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Name: 20170306_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: March 6, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Monday, March 6th, 2017.
I'm your host, Owen Schroer.
Here's what's on the news tonight.
As the establishment left attempts to launch a coup d'etat to overthrow President Donald Trump, Barack Obama is scrambling to address allegations that he had illegally wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential campaign.
Then, how to save the republic.
A message to Donald Trump from constitutional lawyer Bruce Fine.
And look what happened over the weekend.
Pro-Trump rallies ignited all across the nation.
But not without incident, because as we all know, Trump rallies trigger snowflakes.
All that plus much more, up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well ladies and gentlemen, since Donald Trump has been president, we've seen arrests when it comes to sex trafficking surge.
And the recent story is one that, well, isn't exactly good based on the result, but
It does mean that there's action taking place.
This broke today on BBC.
Child porn case dropped to prevent FBI disclosure.
prosecutors have dropped a case against a man accused of using child porn site because the government refused to divulge how it revealed his identity.
The playpen site was located on the Tor network, which is used to browse the internet anonymously
I think?
On the internet they were able to find people that were using this material and they were able to make prosecutions and identify victims of sex trafficking.
The only problem is they can't go through with it because they can't divulge how they got the information.
Now the story doesn't go into the exact detail obviously because they won't tell you the exact details, but essentially what you take away from this is that the FBI found some way to get through the means of secrecy, to get through the means of proxies that TOR uses to hide the identities of the individual that uses the service.
They then use this to make prosecutions when it comes to child pornography
But because they won't tell you how they got it, they cannot go through and it looks like the people involved in this are going to walk.
But the interesting thing here is, while we are all for the Constitution, folks, we understand why we have the Constitution and we understand why we have to hold our government bureaucracies to the Constitution when it comes to how they treat citizens.
However, I find it odd that
A judge or any branch of the government would ask for these agencies to publicly divulge how they got this information, and if they won't do that, they won't follow through on the prosecutions.
It seems common sense to me that if you tell the bad guy how you're going about catching him, they're going to find a way to get around it.
So you see why the FBI did not want to divulge how they got all of this intel, because then they would be letting the people know, who are the ones guilty of watching and distributing child porn, how they caught them, and of course they don't want that.
Now it's interesting to note that once they were able to infiltrate this network, they did continue the service for two weeks so they could identify other people that used the dark web for child pornography.
And like I said, they were able to identify plenty of people, but it looks like now it's going to fall through because they will not divulge how they made these identifications.
To which I say,
Why doesn't the judge or the judicial branch or whoever it is that wants to stop this from coming down because they won't divulge how they did it, why don't they have them divulge it behind closed doors so that the public doesn't know, the bad guys don't know, and we can still follow through on these people that are distributing and watching child pornography?
That just seems like the common sense thing to do, but keep your eyes on this story, folks, because this is just one of many that is hitting the forefront now when it comes to the prosecution of child trafficking.
Now, this is an older story that came across my desk a while ago, but I wanted to bring it to you now because I feel like it ties into this.
Now, Laurie Handrahan,
Has written a very detailed article here for Medium.com.
Professors and staff arrested for trading in child rape.
When a University of North Dakota professor was arrested on child pornography charges, the Dakota student asked, we can't help but wonder if this type of thing is common in other schools around the nation.
The answer is yes.
A concerning number of professors and staff have been arrested for trading in brutal child sex abuse, including infants.
From University of Virginia's Assistant Dean Michael Morris, downloading infant anal rape to Kurt Nesset, professor at Al-Ghahini College, with over 500,000 videos and images, including folders called, well I won't say it,
Too many professors and staff are involved in child sex trafficking.
And a lot of this goes on on the dark web, folks.
That's why this case with the FBI infiltrating the dark web identities is so key to keep our eye on.
But I wanted to raise awareness to this story.
I'm not going to get into it, folks.
This is, if you try to print it out on a computer, it's an 82-page story.
It's basically
A documentary of all of the cases that Lori found of professors involved in, well, child pornography or even pedophilia, folks.
It's really quite disgusting and for whatever reason it's all coming to light now and it looks like finally
Prosecuting and identifying people who are guilty of pedophilia or child sex trafficking is something that is starting to reach the mainstream.
I don't know what took so long.
This should be a bipartisan effort.
Now, we've got another thing that should be a bipartisan effort, of course it's not, thanks to the Democrats, and that is the IRS and its treatment of the United States citizens.
Now, this was a story, well, the original story actually was from Yahoo, 17 Reasons the IRS Will Audit Your Tax Return, and they go on and they mention all of these reasons, okay, a lot of it makes sense, you can understand it, of course, somehow, the big wigs like, you know,
We're good to go.
I have a feeling Donald Trump doesn't like the IRS.
The number of people audited by the IRS in 2016 dropped for the sixth straight year to just over one million.
Of course, most of these people are probably conservatives.
The last time so few people were audited was 2004.
Since then, the U.S.
has added 30 million people, so we'll get to the percentages here in a second.
The IRS blames budget cuts as a money for the agency shrunk from $12.2 billion in 2010 to $11.2 billion last year.
Over that period, the agency has lost more than 17,000 employees, including nearly 7,000 enforcement agents.
A little more than 80,000 people still work at the IRS.
I say keep cutting, Donald.
Now, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has gone out and made a statement, but he said budget cuts are costing the federal government between four and eight billion dollars a year in uncollected taxes.
He says, quote, we are the only agency if you give us more money.
More people and more money.
We give you more money back.
That sounds like a hunter to me.
We're going to go out and we're going to find that money.
We're going to get the money from the American citizens.
Yeah, because we don't get taxed enough.
You got your income tax.
You got your property tax.
You got your sales tax.
It just goes on and on and on, folks.
They're just taxing you nonstop around the clock.
But Koskinen wants more!
Give him more money so the IRS can track you down and tax you more.
In 2016, the number of people audited by the IRS dropped by 16% from the year before.
Just 0.7% of individuals were audited, either in person or by mail, the lowest rate since 2003.
And of course, the higher your income, the more likely you are to get audited.
And there it is.
That's why the Democrats love it, folks.
That's why all the Bernie bros love it.
They hate the fact that Donald Trump would cut into the IRS now because, well, it's Trump's agenda.
And look, the IRS is taking from the rich to give to the poor.
That's how they're going to paint it for you.
But Jim Jordan from Ohio says, Now the Democrats are all whining across the board about this.
Oh, don't take my IRS!
They tax the rich and give to the poor!
John Koskinen says, give me more money so I can go find more money!
Well, how about we just take that money we were going to give you and then just put it right back into the government instead, John?
No, but then he'd be out of work.
Let's go to this video.
This is one of my favorite videos of all time, okay?
Now, Vice News put together this video.
I don't know what their plan was with this.
I don't know if they tried to smear Alex Jones doing this.
I don't know if they knew it would be so popular.
But Vice News tweets out this video that they put together, which I actually say, great job.
You guys put together a great video.
I know that you thought that you were gonna try to make Alex Jones look bad with this video, but it actually had the opposite effect, folks.
If you look at Vice News' tweets,
That tweet, the tweet that they put out with the Alex Jones video that they put together and tweeted, is the most popular tweet in the history of Vice!
They don't have any other tweet with a thousand retweets or a thousand likes, folks.
At least recently.
I went through all of their feeds and I could not find another tweet that came close to this.
That's because we, the Info Warriors, absolutely dominate the internet.
But let's go to this video, a classic video.
Thank you, Vice News.
I assume you tried to smear Alex and make him look bad.
All you did was make us more popular.
Let's go to that video.
We're gonna beat your ass!
You just get that through your stinking traitorous heads!
Excuse me, I apologize.
We have a lot of Christian affiliates.
I am a Christian.
But I will stomp your head in if you start a fight with me, you thug scum!
Anyways, excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
Bunch of cowards!
Excuse me.
I'm gonna control myself right now.
She is a demon!
Damn to hell!
Excuse me.
I've been trying to control myself, trying to be professional about this.
But at a certain point, I just am just really getting pissed.
Excuse me.
We're not going to have Pepsi with baby flavoring in it!
I mean, what the hell have we become?
Excuse me!
I didn't have a liberal from New York in the bathroom.
I couldn't wipe my ass.
Excuse me.
I apologize.
We have a family audience.
That was wrong and I won't do it again.
You think I'm a coward like you?
I'm sorry.
Dishonorable, cowardly pieces of garbage.
Coming for ya!
Coming for ya!
We know what you're doing!
I'm sorry.
Piles of manipulative, lying crap!
Excuse me.
They're gonna burn in hell!
Excuse me.
This is a time bomb.
You're a big tough guy, buddy?
You just rammed into me?
How do you like that?
Now hit me in the face and see what happens, punk!
I'm sorry.
There's an attack on the species by a guild of psychopaths and they must be defeated.
I'm gonna settle down, excuse me.
I'm gonna come back with an extra seven sticker calls, excuse me.
Well, that is just classic Alex Jones.
I don't know what red-blooded American doesn't like that video.
So thank you, Vice News, in what I believe was an attempt at a smear.
You only made us look that much better in the eyes of your audience.
I'm now joined by Leanne McAdoo.
We're actually going to talk about the Russian probe, or I guess the CIA NSA probe into Russia and Donald Trump.
But apparently they weren't doing that because they weren't tapping their phones.
No, of course, that doesn't make any sense.
And the biggest, most recent development, folks,
Judicial Watch is now suing the Department of Justice and the CIA, and the NSA has now said they can neither confirm nor deny.
Well, of course, because of the fact that President Trump tweeted about this, it is no longer considered classified, so they can't actually go in there via the FOIA request.
See if indeed they did these illegal wiretaps.
So now we see what's going on because Donald Trump really put them in a position where they're having to defend themselves and we had a lot of stories circulating about seditious conspiracy and was President Obama attempting to overthrow this government before he even left.
So that could land him 20 years in prison.
So of course they had to get in front of that.
Josh Earnest comes out today saying, you know, I don't know if we ordered the wire tap, but obviously President Trump is trying to do this, push the story to just distract from Russia.
And it's like, no, you're you're now trying to spin it to distract from the fact that there could have been some seditious conspiracy going on.
But this is what the president
I think so.
But President Obama, when he issued his statement that he's never wiretapped anyone, this is ridiculous!
Because we can go back, actually the Gateway Pundit tweeted out a pretty good article, WikiLeaks,
On the 23rd of February they released the list of all of the Obama administration wiretaps and it just goes on to show you the National Security Agency bugging a private climate change strategy meeting, bug chief of staff of UN High Commissioner for Refugees, stealing sensitive Italian diplomatic cables.
We know that he
Wiretapped Angela Merkel.
We found that out as well.
Targeting the phones of Italy's ambassador.
Intercepted details.
But that's in addition to Obama's Justice Department targeting journalists with wiretaps in 2013.
A lot of people have heard about Fox News as James Rosen and his family were surveilled.
Also members of the Associated Press were targeted with surveillance and reporter Sheryl Atkinson
Showed and she had actually video footage of her personal computer and CBS laptop being hacked.
They were being taken over.
Things were being deleted on the screen and she was showing you look, I'm not even touching my computer, but as you can see files are being deleted.
So we know that President Obama and his administration are not above doing this.
But what they really are trying to point out is that the story they're trying to spin is that Trump's wiretap claims are baseless, but what has been proven baseless over and over again is that there was no evidence of any collusion with the Trump campaign and Russia.
That is what is baseless, is their claims that he colluded with Russia.
Great work, Leanne, and they're trying to pull an Obi-Wan Kenobi on us.
These aren't the droids you're looking for.
We never wiretapped Donald Trump.
We never investigated Donald Trump.
We would never do anything like that.
Oh wait, we have you on record doing it dozens of times.
And we're not stupid!
That's what it comes down to.
It's common sense.
We know you're wiretapping everybody.
Thank you so much, Leanne.
And now, the big story.
Judicial Watch sues for the records.
They're going to have to release these records, folks.
They're not used to America standing up.
This is one of the biggest secrets out there.
The missing link of why our ancestors, whether you were in Africa or ancient Albion, which is England today, why our ancestors were so much stronger.
I mean, there are huge archaeological reports, all sorts of anthropology studies, you can look them up for yourself, that show
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In the final equation, everyone knows our modern society has lost its vitality.
The sperm counts are down like 90%.
People are falling apart.
They're totally depressed.
They're not happy.
What is going on?
Every ancient culture was obsessed
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Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are all well aware of everything that Donald Trump has had to deal with in his journey to this point.
Everything that's in the past, we are well aware of all the attacks on him.
But I am now joined by Bruce Fine, constitutional lawyer, international law expert, to talk about what Donald Trump needs to do in the future moving forward.
Bruce, thanks for joining us.
This is what's on your mind right now.
What Donald Trump needs to do in the future.
Tell me, what is the first thing that you think about as far as what Donald Trump needs to do for the future of his presidency?
When I was in the transition from Jimmy Carter into the Reagan administration, in which I served, most important thing was personnel.
To get your people into the high offices, not just at the highest level of the cabinet, but in the second and third tiers, because they run policies.
There's 4,100 presidential appointees.
And if I were to recommend anything to President Trump, it's that we need to focus on changing the personnel.
Right now, all the holdovers are those who basically were working for President Obama for eight years.
That's what you'd expect, right?
That's how long he served.
And I would suggest to President Trump that he begin at the Department of Justice, which is a major issue.
Someone like Judge Napolitano, I think, should be the Deputy Attorney General.
Someone like Richard Epstein should be the new Solicitor General.
Someone, former Congressman Thomas Campbell, Associate Attorney General.
And Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University, should be the head of the Office of Legal Counsel.
Those are very critical appointments.
At the Defense Department, where the President, you remember, you said it's time to recognize you're President of the United States, not the world.
Your obligation is rightly to keep the United States safe from external aggression.
Walter Jones, Congressman from
North Carolina, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, would be a great Deputy Secretary of Defense to try to end these endless wars that are not defending the American people from attack, they're defending Afghans and Iraqis, those who have no loyalty to us.
The troops need to be brought home to the United States to defend us.
They need to spend their pay in the United States, not elsewhere, and end the dominance of the military-industrial complex, about which one of your predecessors, Dwight D. Eisenhower, warned.
At the State Department, we need a Deputy Secretary of State, Chas Freeman.
He's a superb diplomat.
He's served long years in many different administrations.
And Ron Rotunda, the legal advisor, is someone who would be stellar in understanding international law to keep the United States clean and innocent of any international chaos.
Those are examples of the kind of appointments that would bring a team aboard that would prevent much of the disruption, I think, of the policy agenda in the past.
But you need to focus on your people foremost.
If you're going to move forward.
Otherwise you'll be fighting brush fires forever.
Now Bruce, tell me how you landed on these names.
How can Trump make a good discerning decision on who to look at for future appointees?
How did you land on these names?
And how can Donald Trump vet or filter the people he looks at in the future as to who to bring on his team?
Well, largely, Owen, it's the fact that when you're in Washington, and I've been there for close to 50 years, yeah, probably too long, I'm part of the swamp that needs to be drained, is you build up circles of people with reputations, you interact with them, they've been involved in government before.
Now, he doesn't have to accept these, these are things that they propose, and obviously you want to do your vetting.
There are always, the FBI does backgrounds.
I don't live in their houses, I don't know everything, but philosophically, these people, I believe, are committed to the kind of lean government, liberty-centered universe, which is, I think, the sentiment that brought President Trump into the White House, and I believe they're all highly qualified in terms of understanding how government works.
Remember, the government is a $4.3 trillion enterprise.
Over 2 million employees, probably 2 million and more contractors.
It's not easy to turn around the ship of state.
It's like a very large crude carrier.
You can't just press the button and stop it.
And you need people if you're going to change the policy who are very conversant with how this is done.
And these people who worked on transition between Carter and Reagan, and I do believe that transition was every bit as much as acute as the difference between Obama and Trump.
And I'm highly confident that they would perform superbly.
And I do believe, and it's not a fault necessarily of President Trump, that his circles that he dealt with earlier are not people, maybe one of them who got elected, who are highly conversant with how government operates.
They know a lot of real estate and business transactions.
That doesn't translate instantly into how things are done in government, because I can guarantee you, mathematics, when you're in government, it's not business mathematics.
It's way different.
It's oftentimes said in politics, 2 plus 2 sometimes does equal 5.
Sometimes it equals 3.
And it just means that the kinds of people in the circles that you need to tap to get this talent are different.
Well, yeah, in the private sector, you know, $20 trillion in debt probably doesn't fly, but with the government, you know, here we are.
And going back to that ship analogy, you know, one thing you can do is you can try to lighten your load or perhaps, you know, a smaller ship.
Donald Trump had perhaps the smallest team working his campaign from start to finish.
Very lean campaign team, very small, kept a lot of things in-house.
How can he take that strategy from his campaign and deliver that into the White House?
How does he actually make a leaner government?
Does he put more onus on people to get the job done?
Or does he just trim the fat?
Well, I don't know whether it's necessarily calling trimming the fat.
I think we have agencies that are redundant.
They really do not satisfy the American standard that we pass laws, we create agencies if they are necessary to preserve our liberties.
Because after all, the beginning point in our system of government is the opportunity of every individual to develop their faculties and pursue their ambitions free of domestic and external aggression.
Other than that,
The government's main role is to give them education.
But that's it.
And we have all sorts of agencies that are totally superfluous to that agenda.
And we don't need to be involved in these particular ways.
The governments, the local governments, can regulate them if they want.
The federal government hasn't even been involved.
We created the Department of Education 200 years after the founding.
Department of Education and my judgment should go.
If I was to make a recommendation to the President to ease the size of the government, I would abolish Department of Education, Department of Labor, Department of Commerce, and Department of Energy, and take the nuclear requirements and put them in the Defense Department or some other independent agency.
Right now it's lodged in the Department of Energy to the extent that there are essential functions that can be passed off to other agencies.
And this is not revolutionary.
During my lifetime, the Interstate Commerce Commission was abandoned after almost 100 years.
The Civil Aeronautics Board was abandoned after, I think, about 60 years.
So it's not that there can't be life after death with a federal agency, but we need to have a uniform standard that we do not encroach on liberty unless there's a very exacting threshold of need.
Not an insurmountable one,
But one that's very demanding.
After all, that's what government of the people, by the people, for the people means.
And that would do marvels with reducing the kinds of distractions and burden that you have running.
I say a 4.3 trillion dollar enterprise, the framers of the Constitution would be literally shocked.
Well Bruce, thank you so much for joining us.
That was very enlightening.
Hopefully President Trump will listen to this.
Anything else?
Any final words before we let you go?
Yes, I would like to pay tribute to Ron Paul.
I think many of the ideas that were present in President Trump's campaign and that were articulated by myself were inspired by Ron Paul's 2012 campaign.
I think he really has brought a new vision of restoring the United States to what it's envisioned by the framers was.
And he certainly is someone who, at least in the background, is very much part of this debate over returning the United States to its original conception as liberty-centered, you know, not military-centered and not government-centered universe.
And I pay tribute to his great dedication to the United States.
Thank you, Bruce.
Excellent point there in the end.
And one thing that Ron Paul always talked about was, we the people.
And again, we the people are behind Donald Trump as long as he keeps putting America first.
And all you ISIS people threatening us?
Hey, we're not a French newspaper.
We got people that have taken your asses out in this building right now.
We're armed to the teeth, and we're not scared.
You got that, you sons of bitches?
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A place where common sense has no place.
You're about to enter the Snowflake Zone.
We've all seen SJWs in their performance art as they howl and scream at the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.
Then in early March of 2017, citizens across the country held pro-Trump marches in support of the exploding stock market and small business numbers.
And like flies, they were drawn to the scene.
This particular victim of globalist programming
And the classical vampire white skin and dead eyes.
I could only scream like a banshee tied to the gates of hell.
Hopelessly, crying out for her god, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the vanquisher of Haiti, to save her.
Our mother is giving birth to us at this classical state as well.
Oh, yeah.
No, not the Trump.
Not him, the enemy.
Oh, yeah, mommy.
At first, starting more than two years ago, we believed it to be an anomaly that anti-Trump protesters seemed to be demon-possessed.
It was as if they had been practicing their entire lives to play the part of Linda Blair in The Exorcist.
Upon reviewing this latest piece of video from early March 2017 of the pro-Trump rally, it appears that unknowingly...
The pro-Trump crowd is actually performing an exorcism with the chant, USA!
All joking aside, when we go out to the anti-Trump rallies, most of the people that are out there protesting are deranged.
We have so many hundreds of examples, it's head spinning.
Just last weekend here in Austin, we have hours of footage of people acting as deranged as possible, like they're in some type of competition to star in a film about a mental institution.
I'm not making fun of the mentally ill.
This is serious, serious, serious business.
This is absolute derangement.
This is brainwashing.
This is hysteria.
So you can make jokes about zombies, you can make jokes about...
Did you bring Paul Joseph Watson?
I'd like to meet him!
When we've got presidents doing corrupt things and lying and getting our military into fraudulent wars, it doesn't mean we're against the military to speak out against it.
It means we're for the country and for the military.
And our military has been sent into these last few set of wars to destabilize the Middle East as part of a long-term plan to then bring in the Wahhabis and the Saudi Arabian Jihadis and take over not just the Middle East but much of Central Asia, much of the countries bordering Russia, much of Europe,
And to then even colonize the UK.
There's an incredible video that we've had to bleep that's up on Infowars.com in England.
And I personally have experienced this.
And I noticed that the Brits all start bowing down and groveling to him, but they come over to my face and I start yelling back.
I say, number one, you're in a public place.
I'm videotaping this building as a cutaway shot.
And I said, shut up and stop yelling at me.
I've got a TV show.
I'm getting a cutaway of the building.
You know, so I can go in and say, I went to interview such and such.
And that's the attitude when you run into the Muslims in France, in Germany, or in England.
And this was their attitude 10 years ago.
This French report says almost one in five Frenchmen have been victims of racist insults or worse.
A few cases have even gone to trial.
Some of those who launch racist attacks on whites use Islam as the reason they do it.
They may not even speak Arabic, but they still use Islam as a flag.
My crew ran into it in France last year when there were more terror attacks and bombings and truck attacks.
This is known as the jihadist capital of Europe, and it's known as a Muslim no-go ghetto for a reason, because it is.
And I'm basically sick to the back teeth of the left wing pretending, hiding behind political correctness, and saying that these Muslim no-go areas don't exist.
They do exist, try going to them.
We were harassed out of this vehicle, we were flipped off, we were screamed at.
We tried to go into a restaurant, and the guy outside basically said, no white people are allowed in this restaurant.
And what happens is, especially in England, when the muzzles move into your neighborhood, then they start burning your cars at night.
I'm not saying this guy or his family, but this has been on the news.
They start burning your cars, if you're a native person, until you move out of the area.
That then drives down prices in the houses, and then more folks can move in.
You eat pork and you f***ing look like pork!
You f***ing pig!
It's a short clip, but it just illustrates everything of this guy anywhere in the United States.
Unless he was in Berkeley, or other areas where they only have chicken necks for some reason, this guy would have been laid out, his jaw broken, just like that.
His nose would have been smashed in really fast when he hit a woman.
But see, men have been trained, whether it's in Germany, you name it, to allow women to be attacked, to be, you name it, because the new culture of being a Western male, I don't care if you're white, Hispanic, what you are, is to be a cuck.
So, you will know them because they attack women, whether they're Islamist, whether they are trendies, whether they're black bloc, whether Black Lives Matter, Anarchism Matter.
You have to ask yourself, what are the social engineers doing?
Well, they admit in Sweden and Germany and France and everywhere else, they're bringing in groups that are, quote, anti-European, anti-white, anti-Christian, and the Pope says he doesn't want to hear about Christianity in Europe.
It's disgusting.
So again, this is meant to put people in their balkanized groups, so everyone actually retreats into their racial or religious enclaves, and the government controls all these ghettos that they have basically set up.
It's the prison model of management.
It's time to realize that we're being enslaved!
Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works.
They'll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner.
Tyranny with a capital T. You should reject these voices.
Everything that's been done, with torture, rendition, the NDAA, the Patriot Acts 1 and 2, from day one,
was focused on the American people, period.
That's it.
It's always been about erasing the Bill of Rights and Constitution and rolling out NSA spying publicly, saying it's for Al Qaeda.
Rolling out torture, saying it's for Al Qaeda, but it's really for the general public.
Rolling out total control and the end of any underground free market systems in the name of fighting Al Qaeda, but really shutting down any type of free commerce.
This is all about converting us
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We can answer your questions.
Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
We are here in Austin, Texas at the March for Trump here.
The rain is coming down, but you know what?
There are a lot of people still out here, diehard Trump supporters, to be standing out here in the pouring rain, showing their support for Donald Trump.
It's still about 50 minutes until this event is set to occur, so people are coming in slowly.
But I'm here with Jessica, who helped arrange this.
So can you tell us a little bit about the details and what all you guys did to arrange this?
Well, about four of us, we kind of just met on Facebook, saw March for Trump happening, national event.
Next thing you know,
We got lots of support, lots of people.
We started a little group and just the four of us kind of think tanked the whole thing and got on board.
And next thing you know, we got tons and tons of people.
So we're really excited to be here, support our president.
What policies, what ideas really spoke to you that Donald Trump was promoting?
The thing that he's getting illegals out of our state, that way they won't be taking advantage of our things that we need here in the United States, making it better in the United States.
So I'm really excited.
Yeah, I love Trump all the way.
I help students definitely with college and maybe get rid of the DACA program.
I'm sorry, I don't like it.
I mean, I feel like, you know, if you have to pay your way to school, well then
You know, then that's the way it's going to have to be.
I feel like these kids just come and they just are like, oh, here you go.
We got free school.
We're good.
And here are other students, you know, who can't go because, oh, no, your mother, your father, they earn too much.
So you can't go to school.
And I'm like, what do you mean they can't go?
Oh, no.
And it's only like maybe a few percentage that, you know, they go over on that.
Wow, you're from Houston.
That's like three hours away or two and a half hours away.
Did you drive out just for this event?
Yes, I drove out just for this event by myself because I knew that everyone that was going to be here was going to be a symbolization of what Texas represents as a whole.
It's really important for this to happen here in Austin because it's the capital.
A lot of people misconceive this as the liberal city, but in reality I think a lot of people are just afraid to come out and say they're really conservative and want to make their own decisions in their own life and not be told what to do by a government.
But one of the huge things that a lot of people don't understand is illegal immigration.
Because one of the big things in my industry that happens is that instead of hiring me, an American, they'll just go and undercut me with an illegal immigrant who'll do the job for half.
And when they do that, I can't compete with that one person.
And so it becomes hard for me to then ask for a raise in wages, not because I'm incapable, but because someone on the street is willing to do it for half the price, for no reason, just because they're illegal.
The fights across the entire state, and this is one of the only cities standing up to what's going on around the entire globe, really, not just this state or this country.
It's a huge global issue that's going on.
And when you look at what's going on in
Europe, and you compare it to what's going on here, the freedoms that we have here, we have to come and protect.
And I feel like as individuals, when we come and stand up, it makes a bigger message, and it's a lot louder through our actions than just, you know, talking about it.
Trump isn't racist towards Mexicans or any Hispanics.
He actually is for Americans, and a lot of times people misconceive that and want to include their illegal family as a part of the American dream, when in reality, we need to help those people and their country.
Because you look at the people in Mexico, and they're standing up to the
You know, well, they say they stand up to the government to be against Trump, but in reality, they've never stood up to their own government.
They just want to make noise over there to cause more issues in our own country.
I'm from San Marcos.
Originally, I was born in the Philippines, so I'm also an immigrant for Trump as well.
All right.
And so you kind of destroy the whole liberal thing with LGBT.
Oh, most definitely.
Yeah, for Trump.
And you're an immigrant too.
So what makes you really love Donald Trump and what policies of his speak to your heart?
Yes, the thing about Trump is he takes down the establishment.
It wasn't just the Democrats that he eviscerated.
It was also a Republican establishment within the GOP.
And for his policies, the media is gaslighting us.
The mainstream media, mind you, is gaslighting us.
The fake news is gaslighting us too.
Oh, Trump is literally Hitler, he's Nazi, he's going to do the homocaust or whatever.
I'm still here and look at all this hate I'm feeling right now.
But the thing is, Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton, he supported same-sex marriage from day one and this hubbub over the bathroom bill.
It was also a locker room bill and it was a listen and believe policy.
If you could say anything to President Trump, what would it be?
I say keep trashing the establishment media, because that just is a great way to wake up in the morning, just reading your very fake new CNN.
Adorable, deplorable.
Where are you from?
That's the one thing I'm going to thank Hillary for, is calling us this.
A basket of.
I think I've got a lot of... I'm from Corpus Christi, Texas.
I supported Trump from the day he rolled on down the escalator, went to the rally here in Austin.
They said, don't go.
You're going to get attacked.
It was the safest place in America to be that day.
And I went to the inauguration and they said, it's going to rain on Trump's inauguration.
It was fine.
So this doesn't bother me at all.
I'm glad to be here.
Well, I'm a grandpa, but I'm a 24 year, six years Marine Corps, 18 years as an Army Ranger.
Eight years with the Texas criminal justice system.
Four years as a federal police officer in Galveston.
And now I'm a gold herder in Lukenbach.
You are kind of facilitating security here for this event, or you're kind of helping out with that?
You know, in my single days, I did security for Brooks and Dunn for a while.
Well, all this is, is just like a birthday party.
So, just like a bouncer, or event security at a concert, all we are is the buffers.
The guys in blue are the ones in charge, we just support them.
And we don't expect, you know, the marchers.
There's children, women, elderly people here.
We don't expect them to be touched and harmed.
So we have security people.
Some of my guys, we have a training facility, are doing the security.
And the patriots and the ones that you see stepping up, those are the protectors.
What happened with these guys?
Did you see what happened?
If you were walking down this park and somebody with a mask came approaching you in an aggressive manner, you would think that there was some illegal intentions involved.
This park has been rented out for, just like it was a birthday party, a bar mitzvah, or a wedding ceremony.
Guys in masks come up, just like security, we tell them you're more than welcome, but you gotta take off the mask.
There they are right now.
Looks like they're getting interviewed.
Apparently, they've got a point that's got to be made, but they're afraid to make it in face.
I don't know.
They're afraid to show their face while they're making their point, I guess.
Stop the fight, let's unite!
Stop the fight, let's unite!
We're not going to let fake news divide us.
We are with InfoWars.
I know about it.
So, where are you from and what brings you out?
I'm from Houston, Texas and I am a woman, a black woman for Donald Trump and Michael Pence.
And I am ready to see this nation return to her greatness and stop the precipitous decline that we've seen over the last eight years.
I think it's important, we love our legal immigrants.
We are an immigrant nation, but we want them to come here the right way to love our values and to love our people and to be a part of our country, not to set up their own culture that they're running from here in this country.
That's not what America is all about.
If you could say one thing to President Trump, what would it be?
My sign might be a little faded, but my spirit is not faded, okay?
But we're all here to support our president and for all the candidates that we voted for in November, okay?
We're not protesters.
We're lovers of our country.
This country was founded on unity back when, and we need to get back to some of that.
Thank you.
This is a good sign you made.
The rain washed it slightly away, but we all can see it.
Now, I'm sure that you're not one of these folks.
Big news will not divide us, right?
Can we get a shout out for InfoWars?
Thank you, Millie, for that report.
And, you know, it's time to show our strength in numbers, folks.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com, get your Trump-Pence 2020 shirt.
It's time to let the chicken-neck Nellies out there know that the sheepdogs are here to protect this republic.
And it all starts right here at InfoWars.com.
Thanks to everybody who tuned in.
Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Alex Jones Live, 11 a.m.
Central, InfoWars Nightly News, 7 p.m.
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