing you on the Alex Jones Show, I was thinking, is this kind of a way of filtering out bots, filtering out people who just want to come on here with a hundred different accounts and just spam and troll?
It's kind of like you're making it harder to just get online, create a Facebook account, and now you're there.
You actually want this to be a little exclusive and more real.
Right, exactly.
So everybody on Gab right now is real.
100% authentic, real people.
We don't have any bots.
And the waitlist really helped with that.
It helped filter out a lot of the bad actors, I guess you could say.
But it's not impossible for them to get in.
The thing is, is they can't come in in big waves.
So they can get in, one or two of them can get in.
Not just a few strokes of the mouse.
Right, exactly.
And the other thing is, it created this exclusivity, where it's like, what is this Gab thing I'm hearing about, but I can't get in, I can't see anything, and I want in.
It creates that exclusivity marketing that makes people feel more connected in the community, and makes them feel more involved.
And we've built a really solid core community that we call the Gab Fam, and they've been with us from day one, and helping us, giving us feedback, and seeing the product evolve and change and grow over time, in real time.
So when do you plan on taking Gab to the next level?
Sure, so at the end of this month, at the end of April, we'll be opening up and the waitlist will be gone.
So everybody will be able to sign up and that's when things are really going to get interesting.
It's going to be a busy month for you.
Yeah, May is going to be very, very interesting.
Then the next thing that we're going to do is, again, going back to that vision of connecting content creators peer-to-peer with their audience and cutting out the middleman of advertisers.
So what we see happening on YouTube right now, for example, is the advertisers are really in control.
They're demonetizing different channels, different videos, certain topics, and we don't want the audience or the advertiser to have that type of control.
We want the audience to have control.
So what we're going to do is give
Are content creators the ability to monetize their entire GAB profile?
And if I want to subscribe to you for $2 a month, $5 a month, whatever you set as a content creator, I can get exclusive content that only subscribers can see.
And then if I just enjoy your content in general, I can tip you and reward you for the work that you're doing, the journalism that you're doing, the effort that you put into creating content.
Now, is that a choice that I have to monetize my account?
Or is that something where you say, okay, now it's private and only people who have a subscription can get in?
Or how exactly does that work?
No, so there's always going to... Gap's always going to be free, first of all.
We'll always have a free version and there will always be free content.
Yeah, I think so.
So where people have gained a lot of popularity on social media but perhaps never found a way to monetize it, now with Gab you have that platform kind of already installed.
Right, so if you're a content creator on YouTube and you have even 10,000 subscribers, you're probably not going to make too much money from advertising.
But if those 10,000 people are loyal... Well, especially if you're not putting the right content out.
Right, especially if the advertisers don't approve and you get demonetized.
So if you have this loyal fan base of even 10,000 people, you can make a living off of those people through crowd financing, through tips, through their subscriptions of just supporting you.
So we want to, again, connect the content creator directly to their fan base as opposed to having this middleman of the advertiser who decides what you can talk about and what you can't.
Yeah, you know, I like that because it makes it easier for people who create content and put it out on social media for free to just have an opportunity to monetize that and kind of become an entrepreneur on social media.
That could actually be a new wave that you guys might be creating here.
I do want to touch on base.
Reasons to move to Gab.
Right now, the biggest reason, at least that I've heard, that I've experienced why people are moving is they're either getting banned off Twitter or their favorite accounts are getting banned off Twitter.
So they go to Gab where their favorite accounts or their favorite people to follow still exist, can still share content for free, or because Twitter just won't let them back on.
What are some other reasons to move to Gab right now and in the future?
Sure, so I think people don't feel comfortable anymore sharing their opinions, their political opinions, their thoughts, their ideas on Facebook, on Twitter.
On Twitter, they're afraid of getting banned.
On Facebook, they're afraid of getting harassed by their family and their friends, their co-workers.
That's why I got off Facebook.
Right, exactly.
I mean, that's why I got off Facebook, too.
So I think people are actively searching for a place where they can express themselves freely and not, A, be worried about being banned or suspended or putting time out on Twitter, or B, being chastised or having real-world implications to their ideas or their thoughts on something like a Facebook, which is more personal.
So, in the future, you have big plans, you have ways to innovate your platform.
What is your plan, though, to compete with Twitter?
And I say Twitter just because it seems like the appearance and the overall usage is probably most familiar, most related to Twitter.
Sure, it's microblogging.
So how is your plan to compete with Twitter?
What are your plans there?
Is there a marketing strategy?
Do you just naturally think because your product is better that people will go there?
What's your plan?
So it's not really about product.
And number one, we're benefiting off of unforced errors from Silicon Valley.
So they're going to continue down this censorship path.
They're going to continue, you know, pushing out these ambiguous terms like hate speech and fake news.
Right, exactly.
And we're only going to benefit because people are going to stop expressing themselves or fear expressing themselves and seek out a place where they can connect with like-minded people and not be afraid of being banned or, you know, having real-world implications like on Facebook, for example.
We've spent zero dollars on marketing.
Exactly zero dollars.
And the reason that we exist is purely from our community.
It's a movement.
It's not just, you know, it's not about the product.
It's more about the idea of why is there not an alternative to these huge social networks that have a monopoly on all of communication, all of information, all of news.
You look at the top 20 apps on the App Store and Facebook owns four or five of them, you know, 20%.
And Google owns the other four or five.
So it's like there's three or four companies that dominate every aspect of our digital lives.
Why has nobody stepped up and offered at least some form of alternative?
And that kind of brings me to my next question.
These social media giants, social media ghettos, as Matt Drudge refers to them as, how organic is your platform?
Whereas how many people are influencing you or trying to influence you?
How many different minds are molding this?
Or is this all you and then your users?
This is really myself, my co-founder, our very small team of five people, and our user base.
We're listening to our users and they are giving us real-time feedback on what they want to see.
You know, hey, this would be great if this happened, or what if we had this?
And we're listening to them and we're just building what they want and trying to build something that people love on the product side and sticking to our mission of, you know, putting free speech and putting people first above advertisers, above
You know, venture capitalists, hedge funds, etc.
We didn't go the typical Silicon Valley startup path.
We are completely operational on community donations and we have been since October, completely bootstrapped.
And now we're starting to monetize with something called GabPro, which is a premium version for $5.99 a month that you can keep the service ad-free and get some additional features on the side as well to help us grow and hire more engineers and enhance the product.
Now, have you had anybody approach you to try to buy you out or take you over and then essentially either try to mitigate or maybe even start to liberalize your platform?
We've had some interesting snakes in the grass, I guess I would say.
I'm not going to comment directly on that, but we're rejecting all offers.
We're building.
We have a long-term vision and we're building a long-term product and community and platform.
Okay, well thank you so much for your time.
Make sure to get your Gab account.
They're opening it up next month.
No more waiting lists.
Thank you so much.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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If you don't get iodine, you die.
But most people are just deficient, so they're low energy, they're sick.
You've got to have iodine in your body so that your body can produce the hormones you need.
It is the base to so many things.
And since I got into iodine four years ago, we've helped change the entire paradigm by developing and bringing to the public deep earth crystals from 7,000 to 12,000 feet of the purest iodine available.
Other iodine comes from the ocean or from other byproducts of chemical facilities and is tainted.
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I tried it and I had incredible effects even with dirty iodine because the body needs it.
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And whatever you do,
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As for me and most folks I talk to, it's been a game changer in the positive column.
But still, consult your physician because iodine is no joke.
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But consult your physician first before you get powerful survival shield nascent iodine, X2, at Infowarslife.com or call toll free.
We can answer your questions.
There you see the attack which was launched at the command of President Trump, who authorized this strike on Syria in retaliation for that chemical attack that we saw earlier in the week.
In the last hour, as many as 60 sea-launched cruise missiles
The statement from Captain Jeff Davis talks about the strike being conducted using Tomahawk land attack missiles from the destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross.
There's a very good chance this is being done because the Communist Chinese dictator, President Xi, is meeting tonight with Trump and just arrived.
That's a very, very serious message to them over the North Korea peninsula.
Tillerson came out today and said, we don't want war with Syria, Al-Qaeda is the main issue, ISIS.
And I think that's going back to his campaign promises.
So I think we're seeing some positive things out of Trump right now.
And that's what I was told this weekend and on Monday by White House sources that are absolutely as close to Trump as you can get.
I don't want war.
You don't want war.
But sometimes being an appeaser like Neville Chamberlain, as you know, gets you a war because you've got North Korea threatening to nuke Tokyo, threatening to nuke Seoul.
They're completely out of control.
I see Trump being strong, at least in his message in North Korea.
Hey, we told you Trump was going to come out and say he doesn't want a wider war and a no-fly zone.
I told you that on Sunday and Monday.
I gave you transcripts of what the president said.
They were trying to send Green Berets in to get intelligence.
Obviously, one of them got killed.
So, that's what's happening.
That's a campaign promise that Trump is actually carrying out.
The military would have to wait hours.
I've heard Colonel Schaefer on who ran the program to kill Bin Laden.
They'd have to wait for hours.
Pre-2001, before they would get the go-ahead to try to kill Bin Laden, and then by then, he'd be evacuated, or they would say, no, you're not allowed to kill him.
So that's why Trump has given the military what he calls total military authorization.
What's happening is our president's being tested.
And folks, we're not in the position he's in.
If he was trying to put bad justices in, if he had put a bad justice in, a liberal justice, or if he wasn't trying to cut our taxes, or if he wasn't getting all these factors to come back, I'd say he was a fake.
He's doing so good on the domestic front that I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.
While I criticize issues I see with Syria,
Hoping he gets better advice.
That's why the Democrats want to remove Trump so bad.
Because they want to discredit those appointments.
They're saying they want a COG event.
And then say everybody's Russian agents.
I know why Trump did it.
It's to look strong to Russia.
You don't know either way what really happened.
Uh, but I tell ya, that's why I'm back in the present.
You have RT, you have Sputnik, you have Ruppli, um, and then I think you have them feeding, uh, other entities.
Uh, InfoWars comes to mind, where those are echo chambers.
Dude, America kicked Hillary's ass in the Democrats, not the damn Russians!
Can you give me some credit here?! !
We're the big swingin' Johnson, bro!
Not the Russians!
Get that through your head!
We're back!
You understand?
I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
Readiness is the key.
And you, the instruments of American policy, should know.
All options are on the table.
History will attest, the soldier does not bear the sword in vain.
And those who would challenge our resolve or our readiness should know.
We will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response.
The threat of nuclear war is building as the clock inches closer to midnight.
But it isn't simply due to the millennial from the darkest corner of hell, Kim Jong-un, who has declared that our super mighty preemptive strike will reduce America's military to ashes.
Obama's Iran nuke deal is finally coming back to haunt us.
Because America negotiated from a position of strength and principle,
We have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region.
Because of this deal, the international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon.
This deal meets every single one of the bottom lines that we established when we achieved a framework earlier this spring.
Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off.
And the inspection and transparency regime necessary to verify that objective will be put in place.
The New York Post writes, We are getting chemical weapons out of Syria without initiating a strike, said Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.
We got 100% of the chemical weapons out.
Just this past January, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice insisted
We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished.
Just how wrong they all were has now become dead obvious.
So why should anyone still believe the same team's assurances on Iran's ability to produce nukes?
And still, if the Syrian chemical weapons narrative is to be believed, why go forward with the Iranian deal?
Unchecked Iran has the potential to travel the same path as North Korea and take the world along with it.
The United States is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach.
A comprehensive Iran policy requires that we address all of the threats posed by Iran, and it is clear there are many.
Back in July of 2016, there was hell to be paid, as the Washington Free Beacon reported.
Newly obtained documents show the Obama administration negotiated a secret side agreement with Iran that removes key restrictions on its nuclear procurement efforts after a decade paving the way for Tehran to build functional nuclear weapons within six months of the restrictions being lifted.
The terms of this arrangement
I'm good.
We're good to go.
The construction of which is about to start, said Chichian.
The minister added that the construction of a third joint power plant with Russia with the capacity of 1,400 megawatts has already begun.
How many more traps has former President Barack Obama set for the American people?
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
Communism sucks.
The World Bank announced this week that it was ready to step in and save Venezuela from communism.
The World Bank is just waiting for the failed communists to ask for its help.
The collapse of Venezuela seems to get worse daily, as new protests have sparked up today, even more violent than the past.
Protesters have been killed by the government, streets have been filled with smoke and people, in what has been deemed the mother of all marches in Caracas.
President Nicolas Maduro has created a dictatorship backed by the United Socialist Party.
This has led to food riots, mass starvation, non-existent or unaffordable health care, and now the loving communist government has seized a General Motors plant, halting all operations, which GM has called illegal judicial seizure of assets.
This is what socialism gets you.
This is why communism sucks.
So chalk Venezuela up on the list of failed communist states.
Don't you worry, though.
The Bernie Bros and the University Liberals still want it.
UC Berkeley, which has been the battleground for free speech, has cancelled conservative commentator Ann Coulter's speaking event, citing safety concerns.
Coulter did say that the university tried to reschedule the event in short notice.
For a later date on May 2nd, which would be during Dead Week, when students are not even in class as they prep for finals.
So essentially, Berkeley is appeasing the temper tantrum-throwing Antifa by canceling conservative speaker events that were properly invited by recognized student groups.
Culture has stated that she plans to speak at Berkeley despite the cancellation and has criticized Berkeley's chief of police for allowing Rodney King-style riots to go on when only conservative speakers speak.
Berkeley was known as the birthplace of the student-led free speech movement in the 1960s, and now it's becoming the birthplace of student-led censorship.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
Well that's going to do it for the show tonight.
Y'all have a great weekend and we will see you here Monday at 7 p.m.
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