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Name: 20170210_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 10, 2017
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses the island of Guam, Trump's travel ban, the carbon tax, PPX solar generator system, President Trump's responsiveness to the American people, bureaucratic control over the State Department, and various products available at InfowarsStore.com for health and wellbeing. He also criticizes media coverage of Trump's immigration policies and highlights issues related to judicial review, hypocrisy, and double standards in relation to immigration policies.

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This is a island that at its widest level is what 12 miles from shore to shore and at its smallest level or smallest
Location, it's seven miles between one shore and the other.
Is that correct?
I don't have the exact dimensions, but to your point, sir, I think Guam is a small island.
My fear is that the whole island will become so
Overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.
I stand here as a free slave.
We've seen nothing that we can work, that I can work with President Bush on, and I'm disappointed because I thought that there might be some interest because of what he said in the campaign.
What are we going to do?
How can a president
Who is acting in the manner that he's acting, whether he's talking about the travel ban, the way that he's targeting Muslims, or whether he's talking about his relationship to Putin and the Kremlin.
And knowing that they have hacked our DCCC and DNC.
And knowing that he is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families.
What is Aleppo?
Yeah, in Aleppo.
You are correct.
The fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea?
Stop it.
Bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing, bing.
Stop it.
I've decided we're ending all videos now with bong, bong, bing, bing, bong, bong, bong.
I mean, think of it.
Could you have a better president than somebody like Trump?
So hilarious.
Ladies and gentlemen, we knew it was coming.
The 9th Circuit is reversed.
It's known as the 9th Circus.
80 plus percent of the time.
But Buckley ran in here before the show and reminded me of something.
That's right.
It's the 9th Circuit that multiple times has overturned lawsuits and agreed with public schools saying the American flag is offensive and cannot be worn on any clothing, period.
That's right, you can wear death metal shirts, you can wear Satanism shirts, you can wear Islamic shirts, you can wear Coca-Cola shirts, you can wear La Raza Mecha, Mexican flag shirts, but you cannot wear the American flag according to the Ninth Circuit.
And boy, they're having victory laps on the news, whoo!
You'd have thought that it was just the end for Trump.
Of course, former prosecutors and others and judges are on record saying this is crazy.
The law can be understood by a five-year-old.
But the president had even wider discretion than just a temporary ban, and other presidents have done basically the exact same thing.
This is a huge judicial power grab, and as soon as he gets his first Supreme Court nominee seated, and you've got five to four, it's gonna go down, down, down.
But the problem is, in the meantime, there's big stories on InfoWars.com, there is massive, unprecedented, never-before-seen in U.S.
Revolt by the federal government.
You want somebody to go clean house, he's trying.
The State Department is trying to overthrow Le Pen.
She's in the lead.
They're saying, we're going to say the Russians are behind her.
So our State Department is involved trying to stop the French getting their sovereignty back from the globalist EU project.
And the State Department has now announced this morning
I got up at 6am and it's already been announced that they're going to double the number of refugees that even Hillary was going to bring in if she got elected.
So, understand, they are ignoring Rex Tillerson, they're ignoring the President, they're ignoring the law, they're ignoring everything, just saying the courts are now the President.
The courts are now unelected, our new commanders-in-chief.
In fact, the Ninth Circuit is now above the Supreme Court, the President, everybody.
According to the traitors.
You know, already a thousand people quoted the State Department.
How about the rest of you that signed these letters saying you don't like Trump?
How about that's a list who gets their asses thrown out of there?
Let's purge all these arrogant, snot-nosed, globalist, collaborating enemies.
They are enemies!
The carbon tax has been pushed hard this week.
James Baker, former White House Chief of Staff, was running around doing interviews and speeches pushing the carbon tax in the name of saving the environment with his newly formed Climate Leadership Council.
Mitt Romney tweeted praise for the CLC's new carbon tax plan.
Even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has supported a carbon tax in the past.
This tax would be terrible for the coal industry, which Trump voiced support of during his campaign.
Don't be fooled by the suggested inner workings of this plan, which would sound good to the average Joe.
This is merely a psychological tactic forcing the carbon tax into your subconscious so they can eventually ram it home.
The government will never pay you any money from a carbon tax.
This plan is a red herring.
Bloomberg published a piece praising the carbon tax plan, claiming it will save the world from climate change.
Yes, the bureaucratic exchange of money will stop climate change.
Give me a break.
Really, this is a final attempt by the bought-and-paid-for government to have say over who gets to make what and how much, essentially burying any free market competition in taxes and regulations.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are, Friday, the 10th day of February 2017.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're now, what, three weeks in since the inauguration and how time flies.
And President Trump is devastating the globalists on every front.
He is totally responsive to the American people, responsive to Matt Drudge within hours yesterday.
Just incredible.
But, for every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction.
When I say this, this is not rhetoric.
Okay, this is what's happening.
I've studied U.S.
Everybody knows that I think Andrew Jackson is probably even more interesting than George Washington.
You have to understand the time the man lived in, he did some brutal things, but if you went and saw a Conan the Barbarian movie and somebody did the things that Jackson did in it, you'd say, that's ridiculous, that's impossible.
It's like The Revenant.
Go see The Revenant.
It's historically very, very accurate, an amazing film by an amazing Mexican director.
But the point is, Andrew Jackson lived things like that movie
Hundreds of times and survived when nobody else did.
He was completely charmed.
He had luck that no one could even deal with.
When he was down there as a colonel battling the British in New Orleans, they had ships only a few hundred yards away with hundreds of men shooting at him in cannons for over a day.
And he had to stand up on this big makeshift blockade they put on the road.
And they couldn't kill him.
They were shooting people all around him and he stood there in a big black fur coat just staring at him with his eyes in the night.
It was like a specter completely broke their will.
Nobody talks about Jackson.
No movies are made about him.
But notice in the White House there is a bust of Jackson on a horse and then there's a big painting right behind Trump of Andrew Jackson.
He's the guy that killed the early Federal Reserve they had then.
He's the guy that survived more than 15 duels.
I mean, it's so crazy the stuff Andrew Jackson did, it'll make your head spin.
Let me tell you, George Washington's life was charmed and unbelievable as well, but I gotta tell you, he's easily, easily dwarfed by Andrew Jackson with the sheer magic providence.
And also toughness, like,
He'd get stabbed in duels, shot in duels, bleed for three days, blood everywhere, threw his organs, wouldn't die, would refuse to die.
It was crazy.
By the time he was an old man, he would just like drink big containers of like arsenic and lead just to get up in the morning.
I mean, that's what they did back then.
He was wild.
And somebody really should do a profile on Andrew Jackson because he was something else.
And the fact that Trump's done his research and is modeling himself after Andrew Jackson sends horror into the guts and spines of the enemy.
Because the United States would not be the United States without Jackson.
British intelligence tried to get the South to secede, just like they did a few decades later.
Tried to break the country up.
Jackson knew about it as president.
Killed the plan because he was a southerner.
And I wish they would have listened to him.
Of course, his protege, Sam Houston, president of Texas, and then the governor of Texas when the Civil War was about to start, said, this is a British intelligence setup.
Do not do this.
It's meant to destroy us all.
And of course, he was removed from office and ceremonially by all the young snot noses that knew everything and set up.
So the fact that he's modeling himself after Andrew Jackson,
Who covertly sent in basically the special ops of the day to set up Texas when he was still president.
It's amazing.
See, I'm already going into a history lesson about Andrew Jackson.
Excuse me.
But let me now just just break down the big news here for you.
I have some phone calls coming in that I just cannot ignore.
Hey, good.
Listen, I'm on the air.
I'm gonna have to call you back, okay?
It's alright.
Can't ignore those calls out of D.C.
and New York.
Excuse me.
Getting back to what I was saying here.
If George Washington was America's first founder, the second founder was Andrew Jackson.
And I'm telling you, in the relaunch of America, Trump intends to be number three.
And I guess they say good things come in three.
The trifecta.
And he has the trifecta of the legislative, the executive, and the judicial right now.
The problem is the judiciary is completely and totally out of control.
The Ninth Circuit, known as the circus,
is reversed over 80% of the time.
You'll see the number of 80%, but I went and looked it up.
It's reversed currently about 83% of the time.
It varies.
They're the ones that banned wearing American flags in public schools in California and said that they ruled that it was an offensive bad symbol.
But you can wear a Mexican flag or a motocross symbol or rock and roll.
But the flag triggers people on the mental institutions that masquerade as public schools.
So that's who's doing this, and he'll beat them at the Supreme Court.
And of course, the news is pointing out that Lincoln didn't just criticize judges, Lincoln had judges arrested en masse, as I pointed out a few days ago.
So this claim that Trump mildly criticizing him, they need to be criticized
When the law on what the president can do with aliens who are from outside the country is absolutely crystal.
And every other major country has the same type of laws on the books from Mexico to Russia, from Japan to Chile, from the Dominican Republic to the UK.
It's the same thing.
I have flown in on a plane
To England, and seen another known journalist activist, young lady, with no criminal record, who was flying there as a Canadian citizen to do a report, and they just said, we don't want activists here, we're not letting you in.
They let me in, but I watched them, she got off another plane, we were going through customs at the same time a few years ago, Leanne McAdoo was there, I forget her name, maybe McAdoo if she's here can run and remind me, and there was that young activist, and they just said, no we're not letting you in.
Well, you know, that's their prerogative.
Even though Canada's supposedly part of the Commonwealth, they just didn't let her in.
But they sit there and howl and scream and act like some great crime's been committed by Trump.
So, the same court that says the American flag is offensive has now come out and said that basically judges
Can circumvent Congress and the President and our borders and national sovereignty and the fact that since this country was founded 244 years ago that the President would execute the congressional laws dealing with our border and our military.
That has all been overthrown according to the Ninth Circuit and they are now the Commander-in-Chief.
Now I said this last night in videos we shot live.
That they are involved in an attempt to overthrow the Constitution and have declared themselves above the President or Commander-in-Chief.
Breitbart has an article today saying just that.
That's what this is.
The Ninth Circuit out in San Fran, who says the American flag should not be seen in public, you shouldn't be able to wear it because it's offensive, at public schools, but everybody else can wear it wherever they want.
They're saying openly that they are now over the visa process and laws of this country and can veto any of them.
Truly unprecedented.
It shows you what these activist judges, and you look at the three judges that ruled, they look like total Froot Loops.
I mean, look at them.
But their rulings are even more Froot Loop.
Globalist Rebellion.
Appeals Court rules against Trump, overturns Constitution.
Ninth Circuit has 80% reversal rate at Supreme Court.
State Department, now here's the big news.
State Department doubles refugee inflow since court ruling.
Most from terror-prone countries.
One out of every 1,100 refugees admitted, 346 come from Syria, while 232 originate from Iraq.
And here's the big news.
The State Department is announcing they're going to work to beat Le Pen, who's in the lead, another nationalist.
Now this is Trump's supposed State Department is working against other Trump-type and Brexit-type candidates in the total Soros agenda.
So that shows how Trump is completely surrounded in all these agencies with sickening traitors.
And it's still battling to try to get this agenda through.
State Department doubles refugee inflow since the ruling yesterday evening.
Why not?
State Department and the courts are God.
Forget the President.
You've got bureaucrats and you've got the Ninth Circuit and they say what happens.
And CNN and MSNBC, they're all acting like this is completely normal.
And Twitter and Facebook and Apple and Microsoft as well as Amazon are all celebrating this.
This is a time to battle racism.
That's right.
National sovereignty and the American flag is now racism.
State Department revolt against Trump.
For securing border, Clinton cronies at state doubled the inflow of Muslim migrants after the 9th Circuit ruling.
That's up on Infowars.com by Dr. Jerome Corsi.
And they went further and said, and we will beat Le Pen!
Not their jurisdiction, not supposed to be involved.
And they said, we're going to skip this break.
We're going to promote, listen to this carefully.
We're going to promote the Russia hack narrative.
They're so arrogant that they don't even admit that, you know, that it's real or act like it's real.
Push that narrative.
They just say, oh, we admit it's not true, but we're just going to push that the Russians are going to steal the election in France.
I got to tell you folks, the Russians are all powerful.
Here's a clip of that.
Tonight, new concerns that Vladimir Putin's notorious hacking teams could be trying to influence another election, targeting a key U.S.
A French official tells CNN the French government is concerned about Russian involvement in their upcoming presidential elections, and they're monitoring for possible cyber attacks.
CNN has learned French officials are worried that Putin's hackers will fish for damaging information, using similar tactics to how they targeted Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.
So number one, they never proved Russia hacked anything here.
They called them being on Russian TV supporting Trump some, that that was the influence.
What about the Saudi Arabians?
What about the Communist Chinese?
What about the EU?
What about Hollywood?
What about the whole power structure and Katy Perry and the kitchen sink against Trump and the bitter clingers, the American people and the deplorables?
But see, no, no, it's the Russians.
So now, if anything ever comes out corrupt about officials here in America or in Russia or anywhere else, the Russians did it.
If corruption comes out in Japan or Mexico, the Russians did it.
If your wife catches you cheating on her, the Russians did it.
You know that Brady and others didn't win the Super Bowl Sunday.
You know that there's a meme out there that the Russians did it.
And it's white supremacy!
I'm not joking!
It's white supremacy because there were a few white players on the New England Patriots and that's not right.
Can we pull up some of those memes maybe where they just type in memes, Russians made the Patriots win?
Folks, the Russians didn't make the Patriots win.
Islands don't float.
The Russians didn't attack Korea.
Bush isn't still in office.
These are all real things that current members of Congress believe.
What type of drugs are they on?
We don't know.
What's wrong with Nancy Pelosi?
She looks like an ostrich on PCP.
What's wrong with Maxine Waters?
She looks like she's on another planet.
But the Russians did it.
The Russians did it.
Let's finish up the, oh my gosh, the French might want sovereignty.
The French might not want to be part of the unelected EU they never voted to be part of.
The Russians pulled out of globalism as well 18, 19 years ago.
So the only truth that the Russians did it is the Russians started doing it first after they enjoyed 85 years of New World Order, social engineering, robber baron, proto-globalism.
And thank God, they've partly struggled free from it.
Are there still big globalist combines in Russia?
Still tentacling back, trying to take control of the U.S.?
Just like there's globalist tentacles inside the State Department trying to defeat Le Pen.
I mean, look at this guy!
The French brace for possible election cyber attacks from Russia?
How about the French brace under EU and Islamic invasion?
And a bunch of fifth-column collaborators shelling out their country where it's so dangerous.
I was reading their tourism's down by like 80% the last three years.
It's a hellhole.
With Islamic Jihad people running around who've like mutated and mixed into the whole gangster culture.
It's a joke.
Let's go back to the ridiculous piece.
There's this thing trendies do where they basically wear costumes and they festoon themselves and they dress weird and they want to look strange.
I mean this guy looks like, what cartoon character does he look like?
Like the character that's in Monopoly?
Or Mephistopheles who's wearing a black top hat?
He needs a monocle, or is he in the German high command?
But this is what trendies do.
They go, how do we convince them they don't trust us anymore?
We've tried info, babes.
Roll out trendies to sound real pseudo-intellectual.
Here, don't interrupt him.
Rewind it.
I mean, I want to hear everything this guy has to say.
So again, folks, the Russians are the reason the Patriots won and white supremacy.
Because it's like homophobe, white supremacist, Russian agent.
And you can mix it.
Russian agent, homophobe, KKK.
You can interchange those, but always though the same things in different orders.
This is the great intellectual gravitas we're dealing with.
So let's go back to a guy in a costume.
Okay, here he is.
Let's rewind it again.
This is what the CIA is filled with, is all these foppish, effeminate, weak little nobodies that want to just get off on the secrecy and being able to break into your files and, you know, be over you and the new uber, uber class, the uber mention.
But then meanwhile, everyone hates them.
And so they just roll out these twits, villains out of central casting, to act like the Russians are the only people to ever get involved in elections, and that they're the only ones to ever use sex operatives.
And again, if anybody breaks into anybody's computers and there's criminal activity going on, it's not the fault of the criminal or the pedophiles.
You know that's in the WikiLeaks?
No, no, no!
It's the fault of the Russians, even though it's U.S.
intelligence that leaked almost all of it, and more is getting ready to come out.
So don't worry, my little twit friend.
A lot more is going to be coming out, so let's... Who is this guy, even?
I mean, this guy is unbelievable.
Look at that outfit.
Oh my, and look at the eyes, look at the arrogance.
That guy thinks he is so smart, man.
You know women run from him.
This is a loser, just, just, oh my gosh!
Let's continue, here we go.
Personal accounts of many of these, of many of the leading politicians, and also that of their spouses, their friends, their lovers.
I would think all of those would be very rich targets for people that were brought up in the KGB system.
Hit pause again.
I wonder, does that guy drive like a white van?
Just, I'm just, it kind of fits with the outfit, don't you think?
And then like a, kind of like a onesie, you know, jumpsuit or something?
Oh yeah, around the house, that's what he's wearing.
I wonder if he has like little animals, any little pets and cages or anything.
You know, we're watching you, buddy.
The people.
Let's continue with the report, here it is.
One French official worries Russian hackers will send out fabricated news reports or social media postings that might influence voters' minds.
Pause again.
Like George Soros admittedly spent hundreds of millions the last election flooding social media, having Facebook, Twitter, Google, everybody censor us when we just personally try to say something or do something.
If it goes viral, you block it.
Like you've been doing to us, the whole world ganging up on the American people, and we still kicked your ass, and now you're scared of the French?
Might get loose from you, so blame it on the all-powerful Russians!
Asked if France was safe from cyber attacks similar to those in America, France's defense minister recently said, no, of course, one must not be naive.
Hit pause.
No, we're the socialist globalists, most of us leftovers from the old Soviet Union when it collapsed in Eastern Europe and we're setting up a similar system and our own leaked documents admit we're setting up a new Soviet.
And so people in America and Russia want nothing to do with it.
And so, no, we're not safe.
And so if we do lose, it's the Russians.
That's the reason Le Pen's so popular.
Not that her dad was so popular.
Not that he had other elections stolen from him.
No, no, no.
Everyone loves the millions of Islamists we brought in.
Here, here.
Oh, no, of course not.
Oh, no, no.
Here, continue.
And in recent weeks, U.S.
intelligence officials warned that Putin's government has tried to influence elections across Europe.
Russian hackers are believed to have targeted France before.
In 2015, a powerful cyber attack almost destroyed a top French TV network.
Pause again.
Oh, powerful!
A powerful cyber attack!
The Russians are so powerful!
That's why half their infrastructure's collapsed.
That's why much of Russia's rotting.
Their population is imploding.
And Putin's just trying to stabilize Russia.
And so, again, Russia is the big bad guy.
Let's go back to Mr. Peanutter.
Whatever this guy is, Mr. Creepy.
I mean, let's name this guy.
We need a meme out of this guy.
Who is this guy?
Jason Healy.
Cyber security expert, Columbia University.
I bet you money that Mr. Creepy is a creep.
Look at that guy.
Look at how smart he thinks he is.
I mean, this is a joke.
You send your kids to the mental institutions they call public schools to learn at the feet of this guy.
Here, here, here, here, let's play the rest.
They disrupted TV Mon's television broadcast.
They hacked the Twitter feed.
Listen to the arrogance as he has these little scripted lines he practices all day as he goes in and sits down at CNN with almost no viewers and then just tries to talk with total confidence.
They disrupted LeMans with this precision deadly attack.
But we are onto them now.
Anytime corruption comes out, don't look at the corruption, it's the Russians.
And the Russians run everything.
Do you see my little 18th century beard?
Let's continue.
They got into emails, they did all sorts of things to really disrupt this TV news station.
In the upcoming French elections, analysts say, Putin's got his eye on a far-right candidate.
Who does Putin want to win in France?
Marine Le Pen is one of the Kremlin's favorite politicians.
Because Le Pen wants to break Euro-Atlantic institutions.
Le Pen wants to bring... Alright, we're gonna go to break.
Guys, the globalists have taken over.
They're enslaving us all.
Of course Russia, a sovereign nation, wants it to be defeated.
We should all be praying for it like Donald Trump is.
Hear that?
The Empire.
The globalist, unelected, anti-family, devil empire is burning!
First, Trump submits a temporary travel ban, something legal and lawful, done in the past, based off Obama's list.
Then the Democrats and media spin it, protests ensue nationwide, judges block it, and Trump tweets, see you in court.
Meanwhile, Steve Jern, a U.S.
Marine working in Iraq, posts a viral video explaining to people that if an American walks out on the streets in Iraq, he'd be scooped up and tortured.
Then, 15 hours later, after that video gets viewed millions of times, he gets blocked on Facebook and is evacuated out of Iraq and sent back to America.
Now, hundreds of thousands of Iranians are rallying in the streets, carrying signs and chanting death to America, while a military police band plays revolutionary music, getting hyped up over their enemy.
Let's not forget, terrorists have been taking advantage of refugee programs for years and Assad has just said there are terrorists within the refugees.
Are these judges not treasonous?
You still want to protest the travel ban?
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
You can't script this.
Not a group.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
By the way, folks, I am making a lot of jokes about this today, but it's deadly serious.
We have the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that has banned the American flag in California schools.
Ruled that that is good.
Here it is, Associated Press, saying that the president can't execute faithfully the law that says he can ban people entirely from countries.
Not just do it while they're trying to get a vetting process in place.
Then the media lies and says, oh we already do extreme vetting.
No, you have a bunch of fake passports, fake visas.
Everybody knows that.
And I have a big stack of news on that front.
But we now have the State Department all over.
I mean, while I was playing that clip, I walked out during the break into the control room.
Fox News was on, running the exact same style story, saying, oh my gosh, the State Department's going to have to battle Russians now in France and in Germany, because all over Europe, nations want out of the Euro because they're Russian agents.
No, ladies and gentlemen, Marie Le Pen is a right-wing anti-communist.
Nothing to do with old Russian communism or Russia.
The euro was a quote trade deal that was really a stealth political takeover and the people now know it's true.
So as they have election after election in Germany, pulling out of that globalist model, because the Germans are tired of paying for globalism and tired of the open borders, they're saying that that's Russian agents too!
Again, the Russians did not make the Patriots win.
The Patriots won.
The Russians did not invade Korea.
Maxine Waters.
Nancy Pelosi at the same press conference.
George W. Bush has not been in office in over eight years, sweetheart.
So you look at how dumb the elite are, that's why they're shoveling this propaganda.
But then you look at CNN, it's average show, 100,000 viewers.
Do you understand that in the last seven days, Paul Watson has had 18 million plus views just on YouTube and Facebook?
18 million views.
This show, over 50 million, 60 million views last week, or more.
It was upwards of 80 or 90 if you add Joe Rogan's podcast.
That's people tuning in to what I had to say for almost four hours.
These people are all legends in their own minds.
I don't tell you all these big numbers to make you feel powerful or me feel powerful.
It's that they're that big a joke.
The Super Bowl.
Doesn't have the amount of viewers that we had election week, and that's real, verified numbers.
That's not reach.
That's not how many people could see our video, you know, because Facebook calls it reach.
It says, oh, you've had two billion, you know, reach in the last quarter.
That just means people saw pages that had links or images of your stuff.
Watched, listened, consumed our information.
Eighty-five million.
50 plus million last week.
You add Joe Rogan's podcast, that's now about 40 million.
What are they gonna do?
They're going to try to say we're all Russians, folks.
It's amazing.
But it's not working.
But here's the paradox, and here's the key.
This is Donald Trump's State Department on the news still saying Russians stole the election for Trump and openly criticizing Trump trying to defend our borders and openly siding with the Ninth Circuit in sedition against this country and the American people and our security.
Now you put that in your pipe and smoke that and just let that sink in for a little bit because it's serious.
But let's finish up with a CNN clip where again they're saying, oh and it's not just France you see.
Oh, now they're trying to say the Russians might be involved in Brazil, because they have a nationalist movement.
You see, we've got no immediate response from the Kremlin to the concerns over Russian hacking of the French elections, but Vladimir Putin has, of course, consistently denied ordering the hacks that targeted Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Analysts caution France is not the only US ally which could be in the crosshairs of those Russian hackers.
They say Germany and the Netherlands could also be targeted in their elections coming up this year.
Did you hear that?
So if corruption comes out, I mean the French, the entire Socialist Party, most of their leadership has been caught, it was in the papers the last few years, not paying federal taxes and putting it in Swiss bank accounts.
Or Luxembourg bank accounts.
Or Bahamas bank accounts.
And they've caught the EU bureaucracy, I say catch!
They pass laws where they don't pay the EU tax.
I'm going to say that again.
The bureaucrats exempt themselves from the EU tax in a law.
And then meanwhile, the leftists are indicting people that are more right-wing, like Nicolas Sarkozy, who's been indicted multiple times and continues to be found not guilty, but they don't care.
They just re-indict him.
And I'm not defending Sarkozy, he's a warmonger.
But Nicolas Sarkozy's trial is no surprise.
Fraud is how French conservative politicians seem to earn their money.
No, that's how these bureaucrats operate.
France, for four years, has a 101% tax rate on the poor, the middle class, and the rich.
You say, how do you pay 100% tax?
You're not meant to.
If you're not in the inside party, you get indicted.
Taxes can be used to destroy people.
The power to tax is the power to destroy.
And selective taxation is a form of siege.
Now let me give you these headlines to get to more of these key clips.
Globalist rebellion appeals court rules against Trump.
And Trump must clean house now and make a big issue about what's happening at the State Department.
They are openly trying to say the Russians run the President.
This is the President's State Department under the executive.
This is his employees in open lying revolt with a bunch of offshore globalists trying to overthrow the country.
State Department revolt against Trump for securing the border.
State Department begins efforts to undermine French election and utilize the vast Russian conspiracy, close quote.
First, it used to be a vast right-wing conspiracy, but now it's a vast Russian conspiracy.
And they go, look, Alex goes on Russian TV and has had some top Russians on.
Yeah, just like CNN does.
I'm talking to people.
Judge declares judges can grant immigration visas even when elected president disagrees and are now more powerful than the president and are now the executive branch.
The judges are now declaring that they are the commander-in-chief.
Call it a judicial coup.
Amazon takes victory lap for its role in halting Trump travel ban.
Whole world ganging up together to defeat the American people.
Facebook joins Google to attack Trump on border security.
Assad says some refugees are definitely terrorists.
Yeah, no kidding.
University of Central Florida campus
Progressives start leftist fight club to learn how to viciously attack, from behind with lead pipes even, people they disagree with.
Duke University training students in anti-Trump activism.
But be careful, because I saw them engage in racketeering and assaulting people in DC, and over 100 plus have been indicted for rioting.
Katy Perry song encourages anti-Trump riots.
Big corporate Hollywood mega-banks want to take out our president with the communist Chinese, the Saudi Arabians, the EU, the bureaucrats, the big banks, everything.
Everybody hates Trump but the American people.
Everybody hates Le Pen.
Everybody hates Nigel Farage but the people of England.
It's nation states desperately, simply trying to get their countries back from a global private corporate system.
And they are freaking out as we wake up saying, we don't care if Trump's elected.
We don't care.
We're going to say he's a Russian agent, his own State Department, and we're going to try to stop Le Pen, just like they overthrew the elected government of Ukraine.
The same State Department is announcing that it is in open revolt against the Constitution, against the Bill of Rights, against the Declaration of Independence, against the President, against the Congress, against the rule of law, against the American people, against our security, against our sovereignty.
Donald Trump could have them all arrested just like
Lincoln did.
Lincoln had members of the State Department arrested.
Lincoln had judges arrested and hundreds of newspaper editors arrested because they were in open sedition calling for the overthrow of the Republic.
Now, did he go too far?
Was the North and South played off against each other?
Did my entire ancestral background fight in the South?
You bet they did.
The point is, is that he did all that one million light years more than what Trump's done.
And hey, Trump's a big old Yankee, just like the guy from Illinois was.
So everybody just better get ready, because I'm going to back this Yankee in the attack on our republic and the attempt to completely overthrow this country.
And make no mistake, those aren't words.
I have read a hundred history books on Andrew Jackson.
I've read probably 15 on
Thomas Jefferson, 20 or so on Washington, probably 6 or 7 on Lincoln.
Probably read 20 books on the Civil War.
Watched tons of documentaries on PBS.
I mean, I studied it.
I could go into a college with a professor that teaches the Civil War and stand my own with him.
I know what I'm talking about!
I'm not some pseudo-intellectual here.
I'm not bragging either, but I've done my homework because it's so interesting.
And Donald Trump could have the people in the State Department who openly worked with Soros the last few years to overthrow countries, and they're now trying to do it here, he could have them arrested right now.
He could send the Marines in right now to put them in irons and drag them before juries and grand juries for sedition.
We think sedition is working with, like, the Chinese, even though they are working with the globalists, or the Russians.
That's why they say we're doing this, because they want to shut our speech down claiming it's sedition.
When they're the ones involved in open sedition, and big news coming... Big news coming soon on who the leakers are in the White House.
On Monday, we're putting together investigative reports.
On Monday, we're going to tell you who the leakers are.
There is a coup at every level against President Trump.
That's why he's racing to cut your taxes, racing to stabilize the economy, racing to trump up the economy.
A Trump bubble, which he admits is a bubble, but man, we're trying to blast off as stuff is melting down.
We're trying to get off Krypton here, folks, as it is going down the proverbial molten drain.
So, Katy Perry wants you to go out and riot and attack, but watch out, 146 anti-Trump protesters facing felony rioting charges from Inauguration Day.
And I say, beating up women and children?
They're being indicted with felonies.
That's day one of the new Attorney General.
You want to beat women over the head and stuff in a mass criminal action?
You're going to get indicted!
And then they're going to find out about your Soros funding and start rolling up through the chain.
Oh, and pedophiles!
Let me give you a little newsflash.
Trump's coming for you and your bosses.
I know!
You're fighting for your lives now.
You're openly in sedition.
I know!
And we're just going to sit back,
Let you get enough rope to hell hang yourselves.
So just get ready.
Because national sovereignty is exploding worldwide.
Senate confirms new Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who's a doctor!
And actually has some sensible ideas on how to repeal Obamacare.
How you like that?
Pat Buchanan writes for WorldNetDaily, Trump must break judicial power.
State Department whistleblower.
Refugee program full of fraud.
Dan Lyman.
New era of justice.
Sessions vows to tackle cartels.
Illegal immigration.
Because that's what a sovereign country does.
It's big league time.
Trump promises a phenomenal tax cut plan for businesses in coming weeks as stocks notch record close in anticipation.
GOP frets over too high expectations though.
Now I've got Paul Joseph Watson's incredibly important report.
That is the key to victory that I want to air.
I've got loaded guests here, but I may have to cancel some guests because Trump has a press conference coming up in about 15 minutes.
He's always a little bit late, but we'll be carrying that.
Bottom line, we'll be playing excerpts of it regardless.
I do have a lot of guests today, but Nico's done a great job getting all the guests I wanted, but Bracken pops in a lot.
He might just ride shotgun during the press conference.
...has really found the keys to the kingdom, documenting the actual plan to turn colleges into giant mental illness factories, to make you mentally ill gibbering idiots so you don't know you were sold worthless degrees, and to prepare you for assimilation into the corporate borg system and to make sure you hate families so you automatically self-censor and don't have kids.
So it's basically a death cult brainwashing, soul-sucking system.
Not attacking you that have degrees.
Everybody knows 90% of the degrees are worthless or actually are negative value.
You have to pay for the toilet paper.
And it's metaphysical toilet paper so you can't even wipe your end with it.
Rappaport's got a big report on that he broke down yesterday.
That hour, I listened to that hour last night.
It was just his voice and just his focus and his understanding and his gravitas.
It's just, you know, John Rappaport deserves to be a superstar.
I mean, he's popular, he's a great writer, great researcher, investigative journalist, but he just is a piece of work.
I mean, just...
Don Rappaport.
You know, I want to get more board ops, more people, more folks to run shows, and keep working with GCN.
I'm not in competition with GCN.
I love Ted and love GCN, but more people like Rappaport need daily shows.
The problem is talk radio is geared to three-hour shows.
Someone like Rappaport probably couldn't do that.
Or doesn't want to do that, but it's just so good.
He's so informed.
Because when you're really researched like I am, you hear somebody that's researched as well, and they just so lovingly lay it all out.
It's just soothing to be freed from the bondage.
With me, it's more like a desperate barking dog trying to warn people about the enemy breaking in the house.
But with Rappaport, it's just like, here, let's remove that mind control.
Let's just take all that away.
I was very upset yesterday about the New World Order and I was listening to him driving to a company meeting last night and then driving home and it was jealous for the whole hour.
And I got in bed last night with a phone and I was listening to it and I went to sleep listening to Rappaport.
And no, I don't have a crush on Rappaport.
Before those memes start.
I love memes that attack me, they're so funny.
I actually encourage people to do it.
The point is, is that
That's why the memosphere loves me.
Because we like to have fun.
But Rob Port's awesome.
He's going to be joining us.
Another awesome guy who was doing all the cool 18th century, 19th century facial hair before everybody else was doing it.
Founder of Vice.
But see, he has the face to pull it off, so it looks good on him.
Not on the Count Dracula guy we showed earlier.
Gavin McGinnis is going to be joining us.
He's been getting physically attacked by these people and fighting back all over the country.
So they're actually panicking.
So that's all coming up.
I'm going to go to this break, though, and we come back.
I've got a bunch of clips I haven't gotten to yet that deal with CNN compares Islamic terror to lightning.
Meanwhile, the FBI says it cannot vet Syrian refugees, though our media says they're all vetted.
Just total lie.
Whistleblower reveals passport fraud.
Trump on border wall says he wasn't kidding.
That's coming up.
Then I've got Paul's report.
Conservatism is the new counterculture.
Why is that important?
The left is all about how they're cool, they're anti-establishment, when they're the ultimate establishment.
Trump is the ultimate outsider.
The big golden bull in the China cabinet.
Wrecking their dreams, now becoming nightmares.
Their nightmares are our dreams.
And so, uh, it just, it's a very powerful piece Paul did.
It's only gonna get like 3 million views, I think.
Which is terrible, because it's one of his more important videos.
It should get 20 million like his other ones.
But, you know, we'll still take 3 million.
I mean, come on.
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Baby, baby, please don't go.
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How dare the globalists get involved in our families?
In the ancient, eternal relationship between men and women.
How much fathers love their daughters, how much mothers love their sons, and vice versa.
Trying to turn the species itself against each other.
Women, believing they're empowered because they see men falling before them, and the system collapsing.
And then they're so unhappy because they're married to a state that's there to take all their resources away and only give them a culture of death.
Speaking of culture of life, the Surgeon General
The American Dental Association get it right when they say a lot of heart attacks are associated with bacteria that get into the bloodstream and create plaques inside the arteries and veins and inside the ventricles of the heart because they're first able to have colonies develop inside the teeth or on the gum line and then get into the bloodstream.
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The radio stations carrying this show are on the front lines of really battling for the future of this country and now it's so clear as global government is in crisis
You are listening to GCN.
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First, Trump submits a temporary travel ban, something legal and lawful, done in the past, based off Obama's list.
Then the Democrats and media spin it, protests ensue nationwide, judges block it, and Trump tweets, see you in court.
Meanwhile, Steve Jern, a U.S.
Marine working in Iraq, posts a viral video explaining to people that if an American walks out on the streets in Iraq, he'd be scooped up and tortured.
Then, 15 hours later, after that video gets viewed millions of times, he gets blocked on Facebook and is evacuated out of Iraq and sent back to America.
Now, hundreds of thousands of Iranians are rallying in the streets, carrying signs and chanting death to America, while a military police band plays revolutionary music, getting hyped up over their enemy.
Let's not forget, terrorists have been taking advantage of refugee programs for years, and Assad has just said there are terrorists within the refugees.
Are these judges not treasonous?
You still want to protest the travel ban?
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
You can't script this.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming up soon, Trump scheduled this hour to have a press conference to respond to the Ninth Circuit, the same court that ruled three years ago that American flags are hurtful and can be banned from California schools.
Remember, they're reversed 80% of the time, but a lot of times, higher courts don't hear it.
Like the Supreme Court, that is its higher court.
But right now, let's go to a clip here.
CNN compares Islamic terror to lightning.
Well, yeah, because we haven't brought in as many here.
But if you're in the Middle East or areas of Europe, thousands and thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, are being killed a year.
And so we're bringing in incompatible, oppressive groups to this country.
Meanwhile, Trump has increased letting in refugees from the Middle East that are Christian, that are real refugees, but the media is silent on that.
That story is on Infowars.com right now, but here's part of the CNN propaganda.
You know that more Americans are killed by lightning strikes every year than by terrorism, so how much do you want Americans to worry about terrorism here?
Well, I would just tell you, if you go to the nightclub, the gay nightclub in Orlando,
Yeah, we did go there.
How about the 300,000 killed in Syria?
But this is purposeful.
It's death.
Let's stop right there.
It's like saying lightning kills more people than rattlesnakes every year.
Lightning kills a lot of people.
Hundreds and hundreds.
So can we put rattlesnakes in our beds at night because only a few hundred people die a year from them?
I mean, it's crazy.
The numbers we have are like 50 a year.
When you look at terrorism worldwide, it's in the tens of thousands, and it's mainly against Christians, and it's massively exploding.
Let's go to the next piece, though.
This is a flashback.
FBI cannot vet Syrian refugees.
But you watch the news.
I had Der Spiegel here a couple days ago, and the guy with the straight face kept looking at me going, Alex?
It's extreme vetted.
These are all vetted.
These are all safe.
And I'm like, Sudan and Libya are failed states.
They have fake passports you can make up on a computer.
That's it.
I have all the articles.
Oh, come on, Alex.
So they talk to you like you're stupid because you're informed, and they just make this look like you're wrong, even though you know you're right.
Like, Obamacare's free, Alex.
There's no penalties, Alex.
Yes, there is.
It's right here in the bill.
Alex, stop being racist.
Before this committee, Assistant Director Steinbeck said that the concerns in Syria is that we don't have the systems in place on the ground to collect the information to vet.
That would be the concern.
Databases don't hold the information on these individuals.
Is that still the position of the department?
Yes, I think that's the challenge we're all talking about, is that we can only query against that which we have collected.
And so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interests reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but we're not going to, there'll be nothing show up because we have no record on that person.
That's what Assistant Director Steinbach was talking about.
You can only query what you've collected.
And with respect to Iraqi refugees, we had far more in our databases because of our country's work there for a decade.
This is a different situation.
Now, let me tell you what the customs officials really want to do, and this information is classified, but they classify everything, and so I'm just going to tell you, and I've been aware of this for a decade.
Google has software where you can take a picture of somebody and run it on your computer, and it's free software, and it'll find that person.
He can also, you know, have picture match where it's the exact picture and they find it really quick, in seconds, and where it came from.
They at the border, when these people have fake passports, they don't know who they are, they want to just take their picture, run it against a database of the internet, to pop up that indeed they're really a jihadi on their own Facebook.
Because these people are so arrogant, they'll have their own Facebooks showing they're a terrorist.
Nobody needs to be introduced to Milo.
He's one of the biggest media icons out there now.
Not just because they protest him and try to block his free speech, but he's also an articulate guy.
And his book, Dangerous, is already number one on Amazon a month before it even comes out.
Well, thank you so much.
Thank you for having me.
How are you, darling?
And interestingly, the three books at the top of the Amazon bestsellers this morning are The Handmaid's Tale, 1984, and Me.
And I think it's some indication of how America is feeling about the ruling elite.
Why do you think they're so politically blind to the fact that what they're doing is turning the world against them?
And why do you think the elites continue to fund an attempt at civil war, cop killing, you name it?
Well, I think it's arrogance.
I think it's complacency.
For 30 years, the left has run academia, it's run the entertainment industry, and it's run the media unopposed, you know, and unchallenged.
And it's been able to lay down the law about what you can say, what you can read, how you can dress.
You know, political correctness, language codes, speech policing have become embedded in the last decade because the left basically hasn't had a credible or
We're good to go.
Sorry, this global nationalist populist uprising.
It's very exciting to watch for those of us, you know, like you and I, who share so many sympathies with people who are voting out of frustration with the elite.
Even when Trump comes out and says, I like the Patriots, been friends with the quarterback and the coach and the owner for years, they make it then about white supremacism, even though it's black players that, you know, I mean, won the game.
I mean, along with the... It's just crazy.
It just shows how they project their race obsession on everything.
That's exactly what happened.
These people are obsessed with interpreting the world through the prism of skin color, sexuality, and gender.
And they assume everybody else does it like they do.
But we don't!
Which is why the rest of us, and I mean the rest of us, because the social justice contingent, Hollywood, media, the entertainment industry, academia, and a couple of bozos on Twitter have been exposed as the minority.
And for a long time, we were thinking, God, is it just us?
Okay, the Japanese Prime Minister has already come out to the podium.
President Trump is set to any minute now at the White House.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We're into hour number two.
Matt Bracken is here with us just the next 25 minutes.
Former Navy SEAL, best-selling author, researcher, anti-terrorism expert who we like to pop in.
We appreciate that.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
We're obviously going to be carrying part of this press conference and then excerpts of it later.
While Matt's talking some, we'll have split screen for TV viewers with the president so you can see what he's saying in the closed caption.
But they are about to speak, so let's go to a few minutes of that live right now.
To the very famous White House, you honor us with your presence.
This is one of our earliest visits from a foreign leader.
And I am truly glad that it could be from such an important and steadfast ally.
The bond between our two nations and the friendship between our two peoples runs very, very deep.
This administration is committed to bringing those ties even closer.
We are committed to the security of Japan,
And all areas under its administrative control and to further strengthening our very crucial alliance.
The US Japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace and stability.
In the Pacific region, it is important that both Japan and the United States continue to invest very heavily in the alliance to build up our defense.
He'll probably make his comments here in a moment about the ruling last night and then we'll get on back to the broadcast, but this is important.
Let's go back to the President.
Ultimately, they will be impenetrable.
We face numerous challenges and bilateral cooperation is essential.
Our country is committed to being an active and fully engaged partner.
We will work together to promote our shared interests, of which we have many in the region, including freedom from navigation and of navigation.
And defending against the North Korean missile and nuclear threat, both of which I consider a very, very high priority.
On the economy, we will seek a trading relationship that is free, fair, and reciprocal.
Benefiting both of our countries.
The vibrant exchange between us is a true blessing.
Japan is a proud nation with a rich history and culture.
And the American people have profound respect for your country and its traditions.
By the way, Japan's about to give us a lot better deals.
They already met it because we're now allies against China.
There's a secret alliance with Russia.
Globalist know that we're about to take down the EU for a link up our armed forces Working together our two countries have the ability to bring greater harmony stability and prosperity to the Pacific region and
See, the Chinese broke the deal that Kissinger made with him in the 70s with Nixon, that they wouldn't be military, but they could dominate economics.
They double-crossed, broke the deal, and that's the pivot.
We will soon be traveling to the great state of Florida.
Okay guys, I'm going to go to Bracken.
I think I'll go to the Prime Minister now.
As soon as Trump comes back and starts making comments on the 9th Circuit, I'm going to go to him, okay?
That's President Trump live.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL, terrorism expert, author, is our guest.
And again, we'll come back to Trump as soon as he gets into anything on the 9th Circuit or other big announcements, but I believe they're going to the Prime Minister now.
Going back to Matt.
Matt, we're witnessing open rebellion against the President.
The State Department says they're going to work to stop Le Pen getting elected in France, who's just a basic nationalist like Trump, or the whole Brexit movement in England.
We have them openly siding with the State Department, doubling the amount of refugees that are coming in outside of the President's order.
They're in open sedition.
The Ninth Circuit that ruled that American flags can be banned in California schools has now come out and ruled against clear law the President can engage in.
In fact, the President's been very restrained, quite frankly.
This is just unbelievable to see the mainstream media, the globalists, the communist Chinese,
Hollywood calling for insurrection, Katy Perry calling for riots, major publications daily calling for the president to be killed.
What would you call this moment we're at right now?
This is the political schism that we're seeing.
We just haven't witnessed the Fort Sumter moment yet, which I think could come at any time.
But the judges are clearly in open rebellion against the Constitution.
There's nowhere in my Constitution does it say that a couple of left-wing federal judges supersede the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief on immigration.
They didn't even reference the law in their decision.
That's right.
A five-year-old can tell the law.
They have no purview in this area.
Aren't they declaring themselves?
I said this last night.
Stephen Bannett said it today in Breitbart.
These three judges are declaring themselves the Commander-in-Chief.
Yeah, why at this point, why couldn't they just, you know, demand that an aircraft carrier turn around and go off from country A to country B?
I mean, they're declaring themselves to be, you know, the superior part of the of the Constitution.
And in the Constitution, Article One deals with the Congress for like three or four pages in my little booklet.
And there's, you know, like two, two and a half pages on the president.
Then it's about one page on the judiciary.
And it even says that Congress
Gives the cases to the judiciary that it wants to give to the judiciary.
And can override them.
And can override them.
It just takes political will.
But it's easier for cowardly, you know, cuck politicians to punt and just, you know, run for cover, stay in their cushy job and let the judiciary make the decisions.
But we're about at the end of that thread.
That's right.
They're in such a bubble that they don't get that the mega tsunami, as you called it, of liberty is here.
They may hold it back for a while, but not for long.
I mean, the law could not be clearer.
And the president's purview could not be clearer.
I think that the liberal politicians and judges are playing checkers and they just jumped one piece.
And they're celebrating.
They're all high-fiving.
They don't realize they're playing 3D chess against Trump.
And he's thought this out months and years ahead of them.
They've been like little lobsters that just walked right into a lobster trap.
And now they're chewing on the bait and they think that they've really put one over on the man.
But all they've done is swim right into Trump's trap.
Anything now that happens, the next San Bernardino or Orlando is going to be laid right on their doorstep.
That's Schumer, that's Pelosi, that's these federal judges.
They won't be able to run for governor.
Absolutely, what's wrong with them?
Why don't they do what's popular and constitutional?
Why are they committed that any idiot can tell, playing checkers, they're walking right into Trump's trap?
I mean, Pelosi doesn't know that Trump's even president.
She says Bush is.
In the same press conference, Waters believes that Russia actually attacked
Uh, Korea.
I mean, these people are insane.
Why does the bull charge the matador because he's waving a flashy red blanket in front of him?
You know, the matador's got the sword behind that blanket every time.
The matador wins 99% of the time.
But the bull can't help it.
The Red Bandera or whatever it's called, and it has to charge.
This is the downfall of the Democrats.
Their Trump hatred has blinded them to the long game.
The next big act of terror, never mind another 9-11, the next San Bernardino or Orlando... They own it.
It will be their albatross.
They totally own it.
What about, what about how he trolled them and got them to cover Islamic terror by pointing out they've been under-reporting it?
I mean, they just, they don't seem to get it that they're not in an air superiority game anymore, where they have a monopoly and nobody can counter them.
That's right.
And it's, and it kind of reminds me in a, in a kind of a perverse way, you know, we're just finding out now that almost two-thirds of our Navy fighters can't fly.
We're good to go.
They haven't yet sussed onto the fact that they're in a new era.
They're in the Infowars Breitbart era.
The mainstream media now just gets trolled and they just actually are following the Democrats and the judges into the same trap.
They're going to own Islamic terrorism.
What Trump has done is really brilliant.
He has put the Democrats, and I use a capital R with that, I call them the rats,
He's put the Democrats in the same leaky boat with the Islamic terrorists.
So they're now the same target in the same boat.
Chuck Schumer is in the same boat with the next Omar Mateen.
He doesn't know it yet.
So again, I'm going to ask you a question.
You're a smart guy.
I'm serious.
What's wrong with them?
They seem so arrogant, like they have some secret weapon, but studying history and other megalomaniacs, they're delusional.
I think the Democratic Party's Soros leadership is truly insane because they're in such cloistered bubbles.
The Democrats have three to one money the Republicans have.
They're really the rich
Powerful KKK party that's always used race politics.
I'm not saying all Democrats are bad, but let's just look at their history.
The Republican leadership is just as cloistered, just as delusional, just as, you know, ivory-towered as they are.
And I don't think they understand that they are basically dead already politically.
I mean, what do you think's going on with them?
I mean, who the hell thinks that Bush is still president and that Russia attacked Korea?
Or that the Russians stole the election?
Delusions are extremely powerful.
Brainwashing works when you are in a cloistered thought bubble.
You know, you're kind of like the Japanese on some island in the Pacific.
You can't come to grips with a new reality.
You're going to be like the Japanese, you know, running off the cliffs in Saipan because you just can't come to grips with the fact that the other side is actually winning now.
And you've just got to, you know, turn the page and wake up.
They haven't turned the page.
They can't turn the page.
I have relatives even that
I'm shocked.
If you go to their Facebook page, it's, I hate my whiteness.
It's like, wait, when did the Irish, when were the Irish the oppressors of the world that you, you know, everything on the page is, I hate my own heritage.
I hate capitalism.
I hate my ethnicity.
And if you don't hate it, then I hate you.
If you don't hate your white privilege, then you're evil and deserve to die!
And a drug company move to try to put half the kids at least, or young men and women, on psychotropics.
And that's why they're, quote, triggered, is they've turned the colleges into giant mental institutions.
Well, not only the colleges, the smartphone generation generally is addicted to electronic heroin.
I mean, it is a powerful addiction.
If you do put brains in the MRI, and you put the kid in the MRI and you yank away the smartphone, it's just as if you took a junkie's needle away from them and smashed it.
They absolutely go into meltdown.
What will help happen in this country, God forbid the internet goes down, the grid goes down, without a little magic box to tell you which way to turn and what to think,
They're incapable of normal life just out in the meat space, in the oxygen environment.
What's going to happen anytime we're in a kind of a crisis where
Their little magic box is gone.
We have literally raised an entire generation now of electronic heroin addicts.
Look at 140 plus of the people that attack me and women and children in front of me trying to get into the Trump events.
Really nasty people.
They've been indicted for rioting and assault and basically racketeering.
But meanwhile they've got Katy Perry in the media and the colleges teaching how to go out and put concrete inside, you know, what looks like
Styrofoam tubes or paper tubes so the police let you have it and then they hit you over the head with it and then you're gonna end up getting indicted now one day after Sessions gets in and already they're being indicted.
So the rule of law is coming back.
They're already arresting pedophile networks all over the country.
People better realize folks the reason the left is fighting so hard is they represent a lot of criminal underground groups and they know their time is basically running out.
Daniel Halper, New York Post.
I'm curious about yesterday's ruling in the Ninth Circuit Court.
Has it caused you to rethink your use of executive power?
And how will you respond?
And will you sign new executive orders, perhaps a new travel ban?
Will you roll over to the totally legal order of the Joe court?
I'm curious about your reaction to America's withdrawal from the
Well, your question was unrelated to what we're here for today, but I'll answer it.
We are going to keep our country safe.
We are going to do whatever is necessary to keep our country safe.
We had a decision which we think we'll be very successful with.
It shouldn't have taken this much time because safety is a primary reason.
One of the reasons I'm standing here today is the security of our country.
The voters felt that I would give it the best security.
So we'll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country.
You'll be seeing that sometime next week.
In addition, we will continue to go through the court process.
And ultimately, I have no doubt that we'll win that particular case.
This is a press conference from the White House.
Now, in the world, we are also facing the issues of refugees and terrorism.
We need to work closely together on these global issues.
Japan will not let one Muslim in.
We have always played our own role, but we would continue to work with international cooperation.
They want to kill people for their views?
You don't come in our country.
In a commercial amount of terrorism, zero.
And each of our country has immigration control scheme as well as policy on immigration as well as refugees.
These are to do with domestic affairs of that country so I would refrain from making any comments.
Thank you, Mr. President.
I'd like to pick up where Daniel left off, if you don't mind.
You said earlier this week, and I'm quoting for you, you said, I've learned a lot in the last two weeks, and terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand, but we're going to take care of it.
Based off of what you have learned, and now knowing that your executive order is at least temporarily on hold.
Do you still feel as confident now as you have been at any point that you and the administration will be able to protect the homeland?
And, Mr. Prime Minister, thank you.
I would just like to pick up... Yeah, what happens when the jihadis attack again?
Do you feel it's a mistake that the United States has at least signaled its intention to withdraw from the deal?
Thank you both.
I feel totally confident that we will have
Tremendous security for the people of the United States.
We will be extreme vetting, which is a term that I developed early in my campaign because I saw what was happening.
And while I've been president, which is just for a very short period of time, I've learned tremendous things that you could only learn, frankly, if you were in a certain position, namely president.
And there are tremendous threats to our country.
We will not allow that to happen.
I can tell you that right now.
We will not allow that to happen.
So we'll be going forward.
We'll be doing things to continue to make our country safe.
It will happen rapidly.
And we will not allow people into our country who are looking to do harm to our people.
We will allow lots of people into our country that will love our people and do good for our country.
On TPP, of course we are fully aware of President Trump's decision.
On economic issues, we will be discussing at the working lunch to follow.
As for Japan and the United States,
That's right.
Okay, that's good.
The United States has been in alliance with Japan.
Japan's one of the only countries that's actually invested here and built factories all over the United States.
More than Ford and other companies.
There's like a whole bunch of their factories right here in Texas.
And so that's good.
The multilateral agreements are sucker deals for the U.S.
Here we are, either the first or second most powerful economy in the world.
When you join one of these multi-dozen countries, Brunei plus Vietnam outvote us.
That's right.
Let's expand.
We are the biggest economy.
China's got all frogs on stock market numbers.
It's a paper tiger, a paper dragon.
It's about to collapse.
But we've been de-industrialized.
We've got to build that back.
We don't have a country.
Closing comments on just the whole situation in the next minute.
Matt Braggin.
Well, I think that Trump is thinking way ahead on this.
He's very brilliantly maneuvered the Democrats into stampeding into this, what they think is a victory.
It's going to be a very hollow victory for them because the first act of Islamic terrorism in this country, the Democrats own it 100%.
Then it's going to demolish them in 2018.
It's going to also stiffen the backbones of Congress, Republican Congress.
It's crazy.
They have no right under any, in 200 plus years, no one, courts have never acted like this.
This is insane.
The law is completely understandable.
This is three judges usurping the power of the president as commander-in-chief.
They might as well move into the White House.
I agree.
All right, Matt Bracken, thank you so much.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you.
We'll be back with John Rappaport on why are the colleges so brainwashed?
What's wrong with these young adults?
Well, it turns out it's a scientific plan to turn them into the gibbering maniacs they are.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The carbon tax has been pushed hard this week.
James Baker, former White House Chief of Staff, was running around doing interviews and speeches pushing the carbon tax in the name of saving the environment with his newly formed Climate Leadership Council.
Mitt Romney tweeted praise for the CLC's new carbon tax plan.
Even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has supported a carbon tax in the past.
This tax would be terrible for the coal industry, which Trump voiced support of during his campaign.
Don't be fooled by the suggested inner workings of this plan, which would sound good to the average Joe.
This is merely a psychological tactic forcing the carbon tax into your subconscious so they can eventually ram it home.
The government will never pay you any money from a carbon tax.
This plan is a red herring.
Bloomberg published a piece praising the carbon tax plan, claiming it will save the world from climate change.
Yes, the bureaucratic exchange of money will stop climate change.
Give me a break.
Really, this is a final attempt by the bought-and-paid-for government to have say over who gets to make what and how much, essentially burying any free market competition in taxes and regulations.
This is Owen Schroyer for InfoWars.com.
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
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I have lost 50, 60 pounds of fat.
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Exclusively at Infowarslife.com.
That's Infowarslife.com.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on.
Or you're mine.
Oh, there was something so pleasant about that place.
And so much space.
I know exactly what he's talking about, Gnarls Barkley.
And when you're out there... But it wasn't because I didn't know enough.
I knew too much!
Ha ha ha!
Crank it up for a minute.
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
I told you Trump was gonna win and everything else we told you?
To make me crazy?
Because I know where this planet's going?
In a world of slaves, somebody who's free looks pretty crazy, don't they?
People think they're in control of junk.
There is no control.
Ha ha!
Bless your heart!
All right, Gavin McGinnis was going to be on in the next hour, and Rappaport was going to be on now, but Rappaport has been nice enough to flip with us because of scheduling issues, and I know how those are.
I had to cancel a lot of interviews earlier in the week because my grandmother died Saturday.
But Gavin McGinnis, the big TV star, movie star, founder of Vice, a bunch of videos of people trying to beat him up at their events and getting beaten up.
How dare you attack me and hit back!
I mean, literally, I'm just watching Trump.
He's like, I hugged the Japanese Prime Minister.
We hugged in the tower together.
We love each other.
We're gonna have a big defense pack against China and the Japanese president's getting all excited.
I mean, with Trump, he's so real, people just don't even know what to do anymore.
The golden toad!
But meanwhile, they're organizing, attacking people at colleges, fight clubs, you name it.
This is a...
This is a crazy, crazy, crazy time to be alive.
We're going to go to that Trump clip coming up where he talks about that in a few minutes.
But Gavin McGinnis joins us again.
Paul Watson shot a video that's up on Infowars.com.
I'm going to air it later if we have time.
It's, conservatism is a new counterculture.
And of course, he really calls it cultural libertarianism.
But it's true.
I mean, Paul Watson.
Literally is getting like 15, 20, 30 million views a week just on Facebook and YouTube.
In many ways, he's outstripped me.
I mean, we're huge on talk radio and reach tens of millions, you know, every day or so.
We have our stable audience.
But I love seeing Paul.
And I love seeing Gavin McGinnis.
And I love seeing Milo just rock star level.
When I went to a school event the other day,
For my son and my daughter, you know, doing their speech class, and the whole school was there, or auditorium.
I got mobbed by young people, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, because that was the grades that were having their speeches.
But they just were mobbing me because they wanted to know about Paul Watson and Gavin McGinnis and Milo.
But it was like Paul Watson and Gavin McGinnis.
So let me tell you, man, that's what's got to scare them, because Paul Watson has said it, and I want your take on this.
Do we not have Generation X in the classrooms being told they're evil white males?
But it's not just the white kids, it's the Hispanic kids, it's the Asian kids, the black kids.
Everybody is sick of this crap as children.
They inherently know they haven't done anything and their parents haven't either.
They were brought up liberal and they're sick of hearing they're bad and they understand the man and the brainwashing when they see it, Gavin.
Well, they made a fatal mistake.
You see, their narrative doesn't have truth on its side, and it may have worked if back in the Dewey Decimal System days, when you had to go to the library to look up whether what your teacher was saying is true or not.
But they did it in the information age.
They did it when we could just Google it, and we hear, white men are evil, western society sucks, America's a racist hellhole, and they just go to YouTube, they go to Google, they look it up, they go, wait a minute,
Everything my teacher's saying is a lie!
And when reality isn't on your side, when your narrative is the opposite of the truth, you should shy away from any information.
Like, we're noticing this with cops and body cams.
They said, we need cops to be responsible.
We want body cams.
The cops said, sure.
And now we're seeing these kids are pointing guns at them before they get shot.
Wow, we've only got like 20 minutes with you.
Where to start?
I mean, what do you make of Trump's first three weeks?
Just, just, I mean, your top, your top points.
Well, here's what, you talked about a bunch of different things, and I think they all do convalesce, is that the word?
That's right.
Mainstream media is done, right?
Fox News, ABC, they're all watched by 70-year-olds who aren't invested in society.
You also have, our side just ended up being the cool, fun side.
Like when I did my talk at NYU last week and got pepper sprayed, I'm looking at the guys we're with.
And they're a hell of a lot more diverse, especially when you include class, than these Antifa kids.
The Antifa kids are all living with their parents.
92% live with their parents.
They're all sons of professors.
They're all rich, white squares.
And the second we started punching back, they started screaming for police.
And I gotta say, I've been in a few fights, but there's nothing funner than fighting these so-called anti-fascists.
Well, I watched the video.
They run up and punch you and others in the back of the head, and then you just grab them and start beating the daylights out of them, and they start squealing for money.
Well, the NYU wouldn't let my guys in.
They locked the doors.
So my guys were stuck with the mob, and they went, OK, and just started boom, boom, boom, plowing through them.
Two of our guys went to jail for defending themselves.
They'll get out soon enough.
I mean, they did get out, but the court date won't matter.
I think it'll just be a violation.
It was really fun.
One of my guys said he started to feel bad because they had clearly never been in a fight before, and he was just pounding them in the face, feeling guilty.
You know, like in World War II with the Russians, they just used so much human fodder that I think the Germans started to feel bad about killing all these Russians.
That's what it was like fighting these guys.
It was just, oh, my fists are starting to hurt.
Well, I gotta tell ya, it's incredible though, but the way, the fact that they're getting in the street, down to their mother's basements, as you said, 90% live with their parents, most of them are virgins, they never date, they're really scared of the world, it's kinda good they're coming out and getting their ass kicked and starting a fight, so I'm sure you saw the articles all over the country, they're training now to fight us and attack us, you know, as if
25 years of fighting that I've had, until I stopped fighting, and you know, the court cases, and the people in comas, and all the rest of it, teaching me not to do it anymore, even if they start to fight.
I mean, it's like, you don't have 25 years, guys.
You're not gonna get trained to fight, even in a month.
Well, it's also the lack of courage.
They don't have the courage of their convictions, so they can't have courage in a street fight.
I mean, there's two types of fights, right?
There's the fight in the pub, when someone spills your pint, and your heart's not really in it.
Someone slaps your mother, you want to eat their face.
Exactly, there's kind of a drunk in your being a jerk, had a bad day, you kind of, you know, hit you a few times, you're both idiots.
But then somebody slaps your mother, you can like pick cars up.
Yes, like deplorable.
They go there and these anarchists show up and they walk in front of me.
I've got all these women behind me.
We're in a sort of a Spartan phalanx fighting them.
And the fact that this kid, this little fake anarchist, was trying to stop me from going to a ball and attacking the women behind me and threatening their children, that was just... I had the agency now.
I had the background, the rage, and it was just so easy to plow him.
Meanwhile, they're just dressing up.
Yeah, that's the fight.
They're just dressing up for Halloween.
That's why they don't want to debate.
They don't really believe any of this stuff.
And that's why their hearts aren't in the fight.
They don't know what to do when you start punching them upside the head.
And that's the crazy part about this is, when you hit them back, they start squealing and begging and calling the police.
Don't they understand?
They just punched you.
Another thing, I'm sorry to say it, I don't care if it was black, white, Hispanic folks, as you said, very diverse crowd, at Deplora Ball and other places.
The Libertarian Conservatives are a good-looking crowd.
The other side look like they got hit with a mutation ray.
Well, what's really been going on for the past quarter century is Conservatives have been wimps.
I remember when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluck a slut.
I heard all these Republicans and Conservatives going, oh no, no, no, no, I'm not backing that.
He took the low road.
She is a slut.
She wants us to pay for her lube and condoms.
Pay for them yourself.
It's the dictionary definition of a slut!
And I said, no, no, no, we're not doing any of this high-road crap anymore.
When someone punches us, we punch back twice as hard.
We're the new Malcolm X's.
We're the new by-any-means-necessary.
And they don't have the gumption to take us on.
And it feels so liberating to finally say, no, we're not going to be polite anymore.
We're not going to be nice because you're a liar and you're trying to restrict my freedoms.
And they dehumanize us by screaming, racist, KKK, go away.
That's all they've got, and none of their people will even talk to you.
They always just are controlled by these weird leaders.
Then you find out it's Islamicist, funded by Soros, that ran the Women's March in D.C.
I was there, and they were handing out hijabs to all the women, plastic hijabs.
And what is this, where the feminists are chanting Allah Akbar and saying we want Sharia?
What type of weird mass Stockholm Syndrome cuckoling is that?
I mean, if I heard you out of context and I was away on vacation, I would say, well, that can't be right.
But everything you just said is literally true.
She got out there and she said, As-salamu alaykum.
This is Linda Sarsour.
She's pro-sharia law.
In sharia courts, a woman's vote is worth half a man's vote.
In sharia law, you can beat your wife.
In sharia law, there's no such thing as marriage rape.
You can't rape during a marriage.
It just doesn't exist.
And she's pushing for this?
It was a pro-choice march.
Muslims are pro-life!
And then they have that woman, Donna Hilton, comes out.
She murdered a man by sodomizing him to death.
And she's sitting up there on a podium talking about LGBT violence and how we have to come together and stop Trump.
I'm thinking, how about we have to come together and stop sodomizing men to death?
You lunatic!
That's right, kidnapped him, sodomizing him to death, and then meanwhile they're calling how we hate gay people when they're the ones with the Muslims that kill gays.
I mean, I get accused, I said, look, trainees are not women, they're just mentally ill gays.
That became, you are advocating violence against trans people.
I don't care enough about trans people to advocate violence.
And I go, if you're looking for someone who advocates violence against gays and trans, go check out Islam.
Go see how well they do in Turkey where they just burnt a man alive, burnt him to death and dismembered him because he was dressed as a woman.
I could show you hours of footage all over the Middle East of them lining up gay men they catch and throwing them off buildings.
And why, and then you go, well wait a minute, why are you choosing them as bedfellows when they personify everything you hate?
And that's when you realize, oh, you're not in it for justice, you're not in it for equality, you're in it for sabotage.
And these Muslims, these radical extremists, seem to be the best at sabotage.
They just hate the West.
They feel like losers.
It's exponential envy.
They feel like they don't have a piece of the pie because they grew up in basements.
Nothing against that, but you're supposed to get out of them by the time you're 14.
And, you know, we've all sat there eating Hot Pockets in a basement at one time or not, playing games.
But they just are mad at the party.
You know, like the Wicked Witch is mad at the ball she's not invited to.
Yeah, you know, when I saw Milo in that giant tub of pig's blood, wearing a MAGA hat, and he had pictures of all the different victims of illegal aliens on his wall, murder victims, and I just thought, man, the liberals and the left and Antifa and the communists, they must be so bummed.
They must be so bummed to discover that they're the church ladies.
They're the ones saying,
And they're the ones that are all white and all rich and telling everyone they can't have sex and they can't say this and they can't say that.
They've become the uptight squares that they thought they were fighting against and we're the ones having a ball, fighting, having art shows, going to meetings where we get wasted and walk around with Mad Dog Maddest signs, having a vigil in Times Square for all the people we lost who died of winning.
It's just been party after party after party since November 10th.
And they've just been losing after losing after losing!
You're right, you're right.
Well, I gotta tell you, I'm very positive as you are about things, but I'm also really concerned.
What about the judiciary?
A clear law, something other presidents have done, and they're now saying they're the commander-in-chief, and the media all celebrating, and I think they've walked into Trump's trap because the Supreme Court's gonna, you know, obviously once he gets the new court in there, the new member, rule against them, they'll have the 5-4, but
I think they've really been set up by Trump, but still, don't they know when there's more terror attacks now, they're going to own it?
It is bizarre, but the thing I'm learning about Trump is he's always four chess moves ahead.
Like when he said, with the birth certificate, he said, I'll offer money for anyone who can show me a fake birth certificate.
Boom, that was the end of that thing.
Or when he said, the press isn't reporting on all this Muslim terror.
So then the press goes out there and starts listing, no, no, we did report on this.
We did report on this bombing.
We did report on this acid attack.
Next thing you know, all the press is doing is talking about Muslim terror.
And that ends up justifying
His travel ban!
So every time you think he's made a move that seems like a blunder, you wait a couple weeks, as Steve Bannon told the press to do, just shut up and listen, and you see, Jesus, that was brilliant!
You were four steps ahead of everyone!
So this, what seems like a loss right now, I think if we just give it some time, we'll see he's going to turn it into yet another win!
Devin McGinnis is our guest.
People keep asking me, Alex, how do you predict what Trump's going to do before he does it?
Because I've watched what he does.
I've gotten into the mind frame.
Plus, we're both Americana.
We're all Americana.
We're looking at the same journey.
We're driving down the same road together.
We're not telling each other what to think or do.
We're seeing, as on its face, prima facie.
And that's why I'm saying
Very good chance.
Rince Priebus, within three weeks, will be gone because he's clearly the leaker.
He's clearly the one that continues to basically undermine the president and say that the president's like a lost child in the White House.
All these leaks, and Trump's really upset about it.
I know for a fact
He's looking for a new chief of staff.
I'm just going to stop right there.
Monday we're going to have the big story for everybody.
So the good news is he's going to purge a lot of these people.
The problem is, have you seen the State Department doubling the amount of refugees?
That supposedly trumps State Department.
They're now in revolt against their boss, saying they're going to open the border up even more.
This is crazy.
Well, we knew draining the swamp wasn't going to be easy.
We knew it wouldn't happen overnight.
And there's obviously going to be people that are furious.
I mean, remember when Maggie Thatcher came in and she just started chopping federal government jobs?
She started chopping bureaucrats' jobs.
And everyone hated her because unemployment was going up.
But unemployment was going up because she was getting rid of losers and privatizing all of Britain, creating a middle class for the first time in British history.
So, yeah, it's going to be a rocky beginning.
But, God, there's still so much winning.
Isn't it fun?
I mean, I was pretty young when Reagan was president, but I don't remember a presidency ever being so fun.
Tell me about your view with the whole Hollywood bullying people, and like I mentioned, Katy Perry coming out and saying, let's organize physical attacks.
It seems like Hollywood itself is even financially going bankrupt now.
Communist China's coming in to buy it up.
Where do you see Hollywood going?
They have to comply to the free market.
I mean, we saw American Sniper.
Didn't it gross more movies, more money than all the other contestants for Academy Awards that year combined?
So the free market wants guns.
It wants Americana.
It wants national pride.
Look at Ghostbusters.
Milo got banned for saying, I don't want to see a movie with a bunch of ugly chicks.
And then they banned him for saying he doesn't like public figures.
And then now that might bankrupt Sony.
The movie lost so much money.
Look, these people are court jesters.
They're here to dance around for us and make us giggle.
So if the king, which is the free market, tells you to stop dancing that way and go dance over there, they will comply.
I mean, look at Amy Schumer bitching about guns, and then in her movie right now,
She's got her gun out, shooting it everywhere.
Matt Damon is the same way.
Guns are evil.
He's got a gun.
Jim Carrey, pretending he hates guns, and he's shooting guns in Kick-Ass 2 or 3 or whatever it is.
They have to comply to the market because they have to pay for their divorce, they have to pay for their mortgage, and they're just posturing.
This is the beauty of their side right now.
It's all posturing.
So it's like going to a Halloween party and going up to someone dressed as a pirate and saying, you want a sword fight?
And you bring out a real sword and they go, no, no, no, no, this is just plastic.
Here, I'll take it all off right now.
It's getting... Let's talk about what happens next and how Trump defeats his biggest enemy, the GOP establishment, those wimp conservatives you talked about that have been sabotaging the movement forever.
How do we deal with them straight ahead, the folks trying to block the tax cut?
This is open, organized rebellion against the elected president that the American people have because they're so desperate.
The resistance to the election of President Trump continues.
Many in the mainstream media and many in the government intend to pull out the stops in an attempt to smear Trump and remove him.
None of this has abated.
It's as if the election never really took happen.
The biggest problem I think right now, Alex, is the infighting within the Trump administration, where I think some aides to the president
Steve Bannon is Trump's brain story, as planted by some who are not friends of Steve Bannon.
Is meant to hurt Bannon's standing with the president.
Making it look as if Biden is taking credit for the President's accomplishments.
In the last 16 days.
The New York Times and the Washington Post were granted access to Reince Priebus, Kellyanne Conway, and Steve Bannon on the record on Friday.
And if you listen to all of them, we're one big happy family.
There are no tensions.
There is no jockeying for White House positions or government positions.
And that is, I understand,
What they're supposed to say as good soldiers?
And as I say, those who have leaked do a disservice to the President.
So, their fighting is not in the open.
Their fighting is subterranean, as it were.
But it is really cursing the President.
Somebody leaked to the Washington Post last week that Trump was like a clueless child in a particular meeting.
These are people who work for Trump.
It's also not true, anybody who's met him.
I mean, again, Trump's surrounded by a bunch of scum.
Let's just say it.
Washington's a swamp.
He can't even get personnel that aren't backstabbing pieces of crap.
Alright, we got Gavin with us.
Five minutes to the next hour.
Then John Rappaport's joining us about the brainwashing of campuses.
The actual documents.
But I gotta tell you, ladies and gentlemen,
It was the Super Bowl, with the Patriots being Trump's team, and they win from a come-behind, which they've done many times.
It was all over the news.
This is racial.
Even mainstream media said, people see white supremism because part of the team's white.
And then they basically said, yeah, a meme started saying the Russians did it.
But we joke about that.
They're all over the place saying everybody's a Russian agent, the nationalist movement in Spain is Russian, the nationalist movement in Germany is Russian, again in France it's Russian.
At some point this has to run out of gas, but the Republican leadership
He goes along with it and keeps playing along with this.
I mean, I've read in hundreds of newspapers where I'm supposedly a Russian agent.
Now, I laugh at it, but it's not funny because some people still believe it.
And I think our biggest problem is the, not against old people, but you know what I mean, the old mummy Republicans that are all part of the establishment.
We need rock star, cool libertarian Republicans that are in there having a great time like Trump.
But I see people still running from Trump when he's obviously the manifestation of the new wave of total victory, a total pull shift, a seismic shift.
I mean, who is the biggest enemy in us, you know, completing our journey towards an absolutely open rock and roll society, Gavin?
Well, the left clearly is the ones that are stopping us, and I think we also are our own worst enemy because of this ethnomazakism.
White people, Americans, Westerners, we're the only culture that hates ourselves.
You know, you don't have Japan kvetching about the horrible things they did to the ANU when they were creating Japan.
We don't hear Mexicans bitching about the horrible things they do to Guatemalan immigrants and immigrants from Panama.
But for some reason, we just seem to thrive on self-hatred.
Well, I'm a Christian, but isn't that a twisted form of Christianity?
You know, to kind of beat yourself and just feel guilty and, you know, it's like being obsessed with, you know, sexual repression, the kind of Elizabethan garbage.
That's the million-dollar question, the chicken or the egg.
Did Christianity thrive because there's something genetically about us where we like self-flagellation, we like crucifying ourselves?
Or did it come from Christianity?
I don't know.
All I know is that it's time has come.
Because I never thought of myself as a white guy or a particularly Western male before I was told that I ruined the world.
And then I went over to my computer and I looked up and I go, oh, huh.
It says here that we didn't start slavery, we ended it.
And then I start to realize, cement, electricity, infrastructure, roads, water, we're kind of great guys.
You're wrong.
And the irony too is, we're the best for all these other people that are telling us we suck.
But here's the deal, I'm not being politically correct, it's true.
It's a bunch of white people telling us we're bad who just want control and know that we're all into guilt.
Yeah, look at this show, Dear White People, that Netflix is putting out.
It was written by white people, and it's got this incredibly patronizing tone.
Like, imagine your babysitter was talking to you like she's God, and you just go, what the hell?
Are you drunk?
The way she talks, she says, here's the costumes you can wear.
I'll tell you what, Gavin, we're back in one minute.
I want to come back and play that and get your final take on that and then get into the whole Super Bowl thing more.
But again, folks, the best website is compoundmedia.com.
Follow McGavin underscore McInnes on Twitter as well.
We're going to go to break here in just one moment.
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Gavin McGinnis, five more minutes straight ahead.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Pirate, slutty nurse, any of our first 43 presidents.
Top of the list of unacceptable costumes?
Dear white people, and again, I mean, Gavin, it's the condescension.
Do these people realize everything they're doing is blowing up in their face?
Or is it just that old, weird, mentally ill hippies, who are worth hundreds of millions in Hollywood, are so guilt-driven that they don't even know what they're doing, so they're doubling down on what they already did that blew them up?
I don't know.
I mean, my theory is that a lot of these TV execs are divorced women with an axe to grind.
They're divorced liberal Democrats and they don't like men.
They hate white men because it reminds them of their ex-husband.
And they're just out for revenge.
It's not, the free market doesn't want that show.
I mean, look at the number of dislikes that trailer has on YouTube.
It's something like
30,000 to 2,000 likes.
It's probably the most rejected video in the history of YouTube trailers.
And it's because it doesn't make sense.
I mean, you're going to come to a party because you found the costumes offensive and you're going to destroy our PA system?
What's that, $1,500 you just destroyed?
As if white people are really having blackface parties.
I mean, I grew up in the South, never heard of such a thing.
It's probably happened six times in the past ten years, but every time you see it, it gets blown up, it's all over the news, and the next thing you know, they're pretending that it's a trend.
Oh, how do we know it isn't leftists doing false flags?
They're always getting caught putting crosses in the yard, or swastikas on the Jewish dorm.
I mean, what, 900 times out of one?
I mean, it's staged.
And here's the other crazy thing no one would ever bring up.
Blackface isn't offensive.
It's just a given that it's offensive, because it's related to Jim Crow.
But if you go back and you look the way they did it in the 1800s, 20% of the time they were insulting, but the other 80%, it was somewhat reverent.
It was just like a man dressing up as a woman in a play.
And then in Europe we've got Black Pete and we've had the Black and White Minstrel Show in Britain right up until the 80s.
These people, all they know is the taboos.
And taking offense, and it's worse than you say, 275,000 plus dislikes.
Yeah, I was ten times off.
I was saying it was a tenth of that.
But here's the deal.
If you're offended, it's beholden upon you to justify why you're offended and explain it to the rest of the world.
By the way, you weren't wrong, though.
You looked at it a few days ago.
Now it's ten times that.
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah, it'll be ten times that soon, too.
I don't see this show airing.
I mean, the vitriol behind it.
Because I think Americans are sick of this.
That's my next question.
When do they figure out everything they're doing is making it worse for them?
That's a good question, because they just got Trump re-elected.
All these Antifa dudes in Berkeley, and the guys pepper spraying me, and the guys going up and grabbing MAGA hats and punching Nazis in the face, as they put it, just gets him re-elected because we realize these spoiled brats are out of control, rolling in garbage.
...into the street because you hate capitalism, says to the rest of America, re-elect Trump.
And I mean, I'll eat my hat.
I'll eat my MAGA hat if he doesn't win in 2020.
Sure, well, unless they kill him.
But, you know, I'm seeing mega-massive amounts of, quote, minorities blowing up and saying, we're sick of all this race crap.
We just want prosperity.
Stop it.
I mean, what was Obama?
It was eight years of, OK, OK, I'm going to give you a chance.
Here's your side of the argument.
Go nuts.
And then we look after eight years, the economies that had a brutal recovery, worst recovery ever.
We see way more racism.
I mean, talking about white supremacy and Nazis, it sounds like it's 1945 again.
He sent us back half a century.
Well, he's on every day.
It's, of course, the website compoundmedia.com.
Gavin McGinnis, I'm Alex Jones.
Gavin, thanks for joining us.
And my kids, say hi.
You know, the 12 and 14-year-olds love you.
But adults love you, too.
I just love the work you're doing.
God bless you.
We appreciate you.
Thanks for having me.
You bet.
Big guest coming up.
Stay with us.
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The carbon tax has been pushed hard this week.
James Baker, former White House Chief of Staff, was running around doing interviews and speeches pushing the carbon tax in the name of saving the environment with his newly formed Climate Leadership Council.
Mitt Romney tweeted praise for the CLC's new carbon tax plan.
Even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has supported a carbon tax in the past.
This tax would be terrible for the coal industry, which Trump voiced support of during his campaign.
Don't be fooled by the suggested inner workings of this plan, which would sound good to the average Joe.
This is merely a psychological tactic forcing the carbon tax into your subconscious so they can eventually ram it home.
The government will never pay you any money from a carbon tax.
This plan is a red herring.
Bloomberg published a piece praising the carbon tax plan, claiming it will save the world from climate change.
Yes, the bureaucratic exchange of money will stop climate change.
Give me a break.
Really this is a final attempt by the bought and paid for government to have say over who gets to make what and how much.
Essentially burying any free market competition in taxes and regulations.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Shinzo Abe is the Prime Minister of Japan.
He met for hours with Trump a few months ago when he was just President-elect.
They talked about hugging each other and the big love fest.
For the Japanese, that's a big deal for Trump to talk like that.
And the Japanese made basically a behind-the-scenes deal, Little Bird told me, strategically, the Pentagon already wanted for Japan to really link up with the United States against China, who is very expansionist right now, and with Russia behind the scenes, and to bring down the EU, that's basically a George Soros-Rothschild combine, and to bring down globalism worldwide, go back to nation-states, and back to trading with each other and doing, you know, the
Individual trade deals, not the big blanket ones that waive our rights.
It's a very magic time right now.
It's not that Trump's perfect.
He's just not out to get us.
And again, it looks like he's going back to old American plans.
America was the cutting edge of all this.
The Heritage Foundation and other neocon fake conservative groups go, oh, us having no controls over trade is free trade.
But everybody else gives us screw jobs.
This is going to be reciprocal.
This is going to be a two-way street for everybody.
This is the beginning of prosperity coming back, if we take it in our hands.
We'll talk to Mr. Rappaport, investigative journalist, about this in a moment, and more.
But first, since we mentioned it, here he is earlier with the Prime Minister.
Developed a great friendship when we met in New York City at Trump Tower.
We spoke for a long, long period of time.
And when I greeted him today at the car, I was saying, I shook hands, but I grabbed him and hugged him because that's the way we feel.
We have a very, very good bond.
Very, very good chemistry.
I'll let you know if it changes, but I don't think it will.
So I just want to thank the Prime Minister for being here.
We're going to be meeting your wife in a very short period of time, and I look very much forward to that.
And I want to thank everybody in the room.
We're going to have a tremendous relationship, long-term relationship of mutual benefit with Japan.
Thank you all very much.
Thank you.
See, folks, the globalist fear
They're all energy.
They also fear the feminine energy, because it's the human energy.
And they fear real bonds and real oaths.
And everything is about playing us down, making us feel weak, making us feel like we're all robots, we're all programmable, we're all broken, we're all failed.
But with Trump, especially in person, the magnetism is clear that he really does care about you and he cares about himself, but he's not going to be run over.
He likes to dominate bad people.
And that's why the elite are so scared of him.
He doesn't care about special interest or money he's offered.
He lost hundreds of millions of dollars just to run, just to pay for it himself.
And Howard Stern says, well, Trump never told me this, but I think he just wanted a publicity stunt.
No, he put his family and himself through hell, and he's real.
And he's making alliances that are absolutely on target.
And so this is an amazing time to be alive.
And the Japanese absolutely sense it.
They see it, and it's a genuineness, too.
It's not America lecturing Japan and telling Japan what to do after they were conquered in World War II.
That's all over.
That's why there were signals at Pearl Harbor not attacking Japan this year at the memorial and everything.
That's all done after 70-plus years.
There's a whole new alliance.
And I can see the alliance.
I also know about the alliance.
Because here's the deal.
China had a deal to get all the industrial jobs, but none of the military.
They broke their deal.
They were given the Panama Canal, everything.
So they broke their globalist deal.
And Trump's like, look, globalism's a double cross of America.
I'm taking it over.
I'm negotiating every other deal.
Instead of America being disengaged, it's going to be more engaged now.
But on a two-way street.
He's not going to do deals to exploit a third world country.
He's going to do deals that raise their wages and raise ours.
Actually, the original plan of globalism 60 years ago was sold as a plan to do that, but it was always a double cross.
And Trump knows all this.
Trump has been advised by the people that were there at the time it all happened.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But Nixon filled him in on the master plan in the 80s and the 90s.
Roy Cohn figured... I mean, the new world order is scared, folks.
They're really scared right now.
Trump has the whole battle plan.
He has all the generals around him.
He's got the whole thing down.
And it's an incredible time.
I just wanted to have him on briefly because I want to put out as one piece... I think we broke it in two yesterday.
My fault.
I had it broken in two.
The hour that John Rappaport, investigative journalist of NoMoreFakeNews.com heard about that from him 15 years ago before the media called it that.
Breaking down the big secret here that the colleges are meant to make you mentally ill, meant to basically destroy your minds.
He's put the pieces together.
So I want to spend some time on that, but really just to direct you to the larger piece he wrote for InfoWars.com.
The number one mind control program at U.S.
colleges is that the whole thing is a mind control program.
The unspoken secret plan in sight.
If you're a college student or have a child at college, read this.
This is why
They seem like such closeted, and by closeted I mean never out of their closet, gibbering, scared of the sunlight people, is because this is the model they want for all of us.
The coffin apartments, the drugging, all of it.
So I want to get into this briefly, the limited time we have with him.
And then also, you know, put up on screen some of the videos from yesterday.
In fact, I'm gonna have him repost both pieces from the third hour yesterday, or fourth hour, and put that as a separate article with this on InfoWars because he really laid it all out in riveting fashion.
It was kind of horrifying at the same time because I know all the stuff he's talking about, it's all true, but there he is as an investigative journalist putting all the pieces together.
It's one thing to have all the pieces laid out and know they're all horrible, but he just put them all together yesterday and it was just like,
Very positive to know the plan, but also like, my God, it's even worse than I thought.
It's so premeditated.
It's an attempt to end consciousness.
So, John, good to have you with us here briefly today.
So much to get into with the whole state of the world, but briefly, what you've discovered in a nutshell.
Kind of condense that hour down yesterday into what the colleges really are.
They're psychiatric clinics now, Alex.
That's the deal.
Because this statistic at the top of the article, 25% of all college students in America now have either been diagnosed with a mental disorder or treated for a mental disorder.
That's a total takeover.
Because now you're talking about tremendously toxic drugs,
That caused violence, that caused people to be debilitated and confused and just out of their minds, basically.
That's psychiatry.
That's what it is.
I documented step-by-step in the article.
So when these kids are now running around screaming, I'm triggered, I need a safe space, that was a microaggression.
They're teaching them how to be gibbering idiot basket cases.
Yeah, and also the drugs are doing it to them.
Because some of this is not these kids
Just, you know, adopting the role of a victim and saying, now I can just do anything I want to and everybody will take care of me.
Some of it is the effects of the psychiatric drugs that they've been prescribed and are taking that just drive them nuts because that's what these drugs do.
The kids were not nuts to begin with.
They had problems.
Ah, problems studying.
What about dating?
But those are normal problems of development, as you point out.
And you work your way through that.
Or you talk to somebody who's smarter than you are, and they help you along.
But instead, you wander into, uh...
You know, the counseling center, and before you know it, somebody's diagnosed you as bipolar or clinical depression or ADHD, and bang, bang, bang, you've got drugs, and now you're in the system, and now these kids don't know up from down.
They're just driven crazy.
So what it is, is it's the George W. Bush bipartisan New Freedom Initiative of 2004, which seeks to put half the kids by 2020, or young people, on psychotropics.
This is the total PSYOP takeover.
That's right.
It's also the brain initiative of Obama and starting all these new mental health clinics all over America.
Empowering destruction.
That's what this freedom initiative is all about.
Of course, Bush didn't have a clue himself, but he was guided through it by other people.
Well, he himself now is reportedly just completely mentally ill.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, maybe he's on the drugs too.
And in fact, you know, during my hour yesterday, the boys over there put up, you know, some really insane comments by congressional representatives in America, a little montage of all that.
What are these people taking?
I mean, we need an accountant.
Yeah, since when does, it's not even an issue that the same press conference, Bush is still president according to Pelosi and Waters, Trump helped Putin bomb Korea, I mean, these people are crazy!
Yeah, so some of this might be the result of that, but the bottom line on the article and the investigation that I did is that psychiatry itself
is an extension of the MKUltra program, the CIA.
It's just coming out all in the open and making it public.
You've got 300 mental disorders listed in the psychiatric bible.
Yeah, they say if I oppose Obamacare because it's a rip-off written by insurance companies with death panels and IRS enforcement and penalties that I have this opposition to authority disorder.
That's right.
So if you were, you know, I don't know, somebody else, before you knew it, you would be on these drugs, and you would be diagnosed, and you would be debilitated, and you would be crazy.
And then they would make more diagnoses and give you more drugs.
And this gets tremendously heavy.
I mean, we're talking about destruction of the country, folks.
From the inside.
We put them on a couple drugs, then they're on 6-7 drugs, then they're having seizures, and a few years later they're dead from the drugs by the time they're 10 years old.
The parents might have been bad parents.
Nobody's debating their bad parents.
The point is, is that you drug them so much they're dead by the time they're 10 years old.
And now we're talking about the, you know, Risperdal, the Neuroleptics, they're also called major tranquilizers, or anti-psychotics.
That's it, they're putting them on anti-seizure drugs now, it's so hardcore.
That's right.
Because the other cocktail gives them seizures, so now let's just totally drug them until they're taking, you know, stuff that literally eats your neurons.
You know, it occurred to me that all this crazy stuff about zombies in America and that trend and how people are just so caught up in it and so forth,
That this is kind of a description of what we're talking about here.
Yeah, these people are making zombies.
That's what they're doing.
The psychiatrists.
That's their job.
That's what they do.
And they're selling those of us that are still conscious to accept the new cultural meme that there are going to be zombies that have to be exterminated.
So this is a mass culling being prepared as the military trains to kill zombies.
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People are always saying, it's the 21st century, where are the silver jetpacks and where's Buck Rogers and the Skycars?
Well, the globalists have basically suppressed a lot of those developments.
They admit they want a post-industrial world.
They call any technology that gets around their systems of control disruptive.
Well, believe me,
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You said when you talked to people that have been using this, actually testing it for years, people that currently test it for us, they didn't just say outstanding.
What did they really say about this?
No, this is through the roof.
They want to know how do they get it, where do they find it.
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So they're looking for something you can wear all day, 12 hours a day, in and out of a car.
I mean, you can look up the numbers, 90 plus percent of fatalities with guns when they're used in conviction of a crime, I think it's like 94, is pistols or shotguns.
This stops that unless it's a slug.
I mean, that's amazing.
So, they can wear this and only somebody with a rifle around is going to get through it.
And soon, they won't have it.
If it's available to civilians who are not sure, we're going to have the stuff that's, I mean, unstoppable.
This deal is so insane, is so good, it makes my head spin.
But I guess the first people to sell cars kind of had to give them away.
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It's amazing.
John, I've got Nico and the crew saying, what do we call this segment we put it on Facebook and YouTube?
And it's so big, I don't know what you call it.
The truth about why colleges are falling apart, the truth about why colleges are creating mental patients, I mean, what do you call this?
Because you've got all the documents in your article, it's admitted they're trying to create psychological basket cases to make us more manageable, but it actually creates the breakdown of society because now you've got a bunch of crazy people.
So, I mean, I'm not saying every psychologist and psychiatrist is a bad person, but undoubtedly it's being used for social control, just as it was in Russia or Nazi Germany.
I mean, there's no doubt we're the most drugged, most psychiatrically controlled public in the world, and statistically, psychologists and psychiatrists have the highest levels of suicide and mental illness themselves.
I mean, this is almost like a virus of insanity.
Not letting people go through their rite of passages.
That's right.
Anytime there's a slight bit of a problem, we gotta get diagnosed.
And then, like I said at the top, these kids now have license to say, well, I'm a victim.
So now I don't have to do well in school, now I see why I was having problems with this, that, and the other thing, because I have this condition.
And so now I'm a victim for the rest of my life.
What a horrible thing to do to a kid, and make them, you know, give them an out, to the point where they don't have to deal with their own problems.
These designations and diagnoses are like awards or something.
That's right.
They wear them like a badge of honor.
And they can share, well, what do you have?
Well, this is what I have, and that's what I'm taking, and what are you taking?
So when we were young, we had baseball cards.
Now you have the little mental illnesses.
That's right.
That's what you're trading with.
And then, well, you think you've got a problem.
You think you've got a Darryl Strawberry?
Well, I've got a Mickey Mantle.
My mental condition is much worse than yours because they have me on anti-psychotics, right?
And somebody was just telling me yesterday a story about how, you know, somebody who started out in college with a few little problems about study ended up on several of these drugs.
Oh, I know women that have a cesarean and then they try to put them on drugs.
They're saying, you're going to be a little depressed because you can't walk around a lot for the next few weeks.
How about this new drug?
Or people are in a car wreck now and their back gets hurt.
They go, how about some drugs?
And then you get kids that absolutely can't study anymore.
Now it's, forget it, because they're on these drugs.
They're going up, they're going down, they're going sideways.
Sometimes they're hallucinating and they're sitting with a book in the library.
Forget it.
So now they've got to look for something else.
What group can I belong to?
Can I throw a rock through a plate glass window?
Is that going to get me any kind of status?
Now you have an underlying force
A pharmaceutical force that's destroying the young of the country and giving rise to some of this completely insane behavior.
That's where it is.
Well, I'm going to post your interview from yesterday or the hour you hosted InfoWars.com as one piece.
What should we call it?
Maybe the same as your headline, the number one mind control program that U.S.
colleges discovered?
I mean, what do we call it?
Yeah, that or how colleges are destroying your children's minds?
Or like emergency report, or like proof, you know, college is ruining America.
And I'm not saying colleges weren't good or there aren't still some good degrees.
It's just, they are basket case facilities.
They don't just teach basket weaving or have you go play with Play-Doh if you get, see something you're upset by.
They're literally arresting development and treating you like someone who's had a lobotomy.
That's right.
Or if you haven't, you'll soon need one.
25 percent, remember this now, 25 percent of all college students
We're good to go.
That's what this has become.
By the way, I mean I've been inside the UT more secretive areas of the psychology department.
That's admitted.
They know that.
Kids going to the school are just there to be processed and programmed and they don't have real degrees now so all it is is like the football game.
It's all just like a giant corporate brainwashing facility and the professors know that.
It's what's crazy.
I had a professor contact me and tell me, after yesterday's show, absolutely right, this is what's happening.
This is what's happening at his university, and it's happening all over the country.
So, any parent out there, why you would want to send your kid to college where this is prevalent,
I mean that, you know... Why would you send your kid to a nuthouse?
I've talked to people that have worked at the state hospital and stuff.
My dad worked there in his internship.
You start feeling crazy when you've been there a few months yourself.
And you look around and you see, go to a campus like you said.
Walk around, see what's happening.
Look in the eyes of all these kids.
What are you seeing?
And then imagine that you're there for months or years.
You don't even have to be diagnosed to feel like you're out of your mind because that's the environment you're in.
Everybody's a psychiatric case.
Well, I gotta say, because I've been to the university, it's almost, it's not a cliche, it's true.
The Asians, on average, are almost like immune.
They're just getting their scientific degree and ignoring everything else and getting out of there.
John Rappaport, nomorefakenews.com.
Great job.
We'll talk to you again soon.
Your report, 12 pages of true, true divorce.
Everybody should get it out today.
The number one mind control program at U.S.
Get this out to everybody you know who's in high school, their parents as well.
We got Paul Watson coming up.
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First, Trump submits a temporary travel ban, something legal and lawful, done in the past, based off Obama's list.
Then the Democrats and media spin it, protests ensue nationwide, judges block it, and Trump tweets, see you in court.
Meanwhile, Steve Jern, a U.S.
Marine working in Iraq, posts a viral video explaining to people that if an American walks out on the streets in Iraq, he'd be scooped up and tortured.
Then, 15 hours later, after that video gets viewed millions of times, he gets blocked on Facebook and is evacuated out of Iraq and sent back to America.
Now, hundreds of thousands of Iranians are rallying in the streets, carrying signs and chanting, death to America, while a military police band plays revolutionary music, getting hyped up over their enemy, us!
Let's not forget, terrorists have been taking advantage of refugee programs for years, and Assad has just said there are terrorists within the refugees.
Are these judges not treasonous?
You still want to protest the travel ban?
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
You can't script this.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, Paul has filed a really important report that I want to play here in a minute and break down.
And then I want to hit a bunch of other news we haven't gotten to get on this Friday edition.
I'll be back this Sunday, Lord willing, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, and I'll be following a bunch of special reports tomorrow.
Tomorrow is my birthday, but I'm going to be spending my birthday, because that's what I want to do, working from about 9 a.m.
to about 3 p.m., and then I'm going to go back and celebrate my birthday and my youngest daughter's birthday that comes pretty close to mine.
I don't say that to act tough or cool or say, oh, you work so hard.
I mean, that's my birthday.
That's what I want, is to battle the globalists.
I want to file a special report that's going to be airing on Monday when we announce big news about treasonous operatives inside the Trump White House and get the president's attention and try to really do this country and the world a big service.
So, you know, these are big things.
I mean, look, the Super Bowl makes billions of dollars, but in the future of the country, we do things here on a monthly basis that are bigger for the future of humanity than the Super Bowl.
I mean, really.
That's why I take it real serious.
I'm mad at myself that I haven't succeeded enough.
I have nightmares about it.
People are like, oh man, you've done so much.
See, that's an example of will.
I've got the will and you've got the will to defeat these tyrants.
Our will is greater than theirs, but we have to put it into action.
We have to take action.
We have to be, you know, heads up about what we're doing.
And I think about the fact, you know, I've gotten to this level of understanding and it's just exponential.
This is such an animating contest that we're involved in.
So I want to air Paul's report in a moment.
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There's so many drugs being used and attacks and everything.
The museum has shut down his live feed after, I guess, a month or so of it being up.
But before it got shut down, the real reason it got shut down is people are showing up,
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They actually gave us, their viewers, who happen to be folks that are right about supplements, they're wrong about a lot of other stuff,
Liberals are like, we don't want radiation, you know, we don't want fluoride, we don't want GMO, we don't want glyphosate.
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It's crazy how
They've done these big month-long jags attacking us.
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Well, of course it will.
You drink heroin, you're going to be laid out for five hours.
We don't sell heroin.
Snake oil was heroin.
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Just just briefly and then I'm going to get to this other report and then I come back into that fellow there at the Shia LaBeouf facility.
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Now, speaking of plugging, and then I'm going to finish up, the answer to 1984
It's powerful.
And the transcript's up on InfoWars.com.
And he's sporting the shirt, which I designed six, seven years ago.
And it's not even one of our best sellers.
It should be.
It's one of my favorites.
It says the answer in 1984 is 1776.
And that explains it all.
The answer to the 1984 Society.
On the back it says InfoWars.com.
A great shirt.
And I want this gentleman to reach out to us.
We'd like to get him on as a guest.
So please, sir, showtips to InfoWars.com.
Please contact us.
We'd love to have you on the show and send you all the t-shirts you'd ever want.
But man, he tears them up.
Now, he exposes the whole thing, but here's just part of where he... And the two liberals there can't even talk.
They're not talking before he even shows up.
So here it is.
I'm sick of this!
He's not dividing us!
This is propaganda!
Edward Bernays!
Read the book!
Read it!
Edward Bernays!
I'm tired of it!
I love America!
You got that?
I love America!
And I appreciate a point of opposite views!
That's what this country's about!
Opposite views!
You want to live under totalitarian where they tell you how to think?
This is not 1984!
It's 1776!
Get used to it!
You Berkey, Berkley anarchists!
You are scum!
Just like black lives matter!
You got that?
All lives matter!
You know, we've got to, ourselves, put the whole speech out.
That guy is all just on target and it's beautiful.
It's just crazy.
It's like, you ever heard of other views?
Like, if they were arresting liberal filmmakers, I'd be totally freaked out.
I supported Michael Moore in his film exposing Bush in the war.
And then he's just like, oh yeah, you know.
And the Young Turks are like arguing for the arrest of, you know, the filmmaker that made America 2016, Dinesh D'Souza.
I mean, I've seen like hour-long debates with some of the Turks when they're like calling him a criminal and stuff.
It's like, because he got five of his friends to donate to his friend to run for Senate, which isn't even illegal.
He just didn't sign the paperwork.
That's sick!
So, personally, that's my favorite shirt, other than mass murderers at Greek Gun Control Works.
And it's never been a big seller.
I wish listeners would make it a big-hit shirt.
It just, it says it all.
People are going to ask you, well, what's that mean?
The only answer to 1984 is 1776.
I mean, the answer to a 1984 world is freedom.
Doesn't mean 1776 was perfect, but it meant we were trying to do something.
Man, I know people... Look, Trump just wants wealth.
Trump wants to make you rich.
The globalists think you're trash and don't think you deserve it.
They want to make you poor.
They say that in their own reports.
That's what's so frustrating.
It hurts me to see this type of racism being created.
Because I'm tired of people that are preying on folks getting away with stuff like this.
People that are trying to start a war with Russia.
Trying to say that... You know, I started getting tears in my eyes because I'm scared of losing all these people.
I hate con artists and scumbags.
I mean, I'll be honest, we don't want to break their necks.
And not out of some wish for violence, just because I'm tired of being pushed around and seeing innocent people get chewed up.
Humanity can do anything, but we've got to start letting people go through experiences, letting people go through crises, and learning to just deal with each other, and not have some big nanny state that ain't stopping all these problems, because all it's meant to do is make the problems worse.
Now I want to say something at the intro of this Paul Watson video that's extremely powerful, and is entitled
I want to say something at the start of this extremely important Paul Watson report he's put out.
It's titled, Conservatism is the New Counterculture.
And I want to point out here that Paul could have gone further in his report to show how modern conservatism is the answer to the establishment liberalism.
By showing the numbers of when I checked two days ago, Paul, on his Facebook, my Facebook, and our YouTubes, had had 18 million plus views.
We had had, all of us together at M4 Wars, on top of that, another 20-something million.
That's close to 40 million views.
Views, separate from terrestrial radio and everything else we're doing.
I mean, that's, nobody does that week after week.
We're doing it.
Paul Watson gets more views than Gavin McGinnis, Milo, and everybody else combined.
And I'm not in competition with them.
I love the fact they're viral and my kids listen to them and people are waking up.
The point is, is that InfoWars is a wrecking ball to the globalists.
Yeah, that's just Paul's YouTube, I think.
Go to his Facebook or go to my Facebook.
He's got one video with 11 million views, one with 5 million, one with 4 million.
I think it's actually 19 million now.
The point is, is that we are dominating these people.
But I think to use the term conservative is not even right.
It's just free thinkers.
Let's go to this special report.
Here it is.
Having lost the political argument, leftists are desperately clinging to this idea that they have the monopoly on cool and that no countercultural movement could ever be created by the right.
In fact, I've never seen so many members of the lefty Twitterati so triggered as when I tweeted, conservatism is the new counterculture.
So I tweeted it again, and again, and again, and again.
I'm triggered.
Seriously, I know the word triggered gets overused now, but this was a deluge of butthurt.
What are they so afraid of?
Well, as Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture.
Most young people who aren't paying attention to the news get their opinions from celebrities.
Hollywood and the entertainment industry viciously polices the boundaries of accepted opinion.
So that anyone who strays from the leftist orthodoxy is ostracized and excommunicated.
They're all for diversity, until it comes to diversity of thought.
And that's why celebrities are so f***ing boring.
None of them dare express an original opinion.
Because if they did, they'd be hounded out of a career by their intolerant peers.
I mean, look at Eminem.
He used to be happy to offend absolutely everyone.
Christians, lesbians, feminists, the gay lobby.
Now he's calling Donald Trump a bitch.
Oh, how daring!
That's so controversial.
I mean, it's not like every other virtue-signalling twat in Hollywood and the music industry is doing exactly the same thing, is it?
But the left is starting to lose their omnipotent control of counterculture.
Well, counterculture used to be intrinsically leftist because the right had political power.
It was a natural counterbalance.
But up until very recently, the right had been getting its ass kicked in the culture war for decades.
So now we have a whole new generation emerging who have no memory whatsoever of the right being in political power or having any dominance in the culture war.
All they've experienced is the left's total domination of the culture war
And their intellectual intolerance of anyone who goes against the grain.
So for teenagers and 20-somethings, all they've ever known is having dominant culture fed to them by the left.
So it comes down to this.
You can't be the dominant culture and the counterculture.
That's why conservatism, or a particular brand of it, is becoming the new counterculture.
It's a natural progression.
And you can see this new phenomenon beginning to emerge when you look at Generation Z. Teenagers born after the year 2000 are the most conservative generation since World War II.
14% of 14 and 15 year olds said they had a conservative outlook, compared to 2% of Millennials and just 1% of Gen Xers.
That's a huge difference and it's only going to grow.
We're redpilling Generation Z. The tsunami of positive messages I get from teenagers every single day telling me about how it was my videos that turned them from being a social justice warrior, a Black Lives Matter supporter, to becoming a conservative is staggering.
They're sick to the back teeth of being forced to sit in classes about
Gender studies or colonialism and browbeating about their original sin of being male, being white, or being a westerner.
Young people are rebelling against this stifling safe space trigger warning PC attitude in droves.
Conservatism is the new counterculture.
Because progressives are the new Puritans.
They're completely joyless and authoritarian.
In the 1970s, the Christian right protested to try and shut down Sex Pistols concerts.
They called on radio stations, venues and TV networks to no-platform the pistols because they found them offensive.
No, no.
What was the rude word?
In 2017, it's the politically correct obsessed left that campaigns and riots to no-platform and shut down conservatives for being offensive.
The right-wing temper tantrum over the sex pistols back in the
The 70s only made the pistols more taboo, more avant-garde, and therefore more counterculture.
And we're seeing the same effect now, only in reverse.
What happened after the Berkeley riots?
Milo's book sales surged by over 12,000%, with the book having already skyrocketed to number one on Amazon, because the left had a temper tantrum.
Your joyless, censorious, puritanical persecution of Milo is exactly what's turned him into a complete rock star.
After his Twitter ban, Milo became more counterculture than ever before.
Because Silicon Valley doesn't represent the counterculture.
It's been in place so long now that it's the new establishment.
Conservatism is the new punk rock.
And you've only got yourselves to blame?
You complete idiots!
And obviously I don't mean conservatism like Mitch McConnell conservatism.
I'm not talking about old establishment Republicans.
If you prefer, you can think of it as cultural libertarianism.
But whatever you want to call it, this is the new counterculture.
Everything that the left had has gone completely stagnant.
This is the only counter-cultural movement that's definable, that's going anywhere, that resonates with anyone.
And that's why the regressive left is terrified.
Oh yeah, and don't come at me with a bunch of obscure movements within music or popular culture to try and debunk me, okay?
Barely anyone has ever heard of those movements.
We're the ones who are resonating.
The other thing is, I don't know what it is about this profile image, but it triggers the holy hell out of leftists.
I was actually gonna change it for 2017, but after I saw how much they can't stand it...
I'm keeping it forever.
I also made it more triggering by adding Trump and an executive order that says conservatism is the new counterculture.
Your avatar versus what you really look like.
Yeah, Superman versus Clark Kent.
Oh yeah, and you look like this!
When your dog is more attractive than you, probably wise to stop throwing stones from within that glass house.
You wanna talk about fake news?
The state of your profile pic compared to what you actually look like?
Oh, so you really wanna turn this into a beauty contest?
So we've got the likes of Milo, Crowder, Lauren, Marion, Tomy, and yours truly.
Who've you got?
Michael Moore?
Lena Dunham?
Amy Schumer, Madonna, Cenk Uygur.
Yeah, good luck with that.
Studies show that conservatives are more attractive.
And that's another reason why we're taking over the counterculture.
Because no matter how much you try and make it that way, being fat and ugly isn't cool.
Studies also show that 92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and 90%
In other words, leftists are statistically far more likely to be complete losers who spend all day masturbating alone in their own basements.
And that's not cool either.
So when Generation Z sees smart, attractive, rebellious, daring, successful people pissing off the Puritans,
Pissing off the authoritarians at school who lecture them all day about what they can and can't say and how they should behave.
Obviously, they're naturally going to be drawn to us.
That's why we're resonating so much with young people.
That's why conservatism is the new punk rock.
Conservatism is the new counterculture.
Every video I've ordered ends with bing bong bing bing bing.
That's like the signature of victory.
Like in thousands of years, like they'll know that was the signal of victory.
Bing bong bing bing bing bing bong bong bing bing.
Uh, David Knight's coming up.
I got one more important report.
I want to get to that's very powerful why I left the left, Prager University, that's coming up, and much, much more.
I wouldn't call this even left or right.
The left, though, is a very authoritarian group.
It's globalist social engineering.
It's declassified, cooked up by the big think tanks, the CIA.
And it has created an unmitigated mess.
By the way, I'm not saying you're bad if you're fat.
I've been fat.
The point is they're telling you to try to stay as fat as possible and then hate everyone else.
It's like this misery loves company type paradigm.
All right, fourth hour with David Knight and more coming up.
But I've got more to say.
Straight ahead in 70 seconds.
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It's a whole other dimension of the show.
Get those articles.
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
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Bing, bing, bong, bing, bing, bong, bing, bing, bing.
That is like, when aliens land, you like, just come up with a big broadcasting thing and you just sing, bing, bing, bong, bing, bing, bong, bing, bing, bing.
I mean, I'm... Is Trump, like, giving us the secret code of the universe?
They'll probably have, like, a hundred newspapers tomorrow.
Jones believes Trump has a secret alien code.
It's a joke, New York Times.
It's a joke.
I actually have the New York Times calling me right now.
It's a joke.
David Knight's coming up with a huge broadcast in the fourth hour today.
Nightly News Tonight, seven o'clock.
But this report is key.
Why I left the left.
This is very important.
Here it is.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
Do you believe in free speech?
Do you believe that people should be judged by their character, not their skin color?
Do you believe in freedom of religion?
If you believe these things, you're probably not a progressive.
You might think you're a progressive.
I used to think I was.
My show, The Rubin Report, was originally part of the progressive Young Turks Network.
Progressives struck me as liberals, but louder.
Progressives were the nice guys.
They looked out for the little guy.
They cared about women and minorities.
They embraced change.
In short, who wouldn't want to be a progressive?
But over the last couple of years, the meaning of the word progressive has changed.
Progressives used to say, I may disagree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death for your right to say it.
Not anymore.
Banning speakers whose opinions you don't agree with from college campuses, that's not progressive.
Prohibiting any words not approved of as politically correct, that's not progressive.
Putting trigger warnings on books, movies, music, anything that might offend people, that's not progressive either.
All of this has led me to believe that much of the left is no longer progressive, but regressive.
This is one of the reasons I've spent so much time on my show talking about the regressive left.
This regressive ideology doesn't judge people as individuals, but as a collective.
If you're black or female or Muslim or Hispanic or member of any other minority group, you're judged differently than the most evil of all things, a white Christian male.
The regressive left ranks minority groups in a pecking order to compete in a kind of oppression Olympics.
Gold medal goes to the most offended.
Martin Luther King Jr.'
's dream that his children would be judged by their character and not their skin color was a liberal idea, but these days it's not a progressive ideal.
And what about religious freedom, the idea that no one else can tell you what you have to believe?
Surely progressives still support that basic right.
Well, not so much.
I'm a married gay man, so you might think that I appreciate the government forcing a Christian baker or photographer or florist to act against their religion in order to cater, photograph, or decorate my wedding.
But you'd be wrong.
A government that can force Christians to violate their conscience can force me to violate mine.
If a baker won't bake you a cake, find another baker.
Don't demand that the state tell him what to do with his private business.
I'm pro-choice.
But a government that can force a group of Catholic nuns, literally called the Little Sisters of the Poor, to violate their faith and pay for abortion-inducing birth control can force anyone to do anything.
That's not progressive.
That's regressive.
Today's progressivism has become a faux-moral movement hurling charges of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and a slew of other meaningless buzzwords at anyone they disagree with.
The battle of ideas has been replaced by a battle of feelings, and outrage has replaced honesty.
Diversity reigns supreme, as long as it's not that pesky diversity of thought.
This isn't the recipe for a free society.
It's a recipe for authoritarianism.
For these reasons, I can no longer call myself a progressive.
I don't really call myself a democrat either.
I'm a classical liberal, a free thinker.
And as much as I don't like to admit it, defending my liberal values has suddenly become a conservative position.
So if you think people should be able to say what they think without being punished for it, that people should be judged by their behavior, not their skin color, and that people should be able to live the way that they want to live without government interference, then there's not much left on the left for you.
David Rubin produced a perfect report there.
I don't think I've ever seen that before.
We gotta get him on.
That is amazing.
We'll be back with David Knight.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this Friday, February the 10th, 2017.
We're going pretty quickly through February.
Today we're going to be talking a great deal about the law, about the Supreme Court, and of course about this decision.
The most popular executive order that Donald Trump has done now being shut down by some activist judges.
So we're going to have reactions from a lot of people on both the left and the right.
We have Judge Napolitano, we have Trey Gowdy on the right, but we also have Jonathan Turley
On MSNBC talking about this and disagreeing with the court.
We're going to have Lionel join us at the bottom of the hour and he's going to talk about what is behind this.
And we're going to actually read you a little bit of the key statements about what they said at the Ninth Circuit yesterday in terms of why they were overthrowing this.
But before we get into that, I want to get into something else that I think is also very important when we look at the Supreme Court.
And that is the right to life.
We have to understand that when we look at this judicial activism, and now they've even got a term for it, they love to call it impact litigation.
In other words, they want to use litigation to achieve what they cannot achieve at the ballot box, to enact a judicial tyranny on us.
And I think it's very important that when we go back and look at what the founders thought about the courts,
Alexander Hamilton, who was really no libertarian, he was one of the most statist of the founding fathers, said that the judiciary was the least dangerous of all the branches because they didn't have the power of the executive and they didn't have the passion of the legislative branch.
Well, now they have both power and passion.
They have assumed the power and they are passionately activist on their political positions.
And so that's the state that we're in today.
But before we get to all this, I want to take a look
at some life issues here.
There's a story that came out of the UK, the UK Telegraph, and this is some ethicists, and I put that in air quotes here, ethicists, at Oxford University, and they have argued that newborn babies may be killed because they have no right to life.
They are morally irrelevant in their terms.
Morally irrelevant, a newborn baby.
Now I just talked, I guess it was two weeks ago, to the author,
Looking at the case of Kermit Gosnell, he is serving life sentence without possibility of parole because he killed fully formed babies, newborn babies.
Babies that the mothers went for an abortion but they were able to survive on their own, they were born alive.
And we have had this battle here in America, and I gotta say, that was one of the things that changed my mind on it.
I'd never really thought about it.
In the abstract, I looked at it and thought, well, you know, I don't really want government making a lot of decisions about my life.
This is kind of fuzzy.
At one point, I was looking at it, and I thought, well, maybe they shouldn't get involved.
But then when I realized what was going on with partial birth abortion, the lie involved in that, a full-term baby capable of survival on its own, they bring this baby out, and as long as one teeny bit of that baby is still inside the mother,
They can do whatever they want to, legally, to it.
Well, that's been shut down, thankfully.
And babies that were born alive, that was shut down before Kermit Gossel.
And so now he's serving multiple terms in prison, and rightfully so.
Rightfully so.
He was, as they point out in that book, America's biggest serial killer.
Had absolutely no conscience to it.
He was a total sociopath, psychopath killer.
He had no conscience whatsoever about that.
He was proud of what he did.
He kept souvenirs of what he did.
That's one of the things that essentially hung him, metaphorically.
But these people, this is what they're arguing in a Journal of Medical Ethics.
They say newborn babies are not, quote, actual persons.
They do not have a moral right to life.
This is the Oxford Center for Practical Ethics.
What have our universities become?
I think it's time we start seriously considering whether or not we need to remove funding from these corrupt organizations.
Universities are dragging down society.
They are a cesspool of the very worst in society.
And I think we need to start looking at cutting their funding.
And quite frankly, you'll be interested to find out that the universities are at the center of opposing this travel ban that was enacted by the executive branch.
The first judge who did it said, this is having a tremendous effect on the states.
When we talk about who had standing to sue, I looked at it and it's like, why?
How did this even get to court?
Because you're talking about people who are not citizens, who are not in this country, or if they're in this country, they're still not citizens.
They don't have standing to sue.
They don't have rights.
But of course, that's part of it.
Just as they invented a right to kill children.
They're now inventing a right to immigrate in the United States, and that's a key thing we're going to be talking about.
But let's go back to these so-called medical ethicists at Oxford University in England.
The article said that the authors had received death threats since publishing the article.
Why do you think that is?
Look, if you say that an innocent baby has no right to life, how can you stand?
We can all look at any individual person here, and we can say, look as an adult, I don't like what this guy did, and you know, I think they ought to be killed or whatever.
A baby's never done anything!
So you can make an extreme case about anybody who's been alive for a while, it wouldn't be necessarily supported, certainly, but you know, an innocent newborn baby?
As innocent as they come, and you say they have no right to life?
How are you, you medical ethicists who are calling for the murder of innocent babies, how can you say that you have a moral right to life?
Don't you understand that you're throwing yourself under the bus?
See, this is what's very important about Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court appointment.
One of the things that he did that everybody is very impressed with, even if they don't agree with his conclusions, they're very impressed with his legal arguments, he wrote a book on assisted suicide and euthanasia.
The course for this country, especially within the judicial system, taking it back away from this activism.
And of course, Neil Gorsuch is on the right idea there.
He's also of the mold of Antonin Scalia in the sense that we're going to go with the text.
We're going to go with the Constitution.
We're going to go with original intent.
We're going to look at what the actual law says instead of what you as judges prefer, what your personal opinion is about life.
No, you're supposed to have an opinion about the text.
Not an opinion about the issues.
See, that's the key thing here.
Now they go on to say, rather than being an actual person, newborns were potential persons.
Potential persons.
So they only have potential even though they're capable of existing on their own.
That is the slippery slope that we have created when we said that babies have no right to life.
As long as their little bit of them is in the mother.
And of course they still argue for this.
Now at the same time, Daily Caller points out
But the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, and of course, she is the daughter of Ann Richards, who used to mock George W. Bush for, poor George, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, I guess.
She would rather he had never been born, and if they'd had their way, I'm sure he wouldn't.
Of course, the Bushes are heavily into the Planned Parenthood issue as well.
It was George W.'
's grandfather, Preston, who was, I think, the first treasurer for them, back when they were just getting started.
And we had Margaret Sanger, who was setting up her centers to eradicate the black population.
Just open about that.
And Prescott Bush was all about that.
And so we also have connections with George H.W.
Bush as well with Planned Parenthood.
But this is what Cecile Richards, the current president of Planned Parenthood said.
She wants to push the pro-abortion movement to the next level.
And to do that, she wants to get rid of the stigma and shame, she said, surrounding abortion.
I think it's time for us to be bold, and so I want to ask you to do something or to think about doing something, and that is to share your story.
This is the time to do it.
So let's be proud of our abortions instead of understanding what is there.
And look, I want to say to people who have made that decision,
There's times in my life when, if I'd been confronted with that decision, as I said before, I didn't really understand the issues involved in it.
I didn't understand it from a theological standpoint.
I didn't understand it from a moral standpoint.
I didn't understand it from a legal standpoint.
When I realized what was involved in partial birth abortion, I knew that what they'd been telling me was simply a lie.
They had a different agenda.
And you need to understand what that agenda is.
And if you did that, you have to understand there's
There's something about that that you can talk about.
Not to be proud of it, but to tell people that you've been deceived about that.
To tell people that you regret that.
And to tell people that you found forgiveness for that in the Lord Jesus Christ.
You can find that.
So, that is where we are.
And we're going to talk about these other court cases.
Let's talk about something that's a little more cut and dried for most people, I think.
And that is, why do we have these decisions being made?
Is it something that is reviewable?
Can the President shut this down?
Of course, President Andrew Jackson said of the Supreme Court, well, they've made their decision.
Let's see the Supreme Court justice enforce that.
And that goes back to what Alexander Hamilton said.
He said the executive branch has the power.
The judicial branch doesn't have the power to enforce its orders.
And so you have to submit yourself to that authority.
And it's wrong to do that.
We've had a lot of presidents now, modern presidents, who do do that.
One of the things that this judge in Seattle said was he said, I think I have jurisdiction here.
We have some traditions in terms of our decisions.
And the very fact that the executive branch has sent representatives here from the Department of Justice, federal delegates to come to my court to argue before my court, they have submitted themselves to my authority, essentially.
I think what they ought to do, and I'll talk to Lionel when he joins us at the bottom of the hour, I think the Justice Department ought to go in on behalf of the President and say, here's the relevant sections of the Constitution that shows the executive branch has power over immigration and over national security, and we're going to talk to you later.
We're out of here because you have no jurisdiction over us.
No more jurisdiction than if the Seattle judge wanted to rule on a court that was in Georgia.
See, it's not his jurisdiction.
And that jurisdiction has not only geographical, but it also has constitutional limits.
And we have had presidents over and over again, at the beginning of this country, that would shut that down, and rightly or wrongly.
I mean, many times the presidents were wrong and the Supreme Court was right.
Sometimes it was the other way around.
The Supreme Court has been wrong about a lot of things.
They were wrong about slavery.
They were wrong about freedom of speech with movies.
For about 50 years, it was not considered to be free speech for movies.
Remember that.
We have just witnessed, in the history of our species, one of the biggest victories against tyranny and oppression.
But we've got to retain that victory now.
I am proud of all of you and your instincts in supporting President Trump in the last two years during the most hard-fought campaign in U.S.
And the entire world power structure weighed in to try to crush our will, to try to bully us into submission, but we said no.
I just got this book in a few days ago.
The Making.
of the president 2016 how Donald Trump orchestrated a revolution written by Roger Stone and I couldn't put it down.
This book needs to be a number one bestseller because then it will become required reading in political science departments and in public schools.
This is a book that needs to be studied for generations to come because
This fight isn't over.
But the key battles we fought, that are chronicled in this book, and the blueprint moving forward, that is laid out in the final chapters, is the essential manifesto against globalism.
And this book, The Making of the President 2016, is essential to every library, to every home office, and to every coffee table