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Name: 20170324_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 24, 2017
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Friday, March 24th, 2017.
I'm Leanne McAdoo and here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, Paul Ryan tucks his tail between his legs and delivers a press conference announcing the delay of the health care bill vote for the second straight day.
Also, more evidence is surfacing that the Obama administration did indeed spy on Donald Trump and his campaign team.
The Donald Trump-Russia narrative is deteriorating quickly, but this hasn't stopped political and media hacks from continuing to carry the torch.
Roger Stone joins us with the latest.
And then, Dr. Nick Begich joins us to talk about how big data is being used against everyone.
We need to be able to dial up our congressmen and see what's going on in their office, and if they have something to hide, because they're the ones who have something to hide.
Then we need to rethink this republic.
All that and more tonight on the InfoWars Network.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
What we're really worried about is, and you've heard me say this all along, is the coming premium increases that are coming with a death-spiraling healthcare system.
That is my big concern.
We just didn't quite get consensus today.
What we have is a member-driven process to try and get consensus.
We came very close, but we did not get that consensus.
That's why I thought the wise thing to do is not proceed with a vote, but to pull the bill and see what we can do.
But I don't think the law as it is fashioned or anything close to it is really going to be able to survive.
The House Republicans abruptly pulled their rewrite of America's health care law because they did not have the support necessary to get this thing passed.
This House Speaker Ryan rushed to the White House to let President Trump know, hey, it's not looking good for us.
So they went ahead and pulled the bill without having a vote on it.
A lot of people are saying that this is
Uh, this is to give the impression that there wasn't a huge loss here.
That would have been quite embarrassing for House Speaker Ryan if they would have taken this to a vote and it would have been no, ultimately.
So, a lot of people are saying this could be the optics.
But this is just coming a day after President Trump delivered an ultimatum to lawmakers kind of do or die and he put really put his support behind this bill saying that he supported what Speaker Ryan put forward.
And it's, you know, now people are saying, does he not have the power to get things done?
This is going to look bad in the future when you have such high stakes agenda items like tax reform and infrastructure spending.
But I don't think that this is I don't think that this is going to affect that.
I don't think it means that he can't
Get people to work together, get people on his side.
I think there were some real issues with this bill, and I think it's very smart of a lot of these Republican leaders to say, look, you're not going to ram this down our throat, down the people's throat.
That's exactly what happened with Obamacare.
I think so.
This article out of The Hill points out that in 2010, then House Minority Leader John Boehner was saying, have you read the bill?
Have you read the reconciliation bill?
Have you read the manager's amendment?
Hell no, you haven't done it!
And that's exactly what was happening today, last night, and all week with this current version of the health care bill.
People were saying we haven't seen the final bill and won't have a US CBO score on the latest version before a vote.
This is not regular order.
We must have the opportunity to read and understand the final bill before we vote.
It is irresponsible to do otherwise.
So this is what a lot of us were saying.
You're not going to do exactly what the Democrats did, where Nancy Pelosi came out and said, we've got to pass it to find out what was in it.
They were saying, once the health care bill passes, lawmakers, they can really explain it to the American people.
This was Representative Chris Collins.
Are you kidding me?
So when Drudge reporters are reporting this, you know the fix is in.
That they're saying the exact same thing the Democrats were saying in the past.
And this is basically what Steve Bannon is saying.
You know, Paul Ryan is a Ryan-o.
And he represents the very global corporatist machine that we are wanting to drain from the swamp.
So why are we allowing him to have his one big achievement as Speaker?
I'm glad that this happened.
I trust Rand Paul.
Rand Paul was very outspoken against this and he predicted that this would be the ultimate outcome.
He predicted that Speaker Ryan would either pull the bill or it would get a no vote.
He didn't think it would pass.
And I do trust him.
And I also kind of trust Steve Bannon who went into this place saying that the American Health Care Act was written by the insurance industry.
Of course!
This is who Paul Ryan kind of works with.
Steve Bannon has always been
We're good to go.
Publicly, Bannon has been working to help get this bill passed, but privately he's been saying he's unhappy with the Ryan bill because it doesn't drive down costs.
It was written by the insurance industry.
Now while this bill does strip away many of Obamacare's provisions, it doesn't go as far as what Bannon would like to see in deconstructing the administrative state in the realm of healthcare.
So if it's written by the health insurance
I think?
I don't, you know, I don't really know what's going to be the answer with that.
It's just very interesting that, you know, up to the midnight hour he was saying, we've got to do this.
This is going to be great.
And then now today he's saying, I think this was a good thing that this wasn't passed.
It'll give us a little more time to put something forward that's really good.
We can be smart about this and not have to just rush to push it through.
Now, something that we're waiting on, this potential smoking gun from the NSA and others, intelligence is
I think?
Foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump.
So there you go.
Now, just putting it out there, this is something that we reported on weeks ago.
The story was censored on Facebook.
We were called fake news for it.
And here, once again, not only President Trump, but also InfoWars being vindicated about being under surveillance.
So Republican congressional investigators say they're expecting a potential smoking gun.
This is going to be produced to the House Intelligence Committee.
And the classified intelligence shows incidental collection of Trump team communications.
These were purportedly seen by committee chairman Devin Nunez and he actually dropped this bombshell in an impromptu Wednesday meeting there at Capitol Hill.
And so this intelligence corroborated information about surveillance of the Trump team that was known to Nunez even
Before, President Trump accused Obama of spying on him, wiretapping him, in those now infamous tweets.
So the key to the conclusion of the fact that this incidental surveillance did take place was the unmasking of selected U.S.
persons whose names appeared in this intelligence, and the paper trail that's there leaves no other
No other possible purpose for the unmasking of these people other than to sully the reputation of the incoming Trump administration, which is exactly what we reported, that there is this coup going on.
The Obama administration was putting this information out there, dripping it around, letting it funnel to all these other agencies within the government so that everyone could have a tainted view, so they could all believe that they were
Bringing in some Russian operative was going to be the new president.
Again, with absolutely no evidence because Nunes was quick to point out that there was nothing in these collected conversations that had to do with Russia, but he said he felt that it was bad enough that President Trump needed to know what was being said about him and his transition team.
And so not only did the Obama administration improperly gather, but they also disseminated this secret electronic communications.
They unmasked the identity of Americans who were swept up in this foreign electronic spying.
Now, Nunes said that perhaps it was legal how it all happened, but he doesn't know if the American people would be comfortable with what he's read.
And Nunez also announced that the committee is going to be seeking to determine who knew about the classified reports, why they were not disclosed to Congress, and who requested and authorized the disclosure of the Americans' identities in the reports.
That's going to be very interesting.
Get to the bottom of it.
Who is involved in this coup?
Who is the one that's putting out this information and leaking and unmasking American citizens who were swept up?
That should be classified.
Somebody needs to go to jail.
Somebody needs to get in trouble.
And it needs to be someone very high up to really make a statement about what was done here and let people know that your little coup is done.
So this is going to be according to several dozen intelligence reports that include transcripts of communications, including communications directly from Trump.
And so there you go.
He was spied on.
But the media is probably not going to report that.
They're going to spin it some way.
They're not going to say, you know what?
We were wrong.
We're very sorry, President Trump, for making fun of you.
And then we had Colbert come on and mock you with the microwave.
And oh, how could this even happen?
Your microwave doesn't spy on you.
They're not going to issue a retraction for that.
They're just going to probably just move on to the next story that they can give wall-to-wall coverage.
So now Nunez has said that he had a pretty good idea of what President-elect Trump was up to and what his transition team was up to and who they were meeting with based on what he was able to read.
So they were collecting all of this information between November and January.
So they were they were paying attention to what the transition team was up to.
President Obama was very worried, of course, about protecting his legacy, the outgoing president.
And you can see they were all very afraid, thinking, wow, he's going to get in there on day one and sign these executive orders, knocking out the TPP, etc.
So they knew that they had to get acting fast to delegitimize his presidency.
And that's exactly what we've seen happening.
Now the NSA has agreed to provide these additional reports.
The FBI has not agreed to request or turn over anything, which is kind of interesting because Núñez said that he felt he had a duty and an obligation to tell Trump of the surveillance intel.
He said he thinks the president should be able to look and see whether he thinks the collection was proper or not.
And he also has called an impromptu press conference.
He announced that he's going to call both the FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Rogers before a closed session of the House Intelligence Committee to discuss topics which they couldn't answer in a public setting.
A lot of people saying, well, wait a minute, did they lie under oath by saying that there was no surveillance happening of President Trump when clearly there was some incidental surveillance?
So he is going to get them behind closed doors.
So that they can discuss whatever they're not allowed to say.
Because as we saw, their FBI Director Comey said that he was not going to say anything about conversations that he had with former President Barack Obama.
Very interesting there.
So now the Daily Caller has got an exclusive report saying, is John Podesta actually the target of Russia's influence campaign?
Very interesting here.
So this is John Podesta.
He was the national chairman of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.
He might have opened himself up to Russian influence, designed to temper his views of the Kremlin.
So influence campaigns are conducted by many governments, including the United States, and they aim to influence decision makers in other countries to realign their geopolitical worldviews more closely to the influencing country.
And some national security experts are wondering if Podesta might still be a target of Russian influence because they're tracing the campaign back to his company board membership in which one third of the board members were top Russian businessmen with direct ties to the Kremlin.
Very interesting.
And the last time Podesta even spoke anything about Russia was December 18th, 2016.
Since then, he's been strangely quiet.
He hasn't said anything really about Russia.
So people are saying, well, wait a minute, that's a little bit odd.
And that's because now a lot of people, President Trump himself has tweeted out, well, what about Hillary Clinton's ties to Russia?
What about there's pictures with John Podesta and Chuck Schumer with Putin saying, well, why don't we just really trace everyone's connections?
Very interesting stuff going on as usual there in the government.
Now, a big story that a lot of people are seeing is getting very little coverage on the big three networks.
There is the Rockville High School rape case, which is getting a total blackout on most of the big news.
They're censoring this rape story because it involves two illegal immigrants.
Now, Curtis Houck has written this story, kind of pointing this out, comparing it to the Rolling Stone story, which was given more than 10 minutes over two days in the hoax.
UVA rape case where there was a University of Virginia fraternity gang raped a female student.
That was given coverage as well.
A lot of media outlets covered that, but total silence here.
Now Fox News, James Rosen pointed out that the Maryland State House of Delegates had just approved a bill to make Maryland a sanctuary state.
Just days after the Maryland authorities charged these two immigrants with this rape.
One of them confirmed to be here illegally.
So this alleged rape of this 14-year-old girl.
So of course this happens just a couple days after, which is why the media is not going to report on the story.
Because just like we've seen here in Austin, Texas, someone here illegally raped a mother at knife point.
But the news just called him an Austin man, because they're trying to turn Austin into a sanctuary city, just like here in Maryland.
And of course, if they give light to the story, a lot of people are not going to go on with this open border agenda, let all the refugees in, give all these illegal immigrants safe haven here in our cities.
This one of the students that was actually here illegally was facing deportation for committing a crime, but they allowed him to stay in the high school where he then raped a 14-year-old girl.
And this is someone who's almost 18, 19 years old in the ninth grade, and they don't even say why.
So that right there is just a big, crazy mess.
Tucker Carlson,
Mr. Badass actually slammed one of the Rockville rape defense lawyers Who's defending one of these rapists saying are you sure that you're you've checked in with God made sure you're on the right side of history here and Kelly McBreen actually wrote this article kind of pointing out that this might this is seems to be a familiar position with these defense attorneys because this is exactly
What Hillary Clinton did when she was defending the rapist of 12-year-old Kathy Shelton, they both are trying to sully the reputation of the young girls who were raped.
Very interesting.
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We're good to go.
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Roger Stone joins us now to talk about the collapsing Russia narrative.
Of course, Roger has been a hot topic on The Hill lately.
Apparently, he's colluding with Russia.
Complete nonsense.
Roger, what is the latest in the collapsing Russia narrative?
Pardon me, I was on the other line with Vladimir Putin.
Let me get rid of this call.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, make sure you finish that talking point with him.
I mean, look, this is an absurdity.
This whole thing is a damnable lie.
But what's happened here is the deep state used the roots of Russian collusion in the Trump campaign as their rationale and their justification for surveillance of the president.
When Donald Trump tweeted only a few days ago that he was the subject of wiretapping, we understood he meant surveillance and bugging in the broader sense.
And he has proven to be right.
And frankly, I think we have just seen the tip of the iceberg.
So I can tell you this.
I had no collusion with the Russians.
I think Manafort would be proven to have had none.
And I believe this fellow Carter Page will probably be exonerated also.
So their whole phony rationalization is collapsing.
And it becomes clear that their motivation was naked politics.
And we have proof through her Twitter feed that Hillary Clinton was being kept informed.
She says days before the election, computer scientists, that would be the feds, have undercovered a server at Trump Tower that is in touch with a Russian bank.
We now know that malware has been found in Trump Tower that would mimic that.
It was a setup.
I'd like to move forward with this for a second.
You know, what we saw with the Hillary Clinton email hearings coming out of James Comey, if you recall, was basically we have all this damning evidence, but I can't persecute.
I cannot do it.
Nobody in their right mind would do it.
Because he couldn't prove intent.
Remember that beautiful key word he used, intent.
You know, I have a feeling that the Democrats or the anti-Trumpers are going to use the same argument because it's already come out, Roger.
The surveillance was there.
We have the data.
We have the taps.
So I think they're going to do it.
Well, but there are deeper problems here.
You see, because Chairman Nunes rather skillfully waited until after the hearing to disclose what he knew, Comey and Rogers have now seriously perjured themselves.
We're going to learn that Lynch and others have lied about this.
I think this is the beginning of the end for Obama.
This is the unraveling of perhaps jail sentences for his whole front line.
Because in addition, we know they abused the information they had.
In my case, if I was being wiretapped under a FISA warrant, which I believe I was, according to the New York Times on January 20th,
Of this year, then the leaking of that to the New York Times and to the Smoking Gun, a lefty fake news site, is a felony in itself.
I have committed no felonies, but they've committed felonies within the intelligence agency through these leaks.
I think this is a rapidly collapsing Watergate-type situation that will bring down everybody before it's over.
And you talk about the repercussions of those that are spreading this false narrative.
How much of this Trump wiretapping tweet was just a piece of cheese laid out there for all the rats to come flock to?
Well, I mean, the president would not have put this in a tweet without having a very solid source or sources.
And he's been adamant that he would be proven to be right.
His lily-livered country code of advisors, Ryan Prebys and Sean Spicer, have been trying to talk him into walking it back and apologize to the Brits.
You hurt their feelings.
The Brits are cut out.
By the way, we still don't know who conducted all of the surveillance.
I want to stress, Chairman Nunes has seen the tip of the iceberg.
There is far more.
Trump is even righter than we know, I suspect.
And I, like others, I wait for the next tranche of documents.
I'm just curious, now I said this a minute ago, I think the Democrat response to this, the anti-Trump response to this is going to be, oh okay, well sure there was some surveillance on him or unwitting surveillance or whatever, but there was no intent.
We didn't intend to spy on him, we didn't intend to know what he was doing or what he was up to.
I don't think that's going to pass muster.
What reason could you possibly have for listening to the President-elect of the United States sufficiently?
I mean, look, in my own case, there's no doubt that I spoke to candidate Trump numerous times in October, which means every one of our phone conversations was being monitored and recorded.
Without probable cause, or without any evidence of Russian collusion on my part, this notion that my now completely public and brief exchange with Christopher Too, a hacker that may or may not be a Russian asset,
Somehow constitutes collusion is disproved by the content, which is ambiguous and innocuous.
The timing, it happens long after the release and the hacking and release of the documents I'm accused of colluding with him on.
It's, you know, so it's disproved by the timing and the content and the facts.
So what do you think the repercussions there are?
Now, you've obviously talked about perjury potentially for Comey, but what are the repercussions of all these people that keep spouting this narrative, especially with the no wire trapping claims, even though we have the proof in triplicate?
Is there going to be serious consequences here, or is it just going to be like, guess what?
You're not going to get elected again.
No, I think a bunch of people will go to jail.
I think he could clean out the entire front line, the second line of desks at the intelligence agencies, at the FBI, where the rank and file members who are patriotic Americans trying to do their job are chafing under the political control.
We're good to go.
Yeah, the CIA and the mainstream media's credibility is shot as well.
Roger, I'm just curious, what are you hearing behind the scenes about Devin Nunes?
Because to me, it seemed like he was kind of playing possum with the Democrats, going after Trump on all these questions, but then when he got no answers as far as the Russian connection,
He came out on the other end and said, guess what?
I do have evidence that Trump was actually being surveilled.
Now I'm seeing conflicting headlines today saying he's backing off those assertions.
Some saying he's wanting closed hearings to talk about them.
What are you hearing about Nunes and his developments behind closed doors?
Well, first of all, I think he is, this guy is a profile in terms of the way he waited and let the Democrats suck themselves in.
He's a whistleblower in my opinion.
This guy Schiff is just a
I don't know what pile of dung he climbed out from under, but he's a demagogue.
In my case, he engaged in red baiting and distortions and fear mongering and just kind of over the top.
I'm anxious to explode this mainstream media created myth
You know, Paul Manafort has now made similar comments saying he wants to go and have a public hearing.
He would like to make public statements.
Have you gotten a legit response from any of these people making these allegations?
Are they actually going to bring you out into a hearing?
Or is it all just talk?
They've all pulled from here, but I'm not sure they really... They may not know what they are asking for.
As you know, sometimes be careful what you wish for, because they get it.
I have written a respectful letter to the Chairman today, or my lawyer has done, making it clear that I feel that I was smeared by the committee.
And again, the real importance here is not Roger Stone.
It is just exploding the worst they've missed.
Which is their last defense for wiretapping the president.
If that goes, then their criminal intent becomes naked.
And that is why they're so desperate to make even a phony case.
I cannot speak for Paul Manafort, but I cannot see how a contract with a rich Russian guy that ended in 2009 can constitute collusion in 2016.
Unless the oligarch or Manafort had a crystal ball and could know that Donald Trump would emerge as president and then out of the blue ask him to manage his campaign.
That's unknowable.
Roger Stone, running out of time real quick.
Have any of your lawyers suggested slander lawsuits?
Or defamation?
We are examining... Remember, suing the Senate, the government, is always extremely difficult.
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It's amazing.
Joining me today, all the way from Alaska, is independent researcher and author Dr. Nick Begich.
It's so good to have you in studio.
Thanks for having me.
I know you've been a guest of ours for years, but it's great to actually have you here.
Just to give a little bit of background, you do a lot of independent research in the sciences and politics.
Very well known in Alaska for your own political activities, which of course includes being a member of a multi-generational political family.
Your father is the late U.S.
Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich, Sr.
Your mother was a political activist, Peggy Begich, and now I hear your son is also involved in politics as well.
You are the publisher and co-owner of Earth Pulse Press.
Currently consulting for tribal organizations, private corporations, and others in a number of research areas you've authored.
Angels Don't Play This Harp, Advances in Tesla Technology, Earth Rising, The Revolution Toward a Thousand Years of Peace, and your latest work is Controlling the Human Mind, the Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance.
Now talk to us a little bit about some of these
There's a lot of technological control apparatus that are being used.
Angels don't play this harp, for instance.
A lot of people think the harp program is just about controlling the weather or something, but I personally feel, what the heck are they doing, even with geoengineering and these other things, with the ionosphere?
And with that, I truly believe that that is something that is, in a way, enabling a bit of control.
In fact, HAARP is where a lot of people know me from my work over the last 20 years.
And HAARP is a high-frequency active oral research project based in Alaska.
There's been a number of reports periodically about it shutting down.
The fact is it's still operating.
It's just changed hands a few times.
It went from the Air Force and Navy over to DARPA.
And now back over to the University of Alaska doing contracts for DARPA and others.
So you change the funding source but the game is still afoot.
Now it is used for manipulating weather systems.
It can be used for affecting human consciousness.
In fact if you look at Persinger's work at Laurentian University, he did
We're good to go.
And as a result the brain chemistry alters and changes.
So you can take a population as an example of a large geographic area and you can agitate them, create a certain sense of dis-ease if you will.
And then something as simple as Persinger said, feeding a regular news feed in that sort of points to one group or another group and blames them for your ills and it will, and that anger or that
Lack of comfort will then move a person or move a population into looking at that group as the villain.
It doesn't take very many points to move a population, and this is a very simple method.
The other way, a very simple way, is any electronic communication, whether it be the internet, telephone, radio,
You can modulate a signal.
In fact, on TV, if you look at the white ground behind you when the TV's going and you see that flicker, the flicker rate's usually incoherent.
You know, kind of all over the map.
But occasionally you'll notice that it's very rhythmic and running maybe between, say, 7 and 10 hertz or pulses per second or vibrations per second.
Within about 20-30 seconds, the brain will entrain, will lock onto that external signal in an FFR, a frequency following response.
The result is your brain chemistry changes, your emotional state changes.
And that's the most simple way.
But you can do this, you can modulate a signal on any electromagnetic carrier.
So anything can be utilized.
There was an article called The Mind Has No Firewalls.
It was published in Perimeters, which is a U.S.
Army War College's quarterly.
I believe it was either the winter of 98 or 99, but you can find it on the internet.
Read this.
It is one of the most important publications and now it's dated.
It's 20 years old.
What's happened since is dramatic and much, much more powerful.
The fact is DARPA let a couple of contracts back in 2011-2012 to the University of California for what's called electronic telepathy.
Being able to monitor the brain activity of human beings at a distance and determine what they're thinking.
And then on a second contract actually developing complex signals being able to send them into the brain of another person, literally transmit a message.
This is where the technology is today.
The Lemelson Prize at MIT was awarded a number of years ago to Woody Norris.
This is 2005 or 2006 and that award was a half a million dollars for doing what's called acoustic heterodyning.
Being able to send a signal from two points into an individual so they literally hear a voice in their head that nobody around them hears.
And this was later sold to the military and is now used in so-called perimeter protection systems, at least that's what they've said to the public.
You can look this stuff up and that's where our hallmark is.
We don't cite anonymous calls.
You know, we cite hard documents in mainstream media because that's where it's at.
There's nothing hidden.
It's just not compiled very well.
In fact, in the late 90s, they started labeling us instead of investigative reporters, they started calling us
Compilers, people that could gather intelligence data and then bring it back to the public and they try to villainize.
The fact is, I've never used classified material when I used it for publication.
Now, it may have been classified later, but I would not violate the law.
Now, I'd work to change the law where I think it's wrong, but I won't violate it in this sense, because I think that we don't need to.
To predict the future based on the facts is fairly easily done if you go through the facts, and that's why we've been accurate for 22 years.
Why I'm still doing this work is because we have been accurate.
What was once called conspiracy
This theory is now the facts reported in the mainstream media.
The reality is the mainstream media is lazy, they don't do their jobs, they don't dedicate the kinds of resources necessary to being the police of a democratic republic.
Because that's what a free press was intended to be.
It was intended to keep the public informed, not just say whatever you want whenever you want, but to keep the public informed so we could have a debate.
So we could have a discussion.
So we could lead the country as citizens and not as elites.
And this is what we need to get back.
So, is there any way for people to protect themselves or shield themselves?
If there is some sort of a program that's encompassing the entire globe, how can people reconnect with nature, turn off their TV?
Well, there's a lot of things you can do.
I mean, first of all, you have to let go of the fear, and that's probably the biggest challenge.
And so, lean into your spiritual life in that regard, because that's really the answer for fear, I believe.
Whatever that, whatever that represents to you, this is not what we were created to be.
Fearful, worrying, hiding in a hole.
We're stewards of the planet for goodness sakes.
We're creating the image of a creator for goodness sakes.
It's time to act, to claim that birthright and begin to express ourselves in that way and that's not out of anger and
Thank you.
Change is what's required and not an external driven change but an internally recognized need to change.
What I think and why I think that we're in the state of remembering is because it is the only effective counterbalance to what is happening today.
If you succumb to fear you've already lost.
So I think that's the first step.
Turning off the television.
I made that decision six years ago.
I don't regret it a bit because I'm not interested in their feed.
I select my news.
I select the information.
And that's what all of us need to do.
Don't just accept the general feed.
Be selective.
You can draw out anything you want.
So I think those are steps we can take.
Think about what you're putting on the internet.
And, you know, what could we do to sort of devolve this system?
You know, one of the things I've talked to people about is evolving software.
So every time you do an internet search, that there's 10 searches that go out.
So they can't figure out which one you're actually doing.
We need software designers to come up with ideas to game the system, to make the data collection worthless.
And those are the kinds of innovative things that perhaps people out there listening today with those technical skills can evolve.
Because we need tools to change the game.
The cameras need to point the other way.
They need to point into every government office, the local, state, national levels, and international levels.
We need to be able to dial up our congressmen and see what's going on in their office.
And if they have something to hide, because they're the ones who have something to hide.
Then we need to rethink this republic.
Because the fact of the matter is the cameras are pointed the wrong direction.
And it's time to change.
Well thank you so much Dr. Nick Begich.
Now you can go to earthpulse.com and check out all of your articles, all of your extensive research there.
We also have a lot of your books and things at the InfoWars store as well if you want to support us.
Dr. Begich, thank you so much.
Great to have you in studio.
Well thank you for having me.
It's been my pleasure.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
But it goes beyond being prepared.
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We can answer your questions.
Khalid Massoud, a 52-year-old English teacher and British native living in the Great Britain Muslim enclave of Birmingham, England, where according to a 2011 census, 21.8% of the Birmingham population identified as Muslim, a much higher average compared to the national average of 4.8%.
Molded by a life of criminal acts and radicalized by the ongoing jihad in Europe, Massoud took the lives of a mother of two, a vacationing American, an unarmed police officer, and a 75-year-old retiree after driving a Hyundai 4x4 on the pedestrian right-of-way, plowing through as many as 40 people of various national backgrounds,
Down one of the most symbolic roads in England, leaving a trail of death and mayhem at the foot of the iconic Big Ben.
The message was abundantly clear even before ISIS claimed responsibility.
Former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, pleaded with fellow Britons to open their eyes to the national suicide underway.
We've had 12 suspected terrorist attacks planned last year.
If they would have been successful, you'd have seen shopping centres, you'd have seen aeroplanes, you'd have seen nightclubs, you'd have seen a war zone on our streets.
Similar to this, every single month.
Then, and only then, might people realise we are at war.
We're in war already.
We have had 450 ISIS fighters been allowed to return to our country.
They've gone and fought for ISIS.
They've been in training camps.
They've been beheading people.
They've been raping people.
And they're walking the streets of our capital city.
Because my head is not up my arse.
My head is not up my arse.
This is an Islamic jihad attack.
The man that done this would have either been radicalised in a prison or he would have been radicalised on the streets of the UK with full knowledge of our government and our security services.
The location of this attack was no accident.
The terrorists chose to strike at the heart of our capital city, where people of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate the values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech.
These streets of Westminster, home to the world's oldest parliament, are ingrained with a spirit of freedom that echoes in some of the furthest corners of the globe.
And the values our Parliament represents.
Human rights.
The rule of law.
Command the admiration and respect of free people everywhere.
The English authorities seem to have been temporarily awakened by the obvious message, as raids in London, Birmingham, Surrey, Wales, Manchester and Brighton have so far netted ten people related to the recent attack on the heart of England.
We have searched six addresses and made seven arrests.
The inquiries in Birmingham, London and other parts of the country are continuing.
It is still our belief
The larger question here is what kind of global culture do we really live in?
Where Silicon Valley elite sociopaths flood our media landscape with their version of reality, while technocratic billionaires plan a dystopian future where our children are replaced by robots.
Where war hawks place the common citizen in the theater of war for dubious reasons and where a psychopathic ideology is protected while openly professing a message of death to its host.
Just how stupid are we to allow this war against us, the cannon fodder of the globalists and the enemies of Islam, to continue?
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
Hey what's going on everybody this is Joe Biggs with Infowars.com and our favorite trans person is finally back in the news.
No I'm not talking about Caitlyn Jenner.
Definitely not the old man who wanted to be a six-year-old child.
She said stop being trans or leave.
So that to me stop being trans isn't
Something I could do.
No, we're talking about Rachel Dolezal.
There's a brand new article out by Heat Street.
Many others right now because she just came out with an autobiography where she claims she's a woke soul sister.
You know, there's something really strange about you and I don't know what it is.
Now, this is the white woman.
She's Caucasian and she identifies as a black woman.
Now, she was the head of an NAACP chapter for a while until these allegations came out.
She was actually confronted by a reporter and asked if she was white.
Are you African American?
I don't understand the question.
Let me just ask you the question in simple terms again because you've sent mixed signals over the years.
Are you an African American woman?
Identify as black.
So there you have it.
She identifies as black.
In the year is 2017.
We have trans species people.
So whilst he's having his treat, because he's been a very good puppy so far, you were engaged.
Yeah, when we split up in 2008.
Well, either way, Rachel Dolezal is going through some similar stuff.
People want to divorce her and break up with her because as a white woman who identifies as black, she has just written a book called In Full Color.
And in the Heat Street article that is up, there are actually excerpts from the book.
They got a early release of this hard hitting piece by Rachel Dolezal.
And in the second chapter, it's called Escaping to Africa.
In my head.
She actually put that.
And she describes her frustration at growing up in rural Montana.
She didn't even know good times.
But I do know one thing for sure.
When it comes to heroes, there's only one in this house.
Or Sanford and Son!
Or even the Jeffersons!
She didn't even hear about half of these things until she went to college.
And even when she was a young child, she inexplicably felt an affinity to blackness.
She even pretended that she was a black woman from the Sahara or a Bantu woman from the Congo, or her fantasy was that she was from Africa, even though she grew up in a town with zero black people whatsoever.
Now everyone was able to accept that for a long time.
Everyone, when she came out and says, Hey,
I don't know.
This is where people draw the line because in this chapter right here, hustling to make a dollar, Dolezal equates her childhood chores with the institution of slavery in America.
She said her living conditions made her develop a similar resourcefulness as black slaves.
And she repeats this claim yet again in the book where it says, it wouldn't have been too much of a stretch to call me an indentured servant.
And that is where the left has finally drawn the line.
Be that puppy dog.
Be that giraffe.
Be that baby.
Be that man.
Be that woman.
Be that whatever you want to be.
But don't fully be black.
Don't embrace us fully.
Don't identify as a black woman who knows the struggles of slavery.
Now you're crazy.
Now you're a hoe.
Now you're a scallywag.
Now you're a piece of garbage.
And the left who normally embraces this crazy lunacy, which I believe it is anyways, I think all of us is completely in total lunatic madness, they've drawn the line.
They say enough is enough.
So where else will they draw the line?
It's only a matter of time before we see someone else actually start having surgeries and become animals.
And will they accept it or will they turn on these trans species like they did Rachel Dolezal?
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
Well that's gonna do it for the show tonight.
Thank you all so much for tuning in.
We'll see you here again Monday 7 p.m.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
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