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Air Date: March 30, 2017
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The speaker discusses various topics including California's corruption, CNN's focus on negative news about Trump, and the possibility of a shutdown on the Russia investigation. They also talk about China's pollution problems, Chris Matthews' comments about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, mini-hoaxes and conspiracies, the power of EU, Jean-Claude Juncker's background, Joseph Mingle connections, Jewish media attacking those who expose the truth, George Soros being a Nazi collaborator, British royalty and German nobility, and the globalist threat. The show also covers air filtration systems in homes, immigration and Islam in Europe, child sex abuse within certain communities in the UK, and violent crime committed by Muslim men against women. The speakers warn about dangers of ignoring these issues, criticize political correctness and left-wing support for Islam, and promote various products available at InfoWarsLife.com while emphasizing prayer and support for their cause.

Coming to you live from the Infowars.com studios in the recaptured state of Texas.
It's Alex Jones.
Feels good to be able to say that Texas is in
Better straights than it was just a few years ago.
And you can say now, it's partially free again.
California is gone, gone, gone.
Fallen to corruption, fallen to evil.
is a fetid swamp.
Crying out to be drained.
Trump has turned the economy back on and only
68 days in office until you go to CNN, the globalist news network.
It looks like it's going to get even worse for Trump.
With a possible shutdown on the Russia investigation looming, Trump's road ahead could be grim.
And now we've got Republican members of the Senate coming out.
Oh, they're very concerned, the same Republican establishment.
That is in bed with Paul Ryan.
And you can bet your bottom dollar that they're working together behind the scenes to bring down Trump.
And Van Jones says Trump may have signed Earth's death warrant!
That's right, but only the Super Friends, Hillary and others, by paying them carbon taxes directly can save you.
They say carbon dioxide out of a coal plant here in the United States giving us cheap clean energy is bad, but China can have smokestacks, no scrubbers as they're called, the thing that looks like a small town, all the tubes and things, all the big containment facilities, that's what they run the coal smoke through and they get all these distillates out that are used for roofing your house, that are used for creating steel, that are used for all sorts of different
Operations, creating artificial diamonds.
Yes, that's where they get the carbon.
Literally thousands of products coming out of the coal power plants.
You look at China.
They were just showing some photos of China.
That's real smoke coming out.
But they always only show our power plants in the winter.
Yeah, those are nuclear plants.
That's steam.
But they always show U.S.
plants and British plants in the winter because the steam goes further.
The warm water vapor and carbon dioxide coming out, just like during the winter when you breathe outside, it's cold, you see condensation, kids think it's smoke, but it's water vapor.
They show the water vapor and say, oh my god, we're all dead!
Look at the pollution!
Treating you like you're a moron.
Meanwhile in China on most days they have to wear masks.
People die every day from the smog.
It is living hell.
Paul Watson has been all over China because he was married.
He has five, six years to a nice Chinese lady.
They're divorced now.
And he said it was hell on earth.
He went all over the country, he might be shaken down by the police.
You think Mexico is bad?
When he tried to go see Tibet, or tried to travel around and see some of the sites, he said China's got some beautiful, beautiful areas.
But it's all just corruption and backstabbing and just dead people on the side of the street and crap all over the ground and just...
But that's the sucking sound Ross Perot talked about.
You lower our wages, you take our jobs overseas.
It doesn't build up the Chinese, it drives them down.
Meanwhile, most of China is not even populated.
The government didn't want the population to not be under their control, so they forced them into sectors and into valleys where they forced them to be collectivized and farm.
And then you can't make a living doing that, so you then go to the city.
It is a truly nightmarish situation.
You know, I've already digressed.
Excuse me.
It's up on DrudgeReport.com.
We have the big news.
EU boss will break up the USA.
I always said the globalists in the UN would try to break the United States up.
That's what Metcalf and La Raza and the Ford Foundation are all about.
That's what bringing in all the Islamicists is about.
And there it is.
Will break up the USA.
We know what George Soros and you have been publicly trying, sir.
And we're going to expose you straight ahead.
See everything we warned you about just all being admitted now because we're on target.
Stay with us.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com, and I have had it with this Russia and Trump investigation.
We already know Democrats are up to their eyeballs in Russian connections with John Podesta stock deals and Hillary Clinton uranium for cash deals.
Why are we investigating Trump?
We have American citizens, homeless, veterans, senior citizens, who need our help.
Nope, let's spend months on Russia.
We have Democrats on the hill crying, Russian, Russian, Russian!
While ISIS is at the border screaming, Russian, Russian, Russian!
How about the fact it was our influence on the geopolitics of the entire world that created these terrorist groups in the first place?
No investigation into that.
No cries of U.S.
influence on foreign elections.
Keep in mind, the WikiLeaks emails they continue to cite are verified and admitted to be real.
That would make it YOU, Democrats, who cost Hillary the election, not Russia.
And by the way, most of us were voting Trump before Maxine Waters could even find Russia on a map.
It's up to us, the U.S.
people, to drain the swamp in all upcoming elections.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who should be in a retirement home somewhere playing bingo by now, but for some reason is still allowed to spew his senile and paranoid fantasies on the airwaves, thinks that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner may have people murdered if they look at them when they're out to eat somewhere.
Ivanka is now officially an advisor to her father.
For the last several months, she's had an office in the White House and in an unofficial role, she's been an advisor.
But now she is officially part of the White House staff.
Although it is an unpaid position, she decided to forego her salary.
And what this really means is that she is just now held accountable to the ethical standards of government employees.
But now that her role is official, it has sparked new paranoid delusions amongst the liberal lunatics.
Take it away, Chris Matthews!
You know, Uday and Qusay working for Saddam Hussein, you couldn't go to a restaurant and have eye contact with one of those guys without getting killed.
These people are really powerful.
Imagine getting into a fight in the office with Jared or Ivanka.
They have enormous power and they're always going to be there.
This is what I worry about for other people in the White House.
Ivanka Trump has been described as her father's eyes and ears on the ground.
That's a little scary if you're just a regular White House staffer.
Yes, you heard him correctly.
He just compared Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner working for the president to Saddam Hussein's two psychotic and murderous sons working for him, one of which reportedly covered a woman in honey and then fed her to two hungry and angry dogs who ripped her apart.
I don't know what the hell they're smoking over there at MSNBC, because it wasn't that long ago that reporter Katie Turr, who covered the Trump campaign throughout the entire 2016 election, expressed concerns that President Trump may start assassinating journalists.
What is your sense of why this president is going above and beyond, bending over backwards if you will, to
Stay away from criticizing the Russian president and to almost give him an excuse.
As we know, there's, since 2000, been a couple dozen suspicious deaths of journalists in Russia who came out against the government there.
Donald Trump has made no secret about going after journalists and in his distaste for any news that doesn't agree with him here.
Do you find that this is a dangerous path he is heading down?
I think the enemy propaganda that spews out of your network is dangerous.
President Trump, you and Ivanka aren't going to start killing your critics, are you?
I'm totally against that.
By the way, I hate some of these people, but I'd never kill them.
We do too.
I hate them.
No, I think... No, these people... Honestly, I'll be honest.
I'll be honest.
I would never kill them.
Are you sure?
I would never do that.
Let's see.
No, I wouldn't.
I would never kill him.
Well, thanks for clearing that up, Mr. President.
We do have some good news, though.
A new poll conducted by Monmouth University shows that 6 out of 10 Americans think that mainstream media reports fake news.
BuzzFeed is currently being sued for putting out fake news, for publishing that shameful, pathetic, defamatory clickbait article about the debunked Donald Trump Russian dossier.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
Fake tweets.
I go to the official Twitter account to make sure that it was a real tweet.
It's almost impossible to tell satire from the actual liberal agenda these days.
They're that insane.
And so this, from the official Michael Moore verified Twitter account, yes, historians in the near future, will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day of the extinction of human life on Earth began, thanks to Donald Trump.
That's the great Mark Dice.
We also have Van Jones on CNN saying that Trump is going to kill the planet.
And we also have April Ryan responds to Sean Spicer praise by implying he's sexist.
So you can say that Ivanka Trump shouldn't be in the White House if it's creepy to have your family working with you and around you.
That's the way the world's always worked until recent times when the family's dirty and creepy and don't say you have a father or mother on your kindergarten entrance papers to school because someone else might not have a mother or father.
Don't say mankind in a paper or you'll be given, you know, 20 points off.
Your last name's grab her.
I guess you can't use that in documents or your license plate because it's hurtful.
This is the attack on common sense.
The assault on
The assault on language itself by design.
Imagine saying that Trump having some of his family around the White House because he trusts them and knows they can get things done.
They're already successful business people who've made hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions in the case of Jared Kushner on his own with millions he was given by family.
The point is these are good stewards.
These are smart people.
That's who you're supposed to have.
Do you know who I have at Infowars running things?
My dad.
And then I've got my first cousin, Buckley, who does a lot of key work around here.
And I've got my sister working here.
Because they're competent, and I can trust them.
That's what family's for.
But see, they invert reality and have this hysteria now.
Oh my God, a new Russian investigation!
Republicans are joining in!
Of course Republicans are driving it, like John McCain.
So they've gone from there is no intelligence to, oh, we were spying on you.
Well, first, we're spying on you.
No, we never did that.
Now, we did spy on you.
You're crazy.
We're going to bring it out.
We have the evidence.
And then Trump keeps saying, bring it out, bring it out, because the House Intelligence Committee has seen it.
Phone calls by Jared Kushner and General Flynn with the Russians lining up calls with the president.
That's what happens.
Donald Trump calls you, it's just the Secretary.
You talk to Mr. Trump, now President Trump, bam, you're talking to the President.
Or, he just calls you up.
But sometimes the Secretary calls and says, are you available to talk to the President?
Are you available to talk to President-elect or, before that, Trump?
Alright, he's gonna call you in two minutes, boom, Trump calls you.
But the point is, that's what goes on.
That's what happens.
That's how they line up these phone calls.
But Trump can't just call Putin up.
He has to have someone in the intermediary go line up heads of state talking.
But again, their big victory here is not even so much trying to remove Trump from office, which they're building towards.
The big victory they've already gotten is any communication with Russia
becomes a huge illegal activity in the public mind when it's not.
Or Sean Spicer makes a joke about Russian dressing, Russian salad dressing, and it becomes an issue.
Oh my God, let's investigate salad dressing!
It's now reached total boogeyman, witch hunt, look under the table proportions.
That's right, video.
CNN investigated Russian salad dressing after White House Press Secretary Joke Network say Spicer is racist and sexist for asking a reporter not to shake her head at him.
Which is just the body language of you ask a question and then you rudely are saying you're a liar with your body language.
90% of communications is body language when it's physical.
It's not audible.
And it's his verbal communication.
Don't shake your head at me like I'm full of baloney.
We ought to play that clip.
I've never gotten to that clip from a few days ago.
But that becomes the big controversy.
April Ryan responds to Sean Spicer's praise by implying he's sexist.
But oh, Nunes isn't qualified.
They just keep saying he's not qualified.
What does that mean?
When he's the head of the House Intelligence Committee?
And has a good long record.
It just makes no sense.
A panel on Spicer and April Ryan goes nuts!
I'm going to play some of these clips because, again, we have all this incredible news to break down.
But when you understand the context of the type of people we're fighting, it's just crazy.
But the good news is, we have several reports today.
One is by John Bowne.
Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer, psycho dems on the loose, just shows what bumbling, babbling ding-dongs they are.
And then you've got all these other clips where they're freaking out and melting down and acting like complete idiots.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
Chuck Schumer has a hard time with simple leftist chant.
Again, they're acting very senile, very off balance.
Suddenly in the last few months, I think they're completely stunned.
They thought they were invincible.
And all the things you're seeing, all the harassment of the independent press, and all the disinformation, all the things they're doing are attempts to, again, triple down on the lies.
Because the lies always worked in the past, and the fact that it suddenly isn't working has them panicking.
And has them panicking in a big, big, big way.
Meanwhile, let's just, before I get to that, look at a couple little mini-hoaxes.
It was spring break.
Judge Napolitano has personally told me, years ago, that he likes to take off a few weeks in March, when things start to warm up a little bit on the East Coast, and go kayaking at his farm in New Jersey.
And the few times I've met him, it's all he talks about is his farm in New Jersey.
He just likes rural things, likes his garden, likes kayaking in the river.
And by the way, he was scheduled to go on vacation for a week and a half.
He went on vacation and they lied and said he'd been suspended or maybe fired because he said there was foreign intelligence that the U.S.
was doing that caught up the President-elect.
That's a fact that goes on.
They record the President-elect with a phone system he uses when he starts making calls to foreign leaders and a transcript is released to the National Archives.
Then they decide whether to make it public or not.
That's been going on since JFK and sometimes before with Eisenhower.
They come out and say that the highly respected judge is an idiot and that he's been suspended.
Suspended Fox News expert returns and doubles down on baseless bartending claims.
No, the Washington Post doubled down yesterday with the same lie as before.
He went on spring break.
That's why you've been seeing the ads on Fox this week.
Bill's back!
Bill's back!
You notice you've seen the second string on Fox News.
Bill's back!
Which I like a lot better than some of the first string.
But the point is, I watch Fox some in the morning when I'm on the elliptical or working out.
Everybody's on spring break.
In the middle and late into March.
Bill O'Reilly hasn't been suspended.
He was on spring break.
Fox put out a statement and said he was on spring break.
He was not suspended.
So, again, they're spinning all of this.
Napolitano came out when he was on vacation a day into it and said, I'm on vacation.
This is fake news.
No one picked that up but us.
Again, you're saying, well, there's bigger things in the world than this, Alex.
I know there is.
The point is, it's the way they lie, the way they twist, the way they spin.
They're getting even more out of control.
I made phone calls to Bruce Fine, former Chief Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission.
I read the briefs, I read the reports, I read what the outgoing head of the FCC said, and other members of it, that have been defending free speech and saying the Federal Elections Commission and the FCC should not be over the internet.
That's the Republican members that have been defending it.
Now the Republican House
Moves, just as the FCC has done, to say we're not doing Obama's net neutrality.
You go, wait a minute, we all want net neutrality.
I want it too.
It's a name.
It's not net neutrality.
It was the FCC and the Federal Elections Commission declaring full jurisdiction over the Internet and the intent to openly ban InfoWars and Drudge off of advertising on the Internet or having political links.
That is their stated admission now.
And the members of the Democratic FCC and Federal Elections Commission last week issued statements again saying they intend to shut down Drudge Report.
If Drudge can't link to articles that are deemed political, they can't link to anything.
It's the same thing.
Admiral, oh, you're political.
You're not allowed to have political ads.
We're not PACs.
We're not registered.
We're not collecting money for political stuff.
Everything we do is political.
Free speech is political.
My ads for my website or my show or for supplements or for body armor or for seeds or water filters, that's what we ran ads for very successfully.
And now, Media Matters is making a big thing out of it.
Going around saying, shut off our money, kick us off, get rid of us.
And then behind the scenes, trying to cook up other actions against us.
Tortious interference, in my opinion, by the very definition.
But, you know, call it what you want.
Remember that memo came out five years ago, Politico reported?
We can probably pull it up.
I remember the exact headline was,
Media Matters Memo shows plan to take down right-wing media.
But then you read, it says things like Fox News, you know, InfoWars, and it says, we will physically infiltrate and bring institutions down from within.
I'm not at liberty to get into it, because it gets into classified information, but
There has been operations ongoing, and I'm not going to say about Media Matters.
Media Matters has called for them.
But by groups connected even to foreign intelligence trying to bring down InfoWars.
Because see, if they can't get our own intelligence agencies to do it, they're going to farm it out.
The Saudi Arabians, the Chinese are all over our asses.
I mean, this country is in a total war right now for its very survival.
And how many times have I told you, the UN and the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment, and all the same groups you hear that underwrite NPR, they're the ones that go get the major Fortune 500 to then put billions a year behind all the anti-family, anti-gun, anti-border crap you see.
And they have been openly teaching for 60 years in the entire Southwest, now it's nationwide, that Mexicans have been abused and had their mythical kingdom of Aslan, it's literally taken out of a Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe idea, and that the mythical Texas all the way through Colorado to California up into Oregon is Aslan.
And there's actually UN models and maps to put us into a super region and then break the country up into ethnically controlled enclaves.
It's called Balkanization.
The British called it the Great Game.
This is admitted in the WikiLeaks and now.
Top story on Drudge.
EU boss, we will break up the USA.
That's not Alex Jones saying they're planning that.
That's out of his mouth, Junker.
There's video of it.
EU could break up the US junker in jaw-dropping threat to Trump over support for Brexit.
They've swallowed England without a vote ever happening, make 91% of their laws, the Brits don't like it, and they're so arrogant, they've said, we'll march our military into other states that try to leave.
They don't dare say that to England.
But they dare say it to France, to Germany, to Italy.
To Greece?
To Spain?
The EU has been threatening to send in EU troops into Catalonia!
Because those folks aren't Spanish, they're not French, they're their own group, that goes back more than 5,000 years.
Very interesting culture.
The point is, is that's the big bre- that's who makes all the money and is the most creative in Spain.
They're also the area that held out and never got taken over by the Muslims.
But if you continue to break all this down, understand the history of it, they said, we'll march EU troops in if you don't stay under Spain and the EU.
This is military threat.
And I guess no one took Hitler serious till he started going into Danzig and into Czechoslovakia and then into Poland and of course into
Austria, and then you know the rest of the story, into France, and then into North Africa, and then into Russia.
And NATO's ignoring, our troops in NATO are under NATO command, ignoring what the US President says.
That freaks Trump out.
You want to know why Trump's freaked out?
He's learned that our military is basically run by NATO when it's in NATO.
And NATO is the UN-EU globalist army.
And we're right back where we were and Russia doesn't like the EU.
And American patriots don't like the EU.
And so they say, oh, we're with Russia because we don't like a giant authoritarian state with nuclear weapons threatening to invade everywhere.
And the EU is what's trying to gobble up all the member states around Russia.
The EU is a giant, disgusting, unelected creature.
The EU was set up as a steel deal in the Treaty of London.
And then, a decade later, completed in the Treaty of Rome of 1956.
1949, then 1956.
It's all in my film, Endgame.
I show all the documents, all the treaties.
But then, it allowed the co-opting of the politicians to then start creating boards that transferred power out of the country.
And then suddenly, you wake up and you're under EU control, and they're saying, we will march troops into Greece, into Italy,
We will do whatever we want, and the EU was openly involved in the election, remember, giving money and trying to stop Trump, and running bots, than they say the Russians.
The EU is way more powerful than Russia economically.
The EU has an economy that is the third largest, if not the second largest in the world, depending on how you slice it.
Because you've got the US still number one, China number two, the EU a close third, but you really look at real industrialization and stuff, you could argue when it comes to high-tech and industrialization, Europe
Is numero uno.
Because the elite are based there.
The public doesn't get any of it.
You go to Switzerland or something, it's like you're in a spaceship.
Surrounded by beautiful green mountains everywhere.
It's like, what's going on here?
You go there, you don't ever want to come back.
EU could break up the US junker in job dropping threat to Trump over support for Brexit.
European Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker
They had Nazi aircraft called Junkers.
That's a family name.
This afternoon issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States saying he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump's supportive comments about Brexit.
You're not a country!
The people don't want to be in it.
The member states didn't get to vote on it.
But let's go look at the girl on the leotard.
That's probably more important.
Better looking at Junker, I'll tell you that.
And then he just goes through it all.
So, this is where we stand, this is where we are, this is what we're dealing with.
Communist, Chinese, the EU, all in our business.
Saying, get out of our business or we'll get in your business.
Hey, the EU is the global government.
It is in our business, it's our enemy, it's a whole region already taken over, we want to free them, we want to be free, we want Russia to be free, we want North Korea to be free, we want Venezuela to be free.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, John Podesta crawled out from under his rock and hit the Daily Caller with a cease and desist letter.
Podesta was not happy that the Daily Caller published a story headlined, Exclusive!
John Podesta May Have Violated Federal Law By Not Disclosing 75,000 Stock Shares.
The Daily Caller story alleges that Podesta failed to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Hussein Obama White House team in 2014.
Hussein's counsel Mark Elias has sent a cease and desist letter to the Daily Caller saying that Podesta did nothing wrong and he met all obligations regarding the deal.
Then Podesta tweeted out, false stories about me can't cover up Trump's growing Russia problem.
They are still investigating Trump!
Wait a minute!
We have you right here, Podesta, in the open, making deals with Russians, same with Hillary Clinton, and you both ran against
This is Owen Troyer for InfoWars.com and this is the Information War.
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Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
How many times must I tell you, baby?
How many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I explain myself?
Now I'm calling him Junker.
It's Junker.
John Claude Junker.
He's the head of the EU.
And I've read so much history that I went, you know, I know who he is.
He was the president of Luxembourg, which is the richest little country in the world, tax-exempt, and it makes Switzerland look poor in the type of money and drug money and you name it that goes through it.
And basically, NATO launders its money through it.
So, Jean-Claude Juncker, or Junker, if you just spelled it out without the German pronunciation, I was sitting there thinking about him, and I went, wait a minute, the most powerful family in Germany that backed Hitler was the Junkers.
I remember reading about the Junkers, and they even had their aircraft company, Junker,
That had bombers and fighter bombers and all the rest of it from World War II.
There's the Junkers JU-88.
There were a bunch of them.
They had Junker dive bombers that would accelerate down and then screen back up.
That way they could hit their targets dead on.
They had a lot of loving weapons.
The JU-88C, the JU-88R.
Let's look at the dive bomber.
Let's go back to the top there.
Where it lists all the aircraft they made.
There's like 15 of them or so there.
Yeah, go to the dive bomber.
There you go.
The loving... Oh, they really liked those in Greece when they... Yeah, they first used a bunch of those when they came in Greece.
And then would dive bomb all the fortresses and emplacements with them.
Talk about horrifying.
Yes, they made the first attack bomber.
It's just interesting to have background because that's why I get so frustrated when I see these people on TV.
I see Juncker on TV and then I immediately get pissed because my brain pulls up.
Yeah, there's the famous dive bomber.
In fact, the biggest ace of World War II, I forget his name, was a German dive bomber.
He destroyed like 500 Russian tanks with his...
Dive bomber, uh, Junker aircraft.
And that was the confirmed kills.
Then they, then they, what was his name?
Then they took him out of that when the jets came out.
And I was, I was, I was watching an interview with him before he died.
And he got him at the Germans that have the best aces.
Cause they would just stay in the air like 15 hours a day.
And when the jet got shot down, he turned it around on a road and was blowing tanks up with it, with his cannon as they came down the road.
I mean, just crazy stuff.
Yeah, it was like something like 500 tanks he blew up with his Junker.
So, let's talk about who real Nazis are.
Because this guy was alive when this was going on.
Shall we?
And we need to do an investigative report on his family.
Because they were basically the nobility and ruled Prussia, which was the jewel of the crown of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
And guess what Prussia did?
It produced slave soldiers who were so into being slaves in their fancy black Hessian boots and their blue uniforms that they were proud that they were raised their entire life to fight and die.
So that's where the Nazis got that particular leadership.
Of submarine captains and people that didn't care about dying, whole crews that wanted to die, nobody cared, they were just ready to kill.
Came out of Prussia.
And who helped set it up?
And modern psychiatry and everything out of Prussia?
Our little boss that says he'll break the US up!
And he means it!
And he's threatening to, of course he's from Luxembourg now, because he can tax the Germans and suck off of them and have them fund the whole EU, while he and his family sit tax-free in Luxembourg!
He is a Luxembourg politician.
Since 2014, Juncker has been president of the European Commission, which is unelected, I should point out, but runs it, which is the European Union EU executive branch that just created itself.
Mein F├╝hrer!
What about real Nazis?
That's one on screen, baby.
That's the real deal.
You want to talk about Count Dracula?
You're looking at it.
And just pull up his family.
In fact, let's pull up his bio.
Born in 1954, his major influence was his father, Joseph, who was forcibly conscripted.
Oh, of course!
Everyone got an order to be conscripted.
You didn't volunteer.
That's the lawyer game they play.
You get the order, you go in.
Born in 54, his major influence was his father, Joseph, who was forcibly conscripted into the Nazi army, just like George Soros, during the war and packed off the Russian front.
It isn't.
He bore the scars of combat, mental and physical, for the rest of his days, but stoically declined to discuss his suffering.
Oh, the Nazi soldier of the richest family in Germany is so good!
He's so good!
He had to do it.
He got ordered to.
It gets better!
It gets better!
This is why I get frustrated constantly.
George Soros
For four years had a Hungarian handler and they would send him in when he was 13, 14, 15, 16 to ferret out where Jews were hidden.
And then they would rob all their stuff and sell them out to the Nazis.
And there's been books written by this, by Jewish historians, you name it, about Madeleine Albright's family.
Remember she got caught with the stolen art worth tens of millions in her house, stolen from Jews that were killed?
Her dad managed selling Jews out.
She was Jewish.
Junker attended a boarding school in Belgium, a university in Alsace, where he is thought to have met his future wife.
Christine's father was one of Hitler's so-called propaganda commissars.
Oh, he married into one of the top Hitler... Oh, of course.
And was among those responsible for the germification of his home country of Luxembourg.
Oh, exactly.
See, it's not just he moved there to be tax exempt.
They took it over.
That's nice little Dutchie for him.
He also helped enforce the Nuremberg Laws that stripped Jews of their rights and was the precursor to the Holocaust.
Told you!
See, notice I told you all this about Juncker without even having to pull it up because I've read 500 books on Nazi Germany, if I've read one.
And I see these, it's like Schwarzenegger loves Hitler, told Rolling Stone he loves Hitler, he wants to be a dictator, he wants our guns, he wants open borders, he, oh, so the Republicans worship him!
He would meet friends at the door in an SS uniform saying, Heil Hitler!
So he gets an ADL award.
I fight Nazis.
The ADL lies about me.
Because the ADL, in my research, is just the same brand of Jews that sit on top of the Jews and feed on them generationally over and over again.
It's disgusting.
Then they have these articles, oh Alex hates Jews.
Oh yeah, right.
There he is wearing a SS officer's belt.
But it's no big deal!
His dad was an SS officer!
In the... Gestapo!
Oh, that's right.
He wasn't just in the armed SS or the commandos.
He was... Oh, yeah, there is a Nazi naval belt.
But just listen.
His dad... His dad... His dad was so good, he stayed behind in the war in Austria to make sure everybody behaved themselves.
And then, his older brother who died before him, because he was alive during the war, Arnold was born after the war a few years, died in a car wreck, but he was the favorite.
He was the product of an approved SS marriage.
See, I love how Nazi this, Nazi that, but then no one even really knows anything about it.
Yes, Gustav Schwarzenegger.
Here, let's just go over all that for you.
Now, let's continue here.
Let's hear, though, about the Nazis now, from The Forward, the biggest Jewish newspaper in the United States, because Media Matters put an article out on me yesterday.
Pro-Trump radio host Alex Jones rants that George Soros is the head of the Jewish Mafia.
And then don't give all my quotes or all my comments where I said he was a Nazi that fed on Jews and rounded them up, and then today he's been caught in the WikiLeaks trying to bring down Israel and break it up.
That's in the WikiLeaks.
So, because I don't want to blow up Israel and turn it over to the Islamists, I am now anti-Jew!
Total inversion of reality!
They've made thousands of movies about Nazi Germany, and then somehow projected the guilt onto the American people in Hollywood, but you've never seen a Hollywood movie where they actually show you where all really was happening with the Nazis, and what they're really up to, and what's really happened.
But I'm digressing.
I've got so much to cover, but see, I could do that with any one of these articles today.
I could give you a whole, whole background on, oh, this guy says he'll break the U.S.
He says he'll march troops into all these U.U.
When his family marched into Luxembourg and captured it in World War II, and he was the head of it until four years ago when he got to the top slot of the unelected EU!
Jean-Claude Juncker is a unelected dictator of the dictatorship that's the EU.
And ladies and gentlemen, they have the communist Chinese dictator,
Who was elected by the Central Committee and Politburo show up at Davos two months ago and say, together the EU and China will lead the world and we will defeat Trump and this nationalist populist movement.
Every American should have gotten behind Trump at that moment.
This is absolute organized crime.
Declaration of War with the biggest crime lord in the history of the world, the Communist Chinese, openly announcing they're working with Zuckerberg and everybody else to start censoring us.
Zuckerberg is now censoring any criticism of Islam on Facebook under orders by Pakistan and helping report people who then have their heads chopped off!
In Pakistan, that was on the news yesterday.
You cannot make up the magnitude.
We got radical Islam.
We got weirdo Nazis running EU, threatening to break us up.
We've got, with their traitors, all in our government.
We've got crazy town going on, and then we've got the media saying Donald Trump's a Russian agent.
And he's being investigated and he might have to be overthrown and we might need COG and, you know, just cancel Congress for six months because it's all the Republicans now.
They all came in on a fake election.
Everybody else better get in line.
Now, if you're Republicans that say they want Trump out of office like these senators, you can stay.
You're part of the club.
Everybody else, the American people don't like globalism, don't like being sold out.
We're just going to cancel everything.
They're up at the edge of the cliff.
And they're trying to.
Oh yeah, now the New York Times says Trump's a Chinese agent.
That's right, I forgot that one from yesterday.
They've now got themselves up to the edge of the cliff.
And they're thinking, are we going to jump?
We're going to jump.
And they're kind of, and they're led by a bunch of loons like Nancy Pelosi and Jean-Claude Juncker.
The war criminal Nazi family of all families?
I mean, if there were nine Ringwraiths and Hitler was Sauron...
The Junkers are like The Witch King.
I like to use those allegories because they're good for what we're facing.
And of course, he was in World War I, the guy that wrote that, and so there's a lot of parallels to what's happened in Europe in wars in The Lord of the Rings.
I don't really like the cheesy movies, but the books are good.
The point is, is that this guy's literally The Witch King.
of the Lord of the Rings.
I mean, if there was Nazgul, he'd be the chief Nazgul.
The number two guy.
I mean, these families, ladies and gentlemen, Joseph Mingle is related to him.
Look that up.
I remember that part.
That's the Angel of Death.
Most of what he did was classified brain transplants, you name it.
And little kids, I mean, you name it.
And then sometimes for fun, just in the morning, he'd take like four or five little kids in the back of their big open-top Mercedes out in a field and give them all chocolates.
And then pull his Luger out and shoot them all in the head, just for a morning enjoyment.
These are really nice people, and I get to have the Jewish newspapers talk bad about me!
Isn't that nice?
Make up whatever crap you want!
I look at the San Diego Jewish world, and it looks like a five-year-old girl.
Wrote the article, or is that in the forward?
Here it is, sorry.
Josephine Goldstein?
Looks like she's, I mean, she's, looks like she's 12 years old.
I'm glad you're there to expose the anti-Semites, sweetheart.
Thank you.
And here's the deal.
This has come out in the news.
But see, the media won't show you.
She's about 14, right?
Maybe 12?
My 13-year-old daughter looks older than her.
I'm just saying, this is the person that's writing articles.
Basically trying to edit what I said to sound like I'm saying Jewish mafia is running everything.
No, no.
It's not that it's a Jewish mafia running everything.
It's that there is a powerful Jewish mafia that I've studied, that more than any other mafia, and all mafias feed on their own people and protecting them, the Jewish mafia has a horrible history, especially in Europe.
of making Jews pay to get out and then double-crossing them on top of it.
And it was a million, equivalent of a million dollars, U.S.
dollars at that time.
Again, my grandfather grew up in a wealthy area, in a mainly kind of Jewish, not Jewish, German enclave.
Dallas and he again there was a guy had a factory but they had his tinkering shop that was a factory down the road and my grandfather when I was a little kid worked over there he was German he wasn't Jewish the guy down the street.
And he was a famous guy.
My grandfather told a story a couple times who had invented a lot of the modern refrigeration you see.
So he's very, very rich.
But he had family still in Germany and still spoke with a German accent.
You know, my grandfather was several generations back Germans that had come over.
But even back then, Germans kind of lived in their own areas sometimes.
That's the way it is in big cities.
But the point is, is that
He watched all his companies get sold and everything gone while my grandfather was off in World War II and he came back and everything had been taken from the guy because the Nazis had so many agents inside the United States.
They were threatening to kill his family in Germany if he didn't give him all his money.
That's why my grandfather hated Nazis so much and then there were so many Nazis and I remember my mom, because it wasn't known that they'd brought over,
36,000 plus Nazis, just 36,000 Nazi scientists in the rat line for NASA and so many other places.
And my grandfather was a leasehound.
And so he would drive around all over New Mexico, all over Texas.
And the only places to get food, sometimes, or gas would be military bases.
And he would just talk about, and he was part German, so he was proud to be part German, proud of his ancestry.
But he would get so mad at the arrogant Nazis all just sitting around inside the military bases shooting their mouths off.
He told me a couple stories, but I'm just going to leave it at that.
Let's just say there were some fights.
But... The point is that I know all about this.
And it really is disgusting what the sellout media, whether it's the Jewish press and all this, that always attacks people that expose this.
And I just have to ask the forward and everybody else, what the hell, man?
I mean, are you really want to be complicit in covering up this stuff that's going on when you know, when any Jews I talk to that are educated know all about this?
Most Jews I know are pissed off about this.
Take Steve Pachinik.
He's Jewish.
He hates it.
He'll talk about it.
He'll tell you all about it.
And he actually had family that didn't make it out of Europe.
Roosevelt wouldn't... It's just a whole other story.
We'll be back with other news though, but there's the truth about who wants to break up America.
A filthy rich scumbag Nazi.
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So I just spent probably 30 minutes on Jean-Claude Juncker, and if you want to research him and his family, I walked around and went, you know, the Junkers are one of the most powerful families in Germany, top three.
They created mind war, mind control,
They basically hijacked Luxembourg.
I said, look that up.
And then you look it up, and it's worse than I said.
I mean, you study the people at Bilderberg, it'll make your mouth hang open.
They'll usually have a few people there that they're grooming to be president, to see if they're going to play ball.
Rick Perry went, they didn't like him.
I'm not saying Perry's perfect, but they didn't like him.
Peter Thiel's gone, but he's doing a lot of good, so he was judging three by its fruits.
But the old guys that set it up, it was the Nazi families left over from World War II in a true armistice meeting that they began to have in 1945.
It didn't officially get a name until 1954, nine years later in Oosterbeek, Holland, at the Bilderberg Hotel.
And see, they hope you're not informed.
I'm informed, and I'm not bragging, I'm on target.
I have their whole plan.
So this isn't a Nazi conspiracy.
It's like Hydra.
And again, they put that in movies.
It shows how this is known.
That's what's so frustrating.
Look at how the mainly Jewish comic book writers create Hydra and all this, and it's dead on.
Shadow, underground, eugenic-style government.
Because the Jews have been assaulted by this.
I'm telling you, anybody who's informed knows about this.
I'm not, like, making up some new cosmology here.
This is real.
Then they turn it into Red Skull and all this stuff and it becomes a joke, and then they have the Forward come out and attack me, because I'm warning everybody about this.
I don't like George Soros, the Nazi collaborator that rounded up thousands of Jews and robbed them to their deaths.
He went on 60 Minutes and said he's not ashamed of that, because he survived.
A greedy monster.
And then the alchemy is, he's good, give him ADL awards, Alex Jones is anti-semitic.
And I don't even run from that.
I don't sit there and say I'm not, because I want to carry favor with the dying MSM and all the traitors to humanity that are involved in it, and Hollywood and just all the pedophilia and just evil people, whether they're German or Chinese or Jewish background or Christian, whatever you call yourself, I don't like evil people.
And folks better, better realize how much danger they're in because this whole globalist program...
is the Nazi program that failed, but it didn't come from Nazis.
The Nazis were a globalist empire test of the groups operating in Europe, operating in England, operating in the U.S.
In the 1850s, the British Royalty launched their mine war and eugenics programs to counter their German cousins, because they were German.
They were related to the Junkers and others.
They knew the British Royalty is German.
It has been since George I.
We defeated George III, and so they accelerated their mind war program to counter the Germans.
Because they were cousins, but they were fighting with each other.
Literal cousins.
I gotta plug.
The point is, ladies and gentlemen, we're under total attack.
We need your prayers.
We need your support.
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Your prayers are most important.
And no, they're trying to censor and block us.
So articles, videos, on Facebook, on Twitter, on your email, your neighbors.
Physically show them the videos.
Physically show them InfoWars.com.
Say, this is what they're blocking.
This is who they're saying is a Russian operative.
This is who they say the President listens to.
Find out why they're so scared.
And in their leaked documents and WikiLeaks,
They talk about how to neutralize InfoWars, folks.
They're scared of us because we know who they are more than they do.
You know, so these globalists are lazy.
Junkers didn't capture all this.
His parents did.
We're gonna defeat them.
We're gonna break them.
We will break you, Junker.
We will break you.
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He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas.
All right, folks, we're back live.
Thank you for joining us.
Yale Junker, heir of the great Nazi fortunes and great stolen hordes, they took to Luxembourg, the biggest money laundering operation on the planet.
He says he'll break up the United States using political forces.
And of course, Turkey says they'll break up the EU or have their Islamists burn everything down if the EU doesn't capitulate to them.
I love how it's all these different thug groups and criminal groups threatening each other.
And you know, when I say Turkey threatened, quote, holy war to overthrow Europe, that they don't let more Muslims in, which is why would you do that?
They're holding you hostage already.
It's not going to get better.
Or that Juncker has come out in a speech saying we'll break up the United States.
Meddling in our internal affairs.
It sounds like a lie when I say it.
But, it's the top of drudge.
It's officially released by him.
Of course, I already knew this was all happening, but... You see, that's why they gotta bring down InfoWars.
Because everything we've talked about that was under the waves, submerged, is now emerging.
It was always there.
And people were like, it's exactly what he said.
Word for word, coming up out of the water.
Well, how did he, did he have x-ray vision?
The globalists think you're stupid, and they write white papers to themselves, and then they write stuff for the public.
And for the public, we'll have some narcissistic tart up there, you know, doing selfies with blown up ugly, you know, lips with a bunch of injections.
And they'll have some idiot sports team running around with guys slapping each other on the butts.
And then, you know, they'll have some other stupid diversions or Nostradamus crap.
And then meanwhile, the EU was set up.
Oh, I forgot this.
See, that's the problem with the history lesson.
I'm like, Juncker, Juncker, I know he's the head of the EU, he used to be the head of Luxembourg, I know he's nobility out of Germany, and Alsatian, and then yeah, sure enough, Alsatian, on one side, top advisor to Hitler, his wife's father, oh, his family, the richest, probably the second or third richest Germans, German royalty, the heads of Prussia, the Prussian royal family, the military state of Germany was Prussia.
That's how my memory works.
That's what they did.
Everything you saw pour out in World War I and pour out in World War II came right out of that mouth.
And then they capture all this and then it just hit me.
It's undebatable that the EU was a Nazi project that they had planned once they had everybody capitulate.
And then they were going to depopulate everywhere else with vaccines that had delayed kill in them.
By the way, folks.
I didn't read hundreds of books on World War II because I was even into the Nazis.
People say, oh, you must like the Nazis.
No, no, no.
It was so interesting.
Once you read one, you had to read another.
And then the footnotes and the facts and all the mind war and atomic weapons races and all the craziness that went on behind the scenes, I learned how the world really worked.
I can walk right in, lawyers, judges, you name it, anything.
I read 500 books.
I'm not even exaggerating.
Probably more.
Hell, I've got 200 World War II encyclopedias in this building.
And I didn't realize by studying that, I knew the future.
All because I was like six years old, my dad wouldn't buy me toys or other stuff that he's... I saw a Time Life books ad for Time Life, World War II,
Just the European Theater.
So it was a whole set.
They used to be in my office.
Somebody put them somewhere.
It was a whole set.
I think it was like 30 of them.
A whole set of... That was for the internet, folks.
It was encyclopedias.
And then my dad was like, you like those?
And he was just like, anytime.
You want those encyclopedias?
It was like, yeah, it's all encyclopedias.
He wouldn't give me anything but encyclopedias.
Encyclopedias were just everywhere in the house.
Ah, encyclopedias.
I mean, I probably read... I probably read more than 500 books.
And the crazy thing is, now I know how everything works.
Liberal Massachusetts State Representative Michelle Dubois just posted a warning to illegal migrants on her Facebook page.
In a blatant attempt to subvert the law on behalf of illegal migrants, Dubois wrote on her Facebook page,
I have a message for the immigrant community of Brockton.
Please be careful on Wednesday, March 29th.
ICE will be in Brockton that day.
If you are undocumented, don't go out on the street.
And if there is a knock on your door and you don't know who it is, don't open the door.
Only a snowflake liberal would be dumb enough to post her crime on Facebook.
It is a felony to aid illegal aliens.
Aiding illegal migrants is not protected by the First Amendment and violators may be fined or imprisoned for up to five years.
I'm Darren McBreen and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
They lost.
We won.
Wanna see what Trump's up against?
Because of what we did on this day, change has come to America.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces, bent on global governance.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom and apple pie, gobs of school, morality and a future.
And beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
We're the solution!
Ain't nothin' more to it than that!
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It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, for the hour, riding shotgun with us is James Wesley Rawls, formerly in Army Intelligence, best-selling author, and has a lot of great intel, a lot of smart folks, obviously over the years would say, you ought to have this guy on.
Of course, that's going back, like, 15 years, but he certainly knows what he's talking about.
He's predicted so much of what's happening.
If you just joined us...
What's up on InfoWars.com?
It's the top story on DrudgeReport.com.
EU boss will break up America.
Jean-Claude Junckers of the Russian, you know, hating Nazi command base that was Prussia during World War II, they took over Luxembourg.
So he's basically been the king of Luxembourg.
Now he's the king of the EU, the unelected EU bureaucracy appointed him the head of the commission that rules over the ceremonial elected parliament and he said we'll come in with our politicos and break up America.
Now you can laugh at that, I do at certain levels, but here's the problem.
They're working with the big banks that are trying to kill the Trump recovery and putting out all this incredibly negative news that, you know, the economy is going to implode because Trump's going to go to jail and he's a Russian agent.
When we have these open globalist agents and literally
This guy's whole family, from the research, were top Nazis.
His dad, ultra-rich, helped put Hitler in power, called all their airplanes, how Hitler model this, how Hitler model that, in ruins.
88 this, 88 that.
I mean, it's Nazi royalty.
If you had to say, who are the heirs of the Nazis, you would say Jean-Claude Juncker.
Tied into family ties to the Angel of Death, Joseph Mengele, and then his wife, her father was Hitler's right-hand man.
But look it up.
We just covered it last hour.
So you have the literal, unelected son of the top royal Nazi line.
Above the law, diplomatic immunity, royalty didn't touch him, but they ruled Prussia for hundreds of years.
Germania was a bunch of little sub-states under Catholic rule.
Then began the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, study the history.
But it was all ruled out of Germany, and the military, technology and systems and psychiatry and mind war and everything.
You just can't make this up.
And so he is a dictator with a Chinese dictator at Davos on the same stage saying we'll stop Donald Trump.
Do Americans have any instincts, any nationalism?
They don't want us to have an economy.
They want us sold out.
They want us controlled.
That's some of the news up on Infowars.com right now.
The reason I went off on this today was obviously he made those statements but
Expanding on that, I pointed out that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator who actually helped go around and betray and round up his fellow Jews by the thousands and says he's not sad for it or sorry for it on a 60-minute interview.
And so he's worshipped by the ADL.
You gotta ask, who is the ADL when they give him awards?
It's the same craziness.
And they don't stop there.
If you're a new listener hearing this, I'm not joking.
Just search engine, 60 minutes, George Soros is proud of using Nazis to survive, as he put it.
So I point out that there's this Jewish mafia that worked with the Nazis to oppress Jews and rob them of their money, and the foreword comes out, the biggest Jewish newspaper, and attacks me, basically saying it's anti-Semitic.
There you go, folks!
Pat Soros' emails reveal plans to fight Israel's racist policies and end the Jewish state.
Jerusalem Post.
So see, if you want to end Israel, you get awards from the ADL.
But if you actually aren't anti-Semitic, then you get called an anti-Semite.
George Soros criticized by pro-Israel groups as conspiracy theorist sees on Open Society Foundation link.
Oh, we're conspiracy theorists because we can read where he says, get rid of Israel.
Oh, and then Muslims have been saying they want to turn England into an Islamic country.
And we played a clip off CNN where they were saying that.
And then, the Daily Beast comes out and inverse reality and says, Alex, relax.
Nobody's going to take over.
England, when the Muslims all over the world say that's their aim and their goal, and they're announcing that, and we're playing chants of them saying, get out of England, it's ours now, we've played all those videos of it, that this is happening, and they act like it's crazy, and it's not happening.
Says, keep calm Alex Jones, the Queen is not being pressured to convert to Islam.
And then, they made joke memes showing Prince Charles saying he converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia and being made an honorary member of the royal family over there.
In fact, I forgot that.
Will you search engine, Prince Charles in Islamic attire or Saudi Arabian garb?
They set up Saudi Arabia.
They're the ones driving radical Islam all over the world to conquer things.
Of course they've let it in.
It's their little authoritarian attack dog.
But again, I'm cursed with knowing history.
So I guess I should be calm because the Queen's got it all in hand, doesn't she?
After all, she's another Transylvanian fake German fake Brit.
Like the Junkers.
There's Prince Charles in his Islamic garb.
His Saudi Arabian garb.
And has been inducted into the Saudi Royal Family.
So he's just a member of the Saudi Royal Family.
No big deal.
I'm a complete kook.
There's no connection.
British intelligence created Saudi Arabia.
On record.
Created it.
And then had them invade Turkey again.
Oh, but the Muslims aren't going to take over.
We're going to skip a break so we have more time with Rawls.
The Muslims aren't taking over anywhere.
Ha ha ha!
Ergun last week, not once but twice, and then his foreign minister threatened Europe with, quote, a jihad, holy war, burning down their cities if they don't do whatever they say.
That means open the border up and give them more money.
We'll flood you and burn everything down if you don't let more of us in.
And then put everybody on welfare and let them send their money back to Turkey.
Because the Muslims never take over anywhere, they just took over the Eastern Holy Roman Empire that was the Byzantine Empire.
It was called Constantinople.
It now has another name.
These are facts.
But they call being informed, hell, having a doctorate in history, they'd probably call that a conspiracy theory.
Knowing how to read and write's a conspiracy theory.
So, here's the bottom line.
We're going to get into the whole fake Russian investigation, Republicans piling on, the massive cutting off of people being able to advertise on Google, the open calls to censors, Soros' disinfo.
The Republicans did not vote to repeal web browsing laws.
The Democrats, I looked it up, are just saying that it's a Soros lie.
Just like they said that, oh, they're ending net neutrality.
No, they called net neutrality the FCC and the FEC taking over free speech.
Okay, they said we'll ban Alex Jones, we'll ban Matt Grudge.
They stated that.
So they spin the Republicans reversing this as a takeover.
So it's all branding.
That's why the pro-InfoWorks, pro-Drudge FCC members left, and he said, things are a lot better now.
I can move on to private industry.
They go, oh my god, he wants to go to free speech!
He's the one that stopped them already shutting us down two years ago.
So they're trying to shut us down, but they don't want us to be called celebs, because that's pretty sexy when folks are trying to shut you down.
Everybody goes, hey, what is it they don't want me to see?
So they go, oh, we're going to shut you down, but we never said it, you're a kook and you're crazy.
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That's what we do.
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Cut one head off, ten more sprout.
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All right, we're gonna cover the waterfront five minutes to the next hour with our guests.
I'm gonna skip this break so we have more time.
He, of course, is James Wesley Rawls, best-selling author, researcher, one of the top survival sites out there, survivalblog.com, probably the biggest, former Army intelligence, a lot of folks, even currently in the government, you know, tell me this is really a dead-on guy.
But I've been saying that for like 15, 16 years, maybe 20 years he's been on.
I don't know, he's been on forever.
He helped popularize the liberty movement and novels he's been writing for what, 25, 26 years?
JamesLeslieRawlsSurvivalBlog.com, joining us from an undisclosed location.
And you kind of heard me set the table here, but I don't want to just sit here like a chihuahua barking, saying we're under attack, somebody's breaking in the front door.
I am now, I don't want to talk about myself, but we have to.
Why are they so scared of InfoWars?
Because we research their own documents.
We have guest online, Mr. Rawls.
We have this brain trust.
They know the military's listening.
They know the CIA's listening.
They know that all over the world, we're exposing their program.
And so I don't want other people to go, oh, you're so wonderful, other people to research what we've said and then do your own research and then put out your own variant of what we're doing.
I want competition.
I want to be made obsolete.
Because that's when I'm safe for my children and myself.
I'm totally mission driven.
We must get this out, but we must also tell you, Alpha Base is under attack, folks.
This is the Alpha Base.
This is the main resistance.
I never knew this would happen.
I didn't want this to happen.
I don't want to be charging in, kicking the door down first every time.
Believe me, I'm not, you know, but as a man, I've got to do this and I'm here to tell you.
The only person attacked more than Donald Trump is Alex Jones now.
And I'm proud of that at a certain level, but I don't like that mantle.
And so, selfishly, I want to ask you, what do you make of what's going on?
The attacks everywhere, the move to crack down, the blustering by the globalists, the attempt to implode the markets, which is their real power, the arrogance that they're the ones trying to implode it, but they think they'll get away with it and blame it on Trump.
I mean, they are so criminal and so reckless and so foaming at the mouth right now.
James Leslie Rawls, let's look at big picture, and then what is it Infowars is doing that makes them so angry?
That's key.
Not to say, oh look, we're the biggest swing and you know what?
It's about what are we doing that has them shaking in their boots?
James Leslie Rawls.
Well Alex, I think that the truth is what really has them scared.
And it's people like you who are champions of the truth.
That are striking absolute fear in their hearts because once the truth comes out as to what they really have planned and how they are conspiring against the Trump administration and against the liberty movement in general and against bloggers and journalists and video bloggers in particular, then
They're going to lose all credibility, and they will lose the information war.
That's where they stand.
That's what they stand to lose right now.
And they're in absolute panic mode.
Let me ask you this question, because you were in the Army.
I was a big critic of the Army being for martial law drills with Obama and others before him, like Clinton.
And the media would always shout that I was just anti-military.
I was anti an unconstitutional mission.
Of course I wasn't.
The Marines are great, the Navy's doing great stuff, other folks are doing things, but I never see the Air Force, I love the Air Force, but I never see the Air Force politically doing anything.
The Army, I know it was the first thing found in America on July 4th, 1776, the Commission, George Washington, but the Army's done so many horrible things, obviously, under global control, maybe that's why they're so awake, but it's the Army, everywhere behind the scenes, blocking the New World Order right now.
I know you've got a lot of connections to that, at least in the past.
Did you concur with that, and why is that the case?
Yes, in fact, a lot of the people that were in my year group when I was commissioned are now colonels and even brigadier generals.
And what I'm hearing from them is that they are not going along with the program.
They've recognized what's going on.
They're awake.
They're alert.
They're not going to put up with martial law.
They're not going to just passively go along and say, oh, well, we're just obeying orders.
These are intelligent, articulate people who see the big picture and they are ready to stand in the gap if that happens.
If there's orders for martial law and it's not a constitutional order, they're going to be the very first to say, I'm sorry, I'm not going to obey that order.
I'm not saying this for bluster for David Brock, who I know works for the Democrats openly in Soros, but it's crazy.
It's not... I would say the entire combat arms and the fourth branch of the military, the CIA now, almost everyone's anti-globalist and the words come down from the CIA, the generals, everybody.
They try to kill Trump or move for martial law.
Everybody, wipe them out!
And the point is, these are all people like Tonto, the hero of 13 hours.
I mean, he's on there without me asking him to say it.
I'm ready.
They try it, I'm coming.
And they come after you, I'm coming for them.
These aren't people playing games.
I don't think the Globals realize what they've set off here.
Right, and they're up against people who are very well trained, they understand both strategy and tactics, and when push comes to shove, they're going to, I think, stand on the right side of this equation.
And the globalists have every reason to be scared, because they're not going to stand up to that.
Now, the officer corps in the United States military has traditionally been very apolitical, and in fact the whole military is structured to de-emphasize politics.
I'm not saying that there's going to be a seven days in May type scenario, but... Sure, the point is that it's so clear we're being taken over by foreign powers.
It's cut and dry.
Sorry, go ahead.
I was just going to say, if there's a coup on the part of folks inside the Beltway, I don't preclude the notion of a counter-coup coming from within the United States military.
And I think it'll start first, not at the Pentagon, but at the divisional and lower levels of the US military.
In the combat arms, in combat support, and in combat service support, there's going to be a counter coup that will be unstoppable.
Because, let's face it, they cannot institute martial law unless people at field grade and company grade go along with it.
And by the way, I'm sad we have to talk like this now.
This is not something I've done in 20 years on air, but we're having to now in 22 years on air, because I'm sure you've seen James.
They're all over the elite publications saying they're intending to organize a coup against Trump, physical if need be, and they're not going to let him testify and defend himself.
So I think clearly they'll kill him.
Tell me if you think I'm wrong.
If they try a coup, he's going to get killed in the fighting or, you know, whatever.
Pray that doesn't happen.
But they are now saying, use COG, bring in the shadow government, remove all the Republicans in Congress, basically, except for a few that go along with it.
And this is in the Atlantic Monthly.
This is in elite publications.
They are green-lighting this.
And when they start promoting something in public, folks, that means they're trying to normalize it for all the people that have cold feet.
And I'm telling people that have cold feet on this, you better have cold feet!
Because I'm all in, and so are the patriots.
And I'd say,
80% chance you get your asses handed to you big time and quickly, and then the gloves are off.
And I don't want this to happen.
I know behind the scenes Trump gave them a chance, like Napoleon, into abstentia.
You know, being sent off into an island or whatever.
He gave the globalists a chance just to stop it.
He said, you're getting even richer under a good economy.
Goldman Sachs has made his biggest profits over the last few months just off the recovery.
Just stop it.
And Trump can't believe how evil they are.
They just know.
They're not.
And they want to kill him.
They're trying to organize it.
And I'm not wanting some, you know, fascist uprising like the film you mentioned or anything.
They're organizing a criminal action in front of us.
They're not trying to do it to precipitate us to do something.
I've looked at it, James.
They're doing it because they really mean to do it.
They are really that crazy.
I think you're right, Alex.
The level of commitment on the side of the globalists is so strong now that they're willing to risk it all to see their endgame played out.
But the American citizenry and, as I mentioned before, the officer corps within the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps is not going to put up with it.
It's just not going to happen.
Well, the Marines have stood up as well, and I guess they're a lot smaller, so that's why the Army, I see most of it from the Army.
What's going on in the other branches?
I don't, a little bit from the Navy, nothing from the Air Force.
I mean, there was an Air Force intelligence officer who was retired, a deputy fire chief that helped me get set up, and helped advise me on some basic things.
So I guess you could say him, of course, kind of got started by a former intelligence officer in the Air Force.
He helped, Dick Vreeland, but... Well, it's important to remember that the United States has traditionally been a naval power.
Not a land-based army power.
Our greatest strength was back when we had a 600-ship Navy.
We're still a very powerful naval power.
And the other thing that's really important to consider is it's the Navy and the Air Force that hold the strategic weapons, the nuclear weapons.
And that really is the real linchpin because if things completely come unglued,
And we have a situation where a usurper administration comes into office and they try to use nuclear weapons in a provocation.
I don't think they're going to have the cooperation of the Navy.
Well, that's my question.
I've seen more action from the Army and Marines.
From your intel, where is the Navy?
Where is the Air Force?
From what I've heard, and granted I was an Army officer, I wasn't in either of those services, but from what I've heard from within, I have a couple of sources inside the Pentagon, the Navy and Air Force general officers aren't going along with this either.
They're wondering how far they're going to push, how hard they're going to push, before they'll be pushed back.
At this point, I think there's some very quiet maneuvering going on and alignment within the Pentagon and at the lower level, at the core level and divisional level within the Army and in the major commands within the Navy and Air Force.
Those general officers are
That's right.
James Wesley Rawls is our guest.
You see, Trump, folks, was a response to the globalist final takeover of America.
It wasn't even Trump taking America over.
It was a desperate attempt to stop this takeover, and now we're in the main battle.
We'll be back with James Wesley Rawls.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com, and I have had it with this Russia and Trump investigation.
We already know Democrats are up to their eyeballs in Russian connections with John Podesta stock deals and Hillary Clinton uranium for cash deals.
Why are we investigating Trump?
We have American citizens, homeless, veterans, senior citizens, who need our help.
Nope, let's spend months on Russia.
We have Democrats on the Hill crying, Russian, Russian, Russian!
While ISIS is at the border screaming, Russian, Russian, Russian!
How about the fact it was our influence on the geopolitics of the entire world that created these terrorist groups in the first place?
No investigation into that.
No cries of U.S.
influence on foreign elections.
Keep in mind, the WikiLeaks emails they continue to cite are verified and admitted to be real.
That would make it you, Democrats, who cost Hillary the election, not Russia.
And by the way, most of us were voting Trump before Maxine Waters could even find Russia on a map.
It's up to us, the U.S.
people, to drain the swamp in all upcoming elections.
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You know, Matt Brudge is super smart.
I don't think anybody needs to be told that to know that.
But I had such frustration with Rand Paul when we supported him for the Senate and they had people in KKK outfits trying to pose as supporters and all sorts of disinfo.
Paul stood up against it boldly.
He won because he was anti-establishment, anti-globalist.
And then he just kind of went sideways.
Good policies, but just kind of sideways the last couple years and kind of tried to curry to the mainstream media.
But now that he's come out and tried to shoot down this health care reform, great job.
Now that he is just getting so hardcore on so many issues, it is very exciting to see his star rising again very, very quickly.
Because it would have been Rand Paul in office right now, folks, if he wouldn't have kind of turned his back on the Tea Party and drunk the Kool-Aid that he was a big U.S.
He never
Sold out on issues.
He just... As a doctor, and you know, as somebody growing up in Texas and then Kentucky, Southerners kind of tend to sometimes, if they're not all acting like a crazy gorilla like I do, to kind of become the genteel gentleman.
Like Walter Jones, a really great guy, incredible courage.
He's just so polite and so nice.
It just... He gets stuff done, but it just...
You need some fireworks!
And I love Jones.
He's just such a gentleman.
People want down in the mud.
They want bare knuckles.
They want Donald Trump.
But with the brain of Rand Paul on policy.
Because Rand Paul can run circles around people.
He actually goes like a doctor and studies hours a day, everything.
I mean, his dad's the same way.
It's almost kind of OCD.
The Pauls are just constantly reading and wanting to know stuff and reading textbooks and everything else.
Drudge sees that.
These guys are doctors, folks.
They come from hard-working farmer stock.
We share a strong mutual admiration.
Rand Paul details meeting with Matt Drudge in Washington.
Business Insider, it's up on InfoWars.com.
Just remember, everything we're doing they're trying to block.
Everything we're saying they're trying to block.
It is an act of defiance against the globalists.
When you post our videos, send out links.
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2 plus million on one channel.
They just go in and turn your notification off.
And we've learned they're doing it every week now.
So you've got to keep turning it on.
They only do it for my videos.
And Paul Watson's.
And they admit they are.
So they're quietly trying to strangle us.
Get our oxygen level down before they finally cut our head off.
And believe me, they're attacking us all points of the compass right now.
Our fight is your fight.
And that's not some rhetoric.
That's the truth.
So here's the deal.
I'm going back to James Leslie Rawls.
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Then now's the time to financially support InfoWars.com and to get Mr. Rawls' novels.
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The novels are a great way with real world stuff to give you a lot of classified info that would be classified.
Just a lot of key information.
Or AAA2533139survivalblog.com is his site.
Now, before we go any further, because I want to cover a lot with him, he kind of joins us once a month and co-hosts.
If you just joined us, the most elite East Coast establishment publication is, from my research, Atlantic Monthly.
Foreign Affairs is the CFR, but it's more of a periodical.
It's a book, comes out every two months.
But there's only four or five of these, okay?
They, every issue, are martial law, overthrow Trump, time to kill him, their surrogates are everywhere saying it in pop culture, they got TV shows getting you ready for it, where a nuke goes off and, you know, Kiefer Sutherland's the, you know, the new designate.
They're saying remove all the Republicans, have six months where they reorganize and have a new homeland security run election.
Remember Obama put in place?
Before he left, federalization of the elections and all 50 Attorney Generals, even Democrats, that the state said, well this is unprecedented, you can't do this.
This ends the Republic.
People said, oh don't worry, Trump's going to get in.
He's got maybe one or two levels in.
Everybody else ignores the orders.
There's full mutiny.
Again, these aren't words.
I don't have words to tell you how bad it is.
Not trying to be negative.
We've got major beachheads.
The enemy is demoralized.
But they're so desperate, they're trying to blow the economy to make Trump look bad, admitting it.
They've got Jean-Claude Juncker, the super Nazi heir, that was basically the king of Luxembourg, that they hijacked in World War II.
You're like, where's the Nazi wealth?
Right there!
I mean, you can't make this up!
He thinks he's better than us!
And he's so arrogant, he threatened Trump!
A real German, not a Transylvanian like Juncker!
Nothing against Hungarians and Romanians, but man, stop posing as Germans, and stop posing as Brits!
I'm sick of it!
Look at Donald Trump!
That's what a German looks like!
It doesn't look like Juncker!
You want to know what a Welsh looks like?
Go to...
Go to Wales!
People look like me!
I'm just so sick of the fact that they even blame Germans.
The Nazis were a bunch of Transylvanian trash, folks.
And that's where they get the legends of all that crap, because they're a bunch of filth.
Because they picked up all the Islamic garbage during those wars, feeding the Muslims.
For hundreds of years, they turned into it.
Let's go back and look at Juncker, and then I'm going to our guest.
Look at Juncker, and then look at Prince Charles, and then look at Vlad, paintings of Count Dracula.
They all are the same genetic type, because they're all related.
Let's look up Count Dracula.
Absolutely, yes.
Vlad the Impaler, which is also Count Dracula.
It's the same guy.
Count Dracula is a Bram Stoker fictionalized deal, but based on a real guy.
He didn't really live forever, but he did drink blood.
So, the point is, is that now Prince Charles is directly related to him and he hails that as his original bloodline and lives there part of the year in Count Dracula's castle.
Google that.
Prince Charles has moved to... Again, if you're new listeners, this sounds completely insane.
Let me go back to our guest.
I apologize I'm running over, but he is here for commentary.
He can even go to the next hour with us if he wants.
James Wesley Rawls.
I'm ranting here.
I just want folks to know, this is the enemy, this is the threat, this is what we're facing.
I don't make this stuff up.
This is out of their mouths.
Go ahead.
Just the magnitude of where we are.
If we don't get this out, if we don't expose this, they're just going to promote it to their people with no opposition.
I mean, I don't know how Trump's
I don't know how the FBI, who we know is controlled, is even allowing people like the former Deputy Defense Secretary to try to organize the military overthrow of the President.
That's in the newspaper.
Go ahead.
Well, I think you're right.
We do need to get the word out.
And at this point, at this stage of the information war, the powers that be are doing their very best to silence bloggers, video bloggers,
Talk show hosts, people like you, they want to shut us down.
And they started out with the whole fake news campaign, where they are basically ignoring their own fake news and trying to make anyone in the alternative media
out to look like fake news.
And then once they've identified who they consider to be fake news, then they went on a campaign of trying to first discredit and demonetize all alternative media.
And I think their endgame is going to be an attempt to actually pull the plug on alternative media.
Outlets like Facebook and YouTube have already been playing all kinds of games with stopping feeds, with demonetizing, with requiring people to sign a statement that they're
You need to click approval that you're visiting a fake news site before they'll let you subscribe to a particular site.
They've been doing that to InfoWars, and I'm about to put it back on screen.
Daily Mail Associated Press.
He's moved back to Transylvania, lives there part of the year, and yearns for Transylvania, where he believes, again, his soul is.
The Prince of Wales, 10-year battle to protect Dracula's home, and is yearning for Transylvania.
He has moved in, I saw the PBS special, into Dracula's castle.
Does that not show how insane these people are?
It's pretty nuts to think that here we've got a descendant of Vlad Tepic who wants to follow in his footsteps.
But it shows you just how absolutely power-mad and corrupt some of these people are.
That came and took over Germany too, so let's hand it to the Transylvanian royalty.
But since you're obviously a smart guy as well, tell folks about Vlad the Impaler briefly.
Well, Vlad the Impaler got the name because in quelling any uprisings in his region, he was famous for having the heads cut off of his opponents, putting them on pikes, and then staking those pikes around the perimeter of his castle.
So all the heads of his victims were staring out at his countrymen.
As a reminder of what would happen if you went up against him.
And you're being PG.
That's right.
That's why he got the name Vlad the Impaler.
You're being PG.
He would also put them live on a poll.
There's little age sketchings of that.
Yeah, that was the alternate method.
Yeah, he was about as brutal and ruthless as any ruler has ever been.
The worst of the worst.
And unfortunately, it's that same mindset.
that is infecting the powers that be, the folks behind the scenes in organizations like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and so forth.
They want global governance and they don't care what it takes to get it and they are willing to resort to any means, even if that means starting another world war
Or crashing the global economy, whatever it takes, they'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.
But it all comes back to the information war, which we are winning, but I don't think we've seen the final battle yet.
I think that the next step is going to be attempting to zero, not just limit the income, but zero the income
Of anyone in the alternative media.
Which Drudge, a year and a half ago, coming here warned us exclusively, he was told by the Supreme Court Justice, the other conservative that isn't dead.
It was told, this is coming, they're going to use copyright, all this other stuff to shut you down, and now that's unfolding, and again, Drudge went on to say, after you're putting an electronic gulag, the next thing is they start arresting people.
So folks have to understand, this is a total battle to the end, for yourself, your family, everybody.
When you go on message boards, when you go out on YouTube yourself, you may not be being censored, and launch a new fresh channel, and call it Puppy Dogs and Daisies, but it's really Alex Jones videos.
We'll see one of my videos that somebody names Puppy Dogs and Daisies get 5 million views when the same video on my channel gets 100,000 because they are blocking us.
They admit they're blocking us because they don't want you to know that Jean-Claude Juncker that just announced that he wants to break the United States up using economic warfare, the head of the EU, is an unelected dictator and the heir to the major Nazi fortunes of World War II and rules as a royalty Luxembourg.
I mean, this is a joke.
Some guy in a tax-exempt kingdom runs the EU and is threatening us?
I mean, you know what?
Get in the boxing ring, Jean-Claude Junkers.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
I'm sick of these people.
Well, I think we're all sick of them, Alex.
We're really seeing the endgame of the information war starting to play out.
And it's interesting to see that there's collusion between
The shadow government and these corporations that run the organizations like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon.com, most of these corporations are headquartered in California.
They're run by ultra-liberals like the Zuckerbergs of the world, and they are
More dramatically, turning the screws on the alternative media.
Most recently, as of the 1st of March, Amazon completely changed its structure for anyone who's an Amazon associate.
A lot of bloggers and video bloggers make their living by having links to Amazon products.
They cut that revenue in half.
Very quietly, with no public announcement, they just did it.
They just cut all the bloggers' income in half.
And I have no doubt that they had conservative bloggers in mind when they did that because they had some of the most influential sites and some of the most heavily visited sites.
Well, the way they restructured their commissions, it was no longer based on volume.
They made it a straight commission and most of those commissions dropped to 4%.
So I think they
They definitely want to silence the blogging community, the video blogging community.
A lot of those video bloggers are reposting InfoWars, for example.
They're reposting InfoWars segments.
So it's really obvious what's going on.
But again, we haven't seen the end of it yet.
And I think in its final stages, we'll see absolute cutoffs, banning of entire sites, both your
Uh, website and mine were both included in a list that came out from Harvard University a couple of years ago, a couple of weeks ago, where we're named as, we're on their bad boy list.
I think that the final step is going to be completely zeroing out all income for bloggers, video bloggers.
Oh, I know for a fact the Democratic Party has their top people.
Cutting us off completely.
Cutting off all access.
Well, that's right.
The Democratic Party is behind the scenes organizing and admitting that their plan is to shut us off and destroy us.
And hell, David Brock just admits that.
Here's the thing.
Congress has to move against this and stop being on the defensive with all this made-up Russian crap.
The Republicans have to get on the offensive.
The problem is so many of them are sold out.
I think
I mean, that's just like helping China round up Chinese dissidents.
I mean, the nakedness of the authoritarianism is dizzying, and it just shows what they would do to us if they could get away with it.
So we're not looking for an offensive attack.
Remember, women aren't allowed to go out in public without a man chaperone, and now the men chaperones beat them in public.
They're treated as less than animals, and this is what literal, see, feminists at major events have them put hijabs on, they chant Allah Akbar at these events, with their breasts hanging out, they'd be killed instantly.
In these countries it is literally a cuckold, twisted, spoiled, rotten, trendies in DC, a small memorial to the 150 million killed by communists, being spit on, pissed on,
Flipped off by trendies.
And then I saw it on Facebook being praised, oh yeah, screw them, you know, good, communism, let's kill more.
They're always little wimps, never been in a fight.
And they're trying to start a fight with 150 million armed people.
Almost all the combat vets are on our side.
And what they don't get is, there's a reason you don't target people's families, and you have chivalry.
It's not because people aren't mean, it's because you want your family safe.
The globalists just keep pushing and pushing, James.
They're going to do false flags and try to blame it on us.
Noam Chomsky says Trump is.
The false flag's bringing all the Muslims in.
Then they're going to blow stuff up.
Then they try to take our rights.
But I just don't think they know what they've gotten into.
Just like they were delusional with the election.
But that's my concern is, it's like them trying to start a war with Russia.
Okay, we've got some advanced laser stuff that can shoot down a lot of their missiles.
You're not going to stop them all.
Nobody survives a nuclear war.
Don't do it.
There's a madness.
And Chomsky says we shouldn't attack the elites now.
Alex Jones is attacking the elites.
That's wrong.
They're innocent.
Oh, globalism is good.
I mean, it's just crazy.
What do you say to all that?
Well, it shows you just how radically things are spinning out of control for the power elite.
They panicked when Trump got elected.
They're scrambling to try to reconsolidate power.
They're attempting to set up a shadow government.
They're doing their very best to torpedo the alternative media.
They're doing their very best to vilify the entire Trump cabinet, especially people like Steve Bannon, where they're
They're in an out-and-out war against the entire patriot movement, against the bedrock culture of this country, and they don't care what they have to do to justify the means kind of situations for them.
So just beware, folks.
The war on the media has really not ended.
It's going to get worse.
People need to set up alternative communications amongst themselves.
It may come down to actually handing around copies of videos on DVDs before it's all over.
And by the way, if folks get demoralized by that,
If they go into that climate, people will pass around something printed off on your computer that you saved 20 times like it's gold.
See, that's the real danger for the globalists.
Their admission they're censoring, their admission they're proving themselves to China by censoring Europe doesn't have the danger
of turning us into the true rock stars, which I don't even want.
The point is, when they try to suppress something, it makes it blow up.
So they're on a dangerous road.
Right, they're trying to demonize us, but if they push too hard, you're right, they're going to make people hungry for the truth.
And there's going to be a true counterculture in America where folks are organizing at the grassroots level and saying, hey, here's the real truth.
The mass media is lying to us.
So folks need to be ready to
Use alternate means to get information out there.
I have a feeling that YouTube is going to be the real hatchet man in all of this when they try to cut off
All alternative media.
I think YouTube is going to be the main portal that they're going to use for control.
So it's important that people get used to and bookmark sites like VidMe.
It's Vid.me.
That's Victor, India, Delta, Dot, Mike, Echo, VidMe.
Bookmark that site, folks, because YouTube may soon go completely vanilla on you, and there will be no more InfoWars on YouTube.
You've got to bookmark these alternate sites, because they're not under the same corporate control as the sites like Facebook and YouTube.
And the crazy part is, they're attacking us on all these platforms, like CNN attacking us last night.
They called like 30 minutes before the show,
To act like they got comment when they didn't.
They just want to act like they're still journalists.
So they're going to attack us and lie about us everywhere, and then not even let us respond, and then shut us off from the digital soapbox that's the internet.
Right, and history has shown that when the soapbox is taken away, and the jury box is taken away, that only leaves the cartridge box.
I talked to a lot of military people.
They're smart.
And they say it seems almost like a setup against the left.
But no, it's just arrogance.
The way they're starting a fight with the most trained, aggressive, patriot system in the world and cornering us?
I mean, I don't see a lot of avenues for them and that's what concerns me.
I'm not fearing for my own life.
I worry about the entire species of the planet with these type of people running it.
Is there any way to get through to these elites, James, and get them to back down?
They seem power drunk.
At this point, yeah, they should have caught a clue with the November election.
Or Brexit, or all the other globalist rebellions.
They didn't back down.
They're doubling down.
And that's evidence that they have no restraint whatsoever.
And as I mentioned before, if it means crashing the economy or resorting to... And that's another thing, James.
How do they say, we're trying to crash the economy to hurt Trump, and they should be crucified for that?
Yeah, but they think that they're Teflon.
They think they can't be stopped for advocating that or trying to make that happen.
And that if they do make it happen, they think that they're invulnerable from being caught.
All right, we're back in 70 seconds.
Five more minutes with James Leslie Rawls, survivalblog.com, on how we stop this, what we can do now.
But folks, the links are weapons in the truth war.
You've got to get them out.
You've got to get the links out.
It's a war, folks.
You've got to hammer the enemy.
This is Alex Jones.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We're less than 70 days in on the economy's recovery, but the globalists are trying to destroy it.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
All the men, the doctors and lawyers and real estate agents, bankers,
Chopped Foreman, I know, who are probably better men than I am, would just stand up and be men again and get involved, not be followers.
We'd save this planet.
So many men want to be followers.
They've been taught it's silly to care or to be involved.
That's why we're inches away from losing everything.
I've looked at history.
If things go south,
You're going to have the breakdown of civilization.
James Leslie Rawls, I appreciate you riding shotgun with us once a month.
I really appreciate all the work you do.
I, again, don't have words to describe to the viewers and listeners how real all this is and how all hands on deck we have a chance, a good chance to win this.
I think we're 60% right now.
I mean, I think we've got the initiative.
We're winning, but the enemy now knows how much trouble they're in.
They're really pressing the attack back, the counter-defensive, and what else can we do in four minutes that we've got left here with you?
I mean, I understand individually get ready, but offensively, what can we do to stand up against them and defeat these people?
Well, I guess first and foremost is pray hard.
Second is organize.
Folks need to get involved at the grassroots level in their communities, because if the threat is from the top down, the solution is from the bottom up.
And you can't stop a grassroots American movement.
It's just not going to happen.
They're not going to be able to put their control grid down on an informed and motivated
If the populace really recognizes what's going on, and I think they do because they're getting the news from the alternative media, the mainstream news sources have essentially collapsed.
If you look at the ratings, the traditional big three networks are a joke now in terms of their actual viewership and their actual impact.
When I was growing up and when you were growing up, you and I
And as bad as Brinkley and all them were,
They would never have gone along with what's happening now.
It was just a different time.
It's not just the internet came along, it was what destroyed them.
They also were so immoral and such liars.
They're really why they destroyed themselves.
With all their money and power, they should still be dominating news if they weren't such liars.
Right, if they were still responsible journalists and actually reporting objective facts rather than proselytizing and rather than, you know, grandstanding and faking news and pushing agendas, if they were still real journalists, they would still have that market share.
But because starting with CNN in the 80s,
Mass media lost all credibility.
That's right, they lost their soul.
You're so smart.
I mean, you're just dead on.
CNN is where the media totally lost its soul.
Because before there was some disinfo, but it would always become a scandal if they lied big.
And then it was mainly the propaganda was in, you know, Mary Tyler Moore and sitcoms.
That was the real brainwashing.
But in the 80s, when CNN did, you know, the 90s of fake, you know, attacks, you know, nerve gas attacks and stuff, they taught the media how to be total frauds and made it safe, I guess.
That's right.
That's right.
So again, we have effectively already won the information war.
It's just a matter of consolidating our victory at this point and making sure that the powers that be
Are taught that they cannot get away with this.
That they can try to silence us, but it won't work.
And the harder they push, the harder the American people are going to push back.
And look, they want a violent war and all this killing and stuff.
They just need to know, it's not the police and military that are going to get targeted in a civil war.
It's going to be them.
I mean, that's just a fact.
And I've got news for them.
There's a lot more of us than there are of them.
You know, even the leftists use the term the 1%.
Well, it's true, there is a 1%.
Exactly, James, thank you so much.
Liberal Massachusetts State Representative Michelle DuBois just posted a warning to illegal migrants on her Facebook page.
Beware of upcoming ice raids in the area.
In a blatant attempt to subvert the law on behalf of illegal migrants, DuBois wrote on her Facebook page,
I have a message for the immigrant community of Brockton.
Please be careful on Wednesday, March 29th.
ICE will be in Brockton that day.
If you are undocumented, don't go out on the street.
And if there is a knock on your door and you don't know who it is, don't open the door.
Only a snowflake liberal would be dumb enough to post her crime on Facebook.
It is a felony to aid illegal aliens.
Aiding illegal migrants is not protected by the First Amendment and violators may be fined or imprisoned for up to five years.
I'm Darren McBreen and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com
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They're intentionally leaving the borders open in Europe, bringing in mass refugees, among them are going to be jihadists, who are setting up a future Tet Offensive, Tet-style offensive, in Europe.
And the same thing's being done to this country.
On her way to work one morning, down the path along the lake, a tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
Oh well, she cried.
I'll take you in.
And I'll take care of you.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in for heaven's sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Sighed the vicious snake.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in for heaven's sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Beside the vicious snake.
Now she clutched him to her bosom.
You're so beautiful, she cried.
But if I hadn't brought you in by now, you might have died.
She stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight.
But instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite.
I saved you, cried the woman.
And you've bit me, heavens why?
You know your bite is poisonous, and now I'm going to die.
Oh shut up, silly woman, said the reptile with a grin.
You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Tommy Robinson for many years has been warning that the orthodox radical Islamists pouring in from all over the world into the UK plan to conquer the country.
Hell, that's what's taught at the moderate mosque!
And political correctness says we're not supposed to say that, but that now radical Islamist women lead marches in Berlin and Washington DC and in London, England, and thousands of women put on hijabs!
And then you see Marie Le Pen in the lead in the polls in France, they're trying to steal it from her, saying the biggest threat we face in France since World War II is the Islamic invasion.
They indict her.
She's in court right now.
They took Gert Wilders in the Netherlands to court.
And I've told you what you see in Europe is now happening in England, now happening here.
They've banned Tommy Robinson from peaceful marches in England flying
The British Union Jack.
I've been in England.
It's a big wake-up call for me.
First time I was there was 2005.
And I'd be videotaping Parliament for a shot for a cutaway.
And muzzles would come out of their way up in their outfits and go, Hey, you!
Turn that off!
What do you think your problem is?
And I'd...
I noticed the Brits were groveling.
I'd say, get the hell out of my way, you know.
You want to go?
Let's go.
Come on, Mr. Tough Guy.
You start screaming, bowing your fist up.
Let's go.
Then they go, oh.
Because they're not used to people telling them to go to hell.
Now, Mr. Robinson will.
But here's the deal.
I don't want to fight with Muslims.
I went to high school and college with nice Muslims that were engineers, had degrees, and didn't like radical Islam, wanted to go drink beer.
But the vast majority are under this control.
There's massive inbreeding.
It's admitted.
It's like elites get mentally ill.
That's a big problem in Islam.
And so you've got some problems here.
And TommyRobinson.co.uk is the website.
They take him out of context.
They lie about him on the news.
The point is, is that leftists were out there last week after the big terror attack.
Iran people overstabbing them with ISIS.
Parliament says it's not Islamic.
He goes out there, there's a long video, we'll play some short clips of it.
They're out there laughing.
The leftists are about it.
In fact, here's an article, keep calm Alex Jones, the Queen is not being pressured to convert to Islam.
I've got countless videos of people screaming, get out of England, it's ours now!
In their outfits, 80 plus percent on welfare.
Come to your country, claim they want to put hoods over your kids' heads, tell you you gotta convert or die, say the Queen's gotta get out, and then they don't deny it's true, they say I'm a kook.
Because we got a guy saying you're gonna convert.
That's what they did in Constantinople, that's now Istanbul.
That's what Turkey used to be Christian.
That's what they did in Greece.
Greece just is now allowing mosques to be set up.
It's only a few hundred years ago they got the Muslims out.
Greeks used to be blonde-haired, blue-eyed folks.
Do you understand what Islam does?
The most pure forms of it, they have slavery and sell women on slave blocks.
And the media makes jokes and Colbert goes, what's a slave block?
Knowing his dumb audience doesn't know they put your ass up on a block and people bid on you!
In Sudan!
In places like that in Somalia!
And Trump's like, seven countries don't even have IDs, they don't even have working governments.
You can't even fly out of Somalia, you gotta go to another country.
No, we don't accept you with your piece of paper from Somalia until you get a real government.
It's amazing.
It's amazing.
Greeks were conquered and for hundreds of years under Islamic control.
The Greeks had to hide in the hills for hundreds of years and be in constant civil war until they finally drove the Muslims out.
To the Greeks' credit, they actually kicked them out.
Nobody else ever seems to.
Europe almost got completely taken over.
The whole race, culture, mission of Islam is to conquer everything.
Japan will not allow one Muslim to immigrate to Japan because they're not suicidal.
Now I want to go to our guest for the rest of the hour.
I'll skip a break so we have more time.
Tommy Robinson, TommyRobinson.co.uk.
I want to play a few clips of him first though.
Again, first him rebuking some of these libtards and then again, self-loving, nihilistic suicide heads.
And then we're going to show the guy, say we're going to take over your, you know, kick the queen out of her palace.
I say, if the Queen doesn't like having sovereignty, she should go back to Germany or back to Transylvania, where her and her whole carpet-bagging, anti-UK family came from.
I'm not going to get into that.
And there's some good things about having some sovereignty and some of the old systems there and people liking it.
I get that's the only culture England's got, but that's another false culture dropped on top of its head.
If you're a historian, you know that.
The point is, you shouldn't ban the flags and the rest of it.
But let's go ahead and play those clips.
I'm going to go to our guest.
Here it is.
I'm on the reality.
The reality is this is a war.
This is the reality.
These people are waging war on us for time.
This has gone on for 1400 years.
This is nothing new.
And the whole time while this goes on, police leaders or political leaders want to invite more!
They want to invite more!
Alright, I've got some other clips we're going to get to coming up, like the one that's in the Daily Beast, where again, keep calm Alex Jones, the Queen is not being pressured to convert to Islam.
So, the Muslims don't pressure anybody to convert, they never take over, grass isn't green, this is an assault on reality.
So to give us the big picture, and then to drill into what's currently happening, Tommy Robinson now joins us with, I mean again, we're going to play the video in a moment too, shows a Saudi man literally hurting women down the street with a stick.
This is routine.
Thanks for having me on Alex.
So I'll give you the background of where I live.
I was born in 1982.
When I was born we had one mosque.
There's currently 30 mosques in my town.
My town is 30 miles north of London.
It was the launching pad for the 7-7 bomb block.
It was the fertiliser bomb block.
The Stockholm bomber.
There were Muslims put in jail this year for planning to behead an American soldier on the streets of the UK.
Currently, 40% of my town is Muslim.
I've seen first-hand, I've seen first-hand the problems that this culture and this ideology will bring to your town.
I've seen the attack on your freedom, on your free speech, on your women, on your culture, on your identity, the erosion of who you are.
Everything comes under attack.
And of course, not all Muslims, but this is a reality of what I've seen.
When you were talking a minute ago about
You're discussing inbreeding in the Islamic community.
Now these are facts, and I understand liberals don't like facts.
3.4% of England is Pakistani.
Okay, Pakistani heritage.
They are responsible for over 30% of the birth defects.
These are all problems that will come with Islam.
In the UK, we've had 66% of British Muslims said they would not report on fellow ISIS fighters.
So when we talk about terrorism, terrorism is very bad.
We've had 12 planned terrorist attacks last year.
No one draws in on that.
We've had one successful one in years, but we don't realise that every year, if they were successful, we'd have had shopping centres, aeroplanes, schools, everything would have been attacked every month.
We'd then realise, then the Liberals would realise, everyone would realise, we're at war.
We're in a war zone here.
Now the terrorism is bad, but the general views, the general consensus of the way... Ramping in the swimming pools, raping everybody, running around bullying, supporting all this crap.
The welfare rates, 87% of the Muslims in Germany are on welfare.
I mean, this is just staggering.
And then the arrogance, the bitching, that everybody has to roll a red carpet out and the Grand Imam saying, take that weapon out of the way.
I mean, it's like a joke.
In the UK, 75% of Muslim women are on benefits and 50% of Muslim men.
When you talk about taking our women, most recently in Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales, we had an imam who said the time is coming soon when we take the non-Muslim women as sexual slaves.
We don't need an Imam to say that because Muslim men already in our country are taking our women as sexual slaves.
We have street-level gang grooming.
They call it grooming in the UK, like it's cutting the hairs of dogs.
Really, it's a rape jihad.
It's a rape jihad going on in our country where 90% of the convicted perpetrators are Muslim men.
20% of them are called Mohammed.
We're told continuously this has nothing to do with Islam.
This has everything to do with Islam.
These gangs that are raping... Sex slavery, look at Al-Qaeda and ISIS, all the sex slaves.
Let's expand on this though.
What's going on with the left and their true alliance with it?
How do they think, being bought off by Islam, and I guess this is anti-West, that's all the left cares about, the Green Party and all them cheering, thank God Germany won't be German, we'll be Islamic soon, and they cheer, you know, in major cities and, you know, the feminist mayor of Cologne says, don't wear miniskirts or the Muslims will rape you, it's your fault.
It's like, because they're the feminists, they've now become the anti-feminists.
It's a cult!
What the hell's going on with the left?
There seems to be in the left a strong alliance between the Marxists, the Communists and Islam.
And I believe they think they can use Islam.
Because they're against the rule of democracy, they're against the rule of law, they're against democracy.
And I believe they really think they can use it to bring it down.
Not understanding that they'll be the first victims of it.
And whether this view that you could import Islam into our country and combine the two together, it's like oil and water.
Now when you have Angela Merkel, you have David Cameron, you have all world leaders saying that multiculturalism has failed, they're just too cowardice to say Islam has failed.
Let's expand on that.
My biggest issue with Islam is it does come in and try to make you conform and all over Germany says you can't have outdoor Oktoberfest because the Muslims come and attack you because they don't like seeing men and women running around having a great time eating big old you know beef stew and sausage and drinking beer outside and it's just crazy in a nice cool you know night.
They don't like people having a good time.
It's a cult of killjoys and we're not going to put up with it and I don't understand what the hell the left is doing bashing this.
So my biggest problem is it's not compatible and the left is trying to get rid of our speech so we can port to it.
And I think they wish to maintain power.
Now, if I bring you back to my hometown again, if you look at the demographical growth forecast for the communities in my town, by 2030, the Pakistani and the Bangladeshi communities will increase by 70 to 77 percent.
The white and black community will increase by 1.3 percent to 1.4 percent.
No, that they see the future.
The future is with Islam.
The future is with Muslims having 5.6 children and us having 1.3.
So the Labour Party in my town, which is the left-wing Labour Party, the equivalent of your Democrats, they completely see that we, we as white working-class Englishmen, we are irrelevant.
We do not matter anymore.
The future is not with us.
But here's the deal, it's not even like we're being racist.
They're totally race and religion based, and then they won't even let us just die and then take over.
They want to piss on us while they take over, and the left is just running around because they hate the West so much, just celebrating their own destruction.
It's crazy.
There's a great speech, there's a speech by Shaheed Malik, who was the first Muslim minister of the Labour government.
And he said in 2004 we had one Muslim MP.
In 2006 we had two Muslim MPs.
In 2008 we had four Muslim MPs.
In 2010 we had ten Muslim MPs.
And in between saying each thing he says, Inshallah, Inshallah, Inshallah.
He says within 30 years the leader of this country will share our faith.
And there's thousands, and he's in our government, he's a right-hand man to our government, when the Labour Party were in.
And the next comes convert or die, convert or die.
And let's expand on that.
What do you make of the Daily Beast and others making fun of the Muslims?
That Muslims never take over a country.
How ridiculous!
Ha ha ha!
We've got the clip in a moment of them at, you know, the palace saying, if the Queen doesn't convert, she's got to leave.
That's what Islam always does.
Then they act like we're insane making this up.
Anyone who understands history understands it's happened to 45 countries.
What I don't understand is, for the first country in history, why would Britain or Europe be any different to every other place that Islam has ever gone in history?
The whole of history.
What makes us different?
It is exactly the same Islam.
It hasn't changed.
It's not like you take Muslims out of Afghanistan.
And you put them in Britain and they're somehow different.
It's the same book.
It's the same Quran.
It's the same people.
It's the same ideology.
This is the speech by Shalhi Malik.
We're going to show the speech after the break, but since you mentioned it, let's play the clip that CNN played.
But then they make jokes and say, oh, it's ridiculous.
Like, like, like Muslims would ever, you know, take over.
You know, they all say they are and say we're weak and can't believe how pathetic our leaders are.
Let's go and play that short clip.
Here it is.
It's basically showing how we will transform Buckingham Palace into a local mosque for the Muslims.
And what happens to the Queen?
Well, the Queen, she has a choice.
She can either become Muslim or she can...
Or shall I have to leave?
If you understand how deep this has gone and how infiltrated our country and systems are.
So the most recent Westminster attacker, the terrorist, Khalid Massoud, he taught at a school in Luton.
The director of the school is the local imam from the Luton Islamic Centre, who's a radical.
I've been on the radio with this man where he says he wishes to execute homosexuals.
This same radical mosque was the mosque that the Stockholm bomber went to.
Now, this radical imam is part of my town's government project of looting in harmony.
There's pictures of this man hugging a police officer which celebrate diversity.
This is a man who wishes to enforce Sharia law and then I find out then that the training of our government, the training of our police, the training on Islam is being given to them by the Wahhabist Salafist leading imam
And let's be clear, it's in the Quran.
It's a fact that everything inside Islam is the house of Islam.
Everything else is the house of war.
That's why they're constantly killing each other.
Because the most radical groups always say they're in charge and everybody else is a heretic.
It is the most anti-liberal thing the galaxy's seen.
It is joke level.
And to watch foaming at the mouth leftists and big foundations funding it makes my head spin.
Tommy Robinson is former and ex-leader of the English Defense League.
Since leaving the EDL, he has become an avid speaker in the problems of the Western world, rise of extremism, Islam, ISIS, and hate speech in Syria.
And if you expand all this, the Muslims admit in the Quran, we go, we lie, we assimilate, we act like we're with it, and when our number hits a certain point, then we call it radical Islam that starts killing, then we say, oh, just capitulate to us and we'll stop the attacks.
And we just saw,
The Turkish leader Erdogan, and we just saw his foreign minister, tell Germany, tell France, and tell Sweden, you will let us in, you will let us politically organize, and have basically political takeover, or we will burn your country down in a, quote, holy war.
That's a quote.
Burn your country, holy war, all of it, and all this crap.
I mean, that's pure terrorism!
That's threatening terror if you don't give them politically what they want.
That's the definition.
See how suddenly Turkey played nice for 50 years?
Oh, we're Western, we're Western!
They were conquered by Islam!
Then all of a sudden, everybody's going back to the traditional dress.
Ergun's an Islamist.
He's merging with the Wahhabis.
It's total deception.
It's a culture of pure war, pure takeover, totally political, that literally runs women as slaves, and is...
Absolute nightmare.
I just cannot believe that our elites are siding with this.
Why are they doing it, Tommy?
What Americans have to understand, what you have to realise, is just how quick this can happen.
So if you'd have said to the people in my hometown, which would have been my parents, if you'd have said 30 years ago, in 30 years time, there'll be 30 mosques, there'll be banning the emblem of your country, there'll be changing the name of Christmas, every single food will be halal, your troops will be attacked in the streets, your women will be raped and attacked on a daily basis.
If you'd have said that 30 years ago, people would have said, never.
Not here, yeah?
It's happened.
It's already happened.
There's no come back to my hometown, okay?
They control the streets, they control the gangs, they control the drugs, they control the town, they control the council.
That's it.
That's right, because they admit they'll deal drugs or anything because it's okay as long as you're selling it to the cappers, which is what they call black people, but they call everybody else that.
It means slave.
That's openly admitted, yeah.
They don't care.
They can commit crime as long as it's against the kuffar.
They use their religious intolerance against non-Muslims to justify everything.
To justify everything.
Now, Americans, you may look and think, and in the UK, since 1960, the Muslim population doubles every ten years.
So when you look around, I've seen it.
I've looked around an estate, where I'm from, and five years later, it's like,
What the hell's happened here?
How has this happened?
Oh my God!
And so, America... And what's crazy is, I was brought up classically liberal, wanting to be open and stuff.
They literally, all the videos, they laugh.
It's a joke, the arrogance, because they have no respect for us that we are, that we've done this.
No, they have no respect because we're so weak.
They do laugh at that.
And funny enough, I oppose Islam.
I get quite a lot of Muslims shaking my hand and they say, I shake your hand because I believe you have courage.
Because they're not used to people standing up to them and speaking honestly.
They're used to people appeasing and bending over and showing weakness to them.
And as a country, what you have to understand,
It hasn't happened to your country yet, but they'll be on their way to trying to do it.
Well, go on, tell us what's coming next, and I want to play the clip of that Member of Parliament who admits, you know, it's a takeover.
And, of course, the Muslims won't let you come to their country and set up your system.
They'll kill you in a second.
See, that's the thing.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, John Podesta crawled out from under his rock and hit the Daily Caller with a cease and desist letter.
Podesta was not happy that the Daily Caller published a story headlined, Exclusive!
John Podesta May Have Violated Federal Law By Not Disclosing 75,000 Stock Shares.
The Daily Caller story alleges that Podesta failed to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Hussein Obama White House team in 2014.
Hussain's counsel Mark Elias has sent a cease and desist letter to the Daily Caller saying that Podesta did nothing wrong and he met all obligations regarding the deal.
Then Podesta tweeted out, false stories about me can't cover up Trump's growing Russia problem.
Wait a minute!
They are still investigating Trump!
We have you right here, Podesta, in the open, making deals with Russians!
Same with Hillary Clinton, and you both ran against Trump!
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Because here's the deal.
We're in a total war.
And they've already tried to ban the free speech of people like our guest, Tommy Robinson.
And they're restricting it more and more.
They're arresting people all over Europe.
They're telling the police in Sweden, don't say that 90 plus percent of the rapes are Islamic men.
Even though it's all on video.
And then they're trying to arrest Nigel Farage, the founder of UKIP right now.
They've got a criminal complaint out because he said Sweden's the rape capital.
Go to the State Department's own website, it's admitted.
Guess what?
Just pull up a world map of rape statistics, you'll get it.
I mean, again...
It's so comical, but I realize people that don't know, like I remember hearing Tommy Robinson 10 years ago, and seeing him in British papers and going, oh, that guy's a little extreme.
And now it's like I sound more extreme than he does, because I actually did the research he did.
And now everything he warned about, because he was living in a town where it was already happening, folks.
Point blank range.
I see the videos every day in England, just like you're walking with your family.
People walk up and go, what's your wife doing not wearing a hijab?
Slap her right in the face.
And people are so conditioned, a lot of the britches roll over and start peeing on themselves.
I mean, not literally, but it's like a dog doing that.
I mean, I've seen these videos.
It's just like, man, give that to my wife.
I'm not bragging here, but people are going to, either you're going to die or I'm going to die.
You're about to get attacked really hard.
And I don't know where the fighting spirit is.
It's like, you know, the UK, all in history, was like one of the worst groups, never lost a war except against more Brits.
They were fighting in America.
I don't understand how England has gotten to this point.
The Romans couldn't take over England.
But here we are.
They built, you know, that wall, Hadrian's Wall or whatever, to stop the, you know, stop the folks coming down from Wales.
How did this happen?
How do we break it?
How do we stop it?
And then I have the clip of that MP he mentioned saying, we're taking over.
Go ahead.
This happened, this has all been done intentionally.
So, the fighting spirit and the fighting people has been taken out of them.
It's been bred out of them.
With a left-wing... If I just talk... I'll bring you back again to my children.
My daughter, when she was seven.
I'm preparing for a debate, so I've got the biography of Mohammed.
My daughter walks past, she looks, she says, Mohammed, peace be upon him.
I haven't spoken to my children about Islam or Mohammed.
I've never spoke to them about him.
I said, what did you just say?
Mohammed, peace be upon him.
And I said, this is all from school.
I've then gone to, I've then, when she's mentioned that she's seen something which is a mosque, and she said that's a special place where Muslims pray.
Part of the national curriculum for every school in the UK is the children aged 7 and 8 go to visit the mosque, where they're lied to.
That's happening here in the US, in high school and middle school and elementary, they're forcing them to study Islam.
Forced to study, and I wouldn't mind if they brought my daughter to a mosque and said, Our Prophet married a child your age.
Our Prophet beheaded 600 people.
Our Prophet killed poets.
Our Prophet raped women.
Tell the truth!
Tell the truth!
But they're not.
They're saying that jihad means inner struggle.
That Islam is a religion of peace.
They're lying and indoctrinating children from a young age.
So, when you talk about where has the fighting spirit gone, you have to understand that as an English kid born up where I live, white English people in the town are a minority.
Now, we've never once... When it's St.
Lucian Day, massive celebration.
Patrick's Day, three-day festival, that's the Irish.
When it's Eid, fairgrounds, parks, celebrations.
When it's St.
George's Day, that's our national day to celebrate who we are.
You bring in an emblem of St.
George to your school, you will be suspended.
So what you then find is that English kids are walking with their heads down.
They don't know who they are, they don't know where they've come from.
By the way, I'll interrupt you just to back you up.
I have mainstream news articles in Germany and the UK where parents are countermanded and their children are forced to go to mosque.
I mean, this is insane.
This is what's happening.
So then you have a generation of children who don't know who they are.
The West Indian community can be proud of their history.
The Pakistanis community are allowed to be proud of their identity.
But the English people aren't.
Let's not forget, St.
George's flag, I've heard, has been banned off government buildings, correct?
So if someone's in a council house and they fly to St.
George, there's been many times that they're told to take it down.
What they've managed to do is installed in people that the emblem of St.
George, the emblem of our country, if you celebrate it, you're racist.
And there was no history of that.
That's what they've managed to do.
They just chose it because it's the original English flag.
Yeah, you have to understand just how powerful political correctness is.
Fear is paralysing.
And the fear of being branded racist has paralysed the nation.
It's paralysed our government.
It's paralysed our people.
It's paralysed people so much so that the police, the government, allowed 1,400 young children to be passed around and
Oh yeah, tell folks, you talked about it years ago, it's now been confirmed, the Muslim grooming program of pedophilia, which is legal under Islam, now I guess if you're adult men you're not supposed to do it, but as long as it's a kid you're screwing, it's okay.
Again, I don't care if it's heterosexual, homosexual, don't touch kids, but see now NAMBLA and others are trying to mainline, I think that's one reason the globalists like it, the globalists are into pedophilia, we know that, and Islam is too, so spend a few minutes on those scandals.
And for radio listeners, if you're watching on Infowars.com forward slash show,
As he speaks, my crew Googles it and is showing mainstream news reporting it.
But oh, we banned St.
George's flag.
It's good.
Oh, it's okay for Muslims to have sex with kids.
In fact, in Germany, they're like, oh, they raped a five-year-old.
It's their culture.
It's okay.
So please continue.
So in a small town in the north of England called Rotherham, so for years I warned and spoke about men prostituting our young kids, gang raping them.
When the families go to the police, the police do nothing.
The police refuse to do anything.
This is Rotherham rape scandal, just put in the city of Rotherham, which is put in 1400 Rotherham.
There was 1,400 children and the report, the government report from a charity, it found that when some dads got together to go and rescue their daughters who were 12 years old, they got to the house where the Muslim men have all got their daughters, the police turned up and arrested the dads.
The police turned up and arrested the dads for trying to save their daughters.
Another time.
Let's be clear, let's be clear.
The Muslims are famous.
That's what you call white slavery.
It means sex slavery.
People are so going to say white slavery is a big issue in Islam.
They go, what about blacks being slaves?
White slavery means sex slavery, folks.
And Islam, that's a tenet of it.
Its main business is the trafficking of women.
So it says multiple times in the Quran that outside of your four wives you can take whatever your right arm possesses.
Sexual slaves!
It's legitimate, it's sanctioned, it's okay.
By the way, I'm showing BBC headlines.
This was last year.
Tell folks about it.
It all came out.
Admit it, and they're kind of saying, well, it's Islam's culture.
And again, the dads try to get their little daughters, 10 years old, 9 years old, 8 years old, out of these things, and arrogant Muslims call the cops, and the police say, this is on the news, your daughters belong to them now.
Another situation, in this government report, so I've been warning this for years, and I was called a liar and an extremist.
I read you 10 years ago saying this was happening, and I didn't believe it.
No, no one did.
And then only now, so 10 years later, everything we've said we've been vindicated for, everything we tried warning about, and what has actually come out, it's come out that the government knew, the police, 60 police officers are under investigation.
Because the British government's full of pedophiles, they love it!
Yeah, the council knew, social services knew.
They were actually conspirers.
There was a conspiracy of silence from police and religious leaders to facilitate the rape of our youth, the handing over of our children.
Now describe how they do it, because this is now happening here.
I noticed like Islamism kind of merged with the Mac Daddy gangster culture.
And I see a lot of this going on where it's very, very aggressive sexualization.
And when I was in London, I've seen it, where you see like Islamic men on the street, but kind of dressed in like, you know, rapper type outfits with girls that look like they're 14.
What's going on there?
So that's the start of it.
That's the start of it.
It's a grooming process.
It happened to my cousin.
13 years old.
Gang raped.
Dozens of men.
By men.
So talk about your own family.
I know you get upset, Tommy.
Walk through what happened.
What got you motivated.
Tell folks about it.
So, so basically, I had, when I was younger, she was, when I was younger, and I can remember all of this, I can remember the family meetings about it, to go into the police, the police not doing anything.
She woke up, naked, in a house, with bearded Muslim men all raping her, gang raping her.
She run naked from the house.
She ran naked from the house.
And this has happened to girls across our country.
And when people went to the police, which only now people understand, the police were in on it.
The government were in on it.
They were not arresting or doing anything.
There's another situation where five Muslim men had a young 11-year-old girl in a derelict home.
The police turned up.
They found the five men abusing her.
They arrested the girl for drunken disorderly.
They left the men go.
They let the men go.
And do you know the reason given in the government report for why this was allowed to happen?
Because the police did not want to be seen as racist.
Yeah, well here's the deal.
Here's the deal.
Anybody does anything to my daughters like that, you're not going to do it.
And I'm not just talking.
There's somebody so polite in the South was, you know, people used to kill for no reason.
I'm done.
And I just, these Muslims, everybody else needs to know, you walk on me, you're going to get it.
And the cops too.
I mean, I am so, and it's not all the police around the world, obviously.
What the hell happened in the UK?
Because privately, I've met with MI6, MI5 folks from the cover of Bilderberg and police.
Most of them are actually listeners.
They said, we're pissed.
We don't like what's happening.
So, I mean, but I guess it's certain towns?
Let's go over, because I actually know the answer.
Muslims, once they get control of councils, then they intimidate the police, correct?
And what the police do, and what the Muslims do, is that they focus on young girls from broken backgrounds who don't have a father figure.
Just like Sandusky did.
They go after troubled youth.
They go after troubled girls.
They go after troubled girls.
And then they rape, they abuse.
And only now, like 30 years later, this has been going on for 30 years.
This is in every single town and city.
And we're supposed to, the minute you talk about it, I'll give you another example.
I was sat there watching the news of this unfold.
I saw the English Defence League supporters protesting outside the police station of Rotherham.
I then saw the journalists snigger and mock the English Defence League supporters.
One of the girls in that crowd, because I was watching it and I know her, was gang raped for years by Muslim men.
And then not only are you abused and you're a victim once, you're a victim twice to the media, you're slandered, you're humiliated.
And by the way, these women in Sweden, Germany, England, we have videos, we can't even show you the ones that aren't edited, we have an edited one, of the woman being torn apart with Muslim men raping her at the anti-racism conference.
The women go to this to hand them flowers, they grab them and then rape them, and the police stand there and watch it.
This is insane!
Well, the police are terrible.
That is what you have to understand for how powerful political correctness is.
Now you have to understand that not just on this rape issue, anything, so anything that's taboo to dealing with the Muslim community is not dealt with.
So raping little kids is okay because the taboo isn't pedophilia now and rape, the taboo, is hurting Muslims' feelings.
It's hurting Muslims' feelings.
Even, for example, female genital mutilation.
5,700 girls in Britain last year... Uma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's girlfriend, literally her mother is the global head of the push to genital mutilate and to make sure it's legal in the West.
I wrote an article about it and the media made jokes and said, so what?
I'm obsessed with women's, well actually I am, but the point is, yeah I am, don't chop it off, literally the liberals are promoting genital mutilation now.
What planet, what kind of fruit balls are these?
I mean, what the hell's going on?
It's so bad.
The situation in our country, and this comes from everything, so you watch for years as Muslims pray, and they know it!
They laugh!
If the police turn up to an incident, as I've been growing up, as young white Englishmen, if there was a confrontation with young Pakistanis anywhere in the town at night time, the police would turn up, jump straight on the white Englishmen.
The Pakistanis, they laugh!
They're confident.
They know no one touches them.
They know they have control.
And then there's another incident, Alex, which if I explain to you, a Muslim Tory MP who was going for MP called Afsal Amin, yeah?
Now I ended up wearing undercover footage.
He approached me, offering me money, yeah?
This was to try and get him into Parliament.
He had already been asked by David Cameron what seat he wants on the government, what seat he wants on the committee.
When I had the undercover footage,
He was in a meeting with Pakistani gangsters who were funding him.
They actually said in the meeting, once he gets into Parliament, that's our man on the inside, the police can't touch us.
How many other members of the Muslim Parliament are working for gangsters, are working for criminals, who are stopping the police to do their job?
It's corruption to the maximum level.
Anyone of you can Google this case.
It's Asma Afzal Amin.
He was the captain in the British Army.
For 10 years.
After I exposed him, it turned out that before he joined the British Army, he wrote a leaflet about the Mujahideen attacking us and converting our country through war to Islam.
He was undercover in the British Army as a captain for 10 years.
He was about to be one of the highest-ranking members of our Parliament.
He says in the undercover footage his goal is to be Prime Minister.
He was also talking about mass, mass funding from Qatar for the city.
This is what's happening across our country.
They have bought our politicians, they bought our country.
We've been under globalist indoctrination to be domesticated.
They brought in super third world, stone age, cult brainwashed groups that are just, I mean we could show you endless footage of women just grabbed at concerts, gang raped, and the police just stand there.
And these women are panicked, they're out of their minds in horror, and these guys are raping them hour after hour.
The women are hospitalized, sometimes they kill them.
They'll just run up and grab a woman's baby and throw it right in the water.
And it's all just a big sacrament of the left.
We're going to skip this break so we have more time.
This is a total death cult takeover.
And Zuckerberg and all of them are now making deals to report Muslims in countries that criticize Islam so they can be killed.
But it's okay because he's liberal and smiles and has an Asian wife, so it's okay.
We're murdering everyone.
We're Zuckerberg.
Eh, liberal.
We're liberal.
And you know, it's all totally sick because they believe Islam has the numbers and is still primitive.
They've made us not primitive with a defense mechanism.
We're like Dodo bird, just waiting there to be hit over the head.
This is happening.
But who was the member of parliament?
We actually found the clip who said, you know, every 10 years we double... Shalit Malik.
Shalit Malik.
What's his name?
Yeah, we're going to play that clip right now.
Let's play the clip of that member of parliament.
Here it is.
I'm proud of the achievements of the Muslims of this country from 1997.
In 1997, we got our first Muslim MP.
In 2001, we had two Muslim MPs.
In 2005, we had four Muslim MPs.
In 2009-10, we'll have eight Muslim MPs.
In 2014, we'll have 16 Muslim MPs.
At this rate, the whole Parliament will be Muslim.
But just to say,
In case there are journalists here today, that is not my objective.
But you know we've got 4 Muslim MPs, there should be 20 Muslim MPs in Parliament, and inshallah very shortly we'll see that.
And I'm confident, as Britain's first Muslim Minister, that inshallah, in the next 30 years or so, we'll see a Prime Minister in this country who happens to share my faith.
You know what's sick?
Their cultures can't even operate because they're so evil.
And then we just roll over when we've got everything and just say, take it all and destroy it.
And we've got... Go ahead, sir.
We've got a Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who... Banning women in bathing suits and advertising and saying he's not a, quote, Uncle Tom.
He is for Islamic takeover.
And then making jokes about the terror attack last week.
What a piece of filth.
Let's talk about him.
Not allowing Christian advertisement on buses, but allowing advertisement that says praise to Allah.
Currently, bans the Sikh community from celebrating their celebration on the 29th of April.
He's put in bans, so he's dictating to them.
So when he said, Shaleen Malik, we will have a Prime Minister that shares our faith.
Mark my words, you could bring this video up in four years time.
Once he's finished being the Mayor of London for four years, he will become the leader of the Labour Party.
The left and the Liberals, as they did in London,
We'll swarm for him and vote for him as a great sign of tolerance.
That sign of tolerance, who is he working for?
That's what I want to know.
The same as the one I exposed, who is this man working for?
What are his interests?
Is it the inbreeding that makes these guys, no matter what country it is...
Look so insane?
Or is it like, is it satanic?
Because there's just like a crazed evil about it.
I mean, how would a bunch of men show up at a concert, that never happens in the West ever, and just start raping women?
I mean, if I saw men raping women, I don't care if it was 20 of them, I mean, I'm not bragging, I would attack them.
I mean, I don't understand this.
I don't understand what the hell's going on here.
When you read the cases, it's brother-in-laws.
So men with their wife's brother, with their dad.
With their dad.
I'll tell you another case.
Another case from a father I met from Blackpool who comes to me crying and breaking down and crying and crying and crying because his daughter had been groomed and taken as a thing, as a victim and the young Muslim that was raping her rang the dad's phone and left it on the side while him and his father raped her.
So the dad listened to it.
And these sort of things, when you hear this, people think it's unbelievable.
Pick up, read, read the government report.
Why is it that the Muslims like to, like you said, we're going to rape your daughter, we want you to listen now.
It's like a, it's an enjoyment too.
It's a pleasure.
Because by taking our women, the first thing to attack is our women.
It is the first as a sign against us to destroy us.
Destroy the daughters.
You hear them saying it.
Remember the Imam of Jerusalem, the head Imam goes, they are weak, we will take their women.
And then the left's like, yes, kill them!
If you look at an interview by one of the leading Al-Qaeda operatives years ago, and they give their plan for Europe, and in their plan for Europe they predict the American invasion of the Middle East, and then they say that the next invasion, which will be Syria, our forces will be too weak because of the previous ones.
And they'll be able to establish a caliphate.
And then when it gets to 2016, it says the Islamic invading army will invade Europe.
And at the start of 2016, attack the women.
What happened on New Year's Eve in 2016?
2,000 women were attacked in Cologne.
And they're teaching us to accept it, and now they have three million more about to come across from North Africa with the head of the EU ordering her to let him in.
But let's explain.
John Brennan admittedly converted to Islam more than 20 years ago in the CIA.
He was a communist before.
He's the guy that's sworn to bring down Trump.
The reason it all seems messianic, the Muslims think they're invincible now, is traitors in Western governments have laid out a blueprint to capitulate to Islam, bring it in, make all other Western freedom end, to quote
Serve them.
The problem is, Ergun's launching an early saying, I'll burn down Europe unless you submit to me.
So I think their greed is what's going to undo them.
What is the hope?
Tommy Robinson, how do we defeat them?
Well, I don't know why they don't just shut up.
Because they'll win anyway.
You don't need to blow things up.
Just be silent.
In France, you're having 7.1 children.
In England, you're having 5.6.
So when you say, what is the hope?
The hope is, up until 12 to 18 months ago, I had no hope.
I have no hope.
Donald Trump getting in, I think, for us, give us hope.
It's a change.
Gert Wilders rising.
I'm looking at four years' time in the election.
I don't think it's this election.
I think they'll be able to stop Marie Le Pen again.
But in four years' time, Gert Wilders will win.
Le Pen will win.
When we get a leader winning Europe, whether it be the Swedish Democrats, when the first leader comes in Europe who challenges Islam, who not just challenges it, but enforces the laws that are already here,
When they break the law, you enforce the law.
We let them do what they want.
But in the minute, we don't.
When you try to enforce the law, you realize you can't.
You could not enforce the law now on 4%.
You have to understand that only 4-5% of the UK is Muslim.
Look at the chaos caused!
What do we think as a country?
And what number normally?
Isn't it once they hit 10% they always try to take over?
Yeah, 10%, but they're starting already at 5%.
Look, look at Europe.
Look, so it is 10%, but I say- Yeah, but France is over 10% now, and look- Seven.
Seven, I believe.
No, it's coming up to 10, is it?
But that's the document, and they think there's like another 5 million illegals.
Well, what about illegal numbers?
I mean, we know about- What about the countless videos of the hijacking cars and robbing everything, and just running around foaming at the mouth?
I sat down with my local imam when I spoke about the figures for Luton and I said to him we have what is supposedly at the time was 60,000 Muslims.
Double it.
That's what he said straight away.
Double it.
Alright, I've got to go to break but I'm going to give you five more minutes with us before the next house takes over.
I want to come back and let you plug websites and other things that are happening with Tommy Robinson, TommyRobinson.co.uk.
Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to sit up here with all this rhetoric, because I didn't want the wars against Islam.
I didn't want to stir it all up.
I'm not against anybody.
I'm just telling you, I've studied it.
It is crazy town.
And it is a total takeover, and the globalists are allied with it, and it must be resisted.
I mean, everything he's saying is not exaggerated.
That's the problem.
It's worse than he can tell you.
We have so much evidence, you can't even go over 10% of it.
Please support this broadcast.
They're censoring us.
They're censoring anybody else that exposes this.
When it was yours ago, I put something out exposing orthodox or radical Islam, I'd be banned.
We have to just go ahead and expose that and let folks know, this is the info they don't want you to have.
Religiously, every day, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, the articles, the videos, the guests, whatever you think is most important, get those and send them out.
Make sure that you're in your YouTube subscription, you know, opening those up and sending those videos on to others.
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They'll go directly to you.
Infowars.com forward slash newsletter.
And we've got big specials that end tomorrow.
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BioTrue, super high quality organic selenium, so much more.
Thank you all for your support.
Hour number four coming up.
We're back in 70 seconds.
We'll do five more minutes with our guest and the next host is going to take over.
That's Anthony Cumia.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
I knew globalism was unpopular and authoritarian and evil.
I knew people claimed they were going to merge with Islam and some backstab op, and I just thought that was too crazy.
It's happened.
Oh, I'm just here telling the truth no matter where the chips fall.
I think this should become the new iconic GIF.
We should create a GIF for folks.
It's a short five second video of the Saudi man literally hurting veiled Muslim women with a stick.
We should cut it into the liberal women going Allah Akbar and just denying because they hate the West so much that any other culture
Could be horrible.
Were the Nazis bad?
Were the Aztecs cutting people's hearts out bad?
This is going on.
This has to be called out against.
We must say no.
Anthony Comey is coming up.
Going back to Tommy Robinson.
What other than the four minutes we have left are key points and what else can we do to win?
I think just stop being afraid of political correctness and break its will, right?
I mean, they used to send the cops to your house all the time.
I've seen a lot of videos harass you for even your free speech.
It's nothing.
It's the truth.
But now it seems like you've actually been defeating them and that they now have been backed off.
They come to my house this morning, Alex.
Oh, really?
They drop by all the time to tell us about that?
They come to my house to ask my whereabouts on Saturday because I'm going to cover an anti-terrorism march in London.
There's going to be a terrorism march in London against terror.
So I'm going there.
So they come to my house to say, what are your plans?
Why are you going?
What are you doing?
And mainly because they're concerned for my safety, they said.
They're concerned for my safety because they know Muslims wish to kill me.
I think that what people have to understand is, when I started out against this, I was ready full well and understood the challenge I was taking on with the threats of violence from Muslims.
What I was not ready for and could not comprehend at all
Was the state persecution.
Against myself, against my family.
So the state have chosen a side in this battle.
It's not the side of freedom and democracy, it's the side of Sharia.
And what can we do?
What can every one of us do?
It's our job to enlighten, to wake people up, to educate people.
I'm grateful to your show, Alex.
I'm grateful to Paul Joseph Watson.
He's changing the scene.
He's waking so many people up.
It's brilliant to watch.
Is he not a wrecking ball?
Isn't it good to see that?
Man, it's so... I sit there and get so much satisfaction because you have to understand that 10 years ago when I was doing this, it was a lonely place.
It was a lonely place and now I'm seeing so many people, waking so many people up.
That's all I see my job as.
My job is to... what I don't talk about.
So I come on and debate people sometimes.
I debated some expert on multiculturalism, yeah?
He's a speechwriter for Kofi Hannan from the EU.
When I asked him, I said, where do you live?
Where are you from?
Where are you born?
He's born, when I got down to it, 99.9% Christian, white area.
I'm born as a minority Englishman, living in a town with 30 mosques.
The rich liberals do not live around it.
That's right.
You look where they all live and they lecture other people.
They're in 99% white areas.
These Hollywood celebrities, all of them.
All of them.
So what's good for us?
You don't understand what it's like for us.
You don't understand what you're doing to us.
You don't understand the fear I feel, the gut-wrenching fear in my belly for my children.
I've got three children.
And you are destroying and putting their safety and their freedom in jeopardy.
And that's why I always say if there's going to be trouble and there's going to be a struggle, let me struggle, don't let my son struggle.
And that's what they have to understand what they're doing.
And they don't understand because I put it into two camps of people.
Those who have been affected by Islam and those who are yet to be affected by Islam.
Because one day they will.
And then they'll wake up.
And do you know how many people I see contacting me and commenting saying that a year ago I thought you was a fascist, a year ago I didn't believe you, and now you've woke me up, you've woke me up.
That's our job.
And platforms like Infowars, platforms like Rebel Media, these are the platforms that will wake the public up because mainstream media are lying, they're dictating, they're working for the other side.
That's right.
Well, great job, Tommy.
And I just wish we could reform Islam and just help these people and say, stop marrying your daughter to your brother.
And just because I don't want to have to tell them.
And I mean, they're trying to try and start a war.
And it's just a man.
Then we have all these other wars where our government's attacked the non-radical Muslims like.
Saddam Hussein was like a westernized guy.
Great guy for these people.
So we got rid of him for Saudi Arabia.
Again, the radical Muslims just run everything because they'll give all their money and they'll concentrate.
They don't even hardly have jobs.
Their women do all the work.
They're just a group of jerks.
They sit around.
Tommy Robinson, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com, and I have had it with this Russia and Trump investigation.
We already know Democrats are up to their eyeballs in Russian connections with John Podesta stock deals and Hillary Clinton uranium for cash deals.
Why are we investigating Trump?
We have American citizens, homeless, veterans, senior citizens, who need our help.
Nope, let's spend months on Russia.
We have Democrats on the Hill crying, Russian, Russian, Russian!
While ISIS is at the border screaming, Russian, Russian, Russian!
How about the fact it was our influence on the geopolitics of the entire world that created these terrorist groups in the first place?
No investigation into that.
No cries of U.S.
influence on foreign elections.
Keep in mind, the WikiLeaks emails they continue to cite are verified and admitted to be real.
That would make it you, Democrats, who cost Hillary the election, not Russia.
And by the way, most of us were voting Trump before Maxine Waters could even find Russia on a map.
It's up to us, the U.S.
people, to drain the swamp in all upcoming elections.
This is Alex Jones.
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You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Anthony Cumia.
I'm about to go to Anthony right now.
We have breaking news.
The same reporter that said they were wiretapping Trump and then said it was insane, they never did.
Matthew Rosenberg, who has all these Obama sources, saying they had all this proof that all these Russians were running things.
They were illegally spying, then they were illegally leaking.
So they said, Trump's insane!
We never spied, he's totally crazy!
And then now they've come out and said, oh, actually, we have all the proof.
We're going to bring it out.
We were spying on them.
And then they act like Nunes, the head of the Intelligence Committee of the House, did something wrong.
They've now outed the sources that Trump has.
He was being spied on.
He's the president.
He can know everything.
He can talk to anybody.
He can talk to the damn Russians or the Easter Bunny if he wants to.
I mean, this is just Ezra Cohen, Watnick and Michael Ellis.
And then the headline should be, we just outed secret intel and committed more crimes.
But instead they say, two White House officials helped give Nunes intelligence reports.
So, because they were in intelligence agencies and already knew it, it's bad that those intelligence reports came back to the President.
He's the President!
Man, I tell you, this is all about just not able to cut our taxes, not able to secure our border, not able to get banks to loan to small businesses, the best consumer confidence index in 16 years, the best small business startup since 1984 at the peak of the regular recovery, 300 billion in new jobs already set and building, 3 plus trillion in the stock market,
And I'm watching CNN and everybody else trying to blow my family's future up and your future up saying we're gonna wreck the economy and say he's a failure because he didn't get health care through and it took Obama two years with his scam and and Obamacare is his fault and he's a bad person and we're gonna tank the economy than the Junker the heir of the biggest Nazi fortune.
They were the royalty in Prussia folks.
That's the kings of Germany!
The Junker bombers and attack bombers, I mean, you can't get more Nazi.
He's the unelected king of Luxembourg.
Tax exempt.
The head of the unelected EU council says, we'll break up America.
I'll break your goddamn nose, you son of a bitch!
I've had enough of this crap!
Excuse me, I excuse my, not taking the Lord's name in vain, I want God to damn them to hell.
I mean, it just gets so Twilight Zone.
I'm like, Junker, Junker, yeah, he's the... It's like, yeah, his wife is the former head, her father was Hitler's top, you know, Joseph Goebbels.
It's like, what the hell, Joseph Goebbels?
You know, you start looking at this, it's like, how do you make this crap up, man?
We'll break the USA up!
How about I break you up, asshole?
I mean, I used to cuss a lot and stuff on here, but I'm really getting to the point where they're in Atlantic Monthly, the most elite publication, saying, overthrow Trump violently.
Trump, and Trump wants to look for strength, because they'll say he's a fascist if he does.
If you're trying to overthrow the country and saying you want to end the free press and all this crap, it's the law!
Comey won't do anything, because Comey's this little establishment guy.
Oh, I get it.
Comey, I'm going to run on and take over.
I want to hear what you have to say, because I've got to eat my lunch.
I love watching when you do the show every few weeks and eat my lunch.
It's a great hour, 30 minutes.
You know, I can tune in and do some other work in my office, but I'm done.
I love you.
You're doing a great job with your
We're so lucky to have you here with us.
This isn't about a radio show anymore.
I've always wanted freedom.
And I've always said what I believed.
But now, it's so clear-cut.
And I'm surprised Trump can get anything done when they're in open rebellion.
I'm going to turn it over to you.
It's just Twilight Zone to have the heir of all the Nazi loot.
They admit that.
The richest Nazis.
I mean, royalty.
That they're going to break us up if we don't let EU go around and keep the UK in that never voted to enter it?
I mean, it's just, it's so, a Nazi dictator, a literal Nazi, who is the dictator of the EU Council that's unelected, that rules everything, and I've got to sit here and kiss his ass, just fundamentally.
George Soros is a Nazi collaborator.
This guy's family.
It's like, when do we get these people?
And then they call us Nazis when we have nothing to do with Nazis.
Anthony Comey at TakeOver.
I apologize for ranting, but all the great work you do over there at compoundmedia.com.
They've kicked you off XM, off Threshold Radio.
They're calling for us to be kicked off.
They're cutting our advertisers off.
The listeners, though, have just come back and met it.
But I mean, the attacks are unprecedented.
People should support you.
They should support us.
Everybody's been watching me 22 years.
They know I don't get like this every day.
We are under, and I love it.
I love being the target.
I feel like I'm doing good.
I sleep good at night.
But we don't want them to win, folks!
You're the power!
The listeners!
Spread the link!
Spread the articles!
Don't stop!
Don't give up!
Anthony Cumia.
Alex gets about this because you're dealing with your life here.
This is our way of life that people are out to destroy.
And this isn't, I'm not speaking figuratively, this is literally, they are out to destroy it.
It's in the media every day, especially alternative media.
I've noticed, what Tommy was saying earlier,
That was amazing, Tommy Robinson.
Did you hear the sheer panic in that man's voice?
This guy's not a, you know, he's not a Sissy Mary, by the way, but he is actually in fear.
For the livelihood of his children and his country, because there is an invasion taking place.
An invasion.
And if you think people like Junkers of the European Union don't want that to happen, you're sadly mistaken.
We are at a point right now where it's imperative to make a distinction between the sides in this.
There are people that want to continue
With our American way of life, our freedom, the greatest country in the world, and there are a group of people who want that destroyed!
Eliminated from the face of the earth!
And don't think they can't do it!
All we have to do for them to succeed is do nothing and just let them continue to roll over us and keep this refugee invasion that's happening.
Don't secure the borders.
Don't enforce laws.
And that's all we have to do.
And if you see who's doing that, you'll really get a good idea of who the culprits are.
When at every turn,
They are stopping our president from doing what he feels is best for this country.
At every turn they're stopping him.
How do you argue secure borders?
How do you argue it?
Well, it's obvious how you argue it.
You call anyone that wants a secure border a racist, or a xenophobe, or somebody who's not caring of people that need help.
You're spitting on the Statue of Liberty.
The whole country was made up of immigrants and it's all...
These are all the excuses they use because there is actually no real honest way to say you don't want secure borders.
It's counterintuitive to a safe, secure nation.
But you can't say that.
So they use other ways.
And the media, oh the media, they're mouthpieces.
They will spread this, and you will be afraid.
I know people, I am around a lot of people in the comedy industry, and they're petrified.
These are comedians!
Their job is to go into a club, have people come in that know where they're going.
They know they're going into a comedy club.
It's not a, it's, does they bank?
It does say doctor's office, and then you get in, and a comedian starts talking, and you go, oh!
What happened?
He says, I'm so offended.
It's Comedy Club, and you go in, these comedians are scared out of their minds.
They're petrified of saying the wrong thing.
Because the right?
Because conservatives?
Conservatives have been the targets of comedians for years, and they really don't react.
They might get offended, but they don't mobilize to shut people's freedom of speech down.
But the left, oh my goodness, the progressive left, the left who actually spawned some of these amazing comedians of yesteryear, George Carlin and Redd Foxx years ago and Eddie Murphy, all these amazing comics that used to be politically incorrect for their day,
Now the liberals are trying to shut them down to the point where they know, these comics know, if they say the wrong thing.
If they're next to someone that says the wrong thing, there's guilt by association.
The level of fascism, and I do use the word fascism because that's what we're seeing, these people that are supposedly anti-fascists,
We're good to go.
On the world today and even they're being told that their material is offensive and shouldn't be said and jokes shouldn't be made about that topic or this topic and it's all part of the greater issue here.
Changing the American way of life and
When you see people trying to shut down other people's freedom of speech, that's a biggie.
That's numero uno on our Bill of Rights there, and they're trying to shut it down.
And if you don't think so, look what happens at UC Berkeley.
With Milo, look what happened with Gavin McInnes at NYU, and then when we come back in a couple of minutes, I want to talk about... You know, Anthony, we're just going to skip the break.
I'm here eating my lunch.
We might not even have a show soon the way this is all going on, so let's just skip the network breaks.
I gotcha, sure thing.
Ann Coulter, Ann Coulter is supposed to be visiting UC Berkeley.
And organizers are, they're fearing another backlash.
Well let me tell you, guaranteed there will be a giant backlash.
People will resort to violence, vandalism, assaults.
To prevent the wonderful people of Berkeley from hearing anything Ann Coulter has to say.
Because they have determined, they have determined what you should or shouldn't hear.
Isn't that nice of them?
And Anthony, doesn't that show us, I just can't help it, I'm here watching.
Sure, sure.
That shows what they're going to do with the internet, and they're now trying to do it by stealth.
So let me ask you this question.
Our audiences get bigger all the time, yours doesn't compound media, we're doing an InfoWars.
But at the same time, Congress should do something.
The President should.
This is like organized racketeering with them rubbing their hands together in the media saying that we're killing the mainstream media.
Shut down their competition.
How obvious is that?
And are they biting off more than they can chew?
Because if they try to ban us like the Sex Pistols and it doesn't work, doesn't it just make compoundmedia.com bigger?
Absolutely it does, but here's the fear that I think we all have that are doing shows like this.
We have to have a pipeline to get our message out to the people.
And if the powers that be grab a hold of that pipeline and regulate it to the point where we're not allowed to say certain things, we have to play by the rules,
Selective internet kill switch.
Selective internet kill switch.
And then if you follow the rules, we've all experienced it.
Oh, the rules get more every day.
Oh, sorry.
Now I can say nothing.
It's all the more regulation we get, the more people that want dissenting opinions eliminated.
And when they're in the seats of power, we're going to have to find something else.
And, you know, this is the most open and honest forum that we have right now.
Mainstream media is they've gone from lying.
I've noticed this, too, especially with the Russia
The Russia stories and the wiretapping and surveillance stories on President Trump.
I've noticed the news now, it's very hard for them to just outright lie.
Because we're on to them.
Now they're confusing the issue so much that on a daily basis, somebody that pays attention to the news, like myself, is confused as all hell as to what's going on!
Google and Soros are behind fake news, internet privacy.
The Republicans didn't vote to get rid of internet privacy.
That's just a subsection.
They called it net neutrality under Obama.
It was an FCC, which you've enjoyed, takeover of the entire internet spectrum, and they said no to that, but they called it net neutrality, so now the Republicans killed net neutrality.
No, they didn't.
It's all just deception, but you're right.
They just mislabel, they scramble things.
It's crazy.
On a daily basis, you could read or watch mainstream media and absolutely believe, based on what you're reading, that Trump and his cohorts absolutely had inappropriate contacts with Russia to kind of win the election.
Or, from the same mainstream media, no one ever spoke to any Russians and there's no evidence that that ever happened.
The same thing with the surveillance.
There were absolutely people surveilling from the Obama administration on President Trump, and before he was president, and then absolutely no evidence that that ever happened.
Yeah, so what do you think the tactic is?
Someone asked your smart media guy, where they go in the same breath that they have this former deputy defense head on, and she's like, oh, of course we were spying on him, and we have the Russian contacts, we should release it, but he's insane, no one was spying on him.
And you're like, you just said you were, but you won't produce it because the word is there's nothing there.
It's like, it's like, it's like the death of logic, but it's like they're doing it on purpose.
Like they're trying to kill logic.
Anthony, what are they doing?
You're absolutely right, Alex.
They are doing this on purpose.
Don't be fooled.
Don't be fooled.
These mainstream media, they're not a bunch of morons in there running things.
They have an agenda.
And their agenda now, it used to be to lie.
They could get away with it.
So now they have nothing to lose?
I'm sorry to interrupt you, but let me just say this right now.
Let me just say this and then I'm gonna get out of here.
Let me just say this right now.
I don't think so.
And I want people to know, they really kicked us off AdRoll $5 million a year.
They really are saying in the news, shut us down completely.
They're really saying I'm a Russian agent with no proof, saying arrest me in congressional hearings, but I can't be at those.
You've already been kicked off all these stations when you were number one.
You were kicked off for criticizing the whole Black Lives Matter, kill the cop crap.
That's what you were fired for, people don't know.
Top number one show, Nergis, number two after Howard Stern on XM.
They're so pissed!
And so, let's say, how do people support Compound Media?
Because maybe they shut me down, maybe they shut you down first.
We have to hopscotch back over to the outlets that are there that are so precious, Grudge Report, whatever.
That's how we're going to beat them.
And so, there's safety in numbers.
How do we support CompoundMedia.com?
How do we support InfoWars.com?
How do people realize how important this is?
Yeah, it really is imperative that people get on board because there's no true, honest information getting out there.
It's so convoluted, so mixed up, and that is the mission.
To make it harder for the American people to get the truth.
I said George Soros yesterday is an enemy of Jews and rounded him up, and he's part of this evil Jewish, weird leftist mafia that feeds on Jews.
They have articles out saying I'm anti-Semitic because I don't like a Nazi.
What the hell?
How much more backwards can things get?
And we're supposed to read that and go, oh, that makes sense.
It doesn't make sense.
And you're supposed to read it and go, why are they feeding me misinformation?
I need to dig deeper, get alternative sources, and disseminate it myself, using my own mind and various other... So people, your show, Gavin McGinnis, everybody's got to bookmark it, but not just my audience.
Spread those links.
Somebody's like an Anthony Cumia more than an Alex Jones or a Paul Watson, you know, more than a Gavin McGinnis or a Gavin McGinnis better than a David Knight or a David Knight better than a, you know, Darren McBreen or vice versa.
It takes all sorts.
The point is, we're all in this together.
It's a war.
We're an army.
And listeners, you've got to just hammer us on Facebook, Twitter, Google.
You've got to put up your own YouTubes and copy our stuff.
You've got to financially support us.
You've got to become a subscriber to Compound Media because we're all on the line.
And listen,
I'm a super successful radio host, the third biggest terrestrial in the country right now.
I took the numbers out of a private airplane and a jet, 50 million a year, put it in to build this.
That sounds like a lot.
It's not.
I spend almost all of it on this, and I see them trying to cut away what I have to keep going.
Anthony's been one of the top syndicated people in the country, number two on XM, millions a year too, censored because he's not a piece of crap.
We, it's not about the money.
We're all in, folks.
We need money and we need you spreading the word to beat these people.
We want to beat them!
Other guys want to go watch a football game and watch other guys.
So pissed, got my earpiece falling off.
Other guys live through them.
We're living for real.
It's an info war.
So how do people support Compound Media?
I want to see thousands of subscribers right now.
On top, you know, just coming in right now.
That's it.
It's easy.
Go to compoundmedia.com and that's pretty much how you do it.
And there's plenty of shows on here that are speaking openly and honestly.
And that's what we need.
We need that.
They're feeding us misinformation.
You're a superstar Liberty, so are all your folks, but we don't know who the next big guy is that we're just gonna sit back with and rub our hands together like the old guys and just be so glad that young guy's kicking ass.
That's the real pleasure in life.
Really alpha males want to see badass new alpha males kicking ass.
That's what real alpha males want.
I see Paul Watson slaying.
I see all these other guys coming up.
This is making me really excited that we're gonna win no matter what they do to us, Anthony.
It is exciting to watch people fighting back.
To see people that just did nothing and hung around and just took it, finally saying, wow, they are doing this.
There is an issue and a problem that needs to be addressed.
And opening up these new venues of information like InfoWars and Combat Media.
And I think that's the answer.
I think I'm going to shut up and let you come back.
It's fighting back!
That's the answer.
We have our fighting spirit, we won with Trump.
But we're not, we want to live our lives.
We're not trying to run stuff like the globalists and leftists.
Sorry folks, we're either going to take it back or they're going to run our lives.
We have to do it.
We have to go on total political warpath.
And that means spreading the word, doing your own shows, and big fat dollar signs.
You shoot those at us, you've seen the rampage I'm on, folks.
I will take it to hell with these people.
I will never give in.
I will never give up.
Anthony Comey, take over.
I'm not going to come back.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex, man.
It really is so important right now because, yeah, the mainstream media has been lying to us and now they're convoluting every story to the point where... And now they're saying, shut us up!
That's not the bunch of authoritarian scumbags!
Let's kick their ass politically!
We're better than these people!
We would never try to shut them up!
Bunch of assholes!