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Name: 20170407_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 7, 2017
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Alex Jones and David Knight discuss recent events such as the U.S military strike on a Syrian airfield, President Trump's decision to launch airstrikes on Syria, and its implications for U.S foreign policy. They cover topics ranging from politics to globalism and promote products available on their website, Infowarsstore.com. The show features various guests who provide analysis and insights into these events and issues. The speakers express concern over the influence of Jared Kushner and his friend Ezra Cohn Watnick on U.S foreign policy and national security matters. They also criticize Trump's decision to launch airstrikes on Syria, arguing that it undermines Trump's reputation and leaves Syrian Christians vulnerable to jihadist attacks. Prominent figures such as Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, and Rand Paul have expressed their opposition to the airstrikes. The speakers promote various products available for purchase at Infowarsstore.com such as Defender Body Armor, Super Blue Fluoride Free Toothpaste, and Caveman Ultimate Paleo Formula on 4WordsLife.com. They also discuss topics ranging from utilizing different parts of animals for various purposes to the importance of freedom of speech in a censored media landscape. Overall, the show provides analysis and insights into current events and issues with a focus on politics and globalism.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Get ready!
We're going to be live here for the next four hours.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Co-hosting with me is David Knight.
Wow, a lot is happening behind the scenes as well today.
So a lot is going to be breaking throughout the transmission.
Obviously, 59 cruise missiles, sea-launched, were fired into a Russian-held base.
Inside Syria last night, and I knew that when Trump was an hour late to his meeting with Xi, the Chinese dictator, they call a president, and I also knew, just thinking about the fact that that would look powerful to the Chinese, and you have the Chinese under US control, and then he makes Xi wait in Palm Beach for an hour.
And then he comes marching in.
Yeah, I just blew up this base.
It's amazing.
The optics of the chemical attack and the media selling it as something Assad did would be hard for Trump to ignore, even though it's known that the al-Qaeda folks in Syria have been caught launching chemical attacks as false flags before.
Ron Paul's come out.
Rand Paul's come out.
Michael Savage has come out.
Nigel Farage has come out.
Paul Watson's come out.
They're all pretty upset with President Trump right now.
From a Machiavelli perspective, I know exactly what he's done.
In fact, Kit Daniels, separate from my own mental breakdown of this, has written an analysis that's going up soon that is spot on from the perspective of Trump.
Okay, and I'm going to break down from my sources and a lot of other angles what's happening.
Not what I think, but what's happening from Trump's perspective.
But understand, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
The optics of this with his base and where this is going and how the Russians see this is very, very serious.
I said last night, I guarantee you the Russians got warned not to be there.
Hours later it came out.
That's because our military and the Russians for four years have been coordinating strikes, working together.
We broke all that news.
Does not like what's happening.
Our audience almost universally hates it.
But I understand why the president's doing it.
So we'll look at both sides.
We'll also look at the big shift in power that we first broke months ago with Jared Kushner and others preparing to drive out Stephen Bannon.
To Stephen Bannon's credit, two days ago he was out of the National Security Council after the strike happened saying, look, this is a false flag.
This will turn your base against you.
It's a quagmire.
Hillary and the neocons invaded Syria.
This is morally wrong.
Do not do this.
And Trump says, as he said in the press conference, I own Syria now.
I'm the president.
I'm not going to just sit there and blame them for making the mess.
I'm going to fix it.
This is all happening right as U.S.
forces have gone above, they say, 10,000.
It's way above that.
There is a ground war now.
Our forces are driving out al-Qaeda in a pincer attack into Syria.
Out of Syria into Iraq.
But what happens when they're destroyed?
Well, the deal four years ago that our military broke up with the Russians is, Assad will look at being a coalition or stepping down.
So I believe that's why Trump's moving forward, because now he's eyeing Damascus and telling him it's time to fulfill your promises.
I have all the articles, the agreements, Sy Hersh has reported on it as well.
David Knight's got a lot of angles on this.
We'll tell you about the four big guests today, a lot of them with inside knowledge of this.
But first, David, what is your angle on this?
Well, Alex, as we're looking at this, the rapid turnaround is something that people are very concerned about.
If Trump wants to appear to be strong, it works against him to... The other side of this is that you can see that he's vacillating, that he's perhaps betraying his promises to the American people.
He ran on a policy of America first.
We were not attacked, as Rand Paul pointed out.
He needs to fix what's wrong here in America before he starts taking down monsters abroad.
And if you want to talk about optics, we need to talk about the optics of just what happened in Stockholm today.
We need to understand the long-term game of this because it's this population shift that's being driven by the globalists that is resulting in them taking over trucks and running people down.
I was very upset about the hundred people that were run down by a truck in the Christmas market in Berlin.
So, we have to understand where this is all headed, and of course, as you point out, it's really the power play that's going on, the regime change, and the White House.
That's right, and if you only look at just what's happening with Trump, you miss the big picture.
As you said, it's about global colonization using Islam, the takedown of Europe.
Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, and now Devin Nunes.
It seems the left's intimidation tactics are actually working.
Nunes is the latest to be asked to step aside after an intense few weeks of grilling from the left, as the House Intelligence Chairman has now recused himself from the Russian probe.
Isn't that too convenient for the Democrats?
To have the only one involved in this Russian probe who actually seems to care about the truth of the matter step aside and recuse himself.
Just to rub our noses in it,
Representative Adam Schiff, Democrat member of the House Intelligence Committee, made a public statement moments after Nunes' announcement saying how pleased he was to hear of Nunes' recusal.
So now, the Democrats have a monopoly on the political witch hunt that is the Russian probe.
Thanks, Nunes.
The Republicans have gotten their leverage democratically and refuse to use it.
The Democrats get their leverage with smear campaigns and use it successfully.
And if we keep allowing them to do it, they're going to continue.
President Trump, the swamp is draining us.
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If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
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InfoWars.com forward slash app.
You got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
Alright, here I go.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Are we seeing the earth?
You got it.
Are we seeing the earth now?
Here we are, Friday, April 7th, 2017, and the world changed on April 6th.
The communist Chinese dictator was just arriving in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, and he was kept waiting for an hour.
The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, walked in and said, excuse me, sorry, I just ordered a cruise missile attack that just commenced ten minutes ago.
Now let's go ahead and negotiate.
About the peninsula, the South China Sea, and North Korea.
So this is paradoxical.
From a historic perspective, from a Machiavelli perspective, I understand exactly what President Trump's doing and it's genius.
And it's all been executed flawlessly with extreme ballet-like grace.
That said, the optics for his key base
Is that true?
It's disastrous.
Kushner comes back and then convinces the president that it's the fault of the Freedom Caucus, who are the only people that are actually 100% living up to their promises, and are the folks there to keep Trump honest.
Steve Bannon keeps saying, hold our feet to the fire, hold our feet to the fire.
You notice he was removed two days ago when the decision was made to do this.
He said, it's horrible.
So Bannon, as I said, is the real deal.
What a rarity.
Trump is as well, but the optics
Of the nerve gas, of the media unanimously saying it's that, of the intelligence from the Pentagon, his blind spot is completely trusting the top brass and their analysts.
Because look at the fake, you know, the Office of Special Plans about Iraq WMDs and all the stuff with Bush.
Of course, it turned out he ordered the fake documents.
He told Tony Blair in the Downing Street memo.
So David Knight's going to be co-hosting here today.
We've got Roger Stone coming up, Joel Skousen, Dr. Steve Pachinick, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Paul Watson, who says he's getting off the Trump train.
Maybe he was just mad last night, but we'll see.
He's going to be hosting from London, England in the fourth hour.
By the way, in about two weeks, Paul's coming here for two weeks to co-host the show with myself, David Knight, and more.
Kind of kicking the tires about moving here.
But let's just stop right there.
Paradoxically, in a cold way, you know, using the psychopath region that we all have in our brains, and a psychopath that just runs things, there's no conscience, I can see the cold-blooded execution of this.
And I understand geopolitically why it's been done.
I understand that they're taking a false flag that was clearly launched, I would say, by the neocons and the globalists.
McCain was just there a month ago.
The same group he's been funding has been caught doing it before.
That's confirmed.
Even New York Times admits the rebels, you know, did get caught launching the false flags.
Obama creates a red line.
On the year anniversary, a chemical attack gets launched when the chemicals aren't even good for war.
In these populated areas, why would Assad do something knowing it brings in the United States one week after Rex Tillerson said, he said last Wednesday, one week after he said, looks like we're going to have Assad stay in power and transition out.
Then they go and chemical attack right as the United States is defeating Al-Qaeda, defeating ISIS.
Our military are the ones five years ago that said they wouldn't be part of backing Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
It was this broadcast.
It was Drudge Report.
It was Rand Paul, the senator.
It was others that came out and said no.
A great moral moment for America.
England joined us for the first time in over 100 years.
And voted against Obama and the war, but voted with the American people against war.
So this was an unprecedented moment.
Now, as we're defeating ISIS, driving them out of eastern Syria into western Iraq, as the Iraqis come in as a pincer attack, right as they're being defeated and announcing they're being defeated, boom!
There's a chemical attack.
And now we hear we've got to come in on the side of the poor little darling rebels, and there's all these kids reading off teleprompters on TV that aren't even in Syria, deceiving the viewing audience.
So again, Ron Paul is totally on target.
This is clearly a false flag.
This is 100% a false flag.
I mean, why would Assad fight so hard and do the one thing, right when he's assured of victory, that destroys him?
So you can see the flip-flop.
The Pentagon wants him out.
They'll work with him to get rid of the Al-Qaeda folks.
ISIS slash Al-Nusra.
But now that it's down to the wire, back to the old policy.
Not a policy of Hillary to put Al-Qaeda in charge.
Our military said no to that.
But they said, we'll kick out Al-Qaeda and then we'll kick out Assad as well.
So you're seeing a triple cross and the Pentagon's all for it and I think it's immoral.
Because Hillary and Obama started the war with the neocons.
They went in there.
Syria never attacked us and it's immoral.
So we're in a six-year immoral operation.
Finally our military said no.
And now they've confused the situation so that the rank-and-file military is confused.
But I'll tell you, they're not.
Our audience isn't.
But I think Trump has been deceived.
And I'm not just defending him just to defend him because I talk to him on the phone sometimes or, you know, whatever that's going on behind the scenes.
Quite frankly, I've been too busy to even, you know, have more contact with Trump even if I wanted to, or he wanted to.
Bottom line, I'm about getting the work done right here in Texas.
So I don't have some little, you know, starry-eyed thing for Donald J. Trump.
I know he's restoring the economy.
I know he killed TPP.
I know he's destroying political correctness.
I know he's doing so many good things it makes my head spin.
Three trillion in the stock market.
Best small business job numbers ever.
So again, I see this talking point meme by the bots everywhere.
Saying, and we can look at them, we know it's from the whole Soros funded group.
That media matters runs saying everywhere, aha Trump's a warmonger, he's backing Al Qaeda, Alex Jones is backing war, aha you're all discredited.
While the establishment left backs Trump, while the neocons pat him on the head and suddenly say okay he's a good guy now, as long as he does what we say and is our slave, the low-level left that's defended all these wars and all this carnage,
Suddenly flooding the internet that it's the end of Alex Jones and he's been caught backing an evil person and oh my god he supports a war in Syria when I was on the air yesterday saying don't do it.
And Rand Paul was saying don't do it.
We're the moral people that were against the war all along.
We're the ones that woke the military up.
I'm not taking credit.
Just get it straight why they hate us so much because we really don't look at things Machiavelli.
We understand them Machiavelli.
Maybe better than those that think they're Machiavelli.
Because, you know, they've always said you can't con an honest man.
These globalists con themselves with wheels within wheels and manipulation and backstabbing.
The Middle East is the greatest at backstabbing and manipulation and they can't have a civilization.
Christian, Western, Renaissance culture is based on chivalry and honor.
And in Texas, a handshake's still a deal under law.
And all you got is your family name and that means your family's known and you're known for doing what you say you're going to do and standing for what you stand for.
And that's why they always attack us and say we're immoral or we're manipulative or we're liars because they can't stand the fact that we're hardcore telling the truth.
So paradoxically, Trump is really disintegrating and in my eyes on many levels.
But paradoxically, he's doing so much good that I realize they're maneuvering him into bad so they won't call him a Russian agent, so he can look tough to the Russians, so he can look tough to the Chinese, and so he can shut down his critics.
But once you feed the pirate, they're gonna want more, more, more, and they're already so unpopular.
Maybe having the establishment on your side 30 years ago was good.
It's coffin nails now.
It's the kiss of death now.
So, him going into the arms of the establishment, as Kushner and Priebus and Ryan have been telling him, is the only thing that will defeat him.
When Rand Paul kind of went with the establishment a little bit, at least in rhetoric, his poll numbers went way down.
When he got hardcore again, he's the new star again.
So, this is an incredible time to be alive.
I'm simply asking, would you rather have had Hillary in?
I'm not defending Trump.
I'm saying look at all the angles of why they think it was a good idea.
I don't think it was.
We're going to lay that out.
It was genius from the Machiavelli perspective, but that's third dimensional stuff, not fifth, sixth, seventh.
Then paradoxically, look at all the good in the economy.
Look at the globalists panicking.
Look at them throwing everything they've got at us.
Look at the states rallying to bring back in control, and local jobs, and family, and the poison of globalism worldwide collapsing, and nationalist movements, and free market movements expanding.
This is a great time to be alive.
Good things are happening.
I'm not going to be demoralized whichever direction Trump goes.
I'll try to keep them straight and narrow, or where Farage goes, or Le Pen.
But I know you're not going to wave her back off, and I'm not either, and neither is David Knight.
We're going to skip this network break.
I'm better about not doing that, but this is obviously wartime stuff with mainstream news saying, verge of World War III.
We're going to be covering it all here today.
But David Knight, could World War III happen?
How chemical and nuclear warfare could lead to the apocalypse?
That's the headlines today.
You've heard my breakdown.
We're going to have some of the crew pop in, a bunch of other guests.
What do you make of this?
This is clearly a big turn by Trump.
He knows it's a false flag.
His advisors told him it was.
Flynn explained it all to him, the architect of getting our military to not back Al-Qaeda in the last five years in Syria.
He knew, though, that they'd knocked him to the ground with this.
They were going to say, look, you did nothing about Russia and try to destroy him.
So I believe he made lemonade out of lemons and actually took their evil energy in and basically threw it back at them.
And now has had a big victory, currently.
The problem is it leads us into the addiction that is war always being the way for a statesman to get his enemies to shut their mouths.
You know Alex, I think when we look at the people who are congratulating Donald Trump today, we see we've got ISIS, Al Qaeda tweeting their responses saying we like what you're doing, Pelosi, Schumer on the Democrat side, of course Hillary Clinton giving an interview yesterday before this happened, indicating some foreknowledge perhaps on her part.
We do know that there was foreknowledge in Syria.
We had a Syrian girl on yesterday, we talked to her.
About the indications of that.
We'll give the details of that later on.
We'll recap that again for you.
But then look on the Republican side.
We've got McCain, Graham, Rubio loving this.
We've got Nigel Farage, however, pushing back against it.
We've got Erdogan in Turkey.
We've got the EU presidents Tusk and Juncker saying this is wonderful.
And then this, I think, says it all, Alex.
We've got Elliott Abrams in Weekly Standard.
And I always spell that W-E-A-K.
The king of the never-Trumpers.
That's right.
Elliott Abrams, Bill Kristol, the people who have opposed Trump from the very beginning, they said this.
The Trump administration has now started.
Finally, he has accepted the role of leader of the free world.
We did not vote for Donald Trump to be the president of the world.
We voted for him to be the president of America.
To put America first.
And that's what concerns me so much.
We can talk about all the Machiavellian movements and everything.
You know what?
The definition of Machiavellianism is being cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous.
Being duplicitous.
And so, as you were just saying, Alex, when you give somebody your word, when you shake your hand on that, that means something.
That should mean something for a statesman.
If you're going to be a statesman.
This should mean that you've got principles instead of the fact that you're like a rudderless ship that's being blown around by everybody that comes in.
And this is what we saw.
Four years ago, Donald Trump knew exactly what was going on.
He said to our very foolish leader, do not attack Syria.
If you do, many bad things will happen and from that fight, the U.S.
gets nothing.
And on and on and on.
Do not attack Syria.
All these tweets that he put out, he was right about that four years ago.
He was right about it 48 hours ago.
And as you pointed out, Alex, we had Rex Tillerson saying, we're not going to do regime change.
That has set the Middle East on fire.
It has created a mass exodus of people, which is the long view of the globe.
And now they admit it's going to be worse, because if Al Qaeda ends up getting control, that's like 90% of the country now.
They've all invaded.
Then they throw doorway right into Europe.
I mean, this is crazy.
But the other part of this, Alex, is not just the regime change in Syria, but the regime change in the White House.
And that's what I'm concerned about.
The fact that we've got Jared Kushner bringing in Zeke Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel's brother, the architect of Obamacare.
Multiple times, had three meetings with senior policy advisors, one meeting with Donald Trump, and of course, Zeke Emanuel said Obamacare is not going to get repealed.
That was taken off the table, the repeal of Obamacare.
That's right.
It's a fact.
We're not just blaming Kushner here as the media is trying to spin and all this stuff and saying, oh, is he anti-Semitic?
I don't care if Kushner's Jewish, German, or whatever he is, if he's a globalist,
If he's selling out our agenda to restore the Republic, I don't like him.
I would have voted for Barry Goldwater in one second.
He was an amazing guy that started the whole modern liberty movement.
He was Jewish.
I could care less if you're Jewish or not, but I love how the media changes the subject.
Kushner's been a Democrat.
And he's bringing in the people that sabotaged the repeal of Obamacare when we had the votes and then goes off skiing so he doesn't get the blame and his father-in-law does.
And I'm sorry.
Donald Trump, you're going to do an analysis later, and so is Roger Stone's coming on.
I was told everything about Kusher, not just by Stone, but by others.
And we've known all along, we were just hoping that Kusher was smart enough to realize his star rises and falls with Trump.
If he thinks he's going to derail Trump and then be the golden boy down the road, he's an idiot.
Kushner, if you just got behind the Republic and making America great, then America would dominate the world with culture and innovation.
We're going to destroy the world with these endless wars and acting tough with a bunch of wimps.
All these neocons have never been in the military.
They're constantly running around acting like tough guys.
And the people like Stephen Bannon, who has been in the military,
He's telling you this has got to stop.
This is what destroyed America's soft power.
Do you understand?
But no.
Kushner's the guy behind the scenes shooting down people like Ben and others, and Priebus, who you think's bad, they're getting ready to bring in the rest of Kushner's people.
And Trump has got to get Jesus on this.
You know, he is allying himself with Gary Cohen, the former number two at Goldman Sachs.
And Lee Stranahan broke it down very well.
He said it's the same globalism, but a different bank.
Because we had Citibank that was behind Obama, and now we've got Goldman Sachs.
With the help of Jared Kushner and Politico.
No friend of Donald Trump, and certainly this isn't anti-Semitism.
They said there's the West Wing Democrats talking about Kushner and Gary Cohen.
And so it's not just Obamacare where Kushner and Cohen bring in Zeke Emanuel, the architect of Obamacare.
But then on trade, we've got Cohen, who is now the chair of the Economic Council for Donald Trump, bringing in the architect of TPP.
Now Donald Trump got rid of TPP on day one.
But now they're pushing back with Cohen and Kushner.
And they're looking at Cohen as being the new chief of staff.
Yes, yes, exactly.
So now they're talking about, well, we're going to get rid of Priebus and Bannon.
And there's an article talking about the four possibilities that they'll put in there.
And by the way, grudge!
Drudge almost jumped off the reservation with this healthcare thing two weeks ago and said, what is going on?
I want my tax cuts.
I want this ripoff of Obamacare gone.
The country wants it.
It's going to kill the economy.
What is this sideways deal?
What's Drudge going to do now that Trump's going more sideways?
I'm going with this, because we would have Hillary.
We'd have things 10 times worse.
I don't believe in lesser two evils.
I'm going to give Trump time to figure this out.
And I was talking to Roger Stone this morning and others, and he said, look,
Trump really trusts his family and other people, but he's going to get this.
He's going to figure it out.
He likes to delegate and see what people do, and so he's going down the line right now.
So, again, I'm in a holding pattern.
I think people should be upset.
We should hold people's feet to the fire.
We should say, don't expand this war more now.
You better kick out the radical Wahhabist and not Assad.
Assad agreed to leave later or be part of a coalition, but now is not the time, because
I mean, now what's going to happen?
Guaranteed, the Al-Qaeda rebels who've been caught doing an al-Nusra ISIS are going to launch another chemical attack.
They've done it four or five times.
They've been caught.
The UN even admitted they did it.
So, the point is, this is only going to escalate more false flags.
And as you said, it's so surreal, David Knight, that you just said,
Al Qaeda, ISIS, all tweeting in support of Trump now, and on top of it, you've got the Weekly Standard who said, never Trump, destroy him, supporting him.
Glenn Beck suddenly supporting him.
Chuckie Schumer suddenly supporting him.
Nancy Pelosi is suddenly supporting him.
All of this craziness is going on, and these are all of his enemies.
He doesn't need his enemies to support him.
In fact, let's hear from the President.
Let's play this short clip.
of his statement on why he fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, saying that Assad has this blood on his hands.
Ladies and gentlemen, we also see Haley telling the UN, unanimous intelligence believes this.
Funny, I've talked to a lot of folks that are in the military, you name it, none of them, none of them are buying that Assad, on his hour of victory, he's about to blow up the Al Qaeda Death Star, and then he blows up his own base.
Well, look at this picture of her.
Here she is on AP, she's there at the UN holding a picture of a dead baby.
That is absolutely, absolutely, yeah.
Take a picture of this.
Let's put it back on screen.
You guys found it.
Holding a picture of a dead baby.
And that's her proof.
This is just like the babies in the incubators with a PR firm in 1990.
So let's go ahead and play Donald J. Trump.
And again, this is a war.
Why did Bannon say, hold their feet to the fire?
Why did Bannon say, hold their feet to the fire?
Why'd he say it two months ago and a month ago?
Because he needed help.
He was being blocked everywhere.
And guess what?
Bannon has said, I'm ready for a gunfight.
He's ready to leave and go back to Breitbart.
And I cannot wait, because we're going to defeat the Democrats.
We're going to defeat the neocons and people in the Trump administration.
And we're going to restore our republic.
And we're going to have nationalists take over everywhere.
And we're going to have a new golden era of prosperity if we can stop the globalists causing World War III, the horrible communists in China.
The authoritarianism in Russia, the super authoritarianism of the EU, all of it's being reversed.
Humanity wants freedom, and that's what this is about.
I get the optics.
I know why Trump did it.
He's being advised by his generals.
Who knows, maybe one chance out of a hundred the Syrians really did it.
You know, the Russians said, maybe we accidentally, we were storing munitions there, maybe we accidentally dropped chemicals.
I saw that report, in fact, reprinted.
That's the one thing that makes me think,
Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad
Launched a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians.
Using a deadly nerve agent, Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women, and children.
It was a slow and brutal death for so many.
Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very
Barbaric attack.
No child of God should ever suffer such horror.
Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.
It is in this vital national security interest of the United States
To prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.
There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, and ignored the urging of the UN
We're going to come back with more.
We've got Roger Stone and so much more.
David Knight co-hosting here with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Paul Watson is really wound up.
He's going to be on in the fourth hour.
Did the Trump train run off the tracks?
Did it lose a caboose?
Or is Trump doing the right thing?
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
While the swamp is competitive in the political battle, it does seem the cultural swamp is being drained.
Shia LaBeouf's most recent film, Man Down, had a blockbuster opening day with a huge ticket sale.
Yes, one ticket.
Since opening night last weekend, ticket sales have totaled a whopping three.
He's had more flags stolen than ticket sales.
So Shia's childish antics on the streets earned him more attention than his actual job.
Meanwhile, InStyle Magazine had to publish a story to boost Amy Schumer's crushed ego.
Headline reading, So now, if a man doesn't like a woman, it's because he's sexist.
How dare you not like my strong, proud woman who breaks all the social paradigms by trying to be elegant and abhorrent at the same time.
Women can do and be anything.
Yes, including too vulgar.
I ran a series of polls on Twitter called Who's the Worst, and Amy Schumer won.
The people have spoken.
Amy Schumer is the worst.
But if the left wants her to be their poster child, go ahead.
We will keep winning the culture war.
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We've got Roger Stone about to join us.
I'm also going to get some of the crew's analysis and take on this.
And then we've got so many others.
Dr. Steve Pachinik, Joel Skousen popping in, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Paul Watson, David Knight is co-hosting here.
I'm filing a special report working on some things behind the scenes so I won't be back till the middle of the next hour coming up at the end of this hour.
That's the whole war room situation we're in.
We're going to go to
Roger Stone with his analysis and take on this in a minute.
If you're looking for just boiled down stuff like this attacks good or this attacks bad or Trump is good or Trump is bad, it's the wrong broadcast.
I'm not here dumbing media down.
I'm really giving you a serious breakdown of what I believe and what I stand for on the
Drudge poll, 65.99% out of 118,000 votes.
We should put up our own votes similar to Drudge and get everybody to go vote and see what our listeners think on Infowars.com.
We should go get the similar polls he uses.
That's a good system he uses.
As soon as he has millions of voters.
Drudge poll, Trump strikes aside.
Good, 65.99%.
Bad, 20%.
Don't know, 13%.
So go vote on that at DrudgeReport.com.
We'll be watching it as well.
And you notice the headline there.
It's also on Infowars.com.
Russian warship on the move.
Attacking Syria again.
You'll need to get through me.
Russia battleship is positioned between U.S.
warship and runway hit by Trump's airstrike.
And all these mainline analysts say World War III could be triggered.
Trump's meeting with the Russian folks sometime in the future, but he's meeting with the Chinese dictator right now.
Notice he called Assad a dictator, which is true.
He's not calling Xi a dictator, is he?
So we're going to talk about that in a moment.
Again, I like what he's doing on the economy and so much more, but as Rand Paul and as Nigel Farage and others have said,
This breaks with everything he said he was going to do, and he knows what's really been happening in Syria.
He knows about the false flags.
But Trump probably knew he couldn't convince the public of that, and this would probably have destroyed him.
So in a way, I'm kind of glad he got up off the mat and turned lemons into lemonade and struck some chemical weapons so they'd be destroyed.
Nobody was killed.
But then the neocons celebrate, and I wonder where that takes us, where that goes.
I mean, he is cleaning out al-Qaeda.
They are beating them.
Now they're turning towards, I guess, making Assad step down.
I guess I just don't like the fact of who's in control of this and all these corrupt Democrats and others and John McCain celebrating and John McCain saying the natural order of Washington has now returned to where it should be.
Again, it's a complex issue.
I don't waffle on topics.
I'm pro-gun, I'm pro-choice.
But when you're talking about something like this, this is geopolitical.
This is very, very complex.
But I know this, it better not widen and they better not put Al Qaeda or ISIS or any of those Wahhabist groups in control as a huge gateway into Turkey and the West, all part of this globalist colonization of Europe with Islamists that is now admitted by the EU chief and by the UN chief over migration, Peter Sutherland.
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Now, we're going to go to Roger Stone.
I want to be clear to the listeners.
One of the reasons Trump was so popular was he didn't want war with Russia for no reason.
He didn't want war in the Middle East.
He didn't want to topple Assad so that ISIS and Al-Qaeda could take over.
He wanted to knock out Al-Qaeda.
Our military is over 10,000 troops now there.
I've talked to folks involved.
They have knocked them out 90%.
They're forcing them into Iraq in a pincer movement.
They've got them locked in those jaws.
And now they turn towards Assad.
Now wouldn't Al-Qaeda or ISIS launch a chemical attack to blame it on Assad when that's the red line?
And Trump said if they crossed that red line he'd attack?
How does Trump say we know definitively?
I want to believe him.
Maybe he's being lied to by the generals.
I don't know.
I get the Machiavelli move.
They can stop calling him a Russian agent.
He looks strong in front of the communist dictator from China who's visiting.
Makes him wait an hour while it's happening.
That's the stuff of movies.
So Roger Stone joins us briefly to pop in to give us his analysis and his take on this.
In the next segment, we're going to get David Knight and the crew to pop in, but pop in whenever you like, David.
Roger, what do you make of this whole situation?
And then we'll talk some about President Kushner.
Well, Alex, as you said, I think it's exceedingly complex, and I think it has to be viewed on several levels.
First, let's look at it just from a political point of view.
This has one immediate and obvious effect.
The idea that Donald Trump is soft on the Russians because of collusion between his campaign and the Russians.
Let's be clear, a base with Russians on it, two hours notice to get off of it.
So it has probably that beneficial effect with the electorate.
I noticed this morning reporters I speak to far less interested in the whole phony question of Russian collusion.
Secondarily, I do think that it was important for the president to project power, to project strength, and probably doing nothing was probably not an option.
I was about to say, just looking at the optics, just looking at the optics, they would have used this to crucify him.
So I want to have lower taxes, I want to have a controlled border, I want to have sovereignty, and I get Rand Paul's right about what he's saying, but this would have destroyed Trump, so it's a very weird place to be.
Well, and it will be the right move if it remains limited.
The real danger, as you pointed out, is now adapting an interventionist, neocon, foreign policy boots on the ground in a full war in Syria.
There's just nothing here that is worth our fighting for.
I understand that children are being gassed, although I understand even General Mattis has raised questions about whether that was, you know, fraudulent.
What's interesting to me is that this push by the generals, which I believe is aided by the President's son-in-law,
To essentially shed the non-interventionist position that he stuck to very closely in the campaign and become George W. Bush.
The people, if they wanted a neocon, they would have elected Jeb.
The American people are tired of endless foreign wars where our national interests are not obvious.
In the case of Assad, he is propped up by the Russians.
He's financing Hamas and Hezbollah.
On the other side you have ISIS.
So the only people cheering today, sadly, are neocons and jihadis.
You have Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Nusra tweeting support for Trump doing this.
You have the Weekly Standard, a bunch of disgraced chicken hawks supporting it.
And now the liberals are turning, almost all of them.
And the Washington Post is like, how dare you do this after they say, oh, you're aiding the dictator Assad.
Then he does this and now they're turning against him.
And I see everything going on in the White House to turn off his base.
The bad health care bill.
As we exposed yesterday, this isn't Trump's health care bill.
This is John Boehner's health care bill.
This was drafted by the lobbyist, former Speaker John Boehner, when he put a cigarette down long enough, passed to Paul Ryan, from Ryan to Reince Priebus, from Priebus to the President.
They could have had a much better bill.
I was really happy to see that the president followed some very sound advice and sat down with Senator Rand Paul to start figuring out where they agree and where we can get a more market-oriented health care bill.
He said he believes they can get it.
So that's a big positive move.
Trump's pushing the tax cuts.
That's very positive.
But let's pull back.
We don't want to attack Kushner.
I mean, I hope the guy's a great guy, but he's a Democrat.
He keeps bringing in these people.
He's pushing for a lot of things.
Let's talk about the role of President Kushner here, because they keep saying Bannon's the brain.
But now we know what you reported on on Monday is now confirmed that indeed he is the leaker to the media.
Yeah, I can absolutely certify that Steve Bannon was opposed to this intervention in Syria.
And he obviously lost an internal argument.
I also think he is wearing
The manner in which the travel ban was rolled out, he's most certainly wearing the healthcare fiasco where we were forcing Republicans to walk the plank on a bill that wasn't even ours.
All of those things, I think, are being utilized by President Kushner to put the heat on Steve Bannon.
Bannon's a fighter, and I do think he will survive, but what we have to figure out is whether his role is diminished.
One obvious problem, of course, is that he really has not spent any capital to bring other
Sure, it looks like he's got a jihad going against true populists and patriots.
I mean, I'm sorry, he's the one in there rooting everybody out, running them out, and then trying to get the neocons, you know, back in the tent.
Largely without allies.
And you said that day one, before he was in, he said he's got a battle, he's been lulled into a sense of trust, you know, and I talked to him some early on, and I was just like, you've got to get more patriots in there.
But of course, people weren't looking to give power back to the people, like Trump, they were looking for their own power, and so Bannon wasn't looking for his own power, and so now he's going to lose it.
So there's that paradox, we don't want power, but we've got to be willing to get in there and keep them from getting power, so that we can give it back to the people.
My greatest concern in all honesty, Alex, is that watching the Silicon Valley barons whining and dying, Jared and Ivanka, the Google people, the Facebook people, those who are seeking to choke InfoWars and Stone Cold Truth and Breitbart News and
That's right, while the very support system of the Republic is under admitted Democratic Party, George Soros, David Brock, admitted they say they want to shut down, admitted they want to end free speech, admitted they're trying to police China.
By showing them they can censor here.
And Trump is on autopilot while Obama's stay-behind-network Ministry of Truth at the State Department openly testifies in Congress that we're Russian agents and that we should be shut up.
I mean, this, exactly.
And remember, day one, when Obama signed that bill, I said, this is going to be our biggest bane, Roger.
I mean, I'm not bragging, but did I not tell you we've got to tell Trump, we've got to hammer him on this?
I remember that day you told me, well, this is the National Censorship Board, here it is.
And that's exactly what has transpired.
My point, of course, is if there's anyone on the face of the planet who should understand this, it would be Steve Bannon, because he comes out of Breitbart News.
I don't think that Jared understands that if these censorship initiatives go forward, the chances of the President's re-election are zero.
We are going to restore the mainstream media monopoly on the dissemination of political information.
Trump could not have won without a free and vibrant net.
Trump could not have won without Infowars.com.
Trump could not have won without Breitbart, Daily Caller.
And the enemy knows that!
The enemy knows that!
They've written thousands and thousands of articles admitting, and then you get leaks where they're saying, oh we got
Roger Stone banned off TV.
Oh, we cut out the MVP.
Soros give us more money.
I mean, they are literally trying to destroy us and Trump's on autopilot.
Let's just say it.
Toad Hall is filled with a bunch of weasels and stoats and it's time to retake it, man.
He needs to understand he is surrounded by weak, foppish, left-wing New York socialites.
But meanwhile, we see, you know, Jared dining with the head of Google at one of the toniest restaurants in Manhattan.
This is more disturbing to me than anything else because the future of the Trump administration and his efforts to make America great again completely pivot off access to the net and the ability to rally the same people who elected him.
If we can't reach those people, we cannot rally them.
This is the greatest single danger I see moving forward, but there's no evidence that Jared Kushner understands what is going on here.
It's unbelievable, and you know, here we are trying to stop wars, here we are trying to get taxes cut, and we have the vicious piranha-like brainwashed left, people that are susceptible to the brainwashing, not realizing we're their best friends, and that weirdo foreign Nazi collaborators are financing the end of free speech, who overthrew the Middle East, who overthrew Ukraine.
I mean, they mean business!
People ask why they never give up, and why they're so wicked, and because they just keep winning, and finally they run into us, and we're holding them back.
Only to see, as usual, Trump infiltrated by his very family.
Do you think Kushner is just delusional, or does he realize what he's doing?
Because they're going to destroy him, too.
Well, ironically, I don't think his motives are bad.
I just think his political judgment is not sound.
He would like his father-in-law to be successful.
He would like his father-in-law to be popular.
He would like his father-in-law to be well-received in the salons of the Upper West Side of New York.
That is never going to happen.
His father was elected as a revolutionary, as a reformer, as an outsider.
Can't Jared see the global tide is inexorable and cannot be stopped even if they capture our leaders more like shark teeth will roll forward?
Do you think he dines with anybody who isn't a millionaire?
Do you think he dines with anybody who isn't a globalist?
You know, Roger, when you're talking about... Besides the folks at Goldman Sachs?
I don't.
Skip this one more break.
I can't help it.
Do it.
You're talking, Roger, about who he dines with.
Talking about him dining with Silicon Valley and so forth.
Lee Stranahan of Breitbart talked about how he met with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfeld
We're good to go.
Donald Trump turnaround in just 48 hours, but of course it's also the Obamacare issue.
It's also even climate change.
We didn't even talk about that.
How they pushed as Donald Trump was putting in the executive orders to shut down the EPA overreach to shut down entire industries.
It was Jared Kushner and Ivanka who were pushing back to say don't mention the Paris climate treaty.
It's them!
It's them!
It's his daughter and his son-in-law.
They are literally the enemies of the Republic.
I just can't help it.
I'm sorry, I'll just lay it all out.
They are elitists.
By the way, I think Lee Stranahan is one of the very best reporters in the country today and does excellent work there at Breitbart.
I follow his byline very carefully and I'm certain to read everything he writes.
But I think Alex has put his hands on it.
First of all, this in a way has to do with political correctness and social responsibility.
They want to be accepted.
They don't want to be yelled at.
And I think Ivanka's amazing.
I think Kushner's really smart.
And I like the sons, Donald Jr.
and everybody.
They're great.
Hell, they can follow us on Twitter and tweet our stuff.
The point is, I don't want to be patted on the head.
I want the Republic back.
I want to restore the Republic.
For those who say, well, he's the president's son-in-law and therefore, you know, there's no way that he will lose power, I would remind you that Donald Trump is a man who fired his own brother.
Watch the poll numbers.
Because if we dive headlong into globalism, Donald Trump may be at a 40, roughly, percent approval rating today.
It'll hit 20.
That's not why we elected him.
And let me add this point.
Let me add this point.
I'm not, you know, hysterical today, and I'm not, you know, really completely distraught, because at the end of the day, I have faith in Donald Trump to figure this out and right the ship.
I'm convinced that when he hears the arguments about what Google is doing, what Facebook is doing, what these other Stalinist type censors are doing on the net, he will get it instantly.
But what we don't know is whether Steve Bannon has, you know, made this clear to him, what is a full... Everybody through Twitter, everywhere else.
The weird thing is, you know, talking to Trump, he does a lot of the talking and then people are busy and Rens Prevost is on the line or whatever, I don't want to get into it.
They literally follow him around like hounds, trying to keep him away from people.
But the public has to get the message that they're set up a censorship board, they're undercutting him, and again, when I say enemies of the republic,
I don't mean conscious enemies, but they literally are working against the restoration of this, this huge engine of success.
Trump will be like George Washington 2.0 if he succeeds.
If he doesn't, it'll be sad.
And we just look at the delusional elite and all that they're pushing.
Stay there, Roger.
I've got, we've got like five more minutes left with you, but I want to get Kit Daniels to pop in.
He's got a positive view on this.
And also we've got Matt in there, who's a smart producer.
He's got some points at it.
So go ahead, guys.
Both of you jump in briefly.
Yes Alex, the article, the subject line of my article reads, strikes could trigger a reconciliation coalition with Russia to stop ISIS.
And that's true because when it comes to the strikes, you know, Trump just hit like an airbase.
He didn't even touch the runway.
He did minimal damage to this airbase.
And going back to what I just said, marriage counselors will tell you that the greatest bond between couples is forged in the reconciliation phase.
So now Trump and Russia now have this little standoff going off with the ships in the Mediterranean, yet he struck an airbase with minimal damage, which is basically a slap on the wrist to Assad.
And now he's in the position where he can use diplomacy to de-escalate the situation with Russia.
Now, if he didn't strike the airbase before, and he tried to talk to Russia beforehand about forging a coalition to stop ISIS, then, you know, his whole administration, you know, the Democrats in Congress, even the neocons in Congress, would have went out and said that Trump is Putin's puppet.
I agree.
And I said this yesterday before it was admitted that there were back channels, that they are meeting with them, that Mattis and others are talking to them.
They told the Russians, let us do this.
This will shut up that we're all Russian agents.
Then we can have another deal to fully remove ISIS and then decide what we're going to do with Syria together.
But we're going to hit this because the optics are too bad.
You can save a rattle all you want, but then this will be a gambit to reopen detente.
And I believe that's actually what's happened.
But the neocons are all celebrating because they believe now they can just stage more false flags.
I believe they're directly behind it.
I think McCain went over there and set this up a month ago.
They've done it before.
And so they're now thinking they can bully the president into submission and aren't even sophisticated enough to know what the president's done.
And by the way, I know that's what's been done.
I mean, I just can see it.
I saw it before it happened.
Well, he's clever like a fox.
I do agree with you, Alex, that John McCain, maybe he thinks he was elected president.
I don't know.
But he clearly was there at a suspicious time.
And he and his mini-me, Lindsey Graham, are just itching for war.
They're desperate for war.
It's really, it's very sad.
You would think John McCain, as a man who has seen war, would want to do everything necessary to avoid war.
We're going to know very soon, because if this becomes a full-fledged invasion of Syria, boots on the ground, and massive civilian bombings, then we have lost.
Then we have lost the purposes of electing Donald Trump.
Well, Roger, here's the bad news.
They admittedly are putting in whole, I'm not going to even say the numbers, but I've got this from a lot of good sources, and then I looked at the news, they admitted larger, tens of thousands of troops as we speak are being dumped into Syria from the U.S.
And that's the problem because we see all this stuff about a surgical strike.
And we have to assume that right now the generals and probably Jared Kushner are pushing the president in that direction.
That's why I think it's vitally important that supporters remind the president why they voted for him.
We did not vote for him so we could have a neocon interventionist foreign policy.
And we have no vital interests on the ground in Syria.
Of course we hate the gassing of children.
I agree with that.
I don't want to say something to you, Roger.
You know, I don't want to get into the cheerleading of surgical strikes.
Every time we do something that is aggressive, that we do take an action without having this debated in Congress.
And that's one of the reasons why we have Congress declare war.
Because it takes a process to debate this.
We did not look at the forensic evidence.
There's indications that this is a false flag, that this was tweeted out, it was published.
There's a rush to judgment.
It's just instant.
Let's have a forensic investigation.
When we did that four years ago, we found it wasn't true.
So we see all these articles from Daily Mail.
This is an awesome arsenal.
This is pinpoint accuracy.
We have Brian Williams saying this is beautiful missiles.
You know what?
If they were storing gas there at that place, then where's the pictures of the people dying when they hit the storehouse of the gas there at the airport with the missiles?
No, it was empty.
The Russians are involved.
This was all done behind the scene and back channels.
And I hate to even say that, but listen, the mainstream media won't even pick up on that because they're just such repeaters.
They're so dumb, they don't even know what they're witnessing and guaranteed that's it.
I'm just saying, I don't even know if I like this because it's so Machiavelli.
Roger, go or come back briefly with Kit and also Matt jump in here and then David Knight's gonna take over.
I've got a special report coming up at the bottom of the hour and we've got so many guests today.
Roger, in 30 seconds left, StoneColdTruth.com, your book, Making of a President, InfoWarsTore.com, 30 second final comment.
Well, let's watch this very, very carefully.
And I urge patriots, I urge those who are listening, to go ahead and contact the White House.
The main number where you can leave a message, and they're set up for that, 202-456-1414.
Tell the President, no wider war in Syria.
And tweet at him, and call in on C-SPAN.
Roger, we'll talk to you soon.
Anytime you want to pop in today with more intel.
Thank you so much.
And I'll be back this Sunday, by the way, 4 to 6 p.m.
Stay with us.
Hour number two coming up.
Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, and now Devin Nunes.
It seems the left's intimidation tactics are actually working.
Nunes is the latest to be asked to step aside after an intense few weeks of grilling from the left, as the House Intelligence Chairman has now recused himself from the Russian probe.
Isn't that too convenient for the Democrats?
To have the only one involved in this Russian probe who actually seems to care about the truth of the matter step aside and recuse himself.
Just to rub our noses in it,
Representative Adam Schiff, Democrat member of the House Intelligence Committee, made a public statement moments after Nunes' announcement saying how pleased he was to hear of Nunes' recusal.
So now, the Democrats have a monopoly on the political witch hunt that is the Russian probe.
Thanks, Nunes.
The Republicans have gotten their leverage democratically and refuse to use it.
The Democrats get their leverage with smear campaigns and use it successfully.
And if we keep allowing them to do it, they're going to continue.
President Trump, the swamp is draining us.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
Yeah, we're starting to retake the Republic a little bit here and there, but there's a lot more of the fight ahead, as you can see, as all the forces struggle to derail our agenda.
Joel Skousen's popping in with his view.
Dr. Steve Pchenik is also coming up.
Jerome Corsi, Paul Watson hosts the fourth hour.
David Knight's going to take over until I'm back at the bottom of the hour.
Just a big broadcast, obviously, today.
It's an info war.
Spread these links.
I know David's chomping on the bit here with all these guests we've had on.
I agree with your bullet points from the perspective of Trump, and I think that's what Trump means.
In fact, I know it's what he means.
So I get what's happening there, and I concur with your article to a great extent.
I'm just saying there's more levels to this.
Other points?
I want to get Matt Weber in here.
Absolutely, Alex.
My concern is that the criticism lobbied against Trump
A lot of it is valid, but some people are making this assumption that Trump is stupid.
Trump is way smarter than he lets on.
He is way smarter than most people realize.
And going back to this article is the fact that, you know, with Russia,
You know, it's like you said, the taunt.
And there's two tales about this thing, about this.
One, when you played the video with Trump giving his press conference, he just read it off the script.
He had no authenticity about his statement.
He was reading straight off the teleprompter.
I have never seen Trump do that.
So to me, I'm convinced that Trump doesn't
Believe that this was a real attack.
I think there's a doubt in his mind that this was definitely a false claim.
They know the other attacks were.
All right.
Thank you.
That's a great point.
Your article is on Infowars.com.
Kit Daniels breaks down kind of the pro side of this.
I overall think we're going down the wrong road really, really fast.
But right now let's go to Matt Weber.
Matt, you've got some points on this as well.
Go ahead.
Yeah, to elaborate on what David Knight had said earlier, he was critical of tactical or surgical strikes.
And I do know that the purpose of that strike was to inhibit their capabilities of carrying out sarin gas attacks.
But there was an article up where Putin was warning about negative consequences.
And I think one of those could be that it makes Syria more dependent on foreign powers for defense aid now.
You know, that's something that we'll have to take on as a burden.
We'll have to support Syria if we want them to remain an ally.
And let's think about if we don't actually get Assad out.
Rex Tillerson has been very obscure in his statements.
He said, you know, we're taking steps towards getting Assad out of office, but he's also said that, you know, a strike doesn't necessarily mean a policy shift
For Syria.
So let's say Assad remains in power.
Is this going to drive him into the arms of other nations?
You know, is he going to align himself with other people?
We have to stop being the police for the world at some point.
And understand this, it's Hillary and Obama and the globalists that started the whole war, that began this civil war.
And so I can see Trump cleaning out Al Qaeda and ISIS.
Out of Iraq and Syria, but then going in and then removing Assad, that's a whole nother thing.
And then we truly own Syria.
We'll get Joel Scouser's take on that.
Do you have a comeback?
Yeah, yeah.
To that end, yes.
This is, you know, steeped in legality, right?
Was this legal for Trump to do?
There are people like, who's this guy?
Nicholas Christoph?
He's a New York Times reporter and, you know,
Chris Cuomo was asking him this morning, you know, aside from the legality, can you come up with a compelling argument for this action?
And he said, yeah, you know, sometimes it's good to show that you're a decisive leader.
But, you know, what I what I'm thinking here is, you know,
Can I come in here and say something?
I want to say that... I'm just getting the guys on air because they're always nervous to get on air.
I mean, behind the scenes are well spoken.
I'm just getting them used to being on air.
Go ahead, go ahead.
Yeah, I just want to say it's easy to shoot cruise missiles from the hip.
But we have to understand we don't want to root ISIS in Syria and we don't want to root ISIS in the West, in the U.S.
and Western Europe.
And that's my concern about all this.
Let Matt come back and have a final comment.
Here's my deal.
That rider he's talking about?
Had the stage deal with Hillary where she said hit his airfields so she'd sound real smart two hours later when it happened.
They already all knew.
That's right.
So all I'm getting at here is the bad actors are all for this.
I know why Trump did it.
The reality is this is a war.
These people are waging war on us for time.
This has gone on for 1,400 years.
This is nothing new.
And the whole time while this goes on, police leaders or political leaders want to invite more!
They want to invite more!
So, Tom Robinson, saying things now you can get arrested for in England, but he keeps doing it.
Here you are, beaming into the United States and what's left of the free world.
Thanks for joining us.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
I was born in 1982.
When I was born, we had one mosque.
There's currently 30 mosques in my town.
My town is 30 miles north of London.
It was the launching pad for the 7-7 bomb block.
It was the fertilizer bomb block.
The Stockholm bomber.
There were Muslims put in jail this year for planning to behead an American soldier on the streets of the UK.
Currently, 40% of my town is Muslim.
I've seen first-hand the problems that this culture and this ideology will bring to your town.
I've seen the attack on your freedom, on your free speech, on your women, on your culture, on your identity, the erosion of who you are.
Everything comes under attack.
And of course, not all Muslims, but this is a reality of what I see.
Now these are facts, and I understand liberals don't like facts.
3.4% of England is Pakistani.
Okay, Pakistani heritage.
They are responsible for over 30% of the birth defects.
These are all problems that will come with Islam.
In the UK, we've had 66% of British Muslims said they would not report on fellow ISIS fighters.
So when we talk about terrorism, terrorism is very bad.
We've had 12 planned terrorist attacks last year.
No one draws in on that.
We've had one successful one in years, but we don't realise that every year, if they were successful, we'd have had shopping centres, aeroplanes, schools, everything would have been attacked every month.
We then realised, then the Liberals would realise, everyone would realise, we're at war.
We're in a war zone here.
The arrogance, the bitching that everybody has to roll a red carpet out and the grand imam saying, take that weapon there.
I mean, it's like a joke.
In the UK, 75% of Muslim women are on benefits and 50% of Muslim men.
When you talk about taking our women, most recently in Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales, we had an imam who said the time is coming soon when we take the non-Muslim women as sexual slaves.
We don't need an imam to say that because Muslim men already in our country are taking our women as sexual slaves.
We have street-level gang grooming.
They call it grooming in the UK, like it's cutting the hairs of dogs.
Really, it's a rape jihad.
It's a rape jihad going on in our country where 90% of the convicted perpetrators are Muslim men.
20% of them are called Mohammed.
We're told continuously this has nothing to do with Islam.
This has everything to do with Islam.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are, Friday, the 7th day of April 2017.
Gorsuch was just approved to the Supreme Court.
I guess they used the nuclear option to get that done, only needing 51 votes.
We'll have details of that for you.
You can put the article on screen for any TV viewers that are out there watching us.
If you're a radio listener, you can always tune in via Infowars.com forward slash show.
There it is.
Neil Gorsuch confirmed by Senate as Supreme Court Justice.
And we'll scroll down and read some of that article for, again, the TV
Viewers, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate on Friday to become the 113th Justice of the Supreme Court, capping a political brawl that lasted for more than a year and tested constitutional norms inside the Capitol-fraying upper chamber.
The development was a signal.
Let me just stop right there because I want to go to our next guest and I'm going to punch out for a while, work on some things and come back, David.
I'll leave everybody here with able hands.
I'll be back this Sunday, of course, 4 to 6 p.m.
It's not Hillary!
Pick of the Supreme Court.
And I know folks that were involved with Trump.
He had a computer with the most conservative votes and had a bunch of big firms look at it.
Three different firms.
And he wanted to put in Napolitano later, but said, well, I guess you're not on the list.
You'll have to be the second round.
That's big news for folks, but I'll just tell you.
So, bigger economy, control the border, a lot of good stuff happening, but neocons and al-Qaeda celebrating what happened in Syria.
Clear false flag.
Joel Scalzen was on with us.
The day it happened, we had reporters on the ground, absolutely a false flag.
Ron Paul, 100% false flag.
He's never that sure.
Rand Paul, I mean, the same group's been caught staging it.
Why would Assad, right as he's winning, right as the U.S.
is defeating al-Qaeda and ISIS, pushing them into Iraq in a pincer attack,
From the East and the West.
Why would he do the one thing that's the red line for Trump?
Trump knows that, so it makes him look good with the Chinese president.
Now he does look like he's allied with Russia.
Maybe it opens up the taunt.
A very Machiavelli move.
I understand Machiavellian systems.
But I just, they always turn to evil, like the Ring of Mordor, to use a parable from Lord of the Rings.
It'll give you the power to win, but only a couple moves.
Then it brings in the curse, just like Nazi Germany or anything else.
So Joel Skousen, former Marine Corps fighter pilot, naval aviator.
A military officer in the Marine Corps, and of course one of the leading patriot families for almost 70 years fighting the globalists.
And so he's got all the sources.
We'll get his take.
And David, you take over.
I know David is chomping at the bit here.
So, Joel Scowls, good to have you here.
Good to be with you, Alex and David.
Well, you've heard my ranting, you've heard my analysis, and David's perhaps.
What's your take on the current situation?
Well, I'm frankly going to have to disagree with the proposition that Trump hasn't bought into this.
I think he's been totally snookered by this false flag incident.
And I have read every statement, I don't care whether he's on the teleprompter or speaking off the cuff.
Yeah, I can see, you know, complete buying into this on his part.
And this is a very sad story because it means, I mean, when his meeting with at Mar-a-Lago with Bannon, Bannon was totally for the strike on Syria.
You just cannot explain this by Machiavellian technique saying, I'm going to go out and destroy people just so that I can, you know, advance
I'm just very frustrated by the fact that Donald Trump...
Absolutely, they assured him.
And McMasters assured him.
Absolutely, this was the Syrians that did it.
And you know what they failed to see, and which has come out from the Russians, which is very, very good intelligence, is that the Syrians had stockpiled chemical weapons in this arms factory, and it was a secondary explosion from the attack from the Syrians on the arms factory.
The Syrians didn't know that there were chemical weapons there.
But it wasn't technically a false flag attack, meaning that the Syrians didn't explode, the rebels didn't explode the weapons, trying to blame it.
It just simply got caught up in the attack on their arms factory.
So this surprises the globalists.
This is something they had to move a crisis and take advantage of it right off the cuff, because this was not a planned false flag attack.
It turns out to be a false attribution to Assad.
And I covered in today's World Affairs Brief
All the history of the false accusations of Assad using chemical weapons, how chemical weapons are a broad-based area weapon that are never used, never in military tactics, used in a close urban conflict situation with civilians, because it's non-discriminatory.
There's no way with Assad, knowing that the establishment is looking for a way to kill him, to blame him, that he would use chemical weapons, where there's no military advantage to do so.
I just can't believe that none of the military experts on television have brought this up.
It's just a cover-up of massive proportions.
But I'm frankly worried that once Trump gets on this bandwagon and says, I'm going to attack, he goes through with it.
And so I'm thinking that with his threats against North Korea, and China is not going to rein in North Korea, but with those threats,
Trump could take place or could take action against North Korea very soon and it could have World War III consequences.
I'm very, very concerned.
You know, Joel, this is David Knight.
Alex Jones is gone now.
We'll finish up this interview together.
When you said that you were concerned that Donald Trump had bought into this, I am too, because what we've seen is a pattern of Donald Trump going out and getting the people that he believes are experts in all these different fields, and then stepping back and saying, I'm going to approach this from a pragmatic standpoint, I'm not ideological about this, and let them take the lead on this.
And of course, Michael Savage has said, look, these are the generals now that are leading us into this escalated conflict, this escalated conflict and regime change in Syria.
We're good to go.
And she was saying that a day prior to the attack, Gulf-based Orient TV announced, quote, tomorrow, we are launching a media campaign to cover the airstrikes on Hama countryside, including the usage of chemical warfare against civilians.
I mean, they're tipping this out a day ahead of time.
We see that there's not going to be any forensic investigation.
There's not going to be any debate in Congress.
Instead, they move immediately with a solution that they have pre-planned.
This is what looks like so much like a false flag.
Well, I published that report from InfoWars in today's World Affairs Brief, that they had foreknowledge of it.
The only solution, you know, as a military analyst on that, it would be to say that they have to wait because they had video of seeing the aircraft, the Syrian aircraft, come in dropping their bombs and then the chemical weapons exploding.
You know, either they had to time it where they set these off manually in concert with the coming attack, which perhaps they knew about, perhaps they were inducing this attack and planned to blow this up, but that's a tricky
Thank you.
I agree.
Now, in terms of justification, we saw Donald Trump and Nikki Haley talking about babies and so forth, and we've seen this all with the first Gulf War, and that was false, the fact that we were told babies were being taken out of incubators by an evil dictator, and we found out that that was entirely rigged.
Donald Trump said the slow agonizing death.
Well, you know, we had a half a million children die of slow agonizing deaths and that was our sanctions against Iraq.
We also have the example that we had in Stockholm today of what is going to really be the consequences of this in the long term.
You want to speak to that and talk about also what you think is going to happen, what effect this is going to have on our relationship with Russia.
Well, let's talk about the Russia thing, too.
Now, Trump, of course, as you know, did warn the Russians in advance.
This was to avoid too many casualties, or any casualties at all, among the Russian advisers, so he didn't want to have an escalation of this conflict.
What that indicates, and it also ended up meaning very few Syrian casualties, although there were some involved in this, but what it means is that Trump wanted to make a statement rather than start a war.
And, of course, the Russian reaction with this is to cut off any coordination on air support for this war in Syria.
They're also bringing in more anti-aircraft systems.
You know, I wondered, first of all, why didn't Russia respond knowing in advance?
Why didn't they shoot down any of these Tomahawk missiles?
I mean, deals through 59 of them at this airbase.
That, I knew from a military pilot, that's really overkill.
These things are over a million dollars apiece.
Yeah, one and a half million dollars.
That's about 90 million dollars that he spent there.
I guess we should all go out and get some stock in Raytheon right now.
They're gonna go shooting up, they'll be replacing these.
Well, here's my take on this.
They are, those Tomahawk missiles aren't being produced anymore, and I think they do have accuracy problems.
So I think in one aspect, there's two aspects, but one is that they wanted to use up existing inventory, so they threw nearly 60 of these things out.
They knew that Russia's S-400 system has very expensive interceptors.
They don't have 60 reloads for those S-400 systems.
And so they wanted to send a barrage in there so that Russia would say, hey, we can't possibly stop this attack.
We're going to let it fall.
Interestingly, Russia has documented
That most of those cruise missiles missed their target.
They only end up destroying three big 23 jets.
And those were under repair, so essentially it was a net negative.
They didn't even crater the runway.
That's what happens when you do Wag the Dog.
We're talking to Joel Skousen, and we're going to be right back.
We'll take a quick break.
Be right back.
Let's go to Devin in Florida.
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Even when we make mistakes and even when we're not right and even when we might go a little bit crazy, you guys stick with us and I appreciate that.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight.
We're talking to Joel Skousen.
We're going to have Dr. Jerome Corsi coming up later.
We're going to also have Steve Pachinick.
Alex Jones has more comments we're going to be playing in the next section.
But Joel, I want to get your comments.
What do you want the audience to take away from this in terms of what's going on in the area?
Because you're looking at this from a military standpoint, from the
I think this entire attack can be laid at the feet of National Security Advisor H.R.
I think he is in charge now and has the ear of Donald Trump.
I think Donald Trump trusts him as well as Mattis and they both picked up a neocon agenda.
But the mere fact that McMaster was able to eliminate Steve Bannon from the National Security Council Committee
Indicates that he is having too much influence on Donald Trump.
And as I say, I want to reiterate, I am convinced Donald Trump has bought into this hook, line, and sinker.
And here's the implication of that.
The Russians are beefing up and saying, we're not going to let you go much further than what you, we've let you make your statement, but we're not going to let this keep going.
And I don't think they are.
So I think Trump and his advisors will back down from this and they'll turn their sights towards North Korea.
What's really disturbing about Trump's, how quickly he moved in terms of authorizing the strike against Syria without even allowing for any rational investigation of the facts on the ground that we're talking about, the facts that were delivered by Russia about this weapon stockpile in Syria or in the
Now, if he applies that to North Korea, first of all, let me say, in practice, I think they should have taken out preemptively North Korea's missile and nuclear system years ago.
Now, the globals were in charge then, and they weren't about to do that because they want to preserve North Korea as a threat to be a trigger for World War III.
But under that scenario, the globalists having to wait until China unleashes North Korea on South Korea to start World War Three.
Now we've got a different situation.
We've got a president who's threatened to take out North Korea if China doesn't.
Put a collar on Kim Jong-Un.
And China's not going to do that.
China is not going to be seen as kowtowing to the United States President.
So the chances are very real, David, that Donald Trump, in the next few weeks, is going to plan a strike against North Korea.
That could trigger World War III early, even against China's wishes.
Yeah, I think that's very dangerous, and I think that's what a lot of us see.
This is a message to China and to North Korea, even more so than to Russia.
And I agree with you, absolutely.
That's the thing we really have to be concerned about.
And, you know, here's what's new about this.
I think the globalists intended to have a puppet president of Hillary Clinton, who will continue this slow burn agenda, waiting for Russia and China to get up to speed militarily, which isn't going to happen until, you know, the early part of the next decade, and then they would start this war under some pretext.
But now that you've got Donald Trump, they can kill two birds with one stone.
One, if they can get Donald Trump to start World War III, then they can blame him for it.
And suddenly it's not a globalist puppet that has to take the blame, that has to get up on television and explain away this.
They know that they can destroy Donald Trump and his entire supporters and label them as the people who started World War III.
So I'm saying there's a window of opportunity for the globalists to take advantage of Trump's impetuosity and to get him to launch a preemptive strike against North Korea.
So here are three scenarios.
Three and a half scenarios that I'm postulating that could happen about North Korea.
One, North Korea sees Trump threatening in Syria and decides to launch its first missile against Guam or Hawaii to make good on his bluster against the United States.
However, remember, he doesn't have maneuvering warheads.
This is a simple missile, ballistic, easy to shoot down, especially in a low trajectory to get to Guam or Hawaii.
I think the U.S.
could intercept that missile
We're about out of time, Joel.
Give us the other two scenarios real quickly.
That Trump does a preemptive strike on North Korea, and China, threatening to retaliate, does and starts World War III.
Or number three, Trump strikes North Korean missile sites, North Korea's out of missiles, and they attack South Korea with the conventional attack and their cross-border army.
Very concerning.
Thank you so much, Joel Skousen.
Stay with us.
We're going to be right back.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, and now Devin Nunes.
It seems the left's intimidation tactics are actually working.
Nunes is the latest to be asked to step aside after an intense few weeks of grilling from the left, as the House Intelligence Chairman has now recused himself from the Russian probe.
Isn't that too convenient for the Democrats?
To have the only one involved in this Russian probe who actually seems to care about the truth of the matter step aside and recuse himself.
Just to rub our noses in it,
Representative Adam Schiff, Democrat member of the House Intelligence Committee, made a public statement moments after Nunes' announcement saying how pleased he was to hear of Nunes' recusal.
So now, the Democrats have a monopoly on the political witch hunt that is the Russian probe.
Thanks, Nunes.
The Republicans have gotten their leverage democratically and refuse to use it.
The Democrats get their leverage with smear campaigns and use it successfully.
And if we keep allowing them to do it, they're going to continue.
President Trump, the swamp is draining us.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
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stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, David Knight.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight.
We're also going to have joining us, we just talked to Joel Skousen, we're going to have Dr. Jerome Corsi joining us later in the broadcast, Steve Pachinick.
Alex Jones will be joining us in just a moment with a comment.
But I want to, as we were talking to Joel Skousen and he said, look, the real danger here, as everybody is agreeing, this is a wag the dog scenario to look strong to China, to put North Korea on alert.
Could we start World War III?
And he laid out three scenarios there for us as to how that might happen.
And as we look at the people who are cheering this action, from ISIS to Al Qaeda to John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and then of course the Never Trumpers at the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol's publication.
Elliott Abrams said this today, the president has been chief executive since January the 20th, but this week he also acted as commander-in-chief and more.
He finally accepted the role of leader of the free world.
We did not vote for him to be leader of the free world.
We voted for him to be America's leader, to put America's interests first.
Absolutely, David.
You know, I got in the car to go take care of this
We're good to go.
Because his audience is like 90% against this.
I don't just always go with my audience.
When I exposed 9-11 as an inside job, I lost 70-plus stations of 100 I had.
I lost, you know, billions of dollars I would have had to fund the operation.
I went from being a big star at like, you know, 26, 27 years old, to being on only 30 stations.
But I did it because it was right.
My listeners hated it.
So I don't just instantly jump on the bandwagon.
I think so.
Your instinct is right.
I mean, everyone in his entire base is turning against Trump because they know it's al-Qaeda in Syria, under the name ISIS.
They understand the true narrative.
And they understand, OK, sure, look tough for Russia.
He sounded just like us.
It was one ball saying, OK, look tough in front of Russia.
What if it starts a war with Russia?
You know, Russia isn't communist anymore.
They want to be free market.
See, the problem is all these Republicans.
We're good.
Just like TV and movies let Russia know how good we had it so the old Soviet Union fell, Americans, despite stuff's bad in Russia in some areas, know that in many ways they're more right-wing or Christian than we are.
They know it's all a bunch of bull.
They don't want war with Russia, and we're sick of it, and we're sick of this being pushed.
And so I gotta tell you, I'm gonna listen to some other channels before I come back today, but I'm telling you, if you don't, if you have Michael Savage coming out, Rush Limbaugh coming out, Rand Paul coming out, I'm coming out saying, I don't think this is good.
I see the Maxwellian point, but
He's just getting his enemies on board that'll stab him in the back next week.
These people change policies every five minutes.
We need steadfastness.
We should actually be backing Assad until we defeat al-Qaeda and then he promises to have elections.
So this is just crazy and it's garbage and we're on the wrong side here.
And again, the paradox is this.
We have to go to the special report.
David, you're coming back.
I mean, cut off part of my report, it's fine.
The paradox, my friend, is he's doing so good on the economy and so many other things that it hurts my heart and it really makes me sick.
Back to David Knight and my special report coming up.
David, God bless you.
Yeah, actually, you know, Alex, what were you saying about that?
Rush Limbaugh, we see Ann Coulter saying, tweeting this out, he said, he told us that he would be the President of America, not the world.
Could somebody show him the pictures of Americans who are being raped and killed by illegals?
And that is what we voted for.
We've seen some positive results on that side.
We saw in the last month the lowest border crossings in 17 years.
So there's been progress in other areas.
TPP was shut down, but now we've got this Game of Thrones that's going on in the White House.
Jared Kushner and the Goldman Sachs people.
I'll break that down for you later in the broadcast.
But as that is happening,
We see Donald Trump moving against the people and the wishes of the voters and the handshake that he had with us.
Alex Jones at the beginning.
Here in Texas, you look somebody in the eye, you shake their hand.
We had that handshake.
It's called an election.
He looked us in the eye.
He said, I'm going to put America first.
I'm going to fix our country before we start on this globalist regime change idea that is making us all less safe and destroying our economy.
At the same time, we create this massive military buildup.
So we had that handshake.
And then we saw with Obamacare, this is the thing that concerns me as well, we saw what Kushner was doing with Obamacare, bringing in the architect of Obamacare, Rahm Emanuel's brother, Zeke Emanuel, and then attacking afterwards, attacking the people who had stood by him, attacking them by name, people like Mark Meadows, remember, a month before the election.
When they threw Trump under the bus with this old tape that he had, where he was talking to the Bush guy.
When that came out, we had Paul Ryan tell all of the congressmen, forget Trump.
He's done.
Save yourself.
Don't ally yourself with him.
Mark Meadows said, no, he is talking about the things we want to see happen.
We're going to stick by him.
We need to get rid of Paul Ryan.
So that's exactly what should have happened.
And instead, we see him turning in the other direction.
He's now going with the Jeb, the Hillary factions.
I want to go to this Facebook report that Alex has.
It's titled, Why Trump Attacked Syrian Air Base Revealed.
Alex Jones here with a live update breaking down why President Trump launched 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase last night.
This was done for many reasons.
The Democrats and others continue to act like President Trump is somehow a Russian agent and has been soft on Putin and soft on Assad.
When in truth, our military, for more than four years, has been refusing to follow the orders of the neocons, Obama and Hillary, and launch a full-scale invasion of Syria into that civil war.
Because that civil war itself was publicly started by Obama, by Hillary, by the globalists, by the neocons, and as part of the larger Arab Spring.
Libya and the failed state, she came, she saw, he died, was an admitted launchpad into Syria with the weapons.
Infowars.com pioneered with Colonel Schaefer and Dr. Steve Pachinick and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and countless other geopolitical experts on my broadcast, day one, breaking what really happened at Benghazi.
We broke it.
Breaking the plan to go into Syria, we broke it.
Breaking the plan to destabilize the entire Middle East, we broke it.
So let's be clear, Infowars spearheaded
Getting the military and others to stand up and say, we will not be Al Qaeda's air force in Syria.
Remember all that with Rand Paul and then of course Senator Cruz?
That all was generated by Infowars.
Now I'm not giving ourselves credit just to give credit.
I'm doing it because some detractors are saying, see Trump's scum, he's a warmonger and you backed him and it's your fault and you're supporting Al Qaeda in Syria and all this crap now because you're bombing Assad.
I'm not supporting any of this.
I'm analyzing what happened.
I'm breaking it down.
Those are
Correct the record bots that we see all over the place with the left pushing a narrative to undermine Trump.
Now, if Trump keeps going sideways, I will be critical of him.
In fact, I've been critical on multiple fronts, but I've got to wait and see approach.
Let me lay out the facts of why Trump did do this.
I said this last night before the missiles were launched.
I said it in another report I filed, and now this morning, all of it's being admitted.
So now I'm going to give you the rest of the story.
So imagine geopolitically, you're Trump.
They're claiming that you're this Russian agent.
They're saying you're soft on Syria.
You know that Syria is being turned over to radical Wahhabis out of Saudi Arabia under the name al-Nusra, ISIS, al-Qaeda, all the same group, same flags, same mission.
You know that the generals are telling you, if we turn this over to them, they will kill every Christian in Syria and it will be a horrible failed state.
But you also know Assad's done some bad stuff and is not a good guy as well, and that that is a dictatorship.
That they've been trying to reform, by the way, but still, kind of more like Saddam, or not even as bad as Saddam, way better than, you know, obviously folks like Al Qaeda.
And so what do you do?
What do you do if you're going to have a moral position there, in this key area in the region, that if Al-Qaeda takes it over, will basically implode into Turkey and then into Europe as we're already seeing with Irgun threatening jihads in Europe, if Europe doesn't capitulate to all of his demands, like opening up the borders further, let more Muslims in or we'll attack you.
So, again, that's the geopolitical situation we're facing.
So, what does Trump do?
There's a gas attack.
There's all these witnesses saying it was planes flying over, dropping it.
Clearly, it's staged.
We've all seen it.
It's absolutely canned, like babies out of incubators in 1990.
And it turned out the girl was the head of, you know, her dad was the head of a PR firm.
She'd never been to Kuwait.
It was all fake.
That's all confirmed.
So yes, we're seeing made-up WMDs again.
We're seeing babies thrown into incubators again.
Clearly, Al-Qaeda slash Al-Nusra ISIS has been caught not once, not twice, not three times, but at least four times launching fake chemical attacks in the last four years and getting caught doing it because their own people shoot celebration videos.
They're so badly coordinated, showing that they launched the chemical attacks.
Even the UN had to say, okay, it was not Assad doing it.
Well, of course, Obama comes out and says,
If you launch an attack, that's my red line, I will do an air bombardment and attack you.
On the one year anniversary of that, as if Assad wants to be attacked by the United States and overthrown, I mean, key bono, he does not benefit from it, they then launch a supposed chemical attack and it turns out within 24 hours that it was the Al-Qaeda people doing it.
Then our military says, that's it, it's clearly Al Qaeda, we're not part of this, we won't be their air force.
So they rebrand as ISIS to confuse the military and confuse the West about who Obama and Hillary and John Kerry are backing.
This is all incontrovertible historical fact.
So InfoWars is opposing this from day one, educating the public about it.
Trump supports as a candidate, General Flynn and others, who'd been a part of this, trying to stabilize the region and kick Al Qaeda and ISIS out.
They'd already taken over parts of Iraq as well, the two countries border each other.
So you have that unfolding.
So you have Islamic State between Iraq and between Syria right there as a piece of the two countries.
Here's Syria, here's Iraq.
You've got this piece.
It's invading both.
Saudi Arabia is backing it.
Our own State Department's been backing it.
Trump stops that.
Then, in just 75 days, cleans out and almost defeats all of ISIS and al-Qaeda with thousands, and it's thousands, of U.S.
troops on the ground fighting with other forces from the region.
Then, all of a sudden, McCain flies over there, and a month later there's this chemical attack that Ron Paul says is a false flag.
We said it looked like a false flag day one.
It's got all the evidence, the way the media rolled it out, absolutely.
So I say yesterday, Trump...
I said, please don't do this because it's probably a false flag.
And I said, even if you're taking out limited sites, this can widen the war.
The Russians could respond.
But then we learned Mattis, the head of the Defense Department and others were meeting with the Syrians and the Russians in high-level negotiation meetings at some undisclosed location as this happened.
And I shot the video last night saying,
They're probably going to let the Russians know what they're going to hit.
The Russians are going to pull out.
And I said, wait a minute, that base is the base that's in Middley, where Assad, four years ago, agreed to give up his chemical weapons in exchange for not being bombarded.
And so now the argument from Trump is, behind the scenes, you
Already said that those weapons won't be used.
Well, just prove it.
We're going to blow them up.
That way the United States looks strong.
That way we don't get sucked in and forced to come in and overthrow your regime completely.
That way you can transition into a new elected government, which Assad has already agreed to do as soon as ISIS is pushed out.
Folks didn't want that old agreement with our military and the Russians set up over four years ago by the Pentagon outside of Obama.
That's all been confirmed.
Cy Hirsch has confirmed that on my show.
It's years after we told you, okay?
So, there's an agreement four years ago that, okay, we'll push ISIS and Al-Qaeda out, then you'll actually have a stabilization government, you'll have elections, Assad will step down.
But you've got to put your chemical weapons at these bases the Russians control.
Then, Trump gets checked, you know, put in check by the fake false flag that, oh my god, look, the children are all dying, look at these horrible images, better do something, Trump, or you're with the Russians, you're with ISIS.
They clearly know it's a false flag.
They say, listen, you've already agreed to get rid of these chemical weapons, we're going to blow them up in place.
It's just like, you know, they've done in Iraq.
They have a meeting.
They have the agreement.
The Russians make some statements.
They don't like it.
The 59 cruise missiles hit it.
They destroy it.
It's already agreed to be destroyed four years ago.
And then Trump looks strong to the neocons, the leftists, and everybody else and can't be blamed for the false flag attack that Trump and his generals know are a false flag and false flags that the same generals exposed years ago as false flags and through our intel sources gave us the intel to expose the American people.
Now, what you just heard is not my opinion.
It's what happened.
It's the facts.
I put it in a video one hour before the strikes happened last night, and then another video I did an hour into it, laying it out.
And sure enough, the Russians admit they were told.
They pulled out a day before.
It was chemicals that were agreed to be gotten rid of four years ago.
And Trump's just executing the deal they already signed, something Obama didn't even do, and now sending a clear message to Al Qaeda and ISIS and all the rest of them.
They're going to be pushed out of the country, and the deal to put a democratically elected government in Syria will now roll forward.
Now, that's what Trump was clearly told.
That's what he's executing.
That's what makes sense.
Some of these more right-wing generals, though, want wider wars, like McMaster's and others, and Trump's got to be really careful.
I'm not enemies of these generals.
I know they were following orders under the neocons previously.
I hope they're not complete, you know, neocons, because that policy is authoritarian, and it will end up destroying the planet.
And it's not moral.
And we need to have the moral high ground as Americans.
That said, this is very Machiavellian done.
Now, what is the final cherry?
And I knew this last night when I shot a video before it even happened.
The last cherry is the fact that the communist dictator, Xi, is what was landing yesterday at 6 o'clock in Mar-a-Lago.
They were meeting at 7.30 an hour before the attacks come.
Guaranteed, he's told about it.
He's brought in.
And while he's under U.S.
control, there on the beautiful Florida beach, sitting there with Donald Trump,
He sees Syria being bombarded by 59 cruise missiles, a very strong message, while our country is on the edge of war.
With the situation in the South China Sea and Korea, with the Korean dictator threatening to nuke everybody, with China threatening all of its military action, trying to take over the South China Sea, with all of this happening, this is a message to the communist Chinese, North Korean, others, that America is very, very strong.
So quite frankly, it's a win-win-win-win-win on so many fronts.
Those chemical weapons have been destroyed.
They've always got to be cleaned up now.
It's a very dirty way to get rid of them, but that's the standard way.
You know, ISIS has to continue to be defeated and pushed out.
You know, people say, oh, you're supporting the invasion of Syria because you support ISIS and Al-Qaeda being kicked out.
Our government helped put those people in.
Our military then said no to it four plus years ago and began pushing it out.
And I am so proud of the fact that Infowars.com,
Was really the seed and the progenitor of the whole movement to help as a focal point with our military and patriots and intelligence agencies who don't want to be immoral and who don't want to be part of killing a bunch of Christians and destabilizing a more stable Muslim country that borders the gateway to Europe, Turkey.
So this is a big, big deal.
I hope that this analysis is dead on.
I know most of it is what actually happened, but that's up to you to debate and discuss.
But I will tell you this, I see the bots on InfoWars, and I see them on YouTube, and I see the same comments spammed everywhere, and we know it's a bunch of bots trying to create this whole fake debate to then undermine the Liberty Movement, undermine Trump, undermine InfoWars, like we're supporting wars, when we didn't support any of these wars, ladies and gentlemen, and when we've been spot on the entire time about everything.
Just like Donald Trump was against attack on Iraq, saying they didn't have WMDs on the eve of the war in 2003.
Now here's the deal, Trump is putting our coal back on.
Trump has brought 3 trillion in the stock market already with the exuberance.
300 billion in new jobs.
Hundreds of companies moving back.
He's killing the carbon taxes.
He's bringing the coal back, the clean coal.
He is attacking political correctness.
We have all these pro-gun bills passing everywhere.
We have just our border being secured.
I've seen people saying, the wall hasn't been built.
They're building it at record speed.
The prototype's being built right now.
All this incredible positive stuff's happening and I see in the bots.
Oh, you love war now, you're with Al-Qaeda in Syria now, and Trump hasn't delivered, and where's the wall?
That's a load of crap thinking libertarians and patriots are idiots, okay?
This is the first military action I've supported in a long time, because it's cleaning out Al-Qaeda, it's cleaning out ISIS, they're being defeated, they're panicking, they're leaving the country, they're getting driven into Iraq, they're being caught in a pincer attack in Iraq and Syria.
And when that's cleaned out then, the agreement with Assad four years ago in our military, and Russia, was that Russia would come in and help,
We would help, and then they would have elections and stabilize the country again, perhaps even give the Kurds their own area.
Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, this is a stabilization effort taking place right now, and that's why I am tacitly supporting it, but it's very hard to control the military-industrial complex.
And if Trump starts going sideways, I will come out and say I don't like it.
So we're the ones playing the Ron Paul clips where he says it's a false flag.
We're saying it's a false flag.
We're documenting it's a false flag.
We expose the whole paradigm and popularize the terms false flags.
And it's almost kind of encouraging though to see our own listeners.
Some of them aren't bots.
Some of them are real.
You know, saying, hey, what is this?
You're pro-war and all this crap.
That's not what I've said.
That's not what I've done.
We're about real analysis, real information, real historical understanding of what's going on.
Trump with the situation with supporting Paul Ryan's health care that was better than Obamacare but still horrible.
That's a mark against him.
Going after the Freedom Caucus.
You know, saying they're the problem.
No, they're your base and your backbone, Mr. President.
And if anybody's trying to convince you in the White House to work with the establishment trying to compromise, they're never going to compromise.
You could totally sell out to them, which I know you won't, and they'll want to destroy you because you're an image now of nationalism and patriotism and of men being strong and of the return of nation-states and self-determination.
They will destroy you as a symbol of nationalism, just like they want America destroyed.
Because you cannot have a nationalist prosperous free market system because it makes the Venezuelas and the North Koreas and all the other centralized systems look absolutely hellish like they are in comparison.
They cannot compete with the Americana system.
So I'm begging the president and I'm begging the American people like Stephen Bannon said.
To hold his feet to the fire and to continue to battle for our Americana values.
But look how far we've come exposing the private fellow reserve.
Look how far we've come with globalism admitting it's collapsing.
Look at all the nationalistic movements taking place everywhere.
Is there some utopia out of that?
But it's better than TPP ruling us off in secret.
Oh, I forgot.
He killed TPP.
Second day in office.
The globalists are in full panic.
Their entire global system is falling apart, transferring our power to some secret, unelected group.
So just remember all the things Trump has done.
Putting globalism back 10 years before people sit there and don't understand the full geopolitical ramifications.
...of the destabilization program launched by Soros, Google, and The Globalist, admittedly, starting six years ago in Tunisia, spreading into Libya, our own government helping overthrow our ally Hosni Mubarak, and putting Muslim Brotherhood in to blow up over 200 churches and murder Christians by the tens of thousands, and all the rest of the crap spreading across the Middle East and into Africa.
And now Trump is actually, because I have all the sources but I can also see the action, cutting them off all over the world.
The radical Islamic global bloom is being blocked by President Trump right now.
Will there be mistakes?
Will there be problems?
Damn right there will be.
But if I see Trump try to overthrow Assad and let Al-Qaeda slash Al-Nusra, ISIS run that country, then I will come out against Donald Trump 110%.
But that hasn't happened yet.
So we're gonna sit here and we're gonna watch what happens.
But just remember, you were this close to having Hillary Clinton, and that witch came out, I knew that we were going to hit last night, when she came out on CNN at about 7, this big gold outfit, and said, I'd hit all those airfields, and I'd do this and that, knowing that that was coming, so that she could all look like a genius.
I mean, it's so scripted, ladies and gentlemen, and with Trump it's not, because the cards are so close to the vest, but then I'm looking at it geopolitically, what I would do if I was actually trying to
You know, cut off the Russia-phobe garbage, shut up the Democrats, shut up the neocons, but actually make Assad follow through on his deal to destroy the stuff that was still sitting there at the airbase under Russian control.
And I knew they called the Russians and said, you agreed to blow that up, we're blowing that up, pull out.
Russians pulled out, Russians can have their rhetoric, United States has their rhetoric, our generals and military are working with them on airstrikes, on intelligence, on everything.
Okay, that's an admitted fact.
And you heard it all first at InfoWars.com.
You want to know what's happening a year before it's admitted to the mainstream news?
That's why they're censoring us, that's why they're demonizing us, it's why they're blocking us because we're true nationalists that are pro-human and want free market renaissance on a planetary scale.
Spread the word.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
I'll be live with David Knight with massive analysis and a
And again, that was Alex Jones earlier on a Facebook post and things are moving very, very quickly.
You heard him say that he would not support
A regime change there and things are moving now in that direction.
We have a story on InfoWars.com from Mikhail Thelin quoting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson saying steps are underway to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.
He said that Assad has no role in the future of Syria.
And that there will be an appropriate response from President Trump to that.
He said Assad's role in the future is uncertain, clearly, and with the acts he's taken, it would seem that there will be no role for him to govern the Syrian people.
We hope that that will not be the case.
I'm going to go back to the news here, and we're going to lay down some of this.
Of course, we also have Steve Pchenik is going to be joining us in the next hour.
Also, Dr. Jerome Corsi.
We want to get their take on this radical turn of events.
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It's very important to establish that direct contact with us.
As we were talking to Roger Stone earlier, one of the things that who's concerned about with the advisors in the White House right now is that they've not pushed back significantly on the move by those in Silicon Valley to isolate Infowars and the rest of the independent media using Google and Facebook.
And so it's very important that you establish that direct connection to us while you can.
We're going to take a quick break.
And then we're going to be right back at the top of the hour, and joining us next hour is going to be Steve Pchenik and Dr. Jerome Corsi with their takes on this radical turn of events.
We'll be right back.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight.
We're gonna have
Steve Pachenek as well as Jerome Corsi joining us in this hour to talk about what's going on.
As I was saying in the last hour, we've got the neocons, the never-Trumpers, people like Bill Kristol and his publication Weekly Standard cheering as to what's going on, along with McCain, Lindsey Graham.
Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, ISIS, Al Qaeda, they're all cheering what Donald Trump did.
Erdogan, the European Union leaders, but then on the other side we've got all the people that supported Donald Trump, that put him in office.
It's amazing to see what is happening and it really does parallel the fight that we saw with Obamacare and the fact that we had and the aftermath of it.
All of a sudden, when Kushner comes back from Aspen, where he distances himself so that he doesn't take any responsibility for the failure of the Obamacare tweaks.
It wasn't a repeal of Obamacare.
It wasn't what we were promised we would see with Obamacare.
Instead, what he does is he turns on the people who had supported Donald Trump, even when Paul Ryan threw him under the bus.
And that rancor that Donald Trump had there was surprising enough.
But then when he would say, we need to work with the Democrats to get this stuff done,
You should have understood what was going on there.
It's the West Wing Democrats, as Politico talks about it.
Jared Kushner and Goldman Sachs.
Lee Stranahan had a great editorial where he put through the connections of Goldman Sachs.
And he essentially said, hey, it's the same globalism, just a different bank.
We had Citibank, heavily connected to Barack Obama.
Now we have Goldman Sachs.
And he put it this way.
He said, in a nutshell, weeks after meeting with Goldman Sachs CEO, the number one at Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein,
At the Four Seasons in D.C., Jared Kushner-friendly Goleman alums have been successfully maneuvered as Trump's top advisor.
Steve Bannon is pushed off of the National Security Council.
He said, Jared Kushner, it should be pointed out, has a well-documented history of donating to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Robert Mendez, Democrat of New Jersey.
And so these are the people that are very happy about this new policy.
These are the people who did not want to see Obamacare repealed.
And then he takes a look at some of the ex-Goldman operators.
And this is very important because this is one of the people, there's an article out from Axios saying that there may be a shakeup with the White House Chief of Staff.
We might have Priebus and Bannon completely taken out.
And they had four names that they put up there.
One of the four names was this man, who is the friend of Jared Kushner, the number two, former number two guy at Goldman Sachs.
He got an unprecedented payout, if you remember, of $285 million.
They accelerated his bonuses.
He was also the guy at Goldman who led the delegation to restructure Greek debt during financial crisis, as Lee Stranahan points out.
And he has now brought in Drew Quinn, who was the lead negotiator of TPP.
So even though Donald Trump campaigned on getting rid of TPP, and even though he did it as one of the very first things, as soon as Gary
Cohen got involved there.
He's now bringing in Quinn, the guy who was the architect of TPP.
They're hoping they can stop any action on NAFTA, but that's not all.
We have other people.
We have Dinah Habib Powell.
She is married to a guy, Richard Powell, who is president at Clinton-linked Tinio.
And remember, this was the organization that was talked about a great deal along with the Clinton Foundation.
Even Washington Post talked about it as Bill Clinton Inc.
Okay, Wicked Leaks email showed this relationship between that corporation, Doug Bann, and the Clintons, and so that's her husband, who's the president there.
Bill Clinton is and was an advisor there.
They hired Huma Abedin.
That was where she was doing the double-dipping as she was working at the State Department, also working for this corporation that had close ties to Bill Clinton.
Now, his wife has now been brought into the Trump administration by Gary Cohen and the Goldman Sachs people.
She also worked for the second Bush administration.
And her connections to Goldman Sachs and the Bushes are what we're looking at.
This is what is happening, folks.
The fact that we have people who were the architects of Obamacare, the architects of TPP, being brought in by Jared Kushner and Gary Cohen to completely shut down Donald Trump.
And this is the concern as we're talking about his reliance on people who are experts and putting more reliance on the pragmatism from these experts than on principles that he campaigned for.
We'll be right back.
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The mainstream media can no longer claim that President Donald Trump is Putin's puppet.
Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike.
On the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.
It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use
Of deadly chemical weapons.
Satellite pictures have been released of the major damage to the Syrian airfields.
Meanwhile, Russia has responded by diverting warships to protect the Syrian coast and bolster missile defenses against further U.S.
strikes, as fear grows that this crisis could escalate into a major conflict between the United States and Russia.
And you can learn more right now.
You found it.
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It is the Alex Jones Show with David Knight.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Nye and we're going to Dr. Steve Pchenik right now.
Of course, Dr. Pchenik is an American psychiatrist, a former State Department official for four administrations.
He certainly understands what's going on there.
He's had 20 years experience with that.
Of course, he's also a co-creator of the best-selling Tom Clancy Op Center and NetForce paperback series.
And Dr. Pchenik, before the election,
became very outspoken and he would come on to our show very frequently and we wouldn't have pictures of him but he came out before the election saying this is a coup against the globalists and so Dr. Pchenik I want to ask you is there a counter coup going on now in the White House?
What do you make of all this?
Well I think that's what is important to understand David is two elements in this.
Number one
In order to refresh your memory and your audience's memory, I was involved with our military intelligence about eight, nine years ago, just before the Syrian civil war, when I literally went into Syria and Bashar Assad and his people interrogated me and then allowed me to travel all over the country for 18 days.
What I came out of that was, and I reported this to my contacts in military intelligence, was a very simple point that Bashar Assad was not going to leave.
And I had also worked against Hafez Assad, his father.
So I understood very well that Hafez Assad, Bashar Assad, the all-Alawite community, which is a minority community in Syria, would still dominate a predominantly Sunni country.
What happened subsequently was that Assad was not very effective in handling what was really a water war and the people from Homs and Hama came up and they were Sunnis and they protested the handling of the water distribution of food subsequently.
Anyway, what subsequently happened is that our intelligence community through the CIA and other elements of the civilian part
Created ISIS and Al-Qaeda and you've talked about it.
But the most important part was that our military understood very clearly what it was that I was saying and understood that there was no way we were going to be in the business of regime changing.
Having said that, I understand a little bit about General McMaster and even General Mattis.
And I think the important thing to remember in both these gentlemen, and also the surrounding facts, is that President Trump initiated this strike
Just at the moment when President Xi Jinping of China was literally at the doorstep of Mar-a-Lago.
And he did this, and I think our military did it, for very important reasons.
Number one, it was a very clear message to President Xi more than to anybody else, more than Russia, more than the ISIS or anybody else that, listen, you, President Xi, you were involved in violence during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
You don't like violence.
We don't like violence.
But if you have any question as to the resolve of a president, i.e.
Trump, as opposed to Obama or anyone else, let me reassure you that I will order a strike against some base, air base, which is not as relevant as anybody thinks, and it will be done in your presence.
I think President Xi Jinping was absolutely stunned by what he saw and what he realized.
That message that was sent to President Xi Jinping was also translated to Prime Minister and President and CEO of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, who has been playing around with nuclear weapons as a way of creating some leverage for negotiation.
Our only negotiation, quite frankly, is through China.
China can and can literally suppress anything that North Korea wants to do.
Our military does not want to go into North Korea.
They don't want to do preemptive action.
They don't want to go into a war in Syria.
Our military does not want to follow the neocons, even though some neocons correctly came in, but they were thrown out thanks to Alex Jones, myself and others.
Elliot Abrams didn't come in.
A whole bunch of others didn't come in.
But when we're talking about our generals, McMaster, who wrote The Dereliction of Duty, we're talking of general matters.
They understood very clearly that war is not the solution to what our problem is.
What is a solution is what I call the Kabuki of war.
In other words, we will show you what we're capable of doing at the right time and the right place.
So the Syrian so-called attack was really done not for Syria, not for Russia.
All of them were cleared beforehand.
Russia understood this was happening.
Turkey was informed.
Every country was informed.
Saudi Arabia, Israel, even Syria.
Bashar Assad understood it.
But the only people who were not informed
On my capability to do regime change, because I knew exactly how to take down the North Koreans.
The greatest fear China has, and has been a fear for the United States for the past 30 years, but has not been my fear, is the fact that we can literally destabilize the borders of North Korea.
We can do it militarily, we can do it economically, we can do it politically.
What Trump was doing and what the generals were doing was saying, look, we're not going to get into the business of attacking North Korea.
We're not going to get into the business of destabilizing your borders.
But if you don't change your behavior, we can assure you that we have the willpower to do whatever is necessary to inculcate and to execute whatever actions we need.
So, in effect, this whole scenario was never really done for Syria or for the Middle East.
We're not interested in the Middle East, quite frankly.
We're pulling away from the Middle East, even though we're sending in some soldiers to finish up the work and
For the most part, we're going to be shifting to the Asia, to Southern China, which is what I wrote about 20 years ago, the Spratly Islands.
So in some ways, David, you have to look back at this as a very clever way of the art of the deal.
In other words, everybody was looking to Syria.
At the same time, I was looking at Kim Jong-un.
And I was looking at President Xi Jinping.
Now, President Xi Jinping is very smart.
This is not a warlord.
This is a gentleman who lost his father and by humiliation of Mao Zedong.
He understands what fighting is.
He understands what personally being beaten up means about.
He understands that we can ruin the Chinese economy at will.
He understands that we can destroy their water capacity.
He understands that we can destroy the infrastructure.
But he doesn't want this.
On the other hand, the Chinese have maintained their Middle Kingdom complex, which means
We can do no wrong in China and you, you are the peasants and you are the Gaijin or the foreigners who have to come to us.
What President Trump did was to turn the table around psychologically and said, you know what?
Now let's negotiate.
Now, let me understand what you understood in terms of my action.
And he did this in a scenario which is totally inappropriate for a war scenario.
And that is at a beautiful banquet with the gorgeous women, with wine and all the accoutrements
Of the rich.
But at the same time, the point was made and President Xi Jinping understood it very quickly, as did all his generals, that this is not a time to play with this president or this country.
I understand, and I saw reports where the domestic Chinese press was talking about how the Chinese president was going to, and I forget, some Scandinavian country first, and talking about that and then saying, oh yeah, and then we're also going to the U.S.
So they were downplaying the importance of the U.S.
to make themselves look stronger.
There's also the issue coming up that we had the Philippine president saying on our Independence Day, I'm going to go plant the flag on one of the Spratly Islands to
So you've got that type of thing there, what's going on in the South China Sea.
But let me ask you this, Dr. Pichinnik.
We're talking about regime change, and it seems like Rex Tillerson put that back on the table when he said steps are underway to remove Assad.
What do you make about that statement, that he has no future in Syria?
Well, number one, I don't know Mr. Tillerson.
I know he was recommended by James Baker and Condoleezza Rice.
I think Mr. Tillerson is smart enough to know that he has never been in the business of regime change.
What he has been into is the business of business.
So I think he kind of played out the orchestration of saying that we are in fact, you know, really looking as if we're going to change the regime, but we're not in the business of regime change.
There's no one here in this administration who has actually had regime change.
I'm not part of it.
You know, I've known others who've been involved in regime change.
This is not an administration that could literally go into regime change.
And regime change does not mean that you can get into war and get rid of Bashar Assad.
It's just not going to happen.
Number one, he controls about 60 to 70 percent of the country.
He comes from an area that's called Latakia.
And if you've been in that area, which I have been, not only the women are beautiful, but there are signs all over the place which says, do not wear any scarves.
And so Alawites are very secular.
And he will remain there until there is some kind of
Tripartite or an agreement between Russia, Turkey, Iran and ourselves to literally change the administration in Syria.
Make it peaceful as much as we can, do reparations, and then Turkey, despite Erdogan's great boisterous voice... Hang on, Dr. Pachinik, we have to take a break.
Can you hang on with us and do another short segment right after the break?
And we're going to continue to talk to Dr. Steve Pachinik, a man who has decades of experience with the State Department, working for four administrations, giving us his breakdown.
We'll be right back.
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James Wesley Rawls, survivalblog.com, joining us from an undisclosed location.
Former army intelligence, a lot of folks, even currently in the government, you know, tell me this is really a dead-on guy.
James Wesley Rawls, let's look at big picture, and then what is it Infowars is doing that makes them so angry?
That's key.
Not to say, oh look, we're the biggest swing and you know what?
It's about what are we doing that has them shaking in their boots?
James Wesley Rawls.
Well, Alex, I think that the truth is what really has them scared.
And it's people like you who are champions of the truth that are striking absolute fear in their hearts.
Because once the truth comes out as to what they really have planned,
And how they are conspiring against the Trump administration and against the liberty movement in general and against bloggers and journalists and video bloggers in particular, then they're going to lose all credibility and they will lose the information war.
That's where they stand.
That's what they stand to lose right now.
And they're in absolute panic mode.
The Army.
I know it was the first thing found in America on July 4, 1776.
The Commission, George Washington.
But the Army's done so many horrible things, obviously, under global control.
Maybe that's why they're so awake.
But it's the Army, everywhere behind the scenes, blocking the New World Order right now.
I know you've got a lot of connections to that, at least in the past.
Did you concur with that?
And why is that the case?
Yes, in fact, a lot of the people that were in my year group when I was commissioned are now colonels and even brigadier generals.
And what I'm hearing from them is that they are not going along with the program.
They've recognized what's going on, they're awake, they're alert, and
They're not going to put up with martial law.
They're not going to just passively go along and say, oh well, we're just obeying orders.
These are intelligent, articulate people who see the big picture and they are ready to stand in the gap if that happens.
If there's orders for martial law and it's not a constitutional order,
They are going to be the very first to say, I'm sorry, I'm not going to obey that order.
I would say the entire combat arms and the fourth branch of the military, the CIA now, almost everyone's anti-globalist.
And the words come down from the CIA, the generals, everybody.
They try to kill Trump or move for martial law.
Everybody, wipe them out.
And the point is, these are all people like Tonto, the hero of 13 hours.
I mean, he's on there without me asking him to say it.
I'm ready.
They try it, I'm coming.
And they come after you, I'm coming for them.
These aren't people playing games.
I don't think the Globos realize what they've set off here.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight and we've been talking to Dr. Steve Pachinik.
I want to go right back to him.
He had some very interesting comments in the last segment, essentially pointing out that he saw this as a move to impress China about the seriousness of the North Korean situation.
As a power play there, that everyone was advised of this attack, except for the Chinese.
And this was a shock and awe demonstration for the Chinese.
But I also want to pick up on something you said, Dr. Buchenek.
You said that you've been to Syria, and the area that Assad is from is a very secular area.
They have signs up for women not to wear veils, and so forth.
And of course, that was one of the things that Nigel Farage was concerned about.
He said, we have to understand that
We don't want to strengthen the hand of ISIS that was created for regime change against a secular regime.
Your comments on that and your comments on what is happening within the White House and this one segment that we've got from you.
We saw the removal of General Flynn who had been very outspoken about this creation of ISIS on the part of America's involvement in the creation of ISIS.
And we've seen the demution of Stephen Bannon in terms of National Security Council.
Of course, they had a meeting yesterday.
He was not on that.
It's reported that he did attend.
But Weekly Standard is bragging about the fact that it was unanimous that they all wanted to do the Syrian strike.
So your comments about Syria as well as what you see happening within the Trump White House.
Is there a move in there?
Thank you, David.
Number one, in Syria, there will be no regime change.
When we announce a regime change, that means we can't do it.
When I was involved in a regime change in the Soviet Union, they didn't know what was happening.
It occurred over the Nixon-Reagan administration.
We took them down very quietly.
In terms of the White House, what's happening is General McMaster, whom actually we, I had funded him in the 90s when he did Arm Cav for the Tom Clancy series, is a very serious scholar warrior.
And he understood right away that Steve Bannon was not privy and not really capable of
Thank you.
Another element that McMaster did, and it was not really covered, was that a lady named McFarlane was thrown out as well.
Now, I knew about her, although I didn't know her, from the Nixon administration.
She was not a top-notch analyst, she was not that well regarded, and McMaster acted accordingly by getting her out and sending her to Singapore.
So, in effect, what McMaster is doing is solidifying his base and bringing in professional operatives.
The last person who has to be taken out is this gentleman named Ezra Cohn Watnick, a friend of Jared Kushner, who has no experience whatsoever.
A Jewish guy who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is head of intelligence.
That's just not acceptable.
I have worked with and against the CIA, but I have full respect for the history of the CIA and our community of intelligence, 17 different units.
But this man Cohen has no experience, neither does Jared Kushner, and these individuals should not be involved in foreign affairs, let alone in domestic.
I know Jared Kushner and his building 666 Fifth Avenue is going bankrupt, so I think his time should be spent on re-mortgaging his buildings and not in the White House.
That's my opinion.
However, I am in full favor of what McMaster did.
I'm in full favor of the fact that Bannon has to take a secondary role, control his narcissism, he knows that.
As does Trump.
And he will do that.
But he has to focus in on exactly what his accomplishments are.
We're still waiting for the $1 trillion infrastructure project.
I was not impressed by the medical bills that came through.
I was not impressed with any of the Republicans, including Rand Paul, because nobody had read the bill.
And nobody understood what was really at that.
That's right.
I think it would have been
Malpractice for the congressman to have voted for that.
We've seen this happen too many times.
We've seen several thousand pages of legislation sent to them for an up or down vote.
It's being changed up to the last minute before it's being presented and so just from that standpoint alone they should have opposed this.
And I guess that's one of the things that concerns us about this strike in Syria.
You know, you mentioned Elliott Abrams and how they kept him out of the administration.
Of course, he is saying that now we have a real president and President Trump because he did this.
And he said this, he said he was willing to act alone without demanding UN Security Council meeting or a congressional vote.
And I guess that's one of the things that concerns many of us is the fact that this was
You know, the way that it appears, it looks like there was no evaluation of this.
I understand what you're saying, that it was strictly for strategical reasons for the Chinese, but it's still something that I think needs to be addressed to people.
How would you address that to Trump's disgruntled base?
And we've got 20 seconds.
I'm trying to do it right now through the Alex Jones Show.
What I'm saying is, let's see what happens.
Basically, this is not an initiation to war.
And the reason it's very simple.
I don't care what Elliott Abrams says.
I know Elliott.
I stopped him from coming in.
I stopped John Bolton from coming in.
I wish we had more time.
I've got to cut you off there.
Thank you so much, Dr. Steve Pachinik.
We're out of time.
Thank you.
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The mainstream media can no longer claim that President Donald Trump is Putin's puppet.
Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike.
On the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.
It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use
Of deadly chemical weapons.
Satellite pictures have been released of the major damage to the Syrian airfields.
Meanwhile, Russia has responded by diverting warships to protect the Syrian coast.
And bolster missile defenses against further US strikes as fear grows that this crisis could escalate into a major conflict between the United States and Russia.
And you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, David Knight.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, I'm David Knight and we were just talking to Dr. Steve Pachinik and we had to go to a hard break at the bottom of the hour just as he was ready to give us his take on Elliott Abrams.
I talked about how Elliott Abrams and the neocons were dancing in the streets after what's happened.
We got McCain, Schumer, Pelosi, all of them so happy and Elliott Abrams was celebrating the fact that this happened without any consultation.
With the Congress, with the U.N.
or anybody else.
Your comments to wrap this up and then we're going to go to Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Basically, Elliott Abrams and John Bolton are sycophants.
I've known them for four different administrations.
They avoided the draft.
They can't serve our military.
Elliott Abrams comes from a left-wing, Trotskyite family.
John Bolton, he admitted he didn't want to go into war because he might be killed in the rice paddies.
So, I don't take them seriously.
These are the sycophants of the whores of the neocons.
They're not relevant.
Neither is Hillary, neither is any of the Democrats.
What is relevant is what you're beginning to see and not necessarily hear.
And what Trump does is to put together the art of the deal.
You have to go back to his book to understand
That many things that he's going to do, he could not explain it.
He couldn't explain to the public that I'm going to strike Syria in order to impress China, in order for China to impress North Korea.
I don't think most of the press would understand that.
I think your audience would understand it.
I think you understand it.
I think Alex Jones would understand it.
But if in any way he was a war hawk, I can assure you I'd be the first one out there along with Alex, along with you, and along with the entire base.
But at this particular point, we have an axiom in the intelligence community, which means that there are no accidents.
When you see President Xi Jinping literally next to Trump and an airstrike occurs in Syria, it's not relevant to Syria, it's relevant to that president of China.
Because China is our primary concern for the next 20 years.
The Middle East?
We're getting out of the Middle East.
Thanks to the Elliott Abrams and the Hillary Clintons and the Obamas and the Bush Juniors, they got us into this mess.
Trump will try to get us out of the mess, so will our military.
Not necessarily our CIA, but our military will get us out of the mess and shift us to South China Sea.
And that's what I'm telling the audience.
If I'm wrong, I will be surprised, but I will say I was wrong.
But at this point, I do not think I am wrong.
I don't think what Trump did was in any way an act of war as it was a symbol of
Of a strike and the Kabuki of war warning Asia that this could happen to you if you don't pay attention and you don't comply with some of the concerns that we have.
North Korea is a far greater threat today than it was 20 years ago.
And I've worked against the North Koreans.
I worked against Kim Jong-un's grandfather, his father, and now him.
And if I were given the full authority to take North Korea apart, our military knows what I was capable of doing.
So do the Koreans.
So do the Chinese.
Actually, when I went to China a few years ago, they asked me, was I in China to take them down?
I said no, I'm not in the business right now of regime change.
Of course they knew that was a lie.
I could easily work on the business of taking China down because there are issues of water, infrastructure, and communism, capitalism, a whole bunch of conflicting cultural issues which are easy to manipulate in this modern time.
But for the present,
Pay attention to what is not being said and what the art of the deal was all about.
And that's what Trump is now about.
In terms of Kushner and the other people in the White House, that's almost secondary.
That's not relevant.
When you hear the noise, that's not where the bang is.
The bang is where you don't hear the noise.
I understand.
So you see this as art of the deal, this is a message to China as far as you're concerned, and a very interesting perspective.
Thank you so much for talking to us, Dr. Steve Pachinik, and of course people can find you at StevePachinik.com or also on Twitter at StevePachinik.
Thank you so much for your views.
Thank you, David, and thank you for the audience.
Thank you.
All right, I just got this political cartoon.
Alex wanted me to show this on air, read this to the audience.
It's a Ben Garrison cartoon and he's got Rand Paul on one shoulder and the devil on the other.
Of course, Rand Paul is an angel and the devil is neocons.
And Rand Paul is saying to Trump, don't do it.
What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt, a possible long-term conflict?
The Constitution says you need congressional approval on the
Other shoulder, we've got the neocon devils whispering into his ear saying, bomb the blank out of him.
Show him how tough you are.
War makes us big money.
Bill Crystal, Lindsey Graham, Hillary, CNN, the Deep State will all love you.
So that's the cartoon that we've got right there.
I want to do a real quick...
We're good to go.
And we don't know when that hammer is going to fall completely, but it is being tried out.
They're continuing down this same path that they were playing with with Hillary Clinton.
That's what Roger Stone was talking about.
We're disappointed that Trump hasn't moved more quickly, more decisively, to shut down these levers of power that are being put in place to shut down the free press, because if that goes away,
Donald Trump will go away as well as the Freedom Movement.
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I want to go to our Washington correspondent, Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Again, you can find him on Twitter at Jerome underscore Corsi.
And I wanted to get his take on what is happening with this strike in Syria, as well as his take on what is happening in the turf war, the civil war, or the regime change in the White House, if you wish to see it that way.
What is happening, Dr. Corsi, in terms of what's going on in the White House, and also your take on this latest strike in Syria?
Well, I agree with Steve.
I think there's a lot going on here.
First of all, I don't see that Donald Trump has any enthusiasm to really expand a ground war in the Middle East.
And this should not be taken as an indication that Donald Trump's ready to do a full John McCain and go insane sending troops into the Middle East for no real stated purpose.
There's several messages.
First of all,
President Trump sent a message to the Democrats that if they think there's a bromance going on with Putin, they better re-evaluate because Putin's not particularly pleased about this most recent strike.
Secondly, yes, the timing with China showing up, the real concern at the moment is not Syria.
As tragic as the chemical attack was,
I don't know.
A threat even to the United States, developing missiles, talking about nuclear weapons.
I don't see any way we could ignore what's going on in North Korea.
And with the President of China meeting with Donald Trump and needing to send a message to North Korea and to China that we're serious, I think Donald Trump achieved that, you know, at the expense of a few cruise missiles being lobbed into Syria.
That's my basic take on it.
Well, let me ask you, because we look at this, and I understand exactly what Dr. Pchenik is saying, and to recap what he said, he said that everybody was advised of this, Syria, Russia, our allies as well as our enemies were advised of this, except for the Chinese.
They were surprised by that, and so he believed that the true target of this missile strike was the hearts and minds of the Chinese leadership.
I understand that.
But at the same time, as many of us who have supported Donald Trump and who voted for someone who is going to be a leader, who is going to make America great, who is going to be focused here domestically, we look at this and it looks like a betrayal on a certain level.
And I guess that's the thing that many of us are concerned about.
We don't want to see regime change.
We don't want to see false flags being used.
And it's almost like it's a little bit too clever by half.
It looks a little bit too cunning, a little bit too scheming, a little bit too Machiavellian, like a Henry Kissinger type of move.
Well, I wouldn't overreact.
I mean, first of all, I got to understand that Donald Trump does intend to have a strong military.
And this is the first way to make it clear to the world that he's going to have a strong military.
And he's going to be willing to use it if it's necessary.
I think he takes this opportunity, you know, it's kind of like negotiating with the unions in New York.
He might do something with the unions that makes clear that he could come to terms with them or doesn't have to come to terms with them.
And I've seen Donald Trump use tactics of this nature many times.
But the point is that, you know, if you're really looking in North Korea, and I think this is aimed at North Korea more than anything else,
This North Korea has got to understand that their days are numbered if they're going to continue along this route of being reckless and really threatening the peace, not only in Japan and that whole area of the world, but also even ultimately to the United States.
So you're going to have a president and Trump is going to be an active foreign policy president.
And this is the and he's going to use the military when he feels it's necessary to use the military.
No, I don't see anything that's really solidly regime change.
Yes, there's noise that we've got to change Assad and Assad's got to move aside and all the rest of that.
But I don't see that there's real planning that if Assad doesn't move aside, we're going to do anything about it.
Okay, so even though Rex Tillerson said steps are underway to remove Assad, you don't think that's really what's in line?
You agree with Dr. Steve Pachetnik that that's not really what's in view here?
I'm not taking it seriously at this time.
I don't see that there's really any detailed follow-up planning to get in there and go to war to remove Assad.
I don't think it's that important.
So you agree with Dr. Pchenik that this was a strategic message being sent to China.
Let me ask you, though, about what's going on in the White House.
We've had a competition between different factions, and every White House is going to have different factions.
Donald Trump invited that by getting different types of people into his administration.
But we've now seen Jared Kushner, it's now gone public that when it came to Obamacare, he brought in Zeke Emanuel, who was the architect of Obamacare, who had argued that we were not going to do repeal, and even though repeal had been what he had run on,
That was something that was noticeably absent from the Ryan plan that Roger Stone believes was created by Boehner.
Also, when we had the moves within the EPA, which were very strong, but they carefully avoided talking about the Paris Climate Treaty, which we never
Ratified with the Senate, but that Barack Obama signed and Kerry signed.
So they kind of leave that structure there, along with the endangerment statement.
And then when we look at TPP and trade, Donald Trump got rid of TPP right away, but now Gary Cohen, who's aligned with Jared Kushner, is pushing back against NAFTA with the architect of TPP, Quinn.
So what is your take on this?
Do you believe that there is an undermining that is going on with the West Wing Democrats, as Politico calls them?
Of this agenda that Donald Trump campaigned on?
Well, I think first of all, you've got to understand Donald Trump will change his top staff and change it frequently.
Very few people stay with Donald Trump for long periods of time.
I mean, for instance, Michael Cohen is his long-term lawyer in New York.
Michael's very loyal.
I think Michael's a long-term keeper.
There's very few others that I would necessarily think are in that category, and they'll be changed.
Look, there were three changes of leadership.
Corey Lewandowski in the campaign, then Manafort, and finally Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.
Priebus, I think, is at risk because Priebus could not get, with Ryan, delivered the votes to pass
I think?
Now I think that makes Priebus a short timer.
And also the other leaks that were coming out of Priebus' office that Katie Walsh, who was fired, did not do well for Priebus.
I think Priebus is on a short leash.
Yeah, he's very closely tied to Paul Ryan, both of them being from Wisconsin.
So yeah, I would agree with you on that.
What do you think about Bannon's situation there at the moment?
Because we've just seen him removed from the National Security Council this week.
He said he's not
Gonna quit?
That he likes a gunfight?
What do you, how do you read this, sir?
Well, I mean, first of all, I want to make it clear that I truly admire Steve Bannon and have, you know, through the course of the years, crossed paths with him and I deeply respect Steve Bannon.
Steve, in some ways, is his own worst enemy.
He does not, he's not the friendliest character in the world.
He's not easy to interact with on a personal basis.
He probably has had few friends in the White House.
And I'm not sure that his ideological or policy advice is going to be as important to Trump ruling as it is not ruling.
But you've got to remember that Trump's now under pressure that everything he does, the Democrats are being completely acting like bad children and they're being rebellious and this resistance is really embarrassing to the Democrats.
But Trump's got it very difficult.
Let's just take Obamacare for a minute.
The minute there'd be 20 million people, you know, who'd lost insurance, you know, the Democrats pushing 20 million grandmas off the cliff.
So, you know, Donald Trump wants to do this and he wants to do it in the right way.
Now, the way it's coming back,
And the discussion from the Freedom Caucus of some of these pools for the truly sick being handled a special way, that's an important amendment to legislation.
And now we're talking about getting rid of some of the mandates.
It's becoming worked around.
Now Trump, I think, thought that was going to happen in the Senate.
He's going to be happy to let the legislative process have some of that happen now in the House.
And Trump's very skillful at this.
I mean, you can't judge every micro step he takes.
If you'd seen Trump negotiate building buildings or working with the banks, it often wasn't pretty until the end.
But the end always turned out he got what he wanted and he succeeded.
Even in the Commodore Hotel, which was one of his first ventures, which, when it was going on, I thought was going to be a disaster.
We certainly hope that it's going to be coming back, and we'll talk about that when we come back from the break.
I'll go over the talks about reviving a rework of Obamacare when we come back.
Thank you so much, Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Again, you can find him at Jerome underscore Corsi, and he is our Washington correspondent for InfoWars.
Thank you very much, Dr. Corsi.
We'll be right back.
My pleasure.
Thank you.
Stephan Molyneux, FreeDomainRadio.com, Stephan Molyneux on Twitter, YouTube, Free Domain Radio as well.
A lot going on.
Thanks for joining us via Skype.
What do you want to tackle first?
Now, the Democrats have a big problem in that they lost, right?
They had a very experienced candidate running against a first-time newbie and they lost.
So they have to come up with some reason that protects the elites as to why they lost.
So now it's all Russia.
I think so.
And their answer was, ah, Alex, you know what caused these wars?
Yes, it's borders!
So if we get rid of borders, it's not the elite, it's not the military-industrial complex, and it sure as hell isn't central banking, never wanna touch that.
It's borders!
Like, in other words, if your home gets robbed, the problem is your walls.
So if we take down your walls, everything's gonna be fine.
People, of course, think that the EU was some spontaneous organization of the masses, like, oh, we're facing giant, consolidated totalitarianism behind the Soviet bloc and so on.
So what we need is another giant layer of bureaucracy and central planning, because that's how you fight communism.
It's with socialism.
I've never for the life of me understood that logic.
That's like fighting a headache by cutting your own head off.
But of course, it was the American elites who helped fund the origins.
...of the EU.
It came out of precursors to the CIA.
They never funded less than half of the groups that were advocating for it.
It is a globalist, centralized, CIA-based, collectivist nightmare.
And finally, finally, Europe seems to be waking up from this nightmare.
I agree with you.
What's happening is prima facie.
It's not like we're here just making up our own narrative and we're the fake news.
They have brought in 5 million Muslims.
80% of them are military-age men.
They are running around like they own the place.
The left is literally bringing in men like reinforcements and Peter Sutherland of the EU and UN says they're trying to get rid of Europe because it has a middle class.
I mean, what's weird is in their white papers they tell the truth and it's so crazy and so bad
Then in public they lie, and I'm wondering why would they want to bring in authoritarianism when it's the most unstable system?
What the hell are they doing?
People who are focused on political power are drug addicts, right?
We know this from studies in monkeys, that as you rise through the hierarchy of the ranks, you get endorphins, you get all of these wonderful happy brain joy juices flooding through your system, and you become an addict.
They literally are addicts.
Of course, they're not playing with their own money, they're playing with our lives, and the lives of our children, and the security of our institutions.
But it's no, you can't expect sense out of these people anymore that you can say, well, well that gambling addict, why on earth would he end up losing his home, losing his house, losing his wife, lying face down in a ditch with a dead hooker?
I mean, that's what addicts do.
They continue to escalate until they're either cured or they crash.
And I think we're kind of poised between the two at the moment.
Federal Agents, we are armed!
What would you do if you knew all the things we knew?
Would you stand up or shoot?
Or would you turn away too?
And then what if you saw all of the things that's wrong?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
The crew is just reminding me that we've had all the different people who have sided with what Donald Trump did.
We had Hillary and Schumer and we've had McCain and Lindsey Graham.
We've had ISIS and Al Qaeda.
We've had Erdogan.
We've had the European Union leaders.
On the other side we've had Rand Paul.
We've had most of the talk show universe that helped to get Donald Trump in.
We feel very betrayed by this.
And then there is one more
I don't know.
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And it's now back in stock and 33% off at infowarestore.com.
Dr. Corsi was talking about Obamacare, and of course they're reworking it now, and I don't know if this is really going to be a repeal of Obamacare, which is what we were promised, what we voted for, or if this is going to be an Obamacare 2.2, you know, slightly revised revision of Obamacare.
One of the things I think is important to remember is that this is going to fail, as Donald Trump pointed out, if it keeps going down this road, it is guaranteed to fail.
We should call it Venezuelacare.
Because that is truly what it is, folks.
You cannot sustain this, and we've seen the cost of insurance skyrocket for people who are buying it, but even the people who are supplying it can't make this work.
Knoxville, Tennessee may be the first place that Obamacare could fail, and they're saying that by 2018, Humana is going to pull out of the exchange.
That's going to be next year.
Roughly 40,000 people will be without an option for a subsidized insurance policy unless another carrier steps in.
And that's what's making it fail.
It's the subsidization, okay?
This will always fail.
The only way that you're going to have affordable health care is not with mandates, not with subsidies, not with robbing one group of people and rewarding another, not by putting a gun to our head and forcing us to buy a particular policy from an insurance company, but to allow competition.
And when we looked at the plan that Donald Trump had on his website,
It had competition replacing coercion.
It had choice that was being offered to people along with the information that we need in order to make those choices.
So he was going to remove the restrictions on competition with insurance companies across state lines.
He was going to give us the economic incentives to buy insurance in terms of being able to deduct it, having health savings accounts.
If we don't have competition,
If we don't have the information and the purchasing power, that is what will drive down costs.
But the mandates will never drive it down.
Paul Joseph Watson is going to be coming up in the fourth hour.
He's going to give us his take on what happened yesterday with the attack in Syria.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
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Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're live on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, this April 7th, 2017, on a pretty monumental day in terms of news, in terms of what happened last night.
At 33 after, we have Bill Mitchell coming on.
Of course, he is widely recognised as one of the most influential
Pro-Trump people on Twitter, of course he has his own show, Your Voice Radio.
He's generally supportive, well vehemently supportive of this airstrike that happened in Syria last night.
You've seen my tweets about it, I've criticised it, you've heard Alex's opinion about it, you've heard David Knight's opinion about it.
We're going to have a little debate at 33 past the hour.
We're going to have an open dialogue and that's what's important about this.
We got rinsed either way.
We were going to get rinsed either way.
We support the airstrike.
People say we're hypocrites.
We opposed the same thing when Obama tried to do it back in 2013.
We oppose the airstrike, then suddenly we're betraying Trump.
We're going to get rinsed either way.
And in fact, if you look at the Drudge poll, I think he had a poll, if his readership supported or didn't support the airstrike, the current results show 65% support.
So 20% don't support the airstrike.
I had a poll on my Twitter account, which, you know, I've got many of the same, much of the same audience as Trump, as a Drudge, sorry.
And it was,
The opposite, almost.
It was a significant majority opposed the airstrike compared to those who supported it.
So this has created huge division.
Of course, one of the issues with it is you look at the people who actually do support this airstrike in the public eye, and it doesn't make for very pretty reading.
I'll list them off.
Here we go.
Hillary Clinton supports this.
Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Angela Merkel supports this.
The entire mainstream media supports this.
Brian Williams supports this, and as you've probably heard, he got up on NBC News and said that it was beautiful.
The beautiful airstrikes, he whacks poetic about it.
You have neocons, Bill Kristol supporting this.
You have Never Trumpers supporting this.
You have ISIS itself supporting this airstrike.
You have Al-Qaeda, you have those jihadist rebel groups all supporting this airstrike.
That's not great company to keep, is it?
And then you look at the people who have come out vocally, vehemently, Trump supporters who have come out and opposed this.
You're talking about Rand Paul.
You're talking about Ann Coulter.
You're talking about Michael Savage.
You're talking about Marine Le Pen.
You're talking about Nigel Farage.
OK, I'm coming down on the side of those people right now, and I'll get on to tell you why in the next segment of the show.
But we're going to have Bill Mitchell, because he's coming at it from the opposite angle.
He supports this airstrike.
He thinks it's a strategic move, that it won't lead to a wider scale confrontation as Russia now moves warships into that very region from where they launched the cruise missiles.
So we're going to get into it more.
We're also going to get into what's happening in Sweden.
Forget about last night in Sweden, what's happening right now in Sweden, the most open, tolerant, liberal, pro-refugee, pro-Islam friendly country in the entire West.
And it still gets attacked by Islamic terrorists.
We don't know the death toll at this point.
Initially they said it was three, it went up to five, now it's down to one.
But over a dozen people injured again.
What looks like a jihadist who is, they've just arrested someone the last we checked.
But again, driving a truck into a crowd full of shoppers.
Trump warned about what was happening in Sweden with the complete lack of integration.
They accepted at least 150 ISIS fighters who returned from Syria.
They tried to reintegrate them into Swedish society.
And this is what happens.
Of course, they've been having huge problems anyway, but we're continuing to monitor that.
There was a manhunt at one point.
They're now saying that they have captured a suspect, so we will stay on top of that, and we will be back in the next segment with my take on the airstrike in Syria.
This is the Alex Jones Show Live, InfoWars.com.
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It's a win-win.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Paul Joseph Watson.
We are live on the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to get into the fallout from this airstrike on Syria, with Russia now moving warships into the region from where those missiles were launched.
And I do have a video about this coming up, which is going to be uploaded after the show.
Program note, though, before that, we have a special live special with Rob Dew and others from three to five.
This will be streamed live on the Alex Jones channel on YouTube and on Alex Jones's Facebook, Alex Emerick Jones.
It is an extended special, which will include a special report from Alex Jones himself.
So that is coming up three to five live on the Alex Jones channel and on Facebook live.
So be sure
That's a tune in to that for the latest.
Also the latest on what's happening in Stockholm, where we've had yet another truck attack, where the BBC came out and said, this was their headline, lorry rams people.
So once again, it's those damn lorries becoming sentient and killing people autonomously.
Nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with the ideology of the
Individual in the lorry, and against Sweden, the most liberal, progressive, refugee-friendly, Islam-friendly country in the entire West, still gets attacked by Islamic terrorists.
But the mayor of Paris says that the Eiffel Tower will go black in homage to Stockholm.
They might as well leave the brigging lights off permanently, because this is now happening almost every week.
But, you know, if Russians die in a terror attack, it doesn't matter.
Nobody cares about them.
The Eiffel Tower stays fully lit.
We're going to get into the airstrike now, though, because this is what I tweeted back on March the 10th.
Nearly a month ago, I tweeted this.
If there's one area Trump will mess up, it will be in foreign policy.
Half of his advisors are CFR globalists.
That swamp was not drained.
Why did I tweet that?
Because I was going to make a video on how Trump was being sabotaged by the deep state.
I went onto the official White House website, went through his list of foreign policy advisors,
And it was a litany of CFR members.
It was more than half of his foreign policy advisors are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which of course has nothing to do with America First and is all about globalism, is all about regime change in Syria, which they pushed from the very beginning.
They openly said we need to arm al-Qaeda to overthrow Assad.
Those are the people advising Donald Trump now.
It was over half.
Now you would expect there to be some hangovers.
You would expect there to be some people affiliated or even members of the CFR who don't really believe in its globalist ethos.
But it was over half and that was over a month ago.
It's probably even more now.
So this is what's taken place.
Trump is being manipulated by the swamp.
He's being enveloped by the swamp and you saw it by what happened last night.
And let's go through it again.
Look at the people supporting this airstrike.
Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Angela Merkel, the entire mainstream media that previously hated Trump.
Rachel Maddow was up there smacking her lips last night.
Brian Williams talking about the beautiful airstrikes.
You have neocons, you have Never Trumpers, you have ISIS themselves celebrating this airstrike.
I'm sorry, I can't come down on the side of those people.
On the flip side, you have the likes of Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Rand Paul, Laura Ingraham, hugely influential people with huge audiences, they all oppose this airstrike.
Does that mean we've abandoned Trump and we're turning on Trump as the mainstream media claims today?
There is room for dialogue and criticism.
We're not Obama cult members who have to support every single thing he does, like the left did for eight years.
There's still room for criticism, there's still room for dialogue.
And people have argued.
Trump is playing 4D chess.
He's attacking Russia's ally as a show of strength, in one sense to humiliate Obama with his redline rhetoric, and in another sense to dismantle the narrative, which has, you know, fuelled these investigations that are still ongoing, that he's conspiring with the Russians.
That he's in bed with Vladimir Putin.
But they're still attacking him for that.
They're still out today, those very same people, saying, why did you warn Putin an hour in advance?
This is just more devastating proof that Trump is in bed with the Russians.
So, that shouldn't be a reason to airstrike foreign countries to prove the mainstream media wrong.
To prove these Russian obsessives wrong.
You're never going to please those people.
And why would you give them the respect in the first place to pander to them?
Why would you do that?
So people say it's for that reason.
Here's the reality.
People can theorise about it all along.
Here's the reality.
That base that got bombed last night in Idlib is situated near a town populated by Christians which is under constant assault from jihadists, from ISIS, from Al-Qaeda.
So that Christian town, beautiful Christian town, it's called Mardeh in northern Hamar,
Mainly Christian population.
Beautiful town.
Orthodox Roman churches constantly under attack every day from jihadists.
Defended from this airbase about an hour away that was bombed last night.
So those people, those Christians in that predominantly Christian town, beautiful town, under constant attack every day from ISIS, have now been left virtually defenseless because of this bombing.
Because they bombed the aircraft that were providing air cover defense for them.
They've wiped out the Syrian army in that region, at least partly.
So it makes it all the more likely that this town, full of Christians, will be overrun by jihadists.
So people theorizing about, you know, Trump did this to
Dismantle the mainstream media narrative that he loves the Russians.
That's the practical reality.
Those Christians are now under threat of being enslaved by ISIS, because they're no longer being defended by the Syrian army in that region, or at least their defence will be crippled.
So it's more likely that that town, full of Christians, is going to be overrun by jihadists.
So the airstrike directly helped jihadists.
This is not good, okay?
This is the reality and we need to talk about it once again.
We will get rinsed either way.
I have been completely rinsed for coming out and criticising this.
You can go on Infowars, you can look at it from the alternative perspective which we've given and which we will give at the bottom of the hour with Bill Mitchell.
And people are saying, how could you support this?
You're complete hypocrites.
You were against this when Obama was about to do exactly the same thing, a chemical weapons attack.
Nobody really knew who was responsible.
There was no proper investigation.
He was about to conduct airstrikes on Syria.
You opposed it.
Why are you supporting it now?
That's what we're getting when we put out the alternative perspective.
So either way, we're going to get absolutely rinsed.
So I'm just coming at it from the practical reality of what's happening on the ground.
Now again, this chemical weapons attack, which occurred in Idlib province, was absolutely dreadful.
People died.
Children died.
By questioning who was behind it, we're not disregarding the scale of the horror.
It was horrific.
People died.
We need to properly investigate it, find out who was behind it, especially given the fact
The previous major chemical weapons attack that Obama tried to use to conduct airstrikes on Syria, the rebels were responsible for that attack.
All the evidence suggests it.
You had Del Ponte from the UN come out and say that it was probably the rebels.
You had Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh.
His sources told him it was likely the rebels.
It was not the Syrian government.
I mean, even Justin friggin' Trudeau
Who is a globalist?
Even he called for an investigation into this latest chemical weapons attack.
So we need to find out who is responsible for atrocities before firing off 59 cruise missiles and destroying an airbase which is protecting Christians in a nearby town from being attacked by ISIS.
That's my take on it, okay?
Undoubtedly, the chemical weapons attack was far worse than the airstrike in terms of human tragedy.
You've heard the narrative.
Oh, it was just a limited strike on an airbase.
Barely anyone died.
Well, the Syrian Army soldiers were Christians, from what I've been told, and they've got families, and that's a tragedy.
But if you want to compare it to the chemical weapons attack, then obviously that was far worse.
It was horrific.
But again, there's been no impartial investigation of it whatsoever.
We were told that Assad gave up his chemical weapons.
Apparently now that's not the case.
We can disregard that.
And the central question is this.
Why would Assad launch a completely self-defeating chemical weapons attack less than a week after Tillerson said that regime change in Syria is no longer on the agenda?
That's what he said.
He said Assad was a part of Syria's future.
It was a definite shift in US policy from what had gone before.
ISIS is on the run.
They were about to be defeated in all these major cities.
It makes absolutely no sense.
Assad would not benefit from a self-defeating chemical weapons attack days after he's been given assurances that the US is not interested in regime change.
Makes no sense whatsoever.
Of course now, Tillerson is back on the case, we'll get to the clip after the break.
Now he's saying that regime change is back on the table.
He's saying they're going to get rid of ISIS first, but then they're going to topple Assad.
Which of course means that ISIS will just pour back into the country and take it over, and take over the region, just as happened in Libya.
That is a terrible idea.
You can't destabilise secular governments and overthrow them without that vacuum being created, without it being filled by the very worst kind of people.
We've seen it again and again and again.
So people are saying, you know, this is a limited airstrike.
That's it.
That's the end of it.
It's not the end of it.
Nikki Haley's already come out and said this is just the first step.
Tillerson says it's about regime change.
We're going down this rabbit hole once again, and we know where it leads.
We'll be back on the Alex Jones Show live.
Breaking news at InfoWars.com.
Roger Stone has breaking bombshell news exclusive on Jared Kushner there in the White House, the son-in-law of President Trump, who is at the center basically of everything now.
His communications with Joe Scarborough, a Democratic Party operative, conservative turncoat, basically, in my view.
But here is those bombshell developments.
Roger tells me it is just sensational.
Please continue.
Sources tell me that the president's son-in-law enjoys a very lively text exchange with Joe Scarborough.
And Scarborough's repeated attacks on Steve Bannon, not to mention some of his attacks on the president, clearly are being manipulated by Jared Kushner for his own internal purposes.
Now, again, any criticism that I have of the Trump administration or any member thereof, Kushner is one, are meant to be constructive, not destructive.
But in this case, Joe Scarborough is no friend of the president.
He revels in passing fake news.
But this has not hit the news.
This is breaking right now on InfoWars.
And that is the back channel between the president's son-in-law and Joe Scarborough.
Tells me that a White House divided against itself cannot stand and the internal squabbling between the establishment wing and the diminished true believers continues inside the White House.
Yes, the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner,
Perhaps the one presidential aide who cannot be fired is now in the regular text message communications with Joe Scarborough.
Many of the anti-Steve Bannon stories that you see, the themes that you see on Morning Joe are being dictated.
Uh, by, uh, Kushner, uh, and while, uh, Mr. Kushner's plate is very full with Middle Eastern peace and the China visit, uh, and so on, uh, in this case, I think he is disserving of the president.
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So we got Bill Mitchell coming up to talk about this again.
The dialogue is open.
I think we can still reach out to Trump, given that all these prominent people have so vehemently come out against this.
We can still influence him.
You would hope.
But he is being surrounded by neocons and deep staters, who are all absolutely delighted about what happened last night.
Which is why I'm not comfortable about it, for one of many reasons.
We have that Rex Tillerson clip.
Here is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson saying on record that this is about regime change.
It's not just a limited airstrike.
This is about regime change.
Let's go to that clip.
Well, obviously the events that have occurred in Syria with the chemical weapons attack here in the past day have just, I think, horrified all of us.
And brought to the front pages and to our television screens as well, the tragedy that is part of the Syrian conflict.
There is no doubt in our minds and the information we have supports that Syria, the Syrian regime, and the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad are responsible for this attack.
And I think further, it is very important that the Russian government consider carefully
Their continued support for the Assad regime.
Assad's role in the future is uncertain, clearly, and with the acts that he has taken, it would seem that there would be no role for him to govern the Syrian people.
So they have no role for Assad to govern the Syrian people.
He said in another news conference that they want him to step down.
He's not going to step down.
He's had the Syrian army defending him for six years under sustained, intense international pressure, under constant jihadist attacks, with them being funneled the weapons through the rat line through Hillary Clinton.
OK, he's not going to just quietly, politely step down after six years of civil war by America just saying, oh, can you please step aside?
Not going to happen.
Not going to happen.
The only way he's going to step down is if they start obliterating Damascus.
Is that what Trump supporters want?
Is that what they signed up for when they voted for President Trump?
Again, they bombed this airbase which is protecting a Christian town which is now going to be besieged by ISIS.
They're going to be enslaved.
They're going to be killed because of this.