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Name: 20170413_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 13, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Thursday, April 13th, 2017.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
Tonight, a last minute order by Obama sought to block states from withholding federal funds from Planned Parenthood and others who provide abortions.
Today, President Trump signed a law that allows states to only fund health clinics that don't abort babies.
Republican lawmakers pushed for the Trump Justice Department to again consider prosecuting Lois Lerner for using the IRS as a political weapon targeting conservative groups.
Look, the Obama administration was very dismissive about the crimes that we believe Lois Lerner committed.
And Trump at war.
A huge, big-league bomb dropped.
This time on terrorists in Afghanistan.
All that and more on tonight's InfoWars Nightly News.
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Well, we had all kinds of big breaking news today, and what we're going to do here to open up the InfoWars Nightly News tonight is we're going to take a look at the other side of these news stories, try to figure out what they're not saying, what they're not talking about.
Of course, that always seems to be the story in this day and age, does it not?
Let's start off with the big one, the big bomb.
drops mother of all bombs, it's now called MOAB, on ISIS.
America's most massive non-nuclear weapon is used for first time in combat on caves in Afghanistan.
You know, I will just say this.
We don't know if this bomb hit caves in Afghanistan or not.
At least I don't know that.
So we're taking
Trump's administration at his word.
Just remember this is of course coming out of the Obama administration we would not have taken with a grain of truth.
Of course we got to see the actual video of the bomb being released from the plane and then the parachute shooting out and the bomb going down towards Earth.
We then got to see the explosion as well.
So they did drop an explosive and blow it up.
And we're told that it blew up some ISIS tunnels.
Now, it hasn't been reported how many civilian deaths, if any, there might have been.
Depending on who you follow for news, you're going to hear conflicting stories there.
I'm not going to pretend like I know any of that.
I don't know.
of course.
We MOAB bombed, we hit them with the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan, we're targeting ISIS.
What they're telling us is, we hit the Syrian air base because, well, Assad chemically attacked his own people.
That's what they're telling us.
But you know what?
Let's think about what they might not be telling us.
Now this is actually just breaking, of course this has been a developing story, but it's just breaking now.
may launch strike if North Korea reaches for nuclear trigger.
Missile goes off.
I'm not really sure what type of intel they might be getting to know what Kim Jong-un is up to.
But now the story is there could be a preemptive strike if North Korea reaches for the trigger.
So that leads me to the first other side of the story.
You look at these two bombings.
If you don't take him at face value, which even as a supporter of Trump I still don't take what the government tells me at face value, well you gotta think, what is the real motive?
If he blew up the airstrip in Syria that was working less than 24 hours later,
What was the real motive?
What was the real motive for dropping this bomb on this ISIS tunnel that we knew about that we haven't decided to drop a bomb on in the past?
And then you see the story about North Korea.
Perhaps these bombings, or the bombing and the missile strike, perhaps this was a bit of an intimidation factor.
Perhaps this was Trump and the U.S.
military flexing its muscles in the face of China, and more importantly, in the face of North Korea.
You have the airstrike in Syria.
You've got the bomb in Afghanistan.
Now, all of a sudden, the story is, well, we're on the lookout for a preemptive strike on North Korea.
Maybe you're trying to instill a little fear into Kim Jong-un.
Maybe you're showing Kim Jong-un you're not messing around.
Maybe that's what's on the other side of this story.
Maybe that's the real motive.
Maybe that's the 4-5-6-D chess, or whatever it is everybody wants to think Trump is playing.
Maybe that's the brinksmanship.
It would make sense if he can actually do something about the dictator in North Korea, but the story now is waiting on a possible preemptive strike.
Now there's another angle to this that they're not talking about.
Alex Jones actually did briefly mention this, but it has for the most part gone unmentioned.
Daily presidential tracking poll.
This is something that amazes me, but throughout history, when a president is low in the polls,
They bomb.
I don't mean they're bombing in the polls.
I mean they literally drop a bomb.
Trump was struggling in the polls.
Airstrikes in Syria.
Bomb in Afghanistan.
Polls are going up!
Is this a polling strategy?
Is Trump bombing for a higher rating?
Again, this is something that's been done throughout history.
This is something that's happened in real time now with Trump.
Was that part of the agenda?
Was that part of his 40 chess?
I don't know, but we have to look at the facts here, and we have to recognize that that's something that is very, very possible.
Let's move on to a new story.
Developing today, Republicans want Sessions to take a fresh look at Lois Lerner.
See, they're not buying the Obama Justice Department's investigation into Lois Lerner.
And Representatives Kevin Brady of Texas and Peter Roskam of Illinois, they're requesting that Jeff Sessions take a new look.
At the case for prosecuting Lerner.
Of course, you know, this is like requesting, I guess when Comey gets out, the next director of the FBI to have a new look at the investigation in Hillary Clinton because we know Hillary Clinton is guilty!
We know that Lois Lerner, with the Shugar look-alike haircut from No Country for Old Men, is guilty!
We've got the evidence in the eye of public opinion with the evidence that we've seen.
They would say that she's guilty, but here we go.
They want to take a fresh look into Lois Lerner.
Now, here's Lois Lerner's response.
Lois Lerner demands secrecy, blames death threats over IRST party targeting.
Of course you would want secrecy, wouldn't you, Lois Lerner?
You wish that everything you did was in secret so that you couldn't have been caught breaking the law, using the IRS for your own political agendas.
Or, I don't know, maybe not your political agendas.
Maybe it was Obama's political agendas.
Who knows?
Maybe it was Obama's handlers' political agendas.
But we caught you red-handed.
Showing clear favoritism to liberal or left-leaning tax-exempt organizations while ignoring conservative tax-exempt organizations.
But you're wanting secrecy and citing death threats.
Give me a break, Lois Lerner.
You want secrecy because you know that you're guilty and you don't want this to get out into the public.
You want to squash this.
But here's the story that they won't talk about.
Could this set a precedent?
Where you go back and you start to reinvestigate anything from a previous administration that you don't trust.
Is this a precedent that the American people want to get behind?
Or is this a dangerous precedent that could just open all types of investigations into anything and everything of all time?
Maybe that's something we need.
I don't know.
I'd like another investigation in 9-11.
I'd like another investigation into the Kennedy assassination.
Does the Lois Lerner opening or Jeff Sessions opening a new investigation in Lois Lerner set a precedent for all new Attorney Generals or for all new administrations to say hey look there was some serious corruption here.
The current administration or Justice Department or whatever powers that be
Look the other way, we need to make another investigation into this because something is afoot.
And I think that the potential of another investigation into Lois Lerner has her shaking in her little pumps, probably paid for by the tax dollar, that she might be, well, caught red-handed.
But this time, actually have to face some justice.
Now, this goes on.
Kind of the same story with Susan Rice.
Trump has said that Susan Rice most likely committed a crime for the unmasking.
Now it's been funny what's been going on with Susan Rice.
I think that she's shaking in her space boots as well because first she didn't know anything.
She didn't know nothing.
She's never heard of anything.
Then it was commonplace.
Of course I got it.
I do this all the time.
But and then of course you had other media outlets kind of going through the timeline of events which basically means that it was Susan Rice that did the unmasking.
Regardless, again, Jeff Sessions, perhaps coming after these Democrats that have been colluding and breaking the law and then getting away scout-free under the Obama administration and James Comey, it goes on, confirmed IRS targeted patriot groups under Obama.
So again, this is indicting Lois Lerner.
Of course it was confirmed, folks.
We already knew this.
Are you surprised that James Comey didn't
Want to indict Lois Lerner?
Didn't want to indict Hillary Clinton?
Who would be surprised by that?
But this is under the Obama administration.
Illegal targeting.
Using the IRS as a enforcement wing of your political agenda, folks.
That should scare all Americans.
This is actually one of the biggest stories, if you think about it.
Using the IRS to target political groups, folks.
That is Orwellian to a T. And this went on during the Obama administration.
Which makes me think.
Where has Barack Obama been?
Barack Obama has been on a deserted island.
You know what's convenient about that deserted island that Barack Obama has been on?
He can't get extradited for crimes!
Now, they're saying, they're saying, of course, he's gonna come back to America.
That's what they're saying.
But he's been on that island laying low for some time.
You haven't heard much from him, have you?
Well, we'll get to that in a second.
But again, could Obama be avoiding the law?
Could Obama be hiding out on an island to avoid extradition?
To avoid prosecution?
Could Trump be waiting for him to return?
I don't know.
I'm trying to get to the other side of this story.
But you have to admit,
With everything that's come out with Susan Rice, with the Obama administration wiretapping, and now with Lois Lerner, the fact that Obama is still laying low, staying silent on a deserted island, has to spark some questions.
I thought Obama was in this for the long haul.
I thought Obama was going to do everything to stop Trump.
But he's hiding out on an island now?
Could he be avoiding the law?
Could he be avoiding justice?
Could he be avoiding extradition?
An interesting story.
Wait a second.
We are hearing from Obama now.
I'm sorry.
Obama does have something to say.
The Pittsburgh Steelers, a football team, had their owner die.
Now Obama has something to say!
For the first time in weeks, I'm hearing from Barack Obama.
Obama praises Dan Rooney as a model citizen and a good man.
This is today from Barack Obama.
So Obama's ignoring everything that's going on politically, all the controversy that's coming from his administration.
He's laying low on an island to write his memoirs, is what he's saying.
But he surfaces to talk about football.
Shocking, Obama.
Nothing to say on Susan Rice.
Nothing to say on Lois Lerner.
Nothing to say on the airstrikes in Syria, the bombing in Afghanistan.
But you've got something to say about football.
Strange how that works.
There's your president, there's your past president, folks, Barack Obama, hiding away on an island from all of his past troubles, only to comment on football news.
Now here's one for the record books, folks.
Joe Scarborough says that Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity are on Putin's side.
The leftist liberal nuts cannot get over their Russia claims, even though it is so absurd, zero evidence, and now Trump and Putin are feuding, possibly over World War III!
But they still can't get over this Russia thing!
This is what Joe Scarborough said.
Vladimir Putin has learned the same thing about Donald Trump that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton did.
He's unpredictable.
No, Joe.
When are you going to learn, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, myself, Alex Jones, we aren't Russian agents, bro!
We beat you in the elections fair and square!
You just can't come to grips with that!
You can't come to grips with the fact that you told everybody and their moms that Hillary was going to win by a landslide, and then she lost!
Even though she tried to cheat from every angle, she's still lost!
Even colluding with your own news organization!
So I got news for you, Joe Scarborough.
Read a headline.
Even Rex Tillerson just said, Russia and U.S.
relations aren't strong right now.
You're still such a clown that you can't get over your Russia claims.
You can't get over you lost the election.
You can't get over your Russian claims.
So you're looking under every rock to try to find some reason or some way that Trump and Putin are colluding.
So now you're just saying, well, Putin put Trump in office, but now Putin's learned that Trump is unpredictable.
Joe Scarborough will never learn.
This man is an absolute... He's a fake news anchor.
That's what he comes down to.
Now, here's the new thing.
This comes from The Sun.
Some of the times, The Sun seems to be good.
Other times, they have stuff like this, which just makes you scratch your head.
Sick trolls claim Syria gas massacre was a deep state false flag operation designed to trick Donald Trump into war with Syria.
Yeah, and then we have all kind of evidence for that.
They try to...
Hate on Paul Joseph Watson in this article when look folks, here's the deal.
All we're doing is pointing out facts.
It couldn't have been sarin gas.
Why would Assad gas his own people?
And this just so happens months after McCain is there, just like in 2013.
What about all the actors, all the fake videos we saw?
So, again, this is not sick trolls claiming that Syria gas massacre was a deep state false flag.
This is real Americans, real patriots, trying to get down to the truth because we know we can't rely on fake news to do it, and we just use facts
We'll be right back.
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Well, Donald Trump has had a lot of blowback from his foreign policy.
It seems to be perhaps even slipping out of his hands.
However, let's not ignore some of the domestic policies and some of the promises that he has fulfilled, despite all of the clouded blowback that we've seen through his foreign policy.
Let's start in Michigan.
Lansing, Michigan rescinds sanctuary status after criticism from businesses.
So, we all heard about the sanctuary cities when Donald Trump announced his new measure to curb illegal immigration.
Of course, we saw many cities decide that they were going to be sanctuary cities.
They were going to house non-citizens.
This was immediately reflected by
Sessions saying, OK, well, then we're going to cut your funding.
Now these cities are hosting meetings.
And guess what?
The citizens and business owners in those towns are saying, we're not going to fall for this.
East Lansing or just excuse me, Lansing, Michigan, becomes the first city to officially resent its sanctuary status.
I think that this will be the first in a line of cities to do so.
They voted on Wednesday to rescind this decision and as you can see there, council members voted 5-2 to rescind it last week and
That just shows you that this is not popular, folks.
So I think that this is something that we're going to see coming down the line here.
But we'll see what the liberal cities want to do, even if the people, the citizens of the country, don't want that status.
It seems to be the non-citizens that want that status.
We'll see where that leadership decides to give the favor.
Now Breitbart is reporting Trump is deporting 4,000 Somali migrants.
Now think about this.
Now exactly
Where are the terrorists coming from?
Now, maybe not Somali.
Obviously, people coming from Somali might have different issues.
But think about this, folks.
Especially considering what we've done in Syria lately, and of course Afghanistan as well, don't you think we might want to stop people from coming here now?
I know that the bombings during the Obama administration were completely ignored, but they did happen.
And to just let anybody come over here is a very dangerous idea at this point, especially considering we are still bombing countries overseas where we're taking refugees that are victims of our bombing.
It is an equation that leads to disaster and Trump sees that and we're already seeing people getting deported as well as illegal immigrant apprehensions going up and people crossing the border going down.
So this is where Trump is winning domestically.
Secretary of State Chris Kobach announces first conviction of non-citizen voting in Kansas.
Folks, you've heard the reports.
Dead people voting, non-citizens voting.
We've got all kinds of documented voter fraud, but seemingly hardly any action.
Except against ACORN, have you heard any action on illegal votes being cast?
I haven't until today, reported by the Kansas City Star.
And Secretary of State Chris Kobach, who's announcing the conviction.
This is another good sign domestically, folks.
Now people will see, if you're going to vote illegally in this country, you are going to have to face the law.
And that's how it should be.
If you're going to cross the border illegally, or if you're going to try to vote in this country illegally, we have laws, and guess what?
We hold our citizens to those standards, so why wouldn't we hold non-citizens to at least the same standards?
So there you go.
You vote illegally, you're going to be convicted.
This is from the Daily Caller.
We're not just going to close all those power plants because Obama had an agenda to end coal.
We're not just going to close all those power plants because Obama said he would.
No, we're going to let the American coal miners go back to work, and Trump is already forcing the EPA to move on some of those standards set.
Now, this is one that has been highly scrutinized by the left, and it's funny how they like to spin this.
President Trump signs law to let states defund Planned Parenthood.
So what does the left say about this?
Oh, you know, Donald Trump signs the most anti-woman legislation yet!
Hmm, it's funny how the left just doesn't understand how reality works.
It's funny how liberals just don't get it, do they?
Donald Trump did nothing except state a matter of fact that is already in law that guess what?
States have the right already to make that decision.
States' rights already exist.
All Donald Trump did was reaffirm the fact that states' rights already exist.
But the left twists it and says,
This is the most anti-woman legislation yet.
Donald Trump is taking money away from women that need it.
Donald Trump didn't take any money from anybody.
No money was even changed hands with the signing of this law.
All Donald Trump did was affirm that states have rights to defund Planned Parenthood.
But why does the left freak out?
Because the left knows that government funding Planned Parenthood is illegal!
That's why the left freaks out, folks, because they know it's illegal, they know that Trump is finally calling it out, and they know that they're not going to get their taxpayer-funded abortions anymore.
So thank you, Donald Trump, and thank you to the left for showing you have no idea how the law works.
Thank you very much.
Now, Trump is winning with NATO, even though we're upset with the flip-flopping he's done on NATO.
You have to give him credit here.
NATO chief, allied spending up $10 billion because of Trump.
Now we remember what Trump said when he was on the campaign.
He said that, guess what, other people need to foot the NATO bill.
It's time for the United States to stop footing the bill for NATO and to look elsewhere to say, hey, why don't you pull your weight around here?
And Donald Trump used to say NATO is obsolete.
Now he comes out and says it's not obsolete anymore.
I wonder if this has anything to do with that about it because NATO is no longer relying on the United States dollar to pull all of its funding, getting billions now more from other nations that are within NATO aside from the United States.
So that's another way that Trump is going to save us money and come through on what he was saying.
This is shocking though.
Merkel finally confesses there is no doubt some asylum seekers are terrorists.
Folks, this rhetoric would not exist if Donald Trump was not the President of the United States.
Yeah, look at that embarrassment.
She has to admit it now because it's so real.
Trump has been so spot-on with his foreign policies as far as the border is concerned.
And the whole world has seen what liberal open borders has done to Europe.
So Merkel finally has to admit it.
Even though we all already knew, yes, no doubt, some asylum seekers are terrorists.
Amazingly though, even though she says that, there you go folks, she still says, no limit!
That's actually an old story, but she hasn't taken this back.
This has been the same message coming from Merkel.
No limit.
Even though today she says, no doubt some are terrorists, have not changed the line from no limit on the amount of refugees we will take in.
But again, has to admit it now, I think that that rhetoric comes straight out of the non-PC president in the United States.
Now this is interesting.
US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan after Green Beret killed.
So what this means to me essentially is that Donald Trump heard about the Green Beret that was killed and you know what?
He wanted to do something about it.
He wasn't just gonna have a soft policy where you hear about a Green Beret getting killed and then you do nothing.
He wasn't gonna have a soft policy where you hear about a chemical attack whether you believe it was real or not and just do nothing like seemingly the Obama administration did.
He said, you know what?
A Green Beret got killed.
These ISIS terrorists are running amok.
We're finally going to respond.
And so what does he do?
He drops a huge bomb on ISIS.
Now this is the big one to me.
Brazil's political class is in crisis as over 100 are investigated for corruption.
To me, this is where Trump is failing us domestically, folks.
And he's still got plenty of time, so I'm not saying that he's failed us entirely on this.
He's got time to do it.
But this is what we need, okay?
If they can do it in Brazil, if Brazil can have the Yava Jato, why can't we have our Drain the Swamp?
We've got hundreds of politicians.
The richest man in Brazil just got indicted for crimes.
Donald, it's time for you to bring this to America.
We want this in the United States.
We elected you to Drain the Swamp.
We're witnessing this happen in Brazil right now.
Why is it happening here?
And you know what?
I understand that you want to pit Comey as the reason why Hillary Clinton still walks free, but guess what?
President Trump.
That's right.
President Trump.
You have the power to do something about this.
Why aren't you doing it?
We want to see Hillary Clinton locked up.
That will set an example for the rest of the crooked politicians.
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Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
I'm here with a guest that is going to remain anonymous because they're going to show us deep inside the dark net, the dark web, where child pedophilia, pornography is shown, where sex trafficking goes on, drug trafficking, illegal gun sales goes on, identity theft, and so on and so forth.
Now, I just wanted to ask you, what all have you seen and can you describe some of what you've seen on the dark net?
On the dark net you have access to anything.
It's basically an uncensored internet when it comes to being able to buy and sell anything you can imagine.
Now I want to get more onto the child exploitation aspect of this.
I know it's a very gruesome topic.
It's pretty disturbing.
But I don't want you to hold back.
I really want you to just tell us what exactly is going on on the dark web regarding this child pornography and pedophilia industry.
Well, you named it just right.
It is an industry.
It is a billion dollar industry to trade in child pornography.
One of the biggest problems with the child pornography industry is that in order to get in, you typically have to either spend a lot of money or create your own.
And they go out seeking victims in order to gain access to more child pornography.
And then they trade it amongst each other.
And they trade it much like you would trade something simple like a baseball card.
They actually trade it as as easily as that.
So what type of money are they using for these transactions?
They're using digital currency, which is Bitcoin.
And Bitcoin is you can buy it on any street corner.
You can buy it even with their credit card online.
And they even have agencies that do what they call Bitcoin washing.
Which is where if you buy it online, you can then take it through a process and then it anonymizes it again.
What type of stories have you heard from people that have seen some of these child porn websites?
Because I know that you yourself aren't going to look at that stuff.
You don't want us to see it.
I don't want to see it myself personally.
But what have you heard from people?
What are some stories that you can kind of tell us about?
The child pornography industries and going into the human trafficking industries,
Are just like forums where you would go and buy drugs, which we will see.
And they are very similar, as in you can see here's what you're going to buy and here's how much you pay for it.
And it's just like a product.
The child is a product.
The girl is a product.
The boy is a product.
And they are bought and sold as if they are products, just like any other store.
Only they're humans.
We spoke with one other group that helped recover children, the Children of the Night group, and they were saying that it tends to be gangs that are trafficking some of these young girls.
Do you know that to be true?
That it's usually gang related?
Or what do you think?
Do you think that these are different situations with what you're seeing online with children being trafficked?
Are those more like elite organizations that are putting this stuff on?
It's kind of a mixture of both.
Gangs are usually financed by organizations, and whether it's a mafia-type organization or a gang organization, they are always being financed and helped by other, more elite places.
And in many cases, they are actually servicing those elite places.
The Lolita Express is an example of someone who
goes into a modeling agency and pulls these girls out and uses them for sex.
There are plenty of organizations that are in the elite that are trafficking children and they are actively trafficking right now as we speak.
And those organizations are based in places like Hollywood, places that are surrounding modeling agencies, places where people are
Bought as a service, as a tool.
If you were to go to an expo or a show where girls are used as booth babes.
Booth babes, okay.
Booth babes are purchased for that weekend.
And it's simply a graduation from booth babe to someone who's flying to another country and being served and used as that person in that other country.
And when they get to that other country, they lose all of the ability to get out.
Have you heard of any people being busted for content that they've posted on the dark web involving children being sexually exploited?
There have been several instances, but one of the biggest instances is that when the FBI ran the most successful child pornography website on the world.
And they ran it for three months.
I don't know if you know about that.
I did not know about that.
So the FBI was running it?
Because they essentially hacked into it, arrested the people who were running it, and then ran it themselves in order to try and catch the people who were using it.
They arrested several hundred people.
It was a major international arrest where they arrested people in all countries around the world.
And that was when they started to prove they had the ability to get into some of these darknet sites.
And the CIA tools bypass the darknet so that it doesn't matter if you try to hide.
They'll still see it.
And so tools like that are making it so that the darknet is harder to hide in.
So theoretically, if somebody bought and stole someone's identity, how hard would it be to just use that person's identity to then watch child porn, for example?
It would take you less than a day in order to buy and then use something for something like that.
Wow, so it's going to be really hard to catch these people then when they have all these tricks up their sleeve.
It's going to be really hard to catch them and it's going to be harder for people to justify why things are on their credit cards and why things are being purchased under their name.
So somebody might actually get locked up in prison for something that they didn't do?
Alright, well let's go ahead and check this out.
Let's see it.
This is the hidden wiki.
Once you get onto the darknet, the first place you're going to go is to the hidden wiki.
So their web addresses are encrypted?
Their web addresses are encrypted, which was one of the reasons why it makes it harder to find them.
Pretty crazy.
And you were saying on this list here they do include the child sex trafficking and the pedophile sites?
That's down in what they call the erotic section.
And the name they call it, and the name you'll see on the darknet, is hard candy.
So I see that.
It says erotic 18 and up and then it says erotic hard candy.
What does hard candy stand for?
Hard candy are children that are under 18.
Typically hard candy is much much younger children than 18.
So anywhere from
14 is the preference.
And then you'll notice there's another category under that which is jailbait.
Jailbait is 16 to 18 typically.
16 to 18 is jailbait.
Okay, which I only see one link there so it seems like actually even the 18 and up is not even as popular as the hard candy because there's way more links under hard candy.
So they have cams just as you would a cam girl has a cam.
So cam girls are girls that go online and they
They do live shows for men and they perform sexual acts.
So they have cams with children on them instead of adults?
Essentially with these children that are on these cam shows... There's usually an adult involved that's doing it with them to make it so that that happens.
Part of it is being coerced and controlled and forced into that situation.
How much do people usually pay for this?
Like, I'm sure these videos aren't free, right?
How much are people paying to watch these child porn videos?
Anywhere between $50,000 to tens of thousands of dollars.
This is a large industry, and because each act and each thing that they're paying for, it has the higher the risk, the higher the cost.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
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I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
I don't care.
I don't care.
They've gotta be stopped.
Yet another show of U.S.
military strength as the Massive Ordnance Air Blast, a.k.a.
Mother of All Bombs, or MOAB, was unleashed for the first time on the caves of ISIS in Afghanistan.
MOAB, short for Massive Ordnance Air Burst, quickly became known as the Mother of All Bombs.
This massive weapon creates a blast radius stretching a mile in each direction.
Russia lays claim to the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world.
Business Insider writes, the so-called father of all bombs, FOAB, is thought to be about four times as big as the MOAB.
It's a thermobaric bomb with a destruction radius of nearly 1,000 feet and a blast yield of nearly 44 tons of TNT.
Thermobaric weapons differ from conventional bombs in that they combine with atmospheric oxygen to greatly extend the blast radius.
Meanwhile, as a result of the initial Tomahawk missile strike on a Syrian airbase near Homs on the morning of April 6th, talks between Russia and the U.S.
appear to be in an uphill battle.
Babies dying, fathers holding children in their arms that were dead, dead children.
There can't be a worse site, and it shouldn't be allowed.
That's a butcher.
That's a butcher.
So I felt we had to do something about it.
I have absolutely no doubt we did the right thing.
So you think it's a fabrication?
100% for us it's fabrication.
We don't have arsenal.
We're not going to use it.
And you have many indications if you don't have proof because no one has concrete information or evidence.
I express the view that the current state of US-Russia relations is at a low point.
There is a low level of trust between our two countries.
The world's two foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship.
Eager to prove to the world that they have big bombs too, North Korea is reportedly ready to ratchet up its kiloton output for its sixth nuclear test to its own possible detriment.
However, International Business Times writes, while North Korea nuclear tests did not trigger an earthquake, they do have the potential to make a volcano erupt.
Sitting about 120 kilometers from where the test was carried out, Mount Paektu is an active volcano that last erupted in 1903.
It was responsible for one of the largest and most violent eruptions in the last 5,000 years, the Millennium Eruption of 946 AD.
A team of scientists from Yonsei University warned strong ground motions from explosions could disturb the magma chamber of the volcano.
Their findings showed explosions with magnitudes of between 5 and 7.6 could cause overpressure in the magma chamber, triggering an eruption.
North Korea's last nuclear test was estimated to have been in the six kiloton range.
Anything could happen if the threats to detonate sometime during the North Korean Day of the Sun celebration are realized.
However, China is now publicly displaying their arsenal urging North Korea to end its race toward nuclear chaos.
Where this all leads is anybody's guess.
Crises there will continue to be.
In meeting them,
Whether foreign or domestic, great or small, there is a recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly action could become the miraculous solution to all current difficulties.
But without a doubt, former President Eisenhower's warning of the dreaded military-industrial complex has passed the point of merely showing its teeth.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
Well, the torture of women and children by ISIS is no secret and it's being reported worldwide.
But it is also being talked about just the religion of Islam and how it treats women.
And there's a lot of debate about this.
Now, let's go to Maxine Waters.
Now, this is a liberal nutbag.
Go ahead and roll that video, guys.
This is a woman who is speaking about Islamic and America relations right now.
Let's go ahead and go to this nutbag, Maxine Waters.
This is from Orange County.
She's meeting with the Islamic Society, wanting to improve relations.
So-called, so-called Muslim radicalization, so-called.
Yes, we're exploiting fear by reporting on what is going on with radical Islam.
That's us exploiting fear according to Maxine Waters.
And she's in this video in front of this crowd talking about Sharia law.
So she's here literally standing up for Sharia law.
Okay, that's enough of Maxine Waters.
We get the point from James Brower.
Excuse me, Maxine Waters, the big mouth Lib Bass.
Now, here's another video from actual Muslim women talking about the appropriate way for their men to discipline them.
Let's go to this one.
I would like to talk about the actual measures.
What are those actual disciplinary measures before I go into detail.
Oh, the actual disciplinary measures via Sharia law and how men can discipline their women.
Is that what you want Maxine Waters?
Is that what you want Orange County, California?
Is that what the liberals want?
Leave them alone in bed?
People think it's a joke.
Yeah, just you can you can hit them if they are abandoned you.
Yes, it's okay to hit your woman.
Let's listen to these two women.
Go ahead.
And if it doesn't, then the other measures which he can use as husband can, you know, refuse to share the bed with her.
You don't need Sharia law if the woman says you're not sleeping in the bed, you're in trouble!
But if you're in the Muslim religion, well the man will just decide if the woman doesn't get to be in the bed with you and he'll beat her too.
And they're just talking about the Quran right now and how you're supposed to appropriately discipline your woman.
This is Sharia law that Maxine Waters stands up for.
And the funny thing, I don't understand these women.
They're sitting here in the hijab talking about how it's okay for their men to discipline them.
I mean, they've been fully indoctrinated.
I don't want the women of the West like this.
So you shouldn't be causing pain when you're disciplining your woman.
I mean, you should just be hitting her nicely.
Atta said, I said to Ibn Abbas, what is the kind of hitting that is not harsh?
He said, hitting with a siwak and the like.
A siwak?
Yeah, actually I've got a siwak, you know, because I wanted to show... Oh, she's going to show us!
Oh, there it is, a nice little stick.
It's a small stick, you know, used for cleaning the teeth.
May I have the honor?
This is so ridiculous!
And you know, Shafi jurists, he said, a coiled scarf.
This is absurd!
You know, that's another narration, and you know,
No, I mean, look, I mean, this is fine.
Oh, or they can do this.
Here's another one.
They'll just get a little wad of paper and just give you a little... Go ahead, no, show her how it's done.
Come on.
It's just a little discipline.
I'm just going to whip you with this little stick.
I mean, seriously, this is just absurd, to be honest with you.
And here's the thing.
These two women are probably very nice women.
Who knows?
They might even be in great relationships with their husband.
They're probably not radical Islam.
But here they are talking about how they're indoctrinated into this religion and they actually practice a religion that preaches allowing husbands to beat their wives.
They even have a predetermined stick to use!
Alright guys, go ahead and pull us back from this.
So, look, my point is, I'm not even sitting here to try to demonize radical Muslims or get into this side or the other.
Why is the left allying itself with the Muslim faith?
You have to ask yourself.
This is the left that claims to be liberal.
This is the left that claims to stick up for women's rights.
Maxine Waters is out here standing up for the Sharia law while these two women are explaining how Sharia law allows you to hit your wife.
That does it for the nightly news, folks.
Tune back in tomorrow, 7 p.m.
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