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Name: 20170224_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 24, 2017
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The Alex Jones Show discusses America's need for freedom, the political climate surrounding President Trump, globalism, civil war within the government, demonization tactics against conservatives in media, Glenn Beck's role in politics, and the importance of prayer and humility. They feature a speech from CPAC by Donald Trump, address issues like transgender bathroom use in public schools, violent protests called for by radical liberals, introduce Caveman by Infowarslife.com, discuss the importance of iodine in health, interview Joy Villa who recently gained popularity for her Trump-supporting dress at the Grammys and talks about her music, her belief in being strong and feminine without mutually excluding each other, and her support for President Trump despite backlash. They criticize mainstream news networks for misrepresenting their statements, promote various products on their show, discuss censorship and banning of InfoWars from advertising platforms, and cover topics such as ancestral memory, globalists' knowledge of instincts in humans, Cuomo's stance on transgender issues, Colbert's negative portrayal of them, and concerns over increasing globalist attacks on freedom of speech and personal liberties.

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Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday.
Alex Jones here.
I am on the road.
I will be in in the next hour.
We've got so much to break down.
I may even go four or five hours extra today because there is just so much to break down.
The critical battles against the globalists are at key junctures right now.
The way they're trying to basically have a civil war inside the government and block Trump is amazing.
The way he's fighting back is absolutely critical and that we support him.
We're going to look at the demonization tactics that are taking place.
Stephen Colbert misrepresenting what I say and what I do.
The same tactics are used on Trump and ways to further mobilize the base to ensure that we defeat this entire program.
We also have the Judas Goat, Glenn Beck, going on all these shows saying Stephen Bannon is dangerous because he's, quote, a nationalist.
Glenn Beck is openly declaring himself a globalist.
He's always been one to control the movement.
And see, they were going to ban conservative and libertarian media this year.
Hillary had admitted that when she got elected.
And so they're still going ahead with that program.
Beck thought he sided with the winners and he was going to be the representative now of the conservatives.
He was going to be the fake conservative who then played along with their system as controlled opposition.
But they lost.
Because America was in such a critical crisis, finally the intelligence agencies and other patriot groups ensured Hillary couldn't fully steal the election.
She did steal part of it.
And so now they're in such panic mode, they're just going ahead with their program as if Hillary still got elected.
And that's why the government and the shadow government is behaving as if
Trump doesn't exist and the American people don't exist with total arrogance, but they're failing.
We have the initiative.
We have the upper hand.
We have justice and the right side of history on our side and destiny.
But most importantly, pray to God and get on your knees.
And repent for everything you've done, I do as well, and humble ourselves before the Lord, and ask God for guidance, and to lift the scales from our fellow countrymen and women's eyes, and others around the globe.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar, and you are the key, the critical anchor to that whole thing.
In the last two days, we've seen massive, unprecedented support coming in, since Google banned us through AdRoll.
From being able to online advertise, just incredible jackboot chilling effect censorship.
But we're going to find ways to defeat that.
Thanks for your support.
So thank you all.
Now back to the live transmission from Austin, Texas.
Alright, I'm David Niden.
It's Friday, February 24th, 2017.
We're going to have as our special guest for the next hour, Donald Trump.
No, not as an interview.
We're going to have his speech from CPAC.
And we're going to play that for you in its entirety with comments.
But I have to say that as we're looking at the news coming out of CPAC, we've also seen an announcement from Ted Cruz saying that he believes that SCOTUS vacancy is just a few months away.
He thinks by this summer we're going to have someone who is going to leave the Supreme Court
Many people expect that's going to be Anthony Kennedy, a guy who's been there since Reagan appointed him.
And of course he has been a swing justice, swinging to the left repeatedly.
Why does he swing to the left?
Well, because he looks to foreign law, international law, to interpret the Constitution.
Sorry, that's not how you interpret the Constitution.
Another person who is off the track, of course, is Glenn Beck, as Alex Jones just pointed out.
You used to think of him simply as a plagiarist.
No, he's an enemy of the Constitution.
He is an outright liar and subverter.
And let me give you an example of this.
He said that Steve Bannon's economic nationalism agenda is not conservative.
Well, you know what?
We're not proposing going as radical as the Founding Fathers did.
People like Thomas Jefferson.
I've repeated this over and over again.
The fact that Thomas Jefferson said, on his second inaugural address, that in his first term, he eliminated all internal taxation, which was very small, and he was able to support the government entirely on taxes and tariffs at the border.
Now that was American foreign policy, folks.
We funded our government pretty much exclusively on tariffs coming into this country.
Until 1913, when we created the income tax, and we created the Federal Reserve, and we went to a situation where we started taxing citizens and not goods crossing the border.
How's that worked out for us?
See, that's where this all comes together.
The central banks, the globalists,
Glenn Beck is now in that boat with them, rowing as hard as he can in the opposite direction of Donald Trump and of Steve Bannon.
I talked about this on Wednesday night on the Nightly News.
We talked about how important it is that we not lose Bannon's voice.
He's been a very important advisor.
We'll be back with Donald Trump's speech at CPAC.
Stay with us.
President Trump's administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama's guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools.
Now, radical liberals are calling for violent protests in the streets.
George Takai from the original Star Trek tweeted out, the Trump administration's war on the LGBT community has begun.
Be prepared to take our fight to the street.
Are you with us LGBT allies?
But he wasn't done.
Hours later he tweeted that an American spring is coming.
The radical left is demanding tolerance and threatening violence if they don't get special privileges in the name of tolerance.
Yet they themselves practice extreme intolerance toward conservatives.
So the question is, should we be tolerant toward their intolerance?
Because after all, tolerance is a two-way street.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show on this Friday, February 24, 2017.
I'm David Knight.
We're going to have a special guest for you, as I said jokingly in the last segment, Donald Trump.
Now we're going to play his speech from CPAC.
We're going to play the speech in its entirety, and that's coming up in just one moment.
Before we do, very quickly,
I want to look at what we've seen also from SCOTUS, from CPAC rather, that Ted Cruz says another SCOTUS vacancy is just months away.
He says we may have another Supreme Court vacancy this summer.
If that happens, as much as the left is crazy now, they will go full Armageddon meltdown because the next vacancy is where we'll have the ability to act and restore basic Constitution protections.
What he's talking about is the fact that replacing Scalia, who was put in by Ronald Reagan and died, of course, about a year ago in office,
Replacing Scalia with a conservative justice does not change the balance of the court.
That's why Neil Gorsuch's nomination should not be a controversial issue.
However, somebody else that changes now, it's going to move the court.
If Donald Trump puts somebody like Neil Gorsuch in, or if he puts a conservative in, that could very well change the balance of the court, especially since most of the older justices are leaning to the left, like Kennedy.
He's the one that people believe is going to be the one
It's going to be the next one to go.
They've been talking about it since last fall.
And some other justices have, their names have come up, but they've been put down essentially.
Justice Clarence Thomas was mentioned, but of course his wife said no, no, he's not looking to get out.
When you look at Kennedy, he's been a swing justice because he interprets the law not the way Scalia did.
Scalia interpreted things by the Constitution, by original intent of our founders, by the intentions that they recorded when they were debating the Constitution.
But Justice Kennedy would turn to international and foreign law.
And that's when he would side with the left.
Because the left doesn't like the Constitution.
They're looking at any way to escape it.
He has been at best a swing justice, but in recent years he's been moving far to the left.
So that would be a very important thing.
And of course we may have, when you look at the ages and the health conditions of these justices, Donald Trump could have four appointments.
So it would not be surprising to see another one this summer.
Without further delay, let's get to the speech that Donald Trump gave earlier at CPAC.
And let's cut to that right now.
It is my honor
To introduce, to CPAC 2017, our president, Donald Trump.
Welcome to Houston, and New York to L.A.
It's five o'clock in the morning, and it's time to stand and say,
It may be safe to say the crowd likes him.
Is he conservative?
They think he is.
Great to be back at CPAC.
The place I have really... I love this place.
Love you people.
So thank you.
Thank you very much.
First of all, I want to thank Matt Schlapp and his very, very incredible wife and boss, Mercedes.
Who have been fantastic friends and supporters, and so great, when I watch them on television defending me, nobody has a chance.
So, I want to thank Matt and Mercedes.
And when Matt called, and asked, I said, absolutely, I'll be there with you.
I mean, the real reason I said it, I didn't want him to go against me, because that, that one you can't beat.
So I said absolutely and it really is an honor to be here.
I wouldn't miss a chance to talk to my friends.
These are my friends.
And we'll see you again next year and the year after that.
I'll be doing this.
I'll be doing this with CPAC whenever I can and I'll make sure that we're here a lot.
You know, if you remember my first major speech... Sit down, everybody.
Come on.
You know, the dishonest media, they'll say, he didn't get a standing ovation.
You know why?
No, you know why?
Because everybody stood and nobody sat.
So they will say, he never got a standing ovation.
They are the worst.
So... Sit down.
Donald Trump did not get a standing ovation.
They leave out the part, they never sat down.
They leave that out.
So I just want to thank... But you know my first major speech was at CPAC and probably five or six years ago.
First major political speech and you were there and it was... I loved it.
I loved the people.
I loved the commotion.
And then they did these polls where I went through the roof and I wasn't even running, right?
But it gave me an idea.
And I got a little bit concerned when I saw what was happening in the country.
And I said, let's go to it.
So it was very exciting.
I walked the stage on CPAC.
I'll never forget it, really.
I had very little notes and even less preparation.
So when you have practically no notes and no preparation and then you leave and everybody was thrilled, I said, I think I like this business.
I would have come last year, but I was worried that I would be at that time too controversial.
We wanted border security.
We wanted very, very strong military.
We wanted all of the things that we're going to get.
And people considered that controversial, but you didn't consider it controversial.
So, I've been with CPAC for a long time.
All of these years we've been together and now you finally have a president.
Took you a long time.
Took you a long time.
And it's patriots like you that made it happen.
Believe me.
Believe me.
You did it because you love your country, because you want a better future for your children, and because you want to make America great again.
The media didn't think we would win.
The pundits, you're right, they had an idea.
The pundits didn't think we'd win.
The consultants that suck up all that money, oh, they suck it up, they're so good.
They're not good at politics, but they're really good at sucking up people's money.
Especially my opponents, because I kept them down to a minimum.
But the consultants didn't think we would win.
But they all underestimated the power of the people, you.
And the people prove them totally wrong.
Never under... And this is so true.
And this is what's been happening.
Never underestimate the people.
I don't think it'll ever happen again.
And I want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news.
It's fake.
A few days ago, I called the fake news the enemy of the people, and they are.
They are the enemy of the people.
Because they have no sources, they just make them up when there are none.
I saw one story recently where they said nine people have confirmed.
There are no nine people.
I don't believe there was one or two people.
Nine people.
And I said, give me a break, because I know the people.
I know who they talked to.
There were no nine people, but they say nine people.
And somebody reads it, they think, oh, nine people, they have nine sources.
They make up sources.
They're very dishonest people.
In fact, in covering my comments, the dishonest media did not explain that I called the fake news the enemy of the people.
The fake news.
They dropped off the word fake.
And all of a sudden, the story became the media.
Is the enemy.
They take the word fake out.
And now I'm saying, oh no, this is no good.
But that's the way they are.
So I'm not against the media.
I'm not against the press.
I don't mind bad stories if I deserve them.
And I tell you, I love good stories, but we won't.
I don't get too many.
But I am.
Only against the fake news media or press.
They have to leave that word.
I'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources.
They shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name.
Let their name be put out there.
Let their name be put out.
A source says that Donald Trump is a horrible, horrible human being.
Let him say it to my face!
Let there be no more sources.
And remember this, and not all in all cases.
I mean, I had a story written yesterday about me.
In Reuters by a very honorable man.
It was a very fair speech.
Alright, we're going to hold that speech there.
This is a speech that Donald Trump just gave at CPAC.
We're going to be right back after the break with more of that.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this Wednesday, February 24, 2017.
I'm David Knight.
We've been playing, and we're going to continue to play for you, Donald Trump's speech at CPAC.
We're going to get back to that in just one moment, but before we do, I want to remind you of what we were talking about on Wednesday night, the fact that we had a major
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Let's go back in the time that we have in this break.
We've got a long segment coming up, but let's go back to the speech that we had at CPAC earlier today.
This is Donald Trump at CPAC.
There are some great reporters around.
They're talented, they're honest as the day is long.
They're great.
But there are some terrible, dishonest people.
And they do a tremendous disservice to our country and to our people.
A tremendous disservice.
They are very dishonest people.
And they shouldn't use sources.
They should put the name of the person.
You will see stories dry up like you've never seen before.
So you have no idea how bad it is because if you are not part of the story, and I put myself in your position sometimes, because many of you, you're not part of the story.
And if you're not part of the story, you know, then you sort of know if you are part of the story, you know what they're saying is true or not.
So when they make it up.
And they make up something else, and you saw that before the election.
The polls.
They come out with these polls, and everybody was so surprised.
Actually, a couple of polls got it right.
I must say, Los Angeles Times did a great job.
Shocking, because, you know, they did a great job.
And we had a couple of others that were right.
But, generally speaking, I mean, I can tell you the network.
Somebody said, a poll came out!
And I say, what network is it?
And they'll say a certain, let's not even mention names, right?
Because that's where Glenn Beck goes.
You have a lot of them.
Look, the Clinton News Network is one.
That's where Glenn Beck went to go and say that Bannon is not a conservative.
Alright, we're going to go to break and we're going to be right back with more of the speech from Donald Trump.
President Trump's administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama's guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools.
Now, radical liberals are calling for violent protests in the streets.
George Takai from the original Star Trek tweeted out, the Trump administration's war on the LGBT community has begun.
Be prepared to take our fight to the street.
Are you with us LGBT allies?
But he wasn't done.
Hours later he tweeted that an American spring is coming.
The radical left is demanding tolerance and threatening violence if they don't get special privileges in the name of tolerance.
Yet they themselves practice extreme intolerance toward conservatives.
So the question is, should we be tolerant toward their intolerance?
Because after all, tolerance is a two-way street.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Friday, February 24, 2017.
I'm David Knight.
We're listening to the speech that Donald Trump gave just this morning at CPAC.
Great speech.
And of course, in the speech, he's attacking, as we stop this, he's attacking CNN.
He says, oh, there's all these fake news networks, really fake, I don't want to mention them, and they're all yelling CNN.
And he goes, well, the Clinton News Network.
Yeah, exactly.
We've got a couple of stories up at Infowars.com.
Amid CNN leaks, sleuths say nearly half of CNN's Twitter followers are fake.
Now, the interesting thing about this story is that, like we continually see,
With CNN and other organizations, they'll put out fake news about the real news.
So the real news is that there's this leak coming out from Project Veritas.
So, to discredit it, they make up some quotes and put those quotes out, so then they can then come back and say, look, that wasn't real, and all the stuff that you're hearing from Project Veritas is not real.
That's their tactic.
So they go double fake, if you will.
It's almost like 1984, double fake.
No, they go double fake.
But if you look at it, you look at Twitter audit, which anybody can do, you can look at any Twitter account and you can see how many of the Twitter followers are real and how many are fake.
Now, there's always going to be a certain percentage of fake followers, but if somebody goes out and buys followers, you're going to see that they're going to have a very small percentage of real followers.
For CNN, only 46% are real.
54% are fake.
That should be a warning sign for people that they're out there getting
Twitter followers.
But even more interesting, I think, is the fact that Glenn Beck went to CNN, of all places, to say that Trump and Steve Bannon were not real conservatives.
Now, you saw the standing ovation, the multiple standing ovations that Donald Trump got, and he said, well, they're going to say that this didn't happen.
Now, that's not even as outrageous as what Glenn Beck is saying.
He's saying, they're not conservative.
You've got Bannon, who wants to get rid of bureaucracy in Washington.
Since when did bureaucracy in Washington, the administrative state, and this was the lower thirds that went up on CNN.
Ooh, horror.
Steve Bannon says the White House goal is, quote, deconstruction of the administrative state.
Do conservatives support the administrative state?
Maybe they do.
Ronald Reagan said he was going to get rid of the Department of Education, but instead of getting rid of it, he made it like eight times larger over his term.
And now we've got Glenn Beck out there saying, no, this is economic nationalism.
That's not conservative.
Yes, it was.
Yes, it was.
You had a situation, as I pointed out, Thomas Jefferson got rid of all internal taxation, he said in his second inaugural address.
And so the entire government, when it was constitutionally sized, of course we don't have a constitutionally sized government today because we've got this massive administrative state that Glenn Beck loves so dearly that he goes on CNN to say,
Trump and Steve Bannon are not real conservatives.
I mean, how ironic is that?
That he would go on the fake news to say that other people are fake conservatives.
It's Glenn Beck who's a fake conservative.
He's a fake reporter.
He's fake news.
He's a fake libertarian.
He's a fake historian.
He's a fake constitutionalist.
He's fake!
And he's been fake.
He's been a plagiarizer of Alex Jones for a long time, but he's going after the values of conservatism, libertarianism, and nationalism.
Not in the sense that it is a fascism.
We always had more taxes at the border up until we created the income tax and the Federal Reserve.
And that's when they started pursuing free trade, of course.
But he goes to the favorite whipping dog of the globalists, the Smoot-Hawley terror attack that happened 20 years after the Federal Reserve started manipulating our economy.
That's what really plunged us in the Depression.
No, I don't think so.
I don't think so.
They have the knives out for Steve Bannon because he understands where this is going.
And he understands what the problem is.
And the problem is, as we talked to Bruce Fine yesterday, he said we've got Congress has abdicated its power to this massive bureaucracy that is unaccountable.
And we have not only taxation without representation from this bureaucracy, but we also have legislation without representation.
And they say that your Sixth Amendment rights don't apply because they're coming after you for civil violations, for regulatory violations.
They're not criminal laws.
So now the protection of innocent until proven guilty, or having a trial, or protection against excessive fines, now that applies because this is the bureaucracy coming after you.
This is the FAA saying if you fly your toy drone without a permit from them, $25,000 fine.
Or the EPA that can put a fine of $35,000 a day on a guy that's a welder with eight acres in Montana that's got a pond that's all on his property and they want to try to regulate that.
That's the administrative state.
That's what Glenn Beck goes on to CNN to cheerlead.
And so let's go back to Donald Trump.
He was taken on CNN pretty hard.
And if you don't believe that he's a conservative, then take a look at the crowd.
I think the crowd disagrees with Glenn Beck.
But let's go back to the C-SPAN speech by Donald Trump earlier today.
They come out with these polls, and everybody was so surprised.
Actually, a couple of polls got it right.
I must say, Los Angeles Times did a great job.
Shocking, because, you know, they did a great job.
Hold it right there.
Hold it right there, because I've got to say this real quickly.
One of the things that came out about CNN was the fact that they dismissed Rasmussen polls.
And those have proven to be amongst, if not the most accurate polls out there.
But why would they dismiss it?
Because it showed that Trump was going to win.
So they cherry-picked the polls, they dismissed the people who have historically been the most accurate, and that's exactly what Donald Trump just said.
Let's continue.
We had a couple of others that were right, but generally speaking, I mean, I can tell you the network.
Somebody said, a poll came out!
And I say, what network is it?
And they'll say a certain... Let's not even mention names, right?
Well, you have a lot of them.
Look, the Clinton News Network is one.
Take a look.
Take a look at their polls over the last two years.
Now you'd think they'd fire the pollster, right?
After years and years of getting battered.
But I don't know.
I mean, who knows?
Maybe they're just bad at polling.
Or maybe they're not legit.
But it's one or the other.
Look at how inaccurate.
Look at CBS.
Look at ABC also.
Look at NBC.
Take a look at some of these polls.
They're so bad, so inaccurate.
And what that does is it creates a false narrative.
It creates like this narrative that's just like, we're not going to win.
And people say, oh, I love Trump.
But you know, I'm not feeling great today.
He can't win.
So I won't go and vote.
I won't go and vote.
It creates a whole false deal.
And we have to fight it, folks.
We have to fight it.
They're very smart.
They're very cunning.
And they're very dishonest.
So just to conclude, I mean, it's a very sensitive topic.
And they get upset when we expose their false stories.
They say that we can't criticize their dishonest coverage because of the First Amendment.
You know, they always bring up the First Amendment.
And I love the First Amendment.
Nobody loves it better than me.
I mean, who uses it more than I do?
But the First Amendment gives all of us, it gives it to me, it gives it to you, it gives it to all Americans, the right to speak our minds freely.
It gives you the right and me the right to criticize fake news and criticize it strongly.
And many of these groups are part of the large media corporations that have their own agenda and it's not your agenda.
And it's not the country's agenda.
It's their own agenda.
They have a professional obligation as members of the press to report honestly.
But as you saw throughout the entire campaign, and even now, the fake news doesn't tell the truth.
Doesn't tell the truth.
So just in finishing, I say
It doesn't represent the people.
It never will represent the people.
And we're going to do something about it because we have to go out and we have to speak our minds and we have to be honest.
Our victory was a win like nobody has ever seen before.
And I'm here fighting for you and I will continue to fight for you.
The victory and the win was something that really was dedicated to a country and people that believe in freedom, security, and the rule of law.
Our victory was a victory and a win for conservative values.
And our victory was a win for everyone
Who believes it's time to stand up for America, to stand up for the American worker, and to stand up for the American flag.
Yeah, there we should stand up.
There we should stand up.
And by the way, we love our flag.
And by the way, you folks that are in here, the place is packed.
There are lines that go back six blocks.
And I tell you that because you won't read about it, okay?
But there are lines that go back six blocks.
There is such love in this country for everything we stand for.
You saw that on election day.
And you're going to see it more and more.
And as Donald Trump goes out and speaks to people, you're going to see that dichotomy.
A movement the likes of which, actually, the world has never seen before.
There's never been anything like this.
There's been some movements, but there's never been anything like this.
There's been some movements that petered out, like Bernie, petered out.
But it was a little rigged against him, you know, superdelegate, superdelegate.
She had so many delegates before the thing even started, I actually said to my people, how does that happen?
Not that I'm a fan of Bernie, but a lot of Bernie people voted for Trump.
You know why?
Because he's right on one issue, trade.
He was right about trade.
Our country is being absolutely devastated with bad trade deals.
So he was right about that, but we got a lot of Bernie support.
So actually I like Bernie, okay?
I like Bernie.
Sanders opposed TPP and that's the first thing that Trump shut down.
What this movement means for the future of the Republican Party and for the future of America.
First, we need to define what this great, great unprecedented movement is and what it actually represents.
The core conviction of our movement is that we are a nation that put and will put its own citizens first.
Isn't it amazing that that's a controversially new issue?
To put Americans first.
And of course it wasn't.
That was the core of Republicans.
It's one of the reasons why Glenn Beck is wrong.
America first was the core of the Republican Party.
All the way up to World War II.
And then they got hit on the fact that we didn't get into that war soon enough.
And so then they backed off on it.
Go ahead.
To other countries.
So terrible.
We've defended other nations' borders.
Well, leaving ours wide open, anybody can come in.
Build the wall!
Build the wall!
Oh, we're gonna build the wall, don't worry about it.
We're building the wall.
We're building the wall.
In fact, it's gonna start soon.
Way ahead of schedule.
Way ahead of schedule.
Way, way, way ahead of schedule.
It's going to start very soon.
General Kelly, by the way, has done a fantastic job.
Fantastic job he's done.
And remember, we are getting the bad ones out.
These are bad dudes.
We're getting the bad ones out.
We're getting the better.
If you watch these people, it's like, oh, gee, that's so sad.
We're getting bad people out of this country.
People that shouldn't be, whether it's drugs or murder or other things.
We're getting bad ones out.
Those are the ones they go first.
And I said it from day one.
Basically, all I've done is keep my promise.
We've spent trillions of dollars overseas while allowing our own infrastructure to fall into total disrepair and decay.
In the Middle East, we've spent, as of four weeks ago, six trillion dollars.
Think of it.
And by the way, the Middle East is in what?
I mean, it's not even close.
It's in much worse shape than it was 15 years ago.
If our presidents would have gone to the beach for 15 years, we would be in much better shape than we are right now, that I can tell you.
Yeah, a hell of a lot better.
We could have rebuilt our country three times with that money.
This is the situation that I inherited.
I inherited a mess, believe me.
We also inherited a failed healthcare law that threatens our medical system with absolute and total catastrophe.
Now, I've been watching, and nobody says it, but Obamacare doesn't work, folks.
I mean, I could say, I could talk, it doesn't work.
And now people are starting to develop a little warm heart.
But the people that you're watching, they're not you.
They're largely, many of them, are the side that lost.
You know, they lost the election.
It's like, how many elections do we have to have?
They lost the election.
But I always say, Obamacare doesn't work.
And these same people two years ago and a year ago were complaining about Obamacare.
The bottom line, we're changing it.
We're going to make it much better.
We're going to make it less expensive.
We're going to make it much better.
Obamacare covers very few people.
And remember, deduct from the number, all of the people that had great healthcare, that they loved, that was taken away from them.
Okay, let's hold it right there because we've got a break coming up and I want to get everything that he says about Obamacare together because he's going to be unveiling his program
Beginning to the middle of March.
And interestingly enough, he's going to have a series of speeches that he's going to be doing, a lot of events that he's going to be attending, just like this.
He's going to be showing the American people how there's this massive disconnect between what you believe, what you think, what you support, and what we continue to hear from CNN.
And just as he's talking about healthcare, we just saw two of the largest health insurance companies saying, we're failing, Humana, Aetna, we need to get together.
That's not going to help if they're losing money.
You don't make it up in terms of volume.
Now that merger did not happen, but we're now seeing a merger in the media between two failing entities, Glenn Beck and CNN.
That's going to drive them even further down.
It's not going to help them any more than the failed merger between Aetna and Humana.
So you have to understand there's a fundamental problem there and the fake news that's what he's talking about.
We're going to get back to what he says about Obamacare and again he's going to have a series of speeches from about February 27th to I think it's March 3rd or 4th, 28th of February he's going to be speaking in Washington to a large
Number of people there, a joint session that he's going to be addressing there.
And then the Obamacare is going to roll out from that.
Now we're going to be coming back in just a moment.
Please stand with us.
Fight against censorship.
Fight against the attempts to kill the Liberty Movement.
That's what we're seeing here at InfoWars.
That's why we have these specials.
I'm going to tell you more about that.
We're going to cover more of the Trump speech at CPAC when we come back.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight.
We're going to be joined by Alex Jones in the next hour and he's got an interesting interview that he's going to be doing next hour with Joy Vila.
Of course, she was a singer who went to the Grammy Awards wearing a Trump dress and now her career has skyrocketed because that should tell you something, shouldn't it?
Shouldn't it tell people something that Donald Trump goes to CPAC?
After Glenn Beck goes to CNN and says, oh, they're not real conservatives.
You saw the standing ovation there.
They're trying to censor us, folks.
And of course, Donald Trump is fighting back.
He's going to have a series of speeches coming up at the end of February, beginning of March.
He's going to go on an offensive.
He's going to show that people stand with him.
And that's what we're doing.
We're going on the offensive because they're coming after us.
They're censoring our videos.
They shut down videos that had, one of them, 14 million views.
They just took it off.
I had my own video that was done on Tuesday talking about what is happening in Sweden.
How the mainstream media was mocking Donald Trump, saying he's lying about what's happening in Sweden.
And we showed you pictures of what had happened.
Now these are pictures, reports, B-roll that we had shown many times before, but they are
Rated my, actually it's an age restriction, okay?
So it's like an R-rated video.
You have to sign in in order to see the video.
Trying to kill views.
Because we defended what Trump said.
He said the right thing.
He said what was going on in Sweden.
And we showed what was going on.
And we showed how they mocked the reality of what was going on.
So we do that kind of stuff.
They're actually censoring us, folks.
But what they're also doing is they are trying to strangle us financially.
Now, we don't have any sponsors that they can boycott, so what they do is they say, we're not going to let your ads be shown because you're a political organization.
Our site, Infowarsstore.com, is not a political site.
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You can't show that.
We're not going to serve those ads.
So they try to strangle us financially.
And so in response, we're going to fight back, just like Donald Trump fought back.
Donald Trump says, I'm not going to let CNN set the narrative.
Well, we aren't either.
And you aren't either.
You stood with us on Wednesday.
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That's the bottom line.
As we try to work with you and we try to stand and we're not going to go away.
Just like Donald Trump is not going to go away.
The resistance increases, we're going to increase.
And we know that you will stand with us and we appreciate you standing with us just as we saw these people standing with Trump and as we're going to see in this tour as he crosses the country at the beginning of March and the lead up to his plan for Obamacare because Congress isn't going to do it.
You are listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
President Trump's administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama's guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools.
Now, radical liberals are calling for violent protests in the streets.
George Takai from the original Star Trek tweeted out, the Trump administration's war on the LGBT community has begun.
Be prepared to take our fight to the street.
Are you with us LGBT allies?
But he wasn't done.
Hours later he tweeted that an American spring is coming.
The radical left is demanding tolerance and threatening violence if they don't get special privileges in the name of tolerance.
Yet they themselves practice extreme intolerance toward conservatives.
So the question is, should we be tolerant toward their intolerance?
Because after all, tolerance is a two-way street.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Cross the deserts bare, man.
I breathe the mountain air, man.
I travel like I had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.
The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Alex is going to be joining us this hour along with his guest Joy Vila, the singer who went to the Grammy Awards with a Trump dress and saw her career soar.
So she's going to be talking to Alex Jones coming up in this hour.
But I want to go back to this speech that Donald Trump gave earlier this morning at C-SPAN.
At the point that we stopped it, he was just about to get into Obamacare and of course it is going to have to come from Donald Trump.
We've got all these different plans that they're coming out of the GOP and of course they don't want anything to happen.
We've had Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan there for a very long time.
They could have put something together, but they're not going to do it.
If it's going to happen, it's going to have to come from Donald Trump.
We just had John Boehner yesterday saying, oh, all this talk about fixing Obamacare, that's just happy talk.
Yeah, that's just happy talk that John Boehner and Paul Ryan and these Republican congressional people have used to get elected.
They're not really interested in delivering.
Donald Trump is, and he's going to have to be the one who's going to take the reins of Congress, and he's going to have to go to the people, and I think we're going to see that happen in the next couple of weeks.
He's going to go to the people, then he's going to go to the Congress, and he's going to say, do this, this is the plan.
And it must start with repeal.
We must put that kind of pressure on them.
Let's go back to Donald Trump at C-SPAN.
Millions of people were very happy with their health care.
They had their doctor.
They had their plan.
Remember the lie?
28 times.
You can keep your doctor.
You can keep your plan.
Over and over and over again you heard it.
So, we're gonna repeal and replace Obamacare.
And I tell Paul Ryan and all of the folks that we're working with very hard.
Dr. Tom Price, very talented guy.
But I tell them, from a purely political standpoint, the single best thing we can do is nothing.
Let it implode completely.
It's already imploding.
You see the carriers are all leaving.
I mean, it's a disaster.
But two years, don't do anything.
The Democrats will come to us and beg for help.
They'll beg, and it's their problem.
But it's not the right thing to do for the American people.
It's not the right thing to do.
We inherited a national debt that has doubled in eight years.
Think of it, 20 trillion dollars.
It's doubled.
And we inherited a foreign policy marked by one disaster after another.
We don't win anymore.
When was the last time we won?
Did we win a war?
Did we win anything?
Did we win anything?
We're gonna win.
We're gonna win big, folks.
We're gonna start winning again.
Believe me.
We're gonna win.
But we're taking a firm, bold, and decisive measure.
We have to, to turn things around.
The era of empty talk is over.
It's over.
Now is the time for action.
So let me tell you about the actions that we're taking right now to deliver
On our promise to the American people and on my promise to make America great again.
We've taken swift and strong action to secure the southern border of the United States and to begin the construction of a great, great border wall.
By doing this,
And with the help of our great border police, with the help of ICE, with the help of General Kelly, and all of the people that are so passionate about this, our border patrol, I'll tell you what they do.
They came and endorsed me.
ICE came and endorsed me.
They never endorsed the President.
Alright, we're going to break.
We're going to be right back.
Stay with us.
Paul, wow, what an incredible time to be alive.
I've followed your work for a while, but it is just crazy how on target you are to show all these foreign multinationals pumping money into 501c3s and just planning the overthrow of the government and just all sorts of destabilization and craziness.
You have really laid it out in this article.
Let's break this down.
Thanks for joining us.
Yeah, I mean, Obama is the mastermind behind all these protests and the sabotaging of Trump.
And there's remnants of Obama's administration still deeply entrenched inside the Trump government.
So you've got Obama saboteurs working on the inside against Trump, and Obama saboteurs working against Trump on the inside.
But I'm a little worried if Trump doesn't get out in front of this and call it for what it is, actually directly call Obama out.
I mean, the guy set up a bunker just down the street from the White House.
He's got a mansion, he's got offices, OFA, the Obama Foundation offices he's setting up in there.
He's got his own chief of staff, press secretary.
He's got a shadow White House just within two miles of Trump, where he can just launch fire salvo after salvo.
And what's scarier is you're the only person pointing it out.
Well, finally people are starting to call this for what it is, all these protests.
This is a shadow government set up by Obama that's behind it.
But it needs to get in the mainstream media, which of course the media is behind the protests.
So every time they get a video free feed from one of these marches or protests, they play it over and over and make it seem like this is some big grassroots revolt against Trump.
Of course it's not.
It's just artificially manufactured astroturf.
No other former president has actively undermined a sitting president.
Obama actually came out and did that with the immigration ban of the terror-prone Muslim.
He also encouraged all these demonstrations.
He says, what, do you have an article heartening?
Oh, not just that.
I've got transcripts in that story, him talking about
You know, he's basically rallying the OFA troops and saying, go out there and protest Trump.
And I'm going to join you in a big way once I get back from vacation this year.
Once he gets everything in place, this thing is... We're going to basically have parallel governments competing against each other.
We've never had that.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight.
We're going to have Alex joining us in this hour.
We also have Donald Trump at CPAC, and we've been playing excerpts from that speech.
He went to CPAC and he talked a lot about the fake news media, about the opposition, and of course we had Glenn Beck go to the center of that opposition, and Donald Trump didn't call him out directly.
He called the Clinton News Network.
We all know who he's talking about.
They were all shouting CNN, but of course Glenn Beck
...goes to CNN and says that Donald Trump is a fake conservative, that Steve Bannon is a fake conservative.
And then they put up on the lower thirds that the White House goal that says Bannon is, quote, deconstruction of the administrative state.
And he says, no, that's not a conservative value.
Conservatives want big government, says Glenn Beck.
Beck said that Bannon has repeatedly talked about, quote, burning the system down to the ground, a policy he says most conservatives would be against.
Well, that's only unless you look at somebody like Betsy DeVos, who says, no, I want to keep the Department of Education and I want to fight for its right to tell people even how they can go to the bathroom.
Is that real conservatism?
No, real conservatism was what we voted for with Reagan when he said he was going to get rid of the Department of Education.
Now we've got this Jeb Bush bureaucrat, Betsy DeVos, who wants to dictate even that level of control on everybody.
No, you have to get rid of the state.
Another example of this is the fact that the Social Security Administration has paid a billion dollars in benefits to people who don't even have Social Security numbers.
How about that?
A billion dollars in benefits.
They found in an audit a sample of 100 beneficiaries that only had 6 people with a Social Security number.
So you don't even have to come here and forge your Social Security documents.
You can just come here and get this stuff for free.
The bureaucracy is mostly asleep, but they also allow illegal aliens without social security numbers to collect benefits if it's done to represent their minor children.
This has to end.
This gravy train has to end.
No other country does this, and this country cannot afford to do this any more than we can afford to go destroy other countries and then rebuild their infrastructure while ours crumbles to the ground.
That's what Donald Trump was talking about.
But let's go back to what he was talking about at C-SPAN.
He was going on to Obamacare and how he's going to change health care.
And of course it's going to have to come from Donald Trump.
The Republicans will not do it.
As John Boehner said, that's all just happy talk.
He said that yesterday.
We're not going to change anything.
It's just happy talk.
We just use that to make you guys happy.
So you'll vote for us.
But we're not really going to do anything.
Donald Trump is going to have to be the one to hold their feet to the fire.
Let's go back to C-SPAN.
By doing this, and with the help of our great border police, with the help of ICE, with the help of General Kelly, and all of the people that are so passionate about this, our Border Patrol, I'll tell you what they do.
They came and endorsed me.
ICE came and endorsed me.
They never endorsed a presidential candidate before.
They might not even be allowed to.
But they were disgusted with what they saw.
And we'll stop it.
We'll stop the drugs from pouring into our nation and poisoning our youth.
Pouring in.
Pouring in.
We get the drugs, they get the money.
We get the problems, they get the cash.
No good.
No good.
Gonna stop.
By stopping the flow of illegal immigration, we will save countless tax dollars, and that's so important because the tax, the dollars that we're losing, are beyond anything that you can imagine.
And the tax dollars that can be used to rebuild struggling American communities, including our inner cities.
We are also going to save countless American lives.
As we speak today, immigration officers are finding the gang members, the drug dealers, and the criminal aliens and throwing them the hell out of our country.
And we will not let them back in.
They're not coming back in, folks.
If they do, they're gonna have bigger problems than they ever dreamt of.
I'm also working with the Department of Justice to begin reducing violent crime.
I mean, can you believe what's happening in Chicago, as an example?
Two days ago, seven people were shot.
And I believe killed.
Seven people.
Seven people.
A great American city.
Seven people shot and killed.
We will support the incredible men and women of law enforcement.
Thank you.
And thank them.
I've also followed through on my campaign promise and withdrawn America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
So that we can protect our economic freedom.
And we're going to make trade deals.
But we're going to do one-on-one, one-on-one.
And if they misbehave, we terminate the deal.
And then they'll come back and we'll make a better deal.
None of these big quagmire deals that are a disaster.
Just take a look, by the way, take a look at NAFTA, one of the worst deals ever made by any country having to do with economic development.
It's economic undevelopment as far as our country is concerned.
We're preparing to repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare.
We're going to save Americans from this crisis and give them the access to the quality health care they need and deserve.
We have authorized the construction, one day, of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipeline.
And issued a new rule.
This took place while I was getting ready to sign.
I said, who makes the pipes for the pipeline?
Well, sir, it comes from all over the world.
Isn't that wonderful?
I said, nope.
Comes from the United States.
Oh, we're not building it.
American steel.
American steel pumping American oil for American energy.
Hey, that's a bad idea, right?
In the United States, they're gonna use pipe that's made in the United States.
Do we agree?
But can you imagine, I told the story the other day, can you imagine
The gentleman, never met him, don't even know the name of his company.
I actually sort of know it, but I want to get it exactly correct.
Big, big, powerful company.
They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the pipeline.
Same thing with the Dakota, different place.
They got their approvals, everything in the case of Dakota, then all of a sudden they couldn't connect it because they had people protesting that never showed up before.
But with a keystone.
So they spent hundreds of millions of dollars with bloodsucker consultants.
You know, sucking the blood out of the company.
Don't worry, I used them all my life, okay?
Don't worry, we're gonna get it approved, I'm connected, I'm a lobbyist, don't worry.
Bottom line, Obama didn't sign it, right?
Could be 42,000 jobs, somewhere around there, a lot of jobs.
Didn't sign it.
But can you imagine?
He gave up!
A year ago, it was dead!
Now he's doing nothing.
Calling his wife, hello darling, I'm a little bored, you know that pipeline, that has killed us, that has killed our company.
Knock, knock, Mr. So-and-so.
The Keystone Pipeline, sir, out of nowhere has just been approved.
Now, can you imagine the expression?
And you know the sad part?
Those same bloodsucking consultants.
That hit him for all the money and failed?
They're now going to go back to him and say, didn't we do a great job?
We want more money, right?
Because that's the way the system works.
A little bit off, but that's the way the system works.
We're preparing bold action to lift the restrictions on American energy, including shale oil, natural gas and beautiful, clean coal.
And we're going to put our miners back to work.
Yeah, that's very important and that's one of the key things that Donald Trump has done is put in an Attorney General from Ohio who fought the overreach of the EPA.
When we talk about the environmental issues about the pipeline, we have to understand what the real issue is here, folks.
There is no cheaper way to transfer our energy than by a pipeline and a safer way.
You can't transfer this oil
And we're just going to leave it in the ground?
Well, that's what these people want.
They don't want us to have coal.
They don't want us to have oil.
They want us to import our energy.
They want us to subsidize the solar companies.
We can have clean fossil fuels.
And we can have safe fossil fuels delivered.
You know, the Exxon Valdez spill.
was 1,500 times bigger than the record spill out of a pipeline.
That would mean you'd have to have the worst pipeline spill we've ever had every day for five years to equal one Exxon Valdez.
And that wasn't even the largest tanker spill.
Let's go back to the speech.
Miners are going back to work, folks.
Sorry to tell you that, but they're going back to work.
We have begun a historic program to reduce the regulations that are crushing our economy.
And not only our economy, crushing our jobs, because companies can't hire.
We're going to put the regulation industry out of work and out of business.
And by the way, I want regulation.
I want to protect our environment.
I want regulations for safety.
I want all of the regulations that we need, and I want them to be so strong and so tough.
But we don't need 75% of the repetitive, horrible regulations that hurt companies, hurt jobs, make us non-competitive overseas with other
All right, we're going to take a break and we're going to be right back.
You know, the point of Obama was to shut down the industry, not to keep our environment clean.
We'll be right back.
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Exactly, you talk about being a game changer, right?
You talk about, we're in an industry where we talk to the industry leaders, we've both talked to them.
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And then you can sell, you know, multiple bottles of it.
People will buy more of it.
I was like, no, let's do 10.
OK, compare that to this.
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It has 3,000 micrograms of biotin.
OK, we have 10,000.
This is $50, $48 to be exact.
There's no script, there's no teleprompter, I'll just be honest with you.
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I went on what Mother Nature gave us, and it's changed my life, and it's also helped the InfoWar change the country and the world.
It's a win-win.
All the leaves are brown And the sky is gray
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, I'm David Knight.
You can tell who the change agents are because they're the ones that the press and the left are coming after, the media.
People like Pruitt.
We've got Soros investigating him, trying to dig up dirt on him because he's going to change things at the EPA.
He's going to get them back within the boundaries of the law.
Change their mission from shutting down entire industries to just protecting the environment.
How about that for a change?
Of course, Bannon
Has got Beck and CNN and Time Magazine and Saturday Night Live all coming after him?
So does InfoWars.
See, you can tell who the change agents are because they're the ones who are taking the flak.
They let all these other people in their administration or other people in the press, they let them alone.
But we've got people coming after us on a daily basis, whether it's Homeland that's creating an Alex Jones character, or they're mocking him with Stephen Colbert or John Oliver, mischaracterizing what we say, censoring what we say at Google.
And now we've been censored in terms of putting ads out.
We've had a major component of our revenue production, and that is the ability to advertise to people.
We make our own products, we have our own website, so we don't have sponsors, we're not subject to boycotts there, but we can have Google lean on AdRoll, and AdRoll will cut off their nose to spite our face, is what they're doing.
So they're shutting down our ads, but we're not going to stand still.
Just like Donald Trump, when they come after him, he goes straight to the people, and he talks to them, and he's going to be doing more of that in the next couple weeks, and that's what we do.
When they come after us, we go to those of you who have stood by us for many years, and we really appreciate that.
And to show our appreciation, we had not only a 13-hour
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I think so.
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You've seen the one of Ronald Reagan.
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We have 700 of those in limited edition.
We had one that is new of Donald Trump done in the same style.
Very, very high quality.
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So we've given you a lot of discounts.
We really appreciate you standing with us and we want you to know that we are going to continue to stand and we are not going to give up any more than Donald Trump is going to give up.
So let's go back to this C-SPAN speech that he gave earlier today.
We're going to continue to play this till we get this through here.
That we don't need, but we're going to have regulations.
It's going to be really strong and really good, and we're going to protect our environment, and we're going to protect the safety of our people and our workers.
Another major promise is tax reform.
We are going to massively lower taxes on the middle class, reduce taxes on American business, and make our tax code more simple and much more fair for everyone, including the people and the business.
In anticipation of these and other changes, jobs are already starting to pour back into our country.
You see that?
In fact, I think I did more than any other pre-president.
They say president-elect.
President-elect is meeting with Ford.
He's meeting with Chrysler.
He's meeting with General Motors.
I just want to save a little time.
Because Ford and Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, Sprint, Intel, and so many others are now, because of the election result,
Making major investments in the United States, expanding production, and hiring more workers.
And they're going back to Michigan, and they're going back to Ohio, and they're going back to Pennsylvania, and they're going back to North Carolina, and to Florida.
All right, so that's Donald Trump at CSPAC.
We're going to take a break and Alex Jones is going to be taking the show and he's going to have a guest coming up in the next hour, Joy Vila.
She's the person who made her career simply by wearing a Donald Trump dress.
That should tell CNN something, shouldn't it?
And Glenn Beck.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones will be right back.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Former CIA officer Brian Dean Wright stated in an interview with Tucker Carlson that rumors about intelligence operatives withholding information from President Trump are true and that leaks are being made intentionally to discredit the president.
He also said that these rogue intelligence officers are playing a dangerous game and that he supports the president in
We have to ask ourselves, how safe is our country when we have shadow elements in various intelligence agencies withholding information from the president that could be pertinent to him being able to make fast decisions in regard to the safety of the nation?
And lastly, given the history of nefarious conduct by various intelligence agencies, should Trump make an executive order within constitutional
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Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's not a hype to say humanity is really waking up right now.
Alex Jones here to host the second half of the transmission, taking care of some very important family matters and other issues that the good Lord has again delivered us on once again.
It is, of course, Friday the 24th day of February 2017 and I am so wound up to get in studio and get on air.
The mainstream media itself...
Has gotten so incredibly corrupt, five times worse than they were just a few years ago, twice as worse, I'd say, than even during the campaign, that it's completely illustrative of everything I'm talking about.
I want to go back to more of the seat-packed speech, even though I love to talk, everybody knows that, because I want to finish up with a few of the things that Trump had to say, but
Everything he's saying is classic Americana, classic Renaissance, classic nationalism, classic power of the people, huge success.
It's the model of any prosperous country.
And you've not just got CNN, ABC, CBS, Stephen Colbert and everybody else saying this is totally insane.
You've got Glenn Beck on CNN, CBS, ABC, it's everywhere going, it's very dangerous what Trump and Bannon are doing.
Economic nationalism.
We can't run our own affairs.
He takes total globalism and our country totally captured.
And selling out to world interest.
And says that if we do things that are good for our jobs and our industry, if Americans were to organize as a union, that's what a country's supposed to be, is the original union.
It has ideas, it has policies, it has beliefs, it has unifying spiritual systems, cultural systems, and then they have a goal of what that culture wants to be.
And normally cultures are known for different things that they strive at, and they succeed at.
Or they're barbarians.
And you've had those throughout history in every sector of the world.
They're into murder, deaths, cannibalism, human sacrifice, things like that.
Civilization is into art and literature and culture.
But the globalists are bringing in a corporate barbarism, a barbarous system that totally, in a piratical way, wages war against humanity from a psychopathic, cold-blooded perspective.
And that's all basically coming to an end because humanity is rediscovering itself right now.
But look at these headlines I'm going to cover when we come back.
CNN host blames intolerant father for 12-year-old girl not wanting to see a men's penis in the locker room.
This has been said by Obama as well.
This is Cuomo, who said you can't read WikiLeaks, only he can.
People say, that sounds crazy.
Why would he tweet that and say that?
Because they're told to to get you used to sexualizing your children.
This is pedophilia.
I don't know if him saying it is a promotion of himself.
I'm not saying he's one.
Oh, certainly not.
No, I'm saying that saying how dare your daughter not want to see a man in the locker room with his penis!
That you're intolerant.
See how that works?
Sexualizing your children, it starts with ending genders.
They're not having you accept other genders, they're ending them.
All these well-meaning liberals are like, let's be nice to someone who thinks they're a dog, or you think you're blind.
The state will pay to dump bleach in your eyes, and then we'll pay for all your welfare for the rest of your lives.
This is mental illness.
Mental illness they're imposing as a cultural virus to shut us down.
It doesn't mean we hate anybody.
In fact, the first rollouts of different things they come out with sometimes are kind of interesting.
But it's mint-like candy to make you think it's something really good, till it sucks you down that vortex.
So I don't hate anybody.
And of course, humans explore things and do things.
They're taking that natural curiosity, all those things that happen as you're an adult, and they twist it when you're a child and tell you you're bad because you're freaked out by a 15-year-old or 16-year-old young man in the women's, little girls' showers at a public school.
Oh, and now you're upset about whiteboards, so all over the country colleges are removing them.
I saw that in Michigan.
Two days ago with the university pulling it out, and the Detroit press covering it, mainstream news, straight face.
Oh good, get rid of the law.
Somebody might write on it.
Might hurt someone.
That's saying ban books.
Ban books so someone might write something that hurts your feelings.
It's the end of culture, the end of language.
And then I looked and found out all over the country, and also in some areas of Europe, they're getting rid of whiteboards because it might hurt somebody.
Somebody might exercise free speech in front of others, and that is the ultimate crime.
And it gets worse.
Glenn Beck bannons economic nationalism agenda is not conservative, it's dangerous.
Mainstream media claims nothing juicy in 119 hours of CNN leaks.
Of course there is a bunch.
Glenn Beck, Bannon's economic nationalism agenda is not conservative, it's dangerous.
They're just saying you have a country.
The 9th Circuit banned wearing American flags at school, having American flags on your shirt or on your car because it's hateful, it might hurt someone.
First it's banned the KKK, banned some black racist group, then it's banned whiteboards, banned brown bags, banned American flags, then it's take down all the statues, it's the end of language.
Then of course again,
Chris Cuomo, what an embarrassing creature, but he thinks he's going to condition you, and tell their audience of already Stockholm Syndrome, learned helplessness kooks, that okay, the next thing is you gotta let your daughters have, you know, hell you could have a senior in high school, in those showers with your daughter.
And if somebody says anything, well, you're a bad person.
And these aren't like cherry-picked examples.
It's meant to be extreme.
I mean, they had Melissa Harris Perry go on TV two years ago and say, your kids belong to us, and we're getting rid of the family, basically.
And as we see the family fall apart, we understand they're single parents.
We understand communities help.
But the point is, that's the good side of it.
The bad side of it is, it was all engineered.
Because we see communities in crisis, and we say, this is bad, they go, oh, you hate those communities.
No, we don't.
Look at this one.
Now, this is the biggest one yet, and then I'm going to hit the really big news.
Chinese Catholics fear Pope Francis will rat them out to Communists, now that he's officially merged with the Communist Party, and they have accepted Pope Francis and the Catholic Church.
They've been killing Catholics for 500 years in China.
Japan started accepting Catholics 400 years ago.
So because they did accept Catholics, there's movies made about how the Japanese hate Catholics.
But China's been killing Catholics, during different periods, for 500 years.
And they still do.
And for the first time ever, the huge underground church is being told, we want you to make contact with us, tell us what you're doing, because we're going to make it okay.
Because the new Catholic Church is communism.
This guy is a communist.
He was a communist in South America who also helped round up communists that weren't following orders, the grassroots, and killed them.
He's known for rounding up priests and villagers by the thousands and killing them.
So he's worse than a communist.
He's a globalist controller who manages the communist slave farms.
Remember Obama went to South America and said, you'll have communism in your country, mega banks will be private, and then they'll come in and work with you, meaning gang rape you.
But it's okay because Obama said it.
Can't have air conditioning, can't have cars.
It's okay, he said it.
The elites will be rich, you will have nothing, but I'm black.
Yes sir!
Yes sir!
That doesn't sound racist or classist at all.
So, that's coming up.
I want to play a few more minutes of Trump, and we've got Colbert attacking me, saying I'm like a guy on steroids and peyote.
Because they can take clips, and there's a clip they play where they go, I'm anti-gay!
Of course, I really said I'm not anti-gay.
But, and he goes, oh, we're not cutting these clips up.
So to show you, here's some more, a bunch of real quick clips out of context.
We're going to analyze this propaganda and go over it.
So, just like I made fun of when I said Hillary clearly didn't open the pickle jar, it didn't pop.
Everybody did it themselves and said, yeah, she's a liar.
And then Kimmel had to say, okay, Alex Jones is right, it's true.
But I knew they'd take the bait on the pickles.
Just like J-Lo, I know it'd be in hundreds of publications, it was in more than that, it was all over the nightly news, you name it.
I said, if Shiloh's bringing in Somalis with a radical Islamic faith there, it's even beyond orthodox, it's very radical, where they just say women are animals, rape them all you want, even if they're hooded, they have no rights.
And I said, if she loves that so much, she should go be amongst the Somalis, where women, literally, you don't even see them on the streets.
They are total slaves, total failed culture, total, just nightmare society, beyond Road Warrior, beyond anything you've seen in fiction.
I mean, it's hell on earth.
Absolute hell on earth.
Women are still sold on slave blocks.
They're still sold up on the big slave stages.
That's on record.
Look it up.
I'm gonna do whole reports on it.
But then alt-right hosts thought it was okay to gang-rape on Jennifer Bullock.
So see, The Vibe and everybody else trying to manipulate people in the inner city said Alex Jones wants to rape J-Lo.
And they show some really short clip of me saying,
She needs to get gang raped.
No, I said if she loves that and wants us to get gang raped, and wants to bring that here and then defend it and cover it up like Europe has done in Sweden and everywhere else coming out in the news, then she should go there if gang raping's so great.
If she wants to bring the gang raping here, I'm clearly speaking out against rape.
I'm clearly saying it's wrong, it's bad, but I knew they'd take it and misrepresent it, and then I know we're bigger than they are in many cases, so those people will come here and find the truth of what I said, and they're further discredited.
That's how they operate.
When everyone knows we've been at the tip of the spear, trying to fight Islam, abusing women, and the gang raping going on all over the world.
But we become, through their alchemy of baloney, the alchemy of BS, we become the gang rapers.
So that's all coming up at first.
Why Trump is dominating, why he's so important, and why now it's unbelievable to see the real deal actually unfolding and the incredible CPAC speech he gave today and how to bring down globalism.
I'm going to say it all and cover it all today.
Then the co-bearers BS.
We're going to hit it all.
But before I do that, and the ongoing civil war, I want to explain to some of the new listeners how this works.
We didn't have sponsors that we had pull from us.
That's the normal thing, trying to grab your sponsors or boycott you.
We had AdRoll, that's the exclusive advertising dealer of Google.
So Google didn't have the liability.
In my view, it's the front company of Google.
That's basically admitted in the trade publications.
They came out on Monday and said, you no longer have a right to advertise in the internet market through Google.
You understand?
That's saying, I can't go.
Like, if I showed up at Dick's Sporting Goods, said I wanted to buy some golf clubs, they said, sorry, you're a conservative, or you're white, or you're black, or you're whatever, you know, you're Jewish, you're whatever, you can't buy golf clubs.
It's the same thing.
It's not that we even violated the terms.
It was milk toast ads.
You know, ads for supplements and things.
They said, you are fake news.
You are involved in politics.
That's not allowed.
Well, but then they take political advertising.
They're saying someone in the Federal Election Commission said Alex Jones isn't allowed to operate.
Well, give me the letter.
Let me have my day in court.
Let me know who to sue.
Well, you won't tell me, so I know who I got to.
That's more stuff I gotta do, but okay.
I'm gonna sit there and just hope it goes away, AdRoll.
The word is everybody else is scared.
A bunch of other people got banned, but they're trying to work it out with AdRoll.
And what can we do, AdRoll?
How can we kiss your butt, AdRoll?
How can we?
No, no.
You want to racketeer on us, in my opinion, in my view, what this appears to be?
You want litigation?
I guess we'll have to do it.
But here's the issue.
We made $3.3 million last year to fund the operation.
Not profit, the money that made to fund our operation.
Advertising our products outside of our own sphere and show.
Okay, because we want to reach other people.
That's what we're doing.
And they came in and they said you can't do that anymore after three years, almost three years.
And so now I'm sitting here looking at this happening and we projected the graph because it takes time to build these up and figure out where to advertise and how it works and a lot of work went into this and a lot of money we paid them.
They pull the rug up after a three-year relationship and say bye-bye.
And then put a false name on us and claim we don't exist and we're bad, disreputable people with no proof.
Well, that's libelous.
That's slander.
That's defamation.
I mean, The Washington Post had to pull their big list there by using it two months ago, admitting they don't know where they got it.
Well, it was just made up and we know by who?
Democratic Party.
So the Democratic Party wants to ban political voices, or just free speech in this country, or free speech groups who have separate businesses that fund their speech.
You're going to discriminate against that?
I mean, you are in so much trouble politically, culturally, you name it.
Ad roll.
But then we brought in about a million for the last four days.
That's gross, though.
We discount our products so much that that's only $500,000.
And I'm not bitching.
That's great.
Thank you, audience.
It's wonderful.
Most other shows couldn't do anything like that.
We sell products, discounted.
They're high quality.
You get them.
Thank you for the support.
So it's a victory.
I've got to make this up with other fundraisers over the next year.
The money we made last year from it's budgeted, just about the extra money we had for expansion.
So it's a chilling effect of our free speech and of what we're trying to do.
Not letting us enter the market.
Just like for a decade we fought this.
We don't sell guns, but we fought it.
You've got gun dealers, major gun shops, and sporting goods stores.
First it was little small gun dealers.
Mom and Pop outfits, you know, add a little storefronts.
They banned those in most magazines, TV ads, radio ads, did it in a lot of places.
Newspapers all got together and banned those.
That was about 15, 20 years ago.
Everybody remembers that.
And then next it was sporting goods stores.
And then they just said, no guns advertised, period, anywhere.
Now, some magazines would say, oh, we'll take an insert and still do it and get around that, because people file lawsuits.
So they're blocking your access to the market.
It's racketeering.
It's like blocking little black kids from going into the school in Alabama or places like Arkansas in 1959.
Same deal.
Same deal.
You're saying you're not allowed in this restaurant, you're not allowed at this train station, you don't get service at this hotel, get out of here.
Not that all your ads violate our rules.
You, your website, is political and you're not allowed to make money.
Go in a corner and die.
You can't have a job.
Can you imagine what they'll do once they have total digital control and no cash anymore?
The big grand thing is to get rid of cash and track everything you do because they can tax you, track you, and turn you off.
This is the mark of the beast.
And Zuckerberg in his new report that came out said that.
They want Chinese-style controls through a web censorship system and a web ID and web taxes and a web social score that corporations and governments, like a no-fly list, just magically make behind closed doors.
And it just becomes a trashy social score off the side of your head.
When they face scan you.
With a bunch of made-up crap they threw into your file, just for fun.
Do we as a culture and humanity think that's a good idea?
We're going to reject that, just like we're rejecting globalism all over the world.
And we're going to reject Hillary Clinton.
The elite were so stupid, they thought that they could just put a walking crazy evil looking hat.
With all these crimes behind her, with Bill like another zombie, with all their corruption, and the arrogant, crazy Pelosi not knowing what planet she's on, and force feed us that.
That's why internal poll numbers showed 25% of blacks voted for Trump.
Almost 40% of Hispanics.
Primary numbers showed more than that.
But they stole a bunch of states and they manipulated the demographics because they were even more scared, not just of Trump winning, but of the fact that if Hispanics and blacks ever talk to each other and find out they actually voted for Trump, then the whole paradigm shifts of the bullying and the intimidation to go along with it and then it's total collapse for the new world order.
Then you hear that whole CPAC speech we just heard part of.
You know, he's not just saying we're going to cut taxes and bring jobs back.
He's saying we're going to have coal, we're going to have oil, we're going to develop.
He's saying we're open for business to all the multinationals who are already greedy and self-serving.
They just manipulate things together.
The fact that he's saying that means we're open and it makes us competitive so they all come back, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why the stock market goes up.
That's why it's all exploding.
Because the United States was already set up to dominate the future.
And it was sold out to other special interests.
And now we've gotten control of the country back.
And that's why they've got the CIA and the FBI and all these agencies saying,
We're not going to do a word you say, President, because they were already hijackers put in control by the globalists, and so you're in the middle of a giant civil war, but the good news is we have courage, we have honor, we have the truth on our side, and the people are rapidly waking up, and that's why they're in total panic, and Maxine Waters is calling Trump's whole cabinet scumbags, because they know they're losing!
They're losing!
They're arrogant losers!
They will fail!
He was the first domino, even before the FBI agents, because they went public later, to come out and really expose the whole thing.
He began to pull the first string on the sweater.
And now the sweater is a pile of string on the floor.
How deep does this deep state alliance with Saudi Arabian Wahhabist Islam go?
So long intro, get the book, J. Michael Springman, An Insider's View, Visas for Al Qaeda, CIA hideouts that rock the world, now more important than ever.
Thanks for coming on, sir.
Well, thank you for having me.
Going back to the book, it showed how the U.S.
government was working with the terrorists, essentially recruiting, training, and supporting them in conjunction with the repressive and rather repulsive allies we've got in the region, like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and Israel and Turkey.
And we kept pumping money and weapons and supplies into these people.
And at the same time, we're fighting them saying, oh, my God, we have these terrorists.
They're everywhere.
We have to fight them tooth and nail.
And Obama gives them ground to wear missiles.
He gives them
Leftover weapons from the Yugoslav war in Croatia.
It's astonishing.
And now they're saying, oh, this is terrible.
We have to do something about it.
Well, what you do about it is simply stop supporting the terrorists.
And I think this goes back a long way to the American hostility toward the Arab and Muslim world moving only into the country.
Uh, when it seems to be to America's advantage.
What's happened is we've destroyed Afghanistan, we've destroyed Iraq, we've destroyed Yugoslavia, we've destroyed Libya, we've destroyed Syria, and we're in the process of destroying Yemen with our wonderful Saudi friends.
And what's happened is that we have driven
Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people into Europe.
I mean this just shows how totally infiltrated we are and how the UN Refugee Program certifies to the State Department who's allowed to come in.
Trump's saying we're not going to do that anymore.
So from the info I have, the State Department is in open revolt, ignoring him and Tillerson, letting these people still flood in.
So if that's correct, then what happens when there are other Islamic attacks?
Well, that's the thing.
There is a sparking increase in nationalism in Europe.
There are the right or the farther right-wing parties from the Front National in France to the Alternative for Germany.
They're saying, we want to stop this.
We want to change things.
We want to bring back the old Germany, the old France.
People say, we want protection.
We want borders.
And essentially, the government is not listening to the people.
Trump is our giant battering ram.
Just hours ago at CPAC, he came out speaking to the Republicans, and he said, we are taking on the fake news.
We're in a war with the fake news.
We are fighting the fake news.
We know they're the fake news.
When they're not being fake, they're Cuomo up there saying, let grown men in little girls' locker rooms, let them see their genitals, or you're not a loving person.
So that's saying, let pedophilia take place.
That's what it is.
But see, oh, because it's for transgendered, it's okay.
The man thinks he's a woman, so let him in there with your kids.
They're seeing what they can get away with.
They're seeing how far they can move the Overton window, where you'll just accept anything.
They're trying to get you to lay down, and they're saying, let a grown man come in girls' locker rooms, at the YMCA, at your public school, at anywhere.
Let them come, let them come.
Let men that want to come in with your daughter in a shower, let them do it or you're hateful!
And accept Obamacare written by big banks and the Republican Party to rape you, or you're a racist, or you're a Russian spy.
Oh my gosh, he wants to control the borders and deport aggravated felons in Travis County.
The sheriff is admittedly letting go people that are rapists.
That have committed crimes.
Because they're illegals.
Who cares if they're illegal or not?
Lock their ass up and when they're done, deport them.
If you're in Cancun, two days after they tell you, they call the hotel you're at and say, is this person there?
And then the police come.
I mean, Mexico has that, China has that, why don't we?
Five-time deportee arrested for serial rape in Central Texas.
It's okay though!
This is the insanity.
This is really going on.
The MSM is owned by the globalists.
They have Glenn Beck going, as the supposed conservative, I know it's horrible that
Bannon believes America should actually have jobs for Americans.
Isn't that?
It's dangerous, yes.
And the CIA operative Anderson Cooper, yes.
Yes, that's horrible.
Can you imagine?
Yes, and he also says people should have oxygen.
I disagree.
We should strangle them.
I mean, that's the equivalent.
It's just totally insane, but they say it with all this gravitas.
It's so dangerous to have nationalism.
Okay, well, then who runs our country?
Oh, the TPP and the multinationals that Trump just killed.
And Beck always sits there with this, like he's sitting on a toilet look, like he all has this gravitas and is this old, powerful toad that knows all.
You're a false toad.
You're not a golden toad.
You're not even a little frosty toad.
You're an ugly toad.
A lying toad.
You are a little mercenary weasel that just runs around there to control the conservative movement and Beck knew that Hillary was going to shut down the real right and the patriots.
So, what did they do?
They had their stand-in ready, Glenn Beck, for after everybody was shut down, he'd still play that part of the loyal opposition and fall down like a clown when he was supposed to.
Well, guess what?
You lost, Beck.
Now, crawl to CNN.
I can't believe Clear Channel even has you on the air.
Your ratings are gone, your sponsors are gone.
You're a joke and a fraud, and thank God there is a God.
I'm gonna come back and play the Trump clip, but first, and then get into all the other news I've got to.
I have a special guest coming up.
You know that lady in the bombshell, Make America Great, um, dress?
That, you know, they tried to get fired and everything.
How dare you have free speech?
Now she's a superstar?
Well, that's right.
It's amazing.
She's going to be joining us.
That's Joy Vila.
Now, briefly, because I didn't plug this hour, I need to, we're trying to raise back the money and throw it in their face that they took away from us, that we had budgeted for the next year, projected by kicking us off any ads on Google platforms.
Because we're subhuman and don't exist, and it's a chilling effect for everybody else, you know, to shut up or you'll be permanently deleted and sent to the Phantom Zone.
Well the specials are all still running and we're almost sold out of the lowers scanned with Donald Trump with the laser etching.
We've got a bunch of other specials that are also running across the board.
Thank you all for your support.
Massive discounts up to 50% off on some products.
Thank you all for defending free speech and not giving up because we're winning.
Why would you?
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
We're less than a month and a half in, and already... Defending our country from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
I don't know, I just love this Van Halen song.
The guitar and the way it all, like, transcends right here in this moment.
Like, let's just fade my ugly face down and look at the gloves for a moment as we watch.
Just think about freedom.
Humanity is reawakening.
Spirit of freedom of God is rising.
I feel sorry for those that aren't partaking of it.
Spirit of life is rising.
Best part right here.
I love that song when I was first like 11 years old.
I went to the record store and my mom said, you want a record?
I said, yeah, I like Van Halen.
I heard it on the radio.
She goes, what do you want?
Here's their new album.
Got home in the little stereo, put that record on.
I listened to this record probably a thousand times when I was right through the time I was a teenager.
Okay, uh, wow.
I've got to focus and be a good boy and I'm going to do it because I've got a guest coming up at the bottom of the hour.
I'm going to come in and boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, play a bunch of clubs and do a bunch of analysis.
But right now, we already had this live, David already covered it, doing a great job.
I want to play this clip of Trump saying, our enemy's the media, we're at war.
And it's so true.
We're always supposed to sit there and let them dictate and be our enemies and, you know, say literally, let adult men come in the shower with your daughter or you're hateful.
That is promoting pedophilia.
But they play these games with the terms.
NABLA basically runs the UN, folks, okay?
And they're so scared they're getting caught now that they're trying to normalize it and say, well, you're not just transgender, you're not just this, no, you like kids, or you identify as a kid when you're a 50-year-old pig-like man, so somebody's eight-year-old daughter's okay.
Well, then, my .357 Magnum and the bullets that come out of it identify with your head.
These bullets identify as your brain tissue.
Is that okay too?
You wanna go, you know, with your ding-dongs hanging out, little girls?
Is it okay if Smith & Wesson identifies as your brain tissue?
I mean, I'm just asking!
The headline will be, Jones threatens to kill transgenders.
I didn't say that.
I said they used the whole transgender thing to say, let men come in showers with little girls or you're not tolerant.
That's pedophilia what's being pushed!
I don't care who says it or if it's some asshole on CNN.
Excuse me, I've never used a lot of profanity on air.
In fact, this is a Christian show and I apologize and I'm gonna stop it.
But I gotta tell you, there aren't names or words strong enough to describe people like that.
I'm gonna play that clip too.
But let's play somebody who's actually trying to get jobs and turn our energy back on and bring us together.
Someone who isn't up there telling us the number one issue is grown men with little girls in showers.
Because if little girls don't like seeing men's penises, they're bad people.
These are quotes, okay?
That's how weak-minded they think we are.
Yes, CNN.
I happen to have a 12-year-old daughter.
Let me immediately make sure that happens.
I will, no doubt, I catch a grown man in the shower with one of my daughters, I will beat your brains out with my bare hands.
Oh my God, so hateful!
That's right!
You can't rape little girls!
And you can't bring the frickin' Islamicist in here that's a religion to rape and enslave women!
I am sick of your crap!
Excuse me, let's go to Trump.
Here he is.
And I want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news.
It's fake.
A few days ago, I called the fake news the enemy of the people.
And they are.
They are the enemy of the people.
Because they have no sources.
They just make them up when there are none.
I saw one story recently where they said nine people have confirmed.
There are no nine people.
I don't believe there was one or two people.
Nine people.
And I said, give me a break, because I know the people.
I know who they talk to.
There were no nine people, but they say nine people.
And somebody reads it, they think, oh, nine people, they have nine sources.
They make up sources.
They're very dishonest people.
I want McBrain, our great editor, or Jacobson, all the great folks.
I want to take this speech, except promos that run continually.
The whole thing's solid gold.
I mean, it's absolutely true.
The mainstream media is run by a bunch of old billionaire pedophiles, folks.
And Trump knows it.
He's battling them.
Jerry Epstein, all of them.
It's over, okay?
If we win, it's over for all you child rapists.
Just understand that.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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President Trump's administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama's guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools.
Now, radical liberals are calling for violent protests in the streets.
George Takai from the original Star Trek tweeted out,
The Trump administration's war on the LGBT community has begun.
Be prepared to take our fight to the street.
Are you with us, LGBT allies?
But he wasn't done.
Hours later, he tweeted that an American spring is coming.
The radical left is demanding tolerance and threatening violence if they don't get special privileges in the name of tolerance.
Yet they themselves practice extreme intolerance toward conservatives.
So the question is, should we be tolerant toward their intolerance?
Because after all, tolerance is a two-way street.
This is Millie Weaver reporting for InfoWars.com.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
You can run on for a long time.
And I want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news.
It's fake.
A few days ago, I called the fake news the enemy of the people, and they are.
They are the enemy of the people.
Because they have no sources, they just make them up when there are none.
I saw one story recently where they said nine people have confirmed.
There are no nine people.
I don't believe there was one or two people.
Nine people.
And I said, give me a break, because I know the people.
I know who they talk to.
There were no nine people, but they say nine people.
And somebody reads it, they think, oh, nine people.
They have nine sources.
They make up sources.
They're very dishonest people.
In fact, in covering my comments, the dishonest media did not explain that I called the fake news the enemy of the people.
The fake news.
They dropped off the word fake.
And all of a sudden, the story became the media is the enemy.
They take the word fake out.
And now I'm saying, oh no, this is no good.
That's the way they are.
That's right.
So I'm not against the media.
I'm not against the press.
I don't mind bad stories if I deserve them.
And I tell you, I love good stories, but we won't talk.
I don't get too many of them.
You're good, buddy.
But I am only against the fake news media or press.
They have to leave that word.
I'm against the people.
Who are screwing this country over.
Who are bought and paid for by the special interests who think they own you.
And look, the years of selling America, if Trump is successful, and I believe he will be, the years of the globalists selling us out and then telling themselves how smart they are, feeding off the great engine of American ingenuity, are over.
And that's why it's so sad to see the weak-minded that still hate Trump.
But if you actually study what he's doing, it's all very fair, it's very historical, it's very measured.
He's so good that actually it makes me deep down suspect myself because my discernment says he's solid gold.
I was saying that two years ago.
I said, my gut tells me he's great.
But I just said, I can't believe it.
And now it's just like, what?
It's not because he calls me sometimes on the telephone.
You know, I put out articles, I put out stories, I say he doesn't get a lot of his ideas from me.
We're just on the same page.
You know, Bannon I know has listened over the years, and Breitbart's written about that, but we're promoting the same Americana.
I listen to his ideas, he listens to mine.
I mean, yeah, we're all prominent leaders.
Drudge's ideas get listened to.
We're all prominent leaders in promoting Americana and freedom, but it's not like we all look at a 57 Chevy that's midnight blue and white.
I saw one today, unbelievable, driving into work.
And it made me think, it's like 20 people could look at that and say, that's a beautiful piece of art right there.
So Trump says, look at that 57 Chevy, isn't it beautiful?
Isn't it cool looking?
And I say absolutely.
It's not like he's telling me what to think, or I'm telling him what to think.
We're like, wouldn't it be nice if we had clean burning coal, which we have, and thousands of plants around the country, and almost a thousand they shut down, and that's why most people won't come here, they tell Trump, because our electricity is too expensive now.
Oh wow, it's twice as cheap in Mexico, on average.
It's three times cheaper in China.
You know, we might want to actually have a coal plant here.
Plus, ours are cleaner than theirs.
I agree with Trump on that.
He agrees with me.
Because I've got articles.
He's following Alex on coal.
He's following Alex on guns.
He's following Alex on borders.
He's following Alex on the terms he uses in enemy media.
And quite frankly, I have.
I thought back, in one of my conversations with Trump, I said, they are your enemy, and they will never stop until you're destroyed, and they will never, never back off, and they will never make deals, and Hillary's gonna double back on her deal, and she is not gonna ever stop trying to set you up.
They've got fifth columns inside.
They're gonna block your agenda 100%.
So he says, very interesting, Alex, hold on one moment.
Comes back and goes, yeah, yeah, we think that's real interesting.
Tell me more about that.
Sure, I'll tell the media what we talked about.
We talked about how you are the enemy.
So if I take credit for one thing, it's introducing the term enemy media.
Because you are the enemy, and we had a show two years ago, several, in fact we found the clip, I tweeted it out last week, where the listeners, we all had two hours of phone calls on what is the name of the media.
The scum media, the whore media, the sellout media, the fake stream media, the sewer stream media, the dinosaur media, one of my terms.
Prostitutes, Gerald Cilente term, and I said, you know what?
They're the enemy!
We gotta find all those clips and put them together with Trump.
Yes, yes, but it isn't because Trump was under my mind control and it's some easily influenced person.
He didn't even comment when I kept saying, they're the enemy.
They're the enemy, he goes.
Yes, very interesting.
And it's not, it's that he's so good, that he's so dialed in, and that now it's being said by the President of the United States, annihilating scum that's on CNN, saying full-grown men should be with little girls in showers!
I'm gonna play that clip in a minute.
I mean, of course it's the damn enemy!
I mean, it's the, it's the screwball, control freak, crazy people enemy.
That wants to just run every, people always read about authoritarian regimes and how crazy they are.
Ceausescu in Romania wouldn't give most of the country electricity but a few days a week and would have them, the public, beg him for it but they would see his big city on a hill, the government district, lit up for miles with just bright lights and big strobe lights and, I have light and you don't, oh I have air conditioning in a car, you don't.
Same Obama crap.
Imagine being the type of scumbag with a spirit of hatred for humanity where you want to go tell Africans they can't have electricity, medicine or cars, basically is what he said.
People are like, that's horrible.
They get off on you not having something.
You ever been around people that are totally jealous, total control freaks, absolutely hateful of everything you've got?
Really good-looking people have experienced this, and a lot of times they become wicked and mean because everybody else is mean to them, but when you have a good-looking person that isn't, you know, wicked and hateful, you know, they're usually some of the nicest people you know, because they've gone through a lot of people being mean to them.
It's the same thing if you're good at sports, or you're good at art, or whatever.
You think people are gonna embrace you and love you, but haters gonna hate!
And that's the same deal.
But Donald Trump, he's so confident.
He's so proud.
He feels so good.
He's so honorable.
He'll run over big, powerful kingpins and people, but he's not going to run over little people because he wants to give you a shot.
Because Donald Trump doesn't need you to be down in the dirt for him to feel good about himself.
He's got the best-looking wife, and super smart, and a great, smart, good-looking family, and is successful, and is honorable, and has beat the establishment his whole life, because they tried to keep his dad from building buildings in New York, and his dad, behind the scenes, did a lot of stuff, I've been looking into it all, where Trump really came from, kicking people's asses to get where they're at, behind the scenes.
You think you just go into New York City in the 20s and 30s and 40s and, you know, do a lot of stuff like that, when you got a German last name, you're not Italian, you're not Irish, you're not English?
The truth is, the whole Trump family are a bunch of badasses.
And they know what they're doing.
And they have been through what you've been through.
And they want to run the New World Order in the ground.
And all you gotta do is start backing them.
And my family history is very, very similar.
Good people that aren't looking to dominate people.
But when thugs and scum and gangs want to start something, it's like a sheepdog trained, born, bred to take you on and rip your political throats out.
And now you're starting to feel it.
Now you're running up against people that aren't scared of what you do, aren't scared of what happens to us, just as long as you get your head rammed in the concrete politically and learn that you're not going to pick on little people anymore while you claim you take care of them all day.
I love the Democrats.
Fought the Civil Rights Act.
Fought the end of slavery.
Fought everything.
And they got Republicans blamed for doing it all.
But you know what?
The Republican Party's made of the same type of inbred elitist crap.
They're racist too.
That's why they're all in this together.
And Donald Trump's not, ladies and gentlemen.
So if you don't see that, and if you don't know that, you're an idiot.
But Trump did see.
I'm going to skip the break.
Trump did see that killed our nationalism and taught us to say we even had borders was bad or racist.
He had to invoke the right of saying we're allowed to have a country, we're allowed to be together, and we're allowed to have a culture and a system and a birthright.
And that's all this is.
Now since I've been mentioning this, let me get to this clip first.
Get to Cuomo, who wants your daughters to have men in the showers with them.
Oh yeah, you're a racist now.
You're a bigot if you don't.
Because little, little know-it-all pretty boy says so.
What a piece of trash in my view.
Glenn Beck, Bannon's economic nationalism agenda is not conservative, it's dangerous.
This is like saying, if you're against child molestation, you're dangerous.
If you're against the plague, you're dangerous.
If you're against getting the flu, you're dangerous.
If you believe you should run your country and that your nation ought to be set up for the taxpayers to build a good culture for your country, then your country wants to help people sometimes, that's fine, but Congress votes on it.
No, no, no.
If you don't want foreign multinationals like TPP and the globalists and the communist Chinese buying up Hollywood, running your life, telling you who can be president, telling you what you can do, you're a bad person!
And then Glenn Beck sits there on his chair, he comes on and looks real cogitary, very, you know, it's like, oh yes, I'm very concerned about the nationalism, it's very dangerous of Bannon and Trump.
He's like saying, you having any effect over your lives, you running your own country, you being involved, a guy that just wants you to have the same power prices China has, the guy that doesn't want to screw you over, the guy that wants you to have jobs.
That believes the country is actually constituted to be a country.
They got us so far down globalism that here comes Glenn Beck, the little Judas goat, who was always the designate to be the fake conservative to discredit things and to backstab and manipulate.
Because I was told, I was offered his job before he existed.
16, 17 years ago, I was approached.
And they said, you're going to be the next Rush Limbaugh.
You come right out of the thing.
We've tested it.
You're the best.
$3 million.
Then it was $10 million.
I said, no.
Beck, boom.
Year later, everywhere.
Glenn Beck.
They went and found some shock jock, pro-abortion, anti-God.
He called other hosts who's had a wife, had a miscarriage.
He said, I'm so glad you had it.
I mean, you talk, a guy that hated Christians would just shake with hate on air for him.
And then he becomes a little milquetoast creepy guy that knows everything.
I mean, he's already defeated, he's already destroyed, he's already a joke, but people should just put that marcation line here that this is where a traitor politically is buried.
Mark that spot.
The plague lies there!
The enemy!
There's nothing worse!
At least Melissa Harris Perry tells us who she is.
At least Hillary tells us part of who she is.
Not these people.
At least the Pope says it disgusts me to hear about Europe being Christian and its roots open the gates to Islam.
At least he... I'll give this Pope one... He will tell you how evil he is.
He's less evil than people like Glenn Beck.
It's hard to say.
I guess it's kind of true.
I just realized that.
Froot Loop must actually believe in what he's doing.
Not with Beck.
It's all just this snaky little octopus.
Let me slither other and suck your culture out.
So imagine reading this with a straight face.
We have the video.
It's very dangerous to believe your nation should be first or to have economic nationalism and actually have the engine of America be successful.
That lifts the whole world.
They want wages down globally, not ours up, forcing all the others up.
That's how that, remember?
Guy made ten million dollars on his own.
Ross Perot explained all that.
Let me explain something.
You open this up.
It doesn't help those countries.
Their wage is lower, and so do ours.
Suck and sound.
It ends industrial build-up.
You cannot do this in the third world because there's no base there.
They'll just build factories at ports, ship it off, lower our industrial base and cultural base, and they won't have any base as well.
Pure exploitation by megacorporations.
Lord knows what they'll do with all the money.
Well, a big project to take over the planet.
A breakaway civilization.
It's like the Pentagon in the 80s would get caught with $700 toilet seats and $1,000 hammers and was going to black budget programs.
What globalism is that?
I mean, something like 80% of the wealth is siphoned off to 1% and most of the 1% doesn't get it.
It's, what was it, 11 or 12 zeros and then a 4-2.
So, almost all the wealth goes to a fraction of 1%, and then no one even knows what they're building!
Because most of the yachts and houses and real estate doesn't even add up to one-tenth of it!
I'll tell you what they're building!
Underground bases and some freaked out stuff!
In a giant race to get immortality!
Wouldn't you if you were some inbred globalist that didn't care about anybody and has no morals and sees everybody as slaves and owns slave factories in China like Apple?
Apple's building some spaceship, you know, thing, you know, new campus and that's just a metaphor for what they're already building for themselves.
Sucking humanity's blood, our ingenuity, our work, all the third worlds, all into this
Hidden thing they're constructing.
And then I told you that 18 years ago, reading their own white papers, now they're public admitting the entire plan.
Oh, we're building a breakaway society.
We're going to be gods.
You won't even exist soon.
You'll be like a roach we step on.
Yeah, we're siphoning the money off of vat secret stuff.
Yeah, we got clones underground like Jones says.
He's still crazy though.
Yeah, we're merging humans with animals.
Been doing it for 30 years.
Big deal.
Shut up and watch NFL.
And then alpha males that are left, that I guess the chemicals didn't get to, partly the radiation, we're just freaking out up and down with the species.
Don't let them do this!
It's not that we're even perfect, we just don't want to kill everybody.
We love our ancestors and you.
We're not out to get you.
We're just here like, Trump and myself and others are just like, in drudges the same way.
Don't, don't, humanity, don't give up, don't roll over, don't die, go look at the stars at night, kiss your wife, your girlfriend, you know, go plant a garden, spend time with your kids, unplug from the TV, don't have the smartphones, or keep them away when you don't have to have them.
They're powerful tools, but they're evil.
They're things the globalists gave us for reasons of obvious control.
And so what's their answer?
Just make jokes about it.
Imagine how dumb they think CNN's audiences are.
Glenn Beck saying it's very dangerous to have a nation or to actually want to do things for your own country and to have national interest.
The treason is to do something outside the national interest if you work for the government.
I don't mind you switching sides and fighting for things you believe in if you want to go to China, Beck, but you don't!
And he sits there like he's always on a toilet.
He has this little face like he's constipated.
To look, it's like the character of like, he's the great thinker.
He's really giving you something genuine.
Because it's so ungenuine, direct, globalist, Davos, Bilderberg crap.
They used to say it was secret 30 years ago, or even 10 years ago.
Directly shoveled in your face by a rat.
I mean, this is insane.
Limbaugh's not perfect.
I'm trying to hold him up because they're trying to break him down.
He's at least for America.
Send him to the other host.
I'm not attacking Beck because I'm in competition with him.
I was supposed to be him!
Do you understand?
That's why he wanted to destroy me because you can't have a body snatcher, a doppelganger, always in mythology wants to get rid of the real thing.
Well, guess what?
God wins again, boy!
You didn't get rid of the real me!
Praise Jesus for that!
So let's hear, this is what they came up with, let's hear the creature that they dug up out of atheist, God-hating abortion radio, and let's hear what he has to say.
Did you learn anything about him?
Oh, I'm sorry, back it up, back it up.
With a guy from the CIA admittedly interviewing him, and then they write articles saying I'm crazy, Anderson Cooper's not with the CIA, when it's been known that this guy's worth hundreds of billions of dollars, one of the richest people in the world, his family goes back 500 years into Europe, he's involved in everything evil you can imagine, and he's above CIA, and they have to admit later he is CIA.
But let's just hear from one of the vampires
Interviewing his little minion, this little gremlin.
Beck's not even a goblin, he's a gremlin.
Here we go.
Did you learn anything about him that surprised you or did it confirm what you've already believed about him?
No, it confirmed what I already believed.
What is frightening to me is the lack of reaction from the crowd at CPAC.
Yeah, yeah, back it up, back it up.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Oh my God, the lack of reaction.
I mean, he talked about nationalism and having an economy and doing trade deals that are good for Americans.
I mean, next he'll say, like, make your kids eggs in the morning and make them orange juice and then walk them across the street to the school bus.
I mean, next Trump will say that
Families exist.
I mean, you heard Cuomo earlier.
If we don't let grown men in the showers with our daughters, we're hateful!
I mean... I'm sorry, back at the beginning.
I mean, just because I want to see that constipated look again.
Here, here we go.
Did you learn anything about him that surprised you, or did it confirm what you've already believed about him?
No, it confirmed what I already believed.
What is frightening to me is the lack of reaction from the crowd.
He's like, where's the spot where he's looking like he's constipated on the screenshot?
Like back at the beginning of the video.
Because it's so funny how Axel constipated.
But there's the CIA idiot that's preying on everybody, literally.
But I mean, let's go back to this.
What's frightening to me, it's all calculated, everything's been written beforehand.
He scripts with actors and hops around, big candy ass.
I'm talking about Beck.
And sits there, because they hate humanity so much, he can't even go out and have a woman or procreate, it's just this whole thing, bring down humanity, at every level.
I'm not saying you're bad if you're gay, I'm just saying with them it's all like that because it's like, don't have children, because it's like an act of war against humanity.
And he's sitting there, and he's... He's talking about, I'm so scared, I'm so scared!
He's like, so everybody's supposed to be scared now?
Here's the Judas goat, the good conservative, who thinks you're so dumb, here it is.
Anything about him that surprised you or did it confirm what you've already believed about him?
No, it confirmed what I already believed.
What is frightening to me is the lack of reaction from the crowd at CPAC.
He dropped economic nationalism two or three times during that.
He talked about... Hit pause, back it up again.
Not at the start, brother.
They always act like we caught Jones saying rape J-Lo.
No, I said she better not go to Somalia where she'll get raped.
Why she want a bunch of unvetted Somalis here?
Very clear what I said.
She doesn't want to get raped, so she shouldn't be for this.
Same deal.
They'll say, you know, all these things.
So again, this is all part of their deception.
It's all part of their manipulation.
It's all part of how they take things out of context and also act like they caught Trump in something big.
He said it three times.
Like, ooh, he caught him in a big televised speech doing something secret.
We have the moral high ground.
Here it is.
So of course we need to get rid of it all.
It's cancer.
And you've already been burned to the ground.
So has CNN politically.
Everyone hates you but the dumbest people.
Look how pathetic he feels.
He is such an arrogant piece of garbage.
Let's finish the clip.
That's not good.
No conservative would be for that.
We are for conserving the Constitution of the United States.
Back this up.
This is too sweet.
No conservative would want to burn everything down.
He means the globalist system.
No conservative would want to get rid of federal agencies that run the states that are illegal and unconstitutional.
We want to conserve all the tyranny in teaching kids how to get blowjobs at age 5 and, you know, telling kids they should have grown men in the showers with them.
I mean, we need to conserve all the forced inoculations.
We need to conserve the glyphosate in the water, and conserve the GMO, and conserve the chemtrails, and conserve the open borders, and conserve the leprosy coming in.
And conserve funding radical Islam and keeping the borders open in Europe.
And just conserve everything collapsing.
And conserve high taxes on poor people.
And conserve!
And conserve!
And conserve our great evil new world order!
One world government!
Oh, it's so horrible!
He said the nation's day!
We can't allow it!
It's pure evil!
Oh my god, it's so horrible!
People have asked me for 20 years, Alex, why don't you have firearms and firearms accessory sponsors?
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That's Infowarslife.com.
Former CIA officer Brian Dean Wright stated in an interview with Tucker Carlson that rumors about intelligence operatives withholding information from President Trump are true and that leaks are being made intentionally to discredit the president.
He also said that these rogue intelligence officers are playing a dangerous game and that he supports the president in
Finding these people and throwing them in jail.
We have to ask ourselves, how safe is our country when we have shadow elements in various intelligence agencies withholding information from the president that could be pertinent to him being able to make fast decisions in regard to the safety of the nation?
And lastly, given the history of nefarious conduct by various intelligence agencies, should Trump make an executive order with
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or you're mine.
Well, Joy Vila, a few weeks ago, went from being a popular star, who was on the charge, to being number one on Billboard Rock, above the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica right now, their new album is out, and number 12 on the overall Billboard 200.
And I gotta say, she is the MAGA Monroe.
Make America Great Again.
She's got that Marilyn Monroe figure.
I really like it.
I will say that right now.
I like the dress, obviously.
I guess I'm a married man.
I can't say that, but there we go.
Make America Great Again.
She is the MAGA
Monroe, one of the crew members just thought of that, Matt did, so we should tweet that out, that the MAGA Monroe, Joy Vila, is on with us right now.
Joy, V-I-L-L-A dot com, joyvila.com, Twitter, joy underscore V-I-L-L-A.
And wow, I'm glad that, I'm glad that Nika was able to get her on with us, because not only did I end up listening to her music and like it,
Love it.
My daughter, I guess you've already been hearing about it, about a week after she went public, saying that how dare her support Donald Trump that wants to make America great again and actually cut taxes on the middle class and the stock market be up by two trillion dollars and all of the great things happening.
And of course, he says he's at war with the fake news.
And they said, oh, he's at war with the news.
No, he said fake news.
So it's just amazing to see people stand up to the bullying.
I was told that it was a legal immigrant.
We're going to learn all about it here.
And I tell you, it's great to have you with us via Skype.
Feels like you're right here in the room with us, which is really fun.
And what an amazing smile you've got to top off all that talent, Joy.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you so much, Alex.
I love that.
You said Marilyn, MAGA Marilyn Monroe.
What did you say?
It's Make America Great Again Monroe.
So MAGA Monroe.
We need to tweet that out or just say the Trump Monroe.
I mean, just whatever.
Let's start.
We're going to tweet it right now and say she's live with us.
Tune in.
But absolutely, you are the modern Marilyn Monroe.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, it's been an amazing week.
It's really been amazing.
Well I said the Monrote, you have the classic looks of a lady.
They try to run that out in this whole culture.
It's all part of this cultural dominance to get rid of the image of women, get rid of the image of men.
We're not against any other groups out there.
It's going to be a war against just Americana like Donald Trump.
Tell us about your music, where it is right now, and the whole story, the back story of how you did this there at the Grammys and how big it's become.
Well, I want to say something you said about the image.
I mean, as a strong, feminine female, you know, I really believe that you can be strong and you can be feminine at the same time.
It's not that one cancels out the other.
I mean, you can be sexy, you can look great.
They don't want women to use the strength of being sexy.
There's nothing wrong with that.
No, there's nothing wrong with it.
So yeah, about that.
And then my music has just exploded and I'm really, really grateful for that.
Yeah, I became the number one rock and alternative album this week.
Outsold some of my favorite bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica.
Number 12, you know, I beat out, I have a stepdaughter who's 13.
She's kind of pissed that I beat out Justin Bieber.
And it's just been amazing.
You know, my music has always been about love, freedom, for standing up for what you believe in, about being a spiritual being that can conquer all and accomplish great things.
And that's always been my message since I became an artist.
So my album, I Make the Static,
Being there has just, it's really shown me that, you know, what you do as a creator will speak to other people.
You just keep creating, keep creating and standing for what you believe in.
And the fans will see that and appreciate it.
I think everybody wants to appreciate someone that they can look up to.
I know when I was a kid, I looked up to role models.
I bought music from people that I admired, not just sonically and, you know, artistically, but also as a person.
Well, I always talk about if you look at old black and white photos, I don't care if the people are white, black, what they are.
People have electricity in their eyes.
Yeah, yeah.
Nowadays, if somebody's trying to look like that in Hollywood, it's more of an arrogance comes out.
Instead, you have that old-fashioned fire in your eyes, but it's not arrogant.
It's more loving and like you're happy and excited and want to interface with humanity.
And I talk a lot about what's in the eyes.
It's like Tony Montana says in that famous movie.
It's a fictional, you know, account of real things that happen.
He says, you know, the eyes, Chico, they never lie.
And it's in the eyes, and so I think people resonate.
You were already popular, you're already successful, but now you've exploded to number one in rock, number 12 in billboard, number one in a bunch of other countries around the world, obviously on your way to be number one probably, period.
All because of that moment challenging the status quo.
I mean, I know you got some threats, I know you got attacked.
Let's talk about the process, who made the dress, how you decided to do it, and then the good, the bad, and the ugly that's happened since.
You know, I've been to the Grammys.
I'm a member of the Recording Academy, so I was at the Grammys two years ago, and I worked with the same artist, Andre Soriano.
He always makes my dresses.
I'm his muse.
He's my partner in crime.
And he is a legal Filipino immigrant.
He voted for Trump, and he happens to be gay as well.
So he's definitely not what people would think as a Trump supporter, you know, what they think, quote-unquote.
Actually, I mean, Trump's always been—he used to do an article as the advocate 25 years ago for people's freedom.
He's always stood by his beliefs.
And so Andre called me.
It was after the Women's March.
And Andre said, you know what?
This is not right.
This narrative of hate.
And I said, you're right.
You know, someone saying they want to bomb the White House, saying that, you know, Trump is a Nazi and that we need to make a change.
We need to get him out.
We need to impeach him.
And it's just hate messages.
It's fine to say, I don't agree, but to say, let's get him out with violence.
So Andre was crying, and he told me about it, and I was overseas actually, I was in Denmark, and I said, oh my gosh, I didn't know this was going on, this was so bad.
And so I looked it up, of course, and I said, okay, this has gotta change.
So he said, this is my idea, it was Andre's idea, and I said, of course, I voted for President Trump, secretly, you know, I mean, I publicly voted, but I have never been able to tweet that or rejoice in that.
Sure, because they will absolutely ban you, it's admitted in Hollywood and also in music, it's a cult.
It really has gotten, you know, sickening.
It's like totally bullying.
It's absolute bullying.
And that's why my platform is like, stop the bullying, stop the hate.
Let's change the narrative to love and peace, because we can all agree on that.
No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you have to believe that bullying somebody for supporting the President of the United States when you're in that country, even if you're not in that country, is wrong.
I would never bully someone who supports their president from another country.
But somehow, yeah, we have riots, we have people who are inciting violence, and this just sends the message that we're divided.
We're divisive.
Well, exactly.
When I was like five years old watching PBS with my mom, she had a TV in the kitchen.
She watched TV and I saw footage from decades before of black people trying to vote or march being beaten up in Alabama.
I felt guilt and bad just for humanity and hated it.
Well, when I see footage of people being beaten up just because they're Trump supporters or women being raped, you know, in Europe by radical Islamists, I feel the same way.
Let's do something.
I don't care what color you are.
We're all human beings.
And it just seems like the left has kind of gone crazy because I was never left wing or right wing.
I didn't really like George Bush.
Now the left seems like it's gone really nuts.
It's really, it's become so extreme.
You know, extremism in anything is wrong because extremism means I'm right and I refuse to look at the other side.
I refuse to do the research.
I refuse to have a conversation.
And then now you're getting into this zone where you're blocking your friends who believe like, you know, the opposite of you do.
You're only watching tweets and TV shows and YouTube videos that support your belief.
Now you don't have the full 360 view.
You only have that one view.
And I feel like as a millennial myself, I'm 25 years old and people my age, it's so easy to only follow people we agree with and not see the other end.
So that's why it's so important not just to listen to the news, not just to tweet out the things your friends are saying, but to really, really do the research and ask around and actually find out for yourself.
Well, that's right.
We've only got about 5-6 minutes left.
I appreciate your time.
I'll come back more when you have more music coming out or new things that are developing.
But you're somebody that took the plunge.
I mean, I guess you've already said this, but in your own words, correct me if I'm wrong, you took the plunge.
I mean, what were you thinking before you did it?
And then boom, it made you 20 times bigger.
I mean, this is just for me an example of my own life.
Getting fired from jobs, having sponsors taken.
We just had a bunch of stuff happen this week.
But every time we don't submit to the intimidation, it resonates with other people of every color, every religion, of every creed.
And we just come together.
And it seems like I can feel the spirit.
President Trump, I know, feels it.
I've talked about it with him personally.
And it's really a liberal spirit.
And by liberal, I mean classical human empowerment.
Oh, I love that, Alex.
Human empowerment.
That's what this is.
It's human empowerment because free speech, speaking up for what you believe in, is a human right.
You know, it's actually a human rights issue here.
When you're bullying somebody, you're telling them to shut up because I don't agree with you.
So the other end is coming up.
And I mentioned a little bit about the hate I received.
I received a huge backlash.
People attacked me of different colors.
They attacked my religion.
They attacked how I believe.
They attacked everything.
They've gone in deep on my tweets.
They attacked my husband and my stepkids.
It's really gotten ugly.
But that's a small voice compared to the people, like you said, who are rising up.
And there really is a rise up for love, support, and human understanding.
And that's what it is.
Ultimately, the people like us, who are in the spotlight, have to speak up for what we believe.
And other people see that, they get encouraged and they follow suit.
I've got to ask you, because I know Trump reaches out to hundreds of people a day.
I've never seen energy like it.
Have you been reached out to by Trump or by the family?
Because obviously you're an icon.
Not yet.
I haven't yet.
I hope so.
I hope to get an invitation to go perform.
Will I get contacted by any of their folks?
You want me to give them your number?
Sure, absolutely you can do that.
Trump calls a lot of people like a cop.
He gets killed, he calls the widow of somebody who's doing a great job.
There's a homeless lady standing up when people are attacking her.
Trump behind the scenes does amazing things.
He really is all about individual connections to people and I'm just surprised they haven't talked to you yet.
You're like a hydrogen bomb for this nationalist movement.
And again, not that nations are perfect, but we're better than global corporations running everything in secret.
And it's this re-emergence of cultures and freedom.
The media is saying it's very evil that Trump thinks we should actually try to have jobs for America.
I mean, that's crazy.
That is crazy, because that's what America stands on, is jobs, is freedom, is exactly what the president is preaching.
He's actually, he's acting on what he was preaching before when he campaigned and now as he's elected office.
So he's not saying anything different, he hasn't said for like 30 years.
He does want to make America great again.
Joyvila.com on Twitter.
Then let me go back to this then, because I mean, describe it.
When did you make the decision?
Just run through it.
What was your heart beating?
I mean, when you made the decision, when you get there, when you uncloak.
I mean, I've seen a lot of people on Hollywood and the Grammys and the Emmys walk the walk, show their dresses.
I'm not kidding.
This was the most electricity, the most excited, no matter how beautiful the woman was.
Scarlett Johansson didn't matter.
This was like the best ever.
I mean, it was just so sexy.
It was so cool.
What was it like?
Describe it.
It was exciting.
I mean, I was my heart was beating, you know, when I wore my cloak, the white cloak that Andre Soriano designed for me and I had my heart clutch and my heart was beating big time because people like, oh, is there anything under that?
Can I stand to the dress?
And I was like, no, you'll see.
I have a reveal.
You know, I'd be a little bit cheeky with the press up there.
And then when I got on the state on the red carpet, like the second repeat that you see, I took it off and they they cheered.
Actually, all that there was probably 100 photographers there and they were cheering.
And I was so excited.
They felt the electricity and someone saying, I'm not bullied.
Beautiful woman, beautiful dress.
I'm not bullied.
It's finally the reemergence of art.
Art is supposed to piss some people off.
That's right.
That's right.
It is supposed to, it's supposed to elicit, you know, some sort of reaction.
You know, speaking of art, I just dropped my remix album, I Make the Static, and that's like dance, feel-good tunes for workout, for, you know, just really good empowerment, and it's called the Static Remixes.
So people can start buying that now, and, you know, if they want to push me back to the charts or, you know, whatever they want to do, but I'm here for the people, and I love making music.
That's right.
Today, you're, like, number one on rock and number 12 on billboard.
I guess you've gone higher some days on other charts.
Let me ask you this then, in closing.
I mean, where do you go from here?
Because obviously, you're an example to so many others to get past the bullying.
This is what scares the system.
The Republicans are horrible.
So are the Democrats.
People need to understand, Trump, at his inauguration, went after both of them.
They keep trying to make it partisan.
People need to understand, I've studied the facts.
Trump is really trying to empower people.
But just look at the example of how hundreds of photographers are there, I would guess.
You're there on the main walk.
They're cheering because they get it's something different, it's something cool.
They know they're going to be able to sell this photo for a lot.
They're all bullied too.
I mean, I can tell you how many people come around from Hollywood.
Top producers, you name it.
I mean, people that have made in the last couple of years $200 million worth of productions.
HBO, you name it.
And they go, Alex, most of us are awake.
We're not conservatives.
We're not liberals.
We're just Americana, like Kirk Russell had the will to say it.
He's like, most of us are just these Americana people.
We want freedom.
We're sick of it.
But the Democrats try to dominate us.
And it's a cult.
And if we speak out, we get fired or we get shut down.
So the thing is, that's a big hallmark, a big tombstone for the elite.
A signpost that they're already dead, people are just scared to say no, so all that's left is the facade now.
Yeah, exactly.
And there's a lot of people, like you said, who actually believe the way we do in preserving American rights, in preserving American culture, in being, you know, a cultural beacon for everybody.
Because we're American.
We can be proud to say, like, I remember when I was a kid, even like 10 years ago, it used to be okay to say, I'm proud to be American.
And then I feel like, you know, as I got older, it's like, it's almost a shameful thing.
Like, American is a slang for bad.
Uh-oh, Glenn Beck said, came out today and said it was scary that Bannon, the chief advisor to Trump, said that we should have economic nationalism and help Americans.
They said it's the worst thing ever.
So now they're banning American flags in California at schools, and Glenn Beck says it's horrible and scary that Trump wants to promote America.
Since when?
Yeah, I can't believe it.
We really have to change that narrative and just be like positive and keep standing up.
That's like you and your show, Alex.
You know, InfoWars is such a great show and just be like proud to be American, proud to be the other side, telling the other side of the story because people will research.
Even young people, you know, we're all researching, we have the internet now, so we can believe the other side rather than just believing what somebody tells us to believe.
She's the M.M., the Maga Monroe.
We can figure out something even better, we'll hashtag that.
Again, number one Billboard rock album right now, number one, number 12 globally, all music.
Joy Vila, again, taking it to the next level.
Your courage is there, and as the British Special Forces say, fortune favors the bold, and our fortune is liberty and freedom and an open society that's truly, truly free.
Thank you so much.
Look forward to speaking to you.
You too, Alex.
God bless.
God bless you.
That lady's got a really fiery soul.
You can see it burning.
And again, people are losing that.
Because I don't even know how much looking at the dress or curves.
I looked at those second.
But it was the smile, the eyes, all of it.
Most women now that are beautiful, they try to look arrogant and it looks evil when they're trying to look all powerful.
No, it's not that.
It's that openness and that just goodness and that strength.
It's like a thousand times better.
And women trying to creep around.
And men do it, too.
They're ready to walk around acting tough all day.
Most of them, once the rubber meets the road, they're not ready to cash those checks.
But it's all there, ladies and gentlemen.
InfoWars is ready to take action.
We're changing the world.
I'm going to skip this break.
I'm going to stop skipping breaks in a few weeks.
I just, right now, who knows if the show will even exist soon.
And I'm not just saying that to scare people.
They can kill me tomorrow.
They can come after you tomorrow.
We could all die in a car wreck tomorrow.
The point is,
The sun could explode next week.
Hypothetically, I'm not saying it's gonna happen.
New York Times headline, Jones says the sun will explode next week.
Jones is anti-gay!
I'm not anti-gay.
I'm anti-gay.
That's what they do on the Colbert Show, all of it.
I mean, it's just, they edit things like Trump said.
I came out and I said the fake media is the enemy.
And they cut out fake.
They cut to media is the enemy.
And they did that!
And it's like it makes you sick when they sit there in between Cuomo saying your young daughter should have grown men in the showers with her.
I'm gonna play that clip coming up.
And you're just sitting there while they assault your sanity, telling you you're bad, you're evil.
And then you're watching Colbert and he's got me going, I'm anti-gay!
And I make the joke, I'm like, yeah, two-thirds of the frogs are gay in Houston.
And they play this stuff, but my audience knows when I'm being serious, I'm being serious.
They played a clip of when I acted like I went crazy because I was an Obama, Hillary supporter, and Jakari Jackson, one of our great former reporters, like tackles me.
They ran that, like that was serious.
And I said it was satire.
But it's just this, but here's my message to Trump.
And I'm going to cover this at the start of the next hour because I've got some clips to get to.
I want to play the clips and go to it.
Trump went and did WWE because he doesn't take himself too seriously.
He did a great job.
It was fun.
He's friends with Vince McMahon.
It's clearly a venue to have fun.
It's multifaceted that our Guardian of the Republic, our president, our head honcho,
Wants to go have fun.
And he goes, boom, boom, me, me, me, boom, boom, me, me, me.
I mean, I'm going to get all the fun stuff Trump does and mix it with me being fun.
That's why they like us.
My kids love me because I act stupid.
I let them make fun of me.
And when it's serious, they do whatever I tell them.
Because they don't love them.
And I'm not on their level.
I'm not messing with my kids like so many parents do.
Like they got something to prove to their kid and just messing with them all day.
I'm like, all I want you is to have the best life in the world.
As long as you're cool about stuff.
As long as you care about people.
As long as you're nice.
As long as you're loving.
As long as you've got courage.
I'll back whatever you want to do in your life.
Just don't be a jerk.
And don't be an elitist.
And stand up for yourself.
And I'll let you do basically whatever you want.
Because I love you.
And I'm not going to sit there and yell at these other parents I see that just get on their kid's case and get in their faces and just work out psychological issues they already had previously themselves and their kids.
It's horrible to watch.
We've all seen it.
I'm not here working out my psychological issues with you.
I have already attained success in my life when I was very, very young.
I just
Had the ancestral memory.
I'll leave it at that.
And I didn't know what to deal with it.
I didn't know what to do.
I felt like I was 80 years old.
I was like five.
And now I realize everything the globalists do is to block that.
Because whether you're a little girl or a little boy, whether you're black, whether you're white, whether you're Asian, whether you're whatever you are, you have all these instincts.
Carl Jung discovered it all.
Carl Jung as a young boy was doing rituals that he'd never seen or never read about, and then he learned they were like ancient Germanic rituals, and he was doing them exactly like they were supposed to be done.
It was all there, it was all pre-programmed.
And it wasn't even so much the ritual itself, those were like packaging on a weapon system, or a farming system, or a culture system, it's everything, that he was opening.
They were files that were genetically compressed in his DNA that his brain was accessing, and then he was doing rituals that ancestors had used to encode it into the DNA and transmit forward.
And I've not even really read his books, I just know what he was doing, because I've only read the synopsis and I've experienced it myself.
I mean, he could have a heyday with that, but that's fine, I don't care.
All the globalists know about this, but they don't have access to knowledge that helps people.
They only have knowledge to very evil stuff.
And even though I see the globalists as stunted, twisted people, it doesn't make them less dangerous.
And I used to even hate them and I get angry at them because it gives me energy.
And that's lower and I shouldn't do it, but I get weak and I sometimes lean on my animal instincts to be able to get through the day.
As soon as you realize that it's a phase of humanity, and these are very broken, twisted people, and they're sick and they're bad, and don't hate them, just move against them with love, and believe me, I'm not on some high horse.
God, I come off as hateful.
Believe me, I'm preaching to myself right now.
It's so transcendent, those moments, you come above the clouds, and you're just in connection with God, and then God can guide you, and it's the Holy Spirit, and the tears flood on your face, and you understand it all, and it's so good.
Because man, it's hard to deal with these people.
I understand why people want to run away.
Our best people run away and hide.
They just want to be left alone.
Our best people are just janitors and farmers and just quiet people that just want to stay away from everybody because they understand what's going on.
They see it and they don't know how they're supposed to work against it.
It hurts them so bad.
This morning I got up and I saw the article on Infowars.com with Cuomo promoting, in my view, what is the gateway, not the gateway, it's pedophilia, saying grown men should be in the shower with your daughter and your daughter should accept men's penises when she's a young girl.
Because it's a transgender.
They're saying, oh, this is a select group, be nice, be open, let men be with your daughter in the shower.
And I got enraged.
I looked at him as a man, as a scumbag, as an enemy of humanity, and all my genetics said, that's the enemy.
And so I want to come on air and just, you know, really tell you what I think about him.
Because he's a predator.
Maybe he's, I'm not saying he's a pedophile.
I'm saying he wants to get in our families with our kids and stick his big fat disgusting rotten flesh covered demon snout in our lives.
That big fat demonic slug.
I don't mean physically fat, just a big stinking rotten heap of meat is what he is.
He wants with his dead soul that gravitates towards a big nasty to go on air and say, let naked men be in the shower with your daughter.
Push that as a religious movement to dominate us and break our will and corrupt us where we don't know why the authority is telling us something that our instinct tells us to rise up against.
I'm going to come back and play the clip of him, put the videos up on Infowars.com.
See, they're raining down on us their corruption.
Like the Pope saying, if you question government, you like to have sex with feces.
I don't even talk like that.
The Pope said that.
Because we know what he's into.
See, they want to tell you what they're into to introduce the idea.
I'm forced to cover what they're doing because we've been overrun by them.
CNN host blames intolerant father for 12-year-old girl not wanting to see a penis in the locker room.
Let me tell you something, any of my daughters see a penis in the locker room, guaranteed some heads are going to roll.
Chris Como in bizarre Twitter comment, I wonder if she's the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad teach tolerance.
Yeah, we want to have a tranny in the shower with your daughter and you don't like it so you're intolerant.
You should accept.
Hey Cuomo, does he have any kids?
Probably, maybe he does.
Some guy pulls his Johnson out at the park for your daughter.
You're not going to beat his ass?
Maybe not, maybe.
I mean, I don't know.
This just sounds like pedophilia to me, bro.
But what's your dad say?
You're a pro-life, you're a pro-gun, you're not welcome in New York, get out.
Then he went further, he said, I mean it, get out.
He's got three kids, yeah.
Well, then I think we should start tweeting at him and volunteer, I mean, you know.
I mean, see, legally, it shouldn't be done.
He's gonna put his kids in porn at age 12?
I mean, where's it go from there, you know?
Nambla says he should be able to come knock on... Nambla wants to legalize them coming to your door and asking your kids out.
You're gonna let your 10-year-old, 12-year-old date him?
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
Download our free multimedia app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
It's free, it's on Droid, it's on Apple, you name it.
InfoWars.com forward slash app.
Take action!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Brandon Moran is a great album.
And you always hear like the big classic one.
You never hear the other albums, the other songs.
Listen to this music.
Imagine just overrunning the globalists.
This music is like hacking them to pieces, politically.
Go to the next hill, there's more.
The battles get worse, they get stronger each level.
We're the next wave.
Big ships over waves.
As long as we resist, we just get stronger.
Imagine it.
More ships come.
It's a big fight.
And we're in it.
On a planet in deep space.
A weapon system.
We're being tested.
Way out in the edge of nowhere.
So dangerous.
Imagine what we'll do in thousands of years.
Imagine what we've become from the wheel and fire to jumbo jets and hydrogen weapons.
All tinker toys to children.
But we're not going to be tested before the next level.
And then, even greater responsibility.
All the people that think they're gonna gain control of humanity and get all this advanced technology and go to the next level are chattel.
They are burned away husk.
They are the implements of testing for those that truly have a spirit.
And the media goes, that's ridiculous.
There's nothing here.
We're just on this planet.
Ignore it.
Ignore it.
We're on this fantastic planet.
What the hell's going on around us?
With other planets and a big ol' fireball.
And all this other stuff.
And we're just supposed to just... And then all the math shows, all the dimensions, and all the major religions told us we're there.
And every culture says the same thing.
You're here seeing it happen.
You're just supposed to ignore it all.
The planet is just like an egg.
It's just a little testing facility, right there, where free will has to happen.
Free will.
Matt is all over me, and he's totally right.
There's so many incredible clubs I should be playing, and I've really been a bad person today.
You know, you get stuck on, and David Knight's coming up in about 30 minutes, you get stuck on some of this stuff.
But then I realized, I didn't even plug last hour, we're supposedly in the middle of a fundraiser, and I think I skipped both network commercials.
That's the money the network makes.
The other ads are just run for filler because stations play ads over it.
I need to raise money.
I skip all the ads and then I don't plug anything.
I can't stand it actually.
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So, yeah, I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to raising money.
If I wanted to, I could, but I just... I just said secondary.
I'm sorry.
But I gotta worry about booster fuel in the rockets to get us out of this first level.
And we're doing it.
We're going to type one civilization or bust.
Because if we don't do it, we're all dead.
I don't mean us physically, but the genetic line.
Kurt Weldon is joining us, former congressman, former vice head of Homeland Security and the Armed Services Committee, an expert on Russian infiltration with the Clintons and technology transfers.
Congressman Weldon did a lot of the groundbreaking research.
In the 90s, showing the technology transfer, the payments that the Clintons got for transferring technology to China.
And he is very familiar with the subject of this article, Becklessburg and how the Russians operated.
Here's Congressman Weldon to talk about it.
Well, thank you, and it's an honor to be with you and be on your show.
Thank you.
If the Clintons are going to try to misinform and malign the integrity of our new president, and people like you trying to get out the truth, then it's time for America to step up to the plate.
I've never met Donald Trump.
I voted for him, and I wrote op-eds for him in the primary and the general.
But I'm not going to sit back any longer.
Members of Congress know the facts that I have.
They know that I've been trying to restart a trilateral dialogue with the Duma and the Federation Council, the Rada in Ukraine, and the U.S.
But I'm not going to sit back and let these morons try to rewrite history when I saw what happened.
I was on the Cox Commission when we voted 9-0 that our security was harmed.
I have the charts that I'll make available to your show to show the PLA money going to front companies that benefited the Clinton-Gore campaign.
I'll show you the charts with the Chinese nationals who were admitted to the White House 17 and 49 times in the same election year that Clinton was running for re-election while they're raising money for the Clinton-Gore campaign.
You can check online and find the retroactive waiver that was given to Bernie Schwartz
The CEO of Laurel Corporation.
Sure, sure.
What you're saying is, bottom line, you were heading up these committees, you saw it all, you know it really happened, and then they're claiming everything that they've done, Trump's done, so you're going to break your silence.
Obviously, you've had high level, the highest level security clearances to know all this, and now you're saying you and others, not to put words in your mouth, are getting ready, if they want to play games, to bring the truth out.
We're not going to play games.
I've been sitting back for 10 years, and the Clintons know this.
I was his number one target in 2006.
I've got 480 cases of files.
I've got 100 hours of oral history.
I've got 40 hours of other tapes done by former officials, former agency people, former DOD people.
And if they want to play hardball, then it's time to play hardball.
They screwed with my family 10 years ago.
Unlike anything that Hillary Clinton experienced, my family experienced.
It's time now that I'm going to say, it's over.