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Name: 20170313_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 13, 2017
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Welcome to the Infowars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Monday, March 13th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, the latest developments in Obamagate, where Barack Obama has moved funds from the housing market into the healthcare market in an attempt to save his failed healthcare plan.
Also, Alex Jones is under attack from Homeland and Saturday Night Live as the propaganda against the Info War continues.
Sir, where are you getting this information?
From a very reputable source.
What, the FBI?
The CIA?
Info Wars.
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
And then, exclusive content that proves Warner Brothers is filtering content from InfoWars.
Another piece of the censorship puzzle.
Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is promoting illegal activity on the border.
How can a politician get away with that?
All that and more tonight on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Today we're going to go right to Dr. Jerome Corsi.
He's Infowars Washington Bureau Chief.
He has some very important breaking news about an executive order from President Trump that is going to do a great deal to shut down the waste and inefficiency that has to be done in terms of cutting down the size of government.
But also this important study that he's done, this article about the fraudulent funding of Obamacare.
We have to understand the Congressional Budget Office
Is this Democrats secret weapon to try to shut down any reform of Obamacare?
Telling people how many individuals are going to lose their insurance coverage.
But you have to understand that Obamacare only works for these people who are going to lose their insurance coverage according to the CBO.
It only works because of fraud and because of illegal funding of Obamacare.
Dr. Corsi broke this down in an article a couple of weeks ago on InfoWars.
This is something that the investors who were defrauded in order to make this happen have been talking about for quite some time.
Now it is beginning to get traction.
And along with the traction, it is getting ridiculed.
So I want to go to Dr. Corsi because he's broken this down in a more detailed article on InfoWars.com today that lays out all of the information from a CPA that used to be part of a large accounting firm that was auditing
Fannie and Freddie.
So joining us now is Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Thank you for joining us, Dr. Corsi.
Great pleasure to be back with you.
Thank you.
Now tell us about this article that you've got here.
We had a lot of pushback because this got some investors have been defrauded, started talking about this article, then Fox News picked it up, then we get the ad hominem attacks from people in the press.
We had the Washington Inquirer come out and refer to you and spent a lot of time in the article doing an ad hominem attack on you as a birther author in terms of the book, but not going through the actual documents, dismissing the fact that we had any proof.
So now you've put down
Detailed information.
Going back with the assistance of the CPA to show what happened in the books and to show that we're not making this up.
We've got the information there.
It's real.
We now have a hashtag out there called hashtag Fannygate where people are talking about this, especially the people who've been defrauded.
But of course, all of America is being defrauded by this, not just those investors, aren't they?
Well, that's right.
I mean, what happened last Friday was that Maria Bartiromo tweeted out about the articles we're writing, specifically the investors wrote up a
A detailed report that actually just summarized the articles that we've been publishing in InfoWars.
Maria Bartiromo picked that up and tweeted it and then went on the air with it on Sunday.
On Friday, the Washington Examiner called me up and did an interview and they decided to do a hit job saying we didn't have proof that Treasury was diverting the money from Fannie Freddie to pay the Obamacare
Insurance subsidies for low-income people that Congress had not appropriated the money to fund Well, so what we've done now today is We have an article running that in which I just said, okay, we've been called on this Let me show the Washington Examiner.
They don't know what they're talking about and I worked with one of the
CPA examiners from one of the major firms who had audited outside auditor for Fannie and Freddie and we put together this article where we went into the Treasury reports specifically for 2013 and showed how in the report they account for what they call the net worth sweep gains and losses on the GSEs government sponsored entities which are Fannie and Freddie.
On the documentation, it makes it absolutely clear that Treasury started receiving the first of these sweeps.
Remember, they're confiscating all the profits out of Fannie and Freddie.
The investors who own stock aren't getting paid.
That's right.
They're not robbing Peter to pay Paul.
They're robbing Fannie and Freddie to pay Obama and pay for Obamacare.
And the money starts in March of 2013, and Treasury recognizes how big this is going to be, that it's going to be $130 billion that they're going to get, and there's a minimum that actually turned out to be $260 billion.
What we did is we went to the Treasury annual reports, all the financial data.
We're good to go.
From the network sweep.
The network sweep was Treasury decided to take out all the earnings of Fannie and Freddie and not pay the private investors anything.
Just stole it.
Okay, now what the Washington Examiner was saying is we couldn't prove that that money went into Fannie and it went into Obamacare.
But yeah, we did an analysis of it and we showed how Treasury put this money into a construction building fund and then transferred it out into the accounts established for Medicare and for health in general, the accounts of the Treasury and their expenditure accounts.
So we were able to mirror all this data and show that the money came into Treasury, the network sweep from Fannie and Freddie, they put it into their general fund account, then in their expenditures they allocated it to a construction account.
I think so.
The Obama administration had these insurance subsidies in Section 1402, which meant that poor people, low income, couldn't pay for the insurance that Obamacare required them to get.
So Obamacare said, we'll give you a tax subsidy and you'll be able to pay for that.
Congress did not appropriate any money for Section 1402.
So Obamacare had no way to pay the insurance companies the subsidy between what the insurance required under the Affordable Care Act cost and what the low income people could afford to pay.
And if they couldn't meet that subsidy, it meant Obamacare was bankrupt.
Because the insurers will be having to give away the insurance without getting the full premium because the low-income people couldn't afford it.
Now, that was a huge problem.
When the Treasury recognized this in 2012, they began scrambling, and they found this money in Fannie and Freddie, and they started stealing it, reallocating it.
To pay the insurance subsidy.
The problem was Congress did not appropriate any money to fund Section 1402 and a district court case told ultimately the Health and Human Services they couldn't use money appropriated by Congress for another purpose to apply here.
So Treasury did it all on the sly.
They did it all through the bookkeeping that we identified.
They did it in defiance of Congress and in defiance of the courts.
And then they did it in defiance of the investors as well.
I mean, this is outright theft.
And it defines the Constitution because the federal government isn't supposed to be funding itself.
That's supposed to all come from Congress.
When Congress tells the executive branch you can't have the money, Congress doesn't expect the investment, you know, the executive branch to go find it somewhere else or to go steal it from Fannie and Freddie and spend it anyway.
How did they justify this, Dr. Corsi?
How did they justify this net sweep that they took out of there?
I mean, this sounds like civil asset forfeiture and the war on drugs.
That's another thing I'll explain in some future articles.
What they did was they said that Fannie and Freddie were in financial trouble in 2012, and they didn't want
The taxpayers would be stuck with another bailout, so they were just going to basically start taking over Fannie and Freddie.
They were going to begin by taking all the earnings.
Okay, now, it wasn't true.
Fannie and Freddie were actually in such good shape, they paid the Treasury $260 billion.
The Treasury again fixed the books to say that Fannie and Freddie were in dire condition in 2012, ended
Thank you very much.
They were investing money for the investors.
They were applying it to pay Obamacare.
They were not telling the public that without Congress appropriating the money for the subsidies in Section 1402, that Obamacare was bankrupt.
And this was in 2012-2013.
But by stealing what amounted to $260 billion from the investors that should have been paid out in dividends or retained by Fannie and Freddie as capital, working capital, what happened is that the Treasury confiscated this money.
The investors got nothing.
Treasury, through this accounting ledger domain, you know, tricks, transferred it over into an Obamacare account and didn't announce to the American people that they were doing it.
So they paid HHS, paid the 1402 subsidies to keep Obamacare going with Fannie Freddie money that was stolen from the investors.
Just amazing.
Just amazing.
The group that has put this out is Investors Unite.
The hashtag is FannieGate.
And of course there is pushback against this whenever we show that out there.
But now you've put out a detailed article.
People can find this at InfoWars.com.
The title of the article is confirmed.
Treasury says Obama stole from Fannie and Freddie investors to fund Obamacare and you have put a detailed accounting analysis in that article so they can't say this is fake news that we're making this up you document this meticulously as you point out this is an ironclad exposition of how they took this money how they stole it
Fraudulently, illegally, in defiance of Congress, in defiance of the judiciary, in defiance of the Constitution.
Everything about Obamacare is a fraud and we need to understand this as we look at the congressional scoring, the Congressional Budget Office as they score this and say this is going to be really bad for people who don't have insurance.
We have to understand they never had it.
Without fraud and deception.
I want to move from this article now, Dr. Corsi, in the time that we got left, to this new announcement that came out this afternoon.
You got this about an hour or so before it hit.
Tell us about that coming from the Trump administration.
Well, I got sent an email from the White House about 3.30 this afternoon that President Trump, as soon as the cabinet meeting was over, about 4.30, was going to sign this executive order.
It's a comprehensive plan for reorganizing the executive branch.
And this executive order, President Trump gives the OMB, which is the Office of Management and Budget,
180 days, so they've got what, six months?
To figure out how they're going to dramatically cut back the federal government.
The order requires them to determine what departments can be closed, what agencies can be closed, and what functions can be combined in order to reduce staff.
This will be one of the biggest reductions in force that the federal government
Ever undertaken in modern times.
And we got it an hour before President Trump signed it.
So we had the, you know, an advanced look at this that came out from one of the people in the executive office who works with us to try to give us heads up on what's about to be released by the press office.
Well, that's huge, and that shows that Donald Trump really understands what the problem is.
We've got a bureaucracy that is metastasizing and multiplying.
If we go back to Thomas Jefferson's second inaugural, he said, by eliminating useless offices, we've been able to eliminate all internal taxation.
And that's the type of thing that has to happen.
Government cannot grow indefinitely.
This thing has become like some kind of science fiction blog.
It just continues to grow and grow.
You have to cut down and consolidate the waste.
You have to cut down these unnecessary offices that have been there.
And I think that's very, very important that he's going to have them come up with a six-month plan to do that.
And also, the executive branches, we're talking about the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Department, Department of Justice, all these departments are packed with Obama and Clinton supporters, leftists, who are doing everything they can to block, oppose, resist, to destroy, destruct,
Yes, absolutely.
Go back to education.
That was what Ronald Reagan said he was going to do.
It was created by Jimmy Carter.
It was less than four years old.
He could have killed that thing, like I've said many times, Rosemary's baby.
He could have killed it in the crib.
Instead, they fed it and nurtured it until it became many times larger.
I think it's very important to see Donald Trump moving against this ever-increasing bureaucracy and knowing exactly that's the heart of the problem.
You've got to drain the swamp by getting rid of these imperial permanent positions as part of the bureaucracy.
And all these people in the bureaucracy do is sit there all day long and make rules.
Which is essentially, they become little legislators.
They don't report anybody in the Congress, and they make up their own rules, which then get promulgated in the Federal Register.
And this is another way to essentially reduce taxes, because these regulations are all enormously expensive for the private economy.
The net result of this permanent bureaucracy is that we have not only taxation without representation, but we have legislation without representation.
That's so important.
We look forward to your article breaking that down.
Dr. Jerome Corsi joining us.
Thank you so much, Dr. Corsi.
Great pleasure.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
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Welcome back.
Now as we just saw with Dr. Corsi, as soon as we have a story that is gaining traction, what do they do?
They do ad hominem attacks.
And so now we see that happening on a regular basis with Alex Jones.
We see this happening with Homeland.
It's not just Saturday Night Live and comedy, but also pretend dramas to sell their narrative, to sell the fact that we are making stuff up.
They make up stuff.
Homeland smears Alex Jones as a progenitor of fake news.
A character modeled on Infowars founder creates fake news to slander a political rival in a TV drama.
This is an article by Don Salazar.
And as they point out in the article, it says, they show the president's son
Running to help rescue a fallen soldier during a gun battle after reviewing original footage with his producer, this character in Homeland presents an edited version of the video that he created portraying the president's son instead as a coward running away from the battle.
Well, where would they get that idea?
Where have we seen news outlets that edit
It's a 9-11 phone call to make someone like George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case.
Remember, they set him up.
Well, we saw that happening with NBC, Universal.
They got sued by Zimmerman for doing that.
We also had CNN and other media play along with Hillary Clinton for a while, at least, saying that she was the war hero that she was shot at when she landed.
This is what they do.
And so what they do, they create a drama.
Or they create comedy routines on Saturday Night Live to show the other side doing exactly what they do.
As an example of this, it was a week ago that we had former CIA Director Michael Hayden slamming pro-Trump media for peddling illegitimate and non-fact-based worldviews.
Now this is because the anti-Trump news is totally failing.
So they need to come up with comedy, they need to come up with drama.
I think so.
Not Homeland, not the entertainment media, not the news media that edits 9-11 phone calls to indict someone, to make them look criminal, okay?
This is not what we're doing, it's what they're doing.
He says, one of the most horrible political scandals in American history, if true, would be the fact that the American intelligence services were listening to Donald Trump.
Who would think that the people who are deliberately trying to set him up would do something like that?
Anybody who's been following the news would think that, quite frankly.
And this is the same guy who goes on to say, well, it's kind of scary.
He says, if he has questions about that, it's very simple.
He could just call up the intelligence services and ask them if this was true.
You know, like Senator Wyden asked James Clapper if they were listening to Americans' phone calls, if they're recording our metadata and other information about us.
And of course, what do you do?
He looked right at the senator and lied, and it was Michael Hayden.
Who said Ron Wyden set him up.
Ron Wyden knew that they were surveilling America and he made him tell that lie.
See, that's the kind of narrative that we get from these people.
He says, it's kind of scary.
We have a post-fact world.
No, what we have is a post-constitutional republic that is being run by people like Michael Hayden, who think that they don't need a constitution.
They think they don't even need the Patriot Act, which itself has many unconstitutional aspects.
He said, I had a direct order from the President of the United States.
I could do whatever I wanted to.
See, Michael Hayden thinks that it's a dictatorship.
And this is something that's been going on for a very long time.
Both parties, going back to Richard Nixon when he said,
If the president does it, it's not illegal.
That's basically what he thinks.
So meanwhile, we've got John McCain calling on Trump to clarify the wiretapping claim.
He says, show us your evidence.
Who would possibly believe that?
Well, Kellyanne Conway says, you know, there are any number of ways that the president could have been monitored.
We know that if they're going to monitor Mr. and Mrs. Verizon, certainly, don't you think they would be interested in the president-elect or the presidential candidate, Trump?
Meanwhile, we've got Congress looking at
The deadline, they say, show us the evidence.
We want to hear the evidence.
And now they're calling for hearings and they want to talk to Roger Stone.
So we're going to talk to Roger Stone as well.
We have John McCain renewing this failing Russian narrative.
Calling for Roger Stone to be brought before the Senate to answer questions because he had a Twitter conversation with Guccifer.
This is something that's come out now.
We've got Roger Stone on the line.
Roger, your comments on John McCain's call for you to testify before the Senate.
Well, the Senator might be careful because he might get what he's wishing for.
I would be delighted to go before the Senate or any other fair and balanced investigation to prove that this entire claim of Russian collusion with top
Trump lieutenants is nonsense.
In this case, I had a casual exchange on Twitter with someone claiming to be a hacker known as Grucifer 2.0, who claims to be Romanian.
I was unaware at the time that there are allegations that Crucifer may or may not be in the service of the Russians.
But it's immaterial because not only was my exchange with him, which I have publicly released, benign, but it's all ex post facto.
It happened after the hacking of the DNC documents and long after they have been made public.
So I could not collude with him.
In a conversation that took place after the act.
Well, and if you look at the media at the time, while there were some underground reports alleging that he is a Russian asset, the New York Times, to their credit, had a piece on August 13th.
I happened to tweet him on August 14th, but I didn't see the piece.
And again, there is no proof.
There's just the supposition and the strong belief of the Central Intelligence Agency that he's a Russian asset.
Hell, Rob, they think I'm a Russian asset.
Well maybe they weren't paying attention this last week with the WikiLeaks releases of Vault 7 when they made it very clear that part of what they had developed was the ability, as many people have been telling us throughout this entire thing, the ability to masquerade as if they were Russian agents when in fact they weren't.
Well, and I can tell you based on the hit job piece that got this ball rolling, which was done by a fake news outlet called the Smoking Gun, that they have utilized data about me and my businesses and my family and my political activities that could only have been gleaned from surveillance.
So, the Deep State has either had me, or Gross for .20, or 2.0, or both of us under surveillance.
They are now illegally leaking that.
This is the bird on the phone wire sitting in drums.
In other words, as soon as the smoking gun had this, a dozen phony news outlets
Like MSNBC and Raw Story and GQ and many others are now parroting the headline.
FBI has proof of Trump associate, you know, correspondence with Russian hacker.
It doesn't tell the whole story.
That's why it's fake news.
It's purposely misleading.
Yeah, it's a smear, it's innuendo, it's a personal attack.
And of course, Roger, who would ever believe that the intelligence services would be monitoring people's conversations?
I mean, none of this stuff ever happens, right?
We heard that from the Obama administration.
Far be it from them to ever monitor anybody's phone conversations.
It's ridiculous that after everything that we've had, especially this last week with Snowden, before, after all this documentation, that they would think that it's absurd to even put forth the idea that the American government would be listening to political enemies.
Well, and look, this fellow James Clapper already got caught lying about
All the metadata that is being kept on Americans.
He had to backtrack to avoid a perjury charge.
These are the same people who lied about Benghazi, who lied about weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein, lied about rendition, lied about torture in the Iraq War.
Lying is what they do, and there's no reason to believe them now.
But this is a damnable smear.
Well, let's hope we're out of time, Roger, but let's hope that he does get exactly what he was asking for, and that is the truth.
Thank you so much, and we'll stay tuned for more of that.
Thank you, Roger.
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Well, we have an exclusive report.
A Warner Brothers employee came forward and blew the whistle on the fact that InfoWars is now being censored at Warner Brothers.
That's right.
Warner Brothers does not want their employees to visit InfoWars.com.
Well, we can see why.
I mean, they are part of the machine.
Warner Brothers is part of the machine that's continuously trying to dumb people down.
And, you know, and continue the leftist propaganda line, you know, the globalist agenda.
So it's no wonder that they don't want their employees listening to Alex Jones.
Let's take a look at these screenshots that this person sent, who wants to remain anonymous, which we can understand why.
This is really funny.
It says, suffering succotash, you know, because that's Warner Brothers right there.
The page you have requested has been blocked because it may contain content inappropriate for the workplace.
So yes, this is InfoWars.
You can see up here at the top that it says InfoWars.com.
And now, the person goes on to say in this message, says, I work for Warner Brothers Studios in Redacted.
I listen to Alex Jones Show every day.
Today I came into work and found that Warner Bros.
has blocked internet access to Info Wars for Warner Bros.
I can send a screenshot.
I am guessing that Alex would want to know.
Well yes, we do want to know.
So anytime you guys experience something like this, send it to us, let us know, because we want to put the word out that there is like a systematic
Um, creeping of censorship going on in this nation right now, and we've been seeing it with Facebook and social media, how there's like this slow creeping in of censoring people and trying to specifically target people like InfoWars.
Another comment from the source, FYI, it has been at least six years since I have encountered a URL block at work, so this is not something that just occurs occasionally.
By my experience, and I am all over the internet on my breaks every day, Twitter, Breitbart, Drudge Report, shopping, etc.
Another coworker confirmed that he also got the InfoWars block.
That's right, have you got the InfoWars block yet?
Because it seems as though that's the thing that's next around the corner on social media, Twitter, and so on and so forth.
Well, this is just another fine example of censorship here in the United States of America.
This is Millie Weaver for the InfoWars Nightly News.
I think he's making fools of his own people, quite frankly.
You don't agree philosophically in what the legislation is?
Let's go bowling at the White House, okay?
Come on.
But I remind you that, what are we, 49 days?
Tomorrow will be 50 days.
The President's been President.
We've seen no jobs bill.
We've seen no infrastructure initiative.
We've seen no initiative in terms of renegotiation of NAFTA.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been on a propaganda rampage, determined to carry water for the leftist narrative, ignoring the United States' long-standing policies on immigration.
Policies thrown into chaos by former President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.
Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.
I promise you, not just on immigration reform.
There are actions I have the legal authority to take as president that will help make our immigration system more fair and more just.
Tonight, I'm announcing those actions.
Madam Speaker, President Obama announced one of the largest extra-constitutional power grabs ever by a chief executive.
He declared unilaterally
That almost 5 million undocumented aliens will receive deferred action under some newfangled definition of prosecutorial discretion, Madam Speaker.
Not only that, not only escaping consequences, he has decided to bestow benefits such as work authorization and immigration benefits.
This, Madam Speaker, despite the fact that the very same president over 20 different times
Said he lacked the power to do what he just did.
Judge Arthur Schwab writes quote, President Obama contended that although legislation is the most appropriate course of action to solve the immigration debate, his executive action was necessary because of Congress's failure to pass legislation acceptable to him in this regard, adding quote,
Congress's lawmaking power is not subject to presidential supervision or control.
Perceived or actual congressional inaction does not endow legislative power with the executive.
Judge Schwab went on to hold that the president's actions on immigration crossed the line, amounted to legislation, and changed U.S.
immigration policy.
The expanded set of common sense deferred action policies, the ones that I announced two years ago, can't go forward at this stage until there is a ninth justice on the court to break the tie.
On Saturday, Pelosi visited Ground Zero at the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen, Texas.
McAllen is not a sanctuary city, yet illegal immigration continues unabated.
Infowars reported firsthand the taxpayer dollars being used to fund bus tickets to deliver illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities in the United States.
The border patrol provides them a ticket?
That's what we were told and that's what I understood, but obviously some of them didn't.
Or they're arranging tickets.
With them there, you know what I mean?
With a relative that's paying for something.
I don't know.
All I know is that until today, 99% of them that got off the Border Patrol bus at our bus station had a ticket.
And so all we, all the charitable organizations were doing was helping them, giving them some clothes.
We provided showers and things like that.
Or perhaps Pelosi is rallying support in Texas to put pressure on the Texas House to vote against the anti-sanctuary city bill known as SB4.
SB4 passed the Texas Senate in a 20 to 11 vote and is currently being presented in the Texas House on March 15th.
Pelosi would ignore the recent ritual satanic murder of a Houston teenager last month by two illegal immigrants.
Just an example as Fox News reports
Statistics show the estimated 11.7 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.
account for 13.6% of all offenders sentenced for crimes committed in the U.S., 12% of murder sentences, 20% of kidnapping sentences, and 16% of drug trafficking sentences are meted out to illegal immigrants.
Also, illegal immigration costs Texas taxpayers $12 billion per year.
I think so.
Sir, where are you getting this information?
From a very reputable source.
The FBI?
The CIA?
Info Wars.
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
Are thespian actor cowards at SNL?
Zero in on Donald John Trump's greatest attribute.
The fact that he's a trailblazer, has such incredible courage, and stood up against the entire MSM, the globalists, the foreign governments, the communist Chinese, the Saudi Arabians, the EU, the Mexican presidents, all of it, and rallied the American people to begin restoring our republic.
When the aliens come in and say, take us to your leader, Trump is a coward and shakes in fear and tries to escape.
When in truth, he's the first president in 50 plus years to march at the head of a motorcade with his enemies literally trying to tear down the gates to go after him just 50 yards away.
He stood up to them with will.
He went through all the boycotts, all the attacks, all the demonizations, people trying to climb over the White House fence last night, all of it.
And they say he's a coward.
Info Wars.
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
Now on the surface, a lot of you are probably rightfully saying, hey Alex, we know MSM is more unpopular than cancer.
But this is entertainment.
Why are you talking about what's happening on SNL?
Well, the corporate media admits that they have no credibility in mainstream news anymore, so they've retreated into movies and into TV shows and into comedy shows to spew their propaganda.
Now let's break down the skit itself.
Zorlach 9 has attacked the earth and has taken over everything but Washington DC.
And they are an outside alien conquering group and Trump is secretly allied with them and is saying that they're great people.
We don't know that they are from Zorblat 9.
I've actually heard Zorblat 9 is very beautiful, very fantastic.
Oh my god, does he have business ties on Zorbalat 9?
And they're not just tying Trump to the Russians.
They're implying that the Russians have militarily attacked us and have all this advanced technology and have surrounded us.
Again, all of it is basically a perfect lie.
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Welcome back.
As you heard earlier with John Bowne's report, Nancy Pelosi is at the border promoting illegal activity.
Nothing new about that, but he also had some interesting information about the high crime statistics that we're seeing from illegal aliens, or undocumented immigrants, or let's put it this way, foreign citizens who are here illegally.
Somebody wrote me and said, you ought to say it's foreign citizens who are criminally trespassing.
I agree.
That's the best way to describe what is going on.
And understand, as we've seen the last couple of weeks, going back to a week ago, we had CNN saying Mexico opens immigrant defense centers at its U.S.
They said at 50 consulates and embassies throughout the United States, every single state,
What is the Mexican government doing?
They're offering legal aid and advice to their citizens, Mexican citizens, on how to get away with staying here, criminally trespassing, coming here as a foreign citizen.
Why are they doing this?
You have to understand what this is truly like.
This is as if somebody breaks into your home, as a burglar, and then when they get injured, or if you injure them defending yourself, then you get an ambulance-chasing lawyer who sues you, the homeowner, after they broke in.
Or put it this way, as we saw during the election, a Cuban mayor in Florida who was supporting Trump and his wife said, why are you doing that?
He wants to deport Hispanic people.
You have to understand what's going on, darling.
He said it's as if somebody were to come into our home without being invited to come here illegally and refuse to leave.
He said, what would you do?
You would call the police to have them removed.
And that's precisely what needs to be done.
And yet, we see, going back to the middle of February, this is something that is ongoing from the Mexican government saying,
That they're going to work to keep their citizens here.
The Mexican consulate has posted advice on its website on what to do if agents of ICE knock on the doors of Mexican nationals.
That's the way the news organization that reported this out of San Antonio, KSAT, reported.
They got it exactly right.
They are Mexican nationals, foreign citizens who are
We're good to go.
This is what they're doing, conspiring with these citizens to subvert our laws.
They say the Mexican consulate is reaching out to its citizens through its Center for Information Assistance for Mexican Nationals with a 24-hour help hotline.
And of course, they've added additional phone lines at the consulate in downtown San Antonio.
So it's right in our faces.
And you have to understand, as we're looking at what's going on, what happened this last week throughout Europe, the same thing is happening there.
Because, of course, this is a globalist plan.
These are foreign citizens who are Turkish, who are living in the Netherlands, who are living in France, who are living in Germany, and they're still foreign citizens.
And so you have the Turkish government sending its ministers to try to get them to vote in the upcoming election.
What is that upcoming election about?
Well, they want to give dictatorial powers to President Erdogan in Turkey.
So what do they do?
They send their family minister to the Netherlands to talk to the massive number of Turkish citizens who are living in the Netherlands.
Understand, they're not part of the EU.
They're not part of this immigration-free zone, the Schenzen zone that they have in Europe.
They're not part of that.
They're not part of the EU.
Because Europeans were concerned that there would be massive, uncontrolled immigration from Turkey into Europe.
So they're not part of the EU.
That's one of the main reasons they've not put them in yet.
So, as this Turkish family minister went into the Netherlands, she was told to leave as she was there campaigning.
That caused massive riots over the weekend.
Had a situation after she was expelled, after another minister who was coming there to campaign, the Dutch people said, no, your plane is not going to be allowed to land, so he flew on to France to campaign there for the Turkish citizens who were there.
As this was reported, they inaccurately called him, the AFP, they said, these are the votes of expatriate Turks that they're trying to do.
Well, you know, if they're expatriate, I don't think they are expatriate.
They're still Turkish citizens, still loyal to that.
And as evidence of that, we saw that over a thousand people gathered near the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam and created a riot.
They threw rocks at riot police, they jammed the streets, blowing their horns and revving their engines, and so it created a riot.
All of this
called the Netherlands people Nazis when actually his referendum is to give him dictatorial power.
So he called them Nazis.
And then he went on to say his rhetoric was so high that the European Union itself told him to calm it down.
Even Angela Merkel came out and said, we fully reject his comments calling the people, the Dutch and the Netherlands, calling them Nazis.
He said, Nazism is still widespread in the West.
Then Merkel said, we reject these comments.
It's unacceptable.
She offered the Netherlands her full support and solidarity.
And then you've got the Netherlands warning its citizens, do not go to Turkey.
Well, we've got Gert Wilders warning the Netherlands citizens not to let Turkey come to the Netherlands.
See, they have their own country, and they should stay there if they want to change things.
If they want to support a dictatorship, if they want to riot in the streets, they can stay in Turkey and have their dictatorship there.
That's precisely what is happening.
They're not Nazis.
They don't want to see a Nazi dictatorship
We're good.
Erdogan repeats that we are Nazis and fascists, he wrote.
He said he insults Dutch police.
No de-escalation.
Expel the Turkish ambassador to the Netherlands and the entire staff.
And then he had something else to say.
He said, today I have a message for the people of Turkey.
This is Gert Wilders, a member of this election is coming on Wednesday as they're warning the citizens don't go to Turkey.
He's warning the Dutch citizens don't let Turkey come to the Netherlands and take it over.
They've already got 400,000 Turkish citizens who are living in the Netherlands.
That's why they sent their ministers there to campaign for their votes.
Gert Wilders said this, I have a message today for the people of Turkey.
Your government is fooling you into believing that one day you will become a member of the European Union.
Well, forget it.
You are no Europeans.
You will never be.
An Islamic state like Turkey does not belong to Europe.
All the values that Europe stands for, freedom,
Democracy, human rights are incompatible with Islam.
We do not want visa-free travel for Turks coming to Europe either.
European governments that agree with this will be voted out of office by the people.
And I think that will happen in the Netherlands this Wednesday.
He said Turkey voted for Erdogan, a dangerous Islamicist who raised the flag of Islam.
And again, now this referendum that's coming up in Turkey, he wants dictatorial powers.
He said, we do not want more but less Islam.
So Turkey, stay away from us.
You are not welcome here.
And then it created quite a stir.
We had Congressman Stephen King, a Republican from Iowa, retweeting his support of Wilders and saying, Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny.
We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies.
You have to understand.
This is the plan of the globalist.
It is the great people replacement.
Now, just as we see with Turkey, or as we see with the Mexican government, sending its foreign citizens here to criminally trespass, conspiring with them to violate our laws, to get free goods and services that the Mexican government is not willing to pay for.
That, as we see this happening, you have to understand, this is the replacement of our civilization, of our people, of our system of government, of the values that Gert Wilder talks about, the values of the West, that were essentially based on Judeo-Christian values.
That is what is being replaced by a fascist dictatorial value that is coming from the people who are occupying our countries.
That is by design.
That is what George Soros and the rest of the globalists are doing to our countries.
We need to wake up and understand that.
The question is, will the Dutch people wake up this Wednesday?
We'll see about that.
Join us for more InfoWars Nightly News tomorrow night at 7 central, 8 p.m.
This is a protest.
And this is a riot.
If you can't tell the difference, then you are part of the problem.
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