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Air Date: March 17, 2017
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In an episode of 'The Alex Jones Show', Rex Tillerson does not rule out a preemptive strike on North Korea after they fired missiles this year. The show also discusses the Bilderberg Group, globalist agendas, censorship and attempts to suppress speech through intimidation and bullying tactics. Kennedy talks about liberals being scared due to their past experiences with guns. Alex Jones criticizes China's expansionist policies in the South China Sea and Africa, blames them for breaking deals with the US and Europe, interprets President Trump not shaking hands with German Chancellor Merkel as a sign of being aware of her alleged Islamist agenda. He also promotes certain products available on his website including air purification systems and lightweight body armor. The episode concludes with Jones discussing a security breach involving blueprints for Trump Tower that were reportedly stolen from the Secret Service, speculating it might be an inside job orchestrated by Obama or McCain's people.

Is the U.S.
involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?
To Turkey?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
How is it that this organization is so well-funded, so organized?
Islamic State-linked militants have gained a stronger foothold in Libya, seizing new economically vital areas of the country.
The leader of ISIS in Libya is none other than Abdel Hakim Belhadj, and of course he was armed to the teeth by NATO.
The world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.
The Russians say they're negotiating with North Korea to hold joint military exercises.
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin teaming up, creating an ominous alliance against the United States.
Maxine... Maxine Waters says that Putin hit... Korea.
Saudi Arabia is apparently prepared to allow Israeli jets into its airspace to conduct attacks on Iran.
We have an unprecedented opportunity to build a new world order.
I set up a foundation in Ukraine and play an important part in events now.
Ukraine is set to receive the first tranche of an international monetary fund aid package.
We had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin is on the move.
Only when this transformation is complete will we be able to take full measure of the opportunities presented by this new and involving world order.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
Here we are, Friday, March 17, 2017.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I'll tell you about some of the special guests that are coming up a little bit later in the broadcast.
The big news, obviously, Tellerson, that's the Secretary of State, folks, doesn't rule out preemptive strike on North Korea.
That's our headline today as we kick off the broadcast that the United States is closer to war with North Korea since the ceasefire was set at the end of the Korean War more than 50 plus years ago.
Tillerson doesn't rule out perhaps strikes on North Korea.
They fired scores of missiles this year right over the coastline of Japan and are openly threatening to use nuclear weapons on Tokyo and Seoul, South Korea.
Two of the most populous cities in the world.
They're both in the top ten.
Some of the leftist media is criticizing Tillerson.
What is he supposed to do?
When they're threatening to attack everybody, he's saying, well, we may have to preemptively strike you if we see nuclear weapons via satellite or surveillance aircraft being loaded onto those missiles, we're going to have to hit you.
And at that point, they've got to decapitate
The government in North Korea in Pyongyang, or however you pronounce it, and Kim Jong-un, the little satanic third-generation communist bloodsucker.
So again, the whole world on the edge of destruction because of centralized, out-of-control communist dictatorships, run by completely insane weaklings with everyone worshipping them, because that's what people worship in a state-run system, is weakness.
Tillerson, preemptive military action against North Korea, an option.
The U.S.
says strategic patience on North Korea is over.
And China needs to be called right now.
You were given the Panama Canal, you were given all the technology, you were given all this power.
We let you send your unlimited populations over here to have their babies for free and become citizens.
We don't even criticize you when you have mobile execution vans now.
Hell, you even work with our media to help censor the American people.
Hell, you're buying up Hollywood.
You control North Korea, and Kim Jong-un needs to fall down and hit his head.
That regime needs to fall, and you need to stop using it as something to menace Japan and South Korea as your set piece.
But China doesn't care, see?
They're taking over the South China Sea, 90 plus percent of it.
Historically they had about a third of it.
They're taking islands that have belonged to Japan and that have undisputedly belonged to the Philippines for hundreds and hundreds of years and they're just taking them.
Islands people live on.
Kicking them off and moving in.
Or building artificial ones.
So these are the big issues we're talking about.
Why is all hell breaking loose now?
It was already breaking loose during the election.
It's all coming to a head now and Trump is handling it exactly like most top tacticians and historians say he should be.
With strength, but controlled strength.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Well, the Secretary of State says military action and a first strike is on the table against the belligerent, spoiled, rotten, coward, and weakling, Kim Jong-un, who has been threatening to
Nuke Japan, Tokyo, and nuke South Korea's capital, Seoul.
They're threatening open mass murder, the killing of tens of millions of innocent people.
If everyone doesn't submit to him and give him more money and more food and technology transfers, that he will
Start World War III, because China will undoubtedly try to come in.
Unless somehow they can be reasoned with.
But see, they're all delusional.
They've had power, the communists, since 1947.
I think?
But they've got over 100,000 pieces of artillery aimed at the South, and they've got missiles given to them by Communist China that can hit Japan and hit areas of Russia, you name it, and now they're threatening to attack Japan and South Korea.
And our media is saying, is Tillerson being too tough, saying military options on the table?
When someone's saying, I have nuclear weapons and I'm going, got the quotes here, he broadcast it two days ago, Kim Jong-un, to annihilate you and unleash hell and death and nuke you, you then got to ask yourself, why on earth?
Did Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in the 1990s through ABB allow the transfer of nuclear reactors bipartisanly, but they honchoed it, to North Korea so they could then create the fissile material for atomic bombs?
And why did they transfer to China?
The booster technology, the separation technology, the guidance technology, the warhead miniaturization technology, the multiple re-entry device technology from
Launch, to re-entry, to guidance, to counter systems so that missiles can't shoot down your missile, all of it transferred and given to them.
That's the globalists.
That's the New World Order.
That's Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.
On record, they gave
Our basic MX missile technology, that wasn't even developed in the late 70s and early 80s, gave them 15 years later, 16 years later, those advanced ICBM technologies.
Just remember that!
Just let that sink in.
And the very same people
have now announced in Europe that if you criticize Islam you'll be arrested and they started flagging people five years ago with Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
If you even mildly criticized Islam and said it's incompatible with our open free societies they would restrict you, block you, not let you surf, not let you share.
Then three years ago they started fining people in Germany, in Sweden, in Denmark, and in France.
Then a year ago they started coming and arresting you at your home.
The leader in the French presidential election, Le Pen, was charged with a felony last year of criticizing Islam.
It's illegal in France.
She said it's as big a threat as we face in World War II to our sovereignty.
Totally true.
Completely true.
In fact, the Nazis let the French have their French culture.
The Nazis were bad, but you could say Islam is an even greater threat because it won't let you have your original culture.
The Nazis saw French culture as pretty much Germanic and said, sure, keep your culture.
In fact, we'll steal your artwork and your wine.
So, you know, the Germans and the French are pretty related.
The point is, is that that's a totally true statement.
They've lifted her immunity.
She's a member of the EU Parliament and they're now prosecuting her.
What's the new news?
Google to target criticism of Islam in new censorship purge.
They announced yesterday they're going to censor anything they claim is fake news, anything that's critical, anything that's hurtful, anything that they don't think is pertinent.
Oh, it's not pertinent, your opinion or your view.
I mean, not even something that they see as anti-establishment.
This is a desperation move.
Website that describes Islam as intolerant listed as example of upsetting or offensive.
So if something upsets you,
Millions pouring across the borders, the murders, the rapes, the imams saying, your women belong to us, you're weak, we're going to conquer you.
The fact that they've bought off our leadership.
Don't show photos of them saying, behead those who insult Islam.
Oh yeah, in England they send the police to your house if you go to an Islamic event outdoors where they're having a demonstration and show them saying, we're going to take over and kill you, we're going to enslave you.
You're bad for showing them saying that.
So Google now what started five years ago in Germany.
I've told people a thousand times or more, every week, almost every day.
I say everything you see in Europe will be brought here next.
This is a global rollout.
Google to target criticism of Islam in new censorship purge.
We're gonna get more of that.
That ties into this.
Judge considers ordering President Trump to double 50,000 refugees inflow to the United States.
Citing the UN, folks.
It's the UN refugee program that already dictated what we would take.
We would just accept them and they're quote vetting that Syrians, that really weren't even Syrians, people coming out of areas of Palestine, the West Bank, people coming out of Libya that's a failed state, Sudan a failed state, of course the big one Somalia totally failed, road warrior state,
And now, inverting reality, the judges aren't just the executives or the legislative or the judicial, they're just God, and say, you will.
I have the statement of the judge.
You're going to let more in, Mr. President.
Not only is the President under law the authorization to block these people, now the judge says, oh no, you're going to have a quota just like the EU and the UN.
Google this.
EU threatens
France, Germany, the Netherlands.
Just search.
EU threatens member states with fines for not increasing the migrants.
Five million the last four years, at least.
And that's not enough.
The UN, over and over again, is threatening giant fines.
In fact, search this.
EU and UN.
EU threatens fines on UK for not letting in more refugees.
EU threatens member states with fines over failure to accept refugees.
Zero hedge.
And then it links through to a bunch of mainstream news articles, Yahoo News, Associated Press.
It's all right there.
And we are now under the exact same program.
You see?
Under Obama, just three months ago, he accelerated the number.
And remember, out of Latin America, it was all the Islamists and others coming into Latin America, Central America.
They were down there, the UN, running the refugee program, telling us who to bring in.
That's U.N.
soldiers we're going to face.
It isn't U.N.
It's just U.N.
regulation and control.
So here it is.
Judge considers ordering President Trump to double 50,000 refugees.
A demand by the judge that the federal government airbus in an extra 50,000 immigrants, including many adherents of Islam Sharia law, which says they'll overthrow our law, into American neighborhoods would be an unusual intervention in the government roles normally left to the elected president and Congress.
That's a nice way of saying it, right Bart?
And it just goes on and on and on, and the judges are now issuing executive orders.
I didn't know they were the executive branch, but I guess that's it.
Again, it's a total lawless rebellion.
The VA says, we're not hanging up pictures of the president or the VA head.
Congressman goes there with a proper sized picture, hangs it up, they take it down.
And just say, hey, we run this country.
You understand?
Sit down and shut up.
We want to give ICBM technology to the CHICOMs?
We're giving it to them.
You want to give atomic weapon production facilities to North Korea?
We're doing it.
You want us to open up Europe's borders, bring in 5 million, 80% military age men?
They're allowed to rape, kill, murder whoever they want?
We're doing it.
And we're going to teach your five-year-old, they're not really a boy, they're a girl.
We're going to teach your girl, they're really a boy.
And by the way, the atrazine and all the other chemicals in the water in every major study in mammals, amphibians, you name it, shows it creates asexualization.
Your kid gets confused?
Wonders why they're a beta?
Then the school gets involved sexually with your kids and tells them, go to this special class, and they induct them into the new hundred genders.
It was 50 genders just a year ago.
And then they say you're against people that are a different gender, or people that identify as being a dog, or a baby, or a 50-year-old man says they're a 6-year-old kid so they want to play with your daughter.
This is mental illness to bring down the society, and they admit it, and there's countless white papers.
Does it mean I hate somebody?
There's always been effeminate men and stuff like that in history.
The statistics, I have numbers here today.
The number of children wanting to become opposite sex doubling each year in Sweden, say doctors, within only 15 years, the majority would have switched sexes.
And then you notice, though, they can't procreate.
Mission completed.
That's an exponential growth curve.
Your kids don't learn how to be successful.
They learn how to die, how to not have children.
Meanwhile, they bring in absolute lawless groups that openly believe and their Imams have told them are here to conquer.
Inventing new reasons to obstruct Donald Trump's popular immigration reforms that are lawful.
Turkey threatens to send 15,000 refugees per month into Europe to, quote, blow its mind as part of an announcement by their foreign secretary to the EU and by Erdogan.
We covered this yesterday, there's new reports today, new statements, new arrogance, saying, quote, we are launching our holy war now and will capture Europe.
Just on Monday I said all these political rallies they're holding in major cities saying vote for people back in Turkey.
That's just mobilizing their political forces inside your countries and now Erdogan admits it and says we weren't just trying to rally.
You will bow down politically.
You are weak.
They know.
They know the cuckold, broke-back Germans and French and others.
Won't just bend over themselves, they'll bend over their families.
They'll throw people out of their homes.
It's happening in Italy.
Can we show you the video?
The 80-something-year-old man in his little hotel being thrown out crying for the North African refugees.
Two men have throats slit in Paris.
Attacker yells, Allah Akbar!
But the government says it's not Islamic.
It's like the hashin attack they just ruled wasn't.
Allah Akbar!
Man-held after his father and brother found with their throats slit in Paris.
Meanwhile, the Fed's still under a level of control that the Justice Department are saying, they're trying to clean house there, they may try to block Montana's controversial law, a bill advancing in Montana, not yet a law, that says you can't have foreign government laws over federal, state, or local laws.
That's just common sense.
It bans the application of foreign laws in Montana.
So, that's all coming up.
I'm going to go back into that more.
But don't worry, even the Miami Herald now sounds like Infowars and criticizes communism, which is unheard of nowadays.
Venezuela has a bread shortage.
The government has decided bakers are the problem and is arresting them en masse.
Just like any other communist country.
Giant lines, no food, starvation, but lots of people with badges.
But no real rule of law.
A government of conquest, not of renaissance.
Just like North Korea.
And that brings us to the next big story.
After I cover this, I'm going to get back into North Korea.
Google to target criticism of Islam in new censorship purge.
When I read this article from Zero Head, she was a great publication, just does boil-up, boil-downs of big breaking news.
They just took articles that are in the major New York newspapers and the Washington Post
Where they put it out like it's a great idea in the Washington Post or New York Times and actually show the bill.
New York Assemblyman Unveils Bill to Suppress Non-Government Approved Free Speech.
Now I read that and I thought, it can't be that bad.
And I actually read the bill.
Everything is banned but what government says.
And special Democrat boards, I guess in Democrat cities, will then use government money
To sue you saying it's a hate speech or improper speech to shut you down.
That's been the new thing.
Suing folks for defamation for simply covering bigger, larger stories and then having hand-picked juries in kangaroo courts annihilate free speech.
That's the new announcement in Europe and here.
And they're announcing giant 50 plus million dollar euro fines if you have one thing the EU says you shouldn't have in your search engine to make Google and Facebook and everyone comply with the tyranny.
Just like China, Communist China is telling Facebook, Google, Twitter, censor better and we'll let you back in.
Prove with your own people China involved in our domestic operations.
And so that's why it's all rolling out.
That's why they don't care Trump's in.
The corporations and the media don't care.
It's why they came out and lied and said
And bully all these agencies to say there's no proof of wiretaps against Trump because we have all these secret treaties with England that they spy on us, we spy on them.
It's been declassified.
They admitted in the New York Times that Trump was, quote, being wiretapped.
But that's not the proper name.
It's surveilled or intercepted.
And now Trump comes out and they go, oh, look, he's backing off.
He's using the scientific term now.
They play lawyer games, folks.
They admitted they had transcripts of Flynn and others.
But that's OK.
In a bill aimed at securing a right to be forgotten, sounds like a nice way to get yourself off the web, but see, the actual bill isn't a way to get BS about you off the web, which just gets buried.
Nobody believes all the garbage anyways.
It's like 10 women online saying I was married to them and had kids and all this crazy stuff.
People are like, wow, what is this?
Like, it's craziness.
The people now know, a decade later, you know, that it's just baloney.
Imagine being a public figure, folks.
New York Assemblyman unveils bill...
Excessive statements!
Within 30 days of a request from an individual.
I already see the social justice warriors when they go beat somebody up or threaten somebody or run screaming at you.
They then say, you have no right to do that behind your camera!
Happens to our crew all the time.
Happens to us in Austin and New York.
You name it.
You're like, you're in a public place in my face.
You've come to a rally.
I'm here covering it.
They go file almost daily at YouTube and Facebook.
No, I have a right.
We see the file come in.
We have to respond and say, as you can see, YouTube, we're at a downtown rally of the SJWs and they're in our face threatening violence on us.
But see, that's just that one section
They say, take me off your news site.
You don't.
Well, now you're going to jail.
All search engines and online speakers shall remove content about such individuals and links or indexes to any of the same that is inaccurate, irrelevant, inadequate, or excessive.
Oh, and of course, they define this.
Just you complain, it happens.
And without replacing such removed content with a disclaimer, takedown notice,
Inaccurate, irrelevant, inadequate, or excessive shall mean content, which after a significant lapse in time with its first publication, is no longer material to the current public debate or discourse.
So they want to tell news archives aren't allowed now.
Literally, that's what this says.
You couldn't have a stronger ban on free speech, especially when considered in light of the financial, reputational, and or demonstrable harm that the information is causing.
This is also banning rating sites.
Which they've been trying to do.
So banning you voting in the free market of ideas of what you thought was better food, better clothing, better shelter, better service, better doctors, no.
Is causing the requester's profession, finance, reputation, or others' interest.
And they just claim it.
No judge, no jury.
This was all in the TPP, but see, it got killed.
And see, normally this is international treaties or national laws.
This is happening locally, where the Democrats, wherever they're at, are just banning guns, banning speech, all their normal tyranny.
With the exception of content related to convicted felons, legal matters relating to violence, that's other laws they have in place that the left uses, or a matter that is of significant current public interest, as to whichever the requester's role in regard to the matter is central and substantial.
Failure to comply would make the search engines and speakers liable for at least statutory damages, $250 a day, plus attorney's fees.
And then if you don't do those, there's all this criminal stuff.
The Washington Post, under the bill, newspapers, scholarly works, copies of books on Google and Amazon, it would all be banned.
So there you go, folks.
They have to shut down speech because they're being destroyed.
They're being exposed.
Google to target criticism of Islam and new censorship purge.
I'm going to get to this when we come back.
Get into North Korea.
Get into the latest clips we have.
Ann Moore, Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State.
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We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side with some of the biggest World War III news ever seen.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've heard of lab-grown beef in a petri dish.
You've heard of chickloids that are kept secure, force-fed, and have their beaks removed.
Well now, get ready for finger-lickin' lab-grown chicken.
That's right, Memphis Meats is one of a cadre of startups racing to create meat that doesn't involve killing animals.
The firm's approach to what it calls clean meat is to culture animal cells in a lab, feed them nutrients until they grow into pieces large enough to cook and eat.
You've probably seen where companies like this have grown beef in petri dishes.
Well, now it's gonna be chicken strips.
And I know the question on everybody's mind is, does the lab-grown chicken taste like chicken?
According to the Wall Street Journal, it was reported spongier than a whole chicken breast, but they nearly nailed the flavor of the traditional variety.
This is all part of the globalist plan to remove you from the natural world and place you into an artificially created, VR-induced world where they control everything you see, smell, taste, think, and touch.
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We're good to go.
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Evil minds that plot destruction.
Trump was supposed to meet with Merkel an hour ago, never happened, so we're going to have that obviously when that comes up.
Trump's set with a press conference also in the middle of the next hour, so we'll also be going to that.
Let me just recap what I just covered earlier before I get into the situation with North Korea and the fact that the Secretary of State has said that all options are on the table, including a first strike after North Korea threatened a preemptive strike on Tokyo in Japan, the most populous city in Japan, and Seoul, the most populous city in South Korea on the Korean peninsula, bordering the madman, lunatic, spoiled rotten caricature of out-of-touch tyranny.
Like an SJW entitled little mass murderer who had his brother murdered a few weeks ago with nerve gas.
What an uncool jerk.
You guys can search engine and click images.
North Korea at night from satellite.
Satellite photos of North Korea at night.
Two little lights.
South Korea is all lit up.
South Korea is probably has the highest industrialization in the world.
Super wealthy on average.
Super free.
And just look at communism.
If you're a TV viewer, lights out.
Lights out in the Supermax.
Lights out.
Worship government, like they do in Venezuela now.
How's that working out for you there?
There's old Japan.
Look at all the lights on in Japan.
Oh, but they're worshipping communism in the other country.
Sorry, no electricity.
If you blow it up, there's just one little dot of the main command center, a seven-story pleasure palace.
And they kidnap Japanese film stars that he wants to have sex with, his dad wants to, and his dad has $5,000 bottles of wine.
I mean, it is just the ultimate Satanism.
Total and complete selfishness.
But our government gave them the reactors in the 90s.
And gave the other psychos to the North,
The Chinese commies, the missiles to deliver them, and to hit every major city in the United States.
Thank you, Bill Clinton.
Thank you, Hillary.
I'm sorry, I said there were two spots of light.
You see hundreds in South Korea.
I'm sorry, there's one, two, three, four, five, six.
You notice most of them are out on the border, where they have little border exchanges and sell raw material.
But before I get into that,
Look at this!
McDouble is the cheapest and most nutritious food in human history!
The London Telegraph's reporting that's the press release put out by McDonald's!
That's right!
It's the cheapest and most nutritious food in human history!
That's like Al Gore saying he invented the internet!
I mean, it's a whopper, folks!
Burger King, pun intended.
I know there's not a grosser looking hamburger I've ever seen.
Guess who their press secretary is?
But you know what?
Guess who the head of communications is?
You wonder where he went?
The longest running, they had quite a few in the Obama administration, but the longest running press secretary in the Obama administration, Mr. Gibbs!
And, oh, he's the one obviously sending the tweet out about little hands and how Trump's a scumbag.
Oh, but it was an accident.
Oh, oh, yeah, sure.
I don't believe anything out of a known liar that says, oh we lie to the public about drones and about Obamacare and thank God they're so dumb and MSNBC laughs with him.
Oh man, it's so great, they're so stupid!
But that's okay.
Don't criticize them because New York Assemblyman unveils bill to suppress non-government approved free speech.
To target criticism of Islam and new censorship purge in the United States.
Anything upsetting or offensive to Islam will be banned.
See, they're bringing something incompatible, the most radical forms of orthodox Wahhabism, where I'm upset a woman doesn't have a hood over her head.
So the first step is the mayor of Cologne, a big trendy lady, going, ladies don't wear short skirts.
And by the way, we can't have Oktoberfest on the streets.
The Muslims get mad.
Gotta go in the beer hall.
Do you believe they put up with that?
That's in the news.
Do not drink beer on the street.
The Muslims get mad.
How about you get in my face and hit me?
I'm gonna fight back.
But no, the Germans have been taught, roll over, pee on themselves, literally.
I'm not kidding.
They actually teach here in the United States, if you're being raped, crap on yourself.
So I'm not kidding.
It's about total submission.
They can make you submit to Muslims, outsiders, you'll submit to anybody.
And I was the guy 15 years ago would hear all this talk about they're gonna make us go under Sharia, they've bought off the CIA people, Islam's gonna take over.
I'm like, oh, ridiculous.
Sure, there's a lot of bad areas with Islam.
It's out of control.
We don't need to bomb those areas and stir them up.
But we were actually bombing them, I was completely right, to put the bad ones in charge and to open up Turkey.
Oh, and Turkey's in the news saying,
We're colonizing you, holy war, we've activated our political groups, we've got millions of Turks per European city, per European country, millions.
And we're ready to burn everything down, submit!
And Europe is actually announcing capitulation to Islamic domination and terror.
Yeah, there's Yahoo, AFP, but that's not even strong enough.
Turkey threatens to send Europe 15,000 refugees a month to dominate them.
What they said is, this is now a holy war.
We're activating our forces.
That's what their foreign minister said.
Robert Gibbs tells us that the McDouble
But that's okay.
This is the best comedy ever.
It's the cheapest and most nutritious food in human history.
If that ain't fake news, I don't know what is.
Oh, but see, I've been judged by Google, and by a Harvard list they're now circulating, that I'm fake.
Everything you've heard me say for 39 minutes is currently happening.
Most of it's from their own mouths.
We're the opposite of fake.
And they know it, and that's why they're scared.
Was Obama Trump insider Gibbs behind McDonald's anti-Trump tweet?
He is the chief communications officer.
Well, we know this.
He's the one thing behind telling us the McDouble is the cheapest and most nutritious food in human history.
I can't say that enough.
Hey, do you hear the most nutritious and inexpensive food?
It's both in history.
Is the McDouble.
Describing the McDonald's Double Cheeseburger as the cheapest, most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever clogged a colon.
I'm sorry I didn't say that.
Describing the McDonald's... Their food will not rot under glass.
Everything else doesn't.
Describing, describing Kim Jong-un as the most dashing, handsome man.
They say if it's cloudy, it becomes sunny when he's out and birds sing and flowers begin to germinate.
It's as if he has the very life force.
Kim Jong-un is like, once took on 17 different men at one time and beat them all up.
Those are real stories they tell about him.
And his father!
See, it's just as ridiculous.
This is ridiculous about North Korea.
North Korea has the highest production and highest standard of living and highest education in the world.
Official North Korean news agency.
They actually say that.
Oh, they also say, here, you can keep your doctor under Obamacare.
It's free.
If you have your business, you didn't build it.
Two plus two doesn't necessarily equal four.
Those are all real statements they made.
Who's the fake news?
They're trying to break your will and condition you to accept it.
Here, let's read the London Telegraph article.
We ought to have articles every day about McDonald's tweets, because they're just the biggest load of horse manure.
Horse manure obviously is more nutritious, in my opinion.
The public's saying, fake news!
He claims horse manure is more nutritious.
I bet it is, to plants.
McDouble is the cheapest, I'm reading, and most nutritious food in human history.
Here, let me read the British accent, it'll be more authoritative.
McDouble is the cheapest and most nutritious food in human history.
Describing the McDonald's Double Cheeseburger as the cheapest, most nutritious and multiple food that has ever existed in human history, close quote, might seem fanciful.
No, it might seem like an outrageous, giant, colossal, biggest lie in history, but, I'm sorry, might seem beyond fanciful.
But according to the author of Freakonomics, it's not as absurd a suggestion as it appears.
That's right!
It's actually true!
The McDouble is the best on Earth!
It's wonderful!
There you go.
Now let's get to something even more ridiculous because I've told this story probably a hundred times in 22 years on air because it happened about a year... It happened about a year... Let me just reset there because this is such a big deal.
This is so ultra-massive, and it just illustrates everything we're dealing with, okay?
So, I was about 20 years old, and I was staying in a small apartment, working and going to so-called community college.
It was totally worthless.
See, I'm digressing.
I shouldn't even tell that part of the story.
I have this tendency to over-tell stories and just tell you every little detail.
I mean, I shouldn't tell you what color the drapes were in my parents' house or where they had the safe in their bedroom or whatever, but, you know, I tend to digress off.
So, let me just restart.
When I was in college, I lived in an apartment, so I didn't keep my firearms in my apartment.
I kept them over at my parents' house.
And my parents had a well-known newspaper-slash-magazine editor.
He's worked at both places.
He's been a friend of theirs since I was a little kid.
And so I go through their living room, into their bedroom, and I come out with a rifle and a .357 Magnum in a case.
Can't even see the .357 Magnum.
And I'm walking out to go deer hunting.
And he's all the way through the living room in the den slash dining room and he goes, and I hear this and he goes, is that a gun?
And I went, yes.
He's like, oh, he's like scrambling back in his wife's like, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
And my dad goes, Hey, come on, Alex, come in here.
Show him.
He's like, no, no, no.
And he's like, listen, relax.
You've known Alex all your life.
He's a good guy.
I'm a doctor.
You know, you're a newspaper editor.
You're like, oh, stop!
I'm leaving!
You do this!
I'm like walking in with a rifle.
We're like, look, it's not loaded.
Everything's OK.
I'm going to leave.
Oh, what's in there?
I'm going to leave.
My dad's like, go if you want to.
Because, you know, he's a big liberal friend of his that he'd known since my mom worked with him in a major newspaper.
So these people have been around since I was born, okay?
Been on camping trips with them, all over the country.
I mean, I've known them well.
And they're a little bit more informed now today.
I mean, I haven't seen them in probably six, seven years, but it's crazy.
But this is the domesticated mindset.
I'm walking out, and my dad goes, no, come back with a 357.
He unzips it in the black case, soft case, says, look, look, it's not even loaded, see?
It's no big deal.
A car's more dangerous than this.
And he's freaking out, and starts panicking.
He's red-faced.
It's fine.
We're leaving.
Hey, good seeing you.
I leave.
They were going to go out to dinner and stuff that night.
He got so freaked out with his wife, he left, and my parents really weren't ever friends with him again.
So at that point, they'd known him 20 years.
I was 20 years old then.
Now, why do I tell you this story?
Because this is what we're dealing with.
Nancy Pelosi's in a new press conference and doesn't even know where she is, okay?
She thinks George W. Bush is president.
That was in one a few weeks ago.
There's one even worse.
Maxine Waters again thinks Russia invaded Korea.
The new one, she obviously has dementia.
She's out of her mind.
Giggling like an insane person.
This is who is in control of our country.
And the reason I raise that is, liberals are domesticated people.
Most of them were abused as children.
They're scared.
They have no competency.
They're not confident, and that's why they're so afraid of veterans, and tough guys, and competent folks, and just hard working class, middle class people, because to them it's scary to see somebody aggressive and competent.
I just love being around veterans and special forces people and stuff, because they're funny, they're smart, they get stuff done, they got jokes, they got things to do, they're having a good time.
It's the complete opposite of the people that are friends with Juan Williams, and that's where I'm going next with this.
Very fake news!
Juan Williams slaps CNN reporter claiming Sean Hannity pulled gun on him after argument.
Again, very fake news.
Juan Williams slams CNN report claiming Sean Hannity pulled a gun on him after an argument.
And then Juan Williams, after this breaks on CNN everywhere, goes, no, he just showed me his gun.
And he turned the laser on, and they caught that pulling a gun on him.
Think about that.
That's how domesticated they are, that a guy that's had a concealed carry in New York for decades, really hard to get, he's got a concealed carry in five states, one is scared of guns, he's trying to decondition him like I do when I had time taking Hollywood people out with Mike Judge several times and others to get him shooting
223s, M4s.
We had all these liberal women wanting guns after they did it.
We got them to come to the real world.
But to a programmed leftist saying, here, don't be scared.
Let me show you my Glock.
Let me show you the laser sight.
Let me show you it's unloaded.
Only the state, only Kim Jong-un, only Hitler, only Mao, only Pol Pot can have a gun.
In their world, that's another caste, another class.
It's scary.
They see military with guns, cops with guns, it's not as scary.
Now once they retire, they can't have guns in their worldview.
So, Kennedy says, again, it's total fake news, totally insane, totally made up.
And Williams goes, no, he just said, let me show you my gun in his office so you're not so scared.
Turned it on and said, look, it's unloaded.
And that's how domesticated these people are.
And now it's this big national story everywhere that Sean Hannity pulled a gun and threatened.
It goes further.
He didn't just pull a gun, but threatened Juan Williams when literally I am 40, 50 feet coming out of their bedroom through their house at like two dens, a little den,
Kitchen, dining room, living room.
They're out on the edge of the dining room in the main living room.
I'm like 45 feet and he sees a rifle and goes like I was a mass shooter or something.
That's how conditioned they are.
Now, here's a similar gun to what firearm to what Sean Hannity had.
And this is just a little Glock 43.
Nine millimeter.
This is what I carry.
Oh, and look, for the news, I'm not going to show you all the numbers on it, but here's my concealed carry card.
See that?
Sean Hannity has the same thing.
This is what I now wear on my person everywhere I go.
It's legal and lawful.
And all he did was, and Juan Williams said, yes, it's all exaggerated, all basically a lie by his liberal colleagues.
All he did was say, look,
See that?
Showed him that it wasn't loaded.
And said, look, it's no big deal.
There's a laser on it.
See that?
It's no big deal.
It's so easy.
And you can drive tax with these, Juan.
You ought to go shootin' with me.
He literally was trying to deprogram him.
And they don't want that.
They want to keep people scared.
We've seen all the videos.
I think I should do a professional one on it.
For the news, where I, when I say professional and one where I get all the clips together and really make my point, where it shows people going out and being scared to shoot even low caliber firearms, leftists going, I won't even touch that!
That's so disgusting!
Oh, it's so evil!
Oh, it's so dangerous!
Oh, I'm having a panic attack!
This is their attitude.
This is how they act.
So imagine you go, hey, Juan Williams, you know, it's really no big deal.
It's really no big deal.
Look, there's no bullets.
Got a laser sight.
You hit right where you aim at.
It's no big deal.
Doesn't worry about just a harmless plastic explosive, Mr. Grover.
All right, folks, we'll be back.
Stay with us.
This is The Infowar.
We'll cover North Korea straight ahead.
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All right, I'm getting to North Korea right now, Rex Tillerson.
But first, Ali, who is a great asset, does a great job as a producer and research here on the show.
She is originally from Mexico, here legally, doing a wonderful job.
Don't have a lot of chance to be around guns there.
It's pretty much illegal for the citizens in Mexico.
There's a revolution down there.
More and more citizens are demanding guns.
And in those areas, crime rates are dropping, just like it happens here in the United States.
But during the break, she was like, I was exactly the same.
Totally scared of firearms, just like Juan Williams was, until he got shown one by Sean Hannity.
Then he told colleagues, oh yeah, he showed me one, showed me the red dot.
They went, he pulled that on you!
He pulled that thing on you!
You are so absolutely horrible.
This is the fake news.
And Juan said no.
He said let me just show you the gun.
Don't be scared of it.
Nico is just telling me don't point lasers at cameras and their chips, but I can't help it.
Looks so cool.
We'll see if it messes it up.
But there you go, folks, my legal lawful firearm.
And here it is protecting me.
And it's, of course, unloaded as well.
Again, I'm a slave.
I'm a citizen.
I'm not supposed to have this, according to the leftists and the globalists, because they want to have the monopoly of power via the state.
So, Ali, tell us your story.
Um, so yeah, like you said, in Mexico we are not used to, like, having guns in our houses or people carrying guns.
The only times we do see them are, you know, during maybe a shootout or something, but it's not that common.
So when I was in Savannah studying college, first time this guy came up to me and he actually had something underneath his arm and we were talking for a while and then finally I was like, what do you have there?
And he showed it to me and it was
I don't know what to do at this moment.
I've never seen a gun.
I've never held one.
So he kind of gave it to me.
I didn't even know what to do with it.
Put it on top of my hand.
I told the story earlier about a major newspaper editor that has been friends with my parents since I was born.
Just nervous.
He literally saw me in college getting a rifle out of a safe in their bedroom.
Uh, you know, to go use it because I kept my guns gonna be tuned in at their house.
I was living with my parents.
Make sure that's clear.
And he saw it, just totally freaked out and panicked.
And when my dad tried to reason with him, he just totally panicked.
With you, it's reasonable.
You'd seen Hollywood movies, weren't aware of it.
You were telling me earlier that once you got around guns, what happened?
Yes, actually, here in Austin, finally when I started working here in Enforce, and I got a little more information about guns, and started knowing more about guns, I got more comfortable.
So finally I went to a shooting range, tried a, I think it was a Ruger, and so fun!
I had a blast, like I felt so much more confident after that, and I noticed that it's only you noting, like, knowing how to handle a gun, knowing
The safety features, and then you'll start feeling better about guns, I mean.
Exactly, because it's just another appliance.
Cars kill 10, 20, 30 times what guns do.
Most guns are used to stop crime, and we're good people.
We need to learn how to use them and have them so that bad people understand we're not soft targets.
And Allie, I kind of made Allie go on air.
She's a little nervous.
Great job, Allie.
Thank you.
She's awesome, does a great job with our research and guests.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to come back and get to the Rex Tillerson thing.
I'm not holding off on it.
I just really want to break this down and talk about the situation in North Korea.
It's unprecedented.
With North Korea threatening to nuke and attack, where again, only the state has the guns and the nukes, and is threatening their peaceful neighbors.
And the US military and the Secretary of State are saying, the President says, gloves are off, we may first strike you for threatening nuclear weapons, we can't wait to let you load one of those on a missile, we may have to go ahead and hit you.
And then if China comes in on the side, we have another conventional war, like we saw in the Korean War, that was never stopped.
It wasn't even an armistice, it was a ceasefire.
Will you guys pull me the Wikipedia on the ceasefire and the history?
It gets a little foggy on the exact date of that.
But I know we lost a lot of Americans, obviously, in that situation, standing up against the communist thugs.
But they were already on the march before Trump got in.
They are just really fletching their muscles all over the South China Sea, Africa, you name it.
The communist Chinese are on the march.
I'm Alex Jones, hour number two coming up.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Remember the CIA whistleblower that came out last week on RT and said, oh, he talked to his colleagues?
He's a former section chief over analysis.
And he talked to his colleagues and said, oh, we were ordered to target.
Trump during and after the election and he says of course the president's under surveillance, but that's well known.
They censored that on Facebook, wouldn't let us post it, deleted it when we did post it, calling it spam and fake news.
And then Gizmodo this week celebrated it and said that's right, it's fake.
That's right, major international TV with a decorated high-level CIA officer who then went on to be high-level State Department.
Comes on TV via Skype and tells what anybody that studied this stuff already knows, but he has a lot of credibility.
And they just go, that's insane!
By the way, you can't show that to anybody.
Alex, that's more spam.
It's more spam.
So he's going to be joining us.
I need to get Quentin Carter in here because we've got some new developments.
It's been in for a week and I haven't announced it yet.
We're so busy covering the news that
You never get to really exciting things that are happening here at InfoWars.
So we've got getting equipment to pop in at the bottom of the hour and then I intend to also open the phones up and take your calls.
I already got into this some but I want to hit it next segment so we have enough time to really roll.
That's what's happening in North Korea.
Tillerson doesn't rule out preemptive strike on North Korea.
I want to walk through the scenario and the different scenarios that could take place there.
Preemptive military action is North Korea on the table.
So, before we go any further with that huge news...
We also have Leanne McAdoo and Owen Schroer hosting the fourth hour today.
Before I go any further, it just shows culturally how domesticated the media is that Juan Williams told some liberal colleagues at CNN, he works at Fox, formerly NPR, that Sean Hannity pulled out a gun in his office and showed it to me and shoved me the laser and pointed it around and they turned that into he pulled a gun on him and threatened him.
I already mentioned this a couple times, but this is just insane.
And it just shows the next level of the disconnect.
So again, last hour, if you missed it, you should go back to the archive.
I broke down a story of where my dad had a friend of the family over who was a liberal and never been around guns and just freaked out when he saw me come over to my parents' house to get one of my firearms out to take in hunting.
But again, it just boggles the mind that Sean Hannity had it unloaded.
firearm with a license, showed it to him, and it turned into another giant fake news lie.
Very fake news.
Juan Williams slammed a CNN report claiming Sean Hannity pulled a gun, close quote, on him after an argument.
And the real story was, they were talking about guns and arguing about it, and he said, Hannity had come out and broken his down in wands, and that's what happened, and showed him how it was unloaded, it was no big deal, and now why couldn't a citizen have it?
He's trying to sell Juan on going shooting with him.
And I've done this so much.
You want to win the culture war?
Can't help it.
It's so much fun to shoot these cameras.
I know it's not good for the chips, but I can't help it.
If we're going to win the culture war, we've got to do this.
Okay, I'm going to stop right now, ladies and gentlemen.
When we come back, I will discipline myself, and I will get into all of that news for you.
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You are the InfoWar.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
The official McDonald's Twitter account tweeted out an anti-Trump tweet which caused a huge stir on Twitter, which some speculate may not have been an accident at all.
The tweet said, You are actually a disgusting excuse of a president and we would love to have Barack Obama back.
Also, you have tiny hands.
Now, McDonald's claims that it was the result of a hacker, but some have pointed the finger at Robert Gibbs, Obama's former press secretary, who now works as the global chief officer for McDonald's.
Well, there's no proof that it was Robert Gibbs.
However, I would say that Robert Gibbs is a perfect fit for McDonald's, given that his job was to make Obama look good.
Well, I'm sure he'll have no problem making the McDonald's McChicken fake nuggets,
Look good as well.
For more awesome reports, go to InfoWars.com.
This is Alex Jones.
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Zack, this is Crystal Palace.
NORAD has declared DEFCON 3.
Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The Whopper spends all its time thinking about World War 3.
Target selection complete.
Time-on-target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon-class submarines departing Petropavlovsk, turning southbound at Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are penetrating the Alaskan air defense zone.
From the front lines of the Information War... Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEFCON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
You bet!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
3... 2... 1... Impact!
Shall we play a game?
How about...
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready.
Awaiting launch codes.
We are in a launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in!
The Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have a Soviet submarine launch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like everybody else.
Change ended.
The only winning move is not to play.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Every major military historical analyst out there agrees the last four years that the world has entered the most dangerous period in human existence.
We have the Atlantean power.
Whether the legend of Atlantis was true or not, we have the Atlantean power now to destroy ourselves many times over.
That is an incontrovertible fact.
And we have
Communist China that is unbelievably oppressive and unbelievably murderous, arming North Korea with medium-range and long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles.
And we have Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Laura Allen Hughes in 1995, 96 and 97, illegally transferring the technology to Communist China.
Previously China would have to come up off our shore and try to fire some type of primitive medium-range nuke at us or try to get bombers flying over the North Pole to hit, say, New York City.
Good luck doing that.
But now they have it.
And they've put their operatives in all the major tech companies, and they have got chips that are manufactured for the military, that have kill switches in our latest military equipment.
We have been completely sabotaged and overrun.
And by the way, all that's admitted.
What's crazy is that sounds wild.
It's true.
There have been scandals for 15 years.
I remember seeing in the news hundreds of times where they find back doors in defense chips made in Communist China.
Or they get Communist Chinese technicians in even our firms and they add stuff in.
Search engine that.
Communist China put back doors on U.S.
defense chips.
Remember, they call me fake news because we've got such a memory and we're accurate.
Of course, how would you not forget that?
I mean, that's important.
Or the Kim Jong-un's a third-generation dictator.
So now, in the last month, he's had more missile tests, firing missiles just right off the coast of Japan, and then saying, I will annihilate you, I will nuke you, with someone that looks like a cartoon character of a little pot-bellied crazy man, with everyone worshipping him, threatening to destroy South Korea, one of the most advanced high-tech countries in the world.
Two different planets.
Millions starving every few years in North Korea.
Total enslavement.
Collapsing worse than Venezuela.
And the answer is, threatened to nuke us, threatened to attack us, and now China has moved into the South China Sea, taking over 90% of it.
They are declaring that
They have the waters all the way down to the Philippines.
Think about that.
And China is belligerently kicking Filipinos off their own islands that people have been on for thousands of years.
They're not just building new ones.
In fact, there's one good thing CNN did.
We've played that graphic where the lady is standing on the big blue screen and it shows the official China map.
It's over 90% and it's hundreds of miles away from China in areas they've never even claimed, folks.
Shooting way out in the South China Sea, the most busy area in the world, and now they're using North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, who never worked a day in his life, to declare that he
We'll annihilate South Korea, annihilate Japan, annihilate anybody that gets in his way.
And Nancy Pelosi is so arrogant.
She doesn't even know who the president is in press conferences.
And Maxine Waters, again, thinks that Russia invaded Korea.
Doesn't know what North and South is.
Has no idea what's even going on on this planet.
No connection to reality.
She just says that Putin runs Trump, and now, don't forget, John McCain said two days ago that Rand Paul is a agent of Putin.
Oh, and that's a correction.
I saw the article.
I played the clip yesterday.
And I conflated two things, not intentionally, because it's the exact same rhetoric.
McCain has a bunch of treaties he wants rammed through to have the U.S.
totally invade Ukraine, go all the way into Crimea, and kick Russia out with military force.
And he wants more heavy weapons sent, anti-aircraft missiles, you name it.
There's already a proxy war.
So then he's up there about another treaty.
And that's Montenegro, where he says Russia's attack, which there's no evidence of that, just zero.
And is saying he wants U.S.
forces there.
That's in the Balkans, but also nearby.
This is an encirclement of Russia, which is seriously warlike, and Russia's not threatening to nuke anybody.
Russia's not grabbing the South China Sea.
If Russia was grabbing the South China Sea, and by the way, they have some claim to it, there's some Russia that sticks out in that area, and Russia has some islands around there going back, and Russia goes all the way to Asia, folks.
Far East Asia.
But they're not claiming that.
People asked Putin about, hey, would you want, you know, areas of Alaska back that you sold for $50 million or whatever it was.
He says, no, we got too much land to deal with now.
Isn't Russia like eight times the size of the U.S.?
I'm going from memory.
Russia's problem is it's so big.
Let's pull back on that.
Look at the size of that.
The globalists want it.
They're trying to use islamicists on one side and then trendies on the other to bring it down.
Don't lionize on some love affair with Russia.
I happen to know what's going on historically.
I happen to know that our own stinking globalist government in 1917 financed the takedown of Moscow and the Bolshevik Revolution and then the same leftist thing we see here today was done to them.
You want to know where we're going?
Look at what happened in Russia.
Banning the family, slave labor, hate speech laws, everything you see now.
Little commissars running around in black uniforms.
So, if Russia was suddenly declaring it wanted a bunch of islands out there, because they border that area, I'd say, hey, watch out, Russia.
That's open sea lanes for everybody.
You know, China's saying you can't come in most of the South China Sea now, and ships have to go through areas that are rocky shoals and sandbars, and so a lot of big ships are just ignoring them and having to be escorted by Japanese, U.S., and South Korean ships.
That's really what's been going on the last year.
And the Communist Chinese will pull up, they'll board your boat, they'll steal the Navy's research vessels, remember that?
They're acting like North Korea, and because they're delusional.
Hell, they're buying up Hollywood, they're controlling the U.S., they're putting spy chips in our equipment, they're doing whatever they want!
And then Rex Tillerson comes out and says, listen, we don't want war, but you just can't keep calling for it.
And you've got atomic weapons and missiles to deliver them.
And if we see movements towards that, we're going to hit you first.
And they've got the special forces on the border.
They've got the bombers ready.
They've got the cruise missiles ready to vaporize every major military emplacement.
It's going to be, I'd say they're going to hit the North Korean line.
Yeah, let me from a military history tell you how this will go if it kicks off.
They can go three different ways, and they're each really drawn out, so let me just try to crystallize them as best I can.
They start loading what appears to be an atomic payload.
They've got sensors in space that can scan and tell them.
They start loading a radioactive payload onto one of those missiles.
And the phone call's gonna go to President Trump, who's got the media and everybody attacking him constantly about, you know, he wasn't spied on, or all this made-up crap, or, you know, he's not getting the economy going, all these other lies, or whatever.
Or he didn't release his tax returns.
Well, we're busy dealing with that, and our sellout globalist leftists that have sold us out to Communist China, and think they're gonna defeat this country, Trump could get the call today, tomorrow, next month, whenever.
Skip this break, it's too important.
And they could say, Mr. President,
We've got the scans.
They're loading.
They're going to go nuclear.
Six missiles.
Six medium-range rockets with atomic payloads.
They reportedly even have hydrogen bombs now.
Maybe it's a hydrogen bomb.
And the President makes the decision.
They've already had the meetings.
All right.
Go ahead and launch.
And then it'll be five minutes till the cruise missiles hit them.
And it'll be about 15 minutes till secondary hydrogen bombs get dropped on them.
And then they're going to hit the entire line between South and North Korea where they've got those 100,000 artillery pieces and where they've got their troops.
Because the word is North Korea's only got about 10 nukes.
And so the entire front of North Korea is going to probably get hit with, depending on the size of the bombs or
Nuclear weapons they use, it could be hundreds of nuclear weapons will be used.
Small nuclear weapons to wipe out the tunnels, the bases, to neutralize them.
And then if troops pour across, they're going to hit them with larger weapons.
That's how it escalates.
And then they'll start dropping the 500 megaton bombs on them.
It'll destroy the whole country.
And so right now, there's over a thousand nuclear weapons just on a group of ships pointed at North Korea.
Of course, you know where the rest are really pointed.
Right now, most of the missiles aren't aimed at Russia.
They've been swung around for years, and they're aimed right at China.
That's the pivot.
They're aimed right at China right now.
Space-based weapons, you name it.
And I'm not saying any secrets here, I've reverse-engineered it, plus I have all the sources over the years.
In 1979, they had over 100 drones
Continually orbiting the Earth with DU Shabo rounds or basically meteor guns.
Now, they're not atomic, they're not nuclear, they're not hydrogen bombs or atomic bombs.
They are Shabos of a classified nature that go into orbit at 15,000 miles an hour with a rocket booster and accelerate to up to 40,000 miles an hour when they hit their target.
You can be 10 miles under a mountain, you're dead.
No hole's deep enough.
And again, you've got to be under a mountain because that's cool.
You go a mile under at sea level, it's 150 degrees.
So you're under a mountain, you're not safe.
Nobody's safe.
And that was 1979.
That's the superiority of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's what they've got.
And they've got advanced stuff up there.
Huge weapons platforms.
Japanese amateur astronomers are always showing them.
They're just basically big floating bases.
Not like those tinker toys they put up at the International Space Station.
They've got military bases that are basically big platforms with particle beams.
Light pebble, tiny pebble projectors that also basically shoot hundreds of thousands of BBs every few seconds out because in space they don't slow down missiles when they're coming up.
So they got these BB guns up there, that's what they are, they're BB guns basically.
And they're just, just imagine hundreds of BB guns aiming at the
Missiles that are going to come out of Russia, come out of China.
And so they're going to take those out.
They're going to fire cruise missiles in.
And of course, here's the news flash.
I'm just going to go ahead and tell you, because I know history and I've studied it.
If North Korea moves, China has already been given the call that if you move anything or anything looks like it's warming up on a pad or any submarines pop up.
In the Pacific Ocean, in the Gulf of Mexico, or in the Atlantic Ocean, we're going to have total commitment at that point, space-based weapons are going to kill your entire city center's population.
Because they're not going to play games with China, they're going to kill everybody.
So, just understand that.
The Communist leaders make jokes about how, oh, we got too many people, go ahead and hit us.
You're going to get hit like you want.
Every military target, every city, every factory, you're going to have 10,000 weapons dropped on you.
And by the way, it's going to be a nuclear winter.
But I mean, look, leftists want to worship China.
They want to worship North Korea.
They want to worship Venezuela.
They want nuclear war.
They're going to get it!
Because here's why.
We're not gonna sit here while you launch missiles first and you catch us with your pants down because you're a bunch of crazy commies.
Now, Curtis LeMay wanted to hit China and Russia a long time ago and got vetoed on it.
And he had people like Bertrand Russells, the big liberals, calling for it, wanting a one-rule government.
Those plans got killed because they were immoral.
We're dealing with people that are running around, taking over land, threatening to attack us, and saying they're gonna nuke us and China's behind it because they're a bunch of belligerent, crazy commies.
Now that's one way it could go.
North Korea could basically, who's under Chinese control, could actually fold and announce a deal to work with the South, like East Germany did, to merge with it, and that horrible family dynasty can be removed, and those entire sickening groups of oppressive generals could all be told they can leave to abstention, wherever they like, and take their stolen loot.
So it doesn't have to be a nuclear war, just let them leave.
And then send international aid and stabilize the country of those poor victims.
China can back off now and China can recuse itself from what it's been doing and understand that you might be able to fight with the South China Sea, you're not going to get to start a nuclear war and not get hit first.
So, the United States is massively more advanced than China and China needs to understand that traitors inside our government gave you nukes,
And that shows how crazy this whole thing is, and I know that China's been testing anti-satellite weapons, and particle beams, and missiles, and they've already blown up some of our satellites.
So I understand China's got some of its own weapons, and they got some smart people.
It's just understand this, that China has no idea what's gonna get rolled out against you, or how huge the secret space program is, and all the stuff that's been going on for a long time.
Just look, the United States and Europe basically invented everything.
And everybody over there needs to understand, globalists may have captured Europe.
They may have made a deal with China to try to capture the United States.
That deal's broken.
That deal's over.
Look at Kim Jong-un in that photo.
The arrogance, the fake confidence.
What is it about wimps that sit there and act like they're... And look at the brainwashed slaves behind him who think he's God.
They literally think he's a rock star.
It's like folks who think movie stars are cool.
Just because they're in movies.
If you love somebody's music, that's great, but there's just this worship for no reason.
Look at the cult-like crying like Democrats when they found out Hillary lost.
Just look at how they worshiped Hillary, another slug!
This is slavery.
This is pathetic.
This is mindlessness.
You don't find any birds, any lizards, anything in North Korea.
Everything's been eaten.
This is the worship of the state.
This is what we've become.
Well, Merkel's finally showed up.
The press conference is about to happen.
Merkel goes to Washington.
No handshake with Trump.
They were in there covering it, getting ready for it this morning.
I said, it's like 1220 Eastern.
I guess that'd be $11.20, but now it's... I don't know.
Did that ever happen?
Look at DrugsReport.com.
It's also up on Infowars.com.
But let's get back to the really important news here.
That's just the German trader that opened them up to the whole UN plan to colonize Europe with Muslims.
And now Turkey says, we're in a holy war.
We have a group that will burn down everything inside your cities if you don't submit.
And Merkel's literally saying, yes, submit to Turkey.
She's allied with the Muslims, folks.
What a pathetic scumbag.
But right now, let's go ahead and go to the Secretary of State.
Here he is.
In the face of North Korea's grave and escalating global threat, it is important for me to consult with our friends and chart a path that secures the peace.
Let me be very clear.
The policy of strategic patience has ended.
We're exploring a new range of diplomatic, security, and economic measures.
All options are on the table.
North Korea must understand that the only path to a secure, economically prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and other weapons of mass destruction.
Now, let's go a little bit further here, though.
So, we can have North Korea try to launch missiles, or load them with weapons, and we have to hit them.
They're saying, we're gonna kill you, we're going to attack you, I'm gonna load this gun and point it at you and kill you.
You start loading the gun and pointing it at me, I have to strike back, right?
Because you're striking me first, you've announced you're doing it.
You've said you're coming to burn down my house, I see you pulling up with torches in your hand, you crossed my threshold, under common law, I can shoot you.
So you've shown yourself to be monsters, you've done this,
China, horrible communist monsters, enslaving their people.
It's a very, very sad situation.
And now they want the South China Sea, and they want Africa, and they want everything else.
The deals they made with the globalists are all being broken.
That's one reason globalism's broken, because none of the parties involved followed it.
Europe ignored the deals with Russia, we ignored those deals, the Chinese broke their deals with us.
I mean, Russia really didn't break their deals until the last five, six years, when the West started breaking deals they had with them.
I'm not even, again, praising Russia.
I don't have any stake in Russia, other than I don't have nuclear war with Russia.
I'd like to visit Russia someday.
I'd like to visit Africa.
I haven't been to either place.
I've been to Europe.
It's awesome.
I've been to Central America.
It's awesome.
I've been to Mexico.
I've been to Canada.
I just, you know, I don't want to have a nuclear war.
I mean, call me a Russian agent, like McCain says.
But the other thing is, Korea and their dictator could decide to just transfer power, but they can't do it.
They could step down or China could get them in line and have them stop making the threats and doing all this.
But it's coming to a head because China wants to use North Korea as a set piece to somehow bully us into submission and it's not working with Donald Trump.
Just like it's not working with Vladimir Putin, who they keep trying to bully into submission.
It's not happening.
The globalists are trying to bully Russia into giving up its sovereignty.
Not happening.
The United States, not happening.
Because we have President Trump.
Oh, here it is!
A press conference ongoing.
Trump doesn't shake hands with Merkel during photo op.
They're getting ready to have their press conference.
That's up on DrudgeReport.com and InfoWars.com, as well as our backup site, PrisonPlanet.com.
President Trump did not extend his hand to shake German Chancellor Merkel's Friday Oval Office photo op, a courtesy he usually extends to foreign leaders visiting the White House.
Well, she is literally an Islamist agent.
So, I mean, he really shouldn't do that, right?
We'll be back on the other side.
We'll open up the phones and do a ton of other news I haven't hit yet, but this North Korea, South China Sea, China situation is the big issue.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've heard of lab-grown beef in a petri dish.
You've heard of chickoids that are kept secure, force-fed, and have their beaks removed.
Well, now get ready for finger-lickin' lab-grown chicken.
That's right.
Memphis Meats is one of a cadre of startups racing to create meat that doesn't involve killing animals.
The firm's approach to what it calls clean meat is to culture animal cells in a lab, feed them nutrients until they grow into pieces large enough to cook and eat.
You've probably seen where companies like this have grown beef in petri dishes.
Well, now it's gonna be chicken strips.
And I know the question on everybody's mind is, does the lab-grown chicken taste like chicken?
According to the Wall Street Journal, it was reported spongier than a whole chicken breast, but they nearly nailed the flavor of the traditional variety.
This is all part of the globalist plan to remove you from the natural world and place you into an artificially created, VR-induced world where they control everything you see, smell, taste, think, and touch.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
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It's amazing!
Oh my goodness.
That's right, Kim Jong-un.
You little dictator pig.
Trump Tower Blueprint Stolen From Secret Service Breaking Corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
Trump Tower Blueprint Stolen From Secret Service.
That's right.
Trump family lives in the tower.
Looks like a state run deal.
Probably run by the Obama people if I had to bet money.
They're running a whole lot.
They're running a whole shadow government.
Or McCain's people.
Admit they are.
State-run deal.
The way they broke into the car, the way they got it, the way they ran off, they knew exactly what they were going for.
Sounds like an inside job to me.
Trump family lives in the tower.
A laptop containing blueprints for the Trump Tower.
Another security information was stolen from the Secret Service.
Multiple outlets have now reported the laptop, which also contained tower evacuation procedures, as well as data from the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
How convenient that it was left in the car!
How convenient!
You wouldn't leave your laptop in your car if it had, you know, real estate stuff you were doing as an agent, or
Photos of your kids, but oh, the top secret one, leave it in the car.
Well, sure.
She's a good female agent, though.
Wonder who she voted for.
Just ask questions.
I mean, probably a wonderful person who is in dereliction of duty.
Or maybe she didn't leave it in the car.
Maybe she was in the car.
I'm confused.
The agent also told investigators that while nothing about the White House or foreign leaders is stored on the laptop, the information on there could compromise the national security report of the New York Daily News.
The thief also took sensitive documents and the agent's access card.
To the level of the agent's access wasn't immediately clear.
A police officer involved said the investigation was a very big deal for the Secret Service, while the president hasn't been back to Trump Tower since his inauguration.
Melania and Barron, who BowBow says he wants to kidnap and put into sex slavery, are still living there until he finishes school this year, reported TMZ.
Earlier in the week, MIT admitted that it was setting up new security detail with cherry-picked officers after spending months struggling to guard the tower adequately.
Yeah, and the VA won't even hang his picture up.
As the economy roars back, as he gives massive amounts of money to inner-city groups for actual college and jobs and factories, and $300-plus billion in new factories announced, everything from Hasbro to Samsung to Chrysler to Fiat to Ford to Carrier to SoftBank to... I mean, I'm just going for hours here!
Three-plus trillion in the stock market, Federal Reserve being ordered to move massive loans to small businesses, just flood them with money.
He needs to be killed, according to them.
Yes, he's so horrible.
I worry about Trump so much.
It was almost like gooey.
We did something wrong.
Like, oh, he's not perfect.
I won't feel as bad if something happens because he was halfway supporting the Paul Ryan plan, which he is now falling apart and Rand Paul's is going to the top.
That's great.
I mean, it's just crazy how good he is.
And then to see the lies, it hurts me.
And I'm not actually glad, you know, he's done some things that aren't perfect.
It's just like almost you're expecting something bad.
You're expecting, like, him to compromise or something.
He just doesn't do it.
And it doesn't shake Merkel's hand.
That's even better.
I want to play a few minutes just from the start of their so-called press conference.
More of a sit-down talk.
But Merkel is just such a monster.
Absolute monster.
So again, there's an ongoing talk going on.
We've backed it up to the start of where Trump was speaking.
And then I'm going to come back and hit the other really big news that ties into all of this.
They're openly announcing in Europe and the U.S.
now that not just government but Google will ban you or arrest you if you criticize Muslims in any way.
They are God.
No more First Amendment.
And I know for a fact in the Justice Department, they're trying to cook up lawsuits.
Told you about this months ago against the independent press.
Try to shut that down and ban everything that's fake news.
And then just get big telecoms to capitulate, like Europe, just banning things wholesale.
Because what they're doing is so outrageous.
Merkel's brought almost 3 million people, 80% of military age men, most of them with fake passports in from failed states.
And they're just raping, murdering, crapping in the pool.
Just running around.
It's insane asylum level.
And if a German criticizes it, they're arrested.
Total insane asylum.
Here's some of the ongoing talk they're having.
Chancellor, thank you very much.
It's such a great honor to get to know you, to be with you.
I want to thank all of the business leaders who have joined us to discuss a subject that's very important to me, training our workforce for the 21st century, especially with respect to manufacturing jobs.
We're working every day to bring back jobs to our country and thousands and thousands are already coming back.
You're seeing it, you're reading about it in the papers every single day.
We want to make sure that we have the workforce development programs we need to ensure these jobs are being filled by American workers.
Germany and the United States have incredible opportunity to deepen our partnership as we continue to develop a strong workforce in both of our countries.
Both Germany and the United States are pioneering job training programs.
Here in the United States, companies have created revolutionary high-tech and online courses.
And of course, for decades, Germany has been a model for highly successful apprenticeship.
That's a name I like.
Let's come back a little bit and see what old Mercky says whenever he's done talking.
It's just Trump always trying to get jobs, always trying to promote things, always trying to just cut out the big banks and the big brokerage firms and the monopolies that try to choose the winners.
He's like, hey, you big banks should get rich.
In fact, they're getting even richer under his prosperity.
They're still trying to destroy him because they don't want that.
They want to dictate total control, and I know you know that, but we've got to get that word out to these dumbed-down people.
Sure enough, it's all over the web.
In comments, I showed a few yesterday and the day before, they're just all over the news in newspaper comment sections going, why does Alex Jones think blacks aren't humans?
Why does Alex Jones think that whites are superior?
Because Alec Baldwin, to more than 10 million viewers, that's what the ratings are out, that's a big audience, told a bunch of suggestible dumb people that I told Donald Trump that blacks aren't human.
That was Alec Baldwin, that was not the president, and I did not say that.
And I know our audience goes, yeah, tell us something we don't know, Alex, is that a joke?
No, people believe it!
That's why I'm angry at Alec Baldwin!
I wouldn't read something like that.
I wouldn't get up on air if they paid me all that money and say lies about Alec Baldwin.
I would not say Alec Baldwin is a serial rapist if it wasn't true.
Hey Alex, this is Nico popping in on air.
We were just given a clip by Kit with a New York Times writer insinuating that we are the progenitors of the wiretapping story and that Trump picked it up from us.
We have the New York Times, January 20th, on inauguration, when they said wiretap in the headline, and that's where Trump got that from, plus it's admitted.
Next level!
I just... They bragged during the... They bragged when he was president-elect that they were surveilling him.
Yeah, flashback, New York Times admits wiretaps used against Trump, but Don Salazar has screenshots of it.
Scroll down, yeah.
Yeah, let's put that full screen for folks in NHD, for TV viewers, radio listeners.
There is wiretap data used in inquiry of Trump aides.
And then they use these games and go, well, you know, he's told GSGQ in England is where the main hubs go through for the US and England.
So we always use foreigners to tap Americans, and then we tap the foreigners, then we share the data.
That's how we get around the so-called law of spying on our own people.
That was in Congress 10 years ago.
I told you 20 years ago.
Not just what I thought was going on.
Boy, I'd be king of the world if I could just magically know they admit it.
They accidentally leaked in the 90s during a debate on C-SPAN about the smart pebble and a bunch of other terms for the super high powered small uranium rounds that they fire out like a machine gun at missiles.
You know, they're coming up into space and then preparing to go back into the atmosphere and hit their target.
Well, you just sit there with those and they don't slow down in the atmosphere.
They just accelerate out and then take out their target.
You fire a large one
It doesn't lose any of its force and can cut through miles of rock, but small ones cut through missiles and warheads.
Again, that wasn't my opinion.
That's a fact, because that got leaked and I talked to the former head of Star Wars about it, Dr. Bob Oden, before he died, obviously.
But now I'm told, I guess it's on the New York Times and everywhere else, that we are to blame.
And that he gets it from us.
And again, they act like we're the most discredited thing in the world.
They lie about what we say and do.
Then they connect it to Trump and try to hurt him.
And that's why we're now the number one target.
Drudge had always been the number one target of them wanting to try to shut him down with the Federal Elections Commission or whatever.
Now they admit, and I know for a fact, top Democratic operatives in D.C.
are working right now on systems to try to shut us down.
And if they're successful with us in the coming months, they will try to shut everybody else down across the country.
So, understand, if they can try to declare us fake news everywhere,
They've come after us politically, and they're successful in shutting us down.
I mean, they were asking a lot of revenge for criminal charges the last month of Obama's office, because they thought if they could arrest me somehow, that would scare everybody else to roll over and go, OK, we'll stop criticizing you.
You're delusional!
All they're going to do is make me a mega superstar, which I don't even want, because this is getting dangerous.
But I have a duty, and I've got to go to the end and not back off.
But I guess they've got a CNN clip with Anderson Cooper now, that I don't even watch their channels, I guess this was last night, where they were saying that he got the wiretap story from me when I just showed you, if you're a TV viewer, the January 20th cover of the New York Times.
And it was all over the news then, but again, they're like, oh, Trump's really in trouble.
The top story today isn't that North Korea is threatening to nuke and that we're having to, you know, deal with them.
It's that
Trump has apologized to England.
No, they just said, look, okay, we don't call it wiretap, it's intercepts.
So they're playing games with semantics.
Everybody knows everything spied on.
Seen the movie Snowden?
They're not denying that.
Seen... See, I thought that the...
Big data dump would be more successful, and it was still big just a week or so ago, week and a half ago.
Vault 7, thousands and thousands of pages of admissions of how they're sabotaging our own infrastructure, blaming it on Russia.
How they've got kill switches in most of the appliances, tracking and listening and watching us, and how they're surveilling all this garbage.
It's crazy!
Oh no!
No one listens to the President-elect!
When he was President-elect, folks, under law, they listened to all his calls to foreign governments.
Man, it's just media hoaxing and then getting even Republican leadership to get scared.
And then they come in to the Attorney General and they go, sir, we're compromising the entire spy grid, the DEA spy grid, all of it.
We have to come out and say the President wasn't being listened to.
And Sessions?
Through the President under the bus.
I love Senator Sessions, he's done a great job.
But man, I tell you, he's really, really getting intimidated.
The only guy not getting intimidated out there is Donald Trump.
Who else isn't intimidated?
Drugs isn't intimidating.
And believe me, this is not some boys club that I want to be only a few people.
The country needs to grow testicles.
I've got
Like 30 articles I personally looked up a few weeks ago when this latest fiasco got launched.
And I pulled up the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, Associated Press, CNN, going, Oh, Trump's been caught!
We've got the intercepts!
We've got the surveillance!
We've got the wiretaps!
Using the improper term.
Yeah, we've got the transcripts of a bunch of Trump people talking to the Russians and talking about all this illegal stuff, too.
Months later, they don't release it.
They go, We never said we had that.
You're insane.
You have no memory.
That never happened.
Show them the New York Times again.
And then Trump's people finally get it and they go, oh, you don't call it wiretap.
They haven't had that since the 80s.
It's intercepts.
It's the old terms of wiretap where you go put a recorder hooked onto the copper wire.
No, that's not what this is.
Wiretap data.
That's the New York Times putting that out.
But see, they don't want us to have a show.
They don't want Drudge to have a platform because they don't want us to do one thing.
It's called a memory.
It's called show you the facts.
Show you the money.
That's why they hate me.
And that's why we are now an enemy number uno.
Here is the known CIA officer and one of the richest men in America.
The heir to one of the largest fortunes in the world, Anderson Cooper.
Waging war against America, the President, the Nationalist Movement, and myself and my family.
Here he is.
You know what eating grand, I mean just to look on that New York Times guy who's clearly an operative, just look at the arrogance.
And he's just, because they think they're in some agency that they've arrived and just look at him just... I mean I can't even do that smug face just because it's kind of feminine, it's like a... I'm Yul Brynner and I'm playing the part of Pharaoh in the new film coming out by Cecil B. DeMille.
It's the biggest budget in history.
It's called The Ten Commandments, starring Charlton Heston.
I'm Yul Brynner, and whatever you do, don't smoke.
I'm Yul Brynner, and whatever you do, don't be a traitor to the country.
What do you make of the White House citing your article as part of the evidence?
I mean, it's getting bizarre at this point.
Oh, it's getting bizarre!
Back it up again.
Oh, let's use peer pressure.
The president might get impeached over this.
It's getting bizarre.
I mean, the president claims he was wiretapped when there was literally hundreds of front-page papers saying it.
I mean, he's so crazy!
It's all over!
Back to him.
It's getting bizarre at this point because we've said it very clearly, and I said on your show, that that's not what the story said.
Anybody can read the story and see that's not what it said.
We have the cover of the newspaper.
Put back on screen for TV viewers.
New York Times, January 20, 2017.
And then we have the day before, the day after.
We have it all!
You have the intercepts!
You recorded it all!
You recorded Tump Tower!
But you're hoping you're the viewers of CNN are the types that don't go look this up.
But they're scared.
They're like, what if they start looking it up?
What if they find Alex Jones?
Shut him down.
He's exploding.
Shut him up.
If we don't take down the lead elephant, if we don't get Jones and fast, this is the top of the Democratic Party right now.
Confirmed, we have molts.
Our meeting on how to take us down right now.
You're going to see probably moving the next few weeks.
Because they just don't know what to do.
Because I will show you the New York Times.
Let's skip the break.
Might be here soon.
It doesn't even matter.
This is it.
Let's start at the beginning and I'm not going to interrupt.
I'm sorry.
Let's go back to Anderson Cooper and this New York Times guy sitting there trying to look like Lex Luthor acting tough.
Here it is.
What do you make of the White House citing your article as part of the evidence?
I mean, it's getting bizarre at this point.
We've said it very clearly, and I said on your show, that that's not what the story said.
Anybody can read the story and see that's not what it said.
And so there's this bizarre circular thing happening where the president cites a theory that he was wiretapped.
I can't handle it.
Pause again.
Back it up.
You know what, we've done this, but I don't want this in a Don Salazar article or a Paul Watson article.
I want the crew, I'll do it myself, we've got a great crew, but I want to show like 30, 40 articles, I've already done it before, with the Washington Post, the New York Times, where they said, we have intercepts, we have transcripts, we know they had Russian contacts.
There were headlines like, cloakroom bug to catch Russians, just last year.
I mean it was full on, they were on the news saying we need the Justice Department to investigate Trump and to surveil him, this was six months ago, about his Russian connections.
And then they did it!
And now these agencies are all covering their ass, lying up the chain of command, saying something that all of us heard them say thousands of times!
So that's our job here at InfoWars, is to get the clips, and I'm giving the listeners, the listeners to go find these too, but we need you, Matt, because we're overwhelmed here because there's so much of it.
Just search.
Democrats, Congress call for investigation into Russia ties.
Call for surveillance.
Headlines went back months ago.
Intercepts and surveillance, you know, caught Trump contacts.
The headline, wiretaps, caught Trump.
I mean, he just showed the headline and he's saying it's bizarre in the circular reasoning that I say it and then Trump says it and then he has, yeah, I say you wrote an article with wiretap in the headline, Jack!
You bet I did!
Now they've changed it.
Intercepted Russian communications.
Oh, it's not a wiretap.
It's intercepted.
Communications part of inquiry to Trump associates.
Print them all.
Oh, that's January 19th.
With Matthew Rosenberg and Michael Schmidt and Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo.
Apple usable.
And you talk to me like I'm one of your zombies!
Look at that look on that slimebag's face, man!
That arrogance!
Person, would you have that guy over for drinks or to play golf?
Would you go shooting with that jackass?
I'd take one look at somebody that's got that type of S.H.
You-know-what-eatin' grin and I don't walk, I run.
And then look at Cooper.
Another fake!
Another fraud!
Another scumbag liar!
I am school!
I'm not afraid of you guys, just get that straight.
I'm going to defeat you.
The American people are going to defeat you.
God is going to defeat you.
Oh, please, God.
Oh, thank you for the victories you've already had, but just... I mean, this Rose-Alvarez... I guess they're a little bit better than Kim Jong-un.
They love us to live under something like that.
That's what they want, folks!
They're getting rid of whiteboards all over the country.
Somebody might write something that hurts somebody's feelings.
They're ending language!
Except for our ruling class!
A turd basket!
Matthew Rosenberg.
Yeah, yeah, let's show both his articles.
Intercepts show Trump with the Russians.
Wiretaps show Trump's people with the Russians.
Written by you!
And you still force fetus because I'm wearing a tie.
I've got a shaved head.
I act like I'm really cool.
I fop around acting tough all day in New York.
Let's go back to him.
Look at that.
Here it is.
And see that's not what it said.
And so there's this bizarre circular thing happening where the president cites a theory that he was wiretapped, which developed on this kind of fringe right-wing media.
And then we show the actual French whites.
After his tweet storm, InfoWars then started saying, well, look, it was the New York Times that reported it, citing our story.
Finally, he says something true.
Yes, we do a lot of the thinking around here.
And actually, I'm pretty scared, quite frankly.
I'm pretty scared right now.
Because I'm not scared of what they'll do to me.
I'm scared of the fact that they might win if the other outlets out there don't get better memories.
Because yes, National Review put it out.
They were forced to retract it, not because it wasn't true, but because it was so damning.
And National Review is run by the CIA.
That's declassified.
So they pull it.
We're already covering it.
The web had already found it.
But we were already covering it months before that these headlines said this, when they were starting to deny it.
So yes, you're right, you're right, you're right.
Half the time, InfoWars is getting more intel out to help the President and save the Republic than all other libertarian conservative media combined.
And then Drudge takes our articles and takes it to the next level and dominates.
And if it wasn't for Drudge and if it wasn't for InfoWars, people like this would be winning right now.
And all I care about is not letting scum like Matthew Rosenberg and Anderson Cooper to rule us.
Let's finish the piece.
And then after his tweet storm, InfoWars then started saying, well, look, it was the New York Times that reported it, citing our story, misreading our story.
And now, if you'll be clear,
I could teach a college course on this seat.
That's one problem with his tweeting.
His tweeting's great, but it's always got a link to even maybe something he writes on his own presidential page.
So you can say, this isn't true, look right here is my proof.
Because Trump has a memory.
He's smart.
Reportedly one like an elephant.
Basically photographing even at 70.
And he remembers them all saying he was being wiretapped and being watched in the New York Times.
He reads it every day.
He reads the New York Times in the morning, you know, the cover.
So he tweets, hey, they were spying on me, blah, blah, blah, that's illegal.
When they started saying he was a Russian agent and had proof, he's like, why are you spying on me?
Do you have warrants for that?
Then it came out they had warrants for Roger Stone and people, but not for Trump.
And then they hope they can Svengali you in this whole con game to sit here and hoax everybody.
And say, oh, Trump puts it out, and then we run behind him and then try to prove what he said.
No, we covered your article at the national inauguration on the 20th, dude.
I held it up on TV and radio.
I covered it!
I was there!
I have a brain!
I remember, scumbag!
Trump remembers!
I'm gonna play the rest in a minute.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
The Blitz is on, and it didn't take long for the Deep State to put its full weight into the counter-offensive needed to attempt to offset the damage to public trust after WikiLeaks exposed catastrophic levels of the CIA's cyber warfare arsenal.
As The Hill wrote, at issue is the CIA's purported strategy of keeping a database of stolen malware produced by other countries, including Russia, with umbrage and related projects
The CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types, but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the fingerprints of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.
Yet it's a full court press to expose Russian hacking involvement, not the CIA.
We're here to announce a major law enforcement action related to one of the largest dated breaches in U.S.
Today we are announcing the indictment of four individuals responsible for the 2014 hack into the network of email provider Yahoo.
The theft of information about at least 500 million Yahoo accounts and the use of that information to obtain the contents of accounts at Yahoo and other email providers.
The defendants include two officers of the Russian Federal Security Service, an intelligence and law enforcement agency of the Russian Federation, and two criminal hackers with whom they conspired to accomplish these intrusions.
Meanwhile, Roger Stone, now being regarded as a central character connected to the WikiLeaks exposure of the CIA, is being targeted.
With respect to Roger Stone, we have a U.S.
person affiliated with the campaign.
Who has now said publicly that he had communications, I think first he said with Julian Assange, and then he said after that with an intermediary to Mr. Assange or WikiLeaks, and has now acknowledged having communication with Guccifer 2, which the intelligence community views as essentially a Russian cutout.
Uh, and obviously these two platforms were used to publish documents damaging to Secretary Clinton and helpful to Donald Trump.
So, I'll tell you, that concerns me a great deal.
Uh, you know, I am responding and pointing out the problems with the headline, Trump associate, uh, was in touch with a Russian hacker.
That's a false narrative by contact.
Excuse me, was after the hacking demonstrates that I could not have colluded.
We were trying to get Guccifer 2.0 on and Wikileaks.
The media does that too.
They just think the public's dumb.
They said in the New York Times that they were
Surveilling Trump with wiretaps on January 20th.
We talked about it, we did a whole show on it.
We showed it, and now they're saying that never happened.
It's insane, he's crazy, there were no wiretaps at the present.
My car was T-boned by a car coming out of nowhere.
The windshield so darkly tinted you could not see who was inside the car.
It was stunning, the airbags went off.
They came in at the passenger door where I was seated.
And then the driver threw it in reverse, even though he had sustained some damage, and took off.
Propaganda, espionage, blackmail, subversion.
The 21st century versions of these are fake news, hacking, compromat, and political capture.
The Russians have been at this for a long time.
Last month at the Munich Security Conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov didn't mince words about his country's intentions when he looked forward to the creation of a post-West world order.
Mr. Whitehouse's very statement is fake news on its face, as Mr. Lavrov's explanation of a post-West world order is far more complex and diplomatic than what was presented by Mr. Whitehouse to the American people.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
The official McDonald's Twitter account tweeted out an anti-Trump tweet which caused a huge stir on Twitter, which some speculate may not have been an accident at all.
The tweet said, You are actually a disgusting excuse of a president and we would love to have Barack Obama back.
Also, you have tiny hands.
Now, McDonald's claims that it was the result of a hacker, but some have pointed the finger at Robert Gibbs, Obama's former press secretary, who now works as the global chief officer for McDonald's.
Well, there's no proof that it was Robert Gibbs.
However, I would say that Robert Gibbs is a perfect fit for McDonald's, given that his job was to make Obama look good.
Well, I'm sure he'll have no problem making the McDonald's McChicken fake nuggets
Look good as well!
For more awesome reports, go to InfoWars.com!
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Alright, folks, we are very, very honored.
In the next 20 minutes, we're set to be joined by Larry C. Johnson of NoQuarterUSA.net, who had to go over his award-winning, distinguished career at the CIA.
It would take too long, so I won't do it.
And he also headed up as Deputy Director in the U.S.
State Department's Office of Counterterrorism, Crisis Management, and so much more.
He also ran intelligence operations into Kuwait.
And that whole situation, I don't have time to go over it all, obviously.
I participated in the investigation of the terrorist bombing of Pan Am 103, and I saw him on an RT piece, because we're all Russian agents after all, including Rand Paul, just two days ago.
He's a Russian agent because he doesn't want to send NATO into Montenegro and Ukraine and openly have a war with Russia.
Just a crazy time to be alive, folks.
But this article,
On our Facebook, got 4,000 shares in 20 minutes and was deleted.
They then subsequently deleted more than a hundred articles in the next week and a half.
I mean, this is just unprecedented.
And they said they're fake.
So, he's an admitted, seen this guy over on national TV, written books.
I mean, the guy's well known.
Super credible.
Was an intelligence section chief on analysis.
Over a whole sector for the CIA and, you know, got medals for it.
But that's fake news, folks.
Remember, if you don't believe Rand Paul's a Russian agent, he said you work for Vladimir Putin.
Insane McCain you are.
So that's the new level.
I love how Trump just...
Ruined the whole Russian gas market by bringing coal back on.
Boy, I tell you, Trump's not standing up for America.
Yes, he is.
He's standing up for our interest.
Not against anybody, but for our interest.
That's why you see a roaring economy.
But I'll stop babbling about that.
It's just so surreal.
Ted Anderson Cooper last night said Trump got his idea that the New York Times said they were surveilling him from me.
No, we can put it on screen and go to our guest.
Mr. Rosen wrote not one but two articles January 19th and 20th saying they intercepted.
These are words.
They wiretapped the Trump communications.
But they did it by people they were contacting.
So now they're saying the president has all this egg on his face.
It's crazy.
I want to play because it's so censored.
Just a one-minute clip from the larger 10-minute interview of Larry C. Johnson on RT that they do not want you to see.
Here it is.
John Brennan at CIA were intimately involved in trying to derail the candidacy of Donald Trump.
That there was some collusion overseas with Britain's own GHCQ.
That information that was gathered from GHCQ was actually passed to John Brennan and it was disseminated within the U.S.
This dissemination was illegal.
Donald Trump is in essence correct that the intelligence agencies and some in the law enforcement community on the side of the FBI were in fact illegally trying to access, monitor his communications with his aides and with other people.
All of this with an end to trying to destroy and discredit his presidency.
I don't think there will be any doubt of that.
I think it's worth noting that the head of the National Security Agency, Admiral Rogers, made a journey to Trump Tower shortly after Trump had won.
And in the immediate aftermath of his visit, Jim Clapper and others in the intelligence community called for him to be fired.
Now, why did Rogers go to Trump Tower?
My understanding is, let's call it, it was to cover himself because he was aware that the NSA had been, the authorities had been misused and abused with respect to Donald Trump.
So I think Trump's decision to go out this morning and tweet this was fully intended to send a notice and send word that I don't think he's doing this without evidence.
He does have evidence.
I think it was just inartfully expressed in the tweet.
Alright, now notice, Trump then comes out a week later and says, look, they call it, I call it wiretap, it just means intercept, listening to exactly what Larry C. Johnson's saying.
But I've had all the whistleblowers, Thomas Dracon, Benny, the former head of Technical NSA, of course it's all surveilled.
They're just using the public's ignorance of this to lie to people, but now they're coming out saying Larry C. Johnson's wrong, Judge Napolitano's wrong, they picked up on it.
When I wasn't in the CIA, and I've not been in it, but I've read the news for 20-something years.
This is admitted.
Everything a president-elect does on the phone to foreign leaders is being recorded.
So, wow, to have CNN come out and say, we're crazy, they never said wiretap when they did.
But as our guest said, that's inartful.
The proper term, I guess, is intercept.
Let's talk to Larry C. Johnson now, so he's got at least 15 minutes to the bottom of the hour to really have the floor and break down this whole controversy.
Thank you for coming on, Mr. Johnson.
Hi Alex, how are you?
Good, good.
So you've heard my breakdown of this.
I mean, how accurate is that from your educated standpoint?
Well, yeah, it's the essence of the story.
We've got a lot of things going on here.
I guess the real fundamental thing that ought to alarm all Americans, regardless of their political party, their political affiliation, is what has been going on with former leaders of the Central Intelligence Agency and in the director of National Intelligence Agency's office.
is direct interference in the domestic politics.
If we're going to talk about Russian meddling in U.S.
politics, then it needs to be acknowledged that these intelligence agencies, or the principals at the top, were involved with meddling.
Now, do I have first-hand knowledge that John Brennan was doing this?
No, I do not.
I have been told, though, by someone who is in a position to know, who's still within the intelligence community, that absolutely that's what was going on.
That Brennan, and that there are shenanigans going on between the GHCQ and U.S.
How does that work?
Your listeners should understand that it is illegal
We all spy on each other then.
Yeah, I mean, you know, if anybody's so naive as to think that the Brits aren't spying on Americans and Americans aren't spying on Brits, well, you know, I hate to burst your bubble, but the reality is that's what spy agencies do.
They collect and gather intelligence on other entities.
That's one of their purposes.
Well, remember the scandal just four years ago where the CIA was spying on Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, the Intelligence Committee heads.
Right, and that was, you know, John Brennan again had his fingerprints all over that because they didn't want the information about the torture report to come out.
And Brennan initially denied that that was going on and then later had to admit that it had in fact happened.
So it's not, you know, we're not raising these allegations without precedent.
And, you know, my concern here is that involving intelligence agencies in domestic politics takes us down a very, very dangerous road.
I mean, we have laws since 1947.
The CIA is like the MI6.
It's outside the country.
The FBI is within.
But we all know that, I mean, I think the CIA is probably even more involved than the FBI domestically with just the numbers of actual people because it's covert by nature.
You can't help but get
Well, they're not supposed to.
And there are rules that have been set up.
But again, this goes back to the question of leadership.
At both the head of the Director of National Intelligence under the Obama administration, Jim Clapper, you had someone who went and lied under oath before Congress.
When you lie under oath before Congress, there should be some sanction.
There was no sanction.
He was not punished.
He finished out his tour tenure with getting awards at the end and a pat on the back, and he's probably out with some nice fat consulting agreement right now.
Similarly, John Brennan got caught lying about what they were doing, spying on the Senate.
Again, was there any sanction?
So, when the people who are in the trenches look at their leaders and see the leaders getting by with lying, then it sends a message that, okay, it's okay for us to do it too.
Let me boil that down then.
It's simple.
These are known liars who've been caught lying, who've been caught spying on the Senate and their bosses in the Intelligence Committee.
That's undebatable.
The president reads in the newspaper that he's been spied on by the intelligence agencies in the New York Times.
It's all over the news.
We've got the intercepts.
We caught, you know, Michael Flynn.
And then it turns out they didn't really catch him doing anything.
Trump turns around and says, that's illegal.
Then they say, we never did that.
I mean, talk about gaslighting.
Well, right.
And there was the article, I think it appeared, yeah, March 1st in the New York Times.
Now, this is just over about two weeks ago.
And here's what it says.
American allies, including the British and Dutch, had provided information describing meetings in European cities between Russian officials and others close to Russia's President Putin and associates of President-elect Trump.
Okay, let me translate that for your listeners.
There's only two types of information those countries are going to have.
Either they've got human intelligence, they had a spy who was there, who was part of the meeting and could report on it, or they had an intercept, a wiretap if you will.
But, you know, wiretaps, it goes back to the days when all communication went over a phone wire.
It's really more correct to call this electronic surveillance.
What do you just make of CNN with Anderson Cooper who won't tell people he was an intern at the CIA and then got out of it?
Yeah, right.
And now he's up here telling us that, you know, nobody's spying on Trump and trying to sell us a preposterous line when even someone that's not politically informed about what's happening, you know, with the NSA or surveillance knows they were all over the news bragging.
We have the intercepts of Trump and his people talking to the Russians.
And then now, a month and a half later, they want us to forget.
And then they're saying you're wrong, Napolitano's wrong, Trump's wrong.
Speak to that and then why do you think your interview, because it's not just here, other places, YouTube, Google, it's being blocked everywhere, being delisted.
They really didn't like you speaking out.
Well, I'm used to being censored.
Look, I got fired as a Fox News analyst.
They didn't renew my contract because I went on Hannity and Combs in November of 2002 and said that going in Iraq would be a diversion in the war on terror.
And I was told later that Roger Ailes directed that I was not to be allowed back on air because they didn't want that point of view.
By the way, you were the deputy head of counterterrorism, so you'd know.
Well, I was the deputy director, and I had a real long title, so I was not really the number two guy.
The point is, you're an expert on it, and you were really being honest.
And by the way, Donald Trump agreed with you back then.
Yeah, you know, that's the fact.
Look, what's going on here is the media has invested itself in a particular narrative, and they're not going to give it up, and they won't allow anybody to come on and actually have a debate about it and talk about it in substance.
I remember seeing you on Fox.
I mean, you used to really make great points that I actually agreed with, but again, because you didn't totally tow the line, we're taking out the wrong Muslims if they're the non-radicals.
Wouldn't it be Saudi Arabia or somebody?
We wouldn't be taking out, you know, Saddam, right?
Look, we've yet to come to grips with the reality that when we removed Saddam Hussein, we essentially lit a fuse on a giant bomb that's blown up in our face.
And that's where this spread of ISIS and Al-Qaeda that has taken place.
And you warned of that back in the time, because I remember seeing the news articles.
So, you know, it's really not that complicated, but we get other things going on.
And so now that I have the audacity to suggest that Russia may actually be a victim in some of these activities and that we, on the United States side, are doing things that, when viewed from a Russian perspective, would alarm them.
I mean, let me just give you a very simple example.
Two weeks ago, and earlier this week, you get reports in the U.S.
news media about a Russian spy ship off our east coast.
And the news media reports it breathlessly as a look at what those dastardly Russians are doing.
Yet nobody in the media is reporting that the U.S.
military is conducting military exercises.
Two weeks ago, we were conducting a naval exercise in the Black Sea that was simulating a war with Russia.
Now, if Russia was conducting military exercises off our shores, simulating an attack on us... Off the coast of, say, Houston?
Yeah, or had troops in Mexico and Canada.
Right now we have troops in Poland.
Two weeks ago we had troops in Romania that were carrying out military exercises.
So my only point, I'm not to excuse the Russians, but I'm simply saying let's recognize there's a context for this.
They're not reacting in a vacuum.
And by the simple fact that I bring that up, I've been accused as being a propagandist
A puppet of Putin, a Russian stooge, and... Well, since you raised that, did you see the clip where McCain says, like four times, he repeats it, he says, you are an agent of Putin violating, what is it, Rule 19 of the Senate?
But just crazy, no one could ever claim that Rand Paul's a Russian agent because he doesn't want to start a war with Russia while China is in the South China Sea, North Korea's threatening to nuke people.
We may have to have a war any day.
I mean this is one of the most dangerous times ever.
I want to see if you agree.
Rex Tillerson says military options on the table and then meanwhile we're worried about Russia that's not expanding.
Well, and Senator Paul made an excellent, I mean, he made a substantive argument later, I think the following day on Morning Joe on MSNBC, where he laid out the fact Montenegro is such a poor country, they're so weak militarily, they add nothing to NATO and they're not going to be able to pay their full weight.
So why in the world would we want to bring them into NATO, because there's nothing to be gained from a strategic... Unless you want to use it as a trigger for another crisis.
Say what?
Unless you want to use it as a trigger for another crisis.
No, and that's exactly right.
This is, you know, what most Americans fail to understand.
We take great pride in the greatest generation who fought World War II and everything that they endured and our great sacrifices.
You know, we lost the total number of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines that died in World War II in both the Pacific and European theater.
There are 470,000.
The Russians at the Battle of Stalingrad, one battle over a six-month period, lost one million soldiers.
My point in this is they're a lot more sensitive to threats on their border than we are.
And they view the military activities such as the ones we're conducting as provocative.
And the last time they had that kind of military activity on their borders was in May of 1941.
It was Operation Barbarossa.
By the Nazis.
It was Operation Barbarossa was about to kick off.
Yeah, so I'm just, it's not to apologize for Putin.
You know, Putin's a bad guy and does some bad things.
But, hello, he's not the only one in the world.
Well, sure, but wouldn't you agree that China is probably right now ten times the threat that Russia is?
They're just running wild.
Yeah, no, China is a much more organized threat to the United States, particularly on the economic side.
I mean, I could take you through case after case.
If you have time, let's do it.
You probably got to go, so if you stay a little bit after the break, in a few minutes, please do.
But just getting back to...
This New York Times writer, I want to play a short clip where he claims Trump got the idea from me that there was wiretapping.
No, it was in the New York Times.
I mean, I've never seen such attempts at just bizarre, you know, the sun isn't in the sky at noon.
I don't know as a CIA guy what you'd call this, but it's just like the worst gaslighting I've ever seen.
Let's play this clip.
What do you make of the White House citing your article as part of the evidence?
I mean, it's getting bizarre at this point because we've said it very clearly, and I said on your show, that that's not what the story said.
Anybody can read the story and see that's not what it said.
And so there's this bizarre circular thing happening where the president cites a theory that he was wiretapped, which developed on this kind of fringe right-wing media.
There it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is,
And just to be clear, there is, and correct me if I'm wrong, there's absolutely nothing whatsoever in your reporting in the New York Times that indicates President Obama wiretapped or ordered wiretapping of then-candidate Trump, correct?
I mean, if we knew that, that is a fantastic story.
That's a fantastic story.
It was all over CNN everywhere.
We've caught General Flynn.
We have the intercepts.
He better resign.
We have the transcript.
Then they wouldn't release it because there was nothing there.
He was lining up a phone call.
We're showing you the articles of your radio listener.
Intercept Russian communications.
Part of inquiry into Trump.
Matthew Rosenberg and phone calls from Trump Tower being intercepted.
Man, that guy.
What would you call Mr. Rosenberg politically?
I mean, what is he doing there?
A disinformation specialist.
Look, he faults Donald Trump for being able to read.
I mean, your listeners and those who are watching, the headline simply states, wiretapped data.
Used an inquiry of Trump aides.
It wasn't Donald Trump didn't write that headline.
Alex Jones didn't write that headline.
That was written by this guy.
And then the guy who writes it has the audacity to claim, well, there's somebody else's fault.
I mean, you know.
We are living in such a surreal, dangerous time.
It's literally the world that we read about as children in Alice in Wonderland that was a fictional world.
We're now seeing it in real time, where objective facts are suddenly dismissed as being right-wing conspiracy theories.
And it's just...
You know, to me it's alarming because it really threatens the foundation of our republic.
It does.
Can you elaborate on that again?
NoQuarterUSA.net, Larry C. Johnson, on why you're saying we're in such a dangerous place for our republic.
This is supposed to be a nation of laws.
And look, we can't just blame it on Obama.
Because it actually goes back.
It goes back really to the foundations, let's say with Bill Clinton is really where we started seeing the worm turn.
But it continued on through George W. Bush.
And when you essentially lie a country into a war, in Iraq, and you raise that and all of a sudden you become, you're either a leftist nut or whatever.
You lose your moral high ground and then the sky's the limit.
Yeah, well, there's no, right now we have, you know, I fully support destroying ISIS.
However, what's not being debated in this country is the fact that under Obama and now under President Trump, we've put U.S.
troops in a foreign country without a declaration of war.
Larry C. Johnson, you'd only said you'd come on for until the half hour.
Can you do a few more minutes and finish up on the geopolitical provokes?
Sure, I can do that.
Alright, we'll be right back.
Well, we gotta get this guy on more often.
I remember seeing him on Fox for so long, read a lot of his writings, and then there's these great guys you don't see anymore because they're censoring him, and then when he does an interview, they block it on Facebook!
And then Gizmodo writes an article going, yeah, ban it, good!
That's Univision saying, ban American press!
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You've heard of lab-grown beef in a petri dish.
You've heard of chickoids that are kept secure, force-fed, and have their beaks removed.
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That's right.
Memphis Meats is one of a cadre of startups racing to create meat that doesn't involve killing animals.
The firm's approach to what it calls clean meat is to culture animal cells in a lab, feed them nutrients until they grow into pieces large enough to cook and eat.
You've probably seen where companies like this have grown beef in petri dishes.
Well, now it's gonna be chicken strips.
And I know the question on everybody's mind is, does the lab-grown chicken taste like chicken?
According to the Wall Street Journal, it was reported spongier than a whole chicken breast, but they nearly nailed the flavor of the traditional variety.
This is all part of the globalist plan to remove you from the natural world and place you into an artificially created, VR-induced world where they control everything you see, smell, taste, think, and touch.
Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
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Folks, I know Donald Trump's not perfect, but he has the elites and the big centralized corporations really pissed.
He's already gotten three plus trillion dollars in the stock market from confidence.
He's deploying the central banks to get small business loans accelerated.
I don't wanna go over all the things that have happened, but 300 billion plus in announced new construction and foreign companies coming back, American companies coming back, because they've set it up to make jobs here
Cost prohibitive.
That's globalism.
They sold us out to China, folks.
That's the globalist plan.
With select interest.
They got developed under, you can argue, under folks like Nixon, but I'm going to go back to my guess in just a moment.
The point is, is that I'm behind Trump because he's got the elites so upset, but certainly what he's doing is so complex and so big, and there's such a mutiny, they won't even hang up his signs, his picture at the VA.
And when a congressman comes and puts it up, they take it down.
There's mutiny in these agencies.
These judges are violating the law.
A five-year-old could read it.
And just ignoring him and ordering him to bring in more refugees like they're the executive branch.
Totally unvetted from failed states.
This is true insanity.
Do you realize they're setting a precedent where Google just announced today, it's on Infowars.com, their official press release.
Criticize Islam in any way, you're going to start getting banned or flagged.
Just like on Facebook, they flagged it as spam and fake news.
Larry C. Johnson decorated former CIA State Department high level.
Counterterrorism, no quarter, USA.net will be with us at the bottom or until 50 after.
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But we're losing it.
As our guest said, we're in a very dangerous moment.
When the corruption's gone on for decades, gotten worse and worse, the media's gone along with it, an arrogance sets in, and they decide they can do anything they want, whenever they want.
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But we're under, I'm not just saying this, because I don't normally do this, we're under a lot of censorship, a lot of attack.
It's not just them every day on every major news channel attacking us and saying lies about us and having Saturday Night Live say, I'm Donald Trump!
Alec Baldwin playing the part and saying, Alex doesn't believe, Alex Jones doesn't believe blacks are humans.
And now it's all over the web, I hate black people.
There's no clip of me saying that!
I'm like praising Trump for $25 billion for the black colleges when Obama gave $4 billion.
He's trying to bring people together.
It's just they've weaponized everything where they've already lost the people's attention.
So they've just quadrupled down to say, we never said intercepts or wiretaps or surveillance.
When it was in hundreds of newspapers.
And we've shown you those.
We've shown you three articles today if you just tuned in or are a listener.
We read the headlines by the writer on CNN saying we're liars, that Trump's wrong, that I'm wrong, that they've attacked Larry C. Johnson on the news, saying he's full of crap.
So, no we're not!
We're reading the New York Times!
We have memories!
So, we've got him for another 12 minutes and I appreciate him joining us.
NoQuarterUSA.net, a lot of amazing information there.
Again, highly decorated, former member of the CIA, then counter-terrorism, State Department, former Fox News analyst, you name it.
Breaking all this down.
So, please continue with just the waterfront of what's going on with ISIS, what you see happening, where you see globalism right now.
Well, what's happened over the last five weeks is that President Trump has lifted what were called restricted airspaces.
I think the military acronym for it is RAS.
Previously, Obama had imposed
Restrictions in certain areas that no action could be taken unless he gave approval for a strike.
So if we had a drone operating there and it observed a convoy, a military convoy of ISIS fighters or oil convoy taking oil from an ISIS controlled oil field and it was in a restricted area,
Permission to strike that target had to go up the chain of command, which means ultimately it made its way to the White House and literally Barack Obama had to say yes or no.
Well, practically what happens is that means you'll never hit one of those targets, but because by the time you jump through all those hoops, the convoy has long gone.
Donald Trump lifted that.
The attacks on those convoys have been underway over the last five weeks.
And there have been significant successes which are not being reported in the media.
The other thing that's going on that's really fascinating is that there is regular communication between the Russian military and the U.S.
Central Command in exchanging information over airspace and troop movements.
So that we don't have Russian forces firing at U.S.
And I had Colonel Schaeffer on just two days ago, and he said that wasn't being reported, but that is going on.
So we're courting with the Russians to take out Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
I know Assad halfway doesn't like it, because he's worried we might not leave.
But the truth is, isn't Trump fulfilling his promise to not actually help the, quote, moderate rebels who are really al-Nusra, al-Qaeda?
I mean, he's hitting them all, isn't he?
Look, the U.S.
intelligence community has known for, boy, at least four years that
The fighters that were actually fighting in Syria were not these, you know, non-sectarian, secular, Jeffersonian Democrat types.
The ones who were actually out there fighting and killing and causing mayhem were the radical Islamists, like al-Nusra, like al-Qaeda, like ISIS.
So, that's been known in the intelligence community for at least four years, and maybe even a little longer than that.
So, yeah, what was criminal in this is that the United States government continued, through the CIA, to supply weapons that were winding up in the hands of some of these radical Islamists.
Now, why were we doing that?
Well, the desire to get rid of Bashar al-Assad came because Saudi Arabia is terrified of Iran's rise to power in the Middle East.
So it's a Sunni-Shiite civil war that we've sided with the Wahhabists on, expanding on that.
High-level CIA analysts and State Department counterterrorism gentlemen joining us here.
Let me ask you this then.
What about Google banning, criticizing Islam?
What about Europe where they won't report the rapes?
I mean, because I used to hear the right-wingers.
I'm more of a libertarian.
There's a secret alliance and, you know, Brennan's a Wahhabist and they're going to have a caliphate and they're going to bring him in and we're going to have to capitulate to them.
I'm like, okay, nut balls.
I don't like radical Islam or orthodox Islam.
I get it.
But, come on, they're actually right!
It's happening at colleges, the left is teaching it, women by the thousands are putting hijabs on, they're shutting down our free speech.
I mean, it is just the craziest crap I've ever seen.
What's going on there?
I guess one of the saddest things, Alex, over the last, really, 16 years since the attacks of 9-11, is that the American public, by and large, has not become better informed about, really, the nature of the threat that arises from Islam.
Most do not understand the split between the Sunnis and the Shias.
You know, I still hear today, widely commented, it's said over and over by both Republicans and Democrats, that Iran is the greatest state sponsor of terror.
Well, that's simply not true.
That was true 20 years ago.
But when you look at all the terrorist attacks that have taken place in the last 15 years,
Most of them, I mean 96% of them, are linked to radical Sunnis.
They're opposed to Iran.
So, is Iran a bad actor?
Yeah, Iran's got its problems.
I'm not arguing that there's something innocent here.
But it doesn't do us any good in our public discussion to misinform and actually deceive the American public about the true nature of the threat.
Because, candidly, we'll find it much more easy to negotiate with Iran, where women can drive cars and women can serve in the legislature, than it will with the Saudis, who still live in a 13th century society.
But we can't have that discussion because the Saudis have more oil than the Iranians, at least right now, that affects American interests.
But it's just, I use that as an example of the kind of... Absolutely.
In the five, six minutes we have left, I want to pivot over to the East.
And North Korea, this crazy little goblin creature, a third generation dictator, threatening to nuke Japan, threatening to nuke South Korea and Seoul, and obviously China is manipulating that.
From your research, how much control does China have?
But I see them so belligerent in the South China Sea, grabbing all these islands, you know, making threats, we'll nuke America, we'll kill you.
I'm not a guy that wants war, but I mean, China...
From my research, Willie's never talked like this, and I just wonder, we gave them everything, the Panama Canal, our jobs, they're buying Hollywood.
I mean, are the Communist generals completely delusional?
Because I think Rex Tillerson and Trump are going to stand up to him, and now we have Rex Tillerson saying, okay, you're threatening us, you're pointing a gun at us, first strike is now on the table, because you said it is, it just seems like an unprecedented escalation.
And we never ended the war, of course, as you know, with North Korea, it's just a ceasefire.
Well, you know, we raised this earlier.
Let me give you an example of one simple thing that the Chinese government has been actively involved with.
In the United States, at luxury automobile dealerships, there's something called a Straw Buyers Program or a Straw Leasers Program.
So what happens is you get stay-at-home moms, retired people, students, you'll find something in Craigslist inviting them to come out.
They get paid $200 to $1,000, go out and buy an automobile and or lease an automobile.
We're good to go.
Those cars are being sold in China.
So, you know, you're talking all the prominent luxury brands like Mercedes and Lexus and BMW.
So, you've got all of these going to China.
Well, that's being done with the full knowledge of the Chinese government.
And, in fact... You're saying they're actually stealing the cars?
Yeah, well they're illegally exporting them to China, but they're doing it with the full knowledge of the Chinese government.
And once they're in China, then they're being sold below the price that the other, you know, the regular... And China just ruthlessly undercuts everything like Ross Perot said.
Their own people don't get empowered by it.
The whole world is sucked down by it.
Well yeah, so the Chinese are very, they're genuinely an organized criminal enterprise.
They're doing it across the board.
I mean, I know of commodities that they are smuggling into the United States through other countries.
I mean, I don't want to bash China, but it's true, they're the biggest mass murderers in the history of the communists.
They're the ones, the reason all the rhinos and stuff are going extinct.
They just, they won't stop.
And by the way, of course, they've invaded, you know, they have an extra surplus of 50 million men because of the one child policy.
So they're openly saying go to China.
So I've talked to special ops that are all over Africa.
They just say there's Chinese troops everywhere with their African families.
Just it's incredible.
So, yeah, I but but with recognizing that China is a threat, again, I think one way to deal with that would be for us to work with Russia
And by the way, that's what General Flynn and the Pentagon want to do.
They're not Russian agents.
It makes sense.
China's the big threat.
Russia isn't.
Russia wants us to come in and get their natural resources and develop them.
Why don't we do that with Russia?
Why are there neocons and the leftists?
Why do they hate Russia so much?
Well, actually, I think one reason driving it is Russia's anti-homosexual policy.
I think that has actually played a major influence.
I know Hollywood hates anything Christian.
So it is, uh, you know, I don't think a war with Russia or with China is in anyone's interest.
Those kinds of things have got to be avoided.
We should, we should not kid ourselves that those such that you can have a limited war.
Well, think about that nuclear war with Russia that McCain's pushing because
We won't let Western foundations in that'll teach five-year-olds how to be gay.
I mean, here's an article right here.
Number of children wanting to become opposite sex doubling each year in Sweden.
This is being done on purpose, declassified, as a population reduction, family destroying mechanism.
They've already been through 80 years of communism.
Thank God Russia's rejecting it.
I wonder if the Chinese are ultimately behind this, because if they can get the West to stop reproducing, the Chinese will just outpace us in that regard, and they don't have to fire a shot.
Well, we know the robber barons and the globalists made deals 40 years ago with the Chinese.
We know the CIA, bad elements of it, helped Mao get in in 1949.
And I think there's been a major long-term alliance.
I mean, I remember back when I was a little kid, listening to family and people that had been in the CIA.
They'd be like, oh, you watch, we've got an alliance with China.
We're going to take over all the cheap goods.
I remember sitting there thinking, we're going to get double-crossed by that at like age four.
So there's just, I think America bought into this thing with China.
That we'd be military, they'd be products, and together we'd take over.
No, we're being double-crossed.
Look, I think, Alex, ultimately there's a way that reasonable people can talk.
There's going to be differences, but what really alarms me is that if you take a different point of view, if you dare to suggest that there might be a way to talk to Russia, all of a sudden, you know, you're called a right-wing nut instead of listening to the substance of your argument.
No, worse than that, you're called a Russian agent.
I mean, he said that, that was so crazy, that Senator Paul works for Putin.
Right, well remember, Adam Schiff, the Democrat leader on the House Intelligence Committee, called Tucker Carlson, that accused him of carrying water for the Kremlin.
That's right, I forgot that.
Well, in the time we have, I just really appreciate your work.
If you didn't know, articles have been written about it.
It's confirmed.
We have the screenshots where they banned your article and said it was fake news and spam.
Other interesting tidbits you'd like to impart to the audience, because believe me, this interview is going to go viral.
Well, you know, ultimately, it's the American people that are out there in the heartland.
They understand when they're being lied to.
They understand when they're not being told the truth.
And I think if we just come together over this and begin putting pressure on these institutions, that they can eventually come around.
But ultimately, our representatives, senators, have to hold these people accountable.
Well, I've got your bio here and it breaks down the fact that you were, over a whole region, the chief analyst and also one of the top people in counter-terrorism at the State Department.
So I think you can look forward, just in the last two minutes, look forward Larry C. Johnson of NoQuarterUSA.net
into different lines of geopolitical developments.
I'm not a rocket scientist.
I can see what's going on.
Most analysts say we're in the most dangerous time in our lives.
Our elites, most of the Democrats, I gotta say, don't even know what planet they're on.
The old Republicans don't either.
I don't say that arrogantly.
I mean, Pelosi and Waters and people, and so does McCain, seem unstable and don't even have basic geography understanding anymore.
And so, where do you see this going?
What do we do to stop it?
Because good things are happening.
Nationalism is expanding.
People are waking up.
People are saying we've got to have countries that have our own rights.
So what's most positive versus most negative?
What do you see coming in the future on the positive outcome versus negative outcome with open talk of World War III?
Well, the positive side is that the Internet is still not under government control, that there's still information outlets out there that people do not have to rely upon the big three networks or the cable news channels in order to get their information.
They can go outside of that, they can go to the source, they can do research.
I mean, I wish I would have had, when I was at CIA, the kind of investigative power I have now, just standing at my computer at my home.
And so, there's great power in that information, and to network not just domestically, but internationally, because we're not just talking about here in the United States.
There are other people around the world who don't want to see a war like this either unfold.
And sure, you just said something very powerful.
I'm sitting there, been on air four or five years.
It's 1997.
And I'm talking to an old guy from Air Force Intelligence who was the Deputy Fire Chief, a friend of mine.
He goes, you need a website, Alex.
He had like a Yahoo News group for a few years.
He goes, it needs to be called InfoWar because what you do is an info war, information war.
Let's go look and see if the URL's available.
We look, it's there.
I go, yeah, I've heard of InfoWar.
He goes, here.
Here's a couple of magazine articles on InfoWar.
And he'd been involved in a bunch of clandestine stuff.
He was a good patriot, Vic Vreeland.
And so we launch it.
Why wouldn't the government even think of something like that?
But what you're saying about with computers, with the databases, with the research, with human intelligence interfacing with computers, what anybody in the world can do, aware of this stuff, can do it more investigative journalism, more research, more action than you could when you were in the CIA because back then they were only kind of feeding you intel they wanted you to have or
You had to get your own and kind of sussed us out.
The average person, when they're involved and informed and taking action, is so powerful.
And then I can criticize agencies because bad leadership, but the biggest group resisting globalism that I think helped put Trump in office was good groups in the intelligence agencies, was the veterans, and was corporate moles.
And I know a lot of them.
And they're ready if the globalists push much harder.
They've taken their restraint as weakness.
It's not.
It's more really wanting to fix things peacefully.
Because the world is such a powder keg, so can you speak to what you just said briefly?
The issues with people like Professor Stephen Cohen of Columbia University, who's always been, you know, accused by someone on the right as being a dupe of the communists, with Daniel Ellsberg.
The Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity are a variety of analysts.
Some include whistleblowers from the NSA like Bill Binney and Thomas Drake and Kurt Beebe and Ed Loomis.
And so we cover really quite a spectrum on the ideological... Asher, when you look at all those lists, those were all game changers that helped bring down the Soviet Union, masterminds like Bill Denny and Drake and others, then getting demonized as dupes in Russia when they helped crush the communists.
So it's a recognition that this is not a traditional right-left issue.
Right or wrong?
This goes back to the more fundamental issue that, look, we're a republic.
The government should have some limits on what it can do to an individual.
The government should have no power to invade your privacy and come into your home without a warrant or without having a good reason.
And right now, as it's been uncovered in the last several weeks with the latest WikiLeaks revelations, we're seeing that, in fact, the CIA does have that power, and that power has probably been used.
Well, I don't know if they're going to be successful bullying Trump's people into apologizing for subscribing, but Larry C. Johnson, NoQuarterUSA.net, please come back soon.
A lot of really informative information.
Thank you so much.
Appreciate it.
Thank you, Alex.
If you look at the geopolitical angles for this country, the best thing to do is to have a deal with Russia.
They want our corporations and people to come in.
They have more resources than any other continent.
We need to go into Russia.
They're nationalistic.
They're right-wing now.
They're becoming more Christian.
Imagine after 80 years of communism.
Boy, wouldn't you be hungry for that?
Like a man in the desert for three days without water.
And it's real, folks.
And that's why the globalists are so pissed.
Because what they've done to Russia, they now want to do to us.
But the big giant squid that's the New World Order, it lost control of Russia.
Does that mean Putin isn't a strong man, has to fight all these mafias and crackheads?
Of course!
But he's not out to poison kids with fluoride.
Or teach seven-year-olds how to give a blowjob.
And I'm sorry to talk like that.
That's what the liberals want to do.
They want to sexualize your kids.
They're a bunch of pedophiles.
I mean, that's what it is, folks.
And it's disgusting.
And we're facing and battling a pedophile army.
I mean, that's the bottom line.
I met with...
All sorts of people, as high level as you get.
I mean, this is a total rebellion right now.
There's a rebellion against Trump in America and the store of the Republic.
So people inside the government, we're done being intimidated by all the mid-level people that are traitors telling us we can't stand up.
And I'm just going to tell you right now, it's a threat.
People know that.
You better have your internet kill switch ready because you people keep pushing everything's going to get released no matter how damaging it is.
Just like North Korea.
You want to sit there and you want to threaten to nuke everybody and you're going to load the missiles up with everything.
They're going to be blown up on the tarmac and if you start moving again we're going to nuke you.
And we're not asking for this.
You know what?
But at a certain point China is writing checks they can't cash.
Because we put up with their crap so long.
Put up with them killing 100 million of their own people.
It's disgusting.
Because the Rockefeller Foundation, the Cardinese and others wanted communism in China.
They were scared to death of it being free market and having a good system with the great hard-working Chinese people.
So instead it's a bunch of commies running them as slaves and they've deployed them to be aggressively nationalistic against anybody else and to screw everybody else and to not buy anything America and just rob everything.
And they have run us into the ground, and turned us into slaves, and they're buying up our media, and I mean, it's the Chinese are up our you-know-what.
They are all over us, and it's time to stop acting like a bunch of chumps.
Oh, don't be racist!
10,000 Chinese women come a week to CNN to have their babies for free, outpacing all Mexicans that come to the country.
Do I hate Mexicans?
Hell no, I love Mexicans!
But when everything's collapsing, I don't want to be Guadalajara and pay for everything.
Nothing against Chinese people, but man, stand up for yourself, you know, over there and all the tyranny.
Don't sit there and come here and lecture me all day.
I mean, I've got a little bit of money and it's hard to pay the bills.
I'm done.
I can't imagine what it's like for the general public if this country's falling apart!
Anyways, um...
America needs to find itself again and start standing up, and we need your support.
Look, you don't just think they're attacking us on CNN and Fox and MSNBC every day.
You don't just think that's only happening, right?
I'm not going to get into it.
I'm not going to give it any attention.
Just believe me.
Believe me.
We need your prayers.
We need your financial support.
We've got products that will change your life.
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I wouldn't sell you a Superman if it wouldn't change your life.
Change mine.
I don't do anything I don't believe in.
I'm on total autopilot.
It's truth, truth, truth, truth, truth.
That's what I do.
No thinking about it.
I already know it.
I already did the thinking.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines... From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's imperative, Lee and McAdoo and Owen Schroeder come in and take over the fourth hour, they're all wound up and ready to go.
That you know as a listener, you've seen the enemy attack us.
Every day, the lies intensifying.
You've seen the economic warfare.
You've seen them trying to destroy Donald Trump and his family and his companies.
He lost.
The word is he's over a billion dollars right now.
Spent 200 million of his own money plus.
A hero!
Going up against the most evil people, conferring with the top experts, going with what's best for America and best for humanity?
Isn't executing perfectly who could?
I saw a video today, maybe you guys in short notice can pull it up, like mudslides somewhere in South America and the woman is like falling around these boards and all these wrecked houses and struggling trying to get out and everybody's cheering for her.
That's what it's like for Trump.
He's like on a mudslide on all these boards and this log jam trying to get the country balanced while all these enemies hit him from every sickening angle.
Now he's doing it in a suit with a great-looking wife and, you know, great family.
Smart wife, great family, Christian family.
But, I mean, this is what America's like right now.
We are just trying to get out of this thing.
We're getting hit by all these people that are cowards.
Most folks don't even get power out of this system.
They just tune into the power and think, oh, I'm a winner, like some bandwagon group that, you know, they say they sell like ten times more shirts once a team's gonna go to the Super Bowl or whatever.
It's all these bandwagoners who want to be associated with a winning team.
Who cares about a winning team?
Unless you own stock in it or whatever.
How does that affect you?
Unless your family plays on the team.
This is real, folks.
And I spend less than I used to because I'm so busy.
A good four or five hours a day reading news, clips.
I used to be like ten hours a day.
And I spend more time with my kids now.
They just gotta have me.
And I already know too much, quite frankly.
I mean, it's just too upsetting.
Because I know this is real.
I know this fight's real.
I know we're real.
I know what it means if we lose.
Now look at Kim Jong-un and all these scumbags running around threatening everybody.
Some other person in another communist government with the left worshipping him and all their crap.
And all the trendies who are raised in an open free country.
And have no respect for it, no appreciation, and want to pull down everything strong and honorable because they're just miserable people.
But make no mistake, the main fight for this republic is happening now.
And every actuary, every analysis has been done.
And what Hillary Clinton wants, and what John McCain wants, and what all these cowards at CNN and MSNBC and all these wanna-be-tough-guys want, is to see everybody collapse and be poor so they can secure their dominance over us because they're such cowardly pieces of crap.
They're not like George Washington that led a ragtag force for the first victory against the British Empire.
One of the first and only.
And then went on to be president, and build the nation, and then leave when they wanted to make him the king.
But it's fitting that America on its deathbed, 2016, that's America on its deathbed.
In fact, I described it that year like we were in cardiac arrest, our heart wasn't beating, and Donald Trump and the Liberty Movement were the defibrillators.
It's gonna be brutal and gonna feel good, might not even get them on perfectly right, but we're trying to get them in there and get the country going and ignite
The heart and to stop the crime in the black neighborhoods so folks aren't killing themselves and that's racist and try to get jobs into poor people across the country and try to cut off these globalist programs that have shut us down.
And I see all these crappy people attacking Trump and us and everybody.
I don't even hate them anymore.
What type of scumbag like Bow Wow says, how dare you not like me saying I'm gonna kill you or my uncle.
I'm gonna kidnap and put your wife in sex slavery.
It's like, who the hell are these people?
What's their problem?
I just know this, they're not going to beat us, so let's pray to God to lead God into recklessness and take action.
Because we're already starting to turn the planet around.
But the enemy's going to fight back.
Just know this, the fight's just begun.
And we need your prayers and support now more than ever.
Because we are the resistance to the global tyranny.
You are the resistance.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
The official McDonald's Twitter account tweeted out an anti-Trump tweet which caused a huge stir on Twitter, which some speculate may not have been an accident at all.
The tweet said,
You are actually a disgusting excuse of a president, and we would love to have Barack Obama back.
Also, you have tiny hands.
Now, McDonald's claims that it was the result of a hacker, but some have pointed the finger at Robert Gibbs, Obama's former press secretary, who now works as the global chief officer for McDonald's.
Well, there's no proof that it was Robert Gibbs.
However, I would say that Robert Gibbs is a perfect fit for McDonald's, given that his job was to make Obama look good.
Well, I'm sure he'll have no problem making the McDonald's McChicken Fake Nuggets look good as well.
For more awesome reports, go to InfoWars.com.
There was a mighty nation, blessed above all of creation.
Charlie Daniels, he's always loved America.
Let me just read a little thing here.
The American system of justice must be changed to conform to the rest of the world.
Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collected.
Well, you know what the next move's gonna be, don't you?
It's gonna be coming after your gun.
Oh, yeah.
I tell you, it ain't gonna sit well down my way.
At all.
It ain't gonna sit well.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
They lost.
We won.
Wanna see what Trump's up against?
It's time to ride, boys.
We need a thousand Paul Revere's.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom, and apple pie.
And beef was for supper.
Dawn of global government.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, Lady Leanne McAdoo and Owen Schroyer are about to host the fourth hour, but they reminded me it's St.
Paddy's Day, and so I thought I should say, luckily Irish, yeah, I got a little bit of Irish in me, and a lot of the folks around here have quite a bit, like Darren McBrain, we should probably hear from him today, but I probably should have worn some green, I think I probably will tonight, and have some corned beef and stuff like that over at the house, and some beer, some Guinness, but seriously,
You can't have nationalism, you can't have culture, and so I guess that's why one of our reporters is out there.
Some news agencies are saying, get rid of the St.
Paddy's Day parade because it's white nationalist.
That's right, this is all part of the culture wars going on, so.
I say B.S.
to all that.
The globalists just want to ban everything.
Whiteboards are being banned because you can write on them and ban the books.
This is the authoritarianism we're facing.
But the good news is they're losing on every front.
So back to Owen Schroer and Leanne McAloo in the main studio.
Thank you, Alex, and happy St.
Patrick's Day to you, Alex.
Go celebrate my people!
To all the listeners out there in Ireland and all over the United States, I know the St.
Patrick's Day parades are going on.
Everyone's having a good time.
But you know, it's funny that he mentions that right there about how the
You've got liberal media, liberal people on social media complaining about St.
Patrick's Day being white nationalism.
I think I just realized something.
So the whole goal of the New World Order in the United States has been, or at least as far, because you know how they like to divide based on identity.
So they tried to indoctrinate the black youth into the gang, into the drug culture, with people like Snoop Dogg, with people like Lil Bow Wow, Sham Moss.
So now it looks like what they're trying to do with white people
Is indoctrinate them into this guilt trip, where no matter what you do, no matter what culture it is you're celebrating, if there's anything to do with white or European relations, it's racist, it's white nationalist, and you can't have it.
You're not allowed to have your culture, your history, you can't have, you know, your black-eyed peas on St.
Patrick's Day or New Year's Eve for good luck.
Just look like this.
Just look like our old friend here, so that you don't offend anyone.
This is how the globalists would like to have us anyway.
And Alex was actually very serious when he left the studio before we started talking about St.
Patrick's Day, about everything that's going on with North Korea.
And actually, this is in the Korean Herald.
I don't know if you guys have this back there.
You can pull up the doc cam or you can just pull this up.
This is from the Korean Herald.
says strategic patience on North Korea is over.
And I know we've got the clip from Tillerson.
If you guys want to let me know when that's ready, we can just roll that again.
Okay, so we're going to play that clip, but basically, it's interesting to see how Trump is handling North Korea differently than Obama.
Obama's like a bowl of soft-serve ice cream.
You can just mash him right down.
North Korea has been saying threatening things to the United States for a long time now.
It pretty much goes unanswered, and now that they're saying things, all of a sudden, well, the joint annual drill with South Korea is an annual thing, so that wasn't necessarily in response to
Kim Jong-un saying that he's going to mercilessly attack the United States and other rhetoric.
But they also held drills in a jungle in Hawaii for the first time in a long time, maybe even decades.
So they're getting the army ready again for jungle preparedness war style.
Let's go to this clip from Rex Tillerson.
In the face of North Korea's grave and escalating global threat, it is important for me to consult with our friends and chart a path that secures the peace.
Let me be very clear.
The policy of strategic patience has ended.
We're exploring a new range of diplomatic, security, and economic measures.
All options are on the table.
North Korea must understand that the only path to a secure, economically prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and other weapons of mass destruction.
That's just so incredible.
Unprecedented times we're living in.
And I think it's important for everyone to sort of pay attention to what is happening right now with North Korea and just where we're at and how they didn't abide by the nuclear agreement.
So you can kind of flashback.
It was Bill Clinton who actually gave North Korea their nuclear technology.
And the Chinese too.
There's video with Bill Clinton talking about
This deal is going to make America safer.
It's going to be a good deal.
It'll stop them from being able to acquire nuclear weapons.
We'll be able to go in and investigate.
And it's almost verbatim the exact rhetoric that Obama used when he herald the good deal with Iran.
It's going to keep us safe.
The same thing.
It'll stop them from acquiring nuclear weapons.
They'll allow us to come in and inspect the technology.
So we're basically going to see history repeat itself.
With what's going on in North Korea, you don't give people nuclear technology that raise their children on death to America and things like that.
So basically what we're seeing going on now with North Korea and kind of ramping up for all options on the table here, we might be seeing this even in the future with Iran.
Well and it's funny too because it was just over a year ago where the leader of Iran said that Iran is going to have a new designation in the New World Order.
This was right before the deal that Barack Obama made with Iran that sent them cash.
Sent to Iran.
So it's interesting, in 12 years, is Iran going to be the new North Korea?
Maybe not necessarily on a social-political paradigm, but as far as a global threat is concerned with its nuclear arsenal.
So that's an interesting history that you mentioned there.
And it's also worth mentioning that, let's keep in mind, the Clintons also
Let the Chinese get our nuclear secrets.
They let North Korea get our nuclear secrets.
Now the United States... 20% of our uranium to Russia.
But Trump is the compromise president somehow.
But keep in mind, so now you've got the United States having joint military drills with South Korea in South Korea.
This is an annual thing.
Kim Jong-un freaks out and says we're going to respond with a merciless attack on the United States of America.
Don't try to tough guy Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson, is my suggestion, or just keep doing it and see what happens.
I think maybe your reign of power might finally be over.
But then China says that it wants to work with the United States and Russia and South Korea to bring peace to that region and to try to stymie North Korea's nuclear threats.
But guess what China said, though?
China said the only thing, the only proposal they made was stop doing joint drills with South Korea.
Well, wait a second.
Is China North Korea's mouthpiece now?
I thought you said you wanted to work with America, work with Russia to tone down North Korea.
How about all the oppression going on in North Korea?
I guess that doesn't bother China, considering they're doing similar things.
So who is China to say, I want to work with you
To get peace in this region, to stop North Korea from threatening their nuclear capabilities on the rest of the world.
However though, the only proposal that we're going to make is that you have to stop doing drills with South Korea, who North Korea is threatening on a daily basis.
So it sounds to me like China and North Korea, there might be an unhealthy relationship there for the United States.
Well, they've always kind of colluded with each other somewhat.
But I mean, just think about that with North Korea.
This was the dictator who told his people they should feel lucky and that to prepare for eating grass.
You're going to have a season of having to eat grass, people.
You know, we're going to have to go to war with the USA.
I mean, my goodness, I can't imagine.
It's sort of similar to what's going on in Venezuela.
Well, that's what you get from communism.
Just take a look at Venezuela.
You think about the liberals, you think about the Democrats, you think about the virtue signaling on the left which has turned into nothing more than a group of anti-Trumpers.
Why do they ignore the oppression in North Korea?
I never hear hardly anybody talk about the oppression in North Korea.
I mean, we've got pundits that go on CNN on a nightly basis and bitch and moan about racial inequality in this country who are pro-globalism
But ignore the oppression in North Korea.
So now you basically, this is, okay, this is just my summaration of what's going on in North Korea.
Kim Jong Un is basically holding all of the people in North Korea hostage.
I think?
Holding drills for bombs.
Sirens blare in Japan, fearing North Korea holds first missile drill.
Look at these children!
So this is what you've got going on, and I've got the left and Democrats every day spouting off about Trump being a Russian agent, spouting off about Trump being a racist, spouting off about all of this ridiculous nonsense.
Have you forgotten your calling card, liberals?
The peaceniks on the left?
Where are you now?
You're nowhere, just like the ACLU.
The ACLU has completely abandoned its goal of protecting the civil liberties of Americans.
Now it's nothing more than an anti-Trump wing.
So it's just amazing how it seems...
On the left, from every side, no matter what, it's all being sucked into the vacuum of anti-Trump, and they ignore all of the issues around the planet that they've been trying to point out for the last decades.
And then, of course, ignoring what's going on, say, in Europe, because they are really trying to push the whole open borders agenda here, and everyone's a refugee, everyone is a legal immigrant.
Meanwhile, we've got Turkey.
Threatening to send Europe 15,000 refugees a month.
So it's basically do what we say, play by our rules, don't speak poorly of us.
We're gonna just send all these people your way.
So now that's the new strategic diplomacy.
Well, we're just gonna send you some refugees and maybe there'll be some extremists thrown in with them as well.
And I love how this story is pitched.
Okay, so the same people, can you pull that headline up again?
The same people run this headline.
Turkey threatens to send Europe 15,000 refugees a month.
Look at this headline.
Turkey threatens.
Let's just look at the rhetoric here.
Okay, so you're insinuating that 15,000 refugees going into Europe is a threat.
But when Donald Trump issues a travel ban to protect this country from unvetted refugees, he's racist.
So wait a second, are these refugees a threat?
Or are you just spouting off whatever you can to make a headline get clicks?
Because you can't run those headlines simultaneously, which I would love to see you do, because you do it all the time.
So what is it?
Are all of these refugees a threat to national security?
Or is Trump a racist because he thinks these refugees are a threat to national security, the headline that you ran?
Alex Jones Show, 4th Hour, Owen Troyer, Leanne McAdoo, we'll be right back.
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So Donald Trump had a press conference today with Angela Merkel.
The big story of course was that, well first it got delayed, reminiscent of Hillary Clinton campaigns getting delayed, but then
Allegedly, Donald Trump rejected a handshake opportunity.
Apparently Merkel said, should we do a handshake for the cameras?
And Trump basically just completely ignored her.
It wasn't even a no or anything.
He just kind of just gave her the cold shoulder.
There it is right there.
Apparently right here, she says, should we do a handshake?
And he's just like, uh, right here.
Do you do a handshake?
No, I'm okay with that.
I'm all right.
I thought one of the funnier moments, of course, was when he talked about being spied upon and surveilled by the former administration.
He said, well, I think, you know, both of us can say we at least have something in common.
So, yeah, just kind of hitting people again that, look, you say what you want about the words that I used.
I chose to make that tweet.
Regardless, we were surveilled by the former administration.
And, you know, Angela Merkel just kind of had to go.
Because she said after all that came out, initially she was upset about it, but then she forgave.
She forgave Obama, because of course you've got to save face.
She didn't want to rile it up and let her country know that they're also massively being spied on as well.
And I'm telling you, there's this weird thing happening right now where
It's like watching the WWE.
It's just the only analogy I can use.
You know it's fake, okay?
You know they've already got it all figured out, so you're just up there enjoying it, you know, laughing, going along.
It's here for entertainment.
It's the same paradigm happening right now when these liberal journalists get up and they ask a question that's just total nonsense about how he made up wiretapping claims or how he's a Russian agent.
They just keep parroting the same talking points.
How about the New York Times author, the journalist who wrote the story about the wiretapping, is blaming InfoWars for pushing the wiretapping narrative.
When he was the one that wrote the story.
It's just... But that's what I'm saying.
So they're sitting here in their own little world like they're in the WWE pretending for everyone and everybody on the outside is just laughing.
Everybody on the outside is just like, haha, you're fake.
Like they don't even take it seriously anymore.
Sean Spicer was spicy all day yesterday.
He was just ripping them.
He was hitting punchlines left and right.
Donald Trump, when they bring up the wiretapping claims, he makes the joke.
He's like, well, I guess
Merkel and I finally have something in common.
We both get wiretapped by Obama.
So it's really just funny to see them just flopping around, just flailing themselves all over each other with these false narratives to try to bring Trump down.
I think it's really failing miserably and they only have their platforms.
That's it.
They don't have the hearts and minds of America anymore.
And it'll be interesting to see how far this goes in the entertainment industry because
Look, the only reason why people like Sham Moss and Poop Dog and Madonna are saying anything negative about Trump is because they all have new albums coming out, folks.
That's it.
They need a little publicity and they want to get on the radio and the liberals in charge of that media say, hey, maybe we have room for you, maybe you don't, but you make a tweet about Donald Trump being bad, I think we can find a slot for you.
Magically, they all say something bad about Trump, and guess what?
Their new albums will somehow make the radio, even though the songs probably suck.
Instead of doing it the way Joy Vila did it, which is saying, hey, look, let's all come together and unite.
And we've actually got a guest on the other side, Kaya Jones.
A friend of Joy Vila.
She's speaking out and saying it's time for conservatives to be proud of the fact that we were MAGA, voted in Trump.
So musician Kaya Jones joins us on the other side.
Stick around.
Owen Troyer, Leanne McAdoo.
Alex Jones Show, fourth hour.
Taking the new world on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The globalists' great error is to believe that as they collapse humanity, they end up on top.
The truth is, humanity is coming down fast, but we're miles above them on our journey to hell.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer, Leanne McAdoo, and we are about to be joined by Kaia Jones, somebody I'm sure you would recognize from a group back in the day called the Pussycat Dolls.
Well, she dropped the Pussycat Dolls and she decided to never wear a pussy hat, and now she joins Leanne McAdoo and I. Leanne, you know I was excited to talk to Kaia today.
Very, very excited.
We had to actually co-host the show today.
Just a little background, Kaia Jones is an EDM artist.
She said she was inspired by Joyvia to come out of the closet as a Trump supporter.
So she now is speaking out for those who can't, people who really have been afraid to wear their clothing in support of Donald Trump because, you know, they might be afraid they're gonna get knocked out or punched or get their hat taken off or something.
So, of course, Joyvia really made a
I don't know.
So Kaia, thank you so much for joining the show today and really this is awesome to have people finally kind of stepping out and you know, stepping out of the entertainment industry to kind of keep your voice boxed in there.
Yeah, it's been kind of caging, almost imprisoned, if you will.
Now you mentioned that, you know, after your friend, which you're seen there with her, where she's wearing the dress, she made this bold statement, really, and you said, you know what, now I'm proud to show off my Donald Trump t-shirt you were never able to wear before.
Yeah, it didn't, you know, it wasn't something that was prepared.
Joy and I go way back.
We've been friends for a very long time.
And I'm actually really good friends with Andre Soriano, the designer of the dress.
He's actually did my 2014 Grammy dress.
So we all have been friends for a good amount of time.
And I didn't know she was going to wear that.
No one did.
We actually had the same makeup artist.
The makeup artist didn't know what she was going to wear.
So I knew then it was going to be something interesting.
Because I asked her, I said, what's Joy wearing?
And she goes, I don't know.
I don't know.
And I thought, interesting.
So when we saw each other, I immediately embraced her.
I just whispered in her ear, you're so brave and thank you.
And then we were kind of just together for the rest of the night and saw the insanity that it caused.
And it really did open up the floodgates for me.
And I mean, so many other Americans.
But for me, we had been friends a long time.
Same with Andre Soriano.
And none of us had discussed who we voted for.
Not one conversation ever on, we voted for Trump.
And I think a lot of that is because the narrative is so not in a positive light.
And, you know, I bought this beautiful shirt to support Trump last year when I was visiting NASA headquarters in Washington and I wasn't able to wear it.
And she said, will you do something for me?
Can you, can you come out and support?
And I said, I'll do it in a second.
Because she needed then someone to support and show that she's not alone in Hollywood.
And unfortunately, everyone thinks that she is because, you know, not a lot of people have come out.
There's very few that have come out, but we're here.
There's a lot of us.
When did you first decide that you were going to vote for Donald Trump, or when did you first decide to support Donald Trump?
And then just to follow up on what you just said, is that typical to not talk about who you voted?
Is that just standard, just nobody really talks about it?
Or because of the polarized environment around this election, is that why no one was talking about it?
Um, you know, those are both really good questions.
I mean, the biggest thing is, yes, we don't talk about our political views.
Everyone kind of just stays mum to the word.
A lot of the reasons, I even left the Pussycat Dolls, and you know, it came out in this flood of now being able to speak my truth and be honest with who I am and that I'm a conservative.
You know, at the time, I thought, being 19, 20, 21, like, there must be something wrong with me.
Why am I not okay with certain things that were going on?
And, you know, I had no one really to go, no, you're just a conservative girl.
You know, you love Jesus.
You're just not into certain things.
And I just didn't understand that.
And so in this process, it opened up really me understanding that I'm a conservative and there is a name for this and this is what this is.
And yeah, no one really shares.
It's not something that people
Openly share, I think, of fear.
For me, I knew when I was going to vote for Trump.
We'll go a little bit further back than that.
I started doing a lot of work for the LGBT community when I went over to Iraq in 2010 and did 20 shows in 10 days for our military in support.
I met a lot of soldiers that were gay or lesbians and they weren't able to speak their truth during Prop 8.
This was in that time.
So I felt that it was important
To come home and support our LGBT community that was dying and fighting for my freedom and there wasn't more of a voice.
That propelled me into now speaking a lot for the LGBT community and I think in them not understanding what Trump was about and always being pushed a narrative that wasn't
The truth of what was going on, it forced me to kind of feel shunned by the community that I was the closest to the most.
In this process of actually voting for Trump, one of the main reasons I did vote for Trump, he spoke about Orlando.
That was a big deal for me, being a person that speaks out in the LGBT community and hearing him actually take a stance about what happened to Americans that night and to an attack on our LGBT community.
That, for me, was one of the biggest reasons I voted for him.
Also because he wasn't part of this whole collective of people that were going to tell you what to do and what to think, and they were part of the establishment.
He didn't need the money.
He wanted to do it for, you know, the love of country.
And I understand that so much.
That to me spoke volumes and I've always respected him as a businessman.
I knew he was going to win.
That's what's so funny is I actually told people two years, like literally when it started, when he announced, I said he was going to win and everybody I knew was like, no, he's not going to win.
There's no way he's going to win.
I said,
Okay, you'll see.
And I wasn't able to share my piece because every time I tried, I was shut up.
Like, immediately, like, oh, he's this, and he's that, and Hillary, and it was just, there was no discussion.
There wasn't, this isn't, you know, a debate.
This was, um, I hate you because you're voting for this person.
And that was something I had never encountered.
Yeah, and you know that's funny that you talk about that, trying to have a discussion about why you're voting Trump or why you believe in these policies.
Like you said, you can't really hold that discussion, and I had the same experience.
I don't know about you, Leigh-Anne, but I would always end the argument, which is like, okay, you'll see.
You're not going to listen to me.
You're not going to let me tell you what's happening.
So just fine, just go ahead and you'll see.
And well, they saw.
They did.
Well, it's pretty amazing if you even just open up dialogue with people and then give them the facts.
If they're willing to listen, I've had a lot of people change their mind and go, wow, I didn't even realize that because the media told me differently.
Oh yeah, I mean, a lot of my really close friends, it was interesting, some from the LGBT community would call me and say, I'm voting for Trump.
Almost like they knew I was, but I hadn't confirmed or denied anything with them.
So they were reaching out already trying to say, I'm voting for Trump and this was my truth and I feel like you would understand.
And that was interesting that there was this like secrecy
I mean, from the moment that the polls started, just in a collective of talking to people about the candidates, you already had a good idea of who was going to win.
So I thought it really interesting that the news outlets were forcing the narrative that this was who was going to win, and they were so sure.
But the general population didn't have signs on their lawn this year.
They didn't have stickers on their car this year.
This should have said right away, something very different is occurring.
And that anyone that didn't post anything, anyone that, you know, as much as people want to say, oh, they don't know what I, who I voted for, what my views are.
They do.
If you never posted or wrote anything about or even responded to any of the comments about the other candidate, it was pretty obvious who you were going to vote for.
Yeah, like if you didn't tweet, Trump is a racist, you'd probably like to.
That's right.
And that's another thing that's really unfortunate is that, you know, you lost.
Get over it.
Moving on.
He is our president.
And the reality of it is, is that the mocking of our first lady, the things that are going on is
It's just kind of crude and no couth or class and our country is not that.
That is not what America is about.
We are a civilized nation.
So this anarchy of angst and anger when they've been in power for eight years.
And now it's time to shift the pendulum, which is what politics is.
It doesn't move a lot in a fast amount of time.
It swings a little bit here, swings a little bit there, and we somehow over time find a center.
And so I just find it appalling that, you know, you didn't think he would accept
You know, the results, we accepted them because we won, and now you're belittling and being mean and rude to anyone that loves country.
The millions of Americans that have already died for our nation, you know, going to Iraq, I almost want to say every artist should just do that.
Philanthropy work, go to Iraq, go to some bases, go visit our military, see what these people really do.
And the reality is that our country is not free.
There's a lot of blood and bones on our flag of people that have died to protect our nation, to give us these freedoms of being able to be a lesbian or a gay man, holding each other's hand, walking down the street.
There are things that have happened that have allowed us to have this freedom.
And so to attack it and undermine the
The amount of strength that is behind this nation and the amount of incredible minds that has helped build this nation, it's just really hurtful.
You don't necessarily have to love the man in power, but you do have to love that you're part of a really incredible country.
There is nowhere in this world that is like America, and I've been to all of them.
I can assure you, maybe others need to go and see what's out there when they think they're imprisoned.
You know, in India, it is an offense to be gay.
These are serious things that, you know, when you're throwing around religion and your ideology of what you think is going on, you really need to pay attention on what's going on and accepting money from, you know, a candidate accepting money from countries that are okay with Sharia law.
That are okay with women being possessions, that are okay with nine-year-old brides, that are okay with persecution of gays, to me is an abomination on the world to judge.
That's God's job.
That's not our job as human beings.
We don't have the authority or the right to do this.
So there's this angst within me going, you know, what is really going on here when, you know, you have Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow and all these people saying really hurtful, offensive things and not understanding that this is a bigger deal than what you think Donald Trump might be because he was on The Apprentice or what you think he might be because he doesn't fit your mold.
This is our president.
This is our commander in chief now.
And we need to unite as Americans.
We need to unite as a culture and understand that there are people that want to harm.
Right, well in a
Let's try and forgive and forget, and not forget in the narrative of what has happened, denounces what has happened, but in a way that says, you know, because I'm Native American, my father's a full Native American born and raised on a reservation in Dallas, Texas.
Does that mean that I hate all white people?
Come on.
This is lunacy.
We are all out of many one people.
So we should all unite somehow.
We should all understand that for the greater good of our country, what we're sending out a message is that we're not united and we're easily divided and that's easy to infiltrate.
Right, and I think a lot of young people will start seeing that we have a lot more in common when artists like yourself and entertainers do step outside of that box and say, look, the left can't claim that they have all the cool kids on their side, so you're only cool if you believe this certain way.
They've really sort of owned the fact that the cool kids are on this side of the team, and I really appreciate you speaking out.
Well, and I appreciate you guys for having me.
I think the most important thing is the amount of letters I've received, and I feel like viewers really need to understand, I've received letters from 13, 14, 15-year-olds that are gay, that are conservative, saying thank you.
This is something that isn't just about being a cool kid.
And by the way, it is cool to not want to do drugs.
It is cool to care about Unicor, God, and country.
It is cool to not always follow suit with what's going on around you.
That is cool.