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Name: 20170210_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: Feb. 10, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It's Friday, February 10th, 2017.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
Cases of voter fraud and identity theft result in the arrest of illegals and immigration raids as Mexico warns its citizens living illegally in the United States to take precautions and to know their rights as they defy U.S.
immigration law.
Then, hundreds of thousands of Iranians chant Death to America to illustrate how peaceful and friendly they are to Americans.
No need to vet anybody coming from Iran, right?
And, are e-cigs a healthier alternative to smoking?
A new study on e-cigs, or vapes, shows that they may lead to higher blood pressure and other cardiovascular events, even if they don't lead to smoking cigarettes themselves.
All that and more on tonight's InfoWars Nightly News!
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
So much of what the political left is doing right now is either not based in reality or self-destructive behavior.
And all of these narratives that they claimed were false are turning out to be true.
And this is what we're going to talk about here to open up the nightly news tonight.
We're going to start by talking about a man in Urbana who is charged with living and voting in the U.S.
A Mexican national who has lived in Urbana since 2005, allegedly using a stolen identity, was arraigned Thursday on seven federal counts, including four related to voting by an illegal immigrant.
Well wait a second.
Remember all the mainstream news outlets saying Trump's voter fraud claims debunked?
It appears that they're fully bunked and I'm curious if they're gonna cover this story.
My guess is they won't cover this story and then in a week when they're these stories are kind of on the back burner they'll start running those headlines again.
Trump voter fraud completely rejected.
Trump voter fraud claim debunked.
Even though it's been fully proven.
Now, Sessions has vowed to uphold immigration laws that he claimed went largely unenforced during the Obama administration.
We want borders?
He wants a sovereign country?
And that's really what this comes down to.
What type of policies are you going to end up with?
Open borders, not a sovereign nation.
That's it!
That is the ends to the means that the political left is trying to fight for right now.
It's open borders.
You can't have it both ways.
The left thinks they can, but they can't.
Now, here's the story.
This man used the fake identity to live in Illinois since March of 2005.
He had two restaurants, and he obtained a lawful permanent resident card for his wife.
The couple has four children, all born in the United States.
Now look, here's a man who, it appears to be a hard worker, he owned restaurants, he had a family, but he was here illegally.
And in the past, as it's been said, these are unprecedented moves.
In the past, you didn't have to worry about that.
You didn't have to worry about this during the Obama administration.
But now Trump is in office, and he is the law and order president.
And this is going to be an interesting thing I think we're going to have to face.
Are the kids now citizens of the United States?
They were born here after all, so are they citizens?
Or because their father was here illegally, are they going to look at maybe stopping the anchor baby legislation?
But this is a debate we'll have and we'll see if this reaches the floor.
But of course, we can't even get the left to admit that voter fraud exists.
So who knows if they can go down that philosophical path of children born to illegal immigrants in the United States being anchor babies.
But this is not the only story.
Another Mexican citizen is sentenced to eight years in prison for voter fraud in Texas.
Another case of voter fraud!
Trump is right.
The family of a woman convicted of voter fraud is speaking out after a Torrent County jury sentenced her to eight years in prison.
Seems pretty steep, but you have to make examples of these cases, otherwise they're going to continue to happen.
What's going to happen to the kids?
It's not fair.
No, what's not fair is breaking the law and getting away with it.
What's not fair is not becoming an immigrant in the United States the right way.
That's not fair to the people that did it the right way.
And why aren't you doing the due diligence to become a citizen?
That's your fault!
That's your fault.
So I don't want people to sit here and say, oh look at the law, look at the Trump administration, they don't care about the kids.
No, it was the parent's responsibility to take the due diligence and time to become a citizen.
They knew the risk when they did not do that.
You have to know the risk, breaking the law, what that poses to your family.
So don't sit here and blame the law for that.
Because you know that's what they're going to do.
And of course, they're trying to fight this case.
Her attorney is saying that she has a learning disability and was confused about the difference between being a citizen and a legal resident.
She thought she was allowed to vote.
Well, that might have been Obama's rhetoric that confused her there, but the jury did not buy that story and she is facing eight years in jail.
Not sure if I'm buying that one either.
Now let's move on to some of the unrest that's going on in the country right now.
Fear spreads in LA after immigration raid advocates claim officials say arrests are routine.
Well, at least they'll be routine now if you're here illegally.
Protesters blocked an on-ramp to the 101 freeway in Los Angeles, objecting to what they claim is a rise in immigrant raids.
And it turns out that it's kind of ambiguous right now whether these raids are actually increasing or not.
You kind of have narratives on both sides.
But panicked emails and phone calls began streaming in from the community members and all these people are calling in worried about the law being enforced on immigration.
So I just have to scratch my head.
Are all these people calling in illegal citizens?
When we have these colleges and cities fighting for sanctuary status, are they aware of illegal citizens that are already there?
Are they already aiding and abetting lawbreakers?
This is something that needs to be looked into, from my view.
Police and immigration officials denied the raids and disputed claim that the arrests were part of a more stringent approach.
Saying any detentions were simply part of routine enforcement activities.
And again, a lot of this is kind of hearsay.
Are they increasing?
Are they not?
You've got narratives coming out on both ends.
Regardless, what appears to be the case is that the Trump administration is enforcing immigration law.
Now this is unprecedented coming out of Mexico.
Mexico warned citizens after US deportation of undocumented mother.
Mexico warned its citizens living in the United States on Friday to take precautions and remain in contact with counselor officials a day after the deportation of an undocumented mother following a routine visit with US immigration authorities.
Yeah, I'm sure that this highly publicized case is not what led to the freakout in Los Angeles.
The case involving Ms.
Garcia de Reyes illustrates a new reality for the Mexican community living in the United States facing the most severe implementation of immigration control measures.
No, what's going to happen here is that the law is going to be enforced, okay?
And it's amazing to me
Again, this is Mexico reaching out to Mexican nationals, I guess, again, who are breaking the law in the United States illegally saying, hey, we got your back.
How does this work?
That's like Trump coming out and saying, hey, American citizens who are in Mexico illegally, don't worry, I got your back.
No, that's not how it's going to go down, folks.
And if you reversed this case, if you had Americans living in Mexico illegally, how do you think it would work out for them?
Do you think that there'd be Mexican cities and schools fighting for sanctuary status?
For some reason, I highly doubt that.
Highly doubt that.
Now, we'll get more into some of the protests here in a minute, but why these people are protesting, we're gonna shed more light on that.
Now, this will shed some light on the current status of the Democrat Party.
Top House Democrats, we are grateful for Chelsea Handler's insight?
Chelsea Handler?
Why are you grateful for Chelsea Handler's insight?
What has Chelsea Handler ever done for anyone?
She's a comedian.
I don't think she's funny.
Maybe you think she's funny.
Why do you want her advice on politics?
House Democrats said they were grateful comedian Chelsea Handler made an appearance at the Democratic Issues Conference in Baltimore, Maryland Friday, adding they were looking forward to hearing more of her insights.
Again, why?
This story tells you all you need to know about the Democrats.
They are just absolutely melting down and looking in the wrong direction for leadership every time.
Now here's a story from Paul Joseph Watson on Infowars.com.
New Katy Perry song encourages anti-Trump riots.
Chained to the rhythm track and it features lines that say, we're stumbling, we're crumbling, we're about to riot, they woke up, they woke up the lions.
Now Katy Perry songs
At least some of the songs that she releases that are the pop culture kind of music usually do have Illuminati symbolism or lyrics that have meaning to it.
But you know what?
I actually have to disagree with Paul Watson on this one.
I'm not sure if these lyrics were openly just written to be in favor of Trump protests, but I do think there are undertones to Katy Perry's writings.
But it's funny to me.
They woke up.
They woke up the lions.
That's us.
That's the real Americans that voted for Donald Trump.
So I'm not sure if she understands that or not.
But here we go.
Duke University training students for anti-Trump activism.
Can you believe this?
Duke University is sponsoring a workshop for the purpose of training students to engage in activism against President Trump's administration.
The LGBTQAIHFGBTBLABLA Activist Mandy Carter will lead the February 15th event which is titled, Ideas for Activism in the Time of Trump.
And here's the word vomit that they're spewing.
Listen to this.
This is so pseudo-intellectual you won't even be able to stand it.
The university-sponsored events will focus on understanding the importance of changing the hearts and minds and the changing of public policy in social justice movements.
How our North Carolina Moral Monday movement can be a model of diverse coalition that brings together social justice people to take a stand against Trump administration.
You're going to find more sense in a dirty diaper.
The website includes a variety of how-to documents on opposing Trump as well as a listing of liberal anti-Trump organizations around the country.
The University of New Hampshire had to issue an apology in the wake of Trump's election, they're so sorry, after using official university resources to promote anti-Trump protests.
Here's my suggestion, any school that does anything like that, whether it be Duke, New Hampshire, Berkeley, CUT.
Exclamation point.
That's it.
Protest erupts in downtown LA following reports of immigration raids at homes across Southern California.
Again, there's a lot of hearsay going on here.
But, think about this.
Would an illegal immigrant protest for you if you got arrested for breaking a law that you or they disagree with?
It's not gonna happen!
All of these protesters are so indoctrinated into virtue-signaling social justice cult warriors, it's not even funny.
While immigration advocates say more than 100 people were detained Thursday as U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials conducted home raids across three Southern California counties, the federal agency insists its operations were routine, not part of President Trump's unprecedented immigration crackdown.
Again, they have to call it unprecedented because Obama never followed the law.
Here's more protesters.
Protesters block Betsy DeVos from entering public school in Washington.
And these were very violent, angry protesters.
They should have been arrested.
Hey, where's your future is female sign?
By the way, protesters, I couldn't believe the behavior of these protesters.
They are getting more out of control and they're everywhere.
Protesters swarm Chaffetz Town Hall.
Representative Jason Chaffetz on Thursday faced a flood of protests during a town hall.
And he said, you're really not going to like it, but the president, under the law, is exempt from conflict of interest laws.
Oh, they hate it.
They hate it when you drop those little fact nuggets on them.
Shia LaBeouf!
He will not divide us protest closed due to potential violence.
Well, it already, I think, was essentially closed when Shia got himself arrested, but now the webcam has officially been shut off.
But not before!
An InfoWars supporter with his 1776 shirt shows up and other than Shia LaBeouf's arrest has the greatest moment in the history of Shia LaBeouf's web stream.
What a powerful message that man had.
Under Armour now has a Trump problem.
The CEO likes Donald Trump, but his biggest stars don't.
Chief Executive Officer Kevin Plank publicly praised President Trump, saying that he was a real asset for this country.
Yeah, exactly.
Maybe he's going to bring Under Armour manufacturing back to America, no longer in Mexico and Asia.
But Stephen Curry and Dwayne Johnson do not like this.
Now look, I like Steph Curry and Dwayne Johnson because they're good Americans.
They work hard.
They're some of the best in their fields.
Why are you coming out against Trump, guys?
Are you really buying into the brainwashed liberal establishment agenda?
Come on, you have to be better than that.
If all Under Armour products got made in America instead of overseas, how can you not support that?
What if Donald Trump did that?
I don't know.
It pains me to see all of these athletes coming out against Trump.
It's really sad.
Are you brainwashed or are you bought and paid for?
UTA cancels Oscar party to protest Donald Trump's travel ban.
The United Talent Agency has canceled their Academy Awards party and instead is donating a quarter of a million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Union and the International Rescue Committee to hold a rally that goes against Trump's anti-immigrant sentiment.
No, it's actually pro-immigrant.
Actually, Donald Trump is pro-immigrant.
He's anti-illegal immigrant, but people can't wrap that around their heads.
Now, it's supposed to happen on February 21st, and it's meant to combat the potentially chilling effect on the global exchange of ideas of freedom and expression.
Well, here are those ideas.
Hundreds of thousands are marching in Iran right now saying, Death to America!
On the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, hundreds of thousands of military personnel and policemen and citizens are marching on the American flag in Iraq.
And you want to bring this here?
We had a Marine, Steve Jern, come out and said, Hey look, if you're an American and you come to Iraq,
You're going to get tortured.
You're going to get kidnapped.
So, but all of these people, these social justice warriors, they want these people from Iraq and Iran here who hate Americans, who chant death to America in the streets.
There's the ideas that you're wanting to bring here.
So again, would they stand up for you?
Would Mexicans protest for you?
Would Iranians protest for you?
Yeah, they're protesting for your death right now.
But you're sad because Trump had a travel ban based on a list from Obama that temporarily suspends travel here.
It's truly unbelievable.
But it gets even worse.
Iran wants Trump protesters to know one thing.
We're with you.
So they're out there on the streets chanting, death to America, and they're with you, protesters, so you're basically chanting death to America with the Iranians.
NFL warns Texas that its proposed bathroom bill could jeopardize its chances to host future Super Bowls.
That's right, the NFL says, take transgender bathrooms or we're not coming to your city.
Unbelievable, folks.
More out of the NFL working for the New World Order.
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Kevin Martin here with InfoWars.com, and we are here in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas, and we're here to see what people think about Donald Trump and his travel ban.
Let's go!
What do I think of his travel ban?
Yeah, of immigrants, Muslim immigrants.
It's the f***ing worst.
It's the worst?
And why do you say it's the worst?
It's discrimination.
Discrimination against who in particular?
The human race.
What do you think about Donald Trump's travel ban?
On immigrants, what do you think?
He's our president, Gato.
I like it.
So you like it, huh?
I would wholeheartedly agree with you.
Why do you like it?
Well, why dispute it?
Because it's protecting the American people, right?
I think we should help people that don't have it as good as us.
So I think it's not right to ban them.
I think it's just human, like everyone has the same qualities that everyone has.
We should each have the same opportunities and it sucks when we're limited to those opportunities and we limit these people to not necessarily getting a chance to kind of just live and live the American dream that we're supposedly trying to fulfill.
And I know that's just, and that's not, and I'm saying that from my stance because I came from a school that
It felt just like the same kind of thing like we were limited to the opportunities and now I'm over here at UT Austin and it's it's so great so that should and that's so unfair for like knowing that some people are gonna be limited like not being able to see these opportunities and just you shouldn't be doing that.
A lot of people in Austin are liberal very they were for Hillary so like I'm kind of scared of my views but I actually support Donald Trump and that we need to take care of.
Our people.
The American people first, right?
Before helping others.
With all this stuff going on with Donald Trump and the Trump administration, the new presidency, what do you think about the immigration ban?
What do you think?
Well, I think it doesn't exist, right?
It was appealed.
So what do you think about proposing the immigration ban?
I don't think you can do stuff like that.
The people have spoken.
It's not going to work, man.
At times, yeah.
Right, right.
It's coming out of the mouth of the devil man.
You know Obama says we're gonna do something Probably has our best interests.
You know you talk about President Trump or whatever you know he's looking out for himself, and he's trying to hurt as many people We don't deserve to be hurt, so it's a little bit different.
You know I'm not saying it's fair I'm not saying it's not hypocritical, but I mean
I don't know.
I don't trust that guy.
I wouldn't take advice from him.
I don't think he can change the laws.
I think he's messed up, you know, when it comes down to what he thinks his role is.
So you just think he's kind of like a fake president almost?
I mean, it's kind of...
I just don't think anything nice is going to come from that dude.
I don't think he has to.
He's looking out for himself.
So you think there's any way he can get impeached?
Because I know that's what a lot of people are asking about.
What's kind of your vision with this whole thing?
I mean, I'm here, I'm non-biased, I just kind of want to... Is he going to get impeached?
I mean...
I think we're at a point now where people just they don't they just accept everything you know because they don't have a choice so like that'd be great but who's to say what comes next is gonna be any better I mean better than him yeah but better than what we had before
I'm Kevin, I'm with InfoWars.
We're just kind of out here talking to people and just trying to find out how they feel about, you know, the Trump administration and, you know, the wall and deporting, you know, millions of illegal aliens.
What do you, what do you think about that?
How about let's start with you, let's start with you first.
What do you think about that?
Well, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just found that the travel ban is unconstitutional because it's a violation of your due process rights, equal protections under the law, and a violation of the Establishment Clause.
So, it's great that he wants to force things through, but if I were him, what I would do is I would focus on what people really want, and things that people really agree on, and push that stuff through, and then once you get a victory under your belt, then see what you can do later.
But, yeah, I don't think that's really what is going to... That's not how our country was founded.
Well, are you going to keep Iraqis out by building a f***ing wall?
No, we're going to ban them from coming in for three months until we figure out what's going on.
Shouldn't we take care of Americans first?
I think we should too.
I think that's what Donald Trump has in mind.
I think so too, man.
God bless you, brother.
Well, that's what people thought.
We're out here in beautiful downtown Austin and that's exactly what people thought.
Go ahead and go to the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube for more.
Have you seen what Trump's been tweeting?
Well get ready for another Epic Trump Tweets of the Week!
Donald Trump has been at it again on Twitter, churning out the most epic tweets of the week and stomping out those fake news narratives.
So let's go ahead and look at one of Donald Trump's epic tweets of the week.
Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril.
If something bad happens, blame him and court system.
People pouring in.
Should the judge be held personally liable in the event that a terrorist attack takes place
During the time period that Donald Trump's immigration ban would have been effective.
That's the question we should be asking ourselves.
Not to mention the fact that now that ISIS and these other terrorist organizations know that Donald Trump's serious about keeping his campaign pledge, they're going to be pouring in in massive numbers trying to get through before they are stopped.
So the real question is, when is the liberal left going to wake up?
Let's go ahead to Donald Trump's next tweet.
Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election.
Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.
These fake news polls cite 53% opposing the order, according to a CNN-ORC poll.
With 46% arguing that it makes the U.S.
less safe from terrorism and 49% saying it harms American values by preventing those seeking asylum from entering the U.S.
Like anyone with half a brain is actually going to believe a fake news poll.
We saw how the fake news outlets were putting out these polls during the election season trying to make everyone believe that Hillary Clinton had it in the bag in order to dishearten Trump supporters so that they wouldn't even show up to the voter booth.
But thankfully Trump supporters are not gullible at all and they did not fall for the fake news polls.
I don't know Putin, have no deals in Russia, and the haters are going crazy.
Yet Obama can make a deal with Iran, number one in terror, no problem.
Well, President Trump is pointing out the double standard and hypocrisy that the MSM peddles on a daily basis.
They failed to point out the fact that Obama had a Muslim orientation and was giving deals to countries like Iran that were engaging in financing terrorism.
Talk about hypocrisy!
Let's go on to Donald Trump's next tweet of the week.
It is a disgrace that my full cabinet is still not in place.
The longest such delay in the history of our country.
Obstruction by Democrats.
I love this tweet by Donald Trump because I absolutely love the phrase obstruction by Democrats because it pretty much sums up the Democratic party line for the next four to eight years.
They're just basically sitting on the sideline like a bunch of haters trying to do anything they can
To derail the will of the American people.
The fact that we the people voted in a Republican President, House, and Senate, securing the potential for more conservative Supreme Court picks, and the fact that most governorships and state houses have been handed over to the Republican Party, is a pretty straightforward message from the American people to the Democratic Party.
But unfortunately, they don't seem to be listening,
And they've just doubled down their self-destructive efforts.
Democrat, as in demolition, seems to be a pretty appropriate name for a political party that's falling apart.
Let's move on to Donald Trump's next epic tweet of the week.
My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom.
She is a great person, always pushing me to do the right thing.
Well, the anti-tolerant left is at it again.
Nordstrom has pulled first daughter Ivanka Trump's clothing line from their rack.
For purely political reasons.
Many businesses have tried to make political stances before and they've been scrutinized for it and they've felt the disastrous effects later on down the road.
That is why I am calling for all Trump supporters to boycott Nordstrom for discriminating against Ivanka Trump!
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It's amazing.
I want to take a look at this competition that's going on between the judicial branch and the executive branch in light of these decisions.
The Appellate Court of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that handed down.
And of course, I'm not a lawyer, but I'm going to read you comments from people who are.
People like Jonathan Turley, people like Judge Napolitano, people like Trey Gowdy.
These people are lawyers and you don't have to be a lawyer to look at the Constitution critically to understand it either, do you?
So we can read, it's in English, and we can ask our own questions, and it's interesting to see that a lot of people who are legally trained have these same issues.
Now, we're going to take a look at a lot of different things before we get to even the policy of this.
This is independent of the policy.
We're going to talk about how do they have standing to sue in these courts?
Do these courts have jurisdiction?
What about the right of immigration that is being established?
Is this nothing but pure politics and judicial activism?
Those are the issues that we're going to be looking at, regardless of what you think of the policy.
And then we'll talk briefly about this policy underlying it.
First, let's talk about the standing.
Many times we see suits brought against the TSA, for example, violating people's Fourth Amendment freedom against unwarranted searches, saying we have the right to pat you down or x-ray you before you can travel.
And the courts will say, no, you don't have standing to challenge this or whatever.
We see that as one of the most common things.
As a matter of fact, this same judge, District Judge James Robart,
I don't
To stand up for the constitutional rights of somebody else, their customers.
And so when you look at this and you say, well, this suit was brought before this judge by the states of Washington and Minnesota.
How do the states of Washington and Minnesota have standing to come before him for foreign citizens?
Now, one of the things that they argue in their trial, they say, well, this is, you have, we have standing to come here because we're acting in parents patriae.
That's a Latin term that means parents of the nation.
The idea that the government, when it's coming in situations where you've got children who are under abuse or neglect, they can come in and say that we're going to act as their parents.
But see, that's for their citizens.
These are not citizens of Minnesota.
These are not citizens of Washington State.
These are not citizens of the United States.
They're not their parents.
They are foreign citizens.
And I think one of the things we need to understand, we constantly use this term aliens.
Let's understand aliens are citizens of another country.
They have another country.
Not this country.
And let's keep that in mind.
So when they look at this, and the question is, do they have standing?
Well, the way that they appealed, and of course they said that we do have standing because we are parents of the nation, and they said these are residents living within our border.
They're not citizens.
They're just there and they're not there legally necessarily.
And we'll talk about that in a moment as well.
But they're saying that it inflicts damage on their state operations and the missions of their public universities.
So there you go.
The only thing that they have to hang on to this for standing is that it's going to somehow affect their public universities.
That these people from foreign countries can't come in and study at these universities.
Again, the universities at the center of this problem.
That is the little tiny thread of standing that they have in order to go before this judge.
But does he have jurisdiction?
Judge Napolitano says no.
He says this is so profoundly wrong.
What he said was the Constitution assigns the decision-making for foreign policy exclusively to the president, with even Congress taking a supporting role.
He said the decision to ban is not renewable, okay?
It's no more their jurisdiction than if they decided to rule in a Georgia case.
This is a court that's based in Washington State.
They don't have geographical jurisdiction to rule in Georgia.
They don't have political jurisdiction in this particular case.
The Constitution gives this prerogative to the executive branch.
Judge Napolitano goes on to say that there's no ambiguity in the Constitution.
It gives this area of jurisdiction, foreign policy, exclusively to the president.
He said that's why this is so profoundly wrong.
So even if you can say that they've got some little standing because they say their universities might be harmed if we don't allow people from Somalia to come in, that clearly is not the case that they even have jurisdiction there.
And Jonathan Turley, who doesn't agree with the substance of the travel ban, he doesn't think it was well written, he doesn't agree with what the president is doing, he's on MSNBC.
And of course, he also doesn't think that it was rolled out very well.
And he says all that, but he says, but I still think the law favors the administration once you get to the merits, the legal arguments.
Again, we haven't even talked about whether or not these people in these countries should be allowed in, whether they are a security risk or whatever.
That's not even on the table yet.
We're still talking about where they have standing, where they have jurisdiction.
And then he says, I don't agree with many of those, some of those cases.
But he said the courts have been highly deferential to the president.
And they generally don't second guess.
I think the people also have to acknowledge that the Trump administration here is making, listen to this, virtually the identical argument to the Obama administration.
That's Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University on MSNBC.
He goes on to say, the Obama administration argued the president's judgment on administration was largely unreviewable.
He argued that he could even refuse or order the failure to enforce immigration laws.
So for all the Democrats, he said, who are objecting now, I didn't hear a peep of objection from them when just last year these arguments were being made by the same Justice Department.
Do you understand?
When Obama comes in and he issues an executive order, and he says, I'm not going to follow the immigration laws, and I have the prerogative to decide what foreign policy is, if there's risks here, whatever, or to control the borders, and I'm not going to follow the laws, and you have no say-so in this, they say, okay, alright, we'll leave you alone.
Do whatever you want.
But when Trump comes in and says, I'm going to follow the laws, the immigration laws, I'm going to enforce the border laws, I'm going to enforce the borders, I believe these people are a national security risk, the courts say, you can't do that.
And yet it's the same policy, the same policy, not the same policy, but the same legal arguments that are being made here.
And it's the same people from the same Justice Department.
They haven't changed anything yet.
Remember that it was just yesterday when this court decision came out that we even had Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General.
And so these are the same people from the Justice Department that were there with Obama.
And the same thing was done a year ago.
They let Obama do it.
That shows you right there that this is purely politics.
They don't like the travel ban itself.
They don't have a legal issue to stand on here.
So we're not even talking about whether the policy is good or right.
They just don't have the authority to stop this.
Now, Trey Gowdy goes on and looks at this and says, this is about something else as well.
Again, this is the courts doing policy, which is not what they're about.
They're supposed to be referees.
Instead, they are crafting what is happening here, and what they're doing is they're crafting a new right.
A right of immigration into the United States.
Understand, they don't care when the government violates your Fourth Amendment, your Fifth Amendment, your Sixth Amendment, any of those rights, the First Amendment even.
They don't care when the government violates that.
The courts routinely look the other direction.
But when we have foreign citizens who say, I want to come into this country, they say, oh, they've got a right to come in.
Forget about the rights of Americans that are protected with the Bill of Rights.
They routinely shred that.
But when there's a right that is not in the Constitution,
They want to create that, and that's what we see happening here.
Now, this is what Trey Gowdy said.
He said, of course, the Ninth Circuit probably isn't going to stand because they are the circuit court that routinely gets their decisions overturned because they are so highly politicized.
And so he says they have a reputation for being presumptively reversible.
In other words, we're going to see this reversed most likely.
He says, unlike the district court order, there's at least a court opinion at this Ninth Circuit Court that we can evaluate.
In other words, when the guy at the lower level came in,
And said that the states of Washington and Minnesota had standing to sue for foreign citizens.
And said that they were there because their universities were going to somehow be damaged.
And said, OK, we're going to do it.
And then what he said was, I think this is going to succeed.
He didn't say why he thought this was going to succeed.
We're good to go.
That even those unlawfully present in the country have certain due process rights with respect to immigration.
In other words, this is that new right that they're creating.
A right to immigrate in the United States.
See, foreign citizens under globalism, this is what this is, foreign citizens under globalism have rights that Americans don't.
They supersede and are superior to our rights.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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And welcome back.
I'm Ashley Beckford, joined here in the studio with Leanne McAdoo.
And basically, our health is our most important thing.
This is what I'm most passionate about, Leanne.
I don't know about you, but everybody, it seems, here in the InfoWar, we want to continue the InfoWar.
We want to be able to fight.
We don't want to be weak.
And so the bottom line is this, we have to have our health be really, really good.
We have to be our own advocates, you know, for our own health because we can't count on the pharmaceutical companies, we can't count on physicians to be able to, you know, tell us everything we need in regards to our health.
So I'm looking at these articles and I'm really shocked that the number one thing that was surprising for me is e-cigarettes.
We have a study here, a new study recently done that says e-cigarettes are actually bad for your health.
They're saying that actually when you smoke e-cigarettes, it causes more adrenaline to be in your heart than is healthy.
They only looked at 23 people.
This is a pretty small study.
But they compared them to 19 people who had never actually smoked cigarettes.
And what they found that if you already suffer from heart failure, it just contributes to that cardiovascular stress.
So this study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the cardiology version.
And so what do you think, Leigh Ann?
Because a lot of people think that e-cigarettes are so healthy.
And now we're seeing actually they might be more harmful than we originally thought.
And you know, I always kind of felt that way because as someone that doesn't smoke e-cigarettes, if I'm in the same room with people and they're really smoking out the room, it gives me heart palpitations and it gives me a little bit of a headache.
So I definitely know something is going on there.
But they really kind of push it out that it's much better for you than cigarettes.
Of course it is a little bit, but it's not just a complete 180 from what you're doing to your health.
And that's something I think is really important for smokers to understand.
Even with cigarettes and everything, you get that initial calming sensation, but in the long run, it's actually increasing your blood pressure, increasing the adrenaline and the stress, so then that makes you want to go smoke some more because you're still stressed.
And then moving right along, you know, what's sad is that, you know, for women and men, it actually reduces your fertility.
I have two articles here.
One is a study of obese couples.
They're actually saying that obesity really makes it much harder to conceive.
It could actually be up to 60% more difficult.
This is a National Institutes of Health study, and basically they found by studying these 500 couples,
That when you're obese, it actually takes you longer to get pregnant.
Plus, we have another article, physical jobs could reduce women's fertility.
Right, heavy lifting.
And also working non-traditional hours.
So if you're working the late shift, working overtime and you're of childbearing age, you're really trying to have children, that's something you should consider.
Because they studied the biomarkers and found that they were very low in women
With the number of eggs and everything that they had available, if they're in these heavy lifting jobs, which I thought was pretty interesting.
So I guess it's true.
I mean, the social justice warriors try to say, you know, men and women can just do anything, you know, we can all do the same thing.
But you know what?
We each have our own skill sets that we, you know, benefit from.
And why are we going to ignore, you know, the natural biological, you know, reasons that we we are doing these things?
You know, we have to stick kind of to... Men do the heavy lifting.
We have stronger legs so we can carry children around.
Exactly right.
That's why I always tell the guys around here to do the heavy lifting.
That's why you're still here on the planet, man.
So one of the things that all of these different toxins out there cause, of course, is cancer.
So we have an article here that talks about new cancer drugs on the market, but they're actually saying it's not actually boosting survival rates.
What do you think about that?
Well, I mean, this is something that we see again and again and again, that they try to push off some of these natural treatments that people are wanting to try.
They'll take your kids away if you refuse to put them up on chemotherapy or these new cancer drugs.
But meanwhile, if you want to go try cannabis or something like that.
They'll put you in jail.
That's completely off limits.
But then here they have these new cancer drugs on the market.
Few boost survival rates.
A lot of people report that they come out of this situation even worse off.
Their cancer gets exacerbated.
And then something else that just really makes me so angry about Big Pharma, they get you addicted to all these opiates.
Wow, that's insane.
Treatments usually don't even really work.
Like you were saying, there's so many natural things out there like cannabis.
I know here in Texas we have CBD laws, but they're kind of ignoring those laws and they've actually been prosecuting people lately.
And what's really crazy is that we're supposed to be trusting Big Pharma.
We're supposed to be trusting our doctors.
But how can you trust them when you have stories like this?
Over 50 people sue clinic over false Alzheimer's diagnosis.
That is insane.
I mean, 50 people and the story that this article we got up on InfoWars.com, the main person here in the story, Sean Blazek, he was just 33 years old and he knew that he was getting all these concussions from high school football and boxing, that it was catching up with him.
And then he was improperly diagnosed with Alzheimer's and he was about to commit suicide.
Wow, that's awful.
He left letters and things for how to take care of his children and stuff and he was prepared to kill himself because they're saying that the memory loss center director who diagnosed him didn't have a medical or psychology license needed to do it.
So this is the thing, you put your health and your trust into the hands of these licensed doctors with all of their degrees on the wall and you're not allowed to ask questions and it's stuff like this.
You know, they remove the wrong leg if you go to the ER.
Which pretty much brings me to our solutions.
Basically, you can't always go to allopathic physicians, okay?
They have a good purpose.
You know, if your leg's broken, you need to go to the hospital or something like that, you need an allopathic physician.
But for everyday health,
You know, when you're just trying to maintain a good health, you know, you need to look at chiropractors, you need to look at naturopathic physicians, and one of my favorite ones, I have to say, is Dr. Group.
He, of course, has formulated our B12.
We have secret 12 here.
It's so important, B12, we've got this up here.
Many people, and I know I definitely suffer from B12 deficiency because I'm mostly vegetarian, extreme tiredness, lack of energy, pins and needles, sore, red tongue, mouth ulcers, muscle weakness, disturbed vision.
You could even have psychological problems including depression, confusion, problems with memory, understanding and judgment, and it's also really important for your
Nervous system.
Like you were saying, if you don't eat animal products or if you're over the age of 50, of course, consult your doctor.
But it looks like you could be vitamin B12 deficient.
So you need to go ahead and go ahead and get those tests.
Take the B12.
I love how awesome it is, how it just helps give you that extra energy.
Another solution is protein.
You know, a lot of people, especially like you were saying, people who are vegetarians and vegans, it's hard kind of to get that protein.
I mean, there's so many different sources out there, but the average man actually needs 56 grams.
I think for women it's 46 grams.
So that's actually a lot.
So, you know, if you don't have that, your body's not going to be able to make the amino acids, you know, that you need just for basic survival.
And a lot of people aren't aware that they're deficient and they're just like, you know, slowly getting into this chronic disease.
You know, it's all about, right, reducing inflammation, reducing your sugar intake.
These are the kind of things that you can do.
Right, and these are the building blocks of life.
Sugar, protein, and fat.
And a lot of people want to cut sugar and cut fat out of their diet, but then they replace it with a chemical version of the sugar or the fat.
And so your cells, I mean, there's that saying, you are what you eat.
You literally are what you eat.
That's what your cells are made out of.
So we're changing it to these crazy chemicals.
Yeah, exactly.
And speaking of which, just to wrap up here, it's shocking to me that actually the way that you cook your food, of course I don't use a microwave or anything like that, but I have this article, cooking rice incorrectly can actually cause cancer and developmental delays.
So check that out.
I know, I did a video on this earlier this week, avoid arsenic poisoning, do this before cooking rice.
Most of us just don't even, these are things we just don't think about.
Cooking your food in the microwave with the plastic, it's putting those chemicals in there.
And then of course, getting arsenic from not cooking your rice properly.
Check that video out at InfoWars.com.
This is a call to take control of your own health.
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