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Name: 20170303_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 3, 2017
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In this segment of The Alex Jones Show, Jones discusses various topics including fake news websites created by mainstream media, conflict of interest between Jeff Bezos and Amazon receiving a $600 million contract with the CIA, and how independent media plays an important role in countering the control of mainstream media. He also promotes his AutoShip feature at InfowarsLife.com and discusses topics such as caveman bone broth, army psychologist's view on incremental changes in life, social cost of coal, and hearing on the social cost of carbon. The low long-term discount rate set by the previous administration is criticized for ignoring America's resilience and technological development capabilities. Jones encourages listeners to support InfoWars by buying their t-shirts and promoting articles. He also discusses current politics and Trump

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Coming to you from the former United States of America, deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are, folks.
The third day of March 2017.
Less than a month and a half in since President Trump became the 45th president.
And every criminal force on the planet is basically working against Trump and the American people.
It is simply staggering.
A few days ago I thought of this and I remember driving to work in the car thinking when I get there
I need to tell my writers and researchers to Google, to search engine, Hillary Clinton with Putin, John McCain with Putin, Chuckie Schumer with Putin.
And I didn't write down the note, and I didn't do it.
And that was even before this latest session things began.
It was like the day before.
But I knew they just kept hyping and hyping and hyping that Flynn had met with the Russians over the phone and that Trump was going to meet with the Russians and you just don't do that.
I was thinking how important it was to show these people saying this and doing this against Trump meeting with the Russians.
And then I thought I should show Ronald Reagan meeting with Gorbachev.
Ronald Reagan meeting with other Russian leaders.
I should show George Herbert Walker Bush with Boris Yeltsin.
I should show George W. Bush with Putin.
But then I thought, no, let's go further.
Let's have the leading Democratic leaders, like Schumer, meeting with the Russians.
And sure enough, look at DrudgeReport.com today.
I never told the crew to do it.
But the great part about the Internet is somebody else thought of the same thing.
Pure common sense.
Schumer and the Russians, they're Schumer with old Vlad.
But that's what you're supposed to do.
I mean, Russia's trying to reform itself.
Trying to work with the West and fighting in business.
Fighting radical Islam.
Promoting Christianity.
Of course, Hollywood and the global sphere are doing the opposite.
We talked about Disney putting out on their TV network an image of a bunch of boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, but a boy and girl
About to kiss, feeling weird about it.
Just at the cover of National Geographic.
Shows all the other genders except the female.
Well now, Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, it turns out, visited Obama 22 times.
Well, that's what you're supposed to do.
And of course it's coming out he visited his Democrat counterparts in the Senate more times than he visited just one counterpart in the Armed Services Committee.
More than he visited than Senator Jeff Sessions.
But nobody cares about that because the media is not going to talk about it.
The controlled corporate press.
But here it is.
Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak appeared as Obama's White House visitor at least 22 times.
Isn't that just special?
And of course there's a flashback.
Chuck Schumer meets with Putin in New York City.
The great Jim Hoft over at Great Gateway Pundit.
And then Russian Ambassador Kislyak attended Trump Congressional Speech Tuesday, but sat with Democrats before it broke on Wednesday and Thursday.
There is Sue, he's sat with all of them.
My gosh, they've all got to recuse themselves from any committees they're on.
In fact, I want to identify all these Democrats that are in that photo.
And I want movements, I want calls, them to recuse themselves from committees that have anything to do with Russia.
Everyone he sat next to, everyone he talked to, I want the cameras reviewed.
And I want... Hell, let's just arrest them all.
They're all Russian spies.
Oh, Trump on Dems Session.
Sessions hate fest.
He calls it a witch hunt.
They lost the election and now they've lost their grip on reality.
Tucker Carlson even kind of grilled him.
Yeah, Fox is out to get Trump.
And then we've got more articles dealing with all of this that we're going to be breaking down coming up.
And you know, it's a big mistake by Sessions.
He's recused himself.
So now a top Democrat is going to run the Russia investigation.
Mexican Congressman Briulio Guillera scaled to the top of the 30-foot Mexican-American border fence near Tijuana in an attempt to ridicule Trump's plan to build a border wall.
Guillera stated, However,
All this proves is that the fences on our border right now are too easily climbable.
And perhaps some barbed wire at the top of the fence would be a solution to keep people from lounging on top of our border wall?
The irony here is that the only thing this Mexican congressman accomplished is demonstrating just how unsecured our border fences currently are.
Which then proves that Donald Trump's idea to build a better, more secure wall is the solution.
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Zack, this is Crystal Palace.
NORAD has declared DEFCON 3.
Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The Whopper spends all its time thinking about World War 3.
Target selection complete.
Time-on-target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon-class submarines departing Petropavlovsk, turning south out of Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are penetrating the Alaskan Air Defense Zone.
From the front lines of the Information War.
Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEFCON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
You bet!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
3... 2... 1... Impact!
Shall we play a game?
How about...
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready.
Awaiting launch codes.
We are in launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in!
Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have Soviet submarine watch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like everybody else.
The only winning move is to not play, to not engage the globalists in a discussion of their false paradigm.
They set the rules, they set up a...
Cultural construct that breaks the social contract and is anti-human, eugenics-based, slavery-based, technocracy-based, throughout its entire system.
And that's the big secret.
The globalists got the best and brightest to join them in the last 60, 70 years in the West to construct the planetary world government they claim would be a utopia to empower humanity.
But in the last decade they've gone public and been very arrogant that the decision's been made to wipe out humanity and merge with machines and become gods.
An extreme power trip.
And that some nightmare battle of the gods scenario has to take place first before the elite can transcend.
There's a big article I mentioned yesterday out of the New Yorker magazine and it ties in with several other
Big reports.
We're going to be getting to one out of Bloomberg.
Where AI scientists gather to plot doomsday scenarios and solutions.
As the so-called elites themselves scurry away and begin living generally more than half the year already out of Europe, out of the United States, out of Australia, out of Asia, in again places like Kauai, Hawaii, and of course Tasmania, off the coast of Australia, and of course New Zealand.
I told people about this a long time ago.
Now it's in Bloomberg.
Yesterday it's in New Yorker Magazine.
They are throwing it in your face.
It's very, very serious.
They've been preparing a worldwide economic collapse and then organized crises they believe would bring them absolute control over the nation states and individuals.
They will then accelerate even more crises in the next wave, which will be used to reduce population even more.
I've always said they'll have a primer bioweapon that kills 10 to 50 million people.
Gates came out last week and said it'll be about 30 million in the next pandemic.
That will then train us to all live under a medical tyranny.
They've announced a world government to be run to quote counter the medical tyranny they're rolling out.
And then they will continue to just tighten the noose as each successive crisis becomes more intense and larger.
And then the mega deaths will go from the millions
We're good to go.
So that means there'll be hundreds of millions left, which I think is quite gracious of him.
And of course, as the culling takes place in the next few decades, you'll be able to grovel to them properly and show them that you've been subservient.
Perhaps you'll be allowed to live or be given some of the cures for the diseases they've been dumping out and pouring out upon us.
By the way, their whole program is in great crisis.
It's being blocked.
Across the world, people in their own system are aware of the plan and they're speaking out against it and saying no.
The globalist response has been to just be more public about their plan and kind of publicly inoculate everyone psychologically to hide it in plain view and go, okay, well humans are ugly and fallen and bad.
There are too many of us.
So if you don't merge the machines, we'll just step on you.
You'll be obsolete.
Elon Musk, two weeks ago.
And they've all made the same statement.
Ray Kerr as well.
All of them.
All of them.
Bill Joy.
The list goes on and on.
Bill Gates.
All of them.
David Rockefeller.
And look at the Clintons.
Look at their attitude towards humanity.
A total elitism.
A hardness.
A selfishness.
A hate.
To steal $2 billion from the Haitians.
Give them less than 4% of the money raised.
Keep it for yourself and be praised as being liberal.
It's like Bono.
He was caught giving less than 1% to African aid when he was raising billions a year for it.
So he upped it to 1.8.
Imagine you run a charity for starving kids and you keep 98.2%.
But as long as you kind of wear a scarf around your neck and kind of walk like you're liberal and non-threatening and act beta and wear, you know, red tinted sunglasses and talk real soft and get awards, then it's okay.
But they're raving snakes.
They are ravenous wolves.
They are just foaming at the mouth with absolutely total greed and a satanic spirit towards humanity.
Completely and absolutely turned over to it.
And their actions are pure hate.
So they tell us that speak out against them with anger that we're the hateful ones.
No, we're the people who are informed and who are horrified to know we're right, to have stacks of documents, you know, rooms of documents, rooms of videotape, rooms of books with all of you bragging to yourselves how beautiful and powerful and perfect you are and how profane and ugly and fallen we are and how you can't wait to live in a utopia of the Elysium Fields once we've all been exterminated.
And in comes Donald Trump that believes in workers, that believes in people, and says there is advanced technology that has not been rolled out to the public.
We're going to start curing cancer, curing disease, curing death.
We're going to walk on foreign planets.
We're going to break the secrets of the universe.
He already knew before as a billionaire and a smart guy dialed in.
Plus he at least writes books about this.
That there's a breakaway civilization now in its
Middle stages.
I mean, they're far along here.
But once they break away, it's going to be really hard to deal with them.
They know there's a coming war between the breakaway civilization and us.
Not just left here on Earth.
That's a metaphor.
The movie Elysium.
Forget First World, Old World, Third World.
Forget those fights.
This is globalists playing us all off against each other.
With high-tech, highly controlled, literal bubble cities, they're already announcing and designing and rolling out, Peter Thiel, you name it, floating cities to get away from us, underground mountain redoubts, and corporate city-states that are tax-exempt above the law, where all the wealth is piled up and kept, where they announce that they're exempt from the vassal governments they've shut up
For 99% of the Earth's mass, 99% of the Earth's surface, which oppress us, ship the resources, the ideas, the culture, the money, but it's all digital, to them, in their central combats.
And I said 20 years ago, they're gonna move back to nation-states, I could see the model.
Or city-states.
Because I could understand what feudalism already was.
So they said they wanted feudalism, well I said that's the city-state.
It's a de-evolution for us, an advanced, accelerated evolution for them.
And I don't mean that in the sense of evolution came from a monkey fish frog, or a man bear pig.
I mean evolution of technology, automobiles, genetic engineering, you know, advancement.
And this is their plan.
And imagine reading books where they were admitting this 20 years ago and wanting to warn people.
And now, it's not just academic books.
It is public.
It is not just in the pop culture.
It is not just in the popular science.
It is in the movies and the culture.
And they are just readying us to adapt and to accept
The new reality, because that's the secret that the social engineers know about humans.
If you're not conscious...
I don't know.
And from your neighbors, and from your culture, and from your children, and from your spouse, and from your institutions, and you want to rise humanity in a real direction... Then... No, it's fine, it's fine.
I wasn't telling him to skip the break, but I'm not going to now, because I want to go to some special reports.
But we'll go ahead and skip it.
It's just what you're hearing is not my opinion, not baloney, not garbage, but the reality of what they're building and what they've created.
And I'm gonna explain it after I play this report from the president, his weekly address, and then I'm gonna get into the sad situation with Senator Sessions now, Attorney General Sessions, and just how ridiculous all this is and where this is going next and how the Republican establishment with the Democrats and the media are all ganged up as a trifecta to try to block Trump and his trifecta
of the executive, the legislative, the judicial, and the American people.
And so that's really the battle lines, and I should just talk about what's really happened here, and then also the cost.
But let's go to the President's weekly address, and then we will come back and get into the situation with Sessions.
But it's always important to set the table so folks know exactly what we're facing.
I'm Alex Jones, and this is the Info War.
Here's the President.
My fellow Americans, I'm joining you today from the deck of what will be our nation's newest aircraft carrier, the soon-to-be commissioned Gerald R. Ford.
And as you can see, I'm wearing a jacket and a hat that they just gave me.
Not really used to it, but it feels awfully good.
I'm very proud of it, actually.
Our carriers are the centerpiece of American military might, projecting power and our totally unparalleled strength at sea.
This beautiful new warship represents the future of naval aviation and she will serve as a cornerstone of our national defense for decades and decades to come.
A famous aviator once wrote that to build a truly great ship, we shouldn't begin by gathering wood, cutting boards, or distributing work, but instead by awakening within the people a desire for the vast and endless sea.
So true.
In the same way, we must continue to renew the American spirit in order to rebuild our country, and rebuild it we will.
On Tuesday, before a joint session to Congress, I laid out a version, I hope you all watched, for how to accomplish that national rebuilding.
My vision includes the elimination of the defense sequester, which has imposed steep cuts on our military.
We must give our sailors, soldiers, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen the tools, equipment, resources, and training they need to get the job done and get it done right, especially in these very dangerous times.
The active-duty army has been reduced by more than 85,000 men since 2009, and we have over 18,000 fewer active-duty Marines.
Air Force, it's the smallest it's been since 1947, and their planes are, on average, nearly 30 years old, if you can believe that.
Our Navy's fleet is the smallest it's been since World War I, and that's a long time ago.
Frontline Navy and Marine strike fighter aircraft are more likely to be down for maintenance than to be in the sky.
We cannot afford to continue down this path.
My budget will give America's armed forces the resources they need to achieve full and total military preparedness to meet any and all global challenges.
And meet them, we will.
Investing in the military means investing in peace.
Because the best way to prevent war, as George Washington said, is to be prepared for it.
Most importantly, an investment in the military is an investment in the incredible men and women who serve our country in uniform.
They are the best of us.
They are the greatest force for peace and justice the world has ever known.
And we will support them every single step of the way.
These are truly exciting times.
Amazing opportunities are unfolding before us to strengthen our military, to reboot our economy, and to bring back our jobs.
If we all work together and put our country first, then anything is possible.
Let us seize this moment and make the most of this incredible opportunity for national renewal.
May God bless the men and women of our military, and may God bless the United States of America, the country we love.
We are transferring power from Washington D.C.
and giving it back to you, the people.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
This is the heart of 1776.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
Huge nationwide protests erupted once again on President Donald Trump's second weekend in office.
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
And most importantly, we will be protected by God.
From the front lines of the Infowars, it's Alex Jones.
Trump knows that the globalists have decided to build a world based on slavery, a world based on oppression, and a world based on believing that humanity is trash and basically needs to be thrown out, burned up.
And he's aware of the globalist model, and so is Stephen Bannon.
I know that for a fact.
And so is Senator Jeff Sessions and they're all making a real attempt to really build a world based on the common person and based on common dreams and open free societies.
And that's why every criminal element, every slimy group, every mercenary organization, every dishonorable belief system
Is against Trump.
Because Trump is for the people.
Trump is real.
And that's why I am so committed to defending the 45th President of the United States.
Is because he stands for everything we stand for.
Family values.
The right to keep and bear arms.
Building a world for people.
Not letting special interests come in and pick the winners.
And that's why the special interest in the Goldman Sachs and the JP Morgans and the corrupt Catholic Church and the Communist Chinese and the Saudi Arabians and the EU bureaucrats, they all absolutely hate him and they've all combined forces globally but also here in the United States with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party leadership to come out and to take the completely normal activity of the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate to routinely meet
With foreign ambassadors, head ambassadors, the head Russian ambassador to the United States, and to turn that into some type of dirty thing, when Al Franken in the confirmation hearing, clearly setting him up for the future, knowing he's a lawyer, knowing lawyers are obsessed with answering questions exactly as they're asked.
It's the religion of lawyers.
Franklin had that written for him, clearly by a lawyer.
He's not a lawyer, he's a bad actor, a comedian.
He's looking down at the question, he's going, yes, we've heard a lot in the media in this big story out about surrogates for the campaign, and you've been a surrogate, meeting with the Russians and getting directives from the Russians and, well sir, I am a surrogate with the campaign and I've not met with the Russians about the campaign and I've not seen that happen.
They call that deceptive?
If he'd have said, as a U.S.
ranking senator on the Armed Services Committee, as the ranking Republican, have you met with the Russians?
Well absolutely, I've met with one of their top generals, I've met with their ambassador several times, just this year I've met with
Some of our generals, some of their military people at a base inspection I attended a few months ago.
Yes, there's a whole list of that in my file.
You can see my itinerary for the last few years posted at US.gov, you know, Senate sessions.
It's all right there.
These are public meetings.
These are completely above board.
I looked it up.
Chuck Schumer's met with the very same person.
And we're trying to find photos of them together right now.
All of them have.
But they're gonna say, well, I know we've met with him.
He lied about meeting with him.
And the Republican Party told Trump, and Pence told Trump, they said, just let us have Flynn, and then this will get him off your back.
And before Trump could even get rid of him, Flynn just resigned and said, I'm not gonna be part of this.
They're going after Sessions.
Doesn't matter if Sergey Kislak sat with the Democrats during the speech and is a known handler of Democrats for decades.
Doesn't matter.
They'll try to blame a guy from Alabama who's as patriotic and Americana as basically John Wayne.
Because the scum hates real Americans.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Mexican Congressman Briulio Guillera scaled to the top of the 30-foot Mexican-American border fence near Tijuana in an attempt to ridicule Trump's plan to build a border wall.
Guillera stated, However,
All this proves is that the fences on our border right now are too easily climbable.
And perhaps some barbed wire at the top of the fence would be a solution to keep people from lounging on top of our border wall?
The irony here is that the only thing this Mexican congressman accomplished is demonstrating just how unsecured our border fences currently are.
Which then proves that Donald Trump's idea to build a better, more secure wall is the solution.
This is Millie Weaver for InfoWars.com I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
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I have lost 50, 60 pounds of fat, or more.
I've gained 20 pounds of muscle.
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You need to have this true peace of America ready in minutes.
No weapons of mass destruction were found.
Are you kidding me?
Do you buy that?
There were, there were, there were.
Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh.
I was five and he was six.
We rode on horses made of sticks.
He wore black and I wore white.
Come on, let's shoot.
Bang, bang.
Boy and a girl, we didn't take the rest of mine!
The main reason we went into Iraq at the time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction.
It turns out he didn't, but he had the capacity to make weapons of mass destruction.
But I also talked about the human suffering in Iraq.
Hello boys and girls.
I have a special message for you from the President of the United States.
I salute the boys and girls who are buying United States savings stamps and bonds and they're giving important support to the cause of freedom and the men who fight for us in Vietnam.
The Congress gave us this authority in August 1964 to do whatever may be necessary.
That's pretty far-reaching.
The sky's the limit.
As an American citizen, you have to respect our president, whether I like it or not.
It's really not my decision.
But I do respect my president, and I will support whatever decision he makes.
Music playing on people's signs
Just for me, the church bells rang.
It is a hard fact that U.S.
strikes have resulted in civilian casualties.
Now he's gone, I don't know why.
Until this day, sometimes I cry.
He didn't even say goodbye.
He didn't take the time to lie.
The United States knows that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
One of the first things they told me was, you're not even to acknowledge the drone program.
You're not even to discuss that it exists.
Renewed hostile actions against United States ships on the high seas and the Gulf of Tonkin have today required me
To order the military forces of the United States to take action and reply.
That reply is being given.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
That's right, and when we've got presidents doing corrupt things and lying and getting our military into fraudulent wars, it doesn't mean we're against the military to speak out against it.
It means we're for the country and for the military.
And our military's been sent into these last few set of wars to destabilize the Middle East as part of a long-term plan to then bring in the Wahhabis and the Saudi Arabian Jihadis and take over not just the Middle East but much of Central Asia, much of the countries bordering Russia, much of Europe, and to then even colonize the UK.
There's an incredible video that we've had to bleep.
It's up on Infowars.com in England.
And I personally have experienced this with the radical Muslims that live there, where I'll be videotaping the entrance of a hotel that I'm going in to interview an MI6, you know, agent that particular time.
A whistleblower.
And there's some Muslims in their garb across the street.
I mean, they look like they're about two inches tall from a hundred yards away walking up the street.
And before they even get close, they're screaming and cussing at me to turn my camera off and not to videotape them.
Now, there's government cameras all over the place videotaping.
And I notice that the Brits all start bowing down and groveling to them, but they come over to my face and I start yelling back.
I say, number one, you're in a public place.
I'm videotaping this building as a cutaway shot.
And I said, shut up and stop yelling at me!
I've got a TV show!
I'm getting a cutaway of the building!
You know, so I can go in and say, I went to interview such and such, and it shows a cutaway of where I interviewed them.
People like that.
It's called making a film.
I made 20-something of them.
But the point was, I wasn't even videotaping them.
And they came and got in my face.
And that's the attitude when you run into the Muslims in France, in Germany, or in England.
And this was their attitude 10 years ago.
First time I went to England,
Well, I
See, the Brits have already been given imperial conditioning to be submissive to the government, submissive to the crown, or they'd get killed.
It was one of the most rambunctious, rebellious groups ever.
In fact, the Romans could never conquer them.
One of the few groups they couldn't.
But, hundreds of years of mind control and conditioning, they are very, very cowed.
So are the American people.
I'm not bashing people in England.
My name's Welsh.
But the point is that they have fallen quite a bit, and there's a video, you know, since I mentioned it, let's just play it now.
Let me go ahead and scroll back over so I can see it on InfoWars.
Yes, yes, it's called You Look Like Pork Shock, shock video.
And this is the exact thing I've run into
In England.
And my crew ran into it in France last year when there were more terror attacks and bombings and truck attacks.
People would come over 100 yards away and stomp up and say, you get out of this neighborhood, you get out of here, you turn your camera off.
And guys in cars would start following.
I mean, these are no-go zones.
And what happens is, especially in England, when the muzzles move into your neighborhood, then they start burning your cars at night.
I'm not saying this guy or his family, but this has been on the news.
They start burning your cars, if you're a native person, until you move out of the area.
That then drives down prices in the houses, and then more folks can move in.
So it's a deliberate scenario to drive down prices and to lower
The cost in the area.
This is a strategy.
Yes, I heard you open the mic up.
Go ahead.
Yes, Tim Pool.
He comes on.
He's in link be a no go zone.
He gets video of it.
It's incredible that there are when I say hundreds, that's conservative.
There are thousands.
I don't know.
But if you want to import it, you first got to blow up the countries, destabilize them, and then fund the most radical groups to come in and force the Islamic nations to convert to an even more barbarous, hardcore form of jihadism.
It's truly, truly sickening.
You have to ask yourself, what are the social engineers doing?
Well, they admit in Sweden and Germany and France and everywhere else, they're bringing in groups that are quote, anti-European, anti-white, anti-Christian, and the Pope says he doesn't want to hear about Christianity in Europe.
It's disgusting.
So again, this is meant to put people in their balkanized groups, so everyone actually retreats into their racial or religious enclaves, and the government controls all these ghettos that they have basically set up.
It's the prison model of management.
And look, I know all of you know this.
But one reason this broadcast is successful, changing the world, is at least a couple times a week I spend 10-15 minutes exposing the globalist model and how it operates and how it's feudalistic and anti-human.
So people know who are new listeners, what they're facing, and can recognize it when they see it being pushed on the news.
Or we come back and break down the divide and conquer, and the big goals, and then we give you new examples as it's happening, and then cover all the latest factoids.
I also want to get into what I think Trump and Sessions should do at this point, coming up here in a few minutes.
But since we have this video and I'm talking about it, I should go ahead and play it now.
But it's fascinating how the white guy that the Muslim bully is trying to intimidate
He looks like he's about 6'4", 6'5", 260, 270 pounds.
The guy's got big shoulders.
He's big.
And he fights back with political correctness and says, no, you are being racial because you're attacking my religion as well.
And this guy knows that that's how he's gotten Europe to lay down and submit to him.
So he does kind of shift gears once he's called the racist.
Because he understands this is the power that's made the lion lay down to the mouse.
He understands that.
Just like the mayor of London.
So he then runs over to attack the woman to try to spit on her and to try to hit her and does hit her.
That's a short clip, but it just illustrates everything of this guy anywhere in the United States, unless he was in Berkeley or other areas where they only have chicken necks for some reason, this guy would have been laid out, his jaw broken, just like that.
His nose would have been smashed in really fast when he hit a woman.
But see, men have been trained, whether it's in Germany, you name it, to allow women to be attacked, to be, you name it, because the new culture of being a Western male, I don't care if you're white, Hispanic, what you are, is to be a cuck, is to be a coward that lays down, unless you're a mass of other liberals, then you attack women.
So, you will know them because they attack women, whether they're islamicist, whether they are trendies, whether they're black bloc, whether they're Black Lives Matter, Anarchism Matter.
They revel in attacking the Blue Cat Cafe, Cat Sanctuary, and protesting every week.
And knocking the windows out and putting super glue in the keyholes and stuff so that people can't get in and the cats starve to death.
They revel in bullying whatever's weakest.
That's their spirit.
And so this is what the government of England thinks it needs more of, here it is.
Yeah, there's two.
The problem is we have to delay that.
All of it's cussing so he can't play it.
Can we get the part where he talks about you look like pork?
Alright, we're gonna see what's going on.
We got it?
Let's go ahead and try again.
Here we go.
You f***ing pig!
You f***ing p***y!
This is racist!
How's that racist?
I called you a p*** bastard and I called you a white bastard!
Oh really?
Call the 5G channel!
I want to see what this motherf***er can do!
Your mum's a gangster, you son of a b***h!
F*** off!
Yeah, f*** you!
F***ing stupid b***h!
This ain't your country!
You don't even... You don't even try to do that.
Then he starts attacking the woman.
I'm not gonna play anymore.
There's too much cussing.
It's hard to bleep it when every other word is a cuss word, but we caught that, right?
Oh, good.
Okay, we caught it.
We're on a bunch of FCC stations.
All these people on the internet go, oh, why do you care about any cusses on the internet?
We're on over 200 radio stations, so we don't let cuss words go out.
We're still under FCC regulations.
Obama wants the FCC to run the internet, but guess what?
He's not president anymore.
And so we enter into the next problem.
And that's that we had Holder yesterday in three different articles.
In fact, will you guys pull those for me?
Because I didn't cover those enough.
There was a Infowars, a Zero Hedge, a Washington Times, and then like even a Washington Post.
There were five of them.
It was, Obama is coming, close quote.
He's ready to roll.
He's got a bunker compound with Valerie Jarrett in it, filled with all these activists and operatives and George Soros money.
And they say they admit they want to overthrow Trump.
It's just mind-blowing.
Obama handler Valerie Jarrett moves into his DC bunker.
Daily Mail sources Obama and co.
working to oust Trump.
Well, I guess if Obama's coming, Holder, does that mean he's coming in between four months of vacationing and playing golf almost every day and having $65,000 worth of hot dogs delivered to his hotel room?
If you're a new listener, I'm not kidding, that's in the WikiLeaks.
We're not talking about regular hot dogs here.
We did some investigating.
High dollar mail escorts.
$2,000 an hour.
$65,000 worth delivered in one day to an Obama party.
I mean, that is quite an orgy.
And the point is, is that this is how disconnected this guy is, arrogantly,
Still trying to be president when he wasn't president for eight years and all he tried to do was run the country in the ground in between playing golf and enjoying succulent hot dogs.
Obama's goal to oust Trump from presidency via impeachment or resignation.
Paul Joseph Watson wrote about the quotes yesterday where Obama admitted it all in the New York Times.
But guess what?
It gets better.
Just a week before they attacked Trump saying, I believe Obama is behind the movements to block my administration and kick me out of office.
And the media said, Trump's crazy.
Look at him attacking a fellow president.
There's no such thing going on.
Well, it's all been organized.
That leads us to the next issue.
Obama administration.
Rush to preserve intelligence of Russian election hacking.
That means saving it outside the administration.
They go on to say transferring to the media illegally.
Remember, Trump said these are illegal leaks from Obama.
It's criminal.
And guess what?
Obama didn't pardon himself for that.
He illegally gave the couple phone calls made legally and the transcripts by Flynn to the media to start this thing going.
And then now, see?
You fed the pirate, Trump.
You're a smart guy.
But you tried to appease Pence and other Republicans, the same Republican establishment on the Hill that's out to get you, to show that you were going to be tough on Russia and to show you'd throw Flynn overboard.
And now, Sessions is asked specifically, we are told about surrogates in the campaign,
That are talking to the Russians on a daily basis, and you're a surrogate.
Do you have any knowledge of this?
No, Senator, I don't, he said in the confirmation hearing.
We played this yesterday.
No, sir, I don't.
And I'm a surrogate.
We're not talking to the Russians.
None of us that I know.
Well, clearly, as a lawyer, he was asked, as a surrogate, in the campaign, have you talked to the Russians?
He'll tell you the first thing you're talking to lawyers is answer the question.
Not, well I haven't talked to him as a surrogate in the campaign, but I've talked to him in my capacity as a senator.
They would say, objection non-responsive to a lawyer.
I didn't ask you about as a senator, I asked you as about a surrogate in the campaign.
And a lawyer, you can see how Franken wrote that, knowing how to trick another lawyer.
That's why lawyers kind of get in a rut, kind of in a brainwash mode, I've noticed, of their own brainwashing.
Their own soup.
They've been cooked to their own juices.
And that they just get so robotic about answering the question exactly as it was answered that then they sit there and give answers like they're in a deposition when they're in front of the Senate and they use the fact that he answered it so truthfully and so exactly against him.
Sessions laughs at it and says, look, I answered it exactly as I was asked.
Notice that's lawyer speak.
And they go, oh, but you met with the Russian ambassador twice.
He goes, well yes, in my capacity as a senator.
Still answer it like a lawyer.
Exactly right.
I'd say, everybody meets with him!
This is outrageous!
This is baloney!
This is a joke!
But see, he's a lawyer.
And a good one.
But, he's damned if he does, he's damned if he doesn't.
When we come back, though, turns out this ambassador is up the rear end of the Democrats.
The meetings, we're going over the numbers right now with my research team.
It looks like, from our preliminary research, it's three-to-one visits with the Democrats, then Republicans.
Clearly the mega-bankster against Trump.
Clearly he's trying to get small jobs going.
Clearly they're trying to block him and say kill him.
It shows us this cult.
Who is this cult?
What do they want?
Where are they taking us?
Jordan Maxwell.
I was doing some research on the Soviet Union and I come across an article in the World Book Encyclopedia
And it was talking about the Soviet Union, Russia before the revolution, etc.
And then at the bottom of the page in the World Book Encyclopedia of the Soviet Union, there was a picture, actually two pictures.
One was a picture of the National Coat of Arms of the Soviet Union.
And the second was their flag, the Soviet Communist flag.
And there was a little article, maybe just a couple of sentences, on both pictures.
And when I read the little article about the Soviet National Code of Arms, it struck me that this was something of momentous importance, but I didn't understand what it was, but I knew instinctively this is going to be important.
And so I began researching the Soviet coat of arms, and exactly, that's the symbol.
And you will see the reefs of wheat around the earth, and the sun rising behind the earth.
That is exactly what I'm talking about.
I discovered, the more I looked into this, that this was a subject which is being used by everyone in every culture of the world.
Not just this particular picture, but the conceptual idea.
And the actual terms that were in the encyclopedia talking about this symbol, the words and the terms that are associated with this symbol for world communism is everywhere.
It's in Hollywood, motion pictures, television shows, police departments.
It looks like it's no language, brave new world, a bunch of mindless zombies, so humanity just rolls over and dies.
It appears to be some off-world extermination virus program to train us to kill ourselves.
It is a hidden symbol.
Which dominates the entire world.
It is in every country of the world.
It is all over America in our federal government, our state governments, and our county and city emblems of our cities and counties.
This is the most extraordinary story you're ever going to hear, Alex.
I know you've heard them all.
So we got the GOP running around eating their own.
But if you go to DrudgeReport.com you can see the big fat juicy photos and we've got links on Infowars.com to the videos.
I've got Owen Schroer working on it right now.
I've got Darren McBreen working on it.
I've got the writers working on it.
Just taking the name of the ambassador.
Everybody can do this.
I'm not the type of reporter that has an idea and then I sit on it.
I don't even care if we break all this.
I want other people to.
I had this idea three days ago before this controversy broke to go show Hillary and Chuckie and Obama with Putin and with the Russian ambassador and all the rest of it just to show how dumb it is so people understand Trump's gonna meet with Putin.
That's normal.
We're gonna show Ronald Reagan meeting with Gorbachev.
Or other American presidents meeting with Russians.
This is normal.
They're not Russian agents.
As the head of the ranking member on the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, of course Sessions met with him twice.
And he's not being deceptive when he says on the campaign, we didn't meet or talk to the Russians.
That's specifically answering the question!
All that comes out of law.
How judges, lawyers, and police inspectors want you to answer the question.
He's the Attorney General.
He knows how the Attorney General wants the questions answered.
Absolutely the way they're asked.
It's a religion of these lawyers.
And they got him with it.
It's sick, because they know the public doesn't talk like that.
Did you meet with the Russians in the campaign?
No, I didn't.
Oh, look, he lied!
He met with them in the campaign!
No, he didn't.
He met with them as a U.S.
senator who is supposed to meet with the Russian ambassador.
Who do you think ambassadors meet with?
And I know I'm stating obvious facts here.
But we've got the videos.
Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak appeared at the Obama White House visitor at least 22 times.
He met with Chuckie Schumer!
That's on the record, too!
Oh, flashback!
Chuck Schumer meets with Putin in New York City.
Russian Ambassador Kislak attended Trump Congressional speech Tuesday and sat with the Democrats.
All of them need to be investigated.
I mean, I think it's a joke.
We should just say it's not even fake news.
Because they're saying investigate Trump, I say investigate all the Democrats from meeting with the Russians.
But you know, Hillary took money from Putin.
And so did both Podesta brothers.
And she was a Chinese Communist spy.
That's what she was really on the payroll for.
So Trump needs to call for those investigations and strike back.
Because they're actually foreign agents.
Not Jeff Sessions.
It's incredible.
Trump's on Dems Sessions' witch hunt.
They lost the election and now they've lost their grip on reality.
Tucker Carlson, I watched it last night, grilled him!
Kept going back saying, I get what you're saying, but why didn't you disclose it?
Disclose that it was on the record, on his Senate daily record, that he met with the Russian ambassador.
There's nothing to disclose!
That's his job!
Before I go any further, I want to thank all the listeners for their prayers, their support.
Our local affiliates as well deserve your support and your prayers.
Please continue to support our local sponsors here on local radio.
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So thank you for really coming through.
You're amazing.
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Mexican Congressman Briulio Guillera scaled to the top of the 30-foot Mexican-American border fence near Tijuana in an attempt to ridicule Trump's plan to build a border wall.
Guillera stated, However,
All this proves is that the fences on our border right now are too easily climbable.
And perhaps some barbed wire at the top of the fence would be a solution to keep people from lounging on top of our border wall?
The irony here is that the only thing this Mexican congressman accomplished is demonstrating just how unsecured our border fences currently are.
Which then proves that Donald Trump's idea to build a better, more secure wall is the solution.
This is Millie Weaver for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Broadcasting worldwide from deep in the heart of Texas, in the FEMA-UN stronghold of Austin.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Alright, this hour is going to be unbelievably jam-packed.
We've got David Knight with Key Intel dealing with the whole Session situation, popping in at the 24 After Short segment.
Then Owen Schroer is coming in to look at the dehumanization of our population with Key Intel and how to counter that.
In fact, when you guys put me in the article, there was another article out just this week about, I meant to get to it on Monday, about screen time causing brain damage and causing children to have all sorts of neurological disorders.
I mean, everybody already knows this, but it was a new big study.
I meant to add that together with it.
And then Darren McBreen yesterday said, I'm doing the news tomorrow and I'm going to have a special report.
The Nightly News on Friday night, he said, I'm gonna have a special report with something that I don't think anybody's aware of.
And it was actually in mainstream news and government documents, but it didn't get any attention.
And it's huge.
I mean, when I say huge, I have a tendency to just drop bombshell after bombshell and just not say, hey, this is really big.
Or this is literally the future of humanity.
But that's
That's what we're dealing with here.
My head is spinning at this point because I over-prepare at home, and when I get down here, there's so much to cover.
And then I had two big articles I wanted to get to as well that dealt with how the elite are preparing for total collapse and mass crises and mass die-offs.
I need the Bloomberg article, guys.
You may have brought it in here.
I don't see it.
The one about how they're preparing for doomsday scenarios.
That's going to tie into Owen Schroyer.
There it is.
AI scientists gather to plot doomsday scenarios and solutions.
This is all really serious.
See, again, everything I've told you for 21 years is now coming true because it was already true.
Everything they've basically got now, they had in the laboratory 20-25 years ago.
They're now just decided it's going to be rolled out and deployed to the people and then they're trying to form this whole in-game cosmology with the public's mind so that when all this basically comes into place, we will accept it culturally believing that it's a foregone conclusion.
And Trump is like a giant hammer.
Being thrown into this huge crystal structure, this viral structure of human exterminism, and he's already blown giant holes in it.
And all of us now are beavering away to expose it and bring it down.
When I say burn this global system down, I don't mean burn a single building down.
Or kill even a single person.
I mean the political systems of control and deceit and fraud and crony capitalism that are designed to dumb the population down and transfer wealth to the elites and just burn and destroy wealth to consolidate control is the true public admitted enemy.
And they've worked so hard
To hide this thing, and we don't need to sit here and let them dominate the future.
Again, the average person who really gets obsessed about football games, or having a better car, and somebody they don't like at work, or they get into arguments with their neighbors, then the neighbors will hate each other for, you know, a decade.
It's all stupid chicken-you-know-what stuff.
Chicken crap.
The globalists are openly manipulating our DNA.
They're giving us cancer.
They're poisoning us.
They write books about it.
They write documents about it.
They're super uncool.
And I feverishly want to beat them.
I want to see them defeated.
I want to see them destroyed with every ounce of my will.
And I know that if we set those brush fires in the minds of men and women everywhere and they research what we've seen, they don't believe me, but actually go and see that I'm telling the truth, that we together will burn this thing down.
I'm Alex Jones, this is the InfoWars, the website is infowars.com.
Have you spread that URL today?
Gerald Sollente of TrendsResearch.com.
He needs no introduction here.
And I've got a lot of questions I want to ask up front about the economy, where he sees it going.
But, Gerald, consumer confidence soars to 15-year high.
We've got mom-and-pop investors are behind the historic market rally.
Bloomberg has to admit that.
Meanwhile, Trump, you know, trying to get our power prices down, trying to get, you know, claw back some of the corporate income tax.
Everything I see Trump doing is common sense, but hardly any of that ever hits the news.
We just hear that he's this horrible, racist, evil person.
I know you're a political atheist, you know, don't like both parties.
Well, it seems like Trump is running over him as against both parties.
He has both parties against him.
He has the establishment against him, the big banks against him, and then all these so-called liberals run around claiming he's the establishment.
What do you think, Gerald?
Well, he's not the establishment at all, and the reason the markets are going up is because of, again, the things that you mentioned.
Consumer confidence, small business,
Our confidence is that it took its biggest spike since 1980.
That's when Ronald Reagan got elected.
That was after Stagg Glacian and Jimmy Loser caught it.
Our literal wealth, as you know, in the 1960s was more than half the global GDP.
Now we're way below that.
We have been sold out.
So all Trump's got to do is take the globalist's foot off our neck, and we're going to explode, aren't we?
That's exactly it.
And that's why the markets are going up.
The only thing that free trade is given, it's not fair trade, it's slave trade.
It is.
It's a giant sucking sound to the lowest common denominator that is Chinese slaves in literal death camps.
We cannot compete with that.
It's a giant sucking sound to the lowest common denominator.
You make one-sided deals, you get screwed over, we've seen what happens.
And so Trump is, individually as you know,
Renegotiating each deal.
And every day, major industries are coming back.
This is incredible.
Then I hear Nancy Pelosi on ABC News last night saying he hasn't done one thing for jobs.
She said, quote, one thing.
I mean, what planet is she living on?
Alright, in capitalism there's no such thing as too big to fail.
You rise and fall on your own merits.
This is not a failure of capitalism.
Then you go back to Obamacare... Sure, there's a lot of people like Pelosi who doesn't know what world she's on, and Obama, totally lazy, doing whatever he wants, you know, ripping us off, telling us they're geniuses, as you always say.
And then what happens is we're being forced under Obamacare, first of all to pay a penalty in taxes, but the bigger one, being forced to buy insurance from a private company.
That's called, what I just said, too big to fail in Obamacare.
It's the merger of state and corporate powers, which by definition is called fascism.
I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the deserts bare, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
I've traveled like I had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.
The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I'm a killer, I've been everywhere, man.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have got some really bombshell news.
And if President Trump doesn't do something about this, and if Sessions doesn't do something about this right now,
For the first time, I am going to start getting very, very critical of Trump.
And I don't know what I'm going to do, because he's so good on trying to get the economy going, on trying to get small business loans going, on getting small businesses to invest in the stock market to drive it up now almost $3 trillion, in exposing political correctness, in defending Christianity, in fighting radical Islam, in promoting Americana.
In signing an executive order to not fine families $5,000 for not having Obamacare.
I mean, so many good things.
Turning our coal power plants back on.
Letting our coal miners get back to work.
We have the best, cleanest coal in the world.
He's doing so much good when it comes to actually serving the people and dismantling globalism.
And transferring industry and jobs and humanity back to the people.
Not handouts to control them.
But then he won't do anything other than tweet, and the media bullies that, and acts like it's wrong that he fight back against lies, and act like it's weird when he exposes them.
What am I about to get to?
It's worse than we thought.
We knew the Justice Department got caught.
In Florida, with Justice Department high-level operatives in emails, on the ground, trying to cause riots and trying to stir up the Trayvon Martin tragedy.
To create the whole racial division that we now saw peak in the last year.
But ladies and gentlemen, Fox News is reporting and they've got the documents.
This is so illegal.
Obama transferred billions of dollars through Eric Holder
And the Department of Justice.
We're getting the video report right now.
Post this video report to Infowars.com right now, guys.
Post it to our site.
Tweet it out right now.
Obama DOJ funded billions to liberal activist groups.
We're going to play this clip in a moment.
Billions of dollars.
That is so illegal to have the Justice Department give money to groups secretly, period, political groups, to have the government funding its own party, the party in power funding its own party, and then to give it to activist groups that are running around saying kill cops and overthrow government.
This is the government forming sedition against local and state governments to cause a civil war.
And it ties in with everything I covered yesterday.
Holder foretells the return of Obama.
He's coming.
And he's ready to roll.
This is announced in Politico, the New York Times, you name it, like he's God.
Obama's goal to oust Trump from presidency via impeachment or resignation.
Mounting insurgency.
Paul Joseph Watson quotes the Daily Mail reports and the New York Times with them admitting they leaked the intelligence documents.
With them admitting.
They gave the New York Times the made-up Russia dossier stuff with some real leaked illegal intelligence in there confirming what Trump said weeks ago that he believes it's Obama leaking the illegal information.
Well now it's admitted and that's illegal as well.
They're completely committing crimes doing whatever they want.
And Sessions has recused himself from the made-up Russia investigation, so he can't expose the real crime of the leaks.
And a prosecutor appointed by Obama, who's anti-Trump, is gonna lead it now.
Can you believe that?
Trump is allowing himself to be absolutely encircled because he's a businessman, he understands how it works, he's trying to flood you with prosperity so that you'll get off the poisoned tit of the New World Order, but it's going to be too little too late if they've picked off his whole cabinet and are moving forward to kill him or impeach him, as the former president admits he wants to do.
The Obama administration funneled billions of dollars to activist organizations through a Department of Justice slush fund scheme.
And of course he just exposed they had a slush fund of a hundred and something billion, a hundred and eighty something billion.
A Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they stole for Obamacare and actually gave to select corporations that were over it.
I mean this is incredible!
It's clear partisan politics played a role in the illicit actions, illicit, how about illegal, that were made.
Representative John Ratcliffe of Texas told Fox News the DOJ is the last place this should have occurred.
But it's so criminal they're even timid about it, see?
You wonder why the globals are so arrogant.
They've already committed so many crimes.
They've already gotten away with so much.
They think they can push the American people and Trump and everybody else around.
They can meet with the Russian ambassador and do all they want, but if anybody with Trump does, it's the end of the world.
They just do whatever they want because nobody has ever knocked them on their ass politically.
They're like the punk bully in some small town that's been beating up kids half his age for, you know, six, seven years.
And then finally somebody gets off at the bus stop to visit grandma and, you know, the bully comes over and punches them in the face.
And the bully, two seconds later, has got their head bouncing up and down off the concrete.
That's the metaphor.
I don't literally mean bash Nancy Pelosi's head in the ground.
The point is, is that all these arrogant people are writing political checks they can't cash.
We simply stand up to him.
I am blown away right now.
My head is spinning.
Huckabee's come out and railed.
He says it's worse than a mafia shakedown.
Good job Huckabee saying it's criminal.
Man, this is unbelievable.
I love you to death.
And I'm sure you know what you're doing, man.
You're smarter than I am in many ways, but let me tell you something.
Justice be done, may the heavens fall.
We need you to pull the trigger.
We have the clip.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the biggest thing, and I keep saying every few days, this is the biggest thing ever, but when it comes to corruption, I'm not getting chills right now.
I feel hot, like I'm on fire.
I'm in absolute kick-ass mode.
I mean, I am, oh my,
I am on fire with this!
The indignation here!
I mean, this is unbelievable!
Every hair on my body just stood up on end.
Let's go to the clip.
Go ahead and go to it.
Well, somebody ought to go to prison for this.
I mean, this is worse than a mafia shakedown, because at least if the mafia shakes you down for protection, your store doesn't burn down.
But this is a case where the liberals have played Robin Hood.
By the way, pause.
Rewind it.
The transcript of Huckabee is another article.
I didn't even know Huckabee came out and said somebody should go to jail for this.
Because that's exactly, folks, this is open and shut, illegally transferred money by the billions.
It was worse, it wasn't just Soros, it was them the whole time.
Obama's saying let's have racial unity while he was pushing all the Black Lives Matter groups and the rest of it and cops getting killed everywhere and the Strong Cities Initiative with the UN.
They thought they were going to have some, you know, uprising of the minorities once Hillary got in and a big race war and that the feds would come in and he'd be the new Lincoln and they'd secure order.
It didn't happen like that.
Trump's in now but they're going ahead with their whole program despite that and Obama's moved in down the street and says
Well, they don't even say in the New York Times.
Turns out Trump's right.
Obama is behind the plan to overthrow him.
There's a new survey out.
98% of news coverage is anti-Trump when it's mainstream, yeah.
But then they have CNN say on Monday, we never have any biases.
We don't root for a president.
These people think we're idiots.
I mean, it's incredible.
They're delusional.
They've lost control of themselves and everything else.
But what's dangerous is they don't get it.
It's like a chemistry reaction when you pour two things together or three things together and they blow up.
This is so dangerous.
And Huckabee absolutely gets it.
I mean, I know the federal law.
I know.
Almost got indicted for just, you know, money being transferred to the media to put out pro-drug reform ads.
This is directly to activists to go burn stuff down.
Findings perioded by the Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of non-profit organizations involved with grassroots activism.
And remember, they wouldn't give one 501c3 in the last four years of Obama's administration to a conservative or libertarian or veteran or gun group.
But all to their groups they gave it.
And then they give them the money.
There is a recent effort by the Republicans to eliminate the practice.
Eliminate it?
Arrest their ass!
Which many believe was widely abused during the Obama administration.
With big banks being sued by the government for discrimination or mortgage abuse, they can settle the cases by donating to third-party non-activists.
But they call them, you know, non-activist victims.
The settlements do not specify how the third-party groups could use the windfall.
So far, investigators have found it accounted for $3 billion paid to non-victim entities.
Critics say banks are incentivized to donate the funds to non-profits rather than giving it to customers.
Yeah, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are the biggest funders of Black Lives Matter.
Google it!
And Facebook and Twitter!
Because they're the big megabanks and big megatech overthrowing our country!
They're the globalists!
They're the global power pointing at the Russians that can hardly get up on their knees and saying they're running America and running Trump!
Skip the break.
I mean, I knew Black Lives Matter got $100 million this year from, you know, foundations, and those are tax-exempt globalist cribs.
So, Obama admits... ...media say, wow, Trump was right last week when he said that.
Oh no, he's still wrong.
We're gonna bring...
David Nye.
The outgoing head of the CIA, three days before the President is sworn in, says, you ought to watch your mouth.
You better watch your mouth to the President of the United States!
What type of crazy, out of control, arrogant loon does that?
But see, he's got the big banks and all the elites and the foreign governments and the Republican establishment and the Democratic establishment and all these scumbags get together
And they're traitorous councils.
And they believe that they can do anything together because they see Trump as isolated.
He's not isolated, scumbags.
Let that be a warning to you.
The American people and the military and most of the intelligence agencies and most of the people in the FBI and other groups know now that they've got to choose a side.
That the globalists are about austerity.
They are about sexual exploitation of children.
They are about all these forms of corruption, and weirdness, and just bad for business, bad for prosperity, and men, who aren't even perfect, but have SOME HUMANITY LEFT, MUST ABSOLUTELY GO AFTER THESE PEOPLE!
People are like, well, they're dangerous.
They're a mafia.
They kill people.
Look, they're killing all the Russians.
You know what?
At some point, people gotta stand up around here.
This is the battle for the Republic.
Our men will go and fight and die most of the time just so globalist corporations can come in.
We go take Iraq out, the Chinese and the French get all the oil.
And then they blame us and say we did it for the oil.
We did it for globalism.
And to take down that country for Saudi Arabia.
I'm not against the troops that were manipulated into that war.
They followed orders.
It's the globalists that did that.
But I'm Machiavellian enough to go read their own documents to know what they're doing.
This isn't my opinion!
They think you're so stupid, they admit it all!
Let's get that out right now.
The globalists are public.
Wesley Clark, ten years ago, in two different speeches, who was the head of NATO at the time, he just had retired, went public and said there's a plan to topple these countries and then destabilize Europe and flood everybody and it's not a good idea.
And Wesley Clark's no, no goody two-shoes.
These plans are so diabolical, so evil, that even corrupt people don't want to be part of it because they're like, we already ruled the world!
We're already going to get all the life extension.
Why would we want to do this?
Well, you're just not twisted enough like the globalists to get their full plan.
Their spirit, their God, demands they do all this before they get empowered.
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And I'm not trying to scare people, but you now see how high the stakes are.
If we don't defeat the globalists now and really turn the tide, there's going to be a hot war period that they're starting.
They're coming after us.
Where it's going to get very, very bad before it's better.
But we have the momentum.
Humanity now knows who the enemy is.
So no matter what they do, they're still going to be defeated.
People now are aware of the government above the government.
They're aware of the elites.
They're aware of the TPP.
Trump just killed it.
All over the world, people are saying no to the globalists.
I know you know that, but everyone must understand this is a super legendary, historical, epic, game-changing, crossroads, fulcrum of humanity's destiny that we now stand in the middle of.
This is legend.
Be part of it.
We're looking for good men and women who do love God, who want to be strong, and want to stand for what's right, and whose spirits burn to stand against this evil.
Like a caller said a few days ago, Trump is like a lighthouse in a hurricane where ships try to come in, and the enemy's trying to blow that light out.
Trump's not perfect.
I'm not perfect.
But he's real.
He's done so many good things.
The enemy is throwing everything they can against him.
Pray for President Trump.
Pray for InfoWars.
Pray for the free press.
The Vanguard.
The Cutting Edge.
Drudge Report.
Tip of the Spear.
Pray for my family.
Pray for me.
I say that selfishly.
Because I want to carry out this mission.
And I know the power is in your prayer to God.
Pray for our crew.
We're praying for you.
And I'm praying for justice.
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You know, Owen's coming in here, but we can have a roundtable discussion and just keep you in here with us, but I want him to be able to focus on this because I don't want you to just have three minutes, David.
I drug you in here because you were making some really great points.
You were hot in the hall.
They don't usually get hot, but everybody's hot right now because you can feel the battle really heating right up to the next level.
As I said months ago, they're just trying to demonize Trump as a Russian agent before they blow him up.
They'll drop a bomb on the White House, folks.
These people are crazed demons, crazed criminals.
They're not going to back off.
We'll get to the latest that you wanted to cover when we come back in the next segment with Owen, and then get into his story of dehumanization.
You've got some key intel that ties into all this, you know, on the claims that he's meeting with the Russians and he's bad.
But what do you just make of $3 billion through the big banks, through the Justice Department, fenced, given to all the Black Lives Matter groups?
We knew the Justice Department was running it, but wow, funding it.
This is illegal.
Well, you know, Alex, we've seen Eric Holder's Justice Department say that they're not going to prosecute the Black Panthers who were threatening people with baseball bats.
The new Black Panthers.
Yeah, the new Black Panthers.
Just recently with the Obama election.
Well, we're not going to do that.
You're going to stand there at a polling place and threaten people who are white to come in there, and you're not going to prosecute that.
So we knew where they were.
We knew this kind of stuff was going on, and Alex, I gotta say too, as we see these continuing revelations coming out, where do they always start?
The stuff about Flynn, the stuff about Sessions, all these accusations about Russia.
This looks like Watergate, doesn't it?
It's coming from the Washington Post, the people who have a connection now with the CIA, an open financial connection.
600 million.
Exactly, 600 million we have.
And that's what we know about!
3 billion to the commies you see running around the streets everywhere, they're all paid for!
That's right.
They all think, like little punk college kids, that they're about to take over and actually rule us.
That's why they're on power trips.
They tell me, we're taking over, we're going to kill everybody.
No, you're not, dumbass.
You better hope, you better hope we take this thing back peacefully.
You little punks are looking for a fight.
You don't have any idea.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, we've got with the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos buys it for $250 million and immediately he gets a $600 million contract with the CIA to run their data services and dwarfs what he just paid for the Washington Post.
And where does all the, where do all these leaks from the surveillance state attacking the Trump administration... Illegal leaks?
And Trump said it was Obama, the media said he was insane, and then he's in the New York Times yesterday, Obama admitting he did it!
Because they know Trump's going to bring it out, so they hide it in plain view!
It's Watergate all over again.
Trump's been absolutely on target!
But I'm not mad at Trump, but he needs to go on offense now.
I mean, you know, it's his duty.
Right, that's right.
And so what we're going to talk about when we come back briefly, I want to talk about McCain.
Why isn't anybody looking at John McCain, the fact that he just had another secret meeting with ISIS rebels, okay?
This is in... He didn't!
Not the one four years ago!
He just went back to meet with the opposition of our military, and we believe from the intel he's the one that leaked the Yemen raid to make Trump look bad.
Let me tell you, Trump, take the gloves off.
The American people are going to back you 100%.
These are inside traitors.
These are seditious.
These are Benedict Arnolds.
Take the gloves off.
And I mean all the way off.
They want to sedition and overthrow a civil war.
It's the president's duty to cut the head off this thing for the republic right now.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Mexican Congressman Briulio Guillera scaled to the top of the 30-foot Mexican-American border fence near Tijuana in an attempt to ridicule Trump's plan to build a border wall.
Guillera stated, It would be simple for me to jump into the United States, which shows that it is unnecessary and totally absurd to build a wall.
It shows how unnecessary this project, this political rhetoric from Donald Trump is.
All this proves is that the fences on our border right now are too easily climbable.
And perhaps some barbed wire at the top of the fence would be a solution to keep people from lounging on top of our border wall?
The irony here is that the only thing this Mexican congressman accomplished is demonstrating just how unsecured our border fences currently are.
Which then proves that Donald Trump's idea to build a better, more secure wall is the solution.
This is Millie Weaver for InfoWars.com.
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It's Alex Jones.
Longing for the sun.
Now, we've got documents from Congress and we've got reports and we've got admissions hiding in plain view coming up the next hour that I had no idea was dovetail into what just broke from the Congressional Judiciary Committee that's investigating all this, the Democrats.
And then you look at what just came out of the judiciary to the White House to Jerome Corsi.
Where Obamacare stole $189 billion that we know of so far out of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac of private investment and then just told them their investment failed when people invested in the government housing market deal thinking it'd be a good investment like government bonds to get money back.
They just stole it from investors and looted it to prop up Obamacare that's a bunch of insurance companies and banks robbing everything.
I mean, look, look.
Got more coverage from what Jerome Cor... That was an amazing investigation that Corsi did.
And it was an outright criminal act.
They were taking preferred stock.
They were supposed to get 10% off of these Fannie and Freddie mortgages.
Instead they took all of it, swept it in the general fund, then moved it into Obamacare because Obamacare... That's a bail-in.
That's how they do them here.
You know, in Greece or wherever, they just grab it out of your bank account or Cyprus.
But let's expand.
This is what we're starting to learn.
This is what the White House is leaking out to folks.
So I guess Trump is fighting back.
The problem is it's not even getting out there in the conservative media.
Then let's expand.
Then we learn that Obama's moved into a bunker.
He wants to overthrow Trump.
He's the leaker.
All that's illegal.
They hide it in everybody's, you know, face.
Just, again, plain view.
Nothing's done.
And then we learn the latest.
DOJ, Obama's DOJ, funneled billions to liberal activist groups illegally.
And here is Fox News contributor, former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, breaking it down.
Let's start from the beginning.
As he says, they need to go to jail.
Here it is.
Somebody ought to go to prison for this.
I mean, this is worse than a mafia shakedown, because at least if the mafia shakes you down for protection, your store doesn't burn down.
But this is a case where the liberals have played Robin Hood.
They've stolen from the government, the taxpayers, and they've given it to their pals.
It's really outrageous, and I think that part of it that is so frustrating, imagine, for example, if under a Republican Department of Justice,
The Department of Justice had allocated money to the National Right to Life, or if they'd allocated it to the NRA.
Can you imagine how that would have gone over with the Democrats?
I don't think very well.
First Amendment, Congress can't be involved.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or freedom of the press, or the right to peace, disassembly, or redress of grievances.
Government cannot get involved in funding the speech it wants to hear.
That means religious or political or anything else.
It's all protected, and the government doesn't have jurisdiction, and so instead they're illegally funding anti-American globalist groups
This is unbelievable, and what's unbelievable is we just keep learning more and more and more and more.
Meanwhile, the big scandal, we'll go into this now, I want to finish the clip, or part of it, and we're going to get to this, is Sessions as a Senator.
As the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee publicly met, it was on his record on the Senate site that he had a meeting twice with the Russian ambassador.
I went and looked it up.
Schumer had many more last year than that.
It's on there.
It turns out this guy likes the Democrats, sat with them at the inauguration.
It turns out he's buddies with Pelosi.
It turns out he's buddies with everybody.
It turns out Obama had 20 plus meetings with him last year as well.
But Sessions has two, and he's a Russian agent, and lied when he was asked specifically.
Franken read it, obviously by a lawyer.
Franken's not that smart.
Knowing Sessions is a lawyer, we're told that in the press that surrogates on the campaign met with Russians about the campaign.
He said, no, I'm a surrogate.
I'm one of the top surrogates.
Nobody met about the campaign with Russians.
And they go, oh, you lied.
You met with a Russian.
Not in the campaign capacity.
You ask a lawyer.
You ask the head of the DOJ.
That's right.
They turned that total truth into a lie while Hillary and her people are all on the Russian and Communist Chinese payroll.
And I had former congressman, ranking member on the House, or vice head of the Armed Services and Homeland Security Committee telling you he saw the secret documents and Hillary's basically a Russian agent and a Chinese agent and he's getting ready to bring it out.
Now he hadn't come back on yet.
He kind of blew up on air.
He stomped out during the break.
Like, just angry.
And said, I'm going public, Alex.
Well, okay, Kurt Weldon, we need you.
They're threatening him going, don't you release that classified hearings.
They had classified hearings and they decided it was too bad for the country to come out that Hillary was a Chinese communist agent.
She was paid off by the Russians, but they weren't running her.
I've had former high level and current CIA people say, yes, Alex, you're right.
Hillary is a Chinese agent.
And it's come out though.
It was in the news.
They're Chinese communist agents.
Forget the Russians.
Okay, the Russians have a lot of great science, they're great people, they've got a lot of corruption, though.
They have the GDP of Italy, folks.
The Russians aren't the threat.
The Chinese communists are out of control, and they've bought off our government, and this whole thing about Trump is to restore America.
Do you understand that the intelligence agencies
Or branches of them that are patriots are the ones that rebelled against this alliance with China and the Communists and the Wahhabist Islamists and said that's too far, we're getting behind the people and Trump was put in by the voters and the patriots in our government, not the Russians!
Trump was put in by Alex Jones and the listeners of this broadcast and Matt Drudge!
He was not put in by the Russians!
Go ahead, David, I'm sorry.
Alex, when they did this to Flynn, I said, what they have just done is a self-inflicted wound while they're swimming in water with sharks.
And they're going to come after them again.
And that's precisely what they're doing, trying to twist this into something that it wasn't.
As you point out, he said, yeah, I'm in Washington.
There's a Russian ambassador in Washington.
I meet with him a couple of times.
We didn't talk about the campaign.
And I think the same thing is true of Flynn, when this was, he's talking to him.
Same thing, it's all admitted, once he stood down, they go, of course it was no big deal.
And then they talk about, oh, the Logan Act, the Logan Act, you're trying to undermine Obama's foreign policy.
You know who's trying to undermine his foreign policy?
That's meeting privately for business in a non-governmental capacity.
Right, but the Logan Act is trying to change the foreign policy, working against the official foreign policy.
McCain is not the Secretary of State.
McCain is not the President.
We just had him go at the end of February.
That's right.
He doesn't have the authority on his own mission, not sanctioned by Congress, to have a secret mission to meet with al-Nusra, ISIS, and al-Qaeda, promising that they're going to, you know,
Hold on, we're going to get you aid, block the American and Russian operations sanctioned by the President of Russia and the U.S.
together to destroy this Al-Qaeda force.
That's the name, the real name.
This little traitor runs over there, runs back.
They put photos up of him with the leaders.
Let's show TV viewers, tell folks.
So forget him meeting with the radical Islamists that are fighting our military.
That's okay!
That's OK!
Go ahead and show it.
TV viewers.
Going back to when, this was back in 2013, he tweeted out pictures of himself there with him.
He said, look, these people are not moderate rebels.
Now, whether or not these are al-Qaeda or ISIS people... They're the al-Nusra people.
That's the same group.
The fact is, afterwards, he came back and talked about Rand Paul.
He says, has Rand Paul ever been to Syria?
Has he ever met with ISIS?
Has he ever met with any of these people?
No, no, no.
In other words, I have.
And what he's saying is that he went and met with a Free Syrian Army.
He said, there's about 70% who are still Free Syrian Army.
Well, other people who are defense consultants say, no, that was only about 30% of the time.
That's a generous measure.
But look.
We know that they were giving weapons to ISIS.
It's been revealed over and over again.
Now, whether or not he was working against Obama's policy, you can say maybe he wasn't.
Maybe he was secretly putting that policy in.
No, McCain was behind it.
That was admitted.
But what we have now... McCain was there behind the whole thing.
Yeah, exactly.
And what we have now, I'm saying in the most charitable interpretation... But we already know.
Yeah, we know that he was working to create ISIS.
What he's doing now, he just went, February 28th,
Another secret trip.
Now this is clearly, there's no way by any stretch of the imagination that you could say he's working... He's there to work against U.S.
military forces.
The word is he's the leaker, and this is what people are looking into.
You better watch out in the game.
He's the leaker on the last target so that our people would get caught to embarrass Trump, just like the CIA and the Bay of Pigs.
That's right.
So he goes there, they get weapons, we know he's meeting with ISIS back in 2014.
Snopes and the like.
McCain is meeting with our enemies right now working against President Trump.
What he did on the 28th, he goes there and as ABC points out, this is a secret trip that he made and then talked about it afterwards and he is criticizing Trump's
We're good.
Sure, because we keep having real debates with MSM, like they care, like they're rational, like they're listening.
They're just there to spew lies, disinformation, and garbage, and basically try to brainwash the American people into going along with us.
But I don't see it working.
But I gotta tell you, they're very bold.
We can show people DrudgeReport.com and InfoWars.com to show Sergey Kislov.
Who's met with Hillary, who's met with Obama scores of times, who's met with Schumer, who's met with them all, to now say it's bad that the Republicans meet with them, and then there's Schumer with Vladimir Putin.
I mean, they really think we're stupid to now say that the Trump government can't ever talk to the Russians.
I mean, to see this weird hyper-McCarthyism
Because real McCarthyism wasn't what they called McCarthyism.
This is true authoritarian blacklisting, shutting down the news, calling people foreign agents of foreign power.
A few minutes on that, then we're going to Owen Schroer.
Well, you know, Alex, you're absolutely right.
The real threat is China.
And we all know that this is a smokescreen.
We all know that this is not really... And you know about China.
You've been to China.
Your daughter's adopted from China.
You're an engineer that works with Chinese.
They're even talking now about changing the one-child policy because they've created this massive demographic time bomb.
They have so many young men who are coming of age who don't have wives because they've had this one-child policy.
And so China has got a time bomb.
They need a war.
And they need to have something to distract against us.
They're very adventurous.
You see this in the South China Sea.
They are ramping up their military spending.
Well you know what they're sending their men.
They're setting up giant colonies in Africa.
They're marrying African women and they're just everywhere.
I talk to special forces people all the time that are in Africa.
You can see it in the news too and it's like everywhere you go there's Chinese men with their African wives and it's I mean a huge colonization.
I mean millions of Chinese men, military.
Are going in, running farms, mining.
They are taking over Africa.
Africa is being absorbed by China as its industrial base and its food base.
And as its mineral resource base.
Africa is so heavily involved with minerals that they need to understand that that is a strategic move by China to get these precious metals that they can't get in large quantity elsewhere.
But how dare Trump
Trump tried to come in here and try to restore our republic and actually get Americans to run America and have a few things to help our workers and try to stop all the social engineering to make us disintegrate.
We've known Obama was trying to balkanize America and try to start a race war.
Now we know $3 billion was given by the Justice Department illegally to do it.
That's now on Infowars.com.
Thank you, David Knight.
Thank you.
Okay, thanks for coming in.
I wanted to get him in.
And now, until 8 after next hour, Owen Schroyer will be with us, and then we're going to have Darren McBreen join us in studio to talk about a huge story that's not getting any attention that ties into all this.
It turns out, I'm going to give you a little tidbit right now.
Mainstream newspapers and mainstream Hollywood firms are the main group, and I'd always suspected this, putting out the truly fake news websites
That put out incredible disinformation against myself, against Ron Paul, against President Trump, and others over the years.
And then they even point at themselves and say, look at how horrible this fake news is, saying this person was dead, or this or that happened, and get this, they're also making money off of it!
So it's worse than we even knew.
They literally run the fake news sites.
They then use the worst examples, have people from the fake news sites that they fund go on NPR and say, I'm a fake news guy like Alex Jones, and then speak for me.
Man, this is such a deceptive, manipulative thing.
We've got to stop this.
We've got to do something about this.
These people have got to be stood up against.
I mean, they've been caught lying over the years, so they're just quadrupling down.
Now, speaking of dehumanization, I've got several articles I want to get to here coming up at the start of the next segment that really ties into what Owen's about to hit on.
And we've got the article that we're going to be showing on screen, so we can scroll through that for TV viewers.
But they're not just degenerating the family, they're not just saying there's a hundred new genders and if you're male or female that's bad because that hurts people that are the other genders, so the original gender is hurtful, so that can't exist.
They're now having body augmentation or changes that's going past people getting all these face surgeries and things until they look like the cat lady.
It's now saying, oh, I'm an alien, I'm not even human, I'm a celebrity.
It's turning yourself into a carnival show, Barker, a carnival show freak show, so that that's how you, quote, make a living, is not being part of the human system, so humans look at you and think there's something wrong with you.
And what the system's doing is taking mental illness, in many cases, and also making it fashionable and cool.
This is another psychic, psychological virus they admit that they've injected into society to confuse everyone.
Then they have the corporate media hold it up as if it's something beautiful and powerful to further accelerate the downfall of civilization.
But humans can organize together, recognize the disease and the filth, the poison grapes, the poison berries, and teach others not to eat of them and go away from the poison fruit.
We're right back in the Garden of Eden.
We had the knowledge of good.
We weren't dumb.
It's the knowledge of evil is the virus of mental illness.
Owen Schroeder, break down this latest story.
Well, the story that I think you're referencing is the guy who turned himself into a genderless alien and he had a bunch of surgery to make himself look like, I guess, an alien.
He's got weird facial construction surgery and weird body surgery.
And you know, Alex, I got a lot of flack.
Hosting the fourth hour of this show earlier this week because I was quote-unquote fat shaming a woman but no what I was actually upset about is exactly what you just alluded to.
Look if somebody wants to go out and mutilate their body and transform into whatever it is that they think that it is they want to be and that's gonna make them happy and there's a doctor out there that's gonna do that surgery then you know what it's gonna happen and
As far as I can tell, they have the right to do that.
My issue is exactly what you just said.
It's the corporate media, it's the Yahoo's, the Google's, the Facebook's.
They're force-feeding this to our kids.
Every new Disney movie comes out, says, you know, boys and boys are kissing, girls and girls are kissing.
It's a force-feeding.
So it's like, instead of covering the story and being like, well this is a little weird, is this really what we want people doing?
Is this healthy?
Why is this person doing it?
They're like, wow, look at this, it's original, it's cool, it's hip!
And the kids will be like, wow, that's cool, that's hip, I wanna be a genderless alien.
Or the story on Yahoo that I was referring to, this girl puts on a bunch of weight, and Yahoo promotes her saying, look at her, she's not ashamed of being fat, she's standing up for the fact that she put up weight, she's proud of it.
Or this woman had the state paid for her to have bleach dumped in her eyes.
She identified as being a blind woman.
Or this, you know, 60-year-old guy identifies as a 4-year-old girl.
You can't
They're pushing alien genderless people on the youth, putting it on the front page of these news publications.
So it's like, how do you even pick your battle?
They're coming at us from all angles.
And meanwhile, they're saying, don't show images in campus of a normal gender woman or man because that's hurtful.
Or National Geographic, a woman doesn't exist.
I mean, this is on, folks.
This is a full assault on humanity by the globalists.
Zuckerberg, Schmidt, all of them are your enemies.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
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It's a win-win.
Folks, we're fighting back right now.
We're gonna collate a whole bunch of photos of Hillary and Chuckie Schumer and everybody else meeting with Putin, meeting with the Russian ambassador.
Drudge has got the big piece up there with, uh,
Putin and Schumer.
It's incredible.
Here's a new one.
Hillary Clinton bragged about being invited to Putin's inner sanctum meeting with him secretly.
Putin urges voters to back Bush.
Vladimir Putin calls John McCain nuts.
Just some of these reports I've got here.
It's just crazy how they're playing on the public's ignorance, acting like Sessions has to go.
But the big issue is
Why did Sessions recuse himself from the Russia investigation?
Now a prosecutor appointed by Obama is going to be over it?
See, that's why the State Department's just ignoring Tillerson's orders.
That's why the Justice Department's been ignoring Attorney General Sessions's orders.
It's because they're planning on kicking Trump out, folks.
They just knew they couldn't do it day one because there was a landslide and they knew the public was awake and angry and knew what was happening.
They had to bring Trump in and then start the discrediting, start the lying, start the false reports.
Trump hit him super fast, accelerating what he could do to try to turn the jobs back on and stop the economic implosion.
They admittedly tried an implosion, but they failed.
So this is just an incredible battle, and Trump has to come out with Sessions and everybody else and say, you're the Russian agents, you're the Chinese agents, have press conferences with Kurt Weldon and others, bring out the documents, and point out that Obama's given illegal leaks to the news that are even fake information.
It's just all there.
This is so incredible.
The level of this has gotten so unbelievable.
And then they're caught giving $3 billion of stolen investor money to activist groups against the country, the Justice Department.
No wonder Loretta Lynch met illegally on that plane with Obama, with Clinton when he was under investigation.
Because they're crooks!
Owen Schroer, getting back into this.
I've got some news I want to cover in the next hour.
I haven't gotten to it yet that ties into the elites meeting for doomsday scenarios.
Yeah, doomsday scenarios, they're planning.
That's Bloomberg.
We talk about this, but everything we've talked about, I'm not bragging, it's crazy, is now front and center.
I mean, if it keeps getting this wild every day, where does your gut tell you this is going?
Well, we've talked about this before, and I think that despite all of the madness that we have in this political cycle right now, despite all of the madness we have in the news, I think that's still the number one thing to me, and it's obviously what the elite are thinking.
That's what they're meeting with.
This is all real for them too, all this Russia stuff, all the news cycle.
They're in this world too, but they're having meetings about biotech weapons.
Bill Gates is coming out with warnings about tens of millions that could possibly die from some guy on a computer screen making a virus.
If you don't accept global corporate private government based on quote a medical tyranny.
So let's just focus on this double standard with the Russians real quick though, Alex, because you came in today and you were like, hey, we know that they got all these double standards.
Go find some stuff for me.
So we got this news.
I mean, look at these headlines.
Russia, Obama meets with Vladimir Putin.
Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak appeared as Obama White House at least 22 times.
Is Obama a Russian agent?
I mean, I don't hear any claims that Obama is a Russian agent.
How about this?
Russia Ambassador and Chuck Hagel visit the University of Nebraska.
Is Chuck Hagel a Russian agent?
I mean, this was a guy that had a lot of power.
Where are the stories on that?
You're supposed to talk to ambassadors and diplomats, and we've already covered those exactly, but what I want from the crew, because I went and looked it up and saw it,
Is I want to go show all the other times Democrats were with Putin or with this ambassador because they're showing photos of Republicans with him thinking the public's stupid and thinking that's illegal.
Or they're claiming Sessions lied when he told the truth saying not in a capacity in the campaign.
We'll be back.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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They took my saddle in Houston.
Broke my leg in Santa Fe.
Lost my wife and a girlfriend somewhere along the way.
In defense of human liberty, Alex Jones.
You know, Trump told the Attorney General of the state, when you guys pulled me this article, thanks, on Monday before the speech, he said, I'm going to decry these Jewish centers being attacked and these tombstones getting knocked over.
But we need to investigate this being a false flag because the media was blaming it on Trump.
Infowars.com has this story.
I haven't seen anybody else report on it.
Paul Watson was just texting me saying, why aren't you covering it?
Yeah, I saw it this morning.
I didn't see it in my stack.
Will somebody print me that?
Thank you.
Turns out it is a pro-Obama, anti-Trump operative.
Man arrested for Jewish sinner, bomb threat as an anti-Trump Muslim convert.
Oh my God.
Yeah, it's not hard for Trump to be proven right again.
I'm not going to exaggerate.
Ninety-five percent.
I was going to say ninety-nine, but there's been a few.
Race attacks that we see out there are false flags.
In fact a lot of times it'll be a white woman saying four black guys raped her and you know she'll cut her face I saw that you know then it's not true she did herself and then a black woman says five white guys did it and it's fake again you know I mean it's just it's people do it for attention man it's bad it's an epidemic.
They teach this in the feminist classes that all sex is rape so you know if your boyfriend breaks up with you you can decide to retroactively say you were raped.
There was a court case where they just no-billed it with the DA here in Austin where that went on and the girl got mad and said, I'm going to say you raped me, reportedly.
And so they've dropped the case.
I mean, this is scary, folks.
This is social justice warriors for you.
What do you make of this?
I mean, this is just coming to a head.
CNN's brand continues to plummet.
It's being reported.
Their numbers are just tanking.
Starbucks is tanking.
Lost something like 20% of its business just the last few months because of all their globalist activity.
Every metric shows the mainstream's dying.
So that's why they're fighting so hard.
They're fighting for their life, aren't they?
Well, that's interesting you bring that up because right now there's an interesting kind of paradigm shift happening at Fox where you've got people either going towards nationalism, towards Trump, and then you've got the Shepard Smiths, and of course you've got Meghan McCain on there too, who you just kind of feel like they aren't going with the grain.
They're going to go against the grain.
They're going to go against Trump.
They're going to be that voice of resistance at Fox.
So I kind of see that struggle happening at Fox.
It'll be interesting to see what happens there.
But back to the
Point you just made about rape real quick.
You know, this is another thing, and I know you want to talk about dehumanization.
This is a total disenfranchisement of men in the courtroom.
Well, they're making sex and the act of procreation always rape.
When in many animal species it's aggressive, not really in ours.
I don't like aggressive sex myself.
But the point is, it's not epidemic in the West.
It is in some cultures.
The more barbarous they are.
And so it's making, like, where men aren't even supposed to, if a woman puts her arms around you, you're not supposed to put your arms around her.
Right, so they ignore what's happening in Sweden, but in America now, there's courtrooms that won't even let a man testify against a woman who accused him of rape because they're saying it might be too traumatizing to the woman.
Think about how dangerous that is.
There was a bill proposed in Missouri.
It didn't get through, thank God.
I voted against it.
It was an amendment saying that if you get charged, if somebody just accuses you of sexual misconduct, it sticks on your permanent record.
So look at what they're trying to open this up.
All you have to do is accuse a man of rape, and now that's on his record for the rest of his life, even if he's completely innocent, and then he might not even get to voice his opinion in a courtroom because it might traumatize the woman.
Think about how dangerous that is, especially when you've got some of these crazy women out there.
We've seen them.
Many of them hate Trump.
I videotaped him.
You've seen him in the video.
They hate men.
I could see these women...
When I say huge breaking news, it ties in crazily to everything we've already been covering.
This is amazing.
When you see this, absolute hard proof that MSM is behind the fake news, stay with us at InfoWars.com.
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Mexican Congressman Briulio Guillera scaled to the top of the 30-foot Mexican-American border fence near Tijuana in an attempt to ridicule Trump's plan to build a border wall.
Guillera stated, It would be simple for me to jump into the United States which shows that it is unnecessary and totally absurd to build a wall.
It shows how unnecessary this project, this political rhetoric from Donald Trump is.
All this proves is that the fences on our border right now are too easily climbable.
And perhaps some barbed wire at the top of the fence would be a solution to keep people from lounging on top of our border wall?
The irony here is that the only thing this Mexican congressman accomplished is demonstrating just how unsecured our border fences currently are, which then proves that Donald Trump's idea to build a better, more secure wall is the solution.
This is Millie Weaver for InfoWars.com.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
It's Friday.
Lord willing, I'll be back this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, hosting the Sunday Transmission.
I'm coming to you from Austin, Texas.
Our investigative journalist and one of our amazing graphics and video editors and reporters, Darren McBreen, is here with us.
He pointed something out, hiding in plain view.
Some of it we've reported on, some of it we haven't.
I wasn't aware of how
Open and obvious this is, but that's a new tactic they've got.
Trump comes out and says, I know Obama's leaking this stuff illegally, and they're mixing in disinformation and it's criminal, there should be a probe.
Obama denies it for two weeks and then comes out in the New York Times with Eric Holder and says, yeah, I'm behind the leaks of classified intelligence.
And then it gets worse.
MSM comes out.
And says, yeah, we run fake newspapers online to discredit our enemies, and discredit the press, and discredit alternative news, and to make money.
I mean, I could have secret servers and run fake sites.
I would never do that because I want to have credibility.
When we make a mistake, we come and we tell you.
When we're angry, I get angry.
We're 100% bona fide, and they know that.
And people know what we're talking about is happening and coming true.
The admission of global government.
The admission that they want to break up our families.
The admission they want to make us poor.
And then this.
I knew the Justice Department was behind the Black Lives Matter and letting Soros fund them to call for the killing of police and overthrow government and attacking Christians and the communist groups marching in the streets.
Billions of dollars the last few years funded.
I didn't know.
And now Congress has come out.
It's on Associated Press, Fox News, you name it.
Obama DOJ funneled billions to liberal activist groups illegally, three billion dollars of it through big banks, and then through the Justice Department.
When banks pay fines, they would then tell the banks to pay it to these private non-profit groups.
Now, that is simply amazing.
So this shows this whole
Artificial system.
Then he signed a bill two weeks before he left office in the Defense Authorization Act, a section to federalize all media and put the CIA and foundations over the Board of Governors of the FCC and begin countering and blocking and banning fake news.
Three years ago they announced that they'd legalize the CIA operating domestically in deception.
Well the problem is Trump has got control of the CIA.
But they've got their people in there trying to block Trump.
That's why Brendan was so arrogant.
He said, watch what you say.
Watch your mouth to Trump a few days before he was out.
And was shocked that Trump got rid of him.
Like he'd just roll over.
And Chuck Schumer.
And Chuck Schumer.
Chuck Schumer said, watch yourself.
The intelligence agencies can take you out.
So we're going to break that down.
But here, breaking.
This is on Infowars.com.
Paul Joseph Watson, man arrested for Jewish Center bomb threats, is an anti-Trump Muslim convert.
Trump proven right yet again.
And these things were being blamed on Trump.
And then Trump comes out and says, whoever's doing it, it's terrible, it's horrible, on Monday's speech to Congress.
And the media said, oh, he's a conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones.
New York Daily News, Washington Times, Vice, so many I couldn't read them all, said, Jerusalem Post, Haritz,
The forward came out and said that I love Hitler.
That is total defamation.
They don't care anymore.
I love Hitler and I love Trump.
But it gets better.
I believe that these Jewish sinners are false flags.
I didn't say that.
I said, almost all the time, when somebody burns a cross in a yard or carves a thing in their face, whether they're black or white, all the time, you know, a black woman says white guys raped her.
You know, the whole lacrosse thing wasn't true.
A white woman says black guys raped her.
Turns out it's not true.
Many cases.
Because there's a certain type of person who's racist and wants the attention, and their M.O.
is the same way.
Turns out that's exactly what happened.
We googled his name.
And I guess they're already on it.
This is not broken yet.
And I like the Intercept, by the way.
Statement from the arrest of former Intercept reporter Juan Thompson.
And it says that he worked for them.
Statement on the arrest of former Intercept reporter.
And so the Intercept, Greenwald, formerly with the Guardian, this guy worked for them, probably an infiltrator.
Because believe me, we deal with this too.
People are like, is the Intercept behind it?
Hell no they're not!
They're trying to expose false flags.
Agent provocateur.
I mean, who knows?
Who knows?
But this is what the, this is the stuff I can't talk about on air, folks, but we go through this too, okay?
It's, it's, this is not a game.
This isn't a movie about spies and stuff.
This is the American people.
In solidarity with others around the world, trying to throw the globalists off of us.
So, just department funding, radical violent groups, illegally with illegal money.
Obama stealing $180-plus billion out of investors' money, put into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, just saying they lost it, to give to megabanks through Obamacare.
I mean, you talk about criminal looting, it's over, they should all be arrested.
This is crazy.
That's why they're so desperate to stop Trump and Sessions, because they know this new info is coming out of the White House to the press.
We got the stuff from the White House, the documents no one was covering.
Nobody said they weren't true.
It was directly Federal Register about the rulings about Obama stealing the money.
So this is what's happening.
This is why they're so scared.
And it's a crazy time.
Now McBreen said Alex to me yesterday after the show, he goes, do you think this is big?
And he usually just runs whatever he wants.
I know my brain's really smart.
I said, that's huge!
I didn't know that.
He's got two pieces of news that are mainstream that admit like it's no big deal what they're doing.
See, because they're normalizing what they do.
Yeah, we fund the kill the cop groups.
Yeah, we steal the money of people that invest, you know, via the markets in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Yeah, we just take, you know, almost $200 billion of it and give it to other people.
Yeah, we do whatever we want.
Yeah, we open the borders, let people in with syphilis or whatever.
It's okay.
And yeah, we run fake newspapers to attack our enemies, make money, and put out this info, and then use that to discredit all the new media and call for it to be shut down.
You'll be doing the nightly news tonight, Darren.
I want you to come in, spend some time, and break down your findings.
Well, you're exactly right.
The mainstream media has been caught red-handed creating fake news websites.
And they're complete with made-up stories that were spread online.
And these stories were shared by millions of people on Facebook and Twitter.
Because, Alex, they look and feel like the real thing.
They look like traditional mainstream media websites.
Check out the names of some of these websites.
Salt Lake City Guardian, the Houston Leader, Sacramento Dispatch, New York Morning Post, and the Indianapolis Gazette.
Like I said, looks and feels like a legitimate website.
Here's some of the headlines.
Trump and Putin spotted at Swiss Resort prior to...
The election.
And this was from the Sacramento Dispatch, a news organization that does not exist.
There's no such thing.
Here's another one.
Trump refuses to provide California federal support in midst of a natural dot dot dot.
That's their click bait.
And so what happens is you go to these websites and I saw these personally.
I saw these on Facebook and Twitter.
These were popping up.
A lot of people were sharing them.
Totally oblivious to the fact that they were sharing and spreading fake news.
And it turns out these websites were created by 20th Century Fox.
Now let's be clear.
You've got the report, we're gonna go over it.
I'm going to skip this break, this is so big.
And there's a bunch of others, because I keep seeing these stories about, it looks like major papers, the Russians have invaded Alaska.
The Russians run Drudge Report.
The Russians run Alex Jones.
The Russians run Jeff Sessions.
The Russians run Nigel Farage.
And then they're in German too, but they get translated in our news.
And remember, that's what they were saying.
The CIA in foreign countries puts out fake news.
That was illegal until, and we can pull up the Washington Post article, until a few years ago, when they quote legalized it.
Because the CIA is like, this is illegal.
And they're like, we're going to legalize it.
They even had press conferences at the Pentagon saying, well, now we're going to have domestic propaganda, but don't worry, we'll tell the truth.
repeals propaganda ban, spreads government-made news to Americans.
So again, that's out of the Washington Post publication there that deals with public affairs.
Well, this could even go all the way back to Operation Mockingbird.
Listen, listen, growing up in Texas and Dallas, you couldn't swing a stick without hitting people that were auxiliary in the CIA.
And that was supposedly because HUMET was how you beat the Russians.
Supposedly, they've got all these spies.
It wasn't electronic back then.
You had to have actual people to be watching everything to see, you know, if this was going on.
And that's how they got the best and brightest.
If you were in the top of your class, the CIA came and tried to recruit you.
Uh, and my dad had family and stuff that had been in it and they were all like, oh, we kill people, we bring drugs in, you don't want to be part of this.
And so, I mean, I grew up knowing what was really going on.
And that was a CIA that was more pro-America than you can say now.
I mean, they're into, Brzezinski has written books where he admits the shadow state is behind child trafficking, everything.
His argument is they, they're in control of it to manage it and not let it get out of hand.
We manage criminals by running all the criminal operations.
And now, the CIA is just one of the bigger agencies.
1947 National Security Act.
They're just running rampant, domestically, filled with all the liberals and social justice warriors that have been packed in there under Obama and under Bill Clinton and under even George W. And they literally are waging war against us with this info.
So tell folks where you learned about this.
20th Century Fox.
Putting up fake newspapers to run lies against Trump, doing what they claim Russia did against Hillary when they didn't.
Their excuse is they're promoting a new movie that's coming out called Cure for Wellness.
But like I said, this is, I think it's more than that.
It's slander, it's defamation, holding out a fake article, not telling you it's satire at the bottom.
It's a lie.
Now again, who reported on the mainstream?
Well, New York Times covered it, Washington Post covered it.
Yeah, that's why I mentioned that, because Washington Post is right there on screen.
To promote film, 20th Century Fox created a fake news site with fake anti-Trump stories.
See, so they then admit it, but it's okay when they put out fake news.
Well, the Washington Post a month ago put out the fake list.
Uh, of hundreds of names that they said were fake news.
Some were fake like the onion.
Infowars was not fake.
People threatened lawsuits, because it is defamation.
They pulled it and said, we don't know where we got it.
You got it from the CIA.
We know where you got it, okay?
That letter came out.
In fact, Trump's ordered the CIA and people to stop it.
They're not following his orders.
One group is, all the soldiers, all the operatives, all the HUMET, all the men that actually do stuff, the real muscle, are all Trump.
But they're in there with all the analysts and chicken necks, and they're total scum.
I mean, I've talked to people that were there in the meetings when Trump comes in, and they're so, sir, here's all the targets Obama won't let us hit.
These are all the ones where the al-Qaeda and al-Nusra bases are.
As such, Trump looks it over and he goes, hit them all!
And then literally analysts were like, we're gonna get him!
And he gave them all presents.
Nobody knows this.
He gave them all presents of wood carved American flags.
And literally right if he walked out, they were hopping around going, we're gonna get him!
That was government money a bribe!
And a Trump guy stayed behind.
He goes, he knew you'd say that.
Pulled out the letter with Trump that paid for it and the receipt and handed it right to the rat.
Folks, you're hearing, I shouldn't even tell these stories.
That happened inside the day he went and spoke with the stars behind him.
That's where they said they wanted him to speak.
And one group knew it was a set up to then claim, why did he stand in front of the stars?
The other group said it's alright.
But the point is, it's literally all the foundation people, all the little Astor kids and Rockefeller type kids, you know, they're better than everybody.
They're better.
They all hate the men, they all hate the tough guys, they hate America, and they hate Christians, they just, they're scum.
And they hate beautiful art.
I mean, these are trash.
Everybody knows it.
And the people in the CIA that are good, they just want to get rid of them.
But they're the ones in there.
By the way, I didn't get that from Trump.
The media's gonna check into that and gonna crap themselves, because nobody knows about that.
Well, there's a civil war going on within the U.S.
intelligence agencies, but we're talking about the CIA embedded with mainstream media.
Jeff Bezos, who's the owner... Tell them!
This is mainstream news!
Jeff Bezos, he owns the Washington Post.
He's also the founder and CEO of Amazon.
Amazon just got a $600 million contract with the CIA.
All right, so there you go.
That's a major conflict of interest.
Yeah, they announced five years ago that they were co-locating their servers together.
Amazon, Google, Apple, all these have been intelligence agency fronts.
That's the globalist model, is to have intelligence agencies control the corporations and vice versa, then transfer the power through the intelligence agencies from the nations to the globalists.
They've written books on this.
Amazon, The Washington Post, and the 600 million CIA contract.
And it's beyond that.
Well, I can tell you what happened as a result of that.
Well, let me give you a news flash.
The Washington Post, since its founding, has been a naval intelligence operation, and then it's been transferred to the CIA, but go ahead.
Well, as a result of the CIA's contract with Amazon, Amazon has all these servers, and what happened during the run-up to the election, during the huge, all the WikiLeaks, right, that were, WikiLeaks emails and Hillary Clinton and all that, Amazon blocked all links to WikiLeaks.
They just wouldn't allow it during that time frame.
Oh, remember Bozo, uh, Cuomo.
Cuomo said on CNN, you're not allowed to look at WikiLeaks, only we can.
He talks to you like you're prisoners.
You're not allowed to read books!
We're the only ones allowed!
Son of a crapper.
Sorry, go ahead.
Everybody gets confused, and then they're afraid to share news stories.
And I think, as a result, the mainstream media starts to look legit again.
That's right.
They're poisoning everything themselves.
To then go out and call for shutting everything else down, or where you won't share information, or they create blacklists, and they've all done it, they're announcing it, but here's the deal.
Nothing will put you back together, CNN.
Nothing will put Starbucks back together.
Notice they're all ganged up on us, but every company wading into the culture war is losing.
We're winning, and that's not rhetoric.
And we're winning because our listeners and our viewers and our president and our resistance worldwide is only growing, and we actually care about humanity, we want prosperity, we care about telling the truth.
I will not tell lies about my enemies to defeat them, because I won't lower myself to their level.
Our enemies are so bad, I cannot even stop researching all the evil.
There's so much of it that I can't even hardly sleep!
I don't need to make stuff up about them.
They've got a... Oh, here's another one.
I do maybe one out of a hundred interviews that I'm asked to do.
I am no longer doing print interviews with the media unless I'm at a public event and a camera's rolling.
Because I read the Der Spiegel article.
I actually read the whole thing.
People say, look at the end of this.
It says you want to suck a sausage or something.
I didn't say you want to suck a sausage.
They say they're gambling slot machines in the office?
Trying to get us rated or something?
But see, they always come in here acting so nice, and they're just friendly, and it's, oh, we love you, Alex.
But the point is that it's always a hit piece.
Well, he also says, you know, it's discredited that they aren't vetting the Muslims.
The whole article's a damn lie!
Oh, and he says in there, I love Trump like Hitler, and then the J- and then the Harettes picks up that I love Hitler and Trump.
See how they just, you know, like, they take his fake news story, then they add more to it.
This works in our favor.
There aren't slot machines here, okay?
This works in our favor because anybody that tunes into this program and watches for any amount of time, they just know, they can see the
What, pinball machines?
No, we have pinball machines, but he says slot machines.
Pull it up, pull up the Der Spiegel article.
Meet Trump's propagandist, Der Spiegel.
I mean, I just makes my head spin.
Recap the whole story for everybody.
See that?
Slot machines.
Trump's propaganda arm.
And you read the article, and it's like everything in it is a distortion or a lie.
Keep going.
You've got some notes.
Recap everything, because I was interrupting.
Look, just to recap, the mainstream media was caught red-handed publishing fake news websites.
And I can't tell you how big this is, because I mean...
I noticed when I was on Facebook and Twitter, I saw these articles for myself again and again and again.
So these articles got spread and shared by millions and millions of people, alright?
And it was all anti-Trump.
They had everything from Lady Gaga to Donald Trump.
No, no, I remember seeing it!
I remember seeing...
He met secretly in Switzerland and knew it was horse manure to begin with because Trump hasn't gone to Switzerland in years.
I just knew it was BS when I saw it.
And I thought, oh, there's a newspaper lying because they're the fake news.
They lie all the time anyways.
But they're pretty slick, Alex, because they really do look legitimate.
I'm telling you.
I mean, look at, like I said, the names Salt Lake City Guardian, the New York Morning Post, Indianapolis Gazette.
They had advertisements, they had links to other websites.
It absolutely looked and felt like traditional mainstream news media.
And people unknowingly, they just, hey, it looks real.
They share it with their friends.
But it was massive, massive fake news.
Massive PSYOP.
And I don't know, you know, millions of people look at this and this is how they call us fake news.
This is hand in the cookie jar.
Without a doubt, busted big time.
Well, they know they have low information people that get their news from entertainment and co-bearer, mainly older folks.
And when we're out at these rallies, they run up and scream and yell things like, Trump wants to deport black people.
Or Trump wants to cut funds to California.
I've had them and seen the reports.
You've had them.
Millie's had them.
I mean, everybody's had them.
Scream at them.
Things that we know they put out that were fake.
And again, they're saying we're fake, they put out fake news, and the Washington Post reports aren't like it's cute.
Hey, they also put out fake Facebook pages that have to do with Alex Jones and InfoWars.
You know, those are out there as well.
I'll see, you know, somebody will say... Let me tell you another campaign they did.
Well, go ahead and finish your story and I'll tell you.
Well, somebody sent me a link and said, look, Alex Jones is talking about Flat Earth.
Now, Alex Jones is a Flat Earther.
And it was a link to some crazy conspiracy website about Flat Earth.
And it came from a bogus Alex Jones Facebook page.
But then you read some of the comments, and they're like, oh, he had figures coming from Alex Jones.
Oh, now he's a Flat Earther.
So there's a lot of bogus information out there.
No, even the comments are fake.
In many cases, it's been admitted to me.
Hey, speaking of comments, notice on the mainstream media web pages they don't have comment sections anymore.
That's it!
They're at war!
When Trump said the fake media, that is the MSM, is the enemy of the American people, they are the enemy of humanity, folks!
And it's just a prima facie truth!
Well, they're losing control of the media because of independent media and because of the internet, so...
I mean, these, you know, six big corporations that control 90% of everything you read and watch on television.
These are death throes.
They need to capture the internet.
They need to gain control of the internet.
So that's what they're trying to do with this as well.
That's right.
Let me tell you what they've done to us.
Again, we don't even list all of our affiliates anymore.
I've asked GCN not to.
Because the old tried and true tough ones.
We put them up because they don't mind.
They know somebody threatened them or whatever.
It's just a bunch of bull, you know, a hundred times out of whatever.
You know, they don't, very, very rarely is it serious.
But new ones, we learn so they don't get boycotted or threatened.
We just don't list our affiliates.
They're in their local area.
Everybody's hearing them.
The word's being spread by our listeners.
And then the globalists can't even find out who to go after because they don't have the intel.
And that's how we've gone over 250 affiliates now.
From like 170, 180 being our top, was not listing the affiliates.
I had that feeling a few years ago.
We started doing that.
It's really worked great.
We talked to the affiliate managers at the stations.
They get it.
They understand it.
They understand.
What's the point of me nationally saying who you are?
It does nothing for you.
I just say local, support the stations, spread the word there.
The enemy never knows, and they can't go after them.
Again, this is a war, folks.
This is hardcore.
The other thing they do, I'll tell you when we come back, McBrain, stay with me, because I want to get into some carbon tax news.
Congress had hearings and confirmed it's all about shutting down American
Industry, by the way, you look super sharp in that blue suit.
Thank you, sir.
I mean, I'm not like hitting on you or anything, but I'm telling you, you look good sitting in my chair, too.
You look super sharp there.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Mexican Congressman Briulio Guillera scaled to the top of the 30-foot Mexican-American border fence near Tijuana in an attempt to ridicule Trump's plan to build a border wall.
Guillera stated, However,
All this proves is that the fences on our border right now are too easily climbable.
And perhaps some barbed wire at the top of the fence would be a solution to keep people from lounging on top of our border wall?
The irony here is that the only thing this Mexican congressman accomplished is demonstrating just how unsecured our border fences currently are.
Which then proves that Donald Trump's idea to build a better, more secure wall is the solution.
This is Millie Weaver for InfoWars.com.
There have been times.
Back to every time.
I kind of like my lines getting clearer.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I don't know if I should tell a story about yesterday.
Turn over this song for a second.
All these lines.
My face getting clearer.
The past is gone.
We're born, we live, we die.
We join our ancestors.
Isn't that the way?
I was talking to a former Army psychologist just yesterday here at the office.
He was telling me, he goes, the same thing that, that, uh, head of one of the big four banks.
This guy was the head of the fourth largest bank.
The famous conversation I had for three hours on a plane from Austin to New York on American Airlines, going to be on The View.
And, uh, he said, Alex, you think people will adapt and overcome to fight the new world order in our system?
They're going to adapt and overcome to submit.
They're going to give in to whatever we do, as long as it's incremental.
And, and, and the guy did listen to the show and he was here visiting his dad that was a retired general.
And, uh, he said, this is off-the-record talk, so we talked about an hour and a half, and he couldn't convince me, and then he didn't want to talk to me anymore, I was arrogant at the end, but that's the whole way of these guys.
And I get it, he got up in his suit, it was perfectly still crisp, got his black trench coat, looked totally perfect, I don't know how he did it, you know, it's how these guys do this stuff.
You know, he just, he had it all down.
The arrogance, all of it.
But you know what, he's getting his ass kicked now.
But, I was talking to this Army guy, and he wasn't arrogant about it, he said, you know, our military loves to fight.
And loves to kill.
But he said, they don't do that because they're bad.
They didn't do that because they started out that way.
They have to.
You have to adapt to it and get to where you like it or it destroys you.
And the men that weren't destroyed were the ones that got to where they liked it.
And the ones that are destroyed are the ones that never adapted to it.
And he said, and that's what they do with the public.
Is they basically do bad things to us and then get us to adapt and accept it.
It's like with really smart people, that's the highest knowledge.
Those of us that see all this stuff, we are not submitting.
We're trying to adapt and actually overcome it for people and build a better system.
But a lot of people think they're cool if they just roll over or go along like, I don't care if they shut down half the coal power plants.
I don't own coal stock.
Well, neither do I!
Quite frankly, my family would make more money if there wasn't coal.
My mom's got some oil wells out in West Texas, now that Grandma died.
And my dad's got oil and gas wells.
They don't make that much money where oil and gas are, but you know, I guess it's a lot for some people.
But let me tell you, if there wasn't coal there keeping the price down, my dad would be filthy rich!
But my dad goes around lobbying to turn the coal on.
You know why?
We're not pieces of crap.
And that's a clean resource we've got that helps poor people and helps industry.
So I don't ever want to hear, I'm for coal because I work for the oil companies.
I always see that.
Hey dumbasses, the oil companies have been lobbying to shut down coal.
I hate stupid liberals.
They're so ignorant, they don't know anything.
We're going to a special report, that's why I wanted you here.
Makes me so angry.
So, let's continue on along these lines.
It doesn't even matter.
The point is, is that, pop it anytime Darren, it's just that it makes me so angry when I see this mindset where people think of things two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally about what at this moment gets me ahead.
Okay, let's go say you steal all the money in the world, the world collapses, now you've got piles of jewels and Rembrandts and everything else, but you're in the middle of nowhere and society's all collapsed and it's a hellhole.
That's not a good world.
Well, we'll just break away and have our own segregated area.
That's what elites always think.
That brings you down as well.
You cannot screw humanity over and transcend.
Humanity must transcend.
And that's through free will.
If humanity decides to merge the machines and go through this whole process, then that's what we've decided.
But that's what individuals decided, not what you decide.
And so there's a report, a clip from congressional hearings that Matt put together.
The phony social cost of coal.
Washington Times.
The war on fossil fuels ignores carbon's benefits.
And see, it's never sophisticated in these news articles.
The fossil fuel industry is a bunch of different groups and countries and combines, and oil and gas tend to give money against coal.
Coal is always bullied around and just fights for survival.
I only promote coal because it's so much cleaner than oil, not cleaner than gas, and there's so much more of it.
Hundreds of times more.
And Obama said he was going to bankrupt the coal industry.
And what he did was bankrupt our industry.
That's right.
Because listen, let's say you're a guy worth $100 million, you've got a factory in the U.S.
If you can go to Mexico and have energy twice as cheap or three times cheaper in China, no environmental standards, the workers cost one-tenth of what they do here.
And you can have profits that are, say, 15 times bigger.
Do you build in Mexico, or do you build in China?
Well, that's exactly what... I mean, it's not a question of do you even build in the U.S.
Well, Trump's going to change all that.
But exactly!
But here's the issue.
You can't build in the U.S.
with all those regulations.
You can't sell into the market because competitors will go to China or will go to Mexico, and so you can't even do it.
That's exactly right.
So see, that's why I harp on coal all day.
Folks, we have enough coal for thousands of years.
It's totally clean.
It's not in Mexico and places because they don't want to build the scrubbers that are super expensive to make it clean.
So Matt, you're really into this report, and you made some great points.
If you want to pop in, because you've been pushing me to play this, I mean, it's kind of prima facie, as I say every five minutes, we know it was to shut down American industry.
We know it helps China and other countries in their industry to have power much cheaper than ours.
We know it makes business here prohibitive, but you didn't know you were going on air, but Matt, I mean, I guess you wrote the description here.
I don't
They were imperative to reaching an accurate cost-benefit analysis on carbon regulation with the House Committee Chairman Andy Biggs concluding that was far overreaching.
The committee was confirmed with the majority of benefits from domestic carbon regulations in the U.S.
were conferring to foreign countries or moving the benefits to foreign countries.
You want to say something, Matt?
Yeah, um, like those benefits, um, that the chairman discusses, Mr. Biggs, um, you know, a lot of it is, um, in regard to competition, right?
Like you've been saying since I, since before I started working here, you know, it's the fact that, uh, you know, if our energy's more expensive, companies are gonna go to other countries.
It is a no-brainer.
It's a mathematical equation.
Oh, it sure is.
And he's going to get into some of the specifics here, but one of the main pieces of data that they disregarded was a discount rate, which basically looked
It basically helps calculate the cost of regulating carbon.
So, without any further ado, I think we should get to the clip.
That's right, and let's tie it into the background.
Obama caught, in lawsuits confirmed, federal government confirms the documents, looting almost $200 billion out of Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae, Frannie Mae,
Uh, Fannie and Freddie.
Fannie and Freddie.
And Freddie Mac, yeah.
That's right.
I mean, it just drives me crazy, stealing from private investors in it to then give it to megabanks, threw Obamacare at a giant scam, and then we catch them $3 billion, Darren.
You want to comment on this, Matt?
You were the one that brought me the article.
$3 billion to the social justice warriors.
Of fines that banks paid for corrupt stuff they were involved in.
So the banks steal hundreds of billions of dollars in some cases.
It was $386 billion that two banks got caught, Wachovia and Wells Fargo, laundering drug money.
So they got a $111 million fine.
So first they get a slap on the wrist for billions stolen.
Then they take that money and they give it to social justice warriors to overthrow the country, take our guns, and teach our kids how to be sexually active at five.
So just think about it.
Crime upon crime upon crime upon crime.
They shut off almost a thousand of our power plants.
Our power prices almost triple in the last nine years because Bush started it.
All this hell goes on.
Don't forget Obamacare.
Then there's Obamacare.
Thank God the public's dumb.
Doubling, tripling prices.
You can keep your doctor.
I mean this is all a mass raping of America and Trump says it stops now and then I'm a policy wonk!
I study this stuff!
Ten hours a day, probably.
He used to do it more.
And I know everything he's doing is so smart!
And so good!
And then it pisses me off, because it ain't about Trump!
It's about me and my family, and your family!
And these crooks not getting away with it!
So what's 20th Century Fox do?
They go start hundreds of fake websites with fake news about Trump!
And then dumbasses read it, and come tell me I'm fake news!
I'm about as fake as you don't get.
I'm the opposite.
I'm the anti-fake.
I mean, I'm pissed off.
I could be here right now.
It's quite outrageous that they commit all these crimes, Darren, on every front and nothing's being done.
I agree with Governor Huckabee that they need to be put in prison or there should be investigations.
What do you think about them only shutting down European and US coal?
What do you think the plan is if China and other countries have dirty coal and then we shut off our clean coal?
Doesn't that add to actual emissions of dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere?
My good man, tell me!
Don't you think, we're so lucky that there's the internet though, because I'm thinking, a lot of what we're seeing right now is backlash for Trump being elected.
You're seeing news wars.
That's why they're going after Infowars, because we were definitely instrumental in getting Trump elected.
And I think if it wasn't for the internet, that we'd probably be looking at a Jeb Bush presidency, or God forbid.
I agree with you, but let's not start, you know what, like the Wolf says in Pulp Fiction.
You know, when they're in the car and he says, we can't celebrate yet.
Let's not start.
Oh no, no.
Hey, the revolution has just begun.
I mean, you know.
Inauguration day.
What I'm telling you is we're in the war now.
Like Michael Savage said.
No, a lot of people, they, you know, they celebrated.
Of course, we all celebrated as soon as Trump was elected.
But no, the battle has just begun.
That was getting the troops on the beach in Normandy.
I mean, with a big fight!
We've got a long way to go, and hopefully we'll have eight years.
Well, we've got the initiative, we've got the superior firepower, we've got history, but they can set a nuke off, they can shut the web off.
Everybody's got to save these shows, they've got to remember, they've got to do their own research, they've got to know, folks, you wanted a resistance, it's here, but the enemy's having to show itself.
That's what's beautiful about Trump, and they're not just fighting America.
Countries everywhere are breaking away from the globalists.
Let's go to this report from the Committee on Science and Technology.
Here it is.
Just three days ago.
Welcome to today's joint subcommittee hearing entitled, At What Cost?
Examining the Social Cost of Carbon.
Today we will examine the previous administration's determination of the social cost of carbon, or SCC, and explore why the calculated value is flawed.
Energy is the bedrock of our society, and yet the SCC estimate of the previous administration has killed jobs, limited innovation, and resulted in higher energy costs for American families.
It was written up by Ken Lay at Enron as a Republican scam.
By the way, I love how the Republicans come up with the scams like Obamacare and carbon tax.
The Democrats do it because it's the Republicans behind the scenes that are bad.
That's why they hate Trump.
The establishment Republicans.
They're the worst.
Because the Republicans can at least talk.
I mean, Pelosi and Waters don't know what planet they're on.
Sorry, go ahead.
As we will learn today, the SEC Working Group ignored two major OMB recommendations for federal agency rulemaking.
First, it failed to use a 7% discount rate and instead relied on rates of 2.5%, 3%, and 5%.
And second, it ignored the guideline to report cost-benefit analysis from a domestic perspective.
If nothing else is taken away from what will be a very technical hearing, I hope it will be these two very basic flaws.
The low long-term discount rate established by the previous administration fundamentally disregards the notion that the American economy is resilient and can respond to potential future threats with technological development and innovation.
As to the flaw of the previous administration's decision to focus on CO2 emissions from a global perspective, this approach leaves the U.S.
footing the bill for costly regulations that are based on benefits conferred to other countries.
It is simply not right for Americans to be bearing the brunt of costs when the majority of benefits will be conferred away from home.
By ignoring OMB guidelines, the current SEC models leave critical components out of the discussion.
If the OMB guidelines would have been followed, the social cost of carbon would have been significantly lowered.
The previous administration disregarded scientific integrity by overestimating climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions.
In order to push an expensive regulatory agenda, the administration inflated the SEC to justify costly regulations in response to the allegedly terrible CO2 emissions
Uh, terrible damage CO2 emissions will cause in the future.
The SEC is nothing but a one-sided manipulation of parameters to fit the policy driven agendas of the previous administration.
These alarmist tactics need to stop.
Today's hearing is intended to uncover the real truth and deception behind the SCC.
America's strength emanates from our resilience and flexibility.
Attempts to justify government regulations over industry innovation hinders growth and development.
I look forward to working with the Trump administration to renew faith in American ingenuity and technological development.
That's why the stock market's at $3 trillion now, official today, is because they announced we weren't open for business.
We were to be sold off.
Scientifically, it's in all their documents.
And so that sounds like a good report, but that's milquetoast.
I mean, it's stating the facts that this shuts us down industrially.
That's because the globalists sit over it and then get control in the countries over the sell-off of America.
They are unbelievable criminals.
Darren McBrain?
Don't you think that the globalists are pretty much scrambling right now?
Because I still think they have a Trump hangover.
They really did expect Hillary Clinton to win.
Yeah, but I agree they're freaking out, but they're super arrogant and so they've never given up.
And so yeah, Juncker, the head of the EU Commission that's unelected, sort of cussing and flipping out in Parliament, saying, everybody's running against us, all the countries are voting to pull out, what are we going to do?
Well, you're unelected, man, you're a dirtbag.
So the country's never had a vote.
They're like, how are we in this?
We never voted.
We're pulling out.
They're like, we'll march in the EU army.
Well, go ahead then!
And they always have... You know, we'll march in, Black Lives Matter to shoot you!
Well then just get it going then!
Bring in George Soros... You want a damn fight?
Let's go, you bastards!
Yeah, you got George Soros and all the paid protesters, and then you have the media that covers this like it's a good thing, and so, I mean, we do have a fight on our hands, folks.
All I'm saying is I'm not giving up!
And you see how far we've come!
Let me tell you something, you decide you're going to have this victory, folks.
We can't be beaten.
I'm skipping this network break because there may be a show soon and we don't get this together.
I'm going to say something to viewers right now.
I know for a fact that we have over 40 million people that listen to the streams, listen to us on the radio, and that watch us on YouTube and Facebook and other platforms.
43, 44 million people a week.
Big weeks, it's higher.
And then I sit there and I think I'm doing good jobs if I'm selling 1,000 t-shirts a day.
I don't give a rat's fat butt, excuse my French, about $5 or $4 we're making on each shirt.
I care about those shirts in the streets.
But I've got to fund myself, so I try to make $5 on them.
We have the new Trump Pants 2020 shirt.
Will it save the world?
But this movement will, with God's help.
You get enough people, instead of 100,000 people like the last t-shirt,
It's like 90-something thousand on the street.
You get a million people on the street with Trump as my president.
We're about to sell out of those.
Or Trump Pants 2020, keeping America great on the back.
It says America First in 7076, Infowars.com.
It will send shockwaves across the country.
So listen, I do not want to sit there and have the crew go, well, we're selling a thousand plus shirts a day.
You know, in a hundred days or something, we'll break the last record.
Thank you, those that did order.
They're the people that get it.
I'm not bitching at the listeners.
I'm saying if you want to win, call that local station and become a sponsor or send them $20 a month.
Stop tithing to the big fake churches that won't fight!
Where you go worship the stupid demon preacher!
We need to be tithed to in the info war.
God wants freedom.
God wants to promote justice.
And so I'm telling you,
If you're somebody that's poor, just spread the link, spread the articles, reach out to people.
But if you're middle class, I wouldn't buy just one shirt.
Buy a hundred in different sizes.
Give them to people.
Or sell them.
Be an entrepreneur.
Sell them for $15, $20.
Trump shirts are popular.
Go sell them at your local.
Resell them.
I don't care.
Just get the shirts out to people.
I would cut my right arm right off with a meat cleaver than defeating the New World Order right now.
I mean, I'm not suicidal.
I love life so much.
But I'd jump into an inferno, into a volcano, if I knew it would defeat the New World Order.
Right now.
No thought.
No way.
Into the volcano.
Alex, when we went to the pro-Trump rallies all across the country, full of InfoWars shirts, man.
It's like every fifth person.
And then we recruit the other Trump people that are awake, and the Republicans that are starting to wake up.
Here's why it's good.
It's a recruitment arm for liberty.
It shows the MSM the real power.
It shows the Trump people the real power, to keep them honest.
And it also exercises free speech.
In the face of the bullies, but also people that are scared, see all the signs, and they see all the shirts, and they see the bumper stickers, and they see what you're saying.
They see you wearing your colors.
They don't feel like they're alone.
We're a military.
We're a movement.
This is the uniform.
This is the uniform.
Trump, Pence, 2020.
Remember I told you I had a conversation with my older brother, who's a traditional Republican?
Establishment Republican kind of guy.
Soros is trying with hundreds of millions and billions of taxpayer money out to defeat Trump now.
The fight's on now!
It don't end every, you know, three, four, five years, two years, new elections.
It's on.
The war is now.
Yeah, tell folks about your brother that thinks he's part of the establishment.
Well, I told them that I was very proud when we went to these pro-Trump rallies that every fifth person had an InfoWars shirt on and then it seemed like every, you know, tenth group, it was a group of ten or fifteen people and we were like rock stars, man.
They would recognize everybody from InfoWars.
Half, as the Chicago Tribune said, half the people at the convention were listeners, and more than half at the inauguration.
You can just take pictures of the crowd.
And we're not bragging about it, the point is people are awake.
You've had an effect, you're awesome.
Well I told my brother about that, and this was before the election by the way, and he says, well little brother, I don't really see how that's helping him too much.
No, he's part of the system.
Meaning, you know, you guys are crazy conspiracy theorists and I don't think it's helping Trump too much that you guys are representing.
Well, we'll see how that worked out.
And I don't want to knock your brother, he thinks the establishment is good.
He's a great guy, he's a great guy.
He thinks he's part of it.
Here's what I'm saying, I'm not complaining.
I'm telling you folks, I had no idea how these Hillary for Prison shirts would take off.
I had a feeling it would be popular.
And everybody copied them, so millions ended up being out there.
And so, yeah, copy our shirt, Trump Pants 2020.
If you're a t-shirt maker, I don't care what's our own design, but if you're a t-shirt maker, send us your email, we'll send you our template in HD, our design, or make your own.
Everybody make these.
Sell them, I don't care.
It's not about selling these.
It's about defeating people that think they're going to stomp us.
I mean, I don't have a competitiveness about other successful people.
I have a competitiveness about dirtbags that think they're going to dominate me and my family, or you and your family, and I'm ready to go.
But you're talking about George Soros.
He's not going to stop.
He's putting all kinds of money into this.
Here's why I'm fighting so much harder now.
I know we're going to win now if we just really push through.
I mean, before I was doing it because it was the right thing to do, and I hoped we could win.
I know we're going to win if we just take action and never give up!
I'm ready!
And so I'm telling you, I want, I know right now there's over a million people metered.
That we have over a million right now on our platforms tuned in right now.
If every one of you went and bought a 9.95 shirt, we'll hire a third party company to ship them because we can't handle that.
We will sell a million of these.
And if you don't procrastinate, if you do it, Infowarsstore.com, and if you will just get the t-shirt, 9.95,
You'll get four or five bucks to help fund her operation, depending on the size of the shirt.
That's what we make off of it.
We need the money.
We're under attack.
You couldn't believe it if you knew.
But it's actually exciting.
I love it.
This is exciting.
I love it.
I love it.
I love it.
I'm here to fight!
I'm here to win!
They make jokes out of that because they want to make being excited look weak, because it's what they're actually threatened by.
It's people getting up, getting their blood flowing, getting focused, knowing what's happening, and opening a can of political kick-ass.
So listen.
Everybody go get the Trump Pants 2020 shirt, or get Trump's My President, or get Molon Labe, whatever, because it is good to see a mix of them.
But this is the shirt.
New limited edition, $9.95, out of the gate.
We already had an 18-wheeler show up with a bunch.
Those already sold out.
Now we're going to have three 18-wheelers down here next week.
And if it's ten 18-wheelers, if it's twenty 18-wheelers, I mean, why not?
If you believe in the dream and take action, it'll be a hundred 18-wheelers.
It will be saying after we sell a million t-shirts, let's put 10 million on the street!
Let's bring these people to their knees!
They think they can deceive in the fake cyberspace, they can put up fake news sites and lie about us, and lie about God, lie about Jesus, and say Christ didn't exist, and say there are no good people in the world.
But if you go get this t-shirt, and everybody wears this t-shirt, and it's seen everywhere, and other people pick it up, and paint it on the side of their barns, and put it on billboards,
On the backs of their cars.
It's a message of these bullies.
Even if they kill Trump, the vision and the idea of restoring our republic and cutting taxes and believing in people again and not selling out the Communist Chinese is unstoppable!
I don't want to see 10,000 orders tomorrow.
I want to see 30,000 orders for this t-shirt tomorrow, and I want to come in here and hold it up to everybody.
And I'm not on your ass.
I appreciate your support, and God bless you.
But I realize I've not been thinking big enough.
If we have a million people listening every hour conservatively, and then the aggregate millions more off that, 40 plus million people.
What in the hell are we doing?
Think about how great those people are that already changed the world, that are that tiny, less than one-tenth of one percent that bought the shirts.
What if just five percent of you bought the shirts?
Be that percent, folks.
Be like the five percent that won the Revolutionary War, or the three percent that started it when the Brits kicked it off.
Take action.
Infowarstore.com or 888-253-3139 and get that shirt and flood us.
And if the shopping cart shuts down, just stay on there.
Or I don't want to hear excuses.
You don't want to buy it for $9.95.
They got all sorts of third-party sites out there where you can go design your own t-shirt.
You know, pay them $14 or whatever and they'll ship it to you.
Just do that.
Whatever you are.
Come up with your own t-shirt.
If I see some shirt I think is better than ours, I'll support it.
I'm here to take these people on!
I'm committed!
I'm here to defeat them!
Infowarsstore.com, get that shirt!
Don't wait!
It's unbelievable.
I mean, we are only hitting on one-tenth of one cylinder.
We've got a couple cylinders hitting.
Everybody's going to see the effect, and then we're going to get all the cylinders going, and black smoke's going to come out of those big old chimneys, and then fire's going to shoot out of those babies, and the big old front of that 18-wheeler from hell's going to open up its mouth, and we're going to run these globalist gremlins right down, and they're already scared right now, because Liberty's confident nothing on Earth's going to stop it.
Hour number four!
Straight ahead!
1776 or die!
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
They're true game changers, they're organic, they're proven as safe.
And they're also very affordable.
You talk about being a game changer, right?
You talk about we're in an industry where we talk to the industry leaders.
We've both talked to them.
They have individuals that are hired only to save money and get the lowest quality junk and put it in as many capsules as possible so they can make the highest profit margins.
We refuse to screw people.
We refuse to do that.
We actually want to make something that's good.
Went on what Mother Nature gave us, and it's changed my life, and it's also helped the Info War change the country and the world.
It's a win-win.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Alright, I'm going to hog this five minutes with Roger Stone and then he's got his big guest coming up.
I want to ask Roger, my good friend, I never have time to talk to him anymore.
He doesn't ever talk to me anymore, we're so busy.
Because the battle is just, you know, it's on now.
We got our beat yet, but it is on.
All the photos just went up on Infowars.com by Paul Watson and Don Salazar of the Democrats with the very same Russian ambassador.
They're lies.
We knew Trump made a mistake getting rid of Flynn.
Blood in the water.
I'm not bashing the president, but wow.
The traitorous activity is absolutely insane.
And then Trump is just delivering so hard on his promises.
But I believe he needs to take the gloves off.
The new report out from Fox News confirming that $3 billion was transferred illegally by the Justice Department from fines they got from banks and given to social justice warrior groups.
Huckabee says they've got to arrest people.
They want to make Sessions look embattled so he doesn't have the authority to go after him.
That's why I kept saying they're going to cook up Sessions scandals.
Weeks ago with you on air I said he must strike now.
And I don't know what the hell's going on.
I know Trump's delivering on the economy, which they want to stall.
Almost $3 trillion in the stock market.
So Trump's great on those fronts.
But look, when you're being attacked by globalist enemies, he's got to take the gloves off.
Roger Stone, what do you think?
Alex, I'm in total agreement.
First of all, I gotta urge you to stop mincing words and tell us how you really think.
Yes, sir, I will.
You are on fire today.
Really on fire.
And I congratulate you and I couldn't agree more.
People need to buy these t-shirts.
And wear them on the streets, distribute them to your friends and your allies, because it is the single best way to break through the mainstream media blackout of the facts regarding Russia, the facts regarding the recent election, the facts regarding the corruption in the Obama administration.
This is guerrilla politics.
It's over the top and it works.
The new news, the Washington Post goes, oh, 20th Century Fox and a bunch of others have all these hundreds of fake websites attacking us, by name, Trump, you, I, putting fake words in our mouths, total defamation, but it's okay because it's for movie production.
No, it's not.
It's totally fake.
Well, they accuse us of this.
I mean, this is just insane.
They have gone to levels of criminality never before seen.
Well, this morning, Congressman Eric Swalwell of California called for a special prosecutor to look into Roger Stone's extensive Russian business connections.
I have a better idea, Congressman.
Why don't you waive your congressional immunity so that I can sue you and prove in a court of law that I have no Russian business contacts and that you are a stone-cold, bald-faced liar
A pussy, a coward, hiding behind your congressional immunity to make half-baked... And let's expand.
Just last week, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee said they gave him all the evidence.
There's not even frickin' phone calls!
It's completely made up!
Yeah, they have nothing.
Look, the New York Times has reported on January 20th, and more recently, that the intelligence services have emails
Financial records of transactions and telephone intercepts that prove that top Trump aides, including yours truly, were in touch with the Russians.
This is really simple.
Put up or shut up!
And you keep saying, I want to have the committee hearing, which they said they'd have, then they poisoned you.
Well, I got to go because you got to go to have your guests come up.
What about, Trump said weeks ago, Obama's behind these leaks.
Obama came out in the New York Times and said he was.
That's illegal!
And he's not president.
He doesn't have immunity anymore.
I mean, he is a piece of arrogant craziness.
Well, and we know that the second and third levels at the Central Intelligence Agency are leaking like a sieve.
Leaking about surveillance of General Flynn, a felony.
Leaking that I myself have had a FISA court warrant, a secret warrant, to monitor my communications for the last year.
Think about that.
Every email.
Every text message.
Every phone call listened to by the government.
Your phone calls with Donald Trump?
My phone calls with Alex Jones.
It's an outrageous violation of my civil liberties.
And while they may now have my grocery lists, they don't have any contact with the Russians.
This is a witch hunt.
The Intelligence Committee admits it, so they just put out more BS in the fake news New York Times.
Roger Stone, coming up.
Let's talk a little bit about the military-industrial complex, because we've had some news happen in the last couple of days, of course.
We've had a very unusual trip by John McCain, who has traveled secretly to Syria to meet with so-called moderate rebels there, these people who have been getting weapons sent to them.
And of course, the government, the CIA, is arming these rebels in Syria.
We're arming ISIS, and it stopped for the first month while he was there.
You think that's going to change now?
Think of this, we now have in the White House, whoever the occupant, Republican, Democrat, man or woman, has the proclaimed power to kill anybody on the planet, to play prosecutor, judge, jury, executioner.
To kill anyone the President decides is an imminent threat based on secret evidence.
He invokes state secrets to cover up why he chose somebody to be killed.
There's no oversight by Congress.
So we have now endowed the Presidency
To the framers.
We want invincible self-defense.
We're spending, you know, trillions of dollars on trying to defend other people who control the whole world.
Well, I want to control the United States.
That's what the purpose of our Constitution is.
Not to make the world safe for democracy, to make the United States safe for liberty.
That's what our goal is.
And we have to shut down this idea that somehow our greatness is dependent upon how many other people we can
I don't think so.
Uh, and we have this juvenile thrill, uh, you know, well, we look great because we're in everybody else's backyard.
But the United States is not about controlling other people.
It's about having a liberty-centered universe for Americans.
That's what our country is about.
We are great when we give everybody a fair opportunity to develop their faculties, pursue their ambitions, and enjoy liberty without domestic or foreign predation.
We are not great by building pyramids, going to the moon, or any other place.
Individuals can do that.
That's not the business of a government.
We are a government that is there to serve the people.
The people don't serve the government.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Roger Stone.
Thank you very much, I'm Roger Stone.
Helping out my good friend Alex Jones here on InfoWars.
I am outraged by the chain of illegal activities and leaks by the Obama administration, specifically our intelligence community.
Leaking that General Flynn was under surveillance is a felony punishable by 10 years in jail.
Leaking that Roger Stone and Paul Manafort had secret FISA court warrants authorizing the surveillance of our emails, our phone calls, our text messages, that leak is a felony punishable by 10 years in the brig.
So it is time for the Trump Justice Department and those honest folks that are still left at the FBI to begin enforcing the law.
My advice to the President, very clear.
Can the entire second level at the Central Intelligence Agency
But not before you authorize the FBI to review their emails, their text messages.
Let us find and prosecute the leakers.
And in fact, if Barack Obama has given multi-millions of dollars in violation to the law to left-wing advocacy groups, he too should be prosecuted.
Now joining me here on InfoWars is one of my favorite people, Len Kolodny.
Len is the author of Silent Coup, which is the definitive book on what really happened in Watergate.
Len is also, I think, one of the foremost experts
On the journalist Bob Woodward.
Now, I read recently, Len, that Bob Woodward is now going to write the definitive insider account on Donald Trump and that the Trump White House is giving Bob Woodward access.
Not a very good idea based on what I know, but let's see what you think, Len.
And starting about three weeks ago, we started to see a narrative build in the media.
They were using Watergate as the model for Trump.
And this was very, very dangerous.
It went from CNN plucking Bernstein, Carl Bernstein, Woodward's cohort out and putting him on.
And there were many, many allusions to things in Watergate, which included leaks, by the way, Roger, you well know.
And last night it was drips, drips, drips.
And Hilary Rosen,
This is Clinton's person, brought up that hero that they're waiting for named John Dean.
So we're beginning to see the makings of a narrative that's very dangerous, because we can't keep forcing presidents out of office.
You just can't do it.
We have protections in the Constitution that if you've got something against President Trump,
File the charges with the House Judiciary Committee.
Let's have a hearing, a vote, and a trial in the Senate.
That's the way you do it.
But that's not what's building out there.
And that's why we see Woodward on CNN and on Fox.
And it would be sad if President Trump gave him any access.
I did a talk in New Orleans where you and I met.
And I produced the big lie that you have on page 520 of Nixon's Secrets.
I asked what he did in the Navy.
Did he brief Alexander Haig?
Did he brief anyone?
And you can hear in this talk and on my website, you can hear Woodward say, no, never briefed anyone.
I defy you to find anyone.
And I did.
I found the Secretary of Defense, Melvin Laird, who confirmed that Woodward was briefing Al Haig in 1969 and 70.
And then Admiral Thomas Moore, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who was Woodward's boss, also confirmed it.
So if you have someone lying about who they are, they're fake.
He's a fake reporter producing fake news.
In fact, he produced a fake history.
I think generations who weren't around for Watergate, you gotta push back.
Silent Coup is a roadmap.
Get Silent Coup, read it, and look for the signals and push back.
Don't let them do it again.
This is a very, very dangerous game they're playing.
And I think it's very important.
I saw on MSNBC a fellow named Larry O'Donnell or whatever had a whole show with E.J.
Dionne trying to figure out how they could remove Trump with the 25th Amendment.
This is serious business and you're spreading serious words.
So learn about Watergate.
Look for the symptoms and push back because if Donald Trump is forced from office any other way but constitutionally, this country is headed toward a civil war.
It isn't necessary.
And the media should know better.
Well, Len, I must tell you, I'm very impressed with Larry O'Donnell, because I don't know how anybody conducts an entire television show while they're that drunk, in all honesty.
He is among the most dishonest journalists you can see on television.
You also kind of set me up to announce my next book, which will be available in May.
It's called The Lies of Bob Woodward.
And you'll be able to get it at Amazon.
It's a shorter book, but I think more and more people building on the incredible research that you have done, building on the oral histories that are now at Texas A&M, in which both John Dean and Bob Woodward lie repeatedly.
And this is important historical information.
That people need to know.
Now, you have raised the question of John Wesley Dean.
All one would need to do is to look at his sworn testimony to the Watergate Special Prosecutors in depositions and his sworn testimony before the Senate Watergate Committee to find multiple discrepancies and lies better known as perjury.
Mr. Dean is the man who planned, pushed, and then covered up the Watergate break-in and lied repeatedly to President Nixon about exactly what had transpired.
In his most recent book, as you know, which he claims is the definitive book on Watergate,
In which he reproduces many of the transcripts of taped conversations in the Oval Office.
...to excluded his conversations with the President on March 16th, 17th, and 22nd.
The reason for that, I believe, of course, is that it will show him coaching his client on how to perjure himself in misleading the President about the facts of Watergate.
So, letting a quizling, letting a rat this close to the Trump White House is indeed incredibly dangerous.