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Name: 20170215_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: Feb. 15, 2017
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Welcome to the Infowars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Wednesday, February the 15th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
The civil war between U.S.
intelligence agencies intensifies.
Just days after the sabotage of General Flynn, a former NSA intelligence officer says President Donald Trump will die in jail, as evidence continues to surface that there is a conspiracy inside Washington to destroy Donald Trump's inner circle.
Meanwhile, the establishment media continues to push their conspiracy theory that the Russians hacked the U.S.
Then, she's back!
Michelle Obama dumps her school lunch program for Subway sandwiches.
All that plus much more, up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Tonight we are really seeing the beginning of a civil war.
Now, of course, we saw violence in the streets immediately after the election, but this is something far more serious.
This is the deep state declaring that it is seceding from our government.
And starting a civil war.
We used to have the CIA hide its assassination programs in other countries.
Now they do it openly.
We used to have the CIA hide the fact and deny the fact that they were overthrowing foreign governments.
Now they don't hide that fact.
And as a matter of fact, they're coming after our own government, trying to overthrow our own duly elected government.
Involving themselves in the elections.
We saw John Brennan.
Unprecedented that a CIA director would involve himself politically.
We have military prohibitions against that.
If you had a Pentagon official that came out and got political, that took sides in politics, he'd be removed from office.
And yet the CIA acts as a quasi-military organization.
They have officers and so forth.
Why is it okay?
For the CIA, who operates covertly, quietly, behind the scenes, why is it okay for them to openly endorse or openly attack a presidential candidate, and it's not okay for the military to do that?
You know, they used to hide the fact that they were spying on Americans without warrants, that they were coming after us.
The NSA was not supposed to be looking at American citizens, and now we know that they're doing it, and they continue to do it.
The FBI was not supposed to spy on people without a warrant, yet they do it.
And they were doing this back in the 1970s when we had the Church and the Pike Committee hearings.
So they created the FISA Act to try to stop that.
And yet, these government organizations that are now attacking Trump, that are now doing this, they use the FISA Act to move forward on their violations of the Bill of Rights.
You know, it was James Madison, who was the father of the Bill of Rights, who wrote it, got it put in there.
He said, the means of defense against foreign danger historically have become instruments of tyranny at home.
Now we see the same tactics that the CIA, the deep state, the dark surveillance state that we've created, the military-industrial complex, but far more than that.
The darkest part of that, that Eisenhower warned us about, is now coming after our government.
And we've had presidents and congressmen who have looked the other way because they didn't care when they came after our liberties, destroyed the Bill of Rights, and attacked American citizens.
But always, as we pointed out many times before, it's always the people in power
We're going to be the ones who are lined up against the wall by these military coups first because they've got to take the people and power out and then they come after the citizens.
So now we have this article from Mikhail Phelan.
That came up today.
Now we go nuclear.
A war between President Trump and the intelligence community intensifies.
This is a man, John Schindler, who spent nearly a decade inside the NSA as an intelligence analyst, counterintelligence officer.
He stated today that a senior intelligence source said Trump will, quote, die in jail, following a series of tweets concerning recent leaks.
He said, and he put this out publicly,
Now we go nuclear.
Intelligence community war going to a new level.
He said, just got an email from a senior intelligence community friend.
It began, he will die in jail.
Now they say perhaps this is in response to the tweets we had from Donald Trump.
He said, the real scandal here is classified information illegally given out by intelligence like candy.
Very un-American.
Again, attacking the leaks in the intelligence community.
And of course it was Donald Trump himself who said he ran his own little
We're good to go.
Was it the NSA and the FBI, he says?
This is just like Russia.
Well, actually, it is just like Stalin's Russia.
It's also like the East German Stasi.
Now, also in the article, it points out that Paul Manafort has now been named, just like Roger Stone, saying that they're going to come after these guys.
The FBI is going to investigate him.
He says, I have no idea.
What this is referring to.
I've never knowingly spoken to Russian intelligence officers.
I've never been involved with anything to do with Russian government or the Putin administration or any other issues that are under investigation.
And so many people are asking, as the Daily Mail does in this headline, is there a conspiracy inside Washington to destroy Trump?
And it's inside circle.
Of course there is!
And they're coming for the people that are a threat to them.
They're not coming for Paul Ryan.
They're not coming for Reince Priebus.
They're not even coming for Vice President Pence.
They're coming after the people they see as agents of change.
The people who are fighting against the globalists, the people who have been there all along.
And as Representative Devin Nunes said, first it's Flynn, next it'll be Kellyanne Conway, then it'll be Steve Bannon, then it'll be Reince Priebus, keep going on with that.
He said Flynn is just the appetizer, the President is the entree.
That is where they're going.
You see, when you don't shut these people down, and we're going to talk about the various pundits and how they have looked at this.
And is this a good thing or not a good thing?
We have people on the left who said, look, I really don't like Michael Flynn, but I don't want to see him go this way.
This is very dangerous for us as a country.
But then we've had other people like Glenn Greenwald who said, hey, the end justifies the means.
I'm going to talk to you about how this is fundamentally different.
We're good.
Become politicized to try to overturn in a coup our own government.
Take a look at the first stage.
The person that we've got in this first stage right now is Stephen Miller.
Look at the headlines coming after Stephen Miller this last week.
This is the first stage.
This is ridicule and character assassination.
That's where he is primarily.
So we've got the New York Times saying Stephen Miller, Trump's defender-in-chief, is late night's new nemesis.
Now this is all the late night
...talk shows are making fun of him.
He's the brunt of their jokes.
They talk about how Stephen Colbert mocks him as a Game of Thrones-style official.
That's reported by Time Magazine.
Breitbart says this is a climate of violence.
We've got Stephen Colbert depicting Stephen Miller's head on a spike.
Of course, this is helping Stephen Colbert's failing ratings.
He's now coalescing the liberal extremists around him to go after Trump.
That's his little niche that he's created.
Then we got Seth Meyers slamming Trump advisor Stephen Miller's deranged
Voter fraud claims and on and on it goes.
If you look at the Washington Post headlines, this kind of lays it out.
Look at the top of their website page.
It's kind of like the front page of their newspaper.
And you see here, for 14 days, Trump kept his number two in the dark.
What does this mean for Pence?
And you've got a picture there of Mike Pence.
Very perplexed.
I don't really belong with these guys.
See, they're not going to attack Pence.
This is the guy we had to throw Michael Flynn under the bus because he was somehow embarrassed.
He couldn't defend that.
But then, when we talk about Stephen Miller, you can see in the upper right-hand corner here, what can we learn about Stephen Miller from his high school video?
This is the absurd length they go to for character assassination.
But also pointing out that this is bigger than Flynn.
This is increasing Trump's credibility gap.
That's what the Washington Post is doing.
And then talking about how Morning Joe has blacklisted Kellyanne Conway.
Oh, horrors, horrors.
But now they're moving to the next stage for Stephen Miller.
Now we've got Chicago Tribune saying Trump advisor Stephen Miller lied and it matters.
So we're going to start moving to the crime stage soon on him.
But they're already starting to get there with Kellyanne Conway.
She's already in stage two.
They've made fun of her for quite a while.
Now they're moving into stage two, the absurd criminal and ethical allegations.
Then calling them for her dismissal.
So we see U.S.
News & World Report talking about Kellyanne Conway's fall from grace.
They say she once had a sterling reputation, but it's now being soiled.
By who?
By the people who are twisting her comments, taking them out of context, and coming after just like they said, oh, she's got alternative facts and these things are hurting her.
I understand.
Remember where that came from?
Remember when they said, well, you know, we got the Park Service that is saying that the crowd at the inauguration was this, and they get in this petty argument about the size of the crowd.
She goes, well, we got some other alternative facts out here.
In other words, we got other people who are saying different things, is what she said.
But because she said alternative facts, everybody said, oh, alternative facts.
There are no such thing as alternative facts.
There's real facts, and there's things that aren't facts.
So you're fake news, Kellyanne Conway.
And now, most recently, we've had, and here's the absurd allegations that come out.
An ethics watchdog is now denouncing her endorsement of Ivanka Trump products and saying that that appears to be quote a clear violation of the prohibition against misuse of position.
She should be disciplined said the federal government's chief ethics watchdog this week in a letter to the White House.
Let's take a look at this because if you look at it in print
My wife said to me, you've really got to play this clip for them because if you look at it in clip and text and you don't listen to the clip, it sounds pretty bad.
But if you see what she's actually saying, you understand what's going on.
Let's play this clip of Kellyanne Conway.
But there is that hashtag, grab your wallet.
Is that behind some of this stuff?
That's been a huge failure.
Goodness, they had a whole election.
They had the first female president everybody thought, talking about that day and night.
She had no message, no positive message.
That was her message.
That failed.
And then they had a march saying the same thing the day after he was sworn in as president.
They're welcome to march, but what's coming of it in terms of
Do you understand the context?
She was offering this so-called endorsement as an anti-boycott.
She's talking in context about the people who are rioting in the streets who are now trying to boycott products by Ivanka.
She says, well, let's do an anti-boycott.
I'll do a commercial for her.
And she throws that out.
As kind of an afterthought, as a joke, as you're going to a commercial break.
But I want you to take a look at Michelle Obama.
They had no problem with Michelle Obama doing a full-on commercial endorsement for Subway.
Take a look at this.
The First Lady of the United States.
Thank you, Michael.
We're thrilled that he could join us along with Justin Tuck and Nastia Lukin, who are here as well.
They're going to help fix our sandwiches, so you're going to be able to meet a couple of other great athletes who believe in eating healthy as well.
For years, Subway has been providing meals that are healthy, but also easy, tasty, and affordable.
Right, parents?
So as you can see, she's lining up athletes, and then she does a full-on product endorsement like a real commercial, and this thing went on and on and on, and it was staged.
But, of course, that's not an ethical problem.
No problem for that, because it's political.
There's absolutely nothing to these absurd allegations.
But then, of course, you get to Stage 3, which is where Michael Flynn is right now, having been thrown under the bus for absurd allegations.
And then we're going to eventually come to stage four where you die in jail, just like stage four cancer.
This is where this is all metastasizing.
And today we saw Donald Trump come out as he's having a press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu.
He said this is a criminal attack on a wonderful man.
He said it was fake media that was used to harm him.
He said he didn't like the way that General Flynn was treated.
He said it was very unfair.
And I would agree.
But I'm concerned about the way he was treated, not just by the media, the way he was framed, the way this lie was set up about the...
Logan Act, but about the fact that he was thrown under the bus by Donald Trump.
Doesn't he understand that he is the eventual target?
That this is where this is all going.
It's absolutely amazing.
He went on to say, from intelligence, papers are being leaked, things are being leaked, it's criminal action, it's a criminal act.
Yes, of course it is.
And we have to understand that when we look at this, it is fundamentally different than the things that were being done, the leaks that came out by WikiLeaks, by Snowden, by Manning.
These were leaks that came out.
They showed us criminal actions by our government, which has so much power, is given a monopoly of power in many areas.
That's why it's so dangerous.
That's why they have to be held to a higher standard.
But not only that.
We see when they put out the leaks, we see this in context.
But when the government leaks stuff out to criminalize somebody, to destroy them, to throw them in jail, we aren't allowed to see the full document.
All we are allowed to see is their summary of this full document.
And that is what makes this even more dangerous.
Again, we take a look at the article by Eli Lake, The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn.
That's what I called it yesterday as well.
He said,
Kellyanne Conway said on the Today Show, well misleading the Vice President really was the key here.
I don't think he misled them.
I think they're spinning this and pulling this back.
He says it's not even clear that he lied.
He says in his resignation he didn't deliberately leave out elements of the conversation.
And then we go on through here.
He said one White House official with knowledge of the conversations told me that the Russian ambassador raised the sanctions to Flynn and that Flynn responded the Trump team would be taking office in a few weeks and would review Russian policy and sanctions.
That's neither illegal nor improper.
You see?
And he points out, he was just thrown under the bus.
We said that yesterday.
We said, of course, they're going to be talking about that when they have a conversation on the day that Obama is trying to interfere with the Trump administration that's going to be taking place in three weeks.
Of course they're going to say that.
He says, well, we'll get to that in three weeks.
We'll talk about that.
But what I want to really talk to you about was this other thing.
I'm sure that's why General Flynn didn't put that in there.
And he goes on to point out, but there's another story in here that as well, he said, it's very rare that reporters are ever told about the government monitored communications of U.S.
citizens, let alone senior U.S.
He said in the past it was considered scandalous for senior U.S.
officials to even request the identities of U.S.
officials incidentally monitored by the government.
He points out that John Bolton
Was removed from consideration as U.S.
Ambassador to the U.N.
because they found out in 2006 that he had made 10 such requests.
I said, that's beyond the pale, and yet it's not today.
And so we have people pointing this out.
Damien Linker makes very good points in his article, America's Spies Anonymously Took Down Michael Flynn.
We understand what's going on here.
This is a Stasi state getting political, doing a coup against our American elections.
You want to get worried about something?
It isn't the Russians hacking our elections, it's the CIA who is trying to shut it down.
And yet we have, and he should know better than this, Glenn Greenwald coming out saying, leakers who exposed General Flynn's lie committed very serious crimes, but it was wholly justified because I don't like the guy.
See, we heard this from Eric Lake as well.
He said, I don't like him, but we can't have that.
We cannot excuse this.
It is fundamentally different.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
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Welcome back.
I want to talk about the war on cash.
Actually, the death of cash is being prophesied by someone who would know very much about this.
We're also going to talk about the U.S.
military's plan to take over American cities.
But I want to finish and summarize what we're talking about in terms of this political assassination and this soft coup.
That's what Damien Linker of The Week called it.
When we look at his headline article here, America's spies anonymously took down Michael Flynn.
This is deeply worrying.
He said, the whole episode is evidence of the precipitous and ongoing collapse of American democratic institutions.
Not a sign of resiliency.
Flynn's ouster was a soft coup, a political assassination.
He's the third person.
I did it yesterday.
We had this other article from Eli Lake.
It was a political assassination.
But here's the thing that's troubling about it.
Engineered by anonymous intelligence community bureaucrats.
The results, he said, might be salutary.
In other words, he doesn't like Flynn.
But this isn't the way a liberal democracy is supposed to function.
We have to understand, what makes it so dangerous and what makes it fundamentally different that Glenn Greenwald, I think, misses, is different from what WikiLeaks and Manning and Snowden did.
Because what the deep state is doing, what this intelligence community is doing, is they are specifically targeting individuals who oppose them.
This is political.
And it's being done by the people who have so much power.
As opposed to Manning, Snowden, WikiLeaks exposing crimes by the government against the people.
We have to have that check.
Especially against this secret state.
And of course the mechanism is fundamentally different.
When we see these leaked documents from WikiLeaks, from Manning and others, we get it in the full context.
We do not even see the documents when we get it leaked, so-called, to the Washington Post because it's just innuendo.
They say there's no documentation.
We can't show you this because it's still secret.
So this is the thing that's very concerning.
This is why it is different and what we see happening here.
Is Obama's Stasi state being left in place?
These bureaucrats that he created.
And of course, under Obama, we saw the persecution of NSA whistleblowers like Benny and Drake that were left alone by George W. Bush.
Also going after CIA whistleblowers like Kiriakou and Jeffrey Sterling.
This is the escalation of political, personal attacks against people by this secret, deep state.
It's very, very troubling.
And now we go to the next stage.
Big Brother, of course, has been watching you.
We've been talking about how they're going to try to criminalize cash.
And now we have somebody, Jim Rogers.
Who is an economist, a libertarian talking about this.
He said governments are always looking out for themselves first.
And he points out that in India recently they withdrew 86% of the currency that was in circulation overnight.
Remember Ron Paul used to warn us about this?
He said now they've made it illegal to spend more than that.
He said more than $4,000 in any cash transaction in France.
You can't spend, he said, I think more than 1,000 euros.
He said some states in the U.S.
you can't make cash transactions above a certain state.
Of course, we see that it's criminalized if you take too much cash out, put too much cash in, so forth and so on.
We know where this is headed.
And of course there was a book that Jim Rogers wrote a few years ago, it was called Investment Biker, one of my favorite books.
He did it about 20 years ago and what he did was he ran around the world on a motorcycle with his girlfriend and he went through these various countries talking about their culture, talking about politics, talking about economics because that was really what he was focused on, politics and economics.
He made an interesting observation that stuck with me all this time.
He said, when you go into a country
You can tell the difference, you can tell how corrupt the country is based on the difference on the spread between the black market value of the currency and the official exchange rate.
See, that is where these people are going.
That and the surveillance state.
And of course, civil asset forfeiture is a key part of this.
The war on terrorism.
The war on drugs.
They use all of these things to scare you to take your cash.
And then what they're going to do on the other side of it is the very money that you have will be coming from your universal basic income.
They will put us all on allowance.
They'll watch everything that we buy.
They'll track us everywhere we go with the roads that they set up.
And then we have this latest article from Zero Hedge.
Actually, it's a report going back to last October that didn't get a lot of attention because we're in the middle of the election.
Megacities, the urban future, the emerging complexity.
It's a Pentagon training video created by the Army for U.S.
Special Ops.
And of course, it was
Two years ago, three years ago, that we went to AP Hill, we walked through, Joe Biggs and I walked through that training facility, a replica of an American city, and of course they trained to fight where they're going to fight.
This is the American government training to fight in the cities, and this is what they're saying.
They say the future is urban.
They want to continue in these urban cities, and that's where this is all headed.
Scientists have discovered a massive lake of boiling carbon sitting underneath the western half of the United States.
This is about 700,000 square miles in size.
That's about the size of Mexico.
It sits 200 miles beneath the Earth's surface, and of course, scientists aren't able to see that deep into the Earth.
It's too deep to drill.
So geologists at Royal Holloway, which is the University of London's Department of Earth Sciences, discovered this molten carbon using a huge network of seismic sensors
I think?
I don't know.
This is going to throw the United States and the Earth itself into a serious state of emergency.
Now, this discovery is very important because it's giving scientists some more information about the Earth's carbon emission.
In fact, they're finding that the Earth, and particularly the deep Earth, plays a more important role in the global carbon cycle.
Now, in 2011, the EPA only estimated the planet's carbon emission to be around 10 billion metric tons.
However, scientists believe the Earth's upper mantle, which is where this molten carbon sits, gives off an estimated 100 trillion metric tons of carbon.
One of the geologists, Dr. Haier Majumder, explains that we might not think of the deep structure of Earth as linked to climate change above us, but this discovery not only has implications for subterranean mapping, but also for our future atmosphere.
For example, releasing only 1% of this CO2 into the atmosphere will be the equivalent of burning 2.3 trillion barrels of oil.
To put this in perspective,
If a substantial amount were to be released all at once, it would bring about an environmental disaster on the scale of nuclear warfare.
Now, one of the scenarios in which this could happen is if a supervolcano at Yellowstone were to erupt.
Now, the last time an eruption happened there was 640,000 years ago.
If it were to erupt, it would blanket the U.S.
in a nuclear winter.
Now, the volcano at Yellowstone releases around 45,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every single day.
Frankly, we are just a few miles above some really hot magma.
That magma serves as the heat that fuels the geysers and hot springs and fumaroles in the park.
It's that engine that allows for the unique things that we see here in Yellowstone.
We see between a thousand and three thousand earthquakes a year in Yellowstone.
Most of them are so small nobody ever feels them.
Swarms of small earthquakes that you can't even feel can cause the ground to go through major changes.
Look at this area that was once a forest.
The ground was a hospitable environment for trees to grow for a long period of time.
Then in 1978, swarms of small earthquakes caused the ground in this area to rise to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Supervolcanoes aren't just bigger volcanoes.
They have a completely different mechanism.
The firing mechanism is a function of the buoyancy of the gigantic magma dome and the size of the dome.
It makes it much more unpredictable than a regular volcano.
And about the same time these research papers were saying that the eruption of a supervolcano was a function of magma dome size, we learned that Yellowstone's magma dome is two and a half times larger than they previously thought.
55 miles long, 18 miles wide, 3 to 9 miles deep.
For the sake of comparison, let's pretend for a moment that global warming predictions used to justify global taxation of man-made global warming are true.
The IPCC's worst case scenarios range from a 1 to 3 degree centigrade increase to a 2 to 6 degree centigrade increase.
And that's over a 100 year period.
But if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupted, scientists say it could drop temperatures 10 degrees centigrade, that's about 18 degrees Fahrenheit, globally.
And 12 degrees, or 22 degrees Fahrenheit, in the Northern Hemisphere for 6 to 10 years.
In other words, that's 2 to 10 times the change in temperature of the most alarmist scenario that Al Gore can imagine.
And it would happen immediately, not stretched out over 100 years, and it would last for a decade.
That would be real climate change.
Now this molten reservoir is not an imminent threat, but it just goes to show you how little scientists actually know about the deep earth and the impact that the earth itself actually has on the global carbon cycle.
How are we supposed to pay a carbon tax on that?
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So what we did is we went out, we used, um, different pistols, different calibers to test different pieces of the body armor to ensure that it was up to the high standards that we expect to carry here at the M4 War Store.
Born in Texas.
Made in America.
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I mean, it's unbelievable.
It's a quarter inch thick.
I mean, it's got a 20-year warranty.
It's waterproof.
You can wear it.
It's comfortable.
I mean, it's not bulky.
I mean, that's the biggest, I think, intrigue for you, Alex.
The biggest thing for us is, unfortunately, we live in a society now where we need to be able to defend ourselves and our families at any time.
And this is something that is so thin and so lightweight.
You said when you talked to people that have been using this, actually testing it for years, people that currently have tested it for us, they didn't just say outstanding.
What did they really say about it?
No, this is through the roof.
They want to know how do they get it, where do they find it.
A lot of my law enforcement official buddies want to know the same thing because they're weighing, they're wearing these big heavy bulky vests that don't work as well.
So, they're looking for something you can wear all day, 12 hours a day, in and out of a car.
And 90, I mean, you can look up the numbers, 90 plus percent of fatalities with guns when they're used in a commission of crime, I think it's like 94, is pistols or shotguns.
This stops that, unless it's a slug.
I mean, that's amazing.
So, they can wear this and only somebody with a rifle around is going to get through it.
And soon, and we'll have it, if it's available to civilians, they're not sure, we're going to have the stuff that's, I mean, unstoppable.
This deal is so insane, is so good, it makes my head spin.
But I guess the first people to sell cars kind of had to give them away.
People didn't believe it.
Hell, I don't want that thing.
I feed my horse hay.
The backpack body armor is only $200.
And we shot everything you can imagine on it.
Again, fund the Info War, get the game-changing Nanotech Tubes from Buck Rogers.
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It's amazing.
The only threats Trump has is assassination, illness, or the Republican Party sabotaging him from within.
He's the commander-in-chief.
He's in charge of the military, the police, the American people are behind him.
And Priebus cannot help it.
He is a sycophant.
He is a little gremlin that sits there and grovels to powerful people.
And he cannot help but serve Paul Ryan and others that are openly at war with Trump.
And they're lying to the President when they say they're going to work with him.
Everything they do is to sabotage the President.
When I look at what's going on, and I see that he is connected to Paul Ryan, and the Republicans are still pushing this Russia narrative, I know internally they're trying to use that as an internal coup to kick out all the people they don't like, and endangering the President in the process.
There are no Russian connections, but if General Flynn is on the phone,
Setting up a phone call the next day for the president, with the Russian president.
He's on the phone with the ambassador and they say, we want to talk about sanctions.
He goes, well sure, you can talk about sanctions.
So technically, they didn't talk about sanctions.
They just mentioned they wanted to talk about sanctions with the president-elect, which is totally normal.
The media is like at war with the president.
I was on CNN yesterday and they spent a half hour before I went on saying the guy's a pathological liar.
And that he's mentally ill.
You've already gotten your ass whooped up and down the street in the primaries, the election, everywhere else.
We just stomped Hillary and Soros into a pile of garbage.
You better get out of the way.
Do you understand?
And make no mistake, they tried to steal that election, but you overpowered them.
So you look in the mirror and you realize you are the resistance.
And in about patting ourselves on the back, it's about understanding that these enemies aren't going to stop until they've defeated us.
And they say we're all Russian agents because we don't want to have war with Russia for no reason.
And there's a new realignment globally that makes sense happening that the military's advised Trump.
And so they want to get rid of
Flynn and others because they are geopolitically aware and know who the real threats are.
Russia's not a threat.
You leave them alone in their sphere, they got their own problems, and the United States can move in there strategically with all the resources Russia has, and the Russians can make money, and we can make money, and we can build a new civilization out of it.
Russia probably has more resources than Africa, folks.
The continent of Africa.
We want in there.
We want those resources and we can dominate the globe with Russia.
United States and Russia team up.
It's over!
That's why the globalists for a hundred years have been trying to have us at war with Russia.
That's why the globalists went and put the dirty commies in there.
New York City and London, brokerage houses, Goldman Sachs.
Goldman Sachs was involved funding a hundred thousand Russian immigrants to be sent back.
This is history for the Bolshevik Revolution.
We did that to them!
And of course, they got double-crossed by Stalin.
That's why the Russians love Stalin.
He was a horrible tyrant, but he actually kicked out the people that had taken over Russia from 1917 up until before World War II, when Lenin died of poisoning.
Oh, he died of natural causes, yeah, and so did the Easter Bunny.
So did JFK.
But this is the real history.
And see, people don't even know this.
Trump is now getting Goldman Sachs to do what he wants.
It's incredible!
But people that sit there as pseudo-intellectuals, they don't really want to save the country.
They want to just say they're better than everybody and be lazy loser failures.
And so, they don't want to actually save the country.
They don't actually, you know, want to stop war.
They just want to shoot their mouths off and say, oh, we're Goldman Sachs, or oh, we're Israel.
It's ridiculous.
As if Goldman Sachs is just one thing, or Israel's just one thing.
Like set pieces in a Monopoly game.
It's a thousand times more sophisticated than that.
Why would the Israel lobby, the liberal Israel lobby, be after Alex Jones and the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL constantly when I'm not anti-Semitic and never did that?
Because they know I'm good.
They know, they're just like any political group, complex group, they want power over America.
They want the levers of control, just like any other special interest.
And I'm trying to get the levers back to the people.
I want Americana.
I want lower taxes.
I want to devolve power from D.C.
to the people.
Every major lobby hates Alex Jones.
From the big banks, to the big healthcare groups, to the MSM, to the liberal Israel lobby, not because any of them are even particularly evil incarnate, there's evil people involved, but because they want to run the show.
They don't want to go build something themselves, they want to get control of the most powerful country in the world and parlay its influence into their dominance.
I have a two-part question, I guess, for each of you.
350 organizations led by the American Academy of Pediatrics came out and wrote a letter to Mr. Trump saying they have unequivocal support for the current vaccine industry the way it's run now.
They have total support.
What kind of pushback, you know, they haven't even created a commission yet, what kind of pushback do you expect in trying to lead something like this?
And Mr. De Niro, is this something you could get behind a vaccine safety commission led by President Trump?
Why would anybody not want a vaccine safety commission?
That, I think, should be the question that everybody should ask.
You know, the commission would be, as President Trump envisioned it, and me, it would be made up of Americans with the highest integrity, people who were household words, people who had not taken any position on this issue, just to look at the science.
We, you know, we need a debate on this.
For anybody to say that they're satisfied with the way that the vaccine program works today, where the vaccine program has paid out $3.3 billion to people who admittedly were injured, to say that that can't be improved on, that those children
Are just sacrifices for the greater good?
That we can ask Americans to sacrifice their child so that some other child can remain free of measles?
Maybe sacrifice them to death?
You know, there's not been a single child in this country that's died of measles in a decade.
But there's been 69 children who have died from the measles vaccine and been compensated by the government.
Is that acceptable?
Is that what those 350 organizations think is acceptable?
I don't think so.
You know, if we had a commission, we'd look at the science.
Science is, it's not subjective.
It's not my opinion.
It's objective.
And the people that would staff, that would populate that commission would be people that all of you would know.
None of them, particularly not even scientists, but people who just say, wait a minute,
This is either working or not, or we ought to be doing better.
So, you know, I don't see why anybody's scared of safer vaccines.
I'm not out to hurt the vaccine program.
I want to help it.
I just want good science.
I've been working for good science for 33 years on every issue.
I just, I don't see how, you know, anybody has a legitimate objection to having another set of eyes
On the vaccine program.
I am only concerned about this.
Trump, I don't care about.
If he does the right thing, he does the right thing.
I don't have to be connected with him.
It's about this.
Rob Dewey with Infowars.com, and we're at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., our nation's capital, and I'm standing next to Tony Muhammad, who gave probably, I think you gave the best speech out there at this press conference tonight.
Go, I guess, if you can kind of distill what you said and what is going on.
I liked what you said.
There's a Tuskegee project going on in the inner cities.
Can you tell people about that?
Well, in 1930, there was an experiment that happened in Tuskegee.
And that experiment, I think, was done by the United States Health Association, which that organization is defunct now, but it evolved to the CDC.
Over 400 black men was given the most virulent form of venereal disease at that time, which was syphilis.
These men, the scientists, knew they had this disease and allowed them to co-mingle with other black women, having very, very deformed children, almost infesting an entire community.
It took a whistleblower.
To bring that story out.
And it was, I think, Robert Kennedy, the uncle of Bobby Kennedy today.
It took him and the Justice Department to shut down the Tuskegee Experiment.
Well, fast forward it.
Forty years later.
A scientist who still works for the CDC has admitted that he and his co-authors knew that the MMR vaccine disproportionately give black boys autism at a rate 240% greater than their white counterpart.
So as a community, as poor black people who have no voice, we have to ask ourselves, is this happening to us all over again?
Are we targeted?
And we don't know it.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
But it goes beyond being prepared.
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Other iodine comes from the ocean or from other byproducts of chemical facilities and is tainted.
It's bound.
It's not absorbable.
I tried it and I had incredible effects even with dirty iodine because the body needs it.
When you don't have iodine, it absorbs the chlorine, the fluoride, and all these other bad halogens.
Do yourself and your family a favor and check out the importance of iodine for yourself.
I think you're going to be blown away.
And whatever you do,
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Also, consult your physician because if you've been deficient in it or have other issues, it can have some dramatic effects.
As for me and most folks I talk to, it's been a game changer in the positive column.
But still, consult your physician because iodine is no joke.
It's a key building block of the body and if you haven't had it for a long time and suddenly have it, some folks say they've experienced things like a detoxing effect and things like that.
You've got to have vitamin C. You've got to have iodine to live.
You've got to have water to live.
Iodine is key.
You must have it.
But consult your physician first before you get powerful survival shield nascent iodine, X2, at Infowarslife.com or call toll free.
We can answer your questions.
This is Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
Now today the Senate voted to block rule meant to prevent people with mental disorders from purchasing guns.
That's a horrible headline.
That sounds bad.
Basically what happened earlier this month, the House saw and they re-voted on whether or not to keep Obama's gun law.
The one that he put in place after the shooting at Sandy Hook in 2012, which stated that there had to be these extensive background checks and that people with mental disorders shouldn't be able to have guns.
That sounds good.
When you look at it and you sit back and you go, okay, if those are the exact words in this bill, in this law, then it sounds good.
That's not a bad thing.
I don't want mentally ill people who are going to flip out.
They were born that way.
They can do that.
But here's the thing.
How many of these people were born mentally ill versus how many of these people became mentally ill because of Big Pharma?
Because of these drugs that they put people on?
Because, quite frankly, modern medicine doesn't even get to the root of the problem anymore.
We don't actually even meet with patients.
The doctors just kind of sit there, they walk in, they go, okay, I'm going to give you this drug.
Yeah, I'm going to give you this.
Side effects?
Maybe kill yourself or go crazy?
Let's take a chance.
Here you go.
Have a good one.
And that's it!
That's your interaction with a doctor nine times out of ten in this day and age.
They don't actually sit down and find out what's going on.
They don't suggest, hey, maybe let's go talk to a psychiatrist.
Maybe they can give a better understanding of what's going on and then reflect that back to me and then maybe we can come up with a routine or
Something we could do to change the way that you're doing things day to day to maybe cope with what you're going through or instead of just drugging the hell out of people.
So this is a really interesting way that they word it.
Another, what is it, BBC?
They put U.S.
Senate blocks Obama gun background checks rule.
It's another way that they like to misshape and distort everything.
Rachel Maddow, the male host from MSNBC, Senate due to vote today to make it easier for seriously mentally ill people to get guns.
I swear.
I'm not kidding.
Already passed the House.
Well, it's already passed the Senate and now it's on its way to President.
Donald Trump.
Now this law that's been in effect since 2012 has a lot of loops in it.
There's a lot of shady things inside of there.
Senator Charles Grassley, a Republican out of Iowa, spearheaded the repeal effort and said that regulation unfairly stigmatizes the disabled and infringes on their constitutional right to bear arms.
It also infringes on their right to have due process and go through that proceeding and allow doctors and psychiatrists to all sit down and weigh the pros and cons of this person
I think?
Could also have their right to protect themselves stripped away.
So this whole law has been smoke and mirrors, BS.
It's another way to disarm the American people.
It's another way to get all these liberal doctors in there, these anti-gun doctors that just kind of go, you're mentally ill and go.
But then they give you drugs that do make you mentally ill and then they can go, see I told you this guy's a whack job.
He's like barking at a tree right now.
Well, you're giving him some drugs that have serious side effects.
Let's start getting to the root of the problem.
Think about it next time you see one of these tricky headlines.
This isn't about gun control.
This is about fixing these mental disorders that are created by Big Pharma.
This is about allowing American citizens to have the right to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed.
It's about due process.
Of course, no one wants mentally ill people to have guns.
Some people were born mentally ill, and some people became mentally ill because of these drugs.
And for some reason, no one's doing anything about those drugs.
Stay tuned for more reports at InfoWars.com.
I'm Joe Biggs.
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul walked out on a meeting with fellow Senate Republicans when he was unhappy about the prospect of keeping the health care laws Medicaid expansion.
Paul warned the fellow Republican senators that they aren't taking the voters demands seriously to repeal Obamacare.
And that they could see the consequences of this in the voter booth next election.
Rand Paul actually has proposed a replacement to Obamacare that includes opening up the insurance market and allowing individuals to pool their insurance with others to secure the lowest premiums.
But it would still require Americans to have health insurance, even those of us who don't feel we need it.
President Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare during the campaign season, yet most Republicans just want it repealed.
However, we have to take into consideration the current medical crisis that is facing our nation right now.
Why do all these government officials out there want to force Americans to have health care insurance?
Well let's take a look at some of the statistics out there.
The hidden cost of the unpaid medical bills of the uninsured runs into the tens of billions of dollars.
Usually the government paid these unpaid medical bills or reimbursed them to the medical industry or it just contributed to an overall higher medical cost.
Thus then creating the need for an Affordable Health Care Act type solution.
However, scientific data shows that exposure to toxins, chemicals and pesticides can cause a plethora of health effects, thus putting burden on the medical industry into the hundreds of billions of dollars.
Obesity rates are going up in America and Generation Z is now said to be the most obese generation ever as of yet.
This is due to nutrition and the fact that they're eating foods high in sugar and fat and low in nutritional value.
So in a way, healthcare is bearing the burden and inadvertently subsidizing big corporations like Monsanto that makes billions of dollars off of their GMO and pesticide ridden foods.
So rather than the solution being a health care mandate, why not have the solution be a healthy food and water mandate?
If we really want to lower our health care costs, we need to start searching for fighting the cause of these diseases, rather than just fighting for a cure, because then that's the medical industry and big pharma that's only going to benefit.
We need to start looking for other solutions out there.
The medical industry pushes vaccines on the entire population uniformly and statistically there is going to be a portion of the population that reacts adversely.
Some scientists are linking vaccine reactions to autism.
The numbers are staggering.
1 in 45 children now is autistic.
How long will the working class able-bodied population be able to carry the burden and the weight of those who are now the disabled and the sickly due to this contamination in our food and our water and our even medical supply?
There needs to be a solution and there needs to be changes that are made.
We should not be allowing companies like Monsanto to be protected from liability such as the Monsanto Protection Act, which allows them to injure people and the government to have to subsidize it or the people to pay for their injuries themselves.
Also, we have these vaccine companies out there that are also injuring people and they have immunities themselves.
These companies need to be held liable and maybe they should be bearing the burden and paying the bills for the problems that they are creating.
So is the answer really affordable health care?
Or is it affordable, healthy, clean water and food supply?
This is Millie Weaver and thank you for watching the InfoWars Nightly News.
Well that's it for our news tonight.
Join us again tomorrow night at 7 Central, 8pm Eastern for the InfoWars Nightly News.
The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel.
The Fed is a sometimes very independent organization.
What should be the proper relationship between a chairman of the Fed and a president of the United States?
The Federal Reserve is an independent agency.
There is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.
They print our money and then loan it to us at interest.
The IRS is their collection agency.
So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else
...is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't frankly matter.
Jeff Duncan says he saw IRS special agents using semi-automatic rifles at a gun range.
Now he wants answers to why the agency needs that type of firepower.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world the central bank was in charge?
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