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Name: 20170327_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 27, 2017
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Monday, March 27th, 2017.
I'm Leanne McAdoo and here's what's coming up tonight.
The mainstream media wants President Donald Trump to apologize to Barack Obama for posting on Twitter that Obama was wiretapping him during the run-up to the election.
Meanwhile, White House Chief of Staff Rence Priebus says he is confident that Trump will be proven right and Trump Tower was indeed under electronic surveillance.
Then, as the New World Order begins to collapse, the shadow government expands its continuity of government powers to ensure its survival.
And that means the deep state plans to overthrow Donald Trump.
All that plus much more, up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, while the mainstream media continues to ramp up the whole Russiagate non-story, once again they are failing to investigate the Clinton camp's ties to Russia.
Again, coming up with John Podesta, who's been eerily quiet since about December with this whole Russiagate stuff, and that's because he may have violated federal law by not disclosing 75,000 stock shares with ties to a Kremlin
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But he failed to report that, and he's required to, based on Schedule B of the federal government's Form 278.
His Schedule B is blank there.
And so this form requires Podesta to report any purchase, sale, or exchange by you, your spouse, or dependent children, any property, stocks, bonds, commodity, anything with the amount of the transaction exceeding $1,000.
So he left his blank, and he still has that.
Now, the campaign, when this was brought up, the campaign said that he sold everything off, everything's fine, but it doesn't say what happened to about 41,000 shares, where those 41,000 shares were, because he divested all of these shares into other companies that he created right before he went into the Obama White House.
Again, this is the paper trail that's left, and people are saying, why has he been so quiet?
He hasn't really said anything negative about Russia since December, and it's because, you know, people are going to tie back that there are some other people within our government who have ties to the Russians.
Of course, Hillary Clinton selling a Kremlin-connected company 20% of the United States' uranium, so that doesn't look good either.
Now we're also seeing the Democrats stalling and delaying there with the Gorsuch vote.
So this is now we're seeing these anti-Gorsuch activists calling out, saying that they're not going to allow him to come in because of his stance on dark money.
But here they have absolute hypocrisy.
Now this is head of a liberal dark money group.
They criticized the Supreme Court nominee because of his stance on political disclosures and Citizens United.
Heather McGhee is the president of Demos and she told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that confirming Judge Gorsuch would lead to big money corrupting our politics completely.
Well, lo and behold, Demos, the group that she belongs to, does not disclose its donors and it was actually cited by the Center for Public Integrity as a dark money group in January.
A review of the 501c3 non-profits group's most recent tax forms
We're good.
We're good.
We're good to go.
And I thought this was really interesting.
Democratic Senator Kamala Harris said last week that she is going to vote against Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination because he values the law above achieving justice for all Americans when considering rulings.
That's right.
Now this is the exact reason why we are trying to vet the next Supreme Court Justice that gets in there to make sure he's going to uphold the law of the land and not be swayed by social justice policies that come and go.
And here this lady is saying that Gorsuch nomination, she's going to argue against it because he has sided with the law instead of the American people.
She says Judge Gorsuch has consistently valued narrow legalisms
Over real lives.
So she's arguing that the judge and this is this is very this is why we're having such an issue with the Democratic SCOTUS nominee versus Republican or whatever because we're trying to get someone in there that's going to interpret the law and not just say oh well I'm going to interpret the law this way because you're a struggling person and that's why they're having such a big issue with this transgender bathroom bill because people are arguing on the side of of social justice
When it's not even, we don't even really know what's going on with transgenderism.
It's such a new thing.
They don't even know if there's, they're still growing the number of identities that are out there, gender identities.
But yet we're basing federal law on something that isn't really set in stone.
So that's the issue where you're putting someone in who's going to side with American lives over the law.
So this is very interesting.
They're kind of showing where they stand.
They want someone in there that's going to side with
The American people who are vocally fighting for justice, which that sounds good in theory, but as I just gave you one example of how it can be used against us to take away our rights as people in North Carolina feel that it's taking away from their rights to own and operate a business free from federal government intrusion.
Now we have Reince Priebus coming out.
He was really hit back against
A Fox News interview where they were saying, you know, is Trump going to apologize to former President Barack Obama for insinuating or claiming that he'd wiretap Trump Tower?
So a previous actually pulls out the New York Times article.
It's really blown up there.
They printed it out and he says, look, this is wiretap data.
This is the New York Times.
The New York Times is the one that's putting out this information and then
We're good.
And the issue here is that, sure, fine, we know that the American people are being surveilled.
All of us are.
But the issue here, what is the felony here, is that Americans were unmasked.
They were exposed.
And that's where President Trump is going to be proven right on that.
And actually, Trey Gowdy told CBS Face the Nation,
That he's really disappointed that the Democrats aren't more outraged over the unmasking of private citizens.
He said the incidental collection of US persons happens.
What I wish some of my friends on the other side would be a little more outraged about is the political use of that unmasking.
I understand we collect U.S.
citizens, but we don't read about those U.S.
citizens on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post.
And that is the big problem and why people on all sides, all American people, need to be outraged because this is the real crime.
They are sweeping up all of this information incidentally and then, of course, using it against people when it helps them politically.
So that's the real issue.
And again,
We're good to go.
But Trey Gowdy is saying all of this is important.
I wish more people actually cared.
So now InfoWars has been warning you for years about this continuity of government plan and people are now beginning to wonder is the deep state actually mauling the continuity of government plan to overthrow Trump?
This mechanism is already in place.
The procedures were first drafted during the Cold War to ensure the government's survival during a nuclear war and this meshes well with the establishment's narrative that the 2016 presidential election was stolen by Russian hackers and this is why they're trying to continually put it out there that Trump's presidency is illegitimate.
The vote of the people was squelched by these Russian hackers and so
This is being written about by Norm Ornstein of the Neoconservative American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, and he's sitting there talking about the COG procedures.
If the election had been stolen, Pence's place as president would be no more legitimate than that of Trump.
After Pence, Paul Ryan,
Followed by Orrin Hatch, followed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
They'd all be out if voters' collective desires were subverted by foreign interference and a party's collusion.
None would have a legitimate claim, especially since the control of the Senate, at least, would have been affected by the Russian rule.
So look, they're trying to knock everybody out.
They're not going to stop.
They're not going to be happy just with General Flynn.
They're going to continue to try to chip away at President Trump's administration and eventually him as well.
Ornstein, his op-ed appeared in this top elitist publication, The Atlantic.
So we already know that this means that they're having these same type of conversations in their little private groups.
But they say he said he wants Congress to establish procedures for a special election for president and vice president to ensure the continuity of government amid cyber warfare.
So they're already rumbling about this.
So globalists are basically maintaining control over us through deception.
What they tell us isn't the truth.
But rather what they want you to believe so that they can gain power over you.
Much like what we're seeing with North Korea, how North Korea is continuing to set off these nuclear tests and they're threatening that in April it's going to be even more bold, even talking about hydrogen.
We're good.
Be a major affront to North Korea's only ally, China, but then China gets to the negotiating table and says, hey, you better play fair.
You know, Kim Jong Un, we need more money.
So people are kind of saying, could this be another ploy by China?
As President Trump said, it's China that we got to watch out for.
Obamacare is exploding with no Democrat support.
We couldn't quite get there.
We're just a very small number of votes short.
In terms of getting our bill passed, a lot of people don't realize how good our bill was because they were viewing phase one, but when you add phase two, which was mostly the signings of Secretary Price, who's behind me, and you add phase three, which I think we would have gotten, it became a great bill.
Premiums would have gone down and it would have been very stable, would have been very strong.
Of course, the Democratic Party, in all of its bourgeois arrogance, celebrated the ongoing nightmare hitting middle-class America below the belt.
One, two, three!
The withdrawal of what was being touted as Obamacare lite is hardly a victory.
The overreaching healthcare tumor that is Obamacare is spreading.
You can keep your doctor.
Consumers can expect more choices.
And it will save the average family $2,500 a year.
Lies upon lies.
Instead, we were handed yearly premium increases, pointless high deductibles,
An unconstitutional fine for not signing up and ridiculed as idiots for taking the bait.
It's a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.
I don't know who he is.
He didn't help write our bill.
And so, with all due respect to your question, you have a person who wasn't writing our bill, commenting on what was going on when we were writing the bill.
But here she is talking him up back in 2009 when she was pushing to pass the Democratic plan.
Our bill brings down rates.
I don't know if you have seen Jonathan Gruber of MIT's analysis of what the comparison is to the status quo versus what will happen in our bill.
And increasingly, forgotten parts of America are left with only one insurer.
In Kentucky, which has long been vaunted as an example of the opposite, I'm telling you, as a matter of fact, has been an unmitigated disaster.
More people covered, but covered by what?
Fewer people able actually to even see a doctor.
50% of our counties, there's only a single health care provider on the coverage front.
There are only three now in the entire state.
Only one that covers the entire state.
Meanwhile, clueless Hollywood is gloating, blindly laughing at millions of Americans that can't afford Obamacare.
Actor Albert Brooks wrote, Republican healthcare bill on its deathbed and no one to save it.
Now that's irony.
Sorry Albert, it's Obamacare that is on life support.
Author Anne Rice wrote, Trump and the GOP are incapable of governing.
Muslim ban outraged America.
Healthcare was cruel and a rip-off.
Well, Anne, I guess we'll just pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket when terror attacks reach the same levels as Europe, if nothing is done.
Actress Alyssa Milano wrote, Trump zero American people too.
I'm not even sure what that means, and I doubt Alyssa does either.
Terry McMillan wrote, all those Trump supporters are probably happy they can still go to the doctor.
Yeah Terry, and pay full price for everything.
Meanwhile, millions of Americans, including myself, continue to ask the simple question, why does my healthcare have to be so expensive and basically unusable?
One thing is for sure, boycotting all of those smug entertainers' work is surely one way to save money to pay those huge medical bills.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
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In theory.
How would reporters know a U.S.
citizen made a telephone call to an agent of foreign power?
How would they know legally?
If it was declassified and then discussed in a judicial proceeding or a congressional hearing, something like that.
And assume none of those facts are at play, how would they know?
Someone told them who shouldn't have told them.
What does the term mask mean in the concept of FISA and other surveillance programs?
As Director Rogers explained, it's our practice, approved by the FISA Court, of removing the names of U.S.
persons to protect their privacy and their identity, unless it hits certain exceptions.
I'll often see an intelligence report from NSA that will say, U.S.
person number one, U.S.
person number two, U.S.
person number three, and there's no further identification on the document.
Admiral Rogers said there are 20 people within the NSA that are part of the unmasking process.
How many people within the FBI are part of the unmasking process?
I can find out the exact number.
I don't know it as I sit here.
Well, I think, Director Comey, given the fact that you and I agree this is critical, vital, indispensable, it would be nice to know the universe of people who have the power to unmask a U.S.
citizen's name.
Because that might provide something of a roadmap to investigate who might have actually disseminated a masked US citizen's name.
The scheduled March 28th hearing with former DNI Director James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, and foreign and President Donald Trump's side, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates,
The chairman in a what appears to be a dead of night excursion obtains or reviews some documents that he has not shared with his own committee.
But what was most concerning about that whole incident is
The Chairman of House Intel briefed the Commander-in-Chief on something that has nothing to do with the Russia investigation.
So if the Commander-in-Chief cannot be briefed by the chairperson of the House Intel Committee on a matter that has nothing to do with the FBI investigation, then I don't know what they can talk about.
The surveillance of Donald Trump started much earlier than we thought.
They began having his phone calls.
In New York, in Florida, monitored under the Bush administration, and that continued into the Obama administration.
Now Chairman Nunes has learned that they weren't spying on a candidate for President Trump, they were spying on President Trump.
I don't know who asked for them to be unmasked.
I just know that there are more.
I knew about the unmasking.
Before I read the documents and I'll just leave it at that.
Looks like we had Obama's cyber plumbers going out there calling intelligence that is supposedly gathered only for as you say foreign you know to protect the national security of the United States.
Instead it was inappropriately targeting
President Trump and his incoming team and then it was obviously illegally leaked.
Unmasking is a nice way of saying they were sending around gossipy information about the president's advisors, information obtained through wiretaps and intelligence surveillance.
Outrageously illegal, beyond the pale, and there's nothing to compare in recent memory other than Watergate in terms of presidential season.
The winding road towards a potential Obamagate that makes Nixon's Watergate look like child's play is drawing near.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
Davos man is dead.
Bilderberg man is dead.
The guy that founded Bilderberg literally died, as you know, a few days ago.
Dead Rockefeller.
The United Nations can and should play an essential role in helping the world find a satisfactory way of stabilizing world population.
We are severely lacking in teaching our youth about the Constitution of the United States and about the government of the United States.
But there's plenty of money.
And there's plenty of help from the establishment to teach them about the United Nations.
But in their own writings, they're saying globalism is dead.
And they're not saying it to play possum.
Their corrupt system is going to fall.
Now they're just trying to steal as much money as they can and run to armored redoubts in the Pacific Ocean.
Globalism is criminal.
It is anti-human.
It is a horrible ideology.
The worst the world's ever seen.
It comes out of the eugenics.
Social Darwinism movement that spawned the fascist like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.
It's bad.
And Hitler and Mussolini were unorganized morons compared to the globalists.
But they don't care if you're white or black.
They want to dumb everybody down and play us off.
But they use race politics posing as the left.
That's the global plan.
Three million North African Muslims are waiting under the UN migration slash borders board run by the founder of the EU, Peter Sutherland, and they're ordering Europe right now, the EU under UN, talk about dictatorship, to let three million in in the next six months.
Three million on top of the five million documented 80% of a military age men flooding in.
What is that plan?
Migrants in general, and in every country in Europe, make greater fiscal contributions than they take in benefits.
They've lower levels of unemployment, and in general a greater interest in education.
They do not, contrary to the current narrative, create terrorist threats in large numbers.
The handful of those who have been involved in terrorism in Europe have, in general, been born and brought up in Europe.
America isn't perfect.
Europe isn't perfect.
We're trying to get to that renaissance.
Just the idea of it created all this technology you're looking at.
The medicine, everything.
But it's all got a bad side because the globalists have hijacked with Trojan horses the culture, the electronics, the medicine, everything for their agendas because they don't want to give us Promethean fire that our ancestors built.
If you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.
You didn't get there on your own.
I'm always struck by people who think
Well, it must be because I was just so smart.
There are a lot of smart people out there.
The internet didn't get invented on its own.
I took the initiative in creating the internet.
I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives.
There's some things, just like fighting fires, we don't do on our own.
I mean, imagine if everybody had their own fire service.
Ever since the founding of this country, you know what, there's some things we do better together.
The basic philosophy between the so-called extreme left people and communists and socialists and the so-called philosophy on the right of the fascists and the Nazis was really the same.
How can this be?
They're supposed to be opposites of each other.
And then I began to realize that there is something more common to all of these philosophies that was left out of my training and education.
And that was the ideology of collectivism.
And that doesn't surprise me a bit because we know that there is a move towards a global government.
Abolition of private property, the destruction of national sovereignty, in the name of the group collective.
Whether it's Japan, or ancient Europe, or ancient Mesoamerica, the ancient Africa, the elites don't want new innovation going to the people.
Because they're controlling everyone with it.
And that same fight we've been dealing with forever is what we're facing now.
No one will go to the New York Times or care that it's even admitted that the government's hatching most of the terror plots.
Or people will say, what are you doing?
Endorsing radical Islam?
Saying it doesn't exist?
I didn't say that!
I said our criminal government is arming them, aiding and abetting them, protecting them to attack and kill us so they can take our freedoms!
That's what I think!
Never water yourself down just because someone can't handle you at 100 Proof.
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Owen Schroer here for InfoWars.com.
I'm joined by Dr. Nick Begich, and we were actually talking before this interview about how he does a lot of business in Russia, and it's very important to him, the business he does in Russia, and I didn't realize I was about to have an interview with a Russian agent here.
So, Dr. Nick Begich, on a real note though, you are very proud of the work that you've done in Russia, and you've formed a lot of great relationships with the people in Russia, and we were talking about this.
You know, what do you think, when you see the narrative in the mainstream news, or you see the narrative coming from the Democrats in government, just demonizing Russia all day, they're the bad guy, they're trying to influence our election.
As somebody who's familiar with Russia, does business there, knows the people there, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Well, propaganda.
I mean, U.S.
And why are we trying to recreate a Cold War?
This is something that I know the Russian people don't want.
The Russian people have gone through tremendous changes over the last 20 years.
And instead of tearing them down, we should recognize that those changes have actually offered a great deal of stability in the world.
The fact that they continue to assert their influence in their sphere of the world
Why is that unexpected?
I mean, that's the norm, isn't it?
And we do the same thing.
The recent attacks on Russia by primarily Democrats, which is kind of interesting, where does it come from and what is the real fear?
I think it's the fear that this population can sustain anything.
I mean,
They thought after 2008, when the Russian ruble started to collapse a few years later, that that would be the end, that this would create some kind of revolution there.
The fact of the matter is, in my generation, in the last 58 years, they've had a devaluation of 50% three different times.
Now imagine your savings account going to half its value and all of a sudden everything you wanted to buy was worth twice as much and your income didn't go up.
This is what they've experienced and yet they rise up out of each of those economic disasters, dust themselves off and keep on going.
Now what I've seen in Russia, traveling there since the mid-90s right after the revolution,
Is a steady growth and an increasing sophistication in terms of capitalism and how it really works.
There was no stable sort of government.
Putin came in, stabilized things, took care of a lot of things that were happening.
I mean, people were being hijacked on the street, you know, after the communists fell.
That's changed.
I mean, what you see is, sure, there's still corruption.
There's corruption everywhere.
There's corruption in the U.S.
too, although we handle it differently.
But what I see in the character of the Russian people is a strength
That I've noticed every time I've traveled there, the how people take care of each other is a whole nother issue and something maybe we'll get into a little bit today.
When hard times strike in Russia, the Russian people are kind of more hardened and they don't really have the freak-out stage that you would expect from maybe an entitled brat, if that analogy makes much sense.
And they think that
After a week or 14 days of a collapse of the U.S.
economy, the food shelves empty, the water shelves empty, nothing at the store, they think after a week or more of that, that, you know, people in America would actually start resulting to cannibalism.
Well, you would see total chaos in the U.S., absolute chaos.
But in Russia?
You don't see it.
I mean, you didn't see chaos when the value of the ruble went to half.
You didn't see chaos when the sanctions went in.
What you saw is people
Recognizing the situation, stepping up the next day, and doing what they could, continuing to try and overcome it.
The humanity of the Russian people towards each other is something that I think the world should learn from.
Because there aren't people starving in the streets.
Even though they make a fraction of the incomes the rest of the world makes, people still take care of each other on a fundamental level.
This is, um,
The core, I think, of some of the Russian strength is the fact that they do care for each other, they recognize their humanity, and they also recognize the need to work together to overcome the obstacles that are presented in front of them.
And in the end of the day, I think the Russian people will continue to evolve their economies and their political structures to be increasingly more representative.
Putin came in at a time when
I think a strong man, a strong leader to fit the Russian culture was required.
That's why he was elected.
He was an institutional reformer when I look at what's happened.
Now granted, there's lots of opinions about Putin and what he's done and a lot of stories about him.
What I would say this is he was a force that was necessary at a time when Russia needed that.
Where it goes in the future, I'm sure, will be much different.
As Russia continues to liberalize their politics, as they continue to develop their economies, I think we'll see a very different movement coming out of Russia.
One that the rest of the world might even be able to learn a little bit from.
The global power structure kind of arising slowly but surely.
You've got Russia who is basically in the rubble at this time.
And so the global power structure that's rising up just sees Russia kind of struggling in the rubble and they just kind of leave them alone.
Oh, here maybe Russia is making a rise.
Well, we're just going to isolate them.
And if we just isolate them enough, just leave them out, then you know what?
We'll continue to rise to power and eventually there'll be nothing they can do.
But maybe they've learned now that that isolation tactic they thought isn't working.
And Russia is actually succeeding and now they have their own independence.
And so now that they realize isolation isn't working, they've decided to just demonize on all fronts.
And they're attacking them politically.
They're attacking them with sanctions.
So have we kind of seen this worm turn where instead of Russia being kind of the soft blockade to the global power structure, just kind of they're doing their own thing.
The globalists assuming that isolation will drown them out.
But now they realize it doesn't work.
So they're just demonizing them in every way, shape or form.
I think that's correct.
And when you look at what is Russia doing and what leadership are they providing in the world right now, if you think about the brick, you know, you think about Brazil, you know, you think about India, you think about China, you think about Russia and South Africa.
Now, these are the biggest resource producers with the greatest reserves of natural resources in the world.
This is really important because as they come together and form their trading blocks, and now they've created the Asian banks, which are, again, we're excluded from this because we've chosen to exclude ourselves from this.
They are creating an alternative.
I think?
They're becoming the adversaries of the 21st century for the West because they oppose the elites in a way that they can't control them.
They tried sanctions, it didn't work.
They tried to squash their economy, it didn't work.
They tried to create revolution in that country and it didn't work.
And then we complain about the Russians hacking the DNC.
I don't complain, I thank them.
I do too.
I look at this, however the truth comes out,
It's important to have that truth come out.
And when I look at interference, to listen to the Congress, and my family's been in government for three generations, and to listen to Congressmen and Senators stand up and point the finger at Russia for hacking the DNC, when we interfere with virtually every elective process in the world, including the recent Brexit,
We interfere with what goes on in the European Union.
We interfere with what goes on in Russia.
And if we don't like what goes on in the world, we engage in what's called regime change.
Now, I haven't seen Russia engage in regime change in a while, but I've seen the United States do it under Democrats and Republicans for the last, for my whole life.
And if they want to blame Russia on a so-called regime change here in America,
Again, thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you.
It's a spiritual revolution that changes the fundamentals of what happens in the world.
That's the revolution that's beginning.
That's the revolution people are feeling.
That's the revolution that will change the planet.
That's Dr. Nick Begich, I'm Owen Schroyer, and you have found the tip of the spear in the information war.
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We can answer your questions.
Well, supporters of President Trump showed up all across the country this weekend, and at some of those rallies, they turned violent.
And based on the perspective of the mainstream media, it was all the Trump supporters' fault.
Now, Millie Lever joins me.
Millie, I know that you kind of issued a call to people to say,
It's time to get out there and put on our shirts and show people that we respect this country.
We respect our president and to show your support for Trump.
Get out there.
Don't be afraid that these little Antifa freaks are going to show up and get violent and try to shut you down.
It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
That's exactly what happened.
But interestingly enough, the media is blaming it on the Trump supporters.
Meanwhile, when we've seen Trump rallies for the last year getting violent with these Antifa people and others getting violent against women.
Throwing pepper spray in women's face and all that.
They're completely silent.
They don't talk about that.
That's exactly right, Leanne.
And, you know, it's such a question.
Do we stay inside to avoid confrontation, to avoid being blamed or being shown in a bad light if we fight back?
Or do we go and take to the streets and decide we're going to exercise our right, our First Amendment right to freedom of expression, to share our political position without being fear, you know, being
I think?
I don't
I think?
And, you know, we talked a little bit before the segment started that this is a pro-Trump rally.
It's not like they're showing up to some Antifa protest and then they're trying to go in and shut their event down.
This was a peaceful protest.
They actually released some doves in Huntington Beach promoting peace.
But then a short while later these counter protesters show up and things get really violent and their protesters were clashing with supporters and guess what?
You know, you think you're just some little kid in skinny jeans that you're gonna go go up and and hit some guy in the face or yell at him and call him a Nazi scum or a racist just because they're of the way that they politically voted then people are gonna get a little upset they're going to fight back and so
It's very interesting because Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton was saying resist, get out there and fight, people bled in the streets before, this is the time to bleed again.
All your Katy Perry and your stars there on the left are calling for this resistance, get out there and fight, grow a backbone, hear Elizabeth Warren says that.
So they're asking for this, they're wanting their people and
Using those words of get out there and fight.
This is we've got to get a little violent.
We've got to push.
That's the only way that things actually really happen change in this country.
And so it's almost as if they're playing the people here on the ground because they know that this type of clash is going to happen.
Exactly, and we're not saying to go out and fight and get violent in the streets like these other celebrities and political figureheads were saying.
We're saying, if you're out there and you're trying to represent your right, your First Amendment right to free speech, if somebody comes and attacks you, it's your right to defend yourself.
You have that right.
You can defend yourself with your life, because these people mean business.
I mean, they come out there with sticks, with pepper spray, with tasers and whatnot.
They're mean to intimidate.
That's their whole goal is to intimidate you into backing down so that you'll be the silent majority and then everyone will wonder what the heck happened here, you know, with our country.
We voted for President Trump and, you know, or we didn't vote for Trump, but he won anyway.
But that's because the silent majority is too afraid to go out there with their shirts on and say, hey, look, we did this.
You're welcome.
Trump's your president.
But it's interesting because we even have here kind of fights with the conservative media, where they've been given all this power all of a sudden, and now there's infighting there.
So we see with Tomi Lahren, she was banned temporarily from The Blaze for about a week, but now that suspension has turned into a permanent ban.
This is after she went on The View and expressed her
I think so.
That could be it.
That's why he's kissing the butt of the left right now.
That could very well be what we're seeing.
And Tommy was a very, you know, prominent pro-Trump supporter out there.
And she was pretty crucial to the election cycle and Trump's campaigning.
So to cut her out is just another blow to Trump supporters because she was very important in that.
And just how we've seen them take out Milo Yiannopoulos, is this just another
And she's, you know, obviously young and attracts a lot of the millennials as well as older people.
And so
You're absolutely right.
I think it is more, they're kind of circling the wagons and taking out those key players that are going to be the lone voice there in the wilderness that's going to speak out against the coup that's going on.
And it is, I think, very strategic.
You're absolutely right.
Paul Joseph Watson's talking about how, hey, this might be my last YouTube video I ever post because all of those conservative voices are people that speak out against the social justice warriors that are out there or with a
I think.
If I just look at the analytics, it's insane to see how it's being censored and I've had people commenting to me all the time saying that they keep clicking the subscribe button and the notification button and they come back later to find out that it was disabled or turned off and they have to keep re-subscribing so they're not actually seeing my videos in their feeds.
And if people aren't that diligent to go back and check the subscription, then they're not going to maybe even notice something like that.
So that's pretty interesting.
We're good to go.
Any business at all is because of you, but I'm going to take you out.
Or my channel is doing so well, but I'm going to take you out.
And YouTube, Google, they make a lot of money off of Paul Joseph Watson's videos and stuff with their AdSense.
But it's really interesting now, that's sort of circling back around to come and bite them.
Because while they're so busy worrying about conservative voices out there, they're flagging those and taking those down.
They're allowing extremist websites and videos to flourish on YouTube like ISIS is putting up a lot of these extremist beheading videos and targeting their audience through YouTube and they're so focused on the conservatives that they're just letting this stuff go and that is costing them now potentially 750 million for the advertisements.
A lot of companies are boycotting
YouTube, many big brands have pulled their advertising from YouTube altogether over the fact that people are complaining that they're seeing ads on extremist videos.
So they were doing that with our videos, I know, with Watson's videos, saying, oh, well, we're going to take your AdSense away so you can't make that money.
Now it's coming back to bite them because there's all of these other brands that are being affected as well.
That's exactly right, and you know, I had somebody write me not too long ago about a YouTube video that was circulating YouTube, and her child, her son, actually had a notification.
It recommended him to watch this video, and the video was actually pornographic in nature.
It actually showed homosexual sexual relations going on fully in nude, and this video eventually was taken down, but it took a lot of complaints from parents.
And you know it's pretty bad.
Well that's the thing is like they're just not paying attention.
So you guys need to pay attention out there and thank you so much for watching the show tonight.
We'll see you here again tomorrow 7 p.m.
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