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Name: 20170331_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 31, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including General Flynn's situation, airport security, news from InfowarsLive.com, and upcoming guests. He expresses frustration with the media, evil directed towards him, and the line between showing people they don't care about globalist actions and encouraging them to take action. Jones interviews Dr. Jerome Corsi about the situation surrounding General Michael Flynn and the Democratic Party. The host concludes by discussing Google, Facebook, and California's attempts to criminalize fake news on the internet, which he believes will target conservative or libertarian points of view. The speaker discusses child sex trafficking being done by large defense contractor multinationals and military personnel witnessing it happening over the years. He also shares his personal experience of exposing globalists and their use of child sex crimes for blackmail and control. The discussion then shifts to Michael Flynn's immunity request being rejected by the Senate Intelligence Committee, with concerns over how the situation is being handled. Infowars host Alex Jones discusses various topics, including child trafficking investigations, the power of high-profile individuals involved in these crimes, and media distractions. He also mentions the suppression of emotions leading to darker manifestations of human nature and how news coverage of pedophilia is not given enough attention despite being a prevalent issue. Jones promotes several Infowars products and discusses bone broth as a traditional food source. He brings up satanic networks and pedophilia, criticizing mainstream media for ignoring the issue, while discussing recent arrests related to child pornography and abuse. The hosts express frustration with mainstream media for downplaying or making jokes out of such cases, and lament how their efforts to expose these abuses have made them targets for the establishment. They also touch on the need to stand up against injustice and define oneself by what one stands for rather than material possessions. The video discusses various topics such as Russia, CIA software, surveillance, and pedophilia in British police forces. The passage mentions that the CIA has a software called marble that can change the source code of a cyber attack to make it appear as if it was carried out by another country which could lead to false flag attacks. Surveillance is also discussed, with the mainstream media pushing a fake news hoax that Michael Flynn offered to testify before Congress in exchange for immunity while he asked for protection against unfair prosecution instead. Lastly, British police chiefs are involved in pedophilia which is well documented but rarely discussed in the mainstream media. The speaker discusses the efforts of Craig Sawyer, a former Navy SEAL and producer

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
You know, I've had the General Flynn scoop since before he was even named as the National Security Advisor to the President, when the President was President-elect back in December of 2016.
And they had lawyers look at it,
And it was decided that it was just a paperwork issue, lobbying for Turkey after he'd retired four years ago, five years ago, or been sacked by Obama is what really happened.
And so that's the issue they're going to bring up, and that's why they've targeted Flynn.
And the reason they've targeted Flynn is he led the group of retired and current military
And was the point guy to say no to backing radical Islam and the whole Obama triple cross of America.
And of course we told you about that with Senator Paul at the time and Senator Cruz.
But of course Colonel Schaefer first broke it here the week of Benghazi.
That was when the military said, that's it.
We know what the plan is and we're not going along with it.
And since then, that's all come out.
That's not a theory.
It's not speculation.
That's now accepted, known fact.
And the Congress knows it.
And so Flynn was told at the time, we're going to destroy you.
And so Dr. Corsi, I know Dr. Corsi's source.
I'm obviously not going to say Dr. Corsi's source, but I separately have that same source.
I'll leave it at that.
Of course, everyone listening to my phone, when I'm having these phone calls, knows exactly who our sources are.
But it's highly respected, bipartisan, highest level retired general.
As high as it gets.
I'll leave it at that.
There's only maybe living maybe six or seven of those guys.
Okay, so I'll just leave it at that.
The enemy knows exactly who it is.
But all the documents, everything, of course he has it.
This headline isn't even strong enough on Infowars.com.
senior retired military dims scapegoating General Flint.
Circulated email reveals what the media won't tell you.
And then he can then be pointed at an email that's been put out that basically gets into the secretive info, you know, happening behind the scenes.
But the headline should be, and by the way, of course, he's amazing.
He writes like three articles a day.
Three-time number one New York Times bestseller, author, we all know that.
It's just that Paul, him, they all tend to water down the sensational stuff that's going on.
I mean, a top Democrat official comes out and says, we were spying on Trump on MSNBC, and we say, did she just admit it?
I mean, she said it.
There's no question mark needed.
She just did it.
But Paul knows what he's doing.
I guess you get more people to read it if there's a question mark.
It's not a question mark.
I don't even know how to, like, put a headline on this, because of course he gets the best info, but then the headlines just... U.S.
senior retired military dimscapegoating General Flynn.
Circulated email reveals what the media won't tell you.
And I guess then you read the article, but I mean what it really is is, you know, top military sources.
Dems targeting Flynn, or Dems targeting, you know, Top Insider would be the headline.
Top Insider.
Dems targeting, or General Flynn being targeted because he did not back
Obama's Al Qaeda slash ISIS takeover of the Middle East or Saudi Arabia's ISIS takeover.
I don't know how you want to say that.
That's what he did.
That's why the guy's a hero.
That's why the media demonizes him.
That's why they're going after him.
It's why all this happened.
And I know for a fact that, of course, he was working at the Jones Group, which is one of the biggest
Private groups out there now with the former head of the National Security Council, I mean the former head of the U.S.
National Security Council, General Jones.
And Jones was actually originally offered the job and said, I'm not doing it.
I can do more good outside of this thing.
So they sent Flynn in.
He's basically ordered into this again.
He didn't want to do it.
And so now you see him crucifying him.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
That's exactly what's going on.
Hey, this is Joe Biggs with Infowars.com.
Trudeau Airport secure despite concerns about radicalized workers, officials say.
And if someone dies from a jihadi, don't forget the Canadian government will send an I'm sorry letter to you and it'll make up for all that you've lost.
Officials are trying to reassure the public that Montreal's Trudeau Airport is secure and there are strict screening procedures in place to vet employees following a report about potentially radicalized workers.
We do conduct, on a continuous basis, threat analysis, risk analysis, vulnerability analysis, just to make sure we can face any kind of threat, said Pierre Paul Ferrand, Vice President of Airport Operations.
The comments come following an investigation by the French language television station,
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If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
Download our free multimedia app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
It's free, it's on Droid, it's on Apple, you name it.
InfoWars.com forward slash app.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
March 31st, 2017 on this Friday edition.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I am your host Alex Jones.
We're going to be here for the next four hours.
We have Dr. Jeremy Corsi with big breaking news joining us at the bottom of the hour.
Craig Sawyer, very famous Navy SEAL.
And of course even more famous in the Navy SEALs, the groups he's led.
And then of course we also have Leanne McAdoo going to be joining us to cover a host of issues in the third hour.
David Knight will always kick butt in the fourth hour.
You know, I think it's important to correct things when we're wrong and to come out and point it out because if you start telling yourself you're not wrong about things and you get arrogant, that way leads obviously into destruction.
But I also have to hype myself up, energy-wise, to continue on at this level against these people and, you know, then it makes me behave on air sometimes
Worse than I would do in private.
I think there's a fine line of showing people I don't care what the globalists do and trying to get people to build their confidence and take action.
I don't do any of it on purpose.
I just, when I get nasty or I never cussed on air in 20 years of broadcasting and now they've got to delay me on a routine basis so I don't just say this as a I'm sorry I just said that I'm gonna quit and the station's having a complaint because we delay it all out.
I'm going to stop it and be more professional because... But give me a little bit of slack too, because... Man, I'm really sick of these people.
And I just, quite frankly... I don't know how they're so evil.
But it hit me this morning... It hit me this morning that this is directed evil.
And I'm not the first person to ever say directed evil, I'm sure, but that's everything you need to know.
It's directed, willful, conscious, giving yourself over to evil.
And people that aren't given over to evil, we just can't understand why people do the things they do.
But let me tell you something.
You look at the leadership of the Democratic Party and you look at the leadership of the EU and they look like villains out of a Hollywood movie and then you go research their backgrounds and to a man and to a woman they come from swindlers and killers and scammers and that's the that's the that's the low levels.
I spent probably 45 minutes yesterday on
Jean-Claude Juncker, whose family were in the top three richest Nazi families.
The Nazis captured Luxembourg, the richest place in the world per square mile, and he is basically the king of it.
And now he's the head of the EU.
We have these squatting, degenerate, politicos, tax-exempt, above the law.
The Nazis didn't get gotten rid of in World War II.
The rich ones all just got phased in to the whole globalist system.
And then they hung a few of them for, you know, show.
You know, the ones that were known in the newsreels like Herman Goering or Heinrich Himmler knew too much.
They gave him cyanide right away.
Of course, Rudolf Hess, who died in the Tower of London decades later.
The Vice F├╝hrer, who landed.
He parachuted out of his fighter bomber in the middle of World War II and came down in one of the main palaces.
David had intelligence where the King was going to be at.
And he comes down landing with his parachute and runs up and goes, I have the treaty!
The treaty!
The plan!
They said, you're going to the Tower, Jack.
Talk about amazing.
Talk about incredible.
That's just one little piece of absolute fact history.
That Edward VIII was going to be the king of Europe and sit over the European Union devised by Adolf Hitler.
People say, well, why would a Brit be the
King of the EU, because he wasn't, he was German slash Hungarian.
And that's what's so crazy is, you look at it and you see the alliances with the Nazis and Islam and all the rest of it, and you just pull back and you're like, oh my God, it was all run by British intelligence the whole time.
Which isn't even British intelligence.
It's families that go back over a thousand years in all the giant wars in Europe that figured out how to run the most implicit operations.
And then the world is basically run by a mindset developed by medieval Transylvanians.
And then they tell you in all the literature and all, you know, oh, the elite, you know, they're into grabbing kids, they're into drinking blood, they're into doing all this stuff, then it becomes legend, you know, and they live forever, and they, you know, fly around like bats.
They're just into whatever they want, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's hiding in plain view.
And it's so ridiculous that it's just hard to even believe, isn't it?
Look at DrugsReport.com right now.
WikiLeaks release shows how the CIA uses computer code to hide the origins of attacking attacks and disguise them as Russian or Chinese activity.
You know, I told some of the crew here, and I love them to death, I told them about a week ago, I said, we need another article about how, in the Vault 7 from a month ago, that nobody hardly covered, it says that they can plant stuff on your computer, but also have computer programs, they call it Marble, where in real time, you can even pose as your Russians or Chinese or Bangladeshis or whoever you want, Mexicans, whatever, Germans,
And in real time, sit there and type it all out and then frame people.
And we have a clip of that we're going to play in a moment, but I'm not complaining about my great crew, but they looked and they went, that's already been in the news.
And I said, but no one noticed it.
So we have to rewrite a story and I want to cover it.
And of course we didn't.
I guess we have covered it, some of the reporters have, so they've done a great job.
I'm not complaining.
This is just what I deal with all day.
Knowing what we're saying is all true, there's total proof, and then it never even gets any attention.
So thank God, drudge.
Now, because this is pertinent with all this stuff about, oh, they have Russian computers trying to get into, um,
Trump Tower and all this crap.
Most people have different types of spyware on their computer that could be made by a Chinese hacker a year ago, five years ago, Russian, who knows?
And then they say, oh, that's the proof.
And then Marco Rubio comes out and says, I was a victim, at least two of my staff in the campaign, when he had like 300 people working for him.
Oh my gosh, two of their computers had some spyware on it associated with the Russians.
I looked it up four years ago.
And then of course it comes out that most of this is being produced.
By Western intelligence agencies, because let's face it, we've got the biggest brain trust, and is out there spoofing all this.
But that's all they talk about.
That's all they push.
That's all they do.
And now General Flynn, the article's up on InfoWars.com, huge bombshell directly from the highest levels of the recently retired military.
I'll just leave it at that.
But as high as you get.
And the government knows the source.
I don't even know why we don't give the source, but I mean, I get it.
The point is U.S.
senior retired military dims scapegoating General Flynn.
OK, great.
Let's change the headline.
Let's change it here because it's so much bigger than that.
You know, top general.
That'd be the headline.
Obama targeting Flynn for blocking Saudi Islamic invasion.
And, by the way, Flynn blocked it through Turkey into Europe.
That's what you're supposed to do when you're in the military and over the Defense Intelligence Agency, is say no, and then go to the Joint Chiefs and the chairman at the time, Dempsey, and say, go to Obama, four plus years ago, and say we're not going to be the air force for Al-Qaeda, now known as ISIS.
That was all Obama.
That was all the Arab Spring.
That was all Google.
All bragging.
Remember Anderson Cooper on TV saying, Yay, Libya!
We're freeing them!
Overthrowing Hazar Mubarak!
The Freedom Fighters!
In Egypt, in Syria, in HBO movies and Netflix movies about how great the liberators are and, you know, fighting the evil Syrian government of Assad because he lets Jews and non-radical Muslims and Christians and people live there in peace.
Oh no, can't have the second oldest Christian settlement in the world still survive.
Blow it up for sure.
I'm not bitching about Corsi's headline.
I'm just simply saying we've got to actually take the magnitude of what this is.
Top general whistleblower.
You know, dishes the... Pop Insider, Dems targeting Flynn because he spoke out against ISIS.
That's pretty good.
That's not exactly what I said.
And this is kind of a fun game here.
Not that I have all the answers.
That's why we're wargaming this on air.
Pop Insider, Dems targeting Flynn.
Because he blocked Poppin Sutter, Dems targeting Flynn because he spoke out against ISIS.
I would just say Al Qaeda slash ISIS invasion.
Or Dems targeting Flynn because he blocked Obama's backing
Of Al Qaeda slash ISIS, that would be the headline.
And then circulated email reveals what the media won't tell you.
And then see, Corsi puts that in there because he legally always wants to, when something classified is coming out, he wants to throw out that they made a mistake and open source puts some of it out.
I had like a 20 minute conversation just to try to get this right so that I didn't say stuff I wasn't supposed to this morning.
I don't even know if, it's just, it's like trying to sit here, I'm not complaining, it's just, this is such complex work.
I would just say InfoWars has obtained a copy of an email being circulated among retired U.S.
senior military officers regarding his request to be granted immunity as a condition of the testimony from prosecution in exchange for his testimony before the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.
The body of the email is reproduced here without editing, except for clarifications added in the text with brackets.
The email discussed appeared in parentheses in the original email.
I guess we do make it about this.
But that's what I don't like.
You know, I'll have the total proof of the people that were there and witnessed it all, and then I can't come tell you all that because it's sources.
And then we have to sheep-dip it and run it through some email.
I am so, so sick of the evil people running this country.
And then the good people are trying to block all this takeover.
And then, I don't even know the American people to serve them.
I don't mean you, or myself, or my family, or your family.
I mean the snot noses out there.
It'll lock up to me on the street, almost always white people, and say, oh look, it's the racist Alex Jones.
I got some magic word and it hurts me when I'm the opposite of a racist trying to actually bring humanity together.
And they don't even care, no.
It's like they're lobotomized warthogs or something, and they've got some magic word they're going to use on me.
Because they know that I am a prominent person, so they want to feel big and powerful and just attack me.
And what I've learned is it's a phenomenon.
I don't follow Hollywood or the star stuff at all, okay?
I did some in the past, but just none.
I just can't stand it.
It's revolting.
Almost all of it.
But now I guess there's this phenomenon, Anthony was showing me the other day in the news.
He goes, oh, that's a phenomenon where you could be a TV person or even a weatherman or woman or you could be anything.
And people get really pissed because it's not just about money and class envy.
It's about like, oh, my God, you're known.
So if I can
Say something bad to you, I've elevated myself.
And see, it's almost like a wake-up for these people though, because I'm sick of celebrities that are just celebrities because they've got yachts or a hundred purses like Kim Kardashian and all this other ridiculous crap.
So I guess with them, that's kind of how they're waking up in a way.
Because they're not celebrities so Madison Avenue and Wall Street and the culture makes them feel small by design.
So they've kind of just mutated now politically and they just hate everybody.
Because you can't call trendies liberals.
We were talking about this this morning.
Austin has been colonized by the people that went to California trying to be famous and then now they've come here to colonize Austin.
They're not all bad, but most of them are the most vile, hateful, self-centered, stupid, stupid people.
And just guys walking around, you know, bumping into people, trying to start fights, and women, you know, sticking their lips out, you know, with a duck face you see everywhere, taking selfies, and you're just like, I see it now in culture, but on the street, and it's like nauseating.
And let me tell you something, 15 years ago, I saw a beautiful woman who was arrogant.
I still think they were attractive.
If they're arrogant now, it's revolting, no matter how good-looking they are.
I don't even know how to describe it anymore.
It's spiritual evil.
But then it mutates in with this holier-than-thou liberalism, where they just want to run around like the new priest class and look for witches.
They're little witch hunts.
But notice what the great qualifying thing about them is.
Anything truly degenerate, anything truly dangerous, they're apologists for the most radical forms of orthodox, viral spreading Islam.
Population doubling every 20 years, right, as we speak, or more.
And they're apologists for pedophilia all over the place.
And then we see references to pedophilia, and we see it pushed, and we see it happening, and we see sexualization of children all over Nickelodeon and everywhere else, and then they look at you and they go, we don't know what you're talking about.
There's no such thing.
There's no such thing as radical Islam.
There's no such thing as pedophilia.
There's no such thing as any of this.
There's no world government.
There's no... Obamacare is free.
But again, on some fronts, they're capitulating.
On some fronts, they are admitting, okay, we got a global government, but it's good, and it's not racist, and so you should be for it.
Nation states are racist, so let us conquer them, or you're a racist, and then it's Jean-Claude Juncker, the literal Nazi heir of the Prussian Royal House,
Who wears the black tuxedos with the red vests with the iron cross around his neck.
I mean, literally wearing a Count Dracula outfit.
You can't make this up.
Because he is a vampire.
Not a literal one, but a literal one when it comes to culture.
And he was given
Luxembourg, the richest place in the world, tax-exempt, where Coca-Cola's $100 a can because they don't want any poor people there, and well-known for every degradation and the Saudi princes in there, flying in the little kids, all of it.
I mean, it is just beyond anything you can imagine.
He's the king of it, sitting there.
Where's the Nazi money?
There's no real Nazi hunting.
There were a few Jewish Nazi hunters that wanted to go after Klaus Barbie, who was just a Gestapo officer.
He worked for the CIA in Latin America, so they told him, you're not even allowed to have him.
He was mid-level.
Joseph Mingla and everybody else, reportedly related to Juncker, of course.
More royalty.
More little counts.
Gotta love the little counts.
Just don't go out in the village at night near the castle or... You know, they told the kids, they grab you and they drink your blood.
And the kids said, what are they?
They go, they're vampires.
And they don't live forever.
But they're programmed us.
Everything they do is psychopaths.
Inbred psychopaths.
Innerbreeding to create the ultimate psychopath super genius.
200 IQs, you name it.
Oh, they're smart.
You look what we're facing, what we're battling here, ladies and gentlemen.
It's hardcore.
We could beat them.
A guy that dresses up in Count Dracula outfits that rules Luxembourg, owns it because the Nazis took over Luxembourg, invaded it with threat of force.
Took it!
And then, oh, here, Juncker, you get it.
Here, Juncker, you're royal.
And now you rule the unelected EU.
And threaten military action against countries that want to pull out, that never voted to enter, and then you threaten America with breakup.
And that's what I'm saying.
If we can't say no to Juncker, then I guess we deserve to be slaves.
You've got a true
Nazi heir who has the richest country in the world per capita as his.
And that's not enough.
Now he's the EU head of the unelected bureaucracy that countermands everybody and threatens England that if they try to leave, they'll destroy them financially.
And now they've got the Muslims warmed up and Ergun saying, we'll burn down Europe if you don't go along with what Merkel wants.
Merkel smiles and goes, good.
And then I get to have uneducated, half-wit, wannabe, tough guys wandering around the street going, oh look, it's Alex Jones.
Screw you, racist!
It's like some white twerp.
I'm just like, somebody in a restaurant goes, I'm not going to eat here.
That racist is here.
And I'm just like, another little cult member white person.
Another idiot.
Doesn't even know who Yonkers is.
I'm gonna come back with all the big news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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A total 360 win.
On Sunday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told the Daily News that he will let the fearless girl statue remain in place for the next year, proving that women can achieve great things, if a man allows it.
The statue was installed in March of this year, a stark and challenging contrast to the charging bull statue that's long been the symbol of Wall Street.
The defiant little girl quickly became a sensation, and perhaps unwittingly, the perfect symbol for modern feminism.
For while the bull represents America's animalistic power, the force and energy of an untamed free market, it's now being challenged and defied by a self-important little girl who insists on being the center of attention.
I don't want to sound like a misogynist, but I can't help but think that if a man had been involved in the statue's creation, he could have used his naturally superior reasoning and spatial awareness to suggest that the fearless girl be installed perhaps riding on top of the bull or leading the bull in a charge.
You know, contributing to American prosperity rather than standing in opposition to it.
But I digress, because whatever its symbolism, the installation depicting an imminent mauling is here to stay.
And it's inspiring women all over New York.
Not to create statues of their own, of course, but to insist that others do it for them.
According to the New York Post, quote, female elected officials on Monday called on the city to add more statues of women around the five boroughs.
Because why do something yourself when you can just demand the city do it for you?
Women don't see themselves represented in the streets of New York, said Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer.
We have sculptures and art of a lot of men, and that needs to change.
Well, I agree with Ms.
Brewer, and I say it's a crying shame that there are no prominent statues of women in New York.
No enduring symbol of the city itself, as well as America as a whole.
There's nothing that can be called the most famous, recognizable, and well-loved monument in the world.
No masterpiece of artistry and engineering.
Humble and stoic goddess, crafted in epic proportions meant to not just embody our most highly cherished virtues, but to declare them to the world.
I really think the city could use something like that.
But only if it's a girl.
That's the important part.
This has been Harrison Smith for InfoWars.com.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Secretary of Defense Mattis says North Korea must be stopped.
You talk about a false flag.
Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton publicly helped transfer the reactors to create the fissile material for atomic warheads.
That's all on record in the 1990s.
I covered it all, but of course he covered it.
And we gave the Communist Chinese the entire ICBM systems.
From launch, to the boosters, to guidance, to separation, to re-entry, to multiple warhead re-entry devices.
And then I get to sit there and watch them say General Flynn is a traitor.
For some turkey lobbying.
Years after he was a general.
Big story up on Infowars.com by Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Tim's targeting Flynn because he blocked Obama backing Al-Qaeda ISIS invasion.
And of course we have more than just this email being circulated amongst top generals.
We're going to give our source, but you know, even more intel on why.
Flynn was told, you will be destroyed for blocking the ISIS Al-Qaeda operations four years ago.
And then you had Colonel Schaefer come out and everybody else, but it was Flynn behind the scenes.
And again, Schaefer's just kind of like a spokesperson for the good folks in the military, good people in the Army, and Marines for that matter.
But he's like an authorized conduit by the resistance in our government to the globalists.
There's a true civil war here, people, in government happening.
The campaign was fun, as hard-fought as it was.
This is the real war now.
We're going to Dr. Corsi here in a moment, but just look at Dr. Corsi.
Top insider, Jim's targeting Flynn because he blocked Obama backing Al Qaeda ISIS invasion.
Here's another one.
This is from Dr. Corsi, March 7th, so that's 20 plus days ago.
24 days ago, CIA can stage fake Russian hacking to undermine Trump.
Now let's go to DrudgeReport.com, and I'm glad Drudge brought this back up because they're claiming, oh, there's these Russian, you know, hacks going into Marco Rubio.
Two computers out of hundreds had some software associated with Russian hackers.
What the hell does that mean?
Most computers have been hit by viruses from everywhere!
We have a war with Nigeria because they create a bunch of viruses?
But they're creating fake Russian ones.
And they're spoofing it.
And it's all broken down.
We'll get to that in a moment.
We have a clip of it.
But notice a month ago he had the Podesta situation.
About Podesta getting Russian money.
In exchange for uranium.
Not that he declared it wrong.
Notice, we didn't get the cease and desist from John Podesta.
Daily Caller did.
But regardless, they always change the subject.
They're knee-deep under Russian, Chinese, and other foreign control.
They're like slot machines in my view.
Hillary Clinton, the foundation's ongoing.
Completely criminal.
Did she get in trouble for all the illegal stuff?
No, no, no.
Flynn asked for immunity.
Because they want to put him in prison.
They want him to be the sacrificial lamb and then bring down Trump.
This is preposterous.
So we're going to go to Dr. Courtsey in a moment.
But again, InfoWars.com, you go to DrudgeReport.com, you can see the Daily Mail about them spoofing, getting into your computer, posing as any country they want in live time with software that doesn't just show the fingerprints or just spoof a foreign country.
But the text that's going on can be done in whatever language they want to further frame whoever they want.
Of course, it's the Russians.
And how do I know this is all bull?
Well, number one, they say, I'm being directed by the Russians.
I'm under criminal investigation.
People are like, how are you handling it, Alex?
How am I handling it?
It's like saying I'm under investigation for crucifying Jesus 2,000 years ago.
It's ridiculous.
But it shows how desperate they are and their master projection.
Everybody knows it was the Democrats who were literally under the control of the Russians.
Probably half the Democrats were actual card-carrying, you know, hooked into the KGB, you name it.
Because it was encouraged by the big foundations here in the U.S.
that had gone and helped do that to Russia.
It was actually foundations through Russia back-attacking America.
But I'm gonna go back to Corsi here.
The point is,
That's the reality.
The very people.
They must be enjoying it now, because they lost Russia, and they hate the fact that they don't have that as a godless, you know, totally controlled, you know, place they can teach five-year-olds how to be trannies or whatever.
So, and Hollywood admits they're pissed.
So now they're like, we're gonna get Russia and America.
But believe me, the globalists hate America more than Russia.
We're gonna go to Dr. Corsi here in just a moment.
First off,
We have our deep cleanse products.
We have our liver cleanse.
We have the deep cleanse.
And the reason deep cleanse was out for eight months was because we were getting a shilaji from Tibet.
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Oh my gosh, started getting it from Russia!
We must work for the Russians, see?
We must work for the Tibetans before that.
Well, we run into the same problem with iodine.
When we started popularizing the fact that it's the good halogen and you need it for yourself and your family, and that the bad halogens like fluoride fill up your glands and things when you don't have it,
Ken showed folks all the mainstream news about it.
It became a very, very popular product.
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Well, that sounds like really pure, but it's not because iodine is a gaseous crystal form, and when it's in nature, it tends to bind to whatever it's with, and you don't get the same absorption.
Well, this is, we have to have a DEA license for this.
And it's in a locked vault, I'm not going to even say where, I'm not even allowed to say where, but I go through a major manufacturer to actually get pure iodide.
When I say pure, with electron microscopes and spectrometers, I'm not the expert, they just tell me, it's like 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Everybody wants this.
Well, we get it from natural gas drilling rig.
But only a few places actually extract it for other projects and pharmaceuticals.
That's why it's so controlled, folks.
Not with what we sell, it's been denatured and put into the palm oil, but with the pure stuff, you know, it's basically one procedure.
It's methamphetamine.
Or a bunch of other stuff.
It's a key precursor, but you're allowed to have it as an element.
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And then we did deep research and found, oh my gosh, there's pharmaceutical grade.
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And so we're going to, I'm going to, I'm going to go to our guests.
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Well, it's the same thing with this.
Same thing with B12, same thing with anything.
So, for the first time in four years, we are facing a major deep earth iodine shortage.
And basically, I just think it's people want more money from us.
And they're like, oh yeah, you know, you want to buy more of this.
Because when they hit like 7,000 to 12,000 feet, they're going 15,000 feet down to get natural gas.
This is right here in America.
There's only a few big, fancy companies that do this.
And then it's all part of the intelligence ops they're running on us, taking us off Google, taking us off AdRoll, openly saying in the news they want to shut us down.
They know they can't target our sponsors because we don't really have sponsors.
The network does.
I really don't.
For all intents and purposes, we're pretty much supportive of the products we sell.
So, what do they do?
Well, oh, you might not get your iodine now.
But okay, we're now looking for getting from Brazil off the coast if we have to.
Whatever, we're going to get the i9.
Then you got to get it into the country.
But they're behind the scenes and a lot of chicanery is going on.
And this is one of our best-selling products, of course, it's been targeted.
And so, yes.
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There's just a lot of issues going on here, obviously, because there's only two places in the U.S.
that, and I can't even say where, because this is all proprietary secret stuff, okay?
It's what we do.
We traffic in key intel.
Well, this is the key intel.
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They're attacking us every front.
I'm actually proud of this.
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I started pushing Iodine six years ago, nobody was pushing it in stores.
They got these crap versions everywhere.
This is it, folks.
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Infowarslife.com, Infowarsstore.com.
Now, Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Dr. Jerome Corsi is our guest.
And again, Dr. Jerome Corsi is a New York Times number one bestseller three times, and of course is a great investigative journalist who formerly worked in international banking, has been friends with Donald Trump for more than 40 years, and of course worked for the State Department and other areas as well as his consultant.
And he has major sources inside the Pentagon, former and current.
I have one with the same sources.
Instead of putting out the source, we're putting out an email they're sharing.
That way we don't have to put the name on the general, but I think everybody should just go public at this point.
But I'm sure the general knows more than I do.
And I separately have connections and I'm able to communicate with some of those folks, so I'll just stop right there.
But the enemy knows exactly what we're talking about, so I don't know why we're hiding sources.
But it's still important to do, I get it.
This is a big deal on Flynn.
This is punishment for the military not backing Al-Qaeda and ISIS and Obama's jihad.
And then we've also got the big news on Roger Stone.
We've got the big news on Google wants its own puppet as FTC chair to block antitrust action.
That's a new Dr. Jerome Corsi article on Infowars.com.
He's so prolific.
And this is inside baseball stuff.
You know, the Podesta stuff you learned about months before here.
And I'm not branding myself as, oh, we're the best.
It's dangerous to be the best.
They just try to hope to ignore us like our info two weeks ago with the documents on NSA spying on Trump.
Notice they never said those were fake.
Those are all real numbers, folks.
My private number, my private office, nobody ever knew about everything.
Trump numbers I have, but would never have the nerve to call his Mar-a-Lago, his Mar-a-Largo, uh, suites.
He doesn't have the whole house now, he just has a little wing.
Uh, I've had that number for a while.
He's like, yeah, give him a call, he wants you to have this number.
And I'm like, okay.
Yeah, I don't call the president, the president's called me.
But we're just gonna stop right there.
The point is, is that
He's got a lot to cover.
We're going to have him a little bit with us in the next hour.
I appreciate him holding while I went through that plug.
But Dr. Corsi, big things happening, my friend.
Thanks for joining us.
Great pleasure, Alex, to be with you.
Thank you.
This article on Flynn, we have an email that's being circulated by top U.S.
military retired.
And essentially, we've got all the points here, exactly as they are in the memo.
The military is
Thinking that Flynn is being scapegoated by the Democrats.
Basically, Flynn criticized the Obama administration as not properly estimating or underestimating the ISIS threat of essentially not equipping the Libyan militias, you know, basically not the Libyan army, but equipping the terrorist militias that overthrew and murdered Gaddafi.
Criticism here of
We're good to go.
And if you read this, you can see what the U.S.
military thinks.
I mean, they're basically saying that Clamper did the dirty work for Obama and had the buy-in by John Brennan branded Muslim here.
Who, according to one of his contract staff, the worker bees at the CIA despise, that that's Brennan.
So Flynn gets even, he retires, he backs Trump, and then he really one-ups Obama, Clapper, and Brennan when Trump gets elected.
Let's just back up though, I mean you're just going off what the generals are putting out in the email, but let's go further.
Flynn went on
Al Jazeera and said we were ordered to back Al Qaeda slash ISIS purposely by Obama.
That's treason.
And he led the military saying no.
And our classic military does not get political.
We're not a banana boat republic.
The problem is the globalists are overthrowing the country.
So our military is now having to get involved because the country is in such dire straits.
And it is, let's just say, the US military
And the Obama and all of the Hillary people hate Flynn.
Because Flynn dared to stand up to Obama and Clinton and expose to the American public that we were backing Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in Libya.
I've been writing about this for years.
I mean, it was a change of sides.
I want to say, along with Colonel Schaeffer, you broke it all five years ago.
You had the PNL on the ground.
You broke it all.
And, you know, now what's happening, and the way the retired military in this circulating email are saying is that now the Democrats, the Radical Democrats, and of course, remember, they're led now today by Tom Perez, who is head of the DNC, and he's La Raza, and they've got Keith Ellison, who is a Muslim Brotherhood.
These are the leaders of the Democratic Party right now.
He won't be sworn in on a Bible!
So bottom line, they're planning a coup, they're planning to make a run at the president, they're openly saying use COG to overthrow him.
I don't have dreams of some war with these idiots, I want stability.
But we're going to, the president's going to have to move on them very quickly.
They're involved in sedition, they're the outside threat, they're the globalists, you've got this...
This junker heir to the entire Nazi system that owns Luxembourg through fraud.
I mean, he owns it because his parents invaded it.
I mean, you can't make that up.
Threatening to overthrow the United States.
I mean, I'm done, man.
And the generals are saying here that basically Flynn is under so much attack from the Democrats.
It's a coordinated attack.
That's why I say they don't know who's shooting at him.
It is six o'clock.
You know, the bandits, unknowns, they're all the Democrats trying to take down
Flynn in order to delegitimate the Trump presidency.
That's what's going on here.
And it's why President Trump today tweeted that Trump, you know, he believes Flynn should get immunity in order to be able to testify and defend himself.
This is scapegoating.
It's what the Democrats are doing.
They can't stand the radical left, can't stand the U.S.
military that's yet defending the United States of America.
And Flynn was part of that group.
They want to send a message that if you're loyal to the United States of America and you have courage like General Flynn, who isn't the heir to the Nazi fortune like Junkers, who comes from persecuted Irish people and is a tough guy,
And the message here is that the elite, the leftist elite,
I don't know.
It's the biggest names.
It's real.
They're on a jihad.
And that's what I was told by a high-level Republican, who is a good Republican.
He said, no, it's happening everywhere behind the scenes now.
They're going on a jihad.
And then everybody just says, let's man up.
Let's go.
I mean, we're going to double, triple down.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Well, I think the Flynn case shows, and again it's more confirmation, that the left is on a determined effort to shut down any conservative views.
They are not interested in the Free First Amendment.
The left wants to criminalize the Alex Jones Show.
That's what this is about.
And by the way, they're now officially saying that in Democratic Party organs.
By name, saying the President doesn't deserve to have a Twitter.
Alex Jones must be shut down.
I mean, it's just out... Where's the instinct in the old left that had problems, but I didn't hate right or left, I was just an Americana guy.
The instinct to defend free speech.
This is flaming authoritarianism.
And it's the hard left, the Democratic Party is the hard left today of Saul Alinsky, this is Bill Ayers, Karl Marx, this is radical ideologues of the far left who are not interested in anyone disagreeing with them.
They want to have thought reform very much like in the
You know, Chinese revolution.
Mao, the Mao is their main, is all these college groups, everything, the literature, Mao, Mao, Mao.
They see that as the only communist success.
Yeah, 80 million people dead.
They see that as their god.
They are trying to bring in a Mao system.
During the election, 20th Century Fox creates over 100 fake news sites to attack Trump.
You, all of us have been attacked.
Trump, obviously, 99% of it.
And then it's like, oh, it's no big deal.
It was to promote a movie.
No, it wasn't.
It was, you know, real-looking newspapers saying Trump hates Mexicans, blah, blah, blah.
And they're so crazy now.
Like I said, Colbert will have me say, I'm not anti-gay, and they'll edit it.
And say, I'm anti-gay.
I mean, again, it's next-level deception.
Have they gone insane, or is there a method to their madness, Dr. Corzine?
Well, the method is that the Democratic Party has become a leftist socialist Democratic Party, communist party on the European model, and they're happy to use Soviet disinformation techniques in order to discredit their opponents.
And the left is running disinformation campaigns constantly, every day.
Oh yeah, they've got one behind the scenes where they send letters, supposedly written by me, to people threatening them and saying horrible things, and then I have to, like, call these people and go, no, I didn't send that.
It's just, it's unbelievable.
And the next thing is, I'm pointing out Google, Facebook, they're all into this.
You're going to find that California's introduced a law now to criminalize anyone who does fake news on the internet.
Well, who's to determine what's fake news?
It's going to be California criminalizing the Alex Jones Show, me, anyone else who dares to have a conservative point of view and point out a truthful position from a conservative organization.
Paleoconservative, private property, right to religion, right to not practice religion, right to travel, all the basic Americana things which were the most liberal thing ever compared to the old tyranny.
So we are the classical liberals, even political scientists call paleoconservatives classical liberals.
So now we have these conned masses of people that think they're part of the power structure serving modern liberalism when they're serving the most vicious evil imaginable.
Yes, and I'm pointing out in the other article I wrote today in terms of what's going on with Google.
The truth is, everyone's all upset, so the GOP ruled down internet privacy.
No, that's not what the vote was about.
The vote was about returning the regulation of the internet to the FTC.
Remember, it was Obama who wanted to have, this was Google, wanting to have the internet defined as broadband under Title II of the Communications Act.
So that they could enact rules on net neutrality.
And by the way, these are no more disinformation for the left.
Net neutrality doesn't mean net neutrality.
It means more power to Google, Facebook, and the other major players.
And then the internet privacy rules of the FCC, which again are not internet privacy rules.
Google under these rules, if you read the rules,
Yeah, I'm glad you raised this, because speaking of David Brock, their site doesn't get a lot of traffic, but it literally is the admitted talking points that came out in Wikileaks of MSM from the Democrats from George Soros.
So it's like George Soros' notepad.
They said, I'm a liar because I reported on your article.
Uh, that they're not really, the Republicans really didn't pass something to allow all your browser data to be shared.
And then I went and researched the other thing they said last year was they were claiming, oh, Trump's going to end net neutrality.
No, Obama called it net neutrality to bring FCC and Federal Elections Commission total control over the web, saying they were going to shut Drudge down.
That was the main group, you know, for every hundred articles they'd mention us once as well.
So saying they want to shut us down too.
So it's just crazy.
They admit this.
So navigate folks briefly in the next segment into how that's a deception.
Well, it's a deception because the basic what President Trump is trying to do is to get the regulation of the Internet out of the FCC.
It's not a common carrier.
It's not going to be regulated like, you know, the fairness rule over radio, which is where the
All these Obama-Google regulations on the FCC, we're going to take regulations out of the hands of the FCC for the Internet, put it back in the hands of the FTC, where the rules to protect privacy are actually much greater.
And historically that's where privacy has been protected.
Now what does Google does?
Behind the scenes, Google now
Let's come back in 70 seconds.
Here's the deal.
Everything's being shared.
They're all sharing it.
They're all giving it to the NSA and back and forth.
It's all, and then they turn it around and say that the House Republicans are taking your rights away.
It's just, it's ridiculous.
When Google's constantly lobbying to flush your privacy down a commode immediately, and they're all working with Communist China and the Muslims now to arrest people that criticize Islam so they can be killed.
Obama administration blocked FBI Director's offer to travel Russian meddling.
This is Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
FBI Director James Comey planned to write an op-ed early last summer, making the case that Russia was meddling in the U.S.
election, but other top Obama administration officials vetoed the idea.
Now that's according to a report from Newsweek Magazine.
The White House shut it down, one source told the magazine, of Comey's op-ed offer.
They did their usual.
The revelation, if accurate, would appear to suggest that the Obama administration did not take Russia's meddling in the presidential campaign as seriously as many Democrats would have liked.
Comey, who just took the FBI in 2013, proposed the op-ed during a meeting in June or July in the Situation Room of the White House, in which Secretary of State John Kerry, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Secretary of Homeland Security Jet Johnson were also present, according to Newsweek.
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, Dr. Jerome Quartz is our guest.
We have a retired Navy SEAL patriot joining us.
There are a lot of military groups
Activity contractors, you name it, that are aware of the globalist child trafficking.
When they even try to speak out against it, they're getting blocked on the internet or things are happening to them and their families.
But that's making them only get even more aggressive now.
So there's just a total war going on.
I can't even believe we're at this point.
I'll be honest, I just feel guilty constantly that I'm not doing enough.
I'm serious.
There's so many good people in this world, there's so many good people in America, but there's also just so many asleep people, and they just empower predators to do horrible, horrible things.
Doctor, of course, we've got four minutes left.
I appreciate your tireless work.
Three, four articles a day.
You guys are so prolific.
You and Kit Daniels and Don Salazar and all the rest of the great crew in there.
Folks, I can't even mention all the great writers like Paul Watson and, of course, Raquel Taylor and everybody else.
I need to mention them all, not mention any of them.
So many great people.
But to be living in such incredible history,
You know, I'm going to hold you a little bit.
We have a guest coming up.
He can wait five minutes.
He's great.
Because I want you to have a little more time on this.
But just getting into this.
Google wants its own puppet at the FTC chair to block any trust action.
Then they turn around and act like the Republicans in the House are trying to take your privacy when these people literally gutted it and danced in our ashes.
And then I have to go actually read bills myself, and it's very nuanced, I gotta call, you know, communications lawyers, high-level ones, and they confirm what you told me yesterday.
Because you said it, I read your article, I believed you, then people said I was a liar, so I had to make phone calls yesterday.
You know, and other ones, and it's just, they're like, you know, that's dead on.
And so I just, I get why the public's uninformed, because this stuff is so complex.
I do this for a living, and I can't keep track of it.
I mean, what do we do?
Well, see, the key here, Alex, is understanding what the Democrats want to do.
They want to get the regulations of the Internet into the FCC, put it under Title II of the Communications Act.
So they have a great reason why they want it, but what it means is control.
And what it means is that all these rules, internet neutrality, internet privacy, were designed in the FCC to treat the internet service providers, the ISPs, differently than the edge providers, the big players like Google and Facebook.
So the ISP, most people don't, they're technical issues, and the Democrats know that most people don't understand these issues, so they're using disinformation.
What the FCC privacy rule did, was it basically didn't prevent Google and Facebook from collecting and using your data on the internet, what you click.
Facebook, Google could even, if you're not even on a Google site, you're on some other site,
Google tracks you and can record as long as you're using the Google web browser.
It can track everything you do.
Google pled guilty to having thousands of cars drive around with key software hacking in and stealing your damn passcodes.
I mean...
And so under this Internet Privacy, Google could continue to do that, but the Internet Service Providers had to ask your permission.
Now, the Internet Service Providers don't typically have your user data.
They tie you into the Internet, and then where you go is not traced by the ISPs.
So the law, this privacy rule, was written to sound like
No one was going to be able to use your browsing data unless you permitted it.
But that's not what the rule said.
The rule applied that to the ISPs.
It didn't apply it to the edge providers like Google and Facebook.
And this point was made yesterday by Sean Spicer in the White House briefing, who said basically
And by the way, I totally get stuff wrong sometimes, and I noticed Drudge was kind of going with this, because that's the headlines in the Washington Post and the New York Times, and I noticed, you know, that suddenly Drudge pulled that, so, I mean, I was really questioning you and others as well, but I noticed Spicer came out and corrected that, so, and again, anything can be done via regulation, the way they project it, it's just that we really saw this happen with the whole net neutrality deal, or they call it net neutrality, it's the end of the damn free internet.
The clue to picking this up, when I started writing, I'm going to do more next week.
Come back and finish up if you can, Doc.
Dr. Corsi and then we've got our special guest.
For me, Mr. Benning, it's just crazy that they would deny what exists, deny they were spying on Trump, when they just admitted they were.
It seems like
They're really having a collapse of confidence right now.
They put everything they could into saying, none of this happened, when we have thousands of headlines where they were bragging they used NSA to illegally spy on Trump and his administration.
The whole point is, and Comey, Director Comey is known about the domestic spying program from NSA.
That program is simply
The repository of collected data on U.S.
citizens inside the NSA Storage Facility.
And other countries around the world, when they get to data that's the U.S.
citizens, or data is routed through their countries or around the world, when they pick it up, they share it with NSA, too.
So it's all coming in, centrally, into the NSA databases.
So everything is there against everybody in the country.
And of course, President Trump, all the judges on the Supreme Court, all the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all the members of Congress, all of it.
It's all there.
And it's only now a matter of targeting it.
It's going into that database to pull only that data out, which is what I maintain has been going on.
They've been targeting President Trump
Also candidate Trump and perhaps even Mr. Trump before that.
So I think he's been a target for quite some time.
At least that's what appears to me to be the case.
Expanding on that, Dan, what was it like for you to watch the Senate hearings?
To see the FBI director and everybody denied that the president-elect was being surveilled, when just months before they were bragging they were surveilling him.
It's just, it's amazing.
Yeah, well, if you listen to what Comey was saying specifically, he was saying there was no directed wiretap.
In other words, there was this general wiretap, we fucked him up, but we didn't direct the wiretap to tap him.
That's what he was saying.
And I, you know, I just thought it was a joke.
They're playing word games with us, that's all.
Knowing what you know, without getting into classified information, when they play these games and they say Obama went around to the British and all the rest of it, knowing what you know from what you've seen, what Nunes is saying, how do you think this was actually directed?
My guess was it was, it came, I would guess it came out of the White House staff.
Whether or not the president himself was involved, I don't know.
But certainly they wanted to know what was going on to help the Democratic Party.
Just like Nixon did, you know?
It's the same philosophy.
Know your political enemies and what they're up to and what they're thinking and what they're planning.
But he had to physically break into psychiatrists' offices and things, and they had to have a name from the IRS people to persecute.
I mean, I'm not defending Nixon, but isn't this just exponentially four or five levels bigger than what Nixon did?
Yeah, because they don't have to go anywhere.
All that data's stored already.
They can go in and get it.
We are on the march.
The empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, we had Craig Sawyer on a few weeks ago, and obviously he can't get into any of the classified stuff he did, in what he would say the name of the most elite SEAL team that he was in, and also was a leader in.
We'll just leave it at that.
A lot of folks in the military, a lot of war heroes, a lot of guys, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, you name it, and they say, Craig's one of the greatest out there, but he's a very humble guy, but behind the scenes, talking to people that are involved internationally,
In different countries, they talk about all the child sex trafficking that comes out in the news.
And it's being done by large defense contractor multinationals.
And then you have the military there seeing it happening over the decades.
This has been all over BBC, AP, Reuters.
And the media just hopes you don't look at that.
Just like there was 474 arrests last month, you know, there in L.A.
alone with 28 kids in like dungeons and cages.
Never saw it in the news again.
And then when these guys start trying to even speak out against it privately, then stuff starts happening.
And I don't know how much of this I can get into, but I've personally experienced it as well.
I've always exposed the globalists and their penchant to use child sex crime.
to blackmail and control people.
It's well known that England's almost the capital of this, or maybe Luxembourg, places like that.
I mean, this is what, this is kind of your entry card into Wahhabism.
I guess that's why the British intelligence put the Wahhabists in control in Saudi Arabia, because that's just part of their religion.
This is pedophilia in that particular form of Islam that is now the dominant form, by the way.
Saudi Arabia runs Sunni Islam, is trying to turn it over to this new, really sickening thing that was like the
operating system of people that rob caravans.
So they took the Quran and kind of adopted it into caravan robbing and sex slavery.
So that's kind of who runs Islam today, is sex slavers.
There were just a few hundred of them running around the desert, now they run everything.
Buying Hollywood, China, you name it.
But I wanted to ask Dr. Kors, just in closing, we just got this breaking news.
Who knows if it's true, because NBC and them lie so much, but Michael Flynn's immunity request rejected by Senate Intelligence Committee
Two congressional sources and I just this is being handled so so bad and that's why you've had some of the top generals come out in the articles on Infowars and say this is because he stood up against Obama selling us out to radical Islam and the whole big Islamic Jihad that got launched five years ago that CNN and all of them backed because if you look at this
Flynn knows that they're going to go after him for some Turkey lobbying.
I knew about this a year ago.
I was already hearing about stuff going on in Turkey and Flynn and things trying to work for this country.
But paperwork, things like that, it was seen by lawyers when he was brought on as the National Security Advisor.
It's not that big a deal.
Kind of not.
Don and I don't cross the T. OK, whatever.
Because that was domestic lobbying that Trump didn't want anybody involved.
This was military stuff going on.
It was all very moral.
But, you see, they put it out there like, oh, for the Russia stuff.
They're threatening to put Flynn under the jail for other exaggerated made-up stuff if he doesn't roll over and all this while the Democrats are knee-deep in Russians.
And Podesta, we broke it a month ago, it's all over the news now.
Massive amounts of Russian stock, Russian uranium transfers, Hillary servers, the Chinese communists running her.
So I want to just put a bookend on this with Dr. Jerome Corsi about where we are historically.
Because people say, oh, he's the president, let's be confident, let's move forward with his agenda.
He's got the neocons, he's got the rhinos after him, he's got the Democrats.
He's got the EU meddling again, saying we're going to overthrow your country.
I mean, why wouldn't all Americans rally behind the president?
If he hadn't put up the stock market, wasn't moving to cut taxes, hadn't got the best small business numbers since 1984, hadn't got $300 billion of investment announcements coming here, wasn't obviously Americana as it gets, then I wouldn't be worried about defending Trump.
But they're pissed because...
They're not selling America out anymore.
Does it mean he'll execute stuff perfectly?
I'm surprised he didn't get anything done at this point.
They call it a big failure.
It took him years to pass Obamacare.
In 60-something days, he fails to get rid of it the first time.
So it's a big failure.
So just putting bookends on this topic.
Of course, we'll go to our other guest.
I appreciate your time and all the big breaking news at InfoWars.com that they just don't even counter your articles now.
They just totally ignore them.
That's why it's up to the audience to get these out.
Then you see other publications reporting on it months later.
Again, because we really are the fount of so much of the resistance.
I don't say that on a power trip.
It's actually scary.
I don't actually want to keep being the folks that break, you know, half of the key intel, but it's a dangerous position to be in.
So, just bookends on where we are historically.
Well, this is going to be now guerrilla warfare from the Democrats.
The Democrats are playing a Saul Alinsky game.
Disinformation, constant disinformation, lawyered up, threatening to sue everything, tie up every action, distorting every story, no matter how Nunes went over to the White House or got the information.
Which, by the way, the substance of that information shows that Trump was under electronic surveillance.
And notice, as soon as we're proven right, they just stop saying Trump's crazy.
And they changed the story.
It's all disinformation.
No matter what Trump does, no matter what we do, we're fake news.
We're going to be attacked by lawyers.
It's going to be disinformation and smear campaigns.
But the last point I really want to make here is that where I want people to get into this idea of the fake news that it's the GOP who's against internet privacy is I've been publishing and started to publish that George Soros has put 72 million dollars with
Open Society Institute of the Ford Foundation since 2006 into this net neutrality issue, into getting the regulation of the Internet under the FCC.
That was the whole thing.
And so if the left is the one who's trying to portray that the GOP is against Internet privacy, where what Soros and Google wanted were rules, for instance, in the FCC on Internet privacy, where
Google could collect all the data it wants.
It still does, even if you're not on a Google site.
Anywhere you go on the Internet.
But the ISPs... By the way, this isn't your opinion.
We have thousands of pages of WikiLeaks of him saying, when the UN takes over the Internet, I want it to shut down all the nationalist media, drudge report, info wars.
He says, I want them shut down and only my news pushed.
I mean, good God!
But I really understand that.
See, the FCC rules on internet privacy were written not to block Google from collecting all the user data.
They had it.
It was designed so that the ISPs had to ask permission to collect it.
Well, the ISPs are small players who never had your user data, your click data anyway.
They just connected you to the internet.
So Google wrote the privacy rule so that they could violate your privacy at will.
And have a quasi-monopoly on it.
And then anybody who objected to this, they could say you're against Internet privacy, which is what they did to the GOP.
Trump is moving it back, regulation of the Internet back into the FTC.
The FTC has much more robust rules to protect consumer privacy.
And under these, Google is going to have to bear the price of giving up its data, searching everybody's history, and Google knows it.
That's why Google is trying to pick a FTC
Cherubin, who is going to be favorable to Google and not do any antitrust action.
Because see, Google understands the difference between the FCC and the FTC, and Trump understands it too.
And Trump's going to get the Internet back under the control of the FTC where it belongs, so they screwy Google favorable rules financed by Soros with millions of dollars and lying disinformation.
That's the total inversion of reality that they're such masters of.
I come out and say George Soros is a horrible Nazi collaborator and is a mafia head feeding on Jewish people, which is an admitted fact he admitted to on 60 Minutes.
And they say, oh Jones is anti-semitic.
It's a total inversion.
I don't want to destroy Israel.
George Soros is in the WikiLeaks saying he wants to get rid of Israel.
So the ADL gives him awards.
What is going on at the ADL?
Well, again, you've got all these leftist organizations who are ideologically driven.
So if you're, for instance, Google, and you're offering to give all this data you've got on everybody's search habits to Hillary Clinton to be her main advisor for her, you know, get out the vote on her donor list, which Eric Schmidt offered to do.
It's in the WikiLeaks documents, Podesta emails.
Then anything you want to do is okay.
Because the left decides, you're with us.
You're Google.
You hate conservatives.
You hate America.
You hate the Constitution.
So you get a pass.
And that's the way the ideological left plays.
It's the same way the communists played in the Cultural Revolution in China in the 60s.
And if you disagree with them, you're either going to be criminalized or you go to thought reform school because your views as a conservative or libertarian
Are not going to be tolerated.
Alex, by the way, that work came out, I did, I was doing in the 60s, I was working on contracts at universities with the, I had clearances, and I was part of it, infiltrating, getting the information out of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.
Well, I know, I know you've done a lot of secret stuff, and you never talk about it on air, so when do you want to talk about all the stuff you've done?
We got that information from attending Vietnam Veterans Against the War meetings and recording them and that information we put out when I wrote, co-authored with John O'Neill on Fit for Command.
We showed in detail of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War working with the Communist Chinese.
No, I know you were part of that, but I want to get into all the other stuff because it's just...
And I'm having one of those moments.
Who was the great guy that he died a few years ago, that we've had on so many times, who was the guy that was in the meetings and testified?
What was his name?
Oh, I know it was, a long ago it was against a guy named Hubbard.
I'd have to pull down the book on Fit for Command to remember his name.
But there was, he was one of the guys who infiltrated.
Well the point is, I go out to their events, and we've sent people to local communist events as well, and
They're like the police review boards, you name it.
They're not even hiding it.
They're like at UT lecture halls openly how they're going to take over and kill us and stuff.
I mean, I'm like, I just as a man, I don't know why I'm not calling for violence.
At a certain point though, how do we just sit here and put up with this?
Thank you so much, Dr. Jerome Corsi.
God bless you.
Thank you.
All right, I appreciate our next guest patiently holding the last 15 minutes.
I ran over earlier, but he'll be with us a little bit in the next hour.
And Leon McAdoo is going to be joining us in studio and David Knight.
Craig Sawyer, again, I already knew who Craig Sawyer was.
And then, of course, I have some friends that
Worked as contractors in other clandestine areas, obviously with the CIA and things, overseas.
And they said, no, Craig's a really great guy.
He knows exactly what's going on.
And also he's a listener of yours.
And of course, he told the story last time he was on about the CIA guy years ago, in-country in a secret operation, saying, you want to know what's going on here?
Listen to this, which I'm always honored to hear.
And I've been told that story quite a few times by a lot of folks.
But that's just because we have all these guys on over the years.
And people.
I mean, I remember we used to have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Moore, on.
I used to have the former head of the Air Force, Bitton T. Parton.
I mean, I've just had hundreds and hundreds of these great people, many of which aren't with us, unfortunately, anymore.
And a lot more behind the scenes we talked to.
So it's not like I came up with any of this.
I've done my research, and I've got the sources, and we're willing to put it out.
I haven't pre-interviewed Craig for the second time when we went out and had dinner and stuff before I ever had him on air.
I never talked to him before.
Obviously a lot of the stuff he's seen is classified.
I've talked to a lot of other folks.
It's come out in the news.
You can just search engine, UN caught running child sex slaves or big corporations doing it.
The military sees this, then tries to blow the whistle.
But then even when they don't even do it publicly, all of a sudden they start getting shut down on the internet, on their social networks.
If you do it, then they really shut you down.
He's been through that.
We're going to talk about it today.
And of course, Craig's the type of guy.
That I'm guessing.
So I want you to come on.
Let's go on the offense.
Since they're trying to shut us down openly.
That's what I announced last week.
That's what he's saying he's doing.
I bet he didn't even hear the show.
We're just all on the same page.
And I can't get into a lot of it because it's quite frankly the media would run crazy with it and it sounds unbelievable because that's how truth is.
Stranger than fiction.
But tacticalinsider.com is his website.
Craig R. Sawman-Sawyer is a Marine veteran, former Navy SEAL, sniper, and combat instructor.
He's the owner of Tactical Insider, which brings tactical, advanced weapons and combat to Hollywood films and actors.
And I'm not going to go through his whole bio and the rest of it, but...
He was joining us here on air.
I know off record I've talked to some of his folks he was with, some of the crazy stories and things they've seen.
But the reason he's here is, I don't know how far you can go into this, but sex crimes in America are just exploding.
And the feminists all say it's Western culture.
No, it's not.
It's Islamic culture.
It's third world culture that are admittedly more, more, more readily accepting this.
It's getting crazier and crazier where our military is told, let the Muslims rape children, it's their culture.
Well now in Europe they're saying that.
And then, I don't know how far he can go into things, but this stuff really hits close to home for everybody.
And if it hasn't burned you yet, or people you know, then just wait, it's going to happen.
And so, it's like evil's coming out of the nest.
It's coming out of the cave.
It's like the devil walking around roaring, seeing who he may devour.
And so none of us have all the answers.
I don't know exactly what to do.
I just know I'm going to get the word out and move forward.
We're going to beat these people.
But we're dealing with very, very, very, very wicked people.
Trump has arrested, it was 1,800 a few weeks ago, it's over 3,000 alleged pedophiles.
But a lot of times it's not child porn, it's with the kids in cages, okay?
And the big telltale sign is like California on February 2nd.
KTLA, biggest TV station in LA, 474 arrested, 28 kids in bondage, some of them in cages, nothing about the kids, nothing about where they are now, nothing about what was going on in this network.
And I've seen this type of article thousands of times over the years.
And so this is the real currency of the global.
So I don't know where we're even going here today other than a brainstorm session about what we can do, and I know a lot separately.
People are sick of this in the military.
They're tired of the Islamic takeover, the globalist takeover, the head of the EU threatening to break the United States up yesterday when he's the leading Nazi heir.
Juncker, you can't make this up.
Basically, the Nazis took Luxembourg, he rules it now.
And he's the head of the EU.
It's like some royal weasel on an unelected EU thing.
So I'm ranting.
The point is, is that they want us to shut up about pedophilia.
They want us to shut up about what's going on.
And look, we're just investigating.
Sometimes we're right, sometimes we're wrong.
We'll correct when we are.
The point is, is that why is there the demonization?
Why is Salon saying pedophilia is no big deal?
Why is the UN trying to legalize it, saying it's just a sexual preference?
Why are they trying to lower the age of consent for kids all over the world?
What is going on?
Why are they allowed, I guess we had yesterday, thousands of girls being raped and everything by Muslims and the police say it's okay, it's their culture in England.
That's mainstream news.
So what's happening here?
Now we see Orthodox, radical, Wahhabist, Islam, pedophilia is a tenet, it's in the Quran.
Merging with these pedophile networks.
So, again, I haven't talked to the saw man since I waved bye to him when I walked out of the steakhouse a few weeks ago here in Austin after he did a great job on the show, tacticalinsider.com.
But he's a polite guy, so he'll pause a lot.
So just take over, tell folks about your idea.
I know other people are launching similar ideas, already have.
I know special ops people that are currently actually doing raids all over the world, saving people out of sex slavery.
We probably can't get into that because it's obviously being funded by some patriots and
Who knows?
The government even knows it's going on.
But the point is, Craig, you know more about this stuff than I do, so I don't know how much we can talk about, but you've got the floor.
Thanks for joining us.
No, thanks for having me on, Alex.
Well, in short, I am inclined to go.
Public with this, because this whole pedophile business has been really suppressed by the media.
I know people that have done good investigations, been part of the great roundups and networks of arrests in this field, and they just say, man, it just doesn't hit the light of day.
It just goes away.
Because there is so much influence, a lot of these pedophiles are very connected, they're very wealthy, and they own a lot of the media, and things just get swept under the rug.
I have decided to go independent.
We were supposed to have a television series to kind of show this two years ago, and it keeps not happening because those involved in the media apparently don't want to still see this come to light.
So my heart breaks when I imagine the visual of what I'm learning from my friends that are deep into these investigations and saying, you know, Craig, this is
Turning out, they're revealing itself to be the front lines between good and evil in the United States.
This is really kind of what my friends are seeing as the front lines of the fight for the soul of our nation because it's so sick and so depraved what they're learning with these arrests, the busts, and what they're finding.
It's hard for us to believe as decent, you know, morally decent citizens
What's going on?
Well, I don't mean to interrupt you after my 10-minute intro.
I should also add, you're also a veteran federal law enforcement officer, and we probably can't even get into all those classified areas you've been involved in.
So you have federal law enforcement connections.
You have also, obviously, in the CIA, Navy SEALs, everything.
You've been in all of it.
And so the point is, this is what you're getting back from everybody.
And we see it in the news.
3,000-plus reported pedophiles arrested, many times with the sex slaves, and then it goes totally dark.
That shows total proof, the total control.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's being suppressed, and that's where I think the fight really is, is in shining the light on it.
I always say sunlight is the best antiseptic for corruption, and that is exactly what's needed here.
That's what the doctor ordered.
That's what I feel like I can do.
With my background and my connections, man, I've got a team with senior veterans from virtually every intelligence and law enforcement agency out there.
As well as the highest end of counterterrorism for operators.
So we can do a lot of good with this.
And it's really all about for our organization.
And we're going to launch when we come back from break.
I want to drumbeat.
You're launching a new national organization.
This is going to really scare the scumbags.
But I want you to really take your time when we come back.
Walk through everybody having this come to Jesus moment and just seeing it.
And like you said, the fight for the soul of the world, not just America.
This is really going on.
It's a pedophile empire.
It's how it was described to me by a senior retired general.
And they just say, this is the one thing you touch, they come after you.
Well, you know what?
It's time to say fill your hand, isn't it?
Yeah, man, it is.
It is.
I can't look away, Alex.
There are a lot of things I'd rather spend my time doing.
I'd rather be at the beach with those that I care about, or doing anything else recreational.
But with my background, I feel like I have the ability to make a positive difference, and my heart breaks for these children.
I cannot look away, and I will do what I can.
I think my best impact is to expose it so that we can clean it up.
Let me launch it right now.
We're going to talk about when we come back, but it's vets4childrescue.org.
And just since he was sort of talking about it privately, they've shot up his Twitter, Facebook, you name it.
Won't let him spread anything because, again, folks, everything's surveilled by these people.
That's what's so scared is.
We got a pedophile network in control, basically, of the NSA.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The mainstream media was at it again, pushing a fake news hoax that Trump's former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, offered to testify before Congress in exchange for immunity.
This hoax was debunked shortly after Twitter users began posting the actual letter, which stated,
No reasonable person who has the benefit of advice from counsel would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized witch-hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution.
So, it's protection from unfair prosecution, not immunity.
Let's go to Devon in Florida.
Devon in Florida.
You're on the air.
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
I'm going to come back and I want him to start at the beginning and just lay it out as much as he wants to tell you.
I was told Trump's going after the pedophiles when he got in.
That was something we mentioned on air, but it's like, wow, that's an interesting campaign promise to people behind the scenes of the military and other folks that I talk to.
And then you see his tweets from years ago saying, you know, we need to just kill these people.
When they get convicted, I want them executed.
Because he's in New York.
He knows about the elites.
And it's just Trump just... I know people that have known him 50 years, not just like Roger Forte.
He hates people that abuse children.
And Trump is just...
Well, he's a neat freak and a lot of other things.
He just can't stand pedophiles.
And so Trump just says, roll them up!
Because law enforcement gets persecuted, people go after them, stuff happens to their families.
And Trump's just, hey, he's told the agencies, everybody, roll them up!
And that's why Trump looks a little more serious when you even see him now.
It's not the old happy Trump, because he now knows way more than he knew before.
Vets4ChildRescue.org, we're talking about launching this.
Other groups are doing this behind the scenes.
You're saying, I mean the number is over 3,000 now arrested in just 69 days that Trump's been in, and it's not the old-fashioned just some child porn.
It's people with four-year-olds, with two-year-olds in cages.
It's legislators.
It's judges.
It's high-powered people.
It's bad, folks.
And I want to be clear, I'm not saying most judges are involved in this.
You find it, though, because they've got controllers in key positions.
And they're trying to take our system over.
That's why they're doing what you can see in the news, their agenda and their publications, even promoting it like pedophilia is okay.
They're going to take that out of Congress.
I didn't say that.
That's Salon Magazine.
You know, all this other crap.
Oh, you know, let me have access to this and that.
So we'll go back to Craig here in a moment.
Just just so you know, and I'm not complaining.
This is my job.
Quite frankly, it's
It's not gallows humor, it's more than that.
I know when they're nationally saying, shut off my advertisers, kick me off Google, kick me off AdRoll, shut me down, arrest me, it's in the news, that I must be really hurting these people.
And boy, when I go into the pedophile stuff, they just go completely insane.
I realize, but you need to know, though, kind of like the Alamo sending a letter out, hey, we're here, we're going to stay at the inn.
They are chopping our tentacles off, the different legs of our stool here, all the time.
And we're growing other ones fast.
We're moving forward, and it feels good.
We're in a war, though.
This is an information war, with people out there that actually have to deal with it on the ground, like these law enforcement people and military veterans that have to go in and see the kids in the cages, okay?
Because I won't even in these investigations look at the stuff, okay?
I just can't do it.
I've never seen it.
I won't see it.
I've seen some stuff investigating Islamists that I couldn't believe.
So I just, I guess I have seen them killing kids.
But the point is, is that this stuff's meant to kill your soul.
Imagine the guys that have to deal with it and then nothing's done on top of it.
That's one reason you see all the suicide with veterans of people's because they, they understand that nothing's being done to fight real evil.
So, now with our iodine.
You have to get it from gas drilling.
There's only a few big companies that go that deep to get it.
We're the only company putting out deep earth crystal stuff.
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That's the type of intel they're getting, though.
They're just working around the clock.
I'm not sure that's what this is, but the last month, all hell's breaking loose.
So get your iodine, support the broadcast.
I'm going to still keep the price low, even though we're probably going to sell it.
So we got like 25 minutes, 30 minutes left with our guest.
I appreciate him putting up with me while I try to fund our operation.
But Craig,
Let's recap what you said earlier, some of your background for new listeners that just tuned in.
Craig Sawyer, TacticalInsider.com, the saw man, famous Navy SEAL, even more famous for folks that don't know what he actually did in the SEALs, former federal officer, host of major TV shows.
I can't go over all of it.
History Channel's Most Deadly Missions.
You've got the program Top Shot, All Five Seasons.
Point is, you're a prominent, super respected guy.
You're coming out singing.
All these other colleagues are saying they're covering up mass pedophilia.
We see the roundups happening.
We see the stories being killed.
That is, all these should just be giant, number one stories.
So, take it over.
Yeah, well, I do have an eclectic background, kind of a wide scope of personal experience, and I think that's what's allowed me to assemble this team of experts that are senior veterans of so many different
You know what?
And their little lives and psyches have been shattered by pedophiles and learning what's going on.
And you're right.
President Trump has his DOJ after these guys and they're making hundreds and even thousands of arrests now.
So, thank God.
That's a great thing.
What I have been frustrated in watching, and others as well, is how suppressed this issue has always been.
And it just seems like no matter how much good work is done trying to clean this up, the American citizens don't really get to learn about it.
This just kind of goes away.
It goes quiet.
So, when I was in the Federal Air Marshal Service, I blew the whistle on a guy that was eventually taken down for gross mismanagement and retaliation, and he was at the top of the Las Vegas field office for a while.
He had come from the FBI.
So, I saw how the government, you know, puts a damper on things that it doesn't want to get out, and I saw what government crooks do, what they look like when they can't control things.
In the case of the Air Marshal,
We're good.
As they had come up through the ranks with their colleagues and other MSPB, different aspects of the federal government, OIG and so forth, that are supposed to intervene in the case of mismanagement.
They had it all wired and they were arrogant about it, but they couldn't control
Those who are going directly to the media undercover.
While at the time I didn't agree with those going to the media, I saw an observation how it rattled those who were crooked.
And that's what they could not control.
That's what they feared most.
And I think that's what I'm going to apply to this pedophile ring crisis.
And that's what I can do, Alex.
I'm not afraid.
I've got a unique background that allows me to have colleagues
They're very connected, very powerful, and gathering the information, cooperating with federal and local law enforcement, being part of these investigations and busts.
And most importantly for us, is sharing it.
Circumventing the gatekeepers of the big Hollywood and the so-called news media who would keep this suppressed, and getting it out there anyway, against all odds, so that we the American people can be informed
And the ultimate objective of my effort on this, Alex, is to create a non-permissive environment for this scourge against the very soul of our nation, which is our children.
And again, let's talk about what you just launched today.
I know that just across the patriots that are in law enforcement, but also in the military, you name it, and also internationally, people know this is real.
It keeps coming out.
The British police chiefs come out and say the whole government's run by pedophiles, basically, in the UK.
I mean, most of the dominant positions.
They keep catching them in Europe in huge rings, and then it gets covered up.
I've talked to a lot of people.
They say, Alex, don't you get it?
They're not just mad at Trump about trying to return power to America and make us great again.
It's the pedophilia.
That's true.
When you hit on this,
All hell breaks loose for myself, you, and we're not trying to intimidate people for these groups.
It's just people need to understand the old saying, World War II bomber policies, you know, Craig, you're over the target, you're getting the flak.
They used to steer into the flak clouds and drop their bombs.
I mean, this is like the flak on this is just incredible.
And I see MSM.
Because, you know, we come out and, you know, correct some statement we made on some issue or whatever about a larger topic and they go, oh my god, Alex Jones says pedophilia doesn't exist or whatever.
It's like so crazy to see major publications sexualizing children, saying it's no big deal, promoting it.
You know, trying to sexualize children in the schools.
Clearly they're obsessed with this, and those of us that aren't like them just don't get it.
So, from your sources, and I've got a stack of news here I can show TV viewers, just everyday massive arrests of prominent pedophiles found with the kids.
It's not like, you know, it's just some child porn I put on their computer or something.
That's a classic setup.
How deep it goes, how big it is, and what your sources are saying from the things they're seeing.
What I am learning, Alex, is that some of the biggest names, families, and foundations anywhere are complicit in this.
It's part of their culture.
It's a ritualistic thing that apparently they feel like they get power from doing these unspeakable, unthinkable things to infants.
I just can't wrap my mind around it.
I've seen a lot, Alex, but this seems to be
The worst.
And whatever it is, we're going to expose it.
We're going to show the people.
A lot of people are advising me, Craig, you can't show this.
The American public can't stand it.
They can't deal with it.
And I'm thinking, man, it's happening.
We as a nation have to be at least strong enough.
If these children can endure this, can't we pay enough attention to help
Correct it.
I mean, that's the least we can do is at least tune in long enough to go, hey, look, all right, this is this is unacceptable.
We can.
We can unite to create stronger legislation against this, not to allow it to be normalized and say that it's okay, because it's not okay for the infant that's tortured or murdered.
It's not okay for the child whose emotions are shattered, their psyche is just absolutely devastated, traumatized, and a lot of times they never recover, they're never right, even if they survive it physically.
It's unthinkable.
It is evil.
That are in the closest parts of the investigation, Alex, are calling it evil just due to how destructive and how deranged and perverse it is.
And my concern is how pervasive it is, how many are involved and how wide it goes.
And I think the longer, in my opinion, the longer it stays quiet, the longer these perverts and predators who are attacking the soul of our nation and our kids,
Are allowed to enjoy the veil of secrecy of the more depraved and the larger this thing grows, this beast.
So I think we've got to rip the lid off of it, shine some sunlight on it, in order to create a non-permissive environment for this in the future.
That's right, because there's nothing they censor more than us even trying to... I mean, that KTLA article
Where they admit kids found in cages and all this and and and you know 474 arrested and all the rest of it and the police finally doing this because they've got the green light from the president you know that at least they're gonna get some backing.
Meanwhile we try to share that on Facebook they won't let us do it and as we talked a few weeks ago at dinner we haven't really talked since then or wherever it was a week and a half ago.
I guess, not putting words in your mouth, that's what finally pushed you over the line, pissing you off that you'd try to even share links and they'd ban you.
And then personally, seeing stuff going on in your town, it's just, this is a spirit.
So can you speak specifically
We're good to go.
It's all well known.
It's documented.
It keeps coming out.
The UN.
It seems like people join the UN to do this.
The UN seems to be a cult that does it.
So I guess contractors, you guys have seen this going on or heard about it.
And so it's just coming to a head.
It seems like there's an attempt here to just take over culture and kind of come out of the closet with the pedophilia and the Satanism.
Well, if you look into the history of how the perversion in the United States has been incorporated into our medical system, into our educational system, and into our laws, it's been a very deliberate and systematic
Twisting of the truth.
And I know you're aware of it, Alex, but a lot of the other people aren't.
I would encourage anyone to research it.
There are a lot of documentaries that have been put together, investigators put together the history of that.
But it's a systematic
Campaign to break down the basic moral decency of the United States and one at a time normalize these different types of perversion.
And I say, man, you know, whatever you do between considering an adult is not really my concern.
What I'm concerned about is a child who can't say no.
A child who has no say in enduring the unthinkable.
A child who doesn't understand why these
I should say it, not because we want to act tough, but because it's true.
I'm not somebody that shoots my mouth off about violence, but knowing what I know from behind the scenes and what's confirmed, as a man, I, you know, I mean seriously, I want these people tried, convicted, and listen, I'm happy to sit up there at the public square and hang their ass.
I'll sit there all day and flip those levers after they get a jury of their peers.
They want to mainline this crap?
They keep pushing.
They think they can dominate us.
I mean, what is it like, you know, a trained, you know, like you said, a sheepdog, a lover, not a fighter, but somebody that's ready to, you know, kill bad guys.
How do you handle that animal energy?
Because the reason I never focus on this too much over the years is when I do, I get so pissed that I just, I can't handle it.
I mean, I get physically pissed off listening to this.
Well, I am angry about what I see, Alex, but I find, having had a very sincere and devout pastor for a father who did so much good, that love is more powerful than hate.
It really is.
You want to rock something.
You want to devastate
That's the most powerful thing I think I've heard in 22 years of broadcasting.
Let me say this.
I was having that feeling this morning.
That I was actually on my knees praying at like 5 a.m.
because I hate these people so much that I feel like I'm becoming evil.
I hate them so much.
And I was just asking God to give me the strength to do this through love.
Because that is what the strength is.
I mean, I do what I do because I love people, but at a certain point, it's just like, I guess, how do you then, I guess we just lovingly move forward, but at the same time, I guess we lovingly, once they're convicted, flip that switch?
Well, I feel like I have to do this so I am unafraid.
This isn't about me.
I don't do this in my own strength.
I'm doing this because I feel... No, you're a TV host.
You're doing a great job.
One of the top guys in Hollywood for training.
Undoubtedly, we've talked about this off-record, I don't even want to say it, but we all pay a price for telling the truth.
Like, who cares?
We're telling the truth.
That's what really matters.
But yeah, you're doing this despite the fact it'll probably hurt your career because you know what Hollywood's packed with.
Yeah, I'm past that.
I'm past that.
They have no idea what's coming from me and mine.
Look, I know enough to know the game of what's going on and the struggle for power of the United States and the rest of the globe.
But I'm focused on the United States.
This is our home.
This is our nation.
And I am not afraid.
What I have seen
Really, really makes the biggest difference is when someone who is not afraid takes it to the crooks and a lot of people and this is what what I started to touch on before I didn't get it all out before Alex is about overcoming fear.
It is it is those of us
You're committed!
And I am not afraid, and so I am coming for them.
And yes, I do have all the deadliest skills anyone's ever had.
government, thank you Alex for your tax dollars and everyone else, spending millions of dollars teaching me and training me to do so many things.
And all of the colleagues that I've assembled to bring this fight forward.
And it's not about how
Spooky and deadly we are, although we are, but that allows us not to be afraid.
And not by our strength to do this, but we carry the good fight forward to expose that which is unacceptable and simply clean it up.
I do not hate those as despicable and harmful as their actions are against these kids.
I hate the... I hate the act.
I hate the act.
on the victims.
That's what I hate.
If there's any hate, it's that.
I love the children so much that I want to go and change this.
And I fear not.
And I will not be stopped.
And let's be clear, when they kill patriots or take us down or set us up or destroy us, we chose this.
The enemy always celebrates it when patriots fall, people that love God fall.
God loves that.
That's an example, the tree of liberty.
So let's be clear, whatever happens to us in this mission, and clearly now they've let us know this is the mission,
We chose.
We're not running away.
Escape's not our plan.
We're here.
We're facing it.
We have victory by making the right choice.
That's what it's all about, is the spiritual decision.
I watched my father do the right thing no matter what it cost him.
He was singularly focused on his relationship with God, with his Creator, and nothing deterred him, nothing distracted him.
He understood.
He was all about it.
He was tuned in.
And I saw that that positive
His role model was so impactful, so powerful.
It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.
And so I use that as kind of a model to emulate.
If he can make that sort of impact, what can we have?
Under his influence and his guidance, his role model, I intend to honor my father in what I do.
And one day, Seema did.
Hopefully he's proud.
I know he will be.
But, pardon me, it's an emotional thing because anytime I talk about my father, there's a lot of good stuff.
Talk about your father, that's where you get the honor from.
Talk about your dad, it's okay, go ahead.
Yeah, well, again, it's hard because it's so close to home.
But when I went off to the SEAL teams, I couldn't come back home to Houston, Texas and take my father anywhere without people coming up and hugging him.
Well, the good news is, good's coming back into the world, and we're going to come after these evil people.
I think their offensive against humanity is a sign of their actual weakness.
I think it's their battle of the bulge.
What do you think?
Well again, let me continue on my fear thing.
I have seen that those who abuse their authority, those that have abused their wealth, those who abuse their power, are the weakest among us.
So many Americans
The citizens feel disempowered and they feel afraid of those behind the curtain because of a big fancy title, a big fancy name, and a picture that has been painted.
But what I have done by bringing, by blowing the whistle against high-ranking crooks,
I have seen how rattled they were when somebody dared stand up to them and I saw how powerful that was and I and I learned through people close to them how afraid they were of me and and how they were shaking in their shoes and visibly turning white at the mention of my name and again I don't think I'm some sort
I think it's just, I will tell the truth and I will not be stopped.
Well, it's the spirit.
I'm there to do that, in the spirit of doing what's right.
And I think that's what crooks fear most.
And I would encourage every American to feel empowered.
You are not as small as you would be led to believe.
You are not as insignificant as you are led to believe.
You are more powerful.
You have elected officials that you control, whether or not they get into office at the local level.
Let me just say this for the Sauerrands, because you're launching this, and I'm glad you're doing it, but people need to support it.
What is Vets4ChildRescue.org?
How do folks get that past the censors?
How do they support you?
And what are you guys planning to do with the support?
Well, first of all, because they can't really see it on the screen, I want them to know that the website is Vets, V-E-T-S, and the number four.
And then the words childrescue.org.
So that's four, the number four, childrescue.org.
They can go there.
There's a way to donate.
We're starting a non-profit organization to do this independently so that we can get past the gatekeepers who would tell us no and suppress what we're doing.
And before we can get all the bureaucratic red tape done of processing the non-profit org.
They're planning to expose pedophilia rings in a docuseries by spec ops vets.
And there's a lot more obviously behind that.
The goal is a quarter million dollars.
People listen, they're billionaires.
They should just give it right now.
Hell, I'm going to make a donation because I know you guys are for real.
This is already going behind the scenes.
This is how we're going to bring them down with what you're doing and so many others are doing.
This is amazing.
Folks, you want us to do something, you keep calling for us to do something, we're doing it.
Craig has big careers, big TV shows on Discovery and History and all these other, you know, all clothing lines, everything else.
He's going into the fray, folks.
You know, front and center, one of the most famous Navy SEALs out there taking them on.
And believe me, they are crapping their drawers right now.
A lot of their stuff's happening behind the scenes as well.
Okay, so that's what you're seeing with Trump.
Listen, we're in a war with these people.
That's why they're panicking, because we're on their ass.
Stay with us.
We'll be back in 70 seconds with five more minutes.
That's for childrescue.org.
Spread that link right now.
Let's defeat the enemy.
It's an info war.
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The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
Take the children and yourself and hide out in the cellar.
By now the fighting will be close.
Ben Sawyer is our guest.
TacticalInsider.com is his main site.
Vets4ChildRescue.org and he's been trying for years to make films on TV about this.
He's just going direct to the public now to fund this and of course that's the overall media operation and then do other investigations and get the intel out from all his sources and you see the proof.
You can say what you want about Trump on a few issues like this health care thing not being
The best repeal of Obamacare, but it's better than nothing.
I'm surprised he can even get anything done.
There's total rebellion against him by the system.
And I just have stacks every week of literally like a hundred articles of like Democrats, Republicans, legislators, judges being caught with
Children they've kidnapped.
I mean, it's just look at the stack this week.
Why is the MSM ignoring Trump's sex trafficking bust?
That's town hall.
So this stuff's starting to come out, but it's never been this big and it's not just child porn.
It's the actual traffickers, people filming it, doing it.
And then the police and folks, I believe they bring in military, obviously, who are contractors and others that are contracting in to fill in these raids, because a lot of these places are obviously heavily defended or whatever, heavily armed.
And then the people see it and then they ask, nothing ever happens.
Where's the rest of the case?
It just gets shut down.
But we're almost there.
We're almost breaking through that bubble.
So vets4childrescue.org.
Go there.
Spread the link.
Spread the article.
Again, I'm personally going to give $10,000 to this.
And that's a lot of money for us.
I'm going to give it today because I want to support what you're doing.
We've got three minutes left.
I want to invite you back to studio to really break all this down soon, Craig.
But very exciting.
I want to salute you and all the unsung heroes out there behind you.
Well, thank you, Alex.
I don't know if you guys have time to pull it up, but that about us icon on our page, if you guys can pull that up, it shows who all we've got involved in this team.
So we have
A capability that we can do what we need to do.
We just need to fund it because by keeping it independent and private like this, we can circumvent the gatekeepers.
If we tried to do it officially, it would be suppressed and nobody would ever see or hear of it.
But if we want to rip the lid off of this, we've got to maintain control and do it independently.
So that's what we're doing.
That's the model.
And we're going outside the lines.
And I think we're going to shake a lot of people up.
But that's exactly what has needed to happen for far too long now.
Because it's not just the British Special Forces, or the German police, or MI6, or CIA, or National Security Agency, or Navy SEALs, or Army, and all these great folks.
I mean, again, they already know about it because they're on the inside.
They're ready to go.
This is one of the greatest forms of resistance against tyranny I've ever seen.
And look, our own military said no four years ago about the Arab Spring and told Obama no on that and checkmated him.
So you guys have already, I got to say it, you guys have already led the way.
I'm really impressed.
Well, so many of these guys that have agreed, friends of mine to be part of this, are big names in their own right, and they've got big careers behind them.
And it's that experience that together is going to allow us to make a big difference.
And they're putting their name, like John Hancock, on the Declaration of Independence against these damn pedophiles.
Yes sir, this is our way of doing it.
I had no idea you guys had like MI6 and Special Air Services and the German Special Forces.
I mean, these folks are pissed, folks.
And this is big.
We'll be right back with Craig Sawyer, who's helping bring all this together.
He's so respected.
Stay with us.
On Sunday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told the Daily News that he will let the fearless girl statue remain in place for the next year, proving that women can achieve great things, if a man allows it.
The statue was installed in March of this year, a stark and challenging contrast to the charging bull statue that's long been the symbol of Wall Street.
The defiant little girl quickly became a sensation, and perhaps unwittingly, the perfect symbol for modern feminism.
For while the bull represents America's animalistic power, the force and energy of an untamed free market, it's now being challenged and defied by a self-important little girl who insists on being the center of attention.
I don't want to sound like a misogynist, but I can't help but think that if a man had been involved in the statue's creation, he could have used his naturally superior reasoning and spatial awareness to suggest that the fearless girl be installed perhaps riding on top of the bull or leading the bull in a charge.
You know, contributing to American prosperity rather than standing in opposition to it.
But I digress, because whatever its symbolism, the installation depicting an imminent mauling is here to stay.
And it's inspiring women all over New York.
Not to create statues of their own, of course, but to insist that others do it for them.
According to the New York Post, quote, female elected officials on Monday called on the city to add more statues of women around the five boroughs.
Because why do something yourself when you can just demand the city do it for you?
Women don't see themselves represented in the streets of New York, said Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer.
We have sculptures and art of a lot of men, and that needs to change.
Well, I agree with Ms.
Brewer, and I say it's a crying shame that there are no prominent statues of women in New York.
No enduring symbol of the city itself, as well as America as a whole.
There's nothing that can be called the most famous, recognizable, and well-loved monument in the world.
No masterpiece of artistry and engineering.
Humble and stoic goddess, crafted in epic proportions, meant to not just embody our most highly cherished virtues, but to declare them to the world.
I really think the city could use something like that.
But only if it's a girl.
That's the important part.
This has been Harrison Smith for InfoWars.com.
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These arrogant globalists thought they defeated humanity.
But the truth is, whether it's Obama or George Soros, they're losers.
Everything they had, everything they threw against us, failed.
Now, just because we defeated these tyrants, for now, doesn't mean we've won the war.
The war has happened within our hearts, within our souls, and in our minds.
We have to be good.
We have to be pure.
We have to be strong.
We have to build prosperity.
We have to bring everyone of every race, color, and creed together if we're going to truly defeat these tyrants who believed we were going to fail, who believed their divide and conquer would work.
Yes, we've won the first phase, but the battle for the soul of humanity has just begun.
But, Obama, and Hillary, and Soros, you were losers from the day you were born.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag...
It's the American flag!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
All right, Craig Sawyer is our guest.
Boy, I wish he was in studio for this.
This is stuff he's laying out.
It's just so powerful, and it dovetails with all the sources I've got.
Top retired generals.
I don't mean retired 20 years ago.
I mean retired like two years ago.
Just intel people, patriots, law enforcement.
We can be critical of.
The government does some things and gets given orders that aren't good.
But the point is, they're not pedophiles.
And they stand up for innocent people.
And I gotta say, I've been a big critic back in the day of the military.
I saw it as the power of the globalists.
But I see it now as what's biting them in the ass.
I was never anti-military.
Because that's who leaked the info to get Trump elected.
That's who's fighting.
It's not the Russians.
And they're so pissed that patriots in our military, in our intelligence agencies, got the info, the American people, like this new Vault 7 stuff.
That's from the CIA.
I just look how it's crazy, it's like almost everybody in the actual work in government is actually good and doing a good job, and they're run by a bunch of scum, one little layer above them, and then now Trump's here, they're trying to totally ignore him, and then Trump is actually going after the pedophiles.
It's like ten times the average monthly arrest.
It's just they're rolling them up, and they're catching them with the kids, the people actually producing it.
And so, again you ask, 186 arrested here, 474 arrested there, 200 arrested here, 25 arrested there.
Caught with the kids, caught, in some cases, you know, they're killing them.
Satanism is, they don't just rape them.
And a lot of times they use abused kids as like the procurers to go out in like the Renfields for the metaphysical Draculas and get the kids.
And it's just, what's crazy is they've gotten emboldened, so they're just running wild right now.
And it's like an algae bloom or something in your pool.
I mean, we've got to dump some bleach in here or something.
Leanne, you've got a ton to cover on this.
You've got a bunch of big breaking news.
We've got so much to get to.
But Craig Sawyer, everybody, technicalinsider.com.
I'm personally going to donate $10,000.
Because I know this guy's not about the money.
This is 100% about doing what's right.
He has top Discovery History Channel shows.
We had private discussions.
I don't know if he wants me to repeat the things he said, but obviously you do this, you're off TV.
The guy's been giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars.
He doesn't care.
Because he's got all his sources that are on these raids, and they're seeing it, and it's being covered up.
And I'm not just getting it from Craig.
I already am getting this from all my sources.
I'm at dinner with him hearing all this, and I know all these other sources, including family.
Uh, that just recently got out of the army.
And, and so, it's just like, they're like, you won't believe how widespread it is.
It's like, 7-Eleven's, I'm not saying 7-Eleven's bad, I'm saying it's like, it's all over the place.
It's like, these people are so emboldened, they're so arrogant, that's why they're pushing all over the news that pedophilia's okay, and liberal publications are saying what's wrong, you know, if they want to date your five-year-old daughter.
And I'm just looking at these guys, you know, on these videos on Salon, I can't help it, I got daughters, I'm just thinking,
I'm not the guy that shoots his mouth off.
I'm like, kill, kill, kill.
I mean, at a certain point, it needs to stop.
It needs to stop.
And like Craig said, it was so powerful.
It's love of the children is why you do it.
Because looking at these people infects me with just rage.
And I'm praying to God to control it.
And sure, some of the rage gets across the listeners, so it gets them out of their trance, but I don't do this on purpose.
The point is, I can't handle it anymore.
So I want to ask Craig, and then just other key points you want to make, and just some of the other stuff your sources are telling you, and some of the other things that are happening here, why you think the elites are so scared right now.
Just other little points, but getting back to how you control.
I guess you just have no problem, you just love.
Your dad was a great, well-known preacher and patriot, so you're able to do it for loving reasons.
I do things for loving reasons, too.
It's more like I'm psychoanalyzing myself right now, because
I just get so angry at these people, it's become an issue.
Yeah, well, I mean, look, when spending a career in counterterrorism, it's easy to get angry at the behavior, at the destruction, at the...
At those who would just make the world a lot worse place but if you I've found that I just focus on what is it that I care about what is it that I'm defending and that's helped me really really stay focused on what matters and and and make the most the biggest impact you know I've always in service of the
My country and the military, I've been focused on the American citizens that I was defending, that which I cared about, the sanctuary that I wanted to provide for them and ensure was maintained into the future.
That's what was in my mind.
I didn't hate the terrorists.
I hated what they were doing.
And I was willing to kill, you know, tens of thousands of them in order to stop their negative impact and keep them from coming here.
And I think it's the same thing with these pedophiles.
I don't, I don't,
I don't think it's best to just let this seething hatred overwhelm us, because I think it's counterproductive in the long run.
I think we stay focused on the innocent children and what we want for them, and how many of them we can prevent from being rolled up into this horrible, horrible situation in the future, and how many we can free who are in bondage right now.
And if we stay focused on that, I think we'll have our best impact.
That's for child rescue.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
No, I'm saying that it'll help us keep our sanity along the way in this fight, because it's dark.
What we're discovering and uncovering is unthinkable.
It's a sick mind that would torture an infant to death sexually for some sort of ritual.
Because that is the end of the rabbit hole, is satanic torture of children to death.
Yes, sir.
That's what we're learning.
And the argument is, oh, we can't tell the public because they'll get too freaked out.
And return the Republic and go after these people.
Vets4ChildRescue.org, again, I mean, I know just the last few months you've been aware of this for years, but it's coming to a crest.
Trump leading the fight against it.
But wow, when did you decide to do this and how did you so quickly get this unprecedented array of patriots from every major
You know, Western intelligence operations, special forces, you name it.
I mean, the SAS, the model, the whole special forces system.
Well, each of these are close personal friends, Alex, that I have either protected in harm's way, or have worked with closely in really, really dangerous places, or have been on joint operations with, or have come to know by being like-minded.
And so these are fantastic people.
I'm so proud to know every one of them.
And so over time, this team has kind of
Just assembled itself by being like-minded every individual has a wealth of expertise to bring so It's a formidable task force if you will so I look forward to us getting it and
But that never gets on the news, so you're going to go cover all the stuff that the enemy doesn't want covered.
That's it.
That's it.
It's an info war.
You realize that.
They're shutting down all the real stuff that's happening.
We're stopping a lot of it, but they're covering up the light.
You're bringing the light.
That's why people want men and women, there's some great women involved in this as well, to march out and take action.
People need the funding.
I mean, I look at police chiefs in England coming out and saying, yeah, pedophiles run everything.
Here they are.
When that police chief comes out, everything, they're under attack.
But the good news is more of us stand up.
Pretty soon the intimidation doesn't work.
And I'm like, again, they try to pull stuff on us.
I'm committed.
That's why they're so scared.
You're committed.
Craig Sawyer, TacticalInsider.com is your main website.
We're going to skip this break because we have more time.
He's going to leave in a minute.
Leanne, I know we've got other topics to cover, but I know this is something you've covered and focused on as well.
And we've committed.
Now the national media has come out and said that, you know, pedophilia doesn't exist and we're all insane and need to be shut down.
That, OK, you don't like this.
We're going to triple down right now.
Well, it's just so incredible because it makes you realize how high up the chain this goes and how very high-level people are protecting this type of perversion.
And so they're really the only stories that you'll ever hear about are the families who are on drugs and they try to sell their little kid on Craigslist.
They try to make it seem like it's just this seedy, you know... But why is it almost always a Homeland Security Deputy Director flying to rape the two-year-old?
I mean, they had the human trafficking report they put out every few years.
It says there expressly that the way that this is allowed to happen is you have your border patrol, you have your high-level people in politics who are able to keep the channels going.
They're the ones that are kind of, you know, you go to report to the police chief, but if the police chief is involved, he's going to say,
And let's be clear, most of the border patrol, most of the military, the police are the best people out there.
It's key people in key positions who can shut down investigations and then they have the media attack the patriots.
That's why the military and police are so ready to expose this because they've been sitting there watching.
Is that accurate, Craig?
Yep, you're absolutely right.
So many people out there are great, fantastic and doing their jobs in good faith with all their heart and soul.
But it is those that are in key positions that have been bought out or are complicit anyway who are suppressing it.
And to finish answering your questions, that's why I've gotten so agitated and so determined and so vocal is because I got sick of the suppression, I got sick of
Yeah, out of 152,000 Facebook followers, only 5 or 10,000 people ever see a lot of my posts now, after they changed their algorithms, and I've got people actively following.
Well, let's be clear, as soon as you started exposing pedophilia, they cut you by 90%.
So let's talk about your Facebook as well.
So incredible.
I can't attach that one to the pedophilia, but I think it's more of just being a conservative, to be honest with you, because that was about a year ago that that one dropped off.
And now that I've mentioned the pedophilia, the blue verification check on Twitter went away.
So Twitter's got my government-issued ID, and I've had a blue check there for years.
And so now everybody's very angry on Twitter, going, hey, this is BS!
Why'd they do this to this veteran, man?
What's really going on there at Twitter?
They should be ashamed, you know?
Why mess with a guy who's just telling the truth?
That's right.
Twitter made me, like six years ago, when I first got on it, I came to it late, send in my ID.
And then I got a little blue check that people said, no, it's you.
Because you're like, well, why do you care?
Let's say Craig or I leave, or you leave Twitter.
They'll have all these imposters saying they're us, saying horrible stuff on purpose.
I have to be verified.
You almost have to be on it, because it is like the internet, to then counter the BS.
Right, Craig?
Yeah, so, you know, I want to speak for myself.
I don't want anyone else speaking for me.
And that's been a strange situation.
So all that's kind of really just agitated me and put me over the top.
I'm like, you know what?
If I want to be suppressed and beat up and shut down, all these doors are going to close in my life when I'm trying to do good things.
That's my philosophy.
The crazy thing is I'll be tired.
And then they try to shut me down and attack me, and it's like all of a sudden I have all this energy.
And it's weird, they keep threatening me and doing stuff, and I'm like, do you not understand?
But I don't get it, because I don't claim to be Mr. Badass or anything, but fundamentally as a human, and as a Texan, as an American, people try to push me around that I find like my legs.
It's like, then I'm alive when that happens.
And I think they think I'm like them.
They think threatening me is going to make me run off.
Well, that's something I've really learned by working here is that you have to channel that anger and the depression, just the disgust.
When you learn about the things that are going on in this dark underbelly, it can really paralyze you with anger, fear, and you have to channel it into positive organizations like this where you can say, let's use our skills and our talent that we have to take the bad guys out and do this investigation.
Let's channel this into something positive where we can actually help.
Rather than, you know, they just want you to be silent.
Sure, and I don't want to demoralize people.
We're just little ol' Infowars now.
It's attacked second only after Trump.
And the enemy hates us, and it's because we're just doggedly never stopping.
All right, Craig Sawyer, we salute you for your work.
I know we've got, you've got children, I've got children.
We're all in this together.
We'll just leave it at that.
But we really appreciate all you've been through.
I know we're going to get into that, but thank you so much.
But I guess all they've done is piss you off worse, right?
That's it.
That's it.
You know, I'm just going to amplify my positive efforts after having been stifled initially.
And that's why I've assembled a team of those who are particularly skilled and deadly so that we're not the kind that you intimidate.
We're the kind that when you come after us, it backfires on you and things go horribly wrong on your end.
So there's a reason.
There's a method to what I'm doing here.
All right.
God bless you, Craig.
We'll talk soon.
And I want to make sure accounting gives $10,000 right now.
I want to see that on the donate button.
I want to see that go up by the end of the hour, next hour, the David Knight host.
I want to see it go up $10,000.
Because you could not give money to a better thing.
And again, this is all about funding people to go out and do hardcore stuff.
And believe me, they are so upset and threatened by this.
So upset.
And see, I noticed I got some contacts, not just talking to him, but a bunch of other people as well, in the last month.
They're particularly pissed off, not about what I was saying on air, but that they're already so scared of the military and law enforcement that's awake, and then they realize they're linking up with InfoWars.
And I mean, I've had State Department, high-level CIA, all of them, they're not saying, hey, you better stop.
They're like, oh my God, you've really got people scared.
Right, well, because they know you're not going to back down.
You're not afraid to put the truth out there.
I mean, it's not that I'm even afraid.
I can't not stand up to people kidnapping kids.
It's like, I can't help it.
I mean, you know.
I mean, I couldn't be one of these cops, though, if I went in some place where there's kids in cages.
I mean, you know, it's... Well, we saw what happened.
I catch people in there, you're, you're, you know...
We saw what happened with Ben Swan, and I haven't followed up on that, so I don't know.
He did nothing!
He did a milquetoast report and they banned him off everything.
He did a report with stuff that was verifiable.
He's a great journalist, but totally memory hold him from the internet and all of his YouTube channel, everything.
So that's the kind of power, which is really crazy because something like this with child pedophilia, human trafficking, that's like a huge
You've got Hillary's main lady doing it in Haiti, being convicted.
You've got Epstein.
There's just so much.
It takes hours to go over.
And the media goes, Alex retracted himself.
He made up Hillary's killing kids in the basement.
I never said that.
My reporters never said that.
I talked about Syria.
They edited it down again.
Oh, we have pictures of naked kids on our walls, big deal.
You know, they're in the Washington Post saying it.
They were pulling all that, see.
Because they were kind of having this moment where it was all out, pushing it.
And Salon's like, oh yeah, let us have your kids.
And then notice they've pulled all that.
Now they're like, it doesn't exist, it doesn't exist.
When they were just pushing that it was the next sexual thing.
So I don't know how far the rabbit hole goes with these people.
I just know Obama didn't order $65,000 worth of hot dogs at a party.
And I know they're like,
Well, we'll have the kids for entertainment, you know, they're pretty well-behaved, you know, they are kids.
They'll be in the hot tub waiting for you.
And, you know, I'm like, what is this?
I mean, I've had lawyers that are looking at this go, at first, they're like, you know, I'm getting threatened and stuff.
They're like, top lawyers are like, yeah, this is, you know, like, wow, I didn't know all this reviewing was, this is crazy.
What's this?
And it's like, yeah, I mean, Alistair Crowley stuff and like little kids at parties and like vats of blood.
What the hell, man?
This is what they put in the New York Times.
It's art.
You know, take your little girl to vats of blood and then like, you know, Podesta, I'll be there.
We're going to have the semen and breast milk ready for you.
The spirit cooking.
And then you realize people out in Hollywood, that old Alistair Crowley crab, that's what Sharon Tate murders and all that helter skelter was.
Well, I mean, this has been around for a long time, and here in the United States, people really suppress their perversions, and so when you have to suppress your shadow self, it emerges in a darker way.
You know, I've found because my shadow self got expressed a lot when I was younger, that now it's like my good sides... I think there's really something to that.
Because they take a puritan society, and I'm not demonizing Christianity, I'm a Christian, but extreme forms of it, just like Islam, you sit there and it suppresses everything, so then the good things become bad, and the bad things become, and then you don't know anymore what's good and bad, and then you gravitate towards the worst thing.
Because most of these people that are into this crap are the most suppressed people ever.
Right, that have not been allowed to express themselves at all.
And that the thing with this story is, like, this should be the juiciest... I mean, CNN did 24-hour news coverage of a missing plane for more than a month, because they know... When there's one mother they think might have kidnapped her kid, it's on news for a month's top ratings.
You have kids in cages, mass arrest, KTLA, and then nothing after.
The cops put her on the line, they go, they catch him.
When you have exposed in California that 1,000 foster homes, 1,000 foster homes out of the, you know, hundreds of thousands or whatever, 1,000 of them were in the sex offender registry.
Foster care parents, 1,000 of them.
That's what I see over and over again.
That's in one county in California.
How does that happen?
And that's not all over the news.
That's not a huge story.
That's not a massive investigation.
And then we're bad and weird to say pedophilia exists and investigate it.
And then if we're not absolutely on target on somebody else's report, we say, oh, we're sorry.
That's a correction.
Like, oh my God, Alex admits there's no pedophilia in America, thank God!
Yeah, it's just incredible.
Oh, tell your children not to walk my way.
Tell your children not to hear my words, what they mean, what they say, or my love.
We'll be back with Lee Ann McAdoo and a ton of news straight ahead.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Obama administration blocked FBI director's offer to travel Russian meddling.
This is Joe Biggs with Infowars.com.
FBI director James Comey planned to write an op-ed early last summer, making the case that Russia was meddling in the US election, but other top Obama administration officials vetoed the idea.
Now that's according to a report from Newsweek Magazine.
The White House shut it down, one source told the magazine, of Comey's op-ed offer.
They did their usual.
The revelation, if accurate, would appear to suggest that the Obama administration did not take Russia's meddling in the presidential campaign as seriously as many Democrats would have liked.
Comey, who just took the FBI in 2013, proposed the op-ed during a meeting in June or July in the Situation Room of the White House, in which Secretary of State John Kerry, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeb Johnson were also present, according to Newsweek.
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
He aligns himself with the truth.
But it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Lines fall on my face and hands.
Lines fall from the ups and downs.
I'm in the middle without any plans.
You know what's crazy?
All day long, and yesterday, it's all Mike Flynn.
And, did he talk to Russians or not?
And, oh, he wants immunity because they want to go after him for lobbying for Turkey, which is, you know, what generals do.
And those are some paperwork not filled out right.
And you just watch how the media puts it all on
The Patriot Movement, and for all Trump's intelligence and Spicer and the rest of it, they still sit there and only kind of partially shut the New York Times and CNN off.
They sit there and they respond to all their crap by asking, you know, when's the last time you raped your wife?
Or when's the last time you sold PCP to five-year-olds in Timbuktu?
And I'm like, I never sold PCP to anybody, much less Timbuktu, or never raped my wife.
See, that's what I'm talking about here, is that they just changed the subject.
They know they don't have any credibility, they know they have a 7% approval rating, but they can still kick off BS and have us respond.
Because, I mean, I gotta respond when they say, Alex Jones, Senate investigation, is under FBI investigation for being directed by the Russians.
No one directs me.
I wish I directed myself.
I'm interrupting everyone.
I'm totally... I mean, everybody knows that.
It's radonkulous.
But Leanne, finishing up on this topic, we've got a bunch of other news to hit.
We've got a bunch of clips to get to, too.
David Knight's coming up.
But it is just... It is just an incredible time to be alive.
Like you were saying during the break, the hottest topic is satanic networks, pedophiles.
We know what's going on.
It's confirmed all the time.
We get swept under the rug.
The media, again, ignores it.
Huge arrest happening of the most sensational stuff.
I mean, 28 kids in bondage, sex slavery, in an organized pedophile network.
That's just one thing, KTLA, of hundreds I have last month.
Hundreds of articles.
3,000 plus arrests total nationwide.
Biggest ever.
And this isn't, again, just child porn.
This is the people that grabbed kids out of backyards.
Little Joey was grabbed two years ago.
He's been rescued.
Little Jenny.
Each of these stories would be top news stories.
Zero coverage, Leigh-Anne.
Well, they're so desperate for ratings.
Why would they not want to speak about this topic?
Ali was pointing out- Because it's their religion.
They can't.
How much the fundraiser has gone up in donations just in the few moments that you were speaking.
With VetsForChildRescue.org, yeah, like $19,000.
Yeah, I mean, it jumped up.
Great job.
People really care about this topic.
They're really concerned.
They really want to change things.
And as desperate as CNN or Rachel Maddow or all these people are for ratings because they're totally failing,
Why would they not want to cover this topic that people really care about?
It makes no sense unless you understand how high profile, how high up the chain it goes.
And they want to shut this down.
That's right.
Let's put VetsForChildRescue.org back on screen.
And again, this is literally just to pay for the air flights and then the cruise.
Look at that.
I mean, it's already gone up a few thousand just since the last time she refreshed it.
Yeah, it was a few thousand dollars.
He launched it this morning and now it's at 19,000.
That's what she came on.
I'm going to give 10,000 as soon as the broadcast, or just have my accountant guys just, you know, they've got my credit card.
Yeah, let's bam out $10,000 in there.
Put this out and then it's already up now almost $22,000.
And again, will this save the world?
No, but all of us together.
High-profile pedophile army colonel, top attorney and politician in Russia, and latest child sting.
And I've just got NBC News, all of it.
Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shorty charged with engaging in child prostitution.
Air Force colonel sentenced for child porn.
There's been a setup.
Child porn is what they say.
Former Northeast Ohio mayor admits to raping a four-year-old.
Look at the, they all look like this guy.
What the hell is in his weird development?
I bet he was abused.
Who wants a four-year-old?
It's so sick.
I mean, as an alpha male, I'll just be honest, I like full-grown, aggressive, dominant women.
I just can't imagine people that want little kids, man.
It's sick!
No, it's incredible.
I want to tell jokes to little kids and teach them stuff and give them ice cream.
I know, and that's why... Can you imagine raping a kid?
I mean, what the hell, man?
And it's traumatizing to just even think about that.
Even think about it.
We have to, though.
And that's why people, you know, they don't want to know that it's out there, that it's going on, but you're allowing millions of kids every year to be abused and traumatized if you turn a blind eye to it.
And I'm going to be honest.
I'm going to make a big admission.
I'm going to make a big admission since you brought this up, Leanne.
I'm going to make an admission.
Rob Dew asked me a couple months ago, he goes, you used to always cover CPS abuses, you used to always cover the child abuse stuff all the time.
That was one of your main topics.
Why don't you anymore?
And we're sitting there in a meeting, I think we're out to dinner, we're family or something.
I was up with his wife and kids.
But the point was, I looked at him and I said, well, because I've already covered it so much, you know, I just kind of move on.
But then a minute later,
Waitress came over, gave us some iced tea, and I said, you know, the truth is, it hurts me too bad.
And I said, Rob, I'm going to do more.
And he said, yeah, we should.
And I actually feel guilty.
I don't want to know about this.
I get why people don't want to hear this.
This hurts me, and I'm not trying to, oh, it hurts me.
I mean, it makes me feel angry.
It makes me feel violent.
It makes me feel like I'm not doing something.
Like, 5,000 years ago, 100 years ago, you know,
I just, I'm done.
I'm not scared of the globalists or any of them.
I'm just telling you right now, you're gonna get it.
Sorry, Leah, just go ahead.
Oh, well, it is.
It's traumatizing.
I mean, when I was working on the Franklin cover-up story, I forget the guy, the football guy, when that story was coming around, I was having nightmares.
I couldn't sleep for weeks and weeks until finally that report was put out.
I mean, it is traumatizing to just think, so you can imagine.
That was confirmed out of Nebraska.
Yeah, I mean it's just... What was the guy's name?
And so how he's kind of funneling these kids out of... I remember John DeCamp, the state senator, and people on my show 20 years ago saying they're running kids through Penn State and Boys Town.
I remember delaying them because back then I really didn't want to get sued.
How sick are you?
The point was, this is like 15 years before it came out exactly.
And of course, DeCamp was CIA.
Because they know, they were like literally exposing this.
And they poisoned people?
I mean, I would tell these people behind the scenes, I don't even want to tell people the stuff that's going on.
I just, you look at people like DeCamp.
You have to be to set up a child rescue center.
Oh, you're going to help the troubled teens because they've been.
That's what they always do.
They've had such a hard life.
They've had, you know, everything thrown against them.
I'm going to help them out.
And then you go and pimp them out to your elite friends.
I mean, sick!
You know, the media will attack me if I say I'm not making a threat.
I'm saying I had a gut level.
I would enjoy beating Jerry Sandusky's brains out with a baseball bat.
Okay, and I don't say that to act tough.
I have to be honest, that's all I do is tell you what I'm really thinking.
When I look at Sandusky and all the little kids he raped, now he was right next to a playground, and I know it's way beyond that.
He's a procurer, folks.
Sandusky 100%'s a Renfield.
And I literally, I want to go into a room of the Renfields and the Draculas, and I want to pull out a big sword.
I want to say to all of them, pull your weapons, let's get it on.
Because I am just so sick of them.
I am tired of them.
I am sick of their crap.
And if they want a war, they're going to get one.
I'm not calling for violence.
And again, people need to be convicted.
I'm saying at a fundamental level, with all this going on and them trying to sexualize our kids in the media and all of it, and Nickelodeon, it's like we should all reject these people.
And you know, just listening to Mr. Sawyer in the BetsforChildRescue.org and just
It gives me hope.
I mean, it's still very scary, but there really is nowhere to hide these days, thanks to the internet.
And if people putting this information out there, not backing down, not being afraid to get all of your videos taken off YouTube in order to get the story out, there's nowhere to hide.
And I think that's what they say on their main page there.
Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Yeah, some media has come out and said, you know, what is Alex Jones flipping out again about Pizzagate?
It's not Pizzagate.
The media made that.
They focused.
They focused on groups, either they're innocent or you can't prove stuff, to make it all then go, oh, look, the Catholic Church never did anything.
Oh, Sandusky never did anything.
They're literally in the news now going, oh, yeah.
And then you ask yourself, who the hell is the mainstream media to sit there and know this is an epidemic?
Admittedly, even in the courts, with convicted people,
And just make a joke out of it.
I'm just glad I don't have those people.
Well, I mean, I think the good thing we can say about this is that their time is nigh for them to be exposed.
Is that why they're freaking out so bad?
And that's why they are circling.
What does your female intuition tell you?
Well, I mean, I saw, I could sense that it was a little, we see how they're shutting down all the different avenues, all the different revenue streams, you know, here at InfoWars, they're trying to just kind of hit you from all angles so that at some point they can just take you out, at least really try to take one of the legs out, because we're one of the only places that is going to be able to put the truth out there on a mass scale.
I wouldn't pull a stunt like going off air to show folks, if they actually kill me or shut us off, do they have any idea what's going to happen?
They're so dumb.
Sorry, Leah, I interrupted.
No, it's just, I mean, we see what they're doing, and I think everyone out there can see what's going on as well, which is why a lot of people are kind of confused and then wondering, well, why is he backing off?
Okay, no, he's not backing off.
I mean, you've got to understand, these are really sick, very scary.
We're not playing games, folks.
We're not bashing people that are just on the Internet posting comments.
That's important.
We're out here with our names, our kids, our family.
It's all up front.
People don't know the stuff you've gone through, I've gone through.
I mean, it's real.
This is not a game.
And it doesn't intimidate us.
It makes us stronger.
You think they're going to create CIA sock puppet accounts just to troll people on the internet because you're talking about Hillary Clinton's health?
You don't think they're going to go to an even greater extreme if you're someone who's really active and kind of out at Ophelia?
Well, they go after your family.
Listen, I can't say it, but some of these military guys, they've had their families targeted.
And these military guys, I love it.
They're just like, now I'm really going.
That's like, yeah, I like that spirit.
I mean, we're all going to die.
I mean, it's the truth.
Here in the U.S.
and within the West, we're afraid of that.
We kind of put it off like it's not even going to happen.
We're all going to die.
So you've got to put yourself all the way out there in this one life that we've got.
Something has got to really drive you and make it worth it.
Now, what defines you?
Going along, being a trendy, believing media that hates you?
I mean, I'm not even saying follow what I say.
Just be real, folks.
Stand for something.
You know, we have just this one life.
Who gives a crap if you have a hundred million dollars and you're 88 years old?
What did you live for?
What did you stand for?
Money is only a tool to do great things.
Who cares if you have all that money in the bank?
What'd you do with your life?
What'd you stand for?
It's a paradox.
I don't even want to live in an upper middle class area.
The people on average are so obnoxious.
But then, if I live in a blue collar area, then I'm kind of seen as an elitist living there.
Like, why am I there?
I just want to, like, be
But we have to be visible to defeat the evil.
That's so true.
It's very true.
It's like a, it's the... Paradox.
You know, I hate being on social media and having to put myself out there, but at the same time, if you use it wisely and you're able to put out a good message and reach a lot of people, that's powerful.
That's why they're so afraid of InfoWars.
Because we're putting, people are like, well, you hate Google so much and Facebook, why are you on it?
We have to be.
We have to be until they shut it down.
We've got to reach as many people as possible.
That's why you have got to share the articles and share the links and do your part because they're shutting down our reach just with their algorithms.
So we can defeat them if everyone kind of gets in it together.
And the thing is they're celebrating.
Imagine in America the Democratic Party, Nazi collaborator funded organizations like Media Matters are celebrating victories to shut us down and shut Drudge down.
And it's just like, oh, well, that's just how it is.
The left just shuts people down.
They just beat people up at demonstrations because they're the liberals.
They have the moral high ground.
And I'm just sitting here looking at them going, you understand your next plan is shut us down and then physically come after us.
And then our plan is game over, dumb butt.
And it's not like it's not like I'm saying things that I can't cash.
It's like I know.
You're gonna lose a physical confrontation.
That's why they run around squealing and yelling, you know, all day about, oh, we want physical stuff.
They're the ones that are physical.
They don't have, I mean, I just, they just can't help it.
I've seen so many times, like,
Some thug will come up and punch you in the nose, and as soon as you got their head going on down on the concrete, they're like, crying for money.
I'm like, listen man, you asked for this.
This is what you wanted.
See, so now you're gonna get it.
I don't understand why they just have to get run over.
They just keep hitting, hitting, hitting because they know that you're the peacemaker.
You just wanna, let's just have a civil conversation.
Let's talk this out.
And they're violent.
They're trained on being violent to get what they want.
They're trained by a guy that pledged himself to Lucifer!
Saul Alinsky, what the hell?
The very first radical, that's what he says.
And notice it's all true.
Not the fake Christian church that God gave us.
We're given all this prosperity.
We're already made in the image of God.
We already are the little g. And the devil comes along and says, I'll teach you how to do all this.
And gives us all this twisted, weird fraud that's just designed to siphon and steal intellect and build crap.
It's just, it's all just ridiculous.
We already have all of that power within us.
I mean, these pedophiles could go out as, they're mainly men.
We got a real male-bashing, why are most of the psychopaths and killers men?
And there's women too, though.
Well, there are some.
It's like 90% male from my chronology.
You could have had a wife, you could have had kids, you could have had like a garden in your backyard, you could have looked up at the stars and been part of it.
You chose to be cancer in the universe.
That's what evil is.
They chose to be cancer and not just go with it.
They're not with us.
We have to understand they're not with us.
They're not.
We don't want to destroy them.
We think they're with us.
They're not.
They've got to be cut off and separated.
And that's hell.
We don't make hell.
God doesn't make hell.
They are hell.
They're with themselves, Leigh-Anne.
No, I agree with you that there comes a certain point where you don't have to reach every single soul that's out there.
Some people have already made their choice and that's okay.
We have to keep on moving forward, growing, evolving.
We're bettering our own selves and not worried about all the little trickle down at the scum at the bottom of the barrel.
And then the scum hates the very existence of the light because it sees its ugly face in it.
And wants to destroy an innocent child.
That's their ultimate selfish act of a seed of a free will and a whole destiny and you can rob it and you can maim it, you can screw it over.
And there's actual transfer of energy.
There's an actual transference of energy and power.
But you have to do it again and again because the little power, the little energy surge you feel is fleeting and the more you do it, the less exciting it gets.
The energy sphere is you losing your soul.
They think that Tango is them getting power.
It's them being sucked down.
I mean, I, you know, there's a lot of people that have like porn addictions and the more, the more you watch it, the, and the deeper you go, it gets less sensational.
So then you have to just keep going darker, darker, more perverse.
And there's just.
Awful, wicked stuff out there that even children are now coming in contact with because of the internet.
And it's just, you've got to stop and ask yourself, whoa, who am I?
Who do I want to be?
What road am I headed down?
Exactly, but CNN said pedophilia is a conspiracy theory.
Well that's because pedophilia is, they're trying to push this as a new sexual orientation, a new gender identity.
And they want, whether it's vaccines or whatever, to get kids as young as 6, 7 to be able to consent to vaccines.
They want to have the state come in and be the mommy and daddy, then con the kids and do whatever.
I want to hit some other international news you've got there in your stack.
David Knight's coming up as well with obviously jam-packed news.
But there's a full-on war to bring down Trump.
By the most evil forces this planet has ever seen.
Does that mean Trump's perfect?
None of us are.
But he is not out to get you.
And he is rounding up the pedophiles.
And that is, I think, his greatest sin, according to them.
And that's why they are sworn to destroy him.
Because they want your kids.
This has been adopted as of 2017 by the Department of Defense.
All four branches of the military.
Combat 1.
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Riders on the storm, into this world we're born.
Riders on the storm, to this world we're thrown.
Into this house we're born, to this house we're thrown.
Into this world we're thrown.
That didn't matter, I'm changing it up.
Switch it up though, I love this song.
I like the part where he talks about let your children play, take a holiday.
His brain is squirming like a toad.
Key part.
Let your children play.
Like Christ said, King James Version, better for you to tie a millstone, a giant rock around your neck and throw it in the ocean, than to hurt one of these children.
Because that's what Satanism is.
It's about the selfishness of ruining someone's future.
And the best thing, it's abortion.
Kill them outright.
Or if you can't, rape them, torture them, whatever.
You know, put them on a bunch of drugs.
Look at this.
Veterans for Child Rescue.
Ex-Navy SEAL launches Operation Exposed Pedophiles.
Infowars.com and Don Salazar.
And notice the trolls.
I don't point this out to get them attention.
They're in here making jokes.
Pedophile jokes.
How great is that?
Can you imagine being a slug at home?
I've been a liberal attendee.
And then you're just saying you do with your lifetime is with your free time is.
Troll of article where they're trying to help expose pedophiles and stop pedophilia that that's how you're using your energy to better the world is to troll.
And I should point out that we we crashed the site.
I just gave 10,000.
Here it is.
You carrying Alex Jones.
You made $2,000 payment to our team.
This charge will appear on your statement.
Thank you for the donation.
Exposing pedophile rings in docuseries by Spec Ops vets.
God, how can you not give them that?
And so many people donated in the last, you know, 15 minutes.
They crashed the site.
So be patient.
The thing is, I know so many wealthy people.
They're going to lose everything if they don't get behind all this.
We don't know which torpedo we're going to launch that brings it all down or how many torpedoes together brings it down.
We just know resistance is victory.
When you have right on your side.
Briefly, they're telling me the plug is true.
They're trying to shut us down on every front.
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I'm in a war with these people.
Believe me, whatever you see on the surface, which is big, is only the surface.
Liam, we're going to break five more minutes before the great David Knight comes in, but what else is coming up?
Well, Zimmerman's going to be talking with us tonight on the Nightly News about these telecom giants that are wanting to mine your web history, what that means, how you can protect yourself.
But we're also going to talk about the latest WikiLeaks release.
They just released more files today as part of their Vault 7, revealing how they're changing the code to blame it on the Russians in China.
They admit.
They're setting Trump up.
I mean, if Trump was Russian, God, then Russia, please, cut my taxes, guns, freedom, Christianity, liberty.
I mean, it's not the Russians, folks.
It's us.
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I cannot sell something unless it helps somebody.
And you can't support an organization that isn't fighting hard.
Look at the response we're getting.
We're changing the world together.
You are the InfoWar.
God bless you all.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, it's happened a couple of times in the tens of thousands of articles that have been written, mainly demonizing me, that they've called me dog-like.
Dog-like determination.
And in my life, the dogs I've known are better than most of the people.
Their spirit is so real, and it's so determined, and it's so honest.
And that's why they're our best friends, and I just think about that dog-like determination.
And I am proud, and I'm not bragging, just so listeners know that I always got brought up here in Texas, and I was thinking about Texas lore.
But I do love the fact that in the White House, they don't call me Alex Jones.
When they talk about what we're doing, or when they give us a call, they say, what is the Texan doing?
The President says, what is the Texan up to?
And so I am just so honored that they see me as
Take Austin out.
He name-dropped Austin, which is, of course, the Central Texas Command.
I noticed.
What did he say about Austin?
I forgot.
That he was, like, threatening Donald Trump because he, you know, supported Brexit.
Well, we're going to come in there and break up the United States.
We're going to take out Austin and Ohio.
Like, that's totally random.
That's all you know about our country.
But then again, it is the Central Texas Command Center.
It's because Austin is a U.N.
model city.
It's totally controlled.
They admit that.
It's the model of enslavement.
Because like why not separate, why not California?
They want to exit.
They want to break up.
You know, it's just, it was weird.
I just took it as a little point of, a little badge of honor that Austin got a name drop.
But I want to just kind of point out here, we're still hearing all about Russia.
That's the top story again and again.
CNN has the top players in the Russiagate saga.
However, nothing there with John Podesta and his connections.
But WikiLeaks just released the latest files today, 676 files, part of Vault 7.
And these are giving insight into the CIA's marble software.
So this is software that can forensically disguise viruses, trojans, and hacking attacks.
And what it does is it changes the source code so that it makes it appear that it's Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, and Farsi, which is the Iranian language, rather than English written code.
So they can blame a cyber attack on whoever they want, which is very dangerous when you think, you know, Hillary Clinton came out
Well, as she was campaigning saying how she would go to war over a cyber attack.
So they could just false flag set up any country that they want.
The perfect provocation!
False flag, cyber attack, attack Russia, attack anybody.
They've said that.
I mean, so what constitutes a cyber attack?
They're actually now trying to lobby to restrict the term cyber attack because it's just kind of a loosely generalized term.
What constitutes a cyber attack?
Because they want to be able to
We're good to go.
It's wrong a lot of the time.
There's a one in five chance of recognizing the wrong person so you could be charged with a crime you didn't commit and then you're already ensnared.
Meanwhile, with these databases, they already know who all the criminals are.
They're just not allowed to move on them.
So here's the thing, I used to bash the TSA and they do a lot of bad stuff.
Let's not divert onto them.
It's Congress that did it.
Let's end it at the problem.
Cops do a lot of bad stuff, too.
Let's change it to citizens.
Well, and Judge Napolitano, that was one of the key things that he mentioned when he was brought back on Fox News, as he stands behind his story.
The sources stand behind it.
Trump was surveilled.
And what's so important is that in October, all of these surveillance things are up for kind of renewal.
So the American people really need to be concerned and focusing on, well, how much surveillance are they allowed to do?
Leanne McAdoo, you are on fire.
Leanne McAdoo is our Florida correspondent.
Stephan Molyneux, FreeDomainRadio.com, Stephan Molyneux on Twitter, YouTube, Free Domain Radio as well.
A lot going on.
Thanks for joining us via Skype.
What do you want to tackle first?
Now, the Democrats have a big problem in that they lost, right?
They had a very experienced candidate running against a first-time newbie and they lost.
So they have to come up with some reason that protects the elites as to why they lost.
So now it's all Russia.
I think so.
And their answer was, ah, Alex, do you know what caused these wars?
Yes, it's borders!
So if we get rid of borders, it's not the elite, it's not the military-industrial complex, and it sure as hell isn't central banking, never wanna touch that.
It's borders!
Like, in other words, if your home gets robbed, the problem is your walls.
So if we take down your walls, everything's gonna be fine.
People, of course, think that the EU was some spontaneous organization of the masses, like, oh, we're facing giant, consolidated totalitarianism behind the Soviet bloc and so on.
So what we need is another giant layer of bureaucracy and central planning, because that's how you fight communism into socialism.
I've never for the life of me understood that logic.
That's like fighting a headache by cutting your own head off.
But of course, it was the American elites who helped fund the origins
...of the EU.
It came out of precursors to the CIA.
They never funded less than half of the groups that were advocating for it.
It is a globalist, centralized, CIA-based, collectivist nightmare.
And finally, finally, Europe seems to be waking up from this nightmare.
I agree with you.
What's happening is prima facie.
It's not like we're here just making up our own narrative and we're the fake news.
They have brought in 5 million Muslims.
80% of them are military-age men.
They are running around like they own the place.
The left is literally bringing them in like reinforcements and Peter Sutherland of the EU and UN says they're trying to get rid of Europe because it has a middle class.
I mean, what's weird is in their white papers they tell the truth and it's so crazy and so bad that in public they lie
And I'm wondering, why would they want to bring in authoritarianism when it's the most unstable system?
What the hell are they doing?
People who are focused on political power are drug addicts, right?
We know this from studies in monkeys, that as you rise through the hierarchy of the ranks, you get endorphins, you get all of these wonderful happy brain joy juices flooding through your system, and you become an addict.
They literally are addicts.
Of course, they're not playing with their own money, they're playing with our lives, and the lives of our children, and the security of our institutions.
But it's no, you can't expect sense out of these people anymore that you can say, well, well that gambling addict, why on earth would he end up losing his home, losing his house, losing his wife, lying face down in a ditch with a dead hooker?
I mean, that's what addicts do.
They continue to escalate until they're either cured or they crash.
And I think we're kind of poised between the two at the moment.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way.
The scoops are on their way.
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We've got to stop them!
Come on!
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
Soylent Green is people!
David Knight here on this fourth hour, but we've got some breaking news.
Alex Jones is staying along for a little bit longer here to break this down.
Also, we've got Adon Salazar, who has the story.
Alex, tell us this breaking news.
I talked about this earlier.
I've exposed pedophilia before.
It's well known.
British police chiefs are coming out.
It's in major news.
It basically runs that government.
The EU is run by it.
It's like a dark cult they get you into that's well documented.
Pedophilia is a fact.
It goes on.
NSM's trying to mainline it.
Craig Sawyer is a former leader of one of the major SEAL teams.
Yeah, we won't get into it, but he's one of the most elite SEALs ever.
And he also has been a federal officer.
And we see Trump, I think they had a folder, not your fault guys, but bring it in, with just the 3,000 plus arrests of pedophiles, kids, or reported pedophiles, kids in cages.
I'm sure they're not pedophiles, just little kids in cages at their houses, and how it ties into government.
And I talked about how
We start covering this now, and Trump's going after them, that they're just, we're off ad roll.
They're saying ban us on Google.
They're going after our suppliers for supplements and the iodine.
I mean, let me tell you, this isn't like dealing with law firms and stuff.
This is intelligence agency stuff.
But separately, I'm on the phone with top retired generals, as high as it goes.
I'm on the phone with you name it.
It's not bragging, it's just, there are a lot of patriots in the government.
I'm actually surprised how many are aware of this, and they understand this is what welds it all together.
And so I go give, during the break, $10,000 to Exposing Pedophile Rings in docuseries by Spec Ops Vets with a guy, Craig Sawyer, who's the host of five seasons
of Top Shot and a bunch of other top TV shows.
Sawyer, again, History Channel's most deadliest missions.
I mean, I've watched that show.
He's got clothing lines.
He's, you know, author, top trainer, one of the main guys in Hollywood training people.
And of course he's been told, shut up about this or you'll be shut down.
Then he wouldn't shut up over a month ago.
I didn't know they were doing this privately.
Separately, I talked to some other special ops guys, current and former, and they said they're just all over, you know, in this Trump deal, that the military is actually involved in this, in task forces.
And I already learned about this when he was just president-elect, they got green-lighted from separate Green Berets, Delta Force people.
I mean, Trump literally has tweeted, you know, he wants to go after pedophiles.
Three years ago.
He is.
So, that's why we've got to be careful about, you know, who we're covering, who we aren't, because there's so much real stuff, we don't want the media to put out fake stuff, have us focus on discredits.
So, Craig Sawyer is on, and so, it was like twenty-something thousand dollars got donated while he was on.
Another fifteen, twenty thousand got donated.
And by the time they shut it down, it was like at fifty grand.
So, it was accelerating towards the quarter million.
Sounds like a lot.
That's nothing for a production.
Small TV shows are half a million.
He doesn't need money.