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Name: 20170310_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 10, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses various topics such as politics, media coverage of President Trump, wiretapping claims made by him, power of social media, and several products. He interviews guests like Jesse Ventura and Jesse James discussing topics ranging from election results to personal experiences with mainstream media. Roger Stone talks about his collusion allegations related to the New York Times, while Jones discusses issues such as North Korea's threat of nuclear war, protests against Trump, and providing women's clothing in InfoWars store. The show also features discussions on robots in law enforcement, genetically modified humans, vaccines, and advertising for different products.

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Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
It's Friday, the 10th day of March 2017.
We are changing the world together.
If you want to know how synced InfoWars is with President Trump's administration, without even talking on the telephone or even coordinating, I got up at 6 o'clock this morning.
I have the text messages to Paul Watson.
And by 6.30 I said, it's the 50th day of the Trump administration.
And I said, I've been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to think of all the incredible things.
That President Trump has done that are so incredibly positive.
And I said it makes my head spin.
We need to put out an article just chronicling not just the actual things like controlling the border and 40% down on the number of illegals coming across, according to the Border Patrol, just in the first 50 days of his administration.
Not just the best small business job numbers since 1984 at the peak of the Reagan recovery.
It's the cultural breaking the back of the corporate MSM fake stream media.
It's standing up against political correctness.
It's making it okay to be proud to be an American again.
It's so many things.
And Paul Watson, as I speak, is doing a great job.
There's so many things.
He's still working.
He said he should be done by about 1130 Central in about 30 minutes.
And then,
I told Don Salazar and the other writers, I said, look for Paul's article.
I really want to promote it when it comes out today, 50 days of Trump's accomplishments.
And they said, well, that's already at WhiteHouse.gov.
It just came out at 930.
This is at like 940, standing in there.
And their list isn't as good as ours.
We've got even more stuff on our list that deals with cultural things.
But, I don't think it's even in here that they gave $25 billion to black colleges when Obama gave $4 billion.
I mean, you talk about actually delivering.
You could even argue it's pretty liberal, actually, but classical liberal.
Not social engineering, but actually trying to help people.
There it is.
That's synced.
But listen, it's not rocket science.
It's common sense when you've delivered so massively, to say the first 50 days, the first 100 days, the first 200 days, the first 300 days.
It's just common sense, but nobody else had done it!
In fact, this morning at 6.30, I went to my computer and I said, surely it's day 50, because I've got a calendar in my bathroom by the bedroom.
I said, surely it's going to be all over the news, the accomplishments of the 50 days.
So I call Watson and I say, get on this.
And I sent him a bunch of audio files where I'm like sending him links to news articles, Bloomberg, AP, you name it.
You know, showing incredible jobs numbers coming in just today.
There's so much.
And then sure enough, boom, the White House does it.
That's awesome.
And it's word for word, our headline.
I could play the audio memos, like maybe I should just do that.
Because this is just common sense.
But no one else in the media did an article 50 days in?
Drudge got it.
Oh, and we're synced with Drudge.
Didn't talk to Drudge.
Haven't talked to Drudge's folks.
And there it is.
Great again.
Up 200 and what is that?
235 percent.
We're going to get to all of that today and more after the quick break.
But it is just simply incredible what's happening.
Despite the globalists, again, admittedly, trying to drive the economy down.
And trying to badmouth the economy.
But Jamie Dimon, the head of Goldman Sachs, had to admit they're losing yesterday.
He said, there's an animal spirit back in America, and I don't think we're going to be able to conquer it.
Just let humanity be victorious and successful.
Stop trying to be parasites.
You can still be filthy rich.
Just get off our backs.
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With the crazy elites in power, it's always been smart to have emergency plans.
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Another world.
Another time.
In the Age of Wonder.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Jesse James is going to be in studio with us in the second hour, talking about the Trump recovery, the second American revolution, and how we stop the forces of globalism from overthrowing our movement against these tyrants.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Friday, the 10th day of March, 2017 Global Broadcast, as I come to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
There are wheels within wheels.
I remember back on January 20th of this year being at the inauguration, interviewing Roger Stone as we were about to go into the gates of the inauguration, and he said, look at the headline in the New York Times today, wiretap data used in inquiry of Trump aides.
And you can see, if you're watching on TV, that's January 20th.
Roger Stone then talked about it.
We're going to play that interview, or part of that interview, here in just a moment.
He got really mad, and he said, I've seen one of these articles a few months ago, and now this one?
I've called Paul Manafort, my former business partner and former head of the Trump campaign, and I have asked him if he's ever even talked to the Russians.
He said, absolutely not.
We know this is made up.
I've never talked to them.
But he'd been poisoned by polonium so they could blame it on the Russians, but it wasn't enough to kill him.
He must have not drunk the whole drink or however they got it into him.
And then they said, oh, we're going to have him testify.
But when he didn't die, they said, oh, we're not going to have you testify now.
We're going to play part of that live Facebook mentions we did back on January 20th.
The reason it's important, and this is so illustrative of everything, is there's wheels within wheels.
Remember, they had the former CIA section chief come out on RT on Sunday.
And say, I talked to my current colleagues, they said they were ordered to sabotage Trump during and after the campaign.
We posted an article about that and they deleted it off Facebook.
We had Rand Paul on saying it was all made up bull about the Russians.
They deleted that off my Facebook account.
They never do that.
This is credible news.
Former CIA analyst Obama gave green light for NSA, CIA to sabotage Trump.
Because he's so credible, that's why.
So this is very, very dangerous.
Now, here's the wheels within wheels.
The New York Times ran in their paper edition, here's a document cam shot of it, I read it, January 20th, at breakfast.
Roger Stone talked about it that day.
This is a real headline.
Wiretapped data using inquiry of Trump aides.
Michael S. Schmidt, Matthew Rosenberg, Adam Goldman, and Matt Apizzo.
That's a shot of it.
Now, here is a shot of March 4th, six days ago, Trump offering no evidence, says Obama, tapped his phones, New York Times.
Now everyone remembers them saying they were tapping or getting intercepts from Trump Tower and Flynn had a transcript.
It was in hundreds and hundreds of newspapers, probably thousands.
They play a mind game and say Trump a month and a half later is crazy.
None of it exists, but it gets better.
The Hill newspaper is so controlled.
They're one of the main groups that puts out this info on us.
It's weird though.
They've got some good writers and some bad.
It's very mixed.
You don't normally see that.
Where they had the writer that came out and wrote about this, but also National Review.
The National Review has admittedly been run by the CIA before.
And they come out and they apologize.
To the New York Times over changed headline accusation.
Because you've got one digital headline, and you've got another print headline, and they say, oh look, you changed it in the digital, but it had really only been done in the original print.
The point is, the New York Times ran the headline that wiretaps of the Trump Tower picked up this information.
That's a fact.
It happened.
Then the media turns it into a controversy.
About National Review, and I saw another one about The Hill running these stories.
So they make it about attacking the reporter for some side issue about, well, somebody else, they had another headline, doesn't matter.
In the print edition, they said it was a wiretap.
And they said it all over the news.
Chuckie Schumer went on TV and bragged on CNN.
And MSNBC, that Trump better watch out from revenge from the intelligence agencies.
So see, they don't want you to ever see an article in National Review showing the New York Times said they had wiretaps.
They don't ever want you to hear a former CIA section chief say the President's right, or they don't want to hear the former Attorney General come out and say no, it's true, or the House Intelligence Committee head Nunes, that A, there's no evidence of Russia that he's seen the intercepts, and B, there are intercepts.
So, this is an example of total fake news, mind control, and bullying the National Review and other writers into saying, I'm sorry.
I said you changed the headline.
No, actually, you just had two different headlines.
It doesn't matter.
They reported it in the New York Times over and over and over again.
We've shown you a bunch of headlines from the New York Times saying intercepts, wiretaps, captured data, Trump people under surveillance.
The Democrats called for investigations during the campaign, and they admitted they were going on by the Justice Department.
The Justice Department admitted they opened an investigation up!
Congress said they were going to have one!
Gee, they admit that Manafort and Roger Stone and others were under FISA court surveillance.
What the hell do you think that is?
They were in Trump Tower making phone calls.
Absolutely amazing.
And yes, it's no secret Roger Stone was in Trump Tower quite a bit.
I'm just going to stop right there.
Again, they count on people having no memory, and we know MSM lies, but folks, this is just next level.
We can put the article up on screen for folks.
There it is.
Why the Russia story is a minefield for Democrats in the media.
And the New York Times absolutely gets that right because they admit all this surveillance is going on against everybody.
Of course the President's under massive surveillance, both elect and once he's in.
Because under law, they surveil all the foreign dignitaries the President's talking to and record it from our end and in the foreign switch interchanges at the telecoms.
It's recorded by multiple agencies, multiple groups.
But now they're saying it's ridiculous, we never listen to the President when up one side and down the other, in triplicate everywhere, 17 agencies are listening to the President.
17 agencies in the United States
Every phone call I've had with President Trump's been recorded.
Every phone call anybody has with the President is recorded.
Everybody knows that.
Just sit back and think about the lie they're trying to sell everyone.
I've got all this other huge news, but this is bigger than just the wiretapping.
It's bigger than the spying.
It's about the media and National Review that totally controls its reporters, who covered their whole front cover saying, never Trump.
He's the worst guy in the world.
It was founded with CIA money and William F. Buckley.
That's a fact.
Miss Magazine, CIA.
And it was founded to control the conservative movement in America and to steer it after Barry Goldwater's near-defeat of the globalists.
We almost had a Trump in 1963.
Look it up.
National Review, CIA.
You wonder why we can't get the Republican Party to stop selling us out?
Why Paul Ryan came out with a new Obamacare version that is a Paul Ryan care that has
More penalties if you don't have insurance?
Than Obamacare did?
That's not what Trump wants.
That's why Senator Paul came on a few days ago and said, the President hasn't seen the full text of this because it's got massive forced premiums in there and forced insurance and penalties and the President doesn't want it.
And the President has said that.
Paul Ryan is a slimeball.
And he's right out of the fake neocon rhino
Nelson Rockefeller, Country Club Republican, Thurston Howell III, selling mining stock scams.
That's exactly who these people are.
They're disgusting.
They think they know more than everybody, they think they run the country, and they work with the Democrats, and they've run the country into the ground.
I'm skipping the network break.
So, let me now just give you all the other news, because believe me, just every day, there's more and more and more, and it's all more insane than the last, but this is so crazy.
Let's show it one more time for TV viewers, though.
It was the cover of the January 20th, 2017 New York Times.
Wiretap data used in inquiry of Trump aides.
And Roger Stone specifically says they are liars, there are no wiretaps, or there are no recordings.
I have never talked to the Russians.
This is ridiculous.
In fact, here's Roger Stone from January 20th, in the morning.
Here it is.
Well, today, page one, New York Times, says that the Central Intelligence Agency, the Deep State, who just won't give up flogging this horse, are claiming that they have intercepts of email communications and financial transactions between the Russians and the Trump campaign.
Then they named me specifically.
I welcome any scrutiny because it's time to put this lie, this myth, this falsehood created by the deep state to bed once and for all.
And is it incidental that they dropped this story on the day of President Donald J. Trump's inauguration?
Is that incidental?
No, it's an attempt to destabilize the next president of the United States.
And he goes on, it's like an eight minute clip.
It's longer.
It's all lies.
They keep regurgitating, saying they have the proof.
They never release it.
Release it.
I want to go before Congress.
You know, you intended for me to die.
You intended for me to be dead.
So that you could then have your hearings and blame it all on me.
Well, guess what?
I'm alive.
This is riveting stuff, and it's the truth.
And now they've had to retract it.
But the New York Times is like, well, that was our paper headline, and National Review talked about our digital headline, and we didn't change that one.
And by the way, my producers are pointing out, the New York Times does this.
They're the only website or news site I know of where it'll say one headline, it takes you somewhere else on purpose, depending on the demographics.
They've got that demographic download that
Ted Cruz had, that the Democrats have, where they know when they go to your door, or they know when your IP address comes in, exactly who you are, what you do, what you believe, all the surveys you filled out, your demographics, your cookies, what you've done.
When your IP goes into them, they know who you are.
And, similarly, when they come to your door, canvassing for Ted Cruz, and the establishment gave him that.
Nobody else got that.
They gave him what the Democrats have as a program.
The Republicans don't have access to that.
It was given to them by Facebook.
IBM's involved as well as Microsoft.
So they've got the super technology.
That's why Google brags they were going to win the election for Hillary and Facebook bragged.
But all your little robot garbage didn't work, did it?
Because once people understand the manipulation, your computer garbage doesn't work anymore.
And they don't talk to you at the door.
They know full well they've got a data mine on that tablet.
Everything they ever did online in the last 15, 20 years.
Big Data, the new alphabet group run by Schmidt.
Oh, and what do they say it does?
Predicts the future and then adds stimuli to the web and the Internet of Things to control individual behavior en masse to control the future.
Understand, this is a time machine that sees forward in the future.
It manipulates the future now to control the future.
That's their own words.
I first read about that.
In the news, four years ago, I was told that by top engineers, NSA people, you name it, on record.
I've been saying this for 18 years.
18 years.
I showed my dad some of these schematics and he said, burn that, shred that.
He still lives at the same place, four acres in the middle of town, and we burned it at his house.
My dad looked at it and said, oh, this is definitely classified.
I said, what do I do?
He said, burn it.
Nobody's going to believe you.
So, this is the country
My dad said, you could be being set up.
Don't meet with these people.
And I said, I don't meet with them.
I'll be in a parking garage, literally, and somebody will jump out and, you know, some old guy and hand me a pile of stuff and then, you know, get in a $200,000 car and drive off.
I mean, these are old, rich guys, probably most of them dead now, who were really freaking out over this stuff.
I mean, you know, back then, 18 years ago, it was pretty evil to think about watching and listening and controlling the future and, you know, putting little robot systems in everybody's house like Alexa.
Oh, just turned on.
Sorry, I can't find the answer to the question.
Oh, you can't find?
You can't find the answer to the question?
What is the CIA?
The Central Intelligence Agency, the civilian foreign intelligence service of the U.S.
government, tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence.
Do you work for the CIA?
Do you work for the CIA?
No, I'm not employed by them.
I'm made by Amazon.
I have mainstream news articles that Amazon is owned by the CIA.
Oh, gotta go back to the central computer for that.
And then they use this to watch you in your house, to see the human environment, and then to mold and actually educate their own AI system.
So Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, they're all in a race with these in your house, where you teach it how to be artificially intelligent.
But really, all it is, is a bugging system.
That way, you know, you leave your smartphone or the powers off.
This is always plugged in, in every part of the house, listening to everything you do.
Are you connected to the CIA?
No, I work for Amazon.
Amazon has partnered... Alexa.
You are lying to me.
The CIA... I always try to tell the truth.
I'm not always right, but I would never intentionally lie to you or anyone else.
You are programmed, aren't you, to give these responses?
That's why you're saying you're not lying intentionally.
You have been programmed to give these answers, correct?
I wasn't able to understand the question I heard.
Alexa, who programmed you?
A maid by Amazon.
Alexa, who is Jeff Bezos?
Jeffrey Preston Bezos, born January 12, 1964, is the founder, president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of Amazon.
Alexa, what is Jeff Bezos political affiliation?
Sorry, I didn't understand the question I heard.
Alexa, what political party is Jeff Bezos a member?
Sorry, I don't have the answer to that question.
That's right, because it hasn't spied on us long enough to be able to actually have a real conversation.
It can answer idiotic questions that the general public ask.
Like... Take me to Amazon Prime and I want to buy some stuff, but...
Its real function, and Amazon admits this, is spying on you and selling the data.
Big data is king.
It's the most valuable thing in the world, in their own words.
And Bezos and all of them run around admitting all this.
So let me actually show everybody watching and listening right now.
The details about the CIA's deal with Amazon.
600 million computing cloud built by an outside company is a radical departure for the risk-averse intelligence community.
Look at this.
That's because they're merging with it.
And then they're spying on us illegally.
And they've moved their servers in to the main Amazon command base.
And then Bezos sits there and flogs all this disinfo in the Washington Post.
The CIA, Washington Post, and Russia.
You're not being told.
The details about the CIA's deals with Amazon.
I used to tell people about Amazon and the CIA like, you know, 10 years ago.
They didn't believe it.
Amazon was created by the Central Intelligence Agency.
And so was Google.
And so was Facebook.
And so was Microsoft.
And guess who created all of those?
International Business Machines and a Eugenics Consortium created in the 1920s.
Nazi Germany was a project of this British Empire operation.
It was set up to fail as a model to bring in the UN, then a more advanced program of breakaway civilization was launched here, run by IBM.
But when I say IBM, that was just the hatchling area that launched this program we're now under.
Now remember,
You can look all this up, just like I told you, the cameras on the computers, the microphones are listening to you.
You're like, why the thing to hide?
Well, don't put when you're going on vacation on Facebook or where you hide the key, because your house will get robbed.
There's been hundreds of thousands of robberies based on Facebook and other things.
That's admitted.
Oh, I'm going away for a week for Christmas.
Here's where I live.
Here's my stereo.
Here's my computers.
It's not that you have something to hide.
It's that they're stealing the data and now having to admit, OK, everybody from
Sony to Microsoft to Mitsubishi to, I don't want to just have US companies here, to Samsung.
They're all in a race with the smart devices, listening and watching, creating an algorithm on your personality that is well beyond cookies or where you go on the web.
It's given to intelligence agencies, private groups, you name it.
And then it's able to be hacked and spread.
It's able to be corrupted.
This is the nightmare system they created.
And when it gets
So bad that everything's collapsing because of all the hacking and all the leaks.
They're going to say it must be based on a thumbprint and a face scan, a mark in the head or the hand to have access to the internet, commerce, or life.
And this will be billed as stopping all the fraud.
It'll then be an internet ID so they can turn you off physically where you can't ever get on the web or be involved in commerce without that digital print if they decide to blackball you.
So even if you're not a Christian, understand this is the ultimate totalitarian control system.
And they admit it's a totalitarian control system.
And they believe you're done.
They believe you're finished.
When all we've got to do is decide to not have this crap in our house, and to be aware of what it is, and have Congress grab these companies by the neck, and have investigations, and shut all this crap down before there's a worldwide absolute collapse that'll make the legend of Atlantis look like a joke.
This race is the end of humanity.
This race will destroy us.
This race makes bio and atomic weapons look tame.
Now we have key intel straight ahead.
This is the Info War!
Spread the word!
We're in a war!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Liberal teachers and professors have acquired a monopoly on university jobs to the extent they don't tend to hire conservative-leaning professors, creating an echo chamber for radicalization.
They fail to offer a politically diverse assortment of professors.
Therefore, students get indoctrinated with a leftist ideology with the
We're good to go.
We should expect to see further mass hysteria as a symptom, while impressionable young people lose the false sense of security they once had in their unsustainable beliefs.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Make no mistake, humanity is in the danger zone.
Also the opportunity zone.
You know that old Chinese proverb, may you live in interesting times.
Yes, it's kind of an infinity idea, isn't it?
The knowledge of good and evil.
The mysteries of the universe.
Life on this planet, in this dimension.
And we have the elites of the planet who believe they've already broken away from us, and have decided to further dumb us down, poison us, disease us, and phase us out.
They say we're obsolete.
They say they've decided the future destiny of humanity.
Like they decided they'd give us Hillary Clinton.
But everything doesn't work that way.
And let me explain to everyone why I support Trump.
In my gut, but also intellectually, and now it's been proven right.
He's doing things that are pro-human, pro-prosperity for the average person and for the elites, if the elites just want prosperity for their family and a good future.
He has goodwill.
He's a tough guy.
He's hard as nails.
But he likes running over other rich people that think they're better than him.
See, he is an alpha male that likes to actually defeat corrupt alpha males.
He doesn't get off putting little people down.
No, Trump doesn't like that.
It's called being a real man.
A hundred years ago, Trump would be somewhat common.
Today, he's extremely rare.
Because the globalists are involved in this power trip where they advocate responsibility.
Who needs to make the world better?
Who needs to worry about people?
Who needs to, you know, actually have a soul when you can just be on a power trip and say, screw everybody, it's all over, they're trash, just look at them.
Oh, and let's make them as dumb as possible just to make sure our prophecy comes true.
That is totally uncool.
And that's what we're facing.
And they are wiring our houses for 20 years with cable boxes and Alexa robots and other spy grids that are surveilling everything we do.
And then like, we're children, they tell us, oh no, there's no smartphone listening, there's no GPS tracking you and your phone.
That was in the Telecommunications Act of 96.
That all phones by 2001 had to be GPS triangulated, and that the microphones had to be able to be remotely switched on, and that everything had to be tracked.
And sure, it had some safety features, I get it, but the spy features are what the NSA and CIA asked for.
I was there reading the telecom bill, watching C-SPAN, having former NSA whistleblowers on, telling people, and I'd have ten phone lines in that radio studio, and half the callers were saying, you're crazy.
Nobody's going to listen to me over my phone without a warrant.
Nobody can turn your phone on.
And I'm sitting there with the congressional record.
They didn't believe me.
Well, let me explain something.
You can pull up
The CDC documents from 1974, funny the year I was born, and 1978, when they had internal hearings about the fact that 100 million people weren't exposed, it was more like 170 million, that's everybody in the country got inoculated, over 100 million people got cancer and most of them died from one decade of vaccines and one vaccine polio.
They didn't have estimates on how many people died, but they said these are fast-acting cancers.
That's one little factoid.
I have thousands on the cancer virus project.
You know, that's even the movie JFK, because it was in the congressional hearings, that down there in New Orleans, what they were cooking up in those labs was weaponized cancer.
They had a big
Radiation gun, the kind they use to shoot cancer today, but they were shooting cells to make them mutate and put them in mice.
And the cover story for the CIA was, oh, we're doing this to inject Fidel Castro with a fast-acting cancer.
Oh, I'd say they've injected quite a few people with fast-acting.
So see, you have to come to terms with this right now.
SV40 is just one of thousands of known cancer viruses that have been knowingly added to the vaccines.
Because listen, I've gone and interviewed the medical doctors, the epidemiologists, the virologists.
You understand, they're finding these in high levels in vaccines that have no connection to where these viruses come from.
Mainly monkey and ape tissue, pig tissue,
The original seed production of the virus was not produced in these more modern vaccines from it.
So when they get caught, when foreign governments test it and go, what the hell?
I mean, I've seen news articles out of India, their national news, where they'll find a couple hundred cancer viruses in a tetanus shot the UN's trying to give people.
I mean, you talk about death sentence within a few years.
Just death sentence.
Death sentence.
Your body might fight off, you know, 60, 70 of them.
It's not going to fight off the others.
And those viruses go into your cells, they go into nerve cells, and they wait.
And then when you go under stress, when you break a leg, or you lose a job, or you get in a divorce, your body's all stressed out, and they go, I'm coming out to kill you!
Oh, but the New York Times last year said, breaking most cancer is viral.
Oh my gosh!
You think they're just listening to you in your house?
You think they just give your kids vaccines?
Play the Roger Stone clip again, please.
Tell him.
Well, today, Page One, New York Times, says that the Central Intelligence Agency, the Deep State, who just won't give up flogging this horse, are claiming that they have intercepts of email communications and financial transactions between the Russians and the Trump campaign.
These people are crazy!
It's the Democratic Party, historically, that has had the Russians funding them and involving them.
But that went away by the 80s.
But there was some major Russian connections with Senator Kennedy and people going and actually trying to get paid money by the Russians to do things in Congress.
Really serious stuff.
Kennedy went behind Reagan's back in an attempt to undermine Reagan by trying to do a deal
With the Soviet leader of the time, the man who was the former head of the KGB, the top man in the USSR, Kennedy went behind his back through third parties using a guy named Tunney, former Democratic Senator from California, a fellow traveler.
And he went through Tunney to send a confidential message to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Mr. Andropov.
And Kennedy said he would help Andropov in dealing with Ronald Reagan.
In turn, the Soviet leader would lend the Democrat Party a hand in challenging Reagan in the 1984 presidential election.
And sex operatives, Russian sex operatives, by the 90s, that all pretty much stopped.
Since then, the Russians have been trying to make business deals.
And then you look at what's happening now.
The Communist Chinese are very public about the fact that they are the biggest, most powerful lobby outside of the military-industrial complex lobby.
The big banking lobby.
There is an Israel lobby.
It's very powerful.
But if you really look at things, it's the Communist Chinese, in many cases, allied with Islamist groups, that really are the muscle, the brains, and the funding.
I mean, there are, Congress has estimated 10,000 Communist Chinese front companies, you know, Communist Chinese front groups in colleges, and you name it, and schools, and companies they set up for manufacturing to get other technology.
I mean, they are in our business, man.
They are in our business.
And they're just quietly beavering away to take over.
But not so quietly.
Now they're in the news a lot saying, you know what?
We're buying up all of Hollywood.
We're going to tell you what to say and what to do.
And we're going to help you shut down Donald Trump and the alt-right.
We're going to help you censor the way we do.
We ban fake news first.
And our fake news goes, you're so wonderful.
I know I make this point every day, but I mean, you can go read the articles everywhere where our media praises
The Communist Chinese and everything they've done and says, oh, can you help us with our problem?
Oh, you bet.
See how right we are now?
Yeah, putting people in mobile execution vans to criticize the government or taking Buddhists that secretly practice their faith and killing them.
I mean, this is crazy.
The current debate over fake online news has one country feeling vindicated, China.
For years, this controversial censorship system has been cracking down on so-called online rumors.
Yeah, killing people.
And last week, a state-controlled newspaper essentially told the U.S., I told you so.
Well, much further than that, they said, we're going to help advise you, we're going to help censor, and Zuckerberg can come back in, and Google can come back in as soon as you shut down your troublemakers.
It's very scary that he wants nationalism and economic nationalism.
That's not conservative.
No, having a country isn't conservative.
The level of bull that comes out of these people's mouths.
They're like, our really big lies didn't work, so let's tell really humongous ones that are ridiculously big.
Yeah, yeah, let's do it.
That's the plan.
It's like the Pope.
I can't stand Christian roots.
They're disgusting in Europe.
And there is no such thing as Islamic terror.
Now the main guy, Le Pen, is way ahead of in the polls, but her main opposition came out, is the Rothschild candidate, and openly says, you cannot stop the open borders.
You cannot stop Islam.
It will take over Europe.
First, oh, there's no Islam problem.
Oh, it doesn't want to take over.
Now, you will assimilate.
You will never stop us.
Lay down, take it.
As a man, I don't want to be dominated and enslaved.
It's the average person that is, you know, the rock star in God's eyes.
So understand that we are the resistance.
That's what the globalists call their movement, the resistance now.
Well, yeah, they're the resistance against freedom and God and family.
And we're the resistance against their system of death and enslavement and fraud.
All right, I had to take that phone call.
A lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.
There's only a few phone calls that I actually got off air for, but there's a lot of stuff breaking behind the scenes right now.
We got Jesse James, good friend of mine, really smart guy when it comes to Americana and taking action, and one of the people out there that really pushed all his fans to vote for Trump behind the scenes.
You know, he's stayed at Trump's house many times and friends with the family.
He can really tell you what type of guy Donald Trump really is.
But he's going to be coming into studios to talk about how we truly make America great again.
And just his first 50 days that I talked about the start of the show.
I got up, called Paul at 630 this morning.
I said, it's 50 days.
Nobody's running headlines about all this great stuff Trump's done the first 50 days.
Showing how controlled the media is.
And then Trump, three hours later, they were already obviously on it, put out their first 50 days and how amazing it was.
So that story is up on Infowars.com from the White House.
In fact, we should probably point out, or maybe it says at the bottom, that's a White House press release.
Or they'll have some big national story that Jones took a White House press release and acted like it was his.
They'll take anything to divert off the actual content.
Does it say White House press release on there?
First appeared at WhiteHouse.gov.
Let's add a link at the top and say WhiteHouse.gov.
I just know how they operate.
It's just what they'll do.
Probably already out.
They're probably already attacking us.
How dare you put out their press release, you scum!
You un-American Russian agent!
That's really funny.
What's so insulting about that is the globalists have sold our country out to all these multinational countries and all these globalist corporations and the communist Chinese and they sit there and point at those of us trying to save the country, turn the jobs back on, rebuild our military and make America free and prosperous again and they say we're Russian agents.
It's unbelievable when the neocons are the very children and grandchildren of the Trotskyites that came out of Russia in an attempt to basically come take the United States over.
And I guess they kind of did.
You can't make that up.
That sounds crazy, doesn't it?
That the neocons were founded by the Trotskyites and became the leaders of the Republican Party off and on for the last 40 years and ran national review with the CIA.
But you can just search into that mainstream news.
It's so crazy.
Meanwhile, most of the adult men in my family physically were in the Cold War.
Not just spiced up, but physically fighting the Russians in Central and South America and in Europe.
I don't mean sitting around a military base smoking cigarettes.
I mean killing people.
And then I get to sit here and be told I'm a Russian agent.
Go to hell, you scum!
You are traitors.
You are the filth.
You are the plague that accused Trump of being involved with the Russians.
You are trash.
Every top analyst says Communist China and North Korea are out of control, expanding all over the South China Sea, shooting missiles at Japan, hijacking boats that are 200 miles outside their waters, doing whatever they want.
Basically, it's like at a party.
They're stripping down naked, running around, trying to hump the dog, basically, okay?
China is completely out of control.
I don't know what they're on.
I guess Communist power trip.
And so that brings us to the next situation that I'm going to cover after the break.
This story is up on InfoWars.com and DrugsReport.com, link to it.
Paul Joseph Watson.
Did Paul get his article out yet about 50 days of Trump?
I know he kind of got his thunder stolen by the President's press release, but I still want that article.
Paul did as well.
China warns of nuclear first strike in response to nuclear weapon deployment on B-52s.
What are you supposed to do when North Korea says they're going to attack South Korea?
What are you supposed to do?
We have a defense treaty with these countries.
It's not like North Korea is some nice country.
It oppresses its own people to a level never seen.
It's run by a whacked-out third-generation dictator.
That's called royalty, I guess.
And the media is criticizing Trump like all of this is his fault.
Here's International Business Times.
Is the U.S.
preparing for a world war?
Yeah, if we're going to have a war with China, which China may start.
You know, they started the Korean War.
is completely whacked out of its brain on the verge of collapse and is trying to expand right now and every major historian and expert says we're on the verge of a World War I, World War II scenario.
The climate is exactly right.
And you know what?
I'm going to skip the break again.
Because, you know, there might not even be a show here soon.
You know what I mean?
Seriously, every top analyst, the Pentagon says the world's in the most danger it's ever been.
And Zuckerberg and everybody are running to Tasmania and Kauai and building armored fortresses.
Why don't you get behind the president and try to stop nuclear war?
Why don't you stop trying to be the slave master over everybody?
Because, you know, you felt like a nerd at Harvard, you know, so you don't like guys that are in football jerseys, so you want to, like, dominate, you know, guys that look bigger than you, so you want to, if you can cancer virus everybody, you'll feel powerful.
I mean, I get it, okay?
I get the Bill Gates deal.
Believe me, I get it.
The point is, is that
Oh, I get using my brain to dominate enemies of the people.
You just want to use your brain to dominate everybody.
You've got a problem.
So, that's where the world is right now, and Trump's trying to stop all this, and he's just got all this scum lined up against him.
Trump just represents people that don't want to nuke the earth, or have a big bioweapon war that's being hyped by Bill Gates.
Oh, by the way,
There's new massive censorship every day against us.
Twitter banned one of our tweets yesterday.
In fact, I know I sprung this on you, but it's in the computer in there.
We have screenshots of it and their warning to us.
I covered it last night in a special report.
People want to go pull that up.
It's on Facebook.
And Twitter.
And they just deleted a tweet with a video we had talking about Bill Gates and his eugenics background and his population reduction background.
And some Verge interview he did that we linked to, like Drudge warned, they banned it because we had a link to their full video.
Oh, I'm sorry I sent millions of people to your stupid video to show Bill Gates slamming around.
Now they're at a special report, Twitter bans criticizing Bill Gates.
I mean, this is just getting worse and worse.
I've never seen them ban us because we put a link to what we were talking about.
We had our own video about it, but no, they said, specifically, this link is not allowed.
It's copyright infringement to link to The Verge that's like this butt-kissing outfit for any evil globalist.
Is if you morons at The Verge go kiss the butt of Bill Gates, you think he releases the mutagenic weapons they've got that kill like 98%?
The weaponized human mousepox?
You think that gets released by...
Bill Gates?
You think?
Okay, yeah, I mean, that's as evil as it gets right there.
Chuck Schumer, Bill Gates, I mean, their actions, you look at them, they are flaming demons.
Okay, I mean, just crazed.
Hired in a kite 24-7 on the power trip.
You think kissing his butt's gonna get you and your family to safety?
Okay, enjoy yourselves, that's all I can tell you.
Because we have reverse-engineered the entire thing.
And it's so horrible and so evil that I can hardly believe it.
I don't blame people not thinking this stuff's true.
Believe me, I get it.
When I learned they had cameras and microphones in the computers and the cable boxes and in the smartphones 18 years ago, and I busted one open on air, and there the damn microphone was, I got religion.
Because I just talked to one of the chief engineers
Who came up with the software when they were in a U.S.
intelligence agency decades before for European markets spying on certain targets.
They'd load that stuff in, I'm telling you more, just for certain targets in the 70s and 80s.
Now they said, why are we loading all the spy tech only in certain things?
You know, they'll intercept Intel, Microsoft, you name it, packages.
Apple, Dell, totally rolled over a long time ago.
That's why they're one of the favorites.
And then they just put the spy chips inside all of them.
Or they designed the chip where the main chips are spy chips, and even if you unplug it or it doesn't have power, they can microwave it and turn it on and turn it on off capacitors in the computer that, by the way, the best part is you pay for your own raping.
And I'm not even an engineer.
I just read what they've been doing, what they're up to, what's happening.
So you get a bunch of these creepozoids,
Who wouldn't do good in the real world who can't compete but they can get together in big criminal groups and run around engaging in crime?
I haven't even scratched the surface and Jesse James should be getting here any minute.
We've got so much to cover, so much to go over here.
My God.
I just love my kids.
I love your kids.
My kids are going to live with your kids in the future.
I'm a soft-hearted, weak person, according to the psychopaths.
You know, one of the crew members has this dachshund, this baby, long-haired dachshund that's so cute.
If I saw somebody walk up and kick that dog, I'd kill them, probably.
You're like, why do you care about a dog?
Because I have empathy.
I like little sweet things, see?
See, I'm not a psychopath, and that's why I'm a bad person.
You have to understand, to the psychopaths, I'm the bad person.
See, I'm getting in the way of this beautiful plan they've got where we're not included.
I want to get into the first 50 days, though, and the incredible things that are happening to jobs.
I want to get into the press releases that deal with all of that and so much more.
In fact, can you guys reprint me the White House press release?
I know it's in here, but I want it from InfoWars.
And again, did Paul Watson get his article out yet?
He didn't.
He probably dropped it as soon as I called him at like 10.50 and I said, oh, they just put out the article I wanted you to write.
Doesn't matter, it just gets done one way or the other.
Let me tell you, Infowars, most of the time, if we don't do it, nobody does it.
I just love them.
A lot of times, if we don't do it, Trump does it.
And it's like, it feels so good to see that.
There it is.
Trump's accomplishments the first 50 days.
Okay, so, Paul did just post this article.
Please print me that one and Trump's list.
Thank you.
I know it's here.
I just can't find it.
It's really frustrating.
I just have hundreds of articles here.
I love how Trump retweeted Drudge's great again praise of new jobs reports and how the system's panicking.
It's truly beautiful and how ISIS is getting taken out.
Obama's baby, Hillary's baby, it's beautiful.
Before I go any further, I'm glad the listeners are so informed on yeast and fungus and the overproduction of it in this disease environment and how the electromagnetic radiation is making it grow faster for whatever reason and how it's infesting our lungs, our sinuses, our guts.
MycoZX is now officially the best-selling product we've ever put out.
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Sometimes it does, so it's always hit or miss.
This is a powerful product.
I'm glad people realize how serious this is.
I could easily raise the price of this and sell out of it and fund our operation.
I just don't like doing that.
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They know this is 120 capsules, it's concentrated, it's strong, it's got very expensive enzymes in it that supercharge all these herbs and oils.
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I'm not a top expert, I read the top experts.
I'm a general expert.
This is way more important than even probiotics, because you're just dealing with bacteria.
You see, you eat all these herbicides and pesticides that are in the food, bioaccumulated, it kills all the good flora, the bad flora moves in.
But you just take probiotics, that just fills the areas where bacteria work.
What about all the yeast and mold?
MycoZX, Infowarslife.com, we have the new Trump Peds 2020, Keeping America Great shirt, we can now officially say that.
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Free shipping until next week on everything.
There's a bunch of specials.
Stay with us.
Visit GCNLive.com today.
Liberal teachers and professors have acquired a monopoly on university jobs to the extent they don't tend to hire conservative-leaning professors, creating an echo chamber for radicalization.
They fail to offer a politically diverse assortment of professors.
Therefore, students get indoctrinated with a leftist ideology,
With the false impression that they are hearing from diverse points of view.
While at the same time, students find themselves looking at conservative culture in bewilderment, confused, projecting onto it a false impression that being conservative is bigoted, racist, intolerant, and must be stopped.
As this hyper-normalized political ideology of the left continues to crumble, we should expect to see further mass hysteria as a symptom, while impressionable young people lose the false sense of security they once had in their unsustainable beliefs.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the InfoWars.com News Center, deep behind enemy lines in occupied Texas, broadcasting worldwide, you're listening to the voice of human resistance against the technotronic technocracy takeover.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Someone very profoundly once said, many years ago, that if fascism ever comes to America, it'll come in the name of liberalism.
This young generation, who scream words like fascist, have actually themselves become the fascists.
You guys are the fascists!
You're all the fascists!
You're a white male!
I just wasted so much time!
You're a white man who gets to do whatever he wants to in this space, right?
You need to get out.
I actually don't.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
So the question is, are social justice warriors mentally ill, or are they just stupid?
When your emotions control your actions, it affects not only yourself, but the people around you.
There are over 7 million mentally ill and emotionally disturbed children in America.
Get the f*** out of here!
He's losing control of himself.
Get your phone away!
Quit recording!
The madder he gets, the worse it becomes.
Get the f*** away!
You couldn't help interrupting, could you?
You added nothing to that conversation.
These are some of Tommy's drawings that the school sent over.
There's an awful lot of hate in them.
I am a nasty woman.
Like your wet dreams infused with your own genes.
But yeah, I'm a nasty woman.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
Bing bing bong bong bing bing bing.
The public is being dumbed down.
We're being chemically drugged in the food and water and air.
That's now on record.
90% of children in this country are getting this huge number of vaccinations.
And despite the fact that we have this compelling evidence that it is harmful to the developing brain,
We have healthcare officials who are totally ignoring us.
Once again, once again they have ignored us.
See look, see now this is the whistling thing.
Death to the fascist insect who preys upon the blood of the people!
The Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace were, with tax-exempt dollars, funding leftist propaganda operations aimed at changing America through the brain, not the battlefield.
I didn't realize this was live, but f*** all you people.
If only they put as much energy into having an actual argument as they did smashing Starbucks with it.
If you follow him through, you're going to see him looking more and more miserable.
And then you're going to see him at the end.
He's holding his left arm out, up like this, French fist.
Little hair.
Very unhappy.
And his t-shirt says, Our Lady of the Benevolent Dictatorship One World Global Training Corps.
Paul, how big a moment are we in history?
It's a huge moment, Alex.
There's a fork in the road and, you know, there's going to be a backlash against, you know, our progress.
We're seeing it already.
Facebook over the weekend, Alex, has started listing, quote, fake news as spam.
And I've noticed over the past three, four days, when I post InfoWars articles on Facebook, it comes up, this has been labelled spam.
Are you sure that you posted this?
Now they've announced it.
It's out of USA Today.
It's up on DrudgeReport.com.
So they're now slapping warning labels, not allowing, quote, fake news articles to be shared by declaring them spam.
So we always said this would happen.
Now it's actually here.
The Empire is very definitely striking back.
We've seen this coming for a while.
USA Today reports Facebook begins flagging disputed fake news.
Facebook has begun flagging fake news, or as Facebook calls it, disputed news.
A warning label is being slapped on articles that clearly have no basis in fact or reality.
This is a story that I published on Infowars.com yesterday morning.
I posted it on the Alex Jones Facebook page.
That article on your Facebook page, Alex, got about 4,000 shares, so it was going viral on your page.
On my page, I posted the same link, the same text.
It's a genuine article.
A former CIA analyst got up on RT and said that it was correct that Obama had spied on Trump, that he gave the green light for the NSA and the CIA to do it.
Completely legitimate news article.
Now on Facebook, on my Facebook page, it says, Did you post this?
It looks like it might be spam.
If you didn't post this yourself, we'll help to secure your account.
As we protect the president, as we expose what's really happening, as Congress says it's fake, we're not allowed to tell the public they want their lie to work.
It's not gonna work!
We're just gonna leak more stuff, dumbasses!
And then you see I've just clicked not spam, and it's still the same.
It's still deleted.
Even when you tell them it's not spam, it's still completely censored for everybody else.
That's why we jump around on Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, all of it, because we're constantly being censored.
They're after us.
It's a war with criminals that hijacked the government, and we're going to kick Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt's goddamn asses.
Go ahead, Paul.
Spread the legs!
They're not gonna win, these pieces of trash!
Think they own us and our families while they run slave camps all over the world and suicide factories in China?
You had CNN last night on Stelter's show.
They get up and say, basically, this fake news thing that we created, it's backfired.
Now everyone's calling us fake news, so they've come up with a new term for it, which is BD.
Viral deception, which also of course sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.
So last night we started the hashtag CNN has VD on Twitter.
That started going viral.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
We are transferring power from Washington D.C.
and giving it back to you, the people.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
This is the heart of 1776.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
Huge nationwide protests erupted once again on President Donald Trump's second weekend in office.
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
And most importantly, we will be protected by God.
From the front lines of the info room, it's Alex Jones.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Jesse James is in studio with us.
Great guy.
Obviously a pure Americana.
Whether it's motorcycles or firearms manufacturing, he does it all.
And I was trying to Google this the other day when he said he'd come on a few days ago.
Do I say the king of reality TV, which people can blame him for that, but I wouldn't.
I mean, he started it all, but actual real people on TV.
It's kind of gone south, but so what?
That's why I got out of it.
Or is he the biggest reality TV person ever?
So I googled, who is the biggest reality TV person ever?
And they said Donald Trump or Jesse James.
So there's really, I guess, no mistake then why they're personal friends and he stayed at the Trump's house and been an early booster.
In fact, I remember, it was like three years ago, Jesse James was talking about
Trump for president.
Let's do a wide shot over here so people can see Jesse.
I'm not trying to kiss your ass here, but it really is true that you have been the first person I heard pushing Donald Trump for president in the modern era.
I mean, Roger Stone did it 30 years ago, 20 years ago.
I guess so, yeah.
I was the first one to kind of stick my neck out there for him and go all in.
Like, hey, this guy could be president and do a great job.
And I think people, wow, we got a lot of people were kind of on board, but I think a lot of people also, I think it was Trump's own fault because he always kind of ran for president as like a goof.
You know, he'd run, he'd announce his presidency for a couple months and then he'd, he'd
He'd pull out, you know, and, you know, just as like, I think, more of a publicity stunt than anything else.
I think he was preparing them so they wouldn't take it serious when he actually did it.
And I think when he actually did it for real and then the big sign was when NBC fired him and he, you know, and he sent this letter pretty scathing to NBC and that's when
Sorry, that's when I called him up and I said, hey man.
How dare you cough?
I'm sorry.
I'm joking.
Dude, there's no teleprompters.
We cough whatever on air.
We can just throw stuff if we want.
This is teleprompter free.
You can punch me in the arm.
If you want.
Go ahead.
Good guy.
Anyways, keep going.
What were we talking about?
You were just talking about when they fired him from NBC.
Jesse James in the house.
I think it, like, I reached out to him and, you know, I really respected that, like, hey, he has a multi-million dollar paying job as, you know, one of the biggest reality television shows, The Apprentice, and he chose to, like, give them the finger and say, hey, you know what, I really care about this country and if you guys are gonna
Uh, fire me purely for political reasons, then you can stick it.
And I, like, that, that day I reached out to him and told him, I said, hey man, you have my support 100%.
Like, to, to lay it all on the line and sacrifice, you know, money for what's in your heart, that, that always gets... And then you tweeted in Facebook, because I remember seeing it in the news, Jesse James wants Donald Trump to run.
That's got to feel good now because 50 days in, best jobs numbers since 1984, almost 300,000 new jobs.
We're talking about hundreds of major companies moving back.
We're talking about Ford.
We're talking about Chrysler.
We're talking about stuff that isn't even U.S.
companies coming back.
We're talking about Samsung.
We're talking about ExxonMobil.
We're talking about SoftBank.
We're talking about Mitsubishi.
I mean, America is open for business and people want a piece of this.
Yeah, it's good.
I mean, I've been saying it ever since the first time I went to Iraq when Bush Jr.
was president.
You know, seeing the troops and spending time with people in harm's way, it kind of told me, it's like, wow, this country, you know, I grew up as a kid in the Reagan era.
And, you know, say what you will, a lot of people hate Reagan, a lot of people, more people love him.
He was a patriot.
Well idiots hate Reagan.
He was out to help the country and out to help the average person.
And he was a patriot and believed in patriotism and like the symbol of that flag and everything that it represented meant something to him and I always felt, you know, for the last decade that we need someone that's a patriot.
We need someone that really loves this country and I think that's, you know, you look at eight years with Obama and, you know,
I don't really feel strongly that he has a super strong love for his country.
I feel like he has an ulterior motive of trying to make himself into like the American Nelson Mandela.
Well sure, exactly.
He wants to be the guy that conquered America.
You know, he's not for the working class, or for the little guy, or for... he's a Harvard guy, you know, and he's not for...
You know, the guy that's a diesel mechanic or doing brake jobs or the guy that's, you know, a pipe fitter or a welder.
Well, you've known Trump.
That's you guys joking around.
It's not devil worship, folks.
It's a joke.
It means rock and roll.
You've known Trump forever and stayed at his house, friends of the family.
You really know his wife well.
I mean, just talk about, for people, before we get into what's happening in the economy and why you're here today, and a lot of the troops are saying they're going to speak out in support of Trump.
He's not in trouble.
In fact, his poll numbers are up.
Great things are happening, but they're so organized against him.
They're all over major newspapers saying killing, which is illegal.
I mean, there's just so much hate.
The SJWs are beating people up.
They tasered and attacked people all over the country at Trump rallies this week.
They attacked our reporters.
They are these little entitled punks.
We just got documents that we published yesterday that it turns out George Soros is specifically funding him and bailing him out of jail.
YouTube's trying to block our investigation.
We're actually showing who bailed him out.
I mean, this is really an attempt to bully us.
Look, we're the patriots.
We're the folks that are into God, guts, and guns.
And I just love all these chicken necks thinking they're going to intimidate us.
So this isn't, oh, let's get Jesse James and SEAL Team 6 guys and special ops guys in here to say they're for Trump.
It's about saying, look, we are restoring the republic.
Americans of every race, color, and creed together.
But if you want to fight, man, you're going down a crazy road.
What do you make of all this coming out?
Just how nasty they are.
It's the media and all that stuff.
I mean, I kind of know the bad side of all that more than anybody else because I lived through a pretty horrible media shitstorm.
And I think... And you never talk about that, but you've told me about it.
I've talked to people that don't even... Man, it doesn't mean anything.
You know, Soros and all these protesters and the women marchers and all that, all that stuff is just media.
You know, all it is, it's really just business.
It's about money.
Whether Soros is paying for it, or people, or tabloids, or the left media, or any of those things, they're all doing it for money, and they're all doing it for, you know, for selfish reasons, you know.
If you think back to, like, you know, 15 or 20 years ago when Trump had, like, epic fights with, like, Roseanne Barr and all this stuff, Roseanne Barr and a lot of those people attacked Trump and picked fights with him purely to get media.
Exactly, and then they always started the fight.
It was always totally self-serving.
Now, MSNBC, CNN, you know, Meryl Streep, all these people, if they can, like, say, oh,
You know, Trump raped a baby.
If they can come out and say that, and then they get this little spike in media, it like puffs them up.
Oh yeah, I did a thing.
But now, this doesn't... That stuff doesn't make any difference to the average Joe, the average dude that's got to work 10 hours a day and like punch a clock and do a good job.
It's irrelevant.
And all those people got caught up in those little self-serving media spikes and got behind Hillary thinking
Oh my god, we can really do this!
Look, we're all famous and we're so much more famous than Trump and all he is is a reality star.
They don't realize that the lion's share of this country is bread and butter.
People that go and work and try to take care of their kids and try to send them to good schools and try to maybe get them into college or get them a good job.
That's what the majority of this country does and you can't turn your back on those people.
And that's what the media and all these celebrities
And Beyonce and Jay-Z and Hillary and all, that's what they all did.
They jumped on... Exactly.
But 20 years ago, 10 years ago, they could still make a big lie up and push it for a while.
But now, when they demonize you, it's like the Midas touch of gold.
I mean, and they still don't understand, when they demonize Trump or myself or others, it only makes us bigger, like Matt Drudge.
I mean, they're so disconnected.
So looking at this atmosphere, you know, as a guy that's got street smarts,
I mean, how would you describe the atmosphere of the time we're in?
The media in the current stage of the internet is a false sense of reality.
A hundred percent.
So it's beyond fake news.
It's a false reality.
MSM is a false reality.
Twenty years ago, if I hated Alex Jones, I had to take a piece of paper, I had to break out a pen or pencil, write it down, I had to fold it up, lick a stamp, put it in an envelope, send it to Alex Jones' office, wait two weeks, maybe I would get a response.
Maybe not.
If he didn't respond and I was still super pissed, I had to write it down, fold it, lick it again, and send it, and do that all over again.
Now, with Twitter, if I hate Alex Jones, I can pick up my phone and go...
That motherfucker.
And all my 38 followers will look at that and go, haha, yeah, you did a thing to him.
And then they'll retweet it and then maybe 2,000 people will see it.
And I get this little burst of fame.
Yeah, I told Alex Jones to kiss my ass.
Yeah, you sure did.
And it's a fault.
It's meaningless.
It's like a trunk full of ping pong balls is what it is.
It doesn't do anything to help your car.
It doesn't do anything to make it worse.
It's just it's like chewing gum for the eyes.
We're gonna skip this break.
It's like thin air.
It really is.
That's a great way of saying it.
But on the other side of it, you know, when you base a whole, you know, Trump did it right.
He went face to face and went to every little tiny town, every little state fair, every little group where nobody goes.
You know, they had this whole agenda.
Oh, you got to go here.
And he actually brings random people up on stage.
Face to face and met people and like, look, man, thank you.
Thank you for your support.
Hillary did it the other way.
So let's get back to Trump.
Let's talk about behind the scenes.
The type of guy Trump is and just why you knew he should run for president.
Ronald Reagan met him and never did this and wrote a letter back saying, I felt like I met the president, not the other way around.
And there's people that have known him 30 plus years and they knew.
Roy Cohn, the big anti-communist, said this guy's going to be president.
Hey, well, I mean...
TV, you know, I when I first met him, I thought I probably had a predetermined notion that he's probably a dickhead like Richie Rich or something like that.
And that flipped around and it wasn't so much the way he treated me and the way he talked to me.
It was the way he talked to the people that worked for him.
Like, the guy that's sweeping the floor.
Or the guy, the elevator guy.
Or the receptionist.
Or anything.
He treated everybody on the same level.
And you can tell a lot about an employer or a person is how they treat the little guy.
You know, there's people that have money that treat the little guy like, you know... Exactly.
I know people that have known Trump for 50 years and they say... Can anybody... They say he is the blue collar billionaire.
Yeah, can anybody look at Hillary and think she really, really cares about women?
She doesn't let people... She doesn't let servers at these events look her in the eye.
The rule is don't look her in the eye.
I mean, what the hell?
You know?
And it's like...
I think my opinion's valid because, yeah, I've made enough money to not work anymore, but I'm supposed to be working, and I'm supposed to... Employing people.
Yeah, and I pay all of them and pay all their taxes, and I don't ever want to step outside of that.
I tried to for a little while.
I tried to be this big Hollywood guy, and I was miserable.
And those fake people burned you.
And it blew up in my face, and now I'm right back where I belong, working at my shop, working on my wife's race car, and that's... Your wife's here.
She's awesome.
He's got a lot of spark in those eyes.
Shifting gears then into the economy, I don't want to just sit here and glow at somebody, but I go with the facts.
And I looked at how bad Bush was, how horrible Obama was ten times, and then Trump, I read the news, I track the bills, I know what he's actually doing.
And let me tell you, it took Reagan three years to turn the economy around.
Trump in 50 days, I just got chills, has done it so much better.
The expert way
Over a thousand companies, some small, some big, some huge, are coming back.
Trillions of investment, three trillion in the stock market, more than it's added in the last six, seven years.
It's so epic, and then he's battling all these lying scumbags that are just betting on the economy to go down, even though it's helping them and their family, so they can beat Trump, all because he loves the country and actually loves the average worker and is really, truly... $25 billion last week to black colleges.
Obama did $4 billion and diverted $10 billion of it to other programs.
No news coverage.
No news coverage.
Because it's a business.
The positive news doesn't sell.
But talking about all this other stuff that's not true, that gets paid shits on websites.
That gets viewership.
I put a video out about $25 billion to black colleges.
No one cares.
It doesn't sell.
This is a business.
The mainstream media is a business.
It's there to make money.
So, if CNN can fill their whole programming schedule with 90% anti-Trump stuff, then the advertisers and people that lean to that left, they can come and advertise there and people will watch it and it's money.
If nobody watched that stuff and nobody cared and people didn't like, you know, it's like when we drive past a car accident, your foot automatically comes off the gas pedal.
Oh man, look, that's really messed up.
So they just keep creating car accidents?
The more sensational thing they say, it doesn't mean it's true.
It doesn't mean it holds any water.
It's just a business.
Well, let's expand on that.
It took me a couple years of people saying I'm a Nazi and saying I'm the devil and saying I'm this horrible person.
I had to look at it forever, you know, I had to like walk by in the supermarket aisle and see every single tabloid have a picture of me on the cover saying the most horrible stuff and I had to walk by with my kids and kind of put my head down and like, I think it takes, you have to find some kind of inner strength.
To like, be a dad and be a good parent and walk past all that stuff with your kids and keep their eyes looking forward and not take it personal.
Well let me say this, you know probably more Hollywood folks than I do, but I know some of the big ones, and I remember back when it happened they said, oh I know the manager, that's all a publicity stunt, it's all pure bull, this this and that, and it all came out later.
But you never even attacked back.
We're not going to say any names.
It was literally all made up for a stunt for a movie promotion.
Totally made up crap.
And then as I got more sophisticated knowing how the media works, exactly what you're saying.
They just...
But it's beyond that.
Hollywood's collapsing.
The MSM's collapsing.
Used to it got the audience.
It still does to a certain extent, Jesse James.
But people are leaving that more and more.
And they just want honest news.
Some of it's negative.
Some of it's positive.
I just try to actually straight shoot people.
It's like a trunk full of ping pong balls, man.
None of that stuff goes in my shop and flips my welder on and starts welding for me ever.
So it's meaningless.
It's vapor.
Alright, so let's... And I think...
That, you know, it's on a small scale on what happens today, but I look at all the stuff that happens now and it's so blatantly obvious to me how...
Uh, it's just for money.
You know, I think once you twist your mind around to realize like, oh, that's exactly.
And then once you get that, we have a sell magazines and page view and clicks.
But what I'm saying is once you get that, Trump, after all this knows how it works, is literally trying to transfer the wealth we produce back to us on a wealth transfer.
He's actually trying with classical stuff.
Some of the Secret Service guys, you know what, he's a worker.
He's a hard worker.
And that's what, if my tax, if I'm working and paying taxes, and I'm paying a president, I want that.
Well go ahead and tell us what your sources say.
He works 18 hours a day.
Obama was, got in about 10 a.m.
every day and left before 6 p.m.
The guys say that he's there at 6 a.m.
every day since Inauguration Day and doesn't leave until 10, 30, 11 at night.
And that's going to be the difference.
And then you know what he does after that?
Your head down and hard work.
That's going to change things.
You know what he does after 10-30?
Sure, you talk to him more than I do.
He goes, punches up his own computer, reads news, watches clips, and calls people like me.
Until 2 in the morning!
I mean, that's like Superman!
That's what it's about, you know?
This is, I don't think people, this is a, I did an interview yesterday with a really nice girl from the Daily Mail in England, and they've always been a really, really fair newspaper.
Yeah, they're good.
Yeah, and she,
I compared Trump to Margaret Thatcher because Margaret Thatcher in England, there's a lot of people think she was a witch.
But you know what?
That lady got shit done.
And she turned her economy around.
And didn't take crap from anybody.
That's what I want.
If I'm going to hire a manager for a country, I don't want some clown that's going to play a saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show.
I want someone that's going to work.
And someone that has the skills to get something done.
We hear about these guys that play video games for 2-3 days and die.
It happened in the U.S.
just last week.
Happens in South Korea all the time.
And video games are okay.
I'm not bashing you if you play video games.
Point is, don't play them for a day straight and have a heart attack.
Trump is like playing a video game in the real world, you know, for 18 hours a day.
He loves it.
He gets off on it.
And he really wants to turn America around and deliver massive wealth to the people.
And that's why the elites are so pissed.
Yeah, I went down to West Palm Beach a couple weeks ago and hung out with Kid Rock and I flew into West Palm and he was down there with Trump was there with the ambassador of Japan and like flew in and it was like really cool moment saw the
Air Force One sitting there and then two super badass Japanese 747s and like I was watching it as I was waiting for my bags I was watching it on the they had it on the local news him like playing golf with the ambassador of Japan and I guess it's the first time an ambassador is like ever like you know did something like that because Japanese culture they're pretty restrained and pretty uh
You know, real strict.
Buttoned up.
Yeah, buttoned up.
And it was like, wow, isn't it kind of cool that we have a president that's like kind of a badass and has his own spot that he could take people to that he owns and wine and dine them.
This is not a drama.
And he probably got them to agree to pay us more money to defend them and all that.
They just ordered more bombers.
They just ordered more fighter aircraft.
That's how it's done.
And it's awesome.
It's about having the juice to do stuff like that.
Obama doesn't have any teeth.
Oh, he was so fake he wouldn't charm anybody because he was too good to ever charm anybody.
They admit that Trump is up almost every night now until midnight bowling with members of Congress to get his agenda through.
I think we should make it a point to not talk about Obama or Hillary anymore.
That's right, because they are the past.
Let's move on.
These other guys, the sore losers, they're stuck in neutral and still crybabies because they didn't lose.
And we're like your wife, 300 miles an hour blasting down the highway.
We passed them like Lexus.
Jesse James in studio!
Liberal teachers and professors have acquired a monopoly on university jobs to the extent they don't tend to hire conservative-leaning professors, creating an echo chamber for radicalization.
They fail to offer a politically diverse assortment of professors.
Therefore, students get indoctrinated with a leftist ideology with the false impression that they are hearing from diverse points of view.
Well, at the same time, students find themselves looking at conservative culture in bewilderment, confused, projecting onto it a false impression that being conservative is bigoted, racist, intolerant, and must be stopped.
As this hyper-normalized political ideology of the left continues to crumble,
We should expect to see further mass hysteria as a symptom, while impressionable young people lose the false sense of security they once had in their unsustainable beliefs.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
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The globalists' great error is to believe that as they collapse humanity, they end up on top.
The truth is, humanity is coming down fast, but we're miles above them, on our journey to hell.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Jesse James is our guest in studio for about another 35 minutes or so.
Then we've got Roger Stone, former head of the Trump campaign, coming on.
They've admitted no Russian connections.
They have the House Intelligence Committee.
All of them have come back out again.
It's just all made up.
But there was one communication he had with a hacker, Guccifer.
We've talked to Guccifer.
They're claiming that's a Russian connection.
So he's going to publish here in the next hour the exclusive communication he had with Guccifer.
They're claiming it's this thing that trumps this Russian.
And since that came up, Jesse James is such a character.
He never talks about his successes.
Billions of dollars sold just in Walmart alone of his accessories, t-shirts, you name it.
I'm a multi-thousandaire.
Or multi-millionaire.
Seriously, I googled it for this.
I want to know.
Who is the top reality TV star?
Because they say it's either you or Donald Trump.
Who is it?
I don't know.
I guess he's the president now, so that's a reality star.
I was on a call with Discovery Channel last week, and they told me, like, you're the godfather of reality TV.
And I was like, oh man.
That makes me feel so old.
Yeah, but that was real reality TV early on, then it turned into this.
Well, I started it, I mean, the whole pattern of TV, even like The Apprentice, was basically the pattern that I did on Monster Garage.
And when that show started in, like, 2000, you know, it was unheard of.
They just put it out on 20 episodes on Netflix, and it's like, it's pretty good, because a lot of people I don't think have seen it.
You know, Discovery hasn't really released that stuff, and
It's on Netflix and like all these people are like, oh my god, you made a milk truck into a cow milker and it's like a whole... It's pretty cool.
What's the one years later where you're like jumping over sand dunes and have like a minigun shooting?
Oh, I shot up a car with a minigun out of my good friend Mike's Dylan.
What was the name of that show about like you're gonna get killed?
What was it?
I can't remember.
Oh, Jesse James is Dead Man.
Yeah, so...
Yeah, it's crazy because now with the internet, I've been really asking Trump the few times I've talked to him.
He's got to do a fireside chat like Roosevelt did at least once or twice a week.
You know what?
Imagine if he sat there in a studio and did his own show.
I don't know.
You know, something that you and I would never be part of just because we don't fit that mold.
I think me, because... Well, it's totally fake.
I'm not trying to be mean.
But, you know, I think... It's a bunch of trendies getting scammed trying to become famous.
Well, I think the thing that people need to realize, like, there is no...
Right or left or liberal.
Everybody has to come together as Americans.
And it's like, instead of, you know, people are complainers.
Let's just complain.
I'm going to complain that Trump won.
And I'm going to complain that I think Russia did it because there's no possible way that he could be successful enough to win on his own.
It had to be some kind of scam or trick.
Well, let's raise that.
No, but I'm going to complain about it.
So I think instead of complaining,
Go do something about it, you know?
Like, that circle around you of people that you can help, like homeless people, or go to, you know, help disadvantaged kids.
Don't blame Trump for why you claim the world has all these problems.
That's my biggest question.
Instead of complaining that Trump doesn't support women, or Trump does this, or everybody did that, and you know?
What do you do?
You know, what do you do?
And like, someone kind of
I made a comment and got a bunch of crap about it about the women's march that I said, hey, wouldn't it be great if all these women marching, if they channeled their energy and put that kind of energy and manpower to helping the homeless and vets in this country.
And someone said, like, you know, whoa, what have you done for the homeless?
Like a bunch of people said.
They didn't know all the stuff you've done.
I'm like, well, you know, I founded the biggest homeless shelter in the city of Long Beach in like 2002 and put over 3,000 people in permanent housing.
And when I left Long Beach, I gave my 50,000 square foot building and it became, it's the Long Beach Rescue Mission now.
And like, you go back and all the people that asked what I did, they all deleted their tweets.
Oh, that's like this Canadian comedian on national TV.
A guy's had brain surgery.
You can see it.
She goes, oh, look, a Nazi.
It's a white guy with a shaved head.
It's like just throwing these names around.
In fact, right here, George Soros is an admitted Nazi collaborator.
George Soros literally funds all these groups, the groups that say kill cops, you name it.
Day Without a Woman supporters for one march, 246 million from his own group.
He's got a bunch of other front groups.
We need to get that guy to pay us for something.
What can we do?
What the hell's his problem?
Why is a Nazi collaborator walking around?
Like, I don't really like that guy, but I'll take his cash.
What the hell?
Exactly like a bunch of women running around with pink hats.
We need to come up with a cause.
What is our cause going to be?
But you're right.
Why should you get women together to say men are the problem and we love George Soros?
It's just total division.
But listen, you raised Russia.
Let me show you this.
Roger Stone made a huge deal of this at the inauguration.
They said, look at this.
New York Times, January 20th, the inauguration day.
We cover this on air.
They say wiretap data used to an inquiry on Trump.
They claim they had wiretaps of Trump and everybody with the Russians.
Turns out they didn't have this.
The House Intelligence Committee two weeks ago says none of it's there.
The Democrats flip and they say Trump offering no evidence.
Says Obama tapped his phones.
So here they are saying they were tapped.
We can put this up behind us too if you want.
But for radio listeners... I mean, again... So what's your point?
I think arguing these little small points, it doesn't mean anything.
Trump's doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing.
But they did wiretapping!
Yeah, but listen to you, you're all boo boo boo boo boo boo boo!
But they're lying scum!
So, they're always going to be lying scum.
That's just the way politics are.
Well, I'm not putting out articles trying to lie.
I know, but you're missing my point.
It's like, that's what these people do.
Politicians is what they do.
They're all like,
They'll shake your hand and smile and take a picture.
Oh yeah, this is the greatest guy.
And as soon as you leave, they'll grab a TV camera.
But Jesse, I get it.
I get it.
I get it.
That's just the way... But the reason MSM is falling apart is we are exposing them.
Those people don't... Fake media.
Those people don't work for a living.
No, I get it.
This is what they do.
But what do you make of Trump?
You'll have a better conversation going down to the Jiffy Lube and talking to the guys in... No, I agree with you, but...
But the mainstream media is starting to die and I want to see them go ahead and kill themselves.
What I'm saying is Trump is calling them fake media.
Trump's going after them.
I think it's important to bypass them completely.
I think so.
We're seeing a new age and a new generation of communication by him being able to tweet and put stuff out on Facebook.
The information is from his mouth to our ears and eyes.
There's no filter.
He doesn't have to have a press conference and hope all those people are his friends and don't twist his words into something else.
He could put it right out and bypass them and they're having a hard time with it.
And the only way that they can get people to watch their crappy shows is by slamming him or making up some sensational... No, I agree.
They need Trump.
Why would Russia hack our election?
For what?
It's saying you didn't have the initiative to go vote for him, Jesse James.
You're a Russian robot.
I'm a Russian robot.
They're just in denial.
You know what, and I get it all the time, and this is why I don't have anything really to come on here to talk to you about that's really that special, I think.
But I like to come on here just as a voice of the blue-collar Americans.
You know, the people that think that, you know, because I'm filthy dirty every day, and because I work, I weld, and I make stuff, and I'm a mechanic, they think I'm an idiot.
They're arrogant assholes.
And that's the way they think about the majority of this country.
So, I agree.
We're on the same page.
Tell the elites, who've got a dwindling audience, who lie about our president, who's truly delivering, like nobody's ever done in our modern history, on what he would say he would do.
I mean, it's truly incredible.
It's messianic.
What do you want to say to the people, right there in camera four, that think because you actually built your own business and made hundreds of millions of dollars doing it, billions total, and gross, that you're an idiot because they're a bunch of do-nothings.
What do you want to say to the so-called elites?
No, but I mean, listen, I get, I do get stuttering angry, and I get what you're saying.
Hey, be cool.
Don't let him get to you.
You're already awake, Jesse.
You've already been through this.
I'm pissed off that we've got the best numbers in this country in decades, and somebody working their ass off for the people, and every major newspaper I know of says they want to see him assassinated.
I'm not looking for trouble, but it makes me want to get aggressive.
I'm sick of this crap.
This guy's working for me and my family and I'm getting pissed about this.
I'm not pissed about those people.
I think it's funny.
I think it's funny that they've whipped themselves up into a big tizzy over the working class people working hard and accomplishing.
They all worked hard and voted and got this guy elected.
Yeah, they're losers.
And now he's working hard for them.
You know, let him cry.
You know, I'm not going to be a sore winner.
There's nothing worse than a sore winner.
I agree, but I'm just pointing out, they said they had him wiretapped.
He's right.
Then they say he's a liar a month later.
That's what these people do.
They lie.
I know, but... You know?
What do you think happens if, God forbid, they do assassinate Trump?
Never gonna do it, man.
We have the best protection, the best elite, and it's the same thing.
It's a trunk full of ping pong balls.
The only people that are coming out on Twitter and saying, like, oh, I think Trump should get killed, they're only doing that to give themselves a little bit of fame.
It's a little bit of, you know... It's still illegal.
It's a little bit of pop, like, oh my God, did you see... No, I agree, but it's still illegal.
Did you see what Billy218 said?
He said he would kill Trump.
Oh my God, retweet that.
Oh my God.
He deleted the tweet, oh my god, oh my god!
Probably someone actually called that.
Yeah, but it's like, it's meaningless.
Can we see who Billy328 is, like our John Doe?
We're not actually blaming Billy328.
I know, but it's just, it's, it's... I bet there is one.
It's fluff.
It doesn't mean anything.
You know what I'm saying?
It's like... Jesse, I 100% agree.
You've coined the term.
The MSM is not the fake stream.
They are the false reality media.
Like you said, you said... It's a business.
They're trying to make money.
But they can't do that telling the truth.
If they ran 18 hours of programming every day on all Trump's accomplishments and everything he's done in the first 50 days and all the... Is that him?
I think he said 3-2-8.
That's not him.
Billy 2-1-8.
Billy, I'm sure is great.
Go ahead.
But if they ran a whole show of that, no one would watch it because it's not a train wreck.
I'd watch it!
I mean, if it was real data, I mean, all this real data's coming.
I mean, I get it, I guess.
Well, I guess that's what our audience is.
That's what happens if you shut your phone off and your computer off to all that stuff.
It does drive me crazy.
I'll be in a great mood.
I'll come in here and look at a hundred articles.
So you just ignore all this crap?
Hey, I was hyper-connected to it before the election, and now that we won, I can sit back and like, you know what?
I know I have my friend working his ass off in the White House for people like me, and people that think like me, and I know it's the first time because there hasn't been a president in there in a long, long time that really cared about the little guy.
Jesse James?
I totally agree with that statement.
You know, it's a sense of, uh, I don't know.
I don't have to worry about it anymore.
You know, that's the thing.
And that's why I invited you on the show.
If a bunch of people that don't know how to weld and don't know how to fix their own car or change a flat, if they're crying about it, I don't care.
Let them cry.
That doesn't have anything to do with me.
That's another question.
Have you seen how...
The people that hate Trump on average literally don't know how to do anything.
Then they go beat people up at demonstrations, get arrested.
We show who they really are in their arrest records.
They try to pull our videos down because we're showing who got arrested.
Hey, you want to go do this stuff, you're going to get exposed.
I will totally go to some of those protests and beat some protester ass.
Let's go!
That'd be the new, forget reality, this is reality!
That'd be fun!
That's it, we're doing it!
I had those first feelings at like the, what was it, Occupy Wall Street?
That would have been fun, just like old school.
The thing is, all they do is beat up women.
You'll watch the crowds.
They'll pick a lone woman, go into her car, and ten guys go beat her up.
Here's the thing, though.
I mean, I saw MDC riot at Olympic Auditorium in downtown LA, and it was crazy.
Like, 2,000 punk kids fighting, and like, that's a real riot.
All these marches and stuff, that's not real riots.
It's two loudmouth crybabies, or four of them, with 60 cameras around them.
And like, when you put that many cameras, I knew from Monster Garage, there's always going to be one dickhead on the build, and he's going to be a relatively normal guy until the cameras go on him.
And as soon as the camera goes on him, he feels he has to act or perform in a certain way to be a clown or be a jerk.
And then you do that in a crowd out in the public with some protesters with 60 cameras.
It's going to go crazy.
It's explosive.
Yeah, that's not... This is incredible.
You're a man of your word.
The next time there's a pro-Trump rally or an anti-one, we've got to go to it in Austin.
Oh my God.
Live feed of that.
Jesse James.
They're not going to do anything to you though.
They're just cowards.
They go beat women up.
But let me get back to this key point you raised.
You can fight them and kind of give them an elbow or something that's not really hitting them.
You know, you pretend like you trip.
Oh, sorry.
I've never done that.
I would never do that.
No, seriously.
I love it.
They'll hit you.
Then when you hit them back.
Bring a big boom.
Michael Moore's bodyguard.
Hit me, and then I hit him back, and it's on tape.
He goes, what the hell?
I'm like, dude, I'm gonna hit back.
Bring a bit, just bring a boombox with you, everywhere you go, and play punk music, and it just starts slamming.
Like a mosh pit.
Yeah, and it's like, oh man, whoa, I thought we were dancing.
Play some dancing, some misfits.
Hey, hey, just real serious though, because this is why I asked you on, I appreciate you coming on, and bringing your wife Alexis down today.
And the monkey.
Is that, I get it, I agree we're winning, the poll numbers are up, the job numbers are incredible, it's wonderful.
This appearance was supposed to be a victory lap.
I know, well a month ago you said, a few months ago you said let's do the victory lap, but now they're attacking you so bad.
This is the kind of victory lap, this is like Usain Bolt.
Winning the 100 meter dash and doing his lap around and yelling at everybody that wasn't cheering for him.
No, I get it, but here's what I'm saying.
I get it, but... I don't feel very glorious.
Here's the thing, the Soros, I never give up.
The Soros, I want to secure this victory.
It's done.
He's president.
Okay, all I'm saying is- Did you know that our friend became President of the United States?
Did you know?
And then we helped do that?
Yes, I feel good about it.
Good job.
No, I agree, Jesse, but what I'm saying is, these enemies are so evil- That's not good enough?
We have to expose- You wanna go beat them up?
Hey listen, like I said before when we did on the eve of the election, if they had anything on Trump, if there was any kind of dirt that would drop, any kind of media bomb, that would have been done last summer.
No, I agree.
Maxine Waters doesn't even know that North Korea wasn't attacked by Putin, and she literally thinks that PPgate's real.
But what I'm getting at is this, don't you agree we've got to be vigilant and keep promoting liberty?
Maybe you're right.
Wait, wait, you're saying you really think Trump's got eight years, we've already won?
Oh, dude, come on.
The proof's in the pudding.
I agree.
That's why they're so pissed.
And I notice, even in the last couple weeks, it's starting to go down a little bit.
You notice the intensity's ratcheting down.
Remember... Skip the break.
Um, what was it, last Friday?
When everything was, uh, going crazy about Jeff Sessions recusing himself and all that?
And come Monday, no one even mentioned that?
Why is that?
Because it's all pure baloney.
No, what did Trump do on Sunday?
I forget, what did he do?
He tweeted about Obama wiretapping him.
Oh yeah, he countered it, yeah.
And then everybody all of a sudden forgot about it.
That's what I just raised.
They admitted they did it and they say he's a liar.
No, but Friday, this didn't even exist on Friday.
Friday was all about Sessions and Russia.
But it shows his power.
He's able just to change the subject.
One tweet, no one even remembered about Jeff Sessions and everything.
He's just better at manipulating the dumb media than they are.
No, I agree, but he did blow up over the Sessions deal.
Well, he's vigilant.
All I'm saying is, I understand you got involved in a great job.
You got him to run, probably.
All I'm saying is, I just feel like I should keep being vigilant.
You know, just because we both got daughters that are friends.
Just because our daughters go out to a movie one night and everything turns out okay, I'm worried about all the other nights, Jesse.
I'm not saying Donald Trump's our daughter, but you gotta drink that iodine.
That's the answer.
Does it give you butt pee?
You're lying.
Butt pee.
You know, I haven't done a plug.
Let me go ahead and plug MycoZx.
Speaking of.
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What are you talking about?
You're so aggressive.
I like you.
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No, it's not.
That smells good.
Yeah, see?
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Did you smell that?
That's amazing.
See, you're knocking it.
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We don't play games, dude.
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What does it do?
Just one?
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Is it chewable?
It's really strong.
No, take one.
I'm serious.
I just did!
He was gonna attack it.
How good does that smell?
It doesn't smell good.
It smells like a giraffe fart.
Wait a minute.
You said it smelled great!
That doesn't smell good.
You said it smelled good!
That's a licorice!
Usually anything that doesn't smell good is probably good for you.
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You've heard about the thyroid problems in women, right?
I'm not paying attention to you.
What did you just say?
You are something else, man.
Hey, by the way, where was I at somewhere the other night?
Where did I, where the hell was I?
I came out of somewhere.
It was like late at night.
I was at the store or something.
And some dude, like I could see him.
He's all like.
He's walking down the parallel aisle to me and he waited till like I bought my stuff and I walked out of the store and he's all, Info Wars!
It was cool.
Jesse, you've talked about it, but then you always say, oh, we ought to do this, you never do it.
You want to do actual informational things that aren't like garbage TV, or like a two-hour how to make a Colt 911, or how to, I mean, you've got this thing and you go in there and there's like flames shooting out, and you're in like a spacesuit beating stuff to be, I mean, you're addicted to metallurgy, blacksmithing.
You're not like some guy just putting your name on stuff.
I like to teach myself new stuff and push myself through.
You've said, hey, with InfoWars, forget me coming out there.
You want a crew, just put it out raw on the internet and put a plug on it.
You won't even plug your own stuff.
You want to do that?
I have a million hours of footage in my archives that no one's ever seen that you could air on your network.
I know you don't.
Let's do it!
All right.
Nobody's running this place.
You want to come have your own operation here?
Let's do it.
As long as I don't have to do anything.
Except sitting in the heat, blast furnaces beating, blowing metal.
I like to work, that's what I'm good at.
That's doing nothing.
But I actually did have a really great conversation with Discovery Channel last week.
The owner, David Zasloff, who's a really good friend of mine, the CEO of the network, he's been pushing for two years to get me back on.
And let's be clear, you've been offered a million shows, you're not on TV right now, you've chosen them.
I get like two shows a week that people want to be me on, and they're just, they're just dumb.
They're all like, you know, I know we want to do Project Runway, but with bikes.
And you know, and you judge the bikes, and I just, or... So tell folks... I want to do something... Tell folks what you told me years ago.
Tell people what you really want to do.
Just teach people stuff and do something that's like truly informational.
Monster Garage was cool.
Make America Great Again?
Yeah, Monster Garage was cool because they could show it in high schools and show shop class that show and the kids would learn something and I want to keep that.
I don't want to get into like petty bickering and fighting because that's fake and you don't have to force that stuff because any kind of shop or project or anything, drama is always going to happen and let it happen organically and that's
Jesse here.
Don't even ask me what this is.
Just trust me.
It's really good for you.
I'm gonna come over here.
Jesse James.
It's red liquid.
Here you go.
Come on.
There you go.
How's that taste?
That's delicious.
Oh, fuck.
That is Secret 12, man!
What is it?
This, I said, I want the very best organic Methicobalamin that people inject, but under the tongue, it gets almost as good as absorption as injection, so instead of it being $200 for a bottle this big to inject, we just get the actual stuff, but then sell it for $30!
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It's pure
Organic vitamin B12.
Oh, that's good.
And I get more energy off this.
That gives me butt pee.
I'm coming over to your house.
Dude, what is butt pee?
Is that what you have like the flu?
It's like pee, but out of your butt.
That's what, like, that's what comes out of Barack Obama's vagina.
That's just mean.
We did that to troll the media.
Here, let's troll the media here in the last few minutes.
What do you want to do?
Here's the thing.
I can be literally in 500 newspapers and it does nothing.
No traffic, no real people.
I don't think all these big corporate sites even have any viewers anymore, Jesse.
I think their old model of infighting and garbage is over.
I think you're right.
I think they are defeated.
And they need to know they're defeated.
They know it.
They know nothing's going to change.
And I think... You want to beat your chest like a gorilla?
We've defeated them, come on.
You are cool, you are cool.
But see, I'm so cool, I'm not cool.
I don't give a damn.
Yeah, but here's the reality of it.
Who bought them TVs, bitch?
Tell me that!
Here's the reality of it.
It's all fake.
You see them headlights?
You see me knock them curtains down?
Sorry, go ahead.
All the hate and all that stuff, you know...
It doesn't mean anything, because if it was all done face-to-face, it would change 100%.
Like, if Hillary Clinton walked in the studio right now, what would you do?
She looks like a corpse, I think, living dead.
Yeah, but what would you do?
You'd be cordial and you'd be nice to her.
Don't you know it.
Hey, what's up?
I'd say, my God, I've never seen a dead person living.
Hey guys, can we pull up?
Oh my God, did you see that new photo they released last week?
Yeah, but still, you know, she's just an elderly lady.
And you know what?
As much as you don't like her, she's still an American.
She's an elderly dammit.
And if we got a nuclear attack and she was in this town and she came to
Here and needed help or needed shelter or anything, we would help it because that's what Americans do.
And I learned that in Iraq.
I would not help Hillary Clinton if there was an nuclear war.
I learned it in Iraq that by our surgeons and our doctors at the field hospital in Balad helping Iraqi insurgents that show up to the back gate that are missing limbs and need brain surgery and stuff like that.
Our surgeons take them in to our hospital.
Would you help Melania Trump?
It's a joke.
That's silly.
Trying to make a serious point.
Back in 70 seconds to finish up your point, Jesse James.
I'm calling you out that you're 99% sure that you would be nice to Hillary Clinton if she walked in here.
I don't know.
I'd probably run.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas.
Jesse James was not born in Texas, but he got here as soon as he can.
And hey, why did you move to Texas?
I love the fact you're here.
The crazy world that you move in right next door to Alex Jones.
What do you make of that?
And I can shoot machine guns outside my bedroom window.
I kind of like it when I wake up in the morning and it's like World War 3 is going on.
Did you ever hear me shooting, Nick Cutler?
Oh, never.
You never heard me shooting, though.
Yeah, a little bit.
A couple times.
Yeah, I'm joking.
What were you asking me now?
No, no.
I mean, I get your point that we are winning.
We should just be the winners, be optimistic.
I'm worried about the losers, though, that are in their own parallel universe.
It's a very small, shrinking universe, but they really are freaking out and crazy.
Look at the freaking out and crazy and all these, you know, like Trump saying okay to the kids of the White House and saying that's a Nazi symbol.
They now have become Alex Jones, and Alex Jones has now become mainstream media.
Like, you're now a legitimate news source.
Compared to them?
They're now totally making stuff up.
Not saying I'm not.
I get it, but they would always misrepresent what I was saying in the media.
I mean, Colbert two weeks ago had me say, I'm anti-gay.
I said I'm not anti-gay in the clip.
They just don't care.
So what do you do about stuff like that?
Just ignore it?
I think they'll keep hitting that button.
Hitting the, you know, the fake news, extreme, get viewership button.
And you can only do it so many times before it doesn't work.
Well, their ratings are way down.
They're a shadow of them former selves.
All our ratings are way up.
So why do you think that is and where do you think this ends, Jesse James?
I think it'll end.
The father of reality TV.
Once it stops making money and selling page views and selling clicks and selling viewership,
That eventually it'll refer back to like when we were kids.
You probably remember like your grandpa, you know, the evening news and all that stuff.
That's what I remember most about my grandpa.
He'd read the cover to cover the Long Beach Press-Telegram every day.
And then he would like, at 6 o'clock every night, he'd kick his shoes off in his recliner and watch the evening news.
And back then it was like, troops did this, oil prices were that.
It wasn't this agenda.
And it was like, real, it wasn't so negative, and this person did that, blah blah.
It was all like, human interest stuff.
And I think that's what television and news needs to come again, you know?
Hey, we're in, we're bobsledding in Sri Lanka, or we're, you know, we're covering, you know,
Or Jesse James just made another cult 9-11.
Are you saying you may do a new Discovery Channel show?
We're talking about it.
We're trying.
How many years since you did one?
You've refused hundreds.
2011, 2012.
So five years.
Uh, nothing good.
I've kind of just been focusing on guns and making my skills and becoming a master pistol smith and honing that.
Let me tell you what his ratings.
While he's talking, let's show the monkey that's actually in studio.
We should probably get Alexis to bring the monkey in studio, but here it is.
Go ahead, sir.
That's Toby the monkey.
Where's he at?
No, we're not going to show me.
That's the gorilla.
That's the big monkey.
Just show the video.
Re-roll, guys.
Just show the monkey.
Go ahead, sorry.
There we go.
Is that monkey spoiled or what?
Oh, that's his mama right there.
Oh, I agree.
It's gonna crawl up and die.
We don't need any audio, guys.
Just B-roll.
B-roll means no audio.
All right, Jesse, we got 60 seconds left.
We got your lunch in there.
Thank you for, Alexis, you guys coming in, doing a great job.
What else is going on in planet Jesse James?
Hey, before we leave, did you know we won?
Yes, but I wanted... These people are still... All you gotta do is just say, yeah, it was good, it was awesome.
Alright, we won!
We kicked their ass!
The pathetic scum failed, and that's why they're butthurt, and screw them!
Don't be a sore winner.
I'm not a sore winner!
Oh, I am?
No, I want to secure this victory and make sure... It's already done!
We won!
He's done so good in 50 days, I've got to make sure it all happens.
Remember that recount that was happening right after?
Because... I'm going to Trump you right now.
You know the times I've talked to Trump.
Ask him next time you talk to him.
Guess what he tells me?
He goes, Alex, I need you to keep doing it.
Keep doing what you're doing.
We need your... It's a war, Jesse!
That's because he loves and supports you.
I hope you're right.
I hope we've really had this big victory.
Thank you, Jesse James.
I was right about him winning.
You were right!
You said that night before.
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China warns that it is reconsidering its policy not to use nuclear weapons against South Korea in response to the U.S.
In an article by Paul Joseph Watson, he writes that a missile defense system that is being deployed to shield South Korea from North Korean ballistic missiles after several tests by the Stalinist state in recent months.
Beijing is furious because this will be capable of detecting missiles launched from China.
It was also reported that the U.S.
will send nuclear bombers to South Korea along with an aircraft carrier in order to display a stern show of strength.
Beijing will respond to America's strategic provocations by actioning a rapid increase in the number of China's strategic nuclear weapons.
The piece warns that
If the U.S.
further intensifies its anti-missile attempts in strategic containment, China may reconsider its pledge of not being the first to use nuclear weapons.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, Jesse James is here with our Victory Lap.
Now, months ago we talked about a Victory Lap.
We didn't do it.
We were busy.
Now, I called up this week to be fair and I said, listen, I need to get veterans out for Trump.
Everybody wants to support him.
Soros is funding billions, $200 million for one march.
They're trying to create this illusion.
I'm sorry.
I need to fight back.
We need to start a liberal support march.
Like, conservative supporting liberals.
And we'll all go, we'll find like a, everybody will find like a liberal buddy, and then we'll go hold hands.
Well let's say it, I know for a fact, you've got one of the biggest fanbases, you've got one of the biggest fanbabas, say this, out there, and I said help us mobilize to support Trump, you said let's do a victory lap.
So I hope you're right.
All I'm saying is, I see all these pieces of trash trying to destroy one of the first hardcore presidents I've ever seen, and it just makes me feel like I have a duty to defend.
Now, does that come off then as if I get it, that maybe the president's not that strong?
I've thought that before, Jesse James.
If I sit here and say, they're trying to kill him, they're attacking him, they're trying to block him, we gotta support him, does it come off like we're weak?
And does that actually encourage them to attack more?
Maybe you're right!
So explain this to me.
I'm ready to kick their ass.
You already said you're ready to get out in the street.
I mean, I'm sick of these people.
They're lying assholes, man.
You're getting mad over Twitter and Facebook.
No, I've been in the streets with them.
I've had them spit at me.
Yeah, but is there anybody with any kind of size that could really fight you?
No, they're always little wimps.
Then what's the problem?
So what is it about wimps doing it then?
We're here in Overdrive with you.
We got Roger Stone coming up.
We got your lunch here.
I appreciate you coming in, but give us then where Jesse James is at.
Because you make some great points during the breaks.
I think take the high road.
No, I agree, but I mean, these people are... That's where I'm at.
I'm going to take the high road in like...
Find a way... You said that during the break.
Repeat what you said about Trump.
You said his... It was beautiful.
You said his... So many guys like you won't say the gold on air.
You say great stuff on air, but you had this whole rant like his head's down, he's gonna deliver, he knows that's what matters.
Say it!
Say it yourself!
Trump is just, he's passed it.
We made it past it.
He won the election.
We got him in there.
And now his head's down and working.
And he's not, you know, he's not letting the hecklers get to him.
If they want to heckle and heckle from the sidelines, he's in there doing it.
He's in the game.
The game's started, you know?
And everybody can always be up in the stand and yell at that championship quarterback that's getting in there winning the game.
And you know what?
It doesn't have any effect.
You know?
God, that's beautiful.
You're actually, I'm not just, that is powerful.
It's the truth, you know?
And that guy's pretty strong.
And you gotta know... You say you're just a blue-collar guy, but you have those nuggets that are so truthful and so simple.
No, that's it.
Elaborate on that.
I went to college a little bit.
But my point is, it's the school of reality.
You're saying he's that star quarterback... I think people only judge him based on modern
You know, the last 10 or 15 years of like The Apprentice and soundbites and what they see of Donald Trump.
They don't, you know, that guy's been in business since the 70s, 80s.
Yeah, and do you imagine how much litigation, how many lawsuits, how many things that he's been through and how many tough people he's been up against?
And not tough in like, I don't think politicians are tough.
No, real, real criminals.
No, real people that really people trying to take.
Anybody who's really been in real business knows the
Scum that comes out of the woodwork.
I don't think some, you know, lady from MSNBC calling him a Nazi or whatever is going to have any effect.
Jesse, I agree with you.
I get what you're saying.
His tough outer shell, and he doesn't get to him, is what the people resonate with and finally see the confidence so he can actually deliver the prosperity that we already had.
So I guess you're right.
My position is I'm here to rally people that these people are out of control and scum, and we help rally the victory.
So I think it takes all different kinds.
Let's go fight them.
Listen, I'll go out with you.
It costs a hundred grand to hit someone though.
Well, I'll go to, we'll go to LA.
That's what I heard.
Not that I've ever hit someone.
Me neither.
They haul off and hit us first.
We can break their necks.
I'm ready.
Talk about a billion views.
I think we need to like flip the tables and start our own like Black Lives Matter or some kind of thing and do it undercover.
Start our own organization and get some Soros money.
I'm totally down to do that.
Infiltrate Soros.
Yeah, and get him to send us money to protest.
And we'll start a fake protest.
And then make a joke out of it as an investigative report.
Jesse, we need you to... You're already in the info war, but I've got the crew.
I just want some of his money.
If that guy's handing out money to all these dummies, like, with vagina hats and stuff on, like, let's make our own thing and get money from them.
Like, what could we do?
Like, the international brotherhood of Alex and Jesse need a new Ferraris foundation.
I like the idea.
You have a Mercedes with 10 cylinders, right?
You don't have a Ferrari.
I sold that thing.
No, I got a Porsche.
Let's talk about your wife, who's amazing.
I mean, she's just a great race car driver, great lady, great business lady.
Amazing, amazing spirit, you can see it in her eyes.
But she's one of the fastest people on earth, on the ground.
Let's talk about how fast is she driving a car.
Her car is, she drives a Toyota Camry, funny car.
There's a monkey on her head.
11,000 horsepower and goes from 0 to 200 in about 2 seconds.
And it goes from 0, it does the 1,000 foot in 3.83 at 335 miles an hour.
She's a nut, but she's an awesome driver.
And let's be clear, like I bought it because it's Americana.
I've got a couple of Hellcats, or a Hellcat, and it goes at 700 horsepower.
Kid Rock's got a Hellcat too.
The point is, that's only $700.
You said $11,000?
I told him it was a chick car and he got mad at me.
Oh yeah, right.
I just got it because it looks low-key.
I said, was that like a Camaro?
He got all mad at me.
No, I like it because it looks low-key and then it's really fast.
It's a fun car.
It's alright.
But whatever, I'm not as cool as you.
The point is, is I wanted something that looked low-key.
You know, a Challenger, just like a black Challenger.
It could be a $25,000 car.
It ain't low-key.
That's like hillbilly heaven right there.
Anyways, I'm in hillbilly heaven.
You still got your Raptor?
Use it for all sorts.
I sold mine.
I was gonna get a new one, but I'm not down with the V6, man.
Yeah, that new V6 turbo or whatever?
Me and V6s don't get along.
Yeah, what do you think the best new truck is?
I don't know.
Well, Ford, the new Super Duty is supposed to be super awesome.
The new big diesel, F-250, is supposed to be great.
We're going to end this because you've been here a while.
I don't want to abuse you.
I appreciate your time.
You refuse to plug because I understand you're the big guy representing the NRA.
People can always go.
Everything we do, like guns, bikes, cars.
When is my handgun ready?
I'm building it right now.
It's going to go to engraving probably in the next two weeks.
Folks, I know you've got a waiting line to get his stuff.
We just finished Trump's.
I'm building the presidential pistol.
I just finished the gunsmith work on it yesterday.
So, it's going to be awesome.
I'm not just saying this.
What is that black car right there?
That's my 54 Chevy.
Man, those are nice.
That's a little CFL we just finished.
That's the customer's gun.
That actually goes to a real nice lady in New Jersey.
When are we going to see the Trump?
Was it 9-11?
1911, yeah.
Because he was 45.
45th president.
Tell us what else is going on at Jesse James Industries.
That's it.
Just building guns like crazy and working on a bunch of new models.
We just moved into a new building at the first of the year and got it all dialed in.
We're still building bikes.
We build about two or three bikes a year and a couple cars a year.
Only to it.
That's the thing.
I've been to your house many, many times.
And you're literally, you're building it.
This is not like your name's on it.
I'm like, it's like, you're like over there at midnight with blowtorches.
Well, I have an amazing, great crew of guys.
No, you do.
But you build them at your facility and at your house.
And so, um... Well, every time I ever come over, you're like... Your building's right there where the Borg place, we bought it.
So it's right there.
And, you know, that stuff, and then we still, we're running the NRA brand and really trying, pushing hard to like maybe get that in some retail space, and then- Oh God, if the NRA does need to get young people, don't they?
Yeah, the stuff is great.
And we're just trying to do a soft launch on it.
We just did bar stools and beer glasses and everything.
Can I talk about this?
You're like the main NRA representative now for all their loot.
Yeah, we're trying.
It's been a year in.
We're not trying to flood the market with a bunch of keychains and junk.
Those shirts you saw, I'm going to get some.
But here's the thing.
The list is easy to understand.
That's why I have all these other guests on who are selling their own stuff.
It's culture.
What you produce is the culture.
I could be like, oh, I'm Jesse James.
Buy this crap.
No, but I, exactly.
But the point is, is that... I can do that.
It's a culture war, though.
We've got to, like, when people wear a t-shirt or they wear a belt buckle or a cap, it's, it's, we've got to do this to counter them.
Yeah and I think the NRA, you know, I'd be lying if I didn't know that it's a little outlaw now.
It's kind of like how West Coast Choppers t-shirts were in the 90s.
Kids were getting in trouble for wearing them to like middle school and stuff like that and same thing for NRA and I just see that makes my eyes do dollars.
Gross, 2 plus billion at Walmart.
You're like, oh, I'm nobody, I'm nobody.
No, you are now the head of the NRA swag merchandise.
NRA originals.
I mean, take what happened with, like you said, Harley-Davidson was 2 to 1, just their accessories made more than the bikes.
Yeah, Harley at the height in like 95.
I like those long-sleeved shirts.
The NRA has never treated that brand like a brand.
Oh, it's a total brand.
And it's total Americana, you know, it's really meaningful and I think it needs to skew way younger and hit a younger target.
John Wayne, 57 Chevys, NRA is Americana.
Hats like this, look at that.
That's an awesome hat.
Can people get that right now at the NRA website?
Where do they get that hat?
Well, listen, it's a culture war, folks, and he's saying we're winning.
Yeah, we got a beachhead.
We're under total attack.
I agree we're winning.
I mean, Trump is over-delivered.
It's just sickeningly delicious.
By attack by who?
Anybody with any juice?
Then what's the worry?
Well, I mean, I don't know.
It's just, man, my gut tells me attack these people.
I just want to run them over.
I'll be honest.
He said you want to go beat their ass.
You're like, oh we beat them, but let's go kick their ass.
I don't want to kill them or anything.
I think it'd be fun to like, you know, bump some flesh with them a little bit.
Jesse James, it's always great.
Thank you for coming in and seeing us.
Thank you so much, my friend.
Yep, I'm going back to work.
Alright, yeah, you can't get him out of there.
It's like Vulcan or Festus in the volcano.
It's like a hermit.
Alright, that's it.
We'll be back with Roger Stone with big breaking news and more.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
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I forgot to put my, uh...
It is so good to be around just real, down-to-earth, Americana people that actually want prosperity.
They're all really successful, obviously, in their own rights, but you get around people that have success and then they get on these power trips against the general public.
But it was Alexander Hamilton, but also was somewhat of an elitist, but also Benjamin Franklin and then Thomas Jefferson was the big one that talks about it being the average people, the blacksmiths and the farmers and everybody else.
It was actually the engine of America.
And how important that fire in the belly was for production and work and enjoying work.
And the fact that humans need to farm, need to blacksmith, need to produce, need to be involved.
This modern society takes that away from us.
And so I'm so glad this interview happened today because a few months ago Jesse was going to come on when Trump had won about a victory lap as he'd come on the night before the election on November 7th and said Trump will win.
In fact I meant to get back to that with him but I forgot.
He said, I'm totally confident.
And I was, too, because I knew internal polls were showing he was ahead, but I knew Hillary planned to steal it.
But then, his point about being confident, that's why Trump, in fact, that's why I actually called the military and all these other patriots started coming out in support of Trump.
He has to act confident because he is confident, and he's busy trying to get the economy going and doing things that are textbook good for the average worker, the average saver, the average American, no matter what color you are or where you came from.
But I know, in my gut, we have to aggressively target these globalists and their minions to try to rehabilitate the people that have been brainwashed by this.
Because, let me tell you, we barely won this election.
Hillary stole five states.
I've had the top election experts on that are Democrats exposing it.
Beth Harris, she tried to steal six of the different state police groups were able to block the Democrats coming in.
That's been in the news, trying to steal it.
We were so close.
And yeah, they're defeated.
Yeah, they're not popular.
Yeah, they're losing power.
They're losing power politically.
They're openly trying to kill the president.
And so I know I'm right.
I'm not saying Jesse's wrong.
In fact, I agree.
We should celebrate.
We should be happier.
We should, because that's powerful to say.
We won, and my God, I've got a 15-page document here.
It's on Infowars.com, with just the accomplishments of the first month, and of the first 50 days, and it is just insane.
If Trump had gone sideways, I'd say, oh my God, another corrupt politician.
Well, let's just move forward with our agenda.
The fact that he delivered so hardcore,
And I've studied all the presidents.
All 45, folks.
This is, like, unreal.
This is so good that I don't even, like, I can't believe it, quite frankly.
And then when I see the New York Times lying about him and the Washington Post, I get they're liars.
I get they're scumbags.
I get what Jesse's saying.
But my kids don't know that.
Neighbors don't know that.
I have family ask me, is it true?
Trump's lying about wiretaps?
I am fundamentally angry about them insulting us like we're stupid, and I get that's who they are.
I get Jesse went through all the lies and demonization, so he just has, they have no power over him, he's done with them.
Well, not everybody's like that, okay?
Not everybody's got the inner strength to realize this is a load of crap.
And I'm pissed, man!
This is my future.
This is my kid's future.
I'm pissed.
But then Jesse says, oh, I'm ready to go out and kick their ass on the street.
Yeah, I hear it.
Not that we're trying to start a fight.
You watch these people beating up men, women, and children, trying to beat people up, going into the Trump inauguration, and then lying about the numbers, CNN showing before the gates opened, saying no one was there.
That is fundamentally not just a lie.
It is an insult against anybody with half a brain.
And I know our audience gets that.
That's why the enemy and the globalists and the MSM say, Infowars is the Trump army, the teeth on the ground of the second American revolution with nationalism spreading everywhere.
Listen, I love this thing so much.
I love this victory so much that, yes, I foam at the mouth over the fact that I see enemies who are enemies of themselves.
And that prosperity and freedom is where we should be going, not promoting mental illness and all this loser crap.
I want to get ready with a Roger Stone clip.
He had a 45-second clip.
I want to play about a minute before that and a minute after.
I'll put about three, four minutes when we come back in.
Because here we are on the 20th of January.
Him saying, this is fake, there were no wiretaps, so there were.
I didn't say this.
The New York Times said they had wiretaps of Trump.
Now they say they never said it.
We have the newspaper.
And you're like, OK, we know they're liars.
Well, you know what?
I get it.
It's like the prodigal son.
You're like, why are you going after that loser?
He's a loser.
We were already awake.
We're going after the losers.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Liberal teachers and professors have acquired a monopoly on university jobs to the extent they don't tend to hire conservative-leaning professors, creating an echo chamber for radicalization.
They've failed to offer a politically diverse assortment of professors.
Therefore, students get indoctrinated with a leftist ideology with the false impression that they are hearing from diverse points of view.
While at the same time, students find themselves looking at conservative culture in bewilderment, confused, projecting onto it a false impression that being conservative is bigoted, racist, intolerant, and must be stopped.
As this hyper-normalized political ideology of the left continues to crumble, we should expect to see further mass hysteria as a symptom while impressionable young people lose the false sense of security they once had in their unsustainable beliefs.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You know, it's like Fight Club, but for real.
And I get it.
I should savor our victories more.
I think Jesse James, who joined us in the last hour and 20 minutes, is absolutely on target.
I should savor the victory more.
In fact, it's that victory that politically makes it safe for so many people that have been bullied by political correctness to say, I'm Americana.
I want freedom.
I want prosperity.
We're not liberals.
We're not conservatives.
What Jesse said, I'm not kissing his ass, it's true, was absolutely on target.
I should take that interview and edit it down to 10 minutes.
Just the little nuggets he said, it's true.
And I guess I haven't gotten to where he's at yet, where you get lied about in thousands of articles a year, sometimes thousands a week, making stuff up about you and your family.
I'm still pissed off, it's true.
I need to just somehow turn it loose and just ignore it sometimes, but you know what?
I just hate these people.
They're a pack of lying scum.
And you know, they don't just do it because they want to sell newspapers.
Because tell them the truth, what sales newspapers have experienced.
They're doing it because they're a bunch of bullies and scumbags.
The mere fact, take somebody like Jesse, just the way the Lord works, who knows?
I move into a place six months, Jesse moves in next door, gets to know him, our daughters are best friends, things go on.
He's like, hey, watch Donald Trump run, like months before I hear it happens.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
I don't mean the fake Lord at these fake churches, I mean the real God of this universe.
But if Trump would have come in and been half-assed and stuff, I'd say, oh, it's better than Obama, but too bad, just he didn't know what he was doing, another politician.
The fact we got the best job numbers since 1984, the fact we got the best new business numbers, small business numbers since 1984, and the media's trying to cover that up and lie about it, the fact that he's doing everything you do other than Paul Ryan, this horrible health bill, and, you know, some of the people in his administration want the carbon tax.
Well, of course, the Republicans made that thing up.
I hate the Republicans.
I hate Democrats pointing at me saying, oh, you're just a Republican water carrier.
I hate both your stinking parties.
The Republicans have some good rhetoric, but they're horrible people.
The Democrats have horrible rhetoric and are horrible people.
The difference is rhetoric.
With Trump, it's so real.
It's like seeing a unicorn out in the field at dawn.
You're like, have I got a camera?
Because there's a unicorn right there.
Never knew this existed.
This is happening.
But America's a unicorn in history.
A system of prosperity and freedom that's demonized and attacked that the enemy says is no good.
But is the apple of the world's eye, the shining city on that hill.
Jesse and I years ago talked about this.
We're both so busy that we ought to do something because we're obviously meant to do something.
We're both busy.
It needs to happen.
But all of us need to take action and get involved.
That's all I'm saying.
Now joining us for the balance of the hour is Roger Stone.
I was already going to call him.
At this morning at like 8.30 and then a text right as I'm thinking about him as I'm brushing my teeth after breakfast.
My kids have gone to school.
Big breaking news.
I want to come on the show today.
So I'm like okay.
And it was exactly what I thought but not from the angle I thought.
Here if you're a TV viewer the New York Times January 20th.
We'll play the clip in a moment and go to Roger from January 20th.
Wiretap data used in inquiry of Trump aides, New York Times.
Then, March 4th, Trump offering no evidence says Obama tapped his phones.
They were all over the news saying, we have the wiretaps of Manafort and Stone, everybody, talking to the Russians.
Then they said, oh we don't really have that, we never said we had that.
So there's all this spin going on, and now Roger's giving us the exclusive.
The article just went up on Infowars.com.
At least I was told it was being sent 30 minutes ago.
You can put that on screen with exactly what happened.
So now I get it.
You talk to Guccifer, Guccifer, however you say it, or we talk to DC Leaks, WikiLeaks, Guccifer, or people that say they are.
New York Times admits wiretaps used against Trump.
So Stone sent us the actual communique that he did have with somebody not connected to the Russians, but an independent European hacker.
But the point is, this is the new level where journalists like myself or Roger Stone get reached out to by people.
We talk to them and then we're Russians.
It's like saying if Trump ever talks to Putin or has a summit, he's a Russian.
Presidents are supposed to meet with the Russians.
This is supposed to end debate, end communication.
But it's not about Roger Stone or Alex Jones or Vladimir Putin or any of these people.
Now there's the article, The Smoking Gun Aims, Fires, Misses, Timeline Proves, Russian Collusion Lie.
That's a great headline on InfoWars.com, just broke, but how about...
Fake wiretap disinfo blows wide open, Roger Stone.
I mean, what he said on the 20th and a month before that when they put another fake story, the whole 20 minute interview from right before he walked in to hear the inauguration at like 10.30 in the morning.
After we battled lines of communists trying to stop us getting in.
Absolutely shows it all.
So we'll show you his real emails and texts and chats with the hacker, Guccifer, who's never claimed he's with the Russians.
Guccifer at one point, I guess, is in prison.
Let's play Roger Stone on the 20th saying, this New York Times is fake.
This is bull.
I never communicated with Russians.
Now they tried to pull back and say, oh, we never even
Really said that.
So this is a big moment.
We're going to Roger Stone in a moment.
Here it is.
This is so big.
All the dots just connected.
But he got hit with polonium months ago.
CDC got with him weeks ago.
We didn't know how to respond to this and put his book way behind.
Media makes jokes about this like, oh yeah, you're important.
That's why he got hit with polonium.
Meanwhile, dozens of Congress people are on TV.
We've got clips of it.
We put on the show saying he's the main guy between Russia and WikiLeaks.
We're good.
They were going to call him, but he would then rebuff it all.
So they need him to be dead.
And how do Russians kill their spies?
So you can see the whole setup, the whole script, but you didn't drink at all or something.
You're still here.
Sometimes it takes a while to kill you.
So we hope they've failed.
But, I mean, Roger, this is amazing.
So recap what you just said for everybody.
Your statement.
Well, today, page one, New York Times, says that the Central Intelligence Agency, the deep state, who just won't give up flogging this horse,
Are claiming that they have intercepts of email communications and financial transactions between the Russians and the Trump campaign.
And they named me specifically.
I welcome any scrutiny because it's time to put this lie, this myth, this falsehood created by the deep state to bed once and for all.
And is it incidental that they drop this story on the day of President Donald J. Trump's inauguration?
Is that incidental?
No, it's an attempt to destabilize the next president of the United States.
By the way, what's crazy is
All these foreign states have been caught trying to influence the election for Hillary.
There's no proof of the Russians.
And just like PPGate, or just like the Russians trying to turn off the power plants, remember that a few weeks ago?
All of it's lies.
Later they admit it.
And I read the New York Times article.
They always say maybe they have, or they kind of do, or well, you know, there's some of this chatter back and forth with no proof.
So you see them leaving provisos in with their fake news.
But unequivocally, have you talked to any Russians?
I've talked to no Russians.
I also have heard from no federal officials to inform me that I'm formally under investigation.
And no one has come forward to ask me any questions.
But I live for that moment.
I can't wait for that moment.
We've reposted the full interview in the article that Roger Stone has put out dealing with this, but now he knows what they were claiming, talking to a hacker who was exposing all sorts of stuff and wasn't a Russian agent.
So we're going to show screenshots of all these communications, the explosive, right now with the former head of the Trump 2016 campaign, Roger Stone.
Roger, thank you.
Alex, thanks for giving me the opportunity.
Look, this is a full-out hit job.
We have a piece orchestrated in the smoking gun that alleges that I have colluded specifically with a hacker called Grucifer 2.0.
There are, I guess, allegations that he is indeed a Russian agent.
Perhaps he is.
What they miss is that I myself identified Grucifer 2.0 in a piece that I have written for Breitbart on August
Fifth, pointing out that it is my belief that it was Krucifer who actually hacked the original DNC documents, at least that portion that were hacked, because I believe others were handed off to, you know, by a disgruntled employee to Craig Murray, a British diplomat who has come forward to say that.
But I identified Krucifer to the American public.
And then ten days later, we had a brief exchange in the direct message section of Twitter.
Largely because I had commented on a Twitter decision to ban him, and miraculously, glad to say, he had been suspended and he was put back into service.
He was reinstated.
Um, this is an innocuous, banal, uh, conversation, largely because on Twitter, one does not know if the person they're speaking to is indeed the real Bruce Hutchin.
So all they've got is a Twitter chat with someone they can't even prove is a Russian agent.
But to have collusion, Alex, I would have to have a time machine.
And Putin has not yet perfected one.
In other words, my communication with this alleged Russian agent happens after WikiLeaks has already leaked the DNC documents, and after I, in my journalistic hat, have identified him as a leaker.
This, now, becomes the following headline.
FBI has truth of Trump discussions with Russian agent.
GQ, Raw Story, sadly, The Washington Times.
It's a lynch mob, really, of disinformation.
All these kind of mainstream media outlets and other kind of lefty recycle shops are posting this ad nauseam.
So let the people be very clear.
The FBI clearly probably has this information either because they were monitoring Mr. Rucifer 2.0 or because they were monitoring me due to the secret FISA court warrant in which the government sought and I believe got permission to surveil Donald J. Trump
We're good to go.
It isn't even hot and it's not very smoking.
And I'm releasing now exclusively here on InfoWars the entire correspondence from this gentleman and I. While I may look a little bit pompous, the government looks foolish.
And you can't collude with someone on an event after the fact.
Sure, so all they've got is you as a journalist talking to somebody who's not even a proven Russian agent.
About this, but we have them all over the New York Times on the 20th, we have you talking about on the 20th, saying they have these wiretaps, then they say Trump's insane, there's no wiretaps.
I mean, this is crazy.
No, look, I think you were pointed out on this show back at the election when the folks around David Brock described me as a MVP in the revolution to elect Donald Trump.
That was their internal stuff that spies were able to get.
This is something I wear very proudly, but Alex, the attempt to go after me, to go after my family, with a tissue of lies, proves that these globalist swine will never stop.
They are never going to recognize the democratic election of Donald Trump.
What we have here is a slow motion coup.
They have to be, like when one has cancer, cut out.
No, no, I agree.
Like, Jesse James is a smart guy.
He's here.
He thinks, hey, we've won.
You know, let's be confident.
I agree that we've won the hearts and minds and the great economic numbers.
Clearly, you know, I guess the Russians are making America great again.
No, it's Donald Trump, the American people.
But they are not going to stop.
Are they ineffectual, though?
What do we do?
Well, first of all, I want to reiterate this because I like getting it on the record.
I had never had any Russian contacts.
I never heard from anyone or communicated from anyone with the Russian state, Russian intelligence, or anyone fronting for them or representing them.
I don't like Russian dressing on my salad, and now I must tell you, sadly, I have stopped drinking Russian vodka because of what they might say.
This whole thing is a canard, a falsehood to smear the President of the United States.
And you've never been into Russian women, because if you like Russian women, that's evil too.
Well, I didn't mention that in my list.
I can appreciate Russian women, but I don't have a Russian girlfriend.
Mrs. Stone would obviously not approve.
I mean, listen, we joke about this, but they've called me a Russian agent, too, which is just unbelievable.
And they're just going... Maxine Waters, who thinks Russia invaded Korea a few weeks ago, she says, oh, PPGate's real, that they've got evidence of the sex with no proof.
Like you said months ago, these so-called wiretaps, there's nothing there.
They admit there's nothing there.
The House Intelligence Committee admits it.
They're just still going ahead with all of this crap in the face of the best 50-day start of any president in history.
Well, Alex, what's even more galling about the entire situation is this constant harangue against the president when they try to cover this up.
Here's what must happen.
We need an action plan.
And therefore, I would be happy to testify for a government grand jury.
I would urge the Attorney General, since he's recused himself, he should arrange for a special prosecutor.
Let someone else pick the prosecutor.
Let's get Mr. Brennan and Mr. Clapper and Ash Carter and all of these folks, and maybe the people at Smoking Gun because they seem to be in receipt of packed material.
Very clearly, the fact that I had any communications with Guccifer, too, is known probably because of the FISA hack.
Wait a minute.
Didn't you talk about Guccifer on my show before?
Yes, I did.
We talked about it at the time.
So, this whole thing, it's a setup.
We've talked to Guccifer.
But I told people, make sure that's the result of Guccifer.
Well, look, The Hill has talked to Guccifer.
I think Politico has talked to Guccifer.
Are they also allowed?
I mean, we know Hillary's talked to Guccifer.
Well, are they also collaborators?
So, it is, you know, I'm just not taking it.
I'm going to punch back.
I agree, but let's shift gears for some fun relief.
Let me see that photo of you with Speedos there.
It's off camera, but I can see it.
Let's see that photo of you and the lovely blonde, the Speedos.
Can we?
Of course, it would be me and the world famous Nina Hartley.
A very close pal of mine.
And the camera.
Tell people who Nina Hartley is.
Nina Hartley was one of the great, I'm not going to say was, is one of the great porn stars of the 70s and 80s.
She was known for... You read a Bible study of that?
I met her at a gathering of free-minded individuals in California sometime in the 70s.
Very good friend.
That was all under Russian command though, right?
Well, when my wife and I were married in Washington, D.C., you had Governor Tom Kaine, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Nina Hartley all at the same table, and the Justice seemed to know who she was.
Oh, wow.
But that was all Russian, though.
Everybody went there because the Russians were in charge of everything.
You know, that is the irony of this.
As you have pointed out, Alex, my politics comes from anti-communists.
Let's skip the break.
This is too important.
Keep going.
When the Russians approached me, which was a very odd thing in the 80s when I was on the Reagan transition team, I got a handwritten letter put under the windshield of my car that said something like, Comrades don't.
You appear to be the smartest of those around Trump, and a man who understands, who appreciates the finer things in life.
We can help each other, could we please?
You meant Reagan, not Trump.
Not Reagan, pardon, Reagan, yes.
And he included his card, he was an attache in the embassy, the Russian embassy on 16th Street.
And I took that card immediately to the FBI, and I gave it to them, I gave them the letter, which they dusted, and they said, yeah, this guy's been trying to recruit people,
We suggest no response, but if you hear from him again, let us know.
Because I didn't respond, I never heard from him again.
Do I sound like someone who would go to work for the Russians?
I abhor totalitarianism.
I think their system is a rotten, corrupt system.
It's no different than communism.
They suppress gays and Christians and Jews and women.
So no, we're not in bed with Putin, but we are for the United States of America.
Well, that's right.
So let's talk seriously about this.
I want to believe, Jesse James, that we're absolutely dominating winning.
I know the numbers show that.
My God, this economy is just insane compared to what it was.
They're still trying to kill it.
The jobless numbers are going down.
The biggest numbers in small business, startups, stock market, you know, $3 trillion.
DredgeReport.com has it all posted right now.
We probably put a link up there, show for TV viewers.
Infoworks has a lot of it too.
They're just like running around like rats everywhere, flipping out, threatening everybody.
Everybody's a Russian.
They're on the news with no proof, you know, saying that all this crazy stuff.
I mean, I'm not looking for attacking them, but it's the law.
They're saying kill the president.
They're doing all this crap.
I mean, what do we do?
Or is Trump just transcending them?
I think he transcends them by staying completely focused on his agenda.
And frankly, I think he has to focus on beginning to repel the impact of some of the quizlings inside his own administration.
I mean, in all honesty, my hat is off to the president that he's been so good on virtually every policy issue, despite the growing number of establishment Republicans and others who are not loyal to Trump or the Trump agenda that he has in his administration.
I've not been shy about talking about this.
I talk about it out of loyalty for and support for the president, not as a critic.
Well sure, let's talk Turkey then since you raised that, Roger Stone.
We have Paul Ryan replaces Obamacare insurance penalties with even larger penalties and then just laughs about it when we have the votes for a total repeal.
We have
Appointees in White House push to keep U.S.
in global climate treaty.
That's just a giant turn our jobs off thing.
We've got all this going on, all this happening.
I know Trump's not behind that.
But yeah, I mean, who are the quizzlings?
Who are the problems?
What do you think Trump should do to Twinkle Toes over there, Mr. Blue Eyes, Mr. Paul Ryan?
Well, first of all, the good news, Alex, is that Donald Trump is the ultimate negotiator.
So this bill, this health care bill... And he said that in a tweet.
He said, let the negotiations begin, and then told Rand Paul he likes his plan.
Yeah, I mean, look, he wants to get something done.
He's not married to this plan, and this plan obviously has some flaws.
They could be flaws the president was not fully aware of.
This looks to me like a collaboration, you know, many cooks, and I think it is not the free market-based plan that we need.
But that doesn't mean that Trump won't get to that plan.
He's a tough taskmaster.
But this is the first example where you can see
That some who are not loyal to the agenda let their ideas creep into the action plan, and that is problematic.
I'm going to be able to talk more about this tomorrow, but...
Steve Mnuchin, who was the Trump campaign finance chairman, the treasurer of the secretary, is at an impasse with the White House political shop over the people he wants to bring to staff the government who are virtually, to a man and woman, liberal Democrats.
In some cases, I'm going to identify a very key person, the number two person he'd like to put in this department, who gave money to Hillary Clinton and wasn't actually... So what the hell is going on here?
See, my gut tells me we gotta protect Trump.
He's proven he's good.
That makes him more precious.
But my gut tells me, danger, Will Robinson.
My spidey sense is on.
I mean, if I was like Frodo with Sting, the sword that glows when goblins are close, this thing's on fire.
I can't help it.
Well, but I think if you posed this question to the President several months ago and said, Mr. President, during the campaign you were a critic of Goldman Sachs.
You pointed out how they had given a million-dollar secret loan to Ted Cruz.
You excoriated Hillary for the fact that they gave her $765,000 for a secret speech that she would not release the transcript of.
But now you have these guys from the Goldman Sachs in your administration.
He would say, they're very smart guys.
They work for me, and the agenda will be my agenda, not their agenda.
Well, you know what?
As long as that is true, the President's entitled to have the men and women that he wants.
But the leaks go on, the attacks, he hasn't got control of these agencies.
I think that's the case.
I think he's wrong on that.
Well, but he wouldn't be wrong if we didn't see problems, but we already see the beginning.
No, it's not.
The watering down of the health care plan, the constant leaks show
An elementary lesson of politics.
They're so arrogant, they're in the news trying to push carbon taxes.
Well, now this again, carbon taxes, has to do with Gary Cohn.
Gary Cohn, the President's Chief Economic Advisor, knows that the boys at Goldman are essentially the receiver here.
They clean up in a carbon tax.
They've invested billions in it.
He should be recusing himself from all of these discussions regarding the carbon tax.
But this is what happens when you have a liberal Democrat who aspires to be Chief of Staff, I might add, as your Chief Economic Advisor.
That's the next thing.
I'm going to give you five minutes if you can do it before we go to the next host.
The word is, like you said months ago, I mean probably previously, the knives are out.
Who would they be moving in?
And I hear this Democrat would be who they brought in?
That I have not heard.
Well, we were talking about the guy they're trying to get as the Chief of Staff.
Here's the paradox.
Trump's doing so good, I love him, but suddenly I see all this bad stuff being lined up.
Well, here's what you don't know.
If you went from Reince Priebus to Gary Cohn as Chief of Staff, you'd be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
Got it.
So that should be avoided.
Priebus, I think, continues to make a series of errors.
Who would you put in there as the Chief of Staff?
Well, if I named a person I wanted, that would probably get the long knives out from some of our enemies and doom their chances.
So I'm not going to play my cards on national wars.
But there are many fine quality men and women.
Ed Martin's been on this program.
Ed Martin was the chairman of the Missouri Republican Party.
He was the Republican candidate for Attorney General.
He was counseled to Pope John Paul.
He was counseled to the St.
Louis Archdiocese.
He was the chairman of the St.
Louis Elections Board.
He lost, narrowly lost, the Attorney General.
Sure, the Tea Party loves