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Name: 20170308_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 8, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
Welcome to Vault 7, the largest intelligence data dump in history, brought to you by WikiLeaks and censored by the establishment media.
Meanwhile, the contents in Vault 7 only confirm what InfoWars has been saying all along.
Your television and cell phones are spying on you.
Long live Big Brother!
Then, look what the millennials are learning in college now.
All that plus Eddie Bravo in studio up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well ladies and gentlemen, it is International Women's Day, and therefore the most nasty women on earth decided to attempt a day without women.
They failed miserably as they all went out on the streets and made it the most woman-infested day of all time.
Linda Sarsour was arrested, we have more of that on the Alex Jones YouTube channel, but
This news was breaking today.
If you call this news, you might call this fake news.
The best countries for women.
This was a list released today by thegoodcountry.com.
Actually, I'm not sure when they released the list, but it was picked up in all these news outlets.
They have Sweden, number one.
Best country for women, Sweden, number one.
Now, you can look at that list and their ratings and you will probably call that list fake news.
Maybe you might call it a joke.
That's what I would call it.
But this got picked up across the spectrum.
It got picked up by US News.
It got picked up by, here's the big one, Vogue Magazine.
So now all the women are going to read Vogue and they're going to think, oh, Sweden is so great for women.
Ladies, does the current frantic news cycle have you considering leaving the United States?
Are you desperate to clear your head somewhere so far, far away for the next four years?
Because you need to get away from Trump!
He's so bad!
Go to Sweden!
Yeah, go to Sweden!
Where they have immigrants flooding the country, raping, molesting you!
Yeah, but Donald Trump is the one you need to avoid according to Vogue Magazine.
You might want to take a look at Sweden because it was just voted the best country in the world for women.
I'm sorry, who voted on that?
Do you think the women in Sweden voted in that?
My guess is they just pulled that list out of their butt and then everybody ran with it.
But let's be very clear what's going on in Sweden.
Nigel Farage echoes Donald Trump by claiming Sweden is rape capital of Europe.
This is why they're wrong.
Now do I really need to bemoan my audience talking about what's going on in Sweden?
Of course we remember Donald Trump saying last night in Sweden the left freaked out.
Then the next night there were riots, burning, looting.
If you look at the numbers, just look at a graph.
The numbers of rape are skyrocketing in Sweden.
At the same rate, the number of immigrants are coming in.
But, here on National Women's Day, we've declared that Sweden is the best place for women, folks.
If you can actually believe that.
Now, tell me if you can believe this on Women's Day.
Cal Poly Ethnic Studies Department to offer class on Beyoncé?
Forget about Sojourner Truth.
You know, just forget about everything!
Why do I study anything except Beyoncé?
I mean, what is, what is... Honestly, folks, this is the most ridiculous thing.
They're gonna offer a class on Beyoncé, and you know what's gonna happen?
All the little useful idiots, all the little college students, are gonna rush to that class.
It's gonna be the biggest class because, oh my God, it's Beyoncé!
What has Beyoncé ever done?
Besides putting out music videos that are propaganda to divide and conquer between the citizens and the police.
Let's have a class on Beyoncé.
Look, I'm not even... Whatever.
She's a artist, a mother, a wife.
What has she done for this country?
Why does she... Look at this.
Beyonce is just... I'm sorry.
You know what?
I don't want to get off on it.
I'm not here to make fun of Beyonce.
The fact that Cal Poly is offering a class on Beyonce shows how far higher education has fallen.
These are the false gods that people worship, folks.
And Beyoncé, she's not narcissistic at all, up there in a sun god outfit, with all of the minions praising her, loving her, worshipping her, and her new baby, posing for all the magazine covers.
Maybe Beyonce's very narcissistic, that's not for me to judge, but the point is, people worship Beyonce, a total false idol, and now there's a college class on her, all the SJWs will be in it, all the little minions will be in there, and it'll probably teach about racial division, how the white man is bad, and how Beyonce is so great because she sings about it in her music.
And she's an empowered black woman, so we have to have a class on her.
Even though Beyoncé, compared to black women in the past who actually had to suffer to enjoy freedom, Beyoncé is nothing.
She's not even a toenail on Rosa Parks' foot.
But let's offer a class on Beyoncé.
That's how far higher education has fallen, folks.
Boy, this is an interesting guild of lawyers, isn't it?
An anti-American group of scum.
One that I applaud Michael Savage for taking on on a daily basis.
The ACLU is now having a fundraising concert and this is something that, now see look, I would fully expect
Uh, chicken neck nitwits like McLemore to be at something like this.
Of course McLemore's gonna be there.
He's nothing but a propaganda piece anyway.
The only reason why McLemore went from his mom's basement making music to the radio is because he told them he would put out whatever garbage they would tell him to put out in the lyrics.
So, now he gets to perform at the ACLU fundraising concert.
I was just sad to see some of my favorite bands on here.
But now the ACLU is getting funding via concerts, and all of these liberal artists really think that they're doing a good thing.
So I'm gonna pretend like these liberal artists have no idea what's going on, and maybe they don't!
I'd like to believe that Brandon Boyd has no idea what's going on, and now all of a sudden he's going liberal.
ACLU actively assisting with Soros-driven protest organization.
And this story has been picked up by multiple news outlets including Zero Hedge.
The ACLU has actively begun to assist in protest organization.
It goes on to list more bullet points.
The leader of this new movement has Soros deep ties.
It just goes on and on and it basically breaks down how the ACLU is no longer a constitutional civil liberties organization.
Organization, but now just a divide-and-conquer wing of George Soros' New World Order propaganda.
And I would say this to the ACLU.
Where are you when it comes to Vault 7?
Did you hear about this, ACLU?
You're a bunch of lawyers.
I assume you're educated.
Hey, guess what?
The CIA is violating all of our civil liberties 24-7.
But see, they're going to hold a fundraising concert and raise funds for illegal immigrants.
That's what they're going to do.
Non-American citizens that don't have the rights, the rights to the liberties that they're supposed to fight for.
Meanwhile, we're all getting our liberties violated and the ACLU is silent.
Donald Trump needs to just probably disbar everyone involved in the ACLU.
Now here's an example of how you fix things the right way.
Chance the Rapper skips bureaucracy, personally pledges $1 million to Chicago Public Schools.
Now I remember the story of Chance the Rapper when he came up.
A troubled high school teen gets suspended from school for a week.
Now all of a sudden he's a famous rapper.
Now he's very Christian, outspoken about Jesus, even was able to get the Jesus message into the Grammys.
That was amazing.
But look, this is what I've always said.
He's giving, he's actually seeing the issue in Chicago.
He says, wow, look at these schools.
They need help.
They need better facilities.
They need more motivation.
We're going to get these kids working.
And look, I'm Chance the Rapper.
Maybe they look up to me.
Maybe if they see me here helping out their school, they'll be more inclined to do well in school.
So he just says, hey, and he's meeting with the Illinois government doing this too.
This is the right way to go about it, folks.
So I salute Chance the Rapper.
Here's the wrong way to go about it.
Anything Maxine Waters does.
Now, I don't know why they've decided to drag this old big mouth bass for the national audience to see, but I don't like the fact that I have to come on here and call out a mentally deranged old woman.
I really don't like the fact that I have to do that, but they put her in the ring, so that's what we're going to do.
This is Maxine Waters from a couple days ago, but be very careful because she exposes something very important in this segment with Christine Hayes on MSNBC.
Let's roll the first clip.
Congresswoman, last time you were on the show, you had extremely strong words for the Trump campaign folks.
Look at this, this is funny to her.
The Kremlin clan, you called them scumbags, I believe.
It's all fun and games for her.
Look at this woman.
I'm curious how you feel about those comments now.
So here, Christina Hayes is here talking about how last time she was making these serious claims, and he's like, wow, you know, there were some serious claims you made last time.
And she's laughing!
So is this all a big joke to Maxine Waters, or is she suffering from dementia?
Let's roll to the next one.
Well, we've had a lot of supporters who are thrilled with the fact that I am, you know, just so forthcoming about how I feel.
Of course, there are some people who don't like it.
You're embarrassing yourself.
I'm absolutely fine.
I'm going to continue to do my work, to do everything that I possibly can.
Yeah, notice how she all of a sudden has to talk about how she's fine.
No, I'm fine.
I'm okay.
Nobody asked about your health.
Yeah, she knows the public can see how her mental health is totally deteriorating.
She's talking about, I'm gonna keep working.
I'm gonna keep working.
You're doing nothing.
You're going on television and spreading fake news.
You're making up stories about Korea.
Let's roll to the next one.
Because I believe that there was a connection between Donald Trump's campaign and the Russians and the Kremlin and I do believe that those connections are there for a reason.
I mean do I need to say anything?
I mean you're watching...
A seriously mentally deranged woman whose mental state is deteriorating quickly in front of us and she's up there on TV.
Did you hear how she said that?
She's saying these things like she's asking a question.
There's Russian ties?
We need to look into this?
There is something wrong with her, folks.
And of course she's asking it in the tone of a question.
See, she's been totally trained linguistically on how to speak and how to deliver this so that they can hope that this mentally deranged woman can come on here and try to make sense to anybody.
It's not working.
She looks miserable up there doing it.
And that last clip right there shows exactly the nature of this woman.
She doesn't have a clue.
Let's roll to the next one.
The work that has already been discovered that was done in order to have Trump should be followed up.
Oh, the work that was already done to spy on Trump.
Oh, so you're right.
Maxine Waters is here admitting that they were spying on Trump.
Thank you, Maxine.
Let's roll to the next one.
I think there is a trail, and I think that the Obama administration has done everything that it can possibly do, and that's probably been verified somewhat by the New York Times.
Done everything they could possibly do.
If the Obama administration did everything they could possibly do, then why wouldn't Maxine Waters know?
She seems to be at the front lines of this fight against Trump.
And I would imagine they were listening to his phone calls, checking his phone records.
Would that not be doing everything you could possibly do?
Thank you, Maxine Waters.
You may not have intended to, but you finally made some sense.
Let's roll to the next one.
Should there be an appointment of special counsel to oversee whatever investigations may be happening?
Well, I think so.
I think that would be extremely helpful.
Oh, oh.
So now we've got Bush, we've got Pelosi, we've got Schumer, we've got Waters.
All of the never-Trumpers, all of the anti-Trumpers, magically, in the same course of seven days, perfectly aligned with one another, are chanting the same thing.
Special prosecutor, special investigation.
These people are all in it together, folks.
And again, thanks to this absolute bat lunatic crazy woman.
She tells us who else we need to know to look out for.
Let's go to the last one.
And I trust that the Intelligence Committee of the Senate is more serious about looking at this.
And I want to tell you, I really do trust John McCain and Lindsey to help make sure that something serious is done to get to the bottom of this on the Senate side.
Something seriously needs to be done to get to the bottom of your mental health issues, Maxine.
You don't understand how much you're embarrassing yourself.
And it's sad the powers that be that decided to try to use her.
You guys are really the ones that need to be blamed for putting that old woman on the stage like that.
I don't know.
Trump's first full month in office brings massive employment boom as U.S.
companies add a whopping nearly 300,000 jobs in February, beating the economic expectation by more than 100,000.
Boy, that just sounds like a Russian agent, doesn't it?
Now if you look at this first chart that they have here, you can see that February 2017 is the biggest boom in the last 12 months.
Now this chart only dates back 12 months, but my guess would be that this is probably the biggest in 8 years.
Again, I'm just assuming that.
I don't have that chart in front of me.
But the pattern is certainly on the up and up.
In fact, January and February, both the highest in the last
12 months thanks to Donald Trump, that Russian agent hiring all these American workers.
And then the final chart here mentions how hiring is up 1.4% from just last February.
So an interesting stat to keep our eye on there.
Now James Comey came out today and made this cryptic statement.
You're stuck with me for another six and a half years.
So he's announcing he's going to fill his entire 10-year commitment.
Yeah, we're all gasping at that.
We're all sighing at that.
But it's funny, in the press conference, he's like, well, yeah, you're stuck with me for another six and a half years.
Well, you know what, I think James Comey might have that, but other people might have something else in mind.
But we'll wait and see about James Comey and his six and a half years.
But yes, it will be us putting up with you.
We do understand that.
Now, will Wikileaks, this is coming after Vault 7 releases, will Wikileaks work with tech firms to defeat CIA hacking?
So they're talking about Wikileaks working with these big tech firms together
To figure out what these tech firms can do to try and avoid having the U.S.
government back doors or able to hack into their security systems, which the Vault 7 WikiLeaks show exactly what they're doing with that.
My question would be, are those companies not already working together with the CIA?
And how do we know who's the bad guy, who's the good guy?
But I guess WikiLeaks will go in.
Maybe we're all working together now to defeat the big, tyrannical government.
But it's even getting bigger!
Without a world government, technology will destroy us, says Stephen Hawking!
The world government is what's gonna destroy us, man!
But, I think, you might know that.
This is one of the biggest secrets out there.
We're good to go.
That humans, just an average farmer of 10,000 years ago in England, was stronger than Olympic athletes today.
In the final equation, everyone knows our modern society has lost its vitality.
The sperm counts are down like 90%.
People are falling apart.
They're totally depressed.
They're unhappy.
What is going on?
Every ancient culture was obsessed
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I'm good.
Owen Schroyer here for InfoWars.com and you can see Linda Sarsour right here, a woman who has been very active in women's marches, a woman who is trying to bring the hijab to America and Sharia law to America and she gets all the little useful idiot minions out there to follow her around.
My conspiracy theory is that she may be an agent of Hamas considering she's from Palestine and that's where Hamas is located
And we have had ties found via CIA documents between Hamas and CAIR, the Center for Islamic American Relations.
But that's neither here nor there.
Today was a day without women.
Linda Sarsour was one of the people who were leading this movement.
Of course, this is nothing more than an anti-Trump protest.
If Hillary would have won, they wouldn't be doing these things.
I don't know.
Day Without Women's March today.
Now, me personally, I had multiple interactions with multiple different women today, so your Day Without Women completely failed.
And it's funny that you would have a Day Without Women and then parade a bunch of women around on the streets and on TV, so it actually ends up being more women involved in people's lives on a Day Without Women.
But that's neither here nor there because now our favorite
Marcher, our favorite leader of the Women's Marches, the Day Without Women protest, Linda Sarsour, has been arrested.
That's right, folks.
Linda Sarsour was arrested today.
Let me get the names of all the people that were arrested with her.
Linda Sarsour, Paolo Mendoza, Alyssa Klein, Carmen Perez, Bob Bland, and others.
Now, the interesting thing to me is how they were able to get all these names out there so fast.
And also, look at this picture.
This is a picture that somebody took from the paddy wagon.
Well, I don't need to divulge too many details here, but folks, let me just tell you, when you get arrested, you can't use your cell phone, okay?
So I don't know how this person is taking pictures from the back of a paddy wagon while they're under arrest.
In fact, they aren't.
So this person is either not under arrest and somehow has been allowed by the police officers to take pictures from inside the paddy wagon.
Or, I guess they're just chillin' inside the paddy wagon and the cops are letting her take pictures.
So I don't understand how the Women's March official, well first of all, how they even get a Twitter verification, but beyond that, how they're taking pictures from inside of the paddy wagon with the others who got arrested.
There were a couple other pictures of it as well.
But nonetheless, Linda Sarsour, this may be actually video of the event, and other, yeah, there she is right there, getting arrested.
So, again, look at this picture.
Look at this.
She's smiling in the picture, like this is some sort of a staged deal.
It is.
Leanne seems to think that this is a staged deal.
Honestly, when I saw this story, and I saw Linda Sarsour get arrested, I was just kind of like, I was a little giddy inside.
I was a little Al Sharpton-jitty inside.
But it's all very strange because, again, how are you taking pictures from inside a paddy wagon?
How are you tweeting that out?
Why are you sitting here smiling like you just accomplished something?
And, you know, there was another picture, and I can't seem to find it, of all of them.
Yeah, here it is.
Here it is right here.
So here's another one.
Women's March tweets out again.
How are they getting these pictures?
How are they getting these photos?
Why are the police officers allowing them to treat this like some sort of grandiose event?
Well, just to butt in here, a lot of times with these activist groups, they want to get arrested, and they do just enough to get arrested because it turns them into the heroes there.
And don't forget, a lot of women are telling them to check their privilege because most of us have to work.
We can't take the day off.
We've got to feed our kids.
Check your privilege.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
So you're telling me that women are out marching in the streets for rights they already have?
Wild stuff!
But here's the story.
Linda Sarsour is arrested.
You can take whatever you want.
This is just breaking.
This just happened less than two hours ago, I think.
Okay, these things got tweeted out.
It looks like, okay, this happened about four hours ago, maybe?
I just found this out.
But look at this.
We are not sure what precinct we are being taken to, but we are together re-sisters!
A day without a Women's March, as all they can do is talk about women and inflate their own egos as women.
If they get arrested, they get more... Yeah, so more attention on women.
More attention.
So here's a day without women.
Magically, a bunch of women get arrested, and then they draw even more attention to themselves by tweeting it out.
So, but here, I'll just say this.
I don't know what the deal is.
Leanne thinks it's a totally staged event.
I think there are definitely signs that this is a staged event.
Again, keep this in mind, folks.
We're starting to see some of the good people in government actually do things that we never thought we would see.
We're seeing a bunch of the sex trafficking people that are peddling that getting arrested.
We're going to see a lot of stuff after this Vault 7 and the deep state trying to mess with the Trump administration.
And you get Linda Sarsour arrested, a woman who's been
Instigating marches, instigating fights, well and that's why they might be trying to fake this because now she's the victim.
They might be doing this for victimhood.
So who knows if she tried to get arrested intentionally or maybe this is a staged deal, who knows.
But now she's the victim.
It'll be interesting to see how the media plays it up after this.
I think we can fully expect what to see on CNN and MSNBC when they're covering this.
But again, maybe she gets arrested and they're like, hey,
What are your ties back in Palestine?
Who have you been talking to?
How's care?
You know, all of a sudden we've got a whole new investigation going on.
So I don't know what the deal is, but I just wanted to get this out because me personally, I'm sick of this woman.
I'm so sick of Linda Sarsour.
And even though she's just, she's literally just a sore, that's all she is.
She's just Linda the sore.
And she's probably not my biggest enemy.
Just to see somebody who's trying to bring down this country get arrested is,
It just feels great, folks.
It just feels great.
And again, Linda Sarsour, she's a little bug that we're dealing with here.
But let me just say, it was seeing her get arrested, reading this story, and just... Can you imagine, folks, if we started seeing arrests at the highest levels?
And I know that that might be a pipe dream, just coming off of this one little story of one little gnat named Linda Sarsour that bugs me.
But I mean, just imagine if we really start seeing the return of justice to this country.
And people like Linda Sarsour, who just want to instigate, divide and conquer, and lie, and spread lies.
Their day needs to stop.
These fake people, all of these liars up on this stage, prancing around with their fists up, acting empowered.
Of course you're empowered!
You're a woman in the United States!
Get it?
Apparently not!
So we'll see what the future holds for Linda Sarsour, but I've seen enough of her in my country, I'll tell you that much, and I think the majority of America feels the same way.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the Resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Now, I want to let you in on a little secret, and this might come as a shock to some of you, but guess where a lot of these phony, fake websites come from to begin with?
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An article by the New York Times reveals that 20th Century Fox created fake news websites that looked like the real deal.
They created names like the Houston Leader and the Salt Lake City Guardian and populated them with bogus headlines and fictitious stories about everything from Lady Gaga to President Donald Trump and vaccinations.
Here's one that says Trump orders the CDC to remove all vaccination-related information from the White House website by the Salt Lake City Guardian, a news organization that doesn't even exist.
It's a fabricated lie brought to you by 20th Century Fox.
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It's amazing.
So welcome to all my fellow conspiracy theorists out there.
My guest today is a well-known conspiracy theorist, Eddie Bravo, American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, regular guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast.
I'm sure everyone, millions of you now, have actually seen Episode 911, where they explored everything after being plied with whiskey and
Natural medicines.
A mystery herbal.
So, you know, I've got you right here.
Let's talk about chemtrails because I have my own theories about chemtrails.
Obviously, I'm not an idiot.
I can see that they're spraying something into the sky and I know the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail.
What do you think about them?
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to look up every day and you see real clouds, real natural clouds, and then you see
We're good to go.
And I go, wait a minute, what are these planes over here doing?
They just keep going back and forth.
And oh my God, look, those contrails are not like the legit ones.
These spread out and cover the entire sky.
They're covering the entire sky.
They're going back and forth.
So you don't even have to be able to talk to just realize something's going on.
You know, it's obvious.
And what they're doing, I don't know.
You know, I mean, I don't know.
But if I was in the Illuminati, if I was, I would say just spray benign stuff every day.
Just get them used to it.
Get them used to it.
Get them used to it.
It's benign.
They'll contest it.
Boom, boom, boom.
And they're going to grow up and it's going to be like that.
People are people look at there's people that look at that.
That's natural!
That's what the Earth does now!
Dude, that's by an airport!
That's an airport!
Anyways, don't legit contrails, aren't they like at 30,000 feet?
When you're near an airport, you're at 10,000 feet for maybe a couple hundred miles.
I don't know.
You should be nowhere near the goddamn airport.
So anyway, so but it's an example of mass hypnosis.
That's also what I would do.
I would just spray him with benign stuff, get him used to it.
And then if we needed to, you know, shut him up or sedate him or whatever, then you put a virus, cancer virus or whatever you if you got to that sinister point where the people were waking up.
And realizing that they had all the power, I'd say, you know what, let's start putting some whatever in those.
And then boom, no one would even think about it.
Well, but you have, there's video from like a decade, two decades ago, where you actually have a weatherman talking about, they call it chum, and they're releasing like metallic particles into the atmosphere.
And he just is calmly talking about, well, yeah, the Air Force does this.
Chaff, chaff, chum.
Say, you know, something like that.
Chalmers for the sharks.
Yeah, I go, oh, that's, I thought, okay, cool.
Is that what they're calling chaff now?
That's pretty good.
It's the same thing.
There you go.
Look it up.
We got the documents.
But yeah, they're putting these metal, these metallic alloys and things in the sky because it, it blocks the radar.
And so there, you know, it's, you, a plane could be hidden or something.
For me, and then an article just came out about a month ago where they were talking about turning the atmosphere into basically a surveillance, so if a pilot or an astronaut or whatever wants to look into the planet, the sky itself, you guys gotta Google this, this is legit, where they, it's like a surveillance, they can zoom in, almost like with Google Earth, but they can do it via the sky because it's the ionosphere, I mean,
Well, I'm no scientist.
Nowhere near a scientist.
Massive Cerulean System.
But, I think if you spray metallic particles in the atmosphere, and as it comes down and covers the ground,
Exactly, well think about it.
They actually have that stuff where you can spray it on like trees and things.
So you're thinking that you're going to go off the grid and you can escape into the woods or whatever.
They already have the spray where you can spray it on the trees and it makes it like a Wi-Fi or it picks up the signal.
I mean, so yeah, that's a great point.
I never even thought about that.
I just know that, you know, people talk about the heart program and things like that, which they've allegedly shut down.
But that's because they've figured out something new that they don't need the heart program anymore.
I think?
And, you know, there was a time there when John O'Brien announced what we were waiting for him to announce for 10 years when he, I'll get to that, but, um, well, anyways, maybe I should explain that first.
So for, for years, you know, the people that look up and see suspicious activity stuff they've been doing for decades, they've been trying to control the weather.
Yeah, yeah.
It's like, I'm not saying they're poisoning it.
I don't know what it is.
All I know is metallic particles.
Why don't we have access to it?
They talk about doing it.
There's all these programs on like that, you know, like National Geographic.
Yeah, like coming in the future, they're going to have to start spraying metallic particles.
That's how they do it.
They're already doing it.
Yeah, exactly.
But that's how they roll it out.
So we've been saying for years, watch, eventually they're going to be forced to come out and admit they're going to do it.
They admit they're gonna do it first, and they're gonna say it's because they're protecting the planet.
They're trying to stop global warming.
Finally, last June, June of 2016, John O'Brennan, the head of the CIA, gets in front of the CFR.
You can watch this on YouTube.
There's a million versions of it.
It's only two minutes.
He gets up in front of the CFR.
And says, hey, been looking into stratospheric aerosol injections.
They keep changing it.
It was like solar radiation management.
They keep changing names.
So when they finally come out, it's not the name that they've been saying.
Like on Conspiracy, there's, oh no, this isn't geoengineering or it actually doesn't.
It's geoengineering.
This isn't chemtrails.
This is solar radiation management.
That's what skeptics are saying because he's not admitting chemtrails.
He's admitting stratospheric aerosol injection.
That's how retarded people are.
So anyways, so here he is, John O'Brennan.
He comes on and he says, yeah, you know, we've been looking into these stratospheric aerosol injections.
We're very interested in it.
It's only going to cost $10 billion a year.
It's relatively inexpensive.
It's only going to cost about $10 billion.
That's what he said.
And then he said, you know, but there's going to be some geopolitical problems.
There's going to be some countries that are going to be against
I mean we haven't been doing that to places like Africa and other countries all this time!
Yeah, no, yeah.
The basic conspiracy theory is the CIA is spraying some stuff in the sky.
And the skeptics were like, dude, the CIA is spraying shit in the sky?
Yeah, it's like they would do that to the- Over and over, over and over, and then again.
Another conspiracy theorist.
The CIA spraying stuff in the sky.
And then another skeptical.
You guys are fucking crazy!
Hey guys, Vault 7, if you think all these crazy conspiracy theorists... Now, Vault 7 and WikiLeaks, their releases have basically been memory hold.
You can't even find these.
No one, CNN, they're not even really talking about it because they don't want you to know what they're up to.
Okay, stay right there because I want to get Owen Schroer in here.
I know he's itching to get in so we can talk about
Some even more Eddie Bravo Unplugged conspiracy theories.
Stick around, we'll be right back.
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It's an atomic bomb of public information.
The first in a WikiLeaks data dump of the largest ever publication of confidential CIA documents dubbed Vault 7 by WikiLeaks.
The first chunk of the series gleaned from the ultra-secure CIA Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia is 8,761 documents.
known to the CIA as Year Zero.
The gravity of the situation is monumental as Wikileaks writes,
We're good to go!
Google's Android, and Microsoft's Windows, and even Samsung TVs, which are turned into covert microphones.
By the end of 2016, the CIA's hacking division, which formerly falls under the agency's Center for Cyber Intelligence, had over 5,000 registered users, and had produced more than 1,000 hacking systems, trojans, viruses, and other weaponized malware.
Such is the scale of the CIA's undertaking that by 2016, its hackers had utilized more code than that used to run Facebook.
The CIA had created, in effect, its own NSA, with even less accountability, and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified.
Essentially, a cyber weapon of the heaviest caliber in the hands of any hacker on planet Earth.
Not only has the CIA and its deep state web of political minions kept this total breach of human privacy quiet, they have turned the illegal and compromised Frankenstein monster loose on America's executive branch.
Meanwhile, the corporacratic political elite knowingly carried on with the charade that the CIA had proof the Russians were colluding with President Donald Trump.
Knowing full well that the Deep State could counterfeit any trace of hacking and in turn blaming it on rogue actors to support a seditious coup of the President of the United States.
Because of the seriousness of the accusations involved on all sides of this issue I want to make sure that we
What they're interested in is warning the American public and the world
That's a so-called smart...
Appliances, let's say a phone, smart TV, Samsung, Sony, even your smart car is totally vulnerable to the NSA and in particular the CIA.
Now the NSA always had the mandate for cyber command and cyber warfare.
The individual and the institution that never had the command or the mandate was the CIA.
It has to release its mandate or it will be prosecuted.
Maybe now, as the intelligence community and the Schumers, Feinsteins, and Pelosi's in the corrupt DC bubble are rightfully questioned due to this massive attack on the Bill of Rights.
They will come to feel the persuasive presence of Providence protecting these United States of America.
President Trump, the swamp, appears to be draining itself.
Godspeed, Commander, and God bless America.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
Hey what's going on everybody this is Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com and the Trump administration is under fire yet again.
Except this time not by fake news stories that people have zero proof of.
But it's because of the border wall.
Something that President Trump said he was going to do since day one.
Now we're taking hits on this border wall from the left and the right.
You've got these never Trumpers who are still just going to do everything they can to resist against Mr. Trump.
But you've got people out there that are doing everything they can to stop this from happening.
Let's look at what's happening through the Daily Mail.
Lawmaker in New York should boycott firms working on Trump wall.
Donald Trump's home state would no longer do business with companies working on the Republican president's border while under proposal announced Thursday by Democratic New York legislator.
Assemblywoman Nylee Roszak's bill would prevent the states from signing contracts or investing in companies hired for the federal project.
It's the latest proposal from officials in New York looking to push back against a new administration and another indication of the tension between Washington and the leaders of blue states like New York and California.
Now let's go take a look at Texas, my old city that I used to live in, El Paso.
Proposal would prohibit Citi from working with border wall contractors.
So now we have this, El Paso, a representative out of there, Peter Sparsby, said it's not about being anti-business, instead he wants to continue a larger conversation regarding the wall.
Now this new proposal could prohibit the city from awarding any kind of funds to contractors or vendors that receive contracts from the federal government to build the wall.
But he says he wants to have a larger conversation regarding the wall.
Hopefully that conversation talks about the illegals that have come over and murdered people or raped them or beaten them and stole from them.
Let's talk about that.
Let's have that conversation.
Because it's real.
We have it with facts.
It's in the statistics.
The FBI.
Our law enforcement.
We know it's happening.
Yet no one wants to talk about that.
It's just about the poor little kids that are trying to come across the border.
And with that same narrative, guess who's pushing that same BS?
Brand new movie out called Logan, starring Hugh Jackman.
It's the last movie about Wolverine.
And in this movie, the bad guy's name is Donald.
And it's about a bunch of little illegal kids, and they're illegal because in the year 2026, it's illegal to be a mutant.
And these little illegal kids just escaped this horrible military compound in Juarez, Mexico.
And they finally get away from the bad guys who run that medical facility and that military facility, and they get to America.
And Donald's there, and he's running around trying to chase them and kill them and snatch them up and do tests to them with this huge militarized police force.
And they just want to get to Canada because that's where Trudeau is and it's the safest place to be!
Oh my God, the propaganda, the subliminal messaging in the media, in the movies right now is through the roof and people are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.
There is an issue at our border.
You know, that's not made up.
Statistically, there are facts, there are things like that through law enforcement, through Border Patrol, through ICE, that there are bad people coming across.
The Border Patrol declined to comment on camera for the story, but in a written statement said the fencing has effectively deterred illegal immigration, along with the Department of Homeland Security and law enforcement.
Retired Border Patrol agent Martin Wilson agrees the fencing has made El Paso safer.
And there's weak spots in the already border wall that's somewhat there.
And I've exposed that.
I've even gone into Mexico and dressed up like an ISIS jihadi, simulated beheading someone, walked across the Rio Grande River back into the United States and nothing happened.
I crossed the border in Hereford, Arizona.
I've crossed the border in many places and yet nothing is ever done.
So there is an issue going on down there.
Yes, that wall's not going to fix every problem, but it's definitely going to slow them down.
And like Mr. Trump has said before, that there will be doors in the wall for people who want to come here illegally.
Now, if you come here illegally, you are a criminal!
Doesn't matter if you've committed felonies or murder or anything like that.
That's already a criminal offense.
You're now a criminal.
So when people say, well, we're only going to get rid of the, you know, the people with criminal backgrounds that are here illegally.
No, if you're here illegally, you are a criminal.
If I go somewhere illegally, I am a criminal.
So they don't get any free pass, I'm sorry!
Cut off these welfare systems for these illegals, cut off all this promise-free BS that exists in Bernie Sanders' world, and they'll stop coming.
No one will want to come here again.
We can secure the border, we can take care of ourselves, America first, get the veterans off the streets, let's get them to work, let's have veterans building these walls.
Let's do it!
They need work!
I see so many homeless veterans every day out here that need something to do.
So there's a positive thing about this.
Just ignore the BS that's coming from the left and the right and just focus on the good things that President Trump said he was going to do and he is doing.
I look forward to reporting with you guys again.
Have a good day.
This is Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
Thanks to everybody who tuned in tonight.
Thanks to those who support us at InfoWarsStore.com.
We'll be back with you tomorrow night, 7 p.m.
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