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Name: 20170228_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 28, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including nationwide protests during Trump's second weekend in office, Subway's chicken being only 50% real chicken leading to health risks, promoting self- sufficiency and energy sources like Sol-Ark EMP Harden Generator and KD Armor, censorship and entitlement, PewDiePie's YouTube channel, InfoWars made up information about President Trump’s speech to Congress, recent controversy surrounding calls between Trump's team and the Russians being made public, nationalism, economy, media portrayal of Trump, DNA tests revealing Subway's oven- roasted chicken is only half real chicken, health, body positivity, fast food consumption, and its impact on physical and mental well-being. He promotes various products throughout his broadcasts, including Super Male Vitality, Caveman by Infowars, DefenderShield, Harvest Right home freeze dryer, and Infowars Store for health products like nascent iodine.

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We are transferring power from Washington D.C.
and giving it back to you, the people.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
This is the heart of 1776.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about going up to the White House.
Huge nationwide protests erupted once again on President Donald Trump's second weekend in office.
We are going to vote!
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
And most importantly, we will be protected by God.
From the front lines of the Infowar, it's Alex Jones.
The social engineers are in overdrive trying to start a civil war.
Even the French news agency and the Associated Press admit that the United States but also France and many other nations of the world are in a civil war against globalism.
We've really come a long way, haven't we?
From them denying there was a private corporate global government, to now having to admit it right out in the open.
Wild horses couldn't drag me away from the broadcast today.
I like to swim in cold water.
We were out hiking Sunday, myself and some friends and one of my daughters.
And there's been a lot of rains lately, and Barton Creek was really flowing pretty fast and full.
And I got in the water and swam around for a while, and then, boom, started having a big earache, sore throat yesterday.
And it's just one of my little susceptible things that obviously shouldn't be swimming in the creek even it looks totally clean in the middle of a city because there's a lot of runoff and a lot of bacteria.
But I have guzzled, starting last night, the colloidal silver.
I think I'm already turning the corner, but the reason I raised that is if I sound a little bit deeper voice today or talk a little bit slower or have to go to videos here and there, it's because everybody's experienced, I think, eustachian tube being closed and an earache and a sore throat.
There's a little bacteria munch on your throat.
Again, I'm just throwing that out there because...
I almost stayed home, but there's just too much news.
Plus, I'm going to come back tonight with a lot of the crew, and we're going to do an hour of coverage before the Trump address to joint Congress.
And then we're also going to have about an hour of analysis and phone calls from you after that.
There'll be a big page posted to the front page of InfoWars.com with our feed, a YouTube feed, a Facebook feed, and then audio feeds as well.
And of course our affiliates are welcome to pick up the feed and it will be family friendly.
I have gotten so wild fighting the globalists and so teleprompter free that occasionally we always delay it out.
I've said some things I shouldn't have and I'm really making a conscious effort not to do that anymore and I apologize everybody.
It's just that things have gotten so wild it's really hard to hold back sometimes.
I think a lot of you can also probably register with that.
There was a story in Spin Magazine
That basically said Alex Jones is a bootlicking scumbag who worships the government now because he supports Trump so much.
No, I'm not part of the establishment because we have a president in office being attacked from all sides, big corporations, foreign countries, you name it.
He is anti-establishment, that's why the entire establishment, Hollywood, MSM, everything is against him.
The big banks, you name it.
Yeah, there was the headline, they found it quickly.
The job crew, they find stuff so fast, faster than I could.
Donald Trump has turned conspiracy king Alex Jones into a government bootlicker.
No, I want a constitutional republic back, so I don't have to be enemies with the government, that's what I'm talking about, and prosperity.
But that's the type of disinformation
And garbage that they spew.
When we come back, we're going to cover it all in a whole bunch of clips, and we've got a bunch of guests on today as well.
I'll be telling you about on the other side of this break.
And again, we have Trump addressing Congress tonight at 8 o'clock central.
We're going to kick off coverage at 7 o'clock central.
Infowars.com, Ford's launch show.
If you think that chicken sandwich you ordered at Subway did not fully taste like fowl, you may have been right.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
A DNA test shows Subway's oven-roasted chicken is only 50% chicken.
Well, this is out of CBS LA.
According to a Canadian study, a DNA test showed only half of Subway's oven-roasted patty is made with real chicken.
Subway was among five fast food restaurants whose chicken the Canadian Broadcast Corporation had tested.
The Subway sandwich chain has refuted the results of the DNA test in a release statement.
In case you're wondering what the heck was in the rest of those patties and chicken strips, it's soy.
Multiple studies have shown eating soy products can cause males to develop gynecomastia.
That's right guys, male breasts.
And summer's coming.
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I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
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You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, President 45 is set to make his biggest speech yet.
In joint address to Congress, we'll have live coverage at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
We'll have the different video players there.
You can email to your friends and neighbors and family and help spread the transmission viral as we have an hour of news and live analysis before the kickoff.
Wow, there is obviously just a cornucopia of vitally important news to get to and to cover here today.
Trump to tell poorest communities help is on the way.
Hasbro to make Play-Doh American again.
They've announced that, via the push of Trump, they're moving back to having the Play-Doh produced here in the United States.
Consumer confidence soars to 15-year high, according to Business Insider, in the federal numbers that were just released from the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index.
In fact, small business startups and other numbers are the highest since the Reagan recovery of 1984.
Meanwhile, every major globalist institution
Is pushing with everything they've got to plunge the stock market and to kill this recovery.
And you see all these poor people that are buying into mainstream media and buying into Stephen Colbert and all the rest of the disinformation agents out there really think it's trendy and cool to attack Trump and hope he fails.
And that's why they're poor.
That's why they're disenfranchised.
That's why they're stupid.
They're getting their news from big corporate comedians who have a whole team of writers filling teleprompters with disinformation and holding up signs to tell the audience to clap.
When they say, how dare Trump criticize the media?
I mean, you talk about stage, you talk about fake, you talk about disingenuous, it's a joke.
As Trump, according to every basic benchmark of economics, tries to create a level playing field for the average person and tries to flood small businesses with very, very low interest rate loans and just so much more.
Trying to cut the price of energy.
Everything Trump's doing is tangible and real.
So, of course, I have a clip coming up later.
In fact, we should just play it now.
Where Nancy Pelosi says he has no jobs, Bill.
In another doddering press conference, like the one she had two weeks ago when she keeps talking about George W. Bush and how he's a horrible president and how, you know, he's trying to deport all the illegals.
No, no, that was eight years ago, sweetheart.
And then Waters again comes up and says Putin has invaded Korea.
Well, she's back.
So let's just go to that clip first because it illustrates what we're dealing with.
Let's go to Nancy Pelosi.
Says Trump has no jobs bill.
Here it is.
Are there any issues where you feel you can still work with the president?
Back in November you talked about infrastructure.
I don't know.
What you're seeing is total projection.
Obama didn't create 4 million jobs in his first few months in office.
Trump is going forward with a giant infrastructure piece of legislation.
He's already signed an executive order to kill the forced provision of Obamacare and the $5,000 fines.
He's already said we're going to turn our coal power plants back on that creates massive amounts of jobs and cuts prices in electricity and makes us more competitive.
He's already gotten Ford
And Chrysler and Toyota and everybody else to announce they're going to move factories to the United States that were overseas.
He's already gotten Carrier and Play-Doh that I just mentioned a few minutes ago.
I mean, there are so many companies and so many jobs coming back.
It's being announced every day.
Japan announced a hundred billion dollars of investment for this year.
Inside the United States, in high-tech development jobs, and the list goes on and on and on, we've seen a $2,200,000,000,000 increase in the biggest run of the stock market again since 1984.
Dow is gaining 15 points.
As I said, this is now the 12th record in a row.
The last time we saw that, 30 years ago, January 20th of 1987.
That is also a record for the S&P 500.
The Trump boost continues.
And of course, the Atlanta Fed predicted that the GDP for Q1 will come in at 2.5%.
So David and Melissa, some decent news here.
Decent news, we've got a new record.
Alright, a dozen days of records.
The Dow ending the day at a brand new high for the 12th day in a row.
The most consecutive records in 30 years.
Just one more and we make history.
New record close to the S&P 500 as well.
All of the major averages ending higher.
Okay, now here's the key to all of this and I'm about to cover right now.
Why they're so desperate.
Crony capitalists admit they want a managed controlled economy where they pick the winners and losers.
Everybody knows that.
Ron Paul talked about it 30 years ago.
I talked about it 20 years ago.
The general public didn't even understand those type of terms.
Now it's ubiquitous.
Pretty much everybody understands that the big global corporate combines are tax-exempt.
They control the governments.
They pick winners and losers.
But from Iceland to Spain, from Greece to Italy, from Brazil to the United States to Australia and many other places.
I mentioned Iceland.
One of the first to do it.
They're saying, why are there one-sided deals to transfer our jobs and sell off our steel mills and sell off our industry?
And we're supposed to have service jobs and then even that gets sold off.
We don't want this.
And so, there's an article in the AFP today, French election turns ugly as political attacks mount.
And they admit that there is a civil war against globalism happening.
There's another article today about two visions for America in tonight's Trump speech to Congress.
Americanism versus globalism.
So they don't even deny now this is what's happening.
But you go out to the local leftist rallies and they're screaming and yelling that Trump hates gay people.
They're screaming and yelling, you know, that he wants to basically kill Mexicans or something.
They're screaming and yelling all these things that aren't true.
There are total distractions, and it's the big corporate media, from Colbert and the fake newscasts that he does, admittedly fake newscasts, where he calls us fake, to CNN, MSNBC, to the New York Times, they're all working against the American people, but still the American people are aware of it, so it's blowing up in their face.
So here's the key.
Consumer confidence soars to 15-year high.
We've got the best small business numbers since 1984, same thing with the stock market.
Now look at this.
GDP for Q4 holds at 1.9 despite consumer spending jump.
Because the deindustrialization was so bad, we were supposed to be going into a depression this year.
That's why this is neck and neck, folks.
You better hope Trump succeeds, because he'll be fine.
The rest of us are not going to do so well if this thing goes belly up.
I've got numbers on that with top economists saying if this goes belly up and if Trump fails, like Ron Paul said here a month ago, it is going to be a gigantic depression in many areas.
Here's the key.
This is the key from Bloomberg News.
Telling the truth.
We're good.
Despite them trying to block Trump, Goldman Sachs has made, what is it, 36%?
What's 33% more just since he got in office 40-something days ago?
They've made hundreds of billions of dollars and they're trying to block it because, see, they don't want you to have anything.
So much wealth's getting produced and she says he has no jobs bill.
What do you think a trillion, that's the bill, in the next decade of infrastructure spending does?
That's jobs.
What do you think a 50 plus billion dollar increase in defense spending, which isn't really that big quite frankly, compared to what some increases have been, but it's in targeted areas, that's a jobs bill.
What do you think any of this is?
Jobs, jobs, jobs.
As he said,
Help is on the way, but she responds hoping that people watching ABC News are idiots when it comes to the basic economics.
Here's the key.
Bloomberg has to admit this.
Mom-and-pop investors are behind this historic market rally.
It's the small stocks, the medium stocks are driving the big stocks, and it's the overall spending and outlaying and people purchasing cars and boats and houses, but also hiring more people, believing in America, and putting everything down on the line, like I'm doing.
Despite the fact we're under censorship attack, Google banning us via ad roll from advertising on the internet, basically, all sorts of other behind-the-scenes attacks that I won't go into.
I'm going, I've decided to not just hire 15, 20 more people this year, I'm going to try to hire like 30 or 40 to be, I joked and said 100 the other day, we can't do that, we're only like 65 people in Infowars, but I want to go next level, I really want to put everything in now because history's happening.
It's an amazing time.
But this is, this is your rally.
This is mom and pops who are black, who are white, who are Hispanic, who are just human beings, who are working together and believing.
And the globalists cannot stand it.
They want to replace everybody with robots.
They want to bring in minimum wages so high that you can't compete in America and you've got to go to China or Mexico.
That's why the big globalists are always pushing a minimum wage hike of $15, $18.
Because here it is.
Wendy's replacing 1,000 of its employees with robots as we speak.
Because the minimum wage is already going up in many areas.
Some states passing laws.
So, again, this all sounds good to understand economics.
It's like taxes they have of making, you know, a six-pack of Coca-Cola ten bucks, and then sales plunge by almost half, because people aren't going to pay for that.
This is how economics works.
We'll be back with huge news.
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Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese-style net censorship is coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's being announced.
The way you keep the internet open and free is you get involved more than ever.
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash app.
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Take action!
Coming up in the next segment, we're going to break down incredible instances of censorship taking place.
We almost had our YouTube channel that's got a billion, 200 million views, just one of our YouTube channels down.
And I knew when I saw the video this weekend that we'd be facing this.
It's several large women at the LGBTQ rally coming up to Millie Weaver as being totally nice to them.
And saying we're going to basically beat you up if you don't delete footage of us, but they're at a public event.
There's no perception of privacy when you're at a rally by the Capitol.
And they were so threatening, she deleted that, but actually shot footage of them coming over and getting in her face, and it's the entitlement.
Sure enough, they filed complaints with YouTube and tried, or someone acting for them did, and then YouTube said, no, this is a violator of policies, we're not going to do it.
But I'm going to show you this.
Just the entitlement is like unbelievable.
It's like the new royalty or something.
And again, I don't care if these women like women or whatever.
I'm not getting into that.
It's that we're going out to show
What spoiled rotten babies these people are, and they never cease to deliver and amaze.
And some of the folks, I mean, it's quite frankly like out of a horror movie.
I don't mean that mean, but you know, six, four guys with Day of the Dead white paint on their face with big red wigs, man, that's scary.
Devil's reject stuff.
And they're trying to be shocking.
It's like a bunch of people that were, you know, failed arts, you know, theater class people or something.
You know, they want to just be in theater and act funny and act weird.
That's fine.
But don't try to teach our five-year-olds, you know, how to behave.
And don't try to come in showers with girls.
That's all Trump or I or anybody's saying.
This is a very nice report we put out.
And of course, the entitlement is, we want to take you down.
We're so entitled.
We're going to go to a public event.
We're going to threaten people.
And then we're going to say, you can't show that.
So that's, and it ties into PewDiePie, who has, I was saying 46 million subscribers.
I'm sorry.
It's 50 plus million subscribers.
Billions and billions of views a year.
The biggest thing on YouTube, the guy was raking in, I think it was $10 million in 2013.
Who knows what it is now?
And this guy's got more viewers every day than CNN and MSNBC combined, conservatively.
53 million subscribers.
He plays some of our clips on there.
He's welcome to.
We want the publicity.
We want to reach out to young people.
You know, one of my daughters at school, he's the big, big rock star.
They all watch him.
They're not supposed to, there's a little bit of raciness there, but the point is, they were trying to ban him as a racist.
And Paul Watson did a report.
But that just shows where all this is going.
By all yardsticks, I'd call the guy kind of a libertarian liberal.
He's not a conservative, but they want him banned because he made Hitler jokes.
Well, so did Charlie Chaplin.
You know, I did a Hitler dog video with my dog Captain because he has a Hitler mustache.
He doesn't have any hair on his lip, it's black.
He has white fur.
And they tried to take that video down a few years ago saying it's Nazi.
Let the Nazis have their stuff as long as they're not calling for violence.
If you don't do that, you'll lose all free speech.
In fact, we're just going to start covering this now and I'm going to come back and get into all that.
Then I'm going to get into Russia and the rest of it.
You know, Devin Nunes.
The chair of the House Intelligence Committee has come out and told reporters yesterday that there's no ties to Russia that have been found.
They look, there's not even phone calls.
Until he's president-elect.
And then he starts making calls they announced.
The Russians recorded the calls and put out transcripts.
That's what a president does with his transition team.
But they made this huge much ado about nothing.
We're going to cover that as well coming up.
And it's just like Trump told us months ago and told us last week in a press conference.
This whole Russia thing is a ruse, and now Rand Paul to his credit.
I'm glad to see these guys are working together again.
That's really good.
I like Rand Paul a lot.
Investigating Trump's Russia ties driven by hysteria.
House Intelligence Chair denies evidence of Trump team's ties to Russia.
Why'd Flynn resign?
Because he can make ten times the money easily.
You know, work in places like Jones Group.
I know for a fact he turned down a super lucrative job at the Jones Group.
An international security and consulting that was 10 times what he'd be paid as National Security Advisor.
He's just like, you know what?
Just call me a Russian agent, former head of Defense Intelligence.
I'm done, okay?
I'm done.
Just enjoy yourselves, America.
Thanks a lot for, you know, going out and stopping Al Qaeda and ISIS, you know?
So there you go.
So good for General Flynn, you know what I mean?
It's almost like the American people don't deserve patriots like that, that actually work their butts off and care about the country.
But, c'est la vie.
There's another big report here, where deep state war, Russia officials keep dying unexpectedly.
These are all allies of Putin, and it's definitely a western war, trying to push Putin into some type of provocative action, and it's big.
We're going to look at that.
Maybe Daria, who speaks Russian, can read these words well.
These names can go over this with me, so I don't...
Vitaly Churkin, Peter Polishkov, am I getting these right?
We'll talk about that coming up too.
I'm Alex Jones, this is the InfoWar, and I'm going to tell you about the guests we've got as well today.
A bunch of guests, stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
If you think that chicken sandwich you ordered at Subway did not fully taste like fowl, you may have been right.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
A DNA test shows Subway's oven-roasted chicken is only 50% chicken.
Well, this is out of CBS LA.
According to a Canadian study, a DNA test showed only half of Subway's oven-roasted patty is made with real chicken.
Subway was among five fast food restaurants whose chicken the Canadian Broadcast Corporation had tested.
The Subway sandwich chain has refuted the results of the DNA test in a release statement.
In case you're wondering what the heck was in the rest of those patties and chicken strips, it's soy.
Multiple studies have shown eating soy products can cause males to develop gynecomastia.
That's right, guys.
Male breasts.
And summer's coming.
Fight the information war and buy Super Male Vitality at InfoWarsStore.com.
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If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
Download our free multimedia app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
It's free, it's on Droid, it's on Apple, you name it.
InfoWars.com forward slash app.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
We've got our 1776 worldwide background.
The globe and the American flag orbiting each other.
You're a TV viewer, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Tonight, 7 o'clock central, we'll have a live InfoWars Nightly News.
We'll cover Trump's historic first speech to Congress, and then we will go right into analysis after that and open up the phone systems and take some of your phone calls.
We'll also take some phone calls today.
Let me tell you about some of the guests that are coming up.
We're going to have Millie Weaver in studio with us, with Gavin, who is the camera guy out there with her, when this weekend they simply went to the LGBTQ Queer Fest, as it's called.
We couldn't even call it that on YouTube because they'd ban us for sure.
See, because only
The city of Austin and these groups can call themselves the Queer Fest, and we're not supposed to call them by their actual name, or we're hateful.
See how these special games work?
Because they're the bosses, they're in control.
They're a bunch of spoiled brats, whether they were heterosexual or whatever they were, just acting like a bunch of control freaks.
And then complaining to YouTube, trying to take down the video, saying we were at their event,
In their privacy when they were in public in front of the Capitol, across the street from the Capitol and the governor's mansion.
So Millie Weaver is going to be in the studio to talk about that.
Dr. Jerome Corsi has huge breaking news dealing with his Part 2 report that's on Infowars.com, how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were looted for hundreds of billions of dollars illegally.
This has come out in federal court by Obama to prop up
This is huge!
And this comes, again, from our sources directly inside the White House that directed us at the public court cases and information.
And then Gerald Cilenti will be joining me in the third hour, and then Owen Schroer is in the fourth hour today.
Before I go any further, there was another controversy that ended up being in the Washington Post.
And I'm not joking.
It had to be over 100 other publications.
Because I get Google alerts on my phone and I can just see them and it'll say the number and it was over 100.
This is how things work.
Because when we make a retraction, we make a retraction.
We're proud to make a retraction because we're always making mistakes like anybody does by accident though.
Not on purpose like the mainstream media lying to you and saying Obamacare is free.
So of course he sends me his Obamacare story part one yesterday about Obama looting
The federal housing money and the private investors that are inside there.
And then there's low-cost home programs to prop up Obamacare.
So I go in there and I say, the headline is exclusive, and then his article.
Then I say, oh, and here's talking points that were sent out to conservative libertarians.
I'm told, by course, this is not broken yet, this just got sent out.
And so, you know, put this out and say breaking.
And then it did say breaking in the headline.
Lower down and said this exclusive list and then I said at the bottom this is not a leak so folks didn't think I was leaking something.
That turns into Jones has been deceptive.
He said he got something exclusively from the White House and he didn't.
The point is we're the first to put out the talking point list of the speech tonight, yesterday, and the Washington Post freaked out and ran with it pretty much
Creating the illusion that that was actually true.
They're the ones that kind of did it, saying, we didn't believe the White House exclusively gave Jones and Infowars these talking points, but sure enough, Spicer gave a press conference and that's exactly what they said and did.
So they freaked out and said, okay, it's true.
And then that's when everyone went nuts and said, Alex has made this up.
No, we didn't make it up.
There was just one little part on the note at the end that wasn't exactly right.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not fawning around in Washington like I'm in junior high or high school trying to be cool and trying to go to the stupid correspondence dinner.
I'm not trying to be in Hollywood.
I mean, I've been in some big Hollywood films.
I've hosted Discovery Channel and History Channel shows.
I've been offered national TV shows.
I don't want you.
I don't need you.
I've been offered Fox News shows.
On record.
So just get this straight, media.
I'm not running around fawning at the White House, and you guys just constantly try to act like, you know, we're deceiving people as you pick through everything.
You're a joke.
But here it is.
For a preview of Trump's address to Congress, read InfoWars.
And it goes on to say, Infowars, a website that traffics in conspiracy theories, questioning known liars like Jeff Bezos, who got $600 million last year to fence it through, reportedly into the Washington Post and other media companies, to put out CIA propaganda, and to co-locate thousands of giant servers at his home base.
I mean, you can't make that up.
Infowars, a website that traffics in conspiracy theories, claimed Monday, once clicked through on our article, to have gotten his hands on an online outline of President Trump's upcoming address to Congress.
You're forgiven for being skeptical.
After all, this is the site that reported the news that Hillary Clinton is a child murderer.
She is not.
It appears, however, that someone in the White House really did provide a preview of Trump's speech in Fort Worth.
After the website posted a list of the President's talking points, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer read many of the same points, almost verbatim, in some cases during his daily media briefing.
Let's stop right there.
Then it turns into The Hill and everybody else.
InfoWars claims exclusive preview of mass-emailed Trump address.
Wasn't mass-emailed.
I was told by 20 people that we were getting it first because the guy that was sending it out was giving it to us first.
Fine, I'll just go all the way and tell you the whole thing if you like.
We were given the first on it.
I'm not going to tell you who did that either.
The media would really freak out.
But, I mean, it just never ends.
It just never ends.
People are nice.
People are friends with Corsi.
They say, hey, this is going out in an hour.
You want it first?
We're going to send it to the conservative outlets.
Libertarian outlets.
Yeah, please.
Corsi says, hey, this is going to go out to like 20 people in an hour.
You got it first.
They want to give it to you.
I'm not going to say the rest of what he said, but the point is, they turned it into this whole controversy.
It's like Conway was excited and was wearing little slippers and put her feet up on the couch, taking photos of the, you know, congressional caucus that was visiting, being a charming lady.
And they said, oh my god, you've got your feet up on the couch.
If you go to InfoWars.com, there's an article about this, much to about nothing, where we show Obama with his feet on the couch, and other people with their feet on the couch, and on the desk, and on chairs.
Big deal!
And that's because these are not uptight, stuck-up weirdos, like the globalists we've seen.
Conway just jumps up there, so she can get a better photo,
And everybody acts like it's so weird, but if you go to Infowars.com, in Paul's article about it, Steve has an article, you can see all the photos of people doing the exact same thing and more.
Not just Obama kicking his feet up, but other stuff.
People putting them on tables, chairs, you name it.
That's what you do.
But this just shows this entirely different standard
Just like you're going to see them attack this address tonight and heckle it, but don't you dare heckle Obama and don't you dare not, you know, only globe like it's the best thing in the world when Obama or Bill Clinton did something.
It's disgusting.
So again, I don't want to talk about ourselves here, but that's the type of stuff we deal with.
Can we pull up our original article?
Here it is.
Breaking bullet points of Trump's congressional address given to Infowars.
Not exclusive.
But that's, again, how they turn everything into some type of controversy, because that's all they can do.
Because they're the discredited people that said Trump could never win.
Now before I go any further, I want to really thank the viewers and listeners and supporters.
Whether you've prayed for us, whether you've spread the articles and videos, whether you've bought great products from us to help us fund this operation, you are the reason InfoWars is here.
You are the InfoWars.
So know that.
And we lost at least $3.3 million last week.
That's how much we had extra from AdRoll, Google Ads we placed, spent a lot of money on, but that was in the black column to then overall fund this operation.
Not as profit for the overall operation, but an advertising system we run to then fund the radio show, the TV show, the investigative journalists, the camera people, everything we do here.
You know, the game-changing, tip-of-the-spear assault on the globalists that's bringing back the biggest dividends anybody's ever seen from a propaganda outfit.
By the way, propaganda just means a political point of view, something that promotes it.
It has negative connotations.
There's white propaganda, gray propaganda, and black propaganda.
We put out white propaganda.
And we are funded by folks that support us.
So thank you so much.
We didn't make back
All of the shortfall, but we've made back a little less than half of it in this big drive of the last week and change.
So we've been doing this for eight, nine days.
And now if you count what we normally would have already brought in, it's more like 600, 700,000 to try to, you know, projecting into 2018, because that was money we made in 2016 to fund ourselves this year.
Projecting out, we're going to find some other revenue sources without turning this broadcast into a giant infomercial to be able to build this media operation.
And then again, not just advertise to our own audience, but reach out and advertise so that we don't pollute the show.
That's what we're doing.
Most people advertise, and then they just keep the money.
You know, we advertise outside of this operation, take it in, and then use it to fund our operation.
I remember when I was trying to help Rush Limbaugh, he was being boycotted six years ago, and I spent a quarter million dollars on there in a month, advertising some of our films.
They almost didn't let us do it.
They said, oh, you want to be on his show, you want to... I said, fine, don't take the money if you don't want to.
They said, OK, you can advertise.
I mean, I was literally trying to help somebody.
I have that instinct.
I mean, I hope if we're under attack, you're going to support us.
And I'm talking about other talk show hosts, not just our listeners.
I mean, we're going to hang together or hang separate for the First Amendment.
It's very, very, very simple.
But let me get back to this so much for the news and the clips I've got.
There's huge censorship taking place everywhere that I'm about to document further.
It's not just us, because if they can intimidate everybody, and intimidate the biggest names, like PewDiePie, and Alex Jones, and Matt Drudge, and Donald Trump, if they can get us to kind of roll over and shut up and self-censor, they win.
This whole movement is about not being self-censored.
So, we're going to end the special tomorrow morning.
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I mean, you want somebody to fight, folks, we're doing it.
We're fighting hard, so we appreciate your support.
We don't have the big corporate sponsors, and I'm not putting him down, it's just true, of a PewDiePie, who they're now taking away.
PewDiePie's number one on YouTube, billions a year of viewers, but see, the globalists want to teach him, you're not part of our structure, you're not going to have any sponsors, and we're going to kick you off YouTube next time.
Because you made fun of Hitler.
Like Charlie Chaplin.
Or Jean Cleese.
There's a report, Paul Watson breaks this down.
It's on Infowars.com.
PewDiePie, ban all things.
Well, when they have white chalkboards, white markboards,
Marker boards in colleges all over the country, as reported last week, being removed because somebody might write something hurtful.
That's saying ban books, or ban paper, because somebody might write something.
Ban language.
Well, look at globalism.
Look at the language shrinking.
Look at what's happening.
It's unfolding.
So, Paul dares.
He may lose his YouTube channel here.
We've already had complaints filed.
This is what they're trying to do right now.
To take iconography and show PewDiePie in a Nazi uniform, as part of the joke.
Or to show another Hitler dog.
I mean, I did Hitler dog four years ago.
But again, Charlie Chaplin, he's allowed to, but nobody else is.
You know, Disney could have cartoons in World War II lampooning Hitler.
If this Nazi land so good, we wouldn't change it if we could!
Oh, we love it!
New World Order!
You guys Google or YouTube, uh, Disney anti-Nazi cartoons?
I mean, it's Donald Duck fighting Hitler, but those would be banned today!
Because Donald Duck's running around hollering Hitler as a joke as part of his disguise.
But PewDiePie was even clearer he wasn't with Hitler.
It's about the mob of intimidators being able to go around and shut down whoever they want because they're jealous that he gets billions of viewers a year.
They're jealous that we have over a billion viewers a year, clearly, to count all the other channels and people that we let run our videos.
Hundreds of millions a month.
Here it is.
Let's play this with some audio.
Let's back this up.
This is Disney, 1943.
Oh, there's no audio on this?
Well, maybe later we can play it.
But the point is, is that I have it on the DVD, actually.
It's back there on Rob Duce's shelf of all the World War II-era propaganda cartoons, I believe is the name of the DVD set.
But continuing here, ladies and gentlemen...
You are the folks that are funding us and you're the ones that are spreading the word as they start delisting us on Google and driving us down in the ratings even though we're number one.
You search InfoWars.
As they start to try to block us on Facebook and Twitter.
As they start to disappear our post.
As they start to try to remove us off YouTube.
As they announce they're doing this.
As they ban us from advertising on Google platforms.
It's getting bad.
They're doing it to Breitbart.
They're doing it to everybody.
And as Drudge says, we have to create our own platforms, our own advertising systems, and we're going to do it.
But let's go ahead and go to PewDiePie, because this ties into the next guest in the next hour, Millie Weaver, because we're going to play the video that's bleeped quite a bit as these bullying women
But it's like a trans event, so they may want to be men.
I mean, it's all just look at me stuff.
It's like, I don't care what you're doing.
But it's the arrogance that I've noticed with particularly butch women.
I told a story about Shane Steiner's wife, who's like a supermodel, and we're playing pool one day while the kids are bowling right there at a place called Main Event.
It's just like the pool tables are right here, the bowling's right here.
And young lesbian women, but butch, with like James Dean duck's ass hairstyles and white t-shirts with cigarette packs under them.
I'm not kidding.
Like they're about to drop chains or switchblades are about to come out.
Came right up and we're like trying to hit on her and we're hitting on other women and she was just laughing at him.
And like, I'm not a little guy but Shane looks like Conan the Barbarian.
I mean literally he could, I've seen him bench press 400 pounds 30 times.
He says he can do it 40.
The point is, is they literally muscled up.
And again, it's this thing, I'm entitled, I'm going to muscle up on your hot blonde wife.
I mean, this is cuckoo land, folks.
And boy, you get a good looking woman at one of these events.
These women come flooding in like, you know what?
And if a man threatened a woman like that and said, you better erase that or we're going to, you know, hurt you.
It'd be the end of the world, but see, because it's women doing it to other women.
And by the way, statistically, lesbians, and I'm not bashing lesbians, okay?
I mean, I don't want to, it's a family show, but I mean, I get it.
I like women.
I just, I kind of like, you know, I like ribeye steaks.
You know, you like, you like women, whatever.
They have the highest rates, though, of beating each other up and domestic violence.
It's a fact.
There's something going on here in this culture.
That's very unhealthy.
Camille Pagli is a lesbian.
She's written books about that.
There's stuff going on here, and it's anti-male, it's anti-woman, it's anti-human culture.
You can have your culture, just stop trying to have a revolution to take ours over here in the tolerant, open West.
Because we've allowed you to do whatever you want, from pouring bleach in your eyes because you identify as a blind person, to having the government pay for it, to millions of sex changes being paid for by taxpayers every year, and now you want to go in the 8th grade girl's locker room when you're a senior and go in the showers with them with your Ataconda hanging out.
It's just not right.
And it's a form of assault, and a form of dominance, and taking our open society and our kindness for weakness, and it's gotta stop!
So again, complaints get filed, saying, you aren't allowed to tape us, you've exposed our personal information.
When you're the ones at a public event, getting in somebody's face, surrounding a little woman, Millie's little, big women, surrounding them, like it's the space bar, you know, in Star Wars,
You better watch yourself.
I have the death sentence on 12 systems.
My friend doesn't like you.
I don't like you either.
I mean, they're literally like thugs.
Like, a few times when I was younger, we'd be out at bars, some rowdy bars, where they had some good rockabilly music, and there might be, you know, some banditos or something, which is a serious
Outlaw motorcycle gang.
And they don't know who you are, you're clean-cut or whatever, might just say something, you better watch yourself.
You know, you'd be like, serious stuff could happen right there.
But this is women coming over to a woman, acting like they're in the space bar and it's Luke Skywalker.
I mean, you guys are a joke, is all I can say, and then you can't handle it.
You want to go to public events and get in women's faces, and then we're supposed to do nothing.
Here's Paul Watson's report.
It's already got several million views just on YouTube alone.
And it's also on Facebook.
Here it is.
It's at Infowars.com.
Let's tweet it out right now.
Real Alex Jones.
Ban all things.
Here it is.
Freedom of speech!
Have you seen the new edition of the Regressive Left Dictionary?
A person who disagrees with my opinion.
A person who makes jokes about Nazis.
So PewDiePie is commanding an internet troll army of Neo-Nazis because he made a Hitler joke which you took completely out of context.
You people never fail to disappoint, do you?
I guess we better exhume the body of Charlie Chaplin and charge him with hate crimes.
I guess we better lock up John Cleese and throw away the key.
Rowling says PewDiePie is trivializing fascism.
No, you're the one trivializing fascism when you call everyone a fascist.
Over a frigging joke!
You've destroyed the meaning of the word.
You've obliterated nuance.
But Rowling says the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer loves PewDiePie.
So that must make him a neo-Nazi, right?
Yeah, it doesn't quite work like that.
And isn't it rich that the same mainstream media who constantly whine about Trump shutting down free speech is now crucifying PewDiePie in a unified effort to shut down free speech?
Here's the thing.
Regressives have almost succeeded in making Facebook and Twitter sterile safe spaces.
And now they're coming after YouTube.
Look at this Reddit thread.
Look how panicked they are about PewDiePie.
There is near-unanimous support of PewDiePie.
Even Casey Neistat, a huge liberal YouTuber, is being vocal in his support of PewDiePie.
All of this, even though he just gave support to SOG on a **** like a disgusting.
It's scary because these people have huge influence on kids and it seems that YouTube itself has turned right.
Yeah, YouTube has really turned right because Casey... I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.
...Neistat is really right-wing.
Sorgonovac and the self-proclaimed... Let's back it up 10 seconds.
I'm going to come out in the next segment and play the rest of it, but listen.
What's happening here?
You notice they say, we've got to ban this because this is really popular.
That's what it's really all about.
So you make your little safe spaces at what they admit are mental illness induction centers at the colleges to create wrecked, confused, dysfunctional people getting worthless degrees.
This is all declassified.
And then you come off your safe spaces and you want to make YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and everybody else's personal website a safe space and you don't want to see our colloidal silver and body armor ads advertised on Google.
So you go complain and then, oh look, we're banned there.
You have such power, big bullying groups who are nothing but astroturf that the globalists have made the politically protected groups.
But just like what we've seen happen with Digg years ago and MySpace, as they begin to censor these things, they make everyone exodus off.
And there's an exodus out of MSM, an exodus right out of Facebook and Twitter, and I've already found another great advertising platform that doesn't even work with these groups that'll probably be even more successful.
So God is certainly blessing us, so thank you all for your prayers.
I mean, you talk about a bunch of basically spoiled brats.
Who run around screaming racism all day.
When I go to these events to cover them, they're like 90% white.
Screaming, you're an effing white male, shut up.
So, I'm not trying to blame white people.
It's just a fact that stereotypical social justice warrior is a disenfranchised, criminally inclined white person.
You are listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
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It's being announced.
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Live wire!
This is getting us close to doing about 180 miles an hour.
Not that I drive like that.
Oh my goodness.
Sounds like I'm proud to be cool, doesn't it?
Or that I can shoot bullseye at 500 yards.
All right, I'm going to stop it right there.
No, I just love all the blessings we've been given by God.
You've got to have some self-confidence in this world, but you can't be a confident person that looks down on people that don't have the skills you have, because if you start doing that, you become nothing but a predator.
So there's massive censorship that a lot of folks are involved in right now, and PewDiePie, Paul Watson, did a report on this guy.
I know he's been huge forever, but since they tried to censor him and took a bunch of his sponsors away, he's gotten even bigger.
My older daughter comes home from school and says, can we please watch PewDiePie?
You're on some of his new videos.
Oh my gosh, Daddy, you're so famous.
Oh my gosh, Daddy, you're on PewDiePie.
You're on PewDiePie.
He's so handsome.
In between Paul Watson.
I love Paul Watson.
I mean, I'm telling you folks, Paul Watson is becoming as popular as PewDiePie, but he's doing serious political analysis, not, you know, the 10 best cat videos.
This is so exciting, folks.
Because real satisfaction is knowing, even if they take me out or something, we have found all these superstars of liberty like Paul Watson and others.
Let's go back to the piece.
Unanimous support of PewDiePie.
Even Casey Neistat, a huge liberal YouTuber, is being vocal in his support of PewDiePie.
All of this, even though he just gave support to Sargon, is f***ing disgusting.
It's scary because these people have huge influence on kids and it seems that YouTube itself has turned right.
Yeah, YouTube has really turned right because Casey... I will be voting.
See, Kyle?
See, Kyle?
See, Kyle?
Here's fake news website BuzzFeed.
How YouTube serves as the content engine of the internet's dark side.
Oh, and who do we have here?
Oh, it's my name, Sargon of Akkad.
Then in the very next sentence, conspiratorial white identity neo-Nazis.
Morally and ethically, shouldn't YouTube be asking itself the same hard questions as Facebook and Twitter about the role it plays in a representative democracy?
Morally and ethically, shouldn't BuzzFeed be asking itself why BuzzFeed is cancer?
What's next?
Have you got a secret dossier about how me and Sargon hired hookers to piss on a bed?
It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly stupid you regressive twats are.
You picked a fight with a guy who has 53 million subscribers.
A guy who can rely on the support of other top YouTubers who have a combined total of hundreds of millions of subscribers.
And look at what happened.
He just red-pilled millions of young people about how your institution is in complete meltdown.
How trusted media is cratering.
How your ad revenue is dropping off a cliff.
When are you gonna realize you've lost your ability to control public opinion?
When are you going to realize that everyone thinks you're an absolute joke?
When are you going to realize that you don't have the moral high ground?
Almost everybody hates you because you're making everything joyless and terrible.
You've declared war on fun.
The star of the much-loved 90s British comedy show Absolutely Fabulous says they can't even resurrect it because too many people would be offended.
Most of the movies that have us just bestowed upon them... Alright, the full report's up on InfoWars.com.
I'm tweeting it out at RelAlexJones.
By the way,
PewDiePie has 15 billion views in six years.
No wonder they want to shut him down.
They're a bunch of jealous nobodies.
Oh, I'm sorry BuzzFeed didn't get into the last press conference because your fake news that made up PPGate and nobody reads you but your own little foppish followers and other control freaks.
You're a bunch of anti-liberal scum.
In a string of unfortunate drop-dead instances of top Russian diplomats, Vitaly Churkin, Russia's ambassador to the UN, has just been added to the list.
Just in the last two months, this marks the fourth case in an unprecedented series of leading Russian diplomats being either shot on the spot or found dead.
All these men played instrumental roles in promotion of relations between Russia and other countries.
As the fake stream media continues to cultivate public hatred toward Russia and the deep states declared war on President Trump, condemning him as a Russian agent and Putin's puppet reaches the levels of grotesque absurdity.
One has to wonder, are all these deaths merely a coincidence?
You decide, but I'll leave you with a statement from the previous administration spokesman John Kirby, who threatened Moscow with terror attacks in Russian cities and even shoot downs of Russian jets if Vladimir Putin continued his fight against ISIS in Syria.
There are other options that don't revolve around the act of diplomacy.
This has been Daria for InfoWars.com.
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We are now into our number two.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Millie Weaver, one of our reporters, is here in studio with us.
If you're a radio listener, you can always watch it at Infowars.com forward slash show.
The free feeds are archived every day for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
And then large excerpts are posted to YouTube, Facebook, and other third-party platforms.
But more and more, we're having to focus on our own platforms because of the massive censorship that is now being executed against us.
If you just tuned in,
PewDiePie, who has been big for six years, has right at 15 billion views on YouTube, according to his About page.
That's from YouTube.
And this was a few days ago, but joined in 2010, six and a half years ago, and there he is almost at 15 billion views, not to mention all the derivative channels that are out there.
It's much higher than that.
So when YouTube told me two years ago, their vice president said, listen, you have 5 billion views, not just your channels that have a couple billion views, but you have 5 billion views.
You've never monetized this.
You can monetize everybody's channels and bring in a lot of money to fund yourself.
But I didn't want to have everybody's channels
Get shut down with copyright claims.
So I said, no, let's just monetize the 18 channels we have.
And so it brings in a fraction of what it would.
But people like PewDiePie, he brings in, years ago, more than $10 million a year.
Well, they've taken his sponsors away and YouTube has said, if you make any more Hitler jokes, you're going to be banned.
Now, putting this in context, this guy has more viewers than Fox News.
Tens of millions every day.
The absolute key demographic of
Young people ages 10 to about 20.
He's got the demographic you want for branding for the rest of somebody's life.
I mean, the guy has more viewers in a couple days than the Super Bowl.
But then why is the Super Bowl God?
Because it's the old system.
And granted, it's got 80 million viewers.
It's big.
But how do we have 80 million viewers some weeks?
And we're just nobody.
We're just, you know, we're fake news.
Who cares?
Again, the only thing we haven't figured out how to do in the new media that's bigger than the old media is monetize it to fully displace the globalist press.
And they know that.
That's why there's a perfect storm of wanting to kick us off the internet.
It's about the fact that he did a Charlie Chaplin skit, the guy's anti-Nazi by the way, and
They've taken all the sponsors.
Yeah, and he was making fun of the Nazis.
So it's like you can't even make fun of the Nazis because then they're going to point the finger at you anyway for saying something slightly anti-Semitic.
But any other mainstream channel can do whatever they want.
We can show leaked WikiLeaks combat video.
ABC News can have their own YouTube and show it.
They don't get a strike.
We do.
So what I'm saying is even though we're bigger than the dinosaur media,
And Drudge is, and PewDiePie, and everybody.
There's hundreds of prominent people that have more views than mainstream media, individually.
This is how they're shutting us down, is selectively enforcing made-up rules.
That's exactly what's happening, and I've even experienced it myself on my YouTube channel, the Millennial Millie channel.
Everything you do political, tell folks about it.
Yeah, well, you know, I posted a video about how InfoWars is under attack and how, you know, we had our advertisement poll last week and, you know, how that was a big deal.
And all the video was just me saying this and saying how we're under attack.
And next thing you know, I look on there and YouTube demonetized the video.
A separate thing from the monetization aspect, you know, you're not making money once they demonetize.
But the main thing is, is that their algorithms actually promote the videos that are monetized.
So what it actually does is it's a way of stifling your video because it's not a priority.
They want to put priority on those.
Let's be clear, YouTube last week allowed to family audiences a video of gay men defecating on each other and urinating on each other.
But because they're gay, it's okay.
Yes, that's exactly... But if we say a cuss word, they will ban our video and kick us off, or if you go out to a public event, you go out to interviews, in a public event this weekend, people will come over and say, delete your video, and then somebody, we have the YouTube emails here, goes and investigates us, and they almost took our channel down, our video down, because it'll give you a strike, but they said, no, actually you weren't showing personal or secret data, no.
There's no perception of privacy when you're at a public event, in a woman's face, three women around Millie bullying her.
So I want to get to this because, and when you show document cam shots for TV viewers, so people can actually see the letter, but this is what we deal with where we can't go to public rallies where they yell, scream, and cuss at us, we bleep it out on YouTube, we simply show them physically threatening a woman, and then we're the bad people.
See, because they're God.
And this is why they've been set up as the political movement to take over.
Because they have no morals.
I don't mean morals and what they do sexually.
I mean, they have no sense of justice.
Go ahead.
I'm ranting.
That's exactly it.
You know, I'm out at this event.
I'm covering the news.
I'm just reporting.
I'm going up.
I'm conducting interviews with a microphone.
And, you know, everybody saw that I was clearly conducting interviews.
And the people actually came up and willfully participated in the interview.
And it was only later that these three
Huge butch lesbians came up to me and started threatening me.
And I'm a pretty reasonable person.
If you want to come up and just be like, hey, you know, could you just not use that little snippet of me in the interview?
It's going to conflict with work.
I would definitely agree and say, you know what?
It wasn't even that great of an interview.
You were out there by yourself because the cameraman was doing stuff in the car at that point.
They waited until the one man that was with you left, then they came over.
Plus, people run over and scream the whole time, don't talk to her, she's with InfoWars, and even when someone wants to talk to you, people come over and try to stop them.
So it's this again, it's a cult in my view.
It is.
That's exactly what it is.
And they're just big bullies.
And you can see right here in the video footage, they're bullying me here.
They're threatening me that if I don't delete the footage in my camera, that they are posturing at me like they're going to stop me.
They're going to, you know, beat me up.
The girl even smacked my camera in this.
You know, I mean, they were getting pretty aggressive.
And some of these, not this one, but these other girls here, they were like six feet tall.
They were huge.
So at the same point, it's like, OK, you're going to bully me.
You're a small woman.
How tall are you?
I'm probably about 5'5".
You know, I'm small compared to these women.
Well, if you Google, anybody can search engine this, lesbians have the highest level of family violence of any group.
I'm not against lesbians.
My whole thing is I've seen the stereotype in Austin to be the real deal where, I mean, it's like, you know, cigarettes wrapped up, you know, on the shoulder like James Dean.
I'm in your face.
There it is.
This is what domestic violence is like when you're LGBT.
And then it just goes through the whole thing.
I mean, it's just, it's just, I don't get how the archetype of being inclusive of the press, inclusive to a woman, women are being beaten up all over the country when they go to Trump events or Milo events, and these people are proud of it.
I don't understand.
And then we're the bad people.
And the craziest part to me is, okay, they were mad because they said I violated their safe space, which nobody knows the rules to violating their safe space.
So it's just, it's, they just arbitrarily make them up.
The safe space is in front of the Capitol at a rally at night.
Exactly, I guess so, but anyway, you know, I know what's going on.
Public places, they own them.
Yeah, that's what they think.
They come out to a rally to get attention on the news, the news shows up, and because it's InfoWars, because we're, say, a thousand times bigger than a local TV station, let's say two thousand times bigger, let's not underestimate, maybe three times thousand, because we're so huge and so real, we're not human, we don't have any rights.
Yeah, that's it.
And you know what the craziest part is?
Some of these were transgender people, most likely taking hormones, steroids, whatever else, testosterone.
And you know, between men and women, there's like a rule almost, like an unspoken rule that our culture has that men don't attack women.
Men don't hit women.
And women aren't supposed to hit men either.
A lot of times a bunch of men are about to come kill you.
Yeah, and so what it was was, okay, they're coming up to me almost like looking somewhat very masculine, almost like men, probably taking these hormones, but in their mind they felt they could attack me.
We're guessing.
That's part of the culture.
We don't know.
We're speculating.
They look, look, they're very, very aggressive.
I'm going to skip this break so we have more time.
It's like a 12-minute report.
Now again, we can't even use the name of what was in the news.
Was in the paper.
We can't use the official name because then we'll be censored on YouTube for using a word they say we can't use, which was expropriated, which was appropriated.
The word queer just means strange or unusual.
Then it was used as an insult or a pejorative.
And so now these groups, which is fine, have have taken the term on as a thing of pride.
But what they're saying is in literature, art and culture, only they can use it.
Well, now they took the word gay, though, which just means a happy day.
Or, you know, a gay lad or, you know, a gay puppy or whatever.
It was a gay day.
So again, more and more words are appropriate and we now see the game.
We first give them the first words they want.
They're just using these people.
This is the globalists, admittedly, wanting to come in and end the language, end debate, ban whiteboards because somebody might write something on them that hurts somebody's feelings.
Truly, ban everything.
That's truly it and you know as far as these emails that I got from YouTube saying that I needed to basically remove this content or blur these people out, well the people, I'm assuming it was the people that came up and bullied me because they were the ones who were so adamant against this video, they were probably the ones who made the complaint and they said that I used their personal information which is not true because that would be like your social security number, your phone number, your address.
So they made a false complaint and
We've had these fake reports.
In fact, this weekend, I almost called you to come on Sunday.
I said, I'll let her have some time.
But I was going to call you guys and say, watch.
Someone's going to put a report in.
Because I know this is what happens.
Let's go over more of these letters.
Because this is happening.
Again, this is for you going to a public rally, showing them acting aggressively, meanly, I would say abusively, in my opinion.
But again, we have to be penalized.
Let's go over this letter.
Go ahead and read it.
Yeah, they want to censor us, you know, and if we don't fight back, if we don't say, hey, this is enough, then they're going to win.
This is what, you know, basically they started out saying that this is to notify you that we've received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content.
And this is where they basically just tried to say that I was, you know, using somebody's public, private or private information.
And then I disputed it because if we don't dispute this stuff, then we lose and they silence us.
Yeah, they take your channel down?
This is part of what I said.
I'll just read some of the highlights.
They also froze the comments on the video.
It said, I've reviewed the alleged privacy complaint.
This is a false complaint.
All people shown spoke into my handheld microphone with foreknowledge that I was conducting interviews.
No private information of anyone is ever displayed anywhere within the video.
Everything shown in this video is from the public and what people willfully displayed in the public at a public event.
No perception of privacy, especially in a rally.
A rally is the one absolute place you have no privacy.
Yes, and I just went on to say that everything shown in this video falls under public domain and fair use and is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Fair Use Doctrine.
And then, lo and behold, YouTube comes back to me later and says, oh, okay, we reviewed the complaint and basically it doesn't violate any rules and, you know, they're not going to
A lot of viewers are asking, why are we obsessing over one video and what happened?
Because it's a microcosm of a guy that has 14.7 billion views, almost 15 billion views, the biggest thing in the world, okay?
I mean, let's just say it, Hootie Pie is the biggest thing on TV, internet, world, period.
Like, Drudge is the biggest thing when it comes to news, okay?
Here we are, right below that tier, but hardcore info, reaching the politicos, the military, world leaders.
I mean, InfoWars isn't just talking to kids.
Kids are great to talk to, but I'm very proud of the fact that we have a very high-brow audience, okay, when it comes to, you know, the intelligentsia.
People like General Flynn and many, many others that are in the White House right now.
But you look at this, again, this is them taking something totally wholesome, totally good that we did,
Bleeping out the cussing, all of it, and then it's our fault when clearly they're the ones misbehaving.
By any yardstick, this is a false claim, a false report, and as outrageous as an attack on the First Amendment.
Just like I saw people getting beat up all over D.C.
with their families trying to get into the inauguration.
The news then announced that I was arrested for fighting.
None of it was even true.
The police were protecting me, just like Cleveland.
So they said the same thing in Cleveland.
I was arrested.
They sit there with fake news all day saying we're the fake news and saying Donald Trump's a liar.
He isn't bringing jobs back when every number shows.
No president's ever done it this quick.
It took Reagan four years to get it going like this.
Trump's done it in 45 days.
It's insane.
But again, it's a total inversion of reality.
So if they can shut down other top YouTubers and us, they can shut anybody down.
And this is happening right now.
And people need to understand that they can't just take this information for granted.
They need to understand that we're in very, very dark times because, yes, we're winning politically, but that's why big corporations and governments want to shut us down and shut you down, because we are winning, folks.
We're that close.
It's why they're out bullying the town halls and the city councils and the state houses.
It's why they're death-threatening everybody.
It's why they're calling for President Trump's death, because he's a nationalist, populist champion of incredible courage.
Taking action and defeating the enemy like nothing I've ever seen.
They call that bootlicking.
That's called reality.
If Trump was going sideways, I'd be all over him like King Kong.
It's just not true.
The attacks on him are misrepresentations.
They censor him.
He says fake news is the enemy of the American people.
They go, oh he says all media is the enemy and he wants to shut down the media.
Never said any of that!
They lie!
They're the ones calling for us to be shut down.
Obama signed the bill to start shutting down the alternative media.
We are the media.
We're winning, audience.
Know that.
Support our local Eminem affiliates because that may be the only place we're on soon, the way this is going.
I mean, I've been kicked off XM despite the fact it was huge revenue.
Clear Channel was making a lot of money selling ads on my show.
We were one of the most popular shows on XM, a political talk.
They wanted to give me my own channel.
And then the foreign investors came in and said, you take him off.
Then the same foreign multinational groups came in and bought me off the local station I was on.
They said, we'll give you $100,000.
Well, that's exactly it.
And if you're somebody on YouTube that wants to just put out a bunch of mindless entertainment that's just, you know, nothing interesting, there's no... But they're even shutting that down now because they don't, they can't compete with even Blither.
And Blither's better than them trying to hurt families and globalism and tell us GMO's good.
So the fact is they don't want anybody that's got an audience but them.
Exactly, because they want it controlled.
They want it in their spectrum where they can do their programming.
It's just like, you know, what Mika Zebrinsky said the other day on air.
We're the ones that control the programming.
We're the ones that control what the American people think.
That shows her arrogance.
It's exactly what they think.
They're so arrogant, that's behind closed doors they say that.
Now, they're externalizing the method.
This is a 12 minute video.
Let's just play a few minutes from the first to get a flavor, then fast forward to the bullying at the end.
And again, give folks the name of the video.
Um, the name of the video is Ultimate Cringe, um, I think it was Queer Dance Freakout at the Governor's Mansion.
Um, there it is.
LGBTQ Dance Freakout Protest Ultimate Cringe Video.
Yeah, we didn't use the name they gave it, Queer.
Because they'll probably fog up.
That's their event.
We can't even say the name they said.
That word's theirs, nobody else's.
This is an attack on language, just like 1984, and they're using our own liberal sensibilities to get us to give up our speech because they know Americans are very tolerant and very liberal.
I'm very liberal in my life about don't hurt somebody, don't hurt yourself, do whatever you want.
Everybody knows that.
People know that about Trump.
That's why they misrepresent it.
Let's go to the report.
Let me get this straight.
You want conservatives to be tolerant of you and let you guys use any bathroom you choose, but you're going to be intolerant towards me just because I have an InfoWars microphone.
So I've watched InfoWars before.
You call people like me cucks, lip guards, betas, and criney PCYs.
No, we try to shut our speech down, we do.
When they go F-ing my mail, they're one.
Is that about you?
See, he doesn't even care.
Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
We're here in Austin, Texas, outside of the Governor's Mansion where there's a c*** dance-off festival being held.
Well, the image of this festival showed a picture of Donald Trump having his brains blown out by a rainbow that was coming out of a vagina with wings.
So, you can see that there's a lot of anti-Donald Trump sentiment here.
It's also important
I gotta say, people just ran around acting totally mentally ill.
I don't care what... It's just true.
They act mentally ill.
And they had kids there.
They had naked women running around.
They had people, you know, just engaging in disgusting behavior.
It's the fall of society.
No one's ever said no to these people.
So let's go ahead and talk to them and see how they feel about Donald Trump.
But the main thing here is, are they going to be tolerant towards me because I'm an InfoWars supporter, while they're trying to say that conservatives need to be tolerant of them?
And you're classically feminine, too.
They don't like that.
What were you saying about InfoWars?
I just said that's InfoWars.
Well, what brings you out here today?
The dance party.
Let me get this straight.
You want conservatives to be tolerant of you and let you guys use any bathroom you choose, but you're going to be intolerant towards me?
You called people like me cucks, lip darts, betas, and criney PC whiny babies.
That's just because, excuse me sir, we're not saying that directed towards homosexuals in any way.
What's happening over here?
Well, we're just trying to talk to people.
What brings you out here today?
Well, who are you?
And again, if people ask why we leave the ball in one gym, it's because we're not editing.
We're InfoWars.
We cut out the dead spaces.
We're showing you what happens.
We would be considered anti-establishment.
There was one guy that's kind of funny and he's like...
You know, he starts proposing to you.
Yeah, this lady here, she was like trying to basically tell me I needed to disclose who I was to her.
You've got a flag on the microphone.
Do you know what that means?
I guess not.
We don't lobby.
We just report the news.
We're libertarians, man.
We're here to help.
People should be able to use whatever bathroom they want.
Let's obsess on bathrooms.
By their pronouns?
No, I don't, but I think it's a very courteous and kind thing to do.
My pronoun is they.
Yeah, that's her they's pronoun.
I mean, look, this looks like a total cult.
I'm sorry.
I have a hard time with the pronoun thing because it wants you to speak grammatically.
This is in public schools and colleges everywhere.
You have to G, Z, all this, you know, Star Trek baloney.
They can never talk, never have points, it's F-U, F-U.
I'm tolerant, yes.
So she's just cursing me out and then I'm like, are you tolerant?
She's like, I'm tolerant, yes.
And the other people try to talk to you and later they won't let you talk to them.
Alex Jones needs a drug test because I have energy.
I think that most of the people there would not have passed a drug test.
But she's saying, give Alex Jones a drug test.
What does that even mean?
Like, I'm not the one running around in circles with a bunch of naked people and, you know, kids.
I mean, you know, right by the Capitol in the governor's mansion in the middle of the street.
They're like running around naked going bleh.
Like they're all insane and then we're just sitting here trying to cover it and they're mad at us and we need to be drug tested.
See the power of the state needs to come in and get us.
We're gonna come back and show the bullying and the Dr. Corsi's got breaking news.
The Empires on the Run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Alex Jones.
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The National Council of La Raza, an organization that promotes the Reconquista of the Southern United States, called President Trump's executive order a, quote, declaration of war on the Hispanic community equivalent to the slave trade.
This organization, meaning the race, La Raza, is promoting Make America Mexico Again.
The president of the National Council of La Raza claimed the president's plan to build a wall on the southern border and deport violent illegal immigrants will, quote, tarnish our nation's character.
The bottom line is this.
President Trump's decision to build a wall on the southern border does not violate human rights.
President Trump is protecting our borders from radical extremists and criminal thugs.
Stay tuned at InfoWars.com slash show for more immigration news.
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At the start of the next hour, we've got a very important investigative report by Rob Jacobson and Darren McGreen dealing with the plan that was laid out in a book published just a month ago by Chelsea Clinton that's gotten no attention, calling for global government through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with her at the head of it.
That all got dropped because, or at least got postponed for the time being, because by the grace of God, obviously, Hillary Clinton did not get in.
But that's how big the stakes were.
So, a special report.
Then Gerald Cilente, at about 15 after, joins us, the Trends Forecaster, for the Balance of the Hour.
And then Josh Owen is going to be hosting the fourth hour.
Yeah, Owen Schroer.
I always cross Josh Owen and Owen Schroer together.
Teleprompter free.
One of our great Cameron editors, Josh Owen with Owen Schroer.
Owen Schroer, our social justice warrior slayer.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour of the Blitzkrieg of the News and Information.
We're going to go to Dr. Jerome Corsi here in just a few minutes, but I wanted to finish up with our own Millie Weaver.
We're good to go.
And whether they're trainees or women, men, whatever, I don't hate any of them.
I don't want to sit there and say that over and over again.
There's just this presumption that we're all out to get you and you're movie stars and we're bad people and you should be able to train our kids at age five to do whatever you want.
And so Millie's talking about this video they tried to get taken down off YouTube saying that we were in a private event showing private information and YouTube rightfully said no this is a false claim.
The reason I'm covering it is it's happening everywhere now and a lot of times they're actually honoring these things and taking channels down and taking the sponsorship of one channel that has 14 almost 15 billion views
We talked about earlier, PewDiePie.
So, they want to shut down not just InfoWars, not just Drudge, not just Breitbart, who they're taking the sponsors away from and banning them off AdRoll and all the rest of the same stuff's happening.
And then, you know, kicking our apps, Breitbart's apps, off of iTunes.
This is outrageous interference.
This is serious racketeering, in my view, and I've talked to lawyers.
And they think that's the case.
But now, they're trying to get rid of channels that are just entertainment, because they're so big, and it makes the corporations look bad, and makes them jealous that PewDiePie has billions of viewers a year, way bigger than CNN, even bigger than Fox News, and he's incredibly popular with teenagers.
Millie's really popular with teenagers.
Paul Watson is the second biggest thing on YouTube, bigger than Milo, bigger than Gavin McGinnis, who are all great guys, it's not about who's the biggest.
Our own Paul Watson has over 10 million views conservatively a week just on YouTube and Facebook.
His tweets get more impressions than the BBC combined.
That's been in the news.
Hundreds of millions of impressions every week.
Hundreds of millions of people read it.
Folks, what I'm telling you is that's why they're all panicking is because Trump understands this is happening and is riding in on this wave.
How can they stand against this?
We're going to play this clip of the bullying, but go over some final points, Millie.
Well, just a final point on that is, you know, what Paul Watson was talking about with conservatism being the new counterculture, the new punk rock, we do have a lot of young people wanting to tune in to our channels, wanting to see what we have to say, and they're becoming, you know, very interested, and it's diverting away from the mainstream media television programming, and that's the problem.
They want to control the minds of the youth, and they don't like the fact that we're influencing them.
And look, while we're talking about being inclusive here in liberal Austin, I've had in the last week, this always happens with McAdoo, but I've had two guys and one lady come over and say I have a crush on Millie Weaver.
More of her on the show.
So the point is, we're just dominating.
And we're not here bragging how big we are.
It's that fake stream media, old dinosaur media, is already imploding.
And they don't know what to do.
And so that's why they're trying to shut us down.
We're going to go to Dr. Corsi here in about two minutes.
But here it is.
They wanted this at a public event taken down.
They were saying, telling her to erase footage she had of an interview they consented to in front of the Capitol at a rally with the media in attendance.
No perception of privacy.
You gave the interview, then they tried to take down, or someone claiming they were them, take down our YouTube channel because of it.
Again, this is the mindset.
They're bullying and threatening a woman, but it's okay because they're LGBTQ, barbecue, whatever it is.
Here it is.
What's your number one cause that you're fighting for?
I mean, you can't prioritize people's lives, you know?
It's an intersectional thing.
So, I mean,
Gay rights, trans rights, rights of all marginalized people, especially people of color.
Like, you can't rape them.
I don't know what the f*** is going on, honestly.
I don't understand where we are.
I don't know how we got here.
We just need to dance.
I swear, that is like... That's totally... At least she talked to him.
Yeah, what YouTube channel though?
Why are you guys, like, coming up to me like that?
Because you want to know, because you killed my partner for a sec.
You killed my partner.
We're asking because you filmed about my partner and that's their now personal image.
So you have to delete that.
They don't want that on their news.
Can you?
I'd like to see it.
Yeah, sure.
I'll delete it.
So let's watch you do it right now.
Yeah, let's watch it.
It's my image.
I am wearing my rainbow snatch disguise right now.
Everything was going great.
I was interviewing these SJWs.
I was trying my best to, you know, to blend in and mesh with their, you know,
They're programming and whatnot their political correctness as Rainbow Snatch and as I'm going along I interviewed these transgender lesbian types and they ended up you know asking me some questions after the interview and it was pretty, it was really a boring interview nothing really exciting happened.
And then afterwards they're like, oh where's the video?
Where's the video?
You guys did it on YouTube.
Well, what it was, was they were completely like surrounding me and hitting me, hitting the camera into my face, posturing that they were gonna, you know, beat me up.
Don't tear it.
But they didn't realize that I got them coming up and threatening me.
All of them have their own safe spaces with different rules.
All right, Mellie, closing comments.
I'm gonna go to Dr. Corsi.
I appreciate you having the courage to do that, but we've got to send out some more crew with you, because as soon as your camera guy went to the car to get some more, you know, batteries, that's when they just send it on you.
Yes, that's exactly it.
And you know, you don't know when these people are going to get triggered.
They're so volatile.
I really do think that there's a mental illness somewhat plays a role in why somebody would come up and threaten me like this and try to bully me into, you know, turning my footage off or deleting footage.
And the bottom line is, I did turn off my camera.
More than mental illness.
And of course, that's your opinion.
My opinion.
We can all have an opinion.
It's a sense of entitlement.
That's what it is.
It's a raging entitlement and arrogance.
That's exactly what it is, and they felt like, they said I violated their save space and that they had a right for me to delete their footage because I violated their save space, which I don't even know how I did that or how I could have done that as Remo Snatch, okay?
Alright, what do you got coming up next?
I know you're working on a lot of stuff.
We got full coverage tonight, 7 o'clock, an hour before Trump.
Then we'll have the live event where he speaks to Congress in his biggest speech yet, in his own words.
And then after that, we're going to have live coverage afterwards tonight, 7 o'clock Central.
It kicks off.
There'll be free feeds and infowares.com forward slash show.
What else is coming up?
Well we're just excited to see Donald Trump's press conference.
You know, that's going to be coming out tonight and we got some really cool bullet points which Trump's going to be talking on.
He's going to be talking on jobs, education, he's going to be talking about some issues and how he's going to help improve some of the inner cities.
All right, thank you so much.
Great job, Millie.
But again, we have to illustrate they wanted this taken down, tried to have it taken down for our free speech when they're the ones hitting her, slapping her, and threatening her.
Dr. Jerome Corsi doesn't need any introduction.
He's on Twitter at twitter.com forward slash Jerome underscore Corsi.
We got Gerald Celente coming up the next hour.
Dr. Corsi will be with us until five after.
He has got some major breaking news.
He received his PhD from Harvard University in political science in 72.
He's currently senior staff writer now here at Infowars.com for our Washington Bureau, which he's setting up and developing and getting going.
Of course, he's written three New York Times number one bestsellers, formerly headed up a lot of operations there at the great WorldNetDaily.com.
And again, he's got major breaking news.
Part 2.
The story is up on Infowars.com right now.
Dealing with what really happened with Obamacare and where Obama looted the money.
Obama illegally robbed Fannie Mae Freddie to fund ObamaCare.
Now that's yesterday's article.
The new article we're going to tell you about here in a moment that's up on Infowars.com.
Dr. Corsi is going to join us to break that down.
So fill us in on the first article and now part two.
I mean, you're linked to court cases, you're linked to the public record.
No one else has reported this.
I guess one of your White House tipsters told you, hey, you might want to look at this.
Simply amazing.
Well, the information did come from inside.
Some of the top consultants in Washington said, we've got to look at this.
And what the story is, is that Fannie and Freddie were the two mortgage giants.
These are the two
Federal mortgage giants were suffering losses in 2008-2009, although I'm not even sure now the losses were there.
I think that might be a cover story, too.
At any rate, the federal government put, through the Treasury, $187 billion in notes into Fannie and Freddie.
There's investors, there's private investors in Fannie and Freddie, and what we found out was that when Congress would not allow
Taxpayer money to go into paying the insurance subsidies in Obamacare.
The Obama administration just put these two mortgage giants into a conservatorship and stole the money.
The investors didn't get a penny.
All the dividends, all the earnings, all the profits went into the Treasury, and the Treasury used the money to pay for Obamacare subsidies.
Now, you're an expert in banking and fraud.
You've been a consultant to the government, State Department.
You're more than a journalist.
You're an expert on this area.
How big is this?
How criminal is this?
How massive is this scandal?
Well, it's huge.
I mean, this is $187 billion that was just stolen, illegally taken.
The executive branch is not able to have taxing powers, and it can't just reallocate money that's supposed to go to private investors, which is the nature of Fannie and Freddie.
Steal that money from them, say, you're not going to get paid anything.
Your rights as a shareholder, we're going to ignore.
And that money then comes into Treasury and Treasury says, well, Congress told us we can't use taxpayer money to pay for the Obamacare subsidies.
Obamacare is broke.
So in order to keep it from going bankrupt, we'll just steal this money.
We'll just confiscate it from Fannie and Freddie and put it into Obamacare.
Now, that also weakens Fannie and Freddie, so that they're vulnerable should there be another financial downturn, because that money also should have gone to propping up the reserves of the two mortgage giants.
It's a huge theft, and the victims in this are the shareholders of Fannie and Freddie, and the mortgage holders, who are depending upon a strong Fannie and Freddie in the future, have the capital needed to underwrite the mortgages in this country.
I think?
So that's how this is coming out, is via Discovery, and you're linked to it all.
What's crazy is, when you said I have an exclusive a few days ago, you told me about it, and I went and search-engined it, and certainly there was nothing there.
Then when I read your first article, you were linked to federal lawsuits.
You'd think MSM, even if they're, you know, anti-Trump, would not want to rip off a taxpayer, and would want to expose
A hundred plus billion dollar swindle just to begin with, but they don't.
They're so much worse than they even were five years ago.
At least you still had people, you know, at CBS who would expose Fast and Furious.
Now it seems like they've culled everyone.
They've run everybody off and had any basic decency.
I mean, if Trump was doing something like this, I'd expose it instantly.
I just, I cannot believe the criminal level of the collusion that's going on.
Well, the mainstream media is determined to run the story that Obamacare is successful, that people have gotten insurance that they need that wouldn't otherwise be insured.
Now what they aren't saying is that the exorbitant cost on others getting insurance, and in fact the need to steal money from Fannie and Freddie, these two mortgage giants, in order to keep the insurance subsidies afloat,
The truth is that Obamacare is already bankrupt.
It has been bankrupt.
And the truth is, we know that they knew it was a giant looting operation all along.
It was never even meant to help people, but to take over one-seventh of the U.S.
economy, which they now admit it's wrecked.
But they act like it was just a mistake.
No, from your own research, and from my own research, clearly, is it correct to say, Dr. Corsi, this was engineered as a screwjob, in their own words, to ruin healthcare, to then bring in single-payer.
They admit that.
It was rigged to fail from the very beginning.
Obamacare was created to fail.
And the fail-safe was going to be the federal government comes in and takes over the entire healthcare industry.
But the story here is that to take over the healthcare industry, they also took over the housing industry.
They've also gone into Fannie and Freddie, which are the basic... And that's the key.
They used laws they did in the 90s to allow the bubble with the Clintons.
Then they come in with the banking regulation, housing reform laws, and Frank Dodd, as you know... Yes.
Let's elaborate on that, which shuts down the small banks, the small lenders, and only lets the mega banks engage in it.
Again, further vertical integration.
And it pushed all the mortgage market into Fannie and Freddie.
Which they then looted criminally.
This is incredible.
Including private investors.
That's what's in the lawsuit, correct?
It's in the lawsuit.
I mean, you've got private investors out there who bought stock, and are just being told, we're told by the Obama administration, you're not going to get anything in your stock, because we confiscated it into the Treasury.
So this is like a bail-in.
This is like Cyprus or Greece, where they just grab 30% of your bank account, but instead, they just grab investors' systems that the government manages, showing us we don't want the government managing private investments.
And they lied.
They were saying, well, we have to put a conservatorship here and take over the profits because Fannie and Freddie are failing.
You know, the story here is that your articles are so well documented.
How in Hades did this never break?
And now it's been out for 24 hours and no one's even picking it up.
This is sensational.
I'm finding in the Twitter feed, or look at my Twitter, look at what's going on at InfoWars, that now there are literally millions of people aware that the Obama administration... No, no, I know we're reaching people, and so it's a great story.
What I'm saying is, the silence from MSM is deafening.
Well, they're going to ignore this because, I mean...
The Obama administration robbed the housing industry to keep afloat a failing healthcare program.
And by the way, that's not rhetoric.
This is clear cut.
But I mean, you're a fraud expert.
You're a banking expert.
Explain to people in layman's terms in 60 seconds what he did.
Well, I mean, I was the one who caught HSBC on their money laundering.
They got a $1.9 billion fine.
It was my stories that broke that.
And here I'm saying we've got a major scandal and that the Obama administration has been risking putting the mortgage industry at financial peril in order to bail out an already bankrupt Obamacare program.
And that which is, it's criminal.
You can't just take
I think
Sure, but the key here is, I read the statutes you quote, and plus I've studied the law, we all covered the housing crisis, I don't have degrees from Harvard like you, but I can
I think so.
I think?
It's time to take the gloves off, man.
When foreign banks are trying to overthrow the government and kill the president and shut down the free press, it's time to go after them.
Well, I agree.
I mean, this is outrageous.
Congress specifically told Obama he could not use tax money in order to pay these Obamacare subsidies.
The Obama administration had no way to pay them.
So they start looking around.
They figure, we've got this pot of money over in the mortgage Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and we can just go over and confiscate it.
Just take illegally, no law, no authorization, completely in violation of the Constitution, which does not allow the executive branch to begin to be its own taxing agent.
And here Obama said, we're just going to secretly take this money under a ruse that Fannie and Freddie are... Sure, let me ask you this, because as this comes out, we know they're going to claim this.
They're going to say, well, this gave us the power to tax, which you and I said years before it was law, it was.
They said, oh, it's not a tax.
Then they hire 18,000 IRS agents, all the rest of it.
Then the Supreme Court says it's a tax.
So under this, was this a new power of the executive?
So Obama's saying, hey, I can just grab private investments.
I can grab hundreds of billions of people's money that they've invested in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac system because I have this new power.
So if that's the case, what else did he do we haven't learned about?
Well, in fact, I'm going to tell you, this story is just getting going.
I mean, we're just beginning to get into it.
It's very similar to what happened in the General Motors bankruptcy when Obama came in and confiscated the money of the subordinated debt holders who were first in line, really should have been first in line, instead of taking the stock, in which Obama did, giving it to the labor union and told
Subordinated debt holders, who I know, are my friends in Wall Street.
If they dared complain about it, they would never work in that business again.
That's how the Obama administration's operated.
Now, we know they've confiscated, Obama confiscated, the dividend earnings of the private shareholders of Fannie and Freddie, and really diverted that money, confiscated it, without authorization of Congress, diverted it to pay for Obamacare, when Obamacare was going bankrupt on these insurance subsidies.
Now, if that isn't entirely a set of criminal actions that ultimately involves Geithner and the other heads of Treasury when this was going on between 2012 and 2016, and it's still going on today.
Well, Dr. Corsi, everybody's got to get your articles out.
They're on Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, RealAlexJones on Twitter.
It's just super important for everybody to get these out.
We're going to have more reports from you in the next few days.
I'm going to come back in just a moment.
I want to ask you about the big speech tonight.
The fact that even Bloomberg admits it's small investors that are actually making the market go up, while big investors try to implode it, selfishly, just to kill our nationalist movement, just like we see the EU doing with Brexit.
It's so transparent.
They've clearly miscalculated.
The poll numbers show that.
We're going to talk to you about that.
In just one moment and then do one more segment with you if you can.
Dr. Jerome Corsi of InfoWars is our guest setting up our Washington Bureau as we speak.
But coming to Quentin Carter who does security around here but also works with some of the products and you know proves up some of the self-defense items that we carry in the store.
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Q, what do you think of the shirt?
Love the shirt.
Red, white, and blue.
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America first.
That's the whole point.
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Hey, reality check.
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The globalists are pissed because we finally have a president that wants to actually be the president, and not a New World Order globalist.
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Coming up,
World government was to be run through healthcare via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with Chelsea Clinton at the head, just like they've got her in the foundation.
She wrote a book, but they're not promoting it now.
Because Hillary was supposed to get in.
That's coming up.
Dr. Corsi, again, you are so prolific.
It's great to have you on the team.
I'm impressed.
A couple articles a day.
Major scoops you give us.
It's really incredible.
Just overall, where do you see Trump at right now?
I think he's over-delivering.
I don't want to be some cheerleader or a bootlicker like Spin Magazine called it.
I'm just very pleased to see somebody working their heart out like a lion to restore this republic.
This is incredible.
I agree.
I think he's done tremendously fulfilling his promises.
I think tonight's speech is going to be, of all the advanced word we're getting on it, it's going to be a very solid speech on delivering on campaign promises.
What's happening though is, you know, the Obama forces are out in mass.
And this is a war.
I mean, I'm going to be surprised tonight if there isn't heckling from the gallery, completely inappropriate behavior that the Democrats would have gone up in arms about had anything been done with Obama in his first speech, in his first State of the Union.
The key element here is that the Obamacare is at the crux of a lot of this.
This was the government takeover, global government takeover vehicle.
And now we know from the articles we've been able to produce here, which is really groundbreaking, and only InfoWars really covering the story.
Folks, if you want to kill Obamacare and make Paul Ryan do the right thing, get this article out, folks.
Get it out to your community bank groups.
Get it out to the news.
Tell mainstream media, hey, get on this.
Cover this.
Because it's stealing from the average person in mortgages, the mortgage giants, which we depend on, stealing from the Fannie and Freddie, and also doing it such that, you know, the Obamacare was bankrupt, and keeping that lie from the American people.
Disrespecting the investors in Fannie and Freddie.
And this is going to be a big part of the speech tonight.
I think Obama did not respect investment.
In respect to the small investor, you're going to see a turnaround where Donald Trump knows that the economy depends on small companies creating jobs and the small investor.
This economy is not based on the gigantic billionaires.
It's based upon the hundreds of millions of Americans who employ others, invest their money, buy properties, and Obama was undermining
Our health system and our housing system.
Sure, and looting it illegally.
I mean, classical looting.
Here's Joe Wilson at one of the State of the Unions saying that Obama, again, was lying about saying that Obamacare wouldn't cover illegal aliens, which we later learned it did.
So, they demonized this like it was the worst thing on earth.
They openly say they're planning a hundred times this tonight.
Here's Joe Wilson.
The reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.
And then of course we have Jonathan Gruber, one of many clips, saying, thank God the American people are dumb and don't have attention spans.
Here's that.
It's just, you can't do it.
You just literally cannot do it.
Transparent financing.
And let's not just transparent financing, also transparent spending.
I mean, the, this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes.
If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies.
Okay, so it's written to do that.
In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you had a law which said healthy people are going to pay in, it made explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed.
Okay, just like people, lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.
And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever.
There you go.
That's the arrogance.
So let's never forget that, Dr. Corsi.
If you want to, you can pop in after the speech tonight.
We're going to have a live event we're having Roger Stone on as well.
Happy to.
I'll be available all evening.
The whole Obamacare was based on a lie.
And that lie now we know stole from the mortgages of the country.
The mortgage giants and investors in Fannie and Freddie.
It's intolerable.
It's much worse than I ever knew.
Congratulations on breaking the scandal.
Thank you, sir.
Mike Cernovich, I appreciate you joining us.
I want to get into Milo.
This is all about intimidating the superstars of the nationalist awakening globally.
They're sharpening their knives.
They're testing.
That's my view.
What does Mike Cernovich say?
Yeah, this is a deep state operation that I was warned about a couple of months ago.
They told me that intelligence agencies are actually now leaking our information through people via Twitter.
So all these doxxings happening online.
These are deep state operations by the intelligence communities.
It's a full-scale character assassination on anybody
Who is bringing young voters to Trump or even waking young voters up?
The next election is going to be about YouTube endorsements.
Rather than caring about whether some idiot politician or some conservative endorses you, you're going to want YouTube people endorsing you.
You're going to want the social media stars and celebrities endorsing you.
So right now it's a full-scale assassination on all of us that I've
You were always a target.
I've been told I was a target.
Paul Joseph Watson is a target.
And they told me, and this is the highest levels of government, sources at the highest levels have told me, you better watch out, man.
You better be careful.
It's beyond a movie.
I mean, if people knew how criminal this was, they would be, are you kidding me?
I mean, it is, it is, it is unbelievably aggressive.
But what they realize is that it isn't enough to go after the Trump's official team.
They now have to go after anybody who's a big people.
I'm sure you've heard this.
I hear it every day.
Mike, I never cared about politics.
I read your stuff, and then I voted for Trump.
These are 19, 20, 21, 22-year-old people.
This is a real problem for deep state that we are bringing in youth.
60% of my audience is under 30.
I was given a list of the people who are on the hit list, and I mentioned this a year ago, and people go, Mike, you're crazy.
I talked to Milo when I met with him in Alaska, and I said, hey Milo, you know you're about to be framed for something, don't you?
And he goes, oh honey, don't worry about me, it's no big deal.
And I go, no, I have intelligence, trust me, they're gonna come after you.
By the way, I've got Milo's number, I've talked to him some.
I just, I have this tendency when somebody's under attack to kind of let him have some space, but I'm gonna call him after the show, and I had to really think about this.
He got raped when he was a teenager.
He made the point, well, okay, you know, name me who I am, that's kind of Stockholm Syndrome.
I'm not saying all gays, you know, come from, you know, you know, being raped.
The point is, there is a connection there, but he's not the bad guy.
He's never advocated pedophilia.
They set all this up, again, to clearly
So, ask the Republicans why they embraced him, but then, knowing all this, this was a controversy three years ago, why are they taking him down now?
Again, because the Republican establishment with the Democrats wants to discipline Trump's support base and cow them into submission, and it's not going to happen.
You are either with the Republic or against it.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Top Globals foreshadow an epidemic apocalyptic biological attack.
That's the sub-headline.
I'm gonna make that the main headline of the article on Infowars.com.
Top Globalists foreshadow an apocalyptic biological attack that will, again, bring in total world government.
Chelsea Clinton wrote a book where she was going to be the head of the Bill & Melinda Gates program worldwide when her mother was president.
That didn't happen, so now they're not promoting the book.
This is huge.
We're going to play this special report.
And then we're going to, in just a few minutes, for the balance of the hour, go to Gerald Cilente of Trends Research and the Trends Journal to break down.
I want to get to the economy first, because he's really a smart guy when it comes to that.
A best-selling author as well, because, like Ron Paul said a month ago, what Trump's doing is great for the economy, but it may be too little too late, especially with how they're lined up trying to stop him.
So we're going to talk to Gerald Cilente, who's got his finger on the pulse of TrendsResearch.com here in just a moment.
But first, this is a really important report that Rob Jacobson and Darren McBrain put together, because it goes to the mindset, it goes to the system, it goes to where the globalists are taking us and how they want to use global pandemics and crises, many cases that they create.
Oh yeah, Bill Mone the Gates has been caught doing all sorts of horrible stuff.
Steroids and vaccines, you name it.
His dad was the head of Planned Parenthood.
It's really deep stuff.
My film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, that's free on YouTube, by the way, breaks it down.
So here's this report, and then we're going to go to my friend, there he is right there, Gerald Salente, up there in Kingston, New York, to get into all the important topics he's got.
But here is this brief but important report that's on InfoWars.com.
Please retweet it.
Please Facebook it.
You're the reason these videos get millions of views when they do get millions of views.
And this one needs millions of views.
Here it is.
Right now the global elite are preparing for something big.
It looks like they are in the final stages of positioning themselves for a worldwide global pandemic.
An event that they say is not a matter of if, but a matter of when it will happen.
Now recently we've noticed that Bill and Melinda Gates, well they've been giving a lot of speeches lately.
Publicly warning that the world is at risk of a deadly outbreak.
On February 18th at the Munich Security Conference, they said that a bioterrorist could use a genetically engineered epidemic that could kill up to 30 million people.
Meanwhile, he's studying all these weapons.
And so when it happens, he'll be a hero for telling us about it.
You know, hit pause.
I'm going to play most of the report, but go to Saliente here in a minute, and I'll skip a break so we have more time.
But if you study Bill Gates like I have, and all the weird stuff he's into, and the bioweapons, and how he gets funding in his own companies, the government programs like BioShield,
You realize just how incredibly creepy all of this is, and how the very elites, he and Oprah Winfrey and others have met there in New York, it's been covered by ABC News, to discuss a bioweapon to reduce world's population, and that's what the UN openly calls for.
Then the guy that thinks we're stupid, that writes books saying it's time to call the population, and has secret meetings with Ted Turner, who says the same things, is here telling us get ready for it to come, get ready for it to happen.
When it's our own government and other governments that shot the black people up with syphilis and did all the secret nerve gas testing and radiation of homeless kids and, you know, orphans.
I mean, it's just like the devil is sitting in front of you telling you that, look out, gremlins exist and that they're coming for you when he's the king of the gremlins.
Again, the full report is on Infowars.com.
Let's go to some more of this.
They're really hyping it right now.
Like, right before 9-11.
Terrorism's coming.
And when it comes, give all your rights up.
Big buildings are going to get blown up.
I saw Gary Hart and Warren Redman on Hardball going, something big's about to happen.
Probably in New York.
It's just a big celebration of throwing it in our face.
So here it is.
...is known for its global vaccine programs and the tragic incidents that left over 40,000 children paralyzed.
Some children even died from the vaccines.
The Gates Foundation's practices of bad science on innocent children has compelled the Indian government to refuse funding from Bill Gates and restrict their... MSM does stuff like...
The Washington Post did it again today.
They just did a random article that I covered earlier saying, Alex Jones says Hillary Clinton murders children.
And then again, tied to Pizzagate, when I said she murdered children funding Al-Qaeda and ISIS and all these groups in the Middle East the last six years since the Arab Spring, which they admit they did, and Trump's right exposing it.
So see how they misrepresent?
But while you're watching that video as a listener, you see mainstream news, articles, documents, as Darren McBreen proves everything he claims.
But see, the news will just take clips of what he said and say that we said that when we're showing you CNBC.
That's why I started putting the radio show on TV 16 years ago.
Because I was sick of people saying I was making stuff up.
India scraps funding ties with Gates Foundation on immunization.
Let's get a few more minutes and we're going to Gerald Cilente.
First, we've got population.
Now, the world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
On January 18th, in an article titled,
Which Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, or CEPA, says will help finance the first five years of research and development.
Bill Gates appeared at January 2017's Davos World Economic Forum, flaunting his CEPA program.
CBS News headline, Bill Gates on how to outsmart global epidemics.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is listed as a member of the World Health Organization, which means the World Health Organization gets their money, in part, from Gates.
If the chips fall, it's the foundations and trust funds that want to be the ones sitting at the very top.
So what's their next move?
Well, we can simply turn to their own actions and their own writings for the answers.
In early 2017, the Oxford Press released Governing Global Health, Who Runs the World and Why?
And it was authored by none other than Chelsea Clinton and co-authored by Devi Sridhar.
The book discusses the current global model of principal agency theory or public-private partnership funding and managing a coordinated response of a worldwide pandemic.
Now in this book, Chelsea Clinton suggests ways that the request of those financing these plans are heard loud and clear and acted upon appropriately.
Oh, that's good.
In the case of a world pandemic... The full report's on InfoWars.com.
It's excellent.
It gets even more hardcore.
Bottom line, they loot the government.
They create a world government.
They get medical tyranny worldwide, make more corporate profits that they then have tax-exempt to carry out sterilization, population control, you name it.
Then they have meetings at Einstein University in New York and it leaks out that they're planning all this.
I cover it eight years ago from mainstream news and nobody cares.
Talk about sensational.
Now, joining us for the Balance of the Hour is Gerald Sollente of TrendsResearch.com.
He needs no introduction here.
And I've got a lot of questions I want to ask up front about the economy, where he sees it going, where he sees the attempts to cause civil wars going.
Even AFP admits that's the attempt happening in France right now as people fight back against globalism.
So we're going to cover some of that.
But, Gerald, what else do you want to break down?
What else are you looking at in new trends and developments?
Well, you know, just so you were talking about the vaccines and the drugs and how, you know, the whole industry is really killing people and the, well, the products that you have on InfoWars that help people in whole health healing are really what people should be focusing on as they see this sham on the other end.
You know, there was a drug, I'm not sure of the name of it, it was in the late 1980s, up into the mid-1990s, late 90s, that they were recommending that women take as they were going into menopause.
And then anybody that came out against it, like yourself or any others, was attacked by the media.
And, of course, the media is zoned by the corporations.
And I think it was progesterone or named something similar to that.
And what they found out is that as they were pumping this stuff into women, it was causing cancer.
But this is going on for decades.
And anybody that came out against it was attacked.
Sure, it was estrogen.
That was it.
Thank you.
And that's what's going on with this whole vaccination craze.
It's merely there to make big pharma richer.
And the politicians, I mean, I worked up in Albany.
I was the assistant to the secretary of the New York State Senate and was in the political scene for many years.
You don't need a lot of dough to buy these clowns off.
They like to call them campaign contributions.
Adults call them bribes and payoffs.
So now you were talking also, and all things connected, what was going on in France.
Let's just stay on the drug issue for a while and what they're forcing parents to do in this country by forcing the children to get vaccinated when they go into school.
Well, you know, over there in Italy right now, a new party, the Five Star Movement, Cinque Stelle, you know what they're fighting against?
Forced vaccination of kids, while everybody else in this country is shoot them up, shoot them up.
Notice that Trump puts Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
at the head of this commission, says that he has questions about vaccines, obviously an issue reportedly that hadn't really been reported on with Barron, that Barron's basically recovered from, thank God, but expanding on that.
And then he has Robert De Niro, part of the commission.
We asked De Niro a week and a half ago if he appreciated Trump doing that, and he basically said, no, I don't like Donald Trump.
To me, that's like a big fat baby who runs around saying he wants to beat up Trump.
You know, with all this made-up stuff.
I'm not trying to bash Robert De Niro.
It's just that if you really look at what Trump's really doing, he really is, I'm sorry, on almost every front really trying to deliver to the people.
So I want to ask you about that.
Consumer confidence soars to 15-year high.
We've got mom-and-pop investors are behind the historic market rally.
Bloomberg has to admit that.
Meanwhile, Trump, you know, trying to get our power prices down, trying to get, you know, claw back some of the corporate income tax.
Everything I see Trump doing is common sense, not making you get Obamacare, signing an executive order so the IRS can't give you a $5,000 fine.
But hardly any of that ever hits the news.
We just hear that he's this horrible, racist, evil person.
I know you're a political atheist, you know, don't like both parties.
Well, it seems like Trump is running him over and is against both parties.
He has both parties against him.
He has the establishment against him, the big banks against him, and then all these so-called liberals run around claiming he's the establishment.
What do you think, Gerald?
Well, he's not the establishment at all.
And the reason the markets are going up is because of, again, the things that you mentioned, consumer confidence, small business confidence, is that it took its biggest spike since 1980.
That's when Ronald Reagan got elected.
That was after stagflation and Jimmy Loser Carter.
You know, the guy that gave us, by the way, the Mujahideen that then became Al-Qaeda that everybody forgets about.
And also the guy, you know, remember the Iran hostage crisis.
So after that, Reagan comes in, boom, the economy zaps.
That's the same emotion.
Because now the business of America is business.
And the business of America since Clinton, really.
I mean, he was the Iraq War, the Yugoslav War, you know, the Bosnian War.
And then he was bombing Iraq three times a week.
And then Bush comes in with the war on terror, Afghan-Iraq War.
Obama keeps them going.
And now we have someone that talks about business first.
And what happened yesterday?
They brought in Wilbur Ross as the Commerce Secretary, who is finally okayed as the Cabinet position.
You like Wilbur Ross?
Do you think he's a ruthless business guy?
But guess what?
If he's going to work on behalf of we, the people, in renegotiating these lousy trade deals, and they are terrible trade deals,
And I'll make that really clear just to put some facts.
Let's be clear.
I mean, they admit our government has sold America out.
That's their business, is doing lousy trade deals to make sure they get positions for themselves and their wives and their families on the corporate boards of the Chinese, Indian, Mexican and 160 other countries.
Our literal wealth, as you know, in the 1960s was more than half the global GDP.
Now we're way below that.
We have been sold out.
So all Trump's got to do is take the globalist foot off our neck and we're going to explode, aren't we?
That's exactly it.
And that's why the markets are going up.
And again, as you know, I'm a political atheist.
When Trump got in, and it's on, in fact, it's in writing, it's in our broadcasts, five days afterwards, and I saw the market going up, we did a 180 on our economic...
I'm going from being very negative, which they admitted, global depression basically this year, that was admitted, that you were saying now we're boom and that's my next question for you because you were right, you know, who thought when a, you know, 50 billion had come in the first few days it'd be, you know, 2 trillion, 300 billion or whatever it is now, you probably have that number, you're always on top of those numbers.
Gerald Cilente, Trends Forecaster, what do you make then of Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, all bad-mouthing the market, saying it's over, death spiral, implosion.
I have those headlines here today.
Doing everything they can to suppress it because they want a controlled market, even though they've made huge profits because of what Trump's done.
They want full control.
And so who will be successful?
Because Ron Paul was on this a month ago.
He's a smart economist, as you know, from the Von Mises Institute.
And he says, you know, that he thinks it could be too little too late.
He said what Trump's doing is wonderful.
He doesn't usually give praise, but he said globally we're facing something so big he doesn't know if it can be staved off.
So a lot of people are rooting for Trump to fail.
A lot of people on the streets are.
They hate him so much they have no idea he's actually trying to save their butt.
So what do you make of that and will Trump be successful or is it really up to us to make sure he's successful?
Now, he'll be successful, again, going to a guy like Wilbur Ross.
Now, just to put this into perspective, when I say the trade deals are lousy, because I'm not making this up, there was a thing called the chicken tax.
And what happened back in the 1960s is that the United States was dumping a lot of cheap poultry into Europe, particularly Germany.
In retaliation, Germany raised the import taxes of chicken coming in.
LBJ, President Johnson, put on a chicken tax.
If you're going to bring Volkswagens into the United States, particularly those van-sized ones, you know, little buses, we're going to put a 23% tax on all of them.
And they did.
And he was smart.
He picked a hot item that was the best-selling car that year.
I remember reading about that.
And he said, I'm going to put a tax on it.
And did it stop Volkswagens from bringing them in?
And what happened?
Then they kept their tax on until Slimer, Slick Willy Sellout Clinton, that miserable little boy of a nothing, with a bad attitude and a lot of lies and blood on his hands, brought us NAFTA.
And Al Gore, that all those liberals love, they forgot about that debate with Ross Perot, didn't they?
When he warned of the great sucking sound of our jobs leaving the country.
Boy, was Ross Perot not proven absolutely dead on.
So you can have these tariffs.
They're not a dirty word.
The only thing that free trade has given, it's not fair trade, it's slave trade.
It is.
It's a giant sucking sound to the lowest common denominator that is Chinese slaves in literal death camps.
We cannot compete with that.
It's a giant sucking sound to the lowest common denominator.
You make one-sided deals, you get screwed over.
We've seen what happens.
And so Trump is, individually as you know,
Renegotiating each deal.
And every day, major industries are coming back.
This is incredible.
Then I heard Nancy Pelosi on ABC News last night saying he hasn't done one thing for jobs.
She said, quote, one thing.
I mean, what planet is she living on?
Nancy Pelosi or Minnie Mouse?
I mean, who are you talking about?
I mean, what is she?
I mean, there's another one, born on Third Basin, thought she had a home run.
Her old man was in the business of a politician, and she just found her way in there.
What has Nancy Pelosi ever done?
Any of them?
Pelosi, not so fly.
By the way, she looks completely insane.
You always talk about how Alex is not too conspiratorial.
It's all out in the open.
They're a bunch of losers who are, you know, just handed everything.
White Shoe Boys, as you said, Silver Spoon, all of it.
I watch Pelosi, people like Waters, I'm sure you've seen her in press conferences, where they say George W. Bush is still president in the same press conference, and that Putin and Trump invaded Korea.
She doesn't even say North or South Korea.
These people are completely out of their minds.
How about look her up on YouTube?
I guarantee Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States.
You remember her saying that how many times?
So again, going back to the whole crew and putting the whole picture together.
It's not only the Democrats.
I mean, it's little Pauli Ryan.
Oh, he's the worst.
Yeah, what was he?
Eddie Munster before this?
So I'm saying there's no one there.
I agree.
So I mean, I think they won't stop the rally, at least here, because we're the best position, you know, the best worst house in a bad neighborhood.
But if you expand on that, then we'll come back and let you elaborate.
Gerald Cilente here.
How does it go then?
Because the polls show everybody hates what the Democrats are doing, at least the majority.
Trump's getting more popular, even in skewed polls.
It's blowing up in their face.
Prosperity's coming back.
What are they going to do as it dawns on them?
And what is Trump doing letting them in hundreds of newspapers every week saying, kill him?
I mean, I've never seen a bunch of wimps like this going around looking for a fight.
Well, again, you know, you mentioned De Niro.
To me, he's a little low-life nothing.
He doesn't live far from over here.
Maybe he wants to come and punch me in the face, because I think he's a low-life.
I don't like these little Italian boys, or partially Italian, that keep promoting lousy mafia movies.
I don't like these kind of guys.
So anyway, he's just a fat mouth.
And when you talked about his child having autism, and then you remember he pulled that movie out of the Tribeca Film Festival.
Because maybe the guy that talks tough has a little pair of cojones smaller than a mothball.
Because only a little boy would be a coward to pull those motions.
You're on a roll, Gerald.
Let's come back and talk about that.
He won't even thank Trump for trying to put him in a commission to help kids.
It's just exactly... And we thought he was going to lose money in that event is when he pulled it.
So I guess money is more important than his kid.
I don't want to bash De Niro, but it is true.
He runs around everywhere talking about attack Trump physically.
So he deserves, he deserves for what you just said.
I think we'll be right back with Gerald Cilente.
Stay with us and we'll also tell you about his latest Trends Alerts.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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The National Council of La Raza, an organization that promotes the Reconquista of the Southern United States, called President Trump's executive order a, quote, declaration of war on the Hispanic community equivalent to the slave trade.
This organization, meaning the race, La Raza, is promoting Make America Mexico Again.
The president of the National Council of La Raza claimed the president's plan to build a wall on the southern border and deport violent, illegal immigrants will, quote, tarnish our nation's character.
The bottom line is this.
President Trump's decision to build a wall on the southern border does not violate human rights.
President Trump is protecting our borders from radical extremists and criminal thugs.
Stay tuned at InfoWars.com slash show for more immigration news.
Live from the InfoHorse.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing till they... Got a hold of me.
I opened doors for little old ladies.
This ought to be our theme song.
I held the glass... I got no friends cause they read the papers.
I got no friends cause they read the papers.
They can't be seen.
They can't be seen.
With me.
You know it's funny though, back when he produced this song in the 1970s.
If the papers were attacking you, you were destroyed.
If 60 Minutes attacked you, you were destroyed.
Now, when they attack you, they lie about you, they nitpick you.
People love you because MSM is dead.
I'll talk about that with Gerald.
If you go back and read some of the books he wrote in the 1980s, I remember
I remember my dad reading his books in the 1980s, and he predicted so much of what's now come to pass.
Thank God they were able to manipulate the economy to not have the bubble completely implode like most experts agreed it would until Trump got in, and I hope he can stave it off.
I've studied the economy.
He really is only trying to deliver funds and jobs to real communities.
He's making it about people and bringing the workers up again and saying this is about humanity and this is about Main Street and small towns and big cities and coal miners and farmers and teachers and auto mechanics and factory workers.
And dock workers and artists and quality.
Slinty for decades is obsessed with dressing nice and respecting yourself and just look what Trump does.
And it's bringing all that back.
I'm going to go back to him here in just a moment, finish up with De Niro, but also Trump just signed a bill for empowerment through legislation to promote women in business.
So just a lot of exciting things.
And anybody will tell you he's gotten awards for putting more women in management positions than anybody else in the hotel and golf course businesses.
And of course, he's been given awards for hiring record numbers of black people and letting them move up from the very bottom, just like, you know, women or anybody else right to the top.
That's what Trump wants, and I'm just, I don't want to sit here and fawn.
It's just, he's not perfect on a few things, but he's so real and is doing what he says, even though I disagree with some of it, it's so genuine to see the return of that.
We haven't seen this in a very long time.
We're going back to Gerald here in a moment.
Before I go any further, you know Google banned us through their Adworld subsidiary.
It's a separate company, you know, right?
That's the company you have to go through to get on Google.
We've been running ads with them for three years.
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But anyways, they should do whatever they want, and they're now censoring us.
In the ratings as well with our articles.
And they promised they'd do this, and Facebook and Twitter are doing it as well.
People say, well that's their own platform.
No, we follow their rules.
We're legitimate news organizations.
They're supposed to give you whatever the hottest thing is.
That's what drives stuff to the top.
They don't do that.
But I'm digressing.
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Yeah, it's okay to have a country.
It's okay to be sovereign.
Glenn Beck comes out.
I want to ask Gerald about this on CNN last week and says, it's very scary to talk about nationalism and economic nationalism.
Bannon's scary.
That's like saying it's scary, you know, for fish to live in the ocean or for birds to fly in the sky.
I mean, to have a country.
We've gotten to this upside down world where they're trying to force feed us this narrative that it's dirty to have a country.
So I've been ranting.
Of course, people should go and sign up for your free news alert or sign up for the publication, the Trends Journal.
They can do that at TrendsResearch.com.
But getting back, that's quite a cornucopia that I just laid out there, Gerald, but what do you want to tackle first?
Well, first of all, I'd like to say about your products, and I buy them, so I recommend to everyone to consider... Don't you have a degree in that or something?
I have an honorary doctorate of law from the National University of Health Sciences for the work I've done in integrative and complementary medicine.
You've had so many bestsellers.
Didn't you run one of the main bestsellers on herbs?
Well, it was called Natural Healing back in 1986.
It was a Warnham book.
So, yeah, I've been very much involved in this and I use your product.
Well, thank you for the support.
And for people to stay, you know, healthy in this poison planet, you know, I would suggest you consider, you know, building your immune system.
Well, plus, people have got to support the Trends Journal and hand the magazine out, because they may know a lot of this stuff.
Their friends and family don't.
And they've got to support platforms that are under attack, because that was my next question.
Let me finish on the economy because it ties in a lot to your first guest as well.
Corsi is his name?
Yes, Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Yes, and he was talking about Obamacare.
What this is that people aren't putting into connection.
You remember another thing called too big to fail?
Alright, in capitalism there's no such thing as too big to fail.
You rise and fall on your own merits.
This is not a failure of capitalism.
Then you go back to Obamacare... Sure, it's a lot of people like Pelosi, doesn't know what world she's on, and Obama, totally lazy, doing whatever he wants, you know, ripping us off, telling us they're geniuses, as you always say.
And then what happens is we're being forced under Obamacare, first of all to pay a penalty in taxes, but the bigger one, being forced to buy insurance from a private company.
That's called, what I just said, too big to fail in Obamacare.
It's the merger of state and corporate powers, which by definition is called fascism.
And then when you talk about why the liberals don't complain, and again, all of these protests week after week, what are they protesting?
Where were they when Obama was destroying Libya, killing...
30, 40,000 people.
All these little liberals had lockjaw.
How about Hillary Clinton?
Assad has to go.
Qaddafi has to go.
Oh, that's all right.
We'll forget about that because we're little, low-life hypocrites that have no courage.
And then you keep going on.
How about Obama, the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner?
As soon as he gets it, bam, more troops into Afghanistan.
No, I know the ones the liberals love the most.
I'm really good at killing people.
Quoted in the book Double Down, over 4,000 innocent people killed by Obama.
And he thinks it's tough that he orders the drone strikes, claims he's anti-war, launches more wars than Bush and Clinton combined, but it's okay because, well, he's African American.
And then again, tying it all together, you asked why they do it, and the reason is the same reason why people are in abusive relationships.
They call themselves party members.
Little kids calling themselves party members to a party that they're never invited to, of course.
Party only steals from them, they're the murderers and thieves.
I was about to say, isn't it that modern leftists, because we're not left-wing or right-wing, obviously,
Are like wannabe club members, like saying they're royalty.
They're just delusional, and they're anti-free speech, and they don't get they're being ripped off by the very so-called leaders they defend and worship.
It's make-believe.
That's what I'm saying.
They're in an abusive relationship.
Their husband or wife kills, and it's okay with them.
So then tying this all together about too big to fail and going back into what Corsi said about Obamacare, the merger of state and corporate powers, and where the economy is going.
We believe there's going to be, the Trends Journal just came out today, the new edition, and it's in there.
Briefly, there's going to be a market correction.
No question about it.
You don't have a boom like this in any kind of condition, no matter who's there, without a correction.
And by the way, Fobber and a lot of other people are saying that.
They're saying it's not Trump's fault.
But what we're saying is that it's not going to be a crash.
He'll be a market correction, and then the if, if Trump sticks by and does, and we can't say if he's not or isn't going to continue it, but if he, and again, like them or not, not the issue, if he goes with his tax cuts that he's promising, if he does the deregulations that he says he's going to do, and if he goes into the infrastructure program that he says,
If he brings back jobs to America, then yes, the correction will be just that.
A correction and then a bounce back.
And that's in our latest Trends Journal.
Now, bringing it back to Jeff Beck and talking about how dare we be nationalistic, go back to our top trends of 2016.
And one of the top one was a self-sustaining economy.
So in one time, for example, in New York area, you had over 300,000 people in the garment industry.
And that's exactly what Trump's saying.
We're going to have trade, but we're also going to have local inner-city trade between cities, between counties, between states.
We're going to have investment that creates those micro-economies that always traded that amazing richness of America.
Again, 98% of our clothing comes from overseas.
Sure, let's just say it though, Gerald.
I mean, so much of what Trump says and does is exactly what you've been saying for decades.
I mean, I know you were kind of neutral on Trump early on in the election, but I mean, is it not surreal to see how much he's delivering on classic Americana populism?
Yes, it is.
It's real in that sense.
And those are the things I agree with him on.
On the war front's a whole different issue, as you know.
But it's talking about the economy.
And again, not what I like or don't like, it's what is.
And the what is, he's building confidence.
That's why you're seeing the markets go up.
And not only our markets, but emerging markets that were submerged.
Yeah, the whole world's demonizing him because the globalists control those markets, but the whole system's rising despite all their attacks.
The whole world ought to be thanking Trump.
On the economy, yes.
And Americans should be thanking him.
But you see where they're going wrong is they just keep... about immigration.
Go back again to the Great Depression.
Nobody was allowed to come in.
It wasn't about Mexico.
You couldn't come in from Italy.
You couldn't come in from Germany.
You couldn't come in from anywhere.
We couldn't take care of our own.
Once you take care of your own family.
How are we supposed to take record numbers of immigrants, which we've been doing, that are unskilled or handicapped when we're already falling apart?
And speaking of...
Falling apart.
CNN has almost no ratings except when Trump's on.
I thought it was smart he said no to the White House Correspondents' Dinner that's about the president.
They want to use it as a, you know, sniping attack.
A trap.
You know.
Also, they said, hey, some of these press conferences, we're going to let other independent media in and not always let CNN or BuzzFeed to put out fake dossiers on.
And then they bitch and complain because they're so entitled.
I want you to comment on both those.
And then CNN comes out in a new whopper of really hilarity.
So this is kind of a heavy subject.
I want to have some entertainment here.
You know, kind of a laugh break.
CNN claims they do not root for any president as they demonize Trump and fawn after Obama.
Here it is.
Look at this guy.
We don't see CNN or the New York Times rooting for any president, whether Republican or Republican.
Okay, I want Gerald to comment on that, but that is so rich.
Let's put the facts into place.
We have WikiLeaks.
We have all the memos where they give the questions at press conferences to CNN to ask, to the New York Times to ask.
They're giving her the debate questions.
They're rigging everything.
They're totally rooting for Hillary and the rest of it.
Sorry, go ahead.
Oh, go back to that guy Stephanopoulos.
Who did he work for?
The Clintons.
What's that guy, Little Chuckie Todd?
On Meet the Prestitutes.
Oh, what did he say?
Oh, that they were too easy on Clinton.
Oh, that's a fact.
But, I mean, Clinton's running him.
Clinton was actually running him and telling him what headlines to have.
That's what I'm saying.
How does he get away with saying... And then, what I'm saying, though, he worked for a Democrat, too.
And that's what I'm saying.
They've all been in bed with the parties.
So they're going after Trump because he's cutting them out.
He's breaking up the old system.
And that's when they made up the whole fake news story.
When the media lost.
That's when they made... You go right back.
It's right after Trump gets elected.
They start hitting with fake news.
They are the fake news propagandists.
The people that gave us all these wars.
Well, we won't go into that.
By the way, after Jimmy Carter was crossed by Ronald Reagan, that's when they created CNN to prop up the Democratic Party.
I mean, Ted Turner admitted that.
The claim that CNN doesn't root for anybody, when CNN on their own admissions was founded for the Democratic Party, this is ridiculous!
And again, as you mentioned, the facts are there with Wikileaks.
They were giving Hitler-y questions before the debates, the town hall meetings.
And then again, with NBC, with that meet the prostitute guy.
Sure, so when we come back, I want to ask you this question.
How will the mainstream media die?
I think Trump
Kicking him out, not going to the Correspondence Center is kind of the final tombstone that the facade's about to fall over with the next big wind.
And what comes out of that?
But first, here's Trump a few weeks ago saying the whole Russia thing is a rouge.
Now the head of the Intelligence Committee comes out and says there's not even phone calls.
There's no evidence.
We just kept hearing this from Brennan, who's a Wahhabist.
None of it was true.
Here's the President.
Russia is a ruse.
I know you have to get up and ask a question so important.
Russia is a ruse.
I have nothing to do with Russia.
Haven't made a phone call to Russia in years.
Don't speak to people from Russia.
Not that I wouldn't, I just have nobody to speak to.
No, stop right there.
The Young Turks came out and said he's a liar.
He knows Roger Stone, who's a Russian agent, though that's never been proven.
And now they've had to come out and admit none of that's even there.
Not on Stone.
None of them.
Stone in the 80s helped roll up a Soviet spy nest in Washington, D.C.
It's the biggest load of crap the world's ever seen.
Joe, we're going out to break.
What do you say to that?
Well, again, you know, the Democrats, don't they love war?
No peace with Russia.
We gotta make America hate again.
When Russia is only trying to stabilize itself.
I'm just saying.
No, I agree, but I mean, Russia's doing nothing, and that's why they want to have a war with it, because then they can push Russia around with all those countries that are around at the Europe borders.
Great points, Gerald.
We'll be back on the other side.
Robert David Steele, former of the Marine Corps, actually an operative on the ground with the CIA, with HUMET running whole operations, an expert on hacking, and again, former CIA case officer, robertdavidsteele.com.
He was talking about a whole other subject today, but clearly they're making their move trying to block the restoration of the Republic.
They're taking the gloves off, openly saying censor.
They just hit us really hard.
Oh, I forgot!
I went in last week and noticed three videos totaling more than 20 million views that were removed off our Facebook, deleted.
And they didn't tell us why.
Used to, they'd tell you.
And it was rare.
It's everywhere.
They're hitting us with a stealth system to test us, to see what we do, and to see if we notice.
Now, I don't... This all broke this morning.
We don't even have articles out on this yet, okay?
But Robert David Steele joins us.
I want to get his take on where we are and what's currently happening.
But people need to understand, this is the most serious censorship since the Civil War in this country.
Robert David Steele, thank you for joining us.
What do you make of all this?
AdRoll is a failing company.
They laid off 500 people in December.
They're a crap company, okay?
They do whatever Google tells them to do.
And behind Google is Eric Schmidt.
Behind Eric Schmidt is the Clinton Foundation and George Sotos, and behind them are the Rothschilds.
What is happening right now is that we need a new internet.
I want to bury Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube, and I want to do it in the next 90 days with a blockchain technology that Donald Trump could roll out with Brad Parscale overnight.
I agree because they're not backing off and just letting us have our country back.
They are declaring war.
I think they've miscalculated.
I mean, Twitter is a treasonous company right now.
Google should be prosecuted for all of the undeclared campaign contributions worth tens of millions of dollars that they gave to Hillary Clinton.
The bottom line here is that Trump needs a Trump channel that bypasses not just the mainstream media, but the social media.
And an Electoral Reform Act.
Those two things together, combined with counterintelligence, will allow Trump to survive.
The Republican and Democratic parties, the billionaires in New York, some of the energy guys in Texas, are all against Trump.
Trump is right where John F. Kennedy was just before he got assassinated.
I am the top intelligence professional for the 21st century.
With eight books, two with forewords by senators, and I will tell you my independent evaluation of the media is a D-.
Crap news network and the freaked out X-holes, as I call them.
And there's no doubt the people that own the corporate media are the enemy.
They're the globalists.
Final segment with Gerald Cilente, then I'm going to host five more minutes in the next hour and then Owen Schroeder is taking over.
Then live coverage tonight.
7 o'clock to 10 o'clock.
Central, Trump speaks at 8.
Congress, this is going to be big, so I'm going to be up here with the crew.
I'll be hosting from about 7.45 to 10.
They're going to do the nightly news before me in here.
So, Infowars.com, Ford's last show.
Please take that link, send it out to everybody you know.
Also, please send the link out.
He's got several.
TrendsResearch.com, TrendsJournal.com, Gerald Salente.
I want to play giant Brian Stelter's name.
Again, these are all political operatives, most of them Democrats.
And he just exudes arrogance and dirt-baggery.
And I don't just attack people for no reason.
He's a bully.
He bullies people, he does all this stuff, and he's just... Every day when I see a clip online, it's whoppers that here at CNN, we don't root for presidents.
Folks, they... I don't know who would win a contest, because you got Brian Williams at MSNBC and CNBC saying, you know, he gets a tickle up his leg and gets sexually aroused by Obama, and then just all this worship and fawning.
They're all fawning.
Chris Matthews, yeah, yeah.
Most of them sit there and worship the Democratic Party publicly, and then they just say, oh no, we have no connection to them.
It's like saying the sky isn't blue.
Who comes up with whopper lies when the liberals that watch CNN know it's completely biased?
I mean, what type of BS is this?
Let's play that clip again and get Gerald's comment.
We don't see CNN or the New York Times rooting for any president, whether a Democrat or a Republican.
Gerald, I'm sorry, that's just too much.
Well, you know, I did on your show one time, I kept putting up the headlines of the New York Times throughout August.
Day after day after day.
And you went back years ago and you showed how positive they were towards Obama versus Trump.
There was no honeymoon for Trump at all.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
Everyone knows CNN and MSNBC and the Washington Post are absolutely on the butt of the Democratic Party and just absolutely keeping them honest.
And again, you have to look at who these people work for.
The Stephanopoulos guy was the Clinton's top guy, you know, for many years in the beginning of his campaign.
And there he is playing Chris Cuomo on CNN.
Oh, Chris Cuomo isn't his brother, the governor?
Did you hear Cuomo say that fathers that don't want their daughters to be in showers with full-grown men and don't want to see their penises are bad people?
I'm just saying, he's a member of the Democratic Party.
His brother's governor.
His father was governor.
So let's call it what it is.
Again, Chuck Todd.
You know, he worked for the Democratic governor.
You know, a guy, a senator wanted to run for president.
You know, they're all connected to the family.
The murderous family, going back to Trump and the economy.
The economy, we're saying, and you know I was negative on it until five days after the election.
The economy has a great potential to expand if we become a self-sustaining economy.
And that means you make your products here.
Why not?
We did it for centuries.
Every successful country has.
You have to put it back out.
Oh, that gets me back to Glenn Beck.
Did you see the clip last week where he said just having a nation is bad and he can't believe Trump wants a nation?
He actually said that.
You know, why would I, again, why do people listen to Jon Stewart, Colbert, Mickey Mouse, Donald Trump?
No, I agree, but this new thing where they go, Trump wanting to have a nation is evil, it's scary, quote, close quote.
And then stuff like CNN and the New York Times, we're not biased towards the Democrats.
I mean, what?
These are such whoppers.
Have they gone crazy?
It's true they are.
They're either sociopaths or psychopaths in the business.
You know, again, as you mentioned, you know, we call things the way they are.
One of the key stories in the Trends Journal that just came out is play the Trump card.
We said whether you like him, dislike him, good or bad, not the issue.
Look at the positives.
See the direction things are going and play the Trump card.
This is a guy that became President of the United States by defying all of the ground rules.
He played his own game and you can too.
Gerald, thank you so much.
Look forward to speaking to you again, my friend.
Thank you.
Always great.
Fourth Hour with Owen Shroyer, straight ahead.
I've got some other announcements first.
Stay with us.
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Study finds Subway chicken only contains about 50% chicken.
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Well, Subway's also been caught basically putting, like, plastic fillers, so has McDonald's, in their products.
And the point is, when the public gets mad, they end up taking it out or changing it.
It shows being involved, being informed, is smart.
It makes a better world.
Now, they would just like to call you a conspiracy theorist when you think for yourself.
A recent study conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has found that the sandwich-changed chicken meat
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There's five things you need to know about it.
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In a string of unfortunate drop-dead instances of top Russian diplomats, Vitaly Churkin, Russia's ambassador to the UN, has just been added to the list.
Just in the last two months, this marks the fourth case in an unprecedented series of leading Russian diplomats being either shot on the spot or found dead.
All these men played instrumental roles in promotion of relations between Russia and other countries.
As the fake stream media continues to cultivate public hatred toward Russia, and the deep states declared war on President Trump, condemning him as a Russian agent and Putin's puppet reaches the levels of grotesque absurdity, one has to wonder, are all these deaths merely a coincidence?
You decide.
But I'll leave you with a statement from the previous administration spokesman John Kirby, who threatened Moscow with terror attacks in Russian cities and even shoot downs of Russian jets if Vladimir Putin continued his fight against ISIS in Syria.
There are other options that don't revolve around the act of diplomacy.
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Sure, sure.
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I just said I want to come back on.
And what I really wanted to do was thank the listeners, the viewers, in the last week and a half.
Helping us come back at least a third of the way in the deficit that we're projecting for the year because Google banned us through Adderall being able to advertise on the internet.
So a lot of the first and second hour was about massive censorship that's intensifying openly.
It's because they're desperate.
It's because they're losing.
I didn't really come on to plug the specials anymore.
Those are ending tomorrow.
I just wanted to thank all the listeners and viewers for really coming through because, you know,
I genuinely got pissed off last week, because it's hard to raise money to run this.
I want to fight the globalists.
I want to kick their ass.
And so, I don't want to say I got depressed.
I got in a really nasty mood last week, because I'm so sick of all this crap.
And, you know, treating us like garbage.
And, you know, trying to ban anybody that is an establishment.
And all the lies about Trump.
Just all of it.
I'm so sick of it.
And so it's just so good that the listeners, again, when I say they are the InfoWar, they're the resistance of every race, color, creed, we're all human beings, of every religion all over the world that want freedom, that believe in humanity.
I'm not just kissing your butt or patronizing when I say you're the resistance, you're the reason we're successful.
I'm ashamed of the stuff I do half the time.
We have some great moments, the crew does a great job.
But the point is, at least I'm trying.
And I, you know, have good will towards people.
So don't thank me when you call in, folks.
I want to thank you for everything you do, and putting up with us, and your incredible support, and kicking the globalist asses.
And it just lets them know, no matter what they do, if it's God's will, and if God's with us, who can stand against us, that we're going to move forward and take action, and we're having providence come back in.
It doesn't mean you're some Bible thumper, it just means you love God, you want to be good, you want to say no to evil.
He doesn't want you to admit all that exists, because once you don't declare providence and say you want God in your life, the evil comes into that vacuum.
So, big things are happening.
I know you've got a lot to cover.
This amazing crew right here, just humbling the entire InfoWars crew.
Everything we're doing, next level.
And so, it's just so exciting.
I mean, look at Paul Watson.
Second biggest guy on YouTube now, and I'm not just talking about political.
I mean, he's gigantic.
And that's somebody that came out of the Info War.
And, you know, we're looking for more people that are going to want to fight the globalists.
And it's just an exciting thing, you know, you people don't join Info Wars, that we have spurred so many other people to join the fight against tyrants, to take action.
You know, Paul only has 517,000 followers, but he has more impressions than the millions and millions of followers at BBC, because those are fake, and those are zombies, those aren't real people.
It's the same thing.
You know, I used to go on a little Christian station for like an hour here and there, say in Florida or New York or wherever, do an hour-long interview and plug DVD sales of a film that I was reviewing.
That's how we funded ourselves early on.
And I might sell 200 DVDs an hour on some little mom-and-pop station.
You know, I just mentioned the film.
I'd go on Fox News, mention my website, even mention a film, I'd sell five copies.
Okay, supposedly the biggest thing out there.
They're not.
A bunch of zombies watching.
It's a joke.
The whole hoax is coming down, and it's great to be here with you and everybody else.
So I want to thank the viewers and listeners for everything they've done, and kicking the globalist ass, and never giving in, and never giving up.
And I want to encourage everybody to email their friends, their neighbors, their family, their community, and send that link out.
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So, we've got the mainstream media against Trump, we've got the mainline establishment politicians against Trump, and this was a story from Yahoo.
Larry Summers...
He's worried about enormous damage to the economy.
Oh, now Larry Summers is worried.
It's, you know, he's only been serving this country for over a decade with Clinton and Obama, but now!
See, now Larry Summers is worried.
Trump hasn't even been in office, but what?
A month?
And now Larry Summers, just conveniently worried.
In a wide-ranging interview in his offices at Harvard University, well Harvard, what do you expect?
And then of course the liberal students buy everything he says.
Summers called the new administration pronouncements on trade, for instance, wildly irresponsible and potentially very dangerous.