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Name: 20170213_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: Feb. 13, 2017
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Welcome to InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Monday, February the 13th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
Anti-Trump protests spread to Mexico City as 20,000 protesters marched through Mexico's capital and demand that U.S.
President Donald Trump stop the deportations and stop building that big, beautiful wall.
Then, what happens if your car should accidentally or even purposely hit protesters who are blocking traffic?
Well, check this out.
There is a new bill that would give drivers immunity.
Plus, a migration expert has a warning for the EU.
50 million Muslims support violent jihad.
Now everyone say it with me.
Radical Islamic terrorists!
That's coming up next on the Info Wars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well this weekend we had 20,000 Mexicans protesting America and Mexico City.
They were protesting the increased deportations but we'll see that isn't the case according to the foreign minister.
Now they marched to the capital of Mexico.
They carried Mexican flags.
Interestingly enough they weren't carrying American flags.
Uh, you know, that would be, uh, they'd probably get beaten if they were doing that there.
But they were carrying piñatas.
They had a woman who's holding up a banner.
You can see here, many of the banners, most of the banners that are there are in Spanish.
Maybe they should press one for English.
Never mind.
We don't really care what you think about our laws and about our foreign policy.
And why don't you do the same thing there?
And of course they're saying, well, we're going to be here.
We're protesting.
This is a university professor in Mexico saying, we want to demonstrate to all those who suffer discrimination in the United States that we are with them.
Just as the Mexican government has been telling people who are here
Illegally, telling their citizens who have come into our country, staying here illegally, demanding rights, demanding services that we pay for with our taxes, telling them how to subvert our laws, and then putting up pinatas of Trump and beating them.
Well, you know what?
America is not going to be your pinata anymore.
You're not going to beat us to get the free candy.
That's just not going to happen.
Nevertheless, as they're saying that people are panicking here and having these demonstrations there, we've got the Mexican ambassador, foreign minister rather, saying in an interview on television that Trump's deportations are actually slightly lower than Obama's.
Nevertheless, as the Daily Caller points out, there is widespread panic amongst the liberals, being fed by people like the Washington Post, who say fear and panic have gripped America's immigrant community as reports circulate that federal agents have become newly aggressive under President Trump.
This is being echoed by the Chicago Tribune.
It's being echoed by Amnesty International, by the ACLU, etc.
They're creating this meme.
So now we see here in Austin, we have the Austin Teachers Union.
You know, Austin is now a sanctuary city, just as Dallas and Houston have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities in defiance of the governor as well as the president.
We now have the Austin Teachers Union handing out a flyer.
What to do if ICE comes to your door?
They're handing this out to the students who
Many of them are here illegally, getting free educations that the Mexican government will not pay for their citizens, but tell them to come to America and we'll help you get a free education at the expense of the American taxpayer.
They're dreamers.
Our dream used to be having an American home.
That used to be the American dream, but now that's going to be sacrificed for the dreams of people who aren't even citizens in our country.
They say the labor group is Education Austin and the flyers were United We Dream.
There you go.
They have their dream.
What to do when ICE comes to your door?
They say it's unclear how many teachers gave out the flyers or whether or not they were provided during school hours.
We'll take a guess.
Of course they were put out during school hours.
They say federal law requires schools to educate students regardless of their immigration status.
Hear that Mr. President Trump?
You need to change that law right now.
And then they go on to say, it's unclear how many undocumented students are in the Austin school district, but there are 30,000 English language learners and about 1,000 refugee children in the school system.
And I got to tell you, living here in the Austin area, I'm seeing my property taxes go up like my insurance rates under Obamacare.
And I'm not very happy about it.
And you shouldn't put up with this either.
Donald Trump took a lot of slack for saying that they're bad hombres down in Mexico.
Well, you know what?
A lot of those bad hombres aren't just drug cartels.
They're government workers, government police, the federales themselves.
This is corruption that has been going on for over 100 years.
We used to have westerns about it all the time, but now we've got Mexican cops sentenced for kidnapping and murdering ranchers and cowboys.
These are two former cops that have been sentenced to 40 and 45 years in prison, respectively.
They're convicted of kidnapping and murdering three cattlemen from one area in Mexico.
The cowboys were moving about 300 head of cattle to the border.
Court records don't reveal if they kidnapped them for ransom or why they did it.
However, what they did to the three cowboys that were killed, they discovered the bodies and the victims inside a vehicle.
The victims had been handcuffed and shot in the head.
So you see, we don't want that kind of corruption coming to America.
And we don't appreciate that kind of hypocrisy.
We see yet another bill that has been introduced about protesters blocking the road.
And I have to say, we need to come up with a bumper sticker that says, I don't break for protesters.
This all started back in North Dakota, and we'll tell you why it started.
And I had a poll about it, about 11,000 people took a poll on my Twitter account on this, and most people don't agree.
That is okay to block the road with your bodies.
But of course, it started in North Dakota.
And here's the frustration that they had.
Well, let me tell you about the new bill that just got introduced today.
A bill was proposed in Tennessee that says people who happen to hit a protester, blocking traffic will be immune from civil suits brought against them by that protester.
Senator Bill Katron introduced a bill that protects motorists from civil lawsuits should they accidentally hit somebody.
It doesn't protect you from a lawsuit if you do it intentionally.
Of course, the protesters are there intentionally.
They're creating a traffic hazard intentionally.
And if you try, if you have to suddenly stop for these people, you get rear-ended, or maybe you have to swerve to get out of the road, or maybe you are attacked when you stop.
What do you do at that point?
And this is what he had to say, he said, just because, well actually this is the local news saying this, just because they're starving for attention doesn't entitle them to try and get attention from people who are trying to go about their day.
But of course, they're not just trying to get attention, they're not just delaying you, they're also endangering you.
Here's an example of this, of course, it was about a month ago, as I said, in North Dakota, we saw the first one of these bills, and it was because of frustration of the long, prolonged protests there in the Standing Rock area.
They say, and at that time, there was a bill that was introduced that would protect drivers from legal consequences if they inadvertently, again accidentally, hit, injure, or kill pedestrians who are obstructing traffic.
They say the legislation at the time, a month ago, was a direct response to massive protests that had shut down a nearby highway, listen to this, for months, for months this was going on, and stalled construction of a pipeline to carry crude oil.
And I have to say to the people that are there, when you do this for months, you are not winning the hearts and minds.
As a matter of fact, you're not winning anything.
You're losing.
You're losers.
Because they said, regardless of where people stand, and this is the Washington Post reported it at the time, they said regardless of where these legislators stand on this pipeline, whether they support it or oppose it, they're sick and tired of these protesters.
All of us are sick and tired of them.
And so they said, this has gone on for over a year.
And in this Washington Post story, they talk about how the mother-in-law of this legislator inspired him to do this bill.
And here's what he had to say.
He said, this bill is not about oil.
We're ranchers.
We're conservationists.
But he said there's a fine line between protesting and terrorism, and what we're dealing with was terrorism out there.
Drivers who were legally doing their business or just going home, all of a sudden they're in a situation that they don't want to be in.
And you know, as you've seen these protesters everywhere that George Soros organizes, that they get very violent.
And that's why he's saying this actually was terrorizing.
He said his 72-year-old mother-in-law was driving on Highway 1806 when suddenly she found herself swarmed by protesters, chanting, holding signs, and she told her legislator son-in-law they were jumping in front of her car.
He stressed that he's not trying to legalize vehicular manslaughter in the state of North Dakota, said drivers still have to do what they can to avoid protesters, but he said the First Amendment gives people the right of freedom to assemble peacefully, but it also gives people the right to ignore that protest.
And you know, you don't have, as we've said before, free speech means that you can't yell fire in a crowded theater.
You can't endanger people with your free speech.
It's about political speech.
It's about trying to convince people.
It's about expressing an opinion.
But of course, we see these people don't have an opinion on anything, except that everybody except them is a racist, or they're trying to destroy the world, or whatever.
I mean, they don't want to argue about anything.
They just want to shut down speech.
They want to interfere with people.
And you cannot set the theater on fire.
It's even worse than saying there's a fire in the theater.
They're trying to set the theater on fire, and then say that's protected under the First Amendment.
Meanwhile, we have an immigration expert in Europe who is warning the EU that there are 50 million Muslims supporting violent jihad.
This is Professor Ruud Koopmans of The Netherlands Warned the EU Today.
To block the entry of any refugees whose identity cannot be categorically confirmed.
He said that of the 1 billion, listen to the math, the process he goes through.
He says 1 billion adult Muslims in the world.
He said half of them are attached to an arch-conservative Islam which places little worth on the rights of women, homosexuals or people of other faiths.
So understand that.
In Islam, we have different sects or different... Christianity, we call them denominations, okay?
So they have different groups of Islam, but he says half of them are involved in the most arch-conservative versions of that.
So that would be about 500 million conservative Muslims.
But he said, let's say about 10% of those
are violent conservatives.
That would be 50 million.
That's how he gets to the math.
And he said he thinks that that's actually an understatement to say 50 million.
He said in his own country they had 11 percent of Muslims agreed with a statement quote there are situations in which it is acceptable for me from the perspective of my faith that I use violence.
So that's where he's coming up with that.
Those are questions that they put out there.
We have a former State Department official under Obama say they never wanted me to say radical Islam.
This is the problem.
We have to be able to say what the problem is.
If we are afraid to speak the name of the people who want to cut off our heads, who want to subjugate us into slavery, who want to subjugate women, who want to throw homosexuals off of buildings, if we're afraid to even call it what it is, we'll never defeat it.
This is an op-ed that he wrote for the New York Times, Richard Stengel.
He previously served under the Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs said there was very little there was a very clear reason that no one could or did label various acts of terror as a product of quote radical Islam.
Instead they use the much less loaded term violent extremism.
He said radical Islam we didn't stay away from it because we were too timid or because we're politically correct.
We're just concerned that this would alienate Muslim allies in the Middle East.
Well you know what they need to deal with it themselves.
Again, if the Muslims who are not the half of the Muslims who embrace this arch-conservatism, if they cannot push back against it, if they're not willing to push back against it, we don't need to worry about what they think because they're irrelevant to the situation.
If they're going to be victims, if they're going to sit silently while the radical arch-conservatives put out this hate and convert people to their form of Islam, if they can't even win the argument in their countries,
Then what do we care about having them as allies?
And this is what he said in the New York Times.
He said, radical Islamic extremism.
There, I've said it.
For three years as Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, I could not and would not utter that phrase.
No one in the Obama administration could or did.
So there you go.
That's where it lies.
And yet, we see in France, Marine Le Pen goes to the site
Of the truck attack in Nice that killed 86 people and wounded probably, I forget exactly the toll, but it was more than 100.
She goes there to illustrate a point.
She says, we are supposed to be in a state of emergency in France, but you realize that every night across the Paris suburbs and now in several towns, we witness scenes of pillaging with police forces systematically targeted and property being set on fire.
All of this is done with total impunity.
So we end up wondering, where is the government?
Where is the Interior Minister?
He has not said anything.
He is completely absent.
They don't consider it their job to protect France.
They will build a wall around the Eiffel Tower.
Presumably they'll build a wall around the Mona Lisa, the Louvre, but they will not build a wall around the Paris people to protect the people of Paris or the French people to protect them in any situation.
I guess presumably they want to preserve the landmarks, they want to preserve the works of art for when there's only the globalists left after they've gotten rid of the rest of us who cause them problems.
And as we see in Dubai today, we have Elon Musk pontificating at the World Government Summit in Dubai.
And he said some pretty amazing things.
CNBC points out Elon Musk says humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in the AI age.
They said, and this is CNBC, this is their quote, billionaire Elon Musk might just save us from being irrelevant as artificial intelligence grows more prominent.
No, there is nothing that can save CNBC from irrelevance.
But we can save ourselves from being used by these people.
And of course, Elon Musk, as the LA Times has pointed out, has gotten over four billion dollars in direct government subsidies.
This guy is a welfare whore himself, and yet what he's proposing
We're good.
This tool of the global establishment says merge or die with the machines.
He says it's mostly about bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself.
Well I gotta say that if bandwidth were any sign of intelligence, television would be a lot better wouldn't it?
So with the internet we've seen a massive increase in bandwidth, very little intelligence there, they're not the same thing.
He said that AI is smarter than the smartest human on earth and it is going to be a dangerous situation and understand
When we've talked, I interviewed Hugo de Garis, who wrote The Artilect War, and he pointed out this is not going to be a war, initially, between humans and cyborgs.
This is going to be a war between the mass of humanity, the Terrans, the Earth people, and the Cosmists, like Elon Musk, who use their technological edge to send autonomous drones to attack us.
That's the artilect war.
Giga death.
Where these people try to take this out.
And of course you see, the billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, they're already working on their exit plan to get themselves up to Elysium.
Or to the Lagrange Libration Points, where they can create their havoc to the rest of us.
He says, autonomous cars are going to happen much faster than people realize, and it's going to be a great convenience.
Well, unless you think that losing your job, losing your freedom, losing your privacy, your liberty, you think that's a convenience or an inconvenience?
I think it's an inconvenience.
And he says, of course he admits, it's going to be very displacing and we're going to have a lot of people who are going to lose their jobs because they drive people around, but that's okay.
We just need to get rid of that.
If you take a look at that picture that they've got there at the
World Government Summit, and you see that metallic robot there holding the human genome between his hands.
That is a very powerful metaphor for what they want to do with robots, artificial intelligence, genomic medicine, and biometrics.
It is a true nightmare scenario.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
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Hey, guys.
Hey, do you want to f*** off?
Oh, really?
I want you to f*** off right now.
Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she run in 2020?
No, f*** that.
Get the f*** out.
What the f**k?
InfoWars, you're all pieces of s**t. F**k you.
You don't even know me.
I thought you were with f**king InfoWars and Alex Jones.
You're all pieces of s**t. F**k you.
Go home.
This is, okay, revolution.
Revolutionary student tables.
Pretty aggressive.
Hi, ladies.
Um, what do you guys think?
Do you think that Hillary Clinton would stand a chance if she ran in 2020?
Yeah, we're just trying to sell cookies.
I have no political opinions at this time.
Yeah, I could understand you guys being a little afraid to speak your voice when you're sitting next to these people over here.
Alex Jones is a f***ing freak!
Do you feel a little afraid to voice your opinion?
Would you like to buy some cookies?
It seems like it.
Seems like they can't even talk because you guys are being so aggressive over here.
Like seriously.
Oh yeah.
There it is guys.
The revolutionary student front.
We're coming for ya!
Oh yeah.
These are like the free speech bullies on campus here.
They don't let their classmates voice their opinion without being harassed and bullied into silence.
Well I guess you wouldn't know because you wouldn't even talk to me.
Like, maybe if you wanted to talk to me, then you would find out.
Why do you need to come up and put your hand in the camera if you already have a mask covering your face?
Because I didn't consent to this and my friends didn't consent to this.
Okay, but you're getting up right in front of the camera, so... Yeah.
Would you say you're being triggered right now?
Yeah, maybe you would actually know what I was trying to ask you if you listened for a second.
I don't know, maybe I'll just eat this yogurt.
This is getting- I'm starting to get dizzy here.
I mean, we're walking in circles now.
I mean, this is pretty intense.
Okay, so can we just have dialogue?
I don't dialogue with fascists.
We're not fascists.
Yeah, you f***ing work for Alex Jones.
Have you listened to him recently?
How does that make us fascists?
He's anti-government until Donald Trump gets elected.
Are you for free- I have a question.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up
I hate Alex Jones!
Are you for free speech?
Alex Jones is a freaking freak!
I'm trying to actually have a reasonable conversation with you ma'am and this is all I want to know.
Are you for free speech?
Can you define fascism?
What's fascism?
What's the definition of fascism, ma'am?
Do you know what fascism is?
It's easy.
What is it then?
Can you tell the viewers of InfoWars what it is?
Maybe you have a valid point.
Maybe you should share your views so that the InfoWars listeners out there can understand you, understand where you're coming from.
So you can't define fascism?
Of course I can.
Then what is it?
I'm not telling you.
Because I know you're not interested in listening.
You're just here to f**k with students.
I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't interested.
I saw some fascist posters and propaganda up here last night.
American vanguard propaganda.
They posted it on a statue of a black woman, alright?
So that's what I'm here talking about today.
You're here asking about Hillary f**king Clinton.
I don't give a s**t about Hillary Clinton.
I'm here talking about fascist propaganda.
You don't care about the things that are important here.
You probably support those motherf**kers.
F**k you.
I don't support propaganda, first of all.
No, I don't.
No, we're just having a conversation.
This isn't... This isn't.
Oh my god.
Yeah, what happened?
Do you want to at least share the story about what happened?
You can break the story on InfoWars, we're interested in knowing what happened.
Oh yeah, okay, I'll break the story on InfoWars and all your commie-hating friends are going to comment, it'll be great.
Have you ever been to a communist country?
Is there a communist country?
China's not f***ing communist, it's state capitalist.
So why do you think that America should be communist?
What do you think it would fix?
Would you throw away the Constitution as a whole or what do you want?
Just a completely different government?
Do you like your constitutions written by slave owners?
Do you know what the Constitution means?
Do you know it gives you your right to voice your opinion right now?
It's a very simple question ma'am.
In a communist country, would you have free speech?
No free speech for fascists.
Yeah, free speech for us and no free speech for fascists.
Would it be written down in a constitution?
If you want to do some party building with me, you're very welcome.
Get rid of the f***ing camera.
Alright, so, interesting guys, this is our interaction with some communists here on campus of University, Texas.
They don't really, I mean, this girl's kind of talked to us a little bit, but I mean, I think we're just going to keep on moving on unless she wants to share anything specific with us.
Well it's easy to see why some UT students could be a little bit intimidated to voice their political opinions on campus when you have a group on campus like these revolutionary commie students who are very aggressive and bullying toward those who do so.
Just over here they were two booths
One was some girls selling Valentine's cookies and the other was the revolutionary commie students who were very hostile toward me and they told the girls that they weren't allowed to talk to me and not to talk to me and they kind of refused to talk to me after having being threatened with that.
So it's just easy to see that, you know, political correctness and being told to not voice your opinion is making its effect here on campus.
This is Millie Weaver signing off for InfoWars.com.
Trending at InfoWars right now, the media has been caught censoring Trump ally Roger Stone.
Jerome Corsi has the story of documented, organized, institutional censorship that threatens us all.
Now, in a briefing book that was never intended to be made public, Media Matters' David Brock, also known as the father of fake news and Hillary Clinton's sycophant,
He explains how he used media matters to implement, in co-conspiracy with Google and Facebook, a strategy that was designed to keep conservative and libertarian websites, including Infowars.com, from getting press credentials in Washington, D.C.
In a special section of the briefing book, Brock explains how he pushed Roger Stone's bigotry off cable news.
Media Matters succeeded in pressuring CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox News to stop booking Roger Stone, a regular guest and longtime Trump ally.
In late 2015 and early 2016, we aggressively educated network producers about Stone's background.
In response to our pressure, CNN and MSNBC confirmed that Stone will no longer appear on their airwaves because of his bigotry, and Stone himself reported that he had been blacklisted by Fox News.
This is a briefing book entitled Media Matters, the top watchdog against fake news and propaganda, transforming the media landscape.
Now this was published confidentially for potential donors, which makes that pretty frightening, but it was obtained and published by the Free Beacon.
Here he brags about his ability to keep people from getting press credentials, any news media organization, accountable for even the slightest normalization of Trump.
For instance, when Breitbart applied for permanent Senate Gallery press credentials, Media Matters was quick to act by advising the credentialing committee of the myriad ways that Breitbart violated their requirements.
So throughout this document, Brock repeatedly explains the role that he expects co-conspirators Google and Facebook to play when he targets conservatives and libertarian media analysts and any news organization that he opposes ideologically.
He promises they will be punished
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The biggest thing for us is, unfortunately, we live in a society now where we need to be able to defend ourselves and our families at any time.
And this is something that is so thin and so lightweight.
You said when you talked to people that have been using this, actually testing it for years, people that currently have tested it for us, they didn't just say outstanding.
What did they really say about it?
No, this is through the roof.
They want to know how do they get it, where do they find it.
A lot of my law enforcement official buddies want to know the same thing because they're weighing, they're wearing these big heavy bulky vests that don't work as well.
So, they're looking for something you can wear all day, 12 hours a day, in and out of a car.
And 90, I mean, you can look up the numbers, 90 plus percent of fatalities with guns when they're used in a commission of crime, I think it's like 94, is pistols or shotguns.
This stops that, unless it's a slug.
I mean, that's amazing.
So, they can wear this and only somebody with a rifle around is going to get through it.
And soon, and we'll have it, if it's available to civilians, they're not sure, we're going to have the stuff that's, I mean, unstoppable.
This deal is so insane, is so good, it makes my head spin.
But I guess the first people to sell cars kind of had to give them away.
People didn't believe it.
Hell, I don't want that thing.
I feed my horse hay.
The backpack body armor is only $200.
And we shot everything you can imagine on it.
Again, fund the Info War, get the game-changing Nanotech Tubes from Buck Rogers.
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It's amazing.
About 180,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes in California below the Oroville Dam.
Now this is America's tallest dam and a very hazardous situation has been created there.
Massive record rains have actually caused officials there to open an emergency spillway.
It was used for the very first time.
Now initially officials believed that this measure worked.
But Sunday afternoon, as more water from storms flowed into the lake, officials detected a hole in the emergency spillway.
And so they really aren't sure what's going to happen here.
Of course, this is 100 year floodplain there below the dam.
Officials are now frantically trying to make repairs before new storms.
OK, so just a year ago, California was in a record drought.
And now we see just with a little bit of rain, record rainfall, they are
Just one step away from a mass casualty, major crisis there in California.
We actually know that helicopters are dropping boulders there to try to stop the flow.
And of course, these evacuated residents have been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for hours.
And this just kind of goes to show you how unprepared California is for a catastrophe.
Now, federal and state officials and some of California's largest water agencies ignored warnings that were given to them 12 years ago.
Three environmental groups
Filed a motion with the federal government urging federal officials to require that the that the emergency spillway be armored with concrete rather than remain as an earthen hillside.
And this was saying, you know, comply with modern safety standards.
But here we have these short sighted.
We're good to go.
Is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejecting that request after the Department of Water Resources and any other water agencies that were likely to have to pay the bill for these upgrades?
They said, oh, this is very unnecessary.
And this includes agencies that give water to 19 million plus residents in Los Angeles and San Diego.
So they're getting a lot of their water from Northern California.
So they want the water, but they don't want to have to pay for it because, you know, it's not in my county.
And so what we're seeing is that the state of California takes in massive tax dollars.
They collect taxes on virtually everything, and the state relies on three main sources for revenue.
Personal income tax, sales tax, and corporate tax.
So 65% of the budget there in California is on personal income tax, with the top 1% paying half of all of that state income tax.
So this is also why you're seeing a mass exodus from California.
Because according to the Hoover Institution Research Fellow, Carson Bruno, Californians are leaving in large numbers, but the people that are heading for the exits are the middle class, the people who are being saddled with paying these taxes, the backbone of American society.
And the population of California actually grew because approximately 170,000 mostly illegal undocumented immigrants streamed into California.
So that's why you're seeing
They're ignoring infrastructure while throwing tons of money to curry favor with the new voting bloc, the new Americans.
University of California rolling out $25 million to fund illegal immigrants education.
The city of Los Angeles announced a $10 million illegal immigrant fund.
So this would set up this legal aid fund to pay the legal expenses of illegal aliens facing deportation under Trump.
We're good to go.
Per year.
So despite this overwhelming evidence that illegal immigration represents an unsustainable fiscal burden to the state, they are continuing to find new ways of providing privileges and services to illegal aliens while completely neglecting the needs and concerns of California residents.
So the breach of the Oroville Dam is just a sentinel of the failing infrastructure of the United States.
We'll just have to wait and see if President Donald Trump is able to do something productive with that trillion dollars in bipartisan money coming his way.
I'm John Bowne for Infant Wars.
I'm standing right in front of the Blue Cat on Cesar Chavez in Austin, Texas.
The communists are marching on the Blue Cat, claiming complex reasons, gentrifying the neighborhood.
This is America!
You're f***ing Nazis!
F*** Nazis!
F*** you Nazis!
Get out of our neighborhood.
F*** you Nazis!
Get out of our neighborhood.
F*** you Nazis!
You don't belong here.
Yo, put me on the f***ing internet, you f***ing fascists!
This all began back on February 12th, 2015.
Sergio and Monica Leirazu's pinata store they had been operating for eight years and had three years remaining on their lease was razed by the landlords from hell, F&F Real Estate Ventures.
F&F hastily tore it down in order to facilitate having a South by Southwest event on the property.
Jordan French of F&F insinuated in an interview with Culture Map Austin that
Probably their livelihood was selling helium and stolen bicycles.
Sergio had been charged with theft by appropriation in 2014 after buying two stolen bikes.
French continued, they weren't making a living selling piñatas, they were selling something else.
I don't want to speculate what that is.
However, he went on to suggest that it was likely uncontrolled substances.
We're good to go.
The innocent small business owner in her Blue Cat Cafe sitting next to where the Jumpoline Piñata store had sat would now have to endure emails of dead pigs and dead cats, raging protesters representing anti-gentrification, and the local communist organizations threatening her patrons and committing undeterred acts of vandalism.
Caught in the middle for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the local commies and their twisted reality had jumped at the opportunity
To viciously champion their leftist, anti-capitalist, un-American, Marxist drivel.
The People's Republic of Austin, Texas, Beijing, on the Colorado River.
These are not your Starbucks communists who, you know, sit around talking about existential Marxism in the postmodern age or some pseudo-electional crap.
These are people who believe in actual sedition and violence.
And they're hate-filled, they're racist, and they don't dare pick on any of the other gentrification places around here.
What they're doing is they're focusing on one place here, hoping to drive them out or drive them into distraction.
They're Maoists.
They support Stalin, and this can be seen on their Facebook page, and Mao Tse Tung, and the Shining Path of Peru.
I don't really have a problem with the Communist Party.
I don't know of anything they've done that was terrible.
I mean, it's not the Cold War or anything.
And then, uh, Blue Cat Cafe hasn't... Pol Pot.
Bring any balls?
Yeah, but that, uh... Millions of people dead.
If you don't like it, move to another country.
Get the f*** out, dummy!
You can't f*** with us!
I just called you a yelpy and said f*** for no reason.
He can say whatever he wants.
It's free country, right?
Hey, why don't you get the f*** out of here?
Oh, good.
Why don't you get the f*** out of here?
Bring it on, baby.
Bring it on!
So the blue cat is now surrounded by communist scum.
They have infiltrated private property.
The police aren't aware that this is private property.
They're not sure what to do, whether it's private or public property.
That's private property.
They're on private property.
But we're dealing with them, we don't know where.
They're protestors.
Well yeah, but you can't protest on private property.
We'll take care of it sir, we'll take care of it.
It's private property.
We'll take care of it.
They think that what they're doing is a righteous mission, but in reality, they're part of a movement
That believes that they will take down the United States and the U.S.
You like Alex Jones?
He loves Alex Jones.
I bet he does.
Look at that pasty-ass skin.
You know that f***ing cracker likes Alex Jones.
Hey, look how many f***ing Red Guards there are.
There's a f***ing hundred Red Guards here.
There's not a hundred.
That f***ing f***ing cracker punk.
One white guy called another supposed white guy a cracker.
This is a master race, everybody.
I'm an American.
I'm no master race.
I'm an American mutt, just like the majority of people here.
The only difference between me and you is I believe in the Constitution.
Reporting for InfoWars.com, I'm John Bond.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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We can answer your questions.
In one courageous act of defiance against the music industry, Joy Villa became the biggest story of the Grammys overnight.
And Leigh-Anne, these were a Grammys that I would not have paid any attention to.
I would not have known anybody that was involved or any of the acts or anything if it weren't for Joy Villa.
It's true.
She made the Grammys great again.
And to think that she was even more popular, the dress that she wore and the fact that she dared to wear this to the Grammys in the face of all these lefties that were there to protest and resist Trump.
She was an even bigger story than Beyonce, who came out on stage with her baby bump, with her twins.
And she also saw more album sales than Beyonce did on the recent list.
In fact, they saw her album sales skyrocket 18,000% on Amazon.
And that was, I would guess it's probably upwards closer to 20,000% now.
When I got this number, it was some hours ago, probably hours before you're seeing this.
So my guess is it's up to 20,000%.
Followers on Twitter, she got upwards of 70,000 new followers.
It hasn't even been 24 hours yet since she
Showed her Make America Great Again Trump dress and you know, this is what's nice about it to me we'll talk about some of the other things that are like this, but you know what she's 25 years old and This is a age or a generation.
I'm 27 that has been cast out by so many people.
We don't have any hope There's no there's no voices for hope in our generation You know what there are and even though we might be outnumbered our voices are strong, right?
well and if
Think about how many people in the entertainment industry have been told to keep their politics to themselves if they're conservative or libertarian because you will be blacklisted from the entertainment industry, no one's going to book you to do their films, or your music won't get put out there on the radio if it's too political in a way that's not
Yeah, and that's a good point.
It's been such a taboo thing in the past to be an entertainer and have public political views.
At least
You know, heavily laying them on your audience and it's been so one-sided.
Here comes Joy Villa and this is a quote.
I'm 100% a Trump supporter.
I believe in his message.
I believe he will run this country like he runs his life.
I stand as a proud American and I stand for a unified America that is tolerant of each other no matter who we voted for.
I believe in love above all.
Who can disagree with that message?
And, you know, they're going to try and beat her up in whatever way that they can figure out.
Because they don't want anyone pushing back against their message.
So here's one way that you talked about you think they might try to attack her.
Now this is a very diverse woman.
She's a vegan, author, singer, songwriter, model, vegan health coach, Scientologist.
You think they're going to come after her on that?
Yeah, well because now it's very trendy to attack people if they're a Scientologist and to come after their Scientology beliefs, whatever you might think about Scientology.
But it's interesting how they can attack certain religions but not Islam.
Don't you dare do it!
That's the favored religion even though they will, you know,
Behead gays and throw them off roofs in the present day.
That one's great.
But it's interesting because last year for South by Southwest, I did a man on the street, President Barack Obama, former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were here.
They were the keynote speakers for South by Southwest, the music portion of it.
And they were there to talk to artists about ways that they could make music to help push the government's agenda.
And we were just like, what the heck?
I'm asking people on the streets.
Why does the government even have an agenda?
That's amazing.
And I'm asking them, you know, is this okay?
Would you do this?
And they were like, well, yeah, if the president asked me to, because they're thinking President Barack Obama.
And I said, well, what if someone comes along, you know, after he's out of office that you don't agree with and they're forcing the music industry to push the agenda?
That'll cause them to stop and think.
And now we've seen the media, music, they've all aligned with President Barack Obama's government and pushed his agenda in their movies and script writing.
It'll be interesting to see if they are still in alignment with the government now.
Well, and it was a night that was full of political statements.
Katy Perry performed with a Persist armband in front of a projection of the Constitution.
A tribe called Quest did a President Agent Orange, which, hey, okay, bring attention to Agent Orange.
We've been trying to do that for years.
And then they did the Black Panther salute.
Chance the Rapper, he did bring Jesus and God to the event, which a lot of people, I think, appreciated.
However, he did support, he did show his Barack Obama-themed clothing line.
But to me, again,
It's about, with what Joy Villa did, it's not about whether she's a Scientologist, it's not about whether she's this, that, or the other thing, it's about she's a patriot.
And that's what I think she's trying to say.
Why can't we just all be patriots?
That's something that unifies all of us.
And one of the big things is the freedom of speech, and if you are an entertainer, and a musician, an artist above all, you should stand for freedom of speech in the First Amendment because that's the business that you're in.
And so regardless of if it's controversial based on the
We're good to go.
And let that be an example.
I'm telling you, this is going to be the new wave of marketing.
Patriot, conservative, anti-PC.
That's where the consumer's thought processes really lie.
That's where their loyalties lie.
That's why Joy Villa saw success overnight.
But it goes on.
The designer of that dress, Andre Soriano, is an immigrant from the Philippines and also a big fan of Donald Trump.
And he told The Hollywood Reporter, who had to put their little spin on it, of course,
That he is supportive of the new president despite his controversial immigration ban.
There's their spin.
It's not an immigration ban.
I just want to correct The Hollywood Reporter on that.
They're just going to put that story out.
It doesn't matter.
Facts don't matter.
But Soriano talked about in the interview how he believes he's an example of the American dream.
An immigrant that comes here, works hard, and does what they love to be successful.
But, you know, it's perfect because he talks about how he's a minority, Joy's a minority, but we're both proud to be American.
I'm an immigrant.
It's not about
You think?
It's someone that they disagree with?
So it's just very interesting to see how they're trying to control, to the point of pushing the country into civil unrest and promoting riots in the streets so much so that they're failed and they're losers.
That's how angry they are, that they'd rather see this country crumble than allow Donald Trump to push his agenda.
Here was a quote from Soriano, we need to move this country forward and we believe it's time to promote love.
We only live once and we need to promote love.
We have one president now who is going to do the best thing for planet America.
And to me that message is we don't want to conquer the planet.
That's just, we want freedom to conquer the planet.
That's kind of how I took that.
Well, and then just kind of going back a little bit to artists needing to stand up for the First Amendment.
We have Meryl Streep.
So she, obviously, during the Emmys, she took her opportunity to bash Trump and put out some divisive message.
People came after her, attacked her.
So now Meryl Streep pledges to stand up to brown shirts.
This was in her most recent tirade.
So she's talking about these people who
Well, yeah, you've got anti-fascists that are fascists.
You've got the anti-fascist fascists.
And that's exactly what you're talking about.
And it goes on, too, to your point, Mrs. Streep just received the National Ally for Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign and Advocacy Group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues, but she's on the side of Sharia law!
That's the thing that's so- It's ridiculous, Leigh-Anne!
It really makes- and I get it, you know, why Christianity would be the religion that's been attacked because it has been the prevalent religion in this country, but why would you go so far to attack Christianity to then prop up another religion that's even more extreme in the present day?
Christianity was bad hundreds and hundreds of years ago.
They have no excuse for that.
Well, and we have right now, a lot of these artists are looking to government to help rewrite some of the music laws, some of the laws for the industry, so they can start to profit off of it and stop some of, I guess, the illegal downloading or pirating of music.
That's an issue that they're going to have to be faced with.
But it's true, science has proven, this is actually an old story, pop music has actually gotten worse.
Science confirmed what you've always suspected, music these days is worse than it used to be.
Owen Troyer, Leanne McAnoo, thanks David Knight.
InfoWars Nightly News returns tomorrow night, 7 p.m.
And that is science.
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