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Name: 20170420_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 20, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Thursday, April 20th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Troyer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
More threats from North Korea.
This time, dictator Kim Jong-un says he is ready to launch a super-mighty preemptive strike against the United States.
Meanwhile, the UN warns that the North Korean submarine missile program is rapidly advancing, and it won't be long before they are capable of launching ballistic missiles by land or by sea.
Then, China puts its bombers on high alert and Russia is moving troops, helicopters and armored vehicles to the North Korean border as the world braces itself for an all-out war.
That's coming up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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Well, is World War 3 inevitable?
Have the powers that be already decided that we're going to war?
I don't think the citizens of the United States want it, for the most part, except the liberal loons out there.
I don't think the citizens of China want it.
I don't think the citizens of Russia want it.
I think that most citizens across
This planet don't want war, but it appears that's what the powers that be want.
Of course, the breaking news right now before we get into that, headline on Drudge is the recent terror attack again now in Paris, France.
Very sad to see this on
What is there one day left until the French election?
That just might even be election eve over there.
Wow, so sad events in Paris, and just like Donald Trump was right when he talked about terrorism in the United States before the United States presidential election, Marine Le Pen is unfortunately proven right right before the French election.
I'm not sure if this will help or hurt her in any way for the election, but regardless she is proven right.
Now, while ISIS is at war,
With the freedom-loving culture of the West and of Europe, and for many other reasons as well we won't get into, there is a greater world war building right now, one that might affect you, one that might come to your backyard, and we'll get into that in a second.
But here are the most recent developments in what I am calling World War Chicken right now, being played between the United States, Russia, China, and North Korea.
Don't mess with us.
North Korea threatens to turn the U.S.
to ashes with super mighty preemptive strike.
That's right.
Kim Jong-un is warning the U.S.
He's ready to launch a super mighty preemptive strike.
Super mighty.
I don't know.
Kim Jong-un is now threatening the U.S.
with a super-mighty missile strike the day after Mighty Mouse plays that video at a North Korean ceremony.
Trump is saying that China is on his side with this issue.
Trump praises Chinese efforts on North Korea menace.
And this is, of course, on the eve of North Korea warning of the strike.
So there's been some developments between the United States, Donald Trump, and China and the president of China.
President Xi comes to town.
They have a great meeting.
Everybody's heard about the beautiful chocolate cake.
Trump takes a pivot on the currency rigging rhetoric, but now seems to be getting his way as far as China and their handling of North Korea.
Was that perhaps brinkmanship the entire time?
But it does look like China is not going to back down from North Korea.
We'll get into that more in a second.
But now, the latest news is that North Korea is also advancing their submarine missile program.
North Korea is making rapid progress on developing submarine-launched ballistic missiles and missile-firing range submarines.
So, this is according to the United Nations.
So perhaps there's a worry there about North Korea's advancing technology and the United States and China want to get out ahead of it.
There was that odd flight path by a naval air vessel.
Out on the coast of California.
They never really let us know what that was about.
Could they have found a strange submarine in the area?
Could it just have been tests?
I don't know.
We know war games are going on.
But according to the UN, North Korea is advancing their submarine missile program.
Stealth warfare.
Could this be why?
The United States sends nuclear sniffer plane to Korea.
I think?
I guess to monitor whatever activity Kim Jong-un is actually up to.
Now, here's a story from The Guardian, and this is where you question whether this is actually going to come to America, come to your backyard, or not.
North Korea nuclear threat.
Should California be panicking?
As rhetoric between North Korea and the United States ratchets up, should major cities on West Coast be worried about a missile strike?
Experts say the answer is tricky.
Well, I know I wouldn't want to live in California, and that's not been because of the threat of a North Korea missile, but perhaps that might add to the reasons not to want to live there anymore.
Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, the worst taxes, earthquakes, etc, etc, Hollywood.
But for real,
People in California, for the most part, probably aren't too concerned about this.
They haven't been too concerned about Fukushima that has been leaking nuclear waste in their direction for, wow, it's been a long time now, over five years.
So, will they be concerned about North Korea's nuclear testing?
Now, the interesting thing about this to me is, so these are all these war games going on.
Is this real?
Is this a real threat?
I mean, are we really staring
In the face of World War 3 right now?
And all of these... I'm not sure if that's the North Korean military.
I think that's actually the Chinese military that we have on the screen right now.
But you know, they want to do... they want to do all of these...
Drills where they have thousands of people marching in the street with the North Korean leader there saluting and waving to everybody.
They have these big missiles that they truck out through the street that are probably fake.
They're not even real.
Is that how out of touch with reality Kim Jong-un and these people really are?
I feel bad for the oppressed people of the North Korean regime.
But is that how out of touch with reality that they are?
They have cardboard signs.
They have all of these elaborate displays that are 50 years past.
Nobody has crazy displays like that every year except, as far as I'm concerned, North Korea and perhaps China as well.
However, I don't think China is bluffing.
I don't think China marches fake weaponry out during these marches.
Maybe they do, maybe they don't.
But should California start panicking?
Is this a real issue for California?
They don't care about Fukushima.
Would they care about World War III?
I'm not too sure about that.
These are the same people that elect Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters over and over again.
But here you go again with China looking like they're cooperating with the United States.
United States official with eye on North Korea, China puts bombers on high alert.
So it's not just the United States that is considering aircraft in the area or that has aircraft in the area.
China is also putting their bombers on high alert.
These are serious war games going on.
So what have we covered?
United States war games, North Korean war games, Chinese war games.
It just goes on and on and on.
And the question that remains is who is China going to side with?
They've been
Very tolerant of the North Korean regime, the North Korean communist dictatorship for a long time.
The United States has said we're not going to be tolerant anymore and they want to work with China to do something about it.
Now China already rejected
A coal shipment from North Korea.
This was right on the heels of President Xi and President Trump meeting.
Now Beijing may cut oil to North Korea.
This according to a Chinese export.
So China turns the screw on North Korea to prevent another nuclear test.
So China now not doing coal deals?
Are they not going to be doing oil deals as well?
Is this another sign along with the aircraft that are on high alert?
The coal and now the oil?
Are these all signs?
That Trump's brinksmanship with Chinese President Xi has worked to his favor?
And that now he can get them to work with him on North Korea?
Yes, this is a story from Forbes.
Is China really abandoning North Korea?
Many people say it's China that has been the... How would you say it?
We're good to go.
I'd like to make a deal right now with North Korea, and it appears as though that might be going on.
But of course, folks, it is still early.
More war games from China.
China tests missiles on deadly new destroyer ship near North Korea as it warns it's getting troops battle ready.
Well, that's right.
China has already sent 100,000 troops
To the border.
I think that number was 100,000.
China sends 100,000 troops to the border.
China rejects North Korea's coal.
China says we're not going to do oil deals with North Korea anymore.
Now they're testing missiles on a destroyer ship that is near North Korea and has troops battle ready.
Battle ready for what?
To take down the North Korean dictator?
Or to defend the North Korean dictator?
I guess that's the question.
But right now, I would say that signs point to China working with the United States to end the communist regime in North Korea.
So again, more war games here from China as they're testing missiles and getting troops ready.
And here comes Russia to enter the picture.
Russia moves troops helicopters and armored vehicles to its border with North Korea as Putin braces for war.
Footage allegedly shows a mass military mobilization about 11 miles from its border with North Korea.
Now they've been doing this on
We're good to go.
I think?
I don't know.
Russia News Report claims the electronic signal jamming weapon can render plane ships and missiles useless.
Of course, this is state-funded media out of Russia.
You can choose whether to trust it or not.
But they claim that with this new technology, they can just take down a plane, take out a ship, and any of the United States' advanced weaponry that might be on those types of crafts, whether it be on the sea or in the air, would be rendered useless.
Of course, it was a big problem at one time, our electric grid and the threat of an EMP strike, but that seems to have entered the back burner.
But I wonder how much
We're good to go.
Russian bombers again fly near Alaska for the second consecutive night.
Russia flew two long-range bombers off the coast of Alaska, and they were within 36 miles of the mainland.
And these were two nuclear-capable TU-95 bombers, and they were spotted by US military
So, more war games coming out of Russia.
And again, this is just all building up to World War III for me.
I feel like they wouldn't be doing these war games to such a serious capacity if there wasn't a serious threat of war breaking out.
Or, unless there are serious plans to either invade North Korea or to do something interventionist in the Middle East.
I'm not sure what's going on, folks.
I'm just trying to figure it all out.
And we can see the war games being played in front of us and
All signs point to war when you see this stuff going on.
It's impossible to sit here and try to report that with a straight face when it's such dire news to report, but that does appear what's going on.
But what is the UN saying?
The UN is saying it would be accidental, risk of accidental nuclear war growing according to the UN.
And they're trying to make this claim that basically because of all these nuclear arsenals, because of the threat of nuclear war, because everybody is sitting on their heels worried about it right now, that
That is what could lead to nuclear war.
Either a missed report via some cyber hack or this, that, or the other thing.
Somebody being confused about maybe this was launched, maybe it wasn't.
And then nuclear war gets launched accidentally according to the UN.
Apparently everybody is so scared right now.
That's why I'm calling it war chicken!
It's war chicken that's going on right now.
But of course, Bill Gates, he's ready folks.
Bill Gates says terrorists could wipe out 30 million people by weaponizing a disease such as smallpox.
Hold that picture right there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let me just ask.
What kind of a terrorist, in fact let's not even use the word terrorist, what human being, what individual would have the capacity to actually make or weaponize a disease?
What kind of a tech genius or tech mogul or someone who has a technology in everybody's homes
Who would have that capability?
Who would have the capability to wipe out 30 million people with some hyper-advanced weaponized disease?
I don't know, Bill Gates!
I have no idea, Bill Gates!
Who would have that capability?
We'll be right back.
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Well, that's a big primary part about, you know, fighting the globalists is making sure that we stay healthy and stay clear-eyed and stay honest and stay humble.
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Even when we make mistakes and even when we're not right and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us and I appreciate that.
Well, folks, CNN is just an absolute joke.
I mean, it is really pathetic.
You know, I did a poll on Twitter, who's the worst in the media, and it's so bad right now, the state of the media, that I didn't even get one of the worst guys in the poll, which had 16 people in it, Mark Lamont Hill.
How do you like this comment from Mark Lamont Hill?
Black people are incapable of racism, according to Mark Lamont Hill.
He says black people cannot be racist because they lack the institutional power required to deploy racism.
Huh, okay.
What type of institutional power would he be talking about?
I don't know, a president?
Hmm, maybe a Supreme Court justice?
Maybe the Director of National Security.
Maybe a sheriff in a police, in a city.
A sheriff of the police force.
I think that those would be, those would be places that you could consider institutional places of power.
But wait a second.
Everything I just mentioned is occupied by black people.
So I'm very confused, Mark Lamont Hill.
But you know what?
No, actually, I'm not the one that's confused.
Mark Lamont Hill is the one that's confused.
First of all, he can't decide what he wants to call himself, so he calls himself three names.
But really, folks, he's really confused at his entire world right now being turned upside down, just like everybody else at CNN.
Now, this is what he said.
He says, first of all, by the way, Black Lives Matter is and the movement for black lives this morning issued a pledge, which I tweeted out today, calling for justice, calling for peace and calling for togetherness in a moment where we're attempting to be divided.
Hey, look, all the people in Black Lives Matter aren't bad people.
They're probably in it for the right reasons.
But when these events happen, violence has happened.
But here's the thing, Mark Lamont Hill, that you just ignore.
You realize that Black Lives Matter is now having meetings where there's no whites allowed.
So you can sit here and say all this stuff about togetherness and peace and justice and not being divided, but guess what?
Black Lives Matter doesn't let white people in their meetings.
They call for the pigs to roast in a blanket.
That's not justice.
That's not peace.
And we've seen what happens.
When all these people get together, it turns into a riot many times.
It gets violent.
So, why does Mark Lamont Hill open his big fat mouth and say things that are so intrinsically false, and then he gets put on CNN?
He gets a platform too.
But that's fine, Mark Lamont Hill.
You have a right to free speech to open up your mouth and remove all doubt that you're a complete idiot.
Now, look at the other side of the spectrum.
On Fox, and I'm not sitting here lionizing Fox, but here's what you get on Fox.
Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson, black shooter killing white man is legacy of Obama.
And of course, what's the funny thing about this, folks?
Of course it's the legacy of Obama, all the division based on race or based on status that's happened in this country under the Obama administration.
I think that that is undeniable.
The man, Khoury Ali Mohammed, is being looked at as a possible hate crime!
Thank you guys for pulling this up!
Here you have Mark Lamont Hill saying black people are incapable of racism at the exact same time you have Corey Ali Muhammad who talked about how much he hated white people and then goes out and kills people and it's being looked at as a hate crime and
Let's see, Kevin Jackson calls it as it is on Fox News, but Mark Lamont Hill says that black people can't be racist.
Did Mark Lamont Hill miss the Khoury Ali Mohammed shooting?
Did he just miss that?
I mean, he's supposed to be a news reporter.
You think he would have that news, or maybe he's just blind to it because it doesn't fit his narrative.
Here's something that's incredible, folks.
I'm telling you, look, Mark Lamont Hill is just another example of how the left, the liberals, the Democrats, whatever term you want to put on them, the anti-Trumpers, they've gone completely insane.
Okay, they have literally completely lost their marbles.
Maxine Waters is the perfect example.
But even more of an example might be the fact that the Democrats are embracing Maxine Waters.
They're calling her anti-Maxine.
She thinks she's some kind of hero of the left.
The most fumbling, stumbling, blibbering idiot that you could ever have in politics, folks.
That is saying a lot!
Think about what I just said.
Maxine Waters is the biggest bumbling fool in politics.
That is literally saying so much it's unbelievable.
But it's true.
She is literally the worst.
Look at her.
And I am actually working on a documentary right now called Mad Maxine Fury Road.
There is the complete blubbering idiot, Maxine Waters.
You know, I feel bad for Maxine Waters because at this point I think that she really might be suffering from dementia, but you know what?
You want to stay in the ring?
You're gonna get hit.
The Democrats want to keep putting you in the ring?
You're gonna get hit.
You want to be the leader of the liberals, the leader of the anti-Trumps?
You're going to get hit.
Okay, Maxine?
You want to play dirty politics?
It's gonna come back to bite you.
So, enjoy your final year or so of being the biggest doofus in politics, because your reign is coming to an end.
I'll make that prediction right now.
Maxine Waters is done.
And I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that that's the case because I'm sick of her.
And here's the thing, folks.
Donald Trump is in the swamp and he might want to drain the swamp, but right now he can't get to that lever.
We can get to the lever.
We can drain the swamp.
We have to elect the right people.
Okay, if we go through another round of elections and John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, if all these people get back into office in 2018, we're done.
And it has nothing to do with Trump.
It's because, look right in the mirror, we can't even elect a politician that can read Maxine Waters.
And don't worry, I've got some of that coming up with my documentary.
So Maxine Waters though, the belle of the ball to the left, the biggest doofus in politics.
So when Don Lemon is the future of your media, when Don Lemon is the future of your liberal media, and when Maxine Waters is the future of your liberal party, you have no future.
You're done.
Now who's the other belle of the ball right now?
Chelsea Clinton.
Chelsea Clinton.
What has this woman done other than stolen money from Haitian kids to pay for her wedding dress?
Chelsea Clinton says Americans are too sexist to elect her mom.
Yeah, that's what it was, Chelsea.
It wasn't the WikiLeaks emails.
What about the Russians?
I thought it was the Russians!
Hey, you know what?
Keep putting Chelsea Clinton out there.
Please, try to force Chelsea Clinton down the throats of your Democrat constituents.
They're going to reject her.
Nobody wants the Clinton dynasty anymore.
You don't get it.
The left is so out of touch with reality, it's insane.
Here's more proof of that.
Venezuela opposition launches new protests a day after three deaths.
So, Venezuela is just collapsing, folks.
It's a hellhole.
It's a communist hellhole.
Protests every day.
The government is now killing protesters.
And some protesters are too hungry to even go out and protest.
They're so malnourished, they can't even get out in the streets to protest their government that has completely destroyed their society, folks.
Communism, you cannot find an example where socialism doesn't lead to communism or doesn't eventually completely collapse on itself.
And some people will point to some circumstances and some things in Europe right now.
We'll wait and see.
We'll wait and see.
Look at what's going on in Sweden.
We'll wait and see.
Wait and see how long it takes for those countries to look like Venezuela, folks, where they want to protest, but they don't even have the energy to go out and do it because they haven't eaten in days.
And if they go out and try to eat, well, they're probably going to have to go try to, you know, steal a chicken off of a moving truck.
So there you see the streets of Venezuela.
And this is what also happens with a communist regime.
GM halts operations in Venezuela after factory is seized.
The government took GM's factory!
They seized it!
Completely illegal!
GM has called it an illegal judicial seizure of assets.
But that's what you get when the communists come in.
See, they're in charge.
They get to decide.
And you know what happens when they decide?
You lose.
You're too poor to eat.
You're too poor to protest.
So what do we have now?
And this is what the left wants, by the way.
The World Bank is ready to help Venezuela.
How convenient.
They don't have a central bank in Venezuela yet.
Wouldn't the World Bank love to come in and take care of that?
Oh, you better believe it, folks.
You better believe it.
So the World Bank now has to save Venezuela from communism.
You still want communism, Bernie bros?
Here's the Bernie Bros for you though.
More Americans 18-35 now live with parents than spouse.
So the Bernie Bros can't find a wife, they can't find a husband.
They just want communism and they can't grow up.
Look at this.
Most millennials are finding it hard to transition into adulthood.
That's because their leaders are people like Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters.
Complete blubbering morons.
Who don't tell it like it is!
So there you go!
It's tough for a millennial, it's tough for somebody that loves socialism and communism, a brainwashed moron, to become an adult.
Man, I'm glad I'm not brainwashed.
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Wow, thank you.
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On April 16th, the Turkish people went to the polls to show their support for a landmark constitutional referendum.
And by Turkish people, I mean barely more than half the Turkish people.
And by constitutional referendum, I mean resurrection of the Ottoman Empire.
Yes, a minute majority of Turks have bestowed sultan-like powers to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
He now has the power, nay the right, to issue decrees, declare emergency rule, draw up budgets, to appoint ministers and top state officials, to dissolve the parliament, and in general overhaul the entire governance system into an executive presidency model that abolishes the office of prime minister.
It also allows Erdogan to stay in the presidency until 2029, aka for life.
Still, you might be thinking that this is just a consolidation of power, typical of any secular dictator.
The fact is that this is something else entirely.
It is a very serious changes are underway for Turkey's future.
This referendum was the culmination of a 30-year campaign by Erdogan to not just accumulate supreme executive power, but to remove any obstacles to Islamic rule of Turkey.
As one Turkish writer puts it, what this presidential system looks like is the Islamic caliphate system in terms of its mechanism.
Erdogan clearly sees himself as the founder of the new caliphate, the world Islamic government, with Turkey at its center.
The Turkish Ottoman Empire was the last legitimate Sunni Islamic caliphate, ruling over nearly the entire Arab world for 400 years until it was dissolved following defeat in World War I.
That's when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the George Washington of Turkey, established the Republic of Turkey, a secular, western-style nation-state, putting in place severe restrictions designed to keep Islam out of the political process at all costs, with the military being, quote, the guardians of democracy, charged with overthrowing the government when it veered too far from the path Ataturk had set.
Erdogan's entire career has been defined by an effort to roll back these restrictions, and with this recent referendum, he's finally achieved his ultimate goal.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once said, democracy is like a streetcar.
When you come to your stop, you get off.
Back in 1997, Erdogan was a member of the Islamic Welfare Party when it was ousted by the Turkish military and banned from politics for five years.
And he actually spent time in prison for espousing violent Islamist rhetoric.
He was released in 2001 and that year led his new party, the AK Party, to electoral victory.
Since then, he has systematically purged civic life of anti-Islamists and totally destroyed the military's ability to be a check on Islamist ambitions.
According to the New Yorker, in 2007, police arrested the first of hundreds of people whom the government accused of forming a secret organization devoted to keeping Islamist aspirations in check.
The case spread to include not just former military and police officers, but also academics, journalists, and aid workers, the core of the opposition to the new Islamic order.
In all, some 600 people were convicted, including scores of senior generals in the Turkish military and several prominent journalists.
That was just a light dusting compared to the deep clean that took place in 2016.
The military coup d'etat attempt in July of that year was the deadliest in Turkey's history, and the first to have failed.
The insurrection was put down, and after he restored order, Erdogan had the excuse he needed to implement the purge he'd always wanted.
Over 97,000 public servants were dismissed, and a further 37,000 suspended.
Legal action started against 103,000 people, of whom 41,000 are remanded in custody.
158 media outlets were closed, including 60 television and radio stations.
More than 150 journalists were arrested, and 10,000 members of the media have lost their jobs, and thousands are awaiting trial for tweets and other social media posts.
The end result of this abortive coup was that Erdogan was more powerful than ever, and he had the justification he needed to rid public life of anyone who would stand in his way.
It couldn't have worked out better if he'd planned it all himself.
Erdogan actually called the coup a gift from God, giving him the tools he needed to create what he called a new Turkey.
Well, that new Turkey appears to be a throwback to the very, very old Turkey.
As Prime Minister Davutoglu said in 2015 that Turkey will, quote, re-found the Ottoman state.
Or, as a parliamentarian tweeted, quote, the 90-year-long commercial break of a 600-year-old empire is now over.
This is not just about Turkey becoming more overtly Muslim.
This is about using Islam as a unifying force in the region and using historical precedent to reclaim land that once belonged to the Ottomans.
It's well known that Turkey has long given aid to the Islamic State.
Well, now they're using the problem they helped to create to lay claim to Middle Eastern lands, including the Iraqi city of Mosul and the Islamic State capital of Raqqa.
But the Middle East is not the only place where Erdogan's Turkey sees room for expansion.
Greece is also on the chopping block, with the Turkish nationalist leaders saying if they, the Greeks, want to fall into the sea again, if they want to be hunted down, they are welcome.
The Turkish army is ready.
Indeed, Erdogan is distancing himself from all of Western Europe, a fact that became clear during the campaign leading up to this week's referendum.
About 4.6 million Turkish migrants now live in Europe, with about half of those living in Germany.
According to a recent study, assimilation into European society is not a priority for those Turks, with foreigners who come to live in Germany tending to remain strangers even after 50 years and three generations in some cases.
This is a state of affairs that Erdogan has no problem with, and in fact actively encourages, saying, yes, integrate yourselves into German society, but don't assimilate yourselves.
The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland.
Stake a claim to it.
And as the vote drew near, Erdogan's rhetoric got only more extreme, vowing to mobilize the Islamic world against Eurofascism, saying, quote, This matter is not a matter merely for Turkey.
This fascism that shows its dirty face is negatively impacting all Muslims and foreigners living in Europe.
But of course he knows that it's really all the Pope's fault, saying, All the leaders of the EU countries went to the Vatican and listened to the Pope submissively.
The situation is quite loud and clear.
It is a crusader alliance.
April 16th will also be the day to evaluate this.
Erdogan is painting the modern international struggle as a conflict between Islam and the West, the Ummah, and Christendom.
And the April 16th referendum was confirmation of this view.
President Erdogan now has all the trappings of an imperial ruler.
The dictatorial powers, the religious underpinnings, control of the media, and even a royal palace.
With this referendum, Turkey has revived the Ottoman Empire in all but name.
And should they decide to follow through with their imperial ambitions, there would be very little in the way to stop them, and Western Europe would be hard-pressed to defend itself with millions and millions of unassimilated Turkish Muslims already within their border.
Turkey is the strongest military power, military might in the region.
It's the second largest army in NATO.
And the statements coming out of Turkey should be very concerning to Americans.
Erdogan is saying 1.5 billion Muslims are waiting for the Turkish government to rise.
And this civilization, I believe, in the 21st century, will take this relic back from where the Islamic civilization and Muslims left it.
According to us, democracy can never be the goal.
Democracy can only be a tool when we deal with the scientific point.
It's stimulating, mind-expanding, safer to use than alcohol.
It's the in thing.
Such are the myths concerning marijuana.
Myths that lull thousands of young people into experimenting with obnoxious weed.
Marijuana, the burning weed with its roots in hell.
Should marijuana be legalized?
We'll debate the pros and cons right now.
Marijuana leads to doing worse things.
That's just a fact.
I don't care what anybody says.
The drug war is a total failure and the federal drug war ought to be revisited and for the most part gotten rid of.
This has corrupted our government, it has destroyed our due process, and it is withholding from people medicine that is very effective, and we need to stop it.
We need to roll Prohibition back right now.
Marijuana is natural, you know, there's so many different things that you can use it for, including, you know, helping cancer patients.
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That's incredible.
There's proof of that.
It's all over the internet.
The mandatory minimums, locking people up for non-violent crimes for very long periods of time, where there's no discretion for the fact that they were non-violent, that this is their first offense.
No, just lock them up.
You two-bit heroes, making life miserable for innocent children.
Why don't you go out and help real criminals?
We got a tip on this drag race.
Like when we found the marijuana.
Well, sir, that's a very serious charge.
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Things like alcohol kill people daily, and it's legal because it can be taxed.
Happy to deliver alcohol.
But weed is illegal, right?
I didn't know you were a weed head, Tony.
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We are now joined by Peter Sweden.
He is an independent journalist out of Stockholm, Sweden, and he has been covering the terror attacks in Stockholm, the latest being the truck attack.
And one thing I noticed, Peter, about this attack is that they didn't want to show the gruesome images from this attack like they wanted to show gruesome images from certain areas of Syria.
Tell me, how did that feel as somebody who lives in Stockholm had to suffer this gruesome attack and then you see national media wanting to kind of ignore the loss of life there compared to other places?
Yeah, no, it made me quite upset.
First time I saw that image was on social media of the girl, young girl, that was ripped apart by the truck.
And, you know, the media, they, of course, they refuse to show those pictures.
Whenever there's something from Syria, they always show the pictures of dead children, but not when it comes to Sweden.
That's less important, it seems.
It made me quite upset because this particular place is somewhere I'm very familiar with this place.
It's right in my backyard really.
I've been there so many times.
The particular place where that little girl was struck, I've walked past there doing everyday stuff.
And finally, maybe some people rethinking your current immigration policy.
Is this latest truck terror attack, is this the most recent thing that has people thinking, you know, maybe we really should think about all these refugees coming in.
Maybe we should really think about having these open borders.
Maybe we should start assimilating people to our culture before they come here.
Has there been any movement of that after this?
I would say yes.
From what I've been seeing and hearing from other Swedish people, this has been like a wake-up call really.
A lot of Swedish people have been very upset and angry at what happened.
And even the Prime Minister himself said that they need to stop the migration now after this happened.
But someone like you has been covering this for a while.
I've been following you on Twitter and it seems like nobody has been listening to voices like yours.
It took this attack for them to finally start listening or to finally start realizing in their own head that, hey, there's a serious problem with this.
Yeah, no, I think it's... In Sweden there's something called the opinion corridor, which is... I would say the English equivalent would probably be the overton window.
But in Sweden, there are certain things that's really...
You're not allowed to say certain things.
And the migration crisis is one of them.
And many people are very afraid to speak out of what's happening because of social consequences and sometimes consequences from the government itself.
You know, there's no first amendment in Sweden, which means you don't have free speech as in America.
Well, it's amazing because I wanted to talk about that.
It's reached a certain level here in America with political correctness, but after following people like you on Twitter and talking to other people in Sweden, it really kind of hits home.
I mean, it's reached a whole other level over there in Sweden.
I mean, it's almost impossible for us Americans to even understand.
I mean, can you really try to put it into words how serious the political correct nature is right now in your society?
Yeah, I have an example.
There's one guy I know of.
He runs a website where he talks about migration and things like that.
And in the commentary field, so in the comment section on his website, someone wrote, I think it was the n-word.
How does somebody like you go on YouTube?
You've got your YouTube channel, you've got your Twitter account.
Does it worry you?
I mean, the videos that you do?
I mean, you have a comment section, do you not?
Yeah well that's one of the reasons I go by Peter Sweden and not by my full name.
That's exactly one of the reasons why.
I'm not that worried because people need to speak out and I decided I'm just going to do it.
You've already passed that threshold you're telling me?
Well, you can follow his YouTube channel.
He does a lot of videos.
He covers the migration issue.
I'd like to talk about kind of a more overarching picture here.
Let's talk about the Sweden that you grew up in and the Sweden that somebody might grow up in today.
Is there a true difference there?
Is there a stark difference?
I would say yes, very much.
I mean, I remember when I was a kid and today the difference is huge.
There's so many... I don't want to say anything bad about it, but there's so many migrants in Sweden on the ground at the moment that you don't really recognize it anymore.
I mean, you go to your favorite shopping mall and it's just migrants and migrants and migrants by the loads there.
And they want to make it so that you're worried to point out this fact, you're just pointing out facts, that you're worried in your own skin, within your own words, that you might be offending somebody when you're really just pointing out facts.
And I think that, again, the issue is just we have this forced integration of two cultures and it's just not going to work when one culture wants to dominate the other.
And I think this is what you're alluding to.
That's a very good point because I think the real problem when it comes to migration and to this whole issue is a culture clash.
You hear all these stories from Sweden where migrants have been raping children, they've been raping boys, young girls and so on, which is happening
It's way tougher nowadays.
I mean, you read about it every month.
Just a few months ago, a gang rape was live-streamed on social media, and there were three migrants responsible.
And the thing is, I think what's happening is because Sweden has been very welcoming of the refugees.
They get loads of benefits, they get free classes in learning Swedish, they get placed in the best schools.
But still, they're not assimilating.
Still, they are grouping together in these no-go zones, as you call them, which there are 55 of now.
55 no-go zones.
So they group together in these no-go zones, and they don't interact with the rest of society.
And I think the problem is, it's a culture clash.
You know, they come from a whole different culture than Sweden, and it simply doesn't compute, if you understand what I mean.
Yeah, no, I totally understand it.
It's pretty apparent to me.
And they want to act like it doesn't exist, and then you send journalists to Sweden and you see them get attacked violently by migrants just for trying to report on the streets.
You talk about the schools.
There was a school, I remember covering a story, where it was a great school, they integrated a bunch of migrants in there, and then eventually they had to put fences around the school because it got so dangerous, and then essentially they just had to shut the school down because it got so dangerous.
I'm sure that there are many stories that you're hearing like this.
Oh yeah, that's one issue that's been happening quite a lot recently actually, with schools.
Where they put all these migrants, well, they call them child refugees.
I mean, the age is questionable.
Well, they lie about their age too.
Yeah, most of them look considerably older than the children.
But anyway, they put them in these schools and there's been a lot of problems with schools recently.
For example, in Malmö, one school that actually had to put up high security fencing and gates.
And they actually have a guard at the gate to let them in.
And they have to check their IDs.
Well, and it's a joke because I have to listen to college girls here that have been liberalized by the universities say that there's a rape culture on campus.
You're actually dealing with it in real life.
You're actually seeing real-life circumstances and your society having to adjust.
And I just want to say this, you know, in closing, it must be really hard for you guys to solve this issue when you can't even talk about it.
Yeah, no, definitely.
That's the big problem because people
First of all, people that know about this problem, they are afraid to talk about it.
So then the other people, the masses, they don't know about it because of the media censorship.
And because people are afraid to speak out, they don't get to hear too much about it, what's going on.
So that's one reason why I decided to speak out and do what I'm doing.
And that's the key.
You cannot censor yourself.
Thank you so much, Peter Sweden.
Love the shirt.
Make Sweden great again.
Thank you guys for tuning in to the Infowars Nightly News.
We'll be back tomorrow night.
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