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Air Date: March 14, 2017
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In this monologue, Alex Jones talks about freedom of speech and how it has been distorted by media outlets like Saturday Night Live. He promotes two products - PPX solar generators and Infowars Life's Secret 12 vitamin supplement - before discussing censorship in society. He mentions the fine German officials want to impose on social media hate posts and criticizes NBC and CBS for spewing hate while being labeled as entertainment. Jones proposes a boxing match between himself and Bill O'Reilly or Alec Baldwin to prove his point about their slanderous remarks. He also discusses healthcare in America, big corporations, banks, Trump, and the new healthcare bill. Snoop Dogg's rap video promoting killing cops is criticized by Jones as priming young people to be destroyed. He talks about an app that can identify strangers on Facebook using their photos and globalists not giving quarter or negotiating with those who oppose them. The monologue also discusses recent news about Indian Americans having the highest median household income in America and criticizes the media for focusing on issues like caste systems instead of improving life for everyone. He plays a clip of a woman insulting Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, before discussing his products and encouraging listeners to sign up for InfoWarsLife and InfoWarsStore. Television shows like the Colbert Report are discussed as disinformation programs posing as entertainment trying to silence him and other alternative news outlets. Jones addresses government surveillance using everyday household appliances such as smart TVs, microwaves, and even light bulbs with data over power line interfaces and criticizes Stephen Colbert for making light of the situation. The podcast episode discusses various topics including health and politics, using all parts of an animal for sustenance and strength, mainstream media spreading misinformation and lies under the guise of comedy, and the new healthcare bill.

We've got it.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
You got it.
Tuesday, March 14th, 2017.
I'm your host Alex Jones, the one, the only Michael Savage will be joining us coming up at the start of the second hour today.
We'll have open phones as well and several other guests I'll tell you about a little bit later.
We've got an amazing guest in studio tomorrow.
Let's let folks know we've got a surprise for you in studio tomorrow.
The airplane carrying our guest is on its way right now.
But a lot of other amazing guests could be popping in throughout the week as well.
Everybody knows I like surprises.
A lot of the listeners like surprises.
Sometimes I kind of go off the rails a little bit, in a good way, but I shouldn't have spent probably two hours of four hours yesterday on air, because I hosted the fourth hour of the David Knight as well, ranting and raving about fake news packaged in entertainment.
That, of course, being Saturday Night Live on my NBC and then Viacom that owns CBS and Showtime Channel with their show Homeland that steals my identity, admits it's supposed to be me, and then plagiarizes real things I say.
I mean, I'm the main writer, I guess, on that show now, literally.
And then...
Put horrible things in the middle of what I've said, so that when people hear what I'm really saying, they then psychologically associate it with the lies.
That I'm a racist, that I frame people, that I put out fake news, that I'm a liar.
It's the same thing with Saturday Night Live.
And fake news came out of that again last night and today.
The Hill and hundreds of other publications, I mean I just saw them listed, I looked at five or six of them last night and this morning, would not say why I said I wanted to have a bare-knuckles fight with Alec Baldwin, it was tongue-in-cheek, for his lying about me and Donald Trump.
They're like, what's the big deal?
It's a cute little space alien skit about the 4th of July, or Independence Day, you know, the alien attack movie.
And Jones acts like a crazy person, says he wants to fight him.
Didn't even tell their readers, in all these publications I looked at, it was always the same, that he said, playing the part of Donald Trump, that he learned that black people weren't human from Alex Jones, then the black people on the show get mad at Trump.
I mean, that is the most base brainwashing there is, and then of course it gets even worse in the fake media.
They won't even tell you in all these publications why I'm angry.
They just have a clip and that's the end of it.
No context.
They do it over and over and over again.
This is the type of brainwashing we're dealing with.
And there's more!
Colbert took a break, I guess, from attacking yours truly this week and has gone after Conway.
Colbert mocks Conway by replacing show cameras with microwaves.
And they make the joke that she's completely insane, saying that appliances could have been spying on the president.
You know, I wonder where she got that.
Vault 7 that was released last week?
Admitting it all, but I told you 18 years ago?
Or maybe this, from 2012, 3-15-2012, Wired Magazine, CIA chief will spy on you through your dishwasher.
So she's informed, so see.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha!
She's so dumb!
Because they think their audience are idiots.
Oh, here's a whole map from Vault 7 of the CIA and how they spy on you through your appliances.
Oh, look, the New York Times!
Shown ways to hack your appliances and your smartphone.
Oh, yeah!
Told you about that 15 years ago, 16 years ago.
Because they were putting them in nationwide.
The fluorescent light bulbs can access your computers and take control.
But, oh, again, that's because I'm informed, though.
They can just go, ah-ha-ha, I've gone very loud, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
We're total surveillance, total 1984 on steroids, but it's okay because Colbert's got the cute little, you know, short hair and the glasses and looks real trendy and he laughs at you.
It's over!
Ha ha ha ha!
Donald Trump will never be president!
He said that too!
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
I have an article from The Telegraph linked on DrudgeReport.com.
This creepy facial recognition app lets users find strangers on Facebook by simply taking their picture.
This facial recognition app was created by British entrepreneur Jack Kenyon.
And guess what?
People can identify others by matching a photo of them with their Facebook profile.
It scans more than a billion images per second.
You can find a person on the street, run their image through the app, and find out exactly who that person is.
This will launch on iOS March 21st, but it's already been tested on more than 10,000 images to date with a 70% accuracy.
Is this the end of autonomous societies?
If you're concerned about spy news, you need to tune in to the Alex Jones Show at InfoWars.com slash show.
This is Alex Jones.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
If we don't all stand up for free speech, and if we don't all stand up for our basic Bill of Rights and Constitution, we're going to lose it.
Everything you see being done in Europe
is then deployed here in the United States.
We're seeing the very same censorship tools deployed in the last five years in Germany, and in Austria, and in France, and in the Netherlands, and in Sweden, and in Denmark.
All the countries are adopting the very same systems of stealth censorship, which then moves into open censorship, and then it moves into this.
Remember just a year ago we tell you Twitter and Facebook and Google are getting ready to censor because they were making those announcements in policy reports.
And the media would make jokes and say, Alex Jones is crazy, there's no plan to censor anybody, that doesn't exist, we don't do that in America.
And now they're announcing everywhere, oh, we're getting our censorship tools in line with Communist China, so they'll let us come back into China.
We have to prove ourselves in Europe and the US first, censoring people, and Zuckerberg and the rest of them have begun to prove themselves.
Here's AP today.
German official wants 53 million dollar fines.
This is Associated Press.
German official wants 53 million dollar fines for social media hate posts.
That's right.
That means any nationalism, mentioning that an immigrant or an illegal committed a crime, milquetoast stuff.
It's already 500 euro fines in Germany.
They already hired the former Stasi to actually run it for Facebook.
They then report you and the police come.
They actually throw people out of their Section 8 housing in Germany and in Italy and now over their own hotels and their own paid-for homes and put the invaders in, the military-age men.
We have footage, we have mainstream news.
But if you criticize it, you can show it on the Italian news or German news and say, how wonderful!
These old people were thrown out on the street and made way for the poor migrants.
Look, they're all military-age men.
Look, there's no women.
What's going on?
ISIS says we're going to invade you with giant immigrant flows as a weapon.
Ergun of Turkey says we're going to use open borders as a weapon.
Let us politically rally in your countries, let us take your countries over, or we'll flood you with even more!
That's right, get into our Islamic terror or we'll flood you with even more!
Oh, here, let us capitulate.
Let us do whatever you want.
And now, German official wants 53 million fines for social media hate posts.
That's right.
German official wants 53 million fines for social media hate posts every time they say, oh but they go on to say, and fake news.
Which is defined as anything criticizing the dying dinosaur media or the corrupt governments that are being thrown out.
And the EU of course says, if you try to leave the EU, they've told a bunch of countries, our new EU army will invade you.
That's not authoritarian.
Germany plans to find social media sites over hate speech and fake news.
We're going to be getting into that.
Isn't that just precious?
Meanwhile, you have the real hate being spewed by so-called entertainment shows like SNL and Homeland, NBC and CBS respectively, where they have the person playing the president, Alec Baldwin, a top-tier actor, posing as the president, stealing his identity, and then saying, Alex Jones told me black people aren't human.
No context, no reality, no nothing.
Just pure cut-to-the-black people looking angry, going, oh, I get it, you're racist.
People say, oh, that's just entertainment.
Just like when Colbert attacked me two weeks ago.
You work for Alex Jones, don't you?
Well, the two of you are renting this house together, but his name, your roommate's name, is on the lease.
I say you get out right now or I'm throwing him out.
I'm going to start eviction.
Hey, listen, you know, blah, blah, blah.
And these are what?
These folks are what I'd call classical liberals.
Nice folks, not right-wing in any respect.
And you and your little puppy, your little dachshund, get out of here.
He moved in with his girlfriend.
Oh, but it's just entertainment!
I saw He Hates Gay People on Colbert and I'm gay!
Get out of here!
I'm a lesbian!
You work for Alex Jones?
Get out of here!
Because Colbert took a clip of me saying,
They say, I'm anti-gay, I'm not anti-gay, but regardless, you're thrown out of your house, these are fascist folks, and then they sit there and they lie with their fake news, and then they have all their actors posing as reporters like Colbert, or posing as the president like Baldwin, and then
I say, you know, I'd like to have for charity a million dollars, whoever loses, to the charity of their choice, to Bare Knuckles Box, because Baldwin's known for beating up little guys and camera people, and they'll act them tough and stuff.
I mean, what?
Just give me a break, man.
But otherwise, he's older than me, so I would take on him and O'Reilly, because O'Reilly's also slandered and defamed.
I'll take both.
I'm serious.
I'll take both of you on in the ring, and I will beat both your asses into a pulp.
I want to do it.
And after I kick both your asses in the ring, it's gonna show all these pansies and all these wimps that run their mouths how the real world works, okay?
Just like politically, we are mopping the floor with you.
My only problem would be breaking my hands on you.
And so, did they tell you why I'm angry at them?
Bill O'Reilly said, tonight we'll look at sexual predators online, and then cut to a clip of me yelling and screaming,
Strangely enough about corrupt policing.
That's the greatest form of defamation you can engage in.
No one's ever said I'm a sexual predator.
I have no criminal record.
It just goes on and on.
But he just says it, so it's okay, see?
It becomes reality for the delusionoids, the delusionals that just believe mainstream television.
And what does Alec Baldwin do?
He says, Alex Jones of Infowars, very credible, a talk show host, told me that black people aren't humans.
This is the baseness, and then they've got the nerve to start blocking us on Facebook, Google, not letting us advertise on Google, saying we're fake news.
We're the opposite, and everybody knows that.
That's why our audience is exploding.
And that's why there's this dwindling.
You know, Michael Savage had four books ago.
He's a multiple New York Times number one best-selling author over 40 years.
He's got like six or seven number ones.
He's been on the chart like 50 times.
Oh yeah, he's written like almost 50 books that I know of just on herbs and got an actual medical degree in it.
But the point is he's coming on next hour.
Michael Savage's new book, Trump's War, His Battle for America.
His book exposing China as the main threat three years ago was sold nowhere.
No one would carry it in stores.
The publisher got threatened and they just told him, sorry, we'll let you have your advance, but no one's going to buy your book.
We're not going to even ship it.
We couldn't even get them to ship it to us.
We'd already bought thousands.
They wouldn't even ship them to us.
I'm not kidding.
They wouldn't deliver the book because the communist Chinese said, you don't do it.
Where it's back there like, oh, the Chinese are involved in trolling America.
I mean, come on.
Chinese buying up all six production studios.
Now they're in the news.
Chinese communists dictating what Washington does.
Communist Chinese, 10,000 plus front companies.
Communist Chinese telling Hollywood what scripts they can have.
Communist Chinese producing a whole bunch of movies where Donald Trump's a terrorist, taken out by U.S.
Special Forces, one of them directed by Michael Bay.
Communist Chinese helping Facebook, Google, and Twitter censor fake news.
Thank God, Communist Chinese!
That is so big!
But we're just conditioned to it, to be walked on by everybody.
Hey, I just landed from China or Mexico.
I'm gonna have my baby for free, and it's gonna be a citizen, and you're gonna pay me $30,000 a year for my baby.
Oh yes!
Oh, we're the Communist Chinese, the biggest mass murderers in the world, oppressing our own people.
We have the moral high ground with our suicide nets and mobile execution vans.
We're ordering you to do what we say and censor your nationalist news!
Davos, the Chinese president, they don't tell you he's a dictator, met and assured world leaders that globalism will survive and that they will force America and Trump to accept the global order.
Every American should say, wow, the Communist Chinese
Meeting with world corporate leaders about how they're gonna run our lives and tell us what to do.
I was told five years ago by one of the biggest reality TV show production companies, they were trying to get me to take over this big show.
I mean, we had Jesse James in here last week.
You talk about how he gets like two offers a week.
I get like two a month, not anymore.
For stupid reality shows.
But when they're half decent, like a shooting show or something that's Americana, then the word comes out, uh, actually there's investors in the networks now and they just say you're persona non grata.
I go, that's fine.
Why, why do you keep wanting to have these meetings with me?
I don't want to do it.
Like, oh, well, I know it's just the Chinese government's so invested now.
And I'm like, really?
The Chinese?
And then they couldn't put out Red Dawn part two because the Chinese said no.
Remember all that?
So that's how I learned about this was actually being out in Hollywood.
They're like, listen, the Chinese run things now.
So that's what it is to be, I guess, a globalist minion.
Let's skip the break.
Is to live under this.
So that's all coming up today.
We've got the economic news.
We've got Democrats announce a bill to revoke Trump's extreme vetting order.
Just seven countries that basically don't even have governments that are collapsed like Somalia, Sudan, and Libya.
Oh, here, let's just let people fly in unvetted with passports they can get off the, you know, a Cracker Jack box.
Or the back of a cereal box.
I mean, totally fake!
The government's announced they're at war with us, that they hate America.
But we're going to accept their paperwork because this snake woman, I mean, just look at her!
These mummies that run our lives, like Frankenstein with a wig on.
Talk about a blockhead.
But you know, she rules you, and you know what?
She's got a will to rule you and your family and sees you as prey.
And so you know what?
I guess you are.
Because we're putting up with this witch.
I'm going to go to a Paul Joseph Watson report that's very important and informative in a moment, and then I'm going to come back and get into Kober, Mox Conway by replacing shows cameras with microphones, with microwaves.
See, I had a Freudian slip.
I just can't lie.
So there are headlines of deception in the Hill.
And so I, my brain converted it to the truth.
Colbert mocks Conway by replacing show's cameras with microwaves, joking that she said appliances can spy on you.
We have that from the CIA director?
In Wired Magazine, we'll spy on you through your dishwasher, and it's in all the Vault 7 news, and everywhere.
But it's okay, because Colbert... He's snotty.
He makes fun.
You know, folks talking about death panels in the Obamacare, which were there, or how it ripped people off.
Because, you know, like Ruber said, thank God you're such dumb effers.
So, that's all coming up as well.
Ken Langland, Trump could turn out to be one of the best presidents if we all just get behind him.
That is absolutely right.
He talks about we have a limited window, though.
I have some criticisms of the president and this Paul Ryan bill.
I'm going to do that at the bottom of the hour.
I mean, I've just, I've analyzed the bill.
It's better than Obamacare.
And quite frankly, the country is so shot and healthcare is so shot that it'll all collapse if they don't do this.
If you look at the Republican establishment worldview of keeping things going the same way, it's still untenable.
It's going to collapse just down the road even if you rob the middle class and double charge people that are healthy and charge old people more that are healthy and then give a bunch of young people
Who are young and need to learn to work?
People didn't get free health care 20 years ago, 50 years ago.
All these so-called charity hospitals that you see everywhere that are run for profit now but are quote charities by the Catholic Church and all the rest of it.
Ladies and gentlemen, doctors are supposed to work a third of the time for charity.
The hospitalers started modern medical systems.
That was a Catholic order.
They started it all.
We had the best healthcare in the world 50 years ago, and the lowest cost as well.
Royalty from England and the Netherlands all came to Houston to have their heart surgeries done.
They went to D.C.
and New York for cancer treatment.
Now, it was just a joke.
We're falling apart because we're ripped off by big corporations and the big banks that wrote Obamacare.
The Republicans wrote 80% of Obamacare.
The horrible blank checks to loot things and you know, super scams and the rest was added on by Obama to totally bankrupt and even quicker and go to socialism right away, which is even worse, obviously.
So this is a looting program that is better than Obamacare.
And I told you Trump is very liberal in a lot of ways, folks.
But see, he's cutting taxes.
He's getting factories in.
It's very liberal to put $25 billion of the college endowment money.
That's close to 25% of what he's got budgeted the next
Four years to the black colleges.
I mean, that's true affirmative action, but directly to it.
And it's not to prove points.
It's an attempt to sure up a collapsing civilization.
With the infrastructure programs, the military rebuilding, all of it is a plan to save the country.
And we're so socialist and domesticated, it kind of capitulates, like Ron Paul said, we're so socialist now.
How do you wean folks off?
Well, I like Rand Paul's plan.
They're going to get the Senator back on, if we can.
He wanted to come on last week.
I wanted him to respond to this, because he ran through a laundry list of how this is a bad bill.
Maybe we should queue that up later and play it again.
It was at the very start of the interview.
Maybe we'll play that next segment.
And it's all true.
I mean, it's got bigger penalties, but it's privately done, if you've been out of the health care system for 63 days.
It's a corporate tax to these groups and it has the idea that we shouldn't have to take care of people that aren't insured, make them get insured.
Well, because of the wages and the taxes and the regulations, people can't afford it, most folks.
And so they're supposed to be able to go to get emergency care, charity care, which is still there but being phased out.
I know a lot of people that
Have quote, you know, super serious diseases that are going to cost millions of dollars a treat over the decades and they don't, and they, they make good money, but they're uninsurable.
Even if they have a good job, it's hard to get insured.
And I explained to him, you can go have this charity by charity care.
They didn't believe me.
They made phone calls.
They called back with her folks live in New York for Crohn's disease operation, remove some intestine.
This is like 10 years ago.
They brought him in, saw what they were doing, saw that they had been uninsured, saw that the drugs had cost too much, and the top Crohn's disease doctor in the country did his surgery and he's been like 90% better.
But when I was telling him all this, because it was just a video editor that wasn't my employee, it was a contractor at the time, and I was explaining all this to him, and that even when he had insurance he'd go to places here and they'd just give him more Remicade and all these drugs that didn't work.
He looked at me and said, there's no such thing.
And he would go to Austin hospitals, they'd lie and say, there's no such thing.
Yes, there's such a thing.
It's still law, but people don't know this.
See, my dad managed medical centers, not just dental centers, been a lobbyist at the state house, all of it.
Done lobbying work.
And he knows all about it.
I know about it.
I grew up all around it.
I was like 20 years old or younger.
My dad owned part of a hospital in Dallas.
Believe me, I know the ins and outs of medical stuff.
And I didn't used to believe my dad when I was 16 or 15 going to get my driver's license.
He said, don't sign the organ donor card, son.
I said, why?
And he goes, some hospitals will kill you.
You come in a car wreck, hurt, your brain will be fine.
They'll kill you.
They'll take the organs on the spot.
But I did what he told me, and then about, like I said, five years later, I've told this story many times, 60 Minutes did a report on Dallas and Chicago hospitals killing people for their organs, and Austin's been caught doing it too.
Oh yeah, some of the most wicked bandits out there, folks, are in the medical care.
Anyways, let me just digress, because I got off subject there.
When we come back, I'll play Paul Watson's report, and then we will get into all the other news that I'm going to be breaking down here.
Trump has done the first thing here in real policy, not just in rhetoric.
Because the torture stuff I thought was wrong and some of his understanding of how the spy grid works was incorrect with the iPhone.
And I'm not going to make excuses for what Trump's doing.
I know he wants to get some victories done.
He wants to fix Obamacare, which is meant to wreck the whole medical system and will do it the next 12 months, not just the two years.
He's absolutely right about that.
And I see his reasoning.
I understand what the president is talking about, but you've got to just repeal it and then be honest and make charity care come back and just point out that it's up to folks to get their own insurance and really start moving to turn the economy back on so that people can afford it and then push for companies that are successful enough to offer it.
But most companies are hanging on by their toenails, folks.
Hanging upside down.
And it's just meant to bankrupt all the small businesses.
The big megacorporations have actuaried it all in.
They're the ones lobbying for all the regulations, all the controls, because it'll bankrupt everything here.
And then they'll just go to China that has no healthcare, no childcare, no environmental systems, 18-hour workdays, hell on earth.
I saw some disinfo article on Vice about how the U.S.
only has 4% higher wages than China.
China has the most manipulated financial numbers on earth, that's admitted.
China has people working in their skilled factories for less than a dollar an hour.
But you just read something like that in Vice, and it's such fake news.
Speaking of fake news... Snoop Dogg.
Says he's anti-gun, but he has all these rap videos about shooting and killing people.
His latest rap video is about killing cops and spraying cops with bullets.
And they have a Donald Trump character dressed up like a clown who they kill, who they shoot.
And he calls for basically killing the president.
And I just think about how
It's so punk, and I mean punk like a punk in prison, it's so sick that Snoop Dogg knows fully well he's priming young people to be prepared for prison.
That he's getting them into a culture that's meant to destroy them, and that they have what, 4,000 shootings a year in Chicago?
3,000 plus of them black, 2,000 deaths, that's the last numbers I saw.
And that it's almost all black on black, and that it's the gangster culture that the CIA admittedly created in the 80s and 90s and deployed that's destroying communities everywhere.
And then Snoop Dogg sits there and makes it all about white versus black.
And Snoop Dogg sits there with the system, and again Viacom, CBS, MTV, Sumner Redstone, the same people that have these fake characters attacking myself and the President.
Putting words in our mouths on shows like Homeland, and he goes out there knowingly to pimp not just black people, but everybody else.
And then young people think it's so hard to act all confident, and thuggish, and snake-like.
It's just so low, and so pathetic, and so unmanly, and so cowardly, and so dishonorable.
Snoop Dogg, Alec Baldwin, this other punk actor, all of them are just parasites who know full well what they're doing.
We've got Paul Joseph Watson's breakdown of that coming up on The Other Side.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
I have an article from The Telegraph linked on DrudgeReport.com.
This creepy facial recognition app lets users find strangers on Facebook by simply taking their picture.
This facial recognition app was created by British entrepreneur Jack Kenyon.
And guess what?
People can identify others by matching a photo of them with their Facebook profile.
It scans more than a billion images per second.
You can find a person on the street, run their image through the app, and find out exactly who that person is.
This will launch on iOS March 21st, but it's already been tested on more than 10,000 images to date, with a 70% accuracy.
Is this the end of autonomous societies?
If you're concerned about spy news, you need to tune in to the Alex Jones Show at infowars.com slash show.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
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Back weeknight, 7 o'clock Central, InfoWars Nightly News.
Sundays, 4 to 6 p.m., I do a live transmission.
Coming up in the near future, I plan on launching more live transmissions, more live broadcasts, because
We have absolutely got to intensify our attacks on the globalists.
Alright, let's get into the news here because there is a lot of it and I want to get into Paul Watson's report and more.
I am a realist.
I'm also a pragmatist.
And you have to understand, as a real pragmatist, I understand the globalists are not going to give us quarter.
They're not negotiating with us.
They're not backing off.
They're not giving in.
They intend to bring down modern civilization.
They intend to cause massive forced population reduction.
That's their stated goal.
And dependency is the problem.
And I understand Trump wants to prove the establishment wrong and actually wants to fix Obamacare and make a better system.
But it's still redistribution of wealth.
From the middle class, from the working class, from the rich, to people that, in many cases, are not working.
Yes, Obamacare is far worse.
Yes, it was meant to destroy the system.
Yes, as Trump says, we've got to do this now to prop it up.
But you can't have a house that's already half burned down and then just put the fire out and then move back into the burned out house.
Just let the thing burn down, folks.
Obama was going to replace it with a bigger scam and more social control.
And big corporations managing it.
Corporate government rule is the globalist model.
That's why the Republicans helped write the thing.
And what Paul Ryan is putting through is sickening.
And he sits there and lectures everybody and says that we're all going to be screwed if we don't, you know, do this and healthcare is going to collapse.
It was designed to collapse.
So a lighter version of it, bro,
Is a scam.
Paul Ryan replaces Obamacare's insurance penalties with even larger penalties.
This is the first time that Trump is actually trying to appeal the actual leftist voters out there.
And I said, look, I get sitting $25 billion, the black colleges try to actually empower groups that have been annihilated by the MTV culture and the rest of it.
The media just totally ignores it.
Just like this plan that's a better version of Obamacare.
Still a globalist operation.
So, quite frankly, 50 plus days in, I was surprised that Trump had pretty much a perfect record.
But this is not good.
And Rand Paul is absolutely right.
You have Michael Savage coming up later to break all this down.
Before I go any further, the bottom line is this.
We can't give up because the globalists aren't going to leave us alone.
They're never going to stop trying to go after productive, strong, upright people of every color, of every creed, of the human race.
And we have to get aggressive and we have to be politically involved.
But we're designed to be that way.
It's the animating contest.
It's not like I'm asking people to go out and bust rocks.
We can't let these scumbags win.
We can't roll over and give up.
And it's so unfulfilling to just go be a self-serving, you know, person that goes to the movies and goes to the bar and goes and plays pool every day or goes and lays out at the beach and reads novels and screws around and enjoys themselves.
That is the most empty lifestyle in the world.
I've gone through periods when I was like that.
Maybe when I was 19.
Had decent jobs, making money, dating girls.
But I knew bad stuff was going on in the world and I had to stand up against it.
It was an instinct.
It was a spirit.
It had to be done.
And we have to rekindle that spirit.
That's what the enemy's trying to demoralize us constantly and trying to break us down and trying to tell us we're ugly and failed and give up is because people like Dianne Feinstein
Want to break your will.
She thinks she's stronger than you.
Because she has this vampiric lust for power.
Now before I get into Paul Watson's report and then I want to get some into what Rand Paul said last week and then into the other economic and military news and the censorship news.
I want to just remind the viewers and listeners that as the censorship intensifies, one of the only ways we're able to get in touch with you and stay in contact with you is via email.
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And this is all about free speech, meeting like-minded people and promoting the truth.
And standing up against the bullies that tell folks that they can't wear their colors proud.
It's a red, white, and blue shirt, which again, the 9th Circuit has ruled as illegal in California schools.
And I even have articles right here today again, where if teams have red, white, and blue colors, they're told that they can't have them at basketball games because it hurts the Muslims' feelings.
I'm not kidding.
Well, then you don't feel like you should be part of the country if the red, white, and blue upset you.
I mean, why are we submitting to them?
Erdogan has now declared the dictator of Turkey that he is the supreme ruler of Europe, basically.
Refugee athletes.
That's the name of the team, North Refugee Athletes.
Oh my gosh, yes, no!
Americanism's back, baby!
Loving what made the country great.
God, guns and guts, free market, having your own life, being free, having an open society, true Thomas Jeffersonian liberalism.
And the anti-free speech cult is so bad, they're banning, oh I'm sorry, scales now at colleges.
Because scales could trigger somebody.
And they're banning whiteboards because somebody might write something that's offensive.
That's like saying we're banning all books because someone might write something offensive.
It's beyond burning books.
It's banning the written word.
This is beyond cult.
Our colleges on purpose aren't out of control.
They're designed to create serious psychological mental illnesses.
You go to South by Southwest, it's taking place today, and I don't claim to be a beach body and the greatest guy around or anything, okay?
I mean, I've done some living.
And if you ain't lovin', you ain't livin'.
To quote George Strait.
But you go down there, I haven't even, I haven't been down there yet.
Last year, I mean, it was just like these zombies, all kind of shuffling, looking at their phones en masse.
Just all lined up trying to get a job, trying to be successful, trying to be famous, and the whole thing is even a bigger con job than college, where 90% of the degrees you get are worthless.
It is just all a giant scam to suck money off people and to go hear boring losers, you know, and globalists, and Barack Obama, and chink yogurt, and all these people spew garbage at you.
Even The Verge admits it's just one more place to stare at your phone.
I've got a very interesting guest coming into the studio tomorrow to talk about this.
He's going to go out and maybe even today when his plane lands the next hour, we're going to go out and actually examine this from the example of somebody in the very best preparedness, fitness, mental preparation, you name it.
Very famous member of SEAL Team 6.
Versus what these people have turned into.
So you kind of have like the person in about the best development a human can get in for their age and training and understanding and leadership and intelligence.
And then kind of somebody like me kind of in the middle.
And then the blobs.
And I don't say that about the blobs meanly.
They're gone, folks.
I saw another mash-up piece.
I sent it to Nico.
I forget exactly what publication it was.
Let me look it up.
And I've become one of the top, I guess, comedians in the country.
Literally, they're even saying that in newspapers, tongue-in-cheek.
That's A.V.
With daily mash-ups of things I've said in 20 years on video into these comedy pieces.
And they think it's destroying me or hurting me, but we have the metrics.
It's sending us giant hordes of young people.
My son loves it, his school loves it, and it's fun.
I like being made fun of.
You think I'm like some fake conservative from 50 years ago that's all in a stuffed suit going, oh, Buffy, how dare them make a joke about me, or Judge Smails.
And then it's got the comments in here.
And like most of the comments, when you read them, are, this is the guy that says whites are superior to black people.
Never said that.
This is the guy that says he's superior genetically to Denzel Washington when he's old and ugly.
What are you talking about?
That's mental illness.
I've never said any such thing.
It's like this mental illness where it's like they're fiction writers and they make stuff up and they say I produced an album called I Don't Like Blacks 2018.
And it's like pseudo-intellectuals.
And I feel sorry for these people because I was reading these comments this morning and it was wild.
We've changed the world.
We've got presidents being elected all over the world to fight globalism and have a new pro-empowerment, productivity, renaissance.
We're having huge success.
We reach 45 million people a week conservatively.
We're creating spinoff movements that are reaching even more people.
And then they have these weird celebrations.
I see it too about Drudge.
Oh, he's number one, but he's a loser.
Or Alex is big, but he's a loser.
It's like, oh, Alex is mentally ill.
Or Alex is an outcast, and they're projecting everything they think they are.
And they're these alone people in their mother's basements.
All the demographics show it.
The average liberal, like 90% below the age of 35, lives in their mom's basement, has no job, plays video games all day, and then they just sit there together celebrating how people that are active, aggressive, successful.
Genetically, I'm successful.
I've got a lot of kids.
They're successful.
My family line's been successful.
By every benchmark, I'm very successful.
And then they go have little ceremonies and celebrations that I'm not successful.
Because they need to live in a delusional world where they create a straw man of who I am, and then they declare themselves better than that person.
It's the same thing the white supremacists do.
They'll just say, Alex Jones works for Israel, blah blah blah.
He's a bad guy.
Just to make themselves feel powerful and put themselves above me.
And I noticed that some of the black supremacist groups do that too, but really not many.
It's mainly weird white young people that have all this weird white guilt and no identity, and then they go and comment and just make stuff up.
Like, hey dude, if you're gonna say that I think I'm better than Denzel Washington,
What the hell are you talking about?
I like Denzel Washington movies.
I think the guy's good looking.
In fact, they make the point, oh look, Denzel Washington's 20 years older and looks younger than Alex.
What did I ever say about Denzel Washington?
You just make up some fantasy that I think I'm better than Denzel Washington, just like Alec Baldwin pretends to be the president, and then says Alex Jones told me black people aren't humans.
And I bet money, there's a bunch of these comments in here.
I bet this guy called Cookie Monster, this handle, probably saw Saturday Night Live and thinks, if they made that joke about me, it must be true.
See, they're trying to brand me as David Duke, when David Duke doesn't even say stuff that far.
All they're doing is branding themselves at Saturday Night Live as fake and as frauds.
And the fake news is doing that too.
But with the faking people, that's in one group.
Of every color, of every region, of every... you name it.
Just awake, sentient beings.
And over here you've got the massive people, though, that literally are living in fantasy land.
The delusionoids.
They call us the deplorables, they're the delusionoids.
The delusionals.
And they've got a lot of guts.
In the system to put this out, but it works because people don't differentiate fiction with nonfiction now.
So mainstream media is the fake news.
They're organizing with the communist Chinese to censor the liberty movement.
Man, that's fighting words.
That's foreign espionage.
That's a foreign takeover of our media, our entertainment, our infrastructure.
And I see the leftists commenting in Computer World and you name it.
Oh good, China help us please shut down Alex Jones and President Trump.
There's actual comments?
Oh yes, communist Chinese are really going to treat you real good.
You sit here in the lap of freedom.
You sit here in the lap of the West and then bitch about it when you have no idea what you're allying yourself with.
North Korea is a dropping of China.
Little pile they left in the corner there.
Horrible enslavement.
But you think it's cute when Dennis Rodman goes over there and hangs out with Kim Jong-un in just as a little pot-bellied goblin launches missiles at Japan and we've got to have B-52 bombers on the tarmac with nukes now in South Korea ready to nuke the entire North.
They're not just going to drop bombs on Pyongyang, they're going to drop bombs all along the border where he's got
Reportedly 100,000 pieces of artillery aimed at Seoul.
Can't feed his people, but boy, does little Mr. Weenie... Does little Weenie... Little Weenie...
Kim Jong Un have a bunch of missiles.
They always do.
That's your state.
That's what you worship.
See, America's the big liberal, open society, freedom, wild, wild west, baby.
And you people want to control words and ban whiteboards and ban scales and ban the word mother and father.
You're the cult.
You're not the cool people.
Got it?
You don't get it.
You morons don't know the life I've led, what I've done, any of it.
You sit there in your mommy's basement.
When I've lived more than you at 40, let's say you're 40, by the time I was 14 years old, guaranteed, you sit there in your mommy's basement.
As we change the world and you lie about us as if it's some magic power you discovered.
Everybody knows 6 and 7 year olds tend to lie a lot.
It's like a new thing they discover and it's real cool.
Everybody's laughing at the kid when they're lying constantly and they don't stop lying by the time they're 10 or so, the kid's got a problem.
You're in your mommy's basement!
Get out of your pampers now!
And I don't respond to you meanly because I want to hurt you.
I know you only respond to ridicule.
That's at the level you're at in, you know, junior high.
Arrested development.
So I'm reaching out to you like junior high.
You're all over there eating your buggers in the corner, laughing at adults living in the real world.
It's time for you to grow up, sonny, and get out of mommy's basement and stop being mad at people that have done things.
Because that's what this really is, is a bunch of little kids sitting around mad at people that are actually doing something.
So, let's go to Paul Joseph Watson's report, and I've got an excerpt coming up from the Rand Paul interview on healthcare and why it's a bad deal.
I agree with him.
This is what Trump's doing is wrong.
I understand it's going to save healthcare overalls.
Obamacare was meant to sabotage it.
You could argue that that's the only reason you can say Trump's right.
I still think it's the wrong course, but he wants victories.
He wants to show he's getting stuff done.
And I've disagreed with him before, and he's turned out to be right.
But I just cannot reserve judgment here.
I have to say, I think it's bad.
Trump's done his first bad thing.
Let's go ahead and go to Paul Joseph Watson on Snoop Temp.
If you're not a TV viewer, you really should see this.
It's on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We're going to retweet it right now at Relox Jones.
Please spread it.
And also post it on your Facebook.
Use those enemy channels while they're still available.
Because you have to see the crime graphics during this to understand literally how these black rap leaders were hired.
Snoop's one of the people to literally prime black folks for prison.
Here it is.
Oh look, he's so cool!
45-year-old has-been rapper Snoop Dogg is trying to escape total irrelevance by releasing a video in which he shoots a clown version of Donald Trump.
The song also promotes violence against police.
Right, so let me get this straight.
Your recommendation to heal tensions between the black community and the police is for black people to just start spraying cops with bullets?
Great idea, you f***ing idiot!
It's this very glorification of violence that has led to black people having more violent confrontations with police.
It's this very gangster chic that has led to the bloodbath of black-on-black murders.
And it's partly your fault!
Snoop Dogg is one of the prime culprits for brainwashing African Americans into thinking violent crime is cool.
Ruining countless lives.
But he really cares about black people.
Yeah, give me a break.
You need somebody hit.
You need somebody touched.
You need somebody scared.
You need somebody shook up.
That's what a street soldier does.
By any means necessary at all times.
It's no wonder the KKK died out.
All the white racists just sat back and laughed as they watched hip-hop music decimate black communities, afflicting generations of young black people with a self-immolating cultural narrative that led to soaring homicides and mass incarceration.
But Snoop really cares about black people.
Remember in 2013 when Snoop released this track, No Guns Allowed, while decrying firearms violence?
We've seen too much bloodshed involving guns and we want to prevent the next incident from happening.
That's what it's all about, trying to bring awareness and push love and peace.
So four years ago, you were all about promoting love and peace to solve gun violence, and now you put out an entire video encouraging people to commit gun violence.
So a dude who's been arrested and charged with illegal gun possession multiple times, a dude who raps about shooting people with AK-47s, a dude who's written song after song after song glorifying gun violence, he's the poster child for gun safety.
Give me a f***.
Snoop's not gonna tell you about the 93% of black people in America who were killed by other black people, is he?
He's not gonna tell you that more white people are killed by cops in America despite black people committing violent crimes at seven to ten times the rate that white people do.
No, he's not gonna tell you that because he's a race pimp and a total
So Snoop wants reparations because black people were slaves 200 years ago.
Okay, so where do I apply for my reparations given that my ancestors were enslaved by Arabs for way longer and under far more brutal conditions than African Americans?
Remember when the left said depictions of Obama as a clown were racist?
Now it's not only trendy to depict Trump as a clown,
It's okay to symbolically assassinate him.
Imagine if a conservative music star like Ted Nugent had put out a music video in which he mock-murdered Barack Obama.
Imagine the outrage!
The truth is that the left wants some lunatic to try and assassinate Donald Trump.
Because they're so progressive and tolerant like that.
They've been pushing this narrative for over a year.
Every single hip-hop song that advocates violence against Trump or his supporters has been praised by the establishment media.
This is part of their resistance strategy.
The mainstream media and the entertainment industry is radicalizing extremists with this rhetoric.
They radicalized the left-wing anti-Trump journalists who sent bomb threats
to Jewish community centers.
They radicalized the Russian hackers obsessed loon from California who scaled the White House fence to try and get to Trump.
Snoop Dogg is part of this hysteria and he's a complete idiot.
He's been a pioneering influence in a culture that's done incredible damage to black people for the last 25 years.
Damage that Trump is now trying to fix by helping the inner cities with the aid of Ben Carson.
So Snoop Dogg, go back to your brain-addled weed-smoking marathons.
Go back to your aging irrelevance and shut the f*** up.
You've done enough damage, as it is.
Oh, Alec Baldwin hasn't responded yet to my challenge to bare-knuckle box me for lying and saying I'm a racist that hates black people.
Maybe I should just sue him.
Or now the punk Ron Perlman comes out and says he wants to fight me if Alec Baldwin won't.
Another phony actor tough guy.
Hey, we live in the real world, guy.
Live in the real world.
Real place.
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It's a win-win.
Go check out all their different products at InfoWarsTore.com.
It's amazing!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
So, Alec Baldwin is a famous hypocrite, a famous punk.
Alec Baldwin is a famous bully that likes to start fights with little guys.
He's getting in trouble for it all the time, like beating up little paparazzi folks, you name it, that don't fight back.
So I, tongue-in-cheek, you know, said, hey, a million dollars, your favorite charity, whoever loses, bare knuckles, in a ring.
Then I realized he's older than me, so I said, I'll fight you and Bill O'Reilly, too, because Bill O'Reilly said, in our next piece on sexual predators, they show a video of me screaming about something.
No one's ever called me a sexual predator.
I mean, I called you that.
O'Reilly, that's a big deal, man.
You're the one that's settling cases of that type of stuff.
So I said, it pisses me off, man!
Don't sit there and call me a sexual predator!
What the hell is your problem?
And then he plays the part of the president, Alec Baldwin does, and then says, the black people are aliens, they're not human, Alex Jones, Infowars told me, and then cuts the black folks all angry, going, oh, we get it, you're racist.
Hey, man!
I protest the KKK.
I don't like racist crap.
You're the people pushing it.
How would Ron Perlman like it if people got on TV and said that he didn't like black people?
But I know you're Hollywood.
You're entitled.
You gotta do what the big Hollywood bosses do, pissing on America, promoting all the anti-America crap, or you won't get roles.
Hey, Perlman, little news flash.
I don't want Hollywood roles.
I've been chased around, people trying to give them to me.
I don't want to live in fantasy land, okay?
Understand that?
In fact, I guess come out and say I'm a sexual predator, or come out and say I hate black people, and then I'll challenge you to your thing.
I don't think you're worth a million bucks though.
I don't think it'd be big enough.
Alec Baldwin, definitely a million dollars in publicity, and I would have to just work on my wrist, but I'm ready to go.
I'm ready to go.
And I know you got a big head, big jaw, old guy, so it shows you're tough.
I tell you what, you put up the million bucks, we'll do it.
And I guess you like Baldwin, you like North Korea, you like the Islamists and the sexual mutilation of women.
I mean, I don't know.
You just say you support the Democratic Party.
You say you're into all this stuff.
And you're a tough guy in movies that runs around and does all this stuff.
Get it!
You pick big movies.
Get it!
See, we just put the President in against all your crap.
We're defeating globalism all over the world.
We're mobilizing the military and the veterans to defend the President.
With the major leaders and former leaders of special forces groups.
You live in the world where you dress up like you're in the special forces and run around and battle demons.
Well, if you're really doing that, hell boy, Ron Perlman, you would then go and you would be fighting Hillary Clinton, who funded Islamic State to run around and kill hundreds of thousands of others.
But I get it.
You live in the fantasy land where your buddy can get up and say a bunch of lies about Donald Trump and myself.
And treat us like we're non-humans.
That's what psychopaths and sociopaths do.
So let me act like I'm a police department and little Jenny's been kidnapped by Alec Baldwin.
He hasn't literally kidnapped a little girl named Jenny and doesn't have her in a basement.
But let's just hypothetically.
Little Jenny has a grandma that loves her and her parents and a puppy named Toby.
And she loves to play and she's scared at night if she doesn't get put to bed by her mom.
Tina, and you know, she really is a person and she's scared and she'd like to come home.
So listen, just drop her off somewhere where she can get into a mall, a store, wherever, and then maybe you can just disappear and nothing's going to happen.
But she's a human being and this isn't going to go well.
I mean, what are you going to do with her?
It's the same thing.
You're on TV saying, I hate black people, and then my employees get thrown out of their apartments because of it.
Or when Colbert says I hate gay people.
See, we're real people, man.
You can't just go lie about us so you can win your little arguments because you live in Hollywood and you read off scripts.
Understand, you're messing with real people.
Real people!
Not Snoop Dogg acting like he's into Crips and all this stuff.
Not all the punks.
Not all punk-ass Hollywood.
Financially falling in the ocean and about to fall in there seismically, 12 years overdue for a megaquake.
So you just breathe your smog in Hollywood and walk around and act all narcissistic with all the other punks around you.
Or you could actually live in a real world and try to save the republic and make it great again.
I'm told Michael Savage, the legend, is joining us straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Once again, the food of Americans, one of the most basic staples, chicken, is under attack.
Alabama reports that they have found three cases of bird flu in your poultry.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
Alabama has found three poultry facilities in the northern part of the state.
Its agricultural department is claiming that this happened near where two cases were detected recently in nearby Tennessee.
Alabama has not received any definitive test results that confirm its cases are highly pathogenic, which is the more lethal form of the virus, according to a spokeswoman for the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.
Find out what's in your food because your health is your most valuable resource.
If you want to stay in tune for more health news, go to our YouTube channel at youtube.com slash Alex Jones.
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And we need to do everything we can to recapture that.
Everyone knew that you used all the parts of the animal.
You used the meat for sustenance, the fat for cooking, but you used the bones for strength.
From the outside structure full of minerals and key cofactors, to the marrow that produces the blood for the body, this is the engine of the life essence.
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I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this, but you wanna fight, you better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All right, for the next 30 minutes we're honored to have one of my favorite guests, and one of your favorite guests I know, Dr. Michael Savage.
He's the media icon in the conservative and Americana movement.
He holds a master's degree in medical botany and a second in medical anthropology.
Additionally, he earned his Ph.D.
from the University of California at Berkeley in epidemiology and nutrition sciences.
He is the author of
25 books including four New York Times bestsellers.
I think it's more than that now.
He earned the coveted Freedom of Speech Award from Talkers Magazine 2007. michaelsavage.com.
And the reason we're all here with Trump in office is our audience, Matt Drudge, Michael Savage, and Donald Trump putting out the truth, breaking down the facts, and you can see in everything Trump does and what Stephen Bannon does, Michael Savage
Right there.
And it's not about giving him credit because he doesn't care.
He doesn't need the money or the accolades.
It's about what's winning and what the truth is and our superior ideology.
When I say superior, they want to ban the ideology of Americana and Renaissance because compared to theirs, I mean, it's like North Korean ideology.
Banning whiteboards at universities all over because someone might write something bad.
That's beyond burning books.
We're entering a new level all over the country.
Can't wear American flags in a basketball game.
It hurts the Muslims.
Well, then they shouldn't be here if they are hurt by a flag.
I thought you wanted to be Americans.
So joining us is Michael Savage.
I asked him, what do you want to talk about?
We talked 30 seconds before he came on.
He said, censorship.
And I was like, wow, that's the first thing I wanted to hit.
German official wants $53 million fine for fake news.
Or hate posts.
And that of course, we're already getting banned in Europe.
Twitter, Facebook are blocking our posts.
Google kicked us off Google Ads two weeks ago.
That was set to basically be the profit we would have this year to fund our operation.
We're under attack.
Savage is being blacklisted.
Dr. Michael Savage joins us.
Thank you so much for coming on with us, Doc.
I kind of set the table there.
Where do you want to go first?
Who is the Nazi in Germany who pretends to be a nice guy?
Who's the Nazi in Germany who wants the $53 million fine for expressing a different opinion?
Who is this neo-Nazi?
That's one of the ministers and that's one of the leaders of one of the major political parties.
That's Justice Minister Jaco Maas, a member of the center-left Social Democratic Party.
Wait a minute, what do you mean center-left Social Democratic Party?
The National Socialism was a center-left Social Democratic Party under Adolf Hitler.
That's right.
And we have the same thing in America now, called the Democrat Socialist Islamist Party of America, under the guise of fairness for all.
Look, it's a war.
It's a civil war, God darn it, I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of them picking up sticks and beating up old women and calling it anti-fascism.
When are the Hells Angels and the Plumbers going to join the front lines and show those left-wing slimebags what fascism really looks like?
I agree.
Snoop Dogg puts out a video, Viacom promotes it, saying, kill the president, kill police officers.
And at a certain point, we're not looking for violence, but they're organizing violence against America.
I mean, when are people going to start falling down and hitting their heads so they learn they're pushing for revolution in a war, they're going to get one.
Well, Alex, we're there already.
The war has started.
We're in the Civil War.
There's no question about it.
Who's winning, though, is the question.
Who is really winning?
We elected the President.
We allegedly own the Senate.
We have the House.
And we're getting nothing done.
No tax cuts.
Not a brick laid for the wall.
What's been done?
Because they're obstructionists, as you well know.
So, I don't want to just keep going back to Trump swore the book.
Trump swore the book.
No, but that's it.
You said a month before the election, the last time you were here, if he wins, the real war starts.
Well, the real war has started, but first we have to look at the enemies within.
The Paul Ryans.
I will not defend Donald Trump, no matter what.
What more do we need to know other than the enemy within is the enemy within?
So, what do we do about it?
Well, for one, we stop playing nice with Paul Ryan, and we stop playing nice with Mitch the Goblin McConnell.
We understand that the left wing of the Republican Party has never gone away.
The left wing of the Republican Party, in fact, is impeding Donald Trump at every turn.
The left wing of the Republican Party is the Democrat Party, is the Socialist Party, USA.
It's all one.
As long as they get what they want, they don't care about social issues, they don't care about cultural issues, they don't care about borders, language, or culture.
All they care about is feathering their own nests and feathering the military-industrial complex with another endless war.
In fact, they're in competition, aren't they, Dr. Savage, with the nation-state, the family, because that creates success and independence.
They are actually at war with prosperity for the general public.
When I was 18, I read Karl Marx in its entirety in an English translation, of course.
And one of the things that struck me was one of his chief targets, Karl Marx, one of his chief targets was the family.
It was the family.
He said the family is a bourgeois institution.
That stands in the way of progress and it must be eliminated at all costs.
Now enter all the social policies of the last 30 or 40 years.
You'll see every last one of them aims at mother and father and child.
Every policy of the left is aimed at the middle class as we know it.
You'll notice that Hillary Clinton started changing her pitch in the last four months to middle-class, middle-class.
Remember Bernie Sanders got the message?
Middle-class, middle-class.
But they were anti-middle-class.
I was about to say, at first they didn't have any American flags at their convention, and then they took out in the Pledge of Allegiance, One Nation Under God.
Now she's back saying, oh God bless you, and dressed like a little old lady that's gonna cook cookies for you.
Yeah, sounds like someone on the Trump team who we won't talk about, who wears little doilies now after the
The splaying shot there in the Oval Office on the sofa with the legs behind it.
But let's put that aside, because that was just a comedic moment of insanity.
Let's talk about the healthcare thing, because the first thing Castro did after becoming a communist, you remember when he took... People don't know this, that when he took power in Cuba, he said he's not a communist.
He would not bring in communism.
People don't remember that.
I had a friend who actually went over to Cuba and got stuck there during the revolution.
Bruce, I'll never forget him.
But he said in the beginning it was wonderful, it seemed like liberation.
Then he started killing his cohorts, and then he announced he is a communist.
The next thing he did is he gave the Cuban peasants, what?
Health care.
But where does Castro go for his health care when he needed it while he was still living?
He flew in a doctor from Miami!
He didn't use a Cuban doctor.
The Cuban doctors are for the peasants.
That's right, let's turn that around.
They had health care before he took their health care and made you get it from the state.
Now, let's look at our healthcare.
Thank you.
This stupid Obamacare now became Trumpcare.
They're not really repealing it.
Savage came up with a solution, which is in Trump's war, and I discussed it on my radio show yesterday.
Everybody should get the book.
Alex, listen, this is so commonsensical, no one's picked up on it.
It makes so much sense that people are ignoring it.
Savage says put high-risk individuals in high-risk insurance pools.
That's what my dad says, and he ran medical companies for decades.
If you're a driver, you pay higher rates if you had accidents.
If you go for any kind of insurance... If you're an astronaut, if you're a deep water welder, you pay because you're in a high-risk pool.
That's what I'm saying, so why shouldn't it apply to Trumpcare?
High-risk individuals, high-risk pools.
You have multiple sex partners every week, you go in a high-risk pool.
You shouldn't pay the same as a grandma who goes to church every week.
You smoke three packs of cigarettes a day, you go in a high-risk pool.
Why is this not being picked up?
I hope after your show, the headline is, Savage says, high-risk pools for high-risk individuals to save Trumpcare.
We will.
That's the headline.
I've sent it, by the way.
I've sent it to Donald Trump via some internal, you know, routing.
By the way, he, I mean, I know he loves you.
I talk to people that talk to him all the time.
I talk to him so many times.
He loves Michael Savage.
He listens to your show.
So, I mean, obviously, it makes sense.
This is a much better plan.
Rand Paul has a good plan that talks about things you're saying.
Why is he then going with this Paul Ryan thing?
Because politics is a compromise.
He knows he has to get things done.
The question is, this is too big an issue to compromise on.
And one of the signature pieces of the campaign was, we're going to repeal Obamacare, right?
Well, okay, so the people are very unhappy.
And we need to gut the whole thing and start all over again.
I am sick and tired of people who lead healthy lifestyles, clean lifestyles, if you want to put it that way.
Paying the same as illegal immigrants, who by the way should have no health care.
My dad and mom hadn't used their insurance in over 20 years, and as soon as this came in they doubled their prices, and so my parents are paying higher prices, and then people that have been milking the system, they're paying lower.
It's incredible.
Well isn't that socialism?
Some animals are more equal than others, isn't that what Orwell told us about?
Some animals are more equal than others, Alex.
We're not equal to the liberals.
It's four legs good, two legs bad.
We walk on two legs, they walk on four, and they're superior to us because they have four legs, Alex.
George Orwell wrote it.
I love Orwell because he was a socialist in the 30s when it was very popular, until he found out what socialists were actually doing to their people.
He saw Hitler, he saw Stalin, he saw the totalitarian
Well, as you know, he fought, he wrote a bunch of non-fiction books, he fought in the Spanish Civil War against the Nazis, and then found out the Communists were just as bad, and were planning to actually just enslave.
So that's why in his allegory, the pigs, at first they're two legs bad, but as soon as they run the humans off, they start walking on their two legs as well.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
What I loved about a very obscure statement of Orwell was, if a man comes to plant the bomb in your mother's house, plant one in his mother's house first.
So I 100% support Donald Trump firing drones at these throwbacks.
Good idea.
You know, I'm so tired of hearing about collateral damage.
How about the collateral damage here in America from political correctness?
We've had one piece of collateral damage after another.
Do I have to go back to the incident in Orlando where all the gays were slaughtered?
We've forgotten that because it's an inconvenient truth.
San Bernardino, the two Muslims killed their co-workers.
Inconvenient truth, the collateral damage.
There's only one way to win a war, Alex.
It's horrible.
It's terrible.
War is horrible.
It's called kill them.
They're never going to see it your way.
And the collateral damage, unfortunately, is part of warfare.
Well, let's expand on that.
Obama and Hillary backed ISIS, backed these invasions, Trump's cleaning them out, and in these towns where the people are supposed to be refugees and come out and get checked if they're not terrorists, if they're all staying there in the towns, then they're open in war to be bombarded.
That's the way it works.
Yeah, well, we can't talk about their women and children without sounding like we're mean.
Unfortunately, they don't care too much about our women and children.
You mean the suicide bomber kids?
No, ISIS doesn't care much about women and children.
They're not fanatical Muslims.
They kill moderate Muslims, women and children.
They turn Yezidi girls 8 years old into sex slaves.
I didn't hear Hillary, the great woman supporter, say one word while the girls were crying out for help.
Not one word from that lying witch.
So I don't want to get distracted.
Let's talk about Trump's war.
No, I agree.
What he's got ahead of him.
What he needs to do.
Because clearly we're here.
Nationalism is exploding worldwide.
The socialists, the control freaks are desperate.
How are they going to counter strike?
What do we do?
I know the book breaks it down.
The blueprint, Trump's war.
His battle for America.
Undoubtedly this is it.
He's trying to turn the economy back on.
He's very fatalistic.
He's on a mission.
He's a great guy.
He's not perfect.
None of us are.
But Trump clearly is for real.
And we're moving forward.
What do we do, Dr. Savage?
Well, let's take it issue by issue.
Right now, the issue in the news is what?
It's healthcare.
Okay, big issue.
And he's suddenly, almost the ship has come to a stall.
The engines have stopped.
People don't know what to do.
The costs are through the ceiling.
Let's come up with a commonsensical beginning.
Donald Trump gives a speech tomorrow which says, I have a partial solution to the impasse.
It's not perfect, but it's going to help us save billions of dollars in the short run and trillions in the long run.
High-risk pools.
When I was 18 years old, got a driver's license, went to get insurance, had a part-time job.
They told me my insurance would cost more than my dad.
I went to my dad, I said, Dad,
Why do I have to pay more insurance than you?
I'm a kid.
I don't have the money.
He said, because kids your age get into more accidents.
Well, guess what?
I found the money.
I took a second day after school job.
I paid my auto insurance until I proved that I was an individual who no longer should be in the high-risk pool.
I think it was two years later.
That I was made into an adult, you know, at a regular rate.
I remember being like 22 years old and all of a sudden my insurance went down by like half.
And again, this is what it's all about behavior.
It's all about what you've done.
It's all about free market.
It's not about just give everything away free and then wonder why the economy blows up.
All we have to do is look at South America.
How did socialism work out down there in our dear neighbor that used to be a thriving nation with a great middle class?
Does anyone remember the name of the country called Venezuela?
Has it been dropped from the lexicon of the left because it's a disaster and a disastrous example of what socialism actually brings as opposed to what the textbooks tell you it brings?
They're now in road warrior level collapse, and notice you hear nothing about it.
They've eaten all the farm animals, they've eaten all their pets.
Literally, they're now eating people down there, reportedly.
Can you imagine they're killing animals in the zoo?
Because there's no food?
That's socialism in action.
Forget what Robert Reich, the midget from Berkeley, says.
Or what the seltzer man from Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders, says.
These are hardcore fanatical midgets.
The reality is seen in that nation where they're starving to death.
That's socialism.
The idiots out there who don't know this know nothing.
They're the useful idiots of our time.
I totally agree.
So why are the elites, except for Donald Trump, pushing socialism?
Take a look at the mobs you just showed on your own screen.
They're scared.
They're vulnerable.
They're desperate.
Who do they turn to?
That's right, they want slaves.
Yes, sir.
And it makes you upset to see people being enslaved.
I'm the same way.
And then I get around leftists.
They just, they actually, a lot of them know what they're doing now, even low-level ones.
Even though they're not getting power from it, they get off on burning down the country, burning down the culture.
They're actually just envious of success, envious of honorableness.
And a lot of these people are actually a cult of... You studied this, you were the first to call it a mental illness.
It is a mental illness, but it's also a cult.
It's a nihilistic cult.
It's a cult of nihilism, which is of destruction.
You could call it satanism if you want to put it into the religious context.
It's a worship of evil and darkness.
It's the dark side.
So it is a battle, Alex, in a metaphorical sense between lightness and darkness.
Not racial.
I know everything is seen in race.
No, it's not racial.
It's a spiritual statement.
The light and the darkness.
And this transcends race, it transcends age, it transcends everything.
We, in the light, have a huge job ahead of us, which is how to lead without getting crazy, how to lead without getting violent.
It may be a task that is too great for us, Alex.
We may be driven to violence.
We may have to defend ourselves.
We may have to stand up to these throwback left-wing vermin and get in their faces and not let them do this to the grandmothers who support Trump.
These sick people on the left, these are the mentally sick degenerates of our society.
But they are psychologically violent.
And there's only one way to deal with them.
You could try love, but I'm not Jesus.
How'd that work out for Jesus?
How'd love work out for Jesus?
I don't know about you, Alex.
I really don't want to wind up on a cross with spikes in my hand.
I know this!
I mean, they're on the news saying, kill me, kill you, kill Trump.
I mean, we're in the weird fraternity of being the few guys that, you know, actually get attacked like he does, but obviously lesser.
Saturday Night Live comes out and says...
You're posing Saturday as the President, and Alec Baldwin says, Black people aren't humans, Alex Jones at Infowars told me, and it cuts to Black people, mad.
And then I actually then see post, people believe now that I said that, and it's like, and then I tell Alec Baldwin I want to get in a ring with him, and then the media says, oh, I'm threatening Alec Baldwin for no reason, and won't even say my full quote because he said that I hate Black people.
I mean, they're sick liars!
Alec Baldwin is a failed actor.
He has not been in a hit in how many years.
So he's reverting to what?
A crappy little television show, Saturday Night Dead?
And his big calling card is smearing people like you?
He's nobody.
He's a nothing.
He hates people.
All he's got is hate to sell.
He's a loser.
I don't think you should lock on to what he said about you, but I love you challenged him to get into a ring with you.
I love that.
I think you'd flatten him with one blow.
Well, I mean, I'm not the toughest guy around.
I've been beat up quite a bit, but I mean, I guarantee I'd win against that punk.
Michael Savage, Trump's war, his battle of America.
You're a hard guy to get on.
Knock him out for Mike.
I'll do it, believe me.
Trump's war, his battle for America, the number one New York Times bestselling author.
Tell us about the book summit.
I know you're a hard guy to get on.
I really hope you'll come on more and sometime really get into the, you know, your whole philosophy and, you know, where everything's going.
Because I used to hear you 15 years ago on the air and agree, you know, agree with like 80 percent.
Now you're like 95 percent or 90 percent, you know, 98 percent.
It's just crazy how you warned about the left and Islam merging.
And I thought they'd never do that.
But they've done it and they're just opening Europe and all of it.
It's just crazy.
I said that the progressives would align with the Islamists to destroy the West.
And of course that's what's happening.
And the Democrat Socialist Islamist Party is what they have become.
How can you explain people of Jewish heritage in the Democrat Party so enamored of Islam?
Can you explain that to me?
Why is Schumer so obsessed with making certain that more Islamists... I think it's flirting with suicide.
I think it's nihilistic what you said.
It's cuckolding.
Well, liberalism is a mental disorder, that we understand, but there's something else to this picture.
I don't know that it's purely suicidal.
It may be something else.
Voting, voting blocs, I know in San Francisco... Oh sure, they want Balkanization, but Islam isn't going to do that.
Look how Erdogan's trying to threaten all of Europe, let him set up political movements inside, and now threatening more refugees.
I mean, he's just... It's the arrogance of these people!
It's a war, Alex, and we're losing it.
Unfortunately, the West is losing.
Trump is our only hope right now.
And I'm not sure he's going to win without a popular movement to support him.
And here's what I want to say to all those people who stabbed him for nine months during the campaign, then suddenly became his supporters after he won.
They were suddenly big Trump supporters.
Two minutes later, now they're stabbing him in the back again.
Okay, it is either you're for him or you're against him.
How's that?
And let me explain why.
Even if we only get 10 or 20% of what he promised, that's 10 or 20% more than we would have had with the she-witch had she had won.
First Amendment.
He's not taking away freedom of speech.
He's not taking away talk radio.
She said she would do the Fairness Doctrine and eliminate me on the radio.
And others in the media like you.
You'd be gone.
The Internet would be gone.
They said that was the goal!
Okay, so we have the First Amendment under Trump.
Guns are not being seized.
They would have been seized under Hillary.
One way or another.
The border is 44% down just in 50 days, the illegals.
Well, what I'm saying is, we have the First and Second Amendments.
Why are these people stabbing Trump in the back?
I'm not talking about the progressives.
No, his own people.
The Republicans.
I'm talking about the fake conservatives in the media, Alex!
Oh, you watch Fox News, it's all backhanded attacks.
We should all turn against them and not support them and not watch their crap.
Have you ever been on Fox News?
Years ago they told me I was in band off of it, but they don't have that many viewers.
I'm that big a response.
You may have a bigger audience in your time slot than the lame ducks do on their network.
Oh, there's no doubt you do and I do.
I'm banned on Fox News.
I'm banned in Britain.
So what does that tell us about Rupert Murdoch's politics?
What is Moloch really doing here?
Is Moloch really supporting?
Michael Savage, let me say bye to you in the break, or see if you don't have another interview coming.
You probably gotta go, you're always... No, no, let's stay, let's keep doing this.
Let's do it!
Stay there, we'll be right back.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Michael Savage, of course, hosts his own top radio show every day.
Best-selling author of the new book Trump's Warb.
Writes for WorldNetDaily.com as well.
MichaelSavage.com is his site.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
But he really does know his stuff across the board and has been a visionary when it comes to defending this republic.
And just think about what a loss to Hillary would have been like.
They were coming after the free press.
They said they were coming after me by name.
They were coming after everybody.
All the stuff you see in Europe, she was going to put five times more of these refugees into the country.
It's an attempt to fully break us, cloward and pivot.
And so Michael Savage is going to give us ten more minutes, and I said, you take over because I'll interrupt.
I want him to just stream a consciousness in Trump's war, that's our war, that ties into Le Pen and everybody else, where this is going, how we defeat these parasites, and how we wake up the people.
Dr. Savage.
Simple motto.
Borders, language, culture.
Without that, there is no nation.
Democrats want to dissolve the borders.
To open borders?
Isn't that what they want?
Isn't that what the snake Obama did?
No borders.
Oh, language?
Oh, English is just another language.
It's not the language of the land.
You have no culture.
The third world has superior culture.
You Americans are culturalists.
You have no class.
Screw them all.
Borders, language, culture.
That's what defines America and every nation on Earth.
Every nation on earth is defined by a border the same way a human cell or an animal cell is defined by a cell membrane.
How many times do I have to say the same thing?
God knows that even a plant cell has a cell wall.
Without a cell wall, there's no differential between the cells in a plant.
Same with nations.
Same with people.
Don't you love this, Alex?
I was thinking about this in my sleep.
The liberals want to dissolve borders.
Meaning they want to dissolve the national identity.
We should have no self-respect for our nation.
But we should have total self-esteem if we're a junkie or a sexual deviant?
The sicker you are in America, you're supposed to have self-esteem no matter what you do?
Self-esteem if you're a drug addict?
Why should you have self-esteem?
You're a loser.
Okay, what do you mean self-esteem if you're a drug addict?
You have no self-esteem.
They want to get rid of excellence.
You're a nobody.
They want to get rid of competition.
Well, that's affirmative action, which is a way to dissolve excellence.
But let's not go into that little topic for now.
Borders language culture.
That's the essence of a national identity.
If you want an individual to have individual pride in his achievements or her achievements, you should have the same for a nation.
This is a great exceptional nation.
And that's what we're supposed to have under Donald Trump.
National pride.
America first.
And that is why the left is going berserk.
Because they thought they had it done.
It was over.
They owned every country on Earth, with rare exception.
They almost had it all.
They almost had all the marbles.
They almost had America.
They thought it was a lock.
They thought she was going to win.
The only thing to knock down would have been all Russia.
We'll go into that at another time, why they hate Russia so much.
There are many more elements to this to meet the eye.
But once they had America, who was left?
A fly on the wall.
A nationalist nation, Jewish identity, they can get rid of that one easily.
Russia would have been a little harder, they would have gotten rid of that too.
One world, new world order, here we go, the USSR is back, only now it's the USS of A run by a bunch of degenerate child molesters in Brussels.
We almost lost it, Alex.
And that's why the illegitimate, perverted left is going insane.
Have you seen the people who make the most noise at these riots?
The anti-Trump riots?
They're usually radical lesbian feminists.
Sorry to say it the way it is.
Have you noticed that or not?
Am I allowed to say that or is that going to cause some damage?
You can say whatever you want here, it's the First Amendment.
Have you seen that they're mostly insane women?
Never mind lesbianism.
I'm talking about the most extreme form.
Sure, you don't dislike anybody.
You wrote books about that 40 years ago.
I don't.
The point is, is that it's... No, I dislike a lot of people.
And I dislike a lot of behavior.
Exactly, so let's talk about it.
And I dislike a lot of lifestyles.
Yes, I do.
No, I don't like everybody.
I don't like everybody.
You can quote me on that.
They could put it on Saturday Night Live.
No, I don't like everybody.
Why, behind the scenes, they love everybody?
No, they don't.
Human beings discriminate by nature, by the way.
We all know that.
See, fortunately for me, I'm a cultural anthropologist prior to becoming a doctorate in epidemiology and nutrition.
I've lived in the third world, and something I discovered in every village I ever went to in the third world and lived there was
Every human being has built-in prejudices, even in their own village.
They have judgment of other people in their village.
It's basic tribalism.
It's basically what restaurant's better than another.
That's true.
How do you make a decision other than judging other people?
When I say you love everybody, I mean, you're not, you don't hate somebody because of what color they are, but then you can differentiate how that individual or group behaves, then make a statement on that.
It's not even the issue.
The issue is we all discriminate, and America's the greatest nation on the earth.
Let's start with that discrimination.
Our nation is the greatest nation on earth.
I love America.
I am an immigrant's son.
I don't want to live in any other nation.
I don't want this nation to start looking like the third world that it is becoming in so many parts of America.
If you flood in tens of millions of illegal aliens, what is it going to look like?
Why are they not looking to make themselves be like Americans, speak like Americans, act like Americans?
Why do they glorify the hellhole they came from?
Why do they wave their stupid, ugly flags at our sporting events?
I don't want to see Mexican flags at a sporting event.
You know, if you wave an American flag at a Mexican sporting event, you'd be killed.
You realize that, of course, I'm sure.
So, no, no, we have to create some new laws here to defend our nationalism and start putting people in jail.
The protesters,
Don't get me started on Berkeley right across the bay.
It's my alma mater, it's where I earned my doctorate.
Beating up women everywhere and the media then turns it around and Robert Reich goes on TV and says, the Trump people attacked.
He's a sick midget, we know that.
He's a mental midget.
He's a tenured loser.
What does he make, $150,000, $200,000 a year for espousing boiled over Marxism to the poor children?
What does he have, one student a year?
But let's put him aside, he's nobody.
He never made it anywhere.
You know, after government, what do they have left?
He's not the issue.
I have my problems with the no police action in Berkeley.
There's no mayor in Berkeley.
There's no leadership in Berkeley.
The police stood on the side.
All the capons that they put in police uniforms over there.
What's the gun in the club for?
To beat up the protesters?
Or to protect them?
Anyway, again, Berkeley is just a fly on the wall.
Trump's war is my fight.
It's nothing.
It's my battle.
It's my last document in this battle for America.
I'm not doing any more political books, Alex.
Alex, the next book I'm going to do is the God Book.
It's on the contract for next year.
God willing, I'll still be here.
Trump's economic war.
Let's skip that.
War to repeal Obamacare, Chapter 3.
Hello, I have a whole chapter.
Trump's war for our borders.
Trump's culture wars.
War to restore the military.
War against the war machine.
War against the rhinos.
Hello, Paul Ryan.
War to restore real science.
Let me pause right there.
A couple of weeks ago, I was at Mar-a-Lago.
I took a chance on going.
I don't like to travel, but I was told Donald Trump might be there.
I was invited to dinner by the gentleman who runs Newsmax, Chris Ruddy.
I went to that dinner.
Laura Ingraham was there.
She's great.
I love her.
I'm sure you'll like Laura.
No comment, but I like Laura.
Yes, yes.
No, she's a terrific woman.
I started interrupting, Michael.
I'm going to run over you.
I want to hear what you have to say.
No, no.
You're better than me.
I know you.
Oh, I'm the famous interrupter.
No, so watch out.
I won't trigger you.
There was a guy on radio who used to be in the Air Force.
If you said anything to do with air in the middle of whatever you're saying, aileron wing, he was off and running about his years in the Air Force.
Like you and boats, ships, yeah.
Well, yeah, there are certain things that do it to me.
Anyway, so I go to the dinner.
I didn't know if Donald would be there.
No one knows.
He's president.
Well, he walks in.
Secret service.
I get up from the table and my host says, don't, don't, don't get up.
Don't, don't approach the president.
I said, hey, I'm an immigrant son.
I didn't get where I am by listening to anyone.
Be quiet.
I go up to Donald Trump.
I say, Mr. President, I'm so happy that you are our president.
I shake his hand.
Michael Savage puts his arm around me and says, I wouldn't be president without this guy.
Now, look, I love Donald Trump.
I thanked him for saying that.
It meant, Alex, I gotta tell you something.
I loved it.
I needed that.
And we talked for a few minutes.
He came over to the table, met my family.
He says, you guys are invited to dinner in the White House.
He's a little too busy for me to follow up on it.
Not that important.
What's important is what happened later on.
I sent the message to his aides that I'd like an opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes on fake science, fake medicine.
I said, you know what fake news is, Mr. President.
I said, let me speak with you a few minutes about fake science, how we could save billions of dollars.
About an hour later, message comes back, the President would love to see you.
Sit down.
Melania, who is not only the greatest First Lady since Jackie Kennedy... Super gorgeous, super smart.
She speaks four languages.
How can these loser left-wing fanatics put this woman down?
She's not only elegant, she's got a great soul and a great mind.
Listen to this.
That day, if you remember, and he spoke at Melbourne, Florida, and she gave a speech before him where she read the Lord's Prayer.
And I said to her, Mrs. President, Mrs. President, I said, I was so moved by your reading of the Lord's Prayer today, I had tears in my eyes and I said, I know why you did it.
I think you did it because you came from a communist country where God was dead.
God was not allowed to be mentioned.
And you wanted to say that with us, God is back.
And she smiled and nodded.
And then she got up and left and Mr. Trump said to me, no one knew what she was going to say.
It was purely spontaneous.
Wasn't it beautiful?
And I'm telling you, she was given zero credit for that by the quote, feminists in the media.
Well, she's also under massive attack.
Evil is after her and her family.
She's up there calling on God for protection, just like Trump did in his inauguration, calling for God, having pastors, rabbis, you name it, up there.
All these things that have been attacked, all these things that have made us great, he's bringing it back in, the covenant, the providence, which is real.
George Washington knew it.
Andrew Jackson knew it.
Whether you believe in God or not, folks, you don't ask God for protection, the evil comes in.
He speaks of that down there.
What I learned from the Israelis is it's wonderful to believe in God.
It's nice to have a Bible in one hand and an Uzi in the other.
Because the Jews learned that just having a Bible and a talus got them an oven.
All they got was an oven job for that one.
God can only do so much.
You know?
God helps those who help themselves.
But you've got to ask God for the divine protection and then take action.
No, I agree.
And then have God within you in your battle.
Thank you.
God can't fight for you.
I think he's parted all the Red Seas that he can possibly part.
I think God's tired.
Before you go, get back to this amazing... I think this is news when I get this out.
I agree.
I talked to Ruddy last week.
He talked about how you were there and it was a great meeting with the President, but he didn't go into details.
He's all, you know, zip-lipped about that.
But I know the President, you know, I mean, I heard about the conversations.
I didn't get the details.
So let's talk about this great dinner you had with the President, Michael Savage and Trump.
I mean, I don't know why it was probably off record, but wow.
Well, the truth is he had me over.
It was allegedly a talk about fake science.
I was going to tell him about how he's got to put someone into the CDC and NIH who are real scientists rather than politicians.
But I didn't do that.
I sat down with him and he ate dessert.
I don't eat dessert.
That's why I'm still living.
I eat no sweets.
He put out a huge plate of ice cream and chocolate syrup.
That's what he does.
I keep talking about it.
I said, well, President Trump, I don't eat sweets, but if the President eats sweets, I eat sweets.
So, first time since I was eight years old, I just ate that ice cream and ate the syrup.
And you know what we mainly talked about?
People don't believe it.
The old neighborhood.
He grew up in Queens, New York.
I grew up in Queens, New York.
He grew up in the quote, rich part of Queens.
I grew up across the street.
Well, you're a blue collar millionaire and so is he.
So you guys are kind of kindred spirits.
Well, I'm not.
Oh, come on.
Come on.
You don't ever brag.
Before you ever got on talk radio, you'd made fortunes upon fortunes.
Let's just not brag here.
Let's put it this way.
I haven't done badly, but it's my family that's gone a thousand times beyond me.
And that's the American way, Alex.
And your dad's in that little shop, dying at work, to you, to then your son, and everything.
I did a little better than my father.
A lot better.
He did a little better than his immigrant father.
My son did a thousand times better than I am.
I'm blessed.
I'm lucky.
But I read Kahil Gibran.
I take no credit for my son's success.
I do not own my children.
We must remember that.
People say, oh, you must be so proud of what you've done with your children.
You know what I'm saying?
I said, I didn't do anything.
They are their own people.
Although my son says to me, Dad, take credit for who I am.
He said, you made me.
He said, you created me.
Well, you're a big part of it, but they are their own person and have the initiative to do it.
I pity the people whose children wind up, you know, on the rocks or go bad.
You know, it's nothing... Isn't it the most satisfying thing in the world to see your children successful?
Well, I don't know what could be better than that.
I mean, what do we want?
We want them to be well and be healthy and all of that.
To me, the health is the main thing and that they do well financially is also great.
But what's important is that we have continuity after this generation.
So many kids in that generation will not get married and have children.
I agree.
If we have freedom, but then it fails for others.
I feel that continuity, that continuum.
If we fail in the future, we've failed.
We've got to do it.
And so few people, they think being greedy and selfish, only caring about themselves and not being politically involved is how you get ahead.
No, that's how you get hell on earth.
We have to create a safe haven for our grandchildren.
Not our children, but our children's children.
That's what we should be working on right now.
Our children's children.
Because our children's children, many of them won't even get married.
They're so intimidated by the social forces against family, against normalcy, they won't even get married.
They're afraid to raise a child in this society.
Who could blame them in a way?
When you look at the psychopaths in the schools, you almost need to send your children to school with a guard to make sure their brains aren't beaten up every day.
Okay, but let's not go into education.
We've only got a minute or two left, and in closing, I've got to ask you, you're right.
It's Trump's war.
It's our war.
It's nationalism.
It's the return of prosperity.
Just common sense, not left or right.
I mean, it's there, and people need to know, the war isn't over.
It's just begun.
We've all got to be more involved than ever.
Soros is doubling the amount of money he's putting out.
Soros needs to be tried.
Soros has, in my opinion, committed many crimes.
Soros is meddling in elections.
We keep hearing about Russia meddling in elections.
He should be locked up for being a Nazi collaborator 65 years ago!
Let's put that aside.
No one will ever believe that.
But they will come to understand with a Senate hearing how this emigre, immigrant to America, gave $65 million to the violent Black Lives Matter movement.
And I have five pages in Trump's war.
You have to see this, Alex.
I don't know if you saw this.
I named every subversive group in America that received money from George Soros.
This is the most important part of the book.
Listen to me.
Remember I said don't say anything about an airplane?
You triggered me now.
All you have to do is say Soros and I'm off and running at the races.
Me too.
I have five pages of every group in America that receives money from this man.
These are the groups that need to be investigated with the new UAC, House Un-American Activities Committee.
Do you know how that would scare your friends in Hollywood, Alex?
A new HUAC?
They'd scream, BLACKLIST!
I'm on the blacklist, they put me on it.
They admit you can't even fly to England!
You're on a blacklist.
They're afraid of really being put on a blacklist where they belong, for subverting the United States of America.
And by the way, we're not the authoritarians.
They're the ones saying, arrest us, kill us, kill Trump.
They started the fight.
They drew first blood.
In fact, I want to ask you about that in the few minutes we have here.
Again, the book's available everywhere, Trump's War.
It's an act of resistance.
Get it for yourself.
Get a couple copies.
Read it.
Pass it on to friends and family.
But I got to ask, as the crew's asking,
Is that a Mongol general?
A Chinese general?
Is that a Hun?
That is a really cool statue you've got behind you.
Oh, oh, oh.
Yeah, he is great.
I bought him in an antique store and I look at it for a couple of reasons every day.
You know what one of them is?
You notice he doesn't have any sharp abs.
You notice he's got a stomach on him?
All the old Chinese warriors were stocky guys like you, Alex.
I explained to my audience yesterday, if they had low body mass, you know, fat, they'd be dead.
With a scratch, they'd bleed to death.
All these guys... That's right, the old Roman gladiators were fat too, because the fats would keep you... Tell folks about that, doctor.
Yeah, well, that's right!
If you got cut, you didn't bleed to death.
It also absorbed the shock of battle.
This absurdity of these skinny guys with abs showing...
They're not going to live long.
Most of them are going to burn out, number one.
Number two, it's not the normal human form for a middle-aged man to be that thin.
Maybe I'm justifying all the ice cream I don't eat.
But Alex, the truth is, that man behind me, there he is, left arm, look at him.
That's a true depiction of the Chinese warriors, probably of medieval times.
You'll notice his stomach, Alex?
That's a good metaphor for what we should be looking like today.
Look at his face, Alex.
Does it look mean and lean like a fake Hollywood tough guy?
No, it looks like a Chinese warrior of the Middle Ages.
So it's a metaphor to me of doing battle every day.
He also looks happy, smiling.
He's not acting tough.
Well, he's probably going to go home to a, what, a concubine or seven and, uh, not a plate of ice cream.
They didn't eat ice cream in those days, but probably ate a lot of duck.
I would assume he had a lot of duck on the menu over there in China.
I know he wasn't a vegan.
Veganism was not heard of in China, by the way.
Well, let me say this in closing.
I know you don't give hard anybody interviews, although they're like 10 minutes long.
I know you're a busy guy and I appreciate you, Dr. Savage.
The book's Trump's War, michaelsavage.com.
I just can't believe every day, because I'm not out to get people, I don't like con artists, you don't like con artists, that the left, because I don't like the Republicans either, like you say, the biggest threat is the rhinos.
But at least they know what's going on.
How are we ruled by Pelosi that thinks George W. Bush is still in office at press conferences and Maxine Waters, the same press conference, says Russia invaded Korea, not North or South?
I mean, how?
It makes me feel pathetic that we're ruled by such mental midgets and how they have all these minions and how this just keeps going on forever when all Trump and you and everybody you're doing is trying to have prosperity and freedom.
I mean, we're good guys.
We really know policy.
Promoting freedom, we really want to have a country, and then there's all these jerks.
I just don't, I can't believe, it's almost like a hallucination that we're ruled by these mental patients.
Well, you brought up again two names that trigger me.
Don't say Pelosi to me without expecting 10 minutes of Michael Savage.
She's one of the richest women in the world.
Her fortunes have greatly increased since she's been in Congress.
And she acts like she's one of the disruptors at the riots in Berkeley.
Who does she think she is fooling?
But it comes back to the illegal aliens voting.
Here in San Francisco, the ballot has been in seven languages for over 15 years.
End of story.
It's why the average American middle-class voter in California has been hijacked.
We have no representation.
It's non-citizens who are voting.
The unions brought them in, etc.
So that's how Pelosi is in office.
She's a complete fraud and a laughingstock.
If we get voter ID laws in place, none of these people can win again.
Number one, as far as Maxine Waters goes,
Just the words Maxine Waters themselves.
When you say Maxine or Waters now, it now stands for something other than the name of a woman.
It becomes an active verb rather than a noun.
Like live sewage?
Well, if you say Maxine Waters, it no longer means a person's name.
It means an idiot who doesn't understand her own language, a woman who can't finish a sentence.
A jackass who makes no sense whatsoever.
So say, oh don't pull a Maxine Waters on me, or look at that Maxine Waters.
This is ridiculous.
You don't even have to have a fifth grade education.
So you see like a rabid dog, you say, oh my God, look at that poor Maxine Waters.
Look at the fact that she brought up Donald Trump and the alleged sex affair with the prostitutes again.
She's crazy.
They admit that whole thing's fake!
Never go full Maxine Waters!
When did the gloves come off, Alex?
It's like, hey listen, this is the real world.
You're like writing checks you can't cash.
They're messing with people that actually built the country, work and do stuff.
And I just don't get all these wimps trying to pretend they're about to have a war with us.
So I ask you, how long does Trump sit there and put up with it?
Because quite frankly, I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
No, I have many answers, believe me.
I'm not throwing my hands up.
There are laws on the books.
You cross state lines to provoke a riot, you go to jail.
It's a violation of federal law.
Put in place after the riots of the 60s.
That's number one.
Number two, you gotta defund all the groups that Soros is funding.
You gotta put in voter ID laws in every state of the union.
Because we have a new man in the Justice Department who can do it.
That's why they try to stop him.
Voter ID laws will save us.
End the funding of sanctuary cities.
They'll start self-deporting.
And the cities will capitulate, as Miami did, because they cannot live without federal money.
There are things that can be done with the budget alone that will save this nation.
And you need to be there, and I need to be there, like Stephen Bannon said, to put pressure on.
They need the pressure there to give them cover from the neocons and from the rhinos and the Democrats to get the agenda through.
And I know you've got your own radio show coming up very soon, MichaelSavage.com.
And what is it?
I mean, it's one of the top shows in the world.
Tell folks how they fit into your show.
Well, it's on our big radio stations, but streaming-wise, it's the number one talk radio streaming show in America.
I hate to boast, but I will, because if I don't, who will?
According to TalkStream Live, my show has a 25 share of all people listening
No, no.
Believe me.
They've put me on a blacklist for 22 years.
No, no.
They're trying to keep what's popular from getting to the people.
And it's crazy how ratings sometimes don't even count.
Well, I've talked to a big antitrust lawyer about them.
They don't know what's coming, Alex.
Stay tuned.
Within the next year, you may see a revolution in radio when Michael Savage brings the antitrust actions against the agencies that have boycotted him.
Please, I want to join with you because I've been through the same stuff.
And I've also... Google just says, you're fake.
You can't advertise with us.
It's like...
It's like, literally like Nazi Germany.
Everybody overuses it, where they wouldn't let Jews advertise it first, and then it was like, wouldn't have shops.
Alex, I've had dinners with the biggest antitrust attorney in America.
He happens to be a lifetime Democrat, but he hates monopolies.
He despises the big guy crushing the little guy.
Stay tuned.
The game may just change in the courts.
We may take them on where they live the strongest.
Trump's war.
Thank you, Michael Savage, for the time.
Thank you, Alex.
Bye now.
Love it.
That was a powerful hour.
Thank you.
I skipped two breaks because it was so powerful.
Those are network breaks, but it's okay.
And support our broadcast as well.
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He doesn't like to complain.
I don't either.
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We're doing it.
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All right, third hour straight ahead.
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Alright, coming up in the next segment, I've got a lot of news to hit, a lot of clips to get to, but also your phone calls to take, and Paul Joseph Watson will be here in the fourth hour, hosting from London, England.
Michael Savage, you know, is absolutely on target as an anthropologist.
When I said nobody's bad from where they are or who they are, there are good people that come from these Islamic countries, there are good people that come from China, people that come from Germany, people that come from wherever.
The point is, humans are tribal.
Humans are in gangs, humans, you know, engage in these type of behaviors.
I want to create a global understanding of human empowerment, free market, and open society based on chivalry, where we're all part of the tribe of being constructive and being good.
And then rejecting evil, which is just systems of corruption and disinformation and deception.
And that is a unifying system that will allow humanity to basically move to the next level.
Savage obviously has a more cynical view of seeing how all this works and knows that just because Christian cultures or whatever finally said let's stop being barbarous and enslaving people and then got the rest of the world to kind of move away from slavery, we then, because we actually care about it, are told we're the slave masters and the worst people in the world because we're the ones that will actually listen to it and feel bad.
People aren't feeling bad in Africa or Asia or many areas in Asia or the Middle East where women are like animals, totally controlled.
And the trendies don't want to hear how that's happening.
They just want to go up to people that they see as dominant and henpeck you and try to bully you into submitting to them.
They've never gone through rites of passage.
White male, white female, black female, black male, Hispanic, whatever.
The trendies, they just have never been through rites of passage, never been in a bunch of fights, never anything.
They're just arrested to development at like age 20, they're now going out, they've been told you're bad.
Normally dumbed down people want to be bullies.
Real alpha predators aren't preying on humans, they don't want to do that, they want to build something.
And they want to come up and henpeck you and attack you, because they're going through what they would have gone through in junior high, but now they're 20, and they were told, oh, Alex Jones is racist, so let's go over and punch him in the nose and see what happens.
Then you punch him in the throat, and they go to the hospital, and they sue you, and they, well, yeah, I hit him, but then he crushed my larynx.
Well, you attacked me.
See how that works?
So they're children trying to be in an adult's world.
This is all about arrested development.
All the mental illness, everything.
Let's go ahead and play this clip.
I never got to it yesterday with Spicer.
The Spicer's come out and said, oh, she has her First Amendment.
Let's go to the lady attacking him.
Here it is.
I want to play this in the other piece when we come back, because the two go together in his response, but just... And again, people are like, yeah, this is old news, it was 24 hours old, I know I didn't get to it yesterday.
My analysis is new.
But just imagine... The mindset of all this, where... Oh, it's okay.
Tribalism, again, he's an outsider, he's a Russian.
Sean Spicer's a Russian agent.
Who wants to cut taxes and secure the border, and not let jihadis in, and give $25 billion to black colleges, and bring in trillions of dollars in the stock market, and hundreds of billions of new jobs.
Well my God, thank God the Russians are here.
Of course he's not a Russian.
But see, for her, as an Indian-American, the highest demographic of money-making for women and men, she wants to run over to some guy that's gonna make $101,000 a year on average as a white male and make $26,000 a year.
But does it matter?
She gets to feel good and have her tribalism and run up and peck at him and... and attack!
We'll be right back to play both the clips together in context.
Stay with us.
Once again, the food of Americans, one of the most basic staples, chicken, is under attack.
Alabama reports that they have found three cases of bird flu in your poultry.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
Alabama has found three poultry facilities in the northern part of the state.
Its agricultural department is claiming that this happened near where two cases were detected recently in nearby Tennessee.
Alabama has not received any definitive test results that confirm its cases are highly pathogenic, which is the more lethal form of the virus, according to a spokeswoman for the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.
Find out what's in your food because your health is your most valuable resource.
If you want to stay in tune for more health news, go to our YouTube channel at youtube.com slash Alex Jones.
There was a mighty nation, blessed above all of creation.
Charlie Daniels.
He's always loved America.
Let me just read a little thing here.
The American system of justice must be changed to conform to the rest of the world.
Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.
Well, you know what the next move's gonna be, don't you?
It's gonna be coming after your gun.
Oh, yeah.
I tell you, it ain't gonna sit well down my way.
At all.
It ain't gonna sit well.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
They lost.
We won.
Wanna see what Trump's up against?
It's time to ride, boss.
We need a thousand Paul Revere's.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom, and apple pie.
And beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
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Let's fix it.
Hey everyone!
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs here, host of The Bright Side.
And as many of you know, I'm on a mission to help Americans get and stay healthy.
You've all heard the shocking statistics.
Despite spending trillions of dollars in healthcare, nearly $10,000 per man, woman, and child in this country, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune illnesses are rampant.
I think so.
I think so.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Paul Watson will host the fourth hour from London, England.
Mountain News Tonight, seven o'clock central time.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Infowars.com is the main news website.
We'll go over some of those headlines for you here in just a moment.
I didn't get to this yesterday, but I want to comment on it now.
Paul Watson wrote an article about a wealthy Indian-American woman from India who posts out all these tweets saying white people are inherently bad, inherently racist, inherently evil.
She doesn't get that that's just basic tribalism from the media to divide and conquer that she's projecting on people.
She's in an Apple store in D.C.
and runs into Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, who's now come out
Yesterday evening, and the press conference said, hey, she has a First Amendment, it's fine, let her do it.
So he took the high road, but it's the way she's saying, oh, the Russians, are you with them?
Are you involved in this treason?
You have the globalists that are taking our sovereignty, coming in, taking over our nation, enslaving our people, selling us out.
And then, oh, that the media, the discredited media says, oh, Trump's a Russian agent, so the Russians want to cut our taxes, they want to secure our military, secure our borders, expand our military.
Get low interest loans to small businesses.
Get rid of the carbon taxes and other prohibitive systems that have shut our economy down.
Wow, well then I guess the Russians really care about America.
They want to make America great again.
Russia can barely run its own country after 70 plus years of communism.
It's trying to stabilize itself.
But they're saying that Russia is what's running the whole world, and is the reason Le Pen is ahead in the polls in France, and is the reason that Wilders is ahead in the Netherlands, and is the reason that Italy didn't vote to give up its sovereignty completely to the EU.
My God, it's magical, like the Lucky Charms leprechaun.
I mean, the Russians can do everything.
They put my boots on,
This morning.
Here it is.
Yeah, the Russians put my boots on this morning, folks.
Now, obviously, anybody that's a thinking person knows this is bull.
So ask yourself, who do they think they're targeting?
Well, they're targeting a bunch of freaked out people that have recently come to this country.
From all different parts of the world who feel like they're oppressed and feel like they're in a caste system and feel like everybody's out to get them and feel like they're not cool at the party.
I learned real early
Going to events and going to country clubs and going anywhere that people that acted insecure, whether they were black or white or whatever, people didn't go over and talk to them.
People that acted outgoing and like they were having a great time, everybody came over to.
I remember saying when I was like eight years old, I go, dad, everybody is so nice to you and likes you so much.
Well, he goes, well, cause I'm outgoing, son.
I'm nice.
I'm charming.
You know, you're a child, so you're a little insecure.
That's normal, so you're not too outgoing and get into trouble.
But by the time you're a teenager, things will activate in your mind to make you want to be outgoing and to go out and do things and have risk behavior, so you leave our hut and go out and create your own family.
So you got into anthropology, and sociology, and psychology, human psychology.
We call it animal psychology.
But he said most people never even leave the hut, or even if they do, they psychologically don't, and so they have chips on their shoulders, they're scared, and so they have that attitude, and then other people that are insecure resonate with that and then act the same way back, then they believe people don't like them.
And that's what the universities and all this political correctness do, is they try to create failed individuals that believe everyone's out to get them.
Can we pull the article up?
I had it yesterday, or can you print it for me?
It was a Paul Watson article about Sean Spicer confronted by a crazed woman at an Apple store.
I mean, everybody knows the story now.
I wanted to give you her name, the demographics.
She's got a big successful company.
There it is.
Crazy woman.
Shouts at Sean Spicer about fascist Trump in Apple store.
We have a great country, Sean Spicer says, brushing her off.
Such a great country that allows you to be here.
She just wants to be dominant.
She wants to go out.
She's in the demographic group that makes the most money.
She's in the female demographic group that makes the most money.
Because Indians are hard-working, smart folks.
But she's bought into the new form of dominance.
She's going to go further.
She's going to get the White House press secretary and show the white male.
Because in India, that'd be the very top class.
They had a caste system with whites on the top, basically.
So she's gonna go and show him in a ritual that she's gonna dominate him and use the magic words of white supremacy and the magic words of racism and he'll submit to her.
So it's kind of a coming of age.
It's kind of cute.
Like, you can't do that in your country.
They just throw some gasoline on you and light you up and go get another dowry.
That's just the culture.
That's just a fact.
I'm not even against it.
So you come here in the West and the Christian society is totally open to you and has basically spread its legs for you and you can run up and henpeck because we have no defense mechanism and roll over and kiss your ass.
And that's what it is.
That's all it is.
And the globalists want to extinguish the West.
Now most Indians actually love this and want freedom and want prosperity and want to be successful.
But you sit there on top, the top demographic, the highest earning group, Paul's article has the mainline government graphs, of the highest paid group in America, Indian Americans.
And then you're bitching, we're the richest, we're the most successful, oh my God!
We make over $100,000 a year!
And you make $26,000 white male.
In an American household income, $101,000 plus.
And down there, because you know, you can't call
Any other group, we've got the European American, and you find the final statistic, it's in the article, $26,000.
That's the source, American Community Survey, and there's several others.
The point is, is that it's just a load of crap.
But see, the old model that's not Western is fight with each other over what caste or what group you're in.
We were the revolutionaries in the West trying to get rid of it, so in a way we're susceptible with no immune system to giant groups brought in that still have that.
Now, when they respond, I'll say an Indian woman should have gasoline thrown on her and be lit on fire.
No, I said, if J-Lo loves bringing in radical Islamists from Somalia so much, if she went to Somalia, she'd be kidnapped and gang-raped in five minutes.
I said, please don't go do that.
Same thing here.
You can go be in a caste system and have some gasoline thrown on you.
Hold on one second.
Hey brother, I'm on air.
I'll have to call you back, alright?
I don't know why I'm on air.
Certain area codes you gotta answer.
You missed calls.
You used to ignore phone calls.
Now I don't ignore phone calls.
Because you missed the President's phone call a good 10, 15... It's more than that now.
I'm not bragging for all the dumbasses out there.
I don't need the President to call me to be successful.
And I've stood up and built our own operation with the listeners that love freedom.
Trump is an extension of our success.
Just like you told Michael Savage, we wouldn't have been elected without you.
It's all that coalition of liberty.
We're with Trump.
He's with us.
It's not like we have to go be patted on the head.
That's not what it's like with Trump.
Oh, Alec Baldwin, if you can't make it, I got this.
Ron Perlman says he wants to attack me.
Let's go back to the clip I'm playing of a woman in an open free society that doesn't dominate women.
She wants to be uber alpha now and she's going to go flap her wings and get in Sean Spicer's face.
Here it is.
How does it feel to work for a fascist?
How does it feel?
Do you have a great country?
Have you helped with the Russia stuff?
Are you a criminal as well?
Have you committed treason too?
Because see, the Russians and Trump have all been proven to be criminals.
The Russians run everything.
In fact, Putin, I want to take a drink of water.
Putin, I can't pick this glass up with water in it.
Levitate it into my mouth.
Let's go back to her.
Just like the President?
Thank you.
Have you committed treason too?
What can you tell me about Russia?
Such a great country to live in.
Yeah, what can you tell me about Russia, Mr. Secretary?
Thank you very much.
What can you tell me?
Pause again.
Look, he's just his own guy sitting there trying to get some electronics at a slave goods place, which I do too.
They're all made by slaves, it's a sad thing, but let's just go back to her, here's the rest, and then his response.
Here it is.
You know you work for a fascist, right?
You work for a fascist.
How do you feel about that?
How do you feel about destroying our country?
How do you feel about that?
Do you feel good about the decisions you're making?
About lying to the American people?
Do you feel good about lying to the American people?
Do you feel good about- You're mean to women!
America's- You're white!
You're- You ought to read her Twitter.
You're white!
You hurt women!
What is it, hundreds of thousands of women a year get gasoline thrown at them and get burned up in India?
Because then they can get another dowry because you've got to pay for somebody to take your daughter?
I'm not bashing India, great people, whatever.
People have their backgrounds, problems, ancient stuff, whatever.
Huge population, hey.
Oh my God, I don't like America!
I'm so rich!
I'm a white male!
Go read her website.
Go read her Twitter.
Oh my gosh, I don't like you!
What are you doing?
I'm sick of this!
I hate this!
I hate your free society!
Skip this break.
Now let's go ahead and play Sean Spicer's response hours later in a press briefing room.
Here it is.
Ask it.
I interact with individuals all day long.
99% of them are pleasant, even with people who may not agree with our philosophy or programs or whatever.
But it's a free country, and the beauty of it is that people can act how they want, no matter how that's interpreted.
And as long as they stay on the right side of the First Amendment, we're good, Francesca.
Thank you, Sean.
So there you go.
And I know what Trump's doing.
He's letting the people attack and just putting up with it and being classy, hoping, here, let us cut your energy prices.
Here, let us get jobs.
Here, let us create some of this prosperity with all the new innovations coming and life extension.
Here, just let us?
The globalists want to kill you.
The globalists want a world government to cut off the resources and kill everybody.
Including Indians en masse and they want to merge Islam into India and have a huge war.
That's the admitted plan.
Just please let us stabilize things and let us in China's one-child policy and in communism and we can do everything together.
Just please let us be good people.
Please let it... No!
You're the West!
But let me get into your country as soon as possible!
Let me into your country right now because it's so horrible and so oppressive, Sean Spicer!
That's what we're dealing with here.
This is the mindlessness.
This is the garbage.
This is the brainwashing.
I want to open the phones up to talk about any of the stuff we've covered, any of the news pieces, but I want to give you the number and then get to a piece out of the Colbert Report that really illustrates the brainwashing that's going on.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
I'm gonna get to that in a moment.
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We're under massive attack, obviously, everywhere.
The establishment knows they're in trouble.
The establishment knows people aren't listening to them anymore.
So they're just going to next-level lies to kind of create fake controversies around those.
So it's crazy.
Now, before I get into your phone calls in the next segment, I want to get into this report that we're analyzing here in Fair Use, a so-called entertainment program that's really a disinformation fake news program.
And as they push on the Colbert Report to have us banned and have us restricted, they're the ones putting out disinformation and hiding behind comedy.
Colbert mocks Conway by replacing shows' cameras with microwaves.
Now, it was reported here first, 18 years ago, that they plan to put in smart appliances, smart meters, you name it, systems to track and trace your Wi-Fi, break into your codes, and give big data all your information.
Now that's all admitted, what our NSA and other whistleblowers told us in 1996-1997.
The CIA chief at the time, General Petraeus, came out and said, we'll spy on you through your dishwasher.
All new appliances to track you.
WikiLeaks just last week unveils Vault 7, largest ever participation, publication of confidential CIA documents, how they're using all the smart meters, you name it, to watch us.
Here's a New York Times system, microwaves, power poles, dishwashers.
It's possible to hack an iPhone with sound waves, researchers show.
Oh yeah, they can send data over those as well.
And of course, they're even using new fluorescent bulbs with data over power lines with interfaces.
You think you have an infrared, you know, recharger on your computer?
That's a way for the light bulbs to actually interface with it.
That was AP ten years ago.
They have articles on the news going, Jones is insane and thinks light bulbs are watching you.
No, I didn't say that.
I read the AP on air.
So, doesn't matter because the intellectual with his short, dark hair and little trendy glasses walks out and makes jokes to all the losers and tells them everything's okay.
Because Alex Jones is fake news and Conway's a liar.
So let's look inside the micro... We don't need cameras anymore to do the show.
We've got microphones.
Here's the BS.
So again, attack mothers right out of the way, make jokes about real people.
Let's start it over.
He's got his hands in his pockets like he's real genuine and everything else.
This is the definition of fraud.
Preying on you.
He sees his audience as an enemy.
Literally, he has meetings with all those people.
It's totally prey on people.
He knows he's a con artist.
Let's go back to the fake newscaster posing as a real journalist.
Here it is.
Trump advisor and stepmom who is trying to replace your mother, Kellyanne Conway, explained yesterday that just because there's no evidence that his phone was wiretapped, doesn't mean Trump is wrong.
There was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways, and microwaves that turn into cameras.
It's true.
It's true.
He thinks the audience is so dumb, he's disputing the fact that they've got all these capacitors, microphones that are smaller than a grain of sand, that are built in the capacitors, listening, now they're getting even smaller, or that, oh,
Everyone knows there was no wiretapping.
The New York Times said January 20th that Trump was wiretapped.
We're showing it on screen for TV viewers.
Wiretapped data using inquiry on Trump aides.
So again, more lying.
The reason I started stopping so much is it's all lies.
Back to Stephen Colbert, Enemy of America.
But Conway's microwave comment heated up online, so today she explained to CNN's Chris Cuomo why her claims may have been a little off.
Chris, I'm not Inspector Gadget.
Okay, Chris.
Inspector Gadget had all sorts of tools at his disposal.
Gadget Skates.
Gadget Copter.
Kellyanne Conway has only one move.
Go-Go Alternative Facts!
Hey, pause.
Go-Go Alternative Facts.
No, it's Colbert with Alternative Facts making fun of and bullying a woman and only playing a three-second clip of her response about Inspector Gadget.
This is a predator.
Let's play the rest of the clip.
Look how smart he is.
Oh, then she kept talking.
I don't believe people are using the microwave to spy on the Trump campaign.
However, I'm not in the job of having evidence.
Who has that evidence job?
Trump is the president.
He knows spying is going on.
The Democrats have admitted it.
And then they just get her on and beat her up on TV.
Let's continue.
Because it's certainly not Paul Ryan or Tom Price, and it would be nice to know if Obama was spying on everyone through the popcorn setting on our microwave.
Well then let me tell you, because here's the former director of the CIA, when he was the director, General Petraeus, and you think your audience is dumb, CIA chief will spy on you through your dishwasher, admitting all the new appliances,
Pause again.
Have digital systems that actually dial into your other cameras and microphones that are on your computer and your smartphone, and that's how they jack it all and grab the digital transmissions.
And that's just one way they do it.
But see, you know your audience doesn't read Wired Magazine.
Or at least you're hoping, right, Colbert?
God, you're a piece of trash.
Let's go back to him.
Oh, excuse me, my Hot Pocket's done.
And what's crazy is that's actually what's happening.
They have wireless systems that jack and grab all your communications.
So technically, it grabs the digital feed through it, runs it through the power system, data through power lines, then they grab the data, the actual video.
See how that works, but it's not from the microwave itself.
But see, it's all a joke.
This is how you actually sell 1984, is you just have a sellout trader, Judas goat predator like Colbert prey on his audience.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
I have an article from The Telegraph linked on DrudgeReport.com.
This creepy facial recognition app lets users find strangers on Facebook by simply taking their picture.
This facial recognition app was created by British entrepreneur Jack Kenyon.
And guess what?
People can identify others by matching a photo of them with their Facebook profile.
It scans more than a billion images per second.
You can find a person on the street, run their image through the app, and find out exactly who that person is.
This will launch on iOS March 21st, but it's already been tested on more than 10,000 images to date with a 70% accuracy.
Is this the end of autonomous societies?
If you're concerned about spy news, you need to tune in to the Alex Jones Show at infowars.com slash show.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to go to your phone calls.
Phil, Jackie, Jeremy, Amy, Trace, and many others.
The toll-free number is 800-259-9231.
But as you notice,
It's mainline so-called comedy that poses for years as news.
And it comes out and says Donald Trump's racist, I'm racist.
Alex Jones says it.
Black people aren't humans.
I'm Alec Baldwin, playing the part of the president.
But people can't believe that that's not true.
Because in the past, they would make a skit about, say, David Duke and say he didn't like black people or something.
People would go, well, I guess he might have said that.
But now they just don't care.
They just lie.
Alex Jones hates gay people!
Alec Baldwin said so!
And then it becomes something real.
It shows they're willing to go to any level.
And then they want to ban us and are starting to censor us with the big megacorporations while they claim they're fighting the man.
President Trump and Congress need to do something about this.
They need to move against Obama's NDAA.
Set up a thing to censor the independent media.
It's not the alternative.
We're the real media.
Against the traitor media, the enemy media, the garbage media, the cancer media.
I mean, I don't know what you call it.
But the truth is, on every front but health care, and this is a better bill than the original Obamacare, but it's still a big bonanza for insurance companies, Trump's delivering.
That's a whole other debate area about what Trump's doing with this health care bill.
I understand it's meant to destroy the whole health care plan Obamacare was, so now it's in such a hole, they need all this new funding and at least Trump's being honest.
It's not like Gruber hiding what's in the bill and they're on the news saying there's no death panels, there's no increase in premiums you can keep your doctor, thank God the public's so stupid.
I'll give Trump that, they're being honest about what's in it.
But it's still bad.
But think about what we'd have with Hillary.
And I'm not defending what Trump's doing.
I'm just thinking about where we were, where we were going, how it's meant to bankrupt the whole country if we don't get rid of Obamacare.
This new system actually tries to pay for things and fix the system, but it fixes a system that's broken to begin with.
So we're welcome to talk about that.
We don't screen your calls, it's what you're calling about if you want to tell us how you're listening.
Where should we start here?
We've got transit in Jersey, Obama's final year spending.
Amy wants to talk about vaccines.
Jeremy talks about Savage and Islam's war on terror, saying it's a fraud.
Jackie says Trump's spirit coming back to USA.
Judge Knapp on Fox, Obama spying NSA.
Let's talk to Phil in Florida.
Phil, you're up first, worldwide.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hey Alex.
Um, real quick, just to point out, uh, The Hill is a PNAC front group.
But, um, anyway... What, The Hill newspaper?
I just know they're constantly lying about me.
Yeah, they're a neocon front group.
They're like, out of the blue, Alec Baldwin did a piece about aliens and Jones wants to fight him.
I mean, Jones is crazy!
No, the fake Donald Trump said he learned from me that black people aren't humans.
I mean, that's serious defamation.
I don't care if it's done in a comedy format.
And, you know, it's just crazy.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so Judge Napolitano was on Fox this morning talking about how Obama's fingerprints might not be directly on it.
Apparently the Brits, through their GCHQ or whatever it is, have total access upon request to all of the NSA data.
And all he had to do to bypass the three organizations that he mentioned, that were American organizations, was just ask GCHQ, hey, what's Trump doing?
And then GCHQ could inform him.
And as we know, you know, Britain is almost totally under control.
Well, I mean, I mean, this isn't your opinion and I'll play the clip.
They've always used foreign listening assets to listen to domestic assets or domestic citizens.
Domestic groups to get around the law saying you can't spy on your own citizens So that's a fact of course the president was being surveilled any incoming president or any major political candidates being spied on That's all been declassified.
They just think the public's dumb.
I mean they're in the news saying Obamacare was free still Okay, or you can keep your doctor or two plus two equals five or you didn't build your business They do that on purpose, but of course it's it's not debatable They were all over the news saying we have intercepts of him talking to the Russians
And then the intercepts were, we can't talk about it until we're in office, but yeah, we'll have meetings about sanctions.
That's what a president does.
And Flynn's like, I didn't talk about sanctions.
Well, you're on the recording talking about sanctions.
Yeah, having a meeting about them.
That's not talking about sanctions.
That's not my job.
So in government, they're trained as lawyers or military to answer specifically on what they're being asked about.
And so they played that off against people like Sessions meetings.
So you're absolutely right, Phil.
And then the only other thing, they were shocked that the registration for Socialists, the Socialist Party of America, is increasing.
But, I mean, that's what we're at war with.
We're at war with... A bunch of lazy, dumb people that think Venezuela is the place to live.
No, I know.
They're really just people that hate prosperity.
I mean, that's what it comes down to.
It's one thing to be greedy and rich.
It's another thing to be greedy and lazy.
I hear you, brother.
Unfortunately, most really rich people have disdain for the public.
They want monopolies.
And they see us as weak because we actually want to empower the poor people when a large portion of the poor people are dumbed-down piranhas.
They're cold-blooded.
And if they were a leech, they'd be even worse.
I get it.
I just can't sign on to, you know, fluoride in their water and vaccines, so half of them die.
Though we'll probably end up physically having to fight him sooner rather than later physically.
I just have to take the high road.
Since you mentioned it, Obama used British spying agency to get surveillance.
That's Fox reporting.
Andrew Napolitano, here it is.
Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command.
He didn't use the NSA, he didn't use the CIA, he didn't use the FBI, and he didn't use the Department of Justice.
He used GCHQ.
What the heck is GCHQ?
That's the initials for the British spying agency.
They have 24-7 access to the NSA database.
So by simply having two people go to them saying, President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, conversations involving President-elect Trump, he's able to get it.
And there's no American fingerprints on this.
And that's how they play the game to say America didn't do this when England built the first spy grid, had the German codes all broken, and basically set up our grid with them.
And they admit this on Discovery Channel and stuff like, the entire war, Brits didn't know all their phone calls were being listened to.
The games they play!
And you heard Savage talk about a bunch of pedophiles running this.
England is run by pedophiles.
So is the U.N.
You don't get in the club unless you at least rape kids.
It's a fact.
A lot of them slit their throats, you name it.
I mean, at the top.
I mean, that's come out in the news.
I mean, I know it sounds insane.
And, but it's, you know, it's going on.
They'll say, Jones said a pizza place is slitting throats.
No, I didn't.
The media made it about a pizza place to divert all off onto that.
Where there's no basement, none of that stuff going on, everybody hyperventilates over it and then a bunch of fake stuff is put on the web and everybody forces everybody to cover it and it becomes a big hysteria.
So we've got that clip.
I've got a lot of other clips I want to get to but I want to go back to your calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Amy in Texas.
Amy, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, glad to be here.
I was just recently contacted via phone last week to do a survey over vaccinations from the CDC.
So the CDC called me.
Now what they're really doing is canvassing with the health department numbers of people that aren't vaccinating their kids to put you in a federal database.
That's an Obama deal.
So let me tell you, when the CDC calls you, you hang the phone up.
Well, and I should have, but I entertained the conversation so it was very inclusive with a lot of forceful questions.
A lot of forceful questions, yes.
It's the government bullying, so tell us all about the love.
So, honestly, my kids are
Oh, so you think you probably got in a database and there was a little intimidation phone call?
Because that's actually how that works.
I believe so.
Well, that's why the quote inventor on the internet who was involved in it, unlike Al Gore, came out and said, political science has gotten so powerful with databases they can come to your door with a laptop and know everything about you and manipulate you.
We've got to ban political advertising online.
Well, that sounds reasonable until you realize they're calling us political advertising, countering them.
So it is a fact, not conspiracy now.
That they've got databases of folks, what you're searching, and the fact that you may be getting woken up, and they've got little phone calls that are just surveys to intimidate you back into line.
They call it nudging.
So how'd the phone calls start getting?
Go ahead.
Wanted to know where we lived, where my children were vaccinated.
If they could get records from the doctors that they've had vaccinations at, how likely it would be that we were going to get the flu vaccine and the HPV vaccine for my teenage daughter?
Well, ma'am, let me tell you something right now.
100%, you talk about up-to-date, like your bills are paid or...
You know, you're up in good standing.
This is total social engineering.
None of the vaccines even cover what they claim.
From the Gardasil of the flu shot, the inserts tell you they don't protect you.
They've never guessed the flu shot for the right mutation.
Learned immunity is true.
Artificially learned immunity is a real science, but there's a great danger even if it's a, quote, clean vaccine and only the, quote, the attenuated pathogen that you're being given.
Okay, so this is total social engineering, and you gotta watch out.
This might not even have been the CDC.
A lot of records have been stolen, and a lot of people also call up claiming they're from federal agencies trying to get you to confirm your social security numbers and stuff so they can drain your bank account or loot you.
So that might be what this was.
I'm not sure, but you don't want to be talking to anybody on the telephone calling up asking you questions, okay?
I know you're trusting and the government says it, but let me tell you something.
It's a fact.
Okay, that predators have hijacked the government.
Trump's trying to clean them out.
He can't even get it two levels down cleaned out, okay?
So, but again, most identities have been stolen.
They've got to call up, though, to confirm other information with you, like maiden name and things, to be able to go out and really steal your identity.
So let me ask you those kind of questions.
They did.
Probably had your identity stolen, ma'am.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yes, they also shut down the availability for me to send out emails and share your articles and articles over vaccines to certain people.
Excuse me, so whatever this bully con artist was, government or not on the phone, started telling you what you can and can't do?
What did they say?
Here, tell me more.
They also censored my email.
They shut it completely down.
For 36 hours I was not able to get on my email.
I would enter my password and it was not... Well, that might not be related, but there is a lot of social engineering being tested, and I admit that, with real phone calls, real things in the databases.
But you probably...
You probably gave him your email.
Whoever it was broke in, stole your identity, and locked you out.
So you need to call and check with the bank and everything.
You probably had your identity stolen.
Because see, they can pose as everybody submits to government.
So con artists are going to tell you you're government, okay?
And there's con artists in government, but there's also con artists that aren't in government.
Okay, so you probably had your identity stolen.
I'm going to get your name and number, give us your contact.
I want to see where this goes as you do more research.
But Amy, did you ever think this might not be the government calling you up?
I didn't, just because it seemed too coincidental with my recent research on that.
No, no, ma'am.
That's not how it works.
They haven't gotten to that.
Yeah, no.
You probably online in a data breach, or with a major bank, they have your info.
They've got to call and get more to be... Have you checked your bank accounts?
Have you checked your credit card stuff?
Yes, yes.
And there are no...
There are no transactions that have been made that haven't been by me.
All right.
Well, I appreciate your call.
If you've got more info, keep in touch.
We'll give you the email.
Don't harm it.
We can talk to you.
You see, when I was a child, there were four or five vaccines.
Now that it's up to 60, they want to give you hundreds.
The neurological disorders are off the charts.
It's killing people.
So everybody's got to decide to say no.
Now they always say you should be arrested if you don't take vaccines, you'll make other people sick.
If they've had the vaccine, how is you not having it going to get them sick?
The vaccine causes the shingles.
The shingles vaccine is live herpes simplex.
Attenuated, but it still gives it to you.
My dad, before he quit doing medical practice, he said almost all his old patients would get shingles.
He'd say, oh, did you take the shot?
Yeah, last week.
And he'd be like, oh, very nice.
A lot of them would just die afterwards.
You wouldn't see them no more.
But it's just like, oh, they're just dead.
You know, dead babies, dead old people, dead everybody.
No big deal.
You know, it's no big deal.
Let's just be liberal and trust our government.
Amy, I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
Listen, our government's overrun by communist Chinese operatives, Islamists, you name it.
The government's gone.
The media is controlled.
Con artists have your identity and half the time, you've got to start not trusting people you don't know.
Only old timers ship their money in a mattress.
Only trust people they knew for 50 years.
That's called being smart, not called being an old timer.
You get old enough, you get screwed over enough, you become an old timer.
Oh my God.
Jackie in New York, you're on the air, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Mr. Jones.
How are you?
Basically, I wanted to talk about... I'm 68, and I was at the demonstrations with Vietnam.
I was at the demonstrations at the Republican National Convention.
And for the past 30, 40 years, I've felt almost helpless and powerless with all the nonsense that's been going on.
I started working for Trump in August, where I live, got ostracized, got befriended,
All this nonsense, and now I just feel like there's finally hope.
Exactly, you went through the bullying, you went through the intimidation, you went through the racketeering, but now you're coming out of the clouds into the sun, exactly.
Because the persecution became sweet, not bitter, because it actually delivered something, it actually had an effect.
You feel fulfilled.
And I don't understand why people
I was taught manners and how you can disrespect the position that President Trump has, burn him in effigy, put bullet holes into a dummy.
That's not respect and I don't believe kids today have respect because either they decided not to learn it.
They've been given everything.
They haven't been overrun by foreign enemies and seen their cities burn yet.
They'll learn respect.
They haven't seen bioweapons killing millions of people yet.
They'll learn respect.
If we're unable to fight the globalist plan, they will beg in the end.
Beg that we would have been there to save them.
They think because you care, Jackie, that you're weak.
See, they see you not being arrogant and you caring as weak.
They're just fallen, pathetic people brain damaged from vaccines.
You really gotta feel sorry for them.
But the good news is enough people are awake who do see what's happened and so we're coming together.
I hope so.
But I did want to say one thing.
This is old news.
The, uh, Satanic thing that was on a couple weeks ago...
And I got ostracized for Trump, I got ostracized for being a wicca, and I got ostracized back when hippies started.
But I just want to put in a good word for us, because none of this paid any attention to it.
Well, Chairman, I want to be clear that people following other ancient religions obviously aren't the classical Middle Ages devil worship that we see the globalists pushing.
I understand that.
But the thing is, they are pushing that.
And those archetypes of Christian versus the devil, that's what they're building and doing.
But I certainly am not going to sit there and
You know, judge people and attack people that have other religious views and things, and I certainly get that classical earth worship is not your classical devil worship.
So I hear you, Jackie.
Let's come back and talk to Trace, Matt, Kimberly, and others straight ahead.
But I tell you, it's one hell of a time to be alive, folks.
Do not answer questions when somebody calls you.
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All right, Paul Watson is coming up from London, England here in just about six minutes.
I want to thank you all for tuning in today.
I'm going to try to do as many of your calls as I can right now, like Trance, Trace and Kimberly and Jeremy and a few others.
I was just thinking about how we're just sitting here
Calmly taking the fact that they're openly saying they're going to censor us and are starting to shut us down.
It's just crazy.
And the lying and all of it.
We're dealing with a group of authoritarians that are posing as liberals and they're allied with a bunch of fake conservatives.
And it just comes down to that.
Don't submit to them.
Don't go along with them.
Speak out against them and just keep waking other people up and we're going to win because our ideology is prosperity and just basic common sense.
Like President Trump has said.
Doesn't mean we're perfect, but we're not out to get people.
Trace in New Jersey, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
How you doing, my man?
I'm calling from New Jersey.
I actually gave you a call last year.
I was calling because I saw this article on Yahoo News earlier, and it caught my attention because it was like, really?
Well, Obama's final year, U.S.
spent $36 million in records lawsuits.
That is amazing to me.
There was 31 FOIA lawsuits filed by the New York Times alone, and all of these have been defeated.
Because it's 36 million that Obama has pushed, and it's not just in, you know... Yeah, I'm missing what you're saying.
What's the headline of the article?
In Obama's final year, he did what?
36 million in record lawsuits.
Oh yeah, trying to block FOIA, not following the Freedom of Information Act.
The last few years they just refused everything and anything.
Oh, I know.
The borders are open, total lawlessness.
That's a good point.
Now, what it's saying right here, as I'm looking at the article, as I'm on the phone with you, it says, of the $36 million in legal costs fighting such lawsuits last year, the Justice Department accounted for $12 million, the Homeland Security Department for $6.3 million, and the Pentagon for $4.8 million.
The three departments accounted for more than half the government's total records request.
Oh, I've set off under Obama three times with lawyers and money.
For my FBI file.
They just won't even respond to the FOIA.
They just do not care.
The courts ignore it.
The media ignores it.
They gave Obama total cover for lobbyists and criminality and releasing no records.
And now we're getting records through Trump.
It's $260 billion.
Last week it was $187 billion.
$260 plus billion Obama stole.
As a veteran seeing this, it blows my mind because of the pure simple fact I know what they're doing to us veterans and I'm looking at
The fact that Obama went ahead and spent almost 40 million dollars to block the truth getting out.
So... No one has ever blocked FOIA like this and violated federal law.
They don't even respond.
We've done all sorts of FOIAs about simple stuff.
Not even a response.
And you can take them into court and the courts just sit there and tie it all up.
They're ignoring the law.
It's an act of belligerent tyranny against the people.
And that's why finally you see Trump.
Is the last gasp of trying to save the country and a bunch of spoiled rotten scum like Snoop Dogg and Alec Baldwin running around making up more lies trying to stop us trying to save the country.
But Trace, I'm glad you raised that.
Because that's a big deal.
And I keep forgetting that Obama ignored four years like no one else in history.
Alright, I'm going to take one more call from Jeremy in Kansas and then I'm going to hand the baton to Paul Watson.
We're going to watch it in the next segment.
I'm Alex Jones, Infowars.com, porch slash show.
They're censoring us.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Paul Watson's about to take over.
We got a bunch of calls here, Jeremy in Kansas and others.
I'm not sure we have time to take those.
But Craig Sawyer's here.
He's going to be in studio with us tomorrow talking about the military veterans standing up and speaking out for Trump.
Because under Obama, you know, active duty can't say, hey, stop doing what you're doing.
But a lot did when they tried to back Al Qaeda and ISIS in the last five years in Syria.
Uh, but now the media is trying to act like, oh, active duty shouldn't support the president, and veterans shouldn't either.
So, uh, there's, uh, Mr. Sawyer's meeting, uh, in studio with us.
Tomorrow we can punch him up for TV viewers, uh, here at, uh, InfoWars.
And then again, Paul Joseph Watson's coming up in a minute.
So we're excited to have him here with us.
He's also one of the top advisors to Hollywood and all the stunts and reality-based stuff.
So I'm looking forward to him because I talked to Q and I talked to Tim and others.
I said, look at the military, you know, to start speaking out and talking about what's happening because the fight has just intensified to restore the Republic.
So is he coming in here?
Are they coming in here?
Are they going to come get me?
He's going to SWAT team me.
Hey, but Paul Watson says that's exciting tomorrow.
Paul, tell us what you got coming up, my friend.
We've got Tim Pool fresh back from Sweden.
Obviously he went there to investigate the link between mass immigration and crime.
Very interesting how he was treated by the media, so we're going to get to that in the second half of the hour.
But I was just thinking about the censorship issue, Alex.
You know with this Facebook thing where they're basically banning every second InfoWars post that I make by declaring it spam?
I thought it could have been because I was posting it on both my Facebook accounts at the same time because I've got two separate accounts.
But then yesterday, a Don wrote the article about the Homeland episode, the season with you in it, with them smearing you as this fake news character.
I posted that on my Facebook page once.
Within an hour, it was banned as spam, disappeared from Facebook altogether.
So this censorship is really coming down hard.
So they create a fake character where we set up veterans and lie about people and support terrorists.
They admit the character is supposed to be me and we can't respond to it on Facebook.
I mean this is an unprecedented info war.
Oh, and by the way, that show is a total failure.
It used to be good.
Now it's, you know, Social Justice 101.
Their ratings are completely collapsing.
They falsely predicted that there would be a female president.
That never happened.
So, they're a total joke.
They're losing their audience.
The other thing I've noticed, Alex, is on YouTube.
You know, with social media, you've got Facebook and Twitter.
Twitter is kind of a tiny echo chamber of leftists.
But what I've noticed on YouTube is that all these major SJW channels, these leftist channels like MTV News, Lacey Green, all these feminists, they're all giving up.
They're all just quitting their YouTube channels because we're completely whopping their ass on YouTube.
That's right, and meanwhile the MTV Viacom Sumner Redstone also produces Homeland Against Us has Snoop Dogg saying kill the president which is totally illegal.
I mean, look, I'm all for free speech and I should add Craig Sawyer, formerly Chill Team 6, a lot of other great stuff, Great Patriot, and a fellow Texan, he's gonna be on tomorrow.
That's gonna be exciting, Paul, but I'm telling you, we're on the march, like, like, like,
Folks like Grudge have said, why don't we build our own platforms?
We've done it.
We know we would get kicked off Facebook and Twitter at a certain point.
They're doing it because they're panicking, Paul.
No, precisely.
I mean, I've seen comments from people, you know, leftist SJWs who admit they've taken over YouTube.
The far right has taken over YouTube.
And it's not the far right.
It's just anyone with a shred of common sense.
But it's true.
All the top YouTubers
Down to people like JonTron and PewDiePie, and people like Philly D, Philip DeFranco.
They've got millions and millions of subscribers.
They've been red-pilled.
They're gradually coming out with a similar message to us.
And now the establishment is in a blind panic.
That's why they went after PewDiePie with these smears.
That's right.
They're totally panicking.
You're taking over right after the break.
Thank you, Paul Joseph Watson.
We still have our own platform, our affiliates across the country.
We're kicking their ass, so they want to just kick us off the playing field.
Totally un-American.
And their whole little Islamic worship fest that's happening in Europe.
They want $53 million fines.
Uh, for anybody that basically posts news against the globalists, uh, in Germany, it's not gonna work.
That's in the Associated Press, folks.
So, they now admit the censorship, they admit the communist Chinese are advising on it.
Good luck selling that, because you planned to do all this with Hillary in, but you didn't get the witch in!
Paul Watson's coming up!
Once again, the food of Americans, one of the most basic staples, chicken, is under attack.
Alabama reports that they have found three cases of bird flu in your poultry.
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Alabama has found three poultry facilities in the northern part of the state.
Its agricultural department is claiming that this happened near where two cases were detected recently in nearby Tennessee.
Alabama has not received any definitive test results that confirm its cases are highly pathogenic, which is the more lethal form of the virus, according to a spokeswoman for the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.
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Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
We're live.
It's the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show on this Tuesday edition.
Breaking news out of France.
Bomb threat at central Montpellier Square.
Huge police presence.
This is the new normal in Europe thanks to the religion of peace.
And what about Sweden?
What happened last night in Sweden?
What happens every night in Sweden?
What happens every day in Sweden?
Possible explosives in four different locations in Sweden.
One in Tarnas, three in Norrbotten.
That's out of Express and a Swedish newspaper.
So this is basically a daily basis now.
Grenade attacks, stabbings, shootings, you name it.
It's happening in Sweden because the cultural enrichment is intensifying.
And we have an award-winning journalist coming on at the bottom of the hour to talk about his experiences in Sweden, in some of these migrant suburbs.
His reaction, or the Swedish media's reaction to him, was simply daring to investigate the issue.
They weren't happy about it and they let him know.
There's a top story up on Infowars.com right now.
Iraqi soldier, ISIS, would conquer Sweden in a few hours.
According to an Iraqi soldier fighting against the Islamic State in Mosul, ISIS would be able to conquer Sweden in a few hours.
Now this account was told to a war correspondent working for Express in the Swedish newspaper.
She's been there for basically weeks or months covering this bombardment against ISIS in Mosul.
She had a conversation with an Iraqi soldier who is also fighting against ISIS, trying to reclaim his own country.
She told him basically that now Sweden, some areas of Sweden, some cities in Sweden are offering returning ISIS jihadists employment, housing, education and financial welfare in an effort
To reintegrate them into society, that's right.
There's no discussion of the absolute lunacy of allowing ISIS terrorists back into your country in the first place.
No, we don't talk about that because we're progressive, we're liberal.
They're actually giving them welfare and benefits when they come back into the country.
With them having, you know, beheaded God knows how many people over in Syria and Iraq.
So basically, this war correspondent working for this newspaper
Told an Iraqi soldier who was completely unaware of this, he's actually fighting against ISIS, that this was taking place.
He risked his life to fight ISIS, as she said.
And basically he had tears in his eyes, according to this journalist, and went on to say when she asked him how long it would take ISIS to conquer Sweden,
He said, quote, not days, hours.
In a few hours.
That's probably true because they'd be welcomed with open arms by most of the leftists in Sweden.
You know, Stockholm Syndrome, it's called that for a reason now.
But what's interesting about this article...
Is in the same report from this war correspondent, she goes through some of the examples of how jihadists from Sweden went over to fight for ISIS and how they were involved in terrorist attacks.
Now, we know that Sweden is a hotbed for ISIS, for Islamist jihadists.
It's routinely in the top three European countries in terms of the ones who export the most fighters over to Syria.
And she talks about a few individuals that came from Syria, for example, Osama Krayan.
This is an individual born in Malmo, Sweden in 1992.
Again, Malmo's completely safe according to the left.
It's a liberal multicultural utopia.
Born in Sweden in 1992, he went to Syria to fight for ISIS in 2014.
Returned to Europe posing as a refugee on a false passport.
He then went on to meet with Salah Abdeslam.
You might have heard of that name before.
He was one of the Paris Massacre culprits mowing down people in the street.
That's the guy who this Swede, native Swede, met with.
Obviously from Syrian descent.
So he helps coordinate the Paris Massacre.
He was also involved in planning the Brussels bombing, which happened just four months later.
In fact, he was intended to be the second Metro bomber, but backed out at the last minute.
This is who Sweden is producing in their liberal, multicultural, Islamic ghettos.
That's just one of them.
Ironically, this same individual, Osama Krayon,
Participated in a documentary years before called Without Borders, which was about how to succeed with integration of migrants into Swedish society.
He goes on to become a member of ISIS and helps coordinate the Paris massacre and the Brussels airport and metro bombing.
That's how good multiculturalism is working in Sweden.
But wait, there's more!
The war correspondent also talks about
An individual called Mohamed Belkaid, a 35-year-old Algerian who emigrated to and lived for several years in Sweden.
Belkaid was killed by Belgian police during the raid that led to the capture of Salar Abdeslam, whom he was associated with.
Two other suspects who escaped the raid, Ibrahim and Khalid al-Bakri, went on to carry out the Brussels bombing a week later.
So just two individuals there.
She goes on to name more.
Again, out of the radicalized jihadist ghettos in Sweden, posing as refugees, slipping in and out of all these different countries, going on to coordinate the Paris massacre and the Brussels bombing.
That's what we're talking about when we're talking about these massive
Problems being created by just letting in hundreds of thousands of people.
Of course it only takes 1% for there to be massive issues with that.
And the polls show that 21% of Syrians support ISIS to begin with.
So it's an absolute horror show what's taking place, the risk that we're putting ourselves under in all these different European countries.
But Sweden has now moved to muzzle its cops to uphold political correctness.
This is out of Sputnik.
Now, of course, Peter Springer, the veteran Swedish policeman, went public with his concerns, probably about six weeks ago now.
You remember the Facebook post in which he listed the names of the people committing serious violent crimes in Sweden.
Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed.
Almost everyone was called Mohamed.
Some were spelled differently.
He went public
Massive support from the Swedish people.
Yeah, he's got a quarter of a million likes on his Facebook page in just that six weeks alone from a country with basically a tiny population.
How did the Swedish authorities respond to this?
Did they acknowledge?
Given the fact that a quarter of a million people have liked his Facebook page, that this is an issue that Swedes are seriously concerned about, and there needs to be a national conversation about it.
They basically said he was a racist, put him under investigation, now they're telling other police officers, don't you dare release any information in a similar manner to how he did, otherwise you will be vehemently punished.
So again, it's all about the cover-up, it's about upholding political correctness while their society is torn apart.
Every single day, and you can see it on my Twitter account, it's grenade attacks, bombings, stabbings, people being gunned down.
That's not normal for a country like Sweden.
That may be normal for Chicago.
That has never been normal for a country like Sweden up until the past 5, 6, 7 years.
Especially since 2014.
So we're going to get into that with Tim Pool later on the show.
Later on in the show, of course, when he went to Malmo, he didn't really see much action.
Nothing was going on.
The Swedish media loved him.
Then he actually went to a NoGo area, was basically told to leave by the police, otherwise there'd be a riot.
Then their attitude kind of turned against him, didn't it?
To the point where a report that came out a few days ago in Swedish mainstream media called him a threat to democracy or a danger to democracy.
So an independent, impartial journalist traveling to a Western, supposedly free, liberalized country to report impartially on the facts, to talk to public officials, to talk to residents,
He's labeled a danger to democracy simply for doing journalism.
What does that say about the attitude in Sweden?
Absolutely insane.
So we're going to get to that at the bottom of the hour.
Censorship that was going on earlier.
That happened again today on Facebook.
We had the article up on Drudge Report, Infowars.com article, Marine Le Pen smacks down reporter, no one trusts the media.
It's an interview of the leading French presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, with a reporter.
That's not spam, that's not fake news.
What did Facebook classify it as?
Once again, spam.
It's completely invisible when I post it on my Facebook page.
Now again, I was wondering what was the cause.
Was it something I was doing wrong to violate their terms of agreement?
Well no, because again I posted Adon Salazar's article yesterday about the Homeland episode, which to me is Alex Jones.
That was labelled spam.
That was censored.
That was memory hold.
So this is only going to intensify given that Facebook is now being threatened directly by German government officials that they're going to be fined 53 million dollars if they fail to remove illegal content such as hate speech or defamatory fake news within seven days.
And you know what that is, don't you?
Because we've had stories of people getting home visits from the German police if they criticize their own government's migrant policy.
These things are always expanded out.
Look at the fake news lists that Harvard University came out with a few days ago.
The fake news lists, the misleading websites.
Every single major conservative website was on this list.
It's blatantly a ploy to take the problem of fake news, which is a tiny problem.
Stanford University study found fake news had no impact on the outcome of the US presidential election.
So it's a tiny problem.
Yes, some people are making ill-gotten advertising games off fake news, deliberately put out fake.
They know it's deceptive.
So they took that problem, which wasn't a massive problem, then just transposed it onto conservative media and basically said,
Anyone who disagrees with our leftist narrative, that's fake news.
Censor it.
Ban it.
Get it off the internet.
Because they can't compete with us on a level playing field.
So they have to cheat.
They have to resort to dirty tricks.
But we will not be silenced.
We'll be back in the next segment of the Alex Jones Show.
Breaking news at InfoWars.com.
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We'll be live on the Alex Jones Show.
Coming up in the next segment will be our guest, Tim Pool.
For the moment, we're going to go to more news, of course.
The Netherlands has a big election tomorrow.
This is out of Bloomberg.com.
Wilder's party slumps in the final Dutch polls on election eve.
This is, of course, the populist Geert Wilders.
They had this big confrontation with Turkey over the weekend, over the past few days.
It looks as if, according to these polls, and we know that polls are always accurate, aren't they?
It looks as if that might have benefited the Conservative Party in Holland to the detriment of Gert Wilders, given that they did kind of stand up to Turkey's authoritarian bullying.
The prospect of Gert Wilders emerging as the winner of Wednesday's Dutch election was thrown into doubt by two polls on the eve of voting that showed his anti-Islam, anti-European Freedom Party slumping to fifth place in one survey and third in another.
Final poll showed Wilder's party on 16 seats in the 150-member Lower House of Parliament.
So it looks like according to these polls, he's not going to do as well as expected.
Of course, we know from previous polls that they normally turn out to be completely wrong.
Sometimes you have this phenomenon of people
Refusing to acknowledge that they're going to vote for, quote, controversial populist parties and actually doing so on the day that happened with Brexit.
So we'll see if that turns out.
The election in the Netherlands is tomorrow.
On a similar subject, Zero Hedge reports, Turkey says migrant deal has ended, may unleash millions of refugees.
Now isn't it interesting that Turkey and Erdogan is basically using this refugee army as a threat.
They see these migrants, these refugees, as a kind of invading army that they can unleash on Europe if they don't get their way, if they don't get their payoff.
What does that tell you about the entire refugee migrant issue?
It tells you that they know that these people cause massive problems in Western societies.
They increase the terror threat.
And Zero Hedge reports the most troubling development and one which has the potential to sway the outcome of the Dutch election, is that in the final power play aimed towards Merkel,
Kurt Humless, who is the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, exclaimed that since Europe has not kept its promises on the migrant deal, for us that agreement has ended.
So of course Turkey agreed to hold back the migrant wave because it's so beneficial and culturally enriching.
The article goes on to state...
Which means that one year after it collected 3 billion for the migrant deal, Turkey has just voided the agreement and the next step would be that Turkey is about to flood Europe with refugees currently held inside Turkish borders.