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Name: 20170315_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 15, 2017
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On his radio show, Alex Jones discusses recent news surrounding President Trump including allegations of Obama spying on him, tax returns coverage by mainstream media, censorship attempts against alternative news sources like InfoWars, and political speech bans online. He also talks about the Dutch election where Wilders is leading in polls, fluoride being added to tap water despite its health risks, and promotes products such as PPX solar generator system from Solutions from Science for off-the-grid use. During the show, guests include former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer, retired U.S Army officer Tony Schaefer, James O'Keefe from Project Veritas, and Abraham Bolden, a former Secret Service agent. They discuss topics such as social media censorship against conservative voices, suppression of truth by mainstream media, tax scandals involving Trump, deep state manipulation, pedophilia networks in high places, criminal enterprises in Washington, healthcare plans, resistance movements within bureaucracy, Russian interference allegations in US elections, and whistleblowers being silenced by mainstream media. The segment also promotes various products like Super Beta Prostate, Extendovite, Solarc, Alex Pure Breeze Air Purifier, Caveman by InfoWarsLife.com, and Roger Stone's book, The Making of the President 2016."

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Coming up, evidence is mounting.
Judge Napolitano covered it yesterday.
New documents are coming out.
Obama went outside the chain of command to illegally spy on candidate and then President-elect Trump.
Of course he did.
They admitted that they had the intercepts months ago, claiming he was talking to the Russians.
Of course we found out nothing substantive was being discussed except normal meetings that were being set up.
That's what an interim president-elect would do.
But that's coming up.
Line from Mark Dice in a video we've got coming up.
Rachel Maddow engages in the biggest piece of hyped up media since Geraldo went into Al Capone's vault with this big drum roll over Trump tax returns.
And then it turns out the tax returns have been released before.
And it turns out that Trump paid more taxes that year than Barack Obama, and the list goes on and on.
So it's all coming up today.
We have a full slate of guests joining us.
We have Paul Joseph Watson coming on in about 30 minutes.
Twitter admits they're openly censoring InfoWars now.
And Gizmodo, the big technology entertainment site, has come out and celebrated it and said, absolutely, just completely ban us.
Wow, isn't that nice?
So-called free press.
You'd never think you'd hear press calling for banning people, but they're doing it, ladies and gentlemen.
They're doing it because they can't compete with us.
They truly are the opposition party.
The mainstream media is the opposition party, and they want to shut Free Press down because they can't compete with us.
They're just outrageous.
Hey, sorry, you didn't get Hillary in, so your whole launch of censorship is going to blow up in your face, and it is blowing up, and I've got a little news flash for you.
Our traffic's up, and a lot of it's because people now realize we're being censored, and they say, what is it?
We better go look at it.
We've got the Federal Elections Commission and others saying they want to censor drudge as well.
And we've got the quote, inventor of the internet, no not Al Gore, but the real inventor of it, over in England saying ban any political speech online as campaigning.
Wow, so, Paul Joseph Watson's coming on, Craig Sawyer.
Very famous Navy SEAL.
I'm not going to even say what SEAL team he was in, or what he did, or what he headed up, but the one of PIMP, the Trident.
But he's really helping us push the idea to get the veterans and the troops out openly saying they support the Commander-in-Chief.
I mean, that is the law if you're in the military already currently, but certainly if you're a veteran.
This president's really doing about a 95% job right now, better than any president I've seen in a long time.
He'd be at 100%, but the Paul Ryan health care bill put a little dent
In the cloak of invincibility of Trump, I just got to be honest with you about that.
But it is better to Obamacare, and I get he wants to have a victory, and it's going to implode the economy.
Obamacare is designed to implode the economy in the next year.
It's designed to.
Obama admitted that, it's in the memos.
So Trump's like, look, I just got to get a deal and get something a little better, or maybe a lot better, so it doesn't blow up the whole economy.
I get it, but you just can't compromise with Paul Ryan and people.
DrudgeReport.com has a big top link on the left-hand side.
It's a powerful interview.
GOP traitors blocking Trump.
Ryan, McCain trying to save Obamacare from Trump reform.
From the American people, I would add.
So that's up on DrudgeReport.com right now.
We've got big developments in the Netherlands as the Dutch begin going to the polls with Wilders in the lead.
In a debate last night, he told the acting Prime Minister, he said, you're not the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, you're the Prime Minister of foreigners and globalist colonization, which is exactly what it is.
Then James O'Keefe will be joining us, the great investigative journalist and sleuth.
Who's also being called fake news because he's so game-changing and world-changing and so amazing.
And then Colonel Tony Schaefer, always with powerful info, is scheduled to be joining us in Roger Stone post the fourth hour.
So that's a rundown of what's coming up today.
Start your engines.
Because when I come back, I am going to savage the globalists.
And just absolutely break down the different angles of what's unfolding and what is developing.
China plans massive expansion of marines to exert global power.
Breaking their deal with the globalists to not expand militarily.
And so now, our warships are facing off in the South China Sea.
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Once upon a time, there was a dude named Prescott, last name Bush.
Guess what?
He helped run a bank, funding Nazis.
Well, you'd think that Hitler got his tank money, papi.
Hitler made a killin', and Prescott made a killin'.
Congratulations, the Bush family got millions.
That's a lot of loot now, time to turn it up now.
Ain't no turnin' back now.
Prescott had a son, his name was Herbert Walker.
Lil' Herbert Walker, he was his lil' motha.
And then Herbert Walker became the vice president of press.
New world orders what he says.
Military, industrial, complex.
On September 11th, Bush and the head of the Bin Laden family would be at the same Carlisle Group meeting in Washington.
A few miles from where Osama Bin Laden's hijackers would attack them.
Bush, Kennedy, and the Bin Laden group gained everything they had wanted as a direct result of 9-11.
And of course, U.S.
oil and arms companies.
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I normally just kind of mention at the end of a segment or the end of an hour that, hey, InfoWars.com is being demonated, uh, demonated, uh, demonized and attacked
By thousands of major news publications a month, conservatively, by every news channel that's establishment and corporate, by every major entertainment show that's late-night comedy, 60 Minutes, Saturday Night Live.
Homeland, everything's negative, everything's lies, everything's distortions, but Chris Carter and last year's miniseries Return of the X-Files that was a big hit.
Notice it hasn't been brought back yet, I guess.
But it had record ratings for that year.
One of the second highest rated show last year.
And you notice that
Chris Carter said, I like Alex Jones, he's a libertarian, he's not a racist.
Globalism's real.
A lot of the topics he talks about you can document and we're basing a lot of these episodes on Alex Jones's research.
And we have a character that's Alex Jones.
And I was very pleased and honored to actually see someone say what the series was about, admit it was based on a lot of our research, and to just be honest.
Everything else in MSM is basically a lie.
In fact, I don't know why I agreed to talk to Der Spiegel.
I thought, oh, it's foreign press.
Der Spiegel's pretty big.
Der Spiegel did expose the CIA running a bunch of the German media a few years ago.
But they also put out hit pieces.
And I said, fine, I'll talk to the, you know, the German guy.
Just like I've talked to the Russians and the Japanese.
You know, it's kind of alien.
It's kind of sexy.
It's different.
And the guy comes here and says that I said, want to suck my sausage, trying to give him a piece of sausage.
I don't talk like that to women around here, much less men.
No one in the office bought that I said that.
I had spilled barbecue sauce on my shirt and I was like taking it off and walking around like, oh, your shirt's off.
So I was coming out of my office and I said, oh yeah, you want to just do it like this?
Oh yeah, let's take photos.
Let's do it like that.
So it just turned into something like that.
Look, there's a photo of me horseback riding with my shirt off.
It's like, Alex wants us to see that his shirt's off.
Why is he always shirtless?
I did one skit where I talked about the IRS taking so much of your money, you've got to be shirtless.
So I've probably done five, six shirtless skits in 20-something years.
Yeah, okay, big deal.
But now that's the big archetype.
I'm the shirtless guy.
But I'm digressing.
I cannot be interviewed by mainstream media anymore unless it's live television.
Because, A, they don't have that many readers or viewers, so what's the point?
But also because they lie.
They only use access to you to say something about you that isn't true.
That's why Trump more and more doesn't talk to them.
There's no humanity there.
There's only a mission to shut you up or misrepresent you.
So I normally just mention as a side we're being censored, we're being attacked, but I have to say up front at the start of the broadcast today that it's really getting intense.
Almost all of Paul Watson's articles now on my Facebook and on his Facebook are being deleted.
And Facebook is saying that it's not real news.
And or it's fake.
And look at Gizmodo today.
Facebook pulls major boner, marks Infowars articles as spam instead of BS.
And then they show the articles that they are banning.
And we showed the Colbert report.
And John Oliver and others making fun of Conway, saying that there are appliances in your house that the government corporations spy on you through, through the smart grid.
That's an admitted, incontrovertible fact that I talked about 18 years ago, that was in Wired Magazine three years ago, with the CIA director at the time talking about it.
He said, yeah, your dishwasher, we're going to watch you and listen to you with your dishwasher.
And so they make fun of her, and we show screenshots of the articles, links, documents, Vault 7, and say, see?
They think you're dumb.
And because we're right, and because we're getting too much credibility because we told everybody this over and over again, they have to delete us, and then have other so-called news publications cheerlead like we're in Communist China, the shutdown of free press.
Talk about disgraceful, talk about dangerous, talk about
Being sellouts, this is the very definition of it and it's despicable.
And it shows, they'll, they'll, I mean, I bet if Hillary would have got in and she would have had me arrested.
And publicly executed.
Gizmodo would have an article how great it was, and let's kill more patriots and more right-wingers.
I'm serious.
That's the attitude they've got.
They're all over the news saying, kill Donald Trump.
Snoop Dogg comes out and says, kill Donald Trump.
Puts a video out promoting it, says kill cops.
Spray cops with bullets is one line.
And the media made fun of Trump tweeting, saying, hey, somebody else would get jail time for this if somebody said this about Obama.
And they're all over the news making jokes about it.
Oh, Trump, what's wrong with saying kill ya?
Don't be a sore sport.
And what they are is a bunch of failing babies.
A bunch of wannabe tough guys and wannabe trendies who are the past.
They're the opposite of cool.
The opposite of cutting edge.
They're a joke.
By every angle you look at it.
It is kind of funny though, I'm like,
There aren't many places with me with my shirt off.
And then he puts up Infowars.com on your radio list and there's an ad for Supermail Vitality with my shirt off.
So I guess they brought back one of the ads randomly because it gets higher clicks than the other ones.
It's preposterous to say I take my shirt off.
Boom, there it is.
I guess broken clocks are still right twice a day, aren't they?
So, Facebook.
Pulls major boner, marks Infowars articles as spam, and they go through here and celebrate shutting us down, and then they say, oh, because look, he said Michelle is a tranny.
No, that was a giant internet meme after Joan Rivers said it, and she was dead a month later.
Joan Rivers said that, we did a report on that, and again, they turned it into, we created it, we gave birth to it, we generated it, we were the authors of it, and we weren't!
So again, it's about lying, lying, lying.
It's time to ban him because he said she was a tranny.
Meanwhile, CNN says Iraq has WMDs and millions die.
Oh, but they're still being spread.
They're real news, even though they've been caught in their own memos manipulating the whole campaign for Hillary.
And all the other things CNN's been caught doing.
Faking being on locations all over the world.
I mean, it's a joke what they do at Time Warner.
They're so discredited, they now call themselves Spectrum.
Yes, a spectrum of lies and disinformation.
Now, before I go any further, talk about fake news.
This is out of DW.
Glyphosate, no carcinogen, says EU agency.
The EU's chemical agency has concluded that one of the world's most widely used weed killers, glyphosate, cannot be classified as a carcinogen.
It's contained in Monsanto's best-selling herbicide, Cold Rhombop.
Ladies and gentlemen, they have whole classes of cancers that are known as, in layman's terms, hormone-fueled cancers, or hormone-based cancers.
And the glyphosate mimics female hormones.
And so it disrupts the sexual activity in mammals, in plants, in amphibians, in aquatic life, you name it.
I mean, if you think it disrupts and kills weeds, what do you think it does to you?
You think if something kills a plant, do you think it's good for you?
Just ask him.
I mean, I'm sure they'll have an article going, it's fake news!
He says you can't drink Roundup and that it's not healthy.
Yeah, they used to say you could drink Roundup until they tried to get the lobbyist that always had said that for two decades to drink it.
And he said, hell no, I'm not going to drink that.
You think I'm crazy?
Because if you drink a big glass of Roundup, it'll kill most people.
If you drink enough of it, it'll definitely kill you down the road.
I mean, it's bad.
It's weed killer, folks.
Weed killer isn't good for you.
And it's been used by the hundreds of billions of gallons.
You know, I forget.
I don't want to go from memory.
They'll call that an exaggeration.
Guys, search engine.
Worldwide use of glyphosate.
How much glyphosate has been used in the world?
It's in the tons, I know.
I think I want to say the hundreds of millions of tons, which is more than billions of gallons.
Oh, but see, I'm fake news.
I just mentioned the famous lobbyist saying that, and my crew already had it on TV for viewers to see it.
So let's start with that.
Let's cue that up and play it, and then I'll get into all the new news that is breaking.
We're not liberal, we're not conservative.
If there's a thousand plus studies going back 30 plus years that glyphosate is one of the main causes of cancer, and finally the UN does the right thing, and finally California does the right thing, they do some right things in liberal institutions, and come out and say this stuff's really bad... We're going to cover it here, ladies and gentlemen.
Glyphosate, now the most used agricultural chemical ever.
Yeah, let's read from Newsweek how much they say it's been used.
I mean, I know it's just, it's just absolutely, when you hear the number, it's just phenomenal.
9.4 million tons.
See, I was saying millions of tons, billions of gallons.
I don't know if that's, I was going from memory.
9.4 million tons of the chemical have been spread onto fields.
We're going to skip this break.
Do we have that clip of the famous lobbyist?
Here it is from the
CBC Canadian Television, here it is.
I do not believe that glyphosate in Argentina is causing increases in cancer.
You can drink a whole quart of it and it won't hurt you.
You want to drink some?
We have some here.
I'd be happy to actually, but not really.
Not really?
I know it wouldn't hurt me.
If you say so, I have some glyphosate.
No, I'm not stupid.
Okay, so you you know, but I know it's dangerous.
I know people try to commit suicide with it and fail fairly regularly It's not dangerous to humans.
No, it's not so you're ready to drink one glass of no, I'm not an idiot Interview me about golden rice.
That's what I'm talking about.
Okay, then it's finished except then the interview is finished That's a good way to solve things.
Yeah You're a complete jerk
By the way, you notice he said people try to commit suicide with it and fail pretty regularly.
Yeah, if you've got tough kidneys and a tough liver, it'll kill you in a month.
Two months, you gotta try again.
That's because it's been reported in India.
The numbers vary between 800 and a million and a half.
800,000 and a million and a half.
You can look this up.
See if my memory's correct.
Farmers have drunk it to die.
When it ends up ruining their crops and they can't make money on it.
Using it in their crops.
They drink it, particularly cotton farmers.
So here, let's do that.
Let's Google Indian farmers committing suicide by drinking pesticide.
This is one of the main ones they do.
But you heard him.
Oh, they fail pretty regularly.
This is the guy that famously went around the lobbyists all over the world and told people you can drink it and it's safe.
But these reporters figured he'd say that, so they actually had a glass right there and he wouldn't do it.
Yeah, because having your liver and kidneys shut down and dying, it's not very fun, is it?
Oh, but see, we're the fake news, ladies and gentlemen.
We can't be allowed to be here.
So I'm going to get back to this for you.
We're winning worldwide.
Nationalism is exploding.
Gert Wilders is ahead in the polls right now as the Dutch begin to go to the polls today.
Le Pen is ahead in the polls, but then they have some new national polls being skewed that internet polls and more significant polls don't match, showing she's neck and neck.
So they're trying to steal the election.
But a lot is unfolding.
We'll be watching the Dutch election polls live today and tonight on the Nightly News.
We'll have all the results by then as Gert Wilders takes on Mark Root in the Netherlands.
That's all unfolding.
Wilders against the globalist trader.
Paul Watson joins us at the bottom of the hour to discuss the fact that Twitter officially, and Facebook as well, are blocking our articles and just deleting them.
Again, I know this is about a month ago because I'd be like, wow, look at this video, it had 14 million views, and it'd be gone.
And I started noticing any video that got 5, 6, 7 million views, they would delete.
First it was one that had 14 million.
Then I'd see one that was 5 or 6, it'd just be gone.
Because they were just going to keep going to 30, 40, 50 million views, see?
Oh, we can't have that because, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars a year are spent propping up CNN.
Tens of millions of dollars a year are spent propping up shows like the Colbert Report.
And if they only have a couple million viewers a night, and then we can sit here and have tens of millions of viewers every day on Facebook, I mean, they just can't allow that, because they're in charge!
They're the boss!
They're popular!
They're the leaders!
They're the arrogant people in their big fancy studios in New York and L.A.
lecturing, you know, the dumb flyover country.
The hayseeds.
The working people, the Christians, the gun owners, and they're going to beat us!
They're going to open our borders, they're going to bring in foreign populations, they're going to drive down the wages, they're going to make us be renters, they're going to get us out of our cars, they're going to make us be slaves, they're going to teach us, and it doesn't matter if they're not popular and hated, they're just going to come in and shut us up!
Because they're the liberals, so it's okay.
No, they're the dirtbag authoritarians allied with the other authoritarian scum like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and all the other trash, who are the literal enemies of this country.
I love DrudgeReport.com, the way Drudge puts it all.
We should have one of our reporters just kind of go off this as a road map and do a report on it, kind of like Mark Dice did, as he just laughs at every piece of this.
Trump paid higher tax rate, 25%, than MSNBC Comcast, 24.
Much higher than Obama, who paid that same year, 19%.
And Bernie, who paid 13.
Oh, most of the big liberals I know never pay taxes.
They're always just, I mean, people all know that.
$38 million on $150 million he made.
CNBC turns on Sister Network.
Rachel veers off course.
Quest for ratings.
Total stunt yesterday.
The Ides of Mattel, he says.
Isn't that amazing?
Oh, look over here on Drudge.
Thinks a billion.
Drudge ranked number two views in all of media.
Yeah, I haven't clicked this yet, but it's always saying either Yahoo or Google has more.
And that's basically Yahoo.
It just has so many email users and so many web addresses, but let's see who's number one now.
Because it'll have it all listed here.
Yeah, number two in news.
It's got Twitter, AOL, Reddit, Fox News, CNN.
That's magazine.
See, then I want to tell you who's number one.
Because it's too embarrassing for them.
So they hide the fact that Drudge is really number one until later.
They have all these other categories of lesser categories and put them up front to make MSM look big.
That's how they do it.
But look, MSN.com is number one.
Drudge is number two in the entire world.
And that's the great thing about it.
You know, they're starting to censor us everywhere, and that's why I value Drudge even more than ever.
Because you know what?
Drudge links to our reports when he knows they're important.
And so just thank God for Drudge Report, or they would be able to quietly, I guess, try to strangle InfoWars and try to silence you as well.
Let's go back to the main page of DrudgeReport.com.
Just like this.
They've been trying to censor Michael Savage.
Been trying to block his books in bookstores.
Been trying to keep him off the air.
He's banned all over Fox, CNN.
He's banned to flying to the UK.
But I guess he's not banned on Drudge Report.
And guess who else isn't?
Republican traitors.
Blocking Trump.
Right there.
So that we can get this out and fight back against this bad health care bill that is so close to falling apart.
And Drudge agrees, and pretty much all the talk show hosts and our listeners agree with us.
I mean, don't you think we should just repeal it?
If people don't want to have health care, that's their issue?
And then there should be charity care hospitals that claim they're tax-exempt, but then sit there and make taxpayers pay for all this crap?
The hospitals aren't doing their jobs.
The tax-exempt hospitals are sucking off the public and off the insurance companies and vice versa.
That's the inside scoop, folks, okay?
I'm an expert on it.
And it just goes on from there.
DOJ charges Russian spies, criminal hackers, and Yahoo breach.
But how do you even know that's true?
Because we know in the Vault 7 release that they were framing the Russians with malware, malware, that they were blaming the Russians with.
So how do we believe any of this?
Oh, by the way, the Intelligence Committee has come out.
Trump Tower and listening to the communications that had transcripts of General Flynn.
Then they turn around and say, oh, we never said that, we never did that.
And the New York Times retracts the claim that there were wiretaps.
How do you retract it when you have the transcript that you used to say Flynn was lying?
Even that was a hoax.
He didn't discuss the sanctions.
They asked him, will the sanctions be on the agenda?
And he said, it'll be whatever you want to discuss with the President.
You know he wants an open, clean slate.
The Russians are like, well, we want to talk about sanctions.
OK, talk to him.
Lining up the phone calls.
That's what your National Security Advisor does.
When you're lining up a call with the other head of state.
Flynn was doing his job.
But see, that's a lie, within a lie, within a lie, within a lie.
They're all over the news.
They think you're dumb.
They think you don't remember 55 days ago, when Trump was getting inaugurated, the cover of the New York Times and the big story that they've got the intercepts, they were tap-booting, the intelligence agencies were listening to the President-elect, and you know what?
He's a liar!
We got him!
The New York Times that told us there were WMDs in Iraq!
The fake news scum!
MSM's incredible.
Coming up, Paul Joseph Watson on censorship.
Matt Owl having a blow up in her face with all her hype garbage on tax returns that had already been out for years.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, it looks like even the establishment mainstream media has to admit that Rachel Maddow's Trump tax scandal is a big nothing burger.
If all we get tonight is that Donald Trump paid 38 million dollars to America's government, that's a good night for Donald Trump.
I'm sorry, there's just really no way, like I was hoping and praying that it would show not only did he pay no taxes,
Sorry to disappoint you, Van Jones, but what you liberals thought was going to be a huge Trump scandal ended up being a big boost to President Donald Trump's reputation as a successful, hard-working American and tax-paying businessman.
And now we know that Trump actually paid a high tax rate of roughly 25%.
Compare that to MSNBC's parent company, Comcast, which paid 24%, Barack Obama, 19%, and Bernie Sanders,
18% in taxes.
Read them and weep, snowflakes.
And you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
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The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or you're mine.
Well, Craig Sawyer is one of the most famous Navy SEALs out there, but he obviously won't get into anything he was involved in and what SEAL teams he was in or the things he did.
But he certainly is aware of what's going on in the government and is aware of a lot of other things.
We'll just leave it at that.
I don't know how far he's going to go on air today.
Into some of the things that he's privately told me, none of it classified.
But just about the fact that there is a serious civil war going on inside the government.
And the majority of the CIA actually wants to save the country, wants to destroy globalism, and is not like what's happening.
And so just understand, that's why the media is promoting killing Trump, because there's major moves in that direction to kill the president.
So he's also got obvious warnings to President Trump, who think God is coming out and making a big deal out of Snoop Dogg, saying kill him, and having a rap video where they say, you know, you see the pigs, you see the clowns, you spray them with the gun, you know, you spray Trump, shows him get the gun, goes out, shoot the president.
So illegal.
Organizing the murder of the elected president.
Can you imagine what would happen if this was Obama?
Mr. Sawyer is going to be in here.
Mr. Sawyer is going to be in here in the next hour.
James O'Keefe, the big investigative journalist, is going to have breaking news for us.
Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaffer, another great patriot, who was the first to blow Benghazi wide open on this broadcast.
And I can't tell you what happened to him behind the scenes the next day, but it was a
Well, he's still there, and they're not, right?
So these are real patriots, folks, that stand up for this country and get the information out to the American people.
And then Roger Stone's going to be hosting the fourth hour, always doing a great job as we prepare to expand the broadcasting around here with more hosts and more people.
I got a lot of folks ready, ready to take their training wheels off.
I want to go to Paul Watson for the balance of the hour to cover a host of issues, but
Just please understand this, it takes funding to finance this operation.
This is the only type of operation of its kind in the world.
And yes, it is the leading vanguard.
Of exposing the globalists and getting intelligence out to the military, the police, and the intelligence agencies.
Which I never even intended that that's how this would work, but they actually are in these areas and then they know how accurate this show is.
They've got info, we've got info, together we get a full picture of what the upper echelon is doing.
And we're going to remove these traitors if we're successful.
And we will be.
You're starting to see that happen.
But we need all of you to spread the articles and spread the videos, because we've used Facebook, we've used Twitter, we've used Reddit, we've used all these platforms, but more and more we're being strangled and governed down.
I was talking to Mr. Sawyer last night, who famously launched one of the biggest organizations to stop endangered rhino hunting and things, and Facebook's blocked him 90% of what he was reaching just a year ago.
Because it's seen as a pro-veterans group.
Anything Americana, anything wholesome is not allowed.
You're like, well then leave Facebook.
Well, that's where you reach people.
And that's where the folks we need to reach are.
And they advertise they're this open commons.
But now they're strangling it out.
And there's a serious antitrust thing here of censorship of libertarians, veterans, conservatives, Americana, people that just want common sense.
We're the common sense coalition, the common sense movement.
And so spread the link, spread the articles.
For some reason the link was dead for a few days and they changed some servers around.
Infowars.com forward slash newsletter we email out every day.
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Folks were unable to but that's fixed right now at Infowars.com forward slash newsletter.
But it's essential to get our articles and our videos and things that are being censored.
And now it's not one thing being censored today, it's like 20 things, and it's the most credible stuff we do.
If I'm acting silly and making a joke, oh, that can have 10 million viewers.
But if it's Paul going, here's 30 news articles admitting that appliances are spying on you, and here's the former head of the CIA saying it, so see, Conway's right.
They go, oh, that's fake, you're banned.
And then Gizmodo comes out, big publication, and says, good, shut them down.
Facebook pulls major boner, marks InfoWars, articles as spam instead of BS.
So support us, spread the word, and understand we're having success in the fight, but we're under attack.
I want to thank Drudge for linking to our articles.
I know they're pertinent, interesting, and informative, but I just want to thank Drudge for helping the new independent media actually survive and thrive.
We're in a war together, folks.
That's why when Right Market's censored or Limbaugh, even though I don't agree with some of the stuff Limbaugh says, I come to their aid because, man, we're in this together, folks.
We've got to have solidarity and empathy and common sense.
Hang together or hang separate, as Benjamin Franklin said.
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Again, you are supporting free speech Americana and defeating the globalists when you
Our patrons of Infowars, and we're patrons of your freedom.
You're patrons of ours.
It's symbiotic.
We're in this together.
When you click on Drudge's sponsors and go and support them, it's a war, folks.
We're not like MSNBC that famously got billions of dollars.
Rachel Maddow got a raise off stimulus money from Obama.
She's like NPR.
It's taxpayer paid for much of it.
We don't get any taxpayer money.
We, under free will, sell products that if you like them and you enjoy them, you come back and get them.
So we try to give you the best products at the best prices, and there's the win-win of supporting freedom and the republic and just common sense as we battle to cut taxes, battle to secure the borders, battle to get rid of Obamacare, battle to shut down the Islamic State that Obama turned loose to bring down Europe and the West.
Battle to expose vaccines as deadly, like Trump's doing.
Battle to get small business loans going that the big banks have been blocking for nine years, as we try to get out of the TPP.
Just devastating victory after victory, and we're the tip of the spear.
Trump's personally thanked you, the listeners of the show, for getting him elected.
He told me, he said, without you, without Drudge, without Savage, we wouldn't be here.
And he said some other stuff and I'm not going to say it, but it's like he had dinner with Savage last week in Mar-a-Lago and told him the exact same thing.
Because it's true, folks.
We're it, okay?
We need more of us, not less.
I want to see talk shows way better than me.
I love Mark Dice seeing the rise of Mark Dice.
I love seeing the rise of Paul Watson.
I want to win.
I want to beat these dirtbags.
Now, Paul, I mean, we've been talking about the censorship and people need to take this very serious because it's accelerating at warp speed right now.
I'm seeing more censorship condensed the last month than we've seen the previous five, six years.
Do you concur with that?
And let's talk about what's happening.
Tell folks what's happening.
We can scroll through your articles and show the screenshots of what they're removing, what they're taking down.
Senator Rand Paul, taken down.
CIA section chiefs saying they did target Trump.
Taken down.
It's the really credible stuff that proves they're liars that they're taking down.
Just like Google got caught taking away the negative comments about Hillary and her crimes and congressional reports and Judicial Watch.
This is open, naked, 1984 memory hole, Ministry of Truth.
Paul Watson from London.
Well, of course, you remember, Alex, that there was a huge scandal, I think it was last year, where Facebook got caught gaming the algorithm for their trending list to keep out conservative opinions and topics.
That was a huge scandal.
This is going to be a similar scandal if they don't sort it out.
The update is, since we complained about this over the past week or two,
All of those posts and up until yesterday it was virtually every single thing I posted.
It started to the point where any link whatsoever, not even Infowars links, was censored as spam.
The update is that they've unblocked all the links and now they're all visible again since we complained about this.
It could have been a mass flagging attempt where organized brigades of leftists on the internet get together and plan to flag these posts.
But let's be clear, we already wrote articles about that five years ago.
Google and others admitted this is Facebook separate.
In meetings, they're going to create supermods who are able to go out and do it, who are just visitors to YouTube.
And then the elite can act like they're not the ones doing it, it's the community.
So let's be clear, this community is being created by Facebook, but because it's blowing up in their face and we're complaining, they're having to back off for now.
Go ahead.
It's empowering mobs to go on witch hunts.
I mean, YouTube tried to introduce it a few months back with their Heroes program.
And, you know, if you flagged a certain number of videos, you got up to the higher tiers, the higher point levels, because you're a good, obedient citizen crushing free speech.
But I guess we shouldn't complain too much, Alex, because, you know, over in Germany, it's even worse.
They hired ex-Darzi officials to work with the government
And it's now a 500 euro fine.
They want a 53 million euro fine.
Go ahead.
And this morning I heard about a story which is even worse.
Somebody in Germany posted a story, critical, they were criticizing the Islamic practice, which occurs in some countries, of raping young boys, because that's cultural enrichment.
Afghanistan, for example, there was a big scandal, US military tried to blow the whistle on it, they were told to shut up, because they do like to rape young boys in some of these countries.
So this German guy posted criticism of that on Facebook,
Now he's being charged with disseminating child porn for criticising the practice of young boys being raped.
That's how bad it is in Germany.
You had a woman who posted a picture of a migrant in Germany who had raped and killed a 19-year-old woman.
Her Facebook account was shut down because she circulated an image of the murderer, which had already been widely circulated in German media.
Let's be clear.
MSM is allowed to circulate photos and things.
It's the general public or independent news groups.
Even if we're older and bigger than them in some cases, we're not allowed.
Like, we can't show video of an Apache blowing up a tank, even when it's on a hundred other channels.
YouTube would then ban us and say it was violent and we broke the rules.
Until I started to file a lawsuit and they backed off.
This is the example of where they have rules for themselves and then different rules for us.
Will they be successful, Paul, in killing our free speech?
And what should we do to stop it?
Well, we need to point out that this argument, oh, it's a private company, they can do what they want, complete BS.
It's funny, isn't it, how leftists only support that argument when it's targeting and censoring conservatives.
If a private company doesn't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, then they want the government to crack down on them.
But this is perfectly fine.
The other aspect is, of course, Le Pen in France is now, they've removed the immunity for her to be charged.
She's now facing felony charges.
Yeah, for basically sharing a picture of an ISIS execution, which again was widely circulated in the media.
You're allowed to show it on the news, but the major member of the French government and EU Parliament, she's not allowed to, and she's now the leader of the presidential race, she's still not allowed to because the anointed ones in the mainstream media and the government said no.
Exactly, even though it had been widely circulated in the media for months and months before.
And of course today you've got this Gizmodo article basically arguing that we shouldn't be censored for spam, we should be censored for fake news.
This is a company owned by Univision.
This is a corporate media outlet.
Why do they want us to be censored, Alex?
Well, because we're kicking their butt.
Because we're the competition.
And we expose George Ramos and the rest of it.
It's insane.
And notice what they use as examples of BS news.
That we're saying appliances are surveilling you.
That was admitted by the CIA director three years ago.
Yeah, but, you know, their writer, Eve Pacer, can get up on Twitter and say that, things to do, coolest crimes ranked, number three, assassinating the President.
That's Eve Pacer, writes for Gizmodo, owned by Univision.
They can get up on social media and threaten the President, but if we report on actual programs of surveillance that the CIA is doing, that we've reported on for eleven plus years, that's bad.
That's right, let's be clear.
We're the people that originally broke it first, you and I and our NSA sources, exactly as we said, the schematics, the hubs, secret documents, with no pearl of surprise.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We're banned specifically for exposing admitted programs in Vault 7 and Gizmodo celebrates it.
And I think what's happening, Alex, is, you know, the left on social media has had it their own way for so long, since the birth of Twitter, since the birth of Facebook.
You look at Twitter now and there's a real war going on.
These leftists don't seem to realise, or some of them are actually beginning to realise, that, you know, virtue signalling to your echo chamber on Twitter, and being all smug and laughing at those right, silly right wingers on Twitter,
That's no longer going to win the culture war.
We're kicking their butt on YouTube.
They attacked him, they attacked his free speech.
He got completely red-pilled.
He actually liked a bunch of my videos, so he knows what's going on.
54 million subscribers.
They cannot compete with somebody who has 54 million subscribers, who gets millions, 5, 10, 15 million views per video.
Completely crushing mainstream media every single day.
And by the way, he's not even right-wing, he's just open and free, and they don't control him.
And just, if anybody knew about how Hollywood is, the evil, the corruption, the not wanting to pay anybody anything, wanting to keep people poor, wanting to shut down any competition.
Imagine the old Sumner Redstones, how pissed they are that Matt Drudge has more news views than Facebook and the New York Times and the Washington Post combined.
Number two on the internet, period.
And then imagine how pissed they are that we reach conservatively 45 million people a week.
Imagine how angry they are that PewDiePie reaches 15 billion people on one channel alone.
Derivatives, I looked it up, another 17 billion.
They just can't deal with us.
But nothing will ever stop it.
It's like whack-a-mole.
They could kill me, kill you, kill whatever.
Literally kill us.
And people don't want old corporate force-fed manure anymore.
It's over.
They've got a bunch of old people and low-income sad folks.
The demographics are clear.
I'm sad for them.
Mainstream news is where the losers go, Paul.
Yeah, I mean, PewDiePie made a whole video about how trust in mainstream media, especially amongst young people, is completely cratering.
You can look at the graph.
Yeah, you better believe that they're absolutely terrified.
Doesn't matter if he's left-wing, right-wing, whatever.
The fact that he's independent, that he's not controlled, since they silenced all his sponsors and killed his TV show over making Nazi jokes.
I guess we better ban Charlie Chaplin and John Cleese as well.
The sheer terror at somebody being independent, being able to think for themselves, and having such a massive audience strikes fear into the heart.
That's right, they couldn't, they can't stand.
They can't stand... There have been articles about Sumner Redstone, I know folks that know him, and have known him for decades, where there'd be all these child stars, where he was obsessed about having all the child stars under his control, so he could put political messages into them to control the youth.
And when somebody else would sign a child star, he would just reportedly wreck things, and break things, and scream, and overturn things, and go insane.
That's over wanting to control kids' music.
Can you imagine the Sumner Redstones in people?
And you know Viacom that's financing this Homeland Show about me with all these lies.
Can you imagine how pissed they are?
That, oh yeah, PewDiePie's got, you know, 30 million young people a day watching.
We have tens of millions of the military and intelligence agencies and the hardcore governments.
That's why InfoWars is so key because I have the people that actually run everything listening, but not the evil on the top.
Hi, this
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
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It's a win-win.
Again, we don't want to sit here and talk about ourselves as if we're the news.
So many other talk shows try to do that, to make themselves the news.
Infowars is the news.
Infowars.com, DrudgeReport.com, to a lesser extent Breitbart.com, are the tip of the spear, and they want to take us down.
And if they can take us down, they can take you down.
Paul, I'm ranting here, cutting in on you.
I appreciate you coming on.
I know you're busy, but Drudge is more and more right when he came here over a year ago and he said, listen,
We've got to stop using these electronic gulags, these electronic ghettos, as he called them, because that's how they control you.
And first, go to Nazi Germany.
First, people the Nazis were targeting couldn't, it was Jews, many other groups, couldn't have their businesses in the nice area.
Then they shut down the businesses in the poor area.
Then they put them into ghettos.
Then they round them up.
They start cutting off speech.
They start cutting us off Google, letting us advertise.
Just milquetoast stuff we're selling.
They're trying to shut us down right now.
They admit it.
So much of this started after the New York Times came out a month ago and admitted that we are bigger than the New York Times.
And that's just a fact.
But Drudge is way bigger than us.
So that's the thing.
We're bigger.
We're the new media.
And then they're the establishment media with the elite shutting us off.
That's sensationally corrupt.
And we shouldn't just accept it.
I shouldn't accept it.
The listeners shouldn't accept it.
Paul, let me ask you this in this segment and the next, and I appreciate your time, and our guests are coming in.
I get that you dominate Twitter.
More impressions of the BBC has total.
That was in the news.
You're the king of that now.
They're just going to kick you off of it soon.
So we need to get everybody from those platforms to InfoWars, and I need you, as I've been telling you for months, you're a smart guy.
Remember, I begged you to get on air, begged you to use Twitter, begged you to do everything, because you're smarter than I am.
We need you to tell everybody on these platforms, hey, I'm being kicked off.
Start your own email chain letter, you know, where you can get people that want to hear from you daily, because it's getting to the point where we have to interface directly with them, like Drudge does with DrudgeReport.com, like we did with InfoWars.
But we have to just do it, Paul.
We have to get folks in the Exodus now to really just start coming to us, because they're going to kick us off, Paul.
No, precisely.
And now, even though this fake news narrative failed in the eyes of the American people, if you look at the polls, even BuzzFeed is now admitting that there's an audience on the left that seems willing to believe virtually any claim that could damage Trump, and there are fake documents circulating about another made-up scandal.
But Harvard University, nobody seems to have picked up on this much, about five days ago came out with a huge list of fake and misleading news websites, which is what they're going to use to censor us on social media,
Every single major conservative website is on that list.
So they're making blacklists.
They're trying to put that into place so Facebook can use that as a reference.
Yeah, they use that as their cover.
Oh, Harvard, where Zuckerberg comes from and everybody.
It says ban InfoWars.
It says ban Drudge.
Yeah, but they're working with the non-partial, independent organisation Snopes, which is a completely biased, far-left outfit who actually made up quotes out of thin air when they tried to refute one of my videos about six months ago.
Openly biased, far-left organisation.
Every single one they're working with for this fake news thought policing is biased, is far-left.
It's a blatant attempt to censor Conservative, Libertarian...
Let me raise this to you.
Where does it go?
They're failing.
The public's rejecting them, but they're the establishment.
They're moving forward.
They're the elite shutting us down.
So where does this go?
They're going to lose their power eventually.
Most of them still live in an echo chamber, Alex.
They think if they get a couple of hundred retweets making a smug joke about super male vitality and guffawing about it amongst their friends on Twitter, that that means they're winning.
Meanwhile, you know, I'm getting 1.5 million views on YouTube for a video about Trump's Muslim ban.
Some of the ones that go on Facebook get 17 million.
And that's why they're shutting us down, because we're winning the argument.
They can't compete on a level playing field.
They always turn to censorship.
And they prove they're the establishment.
And they prove they're the establishment.
By banning us!
And they've got, and still they've got big parts of the government on their side.
Let's come back in and talk about what you see happening in the future and how our listeners and activists out there, part of the human resistance to this globalist system, how we win.
We've got our big guest coming in studio.
Stay with us.
You are listening to GCN.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Coming to you from the former United States of America, from deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Sorry, working on developing news stories here.
Paul, I've been running over you.
I appreciate you coming on.
We just gotta get you to your own show really for an hour.
That's the answer, I feel it.
Everybody wants you, they need you, Paul.
We do it right here on this platform, InfoWars.com forward slash show, so they can't censor it as easily.
What else do we do?
Where is this going?
It shows we're winning.
We really are.
With the Communist Chinese in the news saying, we'll help the liberals block America.
I mean, this has become comical if it wasn't so serious.
Well, it's important to stress that we are winning.
We're winning the argument.
That's why they have to resort to this censorship.
If we were losing, they wouldn't have to do this.
I think we win with comedy.
Comedy completely disarms them.
You were talking about it earlier, just laughing at the complete, total embarrassment that this Rachel Maddow thing was.
And by the way, I've got a video coming up about that in a couple of hours.
So you use comedy.
You use what they call in the meme world, weaponized autism, which is basically just being completely obsessed.
Because if you look at mainstream journalists, Alex, you know, they sit back in their smug ivory towers, they write one article a week, and they think that they're super important and that they're having a massive impact.
They're not having a massive impact, they're being completely overwhelmed.
Why do you think BBC and New York Times keep putting out ads
Begging to hire people who can write quite, quote, quick articles to respond quickly to developing news events because they don't have anyone who can do that.
They have the losers!
They have the control freaks!
They're really lazy, Alex.
They've got no skill.
None of them can edit videos.
Most of them can't even talk into a camera.
They write one article a week, sit back, virtue signal on Twitter, and think that that's going to win them the debate, that that's going to win the culture war.
It's not.
They're getting their butts kicked and now they're finally starting to panic about it.
So they are the very definition of posers, of fakes, of fops, and they're trying to destroy the real thing, the vitality.
That's why the left tries to destroy success and vitality, because they're losers and they hate success.
Yeah, I mean, you look at Daily Beast.
They're big major writers on DailyBeast.com.
They write one article a week.
Usually it's about a tweet that I send.
There was some ridiculous tweet war with Richard Spencer.
It was just a bit of fun the other day.
They wrote a whole article about it.
And that's what they'll do for an entire week.
They can't edit videos.
They don't know about memes.
They don't know about anything.
You know, I could put out one meme on your Facebook page and it would reach more people than their entire output in a week or two weeks.
That's how pathetic they are.
Yes, yes, Paul.
Please, please do a show every day.
Paul, that's what I'm telling you.
Now just admit, I made you get on air, didn't I?
I made you, now look how good, see?
Admit that I, admit that Emperor Palpatine has done well.
No, I mean, we're completely crushing them, Alex.
They're lazy, they're talentless, they're hacks.
They just tweet amongst themselves in an echo chamber and think they're smart.
Yeah, they're stuck in junior high where you just run around and act cool to your friends when there's nothing to do.
And when I was in junior high, I was hanging out with like, you know, old crazy guys driving around the lake catching alligator gar and drinking whiskey in junior high.
That's what I was doing.
And then meanwhile, they were back in junior high acting tough and stuff.
I mean, I just don't get these people.
They're total fake insane asylum nut balls.
And the fact is that their heart is not in it, Alex.
They're not really that interested in this kind of stuff, because you can tell, they're not obsessed by it.
They're not pumping out content continuously.
They're sitting back and being lazy.
They're so lazy, you can just laugh at them.
It's hilarious.
Do what must be done, Lord Watson.
Show no mercy.
Give me an Emperor Palpatine imitation.
I'll leave that to you, Alex.
No, you do it better than I do!
This will be a day long remember.
Whatever you want.
You have done well, Lord Vader.
Well done, Lord Vader!
I love it!
We're winning!
We'll be back!
Well, it looks like even the establishment mainstream media has to admit that Rachel Maddow's Trump tax scandal is a big nothing burger.
If all we get tonight is that Donald Trump paid 38 million dollars to America's government, that's a good night for Donald Trump.
I'm sorry, there's just really no way, like I was hoping and praying that it would show not only did he pay no taxes, he actually charged some
Sorry to disappoint you, Van Jones, but what you liberals thought was going to be a huge Trump scandal ended up being a big boost to President Donald Trump's reputation as a successful, hard-working American and tax-paying businessman.
And now we know that Trump actually paid a high tax rate of roughly 25%.
Compare that to MSNBC's parent company, Comcast, which paid 24%, Barack Obama, 19%, and Bernie Sanders, who only paid 18%,
Let's go to Debit in Florida.
Debit in Florida, you're on the air.
Hey, thank you so much.
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Give me liberty or give me death.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, somebody got Trump's tax returns and it turns out he paid a higher percentage than all the Democrats combined.
Turns out he's not dodging his taxes.
Blow up in their face.
That's up on DrudgeReport.com, Infowars.com, you name it.
So is our interview with Michael Savage.
That's up there.
Trump's war is battle for America.
And his battle is our battle.
Trump's got an A-plus rating for me, about a 95 right now.
I don't like him going along with his Paul Ryan health plan, but Obamacare is meant to destroy the economy.
So if they don't repeal that, it's going to really hurt the economy.
He has that big goal of prosperity that anything can be done down the road.
But other than that, Trump
I think so.
They're turning the heat up.
A day, most a month ago, the Communist Chinese came and they were in the news.
It said, Communist China to help bolster globalism and stop Trump.
And there were our leaders, corporate and governmental, going, yeah, Communist Chinese, dictators, help us defeat America.
I mean, it was just, I mean, in the old days, they'd all be arrested when they got home.
But they're the ones that claim Trump's this big Russian agent, obviously, with no proof.
They claim they have these wiretaps, and then they said, oh, we never had wiretaps, because there was no proof.
But they did wiretap.
Now they're trying to lie about that, so there's so much to talk about.
I have just been simply trying to get the American people to understand, a lot of you do understand better than I, that there's a political war going on, and this is one of the most important times in history we're now in.
And so I had the idea, like last week, with talking to Q and a few other friends, I said, you know, the veterans were so awake during Obama and were speaking out.
Now, they're still awake, but they're just kind of looking to Trump to do it.
Trump can't come and call for help.
He has to look strong, and he is strong, but he's totally surrounded.
And every day, different rappers, different rock stars, different movie stars call for his death.
Newspapers call for his death.
Newsweek calls for rioting.
They have edited tapes.
The Michael Brown case to cause more rioting.
I mean, this country really is in a fight for its life.
And so even if we're winning a little bit,
Better take this fight serious.
It's not like if you win the Super Bowl, you start trying to win the next one.
We haven't even won the Super Bowl yet, folks.
We're just finally turning the tide in the game, maybe three points ahead.
That's my view.
So the rest of the hour, we're joined by Craig Sawyer, who's a really interesting guy, obviously.
Can't tell you about most of his history because it's all classified.
Can't tell you what SEAL teams he was in, even though everybody knows.
And all the things he's done.
And he's one of the main hosts, obviously, on top shows on Discovery Channel and you name it.
And he's got a whole bunch of great websites and a lot of things he's obviously up to and into.
But I don't want to say anything wrong.
You don't like talking about yourself, but maybe I should just get you to give people your basic bio who don't know who you are.
You're kind of the Navy SEAL, Navy SEAL, one of the most famous
Well, my background, I started off in the Marine Corps and then went into the Navy SEAL teams and then did five years of federal law enforcement and
And then some high-threat contracting overseas protecting some of our government officials over there and then got into a counter poaching and now film and television work.
So kind of got a wide scope of professional experience and I just am not inclined to to sit back and allow
I don't know.
The agenda that he ran on, and he is doing that.
And I refuse to sit back and watch him be besieged from all sides by those who are lesser than, who have lesser effective views of what works.
And I think right now, as a veteran, whatever the consequences, I will not do anything but rally around my president and defend his back.
And I think we can all do that.
By having a much closer look and turning up the scrutiny upon those who are attacking him.
Why are they attacking him?
What is it that he's doing that's got them so upset?
He is increasing our national security.
He's working to reduce our tax burden, to increase the effectiveness of our economy.
He's doing positive things.
And so, I look at it and I say, look.
If you watch what's going on and you see the results, what the radical left are telling us doesn't match up with the facts.
It doesn't match up with the results, the actions.
We've been lulled into freaking out over words, Alex, as a society.
Oh, he said this, or someone's claimed that about him.
Well, what are the actual facts on the ground?
What is actually taking place?
What's the direction he's actually taking us?
And if that is not adding up... I don't want talk, I want results.
Yeah, actions speak louder than words.
They always have, they always will.
We have to...
Reset ourselves as a society and get back to looking at actions rather than just the words.
I hear what you're saying but I'm more importantly I'm gonna watch what you're doing and we need to reset for that.
And that's what's crazy is I thought Trump was for real and knew he was but now he's like...
Cutting the elites off, killing TPP, not letting these ultra-rich groups sell out Americans.
But he's also letting them make money as long as they do it fair.
And under his system, Goldman Sachs that gave 100% of their money to Hillary and tried to block him, their stock's up 30-something percent, they've made over $200 billion, and they're actually going.
Jamie Dimon went, maybe we should get behind Trump.
This is crazy.
Let everybody have wealth and the elites just get richer.
But these elites, they just want to control everything.
They write white papers admitting it.
They want us to be poor while they're rich.
That's not going to fly.
Well, if you listen to globalists like George Soros and what he says that he is about and what he wants and the kinds of subversive actions that he funds with his millions and even billions in some cases, then we've got to take it to heart.
We've got to take the man at his word.
What he's about is breaking down the effectiveness of the United States of America.
He tried to plunge the British pound and he's brought down more than 15 countries.
He admits he tries to bring countries down.
He's brought countries down that never recovered.
I mean, he's totally evil.
So I've listened to his interviews and I've listened to what he says and I take it to heart.
So I'm like, okay, why is anyone supporting this man?
Why is anyone taking money from him?
And why are we as a nation not paying attention and giving greater scrutiny to those people and go, wait a minute.
You're a subversive that's taking money to carry out an agenda of someone who's made himself our enemy.
He's against our Constitution.
He's against everything the United States seems to stand for.
So, I think we need to have a lot closer look at that and turn the tables.
I agree with you.
Just looking at how fantastical reality is versus fiction,
They've always said truth stranger than fiction.
To look at this epic battle, how good Trump is and how good his people on average are, really trying to be faithful and execute their job and the prosperity like a light switch just floods back in.
What made America great works so good.
He didn't invent this, he's bringing back an operating system that works, is successful, and then to watch all this scum
You go out to these demonstrations against Trump, I mean, you can't find anybody that looks normal, acts normal.
They're like mental patients.
And I don't say that with pleasure.
I'm freaked out by the way these people act and what's wrong with them.
But you had a lot of insight yesterday.
We were privately talking about this mindset about, I guess, misery loves company?
Well, you know, from growing up, my father was a devout pastor of a church, and he had a lot of people come to seek help and counseling from him.
Or what's going on?
And so just as a kid playing nearby in the room, I could hear all these.
So I've heard hundreds of these conversations with people of all walks of life, with all different kinds of problems, some of them with shattered lives.
And just horrible stories, and so many of them that are really twisted and bitter against that which is effective and wholesome.
Those that hate the family unit, that hate the institution of a loving mother and father that can raise wholesome, well-grounded children.
I've heard that they're all seeming like have been abused children of horrible things that I wouldn't wish on anybody, and it's heartbreaking for me to see the results of
The perversion and abuse of innocent little children and it just shatters their psyche and it causes them to just turn against everything that's effective and meaningful.
And that's where I see a lot of these depraved subversives are at mentally.
They just want to attack whatever is and whatever works because they're just angry at the world because of what happened to them.
And that's horrible.
I wish I could prevent that.
From happening to them, but we can't allow them to set the agenda for which direction the United States goes because in their minds, they're sick.
We talked about this for like an hour over lunch.
I really want to reach out to them like the prodigal son.
Not that I'm perfect in my life, but I want them to have success too.
I know they're wrong.
And you just see them in the squalor of failure, like celebrating being losers, and trying then to make us be losers with them.
It's like the crab pot, you know, you catch a bunch of crabs, put in a deal.
They don't attack other crabs, they try to get out.
For some reason, they don't want the other crab to get out.
As soon as a crab tries to climb out, they go after them.
And I just, is there any way to get through to these people?
Man, I don't know.
I just try to share the factual information with everybody that I can and say, hey, look, here's what's actually happening.
How do you feel about that?
Rather than just regurgitating what someone from a radical left news outlet is telling you.
You're regurgitating propaganda rather than looking at the facts on your own.
It's unfortunate.
People don't really know where they're getting their talking points and their agenda from.
They tell you something and I'm like, man, I can tell you which station you heard that from because I watch them all just to compare.
You know the flavor of the BS.
Yeah, yeah.
So when I question them on the facts, they can't answer the facts.
So they only can just regurgitate the talking points that they've been fed.
And that's unfortunate.
I want American citizens to be empowered.
The same reason we want our children empowered with knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
I would love to see all Americans really understanding what's happening rather than being led
Well, that's the classic thing.
These trendies with their iPhones in their cars.
You know, even the poorest of the trendies is living better than poor people in other nations.
And then they just hate America, but most of them have never been outside the country.
It's that classic deal.
If they had... We're gonna skip this break, sorry, I forgot to tell you guys.
If they had, then they wouldn't be shooting their mouth off like that.
It's just asinine.
Well, it's the people, Alex, that have traveled the most and have seen the most.
And how many countries have you been in?
I've been in 55 for me so far.
And some of those I've been to numerous times and spent years going back and forth and working for several different government agencies.
So I've met all kinds of folks and seen all kinds of different situations.
I've been everywhere, man.
Well, not everywhere, but I've learned enough to know that the... More places than Johnny Cash.
The false promise, the attraction of big government that's going to become your mommy and take care of everything really has turned horrifically nightmarish over the decades when that big socialist or communist model turns against its people.
Look at Venezuela right now.
Millions are trying to get out.
Two years ago they'd eaten all the zoo animals.
Now they've eaten all the pets, the cats, the dogs.
I mean, it is just total collapse right now.
It is, and you can look at that, the globe over, the world over, you can look at numerous cases where it's even turned into genocide.
We've got hundreds of millions of innocent families systematically lined up and murdered by their governments when their big government, whom they've given all their freedom and liberty to, eventually turn against them.
Take communist China, end of World War II, Mao Zedong gets in power.
In all of World War II, maybe 10 million Chinese died.
It was a big war with the Japanese.
He then, over the next 20 years, kills 84 million.
The Chinese admit this, it was on people.
Making farmers go into collective things.
Everybody starves to death.
They weren't resisting.
People say, oh, don't be anti-Asian.
I'm anti a guy that killed 84 million people.
Again, there's this disconnect.
And then trendies think Mao's cool.
They'll have mouth tattoos while they drive Mercedes.
They've been indoctrinated to regurgitate that.
They've been taught that in our educational institutions.
Our educational system, our entertainment industry, and our so-called news industries have all been weaponized against the United States with this anti-American rhetoric.
It's a horrific impact.
In its totality and we better wake up to it to a greater degree and rally around the one man who's who's dared to insert himself into the cesspool which is Washington DC and carry the American flag of freedom and liberty for all of us.
So I think those that have been demonizing him so far listening to you know Trump eats puppies or whatever kind of falsehoods are being pumped out there.
I have the
The unique benefit of knowing, having mutual friends with the Trump family.
And I know that he treats minorities and females better than his detractors, than his accusers actually do.
And so at some point I think we've got to start looking at the hypocrisy and the double standard and the disingenuous claims of his attackers and start looking at them and visiting greater scrutiny upon them because many of them are actual felons.
They belong in prison.
Nothing's been done about it yet.
So I think we can't allow them... I say the worst thing you can ever do
We're good to go.
They want to bully us criminally and run around and say murder, kill, do all this stuff and have Soros fund hundreds of millions with the Soros leaders showing up and literally saying things like, you know, it's time to kill more cops.
Everybody chants that.
That's organizing to go out and murder people.
If I got out on the street and said, let's go kill black people or white people, I should be arrested.
That's not free speech.
That's organizing a criminal conspiracy.
I mean, that's basically worse than murder one, premeditated murder.
It's the conspiracy to commit murder.
Go try that level of subversion in any other country and see how that works out for you.
Be behind bars in a matter of minutes.
And I think we need to return in the United States to a lawful, peaceful society.
We've had a lot of disruption over the last eight years, and longer even.
And it needs to come to a stop.
We need to reset on the peaceful,
Freedom and liberty existence that our founding fathers had set forth for us.
Which we know is a system work better than any other.
I'm just sick of hearing how bad we are as they try to change our system, then it wrecks it, and then everybody's trying to get in to get here and then bitch about it.
Craig Sawyer is our guest.
I can't go over his whole bio.
One of his latest shows is Battleground, Rhino Wars, we'll talk about that, and Top Shot, obviously all five seasons of that, and all the work he's done in different SEAL Team groups that we can't even get into or mention here, and the things he's done.
But expanding on this,
Can we tell the story about how you found out about the show?
12 years ago?
Well, I was overseas and a friend of mine who is a particularly experienced person in the intelligence community shared a note with me.
And he said, you know, Craig, you need to research some of this of what's going on.
Big picture stuff.
I've been all over the world.
I've been through several different campaigns and boots on the ground.
I understand what really happens and have met all these different people at all levels.
And you need to make yourself aware of what's happening and the website that he told me to research first was in fact your own.
And it was, I stayed up all night watching dozens and dozens of videos getting highly upset and after that deployment went home tried to tell my own family and my mother and father got it because I grew up
As a child, having people visit our home.
There were intellectuals from all over, all walks of life.
My father was a pastor.
They came there to visit him about that.
In fact, your dad was a pretty famous pastor in Texas in some of the groups he helped start.
I don't know about famous, but he was very devout and highly respected.
Early on, Olsteen's dad was her best friend.
Yeah, he was very good friends with John Osteen, and just a man that I hold at the very highest level of moral integrity.
So they got it?
They got it.
I was hearing, you know, intelligence agents and diplomats and Christian missionaries who were smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain back in the day talk about what was happening, the struggle for power and the globalization, the New World Order.
They refer to it as, and how the prosecution or the persecution of Christians... Yeah, go back to what you heard as a child, because I was interrupting.
I'm kind of repeating what you told me yesterday, the very same stuff, but new world order targeting Christians is coming.
Yeah, they're like, hey, there's going to come a day when as a Christian you are going to have to make a decision, ultimately to live or die, because the persecution against Christians is going to get that extreme at some point.
And we see it happening now, more and more.
Now they're taking the flag out of, you know, places.
They're taking the Bible out of places.
You know, you can't pray in schools.
And it's just, it's just a creeping... Oh yeah, in fact, just this week, basketball games, you know, the Muslims say they don't want to see American flags.
That's not allowed.
Three articles today, another school banned students from bringing American flag to a football game.
That's the Egan News.
We got a Facebook suspends user over American flag image.
Anti-Trump 9th Circuit upheld U.S.
flag ban in schools despite First Amendment.
I mean, we can't even have the flag now because of the globalists.
This is ridiculous.
How did we get to this point?
We got into it the same way you boil a frog.
A little bit at a time.
And that's been the strategy to do that.
So we must not stand for it at any point.
It's not a matter of being intolerant and letting other people have their way.
It's a matter of protecting what we have learned to be wholesome and good and effective.
And that is what our country's culture is based upon.
And our country's culture is what's under attack.
Being wholesome, being successful, being honorable, being strong, being true, all of that's under attack because you can't have an elite running a society like that.
An uninformed public who are disempowered, who cannot raise the financial capital to stand up against tyranny is...
Is desirable for a tyrant.
Sitting ducks.
They want us to be sitting ducks.
And we must not allow it.
And that's why they hate Donald Trump so much because Alex, he gets it, man.
He sees the struggle and he's looking to re-empower the American citizen as our founding fathers wanted.
You know, I was asking you earlier to give me some write-ups to plug some of the great things you're involved in.
Like, oh, don't worry about it.
But let's talk about your amazing website.
And let's talk about some of the other things you're involved in before we go to break.
We're going to come back and get into how we fight back, where you see this going.
We've launched a new email I'm going to give you for vets that want to post images saying you support Trump or videos or whatever events you want to have, whatever.
We want to magnify that, give support to that.
We'll talk about it after the break, give you that email.
But it's TrumpSupport at InfoWars.com.
Just like five years ago, Colonel Schaefer came out, others did.
He went and told Congress, hey, we're funding Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Obama's behind it, he's behind the Muslim Brotherhood.
All the documents came out later.
Benghazi was a weapons transfer on purpose, ordering people to stand down so they could get the weapons out.
The ambassador refused to be part of it.
That all later came out.
And now here we are, and we're seeing this happen.
So again, we'll talk about more after the break, but veterans, I'm not saying it's your job to do this.
You've already done so much for the country, but people listen to you.
And so before you held it over your face, because the commander in chief was obviously a globalist, an imposter, you said, hey,
You know, we shouldn't be Al Qaeda's army in Syria.
If you just now say, I support the president, or Trump's making America great again, I support him, or you know, Trump's an American, you know, the globalists, the traitors, they're trying to say he's this Russian agent pushing all this crap.
Yeah, because the Russians want to cut our taxes and secure our borders and help the vets.
It's totally made up.
Give me a break, folks.
The Russians aren't even involved in any of this.
You know, they say I'm a Russian agent.
Poppycock crap I've ever heard in my life.
So this is what the traders are doing.
We're going to come back, talk about your website, what you're doing, and more straight ahead.
But again, you've got several sites.
What's the best site to go to?
It's a great name.
Everybody visit that website during the break.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well it looks like even the establishment mainstream media has to admit that Rachel Maddow's Trump tax scandal is a big nothing burger.
If all we get tonight is that Donald Trump paid 38 million dollars to America's government, that's a good night for Donald Trump.
I'm sorry, there's just really no way, like I was hoping and praying that it would show not only did he pay no taxes, he actually charged some
Sorry to disappoint you, Van Jones, but what you liberals thought was going to be a huge Trump scandal ended up being a big boost to President Donald Trump's reputation as a successful, hard-working American and tax-paying businessman.
And now we know that Trump actually paid a high tax rate of roughly 25%.
Compare that to MSNBC's parent company, Comcast, which paid 24%, Barack Obama, 19%, and Bernie Sanders, who only paid 18%.
The average person's life is filled with unexpected challenges.
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Specifically designed to assist the body in regulating proper hormone balance to create superior vitality in males and females.
Supercharge and conquer your world at Infowarslife.com or call 1-888-253-3139.
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He's a conspiracy theorist.
Radio talk show host Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Jones is the wildly popular conspiracy theorist.
Radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Deeply I think racist.
I just got called racist by MSNBC.
I don't want that man to have a gun.
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearm!
The Alex Jones Show.
Watch the free stream live at inforz.com forward slash show.
We are transferring power from Washington D.C.
and giving it back to you, the people.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
This is the heart of 1776.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
Huge nationwide protests erupted once again on President Donald Trump's second weekend in office.
We are coming to my house!
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
And most importantly, we will be protected by God.
From the front lines of the Infowar, it's Alex Jones.
You found a trap!
You found a trap!
Oh my goodness, poor white people, please stop.
And we are back live, and let me tell you, this place is a war room.
So much is developing, so much is happening, so much is unfolding right now.
In studio, we have Craig Sawyer with us, a highly decorated Navy SEAL, who's also, of course, worked in a lot of other agencies and groups.
We can't even get into what SEAL team you're with, and I understand none of that was ever supposed to come out.
People aren't supposed to, quote, pimp the Trident and the rest of it.
But why particularly with certain groups are people not even supposed to talk about what group they were in even if it's known?
Well generally it's operational security.
We don't want our brothers who continue to operate to have any of what they're doing be compromised to the public and to our enemies.
So that's really what it's all about.
So Trump's absolutely right when he goes, no I'm not going to tell you where we're going next or who we're going to attack next.
I mean the media
I remember when I was even a teenager wondering, why are they saying in the Gulf War what they're about to hit and what they're about to strike?
I mean, I get they had superiority over Saddam, but just growing up reading about war and stuff, I knew, I mean, they spent weeks figuring out the right day for D-Day and only the top one or two generals knew until the hour they launched it.
Yeah, yeah, true.
I mean, because they knew they had spies inside there.
If anybody else knew, the Germans would be there.
It's a simple concept, you know, don't give your enemy your playbook.
Do you believe D-Day wasn't known until one hour?
They had to be ready for weeks.
And we need to get back to that.
I think we are.
That's a good thing.
Expanding on that then.
What do you make of... Well, you've got a lot of notes, a lot of points there.
I've got a lot of questions and things I want to get into.
You were mentioning the death of MSM and Rachel Maddow with this ridiculous tax return, building it up for hours, and then it just shows Trump paid these huge taxes, and the Democrats weren't paying their taxes, and now she's disgraced, and even the left is all turning on her, eating their own.
I think this is a watershed moment, because even online, we see the left turning on each other, and a mass exodus where they're giving up.
That's why they're hitting us with so much censorship now.
I'll tell you we're winning when we're not.
Everybody knows that.
I was telling you 10 years ago we were getting our ass kicked.
I was telling you a year ago Trump was going to win.
But I'm telling you, we are winning.
But I don't want to be too arrogant because we're still in the fight of our lives.
Yeah, well, you know, it's interesting to watch these talking heads double down on what has been disproven.
So that lets me know that they're not just misinformed, they're complicit.
They're dirty, they're taking payoffs to say whatever they are, because it's not true.
It's been demonstrated that's not true.
So we already know the deal with the Russians.
I know I've got people inside the federal law enforcement and intelligence community, and we know that the...
The whole thing with the Russians is really being projected from the left.
The left actually are tied in with the Russians, and they're saying that... Oh, they've always been.
The whole history of... Kennedy went, Senator Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, and went and tried to get all this money to sell out to the U.S.
By the way, let me interrupt you.
Roger Stone, who they did poison with polonium, I've seen the reports, but the Secret Service asked him not to publish them.
They've been death-threatening him.
They're trying to blame him for the Russian stuff.
They want to have hearings where he's then blamed in absentia, and that's why he's had security.
Clearly a T-bone, hit and run, classic CIA kill style.
They almost killed him.
He's in an ambulance right now.
Guys, try to get Stone on.
He's ready to get on.
They hit him bad today.
Out of the blue, boom, neighborhood just T-boned him, rammed it, and then ran off with a big truck.
So what's that?
I mean, they're really trying to kill Roger.
This is not a joke, folks.
This is what we're dealing with here.
Yeah, it's, you know, as a federal criminal investigator, it's hard to know without... Yeah, I mean, it might have been, but he wasn't with polonium.
I mean, who else would have that, you know?
They told him they're coming to kill him.
See, they want to say he's a Russian agent.
It's funny you just raised that while I'm reading this.
They want to say he's a Russian agent, but then kill him and then have the hearings.
So they don't want to have the hearings until he's dead.
Yeah, yeah.
Not a good sign.
He's been told that.
He's been told, we're going to kill you.
He's not grandstanding.
This guy's been big in the media for 40 years.
Look, this is real.
Alex, that swamp does not want to be drained.
They're desperate right now to hide how far out on a limb they've put themselves against our people, against our country.
That's why they're so dangerous.
That's why they're cornered.
Guys, call Roger's cell, see if he can pop in right now.
He's on the way to the hospital.
You're talking to him now, see if you can put him on.
I was just going off the text messages.
I mean, the craziness.
Let me tell you, everything Roger's told me, that's why they always say he's a big liar.
Everything he's told me has been accurate.
He's, like, super accurate.
That's why they hate his guts.
And they know that, you know, Trump talks to him and, you know...
Yeah, track record of your source has to count more than anything else.
Well, you're right.
I mean, it could be an accident that he just got hit and run t-boned.
But that's a classic way to kill folks.
Yeah, well, there are a lot of ways to do it.
But yeah, in time, hopefully the facts will paint a clear enough picture to where we'll know for sure.
Now, you wouldn't know anything about killing people.
I misunderstood, Alex.
I'm a lover.
No, but you're out there protecting folks.
I am.
Well, that's what I feel in my heart I'm supposed to do.
You know, I'm not afraid of bad guys.
I'm not afraid of crooks.
I'm not afraid of terrorists.
I'm not afraid of corruption.
I'm not afraid of poachers.
So I go out there and I try to defend the American people.
By the way, when I say you're like a caveman, that's not negative.
They know now from the bones that came in, we're twice as strong at bigger brains.
Our ancestors were a lot stronger, a lot smarter.
They built this whole world, defeated the climate, the beast, the ice ages, everything.
And then now we're just living off what they built.
So when I say you're like Fred Flintstone, you know, in a good way, I want to be like a caveman.
And if anybody tells you, you kind of look like Chuck Norris.
It's not going to stop, is it, Alex?
The caveman.
You sound like my older brother now that used to torment me growing up.
He said you were like a caveman?
Yeah, yeah.
Among other things.
I didn't mean that mean.
I know you didn't.
I got a big Neanderthal head too.
That's good, man.
Aren't you glad you're not a wimp?
Well, you know, I tell you what, having overcome fear in several aspects of my life has really empowered me and I've learned that.
Even in training later, training my own children to climb, to swim, to ride their bicycle, thing that all parents kind of do, I've learned that I had one kid that trusted me and put her fear aside and I could teach her to do anything within minutes.
And the other child was really
Dependent upon his own ability.
And hey, boy, Papa's got you really didn't mean anything to him because he was counting on having it all safe and wired himself.
And so it took him more than 10 times as long to learn to ride his bike and other things than she did because he was he was fearful.
That's what I've learned.
Girls are easier to train.
Well, it's in a good way.
Not like they're more confident.
A lot of times they are.
They're intelligent and so forth.
But for me, it all comes back to fear.
The best shooter you know is a woman.
Well, yeah.
Yeah, Noma Zinsmaster is the best long-range shooter I think I've ever witnessed in person.
She's fantastic.
But anyway, it all comes back to the fear.
When you can overcome the fear, that's the most crippling barrier for accomplishing anything in your life, is fear.
So when we can overcome that, man, there's a lot more performance and success that can be gained at anything.
Do we have any word on Roger, guys?
We'll keep you a little bit in the next hour and I'm going to tape something for the Nightly News.
Obviously you don't care about the fear.
You've gone through the fear and it's made you stronger.
For me, I have fear of failure and fear of scum dominating me.
Like I don't want to dominate other people that are more successful than me.
I don't hate other people that are doing well.
I admire it as long as it isn't at somebody else's expense.
But then when somebody is a scammer and the idea of somebody weaker than me
Getting other people under their control absolutely drives me crazy.
And without me even talking about that, you were bringing up the fact that it's actually weak people that try to set up evil systems.
And that's true.
I mean, these globalists are the biggest cowards in the world.
That's what I've learned.
And I'll say this to kiss the military's ass, but especially people that have really been in a lot of harm's way and veterans.
They hate the innate confidence.
They hate the fact that you, you know, have empowered them for their agenda in some cases.
So they admire you, but also hate you at the same time.
And that's why they treat the veterans so bad.
It's why they do this, because they innately cannot stand honorable, strong people.
Like, you get around special operations folks who have seen a lot of combat.
Confident, happy, fun, get the job done, great people, smart.
The best people out there.
I'm not just saying that because you're in this.
It's true that no wonder Trump loves veterans and special forces people.
He's been around them a lot and he's found whether it's corporate executives that are honorable or special forces types,
Those are the best people he's found that are go-getters, that are confident, that aren't cowards, that are involved and want to build things for everybody and see everybody as a team.
Because we're individuals, but we also have a collective understanding and have a thrill off of other people's success.
The globalists are missing that.
They're smart, but they're twisted.
Tyrants and predators prey upon the fearful.
And if we unite,
As a group of veterans, as a country, as a population against the tyrants, against the subversives that are attacking our president right now, we can disempower them and regain control of our country in a larger way.
I think really we all need to unite.
Together we are what we can't be alone.
A nation.
And only our enemies want us divided.
So if I see any so-called leader causing division, I've got a real problem with that.
I question that motive.
And what is President Trump saying?
He's saying let's come together all Americans.
Let's assimilate.
Let's all enjoy the freedom, liberty and prosperity together as Americans.
Deep down, isn't that what we want?
I mean, that's what Trump's promoting is unity.
They call it division.
Well, the only reason people could have a problem with it is because they're hearing that he eats puppies or that he, you know, mashes kitten's paws or whatever the crazy stuff is being peddled from the left daily.
But now I think increasingly Americans are starting to see, wait a minute, what they're saying is not true.
We're actually seeing factually laid out that what is coming out of MSNBC and other outlets is just completely false in so many cases.
So why are they keep
Why do they keep pushing this, which leads me into another point, Alex, that I want to make.
We need to understand, as Americans, where we're getting our information.
Who is peddling our talking points and our thoughts?
Ultimately, and correct me if I'm wrong, all of the major news outlets in the United States are ultimately owned by only six entities.
It was six, it's like four now.
And I challenge people to look at those... And the Chinese communists are buying those.
Those four entities and what are their outlooks?
What are their... Well, six studios and four news groups.
Well, you could say five, but you're... Yeah, exactly.
So what are they doing?
What are their views about the United States?
What do they want?
They admit that.
They want to get rid of it.
Do they love the United States and want us empowered and free?
Or do they want to subjugate us?
Do they want to gain dominance over us?
So I think we've really got to peel the blinders off America to look at who's feeding us our information and go, wait a minute, what are their motives?
Why are they saying these things that aren't true?
And why are so many people buying it and just taking it wholesale and regurgitating it to all their friends?
And I'm not going to cut into your time.
We're doing five minutes to the next hour.
They're going to tape for the nightly news tonight.
Again, what's the best website, Craig, for folks to visit?
And we're going to give out the email address.
The photos are starting to flood in.
We're going to post them to Infowars.com of veterans and active duty.
Active duty can do this, too, now.
With your face, say, I support my commander in chief.
And this has a big, powerful thing, because they're trying to alert the military and Congress and the CIA, say he's a Russian agent, with zero evidence.
Now, Roger Stone,
He's there.
I was talking to him earlier in text messages, getting an ambulance or going to the hospital.
Just had a hit and run.
He got hit with polonium.
They said, oh, we're going to call him to Congress.
They got hit with polonium and they dropped the congressional hearing.
They're still trying to say he's a Russian agent with no evidence.
It's just an amazing time.
So, Roger, thanks for popping in with us.
Wow, you've been through a lot here.
What just happened?
Well, about an hour ago, I was driving on my way to a speech in Orlando later this afternoon, and my car was T-boned by a car coming out of nowhere.
The windshield so darkly tinted, you could not see who was inside the car.
It was stunning.
The airbags went off.
They came in at the passenger door where I was seated.
Uh, and then the driver threw it in reverse, uh, even though he had sustained some damage, uh, and took off.
Uh, there either were no plates or they were not identifiable, although, frankly, the whole matter was... I can see your face on the jaws, Bruce, by the airbags.
You were saying you're having to go to the hospital.
Uh, clearly we talked about they need to kill you before they have the hearings, because you're supposedly the master Russian agent.
Another saying you were in touch with Guccifer.
You got a public account trying to get him to come on air.
No one's hiding that.
We wanted the WikiLeaks show.
Roger, what do you think this is?
Well, look, I think I've been poisoned.
I've been smeared.
If you, you know, I am responding and pointing out the problems with the headline, Trump associate was in touch with a Russian hacker.
That's a false narrative.
But I notice on Facebook and Google and Twitter, my retweets are down substantially when I defend myself with the facts.
The fact that my contact
Excuse me, was after the hacking demonstrates that I could not have colluded.
We were trying to get Guccifer 2.0 on and WikiLeaks.
The media does that too.
They just think the public's dumb.
They said in the New York Times that they were surveilling Trump with wiretaps on January 20th.
We did a whole show on it.
We talked about it.
And then now they're saying that never happened.
We showed it.
It's insane.
There were no wiretaps at the present.
He's crazy.
The problem here is much larger, Alex, and that's because The Smoking Gun, who made these fraudulent allegations, if you read their entire story, which is a smear piece, and several other stories published the same day from other lefty fake news sites, all contain information
That could only have been gleaned if I were under surveillance.
Only if someone had access... Wait, wait, wait.
They admit you were under the FISA court.
That's been in the New York Times, too.
Well, if that's true, then leaking that information to the smoking gun is a felony.
Punishable by 10 years in jail.
Sure, but no one's being surveilled.
Our phone calls to Trump and all of it have admittedly been recorded.
And they admit, oh, FISA court did thing on you, but nobody's under surveillance.
It's crazy, Roger.
Well, and they continue to deny that Trump was under surveillance.
Let me say this, Alex.
Trump has been under surveillance since the Bush presidency.
He was under surveillance both in New York and Palm Beach.
I have reason to believe at some point that surveillance ended, but was turned back on by the Obama administration.
I know they're denying all of this, but Nixon denied Watergate for over a year and got away with it.
Well, Napolitano says he has four sources, and this is coming out from Judicial Watch as well, that they were using the British, which they always do.
They use the foreign intelligence to spy on people domestically, vice versa, to get around those laws.
Yeah, precisely.
So this is all going to come out.
And the worst part for them is their rationale for spying on Trump, i.e.
he was in touch with the Russians through his agents, is proving to be false at the exact time that their surveillance of the president has been exposed.
That's why the deep state is trying to take me out.
They've poisoned me.
They have smeared me.
And now somebody in a car tried to kill me.
Roger, I'm going to tell you, you better start watching your butt because, I mean, like you said, they announce all these hearings when you didn't die.
They announce hearings, you get poisoned, you don't die, they should've drank the whole drink or whatever, we don't know what happened, and now they want you gone so they can kill the straw man in a congressional committee.
Is it coincidental that only in the last 48 hours, John McCain called for Senate hearings and specifically... Huge!
In fact, guys, I told you guys, John McCain calls for Senate hearings on Roger Stone.
That's been all over the news.
I wanted to play that clip the other day.
Yeah, he calls you out and this happens.
And he says specifically, I should be questioned about my ties to the Russians and to Yukon of it.
Alex, why is he making these kind of baseless, reckless charges?
I have no ties to the Russians or Yukon of it.
So I have to ask myself, does Senator McCain have left
No sense of decency?
With these completely phony, made-up, witch-hunt charges?
Let me see if Craig Sawyer, again, top retired Navy SEAL, combat expert, researcher, you name it.
Do you have any statements or anything for Roger before we let him go?
No, I wish some of this didn't sound so familiar, though.
It's sad to see.
Roger, you better watch out.
They do not want you in those hearings.
They want to have those hearings.
They want you dead, man.
If I was you, I'd stop running around all these events you're at.
I'd start driving an armored car.
You know what?
I'm not giving up this country without a fight.
And I'm not going to be silenced.
I'm not going to be censored.
And I'm not going to be intimidated.
This is why I love InfoWars.
You can come here and tell the truth.
No, I agree.
But digitally, you can reach more people than running around all these events.
All I'm telling you is, you need to demand the hearing.
I would tweet.
I demand the hearings before they kill me.
I've been poisoned.
I've been hit by a car.
Nobody's got polonium.
I mean, I think we need to get you in front of Congress right now.
They're scared of that.
Roger, let's get to the hospital, get taken care of, and we'll talk to you soon.
My people insist that I go in for it, to be checked out.
I feel fine, Alex.
I was very lucky.
I think the airbags saved me.
The local police took an hour to show up and take their report.
Uh, but that's South Florida.
Maybe this was an accident, but the polonium's not.
Go ahead, jump in.
It seemed like an accident to me.
I do have one thing.
I believe President Trump can and should assert himself very forcefully upon our intelligence community and re-establish his commander's intent for the course of the United States of America and put a stop to this subversive
Absolutely, because look, there's no doubt that every day, newspapers, rap stars, rock stars, movie stars, everywhere say, kill Trump, kill Trump.
Trump had to respond and say, why is Supe saying kill me?
If this was Obama, he'd be arrested.
Well, the President has the power to say, you know, do something about this.
And I'm not looking for some war with these people.
We're beating them intellectually.
But at a certain point, we just can't let them sit there and call for our murder constantly.
Roger, get checked out.
Go ahead.
My final point is very clear.
The President can do two things immediately, and I hope he will.
First of all, release all government documents having to do with the surveillance of those who are allegedly in touch with Russians, or any surveillance pertaining to Donald Trump.
Release it all.
Number one.
Number two, the Attorney General should impanel a grand jury.
If not he, then a special prosecutor.
That's fine with me.
And sure, I would be happy to testify, and you can examine the so-called Russian collusion.
But you must also call
John Brennan, James Clapper, Ash Carter, Loretta Lynch, and perhaps even... You all leaked it.
Let me ask you this.
Why does the MSM, because the internal WikiLeaks came out, they talked about you and I, and they said we've stopped the MVP in the same email attacking you.
I'm kind of a little bit jealous that they called you the MVP and not me, but it's talking about us on the show.
Why are you the MVP?
I mean, this is the Democrat Party run.
David Brock, we've gotten the MVP band off the nose.
Perhaps they realize that I am the ultimate Trump loyalist.
I love Donald Trump.
I have deep affection for him and his family.
And I've always thought he had the leadership qualities and the skill.
You're the one that introduced him to Nixon.
You're the one that launched it.
You don't want to take credit, just take credit.
No, I'm not going to take credit, but I'd like to hope that I have been a great assistance and perhaps that's why I am targeted.
Also, Alex, look at my work.
I exposed the CIA in my book on the Kennedy assassination.
I exposed them again in their real role in Watergate.
I exposed them involved with the Clintons running drugs through Arkansas.
I exposed them in my book on Benghazi.
I exposed them in this book in terms of the whole Russia thing.
That's the criminal elements of the CIA.
Yes, I am a consistent critic of the deep state.
That's why I think I am targeted.
All right, we'll talk to you soon.
Glad you survived this.
Thank you.
We're going to do five minutes next hour so we have more time.
Looking at this though, and you've got a lot of other points, we kind of digress into all this with Roger Stone, but it's still important.
You can't say, oh look, they claim they tried to kill him.
He's been hit with polonium.
And they're all over the news saying kill us.
So anything that happens to us now, those that have said kill us are suspects.
Well, with someone like Roger, I think one way to do it is to put people around him and roll up whoever moves in to try to... He's gotta be followed by professionals.
Low key.
So that guy that hit him would then be chased down and we'd catch him?
And we've got that fish and figure out what makes him tick, who sent him and all the other that comes with it.
We need to start doing that.
Not just him but a lot of people.
Well you talked about this yesterday.
They're saying kill us, they're saying attack us when all we're trying to do is turn America back on and just be good people.
They're moved in two miles away.
They're saying they're going to overthrow the president.
Holder says he's coming.
Obama's coming like he's messianic.
The globalists of the Chinese and Soros have doubled the amount of riot funding, you know, to the black nationalist groups.
Then as a former Navy SEAL and all sorts of clandestine operations, you name it, I mean, at your gut level, what should the president do?
He's the president.
Well, we call it commander's intent in the military, and the commander-in-chief is our commander as a nation, and he needs to insert himself, in my opinion.
Now again, I don't represent the Navy SEAL teams, I speak on my own.
I want to make that clear, because if I say something goofy, I don't want my brother to be disappointed.
We need to rally around the president.
We need to identify those who are attacking him.
And we need to visit greater scrutiny upon them, including starting investigations and rounding them up, making prosecutions where appropriate.
And so many of them are already felons.
They're fugitives right now because they have not been convicted.
And that needs to start happening.
Those who are crooked, who are attacking our lawfully elected president, who is acting in good faith to carry out the agenda that we elected him
He's doing our will!
When Newsweek says, a case for rioting, go out and shoot cops, burn things, in an article, you grab the editor, you grab the reporting, you get them and you interrogate them.
Who told you to write that?
That's not free speech saying go out and kill people.
I mean, we're not the ones looking for trouble here.
They're the ones trying to have a physical war.
We're trying to stop them.
Because like you said, we keep letting this go.
It doesn't matter we're politically winning.
It doesn't matter we're turning the country back on.
They're creating an army of people to do this.
Well, as a federal criminal investigator, if you're investigating a drug ring, you catch the little fish, you get information for them, you climb that network, and you get a little bit bigger fish and bigger fish.
We need to do the same thing with these subversives who are attacking our country right now by going after our president.
Greg Sawyer is our guest.
When we come back, we're putting the call out not just to veterans or active duty, but to citizens as well.
What are we going to do to support Trump?
Because you claim you want to take America back.
You want to battle for the Republic.
This is it.
The war is happening now.
Back in 70 seconds.
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Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, he started out in the Marines and killed until SEAL Team 1.
Then he went to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group and a lot of other places after that.
Craig Sawyer is our guest.
He doesn't want to plug his stuff, but I want to plug patrons like him that are out there taking action.
Talk about Twitter, Facebook, you name it.
More and more restricting his whole program to end poaching in Africa that's been so successful.
Just in the last five minutes, just a few other points on that.
And where do you see this going?
And also tell us about these awesome sandals.
Well, you know, again, it's all about rallying around our president and defending him so he can carry out our will as a nation.
So that's a good thing.
These are good times.
And there's no reason why every American shouldn't be jumping up and down and shouting right now in celebration that we've got a guy that represents us in there.
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This is awesome.
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The other website?
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They made these at Kevlar and they warranty them for a long time.
They give a piece to Operation Hawkeye that helps the families of our fallen warriors.
And tell folks how they get them again?
Great stuff.
Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, or just go online and Google, Saw Man Signature Series Sandals from Kobe and you'll pop them up.
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Thank you for my pair.
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Helping with, you know, this steers energy and attention back to our country.
That's it.
They're scared we create our own economy and vote with our dollars to support those that are supporting everybody else and folks that want to have prosperity and a future and love God and country and family and everything else.
Again, I'm going to give you the email address, folks, if you're veterans, but also just citizens, where you can support the president.
Send in photos, send in articles, send in things you've done, videos, whatever it is, get involved, get heard.
Call into C-SPAN if you're a veteran or just a citizen.
Put that on YouTube or send us a clip, we'll put it up.
TrumpSupport at InfoWars.com, TrumpSupport, InfoWars.com, and send those photos to get this ball rolling so other veterans see it and take action.
In the two and a half minutes we have left, Craig Sawyer,
Other messages to the President, who's obviously not a military guy, but is under attack and doing all this.
What else would you say to the President?
I would say to the President that we are behind you.
Everybody that I know that has served, served to defend the freedom and liberty of the people of the United States.
And we appreciate a President who is pro-military, who is pro-freedom and liberty, who is pro-American economy and security and everything else.
So I would have the President be encouraged
And inspired by so many who are rallying around him to defend his back against all comers there in the cesspool of Washington, D.C.
And again, it's not that we are the best or even perfect.
We're not out to get people.
The globalists admit in their own documents, in Wikileaks, they want to make us cold, dark, alone, desperate.
Those are quotes.
And they sound like villains in these emails, like, oh, we'll make them really poor.
I mean, it's like, who the hell are these people?
Then you ask, who the hell are we letting them get to this point?
Yeah, well a lot of them come to find out are pedophiles.
I'm starting to hear from insiders that a lot of these globalists, very powerful, but they've been allowed to grow very, very perverse and strange in their uber, you know, lifestyles.
And they do some pretty ugly, I would say demonic stuff to children.
And again, that's sources you have high level.
Yes sir, yes sir.
Yeah, well, I'm inclined to highlight it a little bit.
I'd leave my source to be the one to carry it forward, and you know who he is.
But it's an important aspect of who these people are.
They're not, they don't seem to subscribe to the win-win mentality.
They want to dominate.
They can hurt something new and young and ruin its life, or even kill them, it's better.
They don't seem to... How about them?
Yeah, so their quest for power, they want to dominate the United States, but they don't want to empower the American citizen, have us prosperous and... Craig, Craig, I got another guest coming on.
I'm going to do two more minutes on the other side.
This is important.
Well, it looks like even the establishment mainstream media has to admit that Rachel Maddow's Trump tax scandal is a big nothing burger.
If all we get tonight is that Donald Trump paid $38 million to America's government, that's a good night for Donald Trump.
I'm sorry!
There's just really no way.
Like, I was hoping and praying that it would show.
Not only did he pay no taxes, he actually charged the government and got money back!
Sorry to disappoint you, Van Jones, but what you liberals thought was going to be a huge Trump scandal ended up being a big boost to President Donald Trump's reputation as a successful, hard-working American and tax-paying businessman.
And now we know that Trump actually paid a high tax rate of roughly 25%.
Compare that to MSNBC's parent company Comcast, which paid 24%, Barack Obama, 19%, and Bernie Sanders, who only paid 18% in taxes.
Read them and weep, snowflakes.
And you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
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Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
In just two or three minutes, we're going to James O'Keefe, the consummate investigative journalist, to talk about some of his new big developments and discoveries at Project Veritas.
We're finishing up with Craig Sawyer, because this former retired top Navy SEAL, you name it, was here.
I was bringing up the fact that he looked like Chuck Norris.
He said, yeah, I get it all the time.
But we're talking about on his Rhino Wars, this particular photo from Animal Planet.
People think it's Chuck Norris.
It's kind of like, I guess, a younger, bigger Chuck Norris.
But it's just great how culturally we're having this big effect.
It's exciting.
It's an amazing time to be alive.
It is, it is.
And it's flattering for someone to tell me I look like Chuck Norris.
I'm a big fan of his.
I appreciate his patriotism and his acting work.
And it's just been fun that people say, hey, I wonder if Chuck Norris knows that you're out there.
You look like him a little bit.
I'm like, I don't know.
I don't know.
I bet Chuck's... I mean, Chuck loves the veterans, especially.
Yeah, I'd love to meet him sometime.
I think that'd be a hoot.
That'd be a kick.
Well, I was, you know, Oklahoma used to be part of Texas before they cut it in two, so he's actually a Texan.
He lives in Texas now, but Oklahoma's kind of like North Texas.
Well, after Walker, Texas Ranger, isn't he like an honorary Texan?
He absolutely is, and of course, your background's Texas as well.
Oh yeah, yeah, my great-great-great-grandfather was second governor of Texas.
Why do they say there's predominantly more Texans, like, in Special Operations and all the groups?
I think it's the culture here.
People say, what's in the water down there?
But if you look at Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle, myself, and others, particularly Navy SEAL snipers seem like they're all come from, a lot of them come from Texas.
I don't know.
It's just we grew up hunting, fishing, playing football.
Uh, playing in the woods and doing all the things that give us a head start at the Navy SEAL culture.
Also, if you look at what's happening in the United States, all the big giant Indian wars and the civil wars were constant.
Like it was, they sent the big Vanguard into Texas.
And so like the best of the best, the whole frontiers, Davy Crockett, all of it was sent to Texas.
I think it's that.
Yeah, well there's a lot of heritage, man.
We have Go Texan Day.
All the Scots, the Irish, and the English, and all the baddest of the bad came to Texas.
It's the genetic things.
We like to celebrate that.
So, I remember putting on my whole cowboy uniform to go to school in elementary school on Go Texan Day and celebrating all things Texas.
I used to hear all the Texas stuff and get sick of hearing about it.
I thought I was around more of the world.
I thought, Texas is good.
Just because on average, real Texans won't screw you over in business.
You know, it's still a law in Texas, handshake deals are handshakes.
Yeah man, you gotta be a man of your word.
That's prevalent here and I'm proud of that.
I wish that was more the case elsewhere.
I really do.
Again, the website for folks, amazing website, amazing information.
Give folks the website.
TacticalInsider.com and I would like for people to also hit CounterPoaching.com.
That's the International Coalition Against Poaching.
That's our counter poacher operations non-profit org to save the last of the
And in the 15-minute piece we're going to do for the news, get into your sources and the pedophile rings that Trump's already rolling up by the thousands, where that's going, and then talk about the poaching and how you got censored for the Nightly News.
I'll air it tomorrow as well, because that's a whole other area.
Like, you're on Facebook, and like you said, 90% now is being dialed back when you're the leading guy, admittedly actually getting stuff done to stop the poaching.
Yeah, it's frustrating to have a bunch of veterans with a non-profit org looking to save the alas of the endangered rhinos over in Africa and having Facebook crush our reach and have nobody be able to see it.
I just don't understand what the motivation of that would be.
Craig, you're awesome.
That's ugly.
God bless you for coming in.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you so much, brother.
All right.
I'll see you right after the show in a little while.
We're going to take some right now.
We go to James O'Keefe and Colonel Schaefer.
We were just talking about a dinner last night.
Great guy.
He's going to be joining us.
What a patriot behind the scenes.
Believe me, folks, you have no idea.
So much great stuff we do to defeat the globalists.
It's Colonel Schaefer over and over again.
The enemy knows this, we're not telling them any secrets.
But absolutely, thank you brother.
So there goes Craig Sawyer.
I want to thank James O'Keefe for joining us on ProjectVeritas.com.
He's being censored, he's being blocked.
We don't just bitch about it.
The point is, we're having a big effect.
The guy that brought down Acorn, the guy that exposed the illegals voting to prove Trump right, the guy that exposed what Hillary was up to, the true game changer, joins us at the bottom of the hour.
James O'Keefe, ProjectVeritas.com.
We've got some videos on your site that are breaking today.
Thanks for joining us to talk about the latest developments.
Thanks, Alex, for having me.
You got the floor, my friend.
Wow, where to start with what Project Veritas is up to?
Well, we just released a story yesterday.
The head attorney for the New York teachers unions is caught on video bragging about, this is the attorney for this teachers union, bragging about how he defended a teacher who raped a child.
There he is, Mitchell Rubenstein, top attorney for this teachers unions in New York.
Putting a knife to the kid's head and forcing the child to perform oral sex on the teacher.
Now, this was all done under seal.
No one found out about it.
He's bragging about it to, in his words, quote, impress a girl, is the comment that he has given us now about, I don't know how you impress women by bragging about child rape.
But the point of this video is to show that the union is out of touch, out of control with the American people.
And now we have Betsy DeVos as the education secretary.
She's being attacked.
She's under assault.
She claims she doesn't like children.
But here we have a case where we have one of these top lawyers violating privilege, breaking the law, leaking sexual details of a rape where the teacher was not charged.
And he wasn't charged because we think the union protects not kids, but they protect bad teachers.
In this video,
Is breaking and we're getting some reactions and it may even prompt this lawyer to resign.
It's the craziness though that... It's like Hillary famously was mainly somebody that represented pedophiles, child rapists, you name it.
Then she made jokes about it.
It's this underbelly that we continue to see come out over and over again of predatory activity.
That's right.
I mean, this is another example of that.
I mean, I'm very passionate about education reform and reforming our schools, and this is something that we've seen.
We never really get to really see the raw, brutal reality of it.
And we see rubber rooms, we see problems in the education system, we see Betsy DeVos attacked, viciously attacked.
For wanting to reform the system.
She says she doesn't like children, but then we actually see the system operates.
And we've done a story last year, Alex, that was on your show to talk about other New York teachers, New York union officials, and the things they were saying.
They were telling child molesters to lie about what they were doing.
They were encouraging people to lie.
And they face charges, but they're not even forced to resign.
Well, remember your first mega-hit.
Blowing up acorn.
You'd go in multiple facilities and say, I've got child sex slaves.
They go, let us help you cover that up.
I mean, it's just like a part of business.
These people are so slimy.
Yeah, they were saying to use their, use the underage child sex slave as dependents on your tax returns.
Since we're talking about tax returns today, they were telling me how to use these child, these, these 13 El Salvadorian sex slaves as dependents to call their prostitution business Performing Arts on the tax return.
But this video is, we just called Alex, this guy's boss, the head legal department for the entire state of New York, and he would not give us any information.
All this stuff is happening behind the scenes.
Are the rights of the teachers union members so absolute that they supersede the rights of a child not to be forced to give oral sex to a teacher?
Are the teachers' unions so out of touch and so out of control?
I mean, it seems like they've lost their minds as well as their souls.
They just have no regard for the welfare of children.
And if you dare question them, if you investigate, if you do any of this, you're viciously attacked.
Well, just earlier this month, Chris Cuomo on CNN said that if your daughter in a school sees a man in the showers of the bathroom with his genitalia, that she's not being open.
She should accept that.
So, it seems like they've got a weird agenda they're pushing.
Yeah, they are pushing a weird agenda, but it's about power.
It has nothing to do with children.
It's about power and control and not letting people... I mean, this is all adjudicated behind closed doors, under seal.
They say, we're not going to give any comment about this matter.
Well, what's your comment about breaking privilege?
That attorney you just saw a moment ago, Mitchell Rubinstein, is bragging about the details of these cases.
He's like, well, I always defend the teacher.
I got him off.
I got him off.
Mitchell Rubinstein says that the teacher passed a lie detector test.
When he talked about this sex and psychologically he was thinking that the child consented to it.
It's sick, twisted.
Children can't consent to sex, they're not at the age of consent.
I know, it's twisted.
No, no, you know, I'm just... The whole thing is disturbing.
I was on Hannity's radio show yesterday and they had to bleep out half of the recording because you couldn't even say some of this stuff.
So if you're going to watch this video, fasten your seatbelts.
No, that's why we're not playing the video.
It's just disgusting.
It is disgusting.
But it is what happens.
This is what happens.
Yeah, we don't, exactly, we don't want it to be disgusting.
We have to report the truth.
It's on projectveritas.com.
It's on infowars.com.
We wrote an article about it with Sheppard Ambulance.
Project Veritas exposes attorney who helped pedophile teacher get away with raping students at knife point.
I mean, it's just, they're so disconnected though.
Like, I don't, I just don't know what to do at this point.
Yeah, it's very graphic, Alex.
Some of the stuff kind of speaks for itself.
There really isn't much to say except we need to expose many, many more of these.
And Alex, I did want to say one thing on your program today.
Veritas is, we've got a number of undercover journalists.
We're hiring a dozen more undercover reporters.
And I'm saying this on your show because a lot of the people that watch your show have applied to be journalists.
One or two of our journalists are here because of your show.
And if you are interested in doing this, it's not for everyone, but if you see that type of stuff and you want to go out there and do it, I will pay you.
Recruiting at ProjectVeritas.com to be sort of undercover agents, undercover investigative reporters.
Recruiting at ProjectVeritas.com.
Send us your resume.
Send us a cover letter with why you want to do this.
And I'm hiring more people to do this, Alex, because there are a thousand more cases like that.
It's like you've got one batter and they've got a ball machine shooting a ball every half second.
We need more people to be able to go after this.
And absolutely, our listeners are great activists.
They should contact you.
They should get involved because it's just an incredible time to be alive.
Since you mentioned it, what do you make of Maddow and these tax returns and how it blew up in her face?
It seems like everything they do blows up in their face now.
Yeah, I think she definitely overhyped the story.
I saw that.
And when your own side, when the mainstream media even thinks that you've gone too far, you really have a problem.
So I think she realizes she went too far.
I mean, she on the program last night, she actually held the documents and said, this is it.
This is all I got.
There's a total lack of self-awareness.
But I am so beyond...
I am so beyond even worrying about these people anymore.
I think that we are at the tipping point where as long as we do the reporting ourselves and put it out there, they'll be forced to cover it.
The power of the people on social media is much bigger than what they have.
Alright, one more segment.
I want to get into that because, look, when Breitbart gets censored, we talk about they're trying to put you in jail, we cover it.
We need everybody out there to know.
Infowars on Twitter, Facebook, you name it.
I know it happens to you too.
They're just blocking us admitting it.
Gizmodo's celebrating it.
I mean, Senator Rand Paul comes on, they block it and say it's fake news.
It's like a 50-minute interview with a senator.
I mean, it's because we're criticizing the health bill.
They don't want that out there.
So, I mean, what do we do about the censorship?
We'll be back.
Why is the fungus?
Why is the mold?
Why is the yeast taking over?
What is going on?
What has changed?
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So, they've tried to put him in prison.
They call him a criminal on the news for just simply covering what these other groups are doing.
And now they're after Infowars.
The censorship is intensifying.
Even though they're losing the culture war, not to share, but all over the world.
Globalism's in trouble.
Liberalism's in trouble.
They don't care, they're accelerating.
So James O'Keefe of ProjectVeritas.com, in the time we have, what do you make of the landscape right now?
Where Trump's going?
I agree with you, we're winning.
But man, they are really trying to block our listeners.
Forget our own Facebooks or Twitters.
They're keeping our listeners from sharing this to their own friends and family on these platforms.
This is outrageous.
I mean, if Venezuela or Russia was doing this, it'd be a big deal.
But oh, it's okay because they're liberal.
Alex, that's a great point.
I get asked every day, I get tweets and Facebook messages, James, I can't follow your story because YouTube won't let me subscribe to you.
This is what's happening right now.
This is what they're doing.
These engineers at these social media companies are adjusting their algorithms, they're making it so that you don't get notifications if you follow you or me.
This is the constant flurry of messages I get.
Some individual or series of individuals in these media corporations, especially in the social media companies, are tinkering, modifying and breaking their own policies by banning people like you and I or censoring us and how to follow us.
So what is the answer to that problem since social media we depend upon?
Here's the answer.
Veritas has to investigate and target those people.
That's what I was thinking next.
Now it's time to infiltrate Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
There's thousands of them.
Well, hell, Facebook admits they censor conservatives.
Well, it's one thing to admit it.
It's another thing to get them in the act doing it, making fun of it, saying, oh, I want to ban Alex Jones today.
Let's take him out.
Let's take this guy out.
If you do that, if we can catch that.
Oh, you got Roger Stone.
They go, oh, look, we banned him.
Ha, ha, ha.
You have it on tape.
Yes, we want to expose exactly how they do it.
And they are private companies, but they yield monopolies and they have a public policy.
They're wide open, they're fair game.
And it's false advertising.
They act like they're free and open, they're not.
No, they're not free and open.
So the solution, in my opinion, is not an easy answer.
It's not what everyone wants to hear.
But we've got to catch these guys in the act of banning people and censoring them.
Social media, in my opinion, I think your opinion too, has become more powerful than the mainstream media.
Oh, absolutely!
But the social media companies are governed by people who are fundamentally opposed to our republic and how we operate.
So we have to expose them in the act.
I agree.
What do you make of the arrogance though?
This never works out well.
They're doing it still in a quasi-free society.
It's blowing up in their face.
Don't they get that this isn't going to work?
No, because they've never, just like the teachers union, they've never been held accountable in their entire lives.
Everyone's sucking up to them.
They have lobbyists.
They are close to those in government.
They've never been held accountable.
They've never had a difficult question be answered of them, because everyone wants something from them.
So, that's why you need people who are unafraid.
And you're afraid of retaliation.
Well, I'll take the arrows.
I will take the abuse.
I'll take the lawsuits.
I got sued by a woman within Common Core.
Uh, last week from a video I did a year ago that was on your show.
She sued me, and I just go public with the information.
I just tell the people what they're doing.
We have to go after these people.
We have to expose them, and it's not easy, but that's why I'm a real journalist.
This isn't a call for help.
We're your champions, we're on the battlefield.
Project Veritas, InfoWars, sponsorships, donations to Veritas, buy our products.
I mean, I don't even want to get into the inside baseball behind the scenes, but the same stuff O'Keefe goes through.
It's a war, okay?
I mean, you name it, it's being done.
And I'm not bitching.
I know I'm in a war with scum.
I expect it, but just know this.
This isn't entertainment, this isn't a game.
We need your financial support.
Spread our link, spread our articles as well, because they're trying to block them because they're powerful.
That's right.
And Alex, again, the one other thing we need other than donations is a specific type of undercover reporting that we do.
I'll pay.
I'm hiring journalists.
Recruiting at ProjectVaritas.com.
If you think, you know what, I want to go inside of Google.
And I want to catch their people.
That's an idea.
We should just call for people that are already inside.
They want to be patriots.
Contact you.
I mean, hell, you're the one.
That's another thing that's happening.
Alex, that's another thing.
Ever since we announced the CNN story, we've had people inside of these media companies who are contacting me.
The problem is, so I can't say who I'm working with, but they don't want to wear a wire or record them because they would get burned.
So I have to, they'll tell me where the bodies are buried.
They'll say, James, go talk to the Vice President.
His name is Smith.
He's the one breaking the law.
So I gotta take a journalist, go in there, because I can't burn the people that contact me.
They're giving you leads and then you've got to follow them up.
That's it.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
And it's hard work, and you're doing a great job, and we're so blessed to have you there and your whole team.
James O'Keefe, thanks for joining us, buddy.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you.
Yeah, I mean, folks, you want somebody to fight for the country, I'm not bragging.
We're doing it.
He's doing it.
This isn't a game.
I mean, this is war.
We've got the truth.
They've got lies.
And you keep us afloat with your prayers and your financial support and spreading those articles and links.
Because look, I want one thing.
In this fight.
And that's to beat these scum.
Because they're trash.
They want us to be poor and dumb.
I want us to be successful.
So do you.
We're gonna beat them together.
We're gonna win.
We're gonna build a world for our children.
Colonel Schaefer straight ahead.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, it looks like even the establishment mainstream media has to admit that Rachel Maddow's Trump tax scandal is a big nothing burger.
If all we get tonight is that Donald Trump paid 38 million dollars to America's government, that's a good night for Donald Trump.
I'm sorry, there's just really no way, like I was hoping and praying that it would show not only did he pay no taxes,
He actually charged the government and got money back!
Sorry to disappoint you, Van Jones, but what you liberals thought was going to be a huge Trump scandal ended up being a big boost to President Donald Trump's reputation as a successful, hard-working American and tax-paying businessman.
And now we know that Trump actually paid a high tax rate of roughly 25%.
Compare that to MSNBC's parent company, Comcast, which paid 24%, Barack Obama, 19%, and Bernie Sanders,
Well, we've had a lot of amazing
Guests and whistleblowers and insiders on over the years.
It's got to be at least 13, 14 years I've been having Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schafer on who headed up Able, Dangerous, Stratus, Ivy programs that could have killed bin Laden, could have rolled up Al Qaeda.
The U.S.
Army was on them.
It's come out in Congress.
They were ordered to stand down.
But since then, Benghazi and
Russiagate and all of it.
I mean Schaefer has, I'm not kissing his butt, this is true, has been so on target and first over and over again.
And obviously he works with a lot of international and clandestine groups that are for sovereignty and freedom.
He can't get into all those details, but he's joining us via video Skype for just one segment.
He's a Fox contributor and so much more.
Londoncenter.org, tony-schaefer.com.
Written a whole bunch of best-selling books that everybody should read, but I want to hit Deep State.
Russia, obviously the same topics he wants to get into, and where the state of this country is.
I mean, how can anybody deny that Trump's trying to cut taxes, restore the republic, basic sovereignty, rebuild our military, but from an insider, a true patriot, who's been in the deep state, exposing it, is Colonel Schaefer.
They act like Spicer's crazy, saying of course there's a deep state of leftists and foundation people that are openly refusing the president's orders that are lawful.
They act like when he fires 46 U.S.
attorneys, that's weird.
Clinton fired 93.
So, Colonel Schaefer joins us.
Always great to have you on, sir.
It's good to be on.
Thanks for having me.
Well, in the 15 minutes we've got, you've got the floor.
Let's get the intel data dump from Colonel Schaefer.
Well, first, I think your point is well taken.
Look, we have to understand that this town, Washington, runs on momentum.
That momentum is driven by what we know to be the bureaucracy.
And I've said this in several interviews.
Anyone who denies a deep state denies the very existence of the U.S.
The bureaucracy, the elements which consist of the bureaucracy, all these small things make up big things.
And I think the ultimate example to help your audience understand why there's a deep state is Lois Lerner.
Lois Lerner, simply put, was a Clinton appointee who decided that she wanted to become part of the bureaucracy permanently.
And then over the years, Alex, she got moved around.
She ended up at the IRS as a career person.
Well, she never really changed her color.
She was always a partisan.
She was always a Democrat, cut from the cloth of the Clintons.
And she simply burrowed her way in like a tick.
And so this is why there are people out there who are all throughout the bureaucracies consisting of the deep state.
It is what it is.
And let me point this out for the audience to understand as well, is that they tend to forget that the deep state won against Barack Obama on something called Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay.
The deep state, those who are against the idea of clausing guillotine, the Pentagon, fought tooth and nail and is still open.
So as much as people want to say it doesn't exist, if you just look around, you just think for yourself, look at the evidence, you know it exists.
What I think is more sinister, obviously, is that now you have a resistance movement built within it.
And I do believe, Alex, for all the reasons that we've talked about in the past,
And as a matter of fact, last time we talked was on the eve of the election.
All the things which existed, we talked about them regarding... And you predicted a Trump victory, I should add.
I did.
We were together on that, yes.
And I felt very strong about the fact that should he win, and he did,
He's going to have a lot of work to cut out all of the cancer that the Obama folks put into the government.
And that's the other part of the deep state now.
It's not only, it doesn't only exist, we know it exists, now it's organizing, self-organizing if you will, to actually do a lot more, be a lot more effective and resistant.
So that's something we all have to be concerned about.
Well sure, when I said you were part of the deep state, like you said, from the resistance, Americana, the bureaucracy, the agencies are all part of that tissue, but of course the bureaucracy is where the power is now, you know, the fourth branch of government, and so there it is, the denial of it existing, or them making fun of Conway, saying that household appliances can spy on you, when the CIA director in Wired Magazine four years ago said that, it's just a crazy denial of reality.
There's a point.
It's like Rachel Maddow coming on last night and the guy she had on saying, oh, Donald Trump must have mailed this to me.
That sounds like a conspiracy to me.
All these wacky conspiracies they bring up with it.
It's on their side.
And I'm sorry.
Yes, the deep state has examined.
And Alex, I'm saying this for your audience, because, you know, they love the fact that we have these conversations.
The fact that the CIA was disclosed to have access to all these technologies that can go into all of these things in our house indicates that, yes, of course, anything that has a computer chip on it, anything from a cell phone to a microwave, anything that has a microchip can be used for exploitation and intelligence collection.
That's just the way it is.
But if Trump's folks say it, it's conspiracy.
If they say it, it's just well and good.
It's a complete double standard.
I want you to get to the point you want to cover, because you know more about any of this than probably anybody, but 55 days into his administration, other than not liking this Ryan bill, I mean, he's really delivering.
He's got the elites, the special interests, so upset from your sources in D.C., the Pentagon, you name it.
How is Trump doing in this civil war?
They're calling it a civil war, where America's trying to reinsert itself into its proper role, the people, the constitutional role, the rebirth of America, like he said January 20th.
I mean, how is that goal going?
I can tell you that the people I talk to, I've always talked to, are trying to do the right things for the American people.
They're trying to stay out of the politics.
But simply put, in this town, Alex, everything is political.
Even when you try to not be political...
You become political.
So I think what we've seen is those who wish to support Mr. Trump have been doing their best to do their duty, to actually be loyal to their oath of office.
Others have decided that there's no reason to maintain an oath of office and are going against it.
I think the play out of the whole health care thing, and by the way, I'm one of those affected badly by Obamacare.
I actually lost the plan I was very happy with.
So, when I see these figures about the stats, the congressional estimates saying that 14 million people are going to lose their... Well, they didn't predict I was going to lose my health care and I did.
So, I'm with the President on this.
I think the CBO has become politicized.
I think, clearly, people like me and others did suffer.
I talked to my Congressman about this.
He blew me off.
A guy named Connolly.
Just didn't want to hear it, that somehow the Obama plan didn't work out for me.
So this is what I'm talking about regarding the fact that people who do see what Mr. Trump's trying to do want to sign up and help.
And I think you're going to see the government bureaucracy, like the CBO, like other elements, do whatever they can to flat out lie, if they have to, about what they think they need to say, whether it's based in fact or not.
And I think it's just about undermining Mr. Trump.
Just gut-level dead reckoning, Colonel Schaefer, looking at what Trump's done, where the different power structures are, where the Democrats are, where the Republican power structure is.
Where do you see Trump, you know, in six months?
I mean, overall, I think he's over-delivered many ways, but at the same time,
Look, I'm not looking for some military response or police response here, but you can't have newspapers every day and Snoop Dogg and movie stars every day saying kill the president and trying to organize it and we're being censored all over Google and Facebook and Twitter, InfoWars is, and we're seeing like Gizmodo bragging, yes, shut off InfoWars, you know, basically kick him off air.
I'm seeing real authoritarian stuff at us.
Like they're the Venezuelan government or something or the Cuban government against their own people.
And at some point I'm just saying how much does Trump take of this when it's all clearly un-American and illegal?
That's what I call the Soviet-level wrongdoing.
That's what you see here.
The idea of silencing you and others is exactly what the Soviet Union would have done.
And this goes to the deep state and the Obama administration's attitude.
I think there's two things he has to do, Alex.
First, frankly, he's got to make an example of someone like Loretta Lynch.
Loretta Lynch, who recently came on and said that there needs to be blood in the streets to support the resistance.
I think that's sedition based on my reading of Tyler Haney.
When you have the former Attorney General, she has extra gravitas.
That's like a declaration of war against the Republic.
Secondly, I think he's got to do more to weed out the deep state operatives on both sides.
Look, I'm talking about folks in the Bush administration who were equally disdained by President Trump and what he's doing, so... Well, McCain, let's go back to Loretta Lynch, because this is intriguing.
Where has the confidence come from to call for major military action against the President or civil war, and then it's... that is outrageous.
Well, and that's the issue.
It's like, these folks can say these sort of things with impunity and never be held accountable.
And what I'm saying is that, look, you need to start holding people accountable for their words, especially if they are meant to disrupt the elected officials incoming into the current government.
The other thing Mr. Trump has to do, Alex, to that point, he's got to pick good people.
He's got to continue to push that.
We've seen very few appointees come in since 20 January.
We see the principals only.
This is something that needs to be fixed.
He's only got one level in.
What's the word on that?
Why is that happening?
Frankly, the word is the Pentagon and DHS and others are kind of bickering back and forth with the White House.
The White House, I think there's some political infighting there going on.
I don't think everybody, even in the White House, necessarily wants to go along with Mr. Trump's agenda.
And I think there's some infighting from those who are, I would say, more traditional neocons who are trying to do their own insinuation, I think.
And I don't think it's good for the government that they listen to the neocons.
So I think that's something that we need to consider.
And then third and most important, I think the President has to continue to reinforce the fact that he's telling the American people the truth.
He's trying to act in their interest.
And frankly, things like this tax return thing only serve to back him up and show how the mainstream media has become a complete circus and a complete joke.
How important is it to get veterans who are so respected, who under Obama were just thrown to the side, had to cover their faces up when they said, let's not go into Syria, be Al Qaeda's air force, you kind of help lead the charge, exposing that with Congress behind the scenes.
And I mean, now I think veterans and active duty is the commander in chief.
Shouldn't they all come out, because they're trying to claim he's this Russian agent and stuff, and say, no, he's America, he's making the country great, he delivered, and we support him, to just let the, you know, liberals and others know, and people that are on the Communist Chinese payroll, we know that's the actual foreign enemy, try to derail our true president.
Well, I think your point is well taken.
First on Syria, yeah, look, we've been backing the wrong side there the entire time.
And I think a lot of folks, Senator Rand Paul, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, are both on the right track trying to do some legislation to prevent us from arming our enemies.
I think it's a good idea, anytime you look at that.
And simply put, yes, you've got to look at how we've got to get the corporatists out of the way.
There's a forward interest here.
And that's what I find ironic, Alex, is that
You can see foreign interest all over the place, but all of a sudden it's all about Russia.
And let me tell you, if you actually start peeling that back, we're going to find that a lot of the key Russian contacts were not with Mr. Trump, but with Ms.
When you look at the uranium deal... Hasn't it always been the Democrats in bed with the Russians?
I think they are.
I think they're completely in bed with the Russians.
I think they've always been in bed with the Russians.
And the Russians, frankly, Alex, from what I've seen, what they had planned, what the Democrats had planned, Obama and Clinton, is a revenge campaign against Mr. Trump had he lost the election.
They were going to try to put a stake in the heart of Mr. Trump
By trying to create this whole fiction of the Russians being behind the campaign.
I think this is going to be the thing to completely and permanently in his political desires.
Because I think they saw he would come back.
Well that's a great point.
I mean, they've always made for TV movies where the president's a woman, where the right wing's fighting her, where there's a civil war, where Trump's a Russian.
All their propaganda's overlapping as if she was still going to win.
The fact that she didn't win when they were so confident is really why they're in such disarray.
But I think they're still continuing to play the plan out as best they can, because I think they were laying the seeds for this, Alex, going back last year to try to make Mr. Trump into the so-called pawn of Putin.
And I don't think it could be further from the truth.
And again, let me be clear, the Pentagon and others have decided that we're not going to work with the Russians.
We're going to examine things.
I know for a fact that in Syria, for example,
There's a decision to not work with the Russians, and what we're doing there is to make sure we don't kill each other by fratricide.
We do coordinate, but we do not conduct, you know, joint special operations operations for any number of purposes, of reasons.
Okay, in the five minutes we have left, I want to get into a whole other subject, because the media has misrepresented this.
We know that that former head of Blackwater, who's got all these huge connections, Eric Prince, came out and said in Breitbart, I have law enforcement sources that Wiener is going to get
I don't know.
But clearly I know you have a lot of sources looking at this.
We know the British government's been infiltrated and is using this as blackmail.
We know it went on at Penn State, other places, and I've been told by some sources separately that you have been investigating this.
You can correct me if I'm wrong or not, but I wanted to just get your point.
We know Jerry Epstein obviously got convicted.
All this stuff's going on.
Bill Clinton with him.
What can you say about that in closing?
Well, I can say this.
Look, Eric Prince is a friend and I do believe his sources are impeccable on this issue.
There's something that we've known here for a while, Alex, here in Washington, is that there are overlapping interests which will use criminal networks, such as the pedophiles, they will use that for political purposes.
I don't know if you're familiar with the term brownstoning.
Brownstoning is where
You have the traditional honeypot.
You may have a congressman, some other high government official, enticed to sleep with a female, an attractive female.
But then what that female does is takes it to another level.
I mean, that's not good enough anymore.
What they do then is try to get you in bed with an underage girl, telling you, oh, she's only 20.
And then they get you on tape, they videotape that, and then you are theirs.
So this brownstonings thing is something I think has become something that we need to examine as a methodology that's been used, I believe, effectively to subvert
Political figures here in town, and I think there's a couple that have been known in the past that have functioned Well, I think Barney Frank was probably one of the ones actually Involved in this sort of thing before people understood it completely so what I'm saying is that we need to examine the potential criminal relation the relationships between terror organizations and criminal enterprises for purposes of trying to essentially establish control and access to keep leaders here in Washington
And trust me, there's a lot of folks who are susceptible to that sort of thing here on Capitol Hill.
I'm a block away from Capitol Hill right now.
So we have to understand our enemies will use whatever methodology they can to subvert our political process.
And compromise.
I know you've got to go in two minutes.
Let me ask you this.
I was told by our sources that they were getting ready to roll up thousands of the procurers of kids in California, Pennsylvania, you name it.
Boom, Trump gets in.
It's like 2,500 arrests now.
The media, though, when they find, like, you know, 30-plus kids in cages, it's in the news.
One time, you'd think that'd be everywhere.
You know, one kid's missing is all the news it should be.
So the fact that it's being covered up, and then I was told this would happen before, it's like, wow, is Trump really, you know, green-lighting this?
Thank God law enforcement.
What was keeping law enforcement before from doing it?
And I wonder how far this is going to go.
Is that why Democrats and others are so desperate?
Just in the last 60 seconds,
Any other points on that or sources?
No, you're completely correct.
I think that's why you've seen law enforcement move forward, be very effective.
I think you're going to see more.
Donald Trump has tweeted out on this.
It's an important issue.
And that's why the other side is being... Think about it.
Why would the other side stay silent on this where it's such a key issue?
Unless they have something to do with it and protecting it.
I think that's why you've not seen a lot of action in the Clinton White House or the Obama White House because there was no interest because I think they were part of it.
I'm going to put your lower third back up on screen in a moment here, but 474 arrested.
I mean, that was just months ago.
This is just every day it's happening.
No coverage other than the first article, then it gets shut down.
I know you've written a bunch of bestselling books.
I've read two of your books.
And of course, you've got a big Facebook, you name it, Colonel Schaefer and Closing.
Where's the best place for people to keep in contact with everything you're doing?
Just follow me on Twitter, TSpooky.
I think a lot of your folks, your fans already follow me, and I think I know you and I follow each other.
We just want to fix things out here as best we can.
Thank you.
Alright, we'll be back with the final segment before we have our next guest come in, Roger Stone.
I didn't know he could do the show today.
He got T-boned.
He got polonium, now T-boned.
We'll see where all this is going.
Maybe I'm going to host the fourth hour today.
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Well, I'm not cutting into Roger's time here.
He's still getting ready to come on after getting T-boned by a car today.
Thank God he's not dead.
Not dead yet.
I don't know why this week.
One of my earliest memories is this skull.
My dad's had this skull since I was about two years old.
He's got it in his office here.
It's back when he was going to dental school, medical school.
You know, they encourage folks to buy skulls really cheap, then legally own them.
He has a medical degree, so he can have a human body part like this.
But this fella died in India sometime in the 1960s.
Back then it was India's main export was bones.
And India banned it, so they started coming out with the resin bones, the plastic bones, the artificial bones that are cast of a real skeleton.
But, I mean, I don't disrespect this fella's skull.
It's used for educational purposes here.
But one day we're all going to be like this skull, reduced down to our most base parts, our skeleton.
Or we could be burned up in a cremation.
Kind of like they do in India already, and the Norse do, and so many others.
They want to kill humanity itself.
The globalists admit that they want a post-human world.
They try to sell us on how ugly we are, how bad we are, so we just give up to their whole system.
And I'm just like, why should we... I'll get you and your little dog too.
Why should we give in to these bullies that are such jerks?
They want to kill everybody.
Are you kidding?
I mean, imagine if a newspaper in other countries called for banning other newspapers.
How pissed everybody would be.