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Air Date: Feb. 14, 2017
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses resistance to tyrants and obedience to God. He mentions how it was considered an insane conspiracy theory in the 70s and 80s that we would be microchipped to buy and sell in a cashless society. Jones claims that the number one enemy of globalists, other than Trump, was General Michael Flynn. He talks about how the left is so hysterical over Trump's presidency that they are seeing neo-Nazis and swastikas everywhere, even in construction markings. The broadcast also mentions Joy Villa, who became a star overnight when she attended the Grammys wearing a dress with a Donald Trump Make America Great Again flag. Lastly, Jones promotes products from InfoWarsTeam.com and PrivatePowerGrid.com. In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses Michael Flynn's resignation as President Trump's National Security Advisor, alleging that the media and political establishment are trying to discredit Trump by portraying him as a Russian agent. He claims that the real threat is globalism, which he believes is being used to undermine American sovereignty. Jones also accuses the mainstream media of promoting false narratives about

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, they said it would never happen.
It was an insane conspiracy theory of Christians in the 1970s and 80s.
Why in the future they would microchip us to buy and sell.
There'd be a cashless society.
We've merged with machines and worship a one-world government.
And now, to come true.
Well, the number one enemy of the globalists other than Trump was General Michael Flynn, who helped lead the military five years ago to not back al-Qaeda slash al-Nusra, ISIS in Syria.
When our military finally had their come-to-Jesus moment, Obama tried to purge the military over the next few years, but it didn't work.
Well, the system is very, very panicked, and they've cooked up this fact that the National Security Advisor-elect shouldn't be talking to his Russian counterpart.
And, of course, they even have the intercepts.
Trump being spied on by Obama and Hillary.
And Soros, using our taxpayer money, saying, I can't talk to you about sanctions, but the President obviously wants to have better relations, so we'll get those phone calls set up.
He was setting the phone calls up, and they said, did you talk to the Russians about sanctions?
Well, technically, he didn't.
Walking to get coffee, saw these all over a sidewalk in the town I'm in.
Is this an attempt at swastikas?
Did Neo-Nazis not have Google?
Turns out Sarah Silverman doesn't know how to use Google, since one quick search reveals that these are harmless construction markings.
No, this wasn't a joke.
Sarah Silverman actually believes that construction markings are neo-Nazi swastikas.
The same Sarah Silverman who called on her millions of fans to support a military coup to overthrow Donald Trump.
He later corrected her innocent mistake, proving again that this wasn't a joke.
But wait, if these are some thinly-veiled pro-Trump neo-Nazi message, does that mean we need to start punching utility men and construction workers on the street?
Look at this guy.
Is that a sig-hail?
And this guy appears to be erecting a giant T for Trump.
This guy.
is literally Hitler.
But seriously, this is what happens when rampant virtue signaling meets hysteria.
The left is so beset by Trump derangement syndrome, they're seeing neo-Nazis and swastikas in everything.
Just last month, someone at a university in Ohio mistook a white sheet covering some lab equipment for a Ku Klux Klan robe.
Students in Indiana freaked out when they thought this Catholic priest was a KKK member.
Neo-Nazi hate crimes are being faked across the country.
This is collective madness.
This is what mass hysteria looks like.
Piers Morgan was relentlessly attacked by J.K.
Rowling and other leftists because he refused to accept the premise that Donald Trump was the new Hitler.
He was also subjected to a volley of abuse from comedian Jim Jeffries.
Oh, f**k off!
Sorry, why did we f**k off?
Hitler didn't kill the Jews on the first day!
He worked up to it!
That is the exact, that is the exact ridiculous, hysterical, over-the-top nonsense.
If people got hysterical in Germany right away, then it wouldn't put me off.
He's not the new Hitler!
Hey Jim, repeatedly shouting f*** off while a biased far-left crowd claps like circus seals isn't an argument.
Do you realize how utterly retarded you sound when you compare the architect of one of the worst mass genocides in human history to a former reality TV host?
Listen to what actual survivors of Nazi Germany have got to say.
Inger Andrews warns that it's the violent far-left mobs who shut down free speech, not Donald Trump, that remind her of Hitler.
The irony behind all this is that by resorting to such patently ludicrous hyperbole and hysteria, the left is actually helping Donald Trump.
By becoming the farcical embodiment of delirium and neurotic derangement in their anti-Trump fervor.
They're sidelining and discrediting genuine legitimate opposition to Trump.
So if you're a Trump supporter, the unhinged meltdown we're now seeing on the left cannot go on long enough.
Well done Watson.
We'll be back with the most important transmissions ever.
Have you ever heard of Joy Villa?
Neither had I, until last night.
Joy Villa became a star overnight when she attended the Grammys and stole the show.
The singer-songwriter dashingly removed her flowing white cloak only to reveal a Donald Trump Make America Great Again flag turned into a dress.
Stunning the crowd, she proudly displayed her courage and beauty to a rush of cameras.
Despite backlash from the tolerant left on social media, and who knows what from her peers at the chamois, America actually showed vast support for Joy as she gained more than 50,000 Twitter followers overnight, was overwhelmed with support, and her album sales jumped over 18,000% to the top of Amazon and number 7 on iTunes.
Let this serve as a marketing example and business model for America.
Conservative values, anti-PC culture, and real unity and patriotism, this is what is truly popular amongst consumers.
Villa said, you can either stand for what you believe in, or fall for what you don't.
No one else, but Joy Villa, made the Grammys great again.
This is Owen Schroyer for InfoWars.com.
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I am a shotgun rider for the San Jacinto Line The desert is my brother, my skin is cracked and dry I was riding on a folk coach and everything was fine Until we took a shorter road to save some time The bandits only fired once, they shot me in the chest They may have wounded me, but they'll never get the best of better men
And I'll ride again.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
It's Tuesday, Valentine's Day, 2017.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Again, thank you so much for joining us.
One of my daughters, born on Valentine's Day.
Little sweetie.
So we always celebrate our birthdays on the same day because I'm born just a couple days before her on the old Aquarian calendar.
Wow, there's so much to talk about.
Such a big time right now.
I woke up at 3.30 a.m.
this morning and I knew as I went to the computer because I went to bed pretty early last night that it was going to be that Flynn had resigned or been fired
Because I knew that was going to happen two days ago.
But I just, what's the fun of being the first to report something like that?
You know, the Mitt Romney thing, I told you about a month before and two weeks before that he was being played with and toyed with.
And I had that directly from about as high as it can go.
The Flynn information, I can just read the tea leaves and made a few phone calls.
And this is all a great example of how they get everybody running scared.
They kept saying during the campaign, has anybody talked to Russians?
And they said no.
And of course they were spying on everybody in the Trump campaign and knew that wasn't the case.
They hadn't talked to them.
But once you're president-elect, your designated national security advisor is supposed to start talking to the Chinese leaders, the Russian leaders, the Israeli leaders, and Flynn talked to all of them.
And they asked, did you talk about sanctions with the Russians?
He said no.
And then they reportedly have the recording and the transcript where the Russian ambassador brings up, well, we want to talk to Trump about sanctions and how that can go and what we can do to get that done.
He said, this has come out now.
He said, well, you know, the president elects policy.
He wants an open door and a clean slate, but I can't talk specifics about sanctions, but I'm sure he'll, he'll, he'll be ready to talk about those when he talks to President Putin.
And they went, ladies and gentlemen, we got a firestorm on our hands.
Flynn lied, he did talk to the Russians.
He talked about sanctions.
Now, if somebody calls up an auto parts store and you're the manager, and somebody says, I'd like to talk to you about buying your auto parts place.
You say, well, I'm not the owner.
He's on vacation.
He gets back in a couple of days, but I know he's been talking about wanting to sell it.
So mister, just send us your information and I'm sure he'll be getting back with you.
Does that turn into the auto parts store manager was like trying to sell our business with ever having the permission?
Ladies and gentlemen, Henry Kissinger is the top advisor to Vladimir Putin.
One reason I don't particularly trust Putin at some levels.
The mega-globalist, reportedly a Soviet spy during World War II, a double agent, code name Bohr.
That's been leaked information, that's why he knows so many of the secrets.
Oh yeah, the Living Fossil was a major assistant, kind of like a Rens Priemus, to the OSS with the Rockefellers, with David Rockefeller.
Now it's not known that David Rockefeller was in the OSS, I just released that information.
But I've had that on good sources and Intel to back it up.
He was certainly in Nazi Germany before the war started, taking lots of photos and meeting with lots of top Nazis because his daddy was a heavy investor.
The point is that
The Rockefellers are on record having major plants inside Russia and inside Germany and made monies off all three sides of the war.
There were three sides to it, it wasn't two sides.
There were two sides at the end, three sides at the beginning, look it up.
Those are like stubborn things like facts.
Being cursed with them, being cursed to be informed and then watching people run around and go, go away USA, KKK, that's all they know.
While meanwhile their whole future is being destroyed by the globalists and they're running around going, Donald Trump's the Russian agent.
What Donald Trump has done, and what I've told people a thousand times, and what's crazy is it's in mainstream news today, admitting what I'm saying is true, that Trump is grabbing globalism away from the multinationals that stole it using U.S.
money, power, and influence, and is actually trying to use globalism to block the Communist Chinese, reform Europe, and have an alliance with Europe, the U.K., Israel, Japan, and any other free country, wants to have trade, and will build lots of golf courses and hotels and factories.
A pro-human president leading America.
And they now admit it in Bloomberg, and Reuters, and Google, and News, and Yahoo, and Politico.
It's Trump versus the globalists.
Why, just two months ago, the New York Times said Alex Jones is crazy.
He believes in something called the globalists.
That was the old propaganda of the last 20 years, and they got laughed at so hard.
In three articles they wrote in one week, one of them had me in the headline.
What is this globalism?
Does it exist that Alex Jones talks about?
It's like, what is this, uh, toucan?
Do toucan birds exist?
There it is, globalism, a far-right conspiracy theory, buoyed by Trump.
And then it goes on to say,
It's racist, and it doesn't exist, and Alex Jones is insane.
Well, that's solid BS gold, isn't it?
But notice, now it's not that.
I have a stack of mainstream news today where they're like, world government's in total crisis.
They're gonna find out about the derivatives of the scams we've run.
We've gotta start killing people.
They've already got all their Sarah Silverman's and all their rappers and music people and movie stars saying kill Trump.
And they've got major publications calling for his death.
Because, ladies and gentlemen, these people have committed so many crimes, the globalists, that if Trump keeps going, it's over.
You notice Jerry Sandusky's son just got arrested for procuring children for the globalists.
And of course, Sandusky, I've told you, was a procurer.
You take one look at that soulless
And you have to understand, he got in trouble because he was dipping into his boss's goodie bag.
And you can't have Renfield sucking blood himself.
You're not a vampire, bro.
You bring us the goodies.
I told you there's going to be more arrests in Penn State.
Told you that on the Joe Rogan Podcast, which is the number one podcast in world history, which they're also trying to block on the charts at
Google Play and iTunes or where else?
Joe's tweeted that out.
It's confirmed.
Stills number one.
I know it's only got 45 million views or something now.
It would have 200, 300 million.
I mean, you saw the algorithm.
You just couldn't have that.
It couldn't have three or four times the Super Bowl because you probably couldn't ignore that.
But ignore 40 million.
That'll be easier, of course.
But that's on all the different platforms, over 40 million views.
And they did block it when it went total viral.
They just put a governor on it and stopped it.
By the way, Lee Ann McAfee was pointing this out to me last night.
We were doing a live report.
And I went and looked it up last night, the show.
I don't know much.
That's why it's important for people to keep me informed.
They called a month ago for taking Donald Trump's Twitter away.
But that was a little too anti-free speech.
That might be too obvious to take the President's Twitter away.
Gotta discredit him a little bit first.
People might actually go, wait, we have something called free speech here.
So they now don't let any of the positive comments or good tweets get to him because he tweets back and communicates with people and sees stuff he thinks is interesting.
That's a portal he's looking into.
So they want to isolate him as much as they can into the White House Priebus cult.
And so they've got it set now where only the negative comments are in the top hundred.
So they've really suspended Donald Trump, and Donald Trump's up there wondering why suddenly he's getting nothing but negative feedback, because they put a filter on there of only people that are attacking him, thinking he's not tech-savvy.
And then I'd imagine the trusted people come in and say, look sir, it's getting negative, see?
Sir, give us your cell phone, don't talk to anyone anymore.
In fact, you're not allowed to talk to the Russians, that means you're a Russian spy.
Think about how dumb they think we are.
Ronald Reagan went and did the deals with Russia, and then Congress ratified it.
But that's what a president can go sign treaties if he wants.
The president is co-equal to Congress and the courts.
Hell, the liberals are arguing he's above them all, but not now.
But they're on there going, yeah, he's talked to Putin a couple times.
He's talking about meeting Putin.
And they've so bullied Trump and his administration that they're backing off even in this foreseeable meeting with Putin.
Oh my gosh, all the other presidents meet with the Russian president.
But see, you can't because, well, you're not the president, sir.
Rince Priebus and Paul Ryan are.
And look, just be nice and John McCain and Lindsey Graham will stop trying to overthrow you.
They hate you.
They're not men.
They're scum.
And they don't like you because you've told law enforcement across the country they're green-lighted to go after the pedophile network no matter how or how far they go.
And how hard it is to deal with for the country.
Yeah, Trump's not using blackmail like the Democrats do with their pedophile rings, and the Republicans are involved as well.
Trump's burning it all down.
So, that's what's going on in this country, is you got a bunch of scum on top, who are into really bad stuff, and even get into their club, you've got to do horrible things, and they know their whole party is in trouble.
Let's skip this break.
They know that their whole shindig is in trouble because they went so far publicly saying they were going to teach pedophilia to kids, sexualizing them, publicly trying to legalize an ambula, publicly saying mothers and fathers are bad, publicly saying there's 50 and then 100 genders and you can't have a men's bathroom or a women's bathroom because somebody else might not be a man or a woman just to make you feel bad for existing.
Total societal attack.
And the intelligence agencies can't help but run across all the weird occultic stuff that the elites are into.
It runs the gamut, but it's just an entire sewer of different garbage floating through it.
For the things they're into, but it's all about hurting innocents, degrading people, dominating, enslaving.
That's why they've got, you know, Fifty Shades of Grey, then a new one comes out and it's more intense, and now people are getting killed being part of it, and you know, choking to death, and the hospitals are having all these emergency calls, and then next it'll be, oh, killing somebody, and then next, raping a child.
See, that's how they, successive approximation.
People say, well, it is kind of fun to slap your wife on the butt.
You know, they like it.
Well, that's not hurting somebody.
That's, that's fine.
They like it.
You like it.
That's not actually hurting somebody.
But they take something innocent like that and then they extrapolate it out to the UN saying, legalize men being able to pick up children up to five years old.
If you're five year old or you're
Son or daughter wants to go out with some pot-bellied pedophile that comes knocking on your door.
The UN and some countries like Sweden are actually looking at legalizing and saying, oh, your child can have man-boy love.
And then Salon has articles about what's wrong with fantasizing about a four-year-old or five-year-old girl with some, again,
Soft, weird, super ultra beta male, kind of gremlin, Renfield type, on there licking his lips.
I mean it's, and again, that's, that's a Renfield, folks.
That's not, you don't, you don't see the Dracula's.
Unless Chuckie Schumer's out in daylight.
That, that's, that's, that's one.
That's a Renfield.
And then Schumer.
And I'm not saying Schumer's involved in anything, like all the stuff we heard about in New York, I'm just saying spiritually, that's my opinion, that that has a Renfield spirit and there's a Dracula spirit.
But you notice the servants of this always look like that guy.
Let's pull up Sandesky's son, out reportedly, been indicted for trying to procure children.
Who's he procuring them for?
Who's he trying to get them in the van for?
Look at those eyes.
That's somebody been tortured hard.
That's somebody under mind control.
That's a grabber.
Not a drinker.
Because let me tell you, they ain't just raping them.
Renfields rape.
Dracula's kill.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it and remember who you're siding with.
Just remember.
Whatever you do, you're going to pay for in this life and the next.
So they think they've had a big victory.
They're having a big celebration right now.
That they brought down the former head of Defense Intelligence who reorganized the Pentagon, got the different branches working together.
Successfully developed plans to stop radical Islamic jihad terror worldwide, blocked, that had to watch the Arab Spring turn loose, and our military being ordered to resupply and supply Al-Qaeda forces out of Saudi Arabia, then watch the name change to ISIS to confuse the public, as everybody from Colonel Schaeffer to Rand Paul to Ted Cruz to myself, to countless others, exposed what was really happening.
And so, Trump learned about this, admired the people involved.
There were a lot of other generals involved, but Flynn led the charge.
He got fired by Obama for it.
Trump brought in Flynn.
Flynn thinks he's completely normal, completely good.
He wasn't violating the Logan Act.
For his own personal gain, to discuss foreign deals or policy at a non-official governmental meeting.
He was on the phone, lining up phone calls for the President-elect.
Public phone calls he made days later.
And they set it all up with the public, politically ignorant on average, that the National Security Advisor, incoming, on December 15th, had a conversation with the Russian Ambassador.
You can go back and look.
Every transition team, going back to when they put the red phone in, back in the early 60s,
Every single transition team talk to their counterparts.
In fact, you do that in the weeks before you even get in the office, and that's totally normal.
But see, they set the agendas, they set the rules, where if you put mother or father on your first grade entrance papers when you move, put your kid in school,
They call you and they say, we don't have mother and father.
You have to use these code abbreviations not to hurt anybody's feeling.
You're being inducted into a cult.
To not say, mother, you know, Carol Jones, father David Jones.
No, you just... You just say whatever that particular school has a code word.
Or an acronym.
And then there's new ones that you learn the language you're allowed to use.
Well, same thing.
The media said, you don't talk to the Russians, Trump.
You're a Russian agent.
Trump's like, I don't know anything about the Russians, but I know Putin is a nationalist and really pulled out of globalism and is doing more for his country than what happened under globalism.
And I want to use American power through all the power we have to actually empower our country.
And they even have Foreign Affairs and other publications from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Washington Post coming out.
I'm going to read some of these articles coming up.
And admitting, OK, Trump really does want to make America take over globalism and actually make it free market and not have a bunch of war.
And just we're not going to let him do that.
And the Russians actually are scared of this, too, because it's going to be so effective and so big that it'll make the U.S.
so powerful.
What will they do to Russia?
But then they go on and say, but they do hope for their own nationalism.
So this puts Putin between a rock and a hard place.
So some Russians are actually wanting to get rid of Trump now.
And that's really what's going on, because the globalists are reaching out to Russia, saying, listen,
You don't want to be part of this because this is going to end all of the corporate imperialism that all these major power sectors are involved in.
The Russians, the Chinese, and the United States.
The Euro is a fundamentally abusive system meant to destroy sovereignty, meant to destroy cultures, and meant to turn people into debtor slaves.
That's in their founding documents.
It was a corporate takeover by stealth.
That's falling apart of its own weight.
So they brand everything as a Russian conspiracy, because as I've said a thousand times, the Russians began to pull out of globalism 18 years ago, 19 years ago.
What's interesting is, it doesn't mean they're perfect, it just means they're trying to become sovereign again.
And Trump recognizes that under globalism, we are diminished, even though our great strength and will built it!
They hijacked the Renaissance nation to build the global tyranny, and in the final quarter, Trump is trying
To reverse the tables on them, and even if they kill Trump, even if they end up wrecking him down the road, because great positive things are happening, but this is a death battle.
In my words and in their words.
I'll call it a death battle for years.
They call it a death battle with the illiberal West.
That's George Soros.
That's in the news today.
We must stop the illiberal West from messing up our world government.
Where it's a bunch of rich billionaires saying, we're going to merge with machines and be God.
Merge with it or be destroyed.
I mean, that's in the news today.
Elon Musk, merge with machines or be obsolete.
I mean, it's, you will assimilate, we are the board.
We do not offer any quarters.
Submit to us.
And it's not like you can merge with a machine.
Everybody else is just to be drugged up, phased out, sterilized, bye-bye.
So, I mean, we're given a total black flag with a skull and bones on it by the globalists saying, we're never going to surrender, and by the way, we're going to torture you to death.
See, a black flag means no surrender.
A white flag means surrender.
Everybody knows that.
What does a skull and crossbones on a flag mean?
It was on flags before pirates adopted it on boats.
If a military, sort of getting used to some of the crusades, put that on a flag, it meant we're gonna kill everybody.
If there's blood dripping off the skeleton, it means we're gonna torture you too.
And skull and bones, the whole globalist deal is a skull and crossbones.
It means, and they worship pirates.
We're gonna overrun ya, we're gonna rape ya, we're gonna kill ya.
You understand?
No quarter.
So, our military now knows about this.
It's been decompartmentalized.
Drudge has exposed it.
I've exposed it.
Ron Paul has exposed it.
Countless others have exposed it.
People in the military were able to go look this up, find out it was true, decompartmentalize, realize we were being double-crossed by Islamic operations.
It wasn't just a destabilization of the Middle East, like the military had been told.
They were like, alright, fine, have them all kill each other.
That was bad enough, see?
No, you can't use evil for good and then have it turn out to be good.
See, it was really a double-cross to flood us as well, and bring us down.
The military caught that in mid-sentence, right when they were going to turn us over to Islam, end free speech, go after the Christians, take our guns, all of it, and our military and intelligence agencies said, no, but there's now an internal civil war inside the intelligence agencies trying to overthrow Trump, and they're now in open rebellion at the State Department.
That's admitted, with the media saying, kill Trump.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
So here is the bottom line.
Everyone around Trump that is a patriot
It supports this republic and it actually wants to give Americans good paying jobs and a future.
It wants to honor mom and dad and apple pie and baseball and being good, not being demoralized, is being targeted.
And they're either saying you're a KKK member, a white supremacist, like they say about Bannon with just no evidence.
They say I'm KKK and they say I'm deeply racist and all this other made up crap.
I mean they know exactly what they're doing with their constituents to scare other people from being associated with the message.
So you keep your mouth shut or you'll get called racist too.
But everybody knows that's made up so they've moved on to the Russian spy area.
Now they know there's zero connections with Bannon in Russia.
But a National Security Advisor, what do they do?
They talk to the other major powers.
And so now what's happened?
Flynn has stepped down and Michael Moore tweeted, he said, now we're going to get Bannon and everybody else.
But notice who they don't want.
Whenever there's word that Priebus might be kicked out, it's like, oh, no, no, leave Priebus.
He's good, Trump.
Oh, and we love your son-in-law.
We love your son-in-law, Jared.
He's such a good guy, too.
He's the guy you should listen to.
And I'm not saying Trump's son-in-law is a bad person, but I mean, he's New York real estate, he wants to get along with all those folks.
He's not hard-nosed like Trump, and I know he helped him a lot in the campaign.
And I believe he's loyal to Trump.
The point is, you get put under a lot of pressure here.
And when Trump went out and gave a press conference yesterday, he went to the Daily Caller and the local radio station.
He's delegitimizing the corporate media that's discredited itself as fake news.
You watch the Spicer thing, it's ABC News, CNN, CBS, over and over and over again.
And then, I mean, maybe once a week some token radio station or something.
And again, the briefing rooms aren't where the power is anymore anyways.
So that's all a dinosaur itself, but it just shows you Trump's instincts are right.
Trump got Trump elected.
The American people got him elected.
Not Sean Spicer, not Rince Priebus.
A lot of insiders tell me Spicer's not that good.
And I can't help it.
I like his body language.
I like a lot of his answers.
I just like the guy.
Just at a, you know, level.
At a physical level, I don't get heebie-jeebies about him like I do about Rens Prevost.
But I get the heebie-jeebies about Rens Prevost, and then I know all about it.
He's a Paul Ryan Renfield.
And when I say somebody's a Renfield, I don't mean a procurer of children.
A Renfield just means a minion of evil.
Now I'm saying Sandusky's son just got arrested and indicted for trying to procure kids, and that is a Renfield.
A literal Renfield.
In the child procurement area.
But when I talk about a Renfield, I just mean that was Count Dracula's little half-vampire insane minion.
And again, all the great literature is just archetypes of real stuff going on in the world.
Do they live forever?
No, but their evil goes on generation by generation by the abuse they put on children.
And they need Renfields around them that'll keep their mouths shut when they're doing the real torturing and butchering.
Which always, we know, is at the top of the pyramid with pedophilia.
And I'm not saying Jerry Sandusky in Penn State or Jerry Sandusky's son were involved in that type of Renfielding.
We just know it was the raping of little children in broad daylight by Sandusky.
And they said, Renfield, you can't do that in public.
We do that out at the farmhouses late at night.
And then see, Renfields produce Renfields.
These are guilds, these are classes.
I ought to create a deck of cards with vampires versus their minions.
Because that's an allegory the public can get and that's what they are.
You see, globalism isn't so much a destination as a journey.
Because once they get a casual society and full control of the family, they are going to brain damage and euthanize and hurt people so bad that humanity's not going to know what's happening to them until they're finally doing the evil right out in the open in front of everybody.
And that's their big goal.
To take God's creation and overthrow it and turn it upside down.
And as I said yesterday, all Trump is, is humanity coming up under the water in a riptide and trying to get a gulp of air before we get pulled right back under.
Come on in, the water's nice.
Says Michael Moore.
Says Lord Rothschild.
Says Rockefeller.
Says George Soros.
Take one look at what he looks like and how he acts and what he does.
And take one look at their little photo shoots and their friends.
You look at them, you go, my God, that looks like the cast of a vampire movie.
And you know, it's funny what you're looking at.
Sometimes your eyes don't lie to you.
And how they hate barrel-chested
Red skinned, strong men, or strong barreled chested black men, or anything else.
And I'm not saying people are bad that have super pale skin.
I'm talking about the way the globalists look as a group, as a combine.
What they're up to, what they're involved in, what they're doing, and how they'll be defeated.
You have to recognize them as predators that have been born and trained and are genetically inbred.
I don't care what group they are, of every caste, every group, they all have the parasite caste, the Morlocks and the Eloi.
Wells wrote a book saying Morlocks and Eloi is the real eugenics.
Saga, and how he sees the elite versus the people.
But the paradox is, the Morlock is underground, it is evil, it does drag you into the pit and feed on you, but it's smarter than you.
It has knowledge of science.
Why is it smart about control, and the Eloy are beautiful and smart, but they don't care about science, and so they're ruled by the Morlocks.
Then we pull up his 1930s time machine, there was a 60s one as well, and he put up the Morlocks and the Eloys for TV viewers.
The New York Times and the Washington Post probably say Alex Jones believes vampires and Morlocks are real.
No, I said they're allegories.
But it won't stop Fox News from editing the tape.
That's why it's going to be audio.
So they can deceive their viewers.
But make no mistake.
What you've seen is the ongoing countercoup.
And it's not a good sign because
There was a coup, we had a counter coup, it's a counter coup to the counter coup.
And it shows that Trump is listening more and more to Paul Ryan and Rince Priebus and others saying, look, we know there's no Russian ties to you, but if anybody else has ties, prove it to people, get rid of them.
And so all the news is saying today, this proves it's a Russian operation.
This is going to bring Trump down.
This proves the investigation is just going to get started now.
And John McCain's running around foaming at the mouth, and the Republican leaders are on Fox News with their chest out going, yeah, we're looking to the bottom of this.
We'll keep Trump on a short leash.
We know how to keep you safe from them darn Russkies.
Just like we knew it would go.
So, I know Trump's super smart, so maybe Flynn did some other things.
Because that's really what it is.
I shouldn't say maybe Flynn did other things.
Flynn's not bad and Flynn's a super patriot and led, inside the government, the counter-coup against the globalists who are about to end free speech, totally take over.
Just, in the name of net neutrality, start total censorship.
Again, everything's upside down.
Real, hardcore evil was about to commence.
They admitted that.
That was their plan when Hillary got in.
But it was so obvious, so over the top, that finally, people in our government and the citizens, and across the world, are awakening, saying, no, we don't want this.
And so Flynn's on the phone 18 hours a day,
And they've got so many regulations and so many different things that they could go through all that and they could find a few things Flynn might not have dotted across perfectly like Dinesh D'Souza.
And then you see that's the big embarrassment.
So don't think Flynn's gone because of this made-up Russian crap.
This paperwork filed in consulting deals previous to the campaign with Turkey.
And I'll just put that out there.
Nobody else knows about that kind of stuff.
Just everybody understands what's really going on.
You've got to be 100% absolutely pristine clean, which he was.
But it doesn't matter.
They're going to go after everybody.
They're going to try to persecute whoever they can to intimidate everybody in that White House.
If they can't intimidate Trump, to toe the line, or we're going to personally destroy you and your family.
Paul has an article, the real reason General Flynn was forced to resign, the military industrial complex is trying to sabotage Trump.
Eisenhower warned us of the complex, not a strong defense, but a complex that wants to dominate America and the rest of the world.
And it was basically sabotaging our country because the complex itself is the global government.
It is the teeth of the global corporate government and thinks it's so big it's going to sit here and destroy mom and apple pie and prosperity and go after Christians and go after families and it's just not going to happen.
Military industrial complex run by a bunch of analysts and a bunch of pervert foundations and a bunch of control freak social engineers.
So every time we're against the military industrial complex, they go, oh, you're against the military.
Or, see, these are all definitions.
Or, oh, you're against us having a strong defense.
Trump's going to give us an updated strong defense, and more than a third of our fighters are going to be operable again, and we're going to have systems that work.
At least that's the goal.
Nothing's perfect.
And Trump's already backed off some with the F-35 and the rest of it, because Mattis said, well, the rest of the world's already buying it, so we're going to sell the world this thing, and we hope it gets to where it works better.
What's powerful about it is the platforms, the things that are on the platform.
The plane is like a black budget con game for a bunch of other stuff they've been building.
Okay, I'll just let you know everything.
And I don't even need to be told all this.
I study this constantly.
I know how things work.
That's what I do.
Not bragging, but that's why the militaries of the world listen.
It's why people that are in power listen.
Because this is a real broadcast, folks.
Dumbed down Oscars or Grammys or Emmys and American Dad and all that stuff.
This is the real world.
So Trump's even like, okay, have your F-35.
Good God, the thing costs billions apiece.
And they're like, well, it's too big to fail, sir.
He's like, for the time being, fine.
At least we just built it in America.
And can we get Boeing back here?
Can we get some jobs going?
Those are the few things Trump's kind of halfway, like, signaled.
Because in a deal, you're supposed to tell Japan, we're going to take everything away from you.
And Japan runs and goes, we'll give you hundreds of billions of investment and we'll start accepting your products, we promise, please.
Because they know Trump's strong.
Plus, they're worried about China.
I mean, Trump, you know, the media keeps saying, Trump is
Backing off what he said he'd do to China by half.
That's what you do in a negotiation.
It's not one-sided deals anymore.
He comes and says, you're screwing us over.
We're gonna do the same thing back to you unless you negotiate.
And then they start negotiating.
That's what a negotiation is.
A two-way street.
So, that's the whole spin machine.
I'm going to do some mid-air refueling here for a moment, and then start reading into this article.
And I really want to have these guests on today, but I'm tempted to push some of them back.
I've been trying to get Michael Schneider on for a while, but he was out of town.
Can we push Schneider to the third hour?
Or maybe 1230?
Because I need to read these articles.
Because I read these articles myself, and they're so important, and then I never get to them on air.
I just kind of mention them.
I mean, look at that headline.
Obama is commanding an activist army of 30,000 anti-Trump activists from his home two miles, in a bunker, from the White House.
And by the way, that's in the New York Post and in The Hill.
I mean, this is incredible.
We told you this was coming, but the government's like divided into two, there's a civil war going on, and the bureaucracy is... the people in a lot of control positions are obviously Obama people.
Remember how he put tens of thousands of new people in before he left?
And just the last month, just putting moles in everywhere.
I mean, this is so seditious.
And then they tell us, when they're the globalist takeover army, they're the corporate invaders.
It'd be like if aliens invaded.
And we had a president that got elected to deal with the threat, and the aliens pointed their finger and said, no, the Russians are the threat, because Trump was talking to the Russians about fighting the aliens.
Because globalism is alien.
It's a new form of government.
It's global.
It's oppressive.
It's anti-human.
It's satanic.
It's directed by, if you believe the Bible, a fallen off-world entity.
And they make fun of that on the Young Turks and in Huffington Post and the New York Times.
Oh, Jones believes an off-world entity is directing humanity to destroy itself.
Yeah, that's what every major culture believes, and I'm Christian and the Jews believe that too.
And you know what?
You look around, that's what's going on.
And then you find out the world leaders are praying to it and believe they're getting satanic knowledge on how to fight us.
You know what?
You can study the British families in the 1850s that did all this.
Openly believe they're channeling this stuff and then envisioned DNA, envisioned biometrics, envisioned all the major sciences, computers, and then went out and told their scientists, start developing it.
And then they said, we've got to have the general public hear about this so that the inventors come forward.
So they had H.G.
Wells in the 1890s and things start and others start writing this knowing that
That the elites couldn't come up with it, but they've been given the knowledge, so they believe that they put out basically the basic template in predictive programming that then, because we're made in the image of God, we're master builders, that there would be humans that would then build it because they heard about it.
I mean, that sounds like a science fiction movie.
That's what you're living, folks!
So while they've got you obsessed with UFOs and, you know, crashed rockets and weather balloons and all this, that's not where this stuff came from.
It came from the other dimensions.
It's like that goofy movie Pacific Rim.
We thought the aliens would come from outer space.
They came from a rift in the time-space continuum, a blast gate in the deep, deep ocean.
That's basically what it is, but it's not 500-yard tall dinosaurs.
And then you can say, well, that's just insanity.
But I've talked to top psychiatrists, psychologists, genetic engineers, all of them.
All of them believe in God now.
All of them know it's a demonic, interstellar, intergalactic, interdimensional deal.
I mean, that's what Christians all believe.
There's a fallen devil.
It wants to overthrow creation, do horrible things.
In the days of men, when all this was happening, there were giants and the seed wasn't clean because they genetically manipulated God's design.
And so God had to wipe off all the life on Earth and start over.
And then we dig up all this fantastical stuff.
And they tell us, oh, that's billions of years old.
Folks, we're living in the middle of a fantastic forbidden planet.
Okay, and I'm telling you, the elite, they know the secrets.
I don't know them all.
I've just reverse-engineered it, studied it, and read the writings, and watched what they're doing.
But either this is all true, and they're completely insane, or they're just completely insane.
I'm not saying I believe any of it.
I know this, they want to turn over Western society to a bunch of radical Islamic men because they hate Christianity and they hate women.
That's why they tell you all day how much they love women.
Because the globalists absolutely hate women.
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Don't call my name out your window, I'm leaving.
Don't call my name out your window, I'm leaving.
I won't even turn my head.
Don't even turn my head.
Don't send your kinfolks around to give me no talking to.
Don't send your kinfolks to give me no talking to.
I'll be gone, like I said.
I'll be gone, like I said.
I enjoy this song more and more as I get older.
Lay there in your bed and keep your mouth shut till I'm gone.
Think you've been there before?
Oh, I love women so much.
They can be funny sometimes, can't they?
All right, let's get serious.
Good old Johnny Cash.
Coming up, I'm going to focus to be a good boy, and I'm going to go ahead and read these articles where they admit in major globalist publications exactly what's going on.
And when they reach that level, you know it's danger zone.
Because they're not communicating with the USA, KKK, go away zombies.
They just go ahead and go, okay, yeah, okay, Trump wants to actually have a revolution and make America run the global government.
And Russia, you better watch out because, you know, you're hearing he wants to work with Russia.
Well, that means that the United States is actually going to run everything, so you better watch out.
He's kicking us out of here, and you should just join with us because... And so they're just totally panicking, but they're admitting the real Trump plan.
With soft power and being the good guys again and actually doing business deals with people and giving them a chance to work with us.
Now they want to have a military confrontation.
They're going to come up against a real military that can absolutely defeat them.
So I'm going to get to all that.
North Korea assassinates Kim Jong-un's half-brother in Malaysia.
That's been confirmed.
Kim Jong-nam.
Poor guy.
There are some stories that are absolute
Rosetta Stones, as I say, decoder keys to everything.
And he was in such a prison of tyranny, even though he was going to be the leader.
It was such a hellhole that he got caught with a fake passport in Tokyo trying to go to Disney World.
He did want to execute people and torture people, and that's why his dad basically disowned him.
And then he did find the little demon in Kim Jong-un, and now Kim Jong-un has had him killed.
Imagine the status top that won a total state, and then as twisted as Disney World is still, imagine how magic that is to somebody that's grown up in North Korea.
And all he wanted to do as an adult was go to Disney World.
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We've had John Brennan, while director of the CIA, actively campaigning against Trump.
We've seen the surveillance state leaking to embarrass Trump.
And now they've maneuvered to get Flynn out in a move worthy of Stalin.
The surveillance state gave transcripts of Flynn's phone calls to the Washington Post to put him under a microscope to see if they could find something.
Bring me the man.
I'll find the crime.
Flynn said he inadvertently left out details when he briefed Pence.
He didn't say he lied.
He didn't say he misled.
Were the sanctions and expulsions mentioned in passing?
Not really the topic of conversation?
We don't know.
But the Washington Post knows.
Sally Yates, the Obama holdover who was just fired for gross insubordination, said Flynn could be blackmailed.
Yeah, it was Yates who was blackmailing.
And if you think they're really concerned about security, one of the three names being put forward to take Flynn's place is David Petraeus, the man who is second in the betrayal of national security, only to the presidential candidate that he supported, Hillary Clinton.
And immediately, Democrats call for more of Trump's cabinet appointments to be investigated.
You can't appease Stalinists.
For Infowars.com, I'm David Knight.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
If you just heard that one minute hot topic thing that I hear on my internet streams, because I've gotten rid of most of the ads on our streams, you heard David Knight on fire in 60 seconds, devastatingly laying out what happened to Flynn.
Can we grab that and play that at the start of the next segment for the full AM and FM audience to hear?
That is, that is powerful.
In that one minute, it's on the really technical, tedious, complex stuff that Knight's the best.
And I don't mean that in a bad way, I don't mean this condescending, but for the general talk radio audience that's more informed than the general public, still, a lot of the stuff Knight covers sometimes, I'm sitting there having to like strain to understand what he's saying.
And I'm, I spend my life, you know, studying this stuff.
So, you know, I think Knight's only problem is he's too smart, uh, for, for most of us.
Uh, but, but he, I'm going to, if he's here, I just, I don't want him on because the way he just crystallized that all down for everybody, he'll be on.
Okay, good.
It's just, it makes me so angry.
The traitorous head of the justice department.
That wouldn't implement the law that Trump put in that was clearly the law.
And then the court that's rebelling, she said, oh, Flynn could be blackmailed.
These are the people that were recording Flynn going over everything he said, trying to find something.
And they said, you lied to Pence saying you didn't talk about sanctions.
And then the Washington Post admits, oh, we've got the transcript.
Well, then give it to us.
Where the Russians say we want to talk about sanctions, we talk about that with Trump at the first meeting.
And obviously, they didn't talk about it at the first meeting, which meant Flynn, the word I got, has said, that's probably not a good idea.
Well, aren't we going to have good relations?
Well, you've heard the President.
I mean, that's the job of the incoming National Security Director, to talk to world leaders.
That's what they do all day long.
But they go, oh my gosh, firestorm!
Remember during the campaign, they kept saying he was talking to the Russians, which they weren't.
But then once he was President, they'd already set the table that the President and his National Security Advisor don't get to talk to anybody.
The Justice Department says so, and of the Justice Department of Obama.
See, it's the Justice Department of Obama, back in time, is now back to the future, and Obama's moved in at an armored compound with a bunker and machine gun nest two miles away, and they're just announcing the total overthrow, and have every major news channel that I see, and Hollywood's, Sarah Silverman, everybody, saying, kill Trump, overthrow, coup d'etat.
You go to DrugsReport.com, there's a link to our article where the Russians' biggest fear, it's quoted in Foreign Affairs and other publications, is that they're going to kill Trump.
And then I saw media already saying, how ridiculous, look at the fake news.
The Russians are worried, as if anyone would kill Trump.
It's like, no one wants to get rid of your cash, Alex.
Crazy people like Alex Jones believe there's a plan to get rid of cash to then control populations.
And now it's all happening, because it was in white papers 20 years ago.
By the way, where do you think we got the warnings about all this from?
Who do you think was in the John Birch Society?
It was almost all FBI and CIA people that were freaked out on what they were told when they were brought into the above PhD level courses.
Like the professor we had on last week, a special Rockefeller secret PhD from the Rockefeller Foundation.
They admit he has it.
I've talked to many people that have gotten those.
Man, it is total.
We're going to brainwash the public.
We're going to end the family.
We're going to make humans made in labs.
We're going to be God.
They have been spewing this BS since 1856.
When Galton, Wedgwood, Huxley, and others had their meetings.
Look it up!
They wrote books!
It's so crazy, man!
We will discover the secrets of the universe, and through these secrets we will be able to destroy entire cities with weapons.
And we will find the double snakes of the code of the human.
And it isn't a double snake!
The ancients knew DNA was double.
Folks, I'm telling you, they got heavy knowledge, okay?
But they used it to hurt people.
And it's wrong.
And it needs to stop.
And we need all these secrets of the universe to empower humanity, not to empower a bunch of horrible, greedy creatures that only want it for themselves.
They want to make us like them.
That's why the public is becoming so greedy, so envious.
Because we get all this technology and all this freedom, and even though they poison it,
With their Trojan horses, still it makes us decadent, just like the devil was in heaven.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm gonna break it all down.
Powerful transmission straight ahead.
Students wear white pins to remind them of white privilege.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
That's right, Liberal Democrats are about as tolerant as Nazis.
Reminiscent of the yellow stars Nazis forced the Jews to wear, college Democrats at Liberal Arts' Elizabethtown College this month are wearing white pins in the shape of puzzle pieces to remind them of their white privilege.
Now this is the brainchild of a Lutheran pastor.
Who made a commitment to wear a white puzzle piece pin every day for a year to force herself to think about her white privilege and the impact white privilege has on people of color.
Well, as a person of color, I ask you to instead consider this.
What is the impact of continuously fomenting racial division by focusing on superficial differences?
This article is by The College Fix.
It's linked on DrudgeReport.com.
Stay tuned for more special reports.
Hey, everyone!
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs here, host of The Bright Side.
And as many of you know, I'm on a mission to help Americans get and stay healthy.
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I've got a tiger by the tail!
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas.
Well, the Democrats in the Congressional Caucus are on C-SPAN right now, having a press conference about Russians hacking the election and that they have all this proof, which they don't have, and the fact that Flynn has resigned just shows that the Russkies took America over.
So see, Mr. President, whoever advised you to just go ahead and give the neocons a sacrificial lamb and get rid of somebody that actually had really good policy ideas to not open our borders to Islam, radical Islam, you're going to notice now that that put blood in the water for the sharks.
And I know President Trump's smart, but that's a fact.
But you see, they have publications where the establishment
Is actually very, very, very, very honest about what they're doing and what they stand for.
And Paul Watson has written about this today at Infowars.com.
I got up at 3.30 in the morning and was already reading this article out of just tens of thousands that are out there.
And then hours later saw that Paul had written about it.
That's how synced we get.
Russian insiders fear Washington establishment will assassinate Trump.
It's one of the top links on Drudge.
It's our article.
Of course, media calls us fake news.
All we do is link to the Council on Foreign Relations connected foreign policy report put out by the Washington Post.
And I say that because it's like a
Copy journal.
I mean, they admit they overlap with Foreign Affairs, the bi-monthly little book that comes out on newsstands that's put up by the Council on Foreign Relations.
Talk about infiltrated.
That was set up by British intelligence publicly, OSS in 1922 in New York, to openly, through the Atlantic Society, merge the United States and England.
That's why the first big Hollywood movies, everybody talks with a British accent, even if they weren't British.
They were trying to make us Anglophiles, and suddenly the Queen was in newspapers and on the radio, and the cool thing to do was drink out of teacups that had the Queen on it.
You ever wondered how America
That's not a secret.
And made us worship the British government again.
I just love how we're infiltrated by Russians.
I mean, the Russians will fight in brute force, you know, at a war, and it'll fight hard, but nobody's more weasel-y than British intelligence.
And we're up to our eyeballs in all that right now.
Luckily, there's some better people getting in in the UK.
And so they're trying to bring in nationalism and prosperity and not total surrender to Islam.
The same thing's happening in Europe.
Sanity's coming back.
And of course, it's been in the London Independent, it's been even in the BBC that's tried to cover it up before, that major pedophile rings, quote, run the UK.
And that it's a national security crisis, that's the headline.
And then what do we have at the Vatican?
How was the Vatican brought down and taken over by the globalists completely?
The black pope, the Jesuit general, is now in control.
And now the Vatican's openly anti-Christian.
I mean, it's literally a pentagram.
It's upside down.
It's an upside-down cross.
Pope Francis is an upside-down cross.
That's what he embodies.
He's an absolute on-fire demon.
You can just look at him.
Not much less what he does.
Most satanic creature I've ever seen.
Talk about Dracula, he's it.
They overthrew what was left of the Catholic Church with their pedophile rings.
You notice now the entire Catholic war that's going on and the entire Catholic world is actually battling right now Pope Francis because he's such an abomination when he says stuff in official Catholic papers like, it disgusts me to see Europe sing as Christian and has Christian roots.
It disgusts you?
Notice that Athens just allowed the first mosque in hundreds of years.
You know why?
Greeks used to be blonde haired and blue eyed folks.
So did Romans.
Do you know why Greeks now have black hair?
And you know why they have Muslim features or Islamic features or Arabic features I should say?
You know why?
I could go further about anatomy.
Greek statues, Greek paintings, look nothing like Greeks today.
Unless you've seen somebody that somehow kept their Greek lineage that looks like Milo, a tall guy with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Because the Muslims came in and put hundreds of thousands of the sword and forcibly raped basically everybody and the only Greeks who survived hid in the mountains for hundreds of years and finally repelled them.
But now, come on in baby, some Greek islands now, there's hundreds of them, have over 300,000 Muslims on them alone.
Greece is gone again.
And they just ran the white flag up to build a big fat juicy mosque.
And then we're just told that we should just totally... And here's the deal.
If it was a bunch of brown-skinned people coming in that wanted to be Greek, I don't care what color they are.
The point is, Greeks aren't Greeks, because they got overrun by the Muslims, just like Constantinople used to be its name.
It's now called Istanbul.
And the big, beautiful Blue Mosque, the marvel of Islamic architecture, was built by Christians.
And was the Holy Roman Empire.
Until it was sacked by the Muslims when Rome finally fell completely.
Not Rome-Rome that fell to Alaric in 410, the Visigoth chieftain, but the other Rome.
But see, again, I am cursed with history, cursed with knowledge, cursed with the facts!
I can't just be like Sarah Silverman and see what everybody knows is power pole markings on the ground.
Where they explain where the cables are, what type they are, they've got little handbooks, it's universal.
Whether a line's live, whether it's not, how far apart they are, they go market, the engineers do, for people that are gonna go dig it up.
And if they mess up, it turns the power off in the neighborhood, or bust a water main, you know that stuff?
No, it's a swastika, see?
Because she knows how to see swastikas.
It's called being a basket case artificial schizophrenic.
It's crazy.
People from California that moved to Texas, they think country music itself is racist.
I've had them tell me, oh my god, you shouldn't have a big Ford pickup truck, and oh my gosh, I can't believe how many of them there are around here.
After a woman walked in front of my car in a parking lot.
I stopped and waved her by, and she turned and said, F you to me.
And I rolled over and went, I said, what's your problem?
She said, oh, look at you with your big old truck, and you're Mr. Tough Guy.
I went, ma'am, what are you talking about?
And then there was a couple guys lined up, there was a hamburger place right there, and they were walking up to the window, and they were like, yeah, it's kind of hard to deal with these people, but you get used to these Texans.
And I just looked at all these shrunken sacks of dehumanized garbage, all into how they were weak and ugly.
All races and colors just all look like they had their souls sucked out of them.
They were literally just like, look at your big truck.
What they really meant was look at your big neck.
Look at your eyes.
They had fire in them.
Look at you.
Oh, look at you.
You just swam two miles in Barton Springs.
You're all, you're all, you're alive.
And again, they want death.
They've given over to death.
They hate it.
They want to be weak.
They want to be pathetic.
They want to be fallen.
I need to read this article.
I'm going to skip this break so we have time to do it.
I really do.
Talk about it for an hour and then I can't even find it.
Here it is.
Now a lot of this article is true, but at key points they lie.
And I'll go over where they're lying.
But, again, let's get into this report that the Washington Post puts out.
Foreign Policy is the name of the publication.
They're the ones that announced three years ago the CIA is taking over domestic media and is going to lie to you.
It's now legal to spend taxpayer money doing this.
This is where the government people read this and they hear, oh, it's in the newspaper.
In fact, in D.C., at least a while ago, they used to even print a weekly version of it.
And it went inside the Washington Post.
Oh, it must be normal to lie to people and take over.
It's in the newspaper.
So it's all to normalize this with everybody and have it be completely kosher.
So let's read this article that Paul Watson wrote about this linked on DrudgeReport.com.
The Kremlin is starting to worry about Trump.
Vladimir Putin's entourage cheered the outcome of the U.S.
election until they saw exactly what they were dealing with.
And see, now that Trump is delivering on everything he said he would do, or trying, the globalists are really panicking.
In 2016, a senior Russian official explained to a group of visiting foreigners why the government had decided not to celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.
Now again, this is a global publication to its own people, not to you.
So most of it's true.
How big is it that they don't celebrate the Bolshevik Revolution something that they
Always celebrated.
Because it's a total repudiation of communism and globalism.
And the Russians realized that was a foreign invasion and a foreign system.
That's in the history books.
And they're repudiating it.
But that doesn't even get into all this.
It gets into how...
The elite admit that Trump's for real and actually want to bring back nationalism and really believes in what he's doing and how horrible it is.
But see, they'll tell you all day and have Howard Stern tell you, oh, he's fake, it's not real.
But they're scared because they know he's real.
He took zero Goldman Sachs money, as I've said a thousand times.
Hillary got 100% of it.
Speaking of Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin or Munchkin is speaking at a press conference.
I've wanted to go to this.
This may be dealing with Flynn.
They've been talking about press conferences for hours today.
Let's go and see what Trump's chief financial advisor has to say.
I'm going to meetings with the head of the Federal Reserve, and I look forward to that now that I'm in office, doing that and spending time with her.
Thank you very much, everybody.
It's a pleasure to be here.
He was just announcing what he's going to do.
That's right.
In fact, they said this yesterday.
All right.
Let's get back to the fun.
Trump is going to be getting rid of the top Federal Reserve people that are currently there.
He's ordering the new people, this has been announced, to flood the general public with money, and to local banks, and to not the mega banks, who just hoarded trillions and gave literally none of it out.
They loaned some of it to other banks, and they loaned it out at 30% interest in, you know, payday loans.
I mean, that's another big wonderful thing Trump's doing to the 80% of job creators in this country are small businesses.
Let me get back to the document.
Because you read something like this.
Okay, go back to Spicer on Flynn.
Go ahead.
General Flynn, on a daily basis for a few weeks, trying to ascertain the truth.
We got to a point, not based on a legal issue, but based on a trust issue, where the level of trust between the President and General Flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make a change.
The President was very concerned that General Flynn had misled the Vice President and others.
He was also very concerned in light of sensitive subjects dealt with by that position of national security advisors like China, North Korea, and the Middle East.
That the president must have complete and unwavering trust for the person in that position.
The evolving and eroding level of trust as a result of this situation, and a series of other questionable instances, is what led the President to ask for General Flynn's resignation.
Immediately after, the Department of Justice notified the White House Counsel of the situation.
The White House Counsel briefed the President and a small group of the senior advisors.
The White House Counsel reviewed and determined that there is not an illegal issue, but rather a trust issue.
During this process, it's important to note that the President did not have his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who he trusts immensely, approved by the Senate.
When the President heard the information that was presented by White House Counsel, he instinctively thought that General Flynn did not do anything wrong, and the White House Counsel's review corroborated that.
It is not ordinary for an incoming National Security Advisor to speak with his counterparts about the issues of concern to them.
In fact, he spoke with over 30 of his counterparts throughout the transition.
As Charles Krauthammer said last night, it is quote, perfectly reasonable for him to do so.
The issue here was that the president got to the point where General Flynn's relationship misleading the vice president and others or the possibility that he had forgotten critical details of this important conversation had created a critical mass and an unsustainable situation.
This is a big mistake.
That's why the president decided to ask for his resignation.
And he got it.
They throw him under the bus and make it about a trust issue when they admit that they know.
It's just like, hey, can we talk about sanctions later?
Yeah, the president, I'm sure he'll talk to you about that.
Did you talk about sanctions?
No, because he didn't.
As Ambassador Haley said at the time, the quote, dire situation in Eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong... Yeah, this is a sacrificial lamb and people inside the White House trying to have a coup to signal they're going to be anti-Russia and claim Russia invaded Ukraine and that George Soros' Operation Overthrow was a great thing.
He fully expects to and wants to be able to get along with Russia, unlike previous administrations, so that we can solve many problems together facing the world, such as the threat of ISIS.
This is the military industrial complex trying to bully Trump and saying, you do this or we're going to come after you.
And watch Trump, they're only going to come after you more now, buddy.
A decorated and distinguished veteran of the United States Army until that person is ultimately chosen.
Before I get into the President's schedule for today, a quick recap of the President's activity over the last few days, since we haven't had the honor of sharing so much time together.
The President's been keeping a close eye on... Alright guys, since I missed the first 30 seconds of this, we rewind it to the start of Spicer.
Everybody wants to hear that.
Again, I don't have any dogma to fight with Flynn.
I know what he did exposing Al-Qaeda and ISIS, working with the other military brass to say no to Obama being their air force.
Truly historic standing up, unsung, going on TV exposing that Obama was backing Al-Qaeda and ISIS, really helping the military understand that globalists have been allied with Saudi Arabia and some of the worst elements of Islam, and the guy's a total hero.
And he's just not a BSer.
He's a hands-on guy.
Works 18-20 hours a day.
Totally normal to talk to your foreign counterparts.
They had to all admit that.
And the Russians say, we didn't talk about sanctions.
We said, can we talk to Trump about them?
He said, well, I can't speak for the President.
They admit, I can't speak for the President, but you know he says he wants to have a clean slate.
We'll see what happens.
He said, can't speak to you about it.
All right, so there's the statement right there.
This is not going to stop.
I said this this morning, and you see it.
It's just we're going to get everybody.
Rex Tillerson's a Russian agent.
The Secretary of State, Trump's a Russian agent.
Michael Moore said we're going to get Tillerson, we're going to get Bannon, and then we're going to get Trump.
It's going to be you're fired.
And then you've got Sean Spicer and Priebus and Paul Ryan.
By the way, the Russians have made statements.
They say, look, the Democrats want war with us and the Republicans want to reign Trump in and turn him into a kept creature.
We get it.
It's what we would do.
They can be just as Machiavelli as anybody.
And it's this disease of being Machiavelli where people can't stop doing it.
And just have trade deals and be normal and move out of this wartime economy.
It doesn't mean we still won't have weapons.
It doesn't mean China isn't out of control.
It doesn't mean there's... No.
The globalists are building a world where it's all going to be drones and anti-human and cashless.
The big war is against humanity by the technocracy.
And Trump knows that.
That's why he said, we need to build a world for people.
And we need to create jobs.
We need to celebrate families.
But instead, and still great things have happened, but this is very, very troubling.
And they are just maneuvering Trump.
He's still getting a lot done, trying to cut the taxes, trying to get us out of all this other garbage, trying to bring back Glass-Steagall.
And you notice Spicer and Ryan and all of them, they run around in circles over and over again, and they say that
Well, no, we're not going to cut taxes right now, we're going to do Obamacare first, and we're not going to drain the swamp, and then Trump goes, what do you mean?
Of course we're going to drain the swamp.
And yes, we're cutting taxes, and he's going forward with it, and he's doing it.
He signed more stuff to start cutting back Obamacare than he can do executive, what, just yesterday.
He's doing all sorts of stuff.
But they're all clearly working against him.
Spicer is the least worse, because he knows Trump's watching him, so he's got to say some of the stuff Trump says.
It's bad, man.
And listen, you wanted somebody to go drain the swamp.
You wanted somebody to fight globalism.
You wanted somebody to bring God back.
You wanted somebody to invoke the birthright of Providence.
Trump gets an A-plus on what he's trying to do.
But when you're pulling from a pool of Republican establishment people that are scared of John McCain, they're scared of Lindsey Graham, those guys are monsters.
Chuckie Schumer's a monster.
They know.
And they want Clapper and Brennan and all these, especially Brennan, a Wahhabist, admittedly, openly threatening Trump saying, you better watch it.
Two days before Trump gets in.
That's because he's got the deep state, the globalists all behind him.
Now they're looking over their shoulder because they know the police and military at the grassroots are awake, but maybe 65% of the public somewhat awake, but we've got to get the rest of the public awake right now.
Okay, I've got a night coming up, but I've got to read this article, and I've got to read it quick.
It's long, but it's so informative, as they admit so much of the truth, because this is an elite publication to themselves.
And then I'm going to have David chime in on this whole situation.
You got the archetype of the big dam there in California that the liberals wouldn't let them fix.
They want to tear down the dams.
Saying there's no water, of course, and they've got all these big reservoirs that don't even have endangered fish in them.
They'll take fish that aren't even indigenous and call them endangered.
I know, it's crazy.
Like Klamath, and not let you have water to run everybody out of the lands.
They can buy it up, and then... It's so emblematic of the collapsing country.
And people ask, you know, why aren't you covering this more?
Well, I know it's really interesting and I know it's emblematic.
And I know it's the Liberals and Democrats that, you know, basically blocked it getting repaired or fixed.
And it also shows how they've got all these reservoirs full of water, but they won't let it flow.
People say, oh, well, they've had a lot of rain now, but it's been dry.
No, folks, they've got six or seven big reservoirs from Northern California all the way down that are just full.
And they go, sorry, the such and such fish is endangered.
And people go, that's not even from here.
And they go, doesn't matter.
We say it's good for the ecosystem.
You can't have the water.
And then, you know, it's just overflowing and flooding everything.
You can't have it.
Oh, I guess it's overflowing.
I guess you can have some now.
And then nobody even knows how to evacuate.
Shows that there's a big earthquake, which they're overdue for.
It's gonna be a time bomb.
Oh, whatever, man, I tell ya.
The people even deserve freedom.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
David Knight's going to be joining me a little bit in the next hour here in about 10 minutes, but I want to read this incredibly important article by Foreign Policy, which is the Washington Post version of Foreign Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations.
Because they got so into the act of everything's KKK, and Trump's retarded, and Trump's mentally ill, and Trump's, you know, a narcissist, that normally they write pretty accurate reports because it's what the establishment reads.
Oh yeah, the CIA is going to run everything and take over free press because, you know, we know best.
I mean, it's just crazy stuff.
So their own people in a Washington Post insert, you know, once a month can read the magazine and also read it online and kind of get their marching orders.
It's like a tragedy and hope.
The Quigley wrote back in the 60s, so the top folks in the State Department can understand.
We fund fascism, but communism and socialism, as long as it's authoritarian, we fund it.
It's what we want.
We've taken over both parties.
We have the illusion of change.
We want to carry out social engineering.
That's the real system, and all over the world people are trying to pull out of it.
Well, the branding is, you're a nation, you're people, you want your own sovereignty, you want to run your own show and not be under exploitive third wave corporate colonialism.
That's globalism.
But reversing using third world populations and balkanization for the exploitation and control and driving down of wages and looting of the first world.
And having no escape to the third world.
What do you do?
Outside threat.
You're an outside globalist force.
You admit you are.
People wake up to that.
You go, oh my gosh, the Russians!
Everywhere that countries are trying to pull out.
It's not that Italy doesn't want to be under EU dictatorship, literally, and have all their power taken away.
No, it's the Russians.
UK never got to vote to enter the Euro.
It's not that they want to be free or sovereign and not have giant taxes, it's the Russians!
Again, where'd your homework go?
The Russians ate it.
Sorry officer, didn't know I was speeding.
The Russians broke my speedometer.
Yeah, some even said the Russians must have hacked the Super Bowl.
I thought it was a joke when I heard that, but they were actually saying that.
That's Trump's team!
The Russians paid off the... But see, they asked Flynn
They said, you talk about sanctions with Russia.
He said, no, we talked about lineup and, you know, discussion with the president.
That's what I'm told to do.
And they said, and later it was all being recorded.
The Russians are, when do we talk about sanctions?
Well, I'm sure he'll talk about that with you.
That's not talking about sanctions.
And the president said, well, I thought you never talked about it.
Flynn said, I don't remember.
I didn't talk about substantive.
Why are we running scared of them saying this and them recording us?
You're the president!
You can go make treaties with Russia!
You can do whatever you want!
They got a tiger by the tail, sir!
Don't listen to Jared and don't listen to all the other guys.
Don't listen to Spicer.
Don't listen to Previs.
And Trump?
Got rid of him.
And I'm not disagreeing with Trump because there was some other paperwork issues that I knew about separately that people thought he wouldn't even get in there because of.
So I'm not saying it's an overall bad decision, but I guess if Trump's going to fire somebody, he'll do it decisively and say there's a trust issue.
But I think that's just a stupid way and puts more blood in the water to say it had become too confusing.
Clearly he didn't do anything illegal, which he didn't.
They all admit it's totally normal.
But it's just that he didn't say, I talked about it with him.
Like if somebody asked me, you know, out in the parking lot, hey, you want to buy my car?
And I said, yeah, maybe down the road.
Let's talk about it next week.
People said, hey, did you discuss buying a car?
And I was like, no, not really.
He asked if I wanted one, but I didn't discuss the details of it.
I mean, it's literally parsing hairs.
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
But I get it.
The answer is, yeah, they asked me about sex.
I said, refer it to you.
That means squeeze everything out until the president everything.
Let me hit some of this article.
I'll go over more of it with David.
This is the Kremlin is starting to worry about Trump.
And the article really doesn't say much about that.
It's more of just a communication to the world that Trump's for real and he's super dangerous because he's real.
Now listen to this.
The last thing the Russian government expected was that 2017 would bring it face-to-face with not a revolution of the past, because they say they're cancelling the Bolshevik Revolution celebration for the 100th year anniversary.
Putin doesn't like it, he says it's bad.
They twist that and say because Putin's afraid of revolutions.
No, Putin was a secret acolyte of Alexander Sholts and that's all admitted now, and doesn't like communism and what the West did to Russia, and he wants
Russia to become a superpower and be strong and free markets win.
They have people getting married, having kids, Christian, anti-globalists.
They're banning the tranny bathrooms, okay?
They're the opposite of Hollywood.
And Hollywood knows it.
Christianity's coming back there.
It's real.
And all the Cold War brainwashers don't want people to believe the proof of what's happening.
And Soros has been trying to overthrow it desperately.
So the last thing Russian government expects in 2017 would bring it face-to-face, not with a revolution of the past, but with a revolution of the present.
The radical regime change taking place in the United States as a result of the electoral victory of Donald Trump.
It is Trump's electoral revolution that has captured the imagination and fanned the fears of Russian elites.
That's not true.
They're breaking completely with communism and this whole free market model and embracing it.
Now, now it gets into the truth though.
They go on to say Trump isn't narcissistic and mentally ill, he's actually a hardcore revolutionary that believes in Americanism.
Listen to this.
The search for a key to Trump's mind-boggling and miscellaneous gusher of policy directives
Has tended to focus on his disturbingly erratic, vindictive, simplistic, narcissistic, insecure, and occasionally delusional personality.
Then they go on to say that's not the case.
Due exception being made for those conspiracy theorists who treat him as a kind of Manchurian candidate or sock puppet of the Kremlin.
See, this is the CIA writes this.
They're saying he's not a Russian agent.
He's worse.
Get ready.
What most observers have been late to recognize is the extent to which, behind his mask as a showman, Trump views himself as a revolutionary insurgent with a mission to dismantle America's old regime.
And that's the secret.
Then they go on and say, Russia, they're going to dismantle you.
He means it.
He means it.
Come on.
Come on.
You don't really want to do this, do you?
He's going to take over.
It's like selling snow cones in hell to promote freedom over the globalists.
Everybody wants one.
Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump's like a big old glass of ice water after you run a marathon.
With that water dripping down the edges and the sides.
I mean, that's what he's doing.
There's some problems because his own government's in revolt doing whatever it wants now.
But what he's pushing, what he's doing is amazing.
And it goes on to quote Bannon and others about how we're going to break the will of the collectivism of people poor and dumb, we're going to empower humanity, we're going to build bridges for people that want to work with us, and we're going to build the super rail, and we're going to build rail, you know, perhaps across the ocean.
I mean, it's all just these big ideas, what makes humans great.
We built the Panama Canal 100 years ago, folks, or more.
We don't do anything like that now.
Big ideas is what we operate on.
And so they go on in this long article.
And they admit that America is going to be vastly more powerful now, that it's going to take over the organs of globalism, but do it in soft power and use it to empower people, and that this will unset the entire international order, and that Russia will never be able to dominate this, and that it will defeat the globalists and Russia.
So the globalists are saying, don't do it, Russia!
America will be too powerful!
Everybody's supposed to sink.
And then Russia's been infiltrated by globalists, and they go on to threaten him, and they go, we know you have globalists in your cabinet, we know you have billions of globalist money, we know you've been double-playing the globalist Putin, and there's globalists in your very office that we know are against Trump, and Trump is going to destroy them.
And they go, listen, he's real dangerous, he's real, please don't do it, just please.
And then they go on to say, yeah, and the Russian people sense that, and they're, and they just, you gotta deal with them too, because, you know, you better watch out, they're gonna overthrow you, Putin.
Yeah, they sense Trump's real, this revolution's powerful, and it's worldwide, and you better roll over, Putin, because, let me tell you, this Trump's bad.
I mean, they go on right there to say, Trump's the real deal, folks.
And they, and they tell Russia, you're evil like us, aren't you?
Help us stop Trump.
This is the big come-to-Jesus moment.
Is Russia good or is Russia really evil?
What's really happening?
Trump's real!
Alright, David Knight, you laid it out really good in a one-minute boil-down that I'm going to air here in a moment, from earlier in the broadcast, the one-minute hot topics, but, I mean, you just nailed it.
The blackmail is the globalists with this made-up Russia crap, and just all of this, and I think the sacrificial lamb is a miscalculation,
Except for I know about other paperwork issues that Trump reportedly just said, oh, that's nothing.
It really is nothing.
He's the president.
I mean, the president can do whatever deals he wants.
That's what he does is international stuff, and Congress approves it.
This idea that the president and his people can't talk to the Russians is just asinine.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, Alex, the thing that they're so concerned about was something, a phone call that happened seven weeks after the election, three weeks before the inauguration.
It was on the day that the Obama administration decided that they were going to do some last-minute interference with the Trump administration by imposing sanctions, by throwing out Russian diplomats or spies or whatever they were.
But nevertheless, I can imagine that when Flynn was talking to them, just as you said earlier,
That this wasn't a key part of what they were talking about.
I can imagine maybe he called him up to talk about Syria and the Russian ambassador said, you see all this stuff that happened today, the sanctions and the other stuff?
Yeah, don't worry about it.
That's admitted.
He said you got to talk to the president.
Yeah, exactly.
And so what he said in his letter was, he said, I inadvertently left out some details.
He did not mislead.
He did not lie to them.
And as you also pointed out- That's like if we have a two hour conversation at dinner like we've had before.
And we say, what did you talk about at dinner?
Oh, mainly the work and the news.
They're like, you didn't tell me you talked about, you know, how you once had a, you know, a VW van, or just, you just... That happens to me and my wife all the time.
It's like, I'm thinking the central part of the conversation is this or that, and then later on I said, oh, you know, we mentioned something about, you know, a car or something like that.
You didn't tell me you talked about the car, and it's like, well, it wasn't important.
It wasn't anything.
It was just a side thing.
But I'm sure that's what happened.
But Alex, I think this is a self-inflicted wound.
And you know, when you're swimming with sharks, you can't cut yourself in the water.
And now the sharks are turning around.
We've got the Democrats who are saying this is just the beginning.
That's the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.
He said, this is just the beginning.
This is bigger than Flynn.
But even more importantly, Alex, we've got a GOP senator who's on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Roy Blunt, and he's saying there needs to be an exhaustive investigation of the ties between Russia and Trump.
And he's saying, we need to find out.
We need to grill him.
We need to get Flynn in here.
We need to know.
What did he know?
That's right.
This is the Republican Party coming in to bully and take over the libertarian Americana movement.
And because Roy Blunt is somebody who I'm sure he has deep ties with the CIA.
He sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee.
During the election, he tried to distance himself from Trump for political reasons.
He said, I'm not really sure.
I don't know if he eventually wound up going to the RNC.
He said he wasn't going to go because he didn't want to tie himself closely to Trump.
With Flynn, we've got somebody, as you pointed out, who was frank in his assessment.
He exposed the CIA's surrogates, whether they want to call them Al-Qaeda or ISIS.
They're being run by the CIA.
It's the same thing.
And so it was a masterful move, we thought, when Trump put this guy in charge of intelligence here, and now he had to be removed by the intelligence center.
And I want to be clear.
I'm not trying to, again, lionize the CIA, but the good people in the CIA had a huge part in all the info coming out about how we were backing al Qaeda and ISIS and stopping that and whistleblowing, but it's the globalists at the top that are trying to sabotage and that we're surveilling President-elect Trump like he's some type of Russian agent.
The President can talk to the Russians all he wants.
He's the President.
That's why we elected him.
He's our leader.
And think about what happened, Alex.
When the intelligence people recorded this conversation, they provided a transcript to David Ignatius at the Washington Post.
They also gave the information to Sally Yates, who is an Obama holdover, as Attorney General.
So now you have illegal spying going on against U.S.
citizens and giving it to the media.
And that's why Trump says the real story here are the illegal leaks.
They've been doing this repeatedly to embarrass Trump, to try to entrap him in something.
Well, let's go further to this fired narrative of the Justice Department, because that's a good point you make.
I mean, it's the Justice Department that's been blackmailing.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
It was Sally Yates who did this.
Sally Yates gets this information from the people in the intelligence, or I would call them the Stasi state, because that's the way these people are acting now.
This is a surveillance state that is using its intelligence capability, its eavesdropping capability, as a political weapon against Donald Trump.
Remember that even before the election, we had John Brennan, who was the sitting head of the CIA.
Campaigning against Donald Trump?
I've never seen anything like that in my entire life.
For the CIA to be that openly political.
We know they go around, they manipulate things, they do stuff in secret, they assassinate people.
But now they're doing this kind of stuff in open.
Sure, and it gets worse than that.
Then we have all these foreign leaders weighing in and giving money to Hillary, and Hillary meeting secretly with Putin, and all the money going back and forth.
So everything they say about Trump, they've done.
But this is a point McAdoo made last night, and I looked into this.
This is true.
Because I know how Twitter works, and Watson's going to do a report on this.
Trump, they first said get rid of his Twitter feed a few months ago.
They talked about taking it away from the President.
That's how arrogant they are.
Now, they just block any positive tweets from the top hundred.
You've got to see more, even though almost all of it's positive.
So when you go look at his tweets, all you see is people attacking.
Here, let's put it up.
So, Trump comes out and says,
The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?
Will the leaks be happening as I deal with North Korea?
Oh, you bet they will.
But then, if you open it up, it's like, good morning, real Donald Trump.
Let's recap.
You lose court cases.
Yeah, totally going to be overturned.
You lose appeal.
That's going to be overturned if they're 80% reversed.
Your Supreme Court pick insults you.
Flynn just resigns.
And you know, that's a good point.
There are a lot of backstabbers, not a lot of people with Trump's courage.
And again, it's not that I want to lionize Trump.
He is like a lion with all these wolves attacking him and really is trying to do good and everything's aligned against him.
And then I hear all this shniveling that we're backing a Goldman Sachs person when the people he put in from Goldman Sachs are battling Goldman Sachs and they're destroying Goldman Sachs' global government and the TPP that Goldman Sachs basically created with Hillary.
And, again, he got zero money from them and they banned their employees giving money to Trump, which is, by the way, illegal.
So, I mean, but then all the pseudo-fake conservatives and pseudo-fake liberals get to be high and mighty, David, and say, oh, we're supporting the big elite president as he desperately tries to cut their taxes and regulations and kill the carbon tax.
So, the big question is, David, does the average American out there even deserve Donald Trump?
Probably not, Alex.
And you know, when I saw that David Petraeus is one of the people they're touting as being one of the three to replace Michael Flynn, it's like, are you serious?
Are you seriously considering the guy who, next to Hillary Clinton, the person that he supported... He's also anti-gun, supported Hillary Clinton.
Yeah, absolutely.
So, you look at that, you look at Sally Yates, who is saying, hey, he could be blackmailed, and she's the one who's doing the blackmailing.
It's absolutely amazing.
And then, of course, yesterday I talked about the fact that they were bandying about the Logan Act, which you pointed out many times at Bilderberg, and we talked about how you pointed it out again in 2012.
These people are coming in in violation of the Logan Act, and yet they go to a private meeting to try to use the Logan Act against Michael Flynn.
Is government officials meeting in a private corporate meeting to discuss their private business in a government capacity selling favors?
It's not the incoming National Security Advisor making the routine hundreds of phone calls to world leaders and chief ambassadors you're supposed to make and they admit that!
And they're meeting at Davos talking about how they can undermine the Trump administration.
That's precisely what we're talking about with the Logan Act.
But they get away with it.
Let's expand on that.
We should all point out.
Communist China openly admits they're manipulating our media and against Trump.
And Democrats are openly working with them, with Republicans.
But that's okay for the Chinese president to say, don't worry, I'll defeat Trump and the conservatives.
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We've had John Brennan, wild director of the CIA, actively campaigning against Trump.
We've seen the surveillance state leaking to embarrass Trump.
And now they've maneuvered to get Flynn out in a move worthy of Stalin.
The surveillance state gave transcripts of Flynn's phone calls to the Washington Post to put him under a microscope to see if they could find something.
Bring me the man.
I'll find the crime.
Flynn said he inadvertently left out details when he briefed Pence.
He didn't say he lied.
He didn't say he misled.
Were the sanctions and expulsions mentioned in passing?
Not really the topic of conversation?
We don't know.
But the Washington Post knows.
Sally Yates, the Obama holdover who was just fired for gross insubordination, said Flynn could be blackmailed.
Yeah, it was Yates who was blackmailing.
And if you think they're really concerned about security, one of the three names being put forward to take Flynn's place is David Petraeus, the man who is second in the betrayal of national security only to the presidential candidate that he supported, Hillary Clinton.
And immediately, Democrats call for more of Trump's cabinet appointments to be investigated.
You can't appease Stalinists.
All right.
Dave is going to pop back in for five minutes the next hour.
We've got a few minutes left here.
I want to make a point.
They're now saying Trump violated national security when he's the president, when he met with the Japanese president at their dinner and showed photos of the North Korean launch that's been on the news.
They don't understand the CIA and all these other agencies classify newspaper articles and say that no one in the CIA is allowed to read them if they don't want stuff heard.
There's more BS there than anything.
It's like, oh look, there's photos of Trump with the Prime Minister looking at satellite photos and looking at stuff.
Holy moly.
Oh my gosh, it's treason to have two world leaders meet.
This is great how they're working at dinner and talking about North Korea.
This is a president that's actually engaged.
And Trump's on the phone getting stuff done.
I mean, it's just amazing.
But still, we like Hillary Clinton and Jerry Epstein and the whole pedophile crew.
And I've got so much other news to get to.
It's just incredible.
There's a lot of good news taking place as well.
But look at this.
George Soros insider banks ending cash to establish world government.
This has been publicly announced in the newspapers.
They're just, I'm going to cover this, mainstream newspapers, just, oh yeah, we're setting up world government, yeah, we're not going to have any cash.
But the crazy conspiracy theorists say we're going to do that, but we aren't.
Farage blusters EU Parliament forecast 2017 populist surge.
Let me tell you two big points here, I'll talk about this when I come back with David.
Two things need to happen.
Trump needs to organize a true American party within the Republican Party to go after all the Republican blue bloods that have tried to block his agenda.
And he's got to come out and do what I've told him over the phone, I've begged him to do.
I said, you've got to go after him for working with the Communist Chinese and getting money from them, and Hillary from the Saudi Arabians, and how the Chinese government's openly saying they're going to block you, sir.
That's opium espionage, and they're going to claim you're a Russian, and they're never going to stop.
He's got to do it, man.
He's got to take them out with the crimes they've committed, or they're going to frame him and us and shut this whole thing down.
Because God forbid we get taxes cut on poor people.
And God forbid we build some super rail, and God forbid we get some jobs back in Detroit.
And God forbid we don't pay carbon taxes and nobody else has to pay them.
Listen, I plug so little, I'm so focused, that Buckley came in this morning and last night the accountant said, we're losing money right now.
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We're fighting as hard as we can.
I'm pouring it all out here, folks.
Outlawing microchipping humans?
Not so far-fetched, Nevada Senator says.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
Linked on Drudge Report, a bill was presented to the Nevada State Senate to prohibit forced microchipping of people because it's happening at an alarming rate worldwide.
This bill would make it a felony to require someone to be implanted with a radio frequency identifier, such as microchips placed in pets.
A company in Australia, as of June 2016, sold more than 10,000 implantable chips with DIY kits, including a tag and injection tool, for $100.
The Wall Street Journal has estimated worldwide sales have reached 30,000 to 50,000 chips.
That's right, this mark of the beast tech is used by companies in Belgium and Sweden to identify employees, unlock doors, use copy machines,
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Hour number three.
I used to be such a sweet, sweet friend, till they got a hold of me.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You know, this could be our theme song.
Yeah, I still open doors for little old ladies.
I still try to help the blind to see.
I got no friends.
They can't be seen with me.
You know, I am in the same guild, the same brotherhood as Trump.
It's not that I'm admiring, it's that I'm in the same zeitgeist.
I know Trump really wants to restore the republic.
He really did not to get you, that's all.
And he really knows what the globalists are, a bunch of pedophile devil worshippers and he wants to fight them.
And he gets demonized, he gets lied about.
I mean, there's, look, I knew about this weeks ago, it's now in the news.
Keith Schiller, who's been Trump's bodyguard for almost 30 years, veteran, New York police officer before that, done a great job.
Trump's keeping him for good reasons.
Hell, they've caught Secret Service agents, you know, planning all sorts of stuff and saying they hope Trump dies, basically.
Not that all the Secret Service is bad.
They're coming after him.
He knows that.
And I know more about his security than just that.
He trusts military people.
So Trump's got multiple layers and people watching watchers.
He's got the Department of Defense watching the Secret Service.
The Secret Service isn't bad.
It's just super infiltrated.
Just like the Russians are saying we're afraid they're going to kill Trump.
Hell, they're on every channel there is saying kill Trump.
So in closing, looking at that, I mean, this is so real, David.
The news is so over-the-top, insanely sensational that I...
I've never in my life had anxiety attacks, but I really thought about what I'm having where I have trouble breathing now.
A lot of times when I'm looking at this, I'm like, I'm waking up at 3 30 in the morning.
I'm just like, this is a fricking nightmare, man.
We have these horrible pedophiles running everything.
They're openly moving against Trump.
They're saying he's a fricking Russian spy and he can't talk to the Japanese president about North Korea.
I mean, it's just so obvious that the bad guys are out to get Trump.
What do you say?
Absolutely, Alex.
That's the most amazing thing, that they would try to make something out of this meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister.
And Alex, this underscores the fact that if he doesn't go on offense, he can't just play defense.
They're going to keep coming after him no matter how absurd the charges.
Here's an example of some more of the double standard.
When The Hill talks about Trump saying the real story here are the illegal leaks.
Are you going to try to undermine me when I'm dealing with North Korea?
Well, of course they are.
They're going to do anything that they can.
But then, at the bottom of the story, what the Hill says is, well, during the campaign, he signals his affection for leaks that were hurting Hillary Clinton.
That's a very different thing, because in those leaks, and certainly Wikileaks and Julian Assange did not like Hillary Clinton, just like the NSA and the surveillance state doesn't like Donald Trump, because he's exposing, along with Michael Flynn, what had happened in Syria and other places.
But when we saw those leaks about Hillary Clinton, we saw them
We're good.
And so what they say, well, you know, he talked to them about, uh, you know, he talked to the Russians about the sanctions or whatever.
We don't know what that was.
It wasn't substantial.
I'm sure it wasn't substantial, but we're never going to see that transcript.
Washington Post will see it.
The Democrat, uh, acting attorney general... Look, it comes down to this.
Who do we trust?
Donald Trump and the generals and patriots and Bannon with a history for this country or a bunch of globalist scum that openly have the Ninth Circuit ruling that kids in California can't wear American flag shirts.
I mean...
It's the enemy!
I mean, it's ridiculous!
It's like saying I'm a Russian agent.
That's ridiculous!
When we look at Sally Yates and the Department of Justice, it just reminds us of all these hangovers from the Obama administration.
Same thing is true in the CIA.
Same thing is true in the EPA.
And we have to... The thing that really concerns me, Alex, is going back to the election.
When I saw John Brennan openly involving himself in a domestic election, that was beyond belief.
It signaled the arrogance that the Khabib state... It used to be the CIA wasn't outrageous if they did it in foreign countries.
I want you to finish that and we'll go to our next guest.
Come back and finish the bookend on that.
But yes, it signaled though, not just that they overthrow foreign countries, they're trying this here, that they're arrogantly were lining up to do it.
They wouldn't have 20 newspapers, Hollywood stars, comedians, TV stars saying kill Trump, organize kill Trump every day and nothing happens if they weren't planning something big.
I mean folks, these people want to mount America's head on the wall.
They're scared of our power.
We've had John Brennan, wild director of the CIA, actively campaigning against Trump.
We've seen the surveillance state leaking to embarrass Trump.
And now they've maneuvered to get Flynn out in a move worthy of Stalin.
The surveillance state gave transcripts of Flynn's phone calls to the Washington Post to put him under a microscope to see if they could find something.
Bring me the man.
I'll find the crime.
Flynn said he inadvertently left out details when he briefed Pence.
He didn't say he lied.
He didn't say he misled.
Were the sanctions and expulsions mentioned in passing?
Not really the topic of conversation?
We don't know, but the Washington Post knows.
Sally Yates, the Obama holdover who was just fired for gross insubordination, said Flynn could be blackmailed.
Yeah, it was Yates who was blackmailing.
And if you think they're really concerned about security, one of the three names being put forward to take Flynn's place is David Petraeus, the man who is second in the betrayal of national security, only to the presidential candidate that he supported, Hillary Clinton.
And immediately, Democrats call for more of Trump's cabinet appointments to be investigated.
You can't appease Stalinists.
For InfoWars.com, I'm David Knight.
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Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
They lost.
We won.
Wanna see what Trump's up against?
Because of what we did on this day, change has come to America.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces, bent on global governance.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom and apple pie, God was in school, morality had a future, and beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
We're the solution!
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Who are they?
They are the Dark Armies.
The dark, murdering armies whose only honor is atrocity.
The answer to 1984-17 is 1770s.
I tried.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You're watching.
Here's the deal.
Everybody knows, and all those globalist yellow bellies know, and all the Renfields know, and all the little Draculas know, and all their control freaks are fully aware of the fact that nationalism from the UK
To Italy, to Brazil, to the United States.
It's happening everywhere.
And people know about globalism and how it's a plan for world government and global banking and global carbon taxes.
I mean, hell, they're on the news now saying, we're getting rid of cash, we have a global corporate government.
And Obama's built a bunker two miles from the White House.
And they're hiring 30,000 people to go out and have riots.
And every newspaper I look at says, kill Trump, murder Trump.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
It's from comedians every day to movie stars to Hollywood.
Oh, and I didn't get to this.
Who's that big pop star and attractive lady that I was making fun of yesterday?
Uh, the, uh, human being.
I don't want to say a black lady.
It's just a human being.
What was her name?
I didn't know her name.
The media made fun of it.
I was talking... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
She was at the, uh... No, no, no, not her.
She was the lady that I was talking about that ought to sell her on a slave block in, uh, Somalia and see how much she likes that during the Grammys.
Yeah, J-Lo.
Folks, I literally hardly know who that is.
And I didn't literally say she ought to be sold on a slave block in Somalia.
I said, if she's up there whining and the whole thing is about let the Islamists into the country and do all this for the most hardcore countries like Somalia, she literally would be enslaved and gang-raped in minutes on the ground in Somalia.
I mean, women are sold on slave blocks.
Women are absolute chattel there.
And so I'm just sick of hearing how the West is evil and bad when this lady's got hundreds of millions of dollars.
I didn't look that part up.
And she's just an idiot.
I mean, it's outrageous that they're bitching about the West, and then they had rappers up there, because they kind of mixed different people I was talking about, and just put it on her, to make me look like some mean guy bullying women, when it's the Islamists that are doing that.
But that's my example of how this just goes on and on and on.
See, I don't plan a lot of stuff around the show.
I just read that stuff this morning and meant to print articles about it and talk about it, and it just popped in my head, and I'm like, who is that lady?
And the newspapers make jokes like that, like, he doesn't know who J-Lo is.
I really don't.
I do know about the 16 intelligence agencies.
I do know about...
Weaponized syphilis put into ticks that's killed millions in the U.S.
Whole lives disease spreading everywhere.
I do know about leprosy spreading all over and the media covering it up.
I do know about fish infusion.
I do know about all sorts of Elon Musk off-world plans.
And I also know about the human-animal hybrid projects they're now admitting.
And I've talked to engineers that were involved in it.
I told you about it 20 years ago.
And I do know that there's a real civilization around us and it's scary.
And then there's all this pop stuff of J-Lo and Jay-Z and all these other narcissistic dumbasses hopping around.
And then the Huffington Post, everybody's like, did Trump leak classified info?
And then it's him and the Japanese Prime Minister looking at the news of videos and satellite stuff of the missile that almost hit Japan that North Korea launched.
And then they just sit there and say, look, are they discussing classified stuff separately?
I mean, this is insane asylum level.
Holy moly!
That's what the Huffington Post says.
Here, let me read it for folks, for radio listeners.
It was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at the dinner.
When the news came that North Korea had launched a missile in the direction of Japan, the Prime Minister Abe of Japan huddles with his staff and the President is on the phone with Washington, D.C.
The two world leaders then conference, and then it went into another room to face the arranged press conference.
But you go on to the article, it talks about, is this illegal?
The center of action.
So now the president can't even watch the news.
Photos appear to show Donald Trump reviewing sensitive intelligence at the Mar-a-Lago patio.
Trump works seven days a week, 18 hours a day.
It's well known.
He's working all the time.
If one thing, he's got more stamina than anybody I've ever seen.
I mean, the 20-year-old.
This guy's 70.
He is uber mentioned, okay, when it comes to that.
And they're pissed that he's not on four months of golf vacation, like Obama, who just would say, I got briefed the next day.
You see the Japanese leader and him are just, run off to confer, and they're like, is that sensitive?
Is that, because you know, the president, he doesn't even get to read the newspaper.
He can't talk to anybody.
He's got to go to the Republican Party, and Lindsey Graham is high and mighty, and if we don't do it, Lindsey Graham says it's all over.
David Knight and Michael Snyder are with us for the rest of the hour.
I want you to get some final comments.
This is just an incredible time to be alive, but the good news for me is nationalism awakening to the globalists, to their criminal system is exploding everywhere, and there's no way they can put the genie back in the bottle, but listeners need to know.
I wouldn't expand in the face of all this if I didn't think we couldn't beat it.
And quite frankly, I don't like to manage people.
I don't want to.
We have responsibility.
I know for a fact that Breitbart's contracting, other major Patriot sites are contracting, because a lot of people think the war is over even though it just begun.
We're exploding because our listeners get it.
But I don't want to continue to explode up against the enemy.
I want to beat them.
They're dangerous.
I'm not afraid to die, man, but I don't want to.
You understand?
I got up at 3.30 in the morning because I could just see energy.
I could feel it.
Everybody feels it.
It's in the air.
I want to rest.
I don't want this fight to keep going.
But you know what?
My flesh just doesn't have what it takes.
My spirit is, you're going to work 24 hours a day and what are you doing?
Not fighting harder!
Because I realize how evil they are.
It's not like some football game where I want to beat the globalists just because they're the enemy.
They're bad people!
Their stock and trade is kidnapping kids, and they know it.
And I noticed Hillary, it's coming out from Adon Salazar in a few minutes, tweeted about Pizzagate saying General Flynn went down because of Pizzagate.
He never tweeted Pizzagate, his son did.
When the head of Blackwater came out and said, my federal law enforcement associates say this is all about child trafficking around the world.
Hillary Clinton slices Michael Flynn with hot Pizzagate.
Yeah, look at her, boy.
She's got the look.
Somebody ain't home.
Somebody else is there.
She's got that Joker look.
She's got the Jezebel spirit, and she made the big joke.
You gonna get your job at Domino's, bro?
Gonna get your job at Domino's?
Little bit of a celebration.
Dear Mike Flynn and Mike Flynn Jr., she retweeted, what does around comments, goes around comments, and give your pizza obsession jobs Domino's?
There you go.
No, we don't have the pizza obsession, Felipe Rene's or whatever your name is.
No, actually, we don't like that kind of pizza.
We like the kind that gets to grow up and have a life, have dignity.
We don't get our pizza out of backyards.
All right, David Knight, final comments.
We're going to our next guest.
I appreciate your fine work.
Alex, one of the things that concerns me is I think Trump is acting too presidential.
During the elections, he was not averse to intimidating his opponents.
That's how he won the election.
Now, I think they are starting to intimidate him.
They're using everything they can to try to embarrass him, and they've got a hit list.
They've got Flynn, they've got Bannon, they've got Miller, they've got Sessions.
These are the people that are core to understanding what's going on with globalism, and they want to take them out.
They're just taking out Flynn, they're trying to take out Bannon by embarrassing Trump putting Bannon up on the cover of Time Magazine saying he's the real brains behind the operation.
They do the same thing to me!
They say Alex Jones runs Trump because they can't stand he's reading the news site at night.
That's right, and with Miller, somebody who's been a very astute advisor to both Sessions and now to Trump, of course, he helped to bring Sessions along on the immigration issues on TPP as well.
We've now got John Dean from Watergate saying he's going down.
They've got a list here of the people who understand the problem, who are pushing back against it.
At the same time, we see people in France saying, for the first time after watching Brexit, after watching Trump win an election, for the first time I believe that my vote can really do something here in France.
We're hearing the same stuff from the voters in France, and of course they're using, because they're the globalists... And Soros has admittedly hired Google...
Soros has hired Google to block all the nationalist groups again, and the State Department's with Soros, even though Trump supposedly runs it.
Soros still runs the State Department and is trying to stop the nationalist movement, but it gets better!
Trying to stop the Islamists is because they're Russian agents.
Man, didn't you know that you didn't have your kids, you didn't have your life, you didn't build your engineering company, you didn't build your other retail companies, you didn't do all the things you did exposing people having toxic stuff tested on them, David?
You were animated by Russia!
Did you realize your mother, when she laid down on her back to give birth to you boy, that was a Russian!
And that's what they're saying in France now.
They're saying the Russians are going to hack our elections and so forth.
They're losing everywhere.
Alex, in Greece, the people are now saying we'd rather use the US dollar rather than the euro.
And so they're losing this battle, but they're not giving up.
And he's got to go on offense, not on defense.
He's got to intimidate these people.
He's got to identify who these traitors are and the surveillance
They're openly trying to subvert our elections like John Brennan and his cronies.
He's got to get those people out of the surveillance state.
This is a solemnist state that is in Washington, and they're working with the Democrats and the mainstream media.
Yeah, we don't just use that as words.
These are people that study evil.
They love evil.
They think you're crazy if you're not Machiavellian.
They'd rob somebody for a dollar instead of make a thousand with them.
They're just all about dominating and screwing everyone over.
They're just an infestering group of devil worshippers.
And I say that because that's what they are, folks.
They're devil worshippers.
It's all about them.
There's a variety.
Some are actual classic ones.
Others are pedophiles.
But they're just all about them, them, them.
Win, win, win.
Hurt everybody else.
David Knight, thank you so much.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
Paul Watson's host for the next hour.
Let's go now.
I appreciate Michael Snyder joining us.
We're going to skip this break so he has more time.
The Economic Collapse blog, he wrote about it.
Then it got picked up in The Hill, The New York Post.
Almost with the same headline.
A secret army in a secret bunker.
But it's admitted.
It's not secret now.
We have Obama continuing on with the globalist deep state trying to sabotage Trump.
Democrats at press conferences saying Trump's a Russian agent.
I think Trump now must, as he did in the second debate, go on the offense or they are going to come after him and then probably just kill him just like they did JFK.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
People need to realize the Trump movement is in a life-or-death struggle against the globalists.
And the globalists, you see, there's this vast, complex array, this vast web of laws for what government officials can do and can't do.
Now, in the past, they've been very selectively enforced, like when Obama broke laws, you know, they didn't really care.
But now that Trump and his team are in, they're going to use these laws as weapons to go after, you know, Flynn is just the first, that's just the beginning, and they're immediately going to go on to the next targets.
And they're going to try to take out whoever they can, whether it's Trump's family, members of the administration.
It's war, and they've declared war on the Trump administration.
And Barack Obama is very, very involved in all this.
Most ex-presidents, when they leave the White House, traditionally they've gone back to wherever they originally came from, and they build a library, and they do oil painting, whatever they do.
But Barack Obama, instead, he's decided he is going to stay in Washington, D.C.
In fact, he's established a new residence, some are calling it a compound, about two miles from the White House.
And from there, he's actually directing what is being called an army, an army of volunteers, through an organization known as Organizing for Action.
It was the organization that originally started as his original presidential campaign, then his re-election campaign.
We need a civilian force just as strong, just as big as our military.
He's creating a brown shirt, literal Nazi brown shirt, outside of government, paramilitary group of guns.
And since 2013, they've raised $40 million, and now that the administration is over, Obama's bringing in a lot of his old cronies, the people he worked with, people who were part of the administration or part of his campaigns in the past, and they're building a team, and they're at the forefront of a lot of these protests.
Oh, he is.
So you've seen some of these protests, whether at the airports to protest the immigration, which
Some of them basically turned into riots.
That was organizing for action involved in a lot of those.
Or at a lot of these town halls where people are going crazy because of Obamacare.
It's organizing for action.
They're trying to... And now we know because of WikiLeaks, all of it, what Trump was saying was true.
It's like, send women in, get them to beat people up, get them attacked.
And it's just this crazy, power-tripping, Nazi collaborator fruitball that still admittedly is at the center of all of it.
I mean, good God.
Yeah, a lot of people have been talking about George Soros funding and organizing these protesters, but organizing for action is really key.
They're really central to all this.
In fact, if you go to the official website of Organizing for Action, right on the main page in the background is a huge picture of Barack Obama.
This is Barack Obama's organization.
Like I said, more than 30,000 members across the United States.
And they claim to have 250 national chapters around the country, and Barack Obama's going to be guiding and directing this organization from his compound less than two miles from the White House, where he's building a giant brick wall around the compound to keep people out, which is kind of ironic.
And he's saying, join us!
Join us, we fight!
I want to get more into this, but this is all just part of a larger operation.
The State Department is openly working against Trump, saying he's a Russian agent with no evidence.
They're openly saying they're going to work with Soros and Google to stop Le Pen.
I mean, this is so seditious.
I don't shoot my mouth off about arresting people and stuff, but this is all foreign globalist outside corporate takeover.
I think the President has to just go ahead and formulate a plan to
To go ahead and call for mass indictments and start arresting people.
I think it needs to go ahead and happen.
I'm serious.
I'm not going to wait until they kill him.
I'm not going to wait.
They're organizing overthrow.
They're saying kill him all over the news.
I say, legally, with the FBI, with our agencies, do the research, identify the people calling for sedition and murder, and start arresting them.
And there's tens of thousands doing it, and I say arrest every frickin' one of them right now.
They want to take the gloves off, because here's the deal, chicken necks.
We already kicked your ass in the election.
And if you want a civil war, we're going to run over you as well.
But I don't want to go there!
I have a family!
And the idiots that are going along with this are the biggest bunch of dumbasses I've ever seen.
Now as for John McCain and Lindsey Graham and all these other perverts, they got so much dirt on them that that's why they do what they do.
But I gotta tell you, we gotta start moving and acting right now.
I happen to know for over a week, and now it's in the news, and I'm sick of sitting here and waiting until it's in the news with all my sources, but I got to do it.
They're trying to get rid
With his head of security he's had for decades, Keith Schiller, I'm going to learn more today when I get off air about it.
And he's been told shut up while they run him out and get rid of all the private security he brought in, a bunch of top military people.
I mean, it's just insane.
And they know there's moves to kill the president every day.
There were hundreds that got foiled with Obama, but they shut those down because you don't promote those.
I mean, I'm just going to be quiet at this point.
Look, they're already trying to kill Trump, the issue.
And they're making a move, and the cowards in the White House, like Priebus and Spicer, they are crapping their pants.
Well, you shouldn't have signed up for men's work then, boys!
You yellow bellies, get the hell out of there!
There's men that are ready to stand with the President and restore this Republic.
And I'm not up here shooting my mouth off.
I don't usually talk like this, but I've got to tell you, Schneider, I'm starting to get really pissed off.
Yeah, people need to understand, this is a life or death struggle.
We've got a cold war going on inside the US government right now.
Nothing like we've ever seen, because what we've got, we've got Donald Trump in there, and he's basically a beachhead.
You know, we haven't won the battle, he's just a beachhead, but we've got this entire government bureaucracy, which for decades has been filled up with people that are loyal to Barack Obama, or Bush, but basically...
They're all mental patients with chips on their shoulder, trained to hate America.
This is the fifth column of trash.
Yeah, and so Donald Trump needs to do a house cleaning basically of the entire U.S.
government, which is, I mean, when all the bureaucracies, that's going to take a long time to accomplish.
And again, he tried to leave some in so they can run things, but they're just sabotaging.
They're in open, and I know he wants to look strong, so he can't say, for the first time since the Civil War, agencies are in open revolt, but they are!
They're announcing it!
They're openly press conferences saying, remove him right now!
They could try to kill him within days, I can feel it.
It's these globalist sympathizers that are still inside the government that are the source of the leaks.
They're openly trying to sabotage Trump from the inside.
And so they've all got to go.
But what happens every time Trump gets rid of some people, the mainstream media cries and whines and says, Oh, you're in all of them.
Yeah, these list of people signing letters against Trump, that's a list of who to fire out there.
Oh, it absolutely is.
So Donald Trump basically needs to clean out certainly the top levels of every single government agency, you know, and then he's got to replace that.
And so that's going to impede really the functioning of the government potentially, but it's really what needs to happen.
We've got to have a total and complete house cleaning because as long as those people are there, they're going to be actively committing war and waging war against the Trump administration and trying to sabotage and trying to do whatever they can.
To hurt Trump?
And then the fake right wing's all working against him, and the fake left wing, and like, oh, he's Goldman Sachs, when Goldman Sachs is openly against him, and he's destroying their whole agenda, and then he's doing all these good things to bring jobs back.
It's just unprecedented.
Oh, it really is.
But unfortunately, I'm seeing a lot of complacency on the right among Trump supporters because they think we won the election.
And so they think, oh, everything's been accomplished.
But really, nothing's been accomplished.
The promise of Trump, the promise of the future, depends on what happens with the battles moving forward.
Meanwhile, on the left, the complacency on the left is gone.
They were complacent before the election because they thought, oh, Hillary Clinton's going to win.
It's going to be an easy victory.
No problem.
That's why when you got elected, Roger Stone said, why aren't you celebrating?
Trump's not a threat.
And I just said,
If they'd have put Hillary in, their system would have been totally destroyed within four to eight years, but she might have started a nuclear war.
So the right thing to do is to put Trump in, but now the real war is just about to begin.
And man, this is the big one.
And again, I wish the enemy wasn't so evil.
It wouldn't be so bad.
I wouldn't fight them so hard.
I like, my whole soul is like, these people are the devil.
You've got to do what you had to do to beat them.
It's just, it's just, it's so intense.
How could anybody be bored, Michael Schneider?
I don't know how anybody could ever be bored in this day and time.
We live at one of the most critical, momentous, historic periods in all of U.S.
I mean, it's like the time of the Revolutionary War.
Literally, the future of our country is at stake.
Literally, the future of what America is going to be for our children and our grandchildren is depending on what we do right now, the actions we take, the decisions we make as a nation, as a country.
Let me stop you there.
I totally agree.
This is global.
Globalists admit their whole program is in fire.
They're desperate.
Humanity's awakening.
They need to set up Trump as the image of the nationalist and destroy him to try to demoralize us.
Well, we're not stupid.
If they destroy Trump, he will be an absolute martyr.
Yeah, and you know what, Alex?
The New York Times, the Washington Post, they're now using the term globalist.
They're not even trying to hide it anymore, and they say, oh, the globalists, they're in disarray.
They don't know what to do because Trump got in.
They're upset.
Yeah, they've gone from denying it existed, just as you like, globalists are in panic trying to stop Trump.
They hope the communist Chinese can come into the U.S.
and block it politically.
They're openly allied with the Communist Chinese against us, and then, oh Flynn, talk to the Russians!
Something you're supposed to do as the National Security Advisor!
Oh my God!
Oh my God, lookie!
Trump talked to the Japanese Prime Minister and showed him a picture of the missile!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Right now with all the refugees,
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I'm gonna find me a reckless woman.
Patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's a great song by the late great highwayman.
Two of them are gone.
Let's listen to the second part of the song and teach him.
Then one day we'll saddle up and ride.
One day we'll saddle up and ride.
And we're gonna ride, my friends.
We're gonna ride.
And we're gonna ride.
Johnny Cash.
We're gonna ride.
Ride like the one-eyed jack of diamonds with the devil close behind.
We're gonna ride.
The best part of the song right here.
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Thunder lightning in her thighs.
I'm gonna find me a reckless woman.
Waylon Jennings right there.
Listen to the soul in those voices.
Razor blades and dice in her mind.
Just a touch of sadness.
It's an epic time to be alive.
You know, I was here listening to one of the reporters' earlier reports that aired during the break.
And Ashley Beckford, she was getting into how they're just, corporations all over the world are making people take microchips to work there.
In Mexico, in areas of Europe.
And now the news is like ABC, CBS, NBC is like, oh yeah, you're just going to get a microchip now.
And they're having to pass laws in Nevada.
They're introducing laws that you can't be made to have a microchip to work.
I mean, we've gone from, oh, that's crazy Alex Jones 20 years ago.
And believe me, 25 years ago, I'd hear Christian, you know, groups going, there'll be a one world government in the mark of the beast and blah, blah, blah.
And there'll be 10 mega regions.
And I was like, this is just, you know, I'm a Christian, but this is just too much.
I remember my dad teaching Sunday school to adults with that stuff when I was like, you know, eight years old.
These people are crazy.
I'm like, come on, dad.
Do I have to sit here two hours of church, then an hour of Sunday school, then hours, you know, you taking the young adult group, you know, to lunch or whatever and praying with them.
Then it all just happened.
And it was because there were people in intelligence agencies backed in that were briefed on the plan.
And they were like, this sounds really horrible.
It's just, it's just insane.
It's totally insane.
Well, Michael Snyder is on fire today.
And I really appreciate him joining us and putting up with all my babble, but I gotta tell you, TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com, it makes me sleep good at night knowing he's out there because he really condenses a lot of info.
He also has really good analysis.
It's not fear-mongering, but spot on.
I think I need to read that.
He's also an author.
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Alright, Mr. Schneider.
I want to read your book.
I didn't get you on to plug your book, but I want to read it before I have you on about it.
But I didn't even know you were an author on top of it, so let's talk some about that in a minute.
But first, kind of take over because I'm all wound up here today.
What would you call the climate we're in?
Because, I mean, it's so surreal to be immersed in the facts and know what's really going on versus what we're told and to see Democrats saying, it's much worse.
There's Russians all in the White House.
Trump's going down.
We're bringing him down.
It's on firestorm!
His national security advisor talked to the Russian ambassador and they mentioned sanctions.
He said, yeah, the president will talk to you about that.
Then they admit that's totally normal, but it doesn't matter.
And then Trump's removed him.
And I mean, this seems like cutting yourself and jumping in like shark infested waters.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, what we're seeing is kind of the blossoming of a political movement.
And for whatever reason, history or providence has chosen Donald Trump to be at the head of this anti-globalist movement.
And this battle is going to take a period of time to play out.
And if this movement, if Donald Trump loses, if this movement loses, we're going to lose everything ultimately, because the globalists, we're going to have FEMA camps, we're going to have, you know, socialism, we're going to have everything.
And by the way, I hate to interrupt you.
They announced the camps.
They've announced they want to shut down the press.
They've announced they want to arrest me.
I mean, it's real.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, that's why the success of Trump is so critical, because if he loses, if his movement is defeated, if this movement is defeated, and the globalists win, well, they're just going to go all the way, and we're going to lose everything.
But if we win, we could get our nation back.
We could get our country back.
We could get the United States back.
We could get America back.
So this is literally life or death.
Future or no future.
Oh, and I don't even know if Donald Trump fully comprehends the full scope of this.
You know, he just says, oh, we're a nation, we need to have borders.
But when he talks about borders or building a wall or immigration bans, what he's saying is, we want to have a nation.
We want to have borders that mean something.
And that's totally opposed to the globalists who want a world without borders.
That's why they're so upset, because it goes directly against their agenda.
Or when Donald Trump says, I'm opposed to free trade, I'm opposed to
Not necessarily free trade, but these interlocking and interweaving globalist trade agreements that are trying to basically merge the whole global economy into a one-world economy.
When Donald Trump says, I'm opposed to those agreements, he's directly opposing their agenda to bring the global economy into one.
Or when Donald Trump says, hey, I'm concerned about radical Islam and the terrorism, well,
You're not supposed to say anything bad about Islam, because Islam is supposed to be, according to the globalists, part of their one world religion agenda.
So the globalists want a one world... And that's key, that's key.
People have to understand, the Pope is saying nothing disgusts me more, that's a quote, than hearing about Christian roots of Europe.
That's a quote three months ago.
They're in the news today saying one world currency
Total control, open borders.
It's crazy.
Let's go back to before the break.
The break interrupts you and so did I. You mentioned Politico.
Everybody's suddenly like, global government's in trouble.
It was so wonderful and liberal and Trump's bad.
So they've gone from denying it to now saying it's anti-racist, world government's loving.
Unelected nightmare.
So what do you make of their defeat?
Having to admit now, globalism's real, it's unelected, it's in crisis, but it's liberal, so we should all support it.
Go ahead.
Yeah, at one time, if you used the term globalists, well, people would immediately peg you as a quote-unquote conspiracy theorist.
And so you've been using that term for many, many years.
It's a term that I use.
But the mainstream media would never use that term before.
But now they're openly using the term globalists.
The New York Times is using the word globalists in their headlines and saying, oh, the globalists feel defeated.
They feel like their agenda has been derailed.
And so they're just coming right out in the open.
And saying this, and they're trying to position themselves as the good guys as opposed to Trump.
Oh, Trump and his people, they're against globalism.
They're the bad guys.
They need to be defeated.
So now, instead of a conflict that was kind of underneath and hidden, now it's just way out in the open.
Now the mainstream media is just getting all on board.
Oh, globalism is good.
We need globalism.
And so it's come to the surface.
It's right out in front.
And people need to realize that this is moving forward.
And Snyder, describe what globalism is.
Totally corporate world government, above the law, tax-exempt, ruling-ish, with weird creepies like Bill Clinton running it.
Oh yeah, and in this article in the New York Times, they even said Bill Clinton's one of the biggest globalists of all, which is very true, but I was shocked to see it in the New York Times.
But they're not even trying to hide it anymore.
And so they're going to use political ends and the law and the courts to try to fight Trump.
They're also potentially going to use the economy.
And so people need to be watching the economy because they... That's my next issue.
You're so on target.
We've seen Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, all the big banks saying, dump your stocks, the Trump recovery's over.
The public should be so angry at that.
They're openly trying to plunge the economy to sabotage Trump.
I've never seen them so naked, like we're idiots, admitting they want to sabotage it to hurt him.
Talk about that.
Yeah, at some point they're going to pull a trigger.
You know, the elite, one thing they have is lots and lots of money, lots of financial resources.
And so they have the kind of resources that can do an incredible amount of damage to the financial system and to the economy.
And so, you know, the people out there who are assuming, hey, we're going to go through the next four years and just because Trump is president, we're not going to have any economic problems.
I think that they're being maybe naive because ultimately
You know, how American voters vote is primarily due to their pocketbooks, how the economy is doing.
And so the global elite, if they want to hurt Trump's re-election chances for 2020, they will want to crush the economy, make things look terrible, and so that a globalist candidate can win next time.
And so, in my opinion, I've been writing about this and the signs that we are already potentially moving into a recession, but potentially
What Trump and Trump supporters should want, if a recession is coming, what we should want is for it to start as soon as possible.
I know that sounds a little strange, but follow me.
Start as soon as possible so it can end as soon as possible.
If you remember back during the Reagan years, you know, when Reagan came in.
A horrible recession started very early in his presidency, but then there was a recovery.
And then they had those commercials during Reagan's re-election campaign, it's morning in America again, and he rode that momentum to an easy victory.
So if the coming recession starts quickly and then there's a recovery, Trump could potentially ride that momentum to, you know, and help him in the 2020 campaign.
But right now we're already seeing the economy start to slow down.
What do we do as citizens and listeners and activists, my idea is, I'll tell you, I don't want to eat your ears.
Sure, sure.
I want to tell the intelligence agencies, everything's surveilled, we already know that.
The time is to stop worrying about your own butt and do the right thing.
I mean, I can say I clearly, just as a citizen, have put myself on the line here because turning yourself over to Soros and these vampires is just, it's not even a choice.
We must resist this.
The criminal activities, you know, the information, the pedophilia, the corruption, the Chinese funding the Democrats.
Hell, they're in the newspapers.
Uh, you know, saying they're going to stop Trump.
We've got to get the word out on that.
You've got to leak information on criminal activity.
The war just begun.
Trump's leading our force on the beachhead.
We have a winning force.
We will win.
We've got to get it all on the beach and we've got to have the initiative and we've got to fight.
And we've got to realize we're not up against dumb liberal media.
We're up against evil people.
You see their congressmen and senators who seem like mentally ill or retarded, that's because they're puppets.
But there are smart psychopaths behind them we're dealing with and we have to literally turn the heat up, pray to God, take action, call C-SPAN, call Congress, go to events, have our own Tea Party event, go out and confront the liberals, trying to storm all these other events and bully people into submission, expose John McCain, expose Lindsey Graham, expose Mitch McConnell, expose the Speaker of the House,
Who is an absolute globalist under Soros control.
Federal Election Commission shows it.
Paul Ryan.
We have to get Trump absolutely to understand he doesn't even know.
He doesn't know how Twitter works.
Hell, I hardly do.
But they're only letting negative tweets up at the top for him to see it.
They're gaming everything to isolate the president.
And we've got to just absolutely barrage through so that he knows that we understand what's happening.
Because his instincts are all dead on still.
He doesn't go to mainstream media.
He goes to new media events.
But what Spicer does, he goes to the globalists.
So we just have to get through to the President and have to let him know that we understand what's happening and get through to everybody else.
And again, good people in the military, police, corporate folks, everybody.
This is the time to decide what side you're on.
Holy smokes here.
You've got to join with the Republic and sovereignty.
This is so clear.
This is so critical.
Michael Snyder.
Yeah, Alex.
People need to understand we're in a war, but it's not a war with guns.
It's not a war with fists.
It's an information war.
And let me just give people an example.
Let's say there was no Alex Jones.
Let's say there was no InfoWars.com.
Would Donald Trump be president today?
I think that's an open question because, you know, the support that you gave and the millions upon millions of people that you all reach every week
You know, and the support for Trump that you showed... Well, I mean, the President's told me he believes it was a critical factor in the whole deal.
The point is, is that everybody has to be the info war.
Don't think Alex is there.
They could get me, folks.
Let's just... And I don't fear for myself.
I fear for failure and these monsters getting control of our children.
Go ahead.
Oh yeah, and so we all need to do what we can.
You know, personally, I'm just one person living in the middle of the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, up in the Northwest.
And from my little home... And ten years ago you hardly reached anybody, now you reach 20, 30, 40 million people a week.
You're on drudge, you're all over everywhere all the time.
You're doing a great job.
Yeah, and that was just one person taking action, not giving up, trying to do what he could.
But it takes all of us, because there's a limit to what any one of us can do.
But we can all be involved, and you know, people would have never heard... And we can override their algorithms.
They try to cheat us, they try to block us.
We use their platforms and spread there, but we make our own platforms.
The key is hit them on every platform.
Go ahead.
And that's why they've made such a big deal of fake news, because they know we're a threat.
They know that the power that we have now, they know that Donald Trump never could have won the election without the alternative media.
And so they said, OK, we've got to target fake news.
We've got to go after these people and try to hit them hard.
But that's why we need to redouble our efforts, get bigger and big and get stronger, not so we can become famous or so we can do whatever, but because we so we can make more of a difference, more.
So the pedophile network that runs everything can't keep grabbing our kids out of the backyard?
Yeah, that's why.
They all go right to hell.
Hillary making Pizzagate story jokes.
She was a specialist at representing pedophiles that were known rapists of children.
Now we know who she is.
She's a frickin' Renfield man.
God Almighty.
I wish I didn't have the whole thing figured out.
We're going to come right back with Michael Snyder.
Stay with us.
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We've got it.
Man, I should have talked more about this Oroville Dam in Northern California.
Alright, you wanna go?
I mean, you look at how scary it looks coming down that mountainside.
It is just incredible when they pull back.
We can show the footage from earlier that I saw during the break.
Again, a lot of this is radio listeners.
If you listen to us on the station, you're like, well, they're talking about seeing stuff.
We're just showing you Fox News analyzing it.
Back it up.
Back it up about a minute or so, because it showed it from far off.
And now it's eroding the mountainside.
And yeah, and I mean, talk about scary looking.
And again, they wouldn't fix the dam.
They wouldn't upkeep it for 30 years.
They want dams destroyed, folks.
And then they say, of course, California doesn't have any water.
People go, well, they were in a drought.
Those reservoirs were full.
They wouldn't let you use it for environmental reasons.
They just want to bankrupt everything because they're long-term folks.
They didn't get your property.
But I do think it's an archetypal or allegory, parable, parallel, example of the human awakening to what's happening and seven and a half billion souls realizing what the globalists are doing.
Just like Zuckerberg thought he could steal a bunch of land in Hawaii from people, everybody stood up to him.
You know, he's this big fake liberal.
It's like standing in front of rushing dam water.
If people call me alarmist, I've always used the allegory of the dam.
If I live up on the mountainside, and I've got a radio down to the town 10 miles away, and I see the dam break, this happened before, and I radio down and say, get out of there, get out of there, water's gonna be there in about 10 minutes, it's 50 feet high, it's gonna kill you.
I'm not a fear monger, I'm warning people, I'm doing something proactive.
And let me tell you, it's flooding so bad, it looks like that dam may break, not just the spillway, it's now eroding.
All around the mountainsides and I can, look, here's the deal.
I can get massive ratings.
We did live Facebook mentions covering the helicopter and drone feeds of this that are being shown by NOAA and other groups.
But there's so much real stuff going on that's even bigger, that even though this dam's dangerous and horrible and a great example of our infrastructure crumbling, it's not that important.
You know, covering that they're 12 years overdue for a megaquake in Southern California, that'll be thousands of times worse than this conservatively, 10,000 times worse.
That's really the big enchilada.
And again, it shows no one cares anymore.
In the establishment.
They don't care if reactors are leaking.
There's just this crazy narcissism where they're so obsessed with themselves they don't care.
And so downstream dams are flooding.
More storms are coming.
That dam looks like it's going to break to me.
I saw some footage of the mountain around it coming down.
Doesn't look good to me.
Doesn't look good to me, I tell ya.
And folks don't even know how to evacuate properly.
Let's go back to Michael Snyder.
Michael, what do you think about this dam?
Closing comments.
I think it's quite alarming because literally for years our infrastructure has been crumbling all around us and Donald Trump is right with his instincts to want to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure because literally, I mean we had all these great projects which were built in the 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s when America was a lot greater than it was today.
Yeah, the last time was Eisenhower building stuff.
Yeah, a lot of those great infrastructure projects are now crumbling.
They haven't been replaced.
They haven't been upkept.
And so, you know, Governor Jerry Brown of California had a list of $100 billion of projects that needed to be done in California, and Oroville Dam wasn't even on his list.
You know, that's how bad things have done.
I mean, if you go into many of our airports today, you know, some of them look like third-world countries.
And Trump says that, and they go, oh, he's anti-America.
No, he knows infrastructure spending actually is what gives people jobs and creates a country!
It's like renovating a house, it ups the value!
It absolutely does.
And it's one of the legitimate functions of a federal government or state government is to build infrastructure to do roads and airports and dams and these kind of things.
But, you know, it's been neglected for so long and it's been in a crisis for years.
There's been report after report about the crisis.
Now, the thing that Trump's facing, it's great to want to spend all that money on infrastructure,
But unfortunately, where is the money going to come from?
Because under Obama, of course, the national debt went from $10.6 trillion to $20 trillion.
I mean, our debt's just exploding.
And it's going up more than a trillion dollars a year.
It's insane.
You know, you're really an expert on that.
We should have you back soon.
Thank you so much.
I'm going to introduce Watson in T-minus 70 seconds as we go into the fourth hour.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
They're trying to censor us.
Spread the link.
I mean, we're the new counterculture and we're actually fighting for something.
The military-industrial complex is trying to sabotage Donald Trump.
Last night, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn officially resigned.
This following reports that he had misled officials about his contacts with Russia.
Meanwhile, the establishment media says this validates their conspiracy theory that Russia hacked the U.S.
They're also claiming that General Flynn's conversation with the Russian ambassador is a violation of the Logan Act.
But wait a minute.
Where was the mainstream media during the Bilderberg conferences?
You know, the secret group of global elitists ignored by the mainstream media as they privately meet each year to plan and coordinate global policy.
The establishment wants to purge the Trump administration and replace them with compromised Washington insiders and globalists.
In other words, they are trying to refill the swamp.
You can learn more right now at InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
We're only 25 days in to the new Nationalist Trump era.
They've had multiple press conferences.
Every channel says Firestorm.
Trump's a Russian agent.
Le Pen's a Russian agent.
Farage is a Russian agent.
If you don't want big mega banks raping you and your family, if you want to have lower taxes, if you want sovereignty, if you don't want 5 million jihadis shipped into your country, 80% of military age men raping your women in the street, then you're a Russian agent.
Well, if that's true, then put the Russians in charge.
But of course it's not.
The Russians have enjoyed 85 years of globalist gang raping.
And now they've broken away.
So the only truth is, Russia was the trailblazer out of the New World Order.
Are they perfect?
Hell no.
Are we?
The point is, all over the world, from Brazil to Spain, the people went out from under foreign banks, ripping them off.
Paul Watson.
Let's not toot your horn, but I think our audience of folks should recognize that you probably, undoubtedly, my braggage is true, more than Milo, more than anybody else, more than even myself now.
I reach more people every week with your videos.
I did the math.
The New York Times is doing a story on it, and I'm going to send them the numbers today.
You, my friend, have got about 25 million views a week, every week on average, not to mention your articles on drugs and everywhere else.
So I salute your dedication in 16 years working with me, and the circle is now complete.
So when I first met you, I was the master.
Now you are the master.
Tell us what's coming up.
Well, we're going to talk about this General Flynn thing, of course, Alex, because...
You mentioned the mainstream media now with the New York Times interviewing you.
They're trying to do profile pieces on me.
They're trying to co-opt us.
And it's because, as it ties into this General Flynn thing, which I don't know if you've mentioned this, but days after Trump won, days after CNN did a big hit piece about how General Flynn's son was a massive fan of you, listened to your radio show, put hashtag Infowars in all his tweets, retweeted me, they wrote
Yeah, and that's because his son, you know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
General Flynn is a patriot.
He's anti-New World Order.
This is part of the deep state, the military-industrial complex trying to sabotage Trump.
Look, Flynn testified in closed congress to Walter Jones and everybody about our government was running Al Qaeda.
That's why they hate him.
And the guy's a total patriot with balls the size of Nebraska.
And they've just destroyed him because they can't have a real man around.
Go ahead, sorry.
Yeah, he was enemy number one.
He had a conversation with a Russian ambassador, said, yeah, don't overreact to the Obama administration sanctions based on Russian hacking of the election, which we know was complete BS.
No evidence has ever been presented to substantiate that.
All he said was don't overreact.
We'll talk about sanctions later on.
Didn't even talk about sanctions with them.
The whole issue why Trump accepted his resignation was because he didn't tell Pence about it.
Now there's speculation that Pence is a little bit more of a neocon, which we know is true.
Now Pence has now thrown his weight around.
Yeah, he wanted to have more of an antagonistic stance towards Russia, whereas Mike Flynn didn't.
He wanted to have good relations with Russia.
And isn't it ironic, Alex, that the mainstream media is all suddenly concerned about the Logan Act?
I mean, they said absolutely nothing whatsoever about it for decades as US politician after US politician violated the Logan Act by attending every Bilderberg meeting.
But now it's suddenly this
Grave breach of the Logan Act.
They've suddenly discovered it on Wikipedia and now they're all concerned about it.
Absolutely ridiculous.
But I think, you know, the only two errors from the Trump administration were the implementation of the travel ban, which was bodged.
That was Reince Priebus's fault.
And pressuring General Flynn to resign because now all these leftists have come out and said they're sniffing blood in the water.
Now they're going to go for Bannon, Miller and the rest of them.
So that's what I'm going to get into.
They always put up photos showing Flynn alone thinking by himself or showing up early to briefings like, like, oh, look, he's a standalone alpha male.
It's bad.
It's like the archetype of Donald Trump.
It's what they hate.
They hate somebody that isn't a potbellied pedophile.
Paul Watson taking over straight ahead.
Students wear white pins to remind them of white privilege.
Ashley Beckford here for InfoWars.com.
That's right, Liberal Democrats are about as tolerant as Nazis.
Reminiscent of the yellow stars Nazis forced the Jews to wear, college Democrats at Liberal Arts' Elizabethtown College this month are wearing white pins in the shape of puzzle pieces to remind them of their white privilege.
Now this is the brainchild of a Lutheran pastor who made a commitment to wear a white puzzle piece pin every day for a year to force herself to think about her white privilege and the impact white privilege has on people of color.
Well as a person of
I don't think so.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
On the forehead of the Alex Jones Show with me, Paul Joseph Watson.
We're going to get into what's happening in Europe, which of course is a subject I talk about every week because it's never ending with the cultural enrichment that we continue to enjoy off the back of the refugee crisis, as they call it.
And the sanctuary cities that have been created throughout Europe in which we witness this cultural enrichment on a regular basis.
I'm talking about Malmo in Sweden.
I'm talking about Paris in France.
We're going to tell you what the sanctuary cities in Europe have been experiencing later on in the show.
But I want to set the table for this General Flynn discussion.
By going to this clip from Charles Krauthammer.
Now this was referenced by Sean Spicer in the official White House press conference which ended just over an hour ago and suddenly Charles Krauthammer, who is a columnist and a Fox News contributor,
started trending on Twitter and it was a devastating new scandal that Sean Spicer had quoted Charles Krauthammer's defense of Trump in this Flynn situation because Trump had previously criticized Charles Krauthammer and for about half an hour that was the new huge scandal.
Of course Krauthammer's defense of Trump is more credible given that the two don't really like each other so again another complete non-controversy but he set the table by pointing out that
Basically, this is a supposed cover-up, as the media is spinning it, of a crime that never took place.
Let's go to this clip.
Let's get more on this first what some are calling a major personnel crisis for the Trump administration and what it could mean for this president going forward.
Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer joins me now from Washington.
Charles, your thoughts as this is developing late this afternoon?
What strikes me is how bizarre the whole story is.
This is a cover-up without a crime.
The idea that one should be all aghast because the incoming National Security Advisor spoke with the Russian ambassador and spoke about sanctions seems to me to be perfectly reasonable.
The idea that it was illegal is preposterous.
When I hear Nancy Pelosi get all upset about this, and how in the grip of the Russians this shows us to be, this is an absurdity.
But then you ask yourself, well then why did he lie about it, even internally in talking to the Vice President?
And that shows a tremendous lapse of judgment, and a sort of a lack of trustworthiness.
So the President is faced with a very
Difficult problem.
If he fires him, then it puts in question the President's own judgment.
Choosing him in the first place, having to fire him within three weeks.
On the other hand, this is a guy who has been advising him, stuck with him.
Has appeared to have done the right thing in talking with the Russian ambassador and done a crazy thing in lying about it to Pence.
And he's got to decide how it's going to look.
Either way, he's going to be hurt.
But if he is going to get rid of him, he better have somebody of stature waiting in the wings.
OK, so that was Charles Krauthammer on Fox News last night, of course, a few hours before it was made official that Trump had accepted General Flynn's resignation.
And again, he's making the point this was a crime without a cover-up.
During the transitional period, the National Security Advisor, General Flynn,
Spoke to a Russian ambassador and basically told him, please don't overreact to the Obama administration sanctions that were applied as a result of the baseless conspiracy theory, which was never proven, that Russia hacked the election.
They didn't even talk about any details of sanctions, any measures that would take place under a Trump administration.
And yeah, it's the reason that he didn't tell Mike Pence immediately that this conversation took place as to why he got in the hot water and what led to his resignation.
Again, as Trump has pointed out, the biggest story here, the far biggest story from an objective perspective,
Is the question of who's leaking all this information.
We have the NSA spying on the Trump administration, leaking these phone calls to try and sabotage Trump.
It's Obama's acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, the one who was fired by Trump.
She was responsible for leaking this and it's all under the guise of, oh, we were just giving the White House a heads up.
It was organized from the very beginning by the same deep state military industrial complex headed up by CIA head John Brennan, headed up by James Clapper.
They're the ones behind this.
They're the ones who leaked this to the media.
They're trying to sabotage, undermine the Trump administration.
Because again, his election completely devastated them.
On one level, it's just sheer butthurt.
Again, these people, even months later, cannot fathom that their neocon, warmongering hag, Hillary Clinton, lost and basically made them all irrelevant.
They're desperately seeking to regain relevancy.
They're desperately seeking to infiltrate the Trump administration.
Now they've succeeded in this coup d'etat and they've got rid of General Flynn.
And it's being celebrated by the left.
That's the other irony that's emerged out of all this.
Elements of the CIA, the NSA, the military-industrial complex, not all of them because of course it's very politicised, but elements of the CIA, the NSA, the military-industrial complex,
are openly sabotaging Trump and the left is cheering them on while claiming they're the resistance.
We see this hashtag all over Twitter.
The resistance, join the resistance to Trump.
This is incredible.
We're fighting the establishment.
No, you are the establishment.
You're literally in bed with the deep state, with the military industrial complex, with the Hillary neocon alliance.
Whose foreign policy created ISIS, whose foreign policy created the migrant crisis, whose foreign policy led to all those devastating terror attacks, led to ISIS literally feeding children into meat grinders and feeding them to their own parents, okay?
That's what you're a part of.
That's the side you're on.
That's not the resistance.
That's the deep state.
That's the establishment.
That's the military-industrial complex.
But they're all out celebrating this because they think now that they've got Flynn to resign, now that they've forced it, and again, you go back to the golden rule.
Never apologize.
Never back down.
This is mistake number two of the Trump administration so far.
Again, mistake number one was the rollout of the travel ban despite it being completely constitutional according to the US Code.
The mistake was in the rollout because it then gave them the momentum to temporarily overturn it because it wasn't implemented properly.
That was Ryan Prevost's fault.
The second mistake is kowtowing to this phony outrage based on this complete non-scandal and pressuring Mike Flynn to resign.
And the left is all out cheering this.
Again, they're part of the resistance while being literally in bed with the military-industrial complex, but here we go.
Mike Cernovich points out in an article on DangerAndPlay.com what General Flynn's resignation means for America.
Tonight, the fake news media launched a tactical nuke on America.
The line has been broken.
And the media now knows Trump is far more sensitive to bad press than he seemed to be during the campaign.
He goes on to say few understand the significance of tonight's events as they don't understand the war being fought.
The war isn't Republicans versus Democrats as they are two puppets of the same master.
The war had always been against the media.
Consider the source of the media's power.
It's you.
Again, if you don't kowtow to this phony outrage culture that they created, they have no power whatsoever.
He goes on to say Trump's election showed that a candidate could win even with bad press.
Through the power of social media, you could bypass the media negating its power.
And he goes on to show some of the tweets which are in this article from leftists, from George Soros bloggers,
Celebrating this resignation, Oliver Willis tweeted, Michael Flynn resignation shows Trump bleeds like everyone else and now there's blood in the water.
Rise up!
Hashtag resist!
As they literally side with the Deep State establishment.
Again, that's the George Soros blogger.
See how they're responding to this.
David Fromm, top neocon, tweeted,
Tonight's resignation reminds both why patriots should cherish a free and independent press and why Donald Trump so fears and hates it.
So they're all loving this.
Listen to what Michael Moore said regarding Flynn's resignation.
He's only first to go.
One by one they will drop until the so-called president, the so-called president again.
It's about planting that seed of illegitimacy until the so-called president is told, you're fired.
Up next, Miller and Bannon.
That's Michael Moore.
So again, they don't see this as an isolated resignation, as an isolated scandal.
This is part of the momentum that they're trying to build to delegitimize, undermine and sabotage the Trump administration.
And they're doing it in concert.
With the military-industrial complex, with the politicised elements of the CIA and the NSA.
And on this score, they won.
They won this battle.
They forced Flynn to resign.
And we'll see what happens going forward.
There's a big article up on Infowars.com called, The Real Reason General Flynn Was Forced to Resign.
And again, you can look at the history of this as it relates to the supposed scandal.
In 1984, again if Democrats meet with Russian officials it's perfectly fine, it's not a scandal, in 1984 Senator Ted Kennedy approached the Soviet government about aid in defeating Ronald Reagan's re-election.
He offered them diplomatic and arms control concessions if they would help install Walter Mondale in the White House.
Again, the media didn't react in frothing hysteria when that happened.
The media didn't give a damn about the Logan Act for the past God knows how many decades when US politician after US politician, all globalists of course,
Violated the Logan Act by scheming, conspiring to set the consensus for policy when they attended Bilderberg meetings, a direct violation of the Logan Act.
But General Flynn has a brief cursory phone call with a Russian ambassador as the incoming National Security Advisor.
And it's just absolute outrage.
Again, didn't he even talk about sanctions?
Said, please don't overreact to what the Obama administration has done.
Complete, fake, contrived scandal yet again.
We'll be back to discuss it more on the Alex Jones Show live in 4Wars.com.
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Now getting back into this Flynn thing before we move on to what's happening in Europe.
Of course before the break we were talking about the complete non-controversy, the non-scandal that this represents.
Of course it's being seized upon by the anti-Trump hysterical media that is in bed with the deep state, the military-industrial complex that is now trying to sabotage Donald Trump just three weeks after his inauguration.
There's a big article up on Infowars.com
The real reason General Flynn was forced to resign.
Let's read a segment.
And this really encapsulates what I've been talking about.
There is currently a scorched earth effort underway to isolate Trump by purging his administration of people who truly believe in Trump's vision of America first, replacing them with compromised Washington insiders and globalists.
In other words, re-filling the swamp.
So Flynn is the first casualty of this so far.
They hope that there will be others.
Now they're talking about replacing him with David Petraeus, the Bilderberg member.
You see the agenda here.
This fifth column is comprised of politically partisan black cats within the CIA and the NSA who are still incensed that Hillary Clinton lost.
That's right.
Months after her defeat, they still can't accept it.
Note how the controversy first emerged in the Washington Post and was leaked by then acting Attorney General Sally Yates, James Clapper and John Brennan under the guise of alerting the White House.
They're just looking out for Trump there.
As the Conservative Treehouse notes, the Washington Post is the official leak outlet for the political arm of the CIA.
And the most politicised of all agents ever inside the CIA was John Brennan, a black hat extraordinaire.
Brennan and his deep state cohorts are heading up a divine and conquer strategy to drive wedges between Trump cabinet members while inserting their own people
David Petraeus, to sabotage the administration.
This is why leaks designed to undermine Trump keep happening.
This is why Trump tweets about it.
This is why Sean Spicer got up an hour and a half ago and made the point, why isn't the media asking who is leaking this information and why?
That is a way bigger story than General Mike Flynn having a cursory conversation with the Russian ambassador
Before he even takes office.
That is the big story.
We'll talk more about it after the break on the Alex Jones Show live.
Breaking news at Infowars.com.
We're on the march.
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The globalists' great error is to believe that as they collapse humanity, they end up on top.
The truth is, humanity is coming down fast, but we're miles above them on our journey to hell.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
We're back live on the Alex Jones Show, so finishing off with this General Flynn story.
Basically, he was the number one target for the Deep State Fifth Columnists.
They want to delegitimize, they want to undermine, they want to sabotage the Trump administration.
They're doing it in concert with both the Democratic and Republican establishment, along with the mainstream media.
And the agenda is so brazen now that you have this story, which of course is up on Drudge, Alex talked about it.
Russian insiders fear Washington establishment will assassinate Trump.
Bearing in mind, let's emphasize, this was in Foreign Policy Magazine.
This isn't some rumor off an internet forum.
This isn't the Russian TV host saying this.
This is in Foreign Policy Magazine, a magazine printed by the Washington Post company, a magazine edited and run by David Rothkopf, a top globalist, Council on Foreign Relations member, Managing Director of Kissinger Associates.
This is the real deal.
And in this article they say
Russian insiders, Kremlin insiders, are concerned basically that they will kill Trump.
The Washington establishment will kill Trump.
We've seen the entire mainstream media narrative backing that up for over a year now, that Trump's going to be assassinated and you bet your bottom dollar if an attempt is made on the President's life, they will celebrate it.
They celebrate so-called Nazis getting punched, which is anyone who disagrees with them.
They legitimize violence when it's used to shut down Milo Yiannopoulos' speech.
They legitimize violent hatred across the board.
You had New York Times columnists.
You had other mainstream media hacks.
Tweeting, Indian Night, the London Times tweeting, when's the assassination happening?
They've built the narrative for this for over a year.
Now, Foreign Policy Magazine is brazenly saying that Russian Kremlin insiders fear the Washington establishment will assassinate Donald Trump.
Again, because they're the fifth column.
They're trying to sabotage Trump.
They are the military-industrial complex.
They are the deep state.
Which makes it all the more ridiculous that you have all these leftists calling themselves the resistance when they couldn't be deeper in bed with the actual establishment that has poisoned America for decades, the military-industrial complex.
Absolutely astounding delusion on behalf of the left.
This is out of Breitbart.
As Flynn resigns, previous future in doubt as Trump allies circulate list of alternate chief of staff candidates
Now, there is speculation, as Alex has talked about at length, that Reince Priebus is one of these neocon insiders that has infiltrated, or at least is completely incompetent because he was responsible for the rollout of the travel ban, which was a complete disaster.
Not the policy, but the implementation of it.
So now Breitbart reports many other potential Yatesers
Um, in relation to the Obama Attorney General who was fired by Trump.
Holdovers from the Obama administration who have found their way into spots throughout the Trump administration away throughout government.
One source told Breitbart, quote,
So you're talking about at least 50 Obama administration holdouts that have embedded themselves within the Trump administration and are just waiting to leak more information, of course, putting the national security of the country completely at risk.
They don't care about that.
That's nothing to them because they're hysterical.
They hate Trump.
They've been driven by Trump derangement syndrome, mass hysteria, 50.
Embedded sleeper cells, Obama administration holdovers in the Trump administration just waiting to leak more intel that the media can then spin into another massive controversy.
So don't think by any stretch of the imagination that this is the end of it.
Moving on, Fox News reports, again this completely exemplifies
The supposed feigned neutrality of the mainstream media complete BS.
New York Times reporter apologizes for calling First Lady Melania Trump a hooker.
And you will notice that many of their biases tend to slip out in private conversations, while the New York Times reporter that referred to First Lady Melania Trump as the hooker has apologized.
I want to take ownership of a mistake I made, New York Times features writer Jacob Bernstein said on Twitter, speaking at a party in what I thought was a personal conversation, I nevertheless made a stupid remark about the First Lady.
So basically, this New York Times reporter told the model
Whose name I can't pronounce.
Emily Ruchowski, I think it is, told a model at a party that Melania Trump was a hooker.
She actually went public with this.
Credit to her, because now she probably faces the wrath of the leftist entertainment industry establishment, who are hatefully intolerant people.
They're all for diversity until it comes to diversity of thought, which they viciously police and excommunicate people for, if they don't go along with the leftist grain.
But it was the model Emily Ruchowski who revealed in a tweet Monday that an unidentified New York Times reporter called the First Lady a hooker.
So she tweeted that out and then he had to go out publicly apologize for saying that Melania Trump was a hooker, again, exposing the fact that he's a completely biased hack working for the New York Times, some of which still tries to maintain this feigned neutrality when it comes to coverage of Trump, which we all know is a complete dishonest lie.
The New York Times also published fake tweets.
The New York Times coming out with fake news.
Well, imagine my shock.
Fake news, fake tweets by Michael Flynn.
They came from a fake account, but the New York Times included them in their coverage of his resignation.
American Mirror reports Nancy Pelosi slams Mike Flynn over parody tweets.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi lashed out at former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn today over a series of tweets from a parody Twitter account.
So basically a fake Twitter account tweeted out that General Mike Flynn thought it was necessary for him to be the scapegoat for the Trump administration and that's why he resigned.
Nancy Pelosi and all these other Democrats got up in front of a press conference
And said that these were real tweets and then she went into a diatribe about how he's lying, he's not a scapegoat.
Again, completely fake tweets, fake account, but Nancy Pelosi gets up and talks about it.
New York Times puts it in print and they just quietly try to move on while lecturing us and everyone else that wear fake news while they're literally printing fake news.
So you have that going on.
You have, of course, what's happening in Europe, which we can move on to now.
Sanctuary cities throughout Europe which have accepted millions of Muslim migrants.
Well, what do you know?
They're now erupting into riots, violent attacks on reporters, while people chant Allah Akbar.
This is what has happened in France, which has the highest
Muslim population in Europe.
Everywhere that Islamic ghettos exist you have high crime, you have high rates of sexual assault, you have violence, you have riots.
Because multiculturalism has failed, it doesn't work.
Bringing in huge numbers of people who aren't integrated and don't want to integrate and housing them in these high-rise hopeless ghettos
Only leads to violence and unrest.
How many times do we need to see it before we reverse this policy?
It happened back in 2005 in Paris.
It's happening right now.
And you can go ahead and roll the clip of these riots as they've been unfolding over the past few nights.
The UK Express reports Paris erupts in violence, many streets and no-go zones as five suburbs in flames.
Again, I looked into the areas in which this was taking place.
It's suburban areas in northern Paris, and what do you know?
Population 33% Muslim.
Again, just a coincidence.
Police in Paris are struggling to cope with the fallout from a plague of riots which have kicked off in the city's northern suburbs.
Five large areas have been reduced to no-go areas for the past five nights as masked men cause mayhem on the streets.
Now remember that after the Paris attacks,
People were criticised, people were publicly shamed for even claiming that there were Muslim no-go ghetto areas in Paris.
That was a conspiracy theory back as little as 18 months ago.
Well look what's happening now.
Residents have been on lockdown as armed police try to tackle the rioters who have caused millions of pounds of damage.
Again they were
The thing that sparked this, and it never takes much to spark, it was the alleged mistreatment and rape of a suspect by police.
They responded by burning down their own community, by attacking TV reporters, cars set on fire, numerous different districts in Paris affected, and it centers on the horrific police brutality alleged in a housing estate called Rosé des Ventes,
Which is known locally as the City of Three Thousand.
Again, they build these huge, horrible, ghetto towers, which are designed, physically designed to encourage crime, to encourage unrest, to encourage hopelessness, fill them with immigrants from Islamic countries who aren't integrated, have no interest in integrating, and then they act surprised at what happens.
These are the fruits of multiculturalism.
These are the fruits of sanctuary cities.
The article continues.
Local residents and police forces have called the continued unrest disgraceful, while a man allegedly assaulted by police named only as Theo has pleaded for calm.
So even the guy who was allegedly raped by police is telling them to stop.
Yves Lefebvre, head of the police union, said, quote, setting a wheelchair van on fire is a disgrace.
This has to stop.
So again, they attack police, they attack firemen, they attack ambulance workers, they set wheelchair vans on fire.
What on earth has that got to do with the mistreatment, alleged mistreatment of one individual?
No justification whatsoever.
The French government's response to the latest outbreaks of violence is to put 2,600 cameras on police officers to record them out on the job.
So France's socialist government is more concerned about
Police brutality than the fact that Paris' areas of Paris are literally being burned to the ground right now.
But that's the main concern, is documenting what the police are doing.
Last night it was claimed, well it wasn't claimed, I've seen the video, I've heard it, it was claimed rioters shattered Allah Akbar during violent protests in Paris where a car was set on fire.
Yet again, the areas in which these riots are happening are at least 33% Muslim, probably more in most cases.
Front National MP Marion Le Pen, who is the daughter of Marine Le Pen, or the niece, tweeted the amateur video which shows chaotic scenes including clouds and smoke after cars were set on fire, and a man yelling Allah Akbar, Arabic for God is greatest, three times.
So, each time Paris experiences more of these scenes, more of these cars being torched, police, ambulance workers, firemen, reporters being attacked,
In these immigrant suburban areas, the more votes captured by Marine Le Pen, which is what they're worried about because several of the other candidates in the French presidential election, which is coming up first round, I believe, at the end of next month, they're all mired in scandal.
Le Pen is going to win the first round.
Of course, the way it's set up in France, the renegade candidate can never
Truly captured victory because they all pile in for the establishment candidates in the second round.
But again, they're still intensely worried about Marine Le Pen winning the election, which is why George Soros is now funding Google to stop populist Le Pen.
This is an article up on InfoWars.com by Jerome Corsi.
Though largely not reported by the mainstream media, George Soros has invested in Google as it stepped up its fake news campaign designed to depress the vote of anti-globalist Marine Le Pen.
Isn't it interesting that fake news only ever benefits candidates who oppose the globalists and who oppose the establishment?
Isn't that interesting?