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Name: 20170324_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 24, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses the imminent vote on repealing Obamacare, attempts to stir up civil unrest by Soros, and an investigation into Bannon's ties to Russia. He criticizes the media for not covering Clinton's connections with China and Russia. He also promotes health supplements from Infowarslife.com. Devin Nunes claims that Trump and his team were under surveillance by the Obama administration while critics argue these claims are baseless. Globalism is deemed corrupt and anti- human as Alex Jones refers to globalists as "Davos man" and "Bilderberg man". The Senate Judiciary Committee gives Supreme Court nominee Judge Gorsuch a "well-qualified" rating despite concerns from Democrats about his views on executive power and gun rights. Ongoing claims suggest that the Obama administration spied on Trump's team during the transition period, with CNN being accused of lying to viewers about this. Veterans are encouraged to support Commander-in-Chief Trump rather than those calling for his overthrow or death. The Law of Attraction is discussed in "It's Time to Align", while Infidel Body Armor offers body armor kits and training for sheepdogs. Berkey Purified Water provides affordable water filtration systems, Vistaprint offers custom business cards at low costs, and James Woods shares powerful images comparing conservative women with liberal women on Twitter. Time Magazine is accused of lying during an interview with Trump while Facebook allows posts suggesting "hunt and kill all white women". Infowars Biome Defense Probiotic improves overall digestion and health. The show discusses issues related to refugee and immigrant families, Trump's travel ban, and spying on the Trump transition team.

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Well, the big vote's coming up on the repeal, or is it really a repeal, of Obamacare.
We're going to be breaking that down.
We have massive news on Soros trying to stir up race wars and civil unrest.
It's a big, important transmission on this Friday worldwide broadcast.
But first, we also have one of the top survivors from Benghazi joining us today.
A lot of other big guests.
But first off, a key report from John Bowne.
White Bart and Infowars under investigation for ties to Russia.
That's right, Stephen Bannon trying to cut middle class taxes, rebuild our military, and defend our borders, and get the VA working right.
As well as kill Obamacare, decorated Navy officer.
Can't trust him, can't trust anybody, but we can trust Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama, and John Podesta, and Michael Moore, can't we?
We need to reduce the deficit because, and so therefore we must cut education.
That is a stupid, a common moment of...
A moment of comedy, of comedy of goodwill, but this budget is really a slap in the face of the future.
Barack Obama Day will not be celebrated in the former president's home state.
Lawmakers in Illinois voting down the proposal to honor his birthday as a state holiday on August 4th.
I would just add, this should be of concern to everyone that the Russians are trying to influence our election, but I'll answer your question directly, which is, as she said all throughout this campaign, she will crack down on Wall Street.
She said it to, there's nothing that she hasn't said in private that she doesn't say in public.
And this, you see, has been built up for months.
At first they came out and said, oh, the Russians stole the election, it'd be too much.
But I told you, they were going to build it and build it until they say that Breitbart's Russian, Stephen Bannon's Russian, I'm Russian, and Trump's Russian.
And if Trump and his people don't counter-strike when Hillary is openly on the Communist Chinese payroll, sold 30% of our uranium,
To Russia, got all these tens of millions for it.
And if they don't start the indictments of the open crimes they've committed, they're not going to stop.
This company, Uranium One, had outposts in the U.S.
in uranium mines.
So they were essentially bargaining to sell their company to the Russians so the Russians could, in part, control U.S.
uranium production.
And in order for that deal to be signed off on,
One of the federal agencies of the United States that had to okay it because this is national security is the State Department, then headed up by Hillary Clinton.
It's undisputed.
Even the precious New York Times admits that.
So what's the big story here?
The FBI is very careful in how we handle information about our cases and about the people we are investigating.
I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S.
citizens involved in the Trump transition.
Details about U.S.
persons associated with the incoming administration.
Details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value.
The House Intelligence Committee will thoroughly investigate surveillance and its subsequent dissemination.
Who is aware of it?
Why it was not disclosed to Congress, who requested and authorized the additional unmasking, whether anyone directed the intelligence community to focus on Trump associates, and whether any laws, regulations, or procedures were violated.
And the globalists are the traitors.
They're the outside group.
That has come in and taken over the country, and here we are, not just in the United States, but worldwide, saying, kick the oligarchs out, kick the globalists out.
And to claim it's Russian is the most ridiculous thing on Earth.
But they don't care.
Once it's discovered to be elite, unelected, above the law, tax-exempt, diplomatically immune, totally corrupt, the new royalty, we reject Kim Jong-un.
We reject Queen Elizabeth II.
We reject Jordan Soros and the new royalty at the UN.
We're done.
Well, it's breaking all of the news.
They have the smoking gun proof that Obama did spy on the president.
That's exactly how we told you he did it.
Appearing on the Drudge Report this morning, potential smoking gun showed Obama administration spied on Trump team.
Source says, Republican congressional investigators expect a potential smoking gun establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team and possibly the president-elect himself.
Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes from California
...has said he expects that the NSA will provide him this smoking gun evidence.
The intelligence is said to leave no doubt that the Obama administration in its closing days was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.
And basically, it boils down to this.
While it's legal for the deep state to collect intelligence on foreign targets, it's not legal for the names of U.S.
citizens to be unmasked.
This was done and was disseminated through intelligence reports.
Now looking back at Trump's March 4th wiretapping tweets, it seems he was right all along.
Soon we will find out if Obama administration officials are too big to jail.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
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His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously, four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Then that would also mean that in the case of General Flynn, not only did a masking take place, but also an intelligence leak, which as I understand it, never happens in a case where signal intelligence such as this is in fact obtained.
Is that correct?
Yeah, I've never heard of that.
I've never heard of that happening before and as I've said many times the only crime that we know has been committed here is that one and it's quite clear that it was a crime.
And you know, look, I think you said it right, Sean.
These programs are vitally important to the security of our country and that's why we take this seriously here in Congress to conduct our oversight.
And clearly when I see a problem, I'm going to point it out.
In the case of any type of
Leak that would be a violation of the Espionage Act that would be a felony that would be five years potentially in prison That's that's correct.
Yeah, and and that it appears like that that happened right?
I mean we won't know until we got all the details, but from my perspective It appears like that was a crime and that raises another question was you talked about it being widely dispensed within the intelligence community meaning many people saw the surveillance of
The President-elect and his transition team, and they were identified.
Then it goes to the issue of how many people had access to it.
Two weeks before President Obama left office, he modified Executive Order 12333, which allowed the sharing of this type of intelligence, which had never happened before with 16 other agencies.
Is there a possibility that was done so that leaks could be covered up, sir?
Well, in the reports that I read, they were clearly disseminated far and wide.
And I don't think it actually has anything to do with the change in that procedure.
But what I saw was disseminated pretty far.
And in many cases, you have to wonder why, which is why I raised the question.
But prior to that modification of Executive Order 12333, it was not usual practice to widely disseminate.
So certainly, they had to... Look, if this happened in November and December,
That didn't happen until January, the alteration of 12333.
Is there anybody that you saw that had dissemination of these documents?
I don't want to get in the weeds here, Sean.
I don't believe that change impacted what I saw.
But with that said, I will say that the dissemination was pretty far and wide.
And like I've said before, I think it appears to me that it was all legal.
The question is, should it have been done in the first place?
Did it meet foreign intelligence value?
And then secondly, were any other American names unmasked?
And I have information that says that there...
All right, now that's Representative Duna as the head of the House Intelligence Committee telling you the exact truth of the law and how it works.
That's why this is so ridiculous.
Everything a president-elect does on a telephone is recorded by law when they're talking to foreign leaders.
What's illegal is unmasking the President, unmasking Flynn, saying you have proof that they're selling us out to the Russians.
The bluff gets called.
The House and Senate Intelligence Committees get their proof.
There's not even phone calls till the middle of December that are supposed to be phone calls to the Russians and everybody else.
Trump is calling hundreds and hundreds of world leaders a day.
When he called me three days after the election, he said, Alex, your number, whatever.
I only got five minutes with you and I've already called a hundred and something people.
And I told folks about that.
That's what Trump was doing.
It's what Flynn was doing.
But that's what's so crazy about this is that that's what CNN and MSNBC and ABC and even Fox News for the last two weeks was saying.
The president may get impeached.
What a bold statement.
It's actually been three weeks.
Claiming the NSA was spying on him.
That's what it is, when under law, they're spying on the foreign diplomats and leaders through those digital interfaces.
And now Nunes comes out and says, no, I've seen the evidence, which they just play stupid with at the NSA and other agencies, the record of them spying on Trump.
He's seen the records and then we know some of the other sources that have gotten information to Nunes showing illegal spying was going on by Obama going back eight plus years ago when he first got into office against Donald John Trump.
That everybody knew had the top TV shows, you name it, the top Q scores, the top likability.
Back then, he had like 90% likability with the public in national polls.
That's why they said you gotta run for president.
Remember, he wasn't a right-winger or a left-winger back then.
He was just Donald Trump.
The entertainer.
The golfer.
The billionaire.
The guy with the beautiful wife.
So, this is a real waterloo for the Democrats and the deep state, because they were so foolish, they came out and said, we have the intercepts that Trump is selling us out of the Russians.
Well, they had the intercepts, but he wasn't selling us out.
Then Trump said, you've leaked that information.
That's illegal.
Cut and dry.
And they went, oh, ba-bee-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba.
We didn't do that.
We never surveilled anybody.
This was preposterous.
We're like, here's thousands of headlines, hundreds out of the Washington Post and New York Times.
Here's one writer that wrote three stories, one writer that wrote four stories, one writer that wrote eight stories.
In the New York Times alone saying wiretaps, intercepts, transcripts of Flynn and other Trump people selling us out to the Russians.
On and on and on and on and on and on.
But what's the big takeaway here?
They thought you were stupid, I was stupid, and didn't know the facts.
And now Sean Hannity's up there, God love him, giving you the U.S.
Code, giving you the law, how they were doing it.
It's all law!
It's all in the books!
It's going on for 50 years!
Or more!
So now Fox News calls it potential smoking gun last night, showing Obama administration spied on Trump team.
Sources say, this is like saying, smoking gun, that the Gulf of Mexico exists.
Smoking gun, Mother Teresa existed.
It's like, smoking gun, I'm holding a laptop or an iPad in my hand.
Anyone can see I am.
Smoking gun, I've got a shot of North America behind me on the Jumbotron.
Smoking gun, I'm wearing a baby blue shirt.
Smoking gun, I'm wearing a black sports wristwatch.
Smoking gun, my hair is falling out.
And I have to sit here, being the person telling you this for 20 years, the same way every time.
They have keyword software, they're grabbing everything, it runs through the major telecom hubs, and now they've moved on to more advanced stuff.
Because it was all declassified 20 years ago.
And they would just say, oh, that's the crazy conspiracy theorist.
And they would pick things that sounded weird.
I'd be sent video, shot from a nursing home in Kingsville, Texas, of, you know, 18 helicopters coming in and blowing up the old police station and scaring the town in some Delta Force drill.
I'm not against Delta Force, but I show the video terrorizing people.
What is the PSYOP?
The military high up folks say this is to condition the public.
Bill Clinton's ordered this.
The military doesn't like it.
This isn't just a training mission.
And they had headlines across the country saying Alex Jones believes black helicopters exist.
And they start this whole black helicopter thing.
People were seeing him all over the country doing drills, and they were doing a test to tell you, you're crazy, there's no black helicopters.
Despite the fact that...
I had former Delta Force people telling me what the program was and had emergency managers and police chiefs.
And I have the video of the police chief in San Antonio in an interview in his office where they offered him $200,000 cash, Delta Force did, to let them run secret operations and basically assassination squads and things like that inside San Antonio.
And it was going on all over the country.
And the Delta Force didn't like it.
They were being used by the president because
The average person isn't going to say no to one of our best military units.
They're going to believe there's some reason.
They used our James Bond types to go compromise.
And Ale Philippus had been in Army Intelligence.
He said, listen, get the hell out of my office.
Then he found out they bought off almost the whole city.
Then AP had to admit, OK, Alex Jones is right.
The black helicopters are here and they're absolutely running psyops.
But see, this is how they work, ladies and gentlemen.
Then they go, Alex doesn't like the army.
No, the army doesn't like what they're being told to do.
See, the armies are army.
The governments are government.
I never hated the government.
I didn't like the globalists that it hijacked.
And I've told you thousands of times.
Thousands of times.
But if you're a new listener, this is key.
Globalism's illegal, it's corrupt, it's anti-human, it's absolutely greedy, it wants to make you poor to control you, and it's so arrogant it's written hundreds of books and white papers and university studies admitting their global plan.
This movement is a scientific dictatorship, in their words, called a technocracy.
And if you ever expose it's there and ever make them admit, okay, Obamacare isn't free,
Or okay, they really are coming after our guns.
Or okay, there really are globalists and a global government that's out to take our freedoms.
If you ever force that, and the public finally admits it's real, it's like admitting that
Again, the sun came up this morning.
But it's this peer pressure mind control where they go, there's no NSA spying, nobody spied on Trump.
That's insane.
You're like, you just said a week ago he was spying on him.
No he didn't.
No he didn't.
CNN came on last week and said Alex Jones is preposterous.
He claims I wrote articles about wiretapping and the president being spied on.
And the very author's name, I kept saying three, was on four articles saying surveillance, wiretapping, intercepts, transcripts of the president and his transition team, selling us out to the Russians, and he went on CNN and said it didn't exist.
If you're a radio listener, the article's flashback, New York Times admits wiretaps used against Trump.
Let's scroll down, we'll show you a screenshot of just one of the articles where it says wiretap data used in an inquiry on Trump aides.
And I can play you the same guy saying it doesn't exist and you're crazy.
Well, guess what?
It doesn't work anymore, these little control freaks.
So, the big takeaway here is, Davos man is dead, Bilderberg man is dead, the guy that founded Bilderberg literally died as you know a few days ago, that Rockefeller.
But in their own writings, they're saying globalism is dead, and they're not saying it to play possum.
Their corrupt system is going to fall.
Now they're just trying to steal as much money as they can and run to armored redoubts in the Pacific Ocean.
That's a fact.
I've read about it and heard about it from some sources, and I went and investigated it in Kauai.
I think I'm going to go to Tasmania and investigate it as well, and there they were building their mountaintop armored fortresses, helicopter pads, everything.
Kicking the locals off their land, you name it.
And it's even worse in Tasmania.
That's really out in the middle of nowhere.
And they are pulling out.
They're planning something big.
I don't have an idea.
I know what's in their cards.
I know it's in their spectrum of plans.
If people can't admit the stuff that's in their face, how are you going to admit to yourself and change the stuff that is absolutely going on, but is 50 times more scary?
I'm not going to sit here and stick my head in the sand.
Globalism is criminal.
It is anti-human.
It is a horrible ideology.
The worst the world's ever seen.
It comes out of the eugenics, social Darwinism movement that spawned the fascist like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.
It's bad.
And Hitler and Mussolini were unorganized morons compared to the globalists.
But they don't care if you're white or black, they want to dumb everybody down and play us off, but they use race politics posing as the left.
That's the global plan.
Energize the giant third world population, implode them, flood the West, dictate the surrender of the West to the globalists.
Three million North African Muslims are waiting under the UN
Migration slash borders board run by the founder of the EU, Peter Sutherland, and they're ordering Europe right now, the EU under UN, talk about dictatorship, to let three million in in the next six months.
Three million on top of the five million documented 80% of military age men flooding in.
What is that plan?
Sutherland told The Guardian three years ago.
And gave a speech to the EU saying it's to end Western civilization and white culture.
When they say white though, folks, they mean due process, juries, electricity, all the stuff.
They don't want the world getting the idea that you, and our system's not perfect, but boy, go to Guatemala, go to North Korea, go to Venezuela, go to Nigeria, which is one of the better African countries, go to South Africa, and then tell me how good?
Those places are?
Go to Cuba.
Go to Eastern Europe, where everything's a screw job and a ruling class.
There's nothing but a mafia.
Your only hope is getting your daughter or your son married in to one of the local power structures.
That's all there is.
The whole culture's about butt-kissing, not about innovation, not about building, not about a future.
America isn't perfect.
Europe isn't perfect.
We're trying to get to that renaissance.
Just the idea of it created all this technology you're looking at.
The medicine, everything.
But it's all got a bad side because the globalists have hijacked with Trojan horses the culture, the electronics, the medicine, everything for their agendas because they don't want to give us Promethean fire that our ancestors built.
The human culture all contributed to the science we have.
It's just that the plague hit Europe a thousand years ago, 800 years ago, 600 years ago, and wiped out the elites, because they were in the cities, and left the farmers.
And that's what caused the Renaissance, was actually people out working hard far away from cities, who had their own little industries and were too far away for the nobles to come, you know, enslave them completely.
All those secret technologies that have been held back, going back through different cultures, were then able to spring forth because a large part of the population died, and we were able to get the Renaissance going.
Because the elite were basically wiped out.
It's the only reason we have.
It's not that even Europe is better than other regions and groups in the world.
They've all had technologies and things just as advanced, but their elites kept them behind the city walls and never gave it to the public.
Same thing the Europeans did.
Whether it's Japan or ancient Europe or ancient Mesoamerica, ancient Africa, the elites don't want new innovation going to the people.
Because they're controlling everyone with it.
And that same fight we've been dealing with forever is what we're facing now.
I've got more of the Nunes clips I want to get to.
I've got the confirmation hearings.
I always say his name wrong.
We've got that.
We've got clips from the President.
We've got a bunch of huge guests joining us today.
But the Democrats are openly in the news saying, sabotage the economy, plunge the economy, stop Trump, kill Trump, overthrow Trump, on and on and on.
And I'm going to tell you what Trump's doing.
He's letting the Republican establishment have their way, with a little bit better bill, to put it back into Congress.
And he knows it's going to go to the Senate and it's going to get killed.
But then he's tried to get rid of Obamacare.
The full fines and fees hit you this year.
Then they'll still hit you.
He would have tried to get rid of it.
It's their fault they don't do it right.
Then we'll get the full repeal.
That's what I'm predicting.
And I predict the House will go ahead and vote on this Paul Ryan thing.
That will keep the death spiral from going all the way down.
It's got big problems.
But it's a lot better than Obamacare.
And then I predict it'll get killed in the Senate.
Because it's not globalist enough for him.
And then it'll go right back to the full House and there'll be a new bill brought forward by the more conservative Libertarian caucuses that will be used to then discredit Paul Ryan.
And I think you're seeing Trump very Machiavelli, but in a good way for the people, set up Paul Ryan for a big, fat, juicy fall.
We'll see, we'll see, we'll see if my eye is right.
We'll see.
But I know this, America's back open for business and the whole world knows it.
And a lot of people are excited, a lot of people are upset.
But America being back in business means prosperity has a shot.
And that's why I'm so excited.
Let's go ahead and play one more of these Gorsuch clips, again, because this is important.
This is a boil-down.
What's happening with the Supreme Court nominee?
Here it is.
The rating of well-qualified is reserved for those found to merit the committee's strongest affirmative endorsement.
Having examined Judge Gorsuch through this lens, the standing committee members unanimously voted that he deserved the well-qualified rating.
It's the law.
Whether we like it or not, it's the law.
And if I start saying I like one opinion or I like the other opinion... All right.
I'll let you off the hook.
Let me go to another one.
Thank you.
Thank you, Senator.
And a Republican congressman recently said the best thing the president could do for his Muslim band is to make sure he has corsets on the Supreme Court before the appeals get to that point.
Senator, a lot of people say a lot of silly things.
My grandfather... Well, that's more than silly.
That's a, he wants, this congressman wants you on the court so they can uphold a Muslim ban.
Senator, he has no idea how I'd rule in that case.
And Senator, I'm not going to say anything here that would give anybody
Any idea how I'd rule in any case like that that could come before the Supreme Court or my Court of the Tenth Circuit?
It would be grossly improper of a judge to do that.
It would be a violation of the separation of powers and judicial independence if someone sitting at this table, in order to get confirmed, had to make promises or commitments about how they'd rule in a case that's currently pending and likely to make its way to the Supreme Court.
Do you agree with that statement, that under the Second Amendment, weapons that are most useful in military service, M16 rifles and the like, may be banned?
Senator, Heller makes clear the standard that we judges are supposed to apply.
The question is whether it's a gun in common use,
For self-defense, and that may be subject to reasonable regulation.
That's the test, as I understand it.
There's lots of ongoing litigation about which weapons qualify under those standards.
And I can't prejudge that litigation.
No, I'm just asking you, do you agree with his statement?
Yes or no?
Are the statements out of the Heller decision from the United States?
Justice Scalia's statement.
Well, whatever's in Heller is the law, and I follow the law.
Well, it's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, Senator, respectfully, it's a matter of it being the law.
And my job is to apply and enforce the law.
Do you believe that there are ever situations where the cost to an employer
...of maternity leave can justify an employer asking only female applicants and not male applicants about family plans.
Senator, those are not my words, and I would never have said them.
I didn't say that.
I asked you if you agreed with this statement.
And I'm telling you I don't.
But my view is very simple, and that is that there is a cloud now hanging over the head of the president, and while that's happening, to have a lifetime appointment made by this president seems very unseemly.
In March, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Appearing on the Drudge Report this morning, potential smoking gun showed Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says.
Republican congressional investigators expect a potential smoking gun establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team and possibly the president-elect himself.
Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes from California
...has said he expects that the NSA will provide him this smoking gun evidence.
The intelligence is said to leave no doubt that the Obama administration in its closing days was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.
And basically, it boils down to this.
While it's legal for the deep state to collect intelligence on foreign targets, it's not legal for the names of U.S.
citizens to be unmasked.
This was done and was disseminated through intelligence reports.
Now looking back at Trump's March 4th wiretapping tweets, it seems he was right all along.
Soon we will find out if Obama administration officials are too big to jail.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
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A total 360 win.
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I want to run down the gauntlet of just over-the-top important news in the shower because we have
Larry Klayman, who of course has won a case, a major case, the only case won against the NSA for illegal spying, exposing that.
He's also connected to the NSA documents.
He didn't release those to the public.
That was our journalist and InfoWars DC chief.
Corsi in the press is the fourth of state.
We have that right.
As long as we don't give out people's personal info and hurt them.
And we didn't do that.
We gave small snippets of the index of this database of people that were being surveilled.
But the FBI has had for years and is fully aware of and is not denied.
And you notice that there has been almost no coverage of us breaking this last Sunday.
Six days ago.
That the entire Trump family is being surveilled, going back before Obama.
But it intensified under Obama.
Going right through 2015.
And that, by the way, is illegal spying.
There weren't warrants on this.
They're just targeting for the collections.
They go, oh, it's not exactly, we're not going to listen to it or look at it right now.
So we're just going to go ahead and record it all.
They're doing it to everybody.
The last six years when they put that big Utah facility online and the other big one in San Antonio, they admit they can record everything now.
All the calls, all the texts, all the faxes, just landlines, everything.
They admit it.
It's been in congressional hearings.
Again, that's what's so frustrating about this.
This is all admitted.
I told you three weeks ago it was foreign intelligence collecting.
And they were using it to spy on Trump when he made foreign calls.
I told you.
That's the law.
I told you that the fact is they leaked it.
That's what's illegal.
And they lied about what was in it.
I'm going to stop right there.
It's just when you watch CNN sit there and lie to their viewers and go, there's no spying, it's insane, he made it up, when they'd just been saying they were spying.
And then, oh my gosh, Fox News has the big scoop yesterday, the smoking gun!
They were attacking Larry C. Johnson, their former commentator, just a few days ago on Fox and CNN.
Saying he just pulled it out of his rear end.
Johnson was saying what's known at the CIA and NSA.
He talked to his colleagues.
He said, yes, they were ordered to target Trump.
It's well known!
And now he's been vindicated.
We've been vindicated.
Trump's been vindicated.
You've been vindicated.
But see, if we don't have a voice to tell people that the sun came up this morning, they'll start teaching school kids that in the sun, you know, it's a lemon or something up in the sky.
I don't know.
But we get you the best guests like Larry C. Johnson, former section chief in an analysis over a whole section of the CIA.
And of course, we have the articles where CNN says he's crazy just two days ago.
Oh, the next day proven completely right.
He was always right.
Bill Binney, former head of the NSA technical, the guy that actually ran it.
Like a little politician Hayden you see in a general outfit or a space command admiral outfit.
You know, like he's about to be in the new Buckaroo Bonsai movie or the new Star Wars.
Bill Binney's joining us.
Let's have a guess we get you.
Former head, the guy that actually ran the NSA.
One of the most famous code breakers and super mathematicians in history.
They say he's up there with the top five, six people.
Total machine!
Got SWAT team rated for telling Congress, under law, that they were illegally surveilling Congress.
And then it came out.
William Binney's right.
And after he got SWAT teamed, of course, other things happened to him he doesn't talk about.
That's what real men do, they just keep moving forward when you get poisoned.
But, uh, Bill Binney!
We'll be joining us.
And then David Knight is going to host the fourth hour.
I thought Dick Begich is still here.
I know they're also going to be shooting some other interviews, but I hope he'll join David Knight, because an hour wasn't enough with Dick Begich yesterday.
And those two are knights of scientists, too, and engineers.
So these guys will certainly get along well.
So I hope he's hosting the fourth hour with him today.
And then Chris Tonto Parenteau, one of the most famous war heroes, not just in this age, but in hundreds of years in America, who single-handedly, with just six other people, took on conservatively 300 combatants and killed most of them in Benghazi.
He's going to be joining us because we put the call out every week to have a veteran on.
Or active duty folks as well, just to support the Commander-in-Chief and talk about how they think the country's going.
Because, you know, you've got the former deputy head of the Defense Department, a politico, running around saying that they need to overthrow Trump, trying to organize it in the Washington Post, at the Pentagon.
So the least our veterans can do is stand up and say, listen,
This is our president.
He's elected.
We're not going to sit here and put up with this.
We're not going to physically do anything offensively.
But if you try to have martial law, or you kill Trump, you people that have all been calling for it, every single one of you that have been calling for the president to be killed or overthrown, you, by law, we will be then the official resistance to a foreign globalist coup.
And I'm just telling you, I'm not organizing anything.
I'm asking people that are experts in resisting this type of crap to say, look, they're organizing it.
I told them months ago, I said they're going to build towards civil unrest, martial law, an attempt to overthrow the government, they're going to call it a civil emergency.
And now they're calling for it all over CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell saying martial law, they're saying kill Trump, overthrow Trump.
This is talking points.
They mean to do this.
They mean to do this.
So, you understand, everything I've told you is coming true.
It's happening.
Because I've studied military doctrine.
I've studied historical overthrows of governments.
Most of these analysts and people just go read a few books and then, you know, have a CIA title and think they're geniuses.
I know what I'm talking about.
I know their playbook.
I know, and it's not that I'm Mr. Big Shot telling you that.
I'm telling you that because you've got to listen to me.
And the military's got to listen to me.
And people in the intelligence agencies that are loyal to the Republic, and I know it's the majority of you, is quite frankly, I used to get so mad at the agencies and all the military and police going along with the tyranny.
They'd always say, change it on top, we're giving these orders, we don't like it either.
What they're doing is running the good people out because we won't do this.
It's a litmus test on purpose, and then they make us all get the blame.
And I said, well let's see what you can do then.
Wow, the leaks, the intel, the resistance, it was!
Forty percent of the victory was the intelligence agencies, from the local police right up to the CIA and the NSA and the defense intelligence and the Army and the Marines, just everywhere.
I mean, look at all the Army colonels and Marine Corps colonels and generals we have on that blow the whistle on huge operations.
That's who exposed Fast and Furious first, before it was ever in the news, was a Marine Corps officer out in Arizona.
He's been physically attacked, you name it, death-threatened.
He knows who did it, the shipments going out of there of weapons from that Marine Corps base to Mexico and then shipped to the Middle East to Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, ISIS.
We told you about it a year before it came out in the news, confirming everything he said.
You just, you think we have like Marine Corps colonels and people on and they're just making stuff up on air?
You think they're just pulling it out of the air?
No, they're not.
You think William Benny, the former head of the NSA, you think he just pulls this out of the air because he wants to have them come after him and try to kill him?
And SWAT team him when he's in the shower?
Because he told Congress what was happening?
The Senate's being spied on.
SWAT team!
The Senate is the government!
You're not supposed to have the NSA and CIA spying on the Senate!
But they're doing it!
And they want to sit there and talk to us like we're stupid.
So he's coming up.
You know, Twitter blocks most of our articles from being shared now.
And it'll get real bad and they'll back off a while.
They're testing them, because when there's news about it, it ends up in newspapers, they pull back for a while.
While they're banning hundreds and hundreds of other accounts a day of people that are smaller.
But together, you're huge.
You're bigger than Drudge, you're bigger than I am.
You are the power.
People say, we'll just leave Facebook.
No, we've got to stay on it and force them to not let it go.
Like Communist China, who's telling them, censor America, we'll let you in.
China is saying, we'll give you access to the biggest market in the world for people.
They're the second biggest economy, but biggest market in the world for minds.
1,350,000,000 people in China.
Or China, like our beloved president says it.
Bing, bing, mong, mong, mong.
I thought that meant for fun.
And they're saying, you oppress your people and we'll let you in.
That's so fantastical.
That's so nakedly evil.
Oh, by the way, Microsoft's allowed in.
They work very closely with a special Windows 10 that allows the communist Chinese to spy on everyone in the country.
It's their own little NSA update.
China says, China says, thank you.
So, let me tell you what else we got in the clips coming up after this break.
We knew it.
Democrats openly put voter registration cards in the Islamist refugees they're bringing in, in the Democrat-run towns, and admit they're having them vote.
Just like all those states tried to pass laws to let illegals vote.
Then they sit there and they play stupid.
And say nobody's ever had an illegal vote.
And again, the poor illegals are under the globalist control because they get government money.
They make them go vote five, ten times to get their welfare check or let them stay in the country.
They just go as little zombie bots to go and vote and vote and vote off a list of dead people in the newspaper.
That's all they do.
They take the dead people out of the newspaper program, run a program of who is on the voter rolls.
Okay, these people are all dead.
Go vote here.
That's all they do.
It's very simple.
And they don't want laws so that can happen.
That's how it works, just like I tell you how the NSA works, and then they all come out and say exactly what I told you years ago, and months ago, and weeks ago, because we're not just winging it, and I'm not just up here imagining what it is, and then it magically comes true.
I'm telling you what is admitted fact!
That's coming up.
We also have what's up on DrudgeReport.com, an article by Paul Joseph Watson, and again, I mentioned censorship.
All over the internet, they have thousands of Facebook and Twitter accounts saying, kill Donald Trump, go after me, you name it.
And some of these things have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, and they let them sit there and say, we're going to kill Trump, or we're going to overthrow America.
Hell, they say it on national TV.
Time Magazine calls for rioting and looting, so does Newsweek.
Hunt and kill all white women, Facebook post, deem not hate speech.
Shocking double standard of social network giant exposed yet again.
Yeah, they let the Islamists call for whatever they want as well.
It's just, it's just the craziest fomenting.
Because here's the deal, they don't like abolitionists and Republican voters and people that weren't racist that can bring us all together.
So they're trying to do all this racist stuff to white people.
The engineers are, not the idiots.
You know, people that are posting this crap.
Kill all the white women.
They're allowing all that to try to get white people to go into their own circuitous areas and just retreat from society so they can basically balkanize everybody just like a prison, like I always say, with the Asians here, the Hispanics here, the whites here, the blacks here.
And even if you're not a racist, you have to go be, if you're white or you're black, you have to go be with a supremacist group and get the supremacist tattoo or they kill you.
If it's a high security prison.
Other ones, you just get your ass kicked.
Unless you can beat the, you know, gang leader up.
And then the warden's going to put you in solitary confinement because he wants the big gang leader in control.
That's how it runs the prison.
They'll have three or four gang leaders.
Most areas don't have a big Asian population, so they'll, and they'll have the local gang leader is seen as the criminal government leader.
Brzezinski wrote a book in 1977, I read it years ago, The Technotronic Era, where he admits that they control the criminal leaders.
That's how it works, too.
They kind of saw me, I guess, as a criminal leader.
Many times I was approached, but once in front of John Harmon, because we had Rothkopf, the head of the Kissinger Group on, that's running so much of what we face today.
And he said, listen, you're already in the superclass.
You've got a big group under you.
You lead the opposition movement.
Just work with us.
And I'm telling you, it's going to be awesome.
I'll come to New York next week.
Meet us.
You know, come.
Come on, let's do it.
We're ready.
We're ready, Alex.
Go to dinner.
Let's do it.
And I said, nope.
He goes, I just can't believe it.
He said, I can't.
No one says no to this.
99.99% of people never get that call, folks.
I wasn't honored.
Of course, I'm effective.
Of course they tried to recruit me into an anti-American, globalist organization.
I'm an American!
I'm completely loyal to liberty and freedom, my family, and you!
It wasn't hard to say no to, oh, I can go be, you know, the Kissinger group.
Oh my gosh!
That's the top of the CFR, by the way.
See, everybody else is clamoring to get into the CFR.
I would just bypass the whole CFR and go right to the top.
And they told me why.
They said, your clarity, your focus, the way you cut through to people, you could go to the stars or go on this crusade that's going nowhere.
I got told basically that exact same thing more than 15 times by different globalists.
Alex, you can take over the world with us.
Well, let's see what happens to the New World Order.
What's being destroyed right now?
You're not laughing now, are you?
But see, they already knew the potential.
They already knew how precarious their position was.
That's why they were trying to buy me off, and so many other people that sold out willingly.
But see, we've already changed the world, so now we've made it safe for people to tell the truth.
And so all these other organizations and groups and people are now able to follow in our footsteps that weren't bad people.
They just didn't have the trailblazing spirit.
And so now everybody from Sean Hannity to Rush Limbaugh to you name it can sound just like Alex Jones.
And I don't get mad at that because we're winning now.
That's how I win is when everything we talk about becomes the common culture.
And that's what they say in the newspapers.
Look at Trump.
Look at the Republicans.
Look at them.
They've got to stop this.
They've got to stop picking up what Alex Jones says and what Drudge says, because if that ever happens, it's over for us!
But there's one Achilles heel to that, and that's our funding.
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We'll be back.
Donald Trump is in essence correct that the intelligence agencies and some in the law enforcement community on the side of the FBI were in fact illegally trying to access, monitor his communications with his aides and with other people.
All of this with an end to trying to destroy and discredit his presidency.
Let's talk to Larry C. Johnson now to really have the floor and break down this whole controversy.
Thank you for coming on, Mr. Johnson.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
Good, good.
So you've heard my breakdown of this.
I mean, how accurate is that from your educated standpoint?
I guess the real fundamental thing that ought to alarm all Americans, regardless of their political party, their political affiliation,
Yes, sir.
If we're going to talk about Russian meddling in U.S.
politics, it needs to be acknowledged that these intelligence agencies, or principles at the top, were involved with meddling.
Your listeners should understand that it is illegal without some warrant for any of the intelligence or law enforcement agencies to collect on American citizens.
It is not illegal for the British, through their version of NSA, to collect on American citizens because we're foreigners as far as they're concerned and we're a legitimate target.
Similarly, the United States can freely collect on any British citizen because they're not Americans.
They don't have the constitutional protection.
We all spy on each other then.
I mean, you know, if anybody's so naive as to think that the Brits aren't spying on Americans and Americans aren't spying on Brits, well, you know, I hate to burst your bubble, but the reality is that's what spy agencies do.
The president reads in the newspaper that he's been spied on by the intelligence agencies.
In the New York Times, it's all over the news.
We've got the intercepts.
We caught, you know, Michael Flynn.
Trump turns around and says, that's illegal.
Then they say, we never did that.
I mean, talk about gaslighting.
American allies, including the British and Dutch, have provided information describing meetings in European cities between Russian officials and others close to Russia's President Putin and associates of President-elect Trump.
There's only two types of information those countries are going to have.
Either they've got human intelligence, they had a spy who was there, who was part of the meeting and could report on it, or they had an intercept.
A wiretap, if you will.
But, you know, wiretaps, it goes back to the days when all communication went over a phone wire.
It's really more correct to call this electronic surveillance.
Chris Parenteau, known as Tonto, former Army Ranger, worked with the CIA, Benghazi.
He's going to be joining us for a portion of the film, 13 hours.
If you haven't seen it, I don't normally watch war movie films because I know it's usually a joke compared to the real thing.
But that movie is very accurate because they followed it according to the victims of it or the survivors of it.
And so we're not talking about that film so much.
He's just coming on to
Get into the President and the attacks on the President and so much more.
You know, more and more, I'm personally on my Twitter feed at RealAlexJones.
I was late coming to Twitter.
I never really used it the first five years it was around.
We've been using it a few years now.
We've got about a million followers on our different accounts.
Well, I guess if you count Watson, almost two million.
But we have better engagement than the BBC, especially on Watson's account.
So I'm trying to learn how it works.
And I know libertarians and conservatives aren't really so much on Twitter, but James Woods is.
And he's put up some amazing images of conservative women versus liberal women.
I don't want to be mean to liberal women, but this is pretty much what they look like if you go to real Alex Jones.
Let me put that up on screen.
And it makes me wonder just what is the difference?
What's happening with this?
Why is this the phenomenon?
Because I've seen it.
At the inauguration versus the people trying to attack everybody and what was going on.
Also, we just tweeted another image he had.
It's conservative women versus liberal women where you can't really do the caption.
But it's a so-called liberal Democrat voter looking at a Donald Trump female voter.
And I want to do a caption contest actually with this image.
You're going to have to do your own caption on this one.
Is she envious or is she
I think she just loves God's work.
Anyways, continuing, ladies and gentlemen, we should have a caption contest with that one.
Because these images are just powerful.
And I'm not doing this to be mean.
It's just true.
You see it in the real world.
So if I see some stereotype that's real, I'll tend to go with it.
Here's another interesting issue.
Copying their 1960s issue is god dead.
It's also on our Twitter account, the real Alex Jones.
It's a red background for Time Magazine.
You guys can just scroll down, it's there.
And it says, is truth dead?
Well, in the 60s they said, is God dead?
Is truth dead?
And I tweeted, the truth is alive and it's living quite nicely at Infowars.com forward slash show.
Lies and elitism are fighting for their lives at Time.
So I love how the president did an interview with Time, like they're big.
They're not big.
Infowars.com online is way bigger than Time Magazine online.
Their circulation isn't that big.
Nobody hardly reads them now.
And on top of it, they then call him a liar during the whole article.
Oh, he's crazy.
He said he was getting spied on.
It's all proven right.
Oh, he's crazy.
You know, he says this and that.
And everything they say he's lying about is admitted fact.
That's what's so crazy.
But they think they're readers.
They bet everything.
I've got so much content I could talk for a hundred years here, but I just keep repeating the same thing.
They think you're dumb.
They think you're dumb.
Because everything is betting, like Gruber said, on you not having an attention span and being dumb, as he said it.
Zuckerberg said, thank God you're such dumb Fs that you trust him.
I couldn't imagine thinking of my listeners and supporters and, like, thinking badly of you.
When you're great people, you support us.
You're how I put food on my children's table.
But I guess when you abuse people and steal their data and screw them over and do all this, that's the attitude.
That's the disconnect.
That's a sociopath or a psychopath for you.
Coming up, hunt and kill all white women.
Facebook says that's fine, but you can't support the president.
And we also have other reports haven't gotten to Democrat-run cities push plans to let non-citizens vote.
And then, Chris Tonto-Piranto, the next segment, joins us and a lot more.
Then, William Binney, former head of the NSA Technical.
Larry Klainman on the NSA leaks.
And so much more.
But hey, again, we're proving right.
Trump's proving right.
He was being spied on exactly like we said.
But they all went, it's preposterous, it's ridiculous.
Rub in what liars they are.
Just like Trump was going to lose the election.
Just like, you know, it's all their disgrace group doubled down on fraud.
Infowarsstore.com, we need your support.
Big sales in this weekend.
Appearing on the Drudge Report this morning, potential smoking gun showed Obama administration spied on Trump team.
Source says, Republican congressional investigators expect a potential smoking gun establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team and possibly the president-elect himself.
Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes from California
...has said he expects that the NSA will provide him this smoking gun evidence.
The intelligence is said to leave no doubt that the Obama administration in its closing days was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.
And basically, it boils down to this.
While it's legal for the deep state to collect intelligence on foreign targets, it's not legal for the names of U.S.
citizens to be unmasked.
This was done and was disseminated through intelligence reports.
Now looking back at Trump's March 4th wiretapping tweets, it seems he was right all along.
Soon we will find out if Obama administration officials are too big to jail.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Came in last night at half past ten That baby of mine wouldn't let me in So move it on over Move it on over Move it on over Move it on over Move over, little dog, cause the big dog's moving in She's changed the lock on our front door And my door key don't fit no more
So when President Trump put in his racist travel ban, we put out a call to action to Democrats across the state saying, help us create welcome baskets for refugee and immigrant families who are making Nebraska their home.
And the response has been incredibly overwhelming and just really heartwarming that so many Nebraskans across our state sent in these baskets with just the basic stuff that you need when you are starting a new home.
Whether it's diapers and toilet paper and towels, but there's also dishes and blankets and rice cookers, utensils, and so we've been doing this for the last about month and a half, and this isn't even all of the baskets.
I can't believe that.
We have a tremendous amount of baskets inside the office as well.
But this is just what Democrats do, right?
We not only keep elected officials accountable and we run for office ourselves, but we also make sure that we're connecting to our community on the issues that deeply affect all of us.
And we made sure that we had individuals write a little note to the families.
And then inside each basket, there's also a letter
So that's the gateway pundit.
Man, they do a great job just constantly staying on things, going and finding clips of the Democrats bragging themselves that they're trying to get the refugees they're bringing in to go vote illegally.
And see, it's so ubiquitous, it's so admitted inside the Democratic Party that they're trying to pass laws in Nebraska, in Illinois, in California, in Texas, hell, everywhere.
17 states just last year tried to pass laws.
Some of them passed them and they went to governors and governors couldn't sign them because it was so illegal.
Even Democratic governors like Jerry Brown.
So, they just say, we're having illegals vote, we're having foreigners vote, they just got here.
Day one, you show up here as a refugee, here, go vote.
And they brag about it, and then they say on the news, Trump is insane, saying the Democrats are organizing foreigners, illegals, and refugees to vote.
How crazy is he?
Next he'll say the NSA was spying on him.
I just read it in the newspaper you said you were.
You say you have sources.
I say it's the illegal leak.
We never said that!
Here's hundreds of articles!
It's like, they just have no rules.
They're just like mentally ill or they're like delusional.
Because they just, because I guess their constituents on average really are just totally dumbed down.
Totally dumbed down.
So they think all the rest of us, it'd be like if you were picking on and beating up blind people.
Well, let me be politically correct.
Visually impaired.
It's okay to brain damage someone with a vaccine, just don't call them blind.
But blind folks, it's okay to, you know, go out and beat up blind people, I guess, because see, they can't see.
It's the same deal, but you come out and punch me in the nose, I'm not blind.
And it's not okay to beat up people that are blind.
The point is,
They act like all the rest of us are mentally handicapped, like their constituents.
Or mentally ill, chip-on-the-shoulder weirdos.
It doesn't work like that.
So the article is at DrudgeReport.com.
We've linked to it at Infowars.com.
Nebraska Democrat Party includes voter registration forms in refugee welcome baskets.
But Trump's completely insane.
None of this is going on.
We'll be back on the other side with Chris.
Oronto, also known as Tonto, on the other side, one of the main heroes.
They're all heroes of Benghazi.
And he's an even bigger hero for being a whistleblower in the face of Hillary's lies.
We'll talk to him straight ahead.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
Now, this is our 20th product.
We can easily go out to a major vitamin or supplement company and private label a thousand different products.
But it's taken us four plus years to even come out with 20, because we private label some, but we also develop
Many of the products originally were some of the top labs in the country, so that they're true game changers, they're organic, they're proven as safe, and they're also very affordable.
Exactly, you talk about being a game changer, right?
You talk about, we're in an industry where we talk to the industry leaders, we've both talked to them.
They have conveyor belts of herbs falling on the ground and they have someone come and sweep them up and put them back on the conveyor belt.
They have individuals that are hired only to save money and get the lowest quality junk and put it in as many capsules as possible so they can make the highest profit margins.
We refuse to screw people.
We refuse to do that.
We actually want to make something that's good.
We're producing something we want to take.
We're looking for the best.
We went out and searched for the best, the private label, and most of the time found out it wasn't available.
So we go to these big firms and say, we want to make the dream formula.
Bio PCA, for example, one of the ingredients is silica, and it's from bamboo extract.
It's everywhere.
It's in nature.
It's an essential part of being healthy, right?
Just this bottle of silica, again, one ingredient, in a lower amount than even in our product, is $35.
They're charging more than what we charge when they have one ingredient that's less than ours.
This is insane.
When I told him we wanted 10,000 micrograms, he goes, okay, I get that you guys want to do, you know, high power stuff, but why don't you just do 3,000 and then you can sell, you know, multiple bottles of it.
People will buy more of it.
I was like, no, let's do 10.
Compare that to this.
This is a $50 product.
One of the leaders in the industry has 3,000 micrograms of biotin.
We have 10,000.
This is $50, $48 to be exact.
There's no script, no teleprompter, I'll just be honest with you.
My problem is, with 20 products now, it's remembering to take them all.
Because when I do, I have great days, great weeks, a great life.
When I forget to take the X2, a super male, or the lung cleanse, or to do a liver cleanse, or to take this product, my quality of life just isn't as good.
It's changed my life.
I looked like Jabba the Hutt four years ago.
I was swimming two miles some days a day.
I was jogging, lifting weights, I couldn't lose the weight.
I went on what Mother Nature gave us, and it's changed my life, and it's also helped the Infowar change the country and the world.
It's a win-win.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Well, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, has come out and said, I've seen all the proof from all the different agencies.
Of course, the president was under surveillance.
Just as he said, they were unlawfully using foreign intelligence gathered on phone calls he was using and his staff was using in the transition team, as they're supposed to do.
To politically spy on him, and then claim they had evidence that he was this Russian agent.
But there was no evidence there, so Trump demanded it come out, and pointed out it was illegal to leak it, and they said, we never spied on you, thinking we have no memory.
They're betting everything on that, just like Gruber said, with Obamacare.
And now we've got, two days ago, on the one-year anniversary of the Brussels-Belgium attack, we got a bunch of people getting run over and killed, stabbed to death, and members of Parliament saying, don't say it's Islamic.
It's just crazy and now we've got three million more Islamist quote refugees the UN's trying to force Europe to bring in.
They want hundreds of thousands more to be brought in here.
We just played the Democratic Party with the Syrian refugees coming in giving them voter registration cards.
There's so much to talk about.
The point is there's a lot of special hunters think this country belongs to them.
They've overrun it.
They've taken control of it.
But the good news is, the sleeping giant that is America, of every race, color and creed, we're all Americans, we bleed red blood, we're one race on this planet, are waking up to it, and it's a beautiful thing.
Michael Moore came out again yesterday and said we need a civil emergency and to overthrow
President Trump, you see it all over the news, killing, have Marshall Law, Rosie O'Donnell, you have the former deputy head of the Defense Department in the news going to the Pentagon trying to shop the idea of the military overthrowing the president.
That's so illegal, folks, that it makes my head spin.
And it's a bunch of foreign interests, the communist Chinese coming in to help censor Facebook.
You cannot make this up.
So I just talked to some military guys I know, who happen to know Chris Tonto-Piranto, of course, one of the big heroes and survivors of what happened in Benghazi, and of course, lionized properly so in the new film, 13 Hours, it's a big hit and so amazing, to ask, what do you think we should do?
Well, say we support the president and talk about if they're calling for military operations against the president, we're not calling for anything offensive, but
We should start a discussion about the left thinking and Soros doubling the amount of money to these groups to kill cops and burn down cities.
They're planning something.
So Chris, we're going to skip this break so you have more time.
Thank you for joining us and coming on and obviously everything you've done.
Chris, TontoPiranto.com.
I've kind of set the table the last four minutes.
Where are we going with this?
I honestly, I think right now it's just a lot of lib talk.
It'd be really ridiculous at this point for them to try to start some civil war going on.
You've got guys like myself, you've got plenty of contractors out there that are back home now, plenty of people like myself that are patriots that aren't going to stand aside.
I don't think it's realistic.
I think, again, it's a lot of threats and the libs do that.
They are a lot of talk, but when action comes and it comes to actually picking up a gun and doing something,
I think if they were more inclined to protect this country, you'd probably see more of them joining the military or joining the law enforcement.
So I see it as a lot of BS, a lot of just tough talk at this point in time.
But if it comes to this, it's not going to be tough talk.
Believe me, people like myself will stand up and we'll be coming right back at you.
So I just warn them, don't.
Just stop that BS and put a cork in it right now before it really ends up getting to something that they really don't want to get into.
Well, Chris, that's exactly why, as this rhetoric heated up, I wanted to get you on, because you're somebody with just a few other guys.
Of course, some of them died, unfortunately.
Took on hundreds and hundreds of people in two different, you know, major battle scenes under 13 hours of an admitted stand-down.
You just have the physical courage and one of the most, you know, amazing...
Alamo's where some people actually made it out or a 300 where a few people actually made it So I mean it's beyond that you actually survived at a 300 type You know scenario, but where it was just six against 300 or 500 but looking at this
That's why I wanted to get you to talk about this as an expert on it, because they seem confident, and I agree it's a lot of talk, but they're really trying to organize it, and I understand Trump's resistance to standing up to this because it'll make him look like a fascist, but when they're openly calling for his death everywhere, and my death and everybody else, and it's just horrible, at a certain point it becomes dereliction of duty if somebody doesn't get indicted, if somebody doesn't get in trouble, you know, when Bow Wow
You know, says, I want to kidnap and rape and enslave the First Lady.
Or when his uncle comes out, Snoop Dogg, and says, I want to kill Trump, puts a music video out.
We know he's a coward, won't do it.
But he's trying to activate other mentally ill people.
So that's why I'm so concerned.
That's true, and you have a good point there.
In the past, if you did that, then the Secret Service would be knocking at your door and possibly you'd be going to prison.
I think that needs to happen.
I think it needs to return.
There does need to be an example set.
Whether it be Snoop Dogg or somebody else out there where you're going to say you're going to kill the President, that's a threat.
That is a terroristic threat at this point.
And the Secret Service, FBI, local law enforcement, somebody needs to be knocking on the doors and pulling these guys in handcuffs.
And honestly, if it is a star, and I hate to use the word Hollywood star, but if that's what you want to call yourselves, the stars,
You know, TMZ needs to be there, too, to make an example out of you.
An example needs to be made.
And I don't have a problem if Trump decided to do that.
He shouldn't be called a fascist.
You don't threaten to kill the President of the United States.
You don't do that.
In the past, you've never done it.
If you do do it, there are repercussions to it.
And I think he does at this point in time.
Or somebody within the DOJ needs to take this upon themselves.
And go ahead and do the right thing and arrest somebody.
Make an example out of somebody and make it a public example.
And, you know, we'll see what happens.
But you can't keep letting it go.
You're correct.
You've got to lance that blister eventually.
If not, it's going to get infected.
You've got to do it.
And if you don't, it's just going to get worse and worse and worse.
So I do agree.
I do agree at this point with the threats to the president.
But again, do I think that they're going to come out and actually start an all-out war, a civil war in the United States of America?
They'd be well-earned to not do that.
I totally agree with what you're saying about the battle space.
We have the right.
We're Americans.
99% of the patriots are, you know, obviously we're the president.
He's executing like
No president I've seen on his promises.
It's almost unbelievable.
It's so good.
And so it'd be one thing if he was like selling us out to foreign powers or something.
And that brings us to the next point.
What do you make of now Nunes coming out and saying, no, they were surveilling him basically illegally.
The surveillance was legal because it was overseas, but they were using it domestically, the Democratic Party, during the transition.
And then this claim that he's a Russian agent securing our borders, building up our military, turning our coal back on that actually decimates the Russian gas exports.
I mean, really, if you look at what Trump's doing, he's dominating.
He's doing, I love how you said it, he's doing exactly what he said.
There's no president I think that's come in the last, I know in the last 8 years for sure, but the last 12, 16 years.
Reagan was great, but he didn't deliver like, it took him 3 years to deliver a recovery.
Trump's done it in 50 days.
Yes, he's been outstanding, and I have respect for that.
Whether I agree with the policies or not, he's doing what he said he was going to do, and that's fantastic.
As far as Nunez, I know Congressman Nunez.
Congressman Nunez is actually a friend.
Congressman Nunez has always said what he meant.
He's always been honest with everything that he's had to do with myself and in my situation.
He just comes off as very, a lot of courage, very honorable.
He's the only guy to admit the truth when they all know the truth.
And so if he's saying it, I'll give it 99.9% that that thing is going on.
And as far as them doing it legally and then doing an elite, what it is, they're doing something illegally, but pulling illegal things off of it.
That's typical CIA at the moment.
Pompeo needs to clean house there.
They need to come in and see what was actually going on.
There needs to be heads to roll at the agency because what they were doing, they were getting information about Trump and it was, it was,
In my opinion, that's illegal.
You don't do that.
Whether it's with, you're doing a legal action, going to foreign powers, but you're masking an illegal action by doing that.
Well, that's illegal, isn't it?
It's still illegal.
So my opinion is, again, Pompeo needs to get in there and take care of the agency and find out what was going on and see if there is actual basis to get somebody arrested, get some charges against somebody within the intelligence community.
And Congressman Nunes I think will pursue that.
I really do.
He's a pitbull and he will continue to pursue until he's run out of options.
He did that with us as best he could when he was under Mike Rogers on that House Intel Subcommittee and I thought he did a fantastic job.
Now he's the head of the committee.
If that says anything about how honest this man is and his integrity.
So I just, I leave it in Congressman Nunes' hands.
He's a subject matter expert when it comes to this, and I think he can continue to pursue it.
And he will come to a good resolution if people within the Trump administration's sessions and others will back him.
He has a good Attorney General that can help him out, where in our case, we didn't have a good Attorney General twice.
We had Eric Holder and then Loretta Lynch, of course, weren't going to back us at all.
So, um, but I think I think he has the opportunity here to to come in and again set examples so it doesn't happen again.
Chris Paranto, known as Tonto.
I'm going to go with Bob.
Most people know who he is.
Um, there's a lot of secret wars that have gone on where some similar things happen, but one of the most famous, whether it was secret or or or public, uh, you know, firefights where you guys were completely over overrun.
I know a lot of guys, some of the guys didn't make it back.
So you don't want to say you were the, you know,
One of the top guys in this, but they all signaled the fact that you were one of the guys that was the most effective in that hellish situation that took place.
And you didn't want us to plug this, but I'm going to do it.
You've got the Ranger Way new book being released in May.
I promise you'll come back for that.
Also, you have the new firearm training DVD.
That's the one I want to watch.
Is that available at christantoperanto.com?
Yeah, it is.
All this, and this stuff, I hate doing.
I'll be honest, Alex, I can't stand it.
Doesn't matter though.
If we don't support ourselves, we're not going to have a voice.
People should get all this.
We have to build our own economy.
And I appreciate that.
But yes, you can get it all there.
And I'm back in the training area, back with firearms and stuff I enjoy doing.
But we all need this.
You obviously know what you're doing.
Surviving one of the most out, you know, totally overrun operations ever.
Yes, sir.
Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, and I was surrounded by a great freaking team.
I had two Navy SEALs and three Marines with me, too, and the bottom line is you never gave up.
But the survivors all contributed, and they say they're all heroes.
They say, though, that you really, for the whole nine yards, really did... I mean, you're the hero of the movie.
Why is that?
I think it's because I probably have the biggest personality.
I'm the biggest smartass.
How about that?
People tend to gravitate towards the guy that's outspoken, and that's me.
And also, I had no problem
If I was going to die that night, I was going to die.
I think if anybody that gets out there and is worried about dying in the line of fire, then they probably need to get out of the line of fire.
You need to get out there to sacrifice yourself.
Selfless service.
Give of yourself.
Kind of like we're doing.
You put yourself on the forefront.
I'm sure you get threats daily because of what you do, but that is important.
You need to be able to say, hey... Don't you get stronger, though?
I've had more than threats.
They run all sorts of operations against us, like a movie.
But I actually get stronger when it happens.
It's really weird.
The worse it gets, the better I get.
That's good.
That means that you have that never quit mentality.
That you're going to win any battle.
And that's what you needed.
I was lucky to have a father that raised me that way.
And lucky to be at a range of battalion, the 75th Second Battalion, that teaches you that.
And then to be in there that night with a great team that I knew was not going to quit on me, so I was going to quit on them.
It just all comes back to teamwork.
And it comes back to never giving up, never quitting.
That's exactly what it is.
And use that big words.
See, I don't know those big words.
Oh yeah, right.
But no, it's like that interconnectedness.
Because you all amplify each other.
No, that's exactly right.
It's the spirit, isn't it?
It comes back to having that faith.
And the spirit is the perfect word for it.
For you atheists out there, guess what?
There are no atheists in foxholes.
You guys out there, there is something better and bigger than you that you need to rely on.
Well, spirit is the spiritual Wi-Fi.
And then it's what are you turning into?
It's real.
And people that don't know it, they don't... I mean, how synced do you get with guys in an 8-hour firefight like that?
You know, the blessing that night, more than anything, was that we could answer each other's questions before it even happened.
Just blessed to have those 30 days that we were just there together.
Myself and Boone, though, very blessed to have him there.
Him and I had been working together for 10 years.
So, how lucky is that to have one of my best friends up there on the rooftop with me?
Basically slaying folks all night that were trying to get up on our compound.
Again, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, but sometimes faith is there and God takes care of you.
But Providence had a hand on that night.
Definitely did.
Some of you would make it out to tell the truth.
And some of us would sacrifice themselves.
Ron and Bub gave the ultimate sacrifice.
And they are the heroes.
I'm no hero.
The guys that survived are no heroes.
Those two are the heroes because they gave everything so we could come home.
Well, if they were here today, though, they'd say everybody was together and we're still alive through you, through everybody right now.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
And that's why we're here, Mabel, to continue to talk and continue to take on, to take on the, and I love how you say Islamists and liberalists.
I love how you put that S at the end, because I have served with Islamist Muslims in Kandahar, in Kabul, that have actually been more patriotic than some of these liberalists here in the United States.
We're not attacking Muslims in general, but the radical form that the left is allied with and pushing, why the hell would the leftist want to
Want to join with the worst Wahhabis out there that are bullying Muslims all over the world.
You saw it right there with your ad before I came on.
It's all about elections.
It's all about power.
The Democrats, for those who just joined us, handing out, publicly in their own video, to the Muslims coming in from Syria, giving them voter registration cards, telling them to illegally vote.
I mean, what the?
The arrogance!
It's shameful.
Doing what they were doing would be great if they wouldn't throw in those voter cards.
Here's a voter registration card.
Yeah, give them their baskets.
Don't make it illegal.
You know, it's sad that there are still people out there that don't see it that way.
Well, Tonto, in the six, seven minutes we've got left, I can't wait till your book comes out.
Folks should get the firearm.
Because I'm having to get back into firearms myself.
I used to be pretty decent.
I'm having to get back into it because half the time I can't get inside of a barn anymore.
I mean, all this stuff's going on here, and there's so much to cover.
Just, what is front and center in your heart, in your mind?
I mean, I'm not saying, the vets, when I ask vets to speak up for Trump, it's not that they haven't done more than anybody.
We admire them, we support them.
This is the battle for the real homeland politically.
And I know we can say, oh, the leftists are all talk, saying kill Trump, do all this, but they're so crazy.
You know, even a lobotomized pig sometimes can, you know, get something done, and they're just trying to activate all these crazies, and all this stuff's happening.
So just, in the last five minutes, what else is on your heart, on your mind, as you talk to folks?
Well, speaking around, I just speak around the country, law enforcement needs to be supported more.
I think, and I would love to see Trump add more to the law enforcement community, add more into just local and state police, because really that is his protection.
If it's going to come down to where people are going to actually be out for his life on U.S.
soil, it's the LEOs that are going to be standing up in front of him.
Not, really not anybody else.
Like I said, guys like myself will pull a gun when it finally is the worst case scenario, which I hope it never comes to.
So I hope he continues to do that and I actually would like to see more money going to the law enforcement.
Those guys are the heroes right now because they're the ones that have to bite their tongue and have the patience to deal with these crazies they're seeing on the streets.
These leftists they're seeing on the streets and then you're right.
What do you make of the illegal, you know, you're sitting there like raping the two-year-old and the left media covers it up.
I mean it's just, I don't care whether it's a citizen or non-citizen, report what's happening.
Looking at the left though, Soros doubling his destabilization money.
He's a Nazi collaborator since he was 14.
He's overthrown all these countries.
He admittedly is a destabilizer.
I get we're a free open society, but if I did one-tenth of what he did, and I don't want to by the way, I would be arrested so fast.
I just don't get why is he allowed to do all this?
That's a good question.
And that's a good question where I wish Donald Trump would come on TV and you would ask President Trump that.
Because this man is an insider.
He is somebody that would be considered, I would consider a terrorist in another country if I was there.
He would be called a terrorist.
He funded the whole Arab Spring!
I don't know.
It's a good question.
Maybe when I'm sitting around and I have... I'm very lucky to have good... to friends up on the hill.
I'm very lucky to have some good friends.
Maybe ask them.
That is a dang good question, Alex.
I don't know.
But he does.
He's done things that probably need to... Well, there's no probably.
We need George Soros here.
And he needs to be under investigation for bottom line terroristic activities in the United States of America.
Hey, and if they have a problem with anybody going to get him, send me.
Hey, I'm right here.
I'll go put handcuffs on them and bring them to you.
You just let me know.
Give me the word.
If people are worried about saving face or threats against their lives, that's what we're here for.
We're here to protect the United States.
I mean, I guess I'll take a couple buddies and we'll go grab them and bring them into you, President Trump.
Just give us the word.
But it needs to happen.
It does need to happen.
And I'm in total agreement with you.
You got to cut the head off of a snake and watch it die.
And I think right now that's the head right there is George Soros.
Chris Tonto-Piranto.
Anybody can just Google his name.
Everybody knows who he is.
I'm just glad that we're so restrained and the veterans are so restrained.
They're much... And so we're not calling for some type of... We're just saying they're calling for killing everybody.
They're calling for overthrow.
We should have a discussion about...
What happened?
Either not be at the White House or shut down a few roads around it or do something.
As a security expert who's been under this type of attack in a diplomatic compound that's not adequately defended, what's your two-minute analysis on that, sir?
Well, you have to listen to your experts there.
And if the Secret Service are the experts, they know how to handle security around the White House.
If as a leader, you're not willing to listen to your security experts, you're going to fail.
And that took place that night in Benghazi, Libya.
Our leadership was not willing to listen to the experts on the ground, which were us, which cost lives, which basically put us in a dogfight for the 13 hours.
So you have people there that know how to do security at the White House.
Utilize them.
Don't put your political correctness in front of those security issues.
Don't put any media issues in front of that as well.
Listen to those guys.
They know how to protect you.
They want to save your life.
They want to make sure that you get home safely.
And if they're telling you to do it, then you know what?
You probably should do it or it's going to come back and bite you down the road.
And I hope it doesn't.
But I'm just telling you from experience, Alex.
So President Trump and staff
Listen to your security experts you have on there on the hill.
They're telling you the truth because they want you to live.
And they want you to live another day and do your job another day.
So don't take their words at, you know, don't just take it at face value.
They do know what they're talking about.
Well sure, exactly.
I mean, I get saying the left's a joke, as they are, but they've got enough money and organization that even a blind hog can find acorns occasionally.
Broken clocks are right twice a day.
We should just be having a debate about this, because they're saying they want to kill everybody and take over.
So I'm glad we've had this discussion, because I just see so much
So much intense craziness out there.
And then the economy's up.
Good things are happening.
The left's in the news saying they want to implode the economy to stop Trump.
They're economic terrorists now.
I just don't know why they're so screwed up.
So, thank you so much, Chris.
A 20-second closing comment.
Hey, just thank you again.
God bless you, all you patriots out there that are listening, all you veterans.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you for supporting us.
And keep watching InfoWars.
This guy's a good man, Alex Jones.
Jones, I got your back, brother.
Whenever you need me, you let me know.
Thank you.
Wow, Chris, thank you.
It's just great to know that you're out there, and God bless you.
Thank you.
We'll be back with the former technical director of the NSA to expose what's really going on against Trump.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
Amazing interview.
Thank you.
Thank you, Tonto.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Appearing on the Drudge Report this morning, potential smoking gun showed Obama administration spied on Trump team.
Source says, Republican congressional investigators expect a potential smoking gun establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team and possibly the president-elect himself.
Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes from California
...has said he expects that the NSA will provide him this smoking gun evidence.
The intelligence is said to leave no doubt that the Obama administration in its closing days was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.
And basically, it boils down to this.
While it's legal for the deep state to collect intelligence on foreign targets, it's not legal for the names of U.S.
citizens to be unmasked.
This was done and was disseminated through intelligence reports.
Now looking back at Trump's March 4th wiretapping tweets, it seems he was right all along.
Soon we will find out if Obama administration officials are too big to jail.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
How off-the-charts powerful was that Tonto Peranto interview we just had?
Chris, TontoPeranto.com, former Army Ranger, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, private security contractor, had deployed throughout South America, Central America, the Middle East, North Africa.
He also worked for the U.S.
Government's Global Response Staff at CIA, coordinating low-profile security in high-threat environments throughout the world.
He was part of the CIA's annex security team, was responsible for the terror, responded to the terrorist attack of the U.S.
Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, September 11, 2012, which had nothing to do with Islam.
Helping, I'm being sarcastic, folks, to save over 20 lives while fighting off terrorists from the CIA annex for 13 hours.
Mr. Perante's story is told in the book, 13 Hours, written by Michael Zuckoff and the five surviving annex security team members.
And there he is saying, we're ready to arrest George Soros if everybody else is scared for their families.
Because obviously you go after him.
That's the reason nobody wants to.
He's so dangerous.
He's a mafia chief.
A true James Bond villain.
And saying that if they're trying to organize a coup against Trump, the military and veterans need to be prepared to deal with it.
If Trump starts doing unconstitutional stuff and taking our freedoms and selling our country out like the globalists have done, I'll come out against him in seconds.
I have no allegiance to Trump, except for the fact that I know he's for real and actually trying to execute the return of the Republic.
Then I have total allegiance.
This isn't about personalities or being part of the power structure.
We are still the outsiders.
We are still the resistance with a small beachhead in D.C.
And just look at the $3 trillion in the stock market, the best small business numbers since 1984, and so many other good numbers.
You read the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, all the groups.
By the way, I'm not trying to talk like that.
I just, my voice is getting deeper by the day.
I guess the oak pollen every year, it's about this time.
It just gets on my larynx and the sky's the limit.
It's a pollen orgy down here in Austin.
But the fact is, history's happening right now in front of everybody.
I watched more press conferences last night of Pelosi.
She can't even talk.
I should make a whole segment of the show every day about her, like, doddering.
Clearly has Alzheimer's.
I'm not making fun of that.
You know, my grandfather had dementia and kind of Alzheimer's stuff before he died.
I loved him.
He wasn't there anymore.
It was really sad.
She's the leading Democrat in the Senate.
Doesn't know what planet she's on.
Maxine Waters, one of the leading Democrats in the House.
Has a geopolitical understanding of a 10-year-old.
A dumb 10-year-old.
Trump got the idea to drain the swamp from Putin, he told him in his ear.
And the Russians invaded Korea, yeah.
And Trump did.
He helped them invade Korea.
And then, plus, he's like, oh, Bush is the president.
Bush is bad.
I mean, it's like, what the hell is going on here?
This is who's dominating us?
Desperately trying to stop Trump cutting taxes and dialing back Obamacare?
Don't you want your constituents to be successful and have a good life?
Don't you live on the same planet, lady?
No, she's almost 80 years old.
God bless old folks, I love them.
But she doesn't know what planet she's on.
Because she's obviously had about 100 plastic surgeries.
That woman's getting plastic surgery.
So is Maxine Waters.
She's getting her hair done every day.
Maxine Waters is a good looking woman for her age.
But she's dumber than a box of rocks.
So is Pelosi.
You got these basically 80-year-old women who look like they're 20-year-old supermodels in the style and the hair and all this crap.
Listen, ladies, you don't know where Korea is!
You shouldn't be in the Senate!
By the way, there's North and South Korea, sweetheart.
And the North's run by a psychotic demon firing missiles every few weeks at Japan for no reason, threatening nuclear war.
And the news is like, Trump shouldn't respond with threats of military action.
What the hell is he supposed to do?
Somebody pulls up in front of your house with a big, giant, 50 cal, mounted, fully auto machine gun and says, I'M GONNA BLOW YOUR HOUSE UP!
The first time I heard that, I'd go get a rifle, quietly stick it out the door and shoot the person right between the eyes.
Kim Jong Un is running around with nuclear weapons.
You're talking a couple hundred miles away for Tokyo, 30 miles away for Seoul.
It's like a crazy little fat guy who couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag.
And it's just like perfect art type of government worship.
They're ruled and enslaved by a total wimp on a narcissist power trip.
Like, take somebody like...
I talk to a lot of folks in the military, like guys who've killed 400 people.
I mean, everybody thinks Chris Colic will kill the most people.
The Army doesn't put down the people they kill.
And they tell me, Chris Perronto is the baddest of the bad.
Like, Jedi level.
Doesn't even think about it.
Just starts shooting people, hardly ever misses, and just doesn't even think about it, and the bullet's all just missing.
And imagine a guy like that, who's ready to serve and give his life for you any minute, because he's so alive.
He's so dialed in.
Total individual, but collectively dialed in.
Everybody's ready to die right now.
To someone like Kim Jong-un, this little fat... I'm not bashing fat people.
I've been fat too.
The point is he's just this little soft, pudgy, wannabe tough guy walking around.
Let's put some photos of Kim Jong-un with his eyes bugging out, acting powerful.
And he's so delusional.
Ten years after Dennis Rodman was uncool.
Ten years after Dennis Rodman was the joke of the United States, this delusionoid
Zomtrembioid, this body snatched creature, is running around laughing that he's got submarines and threatening to blow up Japan as if he'd be alive five minutes after he launches that missile.
But he doesn't care because he's delusional like Pelosi.
And like Maxine Walters, and like Michael Moore, and all the rest of them.
And Jake Tapper.
These guys, all they have is getting us to respond to them.
That's why they say outrageous stuff all the time.
The average CNN show has 100,000 viewers or less.
Local radio shows in big cities have that.
But they sit there in a suit.
I'm Jake Tapper!
And I've got 300,000 viewers, and I'm going to officially say this is a lie.
It's ridiculous!
Trump says there's a thing called the NSA, and it was spying on him because we reported it was spying on him.
That's crazy, isn't it?
I'm Jake Tapper.
Um, let's go to the next CIA guy.
You're another blue-blood elitist, family member.
Let's go to Anderson Cooper.
Yes, next.
I'm Anderson Cooper on a power trip.
Let me tell you all day how the sun didn't rise this morning.
Bill Benny, former head of the NSA, is going to be joining us with all these huge developments in the third hour.
And then we have Larry Klainman coming on as well.
Then we have David Knight.
This will be a day long remembered.
You've seen the end of David Rockefeller.
We'll soon see the end of the globalists.
Don't act so surprised, your highness.
You want on the mercy mission this time.
Gotta have a little bit of fun, don't we?
Let me do this, because I've hit some of the news, but I've not really done a good boy job yet, because we haven't played Gaston and things.
I had a video list here.
I know it's my fault, but can somebody run one back in there?
Because I've got all these clips I want to get to that are so important.
I mean, just look at some of these headlines.
Hunt and kill all white people.
Facebook post deemed not hate speech.
That's on Infowars.com.
Spicer, there's more evidence CNN colluded with Hillary than Russia with Trump.
Well, she also included more of Russia than Trump ever did.
He didn't include any.
Putin meets with Le Pen at Kremlin, vows not to interfere in election, as they're now claiming he does.
Globalist gangster Junker threatens Trump with war if European Union collapses.
Yeah, Junker, you're pretty arrogant.
You threaten us with war, and you have the capacity to do it?
It's time you were clear in present danger, buddy.
Keep calling me a dictator, I'll keep calling you a Nazi!
Okay, you're flooding Europe with Islamists and trying to politically activate them.
Potential smoking gun showing Obama administration spied on Trump team.
Sources say... This is a big one.
I don't cover it enough.
There's more dead Russians.
String of dead Russians continues as... Witnesses and Putin critics executed.
Typical show execution.
Brussels mayor, all of Moss are controlled by radical Islamists.
Yeah, Muslims intimidate their own groups first.
That's where the, like any gang, they control their sector even greater.
Buchanan talks about an Obama plot to sabotage Trump?
Again, did the sun come up this morning?
Three million migrants waiting to cross into Greece, says EU commissioner, who's ordering them to let them in basically, saying under the UN you have to let them in.
Trump was right!
Oh, I forgot this one.
Jewish teen arrested for bomb threat to Jewish centers.
99% of the time, a white woman says four black guys raped her and carved names in her.
It turns out she made it up.
And a black woman does the same thing.
I don't know why.
It's like, most of the time it's some weird arson or a pipe bomb.
And fire departments, they know it's one of their own people.
I don't know how this works, but it's just... Firefighters are great people, by the way, but they understand that statistically that's where it comes from, inside job.
Trump was right.
Jewish teen arrested for bomb threat to Jewish centers.
President Trump was viciously attacked in February for suggesting that threats may have been a false flag to make people look bad.
Yeah, they kept saying Trump's not doing anything about the Jewish centers and the Jewish cemeteries being attacked.
By the leftist Jewish lobby, as if Trump's anti-Jewish.
He's totally pro-Israel, man.
But you're leftist.
You don't even care about Jews, or anybody else for that matter.
You want to overrun every culture.
You want to destroy Trump because you're on the payroll of the Islamists.
The left Jewish lobby might as well be Saudi Arabia run.
That's not rhetoric, that's the truth.
Member of Congress warns of 1,000-point stock market crash of Obamacare.
Light does not pass.
That's why Trump's going for it, because it was meant to implodge the economy this year.
Police repeatedly assorted MS-13 gang members' sexual assaults.
Two-year-old girl.
The media, only Fox and us will cover this, like Drudge and others.
The whole left media will not cover him raping a two-year-old, stabbing another girlfriend, attacking his other girlfriend, running around.
It's okay, though.
Former Muslim, Islamist, emboldened by PC culture.
Well, that's their army.
That's who they're bringing in to do all this.
But first, I want to get to some more of these clips where Spicer says more evidence of collusion between CNN and Clinton than Russia.
And that ties into the video I already played.
I want to get to it again.
The smoking gun, bigger than Watergate, political espionage, greatest civil rights violation from Hannity, because the truth is coming out.
Oh, there's another story.
ABC gushes over amazing, inspiring story of mother and son swapping genders.
I don't care if you swap genders or whatever this is, but you don't get a college degree that gets you a job.
You don't have a real culture.
It's being shut down now.
So, the new thing is, oh, you change your gender.
See, instead of getting a bigger house, or better medicine, or better education for your children, it's you can swap your gender, see?
That's what they give us in the new world.
Used to the globalists, and they give us baubles, like iPhones and things to control us.
But now, it's just you, like, opt into a cooler group, and you get some attention from the media that's out to destroy you, and you feel empowered.
Now let me just say once this hour that we're winning the info war reaching hearts and minds despite all the censorship, the attacks, the demonizations, you name it, and you're not going to see or hear information like you just heard from one of the survivors of the 13 hours in Benghazi, Tonto.
You're not going to get game-changing info that
Does the research, so the president has the proof he was being surveilled, it gives you the very leaks that now force the House Intelligence Committee, because I don't want to, you know, I know the sources he's talking to.
I'm just going to leave it there.
It's not about credit, it's about victory.
But I need to give you a little newsflash.
If you want to know the most effective operation
That'd mean we're perfect.
Boy, I wish I was doing a better job.
Against the New World Order, it's Info Wars, other than Drudge.
Drudge is even better because he can, like, take something they're ignoring and force it out.
Like our story about the NSA spying and Dr. Jerome Corsi and Sheriff Arpaio and all the info that's now bringing all this out.
And Lori Kleinman's involved as well.
He's gonna be joining us coming up the next hour.
After we have the former head of the NSA joining us.
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They know that, but see, now they want their competition shut down so they can't
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Kaya Jones, somebody I'm sure you would recognize from a group back in the day called the Pussycat Dolls.
Well, she dropped the Pussycat Dolls and she decided to never wear a pussy hat.
And now she joins Leanne McAdoo and I. When did you first decide that you were going to vote for Donald Trump?
Or when did you first decide to support Donald Trump?
We don't talk about our political views.
Everyone kind of just stays mum to the word.
A lot of the reasons, I even left the Pussycat Dolls.
And you know, it came out in this flood of now being able to speak my truth and be honest with who I am and that I'm a conservative.
You know, at the time I thought, being 19, 20, 21, like, there must be something wrong with me.
Why am I not okay with certain things that were going on?
And, you know, I had no one really to go, no, you're just a conservative girl.
You know, you love Jesus.
You're just not into certain things.
And I just didn't understand that.
And so in this process, it opened up really me understanding that I'm a conservative and there is a name for this and this is what this is.
And yeah, no one really shares.
It's not something that people
Openly share.
It forced me to kind of feel shunned by the community that I was the closest to the most.
In this process of actually voting for Trump, one of the main reasons I did vote for Trump, he spoke about Orlando.
That was a big deal for me.
Being a, you know, a person that speaks out in the LGBT community and hearing him actually take a stance about what happened to Americans that night and to an attack on our LGBT community.
Um, that for me was one of the biggest reasons I voted for him.
Also because he wasn't part of this whole collective of people that were going to tell you what to do and what to think and they were part of the establishment.
He didn't need the money.
He wanted to do it for, you know, the love of country.
And I understand that so much.
That to me spoke volumes and I've always respected him as a businessman.
I knew he was going to win.
That's what's so funny is I actually told people two years, like literally when it started, when he announced I said he was going to win.
And everybody I knew was like, no, he's not going to win.
There's no way he's going to win.
I said, okay, you'll see.
And I wasn't able to share my piece because every time I tried, I was shut up.
Like immediately, like,
Oh, he's this, and he's that, and Hillary, and it was just, there was no discussion.
There wasn't, this isn't, you know, a debate.
This was, um, I hate you because you're voting for this person.
And that was something I had never encountered.
Yeah, and you know that's funny that you talk about that, trying to have a discussion about why you're voting Trump or why you believe in these policies.
Like you said, you can't really hold that discussion, and I had the same experience.
I don't know about you, Leigh-Anne, but I would always end the argument, which is like, okay, you'll see.
Like, you're not going to listen to me.
You're not going to let me tell you what's happening.
So just fine.
Just go ahead and you'll see.
And well, they saw.
Wow, a smoking gun broke on Fox News last night.
Actually, I'm glad they have the courage to put this out, but we told you it's foreign intelligence being given legally back to Obama and the Democrats to spy on Trump.
And they claim evidence of espionage when there is none.
Then when they get called on it, they deny it exists.
Here's from Hannity last night.
Intelligence is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration in its closing days was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.
Here now with reaction from Circa News, Sarah Carter from the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow.
I think this goes straight to the highest levels of the Obama administration.
And that's where these answers need to come from.
We need to find out who unmasked these names.
And it wasn't just Director Comey.
There were other people that had access to this.
And the NSA can unmask these names.
So who requested that?
That's one of the most important, important questions here, Sean.
And why?
And why?
And I think once those questions start to get answered, just like Chairman Nunes said,
Then we'll know.
Was there political espionage?
And if there was, Sean, this is the greatest civil liberties violations that we have seen in our country in a long time.
This would make Watergate look like kindergarten?
Oh yeah.
They were surveilling the president and Sarah, you believe it was before the election and now we're getting it confirmed by James Rosen after the election?
And remember, every time you go into a SCIF, every time you go into these secured, compartmentalized facilities to view this information, you have to swipe in.
You have to swipe in, you have to sign a log.
It doesn't matter if you're the guy, an analyst working on a case, or if you're John Brennan, the former director of the CIA.
You have to swipe in.
So there are logs out there, Sean, and there is evidence out there.
Some of that's classified.
But they're able to get a hold of it.
If Chairman Nunes can get a hold of that information, he can start finding out who did it.
Well, I think the Attorney General needs to impanel a grand jury.
That's the first thing that needs to happen.
And start this investigation.
Because if Sarah said it's correct, you can find out who did this.
So that's number one.
That's right, that's what's going on here.
And remember,
How they kept telling you none of this existed, none of this was happening when they've been the ones that admitted they were doing it previously.
That shows the total mental illness.
That shows the beyond anything I've ever seen arrogance out of these people.
I mean, it really is stunning that they thought they could say, hey, we're surveilling and we have evidence he's a Russian.
Then they go, hey, that's illegal to do that spying.
Oh, we don't have any evidence.
You're still a Russian, but from our spying, but we weren't spying.
Meanwhile, let me show you this next article.
Former CIA analyst gave green light for NSA, CIA to sabotage Trump.
That was March 6, 18 days ago or whatever it is.
And they blocked that on Facebook, not because it was fake news, but because InfoWars is so on target and because we were reporting on cutting edge info.
We had him on last week.
Larry C. Johnson, formerly the CIA.
High level.
But he's covering stuff that's admitted already.
So they've called him discredited, they've attacked him, they've demonized him, all the news.
Where are they now that the head of the Intelligence Committee comes out and says it's true?
They say let's investigate Nunes, maybe he's a Russian too.
This is getting real old.
It's not going to work anymore where Rand Paul works for Putin, Alex Jones works for Putin, Le Pen works for Putin.
But it's all meant, even if they fail, to have a chilling effect where you're not supposed to talk to the Russians.
Because the globalists have sold out the Communist Chinese.
That's the big paradox, is what's left of the US, Europe, and the Communist Chinese.
Russia's the wild card, as usual, just like in World War II and World War I, to break that stalemate, because Russia's still a sovereign country.
We'll be right back with our number three, jam-packed with important guests, Larry Klayman, William Benny, and more.
If you want answers, you're going to get them.
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A total 360 win.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
William Binney in the next segment, former technical director of the NSA.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
William Binney joins us, and the guy that originally got the NSA whistleblower, or CIA whistleblower, to go to the FBI, with all the information we put out on Sunday, is going to be joining us.
Larry Klainman.
He did it through the government.
He didn't leak it like our sources did.
So he'll be joining us.
But first, here's a report on one of the big threats we're talking about, North Korea.
North Korea's Kim Jong-un has finally exhausted the patience that allowed the psychopathic regime to play its twisted, inhumane games since Kim Jong-un was declared Supreme Leader in 2011.
North Korea's $7.5 billion military budget compared to the United States' annual budget of $580 billion is laughable.
Still, that isn't stopping Kim Jong-un from threatening to fire an intercontinental nuclear missile on the United States.
Japan Times writes, North Korea heralded the successful development of a new high-thrust engine during a visit to the country's rocket test site by leader Kim Jong-un, the reclusive nation's state media said Sunday.
Earlier this month, Pyongyang issued an unusually overt threat to Washington and Tokyo, firing off a simultaneous barrage of four missiles as part of exercises that it said were training for strikes on U.S.
military bases in Japan.
There has been growing speculation that the North will conduct an ICBM test
After Kim used a New Year's Day address to claim that Pyongyang was in the final stages of developing a long-range missile capable of hitting New York and Washington, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke with South Korean leaders over the weekend.
First of all, I'd like to welcome you on your first visit to Korea since assuming office.
In the short time since President Trump's inauguration, I have held
I've had two telephone conversations with President Trump, and Secretary of Defense Mattis has already visited Korea.
And now, Mr. Secretary, you are here.
I believe this is testament to the importance of the ROK-U.S.
alliance and the close partnership that we enjoy.
Thank you, Minister Han, for your warm welcome.
I first visited your valiant country as a 21-year-old lieutenant many years ago.
And it's good to be back.
I appreciate you hosting me and sharing your assessment of the situation we face today.
The United States stands by its commitments, and we stand with our ally, the South Korean people.
Our alliance is a testament to mutual commitment and respect, and it is a linchpin of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Trump administration has prioritized the North Korean threats, and a consensus amongst the international community is quickly being sought.
North Korea must fully comply with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.
He assured me that the United States will always with Japan 100%.
And to demonstrate his determination as well as commitment, he is now here with me at this joint press conference.
President Trump and I myself completely shared a view that we are going to promote further collaboration between the two nations and also we are going to further reinforce our alliance.
North Korea's neighbors have expressed concern after it announced plans to launch what it called an Earth Observation Satellite during the next three weeks.
Beijing, believed to have the most influence over Pyongyang, says it is worried about the plan.
And the United Nations sees it as a missile program in disguise.
Last month, he's had more missile tests firing missiles just right off the coast of Japan, and then saying, I will annihilate you, I will nuke you.
With someone that looks like a cartoon character of a little pot-bellied crazy man, with everyone worshiping him, threatening to destroy South Korea, one of the most advanced high-tech countries in the world.
Millions starving every few years in North Korea.
Total enslavement.
And the answer is, threatened to nuke us.
Threatened to attack us.
And now, China has moved into the South China Sea, taking over 90% of it.
They are declaring that they have the waters all the way down to the Philippines.
And China is belligerently kicking Filipinos off their own islands that people have been on for thousands of years.
They're not just building new ones.
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
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You will be supporting a free press, all the while enjoying a truly great tasting cup of my favorite coffee.
Available at Infowarslife.com.
Appearing on the Drudge Report this morning, potential smoking gun showed Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says.
Republican congressional investigators expect a potential smoking gun, establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team and possibly the President-elect himself.
Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes from California has said he expects that the NSA will provide him this smoking gun evidence.
The intelligence is said to leave no doubt that the Obama administration in its closing days was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.
And basically it boils down to this.
While it's legal for the deep state to collect intelligence on foreign targets, it's not legal for the names of U.S.
citizens to be unmasked.
This was done and was disseminated through intelligence reports.
Now looking back at Trump's March 4th wiretapping tweets, it seems he was right all along.
Soon we will find out if Obama administration officials are too big to jail.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
You know, the American people and President Trump are actually able to restore the republic.
They'll have to stop running those liners I've had for 20 years about deep behind enemy lines, you know, the globalists occupying America.
We should admit now, globalism occupies the EU.
It's ordering three million more Muslims brought in from North Africa.
They're saying it's not an Islamic attack we just saw that took place.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour, we're going to be talking to Larry Klayman, who of course has been involved with the whistleblower for many years, and the information that we put out last week.
He wasn't involved in that.
He brought it to the FBI.
I had it from separate sources, but we're going to talk about what all this means.
He had a successful case.
One of the only successful cases against the NSA.
That's at the bottom of the hour.
We'll get his take on all of that with Larry Klayman.
But William Binney, who I really appreciate taking time out to join us, was the former technical director of the National Security Agency.
He was also the main technical advisor on the film Snowden, which is so accurate on what's happening.
So we have, since the last time I talked to him, we have the
Vault 7 CIA documents where they've got their own NSA going on illegally.
We've got Trump, they're in the news saying he's being surveilled months ago.
They have all these data and transcripts.
He says, well that's illegal to say you were doing that.
That's a leak.
Then they go, well, actually, there's nothing in it.
You didn't do anything.
Don't worry about it.
Then they say, oh, we weren't spying on you.
It's just the public has no memory.
Well, now Congressman Nunes, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, comes out and says, no, I've seen the documents.
I've talked to the agencies.
They were surveilling him overseas.
Again, you have the foreigners surveil Americans.
We surveil the foreigners.
Get around domestic spying laws.
Everything we've done for decades.
But William Binney only covers what he can cover that isn't classified.
But thanks to Snowden, we can cover so much that you couldn't get.
Out there.
They're not Snowden, no one.
And I'm not bragging for his ego.
He doesn't care.
It's a fact.
William Benny is the leading expert on the NSA.
He helped write so many of their programs, their codes.
He's a very famous codebreaker mathematician.
So he's with us to the bottom of the hour in the next 18 minutes or so to break down from the expert's mouth exactly what's going on here.
But for me, Mr. Benny, it's just crazy that they would deny what exists, deny they were spying on Trump when they just admitted they were.
It seems like
They're really having a collapse of confidence right now.
They put everything they could into saying none of this happened when we have thousands of headlines where they were bragging they used NSA to illegally spy on Trump and his administration.
Yes, well I think it's, and by the way, it's good to be back with you, Alex.
Yeah, I mean, the whole point is, and Comey, Director Comey, is known about the domestic spying program from NSA, which is called the Stellar Wind program originally.
They may have changed that name since 2001, but it was the original name for the program.
That he knew about, and that was the issue when he went to the hospital for the Ashcroft visit in 2004.
The White House was going to Ashcroft to get him to overrule Comey, because Comey had rejected renewing that program at the time, the way it stood.
And so they went to the hospital.
That Stellar Wind program was what that was all about.
And that program is simply the repository of collected data on U.S.
citizens inside the NSA storage facility.
So in other words, it's like a separate thing about all U.S.
citizens, and it's collected through various therapies.
And other countries around the world, when they get to data that's the U.S.
citizens, or data is routed through their countries or around the world, when they pick it up, they share it with NSA too.
So it's all coming in centrally into the NSA databases.
So everything is there against everybody in the country.
It doesn't matter whether you're Eliot Spitzer, a member of the Tea Party, a member of the Occupy Group, or any of that.
All that data is still there.
And, of course, President Trump, all the judges on the Supreme Court, all the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all the members of Congress, all of it.
It's all there.
And it's only now a matter of targeting it.
It's going into that database to pull only that data out, which is what I maintain has been going on.
They've been targeting President Trump, also candidate Trump, and perhaps even Mr. Trump before that.
So I think he's been a target for quite some time.
At least that's what appears to me to be the case.
Well, since you raised that, we have Larry Klaman coming up a little bit later who has a CIA whistleblower.
I've checked the phone numbers.
It's my old phone numbers.
It's where I lived.
It's where I had an office.
It is Donald Trump's private phone numbers.
I've checked other people in the database.
We have a part of the database where we obviously haven't published it for people's privacy.
But we got this a few weeks ago.
We showed it to the White House.
They said, yeah, that's our numbers.
But this is a big deal under this program Dragnet and also Sidewinder.
I know they have sub-programs where the DEA and other law enforcement are given limited access, but do you have any information on the program I just mentioned that I personally listed in and I checked with a bunch of other people, spot-checked, this is an accurate database.
So this is some type of grid, supposedly, of who's being targeted so you know who's targeted and then go request into the program on who you want to pull data on.
Yes, and I think these are CIA programs.
CIA and FBI have direct access into the NSA databases.
So, and there's no oversight of that at all that I can see.
That is never any indication.
The only oversight that's done and talked about are oversight of NSA analysts.
Well, I mean, it gets back to the minimizing issue.
In the NSA databases, nothing is minimized.
So when you go in there without, and don't have programs that minimize, you see, in the NSA, when they pull data out for the analysts, they minimize it.
So they hide the identity.
But if you're CIA and FBI going in there, it doesn't appear that they have any of that minimization process at all.
And that was your concern always, even there.
For those who don't remember, you've said this many times, to the Snowden film, there's no monitoring of who goes into the system unless you're there, in the system.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And when Admiral Rogers was talking about in the testimony a few days ago that he gave, he was talking about there were only like 20 people who could unmask it and report it.
That's those who are authorized.
That doesn't say how many have access to the raw data or the database of NSA that can look at the unminimized data and see who it is anyway.
That's right, and it doesn't say who they've got.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry to interrupt you.
Go ahead and say that again.
I was saying that's on the order of a couple thousand.
I mean, all the system administrators in the system can do that.
All the programmers who are involved in it, all the contractors managing that data can look at it.
I mean, the contractors I had even knew that when they were working there.
They knew that stuff was there.
I've talked to telecom contractors that say they can go right into the database, too.
They say the thing's a sieve.
That's why I say it's on the order of a couple thousand, I would think.
Expanding on that then, what was it like for you to watch the Senate hearings, to see the FBI Director and everybody denied that the President-elect was being surveilled, when just months before they were bragging they were surveilling him?
It's just, it's amazing.
Yeah, well, if you listen to what Comey was saying specifically, he was saying there was no directed wiretap.
In other words, there was this general wiretap, we sucked him up, but we didn't direct a wiretap to tap him.
That's what he was saying.
And I, you know, I thought it was a joke.
They're playing word games with us, that's all.
Yeah, they're like, we're surveilling everybody, but we weren't targeting Trump, we were just listening to him, giving it to the Democrats, and they're running... Knowing what you know, without getting into classified information, when they play these games and they say Obama went around to the British and all the rest of it, knowing what you know from what you've seen, what Nunes is saying, how do you think this was actually directed?
My guess was it was, it came, I would guess it came out of the White House staff.
Whether or not the President himself was involved, I don't know.
But certainly they wanted to know what was going on to help the Democratic Party.
Just like Nixon did.
You know, it's the same philosophy.
Know your political enemies and what they're up to and what they're thinking and what they're planning.
But he had to physically break into psychiatrist's offices and things and they had to have a name from the IRS people to persecute.
I mean, I'm not defending Nixon, but isn't this just exponentially four or five levels bigger than what Nixon did?
Yeah, because they don't have to go anywhere.
All that data's stored already.
They can go in and get it.
And procedurally, I guess just somebody in the president's office says we won it, and suddenly it's in the New York Times, The Washington Post, that Flynn did talk to the Russians.
Yeah, I think that was part of the diversion effort, so to speak, I would call.
But, you know, this is the kind of thing that Nixon did, and he had to have people, like we talked about, he had to have people physically break in, in certain cases.
Otherwise, they'd use the FBI to follow people and monitor them and tap them.
We're good to go.
Those programs are doing basically the same thing they're doing now, and they each have their different names, but they're all basically doing very similar things, except it's now exponentially larger, what they're doing.
Before, Nixon could only have them monitor maybe a few thousand people.
Now, it's 280 to 300 million.
And whereas previously, I've been critical of Trump only in a few issues, and one of them is being pro-surveillance, because he's thinking, hey, I'm a good guy, it's against ISIS or whatever, or, you know, the Chinese communists.
But no, he's now learning it was used against him.
He's really upset.
I think this is a good, in a way, a good thing that he's getting educated and informed about what's really going on.
Yeah, and yet, you know, we also have to know that all this bulk acquisition of data
You know, it just buries his analysts and NSA, CIA, and all over.
They just can't get through all this data, so they can't really detect things like threats of terrorist attacks until they happen.
And then once they happen, they find out who did it, and they have all the data they want on them.
Well, that's an encouraging thing.
They say Homeland Security's going into all these federal offices and saying, stop being politically correct, stop ignoring it when somebody's an Islamist and says they want to kill people, tell us.
I mean, the best thing is HUMET, and the best thing is
Yeah, based on behavior, yeah.
And I call that a professional-focused, disciplined job.
Right now, it's just random, scary...
They weren't actually being effective.
Then you learned more that other agencies were jacking into what you were doing, keeping you blind to it.
Here you are running the NSA.
You're being surveilled when you're in it, which you should be.
They're not being watched.
How important that is that that's going on?
You see, that's one of the main things, one of the main suggestions we made to President Obama back in January of 2014 when he was going to try to change some things in NSA, which he basically didn't.
We said here's some things you have to do and one of the things is be able to be able to monitor what the entire intelligence community is doing and verify what what they're doing.
Right now they had no verification process.
Who watches the Watchers?
Yeah, exactly.
And the whole idea was to get professionally technically competent people who could go into any agency anywhere at any time with all the clearances and everything.
They could do that.
That's not impossible to do.
And have them look and see what programs they have, what databases they have, what's in the databases, all of that.
And verify that what they're telling everybody in Congress is really true.
Right now, I mean, they lie all the time.
Please continue, because I've been asking a lot of points here, Mr. Benny.
What are other key points folks should know?
Well, you see, the problem I've always had is once you accumulate this data, you know, people are people, okay?
You can't really change the nature of humanity, I mean...
If you give them power over other people, eventually they use it.
And that's what's been going on here.
They've been using it internally in the United States for criminal prosecutions of people, for acquisition of evidence against people to go arrest them.
And, you know, of course it's not, you know, we talked about this before, it's not admissible in a court of law.
So they have to do a parallel construction, which means construct data that would verify,
And just as you warned Congress 15 years ago...
It's being used for political purposes, not even to protect the country.
You've been SWAT teamed, they've gone after Drake, but it's got to be satisfying though, now to see everything you've privately warned Congress about, not just in the public, but the Senate being spied on by the CIA, the President being spied on, all the illegality coming out, totally vindicating everything you
But you did it legally, not bashing Snowden.
You're a hero.
I think Snowden's a hero as well.
But I get it.
He broke laws to expose greater crimes.
So you say, hey, prosecute the big crimes, then go after him.
Snowden says he's ready to stand for what he did.
But, I mean, what is it like to see this now, all out in the open?
You're totally vindicated.
Well, you know, it's a shame.
I've always felt bad that the people in Congress, I couldn't get them to do something about it, even though they knew it was wrong.
I mean, they all knew it was.
That's why they're keeping it all secret.
That's why they try to keep it secret all along.
And so, and no one has really stood up to do anything down there.
And I really, that's really kind of depressing to me that our government, who takes oath of office, their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, and the President's to preserve and protect and defend the Constitution.
So, you know, it's just really depressing that we call ourselves a democracy, a democratic republic, or, you know, a constitutional republic.
But, you know, when it comes down to it, we're not really following the founding principles of our nation.
And basically, when people are doing what they're doing with these things, I fundamentally look at that as treason against the founding principles of this country.
Absolutely, and now we have a spy race by corporations and governments and quantum computing and all this craziness they're coming out with.
We've opened Pandora's box and it's biting the politicians in the butt and the corporate leaders even worse than the general public and they're the ones that thought they knew better than the founding fathers that founded the country.
There's real arrogance here and that's what concerns me.
That's right, the elitists are in charge and they think they know better when in fact the fundamental principles of human rights have been embodied in our Constitution from the very beginning.
They're so fundamental.
And there's a way to change them.
If you want to change them, put an amendment in, take it through the process.
But they really are universal.
I mean, how do you assault universal truth and then expect to not have hell?
But again, that's the elitist view.
Once you get to that point, you know better than anything or anybody else.
Yeah, but you ran the NSA.
You developed most of its systems.
You got more diligent as it went.
Not on a power trip, you could spout anybody you wanted.
But we've now learned the other agencies, they didn't do the same thing.
Well, I am actually...
I think positively, since this is happening, the President, I mean, now he gets a focus on him, so he begins to realize what's been going on.
I don't think they've really been telling him the truth anyway.
They have never really told either the President or the Congress the real truth anyhow.
So, you know, I think positively that this is a
This is an opportunity to actually do something and do the right things and get back on board with our constitutional form of government.
And I'm still really pretty hopeful that that's the case.
I totally agree with you.
That's government, though.
What do we do about the corporations?
I mean, as you said, Google, all of them, they're worse than the NSA.
Well, you see, they don't have the right, they shouldn't have the right to have that data either.
So, what we need to do is first fix our government and then pass the laws that force them to change their procedures, the companies anyway.
I've also been lobbying in Europe that they should start suing these companies because they've been violating the constitutional rights of people in Europe.
And you've testified in Europe, and Europe is actually on that front, the lawsuits are starting, by government.
Yeah, that's what I've been doing.
I've been doing that for a couple of years now.
And we've talked to members of the EU, including the Vice President of the EU, and they're starting to try to formulate laws that will force directed, targeted approach.
In other words, force them into a disciplined, professional... Sure, when somebody shows the algorithm in the background, the statements, they're going to kill people.
You know, then you're targeted when you're saying, I'm gonna, you know, go kill people.
Obviously, you violated people's rights by declaring you're going to declare war.
So now you get spied on.
That's that's the Constitution.
That's common sense.
We've got three minutes left.
I just don't want to gush here, Mr. Benny, but you really are amazing.
It's one of the high points of my life.
You coming down to Austin and going out to dinner with us and telling us stuff because you got such moral courage, not just mathematical courage and all the things you've done for America.
They're now saying with no evidence that
I'm being criminally investigated as a Russian spy because I supported Trump.
They're now saying that Breitbart is.
They've accused on the Senate floor, Senator McCain is accused, Rand Paul of quote, being a Russian agent.
What do you make of that?
I mean, it's just crazy.
Well, I think it's the...see, the fear is that the people who have, like, I think a lot of the established politicians on all sides are afraid of what President Trump's going to do, because if he starts doing the right thing, he's going to break up their happiness management program in Washington, which is where they control everything, they have the money and the power, and they execute that.
And so he's looking at breaking that up.
Spreading it back to the states and transferring power and decision making out to people who should really be making the decisions.
And he's really doing it!
And he's really doing it.
And that's what they're afraid of.
You see, if he does that and he starts succeeding at a greater scale, he's going to make all these permanent politicians, what I call the permanently petrified politicians in place in Washington, he's going to scare them and make them look really bad, and they're going to look like crap, so that we should start looking around for fresh people coming in and replacing them.
And that's what they're afraid of, really.
William Benning, exposefacts.org.
I know you're the main expert behind Snowden, along with his data leak.
You never broke any laws.
You're just now going off that, able to expose it.
And I know there's another documentary that's just come out.
Where else should people look?
Because the crazy thing is, you just do all this out of the goodness of your heart and all the things you've gone through that you don't tell folks about publicly.
You're a true hero, just like one of the survivors of Benghazi, Tonto, we had on earlier.
So we just admire you, my friend.
30 seconds for closing comment.
Thank you.
If I could add just one thing, we now have several companies in Europe who want to resurrect the processing of targeting that we had put into place in the 1990s and the entire U.S.
government and all the companies here are killed because they wanted to feed on all kinds of money.
So we found two companies in Europe that are interested in doing that.
So we're going to be working with them to do that in Europe.
Please come back on the minute you want to, sir, to fill us in on that.
Thank you, William Benning.
We'll be back with Larry Klayman with the latest info that's shaking the whole country.
And, of course, Congressman Nunes with the proof that Trump is right.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Appearing on the Drudge Report this morning, potential smoking gun showed Obama administration spied on Trump team.
Source says, Republican congressional investigators expect a potential smoking gun establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team and possibly the president-elect himself.
Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes from California
...has said he expects that the NSA will provide him this smoking gun evidence.
The intelligence is said to leave no doubt that the Obama administration in its closing days was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.
And basically, it boils down to this.
While it's legal for the deep state to collect intelligence on foreign targets, it's not legal for the names of U.S.
citizens to be unmasked.
This was done and was disseminated through intelligence reports.
Now looking back at Trump's March 4th wiretapping tweets, it seems he was right all along.
Soon we will find out if Obama administration officials are too big to jail.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
I've got a tiger in my tent!
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas.
All right, folks.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We have articles that I haven't even gotten to that are up on drugsreport.com.
Hunt and kill all white women.
Facebook posts deemed not hate speech, but info wars.
More and more stories are being banned, especially when we have someone like Larry Klayman exposing that there is spying going on against the President and against Congress.
It's been in the news for years.
The CIA spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Now they've come out and Congressman Nunes has said, no, I've talked to the experts.
And a little bird told me one of the experts might be joining us on air, but I'm going to leave it at that.
Here in just a moment, Larry Klayman, legendary Larry Klayman.
Before I go any further with the headline from Fox News, potential smoking gun showing Obama administration's spite on Trump, team sources say exactly as Trump said.
So, Time Magazine says it's the truth.
Only in Time Magazine.
Certainly not with what we're doing and with what our guests are doing.
But we had Tonto Parenteau, the big hero of Benghazi, on.
Then we had the former head of technical NSA on, William Bailey.
Now we've got Larry Klayman on, who's just had so many victories against Globals.
Won the big case against the NSA to help expose the stuff that was going on years ago.
The only case out there where we've had a victory.
So we're going to be talking to him in just a moment.
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First off, I want to ask the question, what do the Democrats and Republican establishment do that all ganged up on Trump and said you were never surveilled when it was in the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN?
I mean, hundreds of times that I saw, probably thousands, I can't keep track of everything.
Two months ago, oh, we got intercepts of Trump and his people, the Russians, and they were doing bad stuff.
Trump goes, well, that's...
A leak?
That's illegal!
They went, well actually, you didn't do anything on those, so don't worry.
He went, no, tell me more.
Well, he's the president, he can get access, he learns what happened, but it's classified.
He's not dumb, he's not going to come out and say it.
So he lets the Democrats get more rope, saying impeach him, all this.
You know, in March they're saying none of this ever happened, but in January 20th they're saying it did happen.
Roger Stone's a Russian agent, Manafort.
Hell, now this week they said Alex Jones and Rand Paul are!
Because we want to cut taxes, secure our borders, have the best military, do all these things.
I mean, well, if that's the Rooskies, then, you know, whatever.
It's a joke.
So Larry Klayman joins us.
I went over his whole bio.
It would take too long, but everybody knows who Larry Klayman is, the amazing work he's done, founder of Judicial Watch, and so much more, now has his own organization, and just time and time again is a game-changing group.
We on Sunday, via some other folks that work with us, published some things that have been out there in federal court showing that Trump was being surveilled.
Klayman is separate from that, he's not involved in that.
He was involved though getting that CIA whistleblower basically to come forward.
And so he's been trying in the system for a long time to do this.
And he's also the guy again that has won against the Supreme Court in court.
So he's separate from that, but from a different angle.
He also has had his articles and things published there.
And of course, you've got several websites, Larry Klaman.
What's the best place for people to go read unfiltered figures?
It's freedomwatchusa.org.
Yes, thanks, Alex.
You can find us on YouTube, Roku, all kinds of different sites.
We're not as sophisticated as you are.
Yes, you are.
We're trying to be sophisticated like you at Newsmax.
So, freedomwatchusa.org.
I've kind of prefaced things.
Correct where I'm wrong, whatever.
Just let's get into the meat and potatoes of a classified case you're involved in that's, you know, dangerous to get into, but really is a Rosetta Stone or a skeleton key to so much.
Yes, this is important because Dennis Montgomery is really kind of the successor to Mr. Binney, who you just had on.
And I take my hat off to Mr. Binney as well.
I actually represented him for a while going back as a whistleblower.
But Dennis Montgomery was an NSA CIA contractor, and he left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives, over 600 million pages of information, much of it classified.
And I felt that we needed to take him to sources in government who could do something, that could listen to what he had to say, because much of it's classified.
I can't see it.
And we needed to put it in the right hands.
So I went to a federal judge by the name... Let's be clear.
You had it, but you wouldn't look at it.
I didn't look at it.
He had it.
He had the 47 hard drives.
I never took possession of them.
60 million pages.
600 million.
600 million pages.
And what he told me was on there was that there was surveillance on the Chief Justice of the United States, other justices, 156 judges, President Trump when he was a businessman, other prominent businessmen, and yours truly.
Much like... And by the way, I have those Trump numbers.
Those are real numbers.
My numbers are real.
Never before given out.
I mean, I've looked at the database.
It's real.
Yeah, and so what we did was I went to the one person I thought I could trust in Washington at the time.
You know, Obama was in control of the administration.
When I would visit Washington, I almost felt like I was in, you know, on Pluto.
I mean, it was just not anything that I could relate to with regard to who was in control of the government.
So I went to Judge Lambert.
He made so many good decisions when I was at Judicial Watch, which I founded in the 1990s.
And he then brought in, I brought him in, Dennis Montgomery.
He talked to Montgomery.
And Montgomery told him how he tried to go forward to Senate Intelligence Committees, House Intelligence Committees, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, and others, as a whistleblower, legitimately, not like Snowden, who left for Russia, but to do it the right way.
And he was basically given the back of the hand.
He actually showed
Judge Lambert some of these communications with these government investigatory bodies.
Lambert then put me in contact.
With the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Charles Grassley had just taken control of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Republicans had reclaimed the Senate.
I met with them, but they weren't terribly responsive either.
So I went back to Lambert and I said, what can we do now?
And he said, well, you know what?
FBI Director Comey has a good reputation for being independent in that during the Bush administration, he actually objected to warrantless wiretaps and others against American citizens.
So he says, I can put you in touch with the General Counsel of the FBI, James Baker.
So Judge Lamberth and I went over to see James Baker, General Counsel, who works right underneath FBI Director Comey, and he assured me, I wanted to meet with Comey, but he said, Comey's not available, but Comey's going to be supervising this.
We then contacted the U.S.
attorney in the District of Columbia and through an assistant U.S.
attorney, Deborah Curtis, we got immunity for Montgomery to come forward to produce his 47 hard drives and later to be interviewed under oath by FBI special agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett in a secure room in FBI field office headquarters in Washington, D.C.
This was taped.
Now that's very important because Dennis Montgomery has a brain aneurysm.
He can die at any time, but this material has been recorded.
Two years later, the FBI has done nothing.
I've inquired of the FBI.
No response.
I've gone to various agencies on the Hill, and I've asked them to inquire.
Last Monday, Comey appears in front of the House Intel Committee of Chairman Nunes.
He doesn't mention this investigation.
I have been urging that this come out.
And he plays dumb and says there's no surveillance.
That's worse than what Clapper did.
That's right.
Comey was not honest.
He should have revealed this.
And the reality here is that the FBI has probably done some of this illegal surveillance itself.
Sure, look at Stingray and all the rest of it.
Right, you know, they put drones over neighborhoods, just as one example, and they grab everybody's phone calls looking, allegedly, for one person.
So, yes, they're likely implicated, and this thing's been covered up.
So I wrote a letter, and you can find it on our website, at freedomwatchusa.org, Alex, to Chairman Nunes and every member of the committee, Democrat and Republican, saying, you must bring Montgomery in.
Chairman Nunes last Monday said, come forward with information.
And that's what we've done, and we've told them.
I'm glad you said that, because I have heard other sources.
You're one of six sources Nunes has, including NSA, CIA.
You're an outside source that corroborated what he was already being told.
He should obviously know all this, but they stonewall in the agencies.
But now we have whistleblowers, because it's the president.
They're lying about him, so they should do this.
Coming forward, and so now Nunes is, thanks to you and others, able to say this.
Right, and I sent in a letter, please let us know by the 24th of March, which is today.
Give me a response on that date.
I had previously met with one of his lawyers, Alan Sousa, S-O-U-Z-A, and laid it out for him, what Montgomery could provide.
So, I'm hopeful.
Now, we know this morning that Nunes has said, well, we're canceling the open hearing for next Monday, but we're hauling, he didn't use that word, but that's what's happening, is that FBI Director Comey is being hauled back in closed session.
And these questions should be asked.
What did you do with the Montgomery investigation?
Why has it been buried?
Why did we not know about this last week when you testified?
Because Montgomery is the main man in many ways.
You know, Benny took it up to a certain point.
But Montgomery was there to 2010, two years into the Obama administration.
All I know is we've spot checked more than 20 numbers and this is a real database.
It's totally illegal and we know it was being used and we know you've been on top of this trying to get people to look at it.
I know you don't want to get into this because I know you like Corsi and you like Zulo and everything but it's a separate deal, you're not involved with them.
I know you're like, hey, I'm doing it this way, they did it that way.
You know, you like them, they like you, but you did it separately.
We did it to show the president's right.
We did it, that's the way it is.
But, but, I mean, this is a big deal.
The president knows.
So overall, I think it's good that at least screenshots of limited stuff of the president, myself, Michael Savage, you know, we cut off the ends of the phone numbers.
At least that's out there.
It shows how credible your report is over the years and what you've been doing behind the scenes.
So I think it's kind of time to go public, you know?
Well, yeah, and we want to do it in the right way by bringing Montgomery in front of people.
But this is bigger than Snow.
This is $600 million.
I know why you've been young.
Right, right.
Because there's so much there.
And here's the reality.
Is that Montgomery could die as a brain aneurysm.
He needs to be interviewed immediately.
And for those that don't know, that's when the artery's puffing out.
It can blow any time.
Put him under oath.
He's willing to come forward.
He's risked his life here.
He's a hero.
Obviously they demonize anybody that blows the whistle, but they have no proof.
I looked him up, but just a minute or two on Montgomery and why this is so important and where we think this database came from.
That's right, Dennis.
People, I mean, uh, excuse me, Alex.
People have tried to destroy his credibility.
That's what they've done with President Trump from these agencies.
And that's what they've done with Montgomery.
They had this reporter, this hack reporter, James Risen of the New York Times, you know, smear him.
But that actually confirms that he is the guy that you need to talk to because he knows where the bodies are buried, no pun intended.
And... Sure, when somebody's getting demonized, nowadays especially, you know they're the good guy.
Yeah, they're good guys.
And in terms of what happened out there in Arizona with Sheriff Arpaio, I represented in the successful amnesty case that knocked out Obama's immigration order.
Arpaio wasn't served well by his lawyers with regard to Dennis Montgomery.
He somehow got dragged into that, which is why we're proceeding on a separate track.
And I sympathize with Sheriff Arpaio, and he's a great man.
Yeah, I've talked to him.
He's staying out of this, so... Right.
So this is, what's important here is that people just listen to it, confirm what the FBI has in its files, get that from the FBI.
Sure, but I don't want to make judgments, but tell me if you think I'm wrong.
I mean, I knew they were getting info that I was being spied on.
I didn't realize it's published, all this stuff.
I mean, obviously you like Corsi.
What are the problems though with, I mean, I mean, how do you blame us?
We have proof the president's being surveilled and we've got to show people at some point.
I mean, the fourth of state does have certain rights.
Well, the Fourth Estate has rights, yes, it does.
And we don't question that.
But I'm a lawyer, okay?
So I have to go a different route.
I get it.
You, exactly.
That's it.
We're journalists.
We have different rules.
You have rules as an officer of the court.
That's right.
And I have Judge Lambert looking at this thing from the top.
And I get it.
If you don't enter it right, it doesn't get in.
But you've been successful because you get stuff entered right, then you win.
That's right.
And it's all in FBI files.
So all they have to do, the White House, and I've said to the White House, bring Montgomery in.
Interview him with people with appropriate security clearances.
The White House should bring him in, into the White House.
By the way, as a lawyer, what should we do?
Because we only have like an index thing, but it's there.
I've told people, delete it, get it off.
We know it's real.
We checked it.
I've actually ordered it deleted.
That's what you should do, right?
And, you know, let them do their job.
And what I would do, listeners of this show, Alex, and you do a tremendous job and tremendous service.
No, please.
That they should contact the White House and tell them, bring Montgomery in in a secure room with people that have security clearances.
Go through this material.
Well, that's what I, when I was weeks ago talking to Corsi, he talked to the White House and so did I. They all know it's real.
And we're like, get Montgomery in or make a press conference.
And then they're just like, we'll check.
And I don't know what's going on, but I don't know why that hasn't happened.
Well, don't trust the intelligence agencies to give you the truth because, as Mr. Binney just said, they lie.
Okay, they're covering up.
You have two very corrupt people under the Obama administration that run the Director of National Intelligence, Clapper, who's a certified liar who lied under oath.
I was about to say, why are these people still in?
Trump needs to get rid of all.
Clapper's gone.
John Brennan, former CIA director, he's gone.
He's ethically compromised and corrupt as well.
He tried to destroy Trump in the lead up to the election.
Yeah, what was that?
Watch your mouth?
He's a low-class individual, and Montgomery can tell you all about these people.
He worked with them.
They're dishonest.
They're corrupt.
And these did Obama's bidding.
And I'll tell you this.
If you follow the evidence here, I'm certain that President Obama's sitting on top of this.
He must have known.
I'm sure he directed it.
They always direct everything.
They're totally command and control.
In fact, I thought it was above Obama.
Who gave the order originally above Obama?
It had to go to Obama ultimately, okay?
I mean, you can blame it on the minions, but the buck stops on his desk.
And I want to make one other point, Alex.
In other countries of the world, Israel, Brazil, other countries, they hold the top executive accountable.
They do.
The president or the prime minister.
We've never done that in our 240-year history.
It's time that we hold
The former president of the United States and other high officials accountable.
That's the one holdover from England is we make the chief executive like a king and then we don't go after him and we really should.
He can do no wrong and it's about time that this investigation focused on Obama and his minions like Brennan and Clapper and frankly I believe the evidence will show that they should all be indicted, convicted,
And frankly, thrown in prison for what's been going on.
Using the NSA to spy on the incoming president, and then lying about it.
It's just crazy.
Well, Larry, as this develops the next few weeks, please come back.
And in the last minute or two we have, what else would you like to impart to viewers and listeners?
Well, I think there's an interesting contrast here.
It's that Freedom Watch is pushing as hard as we can, okay?
We're doing what we feel needs to be done.
We're not afraid.
We're not afraid of blackmail, coercion, or anything else.
The ACLU, who brought a case at the time I brought the original cases that I won against the NSA and the government defendants,
They were strong, saying, oh this is terrible, look at this mass surveillance because it was happening to some of their Muslim clients.
But when it happens to President Trump, they're silent.
So they're actually backing what the Obama people have done to try to destroy Trump.
It's a disgrace.
Larry Klayman, thank you so much for your courage and all your work.
It's just surreal to be involved in the middle of this, and I know you've had the one case against the NSA that won, and you were involved in so many other great movements, and then now to see, you know, this whole database of surveillance over myself and so many others, it's crazy.
Thank you so much.
God bless you, Alex.
Thank you.
There goes Larry Klayman.
We had William Binney, formerly technical head of the NSA, and we had Tonto Parenteau, the hero, Benghazi on.
These guests
99% out of 100 are accurate.
None of us are perfect, but we try to tell the truth.
We try to get it right.
But sometimes, you know, if the innocent or those that are questionable get harmed, we have to also admit we've been wrong.
That's what all this is about.
But our hearts are in the right place.
We're trying to change the world.
We've got Nick Magich coming up with the great David Knight in studio.
I'm going to be joining him as well for part of it coming up.
But first, an important piece here when it comes to being accurate, dealing with Pizzagate.
Here it is.
Alex Jones here with an important note to our viewing, listening, and reading audiences.
I'm going to read to you from a statement that's also posted to InfoWars.com that I wrote yesterday.
Last fall, before the presidential election, a large number of media outlets began reporting on allegations arising from emails released by WikiLeaks that appeared to come from John Podesta.
Who served President Clinton and Obama and was the chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.
Dozens of those stories and articles raised or discussed theories that some of Podesta's emails contained code words for human trafficking and or pedophilia.
Stories also included allegations connecting members of the Democratic Party with a number of restaurants allegedly involved with a child sex ring.
These stories were cited and discussed in social media and went viral on the internet.
One of the persons mentioned in many of the stories in the media was a Washington, D.C.
restaurant owner named James Aliphantis and his pizza restaurant, Comet Ping Pong.
It is fair to say that Mr. Alefantis is a prominent individual who has been mentioned as a power player in Washington.
Mr. Alefantis and his restaurant were mentioned in many stories published by a lot of different outlets.
Mr. Alefantis was quoted in many subsequent stories and he denied any involvement in such reported child sex rings.
These denials
We're good to go.
We raised questions about information in Mr. Podesta's emails and in the Comic Ping Pong restaurant.
We believe at the time that further investigation was necessary.
In December of 2016, we disassociated ourselves from the Pizzagate claims and theories, a position we reiterated last month after being contacted by Mr. Alifanis.
In late February of 2017, we received a letter from Mr. Alifanis asking that we retract certain statements that he says were made in seven of our broadcasts between the last week of November and the first week of December in 2016.
We have attempted, through our lawyers, to contact Mr. Alifanis and discuss with him what sort of statement he would like to see made.
In our commentary about what had become known as Pizzagate, I made comments about Mr. Alifanis that, in hindsight, I regret, and for which I apologize to him.
We were participating in a discussion that was being written about by scores of media outlets in one of the most hotly contested and disputed political environments our country has ever seen.
We relied on third-party accounts of alleged activities and conduct at the restaurant.
We also relied on accounts of reporters who are no longer with us.
This was an ever-evolving story, which had a huge amount of commentary about it across many, many media outlets.
As I have said before, what became a heightened focus on Mr. Alifanis and Comet Ping Pong by many media outlets was not appropriate.
To my knowledge today, neither Mr. Alifanis nor his restaurant, Comic Ping Pong, were involved in any human trafficking, as was part of the theories about Pizzagate that were being written about in the media outlets and which we commented upon.
I want our viewers and listeners to know that we regret any negative impact our commentaries may have had on Mr. Alifanis, Comic Ping Pong, or its employees.
We apologize.
To the extent our commentaries could be considered as negative statements about Mr. Alifanis or comment ping-pong.
And we hope that anyone else involved in commenting on Pizzagate will do the same thing.
Here's what we've done to clarify to the public.
Months ago, we took down the majority of broadcasts and videos, including ones that only passingly mentioned Pizzagate.
This happened months before we were even contacted by Mr. Aliphantus.
Mr. Aliphantus objected to portions of seven particular radio-slash-TV broadcasts.
We have taken down those seven broadcasts, and we have attempted to take down any broadcasts that mention Mr. Aliphantus or Comet Pink Blonde.
We have attempted to do so not just on our website, but also on social media sites such as our YouTube channel.
If Mr. Aliphantis has any other objections, we invite him to let us know.
Two reporters who used to be associated with us are no longer with us.
In a recent broadcast, I invited Mr. Alifantis on our program to state what he wanted to, and I again do so here.
He has given interviews to many media outlets, and he is welcome to come on our show.
In issuing this statement, we are not admitting that Mr. Alifantis or his restaurants have any legal claim.
We do not believe they do.
But we are issuing this statement because we believe it's the right thing to do.
It will be no surprise to you that we will fight for children across America.
But the Pizzagate narrative, as least as concerning Mr. Olifantis and Comet Bing Bong, we have subsequently determined was based upon what we now believe was an incorrect narrative.
Despite the fact that we were far from the genesis of this story, it is never easy to admit when your commentaries are based on inaccurate information.
But we feel like we owe it to you, the listeners, viewers, and supporters to make that statement.
And to give an apology to you and Mr. Olifantis when we do.
We encourage you to hold us accountable.
Because we improve when you do.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, we got distracted off by MSM on this stuff in D.C.
when it was all going on in New York.
And that's why day one I saw it and I saw the media and I said, get off that.
And I did that because we're not psychopaths.
We actually look at what's reality and then focus on that.
We don't go like MSM with all their disinfo and just cold-bloodedly spew lies.
This person's a racist.
This person's this.
This person's that.
You know, just because it gets us ahead in what we're doing, we're all about integrity.
And that's why we make mistakes by covering MSM, focusing on it in the huge debate.
We will absolutely own up to it and make right for it as we just did.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're about to start hour number four from right here in the studio where Dr. Nick Baggage continues to broadcast with David Knight.
Key intel straight ahead.
Spread those links.
They're trying to shut us down everywhere.
We need your prayers.
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You're listening to Alex Jones.
All right, there is a big old amount of T-News we didn't get to today, but I think it's a pretty powerful broadcast.
We got to a lot of it.
A lot of big guests.
But coming up, I've known this guy 20 years over the phone and on Skype, but personally, he's so amazing.
We're going to go to dinner tonight.
And of course, Dr. Nick Baggage, he's going to be co-hosting with David Knight coming up in this studio in like six, seven minutes.
If you just tuned in, you saw me with that little Pizzagate correction, retraction thing.
And I did that because I went and looked at what we were covering, other people were putting out, and a lot of it, I was like, you know, that's not a real menu, that's BS.
And I'm like, take it all down.
And some people see it as weakness that I jerked a bunch of it.
No, I don't accuse people of stuff if there's not proof.
I don't care.
If I'm covering what other people said, I get the fact we're covered from that.
But I don't like it when, you know, Alec Baldwin gets up and says, the president's racist, and he got it from Alex Jones, when I'm the opposite of a racist.
So I don't like what they do to me, show when I see something where, okay, I get it, we're covering already a big controversy, so we're not the ones doing it.
Still, I need the high ground.
And some people say, well, that's, that's, you know, you just didn't, you know, whatever.
No, that's what I do.
And I feel good doing that.
So, you know, we kind of get bullied and attacked and stuff.
Oh, we're covering up Connecticut and Newtown and we're covering up Pizzagate and all this stuff.
No, we're not.
We were exposing what was in WikiLeaks that had some really suspicious stuff in New York and other areas.
The media focused on what was happening at that pizza place because there was nothing going on there.
I've had crews in there three times eating dinner undercover and stuff.
They say it's great pizza and none of it's going on.
And that was just total, from my opinion, the globalists knowing we've got them in New York and just creating a straw man the media focused in on, had their bots put it out and that all happened.
So I'm done talking about Pizzagate forever.
You know, even if you're trying to be completely accurate, you can never be totally accurate.
But in this world, covering a big event.
It'd be like if the internet wanted to cover Loch Ness Monster in Town Lake in Austin.
And I know the Loch Ness Monster's not real, but it's the biggest story ever about the Loch Ness Monster.
We're going to cover the Loch Ness Monster and say, is it real?
Does it turn out we believe in the Loch Ness Monster?
Has the Catholic Church been caught running pedophile rings?
Boys Town, and you know, Penn State, and the Vatican, and all these other groups, and is that a control system in Congress?
Is that going on?
Absolutely it's going on.
But just because a bunch of bad stuff's going on, we can't then look at every cloud in the sky, like Don Quixote, and see windmills we've got to slag as they're giants.
That's what I'm saying.
Because they call us fake news all day, when they're the ones that lie about WMDs in Iraq,
They're the ones that lie and say Trump wouldn't have been spied on.
They're the ones that say Trump's going to lose.
The numbers show different.
They're the ones that spew this propaganda that Obamacare is free.
And it's not.
But the integrity we have is that we actually tell the truth when we stumble into something and start reporting on it and find out it's a load of crap.
And of course the media wants to make us the creators and progenitors of Pizzagate when they're the ones as a distraction.
What does it matter?
Because people that are potentially innocent, some weirdness going on there undoubtedly, can't just be demonized and blamed for something and we can't do that or we become what we're claiming we're fighting.
My strength is that I'm honorable.
Some people see that as a weakness.
It's not.
I did it because I really only say what I believe.
And you start seeing stuff going on with your reporters or whatever, and you're like, whoa, whoa, whoa.
And they mean well, too.
It's just that stuff that's out of control, you've got to dial it back.
And I think that's why the media and the rest of them have targeted us, saying we're the creators of all this, when everybody knows we're not.
Why Fox has put out fake edited tapes.
Or I'm talking about Hillary funding child murder in the Middle East, and they say I said it was happening at some pizza place.
And when I finally clicked that about a week into it, I said, this is a setup.
Not by the people that are being set up by it.
We're being set up, too, but by the larger situation.
Coming up in studio, Dr. Nick Baggage and another engineer, David Knight.
Please support us.
We've got a lot of specials that end this weekend in Fort Worth Store.com and we need that funding to go to the next level.
Thank you all.
Appearing on the Drudge Report this morning, potential smoking gun showed Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says.
Republican congressional investigators expect a potential smoking gun establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team and possibly the president-elect himself.
Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes from California has said he expects that the NSA will provide him this smoking gun evidence.
The intelligence is said to leave no doubt that the Obama administration in its closing days was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.
And basically, it boils down to this.
While it's legal for the deep state to collect intelligence on foreign targets, it's not legal for the names of U.S.
citizens to be unmasked.
This was done and was disseminated through intelligence reports.
Now looking back at Trump's March 4th wiretapping tweets, it seems he was right all along.
Soon we will find out if Obama administration officials are too big to jail.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
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It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight and joining me now is Dr. Nick Begich and of course he's been interviewed by Alex Jones and many of the crew the last couple of days.
We're fortunate enough to have him here in Austin in studio.
And so we want to take the opportunity to talk to Dr. Begich about some other issues, and one of the things I was looking at, Dr. Begich, when I was looking at your books here that you wrote back in 2000, 2003, Earth Rising, the Revolution Toward a Thousand Years of Peace, you were talking at the time about the revolution and military effects, its impact on freedom, and of course how the technology impacts upon all that.
And what I want to talk to you about today
Since you have a scientific background.
It's just to lay this out for individuals who are not caught up in the actual technology aspect of it.
Because when I talk to engineers and scientists, many of them are so caught up in the details and the capabilities of what they can do.
It's like a puzzle to them.
It's an intellectual exercise.
Right, right, right.
They love that.
And it is so seductive.
As a matter of fact, I talked to Hugo deGarris
He wrote a book called Artilek Wars, and he was talking about how he believes that he's creating some new artificial intelligence that is going to attack mankind, and he's very concerned about that, but he is drawn to it like a moth to a flame.
Because he wants to be the one to create that.
So he has this confliction within him to look at this, and yet most people don't even think about that.
Most scientists and engineers that I talk to don't even think about the consequences of what they're doing.
And when you're talking in your books here about the implication of non-lethal warfare, and how dangerous that is, because that gives so much power to a few individuals.
You see today, FBI Director Comey is now meeting with Donald Trump in the White House.
This article from Bloomberg that came out two days ago.
Comey is now the most powerful person in Washington.
How did he get there?
Well, it's all of this surveillance stuff that's there besides the politics.
When you add that technology mix to the Machiavellian politics that is always around a very powerful political situation there, it's a dangerous mix, isn't it?
It is.
In fact, one of the documents that we point to frequently is a document on the Revolutionary Military Affairs Conflict Short of War, which was put together by the U.S.
Army War College.
It seems like it was like the late 80s.
And they were talking about sort of what was happening in the trends in technology as it affects military science.
And one of the things they were saying back then was that it would be the kind of revolution in technology that would be similar to when gunpowder was introduced in Europe in the Middle Ages or nuclear weapons and atomic weapons in the last century.
This new system deals with both the surveillance side and
And really, attacking the operator, but not in the same traditional sense of bullets, bombs, and ordnance, things that tear things up.
But utilizing energy itself as a basic component of the weapon systems.
So whether it's high-powered lasers, which we're reading a lot about today, in fact, that is where the action is.
When they built the missile defense system in Alaska, where bullets were going to try and hit bullets, right?
I mean, the real story is
These very technologies, because of some of the implications of them, they would violate the American Constitution.
And they say it in their own papers.
And they say, even though it's going to violate them, instead of stopping there, where you think the universities are teaching our military professionals would stop, they went and said, here's how we do it.
And that's precisely what Eisenhower was warning u