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In this InfoWars segment, Alex Jones discusses the potential impact of automation and robotics on employment, citing a study by Oxford City Bank estimating that 47% of U.S. jobs and 77% of Chinese jobs are at risk from these advancements. He predicts an increase in joblessness due to this technological shift and emphasizes the need for a plan to address such a massive job loss, which could lead to even higher unemployment rates than seen in previous economic crises.


You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
I hear people talking bad about the way we have to live here in this country.
Harping on wars, big fights, and griping about the way things ought to be.
And I don't mind them switching sides and standing up for things they believe in.
When they're runnin' down my country, man, they're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.
Yeah, walkin' on the fightin' side of me.
Runnin' down the way of life, I'm fightin' it hard to die in peace.
The United States of America is now open for business.
It's now about sovereignty.
It's now about dealing in good faith and being honorable again and the world respecting us.
And it's time for us to win.
We're set to win.
But we have to decide that we are not going to live under the deception of a term that I thought of this morning and I'm sure because it's such an obvious term that other people thought of it as well.
But it just hit me and I tweeted it out, maybe we can pull that tweet up, that the official name of MSM
Shouldn't just be fake news, because they can throw that back and forth on new independent media, journalists, investigative journalists, just somebody that videotapes something that the government doesn't want seen.
They can just throw fake news back on that.
You can throw it on them.
You've got to have something that ties them, the globalists, the big corporate collaborator media, to the fact that they're the mainstream media, and that known term.
And so, it's the fake stream media.
That's it.
That's the name.
I've been searching and searching and searching and searching.
The Soros Inc.
controlled corporate media is in full panic from Donald Trump.
He should call them fake stream media.
Very simple statement.
Very powerful.
Again, if you go back just a month ago on my Twitter, all the comments, like 97% were positive.
You go to YouTube, it'll give like a 96, 97% on average, and those 99% upvote.
And they're having trouble gaming that because that's just a solid vote.
But when it comes to Twitter, just like you see what Trump, Paul wrote about it yesterday, the first few hundred are negative.
They just stack it with an algorithm.
to say.
Ever hide just their disdain?
You go watch a movie, you know, a comic book movie, and it shows the villain going, I will destroy them.
Oh, yes.
That's actually what it's like when you're dealing with megalomaniacs.
So, you grow up as a kid thinking, oh, that's just cartoons, but real villains actually go, oh, I'm gonna screw everyone over, I'll destroy everyone, everyone will be poor, but me, I'll run everything.
I mean, that's who these people are, and we'll have suicide nets around the Apple factories and drug everyone and then just shoot them in the back of the head and throw them in a gutter when we're done, and sell everybody's organs, and everything, I'll run full control.
It's all coming out.
I got stacks of it here today, just where they're just throwing it in your face.
It's amazing.
But, when we come back, I'm gonna hit it all.
The press conference to end all press conferences, but watch, the next will be even better.
He just smoothly walked down and absolutely butchered them, and just made a big joke out of the MSM, or the fake stream media.
But just look at that.
How now, everywhere, it's to make us feel bad because they don't want us to be verified and realize that we're the majority and the world's waking up and nationalism is taking place.
So they admit that they're quote, rolling out massive censorship against nationalists, against populists, and against patriots.
I mean, this is a true information war.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
In a protest against Donald Trump's tight citizenship policy, a day without immigrants has been declared nationwide.
Today, February 16th, 2017, will go down in history as a day without immigrants.
Look around you.
Is that person an immigrant?
Imagine if they were just gone.
But wait a second.
This ideal or illustration doesn't make sense.
President Trump is not deporting immigrants.
In fact, I'm yet to see or hear any policy that deals directly with just immigrants.
So, are citizens of the U.S.
that have immigrated here going to take off work in protest for those who want to skirt the legal process that they went through to be an immigrant?
An interesting notion.
Or will this just be a bunch of self-loathing white liberal college students and older women like usual in a desperate attempt to virtue signal against Trump?
Or, will non-citizens show up and proudly announce that they work here illegally?
The goal of this protest is to display how imperative immigrants are to society.
Guess we will find that out real quick.
Or, we will see that people who immigrated here came here to work for a better life and have better things to do than protest a process that they followed.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
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I thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, but you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
Broadcasting live from the U.N.
stronghold, Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
That's right, deep in the heart of Texas in FEMA Region 6, but we are restoring the Republic.
Soon I may have to remove all the 20-year-old liners when I talk about coming to you from deep behind enemy lines.
We have already restored much of Texas, beginning to restore the federal government, this constitutional robe, and I am now broadcasting though from the model United Nations city in the world.
For how they want to rip off and control and dominate and tax people and not let you have single-family dwellings.
So again, God put me here for a reason.
God put my ancestors here for a reason.
Right here, again, in the founding of Texas.
So I am here, faithfully, defending the Republic in one of the most important zones transmitting worldwide.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
Trump continues to amaze.
And he's doing it all.
He hasn't even gotten his cabinet in yet and he's already done more to restore this republic in just a month than I've ever seen by any other modern president.
It is truly remarkable.
And his press conference was just absolutely over the top.
And you're going to see more of this.
And thank God he came out and said what I have been begging the people to contact the president and just did a mass wave and say, look, the communist Chinese admittedly funded Hillary.
They bragged about it and told America, you better not elect Trump.
And we're in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times and PC World and everywhere saying we're helping Zuckerberg and others develop plans to censor America.
And our media is like, yes, China knows how to deal with people.
Yeah, they kill them after they silence them.
And boy, they're going to help us shut down the alt-right.
It's like, whoa!
You guys are true criminals.
You just are absolutely bottomless pits of anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-liberal garbage, calling yourselves liberal.
Supporting China that kills political dissidents because they're Buddhist and sells their organs and that wants to censor America and is buying up Hollywood is not liberal.
But you know what?
It's a bullying cult.
I agreed to let the New York Times come here for a piece because some of my sources say that this business writer is somewhat fair.
So I said, okay, I'll do an occasional piece.
We get requests every day, obviously, from the New York Times, you name it.
Almost every day from the New York Times.
Hundreds of writers.
And the lady comes, she's a local Austin photographer.
I think so.
Even when I put your name on it, I said, I'm not begging you to come take photos for us, but, you know, is that you're being bullied?
You might lose your liberal contracts?
And she was just basically, without saying yes, kind of nodded her head.
I just looked at her and it just was a bad feeling that we're in a cult.
The leftists here, with Robert Rodriguez and the film community that's here in Austin, people walk in here and they go, Alex Jones?
Oh, I can't.
Do any lighting or work or set work or set anything up here for you or repair anything.
I'm talking about electricians.
They go, or Robert Rodriguez will have me blackballed.
This is a mafia in my view.
And it just shows how disgusting they are.
I mean, so I looked at her and I said, you know, Trump's a great man.
I said, hundreds of other countries have dirty coal systems.
That supply them cheap energy like China.
We have clean burning coal, where nothing comes out but carbon dioxide and water vapor.
And I said, our power prices on average have doubled the last eight years.
Close to a thousand plants have been shut down.
What he did is going to really help poor people and businesses, everybody else.
If the competition comes back in and those plants get fired back up, there'll be competition and your prices will plunge.
And then that means, again, more jobs come back because you can do business here.
If China has three times cheaper electricity, what happens to America?
Just like I moved to an area with, you know, the warehouse district of Austin because it has some of the cheapest real estate.
And it's an industrial area.
It's zoned.
I even get cheaper electricity.
Most people don't even know how that stuff works.
The point is, is that America's going to get zoned now to be competitive.
There's global zoning.
That's what Agenda 21 is.
And Trump's like, this is BS, man.
Everything's against us.
That's the plan.
They've written books on it.
They admit it.
That's what you're seeing being blown up right now.
And Trump goes out in his press conference, the second one, and just goes, look, got the coal miners here and we're going to do this.
And the media all spins it.
Trump signs bill undoing Obama coal mining rule.
And then the media spins it to allow them to dump toxic waste in rivers.
That's completely illegal.
They have big contained slurry pools that they put it into.
And then every once in a while, one of them breaks.
That's what happens with industry and life on this planet.
But they're trying to say,
Any water runoff, period, is illegal, making it impossible.
Remember, like, six years ago, Obama wanted to ban dust in farming?
Any dust was like, what, $3,000 fines, and the next one was $20,000, and it just went up.
And then they said, we're banning child labor.
You can't take the trash out if you work on a farm.
Or you can't, you know, have somebody under the age of 16 go take eggs from the chickens.
Trying to further kill that.
And so the media's like, oh, Trump signed a thing where they can dump toxic waste in the water.
Oh, like the EPA did and didn't get in trouble?
Cyanide runoff from a big gold mine they basically ordered, you know, changes to.
And then it broke the dam, just like the Deepwater Horizon.
BP just said, stop putting concrete in.
The executives believe water's needed.
And they go, sir, in 150 years of oil exploration, nobody's ever done that.
And the equations show it will blow up.
They said, shut up, you Texans and Louisianans.
You don't know nothing.
You go see that movie.
It's absolutely word for word what was in the federal transcripts in the federal trial.
It's amazingly accurate.
Great movie.
Kurt Russell.
And they're like, sir, it will blow up.
This is $379 billion company.
And our British owners told us to do it.
It's going to be fine.
We're going to get billions more.
It's going to blow up.
No, it's not.
Hey McCain, you keep trying to have a war with Russia, you can end the planet.
Don't matter, I'm gonna do whatever I want.
It's like this weird spirit of just craziness.
And that's what we're dealing with.
So it's just, how do I cover?
Today I've got like, let's not exaggerate, 300 articles or more, and another stack on my desk of a couple hundred.
I mean, it's just, and I could just talk for hours about this.
You can build a coal power plant or try to run one, but we will bankrupt you.
That was eight years ago.
Eight years ago in a couple months.
He was about to get it.
He was president-elect.
He's just arrogantly sitting there at the San Francisco Chronicle on camera going, we're going to shut everything down.
How's that sound?
And we'll move your job to China.
How's that sound?
Because we own the factories over there.
I mean, you think about how wicked the left is because they've got all the deals with China.
And it's okay because, again, they'll have a beard or different colored socks or, you know, virtue signal and talk about how they fund Black Lives Matter to go around cop killing or whatever.
And then they're like the most horrible, greedy people trying to steal land from Hawaiian tribes just because they want it or, you know, running suicide factories.
I mean, you cannot make it up how sickeningly horrible they are.
And then you read their own white papers
I've got articles today about Zuckerberg, again, the guy that says his users are dumb effers, how he's gonna censor everybody and get your private data and use it and just, it's just, it's Legion of Doom, arrogant, crazy, power-mad maniacs.
But Trump just absolutely devastated.
Yesterday and they just don't know what to do the confidence and then just the fact that he's up there He says nobody's getting hurt America is just gonna he makes it about coal miners jobs and a way of life sure It's about making the people that work hard being the superheroes not just somebody that dribbles a basketball or you know sings music
It's about people, and an economy based on people, and a world based for people, not the post-industrial technocracy, where I have a inch-thick stack, probably 30 articles today or more, where they're all saying the end of humans is here, you will submit, you will merge with machines, it's all over, we're already spying on everything you do, we totally control you, it's all over, we're gonna censor you.
Remember just a few years ago, I was crazy saying all this was gonna happen?
And now everything's happening exactly like I said, because...
Drumroll, I was reading their white papers.
Zuckerberg's secret plan to use artificial intelligence to censor and spy on you.
Oh, it's mainstream news now.
He's already censoring and spying.
They're now just going into the normalizing phase.
The President of the United States is being filtered and blocked on Twitter with the comments and the feedback.
They don't want the American people being able to send a tweet and it pops up where he's in live time.
Donald Trump sits there.
Let me give you the big secret.
You know what?
I'm not going to give the secret.
I'm not because... Well, the media already knows this.
So I might as well tell people.
Just to tell you how wild this guy is and how real he is.
He likes to talk to average people so much he sits at the switchboard until two in the morning while he's reading things and randomly sits there and picks up the phone and talks to people.
He's like an idiot savant workhorse magic toad.
Let's get this break.
And I'm gonna just stop right there.
And he also sits there and knows phone numbers and basically can, like, memorize a bunch of numbers.
He just sits there and sees numbers he knows on the switchboard and then picks it up.
I mean, just, that is so cool.
And the New York Times people are like, oh, you know about that?
Well, don't tell people!
We won't be able to call to hell with you!
This is incredible.
So, there you go.
He's turning the lights back on in America.
That's the bumper sticker.
Trump, not out to get you.
Trump, turning the lights back on.
Trump, actually caring.
Trump, not a worshipper.
There's not just evil in the world, folks.
That's what I keep telling people.
We could take America and the world back and we're starting to do it.
And he's up there and he goes, what's wrong with us being able to have coal mines and coal power?
We developed with the Germans.
The clean burning coal systems.
Gotta give the Germans credit, they're even better than the US at coal.
And, because they don't ever have oil.
And why shouldn't we have it?
It's our main energy source.
2,000 years at our current rates with coal.
2,000 years of discovered coal in the United States of America.
Let me tell you how globalism works.
In 1996, Bill Clinton took close to a million acres of land off the books, part of it public, part of it private, and said you can't dig on it because it had clean burning coal.
Totally clean.
So you didn't have to put as many scrubbers on it, so it's almost like sweet crude comes out closer to gasoline, not as much refinery, than crude oil.
Well, it's the same thing with coal.
And so it was just like silver coal, just like, just, you know, absolutely pure.
And overnight, the Chinese company that had the only other clean coal like that discovered on earth in China, their stock just absolutely quadrupled and more, and billions and billions and billions were made that day.
Because our coal's off limits, China's goes up.
See, that's the type of business the globalists sit around and go, we create monopolies and shut everything down, and prices go up, and then we get richer, and we're gonna live forever, and all of you are gonna die, and we're gonna sit up here with all the power, and how's that sound?
Oh, no need for a manned space program.
You're all going to be dead soon.
We're going to be gods.
Ray Kurzweil.
Elon Musk.
You don't have to merge with machines, but you won't exist.
You won't even be involved.
We might step on you like a bug.
I mean, we don't want to hurt you, but, you know, we step on bugs.
Just like Apple, we step on those poor Chinese in those slave camps.
Slave camps.
They drug them so they don't commit suicide.
Daily jump off the building and kill yourself as their act of defiance, like self-immolation.
So maybe, you know, some people have set themselves on fire, so maybe just have robot fire extinguishers.
And, you know, their answer was just Foxconn.
We're just getting rid of the humans completely and bringing robots in.
And that's all been failing.
They want to try to suppress a species of seven and a half billion people.
And already people are pulling away from the TVs, they're pulling away from all the garbage.
Either people are getting deeper into it, the mind control, or they're pulling away from it.
And so I should just tell the globalists right now, you need to surrender.
Because I got something really important I'm about to tell you.
The military and the real intelligence operatives, the people that actually do the jobs of defending this country, they know that a bunch of little, weak, chicken-necked,
Not even effeminate, because that's mean to women, but just pedophile model type men who want to dominate everybody and just absolutely hate real men and just can't stand being around them.
They all admit they're going to get rid of the military and humans and combat completely very soon.
That's their admitted goal, so they can fully control them and just get rid of men altogether.
That's their ultimate form of domination.
What do the little control freak nerds do is they just want to get rid of men.
That I guess made them feel bad their whole lives because they grew up in this whole satanic system.
And they were hit with the very chemicals everybody else was.
It just had a bigger effect on them.
And so now they're slaves to their own system, continuing and increasing it to make everybody else even weaker so they can try to rule over them.
And so now everybody knows this is the end of humanity.
All our ancestors, everything they did, the future, all of it, if we do this, this act of killing the species, and that transmission has now gone out from Le Pen to...
Farage, to Trump, to everybody, you're going to now start hearing it.
Oh, look at this cancer cure.
Oh, look at this technology.
Oh, look at this rolled out.
Look at this.
Oh, look what we're going to have companies bid on.
This system that DARPA developed for communications or medicine or you name it.
Trump's like, we're not going to sit here and balance the power with everybody and only roll out our 20-year-old, 30-year-old equipment, 40-year-old stuff.
We're going to roll out the secret weapons.
We're gonna let everybody know we're completely, absolutely dominant.
There's a breakaway civilization.
The Russians know it in horror.
And they're smart.
They've got a lot of advanced stuff.
But they know the magic sparks in this country, ladies and gentlemen.
The Promethean fire fell here.
And that's the truth.
So they want, I mean, that's why the elites are on such power trips.
Because they're just trying to organize, control, and dominate.
And instead of just letting humanity fly.
It's hellish!
They're creating a prison planet, and... You've got a bunch of bullied liberals into a cult, into an orthodoxy, that they have to be anti-family, anti-man, and repeat whatever Rachel Maddow says, and look like Rachel Maddow, and not be a woman, not be powerful in your office as a woman, not be powerful in your office as a man, not be powerful in your office as a worker, a striver, a builder.
They don't want you to ever have a human office.
So then you're going to be fulfilled.
They want to keep you unfulfilled so they can destroy you and make sure you fail, because if you spread your wings, it's over for everything they stand for.
And Trump wants to destroy them, and in their own CIA publications that are public, but not for mass distribution, like Public Affairs and Foreign Affairs and others, they openly
Say, oh my god, it's all real.
He's going to defeat all of us, empower humanity, create incredible wealth.
What are we going to do?
Our whole system is going to come down.
And then they just told Russia and China and everybody else, you better fight as hard as you can because he's about to start moving to distribute the advanced technology to the public.
And if you want to know the big secret about Trump, that's it.
That's the big, super secret thing, okay?
And Trump's even more pissed now that what he'd already been told and knew about is completely true and more, and it's just all the horrible things they've done.
They're like, sure, your family will be able to live and not die of cancer from what we've done in these laboratories.
And he's like, but it's horrible.
It's an abomination.
It's selfish.
We'll never end up transcending if we do this and have these huge underground workshops of humanoids and all the rest of this crap.
What the hell are you doing?
That's why Trump now doesn't even care.
It's beyond confidence.
He doesn't care what they do, what they say.
He realizes they're a bunch of bullied slaves.
And he's just out there to show them they're bullied slaves, and to show everybody else that it's okay to stand up, it's okay to speak out, it's okay to be informed, it's okay to be who you are.
I said to this photographer, she said, well, I'd like jobs, but I just, you know, I can't.
You'd lose all your big liberal contracts if you worked with Alex Jones.
In a free country, you're not allowed to ever work with anybody who's not the big corporate, liberal, approved, Soviet BS, or you're out of a job.
Well, with that attitude, next you're sent to a gulag, or you're at a Foxconn slave factory in China.
See how that works?
There's only a few more steps down now, and they're saying, we want to start arresting the alt-right, we want to kill Donald Trump, we want to blow up the White House, we want to do all this, and they have CIA guys.
I told you, as soon as you hear that on the TV going, he's a domestic enemy.
And I kind of respect it if any of these guys have any fire in their eyes or even look like a man, but they can't get men to act like that.
They cannot get, and that's why they hate real men, they cannot get the real men to act like backstabbing pieces of crap jerks.
And that's their ancient problem, is they can't get the warrior class to be absolute filth.
And so in come the machines and in come all the rest of it and just an army of mental patients who've got some axe to grind with humanity because they don't feel like they're at the table or part of the party when it's globalism that took you away from the table.
They take you away from the table
And then they sit there and tell you to get pissed off at the table and the big fire, while the humans, the people that love God, are all over here in Valhalla, with all the honor, all the strength, all our ancestors, all the understanding, the discernment, constantly in our spirit, laid down before God, absolutely tuned in to everything good.
It's unbelievable!
If you just join us, all you've got to do is join humanity.
All you've got to do is decide that you want to be good and ask God to come into your heart.
Say the name they hate.
Whatever reason, they hate it and want it banned.
Jesus Christ.
Ask God to send His Son's Spirit.
Ask God to send the Holy Spirit into your heart and the enemy's control on you will be broken!
Let me tell you, Trump's found Christ.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
President Donald Trump stepped up his attack on the fake news network, CNN, during a press conference yesterday, telling reporter Jim Acosta that he had downgraded their title from fake news to very fake news.
Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir... I'm changing it from fake news, though.
Doesn't that undervary fake news?
I know, but aren't you...
Acosta then went on to ask President Trump, aren't you concerned, sir, that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment, freedom of the press, the press in the country when you're calling stories you don't like fake news?
No, Acosta.
The only ones that are undermining the American people's faith in the press are fake news outlets like you guys at CNN that constantly push this narrative that somehow President Donald Trump is working for the Russians.
This is Millie Weaver, signing off for InfoWars.com.
Our fellow Infowarriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption, and a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme.
They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros
As a goblin.
On the back, and it says, with a cross through him, you know, an X, like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says, deport Soros on the bottom, and on the top it says, InfoWars established 1996.
So, it is a limited edition, deport Soros on the back, Hillary for prison on the front, right-hand shoulder, InfoWars.com.
It's powerful.
Hope you get out to everybody you know.
InfoWarsStore.com, or call 888-253-3139.
This is Alex Jones.
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Well, I was summoned from Montgomery.
I had my guitar on my back when a stranger stopped beside me in an antique Cadillac.
He was dressed like 1950, half drunk and hollow-eyed.
He said, it's a long walk to Nashville, would you like to ride?
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I sat down in the front seat.
He turned on the radio.
And them sad old songs coming out of them speakers was solid country gold.
Then I noticed a stranger was ghost white there when he asked me for a light.
And I knew there was something strange about this ride.
He said, Drifter, can you make
You know, as you get older, you get a little more sophisticated.
And I notice how the right wing would do some cultural bullying, but the left wing is the king operating system of really reducing language communication, family, you name it.
And they are really, as everybody sees, stepping up the bullying, beating up women everywhere, targeting them on purpose, just saying, you don't have free speech, you can't go to events, you can't hear somebody speak.
I mean, they're just monsters.
And we have to call them out on that.
And I just remember always online getting bullied, bullied, bullied, bullied, bullied, bullied, bullied, bullied, bullied.
To attack Israel and hate Israel with people then saying I worked for Israel or I was, you know, covering up for Israel.
And I realized that was a lot of Arabist, Saudi Arabian, globalist, but also leftist dialectic.
And that the whole thing was fake.
And that while Hollywood was pushing an Israel First agenda, it was also pushing the whole Islamic agenda.
And it was all just a clash of civilizations program
And that, you know, if Israel did anything, it was the worst thing on earth, but then if the Muslims say they want to blow up America and kill everybody, a large contingent of them, that's all cute and funny and nice, you know, when they dump acid on women's faces or cut their genitals off by the hundreds of thousands a year or, you know, kill hundreds of thousands of Christians.
Oh, they just don't count.
But I kind of halfway got bullied in political correctness that, well, I'm sure the truth's in between.
You know, Israel does some bad stuff, but the Muslims do some bad stuff, and I never really tried to prove myself to one side or the other.
It's not what I do with virtue signaling, but it was just always, you know, you get a bunch of emails that's like, you're going to expose the Vatican, or I'm going to expose you as one of their agents.
And I'm just like, I'm not even Catholic, but I don't want to infight with people.
And then, you know, you work for the Catholics, you work for this or that.
When all I want is to have justice and freedom, and I'm totally open.
I mean, now I can talk to pretty much anybody I want to, and I do talk to you name it.
I mean, they wanted to send foreign intelligence agencies, not the Russians, here to talk to me and sniff around, decide if they wanted to try something, and I just said, come talk to me.
And most people out there go watch movies about all this stuff.
That's not really how most of it works.
It's just that they've known for a long time we're having a big effect.
Now we're in the center of the zeitgeist.
And what I'm getting at is, everybody should just be able to talk to everybody.
It's like that New York Times photographer.
She doesn't work for them, a freelance.
Scared to death when I said, hey, let me see your portfolio.
I want to do some work for us.
She said, I can't do that.
Yeah, you get blackballed, huh?
That's not freedom.
I only brought it up so I could talk to her about it.
Because she's a human being.
So I spent a few minutes trying to reach through to her and show her how that's a cult.
It's the same thing.
If I decry a suicide bombing in Israel, it's like, you Zionist scum!
Like, that's the highest thing to say on the internet to somebody, because you're a big man, you're a good person, you know, you're moral, I'm not.
And so you just say I'm, you know, a bad person or whatever, and I need to submit to you.
The reason I raise this is we've got David Horowitz coming on.
Who I know has been critical of me in the past, and that's fine, and I think he goes too far in some cases and everything, but as I've gotten older and studied things, really looked at it, because I read everything.
I read some of Horowitz's books like 15 years ago, and I just thought, this is the biggest bunch of propaganda crap I ever heard.
And then, it all came true.
So, I'm just the type of person that says, well, I'm going to have this person on and talk about it.
But understand, they always act like if I'm doing something pro-Israel, they caught me.
Like, I say something on air and they go, ooh, we caught you on air supporting Israel.
Yeah, I'm on air.
It's this mental illness thing, like three-year-olds, I caught you.
It's like weird mental illnesses.
I don't quite understand it, you know.
If I talk to somebody in MI5 or MI6 or, you know, if the Mossad wants to visit and just talk to me, the CIA, you name it, I'll talk to them.
That's what I do.
I just sit there and say, we just want to have power plants.
We just want to have control of our kids.
We just want to be able to worship God.
I'm not your enemy.
You should look at what you're doing.
How dare Israel push an anti-gun agenda here in America to kind of have us as a client state they control when it's the other way around.
And then issue your citizens guns, which is great, and then want our guns.
I'll support Israel because I understand what's going on in the Middle East, but don't then sit there and turn around like I don't exist and try to make me a slave.
Do you understand that?
The Jews did have a place in the Middle East.
It's a tiny little piece.
All these other Arab countries won't take any of the people in.
They want to bitch all day while they have giant tent cities that house hundreds of thousands of people in Saudi Arabia, and won't take one of these refugees.
But we're supposed to take them, and Israel's supposed to take them, and we're the fount of all bad, and I'm just not going to be part of this anymore.
Doesn't mean I'm naive about Benjamin Netanyahu and all the stuff he's up to and the rest of it.
It's just not reality-based.
It's like I have scales here, and I'm looking at who's really good and who's really bad, and I'm not going to just sit there and be bullied into any of these one-level, one-dimensional, moron-level paradigms.
I'm here to change paradigms.
I'm here to try to create a worldwide view of prosperity and goodness and women and men and the species, and what we are, and good competition.
There's no side motives, and everybody knows that.
That's why the system attacks my genuineness, just like they attack Trump's genuineness, is because, can't you understand?
I could be Machiavelli all day long.
I could be more Machiavelli than anybody I know, quite frankly, maybe except for Trump.
And I'm not bragging.
I mean, it's a fact, folks.
I can think 50 levels up, okay?
If I wanted to start doing that, I just will not do it.
I will just be honest and tell it like it is and just move forward.
And they go, oh, look, you're weak.
You won't use dirty tricks.
You won't, you know, you won't do all this.
You're absolutely right, I won't.
Because then I'll lose the connection.
That's why Odin's only got one eye.
Because the other one is in the spirit world.
He didn't really lose it.
See, the average person wouldn't even get that parable.
I'm not literally saying that in analogous to what I'm doing.
The point is that it's the father's tales, the wife's tales.
That's what that is.
Like, you get the bigger understanding, you lose some vision here because it really doesn't matter that much anymore.
And all of us need to get up into that level.
Everything the globalists do is to keep us down, and Trump is trying, talking to us like babies, because a lot of us are babies, talking to us like babies, it's okay if everybody else has coal, and we have the best and cleanest, that we have some too!
He's, everything he does, that's why I'm obsessed on coal, is because that's the great equation of our main energy source, not oil, and they cut it off!
That's what Japan went to war with the United States in World War II because we were cutting off their routes to get oil.
Energy is everything.
You die without it.
Energy plants the crops.
Energy picks the crops.
Energy processes the crops.
Energy delivers the crops.
And energy is water, the sun, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.
And they're taxing carbon dioxide.
It's a life tax.
It's a tax to breathe.
It's a tax to live.
And everything Trump does is to remove those.
He's just removing the chains, removing the chains.
And there's all these entitled, horrible people saying, we hijacked all this and it's ours and you're not going to do that.
You're not going to give workers self-respect and you're not going to get Obamacare off their backs and you stop it or we'll kill you.
And like babies, the former CIA director and all these people go on TV and say, watch your mouth, President, and you're in danger.
And the media's like, yeah, we're going to kill you and all this crap.
Let me tell you something.
I don't say this.
Everybody knows it from a position of just puffing up.
You idiots start a physical fight.
The people taking control of this country do not want to kill you, OK?
But if you start a fight, you are dead in hours.
Just know that.
In hours.
But you can't help it, can you?
You gotta keep pushing.
You gotta keep pushing.
You gotta keep pushing.
You think you're messing with people that are scared to die?
You think you are?
Because I'm not!
And I'm not the one that's gonna do anything physical.
I'm warning you right now!
And a lot of the really evil top vampires aren't gonna listen.
They're too far gone.
But you!
You people out there serving this that are bullied by this and go along with this and don't know what to think or what side you're on, you better choose sides right now.
It's that simple.
And I cannot believe how obvious the choice should be for everybody.
Our enemies are manifestly, horribly depraved, wicked, twisted, demented people that want to paint on the walls in our children's blood.
And I got news for them.
The cries of the children have been heard by God.
And we're being given a reprieve to try to fix things and organize things.
There's going to be great trials and tribulations to come.
But we're choosing, like pick your novel end, an end that's a lot easier crash landing.
You get a couple hundred million killed or you get five billion killed?
You let all the cloning and all the genetic engineering, all that out?
And the, it's not going to be electronic sex bots, it's going to be replicants, folks.
It's going to be real humanoid people that don't have rights.
It's all, it's all coming out.
And we have to say, we're not by increment going to accept this, no.
And we've got to shut down all these secret laboratories, and we've got to go to war with people that do illegal technology.
If there's something worth fighting for, we have to globally.
Have compacts and agreements on technology.
And the globalists sold globalism originally to the best minds saying, we gotta have global government or we'll blow ourselves up like Atlantis.
And they got the best minds to believe in this and then meanwhile, we find out a bunch of psychopaths run it all and actually want to blow everything up.
I mean, you read the literature of these top globalists, it's like, and after we leave Earth, we'll blow it up for fun.
It's like, we have let the worst low-level demons in to control things and it's bad, okay?
So you want the big, deep truths, you're getting it right now.
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I don't know.
Going into this next level fight to really augment our team.
And you've seen what we've done.
I promised you we'd change the world together.
I promised you we would put our money where our mouth is, if you would.
And we've delivered.
That's because God's delivered.
And so I want to commend and thank all of you.
I don't say this to make you feel good.
You need to feel good.
You need to be very excited and positive.
A lot of folks think, you know, well, things are good, but why are they attacking Trump?
He's just trying to help them, and it's sad, all this hate.
They think you're going to give up before they do.
And our spirit's way stronger than theirs.
But you can see it, you can feel it, you know, it goes back and forth, and we've got to just absolutely think one thing.
We're honorable, we're good, we're going to work hard, we're going to be strong, we're going to be the example in the world of the change that needs to happen, and we're going to just ask God to lead God and direct us and totally focus
On exposing the New World Order and fighting in the morning and at lunch and the evening, you know, on Twitter, on Google, on Facebook, on these enemy platforms and on other platforms and building your own platforms.
It's essential.
I don't care if you're 80 years old.
Get your grandson to come and help you start a YouTube channel.
Get that knowledge out.
They teach everybody, oh you're old, just go sit in a nursing home.
We need to hear that knowledge.
We need to hear from the elders that actually know what's going on and it needs to be invoked to activate the ancestral memories in the young people.
It's a spiritual, metaphysical, electrochemical system.
That has to be activated.
And the youth needs to activate as well.
This is a very, very special time for humanity deciding the future.
Because horrible things are going on.
That the positive things you see are the seeds of the future though, but we have to take this initiative and move forward.
I'm Alex Jones, this is the InfoWar.
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What if I say I will never surrender?
Alright, I want to get into some Russia news that's huge, and then I promise that when David Horowitz leaves us at the bottom of the next hour, I'm going to play the most important key Trump clips.
Just thank God the president came out and said, Hillary and her people took a bunch of money.
They gave 20, it was actually 30 percent, but he said 20 percent of our uranium.
He's being very conservative.
That's just his philosophy, and I see what he's doing.
And stop saying I'm with Russia.
I've done nothing with Russia.
And Flynn was allowed to make a phone call.
The big thing is Flynn pissed off the trifecta and it just shows how my sources the day it happened and the days before knew that it was actually he made Mattis mad and the Vice President mad and some of the other people on the National Security Council mad.
So it was Flynn not getting along with him that when that came by
Flynn's like, I'm just sick of this.
And they're like, OK, go ahead and resign.
And from what I've heard, it was just kind of mutual.
I mean, Flynn turned down a huge job at Jones Group before just to take the job.
Nobody even knows that.
General Jones, like, runs the show, pretty much.
Former head of the National Security Council for a long time.
Well, the president's the head, but the head of the body under the president.
So that's what's going on here.
It's all just a big joke.
The President and his National Security Advisor can't talk to the Russians.
They can talk to anybody they want to.
It's called being the President.
Oh my gosh!
When he was President-elect, they were lining up talks with the Russians.
Good God!
I mean, even the New York Times admits that cash flow to the Clinton Foundation had been a Russian-Uranium deal.
And the media's like, it's not true, it's not true.
It's 100% true.
And it goes on and on.
So here's the deal, and I've told the President this.
I've talked to the President before, and I'm going to stop talking about that.
The point is, people, the media always wants to know, and I think, you know, I'm not going to tell anybody, but it's just, please go after Hillary.
She's not going to stop.
The Soros Group isn't going to stop.
I don't want to just be vindictive, Mr. President, or President-elect, in that conversation.
You need to just, they're not going to stop.
They're never going to stop.
You know that.
I'm not going to say what Trump said, but, I mean, it's just ridiculous.
They know.
They were spying on him at that time.
Through the Justice Department, illegally, the President being spied on by Obama.
So... Anyways... I'll tell folks this though, that the Trump you see on TV is like the Trump talking to the five-year-olds, and the Trump behind the scenes is like...
Trump can finish your sentences like he's like, you know, big egghead in the future, you know, communicate telepathically.
And I'm not literally saying that, but he's that smart, folks.
And that's why they are reeking out.
Now, why do I have nuclear weapons going off behind me, TV viewer?
That's because that's where the globalists would like to take us.
And that's in the news.
We'll get more to this in the next hour.
But now we have a top-level, this is International Business Times, Infowars.com has posted, Russia and Trump
U.S.-Russia military generals to meet in Azerbaijan, the first time since the three-year-old situation in Ukraine.
That is a big meeting coming up.
Meanwhile, Juncker, that's the NATO-EU globalist boss, set DEF.
Mattis calls for EU to shoulder own defense burden.
EU bigwig says, oh no, we want to help the migrants.
So they just want to flood us with migrants and flood Europe and destroy Europe.
So they don't want to, you know, pay for anything.
They're too busy paying to flood the migrants in.
Again, who needs NATO and the EU when it's used to destroy Europe?
I mean, that's what Trump's saying.
These are criminal groups.
Russian spy ship not a direct threat.
Pentagon says, yeah, because we got like a hundred or more around Russia.
Does it come over the 12-mile line?
That's, I mean, we're gonna spy on them?
That's what you do.
It's like, the Russians breathe air, sir!
Oh my gosh, they have a spy ship!
Oh no!
Continuing, Buchanan says the deep state's trying to take Trump out.
Of course they are.
That's all coming up.
Oh, the big stories on InfoWars.com.
I haven't gotten to that yet.
It's so huge.
I'm going to tell you.
It turns out there's Muslim sympathizers at the CIA behind Trump leaks.
That's right.
It's at InfoWars.com.
Dr. Corsi, this needs to go viral.
President Donald Trump stepped up his attack on the fake news network, CNN, during a press conference yesterday, telling reporter Jim Acosta that he had downgraded their title from fake news to very fake news.
Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir... I'm changing it from fake news, though.
Doesn't that under... Very fake news.
I know, but aren't you...
Acosta then went on to ask President Trump, aren't you concerned, sir, that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment, freedom of the press, the press in the country when you're calling stories you don't like fake news?
No, Acosta.
The only ones that are undermining the American people's faith in the press are fake news outlets like you guys at CNN that constantly push this narrative that somehow President Donald Trump is working for the Russians.
This is Millie Weaver, signing off for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Coming to you from the former United States of America, deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
And again, I play that because I want to make the point that more and more it's not just the occupied United States.
There's now a civil war going on with the globalists commanding their hordes of idiots and the horrible trader media.
It's quite a time to be alive.
They believe in... Trying to get rid of our country.
You're walking on the fighting side of me!
People matter.
Workers matter.
Farmers matter.
Teachers matter.
Coal miners matter.
We're building a world that people run.
People are involved in.
Not a place where Zuckerberg is God.
You're all gonna fight inside us, Zuckerberg.
Don't think everybody doesn't know who you are or what you're up to.
Yeah, I hear about some squirrely guy.
It's like a squirrely guy thinks, oh, I could just go rob your house when you're out of town.
You know, you're gone, I might as well do it.
That's how Machiavellian thinks.
Well, I could think I could go rob your house, how about it, you know?
I could think of that, but I don't do that, because that's not how I treat people.
When they see a kid in the backyard, they go, I could grab that kid and torture him to death.
Why don't I just do it?
Because you're a damn demon, that's why.
Who comes up with stuff like that?
You people.
So here's the deal.
You're now seeing the fight inside us in the Infowar, aren't you?
Yeah, if you don't love it, leave it.
Go to North Korea.
But you don't want to do that.
You want to come here and eat out our substance.
Alright, that's good.
Getting a little bit of Merle Haggard therapy here.
Let me tell you what's coming up.
We got some very important guests coming up.
And then I'm going to get into Priebus on the hook for anti-Trump sabotage.
Infowars.com, the prolific Washington bureau chief, as we form that.
I'm about to get office space.
I'm about to sign contracts on that.
I mean, we're not playing around here.
That's going on.
Polar Bear numbers are still explode.
Most ever recorded.
Just running around everywhere.
Media says they're all dead.
Big Arvind Axis.
We've got the big one, Muslim sympathizers at CIA behind Trump leaks.
We're going to talk about that in a moment with our guest.
We'll talk about John O. Brennan.
We're going to get into, after our guest leaves us, globalists in panic after Trump's amazing.
We had two press conferences yesterday, but the big one that was an hour and 18 minutes long.
We're going to get into that.
Trump downgrades fake news CNN to very fake news.
Beautifully said, but I think the term we should now use is the fake stream news.
Everybody knows it's mainstream news.
No, no, it's fake stream.
In fact, let's, I should have, if I was good at Twitter, let's create the fake news stream.
But notice now on Twitter, they only let people come on and be, you know, comical and attack us to make me feel demoralized and make
Other people that are now reading Twitter feel like, oh, Alex isn't supported.
That's why on YouTube we get 97, 98, 99% ratings based on every video.
Thousands of videos, the average is 97%.
Billions of views just on a couple of our channels.
5 billion views total on YouTube.
Oh, we're so unpopular.
Oh, we're nobody.
The illusion that we're not dominant, that you're not dominant.
And now Trump's Twitter.
It's not his, it's Twitter's, isn't it?
They just, nothing but hundreds and hundreds of negatives.
That's all they leave at the top.
And this happened, this switch happened about three weeks ago.
And it's there, it's happening, you can have a trending one that's been upvoted, they won't let it go to the top.
Unless you do it sarcastically, like you're against Trump or myself.
They're doing it to drudge, they're doing it to everybody else, folks, and this is, you know, they think you're stupid.
We need to have news articles about this, like Paul Watson wrote yesterday.
We need to expose it, not that it's even hurting us, but so people understand it's like Tokyo Rose, as Japan was already defeated, the day they dropped A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
They were announcing, we've defeated you.
We're defeating the mainland.
We'll soon invade the United States.
It's over.
You failed, G.I.
It's like Hitler in his bunker with the Russians two miles away.
Who thought he would win?
I mean, it's just completely insane.
But that's what they're doing.
And so, again, listen, Twitter, we only use you as a channel.
We know it's controlled.
Understand that.
But we're still defeating you, aren't we?
Joining me now is a veteran of the Reagan revolution.
Ed Martin is a former Republican state chairman of Missouri, former chief of staff to the Missouri governor, a candidate for attorney general of Missouri.
I don't
At the Republican National Convention, because Ed is a master of the rules process, the credentials process, and always has been stalwart on the platform.
Ed Martin, welcome to InfoWars.
Great to be with you, Roger.
Thank you.
I want to point out, you said icon.
If you look over my shoulder, I guess, right there, you'll see there's an icon of Judas and Jesus.
I like to keep that in close proximity.
You know, you just want to remember there's always Judas around the corner.
But good to be with you anyway.
Great to see you, Roger.
Well, in our business, there's a lot of Judases.
I want to talk to you today about a phenomena that has always existed in politics, and that's the leak.
I mean, the strategic leak is a part of the Machiavellian tool of tricks in politics.
However, when employees, when staffers leak against the best interests of their boss, in this case, the President of the United States,
I think they're doing themselves an enormous disservice.
You know, there's a phrase that a friend of mine used that I use repeatedly, and that is that the people are waiting for Donald Trump to stumble.
And when Donald Trump stumbles, there'll be lots of people there to hold him down.
You know, and I think that's the problem we see.
We are seeing the establishment and the media and the left
You know, they're slow-walking nominees, they're leaking things out of the White House, and this is a recipe to hold the president back and cause him to rethink things.
The plan for any establishment and the ruling class is to leak in order to freeze effective staffers out.
And to your point, one of the things I see with President Trump that I worry about is any principal, whether governor, president, you know, even Phyllis when she was here, when she's running things, they have so much going on that you have to have staff that's loyal to the vision and to the man.
Leadership and governing are very difficult.
When I first became Chief of Staff to the Governor, I had a friend tell me, if you try to hold on to power, it's like sand.
If you grab it tight, you're going to lose it.
It's going to slip through your fingers if you grab it too tight.
You have to hold it with your hands open.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
At the bottom of the hour, when our guest leaves us, we're going to play excerpts of the incredible press conference.
He did several yesterday, but the big one were Trump downgraded fake news CNN to very fake news, or what I'm dubbing the fake stream media.
I'm sure somebody else thought of that.
I'm not trying to claim I coined it.
I was looking around and saw commenters using the term, but it just hit me.
It's fake stream.
It's mainstream, it's fake stream.
That way they don't just throw fake on us and we throw it back when they, you know, get caught doing fake stuff.
Just don't.
You are the fake stream media.
I want to put a hashtag out on my Real Alex Jones on Twitter while it's still there because they've already been censoring us, putting negative comments up, blocking our tweets, suspending us, you name it.
And now they're saying Zuckerberg and others over at Facebook have announced as well huge censorship plans.
So that's coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Tech billionaire issues stark warnings saying artificial intelligence could destroy human race, which is already part cyborg because of its dependence on smartphones.
That was their whole plan.
I told you this 20 years ago, now it's admitted.
I talk to NSA whistleblowers.
Jeff Bezos.
The Amazon Obama worshipper is doing huge business with the CIA while keeping his Washington Post readers in the dark.
Well of course he is, alternate.
Mark Zuckerberg says they have a secret plan to use artificial intelligence to censor and spy on what he calls his dumb effort users.
But it's okay, there he is with the family and his child.
And he's using a good Apple computer from the Foxcom Slave Laboratories.
Because he's liberal though, it's all okay.
Now half of families text each other in the same house.
Experts say tech craze have a catastrophic effect on family life.
Now that's why the late Steve Jobs wouldn't even let his kids have iPhones and iPads.
Let's just stop right there though, because we have him via Skype.
And look, I'm somebody that when I admit I'm wrong, I'll say it.
And we're all wrong often, but not about, you know, the big issues.
But I remember, I don't even remember the name of the books, but I mean, I used to have the time to read books every week.
And I'd stay up late doing it.
Now I just read news.
I'm just too busy.
And I'm trying to manage stuff here until like two in the morning sometimes.
And I just remember reading, I can't even forget which one it was.
It was just all about the left's ally with Islam and the socialists and they're going to take over Europe, the U.S., and a caliphate.
And I knew there was some quack saying that on the left, but I just thought that'll never happen.
Leftists would never put on hijabs and support cutting women's genitals off and throwing gays off buildings.
They never do this to the West, and now Paris has been on fire.
Six cities over there are on fire.
The police video, we can roll it, are evacuating and running.
The Islamists say, blow up and kill Israel and kill everyone, and then I've got all these people bullying me constantly, saying I'm an Israeli agent, when I have absolutely never been to Israel, or I guess I'm a Russian agent now too, because I don't have war with Russia.
I mean, it just gets crazy, the bullying by the left, and the bots, and the internet, and I've got to be honest, I believe they're bots.
I was never really liberal or conservative, just kind of a patriot.
But they were talking about David Horowitz, the ultimate demon, the horrible person.
I know he's attacked me before, and I think rightfully so on some issues.
Plus the media would misrepresent what I'd said, and then he'd respond to what that was.
But I gotta tell you, reading his writings, his columns, a couple of his books years ago, and thinking this is a bunch of fear porn,
And now it was basically exactly like he said.
So I really want to talk to him about what's coming in the future.
I'm really excited about his best-selling book, which I've already read the synopsis of online.
I've got one coming to me.
Big agenda.
President Trump's plan to save America.
And I've read the 20 points.
They really make sense.
But regardless...
Globalists are picking and winning the losers.
They're picking and choosing the winners.
They are selling us out.
Just turning our coal back on is going to just make industry come back.
It's incredible.
Trump literally is just a common sense guy.
And so I want to go to David Horowitz now because I want to just say proudly I agree with
95% of what he's saying, and that I just am proud for all the anti-Semites and the Islamicists and everybody else who've been trying to bully me and tell me what to do and make up crap all these years.
What you've said I am is now coming true.
Because I support Israel's right to exist, and Israel, when it does something, has a crooked toenail, it's the biggest thing in the world, and everybody else is okay, and the Muslims killing millions of people, and women being sold as slaves in slave auctions in Sudan,
And all these other countries like Somalia, that's all okay.
But Israel's the devil and he's been blown off the map.
So I'm just going to officially say that I don't want to blow Israel up.
So now you can all say you heard a secret report that I was with Israel.
The truth is, folks, I'm just for justice.
I don't want war with Russia either for no reason.
They're not doing any stuff to us either.
So, David Horowitz, I appreciate you joining us.
And so there's my little, I don't know, analysis of the whole process.
And I guess growing up a little bit.
So thank you for joining us.
Well thank you Alex.
So you got the floor to the bottom of the hour.
Where should we start?
95% of the issues.
Like you, I've never been to Israel.
And I think you were referring to a book I wrote in 2004 called Unholy Alliance.
That was it!
About the alliance between the left and the terrorists.
The two of the top organizers, actually the chairwoman of the Women's March against Trump, Linda Sarsour, is from a Hamas family and a supporter of Sharia law.
So she's anti-female, anti-West, pro-terrorist.
She's the chairwoman they chose for the march.
And Razmia Odette is one of the organizers of that march.
She is a convicted terrorist.
She blew up a supermarket and killed two students way back when.
I guess she served her time, and now she's in the United States.
But the left is just full-throated in defense.
We have a terrorist front on our campuses, which I conducted a lonely crusade against.
The Muslim Students Association and the Students for Justice in Palestine
Our two Muslim Brotherhood fronts, they're pro-terrorists, and they have the entire political left on the campus lined up for their agendas, which is a destruction of Israel and the Jews in the first instance.
But as we know, actually more Christians have been slaughtered by these maniacs than Jews.
This book I've just done, Big Agenda,
It's going to be number six on the Times bestseller list on Sunday, which pleases me.
I've written a lot of books.
I've had bestsellers before.
This particularly pleases me because we are in a civil war, as I'm sure you understand and I've been telling your listeners.
This is Civil War time.
It's interesting, the Democrats call it resistance.
And I actually saw a Democratic strategist, whatever, operative on Fox say there's a difference between resistance and obstruction.
Because, of course, only the bad Republicans obstruct things.
But there is a difference.
Obstruction is you want to stop a policy or a piece of legislation.
Resistance is what you do to the Nazis.
Resistance is an existential threat.
It's war.
And, you know, presidents, incoming presidents normally get seven, according to Gallup, seven months honeymoon.
Which is what our American political framework is about.
Peaceful transition of power.
You let the other guy get in.
We're all part of one community.
What we saw in the confirmation process was a witch hunt.
Sure, well let me just add this, because I mean I didn't really prepare for the interview, but I remember reading the book, I guess 10 years ago, I guess that's 12 years ago, How Time Flies.
It was Unholy Alliance, and I knew a lot of it was true because I'd done research, but it was just so unbelievable that the left would combine with this, and it seems like they've gone completely mentally ill.
Nancy Pelosi thinks Bush is still in office, and the same press conference of Maxine Waters thinks that Russia invaded Korea.
It does seem like they've gone insane.
So you're the first guy that laid all this out.
Just a few minutes before we get into your book.
How did you know?
How did you know that they were really having this alliance and planning this insane takeover?
Because I was part of the left.
I was brought up by American communists who were part of a vast international conspiracy to help the Russians and the Soviets win the Cold War.
So I know these people in my bones.
They're anti-Americans.
There never was an anti-war movement in this country.
It's always an anti-American movement.
That's where I got off, got out of the left.
When America was forced by the left, which is now in control of the Democratic Party, forced to withdraw from Vietnam, the communists proceeded to slaughter two and a half million peasants in Indochina.
And there wasn't one, not one protest of that.
And that showed me that I was among evil people.
You know, Barack Obama comes from the same political background I do.
He was raised by communists.
The difference is he never left the communists left.
And, you know, we're lucky that we survived those eight years.
And we're even luckier to have somebody like Trump.
There's always been fighters out there.
You're a fighter.
Rush Limbaugh's a fighter.
But there are no Republican fighters.
And we've never had a president who would be a watchdog over the media and who was so smart and would take them to task.
I mean, he's destroying what's left of their power before our eyes.
I don't know if you had time to see that press conference yesterday, but it was just stunning how they are absolutely in a full panic and just don't know what to do.
That someone already now has a platform bigger than them to counter these arrogant bullies.
I mean, they're in an alternate reality.
I watched the Chris Matthews take on it, and they had a big headline, the Trump rant.
And then they showed clip after clip of this genial fellow talking very rationally, having a good time, and, you know, pointing out what devious, dishonest people they are.
And they think that people watching it can't see that this is not a rant.
This is a perfectly rational presentation.
But that was true during the whole campaign.
I mean, the attacks on Trump were so lunatic.
So what are they going to do?
I mean, you're a guy that saw the future way back.
I mean, it's true.
You're one of the most focused, cogent, you know, over-the-horizon thinkers out there.
What's positive?
What's negative?
What do you see happening?
Let's get into your book.
I mean, a lot of what you're talking about Trump is doing.
You know, how do we save this country?
Because that's how we obviously defeat the globalists and leftists, is with prosperity and really having a big table, a big tent.
I wrote it as a guide.
First of all, we're at the beginning of four years.
We are in a civil war, and the left is not going to let up, and as anybody knows who's trying to persuade them of anything, you can't persuade them.
It's a cult.
It's a cult.
I was going to say, it's a religious movement.
It's based on the Christian model.
The world is a fallen place, so everybody's oppressed, except white people who are the
I just started realizing that recently.
It is.
It's like they've taken like super oppressive forms of Christianity, and I'm a Christian, and then oppress everyone that they're bad, and then only the high priests are good, and then you've got to go bow down to them, and then it's a cult.
They are hellfire and damnation preachers.
I mean, that's why they're so effective politically.
It's always a moral indictment.
We are the army of the saints.
We're going to save the world.
You are the party of the devil.
And that's the way they act.
That's the way they think.
That's the way they're such horrific people.
And they're very seductive because they're always putting forward this
Pie in the sky, future, social justice, communism, socialism.
Of course, communism got discredited, socialism... They never look at what's happening in Venezuela or Cuba or anywhere.
They just keep saying it's wonderful.
It's not about this world.
It's about the next.
Only the next is a world that they think they can create.
Did your parents, communists, ever wake up?
My father died a fan of Brezhnev.
Good Lord.
That's sad.
Well, yeah.
I mean, I lost every friend that I voted for Ronald Reagan.
And that's what I have to say.
That's what's so refreshing about Trump.
He doesn't back down.
And the Trumpers, everybody who supported Trump, are not intimidated by this leftist moral indictment.
And here's the thing.
Why do they sympathize?
Why are they so soft on the Islamic terrorists?
The answer is because they're people of color.
You ever think about that phrase?
I mean, I've written about this in the book, Big Agenda, but the phrase people of color, it's not English.
We don't say crayons of color.
It's a French construction.
It's completely ideological.
But when you think about it for a moment, this is what its function is.
If you look at Mexico, it's composed of two ethnic groups, main ethnic groups.
One, the descendants of the conquistadors who slaughtered the indigenous Indians.
And the other, the descendants of the indigenous Indians.
But when they cross the border into America, they're both people of color.
So they're deserving of special sensitivities, special privileges,
Western openness and hospitality is being manipulated.
They're taking our Christian guilt and then transmuting it into this brainwashing.
But it's racist.
When asked, I have a whole chapter in my book called The Achilles Heel of the Democratic Party, which is their control of the inner cities.
The Democratic Party is the party of racism.
David Horowitz, your Skype's breaking up just for a second.
Sure, your Skype is breaking up to start over and I want to have you back for a full hour soon.
We'll kind of maybe have you calling on phone, but be via Skype.
Skype's having a few problems here, but it's great to be able to see you there.
In the time we have left, let's talk about how we defeat them, what you think they're doing, your biggest concerns, more about the book, and what Trump needs to do.
Because I mean, I'm really concerned.
I've never seen, if I went on air and said somebody needs to kill Trump, I would get arrested because that's organizing a criminal operation.
There's so many
I think we're headed for four years of war.
I think our greatest strength is that
Middle America.
People have waked up.
The media has no credibility, which is a tremendous advantage.
Trump has shown the way to blow up political correctness.
That's a term, political correctness, that was invented by Mao Tse-tung, the greatest mass murderer in human history.
It's to keep people in line, which is what it does.
And Republicans have generally been intimidated.
What gives me hope is that now we have a generation of Republicans, of conservatives, who are not intimidated.
They're not intimidated by this media and by all the culture, you know, the universities, the K-12 schools, all of that.
My one fear is that they will kill Trump because there's no Republican who can replace him at the moment.
What do you think of Trump?
I mean, I've got to say, I've never gushed over somebody like this.
Two years ago, I supported him because, or over, because the elites were attacking him.
That was clear.
It was real attacks.
He had an America First agenda.
I liked all that.
But now, he's just, I've never seen anything like it.
And I've studied history.
This, I mean, just the stamina, the will, the way he laughs it all off, the attacks on his family.
I mean, this guy, if they're dumb enough to kill him, they are going to create the super martyr of all time.
I agree.
I was won over to Trump, and it's because I'm very sensitive to this issue of the party.
It's really a communist party line, political correctness.
I see how intimidated people are.
There's no other Republican you could think of who on national TV in front of 50 million people would look Hillary Clinton in the eye and say, you're a liar and a crook, which she is.
And that's a protective shield.
So, you know, it's the vulnerable woman that protects her from any kind of serious criticism.
And then, of course, she comes out, you know, I'm the strong woman.
I'm going to be, anyway, anybody who doubts I can be president is a sexist.
I don't see.
I mean, there are two people who are friends of mine around Trump, Steve Bannon and Steve Miller, who also come from, they come from a liberal democratic background.
So they have the passion for politics that people on the left have.
They're fearless.
But there's no out front leader that I can see in the Democratic Party.
Some are rising like Tim Cotton.
I was about to say, they have no leadership.
The Democrats have no leadership.
Well, they're all these aging communists.
And globally, nationalism and a rediscovery of just normal human activity, I don't even call it conservatism, there's just a revolt against this suffocating mafia of control freaks.
That's why I say it's the grassroots.
When I came into the right, I said, where is the grassroots army?
Where are the move-on.orgs, the Occupy Wall Streets?
I mean, I don't want conservatives to be
Burning things in the streets.
Sure, but action, writing books, taking action, going to events.
And now they're out there.
It's the Trumpers.
They're out there.
And if you ask, I mean, people have to be geared up for a war now.
We have an American president who's a patriot.
Finally, we need to defend him and advance his policies.
One of the things I wrote about in that book on Holy Alliance was the sanctuary cities, how they were created to attack the Patriot Act and to make it easier for terrorists to get into this country by two communist organizations, the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights.
And now it's all come to fruition.
But the American people are against sanctuary cities.
Well, I mean, nobody else in the world except Europe would do something like that.
It's globalist occupation using third world populations they've oppressed to bring them in, brainwash them, use them against us.
But this whole prosperity message and what Trump's trying to deliver is so key.
I'm just worried they're going to implode the economy like the Federal Reserve's trying to do before he gets his people in.
Show that they can try to, you know, repudiate nationalism, just like the EU's trying with the Brexit.
But I don't think that's going to work.
And I think if they're successful, I think they're going to be held accountable for the recession or depression, not Trump.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
I mean, I'm losing every public battle.
That's very clear.
I mean, there's nobody in the history of this country, probably the world, who has had such crap thrown at him and heaped on his head as Donald Trump.
And he survived it.
And he survived it because there's the people out there
And his poll numbers are going up, which panics him.
David Horowitz, thank you so much for joining us.
The book Big Agenda No.
6 on the New York Times bestseller list this weekend.
I want to have you back up via Skype, maybe with phone as well, so we get better audio.
But amazing interview.
And boy, you were right with that book back in 2004 on Holy Alliance.
That thing reads like you were in a time machine.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, we'll be back.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
We're going to get to Trump's press conference, some of the highlights straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
An African-American Trump supporter passionately slammed a town hall meeting regarding sanctuary cities.
She preached, I'm not going anywhere.
Sanctuary cities are racist.
All the jobs are going to illegals.
That is wrong.
You're not going to be allowed to get away with it.
The black community has been destroyed by racist, illegal immigration.
And we're not gonna have it, she roared.
Thank God for Trump.
Thank God for Sessions.
And you should be ashamed of yourselves.
How dare you!
This just goes to show that the African Americans know that Trump's immigration policies are going to benefit the inner cities.
Maybe if the left would stop virtue signaling for a moment, they'd realize that their misguided efforts to interfere with Trump's policies are counterproductive.
This is Millie Weaver, signing off for InfoWars.com.
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It's Alex Jones.
It's been said millions of times.
No doubt that those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
And so I didn't know that when I got a taste, a hankering, for history books when I was about six years old and I read
200, 300 on World War II alone.
Just thousands of books.
That I was like doing university level studies by the time I was 14.
I'm not bragging about it.
It's just that now I have this big store of knowledge.
Reading scholar level, you know, 800 page books.
That got into minutia that, you know, even academics were just acting like they were reading.
And that's why now I understand the roots of the different control systems when I see them.
And I know what's being built.
And I can say what's being built before they even come out later and admit they're building it.
And I'm not bragging.
It's just that those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
I only wish that I had time.
It's been years since I read a history book.
It's been years since I read a science fiction book, which is just the dreams of humans.
It's been years since I even sat down and read magazines about entertainers or watched a football game, and it's because I have to constantly watch what the enemy's doing.
There's so many interesting things I want to tell you about, so many fun things, but I just can't do it because we have to protect all those good things by exposing these people.
We're not a negative broadcast, we're a winning positive broadcast.
But we have to admit how bad the globalists are if we're going to save this civilization and this society.
I mean, take the culture in the left of Israel hating.
Israel does bad things.
Israel has corruption.
It's people just like us.
But the religion of saying one group of people is fundamentally evil Jews is now onto white people are fundamentally evil.
Well, I thought the Nazis were saying people that weren't Aryan, or Nordic, or Germanic.
Everybody was evil.
It's just more tribalist crap.
And then they sell the idea that tribalism has only been done by Europeans, which is just utterly ridiculous!
Everybody knows some of the most barbarous, hateful tribes in the world are everywhere.
In fact, civilization is saying, let's not kill each other, let's build something.
But there was never enough resources.
Now there is.
We can do anything.
And the people running things are on such power trips, they've decided to steal the future and then have us all in fight with each other like we're morons.
And if we fail the test and they really are better than us, then we deserve what happens to us.
But what you see happening now is the other side of the equation.
I want to get to a bunch of clips.
Trump is at the Boeing factory right now.
He probably put this up on screen.
And we'll play excerpts of that a little bit the next hour.
He's talking about the economy and building things and getting Boeing to move its jobs back from China.
And it's happening.
He looks so presidential there.
I don't think I've ever seen him look more presidential.
I mean, he just gets, he's just stepping into it.
And again, it's a spiritual evolution.
This is a big deal.
See, this country was taken to the very edge of death and demoralization.
A lot of people are dead before they're physically dead.
They just shuffle around, programmed, unhappy, not having any vision, not having any connection to the spiritual or the universe.
And that is now coming back into the world.
He's there promoting an American plane rolling out and saying, Boeing, you come back here.
So their stock will go up.
Instead of it going down, they were going to move to China.
Nothing against China, but...
It's time for America to have something.
And China, when you do better trade deals, when you actually decide to pay your people something, instead of being greedy, then you'll build a civilization that will actually buy our products, and then we can go to the stars together.
But we're not going to be run over by a bunch of Zuckerbergs and Schmitz in an alliance with China in some pipe dream.
That whole system is getting rolled up right now, and we're teaching you
How the cow ate the cabbage.
And we're analyzing Fox's feed of that coverage right there.
Mark Dice is coming on for 30 minutes at the start of the next hour.
I'll continue.
Then we're going to take some calls after Dice leaves us.
Open the phones up about what you thought of the press conference yesterday and more.
They've been on us the fourth hour.
But before I go any further and I start getting these clips,
There are a lot of really important articles on Infowars.com that I mention here, I cover a little bit, but it's important to go read those and to send those out to everybody you know, even if you're already informed and listening, get them to people that don't know.
I cannot harp on this enough that you are the Infowar, you are the future, you are the resistance.
How many times did I tell you, the globalists want to control revolution to the universities they own and control, the big corporate donors and the corporate grants.
Are they one?
All human rebellion to be socialist or communist so that you build a centralized system they control and you get demoralized and you're so dumbed down you don't even know that communism is designed to centralize power and doesn't work except for the elites.
You're being given a worthless college degree you pay for so we want to have you so psychologically wrecked when you figure it out that you never figure it out.
And you're just a bitter, screwed up loser.
They don't ever want you to win and learn competency.
I don't want to get into stories about my childhood and things, but the things that were horrible at the time, and that were just absolutely really scary, was kind of the end of America.
A lot of people go see movies with, like, gangs, and people meet in a parking lot with chains and knives, and people getting killed, and you think, oh, that's just in movies.
No, that's what America, if you're really a young person, used to be like, and it was like you were men.
If people said, you know, come meet all three of us after school in this, in the woods,
Over by the railroad track, you went there because you were a man.
I mean, I would go meet people knowing there'd be multiple people there and they were all intending to hurt me.
And I would still go, even though somebody got my leg broken, concussions, hospital, you name it, I still went.
Where is that today?
That's a fighting spirit.
And didn't mean I won every time either.
By the time I got a little bigger, I always did, pretty much.
Sometimes the switch had to get flipped.
And then people got hurt really bad every time.
Sometimes you run into other men that can flip that switch.
And then men learn not to flip that switch.
And that's what the globals need to understand.
You don't even have that switch or you wouldn't want to go where you're trying to take us.
Because you haven't been there as adults.
You didn't go through the rites of passage.
You're still trying to be men.
Zuckerberg, you could be a man and help humanity.
And not be part of this control freak cult.
So could Schmidt.
And all of you.
He's just come from trash.
And so I guess trash begets trash.
See, for him to be a man, he's got to have you hooked into his false universe and his AI being dehumanized and having your psyche destroyed so he can walk by feeling like he's the biggest, you know, guy on the block.
These people are garbage.
And it's time to call them out for who they are and stop being afraid of them.
And I'm calling all of them out.
And so is Trump.
And if they fight us, we win.
If they kill us, we win.
If we defeat them, we win.
We win.
We win.
We win.
It's true.
You're going to get so tired of winning.
That's what humanity's supposed to do.
Not be a bunch of losers.
We've gotten to the point where anything's possible now.
We get past these people, we're going to look into the future and they're going to look back and just say, unbelievable!
This is going to be the big game time.
This is going to be celebrated.
This is going to be studied.
There's going to be statues.
There's going to be spaceships named after what's happening.
There's going to be colonies.
It's going to be unbelievable.
If we learn to celebrate our humanity and God, and learn to celebrate the rites of passage and who we are.
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I love how the trolls have already gone in with fake votes.
Look at that.
Everything else has a 4.8 vote.
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Because it is on a big third-party site.
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Keep going down.
And we can go in and even look, talk to Power Reviews, because they really control what they do.
They're like, yeah, we know there's some fake ones coming through against you, but whatever.
I mean, they even know.
It's people that haven't bought it.
They just go and say that.
That's how pathetic they are.
It's like trying to game Twitter and block us and all the rest of it.
It's just, it's just, it's a joke.
Because we're kicking their ass.
You know, we'll just get stronger that you're making us walk uphill.
Alright, let's go ahead and get to some of the Trump press conference here.
Let's go with, I inherited a mess, Trump holds press conference, blast media dishonesty.
What we inherited was a massacre of our economy and globalists just selling off every facet, our roads, our streams, our rivers, our mines, the last lead smelting plant shutting down three years ago, shutting down the farms, you know, preparing for total control, selling the jobs, boosting the power prices, make you pay more for a 200 square foot apartment than a thousand foot, laughing at you, making it trendy, just as they live in like, you know, 50,000 square foot homes.
Just total criminal activity.
Meanwhile, discredited Brian Williams trying to discredit media.
So funny.
I've got a bunch of breaking news on him, fullwars.com.
This is a big one.
Muslim sympathizers of the CIA behind Trump leaks.
I know we already know that, but he's got the documents and the actual files.
This is a big deal.
I think I want to get Corsi on Sunday if he can come on, guys, to the crew.
But I'm going to stop there.
I apologize.
Let's go to the president.
You said it's President Trump.
Could never happen.
Would never happen.
And now you say all over the news you're just going to kill him.
And I have little wimpy CIA guys go on TV and go, he's a domestic enemy and needs to be dealt with.
Because you think, because you went on CNN, and the big corporate guys are patting you on the head, and you're in a group that you guys don't feel powerful, and we're going to have a civil war and start arresting our enemies.
Yeah, yeah, that's what we're going to do.
And you think you're picking on some Iraqis, dumbass?
You really think so, huh?
We want to help poor people and get this economy going.
I mean, if you guys walk down that road, it's like Grendel going to visit Beowulf, but you're not even like Grendel.
You're more like a one-foot tall gremlin with a weenie so little you can't even see it.
I mean, spiritually, it's just a complete joke.
So, I mean, just what the hell is your problem, man?
Just get over the fact you hate yourself, you're projecting it on us, and just get out of the way!
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
Get out the way!
You see them headlights?
I'm going 100 down the highway!
You're in the fast lane!
You see me knock them curtains down?
You see what happens with the crowd?
You see what's going on?
You understand that I talk to people how they feel because I feel that way?
I'm genuine, something you'll never have!
Get out the way!
These people have searched for power and all they've found is their own destruction.
They were only the stimuli to strengthen us and prod us to the next level.
They were only the flies, the gnats, and the swamp biting us so we'd get out of the swamp.
Then they fly back confidently to their swamp and, you know, nest upon piles of crap.
Skip this break.
I just have to.
I'll skip them all.
I don't care anymore.
Let's go ahead and go to the president.
Here it is.
Unfortunately, much of the media in Washington, D.C., along with New York, Los Angeles, in particular, speaks not for the people, but for the special interests and for those profiting off a very, very obviously broken system.
The press has become so dishonest that if we don't talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people.
Tremendous disservice.
We have to talk about it.
To find out what's going on because the press honestly is out of control.
The level of dishonesty is out of control.
I ran for president to represent the citizens of our country.
I am here to change the broken system so it serves their families and their communities well.
I am talking and really talking on this very entrenched power structure and what we're doing is we're talking about the power structure
We're talking about its entrenchment.
As a result, the media is going through what they have to go through to oftentimes distort, not all the time, and some of the media is fantastic, I have to say.
They're honest and fantastic.
But much of it is not the distortion.
And we'll talk about it.
You'll be able to ask me questions about it.
But we're not going to let it happen because I'm here again to take my message straight to the people.
As you know, our administration inherited many problems across government and across the economy.
To be honest, I inherited a mess.
It's a mess.
At home and abroad.
A mess.
Jobs are pouring out of the country.
You see what's going on with all of the companies leaving our country, going to Mexico and other places.
Low pay, low wages, mass instability overseas, no matter where you look.
The Middle East, a disaster.
North Korea, we'll take care of it, folks.
We're going to take care of it all.
I just want to let you know, I inherited a mess.
Beginning on day one, our administration went to work to tackle these challenges.
On foreign affairs, we've already begun enormously productive talks with many foreign leaders, much of it you've covered, to move forward towards stability, security, and peace in the most troubled regions of the world, of which there are many.
We've had great conversations with the United Kingdom and meetings.
Israel, Mexico, Japan, China, and Canada.
Really, really productive
I would say far more.
I love how he's reading his own notes.
Like he wrote those notes.
They're his words.
Here, let's keep going.
More productive than you would understand.
We've even developed a new council with Canada to promote women's business leaders and entrepreneurs.
Very important to me.
Very important to my daughter Ivanka.
I have directed our defense community headed by
Our great General, now Secretary Mattis, he's over there now, working very hard, to submit a plan for the defeat of ISIS.
A group that celebrates the murder and torture of innocent people in large sections of the world.
Used to be a small group, now it's in large sections of the world.
They've spread like cancer.
ISIS has spread like cancer.
And the globalists funded the whole thing.
That's right.
Now let's go to the key here.
Bringing up just the beginning.
Okay, you keep saying I'm with Russia with no proof, but I'm involved zero.
Hillary has ended up to her eyeballs and way worse than the uranium.
What she did with the New York Times, I submit she made the deals, took the money, did it.
One of her aides got 30 plus million dollars.
And then they gave millions to her foundation.
I mean, this was a giant criminal op with foreign governments, with her meeting secretly with Putin for Russia's interests.
That's what governments are supposed to do.
And if a country is wide open and can be bought off, that's what they do.
It's Machiavelli.
That should stop.
It's dishonorable.
But we've been dishonorable for a long time.
That's the position we've got in.
People don't respect that.
We've had a bunch of scum hijack our power and use it to take over the planet for a bunch of corporations so a handful of billionaires can live like kings and dream of being gods.
It's never going to happen.
Or Elon Musk or Zuckerberg or any of these people.
Or John O'Brennan, a communist in college and then converted to Islam at the CIA, saying the president should watch his mouth.
They disrespect the real American President.
They're the domestic enemies, by their own words.
Here's Hillary.
Here's where he brings up Hillary.
I've been begging for this.
He's warning them to stop, but they're not going to stop.
And I know that he's not telling the Attorney General what to do, but the Attorney General
Needs to take action, and Hillary needs to be indicted, and Hillary needs to be arrested.
Mr. President, I know they told you on election night when she collapsed and flipped out and all the behind-the-scenes stuff happened, and Podesta had to go up and make her statement.
They said, okay, yeah, we'll capitulate.
We know you won.
And then a deal was made.
They're never going to go back and actually follow the deal.
They're never going to stop destabilizing the country.
You have a responsibility to try to turn the economy back on.
You're trying to turn the life support back on.
They're blocking you.
They're criminals.
Take the gloves off.
The American people are going to back you.
We're ready.
We're ready.
We want to go after these people.
We want it.
They're already going after us.
And I know Fulwell declaring, blowing the horn here, you know, cry havoc, let loose the dogs of war.
Chanting on the ridgetops, we're about to charge in on our horses, screaming death, death.
But I mean, it's what these people want.
It's what they keep asking for.
They want to threaten everybody and run around like nobody's ever going to stand up to them.
Time to square up.
These are a pack of arrogant criminals!
And you know, I know normally, because it'd be too embarrassing for the country, people would be dealt with in other ways, and... I'm just tired of it.
So, that's all I'm saying.
These people have done a lot of bad stuff, allied with ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and selling our country out, all the things they've done, and... Just want them to move out of the way.
Just want them to get out of the way.
And if they don't have the sense to get out of the way, we're just gonna have to get them out of the way.
All of them.
David Brock, all of them.
These are just a bunch of wimps who've taken our kindness for weakness far too long and they're not going to stop attacking us because they are betas.
Who do you think is into all the stuff and Hillary's specialty of representing child molesters?
It's who they are.
I mean, they're just a pack of crap.
They're twisted demons.
They're not going to go away.
They want to hurt this country and humanity.
They want to mount our head on the wall.
I trust the President.
I see we're moving in good directions here.
But, they've really just uncloaked themselves for destruction, I think.
That's really what's happening.
We're just letting them have the rope.
Letting them have the rope.
Letting them have the rope.
Here it is, Trump Blast Media.
We're going to get to a bunch of these.
Here's a Hillary comment.
I didn't do anything for Russia.
I've done nothing for Russia.
Hillary Clinton gave him 20% of our uranium.
Hillary Clinton did a reset, remember, with the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks?
Here, take a look.
He looked at her like, what the hell is she doing with that cheap plastic button?
There's a longer clip.
Maybe we can find that.
It's powerful.
It's all just like stupid crap.
The Russians would think that she brought a button and we're gonna push it together.
The Russians are like, just deal straight, because the Russians will be Machiavelli if you want to be.
The world just wants straight dealing.
We're all tired of it.
Let the age of chivalry return.
Let the age of... We're going to be totally clean about this until you get dirty.
And when you get dirty, we're going to be more dirty than you can ever imagine.
But we don't just run around being dirty because it's fun to be dirty and, you know, we're General Hayden in his little spaceman uniform, like, I'm in full command.
And all these other people, it's just like, give me a break.
Give me a break.
Good God.
It's really a joke.
I mean, that's the thing.
It's like, it'd be one thing if they were evil and like big and powerful or something.
They're not.
They're like, they're just the biggest, weakest scum the world's ever seen.
We'll be back with a third hour.
Mark Dice coming up.
A ton of news.
More Trump clips back in 70 seconds.
Spread the word.
You're the power.
I need to tell you.
Spread the link.
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You need to have this true piece of America ready in minutes.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Mark Dyson coming up live in about six minutes.
But first, here is his key video report.
Trump toys with the media.
President Trump was toying with the fake news networks again today, causing several of the clowns to almost cry afterwards and complain about the way that he's treating them!
Here's what happened when the counterfeit news network's White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked his question, the same clown who Trump called fake news at a previous press conference.
The tone, Jim.
If you look, the hatred.
I mean, sometimes, sometimes somebody gets... Well, you look at your show that goes on at 10 o'clock in the evening.
You just take a look at that show.
That is a constant hit.
The panel is almost always exclusive anti-Trump.
The good news is he doesn't have good ratings.
But the panel is almost exclusive anti-Trump.
And the hatred and venom coming from his mouth.
The hatred coming from other people on your network.
Now, I will say this.
I watch it.
I see it.
I'm amazed by it.
And I just think you'd be a lot better if I honestly do.
The public gets it, you know.
Look, when I go to rallies, they turn around, they start screaming at CNN.
They want to throw their placards at CNN, you know.
I think you would do much better by being different.
But you just take a look.
Take a look at some of your shows in the morning and the evening.
If a guest comes out and says something positive about me, it's brutal.
Now, they'll take this news conference.
I'm actually having a very good time, okay?
But they'll take this news conference.
Don't forget, that's the way I won.
Remember, I used to give you a news conference every time I made a speech, which was like every day.
Okay, no, that's how I won.
I won with news conference and probably speeches.
I certainly didn't win by people listening to you people, that's for sure.
But I'm having a good time.
Tomorrow they will say, Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.
I'm not ranting and raving, I'm just telling you, you know, you're dishonest people.
But, but, I'm not ranting and raving.
I love this, I'm having a good time doing it.
But tomorrow the headlines are going to be, Donald Trump rants and raves.
I'm not ranting at all.
Go ahead.
Should I let him have a little bit more?
What do you think, Peter?
Peter, should I let him have a little bit more?
Sit down.
Sit down.
Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir... I'm changing it from fake news, though.
Doesn't that under... Very fake news.
I know, but aren't you...
Go ahead.
Real news, Mr. President.
Real news.
Chuck Todd, the host of Meet the Press over on NBC, nothing but clowns, tweeted out, This is not a laughing matter.
I'm sorry.
Delegitimizing the press is un-American.
What about constantly comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, you idiots?
Like Jake Tapper, who tweeted this out after the press conference, Trump tells Jewish magazine reporter to sit down, but blames anti-Semitism on the other side.
Yes, apparently it's anti-Semitic to tell a reporter to sit down when it's not their turn.
Here's Shepard Smith, the future MSNBC host, who for some reason is still over at Fox News, almost crying about the way Trump treated the press today.
You call us fake news and put us down like children for asking these questions on behalf of the American people is inconsequential.
The people deserve that answer.
No, Shepard, you deserve to be fired, and he probably would have a long time ago, except Fox News is probably afraid that he would sue them for discrimination because he's gay.
Let's check in with Jake Tapper over at the Clown News Network to see how he is responding to this hilarious press conference.
It was a wild press conference, and I
I think that, first of all, purportedly, the purpose of it was to introduce his new Secretary of Labor nominee, Alexander Acosta.
He spent the first part of his remarks talking about accomplishments that he thought the media, the fake media, whatever he wants to call us, were not paying enough attention to.
But then, instead of focusing on his accomplishments and offering an optimistic, positive view of what he's doing for this country,
It was an airing of grievances.
It was festivists.
It was complaints about the media.
It was wild.
And I can't believe that there are Republicans... He was fighting back against us and not letting us run things!
That might play well with the 44% of the population that voted for the president.
No, no, no.
It's now 55% in cook polls.
It's like 65% in reality, Dumbo.
That guy is not focused on me.
I don't even know what he's focused on.
Fake news!
Wrong answer.
Americans are watching this and thinking, finally we have a president who speaks his mind and is calling out these scumbag mainstream media for the clowns that they are.
I'm Mark Dice.
Thanks for watching.
Subscribe to the channel if you're new and check back here every day for new reports.
We're getting close to 1 million subscribers, so thanks again and stay tuned.
New reports every day.
I love it.
We'll be back with Mark.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
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President Donald Trump stepped up his attack on the Fake News Network, CNN, during a press conference yesterday, telling reporter Jim Acosta that he had downgraded their title from Fake News to Very Fake News.
Just because of the attack of Fake News and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir... I'm changing it from Fake News, though.
Doesn't that under... Very Fake News.
I know, but aren't you...
Acosta then went on to ask President Trump, aren't you concerned, sir, that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment, freedom of the press, the press in the country when you're calling stories you don't like fake news?
No, Acosta.
The only ones that are undermining the American people's faith in the press are fake news outlets like you guys at CNN that constantly push this narrative that somehow President Donald Trump is working for the Russians.
This is Millie Weaver, signing off for InfoWars.com.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I wondered so aimless, life filled with sin.
I wouldn't let my dear Savior in.
Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night.
Praise the Lord, I saw
No more darkness, no more night.
Now I'm so happy, no sorrow inside.
Praise the Lord, I saw the light.
First thing you understand, we had a totally divided country for eight years and long before that, in all fairness to President Obama, long before President Obama, we have had a very divided... I didn't come along and divide this country.
This country was seriously divided before I got here.
We're going to work on it very hard.
One of the questions that was asked, I thought it was a very good question, was about the inner cities.
I mean, that's part of it.
But we're going to work on education.
We're going to work on, you know, we're going to stop.
We're going to try and stop the crime.
We have great law enforcement officials.
We're going to try and stop crime.
We're not going to try and stop, we're going to stop crime.
But it's very important to me, but this isn't Donald Trump that divided a nation.
We went eight years with President Obama, and we went many years before President Obama.
We lived in a divided nation.
And I am going to try, I will do everything within my power to fix that.
Mark Dice is our guest.
You know, I remember Mark Dice.
I got something shoved like 10, 12 years ago, whatever.
We're good.
And I remember getting really depressed like four or five years ago about it and getting mad at me about things or whatever.
And I remember calling him and I said, you're one of those talented people I know.
If you'll just start doing stuff every day and just forget about trying to be a success, because I've been like this too.
Everybody has.
This is somebody trying to help somebody who's a little bit older than them.
Not that I have all the answers.
And I said, if you'll just do it, because I know you care, you'll be super successful because you're so smart and do a great job.
But don't get mad at me for the fact that, you know, in some of our dealings, you've not had as much success as you'd like.
And I don't mean to bring up personal stuff here on the air.
It's just that I'm so proud of the fact that he's almost got a million subscribers on YouTube, and he's brought all these books back into print, and has bestsellers, and, you know, has done so much.
Because look at Paul Watson.
Paul Watson, I mean, I can tell you, almost reaches as many people as I do now.
And I hope Paul gets way better than I do.
See, here's the deal.
I'm not in competition with other men that I'd be better than them at everything.
I want to defeat people that are out to get us all.
I'm in a total war against the New World Order.
And I know we can beat them.
And so I just wanted to take some time out and talk about Mark because, you know, Mark just, you know, he's branched out and he's doing these commentaries and these analysis that are just the best things out there.
I mean, it's so when you see something so good, so on spot, way better than what's on, you know, any mainstream media.
And I don't just mean content wise, but just wit wise and everything.
It's a good thing.
And that's why.
I want to encourage other people, no matter what color you are or where you came from, if you're an old man and you get your nephew or your grandson to put you on YouTube, just sit out by the pond and talk about the world.
The normal people speaking out in this whole internet village system is what will beat them.
Because they're bringing the censorship now.
They're admitting it.
They're announcing it.
It's getting bad.
And that's why, whether it's Drudge or whether it's Daily Caller or WorldNetDaily or Breitbart, I'm not in competition with Stephen Bannon.
I'm not going to talk about little discussions we've had.
I mean, I hope Breitbart gets ten times bigger than Infowars.
In fact, I don't want to be the biggest thing out there.
And after Drudge, you know, when it comes to multimedia, we're the biggest thing there is.
40, 50 million people a week, conservatively.
And folks, that's conservative.
Shemweek's 90 plus million now.
So, you look at that responsibility.
That's a big responsibility we've got.
When you think about how evil these people are, it makes you better.
Because then you think, I don't want to be like them.
I want to be strong and true.
I want to be a knight in shining armor.
I really want to take these people on, because they mean to break this country and this world once and for all.
And Mark, of course, has all the famous videos, hundreds of millions of views, showing dumbed-down lefties.
I mean, that is bullied, dumbed-down people, told they have no responsibility from birth, do whatever you want, just wander around.
They're almost soulless, and we don't make fun of them for pleasure.
We do it because they're so fallen we're scared, but they only care about what peers think because they're bullied.
They never get past age 5 in peer pressure, so you have to laugh at them because that's what they don't like.
You ever have leftists come over to you in D.C.
or wherever I'm at and they'll go, like 20 of them will laugh at me and I'm like, you think I'm in junior high, like where people are laughing at me and I care?
Dude, by the time I was like 14, I wasn't dating high school girls no more.
I wanted out of high school.
When I was in middle school, I wanted in high school.
I don't care what you think about me when you're in a loser cult that has nothing, that means nothing, that is nothing, and you want to make me a loser too?
And you've been given a psychological virus by the globalists?
I want to go to Mark.
We just played his powerful new clip analyzing this press conference yesterday that was bullies coming face-to-face with somebody, just calling them out, and they are in total and complete panic right now.
So, Mark, you know, just amazing to see where things are going.
In your new video, you know, reporters are absolutely panicking.
Trump Toys the Reporters at press conference today.
They're at markgeist.com.
We've linked up on infowars.com.
I want to just, in the brief time we have, talk about where you see the world today, but also how they're going to counter-strike back and how do we
Mobilize and fight the billion Soros is putting in and Obama's organizing to really go next level and try to bully us physically into submission in the streets and at the colleges and the schools.
But on cyberspace, I mean, I think we should really raise the alarm and really fight harder than we did even during the election, because that was a battle.
The war is here.
Yeah, we've sort of stormed the city.
We're inside the gates.
The real battle has begun.
And with the mainstream media being so desperate, we're seeing them, I mean, really almost their last breaths.
And they're going to do everything they can to try to regain the foothold that they've had, which is why Facebook is rolling out their new censorship tools.
Twitter has been doing it more and more incrementally.
Announce some new tools now.
They're trying to prevent people's tweets from showing up to those who don't follow them so that it doesn't spread across platforms that you can't have your message seen by someone who's not in the same, someone who's outside of the same bubble as you.
And Trump is right to be mocking the mainstream media.
He wasn't yelling at them.
He wasn't screaming.
He wasn't unhinged like all these phonies.
Because that's their tool.
That's the key.
Their tool is mocking at a junior high level.
It doesn't get to us or him, but it gets to them.
And they should be mocked.
CNN did a report, it was an investigation about whether Adele won the Grammy for Best Album this year over Beyonce because of the possible racist Grammy voters.
That was a real headline.
When I saw the tweets, I thought, maybe this has to be like a parody Twitter account.
But no, that's a real CNN story.
Is that they think that Beyonce, beloved Beyonce, lost the Grammy because of white supremacist or the white privilege of Adele.
And they're so crazy when we see... Well, it's the same thing with the NFL.
I mean, they said that was white supremacy.
Because there was a few white players.
Yeah, they're upset about the supposed lack of diversity on the Patriots team and that the Patriots win was symbolic of the white, you know, hegemony in this country.
And they deserve to be mocked, and they're failing.
And that's why my YouTube channel has almost a million subscribers.
It's amazing just sitting in my kitchen, I reach more people in most videos.
Yeah, every CNN show has 100,000 viewers, you reach millions every day.
And that's extended over their entire half hour or hour show.
So if you break down their segments into, you know, three or four or five minute segments, I mean, we're paralleling, my channel is paralleling CNN and MSNBC.
Jake Tapper and I got into a Twitter beef
Uh, months ago, and I just did a video about it, and almost a million people watched the video.
More people watched my YouTube video, analyzing Jake Tapper and I's beef on Twitter, than actually watched his show.
That's right, and of course they know they're nothing now.
That's why they're really so pissed.
So where do they go from here?
It's not about, oh, my channel's big, your channel's big.
We're not bragging.
We're telling listeners their whole illusion is that, you know, we don't get press passes, we're not real news, when they're the fake stream news.
You probably already heard that term.
I just came up with it myself, but some people are already using it.
Any good idea is already out there, usually.
I don't territorialize it, but fake stream news.
Isn't that the name?
Because they're fake, but they're the mainstream.
Then we associate the term fake with fake stream.
I think that's the word.
I can't wait for President Trump to call CNN the counterfeit news network, or the clown news network.
And we just have to keep sticking it to them.
CNN got so upset with people calling them fake news that they conducted a study to try to see if the term fake news was damaging their brand.
And, of course, they did not.
I mean, that's why if people say fake news on there, even Bernie Sanders is a joke, they cut his feet.
It's an order that if somebody says that, you cut their feet.
They've already been destroyed!
Their brand is already filled!
Don't they get that?
No, they don't.
We have a YouTuber, PewDiePie, who is the most popular YouTuber ever.
53, maybe 54 million subscribers.
And singing him fake news brought him down.
Yeah, a coordinated attack between the Wall Street Journal and other major media outlets, trying to smear him as a white supremacist.
We have tech magazines like Wired, which have been going political in the last year and a half, trying to bring down Trump with stories that have nothing to do with politics or tech.
I don't
Well, they just wanted to set the precedent to ban somebody who was number one to test, can we ban someone completely innocent, who I think puts out a bunch of crap dribble, but is certainly not even anywhere near racist.
I mean, can we shoot down somebody who has
Tens of millions of kids watching him every day.
We don't want that.
We want to teach them how to be trannies and give blowjobs and commit suicide and hate themselves.
We don't want them watching this guy.
They were just jealous of him because he wasn't teaching them how to commit suicide.
And so they said, how do we get the kids back with us learning how to commit suicide?
So they banned him.
Yeah, I mean, you'll never see BuzzFeed have any of their videos censored or have the ads stripped.
And for well over a year, even a year before it became common knowledge that YouTube was censoring ads,
You know, us YouTubers in the alternative news community knew that this was happening, but it wasn't until a bigger YouTuber decided to talk about it, or became aware of it, that it started trending on social media.
So we were a year ahead of the curve, seeing the censorship, trying to strip ads from our channels, because they don't want us to be able to be funded in order to do this, and that's one way at them trying to censor us.
Sure, and that's why they're telling you and even doing...
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
People don't buy a lot of books, you know, put out a film, do whatever, have a coffee mug, whatever.
People understand they're trying to strangle us.
You just say, hey, I got a couple products here, you can maybe give a coffee mug to somebody, they'll tune into the show, you know, ten bucks, I make five bucks, I need your support if I'm gonna do this.
People get that, they want to support you.
I've just been saying for years, get some swag, you know, because people want to support you.
I want to see you in the whole operation.
I want to see you, you know, rivaling InfoWars.
You know, it's been really amazing, and it just goes to show that with dedication and hard work and with a mission, you can become an incredible success.
And there was a time where I thought, oh man, nobody's watching my videos.
No, I remember talking to you like four years ago, and I'm not trying to brag about this, but was my pep talk not right?
Yeah, it was great, man.
You've been a great inspiration for me, and you've paved the path.
It's been amazing to watch your career expand.
I don't want to get into me, I want to talk about you, because you're kind of the prodigal son for a little while.
And I'm just saying, it's good to set an example of not being kind of a chicken on my end.
Turn on the other cheek.
But that's all the Bible.
There's times to do it, times to not.
But I'm not bragging about what I did.
I just really value you in the fight against the globalists.
We need you.
And I'm just glad you got out of that.
For other people that get into infighting and that virus they try to push on trolling on the web against ourselves, we've got to get through that.
Because people think that's the path of success when you don't have immediate success to take care of yourself.
Which you're doing this because you love the truth, but you need to be able to take care of yourself.
And so I get it, but I was just saying truly be yourself.
Quit trying to have a show on national TV, you will be huge, you did it, and you went from huge to gigantic.
So I'm just saying, your testimony to other people out there about the path to real success, fighting tyranny.
You know, when I had meetings with... I literally had a meeting with CNN... No, they called you and said, we want you to pledge to Satan.
I've been there when I was 14, I know.
So they tell them, they call you and they say, we want you to worship Satan and be part of the group.
No, I get it.
Tell folks about that.
Well, a couple years ago I had meetings with most of the major networks about, you know, hosting a show, an investigative, you know, kind of conspiracy type of a show.
And one of the heads of one of the major studios, I mean, we got into a spiritual discussion and he did
Overtly indicate that he liked Satan.
He thought Satan was the savior.
And I'm sitting there.
They're so surreal.
The Hollywood sign is literally right out the window in his office.
Just you can see it off in the back.
It was so bizarre.
And I had a meeting with CNN.
And later on the studio started telling me, and of course I never would have went to work with them, I even told the studio, which is for those who don't know, studios are independent companies that produce shows for networks and then sell them to networks.
So CNN didn't really know what they were getting into, it was just a meeting with another studio pitching a show to their network.
I went there, and it was so bizarre.
I only went because I wanted to be able to laugh at it.
And I took pictures in the boardroom with CNN etched into the walls, into the windows.
And this is in Hollywood.
Now, for those people who expect CNN to be... By the way, this was after you woke up to the fact that
I don't know.
Just to keep artists in Hollywood not competing with them, and they call it a tithe.
They go, let's go to this tithe meeting with these people to steal your ideas, and then never give you anything, and then never make you successful, but so you stay there, and don't create your own art elsewhere.
See, it's all a very wore-out plan.
Go ahead.
And how interesting is it, for those who don't know, that CNN has probably a 12-story building in Hollywood.
I'm talking about two blocks away from Hollywood Boulevard.
So you would expect CNN to be in New York or in Atlanta or Washington, D.C.
They have a, I would estimate, a huge 12-story building.
Well, it's really a branch of the CIA that's been declassified, so they're there to write scripts for Hollywood.
That's really what's going on in most of those rooms, but go ahead.
The old media, the mainstream media, I mean, they're really at a loss because the technology that we have is so inexpensive and so powerful that someone like me or someone like PewDiePie who produces, you know, idiotic, mindless entertainment for kids and, you know, teenagers.
They are able to, with a very small budget, virtually nothing, produce content that is seen by millions and hundreds of millions of people.
They don't know what to do.
And so even the producer that I was working with, he's trying to get into the YouTube space now because he doesn't want to waste his time putting together a show that might get seen by half a million or a million people on a major network when you can just sit
In your kitchen and produce content.
And that's why they're trying to bring down PewDiePie.
They're trying to bring down me.
You know, the New York Times just did a hit piece, an entire article, almost entirely dedicated to me about fake news.
And I've seen the London Guardian.
No, and I mean, what you do is commentary.
Like, like, oh, I was all over the news last week.
Alex Jones said the performance was satanic.
Well, it was clearly authoritarian satanic.
She wears Hitler outfits, you know, at other events.
Most of the Super Bowls are satanic.
They're like, oh, they're crazy.
It's not satanic.
Thinking their audience is idiotic.
Everybody knows the Grammys and, you know, the Emmys.
It's all, it's all, it's all satanic.
I mean, it's quite clear that that's the core of liberalism is godlessness or Satanism.
I mean, quite literally, they openly... Hillary's pen pal and her mentor she met with, you know, pledged his book to Lucifer and his love of Luciferianism.
You know, Saul Alinsky.
They just, look, look, I've been there.
I've been at the mansions.
I've been there.
And they go, yes, we worship Lucifer.
It's the real God.
Join us.
You can have all these women and all the power.
And people don't know until you get successful.
Well, they saw me before that and wanted me.
But when you get successful, they come.
And people just don't understand this.
Go ahead.
That's why Kanye West had his, you know, supposed mental breakdown, where he started ranting and raving at one of the sponsors.
The Illuminati and devil worship, yeah.
The news.
He said the news is all censored.
Google is censored.
I mean, they're now, because of the election loss of Hillary, they're rolling out all of the stuff that they've been testing.
They're getting ready to implement it, so that if you just simply Google things... Oh yeah, they're shaking.
They're shaking.
And they're going to bring the censorship in when they kill Trump.
So they're lining up like, like, like, you know, about to start World War II.
The armies are lining up right now, folks.
But we gotta have maximum alert.
But in the time we have...
I mean, are you not overall, though, optimistic and positive that nationalism and the awakening is huge?
And I mean, you know, so the more they use AI and manipulation on us, which they admit they're doing, the more it just accelerates those of us that are awake.
Those that follow the programming, it's very sad, but, you know, they were the weak ones.
And we try to help them.
We don't abuse the weak ones.
It's just sad we can't get too obsessed and triage, you know, when people fall to this.
When people die before they physically die, we mourn their death, but they're no longer alive.
They're just zombies.
We're seeing a massive resurgence of conservatism because you have a lot of the Generation Z kids who have been growing up watching this insane censorship of people telling them that they can't wear certain Halloween costumes, they can't say certain things, they can't like a certain political candidate that half of the country likes.
And they're starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
And so we're seeing a huge resurgence of conservatism amongst the younger generations.
And a lot of them are taking to YouTube.
A lot of them are going to be the future, you know, conservative YouTube stars.
And it is very exciting.
And the battle's really just getting started.
The left is getting so desperate that we have to just continue to mock them.
We have a tendency to not be victims, to not complain.
We're all being censored and blocked.
Trump doesn't get positive comments in his Twitter, so the public can't even communicate with him.
He has to pose as an enemy with almost code words to even get up there to talk to him.
So, so, I mean, sometimes Trump just calls folks off Twitter, folks.
He's amazing.
He loves the average people.
Growing up with his dad, they like barbecue and stuff with the workers every day, and they hung out with the guys.
He's got street smarts.
I mean, he's like a blue-collar billionaire, and that's why they hate him.
He really likes people, and the globalists have nothing but disdain, because they haven't been in the streets like Trump has.
But I just want to, I've invited you before, you're so busy.
I'll fly you out here.
You can call us for a couple days.
I'm not trying to get somebody to fill in for me.
I've got plenty of hosts.
But I'd love for you to come out here, Mark, and we're going to launch more stuff soon.
I'd love for you to have your own daily show here if you wanted to do it.
I'll just say that on air.
We've got a lot of things we're planning that we're not here, you know, being interrupted by me every 10 seconds.
So let's just get this done, because you were talking about some ideas I heard, you know, with Nico.
We'll just come here.
Come on here.
We'll fly you out here and, you know, get you involved somehow.
What we're doing is we really appreciate
You're working where this is going, but I gotta tell you, I'm really glad we all bet on Trump because you can really see he's the real deal.
Hasn't let us down yet, and it's going to be a really exciting ride every day.
He's continuing to keep his promises, and it's hilarious to see the left completely fall apart and collapse.
They have no argument, which is why they're getting crazy and they're getting violent.
You know what?
I've got to hold you over.
Can you do five more minutes?
I just forgot something.
You started calling yourself the resistance.
I'd called it that too, but you branded it as that kind of a Terminator deal.
If you're listening, this is the resistance.
That's good.
I'll say that too.
I've been saying that for like, you know, 15 years, whatever, 10 years.
I forget.
But they're now saying, we're the resistance, we're the resistance.
The big corporate media, the Saudi Arabians, the Chinese, the EU, the mega banks, you know, they're all, the whole media attacking Trump and us, and they're the resistance.
So you're the guy that first really started using that.
I want to ask you, when we come back, Mark Dice, MarkDice.com, and people say, oh, that's just his website.
We go to his YouTube or Facebook.
He doesn't control it.
They can take it away at any time.
Go to his website.
Get on his email list.
Us too.
Again, I'm going to talk about that too when we come back.
How do we really get folks to truly come together so they can't censor us?
I've got a plan.
I want to hear what Mark thinks.
This is Alex Jones.
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An African American Trump supporter passionately slammed a town hall meeting regarding sanctuary cities.
She preached, I'm not going anywhere.
Sanctuary cities are racist.
All the jobs are going to illegals.
That is wrong.
You're not going to be allowed to get away with it.
The black community has been destroyed by racist, illegal immigration.
And we're not gonna have it, she roared.
Thank God for Trump.
Thank God for Sessions.
And you should be ashamed of yourselves.
How dare you?
This just goes to show that the African Americans know that Trump's immigration policies are going to benefit the inner cities.
Maybe if the left would stop
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Like she's something to sell.
What's the go-in price?
She told me to go to hell.
Why do I play that on purpose?
Because the big church folks will say, oh my gosh, that's so devilish, but he didn't play that song.
Because I like how it sounds.
I admit I'm worldly.
I love God.
I go protest abortions, clinics.
I stand up against evil.
I risk my life.
But then, I'm, you know, I'm not perfect.
And the point is, is there something honest about people singing and saying what they're really thinking?
Instead of all these fakes that tell you how good they are all day, they're the ones that are molesting kids behind the scenes.
I'm here to tell you.
It's like, I love how Trump played rock and roll here when he came out of the press conference.
The media was like, what on earth is this?
It's like, I don't care.
I feel like doing this because it'll freak you out.
He's all about the confidence he has and the fact that he's not out to get anybody, but you're not going to run him over.
And he looks at what they've done to America and all these elites.
He's like, this is really bad to not build an economy where the people have success, where the people have any type of honor.
But I wanted to ask Mark Dice here before he leaves us, I think I forget the question but I'm sure he remembers, it was basically how do we defeat attempts at censorship?
How do we make a big deal about Trump's Twitter even being censored?
There were some other questions I was asking him, but I'm teleprompter free, I didn't write notes, but the question was, I'm sure again he'll remember, but I don't make a big deal out of the fact that
And if you don't go sign up at Infowars.com forward slash newsletter, when they start shutting stuff more down, I never, I wish I'd have set up the last 20 years email so I could send you videos, articles and bypass them.
I never wanted to do it.
Never dealt with it.
It's like a few years ago and we've only got like a million emails.
That sounds like a lot.
We reached billions and billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of people.
I mean, we've reached like probably 3 billion people total, probably 6, 7 billion views on YouTube now.
It was like 5 billion a few years ago total.
YouTube told us, they said, we want to monetize all this.
They sent us stuff.
We had to do non-disclosures, all that kind of stuff.
But they got the real analytics.
And they're like, we want to monetize this.
You got over 5 billion views.
I said, I don't want to shut all those channels down and do all that.
And I said, they could have it.
So I'm just not going to do it.
But we can monetize a few of ours.
But again, I knew they could take it away at any time.
So, it funds a fraction of what we do, but if we don't have your email, we can't send you 50% off on a product, or a key video, or a breaking alert.
Same thing with Dice.
I see him all over the news.
He never even says markdice.com.
Drudge is right when he came here.
Only interview he's done in like four years.
And he said, you gotta get out of these internet ghettos and have your own thing.
Because then the web becomes about websites again, not just Facebook, Twitter, and Google who can control you, and Apple systems that, you know, block Joe Rogan's podcast for a few days and then won't list it as the all-time podcast of all time.
I'm going to call Joe.
He wants me to come back on.
Maybe Mark Dice should come on with me for four hours.
That would be a great interview.
Because I just want to promote other cool people in the fight.
Because there's also safety in that.
And I'm not a coward.
But the thing is, again, I want to express this.
I'm not in competition with other patriots.
I'm in competition with globalists that want to destroy competition.
I'm in competition against Monopolies.
And so I just keep saying that because the people I respect most are like, people like Matt Drudge, who literally has given Promethean Fire to hundreds of websites and groups and organizations, because I know the behind-the-scenes traffic info.
Most of these places wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Matt Drudge.
So people say, why do you go back to Matt Drudge so much?
Because the guy is an unbelievable angel.
I mean, he's just like that prime mover.
Drudge is right up there in the compendium.
Trump's done more in two years than Drudge has done in the last five.
But if you go back 20 years with Drudge and his evolution, it's like Drudge is the key.
To so much.
I mean, Breitbart was created.
All of it.
It was all spawned out of him.
I was on air right at the same time as him.
Was on another track.
But it influenced me.
But it's like that wave.
We kind of came at the same time.
Him a little bit before me.
And it's just, there's that kinship of being in that same, you know, wave.
He was like, you know, a hundred yards ahead of me.
And it's just like, it's all about winning against them.
It's not about, you know, and again, I'm competitive.
I'm all about free market.
But they say they're collectivists all day.
But then they actually want to destroy the individual.
I'm an individual, but together we create collective dreams of what works best through our individual decisions.
They claim they're collectivists.
They're about the individual through collectivism.
They want to end the individual.
I want to empower the individual through individual action, but together then it comes together and creates a beautiful tapestry of the collective.
So I'm the ultimate collectivist.
The ultimate collectivism is pure individualism.
Now, going back to Mark here, who again has a lot of his own points.
I'm going to try to shut up for about five minutes.
Just about gestalts.
How do we defeat them?
What do we do?
We don't bitch.
We're not victims, but...
It's rock and roll.
It's sex pistols.
It's counterculture, but not fake globalist counterculture that they had.
It was anti-christian.
It's real counterculture that they're blocking us, attacking us, saying we're the enemy, saying shut us down.
I mean, this is sick.
I mean, we should be 50 times bigger, quite frankly, that they're having FCC meetings about shutting Grudge down or having the communist Chinese quote, help Zuckerberg shut us down.
This is sensational.
So comments on that, where we go, what we do, Mark Dice?
We need to go back to the fundamentals of bookmarking websites that we like to go to instead of just relying on the Facebook feeds because as we know and we need to just continue to repeat these issues because we got a lot of new people there.
That they censor everything that's posted on Facebook.
I mean, I see people uploading my videos on their Facebook page, which is a freeboot, a copyright infringement, and it'll get 5, 7 million views.
On my own video, my own page, it'll get 50,000.
And so they're obviously censoring.
They don't want certain material to go viral.
And it's kind of common sense once you become aware of it, but for your average Joe who, you know, just works a nine-to-five and maybe a part-time job trying to get some extra money, they come home, they're scanning through their Facebook feeds thinking that they're going to be getting the news from the pages that they're following.
They're not going to.
And these new censorship tools just rolled out on Twitter where if you use certain words,
They're hiding your tweets from anyone except for your followers because they don't want it to be retweeted.
But we can hijack resistance because they've hijacked it from us.
That's what I want to talk about.
Because they've now hijacked that.
You can be smart and use words that they're using, but then hijack them.
Just get around the AI.
It counts on you being stupid.
So use their terms and say, look at these right-wing filth.
And then you get out and they're actually coming to the truth.
Your website's InfoWars and there's hashtag wars which are going on on Twitter where people will hijack a hashtag.
We'll see some liberals whining about a certain issue or spewing their disinformation and then we'll see a flood of conservatives using that hashtag in a very creative way or a certain phrase that's trending in order to get their tweets to try to show up.
And so that's part of the reason they're rolling out the censorship tools is they don't want the merger of those two different worlds because they don't want people to see the opposing view.
That's right.
That's key.
Repeat that.
Google admits for a decade their plan is compartmentalization, keeping us all in our own little niches, thinking we're winning but never letting us out of them.
The key is going and engaging liberals.
I had a New York Times photographer here, a freelancer,
And I said, well, if you're a good photographer, you know, give me your card.
We need some photographers to do jobs.
She goes, well, do you pay money?
And she was being real nice until then.
And I went, yeah, of course.
She goes, well, I just, you know, I basically probably can't because, you know, you know, I can't be involved with people like you.
And I was just like, man, that's a cult.
And she was like kind of going on a power trip.
And I went.
You understand I can get all the photographers I want.
I was reaching out to you as a human.
You were doing this whole fake hack.
You were missing Icy Pants.
And then when we got down to Rubber Meets the Road, you're just here for you.
Your boss has sent you in here.
I'm not stupid.
See, I'm a human.
And Trump shutting down the plan to shut down the rest of the coal power plants is going to help poor people.
So you think about that.
Go ahead.
This is why so many of the liberals thought that it was going to be an easy win for Hillary, because they were in their own little echo chambers.
And of course, one of the major reasons the polls were wrong is because they had bullied people into being afraid to express themselves, not only online, but perhaps in person or on the phone.
If a pollster were to call, they have family members.
And they were also oversampling.
Yeah, and they were trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, trying to make people believe that Hitler was going to win, so why go out and even waste your vote, or people not wanting to vote for a supposed loser.
And, you know, that's part of the reason why my YouTube channel's been so successful, is because I just keep pointing out their fake news.
And it's backfired on them, they've admitted it.
The Washington Post, which is really Washington Compost, which coined the term fake news and publicized it,
Their article was fake news, and they've even admitted that it has backfired, and so they can't really do anything.
Yeah, in fact, the New York Times said, we wish we wouldn't have created the term fake news.
Well, we had a guest on 15 years ago who calls it fake news, John Ramaport.
He now works with InfoWars.
It's nomorefakenews.com.
I mean, you're the fake news, but listen, think about the branding.
I love your clown stream, all that's great.
I've been looking for years for the term.
We have to do it where it brands fake news to them.
They're called mainstream or lamestream.
We need to call them the fake stream with a hashtag.
I don't know how all that works.
You're better than I am.
Paul's better than that.
The listeners are better.
I can't know all this stuff.
How do we get fake stream?
Next time I talk to Trump, if he calls, I'm going to say that, but separately.
Separately, look at this though, because, look, I mean, I knew about this when he got in the White House back on the 20th, I was told about it, and I'm just going to leave it at that, that you could call a number, a direct one into his office.
I mean, I still have it.
I shouldn't even have said that part.
Anyways, and then he also sits there at the main switchboard with stuff flashing up, calls every millisecond, looking at numbers, and then he randomly picks it up and talks to people because he really likes him and his dad were just addicted to talking to people on the streets.
They just, they're like blue collar.
And he just loves that feedback.
He hates fake people.
And the media learned about this, so the New York Times and others, and I've had the New York Times talking to me, and talking to other people, and they're like, bring that thing, don't tell anybody about that, everybody will know about it, because they know, but that's what we do.
It's like, you can call the White House switchboard, and if the President's there, he's sitting there off and on while he does stuff at night, drinking a Coke, I guess that's his guilty pleasure.
And he'll pick up the phone and talk to you.
I mean, it's just, and he really wants to hear just random calls.
People disagree, they agree, and no one knows that.
I mean, how cool is that?
Part of the reason I started to like Trump is because instead of just watching the five second sound bites that the mainstream media would highlight about his daily rallies during the campaign is I would watch the actual rally.
And thank God there were channels out there and people that would record and live stream the entire event.
So instead of watching an hour, hour and a half of mindless television or blogging on a Netflix and wasting your time, you could watch his entire speeches and they were all just off the top of his head.
It was just incredible.
You could see and hear he was speaking from the heart.
And even in the end of 2015, I mean, one of the early phases of the campaign, I started noticing the massive lies being spread.
And my channel... And we got the WikiLeaks.
They admittedly sent the people there to try to get women beat up so they could blame him.
I mean, that's what I'm getting at here.
And that's why this Twitter is so important.
Trump craves...
Going to his Twitter feed and reading what real people send him and what they do.
He loves, and they've taken the phone away, threatening national security and it'll get hacked, sir.
And, you know, there's Russian ships off the coast and all this stuff.
And so now he's got that switchboard.
But that's the thing.
Now they know that.
So they're feeding him.
They're doing to us, too.
Nothing but negative comments, hoping to demoralize him.
So the next time I talk to him, I say, sir, did you know they want to take your Twitter away?
And they admittedly are feeding only people that hate you to the top.
They've hijacked your Twitter.
Please talk about it.
I mean, this just shows how I'm not that technical, but I recognize it's going on.
The techies confirm it's happening.
So we have to, like, help the president.
He's so real, just one guy up there, surrounded by enemies, that everybody has to hit him on Twitter, Facebook, at rallies.
Sir, they're only letting you see the negative comments.
We love you.
We have to let him know, because the oxygen he has is that he loves the people.
And I think since his kids are in their 30s, his son-in-law is in his 30s as well.
Very tech-savvy.
Jared Kushner, obviously, largely,
Credited with helping him surge through his knowledge of social media.
And so he is getting this information, you know, even if his analysts are not going to be feeding him the info.
He has his family which sort of grew up with the emergence of social media were able to give him this information, which obviously they're in a sense advisors.
And so that's why the deep state, these sort of, you know, Obama insiders are trying to bring him down from within.
So we, in a sense, have an army of evil Edward Snowdens who are deep within the NSA and other government entities that are trying to bring him down by committing crimes, committing serious felonies by leaking
That's because you're holding the test.
They do it.
I'm so busy I can't even do it.
I agree with you.
I should have a whole office, you know, people to just make them retract because it's a powerful tool to make them do that.
The thing is, they're such liars, though, that people know it so it doesn't really hurt me.
I mean, that's how out of gas they are.
In closing, Mark...
It hit me last night, and I meant to make the point today, so I'm going to make it now, that this is the total dichotomy.
Obama admittedly went on vacation four and a half months a year, more than even George W., who was horrible, on going on vacations.
Trump works until like 10, 11, 12 at night, even when he's, quote, on vacation.
Might play golf, you know, once a week when he's on vacation.
It's just the truth.
I hate the guys.
It's just, my God, it's true.
And here's a guy that so craves people.
Who's so in love with people.
Look, he's in love with beautiful women and his kids and all of it.
He just, he loves life.
That's the thing.
He's just like alive.
Strong force.
And wants to build things.
This is the human spirit.
We all have it.
Just strong and Trump.
Force is strong with this one.
Compare that to them, the elites are all the public scum, they know nothing, and trying to make us poor, and the WikiLeaks and Cloward and Pivot, and Africans can't have air conditioning, or cars, or a house, and, but, I mean, you know, and Obama's telling us, just all that, like, the creepy, like, shrunken, starving to death, emaciated, New World Order zombie system, who thinks Generation Z are zombies, no they're not, and the fact that they're, they're the ones fastest awakening, it's a fact, that now, like,
Half our traffic's below the age of 18.
The elite would kill for that.
I want adults to do something and change it.
But you know what?
If they want to not listen, it's fine.
We've got the youth.
And so that's why this is so powerful.
But here's Trump on fire for hours, answering phones, talking to people, calling the White House.
I mean, you know, I'm strong, and I've got a lot of will, and I want to talk to the public, but I couldn't do that.
So what does that say about his psychology?
And this is big news I'm breaking here, folks.
They don't even want this information out.
Because I'm telling you, you know, not everybody knows this.
It's going to be even harder to get into the president.
I mean, I've sat there, ring, ring, ring, and it's like, click.
It's like, oh.
I mean, it's crazy.
You're not just getting calls from him.
They took his cell phone away.
This is epic stuff.
I've never heard of anything like this.
I mean, it's like he knows it's BS, and he needs that connection to the people, and the vampires are all around him.
He needs to get to real people.
This is biblical, Mark Dice.
It is.
I believe that he's an agent of the Lord that is shaking the corrupt system.
We were right on the edge of no return, the point of no return.
And that's why these liberal establishment elitists over at CNN, the clown news network, the counterfeit news network, and NBC,
Nothing but crap.
Chuck Todd and all these mainstream leftists, they don't even understand it.
They're really dumbfounded.
He said in the national inauguration speech, he said, it's you, you're the people, you're humanity, you're the power.
He goes, it's you, wake up!
He's saying, wake up!
He's not some arrogant guy at one in the morning.
He's not in there with his supermodel wife.
He's talking to you!
Trump and his whole family are the kind of people that you can hang out with at a backyard barbecue or around a bonfire and just have a good time, whereas it would be miserable to be around someone like the Obama administration.
Oh, they admit the Clintons and all of them are just miserable.
God bless you, Mark Dice.
Thank you so much.
Hey, promise me you'll come in the next few weeks to Austin.
I'm pretty busy, we can talk about it, but... Oh my god, I've been telling you... Okay, whatever, man.
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We have a beach yet.
We're turning the electricity grid back on.
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I'll talk about that when we come back in 70 seconds with David Knight.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
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The universe has rules.
And before you're completely enslaved and all your ancestors' work destroyed, that's all I am as an expression, that's all you are as an expression of them.
You must be told the truth.
Whether we win, lose, or draw, I'm here to be a chronicler.
And unfortunately, the great responsibility, unfortunately, everything is a paradox.
Let's hear a little bit more of this song.
I am a chief chronicler.
The responsibility of that is untold.
For the future generations that will look back on this death battle with Satan and the forces of death and our coming success against them before we face the true incoming.
In my hour of need.
No, you are not there.
And no, I reached out to you!
Ted Nugent's on Monday, I should add that.
Oh, he's running for Senate in Michigan.
The return of the Motor City Madman.
To free his state.
Fallen beneath the yoke of evil.
Imagine the future.
Trump is only the first wave of the new wave.
Reality is legend.
Fiction is only a dim construction of those that do not live in the real world and write with the pen of will.
David Knight's coming up.
I covered a lot of the news, but I'm going to have to do a Facebook mentions or some special report.
You know, when David goes off, I've got some meetings coming up, but when David goes off at three o'clock central today, I am going to go and I'm going to go in the other studio or maybe do it in here so it's different.
I'm going to do a two hour transmission and I'm going to cover every one of these 500 articles because they brought in a couple hundred more.
I'm going to cover all 500 articles.
I'm going to at least mention their headlines just to give you a view of what's happening.
And I'm going to do that.
So that'll be on Infowars.com in about 57 minutes and change.
I'm going to need a few minutes to get ready after that because I've got some meetings to go to.
But David Knight, my friend!
What an animating contest of liberty we found ourselves!
Absolutely, Alex.
We've got some good news today, too.
We've had Pruitt confirmed as the EPA head.
This happened just a few minutes ago.
This will be a day long remembered.
Tell the folks how good this guy is.
I'll tell you why it's good.
We have seen a situation, and this is something that Mitch McConnell said, and I don't usually agree with Mitch McConnell, but he's absolutely right when he said that we're going to get back to a situation where the EPA is going to take a look at clean water and clean air.
We're good to go.
Responsibility within their bounds.
And quite frankly, I think the EPA is so far out of bounds.
Well, it's admittedly designed to make us uncompetitive so the globals can sell off industry and then rule over it.
I mean, that's all declassified, admitted.
Of course, the former Texas Attorney General
We're good to go.
Look, I know you're coming up, my friend.
So David Knight, straight ahead.
And then the nightly news tonight, 7 o'clock central.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight, your host for this hour.
We're going to take a look at some amazing technology news that's coming up.
And of course, it's not good news either, folks.
This is what we're talking about is talking cars.
And that's not Pixar's cars.
It's not cute little cars.
No, they're talking about you.
They'll be talking to the government about you.
Think of it as having a speed camera sitting on your shoulder all the time, in addition to a lot of other little nice goodies that are going to be there.
But of course, we also see there's another
A kind of surveillance is coming very soon to us, and that's body cams on the police, the body cameras that they have, that will have facial recognition into it, that'll have a fully searchable database.
You better hope...
That they're accurate.
You better hope they don't misidentify you as to either what you're doing or what you are carrying.
Misidentify something and say that's a gun.
Or misidentify you as a criminal that they're looking for or a terrorist.
If they do, it's going to kill you.
We better make sure this stuff is right.
And I think we need to have some restrictions on the surveillance technology of our government.
We need to enforce the Fourth Amendment.
We need to say that no, this isn't simply about the issues that are paper, pen and paper, you know, the quill on your
Parchment, that's not what the Fourth Amendment did was set up to protect us from.
No, it's set up to protect us from the principle of a government that is searching us without a warrant.
And everything that we have in the technology area that is rapidly increasing, the biggest
Part of intelligence, the fastest growing part, is geospatial intelligence.
We've talked about this before.
Human domain analytics.
Activity-based intelligence.
All of this falls into that.
And, of course, that's all about mastering the human domain.
That's really what Jade Helm was really about, folks.
If you want to know what it was truly about, it was right there in front of your face the entire time.
So we're going to talk about some of this technology.
We're going to talk about the World Government Summit that's going on in Dubai, some of the consequences that are going on there.
Of course, proudly talking about how we're going to steal your jobs with robots.
And, you know, don't worry about it.
It's going to just be a 15 percent unemployment increase.
No, it's going to be much worse than that, even if it were.
Only 15%.
And you were to add that to today's unemployment rate, we would be at the peak rate of the Great Depression.
And that is far less than what we're talking about, folks.
We're talking about something that is going to create at least twice the amount of unemployment that we've seen with the Great Depression.