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Name: 20170410_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 10, 2017
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Welcome to the Infowars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Monday, April 10th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
The Syria missile strike fallout continues to damage the Trump administration, as most of the president's supporters do not want military intervention or a regime change in Syria.
Meanwhile, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia says Moscow should carry out retaliatory strikes against the United States.
And now, reports are coming in that China has just deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korea border, as the world moves closer to a deadly conflict between superpowers.
All that plus much more, up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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No, there's been a lot of motivations put forth for why we would do the kind of actions that we saw in the Middle East, the 180-degree turn that we've seen from Donald Trump.
And I think one of the things that we need to look at is, of course, the domestic context.
Remember that George H.W.
Bush campaigned on, read my lips, no new taxes.
He was emphatic about it.
He repeated it all the time.
He said, the Democrats are going to say, raise your taxes, and he's going to say, I'm going to say, read my lips, no new taxes.
Two years into his administration, what did he do?
He gave us the largest tax increase we'd ever had at that point in time.
And if you go back to the Wayback Machine, take a look at this Time Magazine article.
They point out that he was asked to clarify his position as he was jogging in St.
Petersburg Baseball Park and he pointed to his rear end and said, read my hips.
Okay, we knew that he wasn't really going to do that.
We hoped that he had learned something from seeing the tax cuts and the effects that they'd had with the Reagan administration.
He'd called it, when he was running against Ronald Reagan, voodoo economics.
He said, you think that you're going to grow the economy by taking away tax cuts or by giving people tax cuts?
No, no, you grow the economy by taking away people's money, don't you, right?
That's the globalist plan of raising taxes.
And so he called it voodoo economics to say that we could get growth from tax cuts.
And so we had hoped
That he might have learned something in eight years, but no he didn't.
So that's why he was very emphatic about that and then turned his back.
Now the lesson is, is that he became a one-term president.
And now already because of the issues that we've seen in terms of Obamacare and what's coming up in taxes,
We now see this article from The Hill.
Midterm threatens the GOP House majority.
They say Republicans control both the House and the Senate.
That may go away at the midterm elections just coming up.
Less than two years away.
If they can't do something.
If they can't get a tax plan together.
If they can't repeal Obamacare.
And again, we look at what's happening with the taxes.
As AP points out, Trump has scrapped the tax plan that he campaigned on.
Just like he scrapped the idea that he's going to repeal the structure of Obamacare.
You cannot use dictatorial powers given to the Health and Human Services Secretary to fix Obamacare.
Because the next guy that comes in is going to make it as bad if not worse.
You can't leave that structure there.
The structure has to be repealed or you're not going to have anything that's really fixed.
And the same thing is true when we look at tax situation.
They say administration officials have signaled that they want to pass tax legislation with only Republican votes.
They could
And if they don't, they're going to lose their majority.
And we'll see Trump possibly become a one-term president.
Yet, they've also held listening sessions with House Democrats.
They say the goal is to cut taxes sharply enough to improve the economic picture in depressed and rural and industrial pockets of the country where many Trump voters live.
But the administration so far has swatted down alternative ways for raising revenue, such as the carbon tax.
This is the AP talking.
So they're saying that somehow,
We have to have a carbon tax because, you know, we've got to somehow help these people in the rural areas.
Carbon tax is going to devastate us.
It's not going to help anyone but the few billionaires that are going to live off of that.
Who does that go to?
Who do we pay our indulgences to for using energy?
Well, we know where that's going to work out.
And hopefully they will hold a line against that and we will have real tax reform.
But when it comes to Obamacare, that is not looking as good.
As we saw last week, they were talking about, to revive the health bill, the GOP was going to add an Obamacare-like subsidy.
As we pointed out, the problem with Obamacare, and it's a perfect model for the way our government is set up, is a mixture of socialism and crony capitalism, or economic fascism.
They force us, with the economic fascism part, they force us
We're good to go.
And they use as a benchmark the number of uninsured people that we have out there.
You have to understand this is a losing prospect.
We were sold Obamacare.
It was called the Affordable Health Care Act.
But there's nothing that's going to make it affordable if it is universal.
And that is the key thing that Donald Trump, key place I think where he went wrong, where he started saying we're going to have health care for everybody.
No you can't.
That is socialism.
You can either try to have universal health care, and you can pretend that you're going to do it, and you'll wind up getting Venezuelan health care, or you can use market reforms, which is what he campaigned on.
He had a very detailed seven-point plan to reduce, to replace rather, mandates with markets, to give people choices instead of holding a gun to their head, to give them the power to make those decisions.
But then he starts talking about universal health care for everybody.
You can pretend that that's going to work, but it's simply going to take us down the path that we've seen with every socialist country.
You have to have a market system.
That's the only thing that's going to make health care more affordable, is a marketplace.
And at that point, it makes it more accessible.
You will never have Utopia, where everybody has a Cadillac health care plan.
That just simply isn't going to happen.
So the question is, how do we make it better?
How do we make it more affordable?
Conservatives went to the White House and they said, well, let's allow governors to opt out of some of the Obamacare regulations on the insurance industry.
This is why the GOP is going to lose big time in the midterm elections, because even the conservatives are not pushing for a repeal.
They're pushing for permission to get out of some of these mandates.
That is the real issue.
And yet, what happened?
The centrists pushed back on this.
Said, no, no, no.
We are not going to let you apply for waivers to get out of this.
And here's the way they put it today.
Putting the essential health benefits back in.
So there were a lot of moderates did not like the fact that the essential health benefits were effectively coming up.
So the fact that they're back in and for a state to ask for a waiver on those, they have to also show where they're going to be improving coverage and reducing costs.
So you heard what he said.
He said we are not going to take out essential health benefits.
Understand, that is code for mandates.
They're saying these are essential.
It is essential that men have to get pregnancy care even if they are single.
That's the kind of mandates that are making this unaffordable.
And it's not even working out for the insurance companies.
Remember, we reported last week that Knoxville is going to become the first place to have Obamacare completely fail because the last insurer is pulling out of there.
That's Humana.
Humana tried to do a merger with Aetna.
Because they're both losing big money off of Obamacare.
So they decided if they can merge together they'll become too big to fail and they'll get the government to bail them out.
When the merger was taken down, Humana said, we're getting out.
So they're going to get out in 2018.
Doesn't that sound familiar?
From 2013 to 2018.
Just like every five-year communist economic plan we've seen come out of the former Soviet Union, this five-year economic plan is going to break down.
And who's going to be holding the sack?
It's going to be the Republicans.
And they deserve to have this put around their neck as this thing breaks down.
One other aspect, and that is, as Jerome Corsi points out, we now have a GOP senator, along with some other Democrats, continuing to try to prop up this fraud of Obamacare by stealing money from investors.
By stealing money from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker, derisively tagged as the Senator from Wells Fargo by those who are fighting to recapitalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is actively pushing President Trump to continue the Obama administration policy of sweeping Fannie and Freddie earnings to the Treasury Department.
They sent out a letter on March the 29th.
They rounded up four other U.S.
Senators, including Virginia Democrat Senator Mark Warner.
And they wrote a letter to the Federal Housing Association and this is what's called the net worth sweep.
And of course, Jerome Corsi has reported about this in the past.
It has stripped Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac of more than 260 billion dollars since August of 2012.
And he contrasts that
To the money that was given to the banks, which was eventually paid back, and of course they gave these banks zero interest loans from the Federal Reserve.
They took the interest rate down.
That may be one of the reasons why they're starting to pull it back up besides bursting the bubble.
And he said they got a 1.7% return on investment the federal government did when that was paid back.
Because, you know, the banks don't pay you too much interest when they set the rates, and they set the rates.
But then he pointed out that
This has been the largest theft of dividends, the amount of money that they have swept out, that's the nice term, a net worth sweep.
Okay, that's what they call the theft.
Okay, the bank robbery of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to subsidize Obamacare, the largest theft of dividends in corporate history.
So the whole thing is a lie.
The whole thing is based on redistribution of income.
And that is why it's going to fail.
It is the same model that we've seen in the former Soviet Union as well as Venezuela.
Now, as we look at that, that's another one of the aspects, not just the Russian issues, not just trying to look impressive to the Chinese people, but also as a wag the dog, get people's minds away from the failures on domestic policy.
And if the Republicans and Donald Trump do not deliver on tax cuts and on the repeal of Obamacare, if they just do a head fake on that, the American people are going to throw them out.
They pushed
Two dozen times, the Keystone Pipeline Bill, while Obama was president, knowing that he would veto that every time, and he did.
They never even tried.
To get rid of Obamacare.
Never put anything up.
They knew that they weren't going to get anywhere with the Keystone Pipeline, but they kept trying.
But they never did try with Obamacare.
They never had a plan to repeal Obamacare.
Donald Trump did.
He had a detailed plan of putting a market in place to allow us to actually do something to control costs.
You can't just rob Peter and pay Paul and think that somehow you're going to get affordable health care.
It's going to get more and more expensive.
So this is
The healthcare debacle that they are now owning.
Rand Paul pointed out that as long as we have a situation where we are using the kinds of rhetoric that John McCain and, as he points out, his ilk, we're not going to have a solution in Syria.
He said anybody who wants to talk to Putin about a political settlement, about helping Assad go away, anybody who wants to talk about that, myself included,
We'll be called by the McCain's of this world a friend of Vladimir Putin, and of course that's not hyperbole.
We saw that idiotic statement from John McCain as well, just over the idea of adding Montenegro as a dependent to NATO.
If you even want to discuss this, if you want to hold a discussion in the Senate about whether or not that should happen, you are a friend of Vladimir Putin.
And then he called Rand Paul a friend of Vladimir Putin for that.
He went on to say, so long as we have that kind of stupidity involved in the debate, it makes it very hard to get to what many thinking people have said, that the answer in Syria is ultimately a political solution.
We're good to go.
Bill Clinton did this when he fired his 75 Tomahawk cruise missiles to distract attention from his domestic issues with Monica Lewinsky and the sexual issues there.
And of course Ken Starr worked for him to move that away from rape and sexual assault to lying and committing perjury about an illicit affair.
So Ken Starr really covered for him even more than the Swag the Dog issue.
But when he did it,
At least he shot his missiles at Afghanistan and Sudan.
He didn't go out and take on the superpowers of Russia and China.
That is what is so ill-considered about this movement to become the policeman of the world again in contradiction of what Donald Trump campaigned for.
And we see now a Russian politician calling for retaliatory strikes.
They have their own John McCain's as well.
The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
Vladimir Zirinovsky has called for Moscow to carry out retaliatory strikes against the US in response to the Trump administration's airstrikes on Syria.
And then even more troubling, this news out of South Korea.
The South Korean paper
Uh, the Korean news agency, Chosun, said the Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.
The reason, they say, the prospect of military options such as a preemptive strike on North Korea like the one the US just launched on Syria.
You see, when you have a meeting and you start it with a massive $100 million fireworks display, or as some people pointed out, Donald Trump lit his cigars with a $100 million bunch of cruise missiles to impress the Chinese president.
Did he really impress him?
Yes, he did.
I think he did.
Did he make him think that he was strong?
I think he showed the Chinese president that he was unpredictable, that he was erratic, that you couldn't tell exactly what he was going to do.
And then Donald Trump sent more messages that got a lot of applause from all the people who have reliably opposed him, all the neocons, the globalists, the Wall Street investors.
The Bill Crystals, the Elliott Abrams, the John McCains, all those people loved exactly what he did, and so he stepped up.
Because, you know, when you're on a roll, let's roll with it.
So we're going to send a nuclear-powered Calvinist carrier class ship to Singapore, that whole battle group.
The Chinese army now, in response to that carrier being sent to the Korean peninsula, has now sent 150 troops in two groups.
So that's the way these things go.
See, we're not really playing 4D chess.
I'm so sick and tired of hearing that.
This is not 4D chess.
This is simply a game of risk.
Or a game of Monopoly, if you want to take a look at the other issues in the area.
Of course, as we've mentioned many times, the gas pipelines running through Syria.
That's one of the reasons why they have to have regime change.
Of course, the other part of regime change that is necessary is to create war and chaos and refugees so they can import the war, the chaos, and the refugees to the United States and to the West.
And we're seeing that in spades.
Now when we come back, we are going to play for you some of the consequences that we see happening in Iowa as we see the refugees that have come into there and the puff piece that was done by CBS's 60 Minutes to try to distract everybody from some of the real issues that are happening in that area.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
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Even when we make mistakes and even when we're not right and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us and I appreciate that.
Well, Susan Rice is under fire once again.
She's actually getting four Pinocchios for some claims that she made back in January.
Rice actually claimed on the Syria Chemical Weapons to NPR News that the Obama administration was able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.
Now, of course, we've seen the results of last week's attack
Whether or not the Syrian government was truly involved in this remains to be seen.
Of course, there was no independent investigation done.
However, they are tying the Syrian government to this latest chemical weapons attack, which means that once again, the Obama administration
Oversold what it was able to do there, what it was able to accomplish there with the Syrian government.
Now when Susan Rice talks about the Obama administration's solution, was she alleging to the agreement that sources told InfoWars the Obama administration was able to reach with the Assad regime that they would work out a way for him to
Voluntarily step down rather than face the US military and now people are saying that Assad has reneged on that deal which is why we see President Trump getting in there with those airstrikes to just kind of remind him about that little deal that he made and letting him know that there's kind of a new sheriff in town who's not going to be drawing any red lines.
Now, according to this fact-checker, the Washington Post fact-checker gives the former National Security Advisor a rating of four Pinocchios, which is the worst rating on their truth scale.
And the Post writes, the reality is that there were continued chemical weapons attacks by Syria.
And this is, of course, after another fact-checking by PolitiFact retracted.
It's mostly true rating from a 2014 claim from then Secretary of State John Kerry that 100% of those weapons were removed from Syria.
So this is all very interesting and of course this is a story that remains to be alive here as they have to continually roll it out to push their new narrative.
It'll be very interesting to see how Google's new fact check deals with all of these retractions that they're going to have to issue when it doesn't suit their narrative.
And again, Leanne says that that's not been investigated.
So we're told by the Washington Post that it gets four Pinocchios.
We're also having this push by Fox News and the Washington Post article.
They look at James Clapper, a known liar.
So who do we trust?
Do we trust the Washington Post?
Do we trust James Clapper or Fox News?
Look at the data.
Not necessarily even the source, because here we don't really have any trustworthy sources.
They're backing this on the idea that of course we wouldn't have struck this Syrian base if it wasn't a chemical gas attack from the Syrian government.
So they're working backwards on this.
Last week, as soon as this happened, there was an article on Liberty Blitz that was from Consortium News talking about intelligence analysts expressing concern over Trump's wag the dog moment.
And they specifically talked about a former CIA officer, Philip Giraldi,
We're good to go.
It was so great that some covert officers were considering going public.
He said they're astonished at how this is being played by the administration and the U.S.
I'm going to read you an article that we have at Infowars.com today from perhaps somebody like that, but before I do, I want to point out one more thing when we look at trustworthy media sources.
One of the people selling this, of course, is the New York Times.
On Friday, they published a lead story by Michael R. Gordon.
Now, he is a neocon, and he was one of the guys who, back in 2002, sold the idea of the aluminum tube story to say that Saddam Hussein was involved in a nuclear weapons program.
That was obviously false, yet the guy's still working at the New York Times, and now he's pushing the next war, which, as many people have pointed out, looks exactly like this build-up to the Iraq War.
Instead of talking about weapons of mass destruction, they've got a new term that they talk about, just so you don't see too much of the similarity that's going there.
But let's look at what one possible person that says this is authored under a pseudonym by a high-level source.
This story that we have at Infowars.com, Donald Trump is an international lawbreaker.
And they say this because it is an unjustified attack on a sovereign country.
Let me ask you if this is an act of war or not.
Many people, when I talk about the fact that we needed to take our time, we didn't.
We were not under an emergency threat to be attacked by Syria.
We had time to take a close look at what was going on, to have this forensic evidence shown.
That's one of the reasons why the founders had the Congress, as a deliberative body, decide whether or not we're going to commit an act of war.
See, back in the day when this country was founded, war was conducted on a very close basis.
You looked the person you were killing in the eye in most cases.
Stuck them with a bayonet.
Killed them hand-to-hand.
They wanted to make sure that horror was not taken lightly.
Now, Donald Trump sees pictures of people dying.
They don't usually see pictures of the people that die with their actions.
And that was a very shaking picture for him.
But we need to have an investigation.
We needed to take our time.
Instead, we didn't do that.
We just shot the missiles into another country.
We attacked their military base.
If somebody attacked an American military base that wasn't even in our country, do you think we would say that's an act of war?
What if that military base was in our country?
Yes, it would be an act of war.
Now, this is what the source said.
He said five things.
He said the Russians briefed the U.S.
on the proposed target.
He said this is a process that started more than two months ago.
There's dedicated phone lines being used to coordinate and deconflict.
In other words, they don't want to have Russian and U.S.
Number 1, the US was fully briefed on the fact that there was a target there that the Russians believed was a weapons and explosives depot for Islamic rebels.
They went on to say the Syrian Air Force hit that target with conventional weapons.
All involved expected to see a massive secondary explosion, but that didn't happen.
Smoke, chemical smoke, began billowing from the site.
It turns out the Islamic rebels used that site to store chemicals, not sarin.
The chemicals included organic phosphates, chlorine, that they followed the wind and they killed civilians.
Number four, there was a strong wind blowing that day.
The cloud was driven to a nearby village and caused casualties.
Number five, how do we know that it was not sarin?
Very simple.
The so-called first responders handled the victims without gloves.
If this had been sarin, they would have died.
Sarin on the skin will kill you.
Okay, that's the real issue.
So as he points out, is this the Gulf of Tonkin Part 2?
You know, we had admissions that that was a false flag.
We know that was a false flag in the fog of war.
We had McNamara admit that he knew that it was false, but they went ahead and used that as a pretense for Vietnam.
This is where we are, folks.
And if you think that things are going to get any better, just take a look at some of the civil liberties issues that we're seeing violated here.
Travel in the 21st century is getting more and more like a boot in the face.
We look at this video that surfaced of this person who was drug off of a plane.
It's absolutely amazing, but that's what we're seeing on a regular basis.
We're seeing people being required to do face scans before they can travel.
And in this particular situation, they talk about how now the airport cop has been suspended, but of course he's just been put on leave.
He's probably on leave with pay.
Doesn't mean that he's necessarily going to be removed.
And the Chicago police had earlier said that the victim had just fallen.
But then the video of other passengers surfaced and we saw what was really going on.
And here's the outrageous thing.
The high-handed attitude of the airplane companies in conjunction with the TSA.
This is just this attitude.
Like I said, it's a boot in the face when you're traveling.
If you think it's going to get any better when they take over ground transportation, when they take over your cars, you've got another thing coming.
What they did was they started offering people, because they'd overbooked this flight, they offered them $400 in a hotel room.
Nobody was taking it.
They kept moving it up, as you've probably seen them do on a flight.
It's a regular thing to overbook these flights.
They got up to $800, and when nobody took them up on it, they simply went full Basil Fawlty on the person, okay?
And they did this so they could fly their own people.
Why wouldn't they keep going if they didn't get it for $800?
I don't know, but at that point they just start beating people.
And if you want to see the double standard that we have here...
Take a look at this.
The Washington Post points out the cost of Betsy DeVos' security detail is $8 million over eight months.
This is for a department that shouldn't even exist.
The Department of Education.
And this woman had to be called into the Oval Office with Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions because she didn't want to let go of the mandates about tranny bathrooms and then said, I'll be watching.
Your bathrooms.
I'll be watching to see if there's any bullying going on here.
And this is the same organization that demands veto power over your curriculum.
That is where we're headed.
This is the boot in your face.
This is the kind of out-of-control government that we need to shut down.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back when we talk about yogurt.
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Who has made a big display of his practice of hiring refugees, talking about how successful that is.
And of course, one of the things they didn't want you to see, we're going to have a report from Leanne here in just a moment, they say this is a five-year-old plant that is in deep red Idaho.
Well, there's something else that happened five years ago they didn't want to talk to you about.
Leanne has the details.
Well, here's an update on the Idaho rape case that made headlines during the 2016 presidential election.
This was a case coming out of Twin Falls, Idaho, where three refugee boys raped, sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl.
Well, now those three refugees, age 14, 10, and 7,
Have pled guilty to sexually assaulting that five-year-old girl.
Witnesses, or people who actually heard the little girl's testimony, reported that she was actually stripped naked.
They urinated in her mouth, among other things, that really tormented and violated this young girl.
Her family says, you know, we agree to these plea bargains, but that doesn't mean that they're satisfied.
Of course, their daughter is going to be having to deal with some long-term drama of this vicious sexual assault.
I don't know.
We're good to go.
I think so.
Because the existence of the labor of these refugees is needed to fuel Chobani.
So interestingly, while this story of these three refugee boys pleading guilty has received almost zero national attention, the owner there of Chobani was giving a very glowing 60 Minutes interview where they praised him for being such a great jobs creator.
So the report from The Hill said that Breitbart at the time had said that this plant had brought not only refugees, but crime and tuberculosis.
But of course, that was just fake news.
Remember when we heard the reports of that five-year-old special needs girl who was raped?
Everybody said, oh, that's just fake news.
That's false.
But now, of course, we have seen them admit to sexually assaulting that five-year-old girl, getting their plea deal done last week.
And so now it's time
For CBS's 60 Minutes 2, let's sweep all that under the carpet and let's revitalize the image of Chobani yogurt.
And of course they call it Greek yogurt, but this is a Turk, a billionaire, who came here and set up these factories.
It is the world's largest yogurt factory that's there in Idaho.
And there's an interesting article going back to last August by Lee Stranahan and Breitbart at the time, and I talked to him as he was doing that
There were environmental issues in the area due to that yogurt factory as well.
He points out that it started in 2008.
He began to hire refugees to work in the upstate New York plant.
Listening to him speak at events like the Clinton Global Initiative and at Davos, you can tell that the issue closest to his heart is refugee resettlement.
That's what he was bragging about on 60 Minutes yesterday.
Now, he got an $800,000 small business administration loan.
And when I look at this, somebody that has that much money, somebody who is a foreign citizen, still,
I had small businesses.
I never got $8 from the Small Business Administration.
And of course we've had people on as well talking about the fraud of the Small Business Administration.
The fact that most of their money goes to very well politically connected individuals who have very large businesses, not small businesses.
So this guy gets $800,000 loan from the Small Business Association.
What does he do with it?
Well, he spends $700,000 of it lobbying to get included in the lucrative lunchroom business.
And, of course, they're the main supplier of Greek yogurt for the federal school lunch system, and Michelle Obama said, we need to have more Greek yogurt, and we need specifically Greek yogurt, and we need to move away from these other foods that have traditionally been served in school lunchrooms.
They say, of course, he has absolutely no problem
Greasing the wheels, he gave a lot of money to Chuck Schumer and the other senator from New York, Gellibrand, and he wanted to get into this school lunch program, which is $15 billion.
One last data point about this foreign billionaire who gets $800,000 from the Small Business Association and turns around and uses it to lobby these Democrat senators to get into the school lunch program and just
Snowball this.
They say that he is on the board of the Federal Reserve in New York.
This guy is still a Turkish citizen, but he's on the New York Fed, the most powerful of all the different Fed organizations.
He's also been named an eminent advocate for the United Nations Refugee Agency.
And in the original story we were looking at here from the Hill, they were saying that, he said, when these people get a job, now they're not refugees anymore, no, now they
Are independent, okay?
But of course it's Americans who are not getting those jobs.
Americans who are not getting the loans from the Small Business Association.
And how is this working out in other countries?
I'm going to take a look at what's going on in Germany as well as in Sweden.
But yesterday we had in Egypt a Palm Sunday attack.
44 dead, more than 100 injured in church bombings carried out by ISIS in Egypt.
Is this something that tears at your heartstrings?
Have you seen the pictures of this?
Now it's just as horrific as the people who died of the gas, the chemical gas in Syria, but there's been not been as much publicity about this.
Egypt's president has called for a three-month state of emergency after 44 people were killed and more than 100 more were injured in two suicide attacks at Coptic Christian churches.
The first happened at St.
George Church.
In a Nile Delta town, 27 people were killed, 78 others were wounded.
A second explosion was by a suicide bomber who tried to storm St.
Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria.
That left 17 dead and 48 injured.
And of course, in December, we had another church that was attacked in Cairo.
That killed about 30 people, mostly women.
And there have also been a string of killings in the Sinai Peninsula that have caused hundreds of Christians to flee to safer areas of the country.
Well, if it's going to be anything like in Syria, like this, we will see that just like in other places the United States has taken over, in Iraq and elsewhere, there were large Christian populations that have completely disappeared after the United States got involved.
Now what is happening as these refugees in the countries that we foment war, that we create chaos, that we create terrorist organizations, fund and train them,
As they then move into our countries.
We're going to take a look at that in Sweden.
But first, take a look at this article here from the Daily Caller.
Germany moves to ban child marriages after finding 1,500 cases among refugees.
They say the German government has agreed to a proposal on Wednesday to outlaw child marriages.
The Central Register of Foreign Nationals has documented a surge in child marriages in recent years.
As of July 2016, 1,500 minors were registered as married, including 361 under the age of 14.
Following the lead of Mohammed, aren't they?
Yeah, these are the Islamic pedophile refugees.
The largest group of child brides, 664 minors, comes from Syria.
We're good to go.
We see reports of people in the aftermath of that truck attack, which you didn't see much about because you saw all of the information that was happening in Syria, but you didn't see the Islamic jihadist who was attacking people with a truck in Sweden.
You didn't see much news about that.
One of the doctors who showed up on the spot said it was terrible.
I will never understand how they could do it.
Of course, we will never understand their mindset.
You can't understand the mindset.
Nevertheless, the jihadi killer said, I'm pleased with what I've done.
I achieved what I set out to do.
And he said this was in retaliation for action against ISIS.
Not Assad, by the way, folks.
Against ISIS.
And now they're saying...
This is another article here that was actually an op-ed piece on the Daily Mail.
The bastion of liberalism is now paying the price for its tolerance.
Sue Reid, who writes the op-ed piece, says, Sweden's generosity to those seeking refuge from war, poverty, or oppression has turned this into a feeding ground for terrorists because they don't understand their motivations.
And the Prime Minister is saying, Sweden will never go back to the days of mass immigration.
Let's hope that that doesn't happen.
Let's hope that they learned their lesson.
Has the US learned the lesson?
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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Our bodies absolutely must have the good halogen iodine or we will die.
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Iodine is key.
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But consult your physician first before you get powerful survival shield nascent iodine, X2, at Infowarslife.com or call toll free.
We can answer your questions.
As Jared Kushner is consolidating his position of power and bringing in Goldman Sachs Democrats like Gary Cohen.
We see some pushback in terms of parody.
I want to take a look at some of the comedy that has been some ad hominem comedy attacks that have come out.
The Hill reports that White House staff was passing around an Onion article that was parodying Kushner.
Of course, he's now being put in charge of the Middle East as well.
So the Onion said that Jared Kushner was quietly transferring Solve the Middle East Crisis as a to-do list to next week's to-do list.
They said, ushering in lasting peace across the Middle East is definitely still a big priority for me, but given everything else that I've got going on right now, I'm just going to need to bump it to next week when I have a little bit more time on my hands.
Acknowledge that he was just a bit too swamped at the moment with policy reports, real estate development meetings to resolve the numerous wars, land disputes and centuries-old ethnic and religious tensions that have long raged among the 350 million residents of the geopolitical hotspot.
Now along those lines we had some really hysterical pictures of Jared and one of his friends walking around in their khaki pants and their blazers wearing a bulletproof vest on the outside and of course the hashtag on that was
Hashtag Kushner at war.
I just want to show you a couple of these here.
People started posting these pictures and adding spins on movie titles.
For example, putting the picture up and saying a full metal jackass or close encounters of the Thurston Howell the third kind.
You know the guy from Gilligan's Island or the douche of hazard.
Again, another one.
Or, Letters.
Dearest Ivanka, War is Hell.
None of the men here know how to prepare a Cosmo or the Foie Gras I procured.
I may not survive.
Another one.
Saving Private Equity.
Or, ZeroDork30.
In the Armani now.
Air Force.
And then there's this.
You know, Leanne McAdoo has a report, you know, it looks like there may be a gag order.
Not an order to stop the gags, but an order to stop anybody talking about the influence of Kushner and Ivanka in the White House under Donald Trump.
Is there a gag order at Breitbart to not talk about Jared Kushner?
That's right.
I think so.
Kushner is, of course, President Trump's son-in-law.
He's also a senior White House advisor.
And there have been reports that there's been kind of a feud going on with him and the White House chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, who, of course, is the former executive chairman of Breitbart News.
So one of the stories that Breitbart reported, they suggested that Kushner was leaking negative information about Stephen Bannon to the press.
And another article ran down a list of some of the delicate problems that Trump has entrusted to his son-in-law, Kushner, where they accurately note that he boasts a very thin resume in diplomacy.
Now, that might be critical, but it's absolutely true.
And this has a lot of people concerned because it seems as though Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are playing a much more pivotal role in Trump's administration than anyone could have even predicted.
And some of the things that President Trump has now entrusted with Jared, his portfolio, has grown to include everything from remaking American businesses and the VA to handling U.S.
relations with Mexico and China to forging peace in the Middle East.
That's right.
And so, of course, on April 2nd, Jared actually flew to Iraq at the invitation of the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Where he met the ire of the internet because as he's out there he wears a bulletproof vest over his sport coat in full preppy regalia.
It actually sparked a hilarious Twitter hashtag where people are just making fun of him and this just kind of goes to show the experience that he does not have in dealing with forging peace in the Middle East.
Now Dr. Steve Pachetek was on the Alex Jones Show today and he spoke about why he feels Donald Trump
I don't know Jared Kushner.
I've seen the best of him.
He comes out of a family that was involved in real estate.
He's involved in real estate.
His father was indicted and convicted.
The problem is they have some major properties in Manhattan.
One in particular, which I know very well, is 666 Fifth Avenue.
Billions of dollars have been foreclosed upon on the Kushner family and they can't refinance that property.
All it takes in the business of real estate, believe me, I know this very well, is for one major property to go under for billions of dollars and then it starts to be a domino effect.
Kushner is a highly vulnerable target
For the Chinese, for the Russians, and any foreign individuals, because their family was doing private business with the Chinese.
It's the Chinese who came in and told them, we'll take care of you.
Now, he can resign if he wants, he can do whatever he wants.
Nevertheless, from a counterintelligence point of view, Kushner and many of those civilians there are really prime targets for foreign governments in terms of manipulation and leveraging.
And if I were Jared Kushner, I would leave the White House and do the best thing he could, just say to America, thank you very much, and go back to his real estate business.
Otherwise, he becomes a liability.
And that liability as a civilian, it doesn't matter whether he's a son-in-law or not, becomes a great liability.
There is a serious issue with the rise of Jared and Ivanka in terms of their influence at the White House.
And a good example of this is this article from Axios talking about how Trump is planning a centrist push and Priebus is on board, Bannon may not be, and if he's not, he will be pushed out because they said there's this changing culture here.
They said it's changing from nationalist versus globalist to combat versus collaboration.
In other words, if you were going to push back against the changes that are happening very rapidly in the Trump White House, then you're going to be pushed out.
If you take a combative approach, you have to become a collaborator with the Goldman Sachs globalists.
And we've seen this.
We've seen Jared Kushner bring in the Obamacare architect, Zeke Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, multiple times.
The guy who was adamant that Obamacare would not be repealed.
And even though we've seen wonderful moves at the beginning of the Trump administration against the TPP, we've now seen Gary Cohen bringing in the architect of the TPP to push back against NAFTA on climate change.
We saw Donald Trump bring in a very combative Attorney General who had pushed back against the EPA's legal overreach.
And we had some great moves to stop this overreach by the EPA.
And yet, when it came to the Paris Climate Treaty and that executive action, we hear that Ivanka pushed very hard for that not to be talked about.
Or the endangerment clause to not be shut down.
So if you'd leave these structures there, just like Obamacare, then that is the dangerous thing.
And that is the globalist approach that is there.
So, how is this all being shaken up?
Well, we see another person being taken out of the National Security Council.
Of course, we lost first General Flynn, then we lost Steve Bannon last week, now we see Katie McFarlane, who was brought in by General Flynn.
She has now been pushed out by McMaster.
They say that he was given, of course, by Donald Trump.
This is the Daily Caller.
McMaster was given the authority to restructure the National Security Council to suit his particular needs.
Reports circulating in February suggested that McFarlane might leave.
However, she told The Hill at that time that she would stay on.
She said, I just met with the President.
He asked me to stay on.
I'm thrilled to do so.
However, now we see that she is leaving just a couple of months later.
So she's being pushed out.
Gary Cohen, again, who brought in the architect of TPP.
To push back against any reform of NAFTA, is being talked about as the new candidate for Chief of Staff.
And then as Katie McFarlane is leaving, we're seeing someone else take her place.
Dinah Habib-Powell, an Egyptian, who came here at the age of four.
She speaks Egyptian, and of course she was brought in first as Ivanka Trump's advisor, telling her how to navigate in Washington.
As they talked about in a Fortune magazine.
She was the incoming first daughter's partner with Diana Powell.
So she was going to fine-tune her powerful new role.
Well, as they say, she was the go-to person on women's issues.
Now she is going to be advising Donald Trump on national security.
And back when she was advising her on women's issues, the Washington Post said,
Well, we love her positions on issues.
The only problem is they're not Donald Trump's positions.
They're Hillary Clinton's positions.
And that's what we're seeing in national security, in foreign policy, in economic and trade issues as the Goldman Sachs people take over.
Well, that's it for tonight's news.
Join us again tomorrow night at 7 Central, 8 p.m.
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