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Name: 20170331_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 31, 2017
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Friday, March 31st, 2017.
I'm Leanne McAdoo and here's what's coming up tonight.
InfoWars has obtained a copy of an email that is being circulated among retired US senior military officers from General Michael Flynn.
And the letter contains information that you will not hear on the mainstream media.
As analysis of the email reveals the consensus among US military personnel,
That the Democrats are scapegoating General Flynn as part of their witch hunt to overthrow Donald Trump.
Then another motherlode is released by WikiLeaks.
And this time they uncover how the CIA uses computer code to hide the origins of their hacking attacks.
And guess what?
They're disguised as Russian.
All that plus much more up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, the top story today, according to the mainstream media, is that allegedly General Mike Flynn asked for immunity in exchange for his testimony.
But of course, once again, they've gotten the whole story all taken out of context in order to push their narrative.
Now, Donald Trump actually tweeted out saying, you know what?
He should ask for immunity because this is absolutely a political witch hunt environment.
John Spicer underscored that as well, saying there is no worry about what Mike Flynn is going to say under oath.
It's just that he's being put in an unfair position and they are going to take everything he says out of context, which is of course, just to underscore that it is a political witch hunt, they took his statement and said, oh well, he must have committed a crime because that's what he accused Hillary Clinton of when she was asking for immunity in 2016.
Anyone who seeks immunity in that case must have committed a crime.
So they say, oh well, you're guilty too!
And here's his actual statement.
We've got the full statement there up at InfoWars.com, but I'll just read a part of it that was given to the Daily Caller.
So he says, notwithstanding his life of national service, the media are awash with unfounded allegations, outrageous claims of treason, and vicious innuendo directed against him.
He is now the target of unsubstantiated public demands by members of Congress and other political critics that he be criminally investigated.
No reasonable person who has the benefit of advice from a counsel would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized witch hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution.
So because they say, we can see this is a setup.
We know we're walking into the lion's den.
Nobody who is able to have a good counsel there is going to walk into this political lion's den and just be ready to be consumed.
And like they point out, they're getting these unsubstantiated demands from members of Congress in the public.
Because they are wanting to try him in the court of public opinion.
It doesn't even matter what comes out.
They immediately twist his words and say, oh look, he wants to be protected against unfair prosecution.
He's guilty.
Must be.
He must have committed a crime.
So there you go.
That just underscores the political witch hunt that he is dealing with here.
They're not even going to give him a fair trial.
So we have an article from Jerome Corsi who has obtained a copy of an email that's being circulated amongst retired U.S.
senior military officers regarding this request to be granted immunity as a condition of his testimony.
And a top insider says Democrats are targeting Flynn because he blocked Obama backing Al Qaeda and ISIS, that invasion.
So this is what the media will not reveal to you.
This is what's being circulated with high level sources.
So the body of the email is produced there without any editing.
He did put in some clarifications added into the text, but those are in brackets so you can read kind of the full email that's going around.
But it reveals there's a growing consensus among retired senior US military that the Democrats are scapegoating Flynn.
And so they point one, there's eight points in total.
Point one, Flynn seriously and in an outright manner criticized the Obama administration while Mike was active duty as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for their severely underestimating the threat, at least publicly, understating the threat of the rather rapid rise of ISIS.
We're good to go.
I don't
ISIS essentially.
Al-Qaeda, you know, defected to ISIS.
But then he was fired from DIA by Obama via James Clapper.
And then he got even there because he retired.
He was like, you can't fire me, I'm retiring.
And then of course he backs Trump, triumphing over Obama, Clapper, and Brennan by Trump getting elected.
And then of course even further one-upping them by being selected as NSA
Uh, the advisor there to President Trump.
So, I mean, it goes on here, but this is a consensus.
A lot of people are
Very clear that they're scapegoating Flynn, that it is going to be a witch hunt.
It doesn't matter.
They're going to besmirch his name regardless, which is why his entire statement that he released to the media, which they're not going to show you, lists all of the different accolades that he has.
He's a well-respected man.
I think it was a big mistake for Trump.
Who knows if we'll find out what the reason was behind that, but I kind of think it was a big mistake to bow down and out him so quickly.
Based on the urging of the Democrats because we knew it wasn't going to end there Now we have actually you know what we've got a little commentary from Owen Schroer because he has his own conspiracy theories about what's going on with Flynn with the whole Michael Flynn thing I Smell a troll folks.
I think I smell a troll here a troll maybe as big as the Trump wiretapping tweet See, I think what Michael Flynn has done is
Is he's created an environment now where there's this narrative that he wants immunity because he's got a big story to tell, folks.
Michael Flynn needs his immunity because he's got some big details on this Russia investigation, right?
That's the spin.
That's why he needs the immunity.
That's why everyone's paying attention.
I think it's a big fat nothing burger.
I think it's set to flop as big as Rachel Maddow's shows on Donald Trump's taxes.
And I think Flynn knows it.
And he put that bait out there saying, I need immunity to get people talking and thinking like, oh my gosh, this is it.
We're finally going to get the details.
We're finally going to know how Russia did it.
We're finally going to know who Flynn was talking to.
And there's nothing there.
So that's just what I think.
I don't know if that's the truth, but that's my opinion.
I'm smelling a troll on this deal from the get-go.
And for some more evidence that the mainstream media is trying to drive its narrative and attack Trump, the story is not about the fact that there were criminal leaks attacking Trump that were proving that he was being surveilled and then outing American citizens.
No, the big issue here is that Representative Devin Nunes decided to
Go and give this unprecedented press conference and go.
What he felt was his obligation to let the President of the United States know what was being said about him and that he was indeed incidentally being surveilled.
Well, now he's the bad guy for doing that.
Where does the New York Times send their money to investigate the situation?
Well, they out Nunez and cite his sources.
So here, here it's okay to out who is providing these intelligence, who's leaking this information, but when it comes to who is doing it within the Obama administration where they're actually committing a felony and outing U.S.
citizens and allowing it to circulate throughout the government, that's not a big deal.
No one, let's not even investigate that.
Let's not talk about that.
The problem is that Núñez was asked to meet the officials in a secure location at the White House.
Where people with security clearances could view classified reports.
What a scandal!
And then it's also a scandal that he didn't go up the chain of command and tell Schiff what he knew.
Which anyone with a brain knows that if he would have done that, Schiff, who's like made it his mission to attack Trump, would have killed the story.
So this is this is what's having to happen.
You see people like Nunes, people that are saying, I felt that it was my obligation to serve the president and give him this information.
He's the bad guy, not the people who are involved in kind of this backdoor coup that thought they would never be outed because they truly thought Hillary Clinton would be put into the White House.
I mean, it's total madness here.
And Nunez, with his groundbreaking interview that he gave, he pointed out that there was no evidence, once again, no evidence of collusion between President Trump's team and Russia on the night of the presidential election or well before then because now it's being reported that Trump was actually being incidentally surveilled before he was even the GOP nominee.
So this was going on for quite some time and I'm sure that there were was information was being circulated and given to Clinton's campaign as well which is why she at the debates kept kind of nudging him a little bit and saying what about Russia Trump and she'd just smile and smirk a little bit and he'd be like I don't
I don't really know what you're talking about, lady, because the information was being circulated around and I'm sure she got wind of it as well.
Now, let's talk a little bit about the latest WikiLeaks release.
This is 676 files released today as part of WikiLeaks Vault 7.
Now, David Knight's really going to break down the insight that we received today, but this is regarding CIA's Marble software.
What it does, it forensically disguises viruses, Trojans, and hacking attacks.
And so it can go in, and Wikileaks says that the source code suggests Marble has test examples in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, and Farsi, which is the Iranian language.
So basically, it can go in and change the source code to make it appear as if it's written by the Chinese, the Russians, anyone, North Korea, anyone they feel like blaming
I don't
Allegedly revealed all the corruption that was going on within the DNC.
They're the bad guys, not the people actually committing the crimes within the DNC.
So this is why it's very dangerous, because if you have the CIA using software that can change the source code and then they can say that we are being attacked by Russia, now we need to go and attack them back.
Very dangerous.
And once again, we're pointing the finger at all these other countries, but again, it's our own government that is involved.
Now it's not enough that George Soros and his Open Society Group, the Ford Foundation, it's not enough that they have contributed about $72 million since roughly 2006 to nonprofits that have been most active in pushing this net neutrality as well as privacy rules on the broadband industry.
The reason why was because they were wanting to give the government a very firm foothold in regulating the internet.
So they've been involved in this push for a very long time.
But now we find out that Google wants its own puppet in as the FTC chair to block any antitrust action.
So they're running this silent campaign to make sure that President Trump appoints as permanent chair of the FTC a candidate that the tech giant is certain will never press an antitrust investigation of the company.
So this is especially important given the steps that the Trump administration took to advance a bill through Congress that would cancel the FCC order on internet privacy.
This is one that President Obama engineered in October 2016 at the urging of Google
Put rammed in at the last minute, so the White House was not abandoning internet privacy, but transferring the rulemaking on internet privacy from the FCC to the FTC.
And this, Spicer said at a press conference, the previous administration in an attempt to treat internet service providers differently than edge providers, such as Google and Facebook, reclassified them as common carriers.
I don't know.
Your internet service providers, like your telecom, your giants, we'll be getting to that in just a minute with Michael Zimmerman, because this is huge.
They want to level the playing field here, but you can see, I don't think any of it is very good.
They're all wanting to take our data and sell it to the highest bidder.
But here you're seeing how Google and Facebook as well, they were trying to game the system in their favor and then sell it to us as this net neutrality and internet privacy.
It was intended to tip the scales.
...toward the largest telecommunication giants on the internet, while everyone else would have just kind of never been able to rise.
Now we'll talk more about that with Michael Zimmerman when he comes in, as well as what you can do to protect yourself from all of these referendums that the president has yet to sign on whether or not private companies can sell your information to the highest bidder.
Speaking of that, article out of Zero Hedge, facial recognition tech couldn't snare millions of innocent Americans for crimes they didn't commit.
That's right.
Full steam ahead, breakneck speed, our laws and society, legal code can't even keep up with this crap.
But according to their own documents, this facial recognition software is so ill, the margin of error here is a 1 in 5 chance of recognizing the wrong person.
So 1 in 5 chance you could be charged with the wrong crime.
By the way, here's a list of the evidence that they have gathered that would implicate Donald Trump and his staff and InfoWars for colluding with the Russians.
See that?
They got nothing!
You traitors claiming I'm a Ruski agent, say it to my face and I'll break your nose.
I'm sick of it.
I will stomp your head in the ground, you traitorous maggots.
While we go under Obamacare, North American Union, conquered by European banks, announcing our kids don't belong to us, total bondage, total surveillance, and you want to shoot your mouth off about me being a Ruski agent, I will stomp your head in the ground.
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You hear all the time about fake news.
Well, we're going to talk tonight about some fake investigations, some fake identification, some fake convictions.
This is what our government is doing to us.
And I'm going to tie this in to what we see from WikiLeaks with the latest release of Vault 7, what they call Marble.
We're going to look at that and how that can be used to create false flag operations.
Exactly what we're talking about here is, let's take a look first at the individual level.
This is NBC reporting two days ago.
A stunning drug lab scandal that could overturn 23,000 false convictions.
Now this is coming out of Massachusetts.
They said about 23,000 people convicted of low-level drug crimes are expected to have their cases wiped away next month en masse, the result of a five-year court fight over the work of one chemist, one person who's doing it.
And why would they do that?
Well, I'm going to tell you why, but it's the same justification we see for much of this other stuff.
Now, one of the people who's a professor at West Virginia University, he serves on the National Commission of Forensic Science.
He said, it's absolutely stunning.
I've never seen anything like this.
He said, it's unbelievable to me that it could have even happened.
And then when you look at the scope of the number of cases that may be dismissed or vacated,
There's no words for it.
Well, let's put some words to it.
Let's understand what's happened here.
It's taken more than five years to get this point.
Longer than it took to discover and prosecute the woman who did it.
Her name is Annie Dukin.
She worked at a lab in Boston for nearly a decade before her misconduct was exposed in 2012.
She admitted to tampering with evidence.
We're good to go.
She felt compelled to change these test results on a massive scale.
They say she was the most prolific analyst there.
See, what she's trying to do, she knows that they want to get these convictions.
She gave them exactly what they wanted.
Jail terms.
That's what the establishment wants.
She knew what they wanted, so she gave it to them and she did it very quickly.
She produced false convictions faster than anybody else could do their work because they were trying to do the right thing, presumably,
But let's understand that there can be an institutional push to do this as well.
You can have one individual who, to try to further their career, sends other people to jail.
Or you can have a department that does this.
You can have part of the CIA that does this.
Like, for example, the Vault 7 marble that we're going to get to.
But one more thing before we go to that.
There's an article that was on Zero Hedge today.
Facial recognition tech could ensnare millions of innocent Americans for crimes they didn't commit.
So see, this is far beyond what's happening in this one laboratory in Massachusetts, where one rogue individual working in the lab who wanted to look good and impress her superiors and give them what they wanted, which was convictions, give them wins.
So she framed all these people.
But you need to understand that when we're talking about facial recognition technology, this is something that is a nationwide problem.
This is something that's going to be used by the FBI.
They have a program that's called Facial Analysis Comparison Evaluation.
Isn't that great?
So they look at this and they've got already, depending on your source, 16 to 18 states.
Actually, this graphic says that there's 18 states.
The article here says that there's 16.
I believe the graphic here, you can look at this graphic and you can see which states are sharing their information, including the driver's license photos that you have, and they're sharing that information with the FBI.
Now, what's the problem with this?
Well, the Electronic Frontier Foundation senior staff attorney said this.
She detailed, this is from Zero Head, she detailed the stunning scope of the FBI's photo collection.
She said, in addition to collecting criminal and civil mug shots, the agency currently has memorandums of understanding with 16, I think it's 18, states that mean every driver's license photo from those states is accessible to the FBI without the driver's consent.
The FBI also has access to photos from the U.S.
State Department's passport and visa programs.
And she said this,
Americans should not be forced to submit to criminal facial recognition searches merely because they want to drive a car.
But don't worry, they're going to take away your ability to drive a car as well, and then the car itself
We'll report on where you are, what you're doing, give them all of your geospatial intelligence, your activity-based intelligence, your human domain analytics.
They can all be gleaned because you're going to be sitting there in your little car, driving around, playing with Facebook because you don't have to take responsibility for your life anymore.
They're going to watch everything that you do.
That's where we're going.
She says, Americans shouldn't have to worry that their data will be misused by unethical government officials with unchecked access to facial recognition databases.
They shouldn't have to fear that their every move will be tracked if face recognition is linked to the networks of surveillance cameras that blanket many cities.
No, you shouldn't have to have that, but you should fear that.
You should understand the implications of that.
You should push back against that now.
Before they extend this surveillance network onto our actual literal highways, not just the information highway, the internet, but our literal highways.
We've talked many times about the implications of this.
You need to understand this.
This whole thing that we're talking about as to whether or not Trump and the Republicans
Have taken people's privacy?
That is a head fake for political reasons for the most part, folks.
Look, I understand that they're giving these powers to ISPs, but they already had those powers until 11th hour move by Barack Obama to take it away, to take away that power to sell that information at the ISPs.
They already had that.
And you have to understand that it's still all social media, it's still getting that information on you.
And the information, in spite of what Nancy Pelosi says, she says, oh, it's much more damaging if the ISPs have it.
No, the social media people know far more about you than your ISP will ever know.
Because you give them that information.
And they analyze that information.
And the other thing they don't want you to think about is what the government is doing.
And what are they doing with your facial information?
See, this is the key.
Once they start analyzing all of this stuff in terms of your metadata, analyzing your face, then the potential for false identification comes up.
Because listen to this.
They point out that the Next Generation Identification Interstate Photo System, NGI-IPS, had an acceptable margin error of 20%.
And so that's one in five chance of getting the wrong person.
Well, of course, they can also miss the right person, but they can also identify the wrong person.
Think about the fact that when you, if you've played around with speech recognition software, you know that you can get speech recognition software that is in the high 90s in terms of 95% or better accuracy.
And what do you get?
When you use something that's got 95% accuracy on speech recognition, you get gibberish.
Absolute gibberish.
And when they're talking about an 80% chance of being able to identify people by facial recognition, you're talking about a lot of exposure, a lot of jeopardy of innocent people.
And this could happen by algorithm, not just simply by a lab technician in one laboratory in one city who wants to impress her superiors.
That's a very serious thing we should be concerned about.
Let's take a look, though, at Marble.
Because this latest tool that's been released, revealed by WikiLeaks, as part of Vault 7, is about creating a false face for people.
And with that, they can create a false flag attack.
Now, we knew when this first came out, we were told that they had this project called Umbridge.
And that with Umbridge, they could frame people.
And at the time, March 8th, at the time we had The Intercept come out, and The Intercept I think was wrong on this, I don't think they were trying to cover up for the intelligence agencies because Glenn Greenwald has been very good in terms of pushing back against this McCarthyism, saying the Russians have hacked our election.
They looked at this and they said, well these Wicked League files that were just released
Don't look like they're being used to frame people.
It looks like they're simply trying to make their operation more efficient.
They said the published CIA documents don't say that they're framing people.
Instead, they indicate that the Umbridge group is doing something much less nefarious.
Umbridge is borrowing hacking techniques developed or used by other actors to use in CIA hacking projects.
So they pushed back against what WikiLeaks had said.
WikiLeaks had said, look, they're getting the fingerprints and they're doing this stuff.
And of course, we've talked to security experts, William Binney, we had John McAfee on a couple of weeks ago.
He said, of course, they have the interest and the ability to make it look like they're somebody else.
That's what the CIA has always done.
They never want you to know what they're doing, if they're going to assassinate somebody, if they're going to break into somebody's computer.
Commit burglaries.
They don't want their fingerprints all over something.
They're going to put you in there.
They're going to frame somebody else to do this.
And so now we've had the third release of documents and WikiLeaks calls them marble and they say this is proof that the CIA disguises their hacks as Russians, as Chinese, as Arabic.
This article we have up on Infowars.com today from RT says a marble framework document reveals that it supports the ability to quote add foreign languages to malware.
Now comes the fun stuff, it reads, and they list Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, and example codes indicating the potential for the CIA to divert attention to international actors.
What have we heard throughout this entire, the Russians did it?
Well, it looks like it was written and done on a Cyrillic keyboard, okay, and that it had a country of origin, which you can easily disguise as well, routing your information through servers.
So we were told that, oh look, it has this internal stuff that indicates that it's Russian.
Well, no, they have the ability to mask this.
Now we've had second group of documentary evidence.
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The Senate Intelligence Committee heard testimony this week on the Russian interference in the elections, focusing in hard on the Russian cyberware capabilities.
The circle of deciders is limited to a handful of Putin associates with similar worldviews.
They have considerable resources at their disposal, especially since most of their tools are quite cheap.
A handful of cybercriminals cost a lot less than an armored brigade, but can do a lot of damage.
The elephant in the room, however, was WikiLeaks' revelation that the CIA have unrestrained cyberware resources to act just as the Russians did to benefit the Deep State.
The Daily Mail reports, WikiLeaks has published hundreds more files today which it claims show the CIA went to great lengths to discuss its own hacking attacks and point the finger at Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran.
The 676 files released today are part of WikiLeaks Vault 7 tranche of files, and they claim to give an insight into the CIA's Marvel software, which can forensically disguise viruses, trojans, and hacking attacks.
WikiLeaks says the source code suggests Marble has test examples in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, and Farsi.
I think the Russian term is kompromat.
And I think it's interesting that they have a Russian term, which is compromising information.
And this is active in the sense that not only can they take things off your computer, they can put things on your computer.
This is one of their techniques, is it not?
Yes, Americans should look to Europe where this has happened quite a bit more frequently.
Based upon your expertise and knowledge, do you have any of you have any doubt that it was Russia and Russian agents?
that perpetrated during the 2016 presidential campaign the hacks of the DNC and the best emails and the misinformation and disinformation campaign that took place during the election.
From the observables we get at the victim sites, you can't always connect the dots.
We can't show you a picture of a building, we can't give you a list of names of people who did it.
We have to look at a lot of other factors, some of which
General Alexander?
I believe they were involved.
Dr. Reid?
I believe they were involved as well.
Thank you.
Former members of my presidential campaign team who had access to the internal information of my presidential campaign were targeted by IP addresses with an unknown location within Russia.
That effort was unsuccessful.
I'd also inform the committee that within the last 24 hours
I don't think so.
Could this response to the validity of alternative news be just an attempt by the deep state to resuscitate the dying mainstream media?
And is it fueled by the loathsome criminal politicians who feel the heat of the spotlight shining brightly on their previously unknown activities?
We have to educate our people that they can't believe everything that they read on the internet.
And part of that is, I think, your very creative suggestion of a kind of
We need a State Department and a DHS website that immediately refute when falsehoods are put out.
Mainstream media companies, we need to be working with them.
What if they boycotted WikiLeaks collectively?
What if they all didn't race to publish too quickly?
I'm not saying that Russia doesn't engage in cyber warfare, but diverting all of the blame toward Russia without addressing our own nefarious intelligence activities solves nothing.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
On Tuesday, President Trump signed an executive order unwinding Obama's climate change policies, which has climate change believers in a panic.
Now this comes after President Trump has already directed the EPA to start withdrawing and unwinding Obama's Clean Power Plan Act, which pretty much was trying to dismantle coal plants and replace them with solar and wind.
So we're going to be joined here by Larry Mott, a former General Electric power plant engineer, to talk about these wind farms and their efficiency.
Thank you so much for joining us, Larry.
So, Larry, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and please explain to us how these wind farms aren't as efficient as these wind developers would want us to believe?
OK, let's talk about this briefly about my background.
I started out as a nuclear power systems engineer with General Electric Company and was with them for five years.
And then after that, started my own firm as a consultant in chemical systems, mechanics, structures, and also power systems, including solar and a little bit of wind, but more on the residential level, as opposed to the industrial level.
And for the last 30 some years, I've been essentially self-employed as a consulting engineer in Colorado, but also with international practice extending to Europe and then to Japan and a number of other locations as well for clients.
So, can you explain to us from a technical perspective how these wind farms aren't really that efficient?
Because I know you were saying something about that.
The primary problem with wind farms in general, the industrial turbines, and for that matter, even the smaller turbines, is that the source of the energy that's contained in the wind is essentially a very diffused source.
It's very widespread, very low energy per volume.
So in order to actually take any energy out of the wind, you have to have a very, very large system.
That's why these wind farms are so big.
And there's a limited efficiency that can be gained from the farms.
Essentially, there's a physics formula, a mathematical formula, that indicates that there's a minimum or essentially a maximum amount of energy that can be derived from the wind from these airfoils, which is essentially these blades are actually airfoils.
They're not really a windmill in that sense.
So there's a number of factors that feed into this formula.
One of them, for example, is the air density in the mountains.
So these machines are approximately 23% less efficient at the elevation of Colorado or Callahan, where this wind farm is, than they would be at sea level.
When you take into consideration all of the inefficiencies
The nameplate rating, which is what is primarily used as propaganda, in this case, the wind farm is supposedly a 250 megawatt farm.
The actual rating of these machines is about 0.7 megawatts.
So the rating on the field is not 250 megawatts, it's actually closer to 100 megawatts.
Then the biggest factor is what we refer to as the non-dispatchable nature of wind energy, which means that the wind is intermittent, and Mother Nature controls it, not the engineers in a dispatch center.
So you cannot actually ask the wind farm to produce more energy if you need it.
So when you take into consideration that, plus what's known as capacity factor,
Which is the amount of time that the wind actually blows at a rate that you can derive energy from.
All these efficiencies applied to the 250 megawatt lean plate rating brings it to under 100 megawatts.
Wow, so if these wind turbines are so ineffective, then why do they exist?
I mean, what do they survive on?
And can you go into that for us?
Real briefly, the only reason that the wind farms exist is that they are actually harvesting tax money, not wind energy.
There is a power production tax credit that provides 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour, $23 per megawatt hour of taxpayer money to the people who actually start the wind farms and operate them.
So they actually make more money on the tax
Transfer from working Americans to the owners of the wind farm than they do from the wind energy themselves.
And to put it very briefly, Millie, if it was not for the power production tax credit, there would be no wind farms in America.
And I know you spoke with me a little bit about some corruption that you experienced out when you were out there trying to fight the El Paso County wind farm.
Can you tell us about that?
That's a pretty long story, but I'll try to be as brief as I can.
About the year 2006 or so, an organization called Clipper was promoting the wind farm in that particular area.
They were unable to put it together, primarily because the zoning would not have allowed it.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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We can answer your questions.
Well, we all know that if we use a search engine like Google or a platform like Facebook, we've already opted in to the massive surveillance, the data mining that they're going to do.
They take all of our information and they sell it to the highest bidder.
But as of Tuesday, lawmakers have voted to now overturn some privacy rules that have protected us from our internet service providers being able to take
All of the information that we search on all platforms, and in fact, very soon, our smart homes, they will be able to mine our information and sell it to the highest bidder without needing to ask our permission.
They have been kind of barred from that in the past.
Now I'm joined now by Michael Zimmerman.
Zimmerman, you're normally behind the camera, but you look so good in front of the camera.
We had to get you out here.
You're kind of our tech millennial.
Break this down.
So what is happening with SJRES 34?
What is it and why is it so significant?
So they've put forward SJRES 34 and it's already passed the House and the Senate and it's now on President Trump's desk.
And what this is basically going to do is overturn something they passed under the Obama administration with the FCC that they called the Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunication Services.
And in this probably too large piece of regulation, as they often do, they basically put forward things saying that if telecom providers were going to collect data on consumers or do anything that
We're good to go.
But if you're just logging on to the internet, well, your internet service provider has access to every single thing that you are doing.
And there was a Democratic rep that actually kind of joked, well, we need to start deleting our browsing history about once an hour, but I'm afraid it doesn't work like that.
Right, your browser history is just what's saved on your computer locally.
So if you delete that from your computer, sure, someone on your computer can't find what you're looking at, but your internet service provider, your ISP, logs everything.
Every website you go to, they're even saying your app usage, so what applications you're using on your cell phone or other devices.
I think so.
Right and before they would have to ask for your permission and I'm also curious how this is going to affect I know there was a when the Snowden leaks first came out a lot of people were first giving the hint that the government was asking them for your personal data and then they would say well no we require a warrant
Well, now your internet service provider is not required to ask your permission to collect all this information on you, so I'm curious if that's going to be something that's going to also sidestep some of our civil liberties as well with sharing that information with government agencies, etc.
And we know from, like you said, Snowden with the NSA leaks and Vault 7 recently with WikiLeaks, both of those government agencies are collecting massive amounts of data on Americans and their hacking capabilities and spying capabilities are well beyond what is protected by our Fourth Amendment rights.
They're spying on mass numbers of people.
Absolutely, and Judge Andrew Napolitano, when he was brought back to Fox News after his little hiatus, they put him on because he dared to say that Trump was indeed surveilled.
The one main point that he really wanted to stress was that Americans need to be paying attention to this now more than ever.
We don't need to be pushing this to the side and saying, oh, it's normal that Trump was incidentally surveilled.
Because in October, a lot of these laws are going to be up kind of for a rewrite or maybe an extension or do we need to do away with that?
And so we need to be talking about this and how much surveillance is too much, how much of our information and who gets to profit off of our private data.
And why don't we get a kickback from that?
I'm not sure who put this solution out there, but a lot of people are calling for this universal basic income.
And one way that they could do that is by
All of these people who are profiting off of our biometric data and all of our personal information has to have sort of an account where we're getting a little bit of a payment if you're profiting off, but we don't.
At this point we get absolutely nothing except for our freedoms taken from us.
Well with Facebook and all these other platforms that are free to use, you are the product.
If it's not costing you anything to use it, you're not paying for a membership, they're making money off of you somehow.
So Facebook is selling advertising, Google is selling advertising, and both of those are using very targeted advertising, but it's within their platforms.
Google, if you visit sites that are running Google Ads, you'll notice that ads for things you're interested in pop up.
If you listen to a certain type of music, maybe an ad for that artist will be on one of the websites you visit.
But this is internet-wide.
Absolutely, yeah.
There's an article.
Stella Artois, the beer, they were using location history that they purchased to determine whether someone was likely to stop at a bar soon and to target them and say, hey, when you're at this specific bar, you should buy our beer.
Because you like this bar a lot and you go there frequently, get our beer next time you go there.
Pick up one of ours next time you go.
That's just one little creepy way that they're using the location history that they're buying from search engines or now from your internet service provider who has access to everything.
They want to target their ads to you all the time in every situation.
Well it's interesting because we have a few people fighting back after Congress voted to block these internet privacy protections.
There are two fundraising campaigns
Um, they are, they're saying, hey, great.
Well, you know what?
We would like to buy the browsing history of all of the lawmakers who voted to take away our, our internet privacy protections.
So I think that's really incredible.
Um, they've raised more than 215,000, probably much more today.
I think they're over half a million.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, because you realize that Stella Artois is one of the largest beer importer exporters in the world.
I did not realize that.
Yes, they keep buying up companies and that's why they want your information because you're a gold mine.
Wow, and it's just something as innocent as a beer, the beer that you drink.
I mean, at least if you're going to do it, give me a freaking coupon for it.
Just imagine five years from now if stuff like this goes through and they create more and more targeted profiles on people.
What everything is going to look like, everything in our daily lives is going to be targeted specifically
Well, we were just talking, you know, if you're listening to Pandora at your house and then you're starting to get targeted ads on the commercials that play based on something you search, what if you don't, what if you're a little embarrassed about it or something with your medical history or something and then it starts targeting you with these ads and then your friends in the room are getting access to things you might not want to be targeted with advertising.
I'm glad you brought up medical history, because that is another big privacy risk with this.
Insurance companies could very potentially buy, if someone stopped smoking AIDS or something of that nature, they could figure out, oh, this person's a smoker, this person's unhealthy.
And if you're searching for those kinds of things, your rates might go up, because those massive corporations are always looking for new ways.
Save a penny.
A half a penny.
So just in the last couple minutes that we have left, how can people protect themselves?
Obviously deleting your browser history every hour isn't going to do it.
What are some ways you can protect yourself?
And of course, I know you also mentioned it's going to be like a states' rights issue at this point.
Right, so the Minnesota Senate actually voted to pass Internet Privacy Protections in response to this bill.
So another thing is you could send tweets, things like that, to the President.
It's not been enacted into law yet.
It's on his desk and they have come out and said on WhiteHouse.gov that his advisors are recommending that he pass it.
But you can take things into your own hands.
You can use private internet access, a VPN, or there's plenty of other VPN services out there.
But they've been kind of at the forefront with this issue, encouraging people to protect their browsing.
So that basically puts all your traffic, instead of going from your home's IP address, it makes it look like you're in Dallas or Chicago or some other city.
So it's much more difficult for them to trace and build profiles on people.
Right, because they can't target you at the bar if it's in a totally different city.
And some people say, well, I like to be have targeted advertise.
I don't want random ads.
But as you've pointed out, it's not just getting good advertisements from a product that you like.
It's also your medical history could be used by your insurance company to up your rates.
Very good point there.
So I guess we'll have more on this issue.
Of course, it is sitting on the president's desk waiting to be signed.
Any closing comments on this?
People need to care about their privacy.
You need to take a vested interest in securing your information.
Look at what you're putting out there online.
And if that's something that's important to you, there's steps you can take to protect your data.
Thank you so much, Michael Zimmerman.
And thank you all so much for tuning in to the show tonight.
We had some very important news here today, so I hope you share this link with all of your friends and family.
Be sure to let everyone know about InfoWars, support this broadcast.
They're trying to shut us down at every turn, and we cannot let that happen.
We need our InfoWarrior Army out there to help us out.
We'll see you guys here Monday, 7 p.m.
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