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Name: 20170411_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 11, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Tuesday, April 11th, 2017.
I'm Liane McAdoo and here is what's coming up tonight.
Welcome to Planet Flip-Flop.
We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks.
Donald Trump's campaign promise was Americanism, not globalism.
But his administration is now calling for a regime change in Syria after John McCain's Syrian rebels launched a false flag chemical attack by direct order of the military-industrial complex.
Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin says there will be more false flag terror attacks blamed on Assad.
And the Russian government says any more military intervention by the U.S.
in Syria will be unacceptable.
All that plus much more up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis held a press conference today to reassure everyone about the strike in Syria and to let everyone know, look guys, you know, the tensions between the U.S.
and Russia over Syria are not going to spiral out of control.
Man, where have we heard this before?
I feel as though this is Colin Powell going before everyone saying, we must strike, we must do something here.
I've got this vial of anthrax.
But I promise you this will not get out of control.
What do you think is going to happen?
With regime change, with Assad, we've seen it again and again.
It's going to create a power vacuum and then the U.S.
is going to have to be fighting not only against Iran and Turkey and ISIS, but possibly Russia as well.
We've got warships now pointed right at North Korea.
You know what, Mattis?
I think things have already begun to spiral out of control.
Let's take a listen to President-elect Trump.
Now this is President Trump
He had already been elected, okay?
But it was just before the inauguration.
Let's take a listen to his ideology then.
We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past.
We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks.
Remember $6 trillion, $6 trillion in the Middle East.
Six trillion.
Our goal is stability, not chaos.
Because we want to rebuild our country.
It's time.
It's time.
Absolutely, and that is the president that I voted for.
What happened to that guy?
I didn't vote for Rex Tillerson, as Michael Savage pointed out today on the Alex Jones Show.
We didn't see his name on the ballot.
Mr. Rex Tillerson, who says, it is clear that Bashar al-Assad must go.
He's now speaking in Italy.
Before he's on his way to Moscow, hopefully to meet with Vladimir Putin.
We'll see how that turns out.
But he's saying Russia should rethink its decision to ally with countries like Syria and Iran.
So we don't know, is this just a lot of posturing here?
Letting Russia know that they're going to strike and they're going to strike fast.
They're not dealing with the Obama administration.
This is a different type of ideology than what the American people voted for.
We wanted the president that said we were going to stay out of the Middle East and stop the regime change and learn the mistakes of the past.
Now it sounds as if he's talking about regime change but he's very careful with the wording here and he says it's very clear to all of us that the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end but the question of how that ends and the transition itself could be very important in our view to the durability and the stability
Inside a unified Syria, so kind of saying look we see what happened with Libya We see what happened with Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran and all these other places We've got to learn the lessons of the past and learn the lessons of what went wrong When you choose the pathway of regime change So he's very careful here to say that the that the policy that the US the US's policy on Syria regarding regime change Hasn't changed.
They're still not going to do that.
They're gonna just align with those campaign promises that Trump made
So how are they going to do it?
What's their plan?
And so, in a very non-reassuring way, we have Kellyanne Conway coming out and speaking to the press, and they're pressing her on what the plans of the President might be then in Syria.
This is one of those situations, Kellyanne, where the White House, under Donald Trump as President, is reluctant to show the bad guys all the cards.
It's something else that President Trump has always been made very clear, and that's absolutely what's going on here.
He, as our Press Secretary Sean Spicer said yesterday in his briefing, the President will continue to hold those cards close to his vest, and he should be doing that.
This is in the interest of our nation for the Commander-in-Chief and the President and his national security team to take action privately.
It is not in our national interest for the president and his security team to take action privately.
That is what is so frightening here, people.
You have to have authorization to go to war.
The founders were very clear about that.
Actually, Patrick Henry said
The liberties of a people never were nor ever will be secure when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.
Now obviously we don't need to know every single strategic move that that the president might take.
Of course that was one of his main complaints with the Obama administration is that they would always give the bad guys the heads up days and weeks in advance.
So I agree on that.
We don't need every single detail there.
But you need authorization
I think?
But here again, this airstrike in Syria could all have been because Ivanka Trump got the sads, okay?
Now this is according to her brother Eric Trump, who he said that he's very sure that his sister, Ivanka Trump, encouraged their father to carry out the strike against the Syrian president.
And a lot of people have been saying that.
She's a mother of three.
Of course she would care.
Well, you know what, Ivanka, what about these images?
Why wasn't anything done, you know, when you're seeing dead bodies in the street in Nice, France, or in Sweden, Stockholm, or Germany, any of the latest myriad of truck attacks, or in Egypt, where you have Christians being slaughtered on Palm Sunday, children dead in the streets there as well, and in their own churches.
Why were you not moved then?
That's because they went out of their way, the media, for whatever reason, goes out of their way to blur the images of these dead children because they don't want you to get all riled up over those bad guys, especially not when they're trying to encourage you to allow these refugees to flood into your country and have this open border policy.
No, we're going to blur out that atrocity because we don't want to get you riled up over those bad guys.
We only want to weaponize these images to get you riled up over these bad guys.
So, Ivanka, why don't you brush up on war propaganda and false flag history before you encourage your father to send more children off to their early demise based on war propaganda?
We all know about Pearl Harbor there and that debacle.
What about this recent headline?
Where the Pentagon actually paid for fake Al-Qaeda videos.
Okay, and that's coming out of the Daily Beast and Salon and other left-wing publications.
The Pentagon gave a controversial UK PR firm over half a billion dollars to run a top-secret propaganda program in Iraq.
This is according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
Okay, and this is just one instance.
We know there's all sorts of Wag the Dog going on.
It's been going on for decades.
And this is what they will do if they want a war, and they want to push a war, they are going to pump out certain types of propaganda.
Like the little Syrian boy who was inside of the ambulance there, and that people showed you, it was just a still photograph that made the rounds, but the actual video shows you the camera people setting up the shot to evoke the most passion
from the people so that people would say, yeah, let's go to war.
Let's go fight that war.
Who cares about all the kids in Yemen that are getting blown up in the streets by Saudi Arabian bombs?
And there are going to be more propaganda videos, folks.
So we have the White House laying out their evidence that Syria was behind this deadly chemical attack, regardless of the fact Susan Rice just months ago came out and said that they could verify that they gave up all their chemical weapons.
The Obama administration was able to do that.
But now all of a sudden they know that the Syrian regime has has plenty of chemical weapons, okay?
And so they're laying that out.
They say intelligence gathered from social media accounts.
Where have you heard that again?
The Obama administration was checking social media, open source videos, reporting imagery, and geospatial intelligence.
They say that was what showed them the chemical attack was a regime attack.
I don't think there's evidence to the contrary at all.
And on MSNBC yesterday, I saw them as well talking about there going to be more chemical attacks.
There's going to be more chemical attacks.
Bashar al-Assad has no reason to do it, but he's going to do it.
Now we've got Vladimir Putin actually coming out and saying that the U.S.
is preparing to bomb the Syrian capital and they're going to blame the devastation on Bashar al-Assad's forces.
He actually says there's going to be this false flag.
He says, we have information that a similar provocation is being prepared in other parts of Syria, including in the southern Damascus suburbs, where they are planning to again plant some substance and accuse the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons.
Now he doesn't provide any evidence of that.
He just says, my sources say that this is coming.
And so here again, we can't even now point out that this false flag stuff has gone on.
2013, perfect example.
They tried to drum up war, going to war in Syria in 2013, immediately without an independent investigation.
And then people said, whoa, wait a minute.
Give it some time.
Let's see what evidence surfaces here.
And then sure enough, a month or so later, it turns out that there's no way that it could have came from the Syrian regime and it was actually fired from rebel territory.
So that's the kind of stuff that we point out here at InfoWars.
But now we can't even say it because I will be a Putin stooge.
I am officially a Russian agent now that I agree with Vladimir Putin that there are false flags and that we can't just trust every single propaganda video that comes out.
I want to roll this B-roll while I'm talking of a perfect example of these propaganda videos and how easy they are to create.
This is a fake car bombing.
I believe this took place in Iraq.
And so you can see the guy setting up the bomb there and then he drives off and then the bomb goes off and then all of a sudden all these people move in from off camera and lay around on the ground as if they've just been attacked.
And then you have these white hat looking people rushing in to help them.
And so this is the type of stuff that we see over and over again.
We know Wag the Dog is real.
We know that people have it at their disposal to be able to create these propaganda videos.
And this is the type of stuff that they hope would go down the memory hole, even though we see it decade after decade.
This is
This is exactly what people have been calling Tulsi Gabbard, a Russian agent, because she dare would say we need to learn the lessons of the past.
She has a message for all these liberals attacking her, criticism of Trump's missile strike on Syria.
She says we need to learn from Iraq and Libya, wars that were propagated as necessary to relieve human suffering, but actually increased human suffering many times over.
People are calling for her to be
We're good to go.
Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean actually saying that.
So she responded to that criticism by saying,
And that is exactly what Michael Savage had to say, too, directly to President Trump when he made a surprise visit to the Alex Jones Show today.
He said, look at all the people who are suddenly supporting President Trump, and we want the president that we voted for.
He is listening to you, so speak directly to the president.
Go ahead.
Oh my God.
Well hello, President Trump.
You said I should live another 25 years when you put your arm around me at Mar-a-Lago.
I hope you mean it because I can use another 25 minutes the way I feel.
My feeling is this.
Tillerson is misleading you.
I have no idea why people don't see through that, man.
It seems to me that it's so plain that you don't have to be a genius to see what happened here.
What does Exxon Mobil gain if they cut Syria out of the gas lines that are running out of the Middle East to Europe?
What does Exxon Mobil gain by that, Alex?
That's the whole story in a nutshell.
It's another war for oil.
It's all over again.
It's the same thing as 1999.
Remember when Bill Clinton was mercilessly bombing the Serbian people?
For the Muslims.
I read an article in 1999, the oily tracks run through Kosovo.
It was a little-noticed article.
My heart was broken because Bill Clinton engaged in 78 of the worst days of my life until now, where Bill Clinton mercilessly bombed Serbia.
He blew up hospitals.
He blew up train stations.
He blew up every bridge on the Danube River for one reason, and that was to steal Kosovo from the Serbs.
But the stability of their families were against that insane act by Bill Clinton.
I have not changed my position.
It's the same exact thing.
We cannot let crazed businessmen who put their bottom line ahead of the survival of the planet, and I'm talking about Rex Tillerson, to rule this nation.
Did you vote for Rex Tillerson?
Was his name on the goddamn ballot?
Did you ever hear of that Cro-Magnon?
Who ever heard of that throwback?
Where did he come from?
Where the hell did that throwback come from?
That lowbrow.
Looks like he crawled out of a pit somewhere.
We can say all the things we want.
I did not elect him to the presidency.
I didn't kill myself for a year.
I have total faith in Donald Trump.
And I'll repeat right now what I said to him.
I would do anything for that man.
I have total faith in him.
But I don't understand how he cannot see through all the president's men.
They're misleading him.
They're taking him down a road he cannot come back from.
Absolutely, that's what my... If he loses you and he loses me, tell me what happens next.
They'll destroy him and he has to know that his base is upset, but let's expand on that.
The British ambassador, I want to ask you this question, to Sirius said, listen,
It's not that Assad's perfect.
We're on the side of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
They're celebrating this.
They're going to stage more stuff.
They got caught in 2013.
They got caught last year.
It's official.
They videotaped it.
These jihadis want to be rock stars.
They videotaped launching the chemical attacks.
It wasn't sarin.
It was chlorine gas because the doctors are taking care of them without gloves.
And Putin has come out and said it's a false flag.
And he says more is planned.
And that's what the British ambassador and Putin, who are smart, are saying is
We don't want war.
We want to de-escalate this.
What are you going to do now, Trump, when the jihadis stage more stuff, this time in Aleppo or in the suburbs of Damascus, and then the right-wing, left-wing neocons, whatever you want to call them, rhinos, the warmongers like McCain and Graham, say, President, you've got to do something.
They have painted him into a corner.
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Yeah, they work for me too.
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But the bone broth and the joint formula, like you just said, you combine those two, I felt the difference immediately.
I felt it immediately.
Yeah, and it actually tastes good.
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So, I mean, if the bone broth...
Bone broth!
If the bone broth is really that gross, I mean, I would never have known because it tastes really good.
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No fear, nothing, so...
Well, that's a big primary part about, you know, fighting the globalists is making sure that we stay healthy and stay clear-eyed and stay honest and stay humble.
I hope that we do that here at InfoWars.
We got a lot going on and we're in the middle of the fight, so we really appreciate it when anybody supports us, either by purchasing our products or you can even go on to our store and donate.
We're doing this by the skin of our teeth.
I know it looks like we're in a billion-dollar studio, but Alex has never taken one cent of
I borrowed money at all whatsoever.
This is all money that's come from you listeners.
So you've literally built this place, you know, built this place with your compassion and built this place with the support that you've sent us.
So from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate it because I know we wouldn't be able to do this.
We wouldn't have a voice if it wasn't for you.
So once again, we've got to thank the listeners for their steadfastness in supporting us.
Even when we make mistakes and even when we're not right and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us and I appreciate that.
Well, we know there is a massive cover-up of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation going on in this country.
There are headlines every single day that you never hear about, even if you do hear about this latest prostitution bust-up in California, where they were able to capture hundreds of pimps and rescue children.
You only hear about that for about a day and then it goes to the wayside.
Millie Weaver joins me now.
You actually just spent about a week in California where you were doing some investigation into that particular story I talked about as well as others.
I know you're going to be premiering one of those interviews here coming up in the next segment.
So stick around for that.
But I really just wanted to take this opportunity to kind of look at some of those stories that we don't hear about.
Perfect example today.
I mean, this is this is something
You just never hear about or never would have thought.
Apparently now sexual molestation of innocent children is a new way to get initiated into a gang.
So this is a suspected gangster disciples member.
So, perfect example of the type of abuse you don't really hear about in the seedy underworld, but I know Millie, you just really
Kind of got introduced to a lot of that dark side this past week.
Yes, well, you know, we went out and investigated in California, which many people don't know that California actually has the most cases of reported child sex trafficking out of any other state.
So it is the breeding ground.
I mean, it's pretty bad.
We heard of that recent case where the 474
People were arrested in California for human trafficking 28 children were rescued I mean, it's it's pretty bad when this many adults are all engaging in this type of behavior It's really gruesome and with the with the advent of the internet There's such an easier way for people to film themselves doing things with innocent children or people they need money for drugs and so they
I mean, they go beyond the scope of reason there because the drugs take over.
People hear about those kind of stories, you know, but you were really
You kind of were schooled a little bit on how it's the flavor of the elites that go for these super young kids.
So those are the things we don't really hear about.
That's right.
You know, from what I heard from Dr. Lois Lee, who is the founder of Children of the Night, she actually kind of explained to me how the child sex trafficking aspect, it's very risky.
The punishments are pretty bad.
And so it's just it's not something that your average
Pimp necessarily wants to get into or trafficker wants to get into.
But it seems to be that the sex trafficking with children seems to be something of a delicacy amongst the elite.
So the people who could afford to pay off the police chief or who knows how to keep things silent or their kind of
In a position where they're not going to have to face the same charges as your average person.
Perfect example is billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
The man... You can pay people enough to tell them it's okay that you're an underage girl coming here.
That's right, you know.
And you know, this man's friends to princes, an American president, celebrities.
We know the Clintons, we know Stephen Hawking.
I mean, he's got a
Pretty interesting repertoire of people he associates with and he has that pedophile island.
People speculate that it's a pedophile island that he has that he takes people to.
Or he keeps underage sex slaves.
Girls have spoken out about it and isn't he actually now in prison or did he get out?
Well you know what happened was he was convicted of only one count of soliciting prostitution from a minor and that's just the type of thing you see with these people who hold these positions in society where they have so much influence that they can get things severely reduced.
So he really got off pretty good.
It was also pretty interesting because there was a case that
That actually was six years old.
It was a lawsuit filed by a Jane Doe that alleged that he had actually set up these hidden cameras inside one of his mansions and had brought, you know, you know, politicians or influential members of society there to, you know, film them.
The honey traps.
You can blackmail them.
Film them engaging in orgies and sexism.
That's what Mike Cernovich broke on the Alex Jones Show last week.
That's right.
So, I mean, it's pretty amazing to see that the elite, they can afford to engage in this type of behavior.
They can afford those risks.
And I'm pretty sure you might have saw the Dr. Phil interview, but Dr. Phil actually had a guest on and it was pretty amazing.
According to Dr. Phil, the victim had, you know, was
The victim had reliable sources who were able to collaborate with what she said, and Dr. Phil's people were able to say, OK, yeah, this person is not crazy.
This person is actually saying this.
And now she's in her mid-20s, but she's speaking out about something that happened to her when she was underage.
Getting flown around on private jets.
Um, yeah, it's just human trafficking of sex slaves among the elite.
See, that's, I think, very interesting because Dr. Phil, you know, he hasn't been taken off the air and he dares speak out about this, but go on.
Yeah, I mean, he hasn't, but I'm pretty sure that it was in another country that one country actually cut his broadcasting after that.
But as far as in the United States, he still is on the air.
I mean, I've just got so many different stories here of sex trafficking busts, and it's pretty overwhelming.
Here's another one.
Hollywood, perfect example, yeah.
Yeah, this is an interesting one here.
This article talks about how Alec Baldwin allegedly engaged in these sex scenes with a co-star that was underage.
This was with Nikki Reed.
And, you know, he tried to allege that he didn't know she was underage at the time, but his producers are claiming that's not true.
Oh, I'm sure he would have demanded a different actress.
Well, I mean, okay, this is, the name of the movie was called, uh, Minnie's First Time.
Okay, I think that would kind of make me want to ask, hey, you look pretty young, let me see your ID.
That's, that's that simple, and
You know, that's more along the lines of what people should do.
If you think somebody's young, ask to see their ID.
Well, and this is the type of stuff that they pump out of Hollywood is this type of that it's OK to engage in these sexual relationships with underage people.
We see it.
You know, who's Woody Allen?
Perfect example of a director that kind of puts that
That vibe out in his movies a lot because that's his subconscious coming out in his directing but of course Alec Baldwin is the one who is really being a President Trump on Saturday Night Live and pushing back against all of his sex scandals and
It's just terrible.
I know you've got some good Hollywood stories from being out there as well, so.
Yeah, definitely.
I mean, um, another one is with, we all know about Roman Polanski and how he, the Sharon Tate situation that happened, and he himself was a pedophile that had to then leave the country.
And it's like, why does Hollywood get away with some of these things?
And I know that he didn't, that's why he left.
But at the same time, there are people wanting to advocate for him and bring him back.
So he can win his lifetime achievement award.
Yeah, it's ridiculous.
It's like, okay, this person is doing something that's completely wrong.
Oh, and then this one.
Two Toledo pastors arrested for sex trafficking children.
This came out April 7th.
Toledo, Ohio.
A FBI arrested two pastors in Toledo for sex trafficking of children.
NBC24 reports.
I mean, this is, that's what I'm saying.
So they knowingly recruited, enticed, harbored, transported, provided, or obtained a person that they knew was less than 18 years old to engage in commercial sex acts.
So it's, I mean, it's everywhere, folks.
Your church, your gang members, your Hollywood stars, your elite people that are, they're at a youth home for the kids, that they just want to help the kids.
So I'm thankful that this type of stuff is finally coming to light.
Millie, we've got just about a minute left.
Briefly, let everyone know what's coming up with this report.
What have you got for us?
Well, we have a lot more reports to come.
We actually have another report where I talk to a Hollywood insider who has all kinds of stories and connections.
That will be very interesting.
We also are going to take you guys and show you the stuff we can show you on the dark web where we have somebody who is going to remain anonymous for their own
Safety and security that actually shows us where people can buy and sell children online I mean just like they buy and sell drugs online on this dark web Wow, it's pretty disturbingly and and so we're gonna have a lot more reports to come guys so stay tuned we will be
You know, exposing them like each day throughout this week.
Dropping them down.
Thank you so much for doing that, Millie.
I know, I mean, as a mother, it must be extremely difficult to put yourself in that position.
And I know when I've done some reporting on that, it just, you can't sleep at night just with the darkness and the evil that is out there.
But we are finally shining a light on that.
So stick around.
Millie's report from California will be coming right up after this very quick break.
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Joint pain.
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What about the obesity epidemic?
I know they test people that are really obese.
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Yeast overgrowth?
I have a study right here by Jacob Titobaum at the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Dallas.
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I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
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So we're on our way right now as we speak.
We're gonna go meet with Dr. Lois Lee, the founder of Children of the Night.
Now, these people, this group, they actually first-hand rescued children that are being sexually exploited, molested, and raped off the street.
So let's just go see what stories that Dr. Lois Lee has to tell.
Hi, Dr. Lois.
Hi, nice to meet you.
I'm Millie Weaver with InfoWars.
Thank you so much for your time.
Oh, thank you for giving us your time.
Yeah, definitely.
Let's go ahead and sit down and have an interview.
Are you comfortable here?
And what you have here is absolutely amazing.
Some of the girls gave us a tour and I was absolutely shocked to see that you're actually doing real things to help get these girls off the street.
The children who really suffer from this crime have been left behind in the movement.
Children who are prostituting.
The people who are running the trafficking movements find the children who are involved in prostitution offensive to them.
So how do you go about rescuing these kids off the street?
Well, we have a hotline that's 24-7.
I've been doing this for 38 years.
I joke about being the most famous person in juvenile halls.
If you call any hotline and you say that there's a child involved in prostitution, they're going to refer them to us.
We had $1 million a year of free advertising, pro bono advertising on Backpage.com right next to the escort services.
We are really well recognized by law enforcement.
We work very closely with law enforcement.
And so I've been around a long time.
I know a lot of people.
I know judges.
I know, you know, people who run across these kids.
And the kids that we serve are kids who have actually prostituted.
And many are testifying against pimp traffickers in state and federal cases.
Some of the girls here looked pretty young.
What's like the youngest child that you've rescued so far?
But that was many years ago and it was a boy whose parents literally dumped him on the streets, left him on a curb.
And, but 11 to 17 is what we see.
Mostly 13, 14, 15.
But we have 11 year olds.
They don't look 11.
But, you know, the thing that people fail to recognize is there's so much, you know, media around rescuing these children.
And then I always like to say the rescues, well, where is she?
Well, I don't know.
I sent him back home.
And social services have not done their job.
And the police have done their job.
Social services have not.
They've not provided homes for these children.
And the homes that they provide for other children are an embarrassment.
I saw on your website that it talked about how you did a lot of work to get it so that law enforcement started looking at these children as victims instead of criminals.
Can you go on and tell us about that?
Well, in 1975, I initiated lawsuits against the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department about the unequal enforcement of the prostitution law.
And my role was that of a researcher where I analyzed their police reports to see who they arrested and under what circumstances they arrested them.
And found out a lot about that.
And one of the things I found out is that they used prostitutes as informants.
Ninety percent of their informants were prostitutes.
So that if a girl would give them information on two guys who'd committed felonies,
A pimp and another drug dealer or something, then she wouldn't go to jail for prostitution.
And the prostitution laws in California were very stiff.
Your second conviction was a mandatory 60 days in jail.
Your third conviction was a mandatory 90 days in jail.
That is cruel to someone who's also a heroin addict, who has to kick in a jail cell.
So the girls were more than happy to be informants and to turn in people.
So that symbiotic relationship had already existed.
And when I found young girls, and not all of them were teenagers but they were young, and they told me what was going on, we had a little sit down with the police and we talked about it.
We talked about how could we assure that they had their convictions, their witnesses, and that also these girls were treated with dignity.
And so the police became very proactive and they were very happy to do it in terms of erasing, you know, their criminal records so that they could get jobs.
They let them live with me rather than live in jails.
They let me put them in drug programs where they kicked heroin rather than actually have to kick in a jail cell.
It all started with Los Angeles Police Department in my apartment in 1978.
And then word spread pretty quickly through law enforcement, through vice cops, and they started sending me girls.
And it was really through the coordination of that, I still am very committed to working with local vice cops rather than bureaucrats.
It's a shame because a lot of the detectives have disappeared and things have become formalized in terms of these human trafficking task forces, which is, you know, has a lot of prestige, which, you know, a lot of cops want to be on those task forces.
It's really removed from the work required to drive around in an old beat-up car in alleys and drug dens and street locations where you really find the kids because you have to dig through a lot of garbage in order to find the children.
So do you usually find the children out there actually walking the streets or do you find them usually on the internet?
You can find them in truck stops, you can find them walking the streets, you can find them in motels.
There's kids on the internet, but not as many as there are adults, and kids kind of slip into the internet.
And pimps, you know, a place, I mean a pimp may have a girl who's 30, may have a girl who's 26, 24, one that's 19, and another one that's 17.
And if you look very closely at the newspapers, when they reveal these task forces of who they've arrested, you'll see that maybe there's not even a minor child involved in that sweep.
So, there's a lot of fraud and a lot of misinformation that is generating government funds and political careers for people who have not a clue about what goes on and how this impacts the child who actually suffers from this crime.
So they do a lot of grandstanding and a lot of work to try and do these busts, necessarily, or claim they're doing these busts, but when it comes down to actually, like, making sure that the children are taken care of after the fact, um, and following through with their progress, they're kind of lacking?
Is that what you're saying?
They do nothing.
They do absolutely nothing.
And many times the federal government doesn't do investigations at all.
They go around every few months and they take the numbers of the local cops from a certain regional area and they throw that together and they send out a press release and they take credit for their arrest.
So, it's really awful when you look at the amount of money that's been spent, that could have been spent, on the care and supervision of kids.
And it's not.
And you can't really blame them because, you know, they're in it for survival.
So, people who are working on the Internet, whether they're call girls, sex workers, children, or whatever, will tell you that there's so much competition on the Internet.
If you run an ad, you will sit for eight hours to get a call.
And a lot of calls you get are dirty talking, and people never show up.
So you have to work somewhere else.
So you may have ads running, but you also may be working the truck stop, or you also may be working the motel, or working for a madam in another situation.
So, many of the ads you see where it's, you know, a 14-year-old girl wants to have sex, a mother wants to sell their baby, those are cops running ads to get people to respond to them so they can do the arrest.
Or media.
Okay, interesting.
Because no one really in that business would run that kind of ad.
Why would you?
You're asking for trouble.
So then what would be the solution then to do, I mean, would it just be trying to help more organizations like you?
I think helping organizations and doing advocacy, going in and looking at children's homes.
If I was a 14-year-old prostitute and I was brought here, I'm not staying here.
You need to expose that.
There needs to be money put into all of the group homes that take care of our children who are living in out-of-home care.
Lots of money.
These kids are living in practically orphanages in a poverty style of living.
Ketchup is sometimes counted as their vegetable.
The conditions that our children who are living in in America is an embarrassment.
So I saw you had a little school down there.
Have you had many girls go on to then try and do junior college?
We place five kids a year in college.
No, every year.
And one of our boys just received an honorable mention in the Los Angeles County Science Fair in the Engineering Applications Division.
Now, we were very educationally based.
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We can answer your questions.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Moscow today, this after UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson pleaded with G7 members to give Tillerson the leverage to dangle sanctions in front of the Syrian and Russian military.
But Tillerson left for Moscow empty handed, after Italian Minister Angelino Alfano said, there is no consensus on additional new sanctions.
We must have a dialogue with Russia and we must not push Russia into a corner.
Tillerson met even more resistance as he flew directly to Moscow from Italy.
The New York Post reported, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will not meet Russian President Vladimir Putin when he visits Moscow this week, according to the Kremlin.
The top American diplomat will instead meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters.
Peskov said the US military strike had shown Washington's complete unwillingness to cooperate on Syria, adding that renewed calls for Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad to step down would not help to resolve the crisis.
Meanwhile, the White House released this document
Regarding the evidence of Syrian and Russian military involvement in the April 2017 Idlib province chemical attack, Peretz writes, US intelligence confirms that the Syrian regime used sarin gas on civilians and that the Syrian and Russian governments are seeking to confuse the international community by disseminating false narratives.
The White House document reads, we have confidence in our assessment because we have signals intelligence and geospatial intelligence.
Thanks for watching!
We have information from various sources that a similar provocation, and I can't call it anything other than a provocation, is being prepared in other parts of Syria, including the southern suburbs of Damascus, where they're again preparing to release some similar chemical substances and accuse the Syrian authorities of using them.
But we regard that any such incident would be reason enough for a thorough investigation.
We are preparing to make a formal call to the relevant UN agency in The Hague and call on the international community to investigate thoroughly these incidents and, depending on the results of the investigation, to make informed decisions and take meaningful action.
We don't know.
What's needed is an investigation.
Because there are two possibilities for what happened.
One is the American version, that Assad dropped chemical weapons on this locality.
The other version is that an ordinary bomb was dropped and it hit a munitions dump.
The jihadis were storing chemical weapons.
We don't know which of these two possibilities is the correct one.
Remember the run-up to Iraq.
The experts, the intelligence agencies, the politicians were convinced that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.
They produced reams of evidence, photographs, diagrams.
It was all wrong.
You tweeted this, whoever is found responsible, be it the Syrian government, Al-Qaeda or ISIS, all of access to chemical weapons must be held accountable.
Who do you believe is responsible?
Here's the issue, Wolf, is what I believe, what you believe or others believe is irrelevant.
What matters here is the evidence and the facts.
President Assad is found to be responsible after an independent investigation for these horrific chemical weapons attacks.
I'll be the first one to denounce him.
The stakes are too high.
Now isn't the time for speculation from either side as a firestorm of skepticism is fueled amongst the American military and the American public that have been led into proxy wars stinking of ulterior motives for far too long.
Let's hope Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
Hey, what's going on everybody?
This is Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com and Kim Jong Un is back in the news again.
To those who seek to undermine me at home and abroad,
I cannot respond with anything less than the totality of my strength!
But apparently, he thinks that we have this guy still in the White House.
Make sure you're drinking water.
Bend your knees, don't stand up too straight.
The paralegals will be- the paralegals.
You don't need lawyers.
But what he doesn't realize is we have this guy in the White House.
And President Trump doesn't like to play games.
Here's the thing, it's good to have a president who's not going to take any crap off of anybody whatsoever.
But the scary thing within the Trump administration is the fact that we have so many neocons, we have so many globalists, so many warmongers.
I mean, the moment that the strike happened in Syria, when you have Hillary Clinton applauding you, when you have Lindsey Graham, John McCain, these types of people applauding what you've done, you know there's something going on.
You've stepped in some poo, because everyone around it, we can smell it, we can see it.
Especially up to his ankles.
Trump charging into a goblin's nest, some goblin vomit and slobber.
You know, something needs to be done here and I think it's about high time that Trump got rid of some of these people that he's got around him because I don't trust him and I sure as hell hope he's not trusting them.
And we already know that in the past before he was even becoming president, when they were starting to do the security briefings, that these people said they were going to hold back intelligence from Donald Trump at the time.
So what makes us think that he's even getting the full proper briefings on things right now if there's this deep state that's in control still left over from the Obama administration that's going to do everything they can to taint him?
At the end of the day, what did Trump run on?
He says, America first.
And what do most of Trump supporters want or not want?
We want America first.
We don't want war.
We want to focus on our country, our vets.
I think?
Do we just jump off the Trump train because all of a sudden we don't like one thing that he's done?
Or maybe he did do something that's good and we don't have all the information.
I wasn't in Syria when it happened.
I don't know.
I don't know Bashar al-Assad personally, so I don't know if he is a good guy or a bad guy.
And I don't know the people that tell me that he is a good guy compared to those who say he isn't.
They aren't liars and they have something to gain off of it.
And I sure as hell don't know Vladimir Putin, so I don't have his back.
He's not my countryman.
I don't care about the guy.
But still, I'd rather avoid war, but if chemical weapons were used, then a strike was necessary to do that.
He sent a clear and direct message to enemies, hey, you screw with us, we'll screw with you.
You use chemical weapons on your people, we'll come after you in a drop of a dime.
59 Tomahawk missiles in a minute, roger that, boom.
You know, it's good to see someone that's willing to stand up and do something right, but we don't want to fall into a trap where it's just war after war after war.
And that's the thing.
How much of a legitimate threat is North Korea?
What do we really have to worry about when everything we've seen from them in the past completely and totally fails?
They're literally a hundred years behind everyone else in the world when it comes to technology.
I mean, for Christ's sake, they probably still store their top secret information on floppy disks.
Either way, I don't know.
I'm just hoping that he is getting good intel from someone on the inside and he's making decisions based off that.
Not people like, you know, Reince Priebus or Paul Ryan or John McCain or Lindsey Graham or any of those ass clowns that really want to shake things up and make it look bad for President Trump.
If we end up being an all out war, I guarantee you, you won't see another Republican president for a long time.
And this will mark the end of Trump's era.
And I guarantee you will see Hillary Clinton run again.
And at that point in time, she will win.
And that's when the real hell will start.
Stay tuned for more reports at InfoWars.com.
I'm Joe Biggs.
That's going to do it for the show tonight.
Thank you all for watching.
We'll see you here tomorrow at 7 p.m.
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