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Air Date: March 28, 2017
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, the host discusses globalist efforts to overthrow President Trump through coup or assassination, and warns that he needs to be treated like a military base for protection. He mentions COG plans used in the past to remove leaders and accuses various groups including the shadow government, Republicans, Democrats, mainstream media, and foreign governments of conspiring against America. The show also covers social media censorship and the need for alternative platforms like Minds.com and vid.me to promote free speech online. Finally, it touches upon the assassination attempt on Trump that was not covered by mainstream media but discussed on Alex Jones' show.

Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones!
Hard to believe that it's almost the end of March.
Here we are on Tuesday, March 28, 2017.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live for the next four hours.
And Paul Joseph Watson will be hosting the fourth hour from good old London, England, with a lot of big breaking news, obviously, that he's always covering.
We've seen an attempt the last nine days to drive down the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, the S&P, and more.
That began to fail today with the Dow going up 49, S&P also going up, but the globalists admit, that's the big corporate media and the big banks, that they are trying to drive down this recovery and trying to drive down the recovery happening in the United Kingdom because that will quote, teach us to not try to be sovereign.
That should make every American get behind Trump.
Now Pat Buchanan's written a powerful editorial piece that we have up on Infowars.com asking the question,
Did the Freedom Caucus in the House pull the Republican Party back from the edge of a cliff committing suicide?
And I think it did.
I mean, I think Trump was wrong to let Paul Ryan bring out this bill.
Yes, better than Obamacare, but still not what the American people want.
And yes, sorry, not everybody gets covered for health care.
You can go to the emergency room, you can get any surgery you need.
The big lie in the media is that you can't.
The illegal aliens come here knowing they can get free health care.
They don't get turned away.
They've got lobbies and unions that know how to demand it.
Only Americans, whether you be white, black, Hispanic, doesn't matter, are so lied to by the media that you don't even know that most hospitals are quote charity hospitals and are supposed to give you the coverage.
There shouldn't be a child in this country that's got cancer that shouldn't get it all covered, but everybody's out there not knowing that they need to get money.
It's just the people perish.
For lack of knowledge, but under Obamacare's full implementation, you'll no longer have charity care basically.
To watch Chuckie Schumer sit there and say that Congressman Nunes, the head of the Intelligence Committee in the House, should recuse himself because no one ever sits on
Intelligence committees or others that makes decisions that affect their own party.
We saw Loretta Lynch on the airplane with Bill Clinton during a criminal investigation.
Now that was serious.
What do you think the House Intelligence Committee head does?
They go and they talk to the President.
They're supposed to brief the President.
That's what goes on.
And Trey Gowdy's response was perfect, it was the same as mine.
I didn't know he'd said it, but as I said yesterday when I called into the show, and David Knight did a great job posting was, if the Intelligence Committee Chairman can't talk to the President, nobody can.
But it's like, ooooh, oh my gosh, see, the President has said he's not going to leak intelligence information.
So he can't come out and say, I'm the President, I can see how they had a wiretap basically up my rear end.
They were intercepting everything he was doing as a candidate, as president-elect, and now as president.
And we got the NSA information?
It's been in federal court for years?
Of the specifics of Trump Tower being surveilled the first year Obama got in office because they knew Donald Trump was a major contender and the top TV star on television at that point already six, seven years running.
Donald Trump is the highest rated TV star in US history.
If you don't think the highest rated TV stars being tapped by the NSA, you're a moron.
Guess who else is being tapped?
Or intercepted, tracked, Alex Jones.
And they have my private cell number, my private office, everything that nobody else has.
Oh, and guess who else?
Michael Savage!
Michael Savage!
You're thinking, well why weren't they tapping Matt Drudge?
Because he doesn't have a cell phone.
Smart guy.
Because he knows privacy is your most important commodity.
I guess I'm too lazy to protect my privacy.
I really should because
I preach all day.
Hey, just because you have nothing to hide doesn't mean they won't use it to hurt you or set you up.
And then I'm the one that they're busy out there trying to set up.
I mean, I'm a Russian agent, they claim.
They've got the Democrats coming after me on every front.
I mean, you've seen the headlines.
You read the papers.
I'm public enemy number two after the big guy.
Uber self-driving vehicle involved in Arizona crash.
This is an article from Bloomberg linked on Infowars.com.
A self-driving car operated by Uber Technologies Incorporated was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona.
The latest setback for a company reeling from multiple crises.
In a photo posted on Twitter, one of Uber's Volvo self-driving SUVs is pictured on its side next to another car with dense and smashed windows.
An Uber spokeswoman confirmed the incident as well as the veracity of the photo.
Uber, as well as its chief executive officer, are under scrutiny because of a series of scandals.
The ride-hailing company has been accused of operating a sexist workplace.
The New York Times reported that Uber used a tool called Grayball to help drivers evade government regulators and enforcement officials.
This is Ashley Beckford for InfoWars.com.
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This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum, who are beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Lock the door!
Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Help me!
You're next!
You're next!
They're in danger!
Please, listen to me!
It's something terrible!
They're in the air!
You're next!
They're already here!
You're next!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
I'll get you when you sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
They're barricading the street.
Invasion of the body search.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Tuesday, the 28th day of March 2017.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Again, thank you so much for joining us.
We have incredibly important news on the economic front that we're going to be breaking down.
We have big news obviously on the Supreme Court nominee and where that fight's coming with Democrats delaying the vote.
Something that the Republicans didn't do on their Supreme Court nominees.
We are also going to get into the latest move to try to get Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes to recuse himself because how dare he talk to the President about intelligence when you're supposed to?
We're going to get into some Second Amendment news unfolding around the country as well.
But first off, there is this new hoax being pushed by the controlled corporate media, the discredited corporate media, who have a 7% approval rating in Gallup.
But they're still able to unify their fraud and put out some hoaxes.
Like saying Trump wasn't being spied on by Obama when Obama was bragging in the news they had the intercepts when he wasn't even out of office yet.
Well their newest one is Trump's first move less than 70 days into office was to repeal Obamacare and he failed.
When it took Obama more than two years to pass Obamacare and oh Obamacare is called Obamacare not Trumpcare.
And listen, I know you as an audience know that, but when you sit back and look at the branding, it hit me like a ton of bricks over the weekend.
That they are so bold to be breathlessly on every cable network, including Fox, that is becoming rabidly anti-Trump, anti-America.
Because it's globalist-owned.
Rupert Murdoch's a Democrat, dude.
I mean, let's just be honest about it.
They are frothing, saying, oh, the big deal maker, he's a failure, he's a nobody.
On and on and on.
Because he didn't get this through and now they've got Republicans like Paul Ryan, who's a total Judas goat, who lost on purpose, who brought something forward bad on purpose.
Pat Buchanan's written an article about it, he's dead on.
They have the nerve to then sit there and say that Trump's a failure when all he's done is deliver on his promises.
Do I need to list those again?
The Trump
Recovery, the $3 trillion in the stock market, the $300 billion in new jobs announced with all the foreign factories from Hasbro to Ford to you name it, announcing they're coming back.
Hundreds and hundreds of companies building a wall.
Mexico has a wall.
You turn on the news, it's like the evil, the horribleness.
Our country just isn't open to anybody that wants to come here.
And then you've got all these Mexican bishops saying, it is a act of treason against Mexico to build a wall.
If you're Mexican in America, saying we're Mexico, we're taking over.
Which is just crazy.
You think Mexico would put up with that from Guatemala?
Then there's these arguments about Guadalupe Hidalgo and the treaty.
I know the whole history.
Russia had California for a while, claimed parts of California.
Does that mean Russia gets it?
There's been six flags over Texas.
Everybody fought over it.
Mexico only had a claim for what, a decade?
Mexicans who helped build Trump Wall
Traitors, top archdiocese says.
The point is, is that the globalists have taught Western nations to not be tribal, to not be nationalist, to not be race-based.
And that fits into the Christian cosmology, so it's worked here, nowhere else.
Nowhere else are people not completely nationalistic and racist.
But in the West.
I mean, go to other countries.
Go to Africa.
Go to Latin America.
Find out for yourself!
People look just the same in Venezuela, bordering another country.
They'll go to soccer games and kill each other all day long.
That's what humans do!
Christianity's tried to stop this.
And it's being used against us.
Because you can go to African areas that are Christian, high productivity, everybody getting along comparatively.
You go to European areas, getting along with their Christian.
You go to anywhere where there's Christian majority, prosperity getting along, and you can have multi-racial unity.
You go anywhere else, it doesn't exist.
And that's what's so crazy about saying everything's racist.
As a Tucker Carlson clip, liberals have no answer when asked why enforcing immigration laws is racist.
Everybody else has them.
We have some of the most open laws in the country.
And we're being exploited!
And then people are frothing in race-based garbage that they've been programmed by.
We have the WikiLeaks with the Democratic Party heads saying, let's use racial politics, let's accelerate culture war.
They're the racists, not even the idiots that are involved in the racism on the ground, whether it's some La Raza person or some idiot KKK person.
It's all the same propaganda, just from a different perspective.
But I digress.
I want to get to the really big news here in a moment.
But here is the Mexican contractor, who's an American, by the way, on why he wants to be part of building the wall.
Here it is.
Michael Evangelista Isasaga is a lawyer turned titan of the Texas construction industry.
And for him, building this wall isn't about what you might think.
You're Hispanic.
80% of your workers are Hispanic.
Was it difficult to approach this project?
It was.
We had to do a lot of soul-searching.
This is a hot-button issue.
People are very adamant on one side or the other.
There's a really hard-leaning one in the middle.
The whole reason that we decided to do this project is because of the concerns that we had where other companies were proposing more lethal designs.
So you're talking about like the electrified fences, the use of electricity?
Yeah, things like that.
Very concerning for us as a company.
Michael has been an advocate for fixing the immigration policy for years.
He's quick to point out undocumented immigrants commit less crimes than the rest of the population and most are here to work.
He thinks a wall could actually be a path to immigration reform.
Our hope is that by securing our borders, enforcing the laws on the books, we will finally have the appetite to pass new laws, comprehensive immigration reform, to bring these people out of the shadows.
So step one, build the wall.
Step two, start talking about immigration.
Step one has to be securing our borders.
Because you're not a country and can't dictate who you are.
But see, because illegals are fed on by other illegals that commit crime, there are so many studies, it'll make your head spin, that the claim that immigrants to the country have lower crime rates is just not true, ladies and gentlemen.
If it's the people coming to be legal,
Or, coming illegally to work, statistically it's true, lower crime rates.
But you add the people coming here as criminals to commit crimes, it's the happy hunting ground.
That's why you see people, you know, arrested 15 plus times, rape, arson, you name it, released.
Because there's this attitude, just let folks go, they're already basically undocumented.
The system gives it a pass, and everybody knows that.
But the point is that you can't have the big foundations and the universities brainwashing everybody that comes in to have the chip on their shoulder and to hate America and to hate white people until that brainwashing stops.
You have to stop the massive flood, legal or illegal, because of the brainwashing.
This is very simple.
You look at Europe, where they won't even let you have on the news that a Muslim raped somebody, and then it turns out upwards of 80% are on welfare and are committing 80 plus percent of the rape because it's the culture that if a woman's unattended and not wearing a hood over her head, you're allowed to rape her, and then if she goes and complains, she gets charged.
That's a fact in almost every Muslim nation but Iran.
And more reformed places like Jordan or Iraq before it got blown up.
Rape got prosecuted in Iraq.
In fact, they would execute you for it.
But see, not anymore!
I'm going to skip this break so we have more time here, but I'm going to be breaking all this down today because we don't have an identity as a nation of a Bill of Rights, Constitution, private property, and Christianity.
We don't have a state-run religion, but if we don't have the identity of what made us great, then we're just more dirt, and the globalists can come in and create their new political system.
And what is that new political system?
If someone has the name Lynch, they're asking them not to name buildings after donors that say Lynch.
It's an Irish name.
It has nothing to do with lynching.
There was a Lynch case where a family hung their son because they thought he was corrupt.
Hence the term lynching.
And now they're saying you can't have that on license plates or other names that are offensive.
And then soon it's like the new economy is find things that are offensive, let's ban those.
And pretty soon there's no free speech left for anybody.
It really is a cult.
Meanwhile, if you're a Mexican, the number one thing facing you and your family is the Gardasil vaccine in Mexico.
And again, I didn't like Mexicans, or humans for that matter, I would not be saying a word about it.
But La Raza and Meche will not say a single word about how every Mexican girl
Under their government's orders in the last five years is being hunted down and being forcibly given Gardasil shots that are absolutely linked from their testing to their rollout to infertility and to massive cancerous meltdowns of the ovaries and of the uterus.
Folks, it is a cancer virus.
4,000 women die a year of human papillomavirus and that's with jacked up numbers.
Go look at the statistics for yourself.
The number of deaths.
But again, ladies and gentlemen, they're exploiting the third world population that they're targeting and hammering.
But then they're also using those populations to come in and engage in economic warfare and siege.
You take Chinese coming into the country, historically the most homogeneous group in the world.
Historically, one of the most racist groups in the world towards outside groups.
Chinese folks, hey, great, once they're Americanized.
But you bring in the biggest immigrant group is now Chinese, and they brag, we're coming here to have our babies free.
We are coming here to exploit this.
We're coming here to get the free college, whatever.
And it's just a joke what America has turned into.
But you use the Christian guilt cosmology, and you use that on somebody, I don't care what color they are, they have a Christian background, they roll over to it.
It's being manipulated, it's being exploited, and it's disgusting.
Alright, let's get into the big news.
Before I break down the fact that, again, they're trying to demonize Trump, it hit me really hard this morning that
How on earth is Obamacare Trump's fault?
And how on earth, only 60-something days in, not being able to pass a repeal of it is a failure when it took him almost three years to pass it?
The issue is, why was he supporting the Paul Ryan deal?
That's the only issue I have with Trump.
And if he does a couple more things like it, I'll start saying, wow, he's starting to go sideways here.
But remember, we don't have Hillary Clinton in right now.
And look at all the good Trump's doing.
I've got a stack of news on that front as well, but we're going to open the phones up today and discuss this and debate this and get your view, your take on that.
But first, let's get into the really important news.
I don't sit up here on the broadcast and tell people
Look, I was right about this.
Look, I was right about that.
So that people think, boy, I'm smart.
I say it because MSM attacks 24-7 our credibility, saying we're fake news, saying we try to lie to you, saying that we make stuff up, and that's just not true.
We make a lot, lot less mistakes than MSM.
They lie on purpose.
When we make mistakes or go too far on something, we will retract it, and we'll retract it in a big announcement.
We won't do it hidden, you know, in the back of some little corrections section.
We have that as well.
But when I'm wrong, I want you to know why I was wrong, because my integrity is everything.
But quite frankly, no one has trailblazed more than us in the last 22 years.
No one has laid out the shape of the world to come like we have, because we were reading their white papers that weren't getting wide distribution, but were being read by the intelligentsia.
The Pentagon, MIT, Ministry of Defense, major universities, major corporations, shareholder prospectuses, shareholder reports to shareholders from Google.
People are asking now, wow, how'd you know that they were going to roll out with cameras and microphones and built into TVs and computers?
How'd you know 18, 19 years ago?
Well, they put out press releases to their shareholders.
And then we had a shareholder send us that and we contacted Google and they said, yeah, that's our shareholder report.
That's an internal report, but that's our report.
They didn't post it on the internet.
And so, you know, we wrote articles 14 years ago about that specifically.
We had sources before.
That was on local KXAN this weekend.
Engineer shows how Google can watch and listen to you.
Here on local TV in Austin.
So see, that's just one example of how we say really wild things.
But it's only wild because it's reality based.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
And it only sounds crazy because you haven't been told about it yet.
And I want to tell you about stuff before they get to the area when they slowly condition you.
Like I warned folks they were going to push implantable microchip to buy and sell, not because I read it in the Bible, but because 20 years ago I saw major corporations getting Pentagon contracts and PR contracts under Bill Clinton and under George W. Bush to begin to brainwash the public to accept chips.
And I saw MIT reports saying we're going to push the body modification movement to prepare people for cyborgs and for chips in the future, sometime around 2020.
I'm not against body modification.
I'm saying they pushed that through popular culture and people went out and did it thinking it was counterculture to prepare everyone to accept it.
Now they come out on ABC News and everywhere else and say we're already putting, you know, brain chips and tribs with PTSD.
See, now it's passé.
But I wanted to warn people before they rolled it out with their PR and their conditioning, that's one way to beat their brainwashing.
Now I made a big deal out of this yesterday when I called in, when I saw the story on Infowars.com by Kit Daniels.
And he was referencing an article out of the Atlantic, redrawing the rules of presidential succession.
And they go on to say with the new urgency of the 2016 election, we need to prepare to how to remove Trump using COG and have new elections.
Government they're preparing a breakaway group that believes they have plausible cover to do an armed assault on the president Or to arrest him, but then he'll have a stroke during the arrests.
I won't be able to talk anymore.
I'm not kidding my cousin Mubarak They're gonna drug him up and again.
I know all this is I followed what they've done other countries and here And they tried this on Ronald Reagan as well.
They had COG ready of you who died you know in 1981 when he got shot and
Now, me saying this now, and you're a new listener, you're kind of like, okay, sounds interesting, Alex.
I know I said it in November and December, but the crew was able to find two clips where I said it on January 13th.
When I said it on January 18th, it was posted the next day to YouTube, and I know I've said it thousands of times.
You've heard me probably a thousand times at least go into this scenario, and some would say, oh, well, the Atlantic must be getting it from you.
As I've said, the Atlantic gives communications to the Democratic Party and their operatives in the intelligence agencies.
It's filled with intelligence operatives, Mossad, you name it.
And I know that directly.
I'm going to leave it at that.
I mean, I mean, I know that directly from the spies that work for it.
It's a multinational conglomerate.
Now, and if they write some article making a joke about it, I'll just reveal one of the people.
How's that sound?
The games are over now.
I'm done.
Games are all over.
Games are all over right now.
And we've got a lot coming up on the pedophile roundup that's accelerating around the country as well, that I'm not going to allow them to brand as Pizzagate alone and then put poison pills into it to poison the well.
Because we've got military and intelligence operatives and others that are moving against them right now.
And we're going to have a whole new fresh start when we go after everybody.
And it starts today.
Starts today.
Oh, we're going on the offense.
I love the statesman saying there's a retreat.
There's a retreat specifically on areas where there's not evidence that is conclusive.
Retreat is nowhere else.
There's not a retreat on Hillary Clinton.
There's not a retreat on Podesta.
There's not a retreat on his brother in the Washington Post talking about, I like deviant art.
I don't apologize for photos of naked teenagers with their butts paddled on the walls and all the rest of it.
Oh, we don't retreat.
We are going on the offense.
People shouldn't take our tactical moves as anything but the preparation for massive D-Day invasion.
So get ready.
When we come back, I warned you of the COG plan that I don't just have off the top of my head.
I don't want to sound too arrogant, but believe me, we have the sources.
And we know what they're planning.
They are now preparing armed assaults on the White House or a terror attack that they'll claim was carried out by terrorists against the President, who decapitate 45th President and move against the rest of us.
Stand by for more straight ahead.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Frances Le Pen says the EU, quote, will die.
Globalists to be defeated.
The time has come to defeat globalists, she said.
I have an article linked on DrudgeReport.com from Reuters.com.
The European Union will disappear.
French presidential candidate.
Marine Le Pen told a rally on Sunday promising to shield France from globalization as she sought to fire up her supporters in the final four weeks before voting gets underway.
Buoyed by the unexpected election of Donald Trump in the United States and by Britain's vote to leave the EU, the leader of the Euro-skeptic and anti-immigrant National Front Party told the rally that the French election will be the next step in what she called a global rebellion of the people.
The European Union will die because the people do not want it anymore.
Arrogant and hegemonic empires are destined to perish.
This is Ashley Beckford reporting for InfoWars.com.
Stay tuned for more special reports.
Hey, everyone!
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs here, host of The Bright Side.
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I know you're going to want to check out Caveman Ultimate Paleo Formula for yourself in 4WarsLive.com today.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Isn't it interesting John McCain came out a few days ago and gave a big speech in Europe where he said world government is in crisis.
World government is collapsing and the United States and Europe must do more and that Europe needs to weigh in and keep America on track and basically bully Trump and the American people.
Oh and the communist Chinese of course and their president went to Davos and in their own newspapers said we're working with Facebook and Microsoft and Google to help censor the American people.
Then the Democratic Party Soros-funded Media Matters, funded by the Nazi collaborator George Soros, came out in two articles calling for us to be completely kicked off Google and for Google to not let us have any advertising on YouTube.
We pointed out that AdRoll connected to them had us kicked off, and I believe from sources that that was part of a Google move, but now I'm told it's not.
And that's why you hear, oh, Google lets extremists go on and Islamists and call for violence.
I told you they mean us.
And now, sure enough,
They say because we expose vaccines, they say it's a well-known hoax that vaccines ever hurt anybody, and that's part of one of the things they say we should be banned for.
It's hateful to tell you that vaccines have bad reactions.
It is a giant, ongoing, 50-year controversy in the military that the troops know they get really, really sick from the vaccines.
I don't know anybody that's been in the military that hasn't gotten deathly ill from them, because they give them so many.
I know people whose children
We're giving vaccines when they're in the military because they pressure them to give the kids the full regimen and they die.
People in this building.
My mother almost died from a vaccine.
My uncle almost died from a tetanus vaccine.
And by the way, they weren't anti-doctor people.
My grandmother who just died got the polio from the polio vaccine.
They told her that.
She took the second strain shot, she'd already had two shots, got it a week later.
But they call it polio-like symptoms to get polio.
Just search engine, children get polio after polio vaccine, or children get polio-like symptoms.
But when it happens today in India, or Pakistan, or areas of Africa, sometimes over 100,000 kids will get paralyzed when they do a big multi-million vaccination.
And they'll go, oh, oh, it's polio-like.
Oh, but see, it doesn't matter.
Media matters can just say it's hateful and I made it up.
There's no vaccine interactions.
There's no problems.
There's no side effects.
But see, it's not side effects.
It's social control.
They've caught the U.N.
all over the world adding sterilisers to vaccines.
In fact, let's just search into this for new viewers right now.
Then I'm going to get back to the big story.
Just search engine.
Children die after receiving polio vaccine.
Just click web.
Or children get polio-like paralysis after vaccines.
You'll get mainstream news all over the world.
Tens of thousands per time it happens.
Because they don't even hide it.
The governments don't get IMF World Bank money if they don't vaccinate the population.
So they just come and force it.
And now all over Africa, you name it.
A hundred years ago, the Africans would run up to the doctors wanting to see the white witch doctors.
Now they run, because they know.
But you can find this for yourself anywhere, but these type of folks, they just call it hateful, disproven garbage.
We have any luck finding that?
I'm going to pull it up myself here.
Get my old mouse in play here.
And I am going to go to the old NSA interface.
Going to go to the old Google.
Got that in all caps.
You know, I'm going to irritate.
Then I'm going to come back into my COG, but I'm going to go.
Oh, there it is, CNN.
What is the polio-like illness paralyzing U.S.
After they get the polio vaccine.
Yeah, that happens after vaccines.
They even admit it.
But it's just, again, just accept it.
And they're saying, why is it vaccinated, kids?
But I am going to go to tape.
I am going to go to tape.
Because I've got a little OCD about having to have it when I know it's there.
There's literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of articles about
The UN caught adding sterilants to tetanus shots, and after children get vaccinated, getting polio-like symptoms and becoming paralyzed.
Headline, children paralyzed after polio vaccine.
Or they've done like they've been doing lately, just pulling tens of thousands of articles down.
I've also seen them going across the web, removing a lot of that.
But let's go to a John Bowne report right now.
Let's go ahead and go to a report from John Bowne.
You've got a lot of them here.
Let's go ahead and go to Paul Joseph Watson's new report.
He pointed out that this is the new Sex Pistols and that the left is the establishment.
Populism is the new punk rock.
PJWs hosting in the fourth hour today.
Here it is.
Remember when I said conservatism is the new counterculture and populism is the new punk?
Remember how they all laughed at me?
Ugh, quick, write a hit piece in The Independent.
He's red-pilling too many young people.
Well, here's the all-time number one icon of punk saying the same thing.
Where do I stand on Brexit?
Well, here it goes.
The working class have spoke.
And I'm one of them, and I'm with them.
How do you like them apples?
The Donald.
As one journalist once said to me, is he the political sex pistol?
In a way, but what I dislike is the left-wing media in America are trying to smear the bloke as a racist and that's completely not true.
He terrifies politicians.
This is joy to behold.
Right, I mean that very much is the Sex Pistols thing, anti-establishment.
He is the absolutely archetypal anti-establishment
Someone inside our M25 safe space is red-pilling millions of viewers on live TV.
What are we gonna do?
Someone call him a racist!
Someone censor him!
And isn't it ironic?
Isn't it ironic?
That the same authoritarian attitude that led to the censorship of the Sex Pistols...
I think it's just degrading and disgusting.
Why would children hear and see such things?
They were being offensive and blasphemous.
Has returned under the guise of progressivism.
And where once the Sex Pistols, their fans and that whole movement were labelled despicable threats to society because of their offensive words and non-conformist attitudes.
I will do everything I can to prevent certain groups whom I do not propose to name on this program from ever appearing in London again.
Now you do the same to us, censorship.
Most banned, most hated, most vilified, most despised, and somewhat loved all at the same time.
I wonder who I could be talking about.
Even down to the baseless Nazi accusations.
And it's because you're terrified.
Because deep down, you know we are the new counterculture.
Yeah, but Kendrick Lamar just called Trump a chump, so nah.
Wow, how brave of him.
How edgy.
How avant-garde.
That's really gonna put his career at risk, isn't it?
I mean, it's not like 99% of people in the music industry share his dumb opinion, is it?
You control the music industry.
You control Hollywood.
You control Silicon Valley.
You control the art world.
You control comedy.
You control popular culture.
You are the mainstream.
You are the establishment.
And just like the sex pistols were censored back in the 70s,
They kicked off TV and radio, forced a gig under an alias.
They even had to go to court to get their robust Anglo-Saxon into the shots.
They were the all-time establishment irritant.
You're now trying to censor me for daring to have a different opinion.
And you're terrified.
You're even terrified of frigging PewDiePie.
You're the new authoritarians.
You're the new Puritans.
You're the new censors.
And Generation Z is rejecting you for it.
Censorship is not cool.
Rioting and attacking people for having a different point of view is not cool.
Thought policing is not cool.
You lost the monopoly on cool.
That's why young people are resonating with our message.
That's why 39% of young people in France support Marine Le Pen.
Nearly double those who support Macron.
That's why more young people identify as conservatives in the UK than Labour and Lib Dem combined.
Joy Villa wore a Trump dress and the next day her album shot to number one on Amazon.
I'm even red-pilling former Black Lives Matter leftists.
Every other message I get is from someone in their teens or early 20s.
Don't you get it yet?
You can't be the dominant culture and the counterculture.
We're the counterculture and your time is running out.
We're gonna slay all your sacred cows one by one.
Again, if you type into Google
Children receive polio vaccine, become paralyzed.
You will find articles on it, and you will find, we'll put it on screen for TV viewers, links to major studies in the United States and in the UK.
This is from PubMed.
An unusual case of vaccine-associated paralytic, and then it goes on.
Of course, it's not unusual.
And they go on in this study to say the person had already been vaccinated, got vaccinated again with the polio vaccine, and got polio from the vaccine.
They call it associated.
Now, this is like saying the unusual case of someone drinking water, or the unusual case of someone having sight.
You can pull up the articles all over India, all over Pakistan, where there are doctors who spoke out against it.
And you can see where they'll vaccinate a million people, and 69,000 in one case die.
Over 100,000 others were paralyzed.
Oh yeah!
And you go to these countries, there's just kids in wheelchairs everywhere, or crawling around on the ground.
We'll put the headline up in the medical blog that has the links to these studies.
And then you go look at this, and you remember Media Matters is telling you that there's no such thing as any of this, okay?
My grandmother, a beautiful woman with two kids, got crippled.
She wasn't even 30 years old when she got polio.
She died at 92.
And she was crippled to the day she died and in hellish pain.
And her doctors told her the vaccine gave it to her.
But it doesn't matter, because David Brock says that's not how the world works!
And so we need to have our funding further cut off.
I said right there they want to shut down.
Torturous, tortuous interference of the grand type.
You got those earlier Media Matters memos about how they're going to infiltrate and destroy from within conservative and nationalist groups.
Involved in private espionage in my view.
You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time.
Sooner or later, you're gonna get in big trouble.
Now I want to get back into what I mentioned before.
I kind of got sidetracked on the subject of vaccines.
Because again, if you're a radio listener and I have a great crew of people in there.
When I talk about something, they search engine it just to show people watching that almost nothing I say isn't already out there and confirmed.
There are tens of thousands of studies on asexual, bisexual, and hermaphroditic amphibian life.
And how it's ruining the species in every industrialized world of frogs.
And they just make a big joke.
It's a big universal Alex Jones gay frogs joke.
They don't care that their own kids are drinking this, or all this is happening, and it causes massive increases in cancer.
Because hell, 10,000 plus percentage point increases.
By the way, I've been saying that for a decade.
I looked it up.
There are some pediatric cancers that are up 100,000, 200,000, because they didn't exist before.
But on average, the numbers vary.
But pediatric cancer is up way more than 10,000%.
But I guess that's all just a big joke too, right?
So when we come back from break, I'm going to play these clips.
You know, I'm going to skip this break too.
Hell, there might be a show here soon, so why does it matter?
Now I'm going to get into the whole COG situation and the fact that they are trying to foment the background and the support in government to basically arrest and wipe out any Republicans that don't go along with the globalists.
Claim they're all Russian agents and basically kill everybody.
I mean, they've got their surrogates all calling for everybody's deaths.
They're preparing the way, and I told you they'd soon come out and say, COG, remove the president and have COG take over.
That means an unelected group to reorganize the Congress and everything else.
That's what's in the continued government plans.
But there's some great PBS pieces on it from back in the 80s and 90s that we should probably do pieces on and reintroduce the COG plans.
That the neocons are the last ones that put it on the books.
And Congress passed laws to hand over its authority during a COG emergency.
In case the president's killed or incapacitated.
But they're going to say he's a foreign agent.
And now they're saying exactly what I told you they'd say right before they move with armed force against the president.
Kind of a big deal.
It's like I just showed you a study about polio vaccine giving people polio.
It's not funny.
I'm going to do a whole other special report on that with just dozens of mainstream articles and reports, and I'll show you all the deaths.
We'll do that for the nightly news tonight.
How's that sound?
That's right, I've got Rob Doo compiling it all for you.
Since it's all funny to everybody.
And again, children vaccinated get paralysis all over Africa, all over Asia, after they get the Bill and Melinda Gates vaccine.
I mean, their foundation is specifically in the middle of the whole controversy.
Bill and Melinda Gates vaccine controversy after paralysis.
Try that search, folks.
I can't even keep track of all the vaccine damage from the flu shots and the meningitis shots and all the rest of it.
But oh, just none of it exists.
None of it exists.
And there's no spying on Trump either.
There's an article on Natural News, Bill Gates and the 47,500 cases of paralysis.
And that's just one snapshot of a story that breaks it down.
If you scroll down, it's got links to some of the reports where it came out of India and Pakistan and other areas.
It's amazing.
And just scroll down, there's some links in the article.
I remember a lot of times the links were at the bottom of those.
There's one right there, Immunization Info.
Keep scrolling down, they've got links.
People do your own research and the studies are all in those links.
Okay, let me now just take a moment here to pause.
And let's just really look at the criminal energies we're facing and exactly what the globalists are doing.
And do we have the will to admit we're under attack?
Because that's why they're going after President Trump.
That's why they're going after me and anybody else.
And Congressman Nunes or Congressman or Senator Paul, who would dare come out and say we should start a war in the Balkans now with the Russians?
In Montenegro?
And McCain said, you are an agent of Putin, you work for him!
But you're saying, well, they look like kooks.
No, they're not.
They're intending on running a COG operation and having martial law, and they're trying to get it lined up in the Pentagon and in the CIA right now.
And I told you this when I knew it from my sources and my own resources and my own research.
Because I've talked to my sources and they're like, that's absolutely what's going on, is they're going through and trying to chronicle who will support this, who won't.
And then after I've been talking about this for a month, the deputy head of the Defense Department, outgoing under Obama, comes out and they are canvassing the Pentagon for a violent overthrow of the President.
And they've got articles everywhere, ways to get rid of the President.
And they admit it in Foreign Affairs.
And all these other big globalist publications.
Washington Post?
We just sit here, we just sit here debating whether or not he got rid of health care quick enough.
Our champion, I'm surprised, here's the epiphany I had this morning, I'm surprised he can get anything done.
I'm surprised he didn't waffle or back off more.
I'm surprised at all of this, and I'm surprised at some people out there who've been in the Liberty fight for a long time who are such babies that they don't even realize what Trump's up against and what he's under right now.
But you know what?
Being in the crosshairs like I am, that'll get you focused real good, real hard.
Because you can make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, this is the greatest moment we're in right now for our country.
Our enemies would openly try to destroy our economy and brag they're doing it to block Trump.
They would openly try to destroy your prosperity and your children's prosperity and admit they're trying to kill the stock market and bankrupt this nation because they've been trying to wreck it the whole time while they got ultra-rich sucking off of it.
But we were getting down to the final slaughter-the-hog point.
And Trump and others said, no you're not.
And they're so pissed they can't completely have their way with this country.
They sit back and laugh as the national debate is tranny bathrooms.
We're discussing where we go pee-pee, where we go poo-poo, instead of the Communist Chinese activating their population worldwide.
This is on Infowars.com.
The Communist Chinese have activated riot gangs inside France to test their colonization of the country.
They've said they'll do this here.
Ergun of Turkey admits he's activating the more than 6 million Turks that are in Europe to threaten to burn down cities if Europe doesn't capitulate to what he wants.
We're already in Europe inches from Islamic rule via terrorism.
That's not my opinion.
That's from Ergun.
Then they had all these articles making fun of me.
Going, oh, Alex Jones has been made fun of.
He talked about how Muslims in London said the Queen of England better leave or she'll get her, you know, thrown out of the country because CNN re-aired it last week.
And they go, oh, that happened a few years ago.
Alex is a kook.
And they make jokes about the Muslims taking over.
These cupped beta males who enjoy, like, mass Stockholm Syndrome, going to the most authoritarian systems and groveling to George Soros, groveling to Wahhabist Islam, as if it's going to be nice to them when they see you as pathetic slime.
Alright, before I go any further, you've seen the enemy announce they want to destroy us.
You've seen them openly say they want to shut us down.
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Now, let me just stop right there.
I tend to not yell and scream as much as I used to on air in the past, but
I have seen literally hundreds of articles and reports where they know that the polio vaccine, the type they're giving in terrible countries on purpose, is a soft kill and causes paralysis, brain damage, nerve damage, you name it, in children.
That's just one area of vaccines.
And when I start thinking about so-called media outlets funded by George Soros running around saying I'm a liar and need to be shut up and need to be taken off the air and need to be blocked.
Because I'm exposing vaccines that anybody can get a vaccine insert and read for yourself.
It makes me mad for the children.
It makes me mad at myself that I'm not strong enough, that I don't work hard enough, that I don't fight these people enough.
But look, I know I'm fighting as hard as I can, so thank you all for your support.
But I seem frustrated with the crew.
It's not that.
I just I just am frustrated with the globalists and how crazy this is and just how real it is.
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In the face of the enemy, I want to go on the offense so bad.
I just need you to unshame me with your prayers and your financial support and spreading our links.
I'm going to swim upstream, and I'm going to get those Globalists around the throat.
We are so close to bringing them down, and they know it.
We're facing their full, cornered wrath now.
So pray for us, because we're all in this together.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He's pounding down, loading up and trucking.
Give me liberty, or give me death.
It's Alex Jones.
Let it all hang out, cause we got a run to make.
The boys are thirsty in Atlanta, and there's beer in Texarkana, and we'll bring it back no matter what.
Alright, coming up, Mike Cernovich, who's a popular independent media, I would call him alternative media, because the Globalists are a bunch of lying propaganda media.
He got interviewed by 60 Minutes.
I've said no to 60 Minutes to be interviewed by them because they're so deceptive about fake news.
And he tore them up into one part to actually put out.
But that's the problem.
They will edit this.
However they want, and they will take something like Hillary Clinton falling down and then say that we're fake news because we said she fell down when they cut off the part where she falls down.
They'll just show the part where she wobbles.
And then they, with pure confidence in a confidence game, they come out and act like that's fake.
We have Secret Service sources that she was falling down every 45 minutes.
They had to have medical tents behind her where she was for close to an hour.
Our own reporters got that.
Millie Weaver.
The same week she fell down.
With them running around with gurneys and stretchers and... She's obviously drugged up.
I mean, Hillary was in the hospital three years ago for almost a year with brain surgeries.
She looks like hell.
Looks like we're in the Soviet Union or something and... You know, they're sitting there telling us that...
None of this is happening.
So we're going to have Mike Cernovich join us for a couple of segments.
Then I'm going to open the phones up.
But I said I'd do this and I didn't do it.
I'm going to do it at the bottom of the hour.
Focus and a tight report live.
And that's the plan to physically bring down the President.
The plan to kill the President of the United States.
And I'm just reporting the most bombshell, epic, absolutely key info.
I told you exactly how they do it.
Months before they ever said it.
Because I can recognize what the committees and others are doing and the terms they're using and what the neocons planned during the 1980s and what were in congressional hearings at the time.
In fact,
We need to create a whole file on COG.
I've probably done a hundred reports on it, put it in two films.
We have all the Nightline pieces, and we have the PBS Frontline pieces, and we have the Nova pieces about it going back to the 80s, and then we have the documents with the congressional hearings.
I want to do a report for the Nightly News tonight.
The problem is I do all the research myself over the years, and nobody's bad.
And then I pull it all in, and then there's just, we have walls of hard drives, and no one knows how to get to it all.
It's just all right here.
And it's very frustrating because I just need to direct my crew.
We need to be a full focus about COG.
About full focus.
That's our front and center.
To show COG, to show how it works, and then to show how they're openly preparing and saying they're preparing to overthrow the president.
And so we might want to have a debate about that.
We might want to put out some big, slick, documented, big investigative articles with graphics and articles and clips of the past and showing their statements and go through the bullet points, how they're preparing, how they're now saying martial law, civil unrest, kill the president, how the major corporations are saying and how they're ignoring the president in the different agencies and not doing what he says because they know they're going to make a move on him.
First, they got to demonize him.
First, they got to get him ready and then they're going to kill him.
They're not going to let him testify.
They're not going to let him.
No, no, no.
They're going to kill the president.
Or they're going to drug him after they've shot him up.
And I just know how they operate.
I know what they do in other countries when they do similar things.
And so they're running an exact playbook.
It's like I'm the New England Patriots and I've stolen the other side's playbook.
I've got their playbook.
And I'm like, well, I'm not sure which play they're going to play in what order, but they're doing a formation right now that means they're about to run this.
And you know, sure enough, they do.
And they're in attack formation for martial law.
And I told you months ago, and now they're running around saying civil emergency, martial law, killed Trump, illegitimate.
And Nunes and everybody, myself and Rand Paul, we're all Russian agents.
Except Hillary that's run by the Communist Chinese.
So, I'm telling you.
I'm telling the President, everybody else.
Everybody better listen to me.
The military, everybody better listen up real close.
So we can save this country.
Uber self-driving vehicle involved in Arizona crash.
This is an article from Bloomberg linked on Infowars.com.
A self-driving car operated by Uber Technologies Incorporated was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona, the latest setback for a company reeling from multiple crises.
In a photo posted on Twitter, one of Uber's Volvo self-driving SUVs is pictured on its side next to another car with dense and smashed windows.
An Uber spokeswoman confirmed the incident, as well as the veracity of the photo.
Uber, as well as its chief executive officer, are under scrutiny because of a series of scandals.
The ride-hailing company has been accused of operating a sexist workplace.
The New York Times reported that Uber used a tool called Grayball to help drivers evade government regulators and enforcement officials.
This is Ashley Beckford for InfoWars.com.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
They lost.
We won.
Wanna see what Trump's up against?
Because of what we did on this day, change has come to America.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces, bent on global governance.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom and apple pie, God was in school, morality had a future, and beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
We're the solution!
Ain't nothing more to it than that.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour, the plan to kill President Trump revealed.
You heard it here first months ago.
It's now being admitted in the news.
They are preparing to decapitate the president and physically remove him.
I do not believe they're going to allow him to live when they launch this martial law civil emergency, which they're now openly promoting in elite publications.
Then they have their operatives go out on television and talk about how it needs to be done because everyone
Who is for making the country successful again, and a sovereign nation, is supposedly a Russian agent.
Rand Paul, myself, we're directly under criminal investigation, as you've heard, for being a Russian agent.
No proof, total baloney on my children, but everybody already knows that.
So, when you have the Senator McCain pointing at Senator Paul and saying, you are a Russian agent, you work for Putin, because he doesn't want to start war with Russia.
In Ukraine and in other areas, you understand the level.
They're invoking all this to bring in shadow government and have the shadow government, the deep state, say it's legitimate and go to war directly with the president and elements of the government that are loyal to the country, like the head of the Intelligence Committee in the House, Devin Nunes, who they're now saying may be a Russian.
And they'll lightning strike if they move with this.
You'll see a few hundred people killed in one night.
Armed assaults on the White House.
You name it.
I don't think the President should be in the White House.
Former head of the Foreign Detail, Dan Bongino, has come out and said he shouldn't be there.
It's not secure.
There's infiltrators in the Secret Service.
They've said they won't take a bullet for the President publicly.
So you want somebody to try to take the globalist on, folks?
Donald John Trump's doing it.
Quite frankly, this healthcare thing is a sideshow.
It doesn't even matter.
He's turning the coal back on, securing the borders, getting the taxes cut.
He's trying to get it all done, and the enemy is absolutely coming out, wanting to go to pure authoritarianism after this.
They're not going to just put the Democrats in under COG.
Now, joining us is Mike Cernovich.
He's a lawyer, author, free speech activist, a documentary filmmaker.
And he also has a popular website that we'll put up on screen, Danger and Play.
And he went on 60 Minutes and absolutely tore him up.
But that's with, intellectually, his brain tied behind his back because they interview you for hours and then they put you in the show five minutes.
That's why they've asked me to be interviewed, I've said no previously.
Just because I will do live stuff and that's it.
I'm done with newspapers, magazines, they lie, folks.
I had Der Spiegel here.
They just made stuff up.
He said we had slot machines in the building and all this other crazy, weird crap.
It just totally made up.
So here's a clip of him on 60 Minutes, Sunday night, with the so-called investigative journalist tearing into him.
Here it is.
She had a seizure and froze up walking into her motorcade.
Well, she had pneumonia.
How do you know?
Who told you that?
Well, the campaign told us that.
Why would you trust the campaign?
The point is, you didn't talk to anybody who'd ever examined Hillary Clinton.
I don't take anything Hillary Clinton is going to say at all.
I'm not going to take her on her word.
It's true.
The media says we're not going to take Donald Trump on his word, and that's why we are in these different universes.
That's right.
And they didn't show it.
She then fully falls down on her face.
She repeated the same lie they've done over and over again.
You can search engine on YouTube.
TV host says Hillary didn't fall down.
And then they show her where she wobbles and they grab her arm, not her falling on her face and being drug into the vehicle.
Then they say we lied about that.
Then once the Internet showed the full clip, they had to back off and they went, OK,
It was pneumonia.
You forget, a month before, our Secret Service sources told us, she's falling down every 45 minutes on average, they have a medical tent, follow her, look at her, black ambulance, it's got special lift gates, which we learned it did, and notice it happened.
That's real Secret Service.
Everyone noticed, I had the red passes at the RNC, that the media, the New York Times couldn't get, that was a big national story, that I had stuff where I could walk back where Trump was at.
I mean, you think I just got that because, you know, no, it's because they wanted to talk to us.
And again, they just ignore it and say we're liars.
So I wanted to get Mr. Cernovich on because they're turning up the heat.
The Media Matters is saying, ban me off Google now completely.
People are Russian agents now.
Everybody is.
It's just a crazy, hysterical time.
And I wanted to talk about the arrogance of that 60 minutes talking head.
Thanks for joining us.
Yeah, Alex, thanks for having me on.
As you can see in that clip.
They at 60 Minutes are so out of touch.
They thought, boy, we got Cernovich now.
We got the alternative media now because Hillary Clinton is clearly healthy because the campaign told us.
In their world, that made us look bad.
It's unbelievable.
That really is how out of touch they are and how clueless they are.
And that is why they want to censor us because they are so ineffective and so out of touch that people can't believe or trust them now.
And one-on-one, even in an editing room,
Even in an editing room with our full-time production staff.
One-on-one, they cannot take us on.
They cannot.
We are the Mike Tyson in his prime of media.
People like you, even bigger.
They can't do anything.
They can't stop us.
And that is why they are working very hard to get us banned from the internet.
And they've gone from saying it was a conspiracy theory when myself and Paul Watson and you and countless others three or four years ago warned of it when they were in committee meetings saying it and had czars calling for it and had the Democrats and George Soros calling for it.
It came out in the WikiLeaks that Soros is in there dreaming of the EU laws banning free speech and wanting the TPP to ban our speech and quote only push news that he certifies through his open foundation.
So, here they are, now his Media Matters is saying, ban me off Google entirely, from advertising, you name it.
But, again, is there an article about how we were right?
That they want to openly ban us?
No, no, no.
We're still wrong.
Yeah, not only that, but they want to delist your site from the search results.
The real attack, because I know, and you know this, because we're entrepreneurs, unlike these ticket-punching people in media,
Their big game plan, and we predicted this years ago, they want to make it so that if people type in Alex Jones into Google, they won't even find your websites.
They'll only find the websites that George Soros has funded and the hit pieces on you.
That is the next thing they want to take away, take you out of Google.
And then what they want to do next, as you know, because Obama signed over the internet, they want to make it so that they can steal Infowars.com, the domain.
So where you cannot even get your domain registered because they'll say, oh, this domain is hate speech.
And then you're going to have to go to the UN, which, as you know, in the UN, the army soldiers there in Haiti, rape children, child sex trafficking, like you wouldn't believe, you're number one target of the UN because of all the trafficking and pedophilia that goes on at the UN.
So that is the end game.
They want to make it so that you cannot even own the domain InfoWars.com.
That is coming next and that is coming sooner than we might be prepared for.
That's right, I forget the exact headline, but you can search it where it was in the WikiLeaks last year that Soros, under that UN takeover of the internet, I was saying will control what news you get and will push Soros-based stories while blocking others.
Expanding on that.
More and more, the United Nations is being caught running child sex rings.
Major defense contractors have been caught.
There's been congressional hearings.
And more and more, MSM is trying to act like that's fake news, that pedophilia itself doesn't even exist.
And we see massive arrests all over the country every day of giant networks, including people with actual kids in cages.
And you'd think that'd be big news, but it'll be on KTLA one time that 474 people are arrested with 29 kids in cages.
You'd think that'd be the biggest story ever, but it's nowhere because it's organized, it's industrial, and it's being shut down.
Oh, well talk to some of your friends and listeners who are Marines.
They'll tell you that if you go down to anywhere there are UN peacekeeping forces, they'll watch underage girls being passed over the fence to the soldiers for the UN and the UN people will toss over chocolate or food or money.
So there's opening, there's open human trafficking operations.
Another story that didn't get the kind of attention, Hillary Clinton intervened personally at the State Department to clear an ambassador of pedophilia.
I don't have the exact headline, but this was even the fake news media.
What the fake news media will do is they'll kind of write about something at the back of the page.
And then if Trump posts some, you know, snarky comment, then that'll be full news.
And then they'll go, well, Cernovich and Jones aren't telling the truth.
We reported on how Hillary Clinton helped clear an ambassador of pedophilia.
So that story can also be found.
State Department is protecting pedophiles.
So there are many, many documented cases.
Even the Today Show, of all places, talked about Matt Lauer, I think, and Chuck Todd even talked about it in 2013, where the State Department had been protecting pedophilia.
And that is the endgame, and this is the evil a lot of people aren't prepared to deal with, is that the endgame is that Soros, the UN, the power elite, they want all of us to be slavery again.
They want to bring back slavery.
That's right.
And then if people investigating this, when it's in the WikiLeaks, go down a few rabbit trails, they act like we made it all up just to randomly hurt people, when all we're doing is the government's job.
High profile pedophiles, army colonel, this is just this week, top attorney, politician arrested in latest child sex sting, and then I have all the mainstream news articles about this, but they never make it nationally.
If a Christian gets caught with, you know, two girls in a trailer,
They've been raping for 20 years.
They're a horrible person.
It should be on the news.
But notice, it is.
Then they make movies out of it.
But when it's industrialized, it hits the news once and you never hear about it again.
Here's another headline.
Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shorty charged with engaging in child prostitution.
Air Force colonel sentenced for child porn.
Okay, Fox News.
Former Northeast Ohio mayor admits to raping four-year-old.
This is just this week.
Okay, but none of this exists, okay?
It's all fake news.
Missing black girls.
I have a headline for you, too, Alex.
This is from the Washington Examiner, if you guys can find it.
Hillary's officials cut out criticisms out of the State Department report.
This is by Sarah Westwood, the Washington Examiner of 2015.
I'm finding that on my phone right now, where they actually
Free and clear ambassadors who are pedophiles.
There was a report on it and Hillary's people had that wiped out.
You can find this headline right now.
Her first job was defending pedophiles.
Five, six guys would grab a little girl, rape her till her body was totally ruined.
I'm not going to say what happened.
I don't know.
But they just put it on screen.
Our sources said that the NYPD had not turned over the laptop, and had actually seized it and kept it, and that Wiener was being looked at for child porn.
We broke that first, back when it was Podestigate, or Postigate, until the media focused on a small 4chan, and Reddit focused onto a pizza place, to where everybody looked at that, including us, away from the big giant issues.
Well guess what?
We're going back into all that.
So guess what?
Total vindication.
We're going to go find the clips where I said it, probably 50 times, with Doug Hagman and others.
Let's put it on screen for TV viewers.
Radio listeners, I'm going to go over it for you.
NYPD turns against the FBI, seizes laptop, shows Hillary Clinton covered up Wiener's alleged sex crimes with 15-year-old during election.
That's nothing!
But we told you specifically
In early November, November 1st, November 2nd, November 3rd, November 4th, November 6th, that's what we were covering was real law enforcement sources.
That's what we were doing.
That's what we were covering.
That's what we were doing.
And that's why when I correct what I'm saying about Comet Ping Pong is, that whole area is what CNN New York Times wants to look at.
They're saying, look at this, to then try to discredit whatever really happened, away from all of this.
Go ahead, Mike.
Yeah, so right now, this is again, anybody can find this.
Sources reported that a senior, 7th floor, oh here's another thing Alex, remember now that we talked about the 7th floor?
Years ago you could find 7th floors, sorry I'm getting fired up because they lie all so much and they're trying to just destroy the people.
But they go, Deep State doesn't exist.
But you can go find old articles about 7th Floor State Department.
They used to admit that Deep State existed until the people started to wake up.
And now the media says, oh, Sternovich Jones, these people are wrong.
So anyway, I'm going to read from you.
It says, sources reported that a senior 7th Floor Department official ordered
Diplomatic security to stop the investigation of an ambassador accused of pedophilia.
This is Washington Examiner.
This can all be found.
You know, your production people can find it right now.
It's that same headline I mentioned.
So there's verifiable proof.
This is the article.
Verifiable proof that Deep State, which used to be called the seventh floor,
And then they go, oh wait, too many people are waking up now, so we just have to pretend like it doesn't exist.
And then they come out and cover areas of reporting that may not be 100% dead on.
It doesn't matter.
We have good faith.
We're trying to defend kids here.
And turn it into a whole deal now.
Catholic Church never abused kids.
According to them, I mean literally, nothing happened at Penn State.
Sandusky's son just didn't get busted last month or this month.
None of it's real.
But they've got a problem.
None of it happened.
Law enforcement now knows under Trump they've got support.
They're moving against it.
We're seeing the biggest bust of child porn.
Actual kids held as slaves.
It's happening every day.
This has got to be scaring them.
Well Jeffrey Epstein, and because 60 Minutes initially tried to pin stories on me that I never, that I never did.
And I said, look, you guys better not try to lie about what I've covered and what I haven't, because that'll be a fight maybe you're not prepared to have.
Jeffrey Epstein, pedophile, Bill Clinton, taking trips to Jeffrey Epstein.
How many children was Bill Clinton raping?
The media never asked.
The media never wanted to say why was
He's going to the pedophile island.
He's going to meet with sheiks that are admitted pedophiles.
Why is there no investigation of that?
Lauren Sillsby in Haiti.
33 children were being smuggled out of Haiti.
Lauren Sillsby, Hillary Clinton, and the State Department personally intervened, personally intervened on Lauren Sillsby's behalf.
60 Minutes edited all that out.
Because once they go, oh yeah, you talked about Pizzagate, I go, you better do your research because I never said anything about some dumb, you know, pizza parlor or whatever that stupid
So you agree with me, you agree with me that that was the, because I remember, we weren't even covering at the time, suddenly New York Times, Washington Post, you know, we're covering Podesta, suddenly they focus on that and some message boards that they probably did themselves, that's come out before, who knows, I'm speculating, and then suddenly that's the focus and we kind of went, oh let's see what's there, and then it all becomes, oh see, I mean that is such a classic Karl Rove style tactic.
Yeah, what had happened is that many, many powerful people in DC happened to go to this place and have dinner together and everything.
And then people spun that into saying their children are being sold.
And I thought,
Then they take it as me admitting I'm fake news, that I say, yeah, well, we're not the big people pushing this, but we did cover it some, so, you know, we're sorry.
They take that as weakness.
No, that's integrity.
I'm swimming in MSM articles and government admissions of jumbo jets full of kids and giant, you know, rooms with kids in cages, and it hits the LA News one time, you never hear about it.
Where are these kids?
Where is this investigation going?
I mean, here it is right here.
474 arrested.
28 sexually exploited children rescued during statewide human trafficking operation.
That was a month ago.
Where is it in the news?
Jimmy Savelle was part of Satanic Ring.
Top friends with the Royals.
Police launch investigation of members of Parliament.
Child sex ring.
It's the same thing in Congress.
I've got hundreds and hundreds of these articles.
This is what the elite are into.
So Mr. Cernovich, I'm ranting.
Good job on 60 Minutes.
I don't know how you actually got good points in the way they had it, but you must have just been dynamite across the board.
Well, I prepared with the facts, and that is what they don't realize because they live in their echo bubble.
He goes, you said that Hillary Clinton's inner circle included child sex traffickers, pedophiles, and human trafficking.
And I said, Lauren Stillsby, 33 children, caught leaving Haiti, charged with human trafficking.
Hillary Clinton personally intervened.
And then he tried to say, oh, well, how are you saying that that's her inner circle?
And I go, well, define inner circle.
Find Donald Trump protecting these evil people.
You can't do it.
So we have the facts on our side and I went in there armed with the truth.
So even in selective editing, they could only take so much out of context, which they weren't even able to do.
The facts are on our side.
And again, that is why the fake news media is pretending like you and I were saying things we never said, because if they meet us head on,
Man to man, woman to man, however they want to say it, with the facts.
They have no chance against us because the facts are... The truth is the Clintons have pedophilia convictions and child trafficking convictions and her representing pedophiles in her first job swarming around them.
They are surrounded by a kingdom of pedophiles.
And all that money from the Saudis.
How much money?
Here's, I mean, you know, this is a theory.
So I'm, I, you know, this is something I've been investigating is Saudi Arabia gave all that money to the Clintons.
The Clintons were in Haiti.
Very easy to have children taken out of Haiti as Lauren Silsby proved.
How many children were being smuggled from Haiti to Saudi Arabia?
Well, it's well known in Satanism, well known in Satanism that for whatever reason, like in secret testing, the easiest to get are black children.
Yeah, exactly.
So we know that Lauren Stillsby tried to take 33 children out of Haiti.
We know that Hillary Clinton was freaked out by that and wanted that case and that story to go away.
We know that the Saudis were giving tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.
So a rational person would have to think,
Were the Clintons selling children?
Because they hate, the Haitians hate Hillary.
If you want to talk to anybody... Oh, we've been there.
You say her word, you say their name, they riot.
And by the way, the Saudis are famous for having people kidnapped all over the world and brought to them.
They have harems of sex slaves, including children.
That's incontrovertible.
So slavery still exists in Saudi Arabia.
So my belief is that the Clintons were in Haiti because that is a great place to find children to sell to the Saudis.
And that the whole reason Hillary Clinton freaked out at the Lauren Silsby thing is because a big human trafficking ring was about to be uncovered.
And the Clinton Foundation was definitely... And by the way, she was convicted of that.
And guess where Silsby works now?
In a group that helps targeted kids.
She changed her name!
I didn't even believe it!
People go, oh yeah, no sir, but she changed her name, and now she's working at some kind of Save the Children organization.
And remember, remember, remember, remember what Sandusky did.
He ran a group with the Hurt Kids.
Yeah, exactly.
And you notice Dennis Hastert, high school molesting children, he was a high school wrestling coach.
He went to D.C.
20 years.
We never heard about him molesting children in D.C., but why not?
Pedophiles never stop.
What was Dennis Hastert doing in 20 years?
We know that the Podesta Brothers, big fans of Dennis Hastert,
We know about Barney Frank.
Barney Frank admittedly was running underage prostitutes out of his three-story townhome and he went on the floor and said, you drop the investigation now or half you are involved in this, I'll bring you down.
Mike Cernovich, I want to get you on more often.
I really appreciate the fine work you're doing.
We'll put your website up on screen.
What are other ways for folks to keep in touch with you?
They can find me on Twitter at C-E-R-N-O-V-I-C-H.
Thanks, Alex.
You're a hero.
You're a hero, brother.
We're in this together.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Frances Le Pen says the EU, quote, will die.
Globalists to be defeated.
The time has come to defeat globalists, she said.
I have an article linked on DrudgeReport.com from Reuters.com.
The European Union will disappear.
French presidential candidate,
Marine Le Pen told a rally on Sunday promising to shield France from globalization as she sought to fire up her supporters in the final four weeks before voting gets underway.
Buoyed by the unexpected election of Donald Trump in the United States and by Britain's vote to leave the EU, the leader of the Euro-skeptic and anti-immigrant National Front Party told the rally that the French election will be the next step in what she called a global rebellion of the people.
The European Union will die because the people do not want it anymore.
Arrogant and hegemonic empires are destined to perish.
This is Ashley Beckford reporting for InfoWars.com.
Stay tuned for more special reports.
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In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial commons.
In Dallas, Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas.
The first reports say that President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
It was almost as if we were a planned, in quotes, get-judged campaign.
Either you were with us, or you were with the terrorists.
I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AJ-47s belong to the hands of soldiers, not the hands of criminals.
Guns will be taken.
No one will be able to be honest.
We're gonna take all the evidence.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
Global governance at last.
Is it one world?
The central bank is in charge.
Aren't we all just living and dying for what the central banks do?
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
Do you understand?
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live and I'm going to air a special report here and then after that I'm going to go straight into the seventh floor information that deals with the deep state and that ties in to the open call to overthrow President Trump, including with violent force.
Now, we told you about this in November, in December, in January, in February.
Now, in late March, the most elite publications in the country are now pushing the program.
This could not be a bigger issue.
First off, ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you all for your support and everything that you've been doing for the broadcast to help get the word out.
It is now more essential than ever if you want to stand up against the globalist pedophile rings, and if you want to stand up against all the wars they're launching and how they're funding radical Islam to take over the world, how they're openly trying to destroy our borders and our jobs, trying to kill the big recovery that Trump has launched, along with other nationalists in the UK and other areas, then it is essential that you spread the articles and the videos to everyone you know, that you go on message boards, that you go on news sites, that you go in there like it's a war.
And you spread this information.
They'll be there.
They'll bully you.
They'll try to make you feel like you're alone.
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Now this is a good report.
I'm going to play it in a moment.
Then I'm going to come back and get into COG and I'm going to get into... This is key.
Floor seven of shadow government and the Defense Department official, the deputy head outgoing, that said prepare for the overthrow of Trump.
I'm going to have those articles for you when we come back.
But right now I want to go ahead and get to this report because this ties into everything we're facing.
It is a fact that Hollywood thinks it's a joke.
They're so elitist about Obamacare that was such a screwjob.
And they want you to think that Obamacare is Trump's fault and the fact that he raced to get it repealed and it failed that he's bad when he's already delivered on so much.
So here's a John Bowne report.
Where Hollywood is thinking we're all a bunch of idiots and laughing at us.
What a bunch of elitist scum.
Here is the John Bowne Report.
Obamacare is exploding with no Democrat support.
We couldn't quite get there.
We're just a very small number of votes short in terms of getting our bill passed.
A lot of people don't realize how good our bill was because they were viewing phase one.
But when you add phase two, which was mostly the signings of Secretary Price, who's behind
And you add phase three, which I think we would have gotten, it became a great bill.
Premiums would have gone down and it would have been very stable, would have been very strong.
Of course, the Democratic Party in all of its bourgeois arrogance celebrated the ongoing nightmare hitting middle-class America below the belt.
The withdrawal of what was being touted as Obamacare light is hardly a victory.
The overreaching health care tumor that is Obamacare is spreading.
You can keep your doctor.
Consumers can expect more choices.
And it will save the average family $2,500 a year.
Lies upon lies.
Instead, we were handed yearly premium increases.
Pointless hide and
I don't know who he is.
He didn't help write our bill.
And so, with all due respect to your question, you have a person who wasn't writing our bill, commenting on what was going on when we were writing the bill.
But here she is talking him up back in 2009 when she was pushing to pass the Democratic plan.
Our bill brings down rates.
I don't know if you have seen Jonathan Gruber of MIT's analysis of what the comparison is to the status quo versus what will happen in our bill.
And increasingly, forgotten parts of America are left with only one insurer.
In Kentucky, which has long been vaunted as an example of the opposite, I'm telling you, as a matter of fact, has been an unmitigated disaster.
More people covered, but covered by what?
Fewer people able actually to even see a doctor.
50% of our counties, there's only a single healthcare provider on the coverage front.
There are only three now in the entire state, only one that covers the entire state.
Meanwhile, clueless Hollywood is gloating, blindly laughing at millions of Americans that can't afford Obamacare.
Actor Albert Brooks wrote, Republican healthcare bill on its deathbed and no one to save it.
Now that's irony.
Sorry Albert, it's Obamacare that is on life support.
Author Anne Rice wrote, Trump and the GOP are incapable of governing.
Muslim ban outraged America.
Healthcare was cruel and a rip-off.
Well, and I guess we'll just pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket when terror attacks reach the same levels as Europe, if nothing is done.
Actress Alyssa Milano wrote, Trump zero American people too.
I'm not even sure what that means.
And I doubt Alyssa does either.
Terry McMillan wrote, all those Trump supporters are probably happy they can still go to the doctor.
Yeah, Terry.
And pay full price for everything.
Meanwhile, millions of Americans, including myself, continue to ask the simple question, why does my healthcare have to be so expensive and basically unusable?
One thing is for sure, boycotting all of those smug entertainers' work is surely one way to save money to pay those huge medical bills.
John Bowne for Infowars.com.
A bunch of disgusting trash, every one of them unless they speak out for freedom like Kurt Russell.
Just a bunch of arrogant filth, Hollywood.
John McCain gave a speech Friday where he said that world governments in crisis and the New World Order is on the verge of collapse.
Globalism is in full retreat.
Tell us something we didn't know.
But I thought New World Order was code word for anti-Semitism.
I thought it didn't exist.
I mean, MSM said so, right?
But now they admit the corporate world governments in crisis.
Here's an article up on InfoWars.com.
advisor claims Trump won't last four years in office.
John Zeigler predicts moral insurrection will oust the president.
And that brings us to where we are right now, ladies and gentlemen.
When John McCain and others accused Senator Rand Paul of being a Russian agent two weeks ago on the floor of the Senate, you knew things had escalated.
When they come out and say that I'm under criminal investigation by the FBI to see if the Russians were commanding me in the election.
You have to understand, they're planning a hot war to try to arrest or kill their opposition that they know are true Americans and who are loyal to the country.
We're not run by the Russians, neither is the UK with the Brexit.
The EU is the outside force that took their country over without a vote.
It's globalism and TPP that Trump just killed that was going to end our sovereignty this year.
They were bragging in the Davos meetings that world government was finally here.
America was about to lose all of its sovereignty.
And so the foreign outside multinational force is panicking.
And it's mind-boggling that I've even taken this so calmly.
That I'm aware of their COG plans, I'm aware of their programs, I'm aware of their operations, I have sources, but I also have my own methods of research.
And that it's a fact that in the 1970s Congress passed COG laws, Continued Government, if there was a nuclear attack that took out part of Congress and or the President, that there were designates
Who would then take over and form the new Congress?
The problem is there's always the threat, they debated this at the time, that those groups that were in the command positions as designates for the Speaker of the House, the President, Vice President, you name it, there's thousands of designates for each post, four or five deep each person.
That they could try a coup, just like a coup was tried against Hitler, using his own COG.
Now we could say, well that's a good thing, Operation Valkyrie, but too bad it failed.
The point is, this is a real issue, debated when it was put on the books in the 70s.
There were previous COGs, but not as strong as the ones in the 70s, and what Jimmy Carter put in, and of course FEMA in 1979 was a big part of COG.
You can read the executive orders, forced labor, martial law, civil emergency, but you can say, well that'll never happen.
Then George Soros starts fomenting cop killing, all the rest of the destabilization.
Doubles the amount he gave in the previous year, the week after Trump's elected in November 8th.
They start then pushing, we need a civil emergency, we need martial law, kind of low-level talk.
Then you start seeing members of Congress saying all their opposition is foreign and Russian.
Saying we need counterintelligence operations and counterterrorism operations to go after these people and then start designating a hierarchy of people that have to be removed.
That fits the pattern.
If you're going to go continuity of government and then get an armed group together,
Of these bureaucracies where Trump can't even get people one or two deep in any agency.
They've already made the decision in the two months when he was president-elect that they're going to try to throw him out politically, and if that doesn't work, they're going to go with a hot war.
That's my emergency message to the president.
They will just keep escalating, sir, as you've seen, until there is nothing left for them to do but kill you.
Blow up the White House.
Say terrorists did it.
There's different permutations.
Give you a drug to make you have a heart attack.
But the point is, sir, you obviously know that your life's in your hands.
You knew that when you got elected.
I know you're very fatalistic about it and you're a real man, a hero, and we're really proud of you.
I'm surprised you can get anything done right now with this all around you and the government in full mutiny against you.
But here's the proof for the military and the police and the bureaucracy, most of which are good men and women.
The facts for you, not from Alex Jones.
But from them specifically, and then, I'm going to play, they found nine clips as of this morning.
Great job to the crew.
Everybody's working 14 hours, 15 hours a day here, and we just got a great crew.
They found nine clips.
These are just the two they already had last night, so we're gonna play these, of where on January 13th and January 18th,
I specifically laid out the continuum.
There's whole hour-long videos, but we're just playing short clips.
I'm going to give you the names of those archived videos from the show so you can go watch them in full if you'd like.
Where I lay out the continuum of escalation.
They've gone, I just got chills folks, from about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 100 in the last 3 months up to 95 right now.
Now folks, when they hit 100,
It's go.
We are five points off from hot war.
We are five.
It's countdown, man.
They are so pissed he turned the economy back on.
They are so pissed America got it and the rest of the world got it.
They want to have their big decisive war right now.
It's like Hitler at Stalingrad or Hitler at Battle of the Bulge.
They are full in.
They are overconfident.
They are drunk on power.
It's like Zeb Dietrich was, you know, physically drunk during the Battle of the Bulge.
They are drunk on the blood of the innocents, and they are rolling forward at us right now, and they don't intend on backing down.
That's why they're saying things like, kill Trump, overthrow Trump, martial law, civil emergency, on Comedy Central, on CNN, on ABC News.
Comedy shows, entertainment shows, they've got shows.
About designates and presidents being killed in a nuke going off in DC, and then Kiefer Sutherland takes over.
So finally, they're educating the public about this, so they accept it.
I tell you, 20 years ago about COG, I'm a cook.
When it's all fact, been on Frontline, been on PBS, I've made films about it.
This is the number one danger Ron Paul has said to a military overthrow.
We don't mean our troops using the military.
The military is the most informed group, but it's going to be the military.
Now they were going to try this to begin with, but more of a soft COG, even if Hillary got in, over the states, over the cities, bullying them with reports.
Skip the break.
Bullying them with reports of the police doing bad things for strong cities, a U.N.
initiative with Justice Department and State Department power over it, to come in multinationally and take over local cities.
That's mainstream news, their words.
That all failed because Trump got in.
And that's why they're so scared.
He's about to get Supreme Court justices.
He's about to deliver the prosperity, and the Democratic Party is then over!
That's why Obamacare and this stuff doesn't even matter now, folks.
They're trying to kill the President, and they're selling the idea for it.
So let's walk through it right now.
Ex-Obama officials suggest military coup against Trump.
High-level State Department.
There's another report in foreign policy with the former deputy head of the Defense Department shopping the idea.
If you're a radio listener, we're putting this all on screen right now.
Now here's The Atlantic.
This came out a few days ago.
This is the most prestigious leftist kind of Rockefeller blue blood publication.
This is how they communicate with each other.
That and foreign policy of the CFR and public affairs of the Washington Post.
So when you read this, you're actually reading what they're up to and what they're putting out to kind of the mid-level people from the top to, hey, get rid of this.
And they go on to say, because of the evidence that the Russians have taken over, and all the rest, we have to re-examine the executive steps, and what happens if we have to remove the President, have special elections, and implement COG.
Now, under the COG executive orders, it operates like the President and Congress are gone.
This brings forward the new shadow government to actually gobble up what's left of the country, and then move against the states, using the military and some staged provocation they're going to use.
Probably the Islamic sleeper cells.
Good God.
And notice, Turkey said, we now have millions in your country, we will carry out a jihad, do whatever Turkey says, give us billions, open your borders, or we'll activate terror cells.
Erdogan said that last week.
I mean, wow, they're really going early, because they're panicked.
And the socialists are saying, bully the EU, bully our other nationalist groups, or we may have to actually drop the hammer and activate your people to burn everything down, and then we think that the Europeans will cower and do what they're told if we start a new war.
That's how they passed the EU, to create the bureaucracy itself, and to get the leaders of the countries to sign on without a vote, was to say there'll be a new war if you don't.
And Europeans have World War II fresh in their minds.
Everything I'm saying is absolute history and admit it, okay?
So the point is, in the elite publication The Atlantic...
With all these other publications calling for him to be overthrown or killed or martial law or civil war, they come out and say it's now time to implement COG to remove Trump.
And the Democrats are now saying anybody that stands with Trump, anybody that points out he's right about, you know, being spied on or any of this is now a Russian agent.
You see, that doesn't make sense.
They only want the cover for mercenary teams and groups loyal to them inside the CIA to carry out the assassinations.
And believe me, if you see one of two things, you know they're moving.
If you start seeing
Prominent liberty leaders being killed, or having heart attacks, or dying, or you see drugs report taken down, you know you're hours away.
Hours away from them moving, okay?
They'll probably though decapitate the President and then move.
90% chance that they're going to have an armed assault, or a giant truck bomb, or even a nuke go off.
I'm telling you, they've made the decision to kill the President.
You can bet your bottom dollar, they're moving to kill our 45th president right now because this is the return of America.
We're in the middle of a 21st century war.
The battle for the Republic is right now.
And they're so pissed they can't knock that stock market down.
They did all the naked shorts.
I saw it a week and a half ago.
We told you they're getting ready to try to drive down the stock market.
They openly said they were, and it's already going back up today.
Where is it right now?
There is a battle to tank this sucker.
Because they want to blame that on Trump, too, and the failure on health care.
So you've got that.
We wrote our own article about it.
It's up 144 on the Dow Jones.
Oh, they're really pissed right now.
Deep State Moles Continuity of Government Planned Overthrow Trump.
Read that for yourself.
Kit Daniels.
Now here's my articles from last year.
Maximum Alert.
Rogue CIA working to overthrow Trump.
I get into COG.
Now they're planning to kill him.
And when they finally say COG in elite publications like the Financial Times, or I even said in some of these reports, Atlantic Monthly.
You know they're going green light.
Splinter Group calls for overthrow of Trump.
December 12th.
They're all these reports.
Word for word what they're now saying.
National emergency.
attempting to overthrow election.
Last-ditch effort.
Remember how to maximum alert then.
December 13th.
December 17th.
Will coup d'etat overthrow Trump?
Washington Post.
Time to remove Trump with a constitutional coup.
January 10th, see them building it.
Now I warned it was coming, then they start building.
Will the CIA assassinate Trump?
That's January 2nd.
Ron Paul warns.
He joined me in the warnings.
Soros insider demands military overthrow.
Infowars.com, February 2nd.
Breaking Democrats organizing criminal coup against Trump.
Now, get these reports out to everybody you know in law enforcement and military and point out it's now happening.
Now let's stop right there.
Let's go now to two of the clips.
Here I am on January 13th, calling into my own show, warning of it, then we'll play video from January 18th.
Here it is.
And all the things Trump is delivering on in spades, and he has committed to the American people, he's committed to me, I'm just leaving it at that so the media doesn't have another heyday with it, that he's going to deliver, or basically, die trying, he is going all out.
And that's why we're seeing
This unprecedented move, this unprecedented move right now to disrupt the inauguration and to actually try to sell the American people and overthrow Trump.
The establishment, the globalists are trying to convince themselves that they can try some coup with Obama with seven days left.
Remember, in the last month I've been warning you that they're trying to launch a continued government COG, basically Operation Valkyrie.
They used COG in 1944 to try to kill Hitler, their continued government system, but it backfired.
Well, they've turned that around now and are acting like Trump is illegitimate.
They're trying to sell COG through rogue groups in the government to convince them that what they're doing is okay and normal.
And I've said the left is openly behind the scenes calling for martial law and the arrest of Trump or the blocking of Trump and then a quote new election.
That's why Homeland Security last week announced the federalization and total control of elections.
Hit pause right there.
We're going to come back and play the clip a few days later when I was actually on television breaking it down.
And now notice everything I told you came exactly true.
They'll start calling for martial law.
They'll start calling for civil emergency.
They'll then say that COG will have new elections, but it'll be six months in.
They're going to run it.
Homeland Security is just ignoring Trump.
And all 50 attorney generals saying don't federalize our elections, including Democrats are saying don't do it.
They're saying we don't care.
They're still acting like Trump never got in, and the cover story they're using is, and I've talked to people in the military, high level, they're going around like you were bad if you didn't support Obama.
When he was in, now you're bad if you support the Commander-in-Chief in the military.
They're trying to bully the enlisted into this suddenly, which shows they're doing a head count getting ready.
This is unbelievable.
And the only other wild card is how they're going to try to kill Trump and win.
And then what are they going to do after that, and what do we do?
I mean, boy, folks, we're going to learn of America's yellow belly and deserves a second run.
Because if you don't back Trump right now, folks, you're signed on to this country's death warrant and they're going to bring in hardcore tyranny.
Back in 70 seconds, I'll play the second clip.
Tell everybody you know, tune in right now.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Those local stations.
This country and your life depends on it.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Coming to you from the former United States of America, deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
I hear people talking right about the way we have to live here in this country.
That's their free speech.
Until they try to have those of us that stand against them arrested.
Oh, they're definitely on the fighting side of me now.
But don't try to shut up my free speech.
That's right, America's coming back from the dead.
You just joined us.
I want to get back into this report.
And again, notice in WikiLeaks they talk about the 7th floor at the State Department and how it's a shadow government that is running things.
And we did a search on this.
I remember when it came out in October.
CNBC did one piece and we have the only other piece on the internet we can find.
FBI files on Hillary's email reveal shadow government was in charge of her investigation.
They call it the 7th floor.
Or shadow government or deep state.
All terms I've been using for 22 years.
Because it was in the congressional literature from the 70s when the Frank Church Committee discovered it in the Senate.
And they found all the different COG plans that I'll cover in the next segment and then take your phone calls about how they're planning COG takeover.
And now they're in Atlantic Monthly, the most elite publication on the left side of the globalist.
They've got the Republican elite going along with them, saying it's now time to move forward with COG and the removal of President Trump.
Now, they don't call for the violent overthrow, but believe me, they're not going to get away with it unless he's dead.
And remember, I'm the guy that told you about this first in exact detail and exactly how they'd roll it out and exactly why they do it.
Now, why do you think the George Soros, globalist, Democratic Party-run Media Matters spends more time on me now than they do on Trump a lot of days?
Because I've got their number.
I've got them up one side and down the other.
I know exactly who they are.
I know exactly how to beat them.
And they know I cannot be intimidated.
I will go on to the end, whatever the cost will be.
And I'm just here.
Exposing it.
So, good luck with your new old order that's falling apart.
You ought to know when to surrender and just let us stabilize things and add prosperity.
And Goldman Sachs just made its biggest profit ever!
Because Trump actually tried to just turn the economy back on!
He was going to leave the elites alone!
You just cannot make everybody poor!
And shoot us up with cancer viruses anymore!
It's over!
And create a race war in America, you dirtbags!
Now let's go back to this clip of me on television and radio.
January 18th, getting into COG.
Here it is.
Now I don't want to sit here on the show every segment and say, see, I told you so over and over again.
But I've warned everybody, if they were going to try to take the president out, they would use COG.
And when we come back from break, we have CNN reports and others licking their lips, promoting the idea, normalizing the idea that if Trump gets assassinated, or if Trump gets removed because he's a Ruski agent, Obama will appoint the new president.
So they're selling that idea right now.
And it's very interesting that you're seeing a bunch of Democrats not show up to this, and you're seeing John Kerry not show up.
If a nuclear weapon goes off, big one, small one, so-called improvised, one cooked up by jihadis, if a nuke goes off, you can 100% know it was the criminal elements that have infiltrated the deep state, the shadow government.
We set up a shadow government after the atomic bomb was created, under mutually assured destruction.
Or under, really, the Mexican standoff that nuclear weapons created.
Where that if the government got knocked out in a sneak attack, there would be a backup emergency government to reconstitute the Republic.
The problem is anything like that can always be used to take the government over.
An example is Operation Valkyrie, using the Valkyrie system that Hitler set up for COG.
They tried to use it against him.
I'm not saying Hitler's good.
The point is you can see how this could be used here either for good or bad.
This is how they will go at him.
It was declassified back in the 80s.
That some people looked at overthrowing Reagan using COG.
So we know that COG's been looked at as the prime way to overthrow a president.
By the way, Rob Dew found three of the clips of mainstream media pretty much admitting that.
I'm going to get to that when we come back.
And then I'm going to open the phones up and get into all the other news.
But of course, the Secret Service had the laptop has been stolen conveniently out of the car and the codes and everything else.
So the floor plans of Trump Tower.
I mean, this is bad, folks.
President Trump needs to be an armored military base from this point on.
Needs to just be honest about it.
Uber self-driving vehicle involved in Arizona crash.
This is an article from Bloomberg linked on Infowars.com.
A self-driving car operated by Uber Technologies Incorporated was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona.
The latest setback for a company reeling from multiple crises.
In a photo posted on Twitter, one of Uber's Volvo self-driving SUVs is pictured on its side next to another car with dense and smashed windows.
An Uber spokeswoman confirmed the incident, as well as the veracity of the photo.
Uber, as well as its chief executive officer, are under scrutiny because of a series of scandals.
The ride-hailing company has been accused of operating a sexist workplace.
The New York Times reported that Uber used a tool called Grayball to help drivers evade government regulators and enforcement officials.
This is Ashley Beckford for InfoWars.com.
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He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Story that is both reassuring and scary at the same time.
This morning we learned that the Vice President wasn't the only one sent to an undisclosed location on September 11th.
That an entire backup government was and is still there and may be there for as long as anyone now at least can imagine.
Reassuring on the one hand that the government is planning for the worst
And scary, of course, that it has to.
Back to our senior White House correspondent, John King, who worked the story for us.
Traveling in Iowa, the president for the first time discussed a secret ongoing operation designed to keep the federal government running if Washington is paralyzed by a terrorist strike.
I still take the threats that we receive from Al Qaeda killers and terrorists very seriously.
The operation was first reported by the Washington Post and confirmed to CNN by several administration officials.
The shadow or bunker government involves roughly 100 senior staffers from every cabinet department and major government agency.
Operates primarily out of two secret bunkers in the eastern United States.
And is charged with running the executive branch if communication with Washington is severed.
My administration has an obligation to the American people to put measures in place that should somebody be successful in an attack in Washington, D.C., there's an ongoing government.
The secret plan took shape in the minutes and hours after the September 11th strikes as Mr. Bush took a cautious route back to Washington.
The so-called continuity of government plan was discussed during a National Security Council meeting Mr. Bush led from a military command and control bunker in Nebraska.
At another bunker, this one deep beneath the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney and other top officials implemented plans that date back to the Cold War threat of a nuclear strike.
In this case, sources say one concern was the possibility Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network might have a crude nuclear device.
Senior officials say the bunker government will remain in place for the foreseeable future because of a continued terrorist threat.
But officials are reluctant to offer many details.
You're putting people what your plans are.
Mr. Cheney himself went into seclusion for a stretch once Mr. Bush made it back to Washington on September 11th.
And now, nearly six months later, administration officials are scrambling to get more telephone lines and high-tech computers into these secret bunkers.
And at least one member of the Bush cabinet is being kept out of Washington at all times under heavy security, just in case this so-called shadow government is activated and needs a leader.
John King, CNN, the White House.
Now I came into this hour with that clip and I've got a whole bunch of them here because I've studied how the globalists operate and they had congressional hearings in the 70s and 80s admitting that there had been some in the Pentagon who wanted to use COG to overthrow Ronald Reagan, to overthrow the president.
And then you wonder how you have all these bureaucracies that Obama put in before he left, admitting they were meant to block Trump.
And you wonder why he can't get anything done and why he can't get anybody appointed, even one or two levels below the first level, is because the shadow government is in open insurrection with the opposition party, that's MSM, that itself is bought and paid for by these big multinational corporations.
So it's the bureaucracy, the shadow government, the Republican leadership, the Democrats, the dumbed-down masses that are on the government payroll, chicken feed, the Communist Chinese, the EU, all weighing in saying, we'll get America back online!
And the big telecoms, the big internet companies saying we'll censor talk radio, we'll censor Alex Jones, we'll censor him off Google, we'll kick him off YouTube, George Soros run, Media Matters calling for that, launching a nationwide campaign to have me removed or have our monetization removed.
That's the latest campaign today.
And I'm attacked by every single scumbag organization attacking our president because they tried to drive the stock market down with naked shorts the last 12 days.
I guess it was 8 business days.
Guess what?
On the 9th day, the stock market went back up 140-something points last time I checked the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Same thing for the Nasdaq, Standard & Poor's, you name it.
It's 144 points right now.
And again, that's an indicator of the confidence of the American people.
They're trying to say, oh, he failed at health care, the economy's dead, we won't get rid of Obamacare, which is designed to kill the economy.
And so if that's going to stay, the stock market freaks out, because America might be shut down like the globalist plan.
But Trump is in there saying, I never said do this or it was dead, I'm in on this vote.
Now we're going to go back to the Freedom Caucus and see what we can get.
Took Obama almost three years to get his pass.
Trump didn't do this.
He's trying to remove what Obama and the globalists did.
But the media turns reality upside down and says, headline, Obamacare is now Trump's problem.
Oh, and the Republican leadership says, we better work with the Democrats, sir.
Oh, it makes something even worse.
From the very people that did it to begin with, he's surrounded by the Republican establishment, his biggest threat, total moles, the COG that Obama ordered as a stay-behind network to block the president as they built opposition ahead of removing him politically or killing him, the MSM-controlled foreign corporate press, the communist Chinese and foreign governments, the EU, every foreign government's against us but the Japanese, the UK, and the Russians.
And Russia's sitting here knowing our government is in a civil war with all these weapons, even though Trump hasn't ordered it, still being rolled up onto the border.
And they're like, he's like, what are you doing?
They said, you're not a Russian, are you, sir?
NATO is doing that with our troops.
Well, I'm the commander in chief.
Well, sir, not under NATO agreements.
They actually command those forces.
Well, screw that!
Sir, the Russians might get us!
Oh really, the Russians can barely keep their country afloat.
They're gonna get us?
While the Communist Chinese, every one of my advisors tell me, is running our country and buying Hollywood, all six production companies?
I was the first a decade ago to tell you China was buying up Hollywood, because I would go out there sometimes, and they're like, oh yeah, well the Chinese won't like that.
And I'm like, who?
The Politburo, the Central Committee.
I like really, oh yeah, they're big investors on everything now.
They're like, just watch.
That's why a lot of films now will, you know, have some propaganda about China and now you see it everywhere.
From the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, has like Chinese characters that say stuff in Chinese on it.
I mean, what the hell?
In a galaxy far, far away or whatever, long time ago?
I mean, it's just every movie you go see!
Our rocket booster doesn't work, but Chinese come with red flags and save it.
I mean, we are a joke, folks!
We're so captured, the Communist Chinese don't just have the Panama Canal, they're now kicking U.S.
companies out and buying up the country.
That was in the news two days ago.
We are in desperate straits, but if we admit we're in desperate straits, if we admit there's tyranny, like Thomas Jefferson said, it will dissipate like phantoms at dawn.
But remember, Spicer, Trump came out and talked about shadow government ignoring his orders, and how the deep state was doing all this, and they were like, man, they're crazy.
I mean, this is weird.
They're like, what's going on here?
Spicer is agreeing with the president and losing credibility.
They said that he backs the president's statements on deep state.
Spicer, there's no question, deep state at work in government, right, Bart?
And all over the national news they're like, ah, did you hear him?
There's something called a deep state.
I mean.
And then all the trendies laugh.
Meanwhile, the most prestigious elite publication says, COG's in place.
It's time to remove the president.
And if you resist, you know what to do with a rooskie.
And you see John McCain pointing to Senator, you don't want war in Montenegro?
You don't want to send in NATO into Montenegro?
A tiny little enclave in the Balkans?
That what the Russians already said?
In Serbia, after our government let Albania, Muslims take over a third of Serbia and just murder everybody?
And our media said it was the Serbs?
The Russians have said, you go to Montenegro, we're going to roll in with force.
And McCain's like, wonderful, let's start a war!
That'd be like saying NATO is going to come into South Texas because somebody's been mean to Mexicans or something.
It's the equivalent of that.
Wow, we heard there's reports that Russians are meddling in the Montenegro affairs where it's like half the population or more says they're Russian.
It's like Nigel Farage is under criminal investigation by the EU and the UK government for saying Sweden's the rape capital of the world because of Muslims, when if you go to the international statistics, they're the rape capital of the world and 80 plus percent is Muslims doing it.
Swedish men are completely from Vikings to Betas.
They've been totally Stockholm, I guess Sweden is where the term comes from, Stockholm Syndrome into that.
And then they're looking at, they've already indicted Le Pen for saying similar things.
She's the front runner for president in France.
You can't say that bluebirds are blue!
Or that Mustangs are made by Chevy!
I mean, folks, this is the tyranny garbage that we're dealing with, and then meanwhile, we ought to show those statistics again.
The crew pulled it up.
They are the rape capital of the world.
There's your headline.
I mean, look, here's the deal, ladies and gentlemen.
They said Sean Spicer's crazy?
You can look it up.
Trump ridiculed for talking about existence of deep space.
Or deep state.
Yeah, they'll probably say space doesn't exist either.
I mean, here they are saying do it.
And I told you this is the way they do it!
Because this is what they cooked up before!
And now this rogue, out of control, dirty, evil, pedophile-packed group
Think they're going to kill our president.
They're suggesting military coups in the Washington Post.
Three ways to get rid of the president.
For public affairs, the Washington Post.
And it's openly, she now works.
for the George Soros Open Society and issued the paper through the New American Foundation.
So the real headline is, George Soros' mouthpiece calls for military coup.
Who can make that up?
George Soros calls for military coup.
And I'm a historian who, just a lay historian that studied all this, and I'm watching the exact same thing happen right now.
And I'm asking you, what do we do about it?
I'm asking the listeners, what do we do about it?
When we're assaulted by an enemy media that did a 60 Minutes piece saying Hillary Clinton didn't fall down completely, and that it was demonia, when everybody knows you keep playing the clip, she falls completely down on her face.
That's how dumb they think you are!
They literally think you're an idiot.
And they play all these games.
I clarify about Pizzagate that I think, from my sources, focusing on that pizza place instead of all the other reports of confirmed Jerry Epstein and Hillary trying to cover up for child traffickers that were smuggling hundreds of Haitian kids out that were disappearing, and all the admitted pedophiles, information, and law enforcement saying that we're going to go after Weiner for child porn, the 15-year-old, on our show before it was ever in the New York Daily News.
But here's what's crazy.
It's nowhere else but a few newspapers.
It's like they arrest 774 people with 29 kids in bondage, in cages.
KTLA, one report.
Where are the hundreds of reports every day following it?
Who are the kids?
What happened?
Where are the hero police officers that investigated it?
There's another with 184.
I mentioned all these legislators and people getting busted.
I just covered that earlier.
But it's on local news and then nowhere else.
And then I say to the audience...
The Democratic Party, bigwigs, the big dogs, I know from internal information, want to make the whole fight about a pizza place instead of all the other stuff and we'd be dumb to sit there and do it on their terms and who the media picked up on all the online rumors and focused on to blow it up so that we'd all go cover that like a mother bird with her, acting like her wings broken to keep you away from what's really going on and then using people.
That's how it works.
There have been an unreported 1,500 pedophile arrests have been made nationally since Trump took office.
That's February 28th, folks.
That's a month old today.
Let's pull up the town hall from last week.
It's now over, what, 3,000 arrests?
An all-time record in a year.
And it's not just child porn, folks.
It's people with kids that have been kidnapped.
You see every kid in me.
Here's little Joey.
He disappeared four years ago out of his backyard.
He was found in a cage.
But because it's government officials and folks that got caught, that story has been shut down.
474 with 29 kids in bondage who were industrially
Let's pull it up.
Being held for the grips.
You guys want me to show you?
It's KTLA.
Let's just go to the entire document cam stack right now.
That's one way I can get it out.
Here we go.
Missing black girls in DC spark outrage.
Prompts call for federal help.
Days later, don't worry, they're all just runaways.
That's right.
Little girls disappearing out of their backyards.
Let's not worry about them.
Continuing here, ladies and gentlemen.
After exposure of pedophile, BBC star probe widens to UK parliament.
London Independent, police launched a criminal investigation into members of Parliament's child sex ring.
Jimmy Savelle was part of a satanic ring, including the Royal Family.
The Express.
Here it is!
474 arrested, 28 sexually exploited.
I'm sorry, is it 29 children?
Rescued during statewide human trafficking operation.
Zero follow-up.
In fact, I want to send our reporters
I'll be news desk, out there to L.A.
to talk to the groups, to cover it, to talk to the cops and find out what's going on.
Because here's the deal.
You want hardcore reporting on the U.N.
sex rings and all the trafficking and all of it?
You're gonna get it here.
Always have, always will.
And it just goes on and on and on and on.
Notice you never hear about spirit cooking in the news anymore.
Always pizza, pizza, pizza.
Yes, is there code words?
Fusing pizza.
Did they report back into the 80s?
Weird stuff going on at big pizza places.
You know, they had a rat for a mascot.
I'm not saying anything against that place, but we saw those reports and always heard those rumors of kids disappearing.
That was a big issue.
That's been in the news.
But then it doesn't mean it's some random pizza place.
I'm not getting into what went on in DC.
The point is, is that this is the big issue.
This is what I'm focusing on.
This is what we're going to get into.
We have confirmed 29, 28 kids.
We have confirmed hundreds arrested.
Sex slavery, living in cages.
That needs to be magnified and will be!
The sex slave scandal that exposed pedophile billionaire Jerry Epstein.
Again, London Guardian, you name it.
Bill Clinton flying this special island.
Epstein, the billionaire pedophile with links to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Maxwell, and Prince Andrew.
Who is Laura Silsby?
She was the top-level Clinton official in Haiti, caught smuggling out the kids convicted, and Hillary in the WikiLeaks is in there trying to cover it up.
And it's in the State Department information.
So, oh yeah, there's the Hill article, there was also one in Town Hall.
Why the MSM is ignoring Trump's sex trafficking bust.
That's right!
That's right, Donald Trump is going to get somebody killed, The Washington Post says, you know, because he's connected to me and we're covering all this crap.
Oh, here's some of the latest stuff.
Former Northeast Ohio mayor admits to raping four-year-old.
Oh yeah, this latest illegal that they caught raped a two-year-old.
But nothing was done, of course.
Air Force colonel sentenced for child porn.
Fox News.
Always talking about the child porn, but never the actual sex slaves.
A lot of times it's somebody they set up and it's just child porn.
It's the actual trafficking, folks.
Oklahoma state senator charged with engaging in child prostitution.
See, boom!
Reportedly caught in the actual act.
High profile pedophiles, army colonel, top attorney, and politician arrested in latest child sex sting.
We're going to start investigating this.
We're going to send our teams all over the country.
We're going to go after every single organization and group out there, but with hard facts where there are busts going on.
We're not going to run off when the New York Times and the Washington Post and CNN all, when nobody's talking about a particular pizza place, they start covering it.
And I'm five days in wondering why we're covering it.
And I got a gut feeling and I go, pull out of this right now!
You watch and boom, you see what goes down.
They all make it the fake news.
There's no pedophilia in America.
A child's never been abused.
It doesn't exist.
No vaccines ever hurt you either.
That's the stuff they're putting out right now.
Bald-faced lies!
And we just sit here and ignore all the giant... By the way, I told you these busts were coming.
I was told that by high-level Trump people.
They said he's gonna make a major move.
And of course, you notice that's in interviews he's done and tweets he put out years ago.
We ought to kill pedophiles.
How much he hates pedophiles.
You don't think being in New York around all this, he isn't aware of what a lot of these scumbags are into?
He's into gorgeous Eastern European women.
Who wouldn't be?
Who could ever not be into that?
Never get tired of that, huh?
He's into great, healthy family success.
Green pastures, baby!
Globalist, darn.
So we need your prayers and your support because they know InfoWars and Drudge exposed the whole Podesta thing with the spirit cooking.
It was the number one story for three, four days.
It did influence the outcome of the election and they didn't know what to do and that's why I believe from my research they had their operatives go out knowing that there was some smoke and things in different areas but then diverting with media attention getting us to jump on the bandwagon and my gut, my spidey sense was dead on that front and that's why we've clarified
Groups that are innocent or where you can't go one way or the other to just say right there, boom, we're not going to be sucked into these type of things.
Seems like Karl Rove famously reportedly would put fake stuff in a dossier of a lot of real stuff and then give it to Dan Rather.
And then when Dan Rather reported it, they'd have him.
See how that works, ladies and gentlemen.
So regardless, you want to keep whatever.
The point is, is that is that
Definitely from what we've seen, there's powerful actors at the highest levels pushing a narrative of violence, wanting to have some events take place so they can demonize any investigation of pedophilia as illegal or criminal, have it be a new protected group.
Nambla wants that at the UN, where you can't criticize pedophiles.
And you've seen Salon and others, the cutting edge of the left, say, be nice to pedophiles, people threaten them.
And then have a guy on that says, I like five-year-old girls, but it's okay.
And now they push that everywhere because they want to normalize that.
We've got their game plan.
We know how to beat them, just like on COG, just like on everything else.
We've got them.
And if you'll just listen to me, I'm risking my life and everything doing this.
I mean, we're under attack like no one else but the president, because they understand that, yes, the president listens and yes, Bannon listens.
But they know how accurate I am because they have access to everything now.
And now it's gone from people listening to me to now in the Pentagon, the military, everywhere people are saying I am the number one person to listen to, period.
Because this is all I do is focus on this.
It's not all I'm bragging!
We know how to beat them!
Listen to me!
France's Le Pen says the EU, quote, will die, globalists to be defeated.
The time has come to defeat globalists, she said.
I have an article linked on DrudgeReport.com from Reuters.com.
The European Union will disappear, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told a rally on Sunday, promising to shield France from globalization as she sought to fire up her supporters in the final four weeks before voting gets
Buoyed by the unexpected election of Donald Trump in the United States and by Britain's vote to leave the EU.
The leader of the Euro-skeptic and anti-immigrant National Front Party told the rally that the French election will be the next step in what she called a global rebellion of the people.
The European Union will die because the people do not want it anymore.
Arrogant and hegemonic empires are destined to perish.
This is Ashley Beckford reporting for InfoWars.com.
Stay tuned for more special reports.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Out on the road for 40 days.
Last night in Little Rock left me in a haze.
Sweet, sweet Connie was doing her act.
She had the whole show.
And that's a natural fact.
Live on now.
With Kenny Kane.
Polka is his game.
Booze and ladies, keep it right!
Yeah, well, I'm a good boy, I don't get my booze anymore.
We're an American band, not a Russian band.
Get that straight.
But America is about a lot of people coming together with shared values of freedom.
Not having a safety net, ladies and gentlemen, but Wild Wild West!
What in the wide, wide world of sports the heck is going on here?
Four young Chiquitas in Omaha!
Feeling good!
Feeling right, it's a Saturday night!
He was out of sight.
Yeah, but see, I guess the Underground Railroad likes chiquitas, grown women.
Some people aren't into that, folks.
But notice all the established people who beat men over the head for liking women.
That's just because they got the wrong taste.
If they were in the club, everything would be alright.
Yeah, I'm an American man.
I ain't into kids.
Makes me want to throw up.
Oh, we're coming to your town.
We're coming after the pedophiles.
We're coming after their networks like never before.
You attack the Hydra, what happens?
More heads sprout.
It's metaphysical.
That's my rule.
And now it's time for us to take the gloves off.
We're an American band coming to your town.
We're gonna burn your New World Order down.
Alright, Paul Joseph Watson from London, England.
He's going to be joining us coming up soon in the near future.
He tells me in the next month or two he's going to work it out and come spend two weeks with us and co-host Paul Joseph Watson.
So I am very, very excited about that.
I never feel good on the defense.
I'm never on the defense.
Anything that looks like defense is tactical.
Everybody should understand that.
I want to take a few phone calls before Paul Watson gets on.
I meant to take more calls.
I should have taken more calls.
I got a bunch of clips I haven't gotten to.
But what do you think of them openly now, not just having Rosie O'Donnell or Michael Moore saying overthrow Trump or kill Trump or martial law, but the Washington Post, Foreign Affairs of the CFR, Public Affairs of the Washington Post, all these other publications, and now the Atlantic saying, yeah, COG is ass.
And we've got to put the reports out now from all our deep research over the years.
I'm going to shoot a special report tonight that we're going to put out.
I'm going to do a live emergency report, but with Rob Dewey, with all these clips lined up, because we'll have more time.
Maybe I'll do it at 4 o'clock today, or 3 o'clock, when Watson ends.
You know what I'm going to do?
I'm tempted to come in here at 3 o'clock when the main show ends, do a whole other commercial free hour, live, staying on our mainstreams.
We're also going out to Versailles, a lot of stations want it.
To really just lay out the history of COG, how it's happening, how I know what they would do next.
I mean, you understand nobody was saying COG three months ago when Trump won and saying they would plan this and they'd build up like this, this and that to this point.
Because most folks don't study these things and most people don't have a radio show or TV show or the background or the infrastructure to have all the proof at their fingertips.
But that's not the issue about me being right.
I'm telling you I'm right and I'm on target.
They now have the crosshairs on the president and their finger is going on the trigger and this thing has basically no pressure on it.
This is a hair trigger and the Death Star is clear to fire.
And I just looked at we're ruled by Michael Moore and Pelosi and weirdos like Soros and all the scrabbling little rap-like reporters that have almost no audience but
Together with hundreds of shows can put out hoaxes and frauds and just to look at the hoaxes they've put out about Russia and myself and Trump and just the despicable nature of these people and to watch them openly trying to wreck the economy.
What do you think we should do about this?
And what do you think about them calling Obamacare repeal failure on day 65?
What was Friday?
Day 65, whatever?
I mean, where are we now?
How many days in the presidency are we today?
Look at the calendar.
I don't know.
They're calling him, getting so much done, and then they wanted to repeal Obamacare next year.
He said, no, let's do it, showing that Paul Ryan was doing this on purpose.
Then Paul Ryan butchers it on purpose.
And then Trump calls his bluff because at least it kills the main Obamacare and the forced mandate.
And still they wouldn't pass it.
That's the Republican leadership's fault.
Look at the Tea Party keeping them honest.
They're the real MVPs here.
But I'll be honest.
Trump's done so much good that I can't even list all my mind.
This was a bad move going along with...
Paul Ryan's bill, but then I think, what would it be like being the president right now?
Where they're openly trying to set up his overthrow and saying it in the newspaper.
The guy, everybody else is cowards.
They're saying all this in the news to get the generals to turn against him and his cabinet.
A bunch of them are cowards.
Because not all of them are fatalistic and are tripled down believing he can restore the republic.
Donald Trump is absolutely on target right now.
He's been in office 67 days, so yeah, Friday would have been, I was going from memory, I said 65.
I'd say like 63, 64.
David Gergen, worst 100 days in any president's history.
The most fantastic with the global elite in full panic, with prosperity-backed people celebrating, 3 trillion in the stock market, and you are openly, traitorously, in the news trying to kill the prosperity, and saying you're doing it!
And if Trump comes out and says, the sun came up in the morning, you say, there's no such thing as the sun.
Spicer, well, you know, the shadow government, the deep state are blocking us.
They're all on the news admitting they're ignoring him.
It's called deep state.
CNN's like, well, the deep state knows how to deal with him.
Yeah, Chuck Schumer, yeah, the spies will really bite him in the butt.
Trump better watch it.
And then Brennan admitted, you know.
Well, Hobbyist says, watch your mouth, Mr. President!
Two days before he leaves the CIA!
That shows belligerent evil!
And I just want to make sure... If we got to bang heads with these people, it's effective, and no matter what happens to us on the front line, they go down, because that's all I want.
I've predicted everything so far.
My gut tells me we've got a 90% shot at victory right now.
That's why they're so desperate.
And if you keep pushing and get more people awake, it's like 99%.
Here's the problem.
It could be a Pyrrhic victory in that nukes go off, they start a war with Russia to try to stay in power.
But, you know, it's actually better that happened than they keep control because they want to kill the spirit and actually take their time with our kids and our culture and really mutate everything.
And so, is it better your kid be six months, you know, in a dungeon getting raped by these people, historically, as an allegory?
Or is it better it be nuclear war for him?
Six months of torture or nuclear war?
And I don't mean that literally, it's more of an analogy, but the media will take it out of context.
But that's where this is going!
That's where we are.
And you understand what I'm saying to you is total truth.
That's why they hate this broadcast.
It's total truth.
It's right there.
Our enemy is the most degenerate, wicked, twisted group.
Imagine them all trying to hold up Hillary and all these scumbags like she's a goddess.
Calling her a goddess on CNN in white robes in like some cult.
And the cult wants to end the family and shorten the language and make us all dumbasses and ban whiteboards and ban people.
What's the article today where the guy had a name like Groper?
A German name?
It's not even Groper, it's Grooper.
And they're banning that on his license plate.
They're like looking for hurtful things in the clouds.
Again, it's an assault on everything.
They knowingly know what they're doing.
And then they've got all these miserable losers that have been sabotaged at a young age into this cult who were so pissed.
Again, I'll use the analogy a thousand times.
I'll use it again.
It's like the last man on earth, Vincent Price.
It's such a classic.
The original zombie movie, by the way.
Yeah, there's the article on InfoWars.com.
Grab her!
I didn't even grope her.
I was going from Nova Scotia.
I was like, that's Canada.
Grab her!
She's just like, grab her, like, grab her out of the water, or grab her before she falls down, or, you know, boy I tell ya, she likes you!
You better marry her, you better grab that girl!
It's not even grope her, I was going from memory, it's grab her!
I'll take a few of your phone calls, I don't know how far we can go, but it's 800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
I just know that I'm perpetually guilty that I've not done enough.
Because I know who these people are, I know what they're up to, and I just, my body runs out of energy.
And I apologize for that, and I apologize I'm not as strong as I should be in the face of this, but I'm just asking all of you, will you pray for us and support us and pray for your own family?
And really think about the cost of what we're up against.
And understand that financial support of this broadcast, buying the products, we have the X2, the good halogen, along with the selenium, bio-true selenium together, such a power punch.
You read the reviews, these things together.
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You'd die without it.
Infowarslive.com or AAA2533139.
Little secrets like this.
China started adding iodine about 20 years ago to its rural villages.
Oh, and guess what?
One out of three kids don't have Down syndrome now.
Just look it up.
Oh my goodness.
They can actually talk.
You can Google here.
Try to put some crappy iodine in the 30s in the salt of the Midwest because of the giant goiters and so many kids were mentally retarded and then up the IQ on average 15 points.
You might want to research it for yourself.
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It might be a month or two until we get more of the Super Blue back in.
It's going to sell out today.
We've got the children supposedly coming in Friday.
We'll see if that happens.
It's been delayed twice.
Infowarslive.com, Infowarsstore.com, or 888-253-3139.
I got a bunch of clips I didn't get to.
Nunes, why I would not continue as Intel Chair.
I mean, why would he?
I'm supposed to talk to the President now?
It's a total cult.
Like, no one talks to anyone in the government except Democrats.
Everyone else is a Russian spy but us.
Even though historically you've had the Russians, you know, puppeteering you before the fall of the Soviet Union.
Hispanic American Contractor, that was powerful.
I played that.
We've got a bunch of clips here.
Morning Joe calls Nunes.
Clowns call for Nunes to recuse himself as Intel Chair.
Totally sick.
Sheriff Clark has comments on that.
I want to play that.
Let's play Morning Joe.
Clowns call for Nunes to recuse himself.
And this is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Who is one of the top enemy brains of the New World Order and writes books admitting everything.
And we have to sit there with this demon woman.
Here it is.
Who decided that Devin Nunes was qualified to be the House Intel Chair?
He has completely undermined himself.
It is now proven ten times over.
I love how they use the fact that he always looks very deliberative and very serious and very measured.
And then I've also heard news like, oh, he's a little young.
What you mean is he's Hispanic.
See, they're so pissed, folks, that the number one group getting elected in the Republican Party is women and Hispanics.
And then, oh, Hispanics get to be rich now?
Oh, my God!
And if Hispanics weren't under colonialism in Mexico, that same culture, they are great additions to the Republic.
And if the Hispanics ever figure that out, and the Republicans are just like, here, come run it all.
Just don't take the guns and be for private property.
Here, run the committees.
We'll put a Hispanic president in.
Whites will vote for you in 10 seconds.
Blacks, you better.
And they're so pissed that all these Hispanics are getting power positions now.
They're flipping out.
You see that in the Democratic Party?
No, you don't.
You don't see that, do you?
No, you don't.
Because they're the most racist, insular group I've ever seen in my life.
And so, oh, Nunes is, let's have a bunch of, let's have this former congressman that a dead intern found, suspiciously, in his office.
But no investigation, because he's a good boy.
Let's just remember that.
You've got the daughter of one of the biggest mass murderers in history, and sitting next to a guy who was found with a dead body in his office, but that's okay!
Because they're good people, right?
Should we go around the other house, tell you about them?
This is quite a crew.
But, oh, oh, Nunes!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Can somebody tell this?
Oh, I won't even say this, because they'll say I said that.
Let's go back to him.
It's just reality.
So that's the question everyone's asking.
Should Congressman Devin Nunes recuse himself from leading the House Russia investigation?
Let me think about this.
No, it's not funny actually.
I'm not saying it's funny.
It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.
It's preposterous.
I don't think they have.
I think if they had information that was damning to the Obama administration, it would be in your newspaper by now.
Trump said, I won't tell the enemy we're going to strike, and I won't release classified info.
Trump won't commit a crime leaking the information.
And that's what they're trying to get at is, ooh, was he giving Trump secret info?
Or was Trump giving him secret?
But it was to someone cleared to get it!
So Trump is following the law, knowing they're trying to trip him up in anything.
Let's go ahead and go to another clip, and I'm going to your phone calls.
Let's go to Sheriff Clark who knocks it out of the park, breaking down what's going on.
Here it is.
Did they use, under the guise of legitimate intelligence gathering, legitimate surveillance?
Was that a ruse to really surveil the President?
And the next question, logical question after that, is who knew what, where, and when?
And did the President know at the time?
Then President Obama.
You know, you're not going to find Barack Obama's fingerprints on this, but he's all over this.
He's not stupid enough to have ordered or directed or to have been involved in any of the conversation.
He might not be able to prove this, but he knew what was going on.
I'll tell you what, I'll put myself in his position.
If something like this was going on in Milwaukee County, in my agency, some high-level investigation,
And somebody didn't tell me about it, I wouldn't be real happy about it.
So, you know, it's one of those things that we'll never get to be able to work this thing back toward the president, the former president.
But he's all over this thing.
And this is the upside down world.
That's what, uh, Trey Gowdy said, Congressman.
The Intelligence Committee head is supposed to talk to the president.
There's an investigation going on about spying.
Again, they admitted all this months ago.
They're spying on Trump.
That's illegal and you shouldn't have leaked it.
They went, we never did that!
We never did that!
Hoping the goldfish went, oh that's right.
Can we get an intro with the goldfish?
I've only seen the thing like five times with my kids.
I guess I'm a goldfish memory now.
Is that the name of the goldfish in...
Finding Nemo?
It's like, my name's Alex Jones!
And seven seconds later, you go, what's your name?
So in thousands of newspapers, we're spying on Trump.
We have the communiques.
We have him caught as a Russian agent.
Oh, we're going to bring him out to create the illusion.
But actually, the intel committee goes, well, we've seen it.
There's nothing there.
They go, shut up, New News!
There's no intelligence reports.
You know you're supposed to... So he goes and shows the president.
The president goes, yeah, we've got him.
So they sit around with their lawyers.
They go, well, you're the head of the intelligence committee.
You can come out and say you've seen the evidence.
You just can't say where from.
And then they say he's a Russian agent.
Next level.
So we need to do an intro with Dory and show like them going, oh look, we have wiretaps, we're spying on Trump.
And then a month later, it's ridiculous, we never did it, and you have her going, who am I?
Where are we?
Who are you?
What's going on?
Like Great White Sharks are trying to kill him.
And 30 seconds later, she goes, what's going on?
How are you doing?
He's like, get out of here!
There's Great White Sharks attacking!
They're openly in newspapers everywhere saying, let's kill Trump!
Let's overthrow him!
Let's use COG!
Let's seize the government!
And by the way, the real danger here is, this is going to go off half-cocked.
The only reason they haven't done it yet is because they know it's going to blow up in their face.
But they're so crazy, they might just do it.
They're acting like they're going to try to overthrow Trump.
They're saying they are.
They're now selling the idea everywhere.
The media's gone completely Soviet beyond any lies I've ever seen in history.
So we've got to make this the big debate and talk radio.
It's not about who's the biggest host.
I could care less.
It's not about any of this.
It's about survival now, folks.
Understand, they get Trump.
I'm all in with Trump because we're now bound at the hip, folks.
They're coming after me.
I'm going to be number one after Trump.
We're going to hang together or hang separate.
I said I'd never give up if Trump was to sell out, which I don't think he can physically do, and whatever, and then sell out to him, I'd probably just leave the country.
I just, I don't know what to do at that point.
But I have sworn not to leave the country, but just, what if your country leaves you?
This is so real, I just wish...
I just wish everybody knew this is so dire.
It's never been more insane.
And then look who's running a bunch of crazies that want to bring in radical Islam and are connected up to their eyeballs with pedophiles and convicted pedophiles and UN child sex trafficking and it's all over the news.
But just one article per giant bust of kids in cages.
We covered it earlier.
And then they try to use everybody's reporting on something that's a little off to then say there's no such thing as pedophiles worldwide.
I mean, that's how dumb they think we are.
It's not going to work.
You know, I have a Machiavellian side to me and I don't let it take control of me and I don't let it operate because then it's like the Ring of Mordor.
You could end up using it, you know, against the enemy evil to win and then you become evil.
Some people, Machiavellian, looked into what's currently going on and they go, oh my god, this is six level chess, we see what Alex did.
It's not quite like that.
See, in God's plan it works a little bit different than that.
No matter what they do, if we're trying to be righteous and good and honorable, and just ask God for the help, no weapon formed against us prospers.
Understand that?
And so, no matter what they do,
Don't say the Democratic Party starts suing people.
And it's THE Democratic Party that's running around threatening this all over.
Imagine what happens in the depositions when anybody connected, we can deposit and we got deep pockets.
But then I think, that's not the path.
But if they choose that path...
No, the past sending our reporters, our best investigators to cover the kids found in dungeons all over the country and the giant pedophile roundup that Trump's involved in that no one in MSM will cover.
They'll cover the individual cases, but not like they should?
I mean, how sensational is dungeons with kids in California confirmed?
474 arrested, a bunch of them government officials, and that's just one of these big busts.
It's hundreds and hundreds every couple days now.
And it isn't just child porn, it's the sex slaves, and it's high government officials.
We now know how they're controlling.
We've done this for a long time.
Massive bust going on all over England, by the way.
People believe that Trump's leading, so they're putting their necks out, their lives out.
You think these cops going after pedophile rings are getting threatened?
You think they're going through a lot of hell?
You think people aren't coming after their family?
You think the military that's fully aware of this doesn't know?
And isn't being targeted in ways I'm not allowed to tell you about?
And I'm not, you know, I don't want to intimidate people either, but the type of folks this is happening to are really hard to intimidate.
But bad, I mean, stuff's going on, folks.
It's so horrible that when people expose this type of stuff and start exposing it, start reporting on it, a week later their daughter gets kidnapped and raped.
A week later, people get told, you shut your mouth.
They don't.
Why do you think we had Tonto of fame and one of the greatest heroes living of Benghazi said, I got your back, Alex.
I'll be there whenever you need me.
He knows what's going on.
He meant that.
We're not Russians.
We're here.
We're Americans.
This is it.
This is the resistance.
You knew there'd be one, right?
You're the resistance.
We're in this together.
Understand how epic it is.
Understand you didn't want to be a leader.
You are, ladies and gentlemen.
I know a lot of military people who have got their families on ranches, hidden.
Now, things have gotten so bad.
The people that know where the bodies are buried, the people that know how to respond to this are digging in and getting ready to go on the offense, ladies and gentlemen.
So let me just tell the New World Order something.
You think six guys held down 500 of your jihadis and killed 300 or 400 of them in Benghazi?
Imagine when everybody knows the globalist names and all these globalists have security details of people that hate their guts.
You people are crazy.
You talk about a tiger by the tail.
Let's come to the next segment.
I said I'd take calls.
I'm out of time.
Robert in California, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you for opening my eyes.
Thank you for X2.
I saw Joe Rogan at the Comedy Store in LA a couple months back, and he was a special guest anyway.
He was staring me straight in the eye, and I was thinking, go on Alex Jones, Joe.
Go on Alex Jones.
Anyways, it was highly odd.
That we went to see this guy Maz Jobrani.
He's a Persian stand-up comic.
And both he and Aziz Ansari was a special guest.
He came out of the back randomly.
So did Kevin Nealon.
Kevin Nealon was great.
Anyways, both Maz Jobrani and Aziz Ansari talked about this Adam Saleh guy.
This guy that got kicked off the airplane because he said for speaking Arabic, but he does it on purpose.
And they both spoke about Pizzagate.
And I thought it was so odd.
That two comics tell the same jokes and it's both deception at the same show.
And then Joe got on there and he was totally lucid.
Now were they saying Pizzagate was real or were they saying it wasn't?
I'm joking.
Ha ha, pizza gate.
Pizza is a code word for pedophilia.
That's admitted.
We're not saying every pizza place is involved or any of these places.
The point is, yeah, there's a major leftist deal to basically say pedophilia doesn't exist now or to have Nambla, you know, in Salon saying it's great, let us date your daughter.
And so that's why, that's why they use, then, people making mistakes on reporting on other people's reports.
As you know, every news channel in the country, every radio station in Austin, took what I did last week, lied about my retraction, said that I said pedophilia doesn't exist, Hillary Clinton's a perfect person.
I didn't say any of that.
I said specifically, some of the reports out there about that pizza place in D.C.
were not accurate, and I apologize for it.
That's all!
It's a normal correction.
They try to, again, twist it, thinking the public's dumb and don't know what a correction is.
But don't worry!
We're gonna go all in like we've always done, but next level, we're gonna expose all of it.
Get ready.
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A total 360 win.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I've got a tiger by the tail that's swaying the sea.
I won't be much when you get through with me.
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas.
We're gonna beat the globalists.
So I take them head-on.
You think attacking David Brock and George Soros head-on every day makes them attack me more?
I want it.
I want the enemy head-on.
Alright, Michael and a few others I'm going to go to.
Then Paul Watson's coming up with bombshell, big hour.
Trying to twist his arm into it more and more days a week.
Everybody loves Paul.
I love Paul as well.
Very excited he's been coming to Texas soon.
We're going to at least leave it at that.
Michael in California, you're on the air.
So, they're openly saying assassinate Trump's COG all over the news.
The most elite publications, formerly with the State Department.
They're now saying do it.
And I'm telling you folks, did I not predict that?
And is it now not happening?
At what point do we take the gloves off, Alex?
At what point do we take it to the next level?
We know who they are.
We have them identified.
At what point do we act?
Do we just wait for them to nuke us?
Do we wait for them to assassinate Donald Trump?
Well, he's got control of the nukes right now, but they've got a lot of traitors in there.
Not so much in the military, but in the different agencies.
And it's a civil war.
We've just got to declare it's happening.
Trump knows what he's doing so far.
And just let the enemy know we know about their plan.
And because they're trying to just soft sell this to everybody.
It's a hard sell.
They're trying to let it out there, get everybody ready.
So the key is getting it out, getting it out, getting drugs to cover it, getting Rush Limbaugh to cover it, getting Sean Hannity to cover it.
I don't need the credit, but I've done all the road mapping for everybody with my crew, and our listeners have, you have.
We just got to lay it out to them how this is happening and say, look, it sounds crazy, but they're the ones saying it.
And so just let Michael Moore and these people at the State Department and all of them know,
President gets killed when you've been calling for it, you're going to be held accountable.
You're gonna have skin in the game, you little piece of crap.
I got skin in the game, the President's got it in the game, Paul Watson's got it in the game, the American people with the economy going down them, if he's globalist win, we're all in this game, and we know who you are.
You understand?
You've run your mouth, you've made your threats, we've seen the crimes you've committed, we know you're fully capable of it, and we're gonna hold you fully accountable.
Do you understand that scumbag?
Go ahead.
Let's apprehend George Soros immediately.
What are we waiting for?
I'm with Tonto.
I'm behind him too.
We have so many patriots behind Donald Trump, behind the whole liberty movement.
We're like 100 to 1 without a number of them, at least.
Well, here's the thing.
Go ahead.
They're going to false flag their own events.
If we went offensive, which we're not, it wouldn't be blowing up a federal building or whatever.
That's a mixed target.
That's just a building that's been occupied by the globalists.
We're taking it back.
Tell you what, not everybody in California are a bunch of liberal pucks.
We're ready!
We're ready.
Yeah, they're brainwashed.
They've been led down that trail through the media, through the vaccines, just like you taught.
And I see it all the time.
That they're just brain damaged.
Like, almost half of this state is brain damaged.
From our sources, but also from studying history, they're following what I see as their best shot at physically taking out the President.
And I'm telling you, in almost every operation they run, they kill the President.
In an armed assault, a nuke going off, blaming on a terrorist.
There's a lot of ways to do it, but the President is now, they're actively trying to figure out how to kill him right now.
Uber self-driving vehicle involved in Arizona crash.
This is an article from Bloomberg linked on Infowars.com.
A self-driving car operated by Uber Technologies Incorporated was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona.
The latest setback for a company reeling from multiple crises.
In a photo posted on Twitter, one of Uber's Volvo self-driving SUVs is pictured on its side next to another car with dense and smashed windows.
An Uber spokeswoman confirmed the incident as well as the veracity of the photo.
Uber, as well as its chief executive officer, are under scrutiny because of a series of scandals.
The ride-hailing company has been accused of operating a sexist workplace.
The New York Times reported that Uber used a tool called Grayball to help drivers evade government regulators and enforcement officials.
This is Ashley Beckford for InfoWars.com.
This is Alex Jones.
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Rallying patriots worldwide, it's Paul Joseph Watson from London, England.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
You can get cheesy about this, but we're not just in this information war like a defense ship for the Republic, but the whole planet.
The genetic engineering, the rise of the robots, what the globalists are doing, saying they're building a post-human world in their own words.
This is truly not just a human defense network, but defense of the planet itself against an out-of-control psychotic elite.
Paul Joseph Watson, it's hard to get you to host the show.
You're a busy man.
More Twitter impressions than the BBC combined.
A crazy time to be alive.
We have Media Matters, which means the mouth of Soros, saying ban us from Google, period, today.
They say ad roll banning us is not enough.
That's why it's critical for folks to financially support us more than ever when they purchase the great products at InfoWareStore.com.
I wanted to just ask you, what do you make of the Atlantic coming out calling to use continuity of government, martial law, suspension of Congress basically, but like saying all Republican leaders are illegitimate, like they were killed in a nuclear war, and have the Democrats declare basically civil emergency and have a new election that Homeland Security oversees, something Obama did before he left office.
And Trump ordered that it go back to the states.
The bureaucracy just ignored the president.
So we're in a state of civil war, a coup, a soft coup, a deep state.
They admit basically the seventh floor, as they call it, is running this.
This is an incredible time to be alive, Paul.
So on that front, and don't say the name of the special report, because I know it's months in the making.
But we were talking this weekend and you declared that you're about to come out against the worldwide pedophile network yourself with deep research.
So we're not retreating as the Austin American Statesman said.
We're clarifying and getting ready to go on the offense.
So those two points then tell us what's coming up and I'm gonna punch out right now my friend.
Alright, thanks Alex.
Yeah, I mean on the point you just mentioned, the idea in the light of this Pizzagate thing, whatever you think of Pizzagate, that global pedophilia has no connection to global elites, to people in positions of power, is manifestly, provably, complete BS.
And I know that because I researched it about 15 years ago.
It was one of the first things I heavily got involved with.
When I first started working for InfoWars, I built entire giant archives just of mainstream media news, of reports out of every single country.
Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, any European country you want to name.
In every single case, the major paedophile busts
The sex traffickers that get busted in every single investigation, it had links to police, chiefs, to judges, to celebrities, to people in government.
Every single major case.
So for the media to come out and say, oh this Pizzagate thing's been debunked, that means the whole issue's debunked, there's no link between
Global sex trafficking rings and the global elite.
Well, I'm afraid that's complete nonsense.
They know it's nonsense.
That's been public knowledge for the best part of two decades.
And if they think we're going to shut up about it because of this Pizzagate stuff...
Then they've got another thing coming.
So I'm going to make a giant video about it.
Bombshell after bombshell, documented examples of where these cases with the top paedophile networks smuggling children are always, in every single instance, tied into the Global Iliad.
So it's not a conspiracy theory.
They know it's not a conspiracy theory.
So I'm going to expose it ten times more.
After all this stuff happened with Pizzagate, whatever you think of Pizzagate.
I love seeing you get angry, Paul.
I'm going to let you take over.
I just want to add this point.
We're going to skip this break.
Let's skip both the network breaks.
You have more time today, so I'm cutting in.
Paul, again, the media misrepresents my retraction clarification last week.
We know MSM focused out of the whole pizza gate that was about pizza being code words of pedophilia all over the world, that's at FBI manuals, to one place with all these Democratic bigwigs going, some of which Podesta, I'd say openly has connections to this and we're investigating him and are on his tail.
But then to say the employees at a place or the owner, you know, that goes too far.
We were covering other reports and the fake stuff that got put out in the news, you know, about basements and menus of half-dead kids, that's all crap.
So when we're wrong about our good faith research to help kids, not met with any malice of forethought or intent to do harm to people we don't even know, you know, like Mr. Alifanis, that was done from a pure heart.
And then when we're wrong on something, we'll say, hey, this area, people need to leave this place alone.
And when they need to go look at
Hillary's top person in Haiti caught smuggling kids and getting convicted and Epstein and the plane and her representing pedophiles.
Like you said, I was already planning to get into this before this ever broke because I knew Trump was going after it.
Look how Trump's going after it.
So you go after all the documentation that you first were doing for Infowars.com 15 years ago.
Let's get back into all that now.
You know, you get on a subject like vaccines for a few years, then you move on.
Then you've got to go back to educate a new generation.
Same thing with the pedophile networks, how they use it to control.
I want you to just attack them on all fronts because it's clear they know worldwide people are moving against them.
They want these networks are the biggest groups calling for censorship and for shutting us down.
So they want to fight.
They better believe they got one and we're going on our absolute maximum offensive now with everything we've got.
And when people support us at Infowarsstore.com or donate to us or buy the products or spread our links, they are defeating this evil, evil, evil, evil, evil network with the UN and Salon and others openly trying to push the normalization of pedophilia right now.
And I'm sorry, they try to come out of the closet?
It's not going to happen.
We are going to absolutely rip open the closet and shove spotlights in there and it's happening now and we'll do the best we can, you know, in these investigations to obviously as we're kicking down these metaphorical doors to not step on innocent people.
But we are in the defense of children and their best interests and others and we are coming for the New World Order.
Paul Joseph Watson, I'm going to unplug or I'll keep interrupting.
Please continue.
Alright, thanks Alex.
Yeah, you mentioned censorship there and specifically John Podesta.
We have the big Media Matters hit piece out today.
I say today, there's one every day because it's Media Matters.
We've exposed... There were two!
There were two yesterday saying censors, sorry.
Yeah, but Alex, they wrote articles six years ago, butt-hurt whining about the fact that Matt Drudge was linking to us, remember?
And, you know, I met Drudge about, what, four years ago now, and he laughed about it and said because of that he would link to us more.
So thank you, Media Matters.
You made us about ten times bigger in the past six years thanks to your butt-hurt bitching and whining.
So carry on with that.
Please, carry on, Media Matters.
And you know Alex, it's obvious why they're doing it, because we know, it's documented.
We've had the reports, we've had the investigations.
Daily Caller did a big investigation back in 2012.
They met Brock, Podesta, this progressive media umbrella company.
They met with the Obama administration every single week.
In Obama's second term, probably in his first term as well.
Also, David Brock is intimately connected to all these top Democrats and people and the whole investigation.
Shouldn't he recuse himself from Pizzagate?
Oh, no.
In all of his so-called articles, nothing mentioned about it.
No Alex, this is what I wrote back in 2012 from the Daily Caller investigation.
Media Matters brags about how it works with the White House to control big media networks.
This is a quote from a Media Matters employee.
We were pretty much writing their prime time.
He's talking about Media Matters writing the prime time script for MSNBC.
Well I knew that before they admitted it because you'd see word for word them attack us and then at night the exact words on Rachel Maddow.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and then he goes on to say, quote, but then virtually all the mainstream media was using our stuff.
So it was not even a disguised Obama front group.
They were literally writing the propaganda that was on MSNBC, NBC, CBS every single night.
They even bragged about targeting reporters and making them freak out if they covered certain subjects.
Here's another quote.
If you hit a reporter, say a beat reporter at a regional newspaper, all of a sudden they get a thousand hostile emails.
Sometimes they melt down.
So they viciously, vindictively... They're a bullying group censoring free speech and now they're getting their ass kicked so they want us to openly shut down our advertisers all gone.
They're openly calling for that.
Organizing it against his listeners.
I want our coffers flooded.
We are under a direct globalist attack.
We have 30% off on the X2, good halogen right now, and on the BioTrue Selenium.
Exactly, Alex.
They've targeted us selling products.
Now they're targeting YouTube revenue.
They go through literally 20 of your videos and take screenshots of PlayStation or Trivalgo or other companies that have advertised.
Again, not directly by choice.
It's just a general Google AdSense mechanism.
But they're directly targeting individual advertisers now.
And why?
Because they've lost the debate.
They get their butt kicked on the issues over and over again, so they always have to resort to these dirty, underhanded schemes and tactics to try and censor us.
And it's not going to work.
Just as it's not going to work in places like Pakistan, and this is what I'm going to get on to talk about, Alex.
You know, it's not that far removed.
Look at what's happening in Pakistan.
And Facebook are now working directly with the Pakistani government to tackle, quote, blasphemous content.
They're helping the Pakistani government under Sharia law.
Same thing in China.
Same thing in China.
Microsoft is helping censor.
So there's a Pakistani blogger called Ayaz Nizami, a pseudonym, who left the faith of Islam, who criticizes Islam.
Facebook is helping to expose him now.
There's been hashtags on Twitter, hashtag hang Ayaz Nizami.
They're openly calling for his execution.
Of course, that's completely allowed by Twitter.
They don't give a damn about censoring that.
They'll censor us all day long, though, for, you know, using the wrong word.
Saying faggot on Facebook will get you a 30-day ban.
But Facebook is now working with the Sharia law government to literally hunt down thought criminals.
And Germany has hired former Skazi to help spy on folks to shut down free speech.
We know they're using Muslim brigades at Facebook now to go around censoring people that are being given this master moderation level.
So we literally have radical Islam now as the cultural enforcer of the left.
So it's not a private company, it's working with government to harass and target people.
I'm going to stop it.
I'm skipping all the breaks except for the local and see if we have more time.
Paul, go ahead.
Yeah, so the point is, people make the argument, oh, Facebook's a private company, Google's a private company, they can do what they want.
Well, Alex, they're no longer private companies.
They're monopolies.
If you get censored off YouTube, there are virtually no other options.
Your content is buried.
Eric Schmidt came out a few days ago.
He said, oh, we're not going to censor you.
We're just going to bury your content so nobody can see it.
Oh, gee, thanks.
That doesn't sound like... Oh, yeah, that's actually censorship, isn't it?
It's the very same thing.
Eric Schmidt on record saying that's what he's going to do.
Google is a monopoly.
They control virtually, what is it, 90, 95% of search traffic.
There's no other platform like YouTube.
They know it.
They've got the monopoly on it.
It's no longer a private company situation when Facebook, Twitter and Google are working with governments to harass people, to identify them, to target them.
Whether it be in Europe with hate speech laws, you know we've had cases where people in Holland, people in Germany have criticised the migrant policy of their governments on Facebook, on Twitter,
They get home visits from the police.
And who's that thanks to?
It's thanks to Facebook and Twitter giving police their home addresses.
So don't give me this BS about Facebook and Google and Twitter being private companies who can do what they want.
That line has long since been crossed.
They're basically government entities now.
This is corporatism and they're using it to strangle free speech.
As I said during my salad, they are attempting a hostile, multinational, global takeover of the nation-state, free speech, the internet, you name it.
It is a criminal, hostile takeover, publicly declared by a bunch of arrogant eugenicists.
No, and now we see it with YouTube.
I mean, there's an article out of the Financial Review here.
Carmakers Holden and Kia are pulling ads from YouTube as boycott widens.
So you think, well, maybe it's like ISIS propaganda, right?
Beheading videos.
That's understandable that they wouldn't want their ads to appear on those kind of videos.
It's, quote, men's rights and anti-feminist content.
So if you get up on YouTube and you criticize Trigglypuff or Big Red or any of these ridiculous screeching feminists, that's now hate speech.
Your channel gets demonetized.
There are literally now hundreds or thousands of political commentators on YouTube who are bashing the mainstream media, beating them at their own game, and the mainstream media absolutely hates it because they know we're dominating YouTube.
This is censorship.
Even Vice.com, which in its online version is this far regressive left social justice warrior,
Sewer, basically, at this point.
Even they came out and said, I was right.
The right, or conservative libertarians, anyone who's basically authentic and not controlled, you know, they're upset about freaking PewDiePie.
He's not even political.
Those people who aren't controlled are dominating YouTube.
They're absolutely terrified about it.
So now they're conflating, quote, extremist content.
Which is ISIS videos, which is jihadist propaganda, beheading videos.
They're taking that, conflating it with anti-feminism, men's rights, and basically anything.
And that's what Media Matters is directing, that we be completely shut off, which is torturous interference.
No, exactly.
They go through Google's updated terms of service for YouTube and it says basically, anything controversial can be demonetized.
It's literally going to destroy the careers of all these YouTubers who are taking on the mainstream media and winning, and that's why this is happening.
It's a fake, contrived moral panic created by the media and by these big corporations.
Are we skipping the break?
Yes, Paul.
The break is at 20.
We're going to send you an atomic clock.
But listen, let me just make this point in closing.
The next break is at 30.
We'll have six minutes.
We'll come back with 18 minutes.
And then five minutes, okay?
Here's the deal, Paul.
Matt Drudge is right.
He was right two years ago when he visited, or a year and a half ago.
We should be already involved in a massive exodus away from Google, YouTube, Facebook, you name it.
While we
Project our content there, and while we recruit people, a way to the new free web and let everyone know it's your mission to go to drugsreport.com or infowars.com.
We've got a widget coming out that's its own little app that you just, PC or Apple or Linux, whatever it is, you just put it on your computer.
Then you can share it with people and it's got an interface where you can share clips and chat and talk to folks.
And so, we're going to try to get our millions of listeners to download that and then to share that.
And that won't save the world, but it's that idea.
We've been on YouTube, we've been on Google, the same content will dominate anywhere.
I mean, we have over a million downloads of our podcast that is just an old-fashioned version we promote every day.
We have millions and millions that tune into our own streams every week.
Then we're on commercial radio, close to 250 stations right now, some of them gigantic.
And I don't even put up a list of stations because they'll try to boycott and harass those.
Since I finally stopped listing our stations, they exploded the last few years.
I had that idea and I knew it would work.
Why does a station need to be given credit nationally?
They don't.
And the listeners like Fight Club just spread the word behind the scenes, financially support them.
And when we go from being on on the weekend, to being on at night, to being on during the day, 50,000 waters in some cases in some of the biggest cities
In the nation.
And again, these globalists are all centralized.
So we're in guerrilla warfare everywhere.
That's why InfoWars is so well positioned to withstand all these assaults.
We're under the biggest yet on every front, believe me.
And we're under big ones.
And they get bigger every week.
But it's making us mobilize and go to the next level.
And that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, to quote Frederick Nietzsche.
So absolutely.
So call to arms, Paul.
Your fans love you.
They're there.
Ask them, more than ever.
You know, we need to create a newsletter for Paul Watson and tell folks I'm being censored off this stuff.
You may have to get my comments and commentary and videos and personal email with Paul Watson.
We need to set that up with our email system.
That's the way Newsmax does it.
We've been working with them.
They're great folks.
To really understand, we've got to go back to kind of a 1997-98 model underground.
To build our own dark web to be able to communicate, because we're now at that point, Paul, where they're openly saying they're going to shut us up.
We've got to build our own system that's even bigger.
Obviously, we're gigantic.
But InfoWars, you know, getting a few million visitors a day, that's nothing to what we do on all these other platforms together.
But the good news is people now know we're under assault, so our platforms are getting bigger.
So, Paul, I know the content's great.
You're kicking butt.
I need you to get in the brain factory here with me and really come up with some strategies to mobilize our listeners in this call to action.
They're on the front lines because without them, the enemy's going to win.
Paul Watson, I'm totally unplugging now.
Go ahead.
Alright, thanks Alex, and we've got a guest coming up to talk about this very issue in the next segment, by the way, Dave Cullen.
But I mean, yeah, that's the point.
We've got to ride it until the wheels fall off, basically, at this point.
The good thing that I've noticed over the past few years is, as long as we constantly bitch about it...
And this is one of the methods that they use to keep us on the back foot, to keep us on the ropes, is to have to be constantly concerned about fighting censorship.
So it prevents us from getting out of that situation.
And then that scares other people in a chilling effect.
The answer is nobody be affected.
Call their bluff.
Be outspoken.
That's what Trump does is he makes it safe.
Go ahead.
So, you know, we fire it back on them.
Use the Streisand effect to say, this content is being censored, for example, on Facebook.
So you put it on Twitter and say, this is being censored.
That automatically makes it get 10 times the traction because of the Streisand effect.
And if it's being censored on Twitter, then you say that on Facebook.
You can ping pong it between the two for a certain amount of time, but eventually the wheels are going to fall off.
I mean, that's the way it's heading.
So we have to.
People have said this before and we've said, well, what's the point in starting a new network?
It hasn't got as much traction by just preaching to the choir.
But it's going to come to the day where we basically have to.
There are platforms already doing that.
And historically, Paul, the censorship will be so bad on other platforms, people will have to come over to the new ones.
So we have to build it.
They will come.
They already have.
You're absolutely right.
So I'm glad we're having this discussion now on air.
We should be having it in a few weeks when you get here to Austin, Texas to plan.
We've been trying to get you here for six months.
Now, you know, you have to come.
We have to plan next level because they're trying to arrest Nigel Farage right now for saying Sweden's the rape capital, even though we have the numbers.
It is in Europe with the Muslims.
I mean, a very dark time where they're probably going to arrest you soon.
Well, I mean, either that or they'll just... I mean, people are openly trying to solicit information for where I live now on Twitter.
I complain about it.
This does not violate our terms of agreement.
Again, they don't care!
It's the complete double standard.
It's like with YouTube, the restricted mode.
We talk about the same issues as CNN.
None of their videos are disabled in restricted mode.
Every single one.
of our videos are disabled in restricted mode.
So it's not keywords, it's not headlines.
They're doing it by the fact that it's Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson.
CNN, NBC are not affected.
It's a total double standard.
We'll be back in the next break.
We've got Dave Cullen coming on to talk about social media censorship, what it means, how we can fight it.
We will be back on the Alex Jones Show live.
Don't go away.
That's Paul Joseph Watson from London, England.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Have you told anybody to tune in right now?
Alex Jones at GCN Radio.
Do it.
It's a war.
Let's win.
Frances Le Pen says the EU, quote, will die.
Globalists to be defeated.
The time has come to defeat globalists, she said.
I have an article linked on DrudgeReport.com.
From Reuters.com.
The European Union will disappear.
French presidential candidate.
Marine Le Pen told a rally on Sunday promising to shield France from globalization as she sought to fire up her supporters in the final four weeks before voting gets underway.
Buoyed by the unexpected election of Donald Trump in the United States and by Britain's vote to leave the EU, the leader of the Euro-skeptic and anti-immigrant National Front Party told the rally that the French election will be the next step in what she called a global rebellion of the people.
The European Union will die because the people do not want it anymore.
Arrogant and hegemonic empires are destined to perish.
This is Ashley Beckford reporting for InfoWars.com.
Stay tuned for more special reports.
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Let's fix it.
Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Paul Joseph Watson.
We are back, live, basically what we have taking place right now.
The left is losing the argument.
They're beginning to lose the cultural.
That's noticeable right now.
They can't compete on a level playing field.
So now they're pressuring YouTube to demonetize, to censor our videos.
They're pressuring Facebook.
They're pressuring Twitter.
And our next guest is here to talk about it.
He is...
Social commentator and YouTuber, Dave Cullen.
The Twitter is DaveCullenCF.
Dave, welcome to the show.
Thanks for having me, Paul.
Now I just want to start off with what we were covering before the break.
Again, when we talk about censorship, every time the argument comes back, you know, Facebook's a private company, YouTube's a private company, they can censor who they want.
Well, one, you look at Google, which owns YouTube, it's a monopoly.
It's crossed that line from being just a private company.
Now you have to basically use their services to do anything on the internet in terms of content creation.
So it's no longer just a private company, it's a monopoly.
And then the other issue which we can talk about is,
They're working hand-in-hand in Europe, in the Middle East, with governments to literally target thought criminals.
In Germany you've got people being reported to the government.
They get home visits from the police for Facebook posts about their government's migrant policy.
In Pakistan,
Now we have a headline out of Reuters, Pakistan says Facebook vows to tackle concerns over blasphemous content.
So Facebook is working directly with the Pakistani government to hunt down thought criminals.
You have a guy, Ayez Nizami, who faces the death penalty for leaving the religion of Islam, for criticising Islam in Pakistan.
Now Facebook is going to help the government target people like him who face execution.
So Dave,
I mean, it really goes beyond the argument of it's just a private company when you've got these social media networks working hand-in-hand with government to harass people, to target thought criminals, right?
Yeah, but on the plus side, Paul, I mean, all the really cool people are going to be in the gulags, aren't they?
Quite honestly, look, what we're dealing with here is the fact, and I've said this before,
The legislation, the proposed legislation of the bills that are coming down the line from governments, we're working in tandem with the social networks as we know, like the EU hate speech code that Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube all signed up to last year, as well as Facebook.
They sound very similar.
To community guidelines on a social network.
They would not be out of place with something that you would read on a social justice college campus.
Now, I actually spoke to Andrew Torba, who's the CEO of Gab.ai, which is the new free speech Twitter alternative that you probably heard about for all the wrong reasons, because everybody has smeared it as the new alt-right Twitter.
It's anything but.
And, you know, he was speaking to me about the level of hit pieces that they're receiving.
But what's truly disturbing and Orwellian about all of this is the fact that you talk about the private companies, you talk about the monopolies they have.
They also have so much of an ecosystem.
You have the likes of Apple that will not let the Gab app into their iOS app store.
Now this obviously means that iOS users on their iPhone and their iPad are not going to be able to get access to this application because it's been smeared as something through a series of hit pieces.
You're absolutely right and if you look at the private company argument, imagine your computer is your home and outside on the street is the internet.
Okay, but what if the street
Is owned by a corporation.
If you're not on Google, if your site isn't ranking on Google, or if it's been buried in a McCarthyite style blacklist, you have no comeback.
Everyone you know is operating on six or seven major social networks, Twitter, Facebook, the likes of Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google, whatever.
If you're not there, if you've been blocked from that, you're effectively cut off from the internet.
And now governments are actively moving to potentially silence these news sites altogether.
This is the next thing is going to be banning at the level of the ISP for political dissenters going to these new social networks.
No, I mean that's it.
It's the equivalent of the ISP directly cutting off someone's internet connection if they visit political websites that are deemed inappropriate by the ISP.
It's got to that level now.
So this private company argument may have worked years ago.
It's completely bitten the dust by now.
Let's get into YouTube because
You know, we've had this moral panic led by huge corporations about so-called extremist content appearing on YouTube.
But, you know, Dave, why would anyone have a problem with that?
I mean, we're just talking about jihadist propaganda and beheading videos, right?
Well, you would think, but as it turns out, you know, it's such a laugh.
Really, it's corporate culture that does not understand internet culture at all.
You talk about the culture wars, I talked about them as well.
The cultural zeitgeist is something that major corporates do not understand.
You walk into any major multinational, they all subscribe to social justice.
They all subscribe to, you know, feminism and diversity hires and all this kind of stuff and affirmative action.
And so you have the likes of Audi who actually were one of the first to pull out of the AdSense system only days ago.
And a few months ago I made a video responding to their absolutely ridiculous video in which they talked about the gender pay gap and then of course embarrassingly had to walk it back in a tweet.
And you have them, and now you have the likes of both Kia and I believe it was Holden in car manufacturers in Australia saying, yeah, it's actually MGTOW videos.
MGTOW is basically guys who don't want to have anything to do with relationships with women.
They don't want to get married.
Sound like ISIS to me, Paul.
The likes of guys who wear MRAs, who are fighting for men's rights.
Talking about unfair custody, divorce settlements and things like that in child custody.
Talking about men's depression, important issues the mainstream won't touch.
And then of course, anti-feminism.
What we're supposed to support, this socially corrosive, cultural Marxist ideology of misandry that makes, you know, men and women completely unhappy and has destroyed marriage in the Western world.
Yeah, that's the kind of extremism they're talking about, Paul.
That's the extremism.
Any narrative whatsoever that runs counter to theirs.
Now I'm seeing completely demonetization of entire channels taking place.
They seem to be doing it on the content of the speech in the videos, Dave, because we noticed that with this new YouTube restricted mode, entire channels were wiped clean.
My channel, Alex Jones' channel, numerous other channels.
But when you look at CNN,
When you look at NBC, mysteriously they're not afflicted by the same restriction process.
Again, despite the fact that they cover many of the exact same issues.
So, Dave, do you think they've just got complete immunity on everything or are they just going through transcribed content of speech on YouTube now to decide who gets put on the naughty step?
Yeah, the demonetization as far back as we know from last year when it began, when they introduced that line about controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.
I mean, come on, that is written specifically, Paul, to try to make it impossible for alternative grassroots independent news journalism to happen.
So when you read that, you knew immediately they had preferred news partners.
CNN and others and they aren't affected as you say quite rightly by restricted mode.
Steven Crowder is on the right.
He takes great pains not to swear.
His channel is completely gone.
PewDiePie as well.
Someone as I think is relatively safe on the center left because I don't really think it's completely a right left issue is someone like Philip DeFranco.
It's anybody in the alternative media who poses a threat to them and quite honestly
If you look at YouTube TV, which is really where this is going to, all of the preferred partners over on YouTube TV, including in the entertainment industry, the old guard entertainment industry, and the mainstream news media, of course they're preferred partners of YouTube.
Of course they are going to get complete immunity from any level of restriction or demonetization for that matter.
And it's really the double standard that gets me.
I mean, the amount of times I've reported direct death threats, and the email comes back from Facebook, from Twitter, this doesn't violate our community standards.
Meanwhile, you've got absolute virulent racism on a daily basis.
You have death threats, you have people doxing people's addresses, which literally just happened to someone I know today.
He reported it, it's under police investigation, and yet Twitter still refuses to suspend this account.
We had another example with Cassandra Fairbanks, where they were directly threatening her children with harm.
This Antifa account, it went on for almost a week, day after day.
Threats, violent threats towards children.
Must have been thousands of people reporting these tweets to Twitter.
It took a week.
It took a big InfoWars expose article to finally get them to shut down this account.
Meanwhile, Dave, you go on Facebook and use the word faggot, as in, you know, Milo Yiannopoulos' Dangerous Faggot Tour.
That's his name for it.
People are getting 30-day bans.
So really, it's the double standard that gets me.
Or a faggot of sticks, of course, let's not forget, Paul.
It's interesting when you mention Twitter because, I mean, they are effectively trying to radicalize people against Donald Trump.
It's his most, you know, most used platform.
He's famous, of course, for using his Twitter to circumnavigate the lying, dying, fake news mainstream media.
And what do you see?
A complete manipulation.
It's not surprising that all of these accounts that you reference are operating without any kind of impunity.
So what you have is, when you go to Trump's Twitter, if he tweets something, everything underneath his tweets is negative.
And it's all coming from verified Twitter accounts, leftists of course, the positive comments, the, hey you're doing a great job Mr. President, hashtag MAGA, all that stuff is disconnected from the discussion thread within minutes or hours or buried.
And so this is another blatant example.
You discovered that they were actually taking those responses out, correct?
Yes, there was actually a gentleman who covered it originally, I believe his name is Mike Keene.
And then I conducted my own experiments and then had my own Twitter users go ahead and do the same thing.
And everybody was able to corroborate exactly what we'd known for some time.
Something was up.
And of course, when you go to Trump's Facebook, nothing but positivity, because Twitter is the one that is, you know, basically manipulating its algorithm.
You just look back one year from now, Paul, one year ago.
On the 9th of March, Lauren Southern launched the hashtag The Triggering.
Okay, now that was all very funny designed to trigger social justice warriors.
Wow, what a difference a year has made.
Imagine trying to get that to rank on Twitter now.
The trending feed there is not an actual trending feed.
It's a curated hashtag feed in exactly the same way as YouTube's trending feed is not a trending feed.
It's all curated content.
It's all safe.