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Name: 20170323_Thu_Alex
Air Date: March 23, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses spying on President Trump by intelligence agencies during his transition period and how this information has been manipulated and suppressed. He criticizes globalist publications for promoting the idea of a military coup against Trump, shares updates about Congressman Devin Nunes' revelations on spying, and discusses censorship targeting alternative media like InfoWars. Additionally, he talks about neoconservatives influencing US foreign policy, transparency in politics, health supplements, globalist agenda, budget cuts to National Institutes of Health and the United Nations, WikiLeaks' latest release on CIA surveillance, medical cartel control over society, and the need for freedom movements against globalist forces.

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Broke my saddle in Houston.
Broke my leg in Santa Fe.
Lost my wife and a girlfriend somewhere along the way.
In defense of human liberty, Alex Jones.
I'll be looking for aid when they pull that gate.
And I hope that judge ain't blind.
I'm a rebel by morning.
An Islamic terrorist mowed down numerous victims in a car before stabbing a police officer and trying to attack the Parliament in London.
And how did the left respond?
By expressing their concerns, not for the victims, but for how it might make Muslims look bad.
In moments, Donald Trump will begin exploiting the attack in London today.
Do not allow this to be an indictment on Islam or Muslims.
Far-right figures like Tommy Robinson are vile opportunists, using victims of today's attack to spread their anti-Muslim message.
That's right.
Some members of the media were more upset that Tommy Robinson had showed up to the scene of the attack than the attack itself.
But at least London Mayor Sadiq Khan was quick to respond.
Oh no, that's right.
It took him more than five hours to appear on camera.
Trump's ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe.
It risks alienating mainstream Muslims.
London has proved him wrong!
Yeah, that tweet hasn't aged well, has it?
But at least none of them were stupid enough to blame Donald Trump, right?
Trump probably has a hand in this!
Yeah, okay, but it's important to remember that hashtag not all Muslims are terrorists and that Muslims don't support this.
Here's a screenshot from France24 Arabic's live video feed.
Note the smiley faces and the thumbs up.
They're saying, quote, God curse the infidels and, quote, that's how the lone wolves of Allah operate.
Here's a screenshot from Al Jazeera Live.
I'm watching Al Jazeera Live.
You wouldn't believe the number of likes.
Well done and Allah Akbar.
Here's a moderate Muslim perspective.
I'm seeing rumblings that what's going on in London is an attack from radical Islam.
If so, there was likely good reason for it!
But hashtag not all Muslims, right?
These cowardly bastards can maim, murder and terrorise all they like, but they'll never win.
If by winning, you mean changing society, then they are winning, with the full complicity of the left.
Canada is currently debating a motion that will effectively criminalize Islamophobia.
In other words, criticism of Islam.
Just three years after their own parliament was also attacked by an Islamic terrorist.
They are winning.
And our governments are helping this ideology to spread.
They're welcoming it in.
We're erecting glass walls around the frigging Eiffel Tower.
Sweden just allowed 150 ISIS terrorists back into their country.
Oh but don't worry because they set up a phone hotline for people to report them and then closed it down because it might be racist.
Now we have the Islamist Erdogan threatening to send Muslim migrants with the vow that Europeans won't be able to walk safely on the streets.
France just polled young Muslims and found that a third of them, a third,
Express sympathy for terrorism.
Here are a few questions that spring to mind.
Why are Brits being arrested for tweets while Islamists are free to walk around Parliament draped in the ISIS flag?
Why do we have a mayor who calls moderate Muslims Uncle Toms?
A mayor who says terrorist attacks are part and parcel of living in a major city.
And I'm sick to the back teeth of saying it.
But I'll say it again.
Pray for hashtags won't prevent this.
Turning off the lights at the Eiffel Tower won't prevent this.
Putting a filter on your Facebook profile pic won't prevent this.
Sticking your head in the sand and pointing the finger at right-wingers will not prevent this.
And whether this terrorist turns out to be homegrown or a migrant or whatever, the belief system is the same.
Acknowledging that Islam is not a religion of peace and is in serious need of imminent reform will prevent this.
So don't intimidate and attack the Muslim reformists who are trying to make that happen.
Not rolling out a red carpet into our country to be exploited by terrorists as they've done over and over again.
We'll prevent this.
How many more mangled bodies on our streets will it take before that happens?
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Thursday, the 23rd day of March 2017.
I'm your host Alex Jones, and we're gonna kick off an incredibly important transmission.
Stay with us.
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It's a win-win.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
It's Thursday, the 23rd day.
Of March 2017, here are the different quadrants of news that we have.
We have the high drama for the Obamacare vote coming up.
We have over a million Americans at risk of being nuked by North Korea.
We have, obviously the really big news, the London attack yesterday that the British Parliament is saying is not Islamic and religion has nothing to do with it.
That's lawmakers on the floor of the British Parliament today.
We also have news trying to censor that it's Islamic, just like when illegal aliens that are 18 years old in
High schools, as freshmen, reportedly rape people.
It's not picked up by any of the major news media either.
This is the political correctness, the cover-up.
We're going to get into all of this and more.
Of course, the attacks happened yesterday on the first anniversary of the Brussels bombing that our reporters covered in Belgium and were run out of major areas of that city.
As no-go zones.
And the media says it's a conspiracy theory and there's no such thing.
And then Paul Watson put out a bounty for any reporter to actually go there and see for themselves.
And the reporter went there and they tried to beat him up.
And he said, OK, I was a big liberal.
I didn't believe Paul Joseph Watson.
That just happened a month ago.
He's right.
And of course, we have the huge news.
We have the Democratic Party coming out in organized fashion.
And calling for national emergency and martial law to overthrow President Trump, and you have the former deputy head of the Defense Department, who for two months has been making the rounds in Washington, normalizing open criminal martial law to overthrow an elected president, because they don't have the impeachment votes, to allow them to continue to organize
I mean, if I was going around just as a citizen at the Pentagon saying, let's overthrow the president, I would be arrested in hours, and I should be.
You have the former deputy head of the Defense Department, and I covered this months ago, and I said, watch, when they go from talking about civil emergency in their policy papers to civil emergency and martial law on mainstream news, you know they're getting ready to try to move against the president.
And here are the articles where I broke it down in the last few months.
Democrats are organizing a coup against Trump.
The political left are losing their minds.
Because they won't get away with this.
This all needs to be sent again to President Trump.
Trump must go on offensive to stop Democrat plan for martial law.
I break down these two reports, how they'll start calling for civil emergency, then they'll activate all the Soros riot gangs to start burning cities.
And now they've got Time Magazine Newsweek calling for the case for rioting.
They've got all the major news fomenting and organizing it.
Democrats organizing criminal coup against Trump.
February 2nd.
I just keep warning everybody.
National emergency.
CNN urges press to blame Trump for the win on Russia.
Journalists are afraid to say so because they're going to sound, quote, partisan.
That's old news and they begin to hype it and push it.
Trump's entity Rosie O'Donnell calls for martial law.
This is organized.
White House Dems holding up Trump cabinet picks and openly saying because they're going to kick him out of office and don't want anybody to be in the new government.
The establishment plan to stop President Trump.
Democrats installing chaos on all fronts.
Then we lay out their plan to do it.
January 14th.
Very important article.
I talk about how they're going to disrupt, how they're going to create a civil emergency, how they're going to call for martial law, and then they all start doing it.
Because I've studied what they've done in the Arab Spring, what they've done in Ukraine, what they've done overthrowing other elected governments.
Rogue elements of the CIA, the big foundations, Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, you name it, with Soros and others, the usual suspects, are publicly organizing an overthrow of this elected president, and on top of it,
They have this special office inside the State Department, the Ministry of Truth that Obama signed on December 6th of last year, as he was a lame duck, hundreds of millions of dollars to fund a CIA group inside the State Department to advise the Board of Governors on enemy Russian media.
And with no proof then, the former head of the Board of Governors, outgoing head, went on, as you know, C-SPAN and a Congressional Armed Services Committee in the House
And said, Infowars is basically a Russian operation.
And now they're saying Congressman Nunes needs to be investigated as a Russian agent.
And now they're saying Senator Paul's a Russian agent.
They're saying you are a Putin agent.
And they're saying the President is.
And they've been caught again with bots that they've loaded onto computers.
You know, you click on a picture or an article and you get a virus.
And it's even in the Vault 7 leaks that they're targeting President Trump trying to plant Russian software that they've stolen and are using to claim he's working with the Russians.
You don't think some little hacker in his basement released Vault 7 two weeks ago.
That was right out of the White House.
You can bet your bottom dollar.
Or let's just say allies of the return of the Republic.
Because it proves everything we're breaking down here.
We're in an information war.
The people claiming that we're Russian agents are the globalist agents that have sold out the sovereignty, that are plunging the economy, that are getting rid of the borders, that are flooding us with third world populations and brainwashing them into anti-western hatred, that are flooding us with Islamists.
So I'm going to break all of that down today in great detail.
We have special guests joining us.
I'm going to go over the specifics of it, but you're getting the absolute key data.
Not my opinion, not my views.
We have studied this like no one else.
COG, Operation Valkyrie.
I just always found it fascinating as a teenager and into college.
I couldn't put down
Books about espionage and war, and it's just all there.
And when you're watching it, they're doing it in live time, like the public are complete idiots.
And I understand if the president moves too precipitously against them, it'll look like he's being a fascist.
They're calling for him to be murdered in every major newspaper you can imagine.
The comedy shows are all saying he's a racist, and then I tell him how to be a racist.
You know, with Alec Baldwin saying it.
You've got TV shows demonizing yours truly.
Fictional characters everywhere.
They are engaged in total war against the country.
They're saying they're going to foment riots and then civil emergency and martial law and are calling for insurrection inside the government and inside Congress and the overthrow of the president and then.
We told you this was coming.
FEC Dems, again, iRegulatingDrugsReport, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.
Who do we have this from?
Directly from the Federal Election Commission.
And that's what they told us when they banned us off Google Ads, AdRoll.
They said, oh, you're political.
You have to be authorization to run ads because that's political ads under other laws.
I'm not a political ad.
I don't take PAC money.
I'm engaged in the free press promoting the Second Amendment, sovereignty, low taxes, Christian values, stuff that makes us successful, stuff that's effective.
And honorable.
But I told you, that's their argument.
And they're already kicked me off Google.
And kicked us off Google News.
We're not listed as news for five years.
They told us then, oh, we've had some inquiries from the FEC.
The Federal Elections Commission.
Which is going around to every ally of Trump and trying to get Napolitano kicked off the air at Fox, trying to shut down the sponsors of Drudge and Breitbart, and kicking Breitbart off their apps on the iTunes store that are free.
And they're openly in the news saying, shut down Alex Jones.
I was told by high-level sources that, again, just a few months ago, Nancy Pelosi's
I don't think so.
Understand, I officially already in D.C.
have Obama and Hillary Clinton out of that command bunker they've got down the street.
They are coming after us and they don't even hide this up there.
They want us to know.
We're coming after you with lawyers.
Get ready.
And they're in the Federal Elections Commission already, outside of law, just racketeering, sending letters to Google and letters to other companies saying, you kick off
Everybody, I mean every libertarian or patriotic or nationalistic news site that I talked to was kicked off AdRoll last month on the same day.
Oh, we're not allowed to advertise supplements on the internet or t-shirts because the Federal Elections Commission said so?
Where are the hearings?
But here's the good news.
I'm gonna skip this break.
Here's the great news.
The people are striking back, and coming up today, we have incredible information.
Congressman Nunes, head of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, says, obviously, I'm the head of the intelligence community.
I have access to what's going on.
I've had people come to me, and that's folks from the NSA and CIA, and say, sir, here it all is.
Plus, we on Sunday put out the report that no one challenged.
There was just a total news blackout.
I know for a fact people that have been on multiple shows, on CBS, NBC, I'm asked not to name the shows because, you know, the people want to be friends with the producers that have them on, but they mention the NSA data of Trump and his family being surveilled by Obama.
And they cut it out of the show and say, we can't put classified information on.
We've already been told, don't put that out.
Oh yeah, they've already gotten the emails, the talking points.
Do not put that out.
Not it's fake!
That's classified information.
Well, the press is the fourth estate.
We're allowed to do that.
That's why even the editor of USA Today said, it's dangerous to call Alex Jones a Russian agent and to say he's being investigated for being actually in communication with Russians getting directives and commands.
Yeah, and I get also good orders from Pluto.
And Keebler Elves, too, out in an oak tree out there.
I mean, this is the level, and the USA Today editor said, am I the only one who thinks this is dangerous?
Claiming people that try to talk to WikiLeaks or whatever are Russian agents?
But the good news is, it's gonna go too far.
Because now Lindsey Graham has come out,
And says he's scared, and now knows he meets with a lot of world leaders.
That's what high-level senators do, and diplomats.
Has he been surveilled?
And oh, now the Democrats, they want Nunes investigated.
This is all just intimidation.
Because Nunes dared come out and break their blockade of Bull.
Representative Cummings.
Nunes should be investigated.
Why don't you go as far as John McCain?
Just say, Senator, you work for the Russians.
So we're going to go to those clips coming up here in just a little while.
But Nunes claims some Trump transition messages were intercepted.
They were all over the news in December and January saying, we have the wiretaps, we have the communications, we have the intercepts, with them on the phone with Russians, which they're supposed to be setting up the calls with Russians.
And then they say to Flynn, incoming National Security Advisor, did you talk about sanctions?
He said, no, I just lined up the call for the President.
Oh, really?
I've got a transcript right here.
CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, every paper in the country, oh, we've got them!
They were caught!
And they said, okay, release that transcript.
Well, it's classified.
And then finally Congress sees it, and they go, okay, Nunes says, no phone calls up to Flynn, lining up phone calls, and there's nothing there.
Lining up the phone call.
They said, can we talk about sanctions?
I'm sure the President can talk to you about that.
Who do you think talks to people about sanctions?
The President!
But see how they've worked it now, where the President can't talk to anybody.
Because he's an agent of them.
Rex Tillerson.
He's going to Russia in a couple weeks.
The Secretary of State's going to Russia?
Yeah, first he's going to China.
Oh, is he going to be a Chinese agent because he went over there?
And the truth is, it's Hillary and all the rest of the globalists.
They're the ones.
That actually were on the Communist Chinese payroll, and actually sold out our uranium to the Russians, and actually sold out to anybody that would pay them.
Like a vending machine.
Serious claim!
FBI Comey falsely denied surveillance!
Little face.
I'm eight feet tall, so it's okay when I lie to you.
Here's Comey.
No surveillance!
No surveillance!
As if the FBI is one small part of all that surveillance.
As if he doesn't know that any president-elect has every one of their phone calls recorded.
They're on the spot by the executive branch when they're talking to foreign leaders.
That's been the law for decades.
They create transcripts of it.
Remember they were releasing transcripts of President Trump's discussions in the Australian
The President did it as well.
Remember all that?
And the Russians released a transcript of the talk with him and Putin?
How do you think there's a transcript, ladies and gentlemen?
It's recorded!
Just like when you have a customer service desk, like we've got.
That's recorded.
Everybody knows that, but they sit there and they just put out such a wall of lies that they think we're idiots.
But the good news is Nunes comes out and just says, look, I mean, I've had a lot of people come to me in the intelligence agencies and then Trump was being spied on.
And that's how they keep these House members, even Intelligence Committee people, in the dark.
That's why it turned out the House Intelligence Committee was being spied on under Obama, and so was Dianne Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Remember how pissed she was?
How dare you CIA spy on me!
Then they played dumb.
And remember it came out the cloakroom was being tapped by the CIA?
You can pull all those articles up.
New York Times, CNN.
But they think you've got a goldfish memory.
So Nunes claims Trump transition messages were intercepted within minutes.
We heard Nunes is trying to cover for Trump.
Nunes is an operative.
Nunes, what does he know?
He's just ahead of the Intelligence Committee.
On and on and on.
And now, he needs to be investigated.
We've got those clips coming up.
Top Dim calls for investigation into House Intelligence Chairman.
That's right!
How dare him come out and say, we all read it in thousands of newspapers, I'm the head of the Intelligence Committee.
Yes, they're spying.
They said they were.
But Comey, looking so loving and good, there's no spying, not at all.
There's no such thing.
I'm Comey.
Meanwhile, Graham, I wonder if my meetings are being surveilled by the intelligence community.
Senator Lindsey Graham called the revelation disturbing.
That's because they know Trump's got all the data, he's the president, and they really walked into this.
First, they said they were spying on him.
He goes, funny, that's illegal to leak that.
To leak those transcripts.
Oh, you didn't do it.
And then everybody knows everybody's being spied on.
So now he's got them all double-caught lying.
And CNN and everybody just kept lying and lying.
It's ridiculous.
It never happened.
It never went on.
Aren't all the presidents going to be impeached?
Anybody that says, you know, that we spy on anybody is going to be impeached.
It's preposterous that anybody ever gets spied on without warrants.
It's preposterous!
It's preposterous to say I'm wearing a blue shirt.
I'm wearing a blue shirt, ladies and gentlemen.
It's ridiculous!
I'm not wearing a blue shirt!
It's not been in the New York Times hundreds of times they were spying on Trump and admitting it and rubbing their little hands together like rats.
No, we didn't do anything!
We never did one single thing!
Why do they want to shut Infowars down?
We told you 18 years ago they've got cameras and microphones hidden in major devices and are watching and listening to you for controlling thought content and knowing what you're doing and selling data to advertising agencies to then control the hopes and dreams of society.
All out the open now.
We told you that they were spying on the president and they tried to lie about it and now it's been exposed.
We told you they're preparing a civil emergency and martial law and a civil war.
Now they're all over the news openly calling for the cities to begin to burn and for the president to be murdered or the president to be, you know, dragged out in chains.
That's not political speech.
That's calls for military insurrection and warfare against the Republic.
And they've got the former deputy head of the Defense Department
Running around in policy papers like Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy and all these other globalist publications and going to the Pentagon and saying, you can pull it up, former deputy head of the Defense Department calling for military coup against Trump.
That person should be arrested and then indicted the next day.
We're organized insurrection in the country, outside of law, to foment a military mutiny and rebellion against the taxpayers, citizens of this country.
There it is.
Ex-Obama official suggests military coup against Trump.
Yeah, Breitbart and Infowars covered it.
I mean, it's word for word.
Going around shopping a coup.
And then get enough of their people to start saying it, like a bunch of parrots, a bunch of cockatoos in a tree, chirping, to get the ball rolling.
And they're really trying.
And then the intimidation of, well, how are we going to sell it?
We'll just say they're all Russians.
Well, what about Breitbart and Infowars?
They're not going to back off.
You can't intimidate them.
Just say they're Russians.
Criminally investigate them.
SWAT team them.
Maybe they don't make it.
See how that works?
See how that unfolds?
See how the cow ate the cabbage?
So again, we've told you right down the line because we actually study this, and I don't say this to brag.
I say it because I've read the end of the book.
I know where they want to take us.
I know what their endgame is.
They even have a project called Endgame that's a martial law takeover plan that they declassified two years after it was created and
Three years after my film Endgame came out.
Strangely enough.
But the point is, is that this isn't my opinion, and that's why we're under such attack.
You want somebody to challenge the globalists, you want somebody to fight the New World Order.
Folks, this is it.
This isn't about being a big show or being the big talk show host.
This is about survival for this country, and it's about survival for myself and my family, because I've got all my
Marbles in on this baby.
I'm 100% doubled down with my name, my blood, my treasure, my children.
Everything I've got is hanging out there against the most vicious murdering criminals history's ever seen.
Everybody's got to take that serious and get our articles out.
This is war.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
WikiLeaks continues to expose the nightmarish surveillance state in which we currently live.
As the Vault 7 leaks continue, we learn more about how the surveillance grid works, and how governments use it to spy on interesting people, or how a hacker could get access to virtually anything.
Now WikiLeaks has released Dark Matter, the latest leak in the Vault 7 collection.
Dark Matter claims the CIA has been bugging cell phones right out of the factory since 2008, which is right when smartphones began to take over the market.
This comes at the hands of the Embedded Development Branch, who develop software that is ingrained into cell phones' firmware, making it there permanently.
Combine that with all the terms and conditions we blindly agree to with every new app we download, a cell phone is a government portal to your life.
Other such CIA operations and technologies, such as Dark Sea Skies, Night Skies 1.2, Sonic Screwdriver, and more, will be included in the latest release.
All of which seem to directly target Apple products.
More we'll be breaking from WikiLeaks today on Dark Matter, including a live stream of Julian Assange.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
Be careful with that government probe droid.
This is Alex Jones.
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This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum, or beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
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They're coming!
The seed is planted.
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
It was not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
I tend to get excited just because I look at news at night and in the morning and I get up here at the office and literally look at hundreds of stories and it's just crazy that there's been another Islamic attack with a truck and people stabbed
And then just so many videos, I can't even play them all, of just mobs of hateful, arrogant, crazy-looking men going, screw you, Britain!
Down with the UK!
We're gonna kill you!
We're gonna kill your families!
We're gonna kill the Queen of England!
And then it's only on the internet.
Every once in a while, Fox News might show 10 seconds of it.
And it's like, what in the hell?
And it's like men on the welfare system in Europe, wearing their Islamic garb like they're in the middle of the desert, just totally arrogant, screaming, we're going to kill you.
And then just like with any big Islamic attack, on Al Jazeera's official feed on Facebook, thousands of emojis celebrating it, screenshot in live time.
For every frowny face, there are like 10 smiley faces, and it went on for hours.
And for every thumbs down, there's not even one thumbs down on that page.
Look at that.
Not one thumbs down.
Thumbs up, baby.
I remember 9-11.
I remember Palestinians celebrating in Palestine on the news.
Does that mean I wanted those wars?
Does that mean I hate all Muslims?
Does that mean the globalists are good?
Absolutely not.
They're the ones that are allied with the most radical forms of Islam.
So, on the online feed of Al Jazeera, just celebration time, and then Trump talked about this phenomenon that's well documented during the campaign, and they said he was crazy.
And then InfoWars linked to a New York Post and also what was like a BBC article from years before and Trump tweeted it and they went crazy and said his source is Alex Jones.
No, not that I'm a bad source.
We just had a new article and boiled down how Trump was right and how it really was in the newspaper.
That's not real journalism to say it was from Alex, just made up.
No, I had links to a New York and British newspaper, or publication, showing that Trump was right.
That's what we do.
We go show you literally hundreds of articles the last month during this controversy, where they're saying that there was no spying on the Trumps or their transition team, when it was all over the front pages of newspapers everywhere!
And then the House Intelligence Committee head comes out and says, yes, I've been brought the info.
See, the way the intelligence agencies work, they go, sir, you're the highest elected person in the House over intelligence, but you don't need to come actually see it.
Only 20 people at the NSA can see this, sir.
And then Congress starts going, wait a minute, we have the oversight.
They're like, sir, you passed the laws, you passed the regulations, but those actually say there'll be oversight.
Then you're gonna learn it's 20 people at the NSA that run hunt groups of tens of thousands under them.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me give you a little news flash.
I don't like how deep I am into this at a certain level, okay?
I'm not on a power trip about it, but let me just tell you something.
I've seen stuff hardly anybody else has seen.
I'm not just here on air talking about this stuff.
They've got displays and systems that are AI run, where the computer itself, you just target the person, there's a whole map of everything they do, every device they've got, and that machine tries to hammer in and break into everything you've got.
It's normally already broken in.
And then they've got microscopic capacitors in the chips for at least six years that are microscopic microphones.
And that's been in the news.
That data transferred over cable
And over wireless and over power lines is just scooping it all up.
And that's stuff I knew about 15 years ago.
By the way, the guy that helped expose a lot of it first, Dr. Nick Begich, of course, as brother, outgoing senator, father, famous congressperson, congressman, he's going to be in studio with us.
He's down here visiting from Alaska.
And he goes off the patents and the admissions.
So we're gonna talk about how far, everything we told you about 18, 19 years ago, now is out in the open.
Didn't come true, it was already true, just now it's admitted.
We're gonna tell you the rest of the story.
And see, that's what's frustrating.
When I tell you that most major chip makers, under government directives, have microscopic receivers, transmitters in them.
I'm not an engineer, I just read all the schematics, the documents.
Where they can energize chips from a distance, even if your computer's not plugged in, and then have those transmit out.
And you go, well, where do they get picked up?
By the Apple device, by the Google device, your little friend you have in the house, like Alexa, that, you know, you ask questions of, and you order things from, and you, it's there, always on, and it's picking everything up.
And the smart meter on the side of your house.
Same deal.
Google has cars that drive around and steal your data.
They don't just videotape your house.
Or have drones or satellites partnered with NASA.
They're jacked into everything, folks.
It's 50 years beyond what they're even admitting now.
And that's why they're so arrogant.
But it doesn't matter.
If 7.5 billion people decide to stop going along with all this, we can have good, clean technology that empowers us and isn't used to suppress and control us.
But the elites decided to do this, and they built the architecture in.
Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter.
They're all working with China to develop censorship tools here in Europe and the United States.
So they can prove themselves, demonstrating it here, to move into China.
And Microsoft just got approved to move back into China, countrywide.
In fact, they've been approved for a while.
But to be the official operating system of the Communist Chinese system, because Bill Gates, obviously this is the Rockefeller Foundation, and helped set up this whole modern system we're under, but there it is.
That's now been officially adopted.
Communist Chinese have a mysterious new version of Windows 10 created for them.
Isn't that just cute?
London Independent today.
So see, this is what I'm getting at for you.
They think you're so dumb that they have a jihadi run over a bunch of people and stab a bunch of people and our news will barely even say it's Islamic.
And in England, they're going around saying it's hate, don't do it.
And I was watching footage this morning online of just thousands of Muslim men
Yesterday and today, out celebrating, and with so much hate in their eyes and their mouths open and their teeth showing, like a murderous horde of zombies.
And I'm supposed to go, oh I love you, come on in, oh I don't want to be mean, sure, kill me!
You wonder if we're going under tyranny when every intelligence agency run
In the United States?
Google was created by the CIA.
That's public.
All of it.
That's not even debated.
Look it up.
They're all working to figure out how to enslave you.
Does that mean 95% of people in the agencies like it?
No, they don't.
That's why they're trying to get rid of all the people that are moral and good and bring in the Generation Millennial who on average is the most servile, brainwashed, evil little creatures you can imagine.
Strangely enough, Generation Z is the opposite.
So it's weird how
Culturally, things manifest like that, but they've really caught this generation.
The adults didn't know what was going on.
They got them with the TV and the computers, and they're gone.
And if you're a millennial, some of the best people are millennials.
Just statistically, the numbers are there.
And they think being dishonorable is cool, or just being delusional.
They think caring is stupid.
They think it's... they're like artificial sociopaths.
They're not complete sociopaths, but they have sociopathic characteristics.
And they're just... people are so baby-like.
They're entitled.
They don't have real empathy.
They have virtue-signaling empathy.
Their language is small.
They're restricted.
They're like, you know, kids trying to act cool in junior high.
And, you know, getting little clicks.
I mean, just imagine that times ten, and that's the elitist system they're building and the type of minions they want to be one of the last generations.
Before they really release the bioweapons and wipe almost everybody out.
They're just getting the containment grids up, getting us in cities, getting the police forces in place, getting the robots in place, and getting us totally domesticated before they hammer down and then BOOM!
The agreements have been made.
They're going to wipe out 90% of the Chinese, 90% of the folks in Africa, Latin America, and the West is going to have big death too.
But these are race specific.
And China's agreed to all this, by the way.
And then they're going to start releasing the bioweapons that kill the Ice Age mutants.
That's white people.
People say, oh yeah, you admit you're a mutant.
That's what the black nationalists say.
Yeah, so are you.
Everybody mutates.
Everybody's different.
So you have all the different groups and variations and the rest of it.
But that's what's going on.
The globalists are in total competition with everybody.
They hate their own families.
You ought to read their writings.
I want to get rid of my family, they say, because I want to transcend them and merge the machines.
These people are the most selfish folks you can imagine.
But let me get back to the news here.
On Infowars.com, proof Muslims celebrated terror attack in London.
Guess what?
Facebook's not letting us share that.
Last time I checked.
Arabic TV viewers reacted with smiley emoticons.
Thumbs up!
And their comments were, they love it.
Lawmaker claims Parliament
Suspect's religion?
Yeah, he just did it for ISIS on the one-year anniversary of the Brussels-Belgium attack.
There's nothing to see here.
And Santa Claus has nothing to do with modern Christmas.
And Jesus has nothing to do with Christianity.
And Moses has nothing to do with Judaism.
London terrorist incident happened on the first anniversary of the Brussels bombing.
Check it out, InfoWars.com.
Lone Wolf, UK police arrest eight suspects tied to London jihadist in Don Raids.
I just love how most of these guys don't even work.
They sit there on welfare, and then they just bitch and gripe and, you know, just try to intimidate everybody into Islam.
That's the older men.
The younger men wear, you know, track suits and go out and, you know, go after all the cuckold women.
And, like, Western men have been taught to be so wimpy, and then women think it's, like, really cool, so it's like, get over here!
Do what I say!
So all the Trini women are like, literally, large numbers are converting to Islam now, because it's like, I like wearing a hood over my head, but Western culture sucks!
Al Jazeera viewers reacted to London terror with joy, but Turkish dictator Erdogan threatened Europe on the same day London attacked by terrorists.
That's right, he said...
Turkish dictator Erdogan threatened Europe on the same day London was attacked by terrorist scum.
He said, and his minister said it on Monday, we're launching a jihad and a holy war in Europe and England because
You're not letting us form political Islamic affiliates inside your country in Sharia law.
See, they got a certain number.
France is what, 15% Muslim?
Germany's about 10?
As soon as you hit that number, the smiley faces go off, and the jihad kicks in.
And you know what?
They think we're gonna roll over.
Vehicles becoming favored terrorist attack weapon.
And remember, the globalists, the UN, our own government, bi-partisans, the ones opening the border, bringing it in, letting the UN Refugee Agency decide who comes in.
Not our Border Patrol, not our Customs and Border Enforcement, but the UN.
And Trump's trying to stop where the UN dictates who comes in.
He's trying to build a wall as a make-work project and as a symbol that we're a country.
That's all.
Like Mexico's got a fence and a wall on its southern border.
Right across it.
We have Dr. Begich in here in the next hour.
I'm going to hit some really important news.
I've got to get to these Nunez clips.
I've got to get to the other clips.
I've got... He's been obviously with intelligence agencies high up.
I've got Pchenik coming on for about 15 minutes to give us his take on this war that's going on.
We know what's happening.
But then I'm going to spend the rest of the time getting all the clips and some phone calls today.
But just to recap, Michael Moore is calling on Dems to declare a national emergency.
They're all calling for martial law.
They're all over the place saying it's insane that Trump was spied on even though it's admitted.
The FEC is calling for censoring conservative and libertarian media like Drudge Report by name.
It's already happening.
And the truth is, folks, we're not going to have a show, we're not going to exist if people don't realize this is happening by incremental success of approximation and if you don't defeat them in their latest attempts to censor by making InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and our articles and our videos even more popular and Drudge Report even more powerful.
I'm not going to stand for Drudge to be the number two biggest website in the world after MSM and the biggest news site, hands down.
It needs to be number one.
Infowars, our videos, don't need to be number one in the political, they need to be number one, period.
And they don't even let our subscribers videotape this, screenshot it, you know, show it.
Snaps or whatever it is where you have a video screenshot of trying to get our videos subscribing to one of our many channels with 4 million subscribers on the channels total between them.
And most people don't get them now.
Or it unsubscribes you off of our YouTube.
That's how they slowly kill you.
They slowly strangle you before they get rid of you entirely.
We have our own platforms.
We stream our own videos.
We post our own videos.
We pay our own bandwidth.
It's very expensive.
We're doing it.
We have our own outpost.
But they're coming after our funding.
Folks, over the years, I've never had this many calls for support and help.
And it's because I realize it's going to intensify and it's going to get stronger.
And I've got to grow in their face and take on everything they're doing behind the scenes.
And it's legendary.
Last night, I was so proud.
I went from just being willing to do this to... It was a new level of confidence.
I mean, I could... I feel it now, but last night, I could feel God's hand on me so strong.
I mean, the comfort of it.
That's what it's called.
The Comforter.
And it was beyond that.
It was being so grounded.
And so dialed in.
It was just, it's incredible.
I'm like, wow.
I mean, what is it like as you go through these phases of fighting evil, and as you get older, and as you pass each test, what is it like?
What happens down the road?
It's unbelievable.
That's how I understand what they're going to do before they even do.
That's how we break down their operations with such precision is because I've totally immersed myself in this.
And it's beyond that.
It's a spirit of understanding, discernment.
The problem is I can't turn it off.
It's always just and it's so much.
How do I even?
Cover it, because I'm not this frustrated, angry person in person most of the time.
It's just coming in contact with the most insane... I mean, look at Kim Jong Un.
A horrible, demonic, spoiled nobody that couldn't even have a job pumping gas that no one would talk to because he's such a conceited, evil little rat.
And that's who the devil put in power over the tens of millions of slaves.
And their whole religion is to degrading humans and making them worship scum.
Kim Jong-un is Satan.
I mean, look at the weakness, look at the selfishness, look at the patheticness, look at the laughing at everyone, just the power trip, the sickening.
When I die, I want to be the polar opposite of that guy.
Hell would be being locked in a cell with a bunch of Kim Jong-uns.
And David Rockefeller, you know I prayed to God last week that you'd pray.
That people that are enemies of this Republic, like Media Matters, we name Media Matters.
We've got to find a clip.
I'm guessing people like David Rockefeller, people like Ted Turner, people like Bill Gates.
People like, this is an example that needs to be made, people like Bow Wow.
That if it's God's will, they'd be really shown the real power in this universe.
Probably just a coincidence that David Brock had a big heart attack yesterday, and David Rockefeller was old, so... The point is, is that they're all going to die, they're all going to face... they're all going to face judgment.
It's good just to remind them of that, but I tell you, I do pray.
Not in a hateful way, not in a worldly way, but they're hurting innocent people.
And I ask God, God, not people, not you, don't do anything violent against them, I ask God to just get them right.
However God does that.
But I have to speak that.
You have to speak it too.
You know what happens when you do that?
You shed your will metaphysically in line and say, I'm ready to openly speak this in the open against the enemy God.
And I'm asking you to take us the rest of the way.
I'm asking you to intervene.
As an example.
And then if we don't see that example and don't hit our knees and our faces before you, then we deserve whatever else comes.
We don't humble ourselves.
But I'm asking God to show these heathen the real power of fire raining down from heaven and consuming them.
They want us destroyed.
They want us dead.
They laugh at our God because they know the power.
Ask for the Providence like George Washington did in 1776 when he accepted his commission.
Take your commission in the fight against the globalists and support the Infowars and those.
I mean, who's there?
There's Infowars is definitely Trump's under the most attack, then Infowars, then Drudge, then Reitbart.
You want people to fight?
All I'm saying is, how this ends is how this ends.
I just want you to have an opportunity to know, this is history happening right now.
And look how we fund ourselves.
With high quality, organic, made in America, fluoride-free toothpaste, with iodine, colloidal silver, peppermint, tea tree oil.
This is so popular that
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It's at Infowarslife.com.
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It's concentrated.
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Sign up for AutoShip.
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It's got a lot more.
What a game changer.
Infowarslife.com or 888-253-3139 because I know, in fact, I know in my gut we're going to get the support to not just continue and on under the onslaught, but go to the next level.
Because for what you see publicly, saying I'm under criminal investigation for being a Russian asset, and you know, all the other craziness, for anything you see on the surface, there's 95% more under the water.
Sometime I might tell people all about it.
Let's just say we're not in Kansas anymore.
Again, Nunes came out and said of course Trump was being surveilled.
Of course he was.
Again, the hoax is collapsing.
What a beautiful thing.
And the hoax will collapse that this isn't an Islamic attack that just happened in England.
I mean, again, we gotta call them on their bluff, on their attempt at peer pressure.
They think you're nothing but dumb followers.
They're not.
You're smart.
We're gonna win.
Dr. Nick Begich coming up.
Stay with us.
The health care reform hearing on the Hill today has been a clown act.
You have Democrats taking the podium to passionately complain about the new health care bill, saying it's the worst ever, when it's still government-controlled health care, which is what they cheered for seven years ago, and still today.
I'm beginning to think this was yet another Trump troll.
Make Democrats stop progress of a GOP health care bill that's virtually the same bill they complained the GOP was stopping the progress of.
The epitome of partisan politics.
Democrats are also complaining they haven't seen the bill, but here was Nancy Pelosi when fighting for Obamacare.
But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.
She's having hearings today, trying to stop the new health care bill, complaining she hasn't seen it.
What an absolute fraud.
Just chalk this up to more fallout from Obama fail.
Trump is meeting with the House Freedom Caucus today, who could stall the bill in the House.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I got a bunch of folks run over by a car, stabbed right in front of Big Ben in Parliament.
Been on that bridge many times.
And you got Al Jazeera viewers celebrating online, almost 100% thumbs up, smiley faces, and in the comments celebrating in Arabic on the one year anniversary of the Brussels-Belgium attack that of course had nothing to do with Islam either.
Muslims in London say Queen Elizabeth has to convert to Islam or leave the country.
And then Tommy Robinson rips into laughing leftists at London terror site.
Oh, they're celebrating it too.
They get off on all of it.
It's funny to them.
They're paid to go out and laugh at survival instinct.
They don't let you march against radical Islam in England.
We've had Mr. Robinson on before, but here are Muslims in London saying Queen Elizabeth has a convert.
To Islam or leave the country.
Boy, isn't that the religion of peace and equality?
And thank God they're having all these women's marches.
Oh, the leader of the major women's march just came out and called for getting rid of Israel.
Whether you love Israel or not, the point is this is Islamic women who aren't even allowed to leave the house unless they're on some errand to get the general population to go along with their downfall.
Leading a bunch of West-hating, man-hating, brainwashed women.
We're trying to blow up their prosperity like suicide bombers.
So here's the Muslims in London.
This is CNN.
It's actually crazy that they even reported on it.
It's basically showing how we will transform Buckingham Palace into a local mosque for the Muslims.
And what happens to the Queen?
Well, the Queen, she has a choice.
She can either become Muslim or she can leave the country.
And I saw a bunch of other videos this morning where they're just like, rah!
Get out of England!
You know, England is ours!
Screw the UK!
I don't think we can pull that up.
Here's another one.
Tommy Robinson, these people are waging war on us.
And then we've got the leftists making jokes about it.
Here it is.
I'm on the reality.
This is the reality.
The reality is this is a war.
These people are waging war on us for time.
This has gone on for 1,400 years.
This is nothing new.
And the whole time while this goes on, police leaders or political leaders want to invite more!
They want to invite more!
But meanwhile, members of Parliament, the articles are on Infowars.com, are claiming that the suspect's religion is irrelevant.
That's right, you're part of a religion that's supposed to take over and not let anybody else of another religion live there.
No atheists, no gays, no nothing.
But then you have the atheists and the gays saying, bring in Islam.
Nick Baggage is coming in.
Dr. Nick Baggage to look at the state of the world in studio with us.
And then we're going to
Break down the fact that Democrats are again calling for censoring the independent press.
And I know you as an audience know that, but think about that every minute.
They want to muzzle the opposition to globalism that wants to make you poor and stupid and break down our society.
This is a war.
You have to take it like a war and have pleasure.
Like it's a video game, but for real, when you're sharing links, when you're sharing articles, when you're sending out information.
Don't engage the trolls.
They admittedly hire by the millions and have sock puppet bots to counter us by hateful comments back and forth.
Just keep getting info out, links out.
Just bring people together around basic Western freedom and we can do it together.
So every color of people can live in peace, but under a free market idea of live and let live, true libertarianism, Western renaissance.
The globalists have already set it up demographically, where they are going to have total sectarian war forever by design.
We absolutely must convert people, no matter what color they are, to the unifying cosmology of Americana.
Which is freedom, and human empowerment, and daring, and rugged individualism, and transparency in government, and low taxes.
Not elitism.
The left has allied with Islam because the left now is an orthodox cult, controlling language, controlling everything.
It is a classical cult.
Donald Trump is in essence correct that the intelligence agencies and some in the law enforcement community on the side of the FBI were in fact illegally trying to access, monitor his communications with his aides and with other people.
All of this with an end to trying to destroy and discredit his presidency.
Let's talk to Larry C. Johnson now to really have the floor and break down this whole controversy.
Thank you for coming on, Mr. Johnson.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
Good, good.
So you've heard my breakdown of this.
I mean, how accurate is that from your educated standpoint?
I guess the real fundamental thing that ought to alarm all Americans, regardless of their political party, their political affiliation,
If we're going to talk about Russian meddling in U.S.
politics, it needs to be acknowledged that these intelligence agencies or the principals at the top were involved with meddling.
Your listeners should understand that it is illegal without some warrant for any of the intelligence or law enforcement agencies to collect on American citizens.
It is not illegal for the British, through their version of NSA, to collect on American citizens because we're foreigners as far as they're concerned and we're a legitimate target.
Similarly, the United States can freely collect on any British citizen because they're not Americans.
They don't have the constitutional protection.
We all spy on each other then.
I mean, you know, if anybody's so naive as to think that the Brits aren't spying on Americans and Americans aren't spying on Brits, well, you know, I hate to burst your bubble, but the reality is that's what spy agencies do.
The president reads in the newspaper that he's been spied on by the intelligence agencies.
In the New York Times, it's all over the news.
We've got the intercepts.
We caught, you know, Michael Flynn.
Trump turns around and says, that's illegal.
Then they say, we never did that.
I mean, talk about gaslighting!
American allies, including the British and Dutch, have provided information describing meetings in European cities between Russian officials and others close to Russia's President Putin and associates of President-elect Trump.
There's only two types of information those countries are going to have.
Either they've got human intelligence, they had a spy who was there, who was part of the meeting and could record on it, or they had an intercept, a wiretap if you will.
But, you know, wiretaps, it goes back to the days when all communication went over a phone wire.
It's really more correct to call this electronic surveillance.
They're intentionally leaving the borders open in Europe, bringing in mass refugees, among them are going to be jihadists, who are setting up a future Tet Offensive, Tet-style offensive, in Europe.
And the same thing's being done to this country.
On her way to work one morning, down the path along the lake, a tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
Oh well, she cried.
I'll take you in.
And I'll take care of you.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in for heaven's sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Sighed the vicious snake.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in for heaven's sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Beside the vicious snake.
Now she clutched him to her bosom.
You're so beautiful, she cried.
But if I hadn't brought you in by now, you might have died.
She stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight.
But instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite.
I saved you, cried the woman.
And you've bit me, heavens why?
You know your bite is poisonous, and now I'm going to die.
Oh shut up, silly woman, said the reptile with a grin.
You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I was just talking to Dr. Nick Begich, who I've just met for the first time.
I've been interviewing him for about 20 years, and he's a best-selling author.
Of course, his father was a famous reformer and congressman who was killed in a plane crash, clearly by foul play, Dr. Begich believes.
I think it's clear his brother obviously was just an outgoing
Senator from Alaska, and nobody has trailblazed more in the last 23 years or so since you've been, at least I know of your books being out than Dr. Nick Baggage, going to the patents and going to the research and going to the white papers of what they admit they've got.
And so I want to talk about the breakaway civilization.
I want to explain what that is.
I want to talk about
What else is going on?
Well, Begich was talking about that again 20 years ago, and now here it is.
And I didn't just have Begich as a source, I had NSA whistleblowers, you name it.
And I was like a mainline Republican, kind of Libertarian, when I first got on air 22 years ago.
I knew some stuff, but I just, it was my listeners that were actually informed, and my guests.
And here we are, so he's with us a little bit in the next hour, and then we're going to hopefully get him down to South by Southwest.
And so I was thinking of having you, you know, go down as like, you know, the expert on the technocracy and just look how they're selling it down there.
But I know you've already been there, so perhaps you can speak some to that.
But really just prefacing this, most folks know who you are, obviously, and with your EarthPulse.com and the great organization you run, trying to inform people how you expose the Tesla technologies that the FBI seized.
Harp, The Betrayal of Science and Society and the Soul, your Earth Rising series, your Mind Control book.
You go off what's admitted.
And again, it's way beyond what we even see in the news today.
But I just want the right-wing people to understand, the left-wing people to understand everybody.
It's all about making you think you're part of the system or you're part of some winning group.
When you buy into the whole control paradigm, there's no doubt that you're not part of the elite, that there's only a few hundred of these people, and they're not even winners either.
They're psychopaths, basically.
That's my opinion.
We'll get yours, and we'll give you the floor in a moment.
But that's really what's so frustrating to me, is they believe they're ugly, they're projecting their hatred on the general public, they're setting up cultural systems to make us ugly and dumb, and it's working,
But it feeds back and only makes them worse.
And some elites are recognizing this.
Because at the level I've gotten, I've pretty much talked to you name it.
I'll just leave it at that.
And even a lot of their own people are freaked out.
Their wives and their husbands are freaked out at the people that are right next to the highest level.
They claim there's a 6,000 group, a super class that manages things.
I was been offered to be part of that.
But that's the gophers.
There's 6,000 gophers.
There's only
Few hundred people at the top that are managing this thing, and it's the darkest, most evil things.
I also want to talk about today the heart of it.
Maybe we should start at the end.
Where are they taking us from your deep research?
Where is it going, Dr. Begich?
Because I know you like to only show people what's going on, let them make their own conclusion, but we've talked privately.
Maybe we should start at the end and then go back to the beginning.
What governs it?
What is it?
We know it's taking us somewhere bad.
It admits it.
It says it's a post-human world.
What are we facing?
It's great to have Dr. Nick Baggage.
I'm not going to go into all of his degrees and all the things he's been involved in, all the things that, you know, all over the world and also representing Native tribes successfully to get them major concessions and oil and gas, you name it, a true Robin Hood for the people.
So it's great to have you here, my friend.
Thank you very much, and it's my pleasure to be here with you, Alex.
It's, you know, 20 years of working together and finally we get to see each other.
And this is a tough time.
And I wanted to come down, meet you in Austin, and show my support for you.
And encourage listeners, you know, the alternative news is the only real news.
And Alex, you've been at this as long as I have.
We started around the same time.
And it is time to wake up America.
It's time to recognize that the support that people like Alex need right now is critical to retaining the Republic.
And there's a lot of issues out there, but the most pressing issues right now have now come into the forefront.
Twenty years of talking about personal privacy and liberty being stripped away from us a slice at a time.
And here we are in 2017 at the threshold of big changes and the left is panicked.
They're panicked because the agenda is over.
The game is up and people are waking up.
Again, I'm going to try to interrupt because if I do, we know where that goes.
If I had 10 extra crew members, I would have them chronicle everything you say, I say, other people say.
I remembered you 15 years ago saying, Alex, things are going to get bad, but they're going to get better.
By sometime around before 2020, we're predicting a mass awakening, and the elite are scared of these massive human potentials.
I know you can't get into a lot of it because you've talked to some groups and some of the elite and some classified stuff, but there are groups in the elite that actually want to empower humanity, but the big dominant group is wanting to suppress it.
I'm getting chills.
I know Trump is a true attempted breakthrough.
That's what he said in the state of his inaugural.
There's life extension.
We're about to unlock the keys.
They know the keys are already being unlocked.
Trump wants to transfer that to people.
I'm getting chills.
But how did you predict that, at least 15 years ago, that around this time, this would be the big battle?
Well, you know, going back to the beginning of the work, it was in the mid-90s, and when we started looking at the trends and really tracking those trends, and not with
In the phone booth kind of conversation with real hard documents, something that we're well known for, it became obvious where it was headed.
And at some point, you know, the public gets to the point where they just won't stand it anymore.
And the objective of the public is information, public media.
The critical element is not just saying whatever you want, it's keeping the informed public.
That's what Freedom of the Press was about.
Why I got involved in this was we saw the mainstream, really the corporate tool for manipulating not just culture, but I travel all over the world.
We see the same overlays in Europe, in the US, Latin America.
But they kind of culturally correct it so that they can influence the same outcomes and that's where we are today.
So they're using the anthropology and they admit it and when you see it, it's so sick.
Like PSAs, don't sleep with your baby, give it formula.
Well they know that reduces IQ 15-20 points, makes the person basically a sociopath.
I mean, it's amazing.
You know, and that's exactly it.
It's a case of dumbing the population down.
I was in public education for a number of years looking at how that has changed.
Where are the thinking people?
And they're plugged into the alternative media where there is a remnant of truth that comes out.
Dr. Becker, so what does it say about an elite, not just in their white papers, when they want to dumb people down and then disease us?
Because you're always saying, Alex, you worry about vaccines all day.
It's the electromagnetic
That's where the real... They really want to raise your chair for some reason.
Let's just go ahead and do it.
Hey, it's live.
It's no big deal, folks.
We're teleprompter free here.
This is the best part of the show.
Again, Dr. Nick Beggs is our guest.
That happens to me all the time.
I'll hit the button and it like falls down.
Who cares?
But I mean, seriously, we're not here... They script themselves as savers of the earth wanting to tax carbon.
While they're genetically engineering, doing all this stuff we know is actually hurting the earth.
And then they admit their own, you know, internal documents.
They're going to overwrite the whole planet.
They think they're God, like Promethean engineers, you know, in the Prometheus movie.
That's who they think they are.
And they just think we're like a bug.
I mean, even Elon Musk last month said, oh, you'll assimilate or you'll just be squashed like a bug.
Well, and this is the attitude.
It's a lack of humanity in multinationals.
You know, the Supreme Court's given multinationals and global organizations the same rights as living human souls.
This is a big problem.
This is taking away... And now they want to give computers souls and quote tax them, but that means the elites program them.
They're not human.
That's correct.
In fact, I read a statistic today, 57% of jobs worldwide are going to evaporate over the next 10 to 15 years.
Now what happens to all those people?
And you know, even today in the United States, the statistics just came out in the New York Times, rising suicide rates among white males, white women, by over 130% increases over the last 20 years.
24 U.S.
soldiers committed suicide a day.
Record number.
That's a test program group.
Just like the black community is a test group, the military is a test group.
We're taking our best people and killing them, enslaving them, diving them down.
But you've got to toot your horn.
Talk about Earth rising.
Even before the book came out, you talked about what the elite are scared of and how you were able to predict around 2017, 2018, this was coming, a decade plus ago.
How did you do it?
The Earth Rising Revolution was a book written just pre 9-11 and it was published in 2000 as a warning.
Over 640 source documents were cited showing the trends in terms of personal privacy and personal liberty.
The things you see now in the mainstream about surveillance, we were talking about this almost 17 years ago.
Skip it.
And it was really clear to see where we were headed.
And where we're headed is where we are right now.
At the point of revolutionary thinking on both the left and the right.
But the kind of revolution we need is a revolution of thinking again.
Getting outside left and right, and just like I was thinking, the left is just one of the modalities of the elite right now.
But there is a left-right system, but that paradigm is false.
People say, well, get outside of it.
I coined that term.
Then they say, why are you in it?
We have to go into it to deconstruct it, go outside of it to show people, but they're not the left now saying, don't use these words, don't say this, don't do that.
They're openly trying to program and then notice.
The anti-human message, the anti-family message.
And that really is it.
It's just really taking the humanity out and looking at us as taxpayers, consumers, as people that really don't have much to do except to be the drones for an elite class.
And now they say we're not needed.
Who are the globalists?
What's their endgame?
How do you think we're doing in our awakening?
I think people are awakening.
I think this election was a prime example of it.
Both the left and the right changed their views in terms of how this election went.
Hillary was rejected because she's an evil person.
I mean, what can I say?
She had one of the most manipulative, power-hungry, entitlement attitude towards a government.
And I can fairly say you come out of the classic good left Americana that we know of, of just being democratic.
And you're saying that?
I am.
And in fact, I haven't been a Democrat in a number of years, but I am in a very well-known Democratic family in my region of the world.
And my Christmas holidays are a big debate.
And what we know is the left and right paradigm doesn't matter.
I have both in my family, and we can still get along, we can still
Debate heavily and come to informed conclusions.
That's what the American public really wants is a discussion, an open discussion, not a panic party of the left.
And that's what we're seeing right now.
Because they're unraveling.
Because what they've tried to do in manipulating the population and taking us to a place that none of us want to go is over.
The attacks on Trump is because he's effective, because he's making a difference.
He took the media, he continues to take the media right where he wants them.
And unfortunately, you know, we have to still use alternative to get the data.
You know, something I had suggested at one point was bringing back the fireside chat, which I heard one of your guest hosts mentioning again on the air yesterday.
This is something Roosevelt did when the media and the elites did not like him when he came in.
He had a weekly show, he did his time, he gave people direct information and bypassed the media entirely.
That's what we need again today, and that's what we're seeing, is we're seeing a bypass of the media, it's not controlled, it's not scripted, and that is changing all of it.
You know, Roosevelt did some things I didn't like.
He was a complex character.
There really were coup attempts against him.
The Germans tried it.
The McCormick-Dixton Committee exposed that.
And he really did have to bypass the media.
I guess Hearst and others at the time.
So whether you love him or hate him, his model is what Trump should be doing.
I totally believe it.
I think a direct access to the public, bypass the media, that's the answer in the 21st century.
We have to recognize the media is a flat world.
You can take control of it if you want to by jumping in.
No one's going to ignore the President of the United States, but they're certainly going to manipulate his speech.
Now, I know we've had a few private discussions and things, but you've obviously worked and interviewed and been involved in some research.
About why the elites are poisoning us, dumbing us down.
It's not just to control us.
They're worried about something that humans are advancing into.
Now, whether you believe this or not, folks, the elite, from my own research, believe this.
But I know I've asked you twice.
You're not getting into it right now.
I guess.
Can you get into what?
I mean, I know you don't get into the realms of speculation, but what the elites believe and what they're trying to suppress.
Actually, it is the next evolution of human beings.
It's where we reach our higher states of awareness, where we have control of what is referred to biblically as the gifts of the spirit, others call extra-sensory perceptions, the military calls anomalous human capabilities.
I had the opportunity... It happens all the time when you're synced up with people!
That's correct.
That's what family is.
That's what it is.
In fact, it's the typeset.
It's the program.
You know, what you do in a family in creating union between two people is a typeset.
It is what we are supposed to be doing with everyone.
We recognize our connection to everyone.
We recognize that we have the ability to reach a higher state of awareness.
And that's obviously what Martin Luther King or anybody that was awake says.
It's about not what color we are, it's what we stand for, what we build, what we do, and then it's the opposite of collectivism.
It's individualism, but it moves to a collective because that's what individuals will choose to do when the time comes.
It is indeed.
And it is about individual choices, about individual direction.
And through that strong individual character, a nation is built.
Not by groupthink, squishy groupthink.
And that's what we're seeing way, way too much of within our educational systems, within the way the media tries to herd us into a direction.
And we've seen a devastating defeat, not just here, but across the planet, of groupthink.
Look, Wilders won in the Netherlands.
The Nationalists won in Austria.
I've looked at the numbers.
They were like 15, 20 points ahead.
Everywhere else though where they have real elections, the Nationalists is winning.
And again, that's what's exciting.
Not that Nationalists are perfect, but Globalists are the big corporate
We're good to go.
And great shows like Coast to Coast AM.
You can laugh at some of the fun stuff they do, but that was a big icebreaker.
And the intelligence agencies listened to us, and they said, my God, you're right.
To the point I've learned from so many sources, from CIA assassins, to war heroes, to former CIA section chiefs, to top analysts, to you name it, in different agencies, to deputy directors, to heads of technical of the NSA.
That literally my show and the guests we had were the critical junctures the last 20 years and other broadcasts to see what they were already seeing and then to decompartmentalize.
Yeah, and this is exactly it.
It's the nature of independent research.
You know, most of the stuff that I've covered, in fact everything I've ever printed was non-classified by the time it was used.
It doesn't say that it wasn't classified later, but the fact of the matter is... They reclassified a lot of stuff you've covered.
Oh yeah, and the fact of the matter is, we have an opportunity to change the country.
And making an example for the world.
Not interfering in all the world's politics, but recognizing the sovereign right of independent countries to function within their boundaries.
And leading by the fact we are the greatest expression in the Renaissance, even if we've wilted, it can come back.
It can come back, and it is coming back.
In fact, some of the best science minds in the world I had an opportunity to meet here in Dallas a few years ago while I was working with the LA Institute on Technology.
These are some of the top people in science in terms of consciousness.
And the whole issue was on the idea of mind effects and what we can do with the human mind.
To a person recognizes that this next evolution, this is the challenge of the 21st century.
Fully awake individuals.
And you know the one thing that stops us from reaching that is fear and worry.
You cannot reach higher states of awareness.
And you always keep telling me this, and people thought I was in fear.
I was more in anger, trying to agitate people to get involved.
But now, more and more, when I turn loose, I even fear that I'm not doing... I don't physically fear for myself or anything.
I fear that I'm not doing a good enough job.
It's like a guilt.
And finally, I'm saying I'm doing the best I can, and when the guilt peels away, my thought process is like five times stronger.
Absolutely, and this is the key element.
You do the best you can.
That doesn't mean we always win.
It just means that we keep trying.
And that is the essence of it.
If every single person listening to this broadcast woke up in the morning and made an effort for change in this country, even a small one,
They add up.
There's millions of people listening.
There's millions of people participating.
There's an organization... And it's not just the physical action, is it, the third dimension?
It's been proven by mathematics that us consciously wanting something, it isn't like magic, like the secret just happens.
No, we can build.
Look what we've done.
It interconnects and our dreams are interconnected.
You know, this actually is, in fact, the truth of the matter.
A collective conscious, if you will, a direction that's moved.
Now, the elite understand this.
That's why they use the media the way they want.
Well, they poison the collective conscious.
That's exactly right.
By keeping people in a constant state of agitation and fear, we're already defeated.
We have to let it go.
We have to recognize that that fear is conquered by knowledge and action.
Effective action.
So when I cover an Islamic attack, I want to be clear.
I'm not trying to create fear.
I'm saying look how they're lying and saying this isn't an attack.
They're using this to take your freedoms.
We shouldn't allow this.
That's exactly right.
Now I have a business partner in Germany.
And in Germany, they suppress everything.
Everything about Islam, in terms of what they're doing.
And there were, at one point, hundreds, hundreds of rapes across the country.
Oh yeah.
And they weren't reported.
In fact, the media isn't allowed to talk about religion in the context of reporting the news.
And that's come out in the news.
That's come out.
Oh yeah.
And this, and you know, when I speak to my friends in Germany, now in Germany... You're being conservative, by the way.
It was hundreds of rapes per major city.
Per year.
That's correct.
Something like 80-something percent were Islamic, and the cops are not allowed to say it.
But then the German news goes further and says German men raped.
And this is wrong, and this is fundamentally wrong, and this is what's got Europe... Dr. Nick Begich is amazing.
When we come back, I want to ask you, why are the globalists so in bed with orthodox, radical Islam?
How can we reform Islam?
Because I don't want to be at war with these people.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Other such CIA operations and technology such as Dark Sea Skies, Night Skies 1.2, Sonic Screwdriver, and more will be included in the latest release.
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This planet and human intelligence is an unbelievably rich brain for us.
And imagine if you're the elite, you want to control technology just like they've done for thousands of years.
You want to control access to it.
Dr. Nick Maggots, unlike anybody else, has been not so much a futurist, somebody that took what was already going on,
And now we see it has become our dominant future.
So I'm going to try to let him break all this down.
But I said, so you're from South by Southwest?
I heard you were in town.
He said, no, I came to directly, you know, to talk to you because I see on the news where they're saying you're a Russian agent.
You're under criminal investigation for actually being a Russian agent.
This is insane.
It's a chilling effect.
So the president, anybody that supports him, they're now calling Rand Paul, saying you are a agent of Putin.
Now, Congressman Nunes was under, quote, calls for investigation by the Democrats because he said, yeah, Trump's being surveilled.
He's the head of the House Intelligence Committee.
He's been told by the agencies the president is being surveilled.
But they admitted he was being surveilled months ago.
So it's just such a war on reality.
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So get that as well.
That's going to go up in price here pretty soon, but out of the gates I wanted to discount it.
You can find all the books and films and more that Dr. Begich has produced or written at earthpulse.com.
Really trailblazing stuff.
I know in the last five years or so, you've not been on air as much, you've not been doing as much.
You were telling me you were taking care of a lot of research and things.
Now you're kind of back, full power, because you were telling me this is the time, what we're seeing.
And so I'm going to try to shut up now, break down other big trends, where you think this is going, what you think the globalists are going to do next.
Well, a couple of things that are coming up.
One is, of course, quantum computing, which we've talked about a little bit before.
But I want to get into this a little bit today because quantum computing is going to change everything.
I mean, supercomputers today are huge by any stretch of the imagination.
Quantum computing will do in one hour what a supercomputer does today in a trillion years.
Let me say that again.
The quantum computers that are coming will do in one hour what supercomputers today do, if they could, in a trillion years.
This is a huge, huge change.
That means all the data that's been collected, all the information that's been collected by private organizations, by government, and by others, is all of a sudden going to become hackable instantly.
I mean, think about it.
There will be no security code, there will be no
Thank you.
Things about people that they won't even know about themselves.
I mean, this is where it's headed.
In fact, where it is today is on the threshold of that.
The other is superconductivity, and they've developed some new technologies that are just now coming that will get us room temperature superconductivity.
What does that mean?
That means energy, one of the most important commodities in the world, could be produced anywhere in the world and delivered in a way without line loss.
What that means is you don't need oil pipelines, you can produce energy at the point of production and literally transmit it around the world.
This will change everything about everything.
These two trends in technology will change the world.
At the same time, as the elite
Builds its agenda to strip down humanity into a sub-part of sort of who we are.
We need to recognize what we are as created human beings.
Created in the image of a creator with fundamental power that's been recognized, that's been told to us, that's been predicted for millennia.
And it's here now.
It's here.
I see it emerging.
The countermeasure are an awake public.
It only takes a few to make a huge difference.
And that few is rising into the... Humans built this technocracy.
We can tear it down.
And if the globalists miscalculate and think that they're going to construct something to enslave us...
That's really the test to take us to the next level.
But if you think about that, that's why they're in a race with this quantum computing, trying to break in and control things.
But the group or the country or the people that will actually be immune from it will be those that aren't plugged into any of it.
So we're building our own downfall by putting back doors into everything and racing with this AI.
Talk about the story of Atlantis.
Well, you know, when I think about... Whether it's mythical or whatever, the point is you blow up your own... your technology gets so advanced.
Or the Tower of Babel, if you will.
In the same vein, your technology grows to the point where you literally are a threat to yourself and others.
And we've been there a long time.
The issues of personal privacy, I think, are better than the nuclear threats, quite frankly, because they take away the essence of what we are as human beings.
The idea that we're creative, independent, that we have the possibility of doing all of these things that man is trying to create.
Because man, basically, with technology, tries to duplicate what nature already does, what God has already created.
And in the early stages, the way they've designed the computers is we're being sucked into it like a face sucker.
We're already losing our humanity.
You can see the metrics, IQ, you name it.
It's already hurting us, so where does this go?
And it is, and when you look at just sort of the way social media is shaped today, I don't do social media and some say I should, but my reason is
It really isn't the way human beings should be interfacing.
It's not the way we should be communicating.
We should be doing it in person and doing it personally.
That's why I'm here in Austin today is a personal contact matters and Alex Jones today needs support by those he supported over the years and I'm here to do that.
I didn't ask you to come do this.
I appreciate it.
I guess you sense it's a critical time.
It is, and it is a critical time, and it's a time when the voices cannot be silenced.
It's time that the voices of the opposition to what has been rise up and are heard in our communities, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces.
Not in a confrontational, angry way, but in an accurate and concise way.
What I see here on the table is a stack of documents.
These aren't
Something pulled out of the air.
Alex works with the facts.
He has always worked... Well sure, they always accuse us of manufacturing something.
We said they're spying on Trump because they said they were.
Now it's admitted.
They hate us because we are accurate.
Well, and the reality is every bit of electronic data is retained by government.
Our allies, even the heads of state of our allies, are hacked by our government.
Back in the days when my dad was in the Congress in the early 70s, every congressional office was bugged and monitored by the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailing congressmen as a way of manipulating public policy.
Nothing's changed.
Why do you think they killed your dad?
He was too effective.
He had done... He would stand up against him.
He had done a lot and he had booted a few of them out of his office in a not very polite way.
My dad was someone that believed in people.
He grew up poor, he worked his way up, he was a first-generation American, and I can tell you the values that the Democratic Party once had were lost long ago.
They were for working people, they were for the average guy, and they're not anymore.
I think that's why Stephen Bannon comes out of working class Democrats.
That's right.
And a lot of us... Most of the people actually defeating the Democrats now were Democrats.
That's right.
Because we recognized the fallacy of the public policy that Democrats were trying to shove down the throats of Americans.
How do you get unions for NAFTA and GATT and TPP?
Well, you know, this is really, you know, again, the big changes.
Now, I worked in the union movement and teachers unions in Alaska, and I can tell you, it's not about people in those organizations so much anymore.
There's good people within those organizations.
Excuse me, this is breaking news.
Nick Baggers is with us right now.
Senate votes to let Internet providers share your web browsing history without permission.
Print that for me.
I hope that hasn't passed the House yet.
Wow, let's find out more.
That just happened today.
Sorry Dr. Beckett, it should have been exactly what you were just covering.
And this is it.
This is exactly what I'm talking about.
God, talk about now!
You think you erased your browsing history just because it's your private?
And now they always had it, now they're going to sell it!
Good God!
And it's really the opposite that should be happening.
You know, the cameras should turn you away.
You know, that's Alphabet.
That's that new thing that Schmidt's running.
He says it's the biggest thing.
He thinks they already have quantum computing.
Go ahead.
They may very well.
Sorry, go ahead.
And the fact is, the cameras need to turn the other direction.
There should be a camera in every congressional office.
There should be a camera in every government office.
In Schmidt's office.
Because they work for us.
And we ought to have an access to what's going on there.
Schmidt makes his mistresses and girlfriends wear hoods over their heads, like Michael Jackson's kids.
He wants his privacy, but then he says, I can't have it.
That's exactly it.
And this is the nature of the elite.
It's the nature of government.
We're supposed to have a transparent government, a government that represents us, and we ought to be able to look in the window and see what it's doing.
And we can't do that.
Instead, the opposite is happening.
The American public, the public, the world's public for that matter, is the most surveyed.
We are a threat because we still think independently.
That's what needs to be maintained, is the independence of thinking, free of the media manipulation that happens every day.
This is what people rejected in this last campaign in the United States.
This is what they rejected in Great Britain.
They rejected the status quo because the status quo is not working.
And isn't it funny?
People thought Trump was going to be pro-NSA.
Now he's the biggest enemy of the surveillance state.
Overnight, it just gets better and better.
Every time I think Trump's wrong on something, then he actually turns around and trolls them.
Trump does some really interesting things.
I don't want to just sit here and grovel about Trump all day, Dr. Begich, but I got to tell you, he is really shaking them up.
They are all over the news saying, kill him, organize a coup, overthrow the government.
They have the former deputy head of defense.
That's illegal!
I've seen folks in these articles come out and go, good, I'll be bigger if Grudge is gone.
I don't mean our audience, but people that don't get it.
If they can shut him down, they can shut us all down.
And the fact of the matter is, we have to be able to tolerate differing opinions.
That's what freedom of the press is about.
That's what this country is about, is the idea that we can debate, that we can invigorate the public debate to the point in which we actually get conclusions that support what the public needs.
And what we have is the neutered news, is what I call it.
Because here we have gone from strong editorial positions on both sides of issues to a news that believes it ought to be neutral, when in fact it never is.
From the time they assigned the reporter to the time that the information is delivered, it's always manipulated to serve those that pay the media's bills.
Where are we historically, then, right now?
I mean, there's a big awakening happening, the elites are pulling all the stops, all these super technologies are coming out, or they're being suppressed.
The term breakaway civilization gets used, but they said they want elite city-states now, where they tax us and control us, but they're exempt within those confines.
That's not Elysium out in space, that's Elysium here on Earth.
This is really what it's about, and the elite already have it.
You know, there's a lot of things people don't recognize about even citizenship within the country.
You know that corporations can go anywhere in the world and redomicile, but you can't.
As an American citizen, without the State Department's permission, you can't even
Quit being an American.
You don't have the right to quit.
You're like a slave!
You are in fact a slave, and in fact, you cannot even, and if you want to leave for tax reasons, that's not allowed.
It's not a permitted reason to leave.
Look it up in the tax code, you'll see it yourself.
You are locked into this place as a taxpayer, whether you like it or not.
But if you're an American corporation, you can dump this place, move to somewhere else, and be perfectly fine, and not pay a nickel here.
Hopefully, we see Trump do what he said, is try and repatriate some of that money.
He's trying.
That's what I mean.
The elites need to stop being such jerks, so greedy, so hateful, so disdainful.
And I know I'm being silly.
A lot of them are very cold-blooded.
That's why we're at this place.
Don't they instinctively get, if they try to F everybody over, they're gonna get sucked into it?
They don't seem to know everything's interconnected.
That is exactly it.
And in fact, when you look at
What's happening globally in terms of how people are reacting.
It's happening all over.
People are saying whether it's Brazil or England.
That's right.
We're all sick and tired of being used as slaves to support the few.
And when you see the concentration of wealth continuing, you know why there's so many suicides in this country?
They report full employment.
But if you were working in the auto industry making 60 or 65 thousand a year, now you're working at 7-Eleven at 15,000 a year.
You don't feel employed.
You can't even pay your bills!
They start taking your cars, taking your kids, taking your house, you're on the street, they blow their heads off!
And this is what's driving it.
The reporting and the way the news is manipulated, the fact of the matter is we are not better off, we're worse off.
It used to be Tradesman could support a family, send his kids to college.
And Trump was honest about that.
He said, we're falling apart.
These are fake numbers.
They go, oh, he's a conspiracy theorist.
Everybody's known for 30 years they got fake employment numbers and fake numbers on stuff like inflation.
That's exactly right.
And when you really look at it, just ask the average mother going to the grocery store.
You know, when she had to make a choice between water and milk for her kids because of what has happened in this country and what continues to happen in this country as it's completely undermined.
We'll just drink the tap water.
It's safe.
But here we are.
We're in the 21st century and we're walking backwards and the only thing that technology has done is improve the entertainment world.
But when we think about the individual lives of people,
We're not any better off.
What's happened is the elite have all created this cosmology of this super future, and they'll call us back and, you know, do all this stuff.
But the truth is, they see it affects them and their families.
They're not going to get away with this.
They're just going to ruin the planet and just create a giant hell war.
Because I love how they say, we want world government to stop war, then they're the ones constantly starting them.
That is exactly right.
And if you look at the nature of it, I mean, America wasn't a country that interfered with everybody's politics 200 years ago.
We were the opposite.
We stayed out of people's politics.
We were supposed to be an example that the rest of the world would follow.
And now we have the policy of imposition.
We don't like what's going on.
I mean, the Russians, if they hacked the DNC, they ought to get a medal for it, in my opinion.
Well, sure.
Trump said, OK, I don't know anything about the Russians.
I'm not involved.
But if you got it, release it.
Because it's criminal emails they're covering up.
That's exactly right.
It doesn't matter.
She had an illegal server.
She let it get grabbed by the Russians.
That's their job.
That's exactly right.
They say we're Russian agents because we say that.
Well, and Hillary had a problem with servers, generally, anyway.
Always smashing them with hammers?
But when you think about all of this, again, it is time for an awakening.
And that awakening is happening now.
And that's what's going to change.
Well, I want you to, in about 10 minutes, get some lunch, but I want to just get you on camera.
Dr. Nick Maggots just...
Like Nick Begich, the next 50 years.
Like, and I'll have like an intro to it.
Nick Begich predicted the current world we live in 20 years ago.
Now he gives you the next 20.
This is the Info War.
We'll be back.
Alright, sounds good.
Kaya Jones, somebody I'm sure you would recognize from a group back in the day called the Pussycat Dolls.
Well, she dropped the Pussycat Dolls and she decided to never wear a pussy hat.
And now she joins Leanne McAdoo and I. When did you first decide that you were going to vote for Donald Trump?
Or when did you first decide to support Donald Trump?
We don't talk about our political views.
Everyone kind of just stays mum to the word.
A lot of the reason I even left the Pussycat Dolls, and you know, it came out in this flood of now being able to speak my truth and be honest with who I am and that I'm a conservative.
You know, at the time I thought, being 19, 20, 21, like, there must be something wrong with me.
Why am I not okay with certain things that were going on?
And, you know, I had no one really to go, no, you're just a conservative girl.
You know, you love Jesus.
You're just not into certain things.
And I just didn't understand that.
And so in this process, it opened up really me understanding that I'm a conservative and there is a name for this and this is what this is.
And yeah, no one really shares.
It's not something that people
Openly share.
It forced me to kind of feel shunned by the community that I was the closest to the most.
In this process of actually voting for Trump, one of the main reasons I did vote for Trump, he spoke about Orlando.
That was a big deal for me.
Being a, you know, a person that speaks out in the LGBT community and hearing him actually take a stance about what happened to Americans that night and to an attack on our LGBT community.
That, for me, was one of the biggest reasons I voted for him.
Also, because he wasn't part of this whole collective of people that were going to tell you what to do and what to think, and they were part of the establishment.
He didn't need the money.
He wanted to do it for, you know, the love of country.
And I understand that so much.
That to me spoke volumes and I've always respected him as a businessman.
I knew he was going to win.
That's what's so funny is I actually told people two years, like literally when it started, when he announced, I said he was going to win and everybody I knew was like, no, he's not going to win.
There's no way he's going to win.
I said,
Okay, you'll see.
And I wasn't able to share my piece because every time I tried, I was shut up.
Like, immediately, like, oh, he's this, then he's that, and Hillary, and it was just, there was no discussion.
There wasn't, this isn't, you know, a debate.
This was, um, I hate you because you're voting for this person.
And that was something I had never encountered.
Yeah, and you know that's funny that you talk about that, trying to have a discussion about why you're voting Trump or why you believe in these policies.
Like you said, you can't really hold that discussion, and I had the same experience.
I don't know about you, Leigh-Anne, but I would always end the argument, which is like, okay, you'll see.
You're not going to listen to me.
You're not going to let me tell you what's happening.
So just fine.
Just go ahead and you'll see.
And well, they saw.
I was just talking to Dr. Vegas during the break.
Alex Jones here back live, drug testing worldwide from Austin, Texas.
Despite the fact they're openly calling to shut us down, saying we're being investigated for being Russian agents.
They're all over the news saying shut down drugs report.
Their U.S.
Senate votes to let internet providers share your web browsing history without permission.
That's the verge.
We'll link that up on InfoWars.com.
The media is telling us that Muslims aren't killing us.
It just gets crazier and crazier.
But the good news is, the hoax began to collapse.
Nunes came out, House Intelligence Committee chairman, and said, yeah, they were spying on Trump.
They were in the newspaper saying they were, but I've seen it, they were.
But the arrogance, the attempt of CNN, MSNBC, others, to think that they could, after they admitted they were spying, but nothing was there, turn around and say they never did it and impeach Trump, and now they want to overthrow him, just shows
I don't get why sometimes people that they just are invincibly ignorant.
They're on power trips.
They don't get what's happening.
But then I was asking, what do you really see for the future?
And you're like, well, this is kind of the.
Getting a big, you know, brotherly air if we're getting a fight, you think some really nasty stuff's to come, so tell us what you see in the future.
Well, a couple things.
First of all, I think we're going to see the trend in international terrorism increase at a really rapid rate and exponentially from what we're seeing today.
These are just the beginnings of a very... And why did the globalists bring them all in?
And this is it.
It's deconstructing Europe.
It is deconstructing our allies in a way that is totally altering the complexion of those countries.
In fact, over a couple of generations, not even, you're going to see a huge change because of birthrate differences.
It's crazy.
You said this 20 years ago.
Now the head of the UN committee says we want to end Europe.
I mean, it's just total declaration of evil.
Look at this.
And these independent countries are independent because they have cultural differences that don't allow them to fully integrate.
That's why the EU got greedy.
The elite got greedy and started to push the agenda way, way too fast.
And as a consequence, the backlash has begun.
They call it a nationalist backlash.
What's the quote?
You know, the stroke that's too hard many times misses?
That's exactly right.
And so what the public has done is pick up that 2x4 and start beating the government in the head with it.
And it's long overdue.
The fact is, the right is rising now.
In a lot of the countries in Europe, you're not going to see them.
It's going to be in the voting booth that the right is recognized because they're not going to get into the debate, in Germany particularly, where you even speak some of this in your subject to arrest.
It's worse than Russia ever was.
Or they blackball you.
That's exactly right.
They take away your livelihood, and they crush you.
If you're trying to report in the media in Germany, and you touch these issues, they're going to crush you.
The fact of the matter is, when Germans go in the voting booth, they're going to vote way, way more to the right.
Merkel's already lost three elections, but she's still holding on.
This is parliamentary.
I think there's massive fraud involved.
There's a time when this is going to end, and I think first we're going to see some really rough and difficult times.
I think economically we're at a very difficult place.
The fact that it hasn't collapsed already is really pretty surprising to me.
There are some things, if Trump can deliver on his agenda and get the Congress behind him on the economic platform that he presented, we have a chance of accelerating in the U.S.
while the rest of the world collapses, because it cannot sustain at the current level.
Well, that's what I see.
I see Trump, as you said, an economic bomb earlier off air, just to really shake people up.
He could be a detour around the really horrible times, but the elite are fighting it, all the rest of it.
So if we don't get this detour, it goes into some really rough territory.
Really rough.
And I think one of the reasons we're attacking the Russians so strongly right now is they did a bunch to try and gut the Russian economy a few years ago when the ruble fell to half.
Well, that's happened in this current generation three different times.
And the Russian people rise up out of the dust of that and continue to march on.
Now, if our currency dropped to half its value, we would have rioting in the streets and a complete collapse of this country.
Because we couldn't sustain it.
So we need to recognize, why are the Russians a threat?
Because they sustain through the worst of times, rise up out of their ashes, and start again.
And they're not the evil empire.
Well, that's what the globalists hate, is that they wanted to use Hitler to take them out.
Hitler was set up for that.
He failed.
And so now they're trying it again.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us.
Back in 70 seconds.
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Well, I tell you, Dr. Nick Begich, I wish you lived here in Austin because we definitely have you hosting a show at least once a week or every day if you wanted to.
I want to work with GCN and others and really launch more broadcasts because there's so much happening.
We need early morning shows.
We need stuff at night, not just my broadcast.
But I want you to get some lunch here in a minute.
We've got Dr. Pachinik coming up to talk about all these coups against Trump that are taking place.
But really think about your message to people because you don't really toot your own horn.
And then, hey, I told you what was coming in the past.
Boom, boom, boom.
It's not because I had a crystal ball.
I was studying the actual documents, what's coming in the future.
And really, we are choosing our destiny right now.
Everybody can feel it.
People are either getting more dumb, more unconscious, more zombie-like.
I mean, you go to places like, what the hell's going on here?
These people, brainwaves are low.
You warned about this.
Or people are getting heightened awareness.
And it's not just like metaphysical.
They can see it.
Well, you know, and this is exactly it, and it's why I remain this sort of pathological optimist in all of it, because what I see is people are awakening, and those that are taking action are having a big impact at a time when we really need it.
And you know, when I think about
Abel Danger said, the Pentagon's training to take on empowered individuals that will not go along with the collective plan.
The Pentagon's not bad, that's the elite running the Pentagon.
They actually admit empowered individuals!
An empowered person!
And this is, you know, this is who we are as human beings.
We should reach our highest and best potentials.
And that's what all of us should be striving for.
Our highest and best potentials.
That doesn't mean dumbing down, that means opening up the intellect, opening up the possibilities.
But see, you're a real man.
You like seeing people excel and having success.
You have glee and shared empathy.
You're connected.
It's these people that are sociopathic and psychopathic.
Is it genetic?
They don't get that we're connected.
Well, and this is it.
You know, the biggest mass murderers in the world are usually your heads of state, right?
Somewhere that's where it always happens.
And studies show higher level psychopaths than, you know.
This is a personality type, and they become highly controlling, manipulative personality types, and you see the results of that.
Independent thinking is the biggest threat, because independent thinking, independent creativity is what has created every significant thing in world history.
All the breakthroughs.
Art, business, politics, religion, it comes with independent thinking, and then the evolution... Control freaks never build anything, they create North Korea.
Free thinkers are just creating, just handing it out.
Right, and you should relish the success of our fellow human beings.
I mean, when we're out there doing things and it's creating, creating things.
When I see incredible stuff, I feel like I did it.
Well, it's great.
I mean, it is.
And you can get behind people, you get excited about it, and that's where the real energy is.
It comes from that type of emotion, not from the... That's the difference.
I mean, I gotta knock... I knock women that are brainwashed so much.
That's the system.
It's men thinking other men being successful is bad, and then, like, going around just posturing.
No, we're in a mission for the species.
That's exactly it.
We stand up when we're wrong, we stand up when we admit it, and make the corrections.
Because that's what makes us strong human beings.
You know, we never evolve when things are smooth, when things are easy.
We evolve as human beings when times are the toughest.
That's when we grow the most.
And we're going through these interfaces and everything, and cancer exploding, everything.
We're going through a major evolution.
I don't mean that as some debate about Christianity.
I mean cars evolve, cultures evolve, technology evolves.
We are in a major evolutionary period.
A lot of it's devolving.
That's exactly right.
And we have the opportunity to turn it either way.
This generation is going to decide.
Are we free, or are we slaves?
We're deciding human evolution right now.
By making the decisions.
Each choice that we make as human beings, each choice we make individually, feeds into that collective.
And everyone knows in their heart, in their mind, that's true.
In fact, that's what rings so solidly.
When you speak the truth, people hear it, people recognize it, and it resonates within our own individual souls.
Truth is everything.
Dr. Nick Begich, it feels so good having you out here in person.
I love you.
Hey, good to be here again.
Folks, the website earthpulse.com.
Get his books, get his films.
I'm gonna come back with Dr. Pachinick to expose the latest, and he's gonna go shoot some great stuff for us.
Thank you, doc.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for having me.
This is one of the biggest secrets out there.
The missing link of why our ancestors, whether you were in Africa or ancient Albion, which is England today, why our ancestors were so much stronger.
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Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, he co-wrote books with Tom Clancy, a Hollywood producer, also one of the founders of Delta Force, involved the State Department and other agencies in counter-terrorism and regime change.
Everybody knows who he is, Dr. Steve Pchenik, stevepchenik.com.
Join us until the bottom of the hour, then I promise I'm getting to all these clips on this confirmation hearings going on, when I gotta say, this judge that's been nominated by Trump's just destroying him.
We've got Nunes admitting to the Intelligence Committee.
Of course they're spying on them.
We have all these sources that are doing it.
I can't believe they're playing dumb with all this.
They were all over the news saying they were, and so much more.
And then the latest Islamic attack, which they're saying isn't an Islamic attack, so we'll see where all that's going.
We have Michael Moore again calling for martial law and a national emergency.
You have the former deputy head of the Defense Department, this is in the Washington Post, going around again trying to organize a coup against Trump.
Here's the deal.
I'm Mr. Anti-Police State.
The police state means if I'm not doing something wrong, I'm getting messed with, I'm getting surveilled, I'm getting bothered, and I'm out here producing stuff being a good American.
When you run around saying, kill the president, let's burn everything down, let's shut Alex Jones up, he's a Russian agent, they're actually saying I'm under criminal investigation, and this thing he set up the State Department for Obama left, that's going to ferret things out that they're looking at if I'm in connection with the Russians and actually getting orders from them.
The idea that nationalism came from the Russians is crazy.
And now we have the Federal Elections Commission saying we're looking at trying to go after Drudge Report.
They're acting like Trump didn't get elected.
Now, I've talked a lot about this with Dr. Pachenik.
And yes, this was regime change against the globalists.
It's happening all over the world.
But they don't seem to care.
And they're just moving forward.
It is a big crack in their brainwashing that, you know, Nunes comes out and says, of course they're spying, but they were in hundreds of articles in the New York Times and Washington Post saying they were spying two months ago.
But there was nothing in the spying, so Trump said, you shouldn't have leaked you were spying.
So then they go, we weren't spying, we're going to impeach you.
You know, our guest is also a Harvard-educated psychiatrist and a lot more.
I know there's a term, gaslighting, where you punch somebody right in the nose and tell them you didn't punch them in the nose.
I don't think they're even in control of what they're doing anymore.
I think they're the ones doing like some type of metaphysical ghost dance.
The Democrats, the corrupt elites, not realizing that no one's listening to them anymore.
But the danger is, they've still got major funding, and they believe they're moving forward to an attempt to, they say, kill the president.
So my question is, under law, you can't just sit there and ignore somebody.
The president was saying opening the borders, trying to steal people's tax money, trying to, you know, merge us with China.
I'd say, well, somebody better do something, because the president's clearly not the president.
But to take a president who's delivering on every front, has the majority of people behind him, has the military, most of the intelligence agencies behind him, and then to
Just keep drum-beating that they're going to arrest me, everybody else kill us.
I'm wondering, do these people have a death wish?
Because I'm not going to do anything violent, but I can just tell you, the way this goes down the road, if they actually start an attempt to kill the president, little birds told me that Trump is ready to move against them.
So I don't know how this may unfold, or maybe it's all just talk.
Dr. Steve Pachenik, thanks for joining us to try to give us your take or your sources on what's happening.
Well, let's go back a few years, Alex.
Years ago, I told you I was asked if I could be monitored from above.
And I said, of course, I have no problem with it.
You guys have been monitoring me for years.
You didn't have to announce it.
But I have no problem.
I understand why you're doing it.
I have no issue with it.
You're not going to repress my speech, nor are you going to repress or suppress Alex Jones' speech or anybody else's speech.
Let's get some historical facts and perspective before everybody starts to go on and become unfolded here.
And I'm not talking about you, Alex.
First of all, the notion of suppressing and surveying American speech goes back to the times of FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the absolute greatest liberal president we've had, and a great president.
He was told by both Congress and the Supreme Court, you cannot survey in any way the electronic emissions or signal intelligence that comes from the American public, i.e.
the telephones or anything else.
He said, yes, yes, but he and ran all of them and basically had a covert surveillance of every American.
And at the same time, this great liberal incarcerated American Germans, American Italians and American Japanese.
So the history of surveillance in this country goes back to the time of FDR.
It increased when the National Security Agency came in in 1948, 49.
A bill was passed and every American telephone wire literally went through the National Security Agency.
So to think that we have not been surveyed or in any way monitored is absolutely both childish and absurd.
And of course we got our model from the OSS and the British that were doing it in real time as well.
That's correct.
I mean, in effect, we were in World War II, and then there was the Cold War, and rightfully or wrongfully, this was in place because this was the way you took care of the Republic.
But to be clear, they didn't sit there and listen to everybody.
All the wires went through.
Once they had HUMET and somebody was a German agent or something, then they started watching him.
Right, that's correct.
In other words, but they had the surveillance capability which was not sanctioned by the Supreme Court or the Congress.
Sure, so we have this outside of the Constitution system, and for them to deny it's going on when they said they were surveilling Trump with it is just crazy.
Well, then that's okay.
What we're falling into again, and with all due respect, Alex, this is distraction and denial.
The real issues that are coming to the forefront is, once again, we have
The neocons coming in.
And what am I talking about?
Right now, in front of the Judiciary Committee, is Neil Gorsuch.
A very decent man, who looks like he's been perfect, his moral integrity seems above board, went to Harvard, summa cum laude, and then had a PhD at Oxford.
But then when I closely look at his record, I have a major, major problem with it.
In a 14-month period during the time of 2005 when he worked directly for Attorney General Gonzalez, he, Gorsuch, initiated and enhanced several programs which were totally illegal and immoral.
First was the enhancement of interrogation, secondly was rendition, thirdly was torture.
He was
Key to the torture, implementation, and legitimacy of using torture against so-called terrorists.
Now remember, this comes after 9-11.
So what do we have here?
We have a so-called decent Coloradan who tells you about how humble he is, but really he's quite bright.
And at the same time, he goes to Georgetown Preparatory School, which happens to be a Jesuit school.
I have nothing against Jesuits.
But clearly he learns how to follow orders.
And in this case, I must say, Dianne Feinstein, as much as I don't agree with her most of the time, was correct to press in on the key issue.
Because the moral integrity of Neil Gorsuch does not lie in 48 years of his life.
It lies in the 14 months that he was a co-conspirator with Bush, Cheney, and Wolfowitz, and Condoleezza Rice and Romney to implement Patriots Act,
Increased terrorism and increased interrogation.
That makes him an amoral man.
From that point on, I have a question that this man cannot be a judge in the Supreme Court.
Now, what is in fact happening?
While you and I are talking about other issues, I'm still monitoring the rise and fall of the neocons.
As you know, we were successful in stopping John Bolton from coming in as a key player in the State Department.
Yet today, he went into the White House.
Whether Trump realizes this or not, or he understands what I'm saying, or a group of us who are saying, we're not dilettantes, we're not somebody who has an axe to grind, but there will be no neocons in the White House or in the State Department.
Let me repeat it again, so Trump and his team understands this.
And Tillerson understands this.
I don't care who you are.
I don't care if you're the CEO of a $500 billion corporation like Mobil Oil.
You do not threaten North Korea under any condition because you have a moron like John Bolton, who's never been in the military, who was afraid to join our military and publicly said, I was scared to get killed in the rice paddies of Vietnam.
So breaking this down, though, what do you make of the Democrats?
That's my question.
You get to what you want in a minute, but I'm asking
I get it's a distraction, but they're literally running around saying kill the president and they're not getting in trouble.
Alex, they're not relevant.
Right now the Democrats are not relevant.
The only thing they're relevant to do, and I'm going back to this point, they cannot have neoconservatives coming in.
So you're saying the neocons are the dangerous group and Trump can't appease them?
This group, Dianne Feinstein, is not dangerous.
Nancy Pelosi is not dangerous.
Michael Moore is not dangerous.
They've all been neutralized.
What happened is thanks to you and the group and those of us who kept the revolution going, the neocons who've been cowards and deprecated you, me, and Trump snuck back in like a bunch of rats and they're back in the White House.
And instead of focusing on
On the neoconservative rise, which leads with Gorsuch, Bolton, Abrams, all of whom have no right to come back into the administration.
They were cowards.
They were people who... Let me ask you this.
I mean, I understand that.
What do the neocons want?
And then looking at what's happening with Korea, what's going on with China and the South China Sea?
Alex, listen to me.
I know you don't like it right now.
We're not on the same wavelength.
The neocons want America to go to war.
No, I don't want to go to war.
It's not that I disagree with you.
I'm trying to get you on the subject.
I'm asking.
Go ahead.
Excuse me.
North Korea has 2.2 million men on the DMZ, on the Demilitarized Zone.
We are 30 miles away from Seoul.
If John Bolton has his way, he'd have no problem taking preemptive action, whatever that means, because he's never been in the military.
He has no strategy or tactics.
And 2.2 million North Koreans will swarm over the DMZ and literally go in hours right into space.
Well sure, so the only action is, if they try to load atomics on the missiles, if you want to go to war, is you've got to preemptively nuke North Korea, their capital, you've got to hit that whole DMZ line, and then tell China, everybody else, ultimatum, if you try something, Trump's got to deal with Russia, we're going to joint nuke China.
And then I guess they pop up their submarines and nuke the West Coast.
Alex, remember, I've been in the business of nuclear deterrence.
We took it down.
We have the Soviet Union.
No, I know, but I mean, that's the public attack plan.
I mean, do you think North Korea will actually take that bluff with this guy running it?
I don't... North Korea is not interested in a bluff.
North Korea couldn't care less about a sanction.
What North Korea will do is what's best for North Korea.
Our preparation has to do with the tactical and strategic issues of how to deal with North Korea with other countries.
That's what Bolton does.
No, I understand.
You like Trump.
You're glad he's in.
You're upset to see neocons coming around.
And you don't think the neocons have learned any lessons?
They've been destructive to the country.
What have we done?
No, I'm not defending them.
I can't stand the neocons.
Okay, well then what does Trump need to do?
We're not addressing the issue of why, in fact, we're repeating what we had under the Bush-Cheney administration and in the Obama administration.
Okay, well why do neocons keep taking over then?
Because they're there and they're able to be incredibly, you know, like snakes or like rats.
They're on the ship.
I'm not around in Washington.
You're not around in Washington.
They're able to co-op the conservative party.
They're funded by Shelly Adelson or they're funded by the Mercers or whoever it is.
What they do is they tell Trump,
And his weaker people will be nice just as soon as Trump lets us run things.
But then every time he lets them in they leak information that they are a group of rats.
Perlman and all these people are just crazy.
I mean like you know about Perlman, Prince of Darkness, he like showed up at cocktail parties in the news and said, I kill lots of people, I'm manly.
And then women run from him as if women want a guy to walk up and go, I'm a murderer, I kill people.
That's not what women want.
I mean, it's like he's totally, you look at it, how did a little pasty guy who's like a raccoon get in control of things?
I mean, how does Bolton with that big ridiculous mustache, you're acting like I'm defending the Neocons, I hate the Neocons, looks like he's like a, you know, like a big brush at the clinic.
They basically, they scurry away when it comes for time to come forth and do something that's morally right.
They didn't support you.
They didn't go after their own president.
They weren't able to resign.
What are you talking about?
They came after me with all their publications and tried to stop Trump.
I'm not talking about that.
I'm not talking about their publications.
I'm talking about that they didn't go after the president of the United States.
No, I agree.
Why is he going to let people in that were his enemies in the campaign?
Because he has no other alternative.
I don't know why he's choosing them.
I'll tell you why.
Because at every level, no one will appoint who he says.
Everyone ignores his orders and says, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir.
And he can't get anybody in.
There's a total mutiny.
That's what I'm telling you.
He's got that State Department office running operations against him, saying everybody's a Russian agent.
Well, what do you think of this claim that I'm getting directed by the GD Russians?
Well, it's absurd.
You and I know that the Russians could care less, although they like you very much, and they happen to like me or fear me.
It's not relevant.
The fact that the Russians happen to be monitoring everybody, we're monitoring the Israelis.
Yeah, whoever gave them all these superpowers.
But that's exactly what happens.
What I'm getting to again, we're getting into the self-destructive force where we got into that problem with Bush Cheney.
Trump has now congratulated Cheney for his support.
And what we're getting is a president who we wanted up there and does not have judicious advice.
Well, I'll agree with you on this.
He did great on the jobs, great on the economy, great on his moves for the average person.
Light years better than Hillary.
Here's the problem.
He's going with this healthcare bill that's another establishment screwjob, not as bad as Obamacare.
The argument is, well, there's a death spiral, we gotta fix it.
When his own party doesn't want it, his constituents don't want it.
So Trump's starting to make mistakes.
That's correct.
And what he needs are people like you or the people like myself who've been involved and were able to come out and able to take risks and able to create things.
There's not one neocon who's ever served our country or built his own corporation.
What I'm getting at is we're getting into some... Well, let's tell folks who neocons are because they hear me say this.
You can pull it up in The Washington Post, The New York Times ten years ago.
They were Trotskyites.
Explain it.
Yeah, the neocons were created by Commentary Magazine, a man by the name of John Podorec, who's the father-in-law of Elliot Abrams.
It happens to be, unfortunately, a great amount of Jews who were Trotskyites and avowed communists.
The only thing they really understood
Was that we had to have revolution at every point in the progression of history.
They were not pro-Americans.
They avoided the draft.
They were very cowardly when it came to the draft.
Then at the time when... Of course, they won't call that anti-Semitic because you, of course, have a Jewish background as well.
I'm just telling you.
Well, it's not debated that the neocons are Jewish Trotskyites.
Yeah, they're Jewish Trotskyites.
I mean, there's Zalmay Khalilzad, who's from Afghanistan.
There's Steve Hadley, who's Christian.
I mean, I can go down the whole list.
Yeah, there's a lot of Christian Zionists, and I'm not against Israel.
My point is, what's wrong with the neocons?
Because secretly, it keeps coming out, they're allied with radical Islam.
They're allied with Saudi Arabia.
That's my big issue with them.
The neocons, Juan, is a constant state of war and a military-industrial complex where the United States makes certain that Israel be the focal point in the Middle East.
That didn't work.
Where we would get rid of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, that didn't work.
Sure, I know you're giving us the background.
Here's the deal.
Hundreds of publications are saying what I said two months ago.
There is a soft coup operation, or a coup as the nation calls it, against Trump.
They're just ignoring him.
And I guess he thinks bringing these people in, they can get stuff done.
Well, that's just letting them take over the highest post.
So what do we do?
Well, what we did is, unfortunately, I have to kind of step back a bit.
We put in Michael Flynn, who was able to, in many ways, get rid of some of those neocons.
But unfortunately, I have generals in the Secretary of Defense position, McMaster, elsewhere, who've accepted the notion that we can put soldiers into harm's way when we have no strategy.
We have no strategy in Syria.
We have no strategy in Iraq.
And once again, we're in Afghanistan.
This is the 15th year.
This is what the neocon... Is it the strategy threatening to overthrow Saudi Arabia if they don't pull out their forces?
That is not the overthrowing Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi Arabia is part of the funding of the neocon narrative.
That's what I just said.
So if you want to shut down ISIS, you threaten to overthrow Saudi Arabia, ISIS will go home overnight.
I can go through the CIA right now and get you the people who created them, plus the men who were involved, plus the Mossad operatives.
Okay, well then how do you shut down ISIS?
It's easy!
You reverse engineer how you created it.
That was created by al-Qaeda and ISIS.
It was created by the CIA.
I got them.
I go to Tenet.
I go to the guys who created it.
I do the interrogation.
Then I find out who was involved.
I'll find out where the money track comes from in Saudi Arabia and Israel, Jordan, UAE and Dubai.
It's not hard.
You don't fight an enemy that you don't need to fight and was created by us.
No, I agree.
So, I mean, couldn't you put pressure on Saudi Arabia and Qatar and others?
That's all nonsense.
The pressure doesn't mean anything because Saudi Arabia is literally like our cousin.
They can't get close enough.
They're fearful of us.
If you want to get... No, I agree.
So as you're saying, don't tell Saudi.
Our own shadow government's still backing al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Trump doesn't know how to do it.
You don't go overseas when you can go home and I can go right through the CIA and pull out every person who was involved, go right through the Saudi intelligence, go through Mossad, and I can get you every person involved in the neocons and 9-11 and put them on trial.
That's not what's happening.
In fact, what's happening is a repetition of the failures that occurred from 9-11 onward
And Trump now will be involved with that very issue.
I don't care about Jared Kushner.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
I don't care.
I know.
Another thing is, Kushner, he's a good-looking guy.
His own family gave him the money.
What is this young guy in these meetings with Trump in every different meeting like he's the boss?
Well, the problem is Trump has to have somebody around him with whom he feels secure, whether it's Ivanka or Jared Kushner.
He likes his family.
That's his family.
That's not my problem.
My problem is that Jared- He's a psychiatrist.
What does that say about Trump?
He always wants family around.
Let's say, on the nicer edge, I can say he loves his family.
On a more sophisticated level, I would say he needs those who he feels comfortable with.
In order to give himself a kind of psychological barrier to deal with strangers.
Is that unusual?
John F. Kennedy had it with RFK.
You know, I don't want to get into the psychiatry of the man.
I understand the man.
The problem isn't understanding him.
The problem is the action that's initiated.
Well, he's overcome his... I'm not going to get into it.
You know what, Doc?
Doc, I'm not arguing with you today.
I just, look, I just know Hillary would destroy the country.
I know Trump's not perfect.
I see him kind of sliding back a little bit.
Which I expected him to do.
He's already gotten heroic stuff done, but I agree with you.
All these neocons that want to start all these wars, it's just insane.
Let's start with one at a time.
Gorsuch cannot be nominated for Supreme Court justice.
But he seems like a pretty conservative guy.
No, he's not a conservative.
All right, let's come back.
I've got a bunch of clips I've got to get to, but do a few minutes, if you can, on why you think the new Supreme Court guy's bad.
And then I'm going to move to clips and more ahead of the next host that joins us.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with Steve McChinney.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The health care reform hearing on the Hill today has been a clown act.
You have Democrats taking the podium to passionately complain about the new health care bill, saying it's the worst ever, when it's still government-controlled health care, which is what they cheered for seven years ago, and still today.
I'm beginning to think this was yet another Trump troll.
Make Democrats stop progress of a GOP health care bill that's virtually the same bill they complained the GOP was stopping the progress of.
The epitome of partisan politics.
Democrats are also complaining they haven't seen the bill, but here was Nancy Pelosi when fighting for Obamacare.
But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.
She's having hearings today, trying to stop the new health care bill, complaining she hasn't seen it.
What an absolute fraud.
Just chalk this up to more fallout from Obama fail.
Trump is meeting with the House Freedom Caucus today, who could stall the bill in the House.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
People, that's why I like having a country.
Well, it's a culture, it's ideas, it's some rules.
Doesn't mean they always get followed, doesn't mean it's perfect.
Bunch of multinational Mark Zuckerbergs and Eric Schmitz running around playing God?
That's a nightmare.
But when you talk about the neocons, almost none of them were ever in the military.
They always want wars.
They're always talking about nuclear war would be survivable.
Let's have it.
It really is a crazy mindset.
And so I get what Dr. Steve Patrenik is talking about here.
And then I see this new Supreme Court justice.
I think about if Hillary was in, who would we be getting?
So just be clear, why are you saying there's issues with this guy?
Let me put it this way.
For many of the people in the audience, I would love them to see a film called Judgment at Nuremberg.
But the Nuremberg trials were exactly about Judge Gorsuch.
The question was asked by our prosecutors after the war, why were German Nazi judges, who were very sane and normal and had huge degrees from America, Britain and Germany,
Able to initiate laws that were against the Jews, gays, whatever, and they were suppressed.
And why would these decent people, and this judge is an extremely decent individual, but during a 14 month period,
He cracked his decency and literally began to go into the fascist state.
He thought it was good to initiate a suppression of freedom, a surveillance of what our normal freedoms are, increased enhanced torture.
He justified it, went to Guantanamo, said this was the best thing he could have had.
He wrote to the Council on Foreign Relations.
Remember, I was there and then I left.
That we should have a policy discussion on the need for torture?
And so what happened during these 14 months was to reveal the underlying nature of this so-called decent American, who was not unlike many of the German judges, who were decent German judges, but they followed orders.
And the orders were to suppress American freedoms.
He should have said no.
I'm a lawyer, but at this point, morality supersedes my job as a lawyer.
He couldn't do that.
And he didn't want to do that.
And instead, he became this slimy, egregious individual, but very smooth.
He had all the credentials he needed and worked his way through the conservative channels, through the Heritage Foundation, through the Federalist Foundation, until he looked as if he was cleaner than Macbeth's wife, when in fact he was already morally compromised.
When a man or a person is morally compromised, I don't care if they've been justified for 99 years,
At that point, 99.1 years, they have a problem.
Well, let's back off of that for a minute and just look at Trump.
He has an authoritarian stripe down his back.
The elite don't like him because he's not working with them.
He's trying to empower the people, so I like Trump.
But there is that stripe of authoritarianism.
Yeah, but Trump has never suppressed anybody's freedom.
Trump has never invoked... No, no, I agree, but you're saying this guy has.
This guy was not only suppressing, he was number three at the Justice Department, couldn't be better off, and couldn't thank Bush enough, Jr., that he was rewarded with a 10th Circuit Court in Colorado.
Why Colorado?
Because he came across with this bullshit narrative that he's one of the boys from Colorado, a fifth generation,
When, in fact, he grew up in Washington, D.C.
His mother was the first female director of the EPA.
He went to a Tony boarding school, Georgetown Preparatory School, a Jesuit school, went to Columbia, did well, went to Harvard, did well.
And then to kind of top off the topping on the cake, he went to Oxford and wrote some nonsensical thesis about why you don't have euthanasia and assisted suicide.
This guy smells and reeks of the ability to slime his way up the political ladder.
But at the moment of truth, at least with Cheney, I knew what Cheney was.
He was a rat.
He was a rat from day one, and he was a rat from day five.
But he never changed his stripes.
This guy, Gorsuch, was changing his stripes right and left.
And then stood on a self-righteous step and said, what, me?
I haven't done anything.
I was just a lawyer.
No, you were more than a lawyer.
You were the perpetrator and the instigator and the facilitator of suppression of the state.
That's called fascism.
If it's fascism for a day, a week, or a year, that's still fascism.
For that reason alone, he does not deserve to be Supreme Court Justice.
There are many other conservative judges who... Well, if he's going to get confirmed... I mean, look, I understand the stuff that went on under Bush, the guy followed orders, whatever.
I mean, I get what you're saying.
My issue is, can you imagine what Hillary was going to do if she got in with these judges?
I'm not worried about Hillary.
We're not talking about Hillary.
Hillary's off on another planet.
No, I understand.
We're moving forward.
We can't look at the past and judge things by that.
I can't put back in there the people who created the problems to begin with.
You and I started... I'm almost out of time.
Let me shift gears back to Nunes.
Yeah, you know, he's standing up and saying, yeah, they're spying on Trump.
That's a good thing.
It's not a... Of course he's... I told you 10 years ago.
No, we know, we know.
So what does it mean that the media would run this whole hoax that Trump's not being spied on?
It's again a distraction.
I'm going back to you a hundred times.
Yeah, but here's the thing.
You're a smart guy.
Don't blind yourself just because you know this, that the public needs to know when they're up there saying we're liars, there's no surveillance.
We have to expose it.
Well, I just said it.
We have surveillance.
But the key issue is the public doesn't know we've got 500 Marines being put into Syria in a war that can't be won, in a battle that was not even planned out correctly in Raqqa.
We have another... But I mean, Trump promised to knock them out.
You don't think they can kill those guys?
He can't kill them.
You don't kill so-called terrorists.
No, I get it.
You turn off their command and control.
As you're saying, the command and control is still inside the U.S.
So what does Trump do in 60 seconds?
I'm sorry Alex, what's going on?
No, I mean I just asked a question.
What does Trump do then?
You're saying you don't militarily meet him, what do you do?
As generals, instead of having a meeting of 62 countries to find out how you go with ISIS, you sit down with McMaster, who knows better than this, and ask what the internal strategy is for taking apart
No, I know.
And who the leadership is and all that.
So here's the question.
Does Trump just get advice from his people?
The generals follow orders and don't tell him stuff?
No, the generals give him the order.
They tell him exactly what he wants to hear.
He's not a strategist.
He's never been in combat.
No, no.
Trump tells, I know for a fact, Trump tells the commanders, the CIA, the Defense Department, all of them, he says, what's the best plan?
He listens to them.
He says, do it.
Trump actually says, just do it.
So the claim that he's not, you know.
But I'm trying to tell you, Alex, the generals have failed in doing what they're supposed to do.
And the reason is very simple.
They were there in the first Iraq war, they failed.
In the second Iraq war, they failed.
They haven't won a war.
They've been in battles, but not wars.
So they're ready to fight wars and aren't ready to use intelligence to cut it off at the head?
You got it.
The basic premise of all wars is you win it by using the head, not by using guns.
I got it.
If you put guns on the ground, particularly with the Marines, you've got cannon fodder.
I've got boys who just came back from Africa.
They don't know what they were doing in Africa.
They don't know why they were shooting at certain people.
They don't know why we have troops in eastern Africa.
No, I know.
I understand.
So you're saying it is literally just a defense contractor event?
We don't need $58 billion more, and in a budget that's already blowed it to $600 billion, I have 888 generals and admirals.
Twice the amount I had in World War II.
Yet in World War II, I won two wars with George Marshall and Eisenhower, and we never had as many generals.
There we go.
Interesting insight into all of this.
Let's talk about Nunes, though.
House Intel Chair confirms Obama administration surveilled Trump.
That's a longer clip from C-SPAN.
If you want to play the first clip, Nunes.
Incidental collection, unmasking, widely disseminated.
Well, see, their argument is Trump wasn't the target.
It was his building and his phone numbers and his staff.
That's playing lawyer games again, folks.
And Pecheneg's right.
It's a distraction.
But if we tell you they're going to call for overthrowing Trump in a civil emergency and martial law, and three months later it comes true, we have to point it out because they're saying we're the fake news.
If we point out Trump was being surveilled, we told you exactly how, studying the law, and then it again comes out we're right.
We have to do it because it's not just about the regular audience that's already awake.
God love you.
You're the key at everything.
We're trying to reach the people.
It's the prodigal son story in the Bible.
The younger son says, I want my inheritance.
And the father says, hey, everything's great here at our ranch or farm.
He goes, I want it.
He goes, okay, here's your, he runs off for like five years, drunk partying, prostitutes, blows it all.
Comes back, the older brother's like, I've been a good steward.
What the hell?
You're having a party?
That the prodigal son just came back?
The father looks at him and he goes, this is your brother.
Can you imagine what it would be like if it was you?
You're strong.
I don't expect you to do that.
This is still our family.
And that's where I'm coming at this.
We can't just sit here.
And get pissed at everybody in the government all day long.
I used to do it too.
You know, the TSA are all pedophiles.
I mean, I didn't say that, but... And then I realized, they're just... I met them.
They're like listeners and people that were part of the Border Patrol.
They put them in there and they just want a job.
They don't want to do this.
They know there's real terrorists, but they think it's all crap.
I'm not blaming them.
It's a cop-out.
It's the Congress.
It's the government that leaves the border open, that lets the people in.
Trump's doing something about that.
And so...
You look at Nunes and say, oh, really?
Tell us something we didn't know.
You know all this.
So I'm not giving you attention.
I don't expect attention to me.
You call and say how great I am.
Now listen, our country's got its legs cut off, bleeding to death.
Great, I'm great, because I don't want to die.
And I'm not bitching that you thank me.
It's just like, I don't deserve it.
This is self-preservance.
The prodigal son is who we want.
We want the people who aren't totally turned over to lie.
We want to reach out to them.
So we have to point out, see?
The government says you don't have a memory.
Jonathan Gruber says you're dumb.
I don't think you're dumb.
If you start using your memory and get connected to God, you can live.
I don't talk slow to be mean.
That's how I've got to talk to you, like MPR.
Trump talks to people like it's real slow.
And it's not because he doesn't know that you don't already know it.
He's not going after you.
He's going after people that are un-concious and are in a sleep state.
Come out of the sleep.
And I've never been scientific about all this.
Now that I'm 43, I've been doing this for 20-something years, and to see what's been effective telling the truth, I understand more now.
So Pachinko's all frustrated because he's all up there, knowing how stuff works, been involved in stuff, and you know, he's the real deal, he's been involved in a lot of things.
He's all pissed because he's wanting to communicate with the government structure and get them to stop.
And that's fine.
I communicate with them too.
I'm communicating with the people, because at the end of the day, that's where their power comes from.
I mean, I'm not saying Pachinko's wrong about stuff, but, you know, six, seven years ago, it was like, we need a revolution now, violent, let's do it.
I'm like, no.
You watch, it's cultural, we're going to win.
They want a violent overthrow because they think they can defeat that.
We're going to be peaceful until they attack us.
And then, I don't take any pleasure if it's physical people, like killing dumbasses that work for the globalists.
That's like some dumb dog running off its back porch trying to bite you because you're walking down the alley, you know.
And you got to kick the dog upside the head.
It keeps coming at you.
You just kind of go, oh, I'm sorry.
And pick up an old pole or something on the side of the alley and beat his brains out.
There's a dog all bleeding to death right there.
And you're just like, yeah, that sucks, man.
I wouldn't do that.
That's the same deal.
I don't want to kill anybody.
Informationally is how we operate.
And we've had big effects all over the world.
You can see that.
But people sit there and they look at people like Nunes and they say, oh my God, he's telling us this is happening.
Why do we got to explain to the public surveillance is happening?
They should already know it.
They've been brainwashed.
You can't have the same elitist attitude.
You've got to reach out to them and get them out of it.
There's the clip, known as Incidental Collection, because it's incidental.
Oh, we were totally surveilling you, and then people illegally went into the incidental group gathering.
They gather everything.
You're supposed to have a warrant to get to the specific when you've got cause.
They ignore that warrant.
And then they just give the Democratic Party, totally illegally, all this stuff to look at, and there's nothing there.
Trump calls them, so they spin it.
Trump has trolled them again.
So, gotta hand it to Trump.
Time will tell.
I'm still 95% with Trump.
I expect it to be 80% still supporting him at this point.
I will see how it works out.
Maybe I'll be more against or more for as we see how his calculus works.
All right, here's Nunes.
Here it is.
So first, I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S.
citizens involved in the Trump transition.
Details about U.S.
persons associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value, were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.
Third, I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition team members were unmasked.
And fourth, and finally, I want to be clear, none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activities, or of the Trump team.
Now, Nunes knows everything about this.
And I don't know enough about Nunes.
He's got some good voting records, some bad voting records.
I just, out of all the people, he's not a coward.
Because they are now threatening to try to remove him.
They're saying he's a Russian agent.
They're coming after him.
Because he's the one guy in that whole pantheon of cowards, other than Rand Paul, coming out and saying it's ridiculous.
And he was called an agent of Putin.
You work for Putin.
And you look at people like Elijah Cummings.
I mean, you know, give me a break, man.
The Democratic Party has been so controlled by the Russians during the Cold War that it's a joke.
And then you've got the nerve to look at people like Nunes, who's just telling the truth and say he's an evil person?
So I'm not in some butt-kissing event for Nunes.
I just recognize courage.
And believe me, Nunes is putting his life in his hands because they think the intelligence community is so cowardly
That they won't come out and state the obvious that Trump was under surveillance when they all admitted they were earlier.
Again, they were arrogant.
Across the board, anybody.
We had that CIA guy on, I want to get on again.
Former head analyst for a whole section of the CIA, former Fox analyst.
And they have these whole articles out, he's full of crap, he doesn't have sources, there was surveillance.
It's all admitted in law!
That the incoming president, everything's recorded.
They, again, I keep saying it because it proves they're liars.
So, somebody like Pchenik says, just ignore it, it's diversion and distraction.
I get it, but see, Pchenik, I'm going after the prodigal son.
I know people that were raised right, of every color and creed, understand this is BS.
I'm not trying to get them, but I already have them.
I want the prodigal son.
I don't like seeing anybody fall to this brainwashing.
I don't like seeing anybody buy into this stuff.
I don't feel powerful looking at Michael Moore, a total piece of crap, traitor to humanity, a total lying slug, who knows full well what he's doing.
I feel bad.
And I'm not lecturing, but Chenning, I just, you talk to these guys, not just him, I talk to these guys on and off air, you name it.
People who are higher up, the CIA, the machinic, and they just are like, don't worry about that, it's the big stuff, the big narratives, you know, the government, worry about that.
I fundamentally believe in broadcasting the truth everywhere, and that you inform the public in general about liberty, and that tyrants will disappear like phantoms at dawn, to quote Thomas Jefferson, or paraphrase him.
And it's not that I'm here saying I have all the answers.
I just instinctively have to try to sit there, and I walked into a place yesterday for dinner, and I had a couple of young, attractive ladies giggling, go, oh, it's Alex Jones, the guy that says your TV's watching you.
And then I realized that their lawyer husbands or boyfriends came over to the table right after that.
Well, Alex Jones, we watch you, we're just talking about you today.
And I'm, oh yeah, I'm sure you were.
See, the fact that I'm right,
Is what makes me even funnier.
Because they have to make it a joke that I'm so right.
Because, see, then they might have to do something that their TV's watching them.
Because, see, if they caught me, those same couples, in their house or condo, putting a camera in their bedroom, or caught me in their bedroom, they would beat me to death.
If they caught you in there, they'd do it.
And rightfully so.
Or die trying.
But because it's this big uber-mentioned super state up there in the sky, we just accept it like it's God, and then everyone tries to climb that staircase to heaven so they can be over other people.
What the hell is that?
Because anybody that's been down in a valley at night with the stars out and the trees around you and a bonfire knows the valley is the stars.
You're already in the stars.
You're already in the universe.
You're on a planet, beautiful and rich and beautiful, beyond imagining, and down in the valley is the highest point.
There's some poetry for you.
But see, people keep thinking they can go up, up, up, but really all they're doing is going down, down, down.
Does that mean you don't become successful or have wealth?
Wealth is to protect yourself and take care of those you love, and to build.
It's not so you can sit there like a peacock.
I can't live in a rich area.
Can't live around those people.
Because on average, they're so soulless.
There are some people that are nice.
But you can't live anywhere.
If you live in a blue-collar area, they're all freaked out about who's got more money, who's got whatever.
As if that's some symbol of who's got a bigger soul, who's got more will, who's got more strength.
If I could slit my throat and pour my will out into humanity and die right now, if that made us defeat these people, I would do it.
But here's the secret.
I'm not even that strong.
I have awareness of my will, though, and history, and that's why I have effect on them.
And if the people ever realize this and the bushfires of liberty ignite, they're going to be
Charging out of the mist individuals that will be a hundred times more effective than I've been.
Right now, I'm still waiting for them.
But I know it's coming.
And so the globalists should know this.
Trump is only the first level of this event.
It's going to get bigger.
It's going to get quicker.
It's going to get stronger.
We are the humans that built all this.
The elite believe because we built this, they're God, and they're going to cut us off.
You will then see what humans really do under stress once we have a platform to build on.
You can't just manifest with your mind magically in a cave 10,000 years ago.
You could envision, though, and those dreams became what we have now.
We're now on a launch deck.
That's unlimited.
And the elites know that and they're so jealous, they're so angry, they're so upset, they don't know what to do.
Because they're sitting around not even knowing how to use what they've got.
Because they didn't develop it.
They're falling.
Even further than we are.
And that's why everything they use, we develop, turns into some nightmare because we've got bad people in control of those systems.
Transparency is the only option.
Secrecy is death.
Transparency is the only option.
Secrecy is death.
That's a quote.
But tell them I need some plugs.
I want to get some more of these Nunes clips.
So which one about Nunes and Rand Paul?
They came out and said, of course they're spying.
Of course this is going on.
And then here's the documents.
See, that's what they... You're like, well that's not that big a deal.
We already knew that.
They're up there in that big platform around all those cowards, around all those sellouts, believing the lies.
So, think about that.
Think about being in the middle of that and then doing what Nunes did.
You can't help but admire it, can you?
The enemy can't stand that.
What a dumb move, Nunes!
You'll never get the speakership now!
What a joke!
As if Nunes needs the speakership.
He gets the speakership of being a speaker.
He gets the title by being the leader.
Not by scum giving him titles that they stole from other people.
It was once said that great men and women aren't made the times they live in make them.
That's partially true.
The times you live in are the opportunity and then who you are and what you stand for is the final equation.
I love the media called him a coward and a minion of Trump because he came and said what everybody else already knew.
In a position of authority, when it's the opposite.
When they've been told by the FBI and everybody else, Nunes, you go tell the truth, you'll be destroyed.
And now they're trying to destroy him.
And now Nunes transcends from the realm of the normal man into the arena of the real man.
And that's the arena that Donald Trump and many others are in.
And that's the arena that other people need to aspire to be part of.
Because when men start trying to be men again, and actually stand up for what's good and honorable, then we'll have a civilization.
I'm going to come back and play a few more clubs, then hand the baton to John Rappaport, who always does a fabulous job.
I'm going to do some extra interviews with Nick Baggage, Dr. Nick Baggage.
Wow, great meeting him in person for 20, 20 years.
At least been 20, 21 years.
I've interviewed him since like 1996.
Man, I'm getting old.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, breaking in the sun as we speak up on Infowars.com and DrudgeReport.com.
Nigel Probe, Nigel Farage, faces off-cam investigation after calling Sweden the rape capital of the world during a radio show.
And Sweden is the rape capital of the world because they're very passive and the Muslims are raping hundreds of people a week there.
But you can't even say in the UK that Muslims attacked yesterday on the bridge quartered over the Thames River by big men.
Nigel Farage faces investigation.
Of course, Le Pen, leading the polls in France, is under indictment for saying the greatest threat France has faced since the Nazi occupation of the 1940s is radical Islam, and for stating the sky is blue.
She's under federal indictment.
Nigel Farage is to be investigated by broadcasting watchdog over comments made by LBC Radio Show during which he referred to Sweden as the rape capital of the world.
Yes, and they're in the news today.
The FEC wants to shut down Drudge.
The former UKIP leader 52 began hosting an hour-long weeknight phone-in LBC Radio Show in January.
Ofcom is now assessing comments he made on the show about the refugee crisis when he referred to Sweden as the rape capital of the world and the UK has got these police.
They've all got thought police.
His remarks which were made on February 20th and went unchallenged sparked nine complaints by the Islamists that are openly saying, Queen of England, move out or we're gonna get you.
The Ofcom statement said we're investigating whether comments made in the program were materially misleading.
Yes, it's misleading to say, no judge, no jury.
You don't have to actually have a trial now.
You just say Muslims think that women are slaves.
That's a lie.
No, that's the truth!
And a lot of people can't handle the truth!
I sat back and tried to stop those wars because they were knocking out non-radical Muslim countries.
And I want Muslims to have freedom.
I know most Muslims are heretics and don't want to be under their own religion.
I've talked to them.
Put the people running it.
Make the KKK look like cupcakes.
And so I started being honest about five years ago.
I said, if I'm going to go protest the KKK and La Raza, that's like a brown KKK, I'm going to go protest the Muslims.
I mean, you know, there isn't a bigger cult in the world than Wahhabism.
I go to Saudi Arabia, five minutes, preach Christianity, I'm going to be locked up.
Do it again, they'll cut my hands off or kill me!
I'm supposed to bring people in like this and then bow down to them?
No, I'm not doing it.
And I love Nigel Farage.
It's just like Rand Paul.
I don't get big boost in ratings when Rand Paul's on or Nigel Farage.
Quite frankly, I find myself unlistenable most of the time, but I have the most listeners than Paul Watson after me on talk radio.
We can watch the computer numbers.
We can see them come in.
If I found 20 people better than me, I'd put them on air.
I don't care.
Black, white, Hispanic, whatever they were.
You're on air.
You do better than me, you're on tomorrow.
I'm gone.
I'm gonna run the show and just sit back and drink lemonade.
But... It's like Rand Paul.
People ask, when does Rand Paul come on?
When he calls and wants to come on.
I have to.
If I want him on, I have to call his home number in Kentucky and talk to his wife when she's there, and then he comes on like two days later.
That's an example of what Trump's under.
Rand Paul's like, yeah, call me anytime I want to come on.
Why don't you ever have me on?
It wasn't talked.
His people won't return Nico Acosta's calls.
And again, it's not like we need Rand Paul.
He's a great guy.
We want him on.
Nigel Farage, I see him, he goes, yeah, I'm never on the show, here's my card, have me on.
I have to call him to get him on, because his booker people are mainstream and have decided he doesn't need to come on my show, even though Nigel Farage admits he got half of UKIP growth out of Infowars 15 years ago on the show.
And look, I'm not even bitching, it's just inside baseball, how Trump's having his agenda blocked.
If I can't get Nigel Farage or Rand Paul on, except when they call me, no one's like, I haven't heard from you in years.
I'm like, your people, well, I'll talk to them.
And then, the next time we want them on, we get them on.
The next time, they ignore us.
It's the gatekeepers.
It's like a cult.
They just get off on stolen power.
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