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Name: 20170306_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 6, 2017
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The Alex Jones Show covers topics such as Trump's administration, immigration policies, Muslim no- go areas in Europe, patriotism, government agencies, globalism, the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine, reducing government departments, opposition to Trump, wiretapping, and national debt. Interviews with guests who support President Trump are also featured along with promotions for products like Caveman Ultimate Paleo Formula, Secret 12 for natural energy boost, Alexa Pure Breathe air purification system, PPX solar generator system, and Bailey Industrial's machines."

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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, this is going to be a big live broadcast today.
Bruce Fein, the former head counsel for the Federal Communications Commission and former head of the Ron Paul campaign and a guy that's a big patriot in Washington with his ear to ground is going to be coming on in the middle of the next hour to break down what's really going on with Trump in D.C.
and it's serious.
We also have several soldiers coming on the broadcast to announce an initiative that we've kind of come up with.
But since we made a few phone calls yesterday, it's already exploded.
So that will be announced coming up at the bottom of this hour as well.
This is a big transmission, obviously, ladies and gentlemen.
Sessions recused himself without Trump even authorizing it.
Trump is absolutely infuriated.
We told you that on Friday.
Now it's in Newsmax.
Chris Ruddy talked to the president.
We'll be back after this special report from John Bowne.
When we've got presidents doing corrupt things and lying and getting our military into fraudulent wars, it doesn't mean we're against the military to speak out against it.
It means we're for the country and for the military.
And our military has been sent into these last few set of wars to destabilize the Middle East as part of a long-term plan to then bring in the Wahhabis and the Saudi Arabian jihadis and take over not just the Middle East but much of Central Asia, much of the countries bordering Russia, much of Europe,
And to then even colonize the UK.
There's an incredible video that we've had to bleep.
It's up on Infowars.com in England.
And I personally have experienced this.
And I noticed that the Brits all start bowing down and groveling to him.
But they come over to my face and I start yelling back.
I say, number one, you're in a public place.
I'm videotaping this building as a cutaway shot.
And I said, shut up and stop yelling at me!
I've got a TV show.
I'm getting a cutaway of the building.
You know, so I can go in and say, I went to interview such and such.
And that's the attitude when you run into the Muslims in France, in Germany, or in England.
And this was their attitude 10 years ago.
This French report says almost one in five Frenchmen have been victims of racist insults or worse.
A few cases have even gone to trial.
Some of those who launch racist attacks on whites use Islam as the reason they do it.
They may not even speak Arabic, but they still use Islam as a flag.
My crew ran into it in France last year when there were more terror attacks and bombings and truck attacks.
This is known as the jihadist capital of Europe, and it's known as a Muslim no-go ghetto for a reason.
Because it is.
And I'm basically sick to the back teeth of the left wing pretending, hiding behind political correctness, and saying that these Muslim no-go areas don't exist.
They do exist.
Try going to one.
We were harassed out of this vehicle.
We were flipped off.
We were screamed at.
We tried to go into a restaurant, and the guy outside basically said, no white people are allowed in this restaurant.
And what happens is, especially in England, when the muzzles move into your neighborhood, then they start burning your cars at night.
I'm not saying this guy or his family, but this has been on the news.
They start burning your cars, if you're a native person, until you move out of the area.
That then drives down prices in the houses, and then more folks can move in.
You eat pork, and you f***ing look like pork!
You f***ing pig!
It's a short clip, but it just illustrates everything of this guy anywhere in the United States, unless he was in Berkeley,
Or other areas where they only have chicken necks for some reason.
This guy would have been laid out, his jaw broken.
Just like that.
His nose would have been smashed in really fast when he hit a woman.
But see, men have been trained, whether it's in Germany, you name it, to allow women to be attacked, to be, you name it, because the new culture of being a Western male, I don't care if you're white, Hispanic, what you are, is to be a cuck!
So, you will know them because they attack women, whether they're Islamist, whether they are trendies, whether they're black bloc, whether Black Lives Matter, Anarchism Matter.
You have to ask yourself, what are the social engineers doing?
Well, they admit in Sweden and Germany and France and everywhere else, they're bringing in groups that are, quote, anti-European, anti-white, anti-Christian, and the Pope says he doesn't want to hear about Christianity in Europe.
It's disgusting.
So again, this is meant to put people in their balkanized groups, so everyone actually retreats into their racial or religious enclaves, and the government controls all these ghettos that they have basically set up.
It's the prison model of management.
This is one of the biggest secrets out there.
The missing link of why our ancestors, whether you were in Africa or ancient Albion, which is England today, why our ancestors were so much stronger.
I mean, there are huge archaeological reports, all sorts of anthropology studies, you can look them up for yourself, that show
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The sperm counts are down like 90%.
People are falling apart.
They're totally depressed.
They're not happy.
What is going on?
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Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
I said it!
Three weeks ago, when General Flynn resigned, that he was basically told to resign, told that the President had ordered him to resign.
He didn't even go in and ask the President, he just resigned.
And the word I got Friday, before it even came out on Saturday, was that President Trump was absolutely infuriated, and it's now in the news, that he had not
Even talked to the Attorney General about recusing himself.
And then it's ridiculous that the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, recused himself.
When he was very clear, he was asked about Russians talking to them as surrogates on the campaign trail.
Of course he, as the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, spoke with the Russians twice that year.
So this is running scared.
And Drudge has the headline.
But we've been calling it since day one.
Dems smell blood in the water.
Comey turns on Trump.
Now the most amazing thing about all of this is I went and pulled the reports yesterday and did a special live report at one o'clock.
And a lot of you watched it.
We also aired excerpts of it on yesterday's Sunday show.
And I went and pulled up the articles from a month ago when they were all over the news saying wiretaps tracking the Trump Organization and tracking phone calls out of Trump Tower.
recorded General Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador.
They went, oh, it's so dirty, it's so bad.
When he admittedly was setting up the phone calls through the ambassador for a call with the president and Putin, that's what presidents do.
But they were all over the news saying they had the transcript.
The New York Times had it.
Obama, last week before all this latest wiretapping broke, before Trump
Stood up against it, said they gave it to the New York Times, that they, quote, protected the intelligence so that Trump couldn't get rid of it.
Oh, we committed a crime so Trump couldn't get rid of it.
And then they have Brennan and Clapper and all the usual suspects on TV on the Sunday shows yesterday saying Trump's crazy.
They use words like preposterous, they use words like reckless, just bizarre.
That Trump says his transition team was under surveillance and of course nothing was found.
Where do you think President Trump got that?
On Monday.
Type it in.
The House head of the Intelligence Board Committee, Nunes, said we've been reviewing the evidence for a month, there's nothing there, not even phone calls.
Until General Flynn is in there supposedly for the President as the National Security Advisor, lining up his phone calls with world leaders.
Flynn is known to work 18 hours a day.
Oh, everybody else stands around with their thumbs in their rear ends, I'm sorry.
So, this has just become unbelievable.
For those of us that actually pay attention, for those of us that actually know the narrative, the real narrative, and know what really goes on in government, and knows what was really said, and who have memories.
Remember what Gruber said, John Gruber?
He said, thank God the American people have low attention spans, and are so stupid, and are low information voters.
Those are quotes.
I don't have a seven second attention span.
They've got studies out where children now have less of an attention span than goldfish if they're TV heads.
It's a fact.
So, you have to understand, they're targeting the listeners and viewers of MSM that literally do not believe or remember that a month ago it was on every TV channel, every news channel, every newspaper, everywhere, that they had surveilled Trump and ooooh, Flynn lied!
He talked about sanctions with the Russian ambassador!
And then they finally released the transcript in the New York Times and it was
Well, I can't talk about those with you, but I'm sure you know the President wants to have a reset, so I'm sure you can bring that up when President Putin and President Trump speak.
That's not discussing sanctions.
Did you discuss the sanctions?
Did you line up a discussion about them?
See, they play these games.
But in real government, in the military at those levels, and in law, they train everybody to answer exactly as they're asked because they don't want a bunch of obfuscation.
But they use that to manipulate Sessions and Flynn and others.
Just like when Al Franken says, did you as a main surrogate or any other surrogates on the campaign have any communications with the Russians about the campaign?
No, no discussions with the Russians about the campaign.
So, that's what they are basically pushing and doing here, and it's amazing.
But here's the big enchilada.
Here's the thing everybody needs to understand, and I'm sure most of you already get this, probably better than I do.
I'm always speaking to those that may not know they're new listeners.
So I know that's kind of annoying to regular listeners, but we gotta keep reaching out to just, you know, the new folks that tune in.
You don't have to believe a word I've said here.
You can go back, if you don't have a memory, and look up where they said that they had all these communications out of Trump Tower.
And it was a bluff.
There wasn't anything there.
It was so thin, it was like vapor.
Okay, yeah, they lined up phone calls for the incoming President with foreign leaders.
He talked to the British Prime Minister, the Italian President, the German President, hundreds of world leaders.
Hell, when I talked to Trump three days after he was elected President, he said, Alex, you're like number whatever, I forget the number, because I've been talking to world leaders and royalty and business leaders all day, but you're on the list because your listeners are so awesome.
Thank them for their support in this big win, and we're not going to let them down, let them know that.
And I'm like, sir, they are going to come after you.
They're never going to stop.
I know you think you're going to give folks prosperity and do this, but you've got to go after him.
You've got to, you've got to get on the offense because they're going to come after you.
And I'm not going to get into our private conversation about that, but let's just say the president knew that, but he doesn't, he's trying to take the ultra high road.
And he just wants to turn the economy back on, and that's why he could leave Obamacare there for a year and let the Democrats get the blame for it, and the $5,000 fines and the rest of it, but he doesn't want to hurt small businesses and the average person, so he's just like a stalwart doing the real deal.
I mean, I study everything going on, morning, noon, and night, and Trump is so good at
So honorable, it makes me sick to my stomach to see him being rejected by so many dumbed-down people that aren't even part of the power structure.
And then I look at the power structure against him, a bunch of addled, doddering weirdos like Schumer and Pelosi and Maxine Waters that don't know what planet they're on.
And they're like...
We never have met with a Russian ambassador, and there's just photo after photo of Schumer and Pelosi and all of them meeting with him at public dinners and public events and on their schedule meeting with him three, four, five times, depending on who it is, than they did with Sessions.
A piece.
Because that's who you meet with when you're at the top of the Democratic Party or the top of the Republican Party.
That's what goes on.
You meet with the Japanese.
You meet with the Chinese.
You meet with the South Africans.
You meet with the Brazilians.
You meet with the Mexicans.
You meet with any big, strong, rich, powerful country.
People can say, oh, well, Brazil or Mexico aren't powerful.
Yeah, they are.
Their people aren't.
Their elites are super rich.
Some of the most powerful in the world.
The point is, is that there's constant meetings going on around the clock, ladies and gentlemen.
And they play on the public's ignorance about how government works, but that's not even the big enchilada.
Let me give you the big kahuna.
You really gotta hand it to these globalists.
Their minions are stupid.
Their minions are dumbed down because they follow orders.
That's why they've been chosen.
But you really gotta hand it to them, don't you?
You really gotta hand it to them.
We had MSN and all the major pollsters caught lying.
We had Hillary caught in the WikiLeaks with CNN and other news channels getting the questions beforehand, telling the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, NBC what to do, what headlines to have, what to push, sending people to Trump rallies to attack women.
All of it there.
All of it in everybody's face.
And the repudiation of globalism, and just the huge awakening happening, and everything the MSM could do being destroyed and broken.
When it came head-to-head with the worldwide awakening that's taking place that Trump's just part of.
And now, slowly but surely, the Russia narrative, as I said right after he got elected, on November 8th at 3 in the morning with Roger Stone sitting around here, I said,
Now the fight's even more serious because we've taken the high road and actually won this battle.
They're going to throw everything they've got against Trump and the American people and others now.
And we are in the fight of our lives right now and this is just beginning.
And I said they're going to ramp up this Russia narrative and they're going to push it everywhere.
And they're going to sit there knowing the public's ignorant and every time.
Imagine Trump even trying to meet now.
Because now we've forgotten all about our glorious victory, all about how the system got overturned, all about how they got caught lying and were totally discredited.
It's all moved on to how our Americana, God, guts and guns president is a Rooskie.
And the Rooskies, they're the reason Trump won.
So they steal that victory from you.
They demoralize the American people.
So they've demoralized our military with 24 suicides a day.
And they just roll forward and distract from all the crimes they've committed.
All the horrible things they've done.
But that's only if we sit there and even debate these narratives because we're supposed to debate whether they were under surveillance.
The House Intelligence Committee was given all the phone calls and the transcripts of the people in Trump Tower in the transition and the head of the committee came out and said there's nothing
Not even phone calls in the so-called data.
So first they make up that they found all this intelligence while surveilling the president.
I'm skipping the break.
Then they run that for a month saying there's all this evidence of Roger Stone, everybody else, you know, Paul Manafort.
Then there's nothing there.
So then they come out and say there were no wiretaps.
But we know you're a Russian agent.
And then that becomes the whole debate about were there wiretaps or weren't there, when all you gotta do is pull up thousands of headlines.
Thousands of headlines.
It's the number one news story for weeks.
I mean, this is just crazy.
Here at Radio Lister, we're putting headlines up from January.
And from December.
Where they were saying, oh Manafort's lying, Stone's lying, Trump's lying, Flynn's lying, we have all the recordings, we have it all!
And then they try to argue, well we were only spying through the British and GSGQ of the Russians and their phone calls to the United States.
No, they were tapping the whole system.
And by the way, we have George W. Bush's former Attorney General coming out and saying that no doubt they spied on him and did it.
It's admitted!
Did Trump Tower wiretaps exist?
Former AG says yes, and here's why.
Here's another one.
Former CIA analyst Obama gave green light for NSA, CIA to sabotage Trump.
Of course they did.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
Deep State.
Trump ends the wiretapping innuendo game by dealing himself in.
He's the president.
He could sign executive orders killing the power that they got from executive orders.
This is amazing.
I mean, really, talk show hosts overuse the word amazing or incredible, but I mean, this is incredible.
And by the way, if a Russian agent wants to cut our taxes, secure our borders, strengthen our military, build a new nuclear weapons arsenal and hypersonic missiles like the Russians have and the Chinese have developed, oh, they got our technology, the Chinese didn't, we didn't even build it ourselves.
If he actually wants to get big banks to loan to small businesses, if he actually wants to get the government out of our lives, I mean, well then, I mean, he's not a Russian agent, it's not true, but boy, the Russians sure are better than our Democrats and our Republicans, aren't they?
I mean, if the Russians want to get rid of Obamacare, if the Russians don't want to have internet censorship, if the Russians want to have a free society, well then, I guess we're Russia then.
But we're not.
It's ridiculous.
But it's meant to cause a debate about that.
The MSM has no credibility.
They have a lower approval rating than Congress.
They know that.
But all they can do is come out with outrageous accusations.
Outrageous accusations!
Like somebody losing a court case against you, so they ask you, you love Hitler, don't you?
Or you, you know, you rape Easter bunnies, or you're a child molester.
It's the last refuge of scum!
And everybody knows what they're doing, except for one group.
And I like Jeff Sessions, and I like a lot of the folks that are in there, but I told you the knives are out for Previs.
It's Previs leaking everything, he can't help it, he's a minion, a Republican,
A palm greaser who just runs around minioning to Paul Ryan and the rest of them who are bought and paid for by the globalists and have a big screaming, you know what, for Trump because they want to use America for their global power and parlaying their power to the new New World Order system.
And they just have disdain for the American people, disdain for Trump, disdain for God, disdain for a family.
They think they're better than you.
And so, there's video, they caught, they never did this with Obama, with super zoom cameras from a half mile away from CNN in the windows of the White House, and they catch Jared Kushner coming by, and clearly, it's Prevost and Kushner walk by, and then Bannon is jumping up, yelling, and I'm like, I told you, you idiots, what the hell's your problem?
There's video.
We can roll it right there.
And these people are panicking because Trump never said he should recuse himself.
And the argument is, well, he's the separate attorney general.
He can do what he wants.
He should at least talk to the president about it.
The president blew up.
I heard about this before it was even in the news from our sources and said, I'm leaving to Florida.
You guys are a bunch of cowards.
The only other person there that was agreeing with him was Bannon.
All the others were running around crapping themselves because, you know, Jared got his power from his parents and Priebus is a minion.
And I'm not against Jared or any of these people, but give me a break.
You're not going to make friends with the New World Order.
They're not going to give up.
And none of these people should even think twice about this.
They need to join with the American people and be hardcore.
If the head of the intelligence, if the head of the Armed Services Committee meets with the Russian ambassador twice in 2016 publicly, on the record, and then gets asked later about it, did you meet as a campaign operative on the campaign with the Russians?
No, we didn't.
There's no lie there.
I mean, it's time to be aggressive!
It's time to be alpha male!
It's time to rally the people!
Or we're going to roll over to these cowards.
And I can't believe that Pelosi and Schumer and Michael Moore, these are the people we're up against and we can't beat them.
We are beating them.
But we have to get serious.
And coming up in the next segment, our guest here,
We're, I had this idea yesterday morning because Jesse James sent me a text, great metallurgist, motorcycle guy, everybody knows him, media demonizes him because he's a good guy, but I know him well.
What you hear about the media is total BS.
It's all the opposite.
But long story short, I've known him for a long time.
And I thought, man, this guy, he's like the head NRA promotions guy now.
And they're looking for him to supercharge things, to bring in the young generation.
And he has people that love him all across America.
He's had like, of the top ten reality shows, he's had three of the top ten.
Sold billions in merchandise.
Oh yeah, billions.
He doesn't brag about it.
Billions with a B. He's sold over two billion dollars worth of merchandise at Walmart alone.
The point is, Jesse James is a big wheel.
TV isn't even worth it for him.
He's a very down-to-earth guy and a lot of people respect him as just an entrepreneur, Americana, self-made.
And I called him back and I said, you gotta come on air and call for everybody to defend Trump and speak out for Trump.
So we're all thinking he's won, he's in there.
That's not the case.
The war's begun.
He says, absolutely, I'll come in next Friday, pump it on the show.
And I told him, I said, I'm gonna call a lot of the most prominent war heroes and soldiers, or I'm gonna have my sources do it.
And I didn't start calling until about 6 o'clock last night.
And already we've got the most prominent names ready to fly here or come on today or the next few days.
And to speak out and defend the President.
But they won't have to cover their faces like they did when they exposed Obama and said we're not going to be Al Qaeda's air force.
And that whole thing with Syria fell apart.
Thank God for our military's saying no.
The American people seeing it and calling Congress 100 to 1 for not going into Syria.
The Sleeping Giant awoken, but it started with our military.
It started here on the air.
We began to call for the military to say no.
We had whistleblowers on, Colonel Schaefer and Tosh Plumlee and others.
The military started posting on their Facebook, Instagram, you name it, images saying, I will not fight in Syria for Al Qaeda.
Then Rand Paul came out and said, I will not fight for Al Qaeda in Syria.
We shouldn't be their air force.
And then Ted Cruz did it.
And it morally brought them to their knees.
When I have these ideas, and it's super simple and not even that complex, it's just hiding in plain view.
It's not like, hey, you know, Einstein, wow, or wow, you know, no kidding, Sherlock.
It hit me.
And as soon as we started making these phone calls last night, we had people calling us back en masse, and I mean super prominent people, members of Congress, you name it, that are former military, saying, let's do this, to have the military come out for Trump, but this time it's their president,
This time it's the law that they back the Commander-in-Chief.
Every evidence is he's trying to rebuild the country.
The enemies of the nation know that.
Our fight's the same as in England and France, where they're fighting globalism.
They just unveiled the secret EU plan to take over the countries by force.
The British defense minister came out and said this is a military threat to the UK.
It's now gotten to the EU is a military threat.
It's a rogue, out of control, new Soviet Union.
Runs just like it.
Allied with Islam, even worse than the old Soviet Union.
It's cancer.
It's unpopular.
It's a joke.
It needs to be reformed now.
And America is finding its soul again.
And so if the military puts out your signs, puts out your statements, like, I am Donald Trump, kind of like, I am Spartacus, or, you know, the enemies of America hate Donald Trump, or Donald Trump, you know, is America, the Democrats are traitors.
You see that everywhere.
It shows the support and begins the rallying of the military.
Because let's just face it.
They may kill Trump.
They're going to come after everybody.
We're going to be in a civil war.
So I don't want to have things get physical, but we have to start preparing to fix things in the info war.
But if it goes to a full-on civil war, we're not going to have any choice.
They're coming after everybody.
They say they're physically coming after us.
And if they want to fight, they're going to get one.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The TSA is not satisfied with their current pat-down procedure, so they are ramping them up to get more invasive.
This is in response to a study that found weapons making it past security.
The new pat-down will be, quote, more intimate than before.
While TSA screenings are clearly fallible, this new loving pat-down procedure will make it less appealing for people who want to bypass the radiation scanners for health concerns, so they will just capitulate to the body scanners.
Which I'm sure will be ramped up and more intimate soon as well.
Keep in mind, this applies to the random pat-down, so this loose net is hardly an effective strategy unless you're looking to give more TSA agents freedom to grope your wife's chest.
For the first time in human history,
CNN's Angela Rye is right about something, as she wrote a piece titled, Dear TSA, the country is not safer after you grab vaginas, after an experience she had with the TSA.
And that was before the new policy.
Let's all unite behind molestation-free air travel for all.
Make flying great again.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
Let's go to Devon in Florida.
Devon in Florida, you're on the air.
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The globalist's great error is to believe that as they collapse humanity, they end up on top.
The truth is, humanity is coming down fast, but we're miles above them on our journey to hell.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, as you may have heard, President Trump's extremely pissed after discovering that Obama apparently used his surrogates in the Justice Department to tap his phones, using a FISA warrant, a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant, which is extremely secret.
Oh, not to mention, most likely, the phones and emails of his staff, family, and friends as well.
Now, the liberal media is really putting in some overtime trying to spin this, so let's cut to the BS to figure out exactly what happened.
At this point in time, many Democrats are either denying that there was a wiretap, or really more of them are denying that Obama had directly ordered it, and that if there was a wiretap, it was the Justice Department, and of course there would be no connection between them and Obama whatsoever.
You know, the same Obama Justice Department that was headed up by Loretta Lynch, who met secretly with Bill Clinton just before the investigation into Hillary was concluded.
You know, the same Obama Justice Department that tapped the cell phone of Fox News Washington correspondent James Rosen under the Espionage Act to try to find out who his sources were, as well as subpoenaed multiple phone records of Associated Press reporters.
The same Obama Justice Department that openly admits that they tapped the personal cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
You may recall that Obama openly admits that he launched an investigation to try to discover whether or not there was any connection between the Russians and the Trump campaign, and their investigation revealed that there was nothing.
So it really would be foolish to deny that Trump's phone was bugged, and the phones of his closest staff as well.
In fact, many in the intelligence community believe that the leaks that are coming out of the Trump administration are coming not from Trump's staff members, but from rogue NSA officials who are actually tapping Trump's staff members' phones.
It's been common knowledge for well over 10 years now
The intelligence community, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, etc., can tap people's phones with just a few clicks on a computer.
Not only just tapping phone calls, but actually activate the microphone in your phone, or one of them, there's multiple microphones in your phones as you probably know, can remotely activate those mics and then the phone is literally a bug.
It doesn't even matter if the phone is off.
It can still be remotely activated and have the microphone or one of the microphones turned on, which is then a multi-directional bug.
I mean, this is why these lead-covered cases for cell phones are becoming more and more popular.
Because so many people know now that your phone can just be activated remotely and used as a bug, again, even if the phone is powered down.
And really, the only way to stop that is to put it in a lead case so that there's no signals being transmitted to or
We're good to go.
It's common knowledge that it's very easy to tap into, but 10, 12 years ago, something like that was seen as so far-fetched that when one of my co-workers at my former day job saw what I was doing, he asked, he's like, oh, what is this?
You got tape over the camera?
He's like, you think that someone's gonna be spying on you?
And now here, fast forward, like 12 years later, it's common knowledge, and pretty much everybody does that.
Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg goes even a step further to try to prevent people from spying on him which he does something that's actually quite clever.
He plugs into the microphone jack on his laptop a 2.5 millimeter like a headphone jack or a microphone jack that is then cut off so that the computer identifies that there's an external microphone so that if someone is tapping into the microphone on his computer
It's not going to be getting any audio because the computer is set up to use the external microphone, but guess what?
The cord is cut and there is no microphone.
And these liberal lunatics continue to see Russians around every corner and literally think that Trump is a Russian Manchurian candidate placed in the White House by the Kremlin.
But his staff has been caught meeting with the Russians, they say.
Jeff Sessions was a member of Congress.
He met with a Russian ambassador in his office, as do many members of Congress.
He didn't meet with him in some underground parking garage.
The meeting is probably marked on his calendar, which is public record.
Right there, met with Russian ambassador.
No big secret here.
Someone just asked Nancy Pelosi, well, have you ever met with a Russian ambassador?
And she was just like stunned.
She's like,
Uh, uh, uh, uh, of course she has.
It's not some big conspiracy that the Russian ambassador meets with American congressmen.
That's what they do.
So it's going to be interesting to see how this wiretapping scandal unfolds because thankfully we have a president who's not going to sit down and take any crap when treasonous members of the deep state conspire to try to bring him down.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Timothy Reams and Quentin Carter are guests in studio, the first to kick off this new initiative with us.
We're going to get a lot of other people obviously in studio and on air, but I just had this idea yesterday talking to Q and to Jesse James, and I said we really ought to get the patriots of this country, not just the motorcycle clubs and people that you know still believe in the Second Amendment and private property, but the veterans who've been targeted.
By the Democrats, by the globalists.
We've got the reports, I've shown them on air, where DHS domestic terror warning angers the GOP, where they said that we stand by veterans being the number one terror threat in America with no evidence, no metrics, no nothing.
But of course if you're a globalist that have hijacked the country, you're threatened by the veterans.
So this is becoming a very, very serious situation.
You have all the fake intelligence reports that they now admit are fake.
The House Intelligence Committee chairman said, we've seen it all.
There's not even phone calls to the Russians.
But Trump was under surveillance.
George W. Bush's former attorney general has come out and said, no, we've seen the evidence.
They were under total surveillance during the campaign and during the transition and probably still.
And we've also got former high-level CIA folks coming out and saying former CIA analyst Obama gave green light for NSA, CIA to sabotage Trump.
So, Trump is now coming out and saying, you know what, I want all of it released to Congress, release all our transcripts, everything, of the non-existent wiretapping.
That's how dumb they think you are.
As months ago, they say they're engaged in all this surveillance.
And then they come out in the news and say, it's preposterous, it's asinine.
Trump is right.
Why would he say we're spying on him?
So I had the idea along with these guys, and of course I've known Tim for a while as well.
He's hadn't been on air with us.
To just say, look, it seems like common sense.
Spontaneously, veterans were calling it on our show in 2013.
We put the articles up on screen.
And they were saying, this is Al Qaeda, this is Wahhabist groups, we're helping in Syria, it's morally wrong, they're killing Christians by the tens of thousands every month.
And I had CIA contractors on, like Tosh Plumley, I had Colonel Schaefer on, about Benghazi, right after it happened, with exactly what happened.
All sorts of hell broke loose from that, and the fact is, I'm not bragging, I'm letting you know, we've been the epicenter of this already with our audience, so we can do this together.
Guaranteed, if you take action, just like everything else we've done.
I'm gonna turn it over to these guys for the next 45 minutes.
But, it started with folks who were listening to our show, sending us photos of themselves in uniform, but covering their faces, because it wasn't a real Commander-in-Chief then, saying, I did not join the Navy to fight for Al-Qaeda in the Syrian Civil War.
On and on and on.
military does not want to fight for Al-Qaeda, Christian killers in Syria.
September 2nd, 2013.
So, InfoWars just covered this without me even calling for veterans to stand up.
They were suddenly in active duty with a group that were speaking out and taking action on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and they were being blocked.
But it still didn't stop the information from spreading.
But you know, once one of their photos got like a million viewers, they'd knock it down, they'd block it.
But it didn't matter.
More people just kept fighting back.
So they were getting a hundred to one phone calls against the Syrian war for Saudi Arabia.
And that's what turned the tide on that.
And then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs went dempsey and told Obama on a Saturday night, we're not bombing tomorrow.
There's gonna be a full mutiny because what you're doing is illegal.
And of course this later, they, our government, Obama had helped overthrow Libya.
They'd overthrown our ally, Egypt, and actually put Wahhabists in, murdering people en masse, blowing up 200 plus churches.
CNN was like, it's wonderful what's happening, and Anderson Cooper, this is our government at that time, allied with radical Islam.
I used to hear that 10 years ago from people that were really smart, and I thought they were crazy.
I mean, it really happened.
Then the documents came out that Obama was funding the Muslim Brotherhood.
Now we learned he gave $3 billion of taxpayer money illegally.
This just broke last week.
Fox News, CNN had a report on it and said, oh big deal.
Directly to these Black Lives Matter and activist groups.
$3 billion of money they stole from fines from big banks and then gave to them.
So this is a criminal attempt to overthrow our republic.
If you ever wanted to clear cut time to stand up for the country and just speak out, this is the time.
Because these people are trying to say our president's a Russian agent with zero evidence.
The intelligence community's already said there's nothing there.
And now that there's nothing there, they say, well, we never, never wiretapped, we never said any of this.
Oh, really?
You can show them the hundreds and hundreds of articles a day that came out for a month.
So, it's all unfolding right now, and
The globalists love, as they sell America out, use our military to expand their power.
Tell them how much they love veterans.
But when their actions, remember, in their actions they hate the veterans because they're can-do people on average.
They're not domesticated.
The Politano stands by controversial report.
Remember this?
Washington Times.
Where they came out, we got the secret document from Homeland Security.
I got it from federal marshals.
For a week, people said it must be fake, saying veterans are the number one threat, returning veterans are number one, veterans are number two, gun owners are number three, Christians are number four.
People couldn't believe it.
And then all of a sudden, everybody started leaking them everywhere, going, state police everywhere got the federal report.
They said, no, it's real.
What Alex Jones put out is real.
Again, I'm not taking credit.
We get the info, we put it out.
I mean, I called the number on it.
The FBI said, how do you have that?
You know, do not cover that.
And I said, screw you, I've already covered it.
I said, I haven't authenticated this, but I just authenticated it with you.
And then she had to respond.
She stood by it, saying veterans, the lowest crime rate out there, patriots, are the number one threat.
Well, the threat to the globalists that are hijacking the country.
Folks, I have the British head of the British Ministry of Defense coming out yesterday, and we're going to go to our guest here.
Let me set the table.
Coming out yesterday in a speech saying the EU is deploying a secret army and is trying to get laws passed to turn our militaries over to them.
This is a military threat to the UK.
That's because the EU is a criminal organization with socialist and globalist and communist aims that opened itself up to 5 million Islamist, 80% of military age men.
They ran the whole program.
This is their shadow army.
This is their takeover.
It's really happening.
They're really that crazy.
They think you're really that asleep.
So even in the UK, we're going to play this clip coming up and start the next hour.
Even in the UK, they're saying, secret army to take over.
What the hell?
Because the EU was crazy enough to admit they're deploying this army, but said it's secret.
Well of course the British got all the intelligence on it.
It's crazy!
As if a bunch of socialist French and Germans are going to take over the world.
Give me a break!
So, our country's in deep trouble because we've been so nice, they've taken it for weakness, and now they think that they're in every major newspaper saying kill the president, overthrow him, impeach him.
They're all over the place lying because Trump actually does care about American people and workers and veterans and coal miners and is actually doing something day one.
The biggest stock market we've had in our history.
Three trillion dollars added in the last two months.
The best small business numbers coming in since 1984.
Took Reagan three years to get there.
Just taking the foot off our neck.
That's all Trump's doing!
Our government sold us out to special interests.
They gave them our weapons, everything.
So, I'm done ranting about this.
I haven't scripted this with Tim or Quentin.
I know you guys have made a lot of phone calls, a lot of really great people, some of the top, you know, heroes and soldiers out there understand.
As soon as they heard the call, they go, absolutely, we're already there.
We're just waiting for somebody to, you know, something to catalyze.
But what we're facing, you cannot hype this up enough.
This is the second American Revolution.
This is it.
But not against King George this time.
But against a multinational globalist group who's anti-free market.
We're not against big corporations that are rich.
That's wonderful.
As long as they want small people to have a chance and set up a world that produces freedom.
That doesn't turn us over to Islam.
Alright, so Tim and Q, you guys, we haven't scripted what we're going to talk about here.
Just from the heart, where we're at, what other folks you're talking to are saying, where this is going.
Because if listeners and viewers
We're gonna skip this break too, coming up.
So I've been going here.
If the viewers take their, whatever their comment is, hold up a sign in uniform, active duty, you're allowed as active duty to say support the president, you're supposed to under law, aren't you?
To do this, it's so simple, just be Americans, just have solidarity, so these enemies like Chuck Schumer and Pelosi and all of them understand, and Michael Moore,
We're not putting up with it.
So again, we have the famous photos from three years ago, people saying, I'm not going to fight for Al-Qaeda in Syria.
We've just changed them to an example of what I would do.
Donald Trump is my president.
I am Donald Trump.
If you all do this on Facebook, Instagram, wherever, call into talk radio, wherever.
Go speak at city council.
We need you.
America respects you.
And the country's under attack by globalists.
This is where you're needed in the republic.
This is it, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, guys, take over.
Exactly what you said, you know, it's pretty upsetting to actually see the way our country is actually going right now.
I'm not supporting the President, the Commander-in-Chief, and that's exactly what we need to do.
Regardless of, you know, who you are or whatever you voted on, this or that, it doesn't matter anymore because he's been elected President.
Now that he is President, we need to stand behind him, we need to stand together, and we need to support him in every way he takes this country.
Because for the next four years, that's exactly what's going to happen.
And several years ago, we had a bunch of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, stuff like that, stand up and take pictures that they wouldn't
Basically partake in what would be a war or illegal actions.
We want you to do the same thing.
This is a call to action.
It's time to stand up.
It's time to do the right thing.
Write that same sign.
Draw that same picture, whatever it is, but this time don't hide your face.
Show the world who you are and that you're proud.
We understand.
Tim was in the Marines.
I was in the Army.
There are certain things that on your uniform you don't want to show and we fully understand that.
We don't want anyone to get in trouble for what they do, but there's nothing
There's nothing wrong with supporting the commander in chief.
You know, the UCMJ, all those things.
There's nothing wrong.
There's nothing unlawful about basically saying that you support the man who supports us.
Trump has been great to veterans.
He has been great to the United States of America as a whole.
And I wholeheartedly believe that his mission is to make this place great again.
And so far in just 45 days or whatever it is,
He's made astronomical changes for the betterment of us.
That's why they're so scared.
That's exactly why they're scared.
They don't want to see anyone win.
That's it.
They're the only people that are supposed to win because they run everything.
The only way that they can feel empowered is to
It's just like we talked about yesterday, it's one of the most idiotic ideas that these people have.
Like we said, like you said, the President of the United States, he's the pilot, we're flying on an airplane, and you have people that want him to crash and burn.
But why?
Oh, Bloomberg and others have said, we want the economy to fail.
Goldman Sachs is telling people, dump their stocks and things to hurt Trump.
And they've made record money since he's been in.
They want control.
Right, but they have enough money that they can take money, set it aside, do other things with it, put it in foreign markets and things like that, so if our economy crashes, it doesn't leave them poor.
The ultra-rich will never be poor.
That's right, it's economic warfare.
I mean, all I'm saying is, I've studied history, what's going on is treasonous, and I'm not calling for some fascist deal.
They're already doing this, saying all over the news, kill the president, crash the economy, burn down cities, and at a certain point he has a responsibility to start going after these people.
No, he definitely should.
And you know, it's our responsibility now that we're back home, you know, for the veterans that are back home, they're not serving overseas anymore.
You know, it's our responsibility to step together and support the President.
You know, give him exactly what he needs in that support.
You know, you don't have to necessarily agree with everything that he says, but again, in the end of the day, he's the President of the United States.
The country as a whole stood up and voted.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
We've sat back and took it on the chin for eight solid years.
We didn't whine.
We didn't complain.
We didn't protest.
We didn't go up and beat up people.
You know, veterans didn't go out and attack the LGBT community or anyone else because that's not our style.
We are not aggressors.
We're protectors.
It's how it works.
So now that we've sat back, we've done eight years of this, it's our turn.
We expect the same thing.
You don't have to necessarily agree with what he has to say.
You don't have to wholeheartedly believe in his message.
But what you do have to do is stop trying to derail the train.
We're all trying to go in the same direction.
We're all trying to benefit from this, make it better.
And that's better education, that's better jobs, that's, you know, better homeland security.
There's all kinds of things that encompass it.
I mean, Trump $25 billion to black colleges in his first month, and the Democrats did $4 billion in eight years.
The point is the media didn't even cover it.
None whatsoever.
But why would they?
It's against their agenda.
Why would they let everyone know that Trump, the racist,
Gave any money to black college.
And they have no proof.
And getting back to this, I'm sure you guys remember this, we've talked about it.
Remember when Obama said the number one threat is veterans and returning veterans and gun owners?
Trump reversed that.
Trump team wants anti-terror program to only target radical Islam.
He actually did the order and told them to stop saying the main threat is gun owners and veterans, but it's radical Islam in the country.
Trump delisted the veterans as the enemy.
Yeah, there was a big movement in the veteran community for quite a while when they talked about homegrown terrorists.
Basically talking about how, you know, the veterans who came home from the war are the biggest threat to the United States.
That they are... We need armored vehicles for the veterans!
Because you don't know, because they're unstable, because they have post-traumatic stress, because of all this other crazy bullshit that they wanted to do.
So what they basically did was put doubt in the mind of those veterans who came home, who are having a hard time.
It was meant to demoralize them so they committed suicide.
That's exactly.
Yeah, they didn't part of the movement.
I talked to a lot of people about that too.
It's just one of those things where when they started saying that stuff and there were guys that had
You know, did have actual problems with PTSD and needed to come out and get help.
They were afraid to because they were, they thought, they had this thought in the back of their mind that they would actually get put on this, these lists that you're talking about.
And so, you know, a lot of them refrained from going out and asking for help because they were afraid of some of the other stuff that they might look, be looked at differently.
It's a stigma!
They were dehumanizing the veterans.
And a lot of it has to do also with, you know, the different backgrounds that guys have.
Whether you're a Force Recon Marine, or Ranger, or Special Forces, whatever it is, or even a truck driver, whatever.
A lot of those guys are afraid to be put on lists based wholly on their experience, based on their resume, based on their bio.
Well, here's the news.
Everybody's on a list who isn't a scumbag now, and everybody has to understand this is the battle for the republic.
We claim we want a real president.
He's totally delivered.
He's under total attack by every bad group there is, which is even more proof, and this is the war for the country.
So, they plan to physically try to kill the president or shut him down or remove him, and then they've openly announced all this horrible stuff they want to do to the country and just, I mean, it's total social engineering.
So if the veterans simply, again,
What are some ideas of things veterans can do?
Obviously they can take photos with statements, I'm with Trump, or those that, you know, hate Trump are enemies of America, or, you know, the Democrats are, you know, globalist operatives, you know, not Trump, or the enemy power is globalist, or Americanism, not globalism, I support Trump.
I mean, whatever the message is, put it out, we'll post them to InfoWars, we'll retweet them, we'll Facebook them, we'll put articles out that I guarantee you once this gets big, Drudge will link to, and the President will see it and also give him support.
Because here's the thing.
Trump overall is winning, and we're winning right now, but the enemy is emboldened, and I'll say the biggest problem.
Trump is completely committed and doesn't care.
He's very fatalistic about all this.
He knows he's doing the right thing, he doesn't care.
I mean, he really sees himself as a revolutionary, and that's why they've even put out CIA reports that have leaked to Congress and leaked to Public Affairs Magazine and things, where they go, okay, Trump's for real.
He really believes he's going to save America and do all this, and that's why he's super dangerous.
So they've gotten past the racist, all this other crap.
They just say, oh no, this guy actually wants to devolve power to the states.
He really wants to do this.
We've got to stop him.
So they're committed.
The war just started, people.
And it's not like, oh, there's work I've got to do.
It's exciting!
It's an honor to be alive when the country was on a knife's edge about to really end, and we got a last gasp here that if we take advantage of it, there'll be a whole new lease on life.
And all over the world, people are saying no to globalism.
We took our first step by actually going to the polls and speaking our mind.
You know, there were a lot of fake polls.
There were a lot of people saying that, you know, Trump has no man.
And they bucked the polls!
And that's exactly what happened.
We just didn't fall for their rhetoric.
We went to the polls.
We all voted.
Men, women, gay.
Straight veterans, non-veterans, everybody went out and voted.
Everyone had their chance.
For prosperity!
And now, it's super simple.
We took the first step, the next step is now wholeheartedly supporting the man who's in charge.
Regardless of the past, today is new, tomorrow is new, all we want to do is do better from this point forward.
You know, I served overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan during that time, you know, Obama's eight year reign or presidential, whatever.
You know, I supported him wholeheartedly every every step of the way.
I might not have agreed with everything that he did, but regardless, he was the commander in chief.
And so I did what he wanted.
But now I actually see a president that I believe in.
And, you know, now it's our turn to step together.
The polls and voting and us getting him into office was just the first step.
Now the second step to secure our future, for a better future, we just need to come together.
The veterans need to stand up and, you know, actually go out on air or social media and then just say that they do support Trump.
That's right, because all the scumbags, I mean, I've seen Schumer have press conferences about how veterans are dangerous and need to be watched.
We ought to dig that out from like four years ago.
They are there claiming Trump's this Russian agent, and the intelligence community says, we got the wiretaps, there's nothing there.
There's not even phone calls.
There's nothing at all.
It's, you know, they dug as hard as they could, they tried everything they could, there's just nothing to find.
He hasn't been in business this long, been this successful, and then all of a sudden now he's the bad guy.
Everyone loved him eight years ago.
Everyone liked everything he's ever done.
Yeah, they only started hating him as soon as he ran for president.
When he became the president and they realized, like, oh holy shit, like, he has a legitimate chance to unite the people, then did he become racist, then did he become a liar, then did he become a womanizer, all those things that he's been now only because they see the power that he holds.
Well, he's been so smart, he did this all pop stuff, all of it, just to get public attention to be ready for this.
This is his whole life.
That's the thing, that's why they're so scared now.
Because, I mean, he got trained, basically, by Joseph McCarthy's top guy.
We'll be right back.
Oh, he's the Russian agent, though.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up.
We've got Tim Reams in here and also Quentin Carter.
Both of them are
Quiet professionals, but they are definitely out there in the community.
Seen a lot of combat, both in the military, but also as contractors for different agencies and grips out there.
And we should talk about this in the next segment.
Just remind me to get there.
Some stations don't carry this five minutes.
But I just wanted to make a statement to all the viewers and listeners.
Trump isn't backing off from all the intimidation, the attacks, the demonization.
They keep thinking he's going to back off.
He's not.
But they are getting to his people.
So, that's the problem, and he can't even get his people into the different agencies, and they're in mutiny against the President.
I mean, literally against the law.
That's admitted they're in mutiny.
What do you think he should do about that?
You know, it's hard.
By no means am I a politician and I don't have all the right answers.
I wish I did.
But, to me, it's time to come out with the gloves off.
You know, we're not sparring, we're not playing around anymore.
I agree, because it's hard to kick out the 4,000 people in the structure.
He needs to go after the big dogs that openly met with the Russians, that got money from them, that are dirty.
He just needs to take the gloves off on these people.
Cut the head off the snake.
Body will die.
Let's not start at the bottom.
Let's start at the top.
The people that are doing the wrong thing, the people that we know can't be trusted, the people that have openly... We need to clean house.
I'm sorry.
Trump just needs to clean house.
Clean house, but start at the top.
We need to do that.
And one thing that you don't really actually see a lot of, which is why this is so important now, is the fact that
We don't, uh, you know, Trump has more support that they actually show.
You know, there's so many more people that are, that support him, but whenever you flip through social media or, you know, CNN or whatever, you see the fact that nobody supports him or whatever they're... They admittedly distort that!
For like two months, all his Twitter comments are negative.
Yeah, and that's what they say, you know, and they spent two or three days on CNN complaining about the way he ate chicken fried steak on his own private plane with a knife and a, you know, a fork, so that some of the stuff that they report on is just completely not helping.
Yeah, he gives $25 billion to the black colleges, but they talk about Conway putting her feet on the couch.
Yeah, exactly.
They're just nitpicking at him, but now, like I said, he's got so much more support that he needs to know about.
We all support him.
He got elected for a reason, and I don't want him to stop.
He started 100 miles an hour, he's going, he's getting things done.
And so we just need to support him and just keep going on with it.
You know, that's key.
I don't want to demoralize people saying they need to stand up for Trump.
It's just that we can't just think he's there alone.
They're coming after him.
He's still winning.
But it's like a lion surrounded by 100 wolves.
And we've got to get in there, folks, because...
Because, look, his approval rating's only going up, even with her skewed pulse.
So, America gets it.
But the enemy's getting more and more pissed.
They need to get bloody noses.
They need to back off.
They are just... There's something about, like, a wimp that thinks they're invincible and always gets in your face until you break their jaw.
I mean, I'm not looking for violence here, but, I mean, politically, he's gotta break some necks.
And that's the thing.
Until, you know, they can continue to push and do what they're doing, it just has to be met with, you know, a strong, um...
You know, we voted.
We picked what we wanted.
They're calling for killing him everywhere.
What have I said?
Send in helicopters to Congress.
Clean out the Democrats.
Arrest all their asses.
I mean, that's probably what they should do.
These are globalist enemies.
But I'm not even saying doing that, because it goes down a dangerous road.
But the road with them running things is even more dangerous.
For the first time in my life, I'm ready to see all their asses arrested.
They've all committed a bunch of goddamn crimes anyways.
And that's why they're scared and that's why they keep attacking him because they can't control him.
Well, they know he's going to burrow in and get them.
Oh, definitely.
Most definitely.
Yeah, I mean, just like with the attacks in Berkeley and stuff like that, people are trying to do a peaceful protest, you know, like a pro-Trump rally.
And then people are going to come out, they're cowards, they hide their face, they hit people with sticks, they pepper spray someone.
Like, it's real simple to pick on a little man or a woman or something like that that's just out trying to be, you know, peaceful and have a
A demonstration.
Well, you know, you picked on us.
You did what you wanted.
You asked for a fight.
Now you have one.
So quit being cowards.
Uncover your face.
The antifas and all this.
Like, it doesn't take a big man to hide your face.
You see my face.
You hear my message.
Fine me if that's your deal.
Let's talk about what happened in Berkeley again.
They just attacked peaceful people everywhere.
Let's get into
Again, how this will work.
Again, it's just getting the people motivated, but particularly the veterans, because people really listen to you as a moral authority, because you've stood up for something.
You're not a coward.
We need you to lead for the Republic right now, and Trump needs your help as well.
I'm beginning to think Mexico's border policy and immigration policy is whatever goes against Trump.
In an unprecedented move, the Mexican government is now paying $50 million to give legal support to Mexican nationals living in the U.S.
So Mexico won't pay for a wall, but they will pay for people who leave Mexico for the United States, I guess because it's better.
If you do so legally, though, they have no funding for you.
All 50 Mexican consulates to the U.S.
are launching legal assistance centers for Mexican nationals living in the U.S.
illegally who are fearing deportation.
In contrast, however, I cannot go to Mexico and have the U.S.
government pay any legal fees I may incur for migrating illegally.
And why would Mexico pay people who left their country?
Is Mexico that bad they just refuse to go back?
Or are the people that left Mexico that bad they're paying to keep them out?
No, I think any anti-Trump politicians from anywhere on earth have now abandoned all logic, all common sense, all true policy and diplomacy in an attempt to go against anything President Trump tries to do.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
This is Alex Jones.
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Wow, thank you.
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Which Nutraceutical does you like best?
I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
That's really incredible.
I drank it in the morning and I swear to you, I felt incredible.
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My morning was fantastic.
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It's a win-win.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
You know, it was Clinton that just pointed out that today is the Battle of the Alamo Day.
This is the day the Alamo fell.
March 6, 1836.
Just incredible.
And Patterson was the land commissioner then and he was running for governor.
I wish he would have won.
I mean, I like the current governor as well.
But they had been a feedlot until the 50s.
The Daughters of the Republic of Texas took it over.
They wouldn't allow any political speeches there.
Well, the state took it back over and the only speech that's been given there was that one three years ago.
You can Google Alex Jones Alamo speech.
It's pretty powerful.
But there was a lot of other powerful speeches that day.
It was just crazy that
Not just to speak at the Alamo and my ancestors were involved in all that, but to then, you know, that's somebody else's live feed.
There's an HD feed we've got.
But the point is, is that it's just epic how reaching back in time, we're all connected, there it is, to those very same things.
Tim Reams, of course, Quentin Carter, both veterans.
I don't
Paul Ryan, you name it, is on Soros payroll.
You've got the MSM.
You've got foreign governments.
They're all piled on against him, claiming he won because of the Russians.
Not because of his message.
It's so insulting to the American people.
But I'm not here in an SOS.
I'm just telling you, they are intending to go all out.
And it's going to take more than Trump to beat him.
And he can't sit up there as the Commander-in-Chief and look weak.
He's not.
He's strong.
He's not backing down.
He's counting on us.
That's why he says, we're going to have more rallies, and I need the veterans, and I'm doing this for you.
We're together.
Because he's telling everybody that he's really trying.
And I mean, it's almost surreal after all these traders or people that are milk toast, people that are halfway good and bad, to actually have somebody on fire and to see small businesses exploding, the stock market exploding, confidence exploding, respect for the country exploding, and all the good things he's doing, and to see this pack of scum out to get him.
Pelosi, when you talk about jobs or veterans, wouldn't even stand up or clap.
These are arrogant pieces of trash.
You guys, don't be respectful here.
Let's talk more about that.
But also, we don't say any names yet.
But a lot of really prominent folks that are patriots, they're gonna be joining us in the next days and weeks, also pushing for veterans just to stand up and speak out.
Doesn't mean veterans are gonna save the world by themselves.
But by going to City Council, calling C-SPAN, coming on this show, putting stuff out with a photo of yourself saying, I'm Trump.
You know, Quentin explained to people about, I was talking about the I'm Spartans, she said, no, no, no, we've already done that in the military before.
Explain what it means to say, I'm Donald Trump.
Yeah, basically what we're trying to say is that, you know,
We support him.
We are him.
He is us.
He takes care of us.
He supports us.
We, you know, 100% wholeheartedly agree with what's going on.
We honestly believe as a whole that our best interests are in his and his or in ours.
So I just want to see all of the veterans go out like a lot of the pictures we're showing right now.
They weren't allowed to show their faces because they were standing up against the current president or commander in chief.
Well, that's no longer an issue.
So we want you to be proud, stand up, show your face, say who you are, you know, show the world it's solidarity.
Sure, and let's be clear, we took famous ones from three and a half years ago that turned the tide against backing Al-Qaeda in Syria, and so I wanted to put them side by side, but I didn't have time to tell the crew where we show the original, what they said, I won't be Al-Qaeda's air force, and then now we've changed it as an example of what we think is a good idea.
But I'm sure you'll come up with better ideas.
That's correct.
And we'll do it.
We'll figure it out.
And the viewers will do a great job.
You know, they're far more creative than I'll ever be.
There'll be somebody out there that makes that sign that goes viral.
And when it does, it'll come to Imple Wars.
We'll repost it.
We'll retweet it.
We'll do all that stuff.
We'll make it big.
And the Democrats call themselves the resistance now, and that's our classic term.
We didn't just invent that.
Everybody that's a resistance against the system.
The whole system's against Trump.
We are the resistance trying to restore our republic.
No, we definitely are, you know, and if there was just one thing I could say to President Trump, you know, face-to-face, it's just don't stop, okay?
Just don't stop, keep going, and we're here to support you.
Now, he can't be everywhere, he can't make, you know, there's 320 million Americans, he can't make everybody happy.
But he is the Commander-in-Chief.
It's our turn now to support him.
President Trump, don't stop.
We back you 100%.
Now that you are the President, it's our turn to now support you and show our support.
Just like you said on social media.
He can't help it.
He can't stop.
No, he can't stop, and I don't think he wants to, which is the reason why we voted him into office.
And the fight didn't end when we elected him.
Oh, they're playing chicken with somebody who is going to go to the end.
And that's the thing.
Whether he's destroyed or victorious is up to us.
That's exactly right.
You know, it's just the election was not enough.
The election was just basically the first step.
Now it's time
To stand behind and move forward.
You know, if you can lead, lead.
If you can't, follow.
But do something.
Well, I've said it.
Everybody's always saying they want this or that or they want to see globalism on its knees.
The TPP, all these unelected systems, all these globalist systems, all these horrible, arrogant systems are all already in flames.
He's already devastated them.
Think of the victories of exposing the fake polls and CNN giving Hillary the questions and her directing the media.
Think of all our glorious victories.
They could change it all, but he's a Russian agent.
That's why it's important to say, am I a Russian agent?
Because I support America?
This is a load of crap.
These people, and like I said, Hillary's the one getting $35 million from Putin.
They're the ones that, I mean, I had, this is what happened.
I had Kurt Weldon, former head of the Intelligence Committee for the Republicans on.
Two weeks ago, he said, I'm pissed.
I know what's going on.
I know they're saying he's a Russian agent and all this crap.
I saw the documents that were secret that Hillary was actually commanded by the Chinese.
He said, I'm coming out the next week.
I know they probably, he said, they threatened my family and I'm doing it.
Still haven't come on yet.
He got pissed.
He came on.
But then it's like these people go, I'm going to do the right thing.
And then, well, that's secret.
You can't talk about it.
I mean, Hillary, literally, I've been told this by former CIA section chiefs from Asia.
Hillary, since the 80s, has been on the Chinese payroll.
It's not some double agent deal, folks.
She's totally paid for.
Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what they're, uh, you know, I understand exactly what they're saying as far as, uh, you know, Trump being a Russian spy, this and that.
It's just, you know, that we just need to, you know, back him and help him do what he said he was going to do.
And he's started, you know.
Yeah, the Russians want our taxes cut and a bigger military?
I mean, I don't think so.
None whatsoever.
So they want their largest opposition in the world to be more fruitful and more successful?
I think that absolutely makes no sense whatsoever.
And the Intelligence Committee said, no evidence.
It was all made up, fake wiretap crap.
Then they go, oh, we didn't do wiretaps.
I want the guy who trains to fight against me in battle to have the same weapons that I have, to eat the same amount of food that I have, to sleep in the same comfy bed that I have?
No, absolutely not.
I want that dude to sleep in rocks and have some busted set of gear and a weapon that doesn't work.
Because I want every single advantage I have to beat him.
So to think that for any means or for any reason that the Russians would want us to do better by having him elected is just stupid.
It is.
It definitely is.
And you're completely right.
It's almost comical, in my opinion.
It's almost comical to actually think that, you know, they would want us to succeed in any way by, you know, helping him get elected.
Making America great again.
Yeah, why would they want that?
Why would they care?
You know, teach his own, whatever they do.
Hey, as long as it doesn't endanger the safety of others, I don't care.
I'm here and President Trump is here for the Americans.
That's it.
I mean, it's so clear cut.
So I've been asked a lot of questions, making a lot of points.
Let's talk about some of the other great patriots.
I mean, you guys, we started making phone calls about 7 o'clock last night.
I mean, you told me this morning the response was just boom.
You too.
So thanks for responding when we talked about it.
I mean, this is what we do.
We work all the time.
Anyone that knows you and I knows that there's no such thing as downtime.
There's no such thing as off time.
We talk sometimes in the middle of the night, morning, whatever.
If we ever break these people's back, we're going to take some vacations.
We could do it too.
We're going to.
It's just a matter of keep pushing.
We have the platform to get the message out.
So that's the idea.
Use our platform.
A lot of people have the same idea or ideology that we have and they want to say the same things.
They just don't know how to get it out in a media forum.
They need the trigger.
They need us.
Or they might be afraid to come out on their own.
Understand that we're not afraid.
We don't run.
I'm afraid of failing and letting these anti-American, anti-human scumbags who think they're better than us and want to just dominate us because they know I'm not being elitist.
You look at our opposition, they're scum.
They're willing to do nasty, bad stuff for control.
And we just want them off our backs.
I mean, for me, it totally overwhelms me in a good way.
I'm possessed by the desire to beat these people.
It's not about money, fame, any of it.
I'm tired of scum trying to screw people over because they don't want any competition.
Yeah, and it's just like you said, you know, you started this yesterday, I don't know, around 7 o'clock, and me and Hugh had talked, and ever since then, it hasn't even been 24 hours yet, we have a list of veterans, known veterans, who have been put in the spotlight, who have done really well for themselves, and they're going to come on here and they're going to talk, but that list just keeps growing because more and more want to, you know, do what, like you said, support Trump and come out here and actually have a conversation.
I don't care where they do it.
I've said here, wherever, and they all want to do it here.
I just want to see them stand up because the country needs them.
And I talked to a lot of them on the phone whenever I called them.
I actually called a lot of guys up and said, hey, Alex Jones is talking about doing this.
Where do you stand?
And hey, can I fly down tomorrow?
They actually want to be here.
It's not twisting their arm or anything like that.
They want to be here because they truly believe in everything that you're saying.
They truly believe in everything that Trump is doing because he is looking out for the better, better for the veterans.
He's looking out for us.
Even though a lot of Americans won't think he is, he's actually looking out for all of America.
Well, that's the thing.
They listen to the news that just won't report anything he's doing, but I sit there every day watching what he actually did.
It's everything you do to empower the people.
We should release like a top 10 list, just something, a quick little article, whatever, on top 10 things that he's done that they're not telling.
That's a great headline.
Top 10 things Trump's done for the people.
You know, $25 billion for black colleges.
You don't see that anywhere.
Cutting two-thirds of the regulations on small business.
Best small business numbers since 1984.
Three trillion added to the stock market.
Signed an executive order so you don't have to pay $5,000 if you don't get Obamacare.
Killed the mandate.
The news won't even tell you that.
So that's what we should do.
We should show them.
So instead of, we cover stories, we do things here quite differently than everyone else does.
But, you know, there are things that are missed because we literally can't cover everything.
He does so much so good that we can't do it all.
In a short amount of time.
He took the veterans off the number one terror list.
He said they're not on the list.
And we should do something, we should... Like they said, when veterans start blowing stuff up, then we'll... Right.
Put them on a list.
We should post a list.
You know, like our headlines, our top ten list, top five, whatever it is, of the things that he's done that no one else is covering so that we can show that truth to everyone.
Well, everybody like Jesse James, you name it, who again, Jesse James doesn't brag, nobody really says how big he is.
He sold two billion dollars worth of product in Walmart.
He has control of the entire NRA brand.
He has the next five years.
You know, we're friends, we go out to dinner and stuff.
I never get into all that.
I don't ever ask him for anything in the six years I've known him.
And when I call him and say, I need you to come out for Trump and mobilize everybody you've got for him, we need to get visible now.
Because that Soros, all those people are putting people in town halls or taking action.
I mean, it isn't just supporting Trump, it's supporting our damn selves.
We asked for somebody to be a champion and stick their neck out.
This is it.
We better get involved.
He said, absolutely.
I'm coming in Friday.
I'm going to mobilize my whole list of millions of people.
And it's just everybody understands we've got to do this.
Yes, I don't care where you do it, folks.
Anybody associated with me, they'll lie about it, give you heat.
I don't care.
The point is, you support Trump, they'll do it.
It doesn't matter.
We know Michael Moore and people like this are scum.
He has six armed bodyguards.
He doesn't want you to be able to have a gun.
They're scum.
They are scum.
And they look at veterans and people and they don't feel confident by seeing manly men or people that are strong enough convictions.
They get pissed because they're criminals.
Of course a criminal mindset hates its veterans.
Yeah, no, you're definitely correct, which is kind of absurd, really.
Veterans, just like President Trump, just like yourself, they want everybody in America to succeed and prosper, but they really don't care about everybody else.
But if the President or whoever is allowed to have bodyguards with fully automatic guns or whatever, then we should, by all means, at least be able to carry just a semi-automatic pistol to protect ourselves.
And all the numbers show that concealed carry people are the, normally veterans, the lowest level of crime.
Like, we're good people!
Leave us the hell alone!
You have the inherent right to self-defense, regardless of anything.
It's not a God-given right, it's a birth-given right.
You are a human being, you live on this earth, you have the right to self-defense.
You have the right to...
Not be taken advantage of, to not be robbed, to not be killed.
You have not only the right, but the responsibility to protect those people around you.
I think that certain people are given certain roles in life.
Tim and I can both agree that we are protectors.
It's who we are, it's what we've done.
Among the two of us, we probably have
You know, 50 years combined service protecting and taking care of other people.
And it's because other people can't, you know, so it's your right.
It's your responsibility to protect those around you that can't.
I don't have a problem.
Using a firearm.
I train with a firearm.
I carry a firearm all the time.
Maybe the person next to me doesn't.
But I want to be ready and prepared.
And you don't take the fact that they're weak and stupid as a plush.
You as a human take it as bad.
You want to build them up.
And it's this animal, hateful garbage by these weak people that they see dumbed down people and they see them as prey and they sow all this evil.
And just for me, metaphysically,
I feel them pressing their will on us.
I see it.
They think they're going to win with all their arrogance.
And no, they're not!
I mean, I'll just tell you right now.
They're planning a physical war.
If Hillary got in, they said they were going to shut me down in the news.
She said it.
They were going to go after the veterans.
We've got articles on Infowars.com today.
Where Obama got caught stealing almost $200 billion out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac of investors' money to implode it because he didn't like middle-class people getting houses.
I mean, they want to blow the engine of prosperity up, man, just like communists.
These are assholes, and I'm sorry to use that term, but they are, they're out to get you.
And I know you're not a serial killer, you're not somebody who wants to grab kids out of the back of the yard or young women and torture them to death, so you don't understand that.
Understand, that's who they are.
Obama is a dirtbag, okay?
He was never our president, and I'm just telling you, if you simply stand up a little bit, it's game over.
We're already kicking their ass, but we're seeing their full push now, because they were the attackers before, and so we had the initiative to defeat them.
Now they see it as their corner, which they're not, so they're giving us their full attack.
We have to realize the war only started now, and I'm telling you,
Your children and everybody absolutely deserve for you to do the right thing.
And it's not work, folks.
The animating contest of liberty that Jefferson talked about is everything.
You know, I mean, let me tell you, when I was in high school or college, girls, whatever, none of it made me happy.
Fighting for freedom is what it's all about.
It's so fulfilling, you can't even deal with it.
And then I look at these people that have nothing but bad will for everybody, and I tell you, I don't hate them.
I want to see them broken.
Guys, we've got about six, seven minutes left.
I want to commend you for taking action on the big stuff you're developing and setting up, so thank you for doing that.
Tim, and of course, Quentin, just each of you, spend a few minutes.
Because you're humble guys, but just get into, you know, really what you think.
And in a closing statement to everybody, a call to action for the Republic.
Well, you know, starting, you know, just like you said, the one, the first thing you'd remember being excited about was fighting for your freedom and stuff like that.
So that's, that's why I joined the Marine Corps at such a young age.
At 18, I joined the Marine Corps and I truly believed in our mission and helping people around the world, this and that.
But, you know, around, you know, 2010, 2011, 12, I started to develop this sense of, you
Not really actually doing what I set out to do as far as the administration at that time.
You know, kind of using us as a way to get, you know, better filler pockets.
But, you know, now that Trump's elected, you know, I'm really looking forward to what he's got for the next four years, and now I'm starting to feel better about what I had done.
And, you know, he's really looking out for the veterans, and I'm just loving it right now, and so I'm going to come out here and support any way that I can.
Go on social media, support with an I Am Trump shirt, whatever you guys like.
And the thing I wanted to say is, remember, there's strength in numbers.
You know, that's what
Get things done.
You know, a million ants carry a lot of leaves.
It's something super simple.
You know, many hands make light work.
That's it.
You know, so stand up, be counted, pull your weight, do the right thing.
This is your call to action.
You did a little bit.
We all voted.
The fight is not over.
It's now is the time.
Keep going.
It's true, though.
Legendary histories passing before your eyes.
Be part of it.
The energy level is just explosive.
I mean, this is a
I mean I can't stop working 18 hours a day because this is history.
This is the fight between good and evil.
This is it.
There will never be a time in our lives or our children's lives more important than it is right now.
This makes or breaks the
Everything about America, whether we win or fail, all has right now.
This is what fixes everything.
This decides the motion.
I would like to say one last thing for all the veterans out there.
Don't be afraid.
Stand up.
Don't be afraid to say, yes, I voted for Trump or yes, I support him.
Don't be afraid.
That's right.
Get past the bullying.
That's it.
Don't let them dominate your will and roll over these people.
Don't be afraid.
You voted.
He's in office now.
He's going to be there for you guys.
And so now it's time for us to show that we're here for him.
And it'll make his job easier.
If he sees the people that are actually behind him, even though companies like CNN, they wouldn't want you to see all this stuff.
But if we go on the air and we talk about this and that and we show our T-shirt or a sign over our faces that says, I am Trump.
I'm voting.
You know, whatever the case may be, he will see that support and it will only fuel his fire and he will keep working.
He needs help.
It's something else to the veteran community while I've got a second to say this.
Yeah, some of us have issues, some of us have had a hard time, some of us have dealt with the war differently.
But understand this, you are not broken.
You are not worthless.
Don't let them tell you that!
That's a lie!
It's the whole idea of trying to drug us out and keep us hooked on pills and the VA's whole deny your claim until you die.
They just want to use you like a machine and throw you away.
You're going to show them now what you can do.
That's it.
The same valuable person you were when you signed, when you took that oath, is the same person you need to be today.
You know, you stood up, you put your life on the line, you signed a blank check that you would do anything that needed to be done for the betterment of the country.
And now you've got a chance to really fight for the Republic.
Because everybody joined for great reasons.
We love you.
None of it's perfect.
But now, this is so pure.
I want to say, this is so damn pure.
I mean, there's like no debate.
It's like, wow, how could you not do your maximum effort?
Go ahead.
It's 100% about us right now.
Some of us joined.
I joined.
This is for the home run.
Prior to September 11th.
Yeah, no, definitely.
You know, but for me, it's now we finally have somebody in the last eight years that gives a damn and we voted him into office.
So that's why I'm just ecstatic.
And, you know, for all the veterans out there, you know,
You no longer now, thanks to Trump, have to worry about that list, getting put on some sort of terrorist list.
You know, go to the VA, get the help that you need, and just, you know, keep pushing on.
That's right, they were threatening veterans to not be involved.
Q, great point.
Yeah, they absolutely threatened us.
They asked a bunch of questions, you know, when you go in for basic medical stuff.
Oh, you have a cold?
You need some medicine?
Okay, where are your guns in the house?
Do you have guns?
Do you have this and that?
None of that is any of their business, you know?
Push forward.
Stand up, be counted.
Don't be afraid of anything.
Timothy Reams, I know you've got a lot of stuff coming in the future.
Come in with these great patriots.
Come back in with us, you and Q. Yes, sir.
And help lead this initiative with Q, just to all these great veterans, to give them a voice here and other places that inspire others.
And together, we're unstoppable.
Thank you for your courage.
Thank you, sir.
Appreciate you.
Q, great job.
Thank you.
I called these guys last night about this, and it's already huge.
Just wait.
All right, coming up, we've got a Washington insider in studio.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Dr. Jerome Corsi doesn't need any introduction.
He's on Twitter at Twitter.com forward slash Jerome underscore Corsi.
He's currently senior staff writer now here at InfoWars.com.
He's got major breaking news.
Part two.
The story is up on InfoWars.com right now.
Dealing with what really happened with Obamacare and where Obama looted the money.
More than a journalist, you're an expert on this area.
How big is this?
How criminal is this?
How massive is the scandal?
Well, it's huge.
I mean, this is $187 billion that was just stolen, illegally taken.
The executive branch is not able to have taxing powers, and it can't just reallocate money that's supposed to go to private investors, which is the nature of Fannie and Freddie, steal that money from them, say, you're not going to get paid anything.
Your rights as a shareholder, we're going to ignore.
And that money then comes into Treasury, and Treasury says, well, Congress told us we can't use taxpayer money to pay for the Obamacare subsidies.
Obamacare's broke.
So in order to keep him from going bankrupt, we'll just steal this money, we'll just confiscate it from Fannie and Freddie and put it into Obamacare.
You'd think MSM, even if they're, you know, anti-Trump, would not want to rip off a taxpayer and would want to expose a hundred plus billion dollar swindle just to begin with, but they don't.
I mean, if Trump was doing something like this, I'd expose it instantly.
I just, I cannot believe
The criminal level of the collusion that's going on.
The mainstream media is determined to run the story that Obamacare is successful.
That people have gotten insurance that they need that wouldn't otherwise be insured.
Now what they aren't saying is that the exorbitant cost on others getting insurance, and in fact the need to steal money from Fannie and Freddie, these two mortgage giants, in order to keep the insurance subsidies afloat.
Uh, the truth is that Obamacare is already bankrupt.
It has been bankrupt.
And the truth is, we know that they knew it was a giant looting operation all along.
It was never even meant to help people.
From your own research, and from my own research, clearly, is it correct to say, Dr. Corsi, this was engineered as a screw job, in their own words, to ruin healthcare, to then bring in single payer.
They admit that.
It was rigged to fail from the very beginning.
Obamacare was created to fail.
And the fail-safe was going to be the federal government comes in and takes over the entire healthcare industry.
But the story here is that to take over the healthcare industry, they also took over the housing industry.
I mean, you've got private investors out there who bought stock and are just being told, we're told by the Obama administration, you're not going to get anything in your stock because we confiscated it into the Treasury.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen, halfway into this global transmission.
Bruce Fine, who is a constitutional lawyer, former general counsel at the Federal Communications Commission, former advisor in the campaign, the head of his foreign affairs for Ron Paul, is here in studio with us.
He's got so much to get into about what's really happening in Washington, what he thinks Trump needs to do, the way things really work there, the fact that Trump's only gotten people in one deep at the federal agencies, and what he thinks is really
So what I'm going to let you do here, sir, is we're going to put the camera on you at least for at least 10 minutes or I'll never shut up and just give us some of those great points we talked about at breakfast yesterday.
Because this is really the inside scoop on what's going on.
You're like 100 and something yards away from the Capitol.
Your offices with what's really happening in D.C.
and the battle for this Republic.
Here it is the day the Alamo fell on Alamo Day here in Texas as we're covering all this and then we will
Open the phones up for the second half of the next hour for you and get into some other news.
But boy, they are after Trump on every front.
They're saying they didn't wiretap him, but they did.
There's no Russian evidence, but it doesn't matter.
Certainly the power structure is mad at Donald Trump.
But talking to you, you're saying that, look, he's a businessman, but he doesn't know how Washington works.
You've got some really good advice for him.
So I'd say this is an insider, a good insider.
He's the guy that got rid of the Fairness Doctrine, you name it.
The reason we even have free speech and talk radio today, you're here trying to actually communicate with the President today and his people so that he understands what you've seen as an observer of some of the mistakes he's made.
I don't want to call them mistakes.
I just want to focus on going forward.
I think that's the best thing.
And some of these observations are made based upon my experience during the transition from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan in 1980.
Personnel is policy, and as you pointed out, Alex, it's critical that you have your team in.
That's the way that politics works.
You have elections, new people with new ideas come in.
At present, we have really only a handful of Trump-appointed officials running key agencies at the Department of Defense, Department of State, at the Justice Department.
The others are either vacant or they're Obama holdovers.
And you can't have a changing ship of state with only a few hands when you're running a $4.3 trillion enterprise.
It's got over 2 million federal employees, more than 2 million federal contractors, with a handful.
There's too much going on.
In order to take control of the policy, and I think that's why there's been so many distractions.
So, the first thing I would recommend that the President consider is filling many of the positions at the second and third tier levels of the Department of Justice, which is critical.
Judge Napolitano, I would suggest, would make a splendid Deputy Attorney General.
Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University, head office of legal counsel.
Richard Epstein, a University of Chicago professor.
Very much devoted to property rights.
Solicitor General.
Tom Campbell, former Republican Congressman.
Associate Attorney General.
These are the kinds of names that have to be gotten in place very quickly.
Otherwise, you're going to be fighting firefights every single day.
Because you're going to be dealing with people who are not yours.
They're not loyal to you.
They're holdovers.
And they don't have any incentive for your administration to succeed.
Well, surely Trump knows this.
So why?
Why hasn't he been able to... I mean, they admit that the Justice Department and the State Department are an open rebellion.
So, I mean, what would you do?
Well, I'd say, gut names and send them to Congress.
It's not because Congress says there aren't even names to consider for hearings.
And I believe, and it's really based more on circumstantial evidence than otherwise, Alex, it takes, having been involved in this from Carter to Reagan, you have to have a wide circle of people who have been in government who know how it works in order to get a list of names.
People you trust that can then bring in teams.
They can bring in teams and they need to know how government works.
It doesn't work like business and government oftentimes two plus two is five or it's three.
And so you need people with different backgrounds and different expertise than those who can bring in profits in business.
And that means that people, I mean, I've been in Washington almost 50 years, you know, deal with circles of people, you build up names, people you trust their judgment.
And from those lists you then compile, all right, we think these are the slots that could be filled.
And I'm not certain that President Trump's, you know, his initial inner circle has that circle.
Sure, Ron Paul, who I trust, doesn't trust a lot of people, and he trusts you to be the head of his foreign policy advisor for two, you know, several campaigns.
How'd you meet Ron Paul?
How did that trust build up?
Well I met him as a member of Congress and he used to have roundtables at lunchtime where he'd have his small group of what you would call his band of brothers who believed in small government and having presidents be president of the United States like President Trump rather than president of the world and say if you can march them in you can march them out to get out of wars.
And I knew Ron by communicating with right on Capitol Hill.
My offices are within five minutes of walking distance.
And then you learn and you meet their staffs and that's the kind of relationship you build up.
But you actually have to physically be there.
It's not developing a relationship by email.
You know?
It's sitting down and seeing people face to face, get a sense of their judgment.
And that's the kind of personal experience that you need in order to tap in to the circles of those who know how to turn the ship of state around.
It's complicated.
It's not easy.
You can't just press... Sure.
Where would you say we are right now as a republic in world history?
I think that we are no longer a public Alex.
I think that we have so much endowed the executive branch with a limitless power.
We resemble far more the monarchy of King George III than the democracy of George Washington.
I mean, the president goes to war on his own, he spies on his own, he spends money on his own, he claims that he can do things... Is that why the left is so freaked out?
Because they built this political god with all this power, and now the guy that wants to devolve the power is in that seat.
Yeah, because the left had no difficulty at all in accepting all the expansion under President Obama.
When he did it, he had no authority to go into Libya.
They just turned the, uh, they blinded themselves to their eyes.
When Obama said, okay, there's war against ISIS, I don't need congressional authority, even when Congress turned him down in 2013, the liberals said nothing.
When he said he wanted to do a treaty with Iran, that he was going to call an executive order and violate the treaty clause, the Democrats said, well, that's fine.
You don't need to actually do a treaty anymore like we did with the UN.
You can view treaties as unfortunate or not.
And moreover, Alex, he had President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry testify for Congress that the reason why the Iran deal wasn't going to be a treaty, because he said it's too hard to get treaties ratified.
So he didn't want to do them anymore.
You know, he said that he was in favor of a treaty concerning disabilities and therefore he couldn't get it ratified and that was the heck with it.
I mean, that's basically an insurrection against the Constitution.
You don't do it because you can't win?
You don't run elections because you can't win?
You don't do legislation?
I agree.
And in his inaugural he said he wants to do that.
He's clearly trying to do it.
And you see the stock market up, small businesses up, but as you said,
The Republican Party's blocking him, the establishment's blocking him.
What would you do, then, if you were President Trump right now?
I'd say, got to go with the personnel first, because you can't do things without real people who make those decisions.
Okay, then why hasn't he done that?
Well, I can't get into his head.
I think that he seems to me to be distracted on things that are very minor compared to the urgency of getting his people in place and making these decisions.
But generally speaking, Alex, I don't find it constructive to find fault finding in the past, try to move forward.
You know, everybody stumbles.
That's part of the game.
To err is human.
To forgive is divine.
But going forward, you know, there are only so many stumbles.
Focus on it.
It's not like, you know, it's not rocket science.
You need your people who are loyal to you.
No, I get it.
But Trump actually listens to people he thinks are giving real counsel.
What would you do next, then, if you were in Trump's position?
Hey, go out and find and make these nominations to the second tier.
I mean, you want to get out of what I think are ill-conceived wars?
I mean, someone even who is outside the mainstream of the Republicans in the Congress, Walter Jones, who's on armed services.
He'd be great.
He would be fabulous as Deputy Secretary of State.
I've said that.
He's super moral.
And he absolutely is.
And you know, Alex, he is the only one who's written letters of condolence to
Every single family who's had a soldier die since 9-11, every single one.
He should be part of Trump's operation.
And he is the only one, and I go to Congress and their office space, he's the only one outside of his office, he's got pictures of everyone in his district who died, who gave that last full measure of devotion to the United States.
And Nancy Pelosi wanted to have him take those pictures down.
And I helped him say no.
But that would be a fabulous move.
He said, okay, I am President of the United States.
And Walter would bring back our troops to defend our sea lanes, our land borders, our airspace, our cyberspace.
They spend their salaries in the United States, not elsewhere.
And people forget that we, at one time, had more influence abroad when we were 13 states,
Without really any military-industrial complex after we won the Revolutionary War because we set the example of we the people.
And all the monarchs and tyrants in Europe and Asia... They said, how do we compete with the American system?
And they were fearful that that happened in France, that their people would revolt.
And we didn't need a single bullet to do that.
We just needed the example and practice it here.
And that's what we need to get back to doing.
And we understand that we can't change Iraqis into Canadians by dropping bombs on them.
It's not going to happen.
It's like thinking you can repeal Newton's laws of motion.
I want to get more into the Washington insider gives Trump his warning and analysis, but just looking at the Democrats themselves.
Pelosi thinks that Bush is still in office in the same press conference.
Maxine Waters thinks that Putin, with Trump's support, has invaded, quote, Korea.
Not North or South, just Korea.
I mean, I watch him and I think, oh, that was just one press conference.
I watch another.
They look like they couldn't manage a cash register at 7-Eleven.
So I'm really concerned about, the Republicans are bad as well, but they seem more cunning.
The Democrats, I don't understand why they seem so mentally deranged.
Well, Alex, my view is let them be there.
I mean, I think that they are trying to distract themselves from the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the presidency.
And in my mind, fine, go ahead and blind yourself to what everybody could see about the terrible nature of the policies that she was promoting and the nature of her candidacy itself.
It comes back, the Democrats didn't win.
They don't control the agenda.
But we are not going to control the agenda unless we have our people confirmed.
How much danger do you think Trump's in from them trying to impeach him?
Because they admit that's what they want to do.
Obama's moving in down the street saying he wants to overthrow him but then admits he's wiretapping him but then says he isn't?
I don't think that he's in danger if he just moves forward with his policy.
And I don't understand why, you know, in my lifetime, when George W. Bush won, Alex, in 2002, that was a far more precarious election than Donald Trump's.
It went into court, highly disputed.
There was division.
And the president would move forward, the nation accepted, alright, he was elected.
We move on.
No one thinks that the first term of W. was illegitimate.
He had two terms, we moved on, we evaluated what he did.
I think that President Trump should just say, and I think the American people are willing to say, you got elected, fair and square, move on with your policies.
Put your people in, do what you said you were going to do.
Well, his approval rating is going up the more they flip out.
So maybe I shouldn't be so concerned, just let them keep spinning around?
Public opinion can be very fickle.
I remember in my life, Tim, you probably did too, Alex, when George H.W.
Bush came back after we destroyed Saddam's forces in Kuwait, he was at 91% approval rate.
And he dropped down to 40%.
Don't be preoccupied with the poll ratings from day to day.
Just push forward on the policies.
That was what the American people are going to vote on.
Did you end the wars?
Did you cut back government?
Did you eliminate these agencies like the Education Department?
Well, Trump knows that.
And Bannon, who I know you've had mixed feelings on, I mean, he really wants to break the back of collectivism, actually make poor people rich, actually make the global, not consolidate wealth, but share it through a free market.
I mean, I think that they can do that.
They can.
I mean, there's nothing that inhibits them now any less than at the time that the inauguration happened.
Why are the Democrats fighting so hard then?
And Republican leadership?
We have a political culture that's been entrenched for a century.
They don't want the government to slim down.
Their view is that the United States is about making government great rather than the people having an opportunity to develop their faculties and pursue their ambitions.
So it's a threat to them when you say, oh, you mean I'm not going to be part of a
$4.3 trillion, no government agency anymore.
It's going to come back.
Then their prestige, their status, their financial opportunities become compromised.
They don't have a sense of the connected greatness of humanity.
Well, I don't think... It's all part of their own little thing.
Yes, I think... Which is transitory and fails.
Only empowering humanity is what goes on.
Well, I think where the deficiency is on both sides, Republicans and Democrats in Congress, is failing to recognize that we were unique as a nation in understanding that our legacy, our greatness comes from the opportunity we want to give all of our individuals here to develop their faculties, to pursue their ambitions.
We're not building pyramids, as you love to say, to the elites.
Let's talk about that.
Look, if people love North Korea or Venezuela or whatever, and socialized states or communist states, go there.
I mean, couldn't it be, hey, America's about freewheeling, open society.
Everybody wanted to come here because this is actually what builds pyramids for humanity, not for the elites.
Exactly right.
They don't have an immigration problem in China, in Russia, North Korea.
People aren't immigrating to North Korea.
And that's a testament.
But we're so far from what we used to be, Alex.
We're a shadow of ourselves.
I mean, give me a real assessment of Trump.
I mean, I think he means well.
That's why I admire him.
I mean, he's really trying.
I think we need to focus on less on fault.
We need to get the job done.
You know, this is... I agree, but as a man, I'm asking you a real opinion of Donald Trump.
The fact was he was willing to say things that no one else was willing to say.
And I think that his ambition, as stated, to recognize he's President of the United States, not of the world, that he's here to represent the people of the United States, not the world.
He's saying everything you've been saying forever!
Yeah, I've been saying it.
Not only me, George Washington was saying it.
This has happened for 200 years and it took Donald Trump, after it's been in hiatus for like a century, hey, this really is what the United States is now.
Yeah, you've got to like it to represent us, so that's how it works.
It's like a marriage.
You're like, hey, you're married to me, not England.
I call this the, if you're in government, and I was there, you're a temporary steward of the liberties of the people.
They still are your rulers.
And that's why I say the highest office in the land is not the Oval Office, it's not the Speaker of the House or the Speaker of the Senate.
It's you as citizen of the United States.
You are the highest office.
That's right.
We have to step into that office.
Yes, and because we the people are sovereign, not the government.
We the people are sovereign.
And you know what?
Thomas Paine described the Patriot at the time of the Revolution, a patriot saves his country from his government.
That's what it means to be citizen of the United States.
Alright, Bruce Fine, former Chief Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission, with us on the other side.
I'm beginning to think Mexico's border policy and immigration policy is whatever goes against Trump.
In an unprecedented move, the Mexican government is now paying $50 million to give legal support to Mexican nationals living in the U.S.
So Mexico won't pay for a wall, but they will pay for people who leave Mexico for the United States, I guess because it's better.
If you do so legally, though, they have no funding for you.
All 50 Mexican consulates to the U.S.
are launching legal assistance centers for Mexican nationals living in the U.S.
illegally who are fearing deportation.
In contrast, however, I cannot go to Mexico and have the U.S.
government pay any legal fees I may incur for migrating illegally.
And why would Mexico pay people who left their country?
Is Mexico that bad they just refuse to go back?
Or are the people that left Mexico that bad they're paying to keep them out?
No, I think any anti-Trump politicians from anywhere on earth have now abandoned all logic, all common sense, all true policy and diplomacy in an attempt to go against anything President Trump tries to do.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
Let's go to Debit in Florida.
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Alright, Bruce Fiennes with us, 30 minutes to the next hour.
Limit up with the phones up.
The Nolan Schroyer's hosting the fourth hour.
We have Chris Ruddy who met with the president over the weekend in Mar-a-Lago.
Talking about just how angry he is at Newsmax, CEO of Newsmax.
Talking about how angry he is that Sessions recused himself.
I want to get into getting rid of agencies.
Something you've talked a lot about.
We all know Congress has a low approval rating.
They pass the buck.
They give us the bureaucracy.
Or the President.
You're saying have the President go right to them and demand they do something and make them take action.
I understand the optics, he wants to take action with what he can right up front.
But as you said, a new president comes in, that gets wiped away.
It needs to be statutorily, and the law changed.
But specifically, just looking at the overall atmosphere, all these Democratic attacks and Republican attacks on Trump, wanting to keep their power, is that going anywhere?
I don't think it's going anywhere at all.
I don't think that the American people are rallying behind the Democrats and giving them fabulous approval ratings and having huge demonstrations in favor of what the Democrats want.
So we're seeing spoiled entitlement.
It's grown up for so many years, Alex.
I've been there for 50 years, and every single year the government got bigger and bigger.
Maybe it borrowed the money rather than raise it by revenue.
It never got smaller, and it always, I think, lost sight of the fact that as the United States, our greatness is not pyramids.
It's giving everyone an opportunity to develop their faculties.
It's not letting crony capitalist monopolies take over.
Yeah, not letting the big banks, not letting the military-industrial complex, and going back to the fundamental principle.
It's great.
We succeed when everybody gets to chart their own destiny, captain of their fate.
You don't get to tell me how I live my life.
I don't tell you.
That creates the secret sauce of the real diversity.
Oh yeah, the diversity and the genius.
We need the genius of people building better mousetraps, not working for the CIA or the NSA or the military trying to kill people.
That's the genius.
That's what made us into a fabulous nation within a hundred years.
If we have all the fabulous inventions and the big beautiful cities and technology, everyone's going to follow us regardless.
Soft power.
Yeah, we would need to have, in fact, we would attract so much brains out of the rest of the world.
You know, Eisenhower criticized the Military-Industrial Complex as he presided over its takeover, but they had the whiz-kid functions and all about the people then, but that all kind of stalled out.
It did!
I mean, the understanding that the Military-Industrial Complex, it was almost unique to President Heiser because he had been there, he knew about it, and no one could criticize him because he was there D-Day.
You know, you're not going to criticize them.
Other presidents, they got taken over and you bring in all these whiz kids and they drive us into Vietnam and these useless wars that accomplish nothing other than cause us to go bankrupt and make us less safe instead of recognize we need invincible self-defense here at home.
No one's going to destroy... To protect all the incredible brain trust in what we've built.
And then everyone's going to be begging to sell us their raw materials and begging to be part of it.
Yeah, and they will come over in the hordes because that's the opportunity.
That's what happened in the 1800s.
We will get the best and the brightest from all over the world.
If globalism wants us to be its military arm, take the blame.
Then the UN and the globalists become the groups that hand out the technology.
So they become America when they're the opposite of it.
Yeah, and they want us to defend the whole world.
Well, we have an obligation to go everywhere.
No, we have an obligation to the American people.
And they say Trump's anti-NATO just because he says pay part of it.
Yeah, which in my judgment, that's a ridiculous argument to make.
And anyway, in my view, NATO needs to defend itself.
We have no obligation to defend them.
We know that they're not there in our best interest.
They're there in their best interest.
They take advantage of us.
The EU is a criminal group.
Let's come back in 70 seconds, talk about agencies to get rid of, and we've got the British Minister.
We've got that clip right here with the EU tyranny.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
The TSA is not satisfied with their current pat-down procedure, so they are ramping them up to get more invasive.
This is in response to a study that found weapons making it past security.
The new pat-down will be, quote, more intimate than before.
While TSA screenings are clearly fallible, this new loving pat-down procedure will make it less appealing for people who want to bypass the radiation scanners for health concerns, so they will just capitulate to the body scanners.
Which I'm sure will be ramped up and more intimate soon as well.
Keep in mind, this applies to the random pat-down, so this loose net is hardly an effective strategy unless you're looking to give more TSA agents freedom to grope your wife's chest.
For the first time in human history,
CNN's Angela Rye is right about something, as she wrote a piece titled, Dear TSA, the country is not safer after you grab vaginas, after an experience she had with the TSA.
And that was before the new policy.
Let's all unite behind molestation-free air travel for all.
Make flying great again.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
It's a fact.
And you know it's true.
This is a short segment, long segment.
Coming up, Bruce Fiennes, our guest, former foreign affairs advisor to Ron Paul, presidential campaign, former lead counsel of the Federal Communications Commission, helping to talk radio by getting rid of that regulation.
As you pointed out at breakfast the other day, that was all just the interpretation of it.
It wasn't even there.
It was always just a bluff.
Fairness doctrine, Alex, originated by a Democratic-controlled Federal Communications Commission in the late 1940s.
It wasn't a statutory requirement.
But over the years, by the time I became General Counsel, it was accepted, or wrongly, that it was a mandate by Congress.
Alex says, no!
Congress has never ratified it.
It acknowledges it existed.
And that is what caused me then to initiate the process that led to the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine.
But it shows how expectations can crystallize wrongly into convictions because it happens to favor certain kinds of people.
And that's a reason why you need to get your own people in place who will take second and third looks at this.
Is this really required?
My view is if you probably went to other agencies, there are probably dozens similar to the Fairness Doctrine that are lying around under the misapprehension that they're required by Congress.
Well, here's what we know.
Biggest government the world's ever seen.
Keeps growing and growing and growing like a cancer.
Has declared the people the enemy.
It's so arrogant.
We've got to start cutting agencies.
What would you do there if you were Trump?
Well, one of the things that especially fits into the current controversies, I don't see any reason why we even need a CIA.
A central intelligence agency can be abolished.
It was created in 1947.
It makes mistakes all the time.
Its first covert action was to interfere with a foreign election in Italy of all places like where the
Italy went otherwise.
It's not, you know, it's not Gorbachev is going to fall after he couldn't possibly be a reformer.
I don't see any reason, we just, you know, the public domain information is good enough for anybody with any sense to project what's going to happen in the future.
We need battlefield intelligence, but the military can do that.
So that's one thing that could be useful.
Then he ought to go down the agenda.
We don't need an education department.
We survived well and prospered without one for two and a half years.
We do not need centralized education teaching us 2 plus 2 equals 5.
Yeah, and moreover, and even believing that microaggressions or something is part of the educational process.
But putting that aside, the education department can go
Commerce Department can go.
Labor Department can go.
The Department of Energy, except its nuclear weapons, need to be transferred over to the military.
All these agencies can go.
We're saving tens of billions of dollars.
Really, and I think even more important, Alex, is failing to recognize what the standard ought to be for creating an agency, for creating a law.
Every time you have a law, you're compromising the liberties of the American people by saying, you can't do this anymore, we need more of your tax money.
And we need to have a standard that says, we don't create agencies, we don't enact laws, unless it's very critical to protecting American people from domestic or external aggression.
They're only there to serve the people and the continuity of the overall sovereignty of the nation.
They're not just there to tax and destroy and control people.
And build bridges to nowhere.
I mean, that's simply wrong.
And I come back.
What it means to be an American is that you get to chart your own destiny.
You get to decide what life you want.
Other people don't get to tell you to do it.
And it's the kind of spirit, it's a variation of Huey Long.
Every man or woman's a king and queen, but no one wears a crown.
That's what America's about.
It's not about building legacies and building pyramids and monuments and this and that.
It's the freedom and liberties of the American people to say, I lived a life that I was able to chart, and I decided in my way, I made my errors.
Government, get out of the way, other than making sure that aggression doesn't destroy me.
We're going to go to break, come back.
I want to ask you Bruce Fine.
Getting at all the points you were making at breakfast the other morning about just the way government works, the different things that are happening, the different angles, and to your message to Trump and the American people in general about how we can win this fight against the collectivist in this key chapter.
And also I want to ask you, where does it go if Trump fails?
Because I look at the opposition and they are just addled.
They are very, very bizarre people.
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Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
I'm beginning to think Mexico's border policy and immigration policy is whatever goes against Trump.
In an unprecedented move, the Mexican government is now paying $50 million to give legal support to Mexican nationals living in the U.S.
So Mexico won't pay for a wall, but they will pay for people who leave Mexico for the United States, I guess because it's better.
If you do so legally, though, they have no funding for you.
All 50 Mexican consulates to the U.S.
are launching legal assistance centers for Mexican nationals living in the U.S.
illegally who are fearing deportation.
In contrast, however, I cannot go to Mexico and have the U.S.
government pay any legal fees I may incur for migrating illegally.
And why would Mexico pay people who left their country?
Is Mexico that bad they just refuse to go back?
Or are the people that left Mexico that bad they're paying to keep them out?
No, I think any anti-Trump politicians from anywhere on earth have now abandoned all logic, all common sense, all true policy and diplomacy, and attempt to go against anything President Trump tries to do.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Trump has had dinner, spent some time with the President.
He's been a member of Mar-a-Lago for 20 years.
President's Club.
He's in the news saying he met with the President.
He is so mad about the wiretaps because they told him they were being wiretapped.
Congress said nothing was found on the wiretaps.
And the media goes, Trump's insane!
There were no wiretaps!
Thousands of news articles admitting the illegal wiretaps.
Obama finds nothing.
Trump says that's illegal.
So they say there are no wiretaps.
It shows the systemic deception.
Even George W. Bush's former
Well, I've worked on the Ed Snowden issue, and the fact is, to say that we don't
I mean, the revelations are that the NSA, they intercept virtually everything.
You know, they collect everything.
They have so much information, they can't even sort through it.
And they don't make exceptions.
I mean, I spoke to somebody.
They even intercept conversations that members of Congress have in their own offices.
They intercept communications that judges have and lawyers have.
It's indiscriminate.
Vacuum cleans everything.
And they never disputed that what Snowden revealed wasn't accurate.
They just said, well, but he wasn't the one person who ought to disclose it.
Well, if it's true, it's true.
And remember, you know, about the denials here.
It was March of 2015, I believe.
When then the Director of National Intelligence was asked, under oath, in an open Senate hearing, whether the agency was collecting data on millions of Americans, James Clapper was his name.
He said no!
Yeah, and he said no, you know, because he's collecting data on hundreds of, in fact, every American citizen.
He says no!
Uh, and he was told in advance, I know by Senator Ron Wyden, that to expect the question, it wasn't an ambuscade.
So, what do you believe?
And he wasn't a mistake.
So the same guy now says, no more tapping of Trump, even though they admit they have the community case.
I wouldn't believe anything the NSA said.
No, I get that, but why do they lie when they know they're going to get caught?
It's like, it's like saying you're not wearing a blue jacket.
Well, you are wearing one.
I can't get in their heads.
It's a way, I suppose, to distract attention, but I keep coming back.
I think, Alex, the American people, they deserve better than this.
They deserve getting their country back.
They deserve them being in the catbird seat.
Who believes Trump is on the Russian control?
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
I keep coming back.
The policies are the United States making the American people empowered.
They control their life.
They have fair opportunities.
They shouldn't be taxed to support all these government boondoggles that are totally extraneous.
That's what it means to be American.
Invincible self-defense.
And I think that, you know, you're raising these issues, Alex, and they're good issues, but they're largely distractions from the larger issue of whether we're going to survive as a republic.
We are about ready to hit the Titanic.
Let's talk about hitting the Titanic, the real numbers, the real facts.
What would have happened if Hillary got in?
That's a Titanic.
Yeah, it would have been a Titanic.
We'd probably already be at war with Russia and China.
You know, our $20 trillion deficit would probably be at like $22 or $23 or $24 trillion.
And again, why would the elites want that?
Because she admitted she wanted war.
What the hell is that?
But it's okay because she's a woman, though.
Well, and a Democrat.
I mean, Obama did war.
Obama came in and he ended with more wars.
So a Democrat blows the earth up, it's still liberal.
Yeah, exactly.
So that wasn't something that they opposed.
There was not a single person, I wrote so many articles saying Hillary is the war president, and this is, ever since she's been in Washington, she's never opposed any war ever.
You know, even though her specialty is, say, turning children into orphans and wives into widows, nobody ever said anything about one of her closest intellectual henchmen.
I came, I saw he died.
He died, yeah.
That's right, sound like Julius Caesar.
I'm really good at killing people.
And one of her soulmates was Mayor Madeleine Albright, who when she's serving under Clinton was asked, well what do you think about the 500,000 Iraqi children who... Good price to pay?
Yeah, she says, well, it was worth it.
She didn't shed a tear.
I mean... They get off on that.
Yeah, and no one says anything?
500 Iraqi children under 5, they were guilty of what?
So, I think that's what we've been in, and unfortunately, if Hillary in the White House, you wouldn't hear a peep out of the New York Times, Washington Post, silence.
The thing about Albright and all of them is they never got their hands dirty.
We were covering Milderberg.
2008 when Obama and Hillary were inside of it in Chantilly and the media member for a day couldn't find where they were at.
We were there, the media wouldn't cover it.
She drove in in a convertible, looked at like a hundred of us protesting, freaked out, panicked, drove in and drove out panicked and that was in the newspaper.
That she just saw 100 people standing there and got so scared.
She loves 500,000 dead kids, brags about it, kind of gets sexually excited, you know, with Leslie Stahl, about dead kids, because he's powerful now.
It's like the Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle, has been reported on at cocktail parties.
He'll walk up to good-looking women and goes, I kill a lot of people.
And the women go, man, you're really creepy.
Like, they don't get women aren't into that.
And it's just like these people, but Perle couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag, but he, like, he walks, he calls himself the Prince of Darkness.
So what do you want to comment on that?
Well, it's unfortunate, but I do think that women are so preoccupied with just saying, okay, we can be equal, they don't ask, well, what do you... They think being equal is being a warmonger.
Yeah, that they can be equal in being war and killing people and wasting money.
Well, I don't view that as being great.
I don't view that as vindication.
And we hear this liberal thing, not bashing women, that women are going to stop war.
In history, women are in charge of more wars.
Well, I don't know.
If you look at history, you're exactly right, Alex, that Catherine the Great was not renowned as a Catherine who was a peacemaker in Russia.
Queen Elizabeth, same deal.
They always want to show the guys they're even more vicious than everybody.
Yeah, in some sense they have to prove themselves.
Cleopatra was there with Antony at the Battle of Actium.
Starting those wars.
Writing checks they can't cash.
Yes, and we need to remember as well, in terms of knowing the Titanic, right now, Alex, we're carrying a $20 trillion national debt that is at about a 1% historically unusually low interest rate.
If it went back to historical averages, like 3.5% on government securities, we would spend the entire budget on paying interest.
We'd have no money for anything else.
That's just going back to historical averages.
Let's talk about the Titanic.
The facts of numbers.
Then what are the Democrats and Republicans still accelerating these budgets?
What are they thinking?
They're just pushing the day of reckoning off.
So they're in denial?
They are in denial.
And Alex, that's the way the Roman Empire fell.
It was pushed off and off.
So it took a while.
Finally, Alec the Great sacked Rome in 410.
But it took a while.
And everyone said, sleep, be quiet.
Be married, tomorrow somebody else can die, but I won't be around so I won't care.
That is how irresponsible this is.
And that's the only reason why you could have people with complacency, burdened posterity, with 20 trillion dollars in national debt and not bat an eye.
George Washington said in his farewell address,
It is totally irresponsible and reprehensible for us not to pay back every single dollar that we borrowed so that posterity doesn't have to pay for our luxuries and convenience.
That was 227 years ago.
Where's that voice?
No one cares at all.
Well, somebody else can pay it back.
I don't overuse this.
I've been watching press conferences with the Democrats, and I mean, there's something wrong, like they've had strokes or something.
But I guess they're just so shell-shocked by losing their power that they just act even more bizarre, like acting out like toddlers, where they don't know.
They think islands are floating.
I mean, have you seen this?
No, I've not seen floating islands out there.
Yeah, like the Democrat from Atlanta thinks islands float.
You didn't see Pelosi think that...
Pelosi thinks that Bush is still in office, and Maxine Waters thinks that he invaded Korea.
I'm telling you, man, you watch these press conferences.
It's like watching a five-year-old pretend they're an astronaut or something.
But I do think, Alex, by giving them too much attention, we overestimate, I think, their attraction.
I don't see them having any game plan to recover.
So you think MSM just puts out huge lies to just try to start a fight?
Like they put out outrageous stuff just to get us in an argument to make themselves pertinent.
I think that's correct.
And don't buy into that.
Just ignore it and move on with your policies.
Why are you trying to suggest that they're more powerful than they are?
So you think it's true that Trump responds too much to their attacks?
He thinks he's beating them in those attacks.
I think there's something to that, but I get also just ignoring them moving forward.
You can win the war and lose, I mean, win the battle and lose the war.
Appearing victory?
Yeah, because if he's not focused, I say, on real personnel, those energies should be searching for people to get in the government agencies.
That'll turn things around.
You know, he's still distracted in his attention.
He's got to have a sense of priorities.
Get out of the way.
And also, you think he should, he's got his new immigration order.
I mean, you think you should get that through law, not just in order.
Yeah, I think that the best way to do that procedurally, you know, if he wants it to stick, have it proposed as a bill.
One of the primary functions of Congress is to pass immigration statutes.
In 2015, Congress did pass a statute that said, people who visited recently from Europe into Iraq and Syria, we need to have them come in and get vetted.
We shouldn't have them visa-free.
Congress enacted the statute, and the way in which you get things done and changed permanently, you oppose the bill, you have hearings, the American people can see it, you present your evidence, this is why it needs to happen, you say, Congress, you're accountable, and then the American people can see, they can phone in.
Because the key, and we harp on Congress, but it's true, they give power to the presidency or bureaucracy just lazily passing the buck.
Yes, and then the buck is hidden so American people don't know why.
It just comes out as an executive order.
The American people need to be engaged.
The reason why Watergate worked because it was public, it was transparent.
Now when there's classified information, you can have executive session.
Not everything needs to be public.
But the presumption needs to be transparency.
And then it's the American people's government.
It should be in public and they need to know.
Do I need to make a phone call?
Do I need to write a letter?
I like it, I don't like it.
I would make these suggestions.
The process itself is what makes us great.
All right, Bruce Frein is our guest.
We're going to be coming back with a final segment to see other key points you'd like to talk about concerning what's happening in DC.
But make no mistake, Donald Trump is a seismic earthquake to the globalist establishment.
We'll be back.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
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Get up, stand up.
Stand up for your right.
Get up, stand up.
Coming up after Bruce leaves us, our stories up on InfoWars.com and DrugsReport.com.
Video, Tent City Crisis, California.
And that ties into trouble in Venice, L.A.
Enclave flooded with new wealth and homeless studio city residents furious over putrid-smelling sinkholes.
Le Pen can win France, warns Hollonday.
He tells Obama his main job is to defeat that.
That's just some of the news.
It's up on DrudgeReport.com.
TSA warns.
You know, I saw this last week and I hope it wasn't the case.
TSA warns local police about new airport pat-down.
Legalized groping.
They're actually going to squeeze your genitals.
Even if you go through the body scanner.
But we got to let the Muslims in.
That's supposedly the cause of it.
What a joke.
You want to comment on that, Bruce?
And then let's get into your other messages to Trump.
You had some more to say.
Well, I think it shows the basic de facto elimination of the Fourth Amendment, like other amendments to the Constitution.
It's really quite disturbing.
You know, we have Nancy Pelosi... Next it'll be a proctology exam!
Well, not only that... Cavity search!
But if you can white out the Fourth Amendment, how about the Second Amendment?
How about the First Amendment?
Where do you stop?
Private property, everything.
We're just getting rid of America.
America was just more dirt, but it was about certain rules for the people.
If you don't bring in radical Islam people who are 99% of the terror, then I don't have to get my jindals grabbed.
Yeah, and moreover, how about not fighting the wars that are turning countries into wilderness so people are leaving?
Yeah, if you bomb people, they don't have any houses to live in anymore.
And that's what Ron Paul said, if you can march them in, you can march them out.
But going to the larger point, I think even with regard to the immigration order that was new and issued today, I wonder who the White House might have suggested, hey Mr. President,
Well, how about making this a piece of legislation, like it's supposed to be done for 200 years?
Not everything by executive order.
You propose it to Congress.
Then it puts the onus on them.
The onus is on them.
And then you can have the hearings.
They vote for it.
It says, you're the one.
I proposed it.
You're the one who decides.
You take accountability if it works or doesn't work.
And the American people get along.
We've so accustomed to the idea.
And then it's transparent.
And then the media can't lie about what his order really does, too.
Right, and then the pros and cons are there, and people can make up their own... Well, I think, you know, when Congress tries to block him on Obamacare and stuff, he should force it to put it on them in the re-election.
I get him signing an executive order telling the IRS, don't take the $5,000, then they say, okay, we won't, maybe we will.
You know, he's trying, but we see this executive power is now even being bucked by the bureaucracy, so it's even worse than the out-of-control power of the President.
Well, but that's where you create it.
It's like the sorcerer's apprentice, right?
You create a limitless executive branch, then it's out of your control as well.
And that's why we need to go back to procedural regularity.
We need laws, not sorcerers.
Yeah, exactly.
We need laws.
And as you pointed out, go to the Congress.
They're responsible.
It's got to be transparent.
I mean, even like the idea that they're going to rewrite Obamacare in secret, they didn't want to hold any public... Rand Paul's really doing it, banging on the door saying, give me a copy.
Yeah, I mean... Why the hell is that secret?
Why are the Republicans writing it behind closed doors?
Eh, there's no classified information, you know, they're not talking about nuclear weapons... That's one good thing Trump did was, he just killed TPP.
He says, it's not my authority.
Back to Congress.
It was never there.
I mean, he ought to do the same thing on Obamacare.
He must say to the Republicans, what are you doing behind closed doors?
Absolutely, and why?
There ought to be a clamor, there ought to be a bill that Trump should propose that says you can't hold congressional sessions in secret unless you testify that there's a national security purpose.
That is what makes the United States different.
It's transparent.
The reason is, how can you have government by the consent of the governed?
Give us a secret.
Yeah, and they don't know what's going on.
Well, I mean, I'll give Trump this.
He did kill TPP.
He's done a lot of good things.
That's why the elites are mad at him.
We're not here criticizing him.
We're trying to give him better advice.
I mean, just imagine, like you said, Hillary would have been hit in the iceberg.
Yes, and that's what I want to underscore.
Alex, this is not to give people report cards.
We're all...
You know, we're frail creatures.
We want to move forward together.
We hang together.
It's not fault finding.
It's how you've gotten a ton of stuff done in DC.
I mean, on your record, I mean, your whole pedigree against stuff done for the people has really paid off.
This show would probably exist because of you getting rid of the Fairness Doctrine.
So good job.
And so I think Trump and the rest of the folks and the people should hear this and we should have a debate.
We don't dumb the news down, folks.
We have big, complex discussions here because, frankly, we're just looking for the thinkers out there that want to change the world.
And I just want to say a special tribute to Ron Paul.
Ron Paul put these items on the agenda when he was out in the wilderness.
We all helped supporting him set the foundation.
Yes, and he's the inspiration behind this.
And when he got no kudos, when he was said he's eccentric and whatever, he was not on talk shows or anything.
So we need to remember it was people like him who created the American Revolution.
They're the trailblazers.
They found the paths we're now building roads on.
And didn't need to get all the glory and all the money.
And let's remember, it's not going to be, the republic won't be rebuilt today.
We're in, I think we've got the momentum though.
I think good things are happening.
You can find his latest book, Constitution in Peril, The Life and Death Struggle for a Constitution, Democracy and the American Empire for the Fall, at Amazon and other places.
Bruce Fine, thanks for coming down to Austin, Texas.
Great meeting with you.
Thank you, Alex.
Maybe we'll have you reporting for us soon.
Yeah, I hope so.
Yeah, we're working on a lot of stuff.
The Empire's on the run.
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The TSA is not satisfied with their current pat-down procedure, so they are ramping them up to get more invasive.
This is in response to a study that found weapons making it past security.
The new pat-down will be, quote, more intimate than before.
While TSA screenings are clearly fallible, this new loving pat-down procedure will make it less appealing for people who want to bypass the radiation scanners for health concerns, so they will just capitulate to the body scanners.
Which I'm sure will be ramped up and more intimate soon as well.
Keep in mind, this applies to the random pat-down, so this loose net is hardly an effective strategy unless you're looking to give more TSA agents freedom to grope your wife's chest.
For the first time in human history,
CNN's Angela Rye is right about something, as she wrote a piece titled, Dear TSA, the country is not safer after you grab vaginas, after an experience she had with the TSA.
And that was before the new policy.
Let's all unite behind molestation-free air travel for all.
Make flying great again.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
Let's go to Devon in Florida.
Devon in Florida, you're on the air.
Hey, thank you so much.
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Wow, thank you.
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I really like the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, to be honest.
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It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Ladies and gentlemen, coming up, Chris Ruddy, the CEO and founder of Newsmax.
Quote, I spoke to the president about a wiretap story, it was in Mar-a-Lago yesterday.
I haven't seen him this pissed off in a long time.
And they got photos of him in the New Yorker magazine coming out.
And he's also said this, that when they said, Sessions recused himself, he just blew up and said, who told him that?
Word is, it was Lil' Priebus.
So why recuse yourself?
Why, why, why?
Why would you want to do anything wrong?
So, that's all coming up.
Not a perfect president, but not out to get us.
Actually trying to help the people.
I want to get this story out of Bloomberg.
I mean, you just read this thing and it's so creepy.
And you know, here's the deal.
I was one of the biggest enemies of the quote TSA over the years.
But I realize that they're just people with jobs.
Most of them think they're fighting radical Islam.
Why do we leave our borders open and bring jihadis in, unvetted, when 99% of the terrorism is Islamic, and then make everybody induct themselves through this slave training, which just trains everybody, as even psychologists say, to have pedophiles feed on their kids.
And now they say, they're gonna still grow up your genitals, but now without you asking, you're gonna be taken to a private room,
And strip certs.
Good God.
Can't we just fly?
Can't you just leave us alone?
I mean, this is so sick.
These are internal checkpoints.
They wanted the TSA to be a domestic security force under Obama.
Bush started it all, but they admitted all that.
They want them on the highways.
In fact, they are in many areas.
They argue, well, we're keeping you safe.
Then control the borders first, and who comes in?
It isn't like you're looking for a particular person.
Like if there was a bank robber that ran to a train station, shut the trains down.
Search people.
You've got a clear and present danger.
You've got probable cause.
But you can't just randomly set checkpoints up and say,
We're going to search people, and of course it's about a power grab to get their hands on your person.
I don't blame the individual TSA person, though some have been convicted as pedophiles and stealing stuff.
That's just the regular population.
That's going to happen.
I blame us for letting Congress do this.
That's why I finally realized, why am I attacking TSA all day when they're not the ones that are actually doing all this?
I mean, I don't care if they're searching your bags and checking stuff, going on an airplane, whatever.
Just don't sit there and put us through naked body scanners, and that's not enough.
Oh, secondary!
We're going to take you to a screening area and take your fricking clothes off.
They had that happen four or five years ago.
Remember folks would fight back, they'd kill them.
They'd call the cops in, people would die.
God almighty, this is slave trading.
Trump isn't involved in this.
I know for a fact Trump doesn't like all the TSA crap.
That's why he says keep the Islamists out.
But you read this thing.
A universal comprehensive search may prompt passenger complaints to law enforcement.
The U.S.
Transportation Security Administration has declined to say exactly where and how employees will be touching air travelers as part of a more invasive physical bad-down procedure it recently ordered.
Who ordered that?
The head of the agency.
But the agency does expect some passengers to consider the examination unusual.
In fact, the CSA decided to inform local police in case anyone calls to report an abnormal federal frisking.
I mean, if they get this, it'll be like, now we're going to insert our genitalia in your rectum because, you know, there might be a monster in there.
I mean, I'm serious.
This is just the sky's the limit.
According to a memo from an airport trade association obtained by Bloomberg, the physical search for those selected to have one is the agency described as a more comprehensive screening, replacing five separate kinds of pat-downs that were previously used.
Strip search, boys and girls.
The decision to alert local airport police to raise the question of just how intimate, because they're going to be screaming and yelling, they're going to be tied down.
The agency, oh yeah, that's when they tell a woman, your breasts look good, let's pull those out.
The decision to alert, that's happened before.
Airport police raises the question of how intimate the agency's employees may get.
On his website, the TSA says employees use the back of their hands for pat-downs over sensitive areas of the body, like your genitals, breast.
In limited cases, additional screening involved, here's the big one.
A sensitive pat-down with the front of the hands may be needed to determine the threat does not exist in private areas.
They said they'll be taken to private areas where prior screening methods indicate the presence of explosives.
It goes on and on.
So, we got Chris Reddy coming on here in just a few minutes.
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And I want to thank you all for your support and what you're doing.
Well, I saw the headline today.
It was in a bunch of different newspapers.
Of course, Newsmax.com as well.
Chris Ruddy, the founder and CEO of Newsmax, who has a
Membership for many years at Mar-a-Lago Golf Club and Country Club there where Donald Trump lives and owns part of the year.
I remember seeing on Friday that Trump got angry and ran down there because he's like, why is Sessions recusing himself?
And, you know, what's going on with these wiretaps?
So Newsmax CEO of The Hill reports Trump vows he'll be proven right on wiretaps.
I mean, I've got an issue here.
I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I'm not dumb.
They bragged in hundreds of articles a day a month ago that they were surveilling Trump Tower, Flynn, and had these transcripts that now the Intelligence Committee head has reported.
There's nothing there.
So now they say, oh, we weren't recording you.
You're insane.
So Chris Ruddy had a chance to talk to the president, who he's been friends with for many years, since he was just a real estate mogul, and he can tell us exactly what happened.
Thank you for joining us.
Alex, great to be on with you.
Thank you for having me on.
Well, I can't tell you that I know everything that's going on.
I did meet the President twice on Saturday.
I saw him during the lunch hour and then at dinner time.
And you've met him, you can tell when he's happy, and I think you can probably pick up when he's not happy and he didn't seem very happy, he seemed to be a little angry about what had happened.
And he had tweeted out that morning that Obama had wiretapped him and surveilled his campaign at Trump Towers.
And he repeated to me, he said he knew details of the process of what happened, he thought it was outrageous.
It was Watergate level stuff.
It was McCarthyism.
And he wanted to make sure that we were covering the press was covering it.
Because remember, he just got off the golf course.
And I said, of course, everybody's talking about it.
And he was not happy.
And I think, you know, Obama
I have talked to a lot of people in that Trump campaign, and I think there's about a hundred percent consensus of people that worked on that campaign, especially the leadership, that they were surveilled by federal authorities at one point or another.
And I don't know how that all worked.
I don't know if it's true or not.
I'm just telling you as a reporter, and that's what I was reporting on Newsmax and my blog, the facts on that.
Well, I mean, I've rarely seen him angry.
I mean, there's photos of him coming out of the White House after the argument.
He looks really pissed off.
We're seeing the angry Donald Trump here.
And I agree with him.
I mean, the Attorney General met as one of the heads of the Armed Services Committee with a Russian twice.
Everybody did that.
Pelosi did.
It's on record.
They asked if he was involved in the campaign as a surrogate.
If they talked about the campaign, he said no.
So why the hell would he recuse himself?
So let's just peel this onion, Alex, with your audience, okay?
James Clapper, who was Obama's Chief of National Intelligence, was just on the press yesterday.
He said they did a massive investigation, they found no evidence, okay, nothing, that showed collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.
So why?
What is the collusion?
Because Sessions met with the Russian ambassador as an official, as a senator, which is very common at that level.
But you know what's even more common is political campaigns meet with foreign diplomats and foreign officials all the time.
I'm sure Hillary's team had meetings with foreign officials.
It's very common.
Nothing wrong and nefarious about that.
And considering Trump wanted to reset the relationship with Russia, I happen to disagree that I think it's not going to work out, but I also think it's okay for Trump to try.
That they had some meetings, to me, is not unusual, and by Obama's own national intelligence
Report there was no collusion should then you look at beyond that and you start thinking well Why are they hyping this story day and night?
And even demanding a recusal of the Attorney General.
Let's go back.
When Obama targeted conservative nonprofits and political groups, he had a lady at the IRS who ran the unit who was over in his White House 24 times.
It made no sense why she was over there.
She testified, took the Fifth Amendment, repeatedly did not disclose what happened and Obama's involvement.
There was never a call for a special prosecutor.
People got let off on that.
It was an egregious abuse of power.
And meanwhile, they're screaming because Trump's people met with the Russian ambassador a couple of times.
It's ridiculous.
So what are they doing?
Just playing on the public's ignorance of how politics at that level works?
I mean, they just keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it.
Well, look, they're very afraid of Donald Trump.
He just beat a very popular Democrat who spent $1.5 billion.
And I've talked about this before, the best book I think on the Trump presidency is David Horowitz's book called Big Agenda.
And he says in Big Agenda, and everybody scoffed at it when the book first came out, it's now like three or four weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.
But David said in Big Agenda that Obama was going to create a government in exile to stop Trump.
And now he's done exactly that.
So either he was dead right or they're copying what Horowitz said.
Well, no.
No, I know.
Obama always planned to do it, yeah.
Well, Harwood says in his book that basically Obama is an Alinsky guy.
He's a Saul Alinsky, rules for radicals, and he realizes what he's doing.
He doesn't want to give Trump a minute to breathe.
He doesn't want him to compromise with the Democrats and work on things that benefit the country, like infrastructure.
So, look at this.
They leaked the President's most confidential discussions
With heads of state, two heads of state that we know, Mexico and Australia.
These are super secret documents.
President gets on the phone with a head of state.
Within several hours of those conversations, those ultra-secret documents were leaked by Obama holdovers to the Washington Post and other media.
And there's no dirt there, so they've committed the crime and they're trying to turn it around now and say they never did it.
Well, there was no dirt, but there was a little bit of embarrassing stuff, and there are things that people mock Trump for saying, or whatever.
But the point is, it's a crime.
Nobody's calling for a special court.
Why aren't the media and CNN talking about that?
And they're talking about a couple of meetings with the Russian ambassador?
Now, look, I'm for all for investigations.
I'm a member of the press.
I don't care if it's a Republican or a Democrat.
Every side should be held accountable.
What I really detest from the media is the fact they only go after Republicans and they give Democrats a free pass.
I totally agree.
And his approval rating is only going up.
I think this is backfiring.
And Chris Ruddy, CEO and founder of Newsmax.com, I mean, what do you think about this overall climate?
Well, I think it's a difficult climate for the president, but I think the polling numbers, when you have likely voters, he actually comes out pretty good.
Because the public is seeing through some of this, you know, the things that the media is saying, and the Washington establishment.
So I think he has a real shot.
Look, that speech he gave before Congress was one of the best speeches I saw the president... It was one of the best ever!
That's why he's so pissed, reportedly.
You talked to him, though, that the fact that he got overshadowed by the stupid Sessions thing.
Well, he never raised Sessions.
I never talked to him about Sessions.
That was not even a discussion.
Well, let me ask you this then.
What else did he say?
Well, if I told you I'd have to kill you.
I'm sure.
I know you guys are... No, I mean... No, we didn't... What he did say was, when I asked him later in the evening, he said, how's the press story developing on this?
I said, well, they're coming out with claims denials.
He said, look, they're going to investigate it and the truth will come out and I will be proven right.
And I put that on my Newsmax blog.
So he knows more than he's revealing.
Of course, he's the president.
Plus, I mean, the intelligence committee head says they have all the recordings and there's nothing there.
So they did surveilling.
Well, and if you look at the denials that are coming out, they're not really, they're lawyerly denials.
They'll say, well, President Obama did not order it, or it was not ordered against Trump Tower.
Or Trump doesn't have proof.
Well, he was very confident in the information that he gave to me and to the public.
So I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt and there should be an investigation like he said.
Well sure, but I mean, Chris, Chris, Chris.
Why do they assume he's making it up?
You follow the news every day like I do.
Remember they were like, we have Flynn, we have transcripts, New York Times, it's all this stuff.
And when Congress finally got it, it was nothing.
I mean, they put out lies claiming they had surveillance.
They did.
It didn't show anything.
So now Trump wants Congress to release it so everybody can see they committed crimes and all he's doing is working for the people.
I mean, I think this is a very difficult job for this president because he's not a politician, he's not an insider, and they really want to torpedo him, frankly.
And Obama's working day and night is holdovers.
No, and I agree.
And I think he's genuinely pissed that he really wants to help the average person and even corporations.
And he just can't believe it.
He kept saying during that first speech to Congress, he kept saying, work with me.
All I'm trying to do is help the country.
What's your problem?
And then Pelosi wouldn't even stand up when he talked about getting people jobs and
Stopping illegals, murdering people, and they boot that?
I mean, where do you, Chris, you're a smart guy, don't you say that, Patrick Rousing, you're obviously a smart guy.
Where do you see all this going?
I mean, right now in your gut, I mean, I think Trump's going to succeed, but boy, these are dangerous waters.
And I'm actually upset, I don't get off on the Democrats being so dumb, you know, having press conferences with Maxine Waters saying Russia invaded Korea.
Well, I don't know how disconnected they are.
They seem to be pretty organized.
They're in attacks against the President.
I don't know where it's all going, frankly.
I do think that, you know, I believe that Trump is in the right on most of the stuff that he's been saying.
The issue is he is still in a bit of a campaign mode using their Twitter.
I think they're going to need to readjust that.
That's it.
That's exactly, in closing Chris, that's exactly what I said last night in a special report.
I said, Mr. President, you put out these tweets that are great, that are true, when you say, hey, they admit they surveilled me.
Well yeah, but you gotta put a link to where they said it.
If you put a link to like a briefing report, that maybe Newsmax helped him or Breitbart did or whatever, and then the facts he's laying out, then it's incontrovertible.
They can just deny a tweet.
I mean, what if he did, say, twice a week, a 30-minute fireside chat,
Like Roosevelt did, where he had like a big computer screen with production, where he just shows his facts, and then totally proves where they're lying, but then also talks about what he's done for the people, totally bypassing him.
I think, not even in a negative attack way, but actually saying what he's doing.
I think that's what he needs to do.
Oh, I agree.
That would be very powerful.
You know, back in the day, Ross Perot really caught fire when he did a couple of those seminars nationally.
This was before there was Fox News or radio shows like yours or even Newsmax.
He went to number one with just a few of those.
People eat it up because they're talking not about the showing facts and showing a plan.
And I do think, you know, I've never seen him more excited than when he talks about job programs.
He really wants to restore the American worker and the employment situation in this country.
And he's really motivated by it.
At the end of the day it doesn't matter if he
Send a tweet or two if he brings economic growth back to the levels that he says he wants to.
We're going to be in good shape and he will win re-election.
Well undoubtedly he knows he can move quicker with executive action instead of trying to pass laws in Congress.
But a lot of folks say well do it through Congress then it's bulletproof.
But absolutely he knows that if he just takes the foot off our neck that the globalists put there it'll be so explosive that
We're going to be voting Trump Republicanism for another 50 years, 100 years, like Bannon says, but I think that's why we're in such a death battle.
The Democrats don't call it a death battle to bring down Trump because it's like the end of their world.
They're like Kamikazes in 1945 coming into the Lexington in the Pacific Ocean.
They're not going to give up, Chris.
Well, I hate to say it, they are a little bit like cats and animals.
You know, they lost the House, the Senate.
They're not going to gain many seats in the Senate in the next election.
They've lost control of 33 states.
There's only six states they control.
The only big one is California.
The other little states like Rhode Island and Delaware.
They're in bad shape.
They're going to lose control of the judiciary.
Everywhere across the country.
I don't think they've smelled the coffee yet.
They're not in a good position.
And instead of trying to work and get things done, they're playing the obstruction role here.
And I think it's backfiring with the American people.
That's right, when the Republicans played Obstruction as blocking the globalist agenda, it was good because the people wanted that.
Now the people want freedom, they want prosperity, they want America back, they want 1950 2.0 for everybody, and they just better get out of the way.
And that's not bravado, that's just a historical fact.
Alright, well, Chris Ruddy, Newsmax.com, we've got 60 seconds left, thanks for popping in with this exclusive here with us.
Any final points?
Well, you know I'm pushing the book, David Horowitz's Big Agenda.
Get it.
It's the best book on the Trump presidency.
Oh, we want him back on.
He was on.
He was great.
So let's get him back on next week.
I'm going to call.
I'm going to tell him right now that he's coming on.
You're the most important show on the internet.
All right.
Well, thank you so much.
Again, that's from Newsmax.
The Big Agenda.
I haven't read it yet.
I know I read his 12 years ago.
I read his Unholy Alliance.
I thought it was crazy.
Now it all came true.
Horowitz is smart.
Well, he understands because he was a former leftist revolutionary, and he came over to our side.
So he knows how they work.
Tried his parents for communists.
All right, Chris, great job.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Bye, Alex.
That's amazing.
I tell you, I read two of his books, and I mean, I was reading these going, this guy is just out of control, and then it all came true.
You got to pay attention to David Horowitz.
I just can't believe these people are that evil.
I mean, they are just control freaks who literally know they're making us poor and want to control everybody.
And it's so uncool.
I got Owen Schroeder taking over.
He does a great job.
He hosts the Sunday Show.
He's a nice host today.
David Knight does.
They all do a great job.
We're going to be adding more shows here soon.
I hope to work with GCN on that as well.
But I want to start going live.
The next few months with shows at 4 a.m.
so that we get the jump on all the news and analysis.
I mean, really, I've learned the morning and the days, the time.
I mean, night time's great, but we're so geared towards the nightly news and everything's kind of stacked up on that.
And that's what we did.
They do a great job on the nightly news, but I want to get like six, seven, eight more video TV operators, your producers, folks can run a multimedia TV network slash radio network and some other crew.
I want to get in here and some other hosts and
I'm just all in.
I'm just spitting everything we got just to expand the face of this because I'm not going to sit here later and lose this thing and wish I wouldn't have 100%.
If I go 100% and we lose, I got God to deal with and I know I feel good.
My fear is if I don't go 100%
And then we lose, then it's my fault.
And so, we're going 100% as best we can.
That means I'm perfect.
I say that very humbly.
I ask for your prayers and I ask for your financial support because I only plug once a day.
They're like, every segment you got to plug, Alex, we need to bring money in.
But just get the nutraceuticals, get the t-shirts, get the non-GMO seeds, get the heirloom seeds, get the water filtration systems, InfoWarsTore.com.
We're not funded by the Globals.
We're not funded by big money.
We're just funded by you.
50% off the new Trump Pence 2020 shirt, keeping America great.
America first since 1776.
All right, I'm going to go ahead and end this transmission myself.
The fourth hour will be hosted by the mighty SJW slayer, Owen Sreyer, from the Show Me State, Missouri, now in Austin, Texas.
Straight ahead in T-minus,
70 seconds!
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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In an unprecedented move, the Mexican government is now paying $50 million to give legal support to Mexican nationals living in the U.S.