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Name: 20170329_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 29, 2017
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Welcome to NAVA Wars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Wednesday, March the 29th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, a warning to progressives.
You've been triggered.
Brexit architect Nigel Farage celebrates Article 50 Day as the divorce between the European Union and the United Kingdom has begun.
Meanwhile, the EU president says Britain will be punished over Brexit then.
President Donald Trump takes a chainsaw to Obama's climate schemes.
But he fails to live up to his campaign promise to end Obama's Paris Agreement.
Plus, say goodbye to internet privacy.
The U.S.
government just passed a bill that will allow them to look at your browser history and share all your information with whomever they choose.
All that plus much more up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, today is a special day in history.
It is Article 50 Day, if you want to look at it that way, or you can say Britain's Declaration of Independence from the EU.
That's the article that they are using to move out of the EU.
They served their official notification today in a letter, and as you can see in that picture of Nigel Farage, he is a very happy man.
He labored for many years in the wilderness to make this happen.
And as he said, you lot were laughing at me before.
You're not laughing now.
No, they're very angry about that.
We're going to talk about that.
But first, let's talk about what he said.
He put out.
Yeah, it's you've been triggered.
And that's true in a lot of ways.
Not only have they triggered Brexit and they'll have two years to do this, to complete this transaction.
And of course, it's also going to be something else.
The next step is going to be the great repeal bill.
Have you heard of that?
Well, that's something we'll talk about in just a moment.
That's coming up in a little while, in terms of Theresa May, their Prime Minister, putting out the terms of what they're going to try to do to reconcile the relationship between Britain and the European Union.
But as he was putting this out, he had a journalist stop by, as I point out on InfoWars.com from the Breitbart article, as a journalist tried to rain on his parade, said, well, what do you say to the 48% who wanted to stay in and who today find that it's a disappointing day?
And Farage says, well it may have been 48% on June 23rd last year, but things have changed hugely.
Consistent opinion polls show nearly 70% of the population want the government to get on with Brexit.
I want us to leave with a sensible free trade deal in place, fully understanding we are their most important export market in the world.
They call us Treasure Island and for a good reason.
Okay, now one of the people who came out and spoke about this was of course
Roger Daltrey of The Who, I guess what he's saying now is let's get out of this web that the globalists have created.
Let's not get fooled again.
And he said he wasn't really necessarily happy about it at the time.
He might be some of those people who are in that change from 48% to 70% that Nigel Farage was talking about.
He said, I'm not anti-European.
But I am anti-president the way we are being governed in Europe.
It's nothing to do with any of the immigrants or anything like that for me.
It was to do with much more.
The majority of this country felt that their voices were not being heard.
It's kind of like, you know, taxation without representation.
Regulation without representation.
Somebody else controlling your economy, telling you where you can fish, saying these areas that you have fished in for generations, for centuries, those are off limits to you, but we're going to let somebody else fish there instead.
That's the type of thing that they were concerned about.
He said it would have been nice to do a deal in Europe, but they didn't want to do a deal.
They sent Cameron back with a bag.
He said, I'm sad about how we voted, but I think we have to go on with it now.
So there you go.
That's exactly what
Nigel Farage was talking about.
So what is this deal?
Well, the deal that they've got two years to work out is basically everything in the relationship between the UK and the EU.
It's going to include things like law enforcement agreements, how they're going to shake hands in terms of exchanging information about international criminals, that type of thing.
Also the status of citizens who are in the EU and the UK and vice versa.
So EU citizens in the UK and the citizens who are in the other direction.
And also who they're going to give citizenship to.
Are they going to recognize the citizenship if it's given to refugees who come into their country?
That's going to be a sticky issue.
But the central issue that dwarfs all the rest of these are trade.
Now when it comes to the final deal with all these other issues, the individual European Union states will have a vote and the EU Parliament, however, will have a veto.
There's not going to be any amendments.
It's going to be on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.
Now, as RT is pointing out, the Europhiles in the European Union Parliament may try to punish Britain over Brexit as a warning to other states who might want to get out of the EU.
But then they talk about this.
This is the man that they talked to.
We're good to go.
To punish Britain.
To try to deter other nations that might be thinking about leaving.
But I think common sense will prevail.
Particularly because a lot of powerful special interests, in other words people with jobs, or big businesses or whatever, they don't want to have a trade war.
They want to still be able to trade with Britain.
There's a lot of trade that goes on between both countries that's mutually beneficial.
And they're going to want, like the German car industry, is going to pressure the German politicians who would like to punish the Brits.
They are going to pressure their politicians not to do that.
He said, they say we need to get a pretty good deal because we rely on the UK for a huge proportion of our exports.
I do think that we will avoid a trade war.
And then they go and ask him another interesting question.
I say, Prime Minister May says the UK will have to trade on World Trade Organization terms when it leaves the bloc.
Do you think that'll work?
He says, well it might work, but I think better still, the UK could, if they wanted to, adopt a policy of unilateral free trade, which is what they do in Hong Kong and Singapore.
The UK would have no tariffs on imports, people would be able to import stuff without any high tariffs.
They could buy expensive products from the EU.
The UK consumers could buy cheap goods from across the world.
So they'll be hugely beneficial for the UK economy and particularly for low-income households that have to pay a fortune for overpriced EU goods, particularly food.
Well, see, they could also, they could do a unilateral free trade, or they could negotiate with other countries outside the European Union and buy lateral agreements.
That's what Donald Trump wants to do.
See, it is possible, because we have done this in the past, when we didn't have multinational globalist organizations that were going to dictate terms to a group of nations in order to empower themselves, put themselves in a position of sovereignty over those nations, because if you control the purse strings, you control those nations.
So that's what Donald Trump is rejecting.
That's what Nigel Farage and all of us who are against globalism are rejecting are the multilateral trade agreements that only serve to empower the interests of these large multinational organizations and take away the sovereignty from the individual states.
Bilateral trade agreements that are negotiated between two countries are a great thing and they're actually much easier to achieve.
Now, the next step is going to be the Great Repeal Bill.
They say on Thursday, Prime Minister Theresa May will publish details of the next step, which is the Great Repeal Bill.
What is that?
Well, they say it's going to ultimately involve fundamental decisions on who holds powers of regulation in Britain, what kind of rules the country will have in the future.
So the interesting thing about this is that they're not really repealing the sovereignty of European law.
Right now, European law
That is primacy, okay?
It is the ultimate, the highest law.
That's one of the reasons why they wanted to get out.
It's because the Europeans, the European Parliament, are making their laws, and their laws supersede British laws.
Now, the first step to do this is they're actually, interestingly enough, they're going to put all of the EU laws into British law.
That sounds like they haven't really accomplished anything, does it?
But wait, there's a good reason for that, and they can still fix things with this.
There's so many different rules and regulations that have been created by the EU, because remember, we have in the United States, our massive bureaucracy creates about 80,000 pages of regulations a year.
So they have so many regulations that if they tried to analyze these on a one-by-one basis they would never get finished in time to do this within the two-year period.
And the entire country would be in a state of chaos as they're trying to figure out what the real rules are going to be.
So they're going to bring in that body of law which will maintain the status quo.
But what they're doing is asserting the fact that now Britain
Can alter or abolish any of these laws that are currently in place that were put there by the European Union.
They can change those laws because now Britons will be sovereign about what's going on.
So that's an interesting way that this is going to happen.
And I think there's an interesting parallel too here in the United States because Steve Bannon has said that he envisions, his vision certainly for the Trump administration,
There's a dismantling of the administrative state.
We'll say that's what they're trying to do now in Britain with Brexit, is dismantle the European administrative state.
But we have something that is far worse than Brussels.
We have Washington DC.
A lot more rules, a lot more regulations has been there a lot longer.
How do we get rid of that?
How do we do it?
Because we can't do it overnight, just like they can't get rid of the EU overnight.
It's a gradual process.
And we do have already the legal structure to do that.
We didn't need an Article 50.
We had Amendments 9 and 10 in the Constitution that were put there a long time ago.
So the people who created the Constitution realized that there were some clauses in there that could be twisted and could be stretched to make the central government
More powerful and to elevate it in all areas above the states.
And so they made, wanted to make sure that was not going to happen.
And so they put in the 9th and 10th Amendment to clarify that.
But of course, we don't pay any attention to that anymore.
And I think one of the examples of this is how do we do an exit from the EPA?
You could call it EP exit, whatever.
How do we get away from just that one bureaucracy?
And we talked about that yesterday.
We have Donald Trump is going to put in a couple of executive orders, and we'll talk about that more in just a moment, as to what effect that's really going to have, how they're going to fight against that.
We have to understand that we don't have anything that remotely resembles the constitutional power structures anymore.
We don't have three branches of government.
We don't have the SCOTUS, POTUS, and Congress, right?
We don't have the Supreme Court, the President of the United States, and Congress.
We don't have that anymore.
That's not, we don't have three equal branches out here.
Now what we have is a hierarchy, where they've been put one above the other, stacked up like that.
And we have to understand that, who do you think is on top?
Well I would argue that it is the Supreme Court that is on top.
Because they have the final say over everything.
They're going to have the final say over Trump's executive order for the EPA, just as they did over Trump's executive order for immigration.
Understand that they were able to shut that down, even though it was against nations that Barack Obama had gone to war with.
The Supreme Court and the judicial system, which is highly politicized, understand, and not accountable to US citizens, they were able to shut that down.
So whenever Obama does an executive order,
We have the Supreme Court because they are politicized and left-leaning and statists.
They typically give him a rubber stamp, so that's okay.
But if Trump were to do something that is going to divest power out of the state, you can bet that they're going to try to fight him on that.
And so what we have, in reality, is not these three branches of government in Washington, but we have the Supreme Court, and underneath that, a fourth branch of government, the permanent bureaucracy.
Think of the bureaucracy in Washington as the bureaucracy in Brussels, the EU bureaucracy that they were trying to get rid of.
And you understand that they're the ones who write the laws and write the rules because Congress has abdicated that power to them.
As I said before, it's not any coincidence that both Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan are saying we've got to pass it to see what's in it.
They don't know what's in it.
They don't want to know what's in it.
They either hand off the power to do this to an existing bureaucracy or they create an entirely new bureaucracy to handle this.
That's the way that they operate.
And once they create this power, put this power in the regulatory agencies, you have none of the protections in the Bill of Rights against presumption of innocence to say that you're going to have a trial by your peers, that you're not going to have excessive fines levied against you if you're found guilty.
You don't have any of that.
You are accused of civil law.
You have to sue them.
There's no presumption of innocence.
You don't usually get a jury of your peers.
Usually it is a tribunal of bureaucrats that look at you and they will decide what the fines are.
And they can be very excessive and they say it doesn't matter because this is not criminal, it is civil.
So that's the way they do this, and it is not at all like the Schoolhouse Rock version of history that you've seen.
So let's take a look at this, another look at the climate change, the rolling back Obama's clean power plan.
As New American points out, Obama bragged on television about how he was going to necessarily cause electricity prices to skyrocket.
Skyrocketing was his term.
He also said he's going to bankrupt the coal industry.
While not explicitly mentioned in the executive order, Trump's latest actions, points out the New American, will effectively also nullify U.S.
compliance with the U.N.
Paris Agreement that Obama signed without the constitutionally mandated advice and consent of the U.S.
So you would think it would be easy to get rid of this, right?
Because it's not a real treaty.
He didn't get the Senate to sign off on it.
He signed off on it.
John Kerry signed off on it.
So it's not, we're not really in that treaty.
The UN scheme, they say negotiated in Paris by the UN, called for, among other policies, dramatic controls placed on the economy and energy in particular, under the guise of controlling global warming.
This pseudo-treaty also called for trillions of dollars in wealth redistribution from Western taxpayers to third world governments and dictators.
They were saying, you are going to have to pay to build infrastructure in the third world to meet our climate goals.
Now, Donald Trump campaigned on this.
He called this global warming theory a hoax.
He said he was going to cancel this U.N.
scheme, and it is a U.N.
But the language to get rid of the Paris Climate Treaty was not in this executive order.
As I pointed out briefly yesterday, it appears, based on a report from Wall Street Journal and Daily Caller analyzes this, Ivanka and Jared, his daughter and son-in-law, intervened to strip language critical of the Paris Climate Accords out of an executive order.
They say that Kushner and Ivanka intervened to strike language about the climate deal from an earlier draft of the executive order.
That's what sources close to the matter told the Wall Street Journal.
They say that his daughter, Trump's daughter, and her husband have been considered a moderating influence on the White House's position on climate change and environmental issues.
Now the executive order will have no mention of the so-called Paris Agreement.
Now these two executive orders that Trump is expected to sign, he's going to focus on the Clean Power Plan, this moratorium on the new coal mining leases, which he did yesterday in the ceremony with coal miners, and the Waters of the U.S.
That is a very extensive and aggressive usurpation of power.
They point out that Trump promised to withdraw us from this Paris Agreement to stop global warming payments to the UN while on the campaign trail, but his opposition to Obama's climate agenda seems to be running up against his daughter's plan.
This is the thing that concerns me.
Should concern you as well.
We had promises that were made to voters.
Trump made those promises to voters.
Hopefully he is going to stick to that rather than
Go with what his daughter said.
His daughter was not part of the discussion about climate change.
She was not on the ballot.
We did not vote for her views on climate change.
We voted to get rid of this treaty as well as to change the rules of the EPA, that they have overstepped their bounds.
However, another analysis of the New American, they say that they believe that this is going to effectively be nullified.
They say that, and here's an example of how dangerous this is to our country.
Global warming is already exceeding 1.5 trillion dollars a year.
That's about 4 billion dollars a day.
You want to make the economy great again?
We've got to get out of this treaty.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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We're just talking about how in the UK they're trying to drain the European Union swamp.
And how do we do that in the United States?
How do we get rid of and dismantle this administrative state that is unaccountable, unelected in Washington?
And of course a very hopeful sign.
Are the moves that have been made against the EPA, the executive orders.
But as I pointed out, those orders are going to be challenged in court.
The final say will be made by the politicized court system.
So it's going to be quite a struggle that we have coming up.
We have to understand that in order to dismantle the state, we have to dismantle the foundation.
That's why I said it's so important when we look at Obamacare that we not use the powers that were given to one of these bureaucracies, Health and Human Services,
Do we not use those powers given to a health czar to say, well, we're going to fix the details of it?
That's kind of like if you remember Lord of the Rings, Boromir, say, if you could give me that ring, I could use that power for good.
What it does is it takes over, it delegitimizes you, and it destroys the rule of law.
Which is the corrupting influence of that power.
So we have to destroy the foundation.
That means we have to destroy the justification for it, as well as the mechanisms of that.
And we're going to take a look at the Department of Justice, what people are calling out for there, as well as the head fake that was put out by the mainstream media and the left today, saying that Congress is trying to kill your privacy.
Well, yes they are, but not in the way that they're saying today.
They're trying to cover that up.
Before I do that, I just want to go back to where we are with this.
Remember, we had forces within an internal debate within the Trump administration, as the Hill points out, fighting against calling out the climate treaty out of Paris, and it's not really an official treaty, trying to keep that from being in these executive orders.
And it's not just Ivanka and Jared, but it is also
We're good to go.
Now, we also see from World Net Daily that Senator, well, now Attorney General Sessions is urged to clean up the ideological rot at the Department of Justice.
Again, we have to say that you have to move against this justification as well as move against the mechanism.
And they're saying that there are a lot of people who are ideologically entrenched federal bureaucrats who've jettisoned precepts like equal enforcement in favor of political and radicalized dogma.
They say for years, a radicalized civil rights division
Heavy-handedly advanced leftist causes with respect to voting law, law enforcement, immigration and others while constitutional rule of law was considered to be a nuisance.
So that's one of the things that has to be taken away.
Now today we had a couple of headlines I thought were very interesting.
Good example.
Why is the government searching your cell phones?
They talk about how they gave themselves the power several years ago to confiscate your cell phone and get all the information there.
And they're doing this in spite of a landmark 2014 Supreme Court decision.
Remember the Supreme Court says, oh, can't do that?
Well, they don't care.
They're going to do it anyway if they want to.
They have another one that says Congress just killed your internet privacy protections.
What do you mean if they ignore the Constitution, even ignore their beloved Supreme Court rulings that we still have privacy and somehow the Republicans, the House, the Senate, and President Trump have now killed your privacy on the internet?
That is not what's going on.
We all know that they've been after all of our documents on the internet for quite some time.
What is really happening is that there's a competition between the FCC and the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission.
Remember, the Federal Communications Commission tried to usurp power over the internet last year, and the Obama administration tried to help them with that.
What they have said with this new legislation that has passed the Senate, passed the House, and is now going to go to President Trump to sign, and is being supported by Republicans, what they are saying with that is they want to get the FCC out of this business.
As a matter of fact, Trump's FCC chairman that he appointed says, we don't want the FCC running the Internet.
These issues can be decided at the FTC.
And so that's truly what is behind this.
Certainly your privacy hasn't been protected because these were 11th hour rules that were put in by Obama.
So you didn't have these kind of privacy protections anyway.
What they don't want you to see is CISPA.
Actually it became CISA when they finally got it through.
The fact that the government can go in and get all that information.
Now they're right to say that the information that is collected by your internet service providers is far more detailed than the kind of information that's being collected by Facebook and others, but this is a head fake.
We'll have more on this tomorrow.
Worst Democratic Party in 100 years, and leading the charge with an unapologetic agenda of race-baiting and frank, unpatriotic rants, is California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, quickly becoming the laughing stock of Washington, D.C.
When we fight against this president, and we point out how dangerous he is for this society and for this country, we're fighting for the democracy.
We're fighting for America.
We're saying to those who say they're patriotic, but they turned a blind eye to the destruction that he's about to cause this country, you're not nearly as patriotic as we are.
We not only have fought in America's wars, have stood up for America, have been there
Whenever this country was threatened in any way, and we say now that this country is threatened with a president who does not belong there.
Maxine, the active military supports President Trump 100%.
It is their duty.
He is our commander-in-chief.
He's not huddling with the members of Congress and trying to figure out how to form a consensus
Well, Maxine, as long as we ignore President Trump meeting with the Congressional leaders and the Black Caucus... But rather, he thought he could come in here and run roughshod over everybody.
But that's how he works.
That's how he acts.
He's not good for America.
African Americans know this.
So what does that mean, Bill?
We've been listening all morning.
I didn't hear a word she said.
I was looking at the James Brown wig.
If we have a picture of James, it's the same one.
And he's not using it anymore.
You guys are all wrong about that.
Today Maxine Waters fired back at Bill O'Reilly's James Brown wig comment tweeting, I am a strong black woman.
I cannot be intimidated and I am not going anywhere.
Speaking of not going anywhere, Hillary Clinton has now come out of hiding like an evil groundhog from the shadow world.
Railing on the Commander-in-Chief with a message of resistance, saying she will never stop speaking out.
Problem is, no one is listening.
Meanwhile, new DNC Chair Tom Perez had no choice but to completely clean the DNC's house and start from scratch after WikiLeaks' exposure of the dirty tricks during last year's election
Reduced the Democratic Party's credibility to ashes.
Now with the Democrats in their weakest position in almost 100 years, Perez's first job will be to unite the moderate and liberal wings of the party and then try to lead them out of the wilderness.
Mr. Perez joins me now from Atlanta.
Take a look at the results.
You know them.
A loss of 11 Senate seats over that time, 63 House seats, 12 governorships, and nearly a thousand state legislative seats.
I know you've been talking about this grassroots approach, grassroots approach, but the fact is, this party got gutted while you had a Democrat in the White House.
And the Democratic madness continues as Senate Minority Leader, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer reportedly blew his stack on former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Joseph Califano's wife, Hillary.
The Washington Beacon reports,
Senator Chuck Schumer reportedly caused a scene at a New York City restaurant on Sunday where he was seen yelling at a wealthy and well-connected supporter of President Donald Trump, calling Trump a liar.
Califano's wife Hillary confirmed the incident to Page Six, saying, Senator Schumer was really rude.
He's our senator and I don't really like him.
Yes, I voted for Trump.
Schumer joined us outside and he told me Trump was a liar.
I should have told him that Hillary Clinton was a liar, but I was so surprised I didn't say anything, she said.
But according to a spokesman for Schumer, nothing dramatic occurred.
The American people have an out-of-control party of lunatics holding the levers of our republic hostage, hell-bent on throwing the proverbial wrench into the machine with their hugely unpopular divisive rhetoric.
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No, this is through the roof.
They want to know how do they get it, where do they find it.
A lot of my law enforcement official buddies want to know the same thing because they're weighing, they're wearing these big heavy bulky vests that don't work as well.
So, they're looking for something you can wear all day, 12 hours a day, in and out of a car.
And 90, I mean, you can look up the numbers, 90 plus percent of fatalities with guns when they're used in a commission of crime, I think it's like 94, is pistols or shotguns.
This stops that, unless it's a slug.
I mean, that's amazing.
So, they can wear this and only somebody with a rifle around is going to get through it.
And soon, and we'll have it, if it's available to civilians, they're not sure, we're going to have the stuff that's, I mean, unstoppable.
This deal is so insane, is so good, it makes my head spin.
But I guess the first people to sell cars kind of had to give them away.
People didn't believe it.
Hell, I don't want that thing.
I feed my horse hay.
The backpack body armor is only $200.
And we shot everything you can imagine on it.
I'm sure you remember the report, the undercover investigation from the Center for Medical Progress.
They were doing an undercover investigation talking to people with Planned Parenthood, the other people that were supplying baby body parts in that abortion industry.
They came to them as buyers so they could get them to candidly admit on tape what they're truly doing because of course they're going to deny it.
In many cases what they were talking about is prohibited and you've heard those tapes, you've heard the debate going back and forth, and then the response of those who are defenders of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.
We're good to go.
You have an individual who is saying, you really have to watch who's in the room when you do this, when you pull these body parts out.
And when you look at this child, we have very strict laws here in Arizona.
If there's any sign of life, we have to send this baby to the emergency room.
So you have to be real careful when you pull this out because you got to make sure that there's not that you want to make sure that the baby is alive.
But that there's no witnesses to you killing the baby.
See, that's what is being put out here.
That's why when you do an investigation of somebody that is alleged, and there were allegations that this is what was happening, when you do an investigation of somebody that is committing murder, you don't get their permission.
But of course, you also don't get an investigation or a conviction if they have political connections, like Planned Parenthood does.
I'm going to play this clip for you, then we're going to talk about the details involved in this, the implications of these newest charges coming out of California today, as well as this newest tape.
Here's the part of the videotape that came out today.
The issue is, it's not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact.
I don't got to worry about my staff and how people's feelings about it coming out looking like a baby.
I just don't even want to send a full fetus to for cremation.
Absolutely, it's asking for trouble.
We have the people who do our paperwork for the fetal death certificate.
They email us calling them babies.
Baby this, baby that, baby so-and-so.
And I'm like, that's creepy!
Is there any standard procedure for verifying signs of life?
Well, the thing is... That doesn't go in a chart.
I mean, the key is... You need to pitch the horn room, right?
My biceps appreciate the titchworks.
It's in the biceps when you're doing a Jenny?
So that's the tape that was released today by the Center for Medical Progress.
At the same time, they were charged with 14 felony accounts for violating the privacy of these people who were murdering children, and a 15th charge of criminal conspiracy to invade privacy.
Now I want to look at this WND article that covers the details here.
They talk about how the state of California is, first of all, very late in doing this.
Why did they wait so long to do this?
Why were the charges dropped in other jurisdictions?
Of course, California is not Texas.
They're going to come after them most likely.
They say that, and this is a quote about what one of the ladies said when she said, she tries to make sure the babies are dismembered before removal because of the visual impact of the dead victim.
In that clip you saw there?
It's not a matter of how I felt about the unborn baby coming out intact, but I've got to worry about my staff, you know?
In other words, I don't really have any...
Compulsion about tearing up a newly born baby.
But some people in my staff might get squeamish about this.
People's feelings about it coming out.
It looks like a baby.
Yeah, it looks like a baby.
Has a heartbeat like a baby.
Breathes like a baby.
All that stuff.
Maybe it's a baby.
Or maybe it's a duck.
Maybe it's something completely different.
Who knows?
She is a former medical operator for Planned Parenthood Arizona.
She now runs her own abortion business.
She decided she would get rich instead.
Now some of the other things that were said in there I want to remind you of.
She said Arizona is so conservative.
That, uh, she, they make her name the babies in some case.
She said the people that handle death certificates have said that you've got to give a name to the baby.
She said that's so creepy to refer to it as a baby, to have to give it a name.
You know, it just simply looks like a baby, I guess, and has a heartbeat.
She said that the request is problematic because if there's signs of life, they're talking to her about getting unadulterated baby tissue.
She says it's really kind of hard because if there's any sign of life, I've got to send the baby to a hospital.
And she says that makes it tricky.
I have to pay attention to who's in the room.
See, that is why you don't get their permission to record them when they're involved in doing something like that.
She's not concerned about whether or not the baby's alive, just whether or not she can harvest the tissue and anybody sees her kill the baby.
That's the issue here.
Now pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List pointed this out.
They said, the abortionist may laugh as she describes the force needed to dismember a five-month-old unborn child struggling to survive, but even the staff are not immune to the terrible sight of aborted children and babies possibly born alive, left to die, as we saw with Kermit Gosnell.
Remember when we interviewed them?
Remember that?
People who don't understand what this is.
There's a lot of millennials who are taking the side of Tommy Lauren.
Let me say something to you.
This is just not a philosophy, okay?
This isn't something where you get to choose or not choose whether or not you're going to mutilate a child.
You don't get that choice.
You don't get a choice about having sex with underage kids.
You don't get a choice about ripping up babies.
We aren't going to allow you to do that.
It isn't an academic exercise.
You need to stop looking at yourself in the mirror long enough to look at these videos and really truly understand what's going on.
That's what the problem is with some of these millennial stars that we've got out there.
One of the companies, they say, that produces body parts, Stem Express, had sued the investigators but then moved to dismiss this.
But listen to
How, why they do this, this motivation.
They have to pay $55 to get a baby's brain.
But they can sell it for $3,340.
That's 61 times the price.
You know that, even if you take out the, that's about 6,000% profit margin.
And as one of the people who was analyzing this said, you can hire a lot of attorneys to throw up a propaganda lawsuit that is aimed not to vindicate their legal rights, but to influence public opinion.
You understand that?
When they're making that kind of profit, when they're making that kind of money, they got a lot of profit to come after somebody and sue them for the purpose of public opinion.
And that's what's really going on here.
That's what's going on with the Democrats and the abortion industry that feeds the Democrats.
And they point out, they say, propaganda lawsuits are expensive.
Stem Express decided this one was no longer worth the money because the story had died down.
Hopefully, when Congress removes Planned Parenthood's half a billion dollar annual tax revenue stream, we'll see Planned Parenthood rethink the merit of its own propaganda lawsuit against David Daleiden and CMP.
And understand, you know, she's talking about, when she's talking about ripping up this child,
She says on the tape, she says, I realize I really need to use this digoxin, which she calls it DIG.
It's a feticidal agent.
In other words, it kills the baby.
That's a scientific way of saying it kills the baby.
She says, my biceps appreciate it when the DIG works.
I remember when I was a fellow and I was training and I was like, oh, I have to hit the gym for this.
I'm just not strong enough to rip a baby apart with my bare hands.
I had to do some training to do that.
Yeah, we all need to do some training, don't we?
So that is where this story is, and at the same time we look at how they constantly shoot the messenger.
Look at some more Democrat hypocrisy that came out today.
We had Paul Joseph Watson's story today.
Did Obama's defense deputy just admit spying on Trump?
She's talking in a very comfortable environment.
He points out, you know when you're talking with people who share your philosophical views like Mika Brzezinski?
Who believes in Russia and doesn't believe it.
She's selling this narrative and so they're talking together.
She says, well, I had to hide this away in the bureaucracy because if the Trump people found out how we knew what we knew about their dealings with the Russians and they would try to compromise those sources and methods, meaning that we no longer would have access to that intelligence.
So then I had talked to some of the former colleagues and I knew that they were also trying to get information.
See, it doesn't matter how they get the information.
It doesn't matter that they violate the laws.
They're coming after these people who showed others talking about selling baby parts, ripping babies apart, and then selling those parts out there, profiting from it.
We don't want to investigate that.
Instead we want to sue these people because they got the recording.
She is talking about how we couldn't tell them how we got, we're collecting information on Trump.
Did they get anything?
Of course they didn't.
Because if they had something they would have shown you by now.
There is no smoking gun.
What we have is a bunch of Democrats who have wiretapped Donald Trump and want to pretend that they didn't.
But they're given a pass because for them, because of their politics and the side they're on, it doesn't matter if they break the law.
Doesn't matter.
Stay with us right after the break.
We have Leanne McAdoo and Millie Weaver on some more news today.
We'll be right back.
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And welcome back.
Myself, Leanne McAdoo, and Millie Weaver are here with the News Blitz.
We've got a lot of news to cover today.
It's another day, another SJW-fueled university docking students' grades for using words that are just unacceptable.
So that PC culture, you know, they have to be so politically correct at all times.
And this is so interesting.
So this is a Northern Arizona University student actually lost credit on an English paper for using the word mankind instead of a gender neutral alternative.
This is insane!
I don't know.
A woman also has man in it as well.
But there aren't just two genders so it shouldn't be man or woman.
There's infinite variations of genders apparently according to leftists but you know Leanne how you're talking about how you know somebody's grades are getting docked by the professors because you know they're controlling and policing our speech and our thought and it just reminds me of
Uh, this Professor Ellis Washington, an African American professor that I actually interviewed recently, and he was talking about he was being discriminated against based on his political ideologies, even more so than his race.
Right, and this is what is so frightening because here we have an English language professor who is clearly putting her ideology, her politics, ahead of the student's chosen diction.
She says, I'm going to leave it up to you, whatever political and linguistic statements you want to make by using the word mankind in your paper.
It's a real, actual English word, so they're basically trying to rewrite the dictionary.
Completely insane, of course.
She's going to fight back against this.
But then we have kind of a positive story against people fighting back against this PC culture.
This is 27-year-old Kevin Shaw.
He hands out copies of the U.S.
Constitution at his Pierce College in California.
And he's actually filed suit against the school and the Los Angeles Community College District
Alleging the policies that restrict students' free speech rights to tiny little zones.
So he's saying, look, this is unconstitutional and it infringes on my First Amendment rights.
And so he's suing on behalf of himself and all the other students that are being, and all of us, frankly, that are being shoved into these tiny little free speech zones.
So good on you, Kevin Shaw.
It's just like how you have all these college kids calling for safe zones, right?
Their safety space.
Well, in their safe space, they don't want freedom of speech because they could get triggered.
So that's hate speech to them.
So the more they try and infringe on our First Amendment rights by this encroaching safe space zoning, then that's when we're going to see violations of the First Amendment.
Yeah, we kind of are going to have a lost generation here.
And so this kind of policing of the language, we're going to start noticing this more.
We're seeing it with Maxine Waters coming out and giving that speech there where she's talking about the Democrats being the true patriots and how the Republicans are people who call themselves patriots because they want to uphold the Constitution and the values that America was founded on.
They're not the real patriots.
The real patriots are the Democrats who are seeking to put through these SJW policies and police the language.
And so now we've got Noam Chomsky who, you know, I really appreciate a lot of his work.
He wrote the book Media Control, really it's kind of a key primer on exposing how propaganda is used to control the masses.
But he's super leftist now and basically is saying that
President Trump might be staging a false flag terrorist attack to rally support and he says that he'll probably scapegoat it and blame it on vulnerable people including immigrants,
Terrorists Muslims and elitists.
So these poor vulnerable little terrorists.
Yeah, and it's exactly the tactics that they use.
So it's another example of them accusing the Trump administration and us essentially of doing what exactly they're doing and that's really important to pay attention to because it's their way of kind of shifting the blame and turning and spinning things around when in reality they're the ones
During the Obama administration, we saw so many false flag terrorist attacks, and Obama was quick to grandstand on pushing his gun control agendas through.
It didn't have anything to do with radical Islamic extremism.
It was workplace violence, so he beheaded his friend because, you know, workplace.
I mean, seriously, come on.
The Orlando shooting was because he was a closeted homosexual, so then he went to shoot up a gay club.
Had nothing to do with his religion or trying to make his father proud.
It is.
Well, speaking of the PC police, so... We have Alicia Keys, the pop star, and she was donning a burqa in this photo shoot.
Well, it niqab.
Which is, there's the niqab, the burqa, the hijab, all these different things, but basically they're all oppressive, unless, you know, some women argue, well we choose to wear these, it's a symbol of us being modest, our modesty.
Sure, but there are millions and millions of Muslim women who see this as a sign of oppression, and the first thing they do when they are freed from these oppressive regimes like ISIS is rip those headscarves off.
That's right, there's actually video footage out there of women who were
Free from the dictatorship, the tyranny of these ISIS groups who force them and oppress them to wear these hijabs.
And they're burning them, they're lighting them on fire.
They're like, hallelujah, get this thing off of me.
It's probably very uncomfortable to wear.
So we have Alicia Keys there and she's wearing it.
Well that's not Alicia, this is a picture she posted of an artist.
That takes these provocative photos and the artist is I can't find her name right here at the present moment but she she posts these photos to get people talking because they're controversial and she wants to show that kind of Fight against our our paradigm that women aren't free to do what they want, but then there's also a deeper meaning showing the criticizing the lack of freedoms and
So here, Alicia Keys uses this picture to express how we're all the same, and diversity, and... Exactly.
She's trying to say, hey, you know, let's just look at this as diversity, when in reality, a lot of times in these Muslim cultures, they don't want diversity.
You know, they execute homosexuals.
They do not want... Well, you mentioned that with the provocative way she's got her legs sticking out, she could be stoned or in prison for that.
That's not allowed in their culture.
To promote this picture is absolutely insane and I just want to read a quote that somebody actually wrote, Alicia Keys.
It says, woman everywhere are forced to wear this every day and you're romanticizing their suffering and oppression.
Another one is that, you know, you get to take this off after a photo shoot without fear of murder or
I think so.
How are you going to do your ballerina spins and twirls and all of that?
You know, especially since you're not even going to be allowed to have a man touch you.
It's ridiculous!
And here she's trying to promote this as a way of seeing this diversity and strength.
But I do want to move on to the next story that you have.
Yes, definitely.
It's so key it happened this week.
Well, actually, Obama's defense deputy actually inadvertently admitted
To spying on the Trump team.
So this is really interesting.
They said that it was in order to gather intelligence for political use.
So once again, Trump is being vindicated.
And, you know, the mainstream media was so quick to come out and say that he's making these easily debunkable claims and that, you know, we can't believe Trump's making these claims out there.
And when in reality, he's just vindicated once again.
And it was just really interesting watching
Farkas, I believe, give this interview because she is just spilling it.
The birds are chirping there and the host, she was actually kind of like, wow, a lot of stuff going on.
We probably don't.
Let's go to the next segment here because she is just spilling the beans on exactly how they do this and that they had to release the information as soon as possible, which is why you're seeing all the leaks happening.
But it's almost as if she's a little bit nervous that she is going to be facing a little backlash for the role that she played helping the Obama administration.
Well, Millie, thank you so much.
Great stories today.
Thank you, Leigh-Anne.
And thank you guys so much for tuning into the show tonight.
We really appreciate your support.
Please tune in to the Alex Jones Show tomorrow, 11 a.m.
We'll see you here for the InfoWars Nightly News, 7 p.m.
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