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Name: 20170418_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 18, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Tuesday, the 18th of April, 2017.
I'm Leigh Ann McAdoo, and here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, President Donald Trump signed an executive order today that recommends changes to the visa programs that bring in foreign workers to the United States.
The president's goal is to encourage the hiring of Americans first.
Meanwhile, Facebook wants you to join anti-Trump demonstrations on International Workers' Day.
And rumor has it that Mark Zuckerberg might be considering a run for the White House.
Can you help me figure out what I'm going to say?
Yeah, we should work on it together.
Let's go get some more snacks.
All that plus a look at terror cells inside the U.S.
That's up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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Well, in his latest attempt to make good on his America First campaign promises, President Trump has signed an executive order today.
This is being dubbed the Buy American and Hire American order.
This calls on federal agencies to recommend changes to a temporary visa program that brings foreign workers to the United States.
He says that this is going to help encourage the hiring of more Americans and it will also create higher wages for workers in the United States.
Now, a lot of people are kind of saying, well, this can make it a lot harder for him to follow through on that ambitious trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan that he touted on the campaign trail.
Industry groups are saying that the president's plan would raise prices on construction materials, making it more expensive to build
Pipelines, bridges, highways, homes, and schools.
And of course, people like Mark Zuckerberg are pushing back against this because they were really counting on President Obama and his protege Hillary Clinton to continue with this H-1B worker visas so that they could continue importing people from other countries into the United States, suppressing wages of American workers.
And so this is why we see Facebook
Giving its employees the okay to join anti-Trump demonstrations that are planned for International Workers Day on May 1st.
So they're saying go ahead.
You don't even have to request the day off.
We just want you to get out there and protest Trump.
And they're also saying that if any
If any
Their employees take the day off as well to join the demonstrations.
Zuckerberg says it's important not just to the engineers and H-1B holders that are traditionally thought of as the immigrants in tech, but also to the folks who are subcontracted to work side by side on those campuses.
Of course, these are the people that help
Silicon Valley runs smoothly and these tech campuses, right, and that is why they are being forced out of communities like in San Francisco where they can't even afford to live there because of people like you, Mark Zuckerberg, who don't pay those workers enough to keep them there.
Of course, he's saying protest away because he was one of the biggest advocates for these H-1B visa worker programs.
He wanted even more visa holders to be able to come in and work for Facebook because for some reason he's saying that he is unable to find
We're good to go.
A prominent scholar who was recently targeted by these angry mobs of students, she's saying this is a dangerous new trend.
These angry mobs of U.S.
students shutting down free speech.
She says free speech is under fierce assault in the United States.
This is the Manhattan Institute's Heather McDonald, and she first experienced this hostility.
She was visiting the West Coast first at UCLA and then at Claremont McKenna College.
Protesters blocked the entrance to her speech, made it so that others weren't able to even get into the auditorium where she was speaking.
They couldn't interact with her.
They even tried to have her speak via a video conference, but the event was just shut down entirely over security concerns.
And so we're seeing this again and again and again at college campuses across the United States, especially at UC Berkeley, where the free speech movement, the students' free speech movement, actually
Began, and now we're seeing the total opposite of that.
But these were protesters targeting McDonald in response to her book, The War on Cops, how the new attack on law and order makes everyone less safe.
Oh my goodness, so controversial.
How dare you stand up for cops and speak out against how people are attacking law and order and that all of us are going to be a lot less safe when that is the case.
So they shut her down, accusing her of being a racist and a fascist.
Makes absolutely no sense.
McDonald said the intolerance of the left is reaching new heights.
Now we've got black students at an absurdly ritzy college saying that objective truth is white supremacy and a myth.
And this is at one of those colleges where McDonald dared to try and come give a speech.
And so in response to her trying to show up at their college, they issued these orders to their outgoing president of their school.
So this is a lengthy open letter to the school president charging that the search for objective truth is a white supremacist invention used for silencing oppressed peoples.
The letter also criticizes free speech as a tool appropriated by hegemonic institutions.
It's very wordy.
I'm going to try and break this down for you.
So this is Pomona, and it is a member of the five school Claremont Consortium.
And so they charge about $65,000 a year for tuition fees, room and board.
So these are very privileged students at the school.
But they address this 1053 word letter to the outgoing Pomona president.
And they stressed the school's commitment to free speech and academic freedom.
He made a statement, I'm sorry, stressing that that was what the school stood for.
They stand by free speech and academic freedom in the wake of the protest which shut down that speech by Heather MacDonald.
She's a conservative social critic and as we know these leftist universities are not having any of it.
They want to bash the fash
By bashing in people's faces and shutting down their access to free speech and speakers that challenge their ideas.
Totally crazy here.
So, the outgoing president's defense of free speech, they say, contained un-nuanced views surrounding the academy and a belief in searching for some venerated truth that, my friends, is white privilege, white supremacy.
They say, historically, white supremacy has venerated the idea of objectivity, but the concept of a single truth is a myth.
And white supremacy, imperialism, colonization, capitalism, and the United States of America are all of its progeny.
The idea that the truth is an entity for which we must search in matters that endanger our abilities to exist in open spaces is an attempt to silence oppressed people.
So we shan't dare search for the truth because in these protected spaces, these safe spaces, open spaces, you might offend people.
We're good to go.
My truth here is the only thing that exists and matters.
They say that the idea that we must subject ourselves routinely to the hate speech of fascists who want for us not to exist.
This lady was coming to their school to talk about the dangers of all of this
Lashing out at law enforcement.
We're seeing law enforcement actually being targeted and murdered at unprecedented rates.
How dare she?
So the fascists show up to shut her down.
And then they sent this really, this letter of demand saying that anyone that even sends them any threats or dare speak out against this letter that they sent, they are demanding that those students be expelled.
So now you're not even allowed to question the motives of these students.
I just can't.
That stuff just really makes me ill.
And then we've got UC Davis student leaders saying that the American flag display should be optional at meetings.
So this is what's going on at campuses across the United States.
They are so anti-American.
But now this is the UC Davis Student Senate.
They have made it optional to display the American flag at its meetings.
The concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual, so it should not be compulsory that the flag is in view at all times during Senate meetings.
So that's the whole thing.
The very foundation of this country is under attack.
Nobody understands what it means.
And then they would dare say that the flag is just a piece of cloth.
If that's the truth, why the hell does it offend you so much?
So this is what we're having to deal with.
And of course,
A speech that didn't get shut down at UC Berkeley.
Very interesting here.
I don't know why Antifa did not show up to shut down the former FEC chairwoman who went there to UC Berkeley to give a speech calling for regulations of political speech on the internet.
Where were the bash-bashers then trying to shut down people who dare encumber their freedoms?
This is what I'm talking about.
It's absolute madness.
These are weaponized, insane, Antifa people that they're not going to...
To stand up for free speech and for freedoms of people who are clearly coming after them.
So this is the former Federal Election Commission Chairwoman Anne Ravel.
She says that political speech must be controlled on social media.
And she called for regulations against fake news.
So no Antifa people there.
During her tenure as the chairwoman of the FEC, Ravel previously called for right-leaning websites like the Drudge Report to be regulated, and she blamed hostile responses towards her proposals as misogyny.
So it was misogyny that she would dare call for regulation of the internet, regulation of political speech.
In 2015, the Democrats tried but failed to expand the FEC's regulatory powers to cover social media posts and other forms of political speech on the internet.
These are not subject to the same scrutiny as political advertisements on old media.
So that, of course, is because the Drudge Report and Donald Trump's Twitter
We're so much more powerful than they were and they said, wow, we've really got to do something about this because people aren't going to the mainstream media for their news and propaganda anymore.
They're getting their information from alternative means.
We need to shut that down.
We need to regulate that political speech.
No anti-fascists there trying to stop them, of course.
So now another story coming out of InfoWars.
Jamie White reports that the FBI has launched terrorist probes in all 50 states.
The Department of Homeland Security has revealed federal authorities have opened investigations into radical Islamic terrorists in all 50 states.
They've warned the threat of terrorism has hit an all-time high.
They say there have been at least 37 ISIS-linked plots to attack our country since 2013.
I don't know.
Now this is very contrasting to what the former administration has told us because you will remember last December Obama gave a speech to the military boasting that there were zero instances of domestic terrorist attacks but he ignored the 11 homegrown terrorist attacks including the Fort Hood shooter!
So he's saying this right to the military, but you'll recall I think I think President Obama officially labeled that as Workplace violence so he could say there was never any homegrown terror while I was president so Kelly estimates that approximately 10,000 European citizens have joined the caliphate in Syria in Iraq thousands more from Africa and Asia and so we're seeing these reports of These people being given
I think so.
In 2014, Judicial Watch reported that President Obama's DHS gave more than 1,500 suspected terrorists asylum in the United States.
Get this, they claimed that any crimes that those suspected terrorists committed were done so under duress.
Oh, President Obama, he should be tried for treason.
He was just trying to be such a kind, sweet soul, right?
By letting these terrorists in our country.
Homegrown terrorists like this Fresno gunman who actually randomly killed three men today.
If you read it off the AP, they will tell you that he screamed, quote, God is great.
However, that is a...
Misquoted quote because the man screamed Allah Akbar, which yeah, it's translated as God is great But we don't need the AP to do the translation for us Why the hell are they trying to cover up for these potential terrorists now that they're saying that?
It's still too early to know if these shootings were an act of terrorism but that these gunmen
39-year-old Khoury Ali Mohammed first opened fire on a passenger inside of a passing truck, just randomly shooting and killing three men, saying that he hated white people, screaming Allah Akbar.
So who knows if this man was just crazy and he snapped, but again,
For whatever reason, they're trying to cover up any ties might have with his radical Islamic ideology of him screaming Allah Akbar.
They say he said Ali Akbar.
So there you go.
They're trying to play with the words a little bit.
We'll stick around because coming up, we're going to talk about some more ways that President Trump is trying to make good on those campaign promises.
Of course, today he issued the order that these criminal illegal immigrants are going to get the hell out
Or they are going to jail!
So we'll have more on that as well as my interview with award-winning investigative journalist Ildefonso Ortiz.
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We're doing this by the skin of our teeth.
I know it looks like we're in a billion-dollar studio, but Alex has never taken one cent of
I borrowed money at all whatsoever.
This is all money that's come from you listeners.
So you've literally built this place, you know, built this place with your compassion and built this place with the support that you've sent us.
So from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate it because I know we wouldn't be able to do this.
We wouldn't have a voice if it wasn't for you.
So once again, we've got to thank the listeners for their steadfastness in supporting us.
Even when we make mistakes, and even when we're not right, and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us, and I appreciate that.
Let's go back to Lee, and Lee, you were talking about what was going on.
You said you got a story that's up at thepopulist.us, which is talking about how Ivanka Trump partied with inauguration, before the inauguration, with a bunch of never-Trumpers, and how these people
Work their way inside.
I said as we're looking at the election, you know, we have a situation where if you have a landslide election, election for somebody like Donald Trump, I believed that they would step aside and then try to take over the White House after the fact.
And as we see these advisers that are being put into the White House, that appears to be what's going on.
It's not Steve Bannon who is manipulating Trump.
It is these new advisers like Gary Cohen who are working against the agenda
That Trump had, that Bannon helped him to win on, and that, as Steve Bannon pointed out, if they deliver on that agenda, we will change the US for the better for a generation.
But if we don't, it's going to blow back in a very, very bad way for freedom and for nationalism.
Well, and I also want to just correct something I said last time.
I was talking about the Editor of Time.
The Editor of Time is Nancy Gibbs.
Forgive me, I said another name.
The Editor of Time is Nancy Gibbs.
I just did that, David, because I wanted to show people an example.
of how people can make a mistake in journalism.
Do you think the media is going to get nicer to Donald Trump?
And Steve said, I'm paraphrasing, but Steve basically said, if you think the establishment is going to give up their power and money, you're crazy.
That's not going to happen.
That's right.
It's an ongoing war.
Steve Bannon said, of course they're going to continue to fight.
And we saw them focus on fight him first, quite frankly.
As the New York Times article pointed out, nothing made Karl Rove's stomach not
Like the nickname they gave him, Bush's Brain.
They know how to drive a wedge between people, and they have really focused on Bannon to drive that wedge against him so they can change the agenda, so they can change the ideology of the Trump administration that he won on, that he campaigned on with Steve.
Now they're coming on with a completely different agenda.
That's the thing that really concerns me, Lee.
Well, it is exactly the establishment, globalist, internationalist,
I think so.
They're both connected to Gary Cohn's a registered Democrat.
Dina Powell is a Republican who worked in the Bush administration, whose ex-husband was a president at Teneo.
Teneo's the company, Doug Bann's company, that's connected to the Clinton Foundation.
And Huma Abedin, who's Hillary Clinton's top assistant,
Worked for, by the way, who's Huma Abedin friends with?
I wrote about this at Breitbart last year.
Ivanka Trump.
Who else is Ivanka Trump friends with?
Chelsea Clinton.
Now, does any of this mean, is this just guilt by association?
What does this mean?
Here's what it means.
These are people who are marinating in the swamp, okay?
These are people who, Dina Powell,
And let's call her Dina Habib Powell.
Everybody is dropping the middle name because it points out her Egyptian origins.
But, you know, she was brought in and last summer we had the Washington Post talking about Ivanka Trump and they said,
Uh, she sounds like she's supporting Hillary Clinton.
Because on all these women's issues, she sounds exactly like Hillary Clinton.
Well, who was advising her on the women's issues?
It was Dina Habib Powell was advising her on the women's issues, and now she's on the National Security Council as they've pushed General Flynn out.
That's... and push Steve Bannon out.
Yes, yes.
As they brought up Steve Bannon.
And right before we dropped missiles on Syria for something that was not proven.
I'm sorry that the origin of that attack, the people who reported it are pro-rebel, all the media came from pro-rebel groups.
Anybody who's paid any attention to Syria, and I went over to Lebanon in 2013 myself to do the investigation, anybody who's paid any attention knows that these people lie and that
Who are the bad guys in this?
Is it the Democrats like Barack Obama?
Is it Republicans like John McCain?
Yes, right?
And so when you have people like, I refer to John McCain and Lindsey Graham as the ambiguously Republican duo, when you have people
That's how I refer to him.
When you have people like John McCain, I'm not saying anything David, but when you have people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham suddenly coming out and praising Trump, I get a little nervous about that I gotta say.
Or Elliott Abrams who comes out and says now he's finally president and then the next thing you see in the press from Elliott Abrams is the first thing Trump's got to do is get rid of Bannon.
And for Reid's Atari, they've been trying to, look, and I write about this on The Populist.
By the way, for anybody trying to find it, I've got to point out, you've got to put in the T-H-E, Populist.
It's not Populist, it's V-H-E, Populist, right?
So, if you go to The Populist, I have another piece up there where I go through the timeline
of how these people came into power.
I go, I go, I'm doing something a little different.
I'm not doing stories exactly.
And that's very important.
People need to understand.
I was concerned about the direction this administration was headed when I started seeing the people who were being brought in.
It has an effect.
This isn't just inside politics, folks.
This isn't just gossip or Game of Thrones.
It has real consequences.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroyer now joined in studio by Roger Stone.
An honor to be joined by Roger.
And you've got a piece that's about to be, it actually might be up on Infowars.com right now, breaking down the list on Mike Pompeo.
He's for WikiLeaks, he's anti-WikiLeaks, he's spinning himself in a circle, Roger.
This is deeply disappointing to me, Owen, because
The Central Intelligence Agency and the vaunted 17 agencies we keep hearing about have systematically leaked in an attempt to destabilize the president, first delegitimize his election, and then destabilize him.
And it's clear that the place needs reform.
They need to wipe out the whole second and third levels who continue to be Obama appointees.
Mike Pompeo seems to be buying the BS narrative of the careerists, the neocons, at the Central Intelligence Agency.
And he blurted out last Friday that WikiLeaks is a Russian asset.
So, in all, to be completely reasonable, I would give Mr. Pompeo a reasonable amount of time, say five days, to either produce proof of this outrageous claim or resign.
Because that's not consistent with Donald Trump's view.
Donald Trump said, and I quote, I love WikiLeaks, there's no evidence whatsoever of Julian Assange being an asset for the Russian state.
The intelligence services keep repeating this because they need it to be true.
If it's not true, well then ultimately, and there is no Russian collusion, we're going to learn that the president was under surveillance, or his aides were under surveillance, and he was caught up by it, at a minimum, for strictly political reasons.
That's Watergate times 10.
That's spying on the Republican nominee for president.
Mr. Pompeo should know better.
It's clear to me that the agency is going to run him.
He cannot run the agency.
I frankly think he ought to resign.
You know, and it's stories like this that remind me about how there's a divide tactic being worked by the deep state, by the media, the Democrats, the globalists, all working in collusion to try to divide Trump's base and defeat him in 2020.
I think that that's part of this agenda.
And it's almost amazing, you know, you say that Pompeo needs to produce the evidence that he claims
That's right.
Well, I guess I would make two points.
One, look at the actual quote from the FBI Director, Mr. Comey, in front of the House Intelligence Committee.
When he's asked, have you been able to ascertain with certainty that WikiLeaks is a Russian operation?
He says, well, it is our assessment that they've used some kind of cutout.
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Well, that was President Trump taking a very tough stance, completely opposite of his predecessor, former President Obama, who seemed to do everything he could to let people know that the borders were wide open and we will overlook your illegal immigrant status.
President Trump, this is one thing that
Many of us are not shocked.
We actually voted him in to take a tougher stance on illegal immigration, and that's already happening.
We're seeing ICE arrests up, deportations are up, and so many people out there seem to be shocked that this is newsworthy.
We've got Judge Andrew Napolitano saying this shouldn't be newsworthy.
The government is finally enforcing the immigration laws.
He said the only thing that's really newsworthy about it is because of the fact the government is so profoundly different from the previous government and this is this is the Trump administration.
They're actually enforcing the rules that are already on the books that shouldn't come as a shock.
But as we can see, the media is just really reporting about all of these ICE arrests and all these deportations when they haven't even surpassed what President Obama was capable of during his administration.
But they're really trying to paint Trump as just this evildoer, this bully, who's actually now just trying to say, look, we're taking a tough stance and we are getting out these criminals who have come to our country and they're committing crimes and
You can listen to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who is taking a really tough stance when President Trump says he's going to let him handle it.
He's doing a good job.
He'll let him take care of it.
What he says, he's designated two types of illegal immigrants.
Either they committed a crime here and they went to jail, or they committed a crime and they didn't yet go to jail.
So that's how he sees people who are here illegally.
Maybe they haven't committed a crime, but being here illegally was the first crime that's already been committed.
He says both of these things can can trigger automatic deportations.
So this is why we're actually seeing the government taking a very tough stance.
But these are laws that are already on the books.
People are saying that Trump's new rules are
Deporting everybody!
And this could actually swamp already backlogged immigration courts.
So this is USA Today reporting about how immigration judges will breeze through more than 20 juvenile cases a day, warning those in the packed courtroom to show up at their next hearing or risk deportation.
So now we see these authorities are actually being given back the power that was taken away from them from the prior administration.
And now they're saying, look, we're not going to take it easy on you.
If you guys are here illegally, if you're here to commit crime, you are going to get out.
301 judges will hear immigration cases in 58 courts across the United States.
They're saying that there's many backlogged cases have soared in recent years from 236,000 plus in 2010 to about 508,000 this year alone.
1,700 outstanding cases per judge.
So that's what they're dealing with, this backlog, because a lot of people were holding off.
I think so.
Because Reuters is reporting that asylum applications in Mexico are surging after Trump won the election.
So this is the number of people applying for asylum in Mexico, soared by more than 150%.
So these are Central American migrants and other people who are seeking to stay in Mexico.
Rather than take their chances and go on to the United States.
They're saying, we're not even going to try.
We just hope to apply for asylum.
We'll stay here in Mexico.
So this is, this is incredible.
And they're also reporting how the number of detentions along the southwestern US border has fallen about 4% over this five month period because Trump is taking a very tough immigration proposals.
Sending a chilling message throughout these communities, these people that would dare come.
And as David Knight and others have continually pointed out, we need to cut off the source of why people are coming.
First, they know, well, we might as well not even risk it because we're definitely going to get deported.
But we also need to stop making it so attractive for people to take that risk to come here illegally because the welfare benefits that they can get by coming here are just worth the risk to them.
But now we have some some more kind of startling news coming out of Breitbart Officials are actually defying Trump's promises They are saying 40 miles of the border has been ordered to be unpatrolled now.
This is 40 miles in
of Montana.
So this is the northern border and this is a border that has historically been patrolled by the same border agents who are now being told to just stop patrolling at this line.
These 40 miles are to be left open.
It makes absolutely no sense.
Breitbart got an exclusive interview with one of these agents who said, you know, this it's really confusing and it seems as if there is some sort of collusion with these
Officials, government officials, or these border agents, or someone there who is helping and allowing certain things to pass through the border.
We don't know.
Is it drugs?
Is it people?
We're not sure what's going on there, but it's definitely very odd.
And they're saying that people are going to need to be reassigned.
Further investigation into what the heck is going on.
Why would you just need
This particular 40 miles of the Montana border, keep that open.
We need that open because a lot of people forget that the northern border is just as dangerous as the southern border.
In fact, it's a lot easier, I'm told by the reporters there at Breitbart, that it's much easier to bring drugs and humans and others through the northern border.
And that's why we're seeing the northeastern United States being infiltrated by MS-13 gangs and others.
And this is what President Trump is saying.
They're focusing on getting these bad hombres out.
I'm going to be speaking with Ildefonso Ortiz coming up later in the show.
He's working with Breitbart Texas.
They're covering the Cartel Chronicles, doing some very brave reporting there, but really urging people to speak out while they can and to take
I don't know.
Uh, one of their stories that they reported on the 15th, another fugitive Mexican governor faces new charges in the US, none in Mexico.
Um, and so this is, this is kind of the story is that Mexico is working, they're just working so cooperatively with the United States.
They're such our great allies.
They're such good guys.
Meanwhile, when they know that the US is wanting to file charges against people who have committed crime, uh, there are
Drug trafficking other crimes like that the you the Mexico is protecting these people and giving them asylum Basically not sending them back to the u.s But we also are seeing a lot of journalists who are exposing these cartel government connections being murdered for so far this year alone since just March 2nd and These are four journalists
The first two were directors of news outlets in Veracruz and Guerrero.
These are two states where various cartels have surpassed the Mexican government's abilities to restore peace, and corrupt politicians there are continuing to work with these cartels as their surrogates.
They're protecting them.
Another journalist, Miroslava Breach, had long been an investigative reporter in the border state of Chihuahua.
She was gunned down by a team of cartel assassins
She was returning from dropping off her children at school.
The gunman left a message of the crime scene claiming that her fate was due to her having a big mouth.
And one of the big stories that Breach had reported on prior to her death was the collusion between Mexico's PRI party and the leader of the La Linea faction of the Juarez cartel.
What she discovered was
We're good to go.
Maximino Rodriguez, he was a crime beat reporter from the Baja Peninsula, also gunned down while parking at a shopping mall with his wife.
So gunned down right in front of his family.
So this is the type of stuff that's going on in Mexico when President Trump talks about bad hombres, the people that he's getting out.
It's these types of people.
This is what the country looks like where they're kind of importing that same type of crime into our countries.
And we need to stop that now while we still have a chance.
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Since March 2nd, four journalists have been murdered in Mexico.
Now, crimes against journalists there in Mexico will typically go unpunished because the individuals behind the crimes are either cartel members, they could be political power players, sometimes both, working in collusion.
Now my guest today is an award-winning investigative journalist with Breitbart Texas, Ildefonso Ortiz.
He helped to co-found the Cartel Chronicles Project with Brandon Darby and Stephen K. Bannon there at Breitbart News, working for Breitbart Texas.
So they do incredibly brave reporting there on the border and immigration issues as well as daring to give a voice to the people of Mexico who are silenced by these cartel members who will just
Chop off the heads of journalists in some towns to enforce that silence.
Mr. Ortiz, thank you so much for joining the show today.
Thanks for having me.
It's a pleasure.
Now, just today, President Trump told Fox News that the criminal illegal immigrants are getting the hell out or they are going to prison.
And I think it's so important for people to understand how big of an issue this is.
And we really need to speak out about the the gangs that are infiltrating these smaller cities.
But while we have the chance, because if anyone really wants to know what's going on, just take a look at what's going on in Mexico to see what happens if you're in a country that doesn't go by the rule of law or where your government officials are colluding with these gangs.
So talk to us about this latest string of crimes against journalists and what that represents.
So in Mexico, we have the cartels are basically colluding with the government and that's been going on for years.
The problem is that if you start reporting against the government or the cartels, you become a target.
Just this year, we have had forced reporters that have been murdered for their reporting, for exposing those links between the cartels and the government.
Last year we had 14 reporters that were murdered.
It's a trend, it's a very scary trend that continues to creep up, making Mexico one of the most dangerous places for journalists.
The problem is that all these murders continue to take place, but there are no consequences.
The people behind those murders are never caught, are never prosecuted.
And these are just the murders.
We're not talking about the assault, the threats.
Just south of us in Mexico, in Reynosa, one of the local newspapers basically continues to be attacked by gunfire on a regular basis.
So that's the kind of violence that we see down here, where cartels are out of control and they actually have set up an alternate form of government.
They don't answer to anybody.
And that's what we see in Mexico.
Right, and I know that you guys have done extensive coverage there at the Cartel Chronicles.
You actually have people submit articles anonymously to protect themselves, but they're just happy to have an outlet where they can actually get these stories out because their journalists there are silenced with violence and threats of violence.
I know when I was just going through school and we were reporting on that, they would behead
People who were daring to go into the news business and then leave their heads right there at the doorstep of the news agencies.
It's just kind of a warning of, hey, you're going to speak out about us.
You know, there's some things that we could do to take care of you.
Talk to us a little bit about just some of the implications of seeing these gangs kind of infiltrating some towns here in the United States and sort of what people need to be aware of as far as speaking out or speaking up.
Well, primarily what people need to be aware of is that nothing crosses that border, nothing crosses that fence or that river without the cartels having a say so.
So whether it's drugs, guns, cash, illegal immigrants, poultry, meat products, anything that's crossed illegally other than through the international ports of entry,
Thank you!
Public officials, law enforcement officials that have been colluding with the cartels.
They've been, over time, they've been getting caught.
But we've had various sheriffs down here, law enforcement officials, other individuals, all either taking money from the cartels, stealing drugs, pushing drugs, but basically everything revolving around the drug trafficking business.
And sadly, that's a trend that has not slowed down and will likely continue to spike.
I don't know, you've got an article out about a cartel-linked fugitive Mexican governor who continues to be on the run, now facing charges here in the U.S., but none in Mexico.
Yes, so this is one of the very scary issues with Mexico.
While government officials try to say how great Mexico is to us and how great we are with Mexico, they're forgetting that government officials from the mayor level all the way to the governor level, or even higher, have been working with the cartels.
We have two fugitive governors from the state of Tamaulipas, just south of Texas.
We have another governor in Veracruz, and one in Chihuahua.
All those four guys are fugitives, some of them from the U.S.
Department of Justice, others from other law enforcement agencies.
So you have all these governors that made money by working with the cartels.
And Mexico didn't investigate these individuals.
In the case of two of the governors from Tamaulipas, it was the U.S.
Department of Justice that caught them because they were laundering their money in the U.S.
That's how authorities were able to prosecute him, but actually those two governors were actually getting protection from Mexican authorities while they're being fugitives of the U.S.
And that's the scary part where you have government officials protecting cartel fugitives in Mexico while at the same time trying to be friendly with the U.S.
Right, and you all have done extensive reporting on this government collusion with the cartels in Mexico, but now there's a, the latest article you've got out is how officials are defying Trump's promises, 40 miles of border ordered unpatrolled.
What does that mean?
I know you guys have got some exclusive interviews there, so give us, what's going on there?
Well, basically, you have this area in the HARP sector where there's about 60 miles of border and the agents are being told to only stay in one area, not to patrol the entire thing.
They're not saying why, and that is the scary part.
Why would you limit somebody from patrolling an entire sector and just limiting them to a particular area?
You know, as somebody who's been working this border for more than 10 years, I can tell you, that points to something coming or crossing through that border that should not be crossing.
That seems to be generally what we're speaking about.
I mean, there's really no other reason why they would limit the patrolling of law enforcement in key areas of the border.
Forty miles of the Montana border open and unpatrolled.
And so this was an area that had previously been patrolled by the agents that are there.
But now they're being told to just stay in this particular area.
There isn't any anyone else that's been assigned to that area.
It's just being left open as it was historically patrolled.
So this is very interesting because a lot of people are focused on the southern border, but there's other borders that we have to be worried about as well.
Go ahead.
I mean, you know,
If you look at, I mean, everybody focuses on the southern border, but the northern border is a very scary border as well.
That is where you're seeing, for example, with various drugs, hard drugs that are not, it's easier for them to move them through the Canadian border down here, particularly in the case of hydro and other types of drugs.
It's easier for them to produce them up north or to get them, for the cartels to get them to Canada and then bring them south, particularly to those cities that are on the northern border.
Thank you so much!
Somebody has to do something.
Brandon and I, Brandon Darby and I, my partner in all this, we've been trying to bring a voice to the voiceless.
In Mexico, the journalists, they're silenced.
They're not able to report what's going on.
We try to bring them a voice.
We try to bring a voice to the agents.
We try to bring a voice to the people that are trying to fight the fight, but are being silenced by organized crime, by government officials, people that don't want the truth to be known.
And our job is to basically
Give them an outlet.
We're here, we're listening, and we're going to amplify your voice.
I'm going to put it out there so that people can know what is really going on in these areas.
Well, thank you so much for your brave reporting.
People can find your work at Breitbart Texas.
You can find it there by clicking on the Cartel Chronicles.
You can see those very important stories.
And like we always say, share the articles far and wide.
Get this information out there.
Support the president who's trying to let everyone know about what we have going on here.
Thank you so much, Ildefonso.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
And that's going to do it for the show tonight.
Thank you so much for watching.
We'll see you here again tomorrow at 7 p.m.
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