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Name: 20170301_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 1, 2017
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses President Trump's speech on unity among Americans and the importance of a strong economy, while also promoting various products available on InfowarsTour.com, including health supplements, apparel, and educational resources. Jones critiques those who complain about Trump's policies, such as deporting felons or making people come to the US legally. The broadcast emphasizes the importance of controlling technology and opposing globalism while promoting products that support InfoWars' operation.

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We're live, ladies and gentlemen, broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
This is going to be a very important transmission.
Stay with us.
Here's John Bowne's report on last night's historic speech.
We are one people with one destiny.
We all bleed the same blood.
We all salute the same great American flag.
And we all are made by the same God.
When we fulfill this vision, when we celebrate our 250 years of glorious freedom, we will look back on tonight as when this new chapter of American greatness began.
The time for small thinking is over.
The time for trivial fights is behind us.
The cry-bullies on the left were shaken as they watched their globalist dream turn into ash before their very eyes.
Intel, Walmart, and many others have announced that they will invest billions and billions of dollars in the United States and will create tens of thousands of new American jobs.
You didn't hear one thing that you can stand behind this morning?
Look, I was touched by the mention of the widow of the brave soldier who died in Yemen and things like that.
But no, it's hard to see any place where the president actually has done something for working people.
He's ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create an office to serve American victims.
The office is called VOICE.
Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement.
We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media.
In its conclusion, I thought it was a very unrealistic speech.
I thought it was very divisive.
And I was saddened by the direction that it went.
He came with no ideas or an agenda for the American people tonight.
We are watching this president take
People and dehumanize them in terms of immigration and those types of in terms of the inner cities when he constantly harps on Chicago.
We know there are issues in this country, but to dehumanize people in certain communities is not the way to be commander in chief, the leader of this nation.
He talked about bringing it together, but all we see is a constant division by this president.
Where's the meat?
Where's the money?
Congressman Engel, who earlier today indicated that he would not shake President Trump's hand, a tradition that goes back many, many decades for you here in State of the Union speeches, speeches to joint sessions.
Tell us about some of your thinking on that, Congressman Engel.
Well, I've been appalled at a lot of the things that the president and his administration has been doing for the past 40 days.
And I just felt that to go there as I have for the past 28 years and pretend it's business as usual,
...would just be untrue and unfair and wrong for me to do it.
We are supposed to have a free and independent press and freedom of speech, First Amendment rights.
He bars the press from his press conferences.
He singles out stations and newspapers that he doesn't like.
When you're President of the United States, you know, you are there for the papers to write whatever they want.
No, they don't just get thirsty lines or nobody reads them.
The Intelligence Committee says it's bull.
Elliot Ingle, you damn liar.
That was Islamic minions behind him.
In terms of the president's speech, it was very disappointing that the only time he mentioned Muslims was related to Islamic radicals.
So that was disappointing.
No less than 23 Democratic Senate seats are up for re-election in 2018, along with two independent seats.
If the Democrats continue to flap their elitist jaws, the Democratic Party may begin to border on extinction.
John Bowne for Infowars.
Clearly the mega banks are against Trump.
Clearly he's trying to get small jobs going.
Clearly they're trying to block him and saying kill him.
It shows us this cult.
Who is this cult?
What do they want?
Where are they taking us?
Jordan Maxwell.
I was doing some research on the Soviet Union.
And I come across an article in the World Book Encyclopedia.
And it was talking about the Soviet Union, Russia before the revolution, etc.
And then at the bottom of the page in the World Book Encyclopedia on the Soviet Union, there was a picture, actually two pictures.
One was the picture of the National Coat of Arms of the Soviet Union.
And the second was their flag, the Soviet Communist flag.
And there was a little article, maybe just a couple of sentences, on both pictures.
And when I read the little article about the Soviet National Code of Arms, it struck me that this was something of momentous importance, but I didn't understand what it was, but I knew instinctively this is going to be important.
And so I began researching the Soviet coat of arms and exactly, that's the symbol.
And you will see the reefs of wheat around the earth and the sun rising behind the earth.
That is exactly what I'm talking about.
I discovered, the more I looked into this, that this was a subject which was being used by everyone in every culture of the world.
Not just this particular picture, but the conceptual idea.
And the actual terms that were in the encyclopedia talking about this symbol, the words and the terms that are associated with this symbol for world communism is everywhere.
It's in Hollywood, motion pictures, television shows, police departments.
It looks like it's no language, Brave New World, a bunch of mindless zombies, so humanity just rolls over and dies.
It appears to be some off-world extermination virus program to train us to kill ourselves.
It is a hidden symbol.
Which dominates the entire world.
It is in every country of the world.
It is all over America.
In our federal government.
Our state governments.
In our county and city.
Emblems of our cities and counties.
This is the most extraordinary story you're ever going to hear, Alex.
And I know you've heard them all.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Donald Trump has certainly entered the danger zone.
We have two more countries in Europe today announcing that they may begin the process of pulling out
Of the European Union.
And we've got nationalists in basically every European country, northern, western, eastern, southern, winning seats in parliament and taking the pole position for big wins in the presidencies as well, as well as prime ministerships.
And you see America leading the way.
In expanding this nationalistic self-determination of individuals and cultures through their countries in defense of liberty and in a fight with the dehumanizing globalists.
Now there is so much to get to and cover here.
What a speech yesterday.
By President Trump, on January 20th, 2017, he became the 45th President of the United States and announced his intentions to right the ship of the United States of America.
On February 28th, less than 45 days later, on February 28th, 2017,
He took full command and began to actually right the ship and already, in just that little amount of time, we have already been taken off this collision course of collapse and the end of our sovereignty.
I won't say he's righted the ship yet.
Because we're in dangerous waters and surrounded by enemies but we have a lot of friends and humanity again is awakening right at the darkest moment as we do throughout history over and over and over again and history is repeating itself.
I gotta tell you though, we finished up our live coverage at about 10 30 last night.
I went home, brushed my teeth,
Got a glass of water and climbed into bed.
And I woke up this morning, and I went to Infowars.com, I went to DrudgeReport.com, I checked the email, I looked at the Twitter, and it was just Democrats everywhere saying horrible things, nasty things, calling for Trump's death, making fun of Mrs. Owens, who lost her husband, William Ryan Owens,
And calling her an idiot, calling her stupid, calling her a fool, Michael Moore, attacking Trump, saying he's fake, how dare him, you know, invoke the troops and use them.
Creatures like Chris Matthews and Michael Morgan slime bags, who are absolutely backstabbing hypocritical filth, who have bodyguards that don't want you to have your own second amendment.
Trump gravitates towards folks that have been in the military.
Just like anybody who's lived or experienced life knows that on average, people that are veterans and people that have seen a lot of combat are more honorable and more serious and more focused than the jellyfish that populate this domesticated, spoiled, rotten nation.
And I'm not calling everybody jellyfish.
But let's all face it, every statistic shows it.
We don't know how to skin a buck or run a trot line on average.
We don't know how to fix a car or truck.
We don't know how to roof our house or fix the plumbing or rewire stuff.
We don't know how to plant a crop.
We don't know how to kick ass.
We don't know how to shoot a gun on average like we did our predecessors.
So it's not putting us down so that we all feel pathetic, or so I feel good, you know, bad-mouthing the fact that so many people in the country are domesticated jellyfish.
It's an important fact so that we get up off of our butts collectively and start getting back to things that are grassroots and stop just watching television all day and stop just obsessing over Hollywood and all these stupid, you know, music so-called icons that are selling us a globalist agenda of cultural collapse by design.
So it's that simple.
And Trump's trying to get us back to our roots.
That's not back in the past.
Our roots are what grow into the future.
The roots are the future.
The roots are the cycle of birth, living, building, striving, having children, living, striving, dying, and the cycle over and over again.
That cycle is under scientific attack.
That isn't a statement bashing people that have a, quote, different sexual preference.
The issue is, Target's lost $15 billion since they started pushing the transgender agenda and won't have a girl's section of toys and a boy's section of toys.
And they're now trying to merge the clothing.
That's a cult, taking what's normal and natural and trying to force you into, basically, cult jumpsuits.
Cults always do that.
Disney Channel Cartoon Features Network first same-sex kiss.
This is for your seven-year-old, but notice it's not just that the boys are kissing and the girls are kissing.
In the video we're gonna play, a boy and a girl are kissing and they feel alone because everybody else, see peer pressure, see it's peer pressure.
It's not it's okay if a boy and a boy were kissing or a girl and a girl are kissing.
It's no, no, no.
Everybody else
He's not going to procreate.
Everybody else isn't going to build a nest and have children.
Just like when you want to kill fire ants, you put in a system to kill their sexual reproduction.
Or you want to get rid of any other pest, you shut down the reproductive cycle.
They're saying, just like the cover of National Geographic, the eugenics publication, they have all the new genders, but not a woman.
Not a woman with a uterus.
Because that's the real power in the universe.
That's, that's, that's God's big creation right there.
That's a magic machine right there.
No, no, no, no.
See, what do they tell you there?
How do they lie to you, Biomission?
They don't show you the woman.
And right here, everybody else, you see,
That's how that works.
But they also trick it to make it look like it's two girls, but really, the archetypal image is, it's a boy and a girl.
And you watch the clip, that's basically what it's doing.
This is the system that's being sold.
You think they care if they lost $15 million at Target?
Because it's a mission.
It's a system of social control.
Target is a social engineering company in their own corporate filings, and the retail is their side business.
Look it up.
Very, very sinister, ladies and gentlemen.
Very, very hardcore.
And you've got the Washington Post, fake news partner with the CIA.
There's a big article by John Rappaport up on Infowars.com.
$600 million publicly of taxpayer money given by Obama
So Bezos can run around and engage in propaganda, and you wonder why the Washington Post puts out lies and put out a fake list saying, ban InfoWars, ban Drudge.
Then lawsuits got started, because it's discriminatory.
Where's your proof?
Where's your court of law?
You're trying to shut me out of the market.
You're trying to shut us out of the market place of ideas.
So they pulled it down, but they don't care.
AdRolls just going to use that list and ban people from advertising on the Google platform.
This is how they
Put you on those electronic gulags that Matt Drudge came here and warned everybody about 15 months ago, and now it's all come true.
But, one thing didn't come true.
Hillary didn't get in.
So they're going ahead with all their propaganda, all the new TV shows, there's like four of them out now, where there's a woman president, and there's evil right-wingers trying to kill her, and evil talk show hosts that have got to be stopped, who talk just like this.
And say you are the resistance.
We're going to stop this female president.
We're coming after her.
We're going to get her.
It's not just Homeland.
There's a bunch of other shows everywhere.
Rolling it out.
And all these books published where Hillary won and Chelsea takes control of the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
And we have a global government in their words to make us take our shots and make us eat our GMO.
But see, it didn't go according to plan, did it?
The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
So I want to walk through and skip this break.
I want to walk through the historic speech last night.
It didn't do a lot of other news, but it fundamentally shows the nastiness that Obama could say
He supports the troops and the military, even as he dismantled it, even as he funded our enemies and tried to overthrow countries that were allied with the United States and allied with freedom.
Still, the libertarians, the right-wingers, they never made an issue out of it when Obama, during State of the Unions and speeches, would single out the military, like you do in any country, people for service, and those that have gone above and beyond the call of duty.
And it just shows, though, we have class.
They don't.
They come out and they say, oh, Trump doesn't really like the military.
He's just cold-bloodedly manipulating them.
You see, the reason Trump is winning is he does care about the people, and he's not just having rhetoric, he's doing it.
When you turn the coal power plants back on and give everybody cheaper electricity, that truly helps everyone.
When you don't let China and others have one-sided trade deals, that helps the country.
When you get over a hundred companies
Like Intel and Hasbro, and the list goes on and on.
That's just the last week to announce they're coming back to the United States with trillions of dollars of investment.
It's not billions and billions or hundreds of billions.
Trump wanted to be conservative.
The stock market's already, and the president corrected me, I keep saying 2.3 trillion in the stock market.
I looked it up.
As of yesterday, it's 2.9 trillion plus.
It's almost 3 trillion dollars in the last
Several months since he got elected.
And even Bloomberg had to admit 90 plus percent of that money is coming from small businesses and small firms and people knowing they've got to get behind this and invest in the future of their communities, their states, their nation, their world.
And I've said this for many years.
We're rallying patriots worldwide.
We're not promoting the U.S.
military going around and taking over countries.
We're promoting the ideas of our Republic and the Renaissance, exploding by example as they did before, and to be the shining city on the hill, and the world adopting our ideas of free, open societies because it's superior!
Imagine how powerful China would be if they adopted our system.
We're trying to just get back to the revolutionary system.
It's not the old 240, you know, two-year-old thing.
Oh, it's old.
It's the newest, slickest, wildest experiment ever.
And it paid off.
Like a slot machine that comes up, cherries all the way across.
Royal flush, the Trump card, all of it's there.
And so they then say, oh, Trump's empty, he's fake.
Well, let's just say that's true, which it isn't.
You're the nasty people making fun of a woman who we knew isn't fake.
Mrs. Owens, who just lost her husband a few weeks ago, in raids that had been green-lighted eight months ago, when Trump wasn't even in office, by the Joint Chiefs, by the Pentagon, by Special Operations, and Obama said no on a target list of hundreds of targets.
I knew about this before it was obviously even in the news.
We talked some about it on the air.
The fact that Trump was going to move against terrorists, that wasn't a secret.
And actually go after the command and control, not just fight them randomly in the field, wherever the cowards pop up.
And so Trump went to the CIA, he went to the Pentagon, he got his Secretary of Defense in, and within 48 hours, they began attacking those targets.
They didn't announce it in the news, like others would do in the past.
And out of all those raids, what are they saying?
Like, four people have been killed?
I mean, that's what they signed up for.
That's what they wanted to do.
So you get the liberal dad, he's upset, but the wife's not.
She knows what her husband wanted to do.
That's what he signed up for.
That's what Trump signed up for and promised to do.
Another promise delivered.
So they try to steal someone that laid their life down to stand up against bullies, people that sell women into sex slavery, that cut their genitals off, that throw gay people off buildings, that blow up churches, that blow up non-radical Muslims, that run around bullying everybody.
And the media tries to basically crap all over it.
So let's go unedited to the raw clip here of Trump.
Shingling, shingling out the veterans and, of course, the fallen and particularly William Ryan Owens, the Navy SEAL that died in the Yemen raid.
Here it is.
We are blessed to be joined tonight by Corinne Owens, the widow of U.S.
Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William Ryan Owens.
Ryan died as he lived, a warrior and a hero, battling against terrorism and securing our nation.
Now they're calling this shit honoring the widow of someone that died going after Al Qaeda.
That's what ISIS is.
Okay, so she gets a two-minute standing ovation.
She's thinking about her husband.
And this is all extremely genuine.
I just spoke to our great General Mattis, just now, who reconfirmed that, and I quote, Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy.
Ryan's legacy is etched into eternity.
Thank you.
That's right.
They raided the main base.
There's commanding forces not just there but all over the Middle East and Africa.
A command nest.
And some people got killed.
Probably because it was leaked by people inside the CIA.
That's the word.
Like they believe that.
To try to set Trump up.
Just like Kennedy in the Bay of Pigs.
There's a civil war going on.
Terry is comforting her, giving her the support of the tribe, and they don't want us to have an American tribe and to unify.
They want us to be little globalist minions.
They even are mad when he says we're America first in the speech.
They go, no, we want globalism.
Like Glenn Beck said.
Oh, it's bad to say we even have a country.
It's scary.
That there's so many traitors like you, Beck, is what's scary.
Look at that beautiful woman.
See her soul.
She lost her husband.
This is all soothing her for a whole lifetime right now.
Transmuting the pain into victory in a ritual.
One of the oldest human rituals.
When the warriors don't come back, getting around the tribe and honoring them.
Trump is bringing back all the ancient rituals.
The rites of passage.
This is powerful.
This is cleansing.
This is good.
And of course, the devils don't like it.
Oh, there's articles everywhere that I'm crazy and believe that witches are after Trump.
You saw it all over the news last week.
Jones is crazy and believes in imaginary devil worshippers that don't like Trump.
That's how dumb they think you are.
Taking everything out of context.
Same thing they do to Trump.
Keep going.
And Ryan is looking down
Right now.
You know that.
And he's very happy because I think he just broke a record.
Totally off script.
Trump doesn't follow scripts.
That's why Trump's so powerful.
Is he just goes with his gut.
He goes with being real.
He goes with that genuineness that you can't stop if the people get behind it.
And the whole world feels it.
And everywhere.
They're announcing secession movements that are now taking control in Poland.
In Hungary.
There are even movements in Turkey that want out of the EU.
There are movements now taking control in the Netherlands.
In the lead to be the new president.
Same thing in France.
Way in the lead.
Le Pen.
Gert Wilders.
It's happening everywhere.
But they try to make it look dirty, and weird, and evil.
And coming up, we're going to play the clip where they're just, it's horrible, and the Democrats wouldn't even stand when he talked about doing things for America, and building infrastructure here, not overseas, and getting our shop in order.
Oh no, they can't stand for that.
Or talking about getting jobs for Americans.
Or veterans.
The Democrats can't stand for that.
And they look like spoiled, rotten, mentally ill babies.
Now let's go to a really truly wicked person who knows what he's doing, and that's Michael Moore.
Michael Moore.
Let's go to Michael Moore on the guy that says he gets sexually excited when he sees Obama.
Chris Matthews talking about Trump being an opportunist.
How dare him bring up the veterans.
Here we go.
A very poignant moment about the widow, who looked like a wonderful person, for him to be in love with her husband she lost.
And he says, well, he'll be happy up there in heaven to know how many minutes of applause he got.
Was that something strange?
Ryan Owens.
His death came as a result of a dinner Trump had with his son-in-law and a political hack.
He made a decision over dinner with Bannon and Jared.
And then denied having a role in it.
And then the reporting here on NBC News and other networks and papers of how the intelligence community said we got nothing out of this.
That's what happens.
I'm not going to hold him against that.
But then why tonight to say, oh, we got all this treasure trove.
And using the will.
But he wants that to be the argument.
Yeah, of course he does.
Whether it was a valuable mission or not.
Yeah, of course.
And that's why she's there.
As a sort of a pew to the people who are criticizing him for this.
And this poor woman, this widow, who has lost her husband, she is in desperate grief right now.
She's in love with her husband still.
And in love with her husband.
And what did you think of that?
And to use that as just to put another notch on his belt.
And what's he thinking about?
My ratings.
We're going to come back and expose this lying pig on the other side.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Just when you thought the progressive left couldn't sink any lower.
Last night's Trump speech to Congress gave liberals yet another opportunity to showcase their ignorance and lack of respect for the country.
Right after President Trump finished his historic address to Congress, the usual suspects, like Michael Moore, appeared on television to bash Donald Trump.
This time for honoring, wait for it, veterans.
I'm going to get an Emmy for this.
Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.
I mean, this is the sickness of this man.
Meanwhile, other liberals, like Hillary Clinton volunteer Dan Grillo, posted vulgar remarks on Twitter, calling the widow honored during Trump's speech an idiot, proving once again that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
I'm Darren McBrain, and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
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It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ted Malik, who is Donald Trump's nominee to be the U.S.
Ambassador to the European Union,
Definitely has the pedigree and the background for the job, but it's all over the news that they may veto it at the EU, which they have the power to do, and not accept Trump's ambassador.
Well, he's going to be joining us coming up in the second hour with Dr. Jerome Corsi to give you the inside scoop on what's happening with the president's top nominee and one of the most important ambassadorships.
It's probably the most important after the UN ambassadorship.
So that is coming up.
I'd say thirdly, probably China.
Fourth would be Russia.
And then it goes down the list from there.
Very important.
The Mexican ambassador, I'd say, is about the 10th most important U.S.
ambassador to Mexico.
And these are all very important.
And the EU is saying they want to block it, even though he has hosted some of the biggest globalist confabs there are.
People say, oh, well, that's terrible.
But he's been a nationalist all along.
He's given all the intel to Trump.
That's how Trump knows how to dynamite their operations.
That's why the globalists don't want him.
That's why the globalists are fighting with everything they've got.
Let's start getting into all this.
We also have James O'Keefe with big breaking news of the Veritas Project.
Project Veritas joining us.
This Michael Moore thing, if you just tuned in, I know every second a lot of folks are tuning in.
We just played a sickening clip from Hardball with slimeball Chris Matthews and Moore is turning reality upside down.
It's the Democrats that ran around saying that the Yemen raid was a failure when it wasn't.
It's the Democrats running around saying Trump's doing this politically, going after hundreds of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, slash Al-Nusra sites all over the Middle East and Africa.
And some inside the United States, but nobody knows about that, obviously.
Oops, I guess somebody does.
Believe me, the terrorists already do.
So I can tell you, I guess most of these operations are already over.
These are all targets that the Pentagon, the CIA, the Patriots inside had targeted and knew were real groups.
And Obama let a lot of these groups into the country to do Lord knows what, I guess sleeper cells.
I mean, no, he and his cousin and people are literally behind the Muslim Brotherhood and the overthrow of Egypt.
And our government, CNN, backed that.
I mean, and they blew up hundreds of churches, hundreds.
Crucified Christians upside down at the Capitol building.
That's the kind of people Obama runs with.
So, this got so crazy that even our corrupt government, believe me it's corrupt, said this is way too far.
You really are going to have a fifth column of Muslims linking up with the commies and socialists?
To have a war?
A lot of people were really just mercenaries inside the system.
They said the patriots are going to fight that and we're going to lose, so we're not going to do it.
Oh yeah, a lot of these decisions were not made out of moral stuff at the very highest levels.
It was done because they could read the tea leaves and see how crazy Nancy Pelosi and all these people are that really thought they'd bring in some young strapping Muslims to kick Europe in the US's ass.
I mean, once you really start suicide bombings every day and mass shootings every day, it's... all of you are going to be prasada non grata on this planet.
Now there were a lot of good patriots in the government and other corporations and groups all over the world that see this globalist plan and now know how evil it is and have gone and read the writings of the globalists.
We've popularized a lot of those.
I can say our audience has helped get that info out.
I always believed that if we told people what was happening in the world and exposed the globalists in their own words and how diabolical it was, that people would unify and wake up and start resisting it.
That's why they always denied it existed, even though it was being built in plain view.
And guess what?
Common sense prevailed.
So many people thought I was a fear monger.
They thought I was saying all this just to be listenable.
And that people were cowards and would hear this and hide under their beds.
Some people hid under their beds, but the people that counted didn't.
And so we've just begun to fight.
Now the enemy's out in the open saying world government's good and we should all just accept it.
So what if it's unelected?
See how far we've come?
Everybody knows the Federal Reserve's private.
Trump's taking control of it.
Ordering him to loan money to small businesses and individuals.
Ordering him to loan massive money to cities and counties and folks that follow initiatives to hire American.
You're about to see the power of a big fat state turned loose to actually empower people.
That's why they are particularly angry because everything they built to screw us over is being taken away to re-empower us and then be dismantled and handed back to the states and the people.
It's so good!
It's so beautiful!
It's so pure!
It's so winner!
We're going to win, win, win.
You're going to have so much winning, you're going to say, please stop the winning, it's too much.
I'm going to say no!
Because the truth is, winning like this is going to be a great responsibility.
And to not use the incredible power the United States is about to have again, times 100, and not let that be turned towards evil, but turned towards truly promoting human dignity and freedom on the next level for our species and all the advances that Trump
Started to talk about again in science and technology and medicine that are right around the corner and you look in his eyes, they already got him.
They just don't know how to deploy him yet.
Trump's sitting there in the White House going, they've got all these cancer cures and all this and they instead are running a eugenics program with fluoride in the water and the vaccines with the additives to brain damage people.
What the hell have people been thinking?
Notice Trump's even more hardcore and more focused now, because everything he'd read about and heard about and been told about in behind-the-scenes channels, he now knows is all true and worse than he thought.
And he's like, good God, we gotta shut this cancer down.
And the cancer's freaking out.
So Michael Moore, in the clip I just played, is saying, oh, at dinner,
And they just make up news reports where there's spies and people listening.
Oh, he had well-done steak and ketchup.
Not even true.
Or, oh, he was looking at classified stuff with the Japanese Prime Minister minutes after the missile launch.
They were looking at news reports.
Then they went behind closed doors for classified media.
Everything's a lie.
Oh, he's at dinner with his son-in-law and Bannon and they decide to go after these Al-Qaeda and ISIS targets.
He told you in the campaign he was.
He was advised by the former head of Defense Intelligence that knew about all the targets and all the planning between all the agencies.
That was Flynn's job, was to have a bird's-eye view of the whole deal.
Just like Director of National Intelligence.
But they just say, oh, Trump, you know, just decided at dinner, just randomly, to go attack Yemen, and then some people got killed.
Imagine that.
They sign up for these dangerous missions, they signed up to be commandos, and some people get killed.
Boy, I don't think they knew that's what they signed up for!
Because they know they're talking to their coward audience of MSNBC.
They're talking to that coward audience that's like, yeah, they signed up.
To be on the welfare rolls of the Navy SEALs.
They signed up for Delta Force and, you know, the Army Rangers and the Green Berets and Marine Force Recon so people would wipe their noses for them.
Then they try to steal the glory of the fallen soldier, of the sailor, and then turn it around that Trump's opportunistic and Trump doesn't care and Trump's bad and how dare them have this widow here.
And then, of course, he says, hey, you just broke a record.
They're trying to say ratings.
He meant for the longest standing ovation.
He was trying to make her feel good.
And it was so genuine.
It was so real.
And they hate that charisma.
I mean, I've got so much important news to cover.
But if you understand this, you understand everything.
Let's go ahead and play the end of that clip we didn't get to.
No, but then why tonight?
I know.
To say, oh, we got all this treasure trove.
And using the will.
Let me back that up again.
There's so many lies.
I probably should have started to stop this throughout the clip.
They admittedly got a whole bunch of hard drives and computers and the rest of it.
That's why they didn't just drop a bunch of bombs on it, because they wanted to kill or capture the people and get the intelligence.
This was the ISIS command base for much of the Middle East.
And their headquarters.
You understand?
They wanted to get into the headquarters and get the data or they could have just dropped a bunch of 2,000 pound bombs on it or flown around with C-130s with, you know, howitzers hanging off the side and blown the place into molten slag.
They wanted the intelligence.
That's the point of going on the mission.
And guess what?
They were waiting for them because there were leakers inside.
You know, the type of folks that tell the president, watch your mouth.
That's how we've got this thing backwards.
They have a word for it, but backwards.
That's a family way of saying it.
That's the arrogance of all these people.
McCullen and all of them and Brennan and just what a disgusting group of snot-nosed, cowardly, chicken-neck filth.
Brennan was a communist in college.
I mean, give me a break.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me now finish up with the club.
Here it is.
Yeah, of course, and that's why she's there.
As a sort of a f-you to the people who are criticizing him for this.
And this poor woman, this widow, who has lost her husband, she is in desperate grief right now.
She's in love with her husband still.
And in love with her husband.
And what did you think?
And to use that as just put another notch on his belt.
And what's he thinking about?
My ratings.
And how many?
Record applause!
I'm gonna get an Emmy for this.
Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.
No, it's an award better than a Silver Star or Congressional Medal of Honor.
It's being honored by the people and her sacrifice and his sacrifice because she's got to live now probably 50 years without the man she's so in love with.
And let me tell you, those are particular loves that really only get stronger with time.
A 20-something, 37-year-old woman, you know, three kids.
And then her husband gets killed.
That's gonna comfort her for the rest of her life.
See, comforting her, that's not allowed.
That's evil.
That's how sick Michael Moore truly is.
In fact, look at this.
I have the photo right here for TV viewers.
In fact, we have the video also we're going to play coming up of Nancy Pelosi.
We have that on the video list.
Staying seated.
Yeah, she doesn't clap whenever they're talking about the economy as well and how he's going to try to get jobs.
And she sits there looking absolutely, completely sullen and disgusting and just angry the whole time.
The video's on Infowars.com.
I'm not talking about a particular clip.
Just the whole time she's sitting there looking like she's dying.
I was here last night.
We were here last night.
We covered it live.
The archive of that is up on our YouTube channel and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Better Democrats remain seated during tribute to Slane Seal.
Now there she is.
She looks like a female Skeletor.
Disconnected from reality.
Made hundreds of millions of dollars, her husband billions, since she got into Congress.
She had nothing when she got there.
And she is just completely and totally, absolutely entitled.
Now, particularly look at this photo though for TV viewers.
You've got the Democrats seated here.
During the tribute to the fallen Navy SEAL, you've got one guy that's smart enough to stand up, whoever that is, and then one other guy back here, but 90% of them, we got a Democrat here, here, here, you see one, two, three, four, five, six.
So we got six Democrats standing up out of hundreds, disgusting, arrogant, crazy people.
No one would ever do that in the past.
When Obama was giving tributes to the military, no one ever did things like that.
Again, that's how disconnected they are.
Hillary campaigner calls military widow honored during Trump's speech an idiot.
Sorry, Owen's wife, you're not helping yourself or your husband's memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot.
Trump just used you.
These people are totally and completely disconnected.
Here's another one.
Democrats boo Trump proposal to give a voice to victims of immigrant crime.
We're going to get to that coming up after the break.
Again, video.
Pelosi refuses to applaud American job creation.
We're going to play that when we come back.
Now look at this one.
I'm going to play this as well when we come back first.
Democrats think Trump's job is to represent the world, not America.
They refused to stand.
They refused to clap.
But worse, they went and complained particularly about this to C-SPAN and to other TV channels and networks right after it.
We played clips at the start of the broadcast.
I mean, it's like a dirty word now.
We should say, they plan to get rid of our sovereignty and transfer power to multinational groups.
That's a conspiracy.
That'll never happen.
Here's all their admissions.
Now they're doing it, and Trump wants to reverse it.
Like, gee, our legs cut off.
We better tie a tourniquet around it.
That's insane.
Let the blood flow out on the ground.
That's how you become happy.
Here, let's stick our hands in this meat grinder.
Here, let's climb in a wood chipper and turn it on.
Trump's like, let's not climb in the wood chipper.
They're like, yes, we must destroy the country's sovereignty and transfer all power to secret offshore groups or we're evil.
Can you believe Trump?
He said we ought to have a country.
I mean, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
If someone's a felon, like a rapist, he's gonna deport them?
He's gonna make you come here legally like everybody else does?
I mean, it's crazy!
He doesn't want you to come here and have your baby free at the hospital either.
I mean, wow, man.
What will he do next?
I don't know.
He's really bad, though.
So that's all coming up after the break.
First off, we are ending the special today, and it is gone.
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Trump, Pence, 2020.
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He's got the globalists totally scared.
World government's in trouble.
He's trying to stop the economy imploding.
But the reason I'm so behind Trump is, we're neck and neck here, ladies and gentlemen.
We're not out of the woods by a long shot.
They're desperate.
They could try to kill him.
They're trying to implode the economy.
But Trump loves a fight.
He's a total fighter.
It's just a fact.
I mean, look what he's done.
He looked 10 years younger last night.
It's just crazy.
The guy's 70 years old.
The oldest president ever elected.
It just gets weirder and cooler by the minute.
See, worshipping Kim Jong-un is a joke, because the guy's a joke.
Thinking Trump's amazing and an example.
Just how he gets better with age is the truth.
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Then we will, again,
I don't think so.
But they do that at rallies and things, or at universities where they know the cops have been ordered to stand down.
In public, in most areas, it just shows solidarity and lets other people know it's safe to speak out.
And that's something else Trump's done, battling political correctness, saying things everybody knows is true.
It makes it safe and okay for other people to say it.
Because everything they do is to try to make normal things we cover and normal things we talk about sound dirty and evil.
But it's not.
Like Glenn Beck last week.
I keep going back to this because it's an archetypal example.
It's a case point.
Of upside down behavior.
Of inversion.
He says it's horrible.
He wants nationalism for the economy and actual jobs and thinking about America first.
This is very dangerous.
That's like saying he wants oxygen for his children.
He doesn't want them to suffocate.
But they say it with a straight face, like, don't say mother and father when you're at a public event or at the school.
Someone may not have a mother or father.
You having one is bad.
Say she or he or they.
Use the words.
We're not a cult.
Just don't say mother and father.
We're not a cult.
Here, take this vaccine.
We want to make you take it.
Here, let's have grown men in your girls' showers.
It's normal.
If they don't want to see a man's penis, then there's something wrong with them.
That's Cuomo on CNN.
They're cult members, folks.
They know what they're doing.
They're using peer pressure on you, and Trump's smashing all that.
Let's go out to break with this clip, where, again, they're critical of the fact that Trump is talking about America first.
Here it is.
We expect our partners, whether in NATO, the Middle East, or in the Pacific, to take a direct and meaningful role in both strategic and military operations, and pay their fair share of the cost.
Have to do that.
We will respect historic institutions, but we will respect...
The foreign rights of all nations, and they have to respect our rights as a nation also.
And again, all over the media, I've got the articles.
They said it's horrible.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Second hour, straight ahead.
You are listening to GCN.
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Just when you thought the progressive left couldn't sink any lower.
Last night's Trump speech to Congress gave liberals yet another opportunity to showcase their ignorance and lack of respect for the country.
Right after President Trump finished his historic address to Congress, the usual suspects, like Michael Moore, appeared on television to bash Donald Trump.
This time for honoring, wait for it, veterans.
I'm gonna get an Emmy for this.
Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.
I mean, this is the sickness of this man.
Meanwhile, other liberals, like Hillary Clinton volunteer Dan Grillo, posted vulgar remarks on Twitter, calling the widow honored during Trump's speech an idiot, proving once again that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
I'm Darren McBrain, and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Let's back up that clip I was just playing of the President last night in his first address to Congress.
And I've got a stack of news articles.
We played video clips the last hour where they have Democrats going on TV saying they couldn't stand the fact that he was talking about America and having our own sovereignty and having our own borders and doing trade deals that are more equitable.
I mean, that is unthinkable.
America's here to be sold off by the parasite class.
Nancy Pelosi, who again thinks George W. Bush is still the president.
That's how entitled these people are.
Well, it's just not going to continue on forever.
Let's go back to that full clip.
Free nations are the best vehicle for expressing the will of the people, and America respects the right of all nations to chart their own path.
That's right, free nations!
My job is not to represent the world.
My job is to represent the United States of America.
You know what?
Hit pause.
This is so simple, but so true, and so fundamental, and so powerful, that they, all over the news, New York Times today, you name it, say this is bad.
That's how dumb they think you are.
That's how upside down they think we are.
That he's saying the best way for people to express themselves and be free is through free nations.
Free, open, elected nations.
That have culture and have systems that bind them together.
That's the best way to express human freedom.
Instead of some foreign, secret, TPP, UN world government, where they admit they want to make us poor, dumb us down, and have a global government with forced inoculations and forced medical tyranny.
That's all been announced by the Clintons and by Bill and Melinda Gates and all their foundations ripping people off and robbing Haiti and all the rest of it.
And here comes Trump just saying total common sense, like, drive on the right-hand side of the road.
Put one foot in front of the other.
Wash your hands before you eat!
I mean, he's just saying total common sense, and they're going, this is horrible!
Because what they're doing is so horrible, they have to, again, invert reality.
Well, guess what?
We're not living in upside-down land anymore, okay?
Let's go back to the present.
I want to play it again.
I want to play the entire clip, because it's so powerful.
We expect our partners, whether in NATO, the Middle East, or in the Pacific, to take a direct and meaningful role in both strategic and military operations, and pay their fair share of the cost.
Have to do that.
We will respect historic institutions, but we will respect...
The foreign rights of all nations and they have to respect our rights as a nation also.
Free nations are the best vehicle for expressing the will of the people, and America respects the right of all nations to chart their own path.
My job is not to represent the world.
My job is to represent the United States of America.
All right, we're going to come back with Trump's nominee for the ambassadorship for the European Union.
That is probably the second most important ambassadorship, some could argue, with the big crack-up of the EU taking place, the most important ambassadorship.
And he's definitely got the credentials and the background to do it, but an unprecedented move.
They don't want him.
They're saying they may veto it.
That's like kicking somebody's ambassador out before we have a war with them.
Because right now the EU is totally run by Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, and they are looting it seven ways from Sunday.
The vampires are having their will right now.
The last thing they want is some whippersnapper in there that might want to have those people be free.
We'll be back as the global revolution against tyranny accelerates.
Just when you thought the progressive left couldn't sink any lower.
Last night's Trump speech to Congress gave liberals yet another opportunity to showcase their ignorance and lack of respect for the country.
Right after President Trump finished his historic address to Congress, the usual suspects, like Michael Moore, appeared on television to bash Donald Trump.
This time for honoring, wait for it, veterans.
I'm going to get an Emmy for this.
Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.
I mean, this is the sickness of this man.
Meanwhile, other liberals, like Hillary Clinton volunteer Dan Grillo, posted vulgar remarks on Twitter, calling the widow honored during Trump's speech an idiot, proving once again that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
I'm Darren McBrain, and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
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This is the officially available for an exclusive 20% off introductory special at Infowarsstore.com.
A behind-the-scenes inside story of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.
It's never been published anywhere else.
This is the guy who will know, of course.
Trump advisor, confidant at every step along the way, Roger Stone.
The making of the president details the account of Roger Stone and many other Trump insiders.
We've been longtime friends and advisors to Trump since the 1980s.
The candid, bombshell, revelatory, inside story of Trump's rise to prominence and how he won the presidency.
You will find information like this in no other book because he's got the inside skinny.
He had it every step of the way.
The Making of the President by Roger Stone.
20% off at Infowarsstore.com!
You found it.
The front lines of the human awakening.
It's the Infowar.
And now, Alex Jones.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say that joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion.
Alright, welcome back.
We're now into the second hour.
Coming up, we're going to play more of the historic
...address of Congress last night with President Trump.
The mainstream media is just totally freaked out that he said that we will actually have America first and we'll negotiate deals that are best for the country.
They just say this is horrible.
We're gonna play clips of that.
This is becoming really bizarre.
But again, they're trying to make this normal.
Business, normal common sense seem weird because handing all our sovereignty over to multinational unelected institutions is what's actually crazy.
Now to the bottom of the hour, I can't go over his whole bio, it would take 30 minutes, Ted Malik of tedmalik.com joins us.
I can't go over his whole pedigree of major institutions he's run or where he's a professor, all the things that he's been involved in.
He's also
I've been a high-ranking official on the UN Economic Commission for Europe and president of the CNN World Economic Development Congress, you know, Davos, the whole nine yards.
And I appreciate him coming on.
I mean, here are the headlines out of the Washington Post, Breitbart, New York Post.
Why Europe Fears This Great U.S.
Ambassador is the headline.
So they're battling.
Here's another headline.
European Parliament Battles
Nomination of Ted Malik as U.S.
So, they're saying, don't nominate him, Trump, even though that's who they've said they want to nominate, because if you do that, we're going to veto it, which again is unprecedented.
And of course, I've seen Ted Malik all over TV for years.
I mean, he comes off as very diplomatic.
I mean, sounds like a perfect choice.
If you went over his whole bio here, he's already been accepted into all these groups.
They know who he is.
It says, suave and distinguished, he's a professor at a respected British business school, former Oxford visiting fellow, Yale professor, he's written 14 books, he's a high-ranking official of the UN Economic Commission, and it just goes on and on.
I can't read the whole bio.
So, why does Trump want it?
Why are they trying to block it?
I think talking to the man himself we can find out.
His longtime friend, Dr. Jerome Corsi, who's also joining us via Skype, can pop in.
So, Ted, thanks for coming on.
What's going on here?
Alex, thanks for having me.
It's a pleasure to be on your show.
I last saw you at the inauguration when we were celebrating President Trump's arrival on the Washington scene.
And last night, of course, as you've just shown in your clip, he said he's going to be president of the United States and not president of the world.
The reason that I've raised such a controversy in Europe is certainly not because of my educational pedigree or my dialogical skills.
So the worldview and the thinking of Donald Trump in Europe, and they actually hate and detest everything he is, stands for, and has said because he's turning the whole world over and he's changing their globalist outlook and forcing the world back into a state-centric system.
Now, I know that that's something you've talked about and promoted quite a lot.
I mean, let's get into your particular view of where the world currently is and where this battle to get you into that position is going.
Well, I have not yet been nominated by the President.
I have interviewed with the transition team and I was told I was favorably disposed to be put forward in such positions.
Certainly, it's leaked.
I've been on television talking about the EU and about Trump.
You know, I was involved in the campaign.
I wrote a book about Trump's path to victory.
So I've been all over, both the British press and the European press.
And that's frankly because very few people in Europe expected Trump to win, had any knowledge of what he was thinking, what kinds of policies he might enact.
They frankly didn't have anybody else to turn to, so there are only a handful of us, frankly, in Europe that have any sensibility about what Trump represents.
So I have had, I would say, even overexposure in the last eight weeks.
I've seen you all over TV and I don't even watch that much mainstream television.
Well, looking at this, when you look at the New York Post, it's obviously pretty close to Trump.
They act like you are the nominee.
I understand you're not officially, but the way the EU sees it is they're like, hey, you're nominating him, you better not do it.
We'll veto that.
Can you explain how they have the, quote, power to do that?
I mean, if you become who Trump wants to represent us and then that happens, then why wouldn't that be something that they would accept?
Well, what the European Union and, frankly, other countries around the world want is not so much a U.S.
ambassador to them who represents the U.S.
point of view, or in this case, the view of the Trump administration,
We're good to go.
Brussels, where the European Union is headquartered, because they fear that the Union itself is coming apart.
With the vote of the United Kingdom to leave that European Union, and with a number of elections coming up in any number of other European countries, and potentially a referenda on whether the country should either stay in the Eurozone and keep the Euro as their currency, or even leave the European Union,
They fear that their union is, frankly, in a position of, if not collapse, of derailment.
That's right.
Even the French news agency yesterday called it a soft civil war.
You've got Poland trying to pull out.
Le Pen basically says she'll pull out of the EU or discipline it and actually make it serve national interest.
You've got Gert Wilders in the lead in the Netherlands.
You've got Italy, as you know, a month or so ago saying, we're not going to vote to have EU expansion, we're not going to accept an EU army marching in.
The arrogance of the EU, this unelected body, saying, oh, you want to pull out countries?
We're just going to dissolve your militaries and put them under our control.
I mean, this, the arrogant, open conquest of this, and I know you're a leading expert on this, how would you
Break down, because you are a historian on these subjects, the place we are in the world, where suddenly nationalism and self-determination is the avant-garde, it's exploding like wildfire, and it's having success, and now with Trump mega-success, you see obviously what happened with Brexit, and then the system just becomes more arrogant and tells us we should live austerely, while they live like kings.
I mean, it's like Marie Antoinette.
I know she didn't really say this, but, you know, let them eat cake, and then that became Bastille Day.
It just seems almost like, you know, those that the gods would destroy, they would first make mad.
So since you've been all over Europe, you know all these people, you're in the middle of it.
What's really going on?
Well, I summed it up in an op-ed the other day when I said Davos man is dead.
Now, whether he's literally dead or just dying, I think is a question of medical terminology.
But this view that the global elites can run our countries, can run our lives, can run our cultures,
Most of them unelected, undemocratic, socialist in orientation, progressive in terms of ideology.
Some of them far to the left, not just socialist, but even further to the left, is frankly coming to a screeching halt.
And that's happening in large part because the pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction.
The election of Donald Trump has signaled that with a megaphone.
Of course, Brexit, before it,
Nigel Farage and the whole movement to leave Europe was not supposed to be victorious.
And it has actually now, I think, changed the course of modern European, maybe even global history.
Because that pendulum, like the pencil that's falling off the table, has reached its tipping point.
And a number of countries around the world are likely to follow suit.
You know, maybe we can pull that clip up briefly of when Brexit passed and the next day Nigel Farage, leading the torch in Europe obviously, I know you know him as well, says, you know, you laughed at me 15 years ago when I was first in this body, you're not laughing now, but they still laugh, and then Pelosi
Won't even stand up, you know, for the veterans.
The Democrats sat down.
They boo and get upset when Trump talks about America first.
I mean, the disconnect of these people.
In the same press conference, Pelosi thinks Bush is still president eight plus years later.
And then Maxine Waters gets up and says, well, Trump's helping Putin, who invaded Korea.
They don't even say North or South Korea in their mistake.
It's just la la land.
I've been around these people.
I've talked to some of them.
They really are so insulated that I guess I was wrong back when I thought it was more centralized and conspiratorial.
It's more like just a bunch of corrupt people got in control.
Special interests just come in and it's almost worse than a conspiracy because it's like we just have no defense mechanism against these inept horrible people that have sold us out for pennies on the dollar.
Well, you're talking about the Democratic Party in the United States, and it was quite observable last night when half the room was giving the President a deserved standing ovation for some, I think, very, very sincere words, both about the American military and about our military heroes, and also about some of the policies he wants to enact.
And the other half of the room either sat on their hands or hissed him.
So, it's a very polarized situation.
That situation is actually ten times worse in Europe, where the political spectrum is certainly left of the United States and where Donald Trump is held in the highest degree of contempt.
I think it would interest you, Alex, I was on CNN before the election and Becky Anderson's show.
I do go on all these shows, I keep getting invited and go back.
Maybe to torture them as much as myself, but she asked me seriously, the question that she asked me was, don't you think the whole world should get to vote for the United States president?
I missed that.
Well, let's find that clip.
What was the name of the clip?
You remember on YouTube?
Well, it's Becky Anderson's show, State of the World, or whatever it's called.
Yeah, guys, Google it.
State of the World.
Everyone in the world should be able to vote for president.
I'm going to find that.
That is incredible.
Glenn Beck, I don't want to sit here and bash Glenn Beck, sir, but Glenn Beck was on CNN last week and he said, quote, it's scary that Trump and Bannon want nationalism and economic nationalism.
I mean, that is, so again, there it is.
I mean, what are they doing?
Well, I mean, Glenn Beck, I think, has been off his rocker for some time.
But Steve Bannon is the genius behind this intellectually.
He is the strategist.
He talked about his three buckets that he's trying to work out of during CPAC the other day.
That was very telltale, very constructive.
And certainly Donald Trump has taken that course and
He argues very forcefully, frankly as Theodore Roosevelt did and other people did at the turn of the 20th century, for America's national economic health.
We need to rebuild our country.
We're talking about renewal!
We are talking about renewal of the American spirit.
And actually, you know, I am a spiritual person, a Christian, and I noticed that Trump mentioned God at least a half a dozen times, it seems like, in his speech.
They hate that.
So the origin, even, of some of this impetus is clear in his thinking.
And I tell you, people on the right, people in evangelical circles, strong Catholics, appreciate what the President is saying.
Well, we definitely...
I think so.
Ted, the website's tedmalik.com.
What else can we do, as I bring Dr. Corsi in here briefly, what else can we do to help ensure, and you've also written a lot of books as well, to make sure that this new nationalism, what I call 1776 worldwide, the American example worldwide, not physical force, but the American spirit of renaissance reborn for renewal of the whole planet.
This is what we need, not a, you know, UN global corporate elite dictatorship coming in.
You know, dictating the terms of human surrender to the technocracy.
What can we do to have Trump fully nominate you and then try to somehow finesse you into the position and have the EU accept it?
Well, there are two things.
Obviously, in the first hand, we have to remind Donald Trump that I've had this conversation and that I'm the best candidate, I think, to represent that point of view in Europe because of qualifications.
And frankly, because I've spent all this time in Europe and understand and can constructively talk with them.
I'm not there to be their archenemy.
I just have to bring them our point of view.
And secondly, I think if the European Union wants to make me persona non grata, which is what they say, it would be a badge of honor.
To make me PNG in Brussels and actually say we won't accept an ambassador from the United States who has Trump's point of view.
I think we should then do two things.
Send them no ambassador and deal with them only on a bilateral basis.
And secondly, remove their ambassador from Washington DC.
Because if they're not going to accept our ambassador, that's usually what you do right before a war happens.
I mean, it's just unprecedented, the arrogance.
Well, you look at arrogance in history.
Hitler, as you know, just a week before he finally got, you know, killed or committed suicide, there under the chancellery in Berlin, still thought he was going to beat the Russians and the Allies.
Was totally delusional, and his people still believed him.
Now, I think we're far from that, but we're getting close.
Where nationalism's exploding, it's so popular, and this globalism is unelected, so disconnected, so corrupt.
I mean, they're never going to be able to have this private corporate world government, with a whole socialist bent to it, when there's opposition to it.
They're losing ground everywhere.
They back the very worst actors like, you know, radical Islam.
They're just horrible people who are so disconnected that they don't get it.
So, I mean, I think we need to explain to them you're going to lose.
You need to get with the program and believe in humanity again instead of having this eugenics view of, you know, cut off the resources and slave the people while they themselves live like kings.
Let's bring in
Dr. Jerome Corsi, who I know is a big booster of Trump trying to ram you through, which I think is a good move.
Play the Trump card on him.
I think this is a great idea, Dr. Corsi.
Again, the New York Post and folks act like he's already the ambassador.
How do we get this through?
Well, I've known Ted for a long time and he's a big best choice.
I was with Ted and Nigel Farage during the inauguration.
Ted has the very strong support of all the Brexit leaders.
He will represent accurately and strongly President Trump's position to the EU.
This is what frightens the EU.
And it is really astounding.
I mean, by the way, Ted is a Theodore Roosevelt, President Roosevelt descendant.
He is a PhD, he's very strongly regarded both in academics, he's been on the international stage, but he's not a globalist.
This is the remarkable thing about Ted Malek, he's been at Davos, he's actually run the Aspen Institute,
He's run them both, but he's done it always with a perspective of the United States.
And that's why they don't like him, just like Bannon from Goldman Sachs.
He's been inside the systems.
He knows how to work it.
He's been at the highest levels, but he's going to represent us.
That's why they're scared.
That's right.
He didn't drink their Kool-Aid.
He went along with the internationalism, but from a perspective... Just like Rex Tillerson did, to be able to stay where he was at, but quietly fighting it the whole time.
And this is really what the core of Donald Trump's strength is and the reason, key reason he was elected.
The American people do not want to become part of some godless global system.
Unelected officials in Brussels telling us what to do.
We want the United States of America.
We want the Constitution.
We want, you know, the freedoms that we, our founding fathers gave us in a Judeo-Christian nation that was born
With principles that have been astounding in terms of their ability to protect liberty.
Sure, and people that are watching on TV all recognize Ted Malik, but I should have said Aspen Institute, one of the most elite international organizations.
People say, well then why do you want him?
Because over the years he's always fought to keep sovereignty and to promote free market systems, and now he'll be able to help dynamite these tentacles of control that are bringing us down and turn the whole world free.
That's why we need him and I sure hope that Trump does this.
Well, you're exactly right.
I mean, see, Alex, he ran Davos for over 10 years.
I forgot that.
Ran Davos.
And he's saying Davos is dead.
I mean, I should have intro'd this.
I never hype things like I should.
The man that ran Davos and the Aspen Institute is saying that the New World Order that they've set up is dead and that we need to have nations create a new global alliance to empower humanity.
That is absolutely incredible.
No wonder they don't want him in there.
Well, I helped Ted get his memoirs published two years ago because it's a remarkable story of, you know, someone who's been on the globalist stage at the highest level, running it, running Davos, running the Aspen Institute in the United Nations in Geneva.
I mean, Ted has ten degree credentials of the New World Order, but Ted has constantly said that we need to preserve American sovereignty.
He was a supporter of Donald Trump.
Sure, and now all you need to know is...
All you know is the globalists are against Trump, the globalists are against Ted Malik, because they understand that.
They fear the understanding he has.
So I should have intro'd this.
Let me do it again now.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got Ted Malik, the man that ran Davos, the public Bilderberg group, for 10 years, that ran the Aspen Institute, the guy that knows where all the bodies are buried, that has the keys to the kingdom, who's quietly been trying to stop the system forever.
Donald Trump wants to send him to be the EU ambassador, and they're trying to blow that up right now.
This is incredible.
Well, Ted, in closing, how do we make sure, again, the listeners, that you're the man that Trump forces through?
Well, there's a little bit of exaggeration or hyperbole in my good friend Jerry's presentation of my biography.
I never really ran Davo, so I was only on the executive board for, I think, four or five years.
Oh, so you were on the executive board of Davo.
You're a nobody.
I have at least some degree of humility, like Vice President Pence, which I think is strongest.
But I'm just excited if you get in there to be able to help bring down the EU.
I'm sorry.
If people in the United States could support my being involved, whether it's in this role or another role, I think that I could help the Trump effort, particularly on the international front.
Well, Mr. Malik, thank you so much.
People can find out more about your books at tedmalik.com.
MSM is going to attack him being on the show.
That's good.
We don't want to be with the system.
We are the folks trying to remove the globalist elite, and we need somebody like Mr. Malik who knows how to burn this thing down and restore the republic.
All right.
We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
Thank you, Dr. Corsi, as well.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Just when you thought the progressive left couldn't sink any lower.
Last night's Trump speech to Congress gave liberals yet another opportunity to showcase their ignorance and lack of respect for the country.
Right after President Trump finished his historic address to Congress, the usual suspects, like Michael Moore, appeared on television to bash Donald Trump.
This time for honoring, wait for it, veterans.
I'm gonna get an Emmy for this.
Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.
I mean, this is the sickness of this man.
Meanwhile, other liberals, like Hillary Clinton volunteer Dan Grillo, posted vulgar remarks on Twitter, calling the widow honored during Trump's speech an idiot, proving once again that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
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This is an emergency transmission.
This is an emergency transmission.
From FEMA Region 6 in Occupy
There is a war.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Now that's a promo we've been running for about four years.
And I intended to take the government back.
I intended to promote national sovereignty worldwide.
I intended to promote prosperity.
I intended to promote Renaissance.
Because Renaissance was Europe coming out of the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages, with centralized groups that had books and machines and hot air balloons and everything else.
They just didn't want the public to have it.
So if you tried to be an apothecary and have some herbs to treat illness, they'd kill you and say you were a witch.
All knowledge was under attack.
You had the false revolution in France that was the left-hand path, Jacobin Satanism.
That's mainline history books.
That's the leftist today.
And I've had historians on, Lord Monckton, he concurs, you name it.
I talk about all the witches and devil worshippers nationally in Rolling Stone and CNN calling for Trump's death last Friday and Saturday in mass rituals.
And what did they do?
They have articles out in Right Wing Watch, you name it, saying I'm crazy, imagining that we're fighting a cultist.
I'm not the weirdo that believes in all that.
They do.
But our revolution, our 1776, was the Renaissance, the real one.
There's always a counterfeit.
So, we're looking at the reality of things, and they can't say, oh, there's no world government, oh, there's no occult, or there's no this, there's no that.
Now, I knew who Ted Malik was, but guests sneak up on me, and, of course, he, you know, has known Trump for 40 years, been involved in the State Department, and done all sorts of, you know, things as a consultant, and banking, you name it.
So, he's got a bigger pedigree, not just in journalism, three-time number one New York Times bestseller, guy that changed, admittedly, at least one election's outcome.
You know, he's credited with that.
Probably three.
But the point is, he knows a lot of people.
And so, at the inauguration, I saw him walking by, I said hi to him, he's with Farage, and of course, Ted Malik, and I'm like, I recognize that guy, and I'm like, oh yeah.
And of course, they were already billing him in the news as the ambassador, because that's who Trump wants, but the EU's saying don't do it.
But then I started remembering, when I was reading his bio, I was like, head of the Aspen Institute, and I was like, and I remember reading in Mainstream News' bio, you know, the head of Davos, you know, on the executive board, that's heading up Davos.
And I was like, whoa, man, this guy's... But then I did some more looking right before I went on air, and he was the nationalist view in there, wanting people, countries to work together but not transfer all the power, critic of TPP.
So I would say he's an internationalist.
That's how they sold a lot of young people back when my dad was a young person, on top of his classes.
They called you in, we're going to create an international order, and the U.S.
is going to run it, and we're going to empower the planet.
It was 1776 worldwide.
But then you learn later that's not really what it is.
Once you get the higher-level Harvard PhDs, like Henry Kissinger got, or Francis Boyle got, and Boyle's one of the highest levels, and he's exposed the whole thing, because he was there.
They were intending him to do all this, but he was a sleeper cell, just like Trump was.
Trump knew this stuff before I was born.
Of course, he said, I mean, he learned from Roy Cohn, 10 years, his lawyer, who was in all the secret papers, how our government funded communism, the Bolsheviks, all of it, and he was trying to stop that.
So, there's always been a resistance before I was born to this.
The question is, why does the EU not want Ted Malik?
Because they know, I was telling Corsi during the break, I said, is this his rehabilitation?
You know, coming on the Alex Jones Show?
And he said, well, he's been rehabilitated for a while.
So, it's not that I'm endorsing a globalist.
I'm explaining, we better get ready to win.
We better get ready for mass defections over to our side.
We better get ready to actually restore all this.
I keep saying, I wasn't up for saying this all these years just to, you know, scare people.
It was real.
We got involved.
You took action.
Everywhere, nationalism surging, optimism surging.
The globalist model of making us poor and dependent is in trouble.
What we're fighting is a very ugly...
Stinking, failed, criminal, authoritarian, criminal ideology.
It's easy to beat.
If you have confidence, call their bluff and move forward.
And we're playing the Trump card.
So I'm going to give Corsi about 5-10 minutes to have the floor.
Not so much about Malik, him some too, but just getting ready to win.
Getting ready to overturn the globalists.
You understand, they always try to brand us as, oh look, Jones is upset, Jones is angry sometimes.
Look, he's a loser.
They played clips on Fox News last night of going, look, he says he's setting brush fires in the minds of men and women.
In fact, all he's talking, trying to find this on Media Matters, where they have it on the five, they have the Democrat that's on there, whatever his name is.
Democratic strategist, and I forget his name, and they're playing it like it's funny, and like I'm stupid, saying, we're awake, we're taking action, we're human, we're finding our will again, we're getting up off the couch, we're killing our apathy.
They're like, ah, that's funny, because they want to keep you on the couch, folks.
And even Fox News, all these backhanded attacks on Trump, it's about controlling conservative
That's what Murdoch's always wanted.
And he tried this coup last year with Ailes.
It still didn't work, did it?
Everyone rejected Megyn Kelly.
She destroyed herself.
She self-immolated.
So they've got a very, very delicate balancing act to do.
But going back to Dr. Corsi and Doc, I'm going to go ahead and sign the lease today.
The folks came through the last week and a half buying the products and things.
We've made back about half the money that we lost with Google denying us to be able to advertise on the Google platform.
Incredible discrimination, but I want to thank the listeners.
So I have faith in the listeners that we'll make up the rest and be able to expand this year.
In the face of it.
Plus it's our duty.
We're going to do it.
So I'll get that lease signed today or tomorrow.
And then we can sign the deal to get some obvious probably rented furniture, computers, whatever you need.
Let's just get it in there and start staffing it because it's our duty to take these guys on, especially now that we're starting to win.
But can you speak about Malik himself?
And then you're the supernationalist, the guy that even more than Lou Dobbs, who deserves great credit and had top ratings on CNN, they fired him.
And that's why they're in the tank.
The lone guy out there writing books, going on TV almost every week with Lou Dobbs, WorldNetDaily, coming on this show, saying globalism, TPP, NAFTA, GATT, Trans-Pacific Partnership, getting the secret documents with Judicial Watch.
I'm not trying to build you up.
I want folks to know how we beat them in the past.
We were way behind then.
So if you're endorsing this guy, I'm just going to go off your endorsement, even though I have actually
Put him on TV before, talked about Davos, and said, look at this scum.
Just in general, I've said, look at this scum.
I haven't seen bad stuff Malik's done, but I mean, if you vouch for him, because we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
I know Trump read your books.
A lot of his views are also based on what you've done.
So let's just say, you've already culturally shaped this second American revolution.
So if a guy that's right up there with Patrick Henry, or John Adams, or somebody else, I mean,
Who was the beer brewer?
Sam Adams.
I'd compare you like a Sam Adams.
You know, you're a business guy, successful, out there spending your money, your treasure to get the word out as an American ideologue.
Let's talk about Malik and let's talk about the phenomenon, if we've got to get out of the phenomenon of being losers, not that we ever were, or the outside group, we have to get ready to go in, restore the republic, and then deliver to break the back of collectivism.
Go ahead.
Well, first of all, you're exactly right.
We've been fighting this battle for a long time.
Malik, I've known for years, Malik was never a globalist.
He always, yes, he went to the UN, he had a position in Geneva, he worked with Davos at the highest levels, he ran the Aspen Institute, but he's an American.
The Senator Theodore Roosevelt, PhD, taught at Yale, he's taught at Oxford,
His credentials are impeccable.
He's known at the highest levels of the business community internationally.
He's very modest, but I've seen him run seminars with 200 of the biggest companies, you know, on a constant basis for years for some of the major accounting firms.
Ted is internationally well-known, but the unique thing about Ted Malik, and this is why I endorse him, it's why I work with him so strongly, I've got his memoirs published.
...is that he never believed the lies of the globalists.
And he went to Davos, he went to Aspen thinking that he could fight it, thinking that he could still preserve the fundamental values.
Ted's always been a constitutionalist.
He's always been very religious, very determined Christian, and always determined to have the values of our Constitution and Founding Fathers be preserved.
Now, it was a losing battle to think that we could transform the global organizations, and Ted realized this.
The remarkable thing is that he's from the inside, Ted Malik, testifying to how morally depraved, how empty
Completely at a loss how much of a failure the EU is, the United Nations, all the globalist dream, the International Monetary Fund, the idea that we're going to go to this transnational world government.
Ted Malik has fought this for at least the last 20 years, maybe 30 years of his career.
And I introduced Malik to Donald Trump.
I also was working very strongly with Nigel Farage.
I've worked with a whole group in the Brexit movement.
We're reaching across to Europe.
Where Ted Malik frightens so deeply the Europeans is because he is highly intelligent.
He's got the credentials.
He's been there.
And from the inside,
He knows how morally depraved, how completely vacuous, how cynical, and how dangerous these New World Order organizations are.
So Ted has fought issues like against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
His book is really worth reading.
His book on Aspen Davos, his whole experience with the memoirs, I really strongly recommend.
And I, you know, spending time with Nigel Farage,
And Ted, I can tell you that the Europeans who are with Trump view Ted Malik as one of their strongest allies.
Ted published over 40 editorials supporting Trump.
He's been on the BBC constantly.
His life has been threatened.
The EU has said that if Donald Trump dares to nominate Ted Malik,
And I think Donald Trump will have the courage to look at this nomination.
Steve Bannon has been very strongly supportive of Ted Malik.
Ted has gone through all the different rungs.
He's really strongly been interviewed.
That's why the EU doesn't want him, and that tells you everything you need to know.
In fact, so I revised what I said.
It's not his rehabilitation even with the public.
It's that he's been on the inside, and I know so many other people like, on the left, Joseph Stiklitz, who's won, you know, Nobel Prizes for Economics and another Nobel Prize.
He left in 2002.
A bunch of documents got leaked, and he said, I don't care if it's leftist or right-wingers inside the global system.
Globalism was sold on the idea of helping the poor and building up civilization.
Instead, it's a race to the bottom, ripping people off, consolidating countries and imploding them.
And now the mega-banks, they want to take over Europe and the U.S.
and implode them and suck them dry.
I'm warning everyone.
So that was a 2002 warning.
He came on the show.
And so now it's not just, you know, sticklets, it's people like Malik.
There are good people that are on the inside who tried to fix it on the inside.
In fact, that's what
Francis Boyle, who has that top PhD, they only give one of a year, that secret PhD basically at Harvard, I know you're aware of that, and where they actually tell you how it all works and how to be a top technician.
Only one of them a year.
And he already actually knew about it and then didn't use it once he got it.
So, you know, the point is there's not many of these people that actually have been given the globalist inside scoop who then actually oppose it.
That's why they don't want him in there.
Well, and Alex, I may never mention this to you, but I, when I was at Harvard, I got my PhD at Harvard.
Harvard paid my entire tuition.
They paid me to go to Harvard.
I was paid $1,000 a month to be at Harvard at that time.
I never really, I was finished with all my requirements at the end of about a year.
I had four years to be there.
I was given full reign of whatever I wanted to do at Harvard or MIT.
But I never paid a penny to go to Harvard.
They invited me to come and paid the entire
We're good.
It is basically wanting to reduce the population of the United States.
The world, actually.
Reduce the population of the world.
It's an elitist organization where the elite thinks that they can tell all the rest of the people on the face of the earth what to do.
It has no respect for people this elite.
It's constantly wanting to create wars, control money.
It's corrupt on the inside.
Look at how they admit Bill and Melinda Gates won a world government headed up by Chelsea, but now they're saying they want it to be Oprah Winfrey to run in 2020.
They believe she will defeat Trump and bring in what Hillary couldn't.
Yeah, well come on Oprah, give it a try.
She's never really sustained what it takes to be president.
Donald Trump has been at this since the 1990s.
Read Roger Stone's book, The Making of the President 2016.
This was not a new idea from Donald Trump.
Absolutely, and I've talked to Roger.
He doesn't like to brag because then they use it and try to make Trump mad or whatever.
It's a constant manipulation.
Alex is Trump's brain.
Roger is Trump's brain.
Trump's weak-minded, it manipulates him.
It just continually is shoved in there by the people that are working against us.
And so Roger doesn't like to brag about it, but I know you guys go way back, and it's admitted.
Ronald Reagan even wrote on a letter, he said, this guy's gonna be president, there's something about him.
And as you said, 40 years ago, and you wrote this 15 years ago, you said Donald Trump's gonna be president.
Yeah, I've thought it since I first met him.
40 years ago, I thought Donald Trump would be president.
Look, Donald Trump is a highly intelligent guy.
He's very, very smart and he's a very effective leader.
And he fundamentally agrees with us.
And he has always fundamentally agreed with us.
And nobody wants to say this, we're with the most hardcore right-wingers in New York that knew all the secrets that ran the Un-American Activities Committee.
I mean, he literally, his lawyer, confidant, top advisor, mentor, Roy Cohn, who Hollywood demonizes, abs super hard-nosed, that's where Donald Trump got much of his worldview.
That's right.
You see, Donald Trump, he doesn't need anybody's coaching.
He doesn't need anybody.
He'll think for himself.
But he's got around him some very good people.
Ted Malik has been a major influence in Europe.
Ted's taken a lot of flack for this.
His life has been threatened.
He's been demeaned.
I could see it in his body language.
He knows he's doing the right thing.
And I could tell he's pretty, not freaked out, but you could tell he was like a guy walking in front of a firing squad.
Well, and he'll continue to... Can you imagine a top globalist just walks on our show and says, I'm working against this, and as you said, behind the scenes?
Because I know there's been a whole Americana agenda within globalism.
In fact, some say it was even planned.
But that gets a little too sophisticated.
Well, you know, all these Bob Beckles who attacked you on Fox, I saw that.
Bob Beckle is a hack.
He's attacked me.
I mean, you know, he's had an alcoholic past.
It's hard to tell whether he's more objectionable or Juan Williams or even now a chef.
But other than that, it's constant because I watch it when I exercise in the morning and at night when I go to bed.
It's backhanded attacks constantly and distant and like, oh, he said the media is the enemy.
That's like a dictator.
He said the fake news is the enemy.
Again, even Fox News.
Shep Smith is disgusting.
It's disgusting.
And they attack you, Alex, and InfoWars because you've been so effective.
Because you've developed, across the country, an attachment to a large middle class that Richard Nixon used to call a silent majority.
I mean, I saw it with Ronald Reagan.
The elite in the United States, the elite around the world, the GOP establishment, all hated Ronald Reagan.
That's right.
Let's talk about now that Trump's delivering, and really is in charge now, that speech last night, how the elite strike.
Doc, what do I do?
You used to run black cops, been involved in all sorts of regime changes.
I know you're confident we're beating them, but right now, they are blowing the living hell out of my operation financially.
I've talked to lawyers.
They say we've got serious lawsuits.
I don't love lawsuits, but I guess I've got to do it.
Dr. Pachinik, I mean, what do you make of all this?
This is just outrageous.
Google plays with you and decides to interfere with your business.
That is major impediment of commerce.
Google knows that.
That's going to stop.
The hidden government, remember what I said a long time ago.
We have a division within the so-called hidden government.
I can assure you that Roger Stone, Alex Jones, is seen very favorably by those who I work with.
Does it mean I'm being surveyed and I've been, you know, monitored since?
I said yes, because there's no problem when I'm being monitored and I feel comfortable with the people whom I deal with.
Now, for 30 years, both the CIA and military intelligence has been concerned about our country.
Now what we have is a backlash from those in the CIA and elsewhere who feel that they've been taken advantage of, they've been co-opted, and correctly, we countered coups with people who were loyal to you, Alex, loyal to Roger Stone.
So what you're seeing now within the deep-seated community of the so-called secret government is an internal fight that I've been telling you about for 15 to 20 years, but it's come out to the forefront.
And you predicted it, so I'm asking you.
I know it's top people and Obama left-behinds that are doing it.
They're in open rebellion.
Tillerson's trying to clear them out.
I know we've got good people.
That's why Maxine Waters is so pissed calling them scumbags, because they know they're starting to lose.
I'm just telling you, the president, just for himself and everybody else, they're waging war against his kids, his businesses.
I'm not looking for authoritarianism, but we're getting attacked.
It's time to punch back against these assholes.
I'm sorry.
It is extraordinary.
That the division that Steve describes in the agency is absolutely true.
Here are the problems, though.
Those who support liberty and freedom and the Alex Jones, Roger Stone, libertarian right agenda of freedom and civil liberties are the grunts, the agents, the people at the middle and lower levels.
The leadership is still an Obama-appointed clique of elitists.
I don't know.
Warren, against yours truly, to monitor Steve.
Every conversation you and I have had, little men in the trailers have their headphones going.
It's like a movie.
I wish that I could fly, into the sky, so very high, just like a dragonfly.
I'd fly above the trees, over the seas, in all degrees, to anywhere I please.
I was just talking to Zach, one of our researchers, in there.
He's the guy you see pulling up the articles almost as fast as I can say them.
He's like, oh yeah, Ted Malik, he just read like 20 articles about the globalists in the last decade, threw him off everything, went after him, because he was openly criticizing them, and I guess in their private councils doing it.
So I should have introduced the guy as a hero.
The head of the Aspen Institute doesn't get more elite than that.
That's like Davos U.S.
on the board of the Davos Group.
That is so prestigious.
And I remember
Hearing this on the show and then seeing his face, and I'd already done research, I was like, wow!
And Dr. Corsi's endorsing this guy, so now I really feel good about what Dr. Corsi's saying and doing.
How could Trump not put this guy in as the ambassador?
I want to talk about how the empire's going to strike back here, Dr. Corsi.
But first, going back to you just briefly here, how about the phenomenon of the Liberty Movement thinking we're always supposed to be in the hills, waiting for the U.N.
troops to come.
I always said, no.
Take over your city councils, run for office, our ideas.
Or bulletproof.
No army can stop an idea whose time has come, to quote the French philosopher and statesman, Victor Hugo.
I mean, now is the time.
And so we're having victory.
We're not offering some utopia like the communists or socialists, or one-worlders.
We're not even saying we shouldn't have global alliances, but it has to be deals based on sovereignty, and based on equity, and based on humanity, and based on basic principles.
Well, he wanted to be on the Alex Jones Show.
We've talked about it for quite a long time.
And he's published books, I didn't even know this, inside Davos, inside Globalism, inside Aspen, inside Iran.
Wow, no wonder they don't want him in there.
Well, and it's, and this is the key.
I mean, he has seen it from the inside.
So, uh, Ted Malik- And I want to tell you, Trump wants to be like Theodore Roosevelt.
This guy's named Theodore Roosevelt Malik.
In fact, one of the first articles Ted wrote was how Donald Trump resembles Theodore Roosevelt, and how his brand of speaking to the people, going back to the fundamental values of America, was the Theodore Roosevelt approach that really worked.
And Donald Trump, in many ways, has characteristics similar to Theodore Roosevelt.
I know you've got to go, but we've got to go to break.
Can you do five more minutes to talk about how you think the empire's going to strike back?
I want to come right back to Dr. Corsi for a moment.
I've got to plug, okay, because you know the enemies doing all sorts of stuff behind the scenes too, which is, I understand it.
I'm not complaining.
I'm in a war.
Just know this is a war.
They're not just trying to pull our funding.
It's everything else you can imagine.
Please go get the t-shirts, Trump Pants 2020, Keeping America Great on the front, America First in 1776, Infowars.com on the back, to get in the face of the bullies, to spread the word, to meet like-minded patriots.
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And please, don't forget those prayers.
We need them.
I'm praying for you.
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The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
We've been rolling that liner for 10 years.
Notice it happened.
In fact, soon I'll have to stop playing the liners.
It won't be.
You know, in FEMA Region 6, because then FEMA will just be an emergency agency, not something to take over NAB10 Regions as COG admits it is.
We have to be ready to win.
We have to understand that the high command
That is the golden rule, and it's exactly what Trump said.
Laying down your life for others.
Laying down your name.
Being attacked.
It doesn't matter, because you know you're right.
We're changing the world.
You are the info war.
I don't just say that.
You are the info war.
You're the reason this is happening.
But so many people, and it's a meme that MSM is putting out, I'm a bootlicker.
I'm with the establishment now.
When I disagree with Trump, I'm going to disagree.
And from the position of loyal opposition, it'll have a bigger effect.
The point is, is that
Trump listens to real counsel, but he doesn't listen to BS.
He listens to people with a track record of telling the truth.
And you have to understand, this is real.
It's not going to be perfect, but think of what it would have been like with Hillary.
Why are the elites so upset?
Because Trump's the real deal.
So let's not be too confident, though.
We're in the fight of our lives.
We're in like the sixth round.
We've turned the corner.
We're starting to win.
But there's six more rounds.
Dr. Corsi, in the three minutes we have left, how do you see the empire striking back?
I see them trying to implode the economy and blame Trump.
They admit they're doing that.
What else do you see?
Well yes, you're going to see very quickly the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, trying to implode the economy.
They kept interest rates at zero to prop up Obama.
Ten trillion dollars worth of debt.
The fight is going to be in the precincts, in the school boards, in local communities.
The Democrats are going to do everything they can.
The far left, I just submitted an article with Perez,
Tom Perez, head of the DNC, and Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected in Congress, a member of the Nation of Islam, up until 2006.
The Democrats have just taken a far turn left.
The Democrats are going hard left.
They're going full-in socialist.
This is the communist takeover movement attempt of their lifetime.
And the Democrats are not going to... And that's not rhetoric!
It's flaming Bolshevik garbage.
I mean, go take a look at the Communist Party of the United States of America.
Its agenda and its website, its program is indistinguishable.
By the way, listen, I don't just grovel to the police, but I'm for law and order.
The communist groups are openly calling for cops to be killed.
If I did that, I'd be arrested, rightfully so.
They're trying to organize crime.
Why isn't the Attorney General already moving against them?
I don't care if the left calls it fascism.
They're the fascists.
Jeff Sessions is going to move against it, but the whole Black Lives Matter, the whole attempt to intimidate police, the left has got to destroy police because it's fundamental to the law and order of a civil society.
Why are they so arrogant?
Don't they know that they've waken the sleeping giant?
They got a tiger by the tail?
Well, we've, you know, we've done everything we can for the last 20 years to help America, and I certainly have, you certainly have, and America's listened.
I mean, it's taken very detailed investigative research.
It's taken producing the truth.
But Americans out there, by the millions, are wakening up, they're listening, they're paying attention.
Doctor, how exciting is it for you to see the hard work you've done and Ron Paul's done, and how we were ridiculed, attacked, demonized?
Isn't it satisfying, not in an arrogant way, but at a spiritual level, the victory we're having?
I feel like, Alex, it was the right thing to do and I feel like, you know, I get so identified with what Donald Trump said last night.
The military who died on the battlefield, they didn't ask for any riches or their names to be put up in the stars.
I'll take a bow when all the Americans who have died for this country in battle have their chance to stand up and take a bow.
Right after that, I'll take a bow.
That's right, and I saw you.
You were on the line for 20 minutes with Roger Stone while we were finishing the speech.
He went over, and I saw you had tears in your eyes when Trump was saying that.
And that's the difference.
They think we're weak because we care.
No, we're strong because we care.
Dr. Corsi, I'm signing that lease to get the Bureau going.
We're going to get those offices right there where you want them.
I'm going to sign that today, and we're going to get this moving forward.
We're going to start getting that crew hired.
They heard us last week, but the listeners came through, so we're going to get the Washington Bureau set up.
Thank you, sir.
I'm excited about it.
Look forward to it.
Thank you.
All right.
Thank you.
That's right.
The Washington, D.C.
Command Center of the People's Media.
Stay with us.
Just when you thought the progressive left couldn't sink any lower, last night's Trump speech to Congress gave liberals yet another opportunity to showcase their ignorance and lack of respect for the country.
Right after President Trump finished his historic address to Congress, the usual suspects, like Michael Moore, appeared on television to bash Donald Trump.
This time for honoring, wait for it, veterans.
I'm gonna get an Emmy for this.
Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.
I mean, this is the sickness of this man.
Meanwhile, other liberals, like Hillary Clinton volunteer Dan Grillo, posted vulgar remarks on Twitter, calling the widow honored during Trump's speech an idiot, proving once again that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
I'm Darren McBrain, and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
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If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
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I thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And the colors of the sea find your eyes with trembling
Eric Clapton.
He's one of my favorite musicians.
What a prolific career.
He's been around 50 plus years.
Listen to this guitar.
Imagine if they had performed this now with a recording they've got.
Yeah, if I wasn't here fighting the Globalist, I would be on a distant shore in the Pacific.
Yeah, the spirit out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is so calm.
It's like inviting death though.
So old, so clean.
Here's the last part.
Her name is Aphrodite.
Alright, enough of that.
An infomercial, but be sure to go to iTunes.
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Okay, let's get serious here.
This happens all the time, and I totally get it.
He's got so many investigations going on, so much stuff he's handling, that about half the time, even when he schedules with us, when he wants to come on, they give us a lot of exclusives, and I appreciate it.
And he said, I'm not ready to give us the exclusive, and something came up, so they're holding on to something they were going to publish, and I guess the next few days, he will come on.
That's ProjectVeritas.com, James O'Keefe.
So we'll see what's going on with whatever was big that he was going to break here and also talk about a CNN tapes released last week.
We'll get him on obviously in the next few days.
That's fine because I've been promising to go to more calls and I'm encouraging David Knight and others who's just as bad as I am.
We just want to cover news and then kind of don't get to the call sometimes to take your phone calls.
I'm trying to get better about not making you sit there on hold.
I'm still bad, but not as bad as I used to be.
I'm going to say it again.
First-time callers.
People that haven't been able to get through, or folks that have been on hold and I didn't get to you.
About last night's speech.
About where the world's going.
About Oprah.
I want to get to Oprah.
And, you know, if you guys
If you want to call in and disagree with me about my gushing over Trump, please call in and make your real point.
I don't like the asset forfeiture seizure, because a lot of that's unconstitutional.
But then Trump's like, we could take yachts away from drug dealers.
Yeah, but not old ladies cash in East Texas in those corrupt towns.
Most of them aren't corrupt, but when you get a bad town, and unfortunately Texas has got the best and the worst of police.
And there are some bad places in East Texas.
My family, by the way, on my dad's side is from there.
So I know, I'm not bashing people, but it's like an extension of the worst parts of Louisiana.
Great people in Louisiana too, but...
We all know Louisiana's got its problem with corrupt police in some areas.
And it just kind of extends in.
You know, I've never really seen a lot of white racism in my life.
I really haven't.
I've seen whites scared, because the media makes them scared of everybody, and overly guilty.
But I have been in East Texas, pulled over, at 16 years of age, with a half-drunk six-pack of beer, two girls in the car, my buddy, coming back from the beach, driving back to Dallas.
And because we both had blonde hair,
The sheriff's deputy rolled up his sleeve with a big swastika and said, Heil Hitler.
Enjoy your beer.
And I remember driving off going, man, it'd suck if you were black and got pulled over by that guy.
Anyways, I don't want to go off on a... You've got to have checks and balances on everybody because you can get pulled into a place run by black folks.
And if they're racist, then they're going to, well, white people did something to me, I'm going to do something to you.
That's why you don't do something to somebody because of what color they are.
You go off what somebody does and what they stand for and who they are, like Martin Luther King said, you don't go off of, and I've had, for the racist white stuff I've seen, I've got, I'm not going to exaggerate, it's just true, 300, 400 to 1 from black people.
Now, does that mean I hate black people?
Absolutely not, because most black people are great.
But there's a large minority of black people that are super racist.
Let me tell you what's even more racist than those black people.
It's the liberals that watch MSNBC now that'll scream at you.
Hundreds of them when I was in D.C.
white male.
Sometimes a white male would say it.
We've got it on video.
And people are like, that doesn't make sense.
And I've even seen some of the more nationalistic, kind of racist black sites even comment and say stuff about it and go, I think Alex Jones got a point.
It's weird to watch some cracker tell another cracker, F you, you're white.
I mean, it's just, it's weird.
How did I go off on that, Jag?
Oh, I was talking about asset forfeiture seizures.
See, when I think about a subject, I think about all the angles to it.
If it's adjudicated, if you're caught breaking the law and you've done something and there's laws on the books, then you should do it.
But it should be at the state level.
There's been too much federal control over local police via because the feds lobby to get laws passed where states can't have asset formature or if they do, 80 plus percent of the money
goes to the General Fund instead of it, in the case of Texas, instead of it just going to the police.
So if you're going to have, you know, the argument was, well, we got local police doing bad things, let's have the feds run it.
The feds are even worse!
Now, maybe we're going to clean out all these bad feds, but, I mean, let's say it, I'm not an enemy of the feds.
The average FBI agent's more awake to the general public.
I just experienced it as I got more prominent.
I mean, I bet a third of the FBI agents in Austin today are listening to the show.
So, again, they're our best friend, they're our worst enemy.
Wherever there's power, you're going to have that dichotomy, that paradox.
With great power comes great responsibility, and you need oversight over it.
And that's all I'm saying.
So I don't like Trump on the asset forfeiture seizure thing.
I mean, just, we haven't seen the specific plans yet, but it's just, we already got too much of it.
It's already out of control.
I mean, everybody who's informed, left or right, center, knows that there's an issue there.
You expand on that.
You know, Sessions is, you know, we don't need marijuana sold on street corners.
You know, it hurts a lot of people.
And you know what?
On average, it causes a lot of people to end up not really performing in life.
Other really high strung people, studies show it helps.
It's better than Prozac.
It is an amaz... No drug, no plant has more medicinal uses than Mary Jane.
I mean, it is a gift from God.
It's thousands of them.
It's incredible.
I want to decriminalize.
And you've got Sessions running around, who I really love, because he's a good guy.
He means what he says.
He does what he says.
But it's just coming from somebody who is living in the 1940s, when they would, in Alabama or Texas, give you, in some cases, 40 years.
My mother knew people in college that got busted with marijuana in the 1960s that served over two decades for a couple of marijuana cigarettes.
Now, that's BS, okay?
That's all.
And by the way, I don't like the whole marijuana culture.
They're mad at me because I don't say that they're God and, oh, it's wonderful and their little stoner lifestyles are great.
Playing video games all day, smoking dope all the time.
If you're a super Taipei personality like Joe Rogan, Joe probably lived till he's 90 years old because he won't have a heart attack because he smokes pot at night.
I mean, Joe Rogan can go, you know, host major programs.
I'll just leave it at that.
After smoking, you know, weed.
I can't get out of a chair smoking the type of marijuana Joe Rogan smokes.
So, again, it's a very strong drug, it's been made a lot stronger, and so it's kind of a victim of its own farming practices, of its own botanical technology development.
See, I'm spending too much time.
That's why I can't ever get to any of the news, because I just want to pontificate on any subject.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions just hinted at crackdown on legal marijuana.
He didn't hint at it.
He did it.
This is a bad move!
Support police getting training and funding and medical care they need and not demonizing police in the community and holding up the good officers as an example of real community policing.
Make it an honorable profession so we get more good people to be part of it.
Pay them more.
And don't make it be based on revenue generation.
We don't want pirates, we want sheepdogs.
And again, we don't want to run around going after half the young people that smoke pot.
They're not going to quit smoking pot, Senator Sessions.
I know the Attorney General listens to the show, I'll just leave it at that.
I know.
I even know behind the scenes there were some moves made to keep before Obama even left him going after me.
And the word was put out, you do that, we're going to overthrow it as soon as we get in.
I mean, Sessions has been one of my biggest allies.
I'm just saying, I'm your ally too, sir.
And you don't want to start a fight with, what's the statistic?
Something like 80% of America admits it smoked marijuana at one time or another, and then the last time I saw it was like 40-something percent smoking on a regular basis.
Guys, Google how many Americans smoke marijuana in studies.
I mean, it varies in the study, but those numbers are pretty accurate.
I've seen it repeatedly.
You can't do this.
I mean, this will be a disaster for Trump, getting young people involved in the Liberty Movement.
Here's the deal, Sessions.
If you call for banning liquor, then I would say it's not hypocritical, but liquor kills a lot.
And I saw the quote from Sessions in my stack.
This is why I'm going off on the shack.
I was going to leave this alone, but I can't handle it.
He said marijuana causes people to be violent and causes violence.
No, it doesn't.
People don't get in fights on marijuana.
They don't speed on it.
They drive 40 in a 60 in the slow lane.
I mean, alcohol causes violence in car wrecks.
And by the way, that's my cup of tea.
I'm just being honest about it.
It's just crazy.
Does one in eight U.S.
adults say they smoke marijuana?
Paul says, I've seen numbers at University of the Real Study, it's higher than that.
Well, look, George Soros, though, is for it, and that's why I don't want to push everybody because it's so weaponized.
He wants you all zombied out.
I want to try to balance this, and I just think it'll derail much of Trump's agenda to restore the republic if he does this.
He should be more libertarian about it.
All right, I'm going to come back, give the number out, 800-25-9931.
A bunch of news.
Oprah wants to be president.
We got that club, too.
Stay with us.
Do you believe in free speech?
Do you believe that people should be judged by their character, not their skin color?
Do you believe in freedom of religion?
If you believe these things, you're probably not a progressive.
You might think you're a progressive.
I used to think I was.
My show, The Rubin Report, was originally part of the Progressive Young Turks Network.
Progressives struck me as liberals, but louder.
Progressives were the nice guys.
They looked out for the little guy.
They cared about women and minorities.
They embraced change.
In short, who wouldn't want to be a progressive?
But over the last couple of years, the meaning of the word progressive has changed.
Progressives used to say, I may disagree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death for your right to say it.
Not anymore.
Banning speakers whose opinions you don't agree with from college campuses, that's not progressive.
Prohibiting any words not approved of as politically correct, that's not progressive.
Putting trigger warnings on books, movies, music, anything that might offend people, that's not progressive either.
All of this has led me to believe that much of the left is no longer progressive, but regressive.
This is one of the reasons I've spent so much time on my show talking about the regressive left.
This regressive ideology doesn't judge people as individuals, but as a collective.
If you're black or female or Muslim or Hispanic or member of any other minority group, you're judged differently than the most evil of all things, a white Christian male.
The regressive left ranks minority groups in a pecking order to compete in a kind of oppression Olympics.
Gold medal goes to the most offended.
Martin Luther King Jr.'
's dream that his children would be judged by their character and not their skin color was a liberal idea, but these days it's not a progressive ideal.
And what about religious freedom, the idea that no one else can tell you what you have to believe?
Surely progressives still support that basic right.
Well, not so much.
I'm a married gay man, so you might think that I appreciate the government forcing a Christian baker or photographer or florist to act against their religion in order to cater, photograph, or decorate my wedding.
But you'd be wrong.
A government that can force Christians to violate their conscience can force me to violate mine.
If a baker won't bake you a cake, find another baker.
Don't demand that the state tell him what to do with his private business.
I'm pro-choice.
But a government that can force a group of Catholic nuns, literally called the Little Sisters of the Poor, to violate their faith and pay for abortion-inducing birth control, can force anyone to do anything.
That's not progressive.
That's regressive.
Today's progressivism has become a faux-moral movement hurling charges of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and a slew of other meaningless buzzwords at anyone they disagree with.
The battle of ideas has been replaced by a battle of feelings, and outrage has replaced honesty.
Diversity reigns supreme, as long as it's not that pesky diversity of thought.
This isn't the recipe for a free society, it's a recipe for authoritarianism.
For these reasons, I can no longer call myself a progressive.
I don't really call myself a democrat either.
I'm a classical liberal, a free thinker.
And as much as I don't like to admit it, defending my liberal values has suddenly become a conservative position.
So if you think people should be able to say what they think without being punished for it, that people should be judged by their behavior, not their skin color, and that people should be able to live the way that they want to live without government interference, then there's not much left on the left for you.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I don't know why I talked to Dr. Spiegel.
I agreed to it months ago, and then right when they came here, it was the issue with the Statue of Liberty getting her head cut off.
Dr. Spiegel's done some good stuff, like the CIA running a lot of the German media.
So I said, oh, because they're interesting.
I turned down most interviews.
I'm like, 100 to 1, I turned them down.
But I said, they can come on down here.
And the guy got down here, and then he had this photographer who was in Austin.
We're going to call him and see if he remembers this.
And it's not that big a deal, except I would never say this.
And I've talked to the whole crew.
Unless we were talking about an interview about pizza gay, and how quote, Obama ordered $65,000 worth of hot dogs to a private party in Chicago, and that's according to the FBI manuals, that means gay escorts.
And the point is, we're just reporting on this.
But I was going back there to eat.
I dumped... I was opening this thing of... I was eating in a hurry.
It used to be on air.
I was off air.
I opened this thing of barbecue sauce and it splattered on my shirt.
They're coming around the corner to come in.
And sometimes, I'll be honest, I keep it real cold around here.
I have this thing where I get hot easy.
I took my shirt off.
And it was also kind of, I don't give a crap.
Every time I do that in the media, it's like some big, huge sensation.
So I took my shirt off.
And they said, oh, it was some form of dominance or something.
And then he says that I said, do you, I've got a sausage, do you want to suck it?
And held out a sausage to him.
Because I did say, get them barbecued.
They were back there eating it when I went back there.
I just talked to Nico, he remembers ordering them barbecued.
So I go back there after the show, they're eating their barbecue.
They're out of the room, they come back in, I get some barbecue sauce out, squirrels take the shirt off.
I was about to go back to my office and change shirts.
So that was my stunt.
And they turn it into some homoerotic thing.
Which, I challenged the Der Spiegel guy, I think he was recording stuff, to release it.
Because if that's the case, then I'm starting to blip out sometimes.
Because I literally, literally don't ever say stuff like that to men or women.
The only jokes about that have been, do you want succulent hot dogs?
And I'd forgotten about the Der Spiegel article yesterday.
I mentioned, you know, Pizzagate and, you know, succulent hot dogs.
And Owen Schroyer was in the other studio, he goes, oh yeah, like succulent sausages?
Then Jones gets up and holds out a sausage.
Want to suck?
He asked.
We're guessing that it actually, how Jones eats every single meal.
So now it's in, I mean, New York Daily News, a bunch of other, like Alex Jones is very rude to eat with.
Alex Jones wants men to suck his sausage.
You know, again, ladies and gentlemen, it's just shocking to me that, I believe I didn't say that.
But it's hard to believe
That I would let those guys in here and then they would not be able to stand the fact that I archetypally took my shirt off so that I could, you know, basically throw it in their face.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
To even get it picked up, and it did get picked up all over.
So, see?
Word is, I haven't seen it yet, it's on TV, they're talking about it.
Next it'll be, I sexually assaulted Der Spiegel reporter, you know, and cameraman.
Next it'll be that I raped them both, and I'm a dinosaur and a space alien, and you know, and I'm being sarcastic, they'll probably clip that out and say, I raped Der Spiegel reporters.
You know, they do that on the news, they have me going, I'm anti-gay, when I actually said, I'm not anti-gay.
But Colbert played the clip last week where I go, I'm anti-gay!
And they say, Jones is obsessed with gay frogs.
No, I covered a report where I was covering the Smithsonian Institute, Nature, Science, where it says most of the frogs are sterile, and the others are either asexual or homosexual.
From the runoff of the water we're drinking so bad, it's screwing up the sexuality of mammals, you know, the nutria rats, uh, the, uh,
Amphibians, the fish, all of them!
But instead of being, you know, caring about, God, what is in our water that's the runoffs doing this to these animals?
It's just, oh, he says that two-thirds of the frogs in Houston are gay.
Which I said is a joke, because the article out of South Texas was two-thirds of the frogs were sterile or asexual or had both sexual organs or didn't know what sex they were.
So I said, see?
Two-thirds of the frogs in Houston are gay.
It was a joke.
Because, man, it's called gallows humor.
I take these really sad, upsetting topics.
That I get tired of having to cover, but I gotta warn people not to fear monger, so you know, so we do something.
Like moms found out bisphenol A messes up the sexuality of your kids, causes tumors, causes lower IQs.
Moms stopped buying stuff that was bisphenol A marked.
And guess what?
It's hard to find bisphenol A anymore.
See, it wasn't fear-mongering.
It was, our house is on fire.
Let's put it out together.
Let's be successful.
Let's move forward.
You know, I just realized, I've been doing this on air forever.
Everybody makes jokes, I do that.
Trump does it.
I do this hand signal.
I do this one.
It's crazy.
Is there like a Vulcan mind meld?
Because I'm not copying Trump.
Is he copying me?
I don't think so.
This is Alex Jones.
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Just when you thought the progressive left couldn't think any lower.
Last night's Trump speech to Congress gave liberals yet another opportunity to showcase their ignorance and lack of respect for the country.
Right after President Trump finished his historic address to Congress, the usual suspects, like Michael Moore, appeared on television to bash Donald Trump.
This time for honoring, wait for it, veterans.
I'm gonna get an Emmy for this.
Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.
I mean, this is the sickness of this man.
Meanwhile, other liberals, like Hillary Clinton volunteer Dan Grillo, posted vulgar remarks on Twitter, calling the widow honored during Trump's speech an idiot, proving once again that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
I'm Darren McBrain, and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
Fight the good fight.
It's fun to fight back against tyranny.
It makes you stronger.
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
1980s band, Triumph.
Let's listen to a little bit of this music.
Great, great lyrics.
It's like a run out of time.
Remember just a year and a half ago, somebody couldn't win?
But it didn't matter.
The course of history was there.
Don't get discouraged.
Don't be afraid.
We'll make it through another day.
Make it worth the price we pay.
It's how we live that defines us.
Think about it.
The magic.
The mystery.
Again, we're on a planet in space.
We don't know where we came from.
We don't know who we are, they say.
But we do!
It's all there in your genetics.
In your spirit.
All of it.
The whole history of it.
And I just can't tell you it because you already know it.
And you know what the enemy would do if I didn't tell you.
We know what we have to do.
We've done it before.
Fight the good fight every day.
It's that the end of the song is really, really powerful.
I think I want to read the lyrics sometime to this song on air.
Alright, I'm gonna go to your phone calls, but I promise to play this clip so we will of Oprah Winfrey.
You know, I don't know if Oprah Winfrey, you know, I should say this is my message to Oprah Winfrey, I don't know if she's deceived, I don't know if she is a fellow traveler with Bill and Melinda Gates and Ted Turner and David Rockefeller and The Globalist, but she meets with them in secret once a year, we now know, for about 26 years.
That's what the London Guardian and Associated Press and ABC News reported about six, seven years ago.
That they have secret meetings to plot world government and a global government strategy and stratagem, a deceptive strategy, to establish a world government to carry out medical systems, medical tyranny.
Now, a book just came out two weeks ago by Chelsea Clinton.
Rob Jacobson was at a bookstore and saw it.
Global Health Government.
I mean, the title is Governing Global Health.
But it was written for her mother to be the winner, and she'd be put as the front.
A nice little girl, Webster Hubble's daughter.
Hello, I'm Mr. Red.
A horse is a horse, of course, of course that is, of course, unless a horse is the famous Mr. Red.
Sorry, not insulting what she looks like, but I mean, her dad looks like Mr. Red.
And it's just that everything's a lie with them.
It's Webster Hubble's daughter, we know it.
Oh, Wilbur!
Nobody's talking about Chelsea Clinton's new book, including Chelsea Clinton.
And Oprah Winfrey, like, has this tax-free cult in Africa, where she teaches them, like, magical thinking and, you know, submitting to all this, and then they get sterilized.
I mean, man, she is the black face on Satan's New World Order.
Obama was just the baby.
You know, they admit Oprah got him in.
Oprah boosted him.
Oprah pushed him to the top.
But now they want Oprah Winfrey to wade in a woman and she's black.
I think demographically that people will go for that.
We have to start exposing her now.
It doesn't really matter with her billions of dollars whether... Richest entertainer in history.
It doesn't matter if she knows or she doesn't know.
Is a sword conscious when it runs you through?
Doesn't matter.
But Oprah is a smart lady.
She has a lot of charisma.
She's a good manager.
I, I, I can unequivocally say that she knows what she's doing.
Now, now she may see overpopulation and poverty and stuff and think it's just better to get rid of all these people so it doesn't keep happening.
You set up a system to empower them all because, and some will still die, but you don't sit there and just write people off while you live in a palace, lady.
So Oprah Winfrey, and I've told this for a long time, is wicked.
And she's dangerous.
And she's going to be who challenges Trump in three years.
We'll be back in the thick of a campaign.
They now start campaigns a year and a half before.
In three years, in two and a half years, it's going to start.
And Oprah Winfrey is coming.
So understand that.
And we've got to start hitting her and hitting her hard.
Because nobody else, and I'm not bragging, I don't like saying nobody else has done the research we've done on her and what she's up to, because it's like Americans are so insular.
Americans are so... We have the lowest level of any industrialized nation of being passport holders.
So I love America, it has great roots, great possibility, but we've become exceptionally dumb, exceptionally spoiled.
Yeah, there's DrudgeReport.com right now.
Yes, she can!
And, uh, here's the clip of her on a Bloomberg News show.
Perfect, of course, Bloomberg.
Just as evil.
Oh, I forgot Bloomberg goes to the meetings.
There's like 15 people go.
Bloomberg's there, too.
Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Herb, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett.
She is the only black person there.
And I could tell why.
Imagine getting other black people in there.
You're talking about... I mean, they admitted in the news it's how to reduce the population average.
I love it, man.
Every once in a while I'll be at a restaurant outdoors or something.
It's happened twice outdoors or wherever.
We're at these leftist events and some racist black folks walk by.
It happened in D.C.
Happens every once in a while, just in general.
But in D.C.
it probably happened.
Let's not exaggerate.
It's on video a bunch.
Maybe 30 times.
I wasn't paying attention.
Most times it's like, you white devil!
Screw you!
I'd be like, oh, do you like Obama?
Yeah, I do.
What, you want something?
You want to fight?
I'm like, oh, yeah.
And then they realize I've got, like, Navy SEALs and, you know, Special Forces people with me, active duty, you name it, and they just kind of back off.
But the point is, is that I don't want to kill them!
I actually don't want them to be aborted before they're born.
I don't want anybody, black, white, doesn't matter, I don't want anybody.
I don't like their spoiled, dumbass, racist crap.
It's like I don't like some toothless Klan guy at a Dairy Queen because I got a hot girlfriend, you know, in 1994 with six guys getting out of a pickup threatening to kick my ass all because I'm getting a nice car and got a good-looking woman on my arm.
I don't like gang members and dumbasses in groups acting tough.
And let me just explain something to all the black nationals, everybody else that think the liberals and the socialists and the globalists are your friends.
They're the ones that tell you they love you all day because they want you close so they can make sure you never become anything.
They created gangster rap to ruin your communities.
They shipped the cocaine in so you'd use it and kill yourselves.
I'm the best friend and Donald Trump's the best friend you're ever going to have.
And that's why Trump has got to convince these people it's the right thing to do.
Nothing's stopping Trump because he's on the right side of history, unless he gets on the wrong side of history himself.
That's a key quote.
Trump cannot be stopped because he's on the right side of history and the will of humanity.
The only person that can betray Donald Trump at this point is Donald Trump.
Because if he lets Sessions, who's a great guy, go on some 1950s drug war garbage that's got Mexico already failing,
Yeah, the cops might have nice cigarette boats and fancy Corvettes they seized, but their kids aren't gonna be safe at school because the society's gonna be imploding.
We gotta decriminalize it to take the money out of it.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls, but here's Oprah Winfrey.
And I don't like to judge people.
I don't like to judge people.
But let me say this.
She is in the house of pure, unadulterated, anti-human death.
She is in the highest level meetings that only 15 people go to, and those 15 people run the CFR with 4,000 people, and Davos with 100 or 200 top people and hundreds of guests, or Bilderberg with 150.
She goes into the star chamber meetings.
Lord Rothschild attends.
That's one of the 15.
Look it up.
She gets in on population world government control meetings.
Now what does that tell you about Oprah Winfrey?
I don't want to be her when she's standing before God at the White Throne Judgment.
Here's Oprah.
Have you ever thought that given the popularity you have, we haven't broken the glass ceiling yet for women, that you could actually run for president and actually be elected?
I actually never thought that that was, I never considered the question even a possibility.
I just thought, oh.
Right, because it's clear that you don't need government experience to be elected President of the United States.
That's what I thought!
I thought, oh gee, I don't have the experience, I don't know enough, I don't know.
And now I'm thinking, oh!
Trump doesn't have any experience.
Oh, anybody can be that.
Yeah, building buildings in New York, running over the mafia when you're a teenager, having your own business all over the world, having top-rated shows, producing shows.
He doesn't have any experience.
Really, he just beat all of you.
He just ran over the whole New World Order system, ruined your phone calls.
Let me tell you something.
She's dangerous.
God, she's dangerous.
So he's gonna come climbing out of the pit in two and a half years to try to
Try to stop us.
God Almighty.
Look at that power trip.
Look at that arrogance.
She exudes this fake confidence, this narcissism, and then sprays it onto the audience.
They all feel like they're with her at some little cutesy event.
That big fat pyramid right in front of everybody.
Letting folks know, we're on top, you're on bottom.
Instead of the circle, like the sun, the circle of light.
The circle will become complete with you as well, Oprah.
You're on the wrong side of history.
All right, covering that, analyzing that Bloomberg piece.
Briefly, we're going to end the special we started running last Monday, one of our biggest specials ever, dealing with the fact that they announced via AdRoll that we're not allowed to advertise on Google.
We're dehumanized.
We don't exist.
And so you really came through.
We've brought in about half the money we lost that was budgeted for the next year.
We can project what it's going to bring in.
So that's a big victory.
Thank you so much.
And with a few other specials and things down the road, I hope we can, you know, bring in the rest we need.
I'm signing the lease today for the D.C.
And I'm going to start hiring a few people to help Corsi and then other crew and the rest of it.
So it's not like, you know, it's the end all be all.
But, you know, having an operation there in D.C., it's important.
So we're going to do it.
Because before we didn't have a beachhead there, it was just both parties controlled.
And what's the point now?
We're beginning to win.
We have to get ready to win.
We have to be ready to take action.
And not just sit here and stay where we're at.
It's destiny.
It must be done.
And I've told you every step of the way, we're going to the next level.
We're going to the next level.
We're going to the next level.
And we always do it.
And we're going to elect a president.
We're going to reverse NAFTA and GATT and TPP.
And we're going to cut the taxes.
We're going to turn the coal power plants back on.
And it's all happening and they're howling in anger.
Oh really?
You thought you were the only ones that could fight?
You told us you were the boss and that you were invincible and that you were the only people in the world that counted.
Well, guess what?
That's not the way it works.
I learned that when I was very, very young.
What, some bully thinks they're gonna, because they're 15 and you're 12, because they weigh 60 pounds more than you, they're gonna jump on top of you and beat you up for no reason when you're walking home from the school bus?
You only do it once when you're 11.
Now you're 12, you've been in a few fights.
They take a swing, you jump on top of them, ram their head in the concrete, knock them out, and then the police come.
Neighbor lady sitting there on her porch says, I saw that big, big boy attack that one.
Well, that's just the way it is.
And see, that's how it is.
You think you're going to climb up on top of us?
We're going to kick your ass up and down the street.
Just get ready for it.
And by the way, culturally, politically, we're not 12 anymore.
And the enemy knows that.
We're like a 800-pound wrecking machine.
And the globalists, if the humanity ever fully awakens, are like a 75-pound scarecrow, starving vampire that can hardly get out of its wheelchair.
And that's what's so frustrating.
When we defeat these people and humanity goes to the next level, we're going to look back on this and ask, that's what... You know, in Revelation, I forget the passage.
Can you guys look it up?
I'm going to go to the calls.
I'm going to take calls in the next hour with David out a little bit.
I'll do 20 minutes with him and take calls.
But I'm going to go to calls here in the next segment.
Imagine, somewhere in the Bible, I forget all the passages, but like the devil is locked up for a thousand years for everybody to look at him.
And people come and they say, that's who did this, that's who conquered us, that's who did all these horrible things?
So Google, what passages is it where everybody marvels that the devil's locked up in a cage and they say, this is who did all that?
Satan bound?
And then I saw thrones and then sat on them, the judgment was committed to them.
Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus, the Word of God, who had worshipped the beast or his image, and not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands, and they that lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years, those that didn't take the digital system, those that ran to the hills under the one world government system.
But the rest of the dead did not live until a thousand years was finished.
This is the first resurrection.
Where's the part where the devil's bound?
Satanic Rebellion crushed.
See if you can look in there, I'm going to find that part where they're pointing in the cage saying, this is what did this?
Is this a joke?
Whether you believe that physically is coming or an archetype of it, the point is, buying or selling out of this control system, who thought this up 2,000 years ago?
What was John the Revelator taking on the Isle of Patmos?
Was he looking into the future?
Is Donald Trump from the future?
Continuing here with the news and the information, we're ending that special today.
It says it'll be done in the morning.
We might extend it today, but we really can't because we're running out of X2, we're running out of Brain Force, we're about to sell out of the Donald J. Trump and Ronald Reagan lithographs.
In fact, I may just hold something back and raise the price of the operation.
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So if stuff gets really bad, we've got to grow the email list where we may just be able to communicate with you in the future via email.
I'm told, if you've got an email list, skip this break because we might not even have a show soon, who knows.
I'm told that by the top people, they said, you're crazy.
For only the last four years trying to build an email list.
Man, in the age of email, a show your size would have 10 million emails by now.
Like Newsmax, who are the best out there at that.
And I'm just, well, I just thought we should move it forward, you know, so they don't mess with the list.
Well, I've been told the way to get a hold of people during a crisis, with a thumb drive, I can shoot a video or have an article and send it out to you.
I have to, like, run to wherever.
And quite frankly, it's not that I'm scared to, you know, have them grab me or kill me or whatever.
It's just that I'm not going to play dumb for them.
I'm going to, you know, whatever has to be done.
I mean, I'm planning to run.
I'm not going to right now.
I want to be an example going down with a ship.
I'll say this, I'm not going to die alone in some corner, isolated.
If it's public, then that's another issue.
I don't
With your teeth falling out, incredible pain, going through hell on earth, and I'll never commit suicide, but let me tell you something.
Going through what my grandmother went through that died a few weeks ago at almost 93, and cancer for six years that she didn't want to get operated on because they cut her other breast off, and she went through hell with that.
She was ready to go back and see God and her family and my grandfather, but she was still so Christian that she wouldn't even let them put her on opium or stuff and put her in hospice.
She sat there and went through it.
I mean, she went through cancer all over her body by the time she died.
And she went through all of it.
Way tougher than I am.
Fear, getting killed by the New World Order, lining me up and shooting me?
That's a hero's death!
That's a Viking's death!
Give me that!
Over losing my mind and being gone.
And not being able to help people around me and other people having to take care of me.
It's amazing.
I said I'd take your phone calls.
The point is, knock out 50% off.
Infowars.com forward slash newsletter.
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All right, folks.
Again, as I said, I'm going to go to your phone calls.
I've got some other clips I want to play that I didn't get to.
I know David Knight's got a lot to talk about.
And I do, before I leave, want to play the end of his speech, where he brings in Providence and God again, and how they could demonize that beautiful moment where he's honoring the widow of the lost Navy SEAL on the Yemen raid, and call her stupid and call her scum.
It's just horrible.
I mean, it's Michael Moore supporting the Arab Spring.
Obama and Michael Moore supported what caused all this.
Then they have the nerve to call Trump an opportunist for honoring this woman.
It's unbelievable.
The proof is in the pudding.
Trump's trying to get jobs, the average person.
He's trying to cut taxes for poor and working people.
He's trying to get loans at 0% interest or close from the Federal Reserve of the people.
And that's why the elite hate him.
He's doing what it takes to empower humanity and build a world based on humans, for humans.
All right, Janae, Salvador, Tim, Don, Jordan, we're going to your calls right now.
Holding the longest is Salvador.
It's a cool name.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling from California.
Thank you, Alex.
Well, I mean, I really hope the President doesn't go after, you know, this drug war.
I'm from Mexico.
I'm actually from Mexicali, Calexico area, where, you know, a lot of the drug trafficking happens, mainly tunnels.
This is pointless, you know?
Yeah, the drug war is a nightmare failure, except for wrecking cultures, and we should start decriminalizing now, because we're the next Mexico.
At the same time, I hope it will work in other outlets.
Reach out to the Latino community.
Hopefully a segment in Spanish, you know, because a lot of people are uninformed out there, you know?
Well, they're like everybody else.
They've been brainwashed.
But, I mean, does Mexico let everybody in from Latin America?
No, they don't.
You can't.
Mexico is rich compared to most third world countries.
It's on the rich end.
So everybody better remember that, you know.
We can't merge with something that is imploded.
We have to build ourselves up and then build up the next country.
And I want to do that.
Mexico is awesome.
I love Mexico.
I love the culture, the food, everything.
I just, it's got that nasty drug culture that's artificial we've got to get rid of.
Yes, absolutely.
You see, but I mean, hopefully reaching out.
I mean, most of the population is brainwashed by Televisa and all the Sopras.
Jorge Ramos.
I mean, we need the next Latino conservative guy to go out there.
I agree.
I've been invited to a prestigious press award in Mexico City.
I don't know, for security reasons, if I could go.
It's one of the most dangerous cities in the world.
But there are a ton of people in Mexico that get what's happening.
We need a Mexican Donald Trump.
Or an Isil Farage.
I mean, don't we?
Yeah, absolutely, absolutely, because I mean, I mean it's just, and I mean corruption is embedded, it's posted in every aspect of people's lives down there.
It's been the way for, for years.
Exactly, and that's what the Democrats more than anybody want, is a culture of corruption where the poor never become wealthy.
It's done by design.
Trump is bucking the peon system.
He's bucking serfdom, neo-feudalistic fascism.
Salvador, stay there.
I'm gonna come back to you in a moment.
I want you to have more time, because this is key.
This is key.
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Man, I gotta say, the folks at Bill Tartt New Studio are building another one as well.
Oh yeah, 95% of what comes in here, folks, goes right back into the fight.
I nested a couple things just so we can fight down the road, but my passion is not a mansion or jet airplanes or whatever.
The few other talk show hosts that have the reach we do are like Oprah Winfrey with her palaces everywhere.
Not that money's bad.
My thrill is, if you're watching on TV, look at David Knight in that studio.
I mean, that is first rate.
The crew, the presentation, this studio.
We're building another studio.
I'm going to sign the lease today.
I had to wait.
We lost $3.3 million last week.
That's what it brought in last year.
That's budgeted for this year.
When Google had us banned off AdRoll, that's devastating.
That was, it just so happened to be just about the, we had $3.4 million last year to budget into this year.
That sounds like a lot, running a media operation.
That's nothing, folks.
And, you know, they took it away.
So I got on there and freaked out.
Half that that we lost has come in.
Thank you, listeners.
Thank you, viewers.
Thank you.
Now they're hitting us with some other stuff too, but the point is I've got confidence that if we have to come to you, you'll support us.
So I want to go back to Salvador and California.
We'll go to the break, come back and talk to Janine and Tim and Don and Jordan.
But in one minute, because I want Salvador to be able to finish up, David Knight, tell us what you've got coming up today.
Alex, we're going to talk about the EU.
You know, you were just talking to Ted Malik earlier, and we've got the EU president saying, stop bashing the EU.
He's talking to other presidents and leaders of European countries.
He said, we can't control this.
We're seeing the same thing from Uber's CEO.
He just had a confrontation with a driver who said, you're killing me.
I'm going bankrupt.
You've cut our prices by 90% in terms of what we're paying.
And the guy says, hey, it's not my fault.
You're a loser.
Same thing we're hearing from the EU.
That's right.
They seize economies, don't build them for humans, say robots are coming in, and then when you want a job, you're a loser.
No, son of a bitch!
You claim you own us, we're animals in a zoo, then build a habitat that's nice if you're such a god.
No, you say you want us to die.
Well, let me explain how that works.
You're not going to run to Kauai or Tasmania.
You want us to die?
You're going to get killed in the process, dumbass!
Go ahead.
Absolutely, Alex.
And you know, we talked about TPP and it was something that Donald Trump mentioned last night in his speech, something that he didn't get as much recognition for that I think he needs to.
That was a key thing.
And of course, moving forward, the EU is a key issue as well.
But I also want to talk about this border tax adjustment that I mentioned to you briefly yesterday.
The kind of thing that Donald Trump talked about in the speech last night.
He didn't get involved in a lot of details.
But it's something that's going to be coming up in the next couple weeks.
We need to get behind Ted Malik.
We need to get behind things like this border adjustment tax.
We are actually defeating them.
We're winning.
And all the idiots that say I've sold out.
Yeah, I sold out to beating TPP and beating open borders and defeating Obamacare and defeating the globalists and teaching five-year-olds how to have sex with trannies.
Damn right I sold out to Jesus Christ a long time ago.
Let's go back to Salvador.
Go ahead and make your point.
I mean, just to make a quick point, I came to this country when I was around 10 or 12.
You know, I always thought that, you know, we went through a naturalization process, the legal process.
That was a long process, by the way.
And by the way, my dad... And I agree.
For good people that work hard or have skills, it should be made easier.
They make it hard to push you under the water so they can have a permanent underclass they feed on.
Go ahead.
Yeah, absolutely.
But one key thing that my dad said is, you're going to assimilate to the American style.
It's a funny thing, right?
I mean, you're going to actually assimilate, you're actually going to learn English, and you're actually going to, I mean, not do the same things that we do in Mexico.
It's just, it's key.
Well, if I moved to Mexico, I'd go native.
I'd do what they did.
I mean, that's the whole point, exactly.
Why did people used to want to come to America?
To get away from the class society.
To get away from centralization.
To get away from, if you weren't in the right group, you can't set up a business.
That's why America was so great.
But under globalism, notice it goes back to feudalism, doesn't it, Salvador?
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, look at the way, look at all the potential that Mexicans have.
The oil they make and all that.
They cannot tap into that because there's... The art, the culture, and I'm not just saying that and patronizing.
I like Mexican food.
I like Mexican movies, Mexican art.
That's what's in my house.
I love Mexican culture that's produced by the Mexican thinkers.
I don't like the Mexican slaves.
We'll be right back.
Just when you thought the progressive left couldn't sink any lower.
Last night's Trump speech to Congress gave liberals yet another opportunity to showcase their ignorance and lack of respect for the country.
Right after President Trump finished his historic address to Congress, the usual suspects, like Michael Moore, appeared on television to bash Donald Trump.
This time for honoring, wait for it, veterans.
I'm gonna get an Emmy for this.
Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.
I mean, this is the sickness of this man.
Meanwhile, other liberals, like Hillary Clinton volunteer Dan Grillo, posted vulgar remarks on Twitter, calling the widow honored during Trump's speech an idiot, proving once again that liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
I'm Darren McBrain, and you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
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Another world.
Another world.
Another time.
Another time.
In the age of wonder,
Can you feel it?
The return of wonder.
Secrets hidden in the human genetics.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Stephen Bannon wants to burn down the New World Order.
That's burn the face sucker off of our culture.
Not burn down America, not burn down Europe, not burn down Mexico, not burn down China.
But kick authoritarians like the Communist Chinese out.
Remove them!
That starts with Trump saying, you know what?
Taiwan's where the nationalists and the real government ran.
We're going to follow our defense pact with Taiwan.
I want to get to David Nikes.
He's got a bunch of clips from the speech last night that was so good
I don't want to sound like I'm fawning.
You know, my gut told me Trump was good.
I was supporting him long before we got contacted by Roger Stone about having him on.
And I don't want to say I'm guilty, because I look for reasons to get mad at Trump, and there's just so few and far between, and he's so polar opposite of Hillary and the globalists, that I'm going to take four or five phone calls.
I'm going to let David take over, but briefly, I'm going to David right now, and then I'm going to come back to you in about five minutes here, but I'm going to take these calls.
I know that you, for the first year of my support, still didn't like Trump.
You didn't know it was a big field of people still, down to like 8 or so, from like, you know, 16.
Because, you know, this campaign started a year and a half before the election.
And again, I don't tell you what to think, I don't tell you what to do.
I encourage everybody, you know, whoever they were, you know, I told people, I said, if you want to, you know, find something about Trump you don't like, go ahead.
I was like, really, you're finding something really bad there?
Because the New World Order is genuinely mad.
This isn't fake.
And, you know, the word I've got is, you know, that he's a sleeper cell for the Liberty Movement.
Now, though, it's so good, it's so bonafide, it's already having such devastating effects to globalists everywhere.
That it's like we're already halfway through the antibiotics and the sore throat's gone.
We know that this antibiotic, Donald Trump, works on the New World Order.
We got half a bottle to go.
Doesn't mean the antibiotic's perfect, but it's working.
It's real.
Now, I'm almost like in awe that our beachhead is already expanding.
Poland's pulling out.
Le Pen's winning.
Gert Wilders is winning.
They're in full retreat.
Then I think, are they going to start a war?
Set a nuke off?
Because these people never give up.
And that's why I'm not somebody looking for authoritarianism.
They're the ones pushing authoritarianism and killing Trump and bullying us and ending free press and shutting off our advertising.
I don't look for fights, but we're already under physical and corporate attack.
This is sedition being organized by foreign powers.
First off, your transformation into Trump supporter, now where are you, David?
And then expanding from there, I just feel like we shouldn't be bullied into not having
Let's say political force movements, at least on the leaders of these people, that have openly been in sedition, criminal fomenting, criminal architecture, clear criminal operations that are in the WikiLeaks.
Justice says, even though nobody else will say this because we know they're a cornered rat, I'll say it, that Hillary needs to be indicted.
George Soros, I mean, they hate me.
They have their own publications.
Let's just say, I'm not bragging, but they attack me as much as Trump and the actual enemy publications like Media Matters.
They're trying to formulate all sorts of stuff to bring us down that I'll talk about soon.
I mean, if they want to fight, they better believe they've got one.
And so, what is the movement towards that?
Then I'm going to the calls, and we'll skip this break so you have more time.
But callers, I promise.
Janine and Tim and Don and Jordan and Hayden, I'm coming to you, and then that's it.
But, I mean, David, just a quick two-minute response.
Well, you know, Alex, like you said, I was reluctant to do it because I'm very cynical about politicians.
And even though Donald Trump was saying some things that I agreed with, he also said some things I disagreed with.
And I didn't really trust him on the issues of fighting globalism, talking about the border, talking about trade and other issues like that.
At one point, I realized, hey, he was running ads 20, 30 years ago at his own expense in the New York Times when he wasn't running for office.
So this guy is genuine on this stuff.
And he is genuine.
I've seen it now.
And we've seen him pull back TPP.
I never thought we would get this place.
He killed it.
Yeah, he killed it.
He didn't take control of it, executively, which the globalists had done.
He didn't take that undue power.
He destroyed that power and turned it back to the states.
That's right.
He didn't just try to adjust it around the edges or become the king himself.
He killed that.
He did what George Washington did when they said we want a third term to be king.
He went back to his farm.
That's what I'm saying.
It's legend.
That's right.
Here's the issue.
What we have to do, and people who disagree with him on some liberty issues, I disagree with the fact that he thinks he can still win the war on drugs.
I don't think it can be won.
But yeah.
But we have to understand that, as I've said over and over again, we have to see that the fight for liberty is going to be won at the local level.
If we really want it, we're going to have to do it ourselves.
And he's trying to devolve power back to the people.
That's right.
Let's be clear.
They admit in their public statements the EPA is meant to shut our industry down so the globalists can put it in countries with no controls.
It's meant as internal tariffs on us to make sure we're de-industrialized.
That's the admitted plan.
And the globalists were so arrogant, they admitted the plan.
The plan's out, the people got it, their arrogance is their undoing, and when their own top people
You know, like Malik come out now in the last decade and blow them wide open and comes on my show.
He headed up Davos and he headed up Aspen.
That is a huge victory!
You know, the mission of the EPA is not clean air, clean water.
The mission of the EPA is now climate change.
And it has to be opposed because climate change is the problem.
Global government is the solution.
And remember, just a few years ago it was warming.
We proved that a fraud.
Now they say we disagree with change.
No, we know change always happens.
That's right.
So we have to understand, that is just as key as one of the other three legs of this globalism moving forward.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership was a key thing to stop.
But also, climate change is very key to stop that.
And the EPA, as I pointed out, climate change is what they have become about, and they're using illegal, unconstitutional methods to do this, and that's what former Attorney General Pruitt is going to shut down, is that overreach from the bureaucracy.
That's right.
Hey Alex, man.
Thanks for taking my call.
Hey man, you know, my wife and I just love to watch Donald Trump and I think he's a really good speaker.
But my wife went to bed last night and I turned on listening to Trump.
I had to turn it off because I couldn't stand that little rat, Paul Ryan, back in the back.
Oh, let's show Trump's speech.
The body language, the fakeness.
If I had somebody as a dinner guest over and they acted like that, I'd say never invite that person back again.
But not just his looks or my instinct, his action.
Good rhetoric.
But always working for the globalists, getting money from Soros.
Please elaborate.
What was that like?
Well, he's the biggest obstructionist that Trump has.
And he just looked to me like he was a monkey hanging by a string.
And every time he wanted to bring attention to himself, he would stand up and clap.
And I just had to turn it off.
I couldn't watch it