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Name: 20170321_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 21, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Tuesday, March 21st, 2017.
I'm Leanne McAdoo, and here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, John McCain and his deep state mafia are jumping the shark on the Russian flames, pointing their fingers at President Trump, InfoWars, and anyone who disagrees with them.
Meanwhile, the truth about surveillance into Donald Trump and his presidential campaign continues to come out.
Senator Rand Paul shares his thoughts.
Also, Maxine Waters is at it again, as MSNBC continues to give the mentally ill Democratic state representative more air time to spew Russian nonsense.
And then...
Another threat unravels in the government's official 9-11 story as families have filed lawsuit against the Saudi Arabian government for their connection to the terror attacks.
All that and more tonight on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well tonight we are going to be taking a look further into the FBI's investigation into InfoWars and other right-wing outlets, basically any outlet that the establishment doesn't like or disagrees with or sees as a threat.
They are investigating them and their ties to Russia.
Obviously this investigation is not only completely ludicrous, but it's absolutely dangerous.
Basically what they are showing is that they are prepared to stomp out any media or alternative media source or website that they see as a threat.
By merely labeling it propaganda.
And we can thank former President Barack Obama for passing this bill at the midnight hour, the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act.
This is what this is really all about.
But we're going to get to that in just a minute because this is absolutely
Now, Paul Joseph Watson has the story, and it says, look, if the FBI really wants to find out who interfered with the election, they have to look no further than Google, Facebook, and Twitter, because there is actually documented proof that they were switching their algorithms to assist Hillary Clinton's campaign.
We're talking about the federal investigators.
They're probing whether Russia operatives created these bots to blitz social media with pro-Trump stories that harmed Hillary Clinton's campaign.
So basically what they're saying is that Infowars and Breitbart had absolutely no influence
We're good to go.
Completely ludicrous.
We've been around for more than 20 years, more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube alone.
Paul Joseph Watson's videos, for instance, get millions, tens of millions of views on Facebook, etc.
So it's completely ludicrous to say that it's due to these bots that we're now experiencing this popularity.
But that's all part of the narrative that they're needing to set up, is that we're insignificant, we don't matter, we're fake news, as well as Breitbart.
So these investigators are examining this bot attack.
They say they're exploring whether the far-right news operations took any actions to assist Russia's operatives.
And the participation, our participation, wasn't necessary for the bots to amplify their news through Twitter and Facebook.
And this is obviously just a very transparent attempt to silence and censor InfoWars and other outlets, but we're gonna get to more on that in a minute.
But what's ironic is that the only evidence of tech outfits interfering in the election to deliberately help a certain candidate
I'm good.
I don't think so.
I think?
Mark Zuckerberg wanted to meet with the Clinton campaign and Facebook Chiefs Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg did meet with Clinton Chief of Staff Sheryl Mills and in May 2016 it was reported that Facebook ordered its staff to suppress stories that deemed of interest or beneficial to conservatives by manipulating its trending section to block them out.
Facebook staff told Gizmodo that they were instructed to artificially inject
Subjects into the trending section that were not organically trending Twitter was also doing its very best to bury any negative information about Hillary Clinton We exposed how they were shadow banning a lot of users as well as censoring Hashtags people exposed that they were constantly having to switch those hashtags around to try and beat the system
So there, look no further, you can see right there who was actually having a major effect on the investigation as well.
Millie Weaver's got a little bit more coming up later in the show on the fact that James Comey himself and all of the investigations into Hillary Clinton had a major impact on the decisions that voters made.
It had nothing to do with the DNC leaks that allegedly the Russians hacked into and leaked in favor of
President Trump.
Uh, they were surveilling the Russian ambassador, that's quite routine, but it yielded classified information and the identity of a U.S.
citizen swept up in it.
That should have been redacted, but it wasn't.
Flynn's name was unmasked and leaked to the media.
The New York Times reported on January 19th with a front page, top of the fold headline on inauguration day.
That's right.
Under newly relaxed NSA rules, and we reported on that as well, they wanted to get as many people within the government operation understanding that there were Russian operatives and that Trump was colluding with the Russians.
So they just kind of wanted this scandal to sort of percolate, which is what they are also continuing to do to drip, drip, drip.
I don't
Rand Paul is coming out and saying that is the real issue.
Somebody needs to go to jail.
They said, obviously, somebody was spying on the Trump campaign.
Here, let him say it in his own words.
Everybody admits that somebody spied on Mike Flynn and he was part of the Trump campaign.
So it sounds like what the president said has already been proven to be true.
Somebody listened to Mike Flynn's conversation and revealed it to the press, which is a felony.
And you don't do that unless somehow you eavesdropped on his phone conversation.
The media's been kind of confused on this.
They think there has to be an old-fashioned bug placed on a wire.
If you haven't looked lately, most of our cell phones don't have wires.
So wiretapping is a broad term for surveillance.
Somebody did surveil.
Somebody spied on Mike Flynn and then illegally released that conversation.
And that is the truth there.
And he calls for arrests to be made.
And this is what it's all about, because it's the drain the swamp rhetoric that Donald Trump has promised all of the American voters that voted for him.
That's what they are afraid of.
They need to get him out of there before he's able to drain the swamp, to reveal who the leakers are, to put them in prison, to set a president to show, hey, look, you're going to leak to the media.
Well, there's going to be some consequences there, as well as getting to the bottom of who is behind this deep state coup.
That's what they're absolutely afraid of.
And David Knight joins me now, because David, this is much bigger than just fear of the Russians, because even before Obama left office, he was already sort of setting up a trap for those of us in the dissenting voices out there, setting up a trap to shut us down.
Yeah, we don't need to really be afraid of foreign governments as much as we need to be afraid of our own government, which is set in place in the NDAA back in December.
And we talked about that.
We're going to revisit that in a moment.
I want to take a look at the techniques that they're doing.
And of course, Leanne, when you played that clip with Rand Paul, he said, we know that a crime has been committed.
Why aren't you investigating that?
We do not live in a world where they get these kinds of search warrants.
We live in a wireless, warrantless world.
Richard Nixon didn't get search warrants for the plumbers when he did Watergate.
He covered it up.
He lied about it and so forth.
It's far worse now.
The corruption that we see there is far worse.
What Comey is doing is far worse than J. Edgar Hoover.
He makes J. Edgar Hoover look like a
A passive, unambitious saint, okay?
This is what this guy said.
Very politically Machiavellian.
And I want to point out the fact that as he was talking yesterday, is he going to investigate Hillary Clinton over the sweetheart deal that she gave the Russians, giving them 20% of our uranium?
No, he's not going to do that.
Is he going to investigate the Clinton Foundation?
Of course not.
And remember when he said that Hillary Clinton had committed multiple felonies in the national security leaks, but he wasn't going to investigate that.
Nevertheless, yesterday he said, quote, there is no evidence that Russia manipulated the election results.
And yet, what is he doing?
He's mounting an investigation of the press, of us, of Breitbart.
This is not only shooting the messenger, this is shooting the First Amendment.
We've had a lot of people who signed up for this with the Democrats.
They said we're fine with Barack Obama acting as a tyrant, as a dictator, issuing executive orders in defiance
of the Congress when he wants to.
That's why they are so afraid of somebody that doesn't share their political convictions.
Because they knew that they were complicit in setting up a dictatorship.
We all need to come together left and right and there will be some media outlets that will come together and say, we do not want to have a government arbitrator that is deciding what is true and what isn't.
But I want to talk about the bots and the basis of this investigation that they're talking about right now.
First of all, they're telling you that the bots were what was pushing the information around from InfoWars, from Breitbart, from anybody that opposed Hillary Clinton and opposed the establishment's narrative.
They say this is information that was being put around by bots.
I want to show you something that was sent to me the night before any of this stuff broke.
We had a person who tweets out a lot of stuff about InfoWars, his Twitter handle is InfoWars with underscores underneath it.
He sent me a thing and he said, I was blocked
On Facebook, they shut me down because I shared a video that said why Thomas Jefferson declared war on Islam.
Now this video was simply talking about the Barbary pirates, how they were involved in slavery and how we had to send in the Marines to stop that because they were pirating ships.
Some people in Europe wanted to appease them.
Does that sound familiar?
They wanted to appease them and give them money.
Jefferson said, no, we will shut this down.
So they went to Tripoli and did that.
But I think because
It said declares war on Islam.
The bots on Facebook shut her down.
And of course that's what's happening with this.
And then you can see this clip.
We remove something you posted.
You've been temporarily blocked from posting for 30 days.
We're going to shut down your Facebook account.
Now I want to take a look at this article talking about what's being done to Infowars, Breitbart, the rest of the press.
This is from WeAreChange.
Aaron Kessel points out that we've now had, get the irony here, we've now had Donna Brazile come out and say, neither the party committee nor the Clinton campaign has used bots to widen the reach of their anti-Trump messages.
This is from the person who is now not working for CNN because even CNN couldn't cover up the fact that she gave questions in advance to Hillary Clinton for these debates.
So, this person is also now lying to us yet again, because we know, because of information that has been leaked by, exposed by WikiLeaks and so forth, that the DNC knew of Hillary's paid troll factory that was attacking Bernie Sanders, for example, online.
And then as he points out, there was also the leaked email by alleged Russian operative through WikiLeaks that shows the Clinton campaign conspired with Correct the Record and Media Matters to defend Huma Abedin.
And both of these are 501c3 corporations, okay?
They're tax-deductible corporations.
They should not be involved in this kind of political activity.
Will we have Comey investigate them?
Of course not!
Of course he won't investigate them.
So what they were doing was they were actually going through, and if we look at the friendly press to Hillary Clinton, the Daily Beast report at the time, Hillary Pac suspends, I'm sorry, not suspends, but spends $1 million to correct commenters on Reddit and on Facebook.
And the LA Times said, be nice to Hillary Clinton online, or you'll risk a confrontation with her super PAC.
They say, correct the records, Barrier Breakers Project boasts in a press release that it's already addressed more than 5,000 people who personally attacked Hillary Clinton on Twitter.
So this is the way they operate.
They were using bots.
And of course, the Russian government is using bots.
The CIA is using bots.
We had WikiLeaks point out yesterday that there were 81 different elections that the CIA has been involved in, not counting coups, where they manipulated those elections.
They infiltrated all of the French political parties in the last election in 2012.
This is something that both sides do.
I'm sure that Donald Trump probably had some bots out there sending stuff around.
Of course, Hillary Clinton, we now know, did this.
They're all doing this, but they're pretending that nobody else does it but their enemies.
This is the way they operate.
And of course, when they want to do something, when they want to criminalize this activity, and this is where it gets really dangerous.
And we told you about this back in December.
When they came up with the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2013, stuck it in the NDAA, where they stick all of their Orwellian stuff that they can't possibly get passed.
I don't think the government is bad enough to pass things like indefinite detention by the military without trial, without accusation, but they stick it in the NDAA in 2012 and then they sign it off for the dead of night because you know you must fund the military.
So they're going to stick anything that they want to in there.
And what did they stick in?
They stuck in the ministry of truth.
And we talked about this in detail.
We'll talk about it more tomorrow.
But the key part of this is that they're going out, and this is the tactic that they always use, not only do they shoot the messenger, not only do they attack the whistleblower, when you expose their crimes, they attack you.
They don't do anything about the people committing crimes, but they put these different acts out there, like we got the Patriot Act, the Unpatriotic Patriot Act, which basically shredded and burned the Bill of Rights, and then they have the countering foreign propaganda and disinformation, which is really about creating
Propaganda and disinformation.
And it's going to be run out of the State Department, funded by 160 million dollars for the first two years.
What they're trying to do is, first of all, say that you didn't tweet that information, even though their bots are shutting down people who do tweet information, who do tweet about InfoWars.
They're saying, no, you didn't do it, a bot did it, not a human.
And then they use their bots to shut people down on Facebook.
Now what they're saying is we're going to look very closely at Infowars and Breitbart and anybody who opposes us and see if they aided the Russians.
That's where the criminal charges will come from.
That's what we have to be careful about and of course Daily Cause said I'm sure they gave them this information.
The timing would be very important.
This act is going to green light the government to shut down any site that it deems to be propaganda.
This is one of the biggest secrets out there.
We're good to go.
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Well, I'm going to be talking to you guys about a graph that was circulating Facebook.
Yes, this graph was made by American Council on Science and Health and Real Clear Science.
And this graph is basically telling people who they should trust as far as a media source.
They're saying,
Let's look at which media outlets base their coverage on science and which ones just, you know, base it on opinion, I guess you would say.
But they don't actually use science to back up why they put each different media outlet in a different category.
They just kind of leave it up to people to guess and assume that they're telling the truth.
And what's interesting here is they put InfoWars, along with FoodBay, Mercola, Naturaloose, all under the same category as ideologically driven and poor reporting.
And they even put a disclaimer.
Pure garbage.
Well, this is very interesting coming from the people who created this graph, American Council on Science and Health and Real Clear Science.
Well, let's talk about the American, you know, Council on Science and Health.
They put out an article also not too long ago saying 20 reasons not to feed your family organic.
And this piece was completely biased, and they were just trying to do a hit piece on small business organic local farmers, and it just seemed as though this article talks a lot on basically being pro-agricultural big farming, like pro-Monsanto.
So let's see.
In these 20 reasons not to feed your family organic, it says, too expensive and poor quality.
Since industrial farming has taken over the American agricultural industry, small business farms have kind of dwindled and went out, and only now are we seeing this comeback of these small business-owned organic farms.
Their costs are going to be greater because they're doing it on a smaller scale, whereas these industry giants that have taken over the agricultural industry, they can afford to sell their stuff for cheaper because they're mass-producing.
Not to mention, when you flood a market with lots of industrial foods, you can naturally keep lowering the price lower and lower, whereas the organic foods, there's not as much of it, so there's a higher demand for it, so they actually can ask for a higher price.
Here's another claim.
Promotes child labor in Africa.
Let's go ahead and refute this one.
If people supported more farming in the US, specifically smaller family operated farms, we wouldn't need to use labor from Africa.
Because we could just rely on more small organic farmers around the United States to farm and create jobs and create that industry going.
And that's already been what's been happening.
We've seen a larger amount of organic farm co-ops and organic farm businesses coming into existence because people are wanting organic
I don't know.
Actually, there are many studies out there that show that GMOs are a health hazard.
And, you know, even though these big Monsanto corporations do not want you to believe this, there are so many studies out there that reference the health hazards.
Even one from the World Health Organization saying that glyphosate, which is used on GMO crops, is a carcinogen.
And let's go to another one that they assert.
They actually assert that organic food causes an increased risk of cancer.
How does that even make sense?
Organic is organic.
Like from nature?
And organic foods have been around since the beginning of time?
What do you think most animals eat in the wild?
Organic foods.
Do any animals in nature spray pesticides on their food before they eat it?
So this is just absolute hogwash.
I cannot believe what I'm hearing here.
And I have a list right here of scientific studies that show that GMOs cause cancer, that glyphosate is linked to all kinds of health problems and cancer.
So let's just name off a couple of these.
So that we can show these people over here at American Council on Science and Health and Real Clear Politics that InfoWars does use science to back up what we're saying.
Dr. Hoppen.
Glyphosate exposure linked to respiratory problems in farmers.
Another one, Dr. Parks.
Women who use glyphosate have higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.
Here's another one.
Occupational glyphosate and sun exposure linked to increase in skin cancer.
Another one.
Dr. Jaya Sumana.
New research supports glyphosate connection to chronic kidney disease.
And another one, the World Health Organization.
Glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen.
That's right, that's the World Health Organization, which is a very credible source.
So, for you guys to be saying here in this article that
Organic food causes increased risk of cancer and basically saying that there's nothing wrong with GMOs and GMOs are all fine and organic is bad.
Basically telling people to not feed their families organic food.
Why is that?
Is it so that you guys can profit because you want people to continue to buy your donors foods?
Let's talk about that.
Let's talk about how the American Council on Science and Health.
Oh, let's look at their record here.
We have
ACSH is regarded as an industry-friendly group, and the organization's critics have accused it of being biased in favor of industry.
In 2010, Whelan told the New Yorker that about a third of the organization's $2 million annual budget comes from industry.
And which industry?
I wonder when they're putting out articles like this to tell people to eat GMOs.
Is it Monsanto?
I do wonder.
In addition, the documents revealed that the organization had on numerous occasions directly solicited donations from industry sources on the basis of projected reports on the specific issues in which those companies and industry organizations had such a stake.
Wow, so you're telling me that they're getting money from companies that they're going to have projected scientific reports on, which those companies are going to have a stake in that scientific data affecting their business?
Who's the ones that are really, you know, biased on your little chart here, guys?
Because that's what we're finding out here, even in your Wikipedia.
So it's almost as though they're pointing the finger at
Infowars for exactly what they're doing.
In a 1979 People article, the information director of the FDA is quoted as saying,
Wow, this is the Information Director of the FDA saying this.
I mean, I would think that that speaks pretty loudly here.
This is the Food and Drug Administration saying that these people are a sham.
In 1982, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy group, published a report on ACSH's practices that stated, ACSH seems to arrive at conclusions before conducting studies.
Through voodoo and alchemy, bodies of scientific knowledge are transmortified into industry-oriented position statements.
Now let's take a look at their former medical director, a man named Gilbert Ross, who served time in a federal prison camp and had his medical license revoked for Medicare fraud before being hired by ACSH.
And the ACSH still identifies Ross as one of its advisors.
So there you have it, folks.
These people have somebody that committed fraud as one of their advisors, and they want to sit here and say that InfoWars is ideologically driven and poor reporting when we can actually back up what we're saying with science.
And one of the things that I also found really interesting is some of these other ones that they listed as pure garbage alongside InfoWars was FoodBabe, Mercola, InfoWars, and Natural News.
And a lot of these sites do try to promote supplements and natural ways of eating, natural holistic health.
And I could see why, you know, the food giants, Monsanto and them, would be threatened.
Pharmaceutical giants would definitely be threatened.
It seems like it's just these people just trying to put out more disinformation that InfoWars is fake news.
When in reality, if you actually fact check and look into the stuff that these people are producing, you find out that they are the ones that are producing fake news.
They're the ones who are actually pointing the finger at us for what they themselves are doing.
This is Millie Weaver signing off for the InfoWars Nightly News.
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It's amazing.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Maxine Waters is at it again and leave it to MSNBC to give her a platform.
And I know I've covered this before, but she keeps going into the ring.
She keeps feeding propaganda and lies.
So we're going to keep responding.
And this is also to illustrate this.
Notice how they never respond to anything we put out.
I put out videos every day.
Alex Jones is on for three hours a day minimum.
Notice how they never take what he says and then respond to it, breaking it down piece by piece to explain how he's either wrong or lying or anything like that.
They never do that!
All they do is clip...
I don't know.
And, you know, it's just interesting, as we go to Maxine Waters here, take a look at this tweet.
No matter what, folks, they're never going to drop this Russia thing.
Are they going to continue this for four years?
I guess so.
This is Maxine Waters' tweet.
Trump's Kremlin clan.
And there you see it, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, with all the other Russian agents.
Yeah, that's right, folks.
They're all Russian agents.
Roger Stone.
Mike Flynn, these are Russian agents!
Wilbur Ross, Julian Assange!
You didn't realize that Julian Assange was a Russian agent, right?
I mean, that's what everybody is trying to do, is empower Russia right now.
And where would we be if it wasn't for Maxine Waters, warning everyone about the Kremlin takeover!
No folks, it's completely absurd.
And every time Maxine Waters opens her mouth,
Well, I question more her mental stability, if there's any left.
But also, how can somebody lie this much?
Now, here's what you're going to notice from this video as we're about to go.
And we've pointed this out before, but again, this is trained speech.
She has been through linguistic training.
Now, I don't know if she has decided to do that for herself, or if she has some handler that's training her on how to speak and sound coherent, but you can tell that she struggles through this.
And another thing that you can always notice, she's clearly reading off notes!
She has to have people around her when she's doing these interviews in case she has a brain fart and someone has to tell her what she's thinking or what she's supposed to say.
So keep that in mind.
You can even see her eyes not looking at the camera but reading notes and you can tell her speech is totally linguistic training.
But let's go to some of the clips from this MSNBC interview of the Lib Bass Maxine out of the waters.
Well, the first thing that we just have to understand and know about the Republican Party is they have never been for the poor and working class, and it's even worse now.
With this president, he's part of the billionaire class.
Well, you know what?
She is actually right about something.
The inner cities with the most poverty and the most reliance on government welfare that are struggling with the struggling schools as well.
Yes, she's right, actually.
Those are all run by Democrats!
That's right!
For decades, all of those inner cities have been run by Democrats.
So she's right.
That's not the Republicans there.
That's the Democrats that are responsible for that.
And you know what?
Maxine doesn't have to look too far outside of her own district in California to see exactly what's going on in the inner cities.
But you know what?
Regardless of that, she then invokes class warfare.
The Democrats love dividing and conquering on differences that people have.
They can never come together.
So she's like, Trump's a billionaire, therefore he's the bad guy.
He's working with billionaires, he's the bad guy, invoking class warfare, trying to indoctrinate poor people into the Democratic Party, when if you look at the poorest regions of America with the most crime, it's Democrat-run cities every time.
Let's roll to the next one.
We're dealing with a president who is making it clear that he's going to go along with the most conservative element of the Republican Party and concede that they have a right to make sure that poor people are not getting too much from government.
So here she is again invoking class warfare.
The Democrats just can't help themselves from doing that.
Again, probably just reading off a canned note here.
But again, this isn't about the rich keeping the poor people from becoming rich.
This is about an American first policy that creates policies and legislation that puts America's concerns first.
Therefore, American citizens.
It doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor.
It doesn't matter what color your skin is, whether you're a male or female or any of the genders in between.
It's America first.
But that's not how Maxine Waters wants to sell it.
She wants to sell it like rich people first, down with the poor people, just because he's trying to cut, President Trump trying to cut into the deficit right now.
It's not going to work.
And let me just ask you this.
Since when has welfare worked?
Because if welfare worked, there wouldn't be welfare anymore.
Now a lot of people took that tweet that I made a little too harshly, but don't take what's not there, take what's there.
If welfare really worked, we wouldn't have welfare anymore.
Instead, welfare expands every year.
It's now worse than it's ever been.
Let's roll to the next one.
When you talk to some of those who voted for him, as it has been shown recently by some of our journalists, he made a lot of promises and they believed him.
He did a lot of dog whistling and helping to promote the argument that there are some people out there who are getting what they don't deserve and you're not getting enough.
And so people bought into this.
I mean, the lies in propaganda is so amazing.
First of all, she says, our journalists.
Our journalists?
Who is she talking about?
Who is our?
She works for the government.
Then she talks about the promises, dog whistling.
You're the one that's on air dog whistling over fake news.
And actually, Trump has came through on his promises, and we're not even 100 days into his administration.
Let's roll to the next one.
But I think what they're going to learn is not only does he have no intention of, you know, keeping up with those promises, but he never thought about them in the first place.
He was just appealing to them, making an emotional appeal to them, and now he is not going to deliver on it.
The pot calling the kettle black.
She's on air making an emotional appeal to all the losers who thought Trump could never win, who thought Hillary would win, trying to make an emotional appeal to you saying, oh it's okay, he was a Russian agent, you're not bad, it was just a Russian agent, you're not wrong, they rigged the election.
So she's making the emotional appeal, but then she's also saying that
Oh, he made all these promises.
Again, Trump is coming through on the promises.
We're not even a hundred days into his administration.
Maxine Waters, why are you a bold-faced liar on television?
Let's roll to the next one.
Well, as you know, we have both the House and the Senate Intelligence Committees that are really getting started on taking a look at what happened with Russia and how did they get involved in hacking our DNC and our Democrats, etc.
This woman is just such a joke.
Okay, just getting started.
Maxine, this investigation has been going on since October.
Barack Obama wanted the full investigation on his desk by the election.
I mean, and then again he said he wanted it in by January.
What is she talking about?
Oh, and by the way, just in case you weren't aware,
Maybe Obama's not investigating, okay?
But guess what?
The NSA is, Maxine.
And guess what?
That was going on for years.
So you're wrong again.
And hacking?
For months, you've been saying hacking.
Hacking, hacking, hacking.
What hacking?
Still cannot tell us what hacking, but they're just getting started, according to Maxine Waters.
Let's roll to the next one.
This is the biggest one.
I don't think, when the truth comes out, that even the right-wing conservatives who are defending Trump at this point are going to be able to stand with him.
They claim to be patriots, and they claim that they're more patriotic than a lot of other people.
We're going to see who the real patriots are when we unveil this collusion that I believe is there.
And I think in the final analysis they're going to have to move away from him and we will see that he will be in a position where he will meet the standards and the criteria for higher crimes and misdemeanors and I maintain that's where impeachment comes in.
You know what, I think that you meet the standards for a mentally deranged woman, and I maintain that you need to be removed from power immediately.
The truth comes out.
She will not deliver on any of this.
She says, we'll find out who the real patriots are.
I got news for you.
I've been a patriot long before Donald Trump ever ran for president, and so has Alex Jones, and so has everybody else who supported Trump, and so has Donald Trump.
So, nice try with that.
But then she says, high crimes and impeachment, folks.
That is a serious accusation.
Again, she's not going to deliver on any of this.
Chalk her up with the Nancy Pelosi's, the Chuck Schumer's, the Robert Reese's, the Patrick Leigh's, the John Lewis's, the Lena Dunham's, the Chelsea Handler's, all of these losers.
This is Maxine Waters, the big mouth Lib Bass.
Let's show that picture.
There she is, folks.
I would, I'm dead serious, I would trust that fish more than I would trust Maxine Waters.
Travel ban, Muslims, Putin, Kremlin, Korea, uh, the bombs, and um, and um, yeah, and Aleppo.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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North Korea's Kim Jong-un has finally exhausted the patience that allowed the psychopathic regime to play its twisted, inhumane games since Kim Jong-un was declared Supreme Leader in 2011.
North Korea's $7.5 billion military budget compared to the United States' annual budget of $580 billion is laughable.
Still, that isn't stopping Kim Jong Un from threatening to fire an intercontinental nuclear missile on the United States.
Japan Times writes, North Korea heralded the successful development of a new high-thrust engine during a visit to the country's rocket test site by leader Kim Jong Un, the reclusive nation's state media said Sunday.
Earlier this month, Pyongyang issued an unusually overt threat to Washington and Tokyo,
Firing off a simultaneous barrage of four missiles as part of exercises that it said were training for strikes on U.S.
military bases in Japan.
There has been growing speculation that the North will conduct an ICBM test after Kim used a New Year's Day address to claim that Pyongyang was in the final stages of developing a long-range missile capable of hitting New York and Washington.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke with South Korean leaders over the weekend.
First of all, I'd like to welcome you on your first visit to Korea since assuming office.
In the short time since President Trump's inauguration, I've had two telephone conversations with President Trump, and Secretary of Defense Mattis has already visited Korea.
Now, Mr. Secretary, you are here.
I believe this is testament to the importance of the ROK-U.S.
alliance and the close partnership that we enjoy.
Our alliance is a testament to mutual commitment and respect, and it is a linchpin of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Trump administration has prioritized the North Korean threats, and a consensus amongst the international community is quickly being sought.
North Korea must fully comply with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.
He assured me that the United States will always with Japan 100%.
And to demonstrate his determination as well as commitment, he is now here with me at this joint press conference.
President Trump and I myself completely share the view that we are going to promote further collaboration between the two nations and also we are going to further reinforce our alliance.
North Korea's neighbors have expressed concern after it announced plans to launch what it called an Earth Observation Satellite during the next three weeks.
Beijing, believed to have the most influence over Pyongyang, says it is worried about the plan, and the United Nations sees it as a missile program in disguise.
Last month, he's had more missile tests firing missiles just right off the coast of Japan, and then saying, I will annihilate you, I will nuke you.
With someone that looks like a cartoon character of a little pot-bellied crazy man, with everyone worshipping him, threatening to destroy South Korea, one of the most advanced high-tech countries in the world.
Millions starving every few years in North Korea.
Total enslavement.
And the answer is threatened to nuke us, threatened to attack us, and now China has moved into the South China Sea, taking over 90% of it.
They are declaring that
They have the waters all the way down to the Philippines.
And China is belligerently kicking Filipinos off their own islands that people have been on for thousands of years.
They're not just building new ones.
Yesterday, we had 9-11 families file suit against Saudi Arabia, claiming that they were complicit in the 9-11 attacks.
And of course, what brought this about was the change in the law last September.
For 15 years, these families have been trying to get the ability to sue the people that our government said did this attack.
That's the official story.
We'll get to that in just a moment.
For 15 years, they had to fight the Bush administration, the Obama administration.
What changed?
Well, the massive change in public opinion was we had Donald Trump talk about the missing 28 pages protecting Saudi Arabia.
Remember when that happened?
That turned public opinion.
And at that point, even though Obama continued to try to veto this bill, they overrode the bill and they gave this ability to the families to sue.
Now, the lawyers have been looking for several months at the connections.
In the lawsuit, they claim that Al-Qaeda was fronted and funded by Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, and they spell out how the money was transferred from Saudi Arabia to these purported terrorists who did the attack.
Now, of course, when I look at this, another part of this comes up, and it's, why haven't we seen any lawsuits against the people who built the buildings that fell down in their footprint, like it was controlled demolition?
Looked like that.
Why didn't we have any lawsuits against the building inspectors in New York City who signed off on such a shaky skyscraper, if indeed that were the case?
And why don't we have any more questions about why three buildings were brought down by just two planes?
Why haven't there been any changes
and the procedures for how firefighters fight fires, since we now appear to have a situation where three buildings could just fall down in their footprint, steal skyscrapers because of fires.
Well, of course, that hasn't happened anywhere else except on 9-11.
We've had buildings, steel skyscrapers throughout the world that have literally burned for days and did not collapse.
They didn't even topple over.
So when we take a look at this and understand we don't believe the official story.
There needs to be compensation to the victims of this and of course we have the Saudis and the CIA.
That's a distinction without a difference.
You have to understand Prince Bandar with the Saudi intelligence and living pretty much in Langley with the CIA.
And the petrodollar that ties our two governments together.
They have been involved in conspiracy after conspiracy.
So this is a very important step, however, in unraveling these conspiracies and getting to the real truth and in trying to get some compensation for these victims.
So we hope to see this move forward.
Let's go to a full discovery, not only of the terrorist ties of the Saudis, but also of the CIA and what happened as George Bush flew the family out the next day and so forth.
We have so many questions that need to be exposed.
This is an important beginning.
History will bring out the truth, and it is starting now.
Maybe it's 16 years late, but it is beginning now.
For Infowars.com, I'm David Knight.
Thank you.
Thank you, everybody.
America has lost nearly one-third of its manufacturing jobs.
Do not worry.
We are starting on NAFTA very soon.
You know, I've only been there for, what, 52 days, right?
Somebody said to me, what are you starting on NAFTA?
I said, wait a minute.
I did this, this, this.
I've knocked out unbelievable numbers of regulations.
We're negotiating much better deals.
These terrible deals that were made.
I've been here like 51 days.
Give me a chance.
We've also kept our promise to appoint a Supreme Court justice who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Judge Neil Gorsuch's hearing is now underway in the Senate, and I urge members of both parties to swiftly approve his nomination.
He is an outstanding man.
There's another promise that is deeply important to me, and I know it is deeply important to you.
We are going to put our coal miners back to work.
We will build
That's right.
A great, great border wall.
And you know it's already out to bid.
You've probably been reading.
Tremendous numbers of bidders.
What does that mean when you have a lot of bidders?
It means we're going to get it for the right price, okay?
Believe me.
Well, that's going to do it for the show tonight.
Be sure and tune into the Alex Jones Show tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Central because we're going to be breaking down this Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act.
It's so important.
These are very scary times we're living in.
Thank you all so much for supporting this broadcast.
We couldn't do it without you.
We'll see you here tomorrow, 7 p.m.
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