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Name: 20170403_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 3, 2017
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Welcome to NFO Wars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Monday, April 3rd, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, a warning to the world from a North Korean defector.
Kim Jong-un is almost capable of striking the U.S.
with nuclear weapons.
So be ready.
Then, military scientists say they might have a cure for PTSD.
Soldiers' memories could be erased in a real-life total recall.
All that plus anti-Trump versus pro-Trump brawls.
I have thought an awful lot about blowing up
Protestors followed Trump supporters to their cars as they left the convention center.
Around the corner and away from police protection on San Carlos Street, a mob mentality took over.
That's up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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Tonight begins a new era for the nightly news.
We've previously recorded the nightly news in the hour or two before it airs.
Now we're going to go live every night so we can bring you the latest breaking news.
Now today we had Donald Trump talking about what will happen with Korea if China fails to help us, but we also had some revelations from a North Korean defector.
Talking to Lester Holt, he said the world should be ready for what Kim Jong-un is capable of doing.
A senior North Korean defector told NBC News the country's desperate dictator is prepared to use nuclear weapons to strike the United States and its allies.
Tae Yong-ho is the most high-profile North Korean defector in two decades.
In other words, they say, he can give a new rare insight into the authoritarian regime.
Of course, we can all see the unhinged Kim Jong-un video after video.
But according to him, he says once he sees any sign of even a tank,
Or an immediate threat to America that he would use his nuclear weapons with an ICBM.
Of course, he does not have a working ICBM yet.
They do say that he has upwards of eight nuclear weapons and the willingness to use them in retaliation for any perceived threat.
So he warned America and its allies to be prepared.
He says once he gets nuclear weapons and ICBMs, he can do anything.
Now, in response to that, Donald Trump has said that the U.S.
will act alone on North Korea if China fails to help.
Remember, he's going to have the Chinese leader, his counterpart, Xi Jinping, later this week meeting with President Trump.
And it remains to be seen exactly what they will do, if anything.
But President Trump has issued China an ultimatum that if it fails to put pressure on North Korea,
We're good to go.
They will talk about not only North Korea but the South China Sea which is also a flashpoint as well as trade issues.
Now it's not just the concerns about
North Korea escalating and perhaps getting into a critical mass.
We're also seeing Washington go nuclear.
Today we had Neil Gorsuch, who was nominated for the Supreme Court to replace Justice Scalia, who died last year.
We had the first move towards that happening today.
Gorsuch was recommended by the committee, the Senate committee, 11 to 9 along partisan lines.
But the Democrats now say that they have enough votes secured to filibuster
So that means that the Republicans will have to either withdraw Gorsuch's nomination or change the Senate procedure and go nuclear.
Now, we've had discussions about this in the past, and of course when we were talking about the repeal of Obamacare, many people said, well, it can't be done.
We don't have 60 votes to stop the filibuster.
If you have the will to stop the filibuster, you can change it.
And going back to what Tim Kaine said, as he was a vice presidential candidate, he went to
I don't think so.
And the battle is, do we want a lawfully constituted full court, or will we let the Republicans have a hobbled, limited, and weakened court?
And this really is unprecedented.
And the thing that's unprecedented about it is this.
Senate has to advise and consent.
That doesn't mean you have to vote yes, you can vote no.
It's not a rubber stamp.
But what these guys are doing is, wait a minute, we don't have to vote yes or no.
And maybe we can trick our voters into not holding us accountable for not voting yes or no.
Well, that kind of sounds like what the Democrats are planning to do now, right?
Trick their voters and say, we don't have to have nine justices on the Supreme Court.
We can just not vote yes or no.
We can just have a filibuster.
So that's what he is proposing now.
Let's hear the next clip that he had here, where he's talking about how the Democrats were not going to let the Republicans thwart the law, so now the Democrats are going to thwart the law themselves.
Here's Tim Kaine in October.
I was in the Senate when the Republicans stonewalling around appointments caused Senate Democratic majority to switch the vote threshold on appointments from 60 to 51.
We did on everything but a Supreme Court justice.
If these guys think they're going to stonewall the filling of that vacancy or other vacancies, then a Democratic Senate majority will say, we're not going to let you thwart the law.
And so we will change the Senate rules to uphold the law.
So they want to stonewall the nomination process?
Well we'll show them we'll stonewall it.
And that gets to the essence of what this is about.
This strictly is bipartisan obstruction to keep someone from being appointed to the court.
Now the GOP has vowed that they're going to get Gorsuch.
Uh, confirmed by Friday.
They've said they're going to go nuclear, which means that they're going to shut down this filibuster process.
They'll have a straight-up vote.
51 votes will get him in.
They do have the 51 votes, even if they had a tie.
We've already seen Vice President Pence vote in a tie to get a bill through.
McCain has also said, obviously, that he is going to vote against Gorsuch.
And listen to what he had to say.
The reason that he had to say, he's not going to say, I'm doing it because we want just to make a point in pure partisan fashion.
He says, Gorsuch
Selective activism and restricting women's rights and his framing of women making their own health decisions as the wrongdoing of others are jarring and do not demonstrate a philosophy that belongs on the Supreme Court.
So that's the reason that he's telling everybody that he's voting against Gorsuch, because he doesn't pass the litmus test of Roe v. Wade, essentially.
Gorsuch said that Roe v. Wade is the law of the land.
He said a Supreme Court decision is the law of the land.
I don't agree with that.
The Supreme Court doesn't have the authority to make law.
They are there to act as referees.
And we should remember that the Supreme Court once upon a time said essentially what Judge Gorsuch said, talking about the law of the land, about Roe v. Wade.
Gorsuch said that a fetus does not qualify as a person.
Because the Supreme Court says so.
Remember when Dred Scott, another Supreme Court decision, said that black slaves don't really qualify as people either?
That you can keep them as slaves, you can return them back to slavery if they manage to get free?
So we've had the Supreme Court say a lot of things that have later been overturned.
And to say that Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, to say that the Supreme Court can decide who gets to live or die, that they can decide what the definition of life is, they can decide what the definition of marriage is, and then we just have to live with it, I think that's the wrong way to approach.
And so many people believe that Judge Gorsuch is going to be a replacement for Scalia.
We'll see about that.
And of course, from what we have seen of his opinions other than this, it appears that he is ideologically like Scalia in the sense that he wants to take the Constitution as written, he says.
But if you take it as written, I don't see how you can say that the Supreme Court decisions are the law of the land.
So we'll just have to wait and see what happens with that.
Again, they say that they're going to
Overrule the filibuster and that they will have a straight up and down vote by Friday.
They believe that they will confirm him, that they have the votes for him and as you can see there he is with Judge Scalia.
Both of them say that they are literalist in terms of taking the Constitution as it is written.
So hopefully that is what we will see from Judge Gorsuch.
But let's go to this John Bowne report.
He talks about more about the partisan fight for the Supreme Court nominees.
President Trump's nomination of Neil Gorsuch to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court is caught in the firestorm of the Democratic panic, deteriorating the very levers of the system the Democrats pretend to protect.
There are people who say, if you can't support this guy, who they're pushing forward as this really nice person with the heart, which we couldn't really find, that who would we support?
And I say, hey, if... Yes, Merrick Garland?
It's on all of us to let our Democratic Senators know that we want them to hold the line on this filibuster next week.
Like our lives depend on it.
I'm gonna vote for Judge Gorsuch.
I think he's a highly qualified man.
Neil Gorsuch was given the highest rating by the American Bar Association and interprets the Constitution exactly as his would-be predecessor, Justice Scalia.
There's no question about his character, about the mainstream nature of his jurisprudence, about his intelligence, about his qualifications.
There's no question about any of that.
And so to blow up the nuclear option over Gorsuch seems to be pointless partisanship, which will have long-standing damage to the country.
We have the 60 votes.
So it forces people to think about being bipartisan.
Once we get rid of that, you never have to worry about it again.
Has this been done to a Supreme Court nominee before?
Why is it being done to Judge Gorsuch?
A couple of reasons.
One, the Democrats claim this is a stolen seat.
They think it should have been filled by President Obama's nominee.
Garrett Marland.
Judge Merrick Garland a year ago, shortly after Justice Scalia died.
So, they're bruised about that.
They don't like Judge Gorsuch because he's too conservative for them.
But the Democrats, in their feverish anti-Trump hypocrisy to oppose any bipartisan progress, may end up doing far more damage to the balance of power regarding future nominees.
And if the Democrats filibuster Neil Gorsuch,
You have the votes to change the rules?
Filibustering judges at all is a rather recent phenomenon started by your next guest, Senator Schumer, after George Bush, 43, got elected president.
We didn't used to do this.
Clarence Thomas was confirmed 52 to 48, the most controversial Supreme Court nominee in history, and not a single senator said he has to get 60 votes.
Why should Senator McConnell work with you guys on this when you changed the rules first?
When you decided to do this and again a change that you yourself said this week and two months ago that you regret and it was a mistake.
We never but I don't regret not changing it for the Supreme Court.
We're not talking about Scalia for Scalia, which is what Gorsuch is.
We're talking about Scalia for somebody on the court who shares our values.
And then all of a sudden, the things I fought for, the scars on my back to show it in this state, are in jeopardy.
If the Democrats force the hand of McConnell on this vote, abolish the filibuster, meeting only 51 next time around,
When you might even have a liberal seat going up, then if it's only 51, the Republicans would be tempted to go for a far more hard-edged conservative than Gorsuch is, and that would be a self-inflicted wound by the Democrats.
The Democratic Party has lost its grip on reality.
If they knew what was good for them, they would get back to truly working for the interests of the American people, rather than for their own leftist ideology.
John Bowne for Infowars.com
And of course, as they're saying, this is something that needs to be shut down because Judge Gorsuch is too ideological.
Understand that if he rules the way that we believe he's going to rule, in terms of being someone who is on the same page as Justice Scalia, his appointment doesn't change the ideological mix of the Supreme Court at all.
We had an election to determine who was going to replace Judge Scalia, and more importantly, who is going to replace possibly another three justices who may retire.
And of course, one of those justices
is Justice Kennedy, who has shown an affection for including foreign law in his decisions, as we mentioned earlier today in the fourth hour of the radio show.
We've had several states who have put forward legislation saying that we're not going to use foreign law in our courts, in our legal system, and the Democrats have routinely pushed back against this, saying, we think you're talking about Sharia law.
To which we say, that would be a good example of the type of law that we do not want to have, because it is against the fundamental foundation of our Constitution.
Let's take a look at some of the Second Amendment victories, as we're talking about the Constitution, that are continuing to pile up.
And that's the good news that we're seeing now.
We see New American talking about many different states have been rolling back the restrictions on our fundamental rights, that have basically been turning our God-given right to defend ourselves, to keep and bear arms,
Turning that into a state-granted or federal-granted privilege.
And so we see a lot of repeals of this at both the state level and even at the federal level just within the first few days of the Trump administration.
As I point out, the restoration of the Second Amendment protected rights in the states is happening so quickly.
That it's hard to keep up.
And we're not going to go through all of these because there are too many of them to talk about.
But for example, on Friday we had the Georgia legislature send a bill to the governor there, Governor Deal.
That would allow concealed handguns on public college campuses, with some exceptions that were built in to appease him.
He vetoed a stronger measure last year.
We've also had multiple pro-gun and pro-hunting bills moved ahead in Virginia, including a measure that would allow law-abiding persons to carry a firearm in any state, county, or municipal park or other recreational area.
Another bill would allow law-abiding Virginians to carry a firearm onto school property while dropping off or picking up students because they have set this up.
As an entrapment, quite frankly, if they say that you can't get within 1,000 feet of a school carrying a firearm, most people are not aware of there's so many different schools.
If you drive past one, you're technically committing a very serious crime if you were to do something like that.
Still another would protect shooting ranges from frivolous lawsuits, noise complaints, and other things if they're operating lawfully.
Last week in North Dakota, it became the 14th state to allow constitutional carry, and that happened just weeks after New Hampshire.
We're good to go.
We have seen the new Secretary of the Interior repeal a law that would have prohibited using lead ammunition to hunt on public lands.
We can take our freedoms back.
Most of that is going to come with you getting active at the state level.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Two attackers reportedly on the run now as Russian police are focusing on an Islamic suspect that was captured on surveillance cameras just inside a St.
Petersburg metro station right before a bombing went off that killed at least 10 people, injuring 50 more.
Now, the suspect had a beard.
He wore a Muslim cap.
He left his briefcase on the subway car before he quietly left the station.
This is according to the Russian media.
Now, police say that they are not excluding the possibility that this man was a decoy meant to mislead the investigation.
Witnesses said that a man threw a backpack bomb onto the train.
It reportedly contained nails.
Now, officials say that all the metro stations in St.
Petersburg have been closed at this time.
The metro has been fully evacuated.
And they said that this blast was indeed caused by an unidentified explosive device.
Now, as InfoWars reported earlier, ISIS supporters were quick to celebrate this latest attack on social media.
Al Jazeera's Arabic Facebook page in particular was flooded with positive comments and ecstatic emoticons.
Now it is important to point out that just days before the bombs exploded in this metro station there in St.
Petersburg, ISIS was spreading images promoting the promise, we will burn Russia.
And so if it indeed was ISIS, it wouldn't be the first time.
Steve Watson reports.
That attacks were attempted but foiled earlier this year in Chechnya and Russia.
In September 2004 Islamists killed at least 330 people including 186 children during the Beslan school siege.
Police there were actually, they were able to stop this by storming the school.
That's why there may have been so many casualties in this case.
Other attacks were carried out in 2002 at a Moscow theater.
Double suicide bombing in Tushino 2003.
I mean this list is so ridiculous I don't have time to actually read it all off.
So if you want to check this out and see what's going on there in Russia,
Check out the articles at InfoWars.com.
Stick with us because this is a developing story and we'll bring you all of the latest developments.
So as for now, in the wake of the St.
Petersburg attack, it looks as if Islamists are the prime suspect.
Leanne McAdoo for InfoWars.com.
And of course, at this point in time, they're still reporting about 12 people have believed to have been killed and 50 injured, including children.
The bearded man that they saw on the closed circuit television turned himself in, actually, and maintained that he is innocent.
Meanwhile, the Russian detectives believe that, of course, this is radical Islamism, because we see the Islamists celebrating this, calling for it, and then celebrating its aftermath.
I want to turn now to the supposed Russian attack on the United States that we continue to hear about, and there's been a new development in this.
Actually, what this is turning out to be is something like Watergate with the Obama administration.
As much as mainstream media likes to push back against the idea that people were trying to find dirt on Donald Trump, lying about it, breaking laws in order to investigate it, isn't that essentially what happened?
We're good to go.
Barack Obama used the IRS against his political enemies.
We've seen that very well documented.
Richard Nixon just proposed doing that, and of course that was one of the articles of impeachment, but actually Obama really did it, and he got away with it.
Now it appears that Susan Rice is at the center of this investigation into the Trump team.
What is behind this?
Of course we see that the left-wing media is actually kind of happy about this.
Slate is saying, well I'm glad she did it.
Others are saying, well, maybe what she did was legal.
You know what?
If that is legal...
As the person, the reporter from Bloomberg talked about, he said, that might be the biggest story.
If this in turn turns out to be legal, what Susan Rice did, then that may be a huge story if you're willing to listen to it.
Do we really want to have a government that operates along the lines of the East German Stasi?
This is what the NSA whistleblowers and Snowden have been talking about for a long time, but now we see the left.
Embracing this and saying, let's use this against our political enemies.
That's what we have to push back against.
Both left and right, we have to reject this corrupt surveillance state that by innuendo or even by planting information on people can take down politicians by just inferring that they have some kind of a connection here.
Let's take a look first of all at what happened today.
Zero Hedge points out
That it's now been confirmed.
They say, once again, it appears that Donald Trump was right.
The conspiracy theory that a close Obama associate worked to quote-unquote unmask, and we'll talk about what's involved with that, to unmask the Trump team, resulting in an ongoing media spectacle over collusion between Trump and the Kremlin has been confirmed.
First by Mike Cernovich, now by Bloomberg itself.
See, this is something that is very serious.
This is what has been set up by the NSA, by the FISA, by the FISA Act.
Remember that we learned back in the 1970s that the NSA and the CIA were illegally spying on Americans.
That's why we have FISA, the FISA Act, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
It was to prevent that from happening here in America, yet they have now turned around and used that as a tool of political intrigue.
And they're violating the law, the FISA law, by revealing those identities of people that are political opponents to them.
That's precisely what we do not want.
And, of course, the people who are the ones who have the greatest exposure to this, the people who become the most interesting targets, remember Michael Hayden said, we don't listen to bad people, we listen to interesting people.
And that's exactly what they're doing.
And they will also blackmail interesting people.
They will also plant false information on interesting people.
We don't want that kind of government.
But let's trace how this developed.
Last night, journalist and author Mike Cernovich dropped an exclusive bombshell.
He said that Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice was the official that was responsible for the unmasking of the incoming Trump team during incidental surveillance.
He said, the reports that Rice requested to see are kept under tightly controlled conditions.
Each person must log their name before being granted access to them.
Upon learning of Rice's actions, National Security Advisor, the new National Security Advisor, McMaster, dispatched his close aide to Capitol Hill to brief Chairman Nunes.
Obama began loosening these rules back in 2011.
So this is something that goes back five, six years ago, making it easier for the U.S.
government to spy on individuals in the United States who are not the primary target of surveillance operations.
See, under FISA, they said, we're going to allow you to look at interesting people abroad, but we're not going to allow you to look at Americans.
And if you do pick up Americans because they're talking to somebody abroad,
You're not going to be allowed to put that information out there by law unless you find that that person is violating a law.
Unless they're breaking a law, you're going to put them in there as American 1 or American 2.
You're going to keep their identities closed and secret.
But they did exactly the opposite.
As Barack Obama's presidency drew to a close report, he used his top raids to routinely review intelligence reports that were gleaned from the NSA and their incidental intercepts of Americans abroad.
The interesting thing about this as well is how this is played by the mainstream media.
The New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman has been setting on this story for over 48 hours before Mike Cernovich released it.
Isn't that interesting?
The guy who was profiled recently on 60 Minutes as being a prominent member of the fake news
Revealed the truth when the real fake news, the New York Times, concealed it because they wanted to protect the Obama administration.
They go on to say in this Zero Hedge article, the pattern of Rice's requests was discovered in an NSA and a National Security Council review of the government's policy on unmasking.
We're good to go.
Before the election.
So if you want to know what their strategies are, if you want to know what they're thinking about foreign policy, and then you eavesdrop on them and use this, isn't this the same thing that Nixon did to the Democrat committee for Watergate?
Looking at this and using this for political purposes, as I point out, Rice appears to have lied also.
And let's play that clip of Susan Rice saying that she knew absolutely nothing.
Here's that clip.
I wanted to ask you about this because, as you also know, in the last few weeks, the New York Times has reported that in the final days of the Obama administration, individuals went out of their way to spread information throughout the government about what they knew about intelligence, that the Russians had interfered in the election last year, and that there may have been a connection with Trump campaign officials.
So that story's now been out there for several weeks.
Could there be a connection here?
I'm not aware of any connection.
Not aware of any connection.
She said, I know nothing.
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Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
We are here in Los Angeles, California, and we are on a mission to raise awareness and investigate into human sex trafficking, particularly child sex trafficking.
You know, we have Hollywood out here, the elite, the celebrities, where we've had celebrities come out speaking out, like Corey Feldman, about the problem of pedophilia in this city.
So, we just saw recently, you know, 474 were arrested in a massive statewide human trafficking bust.
28 children that were being sexually exploited were recovered.
So we actually are going to be interviewing law enforcement agencies and people that were first-hand involved in this bust and that have first-hand experience into this human trafficking and sex trafficking epidemic that is currently going on in this city we see right behind me.
So we will be taking you guys along in this investigative journey with us.
We are also going to be talking to non-profit groups that first-hand rescue children, and we're even going to be going and seeing if we can have someone who wants to remain anonymous show us the dark web where these sexually exploited children are being sold online right now as we speak.
Stay tuned guys, this is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
Talk to the folks that are involved in the SWAT team raids now that Trump has relighted this and they're getting all the intel and then it hits judges and it's stopping.
And then you have a guy that's led federal task forces, been a leader of a major SEAL team, been involved in most elite SEAL teams we can't even mention, comes on and says he has all these sources confirming this is going on, who've been on the raids, and he wants to do a TV show on this when he already has five TV shows on History and Discovery Channel.
He just says he needs a TV show.
In fact, he's being threatened not to do this.
I just love the internet.
Liberal sites say, oh, you want attention.
Oh, Alex, you want crowdsourcing.
You make money.
I gave $10,000.
We're trying to fund crews to then go be able to cover this.
But the military and police only trust people that are with them, who they've worked with, and who can then blur out the faces and put it out correctly.
Most of these people that are making a joke out of pedophilia and saying it doesn't exist and all this when it's all over the news and confirmed, they're not actually involved in it.
It is alleged that officers located hundreds of thousands of images and videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children.
Some of the worst that they have ever viewed.
Brian Way, 42 years of age, has been charged with a total of 24 offenses, including numerous child pornography, proceeds of crime offenses, and instructing a criminal organization.
We believe this is the first time in Canada that anyone has been charged with being a part of a criminal organization in regards to child pornography.
To date, the project as a whole has saved 386 children from sexual abuse worldwide.
This alone is spectacular.
Furthermore, as of this morning, the number has actually gone up.
Sweden contacted us and advised us that they arrested seven more people for this project.
So 348 individuals have been arrested worldwide as part of the investigation.
They include 50 in Ontario, 58 in the rest of Canada, 76 in the United States, and 164 internationally.
Just to kind of set the stage a little bit, just so people understand,
In terms of
I don't
Operation Reclaim and Rebuild took place over a two-day period last week.
The main goal of the operation was to disrupt the demand for vulnerable victims by targeting the demand side.
In other words, men who buy human beings for sex as products.
We also wanted to identify and rescue victims of sexual slavery and human trafficking and provide them with much-needed services.
A recent study showed the underground sex industry in San Diego is about $810 million annually, confirming that sex trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in our county after drug trafficking.
This was a three-county effort and 28 commercially sexually exploited children were recovered, as well as 27 adult victims.
142 males were arrested for solicitation.
I think we're just radically coming to that moment where everybody's getting the fact that nothing matters anymore.
Except getting our hands around these people's necks.
But then, you've got some of the most famous patriotic soldiers in the world, not just America, telling people this, and then Google bans them, and YouTube bans them, and Facebook bans them, and says, this is fake news.
And then all you people sit there and make jokes about it when you're being screwed by the same system.
You've smoked your own dope.
You've been conned.
The global system, the New World Order is bad.
Did you know that only six corporations control 90% of what millions of Americans see, hear, and read every single day?
It's the illusion of choice.
Think about it.
The mainstream media is owned by only a handful of megacorporations with vested interests.
But on the other hand, the Internet is an interconnected network of billions of sources.
So you can research information for yourself from multiple sources, or you can blindly accept what you hear or read in the mainstream media, never questioning what you are being told.
This gives you a false sense of reality.
I mean, do you actually know what you think you know?
Or have you been programmed to accept someone else's version of events?
Think about it.
This is Darren McBreen and I want you to break the matrix at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv and listen to the Alex Jones Show because there's a war on in your mind.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
Protesters followed Trump supporters to their cars as they left the convention center.
Around the corner and away from police protection on San Carlos Street, a mob mentality took over.
What do you say to the people who dragged a poor white guy out of a car and beat him?
Oh my goodness!
Poor white people!
These were pure attacks.
Trump supporters, men, women, even the elderly, left this building last night and walked right into danger.
Police say anti-Trump protesters sprayed five Trump supporters, including an 8 and 11-year-old girl outside Anaheim City Hall.
And now they're rushing him.
We're saying, if you're out there and you're trying to represent your First Amendment right to free speech, if somebody comes and attacks you, it's your right to defend yourself.
It got ugly.
Violence erupting at the event as fights broke out, fists flying between Trump supporters and anti-Trump supporters.
It gets pretty ugly.
I want to warn the folks watching at home, you're about to see some very violent footage.
Organizers say today's rallies were meant as a show of unity against what they call a seditious fringe allegedly trying to sabotage the president.
You can see there a FedEx delivery driver jumping in to try to put an end to the protest.
It's to strike the numbers.
I'll give it to you.
If you want to come at me, I'll give a hundred of you against one of me because that's what it's going to take.
Believe me, people like myself will stand up and we'll be coming right back at you.
You say he's not your president, then you shouldn't be here!
Donald Trump is bringing us together, you got that?
This is the heart of 1776.
F*** you white people, f*** you, f*** you.
You think you're better than us?
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Thanks for having me.
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Iodine is key.
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Welcome back to our live coverage of the Infowars Nightly News and again we're going to be doing this live every night at seven o'clock rather than recording it an hour or two earlier.
Joining me now is Leanne McAdoo and of course we're going to have Alex Jones continuing this live broadcast on YouTube and on Facebook as soon as this broadcast here, the Nightly News, ends.
Alex Jones will be picking up with that at eight o'clock central time.
Now today we had a couple of articles
On Drudge Report, that reminded us of the move to control our minds.
And of course, when we talk about mind control, everybody starts talking about, okay, here comes the tinfoil hat stuff.
This is very serious, folks.
We have to understand that going back to 2013, remember we had Obama's BRAIN Initiative.
And of course, the BRAIN was an acronym for their project.
They funded that, they said, at $110 million.
They were going to start doing that in 2014.
But then when 2014 came around,
Science Magazine reported that they had okayed 10 to 12 years of funding, between $300 and $400 million per year.
So all of a sudden, within one year, it triples and quadruples.
And then they say, well, just with the NIH, National Institute of Health, the funding was going to be $4.5 billion.
This is something that the government is very, very serious about.
And so we want to talk about the implications of this, and we want to look forward as to where this is going, as well as understand where this is coming from.
DARPA, as well as, and the military implications of this are one of the very serious things.
But of course there's other implications in terms of, will you be forced to take a chip
In order to buy, to sell, we have to take the chip of the government beast in order to have a job, in order to buy and sell.
That was one aspect there.
But let's take a look at the military aspect of this, Leigh-Anne, what we're talking about with the SEAL units.
Well, every single day, David, it seems like we're getting this threat of our robot overlords taking us out, or AI kind of wiping away humanity.
But now we're looking at actually building super soldiers.
And here, these are super SEALs, to be more specific.
So this was a conference that took place in February.
The commander of all Navy special operations made an unusual request.
Develop and demonstrate technologies that offer cognitive enhancement capabilities.
So they want to boost these elite forces' mental and physical performance.
And everybody knows the SEALs are already
Very enhanced, they've got amazing skills, they work really hard, but what they have to deal with is that they work too hard, everyone kind of needs a little downtime, you have to get a good night's sleep.
So what this type of electrical stimulation, it's called transcranial electrical stimulation, will allow is for them to perform better with having to work less.
And they can what what you might have been able to have really active physical activity for 20 minutes.
They can now do that peak performance for 20 hours.
And so several seal units have already begun actively testing the effectiveness of this.
This is already being used for elite athletes.
I think it's interesting how they sell it that way.
Oh yeah, exactly.
Talking about this is already being used for athletes and it's kind of like, kind of like caffeine, you know.
It kind of helps your performance, gives you a hyper-elasticity.
And of course the group that's putting this out is called Halo Neuroscience because, you know, if they call it, if you can make a connection to a video game, that makes it cool and trendy and it's not so threatening and it's really just kind of like caffeine.
No, it's much more than that.
Much more than that.
Well, and they also talk about the fact that, you know, with athletes, they're very careful because there is that downtime.
They want to see the long-term side effects of this.
But with the military, it's almost that the ethics are flipped because they don't have to concern themselves with the long-term side effects when you're dealing with someone who's on the battlefield, who's putting their life in jeopardy every single day.
Well, they just want them to be in peak performance and who cares what happens?
That's what's so dangerous about this.
Because normally people would come in and say, well, we need to have some studies.
We need to see if this is going to damage the individuals because this is not something that is being administered in a life-threatening way.
It's not something that really is necessary for them to live.
And so we need to take a look at this and go, well, wait a minute.
This is being used in a military situation.
So we're not, we're going to say that we can do this until proven otherwise.
Which is the way the government advances this sort of thing.
But let's understand that this goes all the way back to the 1980s, really.
Remember Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino?
The guy who set up the Temple of Seth?
The guy who went on Oprah Winfrey, dressed up, looked like Eddie Munster, talking about Satanism and everything?
Well, he was a very high-ranking official in the government, and he was talking about it.
He actually published a book called Mind War, from PSYOP to Mind War, back in the 1980s.
And he also referenced extremely low frequency, saying we will control people's moods with ELF.
And remember we had the Navy Yard shooter who said, I'm being attacked.
I'm getting these voices that are being sent to me.
And he goes, this is my ELF gun, which he carved on the stock of the gun.
So we look at all these types of things.
We look at MK Ultra.
We look at LSD.
And of course, Leanne, what they were trying to do with LSD was to disable, mentally disable the enemy so that they would not be able to fight.
They'd be able to easily come in and take them over.
And they were telling us the same thing about MKUltra, but then of course we also know how MKUltra was used to get wind up assassins.
And so when you look at this thing and the surface of it, they're saying, well it's simply a little headset that looks like Dr. Dre headphones, but it's going to make people
Better able to train better and it's going to give them a hyper awareness and everything.
And I look at this and say, well, when they give these headphones out, are they going to be giving them a copy of Catcher in the Rye?
Because this is the way we've seen these kinds of mind control projects used in the past.
By our government, by people like Michael Aquino.
And when they talk about PSYOPs, understand that when he wrote about this, he listed the different branches that they would use this in.
He said, we'll use this in psychological operations, in special forces, and civil affairs.
And so when you look at this type of stuff, you understand that Special Forces originally was, and we've had McRaven say that Special Forces needed to move back to its origins in terms of psychological operations and away from kinetic operations.
But they're selling this as if it's going to help them with kinetic.
We're good to go.
And David, you're right.
They actually always are pushing this first with veterans, especially some amputees or people who have become paralyzed, to really sell this as a way, well look, you can see a man who's actually able to feed himself for the first time using his electrical stimulation in his brain.
I think everyone is all for that.
That is fantastic.
That is great.
But how far does it go?
And that's kind of the questions that we need to be asking.
And how do we control that?
Any technology can be used for good or can be used for ill.
The question is, can we know what they're doing?
When they have these secret agendas, when they keep this stuff concealed, how do we know what they're doing?
How do we know where they're moving with this?
How do we have some say-so in this to make sure that we don't wind up with assassins who have their memory erased or different memories implanted?
How do we know that we don't wind up with autonomous killing robots?
How do we know that the technology hasn't become self-aware but it was just hacked by one individual or one powerful corporation who decided that they would unleash mass terror on people?
How do we control this technology?
We're moving ahead with this technology very rapidly without addressing the ethical issues, without addressing the political issues of how we control it.
Everything that our government does now
It's secret.
And when we look at the long history of how DARPA has created the weapons that they've created and the uses that they put them to, that should be something that should concern everyone.
I mean, this has been around for decades.
Like you mentioned, scientists already know how to erase your painful memories, replace them with new ones, and they're selling this as a way to people who suffered severe trauma, people with PTSD,
It's a way that you can now have memories of a life that you can live with.
I mean, that's how they're selling it.
It's insane.
Exactly when you say we have these super soldiers or these super assassins, but then they can do atrocious things and then wipe their memory.
But it's not going to end, David, as you've mentioned.
They're putting millions and millions of dollars into this, but upgrading humans is going to become the next billion dollar industry.
You know, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead with all these people who want to become billionaires off the next big industry.
They want to upgrade humans.
They don't care about the long-term consequences of that.
And every day you have this, there's also a story of how humans will lose control of artificial intelligence.
So it's always a corresponding article.
This is great, but it's also going to kill us.
They're going
Incredibly controlling of our lives, knowing everything that we're doing, and making it a requirement, just as we're concerned about the cashless society.
We can lose all of our freedom, all of our privacy, and all the control that we have over what's happening in our lives if we don't come up with a way to make government more transparent.
Well, that's it for tonight's Nightly News.
It's been our first live broadcast.
We're going to be doing this every night live.
And as I mentioned before, you can now join Alex Jones coming up in just about a minute or so at the top of the hour.
He's going to be going live on Facebook as well as YouTube.
Thank you for joining us and join us again tomorrow night at 7 central, 8 p.m.
Eastern for the InfoWars Nightly News.
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