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Name: 20170321_Tue_Alex
Air Date: March 21, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses how power and wealth are meaningless compared to wisdom and strength found in ordinary people, encourages listeners to stay strong despite persecution and support Trump. He mentions being attacked as a Russian agent, warns that the government is planning to kill Trump, urges him to expose corruption within the political establishment, and calls for a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton's crimes.

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This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum, who are beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't,
If you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Lock the door!
Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Help me!
You're next!
You're next!
We're in danger!
Please, listen to me!
It's something terrible!
You're next!
Here they are!
They're already here!
You're next!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
Get you where you sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
They're barricading the street.
Invasion of the body slashers.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live worldwide broadcast today.
That's a powerful piece that Darren McBreen put together, paralleling science fiction nightmares of dystopian alien takeovers with zombified
When we come back in the next segment, I have
Figured out exactly what they're doing.
In fact, beyond that, I have gone and dug into their own policy papers and confirmed that
They have decided at least three months ago when President Trump won the election to claim that he's an outside Russian force and that anyone supporting him is and actually direct the bureaucracies of the government outside of the executive in open mutiny and rebellion to build in a soft coup civil war towards a physical one.
They are intending
To overthrow the president one way or another.
They aren't intending to politically persecute those of us that have been trying to defend the country.
The globalists are here and they've actually declared their plans.
They are the outside globalist force alien to this republic.
And just as dangerous as any sci-fi nightmare that the human mind can conjure.
Because the same human minds that can conjure nightmares can also build real nightmares on this planet when groups of psychopaths and
Sociopaths get together.
But the headline today on the live feed at Infowars.com, Ford's Live Show, and on many other platforms is Obama planned to take over the internet and talk radio and shut down free speech.
It's still in place and they're still moving forward with it.
Now, I knew this months ago and I was surmising that, but I knew it was bold.
It's definite now they have announced it in their own councils of government.
These are rogue agencies.
This is truly the rogue Deep State.
A group who's sworn to break our back and complete our journey to slavery.
The good news is, no matter what they do now, they're going to lose.
The question is how Ruffle will get.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
DHS releases list of 118 jurisdictions ignoring immigration laws.
That's right, Travis County, Texas, the home of InfoWars.com, deep in the heart of Texas, is the worst offender with 142 illegals released.
Clifford Cunningham has this report on Infowars.com.
The Department of Homeland Security has released its first list of jurisdictions that ignore federal immigration law, indicating nearly 200 illegal immigrants sought for deportation were released instead.
The name and shame list was ordered released by President Donald Trump when he signed two executive orders related to immigration in January in response to a number of local jurisdictions that have refused to cooperate with immigration and customs enforcement as self-declared quote sanctuary cities.
Stay tuned for more immigration news at InfoWars.com slash show.
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If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
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It's free, it's on Droid, it's on Apple, you name it.
InfoWars.com forward slash app.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
It's March 21st, 2017 on this Tuesday Worldwide Broadcast.
Look at the headlines from the McClatchy News Service, published in hundreds of newspapers across the United States and now on basically every TV news station out there.
Breitbart and Infowars under investigation for ties to Russia.
That was in committee hearing meetings last week and yesterday.
That's right, Stephen Bannon trying to cut middle class taxes, rebuild our military, and defend our borders and get the VA working right, as well as kill Obamacare.
Decorated Navy officer.
Can't trust him, can't trust anybody, but we can trust Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and John Podesta and Michael Moore, can't we?
And this, you see, has been built up for months.
At first, they came out and said, oh, the Russians stole the election, it'd be too much.
But I told you, they were going to build it and build it until they say that Breitbart's Russian, Stephen Bannon's Russian, I'm Russian, and Trump's Russian.
And if Trump and his people don't counter-strike when Hillary is openly on the Communist Chinese payroll, sold 30% of our uranium,
To Russia, got all these tens of millions for it.
And if they don't start the indictments of the open crimes they've committed, they're not going to stop.
George Soros has doubled the amount of money he gave in the election cycle, two days after the November 8th election, to double racial division and civil unrest.
That's their detonator for all this.
And it's undisputed that cash flowed to the Clinton Foundation from the Russians, $35 million.
It's undisputed.
Even the precious New York Times admits that.
So what's the big story here?
They have had the Board of Governors of the FCC officially come out in Senate Intelligence Committee meetings on C-SPAN and say that I'm a Russian stooge that regurgitates Russian propaganda.
It's the other way around.
I'm Americana and want a free market system and my ideas are getting picked up, which are just Americana ideas that we're bringing back and making great again.
All over the world, 15 years ago, Nigel Farage said that half the people they had joining UKIP and the reason they were exploding was that my broadcast was the number one internet radio show.
That's how they picked it up there.
According to Alexa.com, Quantcast, all of them.
Was that a Russian movement?
That was Americana.
America was always sexy, the whole world, until we became socialist and globalist.
The world was always adopting our great ideas.
I was just bringing them back.
So in France, in Germany, in Sweden, in Brazil,
In Japan.
All over, they will tell you, Alex Jones.
And I'm not here about taking credit.
There really wasn't anybody who was even, you know, half young, who wasn't 80 years old, that was exposing this stuff.
And I did it the 21st century way.
Before the 21st century.
I'm huge in Russia.
I've never been to Russia.
I've been huge on Russian TV for 15 years playing clips of my show.
I've been huge all over the Middle East.
Even though I bash radical Islam, most of the Muslims don't want to live under it.
Max Keiser goes to the Middle East live in Cairo and is being mobbed.
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
We love... Is it Alex Jones?
Is it Alex Jones?
And I'm not bragging about Infowars.
Just so you understand, we are the Infowar.
We are 1776.
We're Americana.
We're what the image of John Wayne was supposed to be.
And I love John Wayne, great patriot.
The point is, we're doing it.
And the globalists are the traitors.
They're the outside group.
That has come in and taken over the country, and here we are, not just in the United States, but worldwide, saying, kick the oligarchs out.
Kick the globalists out.
Don't let the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the TPP, and all these deals transfer your sovereignty out of the country.
Remember Lou Dobbs popularizing it massively ten years ago?
Having the number one show on cable for two years?
Even above Bill O'Reilly, CNN's only hit show?
What'd they do?
They fired him.
Lou Dobbs.
What was that, like seven, eight years ago?
It's not about credit.
It's about knowing the history.
Drudge Report blew holes in globalism.
Lou Dobbs blew holes in globalism.
Dr. Corsi blew holes in it.
World Net Daily did a great job.
We all did this together.
You did this.
You exposed it at the town halls.
You spoke out.
And to claim it's Russian
Is the most ridiculous thing on earth, but they don't care.
The rogue government admittedly is ignoring Trump in the State Department, in the VA, everywhere.
These are the criminals that have seized control of our country and that are robbing it and that are looting it as fast as they can.
And what do they do when real nationalists, real patriots come out that actually want to get control of their government again and put us back on the course that made the country great?
Getting small business loans with almost 0% interest.
Cutting taxes.
Economic development zones.
Promoting the family.
Getting the morale up of the nation, not being demoralized.
That's 180 degrees from the globalist plan of ploward and pivot and scarcity and artificial scarcity and planned obsolescence and all this deindustrialization, the post-industrial world, agenda 21.
And they play these stonewall games with all these terms like agenda 21 and others, but people know it's real.
It's happening.
So our victory is, we forced this out in the open, and you could really say, that even according to their own publications, by March of 2017, globalism is dead.
It's collapsing, the tide is going out on it, to quote Peter Thiel, the elites all admit it in their own publications.
So they've gone from denying all this exists, to saying okay it exists, but the Russians are the ones destroying it.
So, the Board of Governors testified to Congress last week, and then they had synopses with the FBI director yesterday.
We're going to play some of these clips.
I'm going to skip this break.
Notice the London Guardian.
It's too late for hand-wringing.
Globalism is already dead.
That's right.
Once it's discovered to be elite, unelected, above the law, tax-exempt, diplomatically immune, totally corrupt, the new royalty, we reject Kim Jong-un.
We reject Queen Elizabeth II.
We reject George Soros and the new royalty at the UN.
We're done.
And isn't it a bellwether, an omen, that the father of modern globalism, the father of modern imperial corporate colonialism, died two days ago, David Rockefeller, the one who praised Mao Zedong's murder factory.
So let me give you the big breakdown.
We've now confirmed it from their own words, all of it indexed together.
Right now, you're about to get the data dump.
Not just what they're saying, and not just what they're currently doing, but what the next phases are in their attack profile against our attempt to restore the Republic.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Here are the McClatchy and other headlines.
Breitbart and Infowars under investigation for ties to Russia.
They specifically say for working with Russian intelligence.
They have gone so far at the FBI using the analysis of the Board of Governors of Broadcasting, which is the CIA.
I'm going to show you in a moment.
So rogue elements of the CIA are now declaring that the president's chief advisor, that the biggest independent media talk show host, Alex Jones,
And others are Russian combines and actively working with the Russians, coordinating with them.
And of course, zero evidence is given.
But this is just amazing.
Then you realize that Podesta and all of them got caught with Google, Facebook, Twitter, coordinating in the WikiLeaks how to steal the election, how to have bots.
And they've got Donna Brazile in these articles going, it's horrible, we never used bots or did anything corrupt.
And InfoWars is with the Russians.
And they have Podesta in there saying that too.
Oh my gosh, you just ran all the big media and coordinated the headlines at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, everywhere else.
You just put lies out about everybody, and now the meanie Russians got you!
And so, you're asking, the board of, and people are asking, well how are they going to shut down InfoWars if Trump's in?
They're intending to overthrow Trump.
They've already said they are.
They're already probing how to kill him right now.
We are in a true, hot civil war now.
We're not in a cold one.
We're winning the info war.
They've decided they're going to declare Trump a Russian agent.
And the brains of the American resistance that are so red, white, and blue, it's ridiculous.
We're on fire with Americana.
We are the heart of 1776.
And they're completely horrified by it.
And they have the nerve.
It's beyond outrage I have.
The despicableness.
When they're the globalists that infiltrated, they're trying to make our country poor, trying to destroy our sovereignty, they have our borders wide open, with hundreds of sanctuary cities ignoring the law, treating our veterans like total crap, looting social security, trying to block Trump's plan to save it.
And of course they invert reality.
They're the traitors, they're the outsiders, they're the enemies, they're the globalists!
So in their publications where they read it,
Foreign Affairs and the Financial Times are like, our global government's collapsing, we've got to use cultural and racial strife to control them.
They all talk in these publications that are public like you're idiots and don't read it.
I do.
I show you there's quotes on air.
But for general consumption, it's just dumbed down showing their disdain that Trump's a Russian.
Oh, you didn't elect Trump.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
The Russians want to make America great again.
Oh, and look, Alex Jones has gone on Russian TV shows, absolutely, and promoted that they need to have a free country as well.
And I go on on Japanese and British and Mexican and everything else.
So again, Breitbart and Infowars under investigation, retires of Russia report.
FBI's Russia Influence Probe.
It goes to look at far-right news sites.
Then they mix in, oh it's fake!
And then they go on and they say this.
We're going to look at banning it and moving.
And that's in the bill that Obama signed.
In the $611 billion 2017 Defense Authorization Act.
And the NDAA.
Remember that's the one earlier when Obama signed where he could just disappear U.S.
So they have a stay-behind, shadow, deep state government that's just completely ignoring the President, bullying Congress and everybody else.
You better get in line because we're taking Trump out.
And I said that two months ago in December.
It's three months ago now.
And you can now see it all crystallizing.
The president just thinks he can work with people, create prosperity, and that somehow he'll convince everybody to stop doing this.
These are people that had hijacked America.
They have a disdain for it.
They're on recording saying they're going to break our will of the bitter clingers.
They're in public statements saying it.
They want to mount our heads on the wall.
They want to dominate us as an act of will.
Like Captain Ahab and Moby Dick in Legend.
In fiction.
You understand?
They don't like us because we're honorable and good.
These are degenerate scumbags.
Read the WikiLeaks.
Read the evil.
So go read the Obama quietly signs the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act.
He signed it into law.
It's still operating.
And it says the CIA will confirm with the Board of Governors of the FCC.
The Countering Information Warfare Act, S-2692,
Introduced in March.
And it says they're going to ban fake news and move to block it in the United States.
And to create a whole government strategy for countering the foreign propaganda that operates through the domestic fake news.
Yeah, the fake news actually reads you the bills here.
Now, I'm going to play this clip of them last week talking about yours truly.
And mixing it in with RT and Sputnik and these other channels.
By the way, half of what I see on RT is a bunch of leftist crud.
The U.S.
repeals propaganda bans, spreads government-made news to Americans.
That's foreign policy.
Three years ago, the Washington Post admitting the CIA is going to operate domestically.
They already were, but they admit they're going to lie to the public with this new strategy to ban fake news.
Three years later, they intended to get Hillary in and then have her lead the charge, but she didn't get in.
They're just acting like they're going to remove Trump regardless.
Here's another one.
Business Insider, US government funded domestic propaganda has officially hit the airwaves.
Washington Post amends Russian propaganda fake news story, admits it's fake.
Listing us as fake.
But see now, they can't get the Washington Post to put their name on it.
So now what are they doing?
Now they're just going to have Congress do it and say they're going to have the FBI counter espionage group do it.
Like they had during the Red Scare that was the Democrats, who a lot of them really were card-carrying communists, and were giving secrets away and things.
Like the Rosenbergs.
But this time, what great revenge!
They're going after, basically, the sons of John Wayne, people that are doing the exact same things John Wayne did in his anti-communist speeches, and saying, we're the Russian stooges.
Because we're not enemies with Russia because they've pulled out of that whole system.
But we've got our own country.
We want nationalism.
So I'm going to go over all of this, but I wanted to play you a clip because when you read, who is this individual that they have on C-SPAN talking to the House Armed Services Committee and also the intelligence community this week?
Matthew Armstrong, Associate Fellow, Center for Strategic Communication.
But that, King's College, but that's not really what he is.
He's a governor of the... He is a governor on the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
And when you read the legislation that Obama signed into law right before he left, and you say, well, why doesn't Trump just kill this?
They don't care.
They don't follow his orders.
They just do whatever they want and continue moving forward.
And it goes on to say that the Board of Governors, in concert with the Central Intelligence Agency, will coordinate a whole government
First priority program to counter the foreign propaganda disinformation and the war against us and our allies by our enemies and goes on to list fake news or domestic news and uses the Washington Post's own fake article as the roadmap.
So they all just make up lies and then vomit them back onto each other and then vomit them back onto each other in a giant circular motion.
So, imagine this.
They are now openly saying... By the way, I had family yesterday when I told them about this.
I said, yeah, I've officially been listed as under investigation by the FBI for actually working with Russian intelligence.
And they said, come on, that's not true.
I said, no, it's real.
Then I told a fella I know who's worked in a lot of places, including the CIA, about it.
And he said, that's crazy.
I'm gonna make some phone calls.
You know, where'd that come from?
I'm gonna call and double check those.
I said, it came out of Comey's mouth.
That's how incredible this is, ladies and gentlemen.
But you're saying, no one will believe it.
This doesn't make sense.
There's no proof.
They don't care.
They already killed a lot of people.
They've already tried to kill Roger Stone with polonium and all the rest of it.
They tried to hit and run him last week.
And they keep saying they're going to call him to the Senate committee hearings, but now they're going to have hearings.
They've had hearings, but he doesn't get to be there.
He just gets accused.
That's never before been done in American history.
So, I demand if they have more hearings and talk about me, I demand that I be able to be there.
And I'm going to be there with a big stack of news going, here you are admitting fake news.
Here you are admitting that the Senate Intelligence Committee was targeted by the CIA with illegal spying.
Here you are saying you're going to target domestic media you don't like, claim they're Russian spies, and now you're doing it months later.
Why on earth is this legislation that Obama signed still in place?
President Trump needs to kill it.
You're not going to put me in front of that committee because my truth and my facts and my evidence will destroy these little cowards.
I tell you, they just sit there, they have Alec Baldwin get up on TV and pose as Trump and say racist things and say he learned it from Alex Jones.
It's like all these other movies and TV shows they've got out saying the same thing, where some character says horrible racist stuff and they say, where'd you learn that?
I learned it from Alex Jones.
This is the lying info war by criminals that have hijacked our government that are at war with our republic and people desperately trying to get control of the wheel to right the ship.
And you can see just a ray of sunshine into this country.
The globalists want us poor and controlled.
Just the idea that maybe we're open for business again.
Three trillion in the stock market.
Massive new job hiring.
Wages going up.
Restaurants busy again.
Factories opening all over the place.
Optimism the highest it's been since 1984.
So the big question is how do we counter this?
How do we respond to this?
When we come back, I'm going to play the clip of Armstrong.
Governor on the Broadcasting Board of Governors until last year, 2013-2016, advising Obama.
So, you can bet money he had a hand in writing the bill that Obama signed.
In the Defense Authorization Act to have the CIA go after the independent media.
And guess what they do a couple months later?
By name, yours truly, ladies and gentlemen, they mean business.
They've been incrementally adding more lies every day.
It'd have been absurd to say we're all Russian agents three months ago, right?
With no proof.
They just keep recycling the same lies that get us disproven.
No Russian connection, no hacking, no nothing.
Oh my gosh, you know, Roger Stone tried to talk to WikiLeaks.
So did CNN, so did everybody else.
Of course we're trying to get the leaks.
I don't care where they come from.
And they turned that around, all their crimes, and the fact that they lost the election, and the fact that they rigged everything.
And the fact that they got caught rigging stuff with CNN and rigging the debates, and then now Donna Brazile, the disgraced Donna Brazile, interviews Brian Williams, who's back, another disgraced fake, to tell everybody about how she was the target of the Russians.
And of course, Maxine Waters says she's the target.
And then Maxine Waters doesn't know what planet she's on, saying Russia invaded Korea.
I mean, this is crazy, but it's also hilarious.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
We are on the march, folks.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Judge Neil Gorsuch gave his opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday on the first day of hearings on his nomination to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
In it, he unpacked his views on the job of unelected judges in a democratic republic, giving his personal story and pledging to be a public servant who faithfully follows the Constitution and the laws enacted by the people's elected representatives.
Judging is sometimes a lonely and hard job, Gorsuch mused in a wide-ranging speech that ranged from the dramatic to the humorous to reflections, at times showing deep passion and on two occasions even getting emotional.
Today, Gorsuch sparred with Feinstein as well as other senators as they grilled him on his policies.
It looks like that we're going to have a Supreme Court judge just like Antonin Scalia.
Stay tuned to the Alex Jones Show at infowars.com slash show to follow the Senate hearings.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I told everybody 22 years ago when I first went on air that I'd sworn on the altar of God, eternal resistance over every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
And I've prayed almost every day that God give me the will, the strength, the understanding, the honor to change the world and take on the globalists and those that are engaged in so many heinous crimes consciously against humanity.
Murder one, premeditated, conspiracy to destroy the human system.
That is the globalist devilish program.
And I gotta tell you, I have seen God deliver in spades
That always in my soul, I could feel the Holy Spirit saying, but you will pay for this.
And I've always said that's exactly what I'm ready to do.
Not out of self-loving or wanting to be a martyr, but because I understand that I have to sacrifice everything and you have to sacrifice as well if we're going to reverse this evil tide.
God works through people.
And I just was thinking this morning, it was mind-blowing just how wicked the social engineers are and how they are at war with humanity.
And how they are attempting to build false artificial constructs, full-spectrum grids of lies.
That they then put people into artificially who are inside the mainstream media bubble.
It's beyond an echo chamber.
And truly, we're telling hardcore truth with some distortion because there's no way to see things perfectly.
And they're telling hardcore total lies.
They're the foreign multinational globalists killing our sovereignty and freedom, taking over.
They say we're Russian agents, because we're real Americans fighting back.
And now, Breitbart and Infowars under investigation for ties to Russia.
Last week and this week, in Armed Service and Intelligence Committee hearings, they have Board of Governors of the Broadcasting Board of the FCC, now under the Central Intelligence Agency,
As of two weeks before Obama left office, Obama quietly signed into law, 2017.
It's just unbelievable.
And in the Senate, S-2692, that says the CIA will be over the Board of Governors, and will take on domestic media that they claim are working with the Russians.
Then they've got to claim you're working with the Russians with no proof to claim you're a foreign power!
Then you're an enemy combatant under a previous NDAA.
In National Defense Authorization Act.
And I told you this was all coming!
That they would start incrementally selling the idea that there were Russkies everywhere.
To the point of, I have media calling here saying, oh you've been on Russian TV, doesn't a Russian work there?
Somebody who was born in Russia?
That's the level that this country has fallen to.
And what's crazy is, it's the Democrats that literally worked with the Russians
From 1917 on, it was liberals in New York and London who'd been Russian immigrants who went back to Russia and overthrew Russia.
That's why there was such ties from the beginning.
Russia and the Soviets, all of it, was a liberal creation in America and in England.
That's historical facts!
And the Trotskyites!
Isn't that incredible?
And then they turn around to people like myself that have a sickening American pedigree.
I mean, it doesn't get more ridiculous.
I mean, if you did my Americana pedigree, I might win best in show if they had such silly things.
But I don't get into all that because what I do in this life, while I'm alive, counts.
Not what my ancestors did, though I love them.
And they're with me now.
In spirit and in blood.
But it's like saying George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson is a foreign enemy.
Well, you see, they have a dumbed-down public, but they're not even doing an info war with the public now.
They only need the cover, in government, as an excuse to tell agencies they're going rogue.
And I first said this in December, in an emergency warning to the President.
I said, they're selling this narrative under COG to have a breakaway deep state scenario to try to block you at every level and then finally assassinate you or impeach you.
But they know you're too strong being able to speak, Mr. President, so before they finally move, they're going to kill you.
And I told Stone privately, I said, before they ever call you before the Senate when they start beating this drum, they're going to try to kill you.
And indeed that happened.
There's a good chance they'll kill him before they're even forced to call him.
Or they may just not call him and just tell all the media you're not going to have Stone on.
He can't even respond.
So, that's the level.
And, remember, they're coming for your guns, they're coming for your children, they've got your children in the public schools brainwashing them, dumbing the public down.
They've got the veterans under their VA with their death panels not giving them treatment and letting them die.
They'd almost won.
They've got the glyphosates in your water table.
They're getting away with all of it.
They've got the MTV, admittedly, targeting and sexualizing children as young as five.
Basically pedophile programming.
We're under massive social engineering.
America was being turned into a giant re-education camp.
And they were going to drop the hammer when Hillary got in and shut down the alternative news, the independent news, calling it fake news.
That was all admitted.
They were in the news saying, when Hillary gets elected, in two weeks, we're going to start shutting Alex Jones and others down.
And we're going to sue them.
And we're going to have the Justice Department come after them.
And get this, folks.
They can shut us down.
You're next.
But see, Trump got in.
They didn't get to have what they wanted.
And so now they are.
Bleeding from the eyeballs politically.
They don't know what to do for Reid Zarkaria screaming and yelling and cussing fits on TV because they know their whole criminal enterprise is coming down and they are a society of scum.
That's why they all look so ugly and look so evil.
They don't just do bad things.
They're hateful because they're physically and spiritually ugly.
They're horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, weak people.
And they see you, who love freedom, and who want a future, and who aren't a psychopath or a sociopath, and they want to dominate you because they know you're better than them.
That's what this is all about.
Mr. President, I know you're wholesome and good.
I know you're strong.
I know you want to see prosperity.
I know you want to beat these bullies.
I know you're sick of watching America and other groups being screwed over by elites, and you want to empower the people, and they're never going to stop coming after you, sir.
You can't ever back off of them.
You can't take the high road.
Don't listen to those advisors.
Mark my words, they're going to undermine you and claim you're a Russian agent, and they're never going to stop, and they're going to try to assassinate you.
But first they've got to assassinate your name, so you're not looking to be on the offense, but you've got to be, because this is an outside enemy force.
People want to know what I tell Trump?
That's what I tell him every time I talk to him.
Trump says I'm one of the only people he talks to who's never asked for anything.
I don't ask him to come on the show.
What, you don't want me to come on the show?
Sure, don't even worry about that.
You worry about your life, and you worry about identifying these people as the enemy.
He knows it.
So good luck, globalists.
You may destroy me, you may destroy Trump, but I know in my heart, at an intellectual level but at a spiritual level, God's hands on my shoulder saying, good.
Faithfully execute this, and they will be defeated, and that's all that matters.
We're going to execute on you, no matter what you do, and we're never gonna stop, and God is going to break you, Podesta.
God is going to break you, Hillary.
Fareed Zarkaria, Michael Moore, David Rockefeller.
I guess already God just broke you.
You're just like the rest of us now, aren't you?
Your whole Hitler project.
Your UN project, your global project, will all burn in the end.
And the rivers of blood you've spilled out of the innocent will be the sea that your soul drowns in, in the rotting bottomless pit forever.
Make no mistake, they're coming for us all.
They already come for the kids with the shots and the cancer viruses and the mercury and the poisons, the adjuvants.
They're already coming for us with the aerosol spraying.
They're already coming with us with the positronic brainwashing on the televisions.
They're already admitting it all, throwing it in our face, how the robots are replacing us, ha ha ha, and all the rest of it, and how they're gods and we're nobody.
We have nothing to lose but to resist these people in everything we've got.
And we're seeing their full counter-strike right now.
And we're seeing the Communist Chinese weigh in and declare at Davos two months ago, we will stand against the Americans with the elite!
We will break Trump!
Any American that had one ounce of soul or common sense should have gotten chills for an hour when they saw that on the news.
But instead, the news put it in your face like it was normal.
Just like they say, having a mother and father is bad.
Don't say you have it.
National Geographic has all the new sexes but not a woman with a womb.
This is open scientific war carried out by those with devilish hearts against everything good.
And the horrors visited upon the third world are now being visited upon the first world.
Everything vile is being turned loose.
The most radical Islamic brigades are pouring into our nations, into our homes, into our homelands.
We see the shape of things to come.
The great battles.
From a look back on these times as calm, halcyon days.
Blue skies, endlessly clear.
The type of day where you can even see the stars at noon.
You'll look back on the times to come and the respite that was Trump, even as he was successful, or may not be, as a head coming up, as I've said, out of the water when you're caught in a riptide and getting that one big gasp of air before you're sucked back down under, hoping, holding your breath that you come back to the surface.
But we may not even get that breath.
Our lips are only beginning to open to try to bring in the air.
The whole power structure is there to try to clamp our mouths shut as fast as they can, and like a satanic giant squid, suck us back down into the depths.
I'm going to play this clip.
But just think about how they told you three years ago, metaphysically they had to do that, so that their own people at the CIA and other places would think it was legal or lawful.
We're going to launch domestic operations now and start lying and taking over government.
Because the public might actually try to take the government back, so we've got to actually occupy the United States fully now.
And now with this new law in the National Defense Authorization Act, there's language in there, not just about countering it, but the full organized will to stop it.
And that means putting silencers, suppressors on the end of guns, and going around killing people and saying they committed suicide.
As if that's not a two-way street.
So, everybody's been warned.
We have been absolutely judicious in what we've done, measured, and on target.
And unfortunately, our analysis, historically, and by looking at the enemy's own transmissions, the occupied force inside the gates,
We've got their dead-on attack plan, and if the president knows that attack plan and simply goes and fires side chats and exposes it to the public, it's game over for the New World Order.
I know a lot of his advisors say it's too extreme, sir.
The fact that he was being hardcore is why he got there.
Every time he calls them the enemy, his approval rating goes up a couple points.
When he doesn't, it goes down.
The fact that he tried to work with Ryan because they're refusing to pass a good bill, he knows it'll implode the whole economy if he doesn't at least do this half-decent bill.
That has hurt Trump.
Because he can't compromise with these rats, they're never gonna back off.
Trump can't give up because they're not gonna stop even if he was sold out to them, which he can't do.
Because the image of who he is has to be destroyed.
His family has to be destroyed.
The earth has to be politically salted.
And Trump understands that the nightmare system that they're bringing in is so horrible, why would you sell out to death itself when all you get is more death?
Now, obviously, it's more important than ever that every article at InfoWars.com, every video that you send out to friends, family, neighbors, in your own email list, that you post it yourself.
I'm getting reports from everybody I know.
Shane Steiner called me last night.
He said, yeah, and I was sitting there with a friend trying to post your articles to his Facebook, and they're just deleting them as fast as they go up.
And that's because they say in this, they'll work with the internet companies to shut down the Russian propaganda.
And they just label us Russian propaganda.
See, they can't get the courts to say we're fake because we're not.
They can't just get media to say it because we can sue them.
They have to have the red scare, but this time, the real red scare was real.
This is the fake Russian scare and project it onto the patriots and try to shut us down.
And you're like, they'll never get away with it.
He's making the country great again.
God, guns and guts securing our border.
They're the ones with the open borders.
They're the ones engaged in sedition and treason.
They're the ones sold out to radical Islam.
They don't care because they've got the governments to deal and the rogue state intending to move forward with these attacks and they're not going to stop.
I'm going to go to break, come back with a clip and the rest of it.
But before we go any further,
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So when you're getting a Trump Pence 2020,
Keeping America Great shirt for $9.95.
Be sure and get a tube of the organic iodine silver bullet toothpaste.
Infowarslife.com or AAA253-3139.
We're under attack here.
I asked for this.
I'm just saying.
Everybody always wanted somebody to stand up.
Wanted somebody to fight back.
Somebody to really put it all on the line.
Somebody to be effective.
Somebody to build a media system to be able to counter the enemy.
We've done it.
We've taken the field, like David versus Goliath, and we've already chopped Goliath's head off.
The problem is, the rest of the Philistines are coming down the hill on us.
And you're all standing there right behind us, and you've already been supporting us, but this is the time, folks.
We need your prayers.
We need your support.
We need you to spread the links and articles, because they're trying to block us all over Google, as you name it, because we're effective.
We're in an info war.
It's a new kind of war.
We're winning it, but we need your help.
We'll be back.
Kaya Jones, somebody I'm sure you would recognize from a group back in the day called the Pussycat Dolls.
Well, she dropped the Pussycat Dolls and she decided to never wear a pussy hat.
And now she joins Leanne McAdoo and I. When did you first decide that you were going to vote for Donald Trump?
Or when did you first decide to support Donald Trump?
We don't talk about our political views.
Everyone kind of just stays mum to the word.
A lot of the reason I even left the Pussycat Dolls, and you know, it came out in this flood of now being able to speak my truth and be honest with who I am and that I'm a conservative.
You know, at the time I thought, being 19, 20, 21, like, there must be something wrong with me.
Why am I not okay with certain things that were going on?
And, you know, I had no one really to go, no, you're just a conservative girl.
You know, you love Jesus.
You're just not into certain things.
And I just didn't understand that.
And so in this process, it opened up really me understanding that I'm a conservative and there is a name for this and this is what this is.
And yeah, no one really shares.
It's not something that people...
Openly share.
It forced me to kind of feel shunned by the community that I was the closest to the most.
In this process of actually voting for Trump, one of the main reasons I did vote for Trump, he spoke about Orlando.
That was a big deal for me.
Being a, you know, a person that speaks out in the LGBT community and hearing him actually take a stance about what happened to Americans that night and to an attack on our LGBT community.
Um, that for me was one of the biggest reasons I voted for him.
Also, because he wasn't part of this whole collective of people that were going to tell you what to do and what to think, and they were part of the establishment.
He didn't need the money.
He wanted to do it for, you know, the love of country.
And I understand that so much.
That to me spoke volumes and I've always respected him as a businessman.
I knew he was going to win.
That's what's so funny is I actually told people two years, like literally when it started, when he announced, I said he was going to win and everybody I knew was like, no, he's not going to win.
There's no way he's going to win.
I said, okay, you'll see.
And I wasn't able to share my piece because every time I tried, I was shut up.
Like immediately, like,
Oh, he's this, and he's that, and Hillary, and it was just, there was no discussion.
There wasn't, this isn't, you know, a debate.
This was, um, I hate you because you're voting for this person.
And that was something I had never encountered.
Yeah, and you know, that's funny that you talk about that, trying to have a discussion about why you're voting Trump or why you believe in these policies.
Like you said, you can't really hold that discussion.
And I had the same experience.
I don't know about you, Leanne, but I would always end the argument, which is like, OK, you'll see.
You're not going to listen to me.
You're not going to let me tell you what's happening.
So just fine.
Just go ahead and you'll see.
And well, they saw.
How hard you try, you can't stop us now.
That's right, humanity wants freedom.
All the fake leftist ideologies of collectivism or slavery are breaking through it.
Of renegades!
Alright, let's go to the clip here of the outgoing governor of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
Who went before different Intelligence Committee hearings, this is the Armed Services Committee, and to the military, funding apparatus, declared that InfoWars is a Russian disinfo op.
Then they come out in the news and McClatchy and say, I'm being investigated, along with the White House Chief Advisor.
The guy trying to cut your taxes and secure our border and build up a giant military and bring coal back, which is totally like a giant sanction on Russia.
Sorry, America first.
Not to hurt Russia.
And Russia doesn't even get pissed at that.
They understand that this is the way it goes.
The Russian operative, Stephen Mannet, as if we need the Russians.
Man, RT over the years has called me to come on, and I've just been... I used to go on all the time, and they got threatened about four years ago.
They told me, oh, they're threatening to take our license if you come on.
Because I'd go on there about pro-gun stuff, sovereignty.
I was just using it as a channel to promote Americana worldwide.
Don't you want that, like a real voice of America going into Russia?
That's what I do when I'm on Japanese TV, British TV, you name it.
But I've got to where now when they've called me, I don't even go on there, because the response is so little on RT America, and it's a bunch of leftists!
Have you watched RT America?
The idea that that influenced elections when it's only in like hotel rooms and stuff.
I've seen their ratings, it doesn't even show up.
RT's big worldwide, but not in America.
The idea that we would write the articles at InfoWars and then I'd see RT rewrite them two days later.
See, they've got this butt backwards, to say it nicely.
RT doesn't influence Alex Jones, I influence RT.
I influence UKIP.
The UKIP founder says the entire UKIP movement sputtered for five years until he came on my show 18 years ago.
And he said it on the show repeatedly, half their movement came from InfoWars.
That super-libertarian right-wing has nothing to do with the Russians.
Infowars is what's spreading, defeating globalism.
And I'm not bragging.
I don't ever want to get up here and say this stuff.
I've known this for a long time.
But because they're accusing me of being a Russian operative, I have to.
That's the tail wagging the dog.
Americana is the dog.
Russia's the tail.
And Podesta and all them know that.
But they gotta change the subject because they're big losers.
They got caught rigging the election.
They got caught fixing everything.
I'm gonna go over that in the next hour.
They got caught and they're scared and the people turned against them.
So what do they do?
Russians are taking over!
Oh my God!
Shut off Alex Jones!
He's fake!
Sue him!
Destroy him!
Arrest him!
And this has had the effect of actually intimidating some Republicans.
Let's go ahead and go to the clip of Armstrong.
Here it is.
Mr. Armstrong, you mentioned in your answer to, I think, Ms.
Spears' question that there are other RTs operating in the U.S.
Can you describe them, list them?
Sure, thank you.
So, you have RT, you have Sputnik, you have Ruppli, and then I think you have them feeding other entities.
InfoWars comes to mind, where those are echo chambers for those modalities.
And it just goes on from there.
And then I have the actual Defense Authorization Act, 2017, saying the CIA will be over the Board of Governors, that guy.
This whole spook cut out.
Look at his background.
Running around.
I mean, Ruppley?
Ruppley's half his stuff's like sporting events and riots and it's a stringer video thing with reporters hired around the world.
They buy video.
They're like Getty.
They're Russian agents now because RT tends to buy from Ruppley because they're cheaper.
I've licensed clips from them.
They'll probably claim that's the Russian connection, that I played videos of Muslims rioting.
Man, they're desperate.
Folks, this means they're about to move big time against Trump.
Warning, President Trump.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
DHS releases list of 118 jurisdictions ignoring immigration laws.
That's right, Travis County, Texas, the home of InfoWars.com, deep in the heart of Texas, is the worst offender with 142 illegals released.
Clifford Cunningham has this report on InfoWars.com.
The Department of Homeland Security has released its first list of jurisdictions that ignore federal immigration law, indicating nearly 200 illegal immigrants sought for deportation were released instead.
The Name and Shame List was ordered released by President Donald Trump when he signed two executive orders related to immigration in January in response to a number of local jurisdictions that have refused to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement as self-declared, quote, sanctuary cities.
Stay tuned for more immigration news at Infowars.com slash show.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
From the InfoWars.com News Center, deep behind enemy lines in occupied Texas, broadcasting worldwide, you're listening to the voice of human resistance against the technotronic technocracy takeover.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
You know, I'm going to get really focused and serious at the start of the next segment and get into what they're accusing us of is what they're actually doing with fake news, disinfo, and now saying I'm racist and fake news didn't work so now I'm a Russian agent.
This is like all over the news, FBI investigating it.
I mean, wow.
And they usually, when they get to a level like this, they tend to kill people when it's just outrageous charges.
Then they kill you so they can just, you know, demonize the corpse.
Good luck, because I'm... They'll just make us bigger.
I guess they'll just ban my voice and everything else.
Let's go to this joke clip, though.
Russian agent clip.
We made a joke a few months ago with Daria.
Here it is.
Activate camera Jones.
Phase 2.
Everything is going according to plan.
You can count on me.
This morning, The Washington Post reporting that a secret CIA report found Russia interfered in the U.S.
election to help Donald Trump win the White House.
We are at war with Russia.
Greg, Russian cyber spying on the United States is not anything new or anything unknown, but it seems that this takes it to an unprecedented level.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot with Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread.
And the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
We're beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
You got all that?
I was in there, they took me in the dark, called me my babushka.
You don't!
You don't!
What's your report?
Put that on the floor!
Mr. Jones, you've been activated.
This is very important.
You've done your job so well.
The first part of our mission is accomplished.
Mr. Trump is in the office soon.
We have to build the wall.
We have to bring the jobs back.
We have to build the economy and families.
Yes, defeat the Americans.
Defeat the Americans.
Stop the tranny bathrooms.
Yes, yes.
Yes, Mr. Jones.
Oh, now.
Now, let me tell you.
Some of it is good, some bad.
They loved Hillary, so beautiful and pure, that we turned, we turned, we turned them from the beautiful angel to the devil.
I'm sorry.
I was in America.
I learned that Hillary was good.
No, we have to continue to do our mission.
But, comrade, he will get angry.
They learned that our top agent is Tucker Carlson, the congressman, the congressman on TV, on the Fox News.
Expose him!
You're carrying water for the Kremlin.
I'm not carrying water for the Kremlin.
Look, you're a sitting member of Congress on the Intel Committee and you can't say... You're gonna have to move your shoulder to our Russian television because... You know what?
That's just so beneath your office because it's so dumb and you're being duplicitous.
The programs are moving forward to cut the taxes and to allow Americans to breathe again.
And the program is working to contain the collapse of the United States so it does not fall to globalism.
And the report is continuing to not fund radical jihadis and other evils.
And the report is continuing to let the families actually raise their children and not give them the vaccines and lower their IQs.
We are destroying America as planned.
We are doing well.
And it's wrong because Hillary is an angel.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be.
Russian scum!
Judge Neil Gorsuch gave his opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday on the first day of hearings on his nomination to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
In it, he unpacked his views on the job of unelected judges in a democratic republic, giving his personal story and pledging to be a public servant who faithfully follows the Constitution and the laws enacted by the people's elected representatives.
Judging is sometimes a lonely and hard job, Gorsuch mused in a wide-ranging speech that ranged from the dramatic to the humorous to reflections, at times showing deep passion and on two occasions even getting emotional.
Today, Gorsuch sparred with Feinstein as well as other senators as they grilled him on his policies.
It looks like that we're going to have a Supreme Court judge just like Antonin Scalia.
Stay tuned to the Alex Jones Show at infowars.com slash show to follow the Senate hearings.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff it says.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
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Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
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Your credit card numbers, your email, everything about you that a criminal can use to hack and buy things under your name.
With a blocking pocket, this is impossible.
It blocks those harmful signals so that you can be safe.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com today and make sure to secure your very own blocking pocket.
The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
Who would have thought that the Russian command base would be run by a eighth-generation Texan whose both sides of his family helped found the state?
And who is related on both sides of the Mayflower and related to a lot of the leaders in the Revolutionary War that I never even say who because it just it sounds too fantastical.
Directly related, in fact my mom and dad's families both strangely enough they've done genealogy weave back and forth from the very start of the country from before when it was colonies.
At the very start, it's amazing how genetics works, and it ended up here in Texas, both sides of the family, predominantly, almost all my ancestors ended up moving down into Tennessee, Alabama, you name it, and to have most of my family that were men, in the Cold War, fighting the Communists and the Russians in Latin America, Europe, you name it, and right here in Texas, I'll just leave it at that, to then be accused of being a Russian brainwashing conduit.
And I'm under investigation, according to the FBI, that's in McClatchy, you name it, for actually being in league with Russian intelligence agents.
And so is the White House chief advisor, Stephen Bannon, decorated naval officer, super patriot.
Well, what do you do when you lose an election?
What do you do when you're caught with CNN and all the other major channels rigging the debates and rigging polls and it's in thousands of emails that, you know, you're involved in all sorts of weird criminal activity?
What do you do when it comes out you're at Aleister Crowley's satanic rituals?
What do you do when it turns out you're on the Communist Chinese payroll and all the intelligence agencies know it?
You boldly flip everything and blame the few patriots that have taken over the Republican Party
With being Russian agents, and you tell the American people you didn't win any election, you're a nobody!
You lost!
That's what they've done.
Now first, I want to go to this short piece, it's more powerful obviously in video, at InfoWars.com forward slash show, where any radio listener can go on their smartphone or their iPad or their whatever they've got, or their desktop and watch the slash TV radio show.
You can always share that link with folks in the information war, in fact that's critical.
But this is South by Southwest zombies who buy into any trendiness that they're sold or any trendiness that is pushed on them.
And these are the people howling with delight in the comment sections of Media Matters and Raw Story about, arrest Alex, he's an agent, shut him down, get rid of his speech, throw him in a jail cell.
Boy, you're liberal, aren't you?
There's literally hundreds of movies and TV shows about the Red Scare and the blacklist and how card-carrying communists that were admittedly trying to overthrow the country got banned from Hollywood.
They had free speech as American citizens, but not working for a foreign power.
I mean, they were writing books and articles about how we should become communists and how they should arrest the opposition.
When you're saying arrest the opposition, you no longer have free speech.
But it's who says it first.
The group that says, let's arrest our opposition, let's kill them, then the other group has a right to go arrest you.
And by the way, dumbos, that's the road this is going down.
Oh yeah, you thought Hillary was invincible and was going to win if you're stupid enough to try some false flags to blame the Liberty Movement.
If you're dumb enough to try to do this, you're dumb enough to try to have rogue elements in the government that are already involved in all sorts of sedition against the presidency and the voters.
If you are stupid enough to think that you're going to be able to get the dog to hunt, to actually try to kill Trump and have some big COG operation, Trump is ready.
Why do you think you put all those generals in around him?
In fact, it's a joke at the CIA what you're trying, and I mean the real CIA.
You noticed all these retired CIA guys are out all over the place, liberal and conservative, for Trump everywhere?
Because Trump's not even a conservative, he's a populist Americana.
He's a unifier.
But first you gotta admit you have a country.
To be a country, to have a culture, and then be unified.
They call that outrageous.
Like the UN says, Angelina Jolie last week, we can't have a country.
Why nationalism, like it's dirty, is masquerading as patriotism.
As if you don't know what nationalism and patriotism is.
Patriotism is being a patriot for your nation and the set of values and the culture.
It's the same thing!
Or it's like a man and woman, a horse and carriage.
But that's how alien this has gotten, where, oh my gosh, we can't have nationalism or have a country that actually tries to have jobs inside and make business deals for the good of the people.
It's supposed to be for the global elites, so they become trillionaires, not just billionaires, and can leverage out everyone and take over the world.
I mean, what the hell?
We've got a guy trying to make America great.
He's a Russian agent!
And Alex Jones is!
That's hilarious.
That's absolutely hilarious.
I mean, to me it's particularly insulting, knowing the things I know about the government, and knowing what's going on behind the scenes, and knowing who the Democrats really are, the most horrible people the world's ever seen.
And to know that they've had the communist Russians on their arm since 1917.
Oh no, the Russians don't have their arm up, the Democrats rear end.
It's the other way around.
The Democrats literally created the Bolshevik Revolution.
Look it up, it's not even secret, it's in the encyclopedia.
The Democratic Party in New York and the Communist Party in England created the Bolshevik Revolution and took over Russia and then murdered tens of millions of Christian Russians.
And they want to do the same thing here!
That's why Obama's in these secret capes going, I'll get these Christians!
These bitter clingers will break their will, don't worry!
And Russia finally got this big spider off of him.
It's like trying to crawl, trying to get on its knees.
Trying to wash the wounds out.
And they're just hopping up and down going, NOOOOO!
You were ours for 80 years!
We're gonna get you Russians!
And they're like, shut up America!
Slap us right in the face.
You lay down there!
You don't even say mother or father!
We're gonna teach your five year olds about sex!
On MTV and Sumner Redstone says so.
You sit there and you take it!
And Alex Jones is a Russian agent.
And they've got so much confidence, and so many people brainwashed, and so many cowards and yes-men in the media and the Congress lined up.
You can see from their confidence, and it's ill-fated confidence.
Man, they go to the next level.
It is going to be unbelievably spectacular.
It's like they haven't read in the chemistry book what they're mixing, and I'm just trying to get to the exit.
We know how this ends, by the way.
I just kind of feel like I metaphysically need to warn the globalists, you need to stop.
In fact, you need to stop right now for your own good and for everybody else's good.
You need to stop right now.
You need to stop right now.
In fact, I'm not going to get to the piece on South by Southwest first.
And I'm going to play that at the bottom of the hour because it dovetails with the intro we're going to play in Premiere here that McBrain put together.
It's powerful.
Let me play, just to remind you where we're at, John McCain a week ago saying that Senator Rand Paul, because he doesn't want treaties in Montenegro and another treaty in the Civil War-torn Ukraine and into the East, bordering Russia with the Crimea,
That he wasn't just going to let him, without debate, pass the treaty through to go to the full Senate.
And so McCain, after saying five times you're working for Russia, says you are an agent of Vladimir Putin.
Remember that?
And I didn't realize that that very same day they were in the House Intelligence Committee and the House Armed Services Committee with a bunch of CIA guys, but a bunch of policy elite blue-blood wonks, not the real CIA.
Not the CIA that actually does any work.
They were there getting them ready with the bill Obama already got in the Defense Authorization Act with the new NDAA to begin shutting down the conservative and libertarian media and banning talk radio and bringing back a fairness doctrine with the CIA over it.
Skip the break.
Coming up.
Who the hell could come up with that?
And it's all right here.
And of course, Rand Paul came out today and showed his sanity.
I love Rand Paul.
He was kind of dormant.
Like a bear hibernating or something, often in the last few years, but he's back.
And the doctor was on the news and he said, they're all over the news saying they were surveilling Flynn and had all this stuff.
Of course they were surveilling Trump.
We already know that, Alex, but at least he said it!
See, they create this whole false reality where they sit around and tell us they never said they had interceptor wiretaps on the Trump people, the Russians.
When it came out there was nothing in them, Trump said, okay, you broke the law with leaks.
They went, oh, we weren't surveilling!
Think about how dumb they are.
So, I guess I'm in good company having Armed Services Committee hearings about how
I'm in league with the Russians.
And again, here's the headline, McClatchy, this was in hundreds of newspapers.
Google the syndication of McClatchy.
Because this is like being republished in papers that don't even normally carry McClatchy.
And I've said McClatchy's done good work before, at least compared to a lot of mainstream media.
Breitbart and Infowars under investigation for ties to Russia.
And it says we're under criminal investigation, but the FBI rarely indicts you through their
Counter-espionage arm.
What the f... And again, this is obviously a threat.
Like, stop doing what you're doing.
Stop exposing what's happening.
Stephen Mann and Alex Jones.
Donald Trump.
We're going to keep going down this road.
Go down the road!
Do whatever you're going to do.
Feel your hand, okay?
My family comes from Americans.
My family comes from honorable people that have built this country and have defended it and are defending it now and restoring it.
I'm not a coward.
I love how they always threaten us as if we don't know what you're capable of.
Just do it!
It's this cheesy Star Wars analogy where Darth Vader says, you should not have come back.
Escape is not my plan.
I intend to go head-on against the New World Order.
I always have.
As an example to others.
I mean, if I fall like the Alamo, I personally am not happy about that.
I want my kids to have a great future and have their dad there, but they don't have a future if we don't pick these people anyways!
I'm all in!
Feels so good!
All the chips in.
Boom, baby.
I love it.
Let me sign that John Hancock and that Declaration of Independence against the New World Order.
A lot of people are signing it real small because they didn't know how dangerous it was.
Signing it on against the King of England that nobody defeated.
Written in 400 years before that.
Not the biggest empires.
Let me just sign my name real big for you.
Right there.
On the New Declaration of Independence.
You see that?
It's ready.
I'm signed on the dotted line forever.
Right there, you see that?
I love it.
It's the animating contest of liberty.
It's real.
And look how weak they are.
That some operation I set up 20-something years ago is devastating them.
It's not that I'm that good, it's that they're that weak and pathetic.
Oh my gosh, they're going to call me racist on NBC's comedy show, Saturday Night Live.
They're the discredited scum.
They can say I rob banks and it isn't true.
They can make up whatever crap they want.
I don't care.
Because I know I have integrity.
I know what I stand for.
And I look at Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters and the leadership of the Democratic Party.
They don't even know what planet they're on.
And then they've got these corrupt bureaucracies and all these agencies playing God, that think they can ignore the President?
And they can ignore the will of the people?
I'm not intimidated by them.
Quite the opposite.
I'm sad for them because I wish they could be part of the honor.
But nine times out of ten, you go look up these people,
And they were Tories, or they were scumbags, or most of their family were swindlers and criminals, and that's why they're where they are, because they're fake scum.
And then, I'm not bragging, you go back and look at my family, just devastating tyranny, devastating scum, devastating bullies, creating new systems, empowering people, taking on all the odds, winning over and over again, even when we are destroyed.
You're going to be destroyed.
I know it.
So feel that and know that and understand that's not confidence.
That's fact.
You are destroyed.
You are weak like your family, like the trash you come from.
Remember that.
You'll never defeat humanity.
You'll never stop us.
All your robotics and GMO and your attempts to wreck the planet are all going to come to a screeching halt.
Your attacks on humanity are only going to empower us.
You don't have gravity, you rot.
This tyranny is gravity, and the gravity is being turned up to make us strong.
It's a free world universe.
It's a free will.
All right, let's start going on these clips.
So I'm in good company with people like Donald Trump.
Tucker Carlson, people like Senator Rand Paul, who dare to not just believe whatever Republicans and Democrats are saying, making up about Russia this, Russia that.
If you dare to challenge it and say there's no proof, which there isn't, all there is is giant proof on the Democrat side, then you're a Russian agent.
Well, then so be it.
Here's Senator Rand Paul being attacked by McCain last week.
The only conclusion you can draw when he walks away is he has no argument to be made.
He has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians.
So I repeat again, the Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.
And of course the lie is 90% of the time when they're doing those procedural bills you don't respond or have a debate.
McCain runs in to try to sneak something through procedurally.
He runs down blocks, it leaves.
Let's start a war in Montenegro.
Send in troops to Montenegro.
No, McCain, sorry, you're not starting a war there.
In the Balkans.
Just like you and the Clintons did before in the 90s, to bring the Muslims in out of Albania, take one third of Serbia, and then have the news say Serbia was involved in atrocities.
Double the Serbs died, and they didn't start the war!
Just like McCain started the Ukraine war, when George Soros brags about it, and then says the Russians have started it!
Oh, the Russians only kept 15% of the country, when half of it's been historically Russian, so you can't murder all the ethnic Russians.
When 98% in Poles in Ukraine, in the eastern part, want Russia to come back in.
That isn't me siding with Russia.
It's siding with sanity!
You started the war, McCain!
You're a globalist agent.
You work with that Nazi collaborator, George Soros.
When is he going to roll over like David Rockefeller?
Good God!
We get another 12 years of him?
Police 101?
You people are cancer.
John McCain is cancer to this country.
So, here's Tucker Carlson again with the other little weirdo.
I mean, I'm sorry, I'm not saying that Schiff is a pervert.
He has the biggest pervert eyes I've ever seen.
It's like some guys look like serial killers.
They have serial killer eyes.
I mean, this guy's got pervert eyes.
But what I do know is, he's up there perving around with our Constitution, trying to say Tucker Carlson's carrying water for Putin.
Here it is.
Water for the Kremlin.
I'm not carrying water for the Kremlin.
Look, you're a sitting member of Congress on the inside committee, and you can't say, you're gonna have to move your show to RT, Russian television, because that's just so beneath your office because it's so dumb and you're being... Alright, now let's, and there's a bunch of these, but of course they've said Trump's this dupe of Putin.
Let's go ahead and go to the next clip again.
This is the outgoing head of the Board of Governors of the FCC that under now new law that Trump hasn't repealed or blocked.
This has, I guess, been an issue.
That they want to ban Breitbart, Infowars, and we're Russian agents.
And in the legislation it says they could even use force.
Military guys could come and kill us.
Which the left, I'm sure, would just love.
So let's go back to the clip.
Here it is.
Mr. Armstrong, you mentioned in your answer to, I think, Ms.
Spears' question that there are other RTs operating in the U.S.
Can you describe them, list them?
Sure, thank you.
So, you have RT, you have Sputnik, you have Ruppli, and then I think you have them feeding other entities.
InfoWars comes to mind where those are echo chambers for those modalities.
It's a website in Russia.
It has almost no effects in the US.
Rupley is like Getty and gathers videos and photos and clips from like football games and movie stars and Muslims rioting.
I've got a stack of news here we're going to cover when we come back from breaking up.
Thumbs up on this.
This is an attack on free press, an attack on Trump.
I mean, this is, you know, they're dropping the hammer here and this is a total declaration of war.
I told you months ago this was coming, but now it's no longer my gut, which is always right.
It's now documented.
I've got stacks of news where Google fixed searches for Hillary, blocked everybody else, launched massive bots with Facebook, Twitter, and Google to massively boost Hillary, banned links promoting Trump.
20th Century Fox put out over 100 fake websites with thousands of fake news articles trying to stop Trump with all sorts of horrible lies about him.
The Washington Post admitted that.
No problem, no big deal.
New York Times admits it.
Jeff Bezos, $600 million from the CIA to put out propaganda through his platforms.
I mean, that's the Atlantic Magazine, all of it admitted.
All the articles where they admit that they have legalized fake news against Alex Jones with the CIA.
I mean, you got a bunch of leftists and weirdos and Ivy League kids who've got, like, a score to settle with America.
And a score to settle with, you know, guys that are bigger and tougher than them.
That's what this is.
All this... I'm nothing against nerds, but this is ruled by nerds.
They don't want prosperity.
They want... Bill Gates wants you to sit there and take inoculations full of cancer viruses, see it roll over and die, and he just gets off on it, okay?
I mean, that's what they do.
And, uh, they're just total trash.
They're your enemy.
Like, why would somebody want to grab your kid out of the backyard and go torture him?
It's just how they are.
It's their nature.
And those of us that aren't into that, we don't get it, okay?
So, uh, the good news is, I'm gonna finish up with all this.
Go to your calls and a lot more.
We have a special intro coming up that ties into a lot of things, so stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
I have an article linked from the San Diego Tribune.
North County Carlsbad to photograph every car entering city.
Quote, to me, one million dollars is a drop in the bucket when you are trying to protect 100,000 or more people.
Carlsbad is expanding its use of automatic license plate readers into a system that aims to collect the registration information of every vehicle that enters the city.
The $1 million police department project, which will add stationary cameras at 14 key Carlsbad intersections,
Creating a virtual gateway at the city's borders was approved by the City Council last week, sparking outrage over privacy rights and government control from several residents and one council member.
Stay tuned for more special reports at InfoWars.com.
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The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread.
And the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
For beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please, listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
They're barricading the street.
Invasion of the body statues.
What happens when fiction meets reality?
When mob psychosis and mass media programming creates a survival mass of programmable biological androids?
This happens.
The year is 2017.
With the implosion of Hollywood, the state of California itself has entered a death spiral, and the Communist Chinese have brought up the remnants.
Out of this narcissistic hellhole now crawls millions upon millions of brain-damaged, culture-warped zombies.
Tens of thousands of hours of screen time every year lowers their brainwaves into a sleep-like trance where they can then be completely programmed.
But not just in Austin, Texas or Los Angeles, California.
All over the country, we find that SJW's attendees are
...are unable to defend their political ideas, and normally only cuss, scream, or howl.
Very similar to what we saw in the 1970s remake of The Body Snatchers.
Here is the incredibly frightening truth.
What has been done to these people?
This is Mind Control.
Decades before parasitic spores had already found their way to Austin, the Austin Chronicle and Lewis Black established South by Southwest.
And like moths to a flame, they come to the new Hollywood.
The unthinking Zomtrimioids are not escaping California, New York, and other wastelands to establish a new free outpost.
They come to destroy the prosperity.
They come seeking fame.
They come to the new California outpost.
A new place where dreams are stolen and destroyed by parasites that sit upon it, playing upon the hopes and dreams of the young, the gullible, and the stupid.
South by southwest, the beautiful cancer, now metastasizing through the once great city of Austin and spreading beyond.
The anti-liberal workshops operate under the name of liberalism.
The hopeless zombies pay high dollar to sit in the workshops and be taught that censorship is good, owning homes and cars is bad, and that renting from the big central megabanks is the ultimate expression of success.
In short, South by Southwest in Austin, Texas is making slavery cool again.
And inducting the already scammed Californians and others into a new, even more wondrous fraud.
Agenda 21 is the process of drawing humans out of their normal environment and putting them into artificial environments where they can be surveilled, controlled, and socially engineered.
Towards the final aim of the one-world technocracy, mass population reduction, and the new utopia of the elite on the now depopulated planet, we give you Austin, Texas, the new example of fraud and corruption.
That video just went up, Gen21 Cancer, on InfoWars.com, and it's also on the Alex Jones Channel.
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I coined the term ZOM trimbioids.
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They're very scared.
They don't normally go outside their houses a lot.
I like the Hank Hill episode where Bobby talks about this kid that's on computers all the time, how much he loves him, and he goes and opens the door and the kid actually has like green skin like an alien.
There are folks every week I see on the news dying, staying up two, three days, drinking, you know, caffeine drinks, trying to play video games.
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It's like, hey, do you have one glass of wine or three bottles of wine?
Everything in moderation.
I play video games, too, sometimes.
But I tend to go to an arcade or something and do it.
They kind of brought those back.
Like the old-fashioned ones.
It's just that when it takes over your life, it's an admitted false reality, an alternate reality that you've been sucked into, ladies and gentlemen.
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One buffalo you end up killing ends up more than 10.
The place I go hunting sometimes, it's 8,000 acres, has sheep and things, bighorn sheep, that are in Europe that were only a couple hundred left a few years ago.
They ended up getting them now there's thousands all over the world.
So you hunt one, it's got a high dollar on it, and you're actually funding conservation to then put them back in Europe and other areas.
I think it's for having that particular type was it like I forget the name it's like a Ural sheep or some Caspian sheep and you shoot it and then they use that to then set them all the world and repopulate them but now there's a bigger population in the U.S.
I think we're saying like 15,000 or something than there are back in the mountains of Eastern Europe.
It's just crazy how it works but that's the type of hunting I do.
And it's amazing.
It's amazing that the conservation that is involved and just how ignorant the left is.
We got more white-tailed deer in Texas than we had a hundred years ago because of the conservation and the money that goes back into producing better genetics in them.
I'm digressing.
I'm sorry.
I'm getting off on a whole other subject.
Talk about real eugenics.
That's going on with the production of the fish, the production of deer.
The Texas Parks and Wildlife has a lot of little commies that are at the low level, but high level, they got some good people that know what they're doing.
Oh yeah, I can go hunt whitetail basically year-round if I want to, but there's a big price tag on it for conservation to then produce even more and better.
People say, well, why do you want to go hunt?
Why tell them they don't have antlers on them?
I don't go hunt them with the antlers.
I don't care about the big trophy.
I want to shoot a young doe because then I get that great healthy meat that I can make stews out of, steaks, you name it.
If you're shooting some big buck in the rut with big old antlers, that doesn't taste good.
Little news flash, everybody.
But I am now digressing, ladies and gentlemen, into just basic primitive activity, which when you do these primitive activities, it opens up all these pathways in your brains, all these instincts they've been trying to suppress.
It's amazing how they put us in this artificial bubble.
All right.
So I've already spent an hour and 48 minutes on the epically huge announcement
That Rand Paul's a Russian agent, I'm a Russian agent, I'm under investigation of being a Russian agent.
That just shows how desperate they are.
But here's the 64 trillion dollar answer.
They know the public isn't buying, and they made a big joke about it, that the Patriots won because the Russians did it, or that Rockefeller died because of the Russians, or Hillary fell down because of the Russians, or there was bad weather because of the Russians, or my tire went flat because of the Russians.
They know nobody's buying that.
They don't care.
That's the excuse with the people in the deep state, in the shadow government, just the bureaucracy ignoring the law and the president, to then run around and prepare for his political overthrow and to leak information to the media, and then admit they leak it, then deny they leak it, and say Trump's crazy and has been discredited.
But other than this healthcare deal, which I know they came to Trump and they said the economy's going to implode, it's meant to kill the economy this year, if we don't repeal it at least and have some quasi-system, it's going to go crazy.
And so he's listening to Paul Ryan, it's Trump's first mistake, and I think part of the new Gallup poll that's so low is fake, just like during the campaign it was fake.
We told you it was fake.
But, you know, I'd say a third of his drop is real, because it's the first time he's deviated from his absolute promise to repeal Obamacare.
I know he's going to hear everybody bitching and saying, well, a bunch of poor people don't have health care.
Trump, talk to medical experts.
They get it under charity care.
They're not being told.
The illegal aliens know there's charity care.
They know you can't be turned away under law.
But citizens play along that we're not supposed to get something for free.
I'm not for stuff for free.
But if it's there and already free, then go get it.
Of course, now it's up to 50% from 37%.
They just put these things out to bully the president, ladies and gentlemen.
And he shouldn't follow any of the polls.
I want to take your calls on where do you see this going?
How do we counter this?
They wouldn't be confident putting this out unless they're planning military action.
Clearly they're planning false flags to demonize the President.
What would those be?
We should talk about it.
And clearly they're planning probes, bomb attacks, blueprints of Trump Tower, other things, trying to kill the President.
We're in a war, a civil war for the Republic.
The globalists that have hijacked the country are the enemy.
They are the foreign power.
We've got to rally the American people against it.
Why is the fungus?
Why is the mold?
Why is the yeast taking over?
What is going on?
What has changed?
Dr. Group, the new product will sell out definitely in days.
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But why is this product so powerful?
What does it do?
So, we've been doing research, just like you have, on what's currently going on.
Obviously, we stay ahead of the game because our job is to protect and address the root cause of the problem, which is why I've been... Now, we want stuff for our own kids.
Well, we've been... This is why we've addressed...
The president, you know, let's address the root cause of America's health problems, but getting back to fungus, it's becoming an increasing epidemic that's only getting worse.
It's killing bats everywhere, other animals, squirrels are dying.
Funguses were used as bioweapons.
So why is it suddenly killing so many mammals?
Yeah, fungus is a growing epidemic and I've been testing this formula and making changes to this formula for over 10 years.
I've had nobody, here's the thing Alex, when you go to the doctor with a list of symptoms, you can look at symptoms of fungus overgrowth in the body.
It's going to show, you're going to pull up over a hundred symptoms.
Everything from brain fog, lack of energy, insomnia, headaches, bowel problems.
Joint pain.
It's joint pain.
It's linked to Crohn's disease.
What about the obesity epidemic?
I know they test people that are really obese and they're just colonized by fungus.
Yeast overgrowth.
I have a study right here by Jacob Titobaum at the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Dallas.
Yeast overgrowth is linked to an average weight gain of 32 and a half pounds.
By the way, folks, look, I'm not bragging.
We game-changed the presidency.
We game-changed the New World Order.
Globalism is falling because of you.
You are the Infowar.
Listen, this is religious for me, okay?
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And you can't support an organization that isn't fighting hard.
Look at the response we're getting.
We're changing the world together.
You are the InfoWar.
God bless you all.
I've probably done over the years 20 plus broadcasts with whistleblower nurses.
Where they talk about how when they give the premature babies the vaccines they die.
And so nurses started not doing it.
But then under bioethics and under the insurance company edicts about six years ago they started saying you will do it.
So they come in with the managing doctor and the administrators at these
Hospitals, we've written articles about it, we've had guests on many times, and they give those preemies those shots, and a lot of them die on the spot.
Some they can keep alive with respirators.
Then they're horribly brain damaged.
Now for government to be able to kill babies in front of their parents, but it's all done procedural, like they're the high priest, you don't know what's happening, that's real power.
Like giving my grandmother her second round of polio vaccine, and then she got, a week later, the very vaccine they gave her, the very strain they gave her.
She just died a month ago or so.
So, those are some important articles.
You can actually talk to Rob Ducreux, he knows the interviews and the actual headlines.
It was like, nurses admit babies die when given vaccines, or nurses tell Infowars about children
Going into cardiac arrest or stopping breathing when they take vaccines.
You can pull those articles up.
But I wanted to hit this right now before I give the number out and take your calls.
In the next hour it's 800-259-9231 on all the news we just covered.
Elmo has come out.
Sesame Street introduces an autistic Muppet.
Instead of asking why we've gone from 1 in 30,000 25 years ago to 1 in 58.
In South Korea, vaccinating is more than us.
We're like 1 in 27 now.
Instead of asking why, it's just like, adopt it.
Be sweet about it.
Have local runs to raise money.
For autistic research.
Well, you give kids vaccines designed to cause an autoimmune response.
It burns out their pancreas, it burns out their brain.
When your kid has a convulsion there at the hospital or the clinic, they know it's that.
It says on the insert, they say, oh, it's normal to have convulsions.
They hope your kid comes back.
Basically like electro shock therapy, as they call it, but with a chemical.
The mercury causes an electrochemical response.
So Sesame Street introduces an autistic Muppet.
Notice a few years ago we had Elmo with the Surgeon General.
Remember the Elmo actor ended up being a pedophile or reportedly got indicted or whatever?
It just never ends.
Get vaccinated with Surgeon General and Elmo.
There's been a bunch of actors, I'm not saying they all were.
So Sesame Street
introduces Autistic Muppet.
After their program of the IQ in the U.S.
down about 15% in the last 20 years, it's going peaches.
Here is Sesame Street introduces Autistic Muppet.
Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing.
Hi, Julia!
Elmo sees Julia is playing with her stuffed rabbit.
Fluffster's Jordy's favorite toy, right?
Well, Elmo brought his favorite toy, too.
Good pause.
I'm going to come back and start the next hour and play about these.
You see, the globalists know that we adapt to being killed.
We adapt to being poisoned.
As long as we're shown it's okay.
So they're like, everybody's got breast cancer and brain cancer now.
All the kids are starting to get cancer.
It's okay.
Pediatric cancer up over 10,000 percent.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just we're all in this together, all right?
When you get a vodka, you know, give an extra dollar, you know, to Pink Research or whatever.
Go to a restaurant, go wherever.
It's like, give a dollar, give a dollar to find out the cure.
How about why everybody's getting the cancer?
So see, they normalize it.
Oh, you're brain damaged now.
It's okay.
Zuckerberg and everybody needs the Earth cleansed of you to enjoy the new future.
None of them have screen time.
None of them are allowed to watch television.
None of their children, like Steve Jobs, are allowed to be online or have an iPad.
They don't take vaccines either.
But you and your children do.
Do the right thing.
Kill yourself and your children for Big Pharma.
The Earth belongs to them.
Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
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That's InfoWarsLive.com and Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
Take action now before we sell out.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Humans not having empathy, not caring, not wondering why there's so many brain-damaged children, so many kids dying, and mentally from vaccines is what allows this to happen.
Look at the articles on Drudge Report.
Police, Chicago teen gang-raped on Facebook Live.
40 viewers, cops not called.
That's what allows scumbags like Pelosi and Maxine Waters to keep screwing everybody over.
Our weakness is what empowers them.
Now that the Democrats and Republicans announced smaller tax cuts as Trump battles, the stock market starts turning down.
As soon as Trump began to compromise on health care, the magic ended.
Only the purity was what was invincible.
I mean, Trump's light year is better than Hillary.
It's just, and I understand he wants to stabilize the economy, but wow.
Back to Sesame Street introduces Autistic Muppet after Elmo tells you to go out and get vaccinated.
So first Elmo tells you to go out and get vaccinated.
Then you're brain damaged and Elmo comes over and says, oh, it's okay, I got a teddy bear.
We'll put it in the casket with you.
Here it is.
Boing, boing, boing, boing.
Oh, what's wrong?
Hi, Julia!
You want to put the teddy bear in the casket with you?
Oh, the vaccine didn't kill you.
Too bad.
Fluffster's Julia's favorite toy, right?
Well, Elmo brought his favorite toy.
Oh, you can't talk!
You did what I told you!
I talk like I'm John Eel!
Now it's Baldwin.
You've been very useful to me.
We can play side-by-side like we do sometimes.
My chemical weapon did good!
Oh, he copies what she does.
He doesn't find out why she's brain damaged.
Ha ha ha ha!
She did what he said!
There's a guy with his arms in the puppet.
It's a man trying to get your kids to go along with something.
That creepy?
Oh, look, I'm a toy creeping around a little girl.
Sesame Street.
Pervert Street.
You brain-damagers!
It's cute!
There sure are lots of ways to play!
Soon you'll all be like that, Tilly.
Mow you all down with machine guns with the New World Order!
So cute!
Take your cancer viruses!
Aw, isn't that sweet?
Oh, we need to fund that with taxpayer money, isn't it cute?
Get vaccinated with the Surgeon General and Elmo.
Let's have a flashback of this filth.
Here it is.
This is Elmo's friend, Dr. Murphy!
He's the, um, the... I'm the Surgeon General, Elmo.
It's my job to help everyone stay healthy.
Absolutely, Elmo.
You can get all your vaccinations on time.
Those are the shots that help you stay healthy.
Don't worry, Elmo.
It's just a little pinch, and it's safe.
Oh, okay.
And it's safe!
And tell all your friends on Sesame Street to get vaccinated, too.
Come on, everybody!
Get vaccinated!
That's not creepy.
It's safe.
They always say, safe and effective.
Read the insert.
Every vaccine says it can kill you, cause neurological disorders, you name it.
Doesn't matter, though.
He lied.
He said, Elmo, it's safe!
Isn't it cute?
And we all do it, Bill Gates says, because his dad ran Planned Parenthood and was a top eugenicist and the head of the Eugenics Society in the U.S.
And he helped, with his people, set up the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.
And you know how nice they were.
I mean, you know, how Hitler.
But then if you're actually fighting it, you see you're with Hitler.
If you're actually against George Soros, like the forward said a few weeks ago, Alex loves Hitler.
No quote, no link, doesn't matter.
I love Hitler.
No, it's you that love those that created Hitler as a trap to destroy the German people.
Shame on, shame on all you people.
But you know where you're going, don't you?
The same place David Rockefeller is, even now.
Anthony Cumia joins us.
Anthony, I'm gonna let you take over.
I apologize for jumping into your show.
Of course, it's compoundmedia.com, the Cumia Show, C-U-M-I-A Show on Twitter.
You know you have the top show on XM, and we had a huge show on XM for like eight years, and they said, oh sorry, we're 100 plus hosts are being kicked off two years ago because Obama wants you off.
They would tell you, are you going to back off Obama or are you going to be off the air?
And we're supposed to just roll over like it's the Soviet Union.
Oh, you know, we're popular.
We're just telling the truth.
Mom and apple pie here just kick us off the air.
The problem is the people now are awake.
They know what's going on.
They're coming to us.
So where do you see this whole fight going?
No more banter.
I'm going to turn it over to you, Anthony Acumia.
Thank you, sir.
It's just amazing.
I feel like re-energized.
We've wanted something like this for so long.
We've been sitting around under at least the eight years of Obama, and even before that, feeling powerless.
Just feeling so powerless.
Nothing we could possibly do.
And we didn't say kill anybody when Obama was doing bad stuff.
Imagine if you or I said kill Obama.
It'd be in 500 newspapers or more tomorrow.
We'd be arrested.
The double standard is unbelievable with the left.
That little punk bow-wow.
Yeah, talks about
Prostituting, sending the First Lady, putting her out on the street.
And I was saying on Twitter, I was like, can you imagine if a country artist, who, you know, because they deem country artists as horrid racists anyway, a country artist would have said the same thing about Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.
They would have been shunned from society.
Never mind just reprimanded or forced to apologize.
They would have been removed from society never to be heard from again.
But that stuff just wasn't happening.
We lost 5 million just last month.
3.3 last year.
We're scheduled to make 5 plus million this year.
Google just said, you can't run ads for frickin' multivitamins.
I mean, I go make money outside of here.
I can just be cold-blooded business guy, make 10 times the money.
I'm not stupid.
And it's just crazy.
I take money from outside to fund the truth, and then they cut that off.
Yeah, yeah.
They don't want... They're going to great lengths.
As you were explaining before, the desperation is palpable.
It's amazing how desperate the left and globalists and corporations have gotten at this point because they see, uh-oh, they've cracked the surface.
They got a guy in there now who's not one of the regular players.
We are in trouble.
That's their desperation.
And other ones are getting elected everywhere.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Show us your habits, your stats, your fears.
Give us your address, your shoe size, your years, your digits, your plans, your number, your eyes, your schedule, your desktop, your details, your life.
Show us your children, your photos, your home, here.
So, 12 years ago, they began Gardasil trials in the United States, and they had a bunch of deaths across the country of autoimmune disorders of 11 and 12-year-old girls that were being given it.
It was just all over local news, hundreds of deaths.
So they couldn't get it approved until Rick Perry, then governor, announced it was an emergency.
So under federal law, if even a state governor announces an emergency, it gives it vaccine liability protection and that multi-billion dollar fund that was set up in 1983.
And so I sat there and watched that with horror every week seeing more deaths.
And you read the vaccine pieces of paper, the inserts that come with the actual ampule, and they always say on the news, safe and effective.
They'll say it, the different clinics you go to or the different drugstores.
Oh, that's a conspiracy theory.
Safe and effective.
Maybe a sore injection site.
Then you read the MMR, or flu vaccine, or hepatitis vaccine, or any of them, and it's like neurological disorders, narcolepsy, type 1 diabetes by destroying your pancreas, death, autoimmune disorders, I mean it's like small print, two giant, it's the size of a poster, and it's just small print like Bible paper.
In fact, I've got the file in there, since we're on the subject now, since you guys raised this Elmo piece.
I've got my vaccine file, because people bring that in.
I'll just show the MMR, where it says it can kill you, neurological disorders.
But they have the Surgeon General with Elmo saying, kids, it's totally safe, get your vaccines.
Well, it's four or five, 30 years ago, now it's 50-something.
And it's directly linked all over the world to death, you name it, neurological disorders, autoimmune responses, it's tainted with cancer viruses, you name it.
But he just says safe and effective.
In fact, he says it's just completely safe.
Some creepy dude.
Well, that was a few years ago.
Now they've got, thank you, now they've got the new autistic Elmo kid that can't talk.
Now there's bombshell.
CDC commenced a new vaccine, autism crime.
Let's go over this here.
This is a
Do a document cam shot for TV viewers, radio listeners, I'll read it to you.
This is a Merck and Co.
from one of their vaccines.
Now you go to the drugstore and say, is there any side effects?
No, none.
Safe and effective.
They'll give you a fake fact sheet.
You need to ask with what comes with the ampule.
The actual paper.
Any drug has this under law.
They're trying to pass a law to get rid of these.
And it says,
Basically here, what it can do to you, and what is inside of the vaccine.
And I'm telling you, it is a long hard read.
Pancreatitis, that's what kills your pancreas.
Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, endocrine system.
So then it just kills your pancreas.
It gives you diabetes.
And the kids get the shot, they wonder why their pancreas fails, and then you wonder why the clinic's just full of the kids.
Always at around August 15th, the clinics fill up nationwide because your pancreas is dying, or a few weeks later.
Here, let's read some more here.
Stephen Johnson syndrome.
Measles-like rash, because it gives you measles.
You take the measles vaccine, you get measles.
You take the shingles vaccines, you get it.
But it's like this.
So when Bill and Melinda Gates have 60,000 here, 100,000 there, a half million here, in some African country or in India, they say, oh, they had polio-like symptoms and thousands of children died.
But it's just a minor footnote.
Because Bill and Melinda Gates are so wonderful.
Like my grandma getting polio after the vaccine.
It's so wonderful.
And it goes on and on here.
You can just read all the brain damage, neurological disorders.
It just goes on and on.
I mean, I could just all day read these two if you'd like.
Sometimes I feel like this is just all I should do on air, actually.
Oh, Alex Jones, it's fake news.
He says vaccines are bad.
You can actually read all the stuff.
The influenza vaccine, all of it.
Brain damage, narcolepsy, death.
Yep, Gardasil linked to death and diabetes after young girls vaccinated.
Toronto Star.
Yeah, it turns off your immune system.
Gardasil doesn't protect against any of the cancer viruses.
It is cancer viruses.
That's a fact, Jack!
I laugh because it's so sick.
Chris and Beth and Carlos and Michelle and Lex, I'm going to go to your calls.
If you just joined us, it's in the McClatchy, you name it, everywhere.
Alex Jones and Infowars Breitbart under investigation for ties to Russia.
A counter-espionage investigation of the FBI that we may be actually getting commands from Russia.
Because we want control our borders, cut our taxes, have our guns, our private property.
We want Trump to investigate the vaccines, which he's announcing.
We're horrible, horrible, horrible people.
And the word is, again, Trump's this big Russian agent too.
And so's Rand Paul.
You know what's funny?
Rand Paul's only on the show when he calls me to come on.
He's got to tell his staff he wants to go on.
Not that I even need Rand Paul on the show.
But he'll ask, why have I been on the show in years?
What's going on?
One time I got asked by one of his family members, hey, Rand's wondering why you never call him.
Your people ignore us.
It's not like we need Rand Paul on the show, but, you know, he's being called a Russian agent, so am I now, Tucker Carlson, and we call their people and they just don't even return our phone call.
So I'm communicating with Senator Rand Paul right now.
Last time I mentioned this, he called a day later, and it was like, it was the same thing with Ted Nugent.
I mean, I've got his cell phone number and his email, but I'm supposed to call his booker.
He literally calls me once and says, I've been on the show, why don't you ever call?
Your people don't get back with Nico Acosta.
But I want Senator Rand Paul on the show about this, and what do we do about this?
He came on a few weeks ago about the health care bill, he was absolutely right, it's not a good idea.
Better than Obamacare, but that doesn't mean something's not being shot with a bazooka or a .45.
I don't want to be shot by either.
I want this damn thing repealed.
But that's just an example of the demonization that's going on.
I've got a bunch of news in the economy, military.
I want to get to Paul Watson's house in the fourth hour from London, England right now.
Let's talk to a caller in Canada.
Let's go ahead and talk to Carlos.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
Before I give you a bit of a solution to this Russian
Malarkey that's going on and the allegations against yourself and others.
I want to tell you we got some of your iodine product.
That is really great stuff.
And we should advise everyone who's listening to get it.
It should be part of your medicine cabinet.
People love testimonials.
What did it do for you?
Well, it actually
Very solitary because, you know, we run down on iodine and it's something that people don't realize in western and northern latitudes.
And unless you're taking vitamin 3, vitamin D3, and you're really getting all the components.
Don't forget iodine comes from the ocean and that's essential to all the living cells in our body.
So if you don't have it, you die.
And the other iodines are just toxic or they're bound.
You know, these are, this is real 999999, deep earth, not ocean based, goes right into the blood.
Uh, and it's in a palm oil organic system.
It's, it's, uh, speak of the devil, it's Russian patented technology, how they inject the gas in.
Uh, but it's pretty amazing.
All right.
Now let me tell you how you can forge them on their own petard.
For about a year now, there's been, there was talk about that time of a movement to get rid of, not President Trump, because he wasn't at that time believed that he was going to be president, but the target was Vladimir Putin.
He's going to be running again for election next year in the month of March, a year from now.
And the plan was to mount a tremendous campaign with trouble from Ukraine.
So that there will be infiltrations, terrorism, and new candidates very strongly supported by the neocons.
And by the way, McCain and Soros and Hillary and Obama admitted that they have groups, by the thousands of groups, in Russia openly trying to overthrow their government.
And so, if they can throw you in the mix, if they can prepare the American people to expect, and the Europeans, that the Russians are interfering with their elections, then it's payback time when they do it next January, December.
Well sure, that's what's happening, and again, they can brand opposition to globalism, nationalists as foreigners, or out to get the nation-state when it's the globalists killing our nation-state, and they change the subject on how they lost the election, how they rigged the election, how they got caught lying, how they got caught rigging the media.
I mean, it's actually a genius PR move.
It's not really working though, so that's why they're sharpening their knives, and I think it's a pretty sure fact they're going to try to kill the president.
Well, I put it to you that every time they allege anything like you're an agent, or Roger Stone is an agent, or anyone is an agent, you bring up the subject that it is Putin that they're trying to get after next year.
And as the time approaches, you'll see how quiet they go on allegations against people like yourselves.
Because they will not want to bring this subject up week after week, month after month, all the way to March next year.
Because they know that'll make Russians vote for him, realizing it's an outside force trying to stop that.
And also, it will encourage President Trump to be able to say, okay, now that we know... Well, Trump needs to trump this.
He needs to meet with Putin immediately, make a big joke out of it, have Russia do some concessions just to totally defeat all this.
I mean, this is a load of crap.
I mean, this is so ridiculous that they sit here and try to sell this and, I mean, saying Rand Paul works for Putin?
I mean, when's this going to end?
When John McCain's been caught working with Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria?
I mean, the guy is a total criminal.
Well, they're not too intelligent, but they are really, really organized and they have a lot of money.
Too much money, I believe.
I agree, they're totally ruthless.
I'll be honest with you, what scares me is Pelosi not knowing that Bush isn't president for eight years.
Same press conference, Maxine Waters, uh, you know, thinks that Russia invaded Korea.
She doesn't even know there's a northern south.
And I haven't gotten the clips last few weeks, I've been too busy.
We've got all sorts of space cadet, Maxine Water, uh, Pelosi stuff.
They get up there in press conferences, they literally act like Alzheimer patients, I know.
And they're like the leaders, claiming Putin runs everything.
Hell, they say Putin tells Trump, drain the swamp, crooked Hillary.
As if we haven't been saying that for 20 plus years.
I mean, it's just, it's like, she thinks we're like her constituents, I guess, that are dumbed down.
She literally thinks we don't have an original thought in our head, and so if she doesn't know what planet she's on, she wonders, how could I know?
Does that make sense?
It makes a lot of sense.
And yet, if you want to go back to the subject of Putin and his overthrow and the effort that the neocons are putting on, watch next month in France how they're going to be alleging that, you know, one way or the other, Russia is involved against the French and against elections interference.
That will be the clue.
Well, you sound like a smart guy, Carlos.
What's your background?
I'm a Ph.D.
in Neuroscience, but I read between the T-libs.
Well since you're a neuroscientist, I'm just reading the inserts on these vaccines.
What do you make of all the increase in neurological disorders and the claim that vaccines have zero bad health effects?
You know, the model of having dead organisms and developing memories and immune systems against it
As a principle of vaccine is a good one.
What I find is that across the board, it doesn't matter whether it's mortgages in the financial community or whether it is, you know, vaccines in the medical models or whether it is, you know, the truth in the media or religion.
I find that there is an effort throughout the board and even the food products that we consume.
To abuse and to degenerate, adulterate the product in any way that is profitable.
That's right.
They're setting a precedent to lower standards to maximize profit and have the public accept crap.
There's a war on quality, and whether it's a conspiracy or not, it's going on.
And you read the white papers, it is a conspiracy.
And that's why I go into a fast food place rarely.
I leave the trash.
That makes them go create jobs for entry level.
We just accept less.
That's the world they're building.
And it goes right into medicine and everything else.
Great call, Carlos.
Just a final point.
What do you make of them coming out though and saying they're criminally investigating me for being in contact with Russian intelligence agencies, which of course is like saying I'm Pinocchio or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
It's total crap, unequivocally a fraud, makes me very, very angry that they're this desperate.
What do you make of that?
I make it that you should take paper and paper, pencil and paper, get a paper trail
And with the law, sue anyone who dares this kind of unaccountability, abuse of respect.
No, I agree.
And they were having the Washington Post and the New York Times say it.
They had to pull it because people were getting suits ready.
Because clearly, you say somebody's a foreign agent with no evidence, and you have to destroy somebody.
And we should be shut down.
Don't forget that.
Because they want to shut us down.
So they're saying like a gulag or something, you know, or a Nazi ghetto.
You know, you put us in a ghetto.
This is unprecedented in history.
And so now they're having the Board of Governors and the CIA come out and do it in Congress as if they have immunity.
And what's crazy is this is a law Obama signed a month before Trump got in.
Trump needs to go kill this.
But then his advisors are like, sir, if you kill the Russian monitoring program, they'll say you must be Russian.
They've set up a Ministry of Truth to harass the free press.
It's a freaking joke!
It's a joke!
You said something very profound in one of your programs that really touched me.
And you said, Americans cannot be free until they're free from being surveilled.
And this is essential.
The only thing that President Trump does is to liberate Americans from being surveilled by being investigated.
It's like Uncle Sam became Peeping Tom.
And it's so sad.
And then they admit it all, and then Trump goes, it's illegal to leak that.
They go, we didn't do it, we didn't do it, like there's not thousands of news articles with the headline.
I mean, again, the insult of these people, the arrogance.
I look at the weird cowards, like that weirdo on Reliable Sources, on CNN, like this little arrogant wimp.
I'm not just saying that meanly.
He looks like the most cowardly, pathetic person I've ever seen.
He just radiates.
He's a piece of crap.
And I'm just like, how are we ruled by these people?
God bless you, Carlos.
I appreciate your call.
Well, it means we're winning.
And I knew when we got Trump in, the war had just started.
My gut told me when he was elected, I said, oh my God.
And I was told by a lot of smart folks, too.
They said, Alex, they said next level's the real fight.
And I don't even care about myself.
And I say that selfishly.
I've already died.
You know, you get older as a man, you just, you know, it's like, it's not even confidence anymore.
You just don't care.
But then I think about children and it makes me sick.
What they do to little kids with the vaccines, what they do to little kids with all the rest of it, and they know what they're doing.
And it's always, somebody looks like a pedophile pushing, and it's always some weird demon creature.
And I just,
I just know this.
They start a civil war, I'm not going after the poor cops.
They're just like the citizens, misdirected, brainwashed.
They start killing patriots and everybody else.
We need to know, all of us know who the enemy is in your area.
The people that are running this stuff.
Because as soon as they get in a physical fight, that they start.
Remember, we don't ever do something offensive.
But as soon as they step into that arena, it's important they get hammered hard.
And they take those of us that have restraint, big governors, because we got big machines, genetically.
I'm a builder.
I'm also a killer.
I mean, flip a switch.
I mean, it's bad.
And I see these wimps living that world.
They've never actually been in it.
They don't have the genetics for it.
They have the genetics to creep around all day and stab people in the back.
And they're trying to start fights with people.
Because they've got this little, this little evil side.
They don't have a good side.
They've got this evil, and there's people that have giant evil sides, because their good sides are so much even huger than that, and they're sitting there starting fights with people that... that they would be so horrified of.
They think they're horrified of good people because we're good.
They don't know why they're horrified.
They're horrified because they worship evil, and our evil side is so much bigger and more evil than their side.
It's just counter-veiled by the good.
So if you want to open the gates, open the gates.
Open them at your peril.
But you don't care.
Scum never cares till the cold fingers are wrapped around their neck.
We're ruled by mentally retarded people like Pelosi and Michael Moore.
And it's our fault they're in power and it needs to change.
And we need to do everything peaceful now while the sun still shines to change the paradigm.
What I'm saying is, I know a lot of you think we're winning.
We're in the fight now.
We're not winning.
The war is now.
Michael in Florida, thanks for holding here on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, brother.
Oh man, I got a couple things to talk to you about.
First things start off, Roger Stone.
What the heck is Pelosi doing with this ship guy?
She put this guy in power and now he's putting all this political crap out in the air.
Yeah, Schiff looks like the creepiest person I've ever seen with those little weirdo bug-eyed things.
He's got going all the crap.
Everybody's a Russian agent.
How about you're an agent of the Communist Chinese, jerk?
The Democratic Party's run by them.
Run his mouth everywhere.
You're a Russian agent.
You're a Russian agent.
They're the traitors against this country.
What do you think?
I think he's completely a traitor, and he's one of our biggest battles in our spiritual war that we're doing here.
And like you just said about the evil about the good, I think you're a little wrong on that.
I think our good is so much stronger than their evil.
No, I'm not saying it's some balanced New Age thing, good and evil, it's the opposite.
I'm saying most good people
out there have a vicious side to them, but it's governed by the good and the fact they love God.
That a lot of good people, though, the evil people are trying to be evil, trying to be powerful.
They have no idea that it's good that's more powerful.
I'm just saying they worship evil and they have no idea, according to their paradigm of evil, the capabilities of what a good person can do.
Agreed, but you've got to realize most of these people don't even know they're evil.
They're so brainwashed by this television that they're watching every single day and they don't even realize they're being told that evil is good and good is evil and they're starting to believe it.
Well, you look at Chef just by his actions, by the look in his eyes, that is a super bad news person.
Agreed, but what can we do for Stone?
Is there anything we can help him with?
No, he's having the time of his life fighting them and knows it's all crap and they might try to kill him.
They've already tried to kill him twice.
He's actually coming up in 10 minutes.
But Mike, let me come back and let you finish your point about the Comey hearing, because I cut into you.
Then I'm going to go to Lex, Chris, Beth and others, then Wilde, then Roger Stone just as an update is going to pop in, because I now joined the club.
I mean, they've said I'm like influential.
No, I'm under investigation by the counter-espionage unit of the FBI for being under the control of Russian intelligence.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
I have an article linked from the San Diego Tribune.
North County Carlsbad to photograph every car entering city.
Quote, to me, one million dollars is a drop in the bucket when you are trying to protect 100,000 or more people.
Carlsbad is expanding its use of automatic license plate readers into a system that aims to collect the registration information of every vehicle that enters the city.
The $1 million police department project, which will add stationary cameras at 14 key Carlsbad intersections,
Creating a virtual gateway at the city's borders was approved by the city council last week, sparking outrage over privacy rights and government control from several residents and one council member.
Stay tuned for more special reports at InfoWars.com.
Hawaii is so beautiful.
If I was ever going to punch out of this fight, that's where I'll be headed.
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Think how far we've come in the fight against tyranny.
But think of the depths our enemies will stoop to to attack us.
President Trump, a Russian agent.
Senator Rand Paul, a Russian agent.
On the floor of the Senate, accused of it with zero evidence.
Myself accused of being a Russian agent in the House and Senate committee meetings.
I've just shown you one clip.
We're trying to find the others.
We have transcripts of it.
It's happened at least seven times, I know, of the last week.
Does that scare me?
No, that makes me think, wow, I'm really getting to the satisfied point now that I did my job.
Because I'm going to go on to the end, whatever the cost may be, we'll defend this Republican humanity.
I just feel sorry for people that aren't part of the big victory.
The fact that globalism, unelected world government, so outrageous, is now being exposed and falling as we speak?
And the omen of David Rockefeller dying in the midst of this battle?
These are days that will be long remembered.
Make no mistake.
I used to hear that quote from Kennedy and think it was cheesy.
Ask not what your country can do for you, what you can do for your country.
Oh, my country's about the people and empowering humanity and strength and honor and the Renaissance.
Because that's what people gave to put us here.
It's the honor.
It's the strength.
It's the will.
When you're so selfish for your children and so selfish in your love for the truth, that you're willing to lay everything down.
People would call that being unselfish.
No, it's not.
That's what they don't get.
That's when you join with everything good in the universe forever is when you make the free will choice to be honorable and to have courage and to not be a piece of crap.
And that's why these people that serve evil are given temporal power.
It's like rags, dirty diapers, it's just crap.
Mansions, money, helicopters, empty people.
You get around the centers of power, they've got all these palaces and all this crap, but there's a spirit of failure and emptiness to it.
But you go out fishing on an old boat with an old man on the ocean,
Who knows how the world works and where we came from and you hear their little parables and you know this is wisdom and there's deep strength in it.
For an old woman or a young man or a young girl, whatever it is, it's truth.
Like wind through the trees, as the sun rises, the sun sets.
As our lives go on.
It's a spirit.
It's where you decide to be.
In that strong, quiet place of the most high.
And that's where I am when I'm not on air.
Hours and hours a day in just controlled focus.
And then I have to look at all the news and look at the enemy and look at them and I come on air and I blow up.
Because it's just a joke.
Why would anyone follow these clear enemies?
These are known liars.
These enslavers, these persecutors of the children.
There's that saying, it's the journey not the destination.
The trip is the destination.
And that really is what life is on this planet.
It's not about the things you have or
How other people think you're powerful, that's enslavement.
You only need to be strong to defend and protect what's good.
I mean, we should all thank God every minute that we aren't Nancy Pelosi or Schiff.
Or Hillary Clinton, or these globalists, or Herman Van Rompuy, or any of these people.
I mean, you look at these people.
These are pathetic, twisted, warped, openly evil, grasping... scum!
Michael, finish your points.
You got caught off by the break.
Go ahead.
Yeah, they're sketches, Alex.
That's all they are.
They never will be anything else.
Just remember this.
You can't walk into a room full of candles with any amount of darkness and extinguish the light.
But you can walk into any room full of any amount of darkness with one candle and extinguish the darkness.
They're that weak.
That's right.
They're not strong.
That's why they seek power.
That's why they seek power.
It's because they are weak.
Well, they're only deception.
All the power they have is deception.
And once you put the light on their deception and tell the truth, they fail.
Every time.
It's holding the light onto the evil one that makes him run and scurry like a cockroach.
I gotta say, Alex, I gotta give you so much credit.
I've been watching you for five years.
I have friends and family that tell me, you're a liar, you're insane, you do all this crazy stuff.
And all I constantly do is look and do the research of everything you say and everything that I've seen in five years.
Well, that's why they attack my credibility all day, is... All I try to do is tell the truth.
I make mistakes sometimes, but I... I'm a God-fearing person.
So, all of us, if we had the Holy Spirit, the presence of God, I would be...
To even think like the enemy and to think of doing bad things creates incredible anxiety and fear.
I never have fear unless I think about crossing God, and I don't even want to cross God.
But when I study the enemy and what they're doing, I feel fear of God, just what they're doing, watching them.
And I don't mean I'm some perfect person, but I mean...
I think about how they want to hurt children, how they want to hurt God's greatest creation, how they wanted to attack women, and the womb, and the relationship of our families, and our whole human past, and everything we've been together.
And it's just outrageous how bad they are.
But people are asleep, and so the veil's being lifted.
But don't thank me, brother.
Wild horses couldn't drag me away.
I want to ignite men like you, who are as smart as I am, or smarter, to be your own leaders and take action.
And when you do that, which is starting to happen, the enemy will fall.
Go ahead.
Well, let me ask you this.
We're allowed to rebroadcast your information, is that correct?
I have no problem doing so, and I'm ready to start my own channel as well.
I want to get the information out there.
There's some great people out on the web.
They're all working together, and they're all on our side.
They're actually working together as a community, and it's nice to see.
Can't say more about what's happening other than you are the tip of the spear every single time you say it.
I feel it.
I see it.
And your products are amazing.
Well, thank you.
The products I had a problem with my teeth.
And I will tell you, super blue has helped.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Yeah, I barely plug an hour.
The enemy all has big globalist funding.
We fund ourselves 70% or so.
Well, I guess it'll be more now we got manned off Google ads.
So I go outside the show to go try to make the money to fund the operation.
And if I won the lottery, I don't play the lottery, but I won the lottery, you know, I would put it all into the operation.
We were driving back from hunting the other day with some friends.
They said, what would you do with the lottery?
What would you do?
And I said, I'll put it all back in the operation.
I mean, I can't even stand it.
It's not that it's bad.
Possessions are crap.
It's old.
It just means nothing.
You need medicine.
You need transportation.
But the enemy is people who sell out for nothing.
They want to keep us poor, keep us under their control, keep things artificially scarce so they can buy us up for nothing.
And Trump's trying to break that, and that's his greatest sin, is he wants a big, prosperous country.
He wants to be the guy that turned America around, the guy that launched a huge dynasty.
He's totally in.
He understands how much trouble the economy's in.
He's making hundreds of phone calls a day trying to get jobs back to prop it up.
He understands Obamacare is designed to destroy it.
So even though this other bill isn't perfect, he can get it done, and it's better in ways, and it'll stabilize things.
I understand.
But you did too good, Trump.
We did too good.
People aren't putting up with that, bro.
We're going to have a total repeal.
We're going to defund all the agencies just like you're doing.
And we're going to go on to the end no matter what happens.
I got Roger Stone to pop on because so many developments have happened.
We're going to go to Chris, Beth, Wilde, Lex and others after Roger leaves us.
He's just here a few minutes.
But first, here's Senator Rand Paul again last week.
This clicked this morning.
Like, I've been attacked as a Russian agent in McClatchy, AP, Reuters, you name it.
I mean, the leftist groups are saying, good, arrest Alex Jones.
And they like hop up and down like I'm scared.
Arrest me!
Shoot me in the back of the head, whatever the f... I'm not a Russian agent.
I'm an agent of the Republic and prosperity in Americana.
But those of you that don't have that background, I understand.
I get it.
You come from parasites and trash.
I'm sorry for you.
You just see somebody up there like a champion battling for you like Trump or myself.
And whether we're perfect, we're not.
We are your champions.
We're in the arena.
We're here.
We're under the attack.
We want to be here!
We're just saying.
We need your prayers.
Because this isn't a game.
This isn't a joke.
It's not a simulation.
I can tell you this stuff behind the scenes and I won't tell you because I can't.
It's been hard.
But I realize the more good I do,
My personal persecution out of my family is to teach me lessons so that I can empathize with other people.
Because to really empathize, you have to go through the things other people are going through.
Because that's where the strength is.
Not ignoring your feelings, not ignoring humanity, but really going into it.
Taking it all on.
That's where the strength is.
And just let these people know, no matter what they do, we're not going to stop.
Here's the clip of Senator Rand Paul being attacked, and then the latest with myself, and then Roger Stone.
And in the NDAA, in the New Defense Authorization Act, they talk about even militarily going after us, not just taking over the media.
And they have the Board of Governors, the very ones the CIA has taken over, testifying that I'm a Russian agent, with no proof, in front of the House Armed Services Committee.
Ladies and gentlemen, this means they're planning to kill Trump.
They've decided in their government operations that this is the truth.
They're trying to sell weak-minded people on this being the idea, and we are on the verge of total war.
Trump needs to take action.
The threats are credible.
The Secret Service has done nothing.
He needs to understand that the Secret Service can't protect him.
We're already in a civil emergency.
They're pushing a civil war.
The Republic is in a death battle.
We can't paper over it.
Trump has to move against the enemy within.
They're claiming we're the enemy within because they're the enemy.
But let's play this clip and then we'll skip this break and go to Roger Stone.
Here is the clip of them going after Senator Paul.
The only conclusion you can draw when he walks away is he has no argument to be made.
He has no justification.
For his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians.
So I repeat again, the Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.
Because he tries to pass a bill out of committee without a hearing on the floor to start a war and put U.S.
troops into Montenegro.
In the Balkans.
He's already got bills for the same thing in Ukraine.
And he's like, no, we're going to have debates about this.
Oh, you're a Russian agent.
In the day of Andrew Jackson, he'd have dragged him out in the street and had a duel.
Here's one more clip, then we're going to Roger Stone.
Again, I got a bunch of these clips.
They're saying Tucker Carlson's a Russian agent.
You know, Schiff, the minion of Pelosi, little pill-a-biter man.
I'm not against people that are like that, but it's just ridiculous.
Whatever the hell's going on with the guy, it's completely out of his mind.
Just the stuff he does is.
And then, of course, you've got them, the Board of Governors, the FCC, in front of Congress saying, I'm a Russian operative, here it is.
Mr. Armstrong, you mentioned in your answer to, I think, Ms.
Spears' question, that there are other RTs operating in the U.S.
Can you describe them, list them?
Sure, thank you.
Other RTs?
And then he lists some clip thing, like Getty Images, and then Sputnik, and Russia, and then me!
Here it is, sorry.
You have R.T., you have Sputnik, you have Ruppli, and then I think you have them feeding other entities.
InfoWars comes to mind where those are echo chambers for those modalities.
You know, Armstrong, I deserve to be able to answer you with your immunity.
I deserve to stand against you.
But I'll just say this in front of God and everybody else.
You're an enemy of this country and a sack of crap and a globalist operative.
And the Communist Chinese have infiltrated us so bad, I don't even know if we can fix it.
Piece of trash.
I'm sorry.
Let's go to Roger Stone right now.
Roger, you've been dealing with us for months, but it's entered a new phase.
I've said they're going to incrementally escalate it until they make their move on Trump.
They are the inside enemy.
They're what they say we are.
They're the ones that are trying to stop the recovery, destroy our borders, blocking the sanctuary cities.
I mean, I'm sorry, Trump has to move against them.
Yeah, Alex, that performance yesterday by the House Intelligence Committee was
A first-class example of demagoguery, red-baiting, tear-mongering, half-truths, no-truths, every word pejoratively worded to distort it.
The Democrats just don't seem to be able to face up to the fact that they ran a lousy, corrupt candidate.
She had no program and that Donald Trump was the real thing.
And they had the whole media and the bots and the whole system is admitted to be fake.
So what do we do?
Because clearly they're not getting the Pentagon involved, the CIA and the media and saying we're Russian agents for nothing.
They've already tried to kill you twice.
They're moving against us.
So what does Trump do?
Well, and in my case, I have this particularly nice setup where they ask James Comey repeatedly about me, and he says, oh, I can't comment on that, leaving the pregnant implication hanging in the air that I am being investigated, therefore I've done something wrong.
These things have to be refuted one by one.
There is no evidence whatsoever of any Russian collusion to elect Donald Trump.
It's a fraud.
The American people did it!
The whole media and the bots and foreign governments were piled on against Trump, not the other way around.
And in the case of John McCain, whose clip you just played, I mean, with all due respect, the Senator's mentally unbalanced.
He needs a psychological test.
He is so driven by bitterness and anger.
No, I agree.
So what I'm asking you is, obviously, I'm now accused, which we just, is even, I mean, this is so ridiculous.
I've known it's ridiculous with you.
Our phones have been tapped.
It's all come out in the news.
Total blackout on that, other than Drudge.
What does Trump do?
Because he's got a bunch of wimps in his administration who make all the mistakes.
He doesn't make mistakes, so far.
He needs to, like, have, I mean, she got money from the Chinese, money from the Russians.
10,000 times what Trump ever did.
I mean, we need to go after these damn people.
They're trying to destroy us when they're the ones on the Russian payroll!
I want them indicted now!
I want in front of the Senate now!
I want Armstrong here with boxing gloves on!
That son of a bitch!
Saying I'm a Russian agent!
Sorry, go ahead.
I'm skipping the break.
Unfortunately, Reince Priebus is not exactly a wartime conciliary.
These are lily-livered country clubs establishing Republicans.
Yeah, they're a bunch of cowardly, boot-licking cucks that have been sticking their noses up people's you-know-what's forever, and Trump needs to get the hell away from them.
Well, and in the meantime, what you have is the President's chief advisors like Sean Spicer and
Reince Priebus wringing their hands and saying, oh, can't we walk this back?
We really ought to put out an apology.
And the Trump countermands and says, I never apologized.
Because he's right.
He shouldn't apologize.
It took over a year for the Watergate cover-up to crumble.
Do you know what he did saying our coal is back up for use?
That is trillions just in the next decade of use.
That's trillions taken from Russia in energy sales, driving down the price of natural gas that we're now shipping in massive ships.
Out of the Gulf of Mexico.
He just devastated Russia.
These dumb... And we're not even trying to devastate Russia.
The point is, our stock market was up because Trump is back in business for America.
He is devastating everybody!
To answer your question as to what the president must do, it's obvious.
He needs to go on offense.
Lay out the crimes of Bill and Hillary.
Start by telling Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor and let's go over those 650,000 emails that were found at the last minute that came from Kuma Abedin to her secret private server.
Let's lay out the Chinese assistance to the Clinton campaign.
The president has the bully pulpit and he has the power.
He's got to attack.
Just like he lost the first debate, we said you got to attack, he did.
He's got to attack and attack now.
Because you see, the establishment Republicans around him don't have the belly.
And notice they're attacking Roger Stone and Alex Jones and Matt Drudge and others because we will attack.
Because they fear the attack.
Well, Sean Spicer says he has no idea what role I played in the 2016 election.
I would strongly urge that he get a copy of The Making of the President 2016, how Donald Trump orchestrated the... Oh, Spicer, they're all a bunch of sycophants.
The point is, is that Trump miscalculated his first time going along with this...
This Paul Ryan bill, I understand why he did it, because it's going to wreck the economy if he doesn't.
It's better than the Obama bill, I get it, but only by maybe 30%.
And so that's where he got his first dent in his approval ratings.
Trump really has to get back on the attack.
I think?
Well look, in closing, I know you're at the airport, you gotta go, thanks for popping in, but I've now joined the club with you, and I get why you were so mad.
When you're actually accused on TV of being a Russian agent and you're under investigation, it pisses you off, you know, it's crazy.
So what does it mean now that I'm officially being investigated, being directed by Russian agents?
Yesterday I had three different press calls all asking me whether I know whether or not Alex Jones's broadcasts are being supported by Russian-funded bots.
And the answer is, of course, no.
But is it coincidental that three different mainstream media reporters call all in the same day with the same load of, you know, that same steaming pile of dung?
We're supported by our listeners, and they're calling them bots.
They didn't vote.
They didn't take action.
I've gotten zero money from the Russians.
What the?
God, they're like the Russians have the GDP of Italy.
They can't even run their own giant country.
This claim that you and I, I'm known, you for 40 plus years a patriot, right-wing nationalist, anti, you know, Soviet.
There's no question about it.
There is a slow motion coup to take out Donald Trump.
And I, for one, have no intention of
Well, let me say this in closing.
They tried to kill you with polonium.
They T-boned you last week.
They want to kill you before those hearings.
You need to go to the press club.
I'll send a crew.
You need to have a press conference demanding it happen.
We'll build it up for next week or whenever you want and just say, my God, you know, America, wake up to this and say before they kill me.
Because they're trying to kill you, no doubt, before you get up there.
And now that I've been put in the bag,
I'm not stupid.
They know I'll destroy them in a real debate.
They want to be able to crucify dead men as strong men.
Roger, we're truly together in this in history, and you know, I'm honored.
We're defending America.
We've put a president in there with the American people that is trying to turn the country back on.
We've done a man's job already, brother, but we've got a lot further to go.
I can't think of anybody I'd rather be in the foxhole more with, because I will fight to the very end.
We've got the globalists on the run, and I'm not going down without a fight.
It's good to be here, buddy, with that machine gun with you.
We're going to keep feeding those belts.
We're going to win.
Take care, Alex.
I'm going to jump on this plane here.
All right.
I'm going to go to break, take a few more calls.
Then Paul Watts is coming in from London, England.
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I just want to defeat a bunch of anti-human scum and a bunch of psychopaths.
I don't, I don't want power, money, any of it.
I don't say that as like a platitude.
I mean, I, people need to understand why I'm doing this.
These are bad people.
They must be, my soul, my gut, my spirit wants to defeat them.
And they serve their wicked energy.
They want to crush us.
So I know I'm in a fight.
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They're trying to censor it everywhere.
They can't stop you in your own email.
They can't stop you sending it to friends and family.
They can't stop you putting a billboard up.
Whatever you do, I'm all in.
1776 Kamikaze in the Info War, hair on fire, ramming it full speed into the enemy deck.
And I'm just telling you right now, you're in the fight whether you know it or not.
All of you who supported us, I salute you, thank you.
Fourth hour straight ahead, I'll do five more minutes.
And then Paul Watson from Albion joins us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
In our attempt to restore the Republic, an American reboot, globalists have captured the country, running around like psychopathic demons, ripping everybody off.
Paul Watson, I'm going to take a few phone calls here in this short segment from Chris, and Beth at least, and a few others if you want to, but tell us what's coming up today.
Paul, did you know it's all over the Senate Committee and House Committee?
We work for the Russians.
I didn't know that.
Well, I'm yet to receive my check from the Kremlin, Alex, but what we've not discussed, and I'm going to play the clip later, is the source of this whole, you know, Russian troll box control info wars, and we're working with them, is somebody called Louise Mensch, who has come out with the most
Crazy conspiracy theories imaginable.
She claims that Vladimir Putin personally ordered the assassination of Andrew Breitbart so then Steve Bannon would be able to take over it.
She was completely decimated during a recent interview on BBC.
She's absolutely crazy and she's the source of this story and now the FBI's picked up on it.
So they've got a true kook.
Well, just like the Washington Post had to retract a few months ago, their fake list saying we were Russian funded, they withdrew it because they admitted it was fake.
So they just found a new kook to put it out.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, you can say what you want, but the fact is, you know, Democrats have lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats, 12 governorships.
900 legislative seats.
Yeah, since 2009.
Was Russia to blame for all that?
You can look at France.
Europe's pissed about all the Muslims being brought in.
They claim, that's in this report against me today, that they claim that that's Russia too.
Everything's Russia.
You know, over in France, they claim Russia is helping Le Pen.
She's got 39% support amongst 18 to 24 year olds, according to polls.
More than double her nearest rival.
Is that Russia?
You know, you've got 41% in the UK now voting Conservative over Liberal and Labour.
Is that Russia?
Is everything Russia?
No, we're rejecting a bunch of megabanks run by jerks like Zuckerberg saying they rule us.
I mean, that's what's happening.
No, and I mean that big article's gone up with all the examples of Google, Facebook, Twitter manipulating their algorithms.
If the FBI wants to investigate someone for manipulating voters during the election, go and investigate Facebook.
Oh, that's the stack I never got to when they admittedly ran Google, Facebook for Hillary, foreign governments involved, no discussion.
I love Donna Brazile bitching about how Russian bots rig stuff when she was on record rigging the debates.
It's amazing.
It's like, you know, we have problems communicating with each other sometimes, and yet we're supposedly in constant communication with evil Russian controllers in the Kremlin, telling us what to do.
Just the very idea of it.
Well, that's because they're a bunch of followers.
Paul, you're one of the senior folks around here, but there's very little communication about what to do.
We're all too busy manning the guns here, but let's put your headline back up on screen.
Here it is, dealing with this.
Why the FBI's InfoWars Russia investigation is completely ludicrous.
You're going to go over this after the break.
Take over, Paul Watson.
All right, thanks, Alex.
Yeah, we're going to go over that and we're going to flash back to a headline we had up on Friday, which was Google obviously caught now gaming their algorithms to bury certain topics.
You had an article up on Infowars.com, the headline, Google to target criticism of Islam, a new censorship purge.
And again, very few people picked up on this.
They announced that they would be censoring, quote, upsetting offensive content on Google, burying search results, directly manipulating information, which is what they accuse us of doing.
Now if you look at the reasons given for declaring something, quote, upsetting, offensive, the example that is provided is a website that says Islam is intolerant.
Now whether you want to talk about acid attacks, people having their
Hands chopped off under Sharia law, stoning female rape victims to death.
All those things happen.
Many of them are supported by shockingly large numbers of Muslims.
And in fact, we've got a new poll out of France which shows, again, shocking attitudes of intolerance amongst followers of Islam.
So to make the statement that Islam is intolerant is complete fact, yet now they're declaring that as fake news.
We'll be back.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
DHS releases list of 118 jurisdictions ignoring immigration laws.
That's right, Travis County, Texas, the home of InfoWars.com, deep in the heart of Texas, is the worst offender with 142 illegals released.
Clifford Cunningham has this report on InfoWars.com.
The Department of Homeland Security has released its first list of jurisdictions that ignore federal immigration law, indicating nearly 200 illegal immigrants sought for deportation were released instead.
The Name and Shame List was ordered released by President Donald Trump when he signed two executive orders related to immigration in January in response to a number of local jurisdictions that have refused to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement as self-declared, quote, sanctuary cities.
Stay tuned for more immigration news at InfoWars.com slash show.
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Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Paul Joseph Watson.
We are back.
It's the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Just touching on censorship, in particular Google censorship, before the break.
YouTube, which of course is owned by Google, has introduced a new restricted mode for its platform where basically if you select this restricted mode you will be protected from offensive and upsetting content.
The problem with that is that a bunch of LGBT groups came out and claimed that
They were being unfairly discriminated against.
Again, it's kind of ironic that they only get
They only get angry about Google YouTube censorship when it affects them.
We've been whining about it ad infinitum for months and months.
But if you look at this Google censorship on YouTube, again owned by Google, the channels affected in restricted mode, guess which channels are affected?
Guess which videos completely disappear when you look at the Alex Jones Channel, when you look at my channel?
All of them!
Every single video on YouTube's new restricted mode on my channel, on Alex Jones' channel, completely disappears when you select this option.
Which channels are unaffected by this new restricted mode introduced by YouTube?
Well, imagine my shock.
It's CNN.
It's CNBC.
Even though, in many of their videos, they're covering the exact same news stories that we are.
In our videos, there's no nudity, there's no violence.
In many of them, there's not even any bad language.
We're covering the exact same stories as CNBC, as CNN.
Not a single one of their videos is restricted.
In restricted mode.
So you go on CNN's channel, every single video is available to watch.
You go on the Alex Jones Channel, not a single video is up there.
So obviously they're using this to target people who they don't like politically.
It's not about protecting people from nudity or violence, they're using it to censor free speech yet another way.
And we're talking about this, of course, because McClatchy came out with a big report last night confirming that the FBI is investigating RT, Breitbart, Sputnik and Infowars for links with the Kremlin, basically arguing on a completely baseless conspiracy theory that we're somehow coordinating with Putin's troll-bot army to spread information
Before the election to sink Hillary Clinton and to help Donald Trump.
As we document in this article, well let's take it from this angle for a start.
This is, of course, all about fake news.
They want to create the pretext that we're fake news, that we're discredited, that we can be censored on all these social media platforms.
How do they do that?
Well, they say we're spreading this fake news.
It's put out there deliberately to deceive people to make money.
Of course, that's a completely different category.
There are individuals who do that.
We've never done that.
But the point is this.
Stanford University came out with a major study
A couple of months ago into fake news.
They found, and you can go and read the study for yourself, that it had absolutely no impact on the U.S.
presidential election.
So before you even get into an argument about who's pushing fake news, doesn't it even matter?
Had no impact whatsoever on the U.S.
There you see the headline.
In fact they went into the
Drilled down into the numbers of this study and found that, if anything, fake news benefited Hillary Clinton.