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Name: 20170214_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: Feb. 14, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Tuesday, February 14th, 2017, and I'm Leigh Ann McAdoo.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, the military-industrial complex is trying to sabotage Donald Trump, and they want to purge the Trump administration and replace them with their very own globalist puppet sellouts.
In effect,
Refilling the swamp.
Meanwhile, the Russians fear that the Washington establishment will try to assassinate the president.
And Hillary Clinton says General Flynn's resignation is payback for exposing Pizzagate.
All that plus George Soros and the World Bank's make plans for a cashless society.
What can Europe do in this new world order?
Become embedded in an international system.
All that plus much more up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
The surprise resignation of General Flynn is actually part of an ongoing effort by the military-industrial complex to sabotage Trump and reassert control over foreign policy.
Paul Joseph Watson has the story.
Now, General Flynn was backed into a corner after it was revealed that he had a phone conversation with a Russian ambassador back in December.
Establishment neocons and neolibs from both parties could seize upon this to validate this narrative that the Russians hacked the election to help Trump and to defeat Hillary Clinton.
And you could say that Flynn was merely exercising due diligence because he was the incoming National Security Advisor.
He was communicating with a very prominent foreign official.
Many of the people in the establishment, politicians, have been violating the Logan Act for years by meeting secretly at the Bilderberg meetings and without a whimper, of course, of dissent from the press.
Now, Watson goes on to explain how when Democrats meet with Russian officials, it's treated as no big deal.
Prime example, in 1984, Senator Ted Kennedy approached the Soviet government about aid in defeating Ronald Reagan's re-election.
He offered them diplomatic
No big deal.
He got a pass.
And coming out of Fox News, they're saying Trump and GOP lawmakers are actually more concerned with the potentially illegal leaks in the wake of Flynn's resignation.
Donald Trump treated out the real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?
Will these leaks be happening as ideal on North Korea, etc.? ?
And of course they will because Donald Trump, you were supposed to get in there and drain the swamp.
Now you're going to have to clean house because you obviously have some rogue agents there on the inside.
Now Fox News first reported on Monday that the House Intelligence Committee chairman is wanting the FBI to conduct an assessment of these recent media leaks and they asked
Flynn actually asked in a Tuesday morning whether these leaks were targeted, coordinated, and possibly a violation of the law.
He told Fox News, yes, yes, and yes.
So what they're arguing is that the conversations that he had with this top Russian official was that it would breach diplomatic protocol, possibly violate the Logan Act.
Uh, but what's the, what's at issue here is that the intelligence community was actually capturing his phone calls with this Russian intelligence agencies, um, and they're supposed to protect the identity of any Americans that they're collecting.
Phone calls from.
So the House Intelligence Committee chair is saying, if the press reports are right, someone made the decision to deliberately listen to General Flynn's phone calls and it's unprecedented, unwarranted, and flat out wrong.
And the Daily Caller is actually saying, indeed, the number of leakers cited in the reporting of Flynn's calls were substantial, nine current
He was going to actually be building some sort of a cloud for them to communicate.
So of course it's the Washington Post that's going to break the CIA's big story.
And this is also what the conservative treehouse is reporting.
They say anti-Trump intel black hats are responsible for fake Flynn controversy.
They said all you ever needed to know about this rubber tire is the evidence following the CNN paragraph.
They said the message was delivered by then acting Attorney General Sally Yates.
Uh, she gone.
Other top intelligence officials, including James Clapper and John Brennan, were in agreement that the White House should be alerted about these concerns.
So, again, goes on, the Washington Post is the originating source of the controversy, the fiasco.
The Washington Post is the official leak outlet for the political arm of the CIA, conservative treehouse, rounding that out very squarely.
And, um,
Also, coming out of the free weekend, former Obama officials loyalists have been actually waging this secret campaign to oust Flynn.
This abrupt resignation is actually culmination of a secret months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidants to handicap Trump's national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal
We're good to go.
And so Obama officials and loyalists planted a series of stories to discredit Flynn and bolster this Iran deal.
And I recall that we actually reported on this a while back, that Obama was setting a lot of these traps, a lot of these landmines to stump Donald Trump, knowing that once Trump took office,
He would be able to see behind the curtain of all of the secrecy within the most transparent administration ever.
Everything they were coming out telling the American people, that this Iran deal was a great deal, and for whatever reason they backtracked on it, that was never revealed to the American people, and that's what Flynn, who has persistently been a thorn in the side of the Obama administration, particularly when it came to this Iran deal,
He was always speaking out against it and he was set to expose some of the details there.
So, these sources are telling the Free Beacon that the effort, which is said to include the former Obama administration advisor Ben Rhodes, included a small task force of Obama loyalists who deluged media outlets with stories aimed at eroding Flynn's credibility.
And one veteran national security advisor said it's undeniable that the campaign to discredit Flynn was well underway before inauguration day with a very troublesome and politicized series of leaks designed to undermine him.
The pattern reminds me of the lead up to the Iran deal and probably features the same cast of characters.
And there they go on to say, you know, it just doesn't add up.
Donald Trump's never really had an issue with playing with the truth a little bit, you know, or hiding certain things or covering up for people.
So why all of a sudden would they just oust Flynn?
It doesn't add up.
That's their opinion, not mine.
But another source who serves as a congressional advisor and was involved in the 2015 fight over the Iran deal.
He said that the Obama administration feared Flynn would expose the secret agreements with Iran.
This would blow up their myth that it was a good deal that rolled back Iran.
So in December, the Obama NSC started going to work with their favorite reporters, selectively leaking damaging and incomplete information about Flynn.
After Trump was inaugurated, some of those people stayed in, some began working from the outside, and they cooperated to keep undermining Trump.
So last night's resignation was their first major win, but unless the Trump people get serious about cleaning house, it won't be the last.
So this is a lot of different sources here talking about the fact that it's black hats, a secret coup going on with the shadow government, that this has been going on pre-inauguration.
Obama is surprisingly going to be one of the very few presidents that decides to stay in Washington D.C.
after he's out of office.
You know, you'd think that you would just
See him off in Hawaii playing golf forever and ever, but instead he decides to move to D.C.
and build a huge wall around his new home?
Very peculiar there.
And some Russian insiders are fearful that the Washington establishment is actually going to attempt to assassinate Donald Trump.
This is according to a magazine with deep ties to the globalist elite.
It's buried deep within a foreign policy article about how the Kremlin is confused with how to respond to Trump's role as a revolutionary insurgent with a mission to dismantle America's old regime from conversations with Russian policymakers and experts.
The article makes clear that power players in Moscow are concerned about Trump even being able to see out his first four years in office, the Kremlin fears that Trump may be ousted or even killed.
And they say that this is bound to unleash a virulent and bipartisan anti-Russian campaign in Washington.
Now, foreign policy
Here again with this reporting, this is Foreign Policy.
It's owned by the Washington Post company, Graham Holdings Company, and it's headed up by CEO David Rothkopf, who's a top globalist and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a former managing director of Kissinger Associates.
So, Foreign Policy would know what's going on with these high-level players in Moscow.
But it's very interesting to see kind of the changing of the tides because you have your establishment media people who are freaking out over the fact that Donald Trump and his team are able to control what is going on in the White House press briefings room.
They're used to having all of their establishment reporters in there able to ask the question.
And so they've been putting out this narrative with Flynn all weekend.
And they were really upset that when President Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a joint press conference on Monday, none of the reporters asked
Donald Trump about Flynn, and they were really peeved about it.
They actually went on to have several nightly news segments about these journalists, and they said, instead of asking about Flynn, which is the top story, according to them, they focused on important and presumably newsworthy issues like
I'm good.
Build up their own stories rather than the stories that are actually very important to the American people that we never seem to get to because it's a conquer and divide and conquer strategy that we're seeing played out again and again.
Hillary Clinton chimed in.
She crawled out from under her rock and, you know, one of her hiking trails that we've been spotting Bigfoot.
She had her own conspiracy theory saying that Mike Flynn was targeted over exposing Pizzagate.
She retweeted a tweet made by her former State Department senior advisor, Philip Rines, who tweeted a link to a Domino's job website, claiming Flynn and his son had a pizza obsession.
So then Clinton retweeted this, saying, you know, Philip's got his own way of saying things, but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news.
And of course, Hillary Clinton and her
Her band of brethren were caught up in the whole Pizzagate scandal.
But in order to stop this populist uprising with this fake news, which is what they're basically saying, in order to dismantle the New World Order globally, they are working globally to control
The fake news, whatever it is that they deem to be fake.
So George Soros is actually funding Google to help stop populist Le Pen.
They launched cross-check in France in order to censor pro-Le Pen news.
So this was back in November 2016.
Market Watch reported that George Soros' hedge fund invested in Alphabet Inc., which is the parent company of Google.
And in February of this year,
Google News Lab announced Crosscheck, which is a new fake news project, billed as a collaborative effort between journalists, newsrooms and social media companies.
It appears aimed at censorship so as to impede the chances of Le Pen to win the French presidential election.
So we can see that this is
It's something that George Soros has kind of been involved in behind the scenes, him and his NGOs worldwide.
He's always kind of been manipulating the masses in order to put the people in power that he would like or his globalist brethren would like.
And so now they are using crosscheck and other algorithms, other
Huge social media platforms to control the news.
They say they're going to start, this project would start by working with newsrooms across France to monitor news concerning the French election.
Then they're going to collate all that information and then spread it out to the masses, including many French press as well as BuzzFeed.
Can't wait for that.
Fake news.
If you're like me, you've been pretty freaked out about Trump and his agenda.
Good news.
Smart people with tons of experience in how politics really work have put together a practical guide on how to make Congress listen to us.
But a warning.
It's going to require a little more than just calls and petitions.
This all begins when you join a local group or start your own.
Once you're part of a team, there are four simple tactics to engage in.
Town halls.
Members of Congress will hold them, you just have to show up and use the public comment section to voice your opinion.
Public events.
Your members of Congress will be out there cutting ribbons and kissing babies.
You need to be there asking the smart questions and holding them accountable to issues they are on the wrong side of, or thanking them for being on the right side in hard times.
Office visits.
Members of Congress take meetings.
Schedule one.
Or just show up and bring some friends.
Let them know you care, you vote, and you are watching them.
Call them.
Work with local groups to participate in mass call days so your members of Congress can't ignore their constant ringing phones and full voicemail boxes.
Over half a million individuals have already downloaded the guide.
Over 100,000 people have signed up in every congressional district in the country.
And over 3,000 groups have registered in every state in the nation.
This is needed even if your senators and representatives are on the right side of the issues.
Because we have to embolden them and show them that they have solid ground support.
Pretty simple, right?
Three targets, four tactics.
The hard part is that it's not about doing it once and then calling it a day.
To make this work, we all need to be in this for the long haul.
A real resistance movement is a marathon, not a sprint.
Go to indivisibleguide.com and sign up to join the movement that will win.
Read the guide, share it, and let's get to work!
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This is Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com, and there's a video that's starting to get a lot of attention right now that's circulating around, and it's by Jason Whitlock.
He is the co-host of Speak for Yourself on Fox Sports 1 with Colin Calhoun, who also has a number of shows with ESPN and other organizations as well, where he breaks down this elite mentality by the sports entertainment elite.
People who were born and hit the genetic lottery.
Who are not really social justice warriors, who have not struggled, yet they're using their fame and their fortune to really send you down the wrong path.
Now he goes into this huge tangent on his show about this brand new propaganda piece by Nike called Equality.
Let's check that out.
Is this the land history promised?
Here, within these lines.
There's poor little LeBron all alone out in the snow right now.
On this concrete court.
This patch of turf.
Here, you're defined by your actions.
Like kneeling during the National Anthem.
Not your looks or beliefs.
Like using your fame to hate America.
Equality should have no boundaries.
There isn't because we live in America, the greatest country ever.
But we do have equality here in America.
This is a land of opportunity.
For the last eight years, we've had an African American president, Barack Obama.
Our head of Homeland Security was Jeb Johnson.
Our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.
I mean, we have so many prominent athletes, both men and women of African American descent, Hispanic, Chinese, from all over.
We're good.
So for them to put out this piece like this about equality, you know, and it comes right after Trump being elected when they're saying that he's this bigot, that he's sexist, it kind of shows you that they're pushing this propaganda machine a bit too far.
And that's why this gentleman's going to break down what he thinks about this Nike piece.
This isn't real.
This is a scam.
And you know how you know it's a scam?
Cuz Tiger Woods has stepped out.
That's when someone should have tapped LeBron on the shoulder and been like, hey bruh, we riding the same bus as Tiger Woods.
Truth bomb, because Tiger Woods cares more about bimbos than he does you.
They're going down the wrong path and they're dragging you all down the wrong path.
Finally, somebody with a little common sense.
All this
Resist, resist, and all this substanceless resistance.
It's bogus.
It's a campaign.
It's a fight about money.
It ain't got a damn thing to do with you, the ordinary working man.
I told y'all I'm a wolf, and I was raised by wolves, and all my friends are wolves.
And you can't get the wolf out of me.
Preach it.
That's what I'm talking about.
I'm not an elite.
Me neither.
I play one on TV.
I live amongst elites.
But I'm not an elite.
You're listening to these Ivy League educated elites.
I'm talking about some of these black elites.
That are legal.
Oh, they're caping up for the working man and for poor people.
No, they're not.
They're caping up for themselves.
LeBron James, no different.
That's an elite and he thinks like an elite.
And this thing he's doing right now with this social just it's elite thinking.
And he's right.
He's making great valid points.
These people, these athletes could care less about you.
This is all about putting money in their pocket while they promote this whole resist movement.
To legitimize the fact that Trump is a racist bigot and that America under him is going to fall apart.
And that is not the case.
This is the most diverse country in the world.
So we don't need people like LeBron James to bring this political aspect into entertainment.
We watch entertainment, we watch sports for the entertainment value.
To escape the politics, to escape the BS.
And now they want to blur those lines.
They want to bring that political atmosphere now into every aspect of our lives.
And that's where I have a huge issue with it and I think this guy hit the nail on the head when he said that these people do not care about you at all.
It's to make them rich and it's to help delegitimize the Trump administration and help legitimize these protests around the world that break out and turn into riots where people get injured and cities get burnt to the ground.
So it's time to wake up.
It's time to break these chains that they have around you right now.
It's time to wake up and understand that there is a war on for your mind and these people are using you as a pawn.
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com
An ICE detainer was denied for an illegal immigrant charged with sexually assaulting a young girl.
Now, what's surprising about this story isn't so much the part about an illegal immigrant sexually assaulting a young girl, but the fact that a Travis County Sheriff has been denying ICE's request for a detainer.
John Jack was an immigrant living in the U.S.
The U.S.
tried repeatedly to deport him, but his native Haiti wouldn't take him back.
So, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in early 2015 did the same thing that they do thousands of times a year.
They released a violent criminal immigrant from jail.
Six months later, Jack killed Casey Chadwick, a young Norwich, Connecticut woman.
An illegal immigrant allegedly kidnapped and sexually abused a 13-year-old girl before the pair was finally located in Michigan.
In Arizona, an illegal immigrant who was deported six times and was allegedly high on pot is accused in a hit-and-run crash that injured a mother and her two young children.
And in the case that gained nationwide attention, a 45-year-old illegal who was deported five times is charged with fatally shooting a 31-year-old woman in San Francisco.
68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions, serious criminal convictions, are just set free.
They're not deported, they're simply set free in the United States.
31-year-old Javier Gallardo Gonzalez is being charged with sexually assaulting his girlfriend's young daughter for more than a year.
Well, he was booked at a Travis County jail on Sunday, then the ICE detainer was denied
And he said bail and will be released with nothing more than a GPS tracking device.
Well, a lot of these ICE immigration roundups that we've been seeing, if you actually scroll through the press releases on these, you'll find that they are very much heavily surrounded with crime and they're mostly picking up criminals or human traffickers.
So, it's too bad that political correctness is getting in the way of law enforcement being able to do their jobs to protect the American people.
An ICE detainer was also denied for Laionicio Garfias Aviles.
The 45-year-old man was arrested on Sunday as well for beating his girlfriend outside of a bar.
He was also denied an ICE detainer.
And another man, Javier Torres Hernandez, who was wanted since 2014 for sexually assaulting a 7-year-old twice, was also picked up on Sunday, and yet his ICE detainer was also denied, in which he can also post bail and be out and about on American streets assaulting more young children.
These are just some more examples of what Donald Trump was talking about in regards to illegal immigrants coming here from other countries knowing that they can just commit crimes and because Americans are so afraid of coming off as politically incorrect they will be treated with leniency or even just deported to their countries where they can then sneak back in over the border to commit crimes on our people in America over and over again.
They may put them into the process, initiate removal proceedings, but still have to go see an immigration judge, etc.
But they're not going to detain him.
You're absolutely right.
It's absolutely despicable that Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez has been refusing to honor these ICE detainers.
President Trump can make executive orders every day to try and fix the problems facing our nation, but unless everyday Americans like you out there put pressure on local government officials to uphold the law and do their jobs, then only so much can be done.
We may have won the war against the tyrants when we put Donald Trump in as our president, but we still must fight on in this info war.
This is Millie Weaver, signing off for InfoWars.com.
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It's amazing.
Well, Trump protests are taking off all around the world, including in Canada.
I'm joined now by Ivan from Squatting Slav TV, who decided to attend one of these protests and talk to some of these protesters.
Ivan, thank you for joining us.
Tell us about your experience when you went to the Trump protests.
Well, thank you very much for having me on your show, and it's a real pleasure.
Essentially, I went to this protest because in the last
Probably three months.
We've had about four or five, you know, Donald Trump protests here in Vancouver, Canada.
And I basically wanted to go see, you know, what all this protesting was about, considering that these people, you know, live in Canada and not America.
And I really wanted to, you know, ask them a few questions, see what their attitudes were.
This specific protest was called Stand Against a Ban.
So it was in response to Trump's recent Muslim ban, and I just wanted to get out there, you know, to ask them a few questions, see how much they actually know about the current state of affairs versus, you know, the things, the old mantras that they are just spewing and recycling from CNN, Vice, AJ+, and BuzzFeed.
And that's pretty much exactly what you found.
The same thing that we found at InfoWars is that they really don't have any idea.
When you talk to some of the guys about the countries, they didn't even know the countries.
You had to recite the countries for them.
And then the one aspect of this that you point out that I find even the most ironic, these are people that live in Canada.
Why are you protesting the American president?
Is that something that's common?
Are people in Canada always obsessing over the America president?
Is this normal?
Well, that's the irony, Owen, because, you know, you will never see these people here in Vancouver protesting things that, you know, directly affect them in some way.
You know, the electoral reforms here in Canada or, you know, even the high prices of the housing market.
You know, you'll never see them protesting these things.
They'll only be protesting the things that are, you know, hip, trendy and cool and that they're in at the moment.
They essentially have no real knowledge of what's going on.
Most of them are just out there to, you know, be seen and to sort of recycle the same old things that everyone else is saying, you know, on CNN, the mainstream news, Vice, and you know, all these hipster news sources.
And you even brought up protests going on in other countries, specifically Romania is the one you referenced, where people are protesting their government in mass numbers, and you kind of called them to the light on that, you put a mirror on that, and they would just kind of match you with a blank space.
They don't even know what's going on in the world.
Well, of course.
I mean, you can't expect these people to know much outside of their little bubbles.
You know, there's hundreds of thousands of people protesting anti-corruption in Romania.
This protest on Facebook, you know, it said that maybe a thousand people would attend.
There were barely 100 people.
It was quite pathetic.
So from the start, you know, it was kind of a joke.
And then just going back to what you said in terms of their knowledge, I asked a few of them, you know, which countries were encompassed in this
You know, Muslim ban and they could not even name the countries, you know, they needed to pull out pieces of paper and their phones and things.
So, the level of knowledge that these people possess is actually is bare minimum.
And, you know, most of them don't even know that, you know, this ban sort of is the byproduct of the failed interventionist policies of, you know, the Clintons, the Bushes and then the Obamas in the Middle East preceding Trump.
Yeah, they couldn't wrap their minds around that, but their liberal tears did ice down the streets.
You documented that really well.
Now there was one part of this that actually made me jealous.
This was something that I had never experienced before in my time going out on the streets and talking to these people.
The leaders of the actual event told the protesters not to talk to you.
They got on the mic and specifically said don't talk to the alt-right.
One of them even talked, in a very strange way, talked about violence and pain.
Tell me about them trying to stop people from talking to you.
That had to be surreal.
Yes, and you know, I wasn't surprised.
Actually, one week prior to attending this Trump protest, I went to a similar
Uh, Antifa protest and within minutes, you know, uh, they, they essentially censored me, told everyone there not to speak with me, not to engage with me, automatically associated me with, you know, various groups that they had interacted with before.
Uh, you know, groups that they're quick to label, you know, alt-right, fascist or, you know, Nazi, fake news or whatever.
So these interviews actually filmed within the first 15 minutes at the Trump protest.
After that, it was,
Almost impossible to speak with anyone because they had made a public announcement, uh, you know, stating not to engage with me.
They said I belonged to another media group and you know, there was the one girl who was circling around, uh, literally telling a person, every single person not to speak with me.
So it was literally me being censored from the moment that I got there for no reason.
And are you talking about the pumpkin girl right now?
Is that the pumpkin?
Yes, the little one dressed like a pumpkin who looks like she was a little hobbit from Narnia.
So you had the pumpkin running around telling people not to talk to you.
You had some guys, there's actually the video right there.
Thank you guys for showing that.
I've noticed that.
They get up right next to you and they kind of like dry hump you or it's some sort of like a weird game they play where they just like put their butt on you and they try to like stop you from talking to them or something.
You experience that.
And then like I said, the one girl gets on the mic and is like, we will not talk to people who support violence and pain.
They will often, when you're speaking to them, as you've seen and witnessed in all of your videos,
They will try to essentially drown you out with noise or try to make you look stupid by being all touchy.
And this is exactly what they do to evade any kind of questioning from your end because they fear that if you question them, you will actually expose their ridiculousness and their stupidity.
So in order to save
Everyone's reputation there, what they do is make these big public announcements to make sure that no one is engaging with anyone asking questions or anyone that may hold, you know, a different view or a different opinion.
And let's be clear, this was your first video.
Squatting Slav didn't have any other videos.
You weren't associated with anything.
You were just there asking questions, but just by asking questions, you become an alt-right Nazi.
That's correct.
I mean, this is the sad reality of many people trying to suffocate free speech today.
It's essentially all about, you know, cutting you out or cutting you off before you even open your mouth, right?
So it's quite ironic because these are the same people that are out there protesting oppression, fascism, this and that.
You know, if they view you as a threat, they will automatically cut you out and censor you.
Yeah, and you said that.
Some people even started to run.
Literally, they were running from you.
You were like, hey look, you're out here protesting fascism, but you're cutting off free speech, the definition of fascism.
Did you get any reaction?
Did anybody have any lights pop in their head when you said that?
Well, I mean, the thing is, Owen, these people don't even know what, you know, the definition of fascism is.
And literally, as you saw in the video, as soon as I would approach them, you know, they would either make a comment about the jacket that I was wearing or some stupid comment, you know, to change the topic and they would run off, you know, they wouldn't even reject the interviews, they would just run off into the distance or walk away.
And that's a huge problem because, you know, if you are
Out there protesting something and you're truly passionate about something, you should really be armed to the teeth with knowledge about the subject you are protesting.
And these people, unfortunately, they don't really have any real knowledge.
So their only option is to run away like little bugs.
Well, amen to that.
And I would just say that based on what I saw in that video, that those Trump protesters in Vancouver, they're racist against the squatting Slav.
I mean, how does that feel?
Well, you know what, that's the impression that I got from this first protest and like I told you earlier, I intend to attend all of these little rallies and get-togethers and hopefully, you know, expose more of these regressive leftist clowns wherever I can.
So, the point of having this Squatting Slav TV is essentially to pretend that I'm this, you know, Eastern European immigrant who knows nothing
But then actually exposes their stupidity and ignorance, you know, through questions.
Well, you did a great job in that first video, and I'm looking forward to more.
Thank you for joining us, Ivan, from Squatting Slav TV.
Thank you very much again for having me on.
Take care.
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Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.
Well, investigative reporter Ed Klein has an anonymous source that says that Hillary Clinton is preparing to have her own TV show
In preparation for a 2020 presidential run, will the Democratic Party run Hillary Clinton again as their nominee for the president and risk losing again in another attempt to thwart Donald Trump?
Well, let's go ahead and ask some of these college students here today what they think.
Would they vote for Hillary Clinton if she run again?
And who do they think the Democratic Party should choose to run against Donald Trump?
So let's go see what they have to say.
What do you think about rumors that Hillary Clinton could run in 2020?
I think it's likely?
I mean, I don't... Would you vote for her if she ran in 2020?
I mean, I'd have to survey all of the candidates.
I mean, I'm not in the future.
I don't know who else is going to run against her.
I don't know.
We'll have to see where the country is in another four years.
I'm an independent thinker and you have to assess the situation and assess what her supposed policy at the time, or at least what she claims to want to do for the country.
And then you have to compare her with other, the other candidates that are going to be running in 2020 and assess and put that in the context of where the country and the, you know, the globe and other nations are going to be in our economic situation.
It's not a, I'm not going to say, well, I'm going to vote for her based on some X value that I hold and she claims to hold.
Depends on the other candidates?
I don't know.
I guess it depends on who she's going against at that time.
Yeah, I think I would.
I don't really know much about politics, but I guess I consider myself a Democrat.
Voters are probably not going to be too sympathetic to her ability to win when she had such an unfavorable opponent and still lost, so I don't think it's pretty viable that she's going to run again in 2020.
I mean, that'd be cool, but...
If it's true.
I would vote for her again, but I don't think she's the strongest candidate that the Democratic Party has to put forward.
She just has a lot of like negative things around her, you know, as far as the emails and even though like she has been cleared of whatever, people still have those negative images of her and also from things that she's done in the past, like as far as like, you know, with her husband and all that stuff.
So, I mean, I would definitely say maybe a new person, especially since she's already lost.
After everything that happened in the last election, you could tell a lot of Democrats didn't really trust her to begin with, but I don't think so.
People that are the best candidates for the presidency, unfortunately, often don't come out.
They work in the background, they're, you know, I don't know, the policy guys, or maybe they're even working in the military or whatever it is, but
I think that the Democrats and even the Republican Party this year did not offer their best.
I don't really think there is a best candidate.
I don't know.
I think it depends on the times and it depends on the situation.
I think someone else would probably be a stronger pick.
I think they could find somebody else.
Someone who's not as controversial and kind of has their s*** together.
Hillary Clinton's reputation's been really tarnished.
And so we need someone that's more respectable and trustable.
I would have preferred Bernie Sanders.
We don't know who else is going to run.
People were surprised that Obama was going to run when he first ran, and Hillary was the frontrunner then, and then things changed up.
So you never really know with politics.
It's like the constant ebb and flow of society.
Who would you suggest that the Democratic Party could run that could possibly stand a chance against Donald Trump?
Michelle Obama.
I think she's got a lot of name recognition, which was part of the reason they forwarded Clinton in the first place.
So I think Michelle Obama would probably be a pretty solid pick.
The majority of the people that I know had supported Bernie Sanders and all that other stuff, so I feel like when you consider his hyper-democratic views versus her kind of almost like side to side, that
There's more people that just want a stronger, more well-rounded, represented person.
The founding fathers didn't believe that the average man was fit to be president, you know?
And the role of the presidency is something that's complex and that's evolved over time.
And I think that the way that American democracy functions today is something that demands more than just
You know, a man of the people.
I think that's a part of the equation, but you can't just say, well, you know, as long as you're... I don't think it's just a matter of values.
There's also a matter of competency in being president that should be considered.
Now, if Donald Trump actually, you know, helps get jobs and impacts America in a positive way over the next four years, would you consider voting for him in four years?
If it goes well, I mean, nothing's out of the air on that.
There is a possibility, but...
I don't, I'd have to see it to believe it.
If he were to make changes in like a positive way, I mean, that's great, but I probably just wouldn't vote.
I'm not really a political person.
My first time voting was this year, so I would just let it be.
If he does bring back that, but also improves on the social climate, and helps people, minorities, and LGBT, then I would consider it, yeah.
Not after everything that he's been trying to do and what he's said.
I can't.
So you think words speak louder than actions?
For sure.
I can't say I would and I can't say I wouldn't.
What really matters is, you know, what's happening during that point in time and whatever happens then.
I mean, I'm going to see where that takes me.
After speaking with college students, the general consensus seems to be that most don't feel that Hillary Clinton is a strong enough candidate to go up against Donald Trump in 2020.
Most feel that because she lost in 2016, it really just showed how weak of a candidate that she really was, and that maybe if they chose someone else, they would have stand a chance.
Well, hopefully Hillary Clinton isn't crazy enough to run, or maybe hopefully she is, because that could just secure Donald Trump's presidency for 2020.
This is Millie Weaver signing off for InfoWars.com.
That's going to do it for the show tonight.
Thank you all for tuning in.
We'll see you here tomorrow, 7pm Central.
I'm not going to carry a gun.
I don't want to be involved in a gun fight.
If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.
Go ahead.
Make my day.
So the notion that gun laws don't work, it's not borne out by the evidence.
He says that the Chicago police had a plan over this bloody 4th of July weekend.
Nonetheless, as you indicated, Corey, there was a count of casualties that could have been from Afghanistan or Iraq.
We'll make it
Harder for law-abiding citizens and criminals will still get their guns.
In many cases the offenders, felons, some out on parole, some out on bond.
We have to respect the tradition in this country of people who want to defend themselves and their family from violence.
There are people at high levels in this government who have
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The average American does not have that.
Mayor Bloomberg, why can you defend yourself but not...
The majority of Americans!
I mean, look at the team of security you've got!
Every day, every school, at every level.
One thing that I think is clear with young people, and with adults as well, is that we just have to be repetitive about this.
And we need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
Was this the weapon of choice for a new kind of terrorist?
When a five-year-old girl said she and a classmate should shoot each other with bubbles, the school called it a terrorist threat.
AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.
You know, the right to bear arms is because that's the last form of defense against tyranny.
Lay down your arms, you damned rebels!
But we don't need the ability to arm ourselves against the army or the police.
What kind of a situation in the U.S.
would you see that happening?
I mean, we've got a lot of Constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons.
...discovered that clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem, us.
To say, we're not turning our guns in and we're not running and we're not backing down.
If you want them, come and take them!
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